2006 Long Beach, CA - Western Society for French History

2006 Long Beach, CA - Western Society for French History

THE WESTERN SOCIETY FOR FRENCH HISTORY www.wfsh.org Thirty-fourth Annual Conference 19-21 October 2006 Renaissance Hotel, Long Beach, California Spon...

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Thirty-fourth Annual Conference 19-21 October 2006 Renaissance Hotel, Long Beach, California Sponsored by California State University, Long Beach Local Arrangements Committee William Weber, California State University, Long Beach, Co-Chair Linda Clark, Millersville University, Co-Chair Linda Alcana, California State University, Long Beach Arnold Kaminsky, California State University, Long Beach David Shafer, California State University, Long Beach Plenary Speakers Jean-Claude Caron, Université de Clermont-Ferrand Christophe Charle, Université de Paris-Sorbonne Program Committee Jeffrey Merrick, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Chair Wisconsin French History Group (www.uwm.edu/People/jmerrick/WFHG.htm) Officers Jeffrey Merrick, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, President Martha Hanna, University of Colorado, Vice-President and President-Elect Alyssa Goldstein Sepinwall, California State University, San Marcos, Secretary Charlie Steen, University of New Mexico, Treasurer Carol Harrison, University of South Carolina, Co-editor of the Proceedings Kathryn Edwards, University of South Carolina, Co-editor of the Proceedings Dena Goodman, University of Michigan, Immediate Past President Bryan Skib, University of Michigan, Website coordinator Rene S. Marion, Bard High School Early College, Hotel Coordinator

Governing Council Members Elinor Accampo, University of Southern California Hilary Bernstein, University of California, Santa Barbara Rafe Blaubfarb, Auburn University Sara Chapman, Oakland University Paul Cohen, University of Toronto Judith DeGroat, Saint Lawrence University David Del Testa, Bucknell University Michael De Waele, Université Laval Nina Gelbart, Occidental College W. Scott Haine, University of Maryland, University College Jennifer Heuer, University of Massachusetts-Amherst Jennifer Jones, Rutgers University Nina Kushner, Clark University Janine Lanza, Wayne State University Linda Lierheimer, Hawa’i Pacific University Laura Mason, University of Georgia Joelle Neulander, The Citadel Bryant Ragan, Colorado College Donna Ryan, Gallaudet University Lynn Sharp, Whitman College Daniel Smail, Harvard University Larissa Taylor, Colby College Kathleen Wellman, Southern Methodist University Gary Wilder, Pomona College Elected to Honorary Council Membership Georgia Robison Beale, Independent Scholar (1980) Jacques Beauroy, Centre National des Recherches Scientifiques (1977) Brison Gooch, Texas A&M University (1990) Andrew Lossky, University of California, Los Angeles (1983) Elizabeth Wirt Marvick, Independent Scholar (1986) Edgar Newman, New Mexico State University (2000) David Pinkney, University of Washington (1982) Orest Ranum, Johns Hopkins University (1999) William Roosen, Northern Arizona University (1991) Barry Rothaus, University of Northern Colorado (2005) Boyd Shafer, University of Arizona (1976) Albert Soboul, Université de Paris-Sorbonne (1976)

THURSDAY, 19 OCTOBER REGISTRATION, 4:30-9 pm, Foyer PLENARY SESSION ONE, 5:30-7 pm, FRENCH HISTORY AND FRENCH STUDIES (ROUNDTABLE) Moderator: Jeffrey Merrick, University of WisconsinMilwaukee Participants: Edward Berenson, New York University Clorinda Donato, California State University, Long Beach Mary Sheriff, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Monique Yaari, Pennsylvania State University CASH BAR, 7-10 pm, Promenade GOVERNING COUNCIL MEETING, 7:30-10 pm, Sicilian Ballroom

FRIDAY, 20 OCTOBER CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST, 7-8:30 am, Promenade REGISTRATION, 8 am-6 pm, Foyer BOOK EXHIBIT, 8 am-6 pm, End of Foyer

SESSION ONE, 8:30-10:15 am 1A: FASHION AND THE COURT OF LOUIS XIV, Sicilian B Chair: Donna Bohanan, Auburn University The Emergence of the Concept of Fashion in Seventeenth-Century France William Ray, Reed College

Portraits of Louis XIV and Fashion Prints Kate Nicholson, University of Oregon Ladies of the Palace: Fashion and Politics in Louis XIV’s Versailles Kathryn Norberg, University of California-Los Angeles Comment: Kathleen Wellman, Southern Methodist University 1B: LANDSCAPES AT WORK: NATURE AND NATION-BUILDING IN MODERN FRANCE, Sicilian A Chair: Linda Lierheimer, Hawai’i Pacific University Preserving Nature, Saving Art: Landscape and National Identity in Early Twentieth-Century France Theresa McBride, Holy Cross College Reclaiming the Nation: Technology, Landscape, and Identity in the French Camargue Sam Temple, University of Michigan Mauvais citoyen and dents meurtrières: Taming the Wild Jura, 1800-1850 C. Kieko Matteson, Yale University Comment: Daniel Ringrose, Minot State University 1C: CULTURAL ANXIETIES AND FRENCH IMPERIALISM, Corsican Chair: Joan Moon, California State University, Sacramento Depopulation, Masculinity, and Colonial Emigration in the Early Third Republic Margaret Cook Andersen, University of Iowa

