1 - There are a few of

1 - There are a few of

V \ \ ? AJLX Ult NEWS o| BED BANK and Surrounding Town* Told CMtleMly «nd Without' B I M RED VOLUME LXII, NO. ANK REGISTER T RED^ANK, N. 3., T...

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and Surrounding Town* Told CMtleMly «nd Without' B I M





Whiversify Of Life Courses Continuing Peddie School Head and Woman Pacifist to Speak This Sunday

Anniversary Is Celebrated By Eatontown Lodge Sons and Daughters of Liberty Has Been Active 47 Years

PROCLAMATION THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, Incorporated February 8, 1010, and chartered by Congress June IS, 1916, is celebrating Its anniversary from February 8 to 14, during Boy Scout Week. In the past three decades the nearly nine million former or present members have rendered notable service to our community and our nation. In times of distress from floods, hurricane, tornado and other disasters they havo demonstrated the effectiveness of organized boy service. During the period of economic stress they contributed In many ways to tho relief of suffering, and they have rendered noteworthy service in flood areas.


Taxpayers9 Group Seek Lower Taxes

Rumson Studies Proposition Of Purchasing Dump • Commission of Three Authorized to Make Appraisal of Site

New Organization Formed To Force Economies

The Scouts have also contributed to a deeper appreciation by -•• A particularly attractive program Frlde ot Crescent council, Sons . the American people of the higher conception of good/citizenship. First steps in the' purchase of a Organization of a taxpayers' organs has been arranged for this Sunday'* and Daughters of Liberty, Eatontract at Rdmson Shores for a public izatiort to fight for economy In mu« THEREFORE, I, CHARLES R. ENGLISH, MAYOR OF THE session of tho University of Life sertown, celebrated Us 17th' anniversdump were taken at last week's nicipal spending and the ultimata r«CITY OF RED BANK, do hereby recorWmend that tho citizens of ies being held at tho Red Bank Bapary Monday night at a, pollyanna meeting of the Rumson mayor and dtjetion of the local tax rat« w i l this city do whatever they can to observe Boy Scout Week and give tist church. Tho speakers wilt be Dr. and birthday party at Crescent hall. council when a resolution was adoptfleeted Monday night at a meeting. their, support In strengthening the work of tho Boy Scouts of Wllbour Eddy Saundors, headmaster It was the final meeting in the Cresed, authorizing the mayor to appoint >f a group of citizens In the law ofAmerica, particularly through the Monmouth council which ad' of the Peddle school at .Hlghtstown, cent hall building. More than 70 a commission of three men to make fice of Alston Beckman, Jr., In the ministers the, Boy Scout program in this community. and Mrs. Howard Uymer of Bed persons attended. a, fair appraisal of the site, Mayor Child building on Broad street. Bank, who la prominent in national James C. Auchinclosa said the men I earnestly recommend ihat our civic organisations, our churches Of tho flvo living charter members R. V. R. H. Stout, prominent Kid poaco organizations.• , — • he had in mind were former Mayor and our schools co-operate In carrying out a program for a definthroe attended. They were Miss Bank realtor, was unanimously electDr. Saundora, who will speak on ite recognition of the effective service rendered by the Roy Scouts Nellson Edwards, Joseph G. McCue Lutle, Allgor, who for the past 33 ed president after the group h i d tht subject. "Growth of Personality," of America, in order that the work of the Boy Scout program may and Charles E. Sweeney. The last years has been treasurer of the lodge, formed the Taxpayers' association of was born at Warwick, Rhode Island, be extended to a larger proportion of the boyhood of this comtwo are engaged in the real estate and Daniel S. Morris, both of EatonRed Bank and voted to incorporate in 1894. His early schooling was obmunity. business at Rumeon. The mayor was ton, and John V. Kolb of Newark. as a non-profit making organization,, tained In the public schools of Provialso empowered to designate the fee The other two charter members aro Mr, Stout, in outlining the purpose*-' The Boy Scout movement offers unusual opportunity for volundence, after which he entered Brown to be paid to the members of the Mrs, Josephine Carlisle, who is vaof the organization, stated that tha teer service. It needs men to serve in various capacities as leaduniversity In tho fall of 1912. At commission for their services. | cationing in Florida, and Howard association would be entirely noners of boys. I hope that all who can, will, through the organisaBrown he was captain of the varsity Davidson ot Long Branch. Gifts were political and would exist only to tions with which they are connected, enlist for such personal servThe mayor said It was advisable debating team and a letter man on presented to tho charter members atserve the taxpayers of the borough. ice. Anything that Is done to increase the effectiveness of the'Boy for the borough to obtain a public the track team, His fraternity was tending and a speclarglft waB glvoh Declaring that the organization Scouts of America will be a genuine contribution to the welfare of dump. The public, he said, would be Delta Tau Delta. ' Miss Allgor^for her faithful services would serve as a "watchdog" for tho, this community, tho state and the nation. given an opportunity to protest c After receiving his bachelor of arUi as treasurer. , ' borough where tax matters are In-, against acquiring- the site *or to sugdegree In 1914 from1 Brown univerIn witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused " gest other sites when an ordinance Distinguished lodge officials attendolved, Mr. Stout said, "We're not sity, Or, Saundcrs entered tho Union the seal of this community to be affixed^ ' ing wore Mrs. Edna Brown of KUmproviding for the purchase of the ;oing out and turn the town upalda theological seminary in New York son, national outside guard; Mrs. DR. WILBOUR E. SAUNDERS tract in question Is brought up for Done this first day of February, In the year of our Lord, one down but are going to try to bring" City, from which he graduated In Louella, Kean, ot-Red Bank, state aspublic hearing before the council; " thousand nine hundred and forty. about tax economy by co-operating, 1019.' While obtaining hU theological sociate treasurer; Mrs. Margaret If possible, with the mayor and countraining he was for two years a masThe resignation of Harry I. CaeSigned, CHARLES R. ENGLISH Fettl and John Kean ot Red Bank, cil." ter In the choir school of the Cathesar as a member of the police penR. V. R. H. STOTJT national representatives; Mrs. Maude dral of St. John the Divine and also sion committee was accepted. Mr. VanGolaon, Mrs. Cora Wagner, Louis obtained Jib master of arts degree at Caesar Btated In a communication A. Wagner, county deputies; Mrs. Teachers' college, Columbia univerthat he was moving to Long I s l a n d . ' _ . . _ . Lillian Irwln, ex-state councilor, and sity. "' On the recommendation of Council- l l n n f i K o c i n T I C JXa Mrs. Myra Fox, deputy of the Eat. In 1917 Dr. Saunders was pastor's man James P. Bruce three new lire U U U U *\CSigIlS r\» ontown lodge. assistant at the West Park Presbyhydrants will ba Installed. Two will Thoso celebrating birthdays were terian church In ,Ncw York, A year be located on Lenox avenue, one 500 Miss Allgor, Mrs. Mabel Hawkins, later he1 became assistant pastor of feet south of River road and the Mrs. Esther FUednor, Mrs. Emma tho Emanuol Baptist church In Part of Extensive other at the Intersection of Lakeside Brown and .Mrs. Martha Richards. Brooklyn, Beginning In. September, avenue. The third will be on Bucna Each received a gilt from tho lodge. 1918, he spent & year In graduate Program in County Mrs. Eleanor Wlnant has sold her eight rooms, tile bath and lavatory, Vista avenue, 600 feet north of RumA two-tier birthday cake with 47 work at Christ's college, Cambridge son! road. Before the council acted candleB, made by Miss Allgor, was farm In Atlantic township to G.Wil- and is equipped with & new heating on this mattere two letters requesting university, England, durlifg which Board Takes No From February '8-14 a centerpiece for the table. 'A cov- mer Slaight of Plalnncld. The Jos- system with oil-fired furnace. There the installation of the hydrants were tlmo he was resident at Westminster are a complete group of outbuild- read from William H. Hintelmann, ered dish supper was served. Table college. He received his college Action—Increased Extensive plans for tho celebration decorations were yellow roses in min- eph G. McCue agency of Rumson ings, including a largo barn, stable, who stated they were necessary to blazer as a member of the Christ's ,; implement barn, store house, num- give adequate protection to new college nnt tennis team, He .also of Boy Scout Week aro being made iature flowerpots. A bbx of groceries were the brokers. Budget Approved throughout Monmouth county from was given away by the lodge and was played center forward on the WestThe farm is situated about a-mile erous poultry houses and three-car houses in these areas. February 8 to H In commemoration garage. won by Brltton Dangler of Long minister college soccer team. He renorth of the Colt's Neck-Freehold Notification was received from the Edward J. Dodd, who.previous to turned to America In 1D20 to teach of the foundKg of tho Boy Scouts of Branch road in the country section beThe residence Is approached over county board of freeholders that the the Eatontown council's re-organl7,aEnglish and .Latin at tho Horace America February 8, 1910. Courts of Others attending were Mrs. Brlt- tween Holmdel and Colt's Neck. It a private lane, which leads In from borough's share of the dirt road Im- tlon meeting resigned as mayor ot Honor for awarding^ advancement Mann school in New York. ton Dangler,-Mr. and Mrs. Harvey comprises 115 acres of excellent tho public road. Located almost in Later he became assistant pastor will be held In the seven district cen- Gates, Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Sherman, farm land, including some woodland, the center of the farm, the build- provement fund in 1940 would be $3,- that borough because of ill health, 000. This money will be expended on tendered his resignation to tho Eatof the Marcy Avenue Baptlst^church, ters, store windows will be decorated, Mr. and MrB. Roy Jolinc, Mr. and meadows and several brooks. ings arc on an elevation affording ontown board of education Monday Brooklyn, remaining there two years parent-scout banquets will be held Mrs. Walter VanGelson, Mr. and Mrs. The old farm house, which was a commanding view of the surround- resurfacing roads In the borough. County Treasurer Van R. Halsey night at an adjourned meeting ot the nnd going from thare to /nahway, and In every church which conducts John Westcott, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew remodeled by Mrs. Wlnant contains ing countryside. advised the council that county taxes board. Now Jersoy, as pastor of fie First a troop a spdclal Scout Sunday ob- Boice, Mrs. Alice Hill, Mrs. Jean amounting to $20,354.19 were due FebThe borough council did not accept Baptist church. .Three of the four servance will be held. Boy Scout Smith, Mrs. Anna. Aumack, Mrs. Lucy •programs will be presented In the ruary 15 for the first quarter and Mr. Dodd's resignation but gave him years in Rahway ho was also chapMurphy, Mrs. Maude Adams, Mrs, May 15 for the second quarter. a leave of. absence until Marsh. 1. Mr. lain of the New Jersey State refor- school assemblies of many schools of Katharine Bennett, Mrs. Carrie matory. In 1927 he returned to tho the county. 'Councilman Robert G. Ilsley, chair- Dodd Is suffering a norvou»1*reakSchicK, Mrs. Barbara Hcyer, Mrs. Thomas h. Little was elected vie* C The^Courts of Honor will bo open Alice Zlngalc, Mvs. Edith Lewis, Mrs. Marcy Avenue Baptist church in man of the relief committee, read a down. No action was taken Monday president and Mr. Bookman WM Brooklyn, this time to become paBtor to tha'public, nnd tho program of Edith VanErunt, Mrs. Ruth Lewis, letter from Arthur Mudd, etato direc night by the board of education with named secretary and treasurer. (The ' euch will be of .special public Inter- Mrs. Dorothy Davis, Mrs. Esther for a period of six years. tor of the Financial Assistance com- regard to Mr. Dodd's resignation. election of officers took place, alter i, mission,-suggesting that the borough While In Brooklyn ho became gen- est. Tho Court of Honor schedule Emmons, Mrs.-Florence Knight, Mi's. Mf. Dodd has been a member ol Mr. Bcekman, who opened the meetSeason of Penance Fair Haven Couple ''' • " send its relief director to Rutgers eral secretary of this BYcoklyn Fed- f o l l o w s : • • • • '"~" the board of education since 1924, Ada Sprlngatcin, Mrs. Jessie Taylor, ing, had designated Mr, stout at ternBegins February 7 District 1—Februnry 8. Kirfielil school, Mrs. Mabel Craig, Mrs. Anna Smith, university for a special course of ten and for several years was chairman porary chairman. oration of Chfl'i'chea. In 1932 he wai Married 25 Years Mrnnch. lectures on relief administration. The of the finance committee of the' The new organization dtecuesed' called to Rochester, New York, to bo- Long Dht.lcl 2—February 14, Mechanic Mrs. Florence Ivlns, Mrs. Meta Reed, come exocutlvo secrotary of the Ro- utrtct tichool, Hell Br.nk. Lent will be ushered In Ash Mrs. Martha Richards, Mrs. Mae Authe 1940 budget, which is to have |tf << Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Robblns of course Is open to relief directors In | board. chester and Monroe County FederaDlitrlct 3—Februnry 12—Kcynort Mtrh mack, Mrs. Belle Sickles, Mrs. Ed- Wednesday, St. Fair Haven celebrated their silver tho state and the fee Is $10. If the] Mr. Dodd's letter to. the board fol- second and final reading, Monday.1} February 7, at y School, • tion of Churches, and tovscrve as at h ' with James' James church w t lows: na Brown, Mrs. Jennlo Heyer, Misses borough relief commission votes to with masses night, but deferred taking any 4?fff' 4—Pebnmry.tl, keonnrrlo cram. wedding with a party Saturday evenspecial lecturer in urban sociology at marDistrict January 27, 1940. school. Mary and Suslo Allgor, Miss Llda 7 and 8:15 o'clock and evening de ing at their home on Church street. send the relief director, Matthew tlon on the matter. A short meeting.' B o m tho Colgate-Rochestor divinity Dlritrlcl Ii—Fobrunry '1. KiiKllfihtown Emmons, Eatontown Board of Education. votion? of. Rotary', sermon and benOliver Fields, Preston at >vii!ch this matter Is to be disposed an, U>c fee will be taken from Dancing was .enjoyed during thei • chnol. school'. Eatontown, New Jersey. ediction at 7:45 o'clock. There will evening and refreshments were U16 contingent account. of, will be held Saturday night In nistrlct.B—Kolirunry 13. AHbury PRrk Jones and John Kolb. Attention,. Richard Roberts,' In February, 1035, Dr. Saunders htjrh school. be distribution of ashes after the served. The couple received many I Howard S. Borden, In a letter, re- District'Clerk, Mr. Beekman's office. d I District 7—Fobrunry 7, Mntinmiunn bilfh again entered tho Hold of education, masses and also after the evening gifts of silver and glassware. j quested a "go slow" or "dangerous Gentlemen: Mr. Bcekman read the text of a Bcliool, ' • 1 becoming headmaster of the Peddle services. Mrs. Robblns was formerly Miss Intersection' sign be installed at the I request herewith that vou accept petition, asking the council to reduce The executive board of tho MonBchool, where he Bucccodod the late The schedule of services for the Intersection , ^ Pjf , ^Firs^ . ..and-^^CJjur^h,. p thS-UMO-'•'Tiua-gr-fTcrtiB'IffSBrSviT," Nona Welsh, Sheja^the^dauglite^^. Dr. Roger W. Swetland. In June, mouth council, Boy Scouts of AmerJHAt£a««j.oU atreelfir^^rTr^e^entrance to his real adjourned meeting to be held Janu- cQples of which had been placed In «J8?SiSsl8ftt«.Uni.VJ!isJi}i»honGreia-him. ica, ..h»3 ,sflt.tha.4ata,toE«Kel!rjm£5t=24.. 'ary, sermon and benediction Wed- the late John Welsh of Vanderburg. estate development. The matter was ary 29. ton stores in the borough. However, for the annual meeting of the counfor his achievements In education nesday at 7:45 o'clock; Way of the The couple were married 25 years referred to the police committee. It is necesasrv that I take thl3 ac- this had been done at an Informal and religion by granting him tho cll^nnd the Scouters' annual banquet afterfor children Friday tion at once both for personal and f hild F i d ft Cross Councilman Francis Nary read a discussion before the organization ago at St. James church, Red Bank, honorary degree of Doctor of Divin- at^thc Bcrkclcy-Cnrtcret hotel. Invireasons. Campbell House Sold noons at 2:30; Way of the Cross report of the work of the garbage business tations aro being Issued to all scout-, ity. . It has been a pleasure to have meeting, and the association took no and benediction Friday evenings at by the late Consignor Dennis J. Dug- department during tho past six stand on the petitions. The text folers and their wives. gan, and have lived at Fair Haven worked with. Mr. Morris and the rest to James H. Grady Dr. Saundcr« la well known as a 7:45 and Rosary, sermon and benmonths. o£ the board members; even thoueh lows: public spealtor. He Is a member of ediction Sunday evenings at V.45 ever since. They have five children, we have not always seen eve to eve. A representative of the Franklin "We, the undersigned, taxpayers the home mission board of the The Ray VanHorn agency of River o'clock. The devotions In honor of John, William, Alfred, Mary and BeaPlease do not hesitate in accepting Survey Co. of Philadelphia exhibited > Northern Baptist convention of tho road, Fair Haven, reports the sale Our Lady of the Miraculous medal trice Robbins, who live at home. my resignation immediately aa I have and residents of the borough of Red The guests at the anniversary par- samples of tax maps made by his no other alternative at the present Bank, |n view of the unsettled con.social servlco commission •»:;_ tho of the Bruce Campbell, Jr., property will be held Sunday evenings. dition ot business and In order to Federal Council of Churches of at Shrewsbury to James H. Grady of Weekday masses will be at 7 and ty were Mr. and Mrs.aEugene Pat- concern, which Is- now engaged In time. make Red Bank .a more advanChrist In America, and the editorial terson, John O'Neil, Mr. and Mrs. making similar maps for the shoreVery truly yours, Little Silver. The property is located 8:15 o'clock. section 01 Monmouth county. He ' . 13. J. Dodd. tageous place In which to live, do board of R-cilglon in Life. William Story and Mr. and Mm. Carl just off Sycamore avenue and has a The Lonten course of sermons Mrs. Hymer recently attended the frontage of 120 feet on Shepherd Will be delivered by Father Celes- Amos, Red Bank; Mrs. Holly Welsh, gave a list of municipalities signed . The school budget for the new hereby petition the mayor and counup so far. The council decided to give Tonight the Last national convention of the Commityear was submitted and unanimously cil of the borough of Red Bank, to parkway. tine of the Franciscan Order. The Mr. and Mrs. James Butler, Miss tee for tho CausY and Cure of Wars Tho house Is of colon|al architec- topics aro February 14, "Psychology Marie Butler of Fair Haven; llr. and the assessor, Richard J. Rogers, Sr., approved by the board. The current reconsider the 1940 budget an,d to reat Washington. S^e represented the - Time to Register ture and contains on the first floor of Salvation;" February 21, "Life Is Mrs. John McMahon and Mr. an^ an.opportunity to study the prop- expenses for the'year will be $23,000 duce the same to the amount of the, national bo.dy of t \ i American Asand the repairs and replacements ure 1039 budget." a largo living room with a fleldstone Changed, Not Destroyed;" February Mrs. James Welsh, Highlands; Mr. osition before taking action. sociation of University Women: At Registration In the Red Bank fireplace, a dining room, kitchen, lav- 28, $200. The total amount to be raided Before the start of the organlra"Editing Our Own Lives;" and Mrs. John "Welsh of Long the convention she led the discussion Adult evening Bchool for the winter atory and largo screened porch. On March 8, "The Greatest Folly;" Branch, and Mia3 Powers ol New by taxation1 is ?23,200. This year'* tlon meeting, the group discussed on marathon conferences, ono of term closes tonight. .Registration the second floor are three bedrooms March 13, "Thine Own Soul a York. budget is an Increase of itmut steps that' had been taken t5 have which sho conducted last spring. Her is from 6:30 to 9:15 p. m. in tho and a modern bath, A two-car ga- Sword Shall Pierce;" March 20, ad compared with last year's budget. the school budget reduced. Members topic 1 will be "International Rela- principal's ofllec of tho senior high rage is also on the property. At one "Mystery of Suffering," and March The current expense appropriation stated that they had been successful tlons. school building on Harding road. Bide of the grounds are several large 22, Good Friday, "Thy Mercy is has been Increased $1,200 and tho In having tho board of education lop Partlcuiarly timely Is tho suUJcct charge is made for registra- pear trees and a hedge. The proper- Above All ThyWorks." items for repairs and replacements off $0,500 for salaries, and had exof tho first travelogue motion pic- tion, .tuition fees or school supplies. ty adjoins the grounds of the home has been cut $300, The Increase in acted a promise that tho daya off of Methodists to Hold tures to bo presented during tho Tho school offers these educational of Mrs. Bruce Campbell, Sr. the current expense was duo to in- teachers would bo reduced from 20 J. O.tto Johnson of Wavesink, son course, which will be shown this opportunities froc of charge. All crease in. tuition far those puplh now to 10 daya, with a resulting caving 40th Annual Event Mr. Grady, a New York commuter, of JoBcph Johnson, Mlddletown townSunday. The countries to • V,o cov- adults, 18 years of age or over are moved to this vicinity from Mapleattending Long Branch high 3:hool, In expenses for substitute teachers. ship treasurer, la a new probationer erod In the first pictures arc Finland, welcome to register and attend one wood about a. year and a half ago. for Members of the group denied tuThe Sea Bright Methodist church Tho boaii has been raising'ROII0 on the Mlddletown township police Norway and Russia, Tho narrator Is or more of tho courses that are nnd'has been occupying the Re.v. ... tuition but thjs year It wr*a ncccs- mors that they woro supporting any will hold its •iOth annual supper In force. Mr. Johnson has been a speEric Leavens, who a few years ago being given. Carroll Burck cottago on Sllverslde g candidates for the board of educachurch! «ary to Increase this appropriation cial police ofllccr in the township for the Lecture room of the d an extensive ti t th made Enrollment may be made in tho avenue, Uttlo Silver. tour off those tion at the school election February Affair Will Be Held Thursday, February 8, from 5 t o 81 $3,000, the past, ten years. Tho countries following subjects: art, public speak13. mt has board also resolved that it be has nrovenl Ho /was born at Naveslnk and at-} P m. The menu that Tea will be served front 4:11! until ing, French conversation, Italian at Old Orchard Club tended Middletown township schools,! so satisfactory to thec wide"ho" of authorized to rais. $2,500 to ['.'uvlde The now organization voted to af- ' 4:45 o'clock and tho classes be c6nvcrsatlon, business English, nli n t r m e r year. '"•' •»» anticipated deficit In tho u m - fllnte itself with the Now Jersey gin nt 0 o'clock. • The courses .ere be- gobrn, plain geometry, knitting and Plans aro under way for a danco graduating from the high school at friends o£ this church State" Taxpayers' association - after • ing offered under tho direction of J. crocheting, elementary grade subto bo given by the Rumson Young Leonardo. He Is a member of Nave- will be again featured. The food will rent expense account. Hugh Grayton, Itu field eearetary, William Helm and there is no jects, literacy and Americanization, Woman's club Saturday night, Feb- sink Hook and Ladder Flro company be prepared by experts and served had outlined the purpose of that or* Rabbi Arthur H. Hershon of tho by efficient workers. Tho same slocharge. , beginning Spanish, advanced Span- Congregation B'nal Israel, Red ruary 17, at tho Old Orchard coun- of Naveslnk. gnnlzution nnd had aided materially , There are three other members of gan as In former yenrs will bo adoptThe programs for the balance of ish, elementary bookkeeping, ad- Bank, will speak on Americaniza- try club. Miss Gladys Nlederer is In tho formation of the local group. ' vanced bookkeeping, Esperanto, tion tonight at 8:16 o'clock at achairman. Bill Goodo pnd his or- the township force, Earl Hoycr of ed again this year, namely, "All you tho sessions will bo as follows: Mr. Gray ton referred to the moveIntermediate typing and shorthand meeting of tho Mlddletown towp- chestra will furnish tho dance music. Belford is chief and the other mem- can cat," for the same low prlco of February 4—Dr. WIlbouPE." Snuiulerfl, ment on foot to force roductlon of' advanced typewriting and haadmtflitor of Pfltldlo School, "tirowth ot and Wednesday night, January 31, the bers are Wllllnm Fix of Riverside former years. school Parent-Teacher ship high governmental expenditures as a "revPersonality j" MM. Hownril Hymn, "In- shorthand. church la ondeavorlng to do association. A Founder's day pro- club's basketball team will hold Its Heights and Otto Krcugcr of East a This ternnllonnl Relational" trnvtloKun, "Finolution of taxpapora." He showed, great service for the community Victor Grosalnccr ot Tho school !« In^ta fifth year of gram will be presented by the high' first homo gnmo of tho season on Keansburg. Alfred Kottmiller to land, Norway anil Rumln," Eric Lenvoni, how a strong body of taxpayer* can operation, During that period of imrralor. / tho Rumson high school court when Mlddlotown Is chairman of the police of whloh It Is a part. Tho limitabring about roiluotion in tax ratei, tions of It's people aro such that Fabrunry il—Kev, John A. Huyei, iiati- tlmo 3,145 adults havo registered school cheer leaders. committee. • Speak to Gardeners It .will opposo tho Conways from The cbobr loaders will bo assisted not by coorclon of the mayor and' tor af Rail Hank FraabyUrlnn church, mako this supper a very necessary "noma Daia and IU Influence un Pomona) and tnlton courses In tho evening by Miss Mary Rouse, Miss Rcbojc.cn Long Branch. Also on tho program council, but by co-o|i«ratlon with ttrt ' financial effort and the success of will bo tho Rumson Men's chibquinGrowth!" Mlia Mary Wnlkor, >u|iorvllfo, Vlrslhla Robinson, (Ins The fourth In a series of better en- thn Neighborhood Gnrdon club, tho Commoroo. ofterod tho oo-Op«r»tlfl Roy Is a grcduntp ot Rumson high loft my bed andTjOard. I will no/ 'be to ft new low price. New 1040 com- ice and motor repair business at 1) rented, low as J2.00 per month. Bnrresponsible for nay debts she "I any plete Royal nortnblo now S2D.no. West stroot. Mr. Stout carried an galna In now nnd rebuilt machines. school and hns bean tt member ( f tertainment for children programs numson Garden club, tho ffilboron ot that body to thn now orjl Guaranteed. Tertn» $1.00 per week. advertisement In tho clnsslflcd de- 1040 models Jn stock; terms 10c n day. tho glee club tho pant two yenm. will be presented at tho Mechanic Horticultural soeloty and tho Mon make, : • \ ' P Ho said that Hie Chombor Export repnlrlng. Totloy's, Inc., 17 partment of Tho ReglBtor, which Have your old mnchlno denned, oiled / Leo Roblnt/a; Ho Is Dno of tho soloists, Uoy is a street school Wednesday uftcrnoon, mouth Comity Florists' association ]>1OMIOI1 to huve Ita loglnU adjusted for $3.60 with new roll- mombor v 2DS Shrewsbury Avo., Red JJink. Brond street.—Advertisement. la Monmouth county's market place. and of the Sigma Chi social February 7. The program will fea- havo boon Invited to exhibit floral tax commutes work In «lo«» cfl er and ribbon. Work guaranteed. —Advertisement. T ture tho Marlon Blahop marionettes. arrangements lo bo Judged by Mr, atlon with the. taxpaywa1 l o t r Ho, llko hundreds of others, known Superior, 107 Monmouth street, Red fratorntty. . . School Trachnr*' Inoomn Tax Tlio mnrloncltcB are three feet high Kottmillor. Procodlng the speaker a ao proitnt wa« Jam»«, , Dlyd returns pryparod by R, E, Poarec, by personal .experience that adver- Bank.—Advertisement. Fuel* Oil nnd nro shown on a rovolvlni? itngo, ahort business mooting will bo con- has boat) conducting on IB« Room S, Eisner building, Tuesday tising in Tho Red Bank Register For Sale. to suit your.burnclr: best srai , play to bo given U "Puss Inductod by Wallor Rico, president, nd Thursday toy appointment. Pay«, Salo at tlifl Lowln Shop ,. nmrnbariihlp and iMit.-Jmi'" Residential property on Maple Tho |>rlco». Unexcelled; service, Bred D. Phono Rod Bank 488.—AdvertiseThe Roglator's quality and quanti- Is now going on. Twenty per cent off avonue. 150 foot frontage; beautiful Boots," taken from tho story 'of the for lht> Chamber1, Mr, if""" Wlkofr Co... Rod Bank, phbn/t< 652,- mint. same name. u Ton rooms and two ty pnld-Ior circulation, which makes on all purchases of underwear, hos- shrubbery. brltfly, tilling of the Advnrtlaelnont. 1 '' Holland Window Shade* iery, gloves, bags, sweaters; washbaths; hot water heat, with oil burnit the homo newspaper of all this able dresses, robes, corsoU, fouriduOvor B.00O window shades In stock b« darlvtd from a tar Malm an Afglian. Invisible re-wcavlng of,burns, holes er, Good condition. 7Priced $14,000. , Oamo l'arde* livery 8>l section, gives . the advertiser the at nil tlmr* to ww-vo you. Bring In Itatlon «ml It* «fflll< 1 0 0 f t virgin, v i r g i n , wool, w l , 2 ot.alicln 20c, 2 ot. tenrs. Minors Minor's Textile Ro-Wea.vtlonn nntl brnsatcrcs. Also extra sizes. Tormson Torms on application. application. Addresss Ma Miv- and tears. Ro-Wen.v your rolltm, ; Bilrl p. m,; Llncrofi aro njuoaj 2B U i v o l y coltii'4.. National 5fc10. most thorough coverage In Red Lewis 'Specialty Simp, 01 Broad plo aveinue properly, box 011, o l N Nt a tll u nl n l 0 0 & & 10 > ng, 8Mr Monmouth n ling, street, phono 2017 Fjt»wn's.---AUvertl«enie» 1, Red lin '* guinea, ss oenti.-AdvertfMf Prown'i,—Advortliement, Bank'* commercial district. street, Red'Bank Advirtlsement —Advertisement. B kAdetiment \ Advertisement Bank.—Advertisement, \, —

Courts, Of Honor In Observance Of Boy Scout Week

Plainfield Man Buys Farm at Colt's Neck

Lenten Services At St. James

School Trustee At Eatontown

Celebrate Their Silver Wedding •

Buys Residence ^t--Shrewsbury—

Registration For Evening School

Probationer Named For Middletown

Church Supper At Sea Bright

Rumson Club Plans Dance

Rabbi to Address Parent-Teachers

b i l l ; 11U fi

\J L

L l l 113

*_»* %»»*-••



J **•."»



Florist To Give Demonstration

Philip Roy Member Bucknell Glee Club

Children to See Marionette Show





tier ColdKeepe ly From Taking In Carnival

Tetley,. Trubln's Stationery Store, National 5o to II Store, Clayton * Magee, Joe Bennett's Sporting Goods and Schnelder'j Market. Numerous requests have been received ',to repeat the event, but to date the committee' has made no plani. .

Power Co. Fifty Years of Wedded Bliss Orders To Remove Lines

Auxiliary To Give Eatontown Lodge . Installed Party For Hospital Officer! Qeorge S< Grennell lodge, 8h«p>

hordi of Bethlehem, Eatontown, held Installation of gftloera Friday .night Many Entertain at Creaoont hall,' The exeroliu wore conducted by John Roop, mister of Dinner Before Fe« otremonlea; Mrs. Begale Reed, mar! Saturday Night's Event Frederick B, Johnson, aoilstant In a decision announced at Tren- - Flna,! pinna,- wore mado for th [shal; A large aupper dance waa and Mr*. Bertha McCrqckHeld Under Poor Conton thli week the New Jersey court bridge tea and fashion show to b 'marshal, en, Mrs, Lulu Laurence, Mrs. Mary Saturday night at the Iiumson or errors and appeals affirmed a vor- given |by Shrewsbury auxiliary o Mnlchow. try club by club members. NL.. Mrs, Elleohoth Warren, ditions—May Repeat It dlct of th« Monmouth county circuit Monmouth Memorial hospital Tucs' Mrs. W. B. Stein, Mrs, Alice Roop G, Rutgers, Jr., was'chairman of court ordering the Jersey Central day attcinoon, February 0, at thi and Edgar Walling, county deputlos. event. Preceding the dance many £•!' Mrs. J. C. Vincent to Power A Light Co. to remove Us Molly Pitcher hotel at & meeting o Ues. , -,-....• olub members and Runuon residents The Chamber of Commerce -lei high-powered transmission ljncs tho group Monday, afternoon at tut entertained, at dinnqr parties. ' Explain Girls' Program rnlval held Saturday night wa from proporty In Mlddlotown town- homo of Mrs. Ljiwi-enco Ylvlsakor on The new otltcera are Mra, Virginia Mr. anil Mra, Hdwln Bransome well attended in apito of th Dlnirman commander! Mlsi Qretoh- Rave ship, owned by Mr, and Mrs. Charles Sycamore avonuo, Shrowsoury. a dinner before tho danco for r cold and tho fact that th on Cramer, vice commander; Miss Mrs. Jannette C. Vincent Df HighSelllck of Leonardo. In its, decision Mrs. Anthony T. Woolloy nnd Mrs, Dr. and Mrs. Constantlne MacQulre, ont had been postponed twice pin land Park, an authority on National the court upheld a verdict rendered John L. Duly arts co-chairmen of the Lydla Hathaway, marshal; Mrs. Jr., of Now Yorlt, who were house "Wously bocause of thn ueather an Youth Administration affairs , for by Judge William A. Smith In fa- event and they announced that inuny Mary Nllcs, oltaplaln; Mrs, Marjorle guests of the Bransbmei. Mr.' and b conditions nf the Ice. More thai girls and younjj women, will speak Cramer, master of ceremonies; Miss Mrs. Peter dimming entertained for vor of Mr, and Mrs. Selllck. tickets have been aold. , residents of this nrea lined tin at a meeting of the American home The controversy between Mi', and Mrs. Louis Hayward presided a Henrietta Dnnglor, scribo; Bad Hath- Mr. and Mrs. John Ballnntlno, Dr. arflnalk of tho William H. R department of the Red Bank Womaway, accountant; William Dlngman, anil Mri. John RUtor, Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Selllck and tho lighting com- the business meeting. A tentativ Memoilai PaiH, while equall; an's club tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 pany Involved property which was program of social affairs \yas dis-'.ronsuror; Mrs, Katharine Hathaway, William Gamwell, Mr. arid Mrs, MarBs many witnessed the event from o'clock. The program has been arformerly a part of the right of way cussed. Tho next moating will bo Inside j;uard; Miss Gretchen Cramer, shall Blankarn, Mr, and Mrs. Maritbelr automobi'cs imikcd at Ihr rivei ranged by tho department chalrma'h, ot the old Jersey Central Traction Monday, February 20, at tho home of good and welfare chairman; Karl shall Dodge, Mr. and Mrs, Eliot Colefront. Mrs. A. L. Pepin. Co.. which operated between Key- Mrs. Loomis L. White in Shrewsbury. Hathaway, delinquent chairman, and man, Clay Crawford'and Bayard D. \ Tho commitlce in chaige of (hi Stout, Mrs. Vincent is a graduate of Coport and Highlands. At this meeting each member will Miss Alice Mazza, acting planlit. 'preigram wero President T. D. Moore, lumbia university, where she maIn going Howland B, Jones entertained Mr. Leonardo this j bring' an "aiilcio" auTtablo" for sale at Vice Piesldent Thomas Irving Brown jored In nutrition and domestic arts right of way was laid over private and Mra. J. Hartley Molllck, Jr., and largo aoclnl affair the group will >, Attending were horbrother, George Haven Devils." Sunday in honor o( Mr. and- Mrsf of her marriage. In 1923 Mrs. Frost conveyed th sny of Red Bank', her son and Valentine Pflster of Corlles avenue, The couple have ten grandchildren, property to Mr> and Mrs. Charle: East Keansburg Man Judges for the events were James Firemen'*' Auxiliary wn !nughter-ln-law, Mr. and Mrs. Charles their golden wedding, Mrs. Gladys Taylor, Mrs. Helen Karr"'A. Blyth, Sidney J. Wain and Mr. Mra. Belle Gold Cross of Leonardo! T °h celebrated e le Selllck. Shortly after this time th. Immons of Loch Arbour, nntl her Georgo Ruppell, vice president of as elected president of th Ladles' | «°"P . enjoying good health Walder. Mr. Waldei- also announced e berg, William Pfteter, Jr., Harry B. and active, have been residents of Southall,'Jr., Alfred Rhodes, Jr., Wal-trolley company abandoned all trol- the Middietown board of education, l-nnddaughtors, Miss Lid a Emmcr( the program over the public address .uxillary of Brevent Park and Leon-] lon of Leonardo and Mrs, Brncsto ley service in Middietown townshli had a birthday party given by tho Eatontown many years and are well ter Rhodes. LJlllan Rhodes, Alvera , eystem, which was supplied' by-Brad- irdo fire company Friday afternoon kn This was done in aplte of the oppo- East Keanabui'g Men and Women's SrSanter of Now York. o succeed Mrs. Percy J. Hausef.l °wn by old folks as well as young Rhodes, Joy'a Radio Service. Kenneth Rhodes and Elsie this section. Mr. Pflster Geiger, and two great-grandchildren, sition, of township officials, and nf- Republican club of the seventh dis- Nieces and nephewB and grnndnlcccs Tho winners of the professional Hher neV officers are Mra. Peter, lthroughout s 9 y e a r a M a n d M r 3 p f l s t e r 75 ter service was abandoned the traslt trict Satui-dny night at tho clubJr p ' . • figure skating event were Bruce reen, vice president; Mrs. George M Karrberg and Eileen Taylor. were torn up and tho rails and other rooniR. A pig roast dinner waa present were Mrs. Harry Asay, Mra, ' «ster was born in Bavaria, Sandra John Tuzencu, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mapes, 14 years old, of Fair Haven, :ovclesky, secretary, and Mrs. Fred I Nieces and nephews of the aged parts of the line were sold. ' ' 'Germany, in 1861. and when of age served. Mr. Ruppell Is president of W. Worden and William Crawford of and his younger brother, Jerry, aged couple Include Mr. and Mrs. Eugene At the trial it was contended thai tho club. •• • Meyers, treasurer. Bed Bank; Mr. and Mrs. Edward 'sl3, The brothers are ions of Mr. The resignation of Mrs. Peter served three years In the German A. Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Harry soon after the line iyas dismantled George Gillam was tonstmnstor. A Reynolds of Spring Luke and Mr. and and Mrs. Bruce Mapes, .Mrs. Mapes Ihristensen, cavalry -where he learned his horse- Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. George Pat- the Jersey Central Power & Llgh' because of ill health, was largo birthday cako was presented by Mrs. Theodore Matthewa and Mi. being Evelyn .Chandler of Ice skat- ccepted with regrets. Hostesses Ht ffor shoeing trade. He came to America terson, Mrs. Edith Newman, Albert Co., without the permission of the Mrs, Gillam. Music was furnished by and' ing fame, Mrs. Arthur Matthews of LakeTuesday & Thursday Newman, Edward Piccolie, Eugene Selllcka, erected a new high-powered Robert Xioiger nnd C. Balrd. Friends card parties in February! when he woe 25 years old. Miss Betty Hancock, daughter of tonday Pat.terson, Jr., Paul Patterson and transmission line over tho property. extended their conKrntula\lons to Mr. wood. Other Bucsts wero Mrs, Edna Mr. and Mrs. William Hancock of ill be Mrs. James K. Alverson, Mrs JolinMra. Pflster, the former Miss Car- A. Shun' and Jpseph Shurr of Loch ArB. Patterson, all of Red When the power company refused to Ruppell nnd expressed the hopo that WBRB - 6:30 P. IVL Newman Springs road, was the win-Leon Boeckel,«rMrs"'Trlna"cnrTsty: e Nelmann, w a s b o m j n H a m . Eugene hour and Danlol W. Butkin of MitBank, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jelm, its line or to make compen- he enjoy many more happy blrthdaya. chell Field, Long Island, ner of the first prize for the ama-and Mrs Cross Dial 1310 Ke. * I b u r g l n * 86S n n l i c a m e io t h i s c o u n " Mr. and~Mrs. Anthony BlschofT, Mld- remove | -tour figure skating event. The eight- Committee chairman appointed by'O- with six ot her brothers and sis-dletowh; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pic- sation for the use of the property ^-ames and dancing wero enjoyed. Mr. Selllck brought suit in the Free- Those present were Mr. and Mis. A Friendly Visitor. Bringing Qood year-old contestant competed against Mrs. Crossi include ters whe ways entertainment! and means, Icouple were » ">><= married was 12in years 1890old. &t Port Thecolie and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Luce, hold courts to compel It to do ao. U-year-old Joan O'Kane of Broad Mrs. John•s Keenan; Joseph Spcrbcr of West Orange, Mr. every week for 60 years to all and flower Mrs Olaf Christy; pub- Monmouth by Rev. J. A. Wilson; then Brooklyn, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank The caie was tried during the past and Mrs. William Pierce of Newark, News street, Red Bank. family In the homes of Red Bank licltv Mrs Cross; membership, Mrs.Pa»tor of the Baptist church. McLaughlin, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest summer. A number of residents of Mrs. F. Mocklcr of Camden, Miss A. tho The free-for-all race was won byHarry Letts- house, Mrs. Anna Mey- Mr. Pflster, having a thorough BlschofT, and vicinity—About local events and Mr. and Mrs. Edward BIB- Middietown township appeared as Smith of East Orange, Mr. and Mra.local DCODIC.—Advor^lsement, Oain Egeland of Fair Haven, second ers- by-laws Mra. Grace Haulbosky,' knowledge of the blacksmith trade, place going to Paul Patterson of RedMrs Christy and Mrs. *Koveleskyi opened a business at Belford and choff, Mr, and Mrs. Louis Ochsenrel- witnesses for Mr. SeUlck, Including- C. Baird of Union Beach, Mr. and bank. The winning pair In the ta'n-and'auditing, Mrs. Green, Mrs. Vin-j'ater gave up his shop there to be- tber and Fred Bls«hoff, all of Long Howard W. Roberts, township clerk,, Mrs. Frank Wadsworth nnd daughIsland. dtm race was Bud Johnson and Ted come affiliated with the well-known The honored guests spent most of who had been instrumental In ob- er Ida May of Leonardo, Mr.'and 'cent,O'Sage and Mrs.Cheater Gut- Allgor taining some of the original deeds Mrs, Tailor of Freehold, Mr. and Lake. Blacksmith shop on Broad Sunday afternoon opening many gifts !f0r the trolley company's riyht of Mrs. Walter Meislom of Keansburg, Prizes for the .'carnival were sup- tormsenT Tnext meeting will be held at!»treet, Eatontown, hcr he was emw c received from relatives and friends. I T . a y plied by J. B. Allen Shoe Co., A. S. The Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wackar nnd Mr. Miller Shoe Co., M. Krldei, Tctley's the fl re house Friday afternoon, Fob-' Ployed for 23 years. The Allgor shop The house waa attractively decorated \ ' The decision of the court had betn ,nd Mrs. Geiger of Port Monmouth, was a prosperous business establish- in gold and white. Besides being re-! a w a |ted with interest by residents of Sporting Goods Shop, The House of ruary 23, at 2 o'clock. ment in the racing days at Elkwood ciplents of many gifts, the couple al- Middietown township sinca it was Mr. and Mrs. George Giilam of BelOn all park. Mr. Pflster made many friends o received several baskets of- flow-'the first one to pass directly upon prd, Dr. Michael J. Lorenzo of Red Bank, Gilbert Manson of Llncroft, 'while employed at the Allgor shop the right of the lighting etfmpany to $5.00 & up ', where many :of the-thoroughbreds 6f A three-tier anniversary cake, Iced continue to occupy property wh.cli Mrs. George Molt of Middietown, Rothat time were shod. Mr. Pflster Is in white and decorated in gold with had originally been granted as a part iqrdcr and Mrs. Charles Rupp, Mrs. Permanents. 3eorgo Ruppell, Misses Elizabeth and stil! active jn horseshoMng and con-a gold bell at the top on which was of the original right of way of the ducts hto business in a shop in the inscribed 50 years, was a centerpiece trolley company. Under the decision Virginia Ruppell, Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred y Mr. and Mra. Haloid Youngs, rear of his home. 'or the table of the court the titles of the original Frank, the table. On Scalp and Mrs. William Goodman, Mr. Mr. and Mrs. pflster have seven Others attending the celebration to the-right of wny Is con- Mr. mil Mrs. P. Birth, Mr. Redlngtpn, children. They arc Mrs. Helen besldts those already mentioned w e r e j n t m e d those who bought property Treatments' & Facials Southall of Red Bank, William, Mrs. J. A. Daly, Howard Goff and ,,, o mt h o original owners likewise are Kcv. Anna Stownrd, Mr. and Mrs. TURKISH Voffel, Mr. and Mrs. T. Wngnor, George, Edgar and Miss Lillian Harry B. Southall,, Red Bank; Mr.! g i v#n similar.rights by the decision, C. Noble, Mra. F. Stolz, Mrs.jM. DoPflster of Eatontown, and Mrs. Car-and Mrs. Alfred Robblns, Alfred! j j r a n a Mrs. Selllck were rcprerie Rhodes and Mrs. Nellie Geiger of Rhodes and •William Geiger, Fair Ha- sented by Theodore J. Labrecque of jcle, MfR Prutly Lovejoy, Mra. Agnes Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Special "Iffson, Mrs. NglUn Jones and Alfred Fair Haven. Mr. Pflster is the last ven; Mrs. William Pflster. Mrs. Wil-Parsons, Labrecque & Borden, while surviving member of his family. Mrs. liam Tllton, Paul Mathlas and Louis the lighting company WBB represent- Aloxson all of East Keansburg. All 50c Items - 3 for $ | .00 Pflstpr has two sisters and one broth- Magee, Eatontown; Mr. and Mrs. ea t ed OJ byJJoseph F. Autcnrleth of JerOPENS NEW OFFICE. er surviving. They are Mrs. Lena Francis Bennett, William Karrberg, I s e y city, JOIN OUR PERMANENT WAVE CLUB. Piccolie, Mrs. Gusaie Dougherty and John Taylor, Benjamin Smith and I & i t J J J J &fe£J2«nXJKlj T h J i r open an oillcn Fohrunry 1 at M Moulate Mrs. Emelia Patterson of Red Frank Patterson, West Long Branch.! ••"TTraow mouth street. The company handles i-ooHng, siding nnd home modci-nizuFamnus Brand Towels. Pop,2810 lon work; Wlllinm E. Tuck pf River Receive $1,800 For coad, president of the company, hus ular guest size. Heavy white CD MONMOBTH ST. (Open Friday Until 0 T, M.) ItED BANK beer/ In the building, business nbout Injuries in Fall i sround with colored borders. Harrison Bance Heads 20 years. After a trial which lasted all day Monday the case of Mr. and Mrs. Episcopal Group Charles W, Kisaelman erf Belmar against Minnie M. Swartz and Eman- Officers were elected at a meeting iiel Swartz of Headdon's Corner was o( the Trinity Fellowship club of Mrs. Arthur Vogel I« 3 YEAR settled In common pleas court Tues- Trinity church Friday night at the uel . .Swartz of Hcaddcn'a Corner was —, parish house. The officers are HarrlJe Cy Judge—New Scientific to_have Young Hen S * { \ c I *""*I " ani1 1 A t " €% ft A Laundry Proof been resumed. I son Bance president, Alfred MathiaMr. and" Mrs. Kisselman sued for ! sen vice president, Richard Martin Scoring Explained personal injuries sustained by Mr*, secretary and Donald Brower treasGuaranteed ISO Washings Kisselman while ahe was shopping at urer. Following the election a risSIM 54x90 54c Members''ibf I he Jcrsfy Shore Ken- rilf»nUrnliture %l?'e J °P era t cd by the I ing vote of thanks was given the,rc63x99—64c nel club held their first match fihow defendants at Headden'a Corner De- tiring president, George Gray, 81x99—84c 72x99—74c b for tho year 1940 at the Red Bonk cember 12, 1938. It was claimed that I Dr. Lyman C. Crossman spolco to NO FAT - NO STRINGS PRIME QUALITY Elks club Saturday night. Mrs. Ar- an open . — stairway ••-., leading jLuutuK to LV the me eeli:ei-\ the members-on the art of public thur Vogel of Lous Branch and New l»i w u left unguarded and unlighl- speaking, Dr. CrosamaiLhafl studied SOLID COLOR Perfect Fitting York was the judge and Mrs. J. Har- m ed. with tbe result that Mrs. Kissel- public speaking with Dale Carnegie a old Bostock of Holmdel H l d l was chairhi n fell down the salrway, suffering and called upon each member to givn 6 16c tb. man of the bench committee. COVERS Puritan Hams 23c Yb. Loin Pork - "i"'" "* a fracture of the shoulder and Inter- a one-minute talk, thus illustrating injui various points brought out ln his lecMrs. Vogel judged a black mini nal injuries. Removable A Jones' Hickory Hams 27c tb. Fowler's Sausage 18c"1h ature1 poudle "Billet Deux. of Misty Whilo the amount of the Upholstery COVPT.^ e settleettle ture. Refreshments were served unCala Hams, Smoked 16c tb. der the direction of Charles R-sevcs. iBles, ' owned by Mrs. Milton Brland public b It was rement was not made X^toUn like a Loin Chops ;..21c t b The next meeting will, be ger of Elberon as best in show. The ported to have been jl,800. be Thursday, New Chair. COOKF.D - Bendy to Knt dog judged best In the nportlng Mr. and Mrs. Kisselman were ro;>- February 29, I 14c *> group was a 5-months-okl cockev rosented by Theodore D. Pardons of Smoked Hams - '"'».*yoio 29c tfe. Fresh Cala Hams Large. Bath Sizes in Davenport $3.98 spaniel "Nobby" owned and 'shown Parsons, Labrecque A Borden, while Green, Yellow, by A. J. "Schiller of Sllveisldo ken- William J. O'Hagan of Asbury Park Prize Steer Brings and (O-IB.avor.) lb 3-Piccc Set, complete Orchid. nels, Oakhurst. The best working represented the Insurance company, $7.47 dog was a collie, "Bellhaven Black which defended Mr. and Mrs. Swartx. $192 at Farm Show Freezing Temperatures Brilliancy," owned by Mrs, Florence FRESH SEA FOOD ! . Aiher Schanck of Scoboyville, who Ilch of Bellhayen kennels and shown Fillet of Sole 32c "I throughout the South have ruined Plans to Be Made exhibited the only baby beef steer Reg. $1.24 Heavy Reg, $1.24 Reversible by Michael Kennedy. "Charm," from Monmouth county at the rebeagle hound, waa judged the beat Fresh Vegetable crops. There will Halibut 29cth cent Agricultural Week show, New COMFORTER COVERS MATTRESS COVERS hound dog in tho. show and is owned ForiBenefit Party Th be no rise in price" of our Brunswick, received a third place Bluefish '. 25c by Edward Duncan of Carteret. Mrs. Edwin Conover la general award In tho heavyweight class. The FRESH FROSTED FOODS of » Valentine card party j , . , , „, Hohockson Tony, was fed Following tho judging, Seth Malby chairman t M r i Lake Shore R O H B u t t e r Spinach - w«.I,.,u-«ervm4 ^..pbg. 1 9 ( . of Tennfly demonstrated his method Moiw pfl h hT iW , 0 " P U I a t t h ° n n d managed by Asher during the Ib of scientific scoring. By Mr. Malby's Molly Pitcher hotel Wednesday after-' p a s t year, receiving entirely horiieGreen Beans - cutorF«noh«ii —VkK. \-jc nielhod*of judging, body and coot noon February H The party. 1H he- £ r o w n y . ; , „ , a m i roughage, at a SNIDER'S Baby Lima, Beans - atf™ —_...pkK. 25 C lain highest, Ihen purs, legs, feet, ing given by the Red Bank auxiliary |C08t of »78 from February 1, 193B, size and general appearance. Hated of the group and final plans for the|t 0 January 25 1940. Succotash - extra good -.m....vUg, 26c LIMA BEANS • Small, Green . meetin off i W ih Weighing 400 pounds at the banext are the skull, muzzle, eyes, neck, event will be made at a meeting steer chest, following with tall, and'color the group tomorrow afternoon aj the ginning of the project, the 3 cans 45c — 6 cans 89c FRESH VEGETABLES gained over 500 pounds ln a1 year to rating last. Mr. Malby has gained Molly Pitcher hotel. Odd Selection of Colors and Stylet to Make Room Ijirgn Hcndi Rosebud Beets, Tiny :3 calls 39c \Vlde recognition in sporting circles Assisting the chairman ara Mrs. reach 915 pounds at the time of Calif. Carrots For New 1940 Styles through exactness and fairness of Clifford A. Spoerl, Mrs. Charles G.|th« show. At an auction Bale, which llh 91h teeberg 2 < o r 15c 2 Urge bun. Spry Shortening 18c "v49c his judging system. ' Norris, Mrs. Jameu S. Parkes,, Mrs.'followed the show, the steer woo rs. Moss, Mrs. " - Kenneth " ' •Mc-- '' sold for 21 cents a pounti, $192.10. Super Suds - Red Pkg. 2 pkgs. 29c Florida He told l£e audience that this sys- Theodore Queen and |hc More Important than tho third auxiliary president, tem "would force breeders to stick Mrs. William A. Miller, New Potatoes Burnett's Vanilla J oz- 25c - •"«• 47c {award received by the h steer, was a Mill Chain closer lo a hotter Rtandai'ds of breed- A number of ipeclal prizes will be trophy won by Asher for being tho 4 ">»• 23c Kemp's Peanut Brittle 1 lb. box 25c y ing." In explaining hlx system, Mr. S L I P COVERS " ' • -• and their will b ee awards at outstanding showman In the con1 Malhy used Scotch Terriers for dem- awarded each table. test. Asher la the pioneer beef club onstration purposes iinfl ntated that — FLORIDA FRUIT — COMPLETE member In Monmouth county. Pendthe n m t rules set Up for judging DAVENPORTS GRAPEFRUIT JUICE ORANGES SETS this breed could apply to nil breeds Obtains F. H. A. Loan ing an analysis of tho results of the show and sale of New Jersey nnd thai live stock ]s Judged alpng SoedlCM 4 for £7c — r l n I t -M"" 2 doz. 45c — basket 99c COMPAREFor Small Bungalow baby baef during Agricultural the .name lines. which should «hcd light on' BPKCIAI.S ENDING 8ATDBDAY, FEB. ad The Joseph P. Schwartz agency hn8 Week, practlMUty of such a program, hnnounced that It haj been success- tho the Monmouth County Board of ful In obtaining ope of tho first FHA . Too Sinujl n Cork, and Extension service titl I, I class cl 33 l p I th RrstBFHA Agrlculturo title cork that Is too smul| for the vicinity. " oans In the Red Bank will decide the place of this type t lo Is no butter than nu cork dt of program In thn county. all. Prlntlns ntlns should correspond with This loan was grantod by the! FHA. ONLY STORE INT RED BANK i Ita owner owner, If It misrepresents dim II to Anton Fred Hnlmbcrg, who is conSupported by Merchant*. bcltn.r i!o lnio"tnc'-"dT8ca"rd"1tiiiin I »'ruc:tlii|{ a four-room bungalow with The Red Bank Register Is supBETTER FOOD FOR THE TABLE C': "" Into publlo D|ace» The Roidntor'* loblnt'iohed garajro onlFino pilace,-Mld- ported by local as well as out-ofBROAD ST., REP BANK Drlntlnen is rof n nctjtuct nt for the bust-1 dlctown. Th« hou»o is being built on town business men, Advertisements o »«h!L!\ » " A "l»nal .flrvlca Ifi In- a plot '60x180 feet, with a full cellar, appearing regularly tall the story.— Advertisement tended for.-Advortl.em.6nt.. .+ I .team heat, and modern In detail.

Jersey Central Loses Appeal to High Court

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Red Bank — .7 Broad Street —- PhoiUS

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''.'. '


KED BANK REGISTER, FEBRUARY 1, 1940. like boardwalks, sink"! bright lights and concessions, we'll Of course',' all that water, water take you to Asbury Park, eleven SECOND SEMESTER everywhere means a . fisherman's miles away: if you -wont-to shop paradise. Believe It or rot, thereror visit night "clubs, there's always aro 75 varieties of shell .ash alone New York, just an hour by train, living In Jersey waters. Thus, with 45 .miles by^-car. Now don't you it's ocean-breeze-coolness in Summer think it would be pretty nice to and its crisp Winters, Monmouth come to Red Bank? Red[ Bank Writer Gets County IR both a Summer and a In tho Sunday edition of January and Uk« advanUfft of ifaf vaat opportunity In Winter playground. 14, there was a picture of Mrs. r Dictz and her mother on thefirst; Much Space in Have Some! History .-• • BEAUTY CULTURE ~ page of the Sunday Women'a Journ- i A3 you can poeslbly.guess from, a i p a f c a i u r e H e c t | O n or the Sunday ! A profusion that will >eciire a spleiidid future »nd excellent Income Kansas City Journal my „ N . V . J . 1 -xperience, the East j edition of the" Kansas City Journal. I Specialize—Then E a r n Paymnnt* Arranted Is 100per centt history y conscious. j j r s Dictz In a letter to The i FREE INSTRUMENTS POSITIONS A S S U R E D •4~ Kenneth F. Diets of West j r r t w o y e a r s o f Register, in which she forwarded I Dietz and BO- far—after—two—years—of Mrs, is visiting there,. am I I. I If I forgot . _ herlllving .l l i _ th - t my the clipptng from which the above ( opening < such avenues the special question of compulsory Front treet,. who BEAUTY CULTURE d Mrs. Amos A E d own name I I wouldn't l d ' forget tthat h t was reprinted, states that her mother, Many Senators Oppose against parents. Dr. and' Erdthrough the Wagner bill. health insurance." . , 1 ACADEMY / I n replying to the Monitor's query, Hero Is a good New Dealer who man of Kansas City, Missouri, Is |tho first time the soil of'Monmouth and dad certainly enjoy tnc* visit oa';h ' It As Contrary to Our numerous Senators did not content nevertheless isn't ready to bind him- getting some valuable publicity for,County was walked on by white week of the Register and. of, course. •warn', KLEANOR J. BOWERS Red Bank ln a Kansas City newsmen was September 5, 1609, when she Is enjgying her ravoritc paper,' themselves with a simple "No," orself: "A busy Senator cannot cover Formerly Hrad Teacher and Instructor .of The W i l f r e d Academy "I don't know," but expressed "in all the matters that Impend. I rely paper. Mrs. Dietz, who has prepar- |a boat's crew belonging to Captain Thc Red Bank Register, while at the j American Ideals of Hobart Bldg. Hobart St. . | PERTH AMBOY clear language their attitude. While on the'committees In charge. I have- ed many Interesting. articles for j Henry Hudson's ship, thc "Hnlf home of her narcnts. this newspaper Is pledged not to re- n't sullicicnt information to saj that local newspapers, Is not wasting .any | Moon," landed on ' t h e southern TEL. P. A. 4-J220 Individual Liberty veal names of Individual Senators; I favor compulsory insurance. I of her vacation time, as evidenced shore of Sandy. Hook bay. The by the amount of space which was. very llr one breathes see'ms satur* the following clear-cut views were ex- may." given one of her articles In , the atcd with history, and after thc pressed In their letters: One forthright Senator said: "I gn strangeness wears off, there Is a Said one very prominent Senator: think I have voted against-almost all Kansas City Journal Sunday. charm about it llko nothing else "The American Ideal of Individual of Senator Wagner's bills on social In the world. liberty will soon completely disap- legislation and I presume that I shall Ken's and my house, besides brpear* If we add many more 'eompul- do the same on tho bill now before ing a home, glvoa us a box. seat >ory' requirements to the American the Congress. I do not like the Idea at the great show in Red Bank— way of life. I believe In 'group' med- of^eglmontlng the medical profesthe water sports; for our living fclno oh a vojuntary basis. But that sion." "1 .: 3 0 B l< G A D S T R E E T R E D , B A N K j room windows look out on the river, Certificates to Be One of the live senators who stated Opposition to compulsory slcltnou Is a totally different proposition. . i In tho. summer time sail boats skim their Btrpport for compulsory health Insurance has arisen (com many "I am opposed to any and all new 'gracefully by, ynchts aro anchored Given to Seven sources since recont endeavor was Federal subsidies and social services insurance nlso, curiously enough, InI practically under our noses and made to Introduce the system —no matter how persuasive—unless dicated his opposition to the Wagner people swim lazily past. Such a Local, Employees bill as a whole. through federal legislation. While and until we have found a way to pleasant, life! I love the sail hoat Another well'known legislator this movement has subsided since pay for the services and subsidies nland shell races, but when thn outspoke In those terms: the Wagner'Nntlonal Health bill was ready existing." Recognition of a new safe-driving | board motor races come, I believe "I am convinced of this—that our held up, the Issue at 111 remains with In moving to New York City. The record of 121.000 miles between nc-! Familiar Note. very existence depends upon getting many angles, some of which are putt-putt from early morning to late cidents .in more than 8,000,000 miles i A familiar noto of many who people to work, and thereby providtouched In a series of articles by at night is like living next door to of operation of the Now Jersey Belli1 staff writers of the Christian Science wished real Improvement In health ing them sulTlclent Incomes to buy a giant hornets' nest that has just Telephone company's motor vehicle for themselves what necessities and conditions, was stated by tho follow"I. been stirred up. Incidentally, was fleet last year Is being accorded tel-j Monitor, luxuries they desire. I believe restoring: I'delighted to find one of Kansns ephono drivers this month. Of 7G acThe first three of this series have "I would like to see an Improve- ation^ of general employment, by virCity's 'own citizens. Jack Cooper, cidents charged against drivers of! already been presented to the readtue of which people could secure or a. winner-and a ' great* favorite In nearly 1,000 telephone trucks and auera of The Register as taken from ment In'our health conditions, but I not secure medical services, as they tomobiles, none involved serious per-! those rac.es! .:„!. the columns of this well known dally do not want to go to the compulsory desire, Is much to bo preferred to any Regularly, priced' from sonal injury, the company reports, t newspaper, The fourth of these spe- health Insurance method." system of governmental health insur^ Fish For Dinner "I am for a Federal health bill, but cial articles appeared In Monday's IsNearly 400 of the telephone drivance. However, I would not want to When I want;. Hah for dinner, not compulsory." 39.00 to 55.00 sue and Is being reprinted by The "Ace," my traveling dog, and I ers have never been in any degree Other Senators recognized chang- say that there -might not arise cerRegister for the timely Interest it responsible for oven the most minor tain cases ln which I would favor slide down the banks and drop our ing g conditions,, but distinctly took governmental aid In providing medipresents. lines from tho dock—or rather I accident in the entire dozen years ' noncompulsory This health Insurance plan finds their stand on cal assistance for those unable to do, and "Ace" junips In and swims •the company has hcen ln existence 11 basis: very scant backing in the Senate. purchase It themselves." leisurely around, chasing ducks and and safe-driving records kept. At ; ; Beautiful coats with' costly "My general attitude on legislaOf the 71 members answering a poll, fish. He surprised us ail by catch- meetings throughout the state ap-1 It Is possible to conclude on a 33 'took a decided stand against com- tion of this kind is to uphold the somewhat humorous note: Kansas City Girl Goes to Live ing _ a large blueclaw crab, a tide propriate insignia, for their motor,veright of the Individual, although it fur collars . . felended Mink, pulsory health insurance, 33 were dewas hicle raalators, and certificates for 11 "Inasmuch as the question about ReoXBank, New Jersey," captioned j runner."last summer. a n 7 VIO ..„.. cidedly noncommittal and only five seems certain that with the passing which you inquire is a matter of 'red. a full column item regarding life 't h 0 proudest aog in Red Bank drivers, are being presented* to near-1! years, some measure of social welly 300 il-ycar safe-drivers, and to I-ilch, Persian Lamb, Beaver were In favor. ' fare legislation will be enacted ln hot' controversy In my state and that on the Atlantic seaboard as outlined | w n c n n c c i l r n D e t l Up the ladder onto more than 900 drivers whose records Many of those who oppose the the Interest of those whose low In- my answering this question either to Ursula Genung, society editor of t h G r a t t a n d g ! l v e m ( !h i s t r o p h v , are spotless for from nine years to . and - Skunk . . . drastically compulsory plan do so believing i t a comes do not permit even a very low 'yes' or 'no' would—judging by past the publication. The paper's reprc- I n three hours of lazy fishing, I one. experience in simtlar matters—Im- scntative staled Bhc listened [aactn-I n a v c a bnshcl step, away from the American Ideal standard of medical care." b a s ] ! c t o f h a r d s h e ,_ atcd to Mrs. Dietz tell her droll ; i mediately result in a deluge of core d c r a b s n n d m a y b e a f c w .. a o f t | e 5 .. of Individual liberty. Tho degree of achievement of the reduced for final clearance. None of the five Senators who said yarns about life back Ea^st until she ||f i g 0 wading for them. ' I hate telephone drivers may be'gauged, the they were In favor of compulsory respondence from constituents which just couldn't forbear asking her to o..jclcan HEALTH INSURANCE, and cook crabs, hut they company states, by the fact that the 11 t would havo to be answered" by a health Insurance cared to elaborate Forstma'n's.. woplens, "\silk By Erwln D. Canham greatly over-worked office force, I en- tell her readers about It. The so-i a l . c s o gO0aM 76 accidents of 1939. a new low num- | ciety editor also says Mrs. Dictz is j llc1 (Staff Writer of The Christian Sci- their vlcwa. '' represents a ten per cent- imOther reasons for opposing the treat you, with your habitual good . Kansas City girl who has In a big i Ken takes a dip evory morning lined and warmly inter-lined. ence Monitor.) ^ Wagner bill were found by some nature, to excuse me from commit* r^... * 1>•__ _ i t . . rm ^ t-wr ' provement Til' fiufl m n n t r\\t rw 10TQ nrHnn B^ n«-i/"»l_ over 1938 when 85 acciThirty-three members of tho Uni- Senators of which the following Is ting myself In this matter until offi- way made good in her new home'. . dents occurred, and compares with :ommuter—one of those cial duty compels me to 'stand up town. Mostly black. One-of-a-kind ted States Senate are prepared to- typical: 283 accidents in 1929. 1 eople Mrs. Dietz's article as it appeared|feople ^ n play bridge every mornday to commit themselves against "I am not opposed to a Fcdernl and be counted'." : train nnd at night. It's Monmouth district recipients of * 1 for ° " the / men in the summer compulsory health insurance. models.' Really exceptional health program, but I am opposed to ,ln „ the Kansas City* Journal. is «»! nicer certificates showing that they have! FITKIN NOTES. follows: Only five are ready to respond in the Wagner bill'- because I feel that [O11OW5 lecause they come1 back on thenot caused an accident in at least ten | Dear Ursula: support of such Insurance. Twenty- It is too expensive and too complivalues. All sales final. I Sandy Hook steamer, which has a years oE driving include Edgar W. Births at Pltkln hospital Bet a new So you'd like to know whcifc a ' w V »"=•»»«;. wm-cn n » a Taylor and Joseph Novak of Sunset eight report themselves as ytt non- cated. I am opposed to compulsory record in 1930, totaling 762 for theg irlrl lives what she dnps nnd what • ' d ibn i n £ts '' o o m . dancing o n the rayior ana josepn rsovaw or ftunsot committal on the Issue; two more health Insurance." py g avenue. Red Bank; ; Thomas W. Paul year, nn increase of 100 over ~1935, she finds ^ that are leaning toward support, and fh.' finds t s^ different f Z l T whon ^ Wl S n. ar uo °<*.He «t* P'™* of bridge comes over by train of Carpenter street. River Plaza; View Seetm Clear. according to figures released today she marries a man from another to Sea Bright, three aro leaning away. — Second Floor — which Is only a few Robert G. Allen of Riverside drive, i h t h i h I l b A t h W E k t i These striking results, the out- Here Is one in the "uncommitted" by Anthony ,W. Eckert, superintend-1 city? Truly, tho place, tho people miles from Red Bank, and we take come of a Senate poll just taken by group whose real vlow seems entirely ent. Increases have been steady and the activities are a unanimous a swim In the ocean before dinner. Mlddletown township; 1". J. Llpplncott of Salem lane. Little Silver, and I The Christian Science Monitor show dear: "I never like to answer a ques- each year, Mr. Eckert said, but thlo surprise. My spouse, first name Ken, is If you love horses, we have loads Morgan Rehrlg and Ralph B.. Johnthat while the Issue of compulsory tion until I have had an opportunity la tho largest yet recorded ln a single of colorful hunt meets and horse son of River road. Fair Haven. known . as a dyed-ln-thc-wool Red health Insurance may not now be a. to go Into the matter thoroughly, as year. . v His parents, grandlive and urgent legislative matter In It is difficult to tell what questions Other departments of the hospital Banker. parents, etc., ad inflnitum were Congress, a surprisingly . large per- will arise, but generally speaking, I also showed a continued growth in Jcrseyites—"Pop," Ken's centage of legislators are willing to think I will oppose It." scrvlcce. The number of patients ad- New declaro their views. Another form o( skepticism ap- mitted to the hospital- last year father, was brought Up In the old Since no vote is impending it peared In this letter: "X am undeter- totaled 5.129, against 4,903 In 1938.Taylor home later made over into might have been expected that more mined and will be governed by study The number of operations performed a museum—and what do you think? would have declined to give any com- of the proposition when it reaches us totaled 2,870, or nearly eight oper- I have t the Insuperable Bloc. effect between citizens and governWhen any opposition movement ment with rospect to tho public previous year. 304 accident cases Atlantic Ocean, Sandy Hook and starts with a nucleus of one-third of health, I think It will be a good were cared for during the past year. Raritan Bay, with the skyline of During thn past year 22,611 days New York visible on a clear day. the Senate members ready to pledge thing. care were rendered to private pa- As if it weren't ^pxciti.rig^enRUg'fc: themselves, It would appear to be an Ttr'S'aviraTr'£n'al"occa'n'"and a greatInsuperable bloc,'unless or until= conDays care rendered to ward patients big bay after living inland, Red a^tTOTllffM'1fT iHP "But I am definitely opposed to totaled 30,763 for 1930, compared to Bank . delighted me more than cally." statutes calculated to coerce private Indeed, the revelation of this spe- decisions and conduct which do not 36,233 rendered In 1938. The average ever by having two lovely, clear cific feeling on the part of the Sen- affect materially the health and wel- dally ccnua was 163 as compared rivers—the North Shrewsbury and the South. Shrewsbury. Only I with 157 in 10J8. ate probably explains why President fare of others. never say "South Shrewsbury" but Roosevelt removed Administration "In other words, I want that deIn a. whisper nny more. It's al-. To Sink $25,000 Well. support from tho Wagner health bill gree of relative liberty to which the ways called that (and I so referred In Its program for passage at theIndividual Is entitled In a state whore Spring Lake borough officials -have to It In a' radio program one day— present session of Congress. It Is restriction and regimentation Is lim- authorized a new $25,000 well for Its understood that a private and Infor- ited to the minimum necessary for water plant. Tho money is to be ap- to receive. In the next morning mail mal poll had been taken previously, tho preservation and enjoyment of propriated from a cash surplus, ob- a withering protest from, one of the town's oldest, most .beloved which indicated hostility of the Sen- freedom by all. viating the necessity vof Issuing bonds citizens. The river may be called ate to the, measure. To check on "This Is ovcr-slmpllned, but given for tho, work. Thc well will be sunk Shrewsbury by thc Ignorant and by p , g theso reports of a private poll and oullanders, he said, but the proper the senatorial opinion they revealed, you some Idea of my attitude toward to (he Kngllshtown stratum. this newspaper asked each Senator the slmplo questions: "Do you favor compulsory health Insurance?" •• "Do you opposo compulsory health Insurance?" 71 Senators Itoply, It was pointed out that while the Bright, Smart colon query was npt based on the Wagner bill as a whole, some authorities All over pattern were convinced tho bill would lead Can'l wrinkle, slip or bulge to compulsory Insurance. Despite Easy, to put on the natural reluctance of legislators to reply to a poll, particularly In tho Fits every furniture curve absence of legislative prossure on an Sla-Fast feature Issue, no fewer than 71 of the 95 members of the Senate answered thn query addressed to them. Several exNever Before Sold for !: Wine presied their disinclination to be own and Blue.Made to polled but courteously stated their Less Than $139.50 chair types illustrated views. many others. Among tho 28 legislators who declined to take any stand were many whole 4vlews are, In general, opposed 4| Rotorlto current .cutter to compulsion but who are waiting to examine specific proposals before 0 New l'olnrcx moat cover declaring themselves. With a nucle9 "Spccdex" cube rrlmsn us already of 33 candid opponents to, % linger tip trnjr rclenne compulsion, It would seem probablo • Sliding adjusting nholf that a far larger group would roll up In realstanco to a bill actually Imply0 Extra handi-bln *tnrn|ro ing such measures of control. O All atccl construction While the Wagner bill does not It% 3-ln. Coldi'x Insulation self contain specific provisions for 0 Built-in thermometer compulsory sickness Insurance, many experts believe It would lead Inevi0 Two vegetable frcshcncm tably to that end. As J. O. Crow,n0 Automatic defrontc-r hart, Secretary of tho Wisconsin State Medical Socloty, told tho Senate Committee on Education and Labor: "It provides for stato-wlde plans and then a ntate-wldo program, , . , and I know of no other plan that has been' suggested than compulsory • 6 cu. ft'. 110.95 sickness Insurance . . . The Wagner Beit. Ufl.fltS bill Is the enabling Inw for It." „£ Federal Instrument. • 6 cu. ft ...119.95 Hy' mm p . of Its' financial subsiKeg. 12D.D5 dies, the Wagner bill offered a Federa) Instrument, experts folt, which Only 9>B D o w n • 6 cu. ft. _94.50 would be J^iod to Introducn compulplus snutll carrying rliurje. HCK. un.ofl sion In tho states, New York state B-Yr. Protection Finn, ili>ni>p will lin ttMlilol'lHl RlllllnM you n* thfl NOTICE OF sf.TTLEMP.NT OF ACCOUNT fur t h « itllitttKni:* q ( already ha» a constitutional nmondIN CHANCERY OF N E W JERSEY. rhniirnlliir "hull Ililnk cMiillnhlo- nml Jn»t. Kilulr. of rliiuliH II." Hunt. ilm'piKml. 1.14/17 mtnt authorising Its legislature to Notll'll I* llfllOl)/ ulvq'tv Unit t h l Nfr'nllMtH Tlir nhjr-rt nf Mllil unit In In nhlilln II l)»l»»l Jmi To W I M . 1 B VAI1MKK W A I . K K I l ! , thicl compulsory sloknoss Insurance. tty vlrllio i>f an iii-ilor of lilt I milt or ilerrt'e nf illvnrre lietwuen »nhl itullllniirr nf Ihii .itiluMMll'or*. oxcrutnrn titill triKluM nf'tlio PMlllH of "till ilorfllHtiil, will )>• ml. Iri. Wisconsin nnij California such rhiuircry >it tho Hlnlu of Ni'W Jnxi'V nmd« nml yini. illli'il nml HI nt • 'I liy Ilif Muri unnlu lit I lie Ihilnl: .111 miniv M. IIMII. on tlio I'.Ml. ihiy o l Jiumm y. .1 '.Mil. In " measures have been Introduced but I'AKSONS, liAIIKKCCJUB & lUHII'KN. (Imiiity of Mi'tottnuth utiil ttuorlfHl (nr VIUIMI wlit'Milu WttUv* WulLi'i- I* lielltUiliiir HattlvniunL to Lhi) U I I I I I I I I I R ' Doiirt of MRIII defeated. The corrimltmont of an Slilli-Ulirn n[ IVIItl.inci. mill you iiio 'ik'ti'hilnn!, you mu lurilby 27-29 MONMOUTH "RED BANK many Senators agalhat ddiiiiulilon In, PHONE 1290. rei|lllr«
Western Daily Carries Article By Mrs. Ken Dietz

fer National Health Bill Finds Scant Senate Backing of Federal Plan

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charge *t the coming conference. He) Miss Mary Mount w»i president, had been in the mtnlitry 61 years Mrs. Louis Y. Manning;_ attd Mrs and had been at Oceanport four Clarence White vice president*, Mra. Joseph Applegats treaiurer and M n . yeara. Work waa started on another fac- Fred Bolce secretary. tory building, near Bridge avenue, Aloyslua F i t t e n o n , ion of Elmer (AU Kinds CnHlo Wanted) for Slgmund Eisner, Fifty men were Patterson of Herbert itreet, w a i 21 rushing the new structure -In order years old and he entertained 25 that , the company could proceed gueats at hla home In celebration ol Happenings of SO and 25 Years Ago Culled From the more rapidly In completing a large the event. Freehold, N. J, contract to supply uniforms for -a Another party, during- the week European nation. Rain coats were was given by Louis* Blmpson, daughNews and Editorial Columns for Entertainment dited alry^cowa, fresh cows supplied the carpenters and masons ter of Henry C. Simpion o l Hudaon tprlngi s, mated teams and so that they would lose no time dur- avenue, and her cousin, Mary Gandy dngle horsi I. Also hogs, family of Today'* Readers ' ing stormy weather. It was estimated who entertained some 40 odd guests owi, beef c itle, calves, heifers and that the entire contract for uniforms The Modern Woodmen of America >ck bulls, Send; your livestock to look place at the home of the bride's would range botween $7,000,000 and of Atlantic Highlands Installed their Year* Ago. ruty jtbc sale he every Friday.. Flvo mother and was performed by the 110,000,000. Mr. Eisner had In excess new . officers ' at appropriate cere Get top cash The bill for building the Ridgi presiding elder. Rev. James Moore, of 1,600 men and women working In fp»r rent cor mission. monies under the official capacity ot prices here, Private sales at all road within the town limits was or-assisted by Rev. J. \V. Blacklston ot ihe Red Bank factories. Past. Councillor L. B. Morrla, Those .times dered paid by the commissioners. The Naveslnk and Rev. Charles E. Hill ' The Keystone club was the name who held official positions were S. E cost was 5185, which was more than of Red Bank. given to a n«w organization In We«t Joseph J. Turner, Robert E Jacob £lotkin & Son had been expected, but there was Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Hoff o! Red Bank. The club members were Murray, Ferris, A. C. Quaokenbush, Jonas nearly one-third more earth to be Keyport celebrated the 20th anni- William Prank, Jr., Fred Quatln, Eu- Tumen, John Halloran, David Tumen Phone 966 • moved than Surveyor George Coop- versary of their marriage by" enter- gene Newman, Harold Webb,' Irving and Patrick Hallera'n. er's estimate called for. OLD, N . J, taining about SO relatives and frlendf Predmore, Roy Frank, Ames Olson, Harold Casey of Port Monmouth Charles R. Ma&ee,' the pqstmaste Charlea A. Smith was elected. lson and Richard Frank. while chopping a tree In Eastmond'e of Hplmdcl, died of pneumonia. Hi superintendent of the Methodist Sun- t H M r y O Stanley VanBrunt sold his barber woods at that place, received a deep Reliable remedy was In his 61st year »nd had lived day-school at Keansburg. developed by » In Holmdcl since he was six months Miss Mary J. Seeley, daughter of business at Eatontown to Salvatoro gash In his left leg by the slipping phjilclipln hla Drwtlee for expelold. He was survived by a widow Robebrt Seeley of Keansburg, was Cusumano and planned to open a of the axe. ling largo round q barber shop In Asbury»Park. Mrs. Rhoda Daniel's of Keyport and six children. wanna pInironnB married to William Chadwlck of; Holmes Crawford, manager of died of pneumonia after an Illness Children and adulw. One John W. Hoyt died a! his home on Keyport. Rev. J. M. Read performed — . . . _ . . . . b l l d 132 2 worms exwltod I nutter tuted H H bottle expelled worms. Washington street after an illness the ceremony and he was assisted Robert Hartshorne's Portland farms, of only a few hours'. She w a s Druggists I Stood 7S year ttot. f^" Pleasant to take. ' near Locust Point, received a large years old. I or br mall 60o bottle. Bend for Ireo circular. of "several months. He was 19 years by Rev. H. S. Gascoyne. shipment of dynamite at the Hlgh- J. F. Maran of Marlboro received old. ' . The New Amsterdam Baseball c l u b j l a n d a Nation. The dynamite was toi letter from the relief committee A pleasant sociable was held at the of Navcsinlt reorganized for the sea- used In blasting out tree stumps for the Belgians, thanking the people residence of Ellsha Egbert on Locust son. Those on the team were M< on the Hartshorne estate. avenue. About 40 persons were pres- Johnson, W. SteaWs. R. Irwln, W. William Newman, George Smith, of the Marlboro district'for several ent. A guessing contest was held Hower, T. Garvey, J. Stewart, M. William Hewitt, Charles Greenfield, barrels of. material shipped to the * during the evening, the prize being Stearns, W. Connor and F. Johnson. Gus BlJr.horf and William Addlson sufferers. Engineer and a cake to the person guessing the Edward Layton was manager and Romaine were the principal speak- Joseph Klnhaefer and Henry Con Civil nearest number of beans in a jar. Walter Collins was president of the ers at a pig roast in the Tuxedo ho over, both of Holmdel, lost valuable Surveyor horses during the week. Mr. ConHance Wolt won the cake with a club. I te) at the Highlands. SURVEYS PLANNING . over's horse died of colic and Mr. guess of 2W, the. Jar containing 247 C. Mell Johnson and Millie Stearns Mrs. Samuel Phillip of Valley Klnhaefer's horso broke its neck beans. were organizing.a gun club at Nave- drive, near Atlantic Highlands, wife. STKUCjI'tTKAl UKSICiN Joseph Burrowcs, Jr., of Red Bank sink. The members or the club were 0 , t h e t e i e g r a p h operator at High- vhlle In the stable. Steel Uelnfnrw*). (Vincrott^Robert T. Heltermeyer, owner of and "his aunt were thrown out of Mlllle Stearns, .Charles H. Green, Jr., | l a n d ! l r w a s s e v c r e l y e u t o n her hand BUU.D1NOS DAMS their carriage when their horse took Edward Layton, Mell Johnson and when a lamp chimney broke which the champion (hlrd class Ice yacht Imp, was married to Mrs. Ella M. fright on Monmouth str.eet. Mr. Andrew Douglass of Naveslnk. Dr. she was cleaning. liittln Rnait Alexander of Newark. The ceremony Burrowes escaped Injury, but his John H. VanMatcr of Atlantic HighRobert and Edgar C. Cook of At was performed by- Mayor Thomas L, Fair laven i J. aunt was badly bruised. lands and William C. Towen and Raylantlc Highlands, who operated the Raymond of that city. The New Brunswick district of Johnson of Locust Point. Justlald Egg farm, were about ready the New Jersey Episcopal conference Jasper Bray of Wallace street gavo to start a 4,200-egg Incubator. The Miss Sarah Matilda. .Longstreet and party in honor of his little daugh- farm planned to do custom hatch- John S. Holmes, both of Holmdel. as held.m t h e ^ e d Bank Methodist were married' at the bride's home by church. In addition to the ministers, ter Nellie. The Invited guests- met Ing for farmers in this vicinity. Rev. W. P. Chase. at Miss CPCII Weaver's and marched there were a great many townspeople A brotherhood society was formed Ensloy White of White street a body to Mr. Bray's. Among in attendance at the sessions. The *« In the Keansburg Methodist church, brought home from Sea Bright a cod visiting clergymen wero entertained those present were Flora Hagerman, U h a m c r n b e r j h | p o f u , Joseph Tllfish weighing 31 pounds, which bad by the ladles of the church. Florenco Brand, Nellie McCaffrey, t o n w a s p t . e 9 , d e n t , Chester Mulllson George* V. Sncden was Installed as Deborah Culllngton, Madte White, vice president, Raymond Truax sec- been caught on a hook and line by a Sea Bright fisherman, regent of the Red Bank Council, .Izzle Probasco, Mattic and Grace retary and Harry Smith treasurer. Miss Marjorle Mullen of Oceanic Royal Arcanum. Others Installed Sutton. Maggie Hook, Mamie Edgar. Several women of Everett met at was engaged as organist of St. Today's • Jnen-of science ate. -wore W. S. Voorhees, William Pln- Cecil Weaver, Florence and Lillian the home of Mrs. Harold Stout and going1 after jnean skin infectLnr.s tard.'&f. VanBracfcle, B. A. Hager- Chadwlck, Kittle Hagerman, George organized a sewing club. In the group James church, Red Bank, to succeed Charles Er Nteman, F. J. Dlb-Hendrick3on, Walter Longstrcet, were Mrs. John B. Stillwagon, Mrfl- Matthew J. Hollywood., on a new line of attack. The man; J AlbesL Heyer opened a black; ben, William J. Sutton, David Riddle Bertie Harrison, Fred Burd, Fred John Schanck, Mrs. Bert Schanck, mineral colloids principle — as and Alfred Boetticher. Conltlin, Chester and Fred Hager- Mrs. Harold Stout and Miss Rachel smith s h o p l n P. O. Wetgand's buildIng at HazUt. man, Lester Pach, Graham Caldwel), Stillwagon. used in CU^ROLOID—is wag- Miss Ophelia Roberts, daughter of A valuable polo pony, owned by Mrs. William L. Roberts of Mafawan, James Weaver, Jr., anil Joseph Ed- Jerry Beldo, Red Bank's one-man ing a winning war. Users report was Nat Stern of N i | * York, was seized married to Francis J. Dibben of gar, Jr. cleaning force, was laid off un- with a fit while In Joe Meyer's barn blessed relief. And no wonder. Red Bank. The ceremony was per- The board of directors of the street til warmer weather set '"• formed by Rev. S. C. Chattln at the 'eople'a National bank of Keyport at Oceanport. The animal ran at Here is a scientific preparation bride's home. Mayor George M. Sandt vetoed a ippolntcd Thomas Burrowca presi- resolution made by members or the full speed against the barn and broke doctors like; See your druggist Miss Virginia Williams, daughter dent, Adam Salz vice president, Wil- Red ts neck, dying Instantly. • Bank council that a policeman right away. Get CUPROLOip'! of Mrs. Louisa J. Williams of Nave- liam E . Warn secretary and William be placed at Broad and Monmouth elnk, was married to Rev. William J. H. Tuthlll cashier. ' streets for traffic duty, claiming that RADIO FBOOBAMS. Tune In WMCA every Tuesday, Moyer, pastor of the Eatontown W. C. Bennett of Naycslnk fell and to Add another patrolman to the Thursday and Saturday at 1 P. M. Methodist church. The ceremony ipralned hi« ankle. force would be a waste of money. Stsrfon WBRB. MIO KilWTCIas. Lyttleton White of Eatontown was St. James clubhouee on Monmouth > M - Thursday. February 1. i candidate for re-election to the street was made the parish social 6.oo—Mythical March., ' __ >oard of chosen freeholders. 6:15—Vespers. " canter. Committees were appointed William Richardson, nephew o f El- to make plans to fit the clubhouse 6:30—American Family No, 1 Newi Series, wood C. Richardson of Red Bank, for various kinds of entertainment*. 6:45— Parade of Business. was Assemblyman Charles Ivinn1 Prominent oh this committee were 6:00—Concert Excerpts. page and commenced his new duties. David Leroy, John Bennett, Frank 6:15—Carter. 6:16—Current Events. Howard Hulick was prcaldent of H. Brasch, Patrick McCarron, John 6*30 To Be Announced. he Independent Gun club of Atlan- F. Maloney and George Leddy, who 6 . J 5 _Where to go. Theater!, City Training Corp. tic Highlands. George L. Barkalow were to work in conjunction \yith the 7:00—Resume. was- vice president; Charles E, Ralph rector, Rev. Dennis J. Duggan. A. M. Friday,, February ** secretary and Lisle B. Stewart trens"Reformed church, Welcome." u.|j0 Good Morning To Vou. Tunes. urer. These words In electric lights were 11:16—Dance 9:30—Th. New Mrs. ., The Red Bank Athletic club was placed on a sign in front of the Red 0:00—LouUe Powers, formally organized and Peter Valen Bank Reformed church on Shrews 0:30—Carter. tine was elected president. Other .bu.ry avenue. Rev. Lester G. Leg- [1:00—Hcsume. offlcera; were Charles Irwin, v i c c | g e t t the pastor, thoroughly believed >. M. president; Howard Wlllett, recording ) n a(jvertislng his church's activities 3:30—Musicals. 4:00—Kails- and Fashions. secretary; George B. Sandt, financial and frequently bought advertising 4:30—Music For Vou. 4:45—Church of tha Air. secretary, and Borden Wolcott, treas- space in local papers. 6:00—Lent We Forget urer. Mr. and Mrs. George Hance Pat- 6:14—take and Srt. Holmes Fields of Keyport had histerson of Monmouth street gave a 6:r5— Happlneis Village. right hand severely Injured while en- party In honor of their niece, Mlos 6:00—Moment Musicsle. gaged in removing a safe from the Virginia Parker pJ[.J^£e.w8b-Ury.-~-=t_---. 6:14—Theater Attractlona. £u»«ntm t f l t t h i l George" BriDennf«~oT Eatontown, a 6,30—Pinner Muilc. ^ Smith and Heiser dissolved part- prominent bowler in this section of 7-00—Concert Genii. ; 15_Tip Top Mu«le. nership. Mr. Smith continued In theMonmouth county, was laid up with 77:29—Lake and Sea. meat business at the old stand on R bursted blood vessel In one of his 7;30—To Be Announced. Front street, opposite Maple avenue. legs, sustained while playing Indoor 7-.4S — Dance Muilc. Phllciooher. Mr. Heiser went In business with baseball at the new Red Bank arm- 8-U0—Home 11:15—Studio Feature, Theodore M. Carhart. 8:30—Organ Echoes. ory.





