2015-2016 Annual Report - The Harvest Foundation

2015-2016 Annual Report - The Harvest Foundation

Our commitment to Martinsville and Henry County FROM THE HARVEST FOUNDATION PRESIDENT AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIRMAN: On September 4, 2002, Harvest ...

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Our commitment to Martinsville and Henry County FROM THE HARVEST FOUNDATION PRESIDENT AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIRMAN: On September 4, 2002, Harvest Foundation announced its creation from the sale of Memorial Health System to Province Healthcare of Brentwood, Tenn. In the past 15 years, our creation has led to Harvest investing $104.57 million back in the community through nearly 250 grant awards to area nonprofits and local government entities. In a community of our size, that is an amazing feat. The Foundation was formed with the oversight of 13 members from the former hospital board who laid the groundwork for the successful organization Harvest is today.

Michael P. Haley, the Foundation’s first Board of Directors Chairman, said it best: “This organization is committed to enhancing opportunities for the citizens of Martinsville and Henry County. We believe ... the new foundation will allow the MartinsvilleHenry County community to reap the rewards of the hospital’s sale to improve our quality of life.” The Foundation has never wavered from that mission. We’ve worked to increase access and the quality of healthcare through the Martinsville-Henry County Coalition for Health and Wellness. Through support of our schools, we’ve worked to increase literacy and educational attainment for all students in Martinsville, Henry County schools and Carlisle School. We’ve

increased the number of investments in our community through the Martinsville-Henry County Economic Development Corporation. We’ve improved our area’s amenities by partnering to create the Philpott Marina, expanded our outdoor opportunities with the Dick & Willie Passage Rail Trail, and we supported the construction of the Smith River Sports Complex. We’ve worked hard over the years, but without the dedicated community partners who work to improve our quality of life every day, we would not be here. We’re proud of our community, and we look forward to what the future holds. Sincerely, Paul R. Eason, MD, Chairman Allyson K. Rothrock, President

Harvest Foundation Board of Directors

Cynthia Ingram, EdD

Paul R. Eason, MD Chairman

David L. Stone, Jr. Vice Chairman

William L. “Bill” Kirby, IV Treasurer

Monica T. Monday, Esq. Secretary

W. Christopher Beeler, Jr. Immediate Past Chairman

Virginia W. Hamlet

Jane B. Johnson

Eugene C. Madonia, MD

James K. Muehleck, DDS

Kelvin G. Perry

E. Larry Ryder

Paulette R. Simington, EdD Danny Wulff

Sheryl Agee Impact Officer/ Team Leader

Georgia Compton Controller

Kim Harris Executive Assistant

Latala Hodges Director of Communications

Harvest Foundation Staff

Allyson K. Rothrock President

F. DeWitt House, Jr. Senior Program Officer

2 the harvest foundation

India Brown Grants Administrator

Moving the needle on community healthcare MARTINSVILLE-HENRY COUNTY

Health Connect.


Topics include nutrition and fitness,


preventing medical complications, carb counting, recipe ideas, resources,

Since its inception in April 2005, the

support services and more. Patients

Martinsville-Henry County Coalition

who stick to the program and

for Health and Wellness, and Health

implement healthier changes in their

Connect, continues to provide medical

daily lifestyle report feeling better every

and primary health services through

day. They’ve lost weight, have more

Bassett Family Practice (BFP), and

energy, and some have been able to

successfully leverages Harvest’s

eliminate their daily medications.

investment to bring even more

One of Cindy’s patients began her

programs to the community.

journey to a healthier lifestyle in 2016.

NEW RIDGEWAY OFFICE Construction is underway for Ridgeway Family Health, a new health center that will offer the same hours and services as BFP. The health center in Ridgeway will increase access to primary and behavioral healthcare for patients who live on the southern end of Henry County and provide some relief to BFP, which has seen increased patient loads over the past few years. 2016 ACCOMPLISHMENTS Accomplishments for the Coalition over the past year include: • Awarded a federal grant for nearly $1 million from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to renovate space and create a second service site in Ridgeway. • Completed a successful threeyear operational site survey with HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) for BFP to ensure compliance. • BFP is recognized as a Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home ™ by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (ncqa.org). NCQA is a private, non-profit organization