White Blood on rue Hue: The Murder of “le négrier” Bazin Michael Vann, Sacramento State University Poor but Powerful: French Widows in Colonial Indochina in the InterWar Years Terry Younghwa, Rutgers University Comment: Naomi Andrews, Santa Clara University 1D: DEAF EDUCATION AND DEAF IDENTITY FROM THE FRENCH REVOLUTION TO THE MID-NINETEENTH CENTURY, Capri Chair: Donna Ryan, Gallaudet University The Enigmatic Abbé Roch Ambroise Sicard and the First National School for the Deaf in France Emmet Kennedy, George Washington University The Poetry of a Minority Community: The Deaf Poet Pierre Pelissier and the Formation of Deaf Identity in the 1850s Anne Quartararo, United States Naval Academy Comment: Barry Bergen, Gallaudet University 1E: POLICE AND JUSTICE, San Marco Chair: Patricia Dougherty, Dominican University of California The French Revolution and the Enlightening of Military Justice Charles H. Hammond, University of California, Davis Equal Justice for All: Gendarmes and Enforcement during the Nineteenth Century Terry W. Strieter, Murray State University The Problem of Proof: Denunciations, Confessions, and Medical Evidence in Reproductive Crimes, 1900-1940 Karen E. Huber, Ohio State University

Comment: James Donovan, Pennsylvania State University-Mount Alto 1F: DANCE, SPORT, AND GENDER, Sienna Chair: Whitney Walton, Purdue University “The Don Juan of the Squadron”: French Masculinity, Jazz, and Social Dancing in the 1920s R. O’Brian Carter, Berry College Competition, Recreation, and “Our Great Suzanne”: Gender and “Modern” Sport in Interwar France Adam C. Stanley, University of Wisconsin-Platteville Comment: Joelle Neulander, The Citadel

SESSION TWO, 10:30 am-12:15 pm 2A: HAIR DRESSING AND UNDRESSING MARIE-ANTOINETTE’S FRANCE, Sicilian B Chair: Dena Goodman, University of Michigan Of Poufs and Politics: Marie-Antoinette, Rose Bertin, and the Rise of a Controversial Coiffure Caroline Weber, Barnard College, Columbia University The Corage and the Chemise: Marie-Antoinette’s Clothing Maxwell Barr, University of California-Los Angeles Dishabille, Negligé, and En chemise: The Cultural Symbolics of Undress Paula Radisich, Whittier College Comment: Kimberly Chrisman-Campell, Huntington Library 2B: SCIENCE AND MODERNISM, Corsican Chair: Venita Datta, Welesley College

The Arts and Science of Criminal Man in Fin-de-Siècle France Nicholas Dobelbower, Macalaster College Envisaging Sculpture, Manipulating Science: Rodin and Physiognomy Natasha Ruiz-Gómez, University of Pennsylvania Mask, Visage, and the Ecstatic Body: Techniques of the Sacred in Documents according to Avant-garde Criticism and Ethnology (1929-1930) Joyce Cheng, Univversity of Chicago Comment: Eliza Ferguson, University of New Mexico 2C: RELIGIOUS PROBLEMS, Sicilian A Chair: Robert Weiner, Lafayette College Royal Prerogatives over the Church: Views from the Mazarinades Thomas C. Sosnowski, Kent State University Blanc, Duret, and the Problem of Christian Sculpture Matthew Simms, California State University, Long Beach Between Clericalism and Anticlericalism: French Jewry and the Problem of Church and State, 1848-1905 Zvi Jonathan Kaplan, Touro College Comment: James Collins, Georgetown University 2D: PRESS, PUBLISHING, AND POLITICS, Capri Chair: W. Scott Haine, University of Maryland, Maryland County Woodrow Wilson in the French Illustrated Press during the Paris Peace Conference, December 1918-June 1919 Dominique Laurent, Dickinson College

