2014 Annual Report - The Cultural Landscape Foundation

2014 Annual Report - The Cultural Landscape Foundation

2014 ANNUAL REPORT The Cultural Landscape Foundation 1711 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 200 Washington DC 20009 Tel 202.483.0553 www.tclf.org The C...

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The Cultural Landscape Foundation 1711 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 200 Washington DC 20009 Tel 202.483.0553 www.tclf.org

The Cultural Landscape Foundation




















[cover photo] What's Out There Weekend Los Angeles: Public Landscapes of Ralph Cornell, Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden (photo by Matthew Traucht, Courtesy of TCLF)

Garden Dialogues See Page 10

[left] Farm at Little Compton by Michael Vergason Landscape Architects, Ltd. (photo by Charles A. Birnbaum, courtesy of TCLF) 2


Letter from the President


Mike Albert, ASLA

Jo Ann Nathan

George Anderson

Mac Keith Griswold

Ray Owen

René Bihan, ASLA

Mario Nievera, FASLA, Secretary

Carolyn Bennett

Chris Hacker

Janice Parker, ASLA

Suzanne Clary

Douglas Reed, FASLA

Tina Bishop, ASLA

Gretchen Hilyard

Margaret Robinson, ASLA

Barbara S. Dixon, Co-Chair

Charlene K. Roise

Jestena Boughton, ASLA

Raymond Jungles, FASLA

Janet Rosenberg, FASLA

Julie Donnell

Joan Shafran, Vice President

Earl Broussard, FASLA

Robin Key, ASLA

Bernice Schneider

Shaun Saer Duncan, Hon. ASLA

Holly Sharp,Treasurer

James Burnett, FASLA

Steven Keylon

Behula Shah

As the internationally influential architecture-focused

the Arts Art Works grants and partnerships with faculty

Landslide®, our annual thematic compendium of

ArchDaily wrote, 2014 was “A great year for Landscape

and students at the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech,

threatened and at-risk landscapes, for 2014 was titled

Architecture” and TCLF was a major catalyst.

Texas A&M, and the University of Texas, work continues

Art and Landscape and focused on land-based art, from

on What’s Out There Virginia and Texas, adding 250

ancient petroglyphs to contemporary installations. In

sites to the database. The fifth year of What’s Out There

addition, five other Landslide sites were saved in 2014,

Weekends drew thousands of participants in Miami,

including the Richard Haag-designed Battelle Memorial

Richmond, and Los Angeles, and succeeded with

in Seattle, while an RFP was issued for the preservation

support from National Sponsor Bartlett Tree Experts,

of the Lawrence Halprin-designed Heritage Park in

dozens of other supporters, partners, and volunteers.

Fort Worth, Texas. Presenting Sponsor The Davey Tree

This year, Michael Kimmelman, the New York Times architecture critic, wrote something we have long advocated: “Great public places and works of landscape

Mary Ellen Flanagan, ASLA

Brian Thomson

Sandra Youssef Clinton, FASLA

Keith LeBlanc, FASLA

Emma Skalka

Gina Ford, ASLA

Trey Trahan, FAIA

Leslie Rose Close

Mia Lehrer, FASLA

Judith Tankard

Eric Groft, FASLA

Suzanne L. Turner, FASLA, Co-Chair

Kelly Comras, ASLA

Arleyn Levee, Hon. ASLA

Rebecca Trafton

Lisa Calibani Lowry

Noel Dorsey Vernon, ASLA

Marta Fry

James A. Lord, ASLA

Susan Van Atta, FASLA

Dennis McGlade, FASLA

Thomas Woltz, FASLA

Adriaan Geuze, Int’l ASLA

Michael McClelland

Hank White, FASLA

Peter R. McQuillan

Alexis Woods

Lisa Gimmy, ASLA

Marilyn Melkonian

Richard Williams, FAIA

This year, because of support from donors like you, there

Liz Goodfellow, Affil. ASLA

Ann Mullins, FASLA

David Zeitlin

is an unprecedented degree of critical and public visibility,

architecture deserve to be treated like great buildings.” This year, Robert A.M. Stern, influential architect and Yale University School of Architecture dean, said something we have long demonstrated: “Gardens are works of art.”

TCLF's spectacular season of Garden Dialogues drew more than 900 participants to 48 events to hear from the garden owners and their designers—leaders in the field—

Expert Company, Media Partner Landscape Architecture Magazine, and Annual Sponsor ASLA helped make Landslide possible.

about the secrets to creating distinct gardens. TCLF held

TCLF’s award-winning series with Princeton

awareness, and understanding.

Dialogues in Palm Beach, Florida, Sonoma, California,

Architectural Press, Modern Landscapes: Transition and

Dallas/Ft. Worth, the Hamptons, Vancouver, and other

Transformation, focuses on mid-century works that have

Thanks to your support in 2014, we can report that

cities, with many events selling out weeks in advance. The

undergone marked transformation. The second volume

TCLF organized three What’s Out There ® Weekends with

Dialogues were made possible by the continued support

examines the recently restored Simonds and Simonds-


complementary guidebooks; launched the first Web-

of National Sponsor Seibert & Rice.

designed Mellon Square in Pittsburgh.

Charles A. Birnbaum, FASLA, FAAR, Founder & President

across the U.S. and Canada; launched a Pioneers Oral

Following a year of planning, registration opened in

Shannon Leahy, a graduate student at the University

the fall for the third Bridging the Nature-Culture Divide

of Pennsylvania, served as the third Sally Boasberg Founder’s Fellow; Barrett Doherty was the inaugural

Joeb Moore, AIA

based What’s Out There Guide; held 48 Garden Dialogues

Robert W. Griffith, Ex-Officio, Legal Counsel

History with Richard Haag; published a new volume in

Nord Wennerstrom, Director of Communications

the Modern Landscapes: Transition and Transformation

conference to be held at San Francisco’s Presidio on

series; saw The Landscape Architecture Legacy of Dan

January 23, 2015. Late in the year, plans were finalized

SWA Cultural Landscape Fellow, working in Houston

Kiley exhibition receive the ASLA Award of Excellence

for the third conference in the TCLF Second Wave of

and Dallas; and Design Workshop sponsored interns at

in Communications and travel to the National Building

Modernism series, to take place in May 2015 in Toronto.

the University of Colorado to develop What’s Out There

Museum and four other venues; had the most successful

This program will focus on the visionary landscape

Denver Guide content.