Death of Keyport Woman. Shocked at Telephone. STOCK Mrs, j . B. Chester of jAdelphla suf- Mrs. Brnma J. Cherry, 74, wife of fered a aevere oleotrlo shock from Phelpa, Cherry of Keyport, dt«d Sat- Jacob ZIo her telephone Tuesday of last week urday night at her home, Bho bad and It was necessary to have medf- been In poor' health the past two sales stable!*nrVreehold' - Dairy caTaid. wlromen were working on a years. Besides her husband she cows, family ootfsTfibraei,.hogs,beef line near the house and an eloctrlo leaves two sons. Mrs/ Cherry had cattle, calves, helfdraShndriocMulls wire had shorted the telephone wire. been a resident of Keyport <5 year),' are Included In the'«ales. j p


L. W Lancaster


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•STATISTICAL NOTE The housewife averaged 15 lo 16 miles Inriarcfally roullntl

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9:0l>—Concert Hour. 9:30—A 4 P.

Twenty-Five Years Ago. town was made secretary and gen- 9;31_Avi! Maria Hour. O.-OO— Lake and Sea, The newly organized, ambulance eral manager -of the Madison Square 10:01—Studio Vfcrietlei. 0:45—Mualt; You Want. company was recruited to full com- Garden Poultry show. plement with 43 men enlisted for field Crabtrce and Buckalew, who had »1 -30—Resume, M Saturday. February 3. hospital work. The company was .their automobile business in the ' Broivn building, opposite the Globe assigned 12 ambulances, three transi port • wagons, uniforms and other hotel, were arranging to move to ! equipment, which were expected to part of the Davison building at Monmouth street and Maple avenue. The J arrive daily A farmer employed by Benjamin firm was distributor for the Reo and Pullman cars. Grlggs of Middlctown -township left Mrs. Henry S. White of Prospect tho farm suddenly and took with him cash and several articles of value be- avenue entertained a large group of longing- to Mr. Grlggs and his (laugh- women interested In patriotic undertakings at her home on the occasion ter. Miss Catherine Criggs. , Dr. Homer T. Partree sold his drug of the 13th annual meeting of Monstore business at Eatontown and mouth Chapter, Daughters of the moved to Tarrington, Connecticut. American Revolution. Mrs. White George F. Flynn, who had been In was re-elected regent of the chapcharge nf the business for the past ter, MISB Elizabeth Cooper of Red few years, wn.s the new proprietor. Bank secretary and Mrs. George p . Hcndrlckson of Red Bank treasurer. Robert H. Vnndorveer, who conThe Wide Awake basketball team ducted the Knickerbocker pharjnacy, gave away 1,000 boxes of candy as of Little Silver was reorganized, with Eugene Worden, Frank Ayrea, George souvenirs to his patrons on. the occasion of the 14th annivcrsnry of his Millward, George Lane, Edward Wilby, Morrell Moore and Douglas Parkbusiness*. er a» players. George Lane was team Thr Eatontown township board of manager. health elected Charles H. Campbell president, H. Whitney Conrow treas- Rev. Michael Callahan, tho new rector of Holy Cross church, Rumurer and Terry B. Cook secretary. Postmaster Frank Plttlnger com. eon, entered jipon hie duties at the

5:00—Mythical March. 5:30—Training Corp. 6:31—Jungle Jim. 545—WBRB Camera Club. s .00—Muilc for Today. 6:15—Current Eventi. 6:30— Swim, Setslon. 6-46—Sonca at Eventidt. ?;5o—Plea.unt Wwk-End. -

Monday. February >.

' "city". County, Piano, 5:43—atate. Ntws. 10:00—Carter. 10 01— I*oul»o Powers. 10-15—Ufe's Show Window. 10:30—Training Corp. 10*:31 -^Concert. 10:15—Travel Talk. 11:00—Resume.

7.(JO—Current Events. T16—County Sports Revle*. 7 30—Chamber of Commerce 7:15— Haunted Music Hall. g:00—Dream Peddler. 8:15—Concert Echoes. S:45—Iluth Ellis. Sol.gs. 9-00—Konume. p ,M. Tuesday/February e. 4:30—Ilanil Waiiun. . 5:00—Mythical March. S:I6 — Vespers. j 5:30—Dramatic Sketch. piled figure, showing that the amount parish and prea.ch.cd his Initial ser- s,46—Personality Parade. • of business done at the Red Bank \ " o n . Over BOO communicants at- 6:011—Carter. 6:01—Dance Hits, postoffice lor the fiscal year would tended the masses the first Sunday 6:15 —News Review. _.. exceed $30000. $30000. The The largest exceed largest patron patron Dr. G. VanVorta Warner resigned 6 J O - W h . r . to no, Toitlnga. City. County, Piano, Training Corp. nt the Red BanK olllcc wns SIgmnnd »» » member of 6:4r,-(iems o( Music. " . Eisner, with the Red Bnnk Register board o f health. Lester C. Lovett of Little Silver, 7 :00—Henume. a close second. P, M. Wednesday, February 7. who had recently taken up his resDr. William D. Sayrc of Maple ft :(J0—S*.eke Manner*. avenue wnrf made the ofncinl physic- Idonco at Little Silver after spend- F,: 1 r, — Vespers. ing two years at.Mlllford, Delaware, 5:30—American Family, Ian for this section of- Monmouth 5:46—Over tho Tea Cupa. county by tho Public Service Elec- received a surprise vlBlt from mom- 6:00— Merry Melodies, bars of the American Mechanics

tric company. lodge. The festivities were In the ii..=sh.r.\.;r&r. . Training. William Canon, who had been em- nature of a welcome home to Mr. Powers, County, Pian 7:00 —Ave Maria Hour. ployed several yearn at Fred Luth- Lovett and his family. 7 -30—To uo Announced. er's Central hotel at. West Front Philosophy Forum. street and Maple avenue and at Mr, William B. Randolph of Keansburg 7i4f>-B:00—Baauma. Thursday; February I . Luthcr',8 farm nt Colt's Neck, died was surprised by 60 friends and relr A. M. nt the Lons Blanch hospital of blood ntlves, who held a house party at hi* 9:00—Morning Serenade. B:15—Highway Church. , home on the occasion of his 48th poisoning. He picked a fester with Q.^0—Voice '6f Industry. a safety pin and blood poisoning do- birthday. During the evening Mr. »:46— Tunes of Tomorrow, Randolph and John B. Collins de- 10:00— t/oulse Powers. veloped. ._ ' feated Ezeklel Wilson and George 10,10—When. JKK *>>. Tustlngl, City. Training Core. County Piano, Mrs. Catherlnu Pope, who lived Matthews in a series of domino 10:46—Studio Keatora. with her son, William. H. Pope of games. lliOO—Reiune. Wallace nnd Washington atreets, Jonathan W., Butler, n former resdied suddenly of henrt trquble, Mra. ident of Red Bank, who had lived on Former Mayor Dies. Pope was horn In Ireland nnd wnaEast Front street many yenrn, died In her 72d yenr. In Jersey City on hln 8Bth birthday. George B. Ooodrlch, 62°, three times Over 600 persons attended the fare Mrs. Minerva Wood Vender Oudei- mayor of Avon and a public olllclal well reception for Rev. Edward J. multn, daughter of Mrs, George and there for many yean, died Sunday Egan, Ihe retiring rector of Holy Henry Wood of Red Bank, died sud- night at Alexlan Brothers' hospital Cross church, Rumson. The recep denly of pneumonia. She was n na- at Elizabeth of lobar pneumonia. He tlon was held In Holy Cross hall and tive of Red Bank and waa i niece had beep In the hospital since Januwas presided' over by Thomas J, of Captain Charles P. Irwln of Union ary 18, t i e waa operated on for herHwecnoy of Son Bright street, from where the funoral wan nlu Friday and pneumonia followed. Rov. ,J. V. rfellenmann, pantor of held Mr. Goodrich had taken an active the Ocennporf Methodist chinch, A Baptist society was - formed In part In public and civic affairs at planned to'be assigned ' to a now Bed Bank with 30 charter members. Avon for many years.



i.oo—Voice o( Industry.

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UhiVerity Women Hold Benefit Party .ProceecJi.to Finance School Survey


, Jn considering the* arrangement of ahouse.it Is important that the ,' color ichema of one room Be determined by its relationship to .the rooms near it. There are two excellent floor plans which are to be found in average houses throughout the country. In one plan the small entrance , hill)« papered in terra cotta pink with a white motif; the woodwork is (the same color as the background lit the paper. The back hall and stairway mitch. A (mill closet opening into the lavatory on right was turned into a powder room wjiere a blue striped wallpaper I, gave spaciousness. The living-room is painted in the same tern cotta pink, both walls and woodwork, this color also being used on the woodwork of the dining room but here the wallpaper, has a background of pale gray with a large scenic design in darker gray, Brown, and pink. This shows you that the motive back of the decorating of the lower floor was a terra cotta, pink. The rooms show variety, and.are different, and yet the same color note is carried into each room to make the lower floor harmonious as a whole. Upstairs tho master bedroom wasfinishedwith beige colored walls with beige, nasturtium, pink and white in the curtains. The guest room, which is close to it, had HIUN KOUII walls in a soff yellow with afiguredchintz in yellow Dlnttn ol Cecil Houiiktiflnt and brown. Across the hall is the boy's room in tones of green shd biege. Shiifo

Today. Is Social Hygiene Day In The United States New Jersey Association

il quackery and self-treatment In 'elation to these diseases' and to extend public understanding of their menace to Individual and public health. "Public health officers, social and civic club leaders all over the stafcs have become alert to the fact that more practical, pointed and localized education of the public; better nforcement of the medical practice md pharmacy laws and more atentlon by enforcement, authorities ire necessary to stop .the alarming Increase In medical quackery which has followed In the wake of the urrent campaign against venereal liseascs." The New. Jersey offorts are cordlnatcd wifh the national camIgn, -which Is directed by Dr. Walter Clarke of Caldwell, New Jersey, -who Is executive director of the American Social Hygiene association. ' Dr. Clarke said: "Self-trentment, .non-professional treatment, quack remedies are worse than useess. Americans must Icarn that lyphllls can be cured and pyphllis.

Mr«. Hubert M. Fanow and Hra. , Walter \y. Gosling wer« oo-chalrmen Sponsoring Many Meetof fe deuert-brldge given Friday at theSMolly Pitcher hotel by the Monings Throughout State ntouth County Branch, American A»' sociation Unlvewtty Women, The Over 200 New Jersey organisations proceeds of thb event will be uked to have planned meetings or activities ; defray cxponsei fpr a iobopl aurvey for the celebration of Fourth NaooiiduOted by the group. Utootllantional Social Hygiene day, today, eoui prizes were gives a» table according to an announcement made awards, , by Charles Gullck, presldont of the Attending were Mr«. Leland W* New Jersey Social Hygiene associaCrafts, Mra. Ledyard Avery, Mri. Artion, thur 3: whlto, Mr». J. L. MontgomThese celebrations of National . ory, Mrs. Arthur Auer, Mra. Wlnn Social Hygiene day arc sponsored Poser-Mr* George W. Zlika, Mr* in New Jersey by the Medical SociMurray Woronoff, Mri. Edward ety of New Jersey, Ne*r Jersey Maurer, Mra. Harvey Hartman, JJr». Health and Sanitary association, Stanley Cundey, Mri). Mary C. SmKJh, New Jersey State Department of ' Mrs. Emily L. Murfltt,Ur«. Loula p. Health and tho New Jersey Social Ford, MM. Anne Whitney, Mra. J. HOUSE WITH CENTRAL HALL Hygiene association. Throughout Carle Anderson, Mra. Bamuel Tllt'Dn, tho country in other states this Mrs, Harvey Bronner, Mra. Albert T, This Is the plan of a house in the Colonial feeling which is one of yearly observance will be featured Anderson, Mis. H, C. Burrowes, lln. the most economical to build, It provides a good size living room with a perhaps 5,000 meetings ojj AmerHenry R. Fell', Mrs. ^Kenneth / F.. fireplace, which in this case had walls and woodwork of a «oft griry. Tho by ica reviews the progress made Greene, Mrs.. N. B. Lookwood, Wrs. same color was used in the hall, and in the dining room. The curtains in against syphilis and maps the camE. Ehrllch, Mra. A. M. Haigh, Mri. the living room tfere a blue figured chintz and the rug a deep solid blue; paign ' for another year. Edward Farry, Mr«. George Campthose in the dining/oom were of deep cherry, matching the rug. In this Last year the meeting and funcbell, Mrs. Herbert West, Mrs. Clar way the whole lower floor was in harmony, and yet had distinctly differtions In New Jersey ran in excess once Bahrenburg, Mrs. J. X>eon ent color schemes. From a color standpoint the use.of red curtains in a of 200 with more than 12,000 persons Schanck, Mrs. • Horace Burijowes, dining room is a very charming one. Red is an exciting color, and used n attendance. In many places free Mrs. William Hi Hitchcock, Mrs, in a room where if but a few hours of tho day are spent it is stimulating Wassermann tcsU were offered and Henry E. Ackerson, Mrs. Evort V. and pleasant..In a living room it might be overpowering. The gray of it reported that approximately Slloox, Mrs, H, S, Schanck, Bfrij. John the downstairs hall was carried up to the second story. The master bed- 2,000is persons availed themselves of J. Scully, Mrs, Oeorge 8. Cherry, Mrs. room and bath had walls painted a hyacinth blue, with plum colored rug, this opportunity.' . Joseph Lynch, Mrs. Bloomflold Hu- , and draperies and bed cover ofthintz in which hyacinth blue, plum, and The 27th annual meeting and regllck, Mrs. Van B. Walker, Mr«. John delicate rose predominated. The bathroom had a soft blue tile dado with ional conference of the American a washable wallpaper of blue and white above it, Across the hall the Social Bucklln, Mrs. R. O. Hacketfiff, Mrs. association, held In was in blue, part plain, and part a gay figured -wallpaper. Tho ChicagoHygiene S. B. Tuthlll, Mra, WlHIami Vocke, . nursery in cooperation with the U. bedroom on the front of the house had a green and white wallpaper, Mrs. Harry Malohow, Mrs. J.,' P. MorS. Public Helath Service, the Amwith a green rug, and bedspreads and curtains of white -with ford, Mrs. J- P. Williams, M)«. Thonv erican Medical association, and the trimminc. . • • as Lewis, Mrs. J. O. Harper, Mrs. American. Pharmaceutical associaivry Cfeilln, Mrs. Edwaitd Baker, tion, is the outstanding national event. The agremsnts, they say, let down On this occasion the William Freers. William MIdgley, Mr«. J. H. the bars to Imports, and BUCU im- man Snow medal will be awarded to .Mattenleo, Mrs. O. A. Stevens, Mrs. ports are ruining our agriculture, our General John, J. Pershlng for his L. W, Conrow, Mr«. John Warren, glovemakers, our watchmakers, our distinguished service to the fight Mrs. Frederick C, Smith, ;Mra. Clartimbermen and various other enter- against syphilis. Public and private , enco Weeden, Mra, Davl'4 Hutchlnprises but the Department of Com- health and' welfare organizations son, jr., Mrs. MlUon H. Ilrlgga, Mrs. merce reports the volume of these from all over the country will take John H. Watspn, Mrs. TMvls Bushimports is relatively small. nalt, Mrs. Oeorge Scott, IHrg, Charles part in the-two-day meeting. However, It was admitted by the This year's Social Hygiene day Wardell, Jr., Mrs. Thom tut H. Lsfon, Department that among the importMrs. James R. BarbDur, jM rs. Samuel fociis attention on the prevalant commodities on which certain will J, Van Dyke, Mrs. Alna'/ey M. Peterof medical, quackery and illegal typea of duties were reduced through ence son, Mrs. Frank Waltt. Mrs. L. R. practices as obstacles to the contrade agreements, imports of cattle trol, of syphilis Ward, Jr., Mrs, T. F. .(Ippleby, Mrs. said to' Infect 1 (except for breeding) cotton and wool one in twenty innow O. K. Parry. Mrs. F. 'jr. Cole, Mrs. United States. scrnt-manufacturos, sawed lumber Out of the many the Clifford VV. Humphrey, 'Mrs. John F. community meetand shingles show Increases. The ings, it is expected, will develop Trudeau, Mrs, Frank ti. Curtis, Mrs, aggregate increase in Imports of plans for fighting.medical quackery William D. Sayre, Miia. Harold Dethese products combined was only Voe, Mrs." Emlllo Fanjul, Mrs. C. L. ' Illegal practices during" the $80,322,009 as compared to the $2,071,- and Roloson, Mrs. H. C. "VanNote, Mrs. coming year. 000,000 total value of the United E'lna Flcker, Mrs. E/enry H. Kohl Renewed activity In New Jersey's States Imports for the llrst eleven campaign. • / . , Mrs. J, Lee Enrl[[ht, Mri. Theoagainst syphilis L and months of 1039. dore D. Parsons,' Mice. D. S. Lookgonorrhea was seen In an anThe positive value of the agree- nouncement of Dr. H. F. Kllander, wood, Mru.-C. H. Mffler, Jr., Mra. D. ments Is even more striking than chairman of the New Jersey comA. Holmes, Mrs. J. W. Foster, Jr., their negative merit. The Commerce mittee for National Social Hygiene Mm. L. A. Griffin, Mffl. Frank Leslie; Department shows in Its review of day, that the observance beginning Mrs, Vernon State wr, Mrs. P. B. United States trade for this same today throughout, the state would Walnwright, Mrs. Pi K. Smith, Mrs BY CONGRESSMAN period, January 1 through November, probably Involve the active particiAlfred Corceo, Mrs. Robert Rose 1930, that our exports to the trade pation of 15,000 to 20,000 persons Mrs. Ralph E, Pfiarce, Mrs. John WILLIAM H. SUTPHIN agreement countries rose 18 per cent in meetings of health groups, clubs, O'Reilly, Mrs. Johr/athan Nlles, Mrs. over the first 11 months . of 1938,associations and other'organizations. Edward Anson, Mrs. S. B, Boynton, Another Jersey Appointment while exports to non-agreement One of the principal objects of Mrs. J. M. Bayles, MM. Walter Taylor, Mrs.. H. L. Borden, Mrs. Stanley Again New Jersey has been hon- countries declined 8 per cent. The the 1940 observance according to Sculthoip, Mrs. William Schaphorst, ored by having one of her favorite statement has been erroneously Dr. Kllander "is to acquaint the Mrs, p. I. Redoay, Mrs. Kenneth sons appointed to an exalted post In made that reciprocal trade was noltr public with the problems of medlMelnort. Mrs. J, EL Gordon, Mrs. Wil- Washington. This time It Is the as-Ing more than a low-tariff system in liam Abernethy\ Mrs. J. Harry signment of Lewis Compton, former- disguise, but the facts disprove tha^ ITON BEEKMAN, HalneB, Mrs. I lenneth

I in the new-born prevented by prompt, proper treatment. The guidance of a reputable physician Is the flrat dependable step 'toward real cure." . Dr. Kilander pointed out that Information for local committees can be obtained from their health officials and from the New Jersey sponsors of this Social Hygiene' day, which ure the Medical Society of New Jersey, Trenton; New Jersey Health and Sanitary association, Freehold; New Jersey State p«partment of Health, Trenton; and tho New Jersey Social Hygiene association, 45 Branford place, Newark.



Hand-Made and Ready-to-Wear $9.95 $J.95 and $g.95

Takes Job at Washington. John Dill, a horse trainer at the Freehold track the past-two years, Has taken a position to train the William E. Miller string at Washington,' D.C. He now has ten head at Pinehurst, N. C.. for winter training. Mr. Miller 1» a wealthy furniture dealer and races horses as a pastime. ,

136 Broad Street,

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54 Broad Street


>5c Spun Aluminum WHISTLING









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Rumsom Churches


Members of the Intermediate and . Junior groups of Hannah Baldwin so. clety, Children of American Rtvolu. tlon, met Friday afternoon at thu home of Mrs. Horton B. Oarrlnon uf Front street and at the home ol Mrs. | Frank Borden of Shrewsbury. Miss • aiill Garrison was hostess to merrt' born of the junior group, Mra. Phillip Smith presided at tho business ' noBfllon. Following the ses»lon the children played games. .- At the tntermeillate group matting aU the Borden,; home. .Mrs. Frank Quaokonbueh, aenMrSpiealoent, spoke to the" group on "Approved D. A, R. Brhools." Following the meeting games were played and refreshment* served, , • ) ""*:""• ' '•


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Vh-a. Monroe PBUIBO, Mrs. A. B. An-

Red Bank, N. J.

% Doors, from Peters Place.



derson, Mn. J. J. Mc9herry, Mn. J. 1", Smith, Mrs Mary Bannon, Mrs. George Harvey, Mrs. Harold Paters, ,))lr». Frank Nary, Mrs. James Felt, Misses Mary McOroog, Agnes FanInlna, Marie Monsen, Vera M. Hennessey, Rosemary Keehan, Josephlno Llgler and Adele Bauer, John Sulll!van, Frank Tomanonlo, Joseph iShuUz, Jacob JeBrey, Charles P. Kupor, Frank Curley, Patrick O'Brlon and Rev^ Cletus Blhn.




"• O»»CI» IUMKMt,COPMta I . f t I. « H I I I



FEBRUARY 1,1940. not raising taxes Just for sheer delight o t so doing. They I realize the consequences- of their act, and they afso! know that they will.have t o s a y their share of the s a m e ! taxes that they saddle upon their fellow-townsmen, Youj may rest assured that it shown a w a y out of the dilemma they will aelie It In much the same manner as the proverbial drowning m a n grasps, a straw. ' •• •

HOBE ABOUT xHBD.f. he thinks It should be run and 1stwhan these faction are considered, the cltWs still hart about twice u the critic* criticise," . Red Bank Register. It would bt an Interesting expert many physicians In proportion to ESTABLISHED 1178 ment It "self-starting" critics ware population as tha r u t of the state. Dear Mr. Editor: , Tet It Is a poor rural community given charge ot the nation's banks "Fead the birds," we hear npeatTHOMAS IRVING BROWN and newspapers for a period. I t Is a Indeed which cannot afford a good edly. A neighbor comet outtothis Editor and Publisher ' safe bet that the. public which de- phyilolan a vary comfortable, income. service station each morning during «fc__ ' * _m. . — _ J _ _ Z I (Th« oplnona tifnuti In the editorial pends on banks and an equally safe And tor a young medical man anx- tha reoent cola snap—he cantos a •UiUnemployment Survey. Views hereunder do not necessarily e»Trj> ioua to bt of itryje), tha email town large pall filled with ytllow corn. Ha The men wt)o organised the new Taxpayers' assobet that the publlo which depends on JAMES J. HOGAN, Associate Editor the endorsement of Tha ReKtiUr). Aa a,' p u t of tha ,1940 eensuscia banks to safeguard Its money and ciation showed that co-operation Is possible between H. BABOLD KELLY, Assistant Editor ' comprehensive survey wlll"8f'maue newspapers to give It thi news of the .official and taxpayer. Sitting In with the budget com-, CHE8TER J, BEAMAN, Assistant Editor FROM NAMELESS GRAVES. or^tha nation', working population world, would take a terrible beating. mlttee of the board of .education during Its deliberations, FREDERIC S. HAYES, Managing Editor and tha extant and nature of unemOne ot his enemies la a "whisky Amateur banking and amateur they made many helpful suggestions, and aa a result ployment. ^ p journalism would be a far cry from n on the school budget was cut considerably and other econMember Audit Bureau of Circulations. °* the present economic ? ft / a wom the real professional articles. untry tha elaborate Iabora1 see the man. HaorostesVhe ,L - . ** the country Iabora-1 scarcely scarc omies were promised. T h e same thing can be m a i e v l o Member National Editorial Association. j situation, the questions relating to an and once very useful to him, Is Banking has given the American tory and hospital facilities to ba I froxen river and scatters the balance y hospitl f i l i t i t b f done In municipal matterB, If all parties concern exer- "woozy in the head." Two other people and American business U i found id In the city, but If ha tries he i which is In the pall, They huva httva tha employment atatua ot the availMember New Jersey Press Association. that twicer* dijr he goes out'. «bto labor fow« will differ aomewhat cise a helpful spirit of sincere' co-operation. members of the political party to paralleled service—It furnished the oan build a clinic ot hi. own which laarned Member Monmouth County Press Club. will brim many modern facilities to teed them. Member Bed Bank Chamber of Commerce Many yeara ago, a aaa gull whoa a from thoaa ot prior censuses. The There is no doubt but what the Red Bank tax rate which John L. LewU threw his pow- financial lifeblood that built this na- within: raaoh ot people who' otherer and hlB party' funds' In 19S8 aretion In world record time. The Amerto obtain wing waa ahot so that he would questions — — —— a » «n — designed wvwtjsjattvsijt fcw w t r w a a A not UVh _ Member Xne American Press Half Century Club la too high. Otherwise our town is In an excellent d d l picturesque i ,„ , .. . denounced In less terms, ican newspaper gives the people bet- wise would Uok thim altogether. naver fly again, came Into our yar« only data on employed and tin- ° Tha notable work of the latt Dr. at Bad Bank,I urged ."him vary financial condition. We might disagree among our- F r o m nameless graves^n the froren ter, more complete and more accuremployed workers, but also on such MEMBER THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ate coverage of what Is happening Rogers day In founding the Arca- gently Into a 'wire enclosure) (I was!widely varying groupa aa new workThe Associated' Press la exclusively entitled to thi selves as to the desirability of buying a new fire engine, | ground near Herrln, Illinois, come a mile away or ten thousand mllet dia Valley hospital, now known u afraid of htm), then with a large pall a n who have been unable to find emor a new street department vehicle at this time, or foi j the sighs of thirty ghosts who died B t Mary's of the O«arka, at Ironton, of water and a dish of ataw, which he ployment aftar several years in the i for-republlcatlon of all news dispatches credited t< ata like any other longshoreman, he the need of an additional policeman. The^place t a t t o n - o n o Jl>no day In 1922: "If he had'only away than the press of any other labor market; workers on emergency or not otherwise credited In this paper and also thi out these differences first is around the table, and fail-1 b e e n contentwlth calling us names!1' country. The bankers and the 'edi- Is a fine example of what a ulte at home, clan wlth and -New York Sun. tors 'Will RO on doing then vital Jobs had to keep him or have him programs, and .older workers Idle afnews published therein. ng a satisfactory settlement here, at the polls. This 1; while the "critics crltlcl*e."--The „ as ha could not get hla own ter protracted periods of unemploythe essence of American democracy, and It works rath* MB. HAGUE FIXES EVERYTHING Metuchen Recorder. hava bean wasted. Ha earned' the living. My younger brother had him ment. To gat an accurate picture of _,. , Tha Red Bank Register assumes no financial responsibility gratitude ot a whole saotlon In themany years. . When he aaw him pick tha component parts ot the labor ftor typosrraDhtcil errors In advertisements but will reprlni er well, the opinions of dictators notwithstanding. You may have sees by the papers i i h a t sart ot an advertisement In which the typographical erroi Orark foothills and left behind a up oars, a crabnet and a basket, he .lupply, the Census Bureau plans to Yes, the new Taxpayers' association of Red Bank IMMORTAL ADDRESS AOeetlri. Advertisers will please. notify the management iiumethat Republican managers in New great project which la being carried knew something would be brought measure the slxe and characteristics has.made an excellent start. We hope that before long Jersey are all mixed up. They have jlfltattlr .of any error which may occur. Appropos of the 131st anniversary on by one of his sons, Or. Georg out ot the river for him. With Tils tit the labor pool as bt a given time— Man]' people do not leem to understand that communica< It will be a powerful organization of Red Bank taxpay- Been trying to arrange their prlraary of Lincoln's birthday Monday, Feb- Qay. sham bill he would kill hard crabi 1 (arch 21 to SO. The questions asked tppearirsr - In The Red Bank Register are not written b instantly, picking their eyes out. ..pi* connected with The Res-liter. The statements made an< ers, w6fkTng quietly, albeit fearlessly and without po- affairs so that they will have an elec- ruary 12, Is the story circulated In What the rural section may lack Clams he broke the.ahell—both would •vittll divide the force. In to four main • eritleiams made are merely the expression! of the individual! litical bias, 'for what we most desire: a reduction in tion "in May and not a revolution. To reference' to Lincoln's Immortal Get- In the power) to give wealth, it can be cleaned out thoroughly With hla gitoupa, as follows: > BUfamlt the communications or articles bearing- their respecthis end dinners have been consumed, tysburg Address. The tradition had make up In a life of rleh experiences. sharp beak. 1—Persons aotually at work on J name*. The Bed Bank Rexiitir invites any one who so de- local taxes and greater economy in governmental exconferences held and committees ap- prevailed that the address, consist- Young doctor, go to the country I—St. l a i n e t o make reply to any or all of these eammunieatlln*. penditures. The guH's feaiher's ware allvery In private or non-emergenoy governpointed. The availability' of Mr. Ing of 269 words, was delivered with- Louis Post Dispatch. summer time, his breast covered with ment work during the period. Dewey, Mr. Taft, Mr. Vandenberg out preparation, or that It waa writblack polka dots. In winter he. was Sf—Persons at work on, or assigned Subscription Prices In Advance: white all over, and you could scarcely to, tpubllc emergency work, such as and others has been dlsoussed, alsoten by Lincoln on a Baltimore and SEVERE INDICTMENT. find him In the anow. In very se- W P 4 , NYA, CCC, local relief work, Three months — ? .50 . J2.00 a delegation unpledged and unlnyear,Ohio train between Washington and Alcohol begins Its social effects In vere waather he stayed nights In a etc. .04 Another Example of Popularity structed. As yet, no dice. Accord Gettysburg.. Tha clarity and diction Ff.Blx months • et . 1.00 Single copy small house filled with salt hay. Impairing public health, fostering has eluded them. So there will be of the message Is proof that it was 8-TAH persons aeeklng work and of Bowling at Red Bank. Pete became very tame, and would diseases, Increasing the expense of BVylBBUad Wesklr, entered aa Second-Class Matter at tbs Postmore dinners, conferences and com- carefully prepared. eat out of your hand, but never al- not/ to either of the first two classi'Itflee a t Bed Bank, N. J., under the Act of March !. 1B7B. Additional proof of the popularity of the ancient mittees. Eventually the problem may public hoapltallzatlon, and adding un- lowed any one to plok hint up—that fications. Competent testimony now avail- measured cost to Institutions for the sport of bowling at Red Bank Is supplied by the waybe left to the rank and, file to be de-able, too much for anyone. 4—Persons with a Job In private or seems t o prove that Lincoln treatment of physical and mental dls- sharp bill was Gertrude H. Harrison,'. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1940. non-emergeney government work, or . in which local residents have taken to the 14th ahnuai;re"rml"ncd"rri'a'pa7ty"^r'lmary"and"hJ wrote the address in its entirety or asei. South Rlvervlew Avenue, with'.%business or professional, en* ' tournament of the New Jersey Bowling association, I the manner provided by law. In part, before he left Washington. Alcohol makes a large contribution •hlch will be held at the Red Bank Recreation hall, Consider, then, the utter ease with There Is also convincing evidence to crime. The second stage of alco- January. SO, 1940. Little Silver, N. J. terprlsw, who did not work during ( the W(»ek because they were either that lie gave it the finishing toucnes which the N e w Jersey Democracy starting Saturday, March 2. The record for team enhollo Intoxication often releases emojSWilHam Mustoe Is Logical Man on a vocation; temporarily HI; on a disposes of such trifles as primary In the home, of Judge David Wills lons which tend to violence . . . "It tries In the tournament Is 192. lay-off mot exceeding four weeks with CENSURES MOTORIST. elections. How Is It done? Elemen- in Gettysburg, the night before, it Is stated by students of criminology •;;;For Position of Detective Chief. The entries for the Red Bank tournament have al- tary, Mr. Farley, elementary. A tel- as delivered. Instructions to return to work on a that alcoholism Is responsible for 80 eady surpassed this mark according to reports and atephone call from Miami Beach to Jer '• United States District Attorney Johnl J. Qulnn of After the Battle of Gettysburg, it per cent.of the antisocial propensi- Philip 'Matthews Reproves Driver epeclnoctd data; on a atrlke or lockout; or on a lay-off due to temporary ' ' Red Bank' has been nominated by Governor Moore for least 100 more teams are expected before the entries e e y city, and the primary is over. Ni was decided that all the bodies of ties that make necessary jails and Who Killed Dof. bad weather. 1 the post'of prosecutor for Monmouth county. If he re- :lose Saturday. , With approximately 300 teams entered,) wear and tear on committees, dinnei Union soldiers be gathered and bur- correctional institutions." ("Tha Val- E d i t o r : ' •• • Persona aeeklng work (group 8) ceives senate confirmation he will succeed T. Raymond oore than $3,500 will be available for. cash prizes. In j menus or prospective delegates. Bos led In one place. Seventeen acres ue of Law Observance," United It may Interest the driver of thewill ba fkirther aub-dlvlded Into two ddltlon trophies will be awarded to the winning teams Hague simply tolls the Democrat! ot land was purchased by the State States Department of Justice.) Bailey of Long Branch, Republican, who Is the pres automobile that struck and killed a classes, those with previous work exI Party, New Jersey branch, that it 1of Pennsylvania, acting as trustee ' -Alcohol 4s the enemy of public small wire-haired terrier on Branch perience, and "new workers" who >ent prosecutor, and individuals. for President Roosevelt for a third for" the 18 states that had Union lately. In 1987 there were 39,800 fa- avenue at Foxwood park about 9:30 have had no previous work experiThe tournament competitors will roll only on Sat- term and, presto, the Democratic soldiers burled there.' It was decid- tal motor accidents In the United I. m. Wednaadav. January 24, and The incoming prosecutor will have'the appointment 1 of three assistants and possibly a chief of county detec- irdays and Sundays and with 300 entries the tourney, p a t t y > New Jersey branch, Is fored to dedicate the cemetery on Octo- States.- Investigation proved that 60 failed to stop, to know his ' aot haa ence, but are actively looking' tor. saddened a household, and brought Work. tives. Monmouth county has been without, a chief of vlll last about six weeks. Teams have been entered President Roosevelt for a third term. ber 23, 1863, and Edward Everett, per cent of the drivers had been grief for the first time Into the lite From thel new Inquiries, the bureau 'detectives since Harry E. Crooks w a s removed from of- Irora various parts of the state and they will be accom- The delegates at large? Mr. Hague an orator of highest repute in hisdrinking one hour before, of a voune bov who loved hla dog. points out, It will ba poaslble to obday, was Invited to make the prinThe use of alcohol has a direct takes care of that, too. He anflee by Justice Joseph Perskle during the Naughright ranted to Red Bank by squads of rooters. tain a deUdled. measurement ot unPhilip 'Matthewi, cipal addreaa. He asked for more bearing on poverty. One responsible Investigation in 1924. Early In 1925 Charles H. Tate was employmen t. After the elimination of Joseph Menxzopane, tournament manager, is at-nounces the batteries for Primary time to prepare hla speech and pro- committee of Investigation reported Sycamore Avenue. Little Silver. persons In the labor force who were named chief county Investigator, a position created by emptlng to make the tournament the best ever held Day, the first petition Is tossed out posed November 19th as the date. hat "in the United States alcohol and Mr. Hague moves In on. the at work In private or non-emergency the prohibition law. rom all standpoints and from present Indications his g r o u n ( 1 ' f l a o r o ( t n e "Draft Roose This was accepted. responsible directly or Indirectly government' work or an emergency I f a detective chief Is to be named, the logical man :ffofts will be crowned by success. In doing so he will velt" show. On the day of the dadioatlon, tha Tor at least 26 per cent of all pover- A TEN-BILUON-DOLLAB GHTT. programs dmrlng tha week, the refor t h e job i s William S. Mustoe of Red Bank, who 'ring Bed Bank to the fore again, but in a field of sport, The open primary? Don't be silly. exercises were scheduled to start ty requiring relief by charitable orAa the European situation rapidly maining workers will ' be asked ed Bank never before has had the facilities to exploit Mr. Hague closes It before It'has a before noon. When tha President ganizations, 37 per cent of all pau-unfolds, dally Jt must be becoming whether they? are seeking work. Perserved a s acting chief for a short time after the removal and for 45.81 per cent^f child m o r e a n dm o r 6 e v ) ( 1 ent to more and sons answerling ada, and Interviewing chance to open.—Newark Evening reached tha cemetery, Mr. Everett of Mr. Crooks, Mr. Muatoe has had 25 years exper- >n a large scale. i."—Christian Herald. had not arrived and the exercises | more people that the United States, prospective umployers; those regisNews. ience in police work, having served on the Red Bank Bowling has Increased In popularity at Red Bank were delayed one-half hour. ' They! of timid congressional .lead- tered at putiNc or private employ- ' police force 11 years before receiving the appointment the past ten years to such an extent that to bloody handa of the while perporary absence. The four groups will d w e per X y *» ing h i s first term as prosecutor, haa proved the se activity that should appeal to all persons Interested In! the coming few weeks, may seem of deep, but left his audience unaware haps It did not receive as much ac- dictators, the United States would be treated aa constituting the total lection to be a good one through his efficient and con i tIe claim as some previous airplane give importance at first blush. Buf sclentlous efforts. In the past 14 years he has gained would endure with the English lan- nights, still Its plaoe In history will'.France ten billion dollars' worth of states the burero'i, may -toe taken ' life. ,We' refer to the University of Life courses inati-. t e M ' \ . ,. . . valuable experience that should be ene of the prime guage." Lincoln himself, thought b« just as.secure from the stand-• munitions and war materials as 1Uiroughly as comparable to the "gaintuted at the beginning of the year by^ev. Charles . * . ' „ * . » » £ ^ ^ £ ^ 1 1 1 % that requisites of an appointee to the Important post of the speech wra a failure and point of pointing the;way to the contributions to help preserve the ful worker" group obtained In , the Thunn and which will continue until the-latter part of i f t o m h l s £ l r flBd I 0 r e c a s t the weath mads a remark to that effect to his peaceful .«..i . . . . i . . t i « _ 1 *..» # '..,.,._ nf *fvUlvoH nAnniAfl n liVA tin. peoples live unright 1980 and earlier ^censuses, but the ' detective chief. and practical use of 'aero- rilrhf g of pp tto February. ~ ' er without being clapped Into jal companion, Ward Hill Lamon. t or broader scope of 'inquiry will give d nautics, der representative governments The appointment of a capable man from the ranks for carrying on a function so totally A sort of patient and unselfish will- under such governments as they more detailed Infor (nation. The project, which this. Sunday passes the midway A young man by the name of Would not only be popular with the public and law enthemselves might choose. .'. . * mark, has already proven a great success. The attend- unnecessary to the powers that be? Wayne McVeigh said to the Presi- ingness, which encourages men to forcement officials, but would be affording- the public ance for the three weeks had reached the 700 mark. Even with his ability to dodge bul- dent, "You have made an .Immortal depart from beaten paths and In- Ten billion dollars' worth of muHAPS AND THEIR USES. the proper protection that should "be forthcoming from vade unknown realma to bring forth' nitions and war materials would cost Thl, - the material side of th. picture, the Intangible ^ ^ X ^ X t ^ l Z address." Lincoln replied, "You something new and beneficial to this country little more than the a smooth-working county detective staff, manned by aspects cannot be reckoned. We cannot know with, G e r m a n w i t n s a fety? Hardly. His must not be extravagant about It." '"Can you suggest! which fluid on - - - la - -Indispensable - - to - any new value of the raw materials required. Few, however, realized at the time, mankind, capable detectives and under the supervision of a comcertainty just what each person took home With him a c t | o n ^ scientifically unproductive, that It was an "Immortal, address." enterprise, and moat characteristic We have millions of Idle men, who my farm would be t|ia most satisfacpetent chief. after attending the courses, but we do know that the I a n d therefore, In a totalitarian state, The sentence which proved ,to be a of those who are pioneers In avia- could manufacture and fabricate It tory for potatoes?" 'k/aa tho question put to County Ageint Douglass, reThe appointment of Mr. Mustoe to the chief's po- food for thought was there for the person to partake. I unnecessaryMoreover, his hlber-poor prophesy wan, "The world vwill tion. None so far have garnered any at Httla more expense than the cost cently. lid be a fitting .one In view of he who went away with his appetite unappeased nation would be looked upon with ittlo note nor long remember what substantial profits. But It Is no re-of maintaining them In idleness. . , . and h While the Idea baiiflc of the quesbe a It la not necessary for the United the fact that the detwU flection upon their Intelligence If Te~poT>rfyT>'qWped^ , deputa- we say here." : they have the fortitude to carry on States to be rich, to be great, to be tion, was In no way npw, In this parcounty staff by Mr. Qulnn and In the past 13 years he __ . .. ot . Life . . . has . . brought . . and. 1B . bring. . \*£* tion °of secret uofic%~'OTT"~naTTd-tTr *** ticular Instance the ifarmer had reThe University ' ; £ -, -, powerful and to be in position where u h g n a ph eh a d n o t has seen his appointment materialize both as a bene.CWtaj)HroJias.e,d,aeujiruadm Ing to Red Bank listeners the leaders In their respec- b ( J e n h a t ! : r l l n g plots against the govU^tln^r forlm"m,4Tate"i;ronr T^^^ GOOD OLD DAYS. fit to the public and as a credit to himself. been. Idle for many .years. It -was tlve fields, journalism, medicine, religion, education, so- ernment. And If, by any chance, he telllgence always atretches forth wel-1 but If she Is, she cannot escape her a farm the county tgent had not moral obligation, and should not unclal science, travel and even sports are all represented j were permitted to make his forecast, There is plenty ot Ice boating and coming arms toward the new and ylslted or Inspected fikr probably 15 skating on the Ice at Red Bank, but der some circumstances quibble little known, while Instinct wraps Its on a' program featuring both local and out-of-town: he would surely be purged at the I haven't seen any newspaper stor- legs around the venerable and tried, about extending, material aid. "Foryears. Therefore, the • answer' made personages. next purging If his prophecy did not es about horse racing. Taxpayers' Association u waa to the effect that ' 'X am sure we and endeavors nbt to budge."—John unto whomsoever much Is given, of In the old days when there was a W. Hlgglns In The Post Office Clerk. him shall be much required."—From have a. map In the offlcei of your farm Organized in Red Bank. Another pleasing fact is that the University of L l f e , * 1 J ^ ^ ^ . . ^^ ^ " ' aA wetther fore, fo re severe winter, with thick Ice and no a letter from Thomas W. Phillips, with each field designated. By takWe Americans have a rare penchant for organiza- Is purely non-secretarlan. The audiences have b e e n l c a B t e r , g a p e c u l l a r ] y democratic in- snow on the roads, the horsemen Jr., former member of Congress, In ing this map and checking with our THE BANKER'S WORRIES. '> tlon. Europeans have stated that whenever three or made up of members of all religious denominations, and 'Btltutlon. In this country It matters took their trotters and sleighs down solls map we should be1 able to tell the Butler (Pa.) Eagle. you clearly what field cw fields are four Americans get together they Immediately proceed the speakers have been choaen, not for their theologi-' n o t whether he predicts more winter on the river and held race meets. or the, end of winter; hU action Is But times have changed. Not - Banks, to the average citizen, look cal beliefs, but for the messages they had to Impart. to form an organization. The nation bulges with clubs, like "big money." Most of them are W H Y NOT REDUCE THE 3 PER beat adapted for potato iproductlon." not, considered seditious in either many trotters any more. And no It one) wished to ba facoetlous perA university of life In the fullest sense of the phrase, associations, leagues, groups, clubs, federations, amalgaemerge with no racing on upper Broad street, even housed In. Imposing buildings. Tha CENT FEDERAL TJ. O. C. TAXT bapa het might suggest that from the courses might, with profit to all, be made an annual case. And he tellers sit in their cages surrounded ', matlons, and what-not. there is snow. by piles of money. Tha banks' an- With reports and tax receipts from these two maps the county agent event for Red Bankers Interested In the good things hand than the members o' the Slum- when Those were good old days.—Had- nual statements deal with large figcould, tell the atatuB of Ute soil ferWe have organizations for everything. Clubs are the various State-Federal Unemploy- tility. The answer to thin must be bering Groundhog Lodge of Quarry- lon Ivlns In Hudson Dispatch. formed within these organizations - and cliques within of life. ures. ment Compensation laws Indicating ville, Pennsylvania, or, a- congress,of that the fertility of the s o P Is really the clubs. The process seems endless. Our every phase The banker, HHe the rest of us, that the present 3% .. Federally ... com- secondary to the importance of soil news photographers. Furthermore, HELP WITHOUT FEAR of life comes under the jurisdiction of some associahas his problems In making both | pelled pay roll tax [» generally yield- types In relation to crops. : there must be considered the Importtion, and even the government with its alphabetical Proposed Changes in ' more revenue .than . the . cur- - Every farmer In Monmouth county ant faction that has faith in his It Is good to hear that Herbert ends meet—and In recent years those ing much i agencies has gone In strongly for. good old American rently paid benefits to workers who who waa In the Agricultural Conserweathor forecasting ability; there is Hoover bos promises of large contrl- problems have grown more acute. butlni from industrial leaders and Jobless Insurance Law'. organization. Some figures recently Issued by the lose their jobs makes necessary, the vation .Program for 1939 should have his ability to provide entertainment theatrical benefits which will. add Federal Deposit Insurance corpora- Federal Social Security Board at a raapv of hla farm. In addition, a The Unemployment Compensation Commission, of In a cnre-rldden world, Well, maybe all this is a good thing, except probanother $1,000,000 to the American tlon are highly Illuminating, X* the Washington, D, C , In a press stateably for gentlemen of the press who have to keep track this state haa submitted its annual report to Governor jn And,h In passing. It i» gratifying to fund for relief or the Finns. But we year 1938 Interest—principal source ment January 17 declares it favors map la .on file In tha extenslcoi office. A. Harry Moore. It shows a total of $14,910,745.23 paid °te ' a t he may still make his preMaps are also on file In th«) offlco hope the nickels and dimes and dolof countless groups and report their activities to their of bank profit,—received by the na-larger and longer duration benefit covering practically ovary fnrm in . . . . ,iintlnn *h«the trnnttraditional t.[nnal date.—New dlctlbnnnon date.—New lars will still roll In. For the Amerition's 13,645 Insured commercial payments and other "liberalization" the county, whether In the program readers, and who also have to exercise the utmost care to 208,021 Individuals in the period from January 25, York Sun. can people need effective-expression banks, totaled |1,338,000,000. This of the state laws. In avoiding the many conflicts that naturally arise the date of the mailing of the first benefit check, to or not. A map la one of tibo beat for the helpfulness they feel. And as represented i2.U per »100 of assets— ej among these heterogeneous bodies. Is both Interesting and timely bases for a .farmer and the joounty GOOD APPOINTMENT. December 31. The report also shown that the contribuIt finds expression that helpfulness in other words, a little- more than forIt the national law-makers and em- agent to use* In the development of Organisation of clubs might bo a good thing for tions of employers and employees In 1939 will approxiThe appointment of W. Paul Still will grow* displacing the last vestige 2%, You could hardly call that ex- ployers generally to note that the So- the moat economic farm program. Americans for three reasons.- First,'it keeps us occu- mate $46,000,000, and that the net cash assets are $98,- man, president of the National State of thoughtless Indifference or self- cessive, or even adequate. cial Security board's statement con- And, by the uae of a map eacta^year, pied and our minds at least for the time being, (rom 967,074.38 after payment of the first year's benefits. Bank of Newark, as the successor satisfied complacency, which Is truly Reason for ths banks' modest re- tains no mention of the possibility programs can, very easily be kept turns Is tha decline In Interest rates. that the Federally dictated 3% payup tb data. the many troubles that exist in a world gone mad. SecThe commission, duo to Its large reserve, recom- of the late J. H. Bacheller as a mem-un-American In times, like these. ond,- It serves as n valve for letting off our pent-up mends to the legislature a liberalization of the benefit ber of the Newark Sinking Fund Even Americans who feel no need Between 1923 and 1937 the average roll tax might now safely be reduoed, emotions, be they anger or delight. Third, and the formula In increased weekly benefit rates, increased Commission, \e a selection by Mayor to help the Allies In their war with yield on commercial paper dropped without endangering continued reall. CONSCIENCE MONEY. Germany see clearly the Issues raismost Important, organization for a definite purpose can duration of payment and extension of coverage of em- Ellenstoin In keeping with the high ed by Finland's heroic defense from 4.6% to less than 1%. Rates x a t | o n o f t h o I u n d a m e n t a l l y sound typo of citizens who have filled the on loans to bank customers dropped . • accomplish a great deal of good. ployers. This means the commission haa changed Its post. against Soviet, aggression, Even from almost 8% to 2.% In New York original benefits designed by tho Fed- George Ollllg, one of the owneos of eral Social Security Act, tha Ice yacht Pirate, received) an Birth' of a taxpayers' association at Bed Bank this mind. Several weeks ago It advocated elimination of Mr. Stillman, although young as Americans who fear that- govern- city, and suffered big drops In other The possibility as well as the feas- anonymous. letter a few days Ago 1 i weok can very well come under our third classification. the one per cent tax paid by workers to ease their tax bankem ages are reckoned, has mental aid to Finland would In- sections. Government bond Interest ibility of promptly amending the Un- which he states must have been pent Such an association can accomplish much in a bene- burden. Business Interests In the state are In favor of established himself In the ten years volve the United States In war can shrank from 3.8% to 3.7#. Return employment Compensation tax lec-by a conscious istrlcken friend. give freely and without fear ficial way, if the organization continues along the path a merit system in fixing the employers' tax to be based ho has been head of the second old- through the unofficial channel of tha on treasury notes and certificates tion of the Federal law, by reducing Over these many years that Mr. went down from 3.5% to practically the 8% Federal rate to 2%% or even est bank In the city. He Is thor,lald out for It by those who Monday night at Alston on the labor turnover in various industries, Qllllg has bean active In loe boating, Hoover relief organization.—The nothlng^J/10 ot 1%. oughly In touch with Newark, being The commission should stick to Its original recom2%, with continued 90% credit al- he has been, liberal In his desire' to Beekman'o ofllco brought in Into the world. Bankt have taken a beating from lowance of such reduced Federal mendation. If the proposed increased weekly benefit! a director of two of Its leading. In- Christian Science Monitor. ' The parents of this lusty baby seem to be very wlso trends and governmental policies rate under any state law, ought to help and many'have taken advantratei and the Increase In the payment periods are tosuranco companies and having served COUNTRY DOCTOR. which have reduced earnings and in- occur to some thoughtful members age of hla generosity by seeking ', people Quite rightly, they are concerned, not go much be offset by a reduction' In relief expenditures, the plan 03 general chairman of the Newark small loana. with the present, as they are with the future. Their would merit serloua consideration from that standpoint. Community Chest campaign and Two or three recent autobiograph- terest rates to the vanishing point ot congress, as a definite 'means ot The lattar received by Mr. Olllltf offspring will not be able to run until it hue mastered Experience, however, has proven that the taxpayers president of the Newark Chamber of ies testify to the full and Interesting Yes, the banker has his- worries.— affording some worthwhile tax relief contained a crisp *1 bill, together career open to the rural or small- Industrial News Review, Portland, to American employers. >' t the art of walking, so instead of going off half-cocked could expect no ouch relief. Here lo a good example: Commerce.—Newark Sunday Call. with the notation! "50 oents for loan town doctor, but the great bulk of Oregon. .. •/'against the present Red Bank budget, which calls for we, have the commission's report that the state, paid out Such UCC tax rate reduction by and 50 cents tor Interest." medical college graduates still settle BANKS AND NEWSPAPERS. congress would clear the way for Mr. Ollllg has no .Idea from whence. s'_' Increased taxation, they have decided very rightly to almost 15 million dollars In 1D30 to unemployed workdown In the cities. •' NO "FRONT" NEEDED. Newspapers and banks have at similar-action In New Jersey and the letter came and he has aaked. plan and, study and equip themselves with knowledge ers, yet the legislature last year received 421,000,000 to The Interne's appear to consider America does not want the "Chrisleast one thing in common, In the other states and would be the means The Reglpter to acknowledge receipt '•' that will enable them to aid our borough fathers In par- expend for relief purposes through a bond Issue voted "Horse-and-Buggy Doctor" and "The opinion of the Ouachltn Citizen of Story of tho Country Doctor" fine tian Front" of the alleged conspira- of retaining to private Industry and of same for him. ; ,lng and pruning governmental expenditures In the not by tho public. West Monroe, Louisiana. Both of for an evening's reading, but not so tor Cassldyl America doea not de-labor hundreds ot millions of tax dol'[", too distant future.^, ^"'.. " alre a Franco Imitating Front, a lars «now levied and now "froien" In As the commission')! records show, there Is a wide thorn get plenty of criticism. good as a pattern for a life. CHURCH OF T H E AIR. The Taxpayers' association of Red Bank Intends to varl&tlon In tho turnover of certain Industries. If there "Tho most dilllcult task that wo The figures for Missouri are fairly Jewish Front, or a Communist Front. treasury I. O. U.'s.—News Letter, Operate, not as a negative association, ready to jump Is to bo any relief for the worker It should be general. ! can think of at tho moment is to runtypical. In 1938, the state had 5,348 America doea not need any "front" Manufacturers Association of New A Christian Science devotional pro-' ,/at tha throats of everybody with whom it disagrees. The commission's lntcst recommendation la unfair bo- n bank or a nowspaper to ploase doctors, of whom three-fifths were behind Which Intolerant and subver- Jersey. gram will be broadcast over Station forces may hide) America wishTbji It too easy, and Is the kind of thing that we allcauso It would be beneficial In tho greatest degree to everyone," says tho Citizen. "I( thesettled In metropolitan St. Louis and sive WBRB tomorrow aftornopn "ttl^ 4:45. es for no "front" whose cohesive S »*• too prone to do. Rather it will serve as a positive only certain Industries where the labor turnover is banker Is conservative ho Is charged Kansas City. In the state's two, big powar la the bond of bigotry, tha Thla program Is under the auaplccn FINNISH BENEFIT CONGEST. with not being helpful to the com^rganliatlon, seeking-to earn tha respect and confidence large,' while the men who have steady employment will munity. If he lends the depositors' Urban centers, there was an average pooling of prejudice, or the huddling of the Christian Bclenob Committee of one doctor to each 400 pefsona, William S. Haskell of Rumion, oh Publication for Now jersey, and YP{ official! and taxpayers alike, This was the Idea exnuo to pay the tax. Elimination of the one p o r ! m o n i ! y t 0 ° treoly he Is crltlolzed In the rest of the state, there was an of hata, led by R. V. R. H. Stout, the organization's first cent tax would be the bettor way to aid all workers. w n o n l h o borrower can't repay and average of one to every 1,246 perBut America doss need a sanse of president of tho Intercollegiate Muil- airs. Kate B. Thompson/a former splrtual unity between all ot ita re-cal council, has announced that tha Reader of First'' Church' of Christ, lent,,who In more colorlul language declared that thu bank closes. The newspaper man sons.. After all, It's their money that helped to build up tho who prints all tho news regardless of WM not the purpose of the association to* "turn the largo reserve Tho figures for Bt, Louis and Kan- ligious groups. America, doaa need! a Finnish violinist, Helmo Haltto, will Scientist, RaA'Bttnk. will conduct ttio who makes It Is criticized and called sas City Include some doctors, who redfidlcatlon to the bailo principles not appear aa guost artlat at a con- program. MraV'ttiompkon has chosen Upside down or'lruldo out," but rattier to extend acnaullonal. If ho leaves It out hs Isspend all or a part ot their time In of »» real religion; ravarance for Al- cert to be Klvon for the benefit of for her subject:' "Effective Work for helpful hand of co-operation to those entrusted . ' charged with being afraid to print teaching, and they also Include spe- mighty God and lave for one's neigh- Finnish hollefVat New York Monday, Peaoe."! «nm

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Ladies Night Observed by Gardeners Society County Horticultural . Society Dinner Attended by More Than 55 Guests

Members of the Monmouth CounSighting Outer, Branch" | n a beauty contest In 1923, ty horticultural society held lts^anMatawan borough officials hav. re- died Monday morning at her home. nual "ladles night" at the Rosevclt ceived notice that Charlea B. Smith She was 88 years old and had been In tea room, Little Silver, Thursday will oak Supreme Court Joseph falling health since last fall. Besides night. More than 55 members and JsrskJe In Atlantic City Saturday to her husband she leaves a daughter guests attended. ' review the action of the mayor and and two sisters. W a l t e r Rice, president, served as council In refuting to reappolnt him Woman Gets) Suspended Sentence,' toastmaaiev. Joseph Davis askedM juperlntendont. of the borough'! Mn. Mary Solan, 63, of Marlboro the blessing. After the serving of a water1 department. Mayor Currla township, was given a suspended senturke'y dinner several members and held.that a« the water plant li now tence In the stats reformatory for guests, introduced by Mr. Rice, spoke electrically operated, Smith'* ser- women by Judge J. Edward Knight briefly. They were Frank T. Edlngvices were not required. The mayor last week.-She had .been convicted ot ton, a membej of the group and also contends that a borough engin- atrocious assault and battery upon president of the National Associaeer should be named lnatead of a her husband, Stanley, last Novemtion of Gardeners, William Williams, water department superintendent. ber. secretary of the Elberon HorticulShore Resident* Named In Will. tural society and Oliver Macintosh, Seven Asbury Park person* are - School for Census Taken. a member. The Department of Commerce hai named In the will of the late Henry A moment of silence was observed Robinson of New York, who left' a announced that a school for cenaus for Ernest RolT, a member, who takers will be held at Freehold In net estate of $224,074.44. Miriam March. died last Thursday afternoon of inThe Freehold Chamber of Kllnghoffer, a atep-daughter, Is left Commerce has been asked to locate juries austaincd in an accident. one-third of the furniture and 11,000. a 16 millimeter sound projection movThe dinner tables were decorate! Other beauest* of $1,000 each were ing picture machine and an> operator with floral centerpieces and candles. made to Florence E, and Bobert J, for the Department. Lester Kennedy was chairman of Kllnghoffer, Louis Kllnghoffer, LJIthe dinner committee. An orchesi Home .Gets Bequest. . llan Caplan, Asa Goldberg and Kosle tra provided music for dancing end The Margaret and Sarah Swltzer Grossman. •• a ' • • games wnre played following dinner. Foundation for Girls at Brlelle hai Attending were -Mr. and Mrs. . Driver Hurt as Truck Upset*. Adam Moss, Mr. and Mrs.. .William Harold Russell of Point Pleasant, been left liOT/roe under the will ot Mies Kate L.,Bower of. New York, H. Porter, Mr. • and' Mrs. Harry Coldriving a truck with 11 torn of coal lis, Mr. and Mrs. William Macinconsigned to Brlelle, lost control of who died January 29. The fundatlon tosh, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rlcs, his machine near Spring Lake Thurs- operates a convalescent home for girls. It has been rn operation since Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kennedy, Mr. day morning of last wock. The truck 1822. and . Mrs. Monte B. Jones,- Mr. and struck a high guard railing and Mrs. James Kennedy, Mr', and Mrs. toppled over a 10-foot embankment. Wjnler Outdoor Sports Award for Elan Poisoning. Joseph l'*.vls, Mr. and Mrs. P. H! Russell suffered lacerations of the William Hulso of Bradley Beach Radford, Mr. and Mrs. Robert WagNew Jersey's mountains, while not lofty, have heavy snowa, yet there Is a sufficient fuse and shock. One ton of coal was has been awarded $1,548 for' an instaff, Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert F. Roy, burned by a flre starting from the jury caused by jabbing a fish fln In quantity during the season for skiing, and State provldeTVinter sports enthusiasts with plenty of Mr. and Mrs. Frit7. Yorg, Mr. and gasoline. #o his hand. The lpjury was suffered and County Commissions aid by providing ski opportunties of enjoying outdoor recreation. In Mrs. Lester H. Kennedy, Mr. and while He was working at the i John runs and in closing off highways, so to assure Peddling Ban Called Illegal. Mrs. Rice, Mr. and Mrs. Edington, the Spring, the hills form a fitting background Palmer fish market at Neptune City. safety. -In addition to the facilities at High The court of errors and appeals Infection set In and the poison Mr. and Mrs. Williams, Mr. and^Mrs. for the dogwood arid laurel, which grow In prohas Invalidated an ordinance adopted spread over his entire hand. Point State Park, and In the county parks of Oliver Macintosh, Mrs. John A. fusion, while in the Summer the tree-covered by Bradley Beach placing an absoKemp,'Mrs. W. T. Skldmore, Misses Passaic and Union, there is a ski run at Craiglute ban on peddling In the borough slopes form a veritable fairyland for the .glisIsabelle Schumann, Pearl E. Taival, Funds for Yacht Basin. meur Lodge near Newfoundland and at Rocco's Isabelle Schumann, Pearl E. Taival In an attempt to add to the comfort A bill has been Introduced* In the tening lakes that abound. In the Fall, these Sunset Villa, Blalrstown; on the golf course at and Lucy Rico, John A'. Kemp, Anof Its residents and the prosperity legislature providing for ajvtato aphlUs are ablaze with color and then are transLake Mohawk; at the Rustic R Ranch, Swattsthony B. Schumann, Ernest 'Turner, of Its merchants. The court, held propriation of $15,000 toward the wood, and at Chatham. In adition, a Ski Counformed during the Winter Into a pleasure spot Harry B. Kemp, George Glassey, that "restraints and regulations Im- work of the proposed $300,000 yacht Harold Perry, Stuart Edington, J. cil is being formed by New Jersey Ski Clubs posed for the general good and wel- fcaeln at Keannburg. Last year the for those who seeit skating, skiing, lce-boatlng B. Baines and John Parker. fare must have the virtue of reason- county appropriated $3,600 toward to further Interest in the sport. or tobogganing. Though the State does not' ableness." the work, which was matched by an New Jersey Council, State House, Trenton equal amount by the borough, Destitute In Poland. Matawan Woman Dead. Mr. and Mrs. Benno Zol ot Long Binds Historic Tool. of Mr. C. C. L., with interesting ref- Chasey, William and Hannah Lane Miss Fanny Morton, 85, of Mata-, Branch have received word that While repairing a sagging celling erences to members of. the Coven-. 1810, June 11 wan, died Sunday night of last week their daughter, Mrs.' Lena Wagen- In the old Our House Tavern at Arhoven family of Mon. Co. (Original By Elihu Ch'adwlck, Justice in Fltkln hospital after a lingering burg, and her two small daughters dena last week, a workman came spelling preserved). Ellener Coven(124) Fleming, John and Jane illness. Miss Morton Is survived by •were destitute In Poland. Mrs. Wag- across an old handmade tool that hoven, her Book in the year of our Thompson 1810, Feb. 17 two sisters, Mrs. Laban Dennle of enburg'a husband was killed during had probably been lost by a carpenLord one thousand seven hundred Phillips, Joseph and Ursula ThrockEast Orange and' Mrs. Jennie the German Invasion of Poland. Mrs. t e r when" the building was elected and seventy-two (1772). morton 1810, Mar. 10 Wrench of North Carolina. Wagenburg was born in the Unlte< about 200 years ago. The Implement "Whilst on this earth I old White, Lyttleton and Nancy Holmes GENEALOGY States. Word Of the family's plight is now on display at the inn. 1810, Aug. 19 remain: ,rame through the State Department. Harriet L. Wllkeson, chairman of By John Cross, Minister Episcopal Died in California. My later days whas ghrief the Genealogical committee of the Mrs. Emily L Trrumpeter, widow Died In Hospital Church, Freehold. But Jeses my God deid thin itMonmouth County Historical associaMrs. Mary C. Storm, 77, widow of Fred C. Trrumpeter', died at Stock- t i o n , ^ Court street, Freehold, N. J, Letts, William and Mary Fortenbury best of R. B, Storm of Long Branch, ton, Cal., Tuesday of last week after •"•—. .*_: 1810,- May 20 't take me to A Place of rest died Monday morning In Monmouth, a long Illness. Mr. and Mrs. TrruinBy Michael Coats. so under this body of cold Clay qUESTIONS Memorial hoBpltal, where she had peter were former residents of FreeCovenhoven, Rullfl and Amela WalOld and young Must burrled bel" — 1111— been a patient a month. Mrs. hold, where Mr. Trrumpeter was aclen .-_ _ ___ 1809, July 17 May the IB, 1773. Storm was born In Long Branch tive In music circles for several years- STILLWELL, The names of James, " To Corneles Covenhoven Bennett, William and Mary Davis and had always lived there. Her Mr. /Trrumpeter died nine years ago. Samuel and- Marcy Stlllwell appear 1809, Oct. 24 "Ellen Covenhoven is only my husband, who died In 1919, wag an In tho Revolutionary annals, showLane, John and Eydia Vancleaf name, Freehold la my Nation, ex-flro chief, Three daughters and To Tear Down Community House. ing that this family was well repri _ 1809, Nov. 15 Steel.not thiB book now ponder 1 The Keyport council Is considering scnted in Monmouth county at that a son survive her* Vanderveer, Joseph and Jane Smock well you parents." tearing down the community house time. Can anyone.trace their descent _ . 1800, Dec. 6 "Ellen Covenhoven began here 28th Loses Bond Job. in Beach Park. Since tho old Beach to the present time? Were they reSchenck, James and Ann CovenRobert Madge .of Adelphla hi Parn commission resigned no other lated? Who were .their1 parents? Ap- day of Apctl in the year 1776. 1809, Dec. -21 "May 4 weeks, Sept. i weeks, Feb- hoven been dismissed as a Howcll township Interested persons have come for(E. M. B.) euory 6 weeks, Sept. 9 weeks. Magca, Jonathan and Elizabeth , road employee. Last week he lo» ward to look after the building. Ef- preciate data. —1112— Hulse _ _. 1810, Jan. 25 "William Williamson andjt settled his; battle to keep the keys to the forts will be made to sell it before CONOVER. Who were the grandWltlook, John and Mary Schenck April the 17th, 1777. •township truck he • used when a it Is torn down. parents of George W. Conover who _ 11310, Feb.' 20 "Received of Hendrick Covenhovcharge ot using a motor vehicle withdied May 8; 1926 In his 84th year? en 2 cows, 1 calf, 1 yearling, 1 (?) Sammis, Ebenezer R. and Jane VanLong Branch Girls Weds. out the consent of the owner was He was a son of David T. and Esdevere 1810, Mar. flax aead, 1 ox tongue, 1 tub, 1 barrel, Long Branch Girl Weds. made against him. He surrendered ther Conover. Can anyone sup- 1 chicken, etc, Matchet, Richard and Rachel Vanthe keys and the charge was with Mr..and Mrs. James Hagen of Long | ply Esther's maiden name? •dusen 1810, Mar. Branch,' was married Wednesday, "September the 3, 1781, Segt. Undrawn. • (M. C. H. A.) frees John Emmons, Henry White Gorden, John L, and Rebecka ClayJanuary 10, to Edward H. MoneypenMilitary Transfers, . —1113— ton - _, 1810, Mar. 25 ney of Old Bridge. The ceremony came to my Houfe and took away OrderB have been Issued by the was performed in the Star of the HULTZ-HULSE-HULCE. Desire to three sheep by force of Arms. By Benjamin DuBois, V. D. M. war department for the transfer of S h f h j r h W t h i « , , S { 5 t g 5 g 5 a i D p y i a i , _"-EUon...Covenheven= ! the persons listed below. Where di tober the 30, 1764. mouth Court House Chapter, D. A. home at Asbury Park. lory, Fort Hancock, to the Panama they coma from? Have they left "Alche Covenhoven Janelway 1784, R-, and published through tha MonPlanning for Clubhouse. Canal Zone. He will sail from New descendants? The dates of their mar- to 2 handkerchiefs for Cake: 1 Aprln, mouth Historical association, FreeThe Allonhurst commissioners ore riage follow: York on or about February 21. First to 3 yards and a half of W and hold, N. J., and released by (ML-S.' Lieut. Theodore J, Wang,; signal considering the purchase of the Al- (1) William Hultz, Shrewsbury wool for a petlcoat, 2 yards and a William R.) Laura V. Conover, regislenhurst Inn and 11 adjoining cottownship, and Faithful Smith (Bame) corps reserve, of North Chicago, 111., half of tow for & Shift, A wool short trar. has been ordered to duty at Fort tages at a suggested price of $30,000 by Anthony Turck, deacon, M. E. gown, 1 pair shoes, 1 bedstead, 1 for use as a clubhouse. The place eh., were married 1796, March 9. Monmouth. WINTER GARDENING THOUGHT. bushel of corn, 4 hens 1 year old. would bo kept open throughout the (2) Abigail Hulse was married to "Doc. the 1, 1785— Has Eye Removed. This is the Ideal time of the year year and would be used as a comWilliam MeDanlel by Qarrett Long"To 78 pounds of Beef nt S%. Joseph Mooci ot Hazlet underwent to review our gardening activities of Bticet,justice, 1798, Juno ?*• ' "To 6 pounds of Butter, 1.00 per lb.the past season, according to Ellan operation for the removal of, his munity center. (3) James Hulse married Sarah "For seven week and A-half work: wood Douglass, county agricultural Patent on Ticket, right eyp last week at the Brooklyn Adloy, 1797, Nov.1 3, by Daniel Ket"May the 17, 1773— Benjamin H. Freedman of Asbury cham, justice. agent, for the purpose of improving Eye and Ear hospital. While cutting "1179 Jenewery, to three weeks' on that bed of hynchlnths, asters, wood several weeks ago a chip Park has been granted a patent on (4) William HuUe and Sarah For- work at Korneles. popples, zinnias or even going so far glanced off and struck him In the a theater ticket. Mr. Frccdman'e roan, by John Woodhull, D. D., 179», "May—to twelve weaks work at an to find out why the flowering eye. He did not Improve under local new ticket Is perforated in the cen-January 13. shrubs did not do as Well as we had treatment and it wag found neces- ter to make It coaler for the ticket1 V a n Corneles Covenhoven. (5) Mary Hulso and WMI"" "To 2— % yards and a Quarter of hoped. 24-MONTH GUARANTEE! taker to toar it In half, one section Cleve, sary to remove the eye. April 10, 1800, by John Wood- Flax. being given the patron and the other hull, D, D. Suppoao for a minute we divide' Freehold Property Sold. "1 clcers, 2 dolars. our garden and flower lovers into I being retained by tho theater. • (6) Mary Hulse to Joel Milton by William Ollwerther, who hag oper"Ellennor Williamson la my name. two groups. Group No. 1 waits until Tabor Clmdwick, 1804; Sept. 17. Country ated the Railroad hotel on ThrockPotato Farmer Goes South, Steel not this book for fear of the problem appears, hurriedly looks | i Mr. and Mrfl.* 'Wllllam F.* Ward ofl (7) John Hulce and Elizabeth morton street, Freehold, nearly flvo With. Llfowcur shame. up the information which, In many ' Harvey, 1805, June IB, by John Wary.-irs, has bought the William V. near Freehold have gone to Florida, Rubber (H. L. W.) When this you see remember me instances, it Is then too late to ap- j old Voorhees bakery building on South where they will remain until March dell, justice. Separators And when I am dead and laid In ply. If it is not too late, the remedy battery —1114— street and will apply for a transfer 10. Mr. Ward had Intended to go Koguhir 7.25 grave and all my bones are rot- is ofton misplaced or destroyed after ' CLEMENT-COWENH.OVEN. Maria of his license. Mr. Voorhees is now South much sooner but itt was not All the power you'll need for treatment la made. Group No. ?. f ten operating a bakery at Bretonwood, until last week that ho solldiho last Clement married Jacob Cowenhoven Instant starting, and extra When this you see remember mo hoB a convenient fllo In which have i Sept. 10, 1777. Who wore their par3,875 flacks of last season's potato near Tor.:s River. been filed facts pertaining to favorpower for added winter acthen I shnnt be forgotten ents? Desire list of their children crop. ito flowers and shrubs, and always cessories. Llfewear rubber i Hendrlck Williamson, 1788. Prisoners' Food 24 Cents a Day. and whom- they married. This marseparators, practically Inde(C. C. L.) knows where to locate Information A report mado by Jail Warden Takes Up Nursing. riage took place at Fonda, New York. to the control measu|tes that wore F structible. 45 plntcs—'six more Josoph Schwark to Sheriff Morris J. Miss Charlotte Wilson, who has "• (L. c. C.) effective the previous year. This up- ] than stnndnrd. —1120— Woodrlng and tho freeholders showed has been employed in the Woolworth —1115— plication for control is Immediately A. list of those receiving pensions mado with very satisfactory results. that last year it cost approximately store at Freehold since last-Scptom THOMSON-TOMS.ON. There was ber, has resigned her position to take for Revolutionary or military service, eight cents a meal or 24 cents a day a John and a Lewis Thomson In MonHowever, the flower lover does not to food the prisoners In the county up practical nursing. In which she mouth county around lip. Does any- taken from the New Jersey Federal stop here. . It occurs to her tr.nt jail. A total of 1,001 prisoners were has hod experience. She la now car- one know their parentage? What census for 1840,—from Shrewsbury some Improvement rany have bsen received during the year, an Increase Ing for Mrs. C. Richard Applcgato port of tho county did they live In 7 township, New Jersey: mado in the past 12 months In conof Womrock. of 80 ovor tho preceding year. Did they have chlldron and have they Ago trol measures, Sho mnkes a note ami descendants residing" hero today? Anthony Holmes 81 when sho has a few Bpare minutts Prlto for Best Show of Eggs. Died In Florida. John Matthews 78 (L. M. F.) sho makes a contact with the deJohn O, Lowden, 81, of Allenhurst, John, Bulkln of Allentown was —1116— William Palntoh 80 partment that enn Rive her thi! lutnst died Friday of. a hoart attack at awarded the sweepstakes cash prl*e Mary Wall 88 Information. N for tho beat axhb.lt., of eggs at the Coral Gables, Fla. He was employment STRIKER. Sarah Striker appenra Amelia Llpponcott -, 89 So often w* hear It said: "I am *few Jersey farm show held at Tron. nnd training supervisor of tho Nowas thn recipient ot a pension as the result of her husband having served John Springsteen 82 Jersey Bell Telephone company not able to find what I consider a ton last week. He took first prlzo In tho Rev. war, or War of 1812. In , 84 satisfactory control for an Insect or for large whlto eggs and third prize During the World war ho was a cap- 1S40 .he* ago 1» Riven as 78. Who .Zebel Maps Upper Freehold township, N. J.; tain In tho Signal Corps. A .widow disease." Or, "I should like lu know In the white Jumbo class. Edward ..was'iior husband? Can anyone supWalter Karr .-. 81 ind a daughter survive him. something about it so that In thu Cordta of Preohold won drat .prl» ply dotalls as to birth, marriage, George Haloy — 80 future I can bo prepared either to , for medium fllie white eggs. Died In .Connecticut. death? Appreciate any Information. William Parent . __..... 83 control It or to find a resistant strain Awaiting 11,000th Child (E. S. W. W.) Rev. William F. Johnson, 07, for. Jesse Mount 82 ' or somo similar type tlowei" that Sometime this spring the 11,000th many years pastor of tho First Bap(To Be Continued Next Issue) might bo substituted." baby wll bo born in the maternity tlst' church of Long Branch, died If you nrc not sntixflcd with jouri ANSWERS centor at Monmouth Memorial hoe- j Sunday at his1 home at Torrlngton, ' .. —1121— Tcaent system of rnportl U.MMiin-T '.u- ' —1117— pltal, Long Branch; The maternity! Conn, Mr. Johnson retired In 192B llhiR, why not spend n litlle ti.wSuper department has been In operation'and moved to Torrlngton two yours VANDEnBHVT • CONOVER. (Ans. Mnnmmith County Marrlnga Unc- :h!n winter In plnnnlni; v»lataw|in. The coromony and Mrs. Raymond Brown of Morg- ried Deo. 14, 1882, Alfred S. Cohovor. f the First Natlonnl hnnk of I'reo-' H'iy niMiltt rotfiU'dlpsH of piled, wan performed Saturday, January 20, anvllle. Tho couple will make their He was born March 12, 18G2, died Wooley, Jcssoy and Mary Howland A\nnuliuiV pnwcv for qvilck atiu't, 1810, Apr. 18 mid, died at her homo last Friday ( at the homo of Rev. Robert Ander- home nt"Koypor<. July 26, 1027. He was a son of Alweek of a heart attack.. She wua 08 liiK u n olilont winter tlaya ••son of Atlantlo Highlands. Mr. and frod L. and Mary Catherlno Stlllwell. Dennis, Phillip and Charity Cook /oars old and bcaUlea her husband, On Business Trip South. plenty «f• oxU'tt power. 51 avoc1 . __:..... 1810, May 14 loaves n daughter and three staters, MM. Brown are jtyidjjvg In Madison (L. C. C.) John K. Burdgo, proprietor of aisEptl plntRH. Speclnl hard rubCovert, Richard and Mary Lcmmon township. ,,..- .,:,„(*„',.., Jack's Bicycle shop at Freehold, has ber ctmtnlucr, Pi/utoU-tap( ono. 1810, May 25 . —1110— gone to Florida on an extensive busFine Work, llcuionahio 1'rlccs. jiloco cover. No exposed 0011Long Branch Woman Dead. Slooum, Thomas and Ruth West The Register turns oui all kinds of noolors. Mrs, Elene . M r Eager, wife of iness trip, Ho attended tho motorNOTE • „ „. 1810, June 0 ob printing, furnishing line quality l E Bh cycle races at Daytona Beach last Charles F, Eager, of' Branch, Tho following ore extracts taken Wooley, Danlol and Lydln Oakloy nd good workmanship at reasonable and wlnnor of tho title* i-!IMIa» Long week, from manuscripts in the possession _ _ 1810, June 24 irlce».—Advertisement.


