10 - There are a few of

10 - There are a few of

Find Fixing or Painting a Year-Round job H l \ M W l oi Mr*. Banuk plr.yed an important role in the i>runnry that si« defeat of Councilmen Charlf* Bo...

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Find Fixing or Painting a Year-Round job

H l \ M W l <"AI-I. A BIT OF PAINT: Photo Knows Fr,d l t o , h e , 3 Sprue- Street painlin* part ,,i [lie trim! porch. " I like to keep my house splc and span" says Fred,

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AI.l. KINDS OK JOHN: Here, Mike llrvra flf 12 Taylor Avenue, and Candy Rosa, a neighbor's y o u n i N f r . ;mri his d u l d m i . .M,ui;ii> and Mike Jr., are Hiving d.ul a lilt in fixing the filter in the backyard o f their home,

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Vol. XLII1 — 5

m d Weekly On Tbanda;

Carteret, New Jersey, Thursday, June 10, 1965

KovacsTo Strive forGOP Harmony Plans to Rebuildftrife-Torn Group L'ARTFRET - Julius Kovaes, newly elected RLr municipal chairman said this week that his first move will tu unify the party in C:uterei Mr. Kovai.-,, a former cimni ilmaii, was elecletl chairmil it Monday night's meeting ut lln- party dttianizfltkin. He dHMfol Councilman John Brechka for thai (Mist by a vote of 20 tfflf ' I W.IJI! In achieve harmony among the republicans" Mr. Kovais said "That is tin- onrv way we can win in November." Klectcd as GOP vu-c-chairman was Mrs, Barbara Bnniek, a mire ol the ma>oi Mr*. Banuk plr.yed an important role in the i>runnry that si« defeat of Councilmen Charlf* BonceJet .tint John Bathka who sou?In re-election-and bright about tlw numinatwii of Kdmund '"' ' Urkuulu " L ' mi-' KobertJJ'il8oo,/aj *" :> '

Republican candidates for council. John McNulty who defeated Steve Tro6ko, Jr., for member of the county committee in his own diStricL, was named deputy vice-chairman of the GOP organization. It will be the task of the new Carteret Rpublican leaders to win hack into the fold the 16 county commitee members who were named on he opposing Republican ticket. There appears to be no question in the mind of Carteret Republicans that Mayor Andrew Banick hokis the reins of the party. Carteret is still talking about Mayor Banick's masterful stroke that led to the defeat of his enen&JF in his own party who had harrassed him almost from the I


Summer Sessions Given Approval by Board of Education

CARTERET — The Rev. Floyd Van Valkenburg will be installed as pastor of the Calvary Baptist •ii i'slink just retHned Irnm Church, 84. Edwin Street, at a i.M.iliia In I'qrtMal) special installation service this CARTERET - The Carteret • ii'ii;.il is lovflj beyoad beSaturday evening, June 12 at 6 Board of Education, at an adh.-, mis, H it Mctted with P. M. at tjie church. journed meeting, announced the i ihr mildest fftmate* M Many visiting Jignitaries will! aAroval of a summw v.«sijra ct < miiinenL Most' rWtor* to at kind including other clergythe Carteret High School. stilting w .•Hall »• love wKSil, The men, borough officials and Wednesday, June 30 and,' ftndtof: •---I i-astlinc, presentathres M?O$t i ffrom the New Je?"-U VQW August 11. i«yBapU,st Convention. The Rev. ,1,4)1 courses an p^viiM-'with gf " 1 Van! 'VMeriburg previously,-was CARTERET ^Tfatfla'T. oilt tuition to residents of tlie Car j pastor of the fryy Cfrlvary *Bal|ii ( l | [vice piesidpht ofjjWhltehead Me-. ,*eret School District, nn\l a j Church of Union City, for foffi ;tals. Inc., an affiliate of Metal may take only those subjects years and prior to that at All*- Goods Corporation, has announcpreviously studied. Enrollment is !way_j N. J. and Jamestown, New ed the appointment of Kennettf| Hon. it* cipttal, it slimulimited to (hose who have Kit::rulHe was moderator ati-Daniel to the newly created post .mil rtriiiwr. One of most ed a regular high sitlnnl scjsian Jamestown and also of the Hud-l-of manager of aluminum sales for Mini (iilr-, of Kurope, U*at any grade, il through 12, ; son Association of the N. J. Bap-jWhitehead Metals' Carteret and .n and colorful, gleeprd CAKTERET - • Plans for IhejSluip; at the Carteret High School; The subject offerings 'or this tist Convention. Rev. .Van Val-JPftiladelphia districts. Jlr, Danielj ->>>it and tradition. We Carteret Public Librar>''s Third!and at the Public Ubrary, AH 1 six week session will include: CAKTERET Us- Animal Outdoor Art Exhibit, set!registration will be responsible for the sales CARTERET — Thomai Verna-;kenburg was chairman of evanforms should be fill'.<• viKulion at Uw new g English I and If, Algebra 1 and ' ! s,,i Hntrl in Catcall at !'P (<"r''7ilnd7y"17une''V,'"1ar7'lira- ed out and returned to the Car- chio has been elected new pre- Selistie committee of the Hudson and promotion of aluminum in II, biology, General Science, Gentoday: tell your. ItHtnr carrier < frf . K-ttoril. ««ne 20 ;rcvsiiw and registration forms teret Public Library so that the sident of Carteret Local 47. Pa- Association and is currently on these two districts. eral Mathematics, Typing I and - iimn Lisbon. II U the what tn do with your mail while" w iTl be° avaTlabfe" by "the end'of committee can readily determine trolmen's Benevolent Association| the Board of Managers of the N. "Mr. "GrBgg7in"~announring the! CARTERET-General harmony . . . . , ., . , , • marked the meeting this week of Stenography I. Tho tvhool will !.I. Baptist Convention. Rev. Van the week. ' ; .'ill l.irgnit hotel In for- you are away. the number of painters who wish at the recent meeting. new assignment, stated that Mr. iD e m o c r a t i c com mitteemen and be in session five du--,i ,i w«:k Patrolman Albert °Kasha was!Valkenburg was ordained in 1933 "People turn olf everything but negotiation ••forms will be to participate. MVroomf. The Daniel's experience over the p a s t | w o m e n a t which Jonn M. Kolibas with Period 1 from tl ;•.> In A.M., in New York State by the Rensnamed vice president, while PaParticipation in the Art Exhibit the mail when they are going .Tilable from the locations •'•' Kli-awr B e r r o e j o pre;iV I away," Mr. Sabo observed "And niiiltnwn, at the U. S. Post Office j is free, and is open to any person trolman Wesley Hunderman was selaerville Association. Rev. and inine years has prepared him ex-j was rejected municipal chairman and Period 2 from i":io A.M. •i i- H i i h it Also reelected were Mrs. Ann to 12:10 P.M, !h Conke ,.\venue; in Chrome, who lives or works in Carteret. named to his second term as Mrs. Van Valkenburg have four ceptionally well for thiff new posi, m cm,^. '•' «.!•> s t r u c k ![then, when they get to Happyiand uii .. „ ,. . . . DeVito, vice chairman; Charles Registration :-t laven .or wherever they're Ouxiosh Newspaper Store on The next committee meeting is secretary. There was no contest married children. I" "penlBK of the new turn. For the past two years, he M c K e i ; a l l | t r e a s u r e r ; A , B u i a s , Registration can be iiimle iVom Sermon Listed • >ii January at thii year. and remember their mail, they, uliusovvlt Avemie:' West Carteret, Iset for next Tuesday, at 8 P.M. n the election of Charles Russo The sermon topic for this Sun- has served as national sales man-1 sergeant-at-arms and Ann Nie- Tuesday, June 22 lo Fi-idsy, June ;become very unhappy" Sitar's Liquor Store oil Rooso-lat the Carteret Public Library. as treasurer. -' ^-.'5 a day. 25 between 9 A.M, antl I P.M. ApIf it isn't feasible tn Jive the Vl,n Avenue: Hill Section. Hill]Any interested persons are in- Russo is serving his second year day's 11 A.M. service will be ager of Miller Industries, Inc., intmiec, secretary. jvitud to attend and/or register for of a three-year term in the office. "Purpose of my coming" and thej Miami, Florida. Previous to thisj Uninamou^ endorsement was plication blanks may be obtained ' - !•> probably the moftl I regular carrier instructions on pharmacy .„ on .... Roosevelt Avenue;jN given to Michael Toth and John from the guidance counselor or Also serving the second year of 7 P.M. sermon topic is "Answered he was with the Aluminum Comh t tu t do d with ith th il the h shopping Center, it the Donutjthe h exhibit. hibi ''"»" rrwrt in tke world, iwhat the mail, a three-year term is Thomas Fitz- Prayer and The Enemy/'.v During pany of America, International, Tomcssuk, both of whom have the main office. Each pupil who mil pleasure craft in I local post office should he ailvis-d . been nominated for council at the plans to attend summer school patrick, state PBA delegate of the 11 A.M. service f ii'rlr'"i's '"' •"- "-o provide aa ever- I what to do. "A full mail box is primary. Day will be observed.! Tuesday for seven years. for credit must present to the he local organization. J The Cailro ijust like a neon sign telling /fftQO evening June 15 at 7:3(1 1 ,M. school the written permission of D'Zurilla Trustee ' the glory of thieves the house is empty," M r . : J - " » o w there will be a Teachers and Ofhis ( principal, stating the subPast president Robert D'zurilla •> i viihuf.hiKtdy picture- Sabo said, Many of uur patrons i Kenyon Is Serving Installation Fete jects the student may take and was/ named trustee of the asao- ficers meeting, Wednesday eve"r.it»;ih|y trf all n«hlnt( vll- T- including tho.-je who have;learn-! the purpose for which each subOn Bankers' Group\ \J* tiff* iatjon for a three-year term. ning prayer meeting at 7 P.M.! Set For Jaycees >" l'»rtui!4 The well ed through unfortunate cc^nence with church business meeting folject is being taken. This state; - "Mnuth of Hell' i CARTERET - Geno Ehrh Ehrhart, Serving with him are Patrolmen lowing. '— rwuesi that their mail pc held; CARTERET - Thomas C. ment must be signed by the 11 CARTERET - The Carteret "'ruction. He, on __ at rnp post office during their'i CARTKRET - Miss Carolyn K. Sa f e ty Engineer of Hess Oil k John Rivers, completing the se- Saturday morning June % at 9 Kenyon, executive vice presi- principal. Students of Carteret 'Rapp, " f.grant< In gain experience in a and the various methods employ- convention in Atlantic City, vacation bible school will off(r Harry Fillmore is in i charge sey Bankers Association, to the parepts at the completion 1 ed in extinguishing such fires. Mr. September 12-15. The unfailing coarteiy up to 60 day*". arts and crafts, songfests, games, for the Jaycees and Mrs. Betty The committees will develop "There are certain'supervised program of reseaivn y of summer! school, ami, that a l! Ehrhart outlined conditions which "»iier» of Hotel kind | problems connected refreshments, something for all Fillmore for the Jaycee-ettes. and carry out the NJBA pro- I report will >be sent tu the training d with ih such h i 1111 workers «r« Injfw Iretiuests" thf postmaster expjain who attend. The two weeks of . - -!,-..»» 1 . .!_ « « ' .,..1 ~t IL- _..l,^ 1 ...U j. r ) n ts, announced by. Dr. may be encountered in liquified pal of the school where lthe stuj vacation bible sphool will be cli- A roast beef dinner will be gram of activity I for its 249 iiiTver vou go. people jled. i t ddean petroleum gas fires as well as W j||j ;l ,,, n Drew, associate d "Some off (he h mostt important; i r t ll dent is seeking credit. j " There maxed by the church picnic at served. The Music Masters will member banks in the coming genuine mail, such a* bank statements "" •'"-"""'"of the I'NH Graduate School, this gasoline fires. The board formally api roved Liberty Park oit July 10. year. play for dancing. land letters eiinlaitiiriK «li(jcks, summer fo for the first time include In addition, Mr. Ehrhart showed the seven period day whic i will » iti'nn ryerywhrre. urar specified retention iH'ijiops, awards to studies in other than (wo training films which illustratcommence with t! o .:•• :•• J < '"''"* " I mimosa, eu- Hwivnilly 5 or 10 days". iy law, science areas ed the transportation of gasoline y school year,, and will cowfist of "'"I fires which may result from trafmail is the Each uf tlitj students partteipat of the senaei 45 minute periods. This rnuve ;i ll »«u on Ihr br«e*e. until it is properly delivered. Postfic accidents. infi in "the 'silth year pf tjie proin keeping; with tbe steppofi-'iip. tieslllni: on all employees lire bound t(> follow l j b fll -dram will'dol research) on a nil- Plans ! for restoring and relocurriculum ami the ;idiliti»n ut sun-drenched jihe inslructionb of the senjler un-j t i m t , on projwis of I heir biting the first alarm fire bell U additional courses of study dev sing In the til delivery is accomplished. Hold-j own Kadi will be assigned to a Sis a memorial to deceased m msigned tu broaden the cUi' ill assistj^,^ i t bers of in» mail does not constitute de- faculty member who will the Fire Department Stek Principal CARTERET-Bob Merelo was of the Fire DepartmentljSerlivery. , .. T )e installed as president of the St. In uther action, Supii'ii Supervise their work. 1 !vice were outlined by Coficil"Pfiis every dour ' jg,-;,iits carry a $(KK) .stipend. ] Joseph's Players of Carteret at 11 ut Schools Edwin- Quiu J smile. II wat (iKTS DK(iHEK The National Science KOUIHLH man Charles Bohanek, Fire Com- the May general membership i ill in II ii ol tin: IKKUII :-> ii l " "i'"!l«' with ihr fbthmissioner. meeting held at the High Street n a m e a new priiu-i^ii I I'AHTEHET—Miss Irene S/.abo. tiun and (he " i n . I-.I- ,| linul ik'lenniri.u Princeton, at the commencement treasurer. Bill Hueston and Ray mure attractive tipim have later gone on to un f Iuiie Mdovetz finishes A McGarth are tmstees. The term liXitl Sdll> her yf the college's Symphonic Graduale School (o prepare for academic careers. i jjur UM Specialised Course of office is for two years. Dot •i: a m ii il t;uis I Choir. O reupen :' i lu r e u p e i i en \[M CARTERET - Emil S. Malo- McWatters ehairludy of the ''nil tu l i » | « n | o the • .. i13. I'Jti.'. Ne.» ve.tz, 165-A East Cherry Street Play Selection committee, an'. •. i>ui't lur o i i i i i t . i - . was one of 33 Rutgers Extension nounced that the Players 1965 sensuality -i o n V ' o i-ml> t i. students to coitiplete a course in Fall Production will be "Design o s o w , | |,, t bbe p o r . . t e a c h e r s will IU industrial supervision. For Murder" to be^directed by •"'ul Whoever heara (he CARTEKKT - Father Philip of the Borough Hull as a MemoHe was presented with a Rut- John Hallowell. The date of the •"' " lv t'r forget II. « J. Phllbin of Saint Joseph's Pa- rial for the deceased members gers certificate for completion of| Players next slow pitch ball of the Fire Department Service. rish and Rabbi Abraham II. Albull fight The Mayor and Borough Coun- specialized evening adult pro- game is June 15, at 8:30 P.M., bum of the Carteret Jewish grams at the New Brunswick .h,(r Community Center and the Bo- cil approved the appointment of Extension Center in ceremonies, Sullivan Field, Carteret Park. ih.t iu,, rough of Carteret blessed the Ronald Patrick, 8 Hermunn held last night. Avenue as a new member of Carteret Fire Department'* two THREE GET DEGREES Fife Company # 1 . ,„ . „ 14-3 John Golu- new pumpers in addition to the STORY HOUR The members of the. Fire DeM r and aerial ladder truck and the CABTEJlET - Carteret resi',,"'. M r e . Mfal.-I V partment also wish to express •; '• 1[Puluki Avenue two existing pumpers. CARTERBT - Mrs, Joan Non-1 dents »W*rded degrees at Jersey CONTKIBllTKS TO KlKST A i l ) : AIII.-II.-.". Oil O m p u n y , WUOJ* bulk proUuds Uriiuiial iil ».1, their sincere thanks to Ben ,, ""•' WASP when toe City State College this week were teret was one of lirst mduMMa! coiiu.l.-ir» iu ll.ir. *uva. Ita* <:oiitributtd u, lh« P e r t h Au.boy H r e At the last regular meeting Meju'hise for his contribution nemaker will be the reader at " Hre picked u p o n of Fire Company # 1 , Fire the weekly story hour conducted Carol Ignar, 118 Lincoln Avnue; First 4 i d Squad. 1'ir.seutiHK .m.l aa-.-nliuK Uw *50 duuutluu a r e , I d t tu right. Hurry W. of gift.s which he distributed to „ "!"' tl'eir space flight. Commissioner Charles Buhaiiek the Firemen's children at the in the Carteret Free Public Lib- Edward Sullivan, K Lincoln wiH-rinleudent of the C a r t e r H l.rml.u.1; f l u n k Urcluir. f i n * Aid Squad c o - c l . u u m a u ; a.,,1 " I ' ^ t e of carteret Hujh announced that tfie First Alarm Avenue, bachelor degrees, and Kiivmen's Picnic, Mr. raryy Saturday - SR.-,.lieiJ. A w e r i f u u OU nab-. u i M ^ u t a t i v e in the urea. I.. bacfcriMiml U portiun ot Uu y from 1 to 2 I'M. ,.;•« «< 1863 and is «erv, Fire Rell 'Hinrd Meyers, 41 Patrick Street, e is in the pprocess off A n n i i ' i the It II conducted by the J;;. i s continued the doiiitliuii will h e l p •'" wars' of duty* on the being restored andd will ill bbe re i masters degree. i i ,•-!!• u i y y e a r s . sites, located at the Triangle in limit iw Jl I.IAN PMXAK

Outdoor Art Efxhibit Set Residents Given jjy library For June,27 flamed Head Of Tips On Mail

Kenneth Daniel Given

Rename Kolibas

Firemen Heard By Hess Aide

St, Joseph 9s

Donation Helps First Aid Squad

Restore Fire Bells

Independent LeadeMRE) • Carteret Pren me 10, 1985


Girls with Typing, Shorthand Skills, Sermon Listed Mechanics Most Likely to Find Jobs By Dr. Harsanyi


ALEXANDER MAKKAI TWO r^ldont, of C « W « t received


CARTERET - "We Walk On Gmlonof-Men Avenue" will be Pastor Dr. H.irsanyi's sermon topic :il sot-vires in the Hungarian Reformed Church on Trinity Sund;iy. .lunp 13. Sunday School ami .KiiKlisli worship service begin at 9 •Ki, Hungarian at 11 o'clock. The Vimih Fellowship will meet at 7 I'M in nrthlen Hall. The newly i onfii mcfl young people have been invited to this meeting.

compel* with older and more CARTERET The Wtfh experienced people." tchool rtatt l i making a surPersonnel managers and labor vey here to determine the Job officials say whenever high status oi Carteret high school school graduated apply lor Kraduatet. work their chances of getting A glance around the area hired are better if they aio neat shown that the first to find and conservative in their dress work among this year'* Car- and take paliti in filling out tret High School graduate application forms. ire likely to Include glrli who One personnel man said he an type and take shorthand pays special attention to apmd boys with mechanical abil- plication forms because he get* ity. M many he can't possibly inGraduate* with little or no terview all the applicants. Job experience are also apt to He also looks for applicant's find work as telephone opera- hobbles to see what his Interests tort, waiters and waitresses, arc and notice whether a high track driven, service station school senior had had part. attendants, salesmen and stock time work daring high school. boys and In other occupations. He added that girls who go The personnel manager of one for Interviews should never plant said he receives » lot wear outrageous halrdoes or more applications than he has clothes thhat aren't suitable openings. "The kids have to for an office.

The l


Inspiring Program Marks Jewish Community News Carteret Columbus School Fete

(leorge Hrab, Jr., of 31 Emerson e part of a model MloWr, Schttl gMion

a***! -

„ * fc.ndie, , Blbl. Study ft. U - l , at ft. ^

JVFW Auxiliary Two Programs Presented Holds Session By Nathan Hale Pupils

CARTERET — Two delightful; Jo Ann Gala, Maureen Gillrs i> C\RTERET - Ladies Auxiliary nroerams were presented duringiverly Hatala, Ilene Ja.sp.tr , *' CARTERET-The fourth grades,Szymanifka. l 0 Star Landing Post 2314 held the week by the pupils of the j hanna Kurec, Janis Lanznno 1 Drill is Held ' of Columbus School presented a their meeting Monday evening at fourtl Nathan Hale School. Fashions onbara Medwick, Christine ami U> Freeman led the Mr. >.Memorial Day assembly program the VFW post rooms. Mrs. Ann Parade was presented to a large borah Milnicsuk, Rosemanr <> , in the school auditorium. The grade boys in a physical educalisznk, president, conducted the delegation of parent* and pupilsjdrejack, Minna SantiaiM. <,: , •v opening selection was a recita- tion drill. The boys who particl meeting. at an evening performance by • shaefer, Linda Stokes, LKinn.•'"• CARTERET - At the last retion: "Memorial Day" by Joseph pated were: Michael Truesdoll The bus will leave the post Miss Joan Woodman, Home Eco- ravage", L y d i a Z u b e n f o , K.ii!•,•••! Robert Idlett, Wayne Kirkhuff gular meeting of Carteret Post , Agricola. rooms at 5:45 P.M. today for thenomics Teacher, Thomas Walko, Clement, Nancy Dolinich, II ib n Michael Davis, Mark Lipp, Ken #263 American Legion, the fol* The program follows: Meadowbrook. Members are reIndustrial Arts Teacher, Gregory Groe, Janine Horbaa, I.yd.i ,l ; neth Sapacnik, Mark Kafouras, lowing officers were elected. Com\ Recitation: "Memorial Day" by I quested to be there on time. Mrs Peters, Art Teacher, and Harold niw, Sharon Kocsis, Bnrb.ir.i KoRalph Ereolino, Melzie Brown, mander, George Mitchell; Sr,, 'Cheryl Ciszak and delegate Mrs. Betty Magee Instrumental Music Di-jvaci, J»an Kuima, Judith . ry Merritt,, Harold Lawson, Wayne Malek, and Edward Vice Commander, Ted Hansem Mezey will attend the New Jersey rector. and Karen Minter; a play en Moore. Girls of the sixth, se- F r a n « » Ubascl. Lisa Ijtus, ,i,: Jr. Vice Commander, Joe Rizzuticipate in the Service, and will convention in Woldwood from June venth and eighUi grades modeled; j Abraham H. Album, Rabbi. titled "Memorial Day" by the M Lorusso. Elaine Olser. -\r,n to: Finance Officer, Joe Pletterer; The sewing classes puf on chant the Blessings and the Haf24 to June 28. Mrs. Florence AmSam Breslow, President. the garments made by them dur-1"following children: Mrs. Bare Marie Oprendek, Maria Adjutant. Stephanie Mitchell: SerBARBARA SUE LEVITZ fashion show of the dresses ai torata. She will receive the Bas brose, a member of our Auxiliary Friday, June 11, 1965 - li Sling their sewing classes. Parti- ganci. Pattie Pierce. Diane P. ;•) .ford's Class - Michael Davis other projects made in the :an 5725. Mitzvah charge from Rabbi A. H.gant-at-arms, Joe Lufpszewski, 1 IN CEREMONY FRIDAY - will be installed at our Denart cipating were Kathleen Knochel, Christine Podubyniky, Twrr., Thomas Gonzales, Karl Huber Joe Lukaszewski was elected to classes. The theme of the she Light the Sabbath candies be- Album. An Oneg Shannat will folThe Bat MJtzvah of Barbara ment of New Jersey president. Deborah McGowan. Donna Me-Relnhardt. Jeanettg Sakson. ^»T Robert Idlett, Mark Kafouras, the executive board. low the services, given by Mr, Wayne Kirkhuff, Alexander Laka-lwas "A Day at the World's Fair, fore 8:10 P. M. Mrs. Mezey, poppy chairman klune Arline Blatz, Carmella i e y shlian. Barbara Stemk r. •••; Carteret Post #263 U also Sue Levita, daughter of Mr. 1 tos, Mark Lipp, Andrew Rasi Linda Dominguez was the com SIDRA: Naso Numbers 5:21 - and Mrs. Levitt, in honor of currently snonsorint; a tior>Wi>ie and Mrs. Irving Levitz will be I expressed her thanks to the auxi Abrun'zo. Kathleen Barney, Ja-,i r e na Ulehunki and Sandra 7.v mentator. Miss Zak, home ec< Sanchez, Kenliary for assisting during the pop7:89. daughter, Barbara's Bas Mitzvah. campaign in Carteret. They in- held tomorrow night at the Car- ,„..,, .„. •.mowicz, Michael _ colyn Belafsky, Barbara Chelak,' l HAFTORAH: Judges 13.2 - 25. Services are also held at the Community -•neth Sapozniek, Richard Schnei- nomics teacher, supervised t! teret Jewish Jew y Ccn-jpy sale clude grooming items for theteret , The Nathan Hale Services on Friday evening at C o n g r e g a t i o n Brotherhood of Is-entire family, medicines, vita- ter. She wiD recite a portion of der, Gary Scholer, Stanley Sin- projects and show. During the month of July and olayed sevtral directions I le Jewish Jewish Community Community Center Centerat at . _.. „ ,, , gura, Michael Szymanifka, Rich- Miss Edwards of Elizabethtowmthe Haftorah reading and chant the August, one meeting will be nek' mins, insecticides, smlees, seatha fashion show got under rael on Friday at 7:00 P. M. and ard Tarrant, Michael Truesdell, Consolidated Gas Company pre- 30 p " M " soning, extracts, flavors and Sabtath p r a y e ^ Rabbi Abra- jVach"month"which" will be the Members of the band im, Barbara Levitz, daughter of Mr. at Cong. Loving Justice on SaturMichael Lagriola, Kenneth Super. sented Ruth Van Pelt, eighth household aids. Post #263 asks ham Album will conduct the third Monday of the month. Matthew Ardiere and Wi ak, Janis Baron, Angela Calvo, grader, with a bond as her prize and Mrs. Irving Levitz will par- day at 8:00 A. M. The next meeting will be held for public support. All profits will service. Allan Lipp, chairman •Snow, drums; Margaret D.Elizabeth Csuti, Lynn David, for writing a winning essay in be used for their Youth ActiviUei. of the Talmud Torah Committee on June 21 at the post rooms. and GeraW Maslak, flute. will present the Bas Mitzvah Barbara Dudas, Joanne Easton, the domestic science classes. , Becker. John Knehur, Rolx1: M certificate. Mrs. I. Gitter .preNancy GluON ACTIVE DUTY .'Patricia Girnius, fkosh, Robert MMPherson •-' The entire assembly program Kwiatkowski, Mareia YORKTOWN, VA. - Engine- sident of the Sisterhood will • choski [John Prynada. reeds; Don Fi:: was supervised by Mrs. E. Bare1 min Third Cl'ss Robert J. Suhay. present the Bible. A KMdosh ;l J^lichaelene Maskowitz, Deborah ford, Mr. J. Sutor, and Mrs. E. stein. John Koniw, Stephen K v-,' USCG, son of Mrs. §. Suhav of reception will follow the cere•[• |^Ioccia, Carleen Moore, Roberta Mjnnis, fourth grade teachers. Gregory Makovtc and Joseph M 103 Longfellow Street, Carteret, mony. iljtawcliffe, Doreen Stevens, Bam- Mrs. M. Ryan, music teacher, ! nue. trumpet*. CARTERET — The Carteret , served two weeks annual active Zimerla played for the singing. •hi Walko, Coreen An Art Exhibit and Indi,,--Police Athletic League, under the - —O--, —' i duty for ooerational train'n? at ^Maureen Lindros. Arts Display was held before >:. The announcer was Mark Lipp, CARTERET — The feast of - direction of President Chief Char- t h? Coast Guard Reserve Trainafter the program. Some of i s ' History of Flags Pentecost will be observed at St.les Makwinski, on June 8 took j n Center, Yorktown, Va. n : projectJ on view wer* nupr*'= Then followed by the "History Demetrius Ukrainian Orthodox the special classes of Columbus The training included firefiihtmarionettes, interior.desicru o C \ R T E R E T - D r , Stewart Chovof the Flags" by Mr. Sutor's Church Sunday, June 13. The School out on an annual picnic i ins. port security and dangerous ^ j r ^ n u n g i , Saany articles n : iQsh, son of ,lfr, and Mrs. Harry first divine liturgy will be offer-| F i r s t t h e c l a s s e 5 w e r e t a k f n t 0 lass - Joseph Agricola, Jerome cargo handling. The nurticw «f •by fhiTWy* during their sK> jChodosh, is attending an intfred by Rev. Peter Melech, t b e iWalker ^ , tto see vers, Melzie Brown, Sean W a l k e r Gordon D t h the e Dairy ~v "•) •. this annual training is to ready period. CABTBRET-The fourth grade ;nittona! seminar on sources of le, Jeffrey Ercolino, Ralph n solemn high liturgy will be ceoperation of the dairy. Then they nd his Co st fiuard Reserve A Memorial Day program -\ IL'nc-'n •""'•'••''electrical enerjry which mav be; :olino, Martin Fleischman, lebrated by Rev. John Hundiak. soent the remainder of the davun't to Drotect the New York Cit* Masses at A'i: presented to the entire s: -•• imas Malave, Wayne Malek, interpretation of1")" basic ingredients of the AppoTwenty-three youngsters will re- at Johnson Park where Sgt. Edport area in event of a national •wn»'>d t h body of the Nathm Hale >: lest Masi, Oscar McMickens, "The King and I". 'o Space launch. ceive th"ir first holy Communion ward Czajkowski and Walter group of dxth. seventh am! •• :vat the first divine liturgy They r h a m r a o t t h e J u v e n i ] e A i d B u . emergency. in Mills, Edward Moore, The following children partici- Dr, Chodosh, aecomanied by grade boy* and gtrl-. V-,<> ;Janiel O'Rourke, Keith Packard, are: Nancy Ann Decibus, Annickj r e a u h a da l l t h e goodies" reqdy loated in the performance: Ann, Ms wife are in Rrvssek Belgium; Jocelin Duma, Dennise Ann Eiko, for Salvatore Waters, Mark Weitzer, gram opened with the Pn - •• tnr an on nninvaKio of'tornftnn EDWAHD J. SULLIVAN enjoyable afternoon. I Diane Banko; Klng^Mark Mesa-, to attend the international fuel j MFDVETZ Theodora Anne Fnlegi, Donna MaMichael Cerasani, Susan Black, ,tlon o( Colon led by (i.» i; ' cell symposium. ' Clare MsslowThe transportation was provid , „.• wish „„, to .„ „express our '"cereirog; - , , . » „ , Lady Thiang, ~" GETS B.A. DECREE} Edward [Scheno, Color Bearer: " ; . rie Gural, Susan Jean Hamersky, Orlando Brooks. Anna Domin. . „ i.ir.i».j.' , , ed by Edward George nf thn CT-U-")k3 to all our rehtives. fr'°ndS| ski; u-.Ju^i - m i n i — -noW. - -1 Dr. Chodosh will present a re- James Sulttrair fit ( ? lincutt Deborah Ann Hnat, Janet FranKr,ahalome, W guez, Debra Erhard, Debra !GUter and Helen Lurker,'; r' Kasfiw: cuirch D a w at the teret Bus Company. Mr. John I md nH^hbirs •for their k'nd K t j c Ave., Cartaret, N. J., I M ol[Pledge of Allegiance by ' • ces Horwath, Ol°a Judkas, Pati Ortofl, Wesley George, Susan Hoyle, Leslie „•, their many [Louis, Is aa BJllUirai? synorwis Udescrib the Shoprite Supermarket L/UUI3, Richard I\H.aioi u Hsnsen; mi.j—*n*'t Triptim.jThe 1 • • i u c njner n J'JCI 15 VBI.HU Mm. Kathrrn Sollivan and the Katko, Joyce Kelmen, Phyllis sembly, tinging of our N the unlphwl bon ' Valerie R^dlganj Ying Yawa1ak,|[nE- tj, e n-seweh and investka' all the necpssities for a 1 acts of' late Walter Sullivan, former Anthem, a recitation M ^ v Sfrypocski, Alice Truch, Knight, Joan Kushpa, Betty Man; wonderful cook-out. The teachers,! duets nnd the be?ut'ful floral triMary Ellen Fedak; Chulalonk-' ! n, lo d ng to the imnrovement t O a MiCouncilman, and President U Day by Margaret Uik' Allen Hrycuna, Christopher p olio, Rhonda Maultrie, Robin Frank Walsh and D°nnis Bovkins.jhutes thev extended during our fore. Lou 1 ' C-iverf-rnan; and An- o f \w\ c ^ i , a n d a n e w source of the Council of the Borough of .Marguerite Dolinich red' ' ••• chael Ki^cun, Michael Stephen Miles, Antoinette Perry, Ceceila the Jde^th of mv were the chaierones. A wonder'W ' in '- "•~""" -* — nouneer, Jill Harris. I electrical enpr»v. Lesky, Michael Paul Marko, StanCarteret, fraduated from Jerjjabol,' Carla Scheel, Diane TorcVir> n ' le and the Gray b: !!•• ful time was had by all. helwed h" nd *nd u^ d e v o t e Princes and princesses; David j while he did not describe hi* sey City State College Tuesday ley Francis Nartowicz, Wavne yak. a Flag Drill by i ;:•• brother and uncle, Gujtave E. VanPelt. Mark Hannapple. W i l - o w n p a n e r rj r tnauiis" i Michael Pavlinetz, Kenneth Steevening, June t, with a Bachelor . . . . . grade Jlrli, the '.":• MHvetz. liam Klimclt, Steven Nathan, i n b« dHivered alonp with those w Joyce Coffey recited "Mother's CAPPING MONDAY phen Shock, Stanley Sikora, of Art* Degree la Education. physical drill with ar>l •• v We esneciallv wish to thank Mary Ann Graziano, PatriciaLf gjlentiits from industrial and Day" All these children attend mi meat: i_uiiui T.-, » » — , CARTERET — Capping ex«rEdward la a graduate of Car- arms, the manual of ;>":•« • C.. will governmental laboratories from! teret High School cias* of IM1. their final instruction class con- , . students in the practical |R-v, Andrew A. Okal, pastor ol McGrath. Joanne Nonemacher. The entire assembly sang clses Ior H u a e n t s In r 81 Tip* by John Koniw T h e i v ^e Sacred Heart Roman Catholic ducted by Father Peter Melech . » « P _a™? j He U a member ol the "Delta Siamese children: Michael Sd- many parts of tha world. "Taps." c a m to a clote with the s, -., 'hurch, Carteret: Rev. Stanislaus ,betta, Ernie Lempfert, Francis Dr. Chodosh Is a 1M6 graduate Beja Chi Fraternity. Mr. frUUSaturday at 2:30 p. m., and make nursing course at the Middlesex The following fourth grade flute of a group of patriotic their first confessions at 4 p. m.County vocational and Technical Milos. pastor of St. Anthony's Ro- Mesaros, Anna Marie Simrns, [of Carteret High School. He re< vaa It als»vlet>PmideDt at the the fiflh grade boys' (,'• TO RECEIVE DEGREES: After their Holy Communion on I man Catholic Church. Port and instrumental group played: (Gary Hreniuk, Nancy MesaviU, High School, Woodbridge were y.jt ceived his B.A, degree from West Young Democratic OrfaafeutiM under the direction of Mrs "Little Brown Jug," "Yankee; Three Carteret residents wlH Sunday they will receive prayer held at the school on Monday, ing: Rev. George lames Petro. Linda Kovacs, G Virginia University and hti master «t Carteret. ! Ryan. tant pastor i f S». F — " Bounce"! receive degrees from Fairlelghbooks and religious medals proDoodle" and Jamaica t h « ''alumbo, William Daunno, Wi and doctorate degrees In chemlsJune 7 at 2 P.M. Miss Nancy Church, iam Selobyt, Jeffrey by Wayne Kirkhuff, Bambi Wal- Dickinson University, Saturday. vided by the St. Demetrius Pako, Alex Lakatos, Joanne Easton, Nancy Reisi will get a degree rent-Teachers Association. They Gleason, of this borough, was Dominican Order of the tynn David, Nancy Ghichoski, of Associate in Arts; Stephen will be guests of St. Ann'B Auxi- among the thirty-six young wolevelopment manager ot Lessons Heart Roman Catholc i Church, Rapp, Ksvin Sullivan, John liary at communion breakfast at Gary Scholer, Roberta Rawcliffe, Plszar and Ronald Ward, demen who received cap* of the iHIoose. Laboratories, a research iCarteret; the nwmbert of the ". TV"i«trii!s Community Center. ji«, Walter Glbt>, Denise Sturm, . Mark '\nfouras, and Michael grees of Bachelor of Arts. school. ind Hevelopment company in First Catholic S l o v a k Union Joanne DeAlleisio, Gary Ercey, Great! Neck, Long Island. Dr. Branch 324, Carteret; the memDouglas Dacko, James Warren, and Mrs. Chodosh oresentlv reside bers of the B.P.O. EUtt Lodge As Publicity Chairman of the1075 of Rahway; the members of Richard Brack, Joyce Schertiter, I In Lake Success, Long Island. •atricia Lafferty. Michael Bosze. Minue School P.T.A. for, the past :he Carteret Exemrt Flrerten's Art work, Loui* Tami and Eryear, I wish to personally thank Association, ttie Cartoret Fire nett Lempfert. MEAT SALE BET the Carteret Press tori enabling Company No. 1 and Carteret Fire .CARTERET — The Lorantfy Company N d 2; Dr. Milton me to dq a good job by printing Ladies Aid Society of the HunBrown; the'Avenel First Aid EJ TO BOARD notices and news of our school. Squad; the Medical Staff and the CARTEHET-Robek E. Grote. garian Reformed Church, will preSincerely, Nurses at Perth Amboy Genera! Jr.. president of Metal Goods Cor- pare their last Hungarian stylish Mrs. Norma Cohen Hospital; the Philadelphia Ouarti poration and i t | affiliated com- meat and sausage sale before Co, Avenel; employee* at Phila pany, Whitehead Metals, lac., hasSummer on Wednesday, June 1C. delphia Quartz Co., Avenel; th< been reelected to the Board oi Sale will start at noon In Bethlen American Smelting and Refining Directors of the Steeel Service Hall, 60 Cooke Avenue. :o., Perth Amboy; the Mainten Center Institute and also has been Advance orders will be acceptanre Foreman of tl»e America elected to tb* 17 man Executive Smelting and Refining Co., Pert ed by an member of tht Society Committee which has the policy' Amboy; the Employees of the or by Mrs. William Bin, Sr., premaking responsibilities of the or Electrical Shop of the America sident. ganization. Smelt ing and Refining Co., Pert Amboy; neighbors in Avenel: relatives and friends in Trenton Kaiser's Flower Shop, Metuchen; j those who donated their cars; the pall bearers; the Carteret and Woodliridije Police Escorts; the U. S. Naval Firing Squad of F.ailt-, N J. and the Biiub Funeral lloiiiu for satisfactory services fendwed,

Legion Post Elects Staff

To Receive Children Feted FirstHoly : At PAL Picnic Communion

Lincoln School Pupils In Play

Dr. Chodosh At Brussels For Seminar


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414 New Brunswick Avenue, Forda, N. DAILY TIL I—FHI. TIL » .CL08KP







Thursday, June 10, 1965 PAGE THREE

Many Township Residents Graduate, Receive Degrees Younp GOP Club Sets Meeting

the Fifth Ward and a delegate d I he club. This is the first year of exfitenco of the scholarship program. the high school, and the ctob. Robert F. LynchcsM, chairman, advised the group hopes to make this an annual award and to attempt to set up some type of program for Ihe other high school.

- The WoodW1 Vmmc Rrpublican Club will meet, .limp 28, 7:30 P.M.. al tlir Amprii-iin I^-Rion Hall, Berry Slrvl, when now mpmbers will he nivepipfl from the TARS 'Tcen-A^e-Republicans.)

OF ARTS; Miss K.ihrvn A. Umhardl, daugh,,.r o { Mr. and Mm. Jowph


j . n r t Reading, will receive • Bachelor or Art* degrw In elementary Hucatloa today at Newark Stale Collefe, Union. U ihr rollece ibe wai a metnh., 0 ( Newman Club, Student Nrw Jer»ey Education AiMclalinn Newman Clnb h a p a l a u c , ,VR.A.. Guide. Ctab aad





HOB ol Mr. and Mrs, August F. Grelncr,

J5 Mnhllf



w a n graduated

from Bordentown Military In•Ulole. Bordenlovn Sunday.

DEGRKE RKCIPIKNT: Bruce Robert Younger, MS Ridgrdale Avenue, reefived a Bachelor of Science degree In Business Administration at the Jlat commencement exercises held at Monmouth College, West Long Branch, on Saturday,

Call tor flowen, birthd a y s , annlvertartet, weddingi. etc., to add extra joy to tt» •vent -and other times to express your ivnpstbj • and UwughtfulKis Be assured of tha Hurt -call us.

DEGREE RECIPIENT: Frank Stafford Joule, Wnodhridgc was among the graduates at Southastern Louisiana College, Hammond, on Saturday. He received his B.S. degree in Industrial Arts Education.

He hai betn accepted by Ithaca College, Ithaca, N. Y., and

Terrace Apartment$

will attend that college In the Sold to Strauner fall majoriag In phyaical eduWOODBRIDGE - The Martin cation.

Terrace Apartments, erected last year at 101-130 Martin Terrace, have been sold for the builder by J. I. Kislak Organization, Realtors, Newark. The project accommodates 30 families in three twostory buildings and features four and five room air conditioned AVENEL - The installation of suites with on-site parking for 45 officers of Congregation, Sister- cars. hood and Men's Club of B'nai Buyer was Samuel Strausser of Jacob will be held Sunday at Newark represented by Attorney P.M. at the temple. Georg* MilErnest Prupis of Elizabeth. Seller ler will install the officers and was Martin Terrace Apts., Inc. trustees of the congregation; Mrs. represented by Lawrence Zucker. Edward Stem will serve as inNew York lawyer. stalling officer of Sisterhood and Isaac Drescher will Induct the Men's Club officers.

Units to Induct At B W Jacob

Flower* For AD

MONMOUTII DKGRF.F.: Mrs. Charlotte A. Dlnblk, I'arlin, the former Charlotte I'ptcrsnn. 140 Schoder Avenue, Woodbridge, received an A s s o c i a t e i n Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees from Monmouth College, Saturday.

Miss Meade Gets IFK Democrats Nursing Degree To Induct Slat<

The TARS will conduct their .meeting ; !n d the adults afterv.:mh at approximately 9 P.M. The Rrnup announced it will participate in the coming class day al the John F. Kennedy Memorial High School, Iselin.'whpn an award for "leadership in student government" will be made to thp student who has excelled in one or more aspects of student government. COMMISSIONED: Joseph W. iRAIWATES SATURDAY: EdThe scholarship committee of Arway, Womlhridgp, was nimward Wnlcrs, Avencl, will re- the school will make the selectmissioned as a second lieutenant ceive a Bachelor of Arts degree ion of the student who will rein the United States Army at the Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m., vive a $25 savings bond from 108th commencement exercises from FairlctRh Dickinson Uni- Robert Solt who is a Republican of Niagara University. New versity at commencement exer- :andidate for Town Council from fork, Sunday. ises on the Madison Campus.

iayer Wins Award At Navid Academy AVENEL Edward Mayer, 21, has won the American Bar Association Award at the V. S. Naval Academy. The award is resented to the midshipman of the graduating class who stands dghest for the course in Military Law.

Senior Citizens Enjoy Boat Trip

president; Joseph Durisch, third ice president; Mrs. Charles Reti, treasurer; Mrs. Andrew Matyi corresponding secretary; Mrs A graduate of St. Mary's High William Brogan, recording secSchool, Perth Amboy, she has retary; Joseph Corlon, financial been a staff nurse at Perth Amsecretary; Floyd Beadle, serboy General Hospital and the Bosgeant-at-arms; William Burke, ton Children's Hospital. parliamentarian; LeRoy HanderShe is the daughter of Mr. and han, Vincent Martino, and Hyman Mrs. Leo D. Meade, 83 Lyons Kramer, trustees. Street.

She subsequently won scholarRev. John M. Wilu$ships for two more years from Announces Fair Datesthe college.

WOODBRIDGE - There will be no meeting of the Senior Citizens of Woodbridge today as the group will participate in a boat trip up the Hudson River to Bear Mountain today. The president and vice president will attend the Senior Citiraduated from Weodbridge Se- zens convention at New Brunsnior High School in 1961, He waswick, June 22. presented the award Tuesday at Mrs. E. Prekop, sunshine chairthe presentation of prizes and man, reported Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Augustine in improved awards Ceremony. Mayer participated in football, health. basketball, softball and has been A. hand mixer, a mystery gift named to the superintendent' which had been donated by John List, During summer cruises he Zullo and Thelma Aitkins of the served aboard the destroyer USS Recreation Department,, was won Keith and has attended flight by Mrs. Hilt. The dark horse training at Pensacola, Fla., andprize was won by Mrs. Elnhorn. amphibious warfare training at Plans have been completed for a catered dinner, June 24. EnterLittle Creek, Va. tainment will be furnished by the Scows-Mr, and Mrs. Famulai and Mr. and Mrs. Moran, Piano selections will be offered by Mrs. Ruth Prang and vocal selections by Mrs. Mabel Hooper.

Dance music will be provided by Kenneth Stem and His Rhythm Ramblers. Refreshments will be ISELIN - The Rev, John M. served. Admission is free to mem- Wiius, pastor of St, Cecelia' bers. Mrs David Lemberg and Church, announced the Iselin Fair will be held this year from W Amboj Are, MB 4-1IH Mrs. Milton Kusnner are co-chairJuly 19 through July 24 under the men. sponsorship of the church. The fair, held annually, will again feature home-made foods, now In pragma at NATAUrS nine thrilling rides, 30 booths of The next meeting will be held, prizes, and a star of radio and Alice Cuthbertson June 1?. television who will appear nightly 1606 Oak f r e e Road The grounds are located or Iselin, New Jersey RECEIVES DEGREE Green Street opposite the Penn Tele.: LI 8-8469 RAHWAY - The Rahway YMWOODBRIDGE - Mrs. Arthur sylvania Station and are ope: CA volunteer campaign workers nightly at 7 p.m. and are easil; -Charles Messina, 17 Falmout Schuman, 135-G Marina Drive, will conduct a kickoff meeting Road, took part in a production Highland Park, the former Roni reached from the Garden State WOODBRIDGE - Mrs. John Parkway, Exit 131, and from the Stanaway, the newly elected presi- tonight at 6:30 at the First Pres of "Tea House of the Augusl Rabinowitz of Woodbridge, has SALE, 3 DAYS, JUNI 10, 11 New Jersey Turnpike, Exit 11. dent of the Twins.'.Mothers Club byterlan Community House anc Moon" presented by the Villager received her Bachelor of Science S«l«t from a giovp SAVt TO repottflfl The Merck Company Barn Theater, Colonial Farms : degree from the School of E t o of out famovi taibf.fhe Rarilan Bay Area, and RECEIVE DEGREE Foundation announced it will Middlebush, directed by Murra cation at New York University lor td gowni, valuw Mrs. Bert Sabo, named Mother of make a pledge totaling $75,000 Greenberg and produced by E Mrs. Schuman has been appointee COLONfA - Robert Rusnak '9 UK the Year by the same group, are to the building fund campaigi nest Lazzara, a two week's run to teach English at Colonia J u son of Mr. and Mrs. John I both residents of Woodbridge. "in recognition of the importanci This was Mr. Messina's firs nior High School in September. Kusnak, 160 Midfield Road, is Installation of officers was perof the YMCA to the community ii attempt at acting. On Friday, th< member of the graduating class MtDAl formed with a jewel ceremony by which a sizable number of Merc! Messina children, Joseph, Michae at Bloomfield College where he Mrs. Joseph Findeis. Members SHOF Inc. Jacqueline, Dean, and Charles employees reside." received the Bachelor of Science and guests were welcomed and honored their father on his birt degree. 440 E. WESTFIRD AVE. The $450,000 campaign will prc presented with a long stem rose day, with a trip to New Yor] ROSEUf PARK, E 4-1419 vide funds for a new swimmin City, where they dined and sa U w s of Louisiana and the Can-by Mrs. Sabo who was hostess. Qp«n •»««. by appaintiMM pool, full-sized gymnasium, ne\ a play. adian province of Quebec are Mrs. Sabo'q award was made "in recognition of her outstand- locker and shower facilities f< i based on the Code Napoleon. men, women, and children; an ing service to the club," "Hats and history" was the a new boiler room. program which presented a col- The drive is the first major II lection of hats from 1896 until capital funds effort, in nearly fifty || the present time. Members acted years. as models. A donation was made to the Little Rainfall Club's charity, The National Ice-covered Antarctica is a Hemophilia Foundation. waterless land, with annual preNo further meetings will be cipitation on its vast interior plaheld until September 28. teau being only four inches, just,





STATE JEWELERS 23 Main Street, Woodbrldf* (Nnt to lt»U Thntra)


WOODBRIDGE - Installation WOODBRIDGE - Miss Carol of officers will be conducted by l « e Meade, Woodbridge, a form- the John F. Kennedy Greater er nurse at Perth Amboy General Woodbridge Democratic Club Hospital, received a B.A. degree June 19, at St. Anthony's Recreain English at College of the Sa- ion Center, Port Reading. cred Heart in Newton, Mass.. on Murray N. Friedman, who was Son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Monday. elected unanimously, will be in- Mayer, 100 Maple Street, Mayer Miss Meade is a 1960 graduate stalled as president. Mr. Friedof St. Francis School of Nursing in man has been active in comTrenton. She was awarded a one-munity and civic affairs and in year scholarship to continue her Democratic circles. education at the baccalaureate Others to be installed are A, level from Boston's Children's Lawrence Becker, first vice, presi Hospital. dent; Walter Cahill, second vice




R«y. $3.98 to $7.98



Westbury ParkNews

YMCA Plans Local Resident Rahwoy Campaign for Funds To Head Club

Factory Outlet .