Scott Craver, Project Associate

Landslide launch in our history; held Prosecco and Prose

architecture-led urban planning along Toronto’s

Eula Dyson, Bookkeeper

book-signing events for nine authors; provided technical


Shannon Leahy, Sally Boasberg Founder’s Fellow

assistance for The Breakers in Newport, and the Frank

Suzanne Garza, Finance Manager Amanda Shull, Project Manager Matthew Traucht, Assoc. ASLA, Project Manager

Lloyd Wright-designed Darwin Martin House in Buffalo;

Barrett Doherty, ASLA, SWA Fellow

Generous and faithful public, private, and corporate supporters made all of these achievements possible.

The most recent addition to the Pioneers of American

and much more.

Landscape Design ® Oral History Series now features the

What’s Out There, the free, searchable Web feature of

history with Nicholas Quennell is nearing completion and

the nation’s designed landscape legacy, now houses

one is underway with Harriet Pattison. There’s also an

more than 1,700 entries, 10,000 images, and 900

extended interview with landscape architect Peter Walker

Charles A. Birnbaum, FASLA, FAAR

designer profiles. Thanks to two National Endowment for

now in edits.

President & CEO

life and work of Seattle-based Richard Haag. An oral

What's Out There Weekend Miami tour of Vizcaya by Diego Suarez and Paul Chalfin (photo by Brian Thomson) 3




Media Coverage

What’s Out There

In 2014, TCLF’s efforts to raise the visibility of the nation’s designed landscape legacy, and of those who shaped it, generated coast-to-coast media coverage, further establishing the organization as an authority and leader in the industry. TCLF cultivated and strengthened relationships with key editors, reporters, critics, and columnists at traditional print and broadcast media, as well as respected bloggers and thoughtleaders in social media. TCLF’s staple programs and activities continued to garner press coverage, as did the occasions when the organization led, or fundamentally shaped, national conversations about stewardship issues.

TCLF’s free, searchable Web feature, which details the nation’s designed landscape legacy, now comprises some 1,800 site profiles, 11,000 images, and 900 designer profiles. Work also continued on the Art Works grants awarded to TCLF by the National Endowment for the Arts to support the research and documentation of landscapes in Texas and Virginia. Each initiative will add more than 150 sites to the database. University partnerships in Denver and Toronto, among other cities, provide opportunities for faculty and students to contribute to the database through site research and photography. The complementary What’s Out There Weekend initiative—now in its fifth year—draws thousands of people to free, expert-led tours of significant landscapes. For each event, an illustrated guidebook is produced, providing essays about the various sites featured on the tours. Printed guidebooks can be purchased during the Weekends, or online from TCLF’s bookstore, and are free when downloaded from TCLF’s website. The Weekends were supported by Bartlett Tree Experts and a number of local sponsors, and were successful thanks to the many volunteer guides and site managers.

For an example of the latter, when the initial press coverage of the proposed expansion of the Frick Collection largely ignored the impending loss of a rare, Russell Pagedesigned garden, TCLF made the garden’s fate the leading issue in the debate. Through Huffington Post articles and extensive outreach to media and key interest groups, TCLF raised awareness of Page, the garden, and the significance and value of designed landscapes in general. As a result, the planned expansion was abandoned and the garden was saved. Weighing in on the issue, New York Times architecture critic Michael Kimmelman wrote: “Great public places and works of landscape architecture deserve to be treated like great buildings.” This resounding, public affirmation of TCLF’s mission may well be the most significant development of the year. TCLF and its programs were also mentioned in more than 150 articles in major media outlets during 2014. Landslide 2014: Art and the Landscape received extensive coverage from the Associated Press, the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Magazine, the Dallas Morning News, the San Francisco Chronicle (front page), and the Huffington Post, as well as a seven-page spread in Landscape Architecture Magazine. It also drew considerable press from the art world, including Art Newspaper, which gave the story two full pages. The exhibition Landslide 2013: The Landscape Architecture Legacy of Dan Kiley launched at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., and traveled to Pittsburgh and several venues in Indiana. The exhibition was extensively covered by local media in Indiana and Pittsburgh, and earned a two-page, illustrated feature in the Washington Post. Garden Dialogues generated extensive regional coverage and a writeup in the New York Times, while What’s Out There Weekends in Los Angeles, Miami, and Richmond, Virginia, garnered strong local press coverage as well.


• Website traffic grew 21%, from 168,591 to 204,004 unique visitors. • Facebook followers more than doubled, from 5,883 to 11,795. • Twitter followers increased 36%, from 2,183 to 2,970. • Instagram and Pinterest accounts were created, expanding TCLF’s social-media reach.

Frick Collection Garden by Russell Page in New York City (photo by Navid Baraty)


What’s Out There Weekend Miami April 12-13, 2014 More than 1,200 participants attended 28 free, expert-led tours in and around Miami. Sites ranged from former estates, such as Deering, Vizcaya, and the Kampong, to botanical gardens such as Fruit and Spice Park, Fairchild, and Flamingo Gardens. Walking tours of Little Havana, Palm Beach, and Coral Gables introduced participants to distinct neighborhoods, while tours of the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, the Ancient Spanish Monastery, and South Pointe Park revealed some of Miami’s more nuanced landscapes. Special thanks are owed to sponsors Bartlett Tree Experts, Aventura Mall, Miami-Dade County, the Miami Design and Preservation League, the Florida Chapter of the ASLA, Nievera Williams Design, Boynton Botanicals, Citizens for a Better South Florida, Deering Estate at Cutler, Woolems, the University of Miami School of Architecture, Seibert & Rice, and Victor Stanley.

