2012 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report our values About Aim High Over the past 27 summers, Aim High has changed the lives of more than 8,000 underserved middle school s...

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2012 Annual Report

our values About Aim High Over the past 27 summers, Aim High has changed the lives of more than 8,000 underserved middle school students through our engaging, challenging and supportive summer learning program. Aim High is the largest tuition-free summer program in the Bay Area, operating campuses in San Francisco, Oakland, Redwood City, East Palo Alto, Marin City, San Rafael, and in Tahoe/Truckee. Our mission is to inspire a life-long love of learning and to instill a sense of community, opportunity, and respect so that our students are prepared for success in school and in life. Students participate for 3 or 4 consecutive summers and often return to teach in the program. Our model aims to close the achievement gap for low-income youth by offering high-quality curriculum that reinforces what students have learned in the previous school year and prepares them to succeed in the school year ahead.  We also provide on-site counselors and free, healthy lunches and snacks so that students are at optimum capacity to be fully engaged in the classroom.



Aim High’s CORE Values Respect.

Aim High is deeply committed to the communities we serve. In every aspect of our program, we celebrate diversity, teamwork, and successes large and small in order to facilitate a strong sense of belonging among our students and faculty. Above all, we believe in making our program a place where all of our community members feel empowered, appreciated, and safe.

Aim High believes giving a voice to every member of our community. We value our differences, and we support each other through acts of kindness and encouragement. “Put-ups,” not “put-downs” are an integral part of the Aim High culture of positive reinforcement and appreciation. We deeply respect the importance of being protectors of our communities and stewards of our environment.


High Expectations.

Take the initiative. Become a leader. Explore the world outside our walls. These are the messages Aim High seeks to impart to our community through the opportunities we offer for growth. We support and cultivate a culture of saying “yes.” Aim High believes in giving our faculty and students opportunities to step up to challenges, try new things, and discover potential.

The Aim High experience enables our participants to make a strong commitment to personal and professional growth, and to set big goals for the future. We make it a priority to establish a rigorous learning environment, and we expect positive results. Aim High students, faculty, and staff are lifelong learners, have a strong work ethic, and are ambassadors of Aim High culture. As an organization, Aim High continually reflects on its work, assesses its results, and evaluates feedback in order to deliver a highquality program to those who need it most.

our leadership 2012 Aim High Visionary Leader

2012 Community Leadership Award Community service is at the heart of Aim High’s CORE values, and we believe that creating a supportive and safe community summer after summer is fundamental to our success with youth. For that reason, we were deeply honored to receive The San Francisco Foundation’s Community Leadership Award in 2012. More than 800 Bay Area community partners, family, and friends gathered at Herbst Theatre in San Francisco to celebrate the occasion. “Our clear path to a strong and healthy society lies in the courage, brilliance, and tenacity of our homegrown leaders,” said Sandra R. Hernández, M.D., CEO of The San Francisco Foundation, at the celebration. “And our connectivity to each other - to share inspiration - is essential.” Aim High’s Executive Director Alec Lee enthusiastically accepted the John R. May Award for “organizational initiatives in response to a significant contemporary problem” on behalf of Aim High’s faculty, students, families, and staff.

In Memoriam The Aim High community would like to acknowledge the late Frances Low, one of our most devoted supporters, who passed away last June after a joyful and full life of service. Her guiding belief was to “serve the under-served” through vibrant education opportunities. We miss Frances and deeply appreciate her support, the support of her family and the generous gifts made in her honor.

Warren Hellman (1934-2011) Throughout his life, noted philanthropist Warren Hellman made an impact on many people across the Bay Area, and beyond, with his generosity and creativity. He was the founder and principal sponsor of Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, an annual free music festival held in Golden Gate Park. He was also an avid proponent of public education and a proud public school graduate himself. His incredible support of Aim High transformed the lives of hundreds of youth from local communities. On behalf of the students, families, and teachers whose lives he touched, we proudly recognize Mr. Hellman’s extraordinary leadership and contributions to the Aim High community.