1188 Irving $»., Rahway, N.J.

OPEN DAILY 9 AM. to • P.M. - SATURDAY 9 A.M. to 4 P.M.


fktn Act now for Gaslight besuty, illumination a/irf


get professional training in


two m
and bo ready for a glatnorout, high-paying toon after graduating high school! ^ortMnoaiVMMBMi School offers We ono»fcK-nfetlme opportunitytocomplete your professional training In just I MumMr sessions I This "earn you can be ready for a high-paying, glamorous career In Beauty Cultu* soon eiterMghtdmlgrachMon. *» otter twauf/totoolfc Wsir Jewsy offe/tum 1

L«ga«t, m e t praltofonritettttng staff In me state. During the 47-year history of Wnfred, w* have started thousands on fabukxtfy successful career* In ^ . s i n * buakMes, resorts, •fcWrt"""*stone and salons of their " " " i • New&etory, aJr-condltloned 8e 100 * ' ••• * e largest, most modem, most

2 * J * » » Y * * * * * l» New Jersey I • *sedo,|it»wlgiBsrildn,ff»ewlgoeie • w w t (total VBJWfeBOJO,at no extra


.fcrnlahedtoat ttudejits along

protection-at this limited-offer low price!

118 Main Street Woodbridge

At Our

Presents A World






with urttorm, books and professional Instruments. Thare era no extras-^cne tuition covers everything I • Social and recreational programs that Include dsneas, parties, tours, field trips and courses fn charm, poise and personality! • Free lifetime emplpyment servlcel • Ea*y payment plans to ftt every budget I • All courses under the personal supervision of Desn David M. Malovany. a nationally recognized educator, columnist, feature wrltar, guidance counselor and radio personality. Note to Parents: Wilfred's Admissions Dep1 will pair students from the same neighborhood or town, prior to the Summer Session, s9 your child has neighborhood friend*

h Wood or Formko On. 5t N.J/s LAKGESI fORMICA end Wood KITCHEN DISPLAYS



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of DAVID M. MALOVANY, DEAN 790 Broad Street, Newark, New Jersey, Ml *-5«15

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Dear Dean MilovnWsend me lull inlofmatkm about WfcflKW Summer S M # n t « » Pleaie start me in a glamorous carter In Betutj/ Cultun.




1920 U.S. HIGHWAY 1


Solid copper with hinged iccess door, bmck satin fihish. Guaranteed against rust forever.

Everywhere in the Elizabethtown Gas service area, thousands of old-fashioned gaslights are bringing brand new charm to lawns, patios, porches and gardens. The lamps are authentically styled to recapture the loveliness of Old A m e r i c a , , . styled to go perfectly with.your hojne, your decor. Only gaslight gives off the personal glow Of welcome to f r i e n d s . . . or lights your way home cheerfully . . . or provides never-failing protection against intruders. The supply is modest and demand is great, so call the Gas Company now!




Elizabethtown Gas ELIZABETH I METUCHEM I PERTH AMBOV I / w. Juiuy V b O O N. Broad St.? 452 Mdin Street \ m Market SUeet ML 6 1/00 U 2-01W


I wt strip

7B Central Avinw ME 6-1700

•hat n.lilliliiHi ui> In 511' from otontt bouw UM (which U i d i u r t i h r Bait IwhUiliiw), ~ United tu IIM M r w i t g U i n U f t t M i o f i u & w m j .


Utters to Editor June 5, 1961

Lawrence T. Cnnpkn, Publisher Harry P. Prank, A m d a U Publisher

Woodbridge. N. J. Tel: HE 4-1111 10c PER COPY U A H SUBSCRIPTIONS - ONE YEAR, M 00

By JOHN WMdbrtdge Senior High the Seniorltls Is ' "

IS JOTJ^rs Wig 'U ifcftTXVzi

«fl Roosevelt Ave. Cvtmt,N. J. Tel:KIl-M00

Summer expenence. for ^ e t l m e t ^ ^* e r f ''prorn. MrJ»aleii campaign will termi,,m(! T, Camelot at our o children. I camelot at ou• w nh iws c t l c e j m o r r o w mornlng . A11 ^ and Roger Flym to suggest »nd| 1 ..am writing to ^ Roger Flynn ^ n s i u m I be deposited in the rnnhn,;;,,, ,., program transformed w ^ recommend the ...-••-- . mmformed Mo in „ „ , „ 206 before the thir.l „ , , reconuiiram u » music patio*. land of fantasy, lod. which was started last year and hall*, !,»>,.«•'« King is now being continued and ex-The Arthur s m i ? medj( , val | D e d i c a t e d to the graduni m ,(1, landscape) ior class, the newspaper r,v,.. panded. ssnts the final effort o tthr i%i ,,-, My personal experience with • this program was rewarding. The Instrument whichcould W M newsheet are "Epilogue, m Sanncr. Stage at at It. Seams." Seams. aa *,„,. my dnughter started last sumandt l l g b u d student, td mer gave her access to the school served by o ff college-bound :m\ t* and marching bands, and spark- and shields .d«or»N l u r M and * „ , „ on clan, ,|:n Thanks to the ed the development of her personality. Friends «»« « " * £ music are now a part of her daily life. Her instrument was her into group activity lv watchful eyes of advisers \|;c llllSSpUn. Mini H'—r — i.lAnnabell* ^ Bnmey ^ ^and . ^Mr SK|.,,.V which she was previously reluct sponsored by the M , d d l e ^ c o u ^ ; Dorn, student ehairnwn \ ,n ant to attempt. ty Heart Association. For hisa » W a m r n M directed ectedthe the I K j! Warner has ,, cn rf w ._ My best wishes to the Board „« on "Heart Murmurs wana. M iwork of his ten committee Slmionson and


A Long, Hot Political Summer With the re-election of Franklin Murphy as Democratic Municipal Chairman and the election of John Evanko, former Township Committeeman as Republican Leader, residents of the Township can look forward to a hot and heavy political campaign from now until November. A very determined individual, Mr. Evanko sets a goal for himself and does his level best to achieve it. The Colonia man is known for his fiery and piercing speeches and used them when he was in the minority and then on the majority of the old Township Committee. A colorful figure, he makes good copy for newspapers

Teen Topics

: Editor Independent-Leader Now that the Summer vacatio NUW uiav w«~ ~ thghts turn turn tt almost here, thoughts

Published Weekly On Ttandty By NORTH JERSEY PUBLISHING, INC.

K GTSCD Slrett


and has proven It time and time again The combination of personalties should help make an excellent campaign if both sides stick to issues and forego personalities. The two-party system is the backbone of our Democracy, for it Is only through debate and discussion by both sides that the voter can sift fact from fiction and make a decision at the polls. This is the age of experimentation, so whichever side wins in November, after what will undoubtedly be a long, hot, political summer, it should not be content to alt idly by and languish in the shadows of itfl victory. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was way ahead 4 to Hme, . * it M in

Very truly yours. An appreciative parent

won't be disclosed until the <|., May 27. Ben, a very busy sopho- open tomorrow night. Randy w : S i U the head of the Sopho- iser hat obtained the nemviry <• committee. LtertalBment, whloh eonEditor: „*,„, B varsity debater, and a meflts for the refreshments ^, member of Student Council and Independent-Leader been placed in the hand* of \Tm A won! of thanks to your paper the Current Civics Club. He por-I Savage. trayed the sinister Mush agent at A formidable committw of ,i,.,-. for tbe flue publicity you have given our organisation through- the Sophomore Variety Show, Al- orators has been under oV i\m. out the ichool year, It was great though he is still undecided about tion of Helen Cruise, (h.irevn college, Ben hopes to become a! Simon, w and Jeff DiBella ly appreciated. teacher. Congratulations to a fuiel^adenklee and Barbara Wr Very truly yours, .mdent | have commanded the rollwimi politician, Mrs. Joseph Segreto. Pres. This week tbe Junto- Red Cross kids, while Janice WasiU-k. N bold, persistent Mrs. Joseph Erli, PubUcitj has been conducting a clothing! Me Donald, and Carol U> K Chairman drive Students may bring any I have headed the favor* romn iParent-Teacher Organization wearable clothing to the ooll«. t e e frankly and try another. But above | Sewaren School 12 tion spot in the gym tomorrow. Kathy Urban has all try something." er is an excellent political strategist All contributions will be distrib-1 pictures and Alex «,,>,,, , Jersey Turnpike In Edison to the TRENTON - Slaughter on N e w ^ u n d ^ G . 'Tat" B r ^ n , who » Outerbridge Crossing, and the .uduted m a to charitable organizations! "secured the location o( the ?m ceives $44,100 in salary. June 2, 1965! . "^^TTl«. A . . . -/ th* r«tivltlM " namelv uV •M Jersey highways over holiday holiy Route 55 Freeway serving the week-ends continues whfie a hun- Govrnor William V . Scraaton, Vineland-Millville area of Cumber- PMnr. dred State motor vehicle inspec- of Pennsylvania, also receive? land County and eventually exAppreciation Exprested Independent-Leader tor? sit idly by -ignored in the$35,000. The Governor of North tiding south to Cape May. big push to keep motorists from Dakota receives tbe lowest guber- As to costs, tbe State Highway The Woman's Club of Fords ginning to help them relocate. Often killing themselves. for the month natorial salary In the United Assemblyman Norman Tanzman, Department has been working for wishes to thank you for your fine Mrs. Rotljrn Jacobs and Mr. SamI editorial in the Woodbridge IndeOver the past Memorial Day States $10,000 yearly. condemnation proceedings idano and Ronald M. I i < lengthy tome time on such porjects as Woodbridge (D-Middlesex) has lent uel Convery. our Senior Class An impressive display ••: I weekend, thirteen persons were The Governor of Georgia, Carl E. I tbe Essex County East-West pendent-Leader telling of the work hardship to the property ers. This honor a small A" inUWM advisers. This honor is small mean a his name to another bill designed to lMderih > killed by cars in New Jersey al- Sanders, has been allotted a sal- Freeway, Route 280, estimated to of the Club. Your interest is of expressing expressing the the thanks o f i leadership, ' l ' and devotion way of ary of $12,000 yearly while Indiana way owner. greatly appreciated. I to make the SI ccombined ombinB though great plans were made to cost $125,000,000; the Morris-Essex assist the homeowner. J b ! ? to the entire class to M Mrs. Jacobs! PROM the biggest event on . 1 I keep the death rate down to a mi- Governor Roger D. Branigant re- County alignment of Route 24 estiNow, under the law, the State High1 Yours sincerely, land Mr. Convery for the work The latest measure, which bears clan calendar. Tomorrow J nimum. State troopers have taken ceives $15,000 a year, as does the mated at $110,000,000; and the they have done and for the guid- .the chairmen will view the n-vj/il way Department pays part of the pur- over the patrol of toe highways Governor of Maine and Maryland. 'Bergen Expressway, Routes 80 Edith M. Nelson Mr. Tanzman's name as a sponsor, ance they have given during Hit of their efforts. ' over holiday weekends while mo- The Governor of South Dakota re- and 95, from the George Washing(Mrs. Ernest W.) was signed into law recently by Govchase price of the condemned prop- tor vehicle inspectors stay home ceives $15,500 while those of Neb- ton Bridge to Paterson, at a cost Speaking of Ulent. th,. Corr. Secy, raska and Nevada, get $14,000 a of $85,000,000. ernor Richard J. Hughes and will tennis team has roundel up erty to the courts. The homeowner, although they have many years of triumphant season by dh|>,.r. highway patrol experience, year. grant homeowners some advance coma record of eight wins a:,!» may, if he desires, apply to the courts Three years ago, Ned J.Parsek- Governors receiving $35,000 SALMONELLOSIS: - S t a t e pensation when they are displaced by one loss. Coached by Mi ' lealth officials are concerned over ian, then Motor Vehicle Director, yearly are the chief executives of for part of the money. Horn, UM oourtworoen h;n •• y state highway projects. commended the members of the Alabama, Delaware, Mississippi, le persistence of Salmonellosis, .an excellent score. c»i'.,:r,. disease spread by contaminated Mr. Tanzman ia to be congratulated* Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, [Motor Vehicle Division inspection The bill will provide relief to homeood. Testifying before the Senate Fi- lor the take of controlling costs, I tions on a job well-done not only for the sponsorship of this1[force for their outstanding road Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Texas, | owners in the Hopelawn section who patrol activities performed up and Virginia. $JO,000-a-year Gover- Current method* of control of nance Committee on the medicare the quality roost deteriorate. The particular bill but for many "other through the Labor Day weekend. nora are located l t d ht h Connecticut Connecticut, __ disease have not kept pace proposal, Dr. Donovan F. Ward, patient la th» tfknati sufferer." Editor's Note ;'. are to be displaced by the constructSuuner vacation offers | ID a bulletin to all members of the Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana,. Massa- [with the technical advances that measures which have brought assist' ion of the East-West Freeway. JMuatrtal Con- opportunttiM tunttiM to studtni force at that time, Par- chusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Wifr have made increased spread of president of tbe American MediIb ta^.__ U ance to the people of Middlesex1 U the the chance chance l< ' declared he had received consin and Wyoming, Ojtor Gov- the disease possible. Human cases cal Association, said: "The Am- Ferenco Btatf'WorU that !'' The purpose of the bill is to give erican system of medicine for gen- 1950 tbe median incom* of Ameri-«en found la domestic terta..h? Sandman. Jr.; Cape-May, report' animal*, within and without the colleges, pay Memorial Day weekend, 13 casnial* * u and and their cnvinncnvinn though unpredictable, cost of the'free world •nergy. market; in ing very near, many from June 13 through 19, which ined campaign ttpefl*is4O13.050 hi will probably ualties occurred on the highways ment. pending program. Ignore the ad.1971 lip service Ito our enemies, overt and compared to 15 last year. his unsuccessful bidforthe Repub cludes June 14, Flag Day. This is an about 1 per cent. Hydroelectric nstorti rank high as su: Experts claim the spread of tie rainistrative problems that covert alike, and violently denounce "I am sure it is a source Ilioan gubernatorial nomination disease is* . -. . . . J: i. */l it _ _i_ J *L. *._J4« important event at any time; it is viwould create, and theVburden itnow supplies about 7 per cent; an. indirect resultU of great satisfaction to all of us Senator Wayne Dumont, Warren rapid technical advances in food means for wage earners at theits share should bt about the same cation possibility in " of» great deal of Woall the efforts of the government to honor know that we had a part in thelisted only $780 as expenses. tally so today. processing and food distribution. low end of the income scale. Look in 1971. Coal now supplies M perSchool students Some ;• The purpose of the Week is formally our commitments and to halt the efforts which resulted in this rec- State law requires candidates U cent; by 1971 its share will probalso conteroplatinf; "n c o t u JERSEY JIGSAW: - Regis- only at the intrusion of Govern ord," Parsekian wrote at the only file statements of contribu defined as "The inculcation of the forces of slavery. It is generally be time. tions received and expended. Sen tered ears in New Jersey judged ment in the field of medicine ably fall below 25 per cent. Oil tbe three month) [>-" gas supply which cannot be avoided if thuand ga uppy n per cent today; tcience, music, art, ur meaning of true Americanism into the lieved that this is communist inspired. Motorists and pedestrians alike ator Sandman said he personall; to be in immediate need of re-measure is adopted. With the by 1971. thll It course at some eollw "• W. received and expended, Senato pairs will be given 48 hours to have been urged by Attorney Genminds and hearts oi our citizens...." Ity, There »re stili. But, whether lt is or is not, it perfectly eral Arthur J. Sills to beware of Sandman said he personally re complete the job in the future un- quantity of care thus restricted 67 per eenfe many students who I w And true Americanism-has nothing to ceived $13,054. Dumont reportec der a new regulation of the State serves the ends of communism and of June this year. Last year June Receipts any definite plan* for of $500 and expenditures Division of Motor Vehicles . . . produced 98 traffic deaths, the do with liberalism or conservatism, comod vacation. In (l all those whq would bring another second highest ever recorded for of $500. The average delegate and vislros students want to bro.f with one's political or economic beDark Age of' oppression upon the the month and exceeded only by HIGHWAY: - On the basis of to the Democratic National Conknowledge of a cwini liefs, or with sects and factions of any June, 1936, with 101 fatalities. vention in Atlantic City last Augfunds available for highway build, topic, or course of stu' world. Motor vehicle inspectors daim, kind. It lies in devotion to country, ing, many major routes in Newust 24-28 stayed nearly six days _.{|pupilJdo not have to >• if called upon to help over future and spent an average oi $29.40 per ••Books are the legactet that t great gcwhelming majority of Americans, difr did it itt 1962 and can oo it again Dwight R. C. Pakner, one of thecertain-diseases of the respira- Addlson. H7MT1I. I culture appreciation pro which are the gource of its strength if given toe opportunity, they in hardest working State officials in tory system as occupational disGuidance Department fer as they do on, problems and issues, sist, and greatness. history, is worried about th« com-eases of the respiratory system as Mr. Meyer inlonnwl " revere it, and reyere all that It stands occupational diseases for memIn some circles nowadays, patriotism NOVAK, Robert D. "THE AGONYJersey Democratic State Com- dent demands. p EXECUTIVE SALAKJES:-Gov pletion and the ultimate cost of b f volunteer fire depart p bers of OF THE G.O.P. 1164" McMillan,imlttee, for. ernors of New Jersey In the future such road building. mlttee seems to be regarded with contempt. Mala Pun*** o( l"'"-rJl11 Under a new law,469p th will receive $40,000 a year salary, Amount these arterial routes, ments. the moderate* badly split. A fewi l i U> Help Si V.'il an additional $30,000 for travel, en- either partially completed or ini dealer plates will be issued for We have just passed thiwgh 1 moderates d lik Rockefeller R k f l l and d like nonconventional type vehicles such the process of building, are the tertainment and other expenses one of the most interesting na- Stassen were avowed candidates, as motor scooters and boat trailconnected with State affairs, and .Route 11 Freeway from Newark tional election campaigns that we| we|and an evenggreater number " I t e . ^ , , an executive mansion at Frince- north to Route 80; the Route 29 e r s . . . One of the 'big campaign have had in recent recent yekrs. yekrs TheSeranton, •".-Scranton bimnev. ad in Romney, g and! !^ The'Seranton, Romney, Laden Lodge issues in the gubernatorial cooFreeway along the Delaware Rivton. for postmortenuhas post-mortenu'has now Nixon were tven more avowed (he (he ^ for j ,« test up ahead will be the strength- season season er in Trenton; the Route 42 FreeAt the present time, Governor Robert Novak, Novak columnist columnist non-candidates June may ever be best known « the Uncle Sam has been able to finish th^ Rjchard J. Hughes receives $35,000 way in Camdn County; the Route ening or weakening of the State arrived. d Robert non-candidates, waiting waiting in in the thedeflU Q ^ my>( p i fiscal year with a i surplus only seven per year with the extra benefits. 18 Freeway from Middlesex Coun Law Enforcement Council , of theNew York Herald Tribune, wings for the Goldwattr and ever> p r e i e a t s itself. mdnth of honeymoons, but for the Twenty-two full professorships are '• has turned his attention to A t ^ ,cuuure nu ty and several others. iweniy-iwo ran protessorsnips arenas w the i n e , 'Rockefeller " ^ 1 ^ " 't" «bubbles ™ « «to "burst. " » • "vuu» c u U u r e a\i\»^,^ He is ond of th hignst paid chief times. less romantically inclined it also proi ng l o ttorii successfully." up to the nomin- «»« [!»»"*. " 1t ^ hj» remarriage, executives in the nation, exceeded Construction will start soon on'among 85 promotions for Statements liading The debt celling Is a statutory de- only by New York's Nelson A, the Route 35 Freeway paralleling University faculty members an-jatiorJ oftBarry Goldwater on the RocklefeUer seemed the sure if are needed to join «" vides reminders (hat into each life Monmouth County fna«t Coast, the n,« M thclnounced by Dr. Mason W. Gross,.Republican ticket, and brilliantly rather unenUiusiaitU: d u k e ^dent w-operation, t'»s n n™,,n, rniintv vice dating back to the First World Rockefeller, who gets $80,000 year the some taxes will fall—and Fall—and Route 440 Freeway from tbe New president of Rutgers , . • Ckw-; recreated the people and events'** party. Rockefeller's remar c m be defeated. ly, and the Governor of California, War Liberty Bond Act, The original FALL. I .»rnor Richard J. Hughes annpun-ltriat claimed our attention during riage ulusioatcd him trorn con- The CJuidante tl ntion debt limit fas set at $11.5 billion in ces support of President Joh«8on'8ltms period ' although this fact was ob-;be signing up pui"'"1" Among such reminders are local GLAMOR GIRLS m a o p o 8umm er 1917. It reached a World War II peak ltor l vacationing P ^ i , r high ^ school. youth . ^ it^ e basic climate that existed ^ , « • ™*y"™^. ^ ^ ^ X l i " property tax bills. These usually reach ln Republican p party wn-candldate... espen-' 'ConUnued on y during g «f"f of $300 billion In 1945 and then was Dr. Harold R. Scott, of Or- l n $* Kepu the homeowner and other taxpayers - - styl exists """ after the assiissinatlon of.; 'he 1960-1964 period , is the newly-elected dropped to $275 billion. A "permaIn June to help them remember the tcduy and certainly existed prior nent" debt ceiling was f)xed at $285 During March SB'•« "WO- Ttiis struggle between ory Council new tax rates adopted earlier In the 1 & O l d " AssiltNiborul «or moderate Republicans billion in 1959. But as the actual debt year to provide for costs of schools, helr to u w l dt;le ance were registered in New ,!er-to u.se Rockefeller's words) and climljed through that limitation, Con*«« «'il*? TO municipal and courity governments. IV . . . The water shortage sit-jthe conservative factkm^haa led IV sit y 1 gress adoptejd successive, ^temporary t h t N J ' ""* uatiun in northastern New Jersey to an intra-party batt^ before 6 ng State government spending w New remains in the critical stage . . . > c h election campaig* in this! this!6'5* th f l tht"y 1MM to one-year debt "ceilings."/ Jersey at the end of June will adjust (Miculed tthat hat lhe A second mental health planning century, culminating , l i i iirf the h npm-' ' •Wilted (Joldwater Despite various fiscal arguments decunwriug the nmrconference will be' held June 28 ination of G«nernl Eisekhower af-iw"rk»'1lhe 's Upward to the new and higher budget kl ' and 29 at the Nassau Inn, Prince-1 ter his defeat of Senator Taft,| f °" "leleKutes andt :when fending failure of the government to m c i ui 9 U H nn,\ adopted by the Legislature several fact the ton, cosponsored l y the Dept. of and much earlier in the forma-. """•• J1" '"" 'this '"' reduce the public debt during prosweeks ago for the new fiscal year beInstitutions and Agencies and thelion of the "Bull Moose" third, fl^ht w u s a" but ovel ' perous times, there is a constant annuNew Jersey Mental Heaitn Asso- party movement of Theodore!. G o W w a W r throughout, as * * n ginning July 1. ciation . . . Governor Hughes re^ Roosevelt. The same clash in fun- ^ N o v a k ' mi t h e o n l > *--andid»UJ al Reminder of the high cost of deficit Congress focuses another spotlight |eently signed a bill extending damental orientation existed pri- " t y mMii^ ~"— '« mauitaiu any financing, points out the New Jersey j driver examination permits for 60 I1ICIIKU U1ICIHUUUU CAUICU yV\-\ "."T . a l d g the kind of inon the rising cost of government with •• 'dignity, avoiding to the last presidential election, I ^ L . ? i" days beyond the expiration date J Taxpayers Association. This is the inits proposal to raise the present "temwith out an additional fee . . . The with a number of differences. tra-purty feuding thut damaged the G O P . ui the 'M efcctlon terest charge which now exceeds $11 New Jersey Taxpayers Associa- Wliile earlier, moderate ^ porary ceiling" on the national debt wllile l 1 **- ume»tiiiB UM: attempt tion has expressed concern over cans had been abl7torally"arouTid 1 0 t h e (iM billion annually. This is better than an additional $4 to $5 billion above WILL BE ' » ^ « s ^ «*«'« splitting up New Jersey's local a single candidate with immensea ll* i llUe^^ the present $324 billion limit. This is one-tenth of all the spending in the I1 government structure through the popularity, Eisenhower, the past ' ''* Hepubluan I'uity aiwl py, , FOR*1 ,, wm t h e |w t creation of special districts to perfound' e -' '°o by combining to accommodate anticipated increases administrative budget of the Federal pre-iiomination campaign CONVENIENT ..the South, Middle and Far Wust form public services In the actual debt which now stands " ' "Uncle ' Sam must" pay ' "i t in the classroom, claims the New N"*'1'1 HuiHrtlwIeiw Ui>«i) [Movidi Government. CAPITOL CAPERS: Theft of Jersey Kducatiuu Association . . ;i» ratlier i,ympathetk- jiii-ture of at approximately $317 billion but is even If he has to borrow the money to I cade secrets in New Jersey has The offer of help extended to New \ IJuldwuter luiiuwli, ilu cuiuludei ex-picttti ty> dlmb further In the fiscal doit. ; been placed in the crime category Jersey Kepubltcans by iJuus>l finally tliat (Joldwulei was ivwn pei'tti by a new law signed by Governor vanid's State Chiiirmaii Craig i mated because his luilowers wer» year ahead a t the Federal Government The present $317 billion Federal f) Ktl.| iio? I Hughes The time is near for Tiuax lias been described as "a njutivulod by u positive dix-tiine National debt averages $1,640 for every one of mntjnues to epend rqore than it takes in A rather than a help, while the moderates lacked unj ! beginning teachers to lick their kissh of death, she call you back? She's rather busy today i 31j STATE St. i-u ..""' Itobert J. Burknardt. I positive ....„,.„. ..nj ralmbilitute ooncep-,.^, ujiwunu.Duiuiaiui, |imiuv« doctrine uot-in of stining grass the more than 193 million men, woin. Deficits have been registered in a .»" by tions shattered by (heir first year Executive Direct^of UM New rooU vupport, men and children in the United StaUi. v«-h of the past five years. Since 1980 N



Under the Capitol Dome By J. Jtseph firibblis

S L ^ U h e Democratic lead-


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Book Review

High Cost of Debt



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Every Tfc»r»


Boy Scouti Slate Eagle Court Of Honor


Girl Scout Troops Set CadettcsWindup/iine 27th Set As Date Camping Trips, Cookouts Two Projects Of Annual Troop Picnic

Fire Exempts Set Memorial Riles Sunday

FORDS - I k e Eagle Court of Honor scheduled by Boy Scout Troop 52 for June 4 will now be held .Tune 11 at lh« Our Rede. FORDS - Outdoor events and June at Roosevelt Park. The errwr Lutheran Church at 7 p . m FORDS - Girl Scout Cadette FORDS - Mrs. Mary Schwein camping trips are popular on coutte according to S Scoutmaster Ray.' the agenda of the Girl Scout girts planned the menus and Troop 179 under the leadership er was hostess to the Mothers program of games and singing mond Rmink. of Mrs. Al Hospodar and Mrs. Troops in Neighborhood # 7 is _ The annual Spring Club of Boy Scout Troop SI at Patrol leaders will pn>pnr« Junior Troop #146 led by MrsGeorge Baldwin has completed ',,f st Nicholas Catholic Crossroads Council during June. her home, on 18 Grove Street Betty Vanik participated in a Mix and advise the Junior lendheir active citizenship preps and | h e Byxantine Rite ()f FOHItt The I'nilwl Kxempt Cadette Troop # 179, led by camping weekend at Camp Pam-have been presented with two The special attraction of the. er* who will prepare the promeeting was a Spring Cleaning .Firemen1* Association of Keasb^y, [xl , y on the church grounds Mrs. Al Hospodar of Fords, will assay in Thompson Park where active citizenship challenges, one H Street, according to gram. The Mothers' Club will participate in a enmping trip to Kurds ami llnpfhwn will hold M Grab Bag. they learned tent pitching and group to conduct a water conserKov. John Onesko. Tho serve reirwihments assisted by annual Memorial ssrvices, Sunday Jamesburg during the last week- campfire building. The troop vation campaign nixl the other MrB. Eugene Antol, president, II routinue today through! the scouts. Mr. Smink invites all .it the Firemen's Memorial MonuFORDS - Chief Raymond Mar ! and friends friend* Ps *m and and # 7 will attend a leaders' dinner Fleck of Fords and Mrs. Tanv esses. tonight at 7:30 at Clare and drill, 1 mutual-aid drill. I regular boer, a social studies teacher at #422 led by Mrs. Charles Yager parade will be th- Honehwn EniV'Mrs. Mary Palko, drill, 1 wash-down. J car fires nn<1 Fords Junior High School, have Mrs. James Clement was apa d Mrs M and gine Company # 1. Fords Fire Michael K r amw c uck h u c keirCt^ '!,Inn a n n o u n c e d M r s - * * • . l | and Mrs. Mary HudaPede I fallen electrical wire stanhy. attended troop mwling and helppointed chairman of the refresh^ ^ * . . ! ™*>. neighborhood chairI Company # 1 . Protection Fire i :,y. In charge of short Planned a joint cookout for early'man"! ed the glrk in completinfi their ment committee to serve at an Irvin Blanehard reported thn Company of Keasbey, the Wo.imking are Mrs. Anne Rospreps. The girls have visited the Eagle Court of Honor to fee held annual family picnic will be held! Imen'.i Auxiliary of K*<>sbey, and ,. ,| doss and hamburgers; FORDS - "Our Belief in tht Public Health and Recreation De- by the troop June 21 at the OurSunday, August IS. in Grove 2 TO TEACH: Minn Jidlth V. I the Fords V.F.W. Band. r .tliorine Chlllnski, ptna Holy Trinity" will be the subpartments, the County Clerk's and Redeemer Lutheran Church. BoitRlsky, daughter of Mr. and Merrill Park. [ ,,,l Ml si Helen Nagy, ject of the sermon to be delivered ' The parade will start at 1 p. m, Mayor's office and a night session Mrs. Raymond Hansen report- The Fire Company participated! Mm. John J. BonaUky. 458 by the Rev.l.ealie W. Hewett, ••nil fii' 1 *of court. Every department went ed on arrangements for the pres in a Township-wide mutual aid New Brunswick Avenue, Fords, and the line of march will be starting at Douglas Street in Hop$virshmonts at the Inside baf vicar of St John's Episcopal out of their way to help the girls. hit received her Rurhelor of entation of a Council Flag which drill in Iselin on May 18. lawn to Crows Mill Road, down ' |,,. .nrved by Richard Hecker, Church, at the 11 A.M. Choral The girls are now receiving anthe Mothers' Club has ordered for The Company softball team has Artu degree In General Elemen- New Brunswick Avenue to l i •',„„ iiofhorr. Kdward Flugrad, Mass and Holy Eucharist on swers to the letters they wrote Raritan Council. entered the Woodhridge. Town- tary Education from Jersey berty Street, down King George I |.lU| Hnrtel. At the outside Trinity Sunday, June 13 to the different township organiFORDS - Miss Dorothy EHuchair- i *h'P Slow-pitch Softball League, City State College. Road to the Fords Park. All fire«,H bp John Varoecak, Joseph Holy Eucharist will also zations. Reports have been given Mrs. James Clement, beth Ruggieri, daughter of Mr. snd t h e v At college she was • mem- men are requested to assemble man of the bus trip to McGuircj are nf[ to another win on these and found most informa,,., John Onder, Georfe Ban- celebrated on Sunday at a Lowand Mrs. Joseph M. Ruggieri, 160 nliu The team was vie- ber of tht Student Education on Douglas Street at 130 p, m. tive and interesting. They would Air Force Base sponsored by the t o r ?i o u season. Hedges. George Su- Mass at 8 a.m. The church schoo Echo Avenue, and Stanley s t h e i r firsl t i m e Mothers' Club, advised 34 scouts « * •» Association, Womrn's Choir, Mike Mika and Joseph Nahai. w jn r ^ starting with ike to thank these people for Burger, i and friends attended. Honored' (lofentm K ™ Sanitation _ Depart- Mtied Choir, Election and Prom ...luding the raffle on thei a t » « A.M. and the Committee*, the Women's AthSouth Plainfleld. FORDS - "War on Poverty, Is taking the time to write. The girls guesU were the Webelos Cub m e n t t e a m ^ a s c o r e o f ^ churchmen will in,i, are Mrs Helen Hofherr. j V o u r M j meet were united in marriage Saturday it an empty phrase", will be the ire very pleased with their survey Scouts of Cub Pack 50, Fords i l ) e f n e r w a * " * winning pitcher letic Association, and the M.irge with Evening Prayer at 7 P M • I and Matty Jago was the batting Psychology Chb. morning at Our Lady of Peace sermon topic of Rabbi Paul Le- if the Township. Mrs. Joseph Baux was ,h and Mrs. Pauline Vel-, Every weekday morning of the Plans are being made for a Church with the Rev. George A. viwon at tomorrow night's sered the special prize of the even' star of the game, knocking m She was a dean't list student. Merchandise tickets will be week following, Holy family dinner vices at 8:10 to be held at Temple i Court ef he tie-breaking tnd winning runs Eucharist June*, cousin of the krid* sad ing. The next meeting will take la September, Mim Bmalsar ^,1 hv Kr.mk Hodanlni sod rane* WUl be celebrated at 730 A.M. pastor of St, Thomas Catholic Emanu-El, 7» Pleasant Avenue, awards to be held June 22 at theplace the first Tuesday in Sep- this hotly-fought contest. will teach the third grade at FORDS Officers of the I,,,.!,,) who will also announce Fords. Fords Wesley Methodist Church. and on Thursday, June 17, also Church, Clarksville, p a . , officiatR.B. BrusDCT School, Scotch Parkway Chapter of Deborah nwards and control tbe This will be held with Mrs. M.tember. at 1:30 A.M.. commemorating ing at the double ring ceremony The Oneg Shabbat that follows Plains. will be rededicated at tonight's JKMH^ system. I Irish's Cadette Troop 201 and Mrs. Corpus Christ! Day, a remern- and celebrating the nuptial Mass. will be given by Mr. and MrsR. Blzaro, Jr., Troop 123. 1 meeting of the Chapter which will T- -k.*ts for the rides will be bering of the sacrifice of our Given in marriage by her fath- William Hart In honor of their be held at The Pines, Route 77, I •; Mrs Marge Kunti, Mrs. Lord •on, Harold's, bar mitxvah, The er, the bride was attired in a Metuchen, at 8:30 p.m. Mrs. Mil•,, N.ihai. Mrs. Helen Pocsfk, bar mitxvah will take place at Candidate* for the fall Confir- drees of aflk organu trimmed president. Mr. Katherine Reditorovich. 11:30 a. m. at the temple on mation will meet with the ticar with seed pearls. Her fingertip and Anne Pastor June 12. length veil fell from a double at the church on Monday, FORDS - Dr. Jon M. Mandell FORDS — The first meeting of Husbands and guests are Invited ihr festival cashiers. y, Jum m 14 t 4 PM t di of seed pearls, and she Tlie Junior Youth Group will announces the opening of addi- to Fords chapter of Deborah was In this lust meeting of the sea:, .ind booths have been 14.0 at 4 P.M.. to discuss achedliave a conclave with a nearby PORT READING - The 40th tional offices for the practice of leld last week at the home of carried a prayerbook adorned son. ! under the supervision of,, l f * class* in prepantko with a white orchid and glameli- Reform Temple. They will meet anniversary of the ordination to chiropractic at 4 Tulip Drive, Apt. Dlga Semok. president. A1 i lulya and his son. Rich- ™" the Kilmer Job Corps Center and the priesthood of the Rev. Stani- A (corner Tulip Drive and Fords A memebrshtp buffet is planned The local donor will be held «*«* *> «» Monday ISEUN The staff of Our by Michael Smoli- Boy Soout Troop # $ 1 will meet as. 17 and buses will leave learn firsthand about the war on Savior's Lutheran Vacation slaus Milos, pastor of St. An- i venue). or June 24 at the home of Mrs.from the Elk's Club, Route 17, p.iul Knife E. Rosko, George at 7 P.M., and the church school MiM Mary CatbtriM Mesarot, poverty. thony's Church, was marked on Chun* School will be Installed, Braddock. Pi., couatn of the A graduate of Linden High Semok, 14 Soren Street. Anyone Metuchen, at 7 p.m. ffor tbe a ,!*ieph Guly», E. Ros-faculty at I P.M. b Sunday at tbe 10:15 service. In- Sunday by some 400 members of School, Dr. Mandell, received his Interested In joining the new chapi jnhn Keptct, Michael An all-male cookout and swim bride, was maid of honor. Brides, his immediate family, friends, pacluded are Florence Doran, geneter may contact Mrs. Ralph Ruspre-professlonal training at Ha- \l R.icovcin. John Gaida, party will be held on Wednesday, maids were Mist Mary Jo RuggiFunny Thing Happened on tin ral superintendent; Nila Peter- rishioners, and local officials. verford College, Haverford, Penn- so, membership chairman, 26 r. \r brother Joseph Ferik, elec-j The Junior, intermediate and * * • bridegroom tivities include a paper drive el, Sonia Knudson, Hazel Schall, grounds to the church for a sailing teams and produced his month for September IS until Oc- Dover Road, Edison, on July own radio programs for the colI tt-r Elko and Julius! senior choirs will rehearse with M r v e d » beet man. Ushers were Saturday. Papers may be brought Marilyn Maiso, M. Swanson, Jan solemn high anniversary Mass of lege station. He is an Eagle Scout tober 15 with all proceeds to go .6 at t p.m. by reservation only. first aid: Joseph Smoliia!Mrs. Nicholas Elko director on L m > ' B u l a v * ' E a s t Brunswick; Deborah Hospital at Browns The Chapter plans a memJoy Schneider, Helen Thanksgiving at noon. Rev. Mfkn and past assistant scoutmaster of to the church parking lot at 10 Nelson, 1 J W < O D — . « — - James Lynch, Highland Park, Dudics, surveillance i Thursday, June 17. K i n Mills. A.M., or will be picked up if left Dexter, Charlotte Bahrenburg, was the celebrant; Rev. Joseph Troop 230. Krthip tea in September, and Louis Ploch, Oxford, Conn. Emery Roako. and 7:10 p.m., retpectiveiy. Evie Church, Ida Vincler, Doro- Sullivan, M. S., a nephew, was The next board meeting will be on the front porch. Mrs. Burj*r is a graduate of deacon and the preacher; Rev. Dr. Mandell earned his doctor ip Stephen SmaBey. Sto-I L-Z—L _ _ j thy Peterson, Eroa Bertelo, Terry held on June 16. A regular meeting will be held DO YOU BELIEVE IN AWT UiiOiak. S r , Stephen Ne-1 committee; Paul Krofle, pkkvf Perth Amboy High School, Orange Thompson, Pat Byham, Shirley Fred Milos, M. S., a brother, was rate of chiropractic degree from June 17, 8:30 P.M.. at VFW Hall Memorial Hospital School of the Chiropractic Institute of New Brlngln* tbda OM to w wW n t Michael Kotel, paint up truck Dtstelcamp, Gladys Rask, and sub-deacon, and Rev. Joseph PanFINAL MEETING you t ctrttin Nductton ot7b% Nursing, Orange, and Rutgen Park Avenue. kowski was master of ceremonies. York after successful completion Audrey MilleL teachers. oft UM rtgulu- •sUli* priet of FORDS — The Fords Women's College of Nursing. On Saturday, June 19 a dance Robert Anderson, recreation di- A luncheon was held afterwards of four years of study. He had MIT MtttU or rapport arttoto Democratic Club will hold its last such u a l l kind* o f Hwuta Tnav A graduate of North Plainfield will be held at American Legion rector; Barbara Gilbertson and in the church hall for relatives, been selected to participate as IN; tMomlntl belt*; »»cro-OU»c meeting of the season on MonHigh School, Mr. Burger served Hall, Roosevelt Avenue, Carteret. Pat Slavin, registrars; Carol Hit- clergy and friends with four nuns fellow in a research program in (back) aupporU; Athletic tuppathology and to assist in the day, June 14, at 8 p. m. in the port*; nupeneoriw; many brtMi with the U. S. Air Force. He is The annual picnic is planned ter, refreshments; D o r o t h y from St. Joseph's Convent, Woodinstruction of clinical pathology St. Nicholas Church Hall, Second of olMtlc tofterj; kSM, employed by the Federal Electric for June 27 at Merrill Park, Schfanmel and Bernke Anderson, bridge, two nuns from the Sisters elbow, *nti« -and nutty otlur Street. at the New York Institute. •upport lt*m». If you rwjly Uk< infant care; and Nancy Roberts, of Mercy, Bound Brook, four nuns Corp., Camp Kilmer. Grove 1, Sections 2 and 3. gave; thl* a true war of OstBf Licensed by the New Jersey from the local parish attending. publicity. It. Brine Hi tali ad. 8 P.M. TO MIDNIGHT Poisonous Viper Atmosphere is Aerosol State Board of Medical Examiners The vacation school will be held Students of the first and second Aerosol means a system of fine- at School 18, Indiana Avenue, 9 grades of St. Anthony's Catholic to practice chiropratic. Dr. Man- Originally, the word "viper" ly subdivided liquid or solid parti A.M. until 11:30 P.M. from June School offered a program in tail dell has been associated with hit meant "any snake," but now ii 550 New Bnuuwtck Ave. usually is applied to the vipei father, Dr. Emanuel Mandell cles dispersed in and surroundet 28 until July ft- All children from honor with songs and dances Phone: HI 2-4568 - Fords FORDS - A white elephant aucWMF BAND EVEOT WEEK pioneer of chiropractic in Ni "vipera berus," a poisonous snake Avsll joiirstK of our prompt tion « ! • will b* conducted by theby a fM. The earth's atmosphere I age three to' sixth grade are in-costumes and recitations. A group Jersey, at their Linden offices of Europe and northern Asia, ac- pick-up and delivery. Free parkTransportation named by Rev. Milos as his "SunRamot Chapter B'nal B'rith Wo- ii an aerosol, according to thejvited to attend in* and H i n d l - C h u i e Kirlcei. The senior Dr. Mandel who is cording to the Encyclopedia Bn 'will be provided if needed. day Nite Band" consisting of li OPEN DAILY I A.M. TO I I P.M. men on Tuesday, June 22, at 1:30Encyclopedia Britannica. past president of, the Society tannica. young nephews and nieces offer P.M. at Temple Neve Shalom, New Jersey Chiropractors, has ed a program of selections. Gift! Metucben, Proceeds will be used (asual D n s s Urge* Air. been in practice at the 225 North from the school children, the nuns to finance the many philanthropic Wood Avenue, Linden office, for M> SHORTS ADMB8ION CweHI—a and the PTA concluded the schoo projects of B'naJ B'rith. over 35 years. SLACKS er Deace F l e e r tlJe program. The regular business mwting I.K.VY8 b TV Hate A testimonial dinner and danc« will be conducted by chapter prewas held at the Recreation CenLost Cornerstone sident, Mrs. Joel Gersten. Mrs. fetter luyi licauH Wt SulM Thtml ter in the evening. The invocation President Ulysses S. Grant set Irving GreenwaM, program chairwas given by Rev. Pankowski, the cornerstone (or New York's man, announces that guests are AT KXIT I t N. J. TURNPIKE, CAfeTKKET welcome by Donald A. Kubik, pre Museum of Natural History in welcome. Refreshments will be sident of the Holy Name Society; 1874, but so many buildings have served. August F. Greiher, former Mayoi risen on the grounds that the or. of Woodbridge, was master iginal cornerstone cannot be ceremonies. found. The museum today is made Speakers included Rev. Fre< up of a complex of 19 buildings. Milos, Congressman Edward Patten, Edward J. Dolan, Middle The Benediction was offered by sex County Presecutor; Josep Galassi, Director of Public Safet the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Charles G Woodbridge; William Connel an McCorristin, V. P . of St. James' Church, Woodbridge. Frank Romanse.


[)jxv ns

Family Picnic For Fire do.

Full Calendar At Holy Trinity

Burger-RuggieriMarriage Performed on Saturday 'War On Poverty' To Be Sermon Topic

Deborah Unit To Hold Dinner

Dr. Jon Mandell Rev. Milos Feted Opens Offices Sew Deborah Chapter \ Vacation School On Anniversary Is Formed at Fords ff J E f t Set By Church

lf */*

Knighu of Columbus Announce Activities



Rnmot Chapter Plans White Elephant Sale




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Announces The Openin Of New Offices FOR THE PRACTICE OK

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nil 1, iuta , W«d. iwt I lit till I



Independent-Leader (E.B.) . Carter^

Thursday, June 10, 1965

Coin Cards Dittributed JfJ£ Auxiliary

Robert J. Gentile Brownie Troop Rev. Accepts ]\PH> Members Holds Ceremony

By y Avenel Fire Co.

Fi AVENEL - The Avenel Fire Company No. 1 answered fortyfour calls during May, announced r.corge Shaffer, fire chief. These included 2(1 field fires: S false nbrms: five vehicles; four house; nno factory: one wash down; two regular drills and two special drills. Chief Shaffer stated the local firo company will participate in n parade at Riverside Saturday,

COLONIA - Rev. Robert J. Gentile. Pastor of the New Dover Methodist Thurch. was pleased to AVKNEI, - Fly-up ceremonies receive into fellowship the folwere _ celebrated by Brownie 1{Win| , n e w m e m b m at Sunday's Troop 147 with mothers of the viriv girls yitnepsing the event. After Hweived into fellow-ship were twn yearS in the Brownies, ten Florew* MacKensie Robort Do Margaret D» Ung. Geral{•iris have advanced to .lunioT their

.lime ]
II was announced by Gene Amy, president, that coin cards will be to each resident of the

TV Vi on

bus tvin in the Staten Island Zoo. haviiic liinrh at the zoo park Ac compiinyiiij: the girls yere: Mrs. William. Arjemi. leader: Mi's. Prior Gipliotli. assistant leader: Mis. lloitquin Fernando*, Mrs John -Lyons. Mrs. Francis Kablonski and Mrs. Raphael Cas- ^p\ ^ _ y^e i w ]j n Athletic se.so. Atlonding from the trmp w a , ,„„ (f were: Rosemary Marino, Kath> l v " l m • Kovacs. Cathy Pkhalski. Mary- Bojs and Pony Leagues* will beth Fischer, Dianne Vallillo. meet at Edison Bowl-0- Mat. Denise Fernandas, Barbara AT- Q^Y Tree Road, tonight at 8 jemi, Patricia Gigliotti. Judy Ly- o'ciock. ons. Dianna Miranda, Cathy Di Membership cards will be isLeo, Gail Mulligan, Dtnise Ka- sue d For insurance coverage, blonski, Patricia Cassese. Doreen!each member must have a card Paoioni, Tracy Vladk*, Donna Discussion will be held on ob Milano, Patricia McCarthy and taming a permanent meeting Ann Crownay. .place Those whip marched in the it is required that all managers Woodbridge Memorial Day pa- and coaches attend the meetinj rade were: Barbara Arjemi, Di-so that baseball schedules, team anne Vallillo, Denise Kabtonski.i standings and rained-out games Marybeth Fischer, Patricia Cas-! can be discussed. aese and Cathy Pichalski. | . America t cspybsra, whioh wetgnf p and some' Soft drinks of all types showed as much as 100 pounds an 8 per cent sales gain last year, times is four feet long. totaling 1.95 billion cases. A case If the skin of an adult wen consists of 24 eight-ounce bottles, spread out flat, it would covei or 192 ounces. about 18 square feet.

Iselin A, A. Meets Tonight

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SetsBalFDate COLONIA - The Women's Au* liary of the John F. Kennedy Community Hospital is making >lans for Its third annual holiday >all which will be held in the all as the major fund raising jroject of the year. Mrs. Edward Partenope, Coloiia, auxiliary president, Mid the iall has been set for Saturday, October 16. The big social event will be held in the Grand Ball room of the Hotel Astor in New York City. The theme Of the ball will be "Holiday in Old New York", with decorations and menu

ED FREY recommends



fifth fire district on or about .Tune IS and will be picked up hy a uniformed fireman at a date to be announced. The annual carnival, sponsored by the firemen, wiH be held July 5-m at the Avenel-Colonla First i match. Aid Squad grounds. Tickets will go on sale for *50 couple and $100 for those couple; who desire to be sponsors. The names of sponsors will appear on invitations to the ball. Mrs, Partenope said a general chairman and committees to AVENEL - Tomorrow, 7:30 handle arrangements for the bell P.M. the final meeting of the will be announced next week. season will be held by the Junior The October affair will be the High Fellowship of the First Pres- third holiday ball sponsored by me byterian Church with a surprise auxiliary. The ball has become an program planned for the evening. annual event, and has been sucRecreation will be held afterwards cessful both socially and finanin Westminister Hall until 10 P.M. cially A summer schedule is being The Roman Holiday Ball In phoned and parents who a n to give some time for this re tfcm are asked to contact the $17,000 to the auxiliary women, helping them to pay off their office.

Ynil r»tl r«ly a n Thitrher hntln[ lower furl ro.t. And r,7,,"' rely on ¥n, to the jou n „.»" live you mor« tnieiint V.I, \ t»rt wntk and . , | | l t u t | » •<


Fellowship Sets Final Meeting

PREPARING FOR RODKO: An aulo rodeo, sponsored by the Woodbridge Safety Council, will be held June 19 at thp Municipal Building parking lot from 10 am, to 4 p.m. Above, a police car takes a test on safety, using a double row of rubber ma rkers designed to test driver's ability to drive straight and also to drive straight in reverse.