[top] Attendees enjoy the Lincoln Road Tour featuring the work of Morris Lapidus and Raymond Jungles during What's Out There Weekend Miami (photo by Amanda Jungles) [above] What's Out There Weekend guidebook covers: Los Angeles Public Landscapes of Ralph Cornell; Richmond; and Miami


What’s Out There Weekend Richmond October 25-26, 2014 In excess of 1,000 participants enjoyed fall colors and tours of nearly 30 landscapes, many documented by students at the University of Virginia. Modernist landscapes, such as the former Reynolds Metals Company International Headquarters, Rice House, and Kanawha Plaza, were complemented by Colonial Revival estates, including the Kent-Valentine House, Tuckahoe Plantation, and Virginia House. Tours of Hollywood Cemetery, Capitol Square, and the Virginia War Memorial raised the visibility of local history, while the tour of the Tredegar/American Civil War Museum focused on the significant role that Richmond has played in U.S. history. The Weekend was supported in part by Bartlett Tree Experts, the Charles Luck Stone Center, the University of Virginia’s School of Architecture, the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Nelson Byrd Woltz, The Valentine, Victor Stanley, and the Virginia Chapter of the ASLA.

What's Out There Weekend Richmond, Maymont (photo courtesy of TCLF)

What's Out There Weekend Richmond, Capitol Square designed by Thomas Jefferson and John Notman (photo courtesy of TCLF)

What’s Out There Weekend LA – The Public Landscapes of Ralph Cornell November 8-9, 2014

What's Out There Weekend Los Angeles: Public Landscapes of Ralph Cornell, Grand Park by Cornell, Bridgers and Troller and Rios Clementi Hale Studios (photo courtesy of TCLF)


What's Out There Weekend Los Angeles: Public Landscapes of Ralph Cornell, Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden by Cornell, Bridgers and Troller (photo courtesy of TCLF)

Following up on 2013’s widely successful What’s Out There Weekend Los Angeles, TCLF closed out the year with a Weekend focused on the public landscapes of Ralph Dalton Cornell. Although he is not widely known, Cornell, whose career spanned more than 50 years, was considered the “Olmsted of Los Angeles.” Cornell’s designs include examples of the Picturesque, Beaux-Arts, and Modernist styles. The tours included his public parks in Pasadena; the Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden and the Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden (both at UCLA, one of three Cornell-designed campuses that were visited, along with Pomona College and Harvey Mudd College); Beverly Gardens Park; the Los Angeles Civic Center; Hillside Memorial Park; and Rancho Los Cerritos (a National Historic Landmark). Joining Bartlett Tree Experts to sponsor the Weekend were the California Garden & Landscape History Society, the Los Angeles Conservancy, Park West, SWA Group, the UCLA Library, and the family of Ralph Cornell.

TCLF's Board of Directors gathered at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens designed by Diego Suarez and Paul Chalfin. The site was also featured in What's Out There Weekend Miami (photo by Brian Thomson) 8


Garden Dialogues


The goal of the Landslide program is to draw immediate and lasting attention to threatened landscapes and landscape features, through individual listings and thematic compendia. In 2014 Landslide continued to spark debate, bringing attention to at-risk landscapes across the United States and Canada, including the Russell Page Garden at the Frick Collection in New York City; the Arthur Erickson-designed Bank of Canada Atrium Garden in Ottawa; and Fay Park by Thomas Church in San Francisco.

The Garden Dialogues program provides exclusive access for small groups to visit some of today’s most beautiful gardens and hear from the owners and their landscape architects about the secrets to creating great gardens. Ticket sales for the program amounted to just over $37,000 in 2014, with more than 900 attendees touring 48 extraordinary sites throughout the country. The work of top design professionals was featured, including Gregory Lombardi, Lisa Gimmy, Gary Hilderbrand, James Lord, Cornelia Oberlander, Peter Schaudt, Michael Vergason, Hank White, and Roderick Wyllie, among many others. For the third year in a row, Seibert & Rice served as the National Sponsor of the Dialogues season of events.

Landslide 2014: Art and the Landscape The year’s annual compendium was themed Art and the Landscape and included ancient petroglyphs, folk art, and site-specific installations, among them the monumental sculpture park Opus 40, artist Leo Villareal’s The Bay Lights, the world’s largest LED sculpture, and site-specific works of art threatened by lack of funding, poor maintenance, demolition, and neglect. Landslide was announced on October 22 at a reception at the New York City studio of artist Marylyn Dintenfass. The project was made possible through the support of The Davey Tree Expert Company, Landscape Architecture Magazine, and the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). The 2014 group was the first in the program’s history to encompass all four types of cultural landscapes—designed, ethnographic, historic, and vernacular.

Richard Haag being filmed for his Pioneers Oral History at his iconic Gasworks Park in Seattle (photo courtesy of TCLF)

Pioneers of American Landscape Design®

Landslide 2013: The Landscape Architecture Legacy of Dan Kiley

Landslide 2013: The Landscape Architecture Legacy of Dan Kiley traveled to four cities in 2014 (photo courtesy of TCLF) 9

Oral History Series

Landslide 2014, The Heidelberg Project by Tyree Guyton, Detroit, MI (photo by Dave Jordano)

The traveling exhibition produced for TCLF’s 2013 Landslide continued to receive great acclaim, including the ASLA’s 2014 Award of Excellence in Communications. The show began the year with a landmark run at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., where it was one of only two shows in the museum’s recent history fully devoted to the work of a landscape architect. The exhibition then traveled to Indiana for a three-city tour appearing at the Indianapolis Central Library, the Indiana University Center for Art + Design in Columbus, and the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, before closing out the year at the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s 937 Gallery. The exhibition is booked through 2017.

Seattle-based landscape architect Richard Haag, an influential designer and educator, was the subject of the latest Pioneers Oral History, the eleventh installment in an ongoing series. It launched in May with support from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Hubbard Educational Foundation, the Washington Chapter of the ASLA, the Pauline & Edgar Stern Foundation, Maria & Robert Kelly Stewardship, and dozens of other benefactors. Focusing on his innovative design work in and around Seattle, the oral history reveals the influences, ideas, and projects that have defined Haag as one of America’s most important and influential post-War landscape architects.