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Red Bank


Eight, the News'

Robbed at Riverside Heights

Mallconlca of Red Bank ipent Sunday at tho Dearborn farm. Joieph Cerllone, who hM been 111, returned to school Monday. The homo of O. C. Parker of Mary Oranato !» on the aiek Hat, Riverside H»!ght«, Mtfldletown Miss LOUIBO Buonaguro of New township w u broken Into Saturday York la vliltln* her alater, lira. Patnight and articles valued a t $400 rlok Oranato,. < were stolen. The thieves entered Mlas Phllomena Ardollno of Brooktho house through a rear door while lyn la visiting Mrs. Edward Cerllone, the Parker family was away for a Examinations were held In the At i«ld ranting will b . ,uHtolu.di few, hours. ^-Cu ; j ' .''..--.•• • . . school during the week aMtlon of ToUnj a t « (or Ull.faUp, The' articles stolen Included a diaH. S. Brown of Keyport spent Bun| mond • ring, watch, revolver and an day with Mr. and Mn. Harry S. Wll- For Oumnt Exptnm Ton Ktpttn and R«i>!actmenti electric, ahaver. ,An Investigation ley.•••••; ' ' • ' ••Is being made by Chief 6f Police The toUl amount thought ght u> Mr, and Mrs. j . Caputo of Freehold he At the last meeting of the .Sea, Earl Hoyer of Mlddletown toWnshlp apent Sunday with Frank LuearrelU •'—* M.tOO'.OO Bright mayor and council a detailei Thj following proportion and by the state police. tion will alio be and family. report on tho recently complete! IU5SOLVBD . T h a t the Bo*rd of B d « « . ' A covered dish luncheon spon- tlon PWA jetty project in that borough b« tuthorlttd to transfer from Cur* (Tb« Red Bank' R on the map. -'"' awarded. Peter Wood is chairman quired due to settlement after storm used In voting. Blank forms for this | purpose may be. obtained from the Disin November. The cost of the core of the'affair, and the committee in trict-Clerk, charge consists of Walter O'Keefe, POULTRY NOTES is practically tho same. Persona who may vote at the election Jetty No. 2, Gllllg—Core cost near- George Uhrig, Benjamin Andreach,1 tret , By ELLWOOD DOUGLASS, I . (a) Those who were res I Ate red for ths' tho same and the stone quantity J. F. S. -Martin, Abe Landow, John lust preceding general election or any spe,as reduced from about 15,000 tons Zlccone, Charles Klug, A. McGrath, County Agricultural Agent. cial election held subnet!went thereto)-or c. 7,325 tons of new. stono and 1,850 Edward Purcell, Edward Lackner 8 , . . ' . . ' . By Herbert V. Nelson not bo In ff so registered but being qualified Well-bred1 poultry Is sometime liki and Jack Hauck. • to vote for a membfr of the Len-lslattire. ons of existing'-stone. Saving due ;• (Executive Vice President, National well-bred .folks; just get tired of go nave registered at the polling place on the o using a 1:1 slope.and a higher The Balbach All-Stars defeated tho Ivy Brackets Were Saturday preceding the election between Ing along in the same routine. . Thej I; Ass'n of Real Estate Boards.) jcach level than was anticipated. Keyport A. A., 33-32, Saturday night the ho urn of 7 tOO and fl:00 P. M. kk -There is Indication, from various are interested in many things, es (b) Those In a district having permathe Table Awards • Jetty No. 3, Peninsula House—Core n a game played In Balbach'a audinent registration who are radiate ran nt .: S:. sources, that efforts will be made to peclally in a frequent change torium on Carr avenue. The win:ost almost doubled due to Increase least three days prior to the date of the emasculate tho inquiry which the food, If oniy to add an occasional ning goal,was made by, Mac Bennett election. i• 'Justice Department Is making into meal of some form of milk, or There were 22 tables In play at a n core length. Stone reduced from on a technical foul shot. Bennett L;1 practices reported from many cities small amount of warm, wet mash i card party given by the Blessed Vir- ,200 tons to 2,660 tons of new stone was high scorer of the game, reglsMonmouth County Surrogate'! Offics. •i: as Interfering with a free market in the middle of a cold* day. If youi gin Mary Sodality of St. James Cath- and re-located stone was increased erlng 17 points. This was the eighth In the matter of the estate of Kutma :i '; the building industry. Congress may birds just don't seem to be "up tc olic church Monday night at the Red from 500 tons to 1,950 tons. Bebin, deceased. consecutive win of the local team for : snuff," try something slightly dif' be put under pressure to cut down Notice to creditors to present claims Bank Catholic high school auditor- Jetty No. 4, Borough Beach—Core the current season. In a preliminary airalnit estate. <\: funds for the work. Tho inquiry Is ferent. ium. Table awards were wall brac- price reduced by $3,000 due to a game the Keansburg Chums, a girl's, Pursuant to the order of Joseph h. Donhigher beach level which allowed the 4 v ono part of a whole great concerted kets- filled with Ivy. earn, were defeated 21-19 by tho At-, shay. Surrogate of the County of Monuse Qf- shorter steel. Core -length I;•'•: effort which we as a people are makMany methods of feeding, mash mouth, made on the twenty-seventh day of lantlc Highlands Flames in a game Miss Elisabeth Long was general shortened from 250 feet to 216 feet December. 1030, on the application of ing to free the way for economic re- have been used through the past 25 chairman, assisted by Misses Dorowhich required an overtime period. Konstanty Charles Mlchalowakt nnd Veroni covery and especially for construc- years. All-of these have given som thy Little, Jean Carton, Mae-Jackson, because of re-location. Four thous- Dancing followed tho two contests. ' ica Mlchalowakl, executors of the estate and six hundred tons of new stone ',. tlon recovery. As such It should be ;ood results, but tho old ' way o of Kutma Bebin, deceaied, notice It hereJohnston, Florence Winning and 2.E00 tons of old stone wero usod Group 4, CIA, held a Pollyanna' by given to the creditors of ssld deceased ; continued, and continued on the pres- placing, mash on the floor in1 the 111 Alice to exhibit to the subscribers, executor! as as against 8,000 tons of old stona In birthday party Monday evening at '': ent broad scale. tor, thus forcing the birds to tak< and Dorothy Grlffln. nfareaatd, their debts and demands Rgatnst Others present were Mrs. C. H.original design. This was alBO caused thci home of M«s. Dorothy Palmer. There were certain major obstacles more time in getting this portion o the laid estate, under oath, within six by re-location. The celebrants were Mrs. Allda months from the date of the aforesaid or*. ; we recognized as being In the way of their menu, is the >most successfu Johnston, Mrs. L. O. Goldsberry, y Mrs. tier, or they will be forever barred of their Waitts, Mrs. Ethel Beyer, Mrs. BeaA. J. Dowd, A J D d M hd practice. ; construction recovery. The financing Mrs. Theodore. Koch, ' Jetty No. 5, Todd's—Core cost about actions' therefbr against the said sub* rice Rockafellow and Mrs. Vora Mrs. Thomas Mead,, Mrs. Louis isAA situation was one. The tax situation icrlbers. • • • • • . .the same. Stone quantity reduced Rockafellow. j Dated Freehold, N. J., Dee. 27, 1039. Desprcaux, Mrs. Edward Kelly, Mrs. ,'. was another. There was need of from about 13,000 tons to 6,725 tons To date no one has been enough O. E. Harrison,.Mrs. John E. Day, RON3TANTY CHARLES MTCHALOWSKI, • n e w thought in land utilization. Con- of a poultry specialist to know all of The members of tho Keansburg by using a 1:1 slope and finding u Mlddletown, N. J., Box 65. struction costs were an obstacle, and the answers. However, combining tri Mrs. Joseph Dillon, Mrs. John Bam- higher bottom. One thousand eight Lion's club attended the 7:45 p: m. VERONICA MICHALOWSKl. Mlddlotown, N. J,, Box 61. I , one that, it was recognized, would knowledge of the specialists with bachi Mre. John Finnegan, Mrs. John hundred and fifty tons of old 3tone ervice In the Methodist church SunAnthony T. Woolley, Esq., \ , 3 .'','• be hard to overcome by reason of that of the poultryman who studies Bolin, Mrs. David Noonan, Mrs. re-located as against 2,000 tons sot day In a body. | Long Branch, N J., ,' practices and agreements which had his problems 24 hour3 a day for 365Theresa Herold, Mrs. Julia Kenney, up In original design. / Proctor. Horace Fowler of Creek road is vagrown up in some sections: of the days of the year, glyes the man. who Mrs. Kathorlne Starr, Mrs. Daniel . i Jetty No. 6, - Schaller—Core cost :atloning in Florida, , industry which even the participants makes the greatest success in the in- Rafferty, -Mrs. Charlea Scott, Mrs. about the same and new stone was Monmouth County Surrogate's Offics. Miss Adele Jessen, daughter 'of Thomas j . Hackett, Mrs. Mary reduced from 13,000 tons to 8,013 tons Borough Clerk and Mrs. Richard A. In the matter of the eBtate of Ada I* must often have recognized as non- dustry. Stout, deceased. Grause, Mrs. William Hanneken, Mrs. for the same reasons as given for ~essen of Lohsen avenue, celebrated' economic. Notice to creditors to present claltrii Harry J. Quinn, Mrs. Herman A. jetty No.. 5. :' We have done great thingsto clear her 16th birthday Friday night, with against estate. Damp floors .during cold periods, al- Simpson, Mrs. William T. Skidmore, Pursuant to the order of Joseph L. Don/,'-• the way for sound new home builda party of .friends. • Games and danc-. Jetty No. 7, Sandlass—Core cost in' ahay. Surrogate of the County of Mon- , ~ ing and for needed replanning and most regardless of ,the type of litter, Mrs. George Clevenberg, Mrs. Charles creased. ?1,000 by using longer steel ng were enjoyed by tho guests and ~mouth, made on the fifth day of January^ rebuilding of other kinds. We have are not uncommon. But when we Giblin, Mrs. C. C. McCarthy,' Mrs. at {ho end where it was required due a supper was served to the group. 1940, on the application of Hanson V. R. H. Stout And Harry D. Clayton, executors set up a machinery which enables combine our most appropriate litter Frederick W- Opper, Mrs. George to deep water. Three thousand tonB Table decorations were In pink and. of the estate of Ada L. Stout, deceased, home financing to be conducted un- with good management, which In Howgill, Mrs. Matthew Power, Mrs. f new stone used as against 200 tons white and7 a large cake was placed notice Is hereby given to the creditor! of der conditions -that safeguard alike cludes the best knowledge we havi Frank Thompson, Mrs. William o in the center. Those present weret •aid deceaied to exhibit to the subscribin the original design. Increase was if. ventilation, we can got by with ers, executors aa aforesaid, their debts and the borrower and the lender.. In tak Mrs. Alma Vogel, Misses Shirley HerHeath, Mrs. Joseph Layton, Mrs. demands against the suld ontnte, under Ing out much of the risk we have the. least amount of moisture in thi Martin McGuire, Mrs. Donald Mat- essential to adequately protect the mann, Marjorle Halliday, Joan Aalcath, within six months from the date of February Furniture Sale steel. Verified Value 15.00 r^ succeeded In lowering the money house as well as a minimum of thosi thews, Mrs. Fred Eremger, Mrs. the aforesaid order, or they will be forJetty No. 9—South of Coast Guard bue and Vivian Jesson. Also Charles ever barred of their actions therefor cost of home ownership and home troubles that follow in the wake o John Hughes, Mrs. Theodore Moss, Schmidt, William Aalbue, Croft Station This jetty not provided for i against the said subscribers. production. We are developing na- too much dampness. I. Dated Freehold, N. J., Jan. &Oi, 1040. Mrs. A. J. Patterson. Mrs. Arnold In the original design but built out Grathmap.i Douglas Foulks, Harold • tionally standards by which we as in A. lucks; purchase brings you tho. opportunity to get an exFahrer, Mrs. Howard Aalbue, Mrs. RANSON V, R, H. STOUT, Soden, Mrs. Fred Crine, Mrs. Edof savings on unit quantities. dividual borrower or lender may ceptionally well made chair at a low price. Authentic styling; Too much thought cannot be given ward Healy and Mrs. Jerome Sloyan. South Bulkhead, Low Moor—Core B'Sssie Aalbue, Charles Polinsky and 268 Broad Street. Red Bank, N. J,* | HARRY B. CLAYTON," judge the risk factors of this or that to tho breeding pen which right now Chinese Chippendale; Queen Anne; English Chippendale anf^osephLrDon £ * t t t h Sloyan, Betty Carton, June Peyton, next eight to 12 months. It looks ahay. Surrogate of the County of Monday evening in the lire house on consideration of earning power in ESTABLISHED 1818 K l A t a M © « h «n"%levation^ INCORPORATED mouth, made on the twenty-fourth day of ti1 y Manning place. A roast beef supper Gaul, Jean Patterson, Jeanne Carton, elevation of 14 Inches. January, 1940, on *the application of suit, real estate taxes have gone number of chicks hatched but in Rosemary Lynch. Margaret Conner, Thomas J. Kane nnd WHllnm A, Knne. Street Bulkheads—Saved $700 duewas served to the group and enterexecutors of the estate of William H. down in dollar volume by 20% In the creased egg production and-.plenty Dorothy Little, Kathryn Heath, Vir- to .using shorter steel where practi- tainment and dancing were features Kane (sometimes known as Willlnm of the evening. Those present inof broilers. Are you watching each last seven years. Probably few of ginia Laurlno, Margaret Scott, Eor- cal. Used ?200 of this saving placing Kane) deceased, notice Is hereby given to us yet realize all that these things and every step in economic produc- •thy Noohan, Mary Ruddy, Catherine fender piles at the River street bulk- cluded Borough Manager Clinton B. the creditors of said deceased to exhibit to the subscribers, executors as aforesaid. Lohsen, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Trenmean In terms of long-range social tion practices? 3olin, Hazel Kenney, Helen Taylor, head. their debts and demands against the said ery, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Aalbue, progress. Dolly Smith, Ann Taylor, Alice Johneitate, under oath, within nix months from Mr, and Mrs. Richard A. Jessen, Mr. the date of the nforenald order, or thoy In the technical field of building ston, Catherine Dressier, Helen ImMORE LEISURE MOMENTS will - be forever barred of their actions and Mrs. R. L. Vogel, Mr. and Mrs. construction and building equipment ,ay, Jacqueline Simpson, Mae Jacktherefor against the said subscribers. Edward Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Layton we have been making a serious atDated Freehold, N. J., January 24, 1040. "I am willing to work long hours son, Jeanne Dunnell, Kate Fort, Mary (The Red Dante Register eon be bought A. Webster, Mr. anfo Mrs. Frederick THOMAS J. KANE. tack on cost. But the very real ef- each day during tho growing and JJolan, Mltzl Kellcnyi, Florence WinMlddletown, N. J,, fort of the Industry Itself to this end harvesting season but I want some ig, Anne Little, Lillian Desch. Mar- In Hnzlot from Mn. Edna M. W. Pe»eux.) Foerster, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond] WILLIAM A. KANE, Truax, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Opdyke. . has so far not carried w;ith It elim- extra time off during the winter ion Cogan, Lilly Parks, Mary Kelly, Members of Trinity Junior Guild L UUAf 4*1.1 « a i i u *1A * tJa 4 A V 1 I U 4 U ^^£*UJ l^*-# , Freehold, N, J., R. F. D. No. 8. Mi ination of certain practices, collusive months when I do not need to work Mary Ann Burke, Agnes A. Burke, of Trinity church, Matawan, held a Alston Beekman, Esq., " r. and Mrs. Joseph SiKlon, Mr. and Red Bank, N. J., in their nature, reported by some of so hard," is a statement frequently Evelyn Maloney, Eleanor Koch, Mary dinner at the Old Dutch Tavern Sat- Mrs. Frank Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Proctor. \ our cities that leave the homo build- made by. farmers, according to Coun- Morris and Rose Ladiso, William P. urday evening. On Sunday tho guild Daniel Secley, Mr., and Mrs. Louis er by no means'frce to employ what- ty Agent Douglass. The programs Brown, Thomas Gran, Jr., Harry attended services In a body at theRuhman, Mr. and Mrs. George SulMonmouth County Surrofatt's Office. ever material or method he maycarried out by a large number of Kniffen, Jr., Joseph Laurino, John South River Episcopal church. livan, Mr. and Mrs. William J. JohnNotice to creditors to pi-aaent claims choose. They cut off the possibility farmers' a few years ago made neces- Holian nnd Robert Morris. Mrs. Dale Hamilton and son Boyd son, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Snellgrovc, agalntt estate. of experiment, add artificially to cost,' sary a harder working period durim nre spending a week with friends at Mr. and Mrs. Maze Ackerman, Mr. In the matter of the citato of Mary Gadand add to the difficulty of seeing a thp planting, growing and harvestdls^Hay, Deceassd. New Brunswick. and Mrs. Edward Walttes, John Pursuant to the order' of Joseph L. Donconstruction job through. Ralph Rothbart has returned to his Beatty, Alvln Adams, Thomas Paris, ing season than is true today under shay, Surrogate of the County of MonWo moral issue is Involved in such many conditions. To further lighten DISTRIBUTING COSTS. me. on State Highway 35 after Melvln Kclm, Mrs. Bessie Aalbue, mouth, made on the Nineteenth day of agreements. What Is involved is an tho burdens during the summer seaJanuary, 1940, on the application of E. ing a week at the Canncre" Con- M i s s e 6 M a r y L e 6 |A u d r e y Hartzel, When the cold north . sp Caddis Plum and Matthias Plum, execuoconomlo situation which greatly af- son the county agent suggests that Whether a farm program includes U Ch tors of the estate of Mary Gaddls—Hay, " L '"1°;... . , _ . . . Doris Hoag. and Fire Chief Edwin G, fectB the public interest. Difficulties many farmers might well spend wo crops or ten, tho fairest way to Robert diceaied, notice Is hereby given to the T. Woolley entertained a wind rages and tent' in the way of a free market are more time during the winter months distribute costs would seem to number of friends at the Old Dutch Herrmann. creditors of Raid deceased to exhibit to the subscribers, executors as aforesaid, A fire alarm 'was turned in last largely responsible for the fact that n planning their summer activities. County Agent Douglass to debit each Tavern Wednesday evening, his their debts and demands against the said peratures drtfp, the week when a tree situated between today the same small house will cost eitate, under oath, within six feonthii from For example, in addition to a bet- rop as nearly as possible the nctual guests partaking of a fine dinner. Oakwood place and St. Peterstavcnue $3,000 to build In one city, and $5,000 ter organized tool shed where each imount of labor used, of equipment the date of the aforesaid order, or they Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Noon and Will be forever; barred of their actions In another. Where tho difficulties tool has its place, and each dizc nail :ost, of seed and fertilizer. water pipes in your family of near Atlantic City visited on Highland Boulevard caught fire. therefor aRalnst the aald subscribers. A few memberB of tho Keansburg exist people are discouraged from at- id kept- together, with a satisfactory Dated Freehold, N. J., Jan, 10, 1040. Just recently the county agent re- Mrs. Noon's parents, Mr. and Mrs.^Flre Company No. 1 were detailed by 1 tempting major building operations. workshop where it is possible to take eived a telephone call from a farm- Peter Monahan, Saturday E. OADDIS PLUM, home, unless properly ' Rum ion Road, Red Bank, N. J.. Fire Chief Edwin G. Herrmann to In more than one city and In more tho tractor.-apart and rebuilt it, or ;r to the effect that he would liko . ' " *• Mrs. John A. Carney and Mr. and extinguish it with the apparatus. The MATTHIAS PLUM. than one phase of the national situ- even the truck, as well as the smaller o have a few minutes of the ugent's Mrs. Jack Carney of Hoboken were IE Broad Street, New York City. blaze was confined to tho ono tree. ation tho Inquiry of the Justice De- pieces of equipment, he might well Thornton C. Land, Esq., protected, are in danme to consider a carefully worked Thursday visitors at the home of Mr. 8 North Arlington Avenue, partment Into "restraints on trade" do a better job In organizing his in- mt program covering mainly the and Mrs. Ernest E. Peseux. Miss Doris Thon of this placo celEast Orange, N. J., appears to have been enough to open formatlonul material. As every istrlbution of several, hundred dolProctor. ger of freezing... This Mrs'. Alfoneo.Iaderosa and son An* ebrated her birthday Sunday afterthe way for changes in practice and farmer knows, that would Include a ars in costs which, according to rec- drew noon at her homo with a,party of left Saturday for Buffalo, N. Y, enough to affect costs favorably. flic of all his farm implement and rds kept over the post few yonrp, to visit her daughter, Mrs, Rocco friends. Decorations were in accord'NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF 'ACCOUNT undesirable occurSuch an inquiry must be on a nation- supply dealers in the county, with icemed1 to be tho total for the entire Estate of Adelaide L, Wllllami, decaamd. and family. While In Buf- ance with Valentine's day and severwide acale and must be a simultane- heir addresses and telephone num- arm operation. An examination nnd ladorosa, Notice Is hereby given that the accounts falo, Mrs. Iadcrosa will also visit a al games word enjoyed by the group. rence. Jjcsidct proving extremely Inconvenient of the subscriber, substltutlonary adminously Inquiry as to all factors of bers. The list might bo made more itudy was made of the following friend Refreshments were also served. whom sho has not seen since istrator with will annexed of the citato of building construction if it In to be valuable byt. checking some of the irops: White potatoes, market to- they came from Italy together about Mr. and Mrs. John Gclslor of Forssld deceased, will be audited and stated fair or If It Is to open tho way for specialties handled by each supply natoes, sweet corn, cabbage, string for your family, may mean costly repair, bills by the Surrogate of the County of Monest avenue recently entertained Mr. mouth and reported for settlement to the adjustments that will be effective in house. The file would. Include as eans, hay and grain. Such items ns 30 years ago. and Mrs. Edward Llsst of Jersey Ernest E. Peseux was re-elected Orphans' Court of said County, on Thurnthe public Interest. In the public in- complete Information as is available labor, equipment, seeds, fertilizer, twan City. for you. itJ\AH ty- n n l nthday of February, A. president of tho Keyport Exempt terest. Congress should make suffi- on tho latest control measures for arvesting and marketing, taxes, 0. 1940. at 10100 o'clock a, m., at which Mr. and Mrs. Howard Aalbue of time application will be made for the alcient appropriation to enable the in- hose insects and diseases that are rero considered and what seemed a Firemen's association at the regular LcRoy place entertained the Pastlmo meeting Thursday evening of last lowance of commissions and counssl lees. At a Preventive Measure on very cold nights quiry to go on in Its present scope. Pinochle club a t their homo Monday ilmost bound to appear each year, cry fair breakdown was made and Dated January 10, A. D. ID40. A worlcablo gearing of forces Is uch as potato beetle, aphlds, best listrlbutcd under each commodity. week. THE MERCHANTS TRUST COMPANY; evening. Mra. Nelson Miles, who has been _ OF RED BANK. N. J., something the great construction In- ype of Milestone to use In making '.n the final analysis each and every n open a water failed a very, little way—jiul Tho service at 9 o'clock next SunBy ( Frank E. Price, Trust Officer, dustry JB'actively seeking. When lo Icrdcaux mixture, latest on spray icre of tho farm regardless of lu quito ill nt her homo for tho past « . . Rod Bank, N. J., day morning at St. Mark's church wnok, Is slowly recovering. what has been done In real estate materials for vegetable crops and :rop, was made to bear Its proporenough to allow a quart of water to go through Substltutlonary Administrator with A meeting of the . Monmouth will Consist of Holy Communion and ilnance and what. Is now under way orchard*, the beat kind of fertilizer W sermon. Church school will bo at Quinn 4 Dor.n,u., . '" An?"°'L County Fliomon'a association will be In tax modernization and replanning nd method of applying It for the onate share of tho cost. , • R«d Dink, N. J., in a minute, and let this slight flow continue In the opinion of the county agent held In the Hnzlct flro house Sunday 10:30. The altar guild will meet of land use we can add the clearing different vegetable crops. Proctor*. Monday night, February B, at 8:30 no cannot go about tho business of Fehrunry 11. away of any restraint nn a free buildo'clock at the homo of Mrs. Louis during the night. The few cents spent on this ing market, whatever construction I have In mind in thla connection rcaklng down costs blindly; for cor- Tho annual dinner of the Raritan G. Kulin on Lincoln court. Tho NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF ACCOUNT ninly tho cost of producing an acre and rebuilding we need—and that Is ho very interesting work that has Township Board of Education was Woman's club will moot next TuesEstaU of Emma Cailtr, deceased. )f potatoes differs greatly from, that precaution ( 1 0 cents at most) during /revlng a tremendous accumulated volumei- been done the past few years on held at the Old Dutch Tnvcrti Satur- day afternoon at ? o'clock. Lent Notice la hereby nlv.n that the accounts fthould certainly have the green light, Idc-dresslhg, circling uml other if producing un ncro'af hay or grain. day, evening with 33 member* nnd of the subscribers, trustees of the. estate of will be ushered In with Holy ComIn one instance, there Is throe ssld deosaasd, will be audited ahd stated methods of applying fertilizer on attending. Following talka on munion Ash Wednesday morning. I nights may save you many dollars spent for NEW WANT GETS FEHMIT. vegetables. A little time spent in Inies as much labor as'In'tho other, township affnlrs, music and dancing February 7, at 10 o'clock. Services | mouth and rajmrtad for «ottlom2jl to t h i organizing Information during the hat crop should carry three times were enjoyed. Orphans' Court o l said Couhiyffl* ,Thur°! damages. - \ Friday, February 0, wUl consist of d w . the seventh "lay of M»>,h3|*I>. ? « « . The Mlddletown township board of winter months will save mnny hours ho labor cost. Communion 'at 10 a. m., children's Often when the county agent 1»< ',' health at a meeting Thursday after- during tho busy season and very Lenten service, followod by coni™™.??.™" b('1ll""'» '»r iKajilowance of Toci Small a Cork. '•noon grunted a permit for the opera- definitely help to get the joba dono .flked to analyze certain farm nporommisiions and counsel fe«e* Dated J a n u a r y i j , A. D, 1*40. A cork that Is too jmull for thefirmation Instruction, at 4 P. M., .tlons ho In led to the conclusion i' tlpn of a chlqkcn vlsceratlon plant In on time. Stations of tho Cross and serMonmouth Consolidated Water Company iiat.too much knowledge is not poa- bottln In no better than no oork at and *iw' former brewery building on FalWallaecHntreat. K»i1 Hani, *j, J, mon at 7:45 p. m. all. Printing should correspond with ible when working oiit^tho most „.«* «venu«. , ' , g ^ Its owner If It misrepresents him it The Soviet Ukraine produces more conomlc l d t i l f V and practical farm pro- had better go Into the discard than S>A •— ' * "•. J. O. HERR, Manager • than half of Russia's coal/half its Of the qulokeit WBVB to find a salt,- three-fifths Its pig Iron, half Its xam nnd far too often one or Tho discovery of Newfoundland I s ' fops are Included that If cnrvrtil l ' n t 0 u u l l l l c Places The Rouletor'a fob generally to MWrtlM In Ths Koxli'credited to the Italian'; • ."«»•« .«< 'or. thc.bu.l.MTMt.JMpMtmilit—Advertise- sttq), two-thirds Its agricultural ma- nalyala had teenmade, \J...w !l l.a.v»o . •"""««".'« ness and nrofcsjlonnl service It's in Giovanni Caboto, who becamo known chinery and two-thirds Its sugar. Hopped years ngfc, aj John' Cabot. He found It In 1497. tended for.—Advortleement, ••>•

Farm Wages Hit The

Engineer's Report On Skids Jetties At Sea Bright Lionel W. Lancaster Gives Details on Completed Project

' Keansburg.


i? Concerted Action in Building Recovery


Party Given By Catholic Sodality

Solid Mahogany *






Long Branch

COMMON SENSE SAVES YOU DOLLARS . . . When Temperatures Tumble

•t ,


Legfion Auxiliary

unit activities; Mrs. Bremer, legis- FEDERAL COURT JUDGE. lature; Mrs, File, membership; Mrs; Boyd, mualo and radio; Mrs. William, national nowa; Mrs. Bremsr, national defonao and past presidents parley, and Mrs, Phillips, publicity. The auxiliary will hold Us meetings Past Coun^ bfficer tho second and fourth Thursday of Installs New Head the month at 8 o'clock In the post rooms. The next meeting will bs •JMns,Ji:.OharIea Sklliman was In-Thursday, February 8. aMIWT'ag" president of tho Ladies' Words of welcome were given by . fWUJlwy of Shrewsbury poat, 168, William Oaughan, poat commander; AmSMcan Legion, at a meeting of Kenneth Smith, vice commander; the group Thursday night In tho post John E. Day and Mr. Phillips, past rooms on Broad .street. Mrs. Carl commanders and Mr. Bremer, past Bromcr, past county auxiliary presi- county commander. A corsage arid dent and a member of the local aux- a past president's1 pin was given Mrs. iliary, won Installing, officer, Judson S. Vaughn, retiring president, Mrs, Elizabeth Smith was Installed who. wag unable to attend because as second vice president, Other of- of Illness. . . .• ' • fl&ers are Mrs. Margaret Schaeffer, Tho county legion posts will hold first vice prealdont; Mrs. Bremer, a dinner dance Saturday, March 30. treasurer; M b . Mabel Boyd, chap- The county auxiliary will meet Kt An' Jain; M,i», Winifred Williams, aer- bury Park Friday, February i6, and geant-at-armn; Mra. Marunret Kile, 0 luncheon to be given for the nathistorian, and Mrs, H. Otmar Phil- ional president will be Saturday, lips, secretary. Match 20, at the ttrkeley-Carteret Now Jersey's newest federal disCommittees named by the chalr- hotel, Asbury. Park. trict court Judge Is Thomas Glynn • man Include Mrs. Bchacffpr, . child welfaro chairman; Mrs. Frank It nava to advertise In The Register Walker (above) of Arlington. A Democrat, Judge Walker formerly Thompson and Mrs, Mop Gordon, —Advertisement. nerved as a state assemblyman, a lay member of the New Jersey court of errors and appeals and Hudson county common plena Judge. He was recently named to his new post by President Roosevelt to succeed Judge William C]ark, wjio was elevated to the third circuit court of appeals. A lawyer, Walker was born In Harbison on December 7, 1899.

If You Need Mi

Died at State Hospital. Mrs, Mary T. Thompson, widow of CJcorgo Thompson . o f Freehold, died CALL AMD SHE Tuesday of lafit week at tho Stale T COLONIAL BOND ft hospital at Marlboro, where she had MORTGAGE CO., i been a patient several months. She is survived by a daughter and five , 60 BROAD STREET • sone. BED DANK. N, 3.. P

New Students Enter Fitkin

• "A Big Sister's Tea" for the incoming members of thfc-new class of.students at the Ann" May School of Nursing, Fltkln hosiptal, was held Sunday at the nurses home. , Miss Helene Cosgrave, president of the sophomore claas, wad In charge of the arrangements and members of the faculty, staff and nursing 9-04 committee _were. present to receive 1 cup sugar the guests. 2 eggs, well beaten The new members are Marjoric ELIZA 2 tablespoons- meltfd' shortening Louise Carrlck of Asbury Park, 1 cup milk . M Joyce Cherln and Oiga Gorblch of 1—1-pound H-ounce can pineFreehold, Bertha Clayton of Avon, STEPHENSON apple gems Irene Conncll of Fort Monmouth, Sift . recovfrom two main viewpoints, Its dur-ered. A total of 1,020 lost nnri stolen "Guaranteed not to leak. ability and Its mannor of function- registration plntcs worn reported 2-quart capacity. ing. During the first scrutiny par- with 8,000 stolen automoblloH from ticular attention is given to struc- otlfcr states. Police from various ] tural soundness, resistance to ele-sections made 3,891 .requests for ments, and resistance to use; for Its Identification of questionable, automoEACH functional worth, tho FHA examines biles and 541 of these . curs worn the llvablllty and plan of tho houBe, Identified. During the yrnr MR were Pump. Lifetime motor, What's Modernize! Get .rid of your old its mechanical and convenience arrested for larceny or nutomnhllps equipment,-and Its natural light and and SG who had stolen autns in their more, the EASY Ironer frees you "washing wreck" that still runs ventilation. In nridltlon, the' prop- possession. A total of 2.2R7 rrporta from drudgery that wears away but fails to wash clothes gently, erty's architectural attractiveness la of automobiles In connection with rated. wanted and missing persons wna reyouth. You SIT DOWN in comwhite and bright.' Trade it in — In like manner, wo rate tho bor-ceived, Feathenoft rower, and the location, and then fort! Cabinet type. Automatic It's worth $15.00 in this Offer! through a combination of nil of theso POWDER PUFFS WINS AI'1'I.K l'liw.K. ratings and through a fixed form or 3-way Heat Control, Open-end Big, family-size, all-white EASY. Standard 15c value. grldv arrive at a rating of tho pro- After flvn years of I ravel, the Silroll. All-white. 3-Way Safety Wringer.. Electric posed mortgage a* ,a whole. If thla ver SwccpstakM Anplo trophy prnSALE Q " 7 c rating la under BOfr, we Issue a reby tho New .Jersey Stair Horjection; If the rating Is over Kty wosented ticultural society, found its .permanPRICE U for # Issue ft commitment, or promise to ent possessor in Preston T Unlirrts. innure. Mooreatown, whose npnlc i-xhihlt wan This procedure Is followed through- judged the finest at this year's Farm out the entire country, and In theShow, held In connection with Agrl $ 74.95 VALUE EASY WASHER possessions. Every Insured FHA Mort- cultural Week In Trentim. gago han poised certain definite tents 79.95 VALUE EASY IBQNER In order to possi™ the Irnphy perwith which the lenders are familiar; NAIL POLISH bur Underwriting Manual Id avail- manently, |t was niwjHiiry '<"' """ $154.90 VALUE HOME LAUNDRY able to anyone who will pay 75c; andgrower to rec'olvo lhr*awnrd Ihrrn .y;,™ REMOVER Union, In 103(1 It wnn (1ml clalmoil tho system In ndmlnlntercd by comby Lemuel Blank, HlRhlntown. Then petent and similarly trained men. J£a|ll 3-ofc. professionhold It for the two sucPractically tho, men in the various Mr. Roberts years, until n new contender, nl economy size. units here)In the orilcn arc sent to ceeding I,, B. CnddlnRton. jr., 6Imv PrnvlWashington for training. Wi' Hi 111 donce, Spatial Bargain captured It |unt yenr. With hayo a number of men on the stun* thla yeor'n victory. Mr! Holicrta hnwho urn "old tnadH" of DiiHcnborry conies pormunent owner of tho cup. College, no-culled for James D, Pu-


Q filue-Wltite P What'one jeweler considers a bluewhite diamond another may consider as tinged with yellow . . . Detection of imperfections by the jeweler depends upon the strength and the land of mag-


nifier he uses, plus his ability. . . . The laws permit a wide difference of opinion, and two diamonds of equal weight both represented as blue-white and perfect may vary greatly in actucd value.


Party Given by Eastern Star










H Ga+nfdete




JS |3c






FACIAL TISSUES Box of 2 0 0 6 A S P I R I N TABLETS (Lfrr.it oF 2) Bottl« of 100

SANITARY NAPKINS 1 2 Q 9 < PHILLIPS'Tooth P a s t e d £ 1 3 c FREE!—Flailnum banded infe-tdge glait with each tubt.

TINCTURE of IODINE 4< WOODBURYSOAP OXYDOL Soap Powder"'. 2 f o r I 3 € MAVIS Dusting Powder sa£ 9 < C COLD CRIAM (59e Size) ? A N D FACE POWDER . . DOAN'S KIDNEY PIUS

60c Q Q ( 7 5 c A | ( KREML HAIR TONIC (Limit of 2) She J O

(Limit of 2) Siie * | |

Sc Guest Soap

ABSORWNI JR. 1.3s (llmtt of 2) S l »


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ranee Week To Be Featured By Local Rotarians

The Weather? You'll Hear Soon From Your Old Friend, Mr; Monax AP Feature Service.

Red Bank Club-— Will Assist in International Program ed '

afcV Wf V ,Xi


The gent Pictured here, Mr. Arctomya Mormx, alias Marmota Mpnax, alias Groundhog, alias Woodchuck, and In South Africa alia* aardvark, is due for a lot of publicity again tomorrow, February 2.

Rotary International ban designat- Every year on that day, says oil the week of February 18 to 24 us rural tradition, he comes out of Rotary Observance Week, an occas- deep alcep ' crawl3 ° u t of " s countries. countries, This h coinc with , B Hptary's a h p t a y s 35thh anniversary; a n i y ; which will L ee oo h hi i33 ahd coh«tltut th b i f many club | coh«tltute the basis for .many club | , ,




ucation of voting a tax for the following1 liurpoBCs; .... I 43,100.00 For Current Expenses For Repairs and Replacements 6.200.00 Mnnual Training ..... 2,000.00 Library i 2,000,00

a a

,t If h„ , db e a n cold w l n .

It,s b activity ter for many of us, so there Is more Rotary was founded by Paul P. interest than usual in Mr. Monax's Harris In Chicago in 1005, and is generally regarded as the Iorerun- appearance.' .The American Museum of Natural ner of the service club movement in History says there Is some truth In

the United States. The major pur-1 the l c g e n d . The w6odchuck would poae of Rotary Observance Week ia s e e h I s shad'ow on a clear brlghfday to devise ways and means of mak- ^_ pro bably a clear, cold one, with no ing the activities of Rotary clubs clouds and no rain In prospect, to an
to unite the entire Rotary movement | J o r p a s s p o r t f r a u d s l 3 wholesome. I in'Japan in observance of the occas- | h o p c h e ig r e q u l r e d t 0 s e r v e t h e limit ion. Rotary clubs throughout the \ot h l s sen tence •world will co-operate with other As an American citizen, Browder

agencies existing in the individual communities. Most familiar among BUch agencies In the United States are the Boy Scouts, Y. M. C. A,, 4-H clubs, Future Farmers of America, and organizations such as the Chamfcers of Commerce, other service

NOTICE, Nolle, li hereby given to till Itf «1 vate™ of the School Dis District or tht Soroush of Rurrison, In th tha County o/ Hon. mouth, that the annual muting for thi election of Three <8)*M«mbin of tht Board cf Education will fat held at the Hitch School, Ridgt. Road, Ton Tuesday, February 13, 1940, from e o'clock P. M. to 0 o'clock P. M., and *f much longer «« may be necessary, io enable all th* legal voters present to cast their ballots. ThTeo Member! will be elected three

Rutgers University has just announced a course in labor relations problems and policies for business executives. Fine. There we see American democracy once more at work constructively. We want neither a dictatorship of the proletariat nor a dictatorship by Big Businses nor1 by anyone else In this country. All we want and all we need to work out our social and Economic problems is freedom to discuss them and arrive at reasonable understandings and agreements among ourselves. The Rutgers course should prove an important contribution to this end, in bringing employers and employees closer together, • in mutual understanding and appreciation of each other's viewpoints, - problems and aspirations.

early—"when they are likely to face starvation or to be frozen to death. time, but we in New Jersey seem to have special cause for rejoicing over the results of better medical c\re and more widespread knowledge of the laws of health., We can't expect to live forever, but it seems pretty clear that if we live temperately and do as the doctor tells \13, those of us who Jive in New Jersey may on the whole expect to live longer than our ancestors. • .Let's -hope it will be .both a long life and a happy one. But above all, a useful one. °

Triad President Names Assistants

The total amount thought to bo nccRHBitry la .! I 62,800,00 The following proposition will *!»o be lubmltted: , (Separate propositions should be submitted for all specific purpoiei, Including purchase of land, for building, enlarging. nnd for new Furniture and Equipment.) ~ >r tiew Equipment and ImprovonicnU to .(.rounds .1 2,000.00 Dated thin 3lst tiny ot January, ,1049. ItALPH E. LONdSTREET, District Clerk. NOTE:—The term "current u p f n m " Includes iirfnclimls', teachers', janitors* and medical innpectorn' salaries, fuel, text hooka. . school supplies, flags, trnniportalon of pupils, tuition of "DUpila intending rhools In other districts with the*conser\t if the Hoard of Educutlon, School librarian, compemmtlon of the District Clerk, of he custodian of school moneys, and of runnt officers, trunnt schools, Iniuranca ind the incidental expenses of the schools. A mem her of tho Board of Education ,lniII be nt leant 21 years of age, a citlxen mil resident, of the Bchool district, and rhnil have been such a citizen and real* lent fni- at leant three years Immediately »receding his or her becoming a member if such Hoard, and shall be able to read ind write. Petitions, leKntly nominating candidates o bo voted on at said meeting, must be Ued~Vvlllf~llie~~nistrIcT Clerk at least tweny ilnys before the date of tho meeting n order to hnve the names of ntich eandU ate printed on the ofliclal bullDts to be iscd in voting. RInnk foi-ms for this (u rpone may be obtRlned from the Plsilrt Clerk. Persons who may vote at the election re: (n) Thane who were registered for the nat preceding Rcneinl election or any spe-' Inl election hetd subsequent thereto; or tot helnt* PO roclatet'ed but belnti qualified o vote for n member of the Legislature, iavo registered at the polling place on the iaUmlny preceding tho election between ip hours of 7:00 find 0:00 P. M. (b) Thone In n district having nermaicnt rojiUtrntion 'who are registered at enst three days prior to the dnte of the lection.

. Mrs. William Rathsmlth, president of the Triad club, appointed Docket 130, Page 131. members of standing committees at IN CHANCERY OF NEW JERSEY. O: OUSTAVE GIRAIU), and his una meeting of the group Thursday it nknowh helra. devisees and personal night at the home of Mrs. William representatives, or such of them as may Piordland of River Plaza. bo proper^parties defendant to the BUI of Complaint. Those appointed were Mrs. WalBy virtue of tin Order of the Court of ton Cullington, .service tasks: Mrs. ' Chnncery made on the 25th day of G. Edmond Delatush, Mrs. Frank inunry, 1040. In a causa wherein the ennaburg Notion at Bnnk, a body cor' Warner, Jr., and Miss Muriel MaWhinney, program; Mrs. James Turnock. publicity, and Mias Grace fendants, you are required to appear nnil answer the Dill of Complaint filed by the Brooks, scrapbook. com pi nln A tit on or be*f or e the 28th ilfty Others present were Mrs. George ! of March. 1940. or sold Dill will be taken Carey, Mrs. Herman Simpson, Miss-' an confeRifod ncainflt you. 1 Snid bill la filed to foreclose a tax title es Gladys Forrar . Mildred Scheidt. of tho Township of Mlddletown nnd The next meeting will be Thursday, Hen County of Mopmouth, State of New JerFebruary 8, at the home of Mrs. *cy. of pi'emlnefi known and deslgnatod as Lots Three. Four. Flfty-EInht and Fifty. Carey. Nine. In Block N, on a certatn map en> titled Map of property of KeansburR and Iilenl Bench, which said ninp In filed In the Fined for Selling Sick Horse. Monmouth County Clerk's Office. Said Sale Certificate h recorded In the ofNorman Boslcy of Freehold was Tnx fice of (he Clerk of Monmouth County on fined $50 by Justice Charles Woerner, the 13th dny of October, 1035. In Book Jr., of Lakewood, on a charge of sell- 10K6 of MortttngeB, Page 143. The aforepniil certificate certificate WAS WAS assigned assigned Novembr November ing a diseased horse to Morris Engle- paid 1939, to the Keanaburff Natlonnl Bank, man of I4ikewood. Dr. H. B. WU- ft, And you, (Juntave Glrard, nnd his unkenson. 'a Toms River veterinarian, known heirs, devisees and personal reprep ti b testified the horse had been" treated resentatives or suchh off th them as may be for an internal tumor but was d e eased w h e n sold. Mr. B o s l e y said I defendant liecmise you hold a mortgage njfnhint the tiforofiald nremlnfis In the he thoughi-the horse was well. nmount of One Thousand * Dalian*. ($1,000.00), which mortgage was executed October 23, 1018. nnd recorded October 2."i. 191S, in the Monmouth County ClerkV Supported by Merchants. in Book 550 of Mortgages, Page

. PUBLIC NOTICE, by fflvan Nolle* li hartby glvan to thft ltgi1Wot< «ri of th* Schoiol Dlitr!let of th* Town•hip ot Middlttofrii, In tht Countr of Moo mouth nnd .State of New Jenay, that th* Annual Heating tot tht election of four (4) mimbari of tha Board of Education will be held ati MechanleV Hall. Mlddletown Village, for Election Dlitrlct Mo. 1. the boundaries of which Dlitrjct art «ftabllth«d * • follows. BEGINNING Kt the Keaniburil UaUwajr on State Hluhway Rout* No. tb and frum tbencw running (1) Soutotrly, along tht boundary fin* or th« Towrt»hJ|rof Uld'Jlftown nnd tha Towiuhtp of Uolmdel to tbi It«d Hill Road, thine* (8> Eaatarly, fol. tow In a th« Red Hill Road* to t h t Bam Hollow Road: tin nee, (a) aJonti the Hum Hollow Boad «»Urljr to the New York and Long lira rich Railroad rlubt of wa/i thence (4) Northerly, alanu tht New Ynrl anil Long Branch Railroad right of « i to McCleet Cr*-eki thence (5) # Eaitarl. alonit MoClaei Creak; to the Chapel HI Rundi thenca (6) Northerly, along thi Chapel Hill Road, to tha Mountain HI!1 Road;'thence (7J Continuing In a attaint. line atlll northerly along the Mountain (til Road to Park Avenue] thenc* <8) W«st erly. alonu Park "Avenue, to the Count: road running from New Monmouth t\ Keyport known a« County Road No. 7 thenca (0) itlll Westerly, along County Road No. T, to the point or plate of Ut-

Naveiink School,"for Election^Dlstrlc No. 2, the baunderlei of. whloh DlstrJe: are eitobllehed ai followii - BEGINNING at the inieriectlon of thi boundary line of the Borough of Atlanlli Highlands and SBvontb Avenue, and f>un thence running (I) Southerly, alona H«v entb Avonue, to Hillside Avenuei thenc (2) Westerly, along HUlblde Avenue, t South Side Avenuei thence (3) Southeil and Westerly, along South Side Av*snu and Old Woman'i Hill Road, to MounUli Hill Road: thence (4) Southerly, aloin the Whi»itoorwlll Valley Road, to the runt leading from the. Mountain Hill Roid to Brown's Dock Road and along aald rtiad until tt Intersecti with the Brown's Onrk Road) thence thence Jfi) Road) (6) Southerly, Southery, along «lon« th t Brown'* Dock Road to ths Shrewsbury Navesink River: thence (8) Following tthe Shrewsbury or Navesink River until It* IIntersection i ih tht h boundary bd li with line of the Borough of HtuhlandB. thence (7) Wetterly and Southerly, follow!I.R the boundary ....B line between the Borough of Atlantic Highlands and tho Town shin of Middletown, to the point or nlaee of Beginning. Belford School, for Election District No, 3,, the boundaries of which District are os unda tabllahed an follows; BEUINN1NC at the Intersection of tht old rtirht J tirht of way of the New Jersey Sh South R i l d with i h the h N Railroad Northerly line o Rarltan Day: thence running (1) Southerly, nlons the said New Jorney Southern Railroad right of nay to Cotnpton' Creek: thence (2) Southerly, along Comp ton> Creek nnd Mill Brook flowing Into Compton's Creek, to County Road No. 7, bclns th'e roaa from New Monmouth to Keyport; thence'(3) Entterly, along 'the iald County Uonti Ho. 7, to Its Intcrsec* tlon with Park Avenue; thence (4) along Park Avenue. Easterly to the head waters of Ware Creek: thence (5) Northerly. along the iatd head waters of Ware Creek and down Ware Creek to Its mouth In Rarltnn or Sandy Hook Day: thence (It) Westerly atona the northerly line of the gnld Bay, to the point or place of BeginLeonardo Hlffh School, for Election District No. 4, the boundaries of which Dli trlct ere established as follows; uvtne inioimjutlon of enth Aveffue with tho boundary line of the Borough of Atlantic Highlands, and run* nlng thence (1) Southerly, and Weststly t along the boundary, of Election DUtrlit No. ' Northerly, alona the private road thruuffh the Hoaford prouerty. to the Intersection of Park Avenue and Hosfotd Avenue; thence (4) Northerly, along r ford Avenue, to the County road running from Atlantic Highlands to New Monraouth, bolntr County Road No. 7; thanee (51 Easterly, along unlcl County Road, (o Leonard Avenue; thence (6) Northed; herly along Leonard Avenue, to Sandy Honk h Day; thence (7) fc$sterly, and Southerly, along the said Bay and along the boundary line between the Towmhtp ot Mid. dletown and the Borough of Atlantic Highlands, to the tinlnt or place of B(. ginning. Also BEGINNING at the mouth of Ware Creek and Sandy Hook or Rarltan Bay, and from thence running (1) Southerly, along Ware Creek and the boundary line of Election DUtrlct No. fl, to Park Ave nue; thence (2) Easterly, along Park Ave nue. to Hosford Avenue: thence (3) North' erly. stong UGH ford A venue, to ths New Monmouth and Atlantic Highlands Road. thence (4) Easterly, alons »ald road, to Leonard Avenue: thence (fi) Northerly, along Leonard Avenue, to Rarltan or Sandy Hook Ray; thence (6) Westerly, along Rarltan .or Sandy Hook Day, to the point or place of Beginning. Llncroft School, for Election District No, C, the boundaries of which District are established as follows: BEGINNING ut the Intersection of the right of way of the New York and Long Branch Railroad ami Navesink River or Shrewsbury River, and from thenoa running (1) Northerly, along the iald rlnht of w«: line of the New York and Long Brand Rflflrond nut to Uam Hollow Road, thence

j , a d t h e s j m e r i g h t o( 'any u i - i t . 'American to espouse any set of prlnThe Constitution c i p ] ( , 3 h e pi e M C ( j. guarantees us all freedom of speech. Any Communist may get up on any 'BDap box anywhere, and so long as he. advocates changing our political [system by ballot—the peaceful and1 clubs, civic groups, etc. Many clubs will take the oppor- lawful process provided for in the tunity to pay homage to Rotary's , Constitution—speak as often as he founder. Paul P.'Harris, who is llv-! wishes on this or any other subject, ing in Chicago and is active in Ro- ; But when he goes beyond that and tary affairs ' j contemptuously violates the laws of At no other time in Rotary's 3 5 - h i s **"** country, whether in the ti 4 1 . or, \-ont nf mich -service ot some other country or not, y(5 ar history has an event _of s u c h . . ^ d ^ t d ,,k * th; magnitude been contemplated. K o " 0 P o f f e n ( l e r tary believes that in times such as , • thfesc it should bend « " V ^ o r t ' ^ 'voted ^continue the Dies investlgaward uniting i t s . i n t e . r , n a t , i o n f " ^ , ! X tion. All committees of this nature I am much impressed by the state-' ment of the New Jersey Medical SoifsenUtive membership in t h o u g h t s , ^ e r f o r m i a w o r t h w h l l a public S 0and tolerance, W C erat de r ciety that the general death rate in Bank Register Is supor may ? L - ° A 5 . . r f I ^ o ™ H ± ^ ^vice in the interests of democracy. that even though Its And by virtue thereof nil of you claim tho state dropped a third between 1908 ported by local as well as out-ofthe methods i of the Dies ot approve of all of town business men., Advertiacmcnts to hnve aome Interest in the said prem.hip is but a handful of the world s ; c o m m | t t c e , but we may be sure at and population, atiil it is representative ; l t t h a t t h throughout the country at the same appearing regularly tell the story.— a r e performing a paDated January Zf». 1940. nOREMUS & MANSON, of almost eWry nationality and creed. ! ] o t ] c s e r v J c / J n t I £ 0 W j n g ]ig h t on 8 ftroad Street. Ked Bunk, N. J , Moreover, Rotary's members, repre- | s o m e o f t h e su bterranean processes Snlicitora of Complnlnnnt. senting as they do virtually every j b y V hich the country's enemies are classification of'business and profes- attempting to injure it. President I IN CHANCERY OF NEW JERSEY. . ' CIRARI) FIRE & MARINE INSURaion in the -community, are men who ; William Green of the American FedANCE COMPANY of Philadelphia and exert a definite sphere of influence ^ration of Labor summed up the arTHE MECHANICS INSURANCE COMin their business, social and civic igument for its continuance as well PANY of PhlM«Inh!n, bodlea corporate n( the State of Pennsylvania: contact*. las anyone, when-he said In a letter By virtue of an Order of the Court of -<^!iKui;tti4i*d»5tflaUfl^§S8Jvdi,n£i Pi? ^\^J^** members of Congress; Chnnccry of New Jersey, made on the day i>l the date hereof, in a cause wherein Bank club's participation '!n"*tii(sf"^'I"cannbl*coh^Vv"S'1df"j3rfyi3iierother ^fierWoTcKffnr6W«ppr world-wide celebration will be pre- than those -who may be exposed Bank, N. J., a corporation of the State of along the boundary line of Election Vi\\ sented later. through association with communist N Jerfiey. Is complainant and Henry F. trtct No. 1, to the Red Hltl Road; tbenre •—'—•» • m organizations and communist-front nnd others are defendants, you are (8) Westerly and Southerly, along the eu"ired to appear and nnBwer the bill of Red Hill Road and along the boundary organizations, objecting to a thorfin id complainant on or before the twenty- line between the Township of Mid die town ough investigation into the activities si:;'.h tiny of March next, or the said bill and the Townnhlp nf Hoi mile I. t o Swine Can Ifatsure if of subversive groups by a Congresswill be tnitcn an confessed against you. mini? River: thence (4) Ennterly, nnrl wilt look well ional committee. Those who have no Thc Kfild bill In filed to foreclose a cer- Southerly, along Swimming River and morUnffo given by Henry F. Hylln nlons the Shrewsbury or Navesink Rtvsr. sympathy with these un-American affir dry clean! Hnnlet I. Hyllru Ms wife, to The to the ttnlnt or place of Denlnnlnz. Miss Margaret C. Brent, 18. daugh- groups, these subversive forces withMere-hnnU Trunt Company of Red Bank, Port Monmouth School, for Election Dliter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Brent in our social order, who are constantN, J.. a corporation of Iho State of New trlct 6, the boundaries of which Disof Avon, was instantly killed Fri- |ly seeking to change our form of , dated the first day of March, 1034, trict No. are established an follows: on hindx In the Rnrough of Had Hank, In UEGlNNim* m the mgti natei line ol dajy night when she was thrown government and to promote, rcvoluthe County of Monmouth, and State of Rurltun or Hook Bay and at the from a car which was in collision t i o n c a n w ] t h perfect propriety give Now Jerfcy; nnd you, (Jlrnrd Flra & Ma- Intersection Sandy with the Weiterly boundary rine Innuranee Company of Philadelphia line of Election with another auto on Route 35 In | wholehearted support to .the work of District No. 8 ; thence imd The Meclianlcn Insurance Company-of running {1) Southerly, along bounthe Allenwood section of Wall town-':the Dies committee, and to the inP hi In del ph In, bodies corporate of the dary line ol Election DistricttheNo. 3; ahlp. Albert Vanderhoor, 20, of AI- jvostigation which it has made and S'ntc of Pennsylvania, t r e mads defend- tu the County road leading (rum New nnts becnuso you hold a mortgage coverlenhurst. driver ol'the car in which (which it can continue to make. The Monmouth to Keypurt, known as County thc lnnd« described In complainant.'* Road No. 7; thence VI) Westerly, along MIBP Brent was a passenger, suf- people of our country Jre entitled to mortenpre. jald County Road No. 7 to the Harmony fered scalp lacerations. George Ap- know tho truth . . . The preservation Dated Jnpuary 25, 1040, Roud: thence (3) Northerly, along tht plegate, 27, of ChatswoiHh, driver of of freedom and democracy la a matWARREN H. SMOCK, Harmony Road, to Daniel 0. Hendrlckion't Solicitor of Complainant, the other car, was lacerated about ter of vital concern to all those who Corner; thence (4) following the road to Corner Broad and Mechanic Streets, Ralph'" Corner: thence (G) Northerly, the head. His wife, Margaret, suf- believe in our form of government." Jitd Bunk, N. J. alontt Homestead Park, to the head water* fered chest contusions, and his of Pew's Creek; thence (6) Northerly, NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF ACCOUNT down Pew'i Greek, to Rarltan or Sandy mother, Mrs. Anna Applegate, lacer- It was a pleasure to attend the Extnte of Atlelcne McLean, dereaietl. Hook Day; thence (7) Easterly, along the ations of tho forehead.. All the in- State Agricultural convention In Notice U hereby itlveri that the accounti Bay, to the poln»or place of Beginning, of iho subHpriber, nole 'executor of the jured were taken to FltkiXhospital. JTrenton last week and to meet old East Keaniburg School, toe Election Disestate of rniid decenited, wffl be audited Tho Vanderhoof car was going and new friends among farm leaders, and Ftated by the Surrognte of the County trict No, 7, the boundaries of which Diswest on. Sea Girt avenue and struck plain farmers and others Interested of Monmouth nnd reported for nettlement trict are established as follows: HEIJINNlNi; at the niuuth of Paw's the Orphans' Court of field County, on Your Every Dry Cleaning question answered the Applegate car, which was" Roinp in tho farm problem. We can solve rnilny, the fourteenth dny of March. Creok and In Sandy Hook or Rarltan Bay; south, broadsldo, forcing It into n all of our farm problems In New Jer. P. 1940, nt 10:00 o'clock a, m., at thence running (1) Southerly, along, the field. Miss Brent was hurled from sey If given half a chance. As part which time application Will bf mnde for boundary line of Election DUtrlct No. tf, in this nnce ol commissions and counsel to (he County road from New Monmouth the car and her skull was fractured of that chance, we should certainly to Keyport, known as County Road No, 7; be better pleased If the national govwhen she struck the pavement. thence (2) Westerly,.along County Rnad Dntctl January 25. A. D. 1D40. ernment i n ' Washington would deNo. 7. to Palmer -Avenue, thence (8) BHOOKLYN TRUST COMPANY, Here 8 a helpful book that vote a little of the vast sum spent in Northerly, down Palmer Avenue, t o Its ln> By: IJ. N. SI»«ck, torsectlon with the boundary line ot the TESTIMONIAL DINNER. ' various forms of farm aid each year Vice President, answers your questions 177 Montague Street, Brooklyn, N. Y., Borough of Kennsburg; thence (4) Northto studies of our marketing and diserly and Easterly, atonu the boundary lint Sole Executor, about dry cleaning and P. Otto Weigand, Jr., who was re- tribution problems. I Intend to make of the Township of Mlddletown and tht Ktlwnrd W. Wins, Borough of Keaiiiburg. to t h i high f*«tti modern fabrics, and it's .11 Bronil Street. cently appointed police commissioner that demand when the new Agriculline of Rarltan or Sandy > Hook Biyj " " Rnnk, N. J., ' of Keyport, was given n testimonial tural Appropriation bill comes before absolutely free! Do doubts thence (fi) Easterly, along the aald Bar. Proctor. the Senate. dinner at Buttonwood Manor, Matato the point or place of Beginning. about dry cleaning someNOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF ACCOUNT snan, Friday evening, by his frieVds. Bchool, for Election lUtrfct tMute of Aitnen Krcar TompkitiB, deceaaed. No.Falrvlew times dampen your enthusiAbout 300 people attended. Former 8, the boundnrlas of which District There Is every Indication as this la ( T l for Marnoret Frear Tompklns, are established an follows) ,Governor Harold G. Hoffman was written that Congress will approve a nnw (irtmthtt.) asm for a new outfit you BEGINNING at the interaction of the Notice U herehy xlven that the account* the chief speaker. The tonstmaBter loan to Finland, as it should. Finright of way of tho New York anil l^ung buyPThisbookwilltellyou f iliicriber, truiitea of the entats of was Assistant Prosecutor Charles land and the United States are Company and of tha *nit\ decerucd, will be audited and stated Branch, Railroad how to shop and how to or Shrewsbury River, and from •hy the Rurroiiale of the County of Mon- Navesink Frankcl. F. Palmer Armstrong of friends. Also the courageous and thence running (1) Northerly* alona the mtuith nnd reported for settlement to the choose adependable cleanKoyport was chairman of Ihe dinner heroin people, of this small northern flallroad Hffht, of way and along Ui'i>hanfl/;CDiirt of Bald County, on Thurs- fluid District No. 5 and Election DUcommittee. * • • [republic have met their obligations d th C^-cnlh day of March, A. D, 1940, Election er. Phone, call at our store, No. 1, to Mill Uraok; thence (2) o'clock n. m., at which time up- trlct Mr. Weigand was presented with I to this-country to the last cent, *(hus Easterly, along Mill Brook, to Chauel Hill or ask one of our rspreii.lrntion will be made for the alto wanes of gifts from the borough council,!earning tho right to come to us now Road; thence (3) Northerly, alonii Chaptl commiaglonB nnd counsel fees. sentatives for a free copy. Hill Road, to Mountain Hill Road; th«ttct where ho has oorved ns coiincllmanlwllh n request for further financial Dated January 22, A. 1>. 1040. (i) Continuing Northerly In a straight ,.nc for two years, tho license bureau In old. IRVIN(J TRUST COMPANY, Park Avenuei thence (5) Easterly. (Formerly Columbia Trunt Company) to Keyport, and Inspectors ot the mo-1 Only one possible objection could along Park Avenue, to a private road leadBy: Wantworth P. Johnion. hc Ing through the Hosford property, tnem't tof vehicle department. Mr. Weigand! made to such a loan, based on the Vice Preildtnt, (0) Southerly, along the private road lead* has been'Inspector of tho State Mo- f c n r t n n t " might tend to draw us / 1 Wall Street, New York. N, Y.( Ing through tho Hosfortl property, to into l h c clrcI r Trustee, tot Vehicle department nbout 21 \ ° ° Europe's wars. AlMountain Hill Road! (7) Emit to the |1 Sydney CJ. Sonns, Esq,, boundary Una nf Election Dlitrlct No. 2 : years. Mrs. Weigand was presented! though I will go as far as any man 7 44 Urond Street, yi g thence <8) Southerly, along Election Disor woman In in New Jersey J e r s y or anywhere n h Newark, N. J., trict No, 2 to t h t Naveilnk or ShrewiSUITS, Proctor. with a bouquet of flowers else. In Insisting, that the United hury Riven thence (0) Westerly, alontt 'th» i»ald River to the point or place of Stntnfl keep oat of other, people'* PLAIN COATS NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF ACCOUNT wars, I do not think this objection Estate of Anne* Frear TompklnR, tlecsased. Beginning. Suit Qyi-r Stock. (Trust for Madeline Itlanchl .Tompklm and DRESSES sound. on tno 18th day of February, 1040, from Carpenter.) * ' / , Mrs. Sabelln Cordte and her son, 4i00 o'clock p . m., to 0.00 o'clock P . M. We're not .going to war In Europe. Notlco Is hereby alvon that the accounts Eaittrn titnndard Time anil na much Edwin H, Cordte, both of Spring We've learned that lesfioti well the subscriber, trustee of the estate of innffV on mny he netesaary to permit Like, have filed a suit in thr United enough, I think, not to risk a repe, rl deenaied, wlf) be audited and stated (liuse present Rt the dulgnatt d time to by the Surrogate of the County of Mon- cast their hallota. States district court asking that the tition of what we went through In nutitli nnd reported for settlement to the Votorn must v o l . In t h t DUtrlct In National InvestlnR corporation be i B n . 1 8 i and hnvc been going through Uiphnnn' Court of nnld County, on Thuri. which thiy r«ilil». , rlny, the teventh day of March. A. I). 191ft, rdflulred to. return * ,7W,<« whhh e l n c l , l n c n „„ n etmK*um*B Thre« (a) m«mb«ra will In olecttd thrt» o , n?lr nt 10:n0 o'clock Jt. m., at which time kp- yinrx'. One (I) member will b« alerted they claimed had boon oblnlned p nr (| 0 |p n (ion In the fliBt world war. I plirddor will ho made toe the tillowAnce of twn yflara. commiiitlnns nnd crjuniel fef^. ftiudonlently from tho Bnnprlnl lonnl Moreover, we certainly hnve nothAt mill meatlnu will l » submitted the Dnted January 22, A. D. 1040. " (ineatlon of voting K.tKx for t h . following joojoty, n..Buhrirtlary, Jloldor,, „/ 4,- i r i ( r t o f ( , n r f r o m nwMn „„ „ c n n s p . inVINCI TRUST COMPANY, 70-76 White St., (toi-moily Columbia Truit Company) Iturpos.ai DQ8 Bhnron of Bonollrlnl mocK, l h e ' t | , , n n c r o f nny nnsislnncn v" m,,v For Current'Exn.na. ;;«.l««,740.00 By, Wentworth P. Johnson, S,'* pltlntlffH ftlleSB that Nnlloiuil pur-(jtlvei to Plnlnnrk If Ihn Hus^lnn Par I!«|i«lr« nnd KtpllMinifttl (,0011,011 if orf«»«d for |175 a shttrn, fl,l)71 nhnrnii ni>nr cnn't ninltn nny IMHIM- nhowlnu r'Wnll Strcrt, NPW York, N ! YJ Kiir Mnininl Trnlnlnx PHONE 2800 K»r Vncntlomil Trnlnlntf , • f utook aolllplly worth only $on'a tlmn II hnn rtgnlnnt • lltllci Flnlnnil •Sydney G. Soann, Kmi., for Ulir».i7 > " ._ nnd Hold Itt nt tlio (j ijionnjy ox- what ohnncu would It huv aiialnst 7-I I llrond Htrret, 4 -,nny nist-cluHs or ovfn eccond-clojis ,of $108 a share. N«wnrk, N. J., ' • '' Th*'total amount Hioujht !•> . . „ „. bo nec>smr»l —r...«l 7P,S20.0» Froctor.

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proposition will also ba

tlon U hirtby authorUadi 1. To .ixtfind tht aun of I778.O0 (or Furnlturt and.l!qulpinnu College Avenue), on Tueiday, February 18, 1940, from .seven o'clock P. M, to nine o'clock P. M<» and » much longer aa may bt ntctisacy to enable' all the ttsal voters present to cast their ballots. Three Members will bt elected for three year*. At laid meeting will be submitted the question of voting a tax tor the tallow Ins purposes: "• > For Current Expenses ' —.1 28,000.00 For Reqalra and Replacements . 200.00 Tha total amount thought to be neceisary ii .....; I 23,200.00 The following proposal will alao be submltttdt "RESOLVED, That the Board of' Education be authorlied to raise tht Hum of •2,500,00 to provide: for an anticipated deficit .In the Current Expense Account." Dated this 20th day of January. 1940. RICHARDB. ROBERTS, . ' District Clark. NOTE:—The term "current expeneeu" Intludea principals', teachern', janitors' and medical Inspectors' salaries, fuel, text books, school sitDplles, Rags, trnnsportalon of puplli, tuition of pupils attending ichoolt in other districts with the consent if the Board ot Education, nchoo) libraries, compensation of the Dlitrltt Clerk, of the custodian of school moneyi and of truant officers, truant schools, Insurance and the Incldintal expenses of tht schools. A member of the Board of Education ihall be at least 21 years of age, a cltlatn ind resident of the school dlitrlct, and shall have been such a citizen and resident for at least three years Immediately preceding his or her becoming a member of such Board, and ahall he able to read and write. Petitions, legally nominating candidates to be voted on at said meeting, must be filed with the DUtrlot Clerk at least twenty days before the date of the meeting In order to have the immerot such candidates printed on tht official ballots to be used* In voting. Blank forma for this purpose may bt obtained from the Dis.rlct Clerk. Persons who may vote at the election

may be mctiiary to ambit •, voter, praatnt to cait>thilr b-..-™«,Thret Mtrabtri will be electe.d for t! At said meeting. „„.„ UHtlon ot voting a tax for the Co Ho win* urposeai _ _ .flfiTi/X Current Expenses ; I 18.281 no Kennies and Replacements ...... Soo!ao r The total amount' thought to be neceuary Is , . . | SS.7SI.00' Dated January 2a, 1040, < < OBTA GILHULY, Dlitrlct Cltrk. MOTBliThf term, current expensee" t i r ateechirs', , -"current exptniee" Include! principals junitor!' arid medical Imputon' aalarles, futl, text 1 books, school luppllos, flags, traniDortu-i lion of nuplls, tuition of punlU atUndlnfcT schoola in other dl.trlcts witn the consent of the Board of Education, school llbrarea, compeniatlon ot the, District Clerk, of ine custodian of school moneys and of l ^ / i t offlcar. truant schools, Insurance and the Incidental expenses of tha schools. an<

*n""'d»nt of the school dlitrlct. and •hall have been such a cltlien and resident for at least three years Immediately. preceding Ms or her becoming a mimb«r o'«uch Board, and ihatl be able to read anil wnto. Petitions, legally nominating candidate! i? A* utie,u ° £ , f l t i a l d meeting, muit be filed with the District Clerk at Uait twenty days before the date of the meeting In order to have the names of inch candidates printed on the official ballots-to he used In voting. Blank forms for thli purpose may be obtained from the District Clerk. Persona who may vote at the election aret - , fa) Those who were reglitered for the last preceding general election or any ipeclal election held subsequent thereto; o f ; not belns so registered but being qualified to voto for a member of the Laslslatdrtt, hnve registered at the nailing place-on th* Saturday preceding the election between the hours of 7t00 and 0:00 P. M, Avenue, said point being the southweBt corner of lot No. fl on aald map', which sntd lot No. 6 la owned by one Lafrenlere; thence (1) running southerly along the easterly side of Kemp avenue, one hundred and ten feet to a point, said point being the northwest corner of lot No. 0 on said map; thence (2) easterly along the northerly line of lot N6. 0 on. iald map, one hundred and fifty feet to a point In the westerly line of lot No. 10 on said map, itnld point being the northeast corner of said lot No. 0 on said map; thtnee (3) northerly along the westerly lino of said lot No. 10, one hundred and ten feet to a, point, nald point being the southeast corner of lot No. e on said map; thence (4) westerly along the southerly lint ot lot Jo, 6 on said map, one hundred and fifty feet to the place of beginning. Intended be all of tots Nos. 7 and 8 on said

Intended to be the same land and premises conveyed to the said Richard P. (a) Those who were registered for the Mackey by deed frony William F. VanNote last preceding general election or any ape- and Mabel. VanNott, his w{fe, dated Mav cial election held .ubiequtnt thereto; or not being so registered but being qualified Salzed as the property of Richard F. to vote for a member of the Leglalature, Mnckey, et ata., taken In execution at the have registered at the polllnic place on the ilt of Jonenh F. Blnladetl, et alt., and to Saturday preceding the election between i fold by the hours of 7:00 and 0:00 P. M. MORRIS J. WOOniUNG, Sheriff. (b). Those In a district having permaDated January fl, 1040, nent registration who are registered at ^arron H, Smock. Sol'r. '• (east three days prior to the date of the "»9 HUM) . $24.78 itectlon. Chancery 2 / 7 2 SHERIFFS SALE. NOTICE. By virtue of a writ of A. fa. to me diNotice Is hereby given to the legal votn of the School District of the Borough rected, Issued out of [the Court of Chanif Little Silver, In the County of Mon- cery of the State of new Jersey, wltl be nouth, that the annual meeting for the exposed to nale Bt public vendue on election of Two (2) Members of the MONDAY, -THE 6TH DAY OF FEBRUARY, 1040, Board of Education will be held at the DUtrlct Schoolhouse, Markham Place, on letween tho hours of 12 o'clock, and S Tuesday, February. 13, 1940, from 7 o'clock •'clock (at 2 o'clock) .In Ihe afternoon vt iay be nectnary, to enable all the legal New Jersey, to satisfy a decree of aald oters preseat to cast their ballots. ourt amounting to approximately One Member will bo elected thrte [4,055.00. All the following tract or parcel of land One Member will bt elected 1 year. hereinafter particularly deAt said meetlne will be submitted the ind premises situate, lying and being In the luestlon of voting a tax for the following ctlbed, 'ownehlh of Mlddletown, In the County purposest of Monmouth anil Stnte of New Jerioy. For Current Expenits *. I 10,300.00 Known and designated as Lot No. 180 For Repairs and Replacement^ 1,000,f>0 as thown and designated on map entitled "Man of Country Club Estates, Red The total amount thought to Hank, N. J., Scale one Inch to one hunbe necessary U % 20.300 00 dred feat, property of Shrewsbury River Tho following proposition wilt also be Hold In B Comtinny, Rad Bank, N. J., OeorK* D. Cooiier, C, K.. dated January 10, 102H". lubmitted: , which map in duly filed In the Monmuuth [pedal Current Expense. TransCounty Clerk's Office. I portation of Eighth Grade Puplla to Washington, D. C. ,1 £00.00 Scltcd as the property of Julian M. ParDated this First day of February, 1940. ker, et flls., taken In execution at the' SARAH M. UPPINCOTT, suit of Anson B. Htldebrajt and Anna M. District Clerk. HUdebrant, and to be sold by MORRIS J, WOODRING, Sheriff. NOTE:—The term "current expenses" Dated January 8, 1040. Includes principals', teachen*. janitors' and medical Inspectors' salaries, fuel, text Qulnn ft Doremus, Sol'rs. (85 lines) . 114.70 books, school supplies, flags, transportation of pupils, tuition of pupils attending chootg In othtr dfitrlcts with the content 4OTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF ACCOUNT sf the Board of Education,, achool librar- State of Blanche E. Durand. deceased, ^Notice !» hereby given that the accounts ies, compensation of tht District Clerk, of Lh* custodian of school moneys and of of the subscriber, surviving executor of ruant officers, truant schools. Insurance the estate of said deceased, will be au.nJ the Incidental expenses of the schools. dited and stated-by the Surrogate of t h e A mtmbar of the Board of Education County of.. Monmouth and reported for tast 21 ytara of_ .age, a citizen nettlemont to the Orphans' Court of mid hall ind resident of the achool . ihall have been auch a cltlxcn and rast- at which time application will be madii lent for at least thrtt'ysars Immediately for the allowance of commissions and irecidlng his or her becoming a member counacl tees, if such Board, and shall be able to read Dnted January 22, A. D. 1940, " nd write. ' MERCHANTS AND NEWARK TRUST Petitions, Itgally nominating candidates COMPANY OF NEWARK. N. J., . o bt voted on at saM meeting, must be Byi Daniel L. Relber, lltd with tht District Clerk at least twenAssistant Trust Officer. ty days btfor* tht date of the meeting 793 Broad Street, Newark, N. J,t In ordtr to have tht name* of such candi- „ ; . • „ „ , Surviving Executor. mdates prlnttd on the official ballota to be Child, Hiker, .Marsh ft Shloman, lied In voting. Blank forms for this 744 Broad Street, • lurpose may bt obtalntd from the DlsNewark, N. J., rlct Cltrk. Proctors. Persons who may vote at tht election ret Monmouth County Surrorata'a Offict. (a) Thoie who were'realitered for the In the matter of the estate of William B* nt preceding general tlectlon»or any ape- Johmton, tleceased. f :tal election held aubiequtnt thereto: or Notice to creditors - to present claims V61 being to reglsttrtd but being qualified against entate. o vote for a member of tha Lenta lit u re. Pursuant to the order of Joseph L. Doniave registered at the polling place on the ahay. of tha County of Honlaturday preceding tht election between motith,Surrogate made on the ninth day of Jan.ihe houra of 7iOO ind DiOO r. M. ary. 1940, on the application of. Harry D. (b) Thoae .In dtatrtet having p«rma- Johnston, administrator of tht tstate of lent rei:latratlon who are renUterad nt William E. Johnston, deceased, notlci Is taat three dan prior to the date" of tha hereby given to the creditors of said da- ' ''' lection. , re lined to exhibit to the subtcrlber, administrator as aforesaid, their debts and d«fOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF ACCOUNT mantlt aKalnsL the saltl estate, under oath. within iU months from the date of the itate of Jamtit R. WlllUton, dtcaaied. or. thnr will bt forever Notice It htrtby glvt'n that the acCDunts aforttaldof oriltr. thtlr actions therefor against if tht subscribers, surviving trusttts, and barred said subicrlbtr. ixecutori of deceased successor or sub- th«Dnted Freehold, N. J., January S, 1940. tltuUd trustee of tht estate of said deHARRY D. JOHNSTOW. eased will he Audited and stated by tha 15 Frontenao Avenue, . lurrojratt of the" County of Monraouth . „ BuiTalo, New Vork. ind rtported for uttttmtnt to thi Or- n . * gans' Court of said County, on Thursday, tjulnn A Do remits. Esqs., Red Dank, N. J., it twenty>flrst day of March, As D. Proctors. , 040, at 10:00 o'clock A. M.. at which Ima application wilt bs made for the aU County Suirofatt'a OfRct* iwanct of commlialoni commlisloni and couniel t**t. n Monmouth wanca.of and eou I ni ltf 11 o f th in" Mfi 1 - i *. ••••*• ° ' Otor»eii Dated January 24. A, I). 1040. E, Winning, dectastd, ka WILLIAM NEL30N CROMWELL, IJ West 4«th St., Naw York. N, Y., Notice to creditor! to prtitnt;''elalmi "I ngninst tslnte. .M - < ' - | UNITED STATES TWIST COMI'urnunnt to the order of Jop»«4i||L Do«I-ANY OP NEW YORK, " lay, Hurrogate of the County, oT Monfly i Thomas If, Wllaon, mouth. mady on tht twinty./lWCih- (lay of Vice Prealdent, December, 1080. on the'J*p»IUHtlon o( 45 Wall Street, New York. N. Y., Madtlilne h. Winning, extutrb. of the - Eiurvlvlnic Trustees. •statt of CJeorge E. Winning, dtctMed. ELEANOR L. ds PLANQUE, . not ce Is hereby given to o o the'crtdltorx the cr 2S7 Prospect Avenue. •nlil mmmBu dertased to enhlblt ilfc/lh« '»' me " e•ubscHberi ' " ••"" iu vfliiiuii Naw Drlghton. Btalen Island, K. Y., executrix «s afaixalil. thalr d.bta and il«DANK OK NEW YORK. mamls naalnst tht salil tstat., und.c onth, By! Charles Eldredxe; within six montha Iron) th« data ot tht Vice Prealdent, aior.aald onttrr-or tht> -will bt fortvar 41 Wall Street, New York, N. V., b.rr.d of thalr aotlona thtrtfor agalnat Sxaeutora iff Emilt da Planque, tha aalil subtorlMfi! • A daceased auceeaior or aubstU t. K. J., Das IB. l i s t . tufil truatre. BLKINR R, vflNHINd. , >T'lefrate, Stevens, Foster Avinui, Estontnwn, N. J. ft Reussllle, Rad UsnR. N. J.. I j! lltd Protlori/ . Proctor.



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Pace Eleven

the winner will compoto In a county Highlands. contest, Tho local contest will be held-during assembly period in tho IlctfUtcr can ho lioutrht,

man, William MacKenzic, Hownrd I T Jeffrey, Robert Jeffrey, and Rev. I Horbert J. Smith. • '

Entertains Choir At Dinner Party Miss Claire Stockton of Fourth ave-

Brunswick, Patrick Mlrcollno of J«r>"* sey City, former atate miernblyrann of Hudson county, and Thomu BitFor Catholic Priest lino, Long Branch attorney, L o n A testimonial dinner will be given don Coles 'of Long Branch will b»" LODGE TLANS PARTY. Rev. Emllio A. Cardllla, rector of master of eoromonle». Holy Trinity Catholic church of Long 1 Red Bank council, Royal Arcanum; Branch Sunday", February 4, at the will hold a game party tonight in Norwood Country club, The dinner It pavs to advortHo In The Regllttl . the lodge rooms in Odd Fellows hall has been arranged by members of on Monmouth street. Prizes will be the church. • awarded and refreshments served. Monsignor Edward Griffin of St. Charles Senlon, Sr., William Fritz, Mary's Catholic church. South AmJames McLean, Goorgn.Conk, W. W. boy, ivill be the principal speaker. Bennett and - Joseph Sole are mem- Others, speakers \vill be Rev. Malgbcrs of the committee arranging the jnana, rector of St. Mary o'f Mount ' Virftin CMholic chutxh of New event.'

(Tho nod Hank Atlantic HtBhlnqdn from William Leff. ( " I g " BCtlOOl.

Mrs, Richard Cobletis oftlie IS, D. 3. MmbuTii, A7 Kati am) nomco'j Btoie.) | Lontilhon estate, Mlddletown, recelv- Mrs. Mary Stlllwell of Second ave- ,nue and ilias Marie Dillon, of Flrat oarly this week that returned'to. her duties with avenue attended the annual mid wlnWilliam L. Orris, an , the haa 5 County Gas Co. after a throe tor prom of the Peddle school Saturflying cadet at Parks Air college, vacation,, which ohe spent at day night at Hightstown; Bast St. Louis, Illinois, had been and N. J. C. seriously Injured Sunday when a M i a m i , F l o r i d a . ' i n * e training plane ho WOB piloting T h o m e m b e r s o t t h o F r e n c h c i r c l e I « AJWMM Groups, crashed Into an open Held near held a meeting Monday afternoon at O O C i a l L / O i n g 8 Or 10 ai MlB Dupo, Illinois. Ho suffered'a frac-l" bomn - August Kathmach- ' Arranging Concert Florida Visitors 1Itured log and face- and body J bruison. or o'^Ocoan boulevard. - - - - - • Mva, H. H, Bowtell ot First avenue, i Hon. Calypso Liddelland her bro, Ole0 ..__ mander of the army unit who haa been laid upp the ppast week, | ler, L. Suffo.i7i Tailor of Coral Gathe y will preunt IU second annual shore 1B able to be around again. l concert In the Crystal ballroom of lege, salt] Orris had been on a 40- john "Br'aiilTer'sr!, t a T b e c o m o al?""1.?.™0^1?..?5J?.!1™B_OJ1' "Je".-d!".' the •B«rk«ley-Carteret hotel, A.bury mlnute solo flight. The cause of Park, tomorrow night at 8:30 o'clock. tho crash was not determined. can Mechanics. The concert Is being given Jointly The Sapphire Boys will holdi a Pync at the Miami Blltmorc before water revue. 1»y the North Jersey Coast Butgers danco Saturday ovening In the au- thoFrederick Glllman of Spring Lake club, embracing alumni in Monmouth ramriiar and' Ocean countlea, and the New his or- has been elected fleet'captain of tho Hollywood Yacht Jtrsey College for Women Monmouth chestra will supply tho music. ._, a c. h• ,, 1 club at Hollywood County Alumna*..club. The Ladles' auxiliary of the Allan- B eeach, ' Florida. ^«Wa: Robert A. Bafr of Freehold, a Ha Highlands—the department will Mr. and Mrs. Guernsey. Curran, mimbK of the class of 1025, is chairhold a'covereil dish luncheon next formerly of Fair Haven, who were Scotch Terrier Takes, mtn ot the committee arranging the Thuradnv evening In the recreation at tho Brazilian court at Palm Beach, eoncirt, J, Allen Mohn, '25, of Long room of' the lire "houses from B until "gave a luncheon at the Gulf Stream Two First Prizes Branch Is president of the Rutgers 8 o'clock. Mrs. Amos Swan, Mrs. | G ° " dub for a number of. guests. club »nd • Mils Mary Alma Parker, Algernon Drlnkwatcr and Mrs. Clyde |Tney departed for New Yorlt yes'34, of Manasquan Is president of the Miss Louise Dresner of West. Front Lucau, president, comprise the com-terday, hut expect to return. South N, J, C. olub, Tickets may be ob- street la pictured here , with hc,r mlttcc In charge. h Mnrch. Sundny night, -Mr. and tained from the officers-or any com- Scotch terrier, "Big Time". Tho dog Curran entertained at the ChnmMis. James Strange of Hlllsldo is- bMrs. mittee member. won flrat prize In Its class and first spomiins IV . remainder of the win- o r d The Glee olub will be directed by prlzo for the beBt Scottlo In the Jor- tcl . lit J\JCW Yorlt. Walter W. Held1, III, of Allcnhurst T. Austin Walter. The program for sey Shore Kennel club match show Charles Hubei- of South avqnuc has (is at tho Palm Beach hotel, th» ooncert will feature quartet »e- Saturday at the Red recovered from an Illness which conleetlona, a tenor solo; several piano home. fined him to his home. solos and a monologue In addition A meeting of Sandy Hook Bay post Hremoko-Kane to numbers by the entire group. of tho Amcricmi Legion will be held Dancing win follow the program to nexf Thursday. Nuptials Saturday muslo of Bob Grasmcro and the Olllclal.i'Of the Marino View Build- Mlas Mary Hremoko and William the Queensmen, a Rutgers undering & Lonn association and their graduate orchestra, wives attended a meeting of this Kane, both of Mlddletown, will The. following program will be preMonmoulli-Occan County Building & ]married Saturday morning In sented; Loan association league last Thurs- aJames church at 0:30 o'clock with Monsignor A Elutge-Ti Toait1 day at the Asbury-Carlton hotel, As- nuptial mam. M"« = i»«— John t" B'. McCloskcy, pastor, will celebrate the Hymn to Queen ! McKlnney-SllvcM bury Park. Ho* Brightly Beams the Morning Star.... . -r, . mass, Mr. Kane Is a graduate of Ar Nicoll The members ot the Young People's, M l d d l c t o w n t o w n s h l p h?ghe s c n o o l . Av« Vnvm d" P « « Christian Endeavor society of the AtllimpU «»t » Alchlngcr Presbyterian church attended the anHoipoal Pomolloi Lord Our XJod Have Mvrcy niversary banquet and meeting 01 RUaaian Liturgical the Monmouth County Christian EnQuarUt flftlMtloni deavor society at Manasquan Baptist Mauri. Robert W, Dutton '40. Norman Hmley '*1, Philip BtttUrs '
Annual Concert

"Big Time" Wins In Dog Show Here

PJ^. V»1VC

Mrs, Theresa Willey Hostess to (jroup The members of the Young People's Vested choir were entertained at a dinner party at the Kosevelt tea room, Little Silver, Monday evening.' They were the guests of MrS. Theresa. G; Wllley, organist and director o[ the choir, under whose leadership this choir was organized-Bomb years ago and under whose supervision the choir has developed since IU creation. Thismusical organization for the young people of tho church has. not only consistently rendered a service of the highest type to Jhe church In its worship program, but it has also afforded a splendid opportunity lor many of the youth to develop their vocal talents under the careiul direction of the director. Several members of trie present group woro charter membera of the choir at the time of .its organization. Following the dinner a program of group singing and games was conducted by J. Russell Woolley. As ii token of esteem for their director the choir presented a bouquet of ro3es to Mrs. Willey, the speech nf presentation being made by Frank G. Warner. Jack Jeffrey Is presidemt^of the .choir. Others in -.attendance were Mrs. Prank Wnrncr,""Hr7'and Mrs. Blchard Warner, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dangler, Misses Florence and Dorothy Hickey, Retty VanSant, Ruth MacAdams, Enid Willey; Elizabeth Grace, Mary Boyd, Dorothy Desch, Lea Coddington, Ruth Snlffin, Margaret Patterson and Hazel Hurst. Bernard Kclliim, William Tall-


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Monuments, Marker!, Mausoleums. 10 DIEUMMOND FLACK Phono K. B. 21.



GENERAL HOUSEHOLD CREDIT ol Broad St. Losms to S300.

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Bed Bank, N. J. license No. n$.


of their new


In Port Monmouth from Larry GiTU'riilll. ' 3 p. m.

