2012 Annual Report - Ryther

2012 Annual Report - Ryther

2012 Year in Review There’s one thing about a broken bone or a bruise: it’s damage you can see. Eternity’s hurt was on the inside – trauma that no o...

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2012 Year in Review

There’s one thing about a broken bone or a bruise: it’s damage you can see. Eternity’s hurt was on the inside – trauma that no one could see. After removal from her mother, she bounced around relatives’ homes, from grandma to aunt and around again. Her Aunt Summer became her primary caregiver. But, even with all of the love in the world, it was clear that Eternity needed a higher level of care. Summer thought “she lost her childhood – that inner child. Physically she was here, but mentally she wasn’t.” Eternity displayed many behaviors, including aggression, self harm and depression. When she came to Ryther at age nine, her placement plan was to go on to an even more structured setting. Ryther staff began to work with her. Eternity’s primary counselor, Sean, said, “She would leave marks on her skin. She would write on herself. Especially at night.” Ryther learned that she had faced more abuse than previously thought, and she was hiding it from everyone, including her Aunt Summer. Sean: “I believe that Eternity had so much going on in her mind that the basics like safe care went by the wayside. It was a process of constantly teaching her: ‘No, it’s not okay to pull out your hair.’” So cottage staff put Eternity on a reward-based milieu therapy program – being safe for one hour would earn her a sticker. Enough stickers, and she could pick a prize. She was hesitant to talk about the abuse in Survivors Group: “Like, sometimes, I wouldn’t even join the group because I didn’t think that it would help me. And then, just like one day I decided to try it out, and it actually helped. I just think that I wasn’t the only one in that situation.” Aunt Summer shadowed Ryther’s cottage counselors so she could implement the same successful programs in her own home. It was hard work filled with baby steps forward and some setbacks, but eventually Eternity was ready to go home. She said, “I learned to just stop and just think about what I’m going to do next. It’s a place where you go temporarily and you learn. It’s like school, but for feelings and just for the inside. Kids get better.” Caring for others comes naturally now for Eternity. Sean remembers, “Her interactions with peers when she left were incredible. She would guide others who were having a hard time and help them out. My hopes for her future are pretty much limitless.”

Ryther | 2400 NE 95th Street, Seattle, WA 98115 Ryther East | 14715 Bel-Red Road, Building G, Suite 100, Bellevue, WA 98007 Main: 206.525.5050 | Appointments: 206.517.0234 | www.ryther.org

2012 Ryther Board of Trustees



President: David Herr Vice President: Karl Quackenbush Treasurer: Dean Fliflet Secretary: Eric Tanaka

Lynn Fisher Sabrina Friend Felicia C. Guity Suzanne Lane Ramola Lewis

❙❙Leadership Jerry Martin Mike Rehder Sharon Setzler Aaron Snyder Coleen Spratt

David Whitman Sylvia Wilks Lawrence Zommick

Executive Director/CEO: Lee E. Grogg Chief of Clinical Services: Karen Brady Chief Financial Officer: Yao Ratanasopa

Ryther is licensed and/or certified by the Department of Social and Health Services: Division of Licensed Resources and the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery Services; the Department of Health; and is accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA). Ryther is a United Way of King County grantee agency and is registered with the IRS as a tax-exempt organization having 501(c)(3) status.

2012 Year in Review Message from Ryther Leadership In the report for 2011 it was noted that Ryther had begun to turn a corner in terms of its success in carrying out a strategy to build self-sustaining revenue sources in the private insurance and private pay behavioral health markets. I am pleased to report that in 2012 we did in fact turn the corner. Ryther ended the year in the black primarily because it increased its private fee for service business by about $360,000 over 2011. This revenue came as a result of a rapidly expanding outpatient mental health service and more insurance companies recognizing that Ryther’s Sub-Acute Residential Care program is a treatment rich and economical alternative to psychiatric hospitalization. The success of the strategy so far means that Ryther must not stall out now. The work must continue apace even though expenses will lead revenues as in any other business. In the fall of 2012, for instance, Ryther opened an outpatient office in Bellevue. It is not at its service capacity yet but there is solid growth every month. Again, the point of all this work is to be able to maintain high quality services for Washington’s severely abused, neglected and drug and alcohol affected children and youth. DSHS continues to send us very disturbed and difficult challenges but refuses to change its reimbursement rates which cover only two thirds of the cost. The DSHS reimbursement for youth addiction inpatient treatment covers only half the cost. Our cottages have maintained a 96%+ rate of utilization for the last three years. Ryther continues to need your support in whatever manner you can give it including reminding elected officials that Washington continues to fail its most damaged children.