Landslide 2010: Every Tree Tells a Story After a successful four-year run, the Every Tree Tells a Story traveling signboard and photographic exhibitions were retired in the fall of 2014. Prior to completing their journeys, both shows enjoyed successful bookings thoughtout the year. The photographic exhibition was on view at Longue Vue House and Gardens in New Orleans, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, and the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond, Virginia. The signboard exhibition was on view at Louisiana State University’s Hilltop Arboretum, as well as Schenley Plaza in Pittsburgh.

Garden Dialogues hosted more than 900 attendees at 48 sites across the U.S. and Canada in 2014. [clockwise from upper left] Casey Key Pagoda Garden designed by Michael Gilkey (photo by Laura Gilkey); Padaro Lane Beach Residence designed by Sydney Baumgartner (photo by Carolyn Bennett); The Farm at Little Compton, designed by Michael Vergason (photo by Victoria Vergason)

Much of the award-winning Pioneers Oral History series was originally viewable using Adobe Flash, and was accessible only through TCLF’s website. With funding from the National Endowment for the Arts Media Arts grant program, TCLF began the extensive process of optimizing the videos for posting on YouTube and searching via Google, to make them more accessible to a broader public.




Seminars, Lectures, Technical Assistance TCLF’s president was the keynote speaker at several venues, including the Century Club in New York City; the 50th Anniversary Meeting of the ASLA New Jersey Chapter in Atlantic City; and the twelfth annual Design on the Delaware Conference of AIA Philadelphia. He also delivered the keynote address at a symposium titled "Preservation Matters III Symposium: The Economics of Authenticity" in New Orleans and at the American Public Gardens Association Historic Landscapes Symposium in Winterthur, Delaware, where TCLF's project manager Matthew Traucht also made a presentation. The president delivered the annual spring lecture at Swarthmore College’s Scott Arboretum, and he spoke at the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens in Jacksonville, Florida; the Toronto Arts Club; and the Indianapolis Museum of Art. He conducted a lengthy interview with Peter Walker at the University of California, Berkeley, where SWA Group’s René Bihan and Tom Fox provided introductions and emceeing, respectively, and three television cameras were on hand to record the event. He also offered introductory remarks at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., for the official opening of the exhibition The Landscape Architecture Legacy of Dan Kiley and a subsequent lecture by Gary Hilderbrand. The president also provided technical assistance (through Bayer Landscape Architecture) to the Martin House Restoration Corporation in Buffalo for the National Historic Landmark designed by Frank Lloyd Wright; and to the landscape architecture firm West 8, one of the teams shortlisted in the competition for the Presidio in San Francisco. TCLF project manager Matthew Traucht presented a talk titled "The Experience of Open Space" to more than 100 attendees in the historic Jane Pickens Theater at the Newport Open Space Forum in Newport, Rhode Island. While there, he also took part in an invitational charrette, working with landscape architects, urban planners, historians, and educators to develop a twenty-year strategy for parks planning. In addition, Traucht submitted an abstract—subsequently accepted—for the 2015 annual conference of the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture.


Prosecco & Prose Welcoming the New Year with TCLF’s Board of Directors January 22, 2014 | Washington, D.C. Several of TCLF’s board members who had recently authored or edited a publication were on hand at the foundation’s offices to sign copies of their books amid a convivial atmosphere. The authors included Mac K. Griswold (The Manor: Three Centuries at a Slave Plantation on Long Island); Mario Nievera (Forever Green: A Landscape Architect’s Innovative Gardens Offer Environments to Love & Delight); Douglas Reed et al. (Visible|Invisible: Landscape Works of Reed Hilderbrand [a 2013 ASLA Award of Excellence Winner]); Suzanne L. Turner, ed. (The Garden Diary of Martha Turnbull, Mistress of Rosedown Plantation [a 2013 ASLA Honor Award Winner]); and Thomas Woltz et al. (Nelson Byrd Woltz: Garden, Park, Community, Farm).

Tours A Tour of the Oliver Ranch October 12, 2014 | Sonoma County, California

National Building Museum Spotlight on Design: Reed Hilderbrand and the Legacy of Dan Kiley (photo courtesy of TCLF)

Celebrating the Release of Cornelia Hahn Oberlander: Making the Modern Landscape May 1, 2014 | Washington, D.C.

Renowned Canadian landscape architect Cornelia Oberlander and Susan Herrington, the book’s author, were joined by dozens and dozens of celebrants at this book signing at TCLF's offices.


Mellon Square: Discovering a Modern Masterpiece is the second volume in the award-winning Modern Landscapes: Transition and Transformation series, co-produced by Princeton Architectural Press and TCLF. It examines the evolution of Pittsburgh’s first modern garden plaza and its subsequent restoration. It is the only book to showcase the development of this iconic urban landscape.

A tour of Oliver Ranch in Sonoma County, California (photo by Renè Bihan)

Celebrating the Release of Projective Ecologies October 30, 2014 | Washington, D.C. [top] Mac Griswold greets guests at the first Prosecco & Prose of the year; [middle] Cornelia Oberlander, right, shares her new book with Mary Marsh and Charles Beveridge; [bottom] Nina-Marie Lister and Chris Reed signed books all evening at their event (all photos courtesy of TCLF)

Editors Chris Reed, principal of Stoss Landscape Urbanism in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Nina-Marie Lister, an associate professor and associate director of the School of Urban and Regional Planning at Toronto’s Ryerson University, discussed their book before a packed reception and book signing at TCLF’s offices.

The hills of beautiful Sonoma County provided the backdrop for this tour of a 100-acre ranch belonging to Steve and Nancy Oliver. Their estate was transformed from a sheep ranch into a sculpture ranch, with eighteen site-specific art installations by artists such as Richard Serra, Bruce Nauman, Ann Hamilton, and Andy Goldsworthy, who were given free rein to create works unencumbered by deadline, budget, or a patron’s expectations. Following the tour, which covered approximately two miles, visitors were treated to a catered lunch and a garden tour at the vineyard home of TCLF Board member Alexis Woods and Daniel Donahoe in nearby Healdsburg. The excursion concluded with dessert and a garden tour of the Clos du Bois winery estate.