The Editrice in France since the MLF: Editions des Femmes and the Opening of the Publishing Industry to Women Jennifer S. Duncan, University of Oregon Comment: Sian Reynolds, University of Stirling 2E: CULTURAL CONTACTS AND ACCOMMODATIONS: FRENCH ENCOUNTERS WITH ASIA IN THE LATE SEVENTEENTH AND EIGHTEENTH CENTURIES (WILLIAM ROOSEN MEMORIAL PANEL), Boardroom Chair: Sara Chapman, Oakland University Negras de Guinea: French Perceptions of Slavery and the Slave Trade in Seventeenth-Century Portuguese India, ca. 1608-1674 Glenn J. Ames, University of Toledo Royal Protocol and Cultural Synthesis: The Preliminary Arrangements for a French Embassy to Siam in 1685 Ronald S. Love, University of West Georgia Le Gentil Meets les gentils: Astronomical Calculation from the Paris Observatory to Pondicherry Jordan Kellman, University of Louisiana at Lafayette Comment: Gayle Brunelle, California State University, Fullerton 2F: GENDER, SEXUALITY, AND DEVIANCE IN THE CULTURAL IMAGINATION OF THE BELLE EPOQUE, San Marco Chair: Nancy Fitch, California State University, Fullerton “Levantine” Killer: The Parisian Investigation, Trial, and Execution of Henri Pranzini in the Summer of 1887 Aaron Freundschuh, University of California, Berkeley

The Sexual Insult and Virginal Honor during the Belle Epoque Andrea Mansker, University of the South “Je m’occupe de politique”: The Male Prostitute in Belle Epoque Print Culture Michael L. Wilson, University of Texas at Dallas Comment: Jean Pedersen, Eastman School, University of Rochester 2G: CONFLICTING ACCOUNTS OF CONTROVERSIAL EPISODES, Sienna Chair: Daniel Smail, Harvard University On the Origins of the Barricade Mark Traugott, University of California, Santa Cruz Victim, Martyr, or Petite Coquine? Images of Catherine Cadière and the Politics of the Eighteenth-Century Confessional Mita Choudhury, Vassar College Comment: Kathryn Edwards, University of South Carolina LUNCH AND PLENARY SESSION TWO, 12:30-2 pm, Renaissance I-II Presiding: William Weber, California State University, Long Beach Greeting Gerry Riposa, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, California State University, Long Beach Paris, capitale théâtrale de l’Europe: Du bon usage de la mondialisation littéraire Christophe Charle, Université de Paris-Sorbonne

SESSION THREE, 2:15-4 pm 3A: FRANCE AND INDIA, Corsican Chair: Arnold Kaminsky, California State University, Long Beach Napoleon Bonaparte and the Mythical Invasion of India, 1798-1799 James Fichter, Lingnan University L’Inde fantôme: Louis Malle and India, 1967-1970 Roxanne Panchasi, Simon Fraser University Comment: David Shafer, California State University, Long Beach 3B: INTRODUCING THE ESTERNAY PROJECT: ELECTRONIC DUSTBIN, ARCHIVAL DEPOSIT, OR SCHOLARLY NIRVANA? (ROUNDTABLE), Sicilian B Chair: Elinor Accampo, University of Southern California Introduction to the Project’s Origins, the Nature of the Documents, and the Logic behind This Pilot Project Carl Weiner, Carleton College Potential and Possibilities for Literary Scholars and Undergraduate Language Students Scott Carpenter, Carleton College Scholarly Opportunities in the Collection and Undergraduate Teaching Possibilities Daniel Ringrose, Minot State University Where Next? Esternay in the World of Electronic Resources and Instructional Technology Dennis Trinkle, Tenzer Family University/DePauw University

The Role of Experiments such as the Esternay Project in the Historical Profession Lynn Hunt, University of California, Los Angeles 3C: PROSTITUTES IN FRENCH HISTORY: AGENCY AND HISTORIOGRAPHY, Sicilian A Chair: Bryant Ragan, Colorado College Prostitution and Mapping Sexual Morality in EighteenthCentury Paris Nina Kushner, Clark University Prostitutes: Locating Women and Identifying Agency in World War I France Michelle K. Rhoades, Wabash College Comment: William Peniston, Newark Museum 3D: FASHION IN THE LATE EIGHTEENTH AND EARLY NINETEENTH CENTURIES, Capri Chair: Maryanne Horowitz, Occidental College Bald by Nature: Girodet and the Quest for a Masculine Ideal of Beauty Morag Martin, State University of New York-Brockport The Sartorial Self: Neoclassical Fashion and Gender Identity, 1797-1804 Claire Cage, Johns Hopkins University Distinguished and Distinguishing Clothing: Status and Order in Children’s Fashion, 1760-1830 Jennifer Popiel, Saint Louis University Comment: Jennifer Jones, Rutgers University 3E: RURAL LIFE AND AUTHENTICITY IN OVERSEAS AND METROPOLITAN FRANCE, Sienna