Betty Bo-wen, F r l t z a Bullwlnkcl, Charles Meyer, nnd Churl.,. ljol,h«u^r.) f T h ( j m m o f ( h ( j First Methodist Marjorle Byck, Bunny Dillon, J a n e Miss Rita Quail, teacher of the church will hold an organization Plx, Kay DotcmuB, Dorothy Ely, Gladys French, Beverly Ann Oalla-'_ fourth and fifth. grades of tho local meeting of n men's club Tuesday, gh«r, Audrey "" Johnson, Eleanor gMr a m m a r school, was 111 with a cold -February 0, in the church. The IOIJones, R u t h Katsln, Lynn Long° n d a y and did not attend school, lowing committees have been np•treet, Nancy Lord, B a r b a r a Covott, ! " h e Ladles' auxiliary of the fire pointed: N constitution nnd by-laws, Mary Beth Lupton, Carol Mathiesen, company will hold a g a m e and enril IJC-V. Joseph Pedrick, Ronald Goolu Beattlce MoFarland, C l a r o ' L o u Mer-.. Pfirty at the fire houso Tuesday even- and.Howard F. Smith; refreshments. rill, J e a n Moflatt, Jessie J e a n Parkes, ' n S , February 16, at 8 o'clock. •• George H. Warren and Rnlph Brudci- -...... Georgo Lohmann of this place was r.nd publicity, Edward K. Atlee and Dorothy Pullen, Jean Schmidt, L week-end visitor of Walter Woods • •• Wlllium R. Dawsori. The latter will Qladys Sllcox, Janot Smith, Jacque1 net ns chairman at the organization line Snyder, Yvonne Snyder, Peggy of Hawthorne. . Mr. and Mrs. William Miller and Stout,. Dorothy. Sutphln, June Truax, Betty VanBrunt, Doris West, Conslo children spent the week-end at their , Mr. and Mrs. W. Harry Postcn of and Grace Woodheac'. summer homo on Campbell avenue, j Mvmorlal poikwayy were visitors with Robert Bates, George Brown, Erneft Mr. and Mrs. H a r r y LockwoodantI relatives Milton, Pa,' during the Bryant, Alan Conklln, James Davis, Mr. and Mrs Carl Lee attended an wccK-oud, Holmes Duncan, Robert Holtors, nlumnlnum demonstration nt the Councilman __ ... „. A. J. Porskievies of

Robert KJng, Donald Lawos,, Gerald homo of Mrs H. Patterson of River Prospect avenue waa a visitor here Matthews, William Matthews, Ed- Ploza one day last week. from Detroit over tho week-end. ward McDonough, Douglas McKln- The winner of tho Merchandise Edwin Uatlan of West Highland nori, William Moffatt, Bjorn Nielsen, club lnst week was Mrs. Fred Schoi- avenue been confined to his home Paul Noglow, Ehrlch Parmly, James l n e i . o ( Wilson avpnuc. ,+^^,,,^,..„, •>~ayai^n!"'W111tar»="8ehaTVCh,-'«eoTge-™'^fsr'*^HarleF""1(Jffi has Tho Atlantic Highlands auxiliary of Schmidt, Ned Slckelo, Kenneth becfi con n n cd to her homo by illncsj. Monmouth Memorial hospital will Smith, William Tlchenor, Arthur Mr. "and Mrs. Harry Lockwood of hold its next sossipn Monday, FobruTunis unla and Carl Vesy. Vey. Hudson av»nuo entertained ^Mr. and,| n ry 12, at the homo of Mrs. M. T. Que.t. pr»B6nt wore Mr. and Mrs. | Carl Lee at cards Saturday j Huzclton of First avenue. LeRoy Fronoh, Mr. and Mrs. George night. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Parsons of NcwH. Merrill, Mr. and Mrs. Donald | Cottage prayer service was hold ^ wore visitors here over tho wcekr LaWes, Mr. and Mrs, W. Cameron | at tho home of Mrs. Frank Homan [n r i. They plan to occupy the Pocm Smith, Mlnset Botty 'jea n Doremus, last night. lluohltln house oif Chapln avenue Dorothy Ann Lawronoo and Botty and Chatter club mot April 1, "Wilde, William Hymer, William Up- atThe>Stltch the th h homo of f Mrs. M Cal Carl LM LM of f Mr. and Mrs. E. Camp of Hooper plncott, Fred Noble, Malcolm Mar- Brlarcllff placo Monday. avenue have returned to their liomc Swan, LouU Schwlnd and Gordon Tha Ncodleeratt will hold an allhere from a visit in Vermont, where Smith. sewing moetlnf; at tho homo of I Miss Mozar was assisted In receiv- day they are having a summer homo Mrs. Ernest L. Fox of Port Moning by Hiss Helen L. Falcs, secretary mouth road February 28, ,„ i^Mr. and Mrs. C . K . L I n s o n of of the ichool. , -,, ihei h The second term of the Junior As- The Women's Republican elub wi H . t o M,. n m l M ,. sembly will start on Wednesday, meet at tho homo of Mrs, Russell h o m ' f . h next Tuesday, Wednesday \ -Wh^ have been summer Tebruiry 6th. New members ire re- Sampson next week Mrs. Sampson will hold H o f t t c k here quested to report to the studio at 7:1B of for many years. a game party for the benefit of the , residents p, rrt. on Tuesdays, Improvements, Including redecoratSunshine club. * •». . , . . , . , . i _ ,ilnc and repnlntlng, havo been made A court-of review for the boys of ;, t , , ,h Qr A M . P o s t c n Scout troop 88 was hold at tho flro & s Party Benefits house Monday night. The men that i " , , Umm were Ml uu on Frederick the board FrolUfltt woro Joseph - a " d Mva their - A H lnewly W completed Republican Club Wackar, ami Iurn occupying homo on Lincoln avenue. Mr. and Mrs. George C, South- ^Valt«r Burlthardt, Scoutmaator of Miss 13lnlno Lofi, daughter of Mr. worth of Conover lane, Mlddletown the troop. Boys who were rovlmved imdnMra. William Loff of First avetownahlp, were hosts Monday night on tests which they will take at n nue, has been visiting with her paidistrict four court of honor at Mldat a card party ,at their home for Here. durliiK the mld-tcrm vacathe benefit of the l-B-8 Women's dletown townahlp grammar school onts 011 r o m ' Westehcater college, WcslRepublican olub of Mlddlotown Fobruary™9 "TncTudod "William Mc-|" Chester, Pn., whero she-Is a music township. Mrs, John T. Lawloy and Gulre, Rudy Quackonbush, Elsworth ! student. Shappard, Paul Schollncr, Louis Mrs. John B. Conover were coMarshall, William Trygnr^ Robert Tho Young Womnn's club of Atlnnchairmen. HlKhlnnds is planning to hold a Crystal syrup pitchers were tho j Courtor, Donald Young, Raymond atlc covered supper this month. table prlzaa. Others assisting the Eckerson, Georgo Noble, Calvin Tho mothersdish of tho members will be | chairmen were Mrs, L. F, Whitney, Myers, Cornell Lyke, Raymond Invited to attend. The committee. In •' MM, F. T. Kltohen, Mrs. Georgo V. Myers, Daniel Blacksmith, Jnck charge Includes Misses Doris Wright, | Norcom, Mrs. Charles Gosling and Rcardon and Robert Runge. Carmlno Centannl, son of Mr, and Lois Bnyo and Caroline Wright. Tho ' Mrs. Frank K. Ganter. lll ot the club tiro Mac Dennis Thoae present were Mr, and Mrs. Mrs. Joseph Contnnnl of Montana Conover, Mr. and Mrs. Whltnoy, avenue who is" a mamber" of' The ] |ir«isldont, Do_ria Wright vice preslMr. and Mil. Lawley, Mr, and Mrs. United States Coast Guard, was dent, Mary Fiirquhursan secretary L»wrenoe A. Carton, Jr., Dr. and home to visit his paronts Sundny. unit Florence. Ryor treasurer and reMrs. Anson Hoyt, Mr. and Mrs. A mooting o£ tho Oriental Mission- 1port *»r. W, W. Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. ary society will bo held at tho homo ' Coin boxes worn placed In business Hurry Chamberlain, Mr. and Mrs. of Mrs. Frank Homan tomorrow. ! establishments hem us part of tho ln|.fnntlli. paralysis campaign for tunds. Sdward Beckett, Mr. and Mrs.! Joseph Lehman is confined to 1 Mayor Thomas C. McVey, chalrmnn Ocergt Voorhla, Mr. and Mrs. Ed- I bed by Illnejs. Tho annual reunion of the' Port | of • the drlvo, ri'iJorls jjood progress win Braich, Mrs. Frederick J. Dletz, Mrs. Daniel Adams, Mrs. Arden Monmouth Community church will [ ha_M be MISH Mciry Carroll of Avenuo D Is Post, Mrs. Nelson K. Vandorbeok, bo held Thursday, afternoon nnd j upending three weeks vacntlon on a Mra. W. R, Ross, Mrs. George F. evening, March 14. ' ~ A song uoivlco Is hold at the Com- I cruise lo Puerto Illco. Young, Mrs, J. L. Taylor, Mrs. Chtrlw Meeker, Mrs, Charles munity church at 7:30 p. m., every ! The Atlantic HlRhlnnils Flames, a ] bnplictbnil trnm compoflod of local Thompson, Mn, William Qaughan, Sunday. Mrs. Harold Morford, Mra. Edward Tho Girl Scouts of troop 1 will I IniHlnoas .RIIIK, defeated tho KoansHarvey, Mrs. Frank GronslnRor, spend the wook-ond nt Brlarclnft burp; Chuinti 21 lu IU In :i preliminary Snluvduy night In llm Balbnch Mrs, John M. West, Mrs, Kennoth manor, Wcstchestor couhty, Now Walker, Mrs. Charles Tlndall, Mrs. York, thn National Girl Scout cump. Iwiclltnrlum, KUIVIIBIHUK. Tho »core George Bll+tr, Jr., Mrs. Lionel W. Tho girls will bo accompanied by was 10-10 nt the end oT Ihn garni! nnd ' *. R. H. Minton, Mrs. MIBS Rita Quail, Mlsa Hclon Qrltlln ' rtqulrod. an 'ovortlmo petioil. 1 lidna •MM. Charles Gosling, and Mrs. Carl Lee. A program of | Hntwbr shot the winning I'"'' K"al. tin. Albert-r.'.LIndonntr-uth, Mra. tobogganing, leo skating, hiking, i Tho winning Ipam, wlilch la uniloLillian SmltliMVMlBa Janet Mac- cooklng and other group ncllvltlc* i featml, lino liecn playing bnskctball Craektn, Miss Ruth Pnikor, Miss ha« boon plannod. Girls who will ! for Ihrco yoniH and consists nf Alleo k mnlto tho trip Incltidb Patricia Gav- nml Ruth Hnrciwun, May Pornklevles, Mildred N«tterm»n Frank In, Edna nellly, Edna Graco and I Eleanor Rowan, Mrs. Mary. Plltnlck Curlli. Gladys Loo, Joanne Wesslor, Frances nntl ICrlna Hnuscr. Tho team has no D M Jour Pnota!'.'.7i.J™i—L LoekWDOd, Carls Smith Peggy Crus- ollim* gnmc.i ncbrdulotl-for this seaWhen next you want Hte'-kind of hed, . Hlliaboth Vnllanco, Botty Oough sun. printing done a phone cjqr^to The and Dorothy Franklin. »Tho The Amcrlcnn Legion will liold all Jtralnter will bring « representative, .will loavo Friday afternoon' attnr orntbrlcnl amlcst" this month. Any school, school studont mny participate and —AiHertleement. ;.•>' -


FEBRUARY 3rd We've already mentioned that the new Annex it "a dream come true." We like to believe, however, that this ne\v addition has been made possible by the loyal patronage and mutual trust between patron and Acme .




a tfust which is the result of

•many—long'^-yeaFi—of"'fair"".»desl:Rgi«««•-=»-...ra-i™. Forging ahead with the progress of Monmouth County, we offer to the people of this community our new modern home furnishing center.

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We're proud of our new Annex . . . so we want you to come and see it. We've arranged one of the finest furniture displays in the atate. Whether you're planning on furnishing a home or not, it will be enlightening to see the latest creations of the furniture world. Just come in and browse around/^-Jfou'll enjoy every minute of it.

137 Monmouth St.

Red Bank, N.

to $259.00

Refreshments Will Be Served to everyone attending, be there, won't you?



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Page Twelve KIDXNY. SNOW Will be (Had 'to Answer Any Questions on Food

Three Meeds A Day

Food, of course, must he well seasoned to hv worthy of its piquancy


At Home

A New Excuse To Enterta The "Poit-Hike" Supper Forgets Calorie*

Stuffed E n Plant, Spanish Style

Edited by WILMA E. DiEUTE

Copyright B \ ; SIDNEY SNOW, 1035

Dining Abroad

11 When His Nibs Lunches Home Serve A Grand Bean Salad



Though there Is hardly a housewife who does not have her own pet recipe for stuffed eggplant, we feel that'one as delicious as this particular Spanish recipe Is just top good to pass up. It's really a complete meal In itself If the housewife to desired to make It, because •he can vary the amount of chicken she uses—but anyway, even If you do have, a pet one, don't mlsg trying thla: '

The . "Foal-Hike" Supper Forgot* mako the all day NewCalorie* Walst-Une. turn groon with envy, , Havo tho vegetables There's a new excuse for a aet in u cool spot. Havo't grand and glorious meal—tho post- Ing made. Tho. moment yd hike supper. ESTHEK UONI.AN from the game and the bebfos'ar Following the hike, there la n tho oven, toss nil, this togothol splendid opportunity for home on Into a bowl—vegetables chopped |3 , You know that saying "it happens tertalnlng of the moat delightful ??£»? . . o a t l n s " ' » » - dresslni | in tho best of families"? Well, LUNCH ON MUSHROOMS and .informal nature aa groups of have Vegetables, such as cabbage, cauli- • that's the remark I heard the other b ° f ""' T h o Pict<"ei friends rally, around a good fireBERENSENAS RELLENAS (flower, Brussels -sprouts and turnips day and discovered that the woman A LA KING place, shako off the crisp coldness h»« h!..!hov. ™'rlBorutor, The hall [which may develop strong -flavors who made the remark was referring (Stuffed Egg Plant)I of outdoors, and turn, naturally " " in cookingg or which have a decided to the fact that her husband had t eggplant " ™ l t l n S In your automatl The fine flavor and healthy look I and" unconsciously, to food. '• be ' cooked --•---• very unexpectedly taken a day off 1 or 2 tomatoes flavor when raw should ^rry Jelly all sot In from the ofllce and had parked him- of a mushroom makes them one of The usual flvo o'clock snack does uncovered in plenty of water, but self 1 onion r. Cheese the same. nn easy chair at homo to re- thc most appealing things availnot get sufficiently "down and fi? i?. ?"J 8 na PPy' Cheddar never in n tireless or pressure lax- in able at this time of the year. . We Cheddar Is Ishard hard Cooked chicken this meant lunch for him and under-'. It Is apt to bo too lacking to cooker, i all sorts to b beatt ffor taste nnd economical ,is . Salt, popper and parsley. of extra work such as the find these tasty tld-bits sautecd, In in nourishment. Just a bite Is al- to aaucesor with steaks or adozen nrlco. The sandwiches are beat man of the family can cause whon . Cut the eggplant ln halves, length- most an Insult. Many a cake tragedy can he lie spends n day at home—This other ways, so why not have them wise, up fresh no sign up n couplo and parboil ln boiling wator You have spent an hour hiking madorrPer traced to improper temperature In particular woman wasn't caught like this for lunch: H t 0 .J1 l a 8a o m b l » »><™ whilefor 10 minutes. Remove the pulp out and another hour hiking back ?h» the baking. If your oven does not short though and she gave- me an b£ r erd I?" " ' 1Salted nuts are from it, being careful not to break to "headquarters"—and all this ln [m} MUSHROOMS A LA KING hive a regulator you will find an idea to pass on—It seems she's W ''"a -Iho container. the skins, Chop thc onion, the to- the snappy and great outdoors. eSf% c eal pp oven thermometer is a j»reat aid in discovered that men love beans; hot 1 pound mushrooms mato and the chicken llncly and You are no mood to nibble— in no S vy A *f ' !l" ™i' automati securing correct bilking tempera- i or cold-and in as much as most of 4 tnblcspbons butter ally. And for. those who prefer a cook In a little oil or butter with framo of mind lo count calorleH— cold to ture. hot drink, nothing coca ! them like salads, she just put her 2 tablespoons flour some of the eggplant pulp, season nover auch a time to enjoy food qulto l so wellll with baited and ith b t e d ham h d ; bean.i In a salad for him with 2 cups light cream Ing with salt, popper and mixing with a big "F". bottlcs or 1 tablespoon' lemon juice For ninccaroni lovers, i:rcnm or great success. -So, for the benefit ^ T , °,°J? ™"3 of all well. Stuff Stun* aach half eggplant Nover such a time for a hostess h boor. At thla time of tho year, Onion julde mushroom soup -makes- a * grand of all who might be In the same skin with the mixture and put In to have an enthusiastic group to have tho ensea atandlng in a cool Salt-and pepper '' sauce. Add jrrated cheese and spot one day, here are two bean moderate oven for about IS minutes. enjoy her culinary offerings. spot In a ttub—drop p and in u b d r o p plenty of 1 cup shredded pimento fresh mushrooms, . sautoed. Thn salads: Sprinkle with chopped parsley beIn a noisy, hearty manner the l c f . c u ™ a o r broken hits of Ice and 2 egg yolks maccaronl must he cooked nnd fore serving. crowd comes straggling In, It add cold water—In a matter of minTOMATO STUFFED WITH drained nr.d dressed with butter tosses wraps and coats Into heaps utes your boor Is rondy. Remove stems and peeling from KIDNEY BEANS first. nnd gathers around. the warmest ^Ono actlvo hostess with a couplo mushrooms, cover with cold water BAKED AVOCADOS WITH spot. No use waiting for qvery- of handy helpers—and nil of thin 1 medium can baked red kidney and simmer slowly for 30 minutes. one to have arrived. No use trying is ready for consumption In half Strain through cheesecloth. Slice It is easier tn "rook dowji" jams, boans CRAB MEAT MAKES to serve food In a formal manner an hour or less. mushroom caps. Melt butter, add marmalades or fruit butters in iv | 1 cup celery, cut in pieces But have the table heaped with sliced mushroom caps and -saute large, uncovered pan at a moderate ,a 6 tomatoes DELICIOUS NOVEL DISH good things—(here Is whore a little for 4 minutes. Sift flour over tho temperatiwai in your oven. l' ]2 teaspoons.India relish home "steam table" cornea In handy mushrooms and stir carefully with -, .„ ,. 1 • .= teaspoon'* salt . . WHITE SAUCE FOR a fork until butter absorbs flour. " n t " ""„ '"J1 f e w y ° a r s A v a for hot dishes—and just shout Mash Roquefort cheese and blend | 2 tablespoons India relish Slowly add cream and mushroom 1cados 0ort oAlligator pears have been "We're feeding the animals—they VEGETABLES help themselves—". Here Is one with tomato catsup. Spread on i I?ut the beans In a strainer and stock, stirring' carefully; Add: """™ ° expensive for general ae b " ' nOT> t n a n k goodness they good after tho hike supper menu crisp potato chips and serve. ( pour boiling water over them. Cool. lemon juice and onion Juice, salt | " r e' t° whero we can chosen from a galaxy of appropriate ' 2 tablespoons butter Mix with celery, India relish and salt. and pepper to taste. Stir well and ? B c t t l n S iovln dishes: . Moisten with mayonnaise and let 2 tablespoons flour pimento. Stir In slightly beaten havo somo occasionally. However, . A most attractive party cream s tand in icfrlgorator until chilled, add 1 cup milk * yolks nnd cook slowly until those who have never eaten a good tomatoes from which centers egg A Pat of Boston Baked Beans •Vi tablespoon salt avacado don't can bo made as follows: After a p a d o - just j thickened. Serve immediately on treo-rlpened A Bowl of Mixed Vegetable Salad Few grains of pepper. know w h a t they a r e missing. g Here tray of vanilla custard cream has have'boon removed." Arrange in'nests hot wattle sections. A Bowl of Small Pickles Molt buttor, add flour mixed with is a h a t probably b b l ffew h is a recipe recipe tthat been frozen the edge, ,on^ the^ approximately bottomland1 oadditional f crisp lettuce leaves nnd serve with A Hot Baked Ham seasoning. Stir until well blended f II n California wo x cat mayonnaise. heardd of, from the sides of the tray, A Bowl of Cranberry Jelly inch in Pour on milk gradually while still avacado sandwiches which Eastern GOLD EVENING SUPPER LIMA BEAN SALAD Cheeses , continually stirring. Bring to bollera usually look at In dismay but »T MAKES WRY LITTLE DIFFERENCE Mother or not we serve I %5z™l^r . % g ? \ ^ [ ^ ' ^ Heaps of Simple Sandwiches Ing point. Boll five minutes. 3 cups cooked lima beans such Is life. OF SOUP I dessert every night of the week, or whether we save it for company, | l n t h c freezing compartment so (cut In small sites) 2 hard cooked eggs holidays'and Sundays, on the last three mentioned occasions we. strive | this will stay frozen.' To the unBAKED AVACADOS Coffee Salted Nuts 3 tablespoons pickle rcllkh to make as fine a dessert as possible. Something that we. wouldn't be so ;frozen portion, add ', cup of chop- M- teaspoon salt The^timc of the year when soups Bottled Beer 3 avacados KING SAUCE are popular la still here. A house1 tablespoon scraped onion To White Sauce, add tho follow1 can crabmeat, medium - Now don't ponder this menu wife can sometimes make a soup 1 cup chopped celery ing Ingredients: 1 tablespoon chopearly of a morning or when you're heavy enough so that a soup and CREAM SAUCE u Mayonnaise ends Jjoining not hungry or when you are 1 con- ped green pepper; 1 tablPsponn family is usually gathered with a couple of relatives or inenua """s ,I flavorlnRi T h e n p O u r t h | s " some crackers and maybe a salad 4 tablespoons butter sidering the troublesome walst-ltne chopped plmontocsi hard cooked thc family circle and what a triumph for mother when she serves a cnoc-,j n ( h o t r a J , f r o m w h i c h t h e c ( ! n t c r Mix ingredients well and moisten will bo all that Is needed for din5 tablespoons flour while -bestowing mean looks egg, chopped; 4 stuffed olives, chopolate ice box cake at the end of a perfect meal. j hns been removed nnd allow the with mayonnaise. Chill thoroughly,, ner. Such a soup Is IVA cups'milk ^ upon the hath room scale. This pod. lettuce. Garni3h [mix to complete freezing. . This and' serve on crisp ' ' " ~ % teaspoon pepper BAKED BEEF SOUP menu was jotted down last Saturcan be turned out on a platter for with slices of hard cooked eggs, LUSCIOUS CHOCOLATE ICE BOX CAKE day, just as we finished one hike }» teaspoon salt • EGG serving, if desired, and garnished and sprinkle with paprika before 1 pound lean beef —and was written "from tho heart Few grains pepper with fresh fruit. A chocolate center, serving. 1 teaspoon vnnllla 2 small carrots To White Sauce, add A hard 4 sq». unsweetened chocolate out." Of course, some cold and Melt butter In a pan, t e In p , blend In strawberries or any other combina2 small turnips . cooked eggs, cut in !i. Inch slices. * ogR whites, stiffly henten ii cup sugar the flour and seasonings i g and add d cruel domestic science will glance tion can be used ln this manner. Celery tops 1 ™P cream, whipped ilk gradually,.stirring d l l t i i Dash of salt milk constantly. over this in holy horror—against Why Worry About Lunch With 1 tablespoon chopped parsley ONION SAUCE which there ought to bo a law. 2 doien lady fingers Cook until thickened. Add crab '/i cup hot wntcr 3 medium sized onions I Dining rooms usually share with Follow the recipe for Whllo Getting this spread ready Is easy. meat. Fill avacados, which huve Canned or Fresh Soups and 2 peppercorns 4 egg yolks living rooms the feature of wide Look at the pot of beans—wellbeen peeled and cut In half lengthSauce. Cook one Bermuda onion,] Sau nion, j 6 halfrsllces of toast walls, offering an op-1 Melt chocolate In top of double boiler. Add dd sugar, g , salt and water, | expanse of wal wise, with creamed crabmeat and all you need Is n good bean pot. finely chopped, with tho butter for! Good Muffin Recipes? 4 cloves Btirrlng until sugar Is dissolved and mixture blended. Remove from boil- I portunity for fields of soft and ' sprinkle with grated cheese. Place In the morning, fill It with canned three minutes. V> teaspoon thyme in a baking pan, pour in water to % beans of the oven baked variety— lnc water' add egg yolks, one at a time, beating thoroughly after each, pleasing _ color, strengthened by I Isn't It a grand and glorious \i bay leaf Inch depth nnd bake in a moderate drop In an extra piece or two of Place over boiling water and cook 2 minutes, or until thickened, thicKonea, stirring tasteful ' « » « " 'handllni " " " " " B of tho trim, 1 potato | feeling not to have to worry about oven for 15 minutes. Use1, rod nnd green peppers frce-1 good salt pork or bacon or ham— constantly. Add vanilla and fold into egg whites. Chill. Fold in whipped 1 tablespoon sugar | what to serve for lunch? So many pour over the top a little molasses ly as a garnish for salads, Uf-:o| cream. Line bottom and sides of mold with lady fingers.- Turn mixture Salt Dissolve 1 package lemon flavor-' really smart housewives • these days and sprinkle with a little brown them ln strips or make rings byl into mold and place remaining lady fingers on top. Chill 12 to 24 hours ed gelatine in 1 pint of warm water, are keeping either a good supply CAKE CRUMB COOKIES Cut the beef Into small cubes sugar—and your beans are all done, cutting them across In thlri slices;! ~ . . In refrigerator. If desired, add Vj cup finely cut walnut meats to choco- Pour over. halves of-^ canned nprl- of home made soup on hand,. or and put them in a baking dish except for half a hour's heating rnmovo seeds nnd white mombrnnp.l their cupboard well with a cover; add sliced carrots cots; . . . ....... late mixture before turning Into mold. Unmold. Serves 8. "" when you get home from the game. Also, they may he cut In fancy! 4 cups dry cake or cookie crumbs ed with canned soups, then and turnips, chopped .onion, and a When Then tho pot emerges all set to shapes with smnll vegetable cutters.! 1 cup milk pineapple and strips of mint Cher- with the usual salad ingredients small cheesecloth bag containing 2 eggs ries Into the gelatine. Chill until the house' which most people have the. peppercorns, cloves, celery top, ?i cup molasses j anyway, and a few recipes for bay leaf and thyme. Pour In 2 \i cup fat, melted firm. Serves 6. ! really good muillns or biscuits— quarts of cold water. Cover closely, 3 cups pastry flour (about) I, ! well, need nny housewife, worry? nnd cook 4% hours. Remove the Sausage and ready to serve mea'ts Particularly when muffin and bis- bag of seasonings; add raw notato % teaspoon soda 1 teaspoon baking powder are among the most accommodating cuit recipes arc figured out to thc cif\ in dice, sugar and salt.' Cook 1 foods m one's disposal. Whether nth degree these days, they're prac- hour longer, add very dry cubed VJ teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon cinnamon for luncheon, afternoon teas, spec- tically failure proof. Take corn toast, and serve. 1 cup steamed raisins ial or quick suppers, or fireside mulllns„ for .„, example, _. „ how well they The seventh of February is Just* 141 Broadway, Long Branch salad servings or for dinners, hot sausage , n y cither snup nccr mpa Beat the eggs, add tho milk and around the corner and on that day, Branch of Notfni'k, N. J. Boll macaroni for -9 minutes in i recipes prove practical at and• -how easy to prepare as shown; the crumbs and let stand 15 min..«»!«,.<. should ..i—,.i.i „ we start again, the Lenten season "CHOWDER" MEANS 4 quarts of rapidly boiling water this time of the year, utes. Add the molasses, melted A Delightful and Enchanting Place at easy to prewhich for many, meny people, CORN MUFFINS fat and the dry ingredients which means two days a week that are to which 1 tablespoon of salt has pare and satisfying. HOT P O T which to dine . . . Clean the have been sifted together. Add thc meatless. On these days, we either been added. Drain. llV'j cups sifted flour serve a fish dish, or a vegetablo clams, steam to remove from shell A very small amount of soda, not ' t teaspoons baking powder dinner, or we so successfully com- (or- remove from can), reserving "'^ase^'co^ie ^aTlZZT two" (double action) than l-16th teaspoon for 1 bine macaroni with shell fish, thc ',2 cup of thc liquor. Mince the more 2 tablespoons sugar quart of water, helps to keep the 1 two combining into a very tasty. clams, rejecting the tough parts. green ;i teaspoon salt color of vegetables which re"mixture. It is Interesting to "" i The amount of the flour will vary filling and nutritious dish, one that Make- a white sauce by melting thc quire long cooking, such as mature :t cup yellow corn meal' that ln ; : ° with the degree of dryness or the 2 eggs, well beaten will be both satisfying to our hung- butter and blending in thc flour peas or strinsz beans. It should Ladle* are eipeclnily Invited to dine hcr« In our booths. Do come tn and 1 cup milk try our tempting and exotic food*. er and pleasing to our taste BUch and thc milk. Add the salt, pepper, not be used with red or white vege•ough paprika and parsley and- cook until tables, however, as it changes their 4 tablespoons melted butter Chicken Mushroom Chow Mein to Take Out the sauce thickens. Then add the other shortening MACARONI strained liquor. Into a well-but- color. Including Noodles, Crnckcrs, Llche Nuts and Roy Snuco Sift flour once, measure, -ndd WITH SCALLOPED CLAMS tered baking dish place ' alternate not very high In fat, a r c th» 2 When broiling n fish, place the baking powder, sugar, and salt and the Indians who layers of macaroni and clams, '<>™A desirableto add 1 package macaroni iron t>oU in whfeh sift again. Add corn meal and ih on a slightly greased broiler finishing with macaroni. Pour the 1 quart clams sauce overr this,.-c1oy_pvr,jy-iU^-biUi .. I pan—dp nqt uso ihe_racX._-,If^ifJJs_.mi5«wj\U!,..C!ombipc eggs., milk, and 3 tablespoons butter "fa" "whole flan,'"place m broiler "pan shortening; add to" ffourT'"slTPTTftl? cFumb's ~ and Hake in rUiespeBH"nBor"""~" with skin side down, having cut only enough to dampen all flour, p "quick oven 15 minutes. side up—brush with melted butter. Bake in greased muffin pans in the English settlers, and so IV- cups milk If desired, turn the macaroni, , hot oven (125 F.) 25 minutes, or the chowder of today is the English 1 teaspoon salt cts., out on a large serving plate, settlers idea of what the French ',i teaspoon pepper There are three types of egg until done. Makes 12 rnunins. 3 pour buttered peas around and taught thc Indians of the fine art ,£ teaspoon paprika corn muttins are per-1 of make a circle of buttered carrot beaters; thc rotary, the turbine und f c cLeft-over U and making a soup of whatever was 1 tablespoon minced parsley the wire whisk. The rotary is by y ' dcliclqus when split rings on top of thc macaroni. to be found handy. ' Vz cup buttered bread crumbs far thc fastest of tho three; in fact; toasted. Use your favorite clam chowder one must be careful when using j recipe and then go right on from | this type, not to overheat pgg i i « n * i r-» ,. n . there and substitute other central The.Ethel Mount Mozar School of Dancing ! whites or whatever we are making Mashed Potato Croquettes units for the clams—you can adapt ; will be toughened. tho recipe to crab-meat, lobster, Studio, 117 Prospect Avenue, Red Bank, N. J. For a special treat ln tho potato lima bean, vegetable or fish chowder. P H O N E R E D BANK 3320 Before dessert is served all plates line, instead of ending with mash- All arc good and filling. Made reas" All Types of Dancing for Children nnd Adults should be removed from thc table, ing the potatoes go a little further onable thick, and they form the EXERCISE CLASSES FOR WOMEN: MON., WED., FRI., 10:30 A. M. the salt and pepper shakers taken and make center of a grand meal. PLAY SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN, 2'/, to 5 Years: Morning, except Saturtta; away and crumbs brushed with a. MASHED POTATO CROQUETTES Additional Classes for New Pupil. Arranged folded napkin into a plate. , • I 2 cups warm mashed potatoes ROAST CAPON 2 tablespoons butter Cut fresh bread in a thin slice, 1 egg yolk using a very sharp knife, and reDress, clean and season chicken. move crusts. Work butter until !i teaspoon salt Place It on its back In a dripping itfi teaspoon pepper creamy, and add equal amounts of pan, with two tablespoons of fat, grated American cheese, or sand- .1 teaspoon llncly chopped parsley or place in roaster. Dredge with 1 teaspoon grated onion wich spread cheese, and work until flour and place In hot oven 475 F. thoroughly blended; sprinkle with Mix thc warm potatoes' with tho When the flour is well browned MONDAY paprika. Spread Ifread with mixreduce the heat to 325 F. then p p p m i x ] bbutter, u t t e r , egg e g g yolk, y o l k , salt, s a l t , pepper, pepper, p parsa s Breakfast—Apple sauce, hot wheat cereal, bacon and eggs, buttered tnre and roll each piece separately. | e y nnd onion, blending thoroughly. baste every 15 minutes with ki toast, jelly or jam, coffee or cocoa. Lunch—Ci earned toast, buttered beets, Toast, under broiler and serve with If cold leftover mashed potatoes are cup of fat, dissolved ln '/. cup salad. used, careful mixing is essential so boiling water.. When the "breast sliced tomatoes, frosted cup cakes, lea or milk. Dinner—Tomato juice, ] that there will bo no lumps. Cool. meat la tender, It Is done. A fried cube steak, milk gravy, mushed potatoes, opplc snlad, lemon chiffon Broil a li.: Inch thick portcr-J shape to croquettes, and egg and 4-pound capon requires about two pie, coffee. house, sirloin, or cross cut of c r umb them by rolling the cro- hours. rump steak for 3 minutes on each ' quettcs first in crumbs, coating It TUESDAY side. Butter i plank and place lightly, then with a fork, lift croj1steak on, trim off rdRca of steak (mettcs into eggs,- and roll it from Boys can make extra pocket money ISrt'iiUfust—Stewed prunes, ready to oat cereal, ham omelet, toasted 1 inch from edge of plunk, ' -'--'• With | d to side until thoroughly coated. selling Thc Register.—Advertisement English mufllns, orange marmalade, coffee or cocoa. Lunch—Combination a pastry bap and tube (Hied with s c a bit. Chill thoroughly. Fry sandwiches, coje slaw, brownies with ice cream, tea or milk. Dinner— mashed potatoes, arranpo an artistic Drain for nbout 1 minute In fat 390 F. Dutch oven pork chops, buttered noodles, Brussels sprouts, mixed salad, border around the" steak. Place In Drain and serve hot. (hot oven and bake until the potatoes nut lonf cake, fresh pineapple, coffee or beer. * ; nre browned and steak Is cooked, [then spread steak with butter, seaFIVE STORY PANCAKES WEDNESDAY 1 son with salt and minced parsley, iancl Brenitlast—Oiansn juice: hot wheat-cereal, plain waffles with maple P!nc? P ! ?. nk o n p Ifl ttcr to serve, 5 large pancakes ' parsiey. • syrup or strawberry jam, coffee or jcocon. Lunch—Cream of celery soup, j Butter vegetable salad, corn muflins, fudgo cake, ton or milk. Dinner—Fried" Vt pound cooked sausage mcnt-> ficallopa, tartar Bauer, shoe string potatoes, cole slaw, buttered broccoli, 3 tablespoons maple butter 3 tablespoons chopped cooked deep dish npplc pie, coffee. bacon • * ' 3 tablespoons apple jelly THURSDAY Spread each cake with butter. IlreuUfiiHt—Chilled grapefruit, ready to eat enreal with cream, frizzled Cover first pancake with sausage ham - and eggs, coffoo cake, coffee or cocoa. Lunch—Grinned chili con patties. Cover with second pancake. carnl, sliced tomatoes, aniline crackers, cup custard, tea or milk, Dinner Spread with maple butter mudo by —Beef atew with vegetables, cucumber salad, chocolate pic, coffee. creaminp together butter nnd maple sugar or syrup. Cover third panenkfl with bacon and thc fourth FRIDAY with' npiilii " jrlly. Top with fifth cuke. Place in 11 hot oven for a Breakfast—Stewed apricot ft,' hot cereal, poached eggs on toast, butfew minutes. When serving cut In tered toaat with apple butter, coffee or cocoa. Lunch—Tuna fish hnlnd, : JUST twenty-fife ye«r« «go, on January 25, pie shaped wedges and servo vory In the garret workshop in Boston in 187C. bran muillns, chocolate eclairs, tea or milk. Dinner—Fruit cup, macarhot, or make en ken and serve one 1915, tlie first transcontinental telephone call oni with scalloped clams, buttered pe-ns, buttered cnrrotn, dressed lettuce, Thai ceremony ushered in transcontinental five-story cake per person. w u mule. Eaftl and West were united In dra- •ervice twenty-five years ago, At that linir it vnhilla pudding, coffee. Simply Bulging matic ceremony. cost 120.70 to call San Francisco from New SATURDAY | With Real PEACH MALTED MILK Jersey, Now it cans 16.50 for a'slalion.|o> Preiident Woodrow Wilton talked from llie , Ilrcnitfufit— Sliced bnnannn with ready to e a t cereal, crlnp Imcon, scrum- ! station call and only $1.25 after seven in llie While Home acrou llie country, testifying lo bled egga, pop-overs, grape Jelly, coffee or cocoa. Lunch—Stewed fruit ri cup plain malted milk powder evening and all day Sunday. <" naiad with cottage cheese, hot French rolls, jelly cake, tea or milk, Din- , 1 quart milk the nalion'i pride "that thia vital cord should ; 1 .pint peach ice crenm nor —Brcadod veal cutlet, fried potatoes, stewed tomatoes, roninine salad, , h«y« been (iretcliedacroM America as a simple In 1915 it took about half on hour, oui|io,' ] Add malted m|lk powder to Iho minco meat pie, coffee. i( of our energy and enterpriK." I milk nnd bent until well mixed. average, lo'niake u'connection. Now nioH : Stir in Ice cream and pour Into alx SUNDAY calls are put through without hanging up. h : tall KiasHCA. Alexander Graham Bell, in New York, Breakfast—Pineapple Juice, buckwheat cakes, maple syrup, link »auThese arc measures of. progrcBS.ii llie neverrepeated acrou the continent lo San Fraacitco sagos, coffee or coco-a. Dinner—Fruit cup, tried chicken, mashed potatoes, Bilking powdei; In excesa (jives a ending effort ID give you fanlcr, clearer, more the first words ever heard over a telephone—> country gravy, buttered pcaH, celory-nut-applo- salad, assorted olives anil J blttor taste to cookies and prodtmen "Mr^ Walton, come' here, I want you"—to llie useful and courteous lelculw;)c r.crvicc. plcldcn, chocolate Ice-box cake, coffee. Hupppr—Grlllrd cheene «and\vlchn.i 1 a cookie which Is tofurilght and 16 Monmouth St.. Red Bank with bacon, tea or coffee, ponis. In Rcncral, cookies take ••me ThoniM A, Walton who had heard them NEW JERSEY HELL TiaiilMION'E COMPANY MILK COMPANY about hnlf as much powder no cake; that la, from ono-hnlf to Phone R. B. 39 . Sidney Snow will l>e plejmed to nupply un'.v iif these recipes. Phone lied Rank three-fourtlin of a tcnanoon to th thc j . Just write care of tills puper. • , I cup of flour, 686"

Luscious Chocolate Ice Box Hot Off the Griddle Cake Makes Triumphant Finish For Sunday Dinner

Start Lenten Season With Macaroni-Scalloped Clams

Chinese and American Food LUNCHEONS 40c


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Advice On Little Silver Of Winter Sports Hazards Manxes Auto Injuries

What Do You Know About Health? By FISHER BROWN *nd NAT FALK

Health Bureau Names Officers

plies; Mrs, Seely, publicity, and M. R. Stolberu, Little Silver, finance. The commission Considered the advisability of opening a clinic at Eatontown and made plans for the annual dinner to be held tomorrow night at the Molly Pitcher hotel. Speakern will be William H. MacDonald, chief state administrator of local health; Dr. C." Byron Blalsdell or Long Branch, Dr. Carl Scott, chief of the State Bureail of Venereal Diseases, nnd Dr. C. C. Pierde, United States public health service representative.

Plans for Dinner . Tomorrow Made

Christian Science » .. Reading Room arsad strati N*ilon a | fenli tUigi,

12 Broad Street,

Red B»nk

" Winter sport-conscious residents o: Til. Rid Bank M«o-J Monmouth county, on tho lncreasi Ernest Roff Passed OPEN DAILY ntttn«tjlc^lty, at they have boon al 12:30 to 4130 P. M. oVe^ tho country, havo loarned t Officers of the Red Bank Regional ^ Last Thursday in Tund*y and Friday tvanlani Inlin,their fun right here at horn Health commission, which serves Ti3o lo B.SO with the aid of the Ice and the snow. Red Bank, Fair Haven, Rumson, Long Branch Hospital Skating and siding and other oporto, Little Silver, Shrewsbury borough, 'Kartthe, BttlU, iba VVoikt ot'Mair u so weakened and saturated wit ed In this column. Tho rfcslgn of the second set la Tho funeral was held Sunday af- ated In that Section. The rabbits will Wales of Perth Amboy.will be mar- town. conservatoire. The name or the water that It will crumble and van The road to better and bigger bualbe secured in Pennsylvania and Misstrikingly, different from the oval setried Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock ternoon at Jils late home Rh Rev. Committee chairmen appointed play |o be given will be announced ness leads throueh The Register's adw ish boncath tho slightest pressure. ting for the first stamps. The latest Elijah F. Reed, pastor or Embury souri. In St. Joseph's church at Keyport. were Dr. Stewart, plumbing and sup- next week. vertising columns.—Advertisement. It also should be obvious that then stamps are severely square In design. church, officiating. William H. Cararo other froquont causes of skatinj] A winged under each portrait hart of Little Silver, local minister, accidents which can cosily be ollmln- designates horse the person as ai poet.. assisted. atcd by tho exorcise of good Judg.Delegations of members of the ment and common sonsc. These in"Penny Black" Celebration horticultural society, the Bible class clude foolhardy experiments and and the Brotherhood, headed by WalA definite program for the celebrastuntn, which may result In -bad tails tion of the centennial of tho Intro- ter Rice, Frank N. Llnderoth, Jr., or Injury from skates or other jocts, skating on surfaces with which duction of the first adhesive postage and Ralph R. Eckert, attended. Two tho skater is unfamiliar and skating stamp, tho famed "Penny Black," .Is automobiles conveyed the many Boral pieces to the cemetery. alone, especially If attempted a taking shape. night. Know your skating area an The bearers were Frank and WalAn International broadcast J» mako sure that itv has been pro- planned for May 8. Participants win ter Hiltbrunner, Raymond Stevens, nouncod safe, ' Clark P. Kennedy, Marshall West bo the King of England and his Studies of tho nature and cause postmaster general, and the Presi- and John Keep. Burial In charge of ski accidents, undertaken hy th dent of the United States and Post- of tho Worden funeral home of Red Bank, was in Fair View cemetery. American Red Cross In co-operation master General James A. Farley. Members of the Bible class held a with the National Ski association, re- It seems quite probable Mr. Farley so will authorize the Issuance of a memorial service Sunday morning at voal that, as In motoring, toomuch speed In relation to conditions is th special stamp commemorating the the church. Dr. L. F. MacKenzle, class chaplain, offered a prayer and chief accident factor. All too often broadcast, STANDARD QUALITY m £^ Mr. Linderoth gave the eulogy. A the beginner'will try to negotiate resolution, expressing the members' steep slope without having first Stamp Book* learned how to Blow up and stop. Oi In-Its tenth edition, the "Standard regret and their sympathy to the ho will attempt feats that may look Air, Post Catalogue" has become family, was passed. Mr. Roff was easy but aro far beyond his skill. "Sanabrla's Air Post Catalogue;" the first member the elaas has lost Skiing Is not a dangoious sport, bu This comprehensive round-up of air through death since Its start seven Lowest Price in 27 Years to avoid accidents tho skier musl mall stamps, published-by Nicholas years ago. While They Last! havo control and"to acquire control Sanabrla, is the. only catalogue pubtho skier must learn and practice in lished. In thlia country with prices Fresh—4 to 4Vi-lb. Average logical sequence the series of Bkllls based on the net selling 'figures. "*•• Food and Shelter which arc essential to mastery of tho The 1940 edition contains mov sport. \ • than 700 pages, 3,000 illustrations an For Outdoor Friends Since lovers of skating, ice boating about 5,000 air post stamps from With the recent snow and cold SHEf FIELD'S • jm ,• « J ^ ^ ^ nnd, other winter sports abound In more than 150 couctrleB.. One new our locality they nro out of doors in feature IB a history or United State weather, the need for adequate food Cut (rom Small, Corn-Fed' Pigs supplies for birds and small animals sub-freezing weather and to them pioneer flight covers. frostbite Is nn evcr-prcBont threat. Another Important now book fo has become more pressing. In order RIB Most likely to occur In the presence the philatelic library is "Minimum to withstand the cold and to be able HALVES of a> strong wind, which removes Essentials In Stamp Collecting," com to escape from enemiefc, these wild hont rapidly from the body, frostbite piled hy Mrs. Gerald Burgess and creatures must maintain themselves No. •Vi'tf\ The Original—Ready-to-Eat! in painful If the hands or feet are HauRhton Sanguinettl, and published In good physical condition. As timo 2 the parts affected. But the freezing by H. L. Llndqulst, 2 West 46th goes on the supply of weed seeds and dried berries is either used up or piocoss, if confined to tho oars, "slroet, Now York. ib. checks or nose, in frequently so painTho- book Is based on persona' covered over. Thus some sort of,help' jL cello. pk9. I 3 C less that the victim Is not aware of notes of the late Gerald Burgess, In from man Is needed. ' . his condition at tho time. Neverthe- struotor The help given will be mere effecof tho first course In stamp Choice Quality less, Buffering and complications may ever taught at a state un tive If a few principles are kept In follow, Froatblto can bo recognized collecting srslty—the^Univensily,of Minnesota, mind. Therefore, the following sugT"T'arrff'"rd" g g ' frozen part caused by tho Ice actu- ocation and1 avocation; reviews Its life aro made by Royco B. Brower, FIG NEWTONS o ally formed in the tissues. BUTTER COOKIES tells how to start and de-sol! conservation service biologist. There la much nilflinformatlon con- history, Fancy—Sugar Cured—Shank Half 1. Place feed where It will not be From Corn-Fed Piqs ^ ^— clop collections, how to mount cerning the treatment of frostbite. slampg and explains slmplythe tech- covered with snow. To do this is Contrary, to popular hollef, rubbing, leal details that any thorough col- will be necessary to place it under nnd especially rubbing with snow, Is shelter or to keep it on a rack or . Jersey—Sugar Cirred Small—Sugar Curia*. not tho proper treatment. It Is even lector should know. pole above snow level, dangerous, for tho frozen tissues bc2. Supply the proper kind of feed Brazil's Three Wise Men B A C O N SLICED como bruised and torn and gangrene Brazil has Issued a single 100-rcls for the "type of wildlife present. 'Is liable to set In. In Its first aid cmUpoBtal to false funds for needy Such shelter as mentioned can be CONCENTRATED—I Utility Bowl I t Mote) FANCY FRESH courses tho Red Cross recommends simple. For instance, a spuce or hemSTEAKS FILLET! thnt tho frozen part bo covered with Brazilian children. The surcharge Is lock tree with dense, low-growing tho hand or other body surface until also 100-r. The stamp depicts thii branches may be sufficient It It is so FANCY CAKE r l O U R DEL MONTE the part Is thawod nnd circulation is FANCY located that the birds or animals will BOSTOM No. I resumed. If a hand Is frozen hold It nothave to cross a spnee whore they cam under tho armpit or between tho will bo open to attack by hawks, owls GOLD MEDAL thighs, or the frozen part pan ho CAMPBELL'S or other enemies. thnwod gradually In cool air or cold FLOUR «iiM9c In tho absence of such a natural Vntor or b y moans of covorago with shelter, an artificial one may need to CORNED BEEF HASH BOILING sr OVEN-BAKSD o>lrn clothing, Victims of frostbite 1.1b. be built. This, too, can be simple; a POACHINC dot. cans nro warned.not to cxposo the frosted very effective one being simply a part near a hot stove, flro or radiasmall brush lean-to consisting of a MINUTE BRAND tor, as novcro pain and-oven permanpolo between'two trees or posts six 5-lb. beg 24c '/»-ib. SHEFFORD'S ent Injury may result. 1 I to ten feet apart and three to four "CHEVELLE" feet above ground with smaller poles STATLER JROAD 1MPROVEMKN*S, CREEN GIANT from this to the ground and covered Loof Style Foncy—Sliced with branches of evergreens or oak, with the loaves hanging on Employment of Monmoulh county TOILET TISSUE . residents for 1,820 man-weeks on :hrao'wlso men bearing their Biblical bundles of grain or corn stalks to DEL M A I Z con j r f , Stato Highway Department WPA ribute of gold, franklncenso and 'orm a room. This iean-to should Biimark Round or Block Chee» be built so that the front is away ~ Work:Rollof projects was formally myrrh. .'• , 5-oi. authorized yesterday by State High- Tho Star of Bethlehem appears In from tho wind that might cause LAUNDRY, BLUEING 1Oc VITA Pride ol I h t Form lot way Commissioner E. Donnld Ster- he upper left-hand corner over tho snow to drift in and so that the sun can melt snow which does get underner. cgond "Pro Juventudo" (For Chll- neath. The front and ends should be 18-OB. Ckef'i Dell—Virginia t Jewel Brand Labor will bo taken from local re- lrcn). Color Is a deep blue-gray. 15c can 11c PURITAN HEINZ-BOSTON eft open to allow easy escape and lief rolls and will bo paid by the tho shelter, of course, should bo near WPA, thereby reducing tho costs of natural escape cover. 5c CAMPBELL'S 19c direct relief for the stoto and munic- Key port Drunk SWEETHEART ipalities. Materials will bo purchased UtHNo PORK ti can The proper type or feed for tho Gets 90 Days through a grant of Stato Aid. 6-OK. CAMPDELL'J birds and animals depends con Wall township will construct Sea William HubbB, ; 25, of Koyport, different their size, habits and natural CONTADINA CJIrt avonuo with-^lx Inches of our- ianl on a drunken rampage Monday on Thus, whole corn would faco treated gravel ut a paved width fternoon, ran down two girls with preferences. bo ideal for pheasnnts but USCICBS for HERSHEY'S of 20 fool for one and one-half miles. automobile and thon crashed In- small birds. Ear corn for pheasants Two gravel shoulders of ilvo foot o the porch of the homo ot Mrs. would be highly satisfactory, whilo U N U D A BAKCRS 20-.I onch will itiako tho graded width 30 lohn DoWaine, wrecking both the quail and ruffed grouse usunlly have pkj. 1Oc QUICK. OR REGULAR foot. • • . orch and tho car. Hubbs then re- o learn to use It. Small grains, such MEDIUM In Ocean township, Iloseld nnd Al- urned tn his homo where he locked s wheat and scratch feed which is bun, FOR TOIIET SIZE lonhurat avenues will bo Improvod Imeolf in tho bathroom. not too coarse, will be taken by small :5c JERSEY BRAND with surfaco .treated gravel at a Shirley Murkln, 0, and her sister, sccd-oatlng birds as well as by tho width of 20 foot. Two gravel inn, 16, were taken to the Hazard largor game birds. Brend crumbs 20-1 LGE. PKG. 19c EATING or shouldors will mnko tho graded ospito,' nt Long Branch and were and flno scratch grnln arc readily I vi....15c MOTHER'S OR width 30 feet. leased after treatment. Shirley suf- eaten by many small birds while a COOKING fered a broken arm and her sister itrip of suet fastened on a pole or .THE HEALTH SOAP lacerations. ree limb will bo sought after by TAK1M PART IN DKHATK. LARGE FLORIDA CANADIAN • RUTABAGA SUNIWEET Police Capt. George Mason, after woodpeckers, nuthatches and chickatrolling the borough for an hour In adees. For rabbits^ carrots, alfalfa Paul J. Honischoot, a former ros3 c.». 2 3 c 3;?. 4 8 c CRAN. SOAP lilont of.RurnBon, was a membor of he police car looking for Hubbs de- and partly spoiled apples aio desirI NOODLIS " . FRANCO-AMERICAN (ho Essex County chapter, American ded'to go to the man's home, Tho bio. Bundles or unthreshed grain institute of Bunking, debating team officer dragged him out of tho bath- are good, while hay chaff Is also 3<.k.,10c C whlcrj Saturday night defeated tho room. Recorder Harry Bolto, Jr., very upoful, .!«NFID PURE SHORTENING Bcrnnton chapter ttjam to qunllty In fined Hubbs 5100 for reckless driving, MACARONI, SPAGHETTI Ol ^ i ^ $100 for loavlng the.scene ot an acci2 Its first sectional debate. Hcmschoot, Belief Worker Attacked. who Is oittployu'd by Fidelity Union dent rfnd $200 on a drunken driving P FOR TOILET (r BATH Trust company, was a mombor of charge. His license was revoked (or MrB. Janet V. Bouse, Neptune AUNT JEMIMA'S 12-11. hint year's,.team which wan the In-two years and no was sentenced to ownshlp welfare director, won hit bat. DO days, in jail. nlltutc'u nntjanal championship. PANCAKE nou. ith a book, ohoked, thrown to tho DINTY 24-oi POWDER LOG CABIN I MOORE can floor and blttpn Friday afternoon, hy SAUSAGE .MAKFA.T';.: 2 1 c 1 Miss Clara Ovlflln, 3(1, colored,' who The Date Named Mayor 'of'Drlnllc. boon donlod relief. Mian Grlllln on tho addroeo un vour papor ihowi FREI DISH TOWEL Umllo T. Knight, 'pWalrtctat ot thowhen vour subscription expires, Thii vas scnloncoU to six months' in tho IS-OI.." Brlollo borough council, lWnfl«elcctod paper, 'like most solf-rwpectlnR. .pub- :ounty jail, Mrs, Bouse explnlncd Johnson'* PASTE W A X t.b;55c Va-g CON CADNE can an mayor by bin fellow councilman lication! Is oDerated an • cash-in- hat she had'refused tho woman readvance baals, tf vour final data II Mondny night to Bticcood Frederick lef becauso she spurned offers of a near tend In vour attack N. Watts, who dlofl . rWJWJJW of a rtrnwinu foi ronowal todav »o thai vou will ob and that sno received money heart nttack, Mr, Knight will serve not CrcMary Prlcai (Hactlra Feb. l i t to Fab. 7lh.—Maot, Flih, Dairy ond Product FV|CM IMecilva Fob. \it, 2nd and 3rd, Only.—-PFIOM May I t Withdrawn Without Httitt, mlis inv Issues ol vout fnvnrltt rom two colored mon who live In until January 1. hom» n«wip»£>er.—Advertisement, , Housa owned by her.


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Red Bank Again To the Fore

Fourth Article On Farming By A Shrewsbury "Dirt Farmer "

to the nursea at the hospital Mon day, Wednesday and Friday after noons. &

know Your Government

*\t* you mlulhc the fun? Why not bin us for a great time every The recent Issue of the Miami Jfadjiosday night? " . ' Fort and Aviation Book, which la profuse wltH* Illustrations, contains This Is the fourth of the series of a price to clear the loans;-others will are bolng made to a special article entitled "Regatta articles being 'written especially (or hang on to the grain longer; at any theImprovements p buildings rented by* the county (Slyvanla Avc, Neptune City) d To T Shoot Sh At! I hiis T n e R e g | s t e r by Georgo I Stevens of rate the supply will be put out onto this In RecordB At!" road department In the roar of the article there are several very fa v- Shrewsbury, a real "dirt" Uarmei who the market In a much more orderly parsonage and Baptist chapel. The ed is endeavoring to tell hi? farmer fashion orable paragraphs pertaining to Bed fhi ibl without ih thi nott possible this w o r kk |is bbc |in B ddo n , under d SuperlnS i Sank. Reprinted from this article friends and others something about granary feature, Corn growers can t c r i d e nt Raymond Woolley, who is In are the following: dirt (arming. In a language undcr- also make use of the marketing con- c n a r g e o f t h e c o u n t y r o a d l I , Altera' Bepeal Mandatory Laws. standablc>to all and based upon ac- trol phase If two-.thlrds of the grow- tlons are being made to the office In "The past boating season was tual experience supported by book ers elect to do so. A tariff of 25c the rear of tho parsonage, a now Municipal, educational and county a signal success-~in- every way, knowledge. per bushel helps protect corn grow- driveway has been built and the budgets are being developed rapidly for In addition to the splurge of Mr. Stevens again expresses his ap- ers against foreign Imports. I con- wagonsheds aro being converted. in- for presentation to the public, Once record breaking; competition was sider that corn growers also have to garages for trucks. preciation of the co-opcratlon reenhanced -by splendid entry a budget U crystallized, alterations ceived from County Agent EllwoDd benefited from the program. lists in all sanctioned regattas, Marcella Mortler, daughter of Mr; are seldom made in spite of recomDouglass to whom he submits these Stabilizing corn Income Is of great and Mrs. Arthur Moffler, was the mendations and constructive critireaching a climax at the Naarticles In order that they may be aid to the dairy Industry,- for low guest of 'honor Saturday night at a cism by the public. Last year many tional Sweepstakes Regatta at Red Bank, N. J. Here a total - as accurate as po^iible. Mr. Stevens grain prices, which mean also low party In celebration Of her ,17th' clvlo groups stormed the Council states that he has taken much time meat prices, bring the grain prool 2B1 starters was checked for Chambers—but sometimes with disIncludes $100 for in the preparation of these articles ducer and livestock feeder Into the birthday. The party was given by appointing results, This year, plans the two days of racing, a new to be auro that he Is presenting (acts dairy business, oh the theory that If her sister, Miss Carol Mofflcr. Games are again being made, but with record in motor boat hlstoryv" • Personal Hold-up enjoyed. land he has checked for accuracy as grain and meat alone won't pay tho and refreshments..war*, Ashc:1 Schancfi, jr., won a third greater determination than ever to to statements In the federal acts or expenses, maybe^ a little dairying "Once again the National Only ' « . 5 0 Year In figures compiled by (he Depart- along with them will; feed Is cheap prize last week at the cattlo show on see that a policy of strict economy Is NSweepstakes at Red Bank provfair grounds. Ho ex- 'ollowed.' ment of Agriculture. ' .. anyway, It ed the most popular and atThe expressions of oplnon aro en"\zi\nA, 2^1 wjf* a B, k Angus steer Several Now Is tho season for excuses on ac traS^lve regatta of the season. tirely (hose of the writer and ho will did badly In 1929-33. 'others from hero attended and the part «f budget makers. And the Marketing one over-worked excuse Is, "As you In ddditlon to producing the gladly answer anyone disputing •* are a feature of the A. showed tholr cattle, new 'record ol 291 starters, this them. The Ideas presented arc based agreements A now plnjr pong table has been know, we have control of only 25% Phone 2240 Red Bank A. A. that should Interest every fixture saw the establishment of entirely upon his own sentiments dairyman, as is also a butter loan purchased by the Holmdel Recrea- of the budget, all other Items being Kerfiter Bid*, 42 Broad St. six new competitive speed tion club and has been installed in mandatory under the law." and are what a real "dirt" farmer (or some sections Not one"voter In a hundred knows standards. The . featured Nator some Hecuuns of 01 the met country. country, The ine -—•• - • - - —•- "— -thinks about the many situations tional Sweepstakes Trophy program also includes some govern-' tho lodge hall over the fire house. A what is meant by mandatory laws, that confront him. yet they" are responsible more than went to S. Mortimer Auerbach ment aid to help bring about.disease tournament Is planned. • Mr. Stevens' article (or this Issue Indication. The F. S. C. C. also plays g anything else for high real estate of Miami, Florida., whose The,. Reformed 'congregational follows: meojing will be held tonight at 7:30 taxes. Mandatory laws are state-Ima part In this industry. Emancipator VIII was ably In an effort to show the broad Tobacco growers have the acreage o'clock In the chapel. There will bo posed laws which require local govdriven ' by Tony Pazillo. "Two' National champions also scope of 'the A. A. A, programs and adjustment and conservation fea- reports, election of ofllccrs and roll ernments to spend money to; mainthe many-sided attacks on the gen- tures as well as commodity loans and call. Through the courtesy of the tain certain types of services; which were decided' on' the Shrewseral problem, as I have learned about parity payments,1 which latter two New Jersey Bell Telephono company set up tenure of office acts; which bury, ana In each Instance a them, I'll need to be brief, for going have not yet been used. However, films of "The Surrlcane'j Challenge" determine certain expenditures such record was created. The 91 Into detail would require many pages the growers have elected to set up and "Our Own New Jersey" will.bo as school expenditures, and which cubic Inch crown was taken shown. Refreshments will be served. the local governments must comply While a detailed discussion or. the marketing quotas for 1940. by Arno Apel qf Ventnor City, philosophy, causes and effects o( I the case of cotton, acreage ad-1 M r s - Leonard Mount was winner with whether they can afford it or In N. >J., who drove Auglla II at each feature Is of great interest to justment has resulted In 35% reduc- '" tho merchandise club last week, not. . 48.361 m. p. h. for five miles. many people, I think the brief ex- tion In acreage, with a decided ad-! The firemen will dispose of a turJohn L. Hyde of Washington, Where do, mandatory laws come planation,I hope to give will be of vantago in better prices for cotton, key'Wednesday night, February 21. D. C. set a 135 cubic Inch from if the voters.do not ask for much more benefit to general under- The growers make use of price adMid-year achievement tests were them? They come, from sly Httle hydroplane record of 62.173 m. standing of the program. justment payments in return for. co- given at the school Monday. p. h. for five miles In his Gypsy suggestions n-iadc. Into legislatives The program Includes nearly every operation in bringing acreage down Communion win be administered Lass, althongh the national by Httle men and women on crop grown in the United States, to normal. Of course, there are the Sunday by Rev. Marshall Harrington bills title went to Edison Hedges of public payrolls. Why do .the legeither on a basis of acreage contfol usual conservation payments to be In the Baptist chapel at 11 a. m. Atlantic City." islators (elected by voterB who do and „. . , . ., . and soil conservation, or on a basis earned. Marketing quotas are set up Forman Sutphln has rented the Ma- not want to be oppressed by manThe above information comes to i f s o l , c o n s c r v a t l o n ttions l ( the com- when deemed advisable by two-thirds loncy farm on the road from Everett datory laws) pass these bills in both of the growers, In which event loans to Ogden's coiner and will take pos- tho Assembly and Senate? They do Beauty Care, at our experts' skilled The Register through the courtesy du h a s not a3 t been ndaptei hands, takes little time, exacts such chairman oj Fred Brown of Wallace street, t a I / a c r e a g , control plan. In the are also available. Subsidy for cot- session March 1. Mr. Sutphin's so because pressure Is -put upon of the-Racing committee small cost Yet consider how val- of the National Sweepstakes Rc- class containing both phases are the ton export is also a means of rals- farm was recently sold to Fred Sah- them by party machine heads, beMonmouth county crops of wheat, po- ing ln,come for cotton growing sec- lei-. i uable It proves to be for you, day ;atta association. cause they hope to solidify n tatoes and vegetables. Other sec- tlons and to help hold our share of j Charles VanKeuron and Jack Stan- stronger political machine and in In and out. In business, .in social tions of the U. S. have not only these world trade. All subsidy programs circles, charm attracts — whereas, ton were victors of a special prize some cases because their sentiment commodities in this class biit also also provide employment for money put up Saturday night by Taylor «W. causes them to remember "the poor neglect repels. Let us complement Death of Manasquan Woman. tobacco, rice, corn and cotton. Such and men In shipping and transporr Hancc for the bowlers rolling 241 In little fellow on the public payroll" your natural charm so it will imMrs. Margaret Davlson, 79, of Man- farming operations as dairying and tation. Efforts are being made to t w o g a m c 3 , Both had 2-11 and split and forget about "the" poor little press compllmentarlly! asquan, died Monday of last week at fruit producing have as yet been use surplus cottoi>n; It.has been sug-jthe prize. home owner." her home after a long Illness. She adaptable to only the soil conserva- gested that cotton goods should bo The Holmdel school --teachers atAt every budget making time the leaves- one daughter, Mrs. Clara Hill tion angle. put on the stamp plan surplus list. tended a county teachers' meeting budget makers explain that mandtiPerhaps it would be best to conof Jamesburg, and a son, Howard, of Fruit growers get an opportunity Tuesday at the _ Little Silver school. sider each crop and the features of to cam a generous share of conser- j " M M . " ^ "Havens," housc"kecper"at Englishtown. the A. A. program which affect it. In vation payments though there are no t h e p a r s o n a g e recently suffered inthe case of wheat, we have the acre- allotment Payments. In my limited l j m . l c g 1 n a f a l | S h e ,„ n o w c o n v a l . Tools Stolen at Avon. age control feature which was very traveling about the county, It , i a t the home of her daughter Tools and copper tubing valued at necessary, I think, to the welfare of secms_ to me a much greater use ; e s C n g n-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Charles over 5100 were stolen Thursday night our whole nation, since wheat Is our should be made along these conser- a n < 1 5O 67 BROAD STREET from the Sanitary Supply company greatest crop. In accepting acreage vation lines, as erosion Is a serious Fort of Kcansburg. The Christian Endeavor society at Avon. Entry was gained to the. allotments, there have been many problem in many orchards. The F. acres to put back .into conserving S. C. C. enters into this industry, to met Sunday, night In the parsonage Tel. R. B. 1515 building by breaking a window. with Holmes Duncan as taader. Norcrops; this may rightly be called set- aid In removing surplus, and thereman Morgan will bo loader of tho ting up an ever-normal granary of fore to bolster markets. topic "The Kingdom of God" nc*l soil fertility. Then, too, there Is the Finally the commodity which In'actual ever-normal granary feature terests me most personally—vege- Sunday night. Tylee Sculthorpe, Henry Cross, Jr., ;in the wheat program whereby a re- tables, shares in an attempt to staserve of wheat Is laid up. This i3 bilize acreage. I could write pages and Nancy Holmes have, been condone, as I understand it, by farmers on what I think ought to be done in fined to their homes with Illness. obtaining small loans on their wheat this connection, but I'll be satisfied I „ T h c Y o u t h Fellowshipp will meet In rather than selling It at the prevail to sa'y here that I believe steady the parsonage tomorrow night at 8 Ing price, which may seem low at tho progress is being made toward a o'clock. time. • In this way tho farmer. U not moro satisfactory adjustment. The Bernon S. Prentice's pond Is being sed forced to..sacrifice his wheat In order F. S. C. extensively by residents C C. C takes k a large part in i this i " d i to raise rhoney to carry on his own Industry when surpluses show up : throughout this section for ice skatprogram. This means smoothing out seriously, and the stamp plan Is very ing. Tho the rush of wheat to market, stabil- effective In moving some of these Holmdel school went 100% izing the movement, and In general, surpluses Into the hands of the un- ;w l» e n all children were Inoculated avoiding bad price slumps. At the derprlvllegcd, giving them a better last week against diptheria. same time, this takes care of both balanced diet. Market agreements Easter music is being prepared by producer and consumer In case of are possible under the Act and I un- M ' s - J- Frederic Sllcox organist, unforeseen future situations. • Then, derstand certain sections, are about Miss Sara Armstrong director, Mis. too, the wheat farmer may Insure his to try some such plan. Harold T. Holmes and Mrs. Charles future crops, using part of his wheat the junior choir for rendition al In conclusion, there are many tEly, as a premium, payable to the Federal parts of the program which affect h e Holmdel church, Surplus Commodity Corp., thereby many commodities in a similar man- I The Boys' club will meet In tho guaranteeing that he'll have up to Tt of his normal wheat production ner. Many parts affect several com- ' Baptist chapel tomorrow night unin. apJl whcthcr.Jt_KfOws (or him or modities in a slightly different man-IUer the direction of Douglas Fiumn;, not fhls""gTves*''Krm"'aw-BrFaWCTItn» ner. Some commodities are adjust- j Further plans are being made for come, which tends to stabilize prices, which will be served In thc Baptist to the mutual benefit of both pro- others, to only a few. A list of the most important fea- chapel Thursday night, Februai-y 15. ducer and consumer. When, In spite tures with thc commodities effected This is a community co-operativo of acreage control, supplies arc very large, and therefore, prices are lo\V may make it more readily under- event. Miss Florence A. Scrrell was the co-operator may receive a parity stood. . 1. Conservation and allotment pay- among the 81 students who wcr-. payment to further stabilize his inments affect wheat, corn, potatoes, graduated Friday from Rutgers unicome. The F. S. C. C purchases of flour which is distributed to relief vegetables, cotton and tobacco. Con- versity after completing a 12-wecU agencies, the stamp plan which en- servation alone affects fruit and course in the Now Jersey college of agriculture. ables anyone eligible for public as- dairy. Mrs. John BostocJt of this place sistance to obtain free 1 blue stamp • 2. Parity or price adjustment payworth 25c In surplus commodities-for ments affect wheat, cotton and to- was chairman of the bench show bacco. committee of the Jersey Shore Keneach 50c worth of orange stamps he 3. Commodity loans affect wheat, nel club dog show Saturday at the buys to be used for regular food purchases. He must, however, buy jl-W corn, cotton, tobaccos, 'dairy prod- Red 'Bank Elks' homo. Thomas )je, also of this place, assisted worth of-orange stamps for each per- ucts. 4. Marketing control can affect \\\ Mrs. Bostock on the committee. son In his family per week to- take part in this idea; to me this plnn commodities except wheat as yet. Surplus removal affects all com- CHRISTIAN SCIENCE LECTURE seems to have a great deal of merit; and subsidy efforts, being made to modities except tobacco and cotton keep our share of tho foreign mar- as yet. A free public lecture on Christian 6. Crop Insurance".'works with Science will be given Sunday after ket, all add up to a well-rounded proAnother Special Lot • <' . gram for wheat. My personal opin- wheat. noon, February 11, at 3:15 "In thc ion Is that all of these factors have 7. Subsidy or tariff laws has an ef- junior high school auditorium on at a still lower figure resulted in a much bettor Income "ect on wheat, corn, cotton and po- Branch avenue. It Is being given unNOW from wheat over that of a few years .atoes. der the auspices of the First Church ago. • 8. Research alms to old all com- of Christ, Scientist, of Red Bank. (Small alteration charge) modities by finding new uses for Tho lecturer will be Dr. John R. To bring out the parallel with a many. Carr, C. S., of Philadelphia, Pa., aj mare Important Monmouth county 9. Investigation Into such things as crop, suppose we look at the potato freight rates and truck movement member of the«Board of Lectureship program. The potato grower, re- has to do with all phases of farming. of the Mother church, the First Church of Christ, Scientist of Bosceives an allotment payment to help Values So I think that the program is very ^ n u ™ r With Two Longies keep acreage and yields under con- broad In its attempt to cure or help j l < " 1 ' M l to trol and In line with per capita con- cure ns many of the greatly-varied ' sumption, similar to the wheat pro- troubles agriculture is confronted Values to 5.00 ducer. I wish to repeat what IJried with. 16.50 to emphasize last week, that the rewock I shall attempt to show Values sults of keeping production In line thcNext very great need and importance with consumption are much more of soil to Values to conservation and how the provaluublc than tho allotment payment, gram goes a long way In helping In 7.50 20.00 There Is also the conservation fea- this sltuntlon. lude as In all .commodities. The F. George Stevens.' S. C. C. plays an Important part in potato markets. The stamp plan comes In when there is a surplus marketing control through establishMen's &. Boys' (Also Newark) ing marketing quotas to all produc* 1.6S The funeral of Mrs. Kate Herbert MACKINAWS ors In any area of which two-thirds Kelly, SEE MANHATTAN Al who died In St. Petersburg, Values of the growers elect to Institute Florida, Friday, was hold Monday In REDUCED marketing control programs, la avail- tho Reformed chapel, with Interment LITTLE COST I able when It seems necessary. Pota- In the Horbprt burial plot In the Old The Billion Dollar S k y l i n e . . . to growers also nro protected by a Brick Reformed church cemetery. Broadway's "Great White Way"... tariff against foreign pofatocs. I Mrs. Kelly was the last of the late Radio City ,,.Fifth Avenue...Empire think tile program has aided considStole Building . . . Smart shops W. Herbert family, and hntl C erable In stabilizing potato incomes. John . . . famous tbetlres . . . gay night lived near hero all her life. She Is The corn producing belt has also, Jurvlvcd by several nieces nnd nepclubs... ill the sights and icenes ol I think, a well-rounded program, in- hews, the World's greatest Metropolis] cluding nllotment and conservation At a meeting In Grango hall the fenturcs and/commodity loans similar to tho wheat progrnm, Retting up past week, tho following persons Wednesdays, were Initiated; Mrs. John Helser, an ever-normal granary In corn. In HOUND this case, some corn has been rc- Mrs. A. Woolley, Mrs. Lillian Hlg- Feb. 7 and 21 nir ^enlcd this past year so thnt a de- glns, Miss Llna Saundcrs, Miss Eleacent sized surplus Is being set up. nor VoorhccH, Mr. ana Mrs. Jack Lv. Red Bank . 9:11 A. M. Did you know that a surplus of 20% ine, William Hanklns and Harry Rccumloi. llckcli lopd on anr Jcricr over the normnl production In an Sagotsky. Ccnuel m l o except the ulue Cornel oo t dite of llle. Mrs. Charles Buck Is slowly recovaverage year would last only three months for livestock feeding In this rlng from an - Illness of soveral GO BY TRAIN !tr,, ipectl eod comfort. Avdltl country, in case Df widespread crop weeks. " " — , •"" . . . . „ , l i m i and haiardi — set there, (allure.' So why worry about a sup_ir. nnd MrB. William Smith, and retted "and on time. Save money, toot ply thnt Is now beginning to bo more ilrs.. William Darby of Freehold, and adequato as Inauranco against short' •Mrs. Josophlno Vandorbllt and Mrs. ago In a year of bad weather. Rn- Corn Vnnderbilt of Kcyport, were' CMUrtm midtf U rtdtctd /srt, member, too, tho farmer keeps title Sunday visitors at the Hay ward to hl» groin and If prices rise hVll homo on School street, be the one to prodt by It, not just n JI-RSFV ( I ' M H A L Dr, Baker of the State hospital will few spoculatorj. Many will sell at give a Borlej of lectures on Psychiatry





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If eyas were made Joe soein^T Tkcnbcauty is. it's own excuse for bain£

Preserve Charm



tory law,ii the cause of increasing taxes. Are they slat) ts> have this explanation? Yes. They would have the' voter think that, aa deplorable as it It, their, hands aro tied and they can do nothing about it. Officeholders wishing to porpetuate themselves in office may'aid, encourage and abet tho passing of mandatory laws and then appear beforiMhe public saying, "So sorry your budget js going up, but we can't helm it>.Jf the legislature passes these^Jnlqultous mandatory laws." The New Jorsoy Taxpayers .association has made a fight against mandatory "spending" laws for eight years, That flght would be won easily If county, municipal and educational officials raised a sincere voice demanding the repeal of mandatory laws. Wlllthey do It? Or will they continue to embrace the easy excuse for higher taxes and then run out on their constltutents by demanding a boarder tax base so that still more taxes can bo raised with less trouble? • • • • ' . If local publlo officials actually wish to relieve the pressure of taxes upon property taxpayers they will do more than sit back Idly and blame

the leglslatu their, ihars o] join wholeh repeal mam'

IK accept 'Jltty and ln?«* r flght to

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Williston Estate, 63 Reformed Men's Club To Give Acres, Sold At Rumson Annual Minstrel rden Will Bought by General Burden Divide Property Into Plots .The Wlllliton estate of 68 acres on' Rumoon road and Avenue of Two Rivera, Rumaon, once owned by,the late David Lamar, who was known as the "Wolf of Wall Street," has been Bold through Mrs, Ceollo Codner, Rumaon realtor, to General Howard S, Borden. The general plans to "divide this beautiful estatefor the best interests of, Rumson. The property was purchased by tho WIUlBtono in 18" This property/'has), several,' buildings adapted for remodeling Into homes, The main dwelling, which was damaged by \flre to the extent of $16,000 about two years ago, will be demolished. Thjs has been one of the most beautlful^resldencea on Rumson road, Its tall white columns being one of its outstanding characteristics. The superintendent's cottngo will be moved to a half-acre plot on Ridge road. In addition to the many beautiful




Show to Be Presented Friday, February 9, at River Street School

Estimates$63,835 Township Fire Loss 233 Grass Fires Listed in Middletown During Past Year by Joseph Wackar

treea, the finest collection of English box bushes Is on the property. The box bushes will bo iold In small quantities. There are many spruce, elm, oak and maple treea, some 60 and 70 feet high, and a general overhauling of the trees is being done by Bceler & Kervln, tree surgeons. As these beautiful trees are one of the property's moat valuable assets the homes to be built there wlll_ be located so aa not to disturb them. William P. Scott, Red Bank' contractor, plans to erect several homes In the near future. The larger homes will be on Rumson road. As to Old Farm Village, which is being developed by General Borden, all brokers will have full protection. Mrs, Codner will manage the property, and will be glad to discuss the plans for the future with anyone interested. Until such time as a field office Is erected all particulars may be had at the Old Farm Village office.

Citizens Back Gray, Canzona, Fredericks Believe Them Fitted for School Board— Election February 13 The candidacy of Edmund J. Canzona, Walter L. Fredericks and George A. Gray to the Red Bank board ofi education has been announced. Election will be held Tuesday, February '13. The terms of Albert W. Worden, Harry Clayton and Harry Heavlland expire at that time.

Two Fair Haven Sho\ Places Get New Owneri: William H. Hintelmann, Rumson Realtor, Closed Both Deals Yesterday

On of the most interesting real e s tate deals in Monmouth county In re. cent years was -closed yesterday when Mrs. Frederick J. Burghaxd sold her country estate situated on the east side of Hance road, to Henry E. Butler. The deal waa In til* nature of an exchange and Mr. But-' ler gave In part payment hi' country estate known as "Hardalee," which Property to Be Is situated at the northerly end of Shrewsbury Group Grange avenue, fronting'on the shore J Memorial of Late of the North Shrewsbury river. Both to Hold Annual Event properties are located in the Borough' Arthur Brisbane of Fair Haven, and each property Next Tuesday fronts on the North Shrewsbury1" .State Forester Charles P. Wllber, river. Final plans have been made for director, of the New Jersey DepartBoth deals were negotiated by WIIthe second annual dessert-bridge ' ment of Conservation and Develop- Ham H. Hlntelmann, realtor of Humand fashion show to be given by. ment, announced yesterday the acson. Shrewsbury auxiliary of Monmouth ceptance of nearly 800 acres of the The Burghaxd property consist! of Memorial hospital next Tuesday afestate of the late Arthur Brisbane, 4.2 acres of land, plus the riparian, ternoon at the Molly Pitcher hotel. Hearst newspaper editor, at .Allaire, rights on the river front. Mrs. Anthony T. Woolley and Mrs. in Monmouth county. The property On June 8, 1934, Mrs. Burghard's) John L, Daly are co-chairmen. . was given .to the state by Mrs. residence was badly damaged by fire. A fashion show will be presented Phoebe C. Brisbane, widow of the ed- Mr. and Mrs. Burghard decided to de» bj. Drucilla Baird of the Town and itor, as a memorial to her husband, mollsh that part of the residence that Country shop on Linden place at 4 and includes the historic village of remained standing after the flre, and o'clock. Clothes for street, sport Allaire. build in Its stead a modern brick and evening wear will be shown. The 1939 joint legislative appropri- semi-fireproof dwelling. Flan* . {or Mrs Frank Gregory and Mrs. Josations committee had refused to ac- the new residence were prepared by eph Carroll are arranging music for cept the gift because of the cost In- A. Sclater Ellis. the show and Mrs. Baird will be the volved in transforming the property The new residence waa completed commentator. Into a state park. The State Board The models will be Mrs. R. H. _.._ ticket is sponsored by an ln- of Conservation and Development, n June, 1935 and has been occupied The by Mrs. Burghard a l n o asY. Scfcaeffer, Mrs. Michael J. Lorenzo, t'»ienrl-!nt committee of Red Bank however, has It own legal authority theirMr.alland the year home. This resiMrs. Paul Fielder, Mrs. Charles P. citizens, who are primarily Interested to accept such bequests. dence contains on the ground floof a Irwin and Miss Ann Little of Red 'H coou schools. They believe these "The rapidity with which this new reception hall, powder room, flower Eank;' Miss Nancy Adams of Rum- candidates are desirable as members | l b l for f rk k a r e a c a n bbe m a dde a v a |lable room, coat room, library, men's lav* sen and Mrs. Peter LInde of Port- of the Red Bank board of edtfcatlo— legislative atory, living room, solarium, dinlnjf aupeck. action," Mr. Wllber said yesterday. room, den with gun and fishing rod' Mrs. Louis Hayward, auxiliary "The Immediate cost to make! prop- cabinets, breakfast room, butler's* president, Mrs. Evan F. Jones, Mrs. erty usable for recreation need not pantry, kitchen, maids' dining room, Woolley and Mrs. Daly will receive great. The Manasquan river butler's room and bath, laundry and: the, guests. The ballroom of the passes through the tract, which ma- pressing room, lavatory and a one' hotel, where the party will be held, terially enhances its value for park car garage. ' will be decorated in red, white and purposes. The contemplated restorOn the second floor the owner'*' blue flowers In keeping with Lination of the old village of Allaire coln's and Washington's birthdays. should not present any great difficul- suite consists of a bedroom, sitting ties because many of the old build- room, dressing room and ba'h. There' Others assisting are Mrs. N. A. Ings are still standing and the de- are four other master hedroomd, DeTarr, Mrs. Thomas B. Crumley, partment has a complete set of each with connecting tiled bath, Mrs. Milton Massey, Mrs. William drawings showing the original lay- three maids' bedrooms, maids' bath,' Lynch. Mrs. Stanley K. Downs, Mrs. linen room, and a foyer hall that la out of the. village." Lester McKnlght, Mrs. Frank Mcused as a sitting room. There are Hugh, Mrs. James Enrlght, Mrs. Allaire first was developed In the attractive vcrsmdag of the Monterey John Ritchie Smith. Mrs. Monroe V. early part of the 19th century and type on the second floor on the norths Pdole and Miss Ann B. Hasler. was known as Monmouth Furnace. and south sides of the residence.' Benjamin B. Howell operated an On the basement floor thera^ls, »VJ Iron tujnfoe there in 1821; and In duced James P. Allaire, Ntw York large game room,' boiler, roony'tb^iflt" of steel and concrete, wlno vault «,nd' Iron manufacturer and engine builder, to buy about 8,000 acres, on which several store rooms. There are V'fli he established a model village for his complete'air conditioning iinits in the bascmentiand the furnace Is oil burworkmen. Mr. AJlalre established the. first ner equipped. Other buildings o n the property Insteam engine works in the United Mrs. Kenneth R. Smith States, and his marine engines were clude a stable garage with space for. famous' throughout the world. He three cars and an apartment for Is New Club President GEORGE A. GRAY . ,-, bought the land because the Iron ore chauffeur, garden house and a greendeposits on It were close to forests house. There Is a substantial bulkMrs. Kenneth R. Smith was elected because they offer their services iole- that provided charcoal necessary for head on the river front. The grounds landscaped, and president of the Red Bank Woman's ly on a constructive platform of "a smelting. He dug a. canal from tho arc attractively Republican club at a meeting last continuation of good schools for Red oro beds to the Iron -works, and hero are ample vegetable and flower Bank, efficiently operated with hecfo:v several years the village was gardens. night at the Molly Pitcher hotel. Tho C 3 s a r y slate of officers was presented by the improvements, when possible, the picture of prosperity. Then Iron "Hardalee," the property which Mr. 3e vlng n0 oro and soft coal beds were found In Butler gave In part payment, is sitchairman of nominations, Mrs. Ed- w l t h n 0 a , x e t 0 £ r i n d a n d ' , Mayor James C C. A Auchlnclosi. William H. close proximity In Pennsylvania. It ward Downs. Other officers are Mrs. E™PP and tied by no commitments. .Hlntelmann. Sheldon T. Coleman. C. Fred. I impossible to compete against uated pn the west side of Grange Ward Cunningham vice president ric Nellion. Jr. eric Ma-ellv avenue, fronting on the shore of .the., Entertainment—Mrs. Loul, M. E t i t M Ll M Hagu Haguai I V l O I l y Ml.»> .,Wi Wa.m™W,aAe«aa,nuiiecsii(JUvta e^Wsyl North Shrewsbury river. It com,niUJ(trjwJ.,JJiu:««x.Mlar.o wan,discovered Pullen, Mrs. Kupor nnd.Mlsit Llglcr tice' of law, their chosen profession. Broad slrcot.—AdverUsemtnt. vjrtniai WIUOUMV Bank, IOII,—Advertujoment, as hostesses. of the dedication of' the new center. by Policeman Janice Wallace. ' The estimated loss by flre in MidThe Men's club ot the Reformed church will present Us annual mins- dletown township last year was $63,trel show Friday night February 835 according to a report released 9, at the River Btreet school audi- yesterday by JoBeph Wackar of Port torium. The show is being directed Monmouth, fire chief during the past by Mrs. Wallace B. Rankln, and year. The biggest loss was at the Mrs. Charles Reeves will be the Middletown village school, which was damaged by flre to the extent piano accompanist, George Hurley will be the inter- of $20,000. locutor and the end men will be Mr. Wackar's report showed 233 William Macintosh, Harry Eatellc, fires, « building Ores, 17 Walter Imlay, William "Wellner, chimney fires, 16 car Ores, 87 drills, Cedrlc Ryder and Mr. Reeves. Solo- seven assists to out of township ists, will be Mr. Imlay, John De- companies and seven false alarms Falco, Robert Reed and A; Lcroy during the 'year. The total number Baker. of men out to tho fires was 6,873, Some of the special features of the number of men hours spent at the show will be the presentation flrea was 291,921, the number of feet of a song and dance team, Peggy of 2H-inch hose laid was 72,480, the and Eddie. Solo dances will be number of feet of 1%4-hosa laid was given by Miss Jean Smith and 12,160 and the number of feet of A special ladders raised was 2,188. Miss Lois Macintosh. jitterbug exhibition will be given The Middletown township . high by Gloria Boyd and Matthew JoneB. school at Leonardo was inspected The 'show will open with a twice and the Naveslnk and Belgroup of Stephen Foster melodies. ford schools once. Three drills were Throughout the Bhow several popu- held at the high school and one at lar songs such as "Oh Jonnie Oh," Belford. and "Scatter-Braln," will be sung Two cases of incendiarism were '" be ' "Its a Grand proved and two cases "are under inand the finale will .... Flag." _._„. Old TlCkeU may/'be se- vestigation, three fires were caused cured from any member ,BT the club by short circuits, ono by faulty conor of the cast. struction, one by putting hot ashes in a wooden' box, one by burning garbage and rubbish in the furnace, ono by overloading a fireplace with papers, one by overloading a fireplace with branches arid twigs and one by an overflowing oil stove. Two cats were rescued and the Hitmen were called to extinguish flics in bulkheads, boats, a tent and cated small rooms, numbering nine a telephone pole, The services of In all, and all of which are to be the First Aid squad w^re needed on Heads Organization completely furnished. Each room is onu occasion. papered In attractive designs, and Three men were frostbitten, two at Rumson—Gopsill each is different. The celling is of were overcome by Bmoke and two Johns-Manvllle material with rafters suffered cut hands while fighting Exhibits Pistols of knotty-pine. fliea during the year. The MiddleModern and spacious offices are lotown Township Fire company No. 1 George Dwight, newly-elected pres- of Headden's Corner had two minor cated In-the rear of the store. The entire annex Is Illuminated by indi- ident of the Rumson Republican accidents with flre trucks and Brevrect lighting, the fixtures being of club, and the other officers, were In- ent Park & Leonardo had one minthe most modorn design, and con- stalled last night at the organization's or collision during the year. form with the general color scheme meeting at Red, Men's hall. William The township coverB 48 square Macintosh, retiring president, of the building. _ miles and the average number of The second story of tho building thanked the members for the co- men.from each company out to fired runs tho entire length of the addition operation during the past year and was Naveslnk, 20; Brevent Park &. and will be used for show rooms. The then turned over the office to Mr. Leonardo, 16; Belford Engine comradio, department Is now located In Dwight, who praised Mr. Macintosh pany, 13; Community Fire company, far his accomplishments of the past the front of the building. 12; EJast Heansburg. 10; Port Mon'The Acme Furniture company, of year. The other officers are Council- mouth, 13; Belford Independent, 14; which Mrs. Sophie Llbovsky is pro- man Francis Nary first vice presi- Middletown No. 1, 16; River, Plaas, dent, Mrs. DeWitt. Scott second VICB prietor, has been in business at Red* 13, and Llncroft, 12. 0~ink tor the past 28 years. The president, Alfred F. King secretary Mr. Wackar reported that he rebusiness opened Its first store on and Edwin M. Farrier, • treasurer. ceived excellent co-operation from Mr. King reported four new memSHrewsbufy avenue and moftd to its the entire department during the present quarters oh Menmouth street bers, bringing the total membership year, which contributed toward the to 839. 18 years ago. Committees named by Mr. Dwight cffle^ncy of the department. The retiring chlfef warned home were as follows: Membership—Hyatt Cunningham chair- owneVs against putting hot ashes In man, Mrs. Florence Spauldlnir, Mrs. Kuser wooden containers and against pushGilbert, Mrs. Ralph Long-street, Keilnelh ing their flree bii Windy days, especBruce, u , Richard J. Rogers, Jr., Mrs. Will ially when their houses have woodWard. Finance—V«n R. Halsey chairman, en shingle roofs.

