2012 Annual Report - NISD

2012 Annual Report - NISD

Northside Education Foundation Igniting Innovation Thank You For Being the Spark, Lighting the Flame 2012 Annual Report* *Fiscal Year June 2011 to ...

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Northside Education Foundation

Igniting Innovation

Thank You For Being the Spark, Lighting the Flame 2012 Annual Report*

*Fiscal Year June 2011 to May 2012

Longtime Executive Director Retires Cassandra Miranda to Succeed Bonnie Ellison

Bonnie Ellison

Former San Antonio resident Cassandra Miranda returned to the city and started with Northside Independent School District (NISD) on Jan. 7, 2013, to succeed long-time NISD Partnerships Director and Northside Executive Foundation (NEF) Executive Director Bonnie Ellison who is retiring. Ellison leaves after a 40-year career at Northside. She was the first Communications Director and helped establish the Partnerships Department and the NEF in 1995 following a Strategic Planning initiative. During her tenure, she was elected President of the National School Public Relations Association, provided professional help to NASA’s First Teacher-in-Space Program and consulted on implementation of the Indian Claims Act for the school district in Barrow, Alaska. Coincidentally, Ellison’s successor, Cassandra Miranda, has been the Communications and Internet Services Supervisor at the NASA Johnson Space Center since 2007. With an MBA from Our Lady of the Lake University and a Communications degree from UTSA, Miranda also has corporate and non-profit leadership experience with UPS and the American Heart Association. She has successfully led award-winning teams and supported many positive community relations programs and business development campaigns. About becoming Executive Director of NEF, recently named Best-in-Texas (see page 2), Miranda said, “I am extremely humbled to have this opportunity.”

Cassandra Miranda

NEF is able to flow 95 percent of its funds directly to benefit students and teachers since staff support is donated by the District under the auspices of “supervising volunteers,” as allowed by law. Thereby, NEF has no employees, but can use the services of the NISD Partnerships Department as the District’s premier partnership. 1

NEF Named No. 1 in Texas by Reputed Research Firm SM

NEF was named the top public school foundation in Texas and No. 12 in the nation by Dewey and Associates, a Florida-based management consulting firm. The study analyzes the effectiveness of the foundation at generating and sustaining financial resources to serve the students of the school district. The study (the first since 2005) added the role of volunteers in the organization, earning a high score for the foundation, which celebrates 300 involved Friends of the Foundation who pay no dues but volunteer countless hours of time, energy and expertise.

Merry K. Raba, President Manager, Corporate Employee Services, Raba Kistner, Inc.

Although Northside ISD is 31st in the nation in size (number of students), NEF ranked No. 6 in the nation for investment income, No. 11 for volunteer involvement, No. 14 in amount awarded in grants-per-student and No. 14 in assets-per-student.

“Attending the ISTE Convention in San Diego with NEF’s sponsorship was an incredible opportunity to grow professionally. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with my colleagues. - Larinda Rios, CIT, Los Reyes ES


Wade Cleary, President-Elect Managing Principal, Cleary Zimmermann Engineering

2011 Encore grants went to the NISD Solar Car Competition and Middle School Academic Bowl ($1,500 NEF grant) to enable more teams to participate, and to “Fast Freddy” Third Grade Math Competition ($6,000 NEF grant), credited with increasing performance on state tests.

Change in By-laws Expands NEF Board If the 27-member all-volunteer NEF Board has proved to be an asset and effective since its inception in 1995, consensus that “more might be better” resulted in a June, 2012 by-laws change which expanded the Board of Directors to 30 members. Added to the Board as a result are NEF Directors Monty Howard, Marmon Mok Architects; Robb Decker, Walsh, Anderson, Gallegos, Green, & Trevino, P.C.; and former Martin Elementary teacher Amanda Raba Gentis who is now pursuing an advanced degree at San Antonio Texas A&M University and is the owner of ARG Photographs. Elected to thee-year terms, one-third of the Board stands for re-election annually. And this year, all 10 expressed an interest in remaining for another term. Likewise, officers elected to one-year terms opted to serve for another term. Merry K. Raba, Corporate Employee Services Manager for Raba Kistner, Inc., is the 2013 NEF Board President. Other Board members and officers are listed below. Sandra Bonnett, Principal, May Elementary School, was appointed by Supt. Brian T. Woods, Ed.D., to succeed Levinia Lara, Hoffmann Elementary Principal, who was promoted to Executive Director of Elementary Administration. The NEF Education Advisory Committee includes the NISD Superintendent and an elected representative of the NISD Board of Trustees, Bennie Cole, a former NEF President. Also appointed by the Superintendent are Anthony Jarrett, Principal, Marshall High School; Wendy Reyes, Principal, Jones Middle School; and Brenda Farias, Principal, Langley Elementary. They succeed Harold Maldonado, Stevens High School Principal; Glenda Munson, Stevenson Middle School Principal; and Kathleen Gorsche, Los Reyes Elementary Principal.

