16 - There are a few of

16 - There are a few of

'T-- .'V Howard serve s with the Bap liance In Wash He .was actlvd ire in the Flrs| :h, Rahway. d leaves a sonl ishington, D.Cl llldren and rw...

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16 - There are a few of
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Howard serve s with the Bap liance In Wash He .was actlvd ire in the Flrs| :h, Rahway. d leaves a sonl ishington, D.Cl llldren and rw
RAHWAY %:ay rTiMic Library

New Jersey's oldest weakly newspaper — Established 1822 Vol. 144,

Need A Job? Try The Post Office Postmaster Warren T. Moulton has announced that applications are being accepted on a continuous basis to take the examination for Substitute Clerk - Carrier positions in the Rahway Post Office and its Clark and Colonla Branches as well as for other post offices ln Union ^County,

There is a critical shortage of-personr ellglblefor postal positions In all area poet '"offices' and prospects for early appointment are excellent at the present time. HOWEVER, ONLY THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED IN FULL - TIME EMPLOYMENT SHOULD APPLY. THOSE INTERESTED ONLY IN PART-TIME OR SEASONAL EMPLOYMENT SHOULD NOT APPLY, the Postmaster emphasized. —Applications for examination may be _ obtained at any _

Syrup add» V6rv< dnnks. At fooc ». For fret ncip> Brooklyn 7, N.Y

Rahway High School Students Will Present Camelot March 17 and 18

also receive" a substantial .uniform allowance. Additional information can be obtained from Michael Steffan, Examiner - in Charge at the Elizabeth Post Office, by calling 352-8400 between the hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. any weekday. Mr. Steffan can also furnish Information about opportunities ln other Federal Government Agencies. Returning veterans are particularly urged to apply.

In a move almost unprecedented in Rahway history, members of a local organization last week voted to oust a member for his stand In favor of the School Budget. At a meeting of the Rahway Taxpayers Association last week, with only 18 members present, Arthur Kama =was=refusedTneinberahip:be^= cause he had tried to tear -•apart"—the—Associa'tlori'-By" his stand on the budget. Mr. Karns, a vice president of the Rahway Jaycees, which came out strongly in favor of the budget and worked for its passage, submitted a "Guest Editorial" to this newspaper expressing his opinion and that of the Jayceee on the Importance of passing the budget. The Taxpayers Associat i o n jventon jrecord as being

strongly opposed to the passage of the school budget and the president of the Association was given equal space in this newspaper to express his opinions. Mr. Karns, who Joined the Taxpayers Association last Apr., said that he was unable to attend the Jan., 1967 meeting of the Association W d = h 7 F d = iTy f i i dues for this year. He went "to'the scheduled"Feb. meeting he said, but because of the snowstorm on Feb. 7 no other members arrived. He said that another meet. ing was called for Feb. 13 but he was not notified. The school budget was voted on on Feb. 14. When he attempted to attend the Mar. meeting he was told that he was no longer a member because of the '.'untruths" he had stated during-the-campaign-for the Budget. Asked for specific Instances, Alonzo Lawrence President, refused to suggest any. When told that he couldn't even be re-admltted, Mr. Karns claimed that the organization wae-run-by-^ne— man rule" and requested that _ the members present would vote on his request to be allowed to remain a member. With only 18 persons present, in an organization which claims to represent about 200 members, Mr. Karns asked if a quorum was present. The President repneu mat it two trustees were present—they constituted a quorum. The vote take, 15 members voted against allowing Mr. Karns membership and 3 voted In his favor. The Taxpayers Association is usually through to represent a large segment of Rahway residents and only recently the Mayor and Councll-called-tn- the-preeldent,. Mr; Lawrence, to dlscuas suggested cuts in the School Budget. The Rahway Jaycees, who came out strongly ,ln favor of ,thc School Budget, and other or- , ganlzatlons wh'ich ' voiced their support, were not consulted about the proposed cuts. In line with this, Mr. Karns said today that: (Continued on Page 4)'

"Break a leg" . . . to the members of the Rahwoy A reader brought to our attention (see letter on page lin; Paula Stofman, East With Just one week reBrunswick, viola; William maining before curtain time, High School cast who are now preparing " C a m e l o t " for four) that not only has his car been stolen — but he can't Schneiderman, Roselle Park the finishing touches are rent another car without putting up a $40 or $50 bond. production next weekend. cello; David Goldblatt, Sobeing put to Rahway High merset, cello; Helen BaumSchool's production o f The insurance company will allow Officer White money gartner, Woodbridge, oboe; "Camelot'%— to.rent a car per day — but he doesn't have the money Judy Brown, Maplewood, "Camelot" will be preWow! Want to win two tickets to Murray the K's Easter for the bond. harp; Edward Kosenskl, vented on Mar. 17-18 at the Rahway, clarinet; Edward High School Auditorium. Show? See " O n The Teen Scene"! Officer White'sl'helped so many Rahway people in his Lambertsen, Fanwood, baCurtain time ln 8 p.m. The 73 years. Maybe someone would like to take a hand in this soon. * * * * * * * -east-has been working on thetwo-act musical since Dec. Rahway's musicians are: by lending a hand. . and Director John J. McVey, Janet Paullck, violin; Robert " F i d o " had better become a law-abiding citizen now! III, feels they are doing exArrington, French horn; Effective yesterday, Kindness Kennels will be " o n ceptionally well. Russell Oppenhelmer, Percussion; Dennis Carmella, duty"- 24 hours a day — 7 days a week. All stray dogs The play i s based around Would you believe . . . ? percussion; Susan Hummel, King ArthurUames MuBsacwill be picked up and brought to the kennels.Three trucks Rahway has fire equipment that should be in the clalrnet; Marilyn Young, hlo), his wife Guenevers w i l l patrol the City for the first few weeks in order to flute; Susan Easterbrooks, Smithsonian Institute! Some of our apparatus dates back (Pamela Bahnke), and Artflute; Virginia Reymolds, hur's best, friend, Lancelot, round up all dogs barking about without a license. to 1919. flute; Mary Rlccardl', flute; (Brian Kaplan); the story If you have any complaints about an animal in your And we may have something done about it soon. Tony Rlccardl, trumpet; concerns Arthur's struggle Warren Vache, trumg?t; for civil justice and the troarea — just call 382-6]QQ.L .... Througb,-a-re*olutionot lost week-*-CounciI meeting,Richani~K0BcnBfcl, cruitt^eK; -uM«s-he-ha*-beeause-of-flisBetter watch out " F i d o " ! C . W, Robinson & Co. has been authorized to conduct a Donald Hoagland, trombone; son Mordred, (Stuart CaldJames Carmody, trombone; well). The comic relief Is study of our whole fire-fighling system. * * * * * * * Robert Gollihur. string basa; supplied by King Pellinor . They w i l l work with local officials to determine Harry McDowelVpIeno; Ric(Larry . Lockhart)" and the whether we need mree fire 'nouses —— or can get : alonu hard Marsden.bass clarinet. magical genius by Merlyn The twenty member choral (Richard Olesln). Officer Elmer White is back In the news again. |ust as w e l l with two firehouses i f we improve them. Also group will be under the dirJames Mussachlo, (ArtOfficer .White, who was recently transferred from a under, consideration is a plan whereby our firemen would ection of Mrs, Anna Clano. hur) was a member of the Choreography is directed by All-Eastern Chorus held ln school guard post where he'd served for years, now has be able to work a 42 hour week instead of the 52 hour Miss Sandra Goldstein, Art Boston this year. week they now work. car trouble. Somebody has s to fen his carl; work, posters, programs and All costumes and scenery It w i l l be interesting to see what they work out. additional props are being used in the play are pro. provided by Mr. Donald Safessional. mls, Mr. Charles Stevens Orchestration, under the proved by the executive Rahway; Michael A. Kopecky and Mr. Clyde hLlnaberry and direction of Roger Bangert, board of the Rahway Junior 32 Alice Ln., Clark; Robert l * < ' is compr4sed-of43-mes&bexsy-i -PTA— Mrs.- -Edward p , "This is the first drama, —High" most of whom are All-State Levitzky president, will preAve., Rahway; Diane M.MaOver 300 educators from musical endeavor done for —musicians;—giving - theirsent this for approval at the •langa, 28 Harrison St., Clark the Rahway school system several years by the students talents for the purpose of Apr. 3 PTA meeting at the Gerald Marancik, 2398 Whitand guest lecturers, attendjection; tape recording; the of Rahway High School, Donmaking Rahway High s versJunior High in accordance tler St., Rahway; Carol A. ed a professional education use of the overhead projecation Is $1.50. An advance ion of^'Camelot" the calibre with the motion made at the McMillan, 328 E. Albert St. in - service workshop last tor. ticket sale Is now in proof performance one would last meeting. Upon approval Rahway; Michael A. Mekota, Thursday. . The committee ln charge expect to see on Broadway. ress at the High School, v copies will be sent to the .;:?.y '.a<;urcofr. K r 1886 Turne'r Sr. / Rahway; The Rahway Board of Eduincluded Arllne Slgnorella, J or Information call 388Visiting All-State musiciState and Local Boards of The Rafiway iaycees"have Patrick V. Mulligan. 845 cation sponsored this proJean Wilson, Mary Lou Haw8300. Tickets may also be ans are: Jan Levlnson, MeEducation. announced that Anthony LlMadison Hill Rd., Rahway: gram in the firm belief that kins, Maureen Kurtz, Willpurchased at the door the tuchen, violin; Karen Eberklne, John Foulks, George The Parents who acted as Bruce A. Paslawsky, 913 - teachers can benefit greatly iam Morris, and Adellma R. evening of the performance. hart, "East Brunswick, vloVansco and Richard J. Voychaperones for the WashingMadison Ave., Rahway: Wenfrom learning about methods Lyon, principal, Madison nik have been selected for ton trip were Impressed by dell C. Peteraen, 60 School ln use ln other school sysSchool, who was chairman of inclusion ln the 1967 edition the way the 9th graders conSt., Clark; JosephM. Plcaro, tems. the program. of Outstanding Young Men ducted themselves and by 1305 Maple Ter., Rahway; Two workshops were held; The secondary school of America. These men were the well planned itinerary,Mary H. Rlzman, 475 W. one, for elementary school, workshop topic was "Implenominated earlier this year Mr. Valentine, and Herman Inman Ave., Rahway; Donna personnel at Madison School, mentation of Teaching StuSherman, vice principal, and -J.-Roser-389-Er-Milton^Ave.— -by-the- Jaycee-chapter-and^— and~a second lor Junior andT dents Who Are Grouped Hohave been selected by a 14the teachers of the Rahway Rahway; Catherine E.Schur, Senior High School staffs at mogeneously and Heterogenman National Board of EdiJr. High deserve a great deal 1101 Jaques Ave., Rahway; the Senior High School. eously." Specialists from tors for the publication. of credit for the excellent Job Wayne J. Skocypec, 1184 JefThe topic for the elementhe various field of stu/iy Doug Blankenshlp, chairthey do in planning and runnferson Ave., Rahway: Michtary school workshop was "Interact", a club spon- ' ing such as English, Social Stuman of the board, said that these enjoyable educaael G. Slonaker, 1120 Gres"Enriching the Gurrfculum sored by the Rahway Rotary dies, Physical Education^ Two Clark youths were the men selected ''have distional trips. lln Ter., Rahway; Michael Through Effective Use of Club organized' Mar. 6 In etc., discussed the methods, picked up recently for hitting tinguished themselves in one Mrs. Edward Levitzky, W. Smanko, 221 Villa PI., Audio-Visual Aids." All eleTrinity Methodist Church ideas and sources which are a cab driver on the head with or more fields of endeavor appointed a nominating comRahway; Arthur R, Smith, mentary teachers of Columand elected a slate of offiused in other schools to make a hammer. to the point of being outmittee which will be chaired 50 W. Emerson Ave., Rahbian, Franklin, Grover cers to serve until last June their programs more sucstanding." The men chosen by Mrs. Edward Yergalonls. way; Frank J. Smolar, 10 Cleveland, Madison, Rooseheaded by President, Mark cessful. According to Sergeant are between the ages of 21 At the next regular PTA Nassau St., Clark; John E. velt, Washington and St. Brighouse. Alex A. Busse, Jr., CurWilliam F. Davis of the Rahand 35. meeting on Apr. 3, 1967, Susko, 977 Lake Ave., Clark Mary's participated. riculum Coordinator for the Other officers are; Joseph way Police Department, Outstanding Young Men of Abraham Gelfond, Ph.D. of Byron S. Thomas, 179 MonThe opening speech was Secondary Schools, introSkuplen, vice president; James Jennings, Jr., 21 America is an-annual bioMontclalr State College will roe St., Rahway; William given by the Rahway Superlnduced the keynote r speaker, Michael Holic, secretary and years old, of 23 Cornell Dr., graphical compilation of apbe the guest speaker. Dr: Thomas. 179 Monroe St. tendent of Schools, Richard Dr. Gerald Wfiipfl. ^Qlrman Dennis—Cyma, Treasurer. •Clark, and his brother, Peter proxlmutely—10^00—youngGelfonds subject will be Rahway; Christopher C T M. Nash. He stressed the of the Department of EngSteven Campbell, Thomas 19, bailed a cab by a diner men ofoutstanding rank "Who's in Command, Parent Turner, 93 W. Milton Ave., importance of "extending lish, Jersey City State CollSchaefer and Howard Karmel ln Iselin on Mar. 7 at 7:30 throughout the country. Noor Child?". Rahway; Catherine J. Walour thinking to creative. Inege. Dr. Weiss spoke to all comprise the Board of Dirp.m. They directed Pasquale mincca iorjdie book come ton, 872 Richard Blvd., Railnovative and effective use of the Junior and senior high ectors. Tomasso, 67, of Iselln to from many sources. Howway; Robert J. Weber, 978 all the tools being devised school teachers on the subOther charter members drive them to Rahway. At ever, the majority of the JaqueB Ave., Rahway, and during this period of technoject of "The Role of Teachare: James McMlchael, Stuthe corner of Madison and nominations are made by Frank G. Yula, 934 Milton logical turbulence." ers ln Teaching All of Our art Caldwell, Drew RasmusMooney Place, James alledJaycee chapters and college Blvd., Rahway. The sessions were conChildren." sen, Russell Curran, Michgedly struck Tomasso on the alumni associations. ducted In/four areas: the use After Dr. Weiss's lecture, ael Holensak. Ronald Simko head with a hammer. The of fiimal camera and.proteachers ln each department Edward Hendlowitch, Steven car spun out of control and Stavlsh and Clifford Thomas. hit a tree. Mr. Tomasso Kiwanis Plans All members are either sopwas treated at Rahway Hoshomores or Juniors at Railpital and required 50 sutures There's a lot of celebratway High School. on his head and band. ing to be done in many Clark 'Bring Your The organization i s dedi-Rahway homes these days. cated to service In school The Rahway Police showed Many offspring are proudly Best Girl Day' and community and internaphotographs of possible sustelling their parents that tional understanding. Other pects to personnel working they've been awarded New clubs are found in 57 counat the diner and also at the Jersey State Scholarships, Exchange student, Lelf tries with a total memberhospital. (Two youths were presented by the Scholarship^ Hov, from Norway, adship of 40,000 young men seen running across the Commission of the Departdressed the regular meeting in one thousand six hundred field.) The Police were able ment of Education. of the Klwanis yesterday. thirty dubs. to get an identification and The academic achievers Walter Pryga, President of Membership is open to any within 48 hours apprehended include: Thomas H. Bishop, the American Field Service, male student in the last three James and Peter. Arresting 103 Sunrise Dr., Clark; Judalso talked to the members. years of high school who officers were Detective Carl ith A. Cardiello, 1230 Lake There will be a directors' possesses good character Rich, Detective Warren R. Ave., Clark; Mary B. Davey meeting on Mar. 22 at the and leadership potential and Argentlere, and Sargeant 113 Delia Ter., Clark; home of President Walter who has demonstrated achiDavis. Assisting on the case Patricia A. Dillman, 265 W, Degenhardt at 8 p.nv evement In academic and ex-, was Woodbridge Detective Hazel wood Ave;, - Rahway; The pfograta for next tra-curricular activities. • Steve Simon. Helen B. Esmond, 130 Walweek's meeting will be ters St., Rahway, Elaine M. "Bring. Your BsstGirl Day". Falkowskl, 16ji_ Randolph The", dart la Mar. 22 and the According to Sargeant Ave., Rahway; JoyceGehrlng' speakerVlll be Donald TayDavis, James has been on 506 BoothCt.,Rahway: Helen lor, who will give a talk on parole for shooting a policeE. Halvaxarkls, 716 W. Scott man on impulse ln ElizaCollege, Admissions. Ave., Rahway; Gary G. Jenbeth, He will be arraigned Tickets will be available IN-SERVICE viokKSHQP HQP - Rahway leachtn participating In a special workshop en pilot prokins, 958 Hamilton St.. Rahtoday on charges of atrocious •hnytly far th« P«rmr Mill k d i l V l f d l M ( i h U L 4 E k l 4 i ttVa way; Sharon K. Jones, 602^ Playhouse, "TheWerryWlasaault and battery. Peter Stiiner^Urban Weiss, Phil Bruno. Vivian Sharkey, Thomas Me Nulty, Supervisor-Vocational Maple Ave., Rahway: Janet d " t i ng .Op5cSy~" Ofliir was held as a material witdow'," starring ~—HfoVcqt/on [orN.J. (partially hidden); Dr. Margaret Blair, Director-Introduction to Vocations for A letter recommending A. ICazakewiB, 295. w. Lin-. ay" »-ls-May~ne«tandjrelea . -The-date rTAJ.rNorma SSadkus, GehevleveCO'Flaherty, Michael Petersln,"Doris Logan, Supervisor-Home " Sex Education in the secondcoin Av*.rR»hw*yrEdward 25, at 8 p.m. Economlcf for N.J.; Doris Myers, and Beverly Geduldig. of his mother. ary schools-has been apM. Kelley. 2125 Allen -Str,-

Clark Youth Assaults Cab Driver

Small | lorel 6

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post office. The next series of examinations will be conducted Mar. and Apr. Starting rates are $2.46 per hour for both substitute clerk and substitute carrier positions with regular annual Increases and numerous other benefits which Include annual leave, sick leave, life -Insurance,—and -hospitali-

Taxpayers Oust Member For School Budget Stand


JayceesMame _ Four From Railway As Outstanding



10 Cents

Rahway, N . J . , Thursday, March 16, 1967



Club Names Officers

Rahway, Clark Students Get Tuition Aid

e st

Sex Education Recommended By


~ .

Union Council Will Support J. Kinneally Union Council #8- of the New Jersey Civil Service Association went on record last Tuesday to support James J. Kinneally, the ousted head of the Rahwey Water Department. Mayor Marshy comWned departe n t s i 7 _ ted Mr._Kinneally'_sJob.


Union Council voted to give its president, Thomas J. Me Laughlin, "unlimited authority in protecting Mr. Kinneally, as well as all civil service members against any action taken by the City of Rahway, they reported. Mr. McLaughlin promised 1 to work with an attorney for Union Council #8 and take whatever steps necessary to help Mr. Kinneally in his -appeal-,- He~further p ed to bring in auditors, if necessary, to investigate the economy moves being made by Mayor Marsh and the Council of the City of Rahway. Mr. McLaughlin also plans -tortake aciiun iluutigh—th~e~~ Union Council's attorney regarding the increments due the City Hall employees and the City Yard employees. This includes in comparison with other towns in Union County, the civil service salary ranges and longevity.

Mary Kananc To Speak On Family Wills Miss Mary Kanane, Union County Surrogate, will speak on the subject of family wills at the Knights of Columbus Council #1146 meeting March 21 at 8;3Q. Themeetlng will be held at the Columbian Club In Rahway. After her talk, Miss Kanane will answer ques. tlons. HIKES SCHEDULED The program committee of the Union County Hiking Club has scheduled three hikes for its members and guests for the weekend of Saturday, March 18, and Sunday, March 19.

More Xkaa iQO Rahway Educators Participate In Professional Day met for a morning and an afternoon session in designated rooms. At each session discussions were led by experts in their specific areas. Mr. Busse, Curriculum Coordinator, was chairman of the secondary school inservice workshop. The committee also Included Roy Valentine and Robert Shaw, principals of the Junior and Senior High Schools. The results of these workshops were highly motivating" and rewarding to all involved. Our teachers will benefit by learning about new methods and techniques being used throughout the country. Those responsible for the workshops are confident that many of the new methods can be introduced to the classrooms in Rahway and will help to provide our children with different and unusual learning situations.

Murray The K FREE Tickets Want to see Murray the K's big Easter Show?The versatile performer will by "on ' stage" with his. special' Easter Show from Mar. 25 to Apr. 9. If you want to win two free tickets — enter our special "On The Teen Scene contest now. All you have to do to win Is to fill iri the coupon below—attached a sheet telling us why in 25 words orlesB— "IWANT TO SEE MURRAY THE K." There are special boxes set up at Vogel's record shop Main St., Rahway, and ln the offices of the "Rahway News Record" / "Clark Patriot." Just fill in the form—tell us why you want to see the show—and, return this to us • ln person or by mall. Deadline for entries is Mar. 27. NAME. ADDRESS. ~CTTY.