Chair: April Shelford, American University Seeking Old Tahiti: Polynesian Authenticities in the 1890s Elizabeth Childs, University of Washington, Saint Louis Opening up Her Secrets: Gender and Authenticity in Tourist Brittany Patrick Young, University of Massachusetts-Lowell Peasant Memoir and Ethnography of the Interior Sarah Farmer, University of California, Irvine Comment: Liana Vardi, State University of New York, Buffalo 3F: GIRONDINS AND JACOBINS, Boardroom Chair: Barry Shapiro, Allegheny College The Making of the Parisian Political Demonstration: A Case Study of 20 June 1792 Micah Alpaugh, University of California-Irvine The Uses of Power: Lafayette and Brissot in 1792 Sylvia Neely, Pennsylvania State University The Uses of Memoirs in the Making of History: Last Words of Girondin Martyrs Bette W. Oliver, Independent scholar Comment: Gary Kates, Pomona College 3G: ASSIMILATION IN QUESTION: MARTINIQUE, ALGERIA, FRENCH WEST AFRICA, San Marco Chair: Naomi Andrews, Santa Clara University Citizenship and Assimilation in Martinique, 1946-1982 Kristen Stromberg Childers, University of Pennsylvania Language Policy and Colonial Reform in Interwar French West Africa

Harry Gamble, College of Wooster Negotiating Colonial Privilege: Algerian Jewish Responses to Assimilation Nathan Godley, University of Wisconsin-Parkside Comment: Christina Firpo, California Polytechnic University

SESSION FOUR, 4:15-6 pm 4A: VISIONS AND MEANINGS OF LIBERALISM, Corsican Chair: Lenard Berlanstein, University of Virginia Utopie et libéralisme à la fin du XVIIIe siècle Denis D. Grélé, Wellesley College What Does a Deputy to the National Assembly Owe His Constituents? Robert H. Blackman, Hampden-Sydney College The Journal de Bordeaux and the Girondins: National Politics, Provincial Ideology, and the Origins of the Federalist Revolt in Bordeaux Stephen Auerbach, Georgia College and State University Comment: Annelien De Dijn, University of Leuven 4B: COLONIAL PERSPECTIVES, Sicilian B Chair: Susan Ashley, Colorado College Designing Empire: An Examination of the Relationship between France and Her Colonies in the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes Laura Sextro, University of California, Irvine Failing the Empire: The Place of Exotic Literature in Colonial Cultural History, 1880-1940 Seth Graebner, Washington University

Comment: Michael Vann, Sacramento State University 4C: DESTINATION PARIS: TRAVEL, TRANSIT, AND ATTRACTIONS (1800-1850), Sicilian A Chair: Vanessa Schwartz, University of Southern California Publicizing Paris: Paris as the Capital of Amusement and Fashion, 1820-1848 Hazel Hahn, Seattle University The Palais-Royal: Urban Tourism and Consumption in Paris, 1802-1836 Alexander Vari, Carnegie Mellon University Vehicles of Transformation: The Omnibus in/as Urban Space (Paris, 1828-1850) Jennifer Terni, Emory University Comment: Judith Miller, Emory University 4D: PATRIARCHY AND EXTREMIST POLITICS IN INTERWAR FRANCE, Capri Chair: Sarah Maza, Northwestern University “Mes garçons et vos filles”: Antoine Rédier and His Personal and Political Project of a New Patriarchy Cheryl Koos, California State University, Los Angeles Anarchism and the Action Française: The Strange Death of Philippe Daudet Richard Sonn, University of Arkansas Fathers of the Faisceau and Croix de Feu Daniella Sarnoff, Marist College Comment: Robin Walz, University of Southeast Alaska, Juneau 4E: LAST WORDS, Sienna

Chair: Keith Luria, North Carolina State University The Scandalous Death of Claude Roulland Jason Kuznicki, Johns Hopkins University Pardon and Politics: Louis XV’s Deathbed Apology Jeffrey Merrick, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Last Letters and Revolutionary Self-Fashioning Nina Gelbart, Occidental College Comment: Sean Takats, George Mason University 4F: MODERNISM AND COMMUNISM BETWEEN THE WARS, San Marco Chair: Dennis McEnnerney, Colorado College Belphegor: The Mysterious Other in Modernist French Culture Stephen Bold, Boston College The Making and Unmaking of a Christian Bolshevik: The Soviet Years of Pierre Pascal Jonathan Beecher, University of California, Santa Cruz Comment: Julius Friend, George Washington University 4G: REMEMBERING MORRIS SLAVIN (19132006): MAN AND HISTORIAN, Boardroom Chair: Marsha Frey, Kansas State University My Friend Morris Slavin Eric A. Arnold, University of Denver Morris Slavin, Historian of the French Revolution James Friguglietti, Montana State University-Billings Comment: The Audience RECEPTION, 6:15-7:30 pm, Renaissance I-II

SATURDAY, 21 OCTOBER CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST, 7-8:30 am, Promenade REGISTRATION, 8 am-12 pm, Foyer BOOK EXHIBIT, 8 am-2 pm, End of Foyer

