2012 Annual Report - Fulcrum Foundation

2012 Annual Report - Fulcrum Foundation

OUR PROMISE FOR THEIR FUTURE 2012 ANNUAL REPORT OUR PROMISE Dear Keepers of Our Promises, Keeping our promises. It’s one of the first things we lea...

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OUR PROMISE Dear Keepers of Our Promises, Keeping our promises. It’s one of the first things we learn. On the playgrounds these first weeks of school, thousands of elementary school children are reminding each other of this important concept with a simple phrase that crosses generations: “Do you promise?” Even the littlest among us knows that answering “yes” to that question means being accountable for our actions. So what do we promise to our children and their children’s children? Can we promise them a seat in our classrooms? Are we willing to make this commitment for today? For future generations? This annual report will show that you have allowed us not only to say ”we promise," but to fulfill that promise with power and action. Because of you, 1,400 students heard that promise this year. And thanks to your gifts to our endowment programs — which continue to grow — we will be able to make the same commitment to even more of tomorrow’s children. Thank you allowing us to make, and keep, this promise. Now that we’ve promised seats in our classrooms, what else are we willing to commit to All photos ©2012 Stephen Brashear Photography unless otherwise noted.

once children are in those seats? Safety? A chance to know and love their God? Character? College? Readiness for the world in which they will live? The answers are clear, and we are


absolutely committed to making these promises and keeping them! Thanks to you, this annual report describes how we have been able to assist our school leaders in making and keeping these promises at extraordinary levels.





Makowicz Family


Our Impact (Financials)




Trustees and Advisors


St. Therese Catholic Academy 8



juan diego academy


Major Benefactors


legacy society


Annual Contributors


celebration of light


business alliance


These are hard promises to make and hard promises to keep, but we believe they must be made to fulfill our mission. Thank you. Thank you for being the caretakers, the Keepers of Our Promises. Gratefully,

Fr. Michael G. Ryan, Chair

Joe Womac, Executive Director 1

“I like Catholic schools because we get to help in senior lunches, volunteer to help others and go to Mass.”

MISSION “School is one of the places I feel at home, my teachers are amazing, I can literally feel myself getting smarter every day.” – Zoe, Eastside Catholic

PROGRAMS Tuition Assistance For families facing severe economic hardship, a Catholic school education provides stability, hope, and knowledge to transform their future into a world of promise. The sacrifices they make to attend our schools are extraordinary — a testament to the true value of the nurturing and faith-filled environment for which Catholic schools are known. Through the “Fund a Student” program, donors support individual students with grants of $1,100 per student and receive letters of thanks from those they fund.






– Kelly, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School

Grants for Schools Some schools face persistent budget challenges, while others struggle to fund emergency repairs, safety improvements and

“The most important part of Catholic school to me is getting to live my life fully, without leaving God at home: My school lives as my family does! That’s something to be proud of.” – Marcus, Holy Family Catholic School, Auburn

deferred maintenance. Each school’s challenges are unique, so we employ individualized approaches to address the needs of each. This year we successfully matched donors to schools that share their interests, facilitated the exploration and implementation of innovative models, and distributed more than $1.3 million to schools, all so that these communities can maintain their quality academic programs and remain viable for years to come.

Grants for Educators The Star Grant program funds creative initiatives for the classroom to enhance learning and encourage innovation by our teachers. Fulcrum also proudly supports the development of future leaders in our schools through continuing education initiatives at the University of Notre Dame.

“My favorite part about Catholic schools is that I know I’m on the right path for my future and am receiving a great education.” – Keane, Bishop Blanchet High School



COMMITMENT “Your generosity has made it possible for my children to attend a truly wonderful school and be part of a tremendous community.” – Matt Makowicz




THE MAKOWICZ FAMILY Matt (father), Grantham, Ethan, Isabel, & Remington – St. Cecilia Catholic School Matt Makowicz is a single father of four children: Grantham (12), Ethan (10), Isabel (8) and Remington (7). The family was living in New Jersey, but when things fell apart financially and they lost their home, they moved to Bainbridge Island for a fresh start. The Catholic faith is very important to his family and Matt immediately registered at St. Cecilia parish. Even though the children had been in Catholic schools in New Jersey, he didn’t think about enrolling them in the school because he saw it as a financial impossibility. The pastor, Fr. Emmett Carroll, S.J., and principal, Elizabeth Chamberlin, encouraged Matt to come in and meet with them even though they knew of Matt’s financial hardship. Feeling that St. Cecilia School could give the children a safe, stable and caring environment, they persuaded Matt to enroll the children thanks to financial aid from both the school and the Fulcrum Foundation. St. Cecilia has become a second home for the Makowicz family, where the children have been nurtured spiritually and academically. It is a loving community that for Matt and his family is irreplaceable.




INSPIRATION “Catholic school has taught me responsibility, respect, service, and leadership, as well as the importance of perseverance.” – Santiago Wilches






THE ACUNA/WILCHES FAMILY Martha Acuna (mother), Santiago & Philippe Wilches – Bishop Blanchet High School Martha Acuna and her two sons, Santiago and Philippe, have had a difficult life. When Philippe was five years old and Santiago was nine, they were involved in a tragic car accident. Philippe suffered permanent brain damage and is confined to a wheelchair. Santiago also suffered a brain injury and was temporarily paralyzed, but miraculously he made a full recovery. An additional hardship was fearing for their safety in their native country of Colombia, where drug trafficking and guerilla violence is prevalent. Martha was a nurse who was forced to care for injured guerillas. If she refused, she and her family would be persecuted. Her only hope for safety and survival was to leave the country. Martha and her sons came to Seattle in 2007, although her husband has had to remain in Colombia. At the time, they didn’t speak English. Santiago is gifted in math and science, but struggled because of the language barrier. After a difficult time in a

“Receiving financial assistance has given Santiago the opportunity to further his Catholic and academic formation, which in turn has strengthened our values as a family.” – Martha Acuna

public school, he was enrolled in eighth grade at St. Brendan School with assistance from Fulcrum, so he could live out his Catholic faith and receive the personal attention he needed to learn English. An ambitious student, he studied before and after school and during breaks to catch up to his peers. Now a senior at Bishop Blanchet, Santiago is in the National Honor Society with a 3.7 GPA and has ambitions to be an engineer like his father.







“The Fulcrum Foundation truly has made this amazing opportunity for our school a reality.” – Theresa Hagemann, Principal




SAINT THERESE CATHOLIC ACADEMY A 21ST Century Catholic School When Theresa Hagemann became principal of St. Therese School, Seattle, in Spring 2011, she was faced with an enrollment that had declined for more than a decade, hitting a low of 91 students the previous fall. Her first act as principal was to launch a pre-kindergarten program, knowing it would help level the enrollment trend. But that alone wouldn't reverse years of decline. Recognizing a bold strategy was needed, the school vied for an opportunity to become only the second blended technology learning Catholic school of its kind in the country. Out of dozens of applicants nationwide, St. Therese was selected by Seton Education Partners to adopt an innovative model which combines computer-based, individually paced learning with small-group, traditional classroom instruction. Fulcrum assisted by providing financial assistance for the initiative, as well as increased tuition assistance to bolster enrollment. It also leveraged its relationships with industry leaders, partnering the school with volunteer experts in technology and finance to help build a long-term plan for the school's success. This fall, the school opened its doors as St. Therese Catholic Academy, welcoming 180 students — 70 percent of whom come from families in need. For the first time in years, the school sees a bright future ahead.