Sunday Planned Troop to Hold Luau Scheduled CYO At St. John Vianney By Congregation Dad-Son Suppei

COLONIA - CYO Sunday at St. John Vianney Church will be AVENEL - The first social observed on June 20 Instead of [unction of the new fund-raising June 13 as previously scheduled. season of Congregation B'nai Ja- Members will attend the 12:15 cob- will be a luau, announced Mass and a meeting will be held Terry tHfcmr i « y s ««!• means afterwards. . .„ chairman. He stated the affair Seniors will graduate in caps will be held July 24 at the home and gowns with awards to be of Drf and Mrs. Abraham Roth- given to seniors and underclassman, 392 New Dover Road, Co- men. A beach party will be held Ionia. Featured will be moonlight Saturday at Island Beach. Any. d en- one interested in further inforswimming; refreshment and tertainment by talented members mation may contact Barbara Quinn, 382-0749. of the congregation. Reservations are limited and interested persons are asked to make them as. soon as possible with Mrs. Martin Litinger, Fu. 1-2246. The Bas Mitzvah of Jill Ann Greenspan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Murray Greenspan, 281 West ISELIN - A bus trip to the Hazelwood Avenue, Rahway will New York World's Fair will be be held tomorrow at 8:30 P. M. sponsored by St. Cecelia's PTA The youngster will assist with on Monday, June 21. services, conducted by Rabbi Phi- Tickets for adults, with a small lip Brand. The temple's choir, di- r fee for children, includes rected by Barney Lieb, will chant transportation and admission the liturgical prayers. Mr. and Tickets are available in the Mrs. Greenspan will be sponsors church office after all Masses of the Oneg Shabbot after the Sunday. services. Buses will leave St. Gecelia'i Saturday morning services are Church Parking Lot at 9 a.m. scheduled for pre-junior congre- and return at 9 p.m. Each child gation at 9:30 and junior con- must be accompanied by an gregation at 10. The Tallis and adult. g Teffilin class meets Sunday at 9:15 A. M. Construction in West Germany Daily worship services are held has just about overcome the at 6:45 A. M. home shortage caused l»y war de struction of a fifth of all dwell ings. Between 1949 and' 1963 Ger many built seven million- houainj units-^ record average of 10.! per 1,000 inhabitants.

Parochial PTA To Attend Fair

Woodbridge Oaks

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30,000 pledge toward the coffee hi the John F. K«nn«| The October ball .... auxiliary recently signed continue as ,p for a new ^30,000 pledge to revenue for al «y for the delivery room suite the new pledge

Remember, too, that tali heat ti diSJX &"•(—miuM

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-Herbert Klein, of Middletown, N, J., was a guest last week of Mr. and Mrs. William Cassidy, Wood Avenue. — Miss Linda Scank, Union Beach, was an overnight guest of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Cuthbertson, Oak Tree Roa|. Guests Sunday at the Cuthbertson's home were Mr. and Mrs. Otis R. Dougherty and sons, Keith and Kevin, Menlo Park; Robert Scank, Jr., and Linda, of Union Beach; and Robert C, Scank, Iselin,



ISELIN — The annual fatherson supper of Boy Scout troop 47 will be sponsored by the Moth- Children's,r day will be observed on Sunday er's Club «* Troop *r Saturday, Robertson, 7 p.m.; at Fellowship 'Ball, First preaching aT the :> aUd IT A.M. Presbyterian Church, 1295 Oak services. His sermon topic will be "Pay Attention". Tree Road. Members of the Explorer Post Dr. W. J. Beeners, professor of 47 will be invited as many of the speech at Princeton, will preach Explorer Scouts are past mem- at the 9 and 10 \M. services. His sermon topic wiH be "Whoever bers of Boy Scout Troop 47. Would Be Great". At a meeting of the Mother's Club held at the church, plans Open bouse will be conducted by the primary and junior dewere discussed for the annual partments and parents are invited trip for members and husbands to visit the Church School and to the Meadowbrook Dinner- then attend church with their rheater, Cedar Grove, in the Fall, :^V). Students of the third grade Mrs. Thomas Bowen, president, will receive Bibles at this time. esuested that all outstanding Monday from 8 to 9:30 P.M quarter booster sheets, with mon- there will be an adult advisors ies, be submitted to her, or Mrs. meeting which will Include a reStewart Grotz, treasurer, at the view of last season's programs earliest possible date. and recommendations for the The Mother's Club will not meet coming season. luring the summer months. Meet ings will be resumed October 6, Largest U. S. state capital, in 3 p.m., in Room 6 itfth Mrs. Bow- terms of population, 1* Boston, en as hostess. • Mass.

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... (E.B.) - Carteret Press Thursday, June w , 1966 Culver City, fa aouth western Los Angeles County, Calif., ranks with Hollywood in production of motion pictures.

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Wilma Reid, David Shaw, Paul FVflaon. The brideh t Jacob of RMgcfMd art Jetty On-Dnifi, Stenxtl, Wayne Steimling, Robgroom,, a 1966 graduate of W«odKdwy of Shrewsbury, court) of ert W. Thompson, William Van brldge High School, tarrcd wtth the bridegroom the U. s. Air Force for four y o n . Bramer, Leonard Williams, and The bride U a graduate of He U employed by the America* Lynn Yelle. WoodbrWge High School, d a n Mineral Spirit* Division of Pun Adults Include Mrs. Evangeline of 19*1. and Is employed by Sav-Oil, Carteret. Brooks, Mrs. Helen Kiss, Mrs, FORDS - At a double ring crystal and pearls. Flowers were Donald Craig, James Higgins, ceremony Saturday afternoon at a cascade of white Fuji mums Mr, and Mrs. George Rathgebcr, surrounding an orchid Mr. and Mrs, Frederick Oakley, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Miss Beverly Harned, Mr. and Miss Linda May Pry, daughter o( Miss Carol Pry, Edison sister Mrs. Harold Barr, Mr. and Mrs.Mr. and Mrs, Joseph J, Pry, 41of the bride, was maid of honor. WHOLE8ALK AND RETAIL Thomas J, MacDonald, Miss Vir- Hickory Street, Edison, became Bridal attendants were Mi** lion the hridc of Walter Timothy Burna Stevens, Fords, cousin of the ginia Barton, Mrs. Charles Hubor, FEIED FISH TO TAKE OUT EVERY FRIDAY dash, son of Mrs. Charles Bur bride; Miss Margaret Ihival of and Warrpn Donnelly. Phone in Your Order — ME 4-0743 dash, 1B5 Mary Avenue. The Rev.Edison and Mrs. Jerry Hlckey of The Rev. Alex N. Nemeth an- Eldon R. Stohs, pastor, officiated. Shrewsbury, cousin of the bride HOME MADE CLAM CHOWPKR nminrod the schedule for the week The bride, given in marriage groom. Flower girl was Joan includes Church School and by her father wore a floor Stevens of Fords, cousin of the Adult Class, Sunday, 9:30 A.M.;length gown of silk linen with bride. Baptism at the 11 A.M. service; Venice lace sleeves, scoop neck Martin Rurdas of Parlin, brothPresbytery meeting, Tuesday, i and a Watteau train. Her three- er of the bridegroom, was best K the Woodbrldft* Area Over SI Years" P.M., and cancer dressing group tier fingertip French illusion veil man. Ushers were Howard Adams, 96 Main Street "wj» *™* Woodbrldge June 16, 10 A.M. was attached to a head-piece ol Edison, cousin of the bride; Char-

Double Ring Ceremony United Couple Saturday



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AL NORMAN -1156 E. JERSEY ST,EUZABETH - Opp. Elizabeth Carteret Hotel Warm, humid days throw baby into a tiny of discomfort. Use soft puffs of eolton to powder In ercascs of tummy, legs and arms after baby's bath. An occastonal dusting with baby powder during the day also cuts down on discomfort from prickly heat. WE AKK IN u BUSINESS TO SAY I





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WOODBRIDGE - At the morning worship services on Sunday, young people and 16 adults joined the First Presbyterian Church, The Session presented the young • Under 2} • Frertoui C»n-( people with a book, "Everyday [cMUtion. • Cue.. Llmltt Aitll-, iibu • An* Dtlnr • An* Ait Prayers." • Lort L 1 M M » »•"*"•< Members of the communicants' . in.uranct to Maiteta <*M\ yuan, I MOI. to PAT clan included Carol Anneaa, Diane Barton, Elmer Barton, LOW RATE* rOR IATI DR1VIRI Barbara Cadwalader, Carol ChiuOm iccldmt or n o u - OKI OUB LOW RATISt WB n p - solo, Bruce Eppensteiner, Donna mtMt T U V I L t U m i . CO. Hannon, Connie Hilton, Connie * othnn. Ivan, John Ivan, Laurie Johnson, Kiesling, Susan Kravitz, David Martin, Patricia Mattos, Frederlit Cypmi Dr., ColonU CALL JS2-UH ick Mlkkelsen, Donnie Moss, Linrrom 1 AJH, - « TM, da McCabe, Eileen Petersen, Sus1 DATS an Pirrong, Barbara Rathgeber,


"Our 42nd Year of Uninterrupted Service To Our Community" it MAIN OFFICE * 20 Cooks Avenue, Carterct

ttmUt «f Html

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100 to( JTfSO

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M M ' » IATISTI BOXBl SHO|TI WhltM and colort,


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(R.B.) - Cari.orp| Thursday, June 10, 1065


CountyCommitteemen ""if—Jg^i" addressed the scouts participating were: Co- Council Program Chairman, who a son to the audience, enleen Dale. Virginia Faraklas, Ann Elect New Officers group thanking them for coopera1 • Gaffney, Nancy Genz, Marie Hoff- titled","* ^ Wider Still". Uon in the past and asking for COLONIA ~ At a meeting last on hundred per cent cooperation man, Melissa Jurusz. Diane Lordi, Cadette Troop 332 presented a ; f . , 1 1 T « r » n n j ] n week, election electio of officersforthein the general election. He also Mary and Nancy Mahon, Carol scene typical of acts performed; L a II 1 0 mnaOa-week. at the Cadettes Under Canvasl , Fifth Ward Democratic County asked the group to support the Signore, and Maureen Trenery. event last month at Jamesburg. ISE1JN Rabbi Norman Klein- rjommitteenvin and Committee- Fourth of July picnic to be conScotUdh Dance the Greater Colonia Organization was conductTroop 141, with Mrs. O'Donnell, Some of the girls typyfytag Beat- man. Congregation Beth Sholotn, woman org will ed by William K.lgall.n, i Democratic Club at Merrill Park leader, Mrs. William Gibson, and niks sang "If 1 Had a Hammer". a n n < ) U n ( . e d S a b h a t n Other girls stowed the Beatniks , ., . , „ {, man. 1 h e l t I a l l h eT e m p l e ISKUN - A Girl Scout Rally.)Mrs. Vincent King, co-leaders, ' ^ t o o p c r ! Re-elected to serve as Ward Welcomed to the group were what fun they theyhad as Girl Scouts.I * ••R.illj f o r Roundup" was held|performed a dance from Scotland Avenue, tomorrow, 8 p.m. Can-, chairman w ; , s Mrs. John Miller, newly elected Committeewomen N i h ] t the th tune, t " F t i ' in i the In the end the Beatniks wanted Saturday by the troops off Neigh-]to "Ftoamin' to be scouts. Mrs, Betty Ruby is tor Dr. Norbert Kastner will Others elected arc Thomas Pe Mrs. Frank Seitj and Mrs. Yale horhood 6. Crossroads Council of!Gloamin'". Participating were: trucci vice chairman: Mrs. Wil-. A b r a m s and Committwman wist Cir! Scouts, to climax the scmit-|Pntty Matthews. Mary Adamski, leader of the troop. A friendship badge was pre-j Rabbi Kleinman announced the "«»- Scharff. secretary, and Phi- Frank Piserchia. Diana Tedeschi, Diana Vesey, Beinp year. verly Lynch, Ann Carrol, Joanne sented to Mrs William Hollander, topic of his sermon will be "SamThe opening Flag Ceremony Siwak, Carol Zlpfel. and Maureen program consultant I son's Weakness?" Candles will was conducted by Cadette Troop Miss Mitchell spoke on the |be lighted at B: 10 p.m. Uretta Roman. Senior Girl Cuthbertson. Roundup, which will take place Via The Mailbaff. The Bas-Mitzvah of Roberta Scout, who will be representinR; Troop 186. with Mrs. I. P. SiJuly 15 to 28. when 9,ffoO girls Electrician's Mate Fireman j- r o M ii»di Council at the 1965'wak, leader, and Mrs .1. Zipfel, and 2,ono adult advisors will re- Helalne Cohen, daughter of Mr. John A Gioiella, USN, son of S(,ni01. Q|ris t o u t Roundup in Far-co-leader, danced the Italian Ta- present troops trorn all over the and Mrs. A. Cohen, will take Mr, and Mrs. Arthur D. Gioiella. n K U , Idaho (his summer, intro- rantella in costume. They also United Sfales and Territories. She place at services. 2K Standish i ' O _. Place, lselin, is Scout's Own. . ... sang "It's a Small. Small World" ^ a Rainbow eTthe choo^in o i ? d * J***,****. 9:»*.«.. aboard the destroyer ISS Noa conducted by the Cadettes. in Italian,, and then in English. gates nntl alternates She dis- *"» & » Aliynh for a wedding, g OR with the Sixth Fleet in the Med- Tnp Kleinman. after two of a ]Participating were: Deborah Bar- played a "pot latch", which was! ***** rett, Mary Ann Burbella. Mary iterranean. . . Casimir T. Capik, can( ]i e .||ght ceremony. made by Council troops for exyears as head of the Congiega Three 5 Clum Avenue, Fords, has been g , Joanne Pratt, Jo- change with other troops in an Uon, will depart next month to ^ represented the G Girl Ellen Smaguln, Th Fk 111U1<111 named to help direct th* 1965 ^ w u i p, ,r„o m, „i M _ i, "On „ my _, honor, I. anne D'Angel. _ l Theresa „,„„„„ They are vari- assume his new position at ConFranks, Indian ceremonv. "Day or Evening gregation Adath Israel of Toronmembership drive of the Middle- w i l | ^ t 0 d o m y d u t y to GodL > ndil 0 Donnell, and Susan Hin-j ous h a n d . m a ( i e 1 ; to, Canada. Rabbi and Mrs. sex County Chapter of the Na-ana - m v countrs-, to help other IB* Kleinman have a son, Marlon tional Football Foundation and p e o p l e , and to obey the; Troop 294, with Mrs. Frank• Bram. Hall of Fame. . . Martin Carl G j r i scout Laws." The first candle Stanski, leader, and Mrs. John Weisman. son of Mr. and Mrs. represented the duty of the girl:Boyle' co-leader, performed a | Typewriting — Shorthand — Accounting Burnet Weisman, 93 Ethel Street, ^out to God as Creator of all Japanese ceremonial tea dance, WRITE or TELEPHONE for Starling D»l«s M«nlo Park Terrace, has been things, an omnipotent Father of each girl dressed in authentic named to the dean's list at Ohio all creatures. The second candle i style. Dancers were, Mary Ann NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J. NEWARK, N. J. Holy Name Sunday Wesleyan University. . , Seaman symbolized the love of country Golia, Gail Skelly, Dana Murray, COLONIA - Colonia Chapter of j 17 Livingston Avenue 571 Broad Street Women's American O.R.T. will Janet Gromadski, Elaine Marvin, AVENEL Sunday will be Frank B. Campagna. USN. son which encircles love of neighbor Tel. 2«-O347 Tel. 642-7585 of Mr and Mrs. Edward L a n d fellow men regardless of!Mary Ann J a m e s , Kathleen hold its regular meeting, tonight Holy Name Sunday and the Campagna, US Trento Street, race, creed, or color,. The third Sheilds, Deborah Lyons, and Carol at Temple B'nai Jacob, Lord Knights of Columbus will join the PASSAIC, N. J. ELIZABETH, N. J. Street. Avenel. Holy Name Society in receiving lselin is serving aboard the am-candle portrayed the very basic Giglio. 654 Main Avenue 9 Caldwell Place Highlighting the evening will be communion at the 8: is A.M. munition ship USS Nitro, de- code of Girl Scouting, that is, the Troop 162, with Mrs. J. CzajTel. 777-1144 Tel. 352-5509 the viewing of the chapter's co- Mass at St. Andrew's Church. kowski, leader, and Mrs, Kay p i ^ d with the U.S. SecondUen Girl Scout Laws. NO. PLAINFIELD, N. J. veted silver candlesticks. Tlie ORANGE, N. J. Tuesday, 8 P.M. the Society will Fleet to the Caribbean Sea fori Ten candles of various colors PfiBter, co-leader, presented a chapter was awarded the candle 46 Pearl Street 310 Main Street operations. Before returning to were lighted as the laws were re- German dance. Participating sticks for enrolling the highest conduct an official reception Tel. 756-0344 Tel. 673-405B ceremony for new members at were: Linda Caron, Linda Ciajher home port at Davisville, R.I.,cited. percentage of "guardian mothers" »pprt>T«l bj The gut* ol Mew Jert»j D«j>t. ol Mutation IBtro'a crew members are sched- Loretta Roman and Suzanne kowski, Donna Dafgek, Lynn Jen- to chapters having comparable the church with he Rev. John uled to make a port call at SanMitcbeU, delegates to the Round- kins, Margaret Jones, Mary Ca- number of members. By choosing Egan officiating. Juan, Puerto Rico. . . Dawn Maz- up, were special guests. After rol Nolter, Madeline Pfister, Kath- to become a "guardian mother" a zella and Creigbton Pfiefer, Co- the candle-light ceremony they leen Ryan, Arlene Skulnick, Mi- woman supports a child in an lonia; enjoyed a trip to the led the Brownies of the three chele Tomczyk, and Barbara O.R.T. school, in every phase of World's fair and rode the AMFareas in singing "The Brownie Welsh. his life - ranging from medical Smile Son", "Girl Scouts ToMonorail. Spanish Program care, clothing, food and onward gether", and "The Little Red Ca- As a climax to the International to education. boose". At the Typewriter: i theme, Troop 161. with Mrs, Mrs. Arnold Beerman. president Albert H. Price, Princeton, Junior Girl Scout Troops of James Kilker, leader, and Mrs. will introduce the newly elected Area Three presented a program Robert Thompson, co-leader, pre- fficers and chairmen. former assistant treasurer of the Honson Corporation, Woodbridge, with an international theme, em- sented Spain. Two girls, Carol has been elected controller of phasizing the sameness of girls all Stamp and Maureen Sehoeb, danc- First bird ever domesticated the corporation, it was announced over the entire world. Mr. J. J. ed a Spanish meringo, using ma~ }y man probably was the domBuild 0-Moi Som-U-MMtl today by Louis V. Aronson, II, O'Donnell, Junior Troop Consul- racas. A bullfight was staged by estic chicken. president. . . Sidney A. Frankel, tant, was master of ceremonies Debbie Traynor and Dorothy AbiSwvM-UBtst! Edison Township, has been Troop 101, with Mrs. Walter Ju- tanto. They all danced to Spannamed the Outstanding' Young rusz. leader, presented a Polish ish music, with Debbi Textores dance in authentic costume. Girl joining them. 0v« 22,000 h m in Stock! Democrat in New Jersey by the Miss Roman spoke about the New Jersey Young Democrats . . . Hospital Corpsman Third The captain entered the Army in encampment, called All-State, held Class Charles P. Regenye, USN,June 1961 and has served in each year in which Girl Scouts son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Europe, A member of Lambda Chi from Crossroads Council may Alpha fraternity he was graduated participate. A girl must be at Regenye, 1594 Oak Tree Road, from John Muir High School, Pa- least 16 years of age, and not yet lselin, served with a battalion sadena, Calif, and received hi^ graduated from high school. She landing team of the 4th Marine bachelor of arts degree from Normust have previously planned and Expeditionary Brigade, in Santo wich University, Vermont, in 1961carried out certain projects with Domingo, Dominican Republic. The owners of radio station other girl scouts. This year the CTC, New Brunswick, Peter A. All-State is being held in Western At Random: flordes and Joseph L. Rosen- North Carolina. Previous enMiss Diana Jean Belmonte, 31 liller, have purchased Station campments were held in WashPershing at Summit Avenue, won the Nurse LI-FM. Babylon, N. Y. In ington, California, Tennessee, and prize at the annual graduation ay they acquired WGSM, Hun-Maryland, Randolph dinner-dance of Union Junior Col- Jigton, L. I. They also hold a Joanne Critelli, Cadette Girl lege last Thursday night at Twin ontrolling interest in radio sta-i Scout from Troop 313, introduced CARTERET Brooks Country Club, Watehung. ion WESO, Southbridge, Mass. ..'Mrs. Betty Felmly, Crossroads Stiss Belmonte, a student nurse !tt Perth Amboy General Hospital, '-• the daughter of Mr. and Mrs " Iward Belmonte. She is a grad •'te of Woodbridge Senior High Viool . . . Arthur F. Winstanley, 162 Carteret Street, Port Reading, received a certificate in art in the annual graduation exercises of The Cooper Union, New York, last night . . . Woodbridge students were among the 1,000 winners of the 1965-66 Lincoln Center Student awards, according to an announcement made yesterday by Mark Schubart, executive director of the Lincoln Cen ta? Fund. The students^ who will be seniors next Fall will be guests ol Lincoln Center at six performances. They will include the New AMERICA'S FINEST CUSYork- Philharmonic, New York TOM-FINISHED S H I R t City Ballet, Repertory Theatre of LAUNDERING AT AMERILincoln Center and New York 10' mtioni, MKKMI* CA'S LOWEST PRICE City Opera Company. The local Undoubtedly, this is the 1 pmf, 2 mill. students included Carol Henry, perfect combination for Carolyn Covino, Joanne Fertig, thrifty, quality - conscious, Woodbridge Senior High School homemakers. AND IT'S and Laura Li&tnti, Middlesex YOURS RIGHT NOW AT County Vocational and Technical MOREY LA RUE'S CONHigh School. 1x2 VENIENT WOODBRIDGE STORE! Genuin*

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John R. Sehein, 31 Larchmont Road, Fords, was presented with the Distinguished Alumnus Award at the 18th annual dinner dance held by Rutgers University College Alumni Association Saturday in Washington House, North Plainfield. Sehein is director of Industrial and Public Relations for the U. S. Metals Refining Company in Carteret . . . Woodbridge Area Chamber of Commerce has been busy recently honoring plants. Last week, attended a breakfast at the RCA plant where a multi-color plaque, a tribute to employes for their Writ in space age equipment was uaveiied. Thursday the Chamber hwored the Reading Railroad at a luncheon at the Brass Bucket on the occasion of the presentation of the President's " E " certificate for export service to the railroad.j i

IfO$t But Not


If»l But Not Least Commissions in the Army, Ai Forcp and Marine Corps as se" ^ d ; lieutenants were presented -*'-rday to Rutgers College Sen•« who graduated that night ' ' -I recipients were John Rak •"> Francis Avenue, Woodbridge ~rr>v Richard Buickerood, 17 > ' "N*I:IIW1 Place, Woodbridge, Ai "ora- mi Joseph Ur, 41 Freeman £reet. Army . . Pvt. Jame E. lottw, who«e wife, Jane, live *t 588 Rahway Avenue, Wood compiled a 12-wt*k radio and carrier operation course enllibnnt p Pm * MM Army Souflnwrteru o. Git ftprf Sdwoi, rort OoiOoo fl* it O» o n u< Wr am X. Otttm M W-mtridf • m i graduate

mi school


. . 4 « t . * n r a r t M. j Me

. *. am d * . mA m* offlrw arknta Itw* Army V'.nu Hl»,\ Kyi ' I - ' , m - l .









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indopendent-Lcader (E.B.) - Carteret Press Thursday, June 10, 1965

Holy Family Is Scene Of liodnar-Varga Bridal (


WeddingsMarkffighlightOfWeek'sSocial Affairs

,.j.;i _ Miss Patricia! Miss Merle Buck of Washing \ ,ni:;i. daughter of Mr. and ton. 1). C._ was m.iid of honor. Th( ,„_. 1H Pine Street hrktewnnids were Miss . , „ „ „ 1:'MI Vnrga KlatcV Held ..•idi- of Joseph John Totin Of Ciirteret, Miss .Jacqueline r Ky School I2P.T.O., ,if Mr. slid Mrs. Jo .... - - , .! " South Amhoy and Miss .Inn-. 24 Kdwin StreetjSus.in I)rl;ih.inty of EtJison. - . . "koffce •»,..«• Mm -n SKWAHRN-A klatch"! i. i'\!inily Roman CathO-i Serving as nrsl man was Thorn-'"1' mntl'i'i's of the newly register;r(l i Saturday at i P.M. as Kix'h. Ushers wore Hruce Wakimlerpmlen children was held M dink, Melvin[| iTWUH.n.Wt*ivi Stnnczewski of12 with officers \n~ ' " •' nialowaremk < ' K i i \ r w a i L/,llK .and tllu " i n i \tt III 11 M and UNd double ring cere- John Varpa, brother h of the hridr *'^<'cutive hoard memhers of the. I r.11 nf ("'-i-t^...! ' P T f i n,. U**i 'all of Carteret. "TO as hostesses. • I in (tic altar by her? Mrs, Bodnnr. u graduate of M r s •)|)S('P'1 Segreto. president, ,,,. liriilr wore a RownjCarteret High School and C h i l e s ! W l c o m i ' ( 1 ln(v mothers and m„ HI liNituring un empire E- Gregory School <>f Nursing,itroducwl Mrs. Elizabeth NIKY \i,ne ,kirt. elbow length Perth Amboy General Hospital! ^'"''"''P11'. wtll> presented die fa-! id Jct'ves and a de- is employed as a resiston-d nurse', ( U " y m i ' m l ) p rs to the Kruup Mrs. ,' dnnel length train ap-!by Alexian Brothers Hospital, ^'"'f-'"1'1'1 Taylor, kinderr, irien. .teacher and Mrs. (iertrml'1 ''onHi Alciinm lare. A c*!us- Elizabeth cannon, nurse, addressed Hi • pa,i itrhinc Alewon lare an- A graduate of Carteivi lli^h rents. iLiiiied in a floral pat-;School, Mr. Bixlnar attends HutI her three tier elbow, gers I'nlvi-rsity. He is employed NKW~ ARKIVU . ,,l imported silk il-'by the Itich M.imif.icliirinn Corp (UnTHFr' t «„„ » i „ P , ,-:,rrl«l a cascade of Elizabeth , , , d ,s a ^ of .,, Mr !n!{ Mrs" Itanahl M H v d ^ 1 L




( l l M I V ' ^

• ••••5

^ - > * w

- -~


-<••-'*•••* i

w i

t m .

| M IWl'


"' " " —

•- " m . \ i



Miss Sabo Weds; Will Roberta Podsobinski Reside In Grand Bahama Weds Andrew S. Toth

Miss Patrica M. Varga Wed toJoseph J. Bodnar

CARTERET - Miss Roberta; Frank Toth, cousin of the brideCAHTEKET - Miss Joyce Eml- The bridegroom, a graduate of Podsobinski, daughter of Mr. and! groom of Iselin, and James Toth, CARTERET—A pretty wedding of Nui'sing. She is employed a s lie Sabo, daughter of Mr. and Fort Lauderdale High School, Flo- Mrs, Walter Podsobinski, 45 cousin of the bridegroom of Wood- took place Saturday afternoon at registered nurse by Alexian BrothI Mrs. Ernest Sabo, 223 Washing- rida, is employed as chief purser Wheeler Avenue became the bride 2 o'clock in the Holy Family ers Hospital. The bridegroom bridge, 'ton Avenue, became the bride on M/S Grand Bahama. Church, when Miss Patricia M. also graduated from Carteret High recently of Andrew S, Toth, son The bride, a graduate of Car.recently of Robert McGregor Varga, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.School in the class of 1960. atof Police Sgt. and Mrs. Andrew J. teret High School, is employed by , Wright, son of Robert M. Wright, John Varga, 18 Pine Street, this tended Rutgers University at New Toth, 35 Thornall Strreet, at the Merck & Co., Rahway in the !West End. Grand Bahama Is- Carnival h Feature borough became the bride of Brunswick and is employed by Holy Family Roman Catholic public relations department. land, Bahamas at the First ConJoseph J. Bodnar, son of Mr. andthe Rich Manufacturing Company Church. Rev. Melvin J. StanczewAt Pickwick Meeting gregational Church, Woodbridge. ski officiated at the double ring The bridegroom, a graduate of Mrs. Joseph Bodnar, 24 Edwin of Elizabeth \l \ \ MMKS J. U'KAI'H JR. CAROL MKNDA Carteret High School, is a mem-Street. The Rev. Melvin StanczeThe Rev. Johnson officiated at WOODBRIDGE - A "house- ceremony. > ber of the U. S. Army Reserve in ski performed the double ring cewife's de-frustration carnival" !W DKi.KlvKS AT RIDER: Thrtr Carlrrri rmidrnts were awarded drxrecs at'Rutgers Col- the double ring ceremony. Escorted to the altar by her Nixon. He is a patrolman on theremony. Belilz Is Given The bride, given in marriage by was featured at Pickwick Club's father, t h r bride w p $ -ftntffant Carteret Police Force. meeting Monday home rv. Alan C. l U b w , N « „. at the , . t . „of organza gown trimmed • with ChanMiss Merle Buoh of WashingHuber, m Bernard Street, Bachelor of her father, wore a p$u de soie . . . Bachelor Degree 6 8 Sherra ton, D. C. was maid of honor. The ^ ' * l t h M r s ' tilly lace; A double'cfflWB of' lace ii ; n c in rnmmriTf; Jan** J. iAikach, son of Mr, and Mrs. James l.ultach Sr., 31 Grant gown with crystal and seed pearl ^ . t ' i ™ John Petrpcy as co-hostess. CARTERET - Jeffrey Belitz, and pearls was attached to a twobridesmaids were: Miss JacqueMAPURANO HOES i:.i< hrlor of Arts. He mafcrfd in biitary ; u d CiiNl M. Menda, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. studding, featuring a full bustle line Dowling, South Amboy, Miss 22, of 66 Cooke Avenue, Carteret, train. A three-tier retting was Winnenr'Wthe games were Mrs. tier pure silk illusion veil. She ;> (hriniopbw Sutti, A n w l a t r k Arta D e n « « . She majored In Mcreturid science. CARTERET - Funeral services Susan Delahanty, Edison and Mrs.was awarded the Bachelor of Busiattached to a crown of crystal Robert Stafflian, Mrs. Howard carried a cascade of white ear ness Administration degree by and seed pearl. She carried a cas-Eshleman, Tin. Erwin Peterson, nations and stephanotis centered *«!,'!l d . f ° I , ^ h o ] ? ^ w . .J.Vera Totin, this borough. Mapurano, 4 Oakwood Avenue on Thomas Koch, this borough was Pace College, New York City, at COMMENCEMENT SET Mrs, Frank Buchold, Mrs. Sher- with a white orchid, cade of white roses. June 3 at 8:00 A.M. at Synowiec- best man. Ushers were John Var- its 57th Commencement Fjxercises rard and His. Petrocy. CARTEHET - Commencement The maid of honor was Miss The president, Mrs. Eshleman, Miss Mary Clark, of Sewaren, ki F l Carteret Rebert Bialowarciuk and held Monday evening, June 7, at was the bride's maid of honor. Lynne Sabo, sister of the bride, exercises of the Carteret High Wadiak, all this borough, Carnegie Hall. appointed Mfs. Dflniel Ogden and The bridesmaids were Miss Janice Avenue and at 9:30 A.M. at St of Carteret, The bridesmaids were School will be held Wednesday, mama as gkeomPodsobinski,, sister of the bride. |
I//V,s Toryak Is Bride

^ ?» f ? ^

Attention, HOMEOWNERS!

•nd elbuw lenjfth1 y r cbcrepon, a graduate of limn of pearl* h e l d : p ^ Xrtlbor Hign School, sewed -ilk illusion veil.!(„ the U. S. Air Force for four cascade of carna-jyears, 14 months of which were ' spent in Viet Nam. He is em- U i.'irun

Mass Marks imsoi-Fields Bridal


Ming Katherineiford. Mrs. Allen Graussam '"tiT of Mrs. Michael Linden, Miss Muriel SuttoD u •' «f 634 Koosevelt Hah way, cousin of the bride and ' »><• late Mr. Fields, Miss Matherine Farrell o( CarWilliam Dusesoi, son teret, holf-sister of the bride:ll « Karrel of 71 Ar-groom. 1 were united in mar- Mr. Donald Ryan of Carteret ""piiiil Mass Saturday served as best man. Ushering "I'li's Roman Catholic were 'Charles Wpodhull, Robert "' Rfv. Patrick M. Masio, Ted'Niemiee, all of Car-t '•'•'t«i at the double teret, and f h u m a i Howe of Man"»> and celebrated the ville, cousin of t te bridegroom. s I The bride-is a graduate of C a j '"•i'-ortwl to the altar; t e r e t ' "tghjk'hool and Wood Se^Bernard Godfrey, retarial School, New York C l t | . •lure a gown of peau She is ennploywl as a secretary " " " h fiown appliqued by the Air Reduction Co., Inc.. 11 "*' waist and fea-New York City. Mr. Dusesoi, a graduate of ;"*>P neckline, long II a detachable chapel Carteret High School, served three years in the U. S. Army in Ger""'•I'tienjxl hand-rolled many. He attends Rutgers Uni'•" *»'il was attaohed to versity, New fcrunsyvick, and is 1 •"•«>* 1'iUbox aicented employed as office manager by •'I'l''"^^. She carried the Universal Cyclop* Steel Co. III ''aniationa and lilies Springfield,' "l! 'entered with a white

ilM . (


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KUMMAGK SALE "• 'natron of honor for CAKTERET - A ruramuge sale *•£ Mrs. Joseph How will be held by (he Carteret Lions attendants* were Club., ,, .June, r vlMU „ at UI1C .it) ll( the Slovak Club, of New Mil- Peishing Avenuf.


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Independent-Leader (E.B.) - Cartcrct Prw, Thursday, June 10

Rev. Sidener To Serve As Missionary


Holy Name Great HoSiors Graduate, Cody Wins Three AwardsChurch Is To Present Dedicated Jerry Tomon

1SRLIN - Reverend Roger n COLONIA - Edward James Sidpner, pnstor of the First I'rcs! Cody. 1W Colonia Boulevard, who Interim) Church of Iselin, ar4 ISELIN - Rev. Frederick D was "radiiated Magna Cum Laude his family are leaving on WiMncsEide District Superintendent ofl from Saint Peter'* College, Sunday, June 16, for the mission the New Jersey District of the day, was awarded three separate field, after serving the ciNai ISELIN — Jerry Tomon. the Assemblies of God, officiated at medal!; and an award at that tion n.i pastor for five and one I "one man show of - show-busi commencement. (he dedication services for the half years. j-nMs," will be the special guest He won the Hart Medal. The rebuilt Iselin Assembly of God f speaker at the annual Commun- iRankin Medal, The Fallnn Medal' Rev. Sidener, his wife .loyre Church held Sunday afternoon. lion Breakfast of St. Cecelia's [and The John F. Kennedy Award. and their t h r e e daughters Special guests were Rev. Wil '- Holy Name Society, Sunday, ac Knren, Jeanne, and Ruth, will d liam Kirby, Ajax, Ontario, CanThe Hart Medal (in honor of, cording to George O'Brien, presi ^ to Montreal, North Carolina, (or ada and Rev. Alton Richardson Vincent J. Hart, S. J., ; a six week's orientation program of Englewood, N.J., forfnei dent. former President) Is awarded an and then will leave at the ?M pastors of the church. Rev. H. E In tiling of the comedian's ap- -ajiiy to tbe Bachelor to Science of the summer for Costa RjCilt Dawe of the Glad Tidings Assem pwrance Mr. O'Brien, said. Saduate with the highest average They will undertake a nine bly of Perth Amboy was also 'U«rry Toman Is an unusuallr]for the four-year Social Science month's language study course at guest. talented, exciting personallty, course. the Institute de Lengua Kspanol Mrs. Dawe sang "Bless This who started his career In show- The Rankin Medal, donated by in San Jose. After completing House," accompanied by Paul business as a radio announcer the Alumni to honor the memory this language study course, they Fischle, pianist. and disk-jockey. Shortly there- of Reverend R. Rush, S. J . is will be stationed in Campeohi A fellowship social was held after he did a one-man, did a o n ,six awarded annually to the graduate a Province, Yucatan Peninsula, afterwards for members of the character radio show five times wkh the highest average in PhilMexico. congregation and guests. osophy. 8 week." A special series of evangelistic After serving as an announcer The Fallon Medal, donated by A graduate of Westfield Hi;h services are being held in the ... thflr work, in all medial, for ta amatair art dis- School and Lafayette College, in tor W.M.C.A., New York, JerryReverend Francis B. Fallon '19, EDWARD J. CODV in memory of Reverend Joseph P. church, continuing until tomordid a standard vaudeville act conAMATEUR ART WEKK: Sohiml children. r princlpal, Darlent I/iwf>. Barbara ~ Easton, Pennsylvania, the Rev. sisting of comedy, mimicry, and Fallon '16, is awarded annually to i graduating clasTwho demo demonstrat- row, June 11, by Rev. Harry J. play at School 17, Colonia. U'fl to ri^ht. Arlene Kahn, Mrs. William Mr. Sidener graduated (mm the graduate with the highest liti , song, playing theatres in New ed qualities off leadership and Stell, of South Gate, Calif. Rev. Princeton Seminary with a Bathaverage in Theology over the four Steil is an author and speaker. Henri character during his college ca-York City and throughout the elor of Divinity, and liter receivyear coarse. Services are held at 7:45 p.m. 7 p reer and who has maintained acaj entire United States. ed his Master of Theology there. The John F. Kennedy Award, R H W S h b Harry W. Schaumburg Rev. demic excellence in the fields of j Ha has acted as H.C. for hunRtr«nmd Sidaaer initiated r « . | sponsored by the Kaane History History and Political Science. pastor, announced services for dreds of stage shows and has Society and. the Saint Thomas ular Protestant worship wn,'irei Cody is the son of Mr. and M n Sunday, June 13, are: 9:*5 a.m., I played hotels, night dubs, and More Political Science Forum, is on Sunday! at the New Jersey Sunday School, with ten classes ! state f a i n with such stars as 257 Middlesex Turnpike, wai Home for Disabled Veteran* n from Nursery through Adult; 11 Guy Lombardo, Raymond Scott, COI-ONIA - On June 16th, a.m., Morning Worship Service; awarded a $100 Savings Bond in1 James, Fred Waring, ; Harry U a.m. Children's Church, for 8:30 P.M., Temple Beth Am, the D T A D *A * ' an essay contest at the annual Protestant Chaplain for the Horn*. Sammy Kaye, and Charlie Spivak. boys and girls two through eight Jewish Community Center of Co-1 1 A CTCSluCIuS meeting and wind up dinner of theH« b a t b a n a member U th» Tie has also appeared with John years of age; and 7 p.m., EvanGreater Woodbridge Ministenil Wayne, Bert Lahr, Gordon Mac Ionia, will hold it eighth annual Middlesex County Heart Associagelistic Crusade Service. The Assoclatloii, > member of th« , rae, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Coninstallation of officers. | church nursery will be available, tion. nie Francis. Local Committee tor Decent litunder supervision, during the 11 The combined Boards of the ISELIN - The Parent-Teacher Liebowta, son of the late Mr. a.m. Worship. Congregation, Sisterhood and! Leibowits is a tenth grade honor erature, chairman of th* ComMENLO PARK TERRACE Men's Club will be installed by,Presidents' Council of Wood- roll student at John F. Kenned; mittee of Interpretation mj Other activities and services The marriage of Miss Josephine Harry Mandel, past president o f . b d ^ Township held election and High School. He is active in Stu-Stewardship (or the Eliubetb for for the week of of June 13, 3, i include: c d Jean Tobia, daughter of Mr. and Monday, 6:30 p.m., M Missionettes, i i t t dent Council, and U» debating presbytery, • member of Uw Mrs. Armando Tobia, 17 Ethel junior and senior units; Tuesday, Street, and Peter Andrew Repack, team. Committee (or Church Vocation, Herskowito and Mrs. David! ^^ Thursday in the Board of 8 p.m., Congregational C t i l P Prayer !son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank ReEdward A, Partenope. 363 Chick, Serving on the committee ter, Meeting; Wednesday, 7:45 p.m. pack, 148 Pennsylvania Avenue, Chick, .'serving on « » L-uumm.«~ — . " « " » » - J »J_MA h Shlk Mrs Irv . Bible Study; Thursof! Faculty for Hopelawn, was solemnized Saturare Mrs. Arthur Sholk, Mrs. lrv- Education Room of the Admlnisday at St. Cecelia's Church, Ise- at Temple Beth Am, tomorrow, day, Women's Missionary CounYoung People's Association Woodbridge. lin, with the Rev. J. J. Gerety David Schoenberg. ' -Rabbi • • ' Abraham cil, 7:30 p.m., and Friday, 7:30, nelly, Frand* C. Foley, Vincent Mn. Sidener is ths form* 8:30 P.M., by bl i Installed were: Mn. Frank C. Christ's Ambassadors, youth Officers of the Congregation to i officiating at the double ring ce- Horvto. Veneiia, Mn. Edward A. Parteni .. be installed are President, Mur- fyke, president; Mrs. Eugene ope, all of Colonia; Spenoer F, Joyce Gould, daughter of Dr, remony. To the graduate, the discourse meeting, GRIPPO and Mrs. King E. Gould, of RumIIIC U i .u<., given in marriage ray Heller; first vice president, Behrens, vice-president; Mrs. The bride, by her father, wore a peau taffeta will offer some suggestions about Leslie Trackman; second vice Anthony Brown, recording secre- Green, Iielln, and Dr. Josephson, N J . ; «nd * • S^*™ M RECEIVES DEGREE: Frank his obligations and responsibil d M y Spivak, Ruff, Woodbridge, were elected to gowi. Pearls and crystals accentUry; and Mrs.M Murray J. Grippo, son d Mr. and Mr*. three year terras as members of thee ton ol Mr. and MM. Rottr ed a double-tier crown which held ities to the community. [corresponding secretary. Charles GripIW 8 North I her veil. She carried a cascade of Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Lieber, Sidener, WetterfieM, N.J. r . t j i i m f ^ n Cot '" ? " treasurer, Louis Jacob*; financial Several members of the Wood-! the Board of Trustees, white orchids and carnations. man will be the hosts to the Con- b r a U U a t l O n S C I Road, Colonia, received a <»«• secretary, Irving Grossman; re-bridge Township Board of Ed-' gregation in honor of their son Mrs. Antinmo Rivetti of East n e e of Bachelor of Selene* la cording secretary, WUliam Disucation were present at the Orange, was matron of honor. Richard's Bar Mitevah, which KELIN - Thirty-eight mem- Business Administration from tel; corresponding secretary, meeting. They spoke of the Iwili take place on Saturday bers of the third grade class of Seton Ball University. South Bridesmaids were Miss Terrye

Temple Beth Am Plans Installation Of Officers

Repack-Tobia Marriage Solemnized on Saturday


Council Elects

Rabbi's Sermon Topic Announced

Sunday School Gdi S

Mrs. Harold Traberman. Mem- various functions of the board, i Birnholz, Union, Miss Jo-Ann To-morning. Master Lleberman will the First Presbyterian Church at Large are Samuel Julian, Committees consisting of four chant the Kiddush and participate Sunday School will be graduated ™ » graduate of bers bia, Belleville, cousins of the Melvyn Klein, Michael Lemer men each, cover the many phases I bride, and Miss Ann Tobia, Union in the service, under the direct- jnto the Junior Department on _,_____.. Sealer BUh School, JERRY TOMON P a U l tioman I W m M am Hy UUV of the township school system's km of Dr. Horviti and Cantor Cantor Sunday, Sunday, aat theWAS 10:15 MMorning " T ^ f t a icounttut orviti and Beach, cousin of the bride. tta at »Setoa S t man, atSetai «•"».Kaui " l d* " t the o r n t a g -"T™rTin administration. Andrew Payti of Hackensack, Royal Rockman. . . . , Worship Service. Each child will 5 K f c n S ^ l » w t i Rosenberg. include Jerry has bad a morning tele- was best man. Ushers were Gary Classes are Presidents and vice-presidents! Was UC2A. u i a u . vwi«M*i nw»w w » ,—„ .. w v v President, Mrs. Hyman Rosen- of the various parent and faculty vision show in New York and Sherry Al Repack, Hopelawn, bridegroom's for beginners and intermediate berg; vice presidents, Mr*. has done guest appearances on Kenneth Arnold, Mark groups of the township made a brother; Jerry Tobia, Menlo Park groups for Bar Mitzvah instructow ana ureec NBC. television. He bat manStraui, Mrs. Dave NancL Jean Barber, 155 Avenel S t , AVENEL tour of the township schools yesTerrace, bride's brother, and Jerion. Those parents who have not H e participated Martin Stembach and Mrs. David i aged and directed theatrical Buss, Wanda Campbell, (Aeratt from GeMn) Dyaamla) ry Tobia HL Paterson, bride's as yet enrolled their children for ^ _ terday. ' units, OomtMotary tor b Scboenberg; treasurer, Mn. SeyIcousin. the Hebrew or Sunday schoolslnehhu Diion, Richard Elliot, ..Meetings of the President's! i shows, apart* events, and evenl Miss, Waime T o b i a , Union nay contact Rabbi Horvitz or 1 "™ 0 * Finks, Bruce Francis, Council will be resumed in the Gerhard, Tod Hlnllcky, Beach, cousin-of the bride, wai Mri Avsbalocn Smith educatioll -his • # * £ • . B» bat entertain*! ; Fall. A date for tbe first meetJanke, Donald Katen, a Martef «t Sefe qee ing secretary, Mrs. Arthur touifim and United Nations , Degree U Boshiess m Septem- corresponding secretary, Mn. ing will be announced. K e np T n penooMl B.T. Magenheim. Membtrt penom b Korea, orea, Greenland, G e n d , The bride attended Woodbridge , , i t s p r l n c i ^ > ^M Hanttx. -j o •h n -^ ^ l ^Q^ «UX,< *&* B T M b b at Wendy ber at PennaybaBta Mate SUBMARINE . TArge are Mrs, Irving Cohen, Alaaka, Japan, and me Padflc High School and is employed as aa lxm Jane j ^ ^ Peter j ^ ^ versity where he U s beea t i t b y theSyncroMachme r 1 • IIC V Moi. Frank Pine, Mrs. Samuel Wyoming Firsts Islanh, and mo* of Eurtjpe. ciierkk-typistby alunis, JillMcKay, Cindy Michel, grant** s SANDWICHES , UHUUld U.O. I * Friedman. Mrs. Irwin SchneMer. First Protestant sermon In tbe ^^ mkc< Jeaies M u r p hy Alttiough * native New Yorker Co., Perth Amboy. Mrs. Paul Hofmaim. Mrs. Leslie Rockies was given by Rev. SamuTrackman, Mrl Look Jacobs. RusseH1 COLLEGE T0I1.W dass of - Officers of the Men's Club to el,?arker to western Wyoming's|| many difficult dialecU. In adKaren Schwelt- COLONIA — ALSO TURRET, BOAST BEEP, COLD < Mrs. be installed are President, Ar- HMMCk canyon region on Aug. 8 , i. s. Army Re- _•_ •, N_1 A. _ „...„. „ , „ . , _ UT, Nancy StiUman, William Mandel, son of dition to being t torHWteb en Youth Director, to u B n w Ave- thur Sholk; vice presidenti, 1835; Wyoming's first. Holy Masslj Phone Oiden Accepted: 614-9891 ligman, announced that Sullivan, Deborah Thornley, Robu Mandel, 48 tertainer he hat developed into H a r o Irwin swarftf i Bache- Samuel Handleman, Dave Distel was offered near Daniel, by Fath OPEN 7 DAYS TILL 11 PAL • DINING AREA second year in a row, the ert Vander Decker, William Van . u ^ most successful after-dinn GaTcV uas u>,, Intogton. irvug and Irwin Schneider; treasurer for the Synagogue Youth of Tyne, Louis Waidner, and Ken- n u e > D a s Deea er P. J. DeSmet on July 5, speaker. As an authority — ' ,lor of Science d e g n i b , •EAIWCUU J ^ S ' SukwuvM-w, S m l l^ = i Temple Beth Am, was presented neth Watts. many subjects, Jerry has spoken Howard W. LUrna College of Eraporia, Hmporla, secretary, Seymour Ovtlew; cor , — .. , ^ Regional award for outstandA worship service for many industrial firms as: Kansas. „ responding secretary, Martin Graduate Of Drew ing work in cultural, religious, held at 8:45 a.ra: Sunday. 'R.C.A., Bethlehem Steel, HamilStembach. Memben at Large a n social and athletic pn^amming. ton Watch Co., Dupont, K.L.M. COLONIA' - At commence- Isa Schoenberg and Norman j Irving Cohen, Aaron Nussbaum, ment exercises held Saturday at i Airlines, American Cynamid, Diekman were awarded individ•Albert IConyak, Lawrence Zeigas Tidewater Oil Co., Traffic Clubs, Drew University, Howard W. ual citations for outstanding and David Schoenberg. 'Materials Handling Institute, etc. Cur-rid, son of Mr. and Mrs, All members of the Temple art Howard L. Currid, 21 Lancaster work in the U.S.Y. group. . Members of the Holy Name Road, Colonia, received a Bach- All of the awards were given invited to attend. 'Society will receive communion elor of Arts degree in Psycho- at a Regional Convention held in "Pedm" Atlantic City. Highlighting the in a group at the i o'clock Mass logy. COLONIA - The wedding of Vocational and Technical High London's "Peelers" are British! Convention were workshops and Sunday. The breakfast will be A 1961 graduate of Woodbridge Regional elections of officers, I Miss Patricia M. L. Zelyk, daugh- School, Woodbridge. A graduate policemen, also often called "bobof Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zelyk, of Middlesex County Vocational held immediately afterward in Senior High School, Mr. Currid Six representatives attended |ofter Wauchula, l served aa yearbook advertising i f a., formerly of and Technical High School, Perth bies." Both nicknames come from Diekman, the cafeteria. . were Norman name of the founder of the manager and wa* * member oflToey I Avenel, and Cpl. Robert Anthony Amboy, Mr. Weis it being sent the m&iuigci «UJU « « • » ......._„ _. Joyce Kestenbaum, Avlva Scboen1 ; Tickets for the event may be Pi Delta EpsHon, national journal berg, Sandy Gold, Fred Handle- Weis, U. S. Marine Corps, son oi this month to Japan by tW Ma-modern London police torn, Sir Robert Peel obtained at the Rectory through ism 'fraternity and Green Key, Mr. and Mn. Anthony Weis, 1071 m e Corps for IS months. man and Lois Chick. today. Washington Avenue, took place service society. Saturday at the First Methodist Church, Wauchula, with the Rev. Claude StanfleW officiating at the double ring ceremony. Given in marriage by her father, the bride wore a gown of white peau de sole featuring a scoop neckline, fitted bodice, unmounted sleeves, gored skirt and a detachable train pleated into a contoured cummerbunp.! Sfce carried a white Bible adorned with orchids, ! Miss Maxlne Voylej of Dade City, Hla., wat maid of honor, and I Mrs. Donald Gray of Sarasota, in jujt 2 utiort week* we are movlnf to a n*w Fla., was attendant. DonaM Gray lucublou on Ht. 12, Wutoliunt - a few mllea from ;wa« best man, Mike McCaleb and •lit present location. This uicuruj tiwt we n u t |Farrell Schultz, both at WauchuHliiiir NOW la order to ntve exumudve moving U, ushered. ixists. IV> do tihl* vt have nUwlied prtcot on our It • Eke hiving i supermarket in yov kiteta « k « ym mm • t% rui Ire ttookl If you've been iiUuuUiig to buy A graduate of Haniee County u ltlaiio or px^ui theft's no tatter time than modern, work-unng Retngcrtor-FrMicr. Well i t o d 4 NOWfno Letter nlact uhaii m X1IK PIANO S11OV, I Senior High School, Fla., Mrs. Scuvch I'lainjl Oarat tee £or yvurwlt - we're it c u handle even the bortieit of youg app«tit«t..,lA« i c W , only minutes awtyl Weis attended Middlesex County For a ftnencially


3 S **& £*"*•» * SSswsS pss ires \


KipSaX 4?2 Receives Awards

Refrigerator/FreezeF meets the Challenge of Young Appetites

MissPatiica M. L.Zelyk Weds Cpl.Robert A. Weis


The PIANO SHOP (Scotch Plains)




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Stork Club


COSTELLO Funeral Hornet Green St. & Cooper Ave.

