2013 Annual Report - The Montana History Foundation

2013 Annual Report - The Montana History Foundation

MONTANA Where Community Matters M o n ta n a h i sto r y f o u n dat i o n | 2013 annual report Who We Are Directors and Staff (As Of 6/30/2013)...

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MONTANA Where Community Matters

M o n ta n a h i sto r y f o u n dat i o n


2013 annual report

Who We Are Directors and Staff

(As Of 6/30/2013)

Executive Board: Bruce Parker, Chair

Robin Wheeler Azqueta

Nancy Nicholson

William Johnstone

Billings, MT

West Palm Beach, FL and West Glacier, MT

Helena, MT

Great Falls, MT

Rockwood Brown

Bruce parker

Robert M. Morgan

Billings, MT

Helena, MT

Christopher Warden

Charles Petty

Missoula, MT

Hamilton, MT

Kendall Wheeler

Pamela Rentschler

Chicago, IL and Alder, MT

Aiken, SC and West Glacier, MT

Scottsdale, AZ and Cameron, MT

At-Large Representative Chicago, IL and Alder, MT

Elizabeth Gibson

Penelope Wilson

Ted Schwinden

Bozeman, MT

Phoenix, AZ

Tom Lund

Emily Hibbard

Malvern, PA and Big Timber, MT

At-Large Representative Kalispell, MT

Helena, MT

Christopher Warden, Vice Chair Missoula, MT

Nancy Nicholson, Treasurer Helena, MT

Monty Lesh, Secretary Miles City, MT

Thomas E. Donnelley, II

Debby McClenahan, At-Large Representative Polson, MT

Billings, MT

Matthew T. Cohn Helena, MT

Thomas E. Donnelley, II

Bill Jones Harlowton, MT

Monty Lesh Miles City, MT

Members-at-Large: Michael Anderson Billings, MT

Sidney Armstrong Helena, MT

Tom Lund Kalispell, MT

Helena Maclay Missoula, MT

Debby McClenahan Polson, MT

Ward Shanahan Helena, MT

Emeritus: Tim Babcock

J. Robert Sletten Great Falls, MT

Helena, MT

Timothy J. Bartz


Helena, MT

Ruth McFarland

C. Brooke Dormire

Whittier, CA

Belgrade, MT

Dottie Fossel Ennis, MT

Ex-Officio: Steve Lozar, Chair Montana Historical Society Trustees Polson, MT

Marilyn Ross, Chair Montana Heritage Commission Twin Bridges, MT

Staff: Amy Sullivan President / Chief Executive Officer Helena, MT

Elisa Peterson Chief Financial Officer Helena, MT

Gena Ashmore Office Manager Helena, MT

Karen Fred Administrative Assistant Helena, MT


Mission The Montana History Foundation is an independent, non-profit corporation preserving the rich legacy of Montana’s past--one story, one community, one project at a time. We grant funds, mobilize the generosity of donors and collaborate with individuals and organizations to explore and honor Montana history.

Vision The Montana History Foundation is the leading source for contributions and funding to preserve and protect history resources throughout Montana.


Financial Reports Statements of Financial Position as of June 30, 2013 and 2012 as s et s Cash and Cash Equivalents



Receivables: Accounts Receivable Promises to Give, Net Other Receivables Inventory Prepaid Expense





131,363 126,735 29,000 61,006 1,727

188 145,635 29,000 45,606 1,816

Investment Securities



Fixed Assets, at Cost Curatorial Building and Improvements Scriver Center Scriver Land Software Equipment

1,168,036 1,231,744 157,000 19,989 26,103

1,168,036 1,230,271 157,000 19,989 26,103

2,602,872 (829,255)

2,601,399 (767,679)



377,192 50,943 154,994 583,129

377,192 50,163 148,679 576,034

$ 6,010,389

$ 5,354,108



Less Accumulated Depreciation and Amortization

other assets Donated Assets Cash Surrender Value of Life Insurance Policy Interest in Charitable Remainder Trust Total

l i aB i l i t i e s a n d n et a s s et s Accounts Payable and Accrued Payroll Taxes and Benefits Planned Gift Liabilities Deferred Revenue net assets Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted Permanently Restricted Total


