1 What is this List? - UMD Department of Computer Science

1 What is this List? - UMD Department of Computer Science

New Words and Phrases that I have Come Across by William Gasarch 1 What is this List? For the last 5 years whenever I see a new (to me) word or phr...

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New Words and Phrases that I have Come Across by William Gasarch


What is this List?

For the last 5 years whenever I see a new (to me) word or phrase that I like or has some property I find interesting I record it in this file and also get some more information on it. This is not scholarly. And this is organicI DO NOT go to lists of new words. The list is in alphabetical order. I sometimes have years next to words, that is the year I found them, so not usually their origin. The list is in alphabetical order. This list was inspired by an episode of Babylon 5 called A Tragedy of Telepaths. This phrase was never used in the episode, but the author has confirmed that its meant to be a plural word like a School of Fish. This lead me to wonder whether A Tragedy of Telepaths could really be called a phrase. I bought a book on plural words An Exclamation of Larks. Later when I Google some of these terms they ONLY come up on lists of words of this type. Are they really phrases? I coined one myself which gets under 10 hits A Pretension of Professors which is alliterative and descriptive, but still not used since none of the plural words are really used. In my quest to figure out what is a really word or phrase I have made this list. The question will never be answered but it is fun making it. And it continues. One observation: many words come and go and are never used. They are often used AS IF their meaning is clear, and it is from context. Different organizations declare a ADS Word of the year. We note when a word is such and also which organization. ADS is the American Dialect Society, OXUK is Oxford University Press- UK word of the year, OXUS is Oxford University Press- US word of the year. There are others but that would just get too cumbersome.



The List 1. 1 percent - The top 1 percent of America in terms of Wealth. Used as a negative term indicating that they have all the wealth. And they do have a lot! A rallying cry for Occupy Wall Street. 2. 15 percenters. (Oct 4, 2010) The extremists who drive our politics but who only constitute 15 percent of the population. I saw this in an article by James Poniewozik in Time Magazine 3. XXX-2.0- something new. I’ve heard it satirically in We have tried to make Hillary Clinton more sincere, we call her Hillary 2.0. The concept is much older as there was a new Nixon back in 1968. 4. 20/50 anniversary is when one couple is having a 20th anniv and the other a 50th. Can be generalized to any-num/any-num 5. 2012ology- There are idiots who believe that the Mayan calendar says the world will end in 2012 (it says no such thing) and that this is correct (its not). This term is used to describe those people. It might also be used for a study OF those people. 6. 24-7: to work all the time. 7. 30 percenters. In Arthur Brook’s book The Battle: How the fight between free enterprise and big government will shape America’s future he claims that Obama only represents 30 percent of the people- people who want to destroy capitalism. 8. 404-kids: A protest group in Russia that is protesting the anti-homosexual laws. 404 refers to the 404-not found pages on the web— like them, homosexuals are treated as if they do not exist. 9. 420. Code for the consumption of marijuana, though so well known that its hardly code anymore. Origin according to Wikipedia was that 4:20PM was a time when some people met to smoke pot. April 20 (4-20) is now celebrated by some people.

10. 47 percent. The myth that 47% of Americans don’t pay taxes. 11. 5-0: Slang for cops. Origin is the TV show Hawaii 5-0. 12. 59-minute rule. The government can give people 59 minutes off without having to consult a supervisor. This is often used before holidays. 2

13. 9-11. (ADS Word of the year 2001) The bombing of the Twin towers and the Pentagon that happened on Sept 11, 2001. The day is 9-112001 but is referred to as 9-11. This abbreviation may have caught on since 911 is also the number you call for emergencies. 14. 99 percent- (2011 from the Occupy Wall street movement). The bottom 99 percent of the people. The real people- the top one percent control everything allegedly. 15. Above my pay grade. When a moral issue or some other issue is not for you to deal with. On The Good Wife when they find their own client who they got off is guilty they said the truth is above our pay grade. 16. Acela Republican (2015). Close to a RINO (Republican in Name Only). Takes on his own party, is kind-of liberal on some issues. The liberal media pretends to like them but later does not. McCain, Huntsman, Christie are examples. 110,000 hits. Used to be called “Rockefeller Republican” though that has a different tone to it. Also RINO. There are many terms for a moderate republican: Acela, Rockefeller, RINO, and Cuckservative, with different shades of meaning. 17. Actively Dying (2013- Harry Lewis told me this one) when someone is dying quickly- there body is quickly shutting down. 18. Adhocracy- An organization where things are done in an adhoc fashion. 19. Adorkable- An adorable dork. If first saw it in a Jeopardy answer. The answer was Fox branded this star of New Girl as Adorkable. The question was Who is Zooey Deschanel The word got 2,000,000 hits so I think it predates the ad campaign. 20. ADR- (2012) Automated Dialog Replacement. When an actor has to say the lines in a scene he already shot so that the dialog syncs up with what was already shot. I heard this term on a commentary track on a DVD for the show Psych. 21. Adultaphobe (2012- 30 Rock) What pedaphiles prefer to be called. 1,230 hits. 22. AFAIK (2010)- As far as I know. 7,460,000 hits.


23. Affluenza (2015, but originated in 2001). According to wikipedia a painful contagious, socially transmitted condition of overload, debt, anxiety, and waste. In 2015 Ethan Couch was killed four pedestrians and seriously injured two others while drunk driving. He was 16. His lawyer claimed that he was hd affluenza and thus he got 10 years probation and rehab instead of prison. He later violated parole and is on the run. 24. Agnostaphobia. Fear of the unknown. my college roommate told me this one. 2 hits. Looks like it never caught on. 25. XXX-A-holic as a prefix to any disorder, for example Shop-a-holic. Colbert used it as creataholic since some say that alchol helps you be creative. 26. Alabama Paradox. When a state population grows and it ends up with less representatives to congress. This points to problems with apportionment that stem from rounding. 27. Aligator Arms (2016, I saw it in a Geico Commercial) Someone who does not pick up the check in a resturant has Alligator Arms. Note that Alligators have short arms. If you google it you get 23,000 hits but if you also add -GEICO you get 17,000. Still, more than I would have thought. 28. ALOTBSOL (2014) Internet slang for always look on the bright side of life. On a list of very rare used slang. Used less than 1000 times in the last eight years of tweets. Even so, 18,000 hits. 29. Alphabet soup agencies (old)- a way to refer to the fact that Wash DC has so many acronyms like FBI, DOD, CIA, NSF, etc. 30. APP (ADS Word of the year 2010)- an application. Usually on an i-phone. 31. Amazon Prime and Commitment (2016). A contrast to Neflix and Chill that has more commitment. 32. Amber Alert- an alert about a missing child. See the one for older people- silver alert 33. Amirite (2015)- Internet slang for ‘Am I right’, rhetorically. Draws attention to how clever you are. 4

34. Anchor Baby. (2010) Illegal immigrants who sneak over the border, have their baby, and then the baby is a US Citizen. The term was around in the 1980’s. It is a largely fictional concept used to alarm people about immigration. In 2010 it was used as part of a conspiracyArabs were going to do this to get sleeper agents with US citizenship. 35. Android- the product, not the robot. 36. Animadversions- strong criticism. Made up by William Buckley. I read it in a review of a book about him. It got over 700,000 hits on Google- so more popular than I thought (when you do -Buckley and -Milton (he used it for something else) you still get over 600,000 hits.) 37. Anthropocene. The current geological epoch. Man is affecting the planet. Economist March 2011. 38. Anti-dentite. From Seinfeld. Someone who is against dentists. 30,600 hits. 39. App. Stuff on smart phones. Short for Application but has come into its own as a word. 40. App Trap. (October 2010) The trap of having so much information that your plan things too carefully. I saw an article about this in City Paper (Wash DC). 41. Aquaculture. Fish Farming- breeding fish for fish food. 42. Arabrabiya- a hybrid of Hebrew and Arabic. 43. Arab Schoolhouse- what educated Arabs think- a contrast to the Arab Street. 44. Arab Spring- that period of time when several Arab countries had uprising which toppled their dictatorships. Most installed other dictatorships. 45. Arab Street. what real Arabs think (about USA, about Israel, etc) Analogous to REAL Americans. I think I first heard this in Gulf War I, 1991. 46. Arc show. A TV show that has a continuing plot. It used to be that only Soap Operas were like this. With the advent of VCR’s and DVDs this got to be more common. 5

47. Are you on crack!!!!- means something like you can’t be serious. 48. Around the world. A slang term for when you ordering from a prostitute and want Oral, Vaginal, and Anal. I heard it on NCIS but confirmed on the web that its a real term. 49. Asia Prime party- a party where people go in yellowface and dressed up like Asians. Seen as racist. The term may have been invented after the Kappa Sigma fraternity had one. 50. Ass-welt reporting. (2015) Doing journalism by looking at lots of websits and nexus searchers (sitting on your ass). It was noted that if you follow to George W Bush and listen to his speeches (standard shoeleather reporting) then you would think (incorrectly) that he would govern as a moderate, whereas if you searched for information about him you would think (correctly) that he would govern as a conservative. (TNR Aug 9, 2004, Jonathan Chait) 51. Astroturf movement- a phony grassroots movement that is actually being dictated top down. 52. Atari Democrats- in the 1980’s some democrats wanted the government to help high-tech. This was a term for them. It was not derogatory. 400,000 hits- more than I would have thought 53. Atrocitology - the study of atrocities. From a book that came out in 2011. 54. Attention Deficit Disorder. People who have this have a hard time concentrating on one thing for a sustained period. 55. Awesome sauce. Heard this on an old episode of Parks and Recreations and on a Discover Card Commercial. It means very awesome! Has 1,570,000 hits, but note that many might be to other things. On the first page two of the hits are about why the word should be banned from the English Language. I didn’t know it was in wide enough use to ban. 56. Awkward (pronounced Akward) 2011 from David Harris who says his kids use it. 57. B Corp (2016 but a bit older). B Lab is an organization that certifies if a business is doing stuff for the environment, for workers, has transparency. Such companies are called B Corps. A corporation that has 6

this certification is also telling its stock holders that profit will not be its only goal. 10,000,000 hits. 58. b-mail. Mail that goes straight to your brain, in the future. ( The Simpsons 2011). 59. Bacon. Slang for cops. (TV show Castle, but its an old term, variant on calling them pigs). 60. Badge bunny. A women who only goes out with Cops and Firemen. Alt definition: Likes having sex with Cops and firemen. I heard it on an episode of Rizzoli and Isles in 2011. That badge bunny has served more cops than Dunkin Donuts. 61. Badvertising (2013)- A website devoted to showing how dishonest Ads are. 62. Baking blind (2010). Baking a good and then later putting in the filling. 63. Bailout (ADS Word of the year 2008). When the government helps an industry avoid bankruptcy by either loans or straight cash. 64. Bait (for a flame war). If you make a post or comment on a blog and hope that people argue with you, this is bait. 65. Bamboo ceiling (2014 but surely earlier) Like the Glass ceiling but for Asians who have a hard time getting promoted because of the stereotype that they are not assertive enough. 66. Bamboo curtain. (2010) During the cold war this was the analog of the Iron Curtain only with China. Probably coined much earlier than I heard it. 67. Bang buddies. Two guys who have slept with the same women but get along. 30 Rock-2012. 68. Baseball Annie. A women who likes to sleep with baseball players. Urban Dictionary claims it was first used in the film Bull Durham but I think it was in the book Ball Four. I could not find an analogous term for other sports. 69. Basic Bitch (2014) - Basic is a general put-down for someone (almost always a teenage girl) who buys the trendy things just because they 7

are trendy. Pumpkin Spice Latte is one of the worst things to buy. Bitch is added just for spite. 70. Beard (very old) - I first heard this as a when a gay guy has a women with him to hide that he is gay. But I’ve lately seen it in other contexts— a women who just doesn’t want men to hit on her (that night) so she has a male friend hang out with her, pretending to be a boyfriend. There are other permutations. 71. Beardvertising (2013)- putting a small clip in your beard that advertises a product- you do it for money 72. Because (ADS Word of the year 2013). Used to introduce another word. Example “Becuase Awesome” 73. Bechdeltest (2015)- Alison Bechdel has a test to determine if a film is not sexist. It has to (1) have two named female characters, (2) who talk to each other, and (3) they talk about something other than a man. 74. Bell the cat (2013, though older). To perform a daring act. Comes from a fairy tale where a mouse put a bell on a cat. I got this from a crossword puzzle. 75. Besties- best friends. I heard it on 30 Rock 2012, but its an old term 76. Beta max 77. Beta testing 78. BFF Best Friends Forever. A common text message. 79. Bicurious- an alleged Heterosexual who is curious about exploring homosexuality. 80. XXX-bigot. Verb-Bigot is someone who does not use verbs. More generally, to be against something unfairly (or not). 81. Bigorexia- the unrealistic quest to look bigger, more muscular. A take off on the term anorexia. 82. Binge-worthy TV- (2013) TV worth watching alot of shows at once, maybe even a whole season. DVDs made this possible. Netflix releasing all episodes of a series at once (Arrested Development, House of 8

Cards) made it more tempting. There are lists of such shows on the web. 83. Birchers. Members of the John Birch Society or sympathizers. 84. Birthers- A group who believe that Barak Obama was not born in this country and hence cannot be president. Most believe he was born in Kenya. 85. Bisizuals- Men who like both thin and fat women 86. Blacklivematter (ADS Word of the year 2014). This is a hashtag. Note no spaces. Is this a word or a phrase? Its the motto of a group that is against the shooting of unarmed blacks as happened many times in 2015. 87. Blazing- (2013, prob earlier) to inhale lots of marijuana. I first saw it on an add for don;t-drive-on-drugs from New Zealand. 88. Bleeding edge technology (Darling used this term casually in 2012 and told me it was standard.) Technology that is so new that it could be risky to use. An allusion to leading-edge-technology or cutting-edgetechnology. 89. Bleg- Using a blog to beg for information. 90. Bling- Jewelry. This word was first common in the black community but has crossed over. 91. Blipverts- From the movie Max Headroom. Very Very short ads that are sublimal and hence influence you without you knowing it. Likely a myth. 92. Blog93. Blowhardia- where blowhards live. Sometimes Upper Blowhardia. First seen in a David Brooks column in 2011 about Donald Trump. 94. Blue States (Red State, Blue State, Purple State were ADS Words of the year in 2004). See Red State. 95. Blue-suiting- someone at work who works hard doing things that are no longer needed.


96. Blue wall of silence (2016 but from an old Law and Order) When there is a scandal within the police department and no police will testify or speak about it thats called the Blue Wall of Silence. 55,000 hits. 97. Blupies- fans of the The Blue Man Group . (Arrested development, 2012) 98. BOLO- Be On the Lookout for. Police term that I first heard on the TV show Psyche in 2009. After hearing it on that show I began to hear it on others a lot. 99. Bookie (2012) Someone who likes books. I saw this one as part of an advertisement for a book club. 100. Booty call- calling someone up to have sex with them. 101. Boomerang kids (2012)- People who go to college and when the graduate move back in with their parents. This was at one time frowned upon but is now seen as a good way help your child economically. My theory: It used to be that if you moved back in with your parents you couldn’t have sex in your own room. Parents now are much more lax, so you can. 102. Bone dry - When crafting the prohibition laws the question was how dry (that is, how little alchol) would they allow? 3% seemed reasonable, but Wayen Wheeler went overboard and made it 0.5%. This was part of why it was so hard to enforce and so flaunted. This was called Bone Dry as opposed to just Dry. 103. Bonhomie (2010)- a pleasant and affable disposition. It was used in a book review I received. 104. Borked- To obstruct someone from seeking an office by villifying them. Named after Robert Bork to whom this was done. Second use: A Borked Computer is one that is broken. 105. Bottled Water- Now that bottled water is sold you need to specify bottled or... tap? 106. Boulder Pledge (2012- but its older). Roger Ebert proposed this at a conference in Boulder. It is a pledge to not buy anything from unsolicited junk mail or spam, as an effort to reduce it. About 1,700,000 hits so its out there. 10

107. Boy bands 108. Brag-complaint - an episode of NCIS:LA. When you are complaining but within the complaint is a brag. Example: I’m so annoyed that, even though I didn’t put on makeup, guys in the bar were hitting on me. 109. Brass (2011)- I’ve heard this on cop shows as slang for the shell casings that a shooter leaves behind. 110. Brave New World. People sometimes say that scientific (or other) development will lead to a Brave New World. Usually a distopian unemotional future like the novel, but sometimes just to mean very different world or even a positive world. 111. Breeching (2010). It used to be that boys were dressed in dresses until they were a certain age (between 2 and 8). This was for Toilet training. When they were ready for pants this was called Breeching. It was a turning point. 112. Brick and mortar store. Now that there are totally online stores a term is needed for the old fashioned kind. 113. Bridezilla - A bride who becomes obsessed with every detail of the wedding which has to be perfect. 114. BRIC- Brazil, Russia, India, China- Just an acronym for these countries. 115. BRICS- Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa- Not just an acronym for these countries, its actually an international political organization 116. Bridge caddy- in some bridge games there are other people who fetch drinks and score sheets- they are bridge caddies, analogous to golf caddies, though bridge caddying is easier. 117. Broadcast TV 118. Brogrammers- (2016) Male programmers. Used to illustrate how the field is male-dominated. 119. Brogramming- I programmer who is NOT a nerd. (2012) 120. Bromance(2010)- Romance between two guys. 11

121. Bubble Boy- a boy who because of some illness must live in a confined space. Also a metaphor for someone who does not know much beyond himself. 122. Bucket List- list of things you want to do before you die. Old term but popularized by a movie of the same name. 123. Bumvertising- paying bums to hold signs that advertise your product. 124. Buron (2015) Combination of Bureaucrat and Moron. Might be due to Donald Trump. 125. Bunheads- Might be a made up word. It means someone who aspires to be a ballerina- however all the hits I have found on it are about the TV series or novel of the same name. Which came first? 126. Buppie- Black Urban Professional- variant of Yuppie. 127. Burn notice. I heard this term from the TV show; however, the term seems to have been around before then. 128. Bury the lead- when the real point of the story is not the first thing you say. 129. Butternut democrat- (2016 but very old) Around the Civil War this was a democrat who was anti-war or at least sympathetic to the South. Possibly racist. Today it means a conservative democrat. Only 56 hits. 130. Butt dial- (2013) When a cell phone in your pocked accidentally dials someone. The terminlogoy is probably from thinking of sitting down causing it, though I doubt it happens that way a lot. 1,100,000 hits. 131. Butter Job- A pickup move I saw described on the TV show Castle (2012). You flirt with the girls friend. I think its a made up term. 132. Butterfly effect- Popular sci Fi concept. If you go back in time and make a small change (e.g., step on a butterfly) you will change history a lot! 133. Buycott- to support a companies stand on an issue you buy stuff there. A variant (actually opposite of) Boycott. I first saw it used by a Christian group when a movie came out that they found offensive they went to a diff movie that weekend. Didn’t work. 134. Buying in- opposite of Selling out. Sort of. 12