She attends weekly Coalition fitness Cindy Cunningham is a registered nurse and health educator at Bassett Family Practice. (Contributed Photo)

• BFP saw more than 4,300 patients in 2016, a 12 percent increase from 2015. • Pink for the Week 2016, a three-day fundraiser event in which the Coalition partnered with Memorial Hospital of Martinsville and Henry County and Chatmoss Country Club, raised nearly $13,000 for Ladies First, a community breast health initiative. HEALTHY LIVING Nutrition classes are an integral part of the Behavioral Health program at BFP. Cindy Cunningham, a registered nurse and health educator, identifies patients who are uncomfortable making lifestyle changes. When appropriate, staff will assist patients in overcoming lifestyle challenges, setting goals, and improving personal accountability. With the goal of building a healthier community, several six-week sessions that focus on chronic disease and/ or diabetes self-management are held throughout the year at different community sites, including BFP and

classes held at the Martinsville-Henry County YMCA. She also visits with Cindy once a month. This patient has lost more than 100 pounds and returned to work after being out due to her health. Another one of Cindy’s patients continues to eat better and exercise regularly. After losing weight, he doesn’t get out of breath as easily, especially at his job, and finds mowing his yard an easier task. A HEALTHIER COMMUNITY The Coalition is moving the needle in our community when it comes to healthcare. Where the number of uninsured ranges from 16 percent in Martinsville and to 18 percent in Henry County, compared to the state average of 14 percent, BFP’s sliding fee scale is assisting more residents to access primary care services. Behavioral Health Services are available onsite, which assists patients who are unable to travel to Piedmont Community Services in Uptown Martinsville. These services increased 43 percent last year.

dedicated to improving health care quality. This is the highest level of NCQA recognition.

See page 5- MHC Coalition the harvest foundation 3

Commonwealth Crossing - Ready for Business MARTINSVILLE-HENRY COUNTY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION & COUNTY OF HENRY Commonwealth Crossing is a $23 million project of the County of Henry and Martinsville-Henry County Economic Development Corporation

“Commonwealth Crossing has already drawn significant interest from site selection consultants and prospective clients.” - Mark Heath

President, CEO Martinsville-Henry County EDC

(EDC) that provides around 400 acres

CEO of the Martinsville-Henry County

of land for industrial and commercial

Economic Development Corporation.


“The strategic location on the state

The Martinsville-Henry County

border allows us to take advantage

EDC’s marketing efforts are focused

of the transportation and labor assets

on attracting projects with $150-

in the Piedmont Triad region, while

Crews worked on grading lots during August 2016.

$250 million in capital investment,

providing high paying jobs and major

or commercial sites to prospective

generating 300 to 400 jobs. Officials

investment in Martinsville and Henry


are targeting companies that require

County. Commonwealth Crossing holds

rail service and are focusing on these

transformational potential for this

recognized as a Tier 4 designee,

sectors: tire/rubber, wood products


meaning all infrastructure at the site

and plastics. “As one of the largest, newly

‘BUSINESS READY’ CERTIFIED In November 2016, Commonwealth

Commonwealth Crossing was

is in place or will be deliverable within one year, and all permit issues have

developed rail-served industrial

Crossing was certified as one of

been identified or quantified. This site

parks in Virginia and North Carolina,

Virginia’s first “Business Ready Sites.”

was one of four in Virginia approved

Commonwealth Crossing has already

The Virginia Business Ready Sites

for more than $96,000 in funding to

drawn significant interest from site

Program is a discretionary program

receive a Site Characterization Tier

selection consultants and prospective

established to help state localities

Level during the first phase of the

clients,” said Mark Heath, president and

develop and market existing industrial

program. FACTS AND FIGURES: • Grading of lots 1 & 4 is complete. (Lot 1 is 120 acres and Lot 4 is 50 acres.) • The site is located near U.S. Highway 220 South at the Virginia/ North Carolina state line. • Commonwealth Crossing is served by the Norfolk Southern Railway mainline. • The site is publicly owned by Henry County. • Permitting and utilities are in place. • The entrance road is completed.