Rahway News-Record/Clark Pattiot

Morch 16, 1967


VFW Auxiliary Entertains30 Veterans Here

by dancing. Miss Carole A. Langer of and stretch socks to the Sal D'Addario, Jr., leader guests. Auxiliary members 360 Concord St. Miss Marof the "Dorrells," assisted who assisted were: Mrs. garet M. LeGHse of 912 Rifby Don Cook, Paul Dilllplane John Dunham, Miss Linda fle Ave., Miss Anna M. Me Jack Barnhart and Chuck Jackson, Mrs. Walter Reul, Clay of 734 Jaques Ave., Hunt provided music for Mrs. Walter Jackson, Mrs. David McClay, II, of 734 dancing. Alternating enter- Alex Arvay, Mrs. John Jaques Ave., Gregory W. Meehan of 849 Robert St., Members of the Mulvey- tainment was provided by Queenen, Mrs. John Kopik, Rahway Post #5 and the members: for 5 years, HoJames R. Morrow of 449 Ditmars Ladles Auxiliary to Bob Solomon, leaderof "The Mrs. Thomas Curry, Mrs. Ladles Auxiliary Unit #5 ward Francais, 10 years Concord St., Miss Allda Pin- VFW Post £681, Rahway, r e - Obtainers," assisted by Randolph Szollar, Sr., Mrs. jointly celebrated the 48th Raymond Lamphear, Robert cently entertained veterans George Kriss, Tom Ramsey Camille Lecureux, Sr.,Mrs. gor of 127 Dukes R. anniversary of the founding McMenamln, Donato ServeJames Donahue, Mrs. Paul Also, Gregory D. Romeo from Lyons Hospital at the and Rick Scholl. of the American Legion with dlo, Walter Pryga, JohnSolof 1218 Revoir Dr., Daniel VFW Post Home. The 30 Auxiliary President Mrs. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Rose JanPaul Fitzgerald, a birthday party at the Poet ewin, guests were served a comWalter Soper presented ball ecki and Mrs. Myrtle HowA. Schweitzer of 863 FalHome on Sunday afternoon. Robert Brennan, Thomas esky St., George J. Schwei- plete turkey dinner, followed point pens, handkerchiefs eth. Approximately 250 members Tully and John Barton. For tzer of 863 Falesky St., Ric15 years - William Furman, and guests attended. hard A. Stisco of 493 JeffCommander Joseph Sulo, Charles Mesko, John King, erson Ave., Miss Virginia Sr., in welcoming the mem- Frank Schumacher, John A. SulHvlihs. of J081 Thirza bers and guests recalled the Callahan, Robert Lennox, PI., Roger N^Faylor of 439 highlight years of previous William Paige, Albert WillCentral Ave., and Miss Lincelebrations, beginning with lams, Robert A. Lennox, Alda C. Wnuck of 905 Ross St. the first anniversary obser- bert Modla, Samuel Zuk, Dr. Clark residents who are Gerald Zinberg, Walter Doved In 1920 by a mere handattending UJC this semester ful of World War I veterans brynski, John Gesell. For 20 under the Tuition Aid Plan that established Rahway Post years - Norman Cooper, Ray are: Miss Nancy A. Baird of #5. That first observance Eggers, Fred Hedeman, 27 Wendell PI., Frank J. was held in a room above Harry Martin, Christie Rugg Baron of 118 Tudor Dr., Miss the T.H. Roberts Hardware Peter Keller and William Elaine A. Bunk of 17 RunnyKing. For 25 years - Lester Store on Main St. mede Rd., Glenn D. Compton The year 1926 saw theHall. For 35 years - Andrew of 36 Brant Ave., Miss Denforming of the Ladles Aux- Brobberg, Edward Bartlett, lse A. Creamer of 69 ColonUlary. who through the years Albert Demarest, Henry ial- -Dr.; -R-aymorrd-Cr-Crrtro have-contributed to the succ— uippie, _jvLicnaei HefmesJ -ofi447-Westfleld-A-verrNoress of the Post. The first John Klernan, William-Rau -mand-E;—Dupre-of~9—Fl~oPresident' of the Unit In "that and Percy Robinson.-For-45 rence Dr., Miss Ellen P. year was Mrs. Georgia years-Charles Weilminster. Farrell of 5 Schmidt La., Mrs. Harry Hoeft, Unit Worth, who was more afMiss Carolyn M. Frlebornof membership chairlady made fectionately known as and 179 Jupitor St., Michael Garthe continuous membership called "Ma Worth." by of 52 Brookside Ter., In 1931 Post #5 received awards to the following: For Charles S. Grunder of 64 the deed to their first Post 5 years - Geneiveve Burton, Rutgers Rd., Kenneth D. Home for the price of $1.00 Mrs. Emile Massa, Mrs. Gursky of 23 Sunset Dr. from the Baptist Church on Lilian Ludlow, and Ethie Mae Robert J. Katz of the corner of St. Georges Walton. For 10 years - Mrs. WORLD FRIENDSHIP'MARCHERS include Brownie Susan Ginesi of troop 4 / 0 , Junior Karen 50Also, Runnymede Rd., Miss Eileen McShane, Mrs. BarbAve. and Maple Ave. Egbert, Miss Barbara Strbak o^troop 267, Codette Karen Szamreta of troop 56. and Senior Helen Crain of troop 380. Lorraine M. Kerelak of 4 In 1948 the anniversary ara Randolph, Miss Carol and March, in which girls make troop's contribution to-Wor/d Friendship Fund, was part of Thinking Glenwood Ter., Miss Nancy party was conducted by WiU- -Shlrley__Randolph,_MaJorle_ Day Program he/djJt_Rahwoy Jr. High School by Rahway_jindjC/orlcJcooCS of the Crossroads •A,_JCrohn__of_J.89-Broadway -ianj-Hoodzowj-the first Com- Plckard and Mrs. Kathryn Girl "Scout" Coun q7T. " Anthony C. Macaluso of 118 mander to be elected from Smith. For 15 years - Mrs. Lexington Blvd., Gary J. veterans of WW II. ities are: Rosellel7, Roselle Nattrass of 19 Linda La., Collins, Mrs. Kathryn In 1958 the present Post Joan Park 13, Fanwood and Hill- Miss Janet A. Neuhaus of Davidson, and Mrs. Helen Home at 581 Maple Ave. was Harris. side 12 each, Scotch Plains 473 Madison Hill Rd. completed and dedicated and 10, Berkeley Heights and KeAlso, Miss Rose M, the Birthday Party was held . Mrs. Louis Galiard, Unit nllworth 9 each. Mountain- O'Hard of 36 Cornell Dr., President, extended greetthere in more spacious and side 8, Garwood, Summit Thomas W. Pagoulatos of 51 modern quarters, under the ings on behalf of the Ladles and Springfield 7 each, New Brookside Ter., Miss Carol Commandership of Stanley Auxiliary and presented a Twenty-eight Rahway and the Tuition Aid Plan Providence 6, and Wlnfield 1. Ann and Frank D. Remyn memorial plaque, dedicated twenty - seven Clark resi- aunder E. Hedner. Rahway residents who are of 90 Briarheath La., Marstudent could receive tuiIn 1961 the first Life Mem- to the memory of deceased dents are among 425 Union tion assistance of up to $960 attending UJC this semester tin R. Samelson of 47 ShadCompounded or paid quarterly. Now you can earn more when you save at bership was presented to Past Commander Clifford I. County residents who areover a two-year period. under the Tuition Aid Plan Ing PI., Miss Dawn L. Skou" A X I A " . By mail, too. (We pay pottage both ways). Emil Neugebauer, who-was Worth for Service and Loy- attending Union Junior CollDr. Kenneth C. MacKay, are: Miss Janet E. Berry boe of 896 Rarltan Rd., Miss alty to the Ladies Auxiliary. ege, Cranford, this semeB- UJC president, said 550 of 2244 Wlnfleld St., David Patricia A. Stringer of 358 very active in all Post actThe late Past Commander ter under the Tuition Aid grants each worth $480 for W. and Richard H. Davis of West Lane, Miss Linda A. ivities and was very Instrumental in the present Post Worth was Instrumental in Plan adopted by UJC andthe 1967-68 academic year 604 W. Inman Ave., Donald Tuder of 53 Skyline Dr., and the forming of the Unit in the Union County Board of will be available to Union B Falkenberg of 399B Ha Thnmnn M. Wlnterc of 107 Home on Maple Ave. 1591 Irving Sireei • our 4utn Year runway, N.J. In 1966 under the leader- 192ft. H
Rahway Legion Post 5 Marks 48th Milestone

Funds Available For


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Clark Rahway Residents Receive Tuition Aid At Union Junior College


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500 NORTH AVC e., CRANFORD At Parkway Exit I}? QR 6-5122 Amp It Parking


=-A Life Membership wae presented to Commander Joseph Sulo, Sr., by the Post in appreciation for loyalty and dedication to the Post programs. Plans and arrangements for the observance were under the Chairmanship of Denny Bowser and Mrs. Harry Hoeft. Serving on the committee were Mrs. Albert Massa, Co - Chairman, assisted by Junior Auxiliary members Jeannette and Mary Ann Furman, Joype and Diane Skolsky, Karen White and Eileen Collins. -Postmembers, Larry DIMalo, and Anthony Colella. SYMPOSIUM ON About 500 educators are expected to attend a sym- I poslum on mental retardation at Glassboro State College Saturday, Mar. 18. • Fully automatic perfect home movies every time • Reflex View



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Morch 16, 1967

Rohway News-Record/Clark Patriot .

Pago 5

for the first semester at committee. purchased through the t i c -County Personnel and GuiMiss Katherine T. HolzBloomfleld College, It waa mann, '67, of 471 Hamilton ket chairman. Laurel Schar- dance Association on Thurs• * * announced by Dean Ralph dt - 388-8271. day, Apr.. 13, at the Bell St., an English Major at the Mrs. Douglas Woodward, N. Calkins. A student to be The party will be held at Telephone Laboratories, Rutgers University College Mrs. Walter Pryga and Mrs. named to the Dean's List the Rahway Italian American of Arts and Sciences In NeMurray Hill, it was announcthan 150 guests In- Samuel Lease of Rahway, Club on Apr. 16 at 3:30 p.m. ed this week by Burton Mancluding Mr. and M r s . have been named as dele- must have a quality point wark, baa been named to the Donations of 52.50 Include dell, association president Anthony J. Horllng, Sr., Mr. gates to die League of Wo- average minimum of 3.20Dean s List for the first refreshments and entertain- and vice principal of the and Mrs. Joseph R. Horllng men Voters 37th Staje Con- for honors and for high hon- semester according to announcement made by Dr. ment. Mayor John Marsh and Hillside Avenue Junior High of Rahway and Mr. and Mrs. vention to be held In At- ors, 3.60. William N. Gilliland. the Republican Councllmen School, Cranford. * •• Anthony J. Horllng, J r . , of lantic City April 18 - 20. . •* • will be present to honor Clark, attended the 36th Mrs. Woodward will be in Michael P. Stark, '70, of C o u n c i l m a n Lombardi. Mr. and Mrs. John Dietz DRIVER TRAININGanniversary banquet spon- charge of a visit to the 3 Garside PI. and William George Synie, chairman of Simulated driver training sored by the Master Lock- Rahway Water Department R. Terhune, *69 of 68 Cor- of 1105 Bryant St., Rahway, the City Committee thanked cars are expected to become nell Dr., both of Clark, have are parents of a baby daughsmith's Association of New Plant on May 11. the cocktail party committee increasingly popular among been named to the Dean's ter bom Mar. 5 at MuhlenJersey, held Saturday night list in the College of Enfor their report and asked American schoolt adminisMembers of the Ladies berg Hospital. Mrs. Dletz is at the Rock Spring Inn, West that full support be given to trators as a result of the Orange. Joseph Horling was Auxiliary to Rahway Aerie gineering at Rutgers Uni- the former Miss Valerie Mathis occasion. Mayor John new federal Highway Safety chairman of the banquet 1863, Fraternal Order of Ea- versity for the past semes- rapclk, Marsh presented a report on gles initiated candidates at ter. • * «• • Act. his first ten weeks in office their Mar. meeting, attend* * * Mias Patricia A. Stringer which brought many changes ed a dinner at the Fulton Among the honor list stu- of Clark, president of the and efficiencies in our city Restaurant on Wednesday dents in the engineering de- Newman Club at Union Jungovernment. Unnecessary night and sent a delegation partment at Rutgers Uni- ior College reports the winpositions have been eliminaof eight to attend the Grand "versity for the past semes- ning of the "Extension ted. Madam President Mrs. Kay ter are: Robert Ferwerda, Award" as the most imWilliam visitation held at '67, of 1155 St. George Ave. proved Newman Club in New Joseph Meffe reported on Carriden on Mar. 11. Russell K. Johnson, *70,1179 Jersey at the recent annual the progress of the RedeCharlotte PI. and Ronald J. convention of the New Jersey velopment Agency. • *• RT.22EASTBOUND, Donald Forsythe, City The band, "Me and theSkocypec, '68, of 1184 Jeffer- Province of Newman Clubs MOUNTAINSIDE, N.J. Council President, explained Rest Of The Guys," con- son Ave., all of Rahway. held at the Ivy Stone Inn, about nominal cuts which sisting of Elroy Peare on Pennsauken. * »* * were made in the School the organ; lead singer Brad• »» Dale R. Shack, a1 liberal 1 1 "ford F*2iguBoii, Dorrald~BuT-~ - f L f t T ^ ^ t ? ^ * ^ * * ! * " ~PrrTCemreth—W. Iversen, 1KLHAM&RA LEADERS~Oepuly Regional Director V/crof Joffe, Gn7nd~~ComTncnTrJer—Carmen L. -Budget—and—a—general-disowicz on drums, Scott F i s - DickinBon_Unii£ersity,.-and-a dean,--announced-today- that Ness, Father Lo Bianco.-T-oastmaster-Charle3- Bottisto-ond. Regionol Director Chris Zwick are cussion followed with Councilmen George Vansco, Ray cher on guitar" ari'd^Eaward residenrof 792~Rarltan Rd7, John M. Mulhall of 485 Sem- pictured right to left as they participated in the second family Communion Breakfast at the Myastowsky on bass guitar Clark, has been named to inary Ave., Rahway, was Columbian Club in Rahway. The order is dedicated to the support of Retarded and Handicapped Giacobbe, and William Weaver participating. played at St. Cecelia's School the Dean's List for academic among five Union Junior Children, and the local Caravan made a substantial donction to the work at the breakfast. for the last College students in the Evenauditorium for the class r e - proficiency union of '66 and the Juniors marking period. ing Session who attained the DISADVANTAGES Deputy Director Victor * > • of '67 of Iselin. Dean's List for the fall semSTUDENTS Joffee has volunteered to ester. A student must • * * Joanne R. Crompton of "Meeting the Challenge of Giroux Grenadine Syrup donate these gifts. Anyone compile a 3.0 average or Clark, has been elected 1967 Dorothy Zallnk of 2173 Olithe Disadvantaged Student" wishing to make the visit ver St., Rahway, has been corresponding secretary of better to be named to the Brooklyn 7. IJ Y will be the theme for the should contact Mr. Ness at named to the Dean's List the Ithaca College chapter of Dean's List. Mr. Mulhall, spring meeting of the Union 381-9456. Mu Phi Epsilon, honorary a graduate of St. Patrick's The Alhambra is a Cathomusic sorority. Miss Cro- High School, Elizabeth, is lic Fraternal Order dedicampton, a sophomoreTrTthe enrolled* asa—non^degree to assist the handicapped School of Music, is the dau- student. He Is the son of A dissertation onretarda- ted Plans for a cocktail party ghter of Mr. and Mrs. .Her- Mr. and Mrs.John J. Mul-tion and announcement of the and retarded children.honoring Councilman Menconstruction of a new clinic bert A. Crompton, 1126 hall. ottl J. Lombardi J r . , were to be built for retarded childForest Dr., Clark. announced at the regular ren in Newark by Father Lo * • * monthly meeting of the RahMr. and Mrs. Michael J. Bianco, Superintendent of way Republican City CommiMrs. Matilda Knecht of Rlley of 402 Hamilton St., Mt. MULTIVITAMINS Carmel Guild, featured ttee which met at the VFW 1000 Trussler PI., Rahway, Rahway, celebrated their the second family ComHall on Mar. 13. The cocktail served as chairman of a 16th wedding anniversary at munion Breakfast sponsored party committee consisting panel presentation on " P r o - a surprise party given by by the Order of the Alhamof Mrs. Ann Hoener, Laurel blems of New and Prospec- Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. bra El Joffe Caravan 155, of Easter is a time Schardt, and William Wnuck tive Teachers" at a meeting Stevens of Colonia at theSt. Mark's Church, The Mass m announced that tickets are on of the state's language teach- Oakes new banquet hall In at St. Mark's was followed for thoughtfulness... Robert Nadler, sale now. Tickets may be ers held Saturday, Mar. 11Rt. 27, Rahway. Guests in- by the breakfast held at the Mrs. What better way at Montclair State College. cluded Sharon and Kathy Ste- Columbian Club. Father Zu- chairman of the Rahway Co WHEN YOU BUY 100 Service League to show someone Mrs. Knecht, now a member vens, grandchildren of theber, Regional Director Junior of the Language Department, honored couple, Mr.:" and ChrtRrnphpr • 7Mi\ry " a n d Spring Dessert, held a comhow much you care. mittee meeting at her ha *t—Montclair—State—is—a^ Mrs. Edward Keegan, Mrs. a bsl former Rahway High School Riley'B brother and wife Charles Battista, toastmae- 1908 Lufberry St., Rahway, mat itamm needs are conter were other speakers. Wednesday morning, March language teacher. from West Caldwell. 8. The Spring Dessert will At the breakfast which was A * * * -T in memory of Sir Noble Paul be held Wednesday April 12, Earl Smith, son of Mr. GARDEN SHOW William Smith of 191 Union Governor Richard J. Hug-Mallas and the men who lost at 1:00 in Koos Bros. AudiFLOWERS TELEGRAPHED WORLDWIDE! St., Rahway, received high hes today declared that the their lives in Vietnam, Grand torium. Irvine St. opp. Elizabeth Ave ? Rahway Florist The League is sponsoring presented Father Lo Bianco during the first semester ac- den . show in 25 years, set cording ' to announcement for Apr. 8-12 at the West with a donation from the the dessert to acquaint the women of Rahway and the 773 West Grand Avenue, Rahway made by Dean Paul Yambert. Orange Armory, "will be a Caravan. The Caravan will visit the surrounding vicinity with the High honor students earned further step in the New Jerand activities of the . Phone 388-0054 a grade point average of 3.50 sey Beautification Program Woodbridge State School for purpose Refreshments to 3.75. and the national campaign Retarded Children, Mar. 23, organization. be served and members for. a more beautiful-Amer- about 4:30 p.m. Gifts will be will •presented to the children. of "the League will briefly ica." present the community s e r vices offered by the League. Members of the various women's organizations will be invited as well as many in That's what new ARRID® Jjpra'y was invented for-to gye^ou |dividual women.

Social Notes:

luncheoiuDinnetCocktail lounge Open 7 Days

Alhambra Supports Retarded'


GOP To Honor LombardiAt Cocktail Party


Junior Service League Plans Spring Dessert

" Unicap






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members of. the Dessert Committee are Mrs. Wil 11am As sell, Mrs. LeRoy Frank, Mrs. James O'Connor, Mrs. Walter Samples Mrs. R. D. Studwell and Mrs. Joseph DiFlurl, president of the~Ttahway Junior Service League. .^.-Kir=r.


trust ARRID-to be sure


Jeanne Williams

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THE1967 HOME SERVICE CENTER 1530 Irving Street, R»hwey, N. J. Telephone: 388-7000


H0MEMAK1NG CLASSES — " Tuesday evenings at 7t30, March 28, April 4, 11, 18




' Dividend declared on all acounts for period ending October 31,19SE 4lAX refculaidividend plus >h% extra dividend, paid semi-annually,


Thursday mornings at 10:00, March 30, April 6.13, 20


LAMPMAKING CLASSES Tuesday evening at 7:30, April 25 OR Thursday morning at 10:00, April 27

Find out what's new in Lighting New Jersey Food Products - Appliances - Kitchen Planning - brand new'ideas and techniques that will save you time and work'. . . secrets that you can use to get better results with less effort. SPECIAL do-it-yourself Iamp making class




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Railway News-Record/Clark


March 16, 1967


A Teen's View On ..

by Verdie Small by RITA BLACK Rahway High School RAHWAY HIGH SCHOOL In today's advanced soc1. "RUBY TUESDAY" - THE ROLLINGSTONES iety the college diploma has Just a nice groovy sound that is soothing. become almost essential. 2. "LOVE IS HERE AND NOW YOU'RE GONE" Pressure is mounting on stuSUPREMES dents from their parents, These girls have so much talent that its ju6t amazingl teachers and guidance counYeahl They really gol selors. Competition is fierce; the high school has 3. "KING OF A DRAG" - BUCKINGHAMS "almost become a jungle. And, These guys still trying?! Well I'll give them credit for so, the student with limited that. capabilities finds himself 4. "GREGORY GIRL 1 ' - THE SEEKERS forced to seek other metBlah! Blahl Lai La! Hum! Ho! Hum! I don't dig this hods of maintaining his record. Rita Du Brow -Rahway High School 5. "I'VE BEEN LONELY TOO LONG" - THE RASCALS Cathy Henkenius - Mother Seton High School, Clark grades. Cheating has become Look no longer, I am here! .',!111am Techanchuk- Arthur L. Johnson Regional, an answer. 6. "PENNY LANE" - THE BEATLES Clark —Recently;—the~Air~Forcei —-The-Beatles-shonld-take a nice~long-wal1c~alang~Penny Hits Black - Rahway High School Lane and Just get lost. academy in Colorado was rocked by its second cheat- 7. "GIMME SOME LOVIN' " - THE SPENCER DAVIS Donna Crissalli - Rahway High School ing scandal in two years GROUP Sandy Horky - Arthur L.Johnson Regional Almost 60 men were forc- 8. "SOCK IT TO ME BABY" - MITCH R Y D E R ' Bonnie-jo jacobsen- Arthur L. Johnson Regional ed to resign for violating He knows where its at all right. Too bad he's eoine a Pearl Kisner - Arthur L.Johnson Regional the honor code. Similiar little sour. Verdie Small - Rahway High School scandals at several other Okay! This is a Groooooooooovy record. Most records service academies in 1965 soon lose" their flavor but this one is just as tasty a s and also in 1951 have brought ever. Their new onew "I'M A MAN' i s in a groove the cheating problem to the also. Check it out! attention of the public. One asks: How prevalent Is 9. "LADY" - JACK JONES When I'm in the mood for something soothing I'd cheating? What steps can be listen; but other wise, forget it! taken to reduceJt? 10 "I'M A BELIEVER" - MONKEES Everyone to their own opinion and here's mine: Ugh! Almost every student at one time or another has .cheated. It ranges from ' . . PICK HIT Ol; THE.WEEK stealing a final examination to giving someone a home"TELL ME TO MY FACE" - KEITH • work assignment. Some people allege chat athletes are more prone to cheating than others. Cheating may stem from bribery or it may stem from threats of severe punishments.

