2011 - Child Guidance Center

2011 - Child Guidance Center

childguidancecenter 2011 Report to our Community shining brightly C E L E B R AT I N G 60 YEARS celebrating brightly Child Guidance Center ha...

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childguidancecenter 2011 Report to our Community








Child Guidance Center had a “birthday party” at Hidden Hills Country Club to celebrate sixty years of serving children and their families. Past and present staff and Board Members were invited as well as our donors, funders, and vendors. Guests brought gifts that were then distributed to many of our clients.

a rich

& bright history

• Child Guidance Center, Inc. was known as Guild Guidance Clinic.

• 1951 The Clinic opened October 1 at the City Health Office on Main Street.

• 1973–1974 Began contracting with the State Department of Children/Youth and Families (n/k/a Department of Children & Families (“DCF”)).

granted in December and the first Board of Directors were elected.

• 1975 Started the SED (now School Based Treatment) program with the Duval County School Board. Originally the Program was in All Saints.

• Haim Ginott, a nationally known Child

• 1982 The Center expanded services

• The first charter of the Clinic was

Psychiatrist, helped found CGC.

• The Clinic’s operating budget was $7,000. Original financial support was given by: Duval County Health Unit, the Board of Public Instruction, the Pilot Club of Jacksonville, Zonta Club and Gamma Rho Omega Chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.

• 1953 Child Guidance Clinic began receiving funding through United Way.

• 1968 Moved into Hope Haven. • 1969 Child Guidance Clinic expanded their services outside of Duval County. A part-time clinic opened in St. Augustine. • Early 70’s also has part time office in Nassau County and then opened office in Clay County.

and opened our West Duval Outpatient Program on San Juan Avenue.

• 1990 Child Guidance Clinic became Child Guidance Center.

• 2000 First three-year strategic plan

• Veronica W. Valentine, Ed.D., was hired as the new President/CEO.

Grumman Corporation to create the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FASD) initiative. Child Guidance Center is nationally recognized for this program. Although funding from NorthropGrumman has ended in 2012, a plan for sustainability for the FASD Program is in place.

• Child Guidance Center celebrates their 50th Anniversary which was celebrated through three main events: Play Therapy Conference, School Supply Event and Reception at the River Club.

Began Comprehensive Assessments.

• 2010 Child Guidance Center made the last mortgage payment for our Main Center.

• Opened new office in Baker County for Outpatient Services.

• Purchased property and opened our new West Duval Outpatient Program on Lexington Avenue.

• 2003 Initiated serving infants and toddlers, ages 0 –3, as part of our Infant Mental Health Initiative.

• The Center initiated the Family Casework Services program as part of Family Support Services of North Florida’s Neighborhood Centers. This program was a direct result of the Governor’s privatization of foster care.

• 2004 Received second three-year national accreditation through CARF.

• Operating budget for all programs was

• Major renovations to the Main Center and

purchased property and opened North Duval Outpatient Program.

• Received funding from the Northrop-

accreditation through CARF.

• 2005 The Center began its Crisis

• 1992 Child Guidance Center

$100,000 from The Bryan Family Trustees of The Henry and Lucy Gooding Endowment.

• 2001 Received first three-year national

• 1991 The Center built and moved into 5776 St. Augustine Road, which is known as our Main Center. $2.5 million.

• 2008 Child Guidance Center received

developed by Board and Management Team.

Response Team. North Duval Outpatient completed.

• Operating budget was $7.8 million. • Legislature established two pilot sites for the Medicaid Reform Act (Duval and Broward Counties) effective July 2006. • Through a State grant, Child Guidance Center started the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FASD).

Staff participated in our first Employee Satisfaction Survey and 99.9% of staff completed the survey.

• Veronica W. Valentine, Ed.D., retired. Theresa Thweatt Rulien, Ph.D., was promoted to President/CEO.

• Received our third three-year national accreditation through CARF.

• The Center terminated outpatient services in Baker County.

• 2011 The Center resumed outpatient services in Baker County.

• Child Guidance Center celebrates their 60th Anniversary at Hidden Hills Country Club.

• Current budget is $9.6 million. • Child Guidance Center currently provides services to over 6,300 children/adolescents.


through our services

Outpatient Services

receive other services from Child Guidance Center. The

School Support Services

At the core of Child Guidance Center’s programs is outpatient

children are evaluated by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker,

Therapists are in classrooms, 1-2 hours each week, to

counseling. Outpatient counseling consists of individual and

a Psychologist, an Occupational Therapist, a Speech

assist/participate in several areas:  assessment of classroom

family therapy, group therapy, and parental support. This

Pathologist, as needed, and a Geneticist.

service is available to all children, adolescents, and families who meet clinical criteria. Child Guidance Center operates four Outpatient offices located conveniently throughout Jacksonville.

and individual needs, teacher collaboration, large and small group behavioral health activities.  The intent is to focus on

Full Service School Counseling Counseling is provided at seven high schools and their feeder schools located across Duval County.  Individual,

common issues of concern effecting academic achievement, i.e. peer interaction/social skills, as well as to work with identified children requiring individual attention.

family and group sessions are provided.  This program Case Management Services Targeted Case Managers

empowers family members to become actively involved in

Supervised Visitation/Parent Education

work with the child and family to link them with needed

their child’s education and healthy emotional development.

