1967 - The History Center

1967 - The History Center

Copied from an original at The History Center. www.TheHistoryCenterOnline.com 2013.23 • 1967 Copied from an original at The History Center. www...

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Copied from an original at The History Center.




Copied from an original at The History Center.



To forget is the great secret of strong and creative existences - to forget after the manner of Nature which knows no past and begins again every hour the mysteries of her indefatigable productiveness. - Balzac

Copied from an original at The History Center.



MACHINERY DIVISION Sales an.d Service 0 ffioes


t" U IVI r I I

BAKERSFIELD, CALI FORNI A 2500 Parker Lane P. 0 . Box 444 Phone: FAirview 7-3563

NATCHEZ, MISSISSIPPI P. 0 . Box 804 Phone: 445- 4691

CASPER. WYOMING 100 Warehouse Road P. 0 . Box 1849 Phone : 234-5346

NEW YORK, NEW YORK 350 Fifth Avenue 3904 Empire State Building Phone : 695-4745

CRYSTAL LAKE, ILLINOIS 65 N. Williams Street P. 0. Box 382 Phone: 459-4033


CLEVELAND, OHIO 316B Suburban-West Bldg. 20800 Center Ridge Rd. Phone: EOison l-5722

Apri l, 1967 Number 2

Vo lume 42

Published la promote Friendship and Good Will with its customers and friends and lo advance the interest of its products by the Lufkin Foundry & Machine Company, Lufkin, Texas. Virginia R. .Allen, Editor

DALLAS, TEXAS 800 Vaughn Building Phone : Riverside 8- 5127 DENVER, COLORADO 2027 Security Life Bldg. Phone : 222-9589






. 12


. 14




. 18


. 21 . .. 22


CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS 1413 Casa Grande Phone : TErminal 5-8987

GREAT BENO, KANSAS North Main Street P. 0 . Box 82 Phone : SWift 3- S622 FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO East Bloomfield Highway P. 0 . Box 1554 Phone : OAvis 5- 4261 HOBBS, NEW MEXICO P. 0 . Box 97 1212 E. Lincoln Rd. Phone : EX press 3- 5211 HOUSTON, TEXAS 1108 C & I Life Bldg. Phone: CApitol 2-0108 KILGORE, TEXAS P. 0 . Box 871 Phone: 984-3875

COVER: Transparency by Peter Gowland, Santa Monica, Calif.

LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA P. O. Box 1353 OCS Phone : CEnter 4-2846

OPPOSITE PAGE : Rain Forest, Olympic National Park, Wash . - Photo by Gene Ahre ns, New Milford, N . J.

LOS ANGELES, CAl.IFORNIA 5959 South Alameda Phone : LUdlow 5- 1201



Sales and Service Offices OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA 1315 West Reno P. 0 . Box 82596 Phone: 405-236-3687

ATLANTA, GEORGIA 1313 Sylvan Road , S. W. Phone: 404-755-6681

JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Highway 80 East P. 0. Box 10935 Phone: 601-948-0602

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 3700 10th Ave., North Phone : 205 -592-8164

KANSAS CITY, KANSAS 1024 Kansas Ave nu e Phone: 913- 321-0369

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 3343 Roosevel t Ave. Phone: 512-924-5117

DALLAS, TEXAS 635 Fort Worth Ave. Phone : 214-742-2471

LUBBOCK, TEXAS 709 Slaton Hwy. P. O. Box 188 Phone : 806-747-1631

SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA U. S. Highway 80, East P. 0 . Box 5473, Bossier City Phone : 318-746-4636

DENVER, COLORADO 1224 Spangler Or. Phone: 303- 429-2595

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE 1947 E. Brooks Road P. 0 . Box 16485 Phone : 901-397-9382

HOUSTON, TEXAS 2815 Navigation Blvd . Phone : CApitol 5-0241

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA 5049 Highland Drive Phone : 504-347-4309

EXECUTIVE OFFICES & FACTORY Lufkin, Te xas 75901 P. 0 . Box 848 Phone : 713- 634-4421 C. W. Al exand e r, Vice-President Marshall Dailey, Fleet Sales Jim Horn, Mgr.-Branches




ODESSA, TEXAS 1020 West 2nd St. P. 0 . Box 1632 Phone : FEderal 7-8649 OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA 13 l7 West Reno P. 0 . Box 82337 Phone: CEntral 6-4541 PAMPA, TEXAS P. 0 . Box 2212 Phone : MOhawk 5-4120 PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Penn Center Room 301 201 Penn Center Blvd. Phone : 241-5131 SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA 5318 Eggers Drive Fremont, California Phone: 793-3911 SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA 207 Beck Building P. 0 . Box 5578 Phone : 424- 3297 SIDNEY, MONTANA Highway 16 P. 0 . Box 551 Phone: 482-2707 TULSA, OKLAHOMA 1302 Petroleum Club Bldg. Phone LUther 7-7171 WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS 727 Oil & Gas Bldg. P. 0. Box 2465 Phone: 322-1967 LUFKIN FOUNDRY & MACHINE CO., INTERNATIONAL Anaco, Venezuela Estado Anzoategui Apartado 46 Maracaibo, Estado Zulia, Venezuela Apartado 1144 Phone : 3132 Buenos Aires, Arfientina Matpetrol S.R. L. Esmeralda 155 Phone : 45- 4822 La Paz, Bolivia Matpetrol Ltda. Calle Bueno 144 Phone: 9943 Bogota, Colombia Calle 92 No. 21-40 Phone: 361303 EXECUTIVE OFFICES


Lufkin, Texas 75901 P. 0. Box 849 Phone : 713-634- 4421 L. A. Little, Executive Vice President and Oilfield Sales Manager C. 0 . Richards1 Vice President and Manager, Macninery Sales

Copied from an original at The History Center.