Fashions To Be Featured At Dessert-Bridge

Brisbane's Widow Gives State 800 Acres Of Estate

Acme Furniture Co. Annex Opens Saturday Many Alterations to Monmouth Street Store Open house, in observance of the opening of 1U new annex, will bo held at tho Acme Furniture company on Monmouth street all day Saturday. The latest creations in furniture will be shown and refreshments will bo served. The public is Invited. The annex Is 90 feet deep,' making the depth of the store 1B0 feet in all. The store occupies a frontage of B0 feet on Monmouth street. The new addition makes It one of the largest of Its kind In this section of the state and affords room for one of the largest displays of furniture In the county. Tho annex may be entered from the older part of the building through three archways, a large one In tho center and two On each side, The center of the annex Is adorned with broadloom, and a "walk *nf lino-tile encircles the entire addition, running from the front ot tho addition throuh the two small archways to the rear of the store. On each side of the annex are lo-

Dwight Installed As President Of Republican Club

Officers Elected By Republicans

Hat For Wedding Went To Funeral, GotBiiried Straus of Reckless place has a relative who had a hat that was designed for a wedding but went to a funeral and got burled by mlstakc. It happened like this: "" Designed by Lily Daschc, well known New York milliner, the hat i was covered with flowers to match a bouquet which the young" lady, who was to be an attendant at a friend's wedding, was to carry. But after picking up the hat at tho milliner's, she met a friend who asked her to go with her to a funeral in a New York church. The young lady left the hat, which was1 encased In a. celophane box, In an ante-room of the church. She and her friend then took their seats. The service proceeded . with all due solemnity and the two young women paid rapt attention to the dovotlons. Picture the nma«raent however, on the hatowncr's face when she spotted her wedding chapcau resting on the coffin as It was being carried out. One of the pallbearers had seen the hat In the nntc-room and believing it to be flowers that bad arrived at the last moment had placed It where he thought It ought to bo. The name, of the well known milliner meant nothing to this mere man. Tho two young women, feeling that they might retrieve the hat at the cemetery, rushed out of the church and looked in vain for a \axl. They duckod into a subway station, boarded a train to the cenv, dory, but arrived In time to see the coffin and tho hat slowly descending Into the grave. The-hat, which cost $37, was Insured. The company was said to have remitted a check for $60. An adjuster wrote to the effect that true or not ttho story was such a good one as to deserve the extra money.

Supper Party Held By D. A. R. Juniors Members of the junior group of Monmouth chapter, Daughters American Revolution, wero hostcssos last night at a chow meln supper at the Rod Bank WomanVclub. More than 35 attended. ' Mrs. Richard T. Lawjor of "Long Branch was chairman, assisted by Miss Virginia Blrdsall and Miss Katharine M. Child of Red Bonk, Miss Elisabeth Havlland of Llttlo Silver and Mrs.'Harvey D, Leuin of West Long Branch. The next meeting will be Wednesday, February 14, at the home of . Mrs. Raymond 8wlft, Long Branch. Mrs. J. B. Rue, Jr., chairman, has announced tho appointment. of Mm. Louln ai ways and means chairman.


Store Has Birthday

Lincoln Day Dinner Plans

Soldiers Hurt In Auto Mishap

Guild Re-Elects Group President

Sodality .to Hold Dance Tomorrow

Benevolent Group Plans Annual Ball

Dance Arranged, ty Club Board



Abram J. VanHouten of Mlddletown, pastor of. the-MlddUtojfn, Reformed church. Miss Heltri Oranderath of BOBBINS—JOHNSON ' Belford and Walter Layton of Red Bank were the attendants, Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Bobbins of Boyer, Is, the daughter of Mr. and Farmlngdale a-nnounco the marriage Mrs. Clarence Colmorgen of Belford. of their daughtor, Miss Marie.Rob- The couple-will reside at Eatontown. bins, to Samuel"Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson of Mon-i Past Exalted Rulers Mrs. E. C. deVillaverde roe avenue, Shrewsbury, The wedding was performed Sunday at Borto Occupy Chairs— ". .. Endorsed for District dentown by Rev. Harry H. Hummer, formerly of Farmlngdale ' Quiz Contest Planned' Vice-President The bride, who was given In marriage by her father, was attired in The Ex-Presidents' club of the a dubonnet gown with blue accesThe Red Bank lodge of Elks will $6,112 reported in by the third district of the New ' Jersey sories. Mrs. Stanley Nixon of celebrate Past Exalted Rulers' ir of Commerce campaign State Federation of Women's clubs, Shrewsbury,-< sister of the bride, was Charter Members and Old1 Timers Hft'ra at their final report dinner endorsed Mrs. E. C. deVllleverde of matron of honor and wore black with night tonight at'the lodge hall. Little Silver Club Give* Friday night In the Strand resInterlaken, president of the Little. gold accessories, Stanley Nlx'on of The past 1 exalted rulers will ocnt, the 40 members In the camSilver Woman's club as a candidate Shrewsbury was best man. cupy the ohalrs. Tho past exalted Endorsement—Driftma _ torce present, voted to extend for the office as third district vice rulers and tholr chairs which they Following tho coremony a recep, "pampalgn through this week to president and endorsed Mrs. Alfred will occupy 'are ' Myron V. Brown, tion was held at tho bride's home for Department Entertains flhleve success In their (7,000 mlnlM. Hlckman of Asbury Park as exalted ruler; Peter J. Elchele.esthe immediate families and close i objective. treasurer of the state federation. tpemed leading knight; Herbert E, friends. The couple arc on a wed'three, very vital things as outMembers of the Little Silver Wo- Edwards, esteemed loyal knight i The club met Tuesday" at the ding trip to New York.-They will reFounder of St. Thomas's "clubhouse rewths of this community campaign man's club went oh record at their of the Metuehen Boro Judge Harry' Klatsky; esteemed sldo at Shrewsbury, . . ava transpired aside from the fact yesterday afternoon "aj en- lecturing knight; Harold A. Glbllni Improvement league at Metuehen. Mrs. Johnson . graduated from meeting Church Passed Away lit $0,100 h i s been subscribed to dorsing the club president, Mrs. E. secretary; Morris' Millor, osqMlre]' The * Boro Improvement league and Freehold high school and Is eme Chamber of Commerce revltallzaas candidate . for Thomas C, MoVoy, Inner guard- and ' members : of the Metuchen- Quiet ployed at Leon's, Red Bank, Mr. C. DeVlllaverde, in Brooklyn , BtlO/tt campaign. The first Important president of the third district John D. Hushes, tiler. Hour club were hostesses / to the Johnson U employed at the Hosiery vies Mr. and Mrs. A. I* Davlson •'.factor Is that the community's buslof New Jersey State iFederatlon of The charter members oxpocted t<5 mill, Shrewsbury. and professional men are now' Mrs. T. Thomas Fortune, through organization. Mrs. Alexander MackWomen's clubs and endorsing Mrs. Former Mayor and Mra. A. L. was the scene of the happy family Thoso attending the reception were Alfred M. Hlckman of Asbury Park be present are Rlohard Applegato, 'unitedly behind a community-made whose efforts St. Thomas's chapel intosh of Long Branch presided and members .were welomed by Mrs. Charles .^Hawkins, Thomas Irving Davlson of Monmouth street, mar- re-unlon last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson, Mi. n for business acceleration. The was re-organlied for. colored EpiscoBoth Mr. and Mrs. Davison are and Mrs. Richard LaRos, Mr. and as a candidate for treasurer of the Brown, Joseph Bray, Thomas Wil__.ond factor la,that the best think palians of Red"Bank, died recent- E. A. Burroughs ,of Metuchen. Mrs. ried 50 .years, were pleasantly aurstate federation. • ' B. D, Ford assisted Mrs. Burroughs members of the Sons and Daughliam"?, Frank Plttenger, H. Raymond Mrs. Stanley Nixon, Mr. and Mrs. Ing group in the community which ly-at-her home at Brooklyn. iriced, Sunday night by members Mrs. Wilson Smith announced that I represents a true cross section of air . Mrs, .Fortune was a former well- In making arrangements for the of their family. Mr. and Mrs, Davl- ters of Liberty and Mr. Davlson is Kenneth Duncan and family, Mr. Dr. Fennington Hale, associate dl- Eisner, John S; Applogate, Arthur <; a? member of the American Mechanmeeting. W. Shutts, John - A. Kennedy, and Mrs. Samuel Johnson, Miss the buslne a and professions,, have known resident of Red Bank. She Mrs/Frederick Haney of Perth Ison, had been Invited out that af- ics.. Helen Johnson and William Nixon, reotor of the League of Nations Thomas Lewis, Joseph Applegate, I, endorsed the Chamber of Commerce was born In Florida .78 years ago association, will speak at a. meeting Friends state that Mr. and Mrs. all of Shrewsbury; Mrs. Jcsso LeighAbraham Benjamin, Lester K. Mcmorally and financially as the one and came Norths at an' early age, Amboy, Mrs. A. F. Randolph of ternoon for an automobile ride and of the club Wednesday, April 10. ", medium through which the business taking up her • residence in New Woodbridgeand Mrs. Robert Owens upon their return found the house Davlson have changed but very lit- ton, Mrs. Bertha Egan, Miss Doris This meeting will ba In charge of Queen, H. Delford Little, Augustus of South Amboy were appointed filled with flowers,..and—-their—kln~ tle In looks during* the past years M. Minton; Captain 'Charles P. IrEgan, Miss Mary Meade and John * acceleration movement may be con- York. With her husband, who was and It was apparent to The Regis- Mcade, all of Red Bank;' Mr. and the ** International relations depart- wln, Samuel Craig, Clinton F. EIH-, ," aummated. The third vital factor Is, a well known .writer and newspaper members of' the nominating com- folks waiting to greet them. ment, of which Mrs. Smith U chairmittee and a straw ballot was cast. The couple received many beautiter representative who Interviewed ott, Borden H. Wolcott, Thomas-'S. Mrs. Ralph Johnson and family of '»nd more valuable to the community man. Miss Klmball Smith, who atthan anything else, is that a new editor, she cams to Red Bank and . The offices to be filled this' term ful gifts. A buffet lunch was serv- them yesterday that time, has been Long Branch, Mr. and Mrs. Merrltt tended the reoeht national confer- Field, . red Mngee, William Weed 'united fighting civic spirit has been purchased the'old "Dominie" Hill are president, second vice president ed and motion pictures of the gath- very kind to both of them. Mr. Lane of Asbury Park, William Wcod- once of the National committee on Brown, R. V. R, H. Stout, Joseph born In this community—a spirit residence and property on Bergen ! a n d corresponding secretary. Elec- ering were taken by, the children. Davlson has hardly a gray hair In en of Belfo'rd, Mr. and Mrs. Benja- the Cause and Cure of War,as a Esehelbach, Harry G. Degonrlng, tlon will- take place at the April The 'Davisons, who .were married his head and Mrs. Davison Is the min Lay ton and Mr. and Mre Frank Jarrett Morford, William B. • Conthat will not tolerate defeat, that will place and occupied it for many meeting. Auditors appointed were at Kingston by the late Rev. Ray, picture of excellent health. She Herdan of Atlantic Highlands, Mrs. delegate from the club, read a re- ovor, Frank P. Bloom, William B, years. not be content with near-success. Tort of the conference. Mrs. C. D. Nesbltt and Mrs. Ray pastor of . the Methodist church 'at required glasses only whei\ she Joseph VonCleaf and Mrs. Florence Waters, Loon do la Rousslllo, Sr., This home was the scene of many \t At 11 00 o'clock Monday nTornlng Neafle, both of Spring Lake, Mrs. J. L. Herbert, legislation and Serelng Skokes, Frank E. Price and that .place, qulely observed their does much reading. Both possess Sickler of Deal, Mr. and Mrs. Irving s in the Chamber of Commerce 30 of. gatherings of literary men and wocivics chairman, reported that Mrs, • 5. this,community's business and pro- men- of both races. . She was a I Letters of resignation from Mrs. golden wedding anniversary yester- genial dispositions and have a host Bennott, - Miss Bernice Bennett anil Charles S, Maddock, Jr., state chair- Louis Sobel. , . of friends In the bqjough. The old timers still on tho roll ' Robert Bennott of Neptune and Mr, ! fesslonal leaders met to take addl- cultured and well educated woman I Leon Cozzens of South Amboy, Mrs. day. man of legislation, will be the r and took a great' Interest In the Helen Tompklns of Asbury Park Mr. Davlson, who Is proprietor of The Davisons' four children and and who • are .expected to bo pres-' " and Mrs. Everett Robblns, Mr. and & tlonal prospect cards, to see and sell speaker at the next meeting. Mrs. I' 'sufficient subscription-Investments so problems of her race. She was and Mrs. Thomas Voorhls of Red an automobile repair shop on Wharf their spouses and families were Mrs. Leon Farry, MlsaSuslo Farry, Herbert also gave a report of a ont .are John Yeomane, John J. Bank were read by the correspondavenue, was born at Princeton and present Sunday to join in tho cole- Edward Farry and I>aurence RebTrovers, Dr. G. VanVorls Warner, " t h a t the remaining $1,800 that'the also philanthropic by nature and recent state legislation meeting, Harry Madansky, Harvey S. Bedle, Chamber was short on Its $7,000 mln- became well known for many acts ing secretary, Mrs. George Salvage came to Red Bank at an early age. bratjon. They are Mrs. J. D. Mc- bins of Farmlngdale. which she attended at the Stacy- Sr., Edwin H. Brasch, Richard ' lmum annual budget would be se- of kindness among people who of Farmlngdale, and. accepted with .After working foi a number of Dermott of Brooklyn,- formerly Miss Trent hotel, Trenton, Tuesday. Mrs. Haokstaffl James. Phillips, Dr. Frfcd regret. Mrs. Otis Tilton of Avon y e a r s In the J. W. Mount carriage Mary Davison; Mr. and Mrs.. O. C. cured. Practically all In this grpup needed assistance. GUBNIAK—TOMUSON. Herbert also proposed that a letter T. Newrian, Benjamin' C Flncke, had been volunteering their time Mrs! Fortune had a Urge and « » welcomed as a new member factory on White street, serving at Borden of Peters place, tho latter Mlsa Annastacia Gurnluk, daughter of thanks be sent to Dr. Thomas Frank RV Murphy, Louis Prate, Alsince January 16, and they, then extensive library which contained and was sponsored by Mrs. Joseph one time as Its manager, he open- formerly Mlas Fannie Davlson; Mr. Headlee who spoke • at a recent bert W. Wordan, James V. R, Clork, Mrs. Ch&ries ed a shop for himself on Mechanic and.Mrs. Edward W. Wllby of Mon- of Mrs. Kathcrine Gurnlak of Mldpledged their service to a Clean- many rare books and print.. In her'Becker of Avon. meeting. . Max Leon, . Dr. James Rowland,. up Campaign that would terminate garden she had a pair of English Beistel of Metuehen was reinstated street, near Globe court. Later ho mouth street, tho latter' formerly dletown and Wilbur Gardner Tom-, bought out the carriage • building Miss Esther Davison, and Police llson, son of Mrs. Joseph Tomllson Mis. Clifford A. Spoerl, chairman Thomas King, Ernio Otto, William yesterday afternoon. This type, of walnut trees which were her pride »• a member. Copies of the constitution and by- and repairing business at Maple Chief and Mrs. Harold A. Davlson. of Eatontown and tho late Mr. Tom- of the lltoratur.o department,, stated Hintelmann, Michael Hynan, Ward civic spirited co-operation cannot be and joy.. > bought with money. This then is the Her husband founded the news- laws were distributed. The presi- avenue and Monmouth street, own- The grandchildren present were Mr. lison, were married Saturday at the that this group will meet Monday R. Jeff era, Vincent .Powens, Thomas : evidence that points to the undeni- paper, the New York Aid, publish- dent expressed thanks to Mrs. Wil- ed by the late J. V. H, Rogers. His and Mrs. Borden's daughter, Betty Middletown Reformed church. Rev. afternoon, February 19,, at the homo Haslor, Goorgo B. Brown, Abraham; able faot that a new united fighting ed in the Interests of the colored liam Campbell and Miss Janet Slo- business increased rapidly and In D., and Mr. and Mrs. Wilby's Abram J. VanHouten, pastor, per- of Mrs, J, Sterling Worthlngton on Krldel, Joseph Shapiro, J. Ford" Broad street. Mrs, J. Stanley Marks, Johnson," W. Strothor Jones, Philip formed the coremony. civic spirit has been born in this race, which Is still In existence. cum of Long Branch who were In orde> to have more room he re- daughter, Jean Ann. will review a current book at the Also In attendance were Mr. community. ' •" He also wrote many works concernThe bride, who was given in mar- session, Mrs. Harry H. Coddlngton, Leonard, Edward Coyle, Monroo Eisner, J. Lester ElBner, George A. Davlson's brother, George T. Davi- ,. l a g e b y h c r b r o t h The amount reported at the conJ0°epn Gurnlak, «"»£ membership chairman, welcomed Hogan and Lewis Callahan. equipped it with the son of Red Bank, and Mrs. Davl- w e a w h l t e s a U n ' w n f H e r t u , l c """»*> clusion of the clean-up squad's work two new members, Mrs. George Coxe most modern machinery obtainable son's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. v e l l h u n ^ f r o m a , a » e C Q r o n e t . Het » J » yesterday. Is $5,512 on the $7,000 the late Booker T. Washington, • There •will bo a quiz contest, beand Mrs. Warren Tyreli. , at that time. When automobiles re- and Mrs. David Johnson orYardlcy, bouquet comprised gardenias objective. While the minimum goal tween the old timers, and the thar-, gardenias" and and Lf, Following the business. . meeting ter members, b placed carriages, he entered that Pennslyvanla, and -- Mr«. Davlson'fl has not yet been reached the dl, PennRlvvnn fl. nnri nnvinn'a . _ . . __ . -. . . r o l l et peas. Miss Helen Gurnlak was members of the drama department phase of the repair business, in and • rectors of the Chamber will continue d of honor for her sister. She entertained with a short play, a t vice president, which he is still actively engaged. Mrs. Charles Lannlng and Mrs. this campaign all through February conditions in the Philippines and he the | wore a gown of violet moric and a monologue and .excerpts, from a of Perth Mr Mr. Davlson was elected mayor Harvey S. Hart of Trenton. to secure victory. I sliver tiara, and a shoulder length play. Tho program was' presented > send the Me of Red Bank In 1912, He was in Nieces and nephews of Mrs.* Dav-At a meeting of the special "wreckby Mrs. A. B. Cross, who coached ( - « « * • ' » « { " - d . n l and t h . first vice pres- the hospital during the campaign .present were Mr. and Mrs. Ing squad" In the Chamber of ComWilliam G. Lufburrow of Red the members. Mrs. Gardner S. that preceded the election, but de- Charles Hillegass of Treriton, Mr. merce rooms late yesterday after- Mr. Fortune died about nine years i Bank was best man and the ushers Harlng, department chairman, gave Extensive plans for the celebration ^ nven^'at Atlantic cTty spite the fact that he was unable and Mrs. Louis Lannlng of Trenton g noon an additional $400 -was report- ago. Mrs. Ada B. Nafew of Eatontown to take active part in the election- and Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Mason|l v T e r ! J o h " S m l t h « ' R e d B a n k a n d an excerpt 1 from- the play "The of .''Boy Scout Week'' are being made ed subscribed. The campaign -will St. Thomas's chapel was re-organ- reported that the next' meeting will eering he was eleced by a good Norbert Franzy. of Matawan. Silver Cord. :. Mrs. William-'Bow- throughout Monmouth county from of South Amboy. F continue until the goal of $7,000 Is Ized In 1907 through the efforts of , Farming- majority over his Republican opponKarl Helwlg, Jr., wha the soloist land gave a monologue entitled February 8 to 1* In 'commemoration Five of the gathering witnessed reached. Workers who are contin- Mrs. Fortune after It had Been b e T u M d a V, i A p pr l l 30 a t g and sang "I Love You Truly" and d< Th "Travelogue." A one-act play, ''The of the founding of tho Boy Scouta of ent. the wedding 50 years ago. They uing the campaign feel sure the re- abandoned by the congregation club wlu obMrve it, Jh.f.». 20th" anniversary atthatttme-. Mrs. 'Mrs. Davison was formerly Mjss are George T. Davlson, Mrs. Harvey "O Promise Me." Miss Mario Con- Crystal Gazer," was given . with America on February 8, 1010. Courts quested budget vHll be fully sub- when It became apparent i, M t 1 "' over was the organist. Mrs. Aage F. Nellsen and .Mra. of honor for awarding of advancescribed. ! pparent there was M i c k l n t 0 , h r e q u M t e d that »11 ll pantt Annie Johnson, and Is the daughter F. Hart, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lanno need for two Episcopal A reception followed the ceremony George A. Hogan playing the prin- ment will .be held in tho seven disWorkers on the final wind-up InEpiscopal churches P r e > l d e n t 8 of the 'fix-Presidents' of the late Richard and Eliza ning and David Johnson. Hughes Johnson, with whom she All present joined In wishing for at the new home of the coupb on cipal rales assisted by Mrs. George trict centers, store windows will be clude J. B. Allen!, Irving Brenner, for t white congregations in the town. , b m a k e ', B p e c ial .«fTort to attend came to Bed Bank at an early age. Mr. and Mrs. Davison -"continued Nutswamp road, Middletown town- Drawbaugh. Mrs. Chester Alberts decorated, parent-scout bapqucts will Daniel B. Dorn, Jr., William A. Fluhr, Mr. It had in Durham, 1891 by board ceof i e bratlon. Themeetexecutive and been Mr*. founded Thomas F. was stage manager. ,, , , be held;, add: lri' every church' ivKlort the club will ThursMr. and Mrs. Davlson have resided good health and many more anni- ship. Thomas S. Field, Jr., Tony-Hunting, M» - Mt-a rillrnam. . . . . . M. who. nnil gave the Thnmin propertyW on Cath- . Tea was served, by" the! hostesses, conducts a troop a apeclal Scout Sunstreet for the past versary and re-unlon parties as Charles LeMalstre, Wllmer A. Rob- erine* street on which the ' chapel day, April 11, at Mrs. Mackintosh's on Monmouth 1 home at Long Branch. Mrs. EmiUo Fanju.1, Mrs. , Peter day observance will bo held. Boy 30 years; 19 of. them in the house pleasant as the one which they atBADEN—KEINH AHDT. ^ bins, Joseph P. Schwartz, H. T. Wal- w u built. A letter from Miss Mary B. Dan- which Wey now occupy and which tended Sunday. Bentley, Mrs. A. 8. Hutchlns, Mrs, Scout programs will bo presented in foid, Edwin S. Osten. Miss Dorothy Miss Teresa Charlotte Baden, Stanley Fielder • and Miss Marlon the school assemblies of many Mrs, Fortune suggested to Rev. , of the b e f o u n d ers Sehllctlnjr, W. A. Miller, Frank P. Robert MacKellar, then rector of l e^l o n e o t ld. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A corsage was sohools of the county. was rea Force. . - ,.' .' . . Merrltt, E. A. Schaeffer,' Joseph C. Trinity Episcopal church, that the ci t Baden of River road, Fair Haven, The. courts of honor will bo open Irwln, B. A. Parker, Frank.Sturges, church be turned over for the use I v e n M r 8 M a c | n t o s h by the two and Warren Kenneth Reinhardt, son to tho public, and the program of Sioney J. Wain, Max Veronlck and of Episcopalians, of the colored hostess clubs. of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Ilelnhardt of Luncheon followed the' business each will be of special public InterWilliam Leddy. race, and negotiations to that end meeting at the Metuchen church Haggers lane, Fair Haven, wore marest, The court of honor schedule,Is, were Immediately started. Rev. dining room. Mrs. Ford was chairried Saturday afternoon at 1 o'clock district 1, Fobruary 8, Garflold schopl,. August E, Jensen of Asbury Park, man of reservations. Mrs. Clarence at the Fair Haven Methodist church, Long Branch; district 2, Fobruary 14, rector of St. Augustine's church In Wright and Mrs. Roy Mlnton were Rev. William I. Reed pastor per- Thieves broke Into the home of Mechanic street school, Red Bank; Charles Gotschalk's First Piloting Class that city, was called as the first hostesses at the dining room and Stanley K. Downs of Sycamore ave- district 8, February 12, Keyport high formed the ceremony. pastor, and opening services were hostesses at' the clubhouse were Pupils Entertain to Meet Monday The brldo who was given In mar- tfue, Shrewsbury township, Saturday school; district 4, February 9, Leon-, held June 9, 1907. Mrs. Fortune Mrs. Alyn Pearson, Mrs. William riage by her father, wore a gown ot night ntid stolo }350 worth of jewelry. h " i t l t f f i ? b was among the 30 persons who at- Acken g r , and Mrs. Belstle. _ „.„.,„ Mr. Degenring announced that a the 100 yard dash. Race meets on lighted buoys, other aids, light lists the bowling congress to be hold on , Sea Bright pupils who graduated message had been prepared by one the old Monmouth >racc track were and other publications. the Red Bank Recreation alleys In Miss Catherino L. Crlstoph, daughof the members of the company and big events in these days and the last week In the. mld-ycar class of Charts and Piloting—Charts pub- February. tor of Joseph- Crlstoph of South Am-, asked all members of the depart- name of Fred Fortune could always Long Branch high school were Doris lished and distributed, information Tho club members woro the reolp- boy, was married Sunday afternoon ment to sign before leaving. This be found In the list of winners Johnson, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. containod on charts, use of charts, to CarV J. Colmorgon, son of Mrs. message with all the signatures will published in The Register. He aft Conrad Johnson; Roy Stone, Jr., how to plot a course, elementary lents of a crato of oranges and, a Lena Colmqrgen of Oakland street, crato of grape-fruit from Thomna son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stone; be sent to Ex-Chief Cornelius S. record for the 100 ynrd dnsh Thomas Wesley Garland, son of methods of determining position, Cook, who Is sojourning In Florida, The coremony was performed by Rev. Mount, the oldest living member of which has never- been bettered, tide and currents. James H. Mattenleo acted as an auc- W. E. Grimshaw nt St. Janios EpisMrs. Jane Garland, and Victor Perthe department, who is living-with The daughter, Mrs. Aubrey BowsManners and Customs on Ship- tioneer and the fruit was sold to tho copal church, Eatontown. • , his son Ralph at Royal Oak, Mich- er of Brooklyn, formerly Mlsa Jes- ottl, son of Councilman and Mrs. Victor Perotti. board—Flags and colors and whero highest bidders, J. Daniel Tuller and •.••-i Miss Mary Crlstoph, a sister of tho igan. Hackett's orchestra played sie Fortune, also attended .school to fly thorn,, practice In use of flags Richard C, Hackstaff, bride, and Louis Colmorgen, the at Red Bank. She Is now a teacher | Thomas Garland has left for a and colors, manners and customs on for dancing, George W. Bray will conduct the in the public school)! of New York. two weeks' visit with Mr. and Mrs. shipboard, conduct In anchorages and next gathering of the organization to bridegroom's brother, were tho at' Mrs, Fortune ntso leaves four grand- Walter Lindsay of Rochester, New In relation to other boats, disposal bo held at tho hotel next Tuesday tendants. , York, and on his return will enter Mrs, ColtnorKen Is a graduate of TRUCK HITS CAR. children. the Fort Monmouth signal school of refuse, clothes to wear on ship- night. He will glvo a talk on "Home Hoffman hlRh school, South Amboy, Residents of Red Bank who reboard; maintenance of your boat. Town Taxation." and Mr. Colmorgen is n graduate of A small truck operated by Robert :all Mr*. Fortune during the time for a course In radio. Persons passing the examinations Red Bank high school, , 8. Matthews of Atlantic Highlands she was Identified with church and to be given atfer the courses have !> ''drained into the rear of a parked phllanthroplcal work at Red Bank GETS JOB IN BANK. D. A. n . TO MEET. been completed will be enrolled in HUBBS—BOWKEIt. car- operated by Francis L. Wain- expressed the deepest regret- upon the New Jersey state power squadrlaht of Shrewsbury yesterday after- learning of her ' passing;. Her Miss Mnrthii Knowlea Bowker and Robert Jeffrey, son at Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wright of Broad 'noonron Route 3B, Shrewsbury. Mat- friends, and those of her late hus- street will be hostess Monday after- ron, which Is affiliated with the Mrs. Howard S. Jeffrey of Marlon Frank Hubbs wore married Saturday MANTECA Brand [
Third District Ex-Presidente' Club Has Session

immerce Board tnd Passes $5,500

Celebrate Golden Wedding

Red Bank Elks To Honor Old Timers Tonight


Club President Endorsed For . District Officer

Drive to Continue Until $7,000 It Fully Pledged

Mrs. Fortune, Old Former Resident, Dies



^ " ^'


• ,

Plans Being Made For Boy Scout Week

ni 'T'*

Boat, Handling Courses Here

Recital For Red Bank Lions

Township Home is ' ': Looted of Jewelry

Hook, Laddermen Hold Banquet At JE?leasant.-Inn-





SCOTCH-King William

Long Branch High School Graduates





3 Full Quarts






Eighteen Leave Red Bank High Graduation Held Tuesday Night. . Dr. Clarence B, Pattch, dean of the school of education, Rutgers university, ,was guest speaker Tuesday : night at the mid-term graduation exercises at the Junior high sohool auditorium, Eighteen pupils, the smallest class to leave Red Bank high sohool In the history . of the school, received their diplomas. Dr. Fartch In addressing the graduates said! "to make the most of your, physical, Intellectual, social, moral, aesthetic and religious natures in developing yourself Into a whole and balanced personality." He Cited personal responsibility and the ability to budget time as two fundamental factors .for success when . students leave high school and embark .either on a college career or enter the business or industrial field, "When students fall oiy, these two points, they are almost certain to face failure," he said. He urged the graduates to "compete with yourself and let each record be a better one than the last one." George L. Trubln, president of the clats, gave the addreBs of welcom*. Benjamin Benlncasa gave the mantle and John Rltter, president' of the June class of 1040, was the recipient. George Ostrov gave the . farewell address. The presentation of diplomas was . made by Harold A. Hendrickson, president of the board of education, to the. pupils who were Introduced by Harry C, Sleber, principal of the senior high school. The school orchestra, under the direction of' A. tinHoy Baker, played.. A program and a list of the graduates appeared In last week's Issue of The Rwlsr tor. ;

First Aid Squad Gives Dinner For Auxiliary The Mlddletown Township First Aid squad entertained members of the Ladles' auxiliary at a chicken dinner Thursday night at Murphy's tavern, East Keansburg. : Mrs, E. ' Roach was guest' of honor. Membership pins were presented to' the women at the dinner. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cruae, Mrs. John Nlcollnt, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nleollni, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. William Saggen, Mr. and Mrs. James Noble, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Knapp, Mr. and Mrs. John Mayer, Mrs. Carrie Frs.ni, Mrs. Ethel McManus, Mrs. Camilla Lutz, George Bruenlnger, Robert Redfleld, Miss Joan Farwell, Fred and Robert veth, Miss Edith Nleman, Miss Berth, Artie Conlelson, William Lloyd, wrT11am Hanson, Miss Sara Pugllsl, Miss Marion McGlrr, Mr. and Mrs. William Clsconl and Terrenoe Cruse. Mrs. Mary Mayer will be chairman of the auxiliary'* next game party at Murphy's tavern Thursday night, y February IB. ,'

Lincroft Store Has Second Anniversary. The Village market at Lincroft was two years old yesterday. Mr. arid Mrs. Charles. Toop and Mr, Toop's brother Frank, proprietors of thi market, are celebrating the annlvers ary by a special sale. Mr. Toop, who formerly managed the National Grocery store at Sea Bright, started tho market two years ago in his home on the main road. • Last August he purchased the former w.CoiiQv.er,,»prop«rty.»-.next--de»r—andmoved the market into new quarters In September. A compjete list; of groceries, meats and vegetables Is hand led at the establishment.

Church Notes BAPTIST. ' .,-. , A. special missionary program will be given Sunday • morning at the 6penlng session of the church school s)t _BM5 a. m. •' Mrs.' Fred Conover will bring reports ot the work being done by Dr. William E. Bralsted, Jr., who Is now serving.In China. Dr. BraUtsdjs a son of a former pastor of our.church and has been engaged In medlqal missionary work In China for the past year. .The regular .lesson period discussions will follow this program..' At the. 11 o'clock'hour; of worship the pastor will continue his messages from'Isaiah, speaking on the topic "Sanctuary of a Stone of Stumbling." The ; music will Include prelude, "Andante Cantablle", by . Tschalkow sky'; quartet "The Night Is Far Spent", by Mllllgan, and offertory, anthem, "Psalm 150" by Franck. This: Sunday will mark the fifth anniversary for Frederick Ball as or' ganlst In the. church, The University of Life ' program will continue Sunday afternoon with the usual tea hour at 4:15. The mem hers of the women's missionary society wlll.bg the hostesses. The speakers at 5 will -be Dr. Wilbur Sounders, headmaster of Peddle school, HighUtown, who will epeak on. "The ' Growth of Personality;" Mrs. Howard Hymer ot Red Bank, who will speak on "International Relations," and Eric LeavenB, who will present moving pictures of Finland Norway and Russia. All friends are welcome to these lectures. The young people's group will meet at 8 o'clock and will again hear reports from those who attend the lectures In the afternoon. This is proving very interesting for the young people and In this way they all get something from each courae. .The Phllathca society will meet Tuesday evening of next week, February

of the Young' Men's Bible class Sunday morning. He is a member of 'the Presbyterian denomination and has traveled around the-world at. least three times' conducting business clinics at various places. Mr, Blyth. told of his many - experiences in religion and also, with athletics In his numerous contacts with' foreign customs. He contrasted th two principles with the various customs and with the American people. He spoke' at length on his contact! with the Japanese and Chinese' and dwelled on the axiom of the Orient that' "lives are cheap .over there.". Mr. Blyth cited a specific example of the death of a baby who fell off a river barge and those occupying the boat seemed to think nothing of the drowning, i In conclusion the business analyst mentioned the Chamber'drive here and .stated that, "There Is room in Red Bank for young men of. your type who have g r i t , T h e reading of the Bible will give you strength to go ahead and accomplish worthwhile things which will make Red Bank, a better town for posterity." Mr. . Blyth was Introduced to the young men by Edward G." Walder, executive secretary of- the Chamber of Commerce. Frank K. Linderoth, Jr., presided at the gathering. The minutes of tho previous meeting were read by Frank A. Rogers. A. Ernest Griffiths presented the morning's scriptural reading. METHODIST. Highlights from the Methodist Advance Crusade meeting recently held at Philadelphia were presented in a very interesting service Sunday evening at tho Methodist church. The entire service was conducted by women who, had been in attendance at the Philadelphia meeting, selected from the delegation of 22 who made the trip. The service was presided over by Mrs. Charles C. Rogers, who olso gave one ot the addresses emphasizing the important, considerations given at the conference to the opportunities and obligations of the new Methodist church. The new program for the Women's division, In which the existing women's organizations of the local churches will be federated into one society, was given by Mrs. Howard S. Hlgglnson. This new plan of organization and program was clearly set forth in this address. The speaker had previously attended the national meeting of.the Woman's Home Missionary society held at Boston, where this new pro vision had been thorqughly present ed. Mrs. Luther W, Good made the evening prayer and the Scripture lesBorLWas read by Mrs. Herbert'E Werner, Preceding the service an organ recital was given by Mrs. Theresa G. Wllley, during which a solo, "EvenIng Prayer," by Costa was sung by Mrs. William H. MacDonald, contralto. A brief organ recital is given every Sunday evening, beginning at 7:33, preceding the evening service of worship. A further follow-up meeting of the Philadelphia conference will be held next Sunday evening "When addresses will be given by A. Alvln Whiting and Malcolm Mlntdn. Mr. Whiting will give additional facts cf Importance In connection with the genera advance program for the year 1040 and Mr. Mlnton will report on - the youth conference, attended by 1,200 young people In the Arch Street Methodist church. A special musical feature for this service will be a flute' «olo, "Allegretto" by Miss Edna Stadler, who will also accompany Mrs. William T. Parker, soprano soloist, singing "O Lord Most Holy." Franck, with flute obllgato. Other numbers for this service will be an anthem, "Go

junior gathering and Miss Bunny by the senior choir and 'organ, selecDillon and Miss Barbara Lovett con- tions by Mrs. Willey. Numbers for ductsd a Bible quta before the In- the recital preceding the service are termediates. . Members of both groups "Festivity," Scarmolln; "Arla-Buxteattended the 58th anniversary ban- hude, and flute solo, "Orpheus," quet of the International Christian Gluck. by Miss Stalder. Endeavor Union, which was held by The Sacrament of Holy Comthe Monmouth-Ocean County union munion will be administered at the Ernest Blanchard, scout executive at the Manasquan Baptist church morning service. This will be the for the Monmouth County Boy Scouts Tuesday night. Rev. Dr. Walter B. Pre-Lenten Communion |n prepara of America, Is scheduled to speak be- Green-way, pastor of the Stanhope tlon for the observance of the Lenfore the Red Bank Rotary club at Presbyterian church, was the speak ten eeason. . All members of the the meeting today at the Molly er. The quarterly meeting of tho church are *urged to attend and rePitcher hotel. ceive Communion at this Important Next Thursday, February 8, Saul Home Department visitors was held service. Caspe of the Phillip Morris company Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at The program of music for the Com, will give an address on "Tobacco the home of Mrs. Herman D. Wool- munion service Includes prelude, from Weed1 to Industry." Thursday, ley of Lake avenue. .1'Adaglo, Third Sonata," Gullmant; February IS, J. w . Duffleld, public re- • The regular monthly meeting ot offertory anthem, "Angels of Jesus," lations officer of the New York tho board of trustees was held Mon- Wlldermeor, by the young people's Times, who has spoken before the day night at the home of the presi- choir; anthem. "Surely the Lord is club, on several occasions, will again dent, Joseph C. Davlson, Crest drive, in this Place," Burnell, the senior address the local organization. For- FoJt Hill Estates, Little Silver. mer Governor Harold' Hoffman wll The members of the session held choir and postlude by Hutton. The Standard Bearers will meet be the guest speaker at the club ses- their regular monthly business meetsion Thursday, February 3t'. Ing at the dose .er the mid-week tonight at 8 o'clock at the home- of Mlpg Betty VanSant, 37 MadlBon aveThe scheduled meeting of Thurs- prayer worship service last night. The annual world's day o f prayer nue. day,. February 22, falling as It does The members of the Mothodlst on Washington's birthday, will be will be observed Friday, February church are Invited to participate In i t ! p. m:, with a special service cancelled duo to the holiday and as the World's Day of Prayer to "be part of the Rotary Observance week In which the women of the local held at the Presbyterian church Frl , The Red Bank Rotary club has churches in Red Bank will partici- day,' February 9, at 2 p. m. been notified that at the meeting of pate, "Our World Today" will bo- the Mrs, Ada A, Crandall, principal o/ the Asbury Park club Friday, May 31, they. will have as their, speaker the Junior high school was In charge theme of a discussion of lntern»uonal affairs to be presented at the meetof the study period held by the the First Lady of t h e . Land, Mrs. Ing of the Ladles' Aid society in the Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of the Pres- Sunday Morning club. Mrs, Clarence C. Mack of Rum- church Wednesday, Fobruary 8, at ident of tho United Slates. son gave a brief talk about the an- 2:30 p. m. The speaker will be Mrs. cient Greek religion, Mrs, Fred C. Howard G. Hymer, of Red Bank, Wegel of Little Silver presented an well-known student and authority on DECIDES NOT TO RESIGN. outline of the life of Buddha and this subject. This meeting will be a Bnbert Norton Will t i g h t Pur House his' religion, and Karl G. J/ansky, "Fellowship Tea" and nil women of also of Little Silver, gave an outline tho church aro Invited to attend; The Cleaning In B. P, C. A. of the Roman religion. •— mlnlstor. Rev. Herbert J. Smith, will Editor, The Register. • Mr. Wegel, at a,business session lead the devotional period . during Dear Sir: >••• of the Bible group held last' week, which Rov. Charles A. Thunn of the 1 Since reading the article In your announced that the recent play giv- Baptist church will sing. . paner last week concerning mv com- en by the club at the Mechanic plaint atalnst the S. P. C. AT t have Street School auditorium was a sucreceived raanv congratulatory letters LUTHERAN and expressions confirming: my senti- cess In attendance as well as finanments in deolorlnu tho society's ruth- cially. Gifts and Installments fov. the less slaughter of five llttlo puppies. Miss Norma Olson presided at tho building fund were received In the Allow me to express mv sincere ap- regular weekly meeting of tho In- amount ot J100 at tho recent loyalty preciation for vour article. termediate Christian Endeavor so- dinner. Following the meeting tho In memory of those poor five little, annual congregational mooting was lnnooantvvletlms, 1 have reconsidered ciety Sunday afternoon. Constance Wlngerter presented the held. Reports of the treasurer showed rtsiKnlntr rtsinlntr from om mv m vice nresldcnoy b h i andd membership so that I might minutes of the previous gathering all current obligations far the year stand bv and fight for a general and Bunny , Dillon led the young met. Jacob Bloom and Erich Kacks house cleaning in h l i i the th methods and people In responsive reading. Bar- were elected to the church council policies of Inn oriariliatloh. and be bara Lovett was In charge of sen- for three yoars. bettor able to servo the needs of poor, tence prayers given by each memThe pastor will be in the sacristy dumb animals, To mv. way of thlnklnn no society, ber present; the afternoon's scrip- each, Tuesday morning for consultaturn] rending, and the presentation tion. Tho confirmation class will meet much less the 8. P., C, A, shelter, should ruthlessly destroy llfo; to the ot questions on the scriptures. Mips n tho church tomorrow evening at 7 contrary, it should shelter, care, pro. Dillon was also In chargo of a Bl- p. m. for Instruction. The choir will vide, find homes tor and build up lie qul* given before the young peo- ment »t 8 p. m. for rchearaal at the thn lives of its Inmates. home of Mrs. Blxlcr on McLaren • To this, end monev has been soMrs. Lilian H. Reamer ,waa at street. Sunday-school wlil be conlicited from countless hundred* of the' piano* for the group singing. ducted In both departments Sunday sin trustworthy and believing people throughout Monmauth county, and The next gathering' of the group will at IMS'a, mv soiely for these constructive Ideals be held next Sunday afternoon at Sunday, February 4, the congregaand not for the Indlscrlmlnae. wholo- " o'olook at the churoh.. tion will obsorvo tho (lr»t anniverssale, willful, hoattea* slaughtering ot James A. Blyth, business analyst, ary of tho dedication of the churnh. animals, ' • , who Is at present assisting the Red Newly elected cnunclimcn and' of• ' Sincerely, Bank Chamber qf Commerce In Its Rober F. Norton. Improvement program for the com- ficers of tho soolellos will bo Installed Set.; Bright. New Jersey. ' munity, spoke before the, members' •at the service. The anniversary ser-' vice commemorates the dedication of

Rotary Cogs

the church ebrunry IS, 1839. The first year in Its new quartern has been marked by Increased attendance at th'e services ojt worship jarid Increased attendance and enrollment In the Sunday-school, During the year n new altar, candlesticks, altar Vases, Sunday-sohool chairs, kitchen and'enttance floor covering, cleaning equipment, new hymnals, exterior lamps, law n and shrubbery have been acquired. Monday, February 5, the Sundayschool teachers and church, workers will-attend the meeting "of tho Central District Church Workers associat e at St. Paul's Lutheran church, Elizabeth. Rev. W. Swlhart of Brooklyn will speak .on ."Tho- Church School and the Home." Tuesday, February 6, at 7:45 p, m. the annual Shrove Tuesday social will be" conducted at tho church by the. Ladies' Aid society. ' A motion picture, "Below White Top" is expected to be shown. Social hour and refreshments.will follow. The church will begin the observance of Lent'by a soryico of public confession and Holy Communion Ash Wednesday at '7:30 p. m," Following the service from 8:30, to 9:30 p, m. cluss will be inaugurated for adults desiring to unite .with the church on Palm Sunday. The' group will, meet each Wednesday evening at the snme hour. ' • Regular Lenten services will be conducted each Wednesday, evening during Lent at 7:30 p. m. There will be special services from Tuesday to Friday evening, Inclusive, during Holy Week. •REFORMED. ' Sunday morning,-' February • 4, the pastor will continue with his series of sermons -on .The Lord's "Prayer, The topic will be, "The Forgiveness of Sins." The service will begin at 10:45 o'clock and will bo preceded by the Sunday-school, which begins at 9:30. . The topic for the^evenlng ser-' mon will be ''The Winds of Life." Rev. Charles A. Thunn, pastor of the Red Bank Baptist ' church, will be present to sing." During ttie past week the men of the church have been at -work closing In the organ chamber. The purpose Is to prevent drafts In the Sun day-school rooms, and to keep the organ chamber at a more even tern perature.. -The work will also help to bring out the tone 'quality of the organ,' The elders met Friday evening at the parsonage to revise the church membership rolls, and to make a list of the inactive members. The Consistory will meet tonight In the church consistory 'J-oom a-t 8 o'clock The Girls' league will meet in the church Monday evening, February 5. The Ladies' aid will gather at the home of Mrs. William Bradshaw Forman place, Fair Haven, Tuesday evening, February 6, at 8 o'clock. Fair Haven Methodist Church school next Sunday at 10 a. m; At the 11 o'clock service, Rev. William I. Reed, the pastor, will talk to the children and will also dellve'r a sermon on the topic, "Dreams of, Today and Visions of Tomorrow." KKYPORT LUTHERAN. Quinquugeslma Sunday will be observed 'at all services of Gethsemane Lutheran church with church school in Keansburg at 8:45 a.' m. and church school in Keyport at 9:30 a. m., followed by the service at 10:48 a. m. At the service Rev. E, A.\Slevert, director of the Lutheran Klhclerfreund Orphans' and Old Folks home, Jersey City, will be the guest preacher. Vesper service will be held In Keansburg at 7:3"0p. m. with sermon by the pastor, Rev. Russell Week-day. Lenten services will begin Ash Wednesday, February 7, at 7:30 p. m. in Keansburg and continue every Wednesday evening until Easter. Week-day Lenten services will begin In Koyport Thursday evening, February 8, at .8:00 o'clock and continue every Thursday evening until Easter, The pastor will preach on the following .subjects: "Man's Greatest^ Need," "The. Christum Church," "The Means of Grace," "The Laws of Life," "The Reality of Prayer," "The Power of Love," "The Hope of Eternity." The public Is Invited to attend all services. Church workers of the parish will attend a meeting of the church school workers of the- New Jersey Central conference Monday evening February 5, l n St. Paul's Lutheran church, Galloping Hill rond and Park avenue, Elizabeth. FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST. Services ln First Church of Christ Scientist, at 200 Broad .street,- Red Bank, aro held Sundays at 11 a. m and Wednesdays at 8:15 p. m., Sunday-school, 11 a. m. "Love" is the Lesson-Sermon subject for Sunday, February 4, | n all Christian Science Churches a nd Societies throughout the world. The Golden Text lsi "The love - ' God Is shed abroad In our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given u Us." (Romans 5:5.) Among the citations which comprise the Lesson-Sermon |s the following from the Bible: "Tho Lord hath appeared of old unto me, sayIng, Yea, I hove hived thco with nn eycrlnsting love, therefore with loving kindness have I drnwn thce." (Jeremiah 31:3.) The Lcssofi-Sermon also includes ho following pasage from tho Christlnn Science lextbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker'Eddy: "Love is.Impartial and universal in its adaptation and tiestownls. It is (he open fount which cries, 'Ho,, every one that thlrsteth, come j o to the waters'55 (p. 13.)

Running for a train andjhaving >t slip put of the station ;u<« ai you come . panting up to the track can ruin-even the best disposition. For Ufn't second most irritating Experience I noniinntp. the shopping iouiv- on whifh-^ejery other salesperson says: "Sorry, we're just out of-that." Bamberger's hasnuinaged to lessen that evil to a very great degree, by ' striving to maintain complete storks in pvery department every hour of every day: " • .




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WILL LIVE IN FLORIDA. Mr. and- Mrs. Enrique c, deVUInverdo havo nnnoiincnil thiit they will sell tholr "drenm "house" at Interlaken, Vagabond's House, | )U nt from dOfHiMptlonn hy Don Ulnndlng, tho post, and will malic tholr home at Miami Bench, Fin. Mr, dcVillnverde Borved ns mnyor of Intcrlaken from 1034 to this yenr, Mrs.doVlllaverdo has long boon nctlvo In Women's club nflairs nntl has been iresldent of tho LIltio.Hlivr-r Woman's clll|) HOVCI n| yours. Tho road to butler and bigger htmlnr-ss leads through The ROKUIOI'S .idvertlslng cojum.ns.—Advertljomont-'




lent Night.' Interment, under th« , ,,M«ouaHor5*AiiucHr. N. t, supervision of Funeral Director N»tlM al Sal* •» fr*Mrtr far N*aaa*«t *l Tana, AsaaaaaMlt Otstr Charles Breeii of Eatontdwn, was Mualclaal jUeaa la tk* l e i n i k *l Sea aright* N. J. HELEN M. KELLY. in Glenwood cemetery, West Lang PUBLIC HOTIOB la hereby .."'•'li *£*' '• "•<'%• c l l u < Coltot'r' of tat Taxing District of tht florouih, of r Bright, County of Monmoufh, New Jersey? purauant Miss HeJan M. Kelly, niece of Mon- Branch. The bearer* were Nathan William Undtsiey, nationally Mown to th* authority «f (hi Mali signor John B. McCloskey of Red Miller, John Bennett, poult and WH: ski expert, will be guest speaker on auction, on the 1th dlr of hbrnirr, 1*40. at the Hall, 8.a Bright N. J., at I P. M, ibe Undi ana Bank, died early, yesterday morning' H»m Dlngman, Ern««t Quloe and Al Mopday night at the Bed Bank. Quad. Red Bank Man to Evening Group to Hold County Reporter* Form • angle ciub meeting. Mr. Llndsley, at herh'onu, 304 'Uliith avenue, Had-j bt'l Layton. Deecriptioa ••-, Name *l Owner Event February 10 don Heights, at the age of 37 years. Club for Staff Writers who is employed by the L. Bamberg- Return to Old Job llock 1, Lot 1 -.-...Clrlotta Ksrndorff -.._....-, MRS. ELIZABETH H. STOUT, look I, Lot 1 —-.Carlotu Korndorfl Miss Kelly was the daughter of ei, company, willcshow movies,of ski llloek a, Lot I ...—.earlotta ktorndgrff The evening group of the Red Ulock 1, Lot 8 —.-Unknown Mrs, Elizabeth H. Stout, widow of John J. Quinn of Red Bank, Unit- Catherine and the late John F . Kelly. Several Syomen.reporters of Mon- jumping and will supplement the ed States attorney for New Jersey She was born at Salem. After grad- the late Solomon S. Stout, died Fri- Bank Woman's club will hold a food — • i, L o t < ™ . , . s , "• " f Mouth county newspapers met Tuu- movies with a talk. Invitations havo been extended to waa nominated by Governor Moore uation from St. Paul's parochial day at her home en South street, sale Saturday, morning, February 10. afternoon at Rosevelt tea room. Uttle Silver, and organized the the Boys' Hl-Y club, and to other Monday night for prosecutor of school, Camden, she held a position Eatontown, after a lingering Illness. Tentative plans for the sale were an- Slot* 1,' K l 8 .1™»R M, ClaTton nounced at a meeting of the execu in skiing. ted-in IMonmoulh county. Quinn, Domp- as secretary for the Campbell Soup She was 87 yeans old; i Uonmouth County Women's Press persons Interested ...;B.il Last Monday night i h t a »P»fUf."', pagh Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. El- live .board Tuesday night at th Sink 2, Lot S.A * n " , cratlc leader of Monmouth 'county, company until she" came to Red Bank The club, composed exclusive B-B aM, M, Cl»yton ..., In .1929 with Monslgnor McCloskey as B-B ......... .a clubhouse. Mrs, Edgiy V. Denlst Block X, Lot »-C ner meeting: was held at Loll Accrti sie Stout VanKeuren; a granddaugha M. Olarton ly of staff reporters of county newswill succeed T. Raymond Bazley of Jjapers, will meet the third Tuesday ra's restaurant on BrldKe avenue In Lone Branch, whose term expires his secretary. In addition to hand- ter, Miss Edna 8. VanKeuren, both chairman of the welfare department Block 8, Lot! B-D, ; - . . , , of each month in various sections honor of the past presidents of the this year. Bazley in a Republican. ling the secretarial work at tho rec-of Eatontown, and one sister,'Mrs, will supervise the tale. Final plan; l ' p a r t 8./..'.-....It, M,-Clayton .... tory she was active In church organ- Emma Mulllner of Newark, will be made later. The proceeds wll Clayton lalanda -™R. M, Clayton .„.., club. The past presidents attending of the county. izations and was well Known Block, 1, Lot » — . J o h n W. Brett-~ benefit Hht club's -welfare fund. wero ' Cheater L. Eble, Robert Ml«» Ruth Straus, social reporter The funeral was neld Monday af. Block 1, Lot S -.-...John W, Brttt throughout foe parish. Illness forced ternoon at her late home with Rev, Mrs. James Powell, program ehal for the Daily Record at the Red Schrpeder, Richard A. McAllister, Jr., 8, Lot 9 .......John W. Brett „ her to give up her duties here last William J. Macdonald, pastor of the man, announced that John T. Mad! Block Bank office, was elected chairman and beorjse A. Carey. Block l . L o t 13 - ~ O , E. Ilugg (il ..._ October and she returned to Haddon Eatontown PrcBbyterlan. church, of- gen of.4he, Federal Bureau of In Block 2, Lot 13 — . 0 . B. Hugginl Others attending • were Harry and Mrs. Ethelyn S. Mora of the Block a, Lot IS —-.(1. B. Hugglni . Heights. ' " A»bury Park Press, secretary. The Hutchison, Herbert Brett, ; Harry ficiating. Interment, under the super- ve»tl|?atlon will speak at the next Block 1, Lot It . B. K, UMori next luncheon meeting will be Pitcher, William Hogan. Amory Os(Include! bulkhead Miss Kelly was a member of St. vision of Funeral Director Charles meeting Monday night,: February B, 2, Lot U — R . K. Mulford,... ^Tuesday, February SO, In the bay- born, Peter Pingltore, Philip Carmen, antes' Court, of Brcese of Eatontown,' was In West Mrs; Clark Wallace, Mrs. Ross F Block antes C o r , Catholic Daughters g Block J, Lot 1 ! —.R. K. Mulford „ Wiley and. Miss Doris Johnson wl G. Edmund Delatush, Frank John; Long Branch cemetery. The benrers shore lection of the county. Ulock 1, Lot 14 ...-.A. L. Mullaly Corp. , America, and the Children of Mary wer g Ira Albert andyHarr Wolcott bo hostesses/ 0 ••'• '.• Block 2, Lot 14 ...;,A. L. Mullaly Corp ., Those present from the Asbury son, Fred WlkofT, Sam Yorg. Arthur Sodality. . , were Ira, Albert and Harry Wolcott, 8, Lot 14 A. L. Mullaly Corp Park Press were Mrs. Harry J. Hoffman, James Turnock. Jack JaRev. John A, Hayes, pastor of thi Block Surviving besides her mother are:Nathan Miller, F Frank Woods and : N t h n Mill k W d d Block 1, Lot II ••—R. U Watera Oarlin, Mrs. William D. Mldgley coubs Louis Jacoubs Bred Glcroch Srfisbyterlan church., will speak a' two sisters, Dorothy and Catherine Russell Foulks. ' Block t, Lot- II H. L. Watera _'. ..' R. L. Watora and Mrs. Mora, Asbury Park, office ,and Chester Forrar. the annual guest night meeting Mon Block s, Lot I I Kelly, who live at home. . • and Mrs. Jules S. Siege!, Red Bank day,' March i: The membership chair- Block ,1, Lot II .....Unknown The funeralwill be held at 10t30 CAROLYN E MclNTYRE (Indadea bulkhead aaaeitment II,B7I.O1) office; Dally Record, Long Branch, man reported that there were 11 o Block 1. Lot Jl .....Lillian M. Todd 'clock Saturday morning a t her late Carolyn E. Mclntyre, seven-yearS, Lot 24 ^....Herman Stain Miss Straus. Mrs. John G. Lawley, lome and 11 o'clock at St. Rose of old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wll-the cluX waiting, list. Others attend Block Block I, Lot «4 ..-.C. W, Oiborna Eit. . Anbury Park* district, Miss Terry Llma church, Haddon Heights. Mon- i , , a m E Molntyre of Harrison ave- ing were.Mrs, Harold Dowstra; Mrs Block 8, Lot 84 -...Clark Miner Nestler and Miss Helen Mazza, Long .......... slgnor McCloskey will chant a solemn j n u e | d i e d Friday afternoon at her Herbert P. Schaeffer,- Mrs. Donalc Block «, Lot 14 .....Harry Olien 6, Lot 89 .....George Gant, Bat Branch, office; and Mrs. Ellsworth high mass of reojulem, Rev. Francis ' n o m e . Besides her paroiit*, she Is Neodham, Mrs. Ross King, Mrs. Law Block Block (, Lot 5 ......John Letton Tilton Keyport ofllcei The Daily rence Schilling, Misses Catherln< Dwycr of St, James will be deacon B U r v l v e d b y n e r maternal grandBlock I, Lot 6 ......John Ltlion ,. Standard, Red Bank Mrs. Montgomand Rev. Father McKewn of Camden m o t h e r M r t , Carolyn Blake, and Rogers, Lois Hesse, Catherine Crosi Block « , L o t I I -.-.Bmlljr Laytpr, Club Member Al»p ery B. Jones; Matawan Journal, and Helen, Mar.zo. Block I, Lot 18 ..-.<;. B, Axelaon Eit. 111 be sub-deacon. Interment her great-grandmother, Mrs, FranBlock I, Lot 23 .....Edward Walth MaUwan, Mrs. Philip Neidllnger; harge of John E. Day will bo in ces Blake. Celebrates Birthday Block"7." Lot 18' ..V-.Ffink Covart ..; Koyport Weekly, Keyport, Miss Block 7, Lot 20 ~...Gui Foraman ..;, laa.uK lew St. Mary's cemetery, Gloucester. VETERAN IN HOSPITAL The funeral was held Tuesday afBertha Henn; Perth Amboy News, Block 7, Lot 21 W. J. Corrln _ 70H.7S ternoon at her late home with Rev. Joseph E. Bahr of Garrleld ave Block 7, Lot 22 .....Henrlitta Jonat Eit ..... Members of the Tlgerettes Social 431.84 Keyport office, Airs. Matthew. .FeldMRS. MIELrS CHERRY _....-., 111.31 Edward Walden officiating, The me, Atlantic Highlands, proprleto Block 7, Lot 27 .....Mary Rogera Eat man; Monmouth Democrat, Free- lub observed their first annivers7, Lot 1-2 ....Philip Bock ..., 488.6S Mrs. Emma J. Cherry, wife of bearers were Francis Brandon, Ger- sf a hardware store on Main street, Block M«rtln Uowd Elt. hold, Miss Betty Yard and Red ary at a party of the • group SatBlock 7, Lot 8-4.S B .Martin Bit. . 478.20 ald and Joseph Bldlte and Harold ....Ch«rl«i Andtnon 'helps Cherry of Keyport, died iO.SO {eanaburg, la a patient at the Unit- Block 7, Lot » . Bank Register, Miss Louella Frcy. urday night at the home of Mr. and JOHN J. QUINJX. 817.42 1, Lot 11 ~Bmm« lUndlll Eit laturday night at her honio alter Moss. Burial, In charge of R. R. ed States veterans' hospital In thi Block Mrs. Anthony DeStcfano on ChestA Rdll E Block 13 .....Emma Randall Eit. _ _ ..-.,.._„.._... 489.70 B l k 7, 7 Lot L t 13 Illness of two years. She was Mount A Son, was In White Ridge Bronx. — nut street. It was also the birthBlock 7, Lot 18 .....Joihua Tyn.ci .„...„..„..« ...«....„».„...,.... uefi Qtiinn has served as a hold-over '4 years old. i cemetery. Block 7, Lot 14 ...-.Emeu Chapman Bit. _ day of Miss Rose Totaro. 49F Of Birthday Balls in the $7,500-a-year federal post, Block 7, Lot 17 .....John Johnion Ryan « « Mrs. Cherry was born at Willow 144 60 The house was decorated in red which he assumed for a four-year Block 8, Lot 2 Strand Corporation , rove and was the daughter of the MRS. JOHN CLEARY. and white for the party, and two term In 1935 on appointment ,by Block 8; Lot 8 .......Strand Corporation .,.....„....,.„-, ..».„„....,. 818,00 Attract 1,500 Dancers birthday SO Block 8 Lot 8-B ...Gecrsa. Thornpaon . ». ..».,....„ 181 cakes decorated the re- President Roosevelt. The prosecu- ite Rev. George and Lydla Start: 183.71 Mrs. John CIcary of Trenton died Block 8, Lot 11 Andrew riuhdgard _. 10R.7I) :er. She resided for the past 45 suddenly of a heart attack Monday. Monmouth and Ocean county resi- freshment table. Block 8, L o f l 4 .....L. •> H; UCIalr tor's term is for five years and the 91.91 dents Joined with thousands through- Attending were Misses Ida Gara- salary In Monmouth county is $7,000 ears at Keyport and was active in j Mrs. Cleary, who was formerly Miss Block 8. Loi 17 N. Letkowlta Bat Z.....Z an.it Block 11, Lot 43 ...Henry Brcnnin , ..;........,...., Calvary Methodist church and !Margaret Collett, was jyell known In out the nation Tuesday'night to cel- folo, Theresa Pagano, Theresa and a year. Governor Moore said *Quinn 12BJ3 Block 11, Lot 40 ...William Halloway : _*..,. .., ..„ ebrate the birthday of President Annette Montano, Jean Conocio, was "anxious to get back to Mon- he Keyport Library association. Red Bank. She was a niece of the Bloek 11, Lot 29 —Fanny Deptequa „ ....-../ ,„ i;.,.. (95.88 Roosevelt at "birthday balls" and toGemma Salatlna, Ann Totaro, Rose mouth county where he has his law Surviving, besides her husband, late Rev. James A. Reynolds and Block 11, Lot 81 ...Georse Havana _ „ „ _,.,.»... 1,177.48 810.81 Block 11, Lot, 55 ....George Court gat ...i.,. two sons, Earl and .George was a frequent visitor here when contribute to the fund to„„,> lightj infan- De3tefano, Mrs. Carmclla Gentile, practice and his home." 1,3I!3.88 Block 11, Lot! 81 ...Eiile King .':. _ Jherry; two granddaughters, Joan ; F a t n e r Reynolds was rector of St. 1,071.17 tile paralysis. About 1,600 dancers 1>e0 F i g ] u l O | O i r«ck Romano, Bob Block 11, L o t i i r -..Arnold Hanain _ _...._._ Quinn's first appointment was as nd Marjoric Cherry, and a sister, Jatne3 108.117 . eral was held Block 11, Lot 88 ...Ernent A. Cardella ..:. _.; _„ . church T h e fun attended affairs at Asbury Park, B o n a m | C O i p e t c r Gulrillo, Frank assistant prosecutor of Monmouth 210.24 Block 11. Lot 7 ....:.I)r. D. H. Karp | Mias Bertha Stanger, all all •' of • KeyKey-t l ) , 3 m o r n | n g . West Long Branch, Freehold and M o n t a n o ttna Nick 'Gentile. 1I9.S3 Block 11, Lot 8 Richard Rodhty _ _ county and he served as prosecutor port. Another sister, Miss Sarah eo.2K Lakewood. .Surviving besides her husband, Block 11. Lot Jl ...Howard Anplteata Bit. ; from 1918 to 1925. He has also been G. .Stanger, who for many years r k ball In the 827.49 Block 12, Lot 17 ~..M. Lefkowlts _ ; who is a member of the editorial Your Expression of Att the Asbury P a a member of the Port of New York was head of the English department 4101.07 « 7 Block U , Lot 29 ....Mamie Nelson : hotel about 500 Review, to Aid B e y Berkeley-Carteret Block U , . L o t 8 M. H. Roblmon ,... _ 788.21 Authority. He will have the appoint- of Red Bunk high school, died' a staff of the Trenton Times; are two True Remembrance children. persons from all Block I t , Lot 1 ! ~ . C . W . B o k e r .. ., 104.88 ll parts of the county St. Mark's Church ment of three assistants. year ago Block 1«, Lot IB ...Waltar E. Storer ...-..., B1.4B attended. At Joseph's Hunting Lodge g last May. Block 14, Lot 20-A..Walter E. Storer ..._...._..... _ 89 J5 Th No other 'act of a normal at West Long Branch 250 were. In A minstrel s h o w a n d r e v i e w will'1 The ffuneral was held Monday JAKES L. HUDSON Block 11, Lot 28 ...Jamea Bnucti ........ . — .,... 69.2s man's life gives him more attendance, Lakewood's ball was held be g i v e n by m e m b e r s of St. M a r k ^ night at her late home with Rev. Block 11, Lot IT ...Janrn Branch .........,_—..„ _......,..._.19 215 The funeral of James Lewis Hudcomplete soul satisfaction Block 11, Lot 18 ...William Drennan Eat , : J99.7S in the Laurel-ln-the-Pines and wasF e l l o w s h i p of St. Mark's church, D. Roe Haney, pastor of Calvary son of Union Beach, who died TuesBlock 14, Lot 21 ...Walter Storer 109.UB than tho building of a Meattended by 450". About 300 attended Keansburg, for t h e benefit of t h e Baptist church of. Keyport, officiatBlock 14, Lot 21 . . . C . M. Slaylon (formerly C. H, Meglll) ........ 34.40 ing. Mrs. H Hewitt Wharton "was day morning ot last week, was held morial to his loved ones who the affair in the American hotel at church tomorrow n i g h t a t t h e K e a n s i t t W. WW ht Block 14, Lot 18 ...John O. Foriman ........I..... 02,13 soloist.- The bearers were Charles Saturday afternoon at his late home have gone on. ' Block 14, Let t .T1. Heidi Elt -..,.., 84J 24 Freehold. burg g r a m m a r school a u d i t o r i u m . Block 14, t/Ot 1) ...Harry Werner 1,984.98 Kfuser, Joseph Lovett, Harry Craw- with Rev. Robert Anderson of MorHalf of the proceeds from the af- G r a m m a r school s t u d e n t s will also Block 15, Lot 1 Veronica Panned Eat. —... 4,899(1) ford and Kenneth Conkllu. Burial, iganvlllo Baptist church, officiating. Our select Barre Memorials fairs go to the national fund for in- t a k e part. Block «, Lot 8 .......S. J. Nelmark, garage BO.KO , CT Methodist Ladies' Aid In charge of R. R. Mount & Son I The soloists were Mrs. E. J. Bea- bear the Guild mark of apLand . . . . .. ,...»..... « ... 4I7fi fantile paralysis work and half re- H e n r y V a n P e l t ii d i r e c t i n g t h e of Red Bank, was In Odd Fello\v3 man and Mrs. A. K. Bchr who sang Block », Lot T . — . 8 . J, Nalmark _...,.. so'.BJ proval—your guarantee of a mains in each county. to Give ^Fellowship Tea Block •• Lot 8 .......3. I, Nalmark 50.RS show and Mrs. R a y m o n d Stryker Is "Abide With Me" and "The Old flnero Memorial at no extrs cemetery' at Bordentown. Block 9, Lot I t Eva Irona Eat 245.3K the pianist. T h e r e will b e more Rugged Cross." Burial. In charge cost. Visit our showroom and Appll Slock >, Lotl 14-18..J. A* A. Apples-it* Eit _. > B41.25 than 50 people In t h e cast. Talent SHREWSBURY PERSONALS. of John E. Day of Keyport and '«[•/ Klracl : hman ......^ 193,38 Block I, Lot 24-C.lf see our display of these certiMis. Howard G. Hymer will be MRS. MARY METZGER. 29 CIS Block 9, Lot 85-D....K>t> 9»undari from various sections o f the county the Speaker at the fellowship tea to Red Bank, was In Rose Hill cemefied Memorials. . 28.07 Block 9, Lot 14-M—L.-H. Tojd Mri. Mary Metzger of Shrewsbury, tery at Linden. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Shaw of River will do specialty numbers. Follow- be given by the Ladles',Aid society 717.04 Block 9, Loti' S-4—Jolin Ciruio ..._... Plaza have rented the apartment in ing the performance refreshments of the-Methodist church Wednesday widow of John Mttiger, died Sunday 173.39 31ock V, Lotl «-7...John Oiruio night in the Medical center at JerBlock 10, Lot 8 ..-.John Cnruio , .... Jl........ , 301.37 the Bly house on Broad street and will be served and dancing enjoyed. afternoon, February 7, nt the church ' MAX STURM, SB. 1B0.N1 Block 10, Lot 12 —Honard.Appltitite , took possession yesterday. Mrs. The" school..has been Ipaned to the reception rooms. H«r topic will be sey City. She was 57 years old. ss.'JT Block 10, Lot II —John. Decktrt ....,.................._......... Surviving arc a son, John Metzger, .The funeral of Max Sturm, Sr., of Shaw Is employed at the Marx res- committee through the courtesy of "Building a New Order." ' 34.24 Block ^0, Lot 19 —Oliver Olaan Eat. .. .......; Union Beach, who died Tuesday ot Jr., and four daughters, Mrs. William 78 BJ Block IS, Lot 2 John 3. Humbtrt ..;... idence. the Keansburg board of education. ld T h d fti 18.(8 Mrs. Hymer has just returned B.''\Valsh Lydla, Marga-! last week was h held Thursday afteiBlock 18, Lot S ..v.John J. Humbert _ W h and d Misses Ml L dl M Evelyn Lange, daughter of Mr. and N o t to Mt. Ollvtt Cami!>rr 1,860.(fi Block II,'Lot 21 —lamas O'N«I1 . from Washington, \vhero she ^attend- ret and Elizabeth, Metier, and a a II "."on ^ his late home, wUh Roy. 480.84 Block K, Lot 29 —Joilphlna Sehwelnler Mrs, George H. Lange, has been con- SUPPER AT It?!TON FALLS. ed the National conference of the grandson, Thomas Walsh, all of i ~ " * Robert'Anderson, pastor of the MorBlock 17, Lot 13 —W«tt«. Coleman i.~ . ~ ...... 7S1.S* Pbone Red Bank 319 ' fined to her home by illness. 4,31 l.B» Cause arid Cure of War committee. Shrewsbury. Jlock 17. Lot 21 -..A. W. Hackln :.- : .'_ |.ganvllle Baptist chur:h, offlclatinK. 364 42 Block 17, Lot 24 ....L«mborn« , ........1. A meeting of the Tlnton Falls lire She has served on thi executive j The funeral was 'Burial Cl1 1 1 In charge of John E. Day of held Tuesday " " 124.58 Block 17, Lot 81-C..H. U Zob«l (formerly UnVnown) ........•.....» ^ Bank and Keyport wa» Jn St. Jo- R. F. D. Box 108. Red Bank company was held Tuesday night at committee of the .group tor the past morning at St. James church where a MOVIE STAB AIDS STOBK. Block 17, Lot 81 ....B.ii Holdlm Co _... 8,483.21 the fire house to make final plans for three years and has charge of all solemn high mass of requiem wajs scph's cemetery at Keyport. 1,907 69 Block 17, Lot 41 —Lillian C. Lynn „ 441.08 Block 17, Lot «7-B..WIIIIam P. Pettea Ell — When Pat O'Brien, movie star, and the annual firemen's roast pork sup- study material sent to study groups celebrated by Rev. John O. Brlen, Block 17, Lot U of his wife visited O'Brien's cousin, Mrs. per to be served Thursday night, in various sections of the UnUnd rector of All Saints church of Jersey 88, now SO-A. States; Mrs. Hymer Is also a mem- City. Hev. Francis Dwyer Arid Ruv, Townley Carr of Long Branch Sun- February 15, at the (Ire house. 59.B Alvlns Hai m«? Block 17, Lot e2-B ber of the national committee on in- Thomas Nolan were deacon and subday, the actor found that Mrs. Carr .... Ht.il now «1-A, «l.B....UonhanU Klitnar ..: ternational relations for the Amer- deacon. Monslgnor John B. McClos•wanted to go to Monmouth MemorHOME FROM FLORIDA. S82.D4 Block 17, Lot «2.B-C Irem Bpoontr . 1 '. -..-. S2O6 can Association of University Wom- key and Rev. Edward Kane were In ial hospital In somewhat of a hurBlock 17, Lot 19 ...Joiiphlnt C, and Marie Thompson, ildewalk iiiciimint J2R.SH llock 17, Lot 41 .... Cubal Real Eltate Co., " " ry. O'Brien obliged by driving Mrs. the sanctuary. | Mr. and Mrs. Paul Naughton have flLBERT W. «t7.4( Block 17, Lot 4l>A,.neorK< Johnaon " " Carr to the hospital and a short time returned from two weeks' vacation Mrs. Fr-ank P. Kuhl, president of Sunday night members of St. Vin114 44 Block [7, Lot 43 ....Normandle Hotel " " HfiftRVCF. 228.01 later ih« gave birth to a daughter. In Florida to their home at Port the society, has»extended invitations cent de Paul society, with Fathers Block 17, Lot 49 . . . C . V. E » l JURIES R. 1.(120.07 Block 17, .... William S i n d l l n " Monmouth. to the general public to attend. At Dwyer, Nolan and Kane, conducted 21(1.18 Block 17,Lot«48'8! Dr, Aicha _ .,.........„„. the business session final plans will a rosary service at the late home. Block 17. Lot 248.58 C, B, HeKanila -. . . . . . . 1.01S.84 Fair Haven. 118.18 Block 17, Lot M7.6J Jenllnion * Johmon „„—......Qceanport..-.*-.—. be made' for Jhe group's annual The bearers were Adoiph Funk, r*avM flJknteW4SUMfi^Ouod«ie^^ Block l 7 , L o t 2 6 0 . » 5 (i. C. Clundcrion pp 98.(2 i * (The R«d Bulk Raglittr o n be bought o he' held at Ham Herden, John VanBrunt and Block 17, Lot 2B1.B8 E. C Ounderlon — «...: 73.2B In Fiir Hevm from J o i « h Piccolo. GarCaptain-Lamb of the New Jersey room Tuesday, the church dining John Poole. Burial, in charge of WITH EACH Block 17,1/Ot 25S.71 Hannan Caihlon ...... ^... „ 128 17 den SUU Grocery and Mr. Welntraub.) February 20. Mrs. Block 17, Lot 227-80 K Henry ••••~ 88.48 state police will be the guest speaker Martin VanOstenbridRc and Mrs. John B. Day was in Mount Olivet Block 17,Lot221:M H. Henry _ 9S.92 PASSING YEAR Scout W«ek from February 8 to at a meeting of the Civic associa- Everett Runyon will be co-chairmen cemetery. Block 17, Lot 222-8< Anna Martin — 57.71 11 will be observed in this borough tion Tuesday- evening, February 13, of the event. IS7.71 Block 17. Lot 228.8ft Oeorgft Hamburger —..... ............. . . . we improve and modernize our faitn.sS Block 17, Lot 2a«-»0 William Deehan •with an exhibit of scouteraft in the at the borough hall. ;v MOKBIS ISKOWITZ 7.80 Block 17, Lot 204-84 Thomai J. Long, Eit ., postofflce window by troop 24 of Fair cilities for service. Search ai you will, Miss Patricia Dynan spent the Block 17. Lot 208-88 Thomai J. Long, Eit —., 7.80 Morris Iskowltz of Atlantic HighHaven.- Blrdhouses, model bridges, week-end at New York city, where Croup to Attend 7.50 llock 17. Lot 21)2.82 Thomai J, Long. Eit i..i,^i™. ...... you will find, nowhere, ah* organization lands died'Friday afternoon at hia 7.HO first aid bandages and other arti- she visited Mr. and Mrs. D.ennls EngBlock 17. Lot 201-51 Thomal J. Long. Bit — which will serve you better or with 185.84 home on Central avenue. He was Hock 17. Lot 182-23 Donald MacM Man cles made by the scouts will be on land. New York Play 10H67 Block 17. Lot 111-11 Donald MaoMlllan ~ ~ proprietor of the Atlantic poultry more humane consideration, for yqur display. The troop has a new as- Major John D. Leonard was ten11.55 Block 17, Lot 1B0-20 Donald MacMlllan ...» 38.10 sistant", scoutmaster, George Wood- dered a surprise party by friends The XIV ciub will hold its annual farm, which he conducted for Block 17, Lot lftt-IB Donald MacMlllan '. — -•••• needs. ••*' ; 116 45 llock 17, Lot 18«-1« S. E.. Ward — ward, who moved to Fair Haven Saturday night at his home at hrater party at New York Thurs- many years, after it had been opIIS 45 llock 17, Lot 186-18 S. K.. Ward . erated as the Woods poultry farm. recently from Yonkeri. Mr. Wood- Oceanport park In celebration of his dny night, February 28. The club 118.45 llock 17, Lot 1B4-M S. B. Ward SERVING SINCE 1 9 1 6 Surviving, besides his wife, Mrs. 171.BH ward, Ray VanHorn and Russell H. birthday. A wrist watch was present- will attend a performance of the llock 17, Lot 188-18 Georg* Hlnk 150.05 - -Lot - 177-7 - - :e HI llock- 17. Mlnton will be in charge of a group ed to Major Leonard aa a gift. musical comedy "Du Barry Wns a Lena Iskowitz, are a son, David Fiske 180.t5 llock 17. L o t l 7 2 - i William J."and"H.'"KelTey" of scouts who-will go to the Asbury 120 IE Harry Postel, Jr., has returned to Lndy." Plans for the party- were of Red Bank, and four daughters, Hook 17, Lot 1T1-1 William J. and H. Kelley Red Bank, Park natatorium next Monday night his home on South Pemberton ave- madn at a meeting last week at the Mrs. Anna Minor llock 17. Lot 170-1 ssi.no Wllilam J. and H. Kellay .. New York 6 0 ERST FRONT ST. to take swimming tests for first nue from Monmouth Memorial hos- "Y" house. After a yhort business ses- Mrs. Sarah Chase and 180-2 172.82 llock 1 7 , U t l « 8 - t William Waltare class scouts and merit badges. \ pital, where he recently underwent sion games U-C:D played and rcfrcsh- city, Mrs. Dora Silvfrstonc of I^ong 175 4 ! Thomai Stevani .... ........ llock 17. Ix>t 1I8.K 144.90 rrn-nts served. The birthdnys or Mrs.Island, and Mrn. Yetta Knatt of Daniel Beers, son of Mr. and Mrs.an operation for appendicitis. llock 17. Lot l«a.» Thomai —• _ Stevena 117.78 Asbury Park. llock 17. Lot H l 1 0 M J J ' W , Rlahard Beers of Fair Havei\ road, Is John Garrutn and Miss 15.(0Mclinda Mr. and Mrs Ernest Ellison and The funeral was hold Sunday llock 17. Lot 117-18 0. Walnhalmar a patient at Rlvervlew hospital, fomlly were recent visitors at Rich- Marnsclo were celebrated. morning at the funeral home of ,._. 7.80 Block 17, V, l o t „ , „ , . , where he underwent an appendicitis mond Hill, New York. John E,. Day on Riverside avenue 186-14 G' Walnhalmer ... v operation Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Spross have VISITOR BREAKS ANKLK. Block 17, i& hoi . . . with Rabbi Arthur Hernhon of ConA special meeting o£ the members nioved from Bast Orarige lo Oceani!«.14 ....''• Brandi gregation B'nai Israel officiating. . of the Fair Haven Yacht club rms port park. . Misfortune befell, n Sunday visitor Burial was in Mount Zion cemetery lock l". i i t i J B . H V. Brsnda H .been called by Commodore Hope for Marshall Wolcott, Jr., has re-enllst- who gave his nnme as A. B, Camp- at Long Island. jocic' U.'LotTir.i* Jenklnaon * Johnion . ' tomorrow night at 8 o'clock at the ei the CCC and expects to 'be sta-bell, residing in Trenton,.during his 1(1-20 '.., ^*a Bright and Rumaon B. si L, ........... clubhouse on DeNormandlc avrnue. tioned In Utah. CONSIDERATION stay In Red Bank witnessing the Lot uX'lS Zernnnar • MISS MARY A. KELLY. Evening prayer will he held at Mrs. Rondo C. DcDyse, patroness, ice boating activities. Mr. Camplock i n U t l l S . I R . i l H«rk.r .'. . ... . . . Ou*. serylcn Is inseparably the Chapel of Holy Communion attended tho President's birthday. hell had been on the Ico with some Mies Mary A. Kelly.died suddenly 11 " V n V l H i j " " ' A. Harker .........;,..... next Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, , b a n n t t h e Berkeley-Carteret hole other friends and Thursday afternoon, January 18, of his way tulinked with all that considerall'oel l\. lit ii»T W- '• «nd J. Darby , heart attack at her own home on ward shore fell nnd Hustained a « a t * P'J?.' . . . . . . „", , . • , Ia l Asbury Park Tuesday evening. llock !». Lot 122-J W - ' and_J. Darby tion stands for. We are a n a look 17. Lot 117-7 Jank naon * Johnion .....i..~ Mrs. Elizabeth Allen, Fair Haven's ' broken ankle. Dr. William D, Sayro, Route 35, Headden's Corner, Middleock 17 Lot 01.11 Jank nion k Johnion .......A J. ~ oldest resident, Is able to be nround ture orgMilmtlon with » reputawho happened to, he nt tho Mon-town township. She was found dead oek 17. Lot 10-12 »*nk n u n * Johnion .... River Plaza by her third cousin, John F. Kelly, again after having been -laid up llock 17,1/>t 89-IU Jenklnaon * Johnion mouth Boat club house gave him tion for fairness In all matters. , llock 17 l o t 112.14 Roy Baa»eM ,.... — several weeks with a fractured rib, temporary treatment and he was Jr. Hock IT, Let 111-IR JJenry V. Learir ; Irwln Hcndricks returned • home later taken In the Red Bank ambuMias Kelly, who was a practical received in a fall. llock 17. Lot 110-1* Henry V,, Laary —...,„ Telephone Red Bank KB Mrs, Henry Stadler is visiting her yesterday after undergoing an ap- lance to Fllkln1 Memorial hospltnl, nurse was the daughter of the late Hock 17, Lot 102-34 John J Henley .0.5 17. IX,, .7.20 J e n k j n . o n J J o h n . o n ; ; : : : : - = : : : ; : : slater, Mrs. Herman Endiess of pendicitis operation at Rlvervlew Neptune whom he wns further treat- Mr, and Mrs. Peter Kelly. She was lottt-81 born in Middlctown and resided In Bchenectady, New York, who return- hospital, He Is convnlcscing at his ed for the Injury. Jenkl.nann A Johnion .»..•>... lock 17. Lgt 04-82 that township all her life. ed home last week from a hospital home. llock 17v Lot 87-8T Janklneon 4 Johnion The Register hns hern Informed Mr. and Mrs. Albert Shnw moved after an operation for appendicitis; Tho • funeral was held Monday llock 17,Lot St-M Jenkinson si Johnion The Ladles' Aid society will. hold this week to Broad street, Shrewn- that his stay nt Fitkln wns of short morning of last week at St. J a m u Fmotmc K. »O»M». MANAUIRI llock 17, Lot 8E-SI Jenklnaon & Johmon A, Sommeri durntlon and that he was tnkon to llock 17, Lot 82 a meeting this afternoon, at the bury, church, where Rev. Francis Dwycr, lock IT. Lot 81-48 Jenklneon a Johnion home of Mrs. Everett Smith on Miss A. E, Kingsland of Roselle his Ti(-n.tnn home Inter In the day. assistant rector, celebrated a high Anna Sihmldt ......... look IT, Lot 80-44 'River road, at which final plans will spent the week-end with Mr. and lock 17, Lor " - " August rrlta —.'^ mass of requiem. The boys' choir of Red Bank, , 135 West bront Street be made for the roast beef dinner Mrs. Frank Curtis. •M 1ft. Bv oflk I . FIHKMKN KKSCUK CAT St. James school chanted the mass. Nil t Washington's birthday Thursday, The Hny family hns moved from The hearers wore Edward O'FlahFebruary 22, In the church bnse- Applegnte and Foster Btreet to MnnFor thr second time n a few erty, Frank, Edward and Andrew ment, months, the Mlddlotown township Kelly, Gerard Domldlon and Andrew ning street. N.V|4 - . 1 . Mri. Alva Fleckenateln, who In in The eight Jolly Scams(er« will "re company No. 1 of Headden's Terrlngton. Burial. In charge of It. Monmouth Memorial hospital with a meet Monday night at the home of Corner was cnllcd Friday to rescue R. Mount ft Son of Red Bank, was broken leg, la getting along nicely Mrs. Thomas Paul. look 18, Bungalow . a cut from a treo on Charles Fred- In Mount Olivet cemetery, where Memories That and Is expected to be able to return Miss lone Brand Is confined to ericks' fnrm on Ihe Nutswnmp rond Rev. Thomas Nolan led the prayers. — i S u urf r f Balhlns Pavilion ... home next week. Fmvlllon.. k j'shlekllng In Micldlctown township. With tho her home by Illness. Last Forever 0.mun«J« U, r(.Bsthln,. . Illon . Mri. H. Hawkins was the winner William Wolf has purchased a aid of the company's 45-foot exten< MRS. ANNA T. MORONEY.lulldlnaa ..........Muiiora vng, VO. .»....,..»A..H,...» .« of. a quilt awarded by the Episco- 1940 Plymouth sedan, sion ladder, Arthur Robinson, a It Is' important, wa Ill'be aold to'make to'make the the amount of tk* municipal The n i i landa and real eit ate will be- auld pal" guild last week. and ' " July, " ' l»a«, IB computed In the think, that tho details, Mrs. Anno T. Moroney, widow of The Woman's club will meet to- farm employee, climbed the tree 11 Una rnameab a egalnat the lame on thi first day of om the ftret day of July, A same party for the hcneM of night at the home of Mrs. Harold rescued the cat. Gerald "Red , Ho- John Moroney, and a resident of of a funeral be handled oregolng "a«j toli'h'i- ••«» In'"™'' •"" th* f.ld amotint In the Sons and Daughters of Liberty Allen of Irving. place. There will Kan, who usually handles the lire Katontown (or more than 30 years, with such grace and sub. trer-cllmblng assign- died Thursday at the hornet nf Mr, lodge will be held Tuesday night be a guest speaker from Armitnge company's dignity that a pleasant intVrieti'bu't Til no li'o" "csVa Ject ?o rala'nHi'ion.It the'loMit^st* of Intertet, but fn c . ln~*ici*i of 8% per ments, wn.t Incapacitated by Injur- and MM. Karl Hathaway of Clinton February IS, In the lodge hell, annum, Th* uaymetit for th* lale ehall be & Baynton company, - madl ' • bifora • - • - -the eonelualon of th* "la, memory. Is preserved. The f]rst% of H series, of sewing Toward'this tnd we street, Eatontown. fihr. had been in The (Ire company will meet next ies received while skating. „ - theLagliisture. entitled "An " "1ThP.r0..W'T.W».«V ? A , P.o,l.l.n. ot . . A,tof 1 bees by the Ladies' auxiliary of the Thursday night at the fire houte. bend all our efforts and eimente and ethar municipal chargei on real propfalling health for several months. Act Act connarnTrig conrnTrig unpaid tlxel, Ion Ihlraof by the creation anil anforienunt of llem ' Fair Haven fire company was.held The 500 club will meet this afteri t y , adTvldlna; vldlna; (or (or the the Jo Jo irty, andTrovldlna; J Inture 4 nervlca. that Is Sha wan 62 years old, COLLEGIANS CLUB DANCE. t h Tuesday If lei noon at the home of noon at the home of Mrs, William lastingly lovely. Mrs, Moroney was born In. T(ew 'b»fori*{h/ tht undirilgntd will reMl.e.piym.nt of the amount ''A ' f' *' Mrs, John Whelan of Blltabeth .Tho road to bettor Hist In a "dunce Pf tho week" scrim. ttor aand bigger buil. Rev. Richard O, Sullivan, pallor of i 85 Riverside Ave., Phone 332 Red Bank : Sunday with her mother, Mrt, —.,............„„,.., ified Advertisements. Here you find the seller who ness lleads d Ihroimh I h h The T h lR d Dunce-contests will be stnRed undor Ui« Eatontpwn Methodist church, of»„„ . adoul c w iI Oti t ',r's >«l Hipls Plic. pbons in* K.ypert vertlslng c«ujnn».-A4vcrU«Bmeat., ,ttt« direction'.of William J, Pratl, nclatlng. Mr, Sullivan sang, "Oh 81want* to,»ell and Uxe,buyer who wanU.to buy.