Staff o f O n The Teen S c e n e ^

Reporters -



jitters To Swing At Johnson High


"The C r i t t e r s " , popular rock and roll band, will perform at the Arthur L. Johnison Regional High School auditorium Thursday, Mar. 23 at 8 p.m. Sponsored by the school's Key Club, the group of five |wiU sing rhelr new_Baog t "Marryin Kind of Love, l along with other hits from their album. Tickets for t concert are available at the school.



Cheating can, however, be stopped. The answer lies in the cause - grades. They have been blown out of proportion "to c«e point where they have lost all significance. Students have lost sight of the real reason for high school and college; that to gain an education and :o stimulate an interest In earning. Some schools a r e attempting to rectify this situation. They have lnstltu:ed courses where one passes or fails and does not r e ceive a letter grade. Other schools ..have Instituted ungraded classrooms where each student is allowed t o progress at his own rate of speed. Cheating is a practice that can bring nothing but ultimate unhappiness. It can be 6topped, but the answer is a very individual thing. It is problem that can only be resolved through one's own conscience and personal honor code.

79$ SAT.and SUN.,MAR. 18 & l i ONLY


REHEARSING FOR 'OKLAHOMA' - which will be presented March 16-18 at Arthur L. Johnson Regional High School are (left to right): leading lady Valerie Kastner, who is Union Counly Junior Miss this year; Armando Orsini, who is also president of Regional's famed Bel-Canto; and student director Sherry Lawrence.



53 Westfield Avenue • Clark - phone 388-6588

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There still some who donJc shop at SARGENT'S


ALL Four Tops LPs Marvelettes LPs .Temptations LPs 'erman's Hermits L P s I


Want To See Murray The "K" ? m

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,16 ihru Maich 22. 1967

Enter Contest



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Joan Dombrowski, 17 1252 Madison Hill Road, Clark

Clark Regional Students

"I hope to become a good secretary." » »•

Susan O'Brien, 16 Recently a student poll More groups were chosen 1036 Elm Terrace, Rahway consisting of six general than we could Include. questions was taken of 800 Question IV: What would "I want to become such a successful writer as to influA.L.J. Students. you say is your favorite ence others to my way of thinking." The following are the r e - school activity? The follow• • • . . sults: ing a r e favorites at A.L.J. Question I: Who would you jSporta - 367, Dances - 277, Nancy O'Connor, 17 choose for the presidency Musicals - 58. of 1968? Robert Kennedy Question V: Do you think 1179 Fulton Street, Rahway 405, Lyndon Johnson - 157, the drinking age should be Richard Nixon - 78, George lowered to 18? Yes - 365, " I w a n t to be the kind of art teacher that can at least bring out some Interest in art in everyone; not necessariRomney - 69. No - 387, Undecided 114. ly develop talent." Of course, there were a Question VI: During this few write ins: Snoopy, Al- season, what is your favorfred E. Newman, and Adam ite T.V. program? These Patricia Macauley, 18 Clayton Powell. are the top ten: Monkees - 1653-Raritan-Roadj-Gl ark"Question II: Do you think 137, | I Spy - 657~Batman girls—shotiW—be—drafte
Tempest In A Schoolboard


Election- for the Rahway Board of Education, have come and gone. Some people emerged as victors and others went down in defeat. No. great headlines were made. However, headlines were made in the town of Wayne, New Jersey, and a fire erupted that threatened to make the cauldron boil by DONALD E. COOK over. RAHWAY HIGH SCHOOL The issue seemed clear Each person, according to t. Two Jewish men l a c the psycologlst, wants his or Mandell and Robert Kraus, her child to obtain as much were defeated in elections as is possible from life. All because of their support for parents dream that their Increased spending In the children will accomplish the Wayne educational budget. goals that they have set for However, the issue was not themselves. BE It college or as cut and dried as that. It industry, labor or manage- reverted back to the statement, each child must for- ment made by Newton Milmulate a pattern for his or ler, vice-president of the her life and certain stand- Wayne Board of Education. ards must be established so Miller referred to the electhat the accomplishment of tion-of-Mandell and Kraus as any ~ goal "Is "possible. The steps toward taking the child must decide, but theChrist out of Christmas. Alparents must recommend. though censuring statements Shame is not an easy thing were issued from all sides, to bear, but if it is earned the fact remains that the then it must be carried and two candidates were defeatthe people of Rahway have ed. earned it. The mentioning of When the United States the school budget now should bring the bitter taste of| was founded in 1776, our forefathers conceived a nashame to the lips of the majority of the voters in our,tion with liberty and Justice town. Through your actions FOR ALL. Has this thought toward the budget you have been corroded by the city of placed the entire responsi- Wayne?. I, for one, do not bility of the education of your' think s o . Wayne must be children squarely on their viewed an exception, and not own shoulders. In the queat: as an example, for our na-. . _ . . . . for "education your children! tion. stand alone, and you cannot, However, the schoolboard complain if the goals they, elections in Wayne are but a set a r e short - sighted symbol of the true issue- the because they can be no more ever-present problem of against all short - sighted or self -j prejudice centered than your own ac- minority peoples. As one of the truly democratic nations tions. You have placed the well-being of your pocket- In the world, our country book over the future well- must set an example. When being of your children. The Newton Millers emerge, they defeat of the budget alone must be contradicted. Then, was disheartening but when our people will be witnesses to true freedom for all. added to the microscopic turn out at the polls it became sickening;—It seems that even your Tuesday night TV shows hold a more Important place in your life Wowl Winner of the record than your student. Disin- album her choice for her terested parents can onlyi entry of our last "Teen breed disinterested students Scene" in contest is Miss and students like this do Cathie Geiger of 22 Wheatnot develop into ,the lead- sheaf Rd., Clark. ers of tomorrow. It Is time Cathie will recieve a r e that every adult developed a bit CONCERN or thelrj cord album of her choice, children will not even knowi contributed by the "Rahway News - Record" / "Clark how to spell the word. Patriot."

Is Education Only The School's Responsibility

"My first goal is to have a good Job in life and plenty of money to spend." Dennis Carmella, Rahway 1426 Jefferson Avenue "Success, fame, and a break out of life is what I want!"


"I would like to see a world in which no aggressors live, and in-which the threat of communism and world power struggle does not exist".


From 29C

and up

Special 98*

1 Ib.



IFrom 39* andup

13-41 MAIN ST.



living St. opp. Elizabeth A v t .


Vincent Armstrong, Rahway 1594 Columbus Place "I want to stiyiy law as soon as I graduate. If not I may go into the service. After I get out I will become a playboy'for Ta-while then marry." * _L,%%%^L^^
CAR AILING? MEDICAR FOR HENKENIOS BROS Atlantic Service Center U. S. Highway I , at E. GrondAvenu*

•~ tolfen M5J35 .


For Clo'k H o a l i i l Coll 232-5085 For Rahway H o i l . t t Co|l 276:5990

Taffy Blood Leads In Twirling

Ray's Corner • By RAY HOAGLAND-



Church Recreation All Star Games Dedicated to Gale Felver s Memory

Page 9

Merck Nips Walt's For City Title

Clark Regional Issues Spring Sports Schedule

ILLINOIS FIRST IN FRANKLIN LEAGUE Illinois scored a 11-8 win over Indiana and took over first place in the Recreation department's Franklin school boys basketball league. Paul Sadowski had six points for the winners while Billy Waddington had seven J.V. AND VARSITY for the losers. BASEBALL SCHEDULE Ohio State won over Northwester 24-19, with Jeff Linnel hitting for 12 points and Mar. 31 \ Brearly Reg. Home John Hellriegal with 10. In April 4 \Westfield Away the other league game 8 'Roselle Park Away Purdue won over Michigan 12 Dayton Reg. Away 18-9, as Mike McKeever hit 14 Gov. Livingston Away for 16 markers. 18 Hillside Home

TRACK Apr. 11 14 18 21 23 May 4 9 13 16 18 23 23 June 3

Gov.Livingston Brearly Reg. NewProvid. Hillside LnionCy.Rel. Dayton R e g . South Plainf. Union Cy. Meet Rahway WatchungConf. Cranford Westfield State Meet


Did 388.-5100

Original Pals Lead In Clark ^ Adult League


tegtoirfeam Tops YFW in Pool Tourney


FREE 'Friday, March 17th thru Sunday, March 26th

Bullets Top Knicks Five In Title Game







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SPRING UTESnUNQ Powir Aentlon • Powir Atritlon • Powir Rolllnj • Power Rolllni" • Fertilizationf.25-15-10) • Fert!llHtlon(25-15-lO) • Reieedlni—l Ib. per • Fertilization it% UF • 1,000 i q . It. • Weed Control • Pre-Emerjence Crab • Gran Control Spot Weid Control • Power Aeration

SUMMER Powir Aeration Power Rdlllnf ' Fertilization 38% UF Fungui Control Weed Control Crab Grass Control „.. . ' Chinch. Bug Control


FALL Power Aeration Power Rolling Fertilization (25-15-10) Reseedlng— l Ib. per l


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Away Home Away Home Away Home Home Away Away Away Home Away Away

The 13th annual Rahway Richard Ehresmann, of Zlon Church Athletic and Re-Lutheran. creational Association's All The league winner was the Joe Stalevlcz, was a memStar games will be played Second Presbyterian team of Registration In the Youth ber of the varsity basketball Baseball league will continue tonight at the Rahway Junior Richard Micklovic, Charles squad at Lafayette Colleg until next week In the various Frank Gawronskl's Merck Robinson, Russell Fish, Taffy Blood of the Recrea- High School. The openln this past season. The forme schools, or at city hall up contest is scheduled for6:3 Martin Christensen, Carlton & Co. basketball team won tion Department's twirling Rahway varsity cage star to 4:30 p.m. Robinson, Jerry DIRenzo and the championship of the Reteam won two first place p.m. played in -25 games, score This year's program is Eric Beckhusen. The coach creation department's Men's • •* medals in the March Twirl47 field goals, in 131 trie The City Swimming Cham- ing Festival at Mount Holly dedicated to the memory of is Porter Pillow. League City league when they scored for a percentage of .358. H^ Gale M. Felver who wasfoul^-shooting champ is Dona 54 - 47 win over Walt's made good on 35 of 69 from pionship will be held at the this weekend. Miss Blood killed in action in Viet Nam Young;" Head Cnach —(iusKiehelhaus winner of the second round. the free throw line for J YMCA pool on Easter Mon- was the winner in the New July 29, 1966, while serving Ass't. Coach - Ted Amo Merck trailing by 39 to Officials will be Richard 507 percentage. He was thin day morning starting at' 9 Jersey Advance Solo for as a Navy Hospital Corps- Gritschke and Perry Ant- 37 at the start of the final a.m. Entry blanks may be girls 17-20 years of age and in rebounds with 122 or 4.'. man. Gale, a member of the hony, period, outscored their r i 21 Brearly Reg. Away per game. Stalevlcz scoret secured at the City Hall. also captured the top spot Zion Lutheran Church, was In the final game of the vals by 17 to 8. The new games. 25 Cranford in the open advanced solo for Away • ** 129 points had a 5.2 averag an active participant in the GOLF evening the Senior boys' all- champs were led by Fox 28 Rahway Away the same age group. She fin* •* per game for a team thai Second annual AAU Re- ished second in the Military Association's program, hav stars coached by Wilbur Barnes with 16 points inHome A sixth weekend has been May 5 Dayton R e g . April 3 won 4 and lost 21. Victorie. creation Twirling contest ing played on Zlon LutheWestfield Away cluding six in the last Hooper of the_Second Baptist 6 Scotch P l a i n s Away were Delaware, Moravian will be held at Junior high Advance strutting. "~ 4 Linden ran's championship Junior and composed of Barry Wea- period, while Bruce Wlt- added to the 39th annual New Away 12 Gov.Livingston Home The "Pixies" team finishJerBey State Bowling AsScranton and Muhlenberg. 6 Madison Away school on Saturday, May 20. ed second in the large Junior and Senior Boys' basketball ver, James Cerbone of Zion zel had ,15. Other mem- sociation tournament as offi15 Cranford Home 10 Railway • *.» and Softball teams. He was Lutheran; Away 16 Rahway William Will, bers of the team were Jim cials braced for the usual Home • •• twirl team division. Mem13 Dayton R e c Home Red Kelin football coac 23 Westfield Home Rahway'B Joe Williams bers of the squad were Agnes the Senior boys' foul shoot- William Tucker, First Pres- Schaeffer, Ed. Daniels, Reg. last-minute rush leading up 14 Millburn Away ing champion in 1964 and abyterians; Taylor Stugart, Williams, Chuck Miller, Ron of the Arthur L. Johnsor will make his National Foot24 Scotch Plains Home Mossberg, Marilyn Held, to the closing last night. Of2G Plainfield Away eld winner in the bowling tour- Donald Stugart of Second Gates and Bob Monahan. Regional High School Is th< ball League debut with the 31 Hillside Away ficials of the Union County May 1 WatchunR Conf. Away high school chairman of thi Atlanta Falcons at Cornell's Maryellen Moffltt, Karen nament. Away Presbyterian; Ronald Smith,' The Walt's were led by.Bowling Association, which June 1 R o s e l l e 2 Gov.Livingston Awayy annual football Clinic at Rut Schoelikopf Field on Satur- Krlsak, Susan Schultz, Kathy g The senior boys' teams Harry Spears ofSe'condBap- Jim McVey c e y with 14, 14, Joeis host for this year s tour- Head Coach — Lou PeWRallo Hasbrouck, Barbara "Vogel, T Jefferson gers University. The meet- day Away U afternoon Aug. 12_ Peggy—Gorrldorh—The-team _wJ!!_be__play_ing fpr_the_llGale tlst,_Robert Williams_and pebeUa_with_JL0_and Bob -nament— opening—Apr—15-atU—Goach—Ed-Shustaok— 8—Harm-a ATra> ings win be held on March against the New York Giants. was under the directions of M. Felver Memorial T r o - Tom Boltlcoff of First Bap- Henderson with 9.' Clark Lanes, hope to rece9....Hillside Home 27, April-10-and-Aprll-24-oif phy" which has been donated tist will play the league winMerck received the Bal- ive the 1,000th entry. The Miss Taffy Blood. II Madison Away the main campus at theStati by the Rahway Key Club. ners from the St. Paul's lantlne & Sons Trophy for all-time record is 1,375. The 12 Other Rahway place win-FROSH-BASESALI. Scotch Plains Away University. The first game of the even- Episcopal. Raymond Rich- winning the title. Ken Stanislowski of Clark ners were: Barbara Vogel 15 State Meet tourney has been extended to Away * •• set a new spring mark with a second in the novice solo ing will present the girl's ards, Charles Elliott, Ro19 I nionCy Toiirn Away take in the weekend of May April 6 R o s e l l e Pk. Horn all-stars: Phyllis Jannett, bert Chankauan, Larry Cranford Away Miss Gail Crans, a Junio; 50 - pound, 12 - ounce codfish for 13 year olds; Patty Cor20-21. Railway Awa at Douglas College, majoring, 'this week from the Sea Horse ridon second in novice solo, Jackie Kosty, Maureen Een- .ockhardt, Lev! Valentine; Head Coach — Bob Hooper 10 R o s e l l e Horn nis, Joan Bachman of St. Jreft Hannibal, Calvin Lockin Physical Education has with Cpatain Ed Bunting out 11 years old; Lori Flaherty, Marty Cassio rolled a 727 13 Roselle A H a. passed her basketball offi- of Highlands Marina. series to set a new high in second intermediate solo, 12 Paul's -Episcopal, Margo hardt and Paul Sefranka are 15 Cranf. Jr. Ili Awa. Lifred, Andretta Bryant, the team members. The cials tests and has receive •"• * the Inter-County Industrial years old; Leslie Paskowit, 21 Hillside AH ay her Central-Jersey Boar league at the Recreation third in novice solo, 11 years Kathy McCall of Second Bap- coach i s George Bachman. T l-:.\M.s 24 Soehle.Ir Hich Home Our selections for the Peggy Coridon, third novice, tist, Elizabeth Beckhusen, .eague foul shooting champ Rating. Gail is a guard on lanes. Cassio had a set of 21 27 .McManus.lr.llB.AH.iy this years Douglas varslt |NJSIAA basketball cham- 13; Lisa Stone, second in no- Carol Robinson, Patricia is James Cerbone. Officials 267 and 247. In the team Apr II Cranford Aw'iiy 28 Gov.Livingston Home pionship games over the vice solo for 12 years; Karen Epprecht of Second Presby- will be Perry Anthony and team. match's the Miller Mason 14 Westfield • Awa> May 2 Cranf. Jr. High Home The Original Pals' took advanced to first place ove week end at Atlantic City. Krisak, second in beginner terian, Helen Haus and Sandy Edward Androvich. * *• 21 Dayton Res A\u*\ 5 SochleJr. High Away Parochial " B " - St. fancy strutting, 13; Mary- Gunther of First PresbyThe Rahway Church bas- over undisputed possession the J.P. Mikos, while Kell 28 Gov.Livingston Home The final session of the 9 McManus.Ir. Hg.Home of first place in the Clark terian. The team will be May 2 Scotch Plains Away Recreation Department's Peter's of New Brunswick ellen Moffitt, third in begin- coached by Frances Bryant cetball league is completing Adult Recreation Basketball Movers won two games an 11 Brearly Reg. Home held on to the third spot ') Gov.Livingston Away ts 23rd year of operation. roller skating program will over St. Mary's of Jersey ner military marching 12 of Second Baptist, 17 Rahway Home •J Hillside . Away The games committee are: League by defeating Charley Other leading scorers wer years. • • - , 19 Gov.Livingston Away be held on Saturday after- |City. Kelly's 85 66. Pailllard Tom Wahl 249-629, Jim Cop Group 3 Weehawken over The girl's league champs 12 Dayton Reg. Home 23 R o s e l l e Pk. noon at Franklin School. Away The duet of Marl Jean and from the Zlon Lutheran's Tickets, John Wiese, Eric moved into third place with pola 624-Ray Christie 254 Lakewood. 22 Rahway Aua.v 25 Hillside Race's, and awarding of troHome Maureen Thorn was a second church are Sharon Ehres- Beckhusen; Awards and Pre- a 99 - 71 win over the John 614; Kurt Booth 243-605; Vk Parochial "C" - St. Pat- place sentation, Bert Miller and phies will feature the fina medal, while Lori Fla- mann, Coach - Jim Gibney Head Coach — Bob Nadasky Castagno Jr., 605, John KreSchwartz Inc. team. The rick's of Elizabeth over SacBetty Hoornbeck, program. herty and Linda Cherubini Carol Schultz, Susan Salve- George Guiler; Program, Clark Firemen held on to kgyartos 604; Leo Glannin' red Heart of Vlneland. Richard Gritschke, Anne Group " 2 " - Shore Re- was a third for duet. sen, Doris Uhlig, Janice Hoepfel and Alice Blake. fourth place by defeating the 254; Ange Miele 246; an The trip of Lori Flaherty Benke, gional over Gloucester. Cathy McDowell, Game night helpers are Don- Country Squires 72 - 62. Steve Deak 241. -eggy Corridon and Linda Carol Uhllg, Diane Salvesen, • • • Charley Kelly's Jumped off Parochial " A " - Trenton Cherubini was third. ald Whltehead, Eugene BehSTILL Marilyn Heid and Diane Uh- reas, Wilbur Hooper, Porter to a 22 - 12 lead late In the Cathedral over Seton Hall. Warren Griffin and Buster The group was under the lig. The coach is Carol Ehfirst quarter. Tbe-Pals r e SHOVELING COAL? Group 1 - Leonid over direction of Lillian McCand- resmann. The league foul Pillow, Richard Ehresmann taliated by out scoring the Mastroianni had scores ol Burlington Township Convert your p r t t u l boiler to and George Blarcum. 668 and 638 to lead the Union Group 4 - Weequahic over [ess, Kathy Pierce and Mrs. shooting champs was Diane League chairman for the big green 26 - 11 in the County Major league at th< Tohn Thorn. second quarter and inSalvesen. The referees are Camden. year were: Carol EhresClark Lanes. Sandy Stevens, Virginia mann, Dick Gritschke and creased their lead to 12 * *• Mi p i r t r —New—Jersey—t-orwaraing Harklno of Rahway DunalU Whltehead. quarter. The Pals had four moved into first place in th The second game of the complete and Jayne Winters of Clark men In double figures as Bob Major league with a sweep evening will be the Biddy Job For finished second in the Union Griffith who played a terri- while the Mannino & Som Boys' all-stars coached by 275 u s k Honeywell control! lounty Women's Bowling fic defensive game, scored dropped one-game behind Eric Beckhusen of the Se'Association tournament. 17 points, Jim Powers hit Other leading scorers be cond Presbyterians. Team |While in Class " A " division for 17, followed by Jerry sides Warren Griffin's 247members are: Roger BehJean Gallagher teamed up & SONS, INC. Bechtle who played an out-652, were Richie Sinoradzk rens, David Beckhusen, with Bobbi Norman of NeThe American Legion Post William Marsh of the Second run OIL KEROSENE standing gameoff the boards, 635, N1U Kinney628,Vincen, wark for a second place . defeated the Mulvey-Ditand scored 14 points, Mike Kaminskas 61OandLenSmirl Presbyterian, William ElliFU HU1 RAHWAV, NJ. score. The event was held, mars Post 681, Veterans of "Moose" Marzano 11 points 609. Russell Graham of Firs the Hy-Way Bowl in Union. Foreign Wars in a pool ott, and manager Jack Kelly Presbyterians, Blair Svlhra Bullets shot holes in the chipped in with 10 points tournament played during the of Zion Lutherans, Howard Warren Griffin who is hav month of February, Marry- Rodney-Brown,- Will- Knlcks to win the champion- L_The Jjreen_w_ave_ was_led_bi_ For the show we are open On March 5, social games lam Waddinton of St. Paul's ship" of-ttie-R^creatlorr-de^ Bill Kennedy'who" tossed in Llog-one-of htfl hear senior high 19 points, Wjnman Everly 17 on the alleys, rolled a 67 Every~night t i l 9:00 p.m. of pool were played at the and Doug Zimmel Tempi, ipartment's VFW Post Home followed by Beth Torah " B " . The lea-school boys, league at Quinn points, and Ralph Bianchl 16 set at the Recreation lane Saturday & Sunday t i l 6:00 p.m. In a Senior league. He ha refreshments and a social gue champs_ from Tempi & Boden this week by the points. an average of 199 with game hour; A trophy was awarded Beth Torab " A " coachei score of 45Jfe|4JU Melvin • pMckshear of tKe - RalUlard. hitiheir season- of 245-235 and 194. Joe-D. the American Legion Posti by Len Sobo have And; high with 99 points" against unit by Commander Don Prince, Philip Sobo, David Bullets was awarded the lea- the John Schwartz Inc. team. Prllle had a 540 set. Griffir Davisson and Bill Meffe to Sklar, Gary Schulman, David gue's sportsmanship award, Pailllard opened up a big lead and Steve Powanda rolle Zimmell, Mel Gzresh, David presented by Richard Grit- In the first quarter and were 621 to lead the Loftus Esa< PHI-MOO- Ginton SUM Plum tul i n . Zimmell, Mel Gzresh, D « N J TWifcj E.iliiloBl* to a sweep and moved inti schke of the recreation denever.headed. Howie Koplan third place, seven games beI Lupin, and Hal Zimmer. partment. hie a career high of 31 points Foul shooting champ was hind the leading Schmid In the championship game Andy Prince. Officials for the Knlcks Jumped off to a to pace Pailliard. Eddie Five. Other top scorers * STARCRAFT CAMPING TRAILERS ° TRAVELER BOATS •> GLASTRON BOATS the game are Dick Grltschke 16 to 12 lead in the first Sadin scored 27 and Don Ko- were: Gasper Ferrantello " MIRROR CRAFT ALUM. BCMTS added 18 for the winners. 640, Nlll Dowd 635, George * 1967 JOHNSON MOTORS and Edward Androvich. * COBIA BOATS period, as Charle Motley plan Game number three will scored eight points, but after The John Schwartz Inc. team Faser 633, Mike Esposito see the junior boys in action. holding a 3 9 - 2 1 lead at the had lour men TtfJ&OVf&lifp oT3, Steve Arvay Jr., and Al The all-stars a r e : Donald half way mark, the Bullets ures led by Al Sllber who Rexer 606, and Dave HackYoung, Donald Balogh, John led by Charlie Surber came ripped the cords for 26 points ett 600. Swanson of First Baptist, from behind to outscore their Al Gleger 16 points, Jim • •* Scott Zimberg, Bruce Sch- rivals 24 to 12 and win in a Wherrity 13 points and Rich Westbury Sweet Shoppe Stelnke 12 points. wartz, Temple Beth Torah, thrilling finish. The Clark Firemen held scored a sweep in the InterCharles Grltschke, Charles Top scorers for the city league as Charlie BarLaunhardt, Zion Lutheran, champs were Surber with 16> the Country Squires to 5 ney's 247 - 635. Mike Joseph Leone, Gary Beck, Creft Hannibal 12, and Stan- points In the first quarter Balmann had 612 and Joe 1225 Si. Ceorso Av... Colonla Phono: 332-1729 St. Paul's, James Maye, .ey Stevenson with 10. Motley and coasted to victory. Bill Tomaskovlc has moved into. • AUTHORIZED JOHNSON MOTOR SALES S. SfRVlCE r l e y was big man for the First Presbyterian. The led the losers with 21 andBradley Fiem i h 14 points, i ffolll l the lead with a 189.8 average. I ' Firemen with team will be coached by Harry Spears with 14. owed by Larry Buonl 13 points, Tony Falzone 12 points, and Manager Frank Oberlies 10 points. Doug Williams the tallest man In the league once again led the Country Squires -in scoring with 22 points, followed byj Hal Blinder and Marty Rossman who each tallied 10 points. Playoffs In the Clark Adult Basketball league will start on Thursday evening. Mar. 16. The upper division playoffs will find Charley Kelly's meeting Pailllardat 7 p.m. at the Charles H. Brewer School. The Original Pals LAWN-A-MAT Automated Service offers 3 plans to will meet the Clark Firemen at 8:30 p.m. The winners o free you from the tough jobs...at a cost less than these games will meet_on "do-it-yourself". low prices andw •«^WM>WVII • The • I (W JWIT |#a IWW include IIIWIUVIW labor IHWVI OIIVI Thurariiy evening, Mar. 23, «. A x. M :..iu A— J • IJ._• 8:30 p.m. at the Charles H. materials. And we promise results you can_ _see! Brewer School. The lower division playoffs wiU<&«ture the Country Squires agalns INTRODUCTORY SPRINQ SPECIAL UWNCONOITIONINS SPECIAL the John Schwartz Inc. 7 p.m. at the Mildred Terrace VouOit • POWER AERATION School. The John Boyle A.C. . SEEDING • POWER ROLLINS ' will play the winner of this (1 Ib. p«r < FERTILIZATION $ $ game on Thursday evening, 1,000 la. ft) (25-15-10) Mar. 23, at 7 p.m. at the rbtmiZA b •RESKDINOUIb. Charles H. Brewer School pirl.0O0iq.lt.) (lor us to 4.000 u . as 15-10) fcr up R. i n i [icn « a i 10 4.000 • SPOT WEED for the lower division cham1,000 M. II. ID iq f t , AERATION CONTROL' pionship. •fOWOI ROLLING