THE Hawaiian Islands were described by Mark Twain a s the '"loveliest fleet of islands that lie anchored in any


who wants to combine a vacation in

f t the USA with the feeling of being in a foreign place can not do better than to plan a holiday in Hawaii. Although the eight islands in the archipelago now make up the SOth State in the Union, Hawaii is a polyglot of many customs, cultures and creeds. Now as American as Kansas in August, Hawaii is, nonetheless, a hodge-podge of Chinese, Hawaiians, Filipinos, J apanese, Mainlanders and others, all of whom have clung to their racial heritage. Everyone, for example, knows it's spring when kimono-clad Japanese pay homage to the budding blossoms of the cherry tree; it's summer when the Buddhists begin their "hon" dances at the shrines; 4


oce an." Today, the e ight main is lands of the archipelago make up the SOth State in the Union

it's winter when the Chinese observe their New Year with parades and mandarin banquets. Getting around the islands is a simple affair, according to Pan American Airways which links Hawaii with the West Coast by Jet Clipper in five hours. Hawaiian Airlines, using Jet-Prop Convairs, offers a variety of flights to the outer islands. Aloha Week held in the fall in Honolulu and the outer islands, brings out all the savage splendor of old Hawaii. Balloons float down from the palms, fireworks light the skies, grass-skirted hula girls ride on floats piled high with orchids, hibiscus and frangipani . Festive tables are piled high with all sorts of exotic dishes-Japanese sukiyaki, Cantonese chop suey, Korean hot cabbage and the

Copied from an original at The History Center.



GUESTS at a Hawaiian luau sample the exotic dishes with their fingers. Women pin flowers in their hair, men wear casual aloha shirts and the hula dancers sway

great Hawaiian favorite-roast pig with red pep· pers and yams. Spectators stand knee-deep in orchids and con· fetti. Dancers perform the classical dances of Japan, the knife dances of Samoa, the dragon dances of China and the country square dances of America beneath the flickering light of the torch. Everywhere, the legends of old Hawaii are enacted against a background of coconut palms and green volcanic hills. Villages throughout the islands revive the old custom of the "hukilau," the community fish pull, for Aloha Week. A huge fish net fringed with leaves is tossed in a semi-circle in the bay, and everyone lends a hand to haul the big catch back to shore. When the tugging is over, it's time for the "luau," Hawaii's traditional feast, often served by moonlight. Main dishes on the menu include roast pork, raw and cooked fish, a variety of fruits and the clas ic poi, an elastic paste pounded from taro roots. The table is set with clay dishes, coconut shells and leaves and it's the fashion to eat with the fingers. Although the autumn is the gala eason in Hawaii, prices are no higher than at any other time of the year. What is more, the thermometer hugs 70-odd degrees summer and winter, so there is no peak season. Prices at any time are a matter of personal taste and budget. A room with bath, located just off the sands at Waikiki, runs as low as $7 a night, a drug-store-style breakfast is 50

SPINNING porpoises perform at Whaler's Cove in Sea Life Park near Honolulu. Th e park. a research center for the study of marine life. features porpoises who do the hula and play catch ball

A FAVORITE with young and old is the Polynesian Culture Center where the entertainment reflects the culture of Hawaii and the islands of the South Pacific


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HAWAIIAN girls demonstrate basic steps and hip swivel motions of the hula, with hand and arm movements used to tell a story. The dance, once banned by missionaries as indecent, was revived by King Kalahaua