State & Center Sts.

Iselin, N. J.

Perth Amboy, N. j .

Tel. LI 8-4841

HI 2-0075

Tiro Area Student* Illackburn Graduates

From Fords, a son to Mr. and Mrs. James Shornock, 151 WoodNew arrivals throuRhout the land Avenue; a daughter to Mr. Township as recorded at the and Mrs, Edward Tamhuro, 57 Perth Amhoy General Hospital Moffett Street; a son to Mr. and during the past week include: Mrs. Theodore Gordon, 77 Rum From Hopcliiwn. a son to Mr ham Drive; a daughter to Mr. nnrt and Mrs Edward Molta, 23 Louis Mrs. Anthony Daniele, m King Street; a .son to Mr. and Mrs.George Hoad.

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I 91 MAIN ST., WOODBRIDGE ] Open Eves, 'til 10 Sunday 'til 1 P.M.

(Ctraet PenMnf ATCWW)

the Avenel


Club meets at 6:30 P. M. at How ard Johnson's, Woodbridge.

Rahway, N. J.

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ii »r KING 1

Graphology U a method of analyzing character, health and personality from hand writing

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• tinmen

84 East Cherry Street ' PHONE FU S-1667

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Monday night's card party, sponsored by the Avenel Woman's Club, will be held at the home of Mrs. Frank Sanfilippo, 548 Jansen Ave, 8 P . M. Mrs. Louis Decibus will be co-hostess.


tilated barn for air-curing, The




plants II




Local births recorded at the Rahway Hospital recently include: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Di For Water Softeners Leo, 144 Inman Avenue on May $2.00 hundred lbs. 26: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. $1.15 fifty lbs. John De Stefanis, 33 K. Street on May 28 and a son to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wingard, nO3 Rahway Avenue on June 1. Sunday at 8 P.M. the officers of Congregation B'nai Jacob and ME 4-1815 its Sisterhood and Men's Club 921 St. George Avenue will be installed at the temple. (Just Sooth at Clovcrleaf) Saturday night is installation night of officers of Avenel Memorial Post 7164, V.F.W. and its auxiliary at the post home, Park Avenue.

•nmr •


one life - $3,000,000 or 25,000 lives at $1.39

are hung on sticks in a well-ven-

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Special For

fft, Trx* Wi O^ftr t«w PMI « H l« Ovr AIM

Two Township Men Brown 11. Gradautet r o r Week P o s t e d ' WOODBRIDGE - Among t ^

In the age of discovery and empire building, maps were strategic weapons and Spanish sea captains were ordered to destroy their charts if threatened with capture. Bootleg map-making was likely to lead to prison or the torture chamber in those days,

Walnut framed combination for a young couple's apartment will find many uses. The sled base telescopes; the foam cushion is hinged. Used here before a fireplace as a bench table, this piece could also be used In front of a window or as a hassock. Night chest (inset) has an extra feature to catch the eye of the homemaker—reversible panels of mdamine plastic in yellow and turquoise.

Pearl Neclilacei Identification Hrarrltti Compacts A Chirmi Wrlit Watchei Vanity geti Necklac* ft Karrlnt SeU Portable Typewriteri HI-FI SeU

Mass Schedule

Two nrea stur|i>nls among fiS voting men am) | who graduated from Brown Un§wnmcn slated In receive bachelor 1SEI.IN Masses for the ro- versity Monday were Jame« Jobm of nils degrees at the Ofith Annual mninder of the week have been Dunda, son ol Mr. and M r t . J c t t 'imimencement nl Blackburn Col- announced for St. Cecelia's IXindn. Mereline Avenue, Avefiet le«c hero, .liino fk These degrees Church as follows: Friday, 6:30 and Robert Kocsis, son of Mr. and conferred hy IV Robert P . and 8:00 a.m.; and Saturday 7:00 Mrs. William .1. Kocsil, 141 Grant president nf the college. and 8:00 a.m. The novena to Our Avenue, Fords. Mary .hide McEwen, the Lady of Fntima will take place enter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles after the 8 o'clock Mass on Sat- A graduate of Woodbridge Senior HiRh School, Dunda recehwd Avenue. urday. a Bachelor of Arts degree In pois a I960 Confessions will be heard Sat- litical science. He has been a' ale of Keyport Mich School. urday from n-jo to 5:30 In the Blackburn afternoon, nnd from 7:30 to 9 in Dean's List student, a member of the varsity football team and slip has been active in the choir, the evening, a member of Kappa Sigma fraDrama Club, The Burnian. Miss Evelyn Ciizella Kantor, Masses for Sunday. June 13. ternity. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. U u i s P. have been set as follows: 8:30, KocsJs, also i Woodbrldge SeKantor, 49 Smith St. Avenel. N. ,J..7:15, 8:00, 8:45, 9:45, 10:30, 11:15, nior High School graduate, reis n lflfil graduate of Woodbridge and 12 noon in the Upper Church; " A mathematics ma- and 9:15, 10:00, 10:45, 11:30, andceived a degree of Bachelor o( jor at Blackburn, she has been 12 noon in the Lower Church, Science in engineering. At Bro^D j president nf Jones House Council, Lourdes and Fatima Halls. he has participated in intramur'•• member of the Intramural The Continuous Novena to St. al athletics, was named to U* Hrmrd, Home Economics Club, Jude, Patron of Hopeless Cases Dean's List and was pledge m a * and Social Committee. and the Novena to Our Lady of ter and president of his fraternV' the Miraculous Medal will ty, Alpha Pi Lambda. held Wednesday evening. Strategic Maps


Who Needs That Long Hot Drive?...



Ernest Ur. 96 Warden Avenue- a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Artamier, 16 Emmett Avenue,










Member Federal Deposdt lnsuianw Corporatlo a, Member Feo«i«l Reserve System

(EB) - Cartr-rr-i

It seems that the most talked-ftbout men in America these days outside of James McDivitt and Edward White are the New York Yankees. It is putting it mildly just to say that the Yankees are having monumental trouble defending their title after five straight pennants, but it seems that they can't even draw close enough to the rest of the American League to make a real defense. Even the Mets.have won more games this season. Aside from injuries which have plagued the team, the records show that the Yankees have not been hitting in the style that they were formerly accustomed to. Some of the regulars are sporting averages of .193 .229 and .235 and you can't win ball games that way. They are not the normal Yankee averages. As a team, the club is 20th in the big league in team hitting. That is just incredible. Few persons can believe this fact. But I for one feel that the Yankees will be the team to pull it out before the season is over.

Still talking about baseball. This past week the general managers and farm directors of the 20 major league baseball clubs held a meeting with Commissioner Ford Frick to discuss procedures in the first free-agent draft. This revoluionary plan is being promulgated over the strong objections of some of the richer and more affluent clubs who are in a position to grab outstanding prospects. The motivating force is clear. To produce a more even distribution of talent, theoretically, would place he order of choice to tie in with last year's standings, with the weakest teams picking first, The purpose, therefore, is to eventually result in a more balanced league. I'm all for it. Now, in conclusion, a local note. A fabulous group of New Jersey schoolboys rewrote the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association track and field record book over the weekend at the Group III and Group IV track and field championships at Rutgers Stadium. Although Mike Turko did not break any state marks, the outstanding Carteret star, who has led the Ramblers to a brilliant 9-3 season record, was second in the 100-yard dash. The winner 'was Bill Walker of Bnglewood who broke the! oldf state mark of 9.9 by establishing a new record of 9.8.



MIDDLESEX PRESS 20 Green Street, Woodbridge ME 4-1111

(WHTERRT Thr ,., t , S|mrlsmnn won their sixth •,\] •! hull c.'imo In the Oi,.,,., , ' j ^ 1 P I,mime, American iliv, hold first pliicp in the i,. i m inc The undrfpnlcd iml Ihe Cnlhnlir W.ir \vi10 iJ n, Miind Mike Collicm

CAHTF.HET -• The Kolihas OU1timi'rs nutplnyril SI Joseph's Holy VimeKoriety. 12 h :i, in a remilar MoiTMtinn -ilnw pitch league H.inie last woeV. The winners •;rinH four runs 111 the first inning In hkn nn cirly lend which they ni'vor HiiUMiished. Steve CUichniv
Minute lor minute there is no sporting event in the world as exciting as the Indlanopolls 500mile race. It Is periodically dogged by disaster, as it'was last year when two drivers were killed; any year it has its moments of racing .... ;ss. Those who come to the Speedway D hover each year in a fearful, three-and-and-a-. half-hour limbo to see which will predominate. This year Scotsman Jimmy Clark won the race by snaking his 500-hp Lotus-Ford at an average speed of 150,686 miles an hour-the fastest 500 ever run. For winning this one, he became one of the most affluent tourists in the country, earning something like $200,000. Down Houston way. Everyone knows that everything they do down in Texas is done in a big way. Take the Astrodome lor instance. Recently someone had asked this question down in Texas. Who patronizes a ball park even when the team is on the road and there are no ball games in, it? Answer. The Tejtanst It seems that if you come to Houston to close a one hundred million dollar oil deal, or just plain visit a cousin, you are taken to the Astrodome. It is one of the things to see. Or as Texans would say, it is one of the seven wonders of the world. The Astrodome is more than a ball park. It is show business, in big capital letters. Now-a-4ays it is a basic strand in the Texas way of life. Just like the Statue of Liberty in New York City.

Sportsman Lea Little

Pusillos Score First Win U In Slow Pitch

Speaking About Sports

The S W o r r e s l tenm took its, •ici'itnd game in the slow pitrh lm::ue. easily winning over the Ihli-'ii \nierican Club. 15 to 3.] The winners staged two big rallies, scoring four runs in the first inning and six in the second frame Io take :\ hiq enrlv lead. Trarchin and Kolih.is hit hnme run'; for the winners, Shnughnpssy i:nt four straight hits for Shorerrest The Pusillo A. C. defending champions, began their lflBS seaI;HT,I s.-.-oml ,nnl ll.ir.l in l « i.nil ??0 yard drill's in the New Jersey Interschohstic AllilHir Assm-ialimi All Si ..I. mrH held in llrunswu-h.

get only one run in the final half of the last inning. Williams drove out two doubles for the winners, while Kitz hit thrw singles for Agrtro.

p rf . s

In other crimes the I1 s \| copped their sixth vision ,,| sivison by blanking Hniv.n. pnrtment Store, n tn II. i,,,,, in semnd plnre nnlv h behind Ihe ln«\io W-KUM--


; 1 Shnnly wns this winner •'.! gnmp.

in i!ii,l

I Foodtnwn won its I M ^honting Godcny rhevT'ilci \, . Rucel recorded the win .ini A'hit n homer to help his o«M , along. The Kniehts of c,,;, ' came from bohind n 411 nd the Catholic War Wi first setbnek of the so:i«n, Ktndrierifc hurled Ihe victor M ( ARl. MAHCINIAR: Hi-ccivrs trophy from (harlett* DfBella In the final Ramp Godem n alter winning llif Scaur-mil's roll-ofr at the Cartmt \j>net. ill* rolet won its firs! tm-',/ season, defeating Jack P.u,. hl«h name was 213. ft to 2. Ralph Fabricators«,„ winner over Mike

Jewish WarVets Kolibas Cards LeadRecRac^fWinJrdlnRow (liirmichael Has Hlit fin, 10-0 Softball Loop Win Three Games Team Standings CARTERET -

MHTERET - The A and O No. i team, one of the leading cmilcmlers in the Carteret Reerration softball league this season, scored an easy shutout victory. io to l over the A and O No. 2 (earn last week at the Park field.

The impressive victory was recorded by Ed Carmlchael who tossed a brilliant three-hit shutout. He had the situation under complete control all the way. For the winners, Lu C u ....~hacl, Ed Hamorski and Mike Jarnutoski all hit four-baggers to lead the 12-hit barrage. The box score:

PAT LISICKI: A 19-year-old bowler accepts trophy from Charlette DeBella after Winning the Seagram'* roll-off at tbe Carteret Lanes. Her high game was 185.

The Township Police pistol team in slow fije phase of the competicontinued its fast pace in the Cen- tion. tral Jersey League by overwhelm-, Woodbridge is scheduled to match ing Middlesex County Park Police shots against one of their old by a decisive 1175-1113 score. To rivals. South Plainfield, early date the local marksmen have yet next week. to taste, defeat. WOODBRIDGE (117$) sf tf rf tot. In defeat Jack Moore emerged 295 96 the top shooter on the range as he P. Yacovino 295 led Middlesex with a 296 score out R. Gardner 100 293 A. Ludwig of a- possible 300. 97 292 97 Woodbridge came through with K. Pbilpot one of its best performances of the MIDDLESEX (1113) season as the old warrior Phil sf tf rf tot. Yacovino and a rookie Robert J. Moore 99 99 100 298 Gardner paced the local sharp- M. Kurti 95 90 95 280 shooters with indentical 295 tallies. J. Giordo 97 88 92 27? Gardner bad a perfect 100 score A. Landi 97 66 95 258

A i 0 Sweet Shop # 1 Kollbas Cardinals Kolibas Redbirds Holy Family Decathlons A & O Sweet Shop # 2 Knights of Columbus

4 3 t l I 0 0

Slow Pitch League Kolibas Oldtimers Cornell Estates Little League Mgrs. Shorecrest A.C. Puslllo A. C. Sportsman Club St. Joseph Players Italian American Agrieo L«i's Tavern Iwurence 1 Brawn's St. Joseph H. K S.

AftO#l Myers, lb Ward. If Hart, C Carmichael, p Vinsko, cf Hamorski, u Lehotsky, Jb Jarnutoski, ab Sivon, rf

Township Cops Outshoot County Park Police Team

Senior Softball League Fast Pitch League


A 1 0 #2 ^lervenak, S> Izasa, ss Hamorski, U Laker, If J "


3 1 1 1 2 2

The Kolibas runs nin thoir the Rec-

Standings as of Saturday in: interna-j defeating the Knight* <* tercl - IJttle the past bus team, 10 to 8, last week at tne American tiona! division, during Sportsman Club week. With this triple win, theipark field. Jewish War Vets are currently; the losers made a strong come- U. S. Metals Knighti of Columbus leading the league race. • jback. scoring six runs in «*»«*" Catholic War Vets They knocked off Gruhin's Phar-!enth inning but fell short of tying Frank's Dept. Store 0:macy. 6 to 4, as Ed Bittner hurled'tne count. Metro Glass n the win. in the second game the, Fa( . t h e wfoMH, Kolibas CtCFwl IJewish War Vets shelled T o n y s , h o m e „,„. Pannidon hit tw» Jack Page* 1 j Shell Service Station. 13 to ' , homers for the losing team. Foodtown Markets 1 Amin Ed Bittner was the winning; n e cards banged out a total of Godeny Chevrolet 1 nitcher, in addition to hitting a | U n i t s including three by GluchNational ^wski. 31 home run. Carteret Delicatessen In their third game the leaguej -^ box score: 4i Craftsman Club leaders defeated the Rotary ClubJ KoUbas Cards Synowiecki ,6 to 3, for the first loss the losers Z u | l o c 3 Ideal Liquor 0, suffered this season. In this garoe!Kolibas 4 Fire Co. # 1 , Ernie Masi was the winning pit'js(rrifl'ep^ 4 ss A. M T. Realty ;cher over Bob Ringwall. j K e n t cf 4 Republican Club 3 ° r "ln other games, the Food Mach- Gluchowski, 2b Fire Co. # 2 0, inery Corporation beat the Italian Poloncsak, If Local #440 0,American club, 6 to l, and the Biehl, 3b Babies Furniture 2| Hebrew Mens £lub nosed out Rtima, rf 2;r,nihin"s Pharmacy, 6 to 5, with Sosnowski, p Jewish War Vets 2! Jim Stone hurling the win and 1 Carttret Rotary 2,Wyne Spoganetz hitting a home Hebrew Mens Club 2; run Ko(C Gruhln Pharmacy The Hebrew Mens Club also!Kuehner, % Tony's Shell scored over the Hill Pharmacy. Noran, cl Tom Deverin Assn. 8 to 5, as Art Hoyle hurled the Smith, c H1U Pharmacy win. In the final contest, the Tom Rove, ss Kaskiw Plumbing Deverin Association defeating Kas- Pannidon, M .i Italian American kiw Plumbing, 6 to 1. Brown, rf gj Food Machinery Medwitz. 2b 1 MflltT, * 1 KindziersU, 1 Meyers, p

H. S. Jayvees Win Final 5-J Bank Bows Over Madison ToSchwenzer


Local Club Opens Season

CARTERET - The Carteret high school jayvee baseball team, enjoying a successful season, finTEAM STANDINGS WOOPBRIDGE - Ki...ished their 1965 campaign with an North DivlslM lard, manager of ihc «•»•:." impressive 5-1 victory ov«r MadTownship baseball W 21 3 ison Township Jayvees last *eek It clear that his all star Electro Dynamics away from home. well prepared for their Maura Motors Egan hurled the victory tor gagement with HiKhl.ii»l .arteret and held tbe opposition V1PS which seta off the Middles down with five scattered hits Bertagna Real Estate CARTERET - Lou's Tavern ty Recreation Summer n Bowl-Mor which netted only one run. On the came from behind to score four Hague. The game «M ft p. ' other hand. Carteret also garnered South Division !runs in the fifth inning and four.Sunday afternoon at u^five hits but by bunching their 1 more in the seventh to noae out|in Colonia. 2 hits the Ramblers were able to Bchwetuer Trucking l St. Joseph's, U to 11, in a refiu ! Notaro anticipates .i t^. 1 Rotary Club score five runs. ! 1 lar slow pitch league game last ngainit Highland PaiK Woodbridge Elks 1 DeGrace led the locals by get 1 week. ; scheduled a last minute ; A. F. Greiner 1 CARTERET - The Carteret ting two hits in two official trips First Bank l\ Stagno Wt a home run for the:session at 10 o'clock .>• 1 ligh School baseball team, sport- to the plate. WOODBRIDGE - Scbwenzer,; losers in the close game but it Park. ing an 8-12 record, dropped its The box score: Trucking took over first place in! was o f „ , a v a i | M t h e winners Billy Matun. » ' o n , 'inal ball game of the season last Carteret the South Division of the Wood-Ipounded out a total of 23 hits ^bridge High star and a, week, losing to Madison Townjbridge Bage Ruth League after;capture their first game of the e n t " *?? u00 Z ' 2 ship, S to 3, at the Madison field. DeGrace, lb mound Olromping to a one sided 8-1 victory'current season. "*"• ff, Terebetski. ss 4 EAST WINDSOR - Florida aces hurl the The Carteret team lost for two' o'.ovcr First Bank. | In the second game in the-SeBaraiiy, If * are expected to duel with northern easons. One was an effective Egan, p ; 3 1|/ Billy Moran was called upon to nior aoftball slow pitch league,! stars in the June 11 inaugural hree-hitter spun by Gary Vander Gasior. rf 2 stock car racing program at Cen01 handle the Truckers' moundi Cornell Estates went 00 a hitting Els who fanned six batters and Such 2t> 3 tral Jersey's new East Windsor Ofchores and he came through With; rampage to roil up S bit; I M vlcHOME COOKED allowed only two walks. Zirpolo, cf 3 Speedway. 1 a remarkable stint |handcumng,tory over Brown'1 Insurance, 1 The other reason was a big 5Morton, 3b , 3 the opposition with two hits and|Russo and „ _ , „ „ „ ^ -. "- '- —"" t Orgjnally slated for an earlier Doings in the little Leagues. 2 easing his task a little by fanning, feet day at bat, getting five lor j g , the curtain raiser has \fter five weeks of fine playing run blast in the fourth inning Sumutka, c which gave the home team a 5-1 16 batters. His mound adversary, fj v e R U S M m^^ b k to th J dt a homer and been set back the June .11 date 11 three leagues are showing pos- lead at the moment. The RamK Bill Hague, was charged with the fa,, , ^ 1 ^ ^^ j ^ g o t J i v e because of unfinished lighting sysblers tried desperately to catch iible winners. American Leagu Bankers' loss. (successive singles. Manager CasMadison Township tem work designed to make for up and even scored two runs in The big gun in the batter's box sidy of the Cornell Estates hit a the brightest speedway plant in nd the Sportsman Club nave woi the top half of the sixth but that Lopez, ss for Schwemer's was Pete Gruca; home run, double and single ix straight games with no losses was all they couM do. the area. Bauer, 2b who belted a single, double and completing the rout. Oniel, If Rags Carter and Pee Wee Grif- The big surprise of the week, was The box score: — triple, while his teammate Tom Hughes, rf In the final game the Little fin, both originally of Miami, are he two straight losses by the Watters chipped in with a single, Carteret (I) Dickson, rf League Managers had a comparathe southern banner carriers Catholic War Vets. U. S. fjlt and double to spark ihe winning Fonilla, cf, p tively easy time routing the AB counted on to uphold the prestige i in second place with six wins AUTHENTIC assault, j Cosigle, 3b Torre If Sportsman Club, 23-8. Both teams 3 of the grapefruit and orange state nd one loss. Electro Dynamics, the /inly unPasque, 3b Felauer If 1 hit the same number of homers, Carter moved to a permanen defeated team }r\ the league, made but a devastating 26—hitting barLearry. c 3 National League has two team: Sumutka ss . I home in Kutztown, iwu, Pa, rat, last sum Louer, lb t three straight in the South D.v- r a E e spelled defeat for the SporUa "llmer and spent bis first winter in with six straight wins, as the Sico p ision by shellackinsBertagna Real[nwn ciuh Van Doren, lb m a n Club. o I the north later. Griffin returned Craftsman and the Carteret De Niemiec p Staitare, ef Esbte 10-1 behind the two hit l to Miami after the 1964 campaign, icatessfn teams are tied for first Gilles 2b Conovas, McCarthny and Konpitching of Mike Floria. ! s came north weeks ago to cur- place, p u Toth and Larry Drum Filep c drk hit home runs for the winElectro's power at the plate wfc Jackson c 24 1 mond hurling very good ball, 0 rently reside in Paulsboro, N. J. ners, while Steve Nelson had a Kushner cf 120 000 2 - 5 supplied by Tom Ondrejack, who Carteret 3 Both drive the finest of equip In the International League onl; Gallo lb round tripper and Geor|e Slsko hit a home run and two resound000 100 2 M. T. I ON ment, Carter using a 427 cubit le team has a perfect record a: Chamra lb got ing triples, Larry Kogh got i J S * two ' w ^ l cr ci ui l tt « n a shh e s 'fW (lit 0 inch Ford engine, Griffin a fuel he Jewish War Vets team leadi Kefferan 2b the winnkg hitting attack by lin-| "• 2 injected Chevrolt power - plant oy one game over the Rotarj Prokopiaf p hi ln CALL M£ iJIj4 out a four bagger. ^ " « ^ getting three 0 Both are 1964 model engines, Club. Rotary loses after flv Holden rf singles and a double. In one final game, the V1PS 1 LUNCH, honed to raa>r sharp perfection, straight wips. Ed Bittner pitchin Banick 3b Patriots came up with their initial 2 'AST The Mercer County raceway and hitting in fine style. 1 Moorman 3b victory of Ihe current season, a 1 fhe British king George I, who which has supplanted the ancienl Rain has caused postponemenl 7-5 verdict over Bertagna Real was born and reared in Hanover, Hlghtstown Speedway, covers fa: of a few games in the softba! I Estate. Germany, could not understand 25 3 le agues. A&O # 1 team and th more property than the old inacu Bob Torwah, the VIPS' starter, a wordi of English. Madison Twp. (O ^olibas Cardinals on top wlf dam oval. The new course is day a went the full distance to pick up AB nu losses. Teams clash this week. CARTERET - Ben Zusman, as- the win. While out In the center of The bratue statue known a* the surfaced and appeals to a differ- "Hsfending champs, Decathlon Zim'man 31) 1 sistart director of the. Carteret Colossus of Rhodes was u repre ent group of race drivers than the have a 1 and 1 record. GtMl the diamond, he struck out U Davis rf S sentatiooi of HelkM, the Greek sur littl^ League, announced the folarea's asphalt courses. (CM. Itabw»J swingers and gave up five hits. god. 1 High school baseball team' fin- Vander-Els p lowiag results for the ('urteret The losing decision was handed to s Tying in with the 107-year-olc slied season with a record of Doran rf Little League, National division, the Realtors' chucker, Bobby' 2 Flemingtun Fair-grounds, whost eight wins and 12 losses. Lost Kostiuk If for the past week. Ppnepinto If 1 Bodty. clay-topped raceway is used foi most of their games by one run, McCullion ss The Carteret Craftsman tied; 2 The VIPS' sluggers were Joe High school track finished a Hogan c stock car racing every Saturda; for first place by winning two 2 Tallifei', three singles; Ben lirethnight, the Windsor plant will use fine season, winning nine dual Milazzo 2b games as Lou Toth strikes out a Openiag, For Full Tewu* And I n d i v i d 2 meets while losing three times. Grace lb total of 14 batters. In unotUr erlck, a single and triple; and many of the Flemington favorites For The ltltt • UM &••»• 1 Won the group 1-2-3 trophy in Aquino lb game the Craftsman Club routed Bob Kumpa, a double, Hudy Wd1 In The Kullu«tag LeaflMt and others from N. Y. and Pa the county meet, won the- group the Republican Club, 12 U> 1, as rochick bit a horns run for the losTIKI. J Thori, »Yf. »M f.M. speedways operations the same Central Jersey Championship. Tburl John Cuozzo hurled iin effective ing club. 19 6 M| U|, Scored "eight points in the state wed. night. r,n tM rri. rri. !-»*» fit •;« two-hitter. ! W«l l W l Score by bmiflfi: TlUrf meet, as Mike Turko placed se Ideal Liquors defeated* A.M.T. lundM s-tttii Ml|»« ri *>* '•"' cond in the 100 and third in the Carteret 001 002 0-S First 20 Negroes to be landed 228. Mike tied the state record u Realty, 6-4, with Tom Tarantino Walsh carved out • neat two-Ut4 hum AvatUAU Far U H " *** 001 NO i-i Madison Twp. on American soil desembarked al for the 100 at 9.8 in the trials scoring the win. The A.M.T. Re- ter for the victory, Synowiecki's Thursday Nights *:U VM. zu-Kuihnar alty copped two games, nosing beat tbe Republican Club, IM. WU1 IWp Form Ntw U O « Jamestown, Va., in August of 1619 Mike will compete in the Meet of Champions next Saturday at Babe Ruth league to have four out Babies Furniture, a-8, and the Church Groups p k Induitryy Welc«me In the final game the Carteret Highland Park. 'Fire Company No. I, 10-1. In tiie teams and ttw neifjy organized second game, Scholar burled the Craftsman Club blanked Local California's Motto Lake (aft. County ,UecruaUon league begin will have victory. ,, Joe Medwick called America's Dead Seu) Is so 440 a» Lou Toth, one of the lead June 13. Uiirteret to meet Metu salty that practically nothing can chen, away. First home game six teams. Boyi yiU be notified Ideal liquor shejiacktxl the Fire ing liurlens in the league, turned Main Street Tel. IM-44HI iJive in its waters. Juw II aguinbt South Plainfield by their manager* by phone. Co. Nu. I,' IM, as young Jim in a beautiful one-bitter.

Florida Aces Rambling AtE. Windsor and

Lou's Tavern & Corneji Estates

HS Nine Loses Final, 6-3, To Madison Twp.


With B. Z.


and Dinners

Served Daily,

Craftsman Club Ties ForLead; Toth Fans14|







Thursday, June 10,

NOW HEAR THIS iContinued from Sports Page) By JOHN ROYLE and the revenue from TV, Channel 5 will SHin most of the games next fall. Ernie also that Joe Williams, the Rahway star who ITIKIW playing with Toronto, will be given a i,,,, night in his honor at the Newark stadium " When Woodbrldge and John F. Kennedy flushed during the recent track meet the haplt,st spectator was Lou Gabriel. As a Barren nack coach years back, he listened to two of his suns express deep desire* to coach In their home environment and he encouraged them both. As Il( , nu . as it may seem, the likeable teammates n,il(lr it—Herb Hollowell at J. F. Kennedy and „,,!, Kasko at Woodbridge. ,

Drug Fair First Bank VFW m\ iKaty'j Kitchtn Major Eastern jColonja Fire Co. C l i f l Hardware Irunan Spirit Shop Bevea Unlimited




8 I 4 1

wtitlnl to Patrick Borough Clnk of tb* Cartent Ktw Jtrtty. AMERICAN

7 7 4 3 2


SUva Shell Saveway Movers Eastern Tire Colonla Civic Club People's Express ' Minor Eastern 'Colonia Elks Benny's Johnny's Golf Surburban Deli Phillies



7 ft 4 2 1

3 ,1 3 2 1 1

LO*I*C. PlMlMnt ttncsuk. tnaaurfjr I7J» writing MUTICB Bormiih Clrrs of tn* BorTat* notice that LOUIS MOLHA* vfru Pnmrnli Borough Clerk of 'In ough or ctrtfr»t New Jsraty and VIVIAM MO1.NAR. t/a LOT'S •7.20 Borough of Csrtersi Ntw Jerieir Taka m>ti c , t h l l ^IIA IVANO v Tavern, navt applltd ta th* (Signed) «isculrlx o( th* K,tsu> of PAUL '»t thnl PATHOI It WAR VBTIRANS MOTItl 2 inch lust and Common Couririi of tn* Mil HAH MI8K(). , IVAKO, t/a Paul's Tavern ha* ap-i mentioned Drivpiimiii ST I U A * POST *7ST rase noucs that 4 which ofr W i In p«v !),<• luulint VIROHICA MISKo] plied to the Mayor and Common jougli of Carwret for Alei R F i H k u . prlc* will KU8S1AN AMIRinAN CITIZENS l/i Ultknt Oaff | Council of th* Borough nt Carteret, Rsun conmimptlon iirent. No. C-JS 0 lh The The pHrchwr mum' P M x-rrued ? ' U B h " »PP ll « d t CO ' M»ynr ,nrt m i l d ' I Plsnary Retail Consumption and CP H/3-10/S5 for prtmlsaa Mtuated tt 55-17 Psrsbrr»nlt Oimftlno. nt«n>»i from , iUf ,$ , , ; , ' „ " " , 1( nmmon Coutidl of the Bnrnunh of -• license No. 0-35. Tor prfml»» iituIns Avtnut. C u t n i t , H J. Pint Viet Commander : to the (lit* ofl hdeiiverv No im<-rnrt » r '* M l f o r » Chlb license No r B - l Objections, ir any ahould b* m a t e Btgmund Optnawlcs will be rwld ...i. ^n i. _. t <** .*. -« . . * . • . 1* *• * " " w f» Jerwi , LOUlfi UOUIAJI cnclotrd In seMml envel- BorraiBh uf fMteret. Nf» J e m tUiiD lirence No CB-10 for preminet! (Signed) MOTICI VIVIAH MOLNA* « op* marked mi the outnlri* "Pro-i ISlirneri) lorn ted at 82 Liberty Street, Oar-| i^.NA_.iVAN.°i * P M POT Bond, m M m I n l l , t - ; , t t/a Lou's T**»l KtSCUtrtl nf t h . I . I . I « ' *a*n' notlo* OOHO* m Hill n ilFHD raT i l 9TIPHSW CARPATHO - RUSSIAN KUtH\ rcrnt New JerMy i TRACB PAIJL IVANO ^ *" " O *MDMW P t T R A d H , rjp •' nil ,. '>>»kln« their W<1» dpCAN OITIZINS' CLUB ohjsctlnns, If any. should oe m«at , , . p.,.,.. T :l a. l_w_n !ln jt/a Ptlrmch'a Bar. halt ippiud to' 6 ^ ! i t * c " h< « ' »r faslilfr's or nynMlrhiiel Bpln»k. President, lniinrdmtelj In writing to Patilcktf,» , , , . « / ! , , 7 J 0 tht Mayor and Common Council of HOT1CI f™ w ^K f w »M.««o. drnwn 45 Randolph St., Carterei N j Pnmrnlg, Borough Clerk of thst ' '"* »h* Borough of Cart*rtt for a upon R bunk or mint fonioanv for Unroll •h ol Carwret. N»» JerMy Mlchnel Puna. Secretary NOTICR Plenary lUtall Consumption lloens* m l > " f , ° ^ u JWat ^i,,™"^ J: 77 CHorge 8t., Caneret N j Township to wenn Hit Township Ptter Buossk, Treasurer u, rrom ofany loas reuniting from a fall3T DSMITR1US MIN'S CLUB poaT «aat4* VirriRANB o ^ r n i P 11 Mercer atrett''"^!'*^"*!** J ' p l l i d *" ih* M *' OT * B d O 0 0 1 ™ ^ th 48 l*e Ht., Pnn R M I I I I I R N I bidder to comply with 1I 12* .of th« « .M^der .,tfte K m n of hl» bid. Checks of i n ", C . P . 8/J-IO/M Andre* Hede.h. Pre»,der,t. i « 7 M r« Srtm^LP^2 isao M i y o r , n d common ('nundl ol he lmm*dlat*l5 in wrltlni to; P.trlet; " * wcce«f,,l bidder,; will be reurnSrt 1 upon the awnrd of the honds Mlohsei Msgells Borough of Carter.! for a Clutt»<»o«nlg, Boronsn Cl.rk of th* " " " "*' , ? i n S L i t H ^ J . ™ thft nimm 2 nl 2jJ, ll ( J? ! ?« fl ".,'>lildw will be furPin S e c.Tr.a.vir.r,ilcsnss Mo. CB-« for pr.mls.1 lo .Borough of Carteret, M«w JerMT. '?"i^ * l - '." * l ) 0 " t l U * T « n M 3 delivered NOTICI S»^«f*2r\.8m'lr.»djJS3!«T&tin PTTRACII « - \ ^ ^ " V j i ^ ^ i ' h f i f * « notice thnl MAQDALfNI . ^ " J i l S I U S 1 ,'i ^J,'.,'"0".'". "I.™*1!; ANDR1W /_f>^r_H*CH_ . . . P o t o c n l g . 1 1Borou«h Clwk oi tk« ./. Mr**-. •w.SSSgS ., C.P S/l-10/«a ALBKRT J.1 B0IUW MOflCB t / t Bum* Taf*rn Tat* notloe that THI PIRBT i C P MM SLOVAK CITIZENB CLUB n u applltd to t h . Mayor and Oommon g Council of th* Borough ol Curierst Commander atf( of Mie fhe datf of of Bomneh of Cnrteret, Hew Jers*;. Carttret, Hew Jersey I ^ r , ™ 1 * . ddated ' M "f T.k. Alfred I . Fenaka Objectlona. u any. mould oe made 2; delivery of th* bonris, mid ninn«i (Signed) ST. Vlc« commander lh immediately In writing tn Patrick I py the officers who SIKIHM the, jm.IHR «th MB" o r Oomiixa Alfred I . Oaklev uaUTat 11 bond*. ataUn* thM ,,„ HtUnHon is Potocnlg, Borough Clerk of tht Boroutn of O t m n t * T f n u * !OounoU off the Jr. Vic* Commander Oarteret • 2ithen pending or to the km.u-ledne, Borough of Carteret. New Jersey Ua Da?ab' C.P. 8/3-10/85 18 of such offlcera thrwtene.l to re(Blgned) •twin t i or enjoin the Issuance or UAQDAlENi ANN bond., ot t h e i t S S S ««mm 'or C LTU'B"naoac * t h > l th« COLUMBIAN j C T M questioning the validity of the stilt- CC c Immo onn »PP»»d W the Mayor a n d l Al Stojka's Pararb, have appllsd a L 0 V A R CITI - Potonli. Borough Olerk of U * h procedlngn \inder whlrhi "" ' C i l off th h off 4 u tte * or the Council tht B Borough ito th* Usyor and Common Council NOTICE r0 lll r 1 for Mutnara, r t a M n i ,Borougb " Take notice that the FOHISTER8 2'_""• *> _V. > *'..°» *?™ •

Midget Red Sox 4 White Sox 4 Parents Auxiliary rj * Orioles Angels 1 MEUN A. A. STANDINGS Senators 1 P«ry League Yankees 1 1 Shop Rite, 5 Tigers 1 |O,,I,S . CLARA BARTON Yankees •Twins 1 A U LEAGUE 1 IH Lion Club, Athletics t Majors • National Min. k Chem. 1 Indians * lielln Lumber, i SiK-i.il Club I Wetttn 4 7 2 Dodgers Gabw PliMria 3 • Coopers Dairy, * Weatlake Barbers , - , Hc.ilty Co. • Fireside Realty, * 1 Colonia Dems ' ,••, \ A . M;i)i>r» • A m r r i c a a Bob Smith Braves. jMets ] 3 Major American League ,.M * S I'. Park Flying A i , ,1 StlllS 5 s u v . City Ser. 7 2 -*—_ , ,,|V nf peace CYO » Fireside Realty, 7 1 MENLO PARK TERRACE J TorosiM Agency. 4 v ;i|( ,sky Builders 5 BOVtLEAGUX " Oak Tree Drugii. 4 $ Ma)tr Minors NatiaMl Miele Exc. j I Braves, Duerscheldt Ins. 7 3 Shop RHe, 1 7 Dodgen, Donocrttlc Club 7 3 J SBrftko, Jr.. Sivrotjirv i H. R. Michael O'Brien, Indians I Yankees, Comm. Shell « Idwnrd Kubala. Treaiurer ,,ii Kncino Co. # 2 Botal s t Ma>rs NattoMl U»p,t ' Indians, White Birch CP H.iitnn Stewarts 0|Tlgeri,HM. of Pan Cakes s MS* C.P. 5 laelln Hook k U d . ,;; nil Co. NOTtn I j Giants. Lake Food Ser. s • F i r e Co. # 1 NOTICE Take notice th«t MAMnt ROCK-j Minors -American 4 Cub, Menlo Cleaners 4 Tom. Costello, MAN. 8IDNKY ItOCKMAN and Tak* notice that SUSAN DZ1AX ,i;l(.-Hi-nedik Oil 4 Reds, Menlo Pharmacy 3 HOWAH5"liockMAJi','partners. "i/I and MARTANN RU88O, t/« Sports n iv.rw. MM, Municipal Treaaurw »»« applied to the Mayor , n.irton Carvel Sockman'a Tawm fe Uquor Store q pp y and « Sealer immediately tn writing to Patrick otocnlg, Borough Clerk of tn H lid M d C Memorial Munldpul Bldg. BSBTKA STOJKA •Jimmies Meat. \UX. Laague | Potocnlg, Borough Olerk of tat k>rough of Cartoret, New Jersey. Ha»« applied to tht Mayor and Com- Common Councill off the B Borough M\ 1 PhlHis, Ronen T, Shop 7 01 Wooctbrldft. Mm JVTKT 3 (Sl(nad) Borough or Cejteret, Ne* Jertej. t/a B«rt ft Al Stojka'i Tavern!mon Council of the Borough of'; Oarteret for a Plenary Retail Circle E m , 1 ., Coat Co. 3 5 I L «/10/85 Colts, Berg Agency « U1.SB FORESTERS ROMB ASSO- C.P, 6/3-10/M $7.J0jCart*nt for a Plenary IMtail Con-'CeMumptlon Mcenae C-40 for (Signed) 5 Mlaan Pacific Leafoe li Twins, Firmioe Realty ( Valley Bus Co. 0 « CIATION mmptlon license No. C-JJ for prem-.Pfmlses altuated at 69 Rooaardt COLUMBUN CLUB. ORDINANCE # 1 » < Bowl-O-Mat 7 NOVICE l«ei altuatcd at N Randolph 8treet,|A«enut. Carteret. New Jerssy. • NatitMl D, P. Kehoe. Chief Ranger, Ugr. Mltolwl] Bedsui, Pr««l(le.nti 2 HorneU, Boulv. App 4 7 OjRCWAWCI TO PROVIM Take notice that LITTLJ C0TT05!Corner Perahln| Aienue. Oart*ret. Objectlona, If any. ahould be mad* H. equlrea, Treamij taaursi OJP. J/3-10/M SOU Lin. Hwy, Taxi. t T81 OUAfmOW OP OP OBROBR 4 LHgueHlitjilghtsofWeektDan K » immediately In writing to Patrvflt N. J. CLUB, INC.. t/» Uttls Cotton Olub, Secret dry o, Jr., Joseph Shutello, TAW TANQIBL1 PittSONAL, PBO« S U s VUlage, Bak 4 » 7 » Inc., has appUtl to tb* Mayor and Objections, if sny, should be made Potocnlg. Borough Clerk of tb* DotI Shttley - No-tuttw lor Philllea PSRTT MOXICI !.P. 6/3-10/69 TAXM PT3R8UAHT TO THI UnmtdlaMly In writing to Patrick owl* ° ' Carteret, New Jersey. Common Council ot the Borough of Tiki notice that WHHL1B INK, • Mareel * Son 4 AUTHORITY PB0VID1D FOR M I AgalsMt HorneU, IM. {Signed) 3 NOTICB ...—.-•. Oarum tor a Plenary Retail Con- PoUrcnlg, Borough Clerk nf tht 0HAPTTO W OP THI LAWS OF MC, a corporatlOQ of Hew Jeraej, Maglione Ice 3 j SUSAN DZLAK Take notice that KATHERIN1 sumption license No. C-1S tor I Borough of Ctrteret, New Jarssy s i * 4 r j M j j i . 8 . 4 0 : u A - r r SKQ.I. haa ippltad to tni Mayor and com- I'DONNILL and ALIOI C. BIDI MARTANH RUSflO ls*)lin Pharmacy 1 premlstt sltuittd at 33-H Salem (Signed) mon Council of the Borough of APrtlOVH) AND ADOPTBD: June i t/a Sporta Best MAMIE ROCRMAJ1 8 Mlaan AUaatte League Oarteret tor a Plenary Retail >Oon- AH, t/a ODocntll'a Bar ft OrlU, Avenue, Carteret, N J. Minuets • AmttfcM C.P. t/3-10/85 S7JS 8IDNIT ROCKMAX 'IHTRODTJOB): IHTRODTJOB): May May 19. 19.IMS. IMS. •umptlon UotQM No. C-3, for hate appllad to th* Mayoi .and Objections, It any, should M msds Ken. Park. C. A. Sen. I HOWARD ROCKMAH ADVIRTHID At AD .ADOPTED D ON prtmlMi situated at 7 Wheeler An- Common Council of tht Borough of Immediately ID writing to: Patriot 1 (Continued from SporU Pa|«) TOWT NOTICE arteret for a Plenary Retail Con- Potocnlg, Borougb Clerk of ths How-do-Houfe Bears RKADDfO WTTH HOTIO nul, CarUnt, Hew Jtreey. Partntn Tak* notice that AHTHOM t, OF PUBLIC HEARING: May 10, Ifajt and' realtlinces ot ofOcert, sumption UctnM Ho. C-1J for Borough of Cwtam, Ntw Jtnsy. batter's box, collecting (our hiuO t/a Rockmin'j T a » r n * Chaia-O-HIH W. C. Orioles 5 TOPPO, t/a Toppo'i Tavern, hsi remises located at MS Rooamlt 1065 Liquor Stort (Signed) directors and d stockholders t k h l d h holding in as many trios from tht bench. 1065. 'Twins applied to th* Mayor and Oommon nenue, Oarttnt, Mew Jerssy. KILD: June 3. u m CP. t/MO/SS LITTLB OOTTON CLUB, DtO. ' Council ot th* Borough of Ctrttnt APFROVH) BY MAYOR: Andr*wj°?*<* •""•,. . ' Objections, If any, should be mads J. F. KENNEDY (8) • Bombscs t/s u n i t Cotton Club, Ino. ' iwnb*k° ' M ^° oonorttion: for a Plsnary Retail Consumptlo* Immediately In writing to: Patrick Joseph Zullo, Pres. * John Bart Shell, Lions AB NOflCB llotns* No. C-37 for premiss* sitPotocnlg, Borough Clerk of tb* Albert Zullo, Sects B et7TT«a«urer, Ttk* notto* that , „ „ ,„ 1 T O 6«cr»t»rT-TT«sUT*r, McElroy Sb s uated tt 49 Hudson Street, OexMret, Borough ot Oarttnt, New Jeraey. KMilHSHIIM.K LITTLE LEAGUE IndianaSaUnt. Anfles CP. f/l-10/U VM BOTBL CORPORATION, INC. t/a « Maple Street, C&rteret, H. I PATRICK POTOCtnO. (Blgned) N J, Brodkin U