“My current endeavor of getting through medical school has been no easy task. Your charitable scholarship, though, has helped me become less fearful of the future.” - Amy Shekarchi, Texas Tech’s School of Medicine


Northside Education Foundation 2012 30-member Board of Directors – emeritus excluded (effective 12/20/12)

How to become an NEF Board member:

Executive Committee

a. Contribute to Board diversity due to ethnicity, sex, race, profession, high school and college attended.

Merry K. Raba Wade Cleary Larry Ratcliff Jeff Bourgeois Vaughn Bomberger John Casstevens Cathy Naiser Dave Gannon Kathy Hill

President President-Elect Past-President Secretary Treasurer VP-Administration VP-Development VP-Programs VP-Communications

b. Develop contacts with an extensive network of people interested in preserving quality of public education in NISD. c. Donate time, energy, expertise and sometimes funds: No fees required to join. d. Volunteer to committees as a Friend of the Foundation prior to serving on the Board. e. Board members are not required to live in NISD or have children in NISD.

Directors and Terms Ed Rawlinson John M. Folks, Ed.D.

Director Emeritus Director Emeritus

What is expected of NEF Board members: a. Don’t miss more than three meetings in a row.

Renews (end of) Dec. 2015 Matthew Foxhall Monty Howard Robb Decker Kathy Hill Letha Harrelson Sandra Bonnett Arthur Reyna John Casstevens Vaughn Bomberger Amanda Raba Gentis

Divisional Vice President, AXA Advisors, LLC Marmon Mok Architects Walsh, Anderson, Gallegos, Green & Trevino, P.C. KHill PR Business Development Manager, SSFCU Principal, May Elementary Art Reyna & Assoc., Leon Valley City Council Joeris General Contractors Ltd. Garza Bomberger Architects Owner, ARG Photographs


b. Serve three-year term. c. Attend six meetings annually. d. Serve on a minimum of two committees at all times during service. e. Grow Endowment 10 percent annually: to $3.56 million in 2013.

Partnership with NISD Conserves Resources

With a ratio of only five percent of income going to overhead, NEF is the envy of other local non-profits. And, according to NEF President Merry K. Raba, “Who cannot be supportive of quality public schools?” Staff support, office, computer space and supplies for NEF come from NISD’s Partnerships budget, and, as outgoing Executive Director and NISD Partnerships Director Bonnie Ellison says, “It has become worth adding to your resume that you’ve helped the Foundation.”

Renews (end of) Dec. 2013 Brad Ward Wade Cleary Rene M. Garcia Tomas Larralde Larry Ratcliff Jeff Bourgeois Frank Humada, Jr. Billy Laque Priscilla Ann Sanchez-Hurt Rick McLaughlin

Advanced Recruiting Specialists Cleary Zimmermann Engineers Zachry Construction Corporation Executive Director Hispanic Contractors Association de San Antonio Jefferson Bank Christus Santa Rosa Hospitals Wortham Insurance Risk Management Laque Insurance Agency, Horace Mann CEO, Moonstruck Foundation, Inc. & Farmer Ins. Agent Mathnasium

Renews (end of) Dec. 2014 Richard Acosta Cathy Naiser Merry K. Raba Evelyn Thomas Ken Thomas Dave Gannon Ray Lopez Dr. Edmundo Garcia George Block VACANT

Sr. VP M.R. Beal Investment Banking Keller Williams Realty Raba Kistner, Inc. Community Leader Civil Engineering Consultants, Inc. (CEC) Airgas, Sr. VP (retired) AT&T (retired) S.A. City Council District. 6 Heritage Medical Clinic Haven for Hope (retired President & CEO)

Education Advisory Committee Brian T. Woods, Ed.D. Superintendent Bennie Cole NISD Trustee, Retired Military, Civil Service** Anthony Jarrett Principal, Marshall High School* Wendy Reyes Principal, Jones Middle School* Brenda Farias Principal, Langley Elementary* *appointed annually by Superintendent **elected by NISD Board of Trustees 5

Who’s Suprising Whom?