cents, and a simple lunch is a dollar or so . In short, an allowance of $12 or $15 a day is adequate, indeed, in this land of palms and pineapples. Sun-seekers in search of a luxury or two will find that Hawaii has an assortment of frills to please the most fa stidious of travelers. Palatial new inns are burgeoning on th e coral reefs of the outer islands as well as along the Gold Coast at Waikiki. Maui, for example, is developing Kaanapali Beach, a three-mile sweep of white sand near the old Hawaii an capitol of Lahaina. Plans for this multi-million dollar project call for a dozen hotels, shopping center and yacht harbor. The last word in luxury, however, is the new 154-room Mauna Kea Beach Hotel on the north Kona coast of the "Big Island" of Hawaii. This many splendored resort, developed by Laurence S. Rockefeller, occupies some 500 acres leased from the vast Parker Ranch, 70 miles from Hilo. On one side, the Mauna Kea offers guests a view of the palm-fringed white sands, and on the other is the snow-capped volcanic peak towering some 14,000 feet into the tropi cal sky. Sports include swimming and snorkeling, golf on an 18-hole championship course, tennis, horseback riding, hunting, sailing and fishing off the Kona coast. The Polynesians, like their fellow seafarers, the Greeks, have a word for everything, and the word which means everything in Pacific game fi shing these days is "a'u." "A'u" is Hawaiian for marlin, and marlin's a fighting word in the lingo of every angler who has ever had th e king of the sea hit his hook and carry the line away like a high-balling express. Rare is the fisherman who can fail to be impressed and lured by the magnificent immensity of the 1,095 pound world record blue marlin recently caught in Hawaiian waters. This half-ton of tail-lashing fury, however, was merely one of the 21 world records for deep sea fish hooked off Hawaii. Just about all a fisherman need bring is himself and a jug of his favorite brew. Lunch and the use of all equipment is included in the charter fee, and no license is required. The odd-man-out coin flip game or drawing of SENIOR men's surfing champion, Fred Hemmings. Jr.. braces to ride one of the '"heavies" at Makaha Beach, the setting in December for the International Surfing Championships

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RIVALING the grandeur of Waikiki is the resort complex at Kaanapali on the island of Maui. This three-mile sweep

of white sand near the old whaling post of Lahaina now boasts several luxury hotels

straws usually determines who takes the fir st strike. And since charter boats usually drag at least five lines, odds on the action are better than even. What is more, Hawaii rises steeply from the bottom of the sea, so lines are set immediately after clearing the wharf. No precious time is wasted escaping the continental shelf typical of most islands. Deep sea fishing off Hawaii is se renely uncomplicated. Fishermen of ten play cards beneath a shady awning or tan themselves on the deck, while the vessel trawls. Reeling in the fi sh is the only effort necessary. The average marlin catch runs 200 to 300 pounds, but marlin are not the only big ones in these waters. Y ellowfin tuna which the Hawaiians call "ahi" are abundant, and the world record of 266 pounds was hauled in off Hawaii. Another fierce fighter is the " mahimahi," more

commonly known as the dolphin. Fishermen are undecided whether its clever acrobatics or succulently sweet flesh is its greatest asset. Mahimahi run to 70 pounds, but most weary fi shermen are thankful that the average catch is about 30 to 40 pounds. What on the Mainland is wahoo is "ono" in Hawaii, and "ono" in the Polynesian tongue refers to something good. That term's applicable to both the sledgehammer blow at a lure and the flavor of the flesh. Wahoo or "ono" is perhaps the best of all fi sh to make sashimi-raw, finely chopped white meat, seasoned with hot mustard and soy sauce. Most skippers are delighted to prepare a batch on deck. All fi shing is a gamble, and no skipper will guarantee a catch. However, it is encouraging to note that just this past summer one boat proudly flew five blue-and-white marlin flags in two days. 7

A II Photos Courtesy Pan A merican World Airways

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DAVE WATSON Esso Production (U.K .) Ltd .• London, England

THOMAS M. McLEAN Alcorn Combustion Co . New York. New York

R.H. SELF. left. D. 0. NELSON both with Chevron Oil Co. of Venezuela

B. J. BRIGGS. left. C. 0. McCOY both with Chevron Oil Co. of

Maracaibo, Venezuela

Venezuela. Maracaibo , Venezuela


PHIL WOLFTHAL. left. STARKS W. LEWIS both with Dresser-Clark Div. of Dresser Industries, New York , New York

DON HIRSHBERG Alcorn Combustion Co. New York. New York

FRITZ PLOEG. left. EVER MAYBERRY both with Chevron Oil Co. de Venezuela Maracaibo, Venezuela

\ \

\• Left to right: BOB WATSON. PEDRO !SEA. RAFAEL MENDIBLE. all with Cia. Shell de

EARNEST J. ZENKER Mobil Oil Co . de Venezuela

Venezuela , Lagunillas. Venezuela

Anaco, Venezuela

Left to right: RAUL VALENZUELA. Union Carbide JOE MENDOZA. BOB PAUSELL. both with Texas Petroleum Co. , all in Caracas, Venezuela

BILL McBRIEN Worthington Corp . Harrison. New Jersey

TONY DePINTO Balfour Maclaine Intl. Ltd .• New York, New York

WILLIAM A. MERRICK Pacific Pumps New York. New York

R. G. JOBE Shell Chemical Co. New York, New York

DICK BARRY Texas Petroleum Co . Caracas, Venezuela

H. H. GRAU California Texas Oil Corp. New York, New York

STEVE SPEAR National Bulk Carriers Inc .• New York. New York


London. England

CLINT WEITMANN Worthington Corp.


Harrison, New Jersey

Petroleum Co. , Punta Gorda. Venezuela

Copied from an original at The History Center.

