1 2016 East West Football League Bylaws and Rules I. BYLAWS A

1 2016 East West Football League Bylaws and Rules I. BYLAWS A

Jarett Grushka, Commissioner/Chief Financial Officer Bryan Krul, Chief Executive Officer Adam Goldman, Vice President of Football Operations 2016 Eas...

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Jarett Grushka, Commissioner/Chief Financial Officer Bryan Krul, Chief Executive Officer Adam Goldman, Vice President of Football Operations

2016 East West Football League Bylaws and Rules I. BYLAWS A. Definition of League B. Franchises C. Waiting List D. Responsibilities of Participants: - Franchise Owners - Commissioner - Vice-President of Football Operations - Chief Financial Officer - Executive Committee E. Schedule F. Pay-Outs G. Bylaws and Rule Changes II. RULES A. Team Rosters B. Starting Line-ups C. Scoring D. Tie-breakers E. Trades F. Add/Drops/Waivers G. Drafting H. Collusion I. Appeals Procedures


I. EWFL Bylaws A. DEFINITION OF LEAGUE: The EAST WEST FOOTBALL LEAGUE (EWFL) is a fantasy football league in which franchise owners draft players from the NFL and are awarded points based on the players' scoring performance each week of the EWFL season. The following Bylaws and Rules govern the league's operation. B. FRANCHISES: The EWFL consists of fourteen franchises in one conference. An annual franchise fee of $375.00 is payable to the league Chief Financial Officer no later than 1 week before the League Draft. If any Franchise Owner does not pay the fee in full by August 21, 2016, the Executive Committee has the right to permanently expel that Franchise Owner from the league. If a Franchise Owner is expelled from the league, a replacement Franchise Owner will be chosen by the Executive Committee from the EWFL Waiting List. C. WAITING LIST: An EWFL “Waiting List” has been established by the Executive Committee and consists of the names of individuals interested in becoming a Franchise Owner. When a Franchise Owner is expelled or leaves the league on his own, the new Franchise Owner must come from this list and will be chosen by the Executive Committee. D. RESPONSIBILITIES OF PARTICIPANTS: FRANCHISE OWNERS – Play to win! New Franchise Owners must come from the “Waiting List” as mentioned in EWFL Bylaw “C”. New Franchise Owners shall observe and abide by all Bylaws and Rules of the EWFL, participate in league business meetings and drafts, and pay all fees in a timely manner. COMMISSIONER – Shall maintain league Bylaws and Rules, provide interpretation of those Bylaws and Rules when requested by Franchise Owners, provide rulings on issues not covered in the Bylaws and Rules, and conduct league business meetings and drafts. VICE-PRESIDENT OF FOOTBALL OPERATIONS – Act as a liaison between Franchise Owners and League Commissioner. Assist Chief Executive Officer with his duties. He is next in line to the Commissioner.


In the event that the Commissioner can no longer perform his duties, the Vice-President of Football Operations will take his place. CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER (CEO) – The highest-ranking corporate officer, in charge of total management of the league. Assist Commissioner with his duties. He is next in line to the Vice-President of Operations. In the event that the Commissioner or Vice-President of Operations can no longer perform their duties, the Chief Executive Officer will take their place. CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER – Shall collect all fees, execute all pay-outs and maintain the league's bank account. The Chief Financial Officer may be reimbursed for postage, envelope expenses, etc., by presenting a bill to the Executive Committee at season's end. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE – Made up of the Commissioner, Chief Executive Officer and Vice-President of Football Operations. Work diligently and take whatever means possible for the betterment of the league. E. SCHEDULE: The EWFL Regular Season is made up of 13 weeks. Each team will face each other once. The 6 teams with the best Regular Season record will make the Post-Season. Those teams will then be seeded 1-6 based on their Regular Season record. In the case that 2 or more teams have the same record, the team with more total “Points For” will receive the better seed. If the teams are still tied, we will refer to EWFL Rule “D” #2. The Post-Season is made up of 3 weeks and is a single elimination tournament played during Weeks 14, 15 and 16 of the NFL Season. The teams with the 2 highest seeds will have a Bye in the First Round. The Post-Season schedule is as follows: Week 14 - First Round: Team #1 and Team #2 will have a Bye Team #3 vs. Team #6 Team #4 vs. Teams #5 Week 15 – Second Round: Team #1 vs. Lowest Seeded Team Remaining Team #2 vs. Highest Seeded Team Remaining