In February, 2012, the Board also drafted and adopted an NEF Jay Pastwa, Board of Directors Operating Sams Club-DeZavala Manual outlining the responsiManager, surprised an NEF bilities and duties of the NEF Prize Patrol team Sept. 20, Board, and emphasizing its 2012, arriving to present a mission to support NISD by $500 check from the Walmart- raising funds for innovative based firm. NEF’s Apple projects that would otherwise Eddie (l) and Apple Eddie, Jr. go unfunded. (r) joined NEF Board member Brad Ward (l) and NEF President-elect Wade Cleary before heading out to award innovation grants to staff.

Record numbers of NISD staff members applied for and received financial support for innovative projects in 2012, and the NEF Prize Patrol added a third mascot, Apple Eddie, Jr., to its Prize Patrol family that already included Apple Eddie and Apple Annie. During this reporting year, 512 NEF Grant applications were submitted and 390 grants awarded for a 76 percent rate of awards to applications.

“I have a new, green Fast Freddy hat and pencil and am ready to jump into the next math equation as a member of my school’s Tour de Frog team.” - Jianuo Zhong, Rhodes ES student


Financial Documents Posted on the Web The NEF Board of Directors Operations Manual, annual audit and IRS 990 (tax form) are all posted on the Foundation’s website: www.foundation.nisd. net and on www.guidestar.org, the international website for nonprofits.

A record 387 mini-grants of up to $500 each were awarded in November at 82 (of 112) Northside schools and departments for a total of $173,578. Four opportunities are offered each year to apply for the grants: the first cycle is the $500 mini-grant, two are to apply for up to $1,000 for classroom innovation and one is to apply for a TEAM grant of up to $10,000. In addition, partner-donors supported 42 New Teacher $100 grants this year.

Designated Funds to Worthwhile Programs in 2011-12 NISD Aquatics AXA Staff Development Academy of Finance (BCHS) AIM (Administrator Training) Gordon Bade Memorial Scholarships BCHS Scholarships Becker Memorial Scholarship NISD Guidance Benevolence Xavier M. Cardenas Memorial Fund Cable Elementary Carnahan Elementary Fund Cathy Young Memorial Construction Careers Academy Covington Scholarship Deaf Dance Troupe Fast Freddy (3rd Grade) Math Dr. John Folks Excellence Fund Fernandez Family Fund Ignite Fund (NISD Gifted & Tal.) Horace Mann Staff Development Humada Career Tech Certification Humada Teacher Scholarship Humada GED certificates fund Jay Science & Engineering JCJ Penny Drive PTA Scholarship Kronkosky Foundation Precious Minds Learning Tree Staff Appreciation Lewis Elementary Friends of NISD Libraries Lisa M. Meffert Memorial McCombs Foundation Melva Matkin Esparza PTA Kelly Smith Memorial Digi Awards 7

For Programs $10,653 $3,980 $1,000 $2,718 $580 $31,488 $1,000 $5,500 $1,000 $11,500 $33,070 $1,000 $1,228 $1,000 $5,000 $9.500 $17,342 $3,600 $3,276 $1,475 $18,000 $3,175 $2,000 $5,000 $16,500 $181,757 $1,428 $1,100 $3,114 $3,000 $1,200 $1,000 $5,112

Designated Funds to Worthwhile Programs in 2011-12 Tim Traynor Memorial for Science $810 McAndrew College Readiness $3,500 Middle School Golf $1,100 Mireles Family Foundation $13,000 Murnin Scholarship $1,500 Naiser Grant to Campuses $7,500 NISD School Museum $9,993 Raba Family Fund $12,101 Rayburn M.S. Electrify Fund $2,500 Solar Car/Science Bowl Competition $5,913 Ward Elementary $565 TOTAL $446,778

For the first time in 2012, NEF used Bidpal bidding technology at its Pillar Banquet, significantly increasing the donations at the annual event.