omen Form few Press Club

Ski Expert to Address Quads, HirY Clubs

Quinn Named Fbr Prosecutor


Food Sale To Aid Welfare

Tigerette Club Is One Year Old


Society To Hear Mrs. H. CHymer


Funeral = Home =


tt. R. MOUNT & SON Funeral Home


Page flv»;


Parties Held At Badminton Club

K. Alvjrion will ba hostess for. the next card party Monday afternoon, Febrjury 5, at 2:30 o'clock. ' Mr. and Mrs, John <3, Nelderman and'Mrs. Charles Nelderman of Newark were Sunday visitors at the borne of Mr. and Mrs. James K. Alersori of - JBarbecue by lUleys— Baaoon Hill road. , Blankarni Entertain Monday afternoon; February 5, the Woman's 4—6 Republican club will Councilman and _$ir«V Robtrt 0, hold nomination and election of ofIlsloy oC Ridge road, Rum«on, enter- ficers at Community fire house at tained at a barbecue Sunday at the 2 ;S0 o'clock. Mrs. Frank Jackson of Brevent Boa Bright Badminton club. A doubles tournament of jevon team, W M avenue attended, a bridge party by held In conjunction with the barbe- her club at Kew Gardens, Long Iscue and was won by Marahall P, land, yesterday afternoon, She exBlankarn and George Lawrence, pects to spend the week-end-Wlth Her with Alex W. Sleloken and W. Brown daughter, Mrs. Charles Meyers, and as the runnera-up, The barbecue family at Westfleld. s was prepared at the specially conA covered dish luncheon will be enr structed fireplace. I Joyed by members of the Ladles' auxGuostj In addition to those men- iliary Community flre company Montioned were Mr. and Mrs,' J. K. day-afternoon, February 18, at 12:80, Ktce, Mr. and M M . Clarence A. Bett- alter which a Business session will be , man, Mrs, Marshall Elankarn, Mr. held. and Mrs, Carlos p . Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sh&rkey of Leonardo Mrs, Immo Gulden, Mr, and Mn. and Mrs. Maude Maxwell of Atlantic Robert Forrester, Mrs. George L&w- Highlands were Joint hostesses at a rence, Mrs. W. Brown, Mrs, Alex card and game party held at St. Slelsken and Mr. and Mrs, H. Bwo.rU. Agnes' school auditorium Tuesday afFriday evening Mr, and Mrt. Blank- ternoon by the St. Agnes' "Parenta m gave a dinner party at their Teacher association. Mrs. Cornelius homo and afterward "the guests went Jeffas made the most points in pin!to the badminton club, where a ochle and Mrs. John Morrlssy In mixed doubles tournament was held bridge. Mrs. Rose Qrogan Lynch with 10 couples participating, The was also a winner. There were winners were Mrs. Robert Lawrence twelve tables In play. Refreshments and Samuel Beverldge with Mrs. were served' following, the games. Benjaiflin Leonard and Clay Craw- Mrs, George MacMahon of Leonardo and Mrs, Emily Wakeman'of Atlanford as the runnors-up. Othors pi-GBont were Mr. i n d M t i . tic Highlands will be hostesses for John Ballantlne, Mr. and Mrs. Rob-a party next Tuesday afternoon at , ert Forrester, Benjamin Leonard, the auditorium at 2:80 sharp. The Delta Phi sorority of the Mrs, Bruce Berckmanns, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Durand, Robert Law- Leonardo Field club held a successrence. Mr. .and Mn. C. Lawrence, f u l card and game party Tuesday Mrs. Samuel Beverldge and Mr. and night at Community flre house. The winners were Mrs. Edward Brunts, Mrs, Henry Pierce. Mrs, Helen O'Rourke, Mrs. Anna Jeffas, Mrs. Cecelia Letts, Mrs. Olaf Christy and Mrs. Frank Miller. Mrs. Dorothy Davis was In charge. Mr. and Mrs. Neal Sharkcy gave (Tho Rad Bank Rtgliter can ba bought In Leonardo from Fred W. M.yin, F. X, a family party Tuesday In celebraKllduft and Balkan'* ntwiatand. tion of the third birthday of their Froil Grimm ol Leonard avenue, daughter Sonya. a medical patient at the State Ho«pltal at Marlboro, la seriously 111. Rev. Frances Stevenson of Florence avenue and Mrs. George Despcreaux of Naveslnk, who are lied Bank RegUUr can be bouuhl spending tho winter at Deland, Flor- In (The Llttlt Sllvtr from Union NtiM Btano ida, are Improved In health. at tbt depot and Qtarir Qiuckenbuah« Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lockwood of The -Little Silver library will be Elmorc, summer residents of Leon- open Saturday afternoon from 2:30 ardo, were visitors In town Saturday. to B o'clook for the regular first Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Eehr of Saturday In the month opening time. Burlington avenue spent Saturday The pupils of Miss Katherlne Coleand Sunday with Mrs. Behr'a broth- men's class visited the postofflce on er and his family at Newark,.. Tuesday morning and were shown Miss Margaret Miller of Highland plans for the mailing system. avenue will entertain the Delta Phi Mrs, Wilson L. Smith and Mrs. W. sorority of the Leonardo Field club J. T. Getty have returned from a at her home Thursday evening, Feb- visit to Now ork. ruary 1, The business meeting of Charles Harrison of Rlverview ave-.the sorority will also be held. nue left for Jacksonville, Florida on There were five tables in play at a Saturday. card party given by the Ladles' Re- The first Lenten aervloe at S t publican club of Leonardo Monday John's ohapel will be Wednesday afternoon at Community flra house night, February 7. « with Mm. Dora Maccauloy, hostesB The Little Sliver Gra-Y will hold Mrs, Eduoard Durando scored most a skating party tonight Instead of a polntB at, plnochlg^And M M . Bernard meeting. Each member will bring A. acanlon at bridge. Others attend- his own hot dogs and rolls, which ing wore Mrs. John Rhfiln, Mrs. How- will be cooked over a fire along the ard W, Mallen, M A Irving W rlverl Teeplo, Mrs. Henry ^atter», Mrs. Frank H. Curchln of Branch aveFranH" Jackson, Mrs. William Lawler, • Mrs,, Potor Green, Mrs. Boy Flem- nue has registered In tho Casey Jones school of aeronautics at Newing, Mrs. Carl Bergman, Mrs. Lou Hoelck, Mrs. Lena Maler, Mrs. Wil-ark. Mr, Curchln began his training liam A. Maack, Mrs. Thaddeua Bren January 10 and will attend school for nan, Mrs. George DoLong-, Mrs. Rosa 14 months. After graduation he will White, Mra, Alfred Groves and Mrstbe ready to receive his competency James H. MaoPhoe. Turkey sand- rating from the civil aeronautics authority. Ho Is a graduate of Red wiches'were served. . Mr. and Mrs. Borghof and daugh- Bank high school. Mr. and Mrs.' Donald Lawes of ter Daryl and Mrs! Julius Horvath of Newark spent Saturday looking Markham road were recent visitors over their summer, home on Thomp- at Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. McKlm son avenue. of Rumson road spend last weekWilliam Alverson of Newark spent end at Mont Tromblant, Canada, the week-end with hla parents, Mr. skiing. and Mrs. Jamea K. Alverson, of Bea- : . . B a M i , ^ . . * A u y u home from Fltkln hospital. He was Weck-ond visitors at the home of a aurglcal patient. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rellly of BenMiss Lola Quackenbush, who will ton avenuo wore MIeses Eileen enter Monmouth Memorial hospital School of nursing thlfl term, waB givHolnzo and Mary Creaggan of Newen a party recently at her, home. She ark and Jack Geary of New York. Mrs, John Keenan was hostesB at Is a graduate of Red Bank high ' a plnochlo party given by the Ladles' school. auxiliary of Brevent Park and LeonRobert Jackson and Kenneth Alardo fire company at tho flro house treuter, sons of Mr. and Mrs. H. S. on Center avenuo Monday afternoon. Jackson and students at Rutgers Mrs. Lll Guttormsen scored most university spent the past week-end / points. Others receiving prizes were at Buck Hill Falls, Pa., for the winMrs. Esther Alvorson, Mrs. Trlna ter sports of the university. The United States postofnee has Christy, MrB. Clara Krlstensen, Mrs Rose Kovclesky. and Mrs. Elizabeth authorized an extension of rural deKocnan. Refreshments were served. liveries service along Route 1 from Mrs. Kovolosky will b» hoatess for a Long Branch, for the benefit of famparly which will bo given next Mon- ilies rostdlnst along Lovott avenue. day afternoon. Games begin prompt- The service will be extended effective Friday, February 18. ly at 2;30 p. m. The Women's guild of St. John's "The Persuasive Knowledge" will Episcopal chapel will meet Tuesbe the pastor's topic Sunday mornday afternoon, February 6. lnf? at the 11 o"clock service at the Mr. and MrB. V. P. Wilkinson, Baptist church. "Tho Secret Power will bb his topic at tho ovenlng ser- who are spending the winter at New York, visited their home on vice at 7:45 o'clock. Tho Edna Woodward chapter of Little: Silver Point over the weektho World Wide guild of the Baptist end, Mr. and Mrs, Jack Sype have re•church will meet tomorrow night at 8 o'clock at the homo of Mrs. Thomas turned home after two-weeks' trip Paton, 25 Rootor place, Red Bank. to Florida, The couple also vlatted Sype's • mother at Nsw Tho program will be conducted by Mrs. Miss Kalhlyn Outtormaon. Tho sub-Brighton, Pennsylvania. 1 Douglas Parker and Warren ject will bo "Misalon Bells—Mexico. Miss Anna Meyer will lead devotions. Herbert returned • home Tuesday after a month's vacation In Florida, Tho Elalo Klttlltz chapter of the World Wide guild will jneet Monday Mrs. Heriert will return later In night at 7:80 o'clock. Tire Ladles Aid the month. society will meet neit/Thursday af- Mr. and Mrs. George Purdy have ternoon at 2:30 o'clptk at tho home moved from their Parker avenue of Mrs. Do.'nUMafJOld. The teacher. home to Fair Haven. The Purdy • and ofllcers of the Sunday-school will home has been purchased by Mr. moot next Thursday night at 8 and Mrs. Vlto Parro. O'clock at the homo of Miss Anna Moyor, Contor avenuo. STEINBAOH WINS VERDICT. Mrs. Wilma Cummins, wife of Arthur Cummins of Washington aveA $76,500 suit brought against John nue, Is a patient at Monmouth Me- Stelnbach of Asbury Park a i the remborlal hospital. ' eult of a fatal auto accident was disBovorloy Rabone, daughter ot Mr. missed In circuit court at Newark and Mrs. Howard Rabone, Is 1" with Tuesday. Mrs. Elisabeth Oilman of Influenza at her homo on Franklin Irvlngton sought the damages for the death of her husband, Abraham, 0V Mr"°apd Mrs.- Harry J. Hughes of 44, and' their son, Emanuel, IT, on Highland avenue and Bayonne mo- May 30, 1937, Judga Edwin C. Caftored . to Florida this we«K, where [rey ruled there "was no evidence to . they will spend a month. They vis- lndjgate Stclnbaoh was negligent ited Mr. Hughes' «later, Mrs. Bernard >m i t> . . 'A. Scanlan, and Mr. ' Soanlan of A. D. WIUGLEY TO SPEAK. Washington avenuo Sunday. Mrs. Henry J3atlor» of Appleton Arthur B. Wrlgley, assistant for avenue entertained tho Wild Flower trades and Industries of tho Mew club at her homo Wednesday after- Jersoy department or publlo Instrucnoon. tion, will speak nt a meeting of the ' Howard Mallen, Jr., son of Mr. andLong Branch League of Woman Mm. Howard Mallen of Highland Voters tomorrow afternoon at" 2:80 nvonuo, celebrated hlo Hth birthday o'clock, at St. James' parish hall, with a party January 38. * Long Branch. His topic . will be Mrs. Carl Bergman was high aoor- "Why a Vocational School In Moner at bridge and Mrs. William Law- mouth County." The speaker will be lor In plnochlo at a card party Mon- Introduced by the president, Mrs. day afternoon of tho Ladle.' auxil- Ernest Llnburn of West End. iary of tho Brovent Park and Leonardo lira,company; Mr*, Peter Orion Tha road to better and bigger buil. •was hoatoak BttraahmsnU were ness loads through The ReKlster's ad-



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Pride of Farm Catsup ' Scot Tissue . . . . . 3* o l l l 19 c Aunt Jemima P?LN^RE 2 P k " 1 9 e Pancake Flour S S . Vermont Maid Syrup * B I d l P C

Apple Sauce Tuna Fish Octagon L A s u o T Y 3 ^ o c Ivory Soap 2 « t 9 - 3 a L * 3 c Super Suds CONCENTRATED 2 ? k i i 3 5 €

Waldorf Paper . . , 4 '^ \ 5 C Palmolive Soap . . . ^ 5 C Atlantic Toilet Soap 3 Cal>" 1 0 c Sultana Rice B K S E . . Z 4 C Clapp's Baby Food sir.b,.d 3c<""20c


w lujiaiiiiiiiOiiaiiiiiiiiiiiii

I RID Cl«««



^iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiNiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiikiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiuiuiuiiuia iiijin




String Beans 4 No.Can.222A Sjr5 ct Green Giant Peas Early June Peas tX 3 c« .25 Del Maiz Niblets Golden BltiUm, 3 Goldea Bantim' c _^ Corn Standard QualilT " • • 3 No. Cant W O r n Cr.de A-A&P Br.nd • • 20 1ONA BrinJ Lima Beans Soaked.Dried String_ Beans 2


€ **

Quart J

( Cold Wave Damages Southern Vegetable Crop




Salad Dressing





Fruits, Vegetables and Dairy Department, Prices Effective Thursday, Friday and Saturday ^liiiitiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiniiiiiiiiritiiriMTiiTit.iniiiiifrfiiiiriiniirtiiiififiiiifiiiiiNiiniiiriiJJifiiiiiiifiiiriri.Mfiirriiiif


Wet Shrimp

Lb. Cream Cheese BORDEN'S STAR 23'c 'Apples for Health"McDNTOSH Cheddar Cheese For Eating or Cooking Ltb.25 Large Carton 4% > ( White Sunnybroolc Eggs Leghorn 1 Dor. California Carrots . , C Old Fashioned ' Florida Sharp Cheese American Lb. 23 Grapefruit Large Size Fresh Bleu Cheese Danish • • 151 Soup Greens Imported Block Eda • 40%ButterFat fiolden Lb. 31' Yellow Bananas Ripe e Genuine Roquefort Imported • • Lb. 59 C Iceberg Lettuce American Cheese 49 Pabst-ett Cheese , Pkgs. 25' FLORIDA Borden's 3Oz. Cream Cheese Eagfle Brand Pkf?. 6' Sweet, Juicy




Fresh Fruits and Vegetables





Fillet of Cod » 1 5 C Large Shrimp l b 19 c SmokedFilletlb23 FancySmelts»17c Salmon Steaks" 2 9 C

c«« f) X Pkgt.

Peanut Butter ANN pAce Marmalade Z™ . Grape Jam A™P™E . PAGE

Sliced Bacon S Loin Pork Chops CccT 2V Fresh Hams ^ Smoked Butts £25 £25 Ducks / e lb. 2 9 Roasting Chickens

Sea Food of Quality

Preserves S W -


20 C 25

Loin Lamb Chops 19 Round Pot Roast Chuck Steak or Roast[Bone In 25* Sirloin Steak 19Ce " Top Round Steak 25 c C Fowl E ^J^rX F e Plate & Navel Beef ctta a. 2 1 9 1 C C Shoulder Lamb Lb. Chopped Beef 13 19 <££> or lb. c e iBrisket Beef Fresh Corned Cuts " 3 3 23 C Slices Smoked Ham ™~"


Miicta**! ANNPAGE. • n U S l t i r C I flavor Most People Prefer



Puddings 3 P k < ! I i0 c

Tomato SoupR*hK






Extra Fancy—Plump, Youngf, Tender All Sizes






Re,dy.f0.E»i ANNPAGE Quick Cooling


10 to 12 Pound Average Whole or Either Half

ttccp your food costs-down! Swing to Ann Page Foods, quality-high yet priced low. Vou get savings because A&P both makes and sells Ann Page Food), eliminating many usual in-between costs. For l'URE FRUIT FLAVOR try:


tittle Silver.

tomers for 70c a pound under the prevailing price. Thll method of direct buying and eliminating unnecessary handling charges and in-between profits . • sharing the •savings with A6?P customers, has for 80 years been the day in and day out policy of AfifP.'It enablesvfi million daily A£?P customers to eat better and spend less. Come you good neighbors . . . help us celebrate this great occasion—and save!

121 MONMOUTH ST., RED BAM* At Pearl St., Near Carlton Theatre ^Free Parking Adjoining St$»*-*

Prices Effective Unlit February 7th Unless Otherwise

>st Ttube Cattle Breeding Pays/ So Jersey Dairymen Plan Expansion 'Experiment* at Rutgers Promise Help for Small Farmer By William H. Glover AP Feature Service! New Brunswick,!] N.' J.—Richer i milk from Improved! quality cows, ln. creased dairy income and "mass pioduotlon" of blue-bipod cattle have been achieved by Dr. John W. aBai (lett as the results of one year's woik in "test tube" breeding at.the state agricultural college (.at Rutgers university. While Boasle and/her owner reap the benefits, her helfowlng partncmay get chased forever from his pastoral haunts into; the antiseptic stalls of a laboratory-barn, as a re suit of the research. Rutgers university has pioneered ln the program of artificial insemination under the direction of Dr. Bartlett, head of Its experimental station's dairy division. The idea of carefully selecting a few topnotch hulls of the best blood HneB and Increasing their progeny b> "test tube" Impregnation was brought from Denmark by E. J. Perry, extension dairyman at the college. Mora Experimenting Three units comprising 20 bulls and 6;000 cows started th,e program in New Jersey. j; The experts now are expanding the work of making the finest stock available to the .smallest, farm,, investigating how to exercise and feed the parents for the best results, and determining what unknown factors may enter Into extensive artificial breeding. !' "The first year's work on artificial breeding has indicated that it equals

RED'BANK REGISTER The Sword of Damascus

'Can't Catch A Butterfly9 Says JLfcw In This Town

Canton; Ohio (AP>—This Is tbi story of Dr. W. Stuart Cornea, wh< pursued through the years the s'ecrel of the Damascus sword. "The blade must be tempered lr blood," said age-old legends. "The secret-must be passed only from father to son. The sword must be bent till the blade touohes the hilt and sharpened until It will shavt hair." . ' Explorer, archaeologist and lecturer, Dr. Carnes studied* the legends when a schoolboy-and saw in them a challenge. He experimented In chemistry i metallurgy, seeking to combine ternper and flexibility ln a blade of Damascus requirements. Today he Is exhibiting to friends the "sword of Damascus reproduced." Dr. Carnes can hend the blade till It touches the hilt. He has shaved himself with It. Control of the process was the allimportant problem. He displays his success In meeting It with the aid of an 18-Inch piece of metal divided into sections. The first will cut glass, the second split a hair and. the third ahave nails. The fourth has the' qualities of spring steel and the fifth can-be, bent between his fingers; The secret, lying in the mixture of chemicals and heat treatment, was The i a w ln Faclflc Grove, Calif. solved by trial and error perseveru . • ance. Dr. Carnes intends to keep It, MPFeature. Service , •_._.'_. Pacific Grove, Calif.—This town has enacted a law with real'teeth In It—just to protect butterflies. If you molest the migratory beauties here, GEMS OF THOUGHT. " you are liable to fine or imprisonment As far back as people remember, the butterflies have swarmed here Goodness. by the millions every autumn and-* — Virtue Is bold, and goodness never earful.—Shakespeare. • have studied the phenomenon vouch tain that they summer ln the northSurely goodness and mercy shall for the fact that they always arrive ollow me all the days of my llfei it 4 ln the afternoon and always go west and In Canada.", Dr. John Adams Comstock, former nd I will dwell in the house of the :o the same small grove of treeB ear the seaside resort of Asllomar. director of the. Southwest museum, Lord forever.—Psalms 23:6. Identifies them as "Monarch*" and The date of arrival - varies. Old Material theories partially paralyze says they are the only truly migrathis attraction towards Infinite and ImerB are certain that the butter- tory butterflies in North America. ternal good by an opposite attrac- ies know when they face a severe They produce several generations tion towards the finite, temporary, winter and come early. This year a year, and the brood that finds its and discordant.—Mary Baker Eddy. they arrived late. way to the traditional "butterfly So, lest I be Inclined "We're trying to trace their move- trees" at Asllomar Is an entirely-difTo render HI for ill,— mentSothrough reports by amateur ferent one from that which fluttered Henceforth In me Instill, radio .operators," says David Vlsel north the previous.spring. O God, a aweet good-will To all mankind.—Theodore Tllton. not thrive under the bright lights of No Bright Lights We too often forget that not only Broadway—with the assistance of Is there "a soul of goodness in things Perhaps the most ultra-modern in- the sling psychrometer, the hygrcevil," but very generally a soul of trument employed by those delving thermograph, the anemometer—and truth In things erroneous.—Herbert lth sclentlc exactness Into the prob- the many other scientific devices Spencer. lems of wildlife Is the self-recording adapted to wildlife research. Little drops.of water, little grains of photo-electric cell, which automatlcOf oourse, the wildlife research exilly records light, the hours of sun- perts also employ more familiar desand, Make the mighty ocean and the ight, density, etc. This instrument vices. To capture certain wildlife mables the scientists to check on species needed for observation alive pleasant land. So the little minutes, humble though low certain wildlife species react to and unharmed they uie special traps. lormal and unusual conditions of Ear tags," leg bands, brooders and Inthey be, > lvlng. They can learn, for Instance, cubators—all more or less every day Make the mighty ages of eternity. hat a certain species of wildlife will devlcos, are In constant use. —Julia A. Fletcher Carney.


ttm or »uviL

THIS "TJ£ST TUBE" CALF was born In Pennsylvania. Dr. Alfred Kissileff, Flourtown, Pa., veterinarian, is applying the stethoscope. natural breeding methods from the standpoint of rates of conception," Dr. Bartlett said. "The artificial method has made It possible to use proved sires and, through the work • of trained veterinarians, a number of

HERD-SIRES used In artificial breeding must be kept in top physical condition. Hence this electric "bull exerciser." The outrigger arrangement has a chain attached to the bull's nose. A motor keeps It turning, and keeps the bulls moving at two miles an hour. The bulls exercise twice a day, half an hour at a time.

cases of sterility of cows has been overcome, „ "Artificial breeding has prevented any spread of disease through the use of a sire because, all methods have been artificial and only sterilized equipment has been used. "Statistics show that one bull improved the fat test of his daughters over their mothers by approximately four-tenths of one per cent. On the milk check, this means one-third to one-half cent a quart for every quart produced. When we consider 1,000 daughters for this bull this means an increased dairy Income for owners of these daughters of $33.33 a day, or more than $12,000 a year. This is In addition to higher milk yields. Dairymen Approve. 'Records show that a large percentage of dairymen who previously owned bulls, most, of which were unproved, have discarded them and are using proved sires provided through artificial breeding units." i One of the units has set up the first laboratory-barn at Clinton, N.! J. Two residents of it, Career and Alice, will have fathered 616 and 406 offspring, respectively, during the first IS months of the program. Through "test tube" breeding, these and the other proved bulls are producing, in one 'year, 10 times the number of offspring an ordinary bull would produce In a lifetime.

^SNAPSHOT GUILD PICK.A PICTURE SPECIALTY A 8 YOU become more ikllUd In X\ photography, you mar find (hat ' certain subject! or types of pictures, appeal to you strongly. It so, it It wise to specialise on thli preferred type. Such apecUHiIng doesn't limit you; Indeed, If jrou master.the taking of one kind of. picture, the knowledge will help you In taking other kinds. Here are> lew of the ploture specialties that many amateurs find Interesting. Perhaps ln toe list you will find one that jist tits your own needs: Action pictures; If. you hare a camera with, fast.lens » n i rapid shutter, this Is an Interesting-fleM, full of thrills and dramatic opportunities. Both .winter and summer sports offer splendid chances tor action shots. Flower pictures: This. Is »• yearround specialty. In winter, picture your window garden; in summer, the outdoor garden. Any camera it suitable, but more satisfactory results will be obtained It it Is fitted with" a portrait attachment. -.-: Outdoor pictures at night: Modern' fast films now make suoh shots easier. Short time exposures with ordinary equipment, or even snapshots with ultra-fast lenses, enable you to picture street scenes and Illuminated shop window!. Twilight offers many interesting picture effects; and snow scenes have striking beauty under moonlight or Picture taking li more fun when you street lamps. All you need l i t cam- ohooso • specialty and master-It. era, and a trlpcd or some solid ob- Architectural plotures—luch as this ject to support it during time ex- shot of Independence Hall, model for many a county court-house—make posures with the slower lenses. Architectural pictures: It's great up one of many fascinating fields. fun to explore a town In-search of Interesting architecture — novel topping" Is an entertaining pastime doorways, odd bits of old-fashioned at any season. Silhouette pictures, pet and ani"gingerbread" decoration, or such historic structures as the one pic- mal pictures, nature pictures—these tured here. This, too, is an all-year are also worthy specialties. Informal portrait (snaps of the baby or specialty. Table-top pictures: Here is a"spe> other membsrs of the family also . clalty that offers ample scope for are a popular Held; and there are originality. Construct small scenes many others. Ohooae your specialty or situations, using dolls, toy ani- —cultivate It—build up a nhe colmals, toy houses, ate—then picture lection of pictures In this one line— them. Any focusing camera, or a and you'll be an abler photographer fixed-focus model with portrait at- ln any other field. tachment added, wilt do. And "table-, John van Guilder

RED BANK REGISTER Morimouth County's Leading Weekly

A Standard Plan

Established in 1878

RED BANK'S HOME NEWSPAPER "Member Audit Bureau^f Circulations™

Over sixty years ago The RED BANK REGISTER

Within that radius there is a commercial popula-

set up certain standards of newspaper making, and

tion of more than 50,000 people. These people are the

those standards have constantly been lived up to.

very lifeblood of commercial Red Bank. They read, they buy, and they pay for what they

It never seeks to obtain a reader by offering him anything but a good newspaper.

Costs have teen kept down In this home^ with the result that a popular model has been produced considerably below the $5,000 mark. The plan of this home follows a familiar pattern but not its costs. The Federal Housing Administration insured its mortgage of $3,300 after FHA officials had assigned the home a valuation of $4,250. The mortgage will be amortized over a period of twentv years during which time the monthly payments will amount to only 322.44, exclusive of taxes and hazard inBursncc. .This home was built

FLOOK.- PLAN Lexington, Kontubky (AP)—Dr. A. S. Hendrlck has two hobbles— photography and, the j collection of old firearms—so ho combined the two In a new telescopic {camera ho now uses to take pictures at long range. The camera wa» made of a surdino ,, can and an old flashlight It Is con''• (trusted ao It can be held and aimed V like a pistol.

touch with 50|000 or more people residing within the RED BANK REGISTER'S advertising field are the men who are getting the big business from this .territory. The. RED BANK REGISTER is the largest and most influential weekly newspaper in Monmouth County.

It has the largest net paid circulation.

trial was1 over—but the evidence lingered on. Court attaches explained, In response to puzzled sniffling about Justice Elbon Follies' bench, that contents had boen spilled 'from a jug used as evidence in the case of a man charged with selling without a license. The Jug hnd contained highpowered perfume.

The RED BANK REGISTER averages 26 or more pages of eight columns of home set matter—no ready print-—and contains live local matter on every page. It reaches every town, village and hamlet within the commercial radius of RED BANK, and.cover* every rural mail route between these several points.

35,000 people read The RED BANK REGISTER every .

The character of The RED BANK REGISTER is clean, trustworthy, optimistic, inspiring confidence. With confidence established, results are sure to follow. The advertiser secures justifiable returns for his investment.


Topeka, Kansas, (AP)—Pollco were called to rotriovo nn owner's guinea hen that had escaped Just before it was scheduled to visit a stowing pot. Tho olllcers llred a couplo of tlmea and tho bird camo tumbling out of n Ireo where It had roosted. There wasn't a sign of a wound on tho bird and the owner concluded It had Still In the wreck of the . Fannie been scared to death. & Jonnle, Confederate blockade runner lying off tho beach at WrlghtnThe hairy Alnua of Japan nre a vllle, North Carolina, Is a gold and primitive raco occupying'ii position FOOLED YOU! Jeweled sword sent to'General Rob- comparable to that of the Indian in America. ,Wohnjon
Think a

minute — a NET PAID CIRCULATION that shows issue!

In Iowa.


umns of The RED BANK REGISTER are keeping in

Red Bank, the home of The RED BANK REGISTER, is the commercial hub of Monmouth County. It is the trade center of a large and prosperous farming! region. Its industries include canneries, clothing, uniform, washing machine, boiler and carriage factories, marine works, automobile bodies, toilet preparations, dye works, hats, hat bands, awning works, etc. Nearby are large 'brick yards, terra cotta works, aeroplane works, monumental yards, etc.


buy. Business men who through the advertising col-

Let THE RED BANK REGISTER tell your story to its large army of regular readers. It Is the Home Paper, READ INTHE HOME AN ASSOCIATED PRESS NEWSPAPER


Son Gets Father's and M». William T, Jone* and Stamp Collection Personals

Governor Race Is White-Hot

Mr, l »vBnu«'left Friday id eons off Maple ^ , ,t ooileotor. who have morning by automobile to ipend a h d t ? p l e a ; u r e ot , e , | n f f t b B u n . month at West Palm Bench, Florida, j J.uai'collection acquired b? the late Hoffman and HendrickThey wllntay at Winter Boie hotel. p r 6 f e a l l o r Harold K. All.trom will Mr. Jones Is owner of Jone« Filling b ( tony- tQ k n o w t h a t t h U c o n e c t | o n •on Make Statements ' atatlons. i gone from our mldtt. The colM « Beryl Snyder, daughter of Mr. lection, which has been In the cutM and Mrs. Earl (Jnyder ot Hudion tody of the Second National Bank Trenton (AP)—Tho potential fight avenue, will play the part of Patricia and TruBt company several yearn, for the Republican gubernatorial O'Day In the play "Sorority Home" was (hipped yesterday to Professor nomination between Harold G. Hoffto be pr«aented Rt Stephens college, Allstro'm'a ion, Henry W. Allstrom man and State Senator Robert C. Hendrlckson of Gloucester county Columbia, Missouri, »». the school's ol St. Paul, Minnesota. reached the white-hot stage, annual play. Professor Allstrom was one of the has Edwin C. GHlland, superintendent )0Cfti p i o r 0 er collector of foreign fanned by statements and counterstatements. of schools, attended the l!th annual a n d domestic postago stamps and school and college conference at La- h t a collection contains not only a. Hendrlckson, hacked bji the Clean fayette college, Easton, Friday and large number of earlier, Issues of Government faction nf the party for Saturday. United States and foreign countries Mr. aSd Mrs. Paul de la Reusillle but -also many unusual phlla'dlr. of Knollwood, who have been so- Items. The collection Is* valued In journing aS points of Interest in the the thousands of dollars. Bouth for the past three weeks, r,eiurned home Saturday. Mr, and Mrs. William E. Foster of NaveBlnk River road left laut week for a trip of several months through the West. Their Utllniate destination la Hawaii, where theywili.be guests of Hubert K. Dalton of H\fm'


tho' nomination, referred to "bl-parAt the time of this writing HoffHoffman and forces friendly to him mentioned In speculation, with chief tlean deals" between Republicans and man had not replied. long have been at loggerheads with interest centered around the two Mayor Frank Hague of Jersey City, Hendrlckson accused Hoffman of the Clean Government wing of the New Jersey men holding key posistate Democratic leader, while speak- attempting to "maneuver himself In- Republican party. tions In the Federal navy department, ing-from the same platform with to a position from which he can, with Hoffman charged that Hendrlckson Srcrctary Charles Ediaon and his as- i Captain William Donnii of Hoffman. false solemnity, say that some act or was "shoved" into the nomination slstant, Louis E. Compton. Monmouth was elected president Hoffman, a former governor and statement of mine provoked and race by Robert H. Johiuon, wealthy the Barnegat Power * Cold Stoi currently the J12,(K>0-a-year execu- placed him under compulsion to run New Brunswick pharmaceutical company at the annual re-orgai BIRTH AT RIVERVrEW tive director of the State Unemploy- for the governorship that he might manufacturer, and- others decreeing tlon meeting: of the stockholder* ment Compensation commission, ob- defend himself." "Hague-Hoffmanlsm" as a campaign- Mr, and Mrs. Andrew Nunxtato of directors Saturday. jected to the Implication. He Issued "I aay \p Mr. Hoffman," Hendrick- ing point. He also asserted that Captain Dennis has been a Atlantic street, Keyport, are the a statement 'declaring he would an- sor. continued, "that he" ought to be Hendrlckson was not the firflt choice her of the board of edlrectori for; nounce his candidacy "within 24 able to decide for himself whether of the Clean Government group, that parents of a son, born yesterday the past ten years. \h» annual hours" If Hendrlckson .chose to make this Is the time for him to bring his thn faction's backing earlier had morning at RIvervlew hospital. port showed* the company to be "Hague-Hoffmanlsm" a • campaign candidacy out In the open and to been offered other men who had deexcellent condition. issue. give up his $l,000-a-month Job so that clined to run. SURGICAL, PATIENTS. he may proceed with his political Hendrlckson replied: Unlike the situation In the RepubPrinting of the Better Kind. Willis Dalton of Oceanport and "Let know one he In doubt. If Mr. campaign on his time and At his own lican ranks, the Democratic party The Register Is equipped IB •VMTI Hodman becomes a candidate one of expense." has yot to produce a single candidate Mrs. Gra'ce Shaw of Cllffwood Beach way to turn out printing ot thi btjf-v tho major issues will be the HagueThe primary election will be held who would say, at this time, that he are surgical patients at Rlvervlew ter kind and prices are reasonably, ' t'.o.— Advertisement. Hoffman bl-partisan alliance." would run. Many names have been hospital. May 21.

Elected to Hea/i Barnegat Company

Open Late

W. P. Stillman (lets New Post


..Appointed to Newark

- Donald Asay, aon of Mr. and Mrs. Evorett Asay of Catherine avenue, . Sinking Fund Board who was injured ten days ago in an ioo^boat accident and sustained two Appointment of W. Paul Stillman en ribs,'is able to be .about of Fisher j>lace, president of the National State bank, as a member _ . . Elwood Morton of Brooklyn, of the Newark sinking fund coma, former resident of Bed Bank, ac- mission by Mayor Moyer S. Elloncompanied by his daughter, was a steln of that city was made Monday. gueat In town Saturday. They camo Ho succeeds the late J. H.'Bacheller. to Bed Bank to witness the.river attractions. While here Dr. Morton had the pleasure of msotlng several of his acquaintances whom he had not seen In nearly 40 years. Miss Helen Crate of Peters place, who is employed at Hesse's on West Front street, returned home Mondtiy from a orulse to points of Interest in Puerto Blco. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Bookwalter of the Los Gertrudes apartments on Broad" street were guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Gilbert of East Orange . on Friday. Mrs. S. E. Allen and her son, Alfred Allen, of Alston court, are both confined to their home with sickness. Mr. Allen has an executive position in Macy's store at New York. Miss Alma vonSteog of Tower Hill ^vonuo will be official hostess at the annual winter week-end of Newark chapter, Delta Psl Kappa fraternity at Bear Mountain, New York, this week. Mrs. Harry Vogel, proprietor of Vogel'u on Broad street, has returned W. PAUL STILLMAN home after spending two weeks at Washington, D. C, and Alexandria, Mr. Stillman has been president of the National State bank for near' Virginia. \ Miss Harriet Blchmond of Reck- ly 10 years and In the banking 1 loss place and Mrs, Samuel Berk of business for 23 years, although he Spring .street. j e ft Monday "afternoon is only it years old. He Is director by train for a sojourn at Miami of the Firemen's Insurance cornpany and the Mutual benefit life Beach, Florida. Solomon Shlpkln of Prospect ave- Insurance company. He is a former nue, proprietor of the Army and president of the Newark Chamber Navy store on Monmouth street, is of Commerce and was general chairman of the Community Cheat camVacationing in Florida. Miss Buth Nearlng' of Bed Bank paign in that city lost year. Mr. Stlllman's brother, Ray H. and Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Kessler and son Joseph, Jr., of Long Branch, will Stillman, operates a real' estate and leave shortly for an extended stay In | insurance business at Eatontown Florida. Miss Nearlng is employed and his wife Is an active member in the Bed Bank plant of the Newof the Shrewsbury Towne chapter, Daughters of the American Revo•Jersey Boll Telephone company. Mr, and Mrs. Charles W. MacLar- lution. «n of Baltimore were guests at the •home of Mrs, Edltb. K. Smith of Spring street over the week-end. Mrs, MacLaren remained In Bed Bank lor the week In order to attend the graduating exercises of the Bed The BOth anniversary of the foundBunk high school Tuesday night, at of Christian Endeavor was obwhich he"r sister, Mils Jean C. Smith, I a"rvocT •Was a graduate ' mouth-Ocean County Christian EnMr. and Mrs. Mlllard F. Aumack of deavor Union Tuesday night at the Marlon street returned home.Sunday 'Baptist church, at Manasquan. night after spending four weeks at Rev. Dr. Walter B. Greenway, pasWest Palm Beach, Florida. While tor of the Presbyterian church at lheiet»jv fffanfi-operspoKe'bnfSelu'bTecl"r'Wny friends from Bed Bank. Mr. Au-I Believe In Christian Endeavor." mack returned to his duties Monday Mrs. Anita Pease of Leonardo was with the Jersoy Central Power & In charge of tho group singing with Light company. l R e V i Ellwood S. Wolf, pastor of the Miss Alma Howell of Bridge a v e . , L e o n a r d o B a p t | s t church, accomnue h s pr ue was among tthose present at the ! p a n v | n g o n t h b hi,,,,,, Elder lder College Alumni banquet Sat Sat-( A m o n g t h o a e ^ e i e n t ' were Carourday at the Stacey Trent hotel, U M W r l g h t | D o r othy y. P a d dock, Trenton. R Ut h Slrenso'n, Marie Ehrlick, LorVlncent Dresser of West Front ralne DePalmer, George and Albert street, a studont at Trenton State Fielding and Rev. Donald N. CorTeachers' college, Is practice teach- ros.1 of Atlantic Highlands, Rev. and ing at Rumson high school. Mr, Mrs. Ellwood S.' Wolf, Mrs. Anita Dresser Is a graduate of Red Bank Pease, Marslna Martin and Elide R. high school. Bills of Leonardo, Rev. and Mrs. Herbert Holzwonn, Holzworth, former mana- w l l l l a t n h R e c d o f F a l r H a v e n a n d Herbert rormer manager of the SchulU-Unlted store, who | A l b e r t a * ttnd N a o n , , Youman8, Mlas is now stationed at tho firm s store in Mary „ . aSherw (.,mM W r n n - B B PP, her. W, HHolmes, Frances Morrlstown; Is nt the Red Bank wood and Harry C. F. Worden of Btoro this week assisting with Inven- Red Bank. .. tory. Mr. Holzworth is glad to be back In Red Bank for a few days and ho will'be glad to meet any of his acquaintances If they care to and say hello. Paul Wellbacher of Peters place has rocovered from an Illness of More than 2b members of Boy throe weeks. He was laid up with Scout Troop 61 of Red Baqk participtomaine poisoning and septic aore pated In an Inter-patrol rally Thursthroat. day evening at the Presbyterian Leon Van Brunt of Lake averjue church. The rally, which consisted has returned to his position with of such contests as signalling, flreStraus Co. after being confined to his maklng and knot tying, was In charge of Scoutmaster Robert Reushome the viaet week with grip. County Detoctlvo William S. Mus- sllle, Assistant Scoutmasters Whittoe of Sllverwhlto avenue has re- ney Burst and Clifton Frazcc, and turned from a two weoks' stay at Mi- Junior Assistant Scoutmaster Donald ami Beach, Florida. Mrs. Mustoo Is Hadaway. The rally was won by the remaining in the South f6r the rest Covered Wagon patrol with the Fine Tree and Cobra patrols placing secof the winter. Mr. and Mrs. William Naughton ond and third. The winning patrol, led by James of Harding road are the parents of a Bon, born Monday at Rlver- Davlson, scored 16 points by winvlew hospital. Mrs, Naughton Is ning first and second places In the the former MISB Viola Bottagnro, signalling, flrc-making and tug-ofdaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles war contests. The second and third patrols scored 11 and 8 points reBottagaro of Harding road. Miss Poggy Connor, daughter of spectively. Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Connor of After the contests refreshments Hudson avenue, a student nurse at wore served. Visitors Included Troop Monmouth Memorial hospital Is a Commltteomen Daniel Dorn, Qcorgo nurglcal patient at the hospital. She Strauss and Harold Degenrlng, underwent an operation Tuesday night and la on the road to reSTAMP CLUB TO MEET. covery. Mr. and. Mrs, Louis Moi\tano of The Monmouth County Philatelic Oakland street spent Sunday at soelety will moot in regular session WoBtflold. at the Rod Bank borough hall Fri' Miss Josephine Bonannlco of Jer- day night of next week. Fobruary ". Miy City visited her parents, Mr. and nt 8 o'clock. During tho evonlng Mrs. Anthony Bonannlco, Sunday. there will be a general discussion on Mrs. Snillo Lupton Ely of Wallace th'o new sarlcH of, stamps now being street loft today for Orlando, Flor- Issued by the United States Postomce ida, where ahc will spend the rcmaln- department. . lnR winter monthi. The notice for this meeting- was Miss Mnrlo Ma«a, dauphtei' iif Mr, sent from Tanytnwn, Now Yj(\rk, nud Mrs, A, J. Mazaa of Herbert Monday 11ml bore the firnt day of laKti-cot, Is recovoilntt from rhonmatlo suecnncollnUon on the ncwnno-ci-nt' fever. stamp showing the likeness of WnshHiirolJ Hounlhan of Elm place has IrcRton Irving, tho ni's.t of the now token a position as car salesman for honoring American poets.' McKlm-Lnyton, Chevrolet dealers on Mechanic streat. Supported by Merchants, . Tho End Bank' Register Is supThere are 71 companies In the ported by local as woll as out-ofUnited States which produoe mln- town business inon. Advertisements •rnl wool. They operate 82 plants appearing regularly toll tho story.— Advertisement.
Church Society Has Anniversary

Inter-Patrol Rally Held by Boy Scouts


Fri. 9 P . M. Sat. 10 P.M. Mon. to Thuri. 8 A . M . to 6 P.M.

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PA To Hear State Official On "Vocational School

Key port.




Jans Melvitl* i u In "charge of the tea and those who served were Misses Margaret Silver, • Ortrude Van Vllet und Elinor'Wood. State officers spoke briefly at a Philip Brady, a, student at Fordmeeting of Pride of Monmouth Coun- ham university, New York, returned cil, sons and Daughters of Liberty, to college Monday after spending a held Tuesday night at the lodge f«w days at his Jiome here; The. thlinble bee of the Presbyrooms on Broad street. The speaKen were Mrs. Luella, Keano, state asso- terian churoh met Tuesday afternoon at the home of.Mrs, I* H, ciate treasurer, and John Brown, '-', • '-• \ -' Charles Croydon, Mrs. Myra Fox and Hanson,' . '.,•'..--•* Joan Best, who attends college Mrs, Cora Howon, deputies, .Following tha business meeting a in Virginia, has returned to her Pollyanna birthday party was held studies after spending a few days and a covered dish supper'served, at her home here, Those who celebrated their birthdays Miss Margaret ^Silver, daughter were Miss Ida Goodapeed, lire. of Mr, and Mrs. George Silver, Jr., Martha Richards, Mra. Esther Flud- of Sycamore avenue, will enter Memorial hospital ner, Mrs. Mary Bowlty and Airs. Monmouth Bertha Hugh. These members were School q! Nursfng,. Next Tuesday. Miss Silver Is agraduste of Red given a birthday cake and a gift. The next meeting will be Tuesday Bank high school. night, February 27, and the final Pol Holy communion, will be celebratlyana party will be held. Last night ed tpworrow morning at 10 o'clock members attended a meeting of tho Past Councilors association of Mid dlesex and Somerset counties.

Lodge Hears State Officers

(Th« R«d Bank Rtslater can be bought Red Bank Reaitttr can b« baugft Word was received here Monday In (The Btlford from H. Clay Balr. Vlneen In Llncroft i t the Uncroft Villisa Marof the sudden death of Mrs. Fred O'Neil.)ket.) Overhelger of Florida, a former Members of the Ora-T attended a Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Ahearn re Eatontown resident. Mrs. OverhclsGordon D. Woodey Is spending sev- er, an aunt of Albert C. and Ira turned home Thursday after spend' service at the Little Sliver Methodist eral weeks In Florida, making th< E. Wolcott and Mrs. James B. Hath- ing a month In Florida. church Sunday night. At a meeting trip by auto with Mr. and Mrs. Step away, died Sunday morning of a .Mr. and Mrs. Raymond White-, Mr. of the group laat week, Harold Perry hen Arnold, former residents, now heart attack. Sho was 74 years and Mrs. William Thompson and eon led a discussion on the topic, "Re' Assistant Education of Buffalo, N. Y; old. Mrs. Overheiser was a daugh- David and Mrs. Arllne Bauacher and spect for Others." Miss Eleanor Van Brakle has been ter of the late Edmund and Sarah son Stirling^ attended a birthday Mrs. Junes Wtlcoxen has been laid Commissioner to visiting Mr. and Mrs, Paul Ryder of Ann Dangler Wolcott. Sho was the I party at the home of Mrs. Jean Car- up with grip, Dr. A.. Alfred Podell will address Red Bank. Speak at Red Bank last surviving member of her fam- j hart Saturday evening at Naveslnk. a meeting of tho fire company toMrs. John W. Foster has returned lly. y Hor maiden name was Carrie | Mrs. Jossio Schanok Is ablo to be night on first aid, ' • from a vjeit with her father a t Tioga Wolcott: She Is survived by her out again after havlngbeen confined John A McCarthy, assistant comEdson B. Gould, Jr., or New York, husband, Fred, and a. son, Harold. to the house with a bad' cold. missioner of education, will be the Pa. has started renovating the houso and Mrs. Earl Gebler have Mr, *&nd She was well known here, where airs. William Helmuth is confined outbuildings on the former Vernon speaker at the meeting of the Junior- been spending a week with relatives she was born and resided. td bed with grip. s\ Senior Parent-Teacher association at Fort Lee. Mrs. Benjamin Morris has returned Grant farm on the Everett road, The flvo organizations, which >l\ Thursday night, February 8, nt the A daughter was born to Mr. andformerly met In Crescent hall, have from Rlverviow hospital, where she he purchased aovoral months ago. 1 high school auditorium. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Toop attendMrs. H; L. Scott last week. rented . (he assembly hall In the was a surgical patient two weeks. 'J Mr. McCarthy, In charge of voca Mrs. Frank T. Allcock has Mrs. Edna Whitney surprised hor ed a postmasters' dinner Thursday f tlonal education for the state of New turned from a visit with Mr. andborough hall, and starting tonight night at Farmlngdale. Joreey, will give a report and rec Mrs. J. P. Hcttrick at East Orange. will meet _there hereafter. Tho Hall daughter, Marjorie Mai,, with a -Gerard Domldlon^ who was formInner at her "home • on" spaghetti i ornmendatlons made on the survey to Mr. and Mrs. William Chadv/.ok was rented through the' borough spagetti erly employed at Howland B. Jones' determine the need for a vocational are spending several weeks In Miamf, council. Main street In celebration of her An" international tea will be held birthday Friday evening. Those pres- garage, Red Bank, has accepted a ••* school In Monmouth county, and will Florida. position at Andy's garage, Long '' , by tho women of the Methodist ent wore Mrs. Jane' Orceley, Mrs. E show charts and facts gathered by Branch. Mrs..Murray Woronoff will enter- church next Tuesday at 2:30 p. m., John JJ the Held workers. Franklin. J. Gronde, Stone, Mlsa Alma Tarnow, Mi«s Mrs. Raymond G. Woolfo gave tain members of the Keyporf liter- at the home of Mrs, William Davis Marjorie Sutherland, Walter Stone, * supervising principal of Bradley ary Shrewsbury. tomorrow afternoon at her of Clinton street. There will be John Stone, Joseph Whitney, Jr., birth to a daughter Thursday at New £ Beach, and Arthur B. Wrigley, assiat- .homeclub on Main street. Prof. Ben a speaker from tho Bancroft Rest John Hagenbachet1, Edwin Roche and York. . '*• ant for trades and Industries, New Blackburn of the New Jersey State home, Ocean Grove. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Shuttlngcr (The Itad Bank' Ragliter can ba bought William Sutherland. . . » Jersey department of public Instruc- college'will speak on "Planning Your Markit and of Brookdalo (arm have returned In Shrewsbury at Shar«bba'» M at. Creenwood'a market1 on Broad atraflt.) Mrs. Louisa Claussen, Mrs. H. L. from a month's, sojourn in Florida. tlon The survey waSj made on pres- Garden." The program will be in Steve Aumack and family of Long Branch have moved into Arthur Siemon and Mr. and Mrs. Charles ],*' ent student needs, educational op- charge of Mrs. Ralph Leonard. Forty now boxes' were Installed Harry Johnson Is employed on a house, the former John- Wooerncr of Oakwood Heights, £ portunltles and Industrial demands. Among those who attended the an-Aumack's over the week-end In the postofflce construction project at Bayway. son house, on Lewis street. '* Mr. McCarthy will show pictures of iual meeting and banquet of the Vernon Brown of New York spent Statcn Island, spent Friday with Mr. Alterations were also Mrs. Geraldlne VanGorblg left building. " typical vocational school programs New Jersey State Safe Deposit as- the week-end with Mrs. Emma nnd Mrs. William Fox. Mrs. Claus- Monday for Ashvllle, North Carolina made, Increasing* the floor space for sen" is Mr. Fox's mother. She is 90 where she will spend several months. the attendants at tho postofflce. Tho £ and will answer questions about vo sociation at the Newark Athletic Brown and Miss Arllne Brown. »•* catlon&l schools In general and Mon-club Saturday afternoon wore J. H. The Women's auxiliary of the Ore years old. She was accompanied to Ashvllle by telephone booth was removed to Mr. and Mrs. Edward McNally and ier mother, Mrs. Geraldlne L. give larger space for patrons. Sixi mouth county vocational school in Hendrickson, L. E. Cokelet, L. E. company will meet at the borough daughter Harriett Bartholomus of Thompson, ! } particular. teen largo boxes and 2( small boxes Cokelct, Jr.,;and Miss Doris Wilson hall tonight. Lynbrook spent tho week-end at • The annual fashion/show and game of the Keyport Banking company. Paul Reid was hit in the eye wero Installed, Due to the Increase Another" musicale. in the scries their summer home on Compton * party of the association ivlll be held in the Shrewsbury population, all Tuesday of last week by a picco of Mr. and Mrs. David Barnett ot En- which are.being given at St. James street. I Tuotday night, March 12, at 8 o'clock, steel while working on his father's btft one of the boxes have been Episcopal church rectory for the glewood were week-end guests of the *' at the Junior high school auditorium. Denny Lingo has returned to his !arm. The steel particle was rcmov- taken. benefit of the organ fund will take i" The fashion show and a special radio latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Har-place tomorrow night under the di- position with the Chase National :d from his eye and he is rapidly Mr. and Mrs. James S. Parkes, i! sUlt will be held in the auditorium vey Bronncr. bank at New York after a week's recovering from the effects of the Mr. and Mrs, Donald Lawes and Mr. rection of Miss Dorothea M, &rim•» and games will be played In the sen- Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Halgh en- shaw, In addition to the musical illness. njury. and Mrs. Walter C. Quptll spent one their daughter, Miss « ior high school gym. The radio skit, tertained Miss Eleanor Clayton at VentnoiL .r—lust—week at Washington, DV Mrs. Ida Voorhees is visiting Mr. numbers the program will include *' featuring National Broadcasting com- Gretchen Halgh of Westfleld, over drama, comedy and monologues, and Mrs. Mark Allen of West Brigh- ind Dudley Clayton of Peddle C.', attending the Purina feed cony g <«' pany artists, has been arranged the week-end. ichool, Hlghtstown, were week-end vention. Mr. Lawes, Mr. Parkes b the h ton,-Staten Island. Refreshments will be served by * IT through the courtesy of Major Zale Miss Gardina Armstrong spent (he members of St. James' guild. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Walling spent quests 'of Miss Emma. Thompson. and Mra. Guptll are associated with week-end at Buck Hill Falls, Pa. Erlck Bucklotz, who lives with ** Dillon, who is head of the sound deMr. and. Mrs. John V. Kolb and Friday with Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Louis Walters, was hit Lawes Coal company, distributors Dr. and Mrs. J. E. P. Silcox enter•- partment for N. B. C of Purina feed. son William of Newark spent Mon- Kendiickof Trenton. tained Mr. and Mrs. Louis Silcox of I'. Membere of the P. T. A. and their Edward T. Bennett is a patient at t the "'eye by a stick last week day wi(h Mr. and Mrs/' Charles Mlsa Jean Gramann, who has Philadelphia over the week-end. hlle at work on tho Walters' farm. " daughters will serve as models. Hazard hospital. Schlck. Mrs. Harold Perry, who suffered beon* spending the past six months «* There will be prizes Ior each game Miss Alice Crine of Wilmington, Miss Anna Luker Is on the sick Mrs. Ira Wolcott suffered a with her sister and brother-in-law, be Del., spent over Sunday with her fractured wrist laat week while IS and tefreshments "">" served. sprained ankle and wrist last week list. parents, Mr. and Mra. Philip Crlne. ikatlng at Phalanx, resumed her Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Fix, loft * Plans have been made to have speIn a fall in the. cellar-of her home. Mrs. Charles Hobbs celebrated her teaching duties at Belford school Friday .for Florida, where she will Z cial tickets for students to attend Louis D. Hill has been confined birthday „ Thursday by entertaining Monday. spend five weeks visiting her parfl the fashion show and radio skit. Mrs. Ella Bills and Mrs. Margaret to his home with grip. A meeting ot the Ladies' Aid nts; former residents of Red Bank. Sea Bright. Marvey Brown, son of Mr. and Leonard of Leonardo and Harvey ioclety will be held this afternoon The fire company was called out Mrs. Percy Brown, has been con- Davis and family of Grantwood. Sunday morning to a grass fire ,"7 Supported by Merchants. (The Red Bank Renlatcr can bo bousht it 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Mrs. Orville Casler entertained at James Sickles of South street, Red along the railroad tracks in the r The Red Bank Register is sup- ,.l Sea Bright from Morris Weisman, H. fined , t o ' h i s homo with a throat her home Wednesday evening Miss Bank. " ported by local as well as out-of- Lcfkpwitr and CannelPa Clsar Store.) infection. rear of Cape Cod market on Broad f town business men. Advertisements Claire Lingo, Miss Alma Tarnow, Edward Taylor has resumed y his William C. Robbins retired yesterGeorge Rlchdale Is confined to his street. Fire Chief Lester C. Scott *• appearing regularly tell the story.— ti t T l ' arcade d after con- Miss Marjorie Sutherland, Miss Dor- ome at Phalanx by Illness. was In charge. duties at-Taylor's day as clerk at the postolBce here «C Advertisement. ^ othey .Burnesser and Mrs. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. .Forrest Smith of after 44 years In the postal service, valescing from his recent Illness. Henry Fenton spent Sunday with * 42 years of which were spent In the Samuel Hughes, Sr., Is improved Leonard. ds sister-in-law, Mrs! Ada Savage, Sycamore avenue are vacationing Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Johntry of In Florida. from his recent illness. Sea Bright postofflce. Mayor .Walif New Brunswick. Richard Hill returned to the Morristown were Thursday Visitors Mrs. George Coudrier and Miss ter J. Sweeney is chairman of a comEdith Mae Mauser, daughter of of relatives and friends. mittee of Sea Bright residents who naval training base at Newport, Mr. and Mrs. John Mauser, Jr., and Leah Coudrier spent Sunday visitwill give a dinner in Mr. Robbins' Rhode Island, Saturday after spend- i Miss Mildred Morris is kept home 'atsy AnabeJ, daughter of Mr. anding relatives at New York. Tho Young People's Missionary honor Monday night, February 12, at Ing a 10-day furlough at the home from her position at Red Bank by Mrs. Harry Anabel, have been conATLANTIC HIGHLANDS society will meet tomorrow' night Harry's Lobster house. Mr. Robbins' of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis ', illness. flnei to their homes with grip. D. Hill. Richard passed his naval j Mrs. M. T. Conroy entertained relaplace at the Sea Bright postofflce will Members of the fire company in the Presbyterian church Sunday: FBI. £ SAT., F E B . 2 - 3 bn taken by John Covert, who hasexamlnatlon , . , . , and . this week was as- ,tlves from New York city- Thurs- coded the ico on a pond on Brook- school room. There will be a gueBt Sptdal Matinee Friday S T . M. been substitute clerk and who will signed to a ship for sea raining, day. l , a r m Thursday evening In speaker. Mra. Bruce Campbell is daIe Mat. Sat. 2 P. M. be advanced to the position pf regu- Lydia Hathaway, a student at j-. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Serby of (preparation for a skating. Party, In charge of the program. g Br a h hl n Francis Borden, a student at lar clerk AAn examination will be I ? . " ' S school, returned Newark spent tho week-end with scheduled for Saturday night, but n xam nau on 1 mr | t o her her studies studies Monday Monday after after havlnc having 'th»ir w , nn^.nt. Mr ar cierK. cleric jin «»»'«»•""»« ' , ™"'" " " B" = to » / MMrs. , . fiom-™ Maasachusotts Institute of TechnolMr. ,and George which was postponed. held in the near future for the, po- 0 fl d t h e r home with i " l - ^ / w ^ William Slater and family of New ogy, has been spending a week at sition o£ substitute clerk and village „ . . . • "• Lewis. Mr. and Mrs. Craig Finnegan spent Brighton, Staten Island, were Sun- the home of his parents, Mr. and carrler. Applications, which may be A union service will be held in ' Monday at Newark, (in Technicolor) day visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mrs. C. Frank Borden. obtained at the postofflce here, must the Presbyterian church next Sun-' ; Roger Keller is kept indoors by Walters. Mrs. Helen Bry of Corn lane Is Claudette' Henry be filed with the Second United day night. Rev. William Northsevere cold. Raymond Reid has returned from seriously 111 at her home. COLBERT FONDA States Civil Service District, Federal 6 f he AdVem church Mrs. Maurice Murphy of New two weeks' vacation In Florida, B.ullding, Christopher street, Now wll? 'reach" ° ' ' f Monmouln"'chapter, Eastern Star. •ill hold a dessert game party Tuea-1 Mra. William Domidlon is confined York spent Sunday with her sisterSUN., MOV., TTJES., York, not later than February 13. in-law, Miss Margaret Murphy. FEB % 4 . S.- 6 A successful food and fancy artMiss Harriet Hawxhurst of served Sunday, February 4, at the ill at his home. (Sun. Continuous From 2 P. M.) Highlands. nuCi A t l a n t i o icle sale waa held Friday by the Brooklyn was a recent guest of WilMethodist church. The service will Priscllla Rosemary Lolfc Gale George Meyer has been confined j Sirs. Harry Lunge is able to be fred Hawxhurst and family. Woman's auxiliary and guild of be conducted by the young people LANE LANE LANE PAGE ' jout again after an attack of grip. Christ church In the parish house. and the speaker will be Mrs. Marvin to his home with illness. . John Bennett-has returned to his I Mrs, Lilly Watson and daughters Proceeds amounted to $24 on the Fowler. Friendship Night will be HARD COME,.EASY GO. food table and $10 on. the fancy observed Sunday, February 11, when duties at the Dupont factory at 'Margaret and Mrs. Sadie Lehmann "FOUR WIVES" BUENOS AIRES (AP)—Poor old article table. Tea was served. Miss Linden after a week's vacation. Und sons Billy and Chauncey spent Rev. W. B. Magsom of Adelphla will A game party will be held tonight Saturday evening with friends at Sarmlento Thompson, all his llfo^a Ruth Parker was In charge of the with occupy the pulpit. plunger, still doesn't know what it food sale and was assisted by Mrs. the basement of St. Dorothea's Newark, - Claude Bains Miss Ann Engholm • of Church in church Jeffrey Lynn 2 Eddie Albert I Mrs. Mrs. Fred Smith ot Asbury Park feels like to have 1,510 pesos ($380) to Evan F. Jones, Mra. Louis Haystreet, who has been confined to her A motion picture film was shown ,i s . visiting Mr. and Mrs. Hussell spend. He -won that sum In the. races ward and Miss Lillian Baquet, Mrs. home with chickenpox, will return Tuesday — EXTRA — at Palmcro racetrack here and five Christine Tornpkins was in charge at a meeting of Schenck of East End avenue. to Trenton teachers college Sunday Eatontownnight "INFORMATION, PLEASE" chapter, Order of EastMrs. Stanley Cook tendered a sur- minutes later someone stole his wal-of the fancy article table. Mrs. to resume her studies. cm Star, at Masonic hall by a rep- p r ise birthday party Saturday night, let. resentatlve of the Standard Oil Attending were Mr. and Mrs. Mtlvln co £lpanyI Leek, Mr. and Mrs. Craig Finnegan, "It'eostr'No-More-to-Buy-tho-Best-at._._..._ J .JJte_.£4UeiC.AA_jmcljte_Qr_JU^^ Methodist church will hold aiMrs. Edward Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. "mystery pal" party tonight in the H . Doran, Mr, and Mrs. J. Hubbs, church social hall. There will be Mr and Mrs David Sehnoor Mr games and refreshments. Those in 'and Mrs. E. Grobe, Mr. and Mrs.tH. charge are Mrs. Martha Richards, jLange, Miss Mabel Luker, Miss MarMrs. Charles Falkenburg, Mrs. Rich-i i o n Langford, Albert Murphy, Wllard B. Roberts and Mrs. Elliott I n a m Murphy, Charles Hubbs and Wlllitts. The society will sell clam ; Theresa and Albert Cook. Mrs. Cook LAST TIMES TODAY - Double Feature chowder tomorrow. j received many gifts.. A meeting of the fire company i Mrs. Charles Hubbs Is suffering EST. ISO2 WILLIAM GARGAN will be held next Tuesday night at from a sprained hand received In a the fire house. Following the meet- fall last Wednesday night. 123 WEST FRONT STREET "FURY AND THE WOMAN" Ing, the first In a aeries of fire Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Bennlng and PHONE: Red Bank 343. talks will be given by Fire Com- [ children Billy and Jackie spent the mlssioner Spencer M. Patterson, week-end at Jersey City. FREE DELIVERY, FREE PARKING IN REAR OF MARKET. JAMES NEWILL - "CRASHING THRU" The flro school will bo conducted j Mrs. Homer'Culley and Mrs. H. for period of six weeks and will Mitchell of Roselle Park spent EVERYDAY GROCERY SPECIALS ! Tonight — " J U M B O " — Tonight ' H l follow each meeting of the com- 'day with Mra. Henry Knoctiel. I Mrs. Minnie Eddy Is on the sick FRIDAY - SATURDAY — TWO BIG FEATURES list. Mr. and Mrs.. J. H. Wermert enNew Monmouth. tertained at a dinner party for Mrs. B. Feltman of Clarksburg on her Miss Elizabeth Roberts was a-birthday Sunday.'Those present were week-end guest of her brother a n d l M r g , Feltman, WJlliam and Russell slster-ln-law^Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Feltman and Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Roberts of Rosedale, Long Island. Wcrmert, -Jr. Miss Barbara Block'cr has reThe Junior Thimble club met at covered from scarlet fever. jtho home of Miss Rosemary Salmon Mra. Wilbur Roberts was soloist'of Keyport Monday evening. Tho»e Sunday morning at the Baptist jpreacnt were Miss Grace Noack of church. Rev. William Shilllnger of ;Mlddlctown, Miss Dorothy Delsing of Central Baptist- church. Atlantic I Port Monmouth and Misses Marlon j Highlands, preached at the vesper Langford and Leona Volkland of (Except Chicken nnd Mushroom) ALSO service Sunday afternoon at the local Belford. Plans were made for a church. Selections were rendered nt skating party Friday night. Mrs. Craig Finnegan entertained this service by the Young People's at a tea party Friday afternoon Mrs. choir. (14 Oz.) A meeting of the Ladies' Aid so- H. Forrest, Mrs. W.'Wllhums, Mrs. c "cty will be held next Wednesday M. T. Conroy, Mrs. R. T. Compton, afternoon. JMrs. D, L. Ahearn, Mrs. J, Hubbs, ALL FLAVORS The women of St. Mary's church Mrs. H, Clay, Mrs. E, Wlllett, Miss realized $40 Friday night at a card Josslo Krammar .and Mrs. E. Benparty In Independent Bremen's hall, nett. Belford. Mrs. John Missey and Mrs. I TheV Parent-Teacher association Anthony Bischoff were In charge. A will meet at tho Bolford school next NBC game party will be held for the bene- Monday night. There will be a speInrgc plcg. CRACKERS fit of the church Saturday night, cial Founder's day program under February 17, at the firemen's hall. the direction of Mls« Lackey. ParMrs. Harry Collins, Mrs. Keegan nnd ents nnd friends have been Invited SUN. - MON. . TUES.—Preview Sat. Night pkg. Mips Nellie Murphy will be in chaise, to nttend tho meeting. Special services aro being held with Mra. Mary Eddy has been every Friday night at St. Clement's large pkg. Sr|Pchurch at 7:45 o'clock. Holy communion will bo celebrated Ash Whole or Everett. Wednesday morning, Fobruary T, at Hnlf 9 o'clock. Tho Community Choral Raymond Kolly wan rejected by , IH — rehearsing for a spring ARMOUR'S STAR the Army Air Corps Friday, because' minstrel, show. (Bent Cu(«) of a weak heart. I Mr. and Mrs, Alfred Richardson Walter Aroso, Jr., Is expected home IT turned home Saturday from an. authis wook from Monmouth Memor- tomobile trip to Miami, Florida. They AHMOim'B STAR ial hoslpta], where he underwent an report- that shortly after their arrival at Mlnml tho thermometer was up operation for appendicitis. (Rest Cut*) Mr. and Mm, Joseph O'Brien of to 82 hut that before they left tho New York were week-end guests of temperature had dropped to 27 deFRE8H-KIM.KI1 Bcrnnrd Warnekor nnd family. nbovo zero. They also encoun F.XTUA F XUA K t 8 Mrs. Edna Stllwoll has been con- tcrcd a severe snowstorm on the re(D-e Lbs.) turn trip, Which took thorn seven fined to bed by Illness. Mr. and Mis. Theodore Stllwoll of dnys. , West Caldwell wcro Sunday visitors Our ouitomera *are Tims, Money and Energy by phoning Humphrey BOOART of relatives In tho village. M) or X44 for our dally fr*« delivery to Itumnon, Fair Ilnvrn, More than 100,000 old-fahslonod Lltflo Sllvor, Slirniv«biiry, Mlddletown. Mr. and Mrs. Jones of Newton have sterooptlcon sots, which give a third F l o r a ROBSON rented John Kolly's houno at this dimensional view of pictures, are In pluce. use In schools of the United States. (The Red Batik RtgWtn CHI be boupht In Keyport from CotU Brothers, Mra. Florence Mclce, GUH Senecn, Mrs, Clara Suaaman nnil Mrs. Anna Plofaky.)


Complete Clearance Sale Dresses $5 * $10 -. $15 Hats $3 * $4

Lysbeth Geran 125 Broad Street, ^


Chase & Sanborn (Dated) Coffee


Maxwell House Coffee


Red Bank, N. J.


B E A OE ' H




JE rf

PHONE 1500

ONLY Free to the Ladies! . GENUINE PYREX





at Christ churoh • by Rev, Carroll M. Burck. Next Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, Holy Communion will lie administered 'by Mr. Burck at 10, a. m. , i Fred Wettach li sojourning at Miami Beach, Florida. The: board of health rc-orgnnlied Saturday morning at a meeting at the home of Dr, I* 8. Ylvlsaker The officers elected were b r . L . S Ylvlsaker president, Dr, I* F. MacKentlo, vice president; Fred W. Burst, secretary; Dr, Edwin F. Stewart health officer and Mrs. Agnes i Barker, nurse. Dr. Harry C, Tlcehurst and Francis h. Wainright were named as representatives to the County Regional health' commission. The salaries of the health officers, the nurse and aeoretary were fixed respectively at $300,'$200 and $35. Annual reports of the health officer, nurse and registrar were read.



with Allan Jones • Mary MARTIN • Walter CONNOLLY BEQUEST FEATURE—SAT. NITE -. 11 IV M.





...of fun and music thafmake? wanna dance!