135. Buypartisan (2014) An App that lets you tell what percent of political donations a company gives to which party. So if you are a liberal and you are shopping you may want to buy products that give much more to the democrats. 136. Cable- Used to be what held a bridge together, now its more TV. Oddly enough non-cable TV seems more advanced since it goes through the air, whereas Cable TV goes through. . . cables? 137. Cafeteria Catholic- someone who only obeys the parts of the faith the agree with. Usually was applied to those who ignore the Sexual restrictions; however, has more recently been applied to Rick Santorum’s only agreeing with the Sexual stuff but now with the anti-war, anti-torture, anti-capitalism stuff. 138. Caine-Hackman theory: The theory that, at any given time, the probability that either a movie with Michael Caine or Gene Hackman will be showing is 1. First introduced in the movie PCU, but now has 88,000 Google hits. 139. Calvinball- Introduced In Calvin and Hobbes it is a game where the rules keep changing. It has been used to describe the Egyptian government after the Arab Spring. 140. XXX-Cam- adding CAM to anything to indicate it is being broadcast to the web. 141. Campsite rules. In a relationship where one party is much older than the other the older one should leave the younger one in better shape then they were found. Analogous to how campers are supposed to treat campsites. Savage Love column. 142. Canabusiness- the business of selling Medical Marijuana (legally)b. 143. Canadian Girlfriend- what geeky teens (or older) claim they have to explain why their fictional girlfriend is not around. Was the name of a song in the musical Avenue Q though I think it predates that. 144. Canadian Tuxedo (2011)- Tuxedo made of Denim. 145. Canary in a coal Mine. An old phrase. Miners used to put a canary in a coal mine and if it died then the mine was dangerous. So this is an early warning sign. I heard it used quite nicely in Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth. 13

146. CAPTCHA- Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and is a human being. Usually you see a word and write it. 147. Carbon Footprint (OXUK Word of the year 2007). How much your action adds to carbon in the atmosphere. Usually used in terms of that left a large carbon footprint. 148. Carbon-neutral (OXUS Word of the year 2006). When what you do does not add to the carbon emissions. One attempt– you fly in an airplane but then plant a tree in the amazon. I don’t think it ever really worked except to alleviate guilt. 149. Catch 22- a situation where you can’t win. From the book of the same name. In the book if you claim insanity for a reason to get out of the army then your desire to get out of the army shows you are sane so you can’t leave. 150. Catfish- To misrepresent oneself online, especially for romance. Origin, I quote an article in Slates Cultural Blog: Towards the end of the 2010 documentary Catfish, Nev Schulman finally meets the woman with whom hes carried on a long-term online relationship. She is, he discovers, not young and single, but in her 40s and married. By way of metaphorical explanation, the womans husband, Vince Pierce, recounts the following story, which inspired the name of the film: They used to tank cod from Alaska all the way to China. Theyd keep them in vats in the ship. By the time the codfish reached China, the flesh was mush and tasteless. So this guy came up with the idea that if you put these cods in these big vats, put some catfish in with them and the catfish will keep the cod agile. And there are those people who are catfish in life. And they keep you on your toes. They keep you guessing, they keep you thinking, they keep you fresh. And I thank god for the catfish because we would be droll, boring and dull if we didn’t have somebody nipping at our fin. 151. Catitude- (I saw this on a show about cats) Urban dictionary says this is an arrogance that I can ignore you but you should worship me. Cats seem to have this attitude. 152. Cause-heads- people who are attracted causes in a shallow way. Usually associated with the left. 14

153. Cause-marketing. When a company aligns itself with a cause to get publicity. This may or may not be cynical and it may or may not work. KFC supporting breast cancer research did not work since fatty foods are unhealthy. Duracell giving out free batteries in the wake of Hurricane Sandy did work. 154. CD- Compact Disc or Certificate of Deposit depending on who you ask. 155. Celbutante (2011)- Celebrity and Debutante. Saw it on the pilot of Castle. 156. Celebrfile (2011,on Law and Order)- someone who is really into celebrities. 157. Celebrity Sex List (2014, though older). A list of celebrities that you want to have sex with. Might also be a list that your spouse allows you to (if the occasion should arise). On Parks and Recreation Leslie Knopes first entry on her Celebrity Sex List is Joe Biden. 158. Celeracist (2011)- A celebrity who is also a racist. 159. Ceramaphile(30 Rock) - someone who collects cookie jars. While there are such people, this is not the term for them- I could not find it on Google at all!. 160. CGI- computer Generated Imagery. 161. Chad (ADS Word of the year 2000). In the 2000 election for President the vote in Florida was so close they had to look at paper ballots by hand and see if the chads were poked out. Chads are those little pieces of paper that on a punchcard need to be punched out. This is a word that had a large spike in 2000 but I suspect is almost never used now. 162. Charticle (2013)- A combination of texts and images that form an article City Paper. 163. Chick flick. A movie that appeals to women- typically about relationships and romance. 164. Chicken Soup laws (2015). Laws that make us feel good but don’t help the problem. I first read this in an article in the Economist about laws that try to make Revenge Porn (posting nude pictures of someone, likely and ex, because you’re mad at them) illegal. 54 hits. 15

165. Chillax- combination of chill and relax. 166. China Syndrome (old) - When a nuclear power plant has a meltdown its called this- the notion being that it will melt all the way down to China (from America). 167. Christmas tree bill (2015). A bill in congress that is loaded with unrelated amendments to help it pass. 11,600,000 hits. 168. Chocoholic. 169. XXX-cide- the crime of killing XXX. Spousacide, regicide, deicide (killing god) all qualify. 170. Civil Union- Before interracial marriages were legal there was a proposal that they be allowed the same legal rights as same-race marriages and that would be called a Civil Union. The term seems to have faded out as interracial couples can now legally marry. This compromise ended up pleasing nobody. 171. Civilians- old use was non-military. I’ve seen it used for non-XXX. 172. Chubby Chaser (2015 but actually 1980’s but actually earlier). Someone who likes fat people of the opp sex (could be extended to gay-ofthe-same-sex). I first heard it on Cheers in the 1980s but then didn’t hear it again until Archer in 2015. 400,000 hits. 173. Chromosomally challenged (I saw this in Glee). An insult certainly. In the show it meant the people being insulted were macho-stupid. The words gets many Google hits and is used it many ways for an insult. 174. Classic coke- Recall that Coke changed their formula and bragged about it. This lead to an uproar so they had to go back to the original, called classic coke. 175. Clash of Civilizations. Samuel Huntingon’s theory that in the post Cold-War era there will be conflicts based on people’s cultural and religious identities. 176. Claymation. Animation with Clay. The first new word I ever heard. 177. Climate Change. The notion that climate is changing. A better term than Global Warming since Global Warming doesn’t sound that bad and can be refuted by bringing a snowball into the Congress, which Senator Inhofe did. 16

178. Clintonesque. Like Bill Clinton- often used negatively as in lies about stuff, or positively about his abilities as a politician. 179. Clip art- cut and pasting to form art. Easier on the computer. 180. Closet tolerant. People who are tolerant (usually of gays) but keep this point of view hidden. I first heard this with respect to George W Bush who claimed to be for anti-sodomy legislation, but picked Dick Cheney, whose daughter is gay, to be his Vice President. 181. Cloth ear (2016 but earlier). Someone who does not listen has a Cloth ear. I learned this since it was the name of a bar/resturant in Ireland. 7000 hits. Might just be a Ireland or British thing, or not a thing at all. 182. Cloud (2011)- Online space to store data. 183. Clueheads (1987). The first time I saw this term it was in reference to the TV show Nowhere Man. Fans who looked for clues to what was really going on were clueheads. The writer of the show said they were barking up the wrong tree. I have not seen this term since then. 184. COIN- counter-insurgency. Actions taken by a recognized government against an insurgency against it. I don’t know when COIN was coined, but may have been recent with Iraq war II. 185. Colbert bump. Those going on his show increase their popularity. 186. Colony Collapse Disorder- the recent tendency for bee hives to have all the bees die or leave. 187. Columbus Principle. Two meanings. (1) I first saw it on complexityblog (a blog on complexity theory with bloggers Lance Fortnow and William Gasarch (me!)) when Lance posted that the Columbus principle is: The LAST one to discover a result gets the credit. Columbus was the LAST person to discover America. (2) When Googling ”The Columbus Principle” I found that since Columbus only wanted a quicker way to the far east but ended up (without knowing it) with something far more important (the discovery of a new continent) the Columbus Principle is: start with the ideas you got, move towards your goals and you might discover the silk road or even America! 188. Comfort Zone. 17

189. Coming out (generalized)- Standard definition is telling people you’re gay. I’ve also seen it as telling people you’re and illegal immigrant. I suspect this will generalize further. 190. Coney Island Whitefish (2016 but really old) A condom found on the Coney Island beach, but prob also used to just mean a condom found on the ground. I heard it in an episode of Law and Order. 9000 hits. 191. Cousin Oliver Syndrome (2014 but much older) Adding a younger character to a TV show that is losing its steam. Named after the addition of Cousin Oliver to the Brady Bunch. The term is used negatively as the character often does not contribute anything interesting, funny, or dramatic. 192. Companionship marriage (2010). A happy marriage without sex. I read this in Savage Love column. 193. Company town. A town where most of the people work for the same company and that same company owns the houses they live in. Uncommon now. 194. Compersion. Taking joy in a loved ones other romantic or sexual encounters. The opposite of jealousy. I don’t think this is common and it only has around 8000 hits. 195. Commicouncopia (1992) Goldman Sacks had a report that coined this word. It means that its a good thing to merge all forms of media. 196. Cook (drugs)- Breaking Bad. People who make crystal meth are called Cooks, and doing it is called cooking. They use the term quite naturally. 197. Congrabation (2013, Daily Show) When you congradualate yourself for something really minor (e.g., during the sequester passing a bill so that Air traffic controllers go back to work) and then masturbate to celebrate. NO hits. 198. Coprocacy (2011). Corporate Hypocrisy. 199. Cord Cutters- people who don’t watch TV on TV, but on the web etc. 200,000 hits. 200. Corpsicle. People who are frozen right before they die hoping to be revived. I first read this in a Larry Niven Sci Fi Novel. The term was 18

negative and its use may have lead to laws passed against such peoplelike you can’t leave money to yourself. 45,000 hits. 201. Corpsiculous. Laughing at an inappropriate moment like a funeral. I heard this on the TV show Extras but its nowhere on the net. Yet! 202. Coyote Ugly. I got the term from the Wikipedia entry about the movie of the same name. The term means the feeling you get when you wake up after a one-night stand and find your arm beneath a person so physically repulsive that you would gladly gnaw off your arm (as Coyote’s do if they need to escape) to get away without being discovered. 203. Critterature (2015). Literature about animals. I saw this as a category on Jeopardy in 2015. 262 hits. 204. Crocodile tears. Insincere tears. Comes from the belief that crocodiles cry when they are eating their prey. It is not clear if this is true. 205. Crowdsourcing- Asking lots of people to help out on a problem. 206. Concierge doctor- I first heard it on Royal Pains, but it was a phenomena before then. 207. Copyleft- protection against copyright protection. Used by Richard Stallman and others. Richard Stallman was a housemate of mine in grad school. 208. Couch potato. Originally meant a person who watches TV lazily on the couch. Now its a song, a TV show, a quiz, and a movie download. 2,800,000 hits. 209. Cougar- an older women (maybe 45-55) who pursues and sleeps with younger men. 210. Credit Default Swaps. I’m not sure but I think they are a way for you to bet that something (e.g., Subprime mortgages) are going to fail. 211. Cremains- if a body is cremated the ashes are the cremains. One of those words that when you hear it in a sentence you know what it means. 212. Crossing a line- breaking a rule in a severe way. Old term. 213. Crowdsourcing- Outsourcing to the masses. 19

214. Crumbelievable- A term used by Kraft in its commercials. I first heard this in 2012 on Jeopardy. The answer was This companies natural cheese crumbles were, how shall I say, Crumbelievable. The answer was What is Kraft? It got 15,000 hits so I think it was made up for the commercial. 215. Crunchy Conservatives- Conservatives who like the outdoors, organic foods, and don’t like strip malls and the like. Some of their habits also are on the far left. 216. Cuckservative (2015)– A republican who supports immigration reform or other criminal justice reform- liberal positions that are good for minorities. The term comes from cuckold which is the term for a man who has an adulterous wife, and sometimes a white man who likes to watch his wife have sex with a black man. So this is also a way to demean such people. More of a slur than RINO. 217. Cup Holder Principle- Cup holders were first designed to accommodate typical cup sizes. Now cups are designed to fit into cup holders. The principle is that often technology gets reversed like that. Lance Fortnow coined it in his blog of Oct 17, 2011. 218. Cyber-XXX (Cyber was word of the year in 1994) . See the next few entries. 219. Cyperbullying- bullying someone over the web. Wikipedia says the term was coined by Bill Belsey who defines it as: the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group. This has lead to some suicides and is considered a serious issue. 220. Cyberpunk. A genre of science fiction set on a future earth usually without aliens. The main characters are marginalized. 11,000,000 hits 221. Cyper-stalking. Stalking someone online. It could just be looking at their Facebook page but it could be more serious like sending them virus-emails. 222. Daisy commercial, The. (1963) The commercial by the Johnson campaign that showed a girl picking pedals off a flower and at the same time hearing a countdown- and at the end a nuclear explosion. While they never mentioned Goldwater’s name the implication was that if Goldwater was president a nuclear was was possible. 20

223. Dead-head. A fan of the grateful dead. 224. Deans can count but the can’t read (very old). Shorthand way of saying that when coming up for Tenure in a university the number of papers published matters but the quality does not. It is not really clear if this is true. I thought this was a well known phrase but it got only 37 hits. By contrast ”Ramsey Cardinals”, a rather obscure mathematical concept, gets 1400 hits. I had to do -baseball -korea -sex -ebay -wings -politician to get it to JUST be that math concept. 225. Death panels- Sarah Palin and others made this up as a feature of Obama’s Health Care plan. David Brooks later pointed out that endof-life care is really expensive and said (jokingly?) that he was prodeath panels. 226. Deathers: (2011) those who don’t think Osama Bin Laden is dead. 227. Deconsecrate (2014 but likely much earlier) To remove the religious significance from something. A Church turned into a parking lot, but NOT because of persecution, but because of indifference. 228. Demon Sheep ad (2015 but earlier) Carly Fioini ran an ad against her primary challenge, when running for senate from California, claiming that her oponent Tom Campell was a wolf in sheeps clothes. It was an odd ad that ended with the sheep having read eyes like a demon. Widely ridiculed, she did win the primary. She lost the general. 229. Dementia (1980’s) - Novelty songs. 230. Deep Throat. The mole who helped Woodward and Bernstein break the Watergate story. Now used as in he was my deep throat. 231. Defriend (on Facebook). See unfriend. 232. Designated XXX (hitter, driver, others). Hitter was the first, but now the term has been generalized out of baseball. 233. Desperelationship. I saw it on 30 Rock 2012. It was the name of a dating site for people that were desperate for a relationship, but I’m not quite sure it means anything as a word itself. 234. Despertainment (Colbert Report 2013). TV shows that are entertaining since the people in them are desperate. He gave The Job as an example. 21

235. Diaper Genie. You put dirty diapers in it and it produces them in a nice sealed bag. I first read about them in a Monk story. Later on Breaking Bad. They are real. This is not a brand name, its the product. 236. Dickjitsu (Daily Show, 2012). When a person is a real Dick in creative ways. 237. Diffability (2011) The head of the special Olympics says that the term persons of Diffability is better than retard. 238. DINCK- Double income no children 239. DINK- Double income no kids 240. Diseases of the Rich- Gout, Crohn’s, diseases that only affect the well off. 1,970,000 hits. 241. Disemvoweled- (2010) To remove the vowels from a passage. This is used to censor a comment on a blog without actually deleting it. I first read this in a comment on my blog during a debate on how we should moderate the blog. Disemvowel only gets 8000 hits. 242. Dissident- Someone who actively challenges the system. First used politically in the Soviet Union in the 1940’s. (I re-heard this term in Jack Minker’s talk about his book on Human Rights.) 243. Dittohead. A follower of Rush Limbaugh. They are called this since, whatever Rush says, they say ‘ditto’. I heard this in 1995 in a political novelty song by Gross National Product. 244. Do a Constanaz. Seinfeld- Do the opposite of what your impulse is. George Costnanza realized that every decision he ever made was wrong, so he decides to do the opposite. 13,500 hits. 245. Don’t ask Don’t tell (DADT). The armies policy of not asking if a soldier is Gay and they hence do not have to say and can still serve (the policy is more complicated than that). This has crossed over to mainstream use. For example My wife and I have a Don-ask-Don’t-Tell policy on my drinking. 246. Dot com. Prefix for computer things. Like The Dot Come Bubble. or A humorist who writes about technology is a dot comedian.


247. Dotcoms. Businesses that were based on computer stuff. 248. Down the Rabbit hole- getting to interested in something so that you go into in more and more details which becomes less and less important. I heard this about Talmudic studies of the order of the 12 tribes of Israel. 249. Downblouse. (2014, got to it from upskirting) Taking pictures of a woman’s blouse (and hence some of her ...) from above without her consent. Coined by Cindy Deverous, an exhibitionist who had her roommate take such pictures of her WITH consent. Might have the same legal status as upskirting. 5,600,000 hits, but I don’t believe they are all for this. 250. Down the tubes- shot to hell- gee, I don’t know how else to say it. Where are those tubes anyway? 251. Doxx (2015) To expose someone’s true identity. Also used to expose something private about a person. Donald Trump Doxed Lindsay Graham by revealing his cell phone number. Origin is from the word Documents. Variants: doxing and doxxing. 252. Dramaturge. (2011- Law and Order:CI, Icarus). Someone who helps shape the vision of the director. 253. Drink your lunch. To get drunk at lunchtime. 254. Drop a dime- to rat someone out. Origin is when phone booths used dimes. I heard this on an episode of Sports Night. Odd- the expression was already out of date and will probably die, but it was on a show from 2004. 255. Drought-shaming (2015)- In the California Drought some people are still watering plants, washing cars, wasting water. Taking pictures of them and posting them, hoping to shame them, is drought-shaming. 68,000 hits- more than I would have thought. 256. Drunk the Kool-aid. To follow a leader blindly. This phrase’s date can be pinpointed exactly to the Jim Jones Massacre in 1978. 257. DTMFA- Dump the mother fucker already. Savage Love column. 258. Ducks in a row. To get organized. Used as get your ducks in a row.


