2016 Annual Report - Battleship USS Iowa

2016 Annual Report - Battleship USS Iowa

2016 Annual Report Photo by Greg Bishop, Ship Photographer About Pacific Battleship Center Battleship IOWA Museum is owned and operated by the Pacif...

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2016 Annual Report Photo by Greg Bishop, Ship Photographer

About Pacific Battleship Center Battleship IOWA Museum is owned and operated by the Pacific Battleship Center (PBC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Over the course of 74 years, from the WWII through the Cold War, USS Iowa (BB-61) has served our nation by safeguarding democracy and promoting American diplomacy. As one of the last surviving battleships of her kind, and as the West Coast’s only battleship museum, Battleship IOWA continues her service as a tribute to America’s enduring legacy to democracy. After Iowa’s final decommissioning in 1990, and 21 years in “mothballs” on both East and West coasts, in 2012 she was refurbished and towed from Richmond, California to her permanent home at the Port of Los Angeles waterfront in San Pedro, California. Referred to as the “Battleship of Presidents,” IOWA has found her place at the former home of the US Navy Battleship Fleet. San Pedro is an area rich in maritime history and the Battleship IOWA is now a community platform for public education, veterans’ outreach, civic engagement, and economic development. PBC’s mission is to celebrate the American spirit through the preservation and interpretation of the Battleship IOWA, educate the public on the accomplishments and sacrifices of American patriots and to engage our guests in unique and exciting ways that bring the ship to life by connecting the past with the future. This includes innovative programs and initiatives to further public education, career development, veterans and senior socialization, community events, and economic development.

Vision Celebrating the American Spirit by connecting the past with the future.

Mission The mission of the Pacific Battleship Center is to celebrate the American spirit through the preservation and interpretation of the Battleship IOWA, to educate the public on the accomplishments and sacrifices of American patriots, and to engage our guests in unique and exciting ways that bring the ship to life by connecting the past with the future.

Core Values Excellence – We strive to be the best at everything we do. People – We focus on people first in all activities and programs. Experience – We provide our guests with a first-person immersive experience that is safe, accessible, authentic, innovative and consistent in quality with top-rated museums and attractions. Diversity – We are an organization of diversity in our board, crew and programs. Patriotism – Battleship IOWA is a symbol of American patriotism, spirit and idealism that represent the story of proud men and women who serve our country.


Dear Friend and Supporter of the Pacific Battleship Center:


Thank you for your tremendous support of the Battleship IOWA Museum in 2016! Your support made it possible for us to educate 17,801 youth, engage approximately 15,000 active military and veterans, provide valuable volunteer opportunities to 246 seniors, and welcome more than 215,000 visitors to celebrate the American Spirit on the LA Waterfront. Generous contributors allowed us to expand our programming, preserve the historic Battleship IOWA, and connect today’s generation to the service of American patriots. In 2017, we continue to grow our programs and services with a focus on improving accessibility, introducing innovative experiences, educating 40% more youth, and implementing our long-term preservation plan for the hull. We are also looking forward to welcoming our one-millionth visitor in 2017! The Pacific Battleship Center Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, and Crew are grateful for your continued support. We look forward to an incredible 2017 as partners with you, your family, and our community! Kind Regards,

Jonathan Williams President & CEO


2016 Outcomes & Accomplishments Volunteerism / Workforce Development / Senior & Veteran Socialization 

57,859 contributed hours with a value of $1,596,347.88.

50% are veterans who benefit through improved job skills, comradaderie, and sense of belonging.

52% of volunteers are over the age of 55, giving them an opportunity to socialize and give back to their community.

 Provided a maritime platform for 12 first responder training events. Education and Civic Responsibility 

8,000 fourth thru sixth grade students participated in the “Day of Discovery” STEM program presented by Andeavor Foundation.

 225,000 Battleship IOWA program participants, with 4,000 visiting from the State of Iowa.

 Program additions included interactive tour applications, STEM Careers at Sea, Naval Gunnery Incident, and STICKS history art panels.

 Special exhibitions highlighted the contributions of African-Americans, women, and Asian-Americans on the homefront.