{.,s('l>all Stan

3 ^



I 5 S 4 2 1 4 1 1 1

t i i *

mA *r m

• • • J -

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A l d AlMMMto Suoh, S h President, Pid Oypsy Camp, has applied to tb* ObJecUons, If toy, should b* m*4* KATHSaiNB O'DOMKBU, NOTICE M Mftpl* S t m t , OarMrst, N. I Mayor y and Common Council of tbt PatrUik t rick AUCX C. BEDKAR Tak* notto* that JOHN SANDOR, Borough of Carteret for a Plenary Immediatelyy In writingg to: U a r l C. fluob, Vic* PrMKMnt 1 Potocnlg, Borough Clerk o t th* 'ilCllll'll t/a O'Donnell's Bar ft Drill IS M»pl* Btrsst, Cart*r*t, N. 1. t/a Sandor's Tavam, has applied to Retail Consumption Ucenn No. C-MBorough of Oaruret, Nsw Jeraey. NOTICE SI .SO the Mayor and Common Council of for premise! situated at 8 Holly 1, Take ooUM that appUoatton h u Objections, It sny, should be msd* O.P. S/3-10/M (Signed) r'i Hoot Beer he Borough of Carteret foi a Street. Cartertt, N. J. 0; been made to the Mayor and Ooun- lmaudlaMly In wrltlni to: P»trick AKTHOiri J. TOPPO I Plenary Retail Consumption license Objections, If any, should b* mads" ell of the Borough ot Oartaret to Potocnlg, Borough Clerk of to* Bor- Tak* noHo* NOTICE t/a Toppo'* T a ? e n that JEAN A. KO6BL, Immediately In writing to: Patrick outh of Carttret, New Jeraey, No. C-B for pmnlsaa situated at M transfer to Aulle Sin, Inc., tia4. ^ — „ . Shell-Pert!) Oil S tSJ» ,/a KOMI'J T»T«rn, has appllad to Hudson atreet, Cartaret, New Jerart. Potoonlg. Borough Clerk of t o * CP. 6/J-10/64 • I ' o l E f OI<1» 1 (Signed) Ing aa D Don Inn for premise* loU k e Food i WHBLJK IHN, IMO. ;he Mayor and OonmoA Council of Objections, It any, ahould be made Borough of Cartsrst, Ntw Jersey. cated at M5 Wwhlngton Avenue, NOTICE ;he Borough of Carteret for a (Signed) Cartefert, M. J., tbt Ptnan ConJDamo Oub 5 $10.80 Plenary Retail Oonsumptlon Ucsnte Immediately In writing to: Patrick Take notlo* that QDOBQ1 O E J SnUooaJ aumptioo Uoanw C-M heretofore CARTBRBT HOTEL CORBorough Clerk of th* BER t/a Oeorge's Tavern, has ap4 So. C-4 tor premises attuaMd at Potocnlg, to W««l«y T. »pewak, Jr.. PORATION. D(C •OtlCB plltd to th* Mayor and Oommon Borough of Oarteret, New Jersey. • i!i:-ii|j(f f i r e Co. l laiued Iiecutot of latatc of Wesley T. Tak* notlo* that JOSEPH QAVA 347 Waablagton A«nue, Oarwret, t/a Qypsy damp Council of the Borough of Carttret (Signed) I |V:i:.i Oil N. J. tndta, u Tta Sport-aatf; t ^ for a Plenary Retail Consumption Ross Pankullca, President •tat. HnaMcfPanCtkM 1 JOHN 8ANDOR _ to* ptemlaaa lomtad at , _ . ton, for ObJectiODi. If any, should be mad* '.:<• H k « Louis Dtmttst, Vic* President llcens* No, C-18 for pnmlsee slt37 I 12 US Washingtonr Avonu«. Okrttnt, tma, t / a UoHalt'i Diner and BarImmediately In writing to Patrick t/a Bandor's Taters JlleoloPtanMcy I uated at 4 Oook* Avenue, Carteret, hart applied to the Mayor and CP. «/3-10/M Louli Dsmttsr, Stcntary li;e PBA KADISON (7) H. J. N. J. imon Otunoll ot the BOroUjh Potoenlg Borough Clerk of th* CP, S/J-10/M ta.u Mge K oi C I Objsotlons. U a o j . abould b* / _ Objectlopa, If any.iboud b* mad* Borough of Oarteret, Haw Jersey. AB Oaneret tor a Plenary Retail NOTIC1 made lmmedUUlj In wrttlng to GOUMU UTTLE rELLOWl (Signed) immediately In writing to Patrick (oottaeatal Zimmerman* m Oonsumptlon UMIIM HO O - M (or 4 NOVICE T a l t noUet that WILLIAM SITAE, Potocnlg, Clerk ot tb* 1 JSAN A. KO0SL, EaaMra prtmlM* jtttuttad »( JM RopstrtU : M irine I 81 tar ! Packaf* 8tat*. has ap- Tak* notice chat ths HtBIRNIAll Borough ofBorough Borough of Oart*r*t 4 t/a KoafTs Tavern t/a Carter*!, New J*r*ey. ATsnu*., Caxtswt,, H*w Jersey. CLUB has applied to th* Msyor and Auan SIM, IMC. plied to ths Mayor and Common y i 1 CP. S/3-10/M *< ao Council of th* Borough of Oarteret, Oommon Council of the Boroufh of (Slgnsd) McCullko as i Augustine C. Zullo, Pres. Objaotkma, It any, should be mads aSOROE ORUBBK I J Lenny's Deli S8 80 Immadlataly In writing to Patrick for a Plenary Retail Distribution Osrteret tor a Club license No. CB-S *iDoran cf i 1 C.P. «/3-10/M NOT1CE t/a Qeorge's Tavsrn for premises situated at 1SS Roones Ucsns* No. D-i, for pramltti sit1 BJueatoot aeaneri :.Ue Ford Potocnlg Borough Olerk of the Tale notlo* that OENXRAL 8TXFJ'Panepiato If S6S6 2 at 1S3 Washington Avenue, Tclt Avenue. Cartent, New Jersey CP. 6/3-10/6S NOTICE TO BIDDER! Borough of Carteret, Hew Jersey 4 3 Sal's Barter Shop r .re Co. ANIK AMERICAN • SLOVAK CITI- uated T Hofan c Carteret, N. J. 0 Seated Ud* will b* r*c«lv*d by t M Objections, if an;, should be made (81gn«d) NOTICB ZENS CLUB hai applied to th* (l Board of Iduoatton of t b * Borough Hayet l b JOSEPH OAVALJETZ, Mayor and Common Council ot th* ObjMtlons, If any. should b* mads Immediately In writing t o : Patrick Tak* notice that WILLIAM J. of Cart«r«t. Ntw Jersey *t Abraham JULIA OAVALXTZ, Borough of Oartertt for a Plenary immediately tn writing to: Patrick Potocnlg, Borough Clerk of tb* SITAR, JR., t/a Sltaft Uquor Stow, quino lb (I Lincoln School, O a r i t m Avenut Partners. Retail Consumption license No. 0 - Potocnlg, Borough Clerk ot ths Borough ot Carteret. New Jerssy. hss applied to the Mayor and Com< I and PUlmon Stnat, C u t o n t , Kerw (Signed) ander Eis p t / a UcHale't Dinar and Bar men Council of th* Borough ot Car. 43 for premises situated at 11 Par-Borough of Oartent, New Jarssy Jeney at Mtbt o'clock o n Thursday, CP. S/3-10/U 5 (Signed) HIBERNIAN CLUB 18.00 ading Avenue. Carteret, N. J. tent for a Plenary Retail .DistribuJune 17, 1965 for th* foUowing: Frank Dwyer, P T M . WILLIAM BITAR tion license No. D-6 for premiss* Supplies The offlceri of the club are: 36 7 ( 3.1. BBuabsll Eugene ODonnell, t/a Sltor's Packsfa Store situated at 13ST Rootmlt Avenus, nones u k t t b t i l SupoliM Andrew Hatala, President; Fred vice President »6.80 Carteret, N. J. Tak* BOU«« that OEM TAVERN, Oallo, Vice President: John Kercs- CF. S/3-10/69 Madison l « Ml 100-7 3. Poottell Supplies Rldhard Connelly 4 Track fluppUe* Objections, If any, ahould b* mad* INC., a corporation of Nsw Jersey, lan, Financial Stcreoary; John Ctnll. Reconllng Secretary F. Kennedy W 001 401 - J 3. Wrestling Suppll** NOTICE immediately In wrltlni to Patrick h u applied to the Mayor and Com-Treasurer; Michael Splaak and Pet*r Fsrreli, Potocnlg, Borough Clsrk of th* Bormon Council of th* Borough of George gabol, TruDKOe; Michael Taks notlot that JOSEPH BA Financial Secretary UCQAL NOTICES 7. Shkdes/or Drape* ough of Carteret, Ntw Jeney. DOR BAR, INC.. t/a Joe's Bar, has Cartartt for a Plenary Retail Oon- Keplch. Recording Secretary. Raymond t. Sklmmons, Bid* will b* op*a*d t o d r**d at sumptlon Uoenae No. C-35 for Objections, If any, should oe mad* applltd to th* Mayor and Common (Blgned) Treawrer is mMtlnf. PROPOSAL premises situated at 13S Washington immediately In writing to Patrick Council of tha Borough ot Carteret WILLIAM J. SITAR, J*. Joseph O'Rourke, Sentinel Sid* must b* accompanied by a Atenue, Carteret. Nsw Jersey for a Plenary Retail Consumption Saaitd bad* wal U Potocnlg, Borough Clerk of tht t/a -titled ohask In to* amount of Name* and rteioeuces ot offlcers, Borough of Cartaret. New Jersey John Sklmmons, Marshal CP. S/S-IO/M Sttar's Liquor Bton license No. C-43 for premises sitUM '^ of th* Nd or a Bid Bond. S10.00 directors and stockholder* holding uated at 74 Panning Avsnue, Car- C.P. 6/1-10/65 (Signed) All supplies to be delivered a* di- one or more percent of th* stock terei. N. J. OENERAL STSFAHIK AMXR1NOTICB rected. NOTICE corporation: CAN-SLOVAK OITIZENa CLUB Objtcuom, if any, thouid b* mad* Taks notlc* that JOSEPH MAon ol said p«Ktt bid* u* rwjueaWd wj . » 10.30 A.M., m^r^.t,, fti 8*p«Ktt Michael Poll, Prtsldjnt, Andrew Hatals, President Immediately In writing to Patrick Tak I nOUM that CRtDKLL, INC.,JOROS h u appllsd to tb* Mayor bOT* ttani wttta a unit prloe abOT* ttoi* bbk will he pubilcly t t/a Cridell, Inc., has applied to thaand Common Council of tba BorS Louis Street, Carters!. N. J. Potocnlg, Borough Clerk of the John Kemtan, Fin, Secy. a total prloe for *aoh lt*m and opetwd and r*ad ttoud tor: Stephen Varga, Vic* President, C.P. 8/3-10/65 •10.60 Borough of Carteiet, New Jersey. Mayor and Common Oounoll of the ough of Oartent tor a Plenary BUSDTMa AND OTTKX 1 U Borough of Cartertt tor a Plenary Retail Consumption ltcsnsa Ho. (3-3J 19* Perthtng AT*., Cartenl N. 1. ^tii Boart vt «hw»tloa M K T (SlgnM) C t m n s tor All Woodtrtdi* Retail Consojnptlon llctme No. C-10for prsmlsu situated at US Joasph Poll, Treasurer. th* rlfbt M reject any. all or part JOSEPH 8ANDOR EAR, NOTICE TownsWp aebook mo. for premlaas situated at 835 ROOM- velt Avenue, Cartent, N. J. Carteret, >. J. : t h 3 but. t/a Jot's Bar TOR THE UfM t o d sptnlrVmtlOM m*y 1M Take notloe that BTIV1 MARKftlt Avenue. Cartaret, New Jersey. Joseph Sandor, Prei, SMUnd at tlMofflo* e< m * aupsr- Bid* muM be plainly marttd "Bid ObjMtlons, K any, should b« madt OV1CH, t/a 8t*v«'i Oorntr, has apObjMtlons, If any, should b* mad* Immediately In writing to: Patrick lotondMtt at Sabool* *t tb* i 4 Margant Bandor, Becv.-Treu. Objections, If any, should tw mads immediately In writing to Patrick plied to the Mayor and Common immediately tn writing to Patrick Potocnlg, Borough Clerk ot th* Patoonlg, Borougb Olsrk of t h s Bor- Council of the Borpugb of Oartent CP. 6/3-10/65 mlnlttntton Building. 17.60 , y. P. Umb, Pt*dd«nt Potocnlg, Borough Cltrk of th* Borough of Osrteret, Ntw Jartty. Mtob bid rmi*t b* . ough o f Ctrteret, Ntw Jersey. for a Plenary Retail Consumption Oartem Board of XduoevUMi T Borough ot Carttnt, Ntw Jersey pWnly marksd, "BID CM (Signed) NOTICE ; (Signed) license No. C-12 for premise! sit* May M, 1M1 and bs aooomtkaltd by a o*nln*d OEM TAVBRN, 11*0. uated at M Roosevelt Avenus, Tale notlcs that LOUIS W. NAOT (Signad) JOSEPH MAJOROS tll.40 BIG "BREAKotwok or bid oond in thai amount 0J> l/i-U/St OP. 4/3-10/46 and LILLIAN NAOT t/a Nagy's CRID1LL, WO. ' C.P. 6/3-10/63 16.08 ot i n of th* Ud. Liquor Bton, l u r e applied I/a OrtdsU, Inc. KOffiCB THE-ICE" PARTY Objections, if any, should be mad* PamUy Tb* Board of BdUMtloo rtawrM NOTICE to tk« Mayor and Common Council Ignatius II. DeBella, Pres. NOTICE I Tak* WttM that AUaUST ICROtb* M M to rejeot any ot aU bid*, of cite Borough ot Oartent for a EJtlra OtBella. V|o* ft**. THIS SATURDAY Tau that WILLIAM K O U u whole or In part, aud to watt* mmsaa md n u n KBOHW- ft ORILL, INC., t/a City Line Bar Plenary Retail Distribution UcenM Borough ot Carteret, New Jersej. No. D - ] for premiss* situated at C.P. 6/3-10/45 NIGHT. kamaterlA) informallUM. BIBO »/* P*»eoo Kail, n»»* appllsd ft OilU,, has, appUsd to t h s Mayor 'plied to ths Mayor and Oommon BOARD Of BDUOATION (Slgnsd) A D C i n ONLY lo UM Mayor and Common Oounoll and Commoa Council af the BorSTIVE MARKOVICS M - 1 0 1 Koossrslt AvenUt, Oarteret, Council of th* Borough ol Carteret Township of Woodbrldge N0TICB ough of Csrtertt for a Plenary R. J. of UM Borougb at Ctft«r*t (or a for a Plsnary Retail Consumption WaodMMM, X. J . ' t/a Steve't Corner. Objections, if any, should b* mad* Take notict that JOHN PPMFP1R : license No. C-M lor premise* situ•lenary R*UU Consumption 11O*SM Bttall oonsukptlon lloens* No. 0-M C.P. 6/1-10/6S T. o. OadWWkv, ' St.80 Immediately In wrltlnf to Patrick and JOHN HOWARD, partners, t/a ated t t 41-43 Penning Avtnue. OtrHo. 0-17 Ax prral***] altusud i t for premises situated at 1 Roosevelt Potocnlg, Borough (ink ot tht aiass Bar Inn, b a n applMd to th* ttret, N. J. 10t pulaikt ATtnue, Oirtsrst, H J. Atsnus, Oartant, N. J . . limited Number of Membenhips Available NOTICE ObJtttlAMt U nj, should b* mMt Th* offlCsri and ilreotor* of said Take iifiiio* that WBBLEY T. SP«- Borough ol Carteret, Hew Jersey. Uayor and Common Council of th* Objections, It any, ahould be made Borough ot Csrteret for a Plenary Immediately In writing to Patrlok (Signed) _m*dla»UBorough In wrltlni to Patrick oorporatlon a n Olovanlna Ribas, 1 WAK, JR.. Kiecutor of Honot or lAti Potocnlf, Retail Consumption UMnse No. C-ltPotocnlg, Borougb Olsrk of UM RooMTdt Avenue, Carttnt, N. J.; of IWesley T. Spewak. LOUlfi W NAOT ItU( *•ifi orWowfiiiiit, •otoanli, Borough 01*rk of tba New Jeresy. Palma Oatrl, l i t Carttret Ay*., Car-Sportsman'! Inn, has i for premise* situated at SI Whealet Borough of Cartent, New Jenef. LILLIAN NAOT U TkiCiuaity of MUlbtts, Borouita of" iCarteret, d ) ttrtt, N. J.; Tlieitta Donoran, 10 t/a N»RV> Family Liquor Store Avenue, Carteret, H. J. Nt* Jtnay the Muyor and Common N (Slgnsd) ' Polk At*,, Carteret, N, J. Objections, It any. shoutd be made the Bormigh of Cineret for a Plen- C.P: 6/3-10/65 WILLIAM KOUBAB Objections, If any, should b* mad* ary Retail Consumption License No. immediately In writing to Patrick t/a Kollbaa' T»f*m Palton Hall. Th* Towruinip of Woodbrtdgs, In UnmsdlaUly in wrltlhg t o : Patrick 0-39, for premise* situated at 265 Potocnlg, Borough Clerk of tht CP. 9/3-10/SJ UM NOTICE »7.J0 Potocnlg. Borough Olerk o t t h * Bor- Washington Avenue, Cart«r*t. Ne# Vm County a f Mjrtniaaw, (b*nau- CJ>. S/J-10/SJ Tate notice tuat th* AMIRICAN Borough of CarUnt. New Jersey. Jersey. ; L50I0N, CARTKBIT POST NO. 2«], */Ur nttrni to u "Ivjtm*l ' ough of Cartertt, New Jeraey. Signed) NOTICE NOI1CB Objections, If any, ahould be ms4i ha) applied to ths Mayor and Com• munlolpsJ osrpomttaa of (81m*d) OHM PT notlc. that tb* CARTIMT immediately In writing to Patrtok mon SUM OTN*W J u a n , htwtby TtJU notlo* that J0HM PAOB and OHN HOWARD CITY LIN1 BAR ft) ORILL, In< Potocnlg, Council of the Borough ot CRAPTSMXK'3 OLUB. INO, ha* apBorough Clerk of t4t CartSret at*i*d propoal* tor tn* puroh*** DOROTHT al. PAQB, t / a Jack Partnen Olovanlna Blpai. Prssldsnt for a Club License No. CB-ll plied to th* Mayor and Oommon Borough of Carterst, New Jersey o( It* bonds btraUwTMr d**ortb*d. Paas's, • ha»e applied to the Uayor t/s (Hast Bar Inn 9 Roosevelt Avtnu* for premlMs situated at 1177 RoouRATES Council of the Borough ot Carttnt ISlsned) tuoh assOsd prapolkk will be re- and Oommon 0oun«l of th* BorCarteret, N. J. relt Avtnue, Cartent, New Jersey. C.P. 6/3-10/69 a Club license No. C3-J for o*lT*d, pubUoly op*q*d and an- ough of Otrteret tor • Plenary WESLEY T. SPEWAK, JR., a 110.00 premises situated at M Ilm Btr**t, OP. 6/J-10/64 Objection!. If any, should be made "iilT nifiiilinufcu i H u i h a n i Wll* nounoed by Ids M\ Treatunc Retail Ooatumptlon l i o n s * No. C - » Executor of the Estate of > immediately In writing to Patrick NfTlCl Carteret. N. J. at oh* Onuuil C WBSLEY T. SPHWAS. th tor prtmtSM situated at US Roots* > f 1M.M ' , Bc-roug' - - Tak* notice thtt the UKRAINIAN Objections. If any, should b* tn*4* M«mo«W Muolol NOTICE t*lt *T«nus, OarUMt. N. J. MM AMIRICAN CITIZENS OLUB h u Street. immediately In writing to: P»trlO« notice that CHARLES appllsd to ths Mayor and Common Potocnlg, Borougb Clerk of th* Bor< Jersey, on tb* 17th d*j oi June, Objections, K any, aboull a* mads BRADY, t / a Brady's Oafs, h u ap- C.P. 8/3-1' isigned) M.It IMS, at 1100 o'clock, noon ( M - imrnedlaUly In writing to Patrick plied to the Mayor and Common THE AMIR10AM L1OIO11 Couucil of the Boroufti of Carteret o u « h of Cartent, Ntw J*n*y. NOTICE 7J.H Potoonlf, Borougb Ol*rk of t r - Council of th* Borough of Oartent, T»Kt noUce tliul BANJO LOUNOB. *rn Daylight Bavlnf Ttm*). CARTBBBT POST NO. W for a Olub license No. CB-5 for I Signed) ««™»-i Borouth of Oarteret, H*w Jefsw T)M bOMS oomprl** an l*su* premiss*, sltusted at 72S Rooasvelt CARTERK-11 for a Plenary Retail Consumption I N O . KA. t/a Banjo Lounge, ha* JAMS8 SKITKA. Sl.lU.OOO 0*n*ni Inu>rt)T*m«iit (Signed) kvenue, Carteret. N J. C I J U B , INC. license No. C-7 for premise! sit- spplled to ths Uayor and Common Commander Bond*, payabi* in anuusJ la*t«JlJOHN PAQB Objection!, Li any, uiould b* mmie uated at 335 WaslilugUin Avenue, Council of tha Borough ol OarMrst President, riiuinas J. Hwnp JOSEPH PLOTTCRER, m.uis oa July 1 In won y « r a* DOKOTHY U Immediately In writing ta: Patrick Vii.e President. William Ohabtna Cirteret. New Jersey Finance Oftcer tor a Plenary Retail Consumption folLow» Treasurer, Harry Ra.pp: t/a Jack Pagss. •8,00 potocnlg, Borough Clerk of tin Objection!, if any, should be made license No. C-34 for premUes tit-1 C.P- 8/3-10/65 lu *aoh of * • N J t t 1 Htiirotary, Thisodot* MortM* Borough or Carteret, Ntw Jersey C.P. f/3-lO/SS •>•» Immediately In writing t o : Patrick usted at 1249 Roosevelt Avenue, I to 1)74, loclustr*. aad IllI.MO C.P. 6/3-10/6S it.00 NOTICE (Sinned) PotoonlK, Borough Clerk o t th* Bor-Curterst,- N. J. th* y*ar 1815. UKRAINIAN AMIRICAN NOtlCl ough of Cartsret, New Jersey Objections. If »n>, should be mads Take uuilce that DIXIE a TAVTn* bond* a n d*Md July 1, IMS NUT1CB •RN of Oartent, N. J., a corporation (Signed) immediately In writing to: Patrick cmzsiNS CLIB and a n of tha dimnilh»Uon at TaX* notlo* that SUOX'B, a corTat. notice Uul VLNCKIZA New Jeraey, has applied to tht CHABUCS J. BRADTIPOUKIIIK. Btirougb Olerk of tb* of (fret.) Joteuh Pukash ti.OOU MOII, siustit Uw»* bond* In poration of Ntw Jerssy, has applltd LOHUdflO. t / a Vtto's Be«r Oardtn Mayor and Common Council of the ths last maturity "blah t» of m» a t h * Mayor and Oommon council t/a Brady'* Gate u,4r,.ugh "f Carteitt. New Jersey. (dec.) Joseph J. Pukash I'j.'iOjhas applied to the Mayor aud ComBorough of Carteret for a Plenary CP. 6/J-10/65 of th* Borough of Carteret, for a C.P. 6/3-10/95 dMuxnuuktlon o« SliOvO **on. as.so , mon Ccuncil of the Borough *f Retail Consumption licence Nu C-p, tin* ev«i4 *v*ut otve Plenary Hrtall Oonsumptlon License BANJO LOUNQB, INC. the * * PU«n*?» £ ' a r t e n t for a Plenary Retail ConNOTICE for primlHB situated at 338 RooseMOCICI builds aleols M t*Jt« baud* ki th* No. O-S for premises situated at 1361 t.a Uiinjo Lounge tumptlun UoenM No. C-l (or velt Avenue, Carteret, N J Tak. notlo. lliat OABTBRBT NIW last m*turlty which a n not U oiulKuBen* H. Kelly, l Avtnut, Cartent, Ntw Ttik* HOMO* that UOPHLI K U Temtuut sltuatcU »l 17 S i l e m AvtJ l R a l Y LODOI 323J. BWSVOIJgNT Oojectlom, if any, should be mad* Itplsa of flw. suoU bond* *haU b* Prealdent-Tnasurer BAN, t/a Hill Bowl, lino applied to liumedlawly lu wrlttns to- Patrick AND PROnxrnvii OBDBH or ue, CarMret, N J. In th* dwunnUutloa of #1.000 eaeii AnlllOJiy DIOlQTglO, H tm** and realdeuo* of offlcers, the Mayor nud Common Council of N If any, Tt» boiidii a n ouupon baud*, n g Potocnlg, Borough Clerk of ths ILKB, has applied to the Mayor and J . y, ihould t>f f mail* th* Borouuh of CurUnt fur a Vict-Pres.-Secretary latr«bl< at Uie opUon of tb* holds* u l t * o t o n s a d stockholders holding Plenary HeUU 'Consumption license I Borough uf Carterei, Now Jersey Commun Council of the Borough of luiuiedlately In writing to: FaUU'.k 6/3-10/65 one or mar* perosnl of th* »tock ot t l l wily or as W b»U> Cartertt for a Olub lkenss for ]ir«m- Potuuul«, Borough Clirk of Uw p u to No. C-J1 , N.A.. Uoun Av«uu* Beers Ury-Tna*ur*r Objection!. If any, should b« mads VINCENZA l.QRUSeO Joseph I.mliei, P r u Objections, If any, should be mad* a aiiplled to t h . Mayor snd Coinand Bwrv »trt»i. W* n*y»bli Tale nOUU'H that C A K T M Mapl. S l r w l . CARTIRSTI' MEW *M»*-«nj»ually on January 1 SOPHIE K1JUJAK Avtnue. Cartsret. N, J. SUBLl'ltR and KKF1NKKY WORKNOTICE CarKnt, M. J. LOXX9I 3333. i.iljir. tlous, II auy, tuuuld M mads t/a Hill Buwl ERS UNION, LOCAL NO. 837 b«# l t d node* that LKBBKO MOD Uary O. Such, BtWBVOLINT AND applied lo the Mayor and Common U.p. *y»-10/*o UM lm.ntuUisly 1« wriUug to: Patrick MiBO «ud NICHQLINA QARCU, Vlc*-Pr**ld*nt PKOTEOTIVH OROS OF •poiwulg, Boiomga Olerk of the of Uie Council nd tbe Borough of Csrtent t/a 0 . * M. Llaiior Stpn, h*v* apBUU M U t p U SUMl. NOijci iiton>u|b'«( Caiteret. N*w Jereej for a Club lloeat* No. CB-ll for plied to th* Uayor and Ooannoo carvtnt, n. i. Jauiss W. Qulnn prsmlsu situated at 137 Roosevelt Ta»» n«Be* thai L*O»l *• NOWAKJ '"'""'" OouBoli o( tb* Boisuab ot Oarteret, oulHllsasL U any, sUould nt mads Exalted Ruler ALEX PRTWATA all Avenue, Cartent, Ntw Jwt*y. t/a Lao's Ina has applltd to tht for a Plenary )M*U Wstriputlaa Jostph Loogl Objection, If any should b* mat* vr. »/3-lo/as Mayor and Common Council of tht llstn*. No. D-l tat *(M|l**s sit••crttary immtdlaUly In writing u Patrlok Borough of Csrtent for a Plenary of r»t* a uaUd at IS WsshLbftoa Avtoue, C.P. 1/5-10/6* S9.M Potocnlg, Borough Clerk of tkt without NOI1CE •I Oarunt, N*w Jersey. Retail Consumption llowu* Mo C-M Oarterel. N J. Borouih of Cartetet, New Je uotu« that CARTSRXT for premises situated at Jcfl Koow(Siloed) imuw Honcc proposal i.lylJUK ai"OB«, 1HC, t/a Weiss' Objeutlout, If any, should be mad* (Blau*d> C t s t H. J P « an SUCH'S, tht raw > > f Intojirt P imuediitUly In writing to: Patrick t'W* aoUce that THX POLlaB tht raw > > f CARTRRSr SMBLTER * d W to b . bur.,, by tSTbonds 1MJ Roo*«vel» *v AMKIUOAX OLUB. IMC. has applied Potocnlg, Borough OUrk of th* b s j u i N i R Y WORKSRA Canertt, N J Borough ot Carteret, Mew Jersey. to t o * aUyor end Oouuuou Coupon UNION LOCAL NO 83T of th* Borough of Oarteret fur a (Signed) CP «/3-W/i« TIUHIIU Da fMwloo 1-EBEKO H0I4NAHO Olub Uu*ms* Ho. OB-8 for ptamUes NOtlCi FreaiJcm NICKOUNA QAJUU situated at M lUudolpti atr*M, T**.* n o t M tUat JOHH KOEOLHS •rneet Jvuw. O. « U . Uquor Ston Carunt, New Jwaty. aeontery kOKOLUBJ/a Koks f tTeUh^d °e " ' . ^ l a n d STBPHBil Objtctlous, If any, shMM b * hat* applied to th* Mayor Ot 3O/« , sfMUld b* t»*4* o*. »/J-w/a* wUI be svldeuoetl br a nnioo Cmw<-n uf th* Bor-OP. 4V1-WW * The pu™»M-* 11Prt«« the pn>P<*al "t "*


NoUro 3b Volker lb, p Barnikow ri Piereth d Hondo cf Pucaiioc Welly u Waillesklp Hntko If, pb

Bcwulh Olwk ijC.P. S/10/83




the Season!


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ME 4-5051



'•"me And Join Your Neighbors

Newly Initalled Modern Fountain and Snuck Bar plus a '"ge Indoor Game & Kecreution Room


&&&&&: rs.

(E.B.) - Carti-m Thursday, June 10, 1965 -

LEGAL hai the premp r m Ing rou roumnf the Bnan, proti ded,l howevw, o wte ,h«thai at) nhe nhe Artmtnl'tt.niii,,. Artm1nw uinwl for any (10) p*r cent deposit, oaah to equal toes H1OH BCHOOU and SBOTOR School Rt.r*«t, wr not h« ">lhri,ii the total purchase price, 1»M thetype "' Jcnwy at 10 :X) " m HIOH SCHOOLS ,K t i tfier pro hereinafter mentioned mortgtge, .run* 21, IMS. Ust* and gpedflratton* may b* shell be Wda will N. , secured at the office of th« Super- Purchase money not* and mort- masonry form In three t 3 | intendent of School* »t rtie Admin- gage to b« taken back by the istration Building. and Township of Woodbrldge for a Bach bid must be sealed ProivwM form of petrlod of tmrenty-four (14) month* lalnly marked "BID OH with Interest at id* {«.%) p#r cent any d t n»m with and payable du« 11. Ip*r annum, . (J4) months monthe from any (J4) ittrenty-fCAir kl


wick Avenue, and Edith Sistek. ""1-rtlri, 119 Arlington Drive, Fords; Nan' Hi will be ofered to the pupils procy Hansen, 28 MeiiHer Street, ficient in those respective lanAvenel, and John Schmidt, 70 guage*. Other courses, wch as Fourth Avenue, Port Reading music and art appreciation, re(Continued from Edit. Page) mcr school- very shortly, The medial and speed reading, and LEGAL NOTICES courses offered will depend on college skills, will be given this George Mazur, Jr., Metuchen, the demand for certain subjects. year and for the y a a n to come, SEWAREN - Saturday afterNOTICE TO BIDDERS ^ ^ V & u o a t i o n re*,™ If there ia strong student interest noon at St. Anthony's Church, arother of the bridegroom, was nlosln* of MM* I mltted on a buMpr r•• ahull hr from Kin 1 r Ini; In t.hl» area must b, Richard Wernoski and Benjamin Abraham Lincoln School. Carteret TM TWrnahlp ofWoodbrldg*. * t | ^ Offers Coartcf n mn» thony Kubicka, 412 Broad Street, Avenue and Flllmore Avenue. CarTownship (.. — the work s u m m e r school's curriculum; th* e«p*ns» of Uie purchaser in » Delia Pietro, all of Fords teret, New Jereey, at rtBhtn clock Woodbrld(r*. N«w Jersey I'cr'iriiTi form ejtlsfectwy to the J ^ * These summer enrichment class-' On file in tbe Guidance Depart- became the bride of Gerald Ro- The bride, a graduate of Wood- on Thursday evening, June 24. IMS T C. Cadiralarier, are also announcements of |bert Maair, son of Mr. and Mrs. ment of Law. Ooirt of adverttaliw for the following: PS will be offered only if there is 3«rMary •hall b* paid by purchswr. bridge High School 1964, is em'HI summer programs to beGeorge Masur, 105 Bloomfield 1. JO Band Uniforms .Ii. t/WK ..... a sufficient number of ' "~ 13 Twlrlera Uniforms , 't forth on Hie w.«Kli»rlrt(;M.ro.rf of i«i* n u»,, ,, i i i i i t i i this y e a r a t neighboring Avenue, Fords. The Rev. Stani- ployed by The Hansen * Yorke 1 Directors Uniform PROPOSAL T , i i N.i Uf With-, m m Rucwmful hid, Co., of New Jersey, Woodbridge. schools am) colleges. Colleges such slaus M i l o s officiated at the 1, eteam Cleaning the exterior sealed bid* will be received by * • f hn f*r ">"<• ""• I'""1"'" " r i 1 " r«|iUr«l t.) f,,nii, .The bridegroom, a graduate of of the Csrtenrt High Schoo Board of Education of U« Townas Fairleigh-Dickinson, at either 'double ring ceremony. ..hirlwi n t h " 'I'1111 " " » > ' " • ' bond In full »„ Middlesex County Vocational and Bids will be opened andrendalship of Woodbrtdge at th* Admln.._..,._ ..k.n >«• ullnwwl ! trnct prlcp cm rmnri i w of their campuses at Ruther(tola meeting. Bids must be «"°°™ li\l>or nnd nmtrrinl Building. School Strrtt, ^ UK ffn* with with thfl u... ford or Teaneck, present to j " - 1 " The bride, given in marriage Technical High School, Perth Am- panled by a certified check In thIstratlon All hl-ldm of in Wcodbriogr., N J. on Wednesday, not Int^rffn* t T(vr construction of bullriamount of 10% of th* Bid or a Bl< class of 1963, is employed f«>n*tnir!1on work r boy July 7, 10S5 at 10:30 ajn.. 8.D.8.T., at uulfer for intiiiMtriAi jmnxiwi' Tlt-lp qilftllfiH hV th* Sffili' which time bldn will lie publicly by the Middlesex Water Co., •by fw ronrlusivfOv (1fr»m(Ki to Hf Specifications may be obtained opened and read Aloud tor: ucBtlon and r*rtMc•» ••", Towruftitp of WcodbTidge come only once in a lifetime—this Junior bridesmaids were Miss Lu- Road; Paula Prebut, 649 Lewis day, day, Ju J watt with Itti Avenue In accord- chase IIn accordance with tonnt of T C TADWAIADER at which time M d s . * WoodbrtdM. NJK.fli.T.. at anne Mazurek, Fords, bridesale on file, t h e Township will i > is one which should not be missed. Street, and Florence Fuery, 272 K.fli.T. ance with the standard Township d d read alou . C. CsdweTader. Secretary North Brunswick groom's cousin, and Miss Jane Green'Street, aU of Woodbridge; be publloly opened and of Woodbridge specifications, with Uter > bargain and sale (feed for III,. sVW/M Secretary said premises. Right of Way width of slity 160) 11.1. t710/M Ivan, Perth Amboy, bride's cou Judith Bonalsky, 458 New BrunsVictoria, Africa's largest hike, . . « , consisting of existing fifty DATE): June J. HM_ Phone AX 7-2414 NOTICK JOflaTH VALBm (SO) toot Right of Way plus W is the source of the Nile R i m MunlovpeJ Clerk New Jeresy S U M feet to bs dedicated by Purchaser • 17444 atii s on ltt own land, Said street shall L. 47M0/M nounee<< lor

Township Couple Married At St. Anthony's Church

Teen Topics



I. C. State College Graduate*





ami Tbe Board of Mucatlon will r e - cations. road. Said street to be adequately qualifications, applv drained. Purchaser shall also in- ceive separata sealed bids for: stall concrete curb, in accordance CONTRACT JTOb-UR - ROOF- i t Civil 8«rvlc«. Statf H O WORK — SOROOL #14, A V I -ton, New Jeraty wltb Townnhlp of Woodbridge Open to c l t l v n s . W specifications, on the north and smith sides ol Hartley Street. In OOHTRAOT JTMb-llK - UAflOM- Ident In WcodbndR* TH» Uee Oedet, Salary, |1V». tbe oooatruoUan of HarUer Street, RT RVAIMv - SCHOOL #10, purobaaer shall lnaure that the HOMLAWK fS*'l/l-10-n/8S akve adjacent to Uarkln IWeet shall be constructed and maun* OONTRA0T JIXb-M - ROOTROOT tained 1 on 1 slope O WOMC - SCHOOL « T FORM talned on a J l p sto to prepr» DIO ? IS IT A SECRET ? Ttct *ns«m. •••- Said — " v..v bank Is U tto a h ,bs Bids will b* rsc«4t*d In the meetplanted wMi wMi liy liy p plant* plaosd planted 113" on center. r 8*id 8*id road road tt o od d curt) curt) -oai»i» ITKI . m You know it's for SALE! m m i mi B t Is to b* constructs*! within twentyYour BROKER four (M) month* from tht a»t* Mason - Contractor of dosing at »U« REPAIRS KNOWS IT'S FOR SALE! Kim Novak 9. In t b t *T«M that pureb»«sr Builder COLLISION WORK oompUsa with both Pancnphs 3 BUT Rkhird Johnson >od«. tarsfSJd toUy»sniE.Brs and 4, In raaard to tbe eoSe nremAn Brick, Stone and Concrete lsts aa evidenced by a oertUaoate Does the Buyer know tt'i AnieU of eompUanoe, slmea by t t e TownWork IRCIAL VAClLmil for Sale? ship Bnflneer of Die TownaWp of Woodbrldte, then and In that New and Repain LONCHBONl-DDrNIM EUROPKAN TRAINED event, tbe aforesaid mortfege shall LET USTAWUNY * COCITAa bt cancelled of record by the TownFall* Inured ft Guaranteed LODNOI MECHANIC ship of Woodtorldsje. without any further payment of principal or ?jJTNMi FOOD t o HOME . APARTMLNT interest tiy the purchaser wnateoCALL HI erar. Boweter, In the event * a t AND OFFICE N . MM«y Dowm Hsatken ef purchaser falls to comply wttb (be Room Lnyont Opn Muter «i" ounu' CLUB afonmenttcoed proridom within Fnrnitare Anangements the eaJd time, which time la hereCAKTI BUMCn ffrMirH M'HI* Tel) Your Story by made of tbe essence, then and AKmiCAM Color CoorttaaUon • plm In that treat tbe entire principal 50 SMITH ST. KXTU8I Badjet PUnnhMt and interest due on said mortgage BKIanla Stndr Mil 8 t Gcwfe AveaM PERT! AMBOY O 8mttb S i . P e r * Amboy •hall bs due and payable. C«n or Write For Ne Ceuecttoa ttlta Any Otter I SaroUni AVENEL U 6-1212 6. Purchaser must commence Further Information KetUarant ' construction of M.00O aauan feet I (Neat ClorerUal) CUSTOM TAILORED SLIPof frcea floor area of• Io4uetrlal or Dallf I:M A. M. to *M t. codroeretal bulldlnc or COVERS, DRAPERIES, 1M4 Cuinei Rentals - Service • Sale* «. M. to *M t. within aUty ( » ) days after cloaB FestlTsl Wtnnx Jt REUPHOLSTEBY lni of UUs, (the cross floor area ME 6-9070 excludes cellars at defined In ttoe GENERAL CINEMA Woodbrldge Township Building SHOP AT HOMf SERVICE ME 4-9752 lag gbad wlD hi Cods.) Tbe construction of a buildTHEATRES ing shall be considered aa having N n m n t t ; Bh. PUMPS • GENERATORS been commenced when toe foundation la oooetruoted. Said M.000, BUILDERS' HAMMERS square feet of building or bulldliigsl r«r Wmu»lm m ahall be completed within 9 mcoths | ATSSli I t Ml WekonM WtfM hi after oloeln« of title. Said UuUdtof" or buUlUDCt shall bs deemed oomSALES • SERVICE • REPAIR pltt*d when it Is ready to receive 11 UN ft. George A«e. ( B t W Lawn Mower Service . a certificate, of occupancy. It tbs Air CeadUkraid North of WoodbrJOfe ClOTtrlsil said 33,000 square test of building And Repair or buildups are dUier not eomNOW THRU AVENEL, N. J. SAW FILING mesced or completed within the i n * respective aforementtoned ttmaa, flopMa |10 Per Hour ttien and l a either of won treat*, t u t*Ue of tn* M U M property Day or Night conveyed bereuAder. Including any On-TfcfrJob bulKtogs or partially formed BuildA|eat Due* Plnckter ings Sareco shall avtomaittcallr Call MErcury 44449 H E 4-6080 revert to tbe Townabkp of WoodCHAIN SAWS - VIBRATORS bridge without tfae necessity of ear notice or demand whatsoever. Any PORTABLE BEATERS period of delay in commencement 1163 Green St., Iselin of construction or oocnpleuon caused by strikes, war, arts of God 1 bdutrial sod other similar tvente beyond rOMPLETE LANDSCAPB the purchaser's control ahall be Why Not Let Toe added to the aforementioned times. PLANNING Mt 4-6"7" McCoDejr* In the event that purohaaer oom~ 8 A T . * SUN. MATINEE GBAD1NG 4 SEEDING tDsnces and completes iaU W.000 Mo*« Take Advantage of Ow square foot building or buildings M a KWalUliBj Lawns | aforesaid wtthln tbe aforeaaid HANSEL & * frws period of Una, then, and only In Phu 3 STOOCES that event, the Townet*p of Wcod• ~ n » . and nest Hetal «st» bridge ngTtti to rslseea and make r M V B W SAT. AT • rH ST. GEORGE AVE. Around the free and clear from tbe Hen of tbs GALL WOODBRIDGE •UN. - HON. - WB*. aforesaid mortage tbs leade upon In — • - - u n buMng It ooutructed Repain wltb sufflcisnt turround For Ihe months *i May u - — J e oo a ratio of l acre AGENTS oi AU JO* square feet, and a t e to _ . and Jaae ONLY! NATIONAL VANS Ti'innm MErcnrj 4-UH Type* a niitt retani deed new sine tbe "on Hat acreage an rtvertsr from Local and World Wide M o m s A WAL1W LEGAL NOTKBS buttdlnc, pconosa nawwnr, u » slinvatansouslr toenwltb tbe pur ITXJU.1NG UM 8 t George Ave., Avenel ohsesr posU a pertoqnauoe bond NOTICE OF rUBUC IALB ol an aoosptabl*suri - — • of anacoaptabL TO WHOM IT UAT COKOCBH: Alr-C -j— an amount to „ — At a regular meettaf at too Warm Air Heat Municipal OOUDOII of tbe Town- tbt TownahU) kglneer er,toin a form Udu»triil Bihaort d n6y tbe ship of Woodbrtdte, beM TuasOa», » „ w . . j id FiU Yonr Cotd B h NOW tbe Township Township WE DEUVEB! Motor Guard! the per. June 2. ISM, I was directed to U i Doparameot tesuitnc t th FOB FREE B8«T' ted IU1 IU1Lehigh Preminm adrerUse tbe laot tbat on Tueedaj ftormanoe of any uncompleted —I 4-J11S evening, June lMi. 1*», tbe Uun-tat or road ODDStrootaon required Caaaakte SUek oi Domestic lttons. and and by tbe tli lolpal CouncU wUl meet M S tM. '.'BIN ^ Uarkley and hiaorted Wnw (O6T) in tbe Oomatttaa Obani- further provided ttwtt "Service w SAT. TBRM6 AMD OONDmOKS Of «buUdlngs within ont year of oleaION1GHY THBU MfUEOAT WED. PUOUC SAL* OP REAL BBTAT1 Ing of tttte and oomplate tarn* •VBrflNaa ONLY 1:M • »:U KNOWN AND DIS1ONATXD oo tbe Ki m ^ of tttlt with Full Guarantee M months of Township Aseeasment Us|> sa Lot With Charier , n,,M l, Block W3 now owned by and In under ana same Mma mun coodtGregory P*ck and revettar; and release of + Ceort Kxpert Repairs possession of the Township of and from mortgage proWoodbrtdeo, to be held Tuesday any such eomplenecl buildon all Jeweln evening, June 3, 1MH, at 8 P3L IDHT) lii the CXnunlWee Obam- Ing or builettnn a* set fortti In ' IMTH, Memorial Municipal Building, Paragraph I. WoodbrMge. H.J. 1. b. Tbe TVnroahlp of WoodMdge agrees to release any addiTim premises abovee dealgoaited Telephone MErcWj 4-Utt fill be aold pursuant to t- .resolution tional building or buildings and Kdwrx MATWBI upon vfalch aald additional : Uie MuiUdpal Council U . h w t l lands _ t a d »><» bulldlnc or buildings Is or are conIAIUBDAT 1*0 .aiio Ii. and notice of sale dTtr structed, LINDEN, N. J, CALL NOW prior to 34 months from ^ A llsnl Juur 3, and June 10, 1MI, tbe clostnif ol title under tbe same Kahway's Oldtvt 486-2726 • 486-0059 Uie Woudb Woodbrtdge ldge "Independeni terms and conditions and merter; "PRISONER ELECTRIC xMlei Bab)eot to tbe following and release of reverur and from i Eslablistx d .Jeweler of the IRON MASK" >mui ui sale: mortifaae provisions, any suoh comSEWER SERVICE 3. Tlw lownsbip, upon compll pleted buUdlnt or buUdlnc* sa set a Plywood e Insulation M K. THKKKY ST.. RAHWAY RAHWAI .:iu« by the purchaser with the forth in ParasTsoh i. e Booant o Puulliiu an Hamll ATtnne loruu uf sale duUl deliver to OM SUN. < MOM. • TITO. • Shingles a Oarage Doon FASHION FABRICS pun:tuu*r a bargain and sals t. Tbeh purchaser must comWoodbrldta, N. i. IU a MiUwurk a Builders' flupnUes plete an additional building or deed. •Interior Decorators" iranftst rar UuHe OtOy) o Hardware • Mason'i BDpeJBas 4. Tlut pmnisu shall bs subject to buildings, totalling an ecfeuUonel Fad OU& Coal one hundred thousand iquare feet Custonwude Slipcovers ill taxes, assessments and other nmNorak ^ Awe fit** within a period of elx ell (•) yeari yean fowushlp Liens of record to tbs Just Dial fnxn the date of passing of title, latn uf THE AMOROUS making/ a total of oue hundred MErcury t. The sale of all of tu* premises slity thousand square feet of »ros» ADVENTURES OF _ l a . WO W» . j aueiitton shall be subject to floor area of building, required 4-1738 ! King Georges Rd., Fonb the following: MOLL FLANDERS' under the terms of this sale. In the u. Kiiollim reetrtctlune oieiit buildings lotdlllug oue hunrecord, If soy. dred sliHy Uiausand Hiuare feet of b I l n effeui, U any, of uiungroat riour area have not betu OBAVBBBt s> MDSPEEADS Including Mosaic • f AMI WsVNEtUAT iciptU tuning laws and other ranplDUxl by the end of said Ax CURVAINS • VABJ) GOODS 1;M tM. applicable municipal and IS) yean frutu die i>«aalti|g of UUe, Now Jobi and erninentHl regulatlouii. thwi m i l In thai event the purCall For free B4tlmiU r The rlchte ol taoauts under chaser Miidl i»y a* UqulOjated FROM RUSSIA Repairs oi All Dilating leases, kf any. datiutvM an wnuuut equal to the FU 8-3311 d Ajiy sfeto of (sou which an •mount payable m uueetas U the WITH LOVE" accurate suney and lnapeoUou uim hundred nitty tlioueatiid tlioueatiid iquan •VEftYrRL Uarn To Play Tht 1421 Main St. Rabwajr tM ReffiMn Ave. Atone) 40 Mary Avenue, Fords u( the ureuilSM would a t l c r t feet test uf uf bullaiuK had been bulldliiK had been coro com r.N. i tttKikts uf uelghbuTluit own pleUld ME 4-3098 ud liMt ^attDWBTiWAi at L VAfley M8J0 oorpun.te en and niuiiiclptU, uiuclptLl,