259. DUFF- Designated Ugly Fat Friend (2014 Movie) 260. Dump your tables!. When you have an idea that is yours and you like, but a better idea comes along and you refuse to dump your old idea I would yell at you dump your fuckin’ tables. This one is mine. 261. Dustnado (2011)- A tornado of dust. 262. DVD 263. DVR 264. Ducks in a row- more common get your ducks in a row. To get things in order. I first heard this from darling and thought it was a rare term, but I’ve heard it elsewhere also. 265. DWB. Driving while black. Blacks in cars get pulled over for no good reason far more than whites. I first heard this term when I taught in a math program for students from HBCU’s in 2004. Programs was SPIRAL- Summer Program in Research and Learning. 266. DWH. Driving while Hispanic. Similar to DWB. I first heard this after the Arizona immigration law was passed. 267. e-XXX (ADS Word of the year 1998). email, ecommerce. putting an e in front of something makes it a computer thing. 268. Early adopters. People who are early to use a new technology. What I call FIRSTBLOCKERS. 269. Eat humble pie- when someone has to admit the are wrong they are said to Eat Humble Pie. I have only heard this phrase on TV showsI do not know if anyone actually says it in real life. 270. EBay 271. Eco-fascism: People who use the Environment as an excuse for government regulation. Largely a figment of conservatives imaginations. 272. Economy class syndrome- More formally its Deep Vein Thrombosis which is a clot in your leg for sitting in the same uncomfortable position for too long. I heard it onRoyal Pains 2011. 273. Ecopy


274. Eiffel Towering (Scandal 2015) Two guys and a girl: One guy is having anal sex with her, the other guy is getting a blow job. The guys highfive to make the Eiffel tower shape. 275. Eggcorn (2014) a phrase where some word is slightly different but there is still a meaning that makes sense. example- lets nip this in the butt. 276. EGOK (2016) Someone who has wone an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Kentucky Derby. This is, of course, absurd. It was on John Oliver’s show Last Week Tonight as an example of an absurd New Years Resolution. A thought— I think they mean the jocky since a horse really can’t win a Grammy. 277. EGOT- Someone who has an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. 278. Email 279. Emo- A teen experiencing teen angst. Related to goth. 280. Emoticon- Symbols like :-( that are used to convey an emotion. There are dictionaries of such but very few end up being used. Too bad. :-( 281. Emotioneering- (1) Making computing game players feel emotion, (2) a real or satirical term for what consultants do to make a companies employees feel happier (from the TV show Leverage, 2011). 282. Empodiumned: (2010) To get a podium. I heard it at the Rally to Restore Sanity from Stephen Colbert. 283. Enhanced interrogation- a euphemism for torture. 284. Ethical Will: A will to pass on your values from one generation to another. They are in Genesis. 285. Etsy (2016 but a bit earlier): A website where they sell authentic or vintage goods. Trying to bring back working with your hands. Anticorporate. 60,000,000 hits. See also B Corp. 286. Exaption. When a biological species evolves for one purpose but the feature is then used for another. Feathers were used for warmth but then for flying. I first heard the term from a book on innovation which suggests that innovation may happen that way as well.


287. Exit Strategy. Used in terms of how to end a war in modern times since wars ae no longer between countries which can sign treaties, but against terrorists and other groups that aren’t easy to negotiate with. 288. Expiration Date. When you date someone who you know is only in town for a short time. Hence you know that the relationship will expire. I heard this on an episode of Sex in the city. 289. Exstalktion (TV show Castle 2012). A friend is being stalked by an ex girlfriend (or boyfriend). You and your friend arrange to have you “kidnapped” while she is stalking you, thus scaring her off. Made up word- only 16 hits, and all are about the episode. 290. Extreme-XXX. A way to make something sound way cooler than it is. Extreme sports may have been the first usage and that was valid (maybe). 291. Extreme Programming. A style of programming in teams with short design cycles. You get things out quickly and hence can get a reaction to them quickly and fix or move on quickly. Agile. 292. F-word. A Euphemism for Fuck, but its so well known I wonder if soon “F-word” will be a curse word. 293. Facebook 294. Facebook to Facebook- At first a joke about how people no longer connect, but I’ve seen it used for real. 688,000 hits. 295. Fake Bake - I saw it on Psyche though it makes sense- getting a tan under ultraviolet lights. Googling ”Fake Bake” Suntan yields 1,570,000 hits. 296. Famous for being famous (2014, though much older). 297. Famesque (2014) Being famous purely for ones physical attractiveness. A subcategory of Famous for being famous. 298. Fanboy- an intense fan of science fiction. I’ve also seen it for novelty song fans, but of course I would. 299. Fashionista. A person with unique or high fashion tastes. Alternatively a women with a penchant for shopping and a natural flair for styles. When I first heard the term I thought it was Derogatory (sounds like Fascist) but apparently it is not. 26

300. Fat head- A Long tail (also on this list) is a probability distribution that has many items with a small probability. A Fat head is the opposite- where there are just a few items with high probability. This term has not quite caught on but people in Machine Learning who I’ve told it to say it should be used more as it captures a concept that needs a name. 301. Faux news- a nickname for Fox news. 302. Faux-beau. Someone who pretends to be a boyfriend or girlfriend. 303. Faux-losphy (2010) Pretentious nonsense that passes for philosophy. 304. Fawsome. I heard this in a commercial in 2011. The commercial can’t have been very effective since I do not recall what item was supposed to be FUN and AWESOME. 305. FCINO (2015 but really earlier) Fiscal Conservative in name only. The charge by Carly Fiorini against her primary opponent Tom Campell when she ran for Califorinia Senate. She won the primary but lost the general. 306. Femanazi’s. Extreme Feminists. Rush Limbaugh popularized the term; however, he credits Tom Hazlett with inventing it. 307. Fields of Eton. I had heard the phrase, due to the Duke of Wellington, The battle of Waterloo was won on the Playing fields of Eton. Eton is a college- he was saying that the battle was won because the soldiers from England were better trained. 308. Fifth Wall. The wall between characters of different TV shows or medium. When William Shattner, in Boston Legal, refers to Klingons, he is breaking the fifth wall. An extension of the Fourth Wall concept. NOT in Wikipedia except as part of the fourth wall, so not common yet. Also I found no hits for it with this meaning. 309. Filk Song- Science fiction folk song. Rumor is that it results from a typo at an early sci-fi convention. 310. Findom- Financial Domination is a REAL fetish involving a submissive being “forced” to give away money and NOT get anything in return. 311. First world problem (2015) - Issue and troubles that people in the first world have that are trivial compared to those in the third world. 27

For example, getting turned down from your first choice of college. My personal example: when I had a surgery and was recovering in the hospital the TV set in my room didn’t have closed caption. 29,000,000 hits 312. Firstblocker- someone who is the first on their block to try some new technology. My term, but it never caught on. Probably because early adapter has the same meaning and is less syllables. See also Lastblocker. 313. First rule of XXX- ther is no XXX: From the movie Fight Club, its been used for other clubs as well. In the series Orphan Black there was Clone Club. 314. Fiscal cliff- the Dems and Reps had a deal that if they didn’t come to an agreement certain things would happen automatically- cuts in spending and the expiration of the Bush Tax cuts. If this happens, then we will be over the Fiscal Cliff. 315. Fist Bump- A way to shake hands where you just bump fists. 316. Flabulous- Flabby, but perhaps in a good way. 317. Flame war- When people on the web (in the old days on a readnews group, now on Facebook or twitter or whatever) have an argument that degenerates into name calling. 318. Flash mob- To quote Wikipedia: A flash mob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and sometimes seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then disperse, often for entertainment, satire, artistic expression, or, in rare cases, violence. Coined in 2003. NOT used for protests. 319. Flegan- Flexible Vegan 320. Flegetarian- Flexible Vegetarian. This can vary- in my case I don’t hassle my hosts. Clyde is more flexible- he will eat a little meat. 321. FLILF- First Ladies I’d like to... 322. Floater. Someone who can do any of a number of jobs. 323. Floorside manner. If a Doctor treats a patient who is lying on the floor he needs good floorside manner. I heard it on Royal Pains 2011. Not a real word- only 7 hits on Google. 28

324. Flock Comedies. (2010) Situation Comedies about a bunch of people who hang out (possibly at work). This is distinguished from the older type which were family centered. I first saw the term in a David Brooks Column in where he noted that flock comedies have replaced family-oriented comedies and that this might mean something about America. Seinfeld started the trend. 325. Flynn effec (2016 but really coined in 1994). James Flynn documented that IQ is rising across the world in most countries. Why? Better nutrition, smaller families. This calls into question the very notion of IQ. 111,000 hits. 326. Fobo (2016) Acroynm for many things: (1) Someone who pretends to be a hobo to beg on the streets for money. (2) Friend of Barak Obama. (3) Front office, back office. (4) Fear of being offline. (5) Fear of better options (used in a commercial for HG gregg stores. It looks like an ad for some diseses because the character claims she has fobo and is sad but shopping at HG gregg cured her since she buys things there and knows that there are no better options.) 327. Followership- Being a really good follower. 30 Rock. 460,000 hitslooks like its a word. 328. Follow the Money. A phrase made famous in the book All the presidents men. Deep throat told them that this was the way to find out who did what. Its usually good advice in a complicated crime. 329. FOMO (2014) Fear of missing out. 330. Fouralated- f and g are Fouralated if f is correlated to the Fourier analysis of g. I heard Scott Aaronson use it in a talk. The term has not caught on, even among people in mathematics. 331. Fourth Wall (very old)– in theater (or TV or movies) the wall between the actors and the viewers. Sometimes characters step out of character and talk to the audience. I include it on the list because of the contrast to the new word Fifth Wall. 332. Frankenstorm- Used for Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Might have been used before. 333. Free range kids (2015). Letting your kids roam free without so many scheduled activities. I think this used to be called Kids. Sparking 29

a current debate about how much we over schedule our kids vs how dangerous the world is. 230,000 hits. 334. Freebie five (2013, but prob older). The five celebrities that your spouse gives you permission to sleep with. I saw it on Castle. It got 4000 hits. 335. Freegan (2010)- Someone who only eats free food. 336. Freemium (2013) A business model where a product (often software) is given out for free BUT money is charged for updates. 337. Freeware- Software that is free to use. 338. Frequent fliers (2015). A term used by EMTs for people who call for an ambulance when they are not really sick. When I Google ”Frequent Fliers” Ambulance I get 13,500 hits. 339. Friend as a verb. When you make someone on Facebook your friend. This makes us rethink the traditional meaning of the word Friend. 340. Friends with benefits. A friend who you also sleep with. Also abbreviated FWB. Used to be called fuck-buddies but now that its more common the lingo has been cleaned up. We need a shorter term. If Alice and Bob are FWB and people ask me ‘are Alice and Bob going out’ the answer ‘no, they are friends with benefits’ is too long. Maybe ‘no, they are FWB’ would work. 341. Friend zone- If there is a platonic relationship where one of them wants to have sex and the other doesn’t, the one who doesn’t is in the Friend Zone. 123,000,000 hits- must be a more common thing then I thought. 342. Friendsvgiving (2014) Spending thanksgiving with friends rather than family. 343. Fruitcart. Roger Ebert noted that in many chase scenes in movies a fruit cart is knocked over. This is predictable. The term Fruitcart has become a code word for a boring chase scene in a movie. 344. Fry Stick- A joint soaked in embalming fluid. (Six Feet Under). I thought it was just for the show, but its in Urban Dictionary. 345. Fuckbuddies- Less polite term for Friends with Benefits. The term FWB has caught on alot more 30

346. Fuelgettaboutit- This was used in an ad for the Equinox SUV. I think it means fuel-efficient but its hard to tell since it only got 7 hits. I saw the word on Jeopardy. Topic: Inventive Adwords. The answer was How could you Fuelgettaboutit about it when it came to a print ad for this car brand equinox SUV. The question was What is Chevrolet? 347. The Full Grassley (2016) - When a prez candidate visits ALL the counties in Iowa before the Iowa Caucus, thats doing The Full Grassley. Named after Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley who every year visits all the counties to keep in touch. He never ran for Prez. 4000 hits. I saw it on The Good Wife. 348. Funemployment. When you are unemployed but having fun. 349. Gadar. The ability to tell who is Gay. 350. Gaffe- used to mean a mistake. Mark Shields has popularized its use in politics to mean when a politician says something true, perhaps well known, but not good to say out loud. Example was when some Republicans said that since the Benghazi hearings Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers have gone down (and hence thats why they had those hearings). 351. Game Changer (2009). Has been used in politics a lot recently to mean an even that could change how the election goes. I think this meaning was accelerated by the book Game Changer (later a movie) about the Sarah Palin. Nate Silver says that most events that are called Game Changers are not. 352. XXX-Gate. Political Scandals are now referred to by adding -gate to the end, like Monica-gate. This used to be just America but now other countries are doing it. See Choppergate from Australia- Gov paid for congressional helicopter rides. They call that a scandal? We call that Monday. 353. Gastronaut (2015) Someone with a keen appreciation for food. 217,000 hits. 354. Gate Rape (2015) When at an airport at the gate the TSA agents too aggressively pat you down. 1,270,000 hits 355. Gated Community. When people live in a place where you need an ID or something to get into the area, so they are protected from the 31

outside world. Sometimes used in a more general way to say that a group is protected from the outside world. 356. Gaybies- children of Gay people (30 Rock, 2012) 357. Gearhead- someone who loves cars. 358. Gender (2015, really) (see also Sex) What you think you are mentally. You can be born with the sex male but think you are a female. I heard this one in the context of the Bruce Jenner interviews. 359. Genderscide- Killing off men or women. This term is used in the sexselection abortion argument. 360. Generation Next. Same as Generation Y. 361. Generation Y. Followed Generation X. See also Millennials. 362. GGG- Good, Giving, and Game- what all sexual partners should be. I got this from a Savage Love Column. 363. Gig economy. (2014) Taking jobs on a day by day basis, now made easier by technology. On the negative end it could be very unsteady work. On the positive end it allows you to use all of your skills— e.g., delivering milk one day, teaching a one-shot course the next. 364. Ginormous- Combines gigantic and enormous. Means really really big. 365. Gitmo. Guantanamo bay, where we are keeping alleged terrorists. Sometimes used as a threat: if you don’t tell us what you know we’ll send you to Gitmo. 366. Glamming- Camping with luxurious so its glamorous. 367. Glasgow effect (2012). Glasgow has a much higher mortality rate than other big cities in Ireland or England. Nobody seems to know why. Only 13,500 hits. 368. Glass Cliff (2015). When a women is assigned a high position in management of a company that is likely going to fail. An offshoot of glass-ceiling. 369. Glasshole (2014)- A person who constantly talks to their Google Glasses. They say Glass do this, Glass do that.


370. Gleek (2011)- A big fan of the show Glee. 371. Global Warming. Prob coined in 2000. The notion that the earth is warming and that this is bad. 372. Gnilrad- Darling backwards, a term of affection. This one is mine. Inspired by a song that had backwards talk in it. 373. GNB- Prostitute slang for Girl Next Door. I think I saw this on Arrested Development. Google didn’t know it. 374. Godwin’s law- in any internet discussion if you mention Adolf Hitler or Nazi’s within a discussion you’ve ended the discussion. (I wonder if it applies to internal debates within White Power Circles.) 375. Godwin’s law (YES- I’ve seen it twice)- The more you time travel the more likely you are to have Hitler win WW II. 376. Going Constanza - After you get fired or your girl breaks up with you pretend it didn’t happen and hope they go along with it not happening. I heard the term on Psych, may years after Seinfeld (George Constanza did this in an episode and this is the origin) was off the air. It got 900 hits. 377. Going viral- when a video is emailed or transmitted all over the world. Susan Boyle went viral. 378. Golden Handcuffs.- A job that pays you well but you can’t or won’t leave, even if you don’t like it. 379. Golden Parachute- in your contract- if you are let go you get a big big cash award. 380. Googled or Google as a verb. 381. Google doodle. When Google has a special thing on the website. 382. Googleganger- someone with the same name as you who is controversial— hence you, a complete innocent, get some of his hate mail, love mail, etc. 2000 hits in Jan 2013 but it will grow! 383. Gopher - a low level employee who fetches stuff. 384. Grand Bargain (2011)- The notion that the democrats will offer spending cuts and the republicans tax increases. Might generalize to any big deal where both sides give and get alot. 33

385. Grapple Baby (Colbert Report 2012). Similar to Anchor Baby. In this case the mother, when about to give birth, aims the baby at the United States and attaches a rope and grapple hook so that once the baby gets over, the mother can follow. 386. Graydar(2011)- The ability to spot single rich older men. I heard it on the pilot of Castle. 387. Great Escaping (30 Rock 2012). In the movie The Great Escape there were different guys who had different talents. Jack in 30 Rock uses the term “great escaping” to mean that he has different girlfriends for different functions. See also Pokemoning. Jack had (1) a sex idiot, (2) someone to talk politics with, (3) someone to program his VCR, (4) someone to take to parties. 388. Greenmail- I first heard it in the movie Other people’s Money. Buying enough shares of a company so that you could take it over which forces the company to buy them back- at a high price. 389. Greenwashing (2015) When a company or set of companies do something that looks like its good for the environment but really has little effect. 720,000 hits. Often a company advertises that is has green initiatives, but more money goes into the ads then into the initiatives. 390. Grey Goo (2015) A fictional scenario where molecular nanobots devour the earth. They are a grey goo. We would just be goo. Featured in TV show Futurama, episode Benderama. 391. Grinding the corn (2012)- A sex technique- I’ll let you figure out what it means. I heard it on the TV show Six Feet Under. On Google it gets 100,000 its, but if you ban the word six you only get 12,000 hits. So it really might have been defined on the show. 392. Grizzly mama- Sarah Palin seems to have coined this term for mothers who want to protect their young so much that they will . . . vote republican(?). 393. Ground Floor (getting in on). Getting involved in a business or other activity at the beginning so that you can reap the rewards. 394. Ground zero- The place of the 9-11 attacks.