Holy Rosary, Tacoma, Opens the Region’s First Dual-Immersion Catholic School Holy Rosary, Tacoma, has been a visible landmark along the I-5 corridor since the freeway's construction, and predates the thoroughfare by nearly 80 years. Once the heart of its surrounding community, the school has been challenged in recent years with






steeply declining enrollment, and also with maintaining an enrollment representative of the changing demographics of the region — most notably the increase of Latino and Hispanic families in the area. Recognizing the need for change, Principal Tim Uhl, Holy Rosary's pastor, Rev. Jacob Maurer, and the Catholic Schools Department partnered with Fulcrum to find a solution. Fulcrum's Diversity Committee saw an opportunity to grow the school's enrollment and directly serve its surrounding multicultural community. With targeted financial assistance, Holy Rosary School is becoming a

“This initiative can lead to greater enrollments in schools and provide a superior educational opportunity for all children.” – Dr. Luis Fraga, Trustee Fulcrum Foundation Board

Juan Diego Academy, the region's first two-way, Spanish/English, cultural and language immersion Catholic school. Beginning with the pre-k and kindergarten classes, the school will transition to this new model over the next nine years, grade by grade. However, the positive effect of the change already is undeniable: both pre-k and kindergarten classes are full for the first time in the school's long history, fueling a 33 percent enrollment increase school-wide.





The Fulcrum Foundation united more than 1100 supporters of

Many of the Fulcrum Foundation’s benefactors have made a

Catholic Education at the milestone tenth-annual Celebration of

significant future gift by including the Foundation in their will or

Light, the region’s signature event to celebrate and support Catholic

estate plans. Planned gifts provide a pipeline of support that aug-

schools. Each year, Catholic school supporters come together to

ments outright gifts and results in a future stream of funding for

honor the achievements of our schools and contribute to their

our schools. We are deeply grateful to the members of the Legacy

continuing success. This year’s event raised an unprecedented $1.34

Society. Also to be commended is our Legacy Advisory Council for their support in helping us steward planned gifts.

Photos above: ©2012 Kim Doyel/Team Photogenic

Legacy Society Members

"When students and educators are free to bring their whole selves to school, a beautiful education can happen. What a blessing to be part of this endeavor now and into the future!" – Peg Haggerty, Legacy Society Member

Rhoady† and Jeanne Marie Lee Merton and Joanne Lott V. Rev. Paul Magnano Deacon Larry and Karen McDonald Tim and Jeannie McGinnis Mike and Barbara McKernan Steven and Mary Jane Medalia Tim and Sara Mooney Rourke O'Brien Anthony Olney and Mary McHugh Glenna Olson Thomas† and Sandy Phillips Rev. John Renggli Patricia Clemens Repikoff Paul and Peggy Robertson Rev. Stephen C. Rowan V. Rev. Michael G. Ryan Carol Sigg John and Rose Southall T. Jackson and Mary Ellen Warfield Peter and Karen Wickstrand James and Barbara Ziemann

Legacy Advisory Council Timothy Burkhart Brian G. DiJulio Joseph M. Gaffney

Ardeth Hollo Frederic T. Kutscher Matthew Philichi

Renée Ryan Frank Siderius Doug Wartelle

and accessible to all.


 signifies Legacy Society member is deceased.

Anonymous (4) Estate of Bertha Marie Allen Rick and Marguerite Angelo Earl† and JoAnn Angevine Jack and Maralyn Blume Estate of Maurice L. Bombar, Jr. Michael and Cecilia Brennan Brian and Conne Bruce Luino and Margaret Dell'Osso, Jr. Robert Douroux Ruth Eckert William Eisiminger Rick and Patti Fersch Margaret (Peg) Haggerty Martha Hanscom Estate of the Honorable James P. Healy George and Debra Hofbauer Charles and Patricia Holmes Estate of Theodore and Constance Hossfeld Ronald and Kathleen Karlberg Mike and Mary Lee

million, supporting Fulcrum’s mission to keep Catholic schools open

Amici (“Friends” in Italian) is a group of active and altruistic young professionals dedicated to supporting the mission of the Fulcrum Foundation through volunteering, outreach and fundraising. This past year, Amici partnered with St. Therese Catholic Academy. Members worked closely with faculty and staff to come up with creative ways

"Amici fills a very unique niche within Fulcrum's mission. As an Amici member and as a parent, it is my honor and passion to serve our Catholic schools."

Amici’s young professionals could contribute to the vibrancy of the school community, including service projects and fundraisers. Visit amiciseattle.org to learn more about Amici, or e-mail [email protected] Find us on facebook at facebook.com/amiciseattle.

– Brendan Kolding, Amici Chair Photo ©2012 Katie Kolbrick Photography


Photo ©2012 Alex Pieter Photography


Support and Revenue



Graduation rate of seniors

Total tuition assistance

attending school with

grants the Fulcrum

Fulcrum support since 2006

Foundation has awarded


General Donations $1,904,114 Celebration of Light $997,924 Donations for Special Initiatives $522,500 Endowment Gains/Losses and Earnings $326,767 Other Income $387,802 TOTAL $4,139,107



Program Services Tuition Assistance $1,592,800 Assistance to Schools $1,336,475 Special Initiatives $522,500 Assistance for Teachers $33,110 Program Planning and Management $105,430 TOTAL $3,590,315 Supporting Services General Administration and Support $265,207 Fundraising $458,093 TOTAL $723,300

since its founding in 2003

20.5 million 250%




Assistance to Schools and Educators Tuition Assistance Program Management and Operations







Total funds distributed to

The increase in odds a

Catholic schools by Fulcrum

student at risk will graduate

over the last 10 years

from college if they


attended Catholic school


$2,500,000 $2,000,000

$30,000,000 $1,500,000






Number of schools closed in

Value of Fulcrum’s Endowments, permanently invested so that

western Washington

earnings will help children and schools for generations to come

23.2 million

$0 FY 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 Cash Holdings

Fulcrum Endowments

School Endowments (Custodial)

Total Assets

$500,000 $0 '03 '04 '05 '06 '07 '08 '09 '10 '11 '12 Tuition Assistance

Assistance to Schools and Educators

since Fulcrum was founded



Fulcrum Trustees and Advisors

Fulcrum Foundation Endowments

2012 Board of Trustees

Fulcrum Central Endowments: $23,220,665

 signifies board member is deceased.

Archbishop J. Peter Sartain Very Reverend Michael G. Ryan Chair of the Board Pastor, St. James Cathedral Ms. Ann Alokolaro Director of Admissions, Bishop Blanchet High School Mr. Ray Aspiri Aspiri Enterprises Mr. Tony Audino Chair, Distribution Committee Managing Director, Conenza Mr. Robert Breshock Managing Director, Parametric Mr. Larry Brouse Pastoral Assistant for Admin., St. James Cathedral Mr. Dick Cooley Vice Chair, Board of Trustees Seafirst Bank, Retired Mr. Frank Feeman Treasurer, Board of Trustees Chair, Finance Committee PricewaterhouseCoopers, Retired Dr. Luis Fraga Associate Vice Provost for Faculty, University of Washington Dr. Rick Green Salmon Creek Plastic Surgery

(1-year yield of 1.69%)

Mr. Shawn Hoban Co-owner & President, Coast Real Estate

Mrs. Dana Questad Chair, Amici Senior Associate, Nofsinger Group

Mr. George Hofbauer Secretary, Board of Trustees Co-Chair, Nomination Committee Principal, St. Joseph School, Seattle

Rev. Michael Radermacher Pastor, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish

Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy Endowment

Mrs. Tracey Rockwell Archdiocesan School Board President

Tucci Family Endowment

Mrs. Diane Irvine Community Volunteer

Mrs. Sheila Ryan Co-Chair, Nomination Committee Community Volunteer

Father Philip Wallace Tuition Assistance Fund

Reverend Steven Sallis Pastor, St. Benedict Parish

Archbishop Alexander J. Brunett Endowment for Families in Special Need

Mrs. Alma Kern Chair, Diversity Committee President, Filipino Community of Seattle Mrs. Mary Lee Chair, Development Committee Community Volunteer Mr. Tom Lord Interim Superintendent Catholic Schools Department Deacon Larry McDonald Pagliacci, Retired

Mr. Glen H. Smith Frank Russell Co., Retired Mr. Joe Sprague Vice President for Marketing, Alaska Airlines Mr. Pat Sursely† Archdiocesan Finance Director, Archdiocese of Seattle