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"~ aU «a amended ot

Thursday, Jimp PAGE FTJTEKN


at Dallas. Avenel Youth Struck .. are his widow, . three daughters, iaroi, By Hit and Run Car Barbara Jean, and Patricia, and ISELIN - Wayne Johnson, 16, MBA. BARRA.RA TUMA a son, Lawrence, all at borne; his 162 Remsen Avenue, was injured ISELIN - Funeral service for Icy of Jersey City; and of Cres- parents, Mr. and Mn. John 01Tuesday night when he was Mra. Barbara Tumn, 33 Middlesex cent Temple, Trenton, Ancient brick, Woodbridge; and two sis- FORDS - Our Lady of Peace i Arabic Order Nobles of the Mys-ters, Mrs. John Crerand, Woodstruck by a hiUand-run cur on Avenue, who died May 31, were I Church was the scene Saturday WOODBRTDCE - The Wood-,Sh«H»in1. conductress; Ml*. Akx tic Shrine. Byrd Street. I bridge, and Mrs. Bert Rule, South'afternoon for the wedding of Miss held Friday morning at tho Thornbridge Memori;il Post 4410. Vet-Mesar. guard; Mm. Charle* Bhm, tlnni, River, According to Patrolman RichSurviving are his widow, Nat erans of Fon>lRn Wars and itshistorian, and Mrs. PindeD, paB« J. Costello Funeral ifome Joyce Bridget Kuriti, daughter mum. ard C. Coleman, Johnson and twoIjftdles Auxiliary recently held inof Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kurits, Green Street nnd Cooper Avenue' alie P.; a son, Sgt. Kenneth E., triotic instructor. TALL companions, Peter Del Popnlo, 17 MRS. LUCY SATVATORE stallation of of now officers. 97 Linden Avenue, and Joseph with a requiem Mass at St Cfr stationed at Weatover Air Force Trustees are Mrs. Albin Bucxy163 Remsen Avenue, A vend and CARTEKET Mrs. Lucy SniInstalled for HIP m m wen> Al Richard Jugan, son of Mrs. Julia cella's Church. Burial w n , [n s t Base, Mass; three grandchildren; r ME 4 - 1 1 1 1 Peter Damarello, is, 22fi Minna bert Hanson, commnndPr; I>orpn nskl. Mrs. Allen Plndeil, and Miss atore, 69 died Sunday at home, Jugao, 70S Colgate Avenue, Perth and two sisters. Mrs. Eileen San Gertrude Cemetery. 72 Holly Street. She was a parish- Amboy, and the late Joseph Ju- WOODBRrDGE—Miss Patricia Avenue, Avenel, were walking Sorensen, senior vice commander; Rptwcca Dobos. Color bearers ari ford, Kow Gardens, N. Y., and Surviving i« hertowband,Williner of St. Joseph's Roman gan. The Rev. Adam Kearns of- Brown of Fords, Miss Joyce E. along Byrd Street, with Johnson Bud Jsckowskl, junior virn com- Mrs Buejynskl, Mrs. Chester Mrs. Edith Haire, South Ozone Ham. Stankinwici, Mrs Ann Ulle, Mrs, Catholic Church. Park. ficiated at the double ring cere- Diotzold, Iselin; Miss Diane Ames, on the outside, when the hit-and-mander; Henjamin Fink*, judge Miohnol Caraeatu. ; run vehicle came along. Bom in New York, Mrs. Salva- mony. Colonia; Mrs. Fred A. Kessler, advocate; William I*ynn, chaplain; OTTO 8. HUNT Mrs. Wishney announced cbajrtore had resided in Jersey City 63 Woodhridge; Mrs. LaCaro L, Hill Johnson was hit on the hip, Dr. George Fredericks, surgeon, MM. ANNA BARBY The bride, given in marriage by WOODBRIDGE The funeral ISKIJN - The funeral of MrsI years and in Carteret for the last and Mrs. Fred Williams of Ave-knocking him to the pavement ind George Thelss, quartermaster. men include Mrs, Dobos, rehaMll* her father, wore a gown of neau ntion and hospital; Miss Dorfcs,. two years. She was a member of of Otto S. Hunt, 52. of 5 nuckHKIT WANTED Anna Bnrby, 88 Diaz. Street, who Greenville Branch of St. Gabriel de soie with a scoop neckline, nol were among the 36 young wo- where he hit his head. The enr William Bannon was installing essay and banner bearer; rfrs. nell Avenue, who died Thursday officer assisted by Allen Pimjell, men who were capped Monday at continued, without stopping, turnMALg . a d F 1 M A U died Friday at Middlesex NursingiiBroken Hearts Society and Green- short sleeves and fitted empire Helen Fales, cancer; Mrs. Mesar, al Ranway Memorial Hospital past commander. •xercises for students in the prac- ing Into Worth Street. membership and civil defense; _ l a s t opportunity WM held Monday afternoon at Home, Mctuchen, was held Tues- 'vllle Branch St. Anthony's Society, waist. The skirt was trimmed tical nursing course at the MidMrs. Joseph Dobos Installed the Johnson was taken to Rahway Mrs. Sheppard and Mrs. Wishney day morning at the Thomas J both Jersey City, and the Auxili- with lace appliques and seed World Book Encycloslate for the women with Mrs. the Greiner Funernl Home 44 1 our pearls. Her three-tier butterfly dlesex County Vocational and Memorial hospital by his father publicity: Mrs. Frank Warchal, „ (»r the summer. Ex- Green Street, with burial in Clo-Costello Funeral Home, Greei ary of Peter and Thomas Tracy bouffant shoulder length veil wns Technical High School. Charles Blum as installing con Carl, treated for abrasions and legislative; Mrs. Ann Brodniak Street and Cooper Avenue, wit! menu *-!._» " VFW Post there dructress. Hiarantee offer. Call verleaf Memorial Pnrk. held by a cabbage rose Ince and These students have completed admitted for further treatmen1 and Mrs. Paul Petrovey, senior a high Mass of requiem at St Surviving are Installed were Mrs. Alex Wlshher husband, pearl applique headpiece. Her u 242-1133. Born in Perth Amboy, the de-Cecelia's Church. Burial was ii citizen; Mrs, Wavercrak, comRalph J. Salvatore; three daugh- flowers were white rosebuds, ba- 16 weeks of pre-clinical class- and observation. ney. president; Mrs. Ixwis White, 8/10 ceaaed had resided here for the munity service, and Mrs. Louis room instruction at the school and St. Gertrude Cemetery, Colonia ters, Mrs. Jean Jenkins, Mrs. senior vice president; Mrs. John bies' breath and ivy. past « years. He wan a veteran A native of Austria, Mrs. Barb; will begin their clinical, work at The large ring around Saturn Wavercxak, Junior vice president; White, ways and means. Josephine Neal and Miss Mildred HEtf WAHT1D • of World War II and served inhnd formerly resided in New Yor Salvatore of Carteret; five sons, Miss Sandra Lee Oppenheim of the various affiliating hospitals, looks like a halo. It is the only Mrs. Dobos, treasurer; Mrs. Fran the U. S. N.-ivy. He wns an exPasquale d Carteret, Ralph T. ofFords was maid of honor. Gerald June 28. They will spend 22 weeks planet known to man with such cos Gyori, secretary; Mrs. Lucy Bulgaria was the last of the BalCily before moving to Iselin. r r | FN TK)N LADIES - Can chief of the Woodhridce Fire DeCronoe, chaplain; Mrs. Beatrice kan countries to win its IndeptoJersey City, U. S. Army Sgt. John Jugan of Edison, brother of theat Perth Amboy General Hospi- a ring. " extra money for your iunv extra y y Surviving are her husband partment, a member of (he tal for medical-surgical nursing, of Fort Knox, Ky., Robert of bridegroom, was best man. $2 to t $6 -,,,MUon? E Earn $2 $6 anWoodbridge EmerRoncy Squad John; two sons, John Jr., ant care of mothers and Infants, and HI lime. No Investment Peter of Iselin; six grandchildren Hialeah, Fla. and Thomas of Jer- The bride, a graduate of WoodHe was employed n.s care of children; six weeks at , ,,^'iiniment call 387^0848. custodian and three great-grandchildren. sey City; 16 grandchildren and bridge High School class of 1961, three sisters, Mrs. Angeline Paul- is employed by S. Meln, on theeither the Middlesex County HosS/2O4/10 with tho WoodhridRi Township pital for the Chronically 111 and School system. sen of Nixon Park, Mrs. Anna Square, Woodbridge. g - Need extra earn- Surviving are his widow, GUSTAVE E. MEDVETZ Parrochino of Piscotaway Parr of icotaway and and The bridegroom, a 1957 grad the Rehabilitation Hospital, North h i Ti WORLD'S FOREMOST SPECIALISTS - COAST TO COAST y j r i now and enjoy an A. (Struskowiti); two daughters, Mrs. J Josephine Timmertnan of uate of the same school, is em-Brunswick, or at Roosevelt Hos AVENEL —_ Funeral service Mrs Mrs. George Semashko, Morgan, for Gustave E. Medvetz, 64, „Metuchen. ployed by the American Smelting pital, Metuchen. gnd four weeks OVERHAUL TRANSMISSION TRANSMISSION and Mrs. John MacKenzie, 11 George Street, who died Satur Funeral services were held yes- k Refining Co., Perth Amboy, and at the New Jersey Slate Hospi b 0 y G e r a I H 9 jterday t e r a at a 99:00 :00 A M aat t t hthe e s n i sisa m emember m b e r of of the If. S. Army tal, Trenton, for the mildly men 6/10 Woodbridge; three grandchildren; A.M. a CHSCK-UP TUNE-UP L e ^held yesterday ^ ^ ° th ? L ! y the U. S. Arm TRANSMISSION at the seven sisters, Mrs. Edward Olsen, tally ill. were held yesterday at owiecki Tuneral Home, 56 Car- Reserve, Ft. Wadsworth S I coniT mutt • CHECK 1ANDS NOVELTIES Home 54 W h l 'teret " "Avenue "' •-<-•-• • • Wheele and• at 9:30 A.M. a Tuckerton; Mrs. Leonard Minkler, Bizub Funeral Home, • CHECK LINKAGE Mrs. Janet Lund, principal, preAvenue, e Carteret, with a solem solemn Z requiem Mass Mrs. Lydla Bareoski and Mrs. ass was offered at St. q • CHECK FOR LEAKS sented the caps to the students A1TKNTION CLUBS George E. Currle of Woodbridge; Wgh Mass of requiero at Sacred *>•« Roman Catholic Chun* • ROAD TUT fwIprn hl l i M l B oa assisted by Miss Jeannette Obertz. .iRfiANIZATlONSM Heart Church, Carteret. The Rev «*"> &»• Victor Grabrian OSM. Mrs. William Branlon, Mrs. Victor Grabrian OSM. NO OM.IQATION R.N. and Miss Helen G. Kindt, ...... neckties in the worid Pierce Parker and Mrs. Joseph Andrew A. Okal was celebrant as celebrant. Interment was in St. Out*. t R.N., instructors. Burial in U A ! . , T I I ^ n G e r t r u d e r « m » t o r v r v i ™ i » 6 Mot. hnwl when you ae« tb«m. Coon of Rensselcar, N. Y.; and Burial was In Holy Trinity Cem- Sertrude Cemetery, Colonia. ,ch; 112 00 a doan. 116 two brothers, The pall bearers were Pat Saletery, Hopelawn. • ADWCT • BANM • CLUTCHES • 0M««H mn Street, Perth Amboy. Pleasant and Albert of Point vatore; Ralph Salvatore; JohnSal• CUUN • • MNOB • BEAU Mr. Medvetz was employed as Meinert, Woodf/SM/10 bridge. 'atore; Robert Salvatore; Robert • NUUNO machinist at the Philadelphia fenkins and Charles Neal HIM • OIL » LAMB • CHANOg OH. Quartz Company with 20 years, LOST ANT) FOUND • FtEE TOWING A DIAGNOSIS EZ TERMS 1 DAY SBMCI srrn p. JOHNSON service in the firm. Bom in Perth! FRANK J. PALFY ALL Collie, female. Four Amboy, he had formerly resided COLONIA - Funeral services FORDS — Funeral services for I. While, sable and block. for Seth P. Johnson, 50. of 107in Carteret 55 years until moving Frank J. Palfy, 85 Ford Avenue, Yirimty West Carteret. to Avenel two years ago. A vetWest Hill Road, who died Saturvho died Tuesday night at Perth to name of "Lassie." day at home, was held yesterday eran of World War II as chief fanboy General Hospital, will be 6/10 morning at the First Presbyterian petty officer, U. S. Navy, he washeld Saturday morning at 9:30 at a parishioner of St. Andrew's, Flynn and Son Funeral Home, 23 Mnall dog. aU black. VJ- Church of Woodbridge with the Church and a former member oil Tord Avenue, with a high Mass jtv I.ynn Oaks, Colonia. Wood- [Rev. Alex N. Nemcth, pastor, ofSacred Heart Church, Carteret All Models And Colors In Stock )f requiem at 10:00 at Our Lady ;e License #668. Answers to jflciatiof. The Greiner Funeral He was affiliated with Rahway H Peace Church. Burial will be e of "Prince." Reward. Ft) ••Horn, 44 Crwrn Street, WoodNO REASONABLE OFFER Lodge 1075, Elks; and the Jed- Our Lady of Hungary Cembridge, directed arrangements. nota Society of Carteret. Mr. Johnson was a chemical etery. Friends may pay respects REFUSED! engineer at the E. I. duPont de Surviving are his widow, Mar- from 2 to 5 and 7 to 10 P.M. REAL ESTATE Nemours Company, Linden, with garet (Pfeiffer); a brother, John The deceased was an agent for FORSALI Colonta; five sisters, Mrs. Arthur 23 y e a n service in the firm. 1 COm IN AND SEE FOR YOURSELF room house, Active In the American Insti- Benson, Mrs. Michael Lucas, Mrs, the Prudential Insurance Company of America and was to have |t>ithv Completely remodeled tute of Chemical Engineers, Mr. John Masculin, and Mrs. Stanley retired July 1 after 30 y e a n serBRlflG YOUR BILL OF SALE .•.-A outside. 49 Randolph Johnson was an advisor in theDolegrewltz, all of Carteret, apd vice .with the firm. H t was. a 11095 '61 CHEVROLET - I W S COMET •6$ BU1CK sn.500. Financing avail- Junior Achievement Program of Mrs. Charles Montecalvo, Wood* parishioner of Our Lady of Peace READY TO DO BUSINESS «Dcori BAH. MM ~ 3-Door: ttudtnl iblfti R*H, Construction Co. Elizabeth. "1ft" K m membership bridge. W.W. TlrMi « u (wraw; icid ittttMtte, gmer"5eerlMi . Church. A native of Woodbridge '61 COMET and wrv. by us—15^)00 milesl to the Fin* Presbyterian Church •r ImliHi W.W. Him me 3644167. Custom 2-Door Saduii into., The pall bearers were Edward and former resident of Perth Amownar! of Woodbridge and was a ruling Benson; George Benson; Alfred boy, he had resided in Fords 18 '62 MERCURY _ $ 1 3 9 5 U R , W.W. Tlmi On. Owiurl •63 MERCURY _ | 1 9 9 5 elder of tiie congregation WM Benson; Lawrence Benson; Ar- years. 9895 llontertj 4-Dooi; O H ownwi '61 MERCURY Ciulam 4-Door Hardtop; Black M B , u t o . . power aturinii t-I>w; EUiH, intaL, on* m m |bOKOSCOPE RBADINGIf • presfcVnt of the chord) board i f thur Benson Jr.; John Masculin flalit; wotlM* inttnar: r>-v~^in-., n* iKa nn ,^iRiinkin. Iselin; her hermother. mother,Mrs. Mrs. St. James' Cemetery at the con-Rankin, Iselin: K OIL - ME «776. for the Mrs. Wagner's Pie ComFlorence Ciccotti, Fords; a sister, venience of the family. S/Utf pany, Brooklyn, from 1939 until Mrs. Either Marino, Kenilworth; The deceased had been employ- three brothers, Mario, Verona; 1M2. W)R ed as laboratory technician. He Vincent, Miami Beach, Fla., and Born in St. John, New Bruns-was a veteran of the U. S. Navy Robert Elizabeth, and two grandp'l-T! 40-iach wide jura- wick, Canada, the deceased rewith service in World War II. * wrdrobes at redkuloui sided in Avenel for the last 12 He had moved to Dallas 16 yearschildren. K •4! -nd up. Direct from y e a n . He was a parishioner of!ago. He was graduated from S t MONARCH. WE M900. Grace Episcopal Church, Linden, Mary's Hi«h School, Perth Amboy, California and New York are «/wf and was affiliated with Essex in 1W4 and from Franklin and the major United States wine BE OUR GUEST AT THE BIGGEST SAVINGS WE WON IN MAY - AND JUNE WILL producers, but there are wineries ildlhi Lodge 49, Elizabeth, F. and A. M.; i Marshall amrsiiau College, wuuegt.-, riuKtucitmu, CELEBRATION it hat ever bwn your pleature 1MPALA V-8, 300 the New Jersey Consistory, Val- Pa., in 1W8, and was a member in 25 states. BE BIGGER & BETTER THAN EVER to attend. <-*peod stick, pod • CaU 634407 l/M/10


Miss JoyceBridget Kurits Bride of Joseph R. Jugan


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EsUbl.ihed 1945

1 0 0 Z. ST. GEORGE AVE., LINDEN Authored 0od4f-0an R-noolt Orel.-,

Independent-Leader (E.B.) - Carterri, prrss Thursday, June 10,1965

Si \ I f:KN from 7:30 to 9 at thr church. -Members of thp VFW Post 2KW will meet at thr VFW Post Hall. 8 o'clock tonight - A l t a r Boys of SI. Cecelia's Church are notified the summer schedule is now posted in the ett, Mar Maxwell, M a , Charles Street, Satur- sacristy. Boys are asked to con - M i s s Cynthia Bennett, i b l suit it and be faithful tn all asKimball, conii Avenue, was an oovernight r g day y Edward and Scott K d Mrs. M Richard Rihard signments during the summer. guest of Mr. andMrs George suns s off M : ; K i ;Kimbnll. b l l Woodbridge, were —Beginning Sunday, and concml giu'sts at the Maxwell home. tinuing through the summer, St. —Several members of the con-Cecelia's Library will be open RrcKnlion of the Isclin Assembly only on Sunday from 9 a. m. until i>f God Church attended a l Inoon, nnd on Tuesday and Wedcome buck" party, Saturday, in nesday evenings, from 7 30 to 9 honor of Rev. and Mrs. William o'clock. Kirby and family, now of Ajax. _ T h e c l o v c r l c a f r h a p t e r o f p Ontario. Canada, at the home S w e e t A d e ] i n e s 1 m , win m e e t ,f Mr. and Mrs. Magne U h n e , M o n d ^ m , a GrMn Park Ayenue. Avenel Rev. K.rby s , r e e t F i r e h ( ) U S C „.,„ was a former pastor here. _ n e Ijeljn F:fe and Drum - T h e executive board of the ^ ^ mW, ^ director

Senior Citizen* Plan


Sterling Forest Trip ISELIN - The Senior Citizens of Iselin enjoyed a bus ride to AtJantir City on Monday. The group left in two buses from the Green Street Firehouse. Upon arriving at the resort they dined at Haddon Hall.



MHt Qlasse* «»<•« m i * VM W a l » F»»nei, I * " « » » n d T M I » P ' W R*placed • Ont BOO FrMrtM K> Choose • Sifttr Olassen For YonnR amt Old


St. Cecelia's Cath-

olic Family Action groups will!

• •

Quality Keeps Us in Business .

hold a picnic for all families of the parish, Sunday, from noon until sundown at Merill



Family Action Group* Plan Picnic Sunday

• • • • • •

Building Material* Mlllwork Roofing Insulation Moulding Hardware Paint


Tickets may be purchased after each Mass on Sunday morning.

The Middlesex County group group has been set for Monday, will conduct the games. Members of the Family Action 1:30 p m . at the Green Street groups are married couples who hall. Final plans will be discussed meet regularly to consider a few for a bus ride. June 28, to Sterling lines from the gospel and apply Forest, near Tuxedo Park, N.Y., them to family and community A meeting of the "golden age"


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MFrciiry 4 - 0 1 2 5

l,et us advise you on new • » • • » • * » • " # construction, ilfmtlMi »nd m Rahway Av,.f

465-67 MAIN ST. MOD A Frl '




5 i«. f i .. r

10 Ui 9 - T I I P S . Wrrt Thurs. ID to 6—s,-,t , . , Krfr Parklnn In Rrar '


to wind up the season's activities. I life.

P T A n£S C, ^ i ""il^rt P n i n ' e r . Monday and Wedmial PTAJ dinner Wednesday at! » . _ • ,p m J U U Homer's Ad Lib. The f a c u l t y \ ^ y < " *


| also attended. ^ j ^ Menlo-ettes. will meet -Bingo games will be held at Tuesday, 7 to 9 p. m.. at the Beth Sholom Auditorium tonight Woodbridge National Guard Arat 7:30. ' ^ o r y . Main Street. - A meeting of St. Cecelia's; —Boy Scout Troop 48 will meet! Council. Knights of Columbus, will jTuesday, 7:30 to 9 p. m,. at the] he held in Our Lady of Fatima: VFW Post Hall. Route 27 Hall, 8:00 o'clock tonight. Afami-, - T h e St. Vincent de Paul Soly picnic has been planned fo^ciety will meet Tuesday. 8 p. m., Sunday, at Merrill Park, Grove 3. at St. Cecelia's School. Room 207.1 —A meeting of Boy Scout Troop —The Jersey Aire Chorus will1 47 will be held tonight, 7:30 to 9 meet Tuesday, 9:15 p. m.. at the in the meeting hall of the First VFW Post Hall. E l —A meeting of Boy Scout Troop Presbyterian Church. Explorer Post 47 will also meet tonight 49 has been set for Tuesday. 7 r- to 9 p. m.. in St, Cecelia's School Cafeteria. —Bingo games will be held TuesEvery Second day in St. Cecelia's air-conditioned Lourdes and Fatima Halls. Gallon of Paint Early bird games begin at 7 p.m. and regular games at 8 p. m.


STATE JEWELERS U M»bi BtrMt, Woodbridcc (Htit ta Itate rtuatn)


'Flv-Up' Held By Troop 154]

DO I * YOURSELF i n d SAVE fcy « ! • ! MART CARTER Product!


were1 held by Brownie Troop 154'


at St. Cecelia's School.






were presented to Brownies, who completed one year of scouting,

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by Mrs. Trenery and Mrs. Henry McGeehan, co-leader. The parents pinned the Brownie Wings, symbolic of the "flyingup," or advancement into Junior Girl Scouts, on their daughters uniforms. The girls were welcomed into Troop 101 by two Girl Scouts, representing the entire troop, Ellen Herits and Barbara Gnadinger. Girls advancing were: Zita Ann Geoffroy, Debbie Signore, Susan iGraitis, Ann Mahon, -Amy Gildersleeve. Rosemarie Gifford, oEllen Silva, Sharon Madigan, atricia Sullivan, Patricia Soos. nd Stacey Gibbs. After the ceremonies the Brownies sang several favorite selectons including; Girl Scouts toiether; The Brownie Smile Song; If You're Happy and You Know It; and Kum Bah Yah. Refreshments were served in Lourdes Hall.

Confirmation Session Sunday ISELIN — Thomas Cassidy, Wood Avenue, Iselin, was confirmed Sunday morning at the Grace Lutheran Church, Perth Amboy. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Cassidy and an eighth grade student at the Iselin Junior High School. Thomas will receive his First Communion, Sunday, June 13, with his parents at the Lutheran Church, along with the other newly accepted communicants. To celebrate, the Cassidys and Mrs. Kurt Klein, the maternal grandmother, dined at Hofbraunaus in Atlantic Highlands.


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ISELIN — Fly-up ceremonies I

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Route 9-Woodbridge ROLiK 18, KAST BRUNSWICK iu*rt« Hit-

OPEN DAILY 9:30 A.M. tlU 10 P.M. SUNDAYS »»:30 A.M. 'til 8 P.M. *Kui t i l * ! Allowed b» l.»w




"The Future Is Based On The Progress i


Mqke Today" !W f

,.H. j.v


f ;:i.


Everywhere around us are signs of industrial, commercial, residential and civic progress. This remarkable record of growth ^nd achievement today meahs a brighter and hippfet (uture for us all. By 1985 our countyjis expected to exceed one million population. This offers new opportunities and challenges

for everyone. By combining ourtalents, skills and efforts wecan make Middlesex County ope of the nation's leading counties. The Independent-Leader and Carteret Press salute our county on its progress and pledge to do their part in contributing to its growth and future.



lie Independent-Leader ana





"i\\ it"'


" '

! .K.-.-V''1' :•



I;'•••'.' «


Been Keynote in Woodbridge Towndup, Resulting in Several, Fine, Worthwhile Projects Shell Oil's Vita! Link

j WonnRIUDCK - No progress opened this yeari. New mninten-l ancefree fibre glass equipment \ edition muld he complete without jwas installed on many play areas W | s report of prnRross in Woodbridge IthrmiRhout the municipality. I n w T(wnc!iip. the field of programming, the two ; SO t!wrr will bo no runaway senior citizen organiiatlons grew „._ in the community without stendcly and have a large memproper plnnnmc, Woodbridgo has bership. established a Planning Depart*•>*= - - ' , - . I Annihi-r suceesful recreation ment _ one of thr few municipal- \ J~will*& g r e a U y expanded ith, in the State to have such * K ^ r _ p ^ t World VVide-,

MUimr department. It* acconvg»


lilt Illlti ,.f..„..„. _ _ _ ,

camp for the* ,

phshments to dale has been out-™ . h i n ' . rHldren. for Township's children. Operating Operating for) strijdlnp. seven weeks, last summer morej been planning. And while Woodnridse has Inken advantage that 700 youngsters were able ot o( federal aid to develop projects. take advantage of the opportunity! Since I9fi2 it has received $8,800,000 to learn about people nml its cusIn fed ral crmts and another $3,- toms of other nations. College students from all ove rthc world , 776.002 is pending. I,, Project Bowtie received $1.7 mil- " ' " „ , - : '^etui i s a compre | Horn $713,000 for park expansion ~ . Neighborhood Youth Corps i Green Acres; $2,840,000 for con- T * ' a m The projeci which re; strwtion of three Senior Cititen S T t a t e approval and federal '-• ' apmment houses (Woodbridge L.. , „t j , eesta blishment of ^ p t M e c t h _ been compkUd; coo- Z 1 fa tar^^m$ m>* and w» - ~ r slniL'timr tn I*ettn and Fwd» twr between fhe ages of IB and ' ' going on>; $146,000 for storm g DelW * j drainage nnd widening; $32,500 Discussing plans for progress in ] construction of library branch in Woodbridge Township, Mayor ZirInrnan Avenue section of Colonla; poto in his New Year's Day ad $10,000 additional aid to libraries; dress put it this way; 1 $3,200,000 for Project Green (first "We can stop being firemen rundieck for survey and planning al- ning to put out fires caused by ready received); $77,909 for a mismanagement - fires that have' Health center and $300,000 for consistently consummed not only ' Neighborhood Youth Corps, our energies, but more important, The planned health center, ac- the valuable assets of our municiToday, cording to Dr. Antoine Attalla, pality. Woodbridge has the pot en-1 B i i T c™»,at«B Plant and Us people, have dewloped Into a cwmp operation. ' head of the division of "health, will tial to become a truly great muni- MORE APARTMENTS FOR SKNIOR CITIZENS: This is the five floor senior citizens apartment project bring boOt off Ford ATCMW S S S - S i and manyrfits -npd^e, U, beco™ ^ 1 During the past bring a full scope of medical ser- cipality. We believe that we ate In Fords. It is one of two under construction. The other is being constructed in Iselin. The first one el the —itc was built _ the 1 and effective group „ „ . vices to the community's resl- on the way now and that the con in petroleum industry adwittei. ' dents. The services will Include a fldence and the support of the Woodbridge Park section. the world's leading copper rePrincipal Source ' comprehensive disease detection residents of this community will ntiers. It produces nearly 20 per Sewaren, as the plant is referred program. Tht center will contain assure that Woodbridge will achone tanker every dollars annually enten th cent of the nation's domestic cop- to, throughout the Shell organizaHs own laboratory facilities. ieve this goal. daily it it han handles omy S X w h H e daily y O n * this plants : ' . Meantime, of importance to per. tion is a principle eastern source an average of five barges, fi ti five tion. • Woodbridge Township taxpayers Each year, it consumes more of the many Shell products — as-tank cars, and some one hunderd: "We at Sewaren are very pr.\i,1 ! is that the upward tax spiral has than 24 million gallons of fuel : of the role we have played in ar«i phalts, chemicals, marine, indus- Unk trucks been curbed. Fox Since 1362, there oil, 120 million kilowatt hours of While involved in this busy pet-w jth the community durinc th» trial, automotive and aircraft fuels ! has been a tax reduction of 57 electricity, 23,000 tons of coke. roleum activity Sewaren has pro- past thirty-six years" stated Mr floings and the past two years Four locomotives shift stand and lubricants, solvents and most ivided the point of entry at which C. B. Goodman, Shell's - • -- "--"•the tax rate has been stablized. of the many special products prolard and narrow gauge cars have for Sewaren, "and it is h">i ' Last year, more than 30 miles around the plant. And 40 overi. of municipal streets were recon- IRVINGTON - Mondays win that we may contribute JVLVU head travelling cranes with capa- ine could imately four hundred ..._,. . j, strucked or resurfaced . . . . be bargain days throughout the greatly to this area's progrfu m cities up to 40 tons move the these '65 season at Olympic Park. Exare on the plant rolls at present, ;,j . . . many of them through Proj' to cepting only July 5 and Sept. 6, with the great majority residing in the yean to come." ['! ect WAM - Woodbridge Acceler'", afed Method. The method was or-all rides at the Irvington-MapleInside the plant, size tends to ^ to distri bution reijj iginated by Charles Beagle, direc- wood amusement park will be Hose perspective. Large scale i b i l i t i w scwaren has an artor of the Department of Police half price each Monday. equipment is commonplace T t e ^ " , ^ ^ c a t e d blending, More than half the men be-of 65 lacks an eighth-grade >«> "l Works, which permits the laying There also will be several of 20-ton capacity ladle which t r a n s - l ^ ^ ^ , , a n d a u a i i t y control tween the ages of 20 and 64 arecation today as compared mth a ' Of more roads, with lejw cost and the popular 10-Cent Days but | proportion at two out offivefor fers molten copper from conver[ with longer wear than any other these dates have not yet been n sciiuui (iguiiuv., „ their fathers. Particular empties ter to mold weighs 91* tons. ^ ^ ' system yet devised. As a result chosen by Robert Rob A. Guenther, every four has been to college was placed in the report <•?. tht ; | Mr. Beagle has been invited to park president. ark president. The Pacific Ocean has an i spe?k all over the country by pro- Olympic's fourth free fact that educational aiiv.-H :..,n of (A million square miles, a t w i i r p - ' — j fessional engineering groups and also used for £& fathers, according to the U.of sons over fathers tendedtob« will arrive Monday, featuring thfi these methods . iiiE to the Encyclopaedia Britan-'these methods , J to write papers on the subject in [outgoing products that have been S. Bureau of the Census, and indi- markedly greater for each \wu;:! national and international prqfes- Ronnie Lewis Trio who perform nu:). cate the extend of the upgrading er group of men, thus inline* on shaky ladders atop a high blended and/or packaged. jj sional magazines. SweraJ « c h of the population's educational atRanters, pla^-spimring . HtudKds U Items u h m i N « new headquarters, haj.aftentirely wolfhotads^lBaWeBtow a great t h e Compounding Department At the other end of the educa- time that the Census Burv..; v i new system, devised - V Police troupe, round out this bill. tcale, the the Cenius Ceniui Bureau which requires requires approximately approximately tiooal scale, CellujQiB, - bnpnted In UX9, is which Bureau presented men data cove:.;:., w Director Joseph A. Galassi. Last, Swimming instruction and considered the first modern syotwenty-five thousand drums and report! that only one adult male broad an age range. teen-age social club again will be year the number of crimes sucthetic p)Uttc. , Some three million small contain- out of every seven under the age cessfully solved increased by 25offered at the Olympic Park pool, P"r cent over 1963. In additional, according to manager Harold police patrol coverage of the com-Scott. Applications already munity rose-sharply with the pa-available at the pool office. trol division covering 800.000 miles I - an increase of 200,000 miles Trade of the pawnbroker, one ofi g over 1963. j mankind's oldest known, existed in i A , R . p h o t o s h o w s that sprawline plant of the V S . MeWs ^ ^ ^ ^ ^fl[ ^ plaDt mAi l s ttgn m a was In the field of recreation, 12 new .China 2,000 to 3,000 years ago, ae-i A WIDE play areas were developed last cording to the Encyclopaedia Bri-i year and seven new areas will be tanica. ' ' CARTERET - How do you you are here." measure the greatness of a com-! One of the things the borough pany? What makes big business was thanking U. S. Metals for really big? • was the hiring of many of its resThe first things that cometo;idents who were on relief at the time, mind are more questions. How much money does the firm Operating 24 hours a day, U. S. make for its stockholders? What Metals employs more than 1,650 men and women. docs it do for its employes? I Hut one of the major tests is The plant began operating ID ii§02 as a small smelling plant. i tiii> answer to the question: i "How much does the company p a t its growth has been such | do for the community in which it that just since World War 11, it! has turned out hundreds of thousworks'" ands, of tons of refined metals When asked of the U*R Metals each year. j I Refining Co., people in.Carteret In the past 20 years It has paid i know the answer, Their reply is out about $200,000,000 in wages ! "Quite a lot!" i and salaries and more than $5,Tangible evidence of U. S. 000,000 in state and municipal Metals' service to the community taxes. Last year alone, its paycame last year when the borough iroll amountedtoabout f 11,000,000. awarded a plaque to the firm Covering 140 acre*, the plant's which read: main production U in copper, , "For outstanding, meritorious [copper powders and alloy copper service and contributions to the welfare of Carteret citizens. Car products. twet is a better place because

USMR Shows True Monday Bargain Dav at Olyimric

Community Spirit


Fathers aid Sois-A Ciitnst la Schooling

PROGRESS in the making!


NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE A voice for the silent This artificial electronic larynx, when held against the side of the tluojl, transmits sound waves. These waves are passed opthe throat and formed into words by movements of the lips and tongue, as in normal conversation, lor people who cannot talk because something has happened to their vocal cords, its a godsend. The«'» •isottelephQne for the nardoM*win| that has a special Volume cont*f built >n» the receiver. Amplifying equipment, special bells, lights and other signaling devices, school-to-home service for bedridden students — all

these things are available to .meet the needs of the handicapped. And we are now studying other possibilities that could be very meaningful, for example: changes in telephone instruments to enable a deaf person to feel in his fingers letters or words transmitted to him in code, or see them reproduced in front of him. Designing and producing Item* tike these serve the special needs of our customers. We believe In providing the best possible service to meet these special needs..

New Jersey BtR CMtl—



READY FOR YOU IN AUGUST A New, Expanded and remodeled


This sign on our door is an invitation to you!«



!u pruinpl


executlou u< urderb,

i>r statistical


latest we Invite


l« vlhH ur call wur otflc« lur prompt, ttllcitnt wrvtce. T h u * U never any oUlgtttion. Cume iu!



K«Kldeut I'uituir

Perth Araboy National Bank Bvlldiig „ the 5 Cornen

111 2-2650

117 MAIN STREET, WOODBRIDGE Altnough lesa than four years old, out e growth has made this expansion nece_»ry. No* under construction, our new quarter*—•* *"e same location—will offer safe deposit boxes, a new large vault and other feature* to better fill your financial needs. We are proud to keep pace with our growing community and to* forward to aervtag you even Better than before.

TEMPORARY LOCATIONS TRACER OFFICE totaled at Urty Heagwi'i Citgo Service SUttM, Corner «< Mils M m t u _ Aw*•» Avew«> U8JJAL BUSINESS H0UH8 DURING EXPANSION PROGRAM.

S EDITION Thursday, Juno 10, 1965

Oar Town's Roads Get Faceliftine


Fireside Firm Costa'$ he Cream Co. Builds New Addition Sols 100 Pet, Realty Record! int. president of Fireside ARiwy. recently reported In jinniversary meeting of his entire staff that the firm has sold more than 2,500 homes in the pnst 10 years. The amazing thine about it, he ; said, it that not one sale | | u , i was consummated failed to have, a closing. This is a inn per cent m o i d any other firm tninht he mrri pressed to equal, he said. Mr. Homing attributed the excellent record to the close attention the firm has paid In detail each client "1 am especially prmui of the that all of our associates have built enviable records of production and service al FireBide llealty." he said. "Fireside's philosophy j s simple." Mr. Fleming said. "We have followed and will continue to follow H tried and proven method. We simply have an exact understanding with each client as to our common goal and what we both have to do to seel the property. "This formula enables us to sell more than 80 per cant o£ all I'll, TAKE VANIUA: C«sU's Ice Cream Company is tipandlnc. Above k l b m buf addJUoa to Uu firm'* operation < properties w# Hst" One an* St. GCTTKWI A r a m tn WuwllliMgt. At the extreme right fe the original plant.

M P R O V K M E N T : T V bu»l*rt c « m r la Woodbrtdge, the intersection of Main Street and l *« Provid* a .moother n»w o< trriftcjlo.g the wriMnreled foute,, Theplctare

Avenue (Root.

Clean-Up Campaign Part Of Plan to Improve Town

sweeping and has urged Township WOODBRIDGE FIRST residents to keep their grounds Woodbridge has a history of nicely - to plant flowers, trees being first from early Colonial and lawns and to maintain them, days to the present time. landscaping will also be one Rack In 1670, Jonathan Dunham of the important steps in the urbuilt the first grist milled in this ban renewal projects in the Townpart of the country. The site was — Mayor Walter ityrich in historical heritage. ship - Project Bowtie, Port Read.idmiti that he took his One of the first iteps taken in ing: Woodbridge Green (Main o n Woodbridge • Port Reading •i'!* Road, recently changed to Port Street and vicinity) and Project | UN camReading Avenue, as you cross the I | \v...ihridge Township from • ••=»•, Oak Tree in Iselin, first creek. One of the mill ston« 1 was to halt the growth of v r i.yndoo B. Johnson woo wants junk yards and to eliminate the Mayor Zirpolo once said that "It is still being used as a stepping o ye a beautiful America. parking of junk cars on Township [ is important to stress that ail oui stone at the Episcopal Church A htMUtiful America starts with streets and yards. Where owners j accomplishments are based on one rectory. <\i']';ful communities and what could not be located, junk c a r s ) a i m - to make Woodbridge a bet H-M.T piace to start than in Wood were towed away. The mayor or-jter place to live. Therefore w e , o . _ areas, parks and open -.-;•!.. - a 300 year-old commun- dered better and increased street 1 must include atmosphere - trees, space"




Senring Ihe People Of New Jersey Since 1920 hi Hie Fields of... • Residential Real Estate • Industrial Development • Commercial Real Estate


• Appraisals


• Property Management


T W 45 y e a n of ktuwtow. hava mad* J. G. * T. one of Ow ••<-"' progressive real Mtatc firms In the state of New Jersey. ""•' experience that C O M * with time is quite evident in the " M recent developments that we are handling at the

• ^


' „„*,»

i • <-*nt time. The list speaks Cor itself. J. G. 4 T. is proud a part oi one of the greatest industries in America,


'"''pmK to put families in a home of their own.

108 Main Street

rht people of J. G. 4 T. have ;;••«•„[ pride in the fact that from da* to day they play such a n important


™k- in the development of Lousing. ">« pride comes wkh the fact of knowing that i s e v o y major devel-

St. Georges Avenue

opment in the central N B W Jersey w


industrial, com-


Y t f Ua«


° J dry •*«•»•

mercial, we have played a most im-


portant role, from land assemblage to the sale of the complete development

1538 Oak Tree Road

. l» tta e n e t k n of Chopping

enters to service these homes and

(At Entrance To Shop-Rite)

^v«lopment of Industrial complexes ^>*ODpottinkies. We have helped a

lot of homemaken, young and old,



« their greatest dream, a new















HI 2-tlH


• 536 N. Broad S t t 189 Elmora Ave. • 522 First Ave. eonvenientt dependable! HOI1EHAN SERVICE

t EL 2-5006 t 111 6-5000

( tttttttt^ktukkkkkkkkkkkikikikkkkkkkkkti


• AD 2-6422 • Jt; 9-1140

t PR 5-8676 • Gl 2-5500

t+*trk*-k*+***tk*kk kkkktkkkkkkkkkkkkklkkkkkikikkkkkkkkk



W e Has Over $2 of Resources In Assets of rued Money Value For Every Dollar of tybt


Hiursday, June 10, IMS shown a spectacular rise and stood at $282 billion at the end of 1964. This was some | B billion higher than the year before and $97 billion, or 51 per cent, above the total at the beginning of the dec ade. Two-thinlj of this debt consists of mortgages on one to four' WOODBRIDGE - School Days. School days. Dear old golden rule

Local School System Shows Rapid Growth

and .pie went into the last half of the1 Provision. For Tte Future |ha» shown a substantially greater The ear of the three "Rs" and Sixties at the beginning of this These asseU consist principally rate of expansion than that of theone and two-room schools in Woodyear with a balance sheet showing 0 [ savings deposits, savings in life people's financial assets over the bridge Township have long since well over J2 of fixed-dollar finan-iinsurance, public and private pen-postwar period, but the growth;gone. cial resources for every dollar S i o n fund reserves excluding j rate differential between the two The time when one of the older they owe. JOASDI, and V. S. Savings Bonds ha narrowed consider ably with boys came to school a little earlier Fissures compiled by the Fed-1and other governmental securities! the rise of saving! In recent years. to build a fire in the pot-bellied ?ral Reserve Board for the house-j(Federal, State and local) owned Thus the people's personal'asset j stove and fill the kindling wood hold sector of Its flow of funds ac- by individuals. The)- are evidence and liability figures show that box has vanished. counts disclose that the public's of the extent that people are their aggregate fixed-dollar sav- Through the years the public ownership of these types of assets'making provision for the future; ings and investments at the start sohool has advanced with the rest grew to just undtt $670 billion by amid their rising affluence, and of of this year represented $2.37 for of the community and today it is the end of 1964. This represented a t t a r . c w ^ rAan« « ' ^ every dollar of debt. While mark- is one of the largest school sysri»mor^»rmffltanow,*'n»» » * * • «f M™ S s and invest-jedly tower than it was a decade terns in the State of New Jersey. the year b»fore the biggest an-; m e nat sn da s $* foundation of individ-V w ago during the earlier post- Woodbridge School system tonual gain on record. The total was "*' family planning for thewar consumer restocking boom. day follows the 6-3-3 pattern — six B '•'" the likewise $2W billion or 45 per contingencies of' hie ..._ ratio is not „ significantly .„ - dif-,-years of elementary school, three cent greater than the comparable Debt incurred by the public to'ferent than it was at the turn of i years of Junior High school and figure at the start of 1960 a five-1 buy homes, cars and other con- the Sixties when it stood at $2.50 three, years of Senior High School year rise that was practically as sumer goods and services has also to a dollar. Woodbridge now boasts of 23 elementary schools, five Junior High Schools and two Senior High Schools - Woodbridge High School and John F. Kennedy Memorial High School in Iselin. A third senior High school is due to be constructed in thes Colonia section of the Township and prepared by the Board of Education the calendar calls for it tp open its doors to stu- THE NEW STATE SCHOOL: For rttarded childim in Avenrl, near the State Prtaon. I n w o l t k ftaeit p U n H tebMb M Ite k M la the eoulry. It faturti m»«T' dents for the first' time Irr septan- IndivMhal units for fl» enfldrw. tw» tt wklrt arr pictoml above. HUilnn Cwmty ber of 1967. Sinn "1954" The enrollment in the Wood Columnist Robert bridge Public Schol system Sepwrites: "Red China s tember 30 last was listed at 20,409. some s.OOO combat has A predicted enrollment in SeptemU o s near the northwestern ber is Senior High, 3,904; junior The electronics industry will set $9.5 billion from $9.8 billion last - such as military pay - will get by the end of 1165. that level dern of North Viet Nam. high, 4,966; special students, 150; new highs in sales this year, with year, it will still comprise the a bigger share of the budget acked in dispersed units total, 21, 052. the consumer and industrial mar- biggest electronics market. The Phong Saly area, the Industrial W»e price of a system is $375,000. J Today, Uie THiool system ha; kets scoring gains that will more military segment of this market Chinese battalion ,, two classes for deaf children; twothan balance another downturn dropped to $7-7 billion from $8' The industrial electronics mar- The big boost in consumer elecket is expected to soar in IMS.tronics is expected to come from with artillery, mur.r. for neurologically impaired; four in government spending. billion in 1964. : and heavy machine 'K r^ for trainable children; eight for Electronics industry sales are Taking a deeper look into the A big factor in this growth will color television sets. Receiver be advances in mass-transit dec- sales at the factory art expected Evidence also points to the ^,'.',, educable children, .Three is also to move upward 2.13 individual segments of the elecprocess-control compu- to climb to $000 million this year stockpiling consuler ,h> bedside teaching for children un- expected per cent to $17.6 billion from numerical-control systems from $430 million in 19W, with SUppic able to attend classes. found the following trends. and automation of ships. In the The Board of Education em $17.2 billion last year. ploys 832 teachers, five helping These are the major findings in The Pentagon will continue to the past, engineers have shunned Some etfht minion bndMiid-i., . . . . . teachers, two social workers, five the annual study of the industry's be the industry's biggest customer electronic equipment in those white set* are expected to be1 Nothing definite U known , (inu v». speech therapists, four psycholo- market conducted by Electronics, this year, although military pro- areas. sold tW» year. By 1969,12 million! ing the intent and mission m tv, e gists, one elementary linrary co- an industry publication. Other curement is expected to slide by Utilities are expected to remain to 14 million sets will be soklj Peking troops." $300 million. highlights include: i _ ordinator. the biiggest customers. Ttte pri- annually. Consumer electronics — led by Over-all military spending next mary metal-working industry, The gas industry has reaffirms Early toll roads were called sales of color television sets — year is expected to decline $500 such as steelmakers, is expected John Paul Jones was never jits condideoce in the 1965 * will climb to $2.7 billion from million to match a drop in the to boost its buying of electronic more than captain in the U. S. of the New York World's Fair r'v turnpikes because travelers were stopped at the turnstiles, or turn- $2,5 billion last year, and indus- Soviet Union's military budget, products nearly 80 per cent, while Navy, but he was a rear admiral adding a half million trial buyers will spend over $4.5 but the total will still be $49.3 chemical and petroleum proces- In the Russian Navy. pikes, to pay their fares. worth of new exhibits, feature billion, compared with last year's1 billion. Reduction will hit hard- sors' buying levels should about and attractions for the Festival oi 1401 Oak Tree Rd. ' est at suppliers of military hard- match 19M's level. General Lafayette was about 20 $4.1 billion. A coyote can attain a speed Gaa pavilion. Federal ware; spending for research and Currently, there are about 500 of 40 raph in chasing (ast game, Down years old when he volunteered jus Uelin, N. J. 1 services to the colonists during Although federal spending for development will decline slightly computer-controlled process in- which he oftea does to relays with Uruguay k ttte smallest of electronics wfll drop to if at all. Non-electronic expenses stallations around the world, and other coyotes. the American Revolution. Sooth American republics


Electronics Gain Predicted

ALL OF OUR RESOURCES ARE USED when yoi list your homo with us. 2,500 homes sold since 1954 and over 62 years of experience from onr business is yours! For quick efficient service call LI 9-1100.








1 oday Hess is working constantly to develop and produce at its Port Reading refinery the highest quality gasolines and fuel oils (or use in today's and tomorrow's modern automobiles, tomes, and industries. Oursteadfast aim is to make petroleum products which will serve our customers best and to help Woodbridge grow. _^ Our Woodbridge refinery is one of the latest .refineries built on the East Coast It has the most modern equipment and devices to ensure top quality as1 well as cleanliness of operation. K




Hess has oil wells, terminals, tankers, barges, and delivery trucks. We are proud of our <)lean, white gas stations at which we offer, service and quality of the best. f e invite you to fill up with Hess' FuelOctane Regular and Hess lOO-Plus Octane.



EDITION Thursday, June 10, 1965

K Announces Election of R. D. Lilky

PAOI nvi


will l»

been of the PMlflc f the ve July ),

N M v > r « y Bell board also V(, , n ,,, mrP( l the eleclloni, effertive •:,. , of nirturrt S. Kertfen ol ,, l ) h i m M vice pmident-engl ,'„,,„„ nnH Mnvid M, Henderson , i,-ith.wi n» vire pre.itrtent-stnff. I iirnilrmnn succeeds Wllllflm i.,,ntnrv nf Rflst Orange, re.,', rtftcr'a tt-yenr career. resident of ; •>, .| innRllme , i,nry. is group vice prrsl l t i Co, C Electric ,,f „ We«iem E nil rpspoaMblllty for the: ,, p ! |,v> wrvlre division. \ ....iiluflle of Columbia Unl- t ." hn hoj(an his Western I i i, (.-.-irrpr in 1M7 a s a ma- 1 ,: engineer In Kearny. He be,, .usi^nnt engineer of man, , l u ( . ,11 Western's headquar , ( m Now York tn 1JM and a s :,; m.isiiRer of its Baltimore ,.,'•' i he following year, i r |>wn he was m a d e vice presi-, , n i ID charge of personnel and| i,•;,• relations, and in 1MJ vice ,sj(i.T,t in charge of tbe service ,.,„„,;, Up was elected a dlrec, r',,[ u H o r n Electric in 1963 and , h• this year. \ ' : m Columbia University ,.-,:i affairs, Ulley Is vice pert,,, ,,f the Alumni Federation. , , jwnrded t h e Columbia i v ,"i:n Medal in 19*7. :

', ,,*>n ha» been president of. Bell since 1189. The Telephone election putaj ,i ;ii i lie head of one of thej .,-.• rnnip.inies in the nation;, Ki'il System. Pacific Tele•r •r:\a California and Nev. ,..., ,\,is H vice president of • w.r ii ,
:,>. <\\ More coming to New


Phone Service Of Tomorrow Reality Today

. ]>,•:. He began his t e k - . nt'iT in 1916 as a sales .;••• the Southern Bell Co.. 1 •r l .inic the company's gen-' . •mnm'i.il manager in IM7.; SlJtCASLNNA - Tomorrows • - elected vice pretident of 0 Mrvlc \,,r'!v.icstern Bell Telephone! *L * "a "^ to the 4,300 \*ft 'w the 4,3 New Jersey Btll :ni .ind went from there to | Telephone Co. C d ! J T in 1952.



ho Prudential w \nieiica and Fidelity Un-j""Th# nn» i-onirii nit\o* h » 9 n tn ,.


or the United of Csssnerce, >f tbe execuittee of the Deafness

llrT nVW tCIlirdl OIIICC Derail 10

operate at il.OJ a.m. Sunday. At that time a New Jersey Bell Telephone Co. switchman tapped out a short command on a teletypewriter messan unit ao4 tbe elec-

kiiwon t'ni?eriMy i n d a ftroad range of new telephone! •• nf the Newark College service features, several of which


will be tested by WO customers

-»r,. a graduate of Lafay- served by the Succasunna office. • r- is assistant vice The early morning hour was sel1 nf N>«- Jersey Bell's; ected for the changeover because j ': department. He began telephone usage at that time is at : <•: i ' a iiudent engineer l a a minimum. 1

I'"' hcen assistant » i w <•'. rixinwring. He Jou»ed • ••: Hell in 1800 after he .•i.Micd from Harvard Uni-


The new central office is the culmination of the most massive research and development program in Bell System history It has in-' volved an investment of more than. $100 million and almost 3,000 man-; changeover Is

Carolina, joined the first step in the nationwide Bell in 1909. He w a s conversion of Bell System central «' president in IStl


offices to the new electronic type. It is estimated that by the year MOO telephone connections will be made through electronic means. Tbe special features that, are being tested by Succasunna residents are abbreviated dialing, variable transfer of calls and addon conference. Abbreviated dialing enables a person to dial frequently called local or long distance numbers by, 1 ^ - Governor Richard usirig only three to four digits. •••* •»"(! the N e w J e r s e y Variable transfer permits the : n| to hnve his calls "" *r or Commerce Ust telephone user to rhcil he ileaves the "ti> honored the Ford "follow" him when ""'pany and its New York house. If for example, thte customi»-fse>- Community Rela- er visits a neighbor (or the eve"iiiwittw, (or "ouUtand- ning, be can have calls that would normally lome to his home tele• i t o citizenship" — for phone transferred to the neigh>< l
Nu-hes, Cof C |iiintlv Honor ?<»nl Motor Co.