It is hardly surprising, given his achievements, that NEF President-Elect Wade Cleary, Class of ‘88, was named one of the six Pillars of Northside’s Foundation recognized at the annual post-Labor Day gala. “NEF is proud not just of its fundraising record,” says President Merry K. Raba “But also of its programs.”

In 2012, the NEF assets, managed by Michael Clark, Aspect Wealth Management, increased from $3.13M to $3.56M. Where NEF Donations Come From Investment Income 5% Employees 16% Business & Community 56% Other Foundations 22% Memorials, Honoraria 1%

Who NEF Donations Go To Investment income


Other Foundations

Endowment Growth 25%* Classroom Grants 29% Scholarships 5% Operations 5% Other Programs 36%

NISD Employees

Other Programs

*required by policy

Business & Community

Classroom Grants Operations Scholarships

NEF at a Glance Raised Assets Awarded NEF Fundraisers

2011 2012 $1,012,889 $1,151,725 $3.13M $3.56M 605,463 $820,727

2012 achievements include: 450 NEF Grants-to-Teachers $373,449 40 College Scholarships 53,190 44 Donor-Restricted Grants to Schools $394,038


Pillar Banquet


Employee Pledges


5K Run/Marathon


Six Flags & SeaWorld


Golf Spring & Fall


“Thanks to NEF’s grant, I’m reading about the 7 Habits of Happy Kids and will go to Mead Elementary School via Skype to be part of ‘Leaders R Us.’” - a Leon Springs ES student

Total $414,052 *4,598 NISD employee donors 9

Endowment Growth

2012 Pillars of Northside’s Foundation 2012 Pillars, pictured from left to right: Pillar of Caring Eric G. Burns, ’90, prosecutor, soccer coach; Pillar of Citizenship Dr. Martha Pritchett Mims, ’74, biology professor and cancer researcher; Pillar of Responsibility Uma Pemmeraju, ’76, Fox-TV News Analyst; Pillar of Respect Monica Velasquez McIlwain, ’89, teen parent nonprofit founder; Pillar of Trustworthiness Wade Cleary, ‘88, entrepreneur and school foundation leader; and Pillar of Fairness Giancarlo “John” Ortega, ’96, bank founder and youth volunteer


By selecting and highlighting outstanding graduates and emphasizing their character traits (trustworthiness, citizenship, fairness, caring, responsibility, and respect), we use the Josephson’s Institute curriculum to reinforce education in the schools. “Texas,” President Merry K. Raba notes, “does not include character education in its required curriculum, but Northside ISD, fortunately, does.”

NEF Fundraisers also include Memorials, Honoraria, Bequests, and grants from other Foundations. Donors Ignite the Spark, Light the Flame

Whether parents, business partners, grandparents or community service organizations, individuals and groups of all types choose public school excellence to be the focus of their charitable contributions. NEF often receives memorial and honorarium gifts, bequests* and other legacy-giving to acknowledge a loved one, colleague or significant event. These donations become more popular as public education is increasingly seen as the best “long-term investment” anyone can make, according to retiring Capital Group/American Funds CEO John McLaughlin. “When Supt. John Folks, Ed.D. retired after 10 exemplary years leading NISD, the outpouring of support to his Educational Excellence Designated Fund was tremendous,” said Ellison (see page. 5, Designated Funds). Dr. Folks has indicated that he will direct the funds to be used to equip Dr. John M. Folks Middle School when it opens in 2013.