Mr. John O'Halloran Rainier Investment Mgmt., Retired

Sr. Mary Tracy, S.N.J.M. President, Eastside Catholic School

Mr. Tom Phillips President & CEO, Corensic

Mr. Dan Twining Kimberly-Clark, Retired

Mr. Michael Prato Principal, Kennedy Catholic High

Mr. Joe Womac Executive Director, Fulcrum Foundation

Tuition Assistance Endowments Archbishop Thomas A. Connolly Endowment Blanche & Louis Schmidt Memorial Endowment Fund Lisa Luger Memorial Endowment Legacy Endowment for Tuition Assistance Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Endowment Fund for Tuition Assistance Boulanger Family Endowment for Tuition Assistance Anne & Darrell Jesse Endowment Fund Sisters’ Endowment for Tuition Assistance Students’ Endowment for Tuition Assistance Bertha Marie Allen Endowment for Tuition Assistance Honorable James P. Healy Endowment for Tuition Assistance in Pierce County George and Debra Hofbauer Endowment Guadalupe Endowment for Hispanic Students Southwest Washington Endowment for Tuition Assistance

Endowments for Programs Assisting Schools The Legacy Endowment for Assistance to Schools in Need The Teachers, Principals & Staff Endowment for Assistance to Schools in Need The Priests’ Endowment for Assistance to Schools in Need St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Endowment

2012 Board of Advisors Jose Blakeley Mary Rose Blatner Richard Boulanger Conne Bruce Suzanne Burke William Eisiminger Richard and Maude Ferry Peter Fewing Brian Forth Faye Garneau Teresa Gillett Dr. Anthony Gnanarajah Margaret (Peg) Haggerty Daniel Healy Hildegard Hendrickson 16

Jay Henning Debbe Hirata Ardeth Hollo Barbara James George Kanick Heidi Kim Larry Laporte Stephen Latimer Joe Magnano Rev. Paul Magnano Michael Maher John McDonald Jeannie McGinnis John McKay Robert McLaughlin

O’Dea High School/University of Notre Dame Scholarship Fund Tom and Jan O'Callahan David Otto Julia Pacheco-Thomas Matt Philichi Tom Pigott Jim Pugel Bob Ratliffe Patricia Repikoff Deacon Teodoro Rodriguez Margie Rose Rev. Stephen C. Rowan Jay Rudd Diane Sabey Ann Shanahan

Ann Shikany Frank Siderius Carol Sigg Mike Sotelo Jack and Rose Southall Paula Stepankowsky Doug Stewart Gretchen Swanson Al Symington Karen Tarabochia Michele Thornquist Philip VanDerhoef Meg Westbrook Artee Young

Individual School Endowments: $33,297,412 (1-year yield of 1.89%) The Fulcrum Foundation serves as the umbrella organization for individual school endowments. By combining resources under the Fulcrum Foundation, local schools benefit from the advice and services of Fulcrum’s fund manager and enjoy a reduced fund manager’s fee, while retaining discretion to invest their portfolios according to a range of choices.


We are grateful to have received the generous support of more than 1,200 donors this year, and are particularly pleased to have earned the confidence of 285 new Fulcrum Foundation donors. With this report, we gratefully acknowledge those who have supported our mission over time and those who made gifts this fiscal year. This list includes employers who provide gifts through workplace giving and matching gifts. The collective generosity of our donors brings us ever closer to our goal of making Catholic education accessible to all who seek it.

Major Benefactors Cumulative Giving The Fulcrum Foundation proudly recognizes these major contributors whose generous spirit of sustained giving demonstrates their commitment to Catholic education.  signifies the donor is deceased.

12,000,000 or more Estate of Theodore and Constance Hossfeld


7,500,000 to $11,999,999 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation $

2,000,000 to $7,499,999 Tony and Michelle Audino Gift of Faith $

1,000,000 to $1,999,999 Anonymous (2) Estate of the Honorable James P. Healy Pat and Mary Ellen Hughes The Lee Family The Norcliffe Foundation Charles and Yvonne Pigott St. James Cathedral Parish Shea Homes Foundation and The John & Dorothy Shea Foundation $

500,000 to $999,999


Anonymous Estate of Bertha Marie Allen Archdiocese of Seattle Frost and Margaret Snyder Foundation

Jim and Timmie Hollomon Michael and Mary Lee Rhoady† and Jeanne Marie Lee The Luger Family

Pierce County Association of Catholic Education St. Joseph School, Seattle

Bill and Roni Grady Darrell and Anne Jesse Lakeside Industries Rhoady Lee III and Alan Gartenhaus Sharon Lee Tim and Tina Lee Deacon Larry and Karen McDonald John and Mary Pat Osterhaus

Michael Patterson Pierce County Deanery James and Margie Rose Michael and Marnie Schreck John and Rose Southall Michael and Mary Jo Tucci

250,000 to $499,999


Anonymous Edith and Ray Aspiri Vince and Kelly Bosa Richard and Mary Ann Boulanger Mark Busto and Maureen Lee Richard and Bridget Cooley Diagnos-Techs, Inc. The Ferry Family Charitable Foundation

100,000 to $249,999


Anonymous (6) Stephan and Linda Banchero Bishop Blanchet High School Jon and Deborah Buccola Suzanne Burke Coleman Family Foundation Lucio and Marta Dalla Gasperina 18

Kurt and Marie Geisel Steve and Jo Marie Hansen Ruth Vernier Hirsh and Blake Hirsh† The Magnano Family Jack McCann Company, Inc. Microsoft Matching Gifts Program The Napoleon Company

Tom and Brooke Pigott St. Mary Parish, Seattle David and Sandra Sabey Family Frederick and Connie Scheetz Gary and Mimi Schulze

Annual Contributors Gifts received July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012

Annual gifts support the programs and operations of the Fulcrum Foundation. * signifies the donor is a “Partner in Catholic Education,” supporting the Foundation at the Celebration of Light. †

signifies the donor is deceased.

$400,000 or more Estate of Theodore and Constance Hossfeld $250,000 to $399,999 Pat and Mary Ellen Hughes St. James Cathedral Parish $100,000 to $249,999 Anonymous (2) Tony and Michelle Audino Frost and Margaret Snyder Foundation Jim and Timmie Hollomon James and Margie Rose $75,000 to $99,999 Anonymous *Archdiocese of Seattle *St. Joseph School, Seattle Michael and Marnie Schreck Trinity Partnership 2 LLP $50,000 to $74,999 Jon and Deborah Buccola Richard and Maude Ferry *The Ferry Family Charitable Foundation The Norcliffe Foundation Charles and Yvonne Pigott Doug and Theiline Scheumann $25,000 to $49,999 Anonymous *Edith and Ray Aspiri - In Honor of George Hofbauer and In Memory of Patrick Sursely Stephan and Linda Banchero The Boeing Company Charitable Trust Gift Matching Program Coleman Family Foundation *Richard and Bridget Cooley - In Honor of George Hofbauer Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund *Darrell and Anne Jesse Michael and Mary Lee - In Honor of George Hofbauer *John and Donna Luger - In Memory of Lisa Luger *The Magnano Family *The Napoleon Company Pierce County Deanery St. Mary Parish, Seattle The Seattle Foundation *Michael and Mary Jo Tucci $10,000 to $24,999 Michael and Mary Rose Blatner Richard and Mary Ann Boulanger Bob and Julie Breshock - In Honor of George Hofbauer and In Memory of Thomas Phillips *Gene Colin and Susan Janus - In Honor of George Hofbauer Luino and Margaret Dell’Osso, Jr. Charles Dickey and Sheila Wyckoff-Dickey - In Honor of George Hofbauer Steve and Jo Marie Hansen Hardgrove Foundation Richard and Elizabeth Hedreen David and Shelley Hovind Jack McCann Company, Inc.