2012 Distinguished Alumni Terrence Riley is a graduate of Aim High’s campus at The Urban School in San Francisco and returned to the program as a Teaching Assistant while he was in high school. He went on to earn a BA in Economics and an MA in Educational Administration and Leadership. He currently serves as Aim High’s Admissions Director and Business Manager. He says, “Aim High was the first place that showed me learning could be fun. That it wasn’t just a necessity of life, but that learning is life.” Adlah Chisti is a graduate of Aim High’s Richmond District campus and taught at our Environmental Home program for seven years. Born and raised in San Francisco of Muslim and Indian background, Adlah now holds multiple degrees in Science and Education and is currently studying law at UC Hastings. She says, “Aim High raised both my sister and I, and allowed us to show our community that tradition, culture, and religion can co-exist with educational opportunities for girls.” 3

our community Students Served in 2012 Middle School Students


Student Ethnicity 41% Latino

3% Caucasian 6% Multi/Other 15% African American

35% Asian

2012 Summer Sites San Francisco • Cleveland Elementary School, Excelsior District

Aim High Campuses in 2012 San Rafael



• Mission High School, Mission District • E.R. Taylor Elementary School, Portola District


• Lick-Wilmerding High School, Ingleside


• Presidio Middle School, Richmond District

Academic Program

• Spring Valley Elementary School, Chinatown

Environmental Site

• The Urban School, Haight-Ashbury


Redwood City Woodside East Palo Alto

• St. Paul’s Episcopal School, Lake Merritt • Urban Promise Academy, Fruitvale

Marin County • Marin Academy, San Rafael • Martin Luther King Academy, Marin City

Peninsula • Belle Haven Elementary School, East Palo Alto • Garfield Elementary School, Redwood City

Tahoe/Truckee • Kings Beach Elementary School

Environmental Education Sites • Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Marin Headlands • Huddart Park, Woodside • Redwood Regional Park, Oakland • Slide Ranch, Marin Headlands


Aim High Family Information in 2012

81  83% 73% % 70 77%

% have a child/children eligible for free school lunches

Poverty or Low Income Level

Family income level is calculated using HUD formula for student’s county of residence. Incomes are self-reported.

speak a language other than English at home have a child/children poised to be the first in the family to graduate college  of Aim High parents do not have college degrees

our teachers “I have never had the kind of mentoring, resources and professional development that I’ve had at Aim High this summer.” ­—Stewart Dorsey, Teacher, Aim High @ Garfield Elementary Innovative and collaborative teaching has been an important part of the Aim High model since our beginning. We actively recruit professional educators, including bilingual teachers and teachers of color, as well as Aim High graduates and high school and college students who are interested in careers in education or youth development. Lead Teachers, Interns, and Teaching Assistants work as a team in the classroom in a 1:8 teacher-to-student ratio, providing personalized attention for every student. Lead Teachers are challenged to deliver hands-on, relevant, and interesting curriculum that builds the skills necessary for success in middle school and high school. Lead Teachers provide guidance and support for Teaching Assistants and Interns, allowing young teachers to practice and explore what it is like to be an educator. Volunteer positions are also available for Aim High graduates who are preparing to become TAs and Interns. Aim High’s teacher training program provides meaningful opportunities, professional development, and mentorships for teachers of all levels, and reinforces a positive youth culture in low-income communities.

Our Teachers in 2012

107 Teaching Assistants 91 Teaching Interns

69% Faculty of Color

117 Lead Teachers

440 Total Teachers

17 Academic Coaches 77 Volunteers

31 Site Directors

51% Bilingual Faculty


Aim High Graduates

2012 Teaching Awards The Anne Murray Ladd Fellowship was established in memory of a dedicated Aim High teacher, and recognizes talented college student Interns who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in the classroom. The Marc Frauenfelder Scholarship was established in memory of a devoted parent and supporter, and is presented to outstanding Teaching Assistants who are Aim High graduates and are beginning their first year of college. Aim High congratulates our 2012 Teaching Awardees and thanks them for their exemplary service to our community.