Pictured above is an aerial view of Commonwealth Crossing. (Contributed photo)

4 the harvest foundation

See page 5- Commonwealth Crossing

From Page 3 - MHC Coalition

FOCUSED ON PATIENT CARE Focusing on Quality of Care Measures bolsters the Coalition’s efforts to improve services that lead to positive, long-term health outcomes. Timely and routine cancer screening services, like those provided through the Ladies First program, allow for screening mammograms to be available yearround. Coordinated care assistance also is provided to patients needing further diagnostic or cancer treatment services. The Eyes Forward program assists patients who need urgent eye services, such as annual exams for diabetic

Members of the team at the Martinsville-Henry County Coalition for Health and Wellness are pictured at an open house event for the community. (Contributed photo)

patients to enhance their chronic

Coalition is in year three of a Centers

and the Million Hearts Initiative to

disease self-management. Hundreds of

for Disease Control (CDC)/Virginia

bring information and services to

patients are assisted each year through

Department of Health (VDH) grant

underserved parts of the community.

these programs, and every primary care

focused on identifying and controlling

provider in the community can refer

pre-hypertension and pre-diabetes

Coalition, is a “one-stop shop” to

patients who need these services. The

across the West Piedmont Health District.

break barriers to health and wellness.

Trained community health workers

Medical care is not offered at Health

Eyes Forward program, medication

Health Connect, operated by the

assistance and others are offered

now conduct screenings at libraries,

Connect, but it connects individuals

in partnership with local providers,

churches, and other community venues.

with healthcare-related needs to

specialists, pharmacies, and Memorial

They assist residents in finding and

information and agencies so they’re

Hospital of Martinsville and Henry

accessing a medical home and work

informed when making decisions

County to maximize accessibility for

to reduce other barriers like language,

about their health.

community residents.

financial hardships and transportation.

Services at Bassett Family

New programs have launched locally,

Practice, Health Connect, and others

the Coalition to measure efforts to

all in partnership with faith-based

administered by the Coalition are

integrate clinical and preventative

and other community organizations,

available for the entire community.

intervention improving long-term health

that include the Diabetes Prevention

Visit healthycommunitymhc.org for

outcomes across the community. The

Program, Team Up/Pressure Down,

more information.

Focusing on health disparities allows

From Page 4 - Commonwealth Crossing

It’s located along Horsepasture-Price Road. • The project is funded by Henry County, City of Martinsville, Commonwealth of Virginia, the Martinsville-Henry County EDC, Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission, Virginia Economic Development Partnership, the U.S. Economic Development Administration and Harvest Foundation.

Harvest Foundation staff members and members of the Board of Directors are pictured during a tour of Commonwealth Crossing with Henry County and Martinsville-Henry County EDC officials. the harvest foundation 5

FeedTheNation helps clients become self-sufficient FEEDING AMERICA SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA & HENRY COUNTY FOOD PANTRY FeedTheNation is an application (“app”) developed by Adam Wright and Caleb Smith, initially for the Henry County Food Pantry. The pantry, a partner of Feeding America Southwest Virginia, distributes food to approximately 300 to 400 families each month. Food pantries generally are one of the first places people in need go to receive assistance, according to Wright.

Volunteers at the Henry County Food Pantry load vehicles with boxes of food during the pantry’s monthly distribution at the Historic John D. Bassett High School, located on Riverside Drive in Bassett. The pantry distributes food every third Wednesday of the month.

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) requires the pantry

notifications about events including

to collect certain data from clients

community meals, classes, and job

daycare assistance in single-parent

receiving services. FeedTheNation

fairs in Martinsville and Henry County.


leverages that data to help volunteers

Volunteers have reported that clients

and local agencies assist households

have been able to find jobs due to this

households looking for employment

with barriers. The app also provides

service. It’s also grown to accommodate

and education;

three ways of communication to

the CACFP Program (Child and Adult

• Meeting transportation needs;

households receiving services – email

Care Food Program), which provides

• Helping veterans;

notification, text messages, and

after school meals and snacks. Five

traditional mail – while maintaining their

local sites are using the software, which

assist people in managing high blood


is said to have increased the accuracy

pressure and/or diabetes;

EXPANDING THE APP FeedTheNation can send

of their reports and generated higher rates of USDA meal reimbursement. Wright is working to educate area organizations on how this app