Week 16 – Third Round The two losers from Week 15 (3rd and 4th Place) will play each other in the Commissioner’s Cup. The two winners from Week 15 will square off for the EWFL Championship The 8 teams that do not make it to the Post-Season will participate in a “Consolation Tournament.” The tournament will take place during the same time as the Post-Season Tournament. The Consolation Tournament is made up of 3 weeks and is a single elimination tournament played during Weeks 14, 15 and 16 of the NFL Season. In Week 16 the 2 remaining teams will meet in the Facterman Bowl. The Consolation Tournament schedule is as follows: Week 14 - First Round: Team Team Team Team

#7 vs. Team #8 #9 vs. Team #10 #11 vs. Teams #12 #13 vs. Teams #14

Week 15 – Second Round: The 2 Lowest Seeded Teams Remaining will play each other and the 2 Highest Seeded Teams Remaining will play each other. Week 16 – Third Round aka Facterman Bowl The two winners from Week 15 will square off for the Consolation Championship. The Franchise that wins the Facterman Bowl will be awarded $100. F. PAY-OUTS: 1st Place $2,400.00 and Championship Trophy/Plaque 2nd Place $1,000.00 3nd Place $525.00 3nd Place $375.00 Most Total Points Scored Each Week $30.00 4

Facterman Bowl Winner $100.00 G. BYLAWS AND RULE CHANGES: These Bylaws and Rules may be changed by majority vote of the Executive Committee. Such a vote must take place prior to the League Draft during each season. Franchise Owners may submit proposals for change to the Commissioner and the Commissioner will orchestrate a vote. The vote can take place at a league meeting, via email or over the phone. The Rules and Bylaws of the EWFL may be amended on an emergency and temporary basis to cover unique circumstances if approved by the Executive Committee. II. EWFL Rules A. TEAM ROSTERS: 1. Total of 16 players (15 Active Players and 1 Injured Reserved) 2. Although Franchise Owners are not required to have an Injured Reserved Player, if they choose to have 16 players on their roster, 1 must remain in the Injured Reserved Slot at all times. The player must be injured and have the medical sign next to his name in order to be placed in the IR Slot. A suspension does not equal an injury. Once a player is healthy and activated by his NFL team, he must be moved out of the IR slot, even if it is 5 minutes before the start of that player’s game. Failure to follow this rule will result in a penalty determined by the Executive Committee. 3. To add a player to an EWFL roster at a given position, he must be a member of the NFL and an active player, with a signed contract, on a NFL Roster at the time of the transaction. Furthermore, if a Franchise Owner has a NFL Player on his EWFL roster, who has been cut, released or waived, once he clears waivers he is no longer an active player on a NFL Roster. The Franchise Owner will be given a 7 day window for that player to sign with any NFL team. During that time, the player can remain on Franchise Owner’s EWFL roster. If the player does not sign with a NFL team during the 7 day window, he must be released from Franchise Owner’s EWFL roster. 4. If a player is signed by a NFL team after the EWFL Draft has taken place, that player must clear one waivers period before an EWFL Franchise can pick him up. 5. The EWFL is a “Keeper League” and rotates on a 3-2-1-2-3 basis. 2016 is a 1 Keeper Year. Each Franchise Owner must provide a 5