2012 Anne Murray Ladd Teaching Fellows Antoine Pope, Aim High at Urban Promise Academy Arianna Matthews, Aim High at St. Paul’s Episcopal School Zöe Williams, Aim High at The Urban School

2012 Marc Frauenfelder Scholars Nelson Sagastume, Aim High at Garfield Elementary Rebekka Dagher, Aim High at Marin Academy Sabrina Jusino, Aim High at Cleveland Elementary Leon Zhou, Aim High at E.R. Taylor Elementary 5

our results Jasmine Walker is a graduate of Aim High, Class of 2002, and has a B.A. in Cinema from San Francisco State University. She returned to the program as an Intern at Aim High’s Visitacíon Valley campus before becoming a Lead Teacher at Aim High’s campus in the Haight-Ashbury this summer. Why did you decide to stay involved with Aim High? I have been thinking about teaching as a career, and Aim High is a great way to feel it out for the long-term. I am also interested in youth development outside the classroom setting. I am interested in community outreach, being a mentor, and really being able to listen and give advice to kids. I was a student and an Intern at Aim High’s Visitacíon Valley campus, and to be honest, the Aim High staff was just amazing there. When I was a student, I really connected with a lot of Aim High teachers, and it gave me a strong desire to stay involved with the program. What were your favorite projects this summer? This was my first year as a Lead Teacher and I taught Issues & Choices. I was excited to connect with the kids using multimedia. I majored in Film and Cinema in college, and I love using media as a tool in the classroom. My students and I did media and film projects for fun, and also explored subjects that are part of the Issues and Choices curriculum, like stereotypes and bullying. I also did a film project with my students where we wrote and filmed our own “horror” movie. It was a lot of fun and we showed it to our entire campus and their families on Celebration Night. Do you have any favorite memories from Aim High? The connections I made with my Aim High teachers had a big impression on me when I was young. That time was just awkward, and I was really confused about who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do in the future. When you come to Aim High, you have friends, there are fun games, safety with teachers, strong connections and relationships, and laughter.  At the same time, you’re learning and getting confident in your academics. That was instrumental for me.  Hopefully I am helping to give my students the same kinds of memories I have.  6

Key Indicators of Aim High’s Impact in 2012

17% 98

 verage gains in math scores for 8th and a 9th grade students after five weeks

% of students say they feel like they are part




of a community at Aim High

 f students say that Aim High has helped o them become more excited about learning new things

% of students say they feel better prepared


for next year’s schoolwork

% of students say they have a better


understanding of the path to college

% of students say they became more aware of issues that affect their lives

new initiatives Tahoe-Truckee Aim High In Summer 2012, Aim High proudly launched its first rural campus in Kings Beach, serving 52 rising sixth and seventh graders from the Tahoe/Truckee region.  Students were provided with free transportation, breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Many students had perfect attendance throughout the summer program.  All of TTAH’s students had fun and challenging academic schedules, with projects such as cow eye dissections in Science, learning the fundamentals of managing debt and credit in Math, and studying explorers in Humanities. Students also went on field trips to survey the Van Norden Wetlands and participated in outdoor recreation activities such as a wilderness survival class, rock climbing on Donner Summit, hiking on Mt. Judah, and kayaking at Lake Tahoe.  With high levels of student and family participation throughout the summer program, TTAH’s Co-Site Directors, Carl Siegel and Katie Jamison, are expecting nearly 100% of the students to return in 2013. 

Focus on Literacy Summer learning research indicates that low-income students lose more than two months in reading achievement, while their middle-class peers make slight gains. (Cooper, Nye, Charlton, Lindsay & Greathouse; 1996). In 2012 Humanities faculty members worked on strengthening literacy skills by setting reading and writing goals for their students. At our campus serving San Francisco’s Chinatown district, Humanities teacher Nicholas Woo led a “96,000 Word Challenge” for students as their reading goal during the summer program. In just five weeks, the majority of the 46 participating students surpassed 96,000 words. Two of the students read over 1 million words, and the student who read the most words at the campus was awarded a Kindle. Over 90% of the Word Challenge student participants said they read more during Aim High than they normally would read. Teacher Nicholas Woo says, “Overall, I think it was a success because students believed that their reading abilities would improve. We focused on the importance of literacy and how it gives people the tools to navigate the world; we supported each other as a community so that we all accomplished this goal.”