17,573 343,072 48,847 409,492

13,378 342,486 – 355,864

2,239,796 1,171,120 2,189,981 5,600,897

1,885,555 1,003,633 2,109,056 4,998,244

$ 6,010,389

$ 5,354,108

Statements of Activities Years Ended June 30, 2013 and 2012 Unrestricted Net Assets Revenues, Gains and Other Support: Grants and Contributions Investment Income Rent Fees Royalties Net Assets Released from Restrictions Total Unrestricted Revenues, Gains and Other Support Program Expenses: Montana Historical Society Programs Montana Heritage Commission Programs Preserve Montana Fund Other Programs Total Program Expenses Fundraising Expenses General and Administrative Expenses Professional Fees Dues and Subscriptions Printing and Postage Office Board Meeting Telephone Travel/Training Salary and Related Expense Miscellaneous Expense Scriver Center Operations Depreciation and Amortization Investment Expense Total Expenses Increase (Decrease) in Unrestricted Net Assets Temporarily Restricted Net Assets Grants and Contributions Investment Income Appreciation (Depreciation) of Charitable Remainder Trust Interest Net Assets Released from Restrictions Increase (Decrease) in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets Permanently Restricted Net Assets Grants and Contributions Increase (Decrease) in Permanently Restricted Net Assets Increase (Decrease) in Net Assets Net Assets at the Beginning of the Year Prior Period Adjustment, Correction of Error Adjusted Beginning Net Assets Net Assets at the End of the Year

6/30/13 $

493,880 93,800 129,338 45,767 340,633 268,044 1,371,462

6/30/12 $

45,851 (5,060) 125,571 24,390 276,383 246,775 713,910

135,912 64,797 127,206 324,966 652,881

93,277 66,894 90,946 110,268 361,385



26,058 1,279 2,183 24,426 5,234 7,062 15,255 146,776 186 39,025 61,575 7,295 336,354 1,014,677

16,547 1,304 2,427 21,490 4,779 6,418 20,050 148,027 171 43,691 65,569 4,205 334,678 721,375



251,340 175,331 6,316 (268,044) 164,943

278,765 (13,907) (3,977) (246,775) 14,106

80,925 80,925

108,764 108,764








$ 5,600,897

$ 4,998,244 4

Grants 2013 Preserve Montana Fund Grant Award Recipients Buildings and Structures • Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts, Helena, $4,000 – Preserve five rare beehive kilns. • Granite County Museum & Cultural Center, Philipsburg, $865 – MHF provided electrical work in the museum building.* • Great Falls-Cascade County Historic Preservation Advisory Commission, Great Falls, $3,000 – Document the architectural and historical aspects of a core sampling of the Craftsman bungalows. • Kootenai River Development Council, Libby, $2,156 – Restore first flight of the grand staircase in the Hotel Libby. • Lewistown Airport Board, Lewistown, $2,644 – Parge brick chimney, replaster interior walls, and point exterior walls on Petroleum/Oil Storage House.

Kalispell Linderman Education Center class oral history project, From the Ground Up, Montana Women & Agriculture, 2013 Grant Recipient

Oral Histories • Broadwater Conservation District, Townsend, $2,000 – Oral history project on Montana women in agriculture in Meagher, Sanders, and Treasure counties. • Potomac School District 11, Potomac, $3,000 – Provide assistance to individuals to preserve historical materials from family collections, procure necessary equipment, collect, organize, catalogue, and digitally store historical information, make accessible to the public.

Sean Logan, Mayor Jim Smith, Commissioner Dan Ellison, Helena City Council minute books digitization project, 2013 Grant Recipient

Above: Preservation work on rare beehive kilns, Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts, Helena, 2013 Grant Recipient

Helena City Council minute books digitization project, 2013 Grant Recipient Janet Zieg, participant in From the Ground Up, Montana Women & Agriculture, 2013 Grant Recipient


Preserve Montana Fund Grant Map — 2013

Roof replacement, Unionville School, 2013 Grant Recipient

48 Applications

Legend: = Applications funded = Applications received

10 13 18 7

one-Room Schoolhouses Collections & Artifacts Buildings & Structures Oral Histories

One-Room Schoolhouses • Argenta School, Dillon, $4,725 – Replace windows. • Cottonwood School, Lewistown, $750 – Paint exterior, redo trim, solar lights on flag. • Faber School, Havre, $4,000 – Replace roof. • Jefferson City Community Center, Jefferson City, $4,000 – Replace roof. • Pine Butte School, Bozeman, $2,735 – Replace chimney cap, paint interior walls, replace wainscoting and trim. • Unionville School, Helena, $4,000 – Replace shingles and fascia, replace exterior doors, scrape and paint.