Memorial Gifts Preserve in Perpetuity To keep the flame alive, donors choose memorial gifts attributed to loss of a loved one. 2011-2012 Memorials include: Tim Traynor by Kathy Miller, Dr. John Folks, Shirley Lobue, Krueger Elementary, Peggy Carnahan, Cala Hesse, Priscilla Lurz, Robert Covington, Rebecca Correa, Mary Sorenson, Sandra Preininger, Kimberly Friend, Heather Cook, Natalie Moodie, Terry & Marian Hersum, Mary Hilsher & Loretta Castanon, Dave Gannon, Mary & Don Wise, Unilever Texas Team, Jeannine Keairnes, Shirley Lobue; Jesse Madla by Grace Nixon; Eduardo Medina by Susan Dullnig; Barbara David by Janet Beardsley Persyn; Mary Srubar Dornak by Shirley Thompson & Carol Borcherding; Yvonne Taylor Becker by Jack & Ann Jordan; Kelly Smith by Victor A. Smith, Katie N. Reed, NISD Technology Services Dept., Rosemary G. Perez, Joyce A. Stevens, Theresa Whitney, Anthony Edwards, Dennis G. Cadena, Joe McMonagle, Elizabeth Denise Langer, Pamela A. Goebel, Jennifer A. Ritchey-Munoz, Landa Rodgers, Dave Gannon, Doris Slay-Barber, Kevin Reyher; John Arthur Pankratz by Susan Dullnig; Jimmie Rawdon by Mary Mora; Susan Fillinger by Drinda J. McNichol; Antonio Rodriguez by Dave Gannon; Various Memorials by Dr. Warren Alexander; and Terri Jacobs by Monica Fernandez.

An NEF Honorarium Could Be Everything from Weddings to Retirements A good way to honor a marriage, retirement, outsanding achievement. Honoraria received by NEF during 2011-2012 include: Janet Huffstickler for GT Leadership by Priscilla Lurz, Zachry Middle School Garden Club by Silver & Black Give Back, Merry K. Raba’s birthday by Dave Gannon, Lori Jones’ promotion by Dave Gannon, David Lamoureaux’s retirement by Bonnie Ellison, Sean Embry’s service to NISD by Bonnie Ellison, Beverly Pantuso’s retirement by Bonnie Ellison, Hilldore & Trigg by Wells Fargo, Reonacio De O’Campo by Wells Fargo, Sylvia Swain’s retirement by Bonnie Ellison, Stella Morales’ retirement by Bonnie Ellison, Bragg & Statton by Lydia Powell. *Bequests are confidential at the request of the donor.


Reminding staff members that they do not have to be teachers to apply for grants, NEF solicits funds from all types of NISD employees during its Annual Employee Pledge Drive and in turn, opens funding options to programs such as Adult and Community Education, transportation department and custodial. Grants are read and scored by a committee of NEF Board members, NISD staff and Board members and volunteers. Training in how to apply for and win an NEF grant is provided in-person, one-on-one and in webinars produced by the NISD Grants and Recognitions Departments under the leadership of Director Sharon Sanchez. In addition, NISD is able to use NEF’s tax-exempt status to apply for other grants that are not open to public school districts without NEF’s 501c-3 authority. Most significant of these is the Kronkosky Grant ($181,757) which has been awarded annually the past 11 years to fund Precious Minds, New Connections, a parenting education program for caregivers of children under four years of age who will be entering NISD schools. Designated or restricted donations to NEF are designed to be exclusively donor-driven. In each, IRS rules limit the use of the funds to the specific goals of the donor. The Foundation has 44 designated funds listed on page 7. Unlike other foundations that handle tax-exempt gifts, NEF does not charge an administration fee for handling restricted funds, and applies interest-earned to funds of $10,000 or more commensurate with the NEF endowment’s performance.

“Enclosed find a Tobin Endowment check to Northside Education Foundation to fund the TEXAN HEROES mentoring program for Pat Neff Middle School, as we are honored to assist.” - J. Bruce Bugg, Jr., Chairman


Technical Expertise Provided to NEF in 2012 6632 Bandera Rd., Bldg. A, San Antonio, TX 78238 210-397-8599, Fax 210-706-8846 Foundation.nisd.net 501c-3 #74-2591569 Service Personnel of Record Attorney Glen Yale, Glen Yale Law Firm Auditor & Tax Preparer Joe Hernandez, Akin Doherty Klein & Feuge Accountants Bernita Helberg and Lillian Yeh, DBO USA, LLP Financial Advisor Michael Clark, Aspect Wealth Management Banker Lettie Estrada, Jefferson Bank – Bandera Branch Julie N. Varnedoe, AVP/Branch Manager, Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union-Bandera Pointe NISD Partnerships Staff Bonnie Ellison, Norma Rabago, Theresa Leibold, Patricia Moreno NISD Special Revenue Staff Oscar Cardenas, Myrna Martinez, Carrie Hall, Pam Brenner, Renee Stanley, Lisa M. Baker NISD Grants & Recognition Staff Sharon Sanchez, Becky Burns, Joseph Conway, Serina Gutierrez, Nicole Rogers, Rose Mary Walker NISD Communications and Technology Depts. Albert Thomas and Stacie Kimrey, NISD Webmasters Pamela Dooley, NEF Webmaster