Thanks to the leadership of Aim High Board Member Al Adams and generous funding from the Cowell Foundation, the Queen of Hearts Foundation, the Hellman Family Foundation, the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, and the Harleen DiMarco Foundation, our newest campus has strong community support for many summers to come. We also would like to acknowledge all of the generous individuals who supported this initiative and helped to bring the Aim High Magic to Tahoe/Truckee.


thank you Greetings, and thank you all for supporting Aim High in 2012. It was an extraordinary year for us, and it was also a year in which we focused on community: sustaining, extending and celebrating our diverse and vibrant Aim High community. The highlight, of course, was receiving the prestigious San Francisco Foundation’s Community Leadership Award on October 2nd. More on that later! On the heels of our 25th anniversary celebration, the Aim High board voted to expand Aim High’s reach to the Tahoe-Truckee basin. Aim High fulfilled that assignment by opening its first rural program in Kings Beach. Serving 52 students in its inaugural summer, and operating in close partnership with the school district and local funders, the program was an enormous success and filled the need for high-quality summer learning for underserved youth. Back home in the Bay Area, our other thirteen programs continue to flourish, most notably our campus in the Mission District (now in its second year) and our two relatively new sites in the North Bay. We continue to enhance quality through the hiring of Site Counselors and Academic Coaches, as well as by hiring over 100 Aim High graduates as Teaching Assistants and Interns. There are no better role models for our current students than our alumni.

October 2nd, 2012 was a special night for our organization. A crowd of over 800 people gathered on a beautiful San Francisco evening to celebrate The San Francisco Foundation’s Community Leadership Awards. It was an incredible honor for Aim High to be recognized alongside San Francisco heroes Rita Semel, Brenda Way and Chinese for Affirmative Action. The audience included Aim High students, graduates, families, teachers, board members and friends. Everyone was there to celebrate our work, our impact, and (most importantly) our community. In my brief acceptance speech, I had the opportunity to thank The San Francisco Foundation for investing in a “promising idea” over 25 years ago, an idea that resulted in Aim High and has now impacted over 8,000 young people. I was also able to share the words of Lakisha Young, a 1989 Aim High graduate who once said, “When I walked through the doors of Aim High for the first time, I had no idea that a dozen more doors were opening for me. I will always be grateful for what the Aim High community gave to me, and for what I was able to give back.” Many thanks to all of you for your generous support of our community. You helped us achieve ambitious goals, and I respectfully ask you to invest in our community work once again in 2013. With appreciation,

Alec L. Lee, Jr.

Aim High’s Student Growth 1986–2012

























490 410



financials 2011–2012 Financial Report

How are Aim High dollars spent? Program costs at a typical site:

(September 1, 2011 to August 31, 2012)

Program Setup & Support

Fiscal Year 2012 Income

Percent of Total

8% Amount















Partners TOTAL

7% 60%

7% Outdoor Education Program

6% Teacher Training & Support 5% Data & Evaluation

60%  Teachers & Directors: $99,000

100% $3,207,498

Percent of Total




8% Program Setup & Support: $13,000 (hiring, student recruitment, partnerships)


8% School Supplies & Activities: $13,000 (materials, field trips, technology)


7% Site Rental: $11,000 (at public schools sites)






General & Admin

7% Site Rental

Teachers & Directors

Fiscal Year 2012 Expenses

Supplies & Activities

7% Outdoor Education Program: $11,000 (buses, gear, snacks, special staff)

6% Teacher Training & Support $10,000

(workshops, curriculum, coaches, social workers)

4% Data & Evaluation: $6,000

100% $2,928,692

(measuring our results and outcomes)

This expense information is excerpted from financial reports from September 1, 2011 through August 31, 2012 with Armanino McKenna, LLP.

1343 1238 1081 950























sponsors & NOTE: This report represents gifts and grants received between September 1, 2011 and August 31, 2012. We apologize in advance for any errors or omissions. Many thanks to all of our contributors for their generosity and support in 2011-2012. For a full list of all Aim High donors in 2012, please visit www.aimhigh.org.