Juniper Foundation *Lakeside Industries *Stephen and Carol Latimer Gregory and Anne Marie May *Deacon Larry and Karen McDonald Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Frank and Theresa Milette Charles Nordhoff - In Honor of George Hofbauer Our Lady of Fatima School Our Lady of Mount Virgin Parish *Patterson Buchanan Fobes Leitch & Kalzer, Inc., P.S. *Michael Patterson *Tom and Brooke Pigott Edward and Marjorie Ringness

“Thank you for helping me go to St. Michael school. I think God is calling me to be a nun. St. Michael school is the best school ever.” – Grace, St. Michael, Olympia Schulze Family Foundation Gary and Mimi Schulze Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving *Seattle University The Society of Friends of St. Patrick John and Rose Southall Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Patrick and Mary Welch - In Memory of Patrick Sursely Peter and Karen Wickstrand - In Honor of George Hofbauer $7,500 to $9,999 *Chateau Ste. Michelle *Eastside Catholic School Tom and Mary Herche *Holy Names Academy Mike and Peggy McKasy Jay and Carla Rudd *Saint Martin’s University *Seattle Preparatory School $5,000 to $7,499 *Archbishop Murphy High School *Bishop Blanchet High School Jose and Lucinda Blakeley Suzanne Burke Lucio and Marta Dalla Gasperina James and Mary Deviny Earl and Lois Dusenbery Mark and Vickie Fanning Frank and DeAnn Feeman Ferguson Construction *Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart - In Honor of Archbishop Sartain Robert and Dorothy Fouty *Gonzaga University George and Debra Hofbauer - In Memory of William Lowney John and Jan Ittes Robert and Ginny Kane

Anne M. Kelley *Kennedy Catholic High School George and Mary Kenny Steven and Anne Knight - In Honor of George Hofbauer David and Mary Kay Livingston Brian and Betsy Losh Michael and Michelle Maher MAPSCO Maureen Mott *O’Dea High School John and Kathryn O’Meara Michael and Shoshanna Osterfeld *Patriot Fire Protection, Inc Peter and Maryanne Powell John and Gail Quigg Paul and Peggy Robertson St. Patrick Parish, Seattle Sabey Corporation David and Sandra Sabey Family *Sisters of Providence - In Memory of Salvador Miguel Cotto Dr. and Dr. John K. Tidwell Daver and Adra Tiryakioglu Daniel and Theresa Twining *University of Portland Philip VanDerhoef and Kathleen McKay Scott and Michelle Ventoza Vietnamese Martyrs Parish - In Memory of Patrick Sursely Ann Wyckoff $2,000 to $4,999 Anonymous Richard and Sharon Abrams Assumption - St. Bridget School *Bellarmine Preparatory School James and Donna Boulanger Don and Joan Brown Brian and Conne Bruce William and Patricia Buchanan Edward Bulchis and Theresa Gallant Kelly and Christina Burnaby - In Honor of George Hofbauer John and Danielle Carlson Dino and Jeannine Christofilis *Coast Equity Partners

“We may not know each other, but I will never forget your thoughtful gift and your name will truly be remembered.” – Kaila, Our Lady of Guadalupe Bruce and Carol Cooper Michael and Katie Cowden Archdiocese of Seattle Edwin Curtis and Leslie Wagner D.A. Davidson & Co. Patrick and Helen Damitio David and Erica Dorland Most Rev. Eusebio Elizondo, MSpS Patrick and Deborah Feist Patrick Fennessy and Ann Alokolaro Ed Gallagher and Mary Brannon

Michael and Martha Galvin Marie Green Rick and Nancy Green Margaret (Peg) Haggerty - In Honor of Joe Haggerty Jack Harvey and Mary Ancich William and Molly Hastings Shawn and Kathie Hoban John Hoos Richard Hopp and Deborah Walsh Horrigan Foundation Inc. Robert and Deborah Horvath Ozo and Mary Jaculewicz Mike and Lisa Janicki Daniel Jellen and Karen Keyes-Watkins JD and Karen Keith Robert and Annmarie Kelly James and Alma Kern Rod and Beth Kratz David and Amy Lawrence Stephen and Rasa Liffick Tom and Mary Pat Lord - In Honor of George Hofbauer Andrew and Joanne MacDonald Ed and Sally Maher James and Sheila Mallahan Joe and Carolyn Mallahan David and Laura Matter Jack and Mary McCann Sandy and John McDonald Tim and Jeannie McGinnis Gary and Donna Merlino Merrill Lynch and Co. Foundation, Inc. Andrew and Lisa Miller Michael and Laurie Mott Jerome Mylet Pat and Linda Naughton John and Kathleen O’Halloran The Pacific Institute Lillian Perry Thomas† and Sandy Phillips *Pope John Paul II High School Michael and Laura Prato Mark and Karen Rauenhorst Robert and Patricia Reverman *Rev. Stephen C. Rowan - In Honor of George Hofbauer V. Rev. Michael G. Ryan Thomas and Sheila Ryan - In Honor of George Hofbauer St. Benedict School St. Benedict Parish St. Charles Borromeo School *St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic High School St. Francis of Assisi School St. Mary School St. Michael School, Olympia St. Peter Parish, Seattle St. Philomena School John and Diane Sabey Sharon Sakamoto and Ronald Takemura Saled Food Service, Inc. Christopher and Shelli Sams Paul and Debra Sauvage - In Honor of George Hofbauer Frederick and Connie Scheetz James Schwartz and Renee Willette Matthew and Ann Shanahan 19

Marilyn Sherry David and Ann Shikany Gerald and Janice Smith Mary Snapp and Spencer Frazer Jerome and Shirley Soler Joseph and Jennifer Sprague John F. and Marion E. Sullivan Francis Thiemann and K. Penney Sanders John and Michele Thornquist Lou† and Diane Tice Andrew and Grace Valrosa *Villa Academy Torston and Samantha Welte Dennis West and Margaret Kineke Brian and Stacie White $1,000 to $1,999 Anonymous (3) Jeff and Molly Akers All Saints School Amici James and Shannon Aquino Assumption School David and Laurie Austin Robert and Pauline Bach - In Memory of Thomas Phillips Lewis and Suzy Banchero Mark Barbieri Michael and Christine Barnhart Bob and Kathleen Bethke Kathleen Blanchette Boulanger Family Foundation BP Foundation, Inc. Employee Matching Fund John and Frances Bradley Thomas and Jan Breigenzer William and Jacqueline Brennan Joseph and Susan Burdett Jennie Burgman Kathleen Carr Paul and Mary Carson Les and Mary Lou Cathersal Catholic Schools Department Michael and Carey Cavaliere Central Washington Catholic Foundation Gregory and Darlene Chan Christ the King Parish Christ the King School Community Foundation of the Verdugos Ellen Connolly Rev. K. Scott Connolly Patrick and Jean Corr Kelly Crowe Guiberson Dennis and Sheila Dahl James and Patricia David Mark and Mary Ann Derr Matthew and Kristin Dixon Mark and Isabella Doxon Expedia Gives Matching Gift Program Timothy and Joanne Farmer Michael and Maureen Fay Rick and Patti Fersch - In Memory of Patrick Sursely Jack and Judy Fitterer Luis R. Fraga and Charlene L. Aguilar Joe and Terri Gaffney Alan and Vail Gates - In Honor of Kaleb Emmanuel Womac Tom and Anne Gehrig John and Anna Getchell Michael and Teresa Gillett Shaughn Gorman and Kathryn Kurtz Ronald and Alison Grant Josef and Stephany Gray Marie Groark and George Nelson Barbara and D.C Hamer Donald and Vera Hanika Chris and Suzy Hansch

Michael and Kimberly Harmon Mary Hebert Rita Heye Charles and Patricia Holmes Paula Holmes Holy Family School, Kirkland Holy Family School, Lacey Holy Rosary Parish, Edmonds Holy Rosary School, Edmonds Thomas and Elizabeth Hoover Martino and Maura Hoss Kevin and Cathleen Hylton - In Honor of George Hofbauer Immaculate Conception and OLPH School Immaculate Conception Parish, Everett Diane and Douglas Irvine Patricia Jennings - In Memory of William Lowney Edward and Elizabeth Johnston Evan and Susanne Jones Brian and Caryn Jorgensen Karen Kalzer Dennis and Mary Kelly John and Susan Kennedy Richard and June Kennedy Daniel and Diane Kocer James and Megan Kraman Alain and Cheryl Lambert Alvin LeDuff and Marisa Spooner-LeDuff Rhoady† and Jeanne Marie Lee Don Linde Wilfrid and Patricia Loeken - In Memory of Patrick Sursely Loretta Mary Luger - In Memory of Lisa Luger Rev. Paul Magnano Thomas and Rowayne Maguire Todd and Denise Malloy Sean and Natasha Mathias Sean and Kim Matt Karen Matthews