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Rahway News-Record/Clark




March 16, 1967


Cathy Walton Rahway 872 Richard Blvd.




"I want to become a doctor." • * *


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Georgiann Carhart, 17 468 Westfield Avenue, Clark

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Bowling In the battle for first place In the Rahway Women's Church league, St. Paul's §1 scored a sweep over the second place Zion Lutherans #2- and moved Into a four gar.ie lead. In other match's Osceola - won three games from St. Paul's #2, Zlon Lutherans ftl won the odd game from First Presbyterians while Trinity scored a 2-1 win over Second Presbyterians. Marge Rand bad high game of 192, while Betty Dltzel rolled a 187 game and a 524 series. Mildred Laux hit 183. • •• . Barbara McGetrigan was the star of the night In the -Sfc—Johtr*8—Vlanriey-league with a 198 high "game and 544 for three games. The Three "K's" had high single game of 529 while the Oak's had a 1499 for three

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Readiness _ "PtograWfor College; Set

Women Voters Review Master Education Plan

Union Junior. College will offer a College Readiness "A Master Plan Comes to Program again this summer Life" was the theme of a to help prospective college unit meeting on Higher Edufreshmen adjust to college, cation in New Jersey at the it was announced today by home of Mrs. Samuel Lease, Dr. Kenneth W. Iversen, Rahway, on Thursday, Mar. RAHWAY NEWS-RECORD .ARTICLES FOR SALE HELP W A N T E f t - MALE dean. 9. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING The four-week program R'A'tt S '• ' I Mrs. Frank Dickert, Jr., w.ill open on June 29 and will ENCYCLOPEDIA Minimdpi Cj'harge ! LATHE. BRIDGEPORT.& hand New condition, very reason- continue through July 26. chairman of Education for screw machine operators. Full 3 lines for,§1.(TO able. Call 486-8774. Classes will meet daily, the Linden League of WoAdditibnillincs tJOC'cactf' or imrt-time 381-3S3U. Monday through Friday, men Voters, introduced the S & S MANUF.-UTI'KINO. BUSINESS SERVICES from .8:30 a.m. to 11:40 a.m. program with an explanation IK7 Wescott D(,. Ruliu.iy Dr. Iversen emphasized of Senate Bill 434 which On Classified Advertisements! ordered to nUx.3'or mpre times, Y O r \ c ; -HKX- Salary S100. per that the College Readiness was passed by the LegislaPIANOS REPAIRED. REFIV providing noich'anBe's.are'rriaijQ wk. to start. Large N . l . firm Program will carry no coll- ture in December 1966. The in original advertisement, dis- with offices located in F.lizu- ISHKD. :1OIGI!T * SOLD ege credit, and will be lim-bill created a separate State Estimates 388-585 L. count allowed only after-first beth & Blobmfipld needs' two Free Board, of Higher Education ited to high school graduates and insertion. ' ,:;'•. • men for marketinR division. No opened the door to planwho are college bound. ' • ' ' ;; ^ : ' . : ' . l * ' SPECIAL SERVICES e \ p . nee. Company benefits aning for Higher Education The program will feature variablc. For Interview call growth. Classified Displ'ny an orientation to college life I Col. [rich S1.2.V . •-: Mr. Murt.vn at AT 9-7011. ELECTROLYSIS including tips on how to study Mrs. Douglas Woodward Box No. <"harge J5C ''•• '•' •OR1TR • Nights. For general ' i TREATMENT how to take examinations, of Rahway and Mrs. Russell cleaning ' . * . . . _ ' work. Steady .i..job. i..i. e \ c . * Latest Short Wave Method how to use the college libClosing Jlqurs for" , " Young of Wlnfield, were the i n u anted Hair Removed benefits. Apply Personnel or Clas^ii'Ded Ads: rary, how to take notes, and players in a skit depicting Permanently call 276-8000. Tne J. B. how to budget time, Dr. Iver5 P.M'.ITUESDAY the problems of creating aWilliams Co.. Inc.. 730 Walnut sen said. He added that the Master Plan for Higher EdCash, check or stamps shbuld Ave., Cranford. An equal op- I For free Info. & literature. program also provides a . call or write: ucation. accompany advertising copy. portunity employer. -qulclc—review—of—the—basic 1 skills — reading, English '• CONNIE KAPLAN. M E . Information on - Master _Xtie _Bafie_r_ia .no ©PFICE-BOY-- DRIVER. « e n - I composition, and problem Plans of other states were 381-5415 for errors in classified eral office duties. Mail pick-up ; I . 549 IV. Inman Avenue taken b) telephone.. solving to--supplement given by-Mrs-.-Samuel Lease and deliveries. Must have clear I Rahway. N.J. what the high schools have Mrs. Young and Mrs. WoodTo Place .Classified Ad driving record. Apply Personnel done in those areas. ward, who discussed New or call 276-8000 The .1. B. CALL 388-0800 Dr. Iversen said the Coll- York, Illinois and California, Williams. Co.. Inc.. 7.10 Walnut Ave.. Cranford. An equal op- LOCAL TYPEWRITER SER- ege Readiness Program i s omparlsons were made of portunity, employer. VICE - All makes cleaned and pen to all high school gra- the various types of plannLOST AND FOUND duates who have gained ad- ing and the goals aimed for. Irepalred. Call 272-7346. mission to college, including LOST-Sunil.TT School BIBLE. MAINTENANCE MAN - allThe program Is to be preELECTROLYSIS students who will attend UJC Fingertip Imii'x, between Main around, handy steady, over 21.. next fall as well as those sented again on Thursday, St. & Eli/.. \-Vve.. .Rahway. per lir Hamilton Laundry. Unwanted hair removed by the will attend other Mar. 16 at 8 p.m. at the 388-7026. <7fi Hamilton St.. Railway 188- latest shortwave method. V. who De Salvo, member of American colleges and universities. home of Mrs. Robert Joseph 3IKH! Electrolysis Association and PETS Additional Information on 1507 N. Wood Ave., Linden. CLERK for Motel, a g e no Association of N.J 41 W. Main the College Readiness Pro- Non members are welcome Beautiful, pedigreed Airedale barrier. Apply ' ivory Tower St. 388-0999, attend, if transportation gram can be obtained by Puppies, A-.K.C. ; reeistcred. Motor .Inn. Rahway.- N. J. ! writing to: Director, College is needed call 388-0012 In JIM'S TV SERVICE Champion sirrsJ.. shots and , JIM MC DOWELL. JR IS start- leadlness Program, Union Rahway or HU 6-4476 in wormed. S"5.' to S100. 381ing TV Repair Work in this unior College, Cranford, Linden. EXPERIENCED 6965. - . 1; • ' : • . ' . •• • area. Alumni Rahway High •4.J. ' School. Class 1950. Graduate TROOP 40 MOTHERS SPECIAL NOTICES or of Jersey City Tech. Inst. QualPLAN NEW- PROGRAM ified Electronic Tecb. Second

.REWARD fpr positive .information for loss,-of white iron bench from' In front of 279 Bramhall Rd.. Hahuav. Call 388-7375. • .:;




March 20th, :starting.,at, 7>30 p.m. C l a s s e s to begin Mar. 27th. Call Mrs. tio'rsky at 766.-3483. ..

Dr. WestTo Tell Trends In Education-

I Class FCC I icense. All people, ! who see this ad and would bo I interested in acquiring my ser ' vices, now or at a later dute ! call 388-3169.


\lid-.Jerspy Companion DOB ' Training Club announces rpRis-' tration(withpuf:(ioBS).fQr Spring Obedience Classes ,to be held nt rmgg

March 16, 1967

Rahway News-Record/Clark Patriot

Page 10

.Machine Shop Trainees Warehoose Men Factory Trainees Stock Clerks RATES — STARTING S2.00 to S2.23 Hour -REGILAB INCREASES


MRS. LYNN Handwritint & Horoscope Dr. William: H. /West" of Readings ranford. county superlnSpecial Reading 51.00 Open dally Irom 9 to M endent of schools, will PHONE 382-3179 speak on "Trends in Higher 1582 Irving St.. Rahway N J ducatlon in Union County"

Members of the Mother's Club of Boy Scout Troop 40 planned programs for the month, Including the weekend trip~ to Wlnnebago at. their meeting held last week kt the Elks Clubhouse. Mrs. Richard Kireten was hostess for the evening. The next meeting will t>e held on Thursday evening, Mar. 23.

t the spring dinner meetLeorn The Truth About ng of the Board of Fellows Union Junior College on Monday, March 20, at 6p.m. THE JOHN JT. the Faculty Lounge. Carl M. Anderson, c o r orate secretary, Merck & Co.; Inc., Rahway, and Doug- BIRCH SOCIETY las J. Turner, president, Why It It bilni ittiekid, Douglas Turner, Inc., NewWhy It It trowing. ark, of 95 Francis Drive, Workers. A11.dents. Steady work teserving nn the Wha »ltt an I t i council. Good pay. AUbeflerYts. Hamilton STABLEM
'Companies Pay or Reimburse '.DEMOLITION WORK 1 : Our Fees IF YOl TREE WORK DONF with COME IN AND SEE! j ATTICS AND BASEMENTS c U j a n e d o u ta n d junk nauled Anonymous'' After hoars or Sat. interviews.': . or call BI 2[•away: Call Pat O'Donnell by appointment. reasonable I 388-7763. .Very GENERAL PERSONNEL & l; rates. - FEMALE HELP WA TECHNICAL SERVICES 215 Broad St., Elizabeth; -•• r-289-7030 •• - • L A U N D R Y " M Y CLEANIN"G* ;• INCOME TAX SERVICES


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1540 IRVING S T .


NeedeU. From Colonla, David and Seth Elan, Larry and Glen Fishman, J-ealie and_K:evln_ Schneider, Diane Newman, Billy Goldberg. Beth Fein^Q^tMsso^Loralee and Robin Hagan, Michael Levitan, Gary Chernow, Kenneth Gray and Sara Minkoff are registered. From Clark, Kenneth Horin, Debby and Vickie Redfern are signed up. Chris Kjesbu, Robert Osada and Donald Dowde are all set to go, from Linden. Cranford registrants include Robert O Keefe,~R"ich-" ard and Andrew Ansley. Others include Richard Monastereky from Iselln, Glori Jean firodnlak from Parlin, Vali and Jaye Porter from JLJpper Saddle River and Thomas Jones, Rona and William-GUchrest from Hollis, Long Island who have been attending for several years because they were friends or relatives of the Adam McDanlel Children, Jenita and Frederick. Mr. Smith urges all paents to hurry, hurry, hurry


•rom now on, almost daily,' on, air new periods will be filled to capacity and the Rahway "Y" will have to disappoint late registrants for necessitate a change ln the periods available.

Students from the ClarkRahway area are among 99 students who launched their college careers this semester In the Evening Session of Union Junior College, ranford.



The Rahway area residents who have launchedtheir college careers in the UJC Evening Session are: Rahway—Werner R. Klemm of 1116 Charlotte Place, Miss Nancy A. Martin of 582 Hamilton Street and James W. Swain of 394 East Grand Ave.

Clark students include Miss Evelyn A. Brodie of 43 Hall Dr., Rlchard'T. Jones of 77 Fulton St.. Miss Carol E. McManamy of 948 Lake Ave., Miss Mary J. Osiecki of 67 Kenneth PI., Miss Virginia M. Sachae of 16 Harding Ave., and Joseph L. Vella of 53 Colonial Dr. Mr. Klemm is majoring in liberal arts and is a graduute of Bloomtleld High School.

py * are othsx periods for both boys and





Miss Martin and Mr. Swain are graduates of Rahway High School. Miss Martin is a science major and is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Martin. Mr. Swain i s majoring ln liberal arts and i s the son of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Swain.

Miss Hrodie, Miss Me Manamy, Miss Oelecki and Miss Sachse are graduates of the, Arthur- L. Johnson Regional High School, Clark. Mr. Jones was graduated from Linden High School and Wltb over four months to Mr. Vella Is a graduate of go before the flrit camper Thomas Jefferson High arrives at Camp Speers per- School, Elizabeth. iod* 1 and 2 are already closed, it was announced last Miss Brodie, Miss Osiecki weekend by B.U. Smith, Gen- and Mr. Vella are enrolled eral Secretary of the Rahway at UJC as special students. YMCA. Miss Brodie la the daughter About a month ago, theof Mr. and Mrs. John A. Rahway "Y" sent Camp Brodie and Miss Osiecki is Speera. Flyers out to over the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 1,000 boys and girls who ax*. Theodore Osieckl. ln the Rahwty Y" memberMr, Jones i s majoring ln ship or have been active ln either Camp SpeersorCamp business administration and Fairweather over the past Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Jones. Miss McManamy two years. liberal a r u major, i s the "Since that mailing," Mr. adaughter Mr, and Mrs. Smith statad^ "we have bad Charles J.of McManamy; Miss a continous flow o of appUcapp la majoring in libttons our efforts ffort Sachae ttons. Multiply our eral arts and Is the daugh— ter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold-" -E. Sadjse.