From the Ground Up, Montana Women & Agriculture, 2013 Grant Recipient

Billings Seminar, From the Ground Up, Montana Women & Agriculture, 2013 Grant Recipient

Collections and Artifacts • Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives, Butte, $2,500 – Count, sort, catalog, digitize, and store original plats, lodes, and placers, and share with the Montana Memory Project. • City of Helena, Helena, $1,500 – Digitize eleven volumes of the Helena City Council's minute books dating from 1881 to 1910. • Friends of the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula, Missoula – scanner loaned to locate, scan, and upload photos to produce a walking tour of Missoula's downtown area.* • Frontier Gateway Museum, Glendive – a used map file cabinet was provided to house old maps and rolled posters.* • Ursuline Centre Historical Foundation, Great Falls, $4,000 – Limit light exposure, monitor fluctuations in temperature and humidity, stop insect damage, fabricate four mounts, and address collection display and storage issues. • Yellowstone Historic Preservation Board, Billings, $500 – Host a workshop on building a historic document archival system.

Roof replacement, Jefferson City School, 2013 Grant Recipient

*Special thanks to the Montana Preservation Alliance and John Ashmore for their assistance. 6

Accomplishments • Raised $60,000 for our annual Preserve Montana Fund grants program • Funded the new Bovey History Center in Nevada City • Funded the Mulvaney Historic Postcard Collection at the Montana Historical Society • Funded landscaping at the McFarland Curatorial Center in Virginia City • Raised funds for the preservation and protection of one-room school houses in Montana Potomac Days of Yore Oral History Project, 2013 Grant Recipient Top: Community Planning Charrette

• Funded educational opportunities for the Montana Historical Society staff • Continued maintenance of the Music Machines in Virginia and Nevada Cities—an income stream for those important properties

Above: Memory Station

• Funded a marketing staff person to increase awareness and attendance for the 150th Anniversary Celebration of Virginia and Nevada Cities

Left: Roy Wills, Oral History Interviewee

• Provided funds for a grant writer for the Montana Heritage Commission • Grew endowments within the Preserve Montana Fund for oral histories, a small town museum and the operations of the Montana History Foundation • Fiscal Sponsorship (financial management and donor communications) for: • Montana Women’s Mural (mural in the Montana State Capitol) • Renovations to the Montana Club in Helena

Restoration of Grand Staircase, Hotel Libby, 2013 Grant Recipient

• 150th Anniversary Celebration for Virginia and Nevada Cities • Governor’s Inaugural Ball Celebration • Successfully transferred funds to the Original Governor’s Mansion upon their success at establishing themselves as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Ursaline Centre Historical Foundation, Great Falls, 2013 Grant Recipient Left: Collection restoration

Roof replacement, Fabre School, Havre, 2013 Grant Recipient

Below: Dorothy Nunez and Kensingtyn Kidrick

Exterior repair, Hill School, Chester, 2012 Grant Recipient


Family of Friends Businesses/Organizations/Foundations

Virginia City Area Chamber of Commerce

American Association of University Women-Montana

Walmart Foundation

American Federal

Charlotte and Edward Wheeler Foundation

Andreas and Joyce Grande Family Endowment

Wiesemann B Trust

Armstrong Ranch, Inc. Billings Junior Woman’s Club Bonner Milltown History Center

Williamsworks, Inc. Willing Workers Ladies Aid, Inc. Women’s Foundation of Montana Yeamans Hall Club

Mary Bold

Susan Cervantez

Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga


Bonnie Bowler

Stacy Chapman


Robert and Linda Boyd

Lauren and Lyle Charter

D.A. Davidson & Co.