“I come from a single-mom household and without your help my dream of attending this school would not be possible. Thank you for helping me realize that I can have the same opportunities as everyone else.” – Chris, Bellarmine Prep Greg and Stacie Maurer Rev. J. Patrick McDermott McDonald McGarry Insurance Brokers John and Jane McDonough Robert and Carol McLaughlin - In Honor of Peg Haggerty Jeff and Lisa Mendenhall Meucci & Co David and Mary Meucci David and Elizabeth Miller Lorin and Helen Miller Paul Miller Alison Milne Daniel and Maryann Montandon In Memory of Lisa Luger Michael and Melinda Morgan Raymond and Janet Morgan Jace and Sally Munson Steven and Kristina Murray David and Julia Nenke Chase and Diana Nordlund Gavin and Margaret O’Brien O’Connell Family Foundation Thomas and Christine O’Connor

James and Young O’Hanlon Dennis O’Leary *Olympus Press Eamon and Elizabeth O’Reilly Carl and Cheri Orsi Our Lady of Guadalupe School Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Our Lady of Lourdes School Our Lady of the Lake Parish Our Lady of the Lake School Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish Our Lady Star of the Sea School Richard and Pam Panowicz Susan Pellicano Ingvar and Claudia Petursson Harold J. Phillips Julie Prepotente Rodney and Constance Proctor Jim Pugel and Erin Overbey Anne Quigg Rev. Michael Radermacher Bob and Lisa Ratliffe Jason and Heather Rees Fernand and Debra Ricard Charles and Sue Richards Allen and Christine Rickert Samuel Saracino and Victoria Ries Rt. Rev. Neal Roth, O.S.B. St. Anne School St. Anthony Parish St. Bernadette School St. Catherine School St. Catherine School PTO St. Cecilia School St. Frances Cabrini School St. George Parish St. George School St. John School St. John the Evangelist Parish, Seattle St. Joseph School, Issaquah St. Louise School St. Luke School St. Madeleine Sophie School St. Martin’s Abbey St. Mary Magdalen School St. Matthew School St. Michael School, Snohomish St. Monica Parish St. Monica School St. Nicholas School St. Patrick School St. Therese School St. Vincent de Paul School Sacred Heart Parish, Bellevue Sacred Heart School Rev. Steven Sallis Daniel Samaniego SAP Matching Gift Program Most Reverend J. Peter Sartain M. Peter and Connie Scontrino Timothy and Kimberly Searing Mike Sellars and Carol Murphy Frank and Mary Senecal Jim and Carmen Sepic - In Memory of Lisa Luger The Sepic Family Foundation - In Memory of Lisa Luger Boyd and Mikki Sharp Michele Shaw Walter and Maureen Shields Craig and Rose Short Raymond and Rosemary Siderius Joseph and Erika Skovron Glen H. Smith and Mary Magnano Smith Mitchell James and Sally Jean Sonnen Jim and Jennifer Southwell Ronald and Angela Souza Charles and Kate Stewart - In Memory of John Radocich Charles and Kim Stewart Dannette Sullivan

Jason and Mona Sullivan John and Joan Sullivan Al and Victoria Symington Martin and Karen Tarabochia - In Memory of Patrick Sursely Dave and Jennifer Tawatao Thomas and Camilla Tilford John and Angela Traynor James and Jeanne Twining Most Rev. Joseph J. Tyson United Way - King County *University of Washington Newman Center Donald Verfurth Verizon Foundation - Matching Gift Program

“It means so much to me that you were kind enough to help me with my financial aid, and words can’t describe my appreciation and gratitude toward this generous gift.” – Kyle, O’Dea High School Greg and Shavaun Wadsworth Linda Wager Howard and Cindy Wagner Kyle and Anne Wahlgren - In Honor of Philip Drouin Doug and Kathy Wartelle Wells Fargo Foundation Education Matching Gift Program Harry and Ervina Wilkinson Joe and Paola Womac Richard and Mary Wong Woodlawn Forest Funeral Homes Larry and Jan Ziels $500 to $999 Anonymous (2) Frank and Mary Frances Abbott Christopher and Annette Anderson Pamela Armstrong Marc and Kelly Aversa Bill and Pam Ayer Charles and Renee Balsley William and Elizabeth Baluch Richard and Kathleen Barth The Barth Family Foundation Shaun and Sandra Barton Smith Katie Beyer Laurie Black and Stafford Mays Ryan and Ann Blakely William and Anne Brand Kris Brown Steve and Patsy Brown Joe and Kathleen Budde Rev. Robert Camuso James and Marta Cappa Brett and Amy Carolan Rev. Timothy Clark, O.C.S.O. William and Kathleen Colleran Kenneth and Sandra Convery Brett and Ann Conway Michael and Beth Cooney Kelly and Laurie Corr Stephen and Pamela Cory Mary Cross James and Amy Cunningham Michael and Miranda Dageenakis Bob and Sharon Dahmen Jerry and Mary Anne D’Ambrosio Ron and Elaine DeGroot Walter and Elizabeth Demaree Vincent and Sue Dhanens Michael and Cathy Dire Dick and Marlene Dixon

Gary and Kristen Downing Bob and Debra Durgan Employees’ Community Fund of the Boeing Company Gary Fallon and Leona DeRocco Jim and Mary Lynn Fellows William and Christine Fenkner Fitzgibion and Associates Inc. - In Memory of Lou Tice Brian and Laurie Flynn Russell and Ruth Foisy Ed and Carolyn Foster Rev. Sean Fox Andrea Garceau Martha Gibney William and Cheryl Gossman Molly and Blaise Goudy - In Memory of Thomas Phillips Isaac Govea Mark and Krissy Grey Sean and Connor Haffey Kathi Hand Bruce and Sheila Harrison Thomas and Barbara Hawksford Daniel and Olive Healy Timothy and Wendi Heffron Brian and Charlene Hilgendorf William and Lisa Holderman Edward and Phyllis Hopfner Mark and Virginia Hunt Kathryn Hutter Ignatius Ohno Foundation Don and Julie James Mr. Philippe Jeoffroy and Ms. Gail N. Morgan Douglas and Karen Jeske Margaret Johnston JP Morgan Chase Foundation Andrew and Elizabeth Kapust John and JoAnn Kelly Charlene and Greg Kletzly Ed and Karen Knuckey Stephen and Carol Koehler Marvin and Mary Kopp Dave and Meg Krah Elizabeth Kromer Ryan and Christen Lambert Cynthia Lamothe Aaron and Courtney Lilly Ed and Cristi Little

“Someday I hope to be in your position to help another student just like me go to the high school of his or her choice.” – Taylor, Our Lady of Guadalupe John and Mary Lou Longfield Merton and Joanne Lott Kevin and Lisa Lovejoy Steven and Chris Lunn Joseph MacDonald Rev. Peter Mactutis Lawrence and Ruth Magnan Terence Maguire and Mary Lynch Robert Maixner and Ann Fennessy Joe and Erin Manca Chris and Diane Masson Troy Mathern and Amanda House Victor Matous Rev. Jacob Maurer Stafford Mays and Laurie Black Jim and Judy McAteer Michele McCarthy Patrick McCarthy Peter and Caroline McGah John and Linda McGowan Michael and Karla McGuire Todd and Katherine McIntyre