395. Groundhog day. Inspired by the movie. It means (1) an unpleasant situation that seems to be continually repeating, or (2) shorthand for spiritual transcendence. 396. Guerrilla XXX- a more informal or perhaps rebellious movement. Old example: Guerrilla warfare. New example (at least to me) Guerrilla Drive in— drive in theaters that operate by people who organize online and is more informal. 397. Guesstimate- Somewhere between a guess and an intelligent estimate. 398. GUI- Graphical User Interface. 399. Gulf War syndrome 400. Guppie- Gay Urban Professional- variant of Yuppie. 401. Half around. A slang term for when you are ordering from a prostitute. It means Oral and Vaginal but no Anal (Contrast to Around the World which means Oral, Vaginal, and Anal.) I first heard this term on an episode of NCIS. Educational! 402. Hairal-shot. (2013) Take off on aerial-shot in film- so a shot that features hair. Used by Morgan Spurlock talking about his movie This is us: One Direction. 403. Have your nose in the trough (2016 but earlier). People who are involved with something (prob unethical) that they hope will get them money or power. Usually used in politics. 404. HBCU- Historically black College or University. 405. Hallmark Holiday. A holiday made up by Hallmark (or other companies) just to sell cards. Valentines day is literally such. Valentines day and Admin Assistant day (formally Secretaries day) are Hallmark Holidays. Boss’s day and Grandfathers day were attempts that didn’t work. Boss’s day- really? And Grandfathers and grandmothers are celebrated on fathers and mothers day anyway. 406. Ham fat job- a half-ass job. 407. Hamunition (2013) - reference to bullets that have bits of non-Muslim food (e.g., ham) so that when they hit a Muslim he won’t go to heaven. I heard it on The Colbert Report - I don’t know if its a real term. Also Hamgrenade. 35

408. Hand-me-ups (Darling, 2013). The concept of hand-me-downs is well known- clothes or toys or other stuff that passes from an older child to a younger child (usually older brother-younger brother, older sisteryounger sister, but can be within a family like cousins). Hand-me-up is when the person giving the item is YOUNGER. Darling got some clothes from her YOUNGER sister. They were both adults. 409. Handbagged. Margaret Thatcher was famous for her handbag which seemed to exude power and authority. To be sideswiped by Thatcher was said to be handbagged (From The Daily Dish Blog, 2012). 410. Hashtag (ADS Word of the year 2012). Proceeds the # in a tweet to indicate topic. Can be used to form groups. 411. Hashtag activism (2013). Starting a twitter account to promote a political cause. Seems to bring the cause to the attention, but its effectiveness is debatable. Some have called it slackterism. 412. HCDAJFU- (2014) He could do a job for us. Less than 1000 uses in tweets in the last 8 years, on a list of obscure words. 22,800 hits. 413. XXX-Head - someone who loves ... not quite XXX but something related to it. See parrothead, deadhead, gearhead. 414. Heck-of-a-job- (2005). Bush said that Michael Brown, head of FEMA, was doing a heck-of-a-job with regard to Hurricane Katrina. The FEMA handling of Katrina was awful and now the term is only used sarcastically. 415. Hecklee (2011)- someone being heckled. Lipton may have coined itits on his blog March 1, 2011. 416. Helicopter parents- parents that hover over their kids too much. Usually the kids are in High School. 2011- Wash Post. 417. Heteronormative- A bias towards the hetero lifestyle. 418. Himbo- a Male Bimbo. I saw this with regard to swimmer Ryan Lochte. Swimmers (and in fact all current high performing athletes) really need to be smart, so some, like him, play dumb. 419. Hipster. This term is overloaded. 420. Hobson’s choice- When you seem to be offered a choice but are actually offered X or nothing at all. 36

421. Holocene. The last geological epoch where the planet was stabled. This term ignores the human effect. 422. Holmesian moment. (2013) Sherlock Holmes goes to a crime scene and of the 12 possibilities he seems to know which one is correct. This is unrealistic. The term Holmesian Moment is when you make a quite reasonable logical deduction which happens to be wrong. I made this one up. It has not caught on. 423. Holographic Will- a handwritten will. This does not need a notary or witness. (I heard this on Boston Legal episode from 2007.) 424. Hoophole. Finding a loophole in the rules of basketball. I read this in an article about how rules must change. It was NOT in Bill James article on this topic. (2011). 425. Horrortained. (2012) Used by Jon Stewart about a FOX commentary that was horrifying. It was about it being bad that there are women in the army since there is too much rape. What the right amount of rape would be was not specified. 426. Hot Spot- a place where there is WI-Fi. 427. How-dey-do-thats- derogatory term that magicians use for the audience. I heard it on Arrested Development. I have not found it on the web so I doubt its really a term they use. 428. Human Computation- Having humans do things. Often things that computers are bad at. Often CAPTCHA are used for this. To prove you are human you must type in what a text is, and this is a text that someone really wants to know what it says like a part of an old manuscript. 429. Humble-Brag: I saw this on NCIS LA in 2011. Urban Dictionary says it best: A form of self promotion where the promoter thinks he is, almost subliminally,bragging about himself in the context of a humble statement or complaint. Everyone listening things he is a jackass. Example from NCIS LA: The referee tripped over my feet last night AT THE LAKERS GAME 430. Humongous: very large.


431. Humpty Dumpty Catcher (2015). Used on The Simpsons episode Every Man’s Dream. Only gets 8 hits, all of which are to The Simpsons. From context means a young women who likes older overweight men. 432. Hung like a Barnacle (Daily Dish blog 2012): Barnacles have a penis that is 40 times as big as the rest of their body, so this is a brag. I thought it was obscure, and maybe it is, but it got 9000 Google hits. There are T-shirts with this expression. 433. Hunt the cunt. I saw it on Homeland as another name for the (rather innocent) game Hearts. Google also says its used for the game which is hide and seek except that you beat the person to a pulp when you find him. 434. I’m a Heinz 57 (2013)- Someone of mixed ancestry says this meaning they don’t know there ethnic makeup. 435. I have a thing- what kids say when they have to go do something and don’t want to bother elaborating. 436. I-XXX. I-phone, I-pad, I-XXX. Using I to indicate that something is advanced. 437. IANAE I am not an economist 438. IANAL I am not a lawyer. 439. Icehole-(2010) In the Winter Olympics the Canadians (the host country) didn’t let the American Speed Skating team practice in their rink. Stephen Colbert started a don’t be an icehole campaign. I think the Canadians eventually agreed to let the Americans use the rink for practice (but I am not sure). 440. IDMB- The name of the database of movie and TV people. Used as a very ‘I want to be IDMBed’ to mean that you want to be included. I heard this in a Weird Al song. 441. Ikea Effect- if you put effort into something you think its better than it is. 28,000 hits. 442. Illin- From Rap. I first heard it on The Colbert Report when he reported on the story that Will Shortz made up a crossword for the NYT (that’s his job) with clue Wack, in hip-hop (5 letters). The answer was illin because, as Shortz explained, both mean stupid. Julieanne 38

Smolinski contacted Shortz and told him he was wrong. Who is right? I don’t know. Urban Dictionary defines it three ways: (1) sick, (2) chilling, (3) epic. None of which seem to be the same as Wack. 443. XXX-industrial complex: For example military-industrial complex (the original), matrimonial-industrial complex. When an organization gets too big this term is used, usually negatively. 444. ITMFA- Impeach the mother fucker already. Used to refer to George W Bush. Savage love column. 445. In the works- gee, how else to say that? 446. Information Superhighway (ADS Word of the year 1993). Probably just called The Web now. 447. Infotainment- Entertainment that is also educational- that is, contains information. Debated if this is good or bad.:w 448. Innovent- invent + innovate. This was on 30 Rock Season 5. 449. Instant oatmeal society. Lisa Simpsons used this to describe a society which prizes instant gratification. 450. Interface 451. Interfacial- a couple where one is beautiful and the other is ugly. 452. Internet 453. Internet Cafe. A Coffee house that provides internet access. May soon sound silly as everywhere offers internet access. 454. Internet of all things (2014 but earlier) the notion that you will have everything electronically talking to everything- like your car negotiates a good Pizza deal for you. Could be dangerous if someone hacks your pacemaker. Dick Cheney was concerned with that. 455. Intersex (2016 but older). An intersex human or animal has is not quite male of female. 38,000 hits. 456. Intersexion- when a Venn Diagram is about Sex. I coined this one in the context of Tiger Woods (see my blog on it). 457. Invetro Fertilization. 39

458. Ipad 459. Iphone 460. Irish Alzheimer’s- Forget all but the grudges. 461. IRL- in real life (2011). This came up when it was discovered that two lesbian bloggers were married men IRL. 462. XXX is the new YYY (2014). Original was “50 is the new 40” but I’ve seen “Orange is the new black” and “gay is the new black” 463. Jan Brewer moment (2012, heard on THE ED SHOW). Really messing up - freezing, often a politician. Apparently Jan Brewer (Governor of Arizona) did this. When Rick Perry forgot which agencies of gov he wanted to shut down, that was called a Jan Brewer moment. 7000 hits on Google. 464. Jazzercise- combining Jazz with Exercise. Quite popular- over 2 million hits on Google. 465. Jedi Mind trick. Making people believe stuff. From Star Wars, but used as a phrase by real people. 466. Jedi Redneck (2012, Wash Post) A redneck character in a TV show or movie who is wise and willing to listen to reason. As opposed to other types like Magic Negro and Gay Best Friend, this character seeks to break stereotypes rather than enforce them. No hits on Google so I wonder if it really exists. 467. Jeet Jet (1970’s) In my High School class on Voice and Diction they told us the first day that this is often heard and means did you eat yet?. 468. Jeggings: (2009) Leggings that are styled to look like tight denim jeans. 469. Jevon’s effect (2012, Straight Dope column) In 1865 William Jevons noted that improving the efficiency of coal use led to MORE coal being used since people felt free to use more. In The Straight Dope column in 2012 they speculate that if we are forced to replace light bulbs with more efficient ones we may get lazier about turning off the light, and hence not save any energy. Similar to Peltzman effect (also on list). 40

470. Jewish Lightening (2012)- I heard this on Six Feet Under- its a term for Arson used to get insurance money. Derogatory but rather uncommon. 12,400 hits on Google. 471. Jiggy- Cool? Groovy? This term went from new to cliche without really being used. But I’m jiggy with that. I heard it in an episode of Daria and that episode may be the high point of its usage. 472. Johnson- one of the too-many terms for penis. 473. Jokalism (2015)- Journalism that uses satirical or other funny forms. Only 69 hits. I heard the term on, where else, The Daily Show. 474. Journalistic grintegrity- (The Colbert Report, 2011) Giving really bad news but happily. Fox news reports bad news through the lens of ‘this is bad for Obama’ and hence they are happy about it. 475. Juke (2014)- to fool someone. Also a dance zigzag movement. 476. Jump the shark. Originally coined to say when a TV show starts going bad, it now applies to other phenomena- when a movie franchise or a book series or even a relationship starts going bad. The original term comes from an episode of Happy Days when Fonzie Water Skied over a shark. The episode aired in 1977. The writers of that episode have commented that this was the 91st episode in the 5th season and that the show went on to to air for 6 more seasons and 164 more episodes. Hence they think the episode does not deserve being the poster child for a show going downhill (see http://articles.latimes.com/2010/sep/03/entertainment/la-et-jump-theshark-20100903. 477. KB- Knock Back. A slang term when ordering what you want from a prostitute. I heard this on NCIS. A slight KB is playing hard to get. 478. Keep it 100 (2015). Gee, I used to think this was Keep it Real. Popularized by Larry Wilmore on The Nightly Show where he asks his Guests to Keep it 100. 734,000 hits, so its out there. 479. Killer app. An application that is so good it validates a method. This term is before and unrelated to the use of the word app now. 480. Kindle- The device from amazon that lets you have e-books, though the term may be used for other brands as well. 41

481. Kindled- If someone hits you on the head with a Kindle then you’ve been Kindled. 482. Known Knows. In a speech by Donald Rumsfeld about the lack of WMD’s in Iraq. He also said there were known unknowns and unknown unknowns. 483. Known unknowns. See Known Knowns. 484. Kobayashi Maru. A no-win situation. From the Star Trek movie ST II, it was a training exercise where you could not win. Kirk beat it by reprogramming the computer. 540,000 hits. 485. Kodak moment- probably from a commercial. A moment so perfect you want to get your camera out. Odd thing is that the term can be used even if its not a Kodak camera. Is this a problem? I’ve heard that companies do not like it when there name becomes common speech, but in this case Kodak may have caused it. 486. L-word (Liberal or Lesbian) 487. Lame Stream Media. Used by the Right to describe the Media, though it could be used by anyone. Not very clever. 488. Lampshading (2015) A writers trick. When a writer (or a TV show usually) is going to do something that is too implausible he points it out to the audience directly. Example: In Psych the kid playing Shawn-as-a-kid changed (the actor changed) and Shawn as an adult said “people change, sometimes from week to week.” 489. Laptop. 490. Lastblocker. someone who is the last on their block to try some new technology. My term, but it never caught on. Probably because late adapter has the same meaning and is less syllables. Or Luddite. See also Firstblocker. 491. First rule of XXX- there is no XXX: From the movie Fight Club, its been used for other clubs as well. In the series Orphan Black there was Clone Club. 492. Last Supper List (2014- saw on Castle) The list of people throughout history that you would like to have dinner with- but limit to 12. 21,000 hits. 42

493. Lawfare (2013, Daily Dish blog). Positive or negative uses of law as an instrument of warfare. Some see it as only negative. 494. Leaplings (or leapers, or leap day babies) (2016 but older) People born on Leap Day, Feb 29. There are 7% less of these then stats would predict since parents don’t want their kids being a leaper. There are far less caserian sections that day. 495. Leet- quote from urban dictionary: “A derivative of the 80’s software piracy scene. Originally elite was used to show status on a BBS. Commonly the people who cracked software or had sysop access on a board would be refereed to as Elite. Later it became common to just use leet.” Now used for hackers and crackers. I heard the term on a 2012 episode of Covert affairs. 496. Lavender marriage (2013). Marriage between a gay mail and a gay female to hide their gayness. They can both see other people. 497. Lehman Moment- Used in 2012 but refers to 2008 prez campaignWhen Lehman brothers went under during the campaign, how both candidates reacted affected their campaign. McCain looked off balance and it may have cost him the election. The Benghazi incident was a Lehman moment that Mitt Romney did badly on. 498. Lesbian Bed Death (coined in 1983)- The notion that a lesbian couple over time has very little sex. The reason given is that women can express their intimacy in other ways. Could be a myth as all couples have less sex over time. 499. Lesblogging- blogging and pretending you are a Lesbian. Done by guys. I heard this term on THE DAILY SHOW in 2011 when someone was pretending to e Gay Girl in Damascus to bring attention to the problems in Syria. 500. Lexicowards (The Colbert Report 2012). When the people at OED put in the term Anchor Baby but said it was derogatory, Colbert called them Lexicowards. 501. Life in the fast-pass lane (2013). People who buy passes that allow them to get on shorter lines- like first class plane tickets. 502. Library Degree- (2012) No college degree, but learned a lot from libraries. I learned this term on The Daily Dish with regard to Ray 43

Bradbury. The Daily Show ref was the second hit on Google, so really not a used term. 503. Lifosuction- taking things out of your resume so you seem either younger or not overqualified. 504. Linda Syndrome- When a porn star becomes an anti-porn-feminist. Named for Linda Lovelace. 505. Lindy affect (2016 but really 1984)– The longer X has been around the more likely X will be around. For example if a book has been in print X years its a good bet it will be in print another X years. The original useage, which is not quite the same as current usage, quoted from Wikipedia which is quoting a 1964 New Reupblica article by Albert Goldman, is The future career expectations of a television comedian is proportional to the total amount of his past exposure on the medium. Benoit Mandelbrot coined the term Lindy Effect. The NY Deli Lindy’s was where Comedians conducted post-mortems on recent show biz actions. The law has been applied to other things such as mortality- to a certain point if someone is X years old they will live an addition X years. Clyde Kruskal applied it to open problems in mathif a problem is open for X years then a good prediction for when it wll be solved is X years. 506. Link rot.- The phenomena where links that were once valid no longer work. 507. Linsanity- (2012) The basketball player Jeremy Lin helped the Knicks win several games and got lots of publicity. Being wild about him was Linsanity. 508. Listicle (2015)- A pointer to a list that makes you want to look there. Example 10 Stars who have a Phd!. 509. Lite- A way to disambiguate the word light. Lite means not-to-hard, as in a lite homework load. Also used for some reason Lite Beer. 510. Little Monsters (2012) Fans of Lady Gaga who is called Mother Monster. I heard this on The Simpsons episode where she guest voiced herself. 511. Lizzing- Laughing and whizzing at the same time ( 30 Rock- Liz Lemon does this). 44

512. Local LEO’s- Law Enforcement Officers. Used on NCIS when the locals get in their way. 513. Locavore (OXUS Word of the year 2007) - only east food that is locally grown. 514. Logrolloing- you vote for my bill, I’ll vote for yours. Rather old. 1,400,000 hits. 515. LOL- Lots of Love. 516. Long tail - in statistics if some distribution has a long tail then there are LOTS of items that have LOW prob. This leads to marketing strategies— should ESPN try to have LOTS of different sports (e.g. Woman’s billiards) or should they have just the four main sports (they went for the four main ones). Amazon tries to sell everything so they are more of the long-tail approach (even within books). The opposite approach is called Fat Head- (which is also on this list) though I have not seen it much. This used to be a only a math term but I’ve seen it cross over to the general public some. 517. Losada Line- (2012, Daily Dish, in the context of Canadian Mounties giving out positive tickets to youth who do good things- redeemable for a movie or some such). The Losada line is the ratio of positive to negative things that make a person or a team good. For teams it is around 2.9013. Proposed by Marcial Losada and Barbara Fredrickson, both Psychologists. 518. Loss leader- When one item is selling at a loss to draw customers in, hoping they buy another item. I first read the term with respect to gas stations that also sell items like Milk- they may have a low gas price hoping you will buy other stuff. 519. Love Contract.- a legal document that two people in an office that are romantically involved sign to limit the companies liability against kind of lawsuit (e.g., sexual harassment). 520. Lubasonic- the opposite of Platonic. Made up my a comedian name Luba (or something like that). 521. Lucky sperm club (2015)- People who succeed in life because their parents are well off, not through any ability or effort of their own. Odd term since it could mean ability passed on through the genes. But it doesn’t. Attributed to Warren Buffet. 1,390,000 hits. 45