SESSION FIVE, 8:30-10:15 am 5A: IDENTITIES, BORDERLANDS, AND MEMORY, Sienna Chair: Bertram Gordon, Mills College The Legitimacy of Judgment and the Management of Justice: Borderland Basques under Vichy and German Occupation (1940-1944) Sandra Ott, University of Nevada, Reno The Broken Record of Memory in Contemporary France Nathan Bracher, Texas A&M University Comment: Sarah Fishman, University of Houston 5B: CARS, HEALTH, AND JUSTICE IN TWENTIETH-CENTURY FRANCE AND THE UNITED STATES: CONTROVERSIES, CONFLICTS, AND COMPARISONS, Capri Chair: Hines Hall, Auburn University Labor and Health Security in Twentieth-Century France and the United States Paul V. Dutton, Northern Arizona University

American Realities, French Hopes? Mass Motorization, the Autoroutes, and the Uses of National Comparison in France, 1950-1970 Curtis Charles Bertschi, Columbia University L’Affaire Sacco et Vanzetti: American Justice on Trial in Interwar France Moshik Temkin, Columbia University Comment: Michael Miller, University of Miami 5C: IN HONOR OF JOHN C. RULE, San Marco Chair: Linda Frey, University of Montana John C. Rule: Historian of Louis XIV, France, and Europe John M. Stapleton, United States Military Academy Opera and Opportunity in Louis XIV’s Paris Charlie Steen, University of New Mexico Comment: The Audience 5D: REVOLUTIONARY POLITICAL CULTURE, Sicilian A Chair: Lynn Sharp, Whitman College The Tricolor Cockade: Unity and Division in the Early French Revolution Eric Bright, University of Washington The Legend of Agricol Viala Eric F. Johnson, Kutztown University Lightening Strikes: The Poudrerie of Grenelle and the Rhetoric of Gunpowder in Revolutionary France Mary Ashburn Miller, Johns Hopkins University Comment: Michael Breen, Reed College

5E: FRENCH FEMINIST INTERNATIONALISM IN THE LONG NINETEENTH CENTURY, Sicilain B Chair: Karen Offen, Stanford University Republican vs. Revolutionary: The Feminist Left and Questions of Empire in Late Nineteenth-Century France Carolyn J. Eichner, University of South Florida Between France and the World: Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism in the Work of Flora Tristan Rachel Nuñez, Stanford University Universalizing the Particular: French Intellectuals, Internationalism, and Gender Injustice in the Early 1900s Anne Epstein, University of Helsinki Comment: Rachel Fuchs, Arizona State University 5F: GENS DE COULEUR AND THE EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY FRENCH BLACK ATLANTIC: RACE AS SOCIAL CATEGORY AND LIVED EXPERIENCE, Corsican Chair: Alyssa Goldstein Sepinwall, California State University, San Marcos Creating and Belonging to Community: Race and Gender in Eighteenth-Century La Rochelle Jennifer Palmer, University of Michigan God’s Black Firstfruits: Baptism, Godparentage, and Community among Eighteenth-Century Nantes’ Gens de couleur Dwain C. Pruitt, Rhodes College “An Indelible Stain”: Blacks and the Dynamics of Race in Eighteenth-Century France William Alexander, Norfolk State University Comment: Keith Mann, Cardinal Stritch University

SESSION SIX, 10:30 am-12:15 pm, 6A: NEW PERSPECTIVES ON FRANCE IN THE WORLD, Sicilian A Chair: Jo Burr Margadant, Santa Clara University Navigating the Languages of Empire: Mediating Linguistic Difference among French Settlers and Amerindians in New France Paul Cohen, University of Toronto Ethics as Transnational History: French and American Conceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Post-colonial Era Christopher Endy, California State University, Los Angeles Atlantic Amnesia: French Historians, the Haitian Revolution, and the 2004-6 CAPES Exam Alyssa Goldstein Sepinwall, California State University, San Marcos Comment: David Bell, Johns Hopkins University 6B: REVOLUTIONARY PSYCHES: THE CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY AND THE TERROR, Corsican Chair: Sylvia Neely, Pennsylvania State University Living the Revolution: Trauma and Denial in the Constituent Assembly, 1789-1791 Barry Shapiro, Allegheny College A Psychoanalytic Interpretation of the Terror Linda Christian, Texas Tech University Comment: David G. Troyansky, Brooklyn College