list of his “Keepers” to the League Commissioner no later than 1 week before the League Draft. If the Commissioner is not notified by then, the Franchise Owner will forfeit his First Round Draft Pick. If another 2 Days go by and the Commissioner has still not received a Franchise Owner’s “Keepers,” that Franchise Owner will forfeit all “Keepers,” in addition to his First Round Draft Pick. Once every Franchise Owner submits his list, the Commissioner will then post the list of all Keepers on the Official EWFL Website. After providing the Commissioner with Keepers one of those players is injured and will miss multiple Regular Season games, Owners will have an opportunity to select a “Replacement Keeper.” This player must be one of the players that was originally on the individual franchise’s roster. Owner can inform the Commissioner of his desire to use a “Replacement Keeper” anytime from 24 hours after it is determined that the player will miss multiple game to 48 hours prior to the draft. If owner opts to use a “Replacement Keeper,” the injured player must be dropped. B. STARTING LINE-UPS: 1. Starting line-ups consist of the following: 1-QB, 1-RB, 1-WR, 2FLEX (RB/WR), 1-TE, 1-K and 1-DST. 2. Owners have the ability to set the status of any player (active or inactive) up to 5 minutes before that players’ game begins. However, once a team’s maximum active line-up is complete with players whose games have already started, that team’s line-up will be locked and that team can not activate any players whose games have not yet started. 3. In the event that a Franchise Owner does not have access to a computer to set his line-up, he must contact the Commissioner by any means possible at least 2 hours prior to kickoff on the day of the first NFL game in the week, to set the line-up for him. If he cannot get in touch with the Commissioner he should contact the Chief Executive Officer or Vice-President of Football Operations. In the event that a Franchise Owner cannot get in touch with any member of the Executive Committee he can send a text message, email or leave a voice mail. As long as it can be proven that it was done 2 hours prior to kickoff on the day of the first NFL game in the week, that Franchise Owner’s line-up will be adjusted retroactively. 4. If the Executive Committee determines that a Franchise Owner(s) has maliciously failed to submit an active starting lineup, therefore violating EWFL Bylaw I,D, Paragraph I, Owner(s) will be subject to forfeiting a draft pick in the following season’s draft. The round in which the pick is forfeited will be up to the discretion of the Executive Committee and will be determined based on the severity of the issue. For the purposes of this Section, failing to submit an active starting lineup includes, but is not limited to, the following: Starting a player who is on a bye week when alternative players are available on your roster or 6

via free agency or the waiver wire, starting a player who is out for the year with an injury, starting a player who is suspended, starting a player in a specific position who is not a starter on his respective NFL team, while leaving a player who plays that same position and is a starter on his respective NFL team on the bench or failing to submit a full lineup. Submitting inactive lineups is a pretty good sign that you are losing on purpose, you didn't even check your roster for the week, or you just don’t care, which is inexcusable. 5. During the post-season (after add/drops have been locked), owners will be allowed an injury exception and have the opportunity to pick up a player, only if failing to do so, gives them an illegal roster. The exception will only be granted due to injury of all players on that team’s roster at a certain position. During the post-season, owners are required to have 2 QB’s, 3 RB’s, 3 WR’s, 2 TE’s, 1 K and 1 Defense. C. SCORING: The EWFL is a Head-to Head League, which means each team will square off in a weekly match-up against another team to see who can compile the most points based upon the 28 scoring categories. Each scoring category is worth a certain amount of points based on statistics generated by a player’s performance in a NFL game. The team with more points wins the game.




3 points Plus 1 point for a FG of 51 to 55 Yds FG

Field Goals

Plus 2 points for a FG of 56 to 60 Yds Plus 3 points for a FG of 61 to 99 Yds



Fumble Lost, Including ST plays

-1 point

Fumble Recovery Two-point Conversion, Kicking formation


2 points


Fumble Recovery Two-point Conversion, Two-point formation

2 points

-1 point MFG

Missed Field Goal

Plus .5 points for a MFG of 50 to 100 Yds


Missed Extra Point

-2 points


Passing Two-point Conversion

2 points


Passing Interception

-1 point


Passing Interception for TD

-2 points

5 points Plus 1 point for a PaTD of 40 to 50 Yds Plus 2 points for a PaTD of 51 to PaTD

Passing TD

60 Yds Plus 3 points for a PaTD of 61 to 79 Yds Plus 4 points for a PaTD of 80 to 105 Yds

1 - 300 PaYds = 1 point for every 20 PaYds PaYd

301 - 400 PaYds = 1 point for

Passing Yards

every 15 PaYds 401 - 600 PaYds = 1 point for every 10 PaYds


Receiving Two-point Conversion

2 points



Reception of 40+ Yards

.5 points

6 points Plus 1 point for a ReTD of 50 to ReTD

Receiving TD

70 Yds Plus 2 points for a ReTD of 71 to 100 Yds

1 - 120 ReYds = 1 point for every ReYd

10 ReYds

Receiving Yards

121 - 500 ReYds = 1.25 points for every 10 ReYds



.5 points


Rush for 20+ Yards

.5 points


Rushing Two-point Conversion

2 points


Rushing Attempt

.10 points

6 points Plus 1 point for a RuTD of 35 to 50 Yds Plus 2 points for a RuTD of 51 to RuTD