CARL HOSTTETER. left, HOBBY HOPKINS both with Colombian Petroleum Co. Barranquilla, Colombia

BILL GILLECE Worthington Corp. Harrison, New Jersey

JIM SADLER. Mobil Oil Co. de Venezuela Anaco, Venezuela

Left to right: DOUG CONSTANTINE T. C. CROSS. VICTOR ANDINO, all with Alcorn Combustion Co., New York, New York



HARRY SAGER Continental Oil Co. New York, New York

TOM CRAWFORD. ALFREDO AREVALO. both with Texas Petroleum Co., Punta Gorda, Venezuela

New York, New York

BOB EVANS. Lufkin, Anaco , Venezuela

J. D. DUGGAN Drexel Equipment Co. (U.K.) Ltd .. London, England

New York, New York

EDMUNDO E. CINTRA Mobil Oil Co. de Venezuela. Anaco Venezuela

RUDY MARKER Texas Petroleum Co. Mata, Venezuela


A. NILSSON Asiatic Petroleum Corp.

F. R. HUMRICH Worthington Corp. New York, New York

CLIFFORD L. BENEDICT White Superior Division White Motor Corp. London, England

Asiatic Petroleum Corp.

ROSS PAGE. left. V. P. DOYLE both w ith Asiatic Petroleum Corp . New York, New York


Left to right: HECTOR ALONSO, Caracas Venezuela: MORGAN BELL, Port of Spain Trinidad: M. M. MARTINEZ, Caracas: L. A. HAMANN Caracas, all with Texas Petroleum Co.

R. ERDOGAN BALI. left, Lufkin, Ankara Turkey: MUZAFFER A'l'SUN. Turkish Petroleum A.O., Batman, Turkey

DAVE SPRAGUE. left SAM NEWTON. both with Worthington Corp .. New York, New York

B. S. GAWEL California Texas Oil Corp. New York. New York

G. C. NASH Asiatic Petroleum Corp. New York, New York

B. L. BERMAN Worthington Corp. New York, New York

W. E. POWELL Rimrock Tidelands, Inc. London, England

BILL HUNT Chemico New York, New York

Copied from an original at The History Center.



PETE TAFARA, left. NEIL JORGENSEN both with Worthington Corp.

JUERGEN SCHULZE. left BRIJ CHHABRA. both with Worthington

Harrison. New Jersey

Corp., Harrison . New Jersey

Left to right: PHIL BARRETT . HUGH PLATT . RU VOGEL, all with United Centrifugal Pumps, New York, New York

W. J. PEDDIE, left. J. D. O'BRIEN both with Esso International. Inc .

BILL HAMMON. left . SANTE DE LEO both with Creole Petrole um Corp.

New York. New York

Laqunillas. Venezuela

A. B. McCARTNEY, left C . W. ERNST . Asiatic Petroleum Corp .. Ne w York. New York

BOB FOEGE . left, JOE BACCARELLA both with Worthington Corp. New York, Ne w York

BILL PIETRUCHA, left RON LIEBLEIN, both with Worthington

RICHARD MAIELLA, left LIBBY ADDEO, both w ith Worthington

Corp., Harris on. New Jersey

Corp .. Harris on, New Jersey

ED O 'LEARY. left, AL NASZIMENTO both with Byron-Jacks on Pumps, Inc . New York, New York

BOB EVANS, left. Lufkin, Anaco Vene zuela: FRED ELLIOT. Mobil Oil Corp .. Caracas. Venezuela

DONNELL O ' CONNOR, left, HUGH GRANSAULL both with H. J. Grans aull and Co . Ltd .. Lufkin Agents, Trinidad

Left to right: STEVE YALE AURORA DRAGO, DON BARCLAY. all with Worthington Cor p ., New York, New York

A. T. RUSSO , left, J. F. ECHAURREN, seate d1J JOHN A FEDOR. Worthington Corp. , Harrison, Ne w Jersey

PAT IVONE, left, JACK RILEY both with Byron-Jackson Pumps, Inc. New York, New York

GEORGE GEORGAS . left BILL MURRAY. both with Byron-Jackson Pumps . Inc., New York. New York

RICHARD NEUNER, left, Worthing ton Corp .. Harrison, New Jersey; ED PATTERSON Lufkin, New York, Ne w York

NEIL TESTER. left, JACK EWELL both with Texas Petroleum Co. Velasquez, Colombia

Copied from an original at The History Center.



Left to right: JACK BATES. Mobil Oil Corp .. New York , N. Y .: JIM PARTRIDGE. FRED GRIFFIN. both with Lufkin, Lufkin, Texas: DON McDOWEU. Fuller Co., Allentown, Pa. : ED PATTERSON, New York: BILL LITTLE. Lufkin, both with Lufkin: FRED EARL. California Texa s Oil Corp,, Ne w York: PAUL SCHREFFLER. Fuller Co., Alle ntow n ; LYLE CLARK. Lufkin, Los Angeles, Calif.