6C: AUTOUR DE LOUIS XIV (ANDREW LOSSKY MEMORIAL PANEL), Sienna Chair: Tryatje Helfferich, University of California at Santa Barbara Louis XIV and Besançon: The Price of Collaboration Darryl Dee, Wilfrid Laurier University Louis XIV and the Jansenist Question: Pasquier Quesnel as Hero or Heretic Anne York, Youngstown State University Women’s Education and the Political Culture of the Old Regime Karen L. Taylor, Sidwell Friends School Comment: Paul Sonnino, University of California at Santa Barbara 6D: WAR AND NEWS IN THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY, Sicilian B Chair: Eric F. Johnson, Kutztown University Playing the Numbers: War, “Information,” and Public Confidence in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Paris Tabetha Ewing, Bard College War, News, Media, and the Making of a French Public Opinion at the Onset of the Seven Years’ War (1756) Thierry Rigogne, Fordham University George Washington is Dead: Forgery and Authenticity in the Making of International News Will Slauter, Princeton University Comment: T. J. A. Le Goff, York University 6E: TEACHING FRENCH HISTORY IN HIGH SCHOOL: WHAT YOUR STUDENTS MIGHT KNOW ALREADY (ROUNDTABLE), San Marco

Chair: William Weber, California State University, Long Beach Kathleen Sigafoos, San Clemente High school Steve Meckna, Long Beach Poly High School Nicole Gilbertson, University of California, Irvine Nancy Fitch, California State University, Fullerton 6F: POPULAR POLITICAL MOVEMENTS AND THE “NATION” IN NINETEENTH-CENTURY FRANCE, Capri Chair: Patrick Harrigan, University of Waterloo “An eminently national law”: Popular Petitions and the Right to Vote in 1819-1820 Jennifer Heuer, University of Massachusetts-Amherst Defenders of the Republic, All: Immigrants, the Limits of French Identity, and the 1851 Insurrection Stacey Davis, Evergreen State College Citizens’ Plans to “Liberate the Territories” after the Franco Prussian War, 1871-73 Rachel Chrastil, Xavier University Comment: Carol Harrison, University of South Carolina BUSINESS LUNCH, 12:30-1:30 pm, Renaissance III Presiding: Jeffrey Merrick, University of WisconsinMilwaukee


Chair: Keith M. Baker, Stanford University The Vagaries of the Law of Nations in EighteenthCentury France Eddie Kolla, Johns Hopkins University The Terror of Natural Right: Droit des gens in Revolutionary France Dan Edelstein, Stanford University Creating a New International Order, 1796-1800 Nathan Perl-Rosenthal, Columbia University Comment: Diane Margolf, Colorado State University 7B: “SHADY” and “DUBIOUS”: THE LABORIOUS TASK OF ACTING, BEING, AND BECOMING FRENCH IN INDOCHINE AND THE AOF, Corsican Chair: Seth Graebner, Washington University Policing Frenchness: Suspicion, Dissidence, and Colonial Identity in French West Africa, 1918-1945 Kathleen Keller, Rutgers University The 1910 Riots at Hung Hoa: Empire, Race, and Eurasian Child Laborers at the Collège d’Agricole in Indochine Christina Firpo, California Polytechnic University Comment: David Del Testa, Bucknell University 7C: CHANGING ECONOMIES AND REVERSALS OF POWER, Sicilian A Chair: Hilary Bernstein, University of California, Santa Barbara Le Monde renversé: The Cultural Response to the Economic Crisis of 1720 Melinda Rice, University of California, Los Angeles

The Lottery and the Power of the Consumer in Eighteenth-Century Paris Robert Kruckeberg, University of Michigan Comment: Rene Marion, Bard High School Early College 7D: ENDING WARS: FRENCH APPROACHES TO PEACEMAKING DURING THE WORLD WAR I ERA, Sienna Chair: Cecelia Lynch, University of California, Irvine French Internationalism from The Hague to the League of Nations Michael Clinton, Gwynedd-Mercy College From French Federalism to World Federalism: Jean Hennessy’s Société Proudhon’ Carl Bouchard, University of Quebec at Montreal France and the Possibility of a Negotiated Peace in the Second Half of 1917 E. Peter Fitzgerald, Carleton University Comment: Martha Hanna, University of Colorado 7E: TECHNOCRATIC IMPULSES AND RESPONSES IN POST-WAR FRENCH SOCIETY, San Marco Chair: Donald Jones, University of Central Arkansas Musical Scientist: Pierre Schaeffer, musique concrète, and Technocratic Influence in French Musical Composition Jonathyne Briggs, Emory University Striking Images: Malians on Strike in Ivry-sur-Seine, 1969-1970 Gillian Glaes, University of Wisconsin-Madison A Technocratic Palace? The Contested Reconstruction of the Parc des Princes in Paris, 1967-72 Robert W. Lewis, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Comment: David Messenger, University of Wyoming 7F: FAMILY AND SEXUALITY IN EARLY MODERN FRANCE, Capri Chair: Frederic Baumgartner, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Child Abandonment and the Paternity Suit in Early Modern France Matthew Gerber, University of Colorado at Boulder Women and Venereal Disease in Late Eighteenth-Century France Marialana Wittman, California State University, Long Beach Comment: Katherine Crawford, Vanderbilt University BUSES LEAVE FROM HOTEL ENTRANCE, 3:30-3:45 pm PLENARY SESSION THREE, 4:15-5:30 pm, MultiPurpose Room, University Student Union Presiding: Linda Clark, Millersville University Edgar L. Newman Lecture Louis-Philippe face à l’opinion publique, ou l’impossible réconciliation des Français Jean-Claude Caron, Université de Clermont-Ferrand RECEPTION, 5:30-6:30 pm, Multi-Purpose Room Presiding: William Weber, California State University, Long Beach Greeting F. King Alexander, President, California State University, Long Beach