Beech-Nut Coffee

Campbell's Tomato Soup


Campbell's Soups


Campbell's Tomato Juice


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Kellogg's Corn Flakes Ritz


Ivory Flakes



6c 19c 19c 19c


Wed., Feb. 7-J"BI0 QUY" - Victor MoLoglen Thurs., Feb. 8—"MUSIC IN MY HEART" - Tony Mnrtln Fri., Sflt., F»b. 9-10—"BWANEK BIVKH" - Don Amrcho Sun., Mon., Tues., Feb. 11 - I t - IS—"Hunchback of Nntro Dnmo"

Loin of Pork Rib Roast

Chuck Roast

Roasting C Chickens

, Special Kiddies' Show Sat. at 1 P. M. 1

25'» 19 27



1. "New Homestead"— Scrappy Cartoon 2. Temlnlnn Fun"— Sport Beel . 3. "Tlmherland Bevels"— Broadway Follies , * "Hot DORS On Ice!'—

Laterft I»»uo 8, Ttflhcrt nenchley In "That Inferior FcoIInn"

0. "Horowhnll Football"— Morrle Melody

, Kroxy Kat 0. "Know Your History"— Educational

10. "The Orwiii Hornet"— No. B

ft Tror Fond"—

11. "The Groat Victor Bnrbert"

Color' Hhnpiody


T. "Paramount News"—



County Groups pfYWGAHpId Many Sessions


•pent Sunday with Mlsa Virginia will be held at the Reformed church. H Circle and Brneit Mltohef »n<»' Maxley. v Those who will participate are Mrs. Conway of the Boy Heout tr Miss Doris Maxley has returned to Erick Parmly and Mrs. Thomas Mor. of Colfa Neck, her home here following a visit at ford for tho Baptist church; Mra. More than 60 porions attended?' Tuxedp Park and Lake Placid, New. Henry A. Caesar o( numson. New Egbert Schwackhammer and Mrd. Arnold Conover and Joseph Crlns, contest, after which rcfreehme, York. ' _ . - . . . • York banker, who died December. 1, Garret Conoycr for' Christ EpiscoJames Fallon wa* a Red Bank vis- left $50,000 to his wife. Mrs. Laura pal church and Mrs. Herbert A representing the Atlantic township were served. fire company, won a quiz contest itor Sunday, F. Caesar, and residuary Interests to Franck and Miss Phyllis VanHoiiten Monday night by the Miss Virginia Terry spent several her and their two sons, Harry and for the Reformed church. The com- conducted SURPRISE PARTY, >o"ng People's Fellowship of the days last week at her home here. She Charles, a probate petition (lied Tues- mittee of nrrangnments ia made up Colt's Neck Reformed church. The Busy Week Enjoyed Is a student at the New Jersey Col- day d of Mra, George Young, Mrs. Abrnm att $T Y Mlsa Kathleen Maher, daughter York revealed. prize.was $5. Second prize of $2,50 lege for Women, NBW Brunswick. and Much Good Work The will provided-that Mrs. Caesar J VanHoutcn^and Mrs. William B. was won by Mrs, Grace Snedeker and Mr. and Mrs. John Manor of Tin Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Mack and receive $750,000 l n trust If the Spofford. Charles Crlne, representing Atlantic Falls, was tendered a lUtprlm Accomplished daughter, Joanne of Stone road had estate amounted to leas than fl',000,grange, and third prlje of $1 was won Friday night at hjse home by a as their guests Sunday Mr. and Mra. 0OO and that the nons receive, oneby Mrs. Harold G. Gunther and Mrs. of"25 of her young; frlcndi, "" She Woodlyn Bowne and children of tbls eighth residuary shn'ro each if it Charles Flock of the Ladles' Sewing showered with many useful gifts The county board ol the Young place, Mr. and Ml*. Henry W. Schesr club. . . • . at midnighjt - refreshments amounted lo more.than 51,000,000. Women's Christian association met (Tho Red Runic Serlattr can be bouiht son and daughter, Qeraldine of served. " , j Mr. Caesar founded In 1887 the at the nom« of Mrs, Frank c. BorJames Morcau conducted the conKe&niburg and Mr. and Mm. Arthur firm of H. A.. Caosar & Co., factors at the alore of Louis Plotkln.l. den in Bradley Beach Monday alterThe party was somewhat in the} test and the Judges were Charles W. Aumack and children, Arthur, The Atlantic towriship fire company ar^l commercial bankers, which la at noon. Mrs, John Ballantlne of Rum. of a farewell aa Mle» MahJ Beatrice. Aldajano and James of Mat- 485 Fifth avonuc. was called to a fire'at noon Monday Conover, William Flock and Mabel nature son, chairman of the board, presided, awan. \ . -• on the Denise farm, near Freeh'old. MHchel. .Other contestants were la entering the Fltkln Train and for the benefit of new members The Ttre was caused by an over-heat- Miss Mary New and Miss Anna Rlley School for Nuraes at Neptun* MrB. Vincent Karloyg apent Sungave an explanation of th< iet-up ot ed electric stove. No serious dam- of the Ladies' auxiliary of the fire i f l i t t r ttin i n ba « Bed Bed Blnlc Blnlc R Riflittr b bought gt day at Union Beach, where she atthe organization. Mrs. Wlllard Ster- In ((Th« .company; Mrs. Clarence Willett and Boys can make extra pocket money! ] Gratnipsn, G s n M Hirhlanda from ]. Mr, age was done. tended the wedding and reception of ner of Belmar read the minutes of Mulltor, Btdle'ft f drug itori anil Joflfph (The Rol Hunk HeKlstrr ran he boiiRht Mlas Blanche Stanwyck and August James Morcau broke his nose last Mrs; Joseph' Morcau of tho Helping selling The Register.—Advertisements] . the previous meeting, and Mrs, Sttmtn.) In MlildMuwn from J. c. Knight »m! week while swiming In a pool at Dlrnerof that place. Qeorge Heckcl o( Point Fleagant William II. WatcriM Founder's Day will be celebrated Asbury Park. He was treated by the Mlsa Doria L. Maxley has returned gave the trcaium's retort. Mre. by the Highlands Parent-Teacher asMr. and Mrs. R, H. Walker have Asbury Park first aid squad and later to her studies at New York universCarl Meyer, general /secretary, pre- sociation with a special program moved from the Rldgeway house to taken to Fitkin' hospital by Walter ity, following a visit at Lake Placid, eented the group activities in the Thursday night, February 8, in the their new home on King's highway, Durczak for treatment. Mr. Moreau New York. ' county. She stated there were 20 school auditorium. Mm, J. Costlo, recently purchased from Mrs. E. A. and Mr. Durczak were giving swimMrs. Joseph • Thach of Mr. and groups and ten, were In the process Mra. Elisabeth Hellker and Mrs. AnIng tests to Boy Scouts of troop 80 Thirteenth treet were recent guests Sloatc. of organization, The iiiombors of the toinette Beyers are In charge of the Mrs. Barbara Kane spent the when Mr. Morcau was hurt. of Mr. and Mrs. Felix Slmeconskl committee expressed their apprecia- program. , Oliver B. Lane, supervisweek-end nl Now York visiting her Donald Warner, of Catkskill, New and sons, Felix, Jr., and Stanley of tion of the publicity glvon the Y, W, ing principal of the Lakewood pubbrother, William Dcckert. York, was a week-end suest of Miss Orange. C. A. activities, In the county papers lic schools, who was scheduled to . Many from here attended the symLeona Tlmidaiski. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kodan, Mr. and each week. Mrs, keroy Applegate of speak, has' been forced, to cancel the Mrs. Cornelius Clrtln of Orange, Mra. John' Kodan and daughter, Jean phony concert at Rumaon last week. Manaequan presented projects which engagement due to llfneas. Several local artists took part, the former Sally Mack of this place, and Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kodan and can bo carried out in the groups, and "That's Right, You're Wrong," Kay Councilman and Mrs, Richard Rsst Jarries .Williams of Liberty'''sti'eet was a guest of Miss Mary New FriMm. Albert Thompson of. Belmar of- and Miss Emma Que.it lett today for Kyaer'a screen success, will bo nhown eon, Mickey ot Perth Amboy were been lte'pt busy lately feeding da y. fered projects which the groups and West Palm Beach, Florida, where Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. several grey squirrels he has tamed. . Pa 'ati-ick Kelly of this, place rewomen on the committee could pro- they will spend a mogth, Adophc Menjou Is co-atarred with George B. Hatalan. Mlsa Veronica Michalowskl Is on turned home Monday from a trip to Theodore Franzen has returned to j mote In their particular locality. Tea Kyaer and others in the film arc May Councilman George ..Brown Is a motor trip to California. Florida....,. - was served by thb hostess following chairman 4t a committee In charge Robson, Lucille Boll, Dennis O'Kcefo his home here following a .week-end Mrs. Ethel Steuerwald and daugh- .Harriet Goldfarb, daughter of Mr. stay with his .brother-in-law and plsthe business session,' Others present of a dinner to be held in the Metho- and Edward Everett Morton. besides those mentioned were Mrs. dlstcburch basement Thursday, Febtcr, Mr. and Mrs. George A. Kurtz of ter Irene Rie spending the winterin and Mrs. Matthew Goldfarb, has been Florida: ' confined to bed with a cold. Dumonjt Strand Theater. . Everett Cauffiroan of Spring Lake, ruary 22, for the benefit of the LONG BRANCH Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hendrickson Rev. Peter M. Boelhouwcr has | Located 166 Mias Edna Mac Hill has returned Church. Mrs. Henry Patterson, Mrs, Robert "Fury and tho Woman" with Wilnd son Nelson Inft T been confined to bed for the past few STORE Murd'ock and Mm. C. j v Hose of AnSpecial services will be held Ash liam Oargan and Molly Lamorita and •om a visit ot Long Island City. B'way I motor trip to Florida, days, with grip. The first of a series of game par- • Mrs.. Cliarles Lippet, who underbury Park, Mrs. VauNeas of Belmar Wednesday night, February 7, at the "Crashing Through" with James Frank Magce, whn has been spend r ties for the benefit of the Ladies' and Mrs.. Jnmcs Vanderhoven and Methodist church. The Ladles' Aid Newlll will be shown for the last went an operation at Doctors' hosauxiliary of the nre company will pital, New* York, recently Is speedily ing a few weeks in Florida, returned I Mrs, Yvonne Malseh of Manaaquan. society will meet the same night at times today at the Strand theater. home last week. While in Florida he The Triangle group of Asbury Park the home of Mrs. Leo Brachat on Tho double feature bill Friday and b-3 hold Monday night, February 19. recovering and is expected home was a guest of Mr. and'Mrs. EdSaturday will consist of "Missing Evi- Sirs. Camille L,utz will be chairman. shortly. held its regular meeting Tuesday of I "Water Witch avenue, ward Umber of Fort Lau'derdalo. Mr. Mr. and Mis. Raymond Beers of and Mra. Umber are former residents last week at tho homo of'Misses! « " « will be celebrated »t 7:30 dence" with Preston Foster and KcyporL spent the week-end with of this place. Florence Howland and Elnora Cook. o'clock Ash Wednesday morning at Irene Horvey ' and "Roll[ Wagons, Mrs. Bvers* mother, Mrs. Jlury Gould. The meeting waa in charge of Miss the Church of Our Lady of Perpet- Boll," with Tex Rittcr. Lois Conover, daughter of Mr. and ASBURY Located Howland, tho president. Mrs. Carl ual Help. In the evening there will (The Red Bnnk Revlnter can be bought On Sunday they motored to Short Mrs. Charles Conover, has been conbp Rosary and benediction. DistribuIn Tinton Falls at Scott'a atore and from Hills. "' Meyer opened tne meeting with prayfined to her home with chickonpox. I STORE Thomm Calnndridlo at Plna Brook.) Cor Main & Cookman tion of ashes will take place after J. C. Hendrickson received a cerer, ahe then gave a talk to the.,glrla mats and also following the evening Tho Sewing club met at the homo j Charles England, son of Mr. and tificate of honor at the state agri- of Mrs. Frances Sutphin Thursday, j on hair styling to suit the Individual service.- During Lent the services SAVINGS WE DELIVER TO Mrs. William S. England, was grad- cultural show last Aveek at Trenton at which time its yearly banquet was I and this waa followed by a general will consist of the novena devotions SAVINGS uated Tuesday night from,Red Bank for successful farming "for the past discussed. I dlucusslon. Mrs. Anna Sponenberg Monday evening and Stations of the UP RED BANK AND UP 20 years. . •** high school. • His parents attended gave the worship service. The'group Cross and benediction Friday evenAtlantic grange met at tho school _. TO William H. Potter, Sr., of Red Hill Tuesday night, at which timo-the lecthe graduation exercises. TO voted Mrs. Mabel Fauscy Into mem- lngi. The novena servlcei consist of VICINITY. CALL The fire company waa called Fri- road, has recovered from a serious turer held a spelling bee. The next bership,' Mra. Carrie Cunard was a prayers and hymns in honor of the day to a- fire in Samuel illness. LONG BRANCH 1717 meeting will be a Valentine meeting, I visitor. Refreshments were served by Madonna of the Miraculous Picture, _ay tc extinguish „ tho hostesses, Others preaerjt were a short discourse on one of her virJullano's house." The nre, which A Valentine entertainment Is at which time each member is to planned for Wednesday night, Febbring a Valentine for some one in the Mrs. Catherine Qrlflln, MIBS {Cather- tues, reading of letters of thanks and started from an ovcr-hcatod chimine Hoffman, Mrs. Marlon Kogors, acknowledgments for favors grantney, was in between partitions near ruary -14, at tho Reformed church, grange. The meeting will be in Miss Eather Applegate. the chimney and was extinguished The committee in charge Is made charge of Miss Dorothy Thompson ed and benediction. ' before serious damage resulted. Dam- up of Misses Mazie and Helen Ben- and Mrs. Mildred Megill. The Junior group of Asbury Park, Mrs. Slevert Walstrom Is organizTho Ladies' auxiliary of the Atlanage amounted to approximately ?100. nett, Karl Helwlg, Sr., and Wlllard which Is organizing, met at thec homo ing a group ot O)rl Scouts'. McEhvain. tic township fire company held a speMr. and Mrs. Louis Palmer of West of Miss Hotty Slmpaon Frluay. Mlaa Jefferson Cottrell, who Is at Miami, "Invisible Stripes," starring George Long Branch, Mr. and Mrs. Bland . A game party will be held ln the cial meeting Wednesday evening of Phyllis Bartlett was in charge of the Florida, on the yacht Pegasus, writes recreation room of the Reformed lost week at the home of Mrs. Agnes Hcldt and children and Miss Mardevotional period. She also road an that people there have been suffer- Raft and Jane Bryan, will be the church Friday night, February 23, at Martin. At this meeting the womarticle on "i Am No Greater," a story ing, from the extreme cold weather. Strand attraction Sunday,' Monday garet Schultz of Belmar and Mrs. 8.30 o'clock. Refreshments will bo en completed plans for a dance Jack Sanford of New York wero of self-consciousness and how t ° . Tourists, n e a a j d | h a v e o n i y i | g n t and Tuesday. which, will be held tomorrow. Aftei 90 Sunday visitors of the Dean family. served. overcome it, Dlacuaalon on, the sub- 0 i o thlng and can not keep warm. One Luther Chaplain,, a summer resiThe American Mechanics will hold the meeting the women made and Ject was given by Misses Vera d a y t h o t e m p e r a t u r e dropped to 24 PRO dent of Pino Brook, died Monday of a game party in their lodge rooms strung Valentine hearts for dance Moore and Hetty Isaacson. Mra.C.F. d o g I . e e s ^ y , , MrtOi w h | o h is eight last week at his New York homc.Sev- tomorrow night. Prizes will be decorations. Mrs. Martin served reReg. 2.29 Value Itoso has been secured as a new lead- degrees below freezing. cral rooidents of Pine Brook attend- awarded and refreshments served. freshments. The Second Grade mothers of St. er for this group. Other girls atA meeting of home room mothers ed tho funeral. John Spencer ia a new member of Members of the Scobeyville Athhn p n tending tho session were Misses Co- of the Parent-Teacher association Ann's school held a meeting Monday The Ladles' Aid' society of tho the lodge. letic club are planning to organize a leat Huso, Connie CeSarho, Gloria w i l l B e held this afternoon at the 'afternoon at the school meeting "The Christian In Action" will be political club. Walter Durczak, manDcdarno and Ida Mae. Hockenbury. parsdnag* to,organize a «tudy group. I rooms. On the following afternoon a Methodist church will meet this atternoon at the home of Mrs. Wel- the subject for Rev. Abram J. Van- ager, statefl that the first meeting not Free Deliveries to Red Bank girls yesterday Mrs. Andrew Secora has returned ' luncheon was served Iin the lington Wllklns, Sr. The g s met y e y &a,t the Young Houten's sermon Sunday morning at will be held some Urns this week at nnd Vicinity. Men's Christian asaqciattoa;:.to.>.elect t 0 Orang«v»ft«r a Visit'With her |iax- school kitchens, Both of these af Several houses in the Pine Brook the 11 o'clock service nt the Re- the home of one of the members. en ta, Mr. and Mra. William Cottrell. fairs arc preliminaries to the annual section were broken Into during the formed church. The service will i in- Alex Gravelskl got a piece of steel ofllcers. Mia. Hannah Cashlbn la ill at vht card party and bingo to be held to-. >ast week but little was stolen. Tuesday ot last week the Joy ulvclude the chorus "Send Forth.. O God. in his eye one day last week. era of Brielle met at the schooihouse home of her son-in-law and daugh-1 morrow evening in the school c a r d l " Mrs. Margaret Cornell of the Pine Thy Truth and Light." The Scobeyville Athletic club acat that place under the leadership©! ter. Mayor and Mrs. Harry N. John- rooms. Mrs. Regina McGovern is in Brook road was taken to Hazard hosA union service of the three village feated the Freehold All Stars in a charge of arrangements. Miss Loulao Brewer. The L l B Th meeting tig ,on pital Monday morning for observa- churches in observance of tho World's basketball game at the school house Henry Watte'rson WILKEN'S SPECIAL Miss Margaret Mary .Renard and tion. was In charge of the president, Mlsai j j r S i Florence Parker and her Day of Prayer Friday, February 9, Wednesday night of last week. j BOTTLED IN BOND Straight RYE Lela Morton. The girls decided to daughter, Mrs. Joseph Patterson, are John J. Ryan have returned to their A cottage prayer meeting will be respective homes at Newark, followhold a bake sale at the Bridle post- visiting relatives In Tennessee. WHISKEY—SO Month* Old Maryland RYE held tonight at 7:45 o'clock at tho ing a three-day vl3lt with Miss office Saturday, February 10. DIBCUBSidney Williams, formerly a keepBottled under supervision WHISKEY—4 i4-Year-Oia Eotontown Methodist church parsonslons for tho evening were on man- er of th« Twin Light*, I* "at Roose- Ryan's uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. age. Wllkftl Family, Inc. 100 Proof John H. Maxley of Granville Park. ners and basketball rulea. The girls velt hospital, Metuchen. Shrewsbury, township branch of $ met Tuesday at the Manasquan . The Highlands Hl-Y has outlined Misa Mary Calabrcso and Harvey Monmouth County National Urban] $ Methodist church house, and played plans for a new constitution and also Winters of Koyport will be married league, will meet tonight at 8 o'clock —in basketball and sanies under the lead- for the area H-Y meeting which they at St. Ann's church Sunday, Feb- at the home ol Leon Williams of ership of Miss Elizabeth Haaaell. 10 YEARS OLD plan to hold March l i . A committee ruary 4, by Rev. Father Adolph Pine Brook. At a recent meeting, . The Tuxls group of Manaequnn •~~—BfaA€KSTONE— 3-YEAR-OLD ry haa returned to berahip contribution which will go to the school board for use of the | t Mrs. Lester Terr; high school. Miss Jcnnio Frey, pres- school auditorium at that time no her home from tho Monmouth Me- toward tho maintenance of a recreaStraight Rye Whiskey Straight Rye Whi.key" ident, had charge ol tlio meeting and that they might have sufficient fa- morial hospital, Long Branch, witn tion center, Beg;. J.9S 90 Proof . she was assisted with tho program by cilities for entertaining the seven her infant daughter. The child has been named Margaret Ann. • Misses Audrey Stoner, Bornlce other "Y" group* in their vicinity. Full Quart The road to better and bigger busiFull Fifth Miss Adelaide V. Aspo and Thomas ness leads through The Register's adFelmester, Evelyn Anderson, Doris J. Kennothson of Point Pleasant vertising columns.—Advertisement. Okerson, Elizabeth McDowell a nd Beatrice Leltch. The treasurer, Misa Ruth Layton, reported J6.6O in the treasury.' Mlsa Leltch, advisor, ox- m , , R«d Hank Rwlittr can ba bought Pierce's Privatee Stock ' htblted ucrap books mado by Miss In Eait Kaanaburg from Indora Waiting.) King William IV Janet.Rlchman. The group has do-1 M r I , A g n e , R u p p e U W M hostess to BOTTLED BY BELLOWS IMPORTED SCOTCH ILLOWS PHONES 2653 - 4. nated 1ft scrap books to the neaim member* of the Qeraldine Thompson center. Miss Froy reported that a R e p u b ( i q a n u n | t Thursday afternoon Excellent Scotch prollt of J8.78 had been made on sell- t t t h e c i u b hou»e of the Seventh DlsQuality Quality ing writing paper and W on ther- t t l o t M o n a n ( j - Women's Republican One of America's Finest Imported Scotches monsters. Ml«s Louise Thompson o l u b ; T n o a ( j p r e l e n t included Mi's. RIB was appointed to prepare th e write- Marls Lederhouae, Mra, Ruth KrueCHUCK up on the group ior tho year book gor, Beatrice Sank, Verna Hubert, and It was decided to spend $5 on tho Margaret Voorheej, Lillian Krueger, page-for the jjear book. The girls Lillian Stokes Viola1 Engelman, May Full Fifth plan to take a trip to New Yorker Blrtchos, Margaret Hlgglns, Mra. ALL OVER 8 YEARS OLD EVERY CAR IS Philadelphia Instead of having, a Rote> Rauich Mrs. Olrard, Mr*. TurKeg. W.19 OW is the t(m« to grab a Mother and Daughter banquet this bln, Mr*. Holleran, Mrs. May Bupp, bargain in a used car or , ("WINTERIZED*1 FOR Mrs, Mildred Young and Mrs. Elizayear, used truck! These ire not Limited Close-Out Items All at ONE PRICE \ Olrls of sophomore age met at the beth Vallance, "ordinary" used car pricta, [WINTER COMFORT/ Manasquan Health center yesterday 'The John Murphy Social club will and not "ordinary" ustd cars. 26 Bottles Hildick's CROWN PRINCE to organize a group. Officers will he hold a game party and dance at, Every one la conditioned— APPLE BRANDY Murphy'* hall tomorrow. "Winterised"—for winter LONDON DRY GIN elected, at. the next meeting. In Decnnter Bottles « (.4 driving protection! Miss Claire Hill waa hostess to the BriVep serviced...Battery winterised Tho women members ot the John PLATE BEEF—FRIDAY ONLY ft. 5c for eaiy i t i r t t n r . . . Winter tre«ae antl FIFTH < P l member* of the Squan circle at her Murphy Social club held a card Save tha coot of putting FULL QUARTS $ J_ oll.,.Radlitor serviced for winter,,, yotn present car. in winter K o g . 1.49 •"" homo B'llday night. Mrs. Yvonne party last week with Miss Edna. Windshield wiper -that work*...Safe FRESH CHOPPED BEEF 2 lb». 25c tires...Free from uiual winter troubles. shape." You'll bo money ahead Malsch' la leader of the group. Mini Rohrba.ch and Mra. Anna RoHrbach in the long run to snap up Aristocrat American Imperial CORDIALS Dorlar Perkins, president, presided, aj hostcsaes, The winner* were Mrs, FRESH CALI HAMS ft. He one of these amazing "buys"! and MIBS Toddlo Collins waa In Sndlo Swlnbourne, Mr*. Ross Doyle, Blackberry, Apricot, CHAMPAGNE Come In this week and pick EVERY CAR IS) charge of the worship service. Each Mrs. Flora Frlmt and Mrs. Ruth (.'reins de Cocao A Fruit Industrie* Produrt. ALL PORK SAUSAGE MEAT 2 fts. 25c the model you want...your member took part In a discussion-on Ruhman. Refreshments were served. Keg. 1.01) {J Keg. 1.81) car In trade and plenty of time ! GUARANTEED / William Devaney ot Kentucky avetno topic "To What ffixtont Should LARGE 2S-OZ. SIZE

„ A flf I 1 instead of Wodneeday. An Invitation Seventh District Men and Women's LARGE A C-f BeirlntT the famoui Dodge Dealeri 8eal of Dependability, these cars havo was received from tho. Komoko Republican olub Wednesday, at the FUI,L FIFTH TODAY'S SPECIAL 23-OZ. HOT. ^ Ior Y\ aBuarmlee o\ honeit.dependablff value. group ot Spring Lake Heights to b» olubhouse, They bear alio the TripItvCheclied T a j their guest* Monday night, February 1938 —certifying appearance, condition, Mrs. Lou Zlnk of Crescent street IMPORTED WEST INDIES IMPORTED FRENCH price. ' .' * ID, Miss Dorl* Johnson acted as re- has fully recovered from a reennt White Rose ^ _ _ l and ITALIAN porter In the absence of Miss Poggy hip Injury, VERMOUTHS Cook, who Is 111. Tho 8 l r l a Pl»« to Mr*. William Roughgarden ot DOMINO GRANULATED SUGAR .5 fts. 24c GOLD & WHITE EVERY CAR IS attend tho Round Table and Lcadora1 Monmouth parkwty Is confined to LA R O E SO-OZ. MIZK meeting at Klboron next Wednesday her home by illneis. HEINZ'S TOMATO JUICE . 3 cans 19c Full Fifths [SPECIALLY PRICED night, February 7. Mrs.. Hill and Mr. and Mr*. Michael Young of Radio and i n s . Carl Meyer were visitors at the Ocean avenue spent the week-end \ T O MOVE OUT PINK SALMON large can 2 for 29c TREE TOP Imported Holland Heater meeting. ' with frlendi at Cildwell. Apple Brandy Heineken's BEER A new group which has boon orTREE-RIPE JUICE ORANGES 15 for 25c The Qaraldlne Thompson Repubganizing In Mananquan met at the lican unit will meet today at the hom« ol Ml** Alice Larson Monday fir* houit on Thompson avenue. FANCY McINTOSH APPLES 3 fts. l i e We site telling to mmy n«w Dodge snd Full Quarts The Ideal Beach CIA of tha Keann. night. Eleotlon of oitlcor* wa* held n Plymouth cars that we must mova our Seedless Grapefruit 5cj Mushrooma 17c and Mle* Reba Holman waa made burg Methodlat'ohuroh held a card stock of trada-lns fast—and can afford to CALIFORNIA.FINEST WINES president. Othor oincor« aro Miss party Monday afternoon at the lirepries th«3o used m a and mod trucks 'way Onn Owner -1 Now Cur Honor Brand California below thtlr value I. Alice Larsen vice president, Mlas house. Mrs. Elizabeth Vallanoe of Guiminlfe. Helon Comb* secretary ond MIBB Hudson avenue was In charge. Madeline Johnson treasurer, Mrs. Lo- Mrs, Rose Doyle and Mrs. MarFROSTED roy Applegate, a member of tho Man< garet" Joyce were hostesses at a asquan committee, met with tho cjljla gathering of the John Murphy Soor and exhibited article* made of Den- cial club yesterday, niaon paper, A get-togeth«r meeting Mr*, Jean Miller entertained at a A Fruit Industrie* Product tf ^ag ' will b« held In Blbsron next week, card party thli week for tha Charand the next regular meeting will ba ity court, Order of thi Amaranth, at her home on Krueger place. at the home of MIM 12-mmrp The Komoko group ot Spring, Lake Full 20ft by Volume ItKO. 1.30 • • " , • • ^ml Supported by Merchant*. Height* met Monday of lait week at nnrluifn bunch The Rid Bank RtgisUr Is sup-, tho homo of Mlsse* Edith and Vivian Dodge & Plymouth Dealer by local ai well at out-of-, PIERCE'S la Located 169 B'dwiy, Warner. Miss.Alma Tllton, prenl- porttd town business usiness men, Advertisement* dent, presided, and MlBsVlylan War-- B p p w i r | n g w - K U |, r i y t m th« itory— WII Miilm Delivery to Utid llnilk and, 149 Went Front St., Red Bank And Please Don't Forget the Birds ner fcad charge of AdvertlMmwit. < lod. The gtrli ar* working on a friendship quilt which thay expect to flnlsh. by the time they have their ' Culton Theater. Mother *nd Daughter banquet, when ' It will be on display. The Mtasii ' "Meet Dr. Chrlatlan" with Jean Heriholt In tho title role will be | Warner will entertain Monday night, February 19, when their group will shown today at the Carlton theater. The- feature attraction Friday and entertain the Squan Circle of ManSaturday will be "The Great Victor asquari. . 1 Herbert, ' Paramount'* adaption of There will be a Leaden' and Bust neas dirts' Get-together Wednesday the life of the Immortal American night of next walk, February 7, at composer, Walter Connolly enacts the home of Mr*, Miles Uamula, 312 the role of Herbert and Allan Jones Klberon boulevard, Elbiron at 8:50 and Mary Martin are starred In the o'clock. Following . a covered dish romantic roles, The picture is filled supper, Mr*. Ruth J?«quine and Mrs. with the delightful songs of the,great Elizabeth Morris will take charge. compoaer of musical comedies, many Mra. Jessie Nelsen will be In charge of which aro sung: by Mr. Jones and Mi«s Martin. "Jesse James" with Tyof the worship service. rone Power and Henry Fonda will be repeated Saturday night at 11 o'clock.


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front steering; division. This wag very pretty race, and although It was taken by the Ungwe'i It was not until on the lait part of the homeward journey that she was a sure winner, The Flyt) Aces hung' up a victory beating, Orrln Leach's Wljjll by only. by three pins Monday in the Rid 10 second! over the TK-mlle Journey. Bank Junior ^ high school bowlingA prlie offered by Mri. W. A. Rullleague on th» Recreation hall alman of. Red Bank for boata of the leys. The 'Aces defeated the Alley Class C division of the Monmouth Ice Cats to lead the league, In the Hamilton Quintet Boat fleet brought out eight starters, other match the Alley Buiters lost they getting away shortly before four to the Green Hornet*. o'clock and giving the spectators the , Scores Sefcond Win The results: Five Aces—Talsrloo official closing race of. the day. Over Smithmen ISO, Q. GulllUms 84, Wlgbtman 80, This race was won by Doijald Dlx 7B, Leanens 88, 447; Alley Cats Asay's Teal II, which was withdrawn - S c o t t 108, Jones 103, Wilde 98, Representing the Monmouth Boat •fThe accurate shooting Hamilton Schmidt 85, Smith' M, 444; • Green In the previous Class C race because olub, Charlie Allaire, Jr., two-year thelr craft on the Ice. It was a fan MONMOUTH ICE YACHT CLUB CLASS of a dulled runner. In the Interim high school buketeers chalked up Hornets—Olson 113, Dell'Omo 106, J. title hblder of the New Jersey state C—JAMES T. CLAYTON MEMORher runner was put In condition and their second victory of the season Gutlliams 104, Rablto 103, Zuckerrace and the spectators saw a real Comet sailing ohamplonriilp, will sail IAL TROPHY AND SEASON Long Branch Club she romped home the victor over the over Coach Carl Smith's Rod Bank man, 56, 461; Alley • BusUM—Wlnexciting finish'when Reuben Whit' POINTS tomorrow ' In competition. with • a Lucky Too by only eight second's high school team Monday night on gerter 87. Dillon 81. Selbert 'TS, sailed his championship craft honv Start, 8:37. Course, 7V, Miles number or other boats in the Inter3:64:12 |T»e Teal Is being sailed by Donald. the local aohool gymnasium 39 to Tonekln 60, Hadaway H, 383. to Send Two Boats to victory over Edward C. Fiedler'i Teal II. Donald Asay . national Comet championships which Rainbow II, sailed by Irving Van- Lucky Too. P. Blalidell .l:55:«s iHubhard and Harry Pitcher, who are 2?, In a Central Jersey group three are being held at Puerto Rico. ' Shot in Final Seconds Brunt, by the narrow margin of fly Murad."ir'j"'Ho'wTi"nd' .".'.'IT.'."..'...' 3:S«:05 the crew of. Harry McMahon's Class conference game. In the preliminHere for Contest— Sleet II, J. E. Howland 3:58:30 Young Allaire, accompanied by seconds in the ten-mile event. A.. Breeze during the lay-off of Donary, game the Red Bank Jayvees deDecides the Contest Sno-Uae, Samuel Crooks .....'. 4:01:00 Theodore D. Mcjore, vloe president ald Asay. who sailed his o,wn craft feated the visiting scrubs 29 to 26, Other boats In the race to finish In Reindeer, William W. Vauehn —. 4:02:01) ' Much Rivalry „ of the Monmouth Boat club, and D.N.F. until he sustained two broken ribs Hamilton waa by far superior, takthe order named were Ruppert and Zero, Harold Schulti Councilman Kenneth Wyckoff, sailed In one of the fastest and moil SKEETER ASSOCIA- In an ice boat accident approximate- ng a substantial lead at the close Gilllg's Pirate sailed by Oscar and INTERNATIONAL TION EVENT Thursday on the 8.8. Coamo for thrilling games of the season, Krei Frank Brand, Thomas Irving First Heat—Start. 1:10:30. Course 714 ly two weeks ago.of the first quarter 10 to i and at '• hold high, school basketball team Puerto Rico. Sunday's summaries:. Brown's Phantom sailed by Jam half time led 10 to 13. They continued Miles came'.from behind- In the last twi The New Jersey champion, who Stokes and Charles Soden, Harry Hot Toddy, W. D. Smith 1:48:30 MONMOUTH ICE YACHT CLUB heir scoring attack In the last half last year defended his title at Stone minutes of play and defeated Rum 1:47:42 CLASS C—ADDISON J. HOWLAND CUP by dropping In 11 and nine points, reMcMahon's Breeze sailed by Donald Wljjll, Holbrook Smith Course 1'4 Miles; Start 10:54:50 Hojjll, Orrln T. Leach D.N.F. son high school; 30-28, Tuesday nigh Harbor, will sail Mies Marjorie Hubbard and Harry Pitcher, Benja- Mops, Eaat and Owner . Finish spectively. In the third and fourth Donald Slcklts D.N.F. Moore's boat, Margloo II, under the Beat Presbyterians and on the Freehold court, min L. Atwater's Pet sailed by her Sleet II. J. E. Howland 11:00:00 quarters. Red Bank was outscored Second Heat—Start, 2:58 Callaret sank a foul shot after be- flying burgee of-the Monmouth Boat owner and Steven Ran, and Benja- Hot Toddy D. N. F. in every period, 3:12:30 Teal II, Donald Asay club, • ' y ', ' _ 3:16 ;30 EASTERN DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP— min C. Fincke's Bobby sailed by Irv- Hojill Ing fouled by Jack .Delanoy and tic Y . M . H . A . Cager. Herman Fazzone was the big gun Cale. A. Slebka 3:15:32 INTERNATIONAL SKEETER The1 races will be held tomorrow, ng VanBrunt and Irving VanBrunt, Wljjll the count at .28-28, A lew secondi „ 3:16:25 in Red Bank's attack, scoring five The Brat of a. series of best two Jr. ASSOCIATION Saturday and Sunday. Providing Al' in Y. M. C. A. Loop ater. Calleret came through agaii Parka Loean : 3:16:40 Court* TVS- Miles: Start 11:11! field goals and two foula for a total nut of three races for the Class A Mops ; D.N.F. Boat and Owner ' FlnUh of 12 points, while BUI Anderson, and tent the ball through the loo; laire wins the championship the »lx> Ice boat championship pennant of The Monmouth Ice Yacht club's 11:30:112 An incident In Saturday's Class A Hot Toddr. W. D. Smith foot-burgee of the Monmouth Boat' North America will be contested for race was a Journey of 7% miles over event and which might have caused Hojjll, O. T. Leach 11:30:26 Hamilton guard, tallied teven field Osborn's mill'and the Little Silver with a awiablng sound from past 'tin olub will be flown atop of the clubWljjll, Holbrook Smith 11:30:27 goala. on the Red Bank courso this wcek- he same triangular course sailed by serious Y teams still remain the only ones center of the^court and put the coun house at Puerto Rico for « period injury to both boat and crew Rait, Arthur Zlnk'a 11:31:30 | y «atcrs in the lead for the remain' end. The pennant Is held by the the Class A boats. This race was Question Mark, Parks Lognn D. N. F. I Tomorrow.night the Smith cagero to be undefeated In the Red Bank Y. ng seconds; of the contest of -time signifying that the MunNorth Shrewsbury Ice Boat and sailed in a sVIH heavier blow than happened just after the race Vhlle NORTH , SHREWSBURY ICE BOAT AND will meet Neptune on the local high M. c. A. basketball league, The motith Boat club- of Red Bank, Mew Yacht club, of Red Bank and the ;hat of the Class A race which pre- Skipper Atwater was letting" his boat school court and next Wednesday 'earns - Thursday night on the "Y" The score was a see,-saw affair th Jersey, was winner of the InternaYACHT C L U B drift into the wind under the lee of club Is the Long J cchallenging, g g g Branch ceded^ It and the skippers just the Molly Pitcher hotel bank. As CLASS A FOR W. H. H. WHITE MEMOR- night will play at Woodbrldge In a :ourt respectively won from the Y. whole evening with Rumoon beln tional ehamplqnehlps, ' •"•"~'"7,'~" IAL TROPHY-AND-POINTS ON B d Y c h t cliiB of Long Central Jersey ffroup three confer- M. H. A.. 68tb T, aSd'lHrPfeibyter- behind at the end of the first quar Ice Boat and Yacht cliiB of g Ifiovcd tfieTF crafF"foT~alPlKiy~wcrT lie boat was brought to a standstill. F. I). WIKOFF TROPHY With this .entry, made possible ence game. ans, 39 to 36. In the other game of er when Freehold scored elgh Branch. The event will be sailed worth. Courst, 10 Miles; Start 2:47:30 it was noticed that the stock of her | RED BANK he night, the1 Red Bank Rebels beat points and the Rumson team tallle through the efforts of Mr. Moore, over the local club's triangular Boat' and Owner . Finish Romping home by a margin of ten port runner had broken during the f P he 112th Field Artillery team, 60 to leven, At half time It was Rumeon'i Rc.o> Bank will again come In tor 3:04:1*5 course of two and one-half miles, leconds over her nearest contender ace and the 3teel shoe was hanging Pirate, Rupptrt & Gllllg 14 II. E. 0. Fiedler 3:05:07 Fn77.one, f. .. urn to take the lead by two points widespread publicity, both national23. eight times around, a-^total distance was Commodore "Bud" Blalsdell's o the stock by only one small bplt. Rainbow Breeze, H. McMahon 3:06:55 Gcronl, f Vuccarelll, I. .ol 20 miles with a time limit of DO ,ucky Too sailed by James Stokea Had the shoe dropped off during the Bobby, B. C. Flncke Freehold was held to three, points ly and Internationally. The < trio Is .1:011:12 STANDING OF THE TEAMS ..3:09:40 R. Klsllii. f. .. W L nd.the Purple team scored six oh expected to return to Red Bank on minutes. , and Charles Soden, who benched ace there's no telling what might Pet, B. L. Atwater Oiborn-s Mill T. I. Brown D. N. V. Vettral, c Commodore Augustus M. Mlnton of ;heir Class A craft Phantom to jump lave happened, particularly If the Phantom, field goals, by Harold Peters, Bud Lincoln's birthday. Comet, Dr. W. A. Rullman D. N. F. AUIer, it Little Silver :'. _ 8 The Margloo II was carefully thB defending club has been notified into the Lupky Too for this event. 'et was near any other craft at the Znser, K Boyle and Ted Hammond.' Freehold Red Bank Rebels ..' 2 OPEN RACE—FRONT STEERERS— Snkowlti, K. by Commodore Everett C. Gillam of Mr. Howland's Murad sailed by Steve ;lme. Y M. H A " ".... 1 Course 7 li Miles; Start 3:14 cane back strong In the final two stored In the hold of the steamship jneobun, K. .. with nine other comet boats from Boat and Owner , Finish Field Artillery 0 the challenging club that the chal- Olnas finished second. Donald Hubperiods, outecorlng Bumapn In both Vice President Atwater lmmedl- Llngwe'. E. C. Fiedler 3:30:110 Presbyterian 0 lenging craft will be. brought over Dard and Harry Pitcher, also a Class tely got busy and with the help of Wljjll. Wood and Callerot led the home team tho Eaat. • Holbrook Smith : 3:30:10 GAMES TONIGHT. Also malclng the trip were John from Long Branch tomorrow and A crew in the Breeze in the previous lis sailing mate, Mart P. Haviland, Hot Toddy II : 3:30:50 in the third quarter. Callaret with Fresb'yterlaoa vs. Osborn's Mill, .' g , Hot Toddy I of Philadelphia, president of 3:31:00 Cryan. f. •will be put in readiness for the first ace, took Donald Asay's Teal for Field Artillery vs. Y. M. H. A. Is sharp eyes on long shots Bank Eiman d others, th h was able b to t gett a new Hojjll, O. T. Leach ,nd he 3:31:50 tiie Comet association, accompanied Red Bank Rebels vs. Little Silver. race of the series, scheduled for Sat- his event and finished third. Other Maltlm, / wo from mid court. Wood's work by Mrs. Elman. Gale, Arthur Zipk« 3:31:51 Steinert, RED BANK REBELS I urday morning. :raft in the race to finish In the or- unner stock turned out before the MONMOUTH ICE YACHT CLUB i l JUKeever, c 0 F P inder the basket netted four points, The boats expected to be brought der named were J. E. Howland's lay was over and the Pet was ready CLASS C—MRS. W. A. RULLMAN PRIZE T. Allirccht, c 0 0 B. Buchanan, f. .—>. .'.... 9 1/19 trutak and Hance contributed field to Red Bank from Long Branch are Sleet,sailed by her owner, and "Red" when the next race was called. Course 7 VI Ulles: Start 3:40 Bell, K. , 1 5 Spenee, p , I, * 0 10 [oala to total up ten points for FreeMisfortune again befell Thomas Boat and Owner , Finish J. McKccvcr, K 0 4 Bud Buchanan, e , 1 1 15 T. Fraier'Price's X: L. N. C. and Hogan; William W. Vaughan's Rein0 14 E. Piecolle. u. 1 IS loltl. . E d Peters came through with II.'Donald Asoy 3:55:30 'Anderson, K _. Frank Johnson's Princeton, although deer sailed by John J. Conklln and rvlng Brown's entry. ThU time It Teal 1 I hree field goals and Ted Hammond Lucky-Too, F. Dlalsdell 3:65:38 each club; has the right to withhold Donald Sickels, Walter Mahn'6 ras his Class A Phantom sailed by Slc»t II, J. E. Howland -. 6 39 Newman, s 3:56:56 *' foul shot.to total seven points for and _ . Stokes , . ,Charles , ,Soden, , . Murnd. A. J. Howtand 3:57:otl ' Phil Sakowltz was the hero' of the naming tnelr official entries until tho Windy III sailed by her owner and ,.ames L Humson, with tho, county Beaters I12TK FIELD ARTILLERY* 3:5R:oo Red Bahk-Carteret Central jersey preparatory signal is given for the Bryant Laurie and Jack White's Sno- he Phantom waa being hauled close ! gni-Uae, s. Crooks O aklng the. lead once again at 21-20, n the wind and w a s rapidly bearing ilKndcer. vir. Vsughan 3:55:40 start of tho race. H Sc Use sailed by Samuel Crooks and lown on the turning- stake on the I ^f": >:ero, H.4:00:00 sey Group three game Friday night Bauer,- f f Sehu A"'« The fourth quarter proved to be a 2 Windy I InI . W. Mahns 4:(II):2S wnen In an overtime It U not known which boats of the Donald Oaborn. j period he Cuslek, t. last of the. second round and in a i ."'as, tin. Worthl.y D. N. F. _ 4 hrlller for the crowd ot spectators Ik III fi Wthl D N F k Post, o local fleet will be sent to the line 1 position to get third place when her L T h e decided drop In the wind over 4 dropped a shot for Red Bank's sec- Adams, g Friday's summaries: hat packed the gym. Rumson wenf to defend the pennant. The North ond victory In the Central Jersey DeFllllpo. e 0 Win 28-19 in Contest main street parted causing, her skiplut In the lead lor a few seconds | t h c strength of'the breeze Saturday A Shrewsbury club events so far this NORTH SHREWSBURY CLUB CLASS o —OEORCE W. DOLUVER CU11 AND ->n to wlthdraTw her from the race, a n a aunday caused Monday's Class conference and the fourth ot the sea- Sturnlcld, » md then Freehold retaliated and season based on point credits s'how POINTS ON FRED D. WIKOFF to Aid Infantile 10 I 23 ook the lead. Jack Delanoy, play, t was Mr. Brown's Say When that A r a c e o f t h e N o r t h Shrewsbury club son. The score was 28 to 25. Harry McMahon's Breeze, Reuben TROPHY. The game was packed with excite- Rebels ... 24 22 10 4—60 went wild two weeks previous and t 0 b e s a l i e d in somewhat slower time. n g h l s first game after a brief 111White's Ellsazeth R., and Ruppert Course, 10 Miles; Start 2:35. Artillery ment Irom start to finish with the I—2! Paralysis Fund -Defore fetchlng_up she snapped h e r ! | temperature on Monday The r slng «ss, hit the rim of the basket time and Gllllg'B Pirate to be the three Bo&t and Owner Finish f score see-euwing throughout. At tho fter time with seconds to go .but ....2:57:20 unner plank amidships before run caused the snow hummocks to soften outstanding boats and the local Re- Elisabeth K., R. White OSBORN'S MILLS P P failed to send the ball through the ad, E. C. Fiedler 2:57:36 Ing Into McSlahon's Breeze for and this also slowed up the boats to intermission Red Bank trailed 15 to Coach Frank Weinheimer gave his gatta committee will make their se- Rainbow 'Irate, Ruiuiert & Gllllg 2:57:46 'hich craft she was directly headed. a great degree. The race for points 12 and at the close of the third per- D. Osborn, i. 0 U lection of two boats from these three Phantom, T. I. Brown _ 2:57:55 1 11 ords for a ecorei Callaret's long reserve varsity men plenty o f action A. Osborn, J. iod Red Bank held a 20-to-18 margin. n a later race the Say When turned | season's trophy was taken by on the 4 Sreexe, H. McMahon ..... 2:58:10 2 10 ihot passed from the middle of the Friday night on the high school court point leaders. / Carmen,, c 4 B. Li Atwstet 3:00:00 •ver three times during the event , Harry McMahon's Breeze leavlng her Carteret came from behind to knot Ayres, tr. e is lOUrt decided the contest, Callaret In a game with the Red Bank Quads According to the conditions, the Pet, Bobby. B. C. Flncke ....3:01:20 l » Scheldt, s. _ _ boats sent to the starting lino by .1ONMOUTH ICE YACHT CLUB CLASS' C hlch of course prevented her from ! contenders well in her wake. Reu- the score In the fourth quarter. id the scoring for the evening with tor the benefit of the Infantile par0 6 Sakowitz's shot came in' the over- Calandrlellu g Hnishing for season points credit, ben White's Elisabeth R. looked like both clubs cannot be replaced by any —ADDISON J. HOWLAND CUP L points. Ed PCters and Ted Ham alyils drive, with the Red Bank team he Say When has since beeh housed time period and was sunk from mid AND SEASON POINTS a winner until on the last leg of the other boats during the series. lond shared honors for Runujon winning, 28-19.or the season. Coune, T / i Miles; Start 8:34 race the Breeze was favored by occa- cOurt after Carteret failed On two The North Shrewsbury Ice Boat r.u. H. A. coring elgfir points each. G Coach Weinhelmer started his enSunday brought another recordBoat and Owner Finish sional puffs which the Elisabeth did attempts. Sakowltz was high scorer and Yacht club will be host to offif •« : 3 Ruinson Jv's put on a drive- in the tire rcecrve team with the exception Too, F. Blalsdell : 3:53:UO reaking crowd to town and again not get and this accounted in a large for both teams with eight points Levlnsky, cers and members of the Long Lucky Polln, f 0 second halt of 'their game and scored MurnS, A. J. Howland 3:53:10 of Bud Boylo, regular guard on the n - 0 Branch aggregation and will have 'enl II. Donald Asny 3:53:30 larking space was at a premium, j measure for her victory . T h e Ellsa- while Ray VaccarelH and Tommy Kallaman, c 12 points to seven for their oppon- varsity.' The first half of the contest 1 3:55:30 wery point of advantage where , b e t h n n i s hed second, Benjamin C. Vtttrel of Red Bank followed with Oellnsky, u open house for their guests. Captain ileet II, J. E. Holland ents. The Purple team was 11 points was closely played, with the Quads W. Vaunhn 3:55:40 1 Edward M. Little, chief steward of Heimleer, Windy HI, W. Manna 3:57:311 an automobile could be parked a n y jFincke'a Bobbv sailed by Delford M, six each. 8 12 20 23—63 behind, at half time with Freehold scoring six points In the first quarTommy Vettrel made his first ap- Osborne tho local club, and his committee will Sno-Use, S. Crooks ....3:57:40 where near tfte scene of activity | F t s her third. Thomas Irving Brown's . 2 0 8 2— " going to the looker • room with 18 ter while the home team hung up ma n5 w see to it that the visitors are well fed - . I " ™"f°. , \ J ? ° .Phantom carrying the rig from his pearance In the varsity starting line- Y. M. H. A. Saturday was a full day for the * " i , . * ?":•.points while the Rumson had' only four.. Led by Johnny Scheldt's floor their cars well up In town I j | during their stay here, he substituted for John s m a n j ] e ( j g a y YVhen fourth and up when LITTLE SILVER ce yachtsmen, both skippers and work, the Quads outscqred their opfive, P The local ice yachtsmen have had •egatta committee. There was no nd walked the short distance to Benjamin L Atwater'a Pet fifth. Ru- Natale, high scoring center, Katalo FREEHOLD. • ponents again in the second by one an exceptionally busy week, and the ack of wind and no lack of a pro- he river front. pert & Gilllg's Pirate was withdrawn was suspended from school for a R. Slocura. I point when they tallied eight to I 2. 12 Besides four official Ice boat races on the second lap due to the light week for playing hookey. Soverlo, t — 9heehy. f, ..•.-• •••••"•• full schedule has not only brought ;ram, the North Shrewsbury Ice " . ^ 2 0 seven for the Purplo team. Pound, c — —• out a large fleet but has also pro- oat and yacht club having a Class here were other attractions that and variable airs which at times 2 0 4 Wood. t. CARTERET. Van Dyke, H a n e e ; f, ......w.« v " y , 1 2 4 Tho third period ended in a deadduced more friendly rivalry between L race and the Monmouth Ice yacht ileased the multitude of spectators. caused the skippers to get out and -••• D. Sl Slocom, (T. ;;;;;;;;; i . 0 10 M u s i r a v e s , «. o 1 3 lock on field goals by Harry Qreenskippers and crews than ever before. lub having a Class C race. Two of These included skate sailing, plain .push their boats to keep them from Vlrae, f. „ Valevlxlus, c. ••••• O'Connor, s 1 11 wodd of the Quads 'and Harold Mai f ... ~Callaret, I —a Yesterday afternoon there were he three heats of the International nd figure skating, watching men being becalmed. n o | King, t. ".'.. Krutak. e PRESBYTERIANS two races, one for Class A boats of ikeet'er class were also finished dur- ipear lor-eels, etc. 0 o o Peters' of the Weinhelmer squad. In Commodore Blalsdell's Lucky Too Gluchoski, e. Goodman, g ..: o The day's card of Ice boat events the final quarter the Red Bank team tho North Shrewsbury fleet for the ,ng the day. Raymond, c. '.'.'.'.'."" 1'.'." V.'. 1 gathered more points to her credit 11 4 10 scored twice as many points as the nder the auspices of the local O Forbes, t Wndink, e .. Commodore James B. Weaver Me1 Gllland, f RUMSON. The heats of tho skeeter class :lubs included, two races by boats by taking the Class C event Monday Ginda, ff Runuon team. Ayers, Don Osb'ourne zxiorlal trophy and season points on „ 2 Milttiews. t » 2 afternoon under tho auspices of the Beech, (t. , and Harry Greenwood- scored two the Fred D. Wikoff cup and a Class ,vere sailed before and after the if the Monmouth ice yacht fleet, a Monmouth Ice yacht club In which Carhart i' . * . .. 0 .2 -• ' g bove club events, the Initial heat 'lass A event of the North Shrews•a.ch.taitnake-a. total,-of-lipoint*, for- C race for the Monmoulh Ice Yacht Uf--dlTJrthrnT-fi'T"6}'"'ETH; 1 •4here-were-eighi-start«rsi"It-A :he Quads. Bob Newman, Ted Hirc s p slow race taking nearly half an hour F P no o'clock and the other shortly ivlslon of the International Skeetrhond and Bud Boyle scored a field 4 and a trophy offered by Clayton and Faixonc, f .... tefore three o'clock. Although the r association and an open race for for. the winning boat to make the dis- R. 2 goal eacH to make tip Rumson's sHx Klslin. 1 Magec1. tance of only 7V, miles. The Teal 6 wind was at times In gale proporront steerers. VaccarelH. I points. . In the Class A event, the Pirate finished second, the Sno-Use third, Vettrel. c e iona and the air crisp with a low The first race of the day was the Reindeer fourth, Sleet II fifth and 1 •won over seven other contenders by Zasrcr. 8 Bob Ayere, led the scoring for th* 1 eight seconds. The Breeze nosed out hcrmomcter reading the ice yachts- nal for the Addlson J. Howland Windy III sixth. The othjsr starters Adler, U Freehold evening with five field goals for a 108 men kept true to their form by rophy for Class C boats of the Sakowlti, « Ktferee, Dlllenbiek; umpire, Besiwarger. polnt total. Bud Boyle once again the Elisabeth R for second place by did not finish. three seconds. .Other boats In the mtting OD._sorne exceptionally, fine Monmouth club over a course of 11 • 28 led the purple team with four field FREEHOLD J V Monday's summaries: miles. There were only two race, finishing In the order named, lerformancea "with" the^r respective Carteret S. 6 8 8 0—26 goals for eight points. NORTH SHREWSBURY ICE BOAT AND raft. tarters, J. E. Howland's Sleet II were Thomas Irving Brown's PhanRed Bank 4 8 8 « 2—28 Boyls, I YACHT CLUB—CLASS A—POINTS ON F. The Rumson Jv'e won over the The skeeter craft are of a recog- nd Donald Asay's Teal II. This Urbane, f Refereea. Stlne, Carhart; scorer, Farrell; tom, Benjamin C. Finck's Bobby, Ira D. WIKOFF TROPHY Fair Haven Bears In the preilmlnOantretnl, I ——timer, Worden, Crouse's R u t , Benjamin C. Atwatcr's ilzed design, registered in many as taken handily by the Sleet, the Appleaat*, «. ••— Course. 10 Miles—Start. 2:41:30 iry tilt, 27-21, Jack Ford led the 'eal withdrawing on account of :ountrles where ice yachting Is carPet and Commodore Edward C. Porter, a*. and Owner ' Flniah ichool boys with eight points. Carl ..... ^ led on os a racing sport. The aving dulled her port runner and BBoat 3: Fiedler's Rainbow. reeie, H . M c M o n Mateallt. I i Breese. H. McMahon i'\i'^ rakubecy paced the visiting team R., R. White 3:2o:10 Oraenberar, ft*. — The Class A fleet will be sent to vents of these small boats of the ot being able to hold to the lee Ellsaheth .. 4 Bobbr, B. C\ Flneke 3:21:10 Bbb B C F l k Wood. 26 P P DNF phy and for a trophy offered by ly taken for compiling. After the or the Eastern Division champion- Pirate.'Ruppert * Gllli« Sister Prominent at RUMSON JV'l. Deliler. f 0 I hip for the skeeter boats. This MONMOUTH ICE YACHT CLUB. arlous elimination contests are conCharles Schneider, proprietor of G 1 1 E Feteri, f Men's Club Defeats as taken by W. D. Smith, with SS C—STRAND RESTAURANT .... 0 Schneider's market on West Front luded for the season, the tally Nawnun,' t. ...» Ford, f. • Miami-Biltmore PHY AND SEASON CUP POINT Julllvan, I. .... heets are then forwarded to head- ils Hot Toddy, who also took the Sheehan, I. street. Byrnes Five, 54-47 RACE— H, Peters, e. .. '.'.'. 2 Sullivan, f. ...The Class C race yesterday after- [uarters where figures decide the wo previous heats the day beforeV Course. Ti Miles—Start,.3:30 .... 0 Jakubecy, e Bsynton, f. ...^ Jy winning the three straight heats Lucky Too, F. Blalsdell L. Suffern Taller and his sifter, Jakbeey, 2 noon was won by Donald Asuy's Teal. vorla's fastest boat In this class. Mellscl, i . ., 9:56:20 e. , 0 Hammond, ff. .. - • - II. - - Donald - • • • Asay- • 4:00:56 There were eight starter3 in the race, The Rumson Men's club chalked the Hon. Calypso Llddell of Coral Ksrr. c • In the events here Saturday W. [uall'fles Mr. Smith's entry to com- Teal "loyle. K. ........ 4:03:30 up their first win of the basketball Gableo, Florida, formerly of Rum- VanBrunt, a the Teal taking the event by eight D. Smith of the Rumson Country ete in the scries to be held this Sno-Une, 8. Crooks 'anBrunt, a*. >.'< ••— 4:05:00 season Monday night at tho Rum- son, are very prominent In,the golf- Fanning, K onth on Lake Geneva, Walworth Reindeer, W. Vauihn Beconds. The other boats to start, lub, In his speedy Hot Toddy, Hand, It Sleet II. J. E. Howland 4:05:30 son high school by defeating the Ing activities at that southern refinishing in the order named, were illoted his craft to two straight ounty, Wisconsin. Gardalla, >. .: i~~ Windy III, W. Hahns 4:07:30 Murad. A. I . Howland DNF RED BANK QUADS. In the final heat the Hot Toddy the Sleet II, Lucky Too, Mumd, vins over a 7Vj mile course In each Byrnes A. A. of Rahway In a high- sort. Mrs. Llddell Is a.member of 6 5 17 V P DNF scoring Kamc, 84 to 47. Reindeer, Windy III, Sno-Usc and leal, These skeeter boats carry as a bit slow in getting away at Fllpoer. W. Kosan the Women's Golf commltteo at the Rumion 1 6—17 ,yer», f 0 10 ».. There was little or no action Tuesipproxlmately 75 square feet' of can- he start but before the boats had 5 4 - 2 6 I. Oabourne, f, II 8 Flipper. Tho Men's club went out In front Miami Blltmore country club and Freehold r day In the Ice boat fleets. The wind 0 0 ,. Osbourno, e, . as. They arc exceedingly speedy one a half a mile the Hot Toddy Ref«ee, Boyi«; umpire. BokoU. Yesterday's summaries: Mr. Taller Is a member of the Men's at, the first quarter by out-scoring 0 1 Ireenv/ood, B . .. NORTH SHREWKHUKY ICK BOAT AND 'or their size and In windward work ook the lead and was never headed sprang up shortly after mid-day and the visitors by three points with the Golf committee. 0 0 larmen, g i iver the triangular course of Vi rom then homeward. •VACHT CLUB Orrln T. the regatta committee of the North score at 12 to 9. Rahway battled It 0 t Icheldt, i In addition, this year. Mr, Taller CIASS A—TOU I'OINTS ON F. I).' WI- miles to the lap made some fast Shrewsbury club called a Class A each of Red Bank in his Hojjll out on an even basis In the second has been made chairman of the InKOFF SEASON TROPHY AND FOR race for ten miles for the Commo14 o za for the ofllclal records. The nd Holbrook Smith of Mlddletown THE COMMODOI1F. JAMES 11. WEA. quarter when-both teams tallied 11 and Pairings committee , 4 7 »-•«—1» .umion .... final heat of this scries was sched- ownshlp In his Wljjll had a tussle dore James B. Weaver memorial points. Coach Frank Welnhelmrr's vitations VER MEMORIAL TROPHY ,1 1 I 12—28 for the International Four Ball ,ed Bank Course, 10 Mliej": Start, 2:27. uled for Sunday. or second place, the Hojjll taking trophy. The .boats got away to a squad led at half time 23 to 20. Referee,' Cunningham; umpire, , AlmsnBt matches, which will be held at the Boat and Owner Flnlih ihlneo. he position by two seconds. This slow start and the further away from Pirate, Iluppert & fillliK i Il club irom Sunday, March > 3, to Rahway bettered their opponents In the Class A event scheduled Braes*, 'Harry MfMnhpn 2: vent attracted much attention and the starting line the lighter the air in the third by a foul try and came Thursday, March 7. . Elisabeth B. Reuben White .....2 : 0:f>0 bove for points on tho Fred D. Defeat Monmouth RUMBON JVS. became. Alter the leading boat, the Phantom, Thomm Irvlny llrhy was presented to the North Courno, 7lfe Miles: Start. 3:117 , ... from the field and three times from these will be Oiled as more Invita- tournament at the Red Bank armory. ' md. a; 0 « Boat and Owner Finish.. iver Edward C. Fiedler's Rainbow ihrewsbury Ice Boat and Yacht club •'. ~ o e the foul line for a total of 21 points, tions are Issued, probably on thn The artillery trio defeated the Mon- 'annlnir. sr Teal II. I). Asay 3:3!,:27 by 41 seconds. A nip and tuck West, I 0 t the club's president, Thomas Irvmouth Polo olub 7 to 8 and won from Glenn Prlchard, forward on the basis of performance tin tournaments Sleet II, J . E. HowlHnd 3:36:36 strugglo for third place waa between ing Brown, in memory of his friend The North Shrewsbury Ice Boat Rumson" team, followed with eight along the winter cross-continent Watong Polo club 11 to 6, The MonLucky Too. Frank Bluisiicll 8:35:-ir, Harvey Ti 1 1' McMahori'a Breeze and f many years. This was officially Murid, Addlson Hnwlaml 3:l!!i:E0 A. Yacht club will hold Its Febru- field goals and two from the free- tour, Tho monoy winning and Var- mouth rldera won from Watong 6 FAIR HAVKN BEARS, Reuben White's Elisabeth R., tho 1 Rslndeer. W. W. Vnuxhsn 3:37:30cslgnntcd as the William H. R. O to 4. Windy III. W. Mnlms 3:37:41, 'ormer taking the coveted position Vhlto memorial trophy and Is sailed ary meeting at Its clubhouse at the throw line fgr a total of IB points. don trophy llata were followed closet 0 RUMSON. Capewell waa high • scorer with ittlgrew. Sno-Use, Snm Crunks 3:311:10 ly In selecting the first group of Itswebol, ( ._ 0 10 seconds. In this rnce Benja- or each year, the boat winning this foot of Broad street tonight. During ho business session, conaeven goala, John. Kelly had six. jonnors, c • Fllpptr, lied Ho K nn 3:41:20 min L. Atwater'a, Pet and Thomas , MH s players, The only exception waa f e, ..i.......•,...... 4 The above events were snllcd in a rvlng Bfown's Phantom both came •aco having her name engraved on sideration will bo given to art Invl- nyan, mtvdo In the caae of Walter Hagun. Frank Wise, who played In No. 1 po- 'skubooy. Prlchsrd. f. lendtrsoti, ..... 2 l e n d t r s o t i , P . „••.,»•< steady to strong north to northwest- o grief by accidents. Tho Pet how- hla perpetual trophy. .tatlpn from Long Branch Ice Boat B i sition, tallied four goals and a por.y uthsrland -.... 1 t h l d - ff , Among those who have been InThe Class A race . •y „ was for | a n d Yacht club to challenge them I'erl. K erly air and the boats woro Bent over »ver managed to finish the race. loblni, t. 0 vited so far art Vlo Ghazd of Rum- pushed through the other goal. his trophy and the name to be In- for the class B North American VnnBrurt, their respective journeys with ull the Clancy ' and > Unlermeyer shtred son, pro at the Deal Golf club; The event under the auspices of 10 1 81 scribed this year Is Hint of Ruppert Ice Boat Championship pennant turning points bolng tnlten on the scoring honors for th« Monmouth 4 14 S 10—21 Craig Wood of Mamaroneck, New lean .'. . p o r t making tho stake in Fisher's ,1IP. Monmouth Ice yacht club was & Gilllg'fl Pirate, which turned the now held by the Long Branch club. BYRNES A. A. club with four goala each. Andy Cur- umson Jv' 4 10—37 York, formerly pro at, the Rumaon oove the first turning mark. ' ThlB 'or the James T. Clayton memorial "Inlsh stake ahead of Commodore Ecll Referee, R f D Dtlanoyi umpire, Gunnlnihim. three and a Letters will be road at tho sesCountry club and the Holly wo Dit tain pushed through 1 !. WSB just In reverso of tho other races rophy and points on the season mrd C. Flcdjlcr's Rainbow by 11 sec- sion from various visiting .Ice Nolan, f 0 0 Golf club, Deal, nnd Dick Metz of pony one. Ror the Watonft rldera Mcrophy. This race was taken by mdn. There wcro five other starters yachtsmen who wore at Red Bank York, I 'failed during tho past weekv 2 « Oak Park, Illinois, formerly assist- Claln scored six, Miller throe and Welncr. f CAGE TOURNAMENT, n this race. Whon on tho log to tho during tho race moot of tho EaBtcrn Hanei, e, a 21 • Two trophy events wcro sailed Fri- Donald Asay'n.Teal winning by 23 -uter ant to Craig Wood at. tho Holly- Tiger one. mark nnd In a favorable scc- Ice Yacht association, expressing Henry, ir seconds ' over Commodore Frank day afternoon. One was for the Blalndcll's . 11 Jib Fl.ld ArlllUrr. Mon P. C. Aabury Park National Guard will Houaman, ff wood Golf club, nd position this leach ropo of the Uiclty Too. No. 1 John Oapawell .....Jim Glaney iponsor, In conjunction with theCcnClass A boats of tho North Shrewsmainsail on Thomns Irving Brown's their appreciation of the hospitality No. 3. Frank Wise ,.....D. Unt»rms»«r l\ S 4T Saturday's Summaries: '. bury Idcboat and Yacht cluh for n extended to them while guests of "hnntnm parted and before her sklpDscV John Koilr..........'.. Andy Curtln ral States Baakotball Headquarters 11'II IS.18— J7 Rumson ..... MOOSE BE WliONOt trophy offored by Georgo W. Doillvn: NORTH sunEwanuny ICE BOAT, AND icr could hond her Into the wind her the local Ice yachtsmen. 9 11 11 11—47 Brynes J. 112th r. A.'.;.:..'. ..:.:.; .....;. 4 «—7 if Indianapolis, Its second annual ! and for points on tho aoason trophy YACHT CLUB CLASS A FOB. It 'Is quite likely that tho date Refena, McCut. old medal basketball tournament to Many Indian tribes believed the Monmouth V. C. mainsnll was torn to shreds for al;... 4 %—t POINTS ON F. I). WIKOFF offered by Frod D. Wikotf. Tho other will be set for the club's annual ie played- at the Asbury Park armmoojo ckme from the sea . . . and .. — »»* r, I ~>ost the entire width of the sail. Mas. r. C, ' Walooi P. C. TltOPHY GIIXZZI FINISHES SECOND. No. 1........Clancy J . McCilaln /iWM taller) Under the nunplces'bf (ho trophy dinner, which will take place ry Wedneaday and 'Friday nlfhta, some believed that If the animal were O I J Cll Tho Comet, owned by Dr. Walter at the c l o g of the present Ice ;.;H7MMillar Kl.nl, 2 : 3 1 . Course, III Milan .Manmoulh Ico Yaoht club for llio.AdVlo Ghoitl of Rumson, Deal golf hunted too heavily he would return February 31 to March 15, ThU tour; .....H. T i m nullmnn, nlso rnn Into it sail tearing Hoiit nnd Owner . ' I-'iniHli dlcon J, Howlnnd trophy and for yachting season and at which 'time pro, nnlshed locond In the Blng Cro»- to the ocean as a natural refuge , . . 4:JI li-nte, llniMuirl Bud rilllln • . « . • • • nimposition Mbnmauth'P, C. .....j..,K..,..).».«,^... I Ir—fl lament la open to light senior cluba i ' n n n . l H . - and J like •'• •• P h a n t o m the season trnphy offered by Fred the 2lC0iOI ««, polntl in ths club's season's ovenls,' Iloinbow by JS.OOO , pro-amateur golf cham- which Is a perfectly natural belief Wttong, r. O. II, E. C, Fiedler .J I 1—4 nly. For Information contact B*N 2:r,0;2< lad to bo withdrawn, §p)>,:3?l« Clasi A boats got off to o fly- nroOEe, II. McMshon D. Wikoff and trophies offored hy plonshlp Sunday at Dol Mar, Calleant Joseph Herbert at the' A«bury . becaiiso If moose woro scon by ' r 1IHW Field Arllllsry . Wetonl 2:.'i0i4ti An open race for front KllsaWlli, It.. It. White .... Bteorm "(tart 111 tho wu»l to northwest m steerem club officers and others Will' be fornl.a. He turned In two 69'a for unreasoning Indians swimming from No, |,,.,...,Capsw.ll ...J, MeClali. ••ark armory. 2 ' ' • :• II. T,, A t w u t i r Mo.I,..,,...WI» 1 .....I.... Mlllr-i 10211 R out Commodore EMwnnl C. that «t times blew so hard tho Pet, nwarded. Tho mayor and. council 138. B0 Oliver of Hnrnell; Now some distant, unsoon island land, It IJol.li>-. C. I,Flnrke lmntom,II. T, Il • . - * - • — - / — ' ' ..../ti« D.N.K. 'Irdlcr'n Llajrwes, one of tho slickest and officers of eastern lee bont clubs ' York, won tho tournament wltn a might well bo thought to come from iV»«h«cl »U they could do to keep Rut, ''Imnlom, 1, "' Ira T. Crous*' D.N.K Boya can make extra; pnoket money tizth Kl»H Ariilhrr"<.«.., 1- «—I nd fsitcst boats of its site In the will be Invited guesta at the dlnri«r,-lt5 score. the open water, ' jelling Tho R«|UUr -A(Ivertlaem«B» 1 Wllons „-...:...__.._....................M I I— (

Red Bank Cagers B6at Carteret, Bow To Hamilton

orth America Class A Championship Pennant Races Start Saturday

Junior. High ._ School Bowling

Red Bank Comet Ready For International Race Charlie Allaire* Jr., to Sail in Puerto Race Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday

Freehold^ TVims Rumson, 30-28

Little Silver, ' Osborn's Mill Teams Unbeaten

Best Two Of Three Races Decides Series

Quads Defeat Rumson High In . Benefit Game

• • • • • -


Rumson Quintet Beats Rahway

Rumson People Take Lead Roles In Southern Golf

Artillery Trio Wins Round Robin

Ice Yachtsmen Meet Tonight


Scobeyville A, C. Red Bank Five Defeats Freehold Conquers Keypoft In Benefit Game

Scoring 22 points In. the second period, the flcobeyvllle-A. C. came from behind to defeat the Freehold Alt-Stirs last week at the Colt's Neck school, a? to 28. The Freehold aquad, with Cruellln pacing the way, rallied In the find ..quarter, but their' attack, fell ahort of It* mark. Cruellln, with 10 (laid goals, led all playera In Individual scoring with 20 points. Snedeker of Scobeyville followed with 10 points. Scotiayvlll. A. C, o I)r P0 Tlmldalikl, t Graooaki, f 0 0 Sntdtlcar,- ( ..'. ~D 10 Bordl«k, c «.- J Rlcharda, K .-. 0 8 Tv Ka-broskl, ir 0 8 r. Ji.broskl,' t , 0 0 Burkltt, g

Bowling Activities

Page Eleven 1 White Sox Pitcher |To Give Radio Talk

Long Branch Defeats Rumson Quintet, 34-33

Pete Appleton, a veteran ^American league baseball pitcher, who will throw them up tor the Chicago White Sox this year, will be a visitor In town tomorrow. ; • He will be a guest tomorrow night of Joe Bennett, sports promoter, on Mr. Benno'tt'a sports program over MeKIM-LAYTON, BUSINESS MEN'S LEAGUE. LEONAItDO FIELD CLUU. . . • KAUFMANS Porter 202 170 rouiki )J2 i g 4 R. Geronl 1H6 radio station WBRB, at 7:18. o'clock. Farwtll 210 153 OSane .-....:. 159 [202 T. Tomalne 132 Appleton, who makes his home at STANDING OF T H E TEAMS Honldnaon 169 123 Cummlna 1 2 1 12*1 R. Tomnlnfl 112 , Perth Amboy, will speak on "Recxe:, W I, P A H 8 Mc-Nally R. Geronl na Using the Junior varalty teim .187 Mtyer • '. i z 3 | 8 i l 168 Bell Telephona N o . I 1< 11 841.44 1037 Van Note R. Mcuna ' u s 211 nlional Activities of the National Two field goals In the) last 30 Bee throughout the entire flrat. hair, Bed Hunter „ 210 140 Grllll Contracting Co. 14 11 834.80 D. Lafayette 152 186- 171 Youth Administration." onds of play gavo tho Conway A, O Hunklnaoii .'.... Indaptndent_ Roofing 23 12 847 T. Pnlandrnno 177 1.53 201 , 728 B»nk high achool'a basketball quinAppleton has been ,with the WashMerchants Truit Co. »0 16 828.29 J. Farla 130 101 18li of Long Branch a ,34-33 victory ovei (Laat Nlfbt'a Reaulta) tet chalked up Its nflh victory of the ington Senators and waa traded thlB 959 Morrlt Service, SUtlon 28 10 810,SB the Rumaon Mon's club last night on ROMEO'S SERVICE campaign laat night hi tho achool A * P. S u s i r Market 16 19 800.21 730 810 955 winter to the White Sox. RED BANK D M R * . 10: Hoffman 191 the Rumson high school court. Tha TDE.4 ' •gym whtn It dtfeotod the Keyport Rlbmttlll Market 21 84 Moirla 156 162 20 Itomeo . 202 R. Pearcr Rumson Young Woman'* clubCaaagrando United ... 20 2H 787.35 ClaBlla, 209 168 high school aggregation, 89 to 26, In 2 4 1 R: O R o u i k o liifl 191 A. Hartener Allaire Produesa Co. .. 197 170 131 Stoho ; 142 17 211 108.2 trounced the Cqnway girls in the pre1B1) Monahan HB a benefit game for the Infantile ParM. Bergen 129 BeH Talaphon* N o . 1 12 S3 748.42 188 154 115 Wolt 170 Drinkwater „ 20T, liminary contest by a 24-5 •core. 738.2 alyala .fund, In a preliminary game Plccola 138 143 Shrewsbury Dairy .... _11 14 Paaaeh Strewabury Dummy 171 139 Smith . 135 The'men'gclub took the load la the F o w l t n Market C 40 702,5 the alumni of the local high ichool 044 R. Smith INDIVIDUAL, AVERAGES. first quarter, outacoling their oppon150 170 178 DELUXE DINER It 1 SI defeated the Keyport graduates, « 81S Frxhold AILStara G AVE Smith i&s 177 ents by two points. The second per812 'S21 816 to 17. •'-,.• •, , • 185.8 Rbsie n o 112 KEL.LY CO. G F T Corwln GLOBE iod was also closely played with the 184.25 Pnwellaon 16S K B 0 2 Senuto Coach-Carl Smith pulled a minor Hunt, f Bly 115 A. Bruno 109 203 lilli 182 leott, t home team coming out on top again Mriiulro 177 160 '. (I 0 0 Emmont Kelly. J r tutprlse by starting hla capable jun- ~,aBlonda, D. Allen ISO' 132 13.1 181.29 f ....... i.... Dullcnn 163 . 0 0 0 R Cltarella HI by two points, scoring 13 to 11 for 127 Tanaey P. Naurachk 163 180 15.1 ior vawlty aquad, in view of the fact Iruillln^ c ....:..... _.. 1B0.3U Murdieo 16(1 McCue - ie 01 20 the vlslturs. Long Branch rallied In _.. 202 105 15.1 180.12 „. J Groomi ;. 83J 786 87!P. Bruno ..:. that In an earlier game this season Farlallo, g 184. 1 6 9 Davenport A. Murdlco .'. 172 151 1C8 180.10 the third quarter and outseored RumBuck ... 2 0 4 JACK'S I N N Brlnton, u • •• 137 Hi on the Keyport court, the Keya had Schmidt 170.26 Hunter Wnililell ITS H 7 son by. five points when the local Bly ' 866 870 808 won out, 20 to 18. However, the jay179.23 , '1» 2 28 BUBIO , MtCue„ . . . 106 1S3 P l l team managed to scdro only two Held LACONGA Onielalat S*far«e, Rlcharda I . acor.r, Mlnton RclHB 150 ISO 200 SO 178.« veo contingent juBtlflcd Smith's faith 206 221 170 goals by Otto Perl and Irving VanVimNtss 18« 169" 24it R. H.glll Potter 45 17,7.26 In them with a praiseworthy exhi- Hunt; timer, Puraaak, . 729" 811 839 Geltls. 1G8 158 170 107 131 '183 Ken Joltery C Rufflni 11 176.5. Brunt. bition.. Led by Ed Klalln, who agnk Peto Aumaek 200 163 171 Allan «« 176.4 H. Aumtck i 135 161 20G Rumson went Into the lead in the " 878 760 four long ahota, Red Bank took, an G«ttla 37 175.1 HIGHLANDS BOWLING LEAGUE. L. Smock 167 172 171 174.1 LEONARDO f l E L D CLUB • Aumack 20 8 to-B lead at the end of the first Still making their bid for the coun- final period and held a- three-point Foulkea .....\ .'. 168 167 146 F. Scacelm ; 48 178.18 load with 30 seconds to' play, Getting quarter. They more than doubled 876 875 888 173.2 ty Junior . high ' school basketball Cilnunlns 11» 125 165 Delia Vechlo 41 STANDING OF T H E TEAMS RED BANK BOWLING CENTER . their advantage In the second period Hnlkmell 130 189 lgB .10 171.11 Nolan championship, Coach Frank J. Plngl- control of the ball Nelson droppel 171.11 Kiaher 170 152 201 W L I'A HS M(!jor ..._ :.... 145 I2.i .140 12 Savage and led '20 to 13 at the intermission. 164 169 161 torc'a River street quintet defeated In a beautiful long shot >frorn • ths O'SaiA _ 215 177 184 C. Bruno V. 1. Hall AliocUUon 41 IB 88C42 2 111 r Moore Jo-Jo : 157 180 10U' Atlantic Highlands high school junior center of the court to make the score 973 Ideal Diner 41 If 858.SU ~ 45 169.38 •To begin tho second half, Smith Eve.ni Colmorgan : 200 161 202 varsity-'tcam-Tuesday WftSfHBOrirsn 33-32, -Rumson brought- the hall-down870 1044 Roaa' Cedar Inn 85 22 20 _ _ . . ° . .._7J.8-_1!3._82L J. Buninl uaed his varsity, which started out P. Pnlandrano :......... 155 176 138 842:5 066 Bay View Tavern -----31-25 ' 80 COUNTY GAS CO. Davlaon =i,.,i«."./..i.-T7..r.;. the River street court 46 to 14. It the court.and lost ft In the lane on Jn a none too Impressive fashion, afShore Diner 28 20 868.18 900 GnrrJaon 17R ir,r, ' 190 40 168.11 Arnone S16 850 915 was the sixth consecutive win for the three-second rule with Christo10K U 6 IHi Drown'a Market 21 3a 827.19 038 Bukur ter the first half showing. However, 108 . Coita GENTILE'S MARKET pher taking the ball up court after Mctritt 17& 179 150 942 828.52 Mohr'a Tavern ••.. 20 37 the Red Bank five. 167.19 22 Palandrano .. alter the squad had the "feel of the Aniienon 191 191 171 074 Ancleraoti 1B7 ^ £ 7 1 Highland'! Eaao S U . 8 49 715 receiving jt from a teammate from , 49 160,23 A, Cltanlla ball" they picked up the tempo of J. Pnlandrano 158 170 170 The Pingltorc courtmen outscored out of bounds and dribbled up court 42 166.15 Flcola INDIVIDUAL AVEKAGES V. Dcl-'nczio 131 188 177 tl:clr opponents In every period, hold. their attack to lead, 26 to 16, at the 21 166.16 Herden HS .0 AVE to .the center and let go a long shotJ. Gentile 1«5 fSl 164 "76S. 811 B06 . 45 166.28 end of the third period. The last Clayton Afirnlme ^. ;,7 105.12 259 N. GcntHc ..._ 173 VIS 202 Ing Atlantic Highlands to two points which went through the cords withCRUSADERS 88 16S.lt Sweenty . quarter WBB by far the best of the Hanaon f,l IE'J.43 247 Dlllone in each the first, second and third out touching the rim and gave Long 160 187 42 188.9 P. Calandrlello Raat 4,1 185.19 L'l.i Gurallne . ' 844 923- 893 periods. game a s a total of 28 points was re101 133 At half time the River Branch the victory. Waltte ,. 45 162.13 Smith 61 182.34 Cullano 17S 205 12 162.0 corded. The proposed race between Joe C Calandrlello street floormen led 26 to 4. Garrlaon 47 181.15 162 Cmcntino ...'. 158 86 1C1.«3 Betty Sinclair led the Rumson girls national amateur sculling' Buonana Kantnor 67 180.34 2311 198 Tho outcome of the alumni contest Burk, QUADRANGLE LEAGUE. 44 Coach Pingitorc used 15 men, wilh with four field goals for eight points, 161,25 Maisa farwell : r>7 180.1 288 •was never In doubt after the open- champion, and the Canadian 'prof e .'86 160.20 Augustlns the second team playing most of the 215 179.44 Sharaoun fi5 with Mary Solomon leading the Con919 858 902 39 160.23 (Laat Nltht'a Reaulta.) Ing whittle, as Red Bank took com- alonal, Bob Pcarce, la definitely out Rowell Anthony ?.-.—. IS7 179.31 230 gnme. Geronl. and West led River way girls with a field goal and a free 39 160.18 Bahr ..j , 54 170.27 223 STANDING OF TEAMS plete charge, Bill Logg of Red Bank of the question, It was revealed at Francia street's attack, sharing scoring hon- throw for three points. 43 10071 F. Donato 2litt 170.26 Janea r>0 the midwinter session of the Na-. Pta. led the scorers with 14 points. Bob HOLMDEL BOWLING LEAGUE. ors with ten points each, while John (Thuredmy's Match.) Meaalck 56 176.48 225 Pensulna H.01 YOUNG WOMAN'8 CLUB. Ayres; of last year's team, was next tional Association of Amateur Oars3« H I . J 2 226 Mlllei Cuckoos Ml BEI/L TELEPHONE NO, 2. 70 Caprioni and Price followed., with G F P G . 57 176.16 265 In line with'It). Bud Jaffee led the men at the New York A. C. held last Buck . Hoot Owln 177 169 17' Monahan Keyes, Anderson and O'Brien, f. 67 nine each. OK T H E .TEAMS »..„ 0 i 2 _ STANDING 258 52 176. Mewa week. „ 136 2 0 3 - 2 1 Uuxzaida Keyport aquad with seven counters. Waltte ... . 5S Rowan shared scoring honors for Uroadbent t • ' ..-..-« 1 1 I 52 174.37 224 W 160 205 18 Brown 58 Mini Hens Clayton Henry Penn Burke, president of _^ 4 0 8 , 39 174.34 220 Scnatora The local high achool quintet will Atlantic Highlands with four points Sinclair, f r IB Flanagan 179 194 50 V. Scaccla Pellcana .' HUtbrunner, cf „. .14 174.29 220 Dodders ....:.. IS ..... o8 00 08 Carrigan again take the court tomorrow night the organization, declared, "Burk Corwln each. ' ' 161 »8 Gamea F e b . 7. Kurinjit, tt. { 1!9 173.14 2011 Broivna 15 , Anderaon •when they play Neptune high school told me not to take the matter up Iluzinid-n vil, Cuckoos. *"™,..« 2 1 E Mcltish, g. t 22 173.10 :. 14 Gicnta Horan Tomorrow afternoon the River 914 828 with the N. A. A. O. executive comMud Hens v«, Jiuot Oivln „.,. o 0 0 H. Sinclair, g 13 hero. This will bo the flrat meeting r,i 172.20 220 TiKcra S. Jullvjs .: street team will play at Neptune and NO. 1 Pelicans va. Pennuins. 10 231 PilBtes 37 172.19 B. Uavlea .„ of. the two teams this season. Next mittee. Joe is anxious to do nothing Rowell BELL TELEPHONE 211 201 10 i 34 next Tuesday afternoon will be given '. 11 171.24 243 Cubs 44 HOOT OWLS. Parker Wednesday the team -will play at which would in any way Jeopardize Blocum 152 115 10 CONWAY A, C. 142 259 111.12 •2 1 1 1 Koch their hardest task of the season hli amateur stanalng. He feels that 128 212 9 Cards 221 Woodbrldge P 171.3 160 L'urmHn In Centra^ Jersey he hajj at least five yean of rowing Lipplncott McDonald HI when they meet Asbury Park, who Herman, f 172 116 G P Applegata . 0 (Thuraday'a M u t c h ) 51 170.40 257 Dummy Adalr Group three conference game. 149 146 last year shared championship hon- Binder, f 00 1 I ahead of him and he wants to re- Poole , S4 1G8.24 203 162 213 Oaborn Lucaa CUBS RED DANK. 1 S I .51 109.20 181 ors with the River street floormen. Solomon, e. f 145 Brey main an amateur. There la, conse157 McAllister ., V6orhce«, J r 155 818 802 _„ 0 0 0 Walling .... 411 167.41 Dummy This game will be played on the Spade a, tc 160 150 quently, nothing to the matter but Wllaon, f 0 SHREWSBURY DAIRY 41 167.22 0 1 1 L i m i n g g, f, Wrlsht : Dummy 125 River street court. 125 newspaper talk emanating from CanVacearelll, f 11 131 168 Coall 130 51 166.42 _.„ 0 0 0 Christopher, g , PENGUINS. . Geronl, t, 11 166.8 118 11) ada." . .. 201 184 Battlno RIVER STREET Llebhouser ...» 430 422 432 Hutchison (llover, f. 11 166.3 184 1 1 5 20' llohmc 173 188 P Kadenbach The national championships, to be Faazone, /. ... 11 1C0 128 163 20 Fromm 6 6 < 8—2* Rumson Kollock .. Dummy : 125 125 1 Price. I M. Jullui 124 178 Jacobus, f held Saturday and.Sunday, July 20- SlmDkina SI 163 136 I'Jj 0— i 1 3 1 Conway 0 Schroedcr 165 188 Davis f. . .. Dummy Kornak 140 140 Cagle, c 177 178 Mohr, J r 183 21; probably wilt "nine to Red. Bank. 0 Bcferce DeJanoy. Chevy, ( • ,53 102.38 203 Dummy 150 150 Vetttrel. c, .. 195 664 685 498Geronl, ! 0 10 Although the site Is not definite, a O. J o h n s o n — ^~ 162.25 Tcmalno, c. .. 162.14 211 1 1 Crclln, t Quast 411 K. Klilln. ' « . ' . RUMSON MEN'S CLUB.. committee came to Red Bank to Q 32 101.20 203 196 0 0 160 Splnnozzi, f .MARKET ,-MA M. Davles A. S&yroklti, g. . (Monday'a Matcbea.) make an Inspection, The bid for the 169, 130 1 9 O, Perl, f a F4 P 161.11 218 J. Capronl, c O'Brien Zater IT h>-i# 2 CUBS 186 171 0 2 BurKes'rt, c 190 Hc-irman event -was put In by James V. Lang, RoKera . H!:h Three Camea. Ambroaio, ir. .:_.._.! 4 3 Its Priehnrd. I. Dummy 213 171 0 0 150 lo Mnrino, c 115 0 Collo 683 Dummy president of the North Shrewsbury Stout .... Aillar, a. • 2 4 s 2 10 J. rerl. c 125 125 West, K. 162 IS Raat 61 Moore .. R. Klalln, II. . 2 0 4 Cunningham, K Rowing Association of Red BankV. 0 145 157 671 721 699Sanborn, K 204 173 Agnlme 6S1 R. Voorhees. J r . VanNote 1 0 2 VnnBrunt, jr 1 UUZZAUDS. Pnlnndrnno, g 110 16S Smith and A«nlmc Mr.' Lang, incidentally, was ap Uettla .. 0 121 156 420 ill 438 High One Game. Luciano, K pointed to the executive committee KEVPORT. 11 125 DeKllilio, K. 154 ;. , 893 926 Janes ,. iOl)« Q CONWAY A, c. . In place of Robert S. Dddg* of Rye, 125 T. Cntuonl. n 182 Dummy 140 140 Monahan FOWLER'S MARKET Cn !•«: F P Pollni, t. • •' o 1S9 183 oJN. Y., who resigned. ' J. Stanton . 188 172 178 160 ,.„ „. 1 1 3 Woolley, f Washlnaton, t v 0 Asnlme and Kaatner :.-• Miller Schwenkcr J . Mahcr .. 177 134 119 Principal rowing dates for events R0,i,"t|| ._... 6 164 Cowl... • I. " o Nelson. I 14 Team H l l h Three Games. S75 58.8 56G ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS 2 117 : 117 Llndhan, c — . 1 Shaw, c In various sections of the country jToop Cedar G 505 496 427 118 '. no Chriatophor, g « 3 CUCKOOS. SadowiWy. c. Carney Hall eiwere approved. First on the pro- Dummy 0= "',",'".''' ",'" 2 100 BROWN'S. IOO Masel, e 3 Hcardon. g. .. WikolT 110 156 157 Shelly, t Hall G. Thackcr 2 4 gram will bo the Amerloan Henlev; 183 163 Roman, g, 1 Turnock I l l ll'J 177 Kcycs, 1 105 H. Mahcr .. Team High Single Gsme. 0 187 126 13 8 34 .lohnson 131 119 119 DwiKht, i 720 726 66 slated.for Boston, Saturday, May 18. 104 U. Kchnnck *• Hall 1411 123 6 14 5 13 4. T—US Ruinson r... Tabor 161 172 168 Anderaon, c THE MERCHANTS TRUST CO. The schedule: 1029 lMlinKhRm, K 0 7 11 9 7—34 8 12 6 13—89 Red Bank Cedar Conway ., Bvana 168 U « 17 Mnrchcttl, K. 0 5 19 626 651 May 18—American Henley, at Boston: 513 412 477 & 8 a 10—26 Keyport 1»° 1 8 S 1 1 » Hall Referee, McCue. ' Rcwnn. ir ; 2 ' PHILLIES, Offlolali l BeferCei. Plngltorc, Frank 25, Schoolboy ItowInK Aaaoclatlon. at Savaiie PELICANS. 171 n » Bennett, S r 12,1 133 Princeton; 25. Dad Vail Axoclatlon. si Uyton scorer, Farrcll; timer, Ayrei, Mnllhcws 142 136 127 Hi.rnn. e BAYSHORE BOWLING LEAGUE. C. 150 Dummy [u 123 Springfield, Maaa.i 30. New York IlowlnB Curchin Mueller 150 158 17 Allen • I " 1?8 168 l'hilllpa , 2 , 209 Aaaoclatlon, at N«w York. Lrrtnud 164 US 130 RED BANK ALUMNI (> (,* : _1£U J 6 7 . H I STANDING Of THE TEAMS. June I—Second Scholaatle renatU, at Potter Grooma 155 177 187 Chicago; 15, Sphuvlklll navy raRatta. at S69 465 HO W L AVK 10 .. t 0 897 853 Ayrei, T 18, Intercolleftlati regatta, GAMES THIS WEEK. 45 G 059,12 107 til 5SG Cl" Broadcaatera .. i 0 2 Philadelphia; B. Buchanan, I GRILL! CONTRACTING CO. TonlKhl—Cords vs. Reds. 37 14 922.34 1011 .. 2 0 4 nt PowriikMpala; 2S-30; Olympic try-outa, D. Osborn, t Arnono '. !?1 IBS 201 att Prlncrton (conditional). Monday, Cuba vs. Senators. I'lratca 84 17 92D.15 10 aveal L e g ST. o, .". I'rincrlpn iconaiuonm/. , Arnonc ,,„, . 5 4 14 DodKer*. 922.24 32 10 1001 Georgia Tavern 1 .1 nhia;'*. .: l WOMEN'S EVENING LEAGUE. , 3ovloro, g j u l y 4—Penrle'a . Fhllarlel- I Sharabba Buonano New Englandvetrattn Rowinn ata»»oclatlon, Tuesday—IWda va. Tigers. Cards 20 22 893.15 1021 .. 0 0 0 tloaton: 20.21. national regatta. Red Bank. Newman, IT. .-• .... 167 Cruaadera « Plans for a trip to New York and — 29 22 876.18 1182 rhillics. .. 4 0 8 N . J. (tentative) : 25.-27. Canadian. » t St. DcLuea Greenwood, u 151 Homeateadera 146 150 S49.ll 24 27 110 (Frlday'a Matchea) (Tueaday'a Matchea) . 0 0 0 a St. Valentine's day party were 181 Jnck'a Inn Otfloniky, s 181 188 ntherinn'a. Senuto 872.39 IIU 2 21 311 Greeloy Coal Co, ... 202 162 MISFITS 134 PIRATES Auirust 1°—Schuvlklll navy second ri- Suno .. made at a meeting of the Oakey 21 30 849.27 !>71 DeLuxe Diner 18 5 41 115 SI 150 t t Philadelphia 124 M, Jones romme 124 l J J i t »'1« M * .-<« ^ «*•&$»££&&•*• j eBennett f e l "tt -f 'f leuattn, b«"Tin County Gai Co 1.1 :, AacheUino : 147 155 158 1 came back with a new lot of substiand Geodetic Survey 157 Smith. 185.13 Mrs, Howard S. Hlgglnaon and I . 1'omB.lno U Savage 105 178 125 tutes in the second quarter. Thla .'.". 164 166 162 Kaatner 185.3 Mrs. Joseph, Piccolo were co-chair- V. Uonato V. Andcraon ISO 1.10 915 Federal Offica BulldlnJ, Church and 184 204 J. Coata 184.20 process was repeated in the second Colea -. RECREATION I^EAGUE. I), Molill 131 118 153 Vesey Strteta, men of a oard party given Tuesday 18:1.31 Paratlno half thus leaving the home team iJilmmy 100 862 864 730 Strlgh NEW YORK CITY afternoon for the benefit of Rlver41 183.29 with fresh recruits on the floor at all STANDING OI' T E A M S Culver ..; .._ 4"i 183.14 INDEPENDENT ROOMNG SANDY HOOK vlow hospital by members of Fair 483 40 182.37 HiBh Water Low Water times. New Brunswick put them176 178 138 Nichola FOUR UELLES AVE HG Haven auxiliary. * The party was PIccoU A 36 182.31 A.M. P.M. A.M. . P.M. selves on easy street after the flrat Schneider', Market.... 87 8 943.4 Palandrano 162 169 130 Brown 1S8 149 Urnney ^ .". 127 1043 held in tho parish house o( the Fair Delia Vochlo 3H 1S2.16 2:40 3:03 9 ; U 9:31 Clothiers & JnB, 84 11 937.36 lDtil Yetman 199. 176 155 Bcnnlng '••• 146 1(9 MO Friday 31 182 I The Atlantic Highlands high Haven Episcopal church. ; 3:43 4:10 10:11 10:26period as their organized attack and Accrra's Bakery 33 12 055.11 10n4 Cltarella 184 153 114 Garaline fp| 148 1.15 1 IS Saturday ,81.39 4:45 6:10 11:04 11:19stalwart defense put them ahead at [led Bank Recreation 25 20 800.lfi 1084 Kotden 175 170 199 Quackcnbuah school basketball team ckod out a Linen towels were table awards Murdieo l " t 133 H I Sunday Shamoun .: Monday _ 5'3S 6:00 11:54 iloynton A Boynton.... 24 •»! 905.24 l » 0 9 33-to-30 victory Tuesday night over nd there wore a number of special 180^3 895 836 Tuesday 6:23 6:12 0:OK I2;41 he close of the period, 15 to 2. The Bahr Gentile's Market '»3 2 " 879.24 974 tho Red Bank Catholic high school prizes. Assisting the chairmen were 1711.18 Wednesday 7:03 7;21 0:56 1:26 only Red Bank goal, was a pivot arrlaon Garruto Clothing Co. 22 23 872.37 992 MORRIS SERVICE STATION WOOD SPLITTERS 179.5 Comet Thiusdny :... 7:41 7:57 1:11 2:0(1 shot by Jerry Sullivan. St, Peter's quintet on' trio former's court. Tho Mrs. A. Q. Paulson, Mrs. Henry Hunter 188 170 169 . Acerra 111 134 21 24 96h rollnvrr *. '1,'if* 881.17 170.4 nrden 168 KInhafer Hich end low water at Atlantic High- continued to scoro and at the inter110 117 1.11 Catholic junior varalty team won Hance, Mrs, R. Cadman, Mrs. How- R. Morrla 13S It) li|j 879.22 991 Curley 178.35 Perrlne ... Pete's Chatterbox IB ' 2 6 1S5 135 lands. 1'ort Monmouth and Keanaburg aame mission led 24 to 6. The Red Bank • 969 U S Hopnnch 142 859.39 C. C»la.ndrleltt> qver their bayshore opponents In the ard • L. Burdge and Mies Margue178.31 Allt'n Shoe Co. Jonea 139 Sandy Hcok. IB 27 858.16 0111 A. VanVliet (lane 180 167 144 Monahan 178.31 last minute of play. 19 to 19, LnConsa rite Planlte. . llli 7 162 For hlch and low water at Keyport, add points, one field goal and two foul 17 28 160 866.8 Aumaek 170 BoncorrB 178.3 163 104 180 Angelo 14 'Mike Cassono and George Dwlght 541 581 621 15 minutes to Sandy Hook. 878.22 1021 hots, wero all scored by Captain Jim Attending were Mrs. John Muller, Emmona 177.18 Romeo HaKcrman L u m b e r Co. 10 3 816.29 974 of Atlantic Highlands were the Mrs, W. B. Rankin, Mrs, Roy H. Ronan. High Three Gamea. 856 8 2 s ' 821 INDIVIDUAL AVERAGES. spearheads of tho attack as they Fatten, Mre. William Cogun, Mra. The final half was but the same Gentile ,-, 7011 M I D - W E E K L E A G U E . WHO WANTS A COLLIE DOG? AVE HG W O M E N ' S counted with eight and 10 points, Joseph Farrell, Mrs, Nell Wolcott, Agnlnc and Tuttle 0114 L. Acerra .... story over again aa tho Cardinals led, 201.3 26 1 Karwell 680 Tomnlne respectively. High scoring laurels Mrs. Thomas'H. Ivittlc, Mrs., Leon COMMERCIAL LEAGUE. 36 to 8, In tho third period and out200.34 Tho S. P. C. A. .has just, received (Yeaterdny'a Matchea) H l | h One Game. Truox wero won by Jerry Sullivan, Cath- VanBrunt, Mrs, James Wolcott, Jr., 194.32 cored their guests six to live In the a. thoroughbred male collie, threo UPS A N P DOWNS. Agnlme • 27U Jord/ 1111.12 olic high forward, with 11 points. Mrs. H. A. Stevenson, Mra. B. C. ( U a t Nlrhl'a Malchea,) Mucklin MS 112 cars old, which. It will give to any final. Takacs mul Cantoro, with 12 •1'uUle '. .:....: 2 7 9 Tuttln 193.8 I). Inulla 15S . 147 Atlantic Highlands held a two- Durham, Mrs, A. V, A, .McHarg, 277 Mr-nxzopane .. STANDING OK THE TEAMS. and 8 points, respoctlvoly, won In102.25 'arwell ; person who, can afford the dog a 100 W Dummy 100 L Dilllono 11)1.10 point load at tho end of the first Mrs. H, W. Hance, Mrs, Lawrence Teatnl High Three Gamea, ood home. The collio has been dividual scaring honors. For B e d ;. 0 0 Broad I'.ll.h 3040 N. Gcntilo .... '. quarter, 10 to 8, but this was orascd Burdge, Mm. R. Ni< Cadman, Mrs. Dnmbergor 403 3S'.l 3S4 Bank, Sullivan and Ronan scored 11 registered with the American Ken1811.33 Little Falla 1 Gruaadnra 3018 Grooms • In the second period aa the Cath- S. J. Kesnler, Mrs. Watson VV. McKim-Layton PINK I.\DIKS 1 Hi).; a Broad 3017 Woodward .... f their team's points with George nel club and hns been Inoculated for 180 i e Dnllantlno ; Aurnuck .'.1 Ui 121 olic ttam rallied to tie tho scoro Wetherble, M r s . W . F. Evers, Mrs. Coica , rabies. The dog is whlto with sa- Rooncy accounting for tho remain188.20 23,", llavllund • •• l.->" 13« '•• I 6 George'a Team High Slntle Game. olmorgan .... 17-all at the Intermission. Atlantic Harry F. Thelsmeyer, Mrs. Harry J. H. Kelly Co 1091 blo on its head. Its namo Is Sable Ing Held goal. 18H.19 230 i\. Connor 1211 I 6 Broail Rod Dunk Dairy 1077 Schneider went Into tho lead again In the Bbskey, Mrs, Allon Lindsloy, Mrs. Saaboard Ice Co. 18B.S l l n l p r r 100 ! 7 • • Sar. Jim Graham, with 12 points, paced' 217 1066 ^urchin, Jr. Broad lgli.13 :!:lf, third canto and from then on was Wordon Grooms, Mrs, Howard Ken- VanBycklu ^ ' JoncH the New-Brunswick junior varsity to CRUSADERS. 13 2 J K 185.32 237 I'oaten BAMB&KOER. never 'headed. nedy,' Mrs. William P. Overt on, Mre. •••.i 190 191 i'nylor I'k-tory In the preliminary game. 213 185.1!! Dlllono 100 KED HANK HECREAT1ON 212 181 In tbo preliminary encounter Rod L. A. OrlfTln, Mrs. Charles D. Al- lanonlco •. 202 223 182 l»r,.l I 2:ll ... NEW BltUNSWICK, izco c« 135 152 105 2;r, Olunco 287 180 179 "iaraflne 170 103 2»2 184.25 267 . Acerra .. Bank, after tying tho count In tho laire, Mrs. Edward Magde, Mrs. Mabonoy Mlnton lemlrlcka • SO 125 H 8 121 220 'oaontlno 222 193 202 Merrill . 184,23 •J 1 7 /nntlerhott . 153 157 134 third period cams from behind In William Popo, Mrs. Herman* Wool- - • ilinaorl. I, e ,.21S .: 176 180 211 93 184.4 11)1) 'omalno ... 193 21S 196 Oakcraon •HZ the final quarter to win, with a ley, Mrs. Howard Burdg«, Mrs. Roy Maria ion I B : 368 Mcycra 183.ar, 232 T»knca',''"f.''.'.'.'..'.'.'.'.'.'.""""••.'."'".'™.«™ 1O00 1012 basket by Al MacDonald, Joe Alva- Ackeramn, Mrs, Oliver Btryker, Mrs. 968 83*3 9 1 2 itraua .... \s3.-;\ 212 (irealb ' P I N DUSTERS DELUXE DINER. tor, with sevon. points, was high J. L. Turner, Mrs. J. W, Stewart, 'nppaa K AlcCourt, c 183.11) 2B7 157 VHI1H 129 BALLANTINE. 181 172 'orker i s a . 1 5 231 Aschptllnci 121 '.p.Kntc 141 scoror, , 214 111 112 Smith Mrs. A, G. Paulsen, Mrs,1 John J. Buckatev/ 163 125 20II B r o w n .... "owelaon 'entcrmnn ... 183.2 115 I. MoCourl. s Ill 120 140 147 , Tho Cnlhollc high school toam Knodell, Mrs. Frank K. Osnter, Mrs. Cluno 15S 2:,ti Stearna ... Inrklna 125 12ft Wo D u m m y .. 172 loaae ;"!Z"ZZZZ"' 221 1 4 1 •"iflii piny host to St. Mary's ol South Nelson K. Vanderbcek, Mrs. Russell Saltier ... jnfi Anderaon 'nntnr'e, R 417 IBS 171 ITi Mcliulre 172 Fletcher IBS 170 . 23fi Dlihop Amboy tomorrow night on their H, Mlnton, Mrs, William Naulty, irlapcll ... LUCKY STRIKES 200 100 182 Duncan .. 105 146 176 Shlnn lhl.U 115 cliwnrtT, home court at River street school. Mrs. Oeorge A. Hawkins, Mrs. Herb181.32 aatellncclo .. 857 Innncn ir, i 119 Atlantic Hlfhlamda 028 ert C. Hawkins, Mrs; V. P . . Kollt, 101.211 RKP HANK. Itarclla Vnn V l l c l 171 161 SEADOAHD ICK CO. • , 0 P " Mrs. 'Wllll»in LtmHuhl, Mrs. Qeorga 181.11 It. Morrl ROMEO'S S E R V I C E , Dummy ..'. Gaaaona, I , a 2 r. 100 Van Dorn 171 I JO Ilolce 181.2 Itonan, f, 161 -ofman 201 W«laS, I I 2 4 Martin, Mrs. O. E. Harrison, Mra. Alexnnder 1S6 131 A. Turner 180.11 Itntrerty. f 178 20,'i 112 Romeo Flnnlian, f I in Harry B. .Clayton, Mrs, Mao Hugg> Miller Sullivan, f O'Rourke 1114 1411 . nwlght, o ..-, _ 4 2 10 Frank Ill RAMIILERS US It. muse, c Mnnahan _. 150 100 115 118 1,1'nck, K , 0 0 0 Mrs. James McPhee, Mrs. A, B. Drown 178 I2« dllllfMHI Hooncy, R. . BOWIJNO CENTER LEAUUK Drinkwater 163 118 100 1011 US johnion, E -.......,.;.....,.........., ft 1 o Crate, Jr., Mra. Clifford A. Spoovl, Palk«r llakor .'.i Carton, t 100 100 100 lllack, » „ 2 ! 4 Mri. Charles Q." NorrlJ,' Mrs, RichDummy 02} Hnntarlan, a o 1 I ard C. Hackstaff, Mrs. John Buok807 (Uat Nlght'a Matchea.) 335 316 378 VAN 8YCKLE. COUNTY GAS CO. |> 9 12 <• <'l New Druniwlck CENTRAL BAR lin, Mrs, Walter C. VanHorn, Mrs. Bolt , 198 124 8trl«h Tho Hoot Owls In Ihn Red Bank Itnl n»iik 184 188 1 •i 4 S A. I I < 132 I I I Lorenao Red Dank Calhollo W.' J. Nlelson, Mrs. Chester A. Haff, Qrover ; llli 128 Dakar :.'.. 141 163 Quadrangle club bowling loitKim sot iiniplrn, I'nrrmi, , 170 IB-' Iliferae, Voorhai Aumnck 'WATKIl, WATER, ETC, 131 Dummy 1411 Mrs, J, P. Mulvlhlll, Mrs. Ola.™ Urowir 105 «'H7 Imrr, Jonni M aimi uppl f>r, J'liittaton, '•* a new high tenm scoro last night In Sullivan, f 158 Kiel 1(8 140 larrlaon r/.V.3.'.'.'.'".'.'.'.'.V." 1 6 7 K. Arnnno ,. 20 1 197 Chambers, Mra. Harry H. Kohl, Jr., (iNrvey; f' „ Burne .. . " ! 16H 130 _ IIS 16D 12k tarrltt ..._.. P. Gottla ..... 131 KU Birds nntl nnlmnla ofton otnrvo to their second game with 777. Horbert lln (Tarty, f tin, Albert L, Sopp, Mrs, J. L«s Human 171 H I 105 12? KOADB1OK CIIAHITV. 183 Brott rDlloil 25D, Philip Carman 100, Orauae. e, death In tho midst of plenty . . . bcK,.«.t_....,» Knrlght, Ml» Marguerite Planlls 802 H7H B 2 7 1 Alvitor, g 838 BOH 77< 794 HAYS, Knnunn (AP)—It wiilll't , couao they do not know that un- Am Dry Osborn 213 nml Dick McAland Mlu Mary Bmma Hendrlckson. MOKLER'S BAKERY Itonan, « LITTLI FALLS LAUNDRV, HOMESTEADERS, fnmillnr foods >iro good to cat , . , , . lister 145. Brett In rolling his 250 notly an III wind and »naw utorm, Dolln '... Carton, K *• Maraaolo 181 108 gnnio net a now high. Individual ccoro that e l a l M a family and thilr i»UI# Comilakl n a 207 IlOIHlOtt ' 121! Inatnnce, II look two or throo dorilon . IS] 20( Ryan 165 1114 Ill IIS .1. Whlto Authorities estimate .It takes 17 Ouenther I! 0 90 9 191 184 yeais for <|tmll In ' Florida and by breaking Ceorxo A. Cnroy'n old drawn Inillnr Halt!) of —IS men In manufacturing and transport Jonnaton ITS 161 Hi Georgia lo llnil nut that mlllol and nmrk o! 234. The Huot Owls also tlio Chrlstniiutlclt. Town'lolk I ?ow»ll 21.1 164 H Illil Hank Catholic 7 «—10 Jnckaon 101 no H 0umpire," IS2 no Car- J? "JalnUln one soldier lighting at Kviina ....fl „ Woodward •. 211 178 other grnlnfi, planted for them, wore net a how high tnnm seflea with heir heart* and niovldm) to 150 2,075. , • i hiutj ajoiar., lt)bm i, Alntar. i th« front, ' ' i » and »h«Itor, SID ( 7 1 I I I 727 850 7M good to oat. BID 881 812