Lee E. Grogg Executive Director/CEO

I believe that 2012 was a year of transformation for Ryther and I feel a sense of excitement and energy unlike in years past. I feel an energy and enthusiasm carrying us out of the forest of uncertainty towards Ryther’s new panorama. We can see our future and the endless vistas surrounding us. Ryther and the wonderfully dedicated staff and leadership are riding strong and are positive changing forces for those we proudly serve. We are in control of our future as never before because what we do is the right thing for those in the most need at the most vulnerable of times. Our story is compelling, and we can’t be denied our mission because so many children and families rely on us as their chance for a new beginning that brings success and happiness. Thank you to our wonderful Ryther League and many volunteers and community supporters who are also on this journey with us and who dedicate their valuable treasure and time to serve. It has been an honor to service as Board Chair these many years. Thank you.

David Herr President of the 2012 Ryther Board of Trustees

2012 Highlights Ryther East, Ryther’s new Bellevue office, opened to offer child and family counseling, psychiatry and psychology, autism assessments, and, for teens, chemical dependency outpatient assessments and treatment.

Group Care Enhancement expanded to screen teenagers at the King County Juvenile Justice Center who first commit a crime and to determine if they require additional mental health or substance abuse assessments. Ryther’s Mental Health Outpatient Services grew 45% to help more families from all walks of life that are facing mental illness, trauma or adjustment issues with school, peers or parents. Diversification of self-sustaining revenue sources for Ryther continued to advance. Partnerships with schools and physicians were developed to better reach children and their families in crisis.

The Ryther League celebrated its 75th year supporting Ryther and its programs. From the original purchase of land and construction to birthday cakes for the kids and events such as the wildly fun and successful Hearts for Hope Auction & Dinner Dance, the Ryther League has been instrumental in the success of Ryther and the thousands of children and teens Ryther has helped. The Estate of Dorothy D. Peterson left Ryther a $1.16 million bequest as a Ryther League 4 & 20 Circle Legacy member of the Lillian Johnson Society. Dorothy Peterson was a former Ryther League and Ryther Board member.

❙❙Children & Families Served Programs............................................................... Clients Served Sub-Acute Residential Treatment................................................88 Substance Abuse Inpatient Program.........................................133 Therapeutic Family & Foster Care...............................................31 Outpatient Services...................................................................802 Mental Health Treatment........................694 Substance Abuse Treatment...................86 Ryther Co-Occurring Program.................22 Group Care Enhancement.........................................................731 Aspiring Youth...........................................................................363

Community Mental Health services extended to additional families through a direct contract with King County, allowing Ryther to help more children and youth. Positive outcomes were seen across the board for children in Sub-Acute Care displaying certain behaviors at intake, including aggressiveness (72% improved), assaultive behaviors (71%), suicidal ideation (81%) and hygiene issues (74%). High utilization rates of both inpatient programs (98.8% for Sub-Acute Care and 95.6% for chemical dependency).

Featured is Lillian Johnson, namesake of the Lillian Johnson Legacy Society of which Dorothy D. Peterson belonged. Lillian Johnson was the executive director of Ryther for 35 years from 1935 to 1970.

❙❙I now know

how to be part of a family. Thank You.

2012 Year in Review

❙❙Public Support & Revenues 16% Donations, Ryther League, Bequests* & Endowment Income............ $1,339,717 7% United Way of King County & Other United Way.................................... $574,431 16% Program Service Fees........................................................................ $1,337,966 3% Investment Income & Others................................................................ $282,435 58% Government Grants & Contracts....................................................... $4,762,534 Total Public Support & Revenues............................................................. $8,297,083 * Only a portion of the Estate of Dorothy D. Peterson bequest is included here because a large amount is board-designated for future use.

❙❙Expenditures 42% Sub-Acute Residential Care.............................................................. $3,464,533 12% Substance Abuse Inpatient Program.................................................... $987,013 6% Therapeutic Family & Foster Care........................................................ $486,130 12% Outpatient Services.............................................................................. $973,853 2% Group Care Enhancement.................................................................... $128,314 5% Aspiring Youth...................................................................................... $447,065 17% Management & General.................................................................... $1,437,164 4% Fundraising.......................................................................................... $322,866 Total Expenditures.................................................................................... $8,246,938 The 2012 financial records of Ryther were audited by Vine Dahlen PLLC and conducted in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. Copies of the report are available upon request by calling Ryther at 206.525.5050.