$100,000 & Up Anonymous Marin Community Foundation Oakland Fund for Children & Youth (OFCY) SF Dept. of Children, Youth, and Their Families (DCYF) Shorenstein Company LLC Sobrato Family Foundation

$50,000 to $99,999 David B. Gold Foundation The Hellman Family Foundation J.C. Kellogg Foundation JP Morgan Chase Foundation Roger Low Charles and Gail McCabe S.H. Cowell Foundation

$25,000 to $49,999 Anonymous Able Building Maintenance Co. S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation Dean Witter Foundation Doris & Donald Fisher Fund Gap Foundation & Community Relations Noble & Lorraine Hancock Family Fund Kimball Foundation Mark Lampert and Susan Byrd The Virginia Lopez Foundation Bill and Stephanie Mellin Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman Quest Foundation Silicon Valley Community Foundation Silver Giving Foundation The Sports Basement Patrick and Marney Tenney The Queen of Hearts Women’s Fund Visa USA, Inc. Walmart Foundation Walter & Elise Haas, Sr. Fund Daniel and Katherine Whalen

$10,000 to $24,999 Anonymous (4) Frederick E. & Anne R. Barstow Fund Mr. and Mrs. John D. Botti Susan Breyer California Technical Contracting, Inc. Callison Foundation Clorox Company Foundation


Dodge & Cox Eastdil Secured Bob and Martha Falkenberg First Republic Bank Flextronics Foundation William G. Gilmore Foundation Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation Bob Herr Kenneth Hirsch IDEMA Irene S. Scully Family Foundation Franklin & Catherine Johnson Foundation Joseph R. McMicking Foundation James and Alicia Kalamas Robert Knox Julie and Sebastien Lepinard Lick-Wilmerding High School Colin Lind and Anne Dickenson Thomas J. Long Foundation Miranda Lux Foundation Marin Academy Carrie Maslow Betsy and William Miller Henry Mayo Newhall Foundation Oracle Giving PG&E Stephen and Hope Pilch Robina and John Riccitiello San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) Robert and Chris Schumacher SF Promise—SFUSD Glenn and Lori Shannon Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP Kimberlee Swig Tahoe-Truckee Community Foundation / Excellence in Education Fund Intrepid Philanthropy Foundation The Urban School of San Francisco US Bank Community Development Wells Fargo Foundation Caroline Wood Worthe Real Estate

$5,000 to $9,999 Anonymous Al and Susan Adams Alexandria Real Estate Equities

Allbay Landscaping, Inc. AMPCO System Parking Duane and Rebecca Andrews BelleJAR Foundation Philanthropy Advisors Carmel Partners, Inc. Children’s Support League Sally Ann Flood Frank Foundation Kristin and Dave Gannon Dianne and Charlie Giancarlo Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP Greenberg Traurig, LLP Harleen DiMarco Foundation Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company Marty and Liz Korman Stanley S. Langendorf Foundation Richard and Dee Lawrence Bob Low Connie and Bob Lurie Makena Capital Management Marcus & Millichap Kevin and Sheri Marshall Ann and Andrew Mathieson Microsoft Corporation The Milagro Foundation Meridee Moore and Kevin King Molly and John Hooper (The Payne Fund) Matthew and Stacy Perry Jon Q. and Ann S. Reynolds T. Gary and Kathleen Rogers Seyfarth Shaw LLP Hildy Shandell Shearman & Sterling LLP Carolyn and Stephen Spitz St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School Stockbridge Real Estate Funds Kathryn Ann Taylor and Thomas Steyer The Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Foundation John and Sandra Thompson Jeff and Laurie Ubben Union Bank Foundation Frank and Leslie van Veenendaal Wilson Meany Sullivan, L.P. Woodruff Sawyer & Co. Michelle Yee and Reid Hoffman Shafia Zaloom and Brian Neece Vivian and Tony Zaloom