2008-2013 Strategic Plan: 1. Fund 100% of eligible grants 76 percent of funds requested were funded in 2012 compared to 50 percent in 2008. Still more funds need to be raised. 2. Expand outreach, awareness Letters have been sent to all parents introducing NEF, students are receiving “My Teacher Won” picture frame magnets to take home, Alumni and Parental Outreach Committee leaders have volunteered, and interest in Board service has doubled. 3. Give donors options Memorials, Honoraria, Bequests, Legacy gifts Scholarships, School-named funds, Program-specific Funds (Gifted & Talented, Careers & Technology).

Named for a former NISD superintendent, the Rawlinson Innovator-of-the-Year Award is presented annually to an outstanding staff member. In photo, from left, NEF President Merry K. Raba and Supt. Brian T. Woods, Ed.D., present the 2012 Award to Linda Zarakas, Executive Director of School Improvement Initiatives. NEF Vice President for Programs, Dave Gannon, is on the right.

“Thanks to NEF, we currently have 15 students in the Briscoe MS ‘Mouse Squad’ providing studentcentered solutions to the technical support issues facing public schools.” - Arden McLean, Briscoe MS teacher


Bobbye Behlau Behlau Elementary School Belden Roofing Co. Bellus ALC Acquisition, LLC Craig Benmeister Benson Honda Chris & Wendy Bera Puntado Beveil B H Services, Inc. BJ’s Restaurant BESCO Business Equipment & Sys. Co. , Inc. Virginia Bigler Black-eyed Pea Restaurant Patricia Blattman Blattman Elementary School George Block Trustee Robert Blount, Jr. Blue Bell Creameries, LP Blue Ribbon Tack & Equine Lawrence Borchers Carol Borcherding Boudro’s Booz, Allen, Hamilton Jeff Bourgeois Vaughn Bomberger George Brackenridge Foundation Donnie Britt Mary Susan Britt Trustee Lynn Britton, Jr. Brandeis High School Braun Station Elementary Broadway Bank Broadway Daily Bread Brennan High School O’Melissa & Jesse Lopez-Brouse The Buckhorn Saloon Linda Bullard W. Z. Burke Elementary PTA Trapper Burkett

Thank You! 1,100 Generous Donors in 2012* Northside Education Foundation’s Board of Directors and the students of Northside ISD extend their gratitude for NEF gifts to the following donors** for 2012 and listed below. *106 percent increase over the previous year. **Does not include 4,598 participants in the 2012 Employee Pledge Drive who gave $134,882, and 152 participants in the Combined School District Charitable Campaign (of United Way) who gave $5,404.

Academy Sports & Outdoors Edith & Henry Acosta Richard Acosta Betty Adams Mary Adams Adams Hill Elementary PTA Adpad, Inc. Monica Diaz Aguillon Air Force Federal Credit Union Airrosti Rehab Centers, LLC Akin, Dougherty, Klein & Feuge, PC Alamo Architects Alamo Café Alamo Colleges Alamo Draft House Alamo IMAX Theatre Alamo Travel Group Dennis Alexander Dr. & Mrs. Warren Alexander Allen Elementary School Alliance Limo of San Antonio Allied Waste Services Allstate Insurance – David Johnson Alsatian Golf Club Alterman, Inc. Americus Diamond Andie & Barbara’s APEC, LLC Apollo Group

Appreciation Events Argo Group ARG Photographs Artgives.org Art-Trig Corp. Artistic Images Aspect Wealth Management AT&T Aue Elementary School Automated Logic AXA Foundation Catherine Bacon BCU Bobbi Baker Bank of America Russell & Veronica Barajas Gene Barber & Associates, PC Barclay’s Wealth Barnes & Noble Booksellers Bartlett Cocke General Contractors Steve Bassett BBVA Compass Bank BCARS BDO Beard Elementary PTA Beverly Baucum Beard Elementary School Sara M. Becher 14