'•>' Mny 2 2 . |ini

°r Hughes presented a "crossed scroll to M. T. regional civic and ftifii n nuuutof, wntlag the Com1 "«scroll cited the comof dedication to ••!s by constructive 1 in activities directthe social,

Six Convenient Locations to Serve You


ton "



irst Bank

'."•"P'mented the comKw*i neighbor policy

illso ,„., '2 resulted in sub1 ul l'," £jal contributions to colleges, univer-

1 .."'"""la. H. M president of . Slat,. '-'hamber on June accenting the

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Tbom« Jefferson, principal author of the pecUraUon of lndep«ndenc« and tnlrfl was llso I was made UJ3. pre«ld«nt. 11 -HI—^he^j^aT ^' n"111*1?* inventor and

«idilnthet «!•• n th» theu p o p u l a r In »«»P« ™*l iome. In the .Sc i Xurl IU formi of animal life


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TndrpendnntTrader (F! B) - Carteret

Thursday, June 10,1M5


Five Generations See Q Products Progress il\

AVKNKI. - The Pliilndeln'ua ()u:irtz Company is truly :i l;nn affair which has devoted ils.'ll to Ihe communities in which


Its planl tin Douglas Avenue in Avenel is no eve pliou "PQ." as il is known, produces soluble silicates which provide ;i Hide range of chemical and physical propcrti-s that are used for a multitude of industrial purposes. The oldest trademark for a is the firm's "N" and since Ihe first shipment of the chemical liquid sodium silicate in the L'nitcd hack in Ihe IBM's, each PQ silicate has been identified with an individual product name. Today. PQ offers more than 70, pol.isimn and sodium silicates, each with distinct prepcrties tn satisfy specific industrial needs. Perhaps mir least suspected In July 1831. Joseph Klkinton re turned lo his native Philadelphia ;niwth "industry," the nation's after is years of miisiinary work library system is in the midsl nf among Imlians at runi"
Library System Showing Strong Growth Trend

greatest number of people. His ficc of Education and other sourchoice was to go into the manurae- ces indicate that tolal library exture of soap and candles. His pemlitures are rapidly approachbusiness grew, and his sons, Jos, ing the billion dollar annual level eph S. and Thomas, joined the, and have grown substantially fas witefpHse. They expanded the ter than f*4 Md&Bfiy "ttH a «1»lf business while carrying on their in recent years. The expenditure father's work. figures includes the thnusmds of The founder's admonition to his privaMv-supported libraries as sons, written In a letter to them" 8 1 1 »* the public group. The dolin 1851. " . , .Uoilwell under a pro- >nr aggregate may seem small in .per concern tytfie ^ things," « " economy as big as ours but its Lake Mead is-the world's larg- h a s * * « » < * ? W and a guiding S e a n c e for transcends its precept to all who have followed est man-made body of water. WOODBRIDGE - The A. M. Mundy Co,, Inc.. heating and air conditioning specialists, i* a t n i t in the company. Fiirthrr Growth Ahead In 1855, the firm name was All the evidence indicates that example of our expanding economy. The Mundy firm recently opened an additional location, ki,mi. changed from Joseph' Elkinton's fV growth trend will continue for as Comfort Unlimited, at 466 Amboy Avenue in Woodhridge Mr. Mundy reports that the keep abreast of Ihe tmi.i- >., Soap fandle Manufactoq to Jos- the forego 'We future, particular- "This n\ove was made necesoph Elkinton 4 Sons. ly in view - ! — of -' accumulated ' - ' J short- sary by the expanding market in firm is setting records in s;iles returns each year to the bi,,,,, Then in 1861, the ent rpri-ie took age* of frained linravy- man-,«ir conditioning and tieatiwl and this year, the 20th year the firm Company training school lothe slop which was to branch newer and facilities crmhi-H by the growth of" Woodhridge 1ms been operating in the town- vtneed instruction. out from the sonp and candle bus-with the expanding needs of a Township," Mr. Martin Mundy, ship, Sales of 4*)0 heating and. In addition to his btiv, iness. It was then that ihe firm technological nge. A big push is hevl of the firm, snid. cooling units and service on more schedule, Mr. Mundy make began manufacture of a new pro- coming from the vast ou'iouring The new facility features cen- than 850 units were reported for work to help impn>\, duct, sodium silicate. of information Itself, in all (icMs ti.,l and window air conditioning A.M. Mundy employs seven community. He is a menu. The new comnnny name. Joseph of knowledge but especially in and heating by Fedders, Colum- workers, including mechanics, the Masons, Shriners ami S. and Thomas Elkinton, c.ppeared •scienc- where more nas been pub- bi;, and other manufacturers. New helpers and sales assistant. Elks, taking an active y in 1BB2 and two years later, a new IMied in the last 10 years thm in models of Fedders and Colum-; Mr. Mundy feels that the c-hang- the Elks Crippled Children's. company was formed, the Pliila- all previous human history. Then bin furnaces are on display at ing limes are constantly bringing mittee. djlphia Quartz Co, Incorporation there are the population factors, ihp Corilfort Unlimited show- new advanote in tiaatlng awl air' He and his wife live m ;:ime in 1904. . not ibly its rising educational at- room, . conditioning equipment tmd to bridge with their son, Dei.n In the following years, several l a m e n t , th? coming bonm in col- ... - ' .. plants were buhl a W " > ' r > i t ' i e ' W attendance, and Ihe great . A~M operation at Avrnel which dates ™read of adult education. Fur- l»hi-:inan.s placed al around 72.000 themnore. libriry costs in general' as of last year, up aboul a sixth hack to 1919. I have been rising, and modern since the beginning of the present William T. Elklaton. The Nike m i s s i l e was m of Joseph m e a n s ftf taformntion storage and, decade. The payroll roster in addinamed after the Greek god. . i L retrieval are expensive as are the tinn includes tens of thousands ot dess of victory. N i k e was S. of the board *1>IV?'C!!' Facilities to house them.' others. Mthw part-time or partly winged and sometimes apDuring his ten- A look at the library e.xpcndi-' tiain«l librarimis or those in clerit peared c a r r y i n g a palm •Oipanded rapid- t l i r e Pattern and its trend indi- ™ n r custodial 30W. branch or a wreath, erecting , , m ( | s j x plants were t : l l "s that around a quarter of a a trophy or recording a vic- h l , i l ( ,billion dollars a year is currently! Jonathan Trumbull was the tory on a shield, or hoverwas followed b e i n g *•*"' t01" books, periodicals British governor who sided with ing with outspread w i n g s by his son, a D t l . o t h f materials Including aud- the colonies during the American over the, victor in a compeuntil _. tition. Nike gradually came " " " ' Rachmaninoff. Russian to be recogniied as a sort of « tlie present.";™a "'. "M". ™ T ? r r ^ "* " f " " ™ er and pianist, became an Hi mediator of success between head of the'firnv {flimaxtng five'™, half btllton doHars a ye in gods and men. generations of a tamty whift has' 1 1 * r e c o r d s s h o w a s t e a d y ln" ibeen serving the areas in which.crease in library employment, Seattle, Wash., is the U. S. ship- "*•» - » « — , Ihait Uu gat Umkf I they operate. with the number of professional ing port nearest to the Orient.

lUtADY IN AUGUST; Shown abovr is an architect's drawing of how the Merrury Federal SuviiiRs and I Aim Association buildIng, 117 Main Street, WoortbridRe, will look after extensive remodeling and eipiinsion now «oinfc on. It will feature a modern f i j ^ i ^ l facade, according to Mr. Charles S. Willey, Jr., president. A new safe deposil vault will huvc fourteen interlocking levers w5h two separate comhlnalions required U> open it, v> B« eitrn safety measure. An electronic alarm system will be connected dhtttly with the Woodbridge Police Departmtnt. Safe deposit boxes will be added an a new feature, in addition to tne present services which include a school savings program, home improvement loans, money orders for only ten cent!;, regardless of the amount porchascd, and other financial services. "Although we are less than four years old we have experienced remarkable gwwtti. This growth i i conttnulng even in oar temporary location," Mr. Wllley said. The temporary location is a 54-ft. long, airauditioned trailer especially constructed for temporary banking quarters, located «t tarry Rfcagan't Cities Service Station (now Citgo) at the comer of Main Street and Amboy Avenue, it has six teller's windows, a private executive office, and all facilities. Architect for the remodeled building is William C. Cramer. Jr. Peterson & Staeger is the general contractor.

Qreiner Home Gives Service To Area

i OK SOPHISTIC ATKI) DINING: The Gallery, known as "New Jrrsey'i Smartest Sopprr ci«), •• li-utiimi candlfllRht dinlnR and topfllnhi entertainment. Original all painting* and sculpture add i, lite dellKhtftil ntmosphere. A pianist provides miiMr durinpt luncheons. I-ociled adjaeent to Sh n ley's Diner on I S . Route 1. Woodhrldite, II also oflers furilities (or bamnjeta and Mreplinn, Kmllie and Stnn are the hosts,

Mundy Exemplifies Area's Growth


MORE OlAN SIXTY YEARS OF SERVICK: The Greiner Funeral Home at the corner of Green Street aafl Batron Avenue has been serving the area since 1903,

i =



EA|)Y TO SERVE p , He's

n HisToes, Knows

Needs And

Iways Gives You

oyal Servics!




fJin' Independent Lpader'' it





Serving Our Community Since 1934

OYAL Petroleum Corporation "Supplying Independent Dealers Throughout New Jersey'9'




EDITION Thursday, June 10, 1965

Agi krtagna Agency Is One



IN CUSTOMS T1TIJM Sanjord Aluminum i' ODD WOODBRIDGE - If you art , WOODBRIDGE-Evtn customs In Lamer Ouartert \ confused with the new title* under have changed during the yean. 0 v new form oi tmnnMOt, J u * ^ In 1800 "Blue Laws" were in- HOPELAWN - The Stnford the be happy you don't ham to voked In Woodbridge. Little waa tend with Utlet «( job permitted In the way of recrea- Aluminum Company In operation back In the l«00a. Then' since 1980 has been In new and tion on Sundays As late as May Meat Packers, Alimran «f early Summer is the period of the greatest volume of business * 1*37, the Township Clerk was larger quarters sine* February of Town Debt. Fencevlewl ordered to notify the three con. this year at 76 New Brunswick Layers. Rangers and Grind Jffll* is t h e 'stables of the Township 'that Awnie. The biwinew hae thrived men In the Township. Agency WOODBRIDGE - Now that the to receive a federal library grant hoard is quietly but efficiently complaints have been marie byunder the supervision of Mr. RusCustom of the Christmas ,; privately-owned libraries have of $32,500 under a new_. 5X meeting those needs with the as- the citizens and sell new Municipal and Services Act. he staff and baseball playing be of ;i( tiioir excellent Innova- the beginning of this year, Mr. Perth Ambov bee™ Township. Inman Avenue^ section ennstrucBranch collections have been tion to start in a few weeks. The ,1,, chalet Village home j Bertagna « growth in the real es-in I960 He substantially. A central architect's plans call for a most tmine constructed in| late business warranted him [tended Perth j library, in rented quarters, has modern library with adequate Serving WOODBRIDGE...And ALL of Middlesex County! Heading section of making two appointments of sigbeen ablished at 800 Rahway facilities to meet the need of the ly nd in Sayreville. 1 i' nificance. He promoted Joseph ;i i.l: ! Avenue, Woodbridge. And per- area, which come In Campanale to new construction nllH'S. haps the biggest event in the li- In a few years, it will undoubtand |s arc built along the sales manager and advertising law. ' brary's history was the dedica-.edly be necessary to build a ccnii' fine homes found in manager and Mrs Ida Vazzann to n Recently * rPredicted that, .... N tl«i «< the central library the lat-! tral library, as the needs of the resales manager i (»»* of April. The dedication community grow. The library ',',',I,.<< ;,re built to incor-. Just recently, he began a new' Woodbridge TTownship along wfth't«" i,,,.,. ,»r (our bedrooms,!commercial and industrial land the county is on the verge of a! ceremonies were attended by „ i u II and one-half baths, department headed by Miss ,new era of controlled growth and some * » interested and enthusi-; • business expansion astic people. In the short time filing room, a Urgeloiorla • r~ HeMidthe 1 1 ; 1 be6n re rene ,nn. modem kitchen and MJSKIU. Wlucn na ,1 I'rci-eation room with The Bertagna firm shortly will » "»«« woodbridge: Manna Kuatet , ... J~£" ufanrihrirW facilities are being well used and r .^s doors leading to aconcentrate its efforts on the Ma-j?™ww™ r e than n12u w° P* « *l s i n c e ! ^ . e f The Bertagna firm shortly wiilir. .. * ««wbTid|e , _ „__, i Estates d development .„.i,„.. . . ^ ^ ^!^ rina Estate l lS ^ ; _i ,u^ w Homea » Prediction. jerence library services, Sayreville for which the firm willi which ^ rm will la hit report to the ,,ni months, the Bertagna be exclusive agents. The homes1 Mr. Bertagna also is the has constructed more '-, nl5tom built homea, la»„ .. . .. , , r... ".».». i mm r.iim, n ,i. — American , mo Chalet Village models, The agency which operates for the township and is active in. "Immust r e s s enote, too. that we are.Cyanamld Company will open a many civk, charitable and politi*" ' P d by the students that new phosphate mine near Bradi jifjHly has sold more than throughout Middlesex County, has have used our facilities. They are: ley, Florida in 1967. Construction | i,,,mM this year In the Wood- grown to the point where It now!0*1 courteous, bright, and interested, j will begin in early iixn alone, empkyi 13 people. He and Ms wife, Rita. nan We hear a good deal about 'wild Clifford D. Siverd, gancral mancompany ii W f t f l M In, Mr. Bertagna, 34. a native oiltBTMcblUtwandUw youth' today. If anyone in inter-ager of Cyantimid's ARricultural eated in what most youth is real- Division, said the mine is expect-11 ly like I would invite them tojed to add about 75 new jobs to visit our main library some eve-'the company's Florida payroll, ning. It will afford a very heart- Plans for the new mine include ening view of the youth of Wood-; provision for future expansion to :iln fryer chicken* a n so bridge." help meet a growing world-wide Ll.nt and such an economy During the month of April, thei|Cr communities in the United State* installations, and will constitute salt another unit of the Brewster plant. garile saM phosphate will be mined by a caa starch and water; mix into liquid Deloit, Dorothy Home !The dragline with a capacity of apniivM, haired in skillet. Cook, stirring constantg, '5 IOUBM) eai ly, until sauce is thickened and a drug manufacturers moved to ihclnuU, dear yellow. Arrange chicken on fight a health disaster in Somali, COLONIA - Delois Jacqueline q includes Sydney.Mine, in Hillsserving plate; pour sauce over resulting from months of famine Home and Dorothy Judith Hone: borough County, Orange Park cup whil« chicken, at serve i s separate and drought Fourteen drug firms graduated from the North Ca- Mine, near Lakeland, and phosdonated fll6,Mt worth of antibio- rolina College, University of North phate drying and chemical plants corn oil )aSttlst Add sauce dish. tics, sulfas and other products inCarolina System, Durham, N. C ,at Brewster, N. W. Chesson, Jr., water i and cook, UiiBinf response to an appeal from the Hagna Cam Laude. of Lakeland, is plant manager. until American Bed Cross. A previous Delois majored in pre-school The Chicora Mine is the second Australia and New Zealand Somali request sent to communist education and Dorothy in psycho- expansion of the Brewster plant Reduce beat; stir notably Red China, re- logy and sodalogy. Delois and to be announced this year. A juice, ginger. stlt tad dncfcdtaf Tasmania) produce al-countries, most oo*hatt m worifttaol and portedly yieled only scant sup- Dorothy are the daughters of 200,000 ton per year diamraonium MX. then add olWes, herd more * 5 p than-aftr other plies of medicines. Mr and Mrs. Westry Honre. Mr. phosphate plant is now under con,
North Colonia to Get l New Building Shortly

Area's Top Realtors



"" "la.™*


pop" *"* «p>^ ? !?!



""S*"?, iL ^'

To Open New ^Phosphate Mine

This Chicken Banishes Monotony

Continues To Keep Pace With Our Growing County!

In keeping with the growth and progress of our community we are

Proud to Announce



i * £ J 5 L * J^H\

Hornor Graduates


READY NOW!...Luxurious Custom Built Homes, from ONLY $22,990

'Founded On Integrity And ! Service"

Alexander thte (Jreat ooce made a sea descent in 4 for(n of deepsea diving apparajm
These Superb Homes Offer You

Printed Pattern

Comfort, Convenience, Economy

CHOOSE FROM 4 EXCITINGLY HEW MODELS! OVERSIZE RANCH: Presenting a M# concept in ranch design! Features a spacious living room, full basement and gqrage.

A Rare Combination of Beauty, And Pride of Ownership! The Bertagaa Agency proudly presents CHALET VILLAGE, SAYREVILLE AND CHALET VILLAGE, WOODBRIDGE. These lovely CUSTOM BUILT homes offer you everything you desire; thrilling design, generously proportioned rooms, quality materials, skilled craftsmanship, (extra-siie property, fully improved, and low taxes I . . and all this within literally minutes of, schools, shopping, transportation. You can purchase the home of your choice with a very raodest down payment and liberal terms. Come in or cull for an appointment today to inspect these superb homes.




CONTEMPORARY BI-LEVEL: 4 delightful bedrooms, formal dining room, huge living room advance design kitchen. Finished rec room, Hi b«thi. '

l.iK UIOUT <>UK KXtLUIilVii TRADK-IN FLAN . . . Tradt »uur httme i | you would jour tut', Suuiuis rrazy, but It's Inie! Now l o u h « n the opportunity to I I H the efluity in your (ircunl liuiiii! f u n befi»W It's sold. Tlut'i right: If you have found the h o r » of yojir ilreum, and cannot M-II ynur iiri-sent hi)me, we t t llcrUgna A|««oj will take your horn* In trade whether you buy a h II in tr through 'II «| II r not. /



• •

COLONIAL SPLIT LEVEL: 3 generously-giied bedroomi. large kitchen with breakfut. room, formal dining room, lovely living room. Finished rec room, Hi iaths, full basement.


SINCE 1950 the name MAURO MOTORS has stood forldependability and integrity in auto sales and service. Proud recipient of the coveted Chrysler Quality Dealership Award we pledge ourselves to continue every effort to warrant your business. When you think of cars - new or used - think of MAURO MOTORS. '


CHALET-STYLED BI-LEVEL: 3 large bedroom*, 2 full baths, finished recreation room. Ultra-modern kitchen, with breakfast room. Formal dining impressive living room.

rile |irini'ii>le uf (He plan revulvet around tUe actual appralul ordtrcd llirousli the KlIA. Oh yes r\iii If you are trauiferred uut of the state, we are members of the National Association of 1'radrri m d are able to put J^ in touck with a reliable realtor in your new community. WV me i>'y realtor In MiBdl«iei Cfuntj who actively e n | i i e > In Ihll nvolutlonaty lie* rr'ii i-iiaii- i.roKMm. We trade In any of *the it l U t e i . So remembar: buylnf or scllluij, Inquire aliiiut uur Eirluslve Trade-In Plan . . . ' i I STUM H i l l U(N(; — We are leadert in the field of custom building i n t h e central Nrvv Jfisr, in i u \ uiirr a Wide x'lwllun of dfslgnt and :ire uble to offer many desirable hnilcllnj! areas, iti in' uiii! of the largest custom builders In Middle*?! Counlf. The B e r l u o a lAiency nuw olfert ,',iui'iileie ari-hitectural, desliiilng servlcej—Industrial and commercial building.

9165 SIZIS

10 18 , \ -


Printed Paitern Illlii: Mi«ue»' Hizvo >*>> ' - " • >*>' IS. Si»» 16 re
in ruins fui

ee ''ti p»ttern h t for mdliiiK »»d S P " * f S«nd to 170 N*wi,.»i>«r Patf 1 D M 2 W « 18»t> > Nl.Ywkll.

fur our SpfinK Swim"" ratUrn C»t»loK- lnciutlrs coupon | « H ) for On* t i n P»Utrn.

illl SShl.INI, SKUVICK — The Bertajm Aieniy with more than H years at combined urvlce ,,[i,.,,, K, ilitulj i n oii'lii«l»'b designed counseUui service. The Mlea rtpretejitttlttt of Bertain* will „ 11iiU- you In your wiling sod buylnt prtthitnis by efterlni yom f i i u t l u advice, mortiaie itifuriuiilloii And complete evaluation of your property as to ill future Hflib value and true KK'viii value We are fortunate in being associated with (he lar|**t flnutflkl tnitltutluiis in the Kiuiiiy Nuw boliu able to afford am fritndi and fllenu the mott »4«qu»U eoanmrclal, Industrial JM j .evidential nnai,dn«, sixcULWni In VA, rBA and eonttntlojuj ty»« M*rt|l|ei.

The Bertagna Agency -.SfiviiiK Woodbiidge . . . and all of Middlesex County" •

H. S. RouU- it


ME 4-5800


Thursday, June 10,1965


Cartetet School System Is Expanding

industrial and commercial areas here." Cultural, civic and religtous activity was not to be outdone by the rapid expansion of the community. It was pointed out by borough officials that progress does not CAHTKRKT — A continued part of industries here. spurred ;i new boom in school just happen. It has to be desired and worked, nmmrtunities firowlh in C'.nlercl's industml f[ c w industry is sprouting in construction, they said for success in Curteret wens is forest hy those largely l h e C a r ( e r e t t l l r n p i k e a r e a a n d l "Cnrtcrrt hopes to top past responsible for its development,. . ' , |. , . ..,, . ..„ „„:„;„„ nre limitless. jthere is promise of more people.1 decades growth in the opinion One of Carterets greatest asn[ j | 1 ( , t There are many physical signs m n r e money and more jobs for of Mayor Andrew Bantck. "I'm sols is its industry, with the U. S. 'Metals Refining Company at the of progress in Cirteret and there Hie borough area. 'confident that the borough will helm II must be recognized for 1 has been a vast program nn the The population growth has see a continued growth in the

Continuation of Progress In Carteret isPredicted

industry's great Carteret's over-all community is greatly" upon It for its taxes ]m ployment furnished tn „„„, citizens. " ^ Many of the bonnigh uni,,, personnel give gencr(Hi'iv'tn(<1 time and talents to ^m,[' endeavors and nndprl;iliMr' Oldest permanent scin,., South America , s v,,,i • ? ' ' Colombia, which w;,, ,„„„ !;;,rli 1525,


CARTERET'S A COMER: This Is (he new addition under construction at Cuteret High School on Washington Avenue in Carteret. he growing school population will be accomodaied with more classroom* and a cafeteria in the new addition. It in part of the borough'i $2,650,000 school expansion plan which also will we new additions to several elementary schools. This addition should be ready by September.

MINUE SCHOOL ADDITION: Part of the huge eitra classroom construction in Carteret Wt y w r k b e *MiUoo being added U the Minue School pictured above. It will be ready for occupancy in •September.


Is a Tradition

At TED'S... "The Most Modern Dry Cleaning Plant In Middlesex County"





The CommunityWhose Theme In 1965 m

PROGRESS And Continued Growth Through Sensible Planning By Competent Leadership D R E W W .BANICK, Mayor







EDITION Thursday, June 10,

••.•*i.,wssmi"'' *


•tfijt^i t

: • * ;

V; :) •. • '








kii.Kr,; !:, A B M T K ' K l'i, iJF,(;Ali:ii. YfJtJ A«r. HIM MYOk ANDRKW- BAN?' K



- t f > , ' ' «

















• • • - •



:•/ ": \t

' t


- t -




, above plaque is held in high esteem byi each and everyone of us at II. S. Metak Awarded to us by the Boro of Carteret "for outstanding meritorious service and contribution to the welfare of Carteret citizens", it best symbolizes the constant effort

all of us at I . S. Metals make to contribute to the progress, economic growth andwelfare of our community. From our more than 1,650 employees a most sincere "Thank You, Carteret* We are glad to be here.

mm <

• • ' •



Highest Purity Copper la itfacfe Z» Gwfenef






; . . : ,


County Sets Plant Record An investment of morr. than firm is operating as the Wood$23 000.000 in new plant comple- briclfip Warehouse Corp. _ tions during WM has established' Another m e m b e r of«• the hi«hMl industrial construe- $1,000,000 group Is Daval Hand-

tion record in Midd.esex Coun.y )™ ^


Another'service from yourfriendsat


All but tour of Middlesex Coun-i success ta the handbag fleW ty's % municipalities shared in: necessitated the construction « the glowing total, according to' a new plant. , Joseph P. Somers, county Indus- One of the county , I n * * * trial commissioner, who said the dustries E J. DuPont. invested year also brought a record for more than $1,000,000 in the « • new plant starts and industriallpansion of two
A 5-minute drivers "physical" you can take in your own home tonight! Good vision and fast reaction are among the most important physical requirements for safe driving. Shell dealers present these quick tests to give you some obvious clues to your drivingfitness. (But remember, no self-test of vision can take the place of a professional eye examination by a qualified doctor.)

1. How good Ls your depth perception? Depth perception helps you judge the distance to other cars. To test, tic long string to the front and rear of a toy car. (If you have no toy cars, you can use any two objects that are the same size and shape.) Pass one string over the rear edge of a table, so you can pull the car back and forth. Place a second toy car of the same sue on the table. Then, with your eyes at tabletop

level, pull back and forth on the strings from 6 feet away. Try to "park" your car directly alongside the second car. 'I ry it several times. If the cars are consistently out of alignment, your depth perception is probably off. Better give yourself an extra margin of safety when driving. You might do well to keep more distance than you think you need between yourself and the car ahead, at all times.

Copper Pigment Moves To Sewaren SEWAREN - Eighteen years ago, a 25-year-old N«w Yorlrer came to New Jersey to start what today is one of the leading specialty chemical firms in the state. Armed with a degree in chemistry from the University of California which has produced and continues to produce some of the nation's finest scientists, Norman Feldman began the Copper Pigment & Chemical Works Corp., in Elizabeth. This week, Mr.PeWman, now — 43, passed another milestone in' his bid to make Copper Pigment a chief contributor toward the progres of this area. The firm began production at Its new plant on Arbor Street in Sewaren. The plant, the old Vul-j can Detinning Co. site which Copper pigment recently remodeled, Q. Why is it necessary"^ a u scheduled to become the main woman to file a change of s a n e producr for the corporation, card with the Social Security Ad, Coper Pigment & Chemical ministration when she gets mtrWorks is a primary producer of ' ". chemicals for the metal finishing ned' industry — plating and heat treat- A, Social Security records matt ing salts and finishing compounds. be accurate to ensure proper The firm also has its em re- payment of benefits to the djjkt search and development program. person and identity of (he p * "Basically,1* Mr. Feldman said, son is very Important. Each "Coppe Pigment is involved In the number is assigned to an h development of chemical proces- dividual person, If an employses to reclaim metallic scrap." er reports a different ntme pVe are very strong in re- than flit one to which a cersearch, development end technol- tain number has beet asogy for the development of these signed, a question U railed processs." whether the right p e k « to Obesity is more common among receiving credit for iUe eat* ings reported. U. S. women than men.

* lltMM

For Quality

of All Kinds


ME 4-1111

2. Q. Hoy can I check my social security record to be sure it is correct? A. Your social security otflc* will be glad to furnish you with a postcard form for use in obtaining a record of the earnings credited to your account. | 3. Q. Why duet the Social'Security Administration recommend that people check their social security accounts'1 A, Because your social p ity account Is the basis (or your future social security benefits. If some employer has not reported your earning* comet* ly, or if your social security number in incorrect, you could, lose gome or all ol your benefits. If you keep an eye on your account, by checking it periodically, you can make mire of your social security protection. If a worker ni your family dies, some member of the family should inquire at the nearest social security office to see if j benefits may be payable, William I A. Fogarty, social security district manager in Perth Amboy, udvbei. The Social Security Administration can help to partially replace income lost caused by the dsath

2 . How fast do you react? If your reaction time is normal, at 30 miles an hour you'll travel 33 feet before you can even 3*t your foot on the brake. If your reaction time is just W second slower, you'll travel another 11 feet. To test, lake a crisp new dollar bill andjold it lengthwise, as tightly as you can. Hate a friend hold the bill vertically, while you place your hard about \Vi inches above the bill, Prepare to react. He drops the bill without warning; you try to hit it with one sweeping motion. If you do, your reaction time is normal. \( you don't, ypu'd better allow yourself extra time to react when on the road-by driving a little sjowtr, being extra alert, and keeping well back of other cars.

5. How wide do you see? Many of the hazards ol chiving come at you from llie side. Your ability to see them coming is a measure of your "peripheral vision." To test, stand against a wall and extend your arms at shoulder level. l'ocus your eyes on a point 20 feet straight ahead and wiggle your lingers. If you see wiggling fingers, you're normal. If not, bring your arms slowly forward. As soon as you see wiggling fingers, estimate the angle of your arms (see photo above). Seventy degrees is good enough. Anything less means you have "tunnel vision," which means you should keep your head moving when driving, looking to both sides, Don't try

to m out of tU "warn' «* you* ^ct-bttausc you im't.

3 . How well do you see? The eye chart with the letter* of the alphabet on it measures what doctoo call visual acuity. It's the most common measure of bow well you can see. One eye condition that affects your visual acuity is astigmatism a distortion of die eye lens which results in a blurred, imperfect image. To test, hold this page «t reading distance and look at the circles with one eye dosed. Now try the othet eye. If you see pie-shaped sections that seem sharper and blacker than others, you may have astigmatism. Asa result, you may not be seeing all you should when driving your car. Clear vision is even more important when you're driving on highspeed freeways and turnpikes.

6. How's your "binotular vUiou?" Because thj lenses of your eyes are about 2Yi inches jpait, you see from two points of view. I his is called "IHIHKHI.II vision." It gives you the ability to "see around" objects, it's wlwt makes a pencil look round and thick. And it has a lot to do with your depth perception and judgment of distances, lu test, place a pencil un die uble with (he point jutting out over the edge, Covet one eye, step forward, and try to touch die point-head on-with the tip of your 6ng«, in one swift motion. Hard to do? It should be. Now try lo touch the point of the pencil again, hfe nme using both eyes. If it's *uU hard to do, your

4. How do you react to glare? 1 low quickly your eves recover from the glare of blinding light-such as headlights / is a measure of what eye dolors call glat* resistance. ' " '*v<« j dim the light in the mom until you can just read ^hese wonk ' Roll a newspaper the long/ way to fojm a tube-j Turn on J 100-watt light bulb, and have someone time you as you look dirtctly at the bore bulb for just five seconds ^see illus.tr.! tkm). Then, turn off the light bulb and immediately try u> read this page through the tut*. Within seven seconds \ou should be able to see clearly enough to read these woids. If you can't, take special pains to avoid direct glare. Look down lilt right side oi the road when can approach at night.

P . S . from Sh«ll. Bad brakes can be more g than slow reaction lime. Defective windshield wipers can seriously limit your vision in miny weather. Knowing this, Shell dealers hdp you keep your car in top runniBg condition. For example, with every Shellubrication* we test brakes and also inspect windshield wipers, ores and other "trouble spots" automatically. It's part of the service where you s<* the sign of the Shell. Stop in.



EDITION Thursday, June 10, 1965


Kledro Dynamic A Vital Part Of A Growingrea A Federal Reserve Sees Stability

THE Place For Your Clothes

The following excerpt from "Pwsperlive nn \m." hy the Feilenil Reserve Rank of NewYork describes tlie. economic liiirli HRIIIS of the past yenr nral imli cile.s wh.it may l>e expected this yew. "The yearly fflillook i-, Im ccii nmriic i-xpansion into the new your After four years, \\- viuw i oils fonv.-ird movement »[ Ihe ccDiHimy conliniies. "Consumer hiiyin^ h;is bwu ini prcssive, ;md recent experience |siiRK<'Hts that nddltionnl t;i\ ciils ;could cffei'tK'Oly Mirmilate further i consumer buying/if need tor ;ulditimial stimulation should .irko I'nccr! •'nlies in the nut look include pressures on costs ;md prices, excessive steel inventory 0 build up and possible strikes. "The pust four years of pnispc-' rity have been marked by reasiin.-iblo price stability, risini; em-' pluyment and output, and some improvement of the payments deficit. Constructive policies and' attitudes in both the public and private sectors of the economy have lent support to the IOIIK expansion. In the private area, wage inereases have so far generally. Shut not always, remained within


KINK TAILORING AND CLKAMING: Trds Tailor Shop, in operation for more than 12 years, has been UM> Mecca lor ana nwldMto seeking good workmanship and fine clothes. In two locutions, at 17 Grwn Strret in Woodbrldge and 1201 St. G*or*<« Avenue, Colonla, and ™ 1 Wilk is known for his excellent selection of rental formal wear for men and modern dry cleaning plant. has tended to hold prici i in check. — — There has been little speculative buying of inventories, and capi- State border to Cape May.^ They place for distance covered. The] tal spending, has been attuned to were taken along the shore, in wooded hills were the least prothe hills, on the coastal plain, in ductive, both of species and indilong-run grtfwth prospects. n.MKIIUTION TO PROtiftKH: The Etrrtro Nviumic nivi,i,,n rf General Dynamics Corp. has been contributmR to the advance"On ffle public side, there has Awns and cities and in open viduals. Mount Holly and Sussex ,„,„, ,,i ihe communily lor Uie past two year*. The division moved to Avenel after a lire totally destroyed Us production facilities been a judicious blending of stim- lountry. County groups came in at the ,„ r,.-...iinc It In Ihe oldest o( the corporation* dl»i > t Uw motor* and generators for the V. S. Navy's first submarine, The Holland. The division has a repu- monetary policies. i slide rule nearby, you'd find Contrary to the idea that the New Jersey continues to be research in and manufacture , r ingenuity awl rellabillly daling hark to Ihe lurn of the century. that 43 per cent of the area of robin is the harbinger of spring, America's leader in chemical re- thousands of products, including the state was under observation. these thrushes were found in ev- search and manufacturing, as the dyes and drugs, plastics, synApplying this factor to the num- every one of the 19 areas. The nation's chemical industry mark- thetic fibers, agriculture cherniber of birds, sighted, shows there total sighted was 2,322. ed its sixth consecutive year of als, cleaning compounds, paints were at least a million birds in Highlights of the New Jersey gains. and cosmetics, baking powder and the state in late December. This counts were three willets seen at flavors. For the space industry, A, A. Boehm, chairman of the is undoubtedly far short of tbe Barnegat, an hour-long study of By Farrls S. Swackhamer Chemical Industry Council of New for example, New Jersey's cheactual figure. two black skimmers on the Hud- Jersey, and vice president of micals are used to make ceraProfessor The Cape May tally led the son River, a lark sparrow at Long Union Carbide Corp., Plastics1 Di- mics for rocket nose cones. Union Junior College field for number of species with Branch and an "almost unbeliev- vision, declared that the Garden Research and product developU4 different birds sighted. CJose able eastern kingbird said to have state's share of U.. S. chemical ment has always characterized Cranford, New Jewej on their heels with 112 were the been carefully identifed in the sales in 1964 totalled an estimated New Jersey's chemical industry Oceanville birders. The latter was Great Swamp - Watchung area.' $3.6 trillion, one-tenth.of the oter- eadership, Mr. Boehm pointed far out in front with the largest During the first hot spell of the Next winter if you want a day ail chemical industry product out- out, and almost one-third of its number individuals—112,410. put. , 93,000 employes are scientific* season, the postman brought me of good companionship, exercise "Chemicals are increasingly re- workers. Surveys indicate that it a blast of chill, damp air in the Cape May, second in this cate and birding, volunteer to go with garded as a realistic indicator of form of the report on the contin- gory, only had half as many. requires about $30,000 annually to ent-wide 65th Christmas Bird The Summit Nature Club, work- one of these groups. Extra watch' America's economic progress be- maintain one scientist in chemiing in the Great Swamp—Watch cause its diversified products are ers are always welcome. \ Count. It comprised 346 pages ol used by virtually all oUier indus- cal research. More than $30 milI fine print listing birds seen dur- ung area, put 65 observers out in the foul weather, leading the tries ranging from agriculture to lion was spent for new research I ing the 1964 Christmas holidays The statue of Abraham Lincoln space engineering," he noted. state in participation. A group ! in all parts of the United State in Washington's Lincoln Memorial New Jersey's 1,100 chemical France has never had a soverand Canada. I was one of thous in Northwest Gloucester County traveled 336 miles to take first is 19 feet high from head to foot. ' plans and laboratories conduc1 eign queen. ands of birders that spent a da; from sunup to sundown searchin out and listing feathered folk. I my area it was raining, ice was SIP freezing on trees and streams were partly covered with slush. Several studer* _^.om Union Junior College anw£gwji£d with! / the Summit NatnWittlb in the' Great Swamp-\^tlByf| Ridges area centered in i S The club counted 60- speqfis and 15,818 individuals* The tally takesf ptiy a day. It may be done on';any one doring! the last ten of D^cenifber oV'lirst two or three ofjjsujuary. Each i group, usually mpjnbefJi of^a nature club, gather lit prearranged spot before dawn and divide up the 15-mile diameter circle that is to be covered^ At least eight hours must be spent in the field for the count to duality. The national edftor does a thorough job of commenting o" t n e l highlights throughout the counIM i l l s HIM: For Ike past 8 *e*r», »fc* Carteret Novelty Ditts Company at 32 Wheeler Avenue in Carteret has been manufactur- try, but I though you might be in terested in the story in New Jer! "II>II\ clolhlng. The firm b headed by Frank Scrudale a»d .operates year round. It employs many women Irom Carteret. sey. Five hundred fifty-four observers traveled 6,308 miles on JETS TO BUFFALO American Airlines will inaugu- foot and in cars and tallied 3ii9, rate jet service to Buffalo from 092 individual birds.. Nineteen Newark Airport April 25.Ameri- areas, in the state were studied. can began 727 Astrojet service at Counts were made from the AtNewark with nonstop flights to •lantic Ocean to the Delaware River and fron» the New York Chicago and Detroit. im-

"ts. has been very

\ew Jersey Continues Lead In Chemical Study, Output

ke*s Firm Operates 12 Months Each Year

For The Birds


"New Jersey's Smartest Supper Club"






Original Paintings

l'r«Sre«H. We are pniml of •>««• firm'^ conlribution to the K'«»wth and development of ou area.

For The Ultimate.. • Businessmen's Luncheons


• Coagulant aids for raw and waste water treatment

And Sculpture

^ 'thout the mighty power of electricity thwecoul^ be no real

• Camltight Dining § Entertainment Nightly

Sinte 1919, this Philadelphia Quartz Company plant has been producing loglum tiltcates. These are chemicals uied throughout industry. Silicate was first u«ed..flbout I860 in household soaps. Through the years research has developed mqny. useful applications for silicate. To mention a few: , '


[ • Binder* in refractory cements and welding rods '; '•; • Basejfor catalytic gels ;" «. • Prptsctlve coatings for concrete and metal • Dttsrgent alkalies for household mixtures, laundries, and // metal cleaning • Adhesives.for spiral paper tubes, wallboard, metal f o f a corrugated paper board. Qgality control and research laboratories at Primos, Pa. guard tht I of PQ silicates while new possibilities are explored for their development and applications.


• Bauquets and Receptions


Eilabllihad 1&31—


Electrical Contractors

U. S. One, Woodbridge

Engineer* - Industrial & Power Wiring








fiENERAL OFFICES: Public Ledger Building, Philadelphia. Pa. 10106 RESEARCH LABORATORIES: Primos, Pa. ".: QTHER MANUFACTURING PLANTS: Anderson, !nd. • Augusta, Qa. • Baltimore, Md. • Chester, Pa. • Jeffersonwille, Ind. • Kansas City, Kansas • a t ' :s Mo. • Utica, III. PRODUCTS: Sodium Silicates • Potassium Silicates • Sodium' Sodium Sesquisiliceite • Sodium Orthosllicate


'atten Backer Of Johnson's Health Rill


Local ^CA Plant A Leader In Community's Efforts AVENEL - Twelve years afo. the Radio Corporation of America opened a plant on St. Georges |' Avenue and hired 28 people In this area as employes. j j Today, this facility of RCA1* Electronic Components and Devices Division employs more than 1,800 I people. : This facility makes more than MO different typea of electron tubes requiring the skill of employes from the assembly line to the professional level of that exhibited in the highly talented engineering ! grtwp. The local plant also employs as one of its managers an ex »,„,.„, well-qualified ,_. woman tremely engineer who has been with RCA for 17 years. She is Mrs. Janet Deckert of Mlddletown, manager of miniature and special purpose tube production engineering. The plant makes tubes for black and white and color television not only for use In RCA sets but also for a multitude of other equipment manufacturer!.


oft Ford TYPICAL GARDEN TVFF. APARTMKNT: Project tai-W MM h * « » • « - » * * « • - • • * prejrrt «nrj*rt»kra in Woodbrider Township.

tarfeat » * *

* - * • -

Space Effort

It makes many of the components used in space satellites and in the space vehicles used by our astronauts. From its inception, the local RCA plant has been a good neighbor in this community. Besides offering new employment in the a n a , the plant employes have been among the leaders in participation with tbe local United Fund campaigns and the Red Cross blood donor NEW AVOCADO TWIST: Fresh fruit salads have a tendency campaigns. to perk up appetites on first sight and "Avocado Waldorf" is Employe* 8er?e certainly no exception. A number of the employes are The crunchiness of the apple-almond-celery filling contrasts members of tbe various volunteer fire departipents and first delightfully with the velvety-smooth texture of California avocado half-shells In this colorful, refreshing and nutritious treat. aid squads in the area. Nutritional values of avocados from southern California are Many plant executives, such as plant manager F J . Lauten- quite noteworthy. The fruit contains 11 health-giving vitamins, (scblager, serve on various d v k 14 basic minerals and emulsified fruit oil which is readily coocommittees in tbe community. verted into food energy. Mr. Lautenschlager is a direcConsidering how impressively th'ey satisfy appetites, California tor of the Woodbridge Area Cham-avocados are not at all high in calories. According to the U. S: bar of Commerce. Mr. E H. Department of Agriculture, a 4-inch avocado half-shell weighing | Schneider, manager of plant per- 80 grams has only 137 calories. And, it might be added, untold • aonnel, is chairman of the Chamber's Industrial Halations Com- eating pleasure 1 M u p miaeed cetety

AVOCADO WALDORF 3 CalUonia a m a d t t

WASHINGTON - TV Admin istration's proposal to attack hea* disease, cancer and stroke woi remit In "longer, henlthel'r hpier and more productive lives 'fnr rwr people," Rep. Edwarrl 'ntten IDNJI said yesterday railing the diseases "thny ) ler.i at large." Patten dlncln, that in 1963, 71% of deaths in I United States were caused honrt disease, cancer and strone "Besides the human tragedy o i having 1,2 million llv«1 claimed many of them prematurely — i economic toB was also s U n Ing," he said. Patten who represents the i n , District lira Middlesex Count}' «• ported that Including direct and Indirect costs, the three di< cost the Nation $31.5 billion u. 1WJ UP disclosed that the Admin* trntion bill — chief sponsor Is RM Orcn Harris ID-Ark.) - would provide *50 million for the i%« fiscal year and sums for the fo|. lowing 4 yMM to fight the th diseases. Patten, one of the bill's coupon sors, reported that the program through U. S. grants wouM ptioourrifle- and assist In creating regional mmplexei for research ami train inK nnd for demonstrations of pa. dent care In the fields of heart disease, cancer and stroke Aided would be hospital*. research Institution! and mM;< si'liixils. "Perhaps the Hii:;(.r,

Electric, John Molnar U thejihaltman

Medical School now uiv!'" »-.iv cmild serve as a nucleus nf a ( plcx for Central New ]rr\ Pitlen said. He said that despite remnrhh.» progress In the flrgW ajain-1 '> three diseases, with the he;;, -if Federal funds, "the greatest 11,;,« remain to be made — and »•:'.! t* made."


Z o - T C ^ i p e . ***** i-fc. Moe Bernsteu,, V i c ^ n .



l t B M a


ABSORBING TAXES RAHWAY - Goldblatl Jewelers have announced they are now ah sorbtnf t i l o d i a taxes on al! merchandise.

Two members of Vn*«

,liam Jelicks. president, and Art transports, andj " J , ^ ^ 0 8 ; William Short, manager of em- K cap roasted diced almonds Franklin D. I tabfespoaas lemoa Jake when they arrive and a ployment, k president of tbe ' ipede, captain. !4 cap Freaek dietstag Salt an ambulance is call- light should be tuned on if Itheld their offices throughout the estimate place the I»M con Chamber, while Kenneth Lawentire period of hit presidency: H rap diced red apple rence, manager of plant account K cap mayeaaaJse, is at night. ed the party should g Harold Harold Ickes Ickes (secretary (secretary of the in-sumption of low-calone *oft Cut avocados lengthwise into halves; remove seeds. Coat with inf, and W. Robert Dabb, manaaddress> telephone number, and F i P k i ((sece c drinks at 100 million cues, doubterior) and Francis Perkins Matching doubles the cost of ger of personnel services and se- a little lemon juice. Sprinkle with salt. Mix remaining lemon juice it the flout for UN. explain the nature curity, have served as members with apple, celery and almonds. Spoon into avocados. Combine ed 118 calls were made during,accidents, 10 fires, 9 home acci- Eency. Someone should be waitof the United Fund fa Perth Am- French dressing and mayonnaise; spoon over avocados or serve in May under the leadership of Wil-I dents, 1 industry, 10 inhalators, S3 boy. bowL Hakea 6 servings. The recognition of RCA m the electronic industry and the products of the local plant have been known and used throughout the world.

Awards Received By Cub Scouts


COLONIA — Under the direction of substitute scoutmasters John McGivney and Edward Novak Pack tf met at the library last week when their scoutmaster Marion Hawkins was away. Tbe pack began ceremonies with the law of the pack by Keith Ballek, open prayer, Christopher Solop; Pledge to the Flag by John David Perex and Cub Scout Promise by Kennethh Kodilla. Portraying the theme of the month "My Home Town" Den 1, under Mrs. Frank Kodilla, put on a display of streets and items as well as buildings of interest in Colonia; Den 4, under Mrs. Marion Hawkins and Mrs. Joseph Zappulla entitled their skit "Things to do for our community to make it a better place." Den 5, under Mrs. Paul Seittrich, spelled the name of Colonia out and Den 8, under Mrs. Art Bal land and Mrs. John Ballek, por trayed how dancing has changed in Colonia since the Leni Lenape indians until the present day. Gregory Ficarra played his electric guitar and Wayne Balland played the accordian. Keith Ballek played the trumphet while] tbe Den danced tbe "Mouse." The substituting scoutmasters presented the following awards: Anthony Cluffreda, silver arrow; . Wayne Edmunds, two silver arrows; Gary Gardner, bear badge, denner stripe; Glenn Anderson, silver arrow; James Groben, one ( gold arrow, two silver arrows Ray Hawkins, silver arrow; Paul Grober, two silver arrows, one gold arrow; Joseph Iorio, silverl arrow; Anthony Detras, three sil ver arrows; Eric Symborski, sil ver arrow; Frank Spano, four sil ver arrows; Raymond Zappula, sjlver arrow; Ronald Burnosky two silver arrows; Larry Brechkit, silver arrow; Kevin Kominsky, two silver arrows and Dontld Alexi and Thomas Hendriek UK) one silver arrow. Joey Maxim and Jerry Bobal Were inducted as bobcats. Steven Gillam, silver arrow; Gary Thompson, gold arrow aid sliver arrow; Billy Wirtreich, silver arrow; Jeff Thompson, gold] arrow and silver arrow; Wayne Balland, twb silver arrows; Keith lallek, one silver arrow; Alan p d Chad Ferrer, two silver ar»ws;; Gregory Ficarra, lion badge, gold and silver arrows; jgune* Leathern, silver arrow; Matthew Kane, silver arrow; Edfard Novak, silver arrow; Thomas Tierman, gold and five silver arrows. A meeting has been acheduM lar tomorrow night for all eojnfjJttea pn^onelL Mr. Hawktas Mquetted that all pareoU be

(btr* for the reorgantaation fweUnf for next yean activities. Saturday has been aat aakU H r • peck meeting and pto*"atf Mtrrfll Park where the featured «traodi» will be the


m e pack was raminded JUMJ » will be the last paper drive! 1ST t i Oa*tiHh of the U. 8. pofuiation

rttOTOMULTiniHS. VAMCTOn liplour • NumtriWi UnirEuwnloilMull MfflMPhtric mn»ti|«tlont Ushii BiltoOM Bill Soundly Roclieti-

SILICON HCTIFIEin • Poltfli • Ajwlle • M •m Boodir KecUt

tl tt «k Ortltlni Ot»«r«tor» KtuIlM


T l a V I U N S WHVI lUStS • Mlty Com.

SOUUI CELLS Titiihidial t Slttlllt*» • MlciomtUoioiiJ Probn • tmtv • Nlohis • inltiplw«lif» Ugalkxh| flitfon • hlty


NUVISTOM • Rinjer • Klmbui • H I M • Ortltlni Aitrwrn*



SILICON TMN3IST0M Ringei-HviBllkKB llnCOfi • Lunu I n -

cunion Uodult . t$S-

to "" '

CE«MQlPrabt Spmcritt

VIDICONS • tlwi|


Help the "Big Birds"Probe the Heavens Tls« dat, lUm M H ot therooou'iturfwt TWroyiterkwicJoudcOTWofVcout.-.wW The vegetation of Mm... ioe$ k Wffort Bf«?

..rwioriTlngkwospfaericlsjspttar . 7. plotting the earth's magnetic field... detecting change* in soiac ndMoa ... telling us much about theirue nature of outer space. But bow do RCA election tubes and transiston in space affect our daily bw» on "* cartb?Hiey make it po»uble(DcsateUite» torelayUvc telecasts acn*s the teas. They betp wvathei satellites to "tee* and traosmit pictures of vast cloud patterns at an aidto weather lortcasting. h the aot-toMtoant fuhue.eaidMaidii^iatelstoi h^sxecnfi |inkidejAoi^tdCTisioi>andtadk>>Dloag^ ."count- s ^ t great* toowtedp and tndantsodtyia^

United Stattt eminencetospace ttdamattod by m oafL And this u only th« bej^ningl Aj « , tMC* V m t cated. moce ambkious, more c o o ^ i . will d«na«l Wtl V^

dun elecuoukt. RCA eloctioo lubes and uaai^tca will help W* tUeC7«OMSC€0MKlMSVrtANOD«VIC>S


r R




. . . . ..„»*.-.-.»,.---

eight generations! i t




, t

; ' '

; • : • ' • •

, • • •

liVi . *

Opportunities for success ia Fifth Amboy are limitless fine firms and families have grown up here through the years contributing to the growth and needs of our city. Perth Amboy canbe considered a melting pot of nations where people of every race, color and creed live and work inthe rich environment of this city. With the continuing support of everyone, by trading and invest\ ing here, by employing local labor, by supporting civic causes and by working together,~Perfh Amboy can look forward to a successful future. , >,.. , t ....^.._r; ^r,.,.. ,.T...T -x- -r.