2014 ASLA Annual Meeting Events Denver, Colorado


Denver Excursion: Rocky Mountain Mod November 21 | Colorado Springs This sold-out, daylong excursion featured a private visit to the campus of the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, which includes Dan Kiley’s 27-acre Air Garden, as well as the Cadet Chapel, a soaring structure designed by Walter Netsch of the architecture firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, and part of the Cadet Area, designated a National Historic Landmark in 2004. Before heading to the Academy, attendees were treated to a continental breakfast provided by event sponsor Maglin Site Furniture, while lunch was served at True Food Kitchen, known for its seasonal, sustainable, simple, and pure food and founded by

Thanks to the generous, ongoing support of the ASLA, TCLF raised nearly $200,000 at the Society’s Annual Meeting and EXPO for the Foundation’s educational programs. Conference attendees joined TCLF's Board and Stewardship Council Members for a number of special events.

health and wellness icon Dr. Andrew Weil. The day concluded at the 24-acre Denver Botanic Gardens and a private visit to the Rocky Mountain Region’s first major outdoor exhibition of the vibrant and colorful glass sculptures by internationally celebrated artist Dale Chihuly.

Launch Reception: What’s Out There Denver Guide November 21 | Denver Botanic Gardens Gathering for a private twilight reception at Marnie’s Pavilion at the Denver Botanic Gardens, nearly 200 attendees celebrated the launch of the What’s Out There Denver Guide, the first in a new series of online city guides focusing on the landscape architectural heritage of the nation’s urban centers. The guide features more than 60 sites and 24 designers, and was produced in conjunction with the Colorado Chapter of the ASLA and landscape architecture students at the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado, Denver, with support from Design Workshop. The evening culminated in the presentation of the 2014 Stewardship Excellence Award to Don and Carolyn Etter, co-managers of Denver’s Department of Parks and Recreation. They were recognized for their visionary efforts as citizen-advocates for historic preservation, and their stewardship of the land through an unrivaled body of regional publications, presentations, projects, and photographic work. TCLF is grateful for the participation of the sponsors who underwrote the reception including Bartlett Tree Experts, Coldspring,

[opposite, top photo] Guests enjoying TCLF's Rocky Mountain Mod Excursion at the U.S. Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel, Colorado Springs, designed by Walter Netsch, Jr.; [Lower right] ASLA EXPO attendees participating in TCLF's 10th annual Silent Auction; [Lower center] TCLF presented its 2014 Stewardship Awards and launched the What's Out There Denver Guide at the Denver Botanic Gardens, which featured an outdoor exhibition by Dale Chihuly; [Lower left] TCLF Excursion guests approaching the U.S. Air Force Academy Chapel, crossing the landscape designed by Dan Kiley (all photos courtesy of TCLF) 13

and Kelco Landscaping and Construction.

2014 Silent Auction November 22 - 23 | Colorado Convention Center TCLF’s tenth annual silent auction to support the Pioneers of American Landscape Design project was held in the exposition hall of the Colorado Convention Center. Made possible by Presenting Sponsors Deeproot, Kornegay Design, and the ASLA, the auction featured exquisite paintings, prints, photographs, and even a living necklace. The array of works by nearly 70 landscape architects and artists—including Roberto Burle Marx, Ken Smith, Michael Kenna, Garie Waltzer, Claude Cormier, and Delaney + Chin— drew fevered bidding, and the auction generated nearly $50,000 in revenue. 14

John Moyles


Courtney Norris

Treasure Coast Irrigation & Landscape LLC

Ann Mullins

National Building Museum

Darice O’Neill

Darwina Neal

Park West Companies

Mark Oviatt

American Society of Landscape Architects, Virginia Chapter

Sally & Tom Neff

Pauline & Edgar Stern Foundation

Wendy Paul

VMDO Architects

Nadine Nemec

Preservation Resource Center

Lois Anne Polan

Warner Larson Inc.

Cornelia Oberlander

Quennell Rothschild & Partners LLP

Christopher Poseley

Water Street Studio

Mark J. Ohstrom

Robin Key Landscape Architecture

William J. Quinlan

Lorraine Osmundson

SiteWorks Landscape Architecture

Peter Lindsay Schaudt

$250 - $499

Edwina & John Barbis

Ray Owen

Smith Architectural Group Inc.

Amanda Shull


Rene Bihan

James Richards

Surface Design Inc.

Susan Stainbach

Sara Ahadi

Tina Bishop

Margaret Robinson

The Community Foundation of Louisville

$2,500 - $4,999

Victoria Steiger & Laurie Olin

Susan Apollonio

Charles A. Birnbaum

Evelyn P. & Edward W. Rose

The J.M. Kaplan Fund

Jane Swanson

Zoee Astrachan

Michael Albert

Margaret Boasberg

Sheri Sanzone


Barbara Swift

Sara Lee Barnes

Eleanor & Charlton Ames

V. Courtney Broaddus

Judith & John Tankard

Tropical Irrigation Incorporated

Elizabeth Wax

Robert Beaudin


Virginia Burt

Brian Thomson

VanAtta Associates

Eliot Wright

Ronald Bentley & Salvatore LaRosa

Jestena Boughton

Pamela Burton

Rebecca Trafton

West 8


Craig K. Bergmann

Ann L. & Lawrence B. Buttenwieser

Rosita Trinca

Architectural Resources Group

William Bibb

Jeffrey Callahan

Kimberly Tryba

Douglas Blonsky

Colin D. Campbell

Margaret & Michael Valentine

$500 - $999

Arquitectonica Geo Corp.

Tony Butterworth

Constance Caplan

Noel Dorsey Vernon

William Tary Arterburn


Meredith & Michael Bzdak

Lindsay Carolyn

William Wakefield

Michael Bakwin


Mary Challinor

Mary Cheever

Richard Williams

Diana Balmori

Docomomo US Goya Lighting Inc.

Fred Clarke

Beth Clark

Candace Young

David Barbara

Historic Resources Group

F. L. Clauson

Susan Cohen


Prudence Beidler

Hord Coplan Macht

Hardie Cobbs

Kelly Comras

AHBE Landscape Architects

Robb Berg

Jeff Allen Landscape Architecture LLC

Courtney Cooney

Claude Cormier

American Institute of Architects, New York Chapter

Sally & Sanders Berk

Johnson & Johnson

Rose Cullivan Hock

Thomas Eddington Jr.