Kimberly Abbott

Gary Branae

Jim and Gloria Chesterfield

Donald and Rita Braun

Steve and Barbara Claiborn

diane Brawner

David and Constance Clapp

John and Judy Brendel

John and Ann Clark

anna Brewer

Ferris and Anna Marie Clouse

Barbara Brewer

Matthew Cohn and Mary Ellen Holverson

Cloud Peak Energy Resources, LLC

Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation The Donnelley Foundation Douglas Wilson and Company Dupuyer School District 2 Eco-Asset Management, LLC

Andre Abrantes Sally and Rusty Adams Ben and Sue Agnew R. G. and Thora Aldrich George and Marie Allen

Exxonmobil Foundation

Lynn Allison

First Interstate BancSystem Foundation

Vickie Amundson

first interstate Bank

Dorothy Anders

The Mary Alice Fortin Foundation, Inc.

Viggo Andersen

Frederick and Pamela Rentschler Foundation, Inc.

Norma Anderson

Gallatin Canyon Women’s Club GCM Services, Inc. Heirloom Book Company, LLC Humanities Montana hunters pointe Information Technology Core Judson S. Pond and Patricia B. Pond Trust Kingfish, Inc. Lazy KT, Inc. Legislative Spouses Club Livestock Building, LLC Maintenance Etc. McFarland Family Trust Miami School District 31 Missoula Business and Professional Women Montana Community Foundation Montana Conservation Voters Montana Credit Unions for Community Development

L.A. and Nancy Anderson Heather Anderson Michael and Cheri Anderson Clyde and Sally Angove

William and Martha Brockner Rockwood Brown Barbara Brown Bob Brown Jan Brown James Budelman Stephen and Gretchen Burke Duane and Dorothy Burkenpas Corlann Bush

Charles Convis Edwin and Andrea Cooper Jack and Penny Copps Jack and Marsha Countryman Edward Crawford James Crawley Amanda Curtis William Dabney Bill and Sarah Dakin

J.V. Hanson and Deborah Anspach

Charles and Susan Butler

Sidney Armstrong

Gary Buyachek

Mike art

Fredrick and Katharine Cady

John Ashmore

Lauren Caldwell

Clyde and Carol Aspevig

Hardwick Caldwell Jr.

Pamela Attardo

Dyer and Sheila Campbell

Cheryl Deats

Kathleen Ayers

Mary Frances Campbell

Douglas and Kathleen Deffe

Norberto and Robin Wheeler Azqueta

Gene S. Carlson

Richard and Donna Dengel

Eileen Carney

Dennis and Jennifer Deppmeier

Carolyn Bachtold

William and Sigrid Carroll

Nancy Detrick

Allen and Frances Bailey

John and Patricia Case

Mary Brown Dewey

David and Teri Ball

Marion Cato

Elizabeth Danforth Edward and Lynn Darfler ruth dargis Howard and Sharon Davis patricia dean

more Family of Friends 

Dr. Ralph Barron Zeno and Stephanie Baucus Ed and Loyce Baum Dr. Robert Mannisto and Jill Baumler Tom Beaton

The Pan Handler

Carol Beddes

Park Place Real Estate, LLC

donna Bennett

Planned Parenthood

Joanne Berghold

PN Madison, LLC

Jim Berkey and Claire Emery

Rivendell Ranch, LLC

Donald and Elizabeth Bernard

Ruby Valley National Bank

Leo Berry

State Employees Charitable Giving Campaign

Bobbie Bessire

Sullivan Financial Group, Inc.

Margaret Blackmer

T-L Irrigation Company

Nancy Blake

Triple X Red Angus

Francis and Sandra Blake

Upper Canyon Outfitters, Inc.

Carroll Blend

V & J Farms

Peggy Lee Blyth

Richard and Deborah Blackburn

Thank you to our generous donors for your support. We strive to ensure that all donors giving to MHF during the period January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013 are listed here. If we have inadvertently left off your name, we apologize and ask that you please let us know.