Bernard and Laura McMahon John and Connie McMahon Thomas and Marilyn McNamara Medicis Pharmaceutical John and Denise Merle - In Memory of Thomas Phillips James and Tracy Mesick Konstantin Milgram and Mary Schroeder James and Theresa Murphy Kevin Murphy and Patti Gallo Rev. Kurt Nagel National Student Clearinghouse Bret and Kelly Neely - In Memory of Thomas Phillips NFL Charities & Youth Football Fund - In Memory of Salvador Miguel Cotto Nintendo of America, Inc. Steven and Kelly Nolan Shafer Northwest Decision Resources - In Honor of Mike McDermott Kevin and Rena O’Brien - In Memory of William Lowney Lance and Tina O’Brien Albert and Susan Ocoma Scott and Amanda O’Halloran Yoshiro and Karen Ohno Rev. Laga Olaaiga Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Mr. and Mrs. Tom Padilla Tamar and Scott Parker George and Pamela Patterson - In Memory of Lou Tice Brandon and Janet Pedersen John and Carol Penny Brad and Diana Perkinson Loren and Amanda Peterson Rosemary and Richard Peterson Catherine Pleasant Pot O’ Gold, Inc. Queen of Angels School Nick and Dana Questad Thomas and Kathleen Rafferty Kartik Raghavan - In Memory of Thomas Phillips Roger and Mary Rammer Michael and Donna Ramos John and Maureen Reid Mike and Trea Reilly Joseph and Tracey Rockwell Rev. Stephen Roman Dino and Terry Rossi St. Alphonsus Parish St. Alphonsus School St. Anthony School St. Brendan Parish St. Brendan School St. Francis Parish, Friday Harbor St. John Vianney Parish St. Joseph School, Chehalis St. Michael Parish, Olympia St. Paul School St. Pius X Parish St. Pius X School St. Rose De Viterbo Parish St. Rose School St. Thomas More Parish St. Thomas More School Frank Siderius and Maureen Mershon Pat and Angie Sievers Gene and Diane Slagle Helen Smith Jeff and Denise Smith Michael and Christie Smith James and Kathy Spencer Travis and Susan Stanley-Jones Bruce and Madeline Stewart Scott and Michelle Summers Pat† and Loretta Sursely Greg and Gretchen Swanson Steve and Liz Swift Colleen Terlicker

Christopher and Kari Thierer Michael and Holli Tollan Andrew and Kirstin Toynbee Timothy and Joanne Uhl Mauricio and Cynthia Uribe Rev. Thomas Vandenberg Dale Vogel and Nancy Bird Brian and Beverly Walker William and Patricia Walker T. Jackson and Mary Ellen Warfield Washington Women’s Foundation Glenn and Joni White Patrick White and Pauline Smetka Joseph and Donna Whitford Hill and Shannon Williams Tony and Cathy Wise Gregory Witter and Anne McGonigle - In Memory of Salvador Miguel Cotto Carola and Charles Wittmann Douglas and Jeannette Wolfe William Wurts James and Marjorie Yager Teresa Yang Michael Quillin and Lillian Zadra Matthew and Monica Zepeda Mark and Rosemary Zilmer

“My family and I extend our greatest gratitude for your assistance so that my children may learn and thrive in a faith based education.” – Chelsea (parent), St. Mary, Aberdeen $250 to $499 Ed and Jill Allen Anita Alokolaro Alvaro and Marina Alvarez Frank and Susan Amato Fred and Sheri Andrews The Ash Family Foundation Ben and Linda Astrom Stephanie and Greg Bachmeier Joe and Anne Baldwin Bank of America Matching Gifts Claire Bankson Matt Barmore and Nancy Hanson Patricia Barnes Armandino and Marilyn Batali Paul and Colleen Battaglia V. Rev. Anthony Bawyn Lang and Keren Beeck Joe and Susan Bennett Patricia and Frederick Bentley Chris and Kate Berger Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Matching Gift Program George and Mary Birchfield David and Debra Boyle James and Marion Bradley Thomas and Carolyn Brennan Larry Brouse Thomas and Judith Brubaker - In Memory of Thomas Phillips Steven and Anna Brunette Kristine Brynildsen-Smith and Al Smith Will and Katie Burns Shawn Nichols and Ann Marie Byrd Sesinando and Lourdes Cantor Frances Carlson Rev. Emmett Carroll, S.J. Elizabeth Chamberlin Rev. Cal Christiansen David and Stephanie Cisakowski Gregory and Susan Coluccio Michael and Michele Corey

Juan and Sara Cotto Crest Appraisal Services, Inc. John and Diane Cronin Joseph and Sarah Dahleen Kathleen Deakins John and Kristine Dippold Christopher and Toddy Dyer Ratify, Inc. - In Memory of Thomas Phillips Cory and Tina Ferrari-Zimmerman Meaghan Fleming Gary Udd Christopher and Doreen Gavin Thomas and Helen Greenan Sara Gudaitis Clark and Theresa Hagemann Martha Hanscom Greg and Leslie Harlow Matthew and Anne Haskins Preston and Colleen Hauck Ranjiv and Nanette Hayre Hildegard Hendrickson Rev. William Heric Roy and Kathleen Heynderickx Jon and Jen Hillyer Holy Family School, Seattle Holy Rosary Parish, Seattle Holy Rosary School, Seattle Holy Rosary School, Tacoma Christopher and Regan Hurley Rev. Timothy Ilgen David and Dianne Irwin Peter and Kristi Isensee Harold and Agnes Jacobson Rev. James Johnson, Jr. Sam and Tricia Johnson Thomas and Elaine Johnson Tom and Sarah Johnson George and Anna-Lisa Kanick Bob and Ann Kelly Michael and Ruth Kidd Heidi Kim and Alec Campbell Brendan and Danielle Kolding Mary Ann Kozlovsky Walter and Kathleen Krueger Norbert and Kimberly Kusters Rev. Gary Lazzeroni Hal and Pam Leazer Clarence and Barbara Leingang Dr. Kathleen Lowney and Dr. Francis Flaherty - In Honor of George Hofbauer Roger and Cathy Lubovich Mary Lundeen James and Simone Lynch

“Thank you for supporting my Catholic education. I love art class and P.E. I also love to read and do math. I love my teacher because she teaches me about Jesus.” – Lillian, St. Patrick Gregory and Ann Magnoni Elaine Markham Teresa Matt and Michael Gebretsadik Joseph and Salli McCann Robert McCann Timothy A. and Faye M. McClain V. Rev. Michael McDermott Gary and Joan McDonagh Kelly and Sue McDonald Patrick and Andrea McDonald Mike and Louise McDowell Dennis and Lou Ella McGaughey Vincent and Jenny McGovern Brad and Kathleen McHugh 21 Randy and Susan Mecham

Chris and Jodi Merrywell Stan and Ann Milkowski John and Joanie Moran Mary Moran John and Jerene Morford Stephen Morissette Michelle Morris Jane Mueller - In Memory of Salvador Miguel Cotto Mary Nisco Steven and Caroline Noakes Richard and Dina O’Leary Julia Pacheco-Thomas and Andrew Thomas Angela Pastor Anthony and Tanya Paszkeicz Timothy and Patti Pavolka Charles A. (Cap) Pearson David and Jean Peck John and Mary Peterson Jack and Mary Peterson Carla and Jim Phillips Mark and Julie Pinard Rich and Suzanne Premo William Hundley and Kay Purcell Erik and Kim Rauda Rogelio Riojas Kelly Heaphy Rosa Melissa Ruby Matthew and Carolyn Russell Robert and Daria Rutledge Ron Ryan St. Charles Borromeo Parish Ben and Traci Sauvage Craig and Carly Schaefer Mark and Monica Scott Paul and Kathleen Seely Michael Sinsky and Mary Cunningham Gavin and Kim Skok Sam and Julie Smith Hans and Kat Stoker Alice Tanaka Andrew and Roberta Tassani Sr. Mary E. Tracy, SNJM University of Washington Christopher and Lisa VanDerhoef Jim and Carrie Vanderslice Rev. John Walmesley Anthony and Monica Wisen Peter and Ruth E. Wolff - In Honor of Eva, Morgan, Axel, & Eli Christine Woskett Chris and Melodie Wyttenback Artee Young Mike and Kathi Zittel $100 to $249 Anonymous (5) Patrick and Randi Adams - In Honor of Elizabeth Merrill John Altenhofen Kirk and Gail Altenhofen David and Connie Anastasi Terrence Anderson John Angelini Steve Wacker and Denise Aubuchon William and Marilyn Bailey Jeff and Monica Baird James and Eileen Baker Katherine Baldwin Katherine Bannister - In Memory of Earl Angevine George and Joanne Banschbach Richard and Joanne Barber - In Memory of Thomas Phillips Rev. Thomas Belleque Elsa Benitez David and Mary Bever Tom and Maureen Blum Gary and Geraldine Braun Laura Breshock Kevin and Bridget Brewer Keith and Donna Bruton Kathleen Buda