Thank you Ryther Luncheon sponsors and supporters! Jacquie & Michael Casey

By putting children first you raised over $190,000 to help vulnerable children overcome early trauma and to guide teens as they begin a clean and sober life. You know that these kids do matter. Many thanks to Keynote Speaker Howard Behar, former president of Starbucks Coffee Company, and to Mistress of Ceremonies Jean Enersen, KING 5 TV news anchor.

Advisory Services & Investments, LLC Costco Wholesale Crowley Maritime Corporation Edge Asset Management, Inc. Felicia C. Guity Tova & Ken Hornung MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions Premera Blue Cross Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland PLLC SAMA Foundation Aaron & Eva Snyder Sterling Bank Alissa & Eric Tanaka United Way of King County UPS Vine Dahlen PLLC Washington Trust Bank Wells Fargo Insurance Services Whitman Global Carpet & Floor Care Wizard Enterprises Construction & Design LLC

Solutions for a Better Life Ryther delivers effective and compassionate treatment for children, teens and their families facing complex behavioral, emotional, neurological or substance abuse challenges. Our innovative, caring staff consists of a team of 183 including psychiatrists, psychologists, master’s level therapists and chemical dependency professionals. Ryther also hosts up to 22 bachelor’s, master’s, practicum and postdoctoral student interns per year to train the next generation of clinical experts. All those involved, from administration to cottage counselors, bear witness to moments of progress every single day.

❙❙Our solutions include: ııSub-Acute Residential Treatment for children ages 6-14

with emotional, behavioral and mental health problems due to abuse (physical and sexual), neglect or trauma

ııTherapeutic Family Care Program providing foster parent

licensing and training, therapeutic foster care and in-home support

ııMental Health Outpatient Treatment for children ages

2-25 and their families, including psychiatry, psychological evaluations and autism assessments

ııCo-Occurring Substance Abuse Inpatient Program for

male teens ages 12-18 who have an addiction often along with a mental health diagnosis and may have failed in prior treatment

ııCo-Occurring Outpatient Program for teens and young adults with substance abuse and mental health issues

ııSubstance Abuse Assessments, Level I and Intensive

Outpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment for teens

ııGroup Care Enhancement for local agencies in need of teen substance abuse specialists

ııAspiring Youth summer camps and social skills groups for children, teens and young adults with Asperger’s, ADHD, learning disabilities or similar traits as well as early intervention/coaching for teens and their parents

ııSAFE Groups for grade school children affected by domestic violence and the non-offending caregiver

ııParent Coaching and Education available to address the unique needs of each family

❙❙Our methods include Evidence-based and Best Practices:

ııCognitive Behavioral Therapy treats maladaptive thinking patterns to bring about positive changes in behavior.

ııTrauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps

children and teens ages 3 and up and their parents learn new skills to help process significant traumatic life events.

ııParent-Child Interaction Therapy improves the quality of

the parent-child bond for children ages 2-7 with behavioral challenges and their parents by changing negative interaction patterns.

ııIncredible Years Parenting Curriculum helps parents reduce their child’s challenging behaviors such as aggressiveness, ongoing tantrums and acting out behavior as well as increase their child’s social and self-control skills.

ııMotivational Interviewing elicits behavior change by helping children, teens and parents explore what motivates them to make positive changes in their lives.

ııDialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills Groups help youth

manage behaviors and emotions that have a negative impact on their lives and make a conscious effort to bring about positive changes.

ııExperiential Therapies provide hands-on, experience-based

opportunities for children and teens to practice their new skills learned in therapy such as distress tolerance and social or communication skills. We employ our own Challenge Course and rock climbing wall as well as canine therapy, yoga, therapeutic horseback riding, drumming, hiking and ski adventures.

Biscuit the therapy dog helps her young companion learn how to nurture.

UPS brought volunteers twice in 2012 for painting, digging, landscaping and weeding projects.

2012 Year in Review The Ryther Family

❙❙The Ryther League The Ryther League continued its steadfast support with fund raisers that included the elegant Hearts for Hope Auction & Dinner Dance, a unique evening of Bingo, the gracious Garden Party as well as the down home cooking on Whidbey Island and the glamorous Restyle for Ryther. Children received new clothing, birthday cakes, haircuts, pool parties, art activities, cookies and got to “shop” at the Marion Baer Holiday Store – all provided by the League. The R-Shoppe thrift store in Ballard is an important all-League endeavor that is a testament to the dedication and sense of community the League inspires. Ryther thanks each League member and all of The Ryther League’s Hearts for Hope Auction & Dinner those who preceded this 75th year of serving children. Dance raised much-needed awareness and funds for Ryther – and all had a good time! Pictured is the Off Campus Unit and some volunteers.