 Hosted numerous community events including Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Movies Under the Guns, LA Kings Ice Rink, and LA Fleet Week, which had over 200,000 visitors during first year.

Community and Waterfront Development  Donated over 3,000 tickets and 96 event fee reductions supporting community organizations for an estimated value of $100,000.

 Connected to shoreside power drastically reducing air quality impacts from the diesel generator.

 Hosted 13 free movie nights for hundreds of local families.  Invested $475,000 in LA Waterfront marketing and employed 54 individuals.

Ship Maintenance  Activated heads, repaired deck drain system, repaired numerous areas of steel, and opened the focs’le and bakery.

 Initiated a preservation program to protect the integrity of the underwater hull, funded by the citizens of the State of Iowa.

 Installed HVAC systems for the Camp Battleship overnight program. Photos by Greg Bishop


2016 Media Engagement

1,710 media stories, including a viral video of a WWII veteran being honored. Battleship IOWA was named the 2nd Best Museum Ship on USA Today. Over $1,000,000+ in earned media value.

Facebook page with over 487,000 followers, and with a reach of 36,519,896 people and 2,153,986 post engagements.

Twitter handle @ussiowa has 4,087 followers with 837,000 impressions.

Pacificbattleship.com and Labattleship.com had a combined, had 614,159 visitors with average session-duration of 1 minute 54 seconds.

More than 47,000 email subscribers that receive our information and bulletins.

Mobile tour application through November 2016 has had 20,217 downloads with the average visitor using the application for 66 minutes at the museum and 49% continue to interact with the app one week later.

Photo by Michael Justice


Project Updates Accessibility – Providing access to visitors regardless of physical limitations has been a priority to us since opening Battleship IOWA as a museum. Phase 1 of the project is focused on providing access to the main deck and 01 level for visitors to view President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s stateroom. This will be accomplished with a chair lift from main deck to 01 level, door modification into the cabin, and ladder reconfigurations. Phase 2 of the project will provide access to 2nd deck for visitors to experience the mess decks, museum space, and ships store. Funding for the majority of this project has been provided by Confidence Foundation, Prairie Meadows Foundation, and the Kehl Family Foundation. We expect to have Phase 2 of the accessibility project completed by October 2017. Naval Aviation Experience - The Naval Aviation Experience is Phase Two of the STEM Museum Improvement Project. Since the invention of flight, youth have had a fascination with the innovation, physics, and engineering that is necessary to make an object fly. Add the complexities of a moving vessel at sea, and you have career that requires critical thinking and an understanding of science, technology, engineering, and math. Contributions included the acquisition of a historic HUP-2 helicopter from American Helicopter Museum and its restoration at Torrance Airport, the development of a Virtual Reality experience connecting the artifact virtually, and the design and installation of an educational exhibit around the experience. The Naval Aviation Experience is planned to be completed in time for the busy summer season (June 2017) with its primary location on the deck of the IOWA. Special recognition for funding was given to the Kenneth & Eileen Norris Foundation, Crail-Johnson Foundation, John Shultz, Steve Shultz, the Navy Helicopter Veterans Association, and other generous numerous individual and corporate donors. Education –The Day of Discovery program is in partnership with Los Angeles Unified School District and the Tesoro Foundation with the goal to introduce thousands of 4th to 6th grade students annually to a real-word STEM experience aboard the Battleship IOWA. The program connects students to the real world STEM environment of maritime careers, while also teaching the history of the heroic ship. Secondarily (and almost as important), this program enables our crew (many of them veterans) to be a part of educating future generations, and has also benefitted students, instructors, and veterans alike! Additional funding for our education programs has been provided by the Port of Los Angeles and Phillips 66. Hull Preservation – Pacific Battleship Center has been awarded a two-year grant from the State of Iowa for $500,000 to repair areas of corrosion on the hull of the ship and begin a maintenance routine to help prevent further deterioration. A project plan has been assembled and initial orders for materials have been placed. The work is expected to begin in mid-2017 with a completion date by mid-2019. $100,000 Challenge – We received enormous support helping us achieve the $100,000 matching challenge posed by an anonymous donor in the State of Iowa. We were able to achieve our goal of raising $100,000 within the timeframe required and received the matching funds. This generous grant helped satisfy debts that had come to term and enable us the opportunity to redirect funds towards programs and preservation.