Rushing TD

70 Yds Plus 3 points for a RuTD of 71 to 85 Yds Plus 4 points for a RuTD of 86 to 105 Yds


1 - 100 RuYds = 1 point for every 10 RuYds 101 - 160 RuYds = 1.5 points for RuYd

every 10 RuYds

Rushing Yards

161 - 200 RuYds = 2 points for every 10 RuYds 201 - 600 RuYds = 2.5 points for every 10 RuYds


Extra Points


1 point




Blocked Field Goals (ID/ST/DST)

1 point


Blocked Punts (ID/ST/DST)

1 point


Blocked Extra Points (ID/ST/DST)

1 point


Defensive/ST Fumble Recovered (ID/DT/DST)

1 point

1 - 9 DSTPAs = -.20 points for every 1 DSTPA 10 - 20 DSTPAs = -.40 points for every 1 DSTPA DSTPA

21 - 35 DSTPAs = -.60 points for

Points Against Defense/ST

every 1 DSTPA 36 - 100 DSTPAs = -.70 points for every 1 DSTPA Plus a 15 point bonus @ 0+ DSTPA


6 points Plus 1 point for a DTD of 41 to 60 Yds Plus 1.5 points for a DTD of 61 to DTD

Total Defensive and Special Teams TD

75 Yds Plus 2 points for a DTD of 76 to 94 Yds Plus 3 points for a DTD of 95 to 110 Yds


Forced Fumble

1 point



2 points

1 - 3 SACKs = 1 point for every 1 SACK 4 - 7 SACKs = 1.5 points for every SACK



8 - 11 SACKs = 2 points for every 1 SACK 12 - 99 SACKs = 2.5 points for every 1 SACK




Special Teams Conversion Return for Two-points (ID/ST/DST)


2 points

2 points

Special Teams One-point Safety (ID/ST/DST)


1 point

D. TIE-BREAKERS: 1. Tie scores of EWFL games during the Regular Season stand as ties and are reflected as such in the teams’ record. During the PostSeason, teams will be required to assign an “Overtime Player.” All Franchise Owners must let the Commissioner know 2 hours prior to kickoff on the day of the first NFL game in the week, who their “Overtime Player” is. If he cannot get in touch with the Commissioner he should contact the Chief Executive Officer or Vice-President of Football Operations. A list of all “Overtime Players” will be listed on the Official EWFL Website. A tie score during a Post-Season Game is broken based on Total Points of the “Overtime Player” for that game. The team with the greater number of total points by the “Overtime Player” wins. If the aforementioned does not break the tie, then we will follow the steps in #2 below to declare a game winner. 2. Ties in league standings are broken based on the following steps:

a) Regular-Season total “Points-For” among the remaining tied teams. b) Head-to-Head won-lost-tie record of games involving the tied teams. c) Head-To-Head “Points-For” among the remaining tied teams. d) Coin flip by the Commissioner.

E. TRADES: 1. Trades are permitted until 10:59:59 PM EST on November 2, 2016. 2. Trades can involve Players or Draft Picks. If trading Draft Picks for Draft Picks, they must be for an equal amount of Picks. (i.e. 1 Pick for 1 Pick, 2 Picks for 2 Picks, etc). Franchise Owners are permitted to trade uneven number of Players for other Players (i.e. 2 Players for 1 Player, 3 Players for 1 Player, etc). When making a trade involving both Players and Draft Picks, the amount of Draft Picks must still be even, however the amount of Players does not have to be even. (i.e. Owners can trade 2 Players and 1 Pick for 3 Players and 1 Pick). 3. All trades must be approved by the Executive Committee. If 2 Members of the Executive Committee are involved in the trade, then the Member who is not involved in the trade and 2 Franchise Owners drawn by lot must approve the trade. 4. No trades will be approved until all Franchise Owners involved in the trade have paid the league entry fee. 12