Volunteer hair stylists visit quarterly thanks to the Ryther League.

❙❙In Memoriam Gifts made to Ryther in memory of: Betty Allen Jenet Jean Anderson James W. Art Marion Baer Douglas Barnes The Biddles Alice M. Blado Claudia Cherberg Ken Cooper

Michael Dahlquist Charles Dold Sr. Jerry Eerkes Claudia Eland Thelma Gray Davis Frederick “Fritz” Hayes Adam Houze Justen Johnsen Harry Johnson

Scott A. W. Johnson Barbara Kilborn Gary Lange Ivan & Mary Lou Lauren Patty Lucas Elizabeth Maxam Michael Moline Marya Neeley Alice B. Ness

Dolores Pappas Keith Patrick Dorothy Peterson Bill Pollard Tom Pugh John Radovich Earl Seaman Merilyn (Lynn) Silver Betty Simpson

Alta K. Smith Maureen Smith Petie Smith Ilene Taylor Porter R. Taylor Terra Lynn Thompson Helen Van Hollebeke Claire Watson

Raymond Wenz Mrs. Clifford Wiley Helen Wilhoit Victims of the Sandy Hook Shooting

❙❙Thank you, 2012 Volunteers! Many thanks to the organizations that improved Ryther’s ten-acre campus: UW’s Beta Theta Pi fraternity, CommonWealth Partners, Jesuit High School Alumni, Milliman, Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland PLLC, Starbucks Coffee Company, University Presbyterian Church, UPS and Windermere Real Estate Services. In all, there were 413 volunteers in 2012, contributing a combined total of 2,804 hours. We would also like to acknowledge those volunteers (and dogs) who spent time with the children and teens, as well as those who helped with special projects: Kim Abbey Lonnie Anderson Tracey Arnold Blaine Atsbeha Daniel Azuma Sharon Beals Beta Theta Pi Fraternity Lisa Bloch & Zodiak Penny & Richard Borish Arthur Butler Colleen Calkins Amber Carlson Seetha Chittar Louise Christenson Ruth Christie Matt Collins Sharon Colvin, Chilly, Sizzle & Blaze Allan Crouch Christi Cruz

Ayshea De Smet Jody Dorow Dagny Ellickson Danielle Ernst The F-factor Judy Fihn, Nariko & Wags Lynn Fisher Syd France Alison Freeberg RJ Gallaway Kelli & Timothy Graham Katelyn Hamilton Nancy Hannah & Karma Virginia Hassinger Elizabeth Hernandez Jaclyn Hess Karin Hoggard & Dora Delesha Jones Cydney Kawamura Haley King

Knights of Columbus Barbara Kuznetz & Zoe Hans Lambert Jin Lee Teri Matz Candi McHugo Gabriel Molinaro Carrie Montag Penton Mott Steffi & Colter Mott Leilanie Nipper Stephen Norris Wilder Nutting-Heath Joan Oates & Abby Edna Oberman Juan Carlos Ocampo Shilo O’Connor Devin Olsen Charlotte Pan Ada Pang

Ed Park Helen Parson Jessica Pickett Megan Pribble Virginia Rankin William Reeder Nicholas Ringborg Bruce & Candace Sagor Gail Scott Matthew Scott Lyudmila Sidor Monika Singhal Elizabeth Sokol Jordan Stair Erik Steinfeld Katherine Stephens Craig Sternagel Robert Strauss John Strehlow Sunrise Unit

Rita Swanson Brandon Tanaka Timothy Tapping Fritz Tarrach Temple Beth Am Jampa Tenphel Lynn Thomas Hillary Thomason Marian Thompson Alison Tillmann Christa Vardaro Sarah Velling Lindsey Walker Nancy Werlinger Beline Wolde Women’s Philanthropic Investment Group Jody Woodruff, Bentley & Biscuit

Thank you to all who supported Ryther in 2012 through workplace or personal

❙❙Ryther In-Kind Donors 8 Limbs Yoga Centers A Roofing, Inc. Abatix Kate Absec Patricia Adam Admiral Nails American Seafoods Group Carrie Anderson Trish Anderson Meg Angell Anonymous Architecture for Humanity AT&T Cindy Baird Julie Baker Carol Bartlett Howard & Lynn Behar Bellevue Firefighters Community Support Foundation Belltown Grange Benaroya Companies Bonnie & Robert Berg Leah & Darryl Bernstein Bespoken Jewelry Design Blackline Group Jean Blakley Linda Blanchard Michael & Linda Bloom Blue Box Group BOMA Book-It Repertory Theatre Botanical Designs Sue Bowman Mary Sue Brenner Laurel Briskey Broadway Bound Kari A. Brotherton Joan Burkland Chris Burnet Arthur Butler Kristi Butler Ann Byrne Colleen & R.B. Calkins Sally & Wally Campbell Amber Carlson Elisabeth Carroll Cavalia Diane Charouhas Seetha Chittar Debbie & Paul Christensen Chudecke Financial Services Denise Clark Ashley Clarke Michelle Clingingsmith Karen Cole-Preciado Shirley & Robert Conrad Julie Cook Covington Quilters Guild Jill Cuniff