'.girls that will soon be closed out", Smith u l d . To
other n a r c h co«U, and mlieellantoui ,va.rioui departments, office*, boirds. c o i u s n d expemea: and the city atbodies nr agenclei of the elty governOUILIC, NOTICI sholl d«*m necessary for lltlitUon Street, Rnhway, Now Jrrsiy. on the 12tn BXCTION 1. That pursuant to th4 aptorney a hall be entitled to compctua> , mint, with trie assistance of *uch conTIUH Orrtlnnnct nubllAhtd* herawlUi plicable itatuUs of tha BtsU of Ktw In which tho City of Rahwny la dry t,t April. 1007. at eight o'clock tlon for extraordinary, unuiual or sultant*, of iiny, as m«r from tlmn to as introduced at a Regular meeting af Jersey. It Is hereby authorised, u « or may be Involved, a Itriolutlon P.M. prevailing time, at which tlrag and complicated dutlei or matter* lnelud time be authnrlsed by the mayor or Place all persons InttrMttd tberaln will tht Council nf tho Townihlp af d a r t . local improTement; Mjnroreri. by at leaat 8,members 'of lni. but not limited to. txtemlve a n t I buslnera administrator within available the County of Union, mate of Ms* b« given nn opportunity to bt hsartj unuiual lefUUUve dutlee, protracted the MunldnM Council shall be A. That a flsxlbla parerotnt with COWARD R- PADUflNt aPOroprlttlBrti: • Jer»ey. held Prbruary 27, JM7 and wtll concern Ing the same. lltltatlon. cases on appeal, etc. adopted apurovlng the hiring of bituminous concrete surfacefeeoonf2>'--£xeepl tor construction of n-w b« Mrth«r considered for final p i u s t * 3-23. Appointment o j flrat director of strutted In th« «npav«l aertka such nrofenlonBl or Icrhnleil TO AMEHD AN ORDINANCE F»TTTn.»Tn "AK noBERT w. sennor «rter nubile hearing at a Regular Mtetbuildings a.nri ' utructurj. 1. direct and law, cltr attorney, and legal snd a bituminous eoncrttt surface M W 1 M U M A N D itervlco without public ddvertlieuncrvlse the preparation of plam City Clark "A^M ." ADOPTXD Int nf sslrt Council of tht Townshlo of a u l j t a n l here under. be conitructwj on the existing ten?ULT »e5 m>»nl. rorc'flcallonS' -for public' works conAN ORDINANCE TO AMEND AN crark to be hold Mareh 27, 1M7 at •iai William 0 . Ourkln, who now oc- irscta, aislit In the letting find per* ter strip pavemtnl, of East Bttarns ! Council of the Townnh.o nf Clark County of Union ORDINANCE ENTITLED "AN ORDI'h> -Any person \ lolnttni nny 8.00 P . M . cupies, the office of cltr solicitor b«lni Street from Mew Brunswick Avenue ncr entitled "AN O*T)Xlf*.NCE TO FIX MINIMUM firm nice of Midi contracts, and II NANCE ACCEPTING AND ADOPT!NO Provision nf in I a Ordinur.ce Khnll EDWARD R. PAOUKflAK abolished by this ordinance, ahall be to Main Street. D. MAXIMUM ahall nuthorlic proarcrt payments pur-/vTlrtu . „ ' odooted July 12. raw, be amrnded M follow: . unon conviction thrrctf be pun- THE COMPILED AND RIVI8ED ORTownship Clerk and Is hereby, appointed director of B. Thtt all nec?uary sewtr. water and SECTION X. eectlon 1. or ihe ordlmnoe of which thU ordinance la amendatory DINANCES OP THE CTTY O* RAHIMMCII fnr rnch offenic by 0 fine AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND AM law of the department of law. and he HUIIU to contract: it hereby •mended to reid M follows: gas laterals be installed from the WAY. ESTABLISHING AND PROVID'.V Maintain the tax map for the not fxrrrtllng S200 or by fmORDINANCE ENTITLED, "AN ORDIIs hereby aUo appointed city attorney mains to points beyond the curb INO FOR THE PimLICATION TKXRC"••etion 1. The- offlceri ind employment! enumerated herein tnd the for a term of five years commencing dcinrtment of rs ctsment* In a current NANCE ESTABLISHING >O5mONB. orisonmnit lor a term not excrcri* line, and ~V AdopUrt October 10th. Id5f. and amount* enumerated hereinafter b« and they are hereby fitted, granted i n d «!Uuv and promptly record thereon RALARI'R AND DUTIF8 UNDER THK from the effective date of this onllInr 30 days, or by both, and nny OP"' c. That such other work bt pcrfornwd rererlng particularly lo TlUe V, Chapter pll chnniet tu chriritctcr of the propucicnnined M minimum and maximum salary or wire guideline for the officer* PROVISIONS OP CIVIL OIRVIOf nance, and as city attorney he shall employee violating mch prnvltlon Incidental tp. aald Improvement lhat 1 et seq. entitled- ••TRAPPIC" of said trl* at^etsed from in form rt Ian proAHOPTED Nnvtrnber 9 19ft4. and employees now or hereinafter In the offlcei or employment* enumerated: rtcelve i h e eAlarr set forth In fhall be subject to dl»ml*Nal or may be required. Including tht aeOrdlnauce. vided nununnt to law: BE IT onDAINED by the Council of Townihlp Council 3*32 . other disciplinary action. Qutilllon o f any property., real or BE IT ORDAINED BY THE MAYOR hr Tn«-n«hlp nf Clark. County of Union. '!> Examine proposed tentative nni Srctlcn 2--Any Ordinance or parts personal, or I any other purposes or Minimi— «•.--•—..'— AND MUNICIPAL COUNCIL OP THE tbi Walter 8. Pryga. who now occu(Inr.l Aubdlvlilon plats, review ihpm New Jersey, thm an nrriinanc* rntilled Council Preildent • fncllltirs nejctasary, appurtenant at 1,500.00 pies the office of city attorney being fit confarmlty with the Land Subdi- thrrmf inca.ivitent with the proviiions- CITY OT RAHWAY. 'AN O^niNANCK CSTADLlQiriNO PO81Councllnlan _ _ ..", _' ,"•'"' incidental tbereto. of this Orrtlnancc are hcreby-rencaletl Section 1. Title V.'Chapter 1. Section TTON8. 0ALARIES AND DUTTTB UNDIR abolished by thU ordinance, ahull be 1.3O0.00 vision Ordinance of Rahway. (Chapter Oflic- of th« Towmhip Cl-rh 12. of the Codification adopted by tha THE PROVISIONS Oi* CIVIL 8ERVICI." SECTION 2. That thr Improvements appointed as a legal assistant If the 14 rf thes: Revurd prdlnancrs. xrctlon Section 3. This Ordinance ah^ll take Towr.ahlp Clerk City of K«hway shall be nmended to add •doniecl November 0, I S M , be amended deicrlbed In Section 1. hereof shall bt director of law la of the opinion that 10,500.00 ffrci nccordina- to law 7.500.00 14-1 cl ieq> and statute^, ndvitr the Budcetiry Control „ the rollowlni: PROHIBITED PARKING. constructed or acquired a* a local Imhe Is In need of legal assistance, and 1,000.00 Planning board nn to " auch ma Urn, a follows: AUOUSTA STREET, provement by and for the City, of RahClerk, Election* .". (f appointed he ahal) serve under the NOTICE OF INTENTION 100.00 nnd Inspect Snrl improve all In.ttnllaIt shall be unlawful to nark any SECTION 1, The salary rnnttes snecllied HubKlantlally In accordance with conditions and lor the time set forth tloni made In n'ecordnner with the VeMnyor'a Office NOTICE IS HEREBY d V E N that the vehicle, at ftny (line In or upon either in Becticn 2 of the ordinance cf which and •pacifications lo be prepared In section 3-19 ctlon the dlvlilon, nnd acqutr* all ca*?mcnl*. P M. prcvnlllim time, at which time and Publication according to law and ap- %ry guide setting forth Minimum and f D"pt. f>f Adminiitration. Hralth appoint a different «ttorncy-at-law aa 1. hereof 1* fourteen thousand dot113.OOO.00 llc?n*ci and rlshti of way required for D!;icr All person^ UiK-rr-ted thrreln will proval thereof by tha Director of the Maximum imlarles. AS above amended | Punlrjon AdmlnUtrator . . , legal assistant. Inn hall be effective us nf January 1 1067. RUBS and Billy B The estimated maximum amount of Columbia, 2-24. Whenever the title* "city attorinrnts, lubject to the nDprovnl thereof concerning the sanir. 1 000.00 j Deiitl'l Non-Public School .._ SECTION J. The sftlwrr rinnes specibonds or notrt to br issued for thr ney" or "city solicitor" may apby the city attorney an to legni form 1.200.00 fied In Section 1 oi the ordinance of I Director, Bureau of Welfare . ..... PurocseH it.Tied In Section 1. hereof pear in the Revised Ordinance* HODERT w. ecjmor and validity: and • hlch trill _t>rt1.n.tner Is amendatory rn* * Deot. of Public Works & Inglnti is thirteen thousand three hundred of Rahway or ln other ordinances City Clerk lltlrtl. "An alphabetical list . . . fulll,600*.0O ffii Perfonn other duties prescribed I Director CORPORATION NOTICE doll BIT. «t 13.300 1. or elsewhere, said tltlrt Khali be AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND AN i>o-.ltlntii . . damnified Brrvlee by the city engineer or by other pro3.000.00 T Towmhlp Engineer—Relilnrr r u m i r s c m c r i* hereby given that taken to mean and refer to the "vliloni of the Rev lied OrdUianccj. of C The estimated amount of th* cost ORDINANCE ENTITLED "AN ORDIbt and the time are hcrehy 11,500.00 I Austrian! Engineer thr follrwtnc Ordinance was duly director of law and the city of the pun>o«ri ttatrd In Section I. NANCE ACCEPT1NO AND ADOPTTNO Rahiray. .a*:ai>uui~«iul—^ur*v*4 -on-jlnaJ-r«adlng. •attorney".' "5-20. DIvlMon of bulldinn inspeclioni; —IHE-CflMPILFD AMO-K£Vlggr>-OH— fit A rr^ulnr meeting of Municipal Coun- Tlt1« Salary Ran?* Dlv. Director IHNAtCCES OP THE CITY OF R A H 1» (our thousand rive hundred dola. e e c t l o n -J-^t t h r o u i h 2-30 arc hereby building inspector n^ head. Minimum MaRimwm cil • City ot !U).var. N. J.. WBdne*da*> AVAY. HSTADLI3HING AND PRO VXDlar* . •Ttvttlea a n d t h e title of article 7 There nhall be within the droartPatrolman . . SBJUQ.00 . I7.B50.0O . .ivenip.:. Mnrch 3th. I0«7. . . INT. Fot; T . J E p u n u c A - n o n T H E R E The estimated maximum amount .amended t o read aa follow*:. ment of public work*, a dlvULon ot SXCTION 4. The a foremen lionet! snUryROBERT W. SCHHOP Safety O F • Arimnrrt Ocrobrr 10th. 1B31. and bn _ Article 7. DEPARTMENT £ F „ _ y 4>uiMln«-tn«pectkHU. the lie Ad of-^hlciv 1,000.00 rtde-srttInr'fortTi "Mtntmurmnrr MrrxTi~ T Director" ref*-r«n«r rmrncutaTlr "to T m e — V , " lands and real-estate b+jiffiled br ADMINISTRATION. ihall be the build tug inspector. The mum MilarieF, as above nmenrirri, shall 2.15 A.N ORDINANCE AMENDIMO AND 1.63 Part Tim Htlp . the const ruction or acctuUltlon of ! 0. Under said article 7 , t h e following building Inspector, shall, prior to hi* C;-.Ti'Ier 1 r\ ,m. rntltlrd "TRAKFIC" > effective ns of Januarr 1. 10CB. S"PPt I'MSNTING CHAPTER 13 OT per hour per hour ' I «fllrt Orrtlnaiicr. the lmprovrmrnt» dcscrlbrd In Secflection !• hereby added: appointment, be » competent nrchltect. •ECTION I. All ordlnancea or parts of nn IT ORDAINED EY THE MAYOR THE HEV18F.D ORDINANCES OP RAH* •, .. .Salaries.and wanes *h»ll be flxtd nnd determined for the year 1007 and be 2-25. D e p a r t m e n t created: heart a n d tion 1 hereof U nine thou-itnd five engineer or builder of nt lentt 6 yeara WAY. ANU REQUI°.INn PEHMrTS TO ordinances In consilient herewith nre retroicflve to Januurr 1. 1807. by Resolution of ihc Governing Body." hundred dollar* 'SP.SOO.>. dutlei. practice) experience. He nhnll have, ANfi MUNICIPAL COUNCIL OF THE BE ISSUED BY TTIE FIPK DEPARThereby repealed aa to auch Inconsistent • SSCTION 2. All ordinance* or parti o[ ordinance* incontinent herewith a i r That a down pnyment npproprla* (ai, There lhall be a department of exerclie and discharge the functlonK. CITV OK RAHWAY. MENT AND FIXING- rEEa TIIEIUEFOR d u only. K«iron 1. Titlr V. Chauler 1. Section tlon wi» contained In ihe budget hereby rex>< repealed an to suc*i Inconsistencies onlr. administration, the head of which powers nnd dutlei of the bulldlnc inAND PENALTIES. MCTION «. This ordinance shall lake of the Ctty heretofore adopted: th%t SECT!) SECTION 1. ThU ordinance shall take cffrct'linmrdlalcly upon final passage -Khali be the business administrator wHo spector a> provided by cenernl Inw and l'~ ol Hit B.iId C^dificntion urtorited by effect Immediately Upon flnnl pusatte :.ir cny of Rahway shnll be amended to It I: hereby nrrtalr.M by tha Municipal the^e U now available !n »nld UP* shall also be known as the director of the ordinance of the city. ajw., public: and, publication according to l a v . id Publication according to law. proprlatlon the aum of *cven hunadministration and who shall receive 2-30. Wherever there shall stppear any .-Uiil the follnnln*: PROHIBITED PARK- CCJUCII M the City of Uahrny as follows: 1. Thrrr are hereby odded new piraPUBLIC NOTICE dred dollars nf Rahwiy to br known tn, This Ordinance published herewith teen thousand dollar* 'fM.OOCr.i ~br and the Co-jnc'l of the Townthiu of Cl*rk. in thr Ccunty. of Union, State of New 'cltr employeei are paid which salary In tecllons 2-31 through 2-36 or iK'Urs of 7 00 A.M. and 7:00 P M pnraer.w>h '(' nnd mragraph ig> under was Introduced at a Regular meeting of (he same Is hereby appropriated for the Jeriry. heM Murth 10, 1901 and will be further considered for final passage may be Increaaed by the municipal elsewhere In the Revlied OrdiM0ud.1v trirough Prldiy. Saturdays irrtlui. 17-4 •> follows: the Council of tha Township of Clark. purpose* tlatrd In Section I hrrrof. nft.v oub!!c h»arin-i at n Reiular meetlnff cf MX.A Council of the Township of council. He ahall receive no additional nancei of Rahway aame shall be ;>!i(l SuiHla>^ excluded on the Wei.tif- Permits *h»II be t*med and ap-In the County or Union. Stats of Hew •Clarlc Xc be held March 27. 1007 ul 8:00 P.M. -compensation for being head of the taken to mean find refer to the SECTION 5. Notice IK hrrrby civrn to ir!r fide of CLIZAIETH AVKNUK pravrd by the Director of Tire or by his Jersey, held February 27. 1097 and will 'department.. He ahall devote his full "department of public u-ork« " EDWARD R. PADUSNIAK Ki.-rltiiB at a point 202 fret South of bt further considered for final PMJ*ag» •11 ownrr* ol any lanu* or real ralate tu icDreientniWa authcrix^d bf h i m . time and attention to his dutlej dur11. The entire contrnu of sefction 2-32 „ .. . TowDShlP Clerk b« benefllrd-by the. cunaiructlon or_acr "Hie 5ou!h>rlr curb line of Wett Scott afttr puttlic hearing at * Ketrulnr meet.writtt.R Inr the folloring Itrms and f ing the usual famine** boura of the nrc hereby repealed to - Lhat there . Is AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND AN ORDINANCE ENTITLED "*N Avenue at l u Inl^rtection with Eilea- Ihc fe*-> Hst^d ^Inncsltlo each item: Ing of ssld Council of th* Township of QUtiltlon of the Imrpr ivcmrnti or propercity lovernmeni. He shall be appointed hereby abollihed the position of attlsORDINANCE ESTABLntTVO POFtTIONS. SAT-ARIES AND DUTIES UNbrih Avrntve. and extending 377 leet Clark to be held March 37. 1BG7 at ties described ln Section 1. hereof of ihe Storage of combU-'tlblr pursuant to law and for a term promt director of public worka alto known DER THE PROVISIONS OP CIVIL SERVICE" ADOPTED NOVEMBER Intention of he City to levy and collect In a Southerly direction along the vided by law. at asilatant Public Works Superintenmuter-lab . . 31000 annual.: 6:00 P.M. " 0. 1004. special a teniK . against »uth l»nrt* UVlcrlr ultJc nf rilnabeth Avenue, CDWARD R. PAPU6NIAK and real dent. Stnmre of explosives 30.00 anuuall: BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of the Townshlo of Clark. County of Union. specially benefited by the fi^ctlpn 2. Anr Ontinnnce or paru of The business administrator ahall Tnwn*hln Clerk Dry Cleaning Plants 5-00 annuall New Jersey, tiat an Ordlnnnce entitled. "AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING POSIhave the QU*Utlc*tlon* prescribed' by _2. Section 2-14 It hereby amended to Ordinances (ncrm.Mttenl herewilh arc AH ORDINANCE TO VACATE A Dust i.rotluclnr TIONS. SALARIES AND DUTIES UNDER THE PROVISIONS OP CIVIL SERVICE" provemenis or properties in the e»tlhereby icpenled ai to :hc conflicting por•Uw. Under the 'direction and' super- •end ci follows: PORTION OP BROADWAY IN AND J»V rtrtopUd November 9. 1964. be amended a* follows: mnterlals . . . 3.00 Bnnudl matrrl amount set out In Section 3 'D' tion or. portions. vision of the mayor, the business ad' 2-44. Dlvlilon of water accounts: CLARK TOWNSHIP. COUNT V Or SECTION 1. The salary rantei specified In Section 2 of the ordlnnnce of Snrayliic or dinning hereof. Such apeclal anet^nient* itirll mlnlitrator ahall: UNION. STATE Of NEW JERSEY treasurer at head. Section 3 This Ordinance shall tak« which this ordinance la amendatory erflltlcd: "An alphabetical Hit . - ; . full-lime made In the manner pruvldeti by law OD?T.lllon*