5. Franchise Owners may not make trades during the off-season. The season begins when the Commissioner officially opens the league. 6. If any Franchise Owner believes that there is collusion between other Franchise Owners, in regards to a trade, he must notify the Commissioner within 48 hours of the trade in question. At this point the Executive Committee will open an Exploratory Committee to investigate the allegations. There will then be a league vote on the issue. The vote will not include the Owner(s) involved in alleged collusion or the accuser. If any Franchise Owner is found guilty of collusion, he will be subject to the penalties set forth by EWFL Rule B4. F. ADD/DROPS/WAIVERS: 1. Add/Drops are handled by a Waivers Process. 2. The Waivers Process runs on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 3. The Waiver Order resets after each weeks' games. 4. Dropped players must remain on waivers for at least 1 day. G. DRAFTING: 1. The EWFL Draft will take place on Sunday, August 28, 2016 at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. 2. The Draft Order will be determined as follows: a) The Franchise that wins the EWFL Championship will have the 14th Pick. b) The Franchise that loses the EWFL Championship will have the 13th Pick c) The Draft Position for the remaining 12 Franchises will be determined by their overall Regular Season Win-Lose Record. In case of a tie in their overall Win-Lose Record, we will use the steps in EWFL Rule “D” #2. 3. The Draft will take place at the Annual Draft Party at the Commissioner’s Office. The draft is done online through our league homepage at cbssportline.com. All Franchise Owners must be in attendance, be logged into the draft from another location, be available by phone or have his Auto Draft Card set. To use the Auto Draft Card, Franchise Owners must physically set it. It will not set itself. 4. All Franchise Owners must bring their own computer to the Draft Party, as one will not be supplied for you. No Franchise Owner is 13

required to let another Franchise Owner utilize his computer. Every Franchise Owner is responsible for himself. This same rule applies for other Draft Day materials (magazines, team rosters, player rankings, etc.) 5. Each Franchise Owner is allowed three (3) minutes to make his pick in all rounds. 6. Should a Franchise Owner fail to make a selection within the allotted time, the computer will automatically select a player for that owner. Once the pick is made, it is final and cannot be changed. If the Franchise Owner is having technical difficulty, it is his responsibility to contact a member of the Executive Committee by any means possible during, not after, the allotted time for said draft pick. 7. No Franchise Owner can draft for another Franchise Owner. H. COLLUSION: Collusion is an agreement, usually secretive, which occurs between two or more Franchise Owners to deceive, mislead, or defraud the other Franchise Owners and the EWFL to obtain an objective forbidden by League Rules and Bylaws or otherwise considered unethical. It can include, but is not limited to fraud, point shaving, fixing games and kickbacks to gain an unfair advantage over the other Franchise Owners. I. APPEALS PROCEDURES: In the event that a Franchise Owner believes that an existing EWFL Rule or Bylaw has been misinterpreted by the Commissioner, that owner may file an appeal. (An appeal may not be filed concerning a condition NOT covered by an existing EWFL Rule or Bylaw. In this case, the Commissioner is empowered by EWFL Bylaw “D” to rule on the condition at issue.) The appeals process shall consist of the following steps: 1. The Franchise Owner submits the appeal in writing to the Executive Committee within two days of the Commissioner's interpretation that is at issue. This must identify specifically the rule the Franchise Owner believes was misinterpreted and an explanation of the alleged proper interpretation with supporting justification and data. 2. The Commissioner, as soon as practicable, shall submit a written justification of his ruling that is being appealed. 3. Within seven days of receipt of the written appeal, it is to be settled by using the following steps: a) Convene an Appeals Board consisting of the VicePresident of Football Operations, the Chief Executive Officer and 14

three Franchise Owners drawn by lot, but excluding any Franchise Owner involved in the appeal and the Commissioner. b) Provide the Appeals Board with copies of the written appeal and Commissioner's justification of the original ruling. c) The Board shall deliberate and rule on the appeal. The ruling by the Board may support the appellant or the Commissioner OR may reject both positions establishing its own position on the issue. d) Once a ruling has been made by the Appeals Board, no further appeal is permitted on that ruling. 4. The ruling of the Appeals Board shall stand as the proper and only interpretation of the EWFL Rule and can only be changed by the usual method of rule changes in accordance with EWFL Bylaw “G”. 5. The Vice-President of Football Operations shall notify the Franchise Owners of the results of appeals. All submitted materials in the appeals case shall be maintained in the League records for as long as it is a function of the EWFL Bylaws or Rules (in the same fashion as any Bylaw, Rule, or amendment there-to).


Jarett Grushka, Commissioner/Chief Financial Officer Bryan Krul, Chief Executive Officer Adam Goldman, Vice President of Football Operations

East West Football League Past Champions

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