D.A. Davidson & Co. Ellen & Richard Davis Susan De Jaen Matalon Connie Del Missier Sharon DeLaFleure Mona Delgado Allison Delong Delta Kappa Gamma Teacher Org. Lorraine Desrochers Dickens Carolers Maggie Diefenbach Elisabeth Edelen Edge Asset Management Edge Personal Training Edmonds Church of God EMP Museum Essential Aesthetics Esterline Control Systems Korry UW Evans School of Public Affairs Fastline Publications Fauntleroy Church Donna Ferrill The F-factor Lynn & Jim Fisher Sandra Fleischman Dorrie & Bill Ford Linda Ford MD Susan Fox Bev Freeman Liz & Rob French John Friedl Elizabeth Friedland Sabrina & Bill Friend Philip & Mona Frisk Barbara & Ed Fruhling Kathy Fuller Susana Garcia Faith Garrick Pat Gedney Gilead Sciences Girl Scouts of Western Washington Dick Glassburn US Government Accountability Office Bryan Graff Greater Seattle Cares Jim Greenfield Susan Griffith Meaghan & Ronald Gross Bernard & Kellyn Gutmann Salone Habibuddin Mary & George Hammericksen Sandra & Dave Hanower Christine Hansen Hart Crowser, Inc. Elise Hegrat

Jennifer Heintz Joseph & Susan Helensky Henderson Enterprises Sandy Hiatt Karin & Mark Holden Hollywood Hill Elementary School Susan Honaker Jon Houghton Toby & Ron Howard Hula O’Lehualani Zeeshan Hussain Imperial Premium Finance Services International Pacific Halibut Commission Island Financial Insurance Associates Carmen Jacobs JE Dunn Construction John L. Scott Real Estate Jeannie Johnson Tom Johnson Diana Jones Glenda & Jens Jorgensen Juanita Santas Kathryn Kalohelani Cydney Kawamura Teresa & Scott Keenholts & Family Kelly Green Plants Jaime Kiehn Cindy Kim Roger Kindley Kinesis Knights of Columbus Sharon Kossman Ladies Acquiring Financial Security Marillyn Largy Pat Lawler Shannon Lawless Jane & Brian Leonard Ramola Lewis & Lynn Booth Crystal Lockwood Sandra Lowe Lydig Construction, Inc. MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions Warren Mach Manitou Art Center Manzanita Kids Maple Leaf ACE Hardware Maple Leaf Lutheran Church Maple Valley Blanketeers Sharon Marshall Kathy Martin Matt Mattson Ryan McCann Miyako McDavid Mercer

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A girl from Sub-Acute Care opens donated holiday gifts.

2012 Year in Review contributions as well as through in-kind donations.

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Marion & Robert Bleck John & Linda Blondin Michael & Linda Bloom Joyce Bolerjack Jessica Boling Linda Boling Dana Bollinger Patricia Bonnell Larry & Jennifer Boroff Ann H. Bostrom Teresa & Bill Bourke Sue Bowman Karen Brady Mike & Susan Brandeberry Carolyn Bray Karen & Eric Brechner Julie Brenaman Daniel Brewer & Marne Sannes Herb Bridge & Edie Hilliard Mary Brillault Bonnie Brooks Kari A. Brotherton

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2012 Ryther Individual Donors

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Mary Fisher Sandra Fleischman Dean & Christine Fliflet Jerrie Fliflet Noreen Florio Jill Flynn Mark & Patricia Foote Dorrie & Bill Ford Jason Francis Kaylin Francis William Francis Karen Frank Jean & Bill Frankland Dorothy Fribrock Sabrina & Bill Friend Jonathan Frizzell Jonathan Frodge Michael Froebe Barbara & Ed Fruhling Wanda Fullner Brittany & Kevin Gabelein H. Graham* & Carol Gaiser Tana Gall Christine Gallagher Kristin Gallagher Greg & Karla Galusha Rod Garbarino Carol Garland Josephine Garric Stanley Gartler Lynn & Michael Garvey Margaret & Erik Giesa David Glass Margaret Glass Dale Goff Family of John Gonzales Brian Goulet Eric & Michelle Grant Sharon Grant & Steve Ghan Truitt Grant Kathy Graves Christine Green Susan Griffith Geoffrey Groff-Smith Lee E. Grogg Melinda Grout Robert M. Gruber Ray Gruenewald Angela Guerrerio Taraneh Guidry Felicia Guity Bob & Marion Guyer Sheryl Guyon Benjamin R. Hacker Stan Hadler Eleanor Hageman Leigh & William Hagen Sophie Hager Hume Mary & Leslie Hague Jr. Nancy Hall Steven Haluschak Heather Halverson Kim & Mary Halverson