Family of Friends


Thomas and Barbara Donnelley, II

lois habbe

Kimberly Kallestad

George and Elizabeth McClure

C. Brooke and Kornelia Dormire

A.R. Hagener

J. William Kearns

Sandra McCue

Kathleen Douglas

John Hagerty

William and Martha Kelly

James and Elizabeth McDonald

Kevin Dowling and Elizabeth Ching

Edwin and Joanne Hall

Janet Kelly

Rev. Patrick McGurk

Charles and Sandra Dreisbach

Vivian Hammill

Dorothy J. Kelsey

Ruth Smails McFarland

Larry and Kathleen Dreyer

Ronald and Nancy Hampa

James and Linda King

W. Thorpe McKenzie

Ken and Janelle Dunham

Don and Eloise Hargrove

Denise King and Linda Minich

Dolly McMaster

Paul Dykstra

Brian and Molly Harrington

Jan Kitchell

George and Doris McMurray

Richard and Priscilla Dysart

John and Lisbeth Harris

Becki Klempel

Monte Smith and Mary McNally

Vivian Edwards

Robert and Linda Harris

Stephen and Connie Kologi

William and Elizabeth McNamer

Walter and Karen Egged

Lawrence and Loy Hart

Glenn and Noreen Kozeluh

David and Darlene McNay

diane ehernberger

Don and Peggy Hart

Joy Laclaire and Patricia Lipmanson

Brian McNicholas

Ashton Eldredge

Allen and Connye Hartman

Roger and Sue Lang

John R. McQuillan

Thomas and Kay Ellerhoff

James and Lillian Hartung

Carol LaPray

Linda Meade and J.W. Luechtefeld

Gary and Joyce Elliott

Fred and Jane Hashley

Hoyt Larison

Nigel and Jane Mends

James Elliott

Robert F. Hassman

Millie Larson

Mark and Tamara Miller

Melinda Elliott

Robert and Jane Hawks

Jo K. Lasich

Nancy Miller

Robert and Pamela Ellis

Rodney and Arles Hedge

Bob and Dyan Lawson

Douglas and Julie Mitchell

Roger and Rosemary Enrico

Patricia Herhold

Douglas and Margaret Lee

rebecca Monson

Ronald and Nancy Erickson

Chase and Emily Hibbard

John and Margaret Leeper

Cynthia Montague

Richard and Colleen Erickson

laura hibbs

Paul and Renate Lehmann

Marsha Ames Montgomery

Peter and Marjo Erickson

James Hines

Edward and Cynthia Lenington

Timothy and Elizabeth Moore

John and Sarah Etchart

Sheila Hogan

Jacqueline and Peter Lenmark

Virginia Moore

Andrea Everett

Christian and Nora Hohenlohe

Sarah Leonard

Glenn and Helen Mueller

Craig and Sara Fanning

James and Wanda Hollensteiner

John Lepley

George Mueller

Col. Earl and Merle Farney

Gay Holliday

Monty and Sherry Lesh

Janice Munsell

Antoine Homar y Homar

Ligia Arango and Michael Ley

Doreen Murray

Judi Hoppes

Diane Linder

Susan Naprstek

Lynn Houze

Janet Linderman

Kerry Neils

Lee and Marie Hoyer

Sue Lindley

Daniel and Margaret Nelsen

John and Hilda Hudson

Byron and Elinor Lindsay

Alice Nelson

Hubert and Helen Huebl

Douglas Lloyd

Martha Newell and Mike Kadas

Thomas Huff and Bari Burke

Terye and Lester Loble

Molly Nichelson

James Huffman

Jan Lombardi

Robert Nichol and Phyllis Bock

Edward and Roberta Hughes

harriet long

Alan and Nancy Nicholson

James and Patricia Hutchison

George lucas

Ken Nulton

Elfrieda Idleman

Thomas and Shannon Lund

Thomas and Barbara O’Connell

Gerald and Patricia Ingraham

Dennis and Meryl Lutz

Michael and Patricia O’Malley

Arthur and Margie Jacobsen

Jennifer Lyman

John and Sandra O’Rourke

Patricia Jaffray

shannon Macioroski

William Ojala

William I. James III

John Larson and Helena Maclay

Donald and June Ollmann

William Jameson

James Madison

Dan and Jeanne Olson

Patricia Ann Jamieson

Senator Dale and Sue Mahlum

Duane and Elizabeth Olson

Karen Jarussi

scott Mainwaring

Sheryl Olson

Christine Jensen

Edward Makara

Val and Jack Olson

Phyllis Jewell

Steve and Sunny Mandeville

Willliam and Patricia Jean Oriet

Chere Jiusto and Jim Robbins

Patricia Manigault

Charlotte A. Orr

Dale and Coburn Johnson

William Martin

Nancy Owens

Carrie Johnson

Dale Martin and Mary Murphy

Norman and Kathleen Pancoast

Leigh and Joan Johnson

Nancy Matheson

Nick Pankratz

Moe and Pamela Johnson

Barbara Maves

Ethel Parker