522. Maginot line mentality (2015 but much older). The Maginot line was a wall that France build between it and Germany to ward off attack. And indeed, it would be hard for an army to get through. But they left the part of it that bordered Belgium open- either so that Germany would be forced to go through Belgium, pushing Belgium into the war or because they respected Belgium’s neutrality. Going through Belgium, Germany conquered France in 6 weeks. The phrase Maginot line mentality means that you plan for one kind of attack and are blind to another. Also note that Maginot line was very expensive and the money used to build it perhaps would have been better spent elsewhere. 523. Man cave- a male sanctuary. Could be the basement or a den or... 524. Mandelbug (1996- New Hackers Dictionary) a bug whose underlying causes are so complex and obscure as to make its behavior appear chaotic or even nondeterministic. Origin- the Mandelbrot set from chaos theory is a very. . . chaotic set, unpredictable. 525. Manspreading. (2013) When a man sitting on a train spreads his legs so much that he blocks people from sitting in the seat next to him. 526. M-swig. (2012) A pick up move that I saw described on Castle. The move is to tell girl that you know a girl whose cheating on his friend, and ask if you should tell the friend. Women love giving advice so it gets you a start. I think the word was made up just for the show. 527. Macaronic Language- mixing two languages, possibly for puns. It was used in a blog of Lipton and Regan to describe the notation σ + it for a complex number. 528. Magical Negro- A stock character in movies. A black character with perhaps mystical powers and wisdom that helps the white hero of the story. The most recent example is The legend of Bagger Vance. Seems very rare nowadays. 529. Malcolmites- writers that aspire to be like Malcolm Gladwell. That is, write books about counterintuitive things being true. 2012 Daily Dish. 530. Mainlanders (30 Rock 2012 but likely and old term). In 30 Rock it meant someone who didn’t get the concept of unwindalax. I suspect


its an old term for someone scared to try new things- origin may be people who don’t want to sail. 531. Mainline church- A mainstream church like presb, Methodist, Baptist. I am not sure if it includes Catholic. Those that are not Mainline are Independent. 532. Man crush- when a man has a crush on another man. 533. Manic Pixie Dream Girl- sometimes MPDG. A common character in films. A carefree girl who makes the stiff male character let lose. Often childlike. 534. Mankini- a sexy bathing suit- possibly even like a G string- worn by a man. 535. Man of honor- If the Maid of Honor at a wedding is a man he is the Man of honor. 536. Manorexia (2010)- The obsession to look muscular and big. Same as bigorexia. 537. Manscaping (2012)- Grooming a man with waxing and other extreme measures. Ugh. (I feel the same way about Women spending too much time and effort on their bodies in unhealthy ways.) 538. Mansplainer (2012)- A Man who is impressed with himself and explain things to you in a condescending way- stuff you already know. Mitt Romney might be one. 539. Marriage Equality. Legal recognition of same-sex marriage. 540. Masshole- An asshole from Massachusetts. 541. Mathiness- (2015) A misuse of mathematics in Economic Analysis. Coined by Paul Romer. Analogous to Truthiness. 542. Mathlete- Someone on the Math Team. Or someone who is good at math. 543. Matthew effect (2011)- The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. I first saw this in the Wikipedia article on h-indices. In academia its the notion that people who are well known keep being well knownthere papers get into more conferences. Its called this because of the 47

following from in The Gospel of Matthew: For to all those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away. Matthew 25:29, New Revised Standard Version. 544. Matrimonial-Industrial-Complex: The Wedding industry that keeps women brainwashed into thinking they need a big expensive wedding. 545. Maverick- Someone not beholden to the rules. Has been used by politicians to describe themselves (McCain and Palin) but that was always odd since they are, almost by definitions, rule-makers. 546. McMansion- A small mansion, so in size between a normal house and a mansion. 547. Me Pluribus Unum (2013)- never uttered but in The Colbert Report theme song in the background. 548. Meetspace (2015)- the real world, as opposed to cyberspace. 186,000 hits. 549. Meltalicious- Term in Subways commercials to describe their product. I saw it on Jeopardy in 2012. The answer was This sandwich chain that gave us Jared also gave us a new word to describe its products. The question was What is Meltalicious? Roughly 8700 hits. 550. Meme- An idea that spreads very quickly. Coined by Richard Dawkins in 1976, before the internet era where it was easier to do. 551. Memristor- a resister with electrical memory. 552. Mendoza line- Mario Mendoza had a batting average of .215, which is very low. But he was a good enough fielder to stay in the lineup. Within baseball The Mendoza Line means the line such that below that you can’t be in the major leagues no matter how good your defense is. (Pitchers are not held to this.) It has been used in other contexts. I saw it on The Daily Dish blog ALSO used for Dave Kingman who hit .204 but hit lots of homers. 553. Menowomen- a women in menopause. I heard the term in 2011 in the parody song I AM MENOWORMN on you-tube. 554. Meritocracy- An organization where people are promoted based on merit. 48

555. Mesearch- Research done by ME. (2012)- used by the author of Me the People. 556. Metonymy (2013) Using a region (or something else) as a shorthand for either a set of people or a leader. Example: Hollywood produced less movies this year than last. Note that Hollywood is a place, so they really mean the people in the movie biz. Example: Iran is not happy with the sanctions. Iran is a place, so they really mean the leaders. Or maybe the people. 557. Metrosexual (ADS Word of the year 2003) - Someone who is straight but is neat and dresses well- the stereotype of someone gay. 558. Mexichaos- Not sure what it means directly but it refers to the Chaos in Mexico- the Economy. 559. MICE- Money, Ideology, Compromised, Ego- the four reasons people betray their country. I saw this in an interview with the author of a book on Aldrich Ames. 560. Mickey Mouse (very old) A deragoary term meaning not that important. 561. MILF- Mothers I’d like to Fuck, but also Mothers I’d like to Fund (really?- 71 hits only). 562. MILFG- Mothers I’d like to Fuck- Greek style (in the ass). 11,00 hits. Also Moms I’d like to Focus Group (The Colbert Report- only 5 hits). (I found it because Colbert used it and then found the other definition) 563. Mii- an avatar of a person. Takeoff on Wii. 564. Millinnial- People who come of age after the year 2000. Some use birth years 1976,1977,1978,1979,1980,1981,1982. They are also known a Gen Y, Gen Next, Echo Boomers (children of Baby Boomers), The Peter Pan generation. Net generation. 565. Microbloggers-(2012 on Jeopardy) people who use twitter or tumble to post or send very short messages. 566. Millionaire- an abbreviation for the Quiz show Who wants to be a Millionaire.


567. Minders (very old). When you visit a dictatorships you may have a minder- someone who follows you around from the country to make sure you don’t see things you shouldn’t. It may also be used if someone from one of those countries visits USA or some democracy and they have a minder from their country to make sure they don’t talk to people they shouldn’t talk to. 568. Mircoloan- Small loans meant for very small businesses, usually in third-world countries. 569. Misunderestimate- Allegedly George W Bush said that people tend to misunderstimate him. 570. Mittology (2012) The Myths that Mitt Romney spouts- like that he respects women. 571. Mobocracy- rule by mobs of people. 572. Mocktail (2013 but likely much older) a non-alcoholic cocktail. I read it in an advice column asking about where to take a pregnant friend for happy hour. 1,000,000 hits so its in popular use. 573. Mockumentary. A satirical documentary. Their were some in the 1950’s but the term itself was popularized when Spinal Tap came out. 2,700,000 hits. 574. Mother-of-all-XXX. (1991 word of the year). This emphasizes somethings importance. Origin may be Saddam Hussein saying that some battle would be the Mother-of-all-battles. 575. XXX–mentum. Joe Lieberman claimed he had jo-mentum in the 2004 primaries (he didn’t). I’ve heard the term Newtmentum and Mittmentum in 2012. 576. ML is the new algorithms (2014, Hal’s blog). A nice snowclone 577. MOOC - massive Open Online Course. 578. MOOCed - taking a MOOC. For example “I MOOCed discrete math so I could take algorithms” - I first saw this on Lance Fortnow’s tweet. 579. Monday morning quarterback. Hindsight. 580. Monkey off your back- To get off an addiction. 50

581. Monocrat. (2010) Actually a very old word. Jefferson used it to describe as someone who wanted the rich and powerful to rule- a combination of Monarch and Aristocrat. Wikipedia just says its someone who believes in rule by one person. I heard it from the authors of the book Madison and Jefferson. 582. Moonieweds: (2010) People who are married in a mass ceremony by Reverend Sun-Young Moon who do not know each other ahead of time are known as Moonieweds. I saw this word in a City Paper article about the Washington Times which is owned by Moon. 583. MOU (2013)- Memorandum of understanding. Not sure why this is different from a contract. 584. Mouse potato- someone who sits around all day on the computer. Analogous to Couch Potato. 585. Mox - (1) A young homosexual Male. (2) No threat- I heard this term on NCIS as a slang term for ordering from a prostitute. 586. MTV generation- Young people who were raised in the 1980’s and have a short attention span. 587. Muffin Top- Fat people might have fat bulging out of their waists and over their wastes- this is called a Muffin Top. 588. Muggle- From Harry Potter Books. A non-wizard. 589. Mulligan- a do-over. Originally a golf term but then it crossed over to the general public. 590. Mumblecore: (2004) A style of ind film characterized by ultra-low cost and focusing on relationships amoung 20-somethings. They often use non-professional actors and improvised scripts. 591. Mundane. I originally heard this as a term used by Science Fiction fans for non-fans. More generally, a subculture uses it for non-members. The TV show Babylon 5 used it for non-telepaths. 592. Must-watch TV (old) Perhaps supplanted by Binge-worth TV. 593. N-word- Euphemism for I AM NOT GOING TO TYPE IN IT IN that is so well understood its hardly a euphemism any more.


594. Naderites. Supporters of Ralph Nader, especially in 2000 when he cost Al Gore the election. 595. NALT- (2013) Not All Like That- a Christian movement to point out that the anti-gay Christians are not all Christians- we are NALT. 596. Nancy Reagan Defense (2014) A tactic used in corporate finance. If a company wants to take over your company- the board of directors just says no. Called one of the two best defenses against a hostile takeover. The other one is the Pac Man defense (see that entry). Recall that Nancy Reagan cared about drug use and coined the phrase Just say no (to drugs). 597. Nascar dad- Blue Collar fathers. At one time thought to be a strong voter block. It is not clear if they vote the same. 598. National Manthem- Colbert has this as one of the words in the background of his theme song. 599. Natural child birth. Having a baby in your own home, perhaps with a midwife. At times this is trendy, at times not. 600. Narrowcast- the opposite of broadcast in that you are aiming the info at a small audience. 601. N.E.E.T- (2010) Not in Education, Employment, or Training. Government classification. 602. Negging (2016) An insult that makes someone vulnerable to your sexual advances. Goes with the theory that the assholes get the girls, of which I am skeptical. 603. Neoevolution (2013)- A social theory that tries to explain the evolution of societies. I first heard this word, with a different meaning, on the TV show Orphan Black. There it was about clones and evolution but wasn’t quite clear what it meant. 604. Neologism - This means a newly coined word. Also extends to be a new doctrine or theory. 605. Nerdcore. Hip hop or rap songs about very nerdy topics. The best one is Drama in the PhD. 606. Nesting (2011) When divorced parents have their kids live in ONE house and they shuffle around. 52

607. Netflix Adultery (2012)- Watching a Netflix (or DVRed or DVD) show by yourself that you promised to watch with your significant other. 608. Netflix and Chill (2016)- Code for having sex, probably NSA. See Amazon Prime and commitment. 609. Netizens- citizens of the net- not of any one country. From Tom Friedmans/Michael Mandelbaum book That used to be us. 610. Nevernude (2012) (Arrested Development TV show) A condition under which you find it impossible to take off all of your clothes. 7000 Google hits, but they all seem to go back to the TV show. 611. New coke- originally the name of a new kind of coke. It was such a business fiasco that now it refers to a business fiasco. Example: That product could be the new coke of cars. 612. Newseum- A museum about news. 613. Newtoned- From Tim McNichol’s short-lived blog. It means to have your result claimed to be already proven by someone more famous. 614. NIFOC (2014) Naked in front of computer. Underused internet slang, less than 1000 times on the last 8 years of twitter. Even so, 33,000 hits 615. Nipple Nazi- people who insist to the point of fanaticism on breast feeding. (The Simpsons 2012) Hard to say how common this term is. 616. Nixonian- To govern in a paranoid and/or corrupt style. Overused in the Obama era. 617. No collar worker (2015). People who do what they want and float through life. No Collar Worker gets around 1500 hits, no collar job around 25,000. 618. No tell motel- (Castle) A motel where people have affairs. 619. No true Scotsman (1975, though I first read it in 2011). A logical fallacy. Here is the original an explanation (From Anthony Flew’s book, in 1975, Thinking about Thinking). A Scotsman reads that a man committed a terrible crime and says no Scotsman would do such a think. Then it is found that it was a Scotsman. The man says well, no TRUE Scotsman would do such a thing. I read about it in an 53

article about why Friend-with-benefits can’t work, where the author dismisses cases where it does work as being sex addicts or others. So if it works you are in a category where it can’t work. 620. Nocebo (effect)- (2012) When a placebo gives a negative effect because the patient things it will. 621. Nonterminal. (Boston Legal, 2006). People who are NOT going to die soon. 622. Noodling- catching catfish with your hands. I read about this in the June 2011 Economist. It was made legal in some state. 623. Normalling- when a couple that is into kinky things does normal things. (30 Rock, Jenna and Paul) 624. Not! (ADS Word of the year 1992). Added to the end of a sentence to negate it in a crude and sarcastic way. May have begin on the Wayne’s World sketches on Saturday Night Live. Example: I think you girlfriend is hot. Not! 625. NSFL (2013) Not Save For Life. Stronger than NSFW. Reading it will scar you for life. 626. NSFW (2013) Not safe for work. If a blog usually does NOT have any (say) porn on it (and most do not) but then DOES, that particular entry might be Not Safe For Work since just having it there might get someone who reads it fired. 627. Norbit, having one. Eddie Murphy was up for an Oscar in Dreamgirls but, before the people voted, a terrible and offensive movie with Murphy staring, called Norbit, was released. It is speculated that he didn’t get the Oscar for Dreamgirls because of Norbit. When the New York Magazine was doing a chart on if various people in 2012 will get an Oscar, one category was ‘do they have a Norbit’ If so, that works against them. 628. NSA- No Strings attached relationship. I got this from a Savage Love column. 629. N.U.G- No Unhappy Guests- a motto of caterers. Royal Pains 2012. 630. Nuke the Fridge- Analogy to Jump the Shark for movie franchises. The origin is that in the fourth Indiana Jones movie he Nukes a Fridge. 54

This term never caught on, possibly because (1) there are not that many movie franchise, (2) Movies are judged individually, (3) We already have the term jump the shark. 631. Obamacare- Nickname given, derisively, to the Health Care Plan. 2009? Obama adapted it as his own saying YES Obama Cares! 632. Objectifile- Someone who gets emotionally attached to objects. Boston Legal, 2007. Only got 76 hits on Google so I doubt its really a word. 633. Obomneycare- Nickname given to Romney’s heath care plan to point out how similar it was to Obamas. 634. Occupy-XXX. (Occupy was ADS Word of the year 2011) (XXX was originally Wall Street). The name of the movement against corporations that started with Occupy Wall Street in 2011. 635. Oceanpronography (2016). I saw this in a book review of a book about sea creatures having sex. 636. Odd-Even Rule- the phenomena that every even numbered Star Trek movie was good but every odd one was bad. I personally think this is an exaggeration- Star Trek III wasn’t that bad. 637. Off his meds- crazy, but not literally. 638. Off the Menu- used to refer to an unusual request. I’ve heard it on NCIS (see Spicy Canton). 639. Off the hook- you won’t be blamed. Old term. 640. OMG Oh My God 641. On the menu- Ordering something standard. I’ve heard it in NCIS (see Spicy Canton). 642. One body problem. When a job is hard to fill because if people who are single take it they won’t be able to find a spouse in the area. This is a take-off on two body problem. 643. One horse town- a town where one business dominates. Rare now but I have heard Washington DC is a one-horse town (politics) and Detroit went under because it was a one-horse town (cars).


644. Open mouth, insert foot- A slip in a conversation where you want to take back your words. 645. Open Source. Software that is freely available. 646. Optics (2015). Managing a political even so that it looks good. I first heard it on the TV show Scandal with the optics will be better if the President is holding the First Ladies hand, but I heard it used in real politics when Donald Trump was going to meet with Black pastors and some objected because of the Optics (it would look like an endorsement). 647. Oreo- a black person who acts white. 648. Orphan (in typesetting). When the first line of a paragraph appears as the last line on a page, the line is called an orphan. See also Widow. 649. Osmatic (The Colbert Report 2012). Samuel Jackson, on Colbert, used it to express getting an idea by being near someone with that idea. On the show it was that since Colbert’s mother was at the Freedom March in 1963 while Pregnant with Stephen Colbert, he doesn’t see race. 650. Othecott (Book on Culture and Christians, 2012). When a movie is coming out that is offensive to your community, rather than protest it, ALL of you go to a DIFF movie on the opening weekend. The book admits that this would not work— numbers are too small. 651. Overstand- To understand REALLY WELL. Hal Daume told me this one in 2011. 652. Overton Window (2015 but older). This is the range of ideas the public will accept. The term is used by media pundits. I saw it when talking of Donald Trump making some taboo topics or thoughts (e.g., racisim) acceptable. 252,000 hits. 653. Pac-Man Defense (2014) A tactic used in corporate finance. If a company wants to take over your company, you try to take over theirs! Called one of the two best defenses against a hostile takeover. The other one is the Nancy Reagan defense (see that entry). 654. XXX—phobia- fear of whatever it is.


655. Paleo diet (2012)- A diet where you eat wild plants and animals- like Cavemen. It is not well regarded but it did get 460,000 hits. 656. Palinite (2010) A fan of Sarah Palin. 657. Panglish. A simplified version of English that may one day be used globally. 658. Pangram. A sentence that has every letter of the English alphabet in it. The most common known one: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The most natural one that I know: Watch Jeopardy- Alex Trebek’s fun TV quiz game show. 659. Paranoid (as a noun) (2014). Yahoo coined this term to describe the person they hire to worry about security. For example Jon Katz is a Paranoid at Yahoo. Impossible to tell how common this is. 660. Parrot-head. A fan of Jimmy Buffet. 661. Password fatigue. Tiredness induced by having to remember an excessive number of passwords. 662. Pathography- a biography which is very negative and likely has false statements. (Wash Post used the term in 2012 in a review of a book that claimed, with no real evidence, that Nixon was Gay) 663. Pay it forward. (There was a movie of this name from the year 2000, but the concept dates back to a play in Ancient Greece from 317 BC, though the concept itself may go back much farther.) The idea is that if I do a good deed for you, you should do a good deed for someone else in the future. Note its parallel to pay it back where you owe someone for a favor in the past. 664. Pay walls. When material on the web needs to be paid for we say it is behind a paywall. 665. XXX-peat. To repeat something XXX times. Threepeat is the most used but I’ve seen others— on the Wikipedia site for Threepeat. 666. Pear shaped. NCIS episode- when things went wrong they said went pearshaped. Also used by Megan Monroe in her prelim defense in Jan 2013. 4,330,000 hits— some for this definition, but some not. Is it a word? Hard case.


