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LEE COUNTY, FLORIDA EMERGENCY RESOLUTION NO. /'1-f:J'r.. J-t. DECLARING AN EVACUATION ORDER WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners has declared a ...

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LEE COUNTY, FLORIDA EMERGENCY RESOLUTION NO. /'1-f:J'r.. J-t. DECLARING AN EVACUATION ORDER WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners has declared a State of Local Emergency because of the serious health and safety threat to the lives and property of residents of Lee County, Florida from Hurricane Irma, Emergency Resolution No. 17-0922, Attachment A WHEREAS, Lee County remains under a hurricane warning by the National Hurricane Center. NOW THEREFORE, as the designated official of Lee County and with the powers CC?nferred by the Governor pursuant to §252.36(5), F.S., and by the Governor's Executive Order No. 17-235, Attachment B, I hereby order the Evacuation of: •






Grande ,



Island/Cabbage Key, Upper Captiva, Captiva Island, Sanibel, Town of Fort Myers Beach including San Carlos Island, and Bonita Beach, as shown in Attachment C; and •

Evacuation Zone A to include flood prone areas around the Imperial River between East Terry, Bonita Beach Road and 1-75, as shown in Attachment D; and

Evacuation Zone B South of the Caloosahatchee River, as shown in Attachment E; and

Evacuation Zone Bin Cape Coral, South of Pine Island Road, as shown in Attachment E

in order to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Lee County. This order is effective immediately.

All persons residing in the area(s) identified in Attachment C, D, and E must evacuate their residence and proceed to a designated emergency public shelter or other safe areas in and out of Lee County over primary evacuation routes. It is further ordered that: •

All persons residing in mobile homes, recreational vehicles, or manufactured homes, in any part of Lee County, and live aboard vessels (in the municipality of Cape Coral) evacuate; and

All persons living on or near all rivers (Caloosahatchee River, Orange River, Estero River, and Imperial River) in any part of Lee County should evacuate.

Any person not abiding by this Evacuation Order is guilty of a second-degree misdemeanor,



- - ~---..,.....- __.M. (time)

Attachment A


WHEREAS, the National Hurricane Center has recognized the danger to coastal residents of Florida from Hurricane Irma, and thEl Governor of Florida has declared a State of Emergency for every county in the State of Florida due to the severity and magnitude of Hurricane Irma (attached), and WHEREAS, the current error of the National Hurricane Center's meteorological forecast does not allow for an accurate prediction of the track of Hurricane Irma; and WHEREAS, Hurricane Irma has the potential for causing life threatening conditions



damage to






communication systems, public streets and roads, public drainage systems, commercial and residential buildings and .areas; and WHEREAS, §252.38(3)(a)(5), Florida Statutes, provides authority for political subdivisions fo declare a State· of Local En;ergency arid to Waive the procedures and formalities otherwise required of political subdivisions .in order to take whatever action is necessary to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the· community; and WHEREAS, Lee County Ordinance Number 87-01, states that when a quorum of 'the Board of County Commissioners is unable to meet, the Chairperson of the Board of County Commissioners, or the Vice-Chairperson in his/her absence, or the County Administrator or his/her designee in the absence of the Chairperson, or Vice-Chairperson is authorized to declare a State of Local Emergency. WHEREAS, the duration of this State of Local Emergency is limited to seven (7) days; however, it may be extended, as deemed necessary by .. the Board of County Commissioners or pursuantto Lee County Ordinance 87-01 for additional terms in seven (7) day increments.



day of September, 2017, that

Hurricane Irma poses a serious threat to the lives and property of the resid$nts of l-ee County and that a State of Local Emergency shall be declared effective immediately for all unincorporated and incorporated areas within the local boundaries of Lee County, Florida.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that. the Board of County Commissioners hereby exerCises its authority and waives the procedures and formalities required by law of a political subdivision, as authorized under §252.38, Florida Statutes. ·


By: (


;-i~u - ,,___.-


sy~Jc~ ~Clerk __f..2:,.:


By: ?!~~

Office of the County Attorney

co f?JrL. . M. (Time)


Attachment B

STATE OF FLORIDA OFFICE OF TilE GOVERNOR EXECUTIVE ORDER NUMBER 17-235 (Emergency Management- Hun'icane Irmn) WHEREAS, as of.Jl:OO. a.m. on Monday, Septembei' 4, 2017, Hunicandrrrui is a major

hurdcarie located approximately 560 miles east of the Leeward Islands with .inaxhi1Um sustained

winds of 120 mph; ·WHEREAS, the five~day forecast .from the National Hurricane Center pteqicts that, on