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Western Society for French History gratefully thanks the following individuals and units at California State University, Long Beach for their support: President F. King Alexander Acting Provost Dorothy Abrahamse, Division of Academic Affairs Dean Gerry Riposa, College of Liberal Arts Department of History: Nancy Quam-Wickham, Chair, Nathan Cruzado, Chris Hernandez French Studies Program The 49er Shops Yadunandan Center for India Studies Department of Special Collections, University Library Audio/Visual Department

Index of Participants Accampo, E ([email protected]) 3B Alexander, W ([email protected]) 5F Andersen, M C ([email protected]) 1C Alpaugh, M ([email protected]) 3F Ames, G J ([email protected]) 2E Andrews, N ([email protected]) 1C, 3G Arnold, E A ([email protected]) 4G Ashley, S ([email protected]) 4B Auerbach, S ([email protected]) 4A Baker, K M ([email protected]) 7A Barr, M ([email protected]) 2A Baumgartner, F ([email protected]) 7F Beecher, J ([email protected]) 4F Bell, D ([email protected]) 6A Berenson, E ([email protected]) P1 Bergen, B ([email protected]) 1D Berlanstein, L ([email protected]) 4A Bernstein, H ([email protected]) 7C Bertschi, C C ([email protected]) 5B Blackman, R H ([email protected]) 4A Bohanan, D ([email protected]) 1A Bold, S ([email protected]) 4F Bouchard, C ([email protected]) 7D Bracher, N ([email protected]) 5A Breen, M ([email protected]) 5D Briggs, J ([email protected]) 7E Bright, E ([email protected]) 5D Brunelle, G ([email protected]) 2E Cage, C ([email protected]) 3D Caron, J-C ([email protected]) P3 Carpenter, S ([email protected]) 3B Carter, R O ([email protected]) 1F Chapman, S ([email protected]) 2E Charle, C ([email protected]), P2 Cheng, J ([email protected]) 2B Childers, K S ([email protected]) 5G Childs, E ([email protected]) 3E Choudhury, M ([email protected]) 2G Chrastil, R ([email protected]) 6F Christian, L ([email protected]) 6B Chrisman-Campbell, K ([email protected]) 2A Clark, L ([email protected]) P3 Clinton, M ([email protected]) 7D Cohen, P ([email protected]) 6A Collins, J ([email protected]) 2C Crawford, K ([email protected]) 7F Datta, V ([email protected]) 2B Davis, S ([email protected]) 6F De Dijn, A ([email protected]) 4A

Dee, D ([email protected]) 6C Del Testa, D ([email protected]) 7B Dobelbower, N ([email protected]) 2B Donato, C ([email protected]) P1 Donovan, J ([email protected]) 1E Dougherty, P ([email protected]) 1E Duncan, J ([email protected]) 2D Dutton, P V ([email protected]) 5B Edelstein, D ([email protected]) 7A Edwards, K ([email protected]) 2G Eichner, C J ([email protected],usf.edu) 5E Endy, C ([email protected]) 6A Epstein, A ([email protected]) 5E Ewing, T ([email protected]) 6D Farmer, S ([email protected]) 3E Ferguson, E ([email protected]) 2B Fichter, J ([email protected]) 3A Firpo, C ([email protected]) 3G, 7B Fishman, S ([email protected]) 5A Fitch, N ([email protected]) 2F, 6E Fitzgerald, E P ([email protected]) 7D Freundschuch, A ([email protected]) 2F Frey, L ([email protected]) 5C Frey, M ([email protected]) 4G Friend, J ([email protected]) 4F Friguglietti, J ([email protected]) 4G Fuchs, R ([email protected]) 5E Gamble, H ([email protected]) 3G Gelbart, N ([email protected]) 4E Gerber, M ([email protected]u) 7F Gilbertson, N ([email protected]) 6E Glaes, G ([email protected]) 7E Godley, N ([email protected]) 3G Goodman, D ([email protected]) 2A Gordon, B ([email protected]) 5A Graebner, S ([email protected]) 4B, 7B Grélé, D ([email protected]) 4A Hahn, H ([email protected]) 4C Haine, W S ([email protected]) 2D Hall, H ([email protected]) 5B Hammond, C H ([email protected]) 1E Hanna, M ([email protected]) 7D Harrigan, P ([email protected]) 6F Harrison, C ([email protected]) 6F Helfferich, T (use [email protected]) 6C Heuer, J ([email protected]) 6F Horowitz, M ([email protected]) 3D Huber, K E ([email protected]) 1E Hunt, L ([email protected]) 3B Johnson, E F ([email protected]) 5D, 6D Jones, D ([email protected]) 7E