$1,000 to $4,999 Anonymous Kellie and Steve Abreu Roberta Achtenberg Ajmani & Pamidi Inc AT&T Katherine August-DeWilde and David DeWilde Duff and Gina Baldwin Steve and Shannan Bishop Jan Blaustein Scholes and Myron Scholes BNBuilders BNY Mellon Murray and Liz Bodine Douglas Booth Robert Boyd Steve and Patty Brown Charles Caldwell Richard Caldwell Deirdre Campbell CB Richard Ellis, Inc. Amy and Christian Cebrian Lisa Chadwick Milton Chen and Ruth Cox City National Bank Cohn-Reid-O’Neill Insurance Services, Inc. James and Rokhand Collins Robert and Jill Ann Corkern Laura Cox and Jay Cohen Deborah Dasovich and Michael Bentivoglio Steve and Joanna Davenport John and Josephine De Luca Joseph and Kristiane Demko Rajiv Dev and Erin Bailey Dev Divco West Properties William Donahoe and Kristin Klein Erik and Leslie Doyle Pamela Drury Wattenmaker Lara Druyan and Tom Stuart Cree and Jennifer Edwards Steven and Carol Elliott John and Laura Fisher Tom Francis Fred Gellert Family Foundation Peter Boyer and Terry Gamble Boyer Alison Geballe Timothy and Susan Geraghty Goldman Sachs Mark Hagopian Kay Harnish-Ladd and John Ladd Tom and Cheryln Hart Marc and Peggy Hayman John and Pam Hommeyer Molly and John Hooper

donors IA Interior Architects Innovation Hub, Inc. Kevin and Melinda Johnson Joseph and Kathleen Jolson Larry and Christina Kane Tracy and Daniel Keller Duncan and Katherine Kennedy Robert Kline and Denise Wang-Kline Korth, Sunseri, Hagey Architects Martha Kropf Hallie and Justin Label Richard Lautze and Laurie Williams Alec and Susan Lee Diane Lee Gordon and Jocelyn Linke Robert Little Lloyd & Partners Allen and Berta Low Joseph and Kat Malkin Cynthia Marcucci and Steven Simon Susan Davis Marianacci and Mike Marianacci Marin Financial Advisors Brandy and Richard McAniff McGinnis Chen Associates Inc. Susan and John Meaney Merlone Geier Partners Montgomery Technologies Kathleen Murray and Arthur Perkins Jeff Newman Anne and Michael Parish June and Howard Park Bruce Pate and Vicki Seller Pate Karen & Christopher Payne Family Foundation Plant Construction Company Platinum Advisors, LLC Edward and Lynn Poole Margi and Tom Power Prudential Mortgage Capital Company Peter Ross & Anne Thorson Scott and Meredith Raney Rathmann Family Foundation Recology Sunset Scavenger Lemont K. Richardson Foundation RMR Construction, Inc. RMW Architechture & Interiors Brian and Katherine Rogers David Roseman Susan Rugtiv and Timothy Stewart Tim and Annette Ryan Mark Salkind and Miranda Heller J.P. and Kelly Scandalios Sue Ann and Bob Schiff Scott Schnuck and Shannon Lyons Schnuck Jan Blaustein Scholes and

Myron Scholes Catherine Scott and Michael Breen Janice and Geoff Sears Sid and Marita Shankland Shorenstein Hays-Nederlander Theatres Silicon Valley Bank David Simpson Bruce Spivey Sprenger Lang Foundation Lori Stasukelis and William Foley Brenda and Jim Sunseri Christy and Hans Swildens Dana and Jim Tananbaum Cindy Testa-McCullagh Twitter Martin Vanderlaan and Patricia Post Laura and James Ward Larry Weiss and Joan Boyle Amanda Weitman Westly Foundation Bruce and Dale Wheeler Ted Williams Scott and Kimberly Wu Jim Wunderman Tom and Annabelle Yasuda Sandra Yuen and Lawrence Shore Keith and Tracy Zaky

$500 to $999 Anonymous Julian and Ramesh Allen Allwest Environmental Chris and Christina Antipa Linda Assante and Marc Carrasco Deborah and Jason Baum Mark Berres John and Kathy Blum Sam Chaltain Yi-Ling Chen and Victor Hwang Jack and Bonnie Citrin Carey Condy Anne-Marie Cordingly Sam Cuddeback Brian David Joan Dea and Lionel Conacher Decker Electric Deloitte & Touche Charlie and Leslie Dicke Liz and Chris Dressel Sara and Alvin Duskin Elias Smiles LLC Clare Ellis and Kip Webb Rodney and Darlene Fong Wendy and Walter Foulke David and Laura Fox Logan Freeborn Georgia Funsten