  • hfi 13.00 annual! forms of budiet requests for uat by which shnll be the ttty treasurer who nivinioji nf Motor Vehicles. 1. That H portion of Bru:'dv^y o» In value which the respective lands and Offic* of Township Ct«rk OArnfm ar.d Service all departments and spendini agencies, shall receive no additional compensaihnwn and dellnrated on i*u unrecorded rral estate nhall be deemed to rrcelve Nans* Stailom . 1 5 0 0 annual together with appropriate Instructions tion therefor. Under his supervision, M*p Showing Pronrty in Clark Town- by reason of the construction or ncqul»lDlv. Minimum , Manimum NOTICR OF INTINTION* Mtiuified Pitroleuni for such use; the division shsll: ship. Union County, N. j To b* Quit- tlon of auch Improvements or properties 15,200.00 S 6,800.00 cAdministrative Secretary NOTICE IB HJCREQY OIVEN that t h . Oasea • 10 00 annu.il! claimed to Kc-wurk Lidder and Bracket rai Maintain comumer records and (3* Review and analyte all budget 3,800.00 C (-Bookkeeper 'Knew, ol Steno.i .... 4,300.00 Principal CterU-B following ordinance was Introduced and Lumber Yards and That 'wo-lhlrds of the entire cost of Cc, Inc., Public Service Coord In tit ed accounts for »ll users of water supYeQuests for appropriations: Planning Board pasted on first reading at a regular Woortworklut Plants I!V0Q unr Transport, dated March 4. IVM. la htre- the pavement tw isseued against the plied by the city; <4> Complete the budget document ln 3.M0.OO 4,000.00 Secretary ~ _ meeting of the Municipal Council of tht benefited lands and real estate. Storase «f inrti:..« 10.00 unuusll by released mid vaemed. Supervise the«admlnlstratlon of dinance rill be taken up for further eonAttsrney '. 1,000.00 ta ten uni.» 3-00 nnnunll Is* hereby released and racnicd U more of the- Cltr In the atgreiate principal as authorlrcd by law: each annual budget through a intern tide ration and final Disease at a-recultr Monicip'1 C"«iirt amount not exceeding three thousand Over ten unit* m.OO nnnuall particularly described as follows: tc' Maintain such public utility acof periodic allotments; meeting at City Hall,. 1470 Campbil) Municipal Court Clerk' _ 4/7OO.OO 0.200.00 iht hundred dollars '13,600.•, for thr In»tol!»tlon or rrplicrmnnl of a BBOINNINO nt a point In the north- el counts and prepare »uch reports of (fli Administer and be responsible for Street, Rihw-*y, New Jcrxey, on the 12th 3,900. CO Deputy Municipal Court Clerk 4,000.00 of financing part of thr co*t of tunic of whatevrr description erly side line of Cfntrcl Avenue ill*- pursue operations at may be required by Isw ri*y of April. 1937. al eliht o'clock a centralised purchasing system, and D-pt. of Adminiitration, Health & Welfare tn be uitd for cuinbustlble tsnt 2B9.\-tJ fert^VeoUrly from Ihe the Improvements or proper!Ifi described or by any duly authorised rrzulatory mslst the mayor ln negotiation of P.M. prevailing time, at which time and Purchaiing Anlitant—Registrar of Vital Statistic! 4,800 00 8.30O.OO I1p<>l(la: with rhplIr ftp —tntereeettmi—0*—thr—northerly—HUF" purchases and eantrmcta nn h*h».f nt Plao«Hil t w g t t t a h .5.200.00 flBOO.OO Sanitary Inipector l^ldchuilni 350 c i U . t 3.0 UP iti fcndii hn line of Central Avenue and the wtrt- bcrne by ih* City as a general charge, C the city relating to any matter or 13. The position of dog warden re3.500.00 Inipeclor 7.300.00 Froni~55i F 551 r a u . to and Includlnc «rly side linn of Walnut Avenue K pursuant to thr Local Bond Law. conrred to In chapter 5 li hereby abol- ibe>^rrWn' an opportunity to bs haard) C service whatsoever subject to bidding 3.300.00 4.500.00 Clerk Typlat stituting Chapter 2 of Title 40A of thr I 1000 givl" 20.1 the aforeaald side llnra were exsonctrnlne the SAme, C and other requirements imposed br ished, and wherever any reference to 2.920.00 School Nurse; Non-Public 2, eg5. on 'Prom 1001 gaU. to snd Including tended to form an Interjection: »nd Revised statutes of New Jerary. The RODERT W. I ordinance or law, and also subject to "dog warden" appears In the nevlied Ofpt. of PuMic Works & Engineering 2000 galJ 23-< from thence running il> north 0 de- form, maturities nnd other detail* ot City Clerk ^ Ordinances of Rahway same shall be C I available appropriations: Superintendent . 7,000.00 0.500.00 Over 2000 gals . 50. grees 30 minutes we*1 09.670 feet to said bonds, shall be determined by subseAN ORDINANCB.. AUTHORIZINO taken lo mean and refer to the Chief C <7) Provide for the Installation and Assistant Superintendent 3.500,00 7.300.00 In«iAllruton or rrplocement of • point: thence (2i north 3fl degrtm quent resolutions adopted pursuant to THE CONSTnt'CTIOIT OP A BANISenior Public Works Repairman 5.000,00 8,500.00 C administration of a controlled system >f Pollc-. ,ui ol. bunitr for a 1 or 2- . 43 mlnutea 30 seconds west 3M.71 taw. TARY SEWER THROUOH LANDS O r 14. There is hereby added to chanter i Public Work* Repairman 4.700.00 8.200.00 C of rtoulaltlons, purchase orden, uni< 6KCTIOK ?. That pending tticlnuanec faml'iV hncic . . . -. . . . 3. fert to K point: thence (3> M tJ«gre*t THE HOUSINO AUTHORITY OP THX Building Inipector 0.600.00 6,600.00 C Jorm speelflsatlons, Inspection and n additional article as follows; In south N deWE8T ORAND AVENUE TO REPLACE OP BOARDS, AOENCIEB, 4.400.00 5.BO0.00 Principal Clerk C ante of contracts: butlrthic cuntalnina more thnii grees 43 minutes 30 seconds ea*t pation notes of the City In on as Bret ale A PORTION OP THE EXI0TTNO AND OTHER BODIES. 4,300.00 5,500.00 Senior Clerk Stenographer C «ars that any. memD«Dt. of R«v»nu* ^ Finance personnel system Including the forrau< tant 17.43 feet on a course of north pursuant to the Local Bond Law, constiMANHOLES. ETC. AND PROVTDrNO an oil burner for a commercial ber of any city board, agency." or other Assli'.ant Tax Collector .... C latton of pollclea and procedurea for 3.300.00 7,500.00 0 degrees 38 minutes vest from the tuting Chapter 3 of Title 40A of ihc R FOR THE ISSUANCE OP DOND3 OR or industrial building . 2't city body may have violated the proC hiring, promotions, transitrt, stparaPrincipal Bookkeeping Machine Operator 4,800.00 0,300.00 northerly side line of Central Ave- vised Statute* of Nrw Jer»ey. The form, NOTES Hi THE AMOUNT OP S6 B50 Por fumigation o s e h timer S visions ol any ordinance or may na-ve C .Mans, vacations, slcknt**, leaves of Cashier _ _ 4,000.00 3.100.00 nue: thrnce f&i nouth 0 degraes M maturities and other details of ™id notes TO PIJIANCE'THi COST THEREOF. Any of the fortiolnc fees m*y failed to perform any duty lmpoiyd Dcpt. of Aas<*fsm"nta absence, and retirements subject Lo shall be dettrmloed by nub*eQUent reiominutes cast 17.43 feat lo a poln BE IT ORDAINED BY THE MUNICIwaived for good cause by resolution upon him or her b%. law or may 6e Benlor Atsenlng Clerk .... 4,200.00 C civil service rules and regulations and 3,400.00 ln thr northerly side line ot Ontra! lutlons adopted pursuant to law. PAL COUNCIL OP THX CITY OP RAH- tlie Munlrlpal Council. Incompetent or ma».be.UiU&.C-Jo ^T* Dept. of Public Safety the approval of the mayor, and further Avenue; thence Ifli south Ti WAY IN THE COUNTY OP UNION SRCTION 8. That there Is hereby au< APPllcattJii for sulfl permits shMl lorm his or her oineia^HutlH. or mly v Police Chlet _. .„ 6,600.00 C } -subject to revision by the municipal 12.BOO.00 33 minutes east and along tht north - ^ - thonxed the Issuance of negotiable s i v made to t^c Bureau of Gombi'stlhi be otherwise lawfully subject to Re- N»W fflRSEY: Police Lieutenant J. 8.200.00 10.000.00 C j council: erly side lint of Central Avenue SO sessment bonds of the City In the aggreSECTION 1. That pursuant to the a p - which apvUcstlon ahall be ln »nch (n moval, the rmyor shall hold a hearing Serveint 7.400.00 9.400.00 C • <9> Supervise the managemtnt, plan feet to the point and Place el Be plicable statutes of t h e State of New as may be pr?jcrlb«d by tho Director gate principal amount not rxccrdkng .line upon due written noUce to auch memDetective '. _.... ntng, and operations of all depart300.00 over Patrolman'i ilniiiiu. Jenay, there la hereby, authorised, as a -4M Tmntr 1 r applicant ond Illed «! AUo known M t/H e ID Bloak U 4 for the purpos* ot flnanclnc the part of detectlvr'n dullea C agencies except the department of law or her. If the mayor shall rind such A. The , construction -pf a. sanlUry the co«t of the Impravementa or proper(he Bureau of Combustibles. on tht Tax Map ot ma Toviuhlp mambcr guilty of any flf the foregoing and the ofdee of the city clerk, and Fewer thrtugh laftdVot the Housln* School Ouards ._ _„ — _ Maximum 2.15 per ties described tn Section 1. hereof, vhlch The Olrectur ot Plrc thall cause s Clajk, Union County, M. 3. except as provided In section 2-A and Grounds he shall have the power to Auttmritx oi th C U f Z y , hour C (tea whencollected to be remlll remove such member from such board, 3. Tnla ordinance ihail not aittnrvUli U to be specially asM&sed against trie as provided by law, and for such purIn Block 39S-on Wefta>and^lvenue •KOTlQft._X.Trie- salary guide setting forth. WQlmuAUaAd, Maximum.-jBalarie* monthly 10 the City Treasurer. agency., or ottwc.cUj^body and wKt the rtfbu poxsetacd br anr public utltltr lands and real estate benefited'by the pose prrscrTtM standards and rule's of as above mentioned, thall be affective al of January X, 1WT1. ~-VTT-."—*' to rrnliiCB A. pa.lttfl*; oipthe t-ili construction Dr acoulsltlon or the 1m ; '-4g> Any peraa&'Kho^ftbalL.Yloli' ai such removal the v a e l n c j sd'-ensififltf In and. w a o j portion ot llw lierelnaba' administrative practice and procedure SECTION 3- All ordinances or parts of ordinances Inconsistent herewith are «ewer ln thTiftnie premises, provemtnts or prop«Ttl<&. drscxlbcd It prorlsio:i of t!ibi section or who vhi atfciibsd portion ot Broadwsr. hereby repealed as to auch Inconsistencies only, and consult with the beads of all de- shall be filled according to law. aether ,i Section 1. hereof, pursuant to the Loca store said raMcrla,!* or moke sulrt 15. All ordinances or any part therecr 4. Tnl* Ordinance ihalj Uka tfti. partments and other officers and em SECTION *; Thla ordinance shall take effect immediately upon final paaaagt stallatlons or replacements without ncmalstent with any provision of this tmmedlaulr upon ttnal paxaaca and pa! Bond Law, constltutins Chapter 2 of and publication according to law. ployees of the city; B. That such other er sork be performed Title 40A of the Rerlsed Statutes of New talnl::v a rtrmit therefor fhall for ea Ueatlon according to law. • incident*] to'taattffimprovement that (10> Control departmental and other >rdlnancc are hereby repealed. Jerser. The form, maturllles and other every vlolMlon tie punished by 0 rti 10. This ordinance shall take effect may be required. Including tht ac* andnot the department of law and supervise • governmental operations through peridetails of said bonds shall be determined UDQAL NOTICES mi're :!ian 3200.00 or by Imprlsoi • PUSUC NOTICI aulsltjon or eaiements cr any other of TU personnel. If any. Tha city attorney ' odic control reports and meetings ex- cc^rdlng to law. ment cf not more thnn 30 day*, or 1 Thla Ordlnanca publlihed berfwllh br subseauent resolutions adopted pur1 Durpme* or facilities necessary, op- both as herclnarter provided for shall serve ' cept as provided In section 2-8: uant to law. t-uld rine a:id Imprisonment. Iai OF INTENTION w u Introduced at a Regular roeetln* of (11) Provide for the maintenance, purtenont or incidental thereto. ss the director or Irw wfthout aflai- I ~ CORPORATION NOTICI 1I | SZCTION 9. That pending the Issuance i . ,. day t^At t>ald ^violation continues J*hi "NOTICE 18 HERXBY OrVIN that t the Council of tha Township of Ctart. tlonal compensation. Except at herein- * preservation, and disposal of records PUBUC KOTICE'tt hirtbJ HV*n thkti ! SECTION a. That the improvements constitute a separate offenie. of the assessment bonds authorised In A tWO-yeBr Community following ordinance was Introduced and •In tha Countr of Unlun. ataU of Ha and reports: described In Section 1. hereof shall be •rter otherwise provided the city at- i .ie following ordinance wai dujrl r 2. All ordinances or parts thereof I: 3er»er. held rebruarr 21. IM7 and wtll Section 8. hereof, there mar be Issued colIfVTP o f r h » » i - » / l o m l / . j i . _ Passed on first reading at a special constructed or acquired as a general Imtorr>cy ahall be appointed by the (12i Make '> a periodic study of the c meeting of the Municipal Council of ths Mayor, and he shall hold office for a > organisation, operation, and proced- .dopted tind approved on final readlMl provement by nnd for the City of Rah- sonslstent •with the prorlilons of trv be further considered for final paajam antlclnauon assessment notes of the Cllr I C O l i e g e O I B j e B C a a e m l C d l S ,t a reaular meetlno ol Municipal CouDordtusnee nre hereby repealed. In an aurerate principal nmount not | C l p l l n e S , Union Junior I City cf Rahway. N. j . . held on the lOti after publlo hearing at a Regular mo*t> way. *ubntint!oily In accordance with term of five years and until his sue- , ures of all departments, bodies, boards, :ll City of ftahwar, N. J. Wcdnudar 1 .3. This ordinance lhall take effd 5 d*y of March, 1987, and that said or tng of aald Council of Uw Townihlp ol plans and specifications to be prepared ecssor Is appointed' and qualifies:, j and agencies except the department vrtilUK. Mtrch 8th, 1967. dlnnncr will be filter, up for further con -»rlOF-to-h!s--e.ppo!nimrnt-the-citT-at--t—of-lew: Clark- - t o - b e h*!d-Harth~27;—l°0T~i •lecoTflmr—nrtiirr thrTrfor-oy—HDd~Uhdrr~IIi>""dIrecll6n""rf - - *— • ROBERT^W.~BCHROl* B:00 P.U. the City Engineer, approved by the H3i Coordinate the operation and torney shall have been an attorney-atCltr Clerk i meeting at City Hall. 1470 Campbtl •TOWARD F P CORPORATION NOTICE Municipal Council and fllod ln the offloe administration of the various departlaw or New Jersey for at lesst 10 years. AN onD:SA^ct: CONCERNING er:er. The form, maturlllrs and other i Street. R»hway, New Jersey, on the 33r< Township clerk PUBLIC NOTICE !s hereby given th of the City Clerk. _t ments, offices, divisions, bureaus, and CONTRACTS AND AMENDIUO AND and during his term he m»y also enj d-»y of M\rch. 1867, at seven thirl AH ORDINAHCX TO AMEND AM tho follow! n si ordinance w u du etalU of said notes shall be determined agencies of the city government; SECTION 3. It Is hereby determined »a*r^!n the private j>rsctlce_3f Uw 6Ui'?i-TMENTlN0 THE KEVIQED OR* ;. o'clock-P.M.- prevailing Urn*. •« which OHDINA.\'C£ ZHTXTLXO "AN ORDIudopted «nti aoprovrfHtD flaal rtadlai and declared by Ihli CSuhcrTat follows: H4I Maintain a continuing review DI.WANC2;3 OP RAHWAY. during the usual business hours of NANCE TO ESTABLISH. MAINTAIM. i time and place all persons Interested at a reeular in eel Ui a of Municipal Coun A. The. maximum estimated amount of and analysts of budget operation! the day. IT 13 HEREBY ORDAINED br Che •XCTION 10. It Is hereby determined REOULATE AND CONTROL A POLICE , therein will be given an opportunity money .to be rained from all sources ell. City of Rahway, N. J., Wcdnesdai work programs, and costs of munlclp Whenever ln the opinion of the ind declared by *lhla Council • • folloi Munlclpnl Council of thr City of Rail* DEPARTMENT" AND THE VAIUOUB * be heard concernln* the srme, for the purposes ;»totrd ln Section evening. March flth. 10fl7. services and equipment: director of law the work of the departA. That the period of usefulness of » i r m follows: • • AMENDMENTS, REVISIONS AND SUPROBERT W. SCHRO: i ROBrRT W. 8CHR01 1.' hcrtof 1* tev'cfl thousand dollars ment of law ahall require legal assl.i- I . HS> Assign and transfer employees PLEMZHTS THERETO, ADOPTED OClection I—A new Section known' as City Cltrk ; City Clerk (S7,000.t. . from one department, office, dlvlalon, Section 3-74 nhs!l be added to. the Reimprovements or properties de- Irrtan o « n *>„,,_ . , _ . - n tance, within available appropriations AN ORDINANCE TO AMXND THE TOBER 3. 1034. ! AN ORDINANCE SUPPLTMffNTlNO B. The maximum estimated amount of ^REVISED, OilDIMANCES OP JIAHWAY. the director of law may appoint a ) bureau, board, or agency (except the y)icrt__Ordlnsnrti of nnhwnr _W_ID11OWS; AND AMENDINO THE REVISED ORBE IT ORDAINED br tht Council of f - in >«ion i. hereof for M31*" J3O four-year colleges department of law) and the office bonds-or-not r<-to -be~"ii*ucd~ forthr legal solttnt to be known as assistant JTT IS'MCREpY ORDAINED by th< Ui« Townihlp of Clark that an ordinance i DINAKCKS OP RAHWAV. 3-74—Contracts Excerdtng 81000: Adver. IT ia'HnRETJY br the city clerk* to another as efficient purposes atntert in Seotlon 1. hereor Wurflcipal council of the city of Rah- ntltled elty attorney to be employed ln the prescribed by the Local Bond Law | t h e n a t i o n . i__._ WHEREAS. In the Judcment of .th "AN ORDINANCE TO KStucmrnti; Bids: Award: Excepadministration may require provldec unclassified service of the civil service Is ten i loi years. 'ffsy th.L Chapter 8 entitled "Building' •ABLIBH. MAINTAIN. REOULATE AND t Municipal Council It Is necessary on tions: Penalty. such assignment or transfer Is peras defined by the civil service law. B. That Ihe bonds or notes Issued pur. Is six thousand six hundred and and Strud'trrs" Is amended and supple CONTROL A POUCE DEPARTMENT end 1 proper to make chsnges tn the orgnnlin *a>—No contract for tha dote* of mitted br law and civil service rulci Such mt It Ian t shsll serve for a term • uant to tttls ordinance shall bear fifty dollart ($6,050.". mented an follow*: Tarloua amendmeula, revisions and , tlon of the government of the City of and docs not affect the compensator nny work or for furnbhlna* any of one year. interest at a rate or rales noi_«.. C. That it down payment appropriation gosplsmenU thrrcfo. adopted October fl, . Runway in order to Improve Its operating 1. There U hereby—added-thereto - nmturatus (inclnd'.n* - but not "id The legal aislitaiit,"ir anyr«hill ~"of any'employee; wns contained in the budget of the new section under Article 1 to be known 1SS4. be amended to prorlde ni follovs: " cerdini six percentum iB'. • per ' efficiency and to effect eonomy: pnd limited to lire mtlnes and fire advise, assist, and consult with the Hflt Receive and study proposed City "heretofore aiiDpted nnfl that annum. MCTION l i Section 1A U herebr QS Section 8-SA as follows: ; WHEREAS, in the case of the office of vehloles). mnterlali. Insurance, 1 director of law, and he shall perform resolutions and ordinances from tb< there Is no*' nvullable tn said apC. That the supplemental debt stateajnended to delete tha phranc "two dC City Attorney us heretofore sstabllshed 8-9 A. Bonding and Grounding < vehicles of anr description, sups ;ch ilutL'i as t i e director of law may mayor or any department or board propriation the Mim of three hun^ Metal-Cid Oulldlnta. ment required by bectlon 40A:2-lO UotlTas" and to Invert In Ita place ind » the Municipal Council desires to remnve plies. Ubor or services, or for the from time to time asilgn to htm. The bodr, or agency pertaining to thcli tired nnd firty dollars («330.». of the Revised Statutes has baen t«ad tha phrase "thre« detrctlves. ," same from the clasilfled service In which {ai Whenever any building Is hen renting or hiring of anr vehicles lesal a:s:stant, If any. shall act gen- duties, except ths department of la SECTION 4. That the said num nr duly made and riled In the office UCTION X- All ordlnancn or parta j the Civil Service Oeoartment hxs placed of anr description or any other erally for r-nd In the place of the diand if he deems same proper refer »cven thousand dollpm 1 $7,000.) be and nfter erected, altered, or improved with of ordlnancea Inconsistent «iln this orof the Cltr Clerk prior to the pass' said office because a department of Isw rector whenever he Is absent or un- same to the department of law for Ha thing or matter whatsoever where thr same is hereby Appropriated for the exterior metal siding of anr nature or age of this ordlnanct on first read. lnancea are hcrcbr repaalrd. description, the person or persons perI was not established, there having been iMe to perform his duties because of attention and consideration; the sum expended exceeds S100O purpoies «tatcd In Section 1. hereor. Ing. and that the Issuance of tn« •CCTION l i This ordinance, shall take forming such work shall properly and * no intention on the part of the Municipal a conflict of Interest or otherwise. SECTION 5. Thar-lhere Is tit re by au- adequately bond and ground ruch metal Khali be entered Into on behalf of obligations authorised br this ordiffect lmmrdlatelr after final palfsge • 17i Refer to the clerk of the Munic{ Council when It created laid office te Prior to his appointment such legal thorised the t'suauceicf ncxotlablo bond* sldin* for the surpctc-c-f preventing per- ajid publication In Accordance with tne the City of Rahwayor 1 any nance !