Satul'da)', September 9, 2017, HurriCane It'ma\.Vill be a major hurricane located somewhere n01th of Cuba and south of Andros Island in the Bahamas; WHEREAS; current forecast models predict that Hurricane Irma will head into the Straits

ofFloricla a$ a majqr hurricane; WHEREAS, cu!rent forecast models predict that Hurricane Irma wilf make landfall

somewhere in South Flotida oi' Sout,hwestern Florida as amajor himicane; WHEREAS; current fotecast models pn~dict that Hutdcane Jtma, will travel. up the entire

spine of Florida; WHERE.i\S, Hurricane frma poses a severe threat to the entire State of Florida atJd

requires that timely precautions are taken to ptotect the coJnttltinities, critical infrastructUre, and general welfare ofthis State; WliEREAS, as Govemor, .I am responsible to meet the d~ngers presented to this state and

its people by this emergency; NOW, THEREFORE, I, RICK SCOTT, as Governor of Florida, by virtue of the authority vested in me by Article IV, SeCtion l(a), of the Florida Constitution and by the Florida

En'lergency. Management Act, as amended, and all other applicable laws, . promulgate the following Executive Order; to take immediate effect: SectiOJl I. Because of the foregoing conditions, I declare that a stat~ of emergency exists i_n every county in the State ofFlorjda. Section 2.

r c;iesignate the Director of the Division of Emergency Managemerit as the State

Coordinating Officei· for the dtrration of this emergency and direct him to exec~te the State's Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan and other response, recovery, arid mitigation plans necessary to cope with. the emergency. Pursuant to section 252.36(1 )(a), Florida Statutes, I delegate to tl1e State Coordinating Officer the authority to exercise' those powers d¢1ineated in sections 252.36(5)-(10), Florida Statutes, whiCh he . . shall exercise as needed to meet this emergency, subject to the limitations of section 252.33, Florida Statutes. In exerCising the P.owers

del~gated by this Order, the State Coordinating Officer shall confer with the Governor to the fullest extent practicable. The State Coordinating Officer shall also have the authority to: A. Invoke and administer the Emergency Management Assistance Compact ("EMAC';} (sections 252.921 ~.933, Florida Statutes) and other compacts and agreements existing between the State of Florida and. other st!}tes,. and the further a:uthority to coordinate the a)locati()n

of resources from

such oti1yr $tates that are made available to Florida under·such compacts and

agreements so as best to meet this emergency. B. Seek direct assistarice and enter into agreements with any and all agencies of the Unity~;! States Govenunent as may be needed to meetJhe emergency, C. Direct all state, regionaJ and local governmental agencies, including law enfo1·cemertt agencies~ to idelltif)' personnel needed from those agencies to assist in meeting the


needs created by this emergency; and to place Hll such personnel under the direct con1inaod a.11d cootdinatioti of the State Coordinating Officer to ineetthls emergency. D. Designate Deptity State Coordinating Officers. E. Suspend the eftect of any statute, nile, or ordeJ' that would ii'1 any way prevent, hinder, or del!'ly any n1.itigatim1, response, or recovery action necessary to cope with this emergency,

F: Enter orders as may be needed to implemetit any ofthe foregoing powers; h<:rwever, the i"eqllirements of sections 252.46 and 120.54(4), Florida Statutes, do. not apply to any such orders issued by the State Coordinatii1gOfficer. Section 3: I order the Adjutant General to activate the Florida National Guard, as needed, to deal with this emergency. Section 4. I find that the special duties and responsibilities resting upon some State, regional, and local agencies and other governmental bodies in respoi1ding to the emergency may require thern to waive or deviate from the statutes, rules, ordinances, and orders th(;)y adniinister: Therefore, I issue the following authorizations:

A. P\.lrsuant to section 252.36(i)(a), Florida Statutes, the Executive Office ofthe Governor may waive all. statutes and rules affecting budgeting to the extent necessary to provide budget authority for state agencies to cope with this emergency. The requirements ofsections 252.46 and 120.54(4), Florida Statutes, do ilotapply

to any such wajver issued by the Executi.ve

Office of the Go,/ernor. B. Each State agency may suspend the provisions of any regulatory statute .