Timothy Burkart and Darcy LaBelle David and Jenney Burroughs Andrew and Julie Campbell Jahmad and Atiya Canley Rich Carter and Kathy Van Olst - In Honor of Cullen Carter William and Sharon Carver Catholic Charities of Spokane James and Jennifer Chamberlin Rev. Victor Cloquet Fred and Shelly Coggeshell Dan and Julie Coleman

“I come from a large family of seven children, so your help is a big blessing to me! It is only because of people like you that I am able to attend Catholic school.” – Juliana, Seton Catholic Dennis Colley and Kimberly Stark - In Memory of William Lowney Combined Fund Drive Donald and Margaret Cowell Thomas and Gena Crowell Jane Cummins-Brown LiseMarie Curda Du Dang Faustina and Fedencio Bacungan Jackie Degel Frank and Pam Dellino Susan Denning Teresa Dion Robert Douroux Michael and Maryann Duffy Ronald and Sherry Edwards Anne Eidenmuller Matt Eisenhauer Elite Managd Properties John and Susan Eshelman Michael and Carolyn Evered Michael and Sandy Fahey Peter and Sharon Faricy - In Memory of Thomas Phillips Yousif and Sahar Farjo Henrietta Farr Vincent Feraudo and Cynthia Savage Teresa Fewel Brian and Teresa Fields Juan Flores Dan Fortier Sandra Foy Rev. Patrick Freitag Rev. John Fuchs, S.J. Andrew and Cheryl Geisler Rowena B. Geonzon - In Memory of Ning Baltazar Tom and Gigi Gilman Brad Goldberg - In Memory of Thomas Phillips Robert and Susan Graby Chris and Julie Grasseschi David and Stephanie Gravenkemper Constance Gray Michelle Gross Michael Gulizia and Svetlana Laurel Judy Gustafson Lori Guzzo Jonathan and Amy Hall David and Elizabeth Hall Bill and Suzie Hamlin Jeanne Harvey and Leticia Espinosa V. Rev. Kenneth Haydock - In Memory of Patrick Sursely Marjorie Hayton David and Joan Heimbigner Mason and Shelley Helms James Hembree

Scott and Chantille Henry Charles Herche Katie Herche Jason and Jennifer Hermitage Phil and Lorelei Herres David and Patricia Hinman - In Memory of Thomas Phillips Dane Hofbauer - In Honor of George Hofbauer and In Memory of William Lowney Paige Hofbauer Hoffner, Fisher & Harvey Funeral Home William and Sally Hogan Ralph and Peggy Horner Susan Horther Nate Hudac Adam Janicki Paul and Lisa Jelinek William and Anne Jennings - In Memory of Thomas Phillips Peggy Jesse Thomas Jessup and Karen Zuther James and Ralina Joseph Allison and Wallace Judd Michael and Hai Li Juhas - In Honor of L.J. & Adele Brown David L. Kelley Brian Kelly John and Patricia Kelly Rev. Robert Kenny Robert and De Anna Kieffer Jay and Susana Knapp - In Memory of Thomas Phillips Rev. John Koehler Ronald and Linda Krell Elma Kuntz Maribel Laforga David and Georgia Lang Larry and Julie Laporte V. Rev. Derek Lappe Stacey Larson Corinna Laughlin Maria Laughlin Mark and Sara Lauzen

“Thank you so much allowing students like myself a door to a better future and a chance to share my gifts with the community.” – Catherine, Seattle Prep Matt and Stacy Lawless Richard and Elizabeth Leider Rev. Dwight Lewis Donald and Patricia Lichty Isoefa and Heather Liufau Fayne Loew Arthur and Kathleen Lofstedt Christopher and Jody Lopat Aidan Lopez Therese Luger - In Memory of Lisa Luger Shawn and Anne Madden V. Rev. John Madigan Charlene Madison Matthew Makowicz Sheila Marie Kris Maudslien Amanda Mazzuca Marc and Erin McClure Donald and Joann McCluskey Thomas and Jeanne McDonagh Jason and Tasha McDonald Thomas and Monica McDonough Mary Kay McFadden Patrick and Marianne McGah Kenneth and Dottie McGowan - In Memory of Thomas Phillips

Ann McIntyre Eva McKay Rev. William McKee Shawna McMahon Duncan McNab Greg and Joan McNabb Mary Catherine Mead James Meyer Charles Middendorf Rev. Gary Morelli Phil and Ginny Morrissey - In Memory of Patrick Sursely John and Judy Munn Steven and Christine Mura Joe Murphy Rev. Thomas Nathe Arleen Neighbors Jack and Michelle Nelson Julee Neyer Andrew and Nancy Nichols Bernard and Catherine Norris Rev. James Northrop Daniel and Anita Novak Rev. Bryan Ochs Chad and Lynn O’Connor Fred and Margaret Ogden Bernadette O’Leary Joseph and Lisa O’Leary Dan and Erika Olson Jane Orr Greg and Karen Owens Ron and Jody Page Jeff Parietti Jeff and Sandy Pedersen - In Memory of Thomas Phillips Sagato and Sapina Pele Kenneth Phillips V. Rev. James Picton Arthur and Helen Pieters Dave and Kathy Polakowski Port of Seattle Francis Powers James and Ruthann Powers Kip and Karen Prohaska Donovan and Alicia Quebedeaux Dennis and Brigette Quichocho Ronald and Barbara Ramsey Steve and Tiffanie Ranta Dale and Lynne Realph Michael and LoAnn Rector John and Michele Riel Rev. Patrick Ritter Theodore and Anna Rixon Deacon Teodoro and Maria Rodriguez Linda Rollin Lee Rombough Adam and Laura Rosellini Raymond Rowan Carlen V. Ruelos St. Benedict’s Parent Club Thaddeus and Mary Elizabeth Sadowski Laurie and Drew Sands Richard and Mary Santi Matt and Sally Schambari Cherie Schmidt Mike and Barbie Seifert Kelly and Nan Severns - In Memory of Patrick Sursely J. Michael and Teresita Shafer Ken and Judith Shafer Leeanna Shaw Robert and Karen Sheppard Daniel and Mary Sherman John and Teresa Shine Sr. Jo Ann Showalter S.P. David and Carolyn Simms Sharon Simpier Lloyd and Pauline Skinner Jeffrey and Lynne Smetzer - In Memory of Thomas Phillips Joshua Smith - In Honor of Glen Smith Steve and Tracy Smith