667. XXX-pedia. Used for a website on a topic. Wikipedia, Conservapedia, Investapedia, Sexpedia, Expertpedia. There is even one just called pedia. 668. Peltzman Effect (2015 for me). First an example: Seat belts did not increase safety since people drove more risky with them. More generally, this effect states that many safety regulations do not improve safety since they incentives risky behavior. 56,000 hits. Similar to Jevon’s effect (also on this list). 669. Peter Pan Generation. Millennials, Gen Y. This term emphasizes that they are like adults who never grew up. 670. Perquisitie- (1994) If you are going to give money (or do some other favor) for a politician they must first give you something- a perk. Now called a perquisite. I first read the term with regard to the Clinton Administration giving people a night in the Lincoln Bedroom. 671. Person of interest. When the police are investigating a crime they may want to talk to this person. Somewhere between a suspect and a witness. 672. Pharming: genetic engineering to come up with a product (usually a drug) to cure some disease or have some other beneficial effect. Also used for what I heard as phishing. 673. Phishing: trying to get people to go to a website where they will be swindled. 674. XXX-Phobe: Someone who is against XXX. Homophobe is an example. 675. Pholo (30 Rock). Fictional word. On the show there is a social media sight called You-Face and you are encouraged to post a pholo- which is a combination of the words Photograph and Hello. 676. Phubbing (2015 from book Reclaiming Conversation) Snubbing someone by talking to or on your phone instead. 677. Playdate– formally arranging when your kid plays with another kid. David Brooks thinks that Playdate-lawsuits may come where people sue for not giving their kid an enriching experience.


678. Philanthrocapitalism (2012). When very wealthy people give lots of money to causes. The article I read about this said it could be problematic since they decide what causes are important and because there may be conflicts-of-interest. 679. Plus one- when you are invited to a Wedding (or other event) you may be allowed to bring a Plus one. The terminology avoids awkwardness about if the person is a friend, friend with benefits, just dated a few times, girlfriend or boyfriend, living together, married, divorced but still on good terms, whatever. If you bring someone of the same sex as a plus-one will everyone assume you are gay? I honestly don’t know. 680. Pluto effect (2012)- when a field of science changes its mind on something. 681. Plutoed (ADS Word of the year 2006) To be demoted or devalued, as happened to the former planet Pluto. 682. Phraming Party (2006, Boston Legal). A party where kids bring prescription drugs and mix and match. 683. PHAT- Pretty Hot and Tempting 684. PIA (2010)- Pain in the Ass. My friend Alicia says her mom uses this one. 685. Pink Collar Jobs. Apparently an old term for jobs more likely held by women. I only heard it in the context of the term should be retired since what were pink collar jobs are now held 1/3 by men. Examples are nursing and teacher. Pink collar worker gets 34,000 hits, Pink Collar Job around 5000. 686. Pininterest (2012)- A website where people share photos- its pinboard style. 687. Pinstipe Patronage (2010) Patronage involving a large amount of money. 688. Pocket watch- a retroynm as at one time all watches were pocket watches. 689. Podcast (OXUS Word of the year 2005)


690. Pokemon (30 Rock, 2012, also Great Escaping). When a women has many boyfriends to fulfill different needs. Named Pokemon or Pokemonning since with Pokeman you want to collect the whole set. Jack’s girlfriend was pokemonning with (1) a hippie to make her feel bohemian, (2) a sex idiot, (3) a black guy to make her parents mad, (4) a guy with great hair, (5) a money guy, and (6) A father figure (Jack). 691. Politically correct. Things that are appropriate to say, usually in Liberal circles, though I’ve heard it used in other circles. 692. Politically incorrect. Things that are inappropriate to say, usually in Liberal circles, though I’ve heard it used in other circles. 693. Pomo- Short for Post-Modern. 694. Pong- One of the first video games for home use. Now used to show how old you are if you know it. 695. Pop-umentary (2013) A documentary about a Pop Group. I first saw it used by Morgan Spurlock for his Documentary on One Direction. 696. Porlocks. (2010) Or People of Porlock. People who intrude on you when you are about to have a brilliant idea. Coined by Coleridge who blames a knock on his door for interrupting what would have been a brilliant poem. I first heard it during a sermon. The word is not in common use- the 10th hit on the Google search was that sermon! 697. Portmanteau (2016 but very old). A word formed by combining two words. Brunch is Breakfast + Lunch. Idiotest is Idiot + test. This file is named newords = new + words. Amtrak = American + Track. Billary was a common term for Bill + Hillary (Clinton). 698. —Porn. (2016). Foodporn, cornporn, oceanporn. Means pictures of something which are addictive, though not necc sexual. 699. POSSLQ- Person of Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters. Coined in the 1970s by the United States Census Bureau since they needed to count these people. Only 19,000 hits. What do people use to refer to people they are living with? 700. Postal. Usually in the context of he went Postal!. This means to kill (usually by shooting) your co-workers at work when you get fed up. The name comes from when and incident in 1983 where a United 60

States Postal Worker shot and killed his manager and fellow workers. The first usage (according to Wikipedia) was 1993. 701. Porism- A corollary to the proof of a theorem, rather than a corollary of the theorem itself. I saw it in Jeff Hirst’s Masters Thesis and have tried to use it and popularize it. I have not succeeded. 702. Post dogmaic stress disorder (2013). If you are brought up in a very religious (or communist or any rigid dogmatic ideology) and you break out of it you may have this. ODD- I first heard the term on NCIS LA in 2013 referring to being scared of dogs. Only 92 hits. (90 dogma, 2 dog) But look for it! It will be on the rise! 703. Potemkin Village. Any construction (real or unreal) build just to fool others into thinking that a situatio nis better than it is. Named for a portable village that Grigory Potemkin build to fool Catherine II. 125,000 hits. 704. Pottery barn rule- The rule of you break it, you buy it. Pottery barn does not have such a rule. The term was coined by Thomas Friedman referring to Colin Powell’s assertion that if we go and invade a country (like Iraq) we need to help fix it up. 705. Pregism- prejudice against people are are pregnant. In Plain sight, 2011. 706. Prequel (1958). A movie (or other) that happens before another one but is made later. 707. Pretension of professors. A plural term. I made it up but, like all plural words, its never used. 708. Prison bunnies- women who like to date (perhaps by postal correspondence) people in prison, or perhaps ex-cons. 709. Pro ana- Pro anorexia. Boston Legal 2007. 710. Procrasterbate (2013- Daily Show) Procrastination by masturbating. It was a term before the Daily Show- in the Urban Dictionary. 6000 hits. 711. Promposal- an elaborate asking of someone to the prom. (The Colbert Report 2013). 175,000 hits.


712. Proofiness-The opposite of Truthiness. 713. Propeller airplane- a retroynm since once all plans had them and now few have them. 714. Prosecutee- a cute lawyer for the prosecution. I heard it on Arrested Development715. Prostitots.- I first heard this on Boston Legal referring to a doll for kids that dressed like a whore. Urban dictionary defines it as a kid who dresses that way. 716. Psephology (2012)- Old Greek work for the Study of elections using data, history, etc. Comes from that Psephos means pebble- and they were used as ballots. I thought it was obscure but got 68,000 hits. 717. Pull a Pygmalion, (2013- Orphan Black) Training someone to act above their station in life. Comes from Shaw’s play Pygmalion on which My Fair Lady is based. The show did not use this term, they used “Pull a reverse-Pygmalion” which is on this list. 718. Pull a reverse-Pygmalion (2013- Orphan Black). Its training someone to act below their station in life. Comes from Shaw’s play Pygmalion on which My Fair Lady is based. 719. PUMA - (2008) Party Unity my ass. Allegedly the slogan for women who voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries in 2008 and were mad that Obama got the nomination, so were now going to vote for McCain in the general election. This did not happen. 720. Puppy dogs and ice cream- (2013. Wash Post dating column and urban dict) refers to very safe topics for early in a date. 721. Puppygate (2016 but really 2015). At the Hugo awards two groups of science fiction writers, the Sad Puppies and the Rabid Puppies put on the Hugo award ballot some right-wing novels. They did this by mobilizing fans to pay for membership of Worldcon which enabled them to vote. When this came out many of the nominees withdrew their nomination. The entire affair is called Puppygate. The phrase Puppygate Hugo gets 7000 hits. 722. Purple States (Red State, Blue State, Purple State were ADS Words of the year in 2004). See Red State. 62

723. Pushing Rope (2015-episode or Archer Season 3). When a guy is having sex and then goes limp so he’s trying to have sex with a limp... 15,000 hits. 724. PWOMP(30 Rock 2011)- Polite definition: When two things are mashed together. Impolite definition: When two fat people are doing it doggies style and fall off the bed into one sweaty ball of lard (from Urban Dictionary). 725. Quarter life crisis (2014) A crisis of ‘what do I want to do with my life’ that may occur in your mid 20s. 726. Queen Bee. An older female in a position of power who does not help out younger women and may even work against them. I first heard the term from Neal Koblitz in email in 2009; however, I also heard it on Boston Legal. 727. Quid pro quoincidence (2015). From The Daily Show. If a corporation gives a politician money and the politician votes his way thats often called a quid pro quo. But they often claim its just a coincidence. Only 7 hits. 728. Quim. Victorian word for the fluids produced during a women orgasm. I heard it on a 2006 episode of Boston Legal by a Professor or sexuality who was appalled that a prostitute didn’t know the word. 729. R2P- Responsibility to protect. A norm or set of principles based on the idea that being a nation is not a privilege- you must treat your people right. I first saw this in the context of Libya- the UN stepped in because of R2P. 730. Racino (2008)- A horse racing track where slot machines are allowed. 731. Ragequit- when you quit a video game because of an event in it that made you mad. (I saw this on Leverage 2012, but its actually a common term for video game designers.) 732. Rain Check- if you have to cancel something (e.g., a dinner) you give someone a rain check meaning that you will reschedule. Origin is baseball- if a game is rained out you can get a ticket to another game. 733. Ramp it up to 11. A reference to spinal tap- satirical notion similar to giving 110%. 63

734. Raspberry Jam Principle. (2012) I first heard this from Levine Kanal at Dana Nau’s 60th birthday dinner. He said that it is The wider you are spread, the thinner you get meaning that if you do to many things they won’t be done well. So don’t spread yourself too thin. Only 5 Google Hits, and three are to the same sight. 735. Ratfucking (1972- Woodward and Bernstein). Slang term for political dirty tricks. 49,500 hits. 736. Razing a barn (Amish usually). Means to take a barn DOWN. I confused it with raising a barn which is the opposite. 737. Reaganing- (30 Rock - 2010) when everything you do works out. This was the name of an episode. I suspect it will not become a real word. 738. Reality TV 739. Reax- Slang for Relax. Used by people aged 11-14. 740. Reboot. Originally used for computers, however it is now used as a term to restart anything. 741. Recapthca- using Captchas to force people to help digitize books and manuscripts. 742. Red collar worker (2015, though much older). Working for the Government. “Red collar job” and “Red collar worker” only get around 3000 hits. 743. Red shirt. (1968) Star Trek extras who get killed in the episodes. Has become a generic term for a character who dies shortly after being introduced. 744. Red State (Red State, Blue State, Purple State were words of the year in 2004). Red State are the Conservative States. Blue states are the Liberal States Purple states are the swing states. I find it odd that conservative states are called red since red used to mean communist. It may be that on TV they used red for the conservative states and blue for the liberal ones in the 2000 presidential election. 745. Refolution (2011). Combines Refute and Revolution. 746. Refudiate (OXUS Word of the year 2010) Sarah Palin used it as a combination or Refute and Repudiate. 64

747. Refusenik (old term). In the old Soviet Union someone who applied to leave the country by was refused was a Refusenik. They were often Jews. (I re-heard this term in Jack Minker’s talk about his book on Human Rights.) 748. Regicide- killing a king. 749. Regifting- when you get a gift and then give it as a gift. 750. Renemisis (2011, The Colbert Report)- Your nemesis who is a Renaissance man. 751. Renting out (2013-The Colbert Report )- Recall that Selling out would mean, for a music group, signing on with a major label but then having to tone down their music. Renting out is when a major label helps you with publicity but nothing else. Not clear this is fair- it would depend on how much they control your music. 752. Repurpose- when a word acquires a new meaning. 753. Reshoring (2015). When jobs come back to America that were off shored or outsourced. Usually its much fewer jobs. I got this from the book Rise of the robots. 250,000 hits. 754. Resolutionary- Apple slogan since their new I-Pad have very good resolution. Still not quite sure what it means or how to use it in a sentence. 755. Retail politics- When a politician has to go door-to-door. This used to be a hallmark of the Iowa Caucuses. 756. Retail Therapy. Shopping to make you feel better. 757. Retire in place- someone who still goes to work but doesn’t do much. 758. Retro- watching or doing something old fashioned but knowing that it is old fashion and liking it for that reason. 759. Retroyms- words that need to be renamed or added to- like snail mail which was once just called mail. 760. Return-a-holic. Someone who buys things from stores to use and returns them alot.


761. Revenge Porn (2015). Posting porn pictures of someone to get revenge on someone. Often done do ex-girlfriends. The legal remedies to this problem are currently lacking. 1,500,000 hits but this could be misleading. 762. Reverend Wright Speech. Revered Wright was Obama’s minister and made some controversial speeches. Obama then gave a great speech explaining his relation to the Reverend and the context of those speeches (e.g., Rev. Wright was brought up in the Era of Jim Crow) Obama’s speech addressed the issue directly and got him past it. I’ve heard the phrase Mitt Romney needs to give a Reverend Wright Speech meaning a speech similar to Obama- in Mitt’s case the speech would be to explain Bain Capital. 763. Reverse Favoritism- giving someone who you are close with a harder time at work to avoid the appearance of favoritism (from Leverage 2011). 764. Reverse Missionary. (2014, though surely earlier). When missionaries come from other countries like Africa to America to tell us how to be real Christians. Also means when having Sex the girl is on top. 765. Reverse mortgage- You get money while living in your house but after a certain time the house belongs to the bank. Might be a bad idea. 766. Ride the brown lizard (2012, 30 Rock season 1) To be addicted to coffee. Like many terms on 30 Rock, its not really a phrase. 767. Ride the porcelain bus. If you get drunk or stoned and end up throwing up all night into a toilet it’s called Riding the porcelain bus. Not fun. 1,900,000 hits! 768. Ringtone- Your phone rings differently depending on who is calling. 769. RICE- Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate- how to treat an injury. 770. RINO- Republican in name only. 771. RNG- Random Number Generator. In the gamer community a common phrase is “I blame the RNG” 5000 hits. 772. Road rage- When you are driving and you get unreasonably angry at the other drivers (perhaps they are cutting you off). Might be a polite term for being an asshole while driving. 66

773. Robo-XXX. Robocall, Robopoll, anything that can be done mechanically over and over again. 774. Rockefeller Republican- a moderate republican. Now called Acela Republican or RINO. 775. Rocktober- I’ve heard DJ’s who are too clever by half use this term instead of October. 776. Rockumentary- a documentary about a rock group. Its origin is from 1969 to describe a radio show The History of Rock and Roll. However, I first heard it in This is Spinal Tap.. 777. ROI- Return on Investment. 778. RomCom- Short for Romantic Comedy. 779. Romnesia (2012) Mitt Romney’s forgetting or pretending to forget his past positions. 780. Romneyhood- (2012, Obama coined it) Romney’s Reverse Robin Hood scheme to take money from the poor to the rich. 781. Rose Mary Woods Stretch. She was Nixon’s secretary who allegedly erased the famous 18 1/2 minutes off of one of the Nixon Tapes. Here description of how the accident happened was so improbable that A Rose Mary Woods Stretch is an unlikely combination of events. 782. The Rosa Parks of: If someone is the first to protest something or take a stand they are sometimes referred to as The Rosa Parks of. The oddest one was when anti-government racist Cliven Bundy says he is just like Rosa Parks. 783. ROTFL Rolling on the floor laughing 784. Rotary phone 785. Rule 34 (2014)- if it exists, there is a porn of it. Seems to be well known. Googling ”Rule 34” Porn got around 1,000,000 hits. 786. Run it up the flagpole and see who salutes. Very old saying- to put something out there and see what people think. 787. Rumspringa. When the Amish youth are allowed to see the real world and then make a choice of whether they want to leave the community. Since they are ill prepared for the real world its hardly a choice. 67

788. Running on fumes. Originally for a car running when its almost out of gas or really out of gas. Has been expanded to keep on going in whatever when you are really on empty. 789. Russell’s teapot (2015 for me, but due to Bertrand Russell) The notion that a person making an unfalsifiable claim must come up with a proof of it. Its name comes from the assertion that a teapot orbits the sun someplace between the Earth and Mars. This would be hard to disprove (at least then) so the one asserting it has to say why he thinks its true. 47,000 hits. 790. Rusticles (2012) A formation of Rust similar to an icicle. Coined by Robert Ballard who saw them on the wreck of the Titanic in 1986. 791. Sandbagging (old)- In chess people play in different tournaments based on their abilities. If you purposely lose games so that you can play (and win!- possibly money!) in a lower league, you are sandbagging. Hard to get an honest Google-count since it has a much more common meaning. 792. Santorum - when Rick Santorum said that gay sex is like man on dog sex (man on MALE dog sex of course, man on FEMALE dog sex is fine) the gay advice-columnist Dan Savage had a context to find an alternative definition of Santorum. The winner was a frothy mix of Lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex. 793. Santorum problem- (2012) your name being associated to something distasteful on Google, as happened to Santorium. 794. Sausage principle (2014). If you like something you don’t want to see how its made. 795. Sausagefest- a gathering of all guys. Used derogatorily such as The Congressional Hearings on Contraception were such a Sausage Fest 796. Security theater (2015 but much older). Bruce Schneider may have coined it. Refers to things that America (or others) do that are said to increase security but do not. Air marshals on planes, making us take off our shoes, metal detectors at ball parks may all qualify. 797. Selfie- (OXUK and OXUS Word of the year 2014) a picture you take of yourself and pose for to tweet or send in some form. Wikipedia says the term was discussed (possibly originated) by the photographer Jim Krause in 2005, though the concept is older. 68

798. Selfie-centered (2014). People (usually teenage girls) who post an absurd number of selfies to their Facebook page. 799. Selling out- (very old) to betray your ideals to make money. Many variants of the theme. 800. Sex (2015, really) What sex you are is the parts you are born with, which while often how you think of yourself, not always. Gender is how you think of yourself. 801. Shadowed (probably very old). I”ve heard this recently in the following way: I want to shadow a biologist working in a lab and see what thats like. So its not quite being mentored, its following someone around (with their permission) to see what they do. 802. XXX-shaming (slut-shaming, drought-shaming) (2015) Shaming people who do a certain behavior. The shaming is now easy via social media. 803. Shamnesty (2013, The Colbert Report)— If the immigration bill gives undocumented workers amnesty then some would call this Shamnesty. 804. Sharknado (2013) Initially a very low budget film about a hurricane that lifts sharks into LA. I’ve seen it used as a metaphor for really low-class things. 805. Shelf corporation (2015). A corporation that doesn’t do anything. However, its already gone through the paperwork to become a corporation and may exist for a long time, so if you have a real product and buy one, you may save time. Hard to tell how many hits. I heard of it on TV show The Blacklist episode Vanessa Cruz. 806. Shermaneque (2016 but very old). General William Sherman made a quite clear decline of running for president. A statement is shermanesque if it is a clear decline for running of office. 19,000 hits. 807. Shitcom (Extras- a TV show). A bad sitcom in that it appeals to the lowest common denom. 808. Shoe leather reporting- (2015 but old) The kind of reporting where you go around and follow people and listen to speeches and pound the pavement. Not necc a good thing- see ass-welt reporting for a contrast.