Parent Education offers the Nurturing Parenting Program for

community services, while monitoring and evaluating the

parents who have a case plan that requires parent education.

services they are receiving. Case Managers act as

Supervised Visitation is provided for families whose children

advocates for the child and family.

High Risk Newborn Program The Program serves families with children under 2 who are at risk of abuse or neglect.  The services provided include

Community Family Services Community therapists

dyadic therapy with the primary caretaker and the child,

provide in-home and on-site therapeutic services to children,

family therapy, individual therapy, play therapy and case

adolescents and their families, including children in foster

management. The specific services are determined by the

care, who are having serious emotional problems.

family’s needs.  Services are delivered in the home setting.

Day Care Consultation (Jacksonville Journey)

Psychiatric Services

Provides on-site evaluation of children in subsidized daycare

Psychiatric services can be accessed through all programs

programs in collaboration with the Early Learning Coalition

at Child Guidance Center. Clients are provided the following

and Jacksonville Children’s Commission.

services: Psychiatric Evaluation, Team Treatment Planning, and Medication Management.

Family Services Planning Team (FSPT) This team, chaired by Child Guidance Center staff, consists

Rapid Response Program

of a group of representatives from various agencies who

The Team’s objective is to reduce the number of children

collaboratively are responsible for coordinating community-

hospitalized through the Baker Act and to ensure follow-up

based support services for children who are at risk of losing

services are provided to the child after the crisis intervention

their current home placement due to behaviors attributed to

episode. Referrals are accepted from Duval County Public

emotional disturbance.

Schools and from Foster Care Hot Lines.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Program

School-Based Counseling Programs

The FASD Program is funded by a grant from Substance

In-school counseling and educational services are provided

Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

to students assigned to the Excel/EBD Program in seven

The Program provides diagnosis, evaluation, and some

Duval County Public Schools.

intervention services, when necessary, to children who

are in out-of-home placements, such as foster care, and in need of supervision during visitation to assure child safety.


on 6,392 clients

Revenues 2011 Medicaid





Family Support Services



State of Florida


Professional Services

Jacksonville Children’s Commission


Duval County School Board


United Way


Children’s Medical Services


Client and Other Fees

BY GENDER Female 2,746 Male 3,646

Expenses 2011


$241,907 $87,341



Supplies & Equipment




Liability Insurance


Subcontracted Services











BY RACE African American Asian Caucasian Hispanic Multi-Racial American Indian/Alaskan Native Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific

2,774 47 2,679 507 343 13 29



BY AGE GROUP 0 –3 592 4–5 634 6– 8 1,234 9 –12 1,462 – 13 17 1,686 18–21 275 Over 22 509 Total


CHILD GUIDANCE CENTER EXECUTIVE STAFF Theresa Rulien, Ph.D., LMFT, LMHC President/CEO Mrs. Jane Chafin, LCSW Clinical Director Mr. Guy Parker Chief Financial Officer Ms. Annette Vajda, SPHR, B.A. Human Resources Director Dr. Anna Yumul, M.D. Medical Director

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Ms. Lynn Capaldo Chairperson Mrs. Paige Johnston First Vice Chairperson Mr. Bruce Jones Second Vice Chairperson Mrs. Ceceille Poole Secretary Mr. Maury Lazenby Treasurer Ms. Mary Tappouni Immediate Past Chairperson

BOARD MEMBERS Mrs. Miriam Crowe The Honorable Judge Henry Davis Ms. Michelle Leak Mr. Mark Leininger Ms. Catherine Kelly Mr. Mike McCorvey Dr. Mercedes McGowan Mrs. Anne McIntosh Dr. Prasanthi Reddy Mr. Jeffrey Scales Mr. Thomas Schmidt Mrs. Michele Seymour Mr. Joseph Strain Mrs. Meg Zabijaka


1100 Cesery Boulevard, Ste 100 Jacksonville, FL 32211 • 904-448-4700


1110 Edgewood Avenue W. Jacksonville, FL 32208 • 904-448-4700


5776 St. Augustine Road Jacksonville, FL 32207 • 904-448-4700


4595 Lexington Avenue Jacksonville, FL 32210 • 904-448-4700

Please dial 904-448-4700 and press the number for the following services: Outpatient Supervised Visitation/Parent Education Case Management Locations Administration Assistance

Child Guidance Center is a 501(c)3 organization designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit organization. Child Guidance Center is registered with the State of Florida under the Solicitation of Contributions Act. A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free at 1.800.435.7352. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the state. Child Guidance Center does not employ commissioned fundraisers. CH-567.

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