Amy E. Burns Eric G. Burns Barbara Burns Becky Burns Karen S. Burns Business Careers High School James Cain Nancy W. Camp Tim Camarillo Canyon Ranch Cluster Capitol Group Companies Oscar Cardenas Carino’s Italian Peggy Carnahan Carnahan Elementary School Carneiro Chumney & Co., L.C. Tillie Carrisalez Carson Elementary School PTA April Cary Rob Cary Pet Resort Norma Casas John & Michelle Casstevens Stacy Castillo Cavender Toyota Janice Cayton CBG The Benefit Group CFZ Group Cheesy Jane’s Chester’s Hamburgers Chemsearch Christus Health Santa Rosa Trustee M’Lissa M. and Steve Chumbley Sharon Chumley Cinema Westlakes CITI City of Leon Valley City of San Antonio CPS-Energy Civil Engineering Consultants

Thank you, Donors, cont. Clark High School Clark High School PTA Claycomb Associates Clear Visions, Inc. Wade Cleary Cleary Zimmermann Engineers, Inc. CNG Engineering, PPLC Cody Elementary School Coldwell Banker Trustee Bennie & Edythe Cole Gerri Collier Colonies North Elementary School Combs Consulting Group, LP Commonweath Financial Group Commscope Communications Arts High School Complete Urgent Care Conceptual Mindworks Constellation Energy Group Foundation The Container Store Cornerstone Mortgage COSTCO Council of Education Facility Planners Robert Covington Crown Trophy Josh Cude M.W. Cude LLC Curriculum Associates, Inc. CVS Pharmacy, Inc. DairyMAX, Inc. Steve Daniel Erik Davila Pat Davenport Melinda Dawson DBR, Inc. Robb Decker

Lisa Delgado Debbie Degollado Robbietta Robinson Dennis Carolyn Denny Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst Terri Dickinson Dick’s Sporting Goods Diversey Drexel Hamilton, LLC Driggers Elementary School PTA Drive the Foundation J. Alfredo & Beth Duarte Donna Duff Durand-Hollis Rupe Architects, Inc. Ed’s Flying High Wings Educational Guessers Investment Club Educational Testing Service (ETS) Educator’s Advancement Group Einstruction Elegant Limousine El-Folklor Bakery Elite-Plus Financial Bonnie Ellison Elrod Elementary School PTA Enterprise Rentals Esparza Elementary School Esped.com ET Travel EXCEL Academy Exposure Marketing & Promotion, Inc. Eyetex Vision Center Ariceli Farias Farmers Fast Frame Monica Faulkenbery Shirley Ferguson

Michael B. Fernandez Monica L. Fernandez Raul B. Fernandez Sylvia P. Fernandez Fernandez Elementary School Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Trustee Randy & Nancy Fields Stephanie Finleon First Investors Corporation Firstmark Credit Union First Southwest Fisher Elementary School Fisher-Heck, Inc. Architects Joe Fly Co. Dr. John Folks Foresight Golf Forester Elementary School Matthew Foxhall Debra Flores Fralo’s Art of Pizza Trustee Karen Freeman Frontier Enterprises Frost Bank Kelley Fryar Fuddruckers, Inc. Fugro Consultants, Inc. Fulbright & Jaworski Ray & Ingrid Galindo Galm Elementary School Dave Gannon Dr. Edmundo Garcia Oswaldo Garcia Rene M. Garcia Jasmine Daily Gardner Garza Architects Garza/Bomberger Architects Juanita Garza Francois Gentis 15

Amanda Raba-Gentis Nina Gibson Sherry Giddings Girl Scouts of Texas Glass Elementary School Glenoaks Elementary School Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Elma Cortex Gloria Janet Goebel Goetting & Associates Bill & Jacqueline Goetz Gold’s Gym/Spectrum Cristina Gonzalez Pascual Gonzalez Gomez Flooring Gracie Gonzales Grand Canyon University Greystar Eric Gonzalez Yolanda C. Gonzalez Grainger Audrey Grant Peggy Greff Guerra Publishing Guido Brothers Construction Tiffany Gutierrez Jesse & Sandra Haggins Hair Masters Half Price Books Kenneth Hamilton Kyle Hammock Harcourt Assessment, Inc. Mark & Roseann Hardison Nathan Harmon Letha Hurrelson Gordon Hartman Family Foundation Hatchett Elementary School Heaven Sent Promotions