809. Shovel-ready (2008) Infrastructure projects (e.g., repairing bridges) that can be started as soon as funds are available. 810. Showfriendship (The Colbert Report)- The opposite of Showbusiness. Not sure what it really means. 811. Shredder- a really good guitar player. Comes from a type of guitar. 812. Scofflaw- Coined during Prohibition to describe someone who violates the Prohibition law, its definition has been extended to other types of law breakers. Seems to now be someone who flouts an unimportant law. A Boston Newspaper had a contest to see who could come up with a term for someone who drinks during Prohibition (the contest was held during prohibition). This term won. 813. Script kid or Script kiddies- people (usually young) you hack using other peoples programs- so they are not the ones really doing it. 814. Scroogled- Microsoft claims that when you Google things you end up on entries that paid to get there- hence you are scroggled. This is stupid— the ones that paid to be there are marked as such. 815. Scrum- A style of programming in teams where the project is broken up into ind pieces and you have a TIME LIMIT to complete them. This is useful if requirements keep changing. Similar to, but not identical to, Extreme Programming. Origin: Its a rugby term used when members of the team form a circle to get the ball back into play. Scrum programming gets a software team unstuck and moving forward. Alternative: Stupid Crap Required by Upper Management. 816. sgtm- Silently giggling to myself (2013). Internet. Hal gave this one to me. 817. Silent Spring. The title of Rachel Carsons book about DDT (and other Enviroment issues?) but also used to refer to the early ecology movement. 818. Silkwood Shower- a shower used to get radiation or other contaminants of of you. From the movie Silkwood- a true story about a nuclear power plant. I heard it on Castle in 2012. Only about 8000 hits. 819. Silver Alert- an alert involving an old person. For example, a car is stolen from an old person, or an old person with memory problems wanders off. 70

820. SSAD - Same sex attraction disorder. Those who think that being gay is a disease thing that people who are gay have this disorder. 821. Sam and Diane thing (30 Rock but many other shows)- when a man and a women are work friends but everyone else seems to know they are attracted to each other. Named after Sam and Diane on Cheers. Only 2000 hits on Google. 822. Same sex marriage 823. SCNR (2010)- Sorry Could Not Resist. I first saw this in a comment on my blog in Dec 2010. 824. Seduction of hard covers, the. This is what happens when academic authors who should be interested in distribution not money still go with a publisher that does not allow them to post the book online. I attribute the phrase to Paul Beame on a comment on my blog. 825. Seinfeld Shutdown- the 2013 Gov Shutdown wasn’t really about anything so it was called this. 826. Seinfeldian (2010)- Doing nothing is a Seinfeldian approach. I heard this used by Lassitor in an episode of Psyche (Mr. Yin Presents). 827. Self-Deportation (2012, Daily Dish). Romney’s policies on immigration (children of illegals don’t get immunized, don’t get school) may force some of them to voluntarily, but unhappily, leave. This is called self-deportation. The term may have its origins in a satire of a strong anti-immigration position. 828. Self-McCarthyism (2011)- (Daily Dish) When a group accuses itself of penetration by a foreign ancient. A conservative PAC, CPAC may have done this recently when, in a controversy over where GOP-proud (a gay group) could participate some said that CPAC was taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood. The fact that Grover Norquists wife is a Muslim was one of the items pointed to. 829. Sexpectation- Expecting Sex. I have great sexpectaions for valentines day 830. Sexpionage - Using sex in spying. 831. Sexting (2010)- Sending nude or provocative pictures of yourself via text. Legally murky. In some states it is legal for two people to have sex but not to sext each other. 71

832. Shadow Nurse- If your kid needs medical help then you could hire a nurse who is with him in school but pretends to be an assistant to the teacher. 833. Shadow worker- When we check out groceries ourselves, make our own travel plans, this is shadow work. Science Fiction writers and others thought that technology would free us from menial work. Instead it has made us to MORE menial work. The term was coined in around 1970 by Ivan Illich, a Philosopher and Social Critic. I got it from a comment Harry Lewis made on Mitz’s blog. 834. Shipper- I only saw this on websites, readnews groups, and fan fiction about the TV show Daria. Shippers are people who wanted to see a relationSHIP develop between Daria and Trent. I read that it was used earlier for X-Files fans who wanted to see a relationship between the two main characters but I have not been able to find any evidence of this. 835. Shopportunity (2012) The opportunity to shop. I found this one when I was looking up Swapurtnity. Shopportunity had a much bigger web presence. 836. Shorty- either a women or a child. Urban talk. 837. Showmance- (I first saw it as a title of an episode of Glee.) A romance between two characters that are in the same show (or movie or...) together. 838. Sideline church (2011 I heard it at a Bible Leaders meeting). What the mainline Churches have become- more irrelevant. 839. Sister Soulijah moment: When a politician purposely insults the extremes in his party to capture the middle. The origin of this phrase is when Bill Clinton criticized her in the 1992 primary. 840. Ski Iraq- I saw this on a T-shirt by the character Billy on Six feet Under. They really do exist. Its a joke since you can’t ski in Iraq- but its not. . . funny. 841. Slackterism- Lazy activism. Hash Tag activism is a common example. 842. Slactivist- (2012) Amalgam of Slacker and Activist. People who are willing to do minimal effort (likely non-effective) for a cause but noth72

ing else. 380,000 hits- more common than I thought. (Related- Slactivism) 843. Slam Dunk (2002). Used to mean that a statement was quite reliable. It was used to describe our confidence that there were WMD’s in Iraq and now is often used sarcastically. 844. Slash fiction- fan fiction. Origin is that the term used for K/S fictionStar Trek fanfiction where Kirk and Spock are lovers. Oddest use: in The Big Bang Theory one of them write Mythbuster Fan fiction. 845. Sling (drugs)- to deal drugs. Breaking bad. They use the term quite naturally. 846. Slow food (2013)- An alternative to fast food that strives to preserve traditional cuisines. 847. Slugs- When there is an HOV lane (high occupancy vehicle) people gather around to get picked up so they can be the extra person. There is an etiquette to this- the slugs can’t initiate conversation. (I am not sure if I first saw this term in Bowling Alone or in some Tom Frideman book.) 848. Slut shaming- making a person (almost always a girl) feel bad about something sexual. It can range from making her feel bad because she sleeps with many men (though the men don’t get slut shammed) to making her feel bad because she was raped. 849. Smartyr- Its in the background of the The Colbert Report theme song but not quite sure what it means. Seems to be an amalgam of Smart and Martyr. 850. Snail mail- current term for postal mail since we have email. 851. Smells and Bells Catholic (2014). Very ritual-based catholic. 852. Smithee, Alan- (Not used anymore, you’ll see why) When a director (can also be used by others involved in a project) does not want his name associated with a project it used to be that they would use the name Alan Smithee. This worked when the public knew less about the movie industry and wouldn’t know that the name meant something was awry. Now that the public knows alot about the industry, its hopeless to hide identities. 73

853. Snowbunny- Cute women who ski or do other snow-sports. Urban dictionary says its also a term for any cute white women. 854. Snowclones (2004 by Glen Whitman). Taking a known phrase and using diff words in it: For example Orange is the new Black, I’ll burn that bridge when I get there, To boldly split infinitives as no man has done before. 855. Snowmeddon- a really big snow storm. 856. Snail mail 857. Softball- an easy question to a speaker 858. Sophie’s Choice- From the movie (or the book?)- a Sophie’s choice is a really hard choice to make. In the movie she had to choose which of her children to give to the Nazi’s. 859. Soccer mom- White Suburban mothers who are perhaps overworked with taking their kids to Soccer practice (or some other activity) and also working. At one time thought to be a strong voting block. 860. Social Capitol. If people in a society trust each other then transactions can to through smoothly. If not then transactions have a larger cost. Social Capitol is the savings you get in a trusting society. I first read the term in Bowling Alone. The Amish seem to still have it. 861. Social Engineering. This used to mean what Communists tried to do. Now this means breaking into someones computer by pretending you are a computer repair man. 862. Sock Puppet- An online identity that allows you to say things as someone else. Its actually a much older concept that does not even need modern technology— like writing a letter-to-the-editor with an alias for a name. 863. Soloed- (2012 30 Rock) You soloed me! is when a women says I love you and the guy says I know. 864. SOPA/PIPA- Stop Online Privacy Act and Protect IP Act. Badly conceived laws made by people who have no understanding of technology. I’ve heard that congress knows this and I’ve heard the phrase Congress doesn’t want to regulate XXX because they are afraid of another SOPA/PIPA 74

865. Spam. Unwanted email. 866. Sport flirting (NCIS 2011)- flirting with someone just to keep in practice or for fun, not to be taken seriously. 867. Spreadhead. (1) I heard it on The Colbert Report as someone who likes butter a lot. This came up when there was a shortage of butter in Norway. (2) Urban Dictionary says its someone who is a fan of the group Widespread Panic. 868. Spicy Canton. Could be fictional. It was used the 2010 episode of NCIS called Guilty Pleasure as a slang for something you would order from a prostitute but I cannot find the definition on the web. Most of the hits are people who saw NCIS and are asking what it means. Here is the exact conversation. HOLLY TO CHARLOTTE on the phone: I have someone who would be interested in meeting with you. (pause while listening). Light KB, possible MOX, half-around (NOTE: This is a set up so they can question her about some murders.) MCGEE TO HOLLY: When you told Charlotte what the client wanted you mentioned a couple of things: KB, M-O-X, Half-around. What does that stuff mean. HOLLY: (Silence, but she smiles) MCGEE TO HIMSELF: I’ll Check the Internet. LATER: HOLLY TO TONY OVER EAR MIKE: Tell her you want to change the menu. TONY TO CHARLOTTE: I want to change the menu HOLLY: You want the Spicy Canton. TONY: (to Holly) What. CHARLOTTE (To Tony) Pardon? TONY (to Charlotte) I want the Spicy Canton.


869. Spillcam- The BP oil spill was broadcast over the web - this was called a spillcam. 870. Spindoctor- Someone who shapes what a candidate says or corrects his gaffes. Used to be called a liar. 871. Spongeworthy (Seinfeld). A contraception known as the sponge was in short supply so Elaine had to decide if her dates were spongeworthyworth using up one of her supply to have sex with. 90,900 hits. 872. Sponsortunity: The opportunity to Sponsor. First saw this on the The Colbert Report where they gave Wheat Thins a sponsortunity. 873. Spousacide. Killing your spouse. 3300 hits. 874. Spyware- hardware used for spying. 875. Spyjink- mischievous spying. Heard it on am episode of Nikita. 876. Squg- I first saw this term on NCIS but was later surprised to see it in the urban dictionary. Its squatting down to hug someone. Alternative definition: a cross between a squish and a hug. 877. Star Trek Day- May 4. An illusion to May the force be with you. 878. Starter Puppy (2010). I heard this on Animal Planet during a Dog Show. It means that you start out training (for these shows) a puppy to get the hang of it. 879. Stalking horse. A person who tests a concept out on behalf of someone else. I first heard the term in the 2000 prez campaign when someone (Dick Morris possibly) thought that the Wesley Clark Candidacy was a stalking horse for Hillary Clinton. Origin: Hunters noted that birds would flee from hunters but not from horses. So the hunters walked by their horses, the horses hiding the hunters. 880. Star birthday (2015). When you’re birthday is also the day-of-theweek (e.g., Tuesday) that you were born. Hard to get the number of hits, but when I tried Googling ”Star birthday” days of the week -Hindu -rock -pop -super -astrology I got 12,500 hits.


881. Starter wife- a first wife which perhaps you know is only your first. This was the name of a book and then a mini series on TV, and I think that is where the term comes from. (Contrast to the TV show Burn Notice- the term was around first.) 882. Statutory Necrophilia- people who like to sleep with corpses of underage girls. (Is it a double-crime?) 883. Stay in bed mom- a lazy mom. Arrested Development 50,000 hits so it may be a real word. 884. Staycation- when you spend your vacation at home. I heard this on The Daily Show when after the 2008 crash more people were doing this to save money. 885. Steampunk- A subgenre of science fiction that takes place in an alternative timeline where Steam instead of electricity was the main power source. Gritty. 886. Steel Toe. Given the Steel Toe means to be fired. 887. STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. 888. STFU- Shut The Fuck Up. 10,300,000 hit! Really! 889. Streisand Effect (2015 but older). Objecting to something being public makes it more public. I saw it in terms of the the movie The Interview— because North Korea objected to it and might have hacked SONY, a lot more people are seeing it. Origin of the phrase: In 2003 Ken Adelman took many aerial photos to document coastal erosion in California. He posted them. These photos included one of Streisands cliff-top Malibu estate. Streisand sued Adelman and the site, claiming that the photo invaded her privacy, and were against the state’s antipaparazzi statute, and that he tried to profit from her name. Before the lawsuit, the photo was downloaded six times, including twice by her lawyers. After the lawsuit they were downloaded 420,000 times in the first month alone to the site to view Adelmans photos, and have by now been seen millions of times. Streisand lost the case and had to pay the defendants legal fees of more than $155,000. 890. Stride with Pride (UMCP Diamondback, 1998?) A letter to the editor suggested that the term Walk of Shame should be replaced by Stride with Pride. Hasn’t’ caught on- if you Google ”Stride with Pride” 77

”Walk of Shame” you only get around 2000 hits and some don’t look relevant. 891. Subordafriend- a subordinate who is also a friend ( 30 Rock, 2012) 892. Subprime (ADS Word of the year 2007) . A loan at a low rate often given to people who might have a hard time paying it back. Might have caused the 2008 crash. 893. Sudoku (OXUK Word of the year). That number puzzle. It was around for a while but the name really made it take off. 894. Suicide by Cop. You want to kill yourself but don’t have the guts (or want to go out in a blaze of glory) so you do a crime (or maybe you’ve already done it) and then force the cops to shoot you. I first heard of this when OJ ran away in the white van- some thought he might be going for a suicide-by-cop. 895. Sunday School Answer- an answer that is sort of obvious. The origin is that in Sunday School the answer is always Jesus. This has not gotten out there. Math has a similar concept but no name for it- the answer is either 0,1, or on the board. 896. Supercommuter- someone who commutes an insane distance, like 2 hours or more. 897. Superinjunction. When the courts say not only can’t you publish XXX, you also can’t publish that you can’t publish XXX or ... Economist June 2011. 898. Strawberry girl- A women will pay for drugs with sex. I first heard this word in an episode of Dexter where they used it as if it was common. I then found it in the Urban Dictionary on line. When they found that the dead girl was a strawberry girl the cops on Dexter said We’re looking for a dealer who will take sex for drugs. That would be . . . all of them. 899. Swift boated- (2004) When a story from a politicians past is lied about and used to discredit him. The term comes from the John Kerry 2004 campaign where veterans who were against him formed Swift Boat Veterans for Truth an anti-Kerry group.


900. Swoportunity. (2012) I heard this in a TV commercial for Yoplait something about swapping out a high-calorie snack for a low calorie snack. The term could be used to mean an opportunity to swap. Only two hits on Google and one of them was to complain about the commercial being stupid. UPDATE: The word appeared on Jeopardy. The answer was Don’t look in the dictionary for swopportunity a word provided by this brand that makes go-burt. 901. Talk Radio. Radio talk shows, usually political, usually conservative. Its a mystery why liberal talk radio has not caught on. 902. Tanorexia (2010)- The obsession with getting suntanned. 903. TANJ- In Larry Niven’s novels this is short for There Ain’t No Justice. It is meant to be a way to use profanity in a novel without using it. 904. Tap water. We need to distinguish it from bottled water. In some cases we need to distinguish it from well water. 905. Taxido- a Taxi to take you to Black Tie events. 906. Tea and sympathy. The flipside of Campsite rules. The younger one should speak of the older one kindly in later years. Savage Love column. 2011. 907. Teaevanglist- a Tea party supporter who is also an Evangelist. 908. Tech transfer (problem of): The problem of going from good ideas and perhaps papers to a working product. 909. Technium (2010)- Technology that evolves. 910. Tenther- a person who believes that the 10th amendment makes alot of what the government does illegal. Also - the mathematical object Tensor said by someone who lisps 911. Terminal. A person who is going to die soon. 912. Test tube baby. Someone born Invetro. Used to be rare but is now common. Some parents tell their children they were test tube babies, some do not. 913. Texident (1) texting someone the wrong thing, possibly a nude shot of yourself, (2) an accident while texting. 79

914. Text (as a verb) 915. These aren’t the droids you are looking for (2015 but much older). I phrase used to indicated that someone is using a Jedi Mind Trick. 916. Thinspiration (Boston Legal, 2007). Part of the pro-ana movement that give support to teen women who want to be thin (pro-ana is pro anorexia). 917. Third culture kid- Someone who, as a child, spend time in one or more cultures other than his own. Also called TCK or 3CK. The term was coined by Ruth Hill Unseem in the early 1960’s. The Wikipedia entry has no real trends (or actually has several but they contradict each other). Barak Obama may be the most prominent example. 918. Third place (2012). A place you hang out that is not work or home. Starbucks wants you to make Starbucks your third place. 919. Third rail- a dangerous place. Or a metaphor for one. Social security is often called the third rail of American Politics. 920. Three body problem- when a married couple with a kid needs to find a new job so they need jobs for both and good school for the kid. I’ve also heard the term used for man-wife-mistress, though I don’t know if it was serious. I have never heard Four body problem. Yet. 921. Threepeat- To win three games in a row. A riff on repeat. Trademarked by basketball coach Pat Riley in 1988 and since renewed. He coached the LA Lakers. They had won the championship in 1986 and 1987 and were going for a Threepeat. The did not get it. Pat Riley credits Bryron Scott with the phrase. I first heard it in 2011, Any company that makes T-shirts or jerseys or whatnot with the phrase must pay Pat Riley a fee. 922. Throuple- a 3-person couple. Often a couple invites a third to join. Not just a 3-way but a long-term relationship (including sex) with 3 people. Savage Love 2013. Only 5000 hits. 923. Throwing Shade (2016 but older) - To insult, but makes the insulter look bad. 500,000 hits- but hard to tell. 924. Tipping point. When a trend or point of view quickly becomes common. Gay marriage has reached a tipping point. The phrase may have originated with Malcolm Gladwell’s book of that name. 80