Barbara Hampson Beverly Hanley Nancy Hannah & Mary Ellen Smith Clare Hansen Karen Hansen Cole Hardman Catherine Hardy Jane & Cord Harms zum Spreckel Kevin & Ann Harrang Jeff Harris Wendy Hatch Peter Hatton Pat Haug Michael & Chris Havnaer Catherine & Frederick Hayes Ruth Hayes-Short Jean Hays Christine Head Katy Heeren Elise Hegrat Victoria Helm John & Jan Helsell Rose Hernandez Dave & Barbara Herr Reesa Herr & Danny Olivares Pete & Patricia Herrera Kristina & Ross Heyl Sandy Hiatt Sheryl Hildebrand Harold & Mary Hill John & Rochelle Hill Leah Hill Jennifer Hille Barbara Jo & Patrick Hillyer Robert & Rebecca Hindman Tiffany Hindman Kay Hirai Gabor Hirschler Katherine Hitchcock Carol & Ben Hodges Rebecca Hoff Kay Hogan Rachel Hollister Sally Hollister Jon Holloway Serina Holmstrom Jason Holtman Dave Hopkins John & Colleen F. Horngren Tova & Ken Hornung Susan Horst Toby & Ron Howard Barbara Howell Lorraine Howell & David Wilma Eric Huang Shengjun Huang Susanne Hubbach Kathy M. Hughes Damian Hunt Sonya Huntington David & Susan Huntley

Mary Hurlbert Greg Hurley Susan Hyde MD & Gary Crowell Crystal Hynek Roger Iino & Kim Bateman Paul J. Ikeda Diana Iossifova Cathy Jacobson Marcia M. Jacobson Sara Jaenicke Suzanne James Fred Jarrett Sean Jennings Jacqueline Jeske Cliff Johnson Karen W. Johnson Margaret & William Johnson Mina Joo Gloria Jordan M. Jordan & A. Tyler Bryan & Kristin Joyner Ruth Kagi Kim Kaiser Jason Kaller Joan Kaplan Kathy Karrasch Ellie & Robert Karrer Ken & Phillippa Kassover Cathy & Dennis Katte Rod & Jennifer Kauffman Keiko Kawasaki & David Neiman Cecilia & Stephen Keith Annmarie & Bob Kelly John W. Kennedy Nancy E. Kennedy Sandra & Kevin Kennedy Mary & Peter Kerr Samantha Kersul Gloria & Charles Kessler Cynthia Kester Jaime Kiehn Heidi & Fritz Kiemle Pamela Kilby Cindy Kim Lisa King Craig Kinzer Wendy Klinker Melissa & Merle Knapp Kerry & Roxanne Koch Nancy Koeper Mary Kopas Sharon Kossman Jacqueline Kotkins Judy Kragerud Colleen Kramer Kathleen Kreiss Brooke Krekow Barbara Kristek Lyn & Richard A. Krizanich Edlira Kuka Michael Kulsrud

Jennifer Kunitsugu Nancy & Gary LaBrie Margie Lane Suzanne Lane Marillyn Largy Edith Larson Dan Laster HK Latourette Steve Latourette Lorene & Ivo Latourette Romensko Irene Latteri John Latteri Nonnie & Kirk Laughlin Liam Lavery & Yazmin Mehdi Janet & John Law Shannon Lawless Debbie Lawson Patricia Leahy Julia & Kim Lebert Michelle & Brandon Lehmeyer Marilyn Lemman Barbara & Steve Lenards Catriona Lennstrom Connie B. Lennstrom Jane & Brian Leonard Phyllis Leventhal Joan Leversee Alexandria Lewis Alice & Donald Lewis Ramola Lewis & Lynn Booth Linda Likkel Diane Lin John & Judy Link Laura & Mitchell Lison Zara Llewellyn Carol Lodmell A.J. Lorentz David Lott Janeth Loughney Judy Lovelace Rachel & Brian Lowinger Scott & Julie Lynch Julie Lyss & David Loren Marie MacCoy John B. Macdonald Helen & Frank Macioce Becky & Dan Mackenstadt Louisa MacKenzie Galen & Chad Magendanz Michael & Alessandra Malanga Bruce Mar Margaret Marbury Gina Marchesini Marianne & Neil Marck Gina Marianetti Christine Marshall Jennell Martin Robin Martin Susan & Dale Martin David Matsumoto Brian & Utako Matsuyama