Left to right: BOWDOIN CROWNINSHJELD ROMULO DIAZ. A. E. ARDITO. all with Worthington Corp .. Harrison . New Jersey

led >rk

L. W . (BILL) GLAZIER. Amospain Burgos, Spain: MRS. SELMER L. PEDERSON: MRS. L. W. GLAZIER: PACO, "' Cas a Paco ," GEORGE HENSON. Lufkin, London, England; SELMER PEDERSON. Amospain, Madrid , Spain

JOE CHAVEZ. left, DANIEL FARLE both with Colombian Petroleum c, Cucata, Colombia

Left to right: FRANH ROBERTSON RAINER KIESSLING, ROBERTS. SAUERMAN. all w ith Worthington Corp., Harrison, New Jersey DR. ARTURO DE BARRY Corporacion Venezolana Del Petroleo. Maracaibo , Venezuela



Left to right: BOB FALLON BOB LINDE. M. J. GRUEN. all with Union Pump Co .. New York, New York

RAFAEL BARACALDO DR. ENRIQUE DOMINGUEZ Corporacion Venezolana Del Colombian Petroleum Co. Petroleo . Maracaibo , Venezuela Barranquilla. Colombia

DR. T. CAMACHO . Corporacion Venezolana Del Petroleo Maracaibo , Venezuela

Left to right: KEN JORDAN. DR. ROBERTO HERNANDEZ. EDUARDO GIRALDO. all with Colombian Petroleum Co., Bogata. Colombia

LOYNAZ RAMIREZ Phillips Petroleum Co . Morichal. Venezuela

ED GARDNER Mene Grande Oil Co. El Tigre. V enezuela

Left to right: DR. ISMAEL NAVARRO. DR. GERARDO BELTRAN DR. HORACIO RODRIGUEZ. DR. ROBERTO MARTINEZ. all wi ll Empresa Colombiana de Petroleos. El Centro , Colombia

Left to right: DR. RAFAEL MOLINA. MARCO MARQUEZ and ARMANDO MORAN, all with Corparacian Venezolana Del Petroleo , Maracaibo, Venezuela

Left to right: L. A. LITTLE . Lufkin Lufkin, Texas: M. P. GILLERT. P . T. STANVAC Sumatra, Indonesia : FRED GRIFFIN. Lufkin

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Copied from an original at The History Center.

stallations ] LUFKIN C-3200V-246-74 Variable Speed Unit, Cia. Shell de Venezuela, Lagunillas, Venezuela.


A-9120-144-40 Air Balance Unit, Cia . Shell de Venezuela, Boscan Field, Estado Zulia, Venezuela.


A-15000-192-42 Air Balance Unit, Chevron Oil Co. of Venezuela, Boscan Field, Estado Zulia, Venezuela.


LUFKIN A-9120-427-'144 Air Balance Unit, Phillips Petroleum Company, Morichal Field, Venezuela.


LUFKIN A-18240-240-47 Air Balance Unit, Phillips Petroleum Company, Morichal Field, Venezuela.


A-1140-64-19 Air Balance Unit, Shell Trinidad Limited, Trinidad.


A-12800-192-42 Air Balance Unit, Corporacion Venezolana del Petroleo, Boscan Field, Estado Zulia, Venezuela .


LUFKIN A-6400-144-31 P Air Balance Unit, Colombian Petroleum Company, Tibu, Colombia.


LUFKIN C-2280-74-20 Unit, Texas Petroleum Company, Velasquez, Colombia.

JO LUFKIN M-1140-143-74 Unit, Texaco Trinidad Incorporated, Trinidad.



Copied from an original at The History Center.




. f /1

LA WHENCE A. MEGEL. SR .• President

T wo

men, endowed with a combined total of more than 50 years experience in the freight business, joined together in late 1959 and early 1960, to form a partnership in a freight hauling business and have brought it to one of the leading freight companies in Arkansas. At the time Lawrence A. Megel, Sr. acquired all the stock in a company known as Atlas Tr ansit and Warehouse Company, Inc., which was in August, 1959, the company's headquarters were in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. In January, 1960, Emmett R. Gilmore purchased 50 percent of the stock in the company. Gross revenue for their first year in business was $50,000. It is expected to exceed $2 Million in 196 7. They began operating their company with three terminals in Pine Bluff, El Dorado and Little Rock, Ark ansas. Today there are 12 terminals in strategic locati ons throughout Arkansas and th ey have an interchange ar rangement at West Memphi s, Ark14

ATLAS ansas, to ser ve Memphis, Tennessee. In the beginning, they operated with eight trailers, three tr actors and five bobtail trucks. The fl eet now consists of 67 trailers, of whi ch 40 are Lufkins, 25 tractors and 25 bobtail trucks. Because of the rapid growth of the co mpany, the headquarter s were moved from Pine Bluff to Little Rock, at which tim e the name of the company was changed to Atlas Transit, Inc. Also Lawrence Megel resided form erly in Hot Springs, but because of the expansion, he moved to Little Rock. The Company is piloted by Lawrence Megel as

Copied from an original at The History Center.



EMMETT R. GILMORE. Secretary-Treasurer and Gene ral Manager THIS LUFKIN is one of Atlas Transit's fle et of 67 trailers. 25 tractors and 25 bobtail trucks

RANSIT INC. President. He had been in th e freight business more than 30 years prior to his purchase of Atlas Transit, Inc., serving as assistant general manager of another freight line for 22 years. Emmett Gilmore, secretary-treasurer and general manager of Atlas, has been in the freight business since 1940, taking four years out to serve in the Navy dur ing World War II. When the new Atlas company began operations, the terminal in Little Rock was a two-door building. Today, it is one of the most mod ern 30-door terminals in Little Rock.