Dave and Dori Sonntag Liberty Sponek Lynn and Mary K. Sprague Al and Kay Standish Mark and Anne Stanton Andre and Paula Stepankowsky W.L. and M.E. Stewart - In Honor of Elizabeth Merrill Rev. Todd Strange Jackie Suess Carl Swenson and Julia Buchholz Paul and Judy Swortz Rev. Stephen Szeman Lisa Tanzi and Charles Egerton - In Memory of Thomas Phillips Margie Thirlby - In Honor of Sue Mecham, Dana Questad, & Joe Womac Anne Marie Twining Greg and Amy Unruh Bjarne E. Ursin Chris and Charlotte Van Hollebeke Larkin VanDerhoef Donald and Mary Ann Veith Margaret Vila Mary Jo Vogeler Julia Vogelheim Matthew and Jill Vonfeldt John Walsh, Michael Walsh, Gregg Walsh Family - In Memory of Patrick Sursely Christy Watson Tom and Sally Weber Bradley and Patricia Westin Gerald Wheeler Michael and Tannian Whitlock William and Mary Whitlock - In Memory of Earl Angevine Rev. Nicholas Wichert Maurice and Jean Wiley Steve and Monica Williams Richard and Mary Willy Jason and Jennifer Wing Philip and Monica Wingard Rev. Michael Wright Scott and Valerie Youngren Madelene Zanatta Up to $99 Anonymous (2) Brett Abegglen Ray and Ann Adams - In Honor of Sr. Joanne McCauley Adam and Andrea Alessio Nick Altenhofen Jose and Rosalba Alvarado Bradley and Kathryn Anderson Robert and Laurian Andrews - In Memory of Patrick Sursely Douglas and Lynn Arthur Raquel Ayala Marie Bach and Dinko Papak Fedencio Bacungan Maggie Baker - In Memory of William Lowney Mary and Joseph Beard Casey Bell Peik Benson and Melore Nielsen Sarah Berger Perry and Debra Berggren Richard and Rose Berntsen Michael and Kathy Blanchet John and Diane Boisen - In Memory of Earl Angevine Allison Borthwick Rochelle Borthwick Morgan Brannon Henderson James Brennan Phil and Emily Bridge Chad and Kiara Buechler Charles and Andrea Buren Burns Family Trust Randall and Janet Burns Joanne Cecchini

Liz Chambers Donna Christensen Rafael and Tricia Cintron Rev. Raymond Cleaveland James and April Collier Convent of the Sacred Heart Forest Ridge Marshall and Michelle Coolidge Marc and Alison Costanza Matthew and Nicole Crevier Robert and Georgeann Cukjati James and Camille Cummings

“Next year, I will be attending O’Dea as a senior. If it wasn’t for the kind donors and the Fulcrum Foundation, I would not be able to finish my high school years at O’Dea.” –Steven, O’Dea High School Katherine Anne Dahlem - In Memory of William Lowney Margaret Dahlem - In Memory of William Lowney Marcia Danne John and Marina Dawes Louis and Theresa DeFranco - In Memory of Elizabeth Merrill Jessica Delgehausen Robert and Marlyne Delong Don and Mary Desautels - In Memory of Thomas Phillips Angela DeSimone Megan Diefenbach Victoria DiMuzio Kathryn Donovan Heather Dow Eric and Amanda Downing John and Mary Dueker Sr. Karin Dufault S.P. Jenna Dumpit Valerie Ells Rev. Peter Ely, S.J. Ryan Erickson and Dolores Reyes Rachel Fairbanks Jarret and Jerin Falkner Amparo Farias Sr. Mary Flaherty, R.S.C.J. Judith Folden James Freeburg Joseph and Camberly Gilmartin Barry and Suzanne Goren - In Memory of Salvador Miguel Cotto Tom Grechis - In Memory of Patrick Sursely Annetta A. Grubisich Gene Guthrie - In Memory of Elizabeth Merrill Rev. Bradley Hagelin Christopher and Michele Hanzeli James and Jane Harrison Winslow and Rita Hayes Brook Hayter Newby and Catherine Herrod - In Memory of Salvador Miguel Cotto Janet Heva Kelly Hickman Ian and Anna-Sara Home Jordan Howell Michael and Carolyn Hoyles Kate Hudson David and Melissa Hull Amy Jacobsen Jason Jaingue Laura Jenkins - In Memory of Thomas Phillips

Ann Jennings Caitlin Jesse Edmund and Joan Jones Joanne Jones - In Memory of Earl Angevine Peter Jorgenson - In Memory of Thomas Phillips Thelma Kane Casey Karbowski Kareen Kasprzyk John and Ann Kisela - In Honor of Kisela & Martin Families John and Jean Klekotka Kurt and Lisa Knigge Tom and Joan Knight Walter and Chris Korzeniecki KPMG LLP Leo Lazo Joe and Irene LeClair Johnny Lee Robert and Kathleen Lefcourt Anthony and Betty L’Esperance Arnold and Maureen Lewis Raymond and Laura Liedtke April Little - In Honor of Mary Alice Little David and Janne Liu Katie Lundberg Kent and Julie Lundgren Kristin Luscher James Lyons Ann Magnano Nick and Diana Mastandrea Mac McDonald John and Catherine McDowall Lilly McGarry Terry and Margaret McGinnis Stephen and Mary McGlone Paul and Paula McMillen Nicholas and Laura Meaux Jessica Mendoza Sally Merriwether James Millikan Caroline Milne Steve and Janice Moehring Peter Montine Megan Montplaisir Sr. Maureen Newman, S.P.

“The opportunity you’ve given me is invaluable and I’m sincerely grateful for it.” – Ailish, Holy Names Academy Rosanne Nichols James and Misty Nordale Kenneth and Michelle Nowoczynski Patrick and Gina Nuss Mary K. O’Brien - In Memory of Elizabeth Merrill Lauren O’Connor Pat and Teri O’Connor Teri and Stephen O’Connor Sr. Marcia O’Dea, R.S.C.J. Helen Oesterle Kate Orizotti Lyle Ovenell - In Memory of Earl Angevine Margaret Overturf Carolyn Paola Nicholas Paradis Candi Pariseau Nicole and Matt Crevier Dominic Parmantier Shawn Peake Carl and Lisa Phillips - In Memory of Thomas Phillips Teresa Pierce Mark Pierotti Mary Priestley Edward and Carole Pursley

Leon and Patricia Puzon Quanex Building Products Corporation Matching Gift Program Ronald and Linda Quick - In Memory of Thomas Phillips Daniel and Elizabeth Reilly Donald and Dorothy Rempe Arnel and Pam Reyes Maria Rillera Gregg and Cristina Riva - In Memory of Thomas Phillips Sharon Robb Liam and Misha Robinson Deborah Rodriguez Myrna Romack Caitlin and Daniel Ross David Rosser Dorothy and Thomas Rowland Dave and Susan Salazar Kelsey Salber Terry and Cherie Santos James and Tina Schafer Gail Schalk John and Virginia Schuster - In Memory of Lou Tice Robin Schwartz - In Memory of Salvador Miguel Cotto Alison and Doug Scott Brian and Annette Seats & Family - In Memory of Thomas Phillips Deryle and Lydia Seely Christopher and Angie Sharp Chris Shellooe John and Susan Shuhler Richard and Suzanne Siekawitch Steve and Maureen Siera Erica Simons Andrea Smith Dr. and Mrs. David E. Smith - In Honor of Earl Angevine Holy Names Academy Parent Board In Memory of Thomas Phillips M.D. Sobrevilla Carl and Isidora Spotz Margot Stanfield Renee Stocks Aaron Stockton Stephanie Stockwell Brian and Emily Sude Matthew and Brooke Sullivan Charles and Diana Sullivan Jim Sullivan Lance and Beth Swanson Allison Tennant Jimmy Twining William and Phoebe Vanderboom Thomas and Laurie Vitt John Vogel Erin Wagner The Walker Family - In Memory of Thomas Phillips Anthony and Susan White Whitfield’s Insurance - In Memory of William Lowney Roger and June Whitson Margaret and Gerald Wiese Aaron and Hanna Winter Mary S. Wiseman Dan and Nikki Womac Michele Yi Rev. Gary Zender


business alliance Fulcrum’s business partners help schools balance their budgets by offering discounts on products and services, providing in-kind donations, or underwriting specific costs of education such as text books, technology and capital projects. Partners have also underwritten our annual Celebration of Light fundraiser.

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St. Joseph, Seattle St. Joseph, Vancouver St. Louise, Bellevue St. Luke, Shoreline St. Madeleine Sophie, Bellevue St. Mark, Shoreline St. Mary Magdalen, Everett St. Mary, Aberdeen St. Matthew, Seattle St. Michael, Olympia St. Michael, Snohomish St. Monica, Mercer Island St. Nicholas, Gig Harbor St. Patrick, Tacoma St. Paul, Seattle St. Philomena, Des Moines St. Pius X, Mountlake Terrace St. Rose, Longview St. Therese, Seattle St. Thomas More, Lynnwood St. Vincent de Paul, Federal Way Villa Academy, Seattle Visitation, Tacoma

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