;.,.'V .*"













i ' . v ; ; ' :


, , . •






u ' . . . ^ • • • .

v .' •


•-•• ; * ' , ' > ' ; W S J T •. '•••••• A r , ' ; > * ? ' J ' , '




•-dr:i »:



i ••





P R O G R E S S EDI Thursday, June 10, 1965


Gas Firm Building Heralds New Era

First Bank Now Biggest Commercial Institution In County of Middlesex

The stnrl of const ruction on th« Two large copper n>fini||R iii-w $1 million KliKiMhtown Ciiisipanleg In the Southern |). VI . Co huililiiiK in West .Icrspy Street have changed over-to n;iiui -,i V."" l,,l Nnvi'inlx-r m:nkc(! wlul may,for several operations und',., well brvomr the Ix-inninc of a other industries throiiRl,,,,,, ,;'")' new e n in tlir F,li/.nlicth husinoss and Middlesex c o u n t s .„.,. ' dislruV pnnciing the use of g ils ins,,,,,',',

Seven stories high, the * » ™ ^ Wf fl lia? h r l ! ! «


WOCDBRIDGE - First Bank was the only elementary school; rold Zaff, Assistant Cashiers; and Trust Company, N. A., with effort on display at the N. J. JJames D. Haney, Assistant five offices in Woodbridge Town- Pavilion of the New York World's Branch Manager and Anfielina ship and one in Perth Amboy Fair. As a tribute to Mrs. Lude-jRotella, Auditor, continues as the largest commer- wig and the students who assisted cial bank in Middlesex County. her, the bank established the The bank's assets at year-end, Dorothy F. D. Ludewig ScholarDecember 31, 1964 total over $85 ship Award, effective June, 1965. million. During 1964 the share- This award is in addition to the holders of the First Bank and Mary C. Fee Scholarship at WoodTrust Company approved the' bridge Senior High School and the conversion of the bank from a Community Scholarship Program COLONIA - The children of state bank to a national bank, at Perth Amboy High School. In Mrs. Karkus' fourth grade. School. retaining its original name, with more than eleven years of schol- 17 presented an original play enthe additional title of "National arship awards, all First Bank and titled "Around The World With Trust Company scholarship ap- Social Studies". Association."


well under way and is:

aet iviti



> ? h Ga. «
, „,,„,! in l>e complete,! ^ ^ . ' ^ S T L * *? Wnl '" >'•* « « company s anrm:,| „ * iic\t voiir II is the first major a™ 1 sh olfirc ' buiMinR in bo built in the.*" ° w that revenues Um ,, ,, ss djsirict since the 1MO«. ! source exceeded revenue i i n u h l

IVsisn.-.! hy Vincent G. Kiln* ^ ^ ' J j j f

Fourth Grade Presents Play


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of iMiibd..||*in. the. structure has, T h c « ^ , lm ,(|,i.. but practical cantitover: n e w R r v i w for Indus n' 1 " 1 ' 1 design much like the modern * ^ ^ w h h fl ^ ™ » "^ fuo IniildinRs on New York *,,„ M w t n r , 0 ^ ^ ^ 'U I1;"* Av.-nuc managers of the many u , ' U Tlir new structure is the final w hich natural gas can |H. . . V step in the company's over-all a bly utilized in manui.ui i'„ s huildinf» program. In the, past processes. sevcnil yoars. the Elizabeth Di- tjcbooi Program Win* A»,lrii vision Service Center in I'nion In its year-end statement \ has beon moderniiwl, a now ser- bethtown Gag al»o repuri,,j'''!''. I vice center for the Southern Dlvi- home economics school im, s sion has been built in Iselin and received two national awam", u r 'several commercial offices und,excellence last year. ?!«• ,„,', sales centers have been up-da'^^gram has been ppresented », e d it, ri V«t R b w j rai Eliubeth area schools hool Indnitrial ld hi In other areas, the company includes teaching aids, d, reported a big p g upsurge p g in the use monetrat»M, special f f i d t i l progfann career guidance guid progfann, i,..;: of gas for industrial purposes, teaclwr-parent reports aim ,„ annual »I,0W scholarship «,..„', tition. U s t year, an Eluabuth M,, i(,, from Battm High School, \\'[\ 1 Madeline DUkus, won the v i,,, ,. : ship The home ecooomics j.[.,^ , „ C01X)NIA - Sisterhoods mer bowling league will have i U i ^ ' be outstanding schw,. ,, "end of season" dinner at Townlgfj in tbe nation inits(;,i,; , jrrid Campus Restaurant. Morris'n k so received tin1 Am' . ;'i Avenue, Union this evening, an- Q ^ Association award i., ,,, nnuncexl Mrs. Sanford B r o d y , cellence. chairman. She also advised that In another field, Smorgasbord dtaner has been lationg, EUubeliitowii (,.,. ' , planned. awarded the American ( ^ •;.. Mrs. Sam Ziltrer, bowling chair- sociatioo public relation*,, .,.,_. man, will present the awards to ment award for the !«•< ,^ the following: High game: Ruth program in the lutiun ir, , ,, Kmlovsky, 202; with handicap utility. Rose Monyek, 243; high series: Safe Driving Cited Dorothy Marsden, 529; with handicap. Dorothy Marsden. 610; high •Still another award r,m,. ,, the NaUooal Safety ( . , , , . , average, Ruth Rudowsky, 147. which presented safe dm;;, ' Trophies will be awarded to tiiicatea to more th.iii :•• ,,; the top three teams, Standings EUxabethtown's employtr-. ,• are: First, Jeffry Cat*, Ruth flugroup of 22 employe^ . , . , , : dowsky. Herta Cominsky, Dorothy Marsden. Second, Three Sisters, safe driving awards for i ...•,, Holene Fleisher, Jean Firkser, without accidents. Shirley Forman. Third, J. W.'s — In other areas, the >.,. ...: Doris Brody, Arlelne Binder and report showed that thc i^i. •, . Lynn Wyott. Fourth, The Impos- in corporate income ta\r. • siblcs. fith, The Hopefuls, sixth, S2 to SO per cent last y- ; -: jEgo Maniacs, seventh, L.T.T.'i; considerably in 1 eight. Mistakes; ninth. Imgllcks (he largest construction : and tenth, Three Sad Sacks. With undertaken in recent u : I the Bowlers, Alphas 3M's and pawing on to custouici, Go-Getters rounding up the rest. mediate benefit in brttn Construatkm costs i Almost 12 per cent «f all soft' amounted %> $3.lOo(Xni m; drink sales involved no-deposit to $2j7».0Mi In mi V containers and about 20 per cent.jects included instalijin.-. of the money speat on soft driaki dmtrUl maim to went into veafing machines •„ tUs-arel ami work on

Subsequently First Bank and pointees have fulfilled their orig- As the performance began MiTrust Company merged with inal committments, and several chael, played by Michael Perez, \ Woodbridge National Bank on have taken graduate degrees as was seen studying for a social studies test. A genie, Mark RichMay 15, 1964. The cash merger well. required the approval of the In the interest of the younger man appeared to help him. RotaBoards of Directors and the citizen—the bank also participated tion and revolution were explainshareholders of both banks, as in the Babe Ruth League in Perth ed by poems recited by Glenn well as the approval of the Comp- Amboy and Woodbridge Town- Morgan, Virginia Paul, Deborah troller of 'the Currency of the ship. For the second successive Spagone, Harry Zander and Frank RECORD YEAR: Mauro Motors, Inc., 611 Amboy Avenue. WoodbrictK<-, was founded in IKS in Elizabeth b? Mirtwrl M«ur»Sr. He year, the First Bank and Trust Solenske. Sharon Spaziani, the was joined In business by his sons, Michael, Jr. and Anjtelo. In 1910. m 1950 they rame to WoodbridKe as the AuthorixedCltryslerUnited States. genie's daughter, related interestAdditional drive-in facilities at Company Team .von the Babe ing facts about France and in- Plymouth dealer. Ten years later Mauro Motors expanded thfir service facilities and acquired the lot acroM « » street W » M the Woodbridge and Iselin offices Ruth Championship Title in Perth troduced Michael to Millet, Pi- showroom lor additional display and storage spare. The* also purchased the lot to the left of thfir building for Quality VKi Car of the bank were opened to meet Amboy. This is in addition to a casso, Van Gogh, Degas, and Re- Sales. Mauro Motors, Inc., has » employees today and Is the auth orixi-d dealer for Imperial, Chrysler, Plymouth and vauam. ree the demands of ever-increasing previous Championship team in noir, played by Jeffrey Cebula, firm is presently enjoying a record year of both new and used f ar sales. 1959, sponsored by tbe bank. numbers of customers. Manuel Romero, William Kahn, In the tradition of protecting "The Bank with all the Servi- Richard McKelligett and Richard the depositor—as well as the bank ces" also as a greater conveni- Tomredle. —cameras were placed at stra- ence to its depositors had availtegic locations in the lobbies of able at a discount rate, admission One of the genie's sons, Thomas the various offices. This is an- tickets to the new York World's Fogel, then told Michael of the unusual country of Holland. Miother tool designed to foil hold-up Fair. attempts and to make the appre- Members of the Board of Di- chael witnessed a play showing how tulips originated in Holland. I", hension of would be amateur hold- rectors of First Bank and Trust The play was enacted 'by Eric up men easier. Company are: C. Edward Allen, 1] ! Krentzman, Brian Conneely, MinAnother first for the bank this Theodore J. Brichie, Mortimer dy BaJlin and Denise La France. 4 year was the inauguration of a Greenspan, August F. Greiner, Next Doris Pecylak introduced i special Mortgage Loan Life In- Dr. Joseph M. Gutowski, Ernest Michael to the wonders of NorHirance Plan. First Bank and R. Hansen, Irving A. Hansen, Dr. way and to three Norsemen — Trust Company was the first bank Robert W. Harris, Lorin W. Kemp, Thomas Habe, Jay Zinberg and in New Jersey to subscribe to this Charles H. Reynolds, W. Emlen Lewis Richards. Michael hoard of plan for the additional protection Roosevelt, Joseph Slutzker and the fame of Italy and its people of its customers, guaranteeing a David T. Wilentz. from Susan Earich and watched debt-free home for those who par- Officers of the First Bank and Pinocchio, Donna Brenesal, in a ticipate. Trust Company are: W. Emlen scene with the Blue Fairy, FranIn efforts to provide faster, Roosevelt, President; Percy West cine Dudek. William Barbour told more accurate and neater service, and Eugene L. Parker, Jr., As-Michael of ancient and modern all checking accounts at First sistants to the President; Theo- China. The Chinese Tale "TheJ Bank and Trust Company are dore J. Brichze, Fred P. Bunten- Emperor and the Nightingale" serviced by a computer book- bach, Howard E. Clark, Dr. Rob-was then dramatized by Steven keeping system. The use of the ert W. Harris, Camillo A. LaZiz- Goldberg, Maryanne Baraniecki, computer with all transactions za, Ludwig C. Lewis, Stephen J. Michael Barth, and Nennette Dei recorred on magnetic tape, and Mazar, Michael Riesz, Charles Laune. The play ended when Miprinted out at a speed of 1,200 Schuster, Joseph Slutzker and chael was awakened by his mothlines per minute means that few- Harold Van Syckle, Vice Presi- er, Deborah Spagone, who brought er individuals are involved with dents; Frank L. Mills, Vice Presi- him back to reality and his books. the operation. Customers checks dent and Cashier; Anthony J. Or- The announcer was Gary Maand deposits, from the time they sini, Comptroller; Otto Schuster, zoki. are written until returned to place Assistant Vice President and of origin, are almost unseen or Trust Officer; Eleanore A. Patuntoucned by human eye or hand. terson, Assistant Trust Officer; Producing commercials for color TV can be time-consuming. First Bank and Trust Company Christian M. Dahl, John A. Du-One car ad that ran only 90 secparticipated in an outstanding dor, Wesley Edgar, Raymond W. onds took more than 200 people contribution to the New Jersey Hoffman and John L Ulhrich, As- in five states four months to pro-1 MORE PUPILS MEAN MORE CLASSROOMS; Aad this is one of the large undertakings In Carterrt that Is being constructed at the Columbus School. This is one of three elementary additions to Carteret Kbiaiv along with the high school. Tercentenary by he students of sistant Vice Presidents; Edward duce, at A cost above $27,000. ' " " )St 4.0OU 1 •School 7 in Fords and their Prin- M. Brando, George A. Gil Bride, building fund campaign has re- imum of fioO.tfu, at Brace and Carlock Avenues. Tar renting and leasing'Itrnu tomers iwere added du cipal, Mrs. Dorothy F, D. Lude- Robert F. Nielson, Martha A. Profits of several firms were Holy Spirit Top$ God ceived $202,375 in pledges, the Rev. The fund will be used to finance Construction has begun and the hope to reach the bUlion-dollar year and construction wig, who compiled the first his- Petroff, Dolores M. Regal, Alan. fattened last year by a boom in tory of Fords entitled, "Fords D. Renter, JeJffrey Riddlestorf- the low-calorie soft drink busi- PERTH AMBOY - The Holy Joseph V. Kerr, pastor, reported. part of the $700,000 school and I building is expected to be corn- mark in sales tor the first time done to briag natural Yesterday and Today." This book fer, Margaret Sromovsky and Ha-ness. this year. to ntw tones and ap:mm< Spirit Roman Catholic Church This is $2,375 above the min-multi-purpose parish hall center Ipleted by September, 1988.

Sisterhood Ends Bowling Season

I 3 \'<

GROWING WITH OUR COMMUNTTY '1 HE Electro Dynamic Division of G^eral Dpamics is pleased to be part of the Industrial Community that has helped this area to grow, j

The menand women of Electro Dynamic are proud of their association wittf the community over the past two years and are dedicated to continued growth and progress.



•f 1 fffi',',,.. • •" •' ;?'.' • •• ii

* •>.'{ i l l

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.-.-.'.rAJ^ , - : ^ r -•-.. 'f'"










Manufacturers of Electric Motors, Generators, Frequency Couverten, DYNAPAK High Euergy Metahvorking Machiu«B. Vaaeaxial Fans and Blowers, DYNAPURE Aerosol Filtert.






•<•• y


• *


Thursday, June 10, 1965


County Saved Us $5 Million By Getting Federal-State Aid W BRUNSWICK - The Bonrd of Freeholders in in, , ,| inri state aid firanta that total almost Is.nno.WMi. ii'',l' )•',,o-ost single grant, one of $1,947,500, w a s obtain

'/;ii;/,,;,i,e < - n n s 7 c t t l l ^ T M ^ 0 7 ' \ T • i ^l^oTfhe cJllegesite ^ ^ 1' '.inRlr dollar of matching ' , «;,. necessary to supple-j , \ | , r federal aid. Thus coun; M , [ ) V P , S were literally saved ,„',,! o'l $1.250.W». h h(, ( ;i-c of he new Roosevelt , , , , , ! Annex, with a.total cost ,, >m\.m. the Freeholders

, ,1,1,. to reduce the co«t to , lllin ly by MM.OOOby reason! , ,,,,„,„- that amount In funds ";,,lrl ,,,7tedcrall H lUBt A t HlU-Burton Act.

s iiii< 1

" » •»»"»•»: """ " '"° "rmp|1 H ' rita » Ar'scl1'"(' i

.he riHllM,s.

Morey LaRue Firm Shows How Industry Can Grow dolhos They were MMilon Morey ;md William l,;il(uc ..I°?^:.75.y.ei'r,sLlak'!':




WI.NT POINT GRADUATE; I ailrltr Charles S. Nichols, snu nt Mrs, I'.li/nheth M. ilit> f,\\\^. lid Amlmy Avrnur, Woodhridec is srhi-riiilrrt to gradu. ate (mm the V. S. MillUry \i idnny nt West Point, N. Y.,

Morey U R u e has

Green Acrti \.,in III terms of the advan-, tnc .", I,I the cou n l v lntn ( i •'""t.n.-on Acre, program, land; improvements were ,< .injiiircd for park purposes Because of this achievement, Industrial Supply is now housed I, ,, saving to the county of] leaden in the industry through- „. „ „ „ „,,„ ta, |S, ; ,,;,, -out the world make frequent visits Linden plant, ,!„. lucakdown of Green Acrei to the Morey LnlUio plnnts to i n addition to the officers m .,,,„, (or park lands WM: Rooae- »tudy ita equipment and mehods. the firm who have helped Morey:

inthp dry

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1 „'Jobs Market


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and the

a ^ advance!

,,.K $ifi2.0flO; East BrunawtcV The firms niR clcamnB ami others have been instrumental „ , ( W ,.se ttte. | M M » ; and renovation pant is known to be over the years In this progress ,,,,, w m park, $183,000. one of the finest in the United They include, Mrs. Morey Mia* Stable employment for the so v,,^her important t » r t to the,StaUi. Its v « t cold storage;Edna R. Portman. Frederic T. : cond half of 1965 was predicted I'NIQt F, IN M 0 » m \ l>\V STRUCTURE; U the new AVMKI I'rrsbyterlaii Church muter construction on Avenel Street in Avenel „,,:!;, was the awjuWlkm of a vaults can hold more than W,0W!Taulks, Mrs. Minnie Bell Wll- by 87 per cent of the nation's It's clpsi(?n is (Ipii-rihed as iiltr:i-modfrn. The outside of the clwrrh h done in gray stone. This photo was taken from the rear since |u,i,.; machine wareheoae at the;Pieces of apparel. ,liam C. Mariack, Herbert B. businessmen who were polled by trers block it from the front. iun Arsenal. i O*HM the Linden plant, Morey Koth and Lester H Wright Manpower Inc. in an independent IV warehouse, largest tingle, LaRue operates facilities in Mor-| The firm and the more than national survey. Eighteen per Theodore Harmscn of Staten IsMiss Forsthoffer was named ,i,im of Its type In the state.lrutown, N.J., and Easton which:600 employes of Morey LaRue cent anticipated an increase and land, N. Y., recently graduated to the Dean's List at Cedar Crest ,l ,m ^praised value, o( •425.000' wrve customers in New Jersey J have pledged themselves to prog- 9 per cent a decline. The remain-' with magna cum laude honors ,: i n , i the cwnty 0 f l J y t l ^ , i P e n n » y l v a n l a and Staten Island, ress for the communities they ing 6 per cent offered no opinion.' from Cedar Crest College in Al- this semester as was Miss Gloria Jr., heads "•the serve. Pierce, cl;(ss of 1968, daughter of •thus savinR approxlmaWy 1307,-'j ff""k BScott, ~l11 '*•"-'' lentown, Pa. Asked about its outlook for 1965 ;Morey Lallue firm, having be-; Mr. and Mrs. Upward Pierce of A classmate, Miss Jenneltc AioUier Swtaf come president in 19U. Mahlon David Lawrence writes in theas a whole, the group was more - Miss Elaine! Forsthoffer, is the daughter of Mr. 186 Amherst Avenue, Colonia. optimistic. Fifty-four prr cent! also rtvwltd that Scott is the vice president New Yorlt Hiirmscn, formerly of Fords, has' and Mrs, Joseph, Forsthoffer of 17 ol those polled said they expect the new administration and secretary and was made Hearld Tribune: "As '•'••£ First U. S. president not elected urecplcd a teaching post with Mystic Street, Fords. She will the county was tavinj 1 general manager in i%o far back as the days of Adam employment to remain the same. the Woodbridge Public School teach In Edison Township schools! to that office was John Tyler, who 1 while 27 per cent look for an inIjinrh nt.ooo annually in renUli The company's other officers Smith - who two centuries ago System. and is a graduate of Woobridge assumed office on the death of Four per cent said they that were required to bouH « • I«iU *. HavUand and I « - ; w r a t e The Wealth of Nations - crease. Miss llarnvsen. daughter of Mrs. Senior High School. anticioate a decline and the reWilliam Henry HurrLsnn. • ImriMus outside countyeounty>'ttr H Wright, Wright vice presidents; presidents t»r H. gave no opinion tmildinjs. Albert L. Ward, treasurer and Kovernment after government has mainder The quarterly survey was the b c c a u s e lailn in these accomplishmenti Agnes M. Lauer. assistant treas- c o m e a cro^KT 29th canducted by Manpower Inc. the monetary unit has dwindled hy a keen insight jUrer. which last year employed leman(l i l s I .in of the Board of Free Industrial Supply purchasing power has been porarv and part-time positions Burton said, "coupled Five years ago. Morey U K u e seriously diminished. Inflation us- The firm has more than 160 vnreness of the Board's f ormK | t n e fices on five continents, in.'uid Industrial Supply uallyj has ensued as pprices and a rn >r,-ii>i!ities t o an Elizabeth branch at 1201 M a s ubsidiar) of its . wages have risen. If this affected 1 .••M- ,ind a n dUS rial supply, everybody in a commnnity at the Grand Street. Mrm. lIndustrial which reflects the firms record ^ m tj m O i t n e transition would. of constant progress, now serves n 0 ( be so painful. But when prices] Plastic shells will continue to wooden cases for the ; more than 50 of the area's largest go up faster than individual in-1 replace ELIZABETH KAUNAS '." nimniemorates »dop. industries with such items as come, the net result is a cessation;shipping of items such as bottled •' •(iation of the United uniforms, towels, couts and other of demand arid a 'recession' or soft drinks, according to an offiLADYCLH'T (iKAl)V\TK !"'' • Itenu. 'depression'." 'cial of the Union Carbide Corp. His Eminence Francis Cin.linal Spellmau, Archbishop of New York conferred upon Elizabeth Martyn Anne Karnas the degree of Bachelor of Arts May 27 during the 29th annual commencement services of Ladycliff College, Highland Falls, \ . Y. Miss Karnas, who majored in Social Studies and mlnorfd in Secondary Education, also received a Provisional Certificate as a teacher of Social Studies from the State Education Department of The University of the State of New York.

Cedar (.rest College Crads

i™ 1 I

(adrt Nichols will be commissioned H second lieutenant in (lie Corps of Knglnem and will receive a bachelor of »cifiler rloxroc. Appointed to West Point l>y Keprtsentative ^an\{$ RWKKV«H




KrnduntM" frrtm' Mandil AHs" High School, \m Angfle«, Calif., in 19M and attended Los A » geles City College. While at the academy, the 24-year-old cadet was a member of the German, ski, *Ua diving and rocket clubs. Dorimj his senior year he held the rank of sergeant In the Corpt « | Cadets. Capitalism has been the western world's dominant economic system since Uie breakup of feudalism, according to the Encydopt* edla Britannica.



Celebrating 34 Years of Progress

Manufacturersof CHILDREN'S


While at Ladycliff Miss Kar11:1s was an active member of he Ladycliff College Glee Club ind participated in the annual athollc Intercollegiate Women* >lcc Club Competitions. She was 1 reporter for the "Rambler," lie school piper and a member of the Democratic Club, History Club, Math Club, Theology Discussion Club and the National Federation of Catholic College Students. Miss Karnas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Karnas, 43 u.swcll Avenue, Woodbridge, will teach Social Studies at Thomas Jefferson Junior High School. Edison, this Fall. wost and highest points In i lieJJnited States" are only 85 miles .part. '

Middlesex County A personal Service Serving All Faiths

OVER 60 YEARS . . . our helpfulness through grievous times has been a comforting memory for almost countless families who have relied upon us in their hour of personal tragedy. The experience we have gained through this long period of service has contributed to our ability to meet the exacting requiremente o* our profession. We treasure the warm friendships we haw earned by our understanding and ourj careful attention to ! the^ninutest detail.

FRANK SCRlDAiO, Prop re proud to have contributed to the economic growth and

Through the years to come it will ever bo our purpose to hold stead-fastly to each single principle ui more'than halfI century record of service.

program of our area.

1931 52 Wb.eeler Aveuue • (larlerel

Traditionally Serving

Printed Pattern

In Cartefet Since 19k


MORE HOUSING FOR SENIOR CITIZENS: Above arc the Senior Citizen apartments now under construction an Oak Tree Road, lselln. The first such project was Stern Toners in Woodbridge, now fully occupied. A third project is under construction In the Fords section.

9068 SIZES 2 - 1 0

Greiner Funeral Home, Inc.

1'riuUid 1'attoru 9068: Cbtl< (h. 8110. &«• imtturu for yiiidagfli. FIFTY CENTS la COlUS for tlill iwiurn — tdd I I M»U (ur mn-'h imttern for l l t « l t u nitlllii* m>d itiecUl h»qdllin. Send t» 110 N«w«p»p«r Pattern I)«pt Ml W«tt 18th 8 t ,

NYkHKYa«dW fur our iipnnic-SuBunir r«ttern C»Uluj. Iwludw wupon /or On* frw Pitttrn.

. Established 1904 v



Phone ME 1-O264 44 GREEN STREET





1 No. 30 scoop pineappir s | l ( ,. :i No 30 scoops vanila i ln cream "4 cup milk 1 No. :t0 scoop pineoppi,. ,,,,.rl Kresh pineapple spc;n nish or fresh nr frn7on ,,,.'r apple cube ° Place pineapple concern,,,,,, Miiop pineapple sherbert. i iniJ ice croam and milk in a lii,,,,,^1,1 mix just A few seconds. sn\,'. with a scop of pineapple sh.-ii,.. on top and garnish with pim-,,rj,. spear or cube.

! Weekly Newspaper Industry I One Of Area's Oldest Wifids Through 200 Years Of History Like A Spider Web


•'V WOfibBRIDGE - The history of weekly newspapering in the Woodhridge Carteret-Edison arcn , 1 Onttf the oldest industries in the area, the web winds its way through time from its ^ ^ . J ^ ^ S ^ l ^ S ^ . '{ last January when the owners of the Daily Journal in Elizabeth took over the operations of the I n d e p e n d e n t l y ana me tanerei

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COOL OFF WITH FROSTY FRITT Mll-K SHAKES FRUIT MILK SHAKES 1 serving Although most of us many limes! one solid thread running throughout the maze is that weekly newspapers in the WoodbridKe area always have pointed them- ignore it, there's a spark of inventiveness in a w souls. Well 2 tablespoons frozen manse selves-toward serving the community. And, serving the communiy means serving the people who live in n. then, why not encourage it ,to concentrate "LooaT has been and is the byword for the weekly newspaper here. come forth? i 1 No, SO scoop orange sherbet This was true back in 1758 A wonderfully flavorful and, 3 No. 30. scoops vanilla ice when James Parker issued the pendent, the LeaderJoumal, the Mr. Campion vice president and Mid-Atlantic's president is satisfying way to do it Is with: cream first sditlon of his "New AmeriCarteret Press and the FordsRalph InBersou\ who also is P ™ - , ^ ™ ™ . * *• form of dell- U cup milk can JjSgazine" in Woodbridge. With the ueuui death in in 1961 of «••• Mr.••—K-•••B~-.™™ nun lire iwi w — ~ - - ' in"it» and delicious Fruit lemon juice Then^in 1866, James E. Berry Edison Beacon. 1 No. 30 scoop orange sherbet Gregory, Mr. Campion became dent of North Jersey.PuWu*^-.!™"began", publication of his weekly, In 1939, the Independent and President and Treasurer of the'Among its pnnc pal „..-....»..., l n e ne0M , arir i nl!re dients are 12 tablespoons sugar Orange slice garnish iers are the promnent television i. necessary tngreoienis art The VSfpodbridge Gazette, which the Leader Journal publishers firm. j ^ , ' , , , . w o r i, f ^ i ™ , mrt'ico cream, of course - sherbet. Place orange concentrate, 1 1 No. 30 scoop lemon sherbert lasted-about two years. merged the papers and the operaOwner u £f™ L c ™ L « l<». in many fresh fruit flavors scoop orange sherbet, vanilla ice, 3 No. 30 scoops vanilla ice , _ „ , „ „ „:„„„„„,„ ™H: ._ and ^ ^ a b]Mdw;| Col. Alfred W. .lones, a native tions were moved to the present On January 1 this year, the William S. Todman. cream site on Green Street. The Beacon; North Jersey Publishing Co.. a In announcing the Then to lend of Virginia, was next to take over »4 cup milk was combined into the new \ subsidiary of Mid-Atlantic NewnMr. Ingersoll issued a statement ^ ^ " ^ ^ ^ the l#dership in the industry l v <1 said: ! fruit concentrate to complement here. In the Spring of 1876, he paper known as the Independent-; papers which operates the Daily "'"" ' °"" came to the area and started the leader while the Carteret Press]Journal, purchased the news-, "We nre only interested i n | l n e sherbet flavor. Finally, you'll remained a separate publication. | papers from Mr. Campion retain- serving these vital communities; nee ,| the all important ingredient weekly "Independent Hour." Mr. Kelly died in 1943 and Mr. \ ing him as publisher, and Mrs. with a better and stronger local _ milk. But Hfree years later, he longed publisher and Gregory who became part-owner paper." the a>ncentrate, sherbet, U M t n to his native South and

2 tablespoons frown limr K'I concentrate 1 No. 30 scoop limo shcilv .1 No. 30 scoops vanilla in cream '« cup milk 1 No. 30 scoop lime shorln' U m e slice garnish stoop H-IIIUI. sherbet, vanilla ice cream and milk in a blender: mix

Place limeade oomrnti r , lj m e gherbet, vanill., ,. f ^ ^ c r M m and milk in a

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mix just a few seconds s,,,,


0of lemon sherbet on topaMi m *«![*?&?.%* >!«. a scoop of lime nish with a lemon slice. top and garnish with a lime j | MiT A PPI .V.' I PINEAPPi-E 2 tablespoons frwen pineapple NOTE: No, » scoop eqiiVi^ ,„ juice concentrate proxlmately 3 lahle.,^. .

Almost A Century of Progress

Peter IE. Edgar, who fiad TJWn the local editor, bought the paper and published it until 1900 when he dhtested himself of the properiy. S a m residents still have a few; capiesjat the "Independent Hour" j ant oqe bound file of it may be fraud - k the Barron Public

Then serve in tall, soda fountain glasses, topping each with a generous scoop of sherbet and fresh fruit slice garnish. Should someone ask. the secret of thes" luscious milk shakes is in the Roncrous use of ice cream, sherbet and milk. Plan to mix Fruit Milk Shakes often — for yourself, as a special utter noon refresher — for Dad. as he steps in the front door from the office - and for the kiddies as nn after school pick-me-up. Once you've experimented wilh tin so new milk shake ideas, you'll want lo invent some of your own.

|i' Ubni* ',

EDISON, N. J . A Thriving Community of Industrial and Commercial

Centory Turns At the turn of the century, ,-, Henry"B. Rollinson, publisher of ;! I the Rahway Advocate, started ' V the Woodbridge Register which! i he operated until it merged into; i the Woodbridge Leader in 1909. J •; • ' Competition was keen and in! : I 1919 Maxwell Logan went into j • •', the business with the Woodbridge • i • Independent. For years, the Leader and the Independent battled ! tor the-reader's interest. •' The Ryan Family, prominent WOODBRIDGE - The Ronson i to Woodbridge's leading industry 1 Corporation announced its purof the Teens and Twenties, clay chase of the asset* of the Fleck i i' and firebrick, bought the interests Corporation of Asbuiy jpark, N J . •! m the Leader in the early TwenThe Fleck Corpora^on was the '•,.!. ties, first manufacturer In the infrai1' The year 1923 saw Charles red electric broiler field, having '[ Bryne .begin a paper called, the taken out original patents in 1947. !|; Carteret Press for residents in The Fleck line jtbroilOT in. the coastal part of the township. cludes a wide vanBj'of models !! A few years later this was from a small broiJpMWen to dei acquired by Mr. Logan and was luxe models with l^Uistrfiie.and j run as # separate paper from the PROGRESS FOR POUCE: Above is the new police headquarters dedicated as a Tercerteiar, tira*r. •I' i Independent. Building last fall. It is the most modembuilding of i k kind in this s e c ^ ofthe state. Arrangements h a w teen made i • Iselin Paper , to relocate tooling and broiler .' Stuafl Morrison believed thati tfrs. Irene Riudut; Highland! The Lancet, the leading British manufacturing operations to the i. residents in Iselin should have1 Park. Mrs. Walter Borouch: medical journal, reports on hos-| Ronson Corporation'of Delaware • I their own local newspaper, so in Raritan, Mrs. Lawrence Red-jpitals under socialized medicine: which operates a • ••:! 1929 Yii began the Iselin Journal. "Overcrowding, lack of privacy, plant on the mond. • : • 111 This was later acquired by Elmer ii Vice president, Joachim Gocejl- tack of sanjtatiofi. and t: Otis ington, OeU :sejjL,'I; Lawrpce F. Camf&B tpok over, K des- sftarch and'develi jak, pJcnfc chairman reminded! «"?"1(1 d e f u i e a ;««m- " «)" &"- as ovSfcr and publisher of the COLONIA - At a* meeting of nbe m a l y { our h ltals members to get their reservations j <: s i °, »?P ' ^ ering and : ' Leaderin Leader'in 1932 from the Ryans. the Holy . „ Innocents . . , , Society, Mrs, in early for the picnic to be Aay- ^ d o these condit.ons per-: broilers have Then in 1934, two events occur- Joseph Snutello^ ^nominations held at Merrill Park, Sunday, sist in a supposedly advanced! n,js division. chairman announced that the m l which were to have a bear- election of new officers will take June 27, 1 P.M., at Sections 9, country, to depress patients, to Ronson President Louis V. vitality ooT doctors and in Tu ? ; i r ,iii saP ^e vitality T doctors and . !f "»" v ing on the weeklies which represent .the public in the area to- place June 28, 8:30 P.M., at St.10, and U, Grove 3. Games «'iUjnu^scs [() ' t ^ . . , Aronsoa said ''The purchase of . ,jay Mary's Church Cafeteria, Perth be played and prizes will be dis-j P a r t l y ' „ i s d u e t o w e a k M | | ^ the Fleck Corporation's assets Mr. Campion effected a mer- Amboy, Mechanic and Fayette tabut^d under the direction of j h e r e i ; t in l h e N a t i o n a l H e a U h marks Ronson's entry into the ! Streets. , p ger with Mr. Vecsey to produce Mr. ISabo, president of CYAC s i service Act which took spending I cooking appliance area. Other items will will l follow follow. AA product product line' line line' a newspaper known as the Lead- Chance books for the second of of Middlesex Middlesex County County who who will will be be p ^ , oouuttt ofoff hhhaadnnddss ofoff ^ ^ i^ai; i i ; items product off broilers will supplel i b er-Journal. annual raffle were distributed. assisted by members of CYAC. authority and placed it centrally i electric And, Hugh Williamson Kelly Prizes will include a Poloroid Sister Mary Regis, on behalf; witH the treasury. Local ppride "lent Ronson's product lines of i l h d l l i purchased the Independent from color pack camera; a six tran- of all centers, thanked Holy In-11

Ronson Buys Fleck Broiler


Holy Innocents To Elect, Slatp

- -'

t ——



Raritan Bay Area I

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of consumer products. It is evi-i ; dent/ that the Ronson name and quality are growing in accept-; ance at both trade andtonsumer

levels." The Department of Interior reports that it has found a way to control the population bom of coyotes by the use of birth control pills. new synthetic female hormone, fed to coyotes during their once-' a-year breeding season. Main reason for wanting to cut down on the coyote population is that they kill many sheep and cattle each year The new drufi poses no threatj to domestic dogs. From the Albany, Oregon, Democrat-Herald: ")We want the state to help cut our taxes but at llii' same time yell ty high heaven if the state does so by curtailing state services, which it certainly must. Taxpayers must realize that the dream of getting something for nothing is just that."







filii'SlI j







A. M. MUNDY Inc. 636-9052



The Only Certified Lennox Dealer In The Raritan Bay Area!




Clean complexion brush and antiseptic cleansing noap are

"Middlesex County'* Fastest Growing Community"



EDITION Thursday, June 10, 1965



Roosevelt Hospital President


Treasurer Secretary





County Planning Board President


& Treas.

chairman Vice Chairman








Goant| Junior Collip


Wt're saluting all the progress Middlesex County has made in the past year as we draw up plant for n*w goals and opportunities to contribute to the development and growth of this alert and progressive-minded






















Frank Schatzman • o SURROGATE



o SHERIFF i • Robert H. Jamison I t COUNTY JAIL

\ Peter Geis, Waiten

Edward J. Dolan Albert G. Waters, Jr. t COUNTY WORKHOUSE

Leonard Haefner, Warden • SUPT. ROOSEVELT HOSPITAL

3S«t .

rm CHUT Al H w y , N#w Bcuonrick MBDKJAX Dr. F n n k ParM, M«w FIRST AID Stew KWi,

RADBF-(r»diologiciil) U w r w c . 0. Pietila, HlghUftd Park POUCE CHIEF John Ellmyw. Edison INTKLUGENCE Lion Semff, MeU*tben W«lUr L ShepaixJ, N w THAN8P0KTATI0N Nornou Bo«|», New

tunitlM that Ih nfttod for MMrfloMJt County.

Dr. Harry J. White


George F. Baler • DEPUTY DIRECTOR OF WELFARE Miss Catherine Miller • TREASURER

Joseph C. DeCoater • BUDGET DIRECTOR J o h n J. Nolan • COUNTY ENGINEER

Herbert R. Fleming


th» prMlogo it not aura afoito. W« om gnrttfvf to tht many obit CWIWI who ghro fftoly o# thoir fimt and tahnti, and without regard to poNtical in valuabjt torvko to tholr

In ordtjp that the public may become acquainted with ithe various departments which make up our county govenujhent, we list the departments and those who direct them. '


COUNTY COORDINATOR Lttalftto W. LivlnisUm. Fords nfftJTY OOUNKY COORDINATOR EdWlflJ A. RWer, Metucbeo CATIONS Junwbua ENGINEERING MlUKwn Hirtxtt n

We an piaud to faco tht ch«Hmgfll and

Heads ofthe Other Departments of Our County Government


Today, mow than W Men, mUhmx County fond « eh«Htfigi«0 <"** "warding futur: TJifr growth of our county In th« port decode hai raised 1h$ Mwnty'i [opportun/tJtl to B now plafav. W» havo on|oyoif a fin* balancs of rostdential and buiinoM groUh, and ovory forocost w « a l s that J growth will continue.

i '\



Henry F, Blllemeyer



Burr D. Coe


Mrs. Mary C. Hudson Alphonse Beigert


Dr. William C. Wilefnta • COUNTY ADJUSTER




Jacob Ratner '




Frederick Maaurek

"Milton H. Cowan • SOCIAL HYGIENE







Dr. Edward Panzer Dr. John Regan t PARK POLICE

Chief John Maloney

P R O O R F, S S

Edision Township Growth Spurred By New Industrial Influx

K I)

1IJ. H i . )



Miss Rapp Honored fly Science Vnil


Catholic Daughter of Year Award Goes toMrs. Hansen

CARTERET - Miss Carolyn F. Rapp has been selected as an undergraduate research fellow hy the National Science Foundation for the summer 1365 academic period at the University of New Hampshire. Miss Rapp a sophomore, at the WOODHKine.K - "For her ox EDISON - Leaps and Bound'- seems to lie the watchword phrase t<> describe Edison Township's prosress in the pasl few years. s majoring in Medi-I eellencc ....was recently »' tn<1 n f r i c 0 n f financial Ticking off a list of a few industries which have decided to locate in I he township in HIP past six monihs I)«en Illinois, Berry Steel. inductedI into5 Alpha Epsilom Del- j secretary and-former whole.heart Corp., American Metal Moulding Co.. gives an indication of how fast it is growing. 1 cd' support• 'of- -each " • • court• project" One of the more outstanding features the eye notices in the past few months-thc vast ladders Corp., plant gmng up near tne Kantan ta, National Pre-medical Honor Mrs. Werner Hansen was named Society. \rsenal--is another physical manifestation. "Catholic Daughter of the Year" All this means acceleration to by Court Mercedes, 789, Catholic thb continued population ErowU^ Daughters of America. which has been evident in E d i - i ^ son in recent years. And this j - ~ >* Mrs, Herbert Ruetsch, chairman menus new revenue to help pay | * _ X of the award committee, pregpnt- ^ for the increases in the opera-; ed a gift to Mrs. Hansen, j: tional costs of the municipal govMrs. John Mullen, was re-electernment-a help to the individual ed grand regent for the coming taxpayer. year. Other officers also're-elected made by each cub with the help In the fodders plant alone,'ex.V; were: Mrs. Ruetsch, vice regent; at his father, pected to be in operation by the Mrs Bernard Jost. prophetess; VJames Johnson presented the end of the year, more than 3,000| Mrs. Hansen, financial secretary; workers will be employed in the} following achievement awards: air, conditioner facility.. Robert Brooks, Wilf badge and Mrs. Albert Matlack, historian; Revenues Increase ISEL1N - A meeting of Cub gold arrow, Den 1; Steven Reiliy, Mrs. Joseph Mitko, lecturer; Mrs. liast year alone, according to Scout Pack 249, sponsored by the two year pin. Jay Stephens, Lion Peter McCann, monitor; Mrs. Knights of Cnlnmbus, was held the division of licenses and per-. Maslizek. Bear Harr Hudson sentinel; Mrs. RayMonday at St. Cecelia's School. badge, Garry mits, revenues (or issuing such} Johnson, Lion James Johnson, Garry Maslizek, badge. James mond Gill, organist. Three-year documents increased 22 per cent, book, and Douglas Vick, Bear [Douglas Vick. Robert Thaner, all more than $40,000 over the pretrustees will be Mrs. Stephen badge, Den 2. I of Den 2, and Michael Grimes of vious year's figure of $221,641. Kager and Mrs. Anthony PeterDen 9 conducted the flag cere- Also, James Cihak, silver arOfficials of the school system row, Den 3; Gerald Miller. Bear son. mony. estimate that between WQ and Installation of officers has been badge, and Thomas Zmyewski, Cubmaster Robert Clonan, in70ft more students each year for scheduled for June the Wolf badge andgold arrow. Den troduced Edward Kreutler, Safety thi next three or four s t a f f s will Supervisor of the Raritan Area 4; Thomas Burkhart, one year Knights of Columbus auditorium. of the New Jersey Bell Telephone pin, James Trimblett, Wolf badge, The group voted to present an A total of more than 700 stuCo., who gave an informative talk and Richard Stranser. Bear badge, award ft an outstanding fcptt dents will be graduated from and showed a film on mouth-to- Den 5; Gerald Anello, one year St. James' School graduating CATHOLIC DAUGHTER OF THE VF.ARr Mm. Wrrnfr «»m»*, « « k r . W M Iht rwtpin,! of Edison Township high schools aniual award made by Court Mercedes, Catholic DatiKhtm of America. At left is \ 1 r v J o ) l | i mouth resuscitation. Some of pin, and Steven Lyons, Wolf class. Mrs. Jost made another Mullen grand regent and at right, Mm. H*rb«rt RufUch, chairman vt the award committf tty» year dhd more than 1,200 the cubs were given an opportuni- badge, Den 7; Michael Cardinals, new children above the present ty to try the method using de- WUf badge, Thomas Domanico, contribution to the St. James Metotal will be entering the school monstratftti dummy provided by Wolf badge, and Garry Cardinals, morial fund of tfie court. syfetem in September, according Mr. Kreutler. The film emphasiz- graduated to Web-e-los, Den 8; The program included the tosthe superintendent of *Ht»Is, ed the superiority of the method Thomas Draina, Wolf badge; John When galvanized steel garbage cans will be very much in This school population increase over other forms of artificial re- Oswald, Wolf badge, and Eugene crowning of the Blessed Virgin by evidence in service areas, painting them in cheerful colors and Malley, Wolf badge, Den 9. spiration. means that at least 20 additional Miss Margaret Sullivan. decorating with a design is an easy matter. New paints are teachers will be needed. A skit, on the theme for the The following have completed A sale of jewelry was held for formulated especially (or galvanized steel surfaces. month, "Our Home Town", was their Web-e-los training and are • New Schools MOCK PECAN P I E : U ha* that New Orleans flavor. the best paints to use on galvan- presented by Den 9, Mrs, Eugene advancing into Boy Scouts: Eu- the benefit of the memorial fund. by Kay Sherwood ljfew schools going up are a gene Whitecavage, Joseph Gariized surfaces: New members were welcomed Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Mallcy, den mother, In narrative junior high in the Clara,Barton by Ocynor M M M M The idea of beautifying a gal For most conditions, especially form, the cubs covered the events bay, and John Kajmo. as follows: Mrs. Anthony Picaxio, section which should^be $ady by Newspaper Enterprise Assn. g a r b a g e c a n w o n l d outdoor storage, zinc dust paints of Woodbridge Township from the 1966 and another o t t planed for v a n i z e d Mrs. Eugene Gougeon, Mr». John Calorie-conscious and budgetin an oil or alkyd base adhere 1600's to its present day status rett Malaya became an independent i1be P y f a r { e t d > dd P f modern best. Remember to stir frequent- as an All-America City. Partici- nation in the British Common- Reseter, Mrs. Stephen Rasimo- minded gourmets will welcome ™ ft ^derations In n e w pating were John Oswald, Mi- wealth in August of 1957. subdivisions before the;; w i a , Mrs. Joseph Puccio, Mrs. this mock pecan pie recipe. MayI/) the Federal be it doesn't taste exactly like the touch of greenery can Cement paints in an oil base chael Grimes, Thomas Wraina, Charles Frank. Mrs. Samuel ManRobert HulbJg. John Schneider, Lake Mead, the reservoir bethe serviee pecan pies you get in New Orleans areas work nearly as well on galvanized more « garbage g a g e can ^ d aare recommended Peter Delehunty, and Eugene Mai- hind Boulder Dam, is about 115 ganaro and Mrs. GUI. Chairmen but it is remarkably similar to the ley. of the hospitality were Mrs. Ray-genuine product. Utilitarian con- fo L one-co a t color jobs. miles long and 589 feet deep. transportation tainer it is. Serviceable, y e s ; easy The new exterior latex paints Two new Bobcats, Thomas Hiemond Gentile and Mrs. Bernard The oats give it the traditional the building of a new wa made for galvanized steel rate; key and William Cochran, were At one time, Japan held regular to look at, no, chewiness and contribute to the extension into areas wl Scutti. inducted. pearl burnings. «jBH #bto used as directed.' nutty flavor; they also keep costs I i the storage-short home, the not been served previous John Giase, committeeman, down. It is very easy to make lowly steel garbage can could be Two. coats are better than one, Nearly $100,000 will be &ent presented awards for high salesfrom these tested directions. used for many oth^r, storage pur- in most cases. on sidewalks and another $394,000 men If you are not worried about poses if it looked a little brighter. had been budgeted for streets. calories, then dress up the pie Rigid, air-tight, insect proof, fire- should be clean and free of dirt The sewage budget calls for anI worth: Robert DeGenova, $79.20; with dollops of sweetened whipped resistant and inexpensive, these and grease, and dry. othar .$244,00 for sanitary sewers. bert Rittersbacker, *60.85. cream. containers can be used success- roller or spray. If you paint 'Mrs. Baoul Garibay's Mrs B aou] G a r i b a v s DDen 88 was The increase in construction of MOCK PECAN PIE fully for storing kindling or fire-jdoors, paint when the temperature j,j°g Beach, sometime in August. As soon as Calif., carries the Navy's new solid rocket fuel torpedo MK 4W» ill the arrangements have been nnder it. This type anti-submarine torpedo can be launched •nade, specifications will be given or the building of the cars to be from a helicopter, fiied wing aircraft or surface craft.


Garbage Cans Give Up Eyesore Role Skit Offered By Cub Pack 249

Food For Americans

Pecan Pie Has New Orleans Origin

tta SofthT


Cheryl Andersen's Engagement Announc


another year and still...

Growing Fast... 1950 to 1965 15 Years of

PROGRESS! See the New



• Triple Track • Tilt Type

• Anodized Doors t COMBINATION • Screen & Sttsh





•• •

I !

Manufacturers Of

I '


Qiiality Chemicals For The! Metal Finishing Industry A New Neighbor In Our Area To



Contribute To Its Progress



C A K lZ r \ D n

oAlNrUKU H lew Bnwwfck Ave.


HI M t t M i t t

Riplawi, N. J.

Woodbridge's Most Popular Diner . . , 141

COPPER PIGMENT and CHEMICAL WORKS,Inc. Arbor Street • Sfewwea <

1 L J A K S <>r serving business, industry and the family with quality food and beverages

The Only Diner Serving CocktaUi And Beer At Popular Price*!



, TluiPdHy. June iff 1C65 PAO1 HIMITUOT

y . •.








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-•;:;:#.• i ; ^ ^ , .






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• . / : • .



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r :


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! I,

And Freedom Of The Press Go Hand In Hand The progress our country has made in such a relatively short time i« due to many factors . . . our natural resources, the skills, talents and abilities of our forbears, our demo* cratic) form of government and many other important reasons, among which must be included the freedom of our nation's press. This freedom of the press is a responsibility, not a privilege, and as such, every effort

(U YEAN OLD AND OVER) Would J9t Vm to to a carriar for T W * ^ 4 M * « k r or Cartarat YOB ea« a n mmy u d Cal o r

' • •

should be made to fulfill this responsibility. News must be presented fairly, clearly and impartially hi order that you may be correctly informed. This the Independent-Leader and Carteret Press constantly strive to do. We are dedicated to the best interests of the communities we serve and pledge ourselves to continue . doing what we can to help the growth and i progress af our area.








Thursday. June 10. 1965



Middlesex County's Fastest Growing Municipality


.- -ii

Continues Record - Breaking GROWTH and PR

III ii:'

Woodbffdge continues its remarkable pace of growth and progress Anbgk an administration that gets thug* done! With a pepolattMi afproadiing 100,000, h is now the 7th largest municipality in New Jersey and one of our state's key communities. in addition to ottering fine schools, roads, parks and homes it is ideally located for industrial growth at the Crossroads of "the fast. Major highways, a turnpike and parkway, railroads and ocean access combined with a cooperative welcome are attracting many new industries to our community. More than ever before. Woodbridge is the ideal place in which to live, work and play.



JACKS sident




Here are but a few of the Accomplishments of 1964-65 ^ ^ S_ i

• ROADS . . . More than, 30 miles of municipal streets were reconstructed or resurfaced during 1964 bringing the total to 150 mikt once 1962. • SEWERS . . . Many new miles of storm and sanitary, sewers were constructed. Sanitary sewer service was brought to 97^t of Woodbridge residents.





• POLICE . . . Crimes decreased while the number of cases siteeesaful* ' v lytelved increased 25 fc. Police patrol coverage increased from 200.' 000*miles in 1962 to a record 800.000 miles in 1964* A desperately needed police building was also constructed. ,




« L^RARIES . . . Eight private libraries have entered the muudpai system. Branch book collections and hours have increased «ubstn» ' tiaDy. A central library with more than 25.000 volume* opened a few weeks ago. Construction of a new library branch in North Col* onia aided by a $32,500 federal grant will start next month.



... v

• INDUSTRIAL GROWTH . . . A record $13 million dollars in new construction was brought into the community during 1964. fj RECREATION . . . Twelve play areas were redeveloped during 1964 -I and seven new areas are planned (for 1965. In addition, new mainteaance-4ree play equipment was Walled. /




• TAXES . . . The overall lax rate was reduced to $17.97 per $100 - • drop of 58 points ai^ee 1962.


•, 1




josi:i'ii \|\IV0


• 1


WOODBRIDGE ''An Ideal Location for Industry" JburtliVVaW