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson

Patty Mazurek

Bruce parker

William and Andrea Johnstone

Brian and Cynthia McAdoo

Leslie Paspisil

Bill Jones

John and Kathleen McBride

John and Sue Pearson

Robert and Stacy Jovick

Beatrice McCarthy

Walter and Mary Peet

Carol Judge

Debby McClenahan

sharon peterson

Cynthia Farnsworth Clyde and Rae Marie Fauley Barb Fell heather fink Jeremy FitzGerald William and Dolores Fleming William and Kathryn Flick Catherine Forrester Vada and Vicky Fosjord Susan Byorth Fox Gary and Grace France Michael Francis Betsy C. Frantz Karen Fred Elizabeth Fuller Jack and Ginny Furshong Joe and Elizabeth Gans Brian Garrity and Madalyn Quinlan Mary Gernaat David Richards and Elizabeth Gibson Susan Gilbertz Mary Esther Gilg Richard Gillette and Susan Hinkins Wilson Glasgow Edward and Alaine Gohn Jeffry and Elizabeth Goldes Kris Goss Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Gottwald William and Rita Gowen James and Janice Graehl M.K. Graham Joyce M. Grande Myron Currie and Justice Karla Gray Randall and Nora Flaherty Gray Amy Gross Linda Gryczan Carlotte Guptille Joseph and Milly Gutkoski


Earl Peterson

Jerry and Carol Shanahan

Charles and Norma Petty

Ward and Gayle Shanahan

Benjamin and Penelope Pierce

Stephen and Katherine Gilbertz Shandera

Leslie Piercy Margaret ping Luella Polette lue ponich Ingrid Poole dianna porter Frank and Donna Porter Bonnie Preikszas Marvin Presser Lt. Col. Irvine and Cleo Purdy

“Very young in life I learned about birth, I learned about death and how to accept it. Whether it was my favorite animal or my favorite person. But along the way I learned – nothing is forever.” —Dolly McMaster

David and Shirley Shane David and Aimee Shanight

MHF Donor

anna shannon Janna Shennan James G. Shennan Jr. Lee and Pamela Shubert Daniel and Lana Shura Eugene and Nancy Silliman Patricia Simmons

Joe Quinn

Helen Sims

Honorable Marc Racicot and teresa racicot

Susan and Brian Sindelar Richard Skelly

Mark and Chris Randak

William and Rosana Skelton

rose rauch Neil and Carolyn Rauch

William Slaton and Margaret K. newton

Jane Rectenwald

Robert and Patricia Sletten

Dale and Linda Reinhart

Tresa V. Smith

Sandra Reiter

Marjorie Smith

dorie reiter

Maryminor Smith

Pamela Rentschler

Sandra Smith

Ann Wakeham Restvedt

Levi and Karen Smith

Fred and Carol Ann Rettenmund

Paul and Ann Snyder

David and Debi Rhines

Harold and Margaret Sorensen

Richard and Helen Rietz

Dorothy Sowa

Jamie Ring

John and Bev Spek

Craig and Catherine Roberts

Darlene Spek

Charles Roberts and Rosanne Nash

David Spencer

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Jon and Delores Roeder

Scott and Rachel Stansberry

Albert and Eugenia Rojic

Rosamond Stanton

Vickie Roller

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Harvey and Ila Steen

Michael Ross and Lisa Harr

Thomas and Mary Steenberg

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Douglas Stensvad

Phil and Lee Rostad

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H. Nelson Rowley

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Preston and Barbara Stone

John Runda

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Robert Wall and Jennifer Pomnichowski

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Ron and Mignon Waterman

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Opportunities abound when it comes

Unionville One-Room Schoolhouse in winter, 2013 Grant Recipient

to preserving Montana’s past. Our Preserve Montana Fund allows donors the opportunity to make a difference locally, regionally and statewide. Grants help fund history projects under the broadest of definitions. If you are interested in the Preserve Montana Fund or hosting a presentation in your community, please contact us.

Janet Zieg’s Meagher County ranch in winter; From the Ground Up, Montana Women & Agriculture, 2013 Grant Recipient