Gertler & Wente Architects, LLP Gaby and Mazi Ghorbani Robert Harrison and Robin Cooper Andrea Hedin and Peter Fisher Rachel and John Horsch Kiwanis Club of San Francisco Lisa Langer and Dan Siegel Catherine Lee Donna Liu and David Schwartz Nila Lonberg Adriana Lopez Vermut and Aaron Vermut Thomas Loran and Francine Radford Alice Lau Mak and Ringo Mak Making Waves Foundation Eleanor McBride and Timothy Lee Monir and Robert McCartney Raymond and Cynthia McNaughton Barbara Meislin and Stuart Kaplan Helen and Thomas Merigan Charitable Trust James and Stephanie Milligan Mary Morgan Charles and Keira Muller Optimist Club of Truckee Sarah and Hank Pruden Matt and Suzanne Reno Adolfo and Veronica Riedel Allison Rock Stanley and Deborah Roualdes Vincent Scott Bonnie and Marvin Siegel Larissa Siegel Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates Maida Stupski and Joshua Brankman The Church Pension Fund Rosina York Tong and Victor Tam Walker Parking Consultants Anne and Raymond Washmera WAXIE Sanitary Supply Charlie Woerner Sylvia Yee and Brian McCaffrey

Zoe Duskin

$250 to $499

Mark and Christine Schlesinger

Anonymous Ellen Ablow and Alan Norman Alexandria Albers Suzanne and Gary Alpert Roslyn Banish-Epstein and Paul Epstein Bank of America Matching Gifts Alexis and Ed Bayley Norman Carlin Simon Chiu John Clark Bruce Cohen and Gale Mondry Russ Cooper John Cullison

Shalyn Eason Alex and Vicki Endo Christian and Jacqueline Erdman Laura Foulke Gareth and Paula Fracchia Andrew and Cynthia Friedman Bruce and Lois Friedman Robert and Linda Fries Robert and Mary Garner David and Cheri Goldberg Cynthia Grubb Brian and Jill Hetherington Margot Hirsh Robert and Linda Holtzapple Nick and Sher Honchariw Ellen and Michael Hornstein John Hull Linda Lancione Laufer Group International LTD Sandra Lee Fewer and John Fewer Debra Leifer Syida Long Susan Lucas Evernease McKnight Peter McNamara and Emily Dryden Lynn Mezzatesta and Todd Sklar Gwen Mitchell Susan Mulvey and Mark Temple Lynne and Bob Myers Amanda Nelson Amelia Nieto Sara Olsen Jeff Palmer Vicki Penny Bill Pomeranz and Harriet Prensky Helen and Dan Quinn Clare Reilly and Joe Shifflett John Rutledge and Michelle Tollison Rutledge Ian Schmidt Paul and Maude Scott Eve Shaw Sally Staley Sam and Lin Teichman Eric Temple Jack and Lisa Troedson Peter and Kathy Turbott W R Berkeley Syndicate Wendell Family Foundation Howard and Judie Wexler Barry and Bonnie Willdorf Jeff Wong


Aim High Officers & Board Members Bob Falkenberg, President Glenn Shannon, Vice President Kristin Gannon, Vice President Hildy Shandell, Treasurer Bruce Wheeler, Secretary Lara Druyan, Regional VP, South Bay James Harris, Regional VP, Oakland Patrick Tenney, Regional VP, Marin

Aim High Staff Alec L. Lee, Jr. Co-Founder, Executive Director Matt Reno Director of Operations Larissa Siegel Director of Development Michelle Capobres Director of Academics & Program Evaluation Dana Hernandez Data Systems & Technology Manager Terrence Riley Business Manager & Admissions Director Marina Javor Communications & Events Manager

Albert M. Adams, EdD Michon Coleman Stephen Davenport Rajiv Dev James Kalamas Larry Kane Courtney Klinge Hallie Label Bill Mellin Adolfo Riedel Lawrence K. Weiss Scott Wu Sandra Diane Yuen, PhD Shafia Zaloom

Matthew Becerra Development Intern

Aim High Advisory Board

Connie Luong Program Intern

Robert A. Corrigan Miranda Heller Martha Kropf Colin Lind David Lopez Vince Matthews David Plant Douglas W. Shorenstein

Mailing Address P. O. Box 410715, San Francisco, CA 94141 Street Address 2030 Harrison St., 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94110 415.551.2333 Fax 415.551.2626