prescribing the p:rocequres for conduct of s.tate business or the ordets or rules of that agen<;:y; if strict compliance with 1he provisions Of any such statute·, otdet, ormle \vould in anyway prevent,


hinder, or delay necessary action in coping wjth the emergency. This includes; butis not limited to, the authority to suspend any and all statutes, rules, ordinance·s, or ordersv.;hich affectleasin,g, printh1g, purchasing, travel~ a11d the condition of employment and the compensation of employees. For the purposes of this Executive Order, ''hecessai'y action in coping with the emergency" m¢ans

any emergency mitigation, respopse, or re<;overy actiqn:

(I) prescribed in the State

Comprehensive Emergency Man&gement Plan C'CEMP"); or, (2) directed by the State Coordinatir'lg Officer. Any waiver Of statutes, rules, ordinances, or orders shall be by eirier•gency rule. ot order' iri accordance with sections 12054(4) and 252.46, Florida Statutes, and shall expire thirty days.fi·om the date of this Executive Order, ui1less extended in increments of no more than thirty days by the agency, and in no everit shall remain in effect beyond the earlier of the date of expiration of this Order, as extended; or ninety (90) days from the date of issuance of this Otder. C. In accordance with section 252.38, Florida Statutes, each political subdivisiot1 withir1 the State of Florida may wai ye the procedures arid fonrialities otherwise requi~ed of the political subdivision by law pettait1ing to: 1) Perfon11ance of public woi·k and taking \Vhatever prudent action rs

necessary to ensure the health; safety; arid \.velfare ofthe conimunity; 2) Entering into contracts; 3) Incurring obligations; 4) Einployment ofpermanent and temporary \Vorkers;

5) Utiljzation ofvolu1_1teer workers; 6) Rentalofequipment;

7) Acquisition and distribution; with or withot\tcompensation; of supplies, materials, and facilities; and,


8) Approptiation and expenditure of public funds.

b; All agencies whose employees are certified by the American Red Cross

disaster servicevolunteers within the meaningof Section 11 0.120(3 ), Florida Statutes 1 may release

any such employees for such service as requested by the Red Cross to ineet this emergency. E. The SecretarY ofthe Florida Department of Transportation (DOT) may: l) Waive the

collection of tolls and other fees and charges for the use of the

Turnpike and other public highways, to the extent such waiver may J:>e needed to provide emergency assistance or facilitate the c\;actiationoftheaffected counties;

2) Reverse the flow oftraffic or dose any and all roads,, higln:Yays, and portions ofhighw<1ys as:may be heeded. for the safe arid efficient transpotiation of evaci.iees to those counties that the State Cooi·dinating Offi<;er may designate as ·destination cot\nties for evacuees in this emergency; 3) Suspend enforcement of the registration reqriirements pursuant to sections 316.545(4} and 320.0115; Flodda Statutes, for Cbmmercial lnbtor vehiCles that enterFlorida to

provide emergency services or supplies, to transport emergency equipment, supplies & personnel, or to transport FEMA mobile homes or office style mobile homes into ot frmrt Floriqa; 4) Waive the houi·s ofsetvice requirements fot such vehiCles;


Waiv~ by

special permit the \vatning signal requiryrpcnts ir1 the Utility

Accommodations Manual to accornrpodate pubiiq utiiitycol'npallies frorri otherjurisdiCtions which render assistance in restoring vitalserviCes; and, 6) Waive the size and weightrestriclions for diyisible loads onany vehicles transporting emergency equipment, services, supplies; and agticulturai comm'odities.and citrus as recommended by the Commissioner .of Agriculture,


the establishment of alternate size

and weight l'estrictions for all such vehicles fol' the duration of the emergency. The DOT shall issue permits and such vehicles shall be subject to sllch special conditions as the DOTmay endorse on any such pennits. Nothing in this Exe9utive Order shaft be construed to allow a[Jy vehicle to exceed weight limits posted for bddges and like structures, or relieve any vehicle or the carrier, owner, or driver of any vehicle from compliance with any restrictions other than those specified i1i this Executive Order1 or from any statute, rule, order, or otherlegal requirement n,ot specificaily waived herein or by supplemental order by the State Coordinating Officer; F. The Executive Director of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor

Vehicles (DHSMV) h1ay: I) Suspend ellforceinent of the registration requit'ements pursuant to sections

316.545(4) and 320.0715, Florida Statutes, for commerCial motor


that enter Florida


provide emergen~=>y service~ or supplies, to transport e!'nergency equipment, supplies or personnel, . . - .