• permitted br the exception ipal Council proposed legislation at i enable i n Incumbent Lhcreof to achli * n i i t i n t sh^II have been an attorneyor the City In.the tsaregate principal sonal Injuries from Same caused br cntr to thr debt limitations contained partment. Division, Burenu, Aveninner prescribed br law. other matters which are to be includi - perm-nentclvll servicestatus: and at-law of New Jersey for a t least 3 amount roc fxctcfllria six th Attend all council meetings Int sires to establish a deoarlmtnt or Isw he may also engage In the private Perform such other duties t * ties and of promotln* more efficiency with metal siding unless the written tho Counctt of tho Township of Clark, REVIRiD br thirteen thousand three hundred, shall thereafter be itwnrded to the to be borne by the Cltr Mi a general plans filed In hts office disclose that !n the Countr of Union, flute of Mow the Revised Ordinances of Rahwar •, ' with respect to the discharge of such charge, pursuant to the Local Bond Law, dollars 'I13J00.'. 2-20. Duties of the department of law. the mayor may prescribe. lowest responsible bidder by reso1 lefal duties: Chapter 3 of Tttlo 40Arcf the Revised nuch bonding and grounding will bt in- mrr. hrld rebruarr 37, 1M7 and will The duties of the department of law 10. A new article known as Article 8 D. That the total amount of the pro* lution of the Municipal Council, . I t Is hereby ordained by the Municipal > furthrr considered for final passage Statutes of New Jersey.'Tbe form, nta- stalled. thill be t.-: is hirebr added to Chapter 2 Immedicceds of the obligations authorised fbi—In every such c**e the adverCouncil of the City of Rahway that thr turlty date* and other -detail* of tatd* 2. All ordinnncni or pnrts thereof in- .fter public hearing at a Regular meet ately after said nee tlon 2-33. The new by thla ordinance to be expended (ai Prosecute all camplalnu before tUemrnt shall provide that the g of aald Council of the Township of Revised Ordinances or Rahway are here* bonds shall be dtterrtilncd by aubsequcnt consistent with ^nr provision ol thU for Inlereat on the obligations auf.ie municipal court of the city w h w Article 8A "halt read at follows: City of Runway may. ln its own reiolutlont ndoptrd purtQant to lav. lark lo bo held March 21. 1M7 at t by iun piemen ted nnd amended as fnllows ordinance are htreby rcpoi-led. Article «A. nrPknTMMT OT PUBLIC thorlaed bertln. engineering and requested to do ss by the municipal dUcretion, reject anr and all bid* :00 P.M. , 1. PnratrncM iai and under r-ec SECTION 6. Thm pending the lnuancc 3. This ordinance shall tulto effect ImInspection coata, legal expenses, and magistrate* which, however, shall only be re; of bonrti authortt'Sd In Action 3 . hereof, mtdlatrlr sccorrtlng to Inw. EDWARD R. PADUSNIAIC WOPKB. : tion 2-1 are hereby amended to read ai costc of the Uauance of the obligaib> Advtsf and render legal services Kcted. If at all, by a Resolution Township Clerk 2-28. r»««*rtment r.-**tMt htadt cltr theremay V Issued Vuid anticipation * follow*: tions authorised br this ordinance to the mayor and munldpaj_councll approved by at 1 leant 0 members AN ORDINANCE CONCinNINO note 1 of the City ln cn"V*greg»te princi,' Offices: enxlneer: qualifications, eompwn* NOTICI TO CRIPITOKS Including printing, advertisement of and all city officers, bodies, boards ZONINO AND AMENDINO SECTION Of the Municipal Council. No bid- pal 1 rtmount not excetdi^f JUx. thousand s*Unn and dutle-i. t ornce of the Mayor E8TATK OP HARLAND E. «1SLER ordinance and notices of sale and and agencies (except fie Housing AuS5-3 OPTOE"REVISED ORDINANCE* der may be released from hts bid •Ix hundred and' tlHf stjgVart H0,030.>, Dcccaard. '-• There shall be * dapart-neot of * orrico of the City Clerk / legal expenses, and othrr expenses thority. Public Library Board. Rahway OF THE TOWNSHIP OP CLARK." pursuant to snld Local Bond Law. The Purhunnt tn (he order or MAUY C except by resolution of tho Municimihl'c wn*k». tht he%d of which trull. '. IQ) Departments: aa provided In Section 4.0A:2-Z0 of Valley Bewiragc Authority, RedevelopBE IT ORDAINED BY THE COUNCIL form, nialurlty dates and other details KANANE Surrugate of the County of h* the.director of nnhllc works. The pal Council and only for good ., Department of Law tha Revued Statutes shall not exment Agency and Parking Authority) IP THE TOWNSHIP OP CLARK. COUMof nrtttl nple'n ihntl be determmed by sub- Union siiarie on the tenth day of Mnrch city engineer may bit appointed - _ cause. • • Departmsnt cf Admlnlmratlon ceed six hundred dollars lasoo.i. when requeued t9 do so. i Of UNION, NEW JEMUT. AB POLsequent 'molutluns adopted purtusnl to A n. I'JW. upon the m»pllcni!on of me d'«ctar of the department of public Department, of Public Works e Tin lull lalln »nn l| t ^ d ^} ^ Xxceutru of the legal documents of the elty In which Section 1. Section 2^,-3 of Iht* Rrvli»1 of the Cltr of Rahwar. In the Covntr s«lPlre- Department wsy shtli ordar, purehsae, rent, and all e:ty bodies, boards and agsndescribed In Section 1. hereof for ..salmi f.ie rsLite of «utd d*c«wed land, Includint bulldltiM or.d other Laiued pursuant to this ordinance, and fltd civil service as defined in the eltil Police Depsrtmtnt hire or aequlre materials, labor ia c- t *s aforesaid rd to dl«-the sums required for auch parment ahatl which the bondt ore hereby au* iv'thln MX montn* (com the dstu of said Mrv, but «am> ihail be tsoiiei at rtta.il, vhere rrcatr lerric* notes are outstanding be Included In the rtVYtwMrt»\*»ttarti»Tmd aetlons and. (run. i)corfecutiDt> or recovcriug the tanw (c> Th* cltr eiulnMr shall, Prior to ordered, purchased, rented. *hlr#d, Incidental, whffr no itora»e or park- annual budget and raised br lax without proceedlncs against the city or any of Bond Lnw, Is forty * « i yearj. aualnst the subscriber. hgnlx»i) colltfrs and also a f l e t n i e EirC'Jtrlx ; the Department of Law and shall not Uayor may designate in"writing. nhicla »nlc-i U herein prohlblUd. No Mr. c u e s growing out of tha city's official bear Interest at a rate or rates not WUIlMii V. Helm. Attunier as a profea^lnnal engineer- lasued br I f-^tend nr anp> to the exercise of (d>—All blrir for nald eontractli aotln* ftlllni nation aball mt aa» SECTION 13. That this ordinance shall business, except such c i s i i or matter* exceeding six pcrccntum « ' ; \ per •J35 the itkt4 or N«w Jeraev: and h* shall ; t*ir control function In the managt Civrstntit 8;rcet • artr to another fllllns station or to Ufce affect after final paasage purvuant ahsll be sealed and opened only in which are dsftnded by attorneys proannum. also have h i d prior to hts appointment ment of the finance* of the City noK"Uo N. J. public or non-public educational Invided under t h r provisions of tht city a the pretrnca .of tha Munlclpnl at lesst 3 rears of miDtrrlsorr tn«iC. That the vupplemenui debt state- 3 1 0 4 t i which control function Is reaulred Tett: t30.»0 ltutlon than 1.500 fret, There IUCTI Insurance'policy or policies. Council during, a lawful, public nterlnT txperlenof in the design, mainment required by Section 40A-2-1O I by-stilute iN.J.S.A. 40:69A-48> t i be itatlon would be located oa tho I B M mselicg or St the opti6n of the unince, and csnatrurtion of proleeta, of tho Rerlied Statutes has been O Prepare or approve as to form ' cxerdied by f«n officer of the City v reet, or on an lnlerxeciinc street. Birth SIIEIUFFS SALE Municipal Council exercUed by Iniludtn* t^r* oreparatlon and revitw dyly mnde-antl niMLin the offict or and legality all' resolutions and ordi\ rtrier than the business admlnli ll»>ncr ii.rll br mensured In a rndlu* of construction plans jjid speclflca' resolution, teslrd bids shall be the,City Clerk drfor to thopataage nances tD be executed, Ptssed or ' trator. 1.500 reel from any part ol the lot mn£RIPT"3 BAU:—Buptrlor Court of opened In the prcenee of the BuMof this ordlnancr on first reading adopted by the council. •• ^ There Is hereby added under Parsplot on which luch tlation is ta be New Jer-ey, Chancery ClvUlon, Union and "that the Ittuancc of the oblln r u Administrator not necrs'trily t o Review, upon the councils r« of section 3-11 an addttlonsl Irom tht lot linn of anoihtr durlnc a meetlnc of the Municipal queu,"'all matters" * • to form and ; gallons author!ted by this ordi- County. Docket tfP-227-oO. EMTRALD HuaUd as city tnvlnter ha shall receive a ,"'ii>T>-r-»r3n1 to be known as SubparsMollne tilling nation* or ol a nubile legality requiring the council * apCouncil. nance Is-permitted by the exception SAVDfOS AND LOAN-ASBOCIATIOH. ft salary of il4.S00.00 p e r tmsoin pay'rrar-h (1) m fo'.ln-n: corporation or the filou cr Hew Jersey, 1 r.nn•public rducatlcnal ln»tltut.on. proval, before the approval thereof. of t h t debt limitation contained ln ahle In the same manner ag other <0> Unleis otherwise provided by reiie'—None of the Items mentioned Sectloin «A:2-7 (g) of, the Revised PlalnMrr vs JOSX VASQDSZ. JR. and ••ction 2. AU ordinance J or part* of salaried city employees, are paid, which Perform such other lwai dut i s ' olutlon or nrdlmnci hereifter In Purfgrapn '^ l shall be ordered, . Smtutes. and .that Iho gro*» debt TOV'ANOA VABQUWr hU wife, «l al»., irdlninca* incomUtent with this ordlmay bt increased br tht raiinlclDst u the council or mayor may deslsrnat*. *'* Adapted by t*ie Municipal council. purchased, or acquired plece-mral ict art htraby rtp««Jed. of said City aa defined by Section D«rend.\nu. Civil Action Writ ol Siecucouncil. a-ai. Disability or absence generally, ' the Mayor shall have the power and or periodically In inch manner .tctlon 2. Tliia ordtnunce nhull "jke <0A:2-O of the Revised Btatutea Is tlon Tor Salt of Mortgaged Premise*. and special eounivl. ' duty to negotiate, enter Into, and ft' The city tnrtnetr shall dtvdti that tho prlci of each Item so ttct lmcnadlaUly atttr llaal p a u a t t Increased by this Ordinance by six By virtue of the above-Jtattd writ of (a) If by reason, of ths disability or his full timt and atttntlon to his - • ex-cute any contract on behalf or flrdered, purchased, rented, hlr-d id publieatlon In tceordanca with tht thousand «tx hundred and fifty execution to me dlrtctrd X shall txpois t the City ft runway renting to any atMnee of the city attorney b i U un- duties d-iring tht usual bun ness hoora or acquired Is $1000 or under inner pr*MTtb«d br law. dollar* dfl.eso.). for sale by public Tfndoe. in tha Court atl« to perform the duties of ths de- of tUe.tltx joTurnment. He shall super* matter whatever subject lo bidding where the de*lm of u m t it House, in tho City of Xllaabtth, N. J., on partment, and no legal assistant has vise all of the dlvi'lons^sf ths d*pin-" D. That the total amount or the proI requirement*, If "fit, Imoosed by IKW to avoid or svaile the Intent of Men appointed, the mayor m«y «>• ment or public works afad Its 'eraceeds of the obllgatloua nuthorlred Wednesday, thr 29th day of Uareb A. D.. i or ordinance, and furthtr subject to NOTICI o r INTSNTION thU Ordinance. point a substitute to perform said Ployees, and with iht aisUtonct or by thl» orrjinance to be expended 1007, at two o'clock In the aitemoon of the si»d on first reading at m regular tions, .dfoartmtnt. '. lntn*ctlon:costs, legal eJcpooset 'and tsnd and premi»M htrtinafUr particu• and it wa* reasonably toteeeen provided by ths Municinal Council. tlni of the Municipal Council •< the 3-37. OrganUatlon of department: ->*..•. in*, eosi' of tho iiiUajice .of the obli- larly deiciibed, situate, lying and b*ias that the City* P*^d* -wouW'hiVt ' 4. The-e 1* hereby sddc-d '-0 .".ectlon r of Rahwar. N. J.. beld on the lth The director of law Is hanby . divisions. gations authorised by this ordi- In the City of Rahway. la the County reaulred a larger expenditure •3-13 thp follcwlng: " ~* of Uarch. 1891. and that said orauthorised; within available Approof Union and State, of New Jersey: ; nance Including printing, advertise-., Tht department of public works ahall within the same year tor the same aoce will be taken UD for furthar coo* , i n addition ft tho toreroing. when rlatlona, to employ" such* •D*oUTcouflBEQINNINO *t the Intersection of tb« ment of ordinance snd. notices of" eration and final passage at a regular Item, such ns the purchase of the Mayor hes execotsd any contract •el BS b* tnay dt*ni neeetsarr to aid consist of the following divisions; southerly side ot Washington Str*el aad sale, and other expenses a» uroviacd 'at Division of tnglnetrtni. ll at Cltr Hall. 1470 C s n M Caroline or fuel oil and the Uko, or other paper on behtlf of the CUT ln the management or conduct of any In Section 40A:2-20 of the Revised the easterly side or Park, Street: running >b) Division of Building Inspections. :rret. Rahvar. New Jerser, on the ltth i of Rahway, at the Mayor's reauwt proceedings In which tht city may b* it Ahall bo pretumed that Ihe d«, \ OtaUitei shnll not exceed five hun- thence fl' south 88 degrt*f, 13 mlnuttg, 'ci Division of Water. of Aonl, 1M7. at eight o'clock a party or be interesUdt and In cont**" Clt* Cle-1: shi«ll M10 sign and ticn for msklnn the txpetidl^Uje; ;. Hred dollars . 30 seconds asal along tht said alda of to MOTION 8. ThVrnll ralth and credit Wflahingtan Be ret t 100 fett to a point; Dlace all peraona Inurttted therein win Ini of the following bureaus: wtthln available appropriations, IBs "'—%c-\i thereto. avoid or evade the Intent of this tbenca O> south 1 dtgita, 40 minute*. (1).Bureau of Streets director of taw may. ln his d is ore tlon, ' 5. There .is hereby edded the rollowlm Ordinance nnrt to violate the pro- of tht City or Rahway, ln tha County of 30 seconds west 50 i»ot to a point; th*r.M be clren an opportunity to be hears Union. New Jersey, are hereby pledged . Oi Bureau of Sanitation concerning tht i i m i . #T employ or rttaln such •Xpert or «xp«rU section immediately art-r- section 2-13: vl«!ons hereof. north u dfgrf.i, 1 } mlaut**. 30 for the payment ot the prlnclual of and '3' Bureau of Parks and TrtM as b t may ditm ntettsary g>—Nothing cnattlncd -hertln Interest on all of the bonds issued pur- scconda wc;t 100 fett to a point In the («> Bureau of CKy UatnUnance. . proper conduct of said proceeding*. 1 In the absence of the City Clerk tor Cltr ntrk . ahall apply when the safety 6r*pro>ald side nf rark Itrttt; thtno* (4) s u a n t ' u * this ordinance and the sums . _ Other dlvKioris and buretus mar be 3-23. ComPtngatton. 'any caui«, the aaslaunt city clerk AN ORDINANCE AUTHORIIWO lectlon of nubile property or- tht required for such payment thall in each noah 1 dttrvti, 48 minutes, 30 stoondt btrtafter tstablUhed br the buslntu ahtll act (or the City Clerk »nd (ii The cltr attorney lhall rtcslve year while any ol >ald boiids or notes east along the *atd ildt ot Park Atrtwt THI CONBTRUCTIOH Of PAVSMTXT public convenience shsll require , •dmtnutrtlor wltb tht approval of t hxve thn fl»"*e powors and duties t n annual salary of I&.S00.00 payable IN THK SHOULOsTR ARIA AMD TrOTi are outstanding be Included ln ths antmertent action where the exlg50 feet to me point and plaoo of tbt mayor. : In tht aane manner a* otbtr salaried or the^Cliy Clgrk. . . . RXSURPACINa OP THI U U I I W , .encr of tht public cood wUb not nual budget Jina raised by tux without B« i Inning. 3-28. Division of engineering; assistant elty emplortt* art P*W •blob compen' 0 The entire conttnu of Article 6 ol CIMTIR STRIP PAVIMXKT. OP IAIT llmltJLU1m.aJ.X0 ram or amount upon alt -S*lnc known **^ Lot X-A, BJoek XOt » eltr entinttr-a**l»ad. pvrmlt. public advsrtlMoitntf not ation may b« tocr«s*d o r th» munJe- Chapter 2, betar* recMon* - 3-lB-ihrouih •TSARHt OTHT THOU KSW of tha taxable property within said City. oa tho Tax Alias o( tot City f J U b w u 'ai Tht heid of ths division of tnshall anything contained htretn ipal council. :• / -• , :$' ^ 2-24 i«re hereby repealed, and th» offlcts BRDNIW1CK ATfJUl TO MAIK 8XCTI0N 0. This ordinance ahall takg Union County, N. J. . tlneerUig shall be th« assistant engiapply to professional or technical There shall be .a department of the proper ditchartt of tht duUt*Aof and technical service*, other than day B I IT OROAIKID BT THI MCMICI
  • Itim CX-Ut-43 law, the head of which sh»H bt th* tht dtpartmtnt of Uw, inoh M n l l n i attorntra-at-law, accountant* and sideration and float P U S H * at % rtgitfu n* dtrectod bf tht bosinrsf admlDtfand rtoordtDi rtM. dtPMUIonf, ottt-ot.* .'. dlraitor oI.UW.-WrttwM we isaponslbls «ueb ewerts the dlt tollcitor PAL councn. or THE cmr OP BAa. u mMtlm at city Hall.. 1*70 campbtU T u tralor or tbt mayor, rtautrad by tht pooktt costs for title ibitristi and. for the perfonnsmce of the datlH of WAT IM TUX COUKTT OP DMIOa. KIW