2016 Revenue & Expenses January 1, 2016 thru December 31, 2016

Audited Financials available at: http://www.pacificbattleship.com/financialinformation

Non-Profit Revenue Other Income 3%

Cash Contributions 29%

Program Income 58%

General & Administrative 11%


Fundraising 12%

In-Kind Contributions 10%

Program Services 77%


2016 Donors Alphabetical Order | Greater than $250 lifetime aggregate with donations in 2016 Abraham Garcia Ada Duacsek Alan Hermanson Alan Markle Albert Rasmussen Alfred Hagen Alice Hudson Allan Miller Allen Rowe Alton Nixon Amber D. Visage-Monahan Ambrose Wardle Amy L. Grat Andrew Hamblen Andrew Lee Anthony Filosa Anthony Neece Antonio Vasquez Arthur Combs Arthur McAllister Associated Foundations August Roth Ballard Brown Barbara Overton Barry Herlihy Bernard Raab Bill Humienny Bob Myers Bob Pollitt Bragg Crane Brian Foy Brian O'Mara Bruce MacRae Bruce Shaw Bruce Simonton Bruce Wolff Byron Coffey Carl Appellof Carl Douglas Carl Goodman Carmen Price-Zigrang Carolyn Hurst Charles A De Vore Jr Charles Anderson Charles Appleby Charles Bock Charles Boyd Charles Fuller Charles Haas Charles Mylar Jr Charles Rennie III Charles Riggio Charles Romero Charles Vincent Charles Wood Christian Vivo Christine Leemon Christine Rondenelli Christopher Cyrway Cindy Boyd City of Los Angeles Clarion Winzenburg Clark Leonard Claude Drake Clay Elward Colleen Hindman Confidence Foundation Craig Fajnor Crail-Johnson Foundation Dan Kehl Dan Pawloski

Daniel Martinelli Darrell Benner David Arndt David Bradley David Bushman David Crase David Diederich David Knau David Lacook David Lockwood David Mortensen David Murray David Pelsue David Vanderveen David Witzeling Dean Wolf Debbie Vincent Dee Zee Delano Bond Dennis Bastian Dennis Covert Dennis Ertsman Dennis Schwieterman Devan Cress DGN Consulting, Inc. Diane Humphrey Diane Patalano Dianna Burden Dianne Brandt Don Collen Don Knabe Don Pomplun Don Swenson Donald Boyle Donald Dressel Donald Hall Donald Lamberti Donald McMackin Donald Ryan Donald van Straaten Donne Moen Doug Shull Douglas Dowds Douglas Evans Douglas Herman Douglas Morton Douglas Smith Duane Berndt Duane Gunderson E Elfstrand E Pahre Earl Whetstone Ed Hagberg Edison International Edward Dykes Edward Meagor Edward Mitchell Edward Roth Edward T. Laugle Edward Woerz Electric Bill's Company Ellen Reid Ellsworth Knutson EMC Insurance Foundation Emma Pattie Eric Appellof Eric Geier Ethan Pasternack Evelyn "Scotti" Igneczi Everard Groce Farmers & Merchants Bank