When there is any free tim e away from th e business, both partners enjoy hobbies of boating and fi shing, and are avid fan s of the Univers ity of Arkansas Razorba c k s . Both are active in the Arkansas Truck and Bus Association and Megel is a past Secretary and Director of the Association. He is also a past President of the Association Transportation Club in Memphis, Tennessee. Mr. and Mrs. Megel have one son, L. A. Megel, Jr., who has returned recently from a tour of duty in Vietnam where he served as a Captain in the Marine Corps and was awarded the Bronze Star. Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore have two daughters: Mrs. Chadd Durrett, Jr. is a junior at the University of Arkansas, and Miss Sharon Gilmore is a senior at Hall High school in Little Rock. Both families are active in The Methodist Church. Lufkin is proud to include Atlas Transi t, Inc. among its friends and customers. 15

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Installations ] LUFKIN Model D-1280 Speed Reducer, The Medine Sugar Estates Co., Ltd., Port Louis, Mauritius.


Model D-340 Speed Reducer, 300 HP, 1750 RPM Input Speed, Ratio 14.58 :1, Prodex Corporation, Fords, New Jersey.

3 LUFKIN Model S-1478 Speed Reducer Driving Reciprocating Compressor, Cal-Tex Refinery, Frankfort, West Germany.


LUFKIN D-1824 Speed Reducers and two LUFKIN N-14'108 Speed lncreasers, El Carmen Sugar Mill, Azucarera Veracruzana, S.A., Cordoba, Mexico.

5 LUFKIN MT-720H Speed Reducer, 1400 HP, 3'180 RPM Input Speed, Ratio 42.5:1, Tomazula Sugar Mill, Tomazula, Mexico.

6 LUFKIN Five-Pinion Stand for Elevating Gear Mechanism for Transocean No. 2 Drill Platform, Kerr-McGee Oil Industries, Inc., Operating in the North Sea.


Copied from an original at The History Center.



I ARTHUR L. LUTTROPP Worthington Corp. Harrison. N ew Jersey

W. J. MARTIN Worthington Corp. Harrison. New Jersey

MIKE McKIMMEY Worthington Corp. Harrison , New Jersey

Le ft to right: ABDURRAHMAN DURUKAL CEYDA GOGUS , DUNDAR OZEY. UNAL GOGUS all wit h Ersan Petrolsanayii. A .S . Turkey



Esso International Inc.

American International Oil Co.

New York, New York

New York, New York

D. W . McGEE Continental Oil Co . New York, New York



As iatic Petroleum Corp.

Drexel International

New York, New York

N.V., London, England

GEORGE HALSELL Rhodes Technology London, England

Empresa Colombian de Petroleos


MONTE HOUSE American International Oil Co. New York, New York

A siatic Petroleum Corp.

PHIL McCULLOUGH Worthington Corp.

Esso International Inc.

Harrison, Ne w Jerse y

New York, New York


DICK STAUBLE Mobil Oil Co. de Venezuela

JESUS R. RODRIGUEZ Phillips Petroleum Co.