Arentz Landscape Architects

Sydney Bernier


Steven Curry

Carolyn & Don Etter

Armstrong Landscape Design Group Inc.

Calvin Chin

Muhleman Charitable Family Fund

Mary & George Elling

Judith Evans Parker

American Society of Landscape Architects, New York Chapter

Darlene & Albert H. (Chip) Conrad Gonzalo Cruz

Mundus Bishop Design Inc.

Tinus Els

Mark Dawson

Orsman Design Inc.

Jon Esber

Reed Dillingham

Parkside Foundation

Richard Espe

Cary Gasner

Raymond Jungles, Inc.

Joseph Ewan Rita Ferguson


The Cultural Landscape Foundation 2014 Donors $50,000 & Above

Design Workshop

Smith Family Trust

American Society of Landscape Architects

ERA Architects

Tillett Lighting Design Inc.

Peter R. McQuillan and Adam R. Rose

Janet Rosenberg & Studio

Virginia Center for Architecture

National Endowment for the Arts

$25,000 - $49,999 Robert Chipman Jo Ann & Stuart Nathan Bartlett Tree Experts Great Gulf Limited Partnership SWA Group TD Bank The Davey Tree Expert Company The Joseph & Sylvia Slifka Foundation The Presidio Trust Victor Stanley, Inc.

$10,000 - $24,999


MDC Partners Inc. Nievera Williams Landscape Architecture Oehme, van Sweden & Associates OLIN Studio Pleasant T. Rowland Foundation Salesforce Foundation Sasaki Associates

$5,000 - $9,999 Anonymous Hilda & Arturo Brillembourg Michael Derrig Julie Donnell & John Shoaff Sandy Fischer Holly Sharp Victor F. Trahan, III

Suzanne & Rich Clary

Alexis Woods

Barbara & Chris Dixon

American Institute of Architects, Philadelphia Chapter

Shaun Saer Duncan

Aventura Mall

Lisa Calibani Lowry

Chicago Architecture Foundation

Joeb Moore

DeepRoot Green Infrastructure LLC

Mario Nievera

Hess, Roise & Company

Douglas Reed

Indiana Landmarks

The Rifkind Family Foundation

Kelco Landscape & Construction

Joan Shafran & Rob Haimes

Zachary Crawford Mary Ellen Flanagan Gina Ford & James T. Mayeux Catherine & William Rose Susan Van Atta & Ken Radtkey American Public Garden Association American Society of Landscape Architects, New Jersey Chapter Boynton Botanicals LLC Heritage Landscapes LLC Indiana University Kornegay Design LLC Ontario Association of Landscape Architects Park West Landscape Inc Parker Design Associates Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

$1,000 - $2,499

Marta Fry Elizabeth Goodfellow Mac Griswold

American Society of Landscape Architects, Northern California Chapter Bonstra | Haresign

John Howard

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

Clinton & Associates PC

Andrea Hawkes

Rhodeside & Harwell

Steven Keylon

Gary Hilderbrand

Savino & Miller Design Studio

Ian Firth

Reliance Foundry

Forest City Washington

Luck Companies Foundation

Mia Lehrer

Garden Design

Bob Hinckley

Shinberg Levinas Architectural Design

Christian Gabriel

Suzanne Turner & Scott Purdin

Maglin Site Furniture

The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

Arleyn & Newt Levee

Greenform LLC

Amanda Jungles

SMI Landscape Architecture Inc

Jean Garbarini

Thomas L. Woltz

Maria & Robert Kelly Stewardship

The Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College

Jane MacLeish

Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Jane & Christopher LaGuardia

Steve Durrant LLC

Debra Gilmore

Bayer Landscape Architecture PLLC

National Trust for Historic Preservation

University of Miami, School of Architecture

Dennis McGlade

Keith LeBlanc Landscape Architecture

Lucy Lawliss

The Marker Group LLC

Mary & Richard Gray

City of Toronto

Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects

Urban Strategies Inc.

Joyce Menschel

Lisa Gimmy Landscape Architecture

Rob McGinnis

The Villagers Inc.

Mary & Robert W. Griffith


Seibert & Rice

Woolems Inc.

Elizabeth Meyer

Longwood Gardens

Suzanne & Christopher Nolan

Timmons Group

John Grove 16

Cynthia Gudenius

Mary & Robert Rounsavall

Brenda Barrett

Diane Loeb

Victor Tryillo

Robin Blut

Carol Flake

James Johansen

Eliza & Hugh Nevin

Roger Scharmer

Duchess Tomson Emerson

Will Bown

Kerry Goelzer

Jim Manskey

Gailyn Saroyan

John Gutleber

Laurie Roy

Donna Begg

John Lollar

Sarka Volejnikova

Elizabeth & James Boasberg

Thomas Fobair

Karen Johnson

Martin Newman

Felix Schneider

James Turrentine

Terry Britt

Heather Goldberg

Brian Mastalong

Joseph Seliga

Lucia Hall

Shelby M. and John K. Saer, Jr.