The photograph of a flower on the back cover was taken by a teenage boy in Cottage B, Ryther’s Co-Occurring Substance Abuse Inpatient Program, as part of its educational component taught through the lens

2012 Year in Review Jeff Nicholls Jack & Lorraine Nicholson Jack & Patricia Nicholson Margie Nicosia Katie Nielsen Anita Nishikawa Richard Noffsinger Armina Nolan Frank W. Nolan Jr. Arthur Nordhoff Heidi Nornes Timo & Suzanne Norring Stephen Norris Nicola Noteboom Beatrice Nowogroski Carolee & Bob Nunn Joan B. Oates Lane & Lee Oatey Jennifer O’Brien Thomas & Kristin Ogren Lucinda O’Halloran Debra Ohman Oscar Oliveira Teresa & Richard Olmsted Teruyuki Olsen Lucy Olson Gloria Onsum Malia Opitz Vicki Nino Osby Maureen O’Shaughnessy Paige Otero Katie Owen Thomas W. Owen Janelle & Chris Owens Chris Packer Pat & George Palagi Christa Palamara Marcia & Andrew Palk Faith Palmer Patricia & Paul Patt Nancy Patterson Tara Pauw Irene & Alan Peksa Kai Peters Angela Peterson Christopher Peterson Colin Peterson Myrn Philbrick Denton & Laura Phillips Britenae Pierce Mike Pierson Leo Pitts Thomas Pleas Alice Poggi Sydell Polin R. Alex & Dianne Polson Cheryl Pope Tina Pope Eleonore & Edward Pottenger Colin Powers Deborah Powers Frederick Prael

Elizabeth Pray Andrew & Marianna Price Jr. Jesse Proebstel Nichol Prokop Karl & Michelle Quackenbush James Raabe Sarah Radecki Daniel & Barbara Radin Carol Radovich Susan Rae Fox Christopher Rainville Linda & Frank Ramirez Maxine Ramirez Virginia Ramirez-Sanchez Wendy Ramsey Carol Rangaram Yaovapa Ratanasopa Thomas Rath Kathleen Redfern Monica Reed Brian Reeder Nancy Reeves Mike Rehder R.R. & Hedda Reid Kelly Reimer Lois & William Rex Alessandra Reyes Katherine & Bernie Richards Cindy & Lance Richmond Reliance Ricketts Mary Lou Ristine Rita & Nick Rivette James Roane Christine & George Roberts Charlotte & John L. Robins Valerie Robinson Ann-Marie Rockwell Kathleen Rockwell Mercedes Romero Monica Rosine Karen Rotko-Wynn Dabney & Jeff Roush Karen & Richard Rowse John R. Ruhl Jr. Rolf Rundquist Marcus & Andrea Russell Marcia Rutan & Carl Woestwin Leslie Sacha & Jim Feldmann Heather Safadago Phillip Saltzman Kim Saunders & Michelle Beebe Maryanne & Frederick Savo Cindy & Frederick Sawyer Florence & Robert Scarff Keri & Mark Scarff Dana & Bradley Scarp Robin A. Schachter Rachel Schaler Chris Schenck

of art. Camera purchases for the program were funded by Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland PLLC.

Anna Schley John & Laurie Schmertz Cindi Schoettler Kira Schreiber Sara Schumacher David & Wendy Schwartz Gail Scott Joseph & Patty Scott James & Suesanne Seather Sharon Setzler Marcia & Phil Shady Laurence A. Shapero Bill Shaw Lynda & Steven Shelton Jennifer Shepherd Joan Sherwood Jennifer & David Shettleroe Beverly Sierpina Rod Sigvartson Lori Silverstein Brenda & Baert Simmons Michael Simonson Jeanette & Dylan SimoskoBorunda David Simpson Priya Sinha Barbara Sinn Catherine Sitchin Gavin Skok Linda Skurdal Ann Sloper Susan Small Alice Smith Margaret Ann Smith Mark Smith Martin & Cathy Jones Smith Mary Anne Smith Patricia L. Smith Richard & Susan Smith Sandra Smith Scott A. Smith Stephanie Smith Susan K. Smith Susan Smith Mary Snapp Aaron & Eva Snyder Diane & John Snyder Amy & Hossein Soleymani Jon Solomon Edward & Lynn Soule Jayson & Wendy Sowers Barbara Spence Roseanne & William Spence Coleen Spratt Joan & William Springer Robert & Libby Stack Jake Stamp Catherine Stanford Kim Stanley Dina Stark Julie E. State Pamela Katims Steele Erik Steinfeld