Jones, J ([email protected]) 3D Kaminsky, A ([email protected]) 3A Kaplan, Z J ([email protected]) 2C Kates, G ([email protected]) 3F Keller, K ([email protected]) 7B Kellman, J ([email protected]) 2E Kennedy, E ([email protected]) 1D Kolla, E ([email protected]) 7A Koos, C ([email protected]) 4D Kruckeberg, R ([email protected]) 7C Kushner, N ([email protected]) 3C Kuznicki, J ([email protected]) 4E Laurent, D ([email protected]) 2D Le Goff, T J A ([email protected]) 6D Lierheimer, L ([email protected]) 1B Lewis, R W ([email protected]) 7E Love, R S ([email protected]) 2E Luria, K ([email protected]) 4E Lynch, C ([email protected]) 7D Mann, K ([email protected]) 5F Mansker, A ([email protected]) 2F Margadant, J B ([email protected]) 6A Margolf, D ([email protected]) 7A Marion, R ([email protected]) 7C Martin, M ([email protected]) 3D Matteson, C K ([email protected]) 1B Maza, S ([email protected]) 4D McBride, T ([email protected]) 1B McEnnerney, D ([email protected] coloradocollege.edu) 4F Meckna, S ([email protected]) 6E Merrick, J ([email protected]) 4E, P1 Messenger, D ([email protected]) 7E Miller, J ([email protected]) 4C Miller, M A ([email protected]) 5D Miller, M ([email protected]) 5B Moon, J ([email protected]) 1C Neely, S ([email protected]) 3F, 6B Neulander, J ([email protected]) 1F Nicholson, K ([email protected]) 1A Norberg K ([email protected]) 1A Nuñez, R ([email protected]) 5E Offen, K ([email protected]) 5E Oliver, B ([email protected]) 3F Ott, S ([email protected]) 5A Palmer, J ([email protected]) 5F Panchasi, R ([email protected]) 3A Pedersen, J ([email protected]) 2F Peniston, W ([email protected]) 3C Perl-Rosenthal, N ([email protected]) 7A Popiel, J ([email protected]) 3D Pruitt, D ([email protected]) 5F

Quartararo, A ([email protected]) 1D Radisich, P ([email protected]) 2A Ragan, B ([email protected]) 3C Ray, W ([email protected]) 1A Reynolds, S ([email protected]) 2D Rhoades, M K ([email protected]) 3C Rice, M ([email protected]) 7C Rigogne, T ([email protected]) 6D Ringrose, D ([email protected]) 1B, 3B Ruiz-Gómez, N ([email protected]) 2B Ryan, D ([email protected]) 1D Sarnoff, D ([email protected]) 4D Schwartz, V ([email protected]) 4C Sepinwall, A G ([email protected]) 5F, 6A Sextro, L ([email protected]) 4B Shafer, D ([email protected]) 3A Shapiro, B ([email protected]) 3F, 6B Sharp, L ([email protected]) 5D Sheriff, M ([email protected]) P1 Shelford, A ([email protected]) 3E Sigafoos, K ([email protected]) 6E Simms M ([email protected]) 2C Slauter, W ([email protected]) 6D Smail, D ([email protected]) 2G Sonn, R ([email protected]) 4D Sonnino, P ([email protected]) 6C Sosnowski, T C ([email protected]) 2C Stanley, A C ([email protected]) 1F Stapleton, J M ([email protected]) 5C Steen, C ([email protected]) 5C Strieter, T W ([email protected]) 1E Takats, S ([email protected]) 4E Taylor, K L ([email protected]) 6C Temkin, M ([email protected]) 5B Temple, S ([email protected]) 1B Terni, J ([email protected]) 4C Traugott, M ([email protected]) 2G Trinkle, D ([email protected]) 3B Troyansky, D G ([email protected]) 6B Vann, M ([email protected]) 4B, 1C Vardi, L ([email protected]) 3E Vari, A ([email protected]) 4C Walz, R ([email protected]) 4D Walton, W ([email protected]) 1F Weber, C ([email protected]) 2A Weber, W ([email protected]) 6F, P2 Weiner, C ([email protected]) 3B Weiner, R ([email protected]) 2C Wellman, K ([email protected]) 1A Wilson, M L ([email protected]) 2F Wittman, M ([email protected]) 7F

Yaari, M ([email protected]) P1 York, A ([email protected]) 6C Young, P ([email protected]) 3E Younghwa, T ([email protected]) 1C