Thank you, Donors, cont. H-E-B Grocery Helotes Elementary School PTA Henderson Elementary School PTA Celina Herrera Highland Homes Kathy Hill Lola Hill Hip Dingo Clothing Boutique Highland Homes Hoffmann Elementary School Priest Holmes Foundation Holmes High School Dawn Hooker Holt McDougal Horace Mann Jackie & Steve Horras Houston Business Bank Elvin Houston Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Monty Howard Howsman Elementary School Mary Hull Elementary School Frank Humada, Jr. Humana Humanities Texas Huntington Learning Centers IBC Insurance Agency & IBC Bank Imagine Learning Intech Southwest Services, LLC Glen James The James Group Jason’s Deli Jaster-Quintanilla San Antonio, LLP Jay High School Jefferson and Franklin Financial Jefferson Bank Jefferson Middle School JEM Resource Partners

Jim’s Restaurant Gary Joeris Joeris General Contractor Jones Middle School Lori Jones Ann & Jack Jordan Jordan Middle School Yvonne S. Jordan Laura & Shawn Kaarlsen Shawn Kaarlsen & Associates, Inc. Kaman’s Art Shoppes, Inc. Kavoussi & Associates Jeannine Keairnes Kell Munoz Architects Khill PR Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc. Douglas King Co. Kirby’s Mickey Mantle Steakhouse Knowlton Elementary School Kohl’s Kronkosky Charitable Foundation Krueger Elementary School Kuentz Elementary PTA Stanley & Linda Laing David Lamoureux Langley & Banack, Inc. Martha B. Lankford Billy Laque, Horace Mann Tomas Larralde Laser Quest Laurel Ridge Treatment Center Layer 3 Communications Learning RX Legacy Mutual Mortgage Leisure Entertainment Corp. The Legalese Group LENSEC

Leon Valley Area Chamber of Commerce Leon Springs Elementary School Leon Valley Elementary School Lewis Elementary School Marianna Leybovich Liberty Mutual Insurance Liberty Tax Service Theresa Liebold Life Insurance Co. of the Southwest Life Touch National School Studios Lindsey & Jason Linahan Linebarger, Goggan, Blair & Sampson, LLP Linton Elementary School Litco Automation, Inc. LNV, Inc. Locke Hill Elementary School Los Reyes Elementary School Ray Lopez Gretchen G. Love Luby’s Diana McAdams Sara McAndrew Mary McBeth McCombs Foundation Dr. & Mrs. James P. McDonough, Jr. Ann & Mike McGlone McGraw Hill Companies McGriff Seibels & Williams, Inc. Rick Mc Laughlin M86 Security Janie Madla Gary Marriott Lydia Martinez Marmon Mok Architects 16

Marquis Communications Marshall High School Martin Elementary School Mathnasium of San Antonio Melva Matkin Ellie Maxwell May Elementary School MEDABE Management, LLC Dr. Jeff Meffert Marcy Meffert Councilman Chris Medina Jose Menendez Meffert Family Methodist Healthcare Ministries Methodist Stone Oak Hospital Metroplan Ink Jennifer Michael Michael Elementary School Michael’s America Mortgage Don & Dr. Martha Mims Andy Mireles Foundation Mireles Elementary School PTA Matthew Mireles Mission Plumbing & Air Conditioning Modern Medical Harry & Rita Moeller Molina Architects, Inc. Moonstruck Foundation, Inc. Dr. Linda Mora Sandy Morander Patricia Moreno Morgan Stanley JP Morgan Chase Moy Tarin Ramirez Engineers LLC Mullen Pension & Benefits Group Joseph Murguia Winn Murnin

2013 Calendar of events February 11

NEF Board Meeting (2nd Monday every other month)

February 14

TEAM Grant Application Deadline

March 7

Innovation Grant Application Deadline

April 11

NEF Prize Patrol

April 13

5K Run/Walk & Health Fair, Farris Stadium

April 16

Partnership Recognition & Awards, Paul Taylor Field House

April 22

Spring Golf Tournament at Oak Hills Country Club

September 4

Pillar Banquet, Westin La Cantera

October 19

Los Leones Student Arts Festival, Leon Valley

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