Anaco , Venezuela

Morichal. Venezuela


Creole Petroleum Corp Lagunillas, Venezuela

New Yo rk, New York

J. L. ETKIN Prodex Div. Koehring Co. Fords, New Jersey

JOHN HARNED Phillips Petroleum Co. Morichal. Venezuela

v EUGEN SAXIN Texas Petroleum Co. Oritupano , Venezuela

El Ce ntro, Colombia

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- ~

A. F. VanALSTYNE Alcorn Combustion Co. New York, New York


PAUL S. MORGAN Pacific Pumps New York, New York

J. M. McCORMICK Prodex Div . Koehring Co . Fords. New Jersey

C. B. GILFEATHER American International Oil Co. Ne w York. New York

AL GARCIA Me n e Grande Oil Co. Lagunillas. Vene zue la

JOHN HEGWER Colombian Petroleum Co. Bogota. Colombia

0. R. PRESCOTT Alcorn Combus tion Co . New York, New York

JOE GRUESEKE Pacific Pumps New York, New York

RANDOLPH D. OGAN Alcorn Combustion Co . New York. Ne w York

DAVE SMITH Worthington Corp . Harrison. New Jersey

G. ALLEN KERR Worthington Corp. Ne w York. New York

ROBERT D. YINGLING Mene G rande Oil Co. El Tigre. Venezuela

MIKE FERRARA Texas Petroleum Co. Oritupano. Venezuela

GREGORIO C. VALDERRAMA Mene Grande Oil Co. San Tome. Venezuela

DR. EFRAIN GIRALDO Empresa Colombiana de Petroleos

El Centro, Colombia

PETER ENCINAS British Pe troleum (Trinidad) Ltd. Trinidad

ED GRAY Phillips Petroleum Co. Morichal. Venezuela

PAUL RICE Creole Petroleum Corp. Lagunillas. Venezuela

TOM SMALLING Colombian Petroleum Co. Cucata, Colombia

MELL. DIXON Texas Petroleum Co. Mata, Venezuela

DON HERRERA Shell Trinidad Ltd. Trinidad

JOSE CASANOVA Texas Petroleum Co. Mata. Venezuela

SIMON DOWNS British Petroleum (Trinidad) Ltd. , Trinidad

H. H. MAY Texaco Trinidad Inc. Trinidad

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I First Row, left to right: NOE HERRERA. Cia. Shell de Venezuela Ltd., Venezuela; ALFONSO 0. PINA. Mene Grande Oil Co .. Barcelona, Venezuela; ARGENIS S. GARCIA, Ministerio de Minas E. Lagunillas, Venezuela; LUIS EDUARDO OSPINA. Sinclair and BP Colombian Inc .. Bogota Colombia; W. T. CROWDER. Lufkin, Kilgore, Texas; C. D. RICHARDS. Lufkin; TAMIN THAMRIN, Caltex Pacific Indonesia, Rumbai, Pakanbaru. Sumatra, Indonesia; KASIBUN WILSON PASARIBU. Caltex Pacific Indonesia, Djakarta, Indonesia; HUGO de JESUS HERNANDEZ, Ministerio de Minas E. Barinas, Venezuela; MANINGAR SIANIPAR. Caltex Pacific Indonesia, Djakarta, Indonesia; JIM PARTRIDGE. Lufkin Second Row. left to right: BUCK EASON. GERALD HARLESS , both with Sun Oil Co .. Colorado City. Texas; FRANCISCO SIMONPIETRI. Ministerio de Minas E. Edo Monagas. Venezuela; BOB BARMAN, Sun Oil Co .. Colorado City, Texas; WALTER W. TROUT, Lufkin; LUIS F. BORTOLIN. Cia. Shell de Venezuela Ltd .. Maracaibo, Venezuela; JOSE RAMON MARTINEZ, Mene Grande Oil Co., Barcelona, Venezuela; RODOLFO ANTONIO STUMPFLE. International Petroleum

Co .. Talara, Peru; LORENZO ZELAYA, International Petroleum Co.. Talara; HAROLD B. TOLLETT. McAlester Fuel Co .. Magnolia. Arkansas Third Row, left to right: DONALD ALBRIGHT. WAYNE GOODWYN, BILLY MOORE. GEORGE GRAY, all with Sun Oil Co .. Colorado City; JOHN A. EVERLY, Gralapp & Everly, Winfield, Kansas; LARRY J. MADGETT. Tidewater Oil Co .. Bakersfield, Calif.; FRED M. STRADER. Mobil Oil Corp .. Wilmington, Calif.; GILBERT L. PRICE, Sinclair Venezuela Oil Co .. Caracas, Venezuela; R. L. POLAND, J, D. BRADLEY, both with Lufkin Back Row, left to right: T. D. HOFMANN, Sun Oil Co .. Colorado City; BENJAMIN F. FORD, General Crude Oil Co .. Hamlin, Texas; HAROLD W. DUMAS, Texas Pacific Oil Co .. Hobbs, New Mexico; FLOYD E. THORNTON, Tidewater Oil Co., Bakersfield, Calif.; WILLIAM H. BROWN. Canadian Superior Oil Ltd .. ~algary, Alberta, Canada; RILEY WEBB. Lufkin; JAMES A. BOGGS, Pan American Petroleum Corp.. Kilgore; EBEN JAMES HOPWOOD, Mobil Oil Corp .. Santa Fe Springs, Calif.; CURTIS F. KRUSE, Petroleum Extension Service, The University of Texas, Austin, Texas; BOB THOMPSON, Odessa; MILTON WALTHER, Lufkin; both with Lufkin



JACK MARSHALL Continental Oil Co. New York. New York

Asiatic Petroleum Corp.

New York. New York

GORDON BENEDICT Esso International Inc.

New York. New York JOHN E. JENNINGS Phillips Petroleum Co. Morichal. Venezuela

LAWTON L. LAURENCE Rhodes Technology London, England

MALCOM E. LOYD Continental Oil Co. Dubai, Arabian Gulf

J. R. AULACIO, Cia. Shell De Venezuela Bachaquero, Venezuela

JUAN GUEVARA Sinclair Venezuelan Oil Co.

Esso International Inc.

LOU WHEELER Phillips Petroleum Co.

Santa Barbara, Venezuela

New York. New York

Morichat Venezuela

JACK BATSON Sinclair & BP Colombian Inc .

J. G. SEARLS Sinclair & BP Colombian Inc.

JOSEPH SEITZ Mene Grande Oil Co.