• Helping healthcare organizations

• Helping local government understand food challenges within area schools; • Assisting local government in communicating with vulnerable families

people who want to become self-

during emergencies (extreme cold,

sufficient. More than 20 agencies in

flood, etc.); • Allowing agencies to see “hot

FeedTheNation and two regional

spots” of food needs (FeedTheNation

healthcare systems have approached

has a real-time dashboard displaying

Feeding America Southwest Virginia

distribution/participation numbers) so

on how the app could address local

agencies have an opportunity to set up

healthcare needs.

rapid response teams to assist.

Wright’s goal is for the Henry County

6 the harvest foundation

• Assisting agencies in finding

can help reach the most vulnerable

surrounding communities are utilizing

Adam Wright (right) stands with Henry County Food Pantry volunteer Carrie Jones during a monthly distribution.

• Streamlining communications for

Wright said he believes

Food Pantry to help people with

FeedTheNation is at the beginning of

more than just a meal. He looks for

its journey. To find out more, visit Henry

FeedTheNation to help clients and the

County Food Pantry on Facebook, or

community in the future by:

call (276) 694-4660.

Total Net Assets By Year 2015

$183 M


$197 M


$201 M


$179 M


$172 M


$189 M


$164 M


$134 M


$202 M


$190 M


$193 M


$190 M

*Note: Net assets equal total assets minus total liabilities.

Investments $233.01 M $220.64 M $201.60 M

$208.79 M

$205.81 M $196.56 M

$195.75 M

$190.50 M

$184.41 M

$214.38 M $195.94 M

$183.09 M

$158.50 M














the harvest foundation 7

Grants Paid $10.39 M

$10.25 M $9.27 M

$9.26 M

$8.50 M

$8.25 M $7.75 M

$6.10 M

$10.25 M

$7.66 M

$5.76 M $5.06 M $4.64 M

$1.43 M















Total Grants Paid Since 2003: $104.57 Million (As of 12-31-16)

Grants Awarded 2015 • $10,000: Patrick Henry Community College Educational Foundation, Inc. (PUP) - NJCAA Men’s Division I National Soccer Tournament • $10,000: Concerned Citizens of Sandy Level, Inc. (PUP) - Concerned Citizens After School Program • $6,545: Martinsville Uptown Revitalization Association (PUP) - Cinco de Mayo Celebration • $15,000: Institute for Advanced Learning and Research - 2015 Youth Expo • $598,566: Piedmont Virginia Dental Health Foundation - Community Dental Clinic Operations • $10,000: Ashbrook Hearing Connection (PUP) Communication Plan for Hearing Healthcare Program • $102,507: Carlisle School - K-12 Initiative Phase III • $1,246,680: Henry County Public Schools - K-12 Initiative Phase III • $373,140: Martinsville City Schools - K-12 Initiative Phase III • $10,000: Spencer-Penn Centre (PUP) - SPICE Program • $10,000: Piedmont Arts Association (PUP) Celebracion de las Artes • $303,282: County of Henry - Smith River Small Towns Collaborative

8 the harvest foundation

• $176,366: Dan River Basin Association - Natural Resource Management Initiative • $2,579,465: Martinsville Henry County Coalition for Health and Wellness - Live Well MHC • $358,370: United Way of Henry County & Martinsville Smart Beginnings

Grants Awarded 2016 • $600,000: City of Martinsville - Smith River Sports Complex • $25,000: Institute for Advanced Learning and Research - SOVA Youth Career ChoICE Expo • $167,572: Spencer Penn Centre - MAP Collaborative • $8,500: Feeding America Southwest Virginia (PUP) FeedTheNation First Year Trial • $10,000: Anchor Commission (PUP) - Seven Challenges • $10,000: TheatreWorks Community Players (PUP) Marketing and Branding Project • $10,000: United Way of Henry County and Martinsville (PUP) - Bridges Out of Poverty • $10,000: Sanville Elementary PTA (PUP) - “Garden to Grow” • $10,000: West Piedmont Workforce Investment Board (PUP) - Home for the Holidays Job Fair

*Note: Grants awarded includes grants to be paid in future years.