Janice Bonora

Rommy Lopat

Amanda Walter

Mike Boucher

Cheryl Foley

Anna & Joseph Karr

Sarah Nitchman

Dolly & William Schnell

Rudolf Uhlemann

Jeff Brown

Helaine Gordon

Bernard Mathy

Beverley Sharpe

Thomas Harboe

Jan Saltiel Rafel

Ted Booth

Sondag Lynn

Jeff Warner

Casey Boyter

Shirley Fugikawa

Helen Keane

Daniel Norman

Ina Schnell

Miguel Urquiza

Stephanie Bush

Robert A. Goren

Edamarie Mattei

Mimi Sheridan

Stephen Harby

Claire Sawyers

Patricia Broullire

Marie Magrath

Devin Webb

Sara & Derek Bradford

Alice Gamble

Susan Keeton

E. A. Northshield

George Schofield

Zohreh Waibel

Judy Byrd Brittenaum

Dana Gourley

Margit McCorkle

Barbara Siciliano

Robert Hardgrove

Bernice Schneider

Gioia Browne

James H. McLaughlin

Stephen Whitehouse

Marion Brenner

Michael Garvey

Katherine Kerin

John Notz

Teresa Schreiner

Margaret Walker

Bryan Carlson

Dan Governille

George McDaniel

George O. Siekkinen

Gretchen Hilyard

Hoskins Smith

Richard C. Bumstead

Marilyn Meier

Brenda Williams

Renee Byers

Jack Gellen

Diane & Gary Kesler

Dan O’Connell

F. Kevin Schultze

Elizabeth Walton

David Carlson

Julie Greco

Ann McGinnes

Dan Silver

Janice Jerde

Carlos Somoza

Gina Bush

Leeanne Milburn

Kathryn Wolf

Rebecca & Malcolm Cairns

Philip Gillespie

Timothy Kiley

Pearse O’Doherty

Sarah Scott

Douglas Ward

Vicky Colombet

Cole Griffin

Matthew McMillan

Mary Singh

Linda Jewell

Andrew Sorbara

Elaine Carlino

Margaret Miller

Linda Wood

Ann Canning Schruben

Sylvie Glickstein

Carolyn Kincaid

Neil G. Odenwald

Les Sechler

Michael Weber

Kelly Cook

Maureen Hackett

Cydney Means

Reed Sparling

Renita Johnson-Leva

Steve Spears

Cheryl Carter

Daniele Mills

Marie Wray

Ethan Carr

Marion Glowka

Nancy King

Leslie Olson

Peter Shapiro

Bill Wenk

Nancy Cooper

Jonathan Haeber

Arthur Miller

William Speidel

Jeffrey Jones

Agatha Sutphin

Cynthia Carver

Andrew Moore

Edward Yarbrough

Erin Clancy

Barbara Granett

Susan & Steven Kline

Helen Ondrej

Carlotta Shearson

Geoffrey Westergaard

Jennifer Coots

Aundrtella Hamed

Richard Miller

Nina Stark-Slapnik

Theodore Kassinger

Aaron Teeter

James Chappell

Chris Murata

Ying Ying Yong

Donna Codd

Susan Granger

Robert Kulp, Jr.

Nathan Orsman

Allen Shiner

Story Wiggins

Rita Craig

Cecily Harris

David Mincberg

Larry Steele

Christine Kreyling

M. Brian Tichenor

Diane Collier

John Murphy

Yekaterina Yushmanova

Eileen Cohen

Katherine Gray

Laura Kyle

Leslie Parchman Olson

Richard Shubach

Brooke Whiting Cash

Jane Cramer

Robert Harris

Anne Mino

Marsha Stern

Barbara Kruger

Charles Tracy

Sandra & Timothy Crowley

Ross Nadeau

April Philips Design Works

Christy Cooke

William Green

Sarah Lake

Bettie Pardee

Ian Simpkins

Carter Williams

Jeannette S. Craycraft

Craig Heckman

Bryan Mitchell

Susan & Jim Stockard

Ruth Krumbhaar

Marg Truscott

John Danzer

Harumi Nakano

Delaney + Chin

Craig Cowden

Melanie Gregurina

Nora Leake Cameron

Nancy Parmentier

Lisa Siri

Marcel Wilson

German Cruz

Benjamin Heet

Leslie Morris Smith

Amy Sullivan

Albert R. Lamb

Carolyn Turnbull

Mark Dean

Leslie Nelson

Human Nature

Chris Cowles

Patricia Gum

Nancy Levinson

Pam Penick

John Skibbe

Phaedra Wilson

Hope Cushing

Jon Hensley

Nina Mullen

John Sulpy, Jr.

Blythe Lang

Alexia Waring

Shruti Dixit

David Neuman

Phaidon Press

Amy Cox

Merna & Joseph Guttentag

Diane Lewis

Carol Perovich

George Slack

Susan Winokur

Kathleen Davis

Lewis Herron

Nancy Mundorf

Katherine A. Terzi

Joanna Lelekacs

Camille Warmington

Sandra Donnell & Justin Faggioli

Carla Newton

The Malkin Fund Inc.

Maria Cozzi

Sally Guy & Thomas Brown, Jr.

Yinrui Li

Lillie Petit Gallagher

Alexis Slafer

Mina Wood

Roberta DiBisceglie

Heather Hudson

Bill Murtaugh

Laura Toups

Susan & Glenn Lowry

Charles Whited

Diane Dougherty

Ji Park

Patricia M. Cullinan

Jim Hagstrom

Laurri J. Lindsey

Jon Piasecki

Marie Sorensen

Adrienne Wright

Joanne DiLorenzo

Stacey Hughes

Josephine & JoAnn Musumeci

Shannon Tracy

Kay Lunceford

David Whitehall

David Dowler

Keith Park

Esley Ian Hamilton

Richard Longstreth

Raphaela Platow

Lisa Spangenberg

David Zeitlin

Diana DuCroz

Stephanie Hutter

Kerry Myerson

Caroline Trudeau

Carol Macht

Ted Wolff

$75 - $149

George Curry

Dierdre Duchene

Lydia Pfeiffer

Corinna F. Hammond

Ruth Ann Lostracco

Linda Pollak

E. Allan Spulecki

Judy Zuckerberg

Terese D’Urso

Jeffrey Jaboc

Fayette Nichols

Sandra Weber

David Macy

Susan Wynne

Lane Addonizio

Sheila Cushman

Phyllis Eckhaus

Daniel Pichney

Mae Daniller

Nancy Harbour

Robin Lynn

Lorien Potts

Nan Sterman

Anne Eades

Barry Jeffries

Richard North

Susan Kay Weiler

George McLaughlin

Caren Yglesias

Marlene Adkins

Dillingham Associates

Sara Evans

Joan & Bruce Pikas

Ellen & Stuart O. Dawson

David Haresign

Christine Madrid French

Ann Price Davis

Grant Stevens

Indianapolis Musuem of Art

Ralph Eagle, Jr.