Bucaramanga, Colombia

Bucaramanga, Colombia

Lagunillas, Ve nezuela


J. J. MOORE Texaco Trinidad Inc. Trinidad

JACK N. ESSINGER Shell Chemical Co. New York. New York

T. J. HAYES Shell Chemical Co. New York, New York

H. S. GORNEY Philip L. Rhodes, Inc . New York. New York

BERT BERTOLAMY Prodex Div. Koehring Co. Fords, New Jersey

COEN BUENDER Cia. Shell de Venezuela Lagunillas. Venezuela

F . AVILA C. Cia. Shell de Venezuela Bachaquero, Venezuela

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ALTER W. TROUT was elected to the newly created office of Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, and Robert L. Poland was named President of Lufkin Foundry and Machine Company by the Board of Directors at their annual meeting held in Lufkin March 21, 1967. Trout has served as President of the Company since 1948, after having served as Acting President the preceding year following the death of his father in April, 1947. Poland, 4 7, was named Assistant to the Presi-


W.W. TROUT, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

dent and Director by the Board of Directors in March, 1966. He was employed by Lufkin December 1, 1945, as a design engineer and was Chief of Commercial and Marine Gear Engineering before being named Assistant to the President and Director last year. Poland received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A & M University. He is a Registered Professional Engineer, a member and past president of the local chapter of Texas Society of Professional Engineers, and a member of the National Society of Professional Engineers. Active in civic and community affairs for many years, Poland is currently serving as first vice president of the Chamber of Commerce, director of the local chapter of American Red Cross, director of the Community Chest, trustee of Angelina Junior College, member of the South Texas Regional Export Council, member of the Masonic Lodge and the Lions Club, and member and past board chairman of the First Chri tian Church of Lufkin. He has served several years as a member of the local Selective Service Board. He and his wife, Adell, have four children, three boys and a girl. 21

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Did you hear about the Scotchman who was nearly pummeled to death because he thou ght the sign on the door read " Laddies? " " Judge, he promised to take me to Florida," the sweet yo un g thin g sobbed. " o I didn' t Jud ge, I said I was going to Tampa with her." Th e three old men met on the street corner and were di sc u ss in g their problems brou ght on by old age. The first s i ghed and said , "Well, you think you've got problems, but I'm goin g deaf and believe me there's just nothing worse." The second old man hook his head solemnly and spoke, " That's not half as bad as me. I'm losin g my eyesight and there's just nothin g worse than that." "Oh, I don't know," the third old fellow answered. " It seems that I'm losin g my mind and that's terrible. It's so bad now that I can't remember things anymore. Why the other ni ght, I walked my date to the door and she looked at me and said, 'Old man , you've had it' and yo u know I couldn't remember whether I had or not?" Uncle Buckle: "Luke, women these days are getting too fast to suit me." Luke : "Never thou ght you'd complain about that. What happened? " Uncl e Buckle: "I was takin g a census in our neighborhood, and a woman came to the door and said, 'Yes' and I didn't even have it on my mind." First Drunk: " Lesh take another drink and go find shum girls." Second Drunk: " Iaw, I've got more at home than I can take care of." First Drunk: " Lesh take another drink and go to your house."



An Englishman and an American were on a ship returning to America, and the American was berating the British and their way of life. " The trouble with you English," he ranted, " is that you stick together too much. Th ere should be more intermin gling. In my blood there's Ru ssian, Spanish. Greek and Italian." The Britisher looked up and said, "That was very sportin g of your mother." The boss of the night club has his six topless dancers listed on the payroll as bouncers. On wall in a mat er nity ward: " What Pill?" The subject of modern-day morality was debated with much ea rn estness between the yo ung lady and her date. The date maintained that it's possible to take advantage of a yo ung lady at will, whether she chose to permit it or not. Th e girl was firm in maintaining that such was not the case. Finally it was decided that the only solution to the question was by a practical demonstration. So they tried it and the battle was on. After a lively tu ssle, her date proved his point. The girl, however, showed an undaunted spirit. "Oh, well, you didn't win fair," she argued . "My foot slipped there on that ru g. Let's try it again." " I'm wearing this new bra call ed 'Square Dance Bra'." "What's a Square Dan ce Bra?" "A Square Dance Bra stays up beautifully no matter how frantic the fiddlin g gets." ew-style postcard from a sailor to his gal: " Having a wonderful wish. Time you were here."


With those daring necklines it isn't easy to remember faces. Th e two old hen s were bein g chased madly about the chicken yard by the barnyard rooster. After several minutes of runnin g from him, one hen turned to the other and panted, "Say, which one of us is he chasin g anyway?" The other clucked back breathlessly, " I don't know, but both of us are running too fast!" "I wonder why so many marriages are failures?" " It must be becau se so many inexperienced people go into it." Many a go-getter is afterwards sorry that he gotter. Some good advice for newlyweds: when you wake up, get up! Here's to th e girl with the turned up nose, The turned-in eyes and the turned down hose, With the turned-on heat and turned-down lightThe hunch I had turned out all right. She : " My, what slim , expressive hands yo u have. They belong on a girl." He: " Well , I never pass up an opportunity." The modern cocktail served in bars is nothing more than an ice cube which has been given an alcohol rub. Girl Friend {pourin g out the drink) : "Say when." Marine: "Any time after the first drink is okay by me." New nursery rhyme: Mary had a little wolf and fl eeced him white as snow.

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HIGH TENSllE FlOAT Designed to Handle 60,000# Payloads




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.A Two adjacent 3-zone pumping installations with Lufkin API Series units equipped with special wedge horseheads and type SA wireline hangers.

Pumping from four zones in one well. These are 1959 model Lufkin units which have been converted for multiple pumping. Special wedge horseheads and wire line hangers are available for all older model units.

You Can Relax When Your Lease Is LUFKIN EQUIPPED