Michael Stenchever Mark & Debbie Stensager Edwin & Kathryn Sterner Everton & Carolyn Stewart Kate Stewart John & Marianna Long Stidham Kay & John Stimson Herbe & Jean Stocker Julie Stocker Sharon Stocker Richard & Irene Strand Robert Strauss & Christine Ingersoll John Strehlow Vernia Strickland Cathy & David Strombom Lucinda Stroud Audrey & James Stubner Shata Stucky Jennifer Stuller Elizabeth A. & Art Sullivan Christine Summers Clyde & Karen Summerville Elizabeth Sutherland Charlotte Swartz Bryan Tagas Sheila Taie Madeline Tam-Yamada Elaine & Shin Tanaka Eric & Alissa Tanaka Corina Taniguchi Timothy Tapping Roberta Taylor Susan & David Tebrink Melinda & Mike Teeny Don Tefft Sandy Teng Amy Tenney Rory Thomas Brian & Brenda Thompson Clay Thompson James & Bernice Thompson Jan Thompson & Michael Glain Gretchen & Ted Thomsen Lillian Thorsen Barb Thorsnes Jane Tiscornia Moses Tovar William & Joy Tremper Mary Ann Trombold Celia Troth Joyce Turner Nancy Uding Carol Valdrighi David Vallelonga James Van Der Veen Anita Van Slyck Bobbie & Don Vchulek Daron J. Vchulek & Melinda Wade Bernard Velasquez

Lisa M. Viertel Bernice Villanueva Dale Vogel & Nancy Bird Scott Vokey Frederick & Susan Voorhees Jake Vorono Rebecca Wade Mary Wagner Sarah Walczyk Judy & Bruce Walker Sandra Walker MD Melissa Walker-Ramsey Thomas Wall Nathan Walley James A. Walsh Mike & Judy Walter Andrea & Tomas Wanerstrand Grace Wang Jennifer & Marty Warden Chris Warner Geraldine Watson Kristin & Leonard Weber Lorraine M. Weber Veronica Weber Bob & Christine Weisel Martha Weiss Roman Welyczko Michael Wendorf Gregory & Juliana Wesner Rhea Wesson Robert Westermann Shelley Wetter Shannon White Jeanne & Bill Whitlow David Whitman Perla & Frank Whitson Kendall Whittlesey Catherine & Michael Wilbert Sara Wilcox Jennifer Wiley Tanya Wilhite Sylvia Wilks Caroline Williams Karin Williams Jennifer Willison Judith Willison D.J. Wilson Erica Witthaus Frederick Ernest Wollett Cyndee Wood Nancy Wood Leslie Woodworth Ann P. Wyckoff Yumu Zhao William & Terrea Zumeta *deceased

2012 Ryther Individual Donors

Teri & Joe Matz Nancy Maxwell John & Linda McCallum Damon & Ferrol McCartney Mary & Marty McCune Kelli McDole Beatrice McDonald & Marilyn Tomkins George & Barbara McDonald Cestjon McFarland & Thomas Goodlin Jeannie & Timothy McGinnis Candi McHugo Alison McKeirnan Lisa McKeirnan Shelly McKeirnan Patricia McLean Stephen McLinden Caitlin McMonagle Alice Mead Beth & Kevin Meidinger Brenda & Thomas Melang Lisa Mennet & Gabe Newell Michelle Merklin Nathaniel Merrill Charlotte H. Merritt Karen Metro Tom Michel Clara Miller Daniel & Jill Miller Lottie & Tyler Miller Norma Miller & Erik Christianson Randy Miller Sheree Miller Debra Minkove Rachel Montoya Catherine Moody Chris Moore Michelle Moore Terry & Cornelia Moore Annette Moran Joann Morgan Roxana Morgan Kay & Ross Morrison Ward & Kirsten Morrison Steffanie & Colter Mott Gillian Mueller David & Gretchen Mullins Lindsey Nagel Cheryl Nankervis Kristin R. Nealey Francine & Dave Neisius Justin & Elizabeth Nelson Leonard & Susan Nelson Mary K. Nelson Mary & Tim Nelson Pat & Dan Nelson R. Nelson Michael Neville Pam Newbern Karen & Craig Neyman Duc Nguyen

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