or to transpmt FEMA mobile homes or office style mobile honies into or from Florida; 2) Waive the hours of service :requiretilents for Sl!ch vehicles; 3) Suspepd the enforcement ofthe licensing and registratlo~1 requirements under the International Fuel Tax Agreement (1FTA) pursuant to Chapter207 Florida Statutes, and the InterrtatioruH Registration Plan (IRP) pursuant to section 320.0715, Florida Statutes, for motor c(lrriers or driwrs operating commercial 111otor vehicLes that are properly registere~ in other ,jurisdictions and that are parlicipatil1g in emergency relief efforts through the transportation. of eqttipment and ·supplies .ol' providing othet assistance in the form ·of e1nergency services; 4) Waive fees for


or repl(\cement .vessel



vessel. title certificates, vehicle license plates,. vehicle registration certificates, vehicle tag.


certificates, vehicle title certificates, handicapped parking permits, replacement drivers ' licenses, and replacement identification cards and to waive the additional fees for ihe late renewal of or application for such Jicen;;es, c:ertificates, aod documents due to tl1e effects of adverse weuther

conditions; and, 5) Defe1' administrative actions and waive fees imposed by law for the late renewal or application for the above licenses, certfficates, and documents; which were delayed due

to the effects of adverse weather conditions, includit1g in counties wherein the DHSMV has closed 'offices,


any office ()fthe CountY Tax Collector that acts on hehalfofthe DHSMV to process

renewals has closed offices que to adverse weather conditions.

Recordkeepit1g and other applicable requirements for existing IFTA and IRP licensees and tegis_ttants are .not affected by this orde!'.

The DHSMV shall promptly notify the


Cootdinating Officer when th~ \vaiver is no longer necessary. G, ln accorda11ce with section 465.0275, Florida Statutes, pharmaci~ts may

dispense-up to a 30-day eme1:gency prescription refill of maintenance medication to persons who reside

in.an area or county covered under this Executive 01'der and to emetgency personnel who

have .been activated by their state and local agency but who

do not reside in an area ot county

covered by this·Executive Orc::leL H. All Sta:te agencies l"esponsible for the use of State buildings and facillties may dose sttch btiildings and facilities ii1 those portions of the State affected by this ernergimcy, to the extent to meet this emergency. I direct each State agency to report the closure of any State building or facility to the Secretary of the Department of Management Services. Under the authority contained in section 252.36; Florida Statutes, I direct each County to report the closure of any building or facility operated or maintained by the County or al}y poJitical subdivision therein to


the Secretary of the Department of Management Services. Furthermore, I direct the Secretary of the Department of Management Servkes to; /

.1) Maintain an accurate and\tp'-to-date list of all such ~losures; at1d, 2) Provide that list daily to the State Coordinating Officer.

l. All State agencies may abrogate the time requirements, notice requirements, and deadlines for final action oh applications for permits, licenses,'rates, and other approvals under any statutes or rules under which such application are deemed to be approved unless disapproved in vvriting by specified deadlines;, and a11 such time requirements that have not yet expired as bf the date of this Executive Order are suspended and tolled to 'the extent needed to meet this e1nergency. Section 5. All public facilities, including elementary and secondarY schools, community colleges, state universities, and other facilities owned or IE:ased by the state, regional or local gove!11h1en1s thilt are suitable for tJse as public sh¢lters shall be made available at the reqnestof the local emergency management agencies to ensure the proper reception and care ofall evacuees. Under the authority contained ii1 section 252.36, Florida Statutes; I direct the Superintendent of each public school district in ~he State of Florida: to report: the closure of .any school within its district to the Commissioner of the Florida Department ofEducation. Furthermore, I direct the Commissioner of the Department of Education to:

A. Mait1tain an accur11te and up~to-date list ofall such closures; and; B. Provide that list d£tiiY to the State Co01·dimiting Officer. Section 6. I find. that the demands placed upon the funds apprbpriated to the agencies of the State ofFibrida and to local agencies (:}re tlll!easonably great and may be inadequate to pay the costs of copitlg with this disaster, )n accorda1.1Ce with section 25237(2), Florida Statutes; I direct


that sufficient funds be rnade available, as needed, by transferring and expending moneys appropriated for other purposes, moneys froin tmappropriated surplus funds, or from the Budget Stabilization Fund. . Section 7. All State agencies entering eni.ergency