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    iJorsin-Ub— arts, engineering, sci, and business adminis. UJC, a co-ed, nondemonlnatlonal. Independent In:, rltutlon, transfers 85 per .cent of its graduates to more


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    Rahway News-Record/Clork


    the air base at Cherry Point Seaman Recruit James P. St. Peters led the league N.C. for further duty. Cpl. Olden, 18, USN, son of Mr. with & 4 - 1 record, with Sprlngsteel's wife, Linda, and Mrs. Thomas Olden of Seton Hall next with 3 - 2 lives at 1955 Barnett St. Rahway; has been graduated] and the St. Joseph team with his eight month from nine weeks of Navy A second air medal and "During this time he acti- alongson, trails with 1 - 5 record. whom he has never basic training at the Great oak leaf cluster has been vely participated In more old seen. Lakes Naval Training Cenawarded to James J. O'Leary than 25 aerial missions over • • • ter. Specialist Four E4 of the hostile territory in support Army Private First Class • • • Io2d AseauU Helicopter Co. of counterinsurgency operaWalter E. Ulrlth Jr., son Marine Reserve Second of. the Unjted States Army, tions. During all of these Francis M. DeMarco, 19, of Union County Freeholder son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lieutenant Robert L. Sevell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Will- missions he displayed the and MTB. Walter Ulrich of lam O'Leary of 1085 Stone highest order of air discip- De Marco, 154 Princeston son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo 98 Colonia Blvd., Rahway, Ave., Rahway, was assigned L. Sevell of 368 Oak Ridge St., Rahway. line and acted In accordance and a Junior at Stevens InThe first Air Medal award with the best traditions of to the 87th Engineer Batta- Rd., Clark, received his stitute of Technology in Holion in Cam Ranh Bay, Viet Navy 'Wings of Gold" durcame in Nov. for duty in the service; By his deterboken, N.J. was named to the Feb. 6. Pvt. DeMarco, ing a ceremony at Ellyson The Rutgers College'of Vietnam. The citation read: mination to accomplish his Nam, All Conference Fencing Pharmacy a water purification speciaField, Pensacola, Fla. He has again receiv- For heorlsm while partici- mission in spite of the list in the battalion's HeadTeam. received his designation as ed the Merck Company pating in aerial flight: Dur- hazards Inherent in repeated quarters Company, entered a naval aviator and helicopWalter went undefeated, Foundation Fellowship In ing this period, Specialist aerial flights over hostile winning nine consecutive Pharmacy presented by the O'Leary was serving as an territory and by his out- the Army in June 1966 and ter pilot from Captain R.Q. fencing bouts at the Middle Merck Company Foundation aircraft crew member fly- standing degree of profess- completed basic training at Wallace, Commanding OfficAtlantic States Conference of Rahway, Dr. Roy Ar Bow- ing in general support of the ionalism and devotion to duty Ft. Dlx, N.J. er, Helicopter Training college Tournament held on ers, dean of the State Uni- [•1st Infantry Division. He con- he has brought credit upon • • * Squadron Eight after comMar. 4 at Lehlgh University versity pharmacy school, tducted numerous combatasCharles D. Simon, 19, son pleting the Naval Air Trainhimself, his organization in Pennsylvania. saults under adverse weat- and the military service.' of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Si- ing Command flight training announced today. The silver medal for semon, 1472 Valley Road, Rail- program, A graduate of West This is the third time her conditions and hostile cond place was awarede to the Rutgers.college has re- fire. Photographer's Mate Air- way, was promoted to Army Virginia Wesleyan College, ALAN KREBS. RAHWAY JAYCEE CHAIRMAN, Is shown above presenting a check for $500 to Walter in Epee Competition ceived the Merck award private pay grade E-2 upon Buckhannon, W. Va., LieuWhile participating in a man Robert J. Hines, USNR, and with team Captain Car- which is for the support of combat assault approxima- son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert completion of basic combat tenant Sevell entered the Mrs. Joan Sapienza in support of Camp Laural, a camp sponsored by the New Jersey Association for Brain Injured Children as An Karns, Vice President of the Jaycees looks on. The money will los Crana, a senior won for a graduate student for th/ee tely eight kilometers north- G. Hines of 97 Grand Ave., training at Ft. Dlx, N.J., service in Sept. 1965. be used to sponsor needy children with transportation and for the camp maintenance. This is the » • • Stevena Institute the First years at three thousand east of Dan Tieng, Tay Ninh Iselln, was graduated from Feb. 10. The promotion was Place Epee Team Trophy. dollars a year. The name of Province, his aircraft came the basic '.Photographer's awarded two months earlier Seaman Donald J. Friga, second year the Jaycees have assisted this camp in their efforts in the field of Brain Injured Walt's medal and the tro- next year s fellowship re- under . Intense automatic Mate School at the U.S. Naval than is customary under an USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. children. phy will be placed on dls- cipient will be announced in weapons-and small arms ffre Air Technical Training Unit Army policy providing in- John Friga of 1075 Mayjalr plav in the Stevens Institute |-the-spring; tor outstanding. JDr.,_Rahway,_haa-returned| cultural products for_the_ -from-tlte Vie-Gong-emplace- located—at- -the—Naval—Alr-| centive of Technology Trophy cabiMerck Chemical Division of to Mayport, Fla., from comments. Station at Pensacdla, Fla. trainees. Dean Bowers hailed the net for one year after which During advanced indivi- bat duty off the coast of Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, of the possibility award for "Its financial aid Aware will be returned to him. _P_r1_L1S, Roehm. vice pres-. North Vlet-nnm, aboard the I to-a-student-^and-as-signify^fpf—being -shot—down—while^ ^ ^ 1 While at Stevens Walter weeks duration, those who attack ldent and general manager of aircraft carrier has attained both academic ing ' trust and confidence In on final approach, Speclalis*. Marine Corps and Coast received early advancement Franklin D. Roosevelt. the .division, announced . Monday and activities honors, oper- Rutgers pharmacy graduate O'Leary began directing and Guard photographers con- to E-2 may be eligible for today. As a member of the FDR ates a Disc Jockey program studies and In the research returning fire into the Viet sists of 18 weeks of instruc- another "accelerated" pro- he assisted in the launching Potted Veal Steak, Oven BroMr.^Davl8~~w~aS~executive _ Les.lie_M. Fry, Reno, Neon the campus radio sta- program at the State Uni- Cong infested three lines and tion In still, public informa- motion, to E-3 (private first of over 7,000 combat and wned Potatoes, Sliced Car- vice president of the Metal- vada, Commander-in-Chlef versity College of Pharbunkers. With complete distion, serial, and motion picof the Veterans of Foreign tion WC PR (Castle Point Ra' combat support missions rots, Home Made Corn Bread salts Corporation of Haw- Wars of the United States, regard for his personal saf- ture photography. This In- class). dio) and Is active In inter- macy. thorne, N.J., a manufacturer has announced the appoint• ** against North Vietnamese and Butter, Juice jety, he continued the apstruction Includes indoctrinSpecials: Sliced Turkey of industrial chemical specclass sports. Airman Apprentice Ran- military combat targets. iproach, : alraultan e o u s- ation in the operation and Salad Platter, Llverwrust ialties which became part of ment of John Koplk, 1653 • • »* iy marking insurgents posi- maintenance of various types dall G. Klujl, USN, son of Sandwich, Chicken Noodle Merck last year. He received Irving St., Rahway, as NaRANGES TO OPEN Seaman Recruit Barry L. Soup with Crackers tions with smoke, returning of equipment used throughout Mr. and Mrs. Simon K. Klujl tional Aide-de-Camp, Rehis Bachelor of Science de- cruiting of 161 Midfleld Rd., Colonia, The rifle and pistol -fire—an-»lll j Nov. 24. 1966, Speclalisi fifth* i ""("Four E3 James O'Leary, for a rest period and just tlcipadng lit operations with encounter on his first ship Heating Modernization at his first shore '; United States Army, son of j recently he was in Japan for the U.S.- Sixrfv- Fleet, as a or station. Mr. and Mrs. W.A. O'Leary ten days to attend "Cor• PACKING crewmember of the attack |of 1085 Stone St., Rahway, rosion Control School". His aircraft carrier' America. In making the . transition, 24 Hour Phone Service {has been given a citation tour of duty will be comTIL. 276-0899 While in the "Med'' she (First Oak Leaf Cluster) to pleted in Vietnam by April will be part of Task Force from civilian life to Naval; Thomas B. Davis of 84 service, he received Inadd to the Air Medal by dlr- 4. He will then be on leave 60, an attack carrier strikBerkeley PI., Glen Rock, has 213 South Ave., E. fcranford [ ection of President Johnson. for 20 days. After his leave ing force, -consisting of two struction under veteran Navy been named marketing dirpetty officers. He studied i The citations reads: he has orders to report to large carriers, two guided seamanship, as well as sur- ector of industrial and agriI missile cruisers and 16 de-

    Utrich Wins

    Fencing Title For Stevens


    March 16, 1967


    With the Armed Forces


    Merck Foundation , Fellowship For Rutgers Pharmacy

    Vot. 144, No. 46

    Rahway, N.J., Thursday, March 23, 1967

    Rahway Sets Kindergarten Registration g g 7 for_Rahway students will be held the week of Apr. 3 with all ofThe eleme~ntary"sch"o"oTs'~ in the system taking the registrations between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., it was announced today by William B. Humphries, Director of Personnel Services. Parents should register their children in the school serving their district. To be eligible for registration, a child must be five "years old on or before Dec. 31, 1967, and a birth certificate must be presented at the time of registration. All children entering Kindergarten in the Rahway Public Schools must have followed the immunization schedule as outlined herewith: vaccination for smallpoz; three DPT injections; three injections of poliomyelitis vaccine with the fourth' ' injection or booster to follow not sooner than one year after the third injection, or

    Post For VFW

    Seton Hal! Wins Overtime Game


    rhrpp rinflpq of SflMn vqrrjpp 200.000th PATIENT DURING GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY YEAR — Mrs. Victoria Soban. of Linden, was admitted as the 200,000th patient at Rahway Hospital last week. Presenting gifts on behalf of the hospital are (left to right); George E. Argast, assistant director; Mrs. D. P. Donovan, volunteer director; and Miss Kay Sohn, dietitian.



    " , • • • • • •

    Thomas B. Davis takes Marketing Post At Merck

    20DJLMONTII FOR 5 YEARS Playtex* Bra Sweepstakes Think of it—you may win; 8200 a month for 5 years/ Next 50 winners—Fashion Ensembles by "Devonshire"... next 2,000 winners—Fashion -• - Magic prizes/ Nothing to buy...nothing to write... just come in for an entry blank. And—Playtcx is so certain you will love your Playtex Bra that they give you—free—Si.39 Living Gloves just for trying any one of them. ("Include 100 for postage) Many beautiful bandeau, long line and padded styles to choose from, including . . . A. Playtex Living1 Sheer Bra with Mretch-evcr- sheer elastic back and sides. White. 32A-42C. Only $ 3 - 9 5 ("D" sizes S1.00 more. With Stretch Straps SI.00 more) B. Playtex "Cross-Y'our Heart1" Bra with "Cross-Your-Heart" Stretch between the cups to lift and separate. White. 32A-40C. Only

    vival techniques, military stroyers. She Is also flag- drill and other subjects. ship for Commander Carrier Division Four. ! Ihe_America—will visit) many ports In the Mediterranean, the first being Athens, Greece. * •* Army Private William A. Meyler, 22, son of Mr."an4 Fill Your Coal Bin With Mrs. Raymond F. Yeyler, Lthlfh Premium Anthracite 98 Elmont Place, Colonla, completed' a light - vehicle driver course at Ft. Dlx, February 3, —During-the-course.-he was trained In the operation and maintenance of military veMACOAfL $21.95 hicles up to and including >UCK COM the two and one-half ton truck. Instruction was also given in the operation of the | internal combustion engine | and chassis assembly.

    NUT or STOVE

    Army Private Richard P. Carroll, .23, son of Mr. and 'Mrs. Thomas J. Carroll, 168 Mallard Road, Holland, Pa., completed eight weeks f advanced Infantry trainIng February 3 at Ft. Lewis,

    FUEL 13-7 OIL \ l Premium O i l . National Brand. 24-hr service on all mokes of burners.

    Washington. His wife, Carole, lives at! n

    T V





    way. He received specialized1. Instruction in small unit) tactics and in firing such weapons as the M-14 rifle, the M-60 machine gun and the 3.5-inch rocket launcher. TO LET—OUT Or CITY

    For Fast service Just give us a cull.


    HU 6-2726 HU 6-O059

    TO trr—OUT or CITY

    $ 2 . 5 0 C"D" sizes S1.00 more. WithJStretch Straps 50« more) Playtex "Soft-Line" Padded Bra with iimazing new fiber-fill padding that stays soft, can't shift, can't bunch up. White.



    r s _ H i w - * ' »OO» nrtoo. Cui>hnlnii, 100% cotton. «t»»«-Wn»fct> IUIUC nvlon. IWHICT-






    It was 2:25 p.m.. Mar. 14, in the .admitting office of Rahway Hospital. The clerk rapldly: recorded routine information on the next patient to be admitted: Victoria Soban, 836 Gllchrist Ave., Linden. N.J., #200,000. There was a flurry of excitement - Mrs. Soban was the 200,000th patient to be admltted to the hospital and ~the milestone had be"e~n~ reached during this, the 50th year of its operation. i Rahway Hospital began its operation in a house on Jaques Ave., Rahway, in 1917. In 1929 when it was moved to the present location at 865 Stone St., it housed 60 beds, but it has expanded in size and service and currently accommodates 227 beds. The—word-spread-quick-ly— and a series of activities were planned to welcome and honor the gracious grandmother, who accepted them with dignity and an appreciative smile. An official-letter- of wel— come from the Director, John L. Yoder, was delivered and a bouquet was presented by the Assistant Director, George E. Argast, on behalf of the hospital. A huge daisy appeared on the door indicating Mrs. Soban's honorary status. Representatives of theWomen's Auxiliary, President Mrs. Walter Hull Jr. and former President Mrs. Robert L. Jones, brought a gay artificial red geranium and a box of chocolate candy. On behalf of the Candy Stripers, Mrs. D.P. Donovan, Volunteer Director, delivered a lounging robe and Miss Kay Sohn, Dietitian, presented a flower-decorated cake Inscribed in Mrs. Soban's honor. She continued to smile.

    The position is substitute Clerk-Carrier. Applications are also being accepted on a continuing basis for other Union County Post Offices.

    3 & 3'.i ROOMS MOM


    MAIN ST. AtTh. B.nd RAHWAY

    200,000th Patient In Golden Anniversary

    The Rahway Post Office J g accepting applications for full-time positions in the Rahway Post Office and in its Clark and Colonia branches.


    rApptftl-Cmttr-tf MlMlfgpi ond Union C«untiM Sine* 1907'

    Rahway Hospital Admits

    Post Office To Pay $2.64

    32A-36B. Only $ 2 . 9 5 (With Stretch



    OIRICTIONf! From N«work, Ellxobath and Niw Yoric or«o: IROUH 1 to Eon Grond A v r , RahwSy. Turn rlflit end proci«d. •3 blocki lo Grond Villas*. From Woodbrldg* erw: St. Gtorg*. ' A * , tn W»i> Gfnrrd Av«.. Rahwnv. Turn tight end proend ,9 bloclu to Grand Vllloot (2nd traffic

    OPEN FRIDAY TILL. 9 P.M. On* of N#u> J*r»*y'» Ftaitl Shot Stoni'


    New Jersey's oldest weekly newspoper — Established 1822

    John Kopik In Aide de Camp




    Starting rates for both substitute Clerk and substitute Carrier are $2.64 per hour. Last week, the rate was listed In the "Rahway NewQ-Record" as S2.46 per


    A chat with Mrs. Soban revealed that she resides with her husband George and daughter Anna at the Gilchrist Ave". address. A dog and cat complete the household. Six married children, Rosa, Victoria, Mildred, Edward, Steven and Joseph, live in the Linden area, with their total of 17 children _ranglng in age from 2 to 22 years. Mrs. Soban is ' an active member of organizations within her church but has been too busy.rearing her large family to find leisure time for hobbies or travel. She likes to cook family favorites such as stuffed cabbage and ravioli. Mrs. Soban has not visited her native Poland since she left -there-iiH9Bi

    Retirement Lunch Held For Misback Matt Misback of 1777 Winfield St. was the guest of honor at a luncheon given by the City Hall Employees' Association last Wednesday in the Council Chambers. Mr. Misback, a janitor at City Hall, was retiring after a decade of service.""' — H e wau presented w;lth two" purses, one from the City Hall Employees' Association and the other from those attending the luncheon. Tax Assessor Anthony Boresch made the presentation and praised Mr. Misback for his diligence and faithful years of service. Patrick O'Donnell, president of the Association, cited Mr. Mlsback for his devotion,. •to-ttaty-and-sald-he-wlH be sorely missed at City Hall. Mr. Misback expressed regret at leaving the employ of the City and stated he would miss everyone. Robert W. Schrpf, city business administrator, took pictures at the luncheon and presented them to Mr. Misback. Mrs. Pat Moran served as chairman of the affair with Sal Cocuzza as cochairman.

    Coming Soon'On The Teen Scene'

    may be substituted for three injections if parents so desire. Parents should arrange

    10 Cents

    with their physician to start this program Immediately or to continue and supplement it if the program for the child has been started. Parents who are unable to have this done by their own physician may call the local Department of Health and—make—arrangements—if-1 your child had the doses of Sabin at the school and -the-cawHias been-misplace
    Firemen Work 56 Hour Week The Rahway Municipal Council has authorized a study of the Rahway fire department. It will be considered whether or not Rahway needs three firehouses. The consulting firm will also study the advisability of having the firemen work a 42 hour week. Right now, they are one of only two companies in Union County who work a 56 hour weeK. It was reported in last week's "Rahway NewsRecord" that the Rahway firemen worked a 52 hour week.

    IN THE MIDDLE OF THINGS —. -Officer White will bending againl-Thanks^to the manypublicationat noon.very generous people in Rahway— and even communities • General news s^ttiries must be in our office by Tuesday as far away as Mountainside — — seefm to'really opptrecicie1- fb'efttfS]pijbli6
    Courtship, Marriage Series Set A four-week presentation of the subject "Courtship to Marriage1' will be offered in the Community House of First Presbyterian Church, Rahway, on Sunday evening April 2, 9, 23, and 30, at. 7:00 P.M. The course Is for all interested persons of Senior High age, and any parents who may want to attend. It will be led by the Rev. Ace Tubbs of Westfield, New Jersey. Mr. Tubbs haa previously lead numerous discussions and courses on Courtship, marriage and related subjects. A native of Maryland, he went to college and received theological training at schools In the South prior to graduate work at Columbia

    Seagull Lives After Collison A seagull lives to soar another day-, thanks to the prompt actions of a handfull of Rahway residents. The seagull met Its fate Mar. 15 when it collided into the' home of Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Hampton of 69 West Hazelwood Ave. The Hampton's discovered the injured bird close to midUniversity in New York. He is a member of the National Council of Family Relations and the American Association of Marriage Counselors. Presently Be is on the staff of the Presbyterian Church of Westfleld, as Minister of Parish Visitation. As "courtship and * marriage" Is almost everyone's concern, the public, youth groups, and members of other churches are ln•charge for attending.

    night and Informed the Rahway Police. The police relayed the message to Kindness Kennels, and within minutes, a •representative arrived. He examined the gull and quickly took It to the kennels for treatment. Latest diagnosis? Bird. doing fine.

    Loan Totals Reliance Gives George Menschlng, president of the Reliance Savings and Loan Association, announced that a total of $102,000 in first mortgage loans was granted this past month. The meeting was held at the Association offices at —1523-lrvlng-Sn • •

    Peter Cottontail Scheduled For Franklin School' "Peter Cottontail" a classic children's play will be presented by the National Council of Jewish Women, Central Parkway Section, at the Franklin School auditorium, Rahway, starting at 1:30 p.m. on Mar. 29, it was announced today by the Franklin School PTA, sponsoring organization. Tickets at 75P each may be purchased at the school every morning at 8:30. • All children of pre-school and grade school age are invited to attend. Those who cannot purchase their tickets due to the fact they are in other schools may obtain tickets by contacting Mrs. —D;—tncov—af~381=3825—or —Mr8.-J,-Preher,-388-3064

    Water, Air Polution Programs To Be Extended Merck & Co., Inc. expects ~to sperTd approximately %6~ million over the next several years to prevent water and air pollution at its plants in Rahway and elsewhere, according to the company's annual report, mailed to stockholders today. The document also discloses that a changeover to a more expensive lowsulphur fuel oil, forecast as an air pollution abatement measure in a recent company announcement, now is an accomplished fact.' "Merck has long been conscious of the importance of maintaining the integrity of the pViysical environment surrounding its plants," it

    M. & T. Chemicals' New Phone System A new Centrex telephone system will begin serving M. & T. Chemicals, Inc. in Rahway and Matawan this weekend. Modern Centrex equipment, installed by New Jersey Bell Telephone Company speeds telephone service by providing employees with «idividual tetep^orfe manners that can be/dlaled directly from any" pl'^ce in ~>-"*"'"c-Direct ' phones at general " laboratory plant in M tawar the need to voVte ..calls through c mpany switchboards. It employe s the same ^ service ar work that they' have In their homes. The new general number for M. & T. Chemicals will be 499-0200. All extension ^ numhers_wilLstart_wiflLj499_ and be followed by four digits. Although most numbers will be dialed directly to extensions at both installations^ outside callers who do not know the proper extension will be able 'to reach their parties by dialing the new general number.

    says. "As a result of contrjtEinlttaredoverTrreT^ars our operations havehadlittle effect on the streams and atmosphere of the communities where our plants are located. AVe are continually improving these controls." The new pollution-control systems are being incorporated into newly-expanded and existing production facilities the pharmaceutical and chemical company's report says. It also notes further expansion of research facilities at the company's Rahway headquarters and the West Point, Pa., base of its Merck Sharp & Dohme domestic pharmaceutical division. At West Point, the company says, a building program which will more than double present facilities for safety-testing of drugs in animals and provide space for expanded research in virology, Is schprtnlpH fnr completion by the end of 1967. In Rahway, existing facilities are being renovated to allow for biological and pharmaceutical research by the Qulnton Company, Merck's consumer products division. Occu/pancy is expected this year. ^ "The foundation for the company's progress has been a succession ol im—portant—new—products-fromlts research laboratories," board chairman Charles S. Garland and'president Henry W. Gadsden /bbserve in their letter to the stockholders. "Indeed, more than 70% of . our—1966 sbles came from products introduced In the past -ten years, 36% from, those- introduced in the past five years."

    Products of the company's research that made outstanding sales gains during 1966 and contributed to the previously-announced sales total of 54IB733670O0 they note, include 'Indocin,' for relieving certain arthritic disorders; 'Aldomet,' for lowering high blood pressure in hypertension, and 'Triavil,' for controlling anxiety and co-existing depression. A new product. Just introduced in the United States, they report, is 'Edecrin, a diuretic for treating edema r-associated—with—heartease and other conditions. In the near future the company hopes to introduce in this country another new product, 'Vivacril,' for treatment of mental depression. The company also hopes to introduce, by the end of 1967, a live-virus mumps vaccine James Smith, Sr., Preswhich to date has been ident of the Rahway Savings studied in more than 14,000 Institution, has announced children. A vaccine against that, beginning Apr. 1, 1967, German measles, or rubella, all savings accounts will be is in a less advanced stage serviced by an "On-Line" of development, the report computer system. New consays, adding that clinical sole machines have been work; also l s progressing on purchased and are In the vaccines for respiratory process of being installed diseases and on an adjuvant in the Irving St. banking lnfor flu vaccines that enstitution. hances the level and duration Under the new system, of immunity. service will be faster and more efficient. Transactions Among animal-health prowhich formerly took minutes ducts, sales progress was . can..oe .completed in a-fracled by 'Thibenzole,'for comtion of that time. This is in bating worms in livestock. keeping with the manageThe company also entered a ment's desire to constantly new market last year in beimprove the service; to its ginning distribution of an depositors, Mr. Smith said. over - the - counter line of The Rahway Savings Inhorsecare preparations, stitution was founded on Mar. under the 'Top Form' brand 12, 1851, and has paid unname. interrupted dividends since The stockholders' letter that time. Over the years, also reports.that the comthe bank has experienced a pany provided out of 1966 steady growth; its assets Income for a donation in 1967 will soon pass the of 52,000,000 to The Merck $25,000,000 mark. Company Foundation, which The management of the receives its sole support Savings Institution has also from the company. The approved a change In the Foundation was organized in payment of interest d i v i 1957 to administer a prodends. Effective Apr. 1, all gram of contributions to indeposits of $5 or more will stitutions and agencies in the receive interest from day fields of education, welfare, of deposit at the prevailing health, science, medicine rate, provided the funds reand civic activities. Of all main in the account to the grants made by the Founend of the quarter. Tbe^quardation, almost 2/3 of the terly periods end on Mar. total has gone to educational 31, June 30, Sept. 30 and institutions. "By supporting Dec. 31 of each year. the Foundation, the company "recognizes that its responsibilities to the society in which it operates extend beyond its primary service of OUR CLASSIEFIED ADS discovering, producing and SELL I marketing useful and worth388-0600 whlle products." the letter says.

    Kahway Savings Installs 'On-Line' Computer System