Alumni Quintet RouU Visiting Gradi, 41 to 17 "

Results, Standing of the Teams and Individual Averages

Conways VVin From Men's Club—Rumson Girls Victorious

River Street Quintet Wins Sixth Of Season

Overwhelm Atlantic Highlands, 46 to 14— Play Away Tomorrow

National Ass'n Of Amateur Oarsmen May Race Here

. North Shrewsbury Rowing Association of Red Bank Extends Invitation


« •

71 c

Catholic High Overwhelmed By New Brunswick

Sport Club Plans New York Trip

Team Beaten By UrTa rea"ti3"St Five, 42 to 13

ToWels Given As Table Awards

Catholic Five Bows To Atlantic

Fair Haven Group Holds Parlor for Riverview

Tide fable

Rod Bank Team Loses by 33-to-30 Score

Bowling Sidelights











f< Page Twelve


sents such'*-remark liy one not familiar with the working! of tha high Young Women's Group Wcatbury, Long Wand, N", Y. school and apparently" not acquainted with the w uguiti obtained under Mr. Holds Card Party .' January 25, 1040. Redcay. '-\ - : ' •.-,' The annual commencement cxer- To the Editor, I had » thoroughly enjoyable nve _ The niimion Young Woman'g olub clies'of the United States army sig- The Red Bank Register, years as a teacher In Mlddletown 1 nal corps school at Fort Monmouth Red. Bank, New Jersey. township high school from 1911 toiif" h* T*;*?P I"" ** "Wit at 1930 and I found .In Mr. Redcay a the homo of Miss Franco. Carhart were held yesterday morning at the man of high moral prlnolplet and of on BelMyue avenue. Prlies worowon poat theater. Tho course this year Dear Sir," As a former teacher In the Middle rare skill In handling boys and'girls. by Mlraea Lou|»e Hlltbrunner, Betwas cut to *M months, He Is not only a teacher of boys and ty Ryan and Dorothy, Leonard. The town Township High school and afChaplain A. L. Evani gave tho In- ter "reading the accounts of the trial, girls but truly a teacher of teachers, winners received crocheted clothes vocation and the graduates were in- 1 was quite surprised to read of the hangars. • Respectfully, troduced by Colonel Daweon Olm- board of education's decision In disThe committee consisted of, Mlsee« - •• • Joseph P. Matthews, •tead, commandant, The address to missing Mr. Redcay as principal oi High School, Weatbury.'L. I , N. 1. Frances Carhart, Edna Woolraan, the graduates and the presentation tbe hlBh school at Leonardo. Dy ALTON J.. BLAKESLEE Doris Finegan, Mary Malone and • of diplomas were made by Major It teems to me that the taxpayers Alma Von Steeg. • , General Joseph
Only One Person In Two Wears Shoes


31 Graduate at Fort Monmouth

So Bat'a In Maryland Plans To Do Something About It


Rutgers Launches Grass Silage Research

Laundries Hire More Than a Million Impressive figures about the place ithc modern laundry takes In the economic structure of the United Stntes have just been issued by The Cleaning and Laundry World. For example the commercial laundries alone (that Is, those serving the home direct) employ so many peoplo that it is computed that one person out. of every 130 In the United States l-s dependent upon the laundry for livelihood. This figure does not take into account approximately 5,000 laundries in hotels, hospitals, camps, piisons, etc. In addition to those actually employed In. the laundry there are many thousands working in factories and distributing warehouses which supply the laundry industry with soaps, chemicals, machinery, delivery equipment and countless other requirements ; iin which the commercial' laundries spend annually the sum of almost 580,000,000.

BROAD ST. Red Bank "Wo resorvo tho right





Whole Natural Unpeeled . . in Sweet Syrup

EAT S FRIDAY'S Super Bargain! r fancy Selected

CANS £ j | ^ p





^^ |

Pork Loins :^ r | " f / City Cut Fresh

I M_



Finn Steer


I-U. 1QC


Fresh Young

FOWL Cudaby'i Smoked Bontlm





up la 4-lb. >v«.

Cala Hams Corned Beef

14c "> 21c 7b


HERSHEY'S s s r «

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>AuiU & Osujsdabl&A

Large Yellow



23 Ib


Krispy Crackers B. Martinson COFFEE a* 39' Minute TAPIOCA «s. 17' 19' 0MN3E Juice TOMATO Juice IM 17« 'P

^ h 0^ M




CAPONS (8tn7.lb.nver.)

Hormels "SPAM"•--?» 23' "Icy Point" Salmon 2 ^ 2 5 ' Sunsweet PRUNES i $ 9C SNOSHEEN ^.20'

vices to the home, such as drycleanIng.. rug cleaning, pillow cleaning, cleaning of upholstered furniture and so on, I n actuality, therefore, the sales of this great service Industry represent today a n annual sum of three-quarters of a billion dollars About 83% of the people employed in the modern commercial laundry aro women, and there is probably no Industry In which female labor Hnds better environment, closer safeguards and stringent regulations protesting their health and earnings. Almost universally there, la city and state legislation^ governing the hours of work, limiting the hours of overtime, fixing minimum wages, requiring res^ ldent nurses, etc. Tho advantageous working conditions come not from outside alone. The laundries themselves are a conspicuous example of leadership in formulating profitsharing plans, bonus schemes, mutual aid societies, saving club facilities, compensation plans, rest periods, recreation and soclalclubs—an8 similar projects to make It pleasant and satisfying to be a laundry worker.

Observations at the duck research project of the Amcrlian Wildlife Institute at Delta, Manitoba, Canada, show that the fall flight brought an increase In the numbers of canvasbacks, mallards, shovellers, gadwall and blue-wing teal. There was little change In the numbers of other EVACUATION OF FKAR. whether he Is old or young. Together species, with the exception of pintail KNCiAOEMENT ANNOUNCED, we can form that people which gives and grcenwlng teal. A marked deEvacuation Is the word that is on to the world the answer to the siios- Mrs. Mary Natolo of Red Bank crcaso was noted In these species. everyone's tongue in a groat many tion; How shall the nations and has announced the engagement of Lesser ftcaups, usually arriving at her sister, Miss Christine Galatro, the Delta marsh in great numbers In municipalise In our country. Va- peoples live together? rious preparatory measures hnv£ Whnt we must have Is evacuation to Patrick Itri of Brooklyn. The October were scarce throughout the been taken, . . . An Ill-defined unrest of fenr nnd mobilization of sound couple will he mnrrir>


The place which the modern laundry has earned In todays social life IJ. significantly expressed by the fact that today people spend approximate. ly 5525,000,000 on laundry service alone. About half of the commercial

Rutgers university's agricultural experiment station, a pioneer in grass silage research, has launched n flve-ycnr program to Investigate the processes by which cattle utilize grass silage and the effect of this new ration on quantity and quality of milk output. Thn station was granted $10,000 by the Herman Fransch foundation of New York to conduct the work. In the upper left picture Is a pasture scene at the Sussex county dairy research farm of the station where the experiments are bcinir conducted. In tho upper right can be seen a closcup of the finished product. A wide variety of grasses and legumes ran bo ensilaged with the addition of a preservative—usually either molasses or phosphoric acid-producing n. hjghly palatable roughage with a higher protein content than the traditional corn silage. Here Is tho silage as It comes out of the silo, cut nnd ready for use. Enthusiastic over the practical benefits of the new rnsnnrch program for formers of state nnd nation, Dr. John W. Bui tied (loft), head of the Institution's dairy department and Dr William H. Martin Iright), dean and director of the slate college of agriculture and experiment station, are shown in the lower picture examining a typical helping of grnns silage on Its way from allo to cow!


Fancy Eating or Cooking


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Ib CARROTS Fancy Jersey

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Ovaltine % l 3 3 - > FRUIT SPECIAL!







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Emnv JunE Pins CUT CREin BEHHS WHOLE KtiNit CORtl CANS i a




DATE & NUT Bread CAN 10° "IIRD'I-EVE" tlfiki Anywtwa





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Tor MMR, QUICKER W.ihln,


Juicy Florida

LARGE • • ( BOXES | f p


6-25* 2-r 3-23'


Tht So«p of B e a u t i f u l BAR Womtn i . t .

RED BANK REGISTER,,FEBRUARY 1,1940. Winner* Named in Photo Contest <

Page Thlrtm


Tlio winner* wero announced this ' cck In i photographic contest convaictedi • by tho ' Monmouth County Organisation (or Social Service In conjunction with the annual Chrlftmn« seal sale. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE ROOMS FOR RENT REAL ESTATE FOR SALE SITUATIONS WANTED BUSINESS NOTICES Tho classes" and the respective FOR SALE LOST AND FOUND winners are photos taken by perMONMOUTH COUNTY farm*. v»r» M I « I BUILDER and decorator: all kinds of. al; FURNISHED bedrooms (or rent. 62 MOKTCAOE SPECIALIST—We ropi'e'itnl WUHAN wlihes da;-a work to itu, iiona under 1(1 years of age, first, WILL live generous rewird to person who CHAIRS He. wash etand. 2Ic. d i . U HartleK ami ntiunclal. inUratlone and paper hanKlns! floors re- WHITE Peters place, Red Bank. would b« ao kind i i t i return mult or erould do laupdry. In or out. Cali chtit of dretwsra fZ.50, commodes Misses Ethelyn 'and Teddy Cook, Carmen pallet d m , Mimed Teddy. Body il,91,GO, lilu« will bt alvtn paraonal tttmUon. j stIVullons whu will . consider placing all old lrames 25c, plenn I t , Ihree-nleca flnUhed. fUtimates submitted. A. Goode, al I I I Mechanic, meet alter COO P. M. H.iward Llnwlncott, 81 Mnnmooth ityiicit uf real estate and mnrtgaue loaim •' West Allonhurst; second, America and lace Hunt tan (fawn). Owner's name phone Bed Bank nil. varituffed UvInK room suite 118.50, RUS- phone 1185-J. FOUR-ROOM ipartment, gai and elec-til- Nu red taiie. Qjick and b'lticlrnt tervire. fiit. nhunt Rfd Bank.SKI. F, Fumo, Munasqunn; photos by on collar plate. Krneat" DeLuea, Canler- H'S, 29 East Front streel, city •. A reoli h«»tlii| *yuem. 11 W«r,i j Sea r h e Joseph P Schwnrti Agency. 14 CESSPOOLS and aeptlc tanka cleaned! vilU, Cell Kayport 1U1-MT Phont Red Bank 3S30-M Front «tr««t JVOHKINfi.''housekeeper. V i h o u s e k e e p e I Inquire at 21 persons over 16, first, Miss Mary T, j Monmouth Mrcet, Red llnnk, phone 3 1 2 1 . I.1SI your fartrn tor iil« or riot 20 E«nL Front itreet, phon« WILL I'KEPAItE complete monthly and orable mention, Bessie J. Williams, 12 Wait Front street.* reftnediyc,a|>able housekeeper who* can attractive r o o m s ; rates reasonable. Phune | mile In fi^rm r',»." T aw c MAKE an afshani 100% virgin wool, best ESTELLE Uecoratlnii Service; papal oanlari'es: state price, condition nf hmme ;_^ i. >'; Hiver»«We firive nnd b u y i n town: 2 oa, akeln 20e. 8se our I. C. A. VICTOR combination; pla>« U» Inn, plain and decoratlra pilntlnc blst StK STILLMAN Park b«fora you b u l i and other parllculara in first latter. •Write phone Ked Hnnk 410. recorda automatically, latest 1940 model; materials (The lied Bank Reglstei can be . _ . line. Lovely colon. Full Una bedmread and workmanship at moderate) ELDERLXvI'wotnan wilhei position as Home, box 611, Red Bank.* only eight mlnutei to B«d Bank itaUont In R'Jm.on from Herbert Knight, Harrl and ci-ochat cottona. National 5 aV 10, epeclal allowance of 120 /or old. radio. ptlcas. room 192, 20 Mount street. Red housukeerer. 11 John BUcet, Red on bus lim; rolling farm land i watar. ifai« BEAUTIFUL home for Bale, eight roomi. Easy term*. Tutting FUno Co., Ifl MonRarkan, l'r«d Flnmrly. Waller Torbtn Prown'i.* flank.- . i . J . Bank. shower, -7'-\ . acres;; beautiful cellar electricity: house a spaced far apart) «af« outh street, Ktd Rank. for children. Half men. lamUcapcd plntah REAL ESTATE FOR RENT throughout-the hou«e: oil hcni; everythinK Rev. John E. .Murray, rector of BAMPBON card tablia, Ju.t received si* MOVING done,. rock and- dump" body tiARDENEB w'»he« work on private modern. Will nHfilfi e for niKh. Ideal 2 U feet frontage, 1500. Ray H. Stillriv Holy Cross and Holy Rosary churchtlocen ot theae lovely extra etronir, extra BHWJWSlyURY. Nursery now optn. Shade trucks for hire; eeptic tanks* and ca*s> nmn, Eatontown. . plnce for fruit fnimi t M l O u j t h y expelen t t t M l O h l expeilenced l d i in green n or rhirkenn. Or treea, evergreens at reduced ratea. five rooms, oil burner. S 4 0 ; nix en, who haa been anilouely 111 at thabeautiful tablaei waihabla aurface, two Jebar and Stanlon, phone EatoiHown pools cleaned, (trariinjr, (111 dirt and tiip house!, ,'jrardens, la.wns rent. Phono HUldlctown andd h r l ; mar- RENTALS, . 232-J. rooms, river DrtvMeKen, 5 5 -. F>0 ; seven will aih traya wlthaachl 11.88 and 12.88 still. Louis Decker, GDI River road, Red rlea:: «» fourth houje oir utat » « 32. Wo^M o^M like l o Ket a'Job rooms; tiifihway 3 3, un TO CLOSE eatate, Hance road lot, £0x249. rectory on Ward avenue, IB much lm' frae 511. | 6 0 ; bill «ite farm eatnte, S7S. .•lose to river i riparian rlffhUj bflautltul Bank, phone M59 or ]22<-W. each. National S A 10' Prown'i.* Laurel avenue, ritrhl hnnrt side. Mrs. K t r i dM h 115. IS40. WrIU Many others 130-1100. Ketweenirioev and March Kny VnrHorn, DfT -proved ana Is now out of danger. , . , , rounding*, wonderful ihadn trtei) mnr G d ^ K 511,' Red Bsnk.. ' WOOD—fireplace, .furnace or stove, $6 a UW*rToatl, Fair Haven, phone 283.* :, nonable offer, Helntte, ZOO Rlvgr roada Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bolten of North """Bf..?"^,- »M"JuSi' • ' ' load, tlO cord; guaranteed (rein eggi, Red Bank.. street celebrated their 40th wedding o r three for l i t near them on our new flo a doxen (from hen house to you). At JOB PRINTING— WBen you need bus. COLOREDlWOMAN wishes laundry work. 5EVKN-ROOM home, oak floorR, oil burn- 8 5 ACR&S in fertile Holmdel lection; or delivered. Frank Maunlno, Laurel bricH-fillcri, nine-room Dutch" Colonial 200 RIVER ROAD, Red Bank. ti> clou ••* . - Inasi cards, latttrbeads, envalopaa, Cull Rail Bank <«B-R.' er; bntb. shower, lavatory, ftrcplsce; aound demoaetrator V iiheet music' S6c, Na- arm anniversary. Saturday, . venue, Hiddletown. phone 103. modern ranKC stone jtorrh ; double irftrnKei farmhouse surrounded- by Itivititiir nhnde tate, ntone hou8«; 11 roo»ii, ifiltibty arbillheads, booklete, posters, programs, Mr. ami Mrs. Frank Ghezzl of tion fi & 10. Frown's.* trees; Inrjie centrnl hnll adjutnlne parlor ranged for two families; thn« b«thi, two* ^ a{ refinement;; lileasant liernoii liernoii- Ini'Ke laiulRcaiied plot, $55. Sale j e . announcements or anything In :ti*> lint and living rcforn, down thte? ntepa to car garage. Apply Helntie. River rond had as Sunday ayeste, FIVE-CENT aheet iituitc, 1.000 c6v>lia iuit J3EI> THACTOnSi W«1H« ^0-flO; rebuilt; aB companion; tueill Ray; VanHorn, Fair Haven, phone 2h3.' V l h W k i .. Work John Deere, il. P., Planit Jr, and Senri, kitchen; two adjoining rooms, .bath, elecof printing try The Reyt.tur. Work of received of tha llneit aongi that usually to children. Reply..' t» 'Box 523, Red Mr. Ghczzi'g slater, Mrs. Stephen new. Also plowt, htrrowi, plantar*, beamed DuUh RENTERS, take notice: $.11.04 ' complete tricity; t w o . hand-hewn aell up to fitlo.each; ukelele chords, words, Ikt the beltct kind dons when probl&ad Bank.1 . .t t C l this pcopttty wllh rivtr prW* toolt, harncis and Pterle** threiher. Garbarlnl of Brooklyn, and Mrs, Har- muftle monthly payment, Including taxes, on burns; brook, lake possibilities, blending In and piano accompaniment. National iay ileges: exclusive section, •lx-n'om Coand at reaionabla prices. lonovor Bros., Wlckatunk, phone Holm del new Colonial residence J large landscaped with landscaping; 20 acre* hilly contour, lonial type; hot water heat; garng«i lot ry Ghezzl and daughters Florence 6 & 10. Frown's." plot- Ready for spring occupnncy. Small with woodland. Enay commuting: MS,50". well shruhbed; beautiful ti*«». Prlc* tt ltd Madollno of Newark. HELP WANTED down piiyment. Ray VanHorn. River Booklet. Paul It. Stryfcer, ichl estate and 17.000. ROOM heatsn—13.lt for portabla heat- WALL 1*AP£I(. a full asioiiment, DK VACUUM cleaners repaired: a n j make, W- A. Hopping Ag«m-r, tfd insurance, Hlchwny 34, Holmdel, N. J., The card party held Tuesday afroad. Pair Haven, phone 283.* e n ; heatjr wlcka 10c | No. 60(1 wicks Hank, .phone 397.* Allen Electric Shop, 13 White street. ccnti per room, You iav« 60 per cent phore 6601. •> wicka to At Florence, Nesco, Perfec- on' paint «hd wall texture, AUaniU Paint. lied Bank. " tornoon of Inst week In Holy Rosary 35c; w WE NEED first clmi domeltlc help for positions in the . best households. Ap- HOUSE for rent, 42 Oakland street; half BARGAIN—Six-room huune, newly decor- THIS home is a sttn, exclusive • • tlon, Itall for tho benoflt of Holy Cross and tlon alnd all makes. National S it ID.Co., 119 Weit Front Atreet, Red Bank, of double house: *ix room if, bath, all I'LU Mil ING. btatlnu. tinnlnu. Jo.nph W. ply at once fit Monmouth Employment improvement; river nrlvltegas. living room nlth flri* phune 2261-W. ftted; Improvement!); wirage. In stood Holy Rosary churches netted $46, <25 per mantti. Apply W.i Agency, 22 West. Front street, phone Fox, uhor.e Red Bank 2311. Ejllroala. lopHtion ; KnlB prif-o ?4.non.(10,' 1500.00 place, hot water heat with automatic confi. Mnnnon, 6 Broad Mreel, Red Bank. ' H500.* The party waB In charge ot Mrs, Wil- PAINT UP now; shellac 11,60 gallon, tur- CINDERS for iale. road vraveli bins cheerfully given. down; balance imvnble fill,,i,1 monthly, fn- trol, dining room, kitchen, encloud porch. .pentlne Ific quart; Inilde paints G O o •tone; drlvewayi built *nd lepalred. liam Porter and Mrs. James Porter, qunrL (illddtn'a varnlih 60c quart. Johnnix.room house In town*, oil burner: cluditiK iflxeR. insurance, etc. Apply at three bedrooms, bath; faraga; $6,800, . W. I'KOAL, antlqtiet bougbl WHITE girl wiinted for'general house- (iOOD A. Happing Agency, phono Rtd Bank land, aravel, fill dirt and toi) soli, MADELON Jr. Karagei rent. J4 5. Seo RoUton Wntf>r- 12 Mechanic atreet, Red Bnnk, phone Red 397." non's Olo-Coat 50c pint. National 6 at k.Uo work; plain cooking and care of child; .' and sold. 102 West Front street, R«d 'rices reaionable. Phone Eatontown ,231. • " bury. 'It Went Front ntrcet. jihono 3."i00.* Bank 663. David Zlpora, son of Mr. and Mrs. 10, Prown/i.* must have reference. Cnll between 5:30 Hank. '. Stochl, TInton avenue. and 8:30, Red Bank 124-R." . OCEAN front plotn with beautiful brach. HOME on Rumion road: large groundi, Domlnlck Ztporo, has been confined METAL 0W8ETS—• A new load just reBUNt.ALOW of five roomn, hot wn 2nuxl7S: btautlful shad* tries: sight FOR SALE, eevieral hundred pane!* of FKED HUliHKS & SON, body and'fender niljnlnintr Cnsino beat-h. North I^onK heat; Karasc Lot fi0x2(!O. Rent $42. to his homo with illness. ceived l nomo ' real specials too. Tall lopuit potts and cheatnut rxll fence, BrnncK, locRted in area of pioposeil state rooms, ftreptace; two-car garagti $4,600. Work guar- I WANTED, female help, *lngle needle. mi- Sea Ra1ntoii Wnterhury. 22 West Fn from 12.981'double ipme In excellent condlt'ion, others fair; * repairs; also repainting. Member* of Rumson lire company cloaet With «halves park, Sncrlfire for ready earh. flrokern W. A. Hopping Agency, Red Bank, phone chine operators to new on drenee nted, 265 Brighton avenue. Long Btreet, phone .15110.* door .closets IT.fib1; wardrobe mstal closets. priced fat from1 50c to M.2& tier panel. protected. Jospph May hew, 2 Hector 397/ >men'n coats: .15c per hour minimum flooded tho frozen surface of the S4.98, W» dallvar. National 6 1 4 , 1 0 . Ftn-pe can bt ictn erecUd with ionic dls> Branch, phone Lonjr Branch S3S1. iges. Apply ty. J . State Employment HALF of double house In town, near sta- strett. New YorV City.' ," . . ',•:'., V-'•.'• ,. ;'•• pond on River road, opposite tho bor- Trown's." NEW four-room bungalow, hat air b u t ; rain tied panels o n farm at Holmdil, New UOOVEK cleaners, rapalrcd, oruaha* r'e- Service. 12 Brond street. Red Bank. tion: HIX rooms: bnlh: nil imiM-ovcments. all improvements; until down payment, ough hall, Friday and made )t ideal FRIGIDAIRE, weelluit' condition, for aalel Jersey. Write Hallivbox 6 U , Red llankr bn.tltd. Allen Klectrlo Shop, in White , Rent J30. See Waterhury, 22-* Went Front 49 ACRES, Bt tractive lOil-ycar-oltl fnrm- balance »2 a yer month. Curlty «nd,-: houHe, fire])l»ee!i; Improvempnts, barns, street, phone 81'i. Red Bank. for skating. The ''pond has been FAHMER watiled with iknowledtte of trac-'j street, phone 3fif>0.* alio doubta bed springs. Phone Red CEDAR flats for sate, 12x18x3 and , •,':' benrlng orchards, wide stream, cood hunt- Itrayt phone 331 n.Red Bank.* Wrlta Bank n « e . ' . . . . . . . • , tors i house goes with job. crowded with young folks. 14x20x8; any special •!*« to order; new ihif. Price reduced $7,0;,(), \MT\K term HOUSK of seven rooms,'bath: hot wnter , Ked Hank, ICE SKATES, saws and icMiors sharpFarmer, box. fil MUST SACRinCE—J4.5OO; savin-room purchn.ie plan. Itay VanHorn, Fair HaLyle'Enatlcc, son of M<". and Mrs. COMPLETE houssKoW o! furniture, HI; laterlal. We Jellver. K C . L. Smith, New heat; two-car garage; near high Bchool. ened; locks repaired, keye ntted; guns house, two enclosed porchu, on main Monmoutht N. J. ven, phone 2.13.• . Lyall Enatloo of Lafayotto street, trunks 11,00, radios 12.85, china cabinet and revolver* repaired. Cross's Locksmith OPPORTUNITY road; plot 150x181; garage, chlfiktn for subBtantial year- Rent HO. See Walerbury, 22 West Front roop; nrie block to lchool and church. round «&rnlnfcs a.s eRtimatbr-EaleRman in street, phone_3E00.^ was bitten on the leg last; weolt by 12.96, filing cabinet 19.SO. Everything Hi3 of all iltes for sale. K. J. Dietrich, Shop, new address 1&& Shrewsbury avenue, FORECLOSURE — Modern bought and sold, Town Furniture Ex-room phone Red Dank 28U9. Tin tun Falls, N. J. M. Schuler, I Garrlion Monpiouth and Ocean counlisn. Thin com- HOUSE at 192 Riverside avenue, seven Church street. Mata|Tan. Phone Malun dog owned by John Kcany. Dr. Ed- change, 85 Monmouth - street, Bed Bank, wan home. Colonint e. Coonint deaUti. fireplace, deaU'ti. place, nvenue. Jersey City. K. J., Apt. 83. 1363-J. pany established 35 years with highest rooms and - bath, hot water heat, oil h two.car naraRe; quarter '• ••• ; CENERAL CUNT'RAUT'UK a.od cei.puols win F. Stewart* ordered Mr. Keany phono 62H,* Ulng-, has thounartds of satisfied cualom- burner; naraue; laundry in cellar, firu- screenedd porch, ncro plot, mnny trees, fine neighborhood* cleaned; carting and grading, top aull. UARf.E ten-room house, barn; 23 acrai. ers. Products include nationally adver- place. Iniiulre W. T. Jonea, IS»1 Mnele THE HAZLKT Lumber Yard, In addltlun to keep the dog tied up for tho time $6,9011, Monthly payments MK.fin. Ray BRAUBAOH grand piano, .perfect ^condi112,000: lix-room house, garagi, IS to • catriplet* stock of new lumber and manure, ail dirt, cinders, gravel and sand. tised window conditioning, rock woel inbeing. tion; mahogany case; for quick', salt, bulldlntt material!, hat a latue variety of Estimates glvin. Phone Red Bank U l e . sulation, anbeito* and- asphalt sidSniz and avenue, Red Bank, or your own broker. VanHorn, Fair Haven, phone Z^.sere*, $S,50O: conveniently located, Frank H. Lawei, Newman Springs road, phont Mr. and Mre. James Clay and son 1211. Tuitlng'a, II Monmouth itrett, Red uied lumber on hand at all tlmei. If you Oscar Beckeri 47 Second street. Fall Ha- rooting. Also patented method of re-roofAUTHENTIC Enrly Amcrlcnn eight-room van. N. J, Hank, phone 89. • 50 CHESTNUT itreet. Red Bank, six ins -with slate: permanent protected terrlare planning'to Impr Improve or tdd tdd to your Bed Bank 2875, • ^; re planningto of Brooklyn visited friends here last rooms, bath, hot air heat; No. 11 De- house, Rocludod, •fteltinB'. flieplarcs, furtorlea. Car ncceiaary. Commission, bonrpo p h l lbe b iilad l d to t (Ivure (I th property e ty we shall be to (Ivur the the nace, hath, acre ground: largo tree*, tall 55 ACRES with an elsht-room Colonial week. Mr. Clay lo a former resident DACHSHUND puppies, reglst*red A. K,actual t and d weSEI'TIU TAN nil uio ca.spouls cleaoed, al- us, expehies -advanced^'- For appointment Forest avenue, house, six rooms and hath, evergreens; t l cott.'of tf ypur reyulrementa two miles to Red Hunk, Si 500. C ; flna blood lines, . Allo'bfacV and tali believe that we can tave you Rome money. so dry wellsi drains IneUlled. E«tl- call Asbury Park 705 between 9 and 12 plpeless bent. LewU Lumber Co,, Aabury farmboune aurrounded by tr*es, on a of this borough. \ • Ray VanHorn, River road, Fair Hnven, ridge overlooking miles of the rolling toy -.Mancbestary Vterrlars,! 'I -Stansbetrrtr, Park. t>m* In and talk It over.' Nw obligation matea given. Oicar Becker, <7 Second Sanfird Rosa of Ward avenue was Campbell's. ' Junetlpn,> Belford, -/phone phone 283." countryside: several brooks, one near thfe n'your part, ot courve. The Httstet Lum- atreet. Pair Uavan. pbone Red Bank U K among the many artists, who con- K e a n s b u r g - t l Z J ^ / : ; - ; •:*; ': House with lake possibilities', 85 a CM 8 tiller Yard, right at H«tlet'station. Phone SIX ROOMS and bath for rent: In perfect WINDOW OLEANING-^-Wk clean windows EXPERIENCED operators wanted; .M.ption eVport 1108. Free delivery anywhere. tributed paintings and watercolorj to fnrm order"; suitable for small family. In- NINE-ACRE E m with ith ix-room hotiae, able; fruit trees, grapes, 10 aeni woodtime Work.' Monad Mfg, Corp., 247 quire SECRETARY'S "desk, office chalte and Innd: garage, wagon house, packing houn, In stores and dwellings, at moderate ht h Mrs.. K. R. Smith, 128 Maple avenue. hot n r heat: gnrace; chicken chicke house. 1 a "blind, auction" at the Hotel i other ,, equlpmtnt at reasonable price. HIT PARADE records at Tutting'!, 16 prices; we also .wash, paint, wax floors, Bridge avenue, Red Bank. equipmant at riasona Ked BanO box stall; puitabte (or poultry fnr Ten pew barn; electricity-, easy comtnutlngj, _» ti _ Boyntqn, Scuramoiulj place, Rtd Gotham for tho benefit of the Fin „.• Monmouth street. Red Bank. Listen to etc.; no job too small. Call 26I0-J or minuAs'to Red Flank Htntion; H3.,"0fi. Wn- MO.OOO. Booklet. Pavil R. Stryker. r«al 2 • • •'• • EXPERIENCED whit« girl wanted an Bank »iS2 3074-W. Monmouth Window Cleaning Co., .hem over WBRB tonight at 6:so p. m., FARM for rent: the Dolan farm at Evei- terbury. 22 Went Front street, phone estate nnd Innuranee, Highway »i, Holmnish Civilian relief fund. •. mother's helper. Phone Red Bank 106. del, N. J., phone 66M. 210kc. and every Tuesday and Thursday Red Bank. ett. N. J. Apply on i* re mines between Mr. and Mrs. John J. Boyd of But- BOYKTON kitchen range with oil burn lights, 1:00 and 4;Q0 p. m. S. B. Malnney. .'ersi ready to burn;: also typewriter, tonwood lane, havo Joined Mrs. J. MAN with car w&nted to aelt our wooden child's msnle crib with msttress, sun parfenc«.a In. local territory,, (lood arro.i\ic«Prentice Kellogg of Rumson Park- lor set and Alroflama two-burner oil heat- PERSONALLY reconditioned piano* ttrtd WXTHXK ea»y walking distance of AUTOMOBILES reproduclnu piano*; tuning, ropalrlnn ent with rljiht . man. IJubolx Reeves way nt the WoBtbury In New York. en the station or high school; nix Si. Bar avenue. Highlands, phone tha best. Ulrhan'« Piano Shop, UrumFences, Inc., 101 Park Avenue. New York use. TRAILER—Brooks deluxe model; sleeps room*, hath, all imptovQmentn; garaond .PUCI, Red Bank, phona S88. Miss Lbiiiso Finch, daughter of Mr. City. „ • • • • • two; fully equipped, easy tow nook>up. rage, All air* & Son Agency. Inc..' and Mra. Riifus C. l^lnch of Rum- USED studio couch, pull-up chair, easy FRESH S family cow, third calf, fo for r sale. Ideal for Florida; J225. Joseph P. Den- ARCHITECT wnnted. to deslun aummcr Real to TB, 1,9 Monmouth atreet, phone son road, is visiting Major and Mrs. chair- and ottoman, bookcase, gate-leg' Willi William A Ackerson, k Hnilel. H l l N. N J J.,phune h der, Inc., phone 156. Atlantic bllzhlanda. coltaues. snare time; about one weekly. Red Bank 3460.. r . • •<> Marlon Carson of West Point, New tiihle, maple dinette. Phone Red Bank Keypart 5H-R, Excellent opportunity for profitable spare 05«." :\ ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS' credit on time work. Write Architect, box a l l , glv> York. .„ . TROPICAL FISH—We :buy, >ell a n d e x any modtl new Bulcil for sale for 1800. Injc experience. SIX-ROOM house, newly decorated, imf Mr. and Mrs. HSnry Werlemann of COOKINfi range for aale: aJio swlve chaiiKe flsh, tanks and plants. Aiiuar- Call Deal 7371-W, or write C. Levy, 208 provement)!; git rage; in good location; chair, dining rdom table and two chairs. ums 3V.C each up; head and tall light fish Lockwood avenue, Elberon. River; road entertained Saturday $37.0(1 a month plus water.- Apply 12 Me-, WANTED, craftsman cabinet maker; exAl Mourtaux, Hilton rark, Highlands, N IBe each.- Vialtors welcome. Open'(tally eveniife wlfti a dlnriMTfoT M". and perienced in making fancy furniture, etc. chantc fllreet. Red Bnnk. phone 663. and Sumlsyn. Miller's Hatchery, 39 Miller J* ' * Mrs. Amory L. Haskell, who .left yesstreet, Highlands, N. J. MAURICE SCHWARTZ. Chrysler, Ply- Write P. O. Box 2.y. Sea Bright, N. J." hungalow. conveiilent to RADIO special, tabl* m'odth reduced to mouth and International truck sales and MEN WANTED for Rawleidh routes of ATTRACTIVE terday for Palm Beftch. town', large llvinc room, dining room, * 1 Q.05, regoltr-11(1.06. Other model FOR SALE, 9.\]2 run |2S, cedar cheet $7, servlca headquarters. Phone Red Bank «0f) families. Kellnble huntler should kitchen, two bed room t, bnth, hot wutei Mr. and Mra. George 'Lawrence of draitlc&lly reduced for a limited time This Is READERS' week. Any mere ADVERTISmaple bureau and chiffonier f l o each, 787. , W. A. Hopping Agency, make good earnlnRs at start and increase heat; garage. Mount Ktseo, New York, are theCommunity Maw* Shop, 15* Monmouth lx-pUce dlnctt« »et 125, iilngle tmthosifny * ER who ventures to read these remarks takes serrapidly. Write today. KawlelRh'a, Dept. phone Red Bank 397." bed $10 and teak wood Chinese chair JS. USED CAR3 buughu Bold and exchanged. NJB-2N1-S, guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert For- street. Red Dank.* Chester, Pa.* ious charjcea of learning a way to "coin" .money—* Mrs; Borner. Glenmary Park, Red Bank, Fonttac sales and service: terms. G. U. rester of River road. VBRY SPECIAL— Mannlng-Bowmtn eltc- phone 86&3-W.* HOUSE, seven roomx, modern, nt 79 Mc. • A. G. j-, n««[«. Brother.; 1J-31 - Mechanlt EXPEWENCEI) yountr white woman fur with tho full approval,-however, of the United^ Stater alU-jancc^r Laren utrget.-.Kecl Hank"; hot water heat, Groat Interest has been shown in v ^ ^ ^ t w l ^ . ^ general housework ; street, phone 8065. ,.. e cooking; o o k g ; twi hardwooil floors, tlie bath ; tea rage. Rent Treasury Department. tho nowly formed class In elomen- beam coftea maker, tegular 18.95, < t*wo children. Call Red Bank reasonable, Apply J. Ides, 17 West Front FARM PRODUCE DEPENDABLE • used ears: Dodge. Ply- 229 tnry hortioulturo which meets at theprice 18.96. Community News Shop, 15s street. Red Bank." mouth, Chevrolet! and other makes of So this then Is to you, Mr., Mrs. s.nd Miss Reader, studio, of Mrs. J. Frederick Talcott Monmouth street, Red Bank.* cars; convenient time payment plans to YOU NO lady or gentleman, with car pre- SIX-ROOM houftc, newly decovatetl, imbiled, | 2 4 provements ; ten rage; in good location; on Ward avenue, under the auspices TO SETTLE estate! Will sicrlfke con- HAY—HAY—HAY—Alfalfa but before I say my say I want to Inquire h o * you ferred, experienced in aalefimannhlp, whpNice, bright mixed hay. 126 ner ton. suit your budget. Uonardo Garage. Valley Drive and -Appleton avenue, Leonar* would be Interested soliciting for new*, $37.00 a month phm water. Apply 12 Meof the Rumson Garden club. Among tents ot seven-room house; furniture )ther hay, But come see It. Hance look upon the Want Department? Do you conalder do, M. j . phone Atlantic Highlands 46>. paper; alno knowledge of-writing. Wrlt« :hanlp 3tr**t, Red RpnV. phone 66^ the members nro Mrs. John Ballan- housahoM goods* china, glassware, old Davis, phone Red Bank 103. Dodge & Plymouth Rale, and Service'. P, O. flox 130, Red Bank.' RENTALS—Five-room buQgaloW. hot pictures, daguerrotypes, old al. tlno Mrs. Marshall Blankarn, Mrs. letters, ter heat, 142-50; nix kroom J bums, etc. Itmcll'j, 28 East Front street YOUNG PIGS and acres" ot tod for sale. of buying, or a. good place to seek' tv buyer for *eatTtlW l Uv U^ ^ie T ? »^; i5? ^r 5 u Sr S ? ^ o ^ n r t w o ™-Mlddl«towiV"-Btop-t""F«rTn;—Thorn ai"" E » } aT«wTeciroBTrrrris tile hathi, hoh water heat. $65. ThompAN3fuTco^trfn(too5c^n3i1 »omething you wish to aell? If so, you are right a« . Field, phone 061, Red Bank. modela. Mrs. WllUnm B. Klnncy, Mrs. Alfred Every car reconditioned and son Ayency, 81 Eiut Front atreet, phone APARTMENTS sale, 120; about alse 40. Also letter eold with old ith a 3u-ilny written guarantee. 700.' Ferguson, Jr., Mra. Robert Durand, carrier's heavy cloth uniform, hat. coat far as you go, but you don't go far enough. Jh p P. Dender, Dender, Inc., Inc., Chrysler, Chrysler, PlyPl JORN for sate, excellent Lanraster sure Joseph P. and two pairs o l trousera, 120, 689 River Mrs. Ross Meeker, Miss MaryKlmwith til? bnth, Venetian BUNCALOW. consisting of living room. THREE 15C croitj lit no baled rye straw. M. F. Rons, mouth, th phone h 1 Atlantic A l i HlgbJends. HlbJd road. Fair Haven, phone Red Bank 169-J Deep kitchen, Lwo bedrooms, bath, Inundry, high' celilnpi, hnrdwood flonrs: blind! Is. h Hollow farm, Onk Hill road, MiddleYou read the regular news columns as a matter of ball Smith, Mrs. Jamce Fox and Mrs. (I. E. refriirerator: refrigerator: hot water'heat; walking dlstnnce ol town. 1987 G. M. C. pick-up ',5-lon truck, eight- Magic Chef sail ranee. G. POTATOES (of e»le, No. 1 lame, smooth town township. Edgar A. Knapp. course. You study the interesting and timely topics heat, hot water. Karbane collection; Immediate possession. Rent $27. W. A. foot body, In lint class condition; S325, clean scab-free Jerser potatoes', I1.7S Weit Front utreet, or Hopping Anency. phone Red Bank 3H7.' Mlss\Marlon Boyle, daughter of per lot) lbs. Ray W. Mason, Kejrort, N. KAUMKKS and truck tfroweis will (ind torm». Joseph D. Dender, Inc.. phone 158 {40 per month, discussed on the editorial pages. But maybe you STORE for rent lliT"Shr«wibury: hent furcall Keansbnrg 381 for appointment. " ready market for their produce duce by dad* Atlantic Highlands. Mr. and Mra. John Boyle, has taken J., two miles south of Keyport, on Highnever thought of the little Want Advertisements a s furnlihed. Inquire G. F. Borden, phone vtrtlslng in The ResUter's clanlfled llfl col* way 55, opposite new school.* a position with tho Standard StatlsTWO- hoiisekeepinK ,rooms, prlvi te bath; Red Rank IRRI. umna. DODGE—1038 deluxe four-door touring Items of NEWS. News Is what they are—news an February 7 th. S2 Hardln K f e s Co., Inc., of New York. Sho IsGAS RANOE, four burner!, broiler and sedan, with radio and heater; low mile- road,vallnble Phone 450-R for appointment.* Interesting as you will find in any other part of th» THE LARGE open-porch" overlooking event good condition. 41 Maple avenue, tlVE STRAW, mixed baj, »L(alf» and age. Priced {or quick sale: easy terms, a graduate, of Kumson high school loseph P. Dender, Inc., phone 16S, Atlantimothy; good quality. P. O. B. reo> the Shrewsbury makes this a particand more .recently of Whitman Fair Havin, after 6:00 p. m." paper. THREE-ROOM furnished apartment, nearnent, ot delivered, John M. Laird, Inc., tic Highlands. ularly attractive home. Seven rooms, Bt&tlon and b u s : overlooking river; hent Junior COIIORO, Newark. FLORENCE oil heater, new l l « l wardrobe, Tennent, phoni Freehold 130 or SnglUb bath; garage; all Improvement!; and hot' water Turnlahed. Hi Riverside single. 13; two sets of single harneaser town X6*W. Rufus C. Finch of Rumson road You «ee a "job wanted" advertisement In The RegGUARANTEED used carl—18.19 Chevrolet avemi*, phoni Red Bunk S77.' 19, curtain stretcher I I . Other articles J3T.&0. Allaire & Son Agency, Inc., town sedan, radio, 5626; 193a Chevrolet will scorn tho hunters and jumpers Phone ister's Want Columns. What 1« back o f ' i t ? What Mlddlelown 184-J, fourth holm tit SEED HOG for sale reasonable. Realtors, IS. Monmouth street, phone town js&dan, 1625; 1939 Chevrolet-fiation at the Metropolitan Equestrian club ualed on Laurel avenue. ofT State High THREE-ROOM apartment for rent. m Thome, Hlnhway_35, Mlddletovvn." wagon, J360; 1994 Dodge >eil>n *176; does It suggest to you? Doesn't It tell the story of Red Bank 3-1 fin. West Front street, River Plata. Phone horse show tomorrow at Squadron way SJ, right hand side. Mrs. Dufly^ 1933 Plymouth sedan *U0,. 1935 Tontlac SIX pure bred Guernsey cows for sale. nndan 1285, 1930'Ford pick-up 1100.0(1, -Red Bnnk 188-1.* some fcllowman perhaps in need? Or maybe it acA armory, New York. Phone Rod Bank 1S81-M.* TWO-BURNER oil heater, suitable fo HOUSE, 147 River street, six rooms, bath, 1934 Chevrolet coupe 1125. 1934 Plymouth quaints you with the stimulating knowledge that Tho annual Kamo between the facaim porch, all improvements; good conoffice or home. Phone Ked Bank 770 coulie ( l i t , 193" Forrl Tudor lednn, i-0- FIVE and six-room, nuartments, all im- dition; 1 garage; to reliable colored family; mornings preferred. ulty of Rumson high school and the dlo,. 1350: 1937 Ford coiine' to/" 1281. provements, with steam heat and water. *,1 II, plus water. John H. Cook, Jr., phone some ambitious young chap seeks to better himself MISCELLANEOUS McKlm-I^ayton Chevrolet Co.,- 29 Mechan- Land and Loan Co., 6 Broad street, Red Ketl Batik 3m»-J. ( senior clnss will take place tomor- ELECTRIC refrigarator, electrlo range, din. —to climb another rung In the ladder of success. Bank.* ic street, Red Bank. Ing room suit* and breakfast suite fo row evening In tho high Bchool gymS on the budget plan, no niunej HALF of two-family house, south side, six Isn't that GOOD NEWS? Ie. Others. Deal and Milton avenue. down, easy monthly payment., Koui rooms; hath; good neighborhood. Will nasium. There will bo two games, Ocennport Park, - phone Long Branch oltl, bicycle taken In trade. Matins Bros., DODGE, l»te model two-ton truck; dual IN SHREWSBURY, five roomn, heated, far he vacant February 15. Phone 2509-R.* rent. Inquire C- F. Borden, phone Red the firBt starling at 1:30. l»7e.* Uluhway SS, Eatontown. or 316 M.ln wheels, with winch. Mrs, B. J. Grif- Bank Then too, who knows but that this "Job •wanlod". 1661. ^ rooms and bnth; all modem conveniItreet, Lakewood. N. J phone Eatontown fith, phone Eatoniown 26n. D4 Broad Russell McCuc of Park avenue was ce" ; gnrELgt. Central location. Instreet, Entontown, N, J." (ILENWOOD coal range with waterbnik SO ot Ltkevood 9SO, M advertisement might be the means by which loma r.nnflnod to hl« homo Thursday and for sale cheap. H. S. Rctvland, 02 Col TWO rooms for wnt for lljint hou«el>eep- i il.eu(',ivris L«o K. McKee, 16 McLnrot t-trcet, lege avanuo, Eatontown." employer can get the very help he has needed for a iniri *24 monthly, Includes everything. ! " f Friday wllh grip. FURMITURE wanted. I i>ay caih for old- LUCKY break for uned car buyers. See 1 A. W. BerkwUh, Chapln avenue (olT New* HAW of double house for r e n t ; nix rooms, tVitle earn first; Bulck nport coupe-l-lB ; fashioned antique and used furniture; Miss Elma Ropp, a member ot the JUNIOR glrl'a thrae-plece bedroom suite long time, and who has lost money for lack of I t it Onklarul ntrcet. Bulclc nix-who el deluxe rtcven-pHSBenger •«•> man Sprlnga road, nenr bridpe) Hetl ' nil m p r o v e m e n U , old ulaaswan, chlnu, keioacne lamps: degreen and .eraam, with spring; $20 high school faculty, was confined to 'all next d o o r or Owner. 4H On k I ami It. frequently happ.cno just so. scribe what you have. Antiques, 9 Broad (Inn $7s, Chevrolet 1934 sport four-door sednn, tmnlc, $1711; Ford 1037 foui-door itreet. Anher Krvlnp, 48 -Oakland street. her homo a few days last week with Phone Bed Bank Uao.J. trcet, Manniqunn, N. J. trunk itodtn, model ST., $365, Chevrolet Itefl Hank.' , j Illness. Mlsa Esthor Barnes, another What eloquent suggestion can you gain from a "For ROOMS FOR RENT SECUND flpor In iwo.furnUy house for | WANTED, used Inboard ikllf, nbout It 1938 MRnter sedan, rndio. heater and d«member of the high school faculty, Is rent; four room* nnd b n t h : simcimis i feet: deacriptlnn, nxe, cash price. Write IrosLer« f 4-ifi. Many othenj nit ftinkes. camp in the spring and they hav Rent" or "For Sale"-advertisement? You can picWilliam # J. Levin«, 375 Broadway, Lontr ON -BROAD street, nicely fuVnlxhed, sunny hall.*, *. Avnilnlile Mnrcb I. lnexamined by their family phyalolai 32H-J. IB.1S rACKAUD N dohixe rlnb sedan, rabought years ago, when land was cheap, and he novr Nledorer, president, presided at tho and to have any defeots corrected, si t> CiiiiMmicc Smith. 1 1 M n i ' l e nvenue, dio nnd heater} driven only 7,000 miles. INCOME tax returns lireparerf anil ai> App«arnnro like new j J0HR. Many other BUSINESS womnn Ue«iren lo nlinrc her I'ah Hnven. phone Heil Him I; j a n s . • meeting. doflitori to ensh In on a rising market. It might that they may enter sohool with a .... dlrnlnhed BK-IOOITI modem home with ilstcil; teuHonnble i'ilte>. Call Inr In. har«nItisMn varloui modelii. Mount-EnjrroH~RKNT.~" four-room liunnnlow, furMiss Doris Flnogan, daughter lot clean, bill of health. If there are any eln«nn perunn or couple ;• very rcn^onmean a dozen things—all Interesting—all news. formation Aihury I'arli 2126 ol'writei In llnh Company, Itcd flank. nUlicd; nil Improvcmont^. H .Jnhn le. Wrilo 11. W., box r i l l , l t d lUnk.* • Mr. and Mrs, William Flnogan of parents who.have not received th P. O. box 241. Anhury Talk.'tieet, Itcd llniiV.' Hunt street, returned Monday night forms ncceasary for this examination E front bedroom for rent In hones!, IIOUSK. three hedronms, tiled l.nlh. Invn.Cultivate tho habit of reading Tho Register'* Want WANTED, lewlmr mnchlno, noott condi- 19.15 FORD V-K cnnvertlblo scdnn. «(iuipnfto*r onjoylng a ton-day vacation at they may get them by callln perl wllh rndin, }27fi; 1933 Foid'deluxe tory. flreiitnce; IHIKC IKHCII; iloutile Karifined p n r t y ; ( o u r wimlowK, l a r y c rlnction. Writs I'Vlictilnin, Includtinr price Advertisements every lasue, juat as carefully and as) Ke; hot wnter hent; four room* on main Now York,. While in New York MISB either school. Rumaon 383 or Rum- to Box 103. H. D. 1, Lon'it Urancb. N. J." coupe S12K, \n\ l-'nnl* flHuxa rnfuller e t , h o t w n t e r ; 84.5(1 p e r week. Hi-cnkfn._t Ifin. Mnkc your selection from our large llooi ; S6n Finnk II. l . s « » , Neivmiin nerved If ilcntied; n*nr hint llncf. 1Flnegan visited her brother, William son 1008. This form. Is to be brought, studiously as you rend tho rest of the paper, It's a H u d i o n a v e n u e . Itert Bnnk, plione fi.*i(i-R.* Sin-lues loud, phone t!«d Hnnk !'TS._ ADULT wind chnir wnntcd; itnte prtco stock. Muunt'Kaglinh Co., Itcd Hank. Flnegan.' helpful habit—a wholesome habit that broadens your when properly-Ailed out by the famAmi condition, Write Wheel Chnlr. liox lOUfi'UOPRB twA-ilooi tnnrhig F,etlan, with CORNER room for tent, n c \ t It b n t h ; >>o Edward Now Klnnoy of Washing- ily physician, along with the birth Sll, lied nnnk. ItlVER pi'lvllents, nulet .tiec.t; »lx knowledge of your home community and neighbor!, heatkr, $300, 1100 down, Imlanr* S 16.A0 wfttec Uutit; c o n t i n u o u s hot .vntcr; ITH ton street Is a patient at tho Rivor- certificate when the child en tors " roomi, Imth. h o t water h c n l ; tivoper month: 10<1IS Chrysler convertible *erall «! -' r a u « : T h o n e Red Bank 1 7 It m WANTED, Ford Model A rli«»»l«; sultubls anil very ortcn spells OPPORTUNITY for you. vlew hospital at Red Bank with a •ohool. enr unriiKe: ati Idenl locntlim fnr lm. for fnrm tine. No inspection t rniiMt he In rlnri: 19QK Ford coiwertlhle nednii. Mary Oaktnntl Htroet. Itcd B a n k . fractured hip, Mr. Klnncy was hit niedlntp nrrnnftm-y. Htlit f''"'. Alfair cniullttfm and rhenit. lUlph •M«rf«r Tho truatcos of tho Rumson Pres- Mr. and Mrs, Edwin Pomphrey, eel 467-M. Mtvnm. KI(iHT-R()l>M hnuao fur relit,-all Imuruvetlon| yrtvnte fainily.. 4T.7 n«wcy t, box M l . Red Hnnk.' . of the principal feature! of the parmontt.; hot water heat; nreplneo. 7fi hearsal tonight In the church. Ihn persistent kind that GETS INSIDE the home. Lonr Brnnrli. phnne ai»70-M. tiHllnm ftvomie. Hnmsctn. Apply nt. T«. ty. Thoao present ware Mrs. Ros< ' UNCOLN-fcEPHYU'.four-iItto-r wdwi. Miss Mary Clrogan and John Oro..joins the family I'ltclo and spends a week." dive) eiiulppetl with rHtllo rtnd heater, $675, WANTED, lwo or three room npnrtmeni. Washlna-tnn M r « t , numson, or phont Ent.rjnja and daughter Lillian, Mra. gin of Center street loft this' week ntown Bts-M. with tll)6 down, balance eatj-1 iinymint". BUSINESS NOTICES "him" the opportunity to tell your story, Mr. or Mrs. lor a month's motor trip through tho Dorothy Keake and daughter Doro Mmint>GnKtUh On,, Rrtl Unnk Uft, Many •pnrtment, C Imi'iliT » Hnlibnnl nvpinif, Nvil WANTED, a mn II fnrm» f o r . m l r . or Miss Render of Tho Register. Thirty words for thy, Olga and Harold Morris, Jamoi ATTENTION, I'ubllo Ho you ne«d irmir- nthvr Imrtfiilnii. len for fnrni* f>-«im four t o twenty «ci-fi» South, nani*:* m e t^meixI'M.r.. A phono m i l or n t n l will incl of any klml T Iliiva you a hnuie, Seventy live students of Rumaon Mnolt, Jitnet Qaynor, Janet Knstlcq .in m i l s toinrii'iils "his" modest traveling expenit*.. 10:i 1 VOUU WmM A vuniiQi \n attoil ron- TWO, HOOMS, IlitSl huiiHekemilnv. Mill»l'l« l i r l i i K i i H r t l i i - m i i n t>i l i i r t | » * i ' t a n d i r i ' t f u l l ttora ot farm for rent or •alaT Want • high school woro -reported absent noddy Maine, Jacqueline Burgesi RiorttfBfic loan ot bund T |f to, connuli an • illtlont newly nalntctl: IMi CRKII. 1(1 for Moml-llivnlhl. Almt uPVfll-HMitn him. i n r i t i - i n i i t l o i i i i l i m i t y o u r p i m i c r t y . J o h n I . Ami "ho" usually "brings back the bacon," Phone Mcphanl<< atrevt, Hid Hank.* • • ualow. nil ImnrovemeiilN. 73 Throckmiiiand Robert and Betty Pomphroy. L u w l u y . Htntu Hiv'ti-tviiy n t I t i v e r n l t l e d r i v o , auint with ov«r thirty y*an' axpertance, Tuesday booauso of colds and mild Luelty 13, Red Bank. p h o n e R e d Hunk 4111. Alfred Boyce of River .road and Call or wr)u R. V IL II. 3toui,,&2 f.lnH.n WKU., FOIIKHI ,S|irlnir ahuuld be Jitnt ton avenue', Eatoittown. nUticka of irip. Place. n«-l H«nV. phone VI4I. mound tlio cornoi. Wliy ncit buy thn4 10 WAI.LACK ntreet, \nm» William Bciilio of West street Is Oordon.W, Wright of Forrest avc fetter until rnr you're thtnkliiK , nnonl. or without burtrdl -uoofl hn REAL ESTATE FOR SALE cmilln'tiU to tits homo wllh 'bronchitis. nuo are on a 12-oay cruise to BouU -PAINTEH, paper hitiutr and dicoraturi While the selection In itoorl nnd \nittn me Also meaU nerved by dny o'c wi '."• •ilimatei furnUliaHi tb yean' «x|i«rl* low at-Maurlcp Schwurti'a. All mnkea and of hot Tho Rumion Hf-Y girls mot last America, on the luxury 'IJner K" VdOil PROFIT owner'a loai. liny till" ilir water.* «npe. AH work p rk guftrantctd. gftrancd. d Family ajiartment for 15,0011 cash, liruie mnriell 145 up:1Q3A-37.HH-3D ,rteluxa week at tha Itumspn high school. The lAbr f ) l 1860 aitd up. Plymouthi. room lAbor for .j)ipirlng 18.6 InroniR nDkf. FliiHlnpua tone. Itolston lBSfl.97 Podttfli. deSntoi. Vooms. wsll heattil. nent bungi oup loadnr, Mrs. Arthur • Borden, Mr. and MM. Gray Mae W, Bry^ •fpiepn noffman. 83 Prunimond place. Red Knrdi. Tord RonvirtlhU' Bitlin, 1D33-34 KUHM8HEI) Inasi and hust bent uf lotfallonei uarsvi Wlterbury, 2 2 West Front atreot, phone phon* (flOT (flOT. a k ph was not present as she la lit a Neware at the Park Avenue club In th' BBank, Chryileu, riymouthi. D nil mi, Pontlari, If wanleil. H. H. Vanileiveer, 40 Brarn-h 8^01^Chevrolet!. Plinly of low prlcid c i n . avtnim, Rail Hank, phone Hfl.v York hospital wttH a broken log. y»nderbil«, New York, RIVER biinnalnw. efiiilt roorne, two baths, Fordsi Chivrnteti, nndtte^i Desotoit, NnihuYaplacel Hun Imnlloni two w « « MM. Arthur Olbl), assistant loader, Buy.no* Hiul save Htye money. ., i;Ste,y<— biBlnniri nnd ailvancid , room, alnirl-fl t uy n o * ami about one Here land: IMOP. Sea nnd Mrs. John Ballantlno, chairman onahle.'M porches: i*p( l*i?t O^raeUi and bbill 0 m friend Lee at' Maurlre Hrli»arl«'», ,U«eil I«i-H«« lain.,nnnvenllint, ennvanlant,coxy cntfi ion* I iea n today. Walerhury, 32 West Front ' of Dm county oommlttee, Wot with It T>ivi.lo tdv.rtli. In The Re«hter. gJ'.h'iri^'.S'^diru. pho n. »ofr' fi Cai' Lot, West'Fronl at. I'earl stieeti'Ded I'elem Vl«f«, Red BlitV. iihon Red Hank Itstreet, phnns nHIII.' . ReMtOf Bank, phoni ML , • , JSSs.M.' , ; them, Plant w«r« mad* to go to


Unless YpitRead The Want Advertisements Regularly You Miss a Lot

FEBRUARY 1,1940.

i Fourteen

•nee of »af«ty lighting on itate unlU of 460 candl, pewe, each L routta. i ' . ! ' , , noutaj So, In 8«a Qlrt th» flat* contribution A chicken potpla supper will h* will be for' IT unlU ot BOO dandle CommlMionar Mtrner'i safety p i , . W >>M been r«oogn|ied u » n Imheld by the L»dl«s' Aid locUty of portant factor In reducing the Sea tha Navaalnk Methodist church Tues- power each an-Route'f Shrewsbury, in the County of Mon- enburi. Trustees—Fred Brower, Joseph Holiday, iromlsed to co-operate by making plans for next summer's fair. The louth, that the annual meeting for the Arthur Grob, Laurence Forgus, Fred Collection of Three (3) Members of the ivailable millions of dollars to fl- dates' were set at the last meeting. loard. of Education will bt held at the morKen. Mra. Joseph Johnson and her sons, nnce new industrial, construction The bowling league game which Ichoolhouse on Tuesday, February 13, New Jersey for companies with Billy and David Swnnr nre confined 940, from seven o'clock P. M. to nine Was scheduled by Relief company toto their home with grip. 'clock,Pi M., and as much lonn«r an may atlafa'ctory earning records and e necessary, to enable all the legal voters night will be omitted:, because of the :ound management. meeting:. Joseph Holiday Is captain renent to cast their ballots. Already some of these, interests Three Members will be elected' three of the team, which Is In second placeb SAFETY LIGHTING. sari. lave provided capital to a number At said meeting wilt ba submitted, the but he expects shortly to sec his pinf new industries for now plants luestiun of voting a tax for the following men resting at the top of the heap. Continuing his safety program to .nd expansion purposes in NewJermrposea: Members of the team are Joseph cy. The money is available either lessen the dangers of night accidents, 'or Current Expense! $ 1 6,262.50 Whalen, Claude Whalen, Clifford State Highway Commissioner K. o purchase or to acquire-Industrial R i dR l t 12£0 Abbott, Arthur Grob, Gus Colmorgen, JUDGP THOMAS BROWN. lUlldings on a long-term lease bas- Donald Sterner has renewed agreel Herbert Colmorgen, Albert Ivlns, ba total amount thought to ments granting state aid to Sea Girt be necessary is 9 16.687.50 George Ellenberger and Louis Col- cult court in Hudson county. Both' a. Mr. Haskell further stated that his fact will be advertised and pub- and Shrewsbury for the maintenTh« following propositions will also be morgen. of these distinguished jurists are lcized to the nation,-through the ibmltted: Proposition* No. 1—To appropriate the The committee In charge of the members of the Monmouth County medium of magazines and nowspam of $175.00 for the purchase of new dinner consists of Willard Watltins Bar association. The dinner Is to ers, during the next few months. furniture and equipment. Proposition No. 2—To .authorize the chairman, George Cairns and Earl bo held at the Berkeley-Carteret hoBoard of Education to transfer the aumStout. tel, Asbury Park, Thursday night, of 3.500.00 from Current Expenses to Re- The retiring president and captain, February 8,'at 7 o'clock. pairs and Replacementa. Archie Sprangenburg and Fred ColDated thll First day of February. 1940, 1 F. A. QUACKENBUSH, morgen, will receive badges, District Clerk. V •».— — ' NOTE:—The term "current expenses" MISS KATHARINE KOLLOCK, 'includes principals', teachers', janitors' and Miss Katharine Kollock of 139 raedlcal inspectors' salaries, fuel, text books, school supplies, flags, transportaatherlne street died yesterday tion of pupils, tuition of pupils attending' lorning of pneumonia at the age oi' schools in other districts with the consent of the Board of Education, school librarSho was born at Bed Bank, a William H. Kane, Mlddletown ies, compensation of the District Clerk, of aughter of the late Shephard and the rAistadtan of school moneys and of townahip, who died January 6, left Elizabeth Til ton Kollock. She ia truant officers, t truant schools. Insurance and the incidental expenses of the- schools. substantial legacies to his seven urvlv'ed by her sister, M|ss Anna A member of the Board or Education children and "remembered" his olght Kollock of Little Silver, and one TRESH FRUITS and shail be at least 21 years of age, a cltfxen grandchildren with 'bequests of 550 FRIDAY, SATURDAY & MONDAY SPECIALS rother, Rev. Edwin W. Kollock of and resident of the school district, and shall have been such a citizen and resi- each. A double house on the south ew York city, VEGETABLES FEBRUABY 2nd, 3rd and Sth. " ' dent for at least three years Immediately side of Oakland street, Red Bank, Funeral services will be held topreceding his or her becoming a member FRIDAY AND SATURDAY t lorrow afternoon at 2:30. o'clock of such Board, and shall be able to read and a tract of land' containing a stucco building In Mlddletown townand write. : the Mount funeral home, 135 POLK'S POLK'S -, .Petitions', legally nominating candidates ship is bequeathed to his daughter, Vest Front street. He-v. Herbert S. . Indian River Extra Large tD be voted on at aatd meeting, must be Mary C. Kane. His son, John J.,- gets iralfj, rector of Trinity Episcopal Orange & Grapefruit filed with the District Clerk at least twenOrange & Grapefruit Natural Color - Tree-Rluened p ty, days before the date of the meeting $2,0(10 and the easterly half of a tract hurch, will conduct the services, SECTIONS JUICE BLEND v In order to havs the names of such csndl- of land on the north side of Gill aveiterment will be In Fairvlew cemuPINEAPPLE SECTIONS dates printed on the official balldts to he ry. used in voting. Blank forms for this nue in Mlddletown township; a New Pack A purpose rnay be obtained from the Dls-daughter, Mrs. Margaret G. Qulgley, trlct Clerk. Is bequeathed the westerly half of Large No. % Q RICHARD JORDAN, Persons who may vote at the ejection the above tract of land, with dwellare: doz. Richard Jordan, a native of Freeing house on eame. A son, William (a) Those who were registered for the KJEIXEY'S ild, died yesterday at his home in last preceding general election. 6c any spe- A., gets $1,000 and the testator's SWEET,- JUICY cial election held subsequent thereto; or Ilddletovm of heart disease. He KELLEY'S Vacuum Pack not being so registered but being qualified Howard watch.' A house and land on JUDGE HENRY E. ACKERSON. as 77 years old. to vote for a member of the Legislature, the south side of Kane's avenue, MldHe Is survived by two daughters,' have registered at the polling place on the dletown township, goes to a son, The committee In charge of the rs. Nicholas Torello, Freehold, and Natural Color Saturday preceding the eiertlon between Thomas J.; a. double house on thedinner consists of Robert V. Carton, the hour* of 1iO« still S:no P. M. rs, Fred Drehen of Long Island, Tree-Ripened Florid* (b) Those In a district having perma- west side of Bridge avenue, Red Peter Cooper and Thomas Baldlno, id four sons, Richard of Rumson. "nent . registration who are registered at Bank, to a daughter, Agnes R. Kane, Jr., all of Asbury Park. least three days prior, to the date of the jhn of Bradley Beach, Clifford of Pineapple Orange* and the homestead farm of 50 acres, election. '. Other distinguished members of [onmouth Beach and Josoph of with horses, cattle and all farm im- the bar who are expected to be pres- 'enns Grove. ty Surrogates Surr g a e s Office, Monmouth County Office. M omuth C th mattfr tt off the th esttate t off A i H. plements and utensils goes to a son, ent are the Hon. A. Dayton Ollphant, In the Annie The funeral will be held Saturday PUEE d ' Edwards, deceased. Edward M. Kane. The residuary esTHE BETTER BLEACH orning at 8 o'clock at the William Notice to creditors to present claims tate is directed to be divided equally Wilfred H. Jayne, William A. Smith, VM-m. •C . Maja Leon Berry, William A. Stev- . Freeman Funeral home, Freehold, Sweet. Juicy Whitens and Cleanse* Clothes against estate. Una ' P Pursuant t tto h the order of Joseph L. Don- among the seven children, while the ens, Robert V. Kihkead, United id 9 o'clock at St. Rose of Lima ahay, Surrogate of the County ot Mon.?50 legacies' to the grandchildren "go States Attorney John J. Qulnn, J. ithollc church, Freehold! with Rev. P.. mouth, made on the thirtieth day of Jan- to Mary, Timothy, Dorothy and WilFANCY LARGE Edward Knight and John C. Gior- imcs.Charlcs, rector, officiating.. bottles uary, 1940, on the application of Charlotte E. Sutton and Margaret E. Itullman, e.iecr liam Qulgley, children of the tes-dano, FLORIDA Interment will be in St. Rose of utrlees of the estate of Annie H. Edwards, tator's daughter, Margaret G. Qulgdeceased, notice ia hereby given to the There will bo other guests present Ima. cemetery. Freehold. TEMPLE ORANGES creditors of said deceased to exhibit to ley, and to Margaret, Lawrence, from other bar associations who will Fancy the subscribers, exccutrlces as aforesaid, May and Agnes, children of a son, Light Meat their debts and demands against the said John J. Kane. The 'will, executed attend in conjunction with members Boys can make extra pocket money doz. estate, under oath, within six months from of the MonmoutH bar. Illng The Register.—Advertisement Fancy the date of the aforesaid order, or they June 13, 1931, names two of the sons, Card of Thanks.


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The family of the late Mary Meti- K e l l C l

er wishes to thank the. Rt. Rev. tsgr, McOloskey, Rev. Francis Dwyer, Rev. Thomas Nolan, Rev. Edward Kane and Rev. John J. O'Brien; also Funeral Director John E. Day, pallbearers and other friends and neighbors for.their kindness during their recent bereavement.—Advertisement • _ _ /


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:he"reTor agatns*r"thc said subscribers. Dated Freehold, N. J.. January 30, 1940.executors. Edwin Shrope, Ocean township, CHARLOTTE E. SUTTON. 169 River Road, Red Hank, N. J., who died January 8, left his estate HARGARET E. RULLMAN, 58 West Front Street, Red Bank, N. J. to hi3 wife.-Mary E. Mrs. Shrope was named executrix in the will Applegate. Stevens, Foster & ' Reussllle, which was dated January 25, 1893. Red Bank, N. J., William H. Baker, Keyport, be Proctors.



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queathed a tot on the south side of the James Pedee homestead to his son, Charles Jay Baker, and directed that the residuary estate be divided between this son and another son, Samuel V. Baker. The brothers were named executors in the will which was made March 17, 1B31. Mr, Baker died August 2T, 1939. Mrs. Ethel M. Boyce, Englijhtown, who died November 14 last, bequeathed her radio and any moneys she had loaned him to her husband, Harvey Boyce, and her -wearing apparel to her sister, Ella Burk. The income from her house at English, town she bequeathed to her son, David J. Laird, until he reaches the age of 17 years, after which the wiU directs that the house be sold ana the proceeds divided equally among her three sons, Frank C, David j . and William D. Laird. Tho will statCB that the house was left to her by her first husband, Frank Laird, and she felt justified In leaving It to his three sons, who arfe also named the residuary legatees. Tho will, dated April 18, 1927, appoints two sons, Frank C. and William D. Laird, executors. Frederick F. Schmidt oNFreehold, who died December 20 last, bequeathed his estate to his wife, Bertha, nnd appointed her executrix. The will Is dated May 23, 193(1. William Hyer of Holmdel township, In a will he made December 24, 1937, bequeathed all his personal property to his wife, Junlctta Hyer. All the rest of his estate was left to his wife for her lifetime. Afwr Her death the residue Is to go to hla son, Harvey Hyer: his daughters, Ella Hyer and Viola Starr, and to hU grandchildren, Frederick and John Knuckle. The will named Harvey Hyer and Mm. Hyer as cxecntorH Eva E. Brand of Fro ahold township bequeathed her house nnd lot at West Freehold, togothor with all furnishings and her automobile to her nephew, Edward Beard. Bciiu?3ln nf $5 each were made to her nl'ccd, Kalhcrlno Sheehan. and Esther Ki>nncdy, and her nephew, William Beard. She directed that the mat of her property be sold and tho proceeds given- to the Odd Fellows' homo at Worcester, Massachusetts. Sho appointed Edward Board executor of the will, which was executed February 25, 1037. *

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O qts. 1.00 gal. 1.21) f.20


Chateau Imperial California

Grape Brandy % Yean, XMonths Months Old Old Fifth


David son s

RYE , Blended < Distilled nnd Bottled by National Distillers

51% 4 Years





$1.99 QT.

Birds Eye Frosted Foods Special I


Rich, creamy kernels of firmfrceh, QoldsnBantam. Boxitrvei 4. Angularly 23c,

ASPARAGUS '....««. 27c JFanoy, all-green tips with turnfreshness staled In. Comes ready to cook. No waste.

CALIFORNIA Large Bhnohes

3V6-ft. bag .....18c 7-ft. bag ..33c 12-lty bag 55c 24«/2.!lb. bag-..:......... 99c PILLSBURY'S FARINA


14-ox. OCo pkgi. It*







2 - 25° 1



Frying Chickens •"* 87c ready to COOK.

Price will vary depending on ex^ • act weight selected.





MIXED M T S Fancy New Crdp—In Shell BED BOW Brand 1-lb.pkf.



PUPPY BISCUITS Crackers ,. I6je '







\-. T7. fl. No. 1 '••



Country Style Grade A Ohlektn* , . . clatned, drawn, cut In convenient plicai,








Pillsbury Flour

V. 0 . P. PIONEER California




Distilled and bottled by National Distillers


HOLAND'S Sufar Cured


100 Proof




3 cans £

«o8nB 2 5

Fancy Golden

3 2*3







2..- 25°

Pineapple Gems

Very Special !