final orders or other final actions in

response to this emergency shall advjse the State Coordimitin~ Officer contei11potii.neotisly or as soon as practicable. Section 8. Medical professionals and wor]{ers; social workers; and counselors with good and valid professional licenses issued by states other than the State ofFlorida may render such services in Florida during this emergency for persons affected by this emergency with the condition that such services be rendered to stlch persons· free of charge, and \Vith the further condition that s:uch setVices be rende~;ed mid.er the auspices. of the Alliericail Red Cross ot the Florida.Department of Health. Section 9. Pursuantto section 501.160, Florida Statutes, it is unlawfi.tl and a violation of section 501.204 for a persontorerit or sell ot' offer to rent 01' sell at an ltnconscion.able price Within the area for which the state ofemergency is declared, any essential commodity includirig, but not llmited to, supplies, services, provisions, or equipment t}Jaf is necessary for consumption or use as a direct resl)lt of the emergetl.cy. Section 10. Under the authority. totttained in sections 252.36(5)(a), (g),, and (ni);. Flotida Statutes, 1 direct that, for the purposes of this emergency;the tefni "'esselitials", as defiued by section 252.359(2), Florida Statutes, shall be the san1e '~;~s and no more expansive than the term "commodity") as defined by section 50 l.l60(l)(a), Florida Statutes (hereinafter teferted to collectively or alternatively as ''.essential commodities'} Accordingly, any person who delivers essential commodities to a location in t~e area(s) declared to be under a state ofemergency by this


Executive Order, and vihen ne<;:essC~ry to ensure that those commodities are made available to the publi<;·,.may travel within evacuated areas and exceed curfews, provided the State Coordinating Officer det~miines, after consultation With the aJ'>pi'optiate Emergency Suppo1t Function(s), that:

A. Law enfotcen1eht officials in the declared area(s)can provide adequate security to proteCt the essential conimodities from theft;

B. The weight of a delivery vehicle will notjeopardizefhe struc.tural integt:ity of any roadvyay or bridge located within the declared area; C. Delivery vehicles will not negatively impact evaC(iation activities m the

declared area(s); and, D. Delivery vehicles will not negat~vely impact any response or recovery activities occurring within the declared area(s).

After consulting \.vith the appropriate E1nergency SUI)port Function(s), andafter consultii)g with locaL officials, the State Coordinating Officer ma:y dictate the routes of ingress; egress, and movement within the declared area(s) that drivers must follow when delivering essential commodities. Provided he or she is


delivering medicaticms, any person


to deliver

medications under chapter 893., Florida Statutes, qualifies as a person de]iVedng essential commodities. In order to qualify as a person de!ivei'ing essential co!h!hpdities under this section, a pers0t1 rt1ust be in the process of delivering essential comm.odities. only. If an individual is traitspotting

both essential and non-essential commodities, then this section shall not provide ally a\lthorization for that individual to enterinto or move within the deClared area( s).


Section II. Consistent with ExeclHive Order 80,29, nothing

in this Order shall prevent

local jutisdicGons in any ai"ea not declared to be under a stale of ei11ergency by this Executive Order


taking prompt and necessary action to save lives and protect the property

of their

citizens, including the authority to compel and directtimely evacuatiop when necessary. Section 12. I authorize the Florida Housing Finance Corporation to distribute funds pursuant to section 420.9073, Florida Statl1tes, to any county, municipality, or other political subdivision located \Vi thin the area(s) declared to be undei· a state

of emergency by this executive

order. The authority of the Florida Housing .Finance Corporation to distribute funds under this state of emergency shall expire six months from .the date ofthis Order. Section I 3. All actions taken by the Director of the Division of Emei~gency Management

with respect to this emergency before the issuance of this Executive Order Exect~tiv¢

are ratified.


Order shall expire sixty days from this date unless extended,

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, 1 have hereqnto set my band and caused the Great Seal of the State of Florida to be affixed, at Tallahassee, this 4th day of Septeni ber, 20 17,

(2~ GOVERNORl~ .

> t2" ,r., ,-.:. "" -· ~

2:;~.1 - '-


z.;· rn=~:


..": •·. . o

C.l >. •.,...





5~ J>fTl




~ C/)





... .v...-


•r-rl a.


::!!: .!::"






Attachment C -~~~----------- ==-~~~-

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

'il I



Captiva Island

Town of Fort Myers Beach (including San Carlos Island}~__:..


Hurricane Irma Lee County Barrier Island Mandatory Evacuation Areas Effective: 9/8/2017 ~ Active Evacuation Areas

~'tee County ~ Southwest 'F(orila


Attachment D 0

'~ ~ ~






Hurricane Irma Lee County Evacuation Zone A Mandatory Evacuation Area Effective: 9/8/2017 ~ Active Evacuation Areas

• Lee County d .Southwest '"Fforila

Attachment E

Hurricane Irma Mandatory Evacuation Areas Effective: 9/9/2017 ~ Mandatory Evacuation Area

..II' Lee Countv n

Soufhw~st "FioridX