925. tl;dr- (2013) Lance’s blog. Means too long- didn’t read. 926. TLI- Too little information. I saw this in a you-tube video Shit nobody says - since nobody ever says they got too little information. 927. TMI- Too much information. 928. Too much sugar for a cent. More effort than its worth. 929. Toxic Debt- A debt that has a low chance of being paid back with interest- or at all. 930. Tragedy of telepaths. This is a group of telepaths. This was the name of an episode of Babylon 5 though the term was never used in the episode. The author said in notes that YES the intent was that this means a group of telepaths. This word got me interested in the topic of group-names and is why I bought An Exclamation of Larks. 931. Trashcanastan- those old soviet union states, now independent and corrupt. 932. Trend. When a meme gets lots of online attention. Most common use is its trending on twitter. 933. Trial by error- Try to do something and if it does not work try something else. 934. Triangulation- (1992) Clinton’s strategy of appearing reasonable by painting himself as the midpoint between the radicals in both parties. Good politics but pushed the democratic party to the right. 935. Trilemma (2014-economist) Three bad possibilities. The Economist used it for three boring economics things. 936. Triple Threat- In show biz: someone who can Dance, Sing, and Act. In Football: Someone who can Run, Pass, and Kick. In basketball its NOT used to describe a good player, it used when a player is in a position to shoot, dribble, or pass. 937. Truthers- Believe that 9-11 either didn’t happen or was a gov conspiracy. 938. Truthiness- (ADS Word of the year 2005) The Colbert Report, first episode!. A statement that just feels right has a truthiness to it. ADS 81

Word of the year in 2005. 426,00 hit (less than I would have thought). The term has been used in an amicus brief. We quote Wikipedia: In 2014, the Cato Institute filed an amicus brief to the United States Supreme Court co-authored by humorist P.J. O’Rourke and legal scholar Ilya Shapiro in the Susan B. Anthony List v. Driehaus free speech case. The brief included an extended discussion of the role of truthiness in American political discourse: In modern times, ”truthiness”a ”truth” asserted ”from the gut” or because it ”feels right,” without regard to evidence or logicis also a key part of political discourse. It is difficult to imagine life without it, and our political discourse is weakened by Orwellian laws that try to prohibit it. After all, where would we be without the knowledge that Democrats are pinko-communist flag-burners who want to tax churches and use the money to fund abortions so they can use the fetal stem cells to create pot-smoking lesbian ATF agents who will steal all the guns and invite the UN to take over America? Voters have to decide whether we’d be better off electing Republicans, those hateful, assault-weaponwielding maniacs who believe that George Washington and Jesus Christ incorporated the nation after a Gettysburg reenactment and that the only thing wrong with the death penalty is that it isn’t administered quickly enough to secular-humanist professors of Chicano studies. 939. XXX-tunity. Shopur-tunity, talk-urtunity, etc. 940. Turing Tarpit (2014, but really 1982 by Alan Perlis) A programming lang or interface that is very flexible but hard to use since there is little support for easy tasks. 941. Tuxspeedo (2011, Daily Show) After NY made Gay marriage legal, Jon Stewart speculated that they would wear Tuxspeedo’s. 942. TV line (2010, mine). When a character on TV or a movie says a line that is just to perfect and in real life would not be possible to say on the spur of the moment. Origin: When the Joker and Batman in The Dark Knight are fighting and at the same time having an intellectual discourse on the nature of sanity. 943. Tweakers. People who are tweaking (see below). I first heard the term on NCIS.


944. Tweaking. Usually means to make fine tune adjustments. But can also be used referring to mentally ill people or drug addicts who are compulsively repeating an action. (I saw the second use in The Daily Show 2011.) 945. Tweet (ADS Word of the year 2009). Either the message or the act of sending one in Twitter. They have to be short. 946. Twinkie (2015 though likely much older) An Asian person who acts white. Similar to Oreo for Blacks. 947. Twitter. Hard to define but you know what it is. 948. Twitterature (2013) very short passages that are tweeted and that the author thinks is literature. (Daily Dish) 949. Twerking (2013) A very sexually provocative style of dance. 950. Two body opportunity. When a couple are looking for a job together and because a firm or university wants to hire one of them, they hire both of them. 951. Two body problem. When a couple are looking for a job together in the same city. A common term amoung academics, especially when both parties are academics. 952. Two comma club (2015)- When you earn your first 1,000,000 you are in the two comma club. First saw this on a Nate Silver post. 4110 hits. 953. Twimmolation- to destroy yourself by what you twitter. I first heard this in the Congressman Weiner story, 2011. 954. Typecast. Two definitions (1) Standard one— if an actor or actress plays a certain kind of role they may get typecast– people expect that role. Can you imagine Peter Falk playing anything other than Columbo? (2) A contrast to podcast where the people involved type in their answers. This one is due to me and Lance Fortnow. We’ve had typecasts on our blog. 955. Typing in Fingers- analog to Speaking in Tongues. I saw it on the Daily Dish Sept 2011.


956. Typosquatting- (2016 but older) Registering a domain name a typo away from a popular domain name so that users will go there. 149,000 hits 957. U-haul Lesbian. Refers to the joke what does a lesbian bring on a second date answer: a U-haul (to move in). This is part of the stereotype that lesbians are extremely inclined to deep committed monogamous relationships. This stereotype can be viewed as good or bad. I am more interested in- is it true? 958. Uber of XXX. (2015): If someone has an app that is really good and really used they invented The Uber of X. More likely used in a wishful way- they want to be the Uber of. 959. Uglified- To make something ugly. 960. Under the bus- If you abandon someone for politically expedient reasons then you are said to have tossed them under the bus. 961. Underpants Gnome. (2016 but originated in South Park Episode). In an episode of South Park the boys have a plan to make money: Step 1: Get Underpants, Step 2: ???????? Step 3: PROFITS!!! More general use of the term has been a process where you can’t explain the crucial middle steps. I saw it to predict why Donald Trump will lose: Step 1: Trump leads in the polls, Step 2: ???????? Step 3: Trump loses. This is what happened to Howard Dean. 9000 hits but hard to tell how many were about this. While this concept needs a term, this term doesn’t seem quite right. Reminds me of the Cartoon where scientists are at a blackboard and right and then a miracle occurs. 962. Underwater- unable to pay your Mortgage. (2011) 963. Unfriend (OXUS Word of the year 2009). To change the status of someone on Facebook from friend to. . . I suppose not-friend. I first heard the term when Obama Defriend Reverend Wright in the 2008 campaign. On an episode of Seinfeld they posed the question how can you break off a friendship. Now you can! Also called defriend (150,000 hits) but unfriend gets 1,000,000 hits. 964. Designated XXX (hitter, driver, others). Hitter was the first, but now the term has been generalized out of baseball.


965. Unicorn- Many definitions (1) (2014-Dan Savage Column) A bi-women who will have sex with a couple. Called a unicorn because they are so rare. Also used for bi-guys who will have sex with a couple, though this is not so rare. The phrase Unicorn bi-sexual gets about 700,000 hits. (2) Rare objects in general- at Security conference I heard the phrase “you had two black women in your security program- thats two unicorns!” I was somewhat surprised until I realized they just meant they were rare. (3) A start up company whose value exceeds 1 billion dollars. Are they really that rare? 966. Unknown knowns. Thinks we intentionally refuse to acknowledge. I saw this on the Wikipedia sight about Known Knowns, a term popularized by Donald Rumsfeld. 967. Unknown unknowns. See Known Knowns. 968. Unwindulax (30 Rock, 2012). This was the name of an episode. It also means to unwind AND relax. Its the theme of Jenna’s song that is a Jimmy Buffet ripoff. 969. Upskirting. (2014, Colbert) Taking a picture of a women under her skirt without her permission. Legal in Boston as of March 2014. It did not violate the peeping tom laws. 736,000 hits. 970. Urgent. This used to mean important. Now spam filters use it to block messages, so now it means unimportant. 971. Valley of death: (2012, a talk by Richard Ladner) When working on a problem you are first getting good ideas and writing some papers. Then you try to make it work in the real world- where good ideas go to die. Similar to Tech Transfer problem. On reason for this: the NSF or other agencies fund basic research, companies fund research that is very close to production, but there is this inbetween valley of death. 972. Vape (OXUK and OXUS word of the year in 2014). The fumes given off by an e-cigarette. 973. Varian rule (2015). One way to forecast the future is: what the rich people are doing today, the middle class will do in 10 years, and the poor will do in 20 years. Attributed to Google economist Hal Varian but actually likely coined by Andrew McAfee of the Financial Times. 974. vblog- video blog. 2012 for me. 85

975. VCR- Both the noun VCR and the verb ‘To VCR’. This word will die and may already be dead since people have long ago stopped using video tape. 976. Venn Diagram. These are common in mathematics but are being used more among civilians (non math people). However, they often use it incorrectly to just mean intersection. 977. Vidcast 978. Vine (2015) A very short video (5-10 seconds) of compiled clips. Often posted fo social media. I first saw it in an article about how the NBA rookie of the year had lots of vines. The pointer given was to lots of short video clips of him dunking basketballs and scoring in other ways. ALTERNATIVE DEF: A video of people doing stupid things. Is that actually used. Impossible to get a Google-hit count on either of these. 979. Vinyl Record 980. Viral Video. A video that goes viral— is seen a lot. 981. VPILF- first heard when Palin was VP candidate. 982. Vulture Capitalism (first heard in the 2012 Prez Primary by Rick Perry about Mitt Romney). This is a contrast to Venture Capitalism which builds companies up- Vulture capitalism tears companies down for the money and parts. It was odd to have a Republican use it as a pejorative. 983. Wack (see illin for how I came across this word.) Urban dictionary says Lame, sorry ass, not legit and of dubious quality. I’ve also hears stupid. 984. Wad of cash- one of the few plural words thats actually used. 985. Walk of Shame - When you sleep with someone in a different dorm and then you walk home. Outdated. See Stride with Pride. 986. Walkabout (2012 but much older). Originally a rite of passage for Australian Aborigines where they do a journey to find themselves, living in the wilderness. The term seems to be used now for any kind of spiritual journey. I was it on Babylon 5 a long time ago.


987. Wallmartization- The tendency of Walmart to crowd out other stores and thus being bad for certain parts of the economy. Usually said as if its a bad thing. The word may also be used for the general tendency of big stores to crowd out small ones. To be fair— when Supermarkets replaced mom-and-pop stores food prices plummeted, so this can be a good thing. 988. Wardrobe Malfunction: When a female performer has some part of her clothes come off and reveals a breast. The term was first used for the Superbowl halftime show where it happened to Janet Jackson. It also happened to Nancy Grace on Dancing with the Stars. 989. Wedleases (2013)- the idea that a marriage should be like a 10-year renewable lease. 990. Wealth Incumbency (2012- Daily Show) The notion that if you are wealthy you do not have to follow the same rules as everyone else and you get to make up the new rules. 991. Weatherhead (2012- Colbert) Someone who follows the weather too much. 992. Weak ties. People that are your acquaintances. Popularized by a paper The strength of weak ties about how your weak ties really help you get new ideas or jobs since your strong ties already know the people that you know. 993. Web- (ADS Word of the year 1995) Used to mean a spiderweb. Now it means the world wide web. Spiderweb gets 1,700,000 hits World Wide Web gets 37,000,000 hits. 994. Webhead- (1) someone who is very good at using the web. This may become archaic (2) someone who reads the web and has memorized some things but doesn’t really understand them. (3) A fan of spiderman. (4) A nickname for Spiderman. 995. Webisodes. Short episodes of a story that are on You-Tube or some other website. 996. Weird as all get out. 997. Welcome to Holland (2013)- This is a greeting that people who have autistic or other hard-to-deal-with children get when they go to support groups. The metaphor is that you plan to go to Italy, you buy 87

the translation books and learn the culture, but then you end up in Holland—its not what you expected and it has it challenges but its has tulips and is nice in other ways you might not have expected. 998. Werther effect (2014, but older) After a widely publicized suicide there is an increase in suicides. Called The Werther effect following Goethe’s novel The Sorrows of Young Werther. Allegedly the novel, which is quite sad, caused many suicides as they were copycats of a fictional character. Odd how that morphed into copycats of a real suicide. 999. Wet Shelters- a homeless shelter which allows alcohol. (Daily Dish 2012) 1000. What the kids say- a phrase to indicate that kids are saying it. 1001. Whats the sitch- Whats the Situation. Popularized on Kim Possible. 1002. The XXX Whisperer- The Dog Whisperer, The Horse Whisperer. Someone who is good and talking to or perhaps 1003. White Man’s Burden. A poem by Kipling. It has come to mean the obligation of white people to help people of other colors but may also be paternalistic an an excuse for colonization. 1004. White listed- the opposite of blacklisting. Usually used in compute science as part of anti-spam devices— some people are whitelisted and some are blacklisted. 1005. Widow- When the last line of a paragraph appears as the first line of a page that line is called a widow. See also orphan. 1006. Wifi 1007. Wii 1008. Wiki 1009. Wikipedia 1010. Wikinomics. The new economy based on using customers insights. Crowdsourcing is one of the means to do this. I first heard the term since it was the name of a book, around 2008.


1011. Wingman. When two guys go to a bar one is looking for chicks and the other, the wingman, is there to help him out. Perhaps to make him look good by comparison, or perhaps to give emotional support. 1012. Wingnut. An extremist in politics, though more often used about people on the right. 1013. Wingwomen. Similar to Wingman. 1014. Winning Ugly. I first heard this on the TV show Jeopardy where Alex Trebek said it was winning with a low score and missing the Final Jeap question. The term got 70,000 hits on Google. It seems to mean winning with means that are not quite right- negative campaign ads seem to be a popular topic. 1015. WMD (ADS Word of the year 2002) Weapons of Mass Destruction. Popularized as the reason to go to war with Iraq in 2002– allegedly they had WMDs. They didn’t. Whoops. 1016. Women in Refrigerator (I found it on Wikipedia when looking up superhero origins). This is a website of women in comic books who have been killed. The point is that its dangerous to be a superhero’s girlfriend or some such. The name comes from an incident in Green Lantern Number 54 where the Green Lantern comes home to find his girlfriend Alex DeWitt has been killed by the villain Major Force (Great Comic book Name!) and stuffed in a refrigerator. A counterargument to this alleged phenomena is that side characters in general have short lives in comic books, not just women. The website was created in 1999 by Gail Simone. 1017. Work and Soap (2015 but actally 1968) George Wallace said to hippies I bet there are two four-letter words you don’t know: Work and Soap. 1018. Woot- An expression of Joy. One origin in D and D where you say WOW LOOT! 1019. XXX-word– L-word (Liberal or Lesbian), T-word (Taxes), F-word (Fuck) N-word (I’m not even going to write that one down), C-word (also not going to write that one down, which is odd since it appears elsewhere in this document). Often used when you don’t want to say the word. Original was prob F-word. Now used when you want to indicate that something is taboo like a republican mentioning taxes.


1020. Worse than Watergate- used way too much to exaggerate how bad a political scandal is. 1021. World Wide Web. What the web used to be called. See Web also. 1022. Workaholic. While used in jest it may be a real addiction. 1023. Working girl. Common term for a prostitute. Seems very odd that it means that since nowadays many women work. 1024. WYSIWYG- What you see is what you get. While it could have been used before computers it was not. It is a property of interfaces. 1025.

x 2

+ 7 rule: If you are a guy of age x then its okay to date a girl who is x2 + 7 years old, or older. For example, its okay for a 40 year old to date a 40 2 + 7 = 27 year old. Having said that, I don’t think I want my 88 year old dad dating a 51 year old for both of their sakes. Origin: Attributed to Maurice Chevalier in 1931, who sang Thank Heaven for Little Girls in the Musical Gigi. That might be creepy. Some say the phrase is a french Maxim.

1026. Y2K- (ADS Word of the year 1999) Year 2000 problem. People thought that computers would do very bad things on Jan 1, 2000 at midnight since computers had year-counters that wouldn’t go past that. They didn’t, though this may be because people fixed it in time. There is a debate on whether society spend too much time and money fixing this problem or not. 1027. Yadda yadda yadda. Origin is known- Seinfeld episode. This is when you skip over the boring parts of the story. 1028. Yahoo-true (Colbert 2013) True because its true on the web. 1029. Yarn bombs- putting yarn-things on trees, signs, etc. June 20, 2011 Time. 1030. YDIW- You’re Doing It Wrong. Or YDIW-syndrome. Nagging that someone else is doing it wrong. I first saw this in a Dan Savage Savage Love column where a BDSM person asked if its okay to use Safe Word as your Safe Word- having been told by other BDSM that this is bad. Dan said that that other person had YDIW-syndrome, which only love-advice columnists should do. The real issue is that YES some good advice is needed, but don’t cross a line. 90

1031. Yellows (2016 but old Law and Order Episode). On Law and Order they refer to prior arrests as yellows which may be the color of the paper. I have not been able to find this on the web. 1032. Yips- To get the yips means to choke in a key situation- used for sports but its use is spreading. I first saw it on an episode of Psyche entitled Sean gets the yips. 1033. YMMV- Your Mileage May Vary. I saw this in a comment on Scott’s blog saying that what he says is true for Math papers but for other fields, YMMV, meaning he didn’t know. 1034. Yoko a band (30 Rock though I am sure the term has been around for a while) to be a female who is dating a band member and causes the band. to break up. Named after Yoko Ono whose relationship with John Lennon is sometimes claimed to have broken up the Beatles. 1035. YOLO- You Only Live Once. A slogan of people having mid life crisis but might also be said sarcastically. 1036. You Tube- The website where people post videos of themselves doing things that may or may not be worth looking at. The term sometimes refers to posting videos anywhere on the web. 1037. You Tube moment- an event that is worth of you tube. Used to be Kodak Moment. 1038. Yuppie- Young Urban Professional. It conveyed a kind of rich-whileyoung but hard-working lifestyle. 1039. Yurt- a portable tent. Read it in a Mrs. Pollifax novel- they are common in China. 1040. Za (2012) Slang for Pizza. Urban Dictionary does not approve. 1041. Zero TV household (2013)- I thought it would mean households that don’t watch TV. Not quite- these households watch TV shows on the web and other means. Might also include DVD, Netflix- so its more like they don’t have TV reception. 1042. Zion Curtain (2012) In the Mormon faith alchol is not allowed. In bars in Utah (where the Mormon faith is common) there is a barrier called the Zion Curtain that separates the bartender from the customer. A law recently made these barriers illegal. 91

1043. Zing(2010). Short for Amazing. Mentioned in an episode of 30 Rock.