Virginia Jenks

Judy Nyquist

Wolf Weinhold

Debbie Merriam

Architecture Boston

Thomas Agnew

Jared Green

Peter Pollock

Ellen Delage

Channing Harris

Veronica Malinay

Alissa Priebe

David Streatfield

Louis Joyner Architect

Justin Earl

Julie Jenney

Hilary Oat-Judge

Diana Weissman

Judy & David Moise

Belgian TV

Mike Ambrose

Carol Grove

Linda Poyser

Noel DelValle

Meredith Harris

Elissa Margulies

Christopher Reed

Mark Strieter

Oak Alley Foundation

Holly Eastman

Carmen A. Jiron

Edward Olinger

Susan Wisniewski

Douglas Moreland

Campion Hruby Landscape Architecture

Francesca G. Anderson

Patti Handfinger

Margaret & Theodore Robb

Otis Denise

Pamela Hartford

John L. Mayer

Ronald Reed

Michael Strutt

Walker Creek Garden Design

Nord Ericksson

Carol Johnson

Sara L. Osborne

Janet Wolsburn

Jennifer Nitzky

Charles Luck Stone Center

Stephen Anderson

Becca Hanson

Wendy & Peter Rolland

Elizabeth Diem

Margot & Ken Helphand

Debra & Zeb Mayhew

Jayne Reilly

Andrew Sullivan

Lorenz Eugster

Alison Jones

Deborah Page

Harmon Yeager

Alicia Nogales

CMG Landscape Architecture

Ilene Asner

Darka Hawrysz

Michael Rosenberg

Helen Dimos

Rosemary Hilb

Wendie McAllaster

Guillermo Rivero

Helen Sullivan

Up to $74

Gregg Everhart

Michael Kerton

Joy Patafio

James Yoch

Patricia O’Donnell

Columbus Area Visitors Center

Susan Cahill Aylward

Bonny Hershberger

Cecilia Rusnak

Kristin Diwan

Albert P. Hinckley, Jr.

Susan McCabe

Linda Robertson

Rodney Swink

Arnold Alanen

Heather Fearnbach

Julie Kime

William Pizzuto

Sheri Zaitz-Blotner

Lisa Odyniec

Dynerman Architects PC

Maria Ayub

Joanna Ho

Lisa Saunders

Kathryn Dohrmann

Leslie Hocker

Edgar McCulloch

Catherine Rodriguez

Anne Symonds

Mary Allison

Elizabeth Friedman

Damaris King

Catha Rambusch

Mark Zelonis

Mary G. Padua

Earth Design Associates

Jane Bacharach

Jeffrey Hodgson

Tracy Self

Mary Pat Hogan

Evelyn & Joseph McGee

Constance Roeder

Grace Tankersley & Nicholas Quennell

Al Alschuler

Julianne Frizzell

Dana Kleiman

Mark Rasevic

Michael Zuckerberg

Joanne Parsons

Hillside Memorial Park & Mortuary

Theresa Bailey

Andrew Dolkart

Scott Jamieson

Carol & Joe Shull

Michael Holleran

Jacob I. Melamed

Emily Rogers

Lisa Taylor

Rolf T. Anderson

Claudia Fucigna

Laurie Koc

Lisanne Renner

Architectural & Historical Research

Marilyn Payton

Reed Hilderbrand LLC

Sally Banttari

Eric Dorsch

Jennifer Jorns

Nancy & Louis Slade

Dennis Hughes

Elizabeth Michel

Martin Ross

Victoria Taylor

Suzanne Andrews

Louis Fusco

Conners Ladner

Jennifer Reut

Graycliff Conservancy Inc.

Carolyn Pendelton-Parker

Stepstone Inc

Jeff Bargas

Helen Dreyfus

Marilyn Kanter

Nancy C. Somerville

Laura Barrow

Naomi Drucker

Mary Hughes

Pat Miller

Deborah Royce

JoAnn Terriquez

Svetlana Bakhmatova

Phillip Galgiani

Philip Lang

Ronald D. Ricchezza

Haas Landscape Architects

Lorie Kinler

Alexandra Stone

Mark Bayer

Michael Elkan

Robert Inaba

Heather Morgan

Steve Ryba

Colleen Theriot

Martine Bednarski

Elizabeth Garrett

Mary Ann Lasch

Marie Ridder

Menokin Foundation

Klavdi Kukovic

Paul Teten

Robert Beach

Jon S. Emerson

Jane Indoe

Carter Morris

Anna Sanborn

Elizabeth Thomas

Jean Behrend

Alan Gass

Anne Lawrence

Susan Adele Ritterpusch

Rancho Los Alamitos Foundation

Tillie Kwan

Lissa Thompson

John Beardsley

Elizabeth Eustis

Brad Inge

Dorothy Murdoch

John Sandberg

Mary Anne Thornton

Richard Bergmann

Julia Gee

Bryan Leininger

Kim Rode

Marion Pressley Susan Rademacher Ann Roberts


The Newport Tree Society University of Virginia

John Roberts

$150 - $249

Nan M. Laird

Linnaea Tillett

Alexis Beringer

Florence Everts

Virginia & Richard Irwin

Zara Muren

Denise Sandy

Rachel Tierney

Charles Beveridge

Lara Gelband

Sarah Lytle

Daniel Russoniello

Judy Robinson

Georgia Abraham

Jamie Larson

Gretchen Toles

Suzanne Bibb

Laura Feller

Eran James

Aran Murray

Constance & Don Santarelli

Marilyn Timpone-Mohamed

Amy Blakemore

Richard Gibbons

Elizabeth Jane MacLeish

Robert Sabbatini

Mary Robinson

Jennifer Andrews

Jacqueline Little

Dawn Truelsen

Edith Bingham

Meg Fitzpatrick

Curtis Jane

Mary Eugenia Myer

Marisa Scalera

David Tobar

Regina Bonsignore

Claude Glover

Judith Major

Aram Saroyan




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Total Revenues 5,684 75,503 1,750 21,417 104,354

1,870,698 21,266 1,891,964 522,099

Total Net Assets


Total Liabilities and Net Assets


Financial statements for the year ending Dec. 31, 2014, audited by Mountjoy Chilton Medley LLP.

Statement of Activities Jan 1-Dec 31, 2014 (Audited)



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Financial statements for the year ending Dec. 31, 2014, audited by Mountjoy Chilton Medley LLP.


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