Ferreira Construction James Crumlish Financial Dynamics Grp James Dawley First Giving James Edwards Franci Free James Jurgenson Franklin Johnson James Loyd Frederick Engstrom James Lundberg Frederick Kleyn James May Friends James Morris Fwujih Hsu James Mundt G Furseth James Roberts Gary Blackney James Schoellerman Gary Decker James Whelchel Gary Hazel Jan Boese Gary Tritt Jay Longinaker George Anderson Jeanne Jennings George Baehr Jeff Armendariz George Zardas Jeff Lamberti Georges & Germaine Fusenot Jeff Muller Foundation Jeffrey P. Neu Gerald Bayless Jeffrey Simmons Gerald C. Benson Jenny Krusoe Gerald Gneckow Jerico Development Gerald Mueller Jerry Randall Gilbert Alpers Jim Hicks Family Foundation Glen Pursel Jim Jerzycke Glen Terry Jimmy Wiseman Glenda Laugle John Bell Glenn Frizzell John Bukry Glenn Hendricks John Capellaro Glenn Schultz John Counts Greg Abel John Curry Greg Bishop John De Pol Greg Garnet John Digiantomasso Greg Greenquist John Doty Gregg Eschenbrenner John Downing Gregg Solkovits John Howard Gregory Bernards John Jordan Gregory Ellis John Kinney Gregory M Burke John Kline Grier Sims John Koerber Guillermo Urrutia John Leseth Gunter Hummel John Manning Guy Autore John Ornelas Harold Shaffer John Preston Harry Curtis John Rider Harry Lamb John Ruan Foundation Harry Riegel John Shultz Harvey Hoffman John Simmons Heinz Barthel John Spurgeon Henry Custodia Jon Barrett Henry Vierregger Jonathan Williams Herbert Milgrim Jonathan Wright Herbert Zimmer Joseph Blady Homer Meek Joseph Freed Howard & Marilyn Levine Joseph Gonenc Family Foundation Joseph Hughes Howard Fong Joseph Jankiewicz Howard Levine Joseph Mittelman Howard Rogers Joseph Nishimura Hugh McDonnell Joseph Pistritto Igor Gerts Joseph Strafford Innovation Capital Investment Joseph Villasenor Bankers Josh Williams Insperity Julia Tobey J McGreer Kaduce & Company, PC J Watterson Kathleen Appellof Jack Clayton Kelly Mutschler Jack Gamulin Ken Munro Jackson's Place LLC Kendall Boyd James Brown Norris Foundation James Coffman Kenneth Glastetter

Kenneth H. Haynie Kenneth Helms Kenneth Miles Kenneth Pike Kenneth Velten Kenneth Walter Kenneth Westrom Kert VanderMeulen Larry Aandahl Larry Jurek Larry Malaby Larry Reisinger Laurence Goldman Lawrence "Ross" Riddle Lawrence Baker Lawrence Jenkins Lee Hornstein Leroy Welter Linda Ayers Linda Ladyman Linda Pitts Louis Brancato Louis Dieffenbach Louise Runge Lynn Lewis Major Surplus & Survival Marco Adame Margaret Thompson Marilyn Black Mario Thiem Marjorie Finley Mark C Marquez Mark Hamilton Mark Jonas Mark Shook Mark W. Fraser Marshall Taylor Martin Golden Martin Tobin Martin Yourczek Marty (Lucinda) Martin Marvin Day Mary Pazour Mary Reid Matthew Cristea Matthew McGuire McKewon Family Fund Metro Haritan Michael Campbell Michael Ganitch Michael Hamamoto Michael Hampton Michael Horan Michael Igneczi Michael Janson Michael Malone Michael McCrea Michael McEnteggart MIchael Mullin Michael Rue Michael Scardera Michael Wunderlich Michelle Fortune Mickey Bickett Miguel Mendez Mike Connelly Mike Hershman Milton Domit Murali Annavaram Nancy Gump Nancy Miller


2016 Donors Alphabetical Order | Greater than $250 lifetime aggregate with donations in 2016 Naval Helicopter Association Nicholas Lopardo Nick Dimel Orlando Romero Pat Greenlee Patricia Logsdon Patricia Waters Patrick Hill Patrick Keeley Patrick Kohler Patrick Mullins Paul Guillory Paul Jernigan Paul Killins Paul Neil Paul Pudenz Paul Znika Peggy McAllister Peter Frinchaboy Philip Browning Phillips 66 Polrit Viravathana Prairie Meadows R&B Protective Coatings RADM Mike Shatynski Ralph Cox Ralph M. Parsons Foundation Ralph Scriba Randal Harris Randell Reseck Randy Brewer Rasmussen Group Raymond LaJeunesse Jr Raymond Ramirez Rebecca Beach Richard Abele Richard Beguin Richard Brittain Richard Bryner Richard Clouse Richard Fellmer Richard Martorano Richard Marx Richard McKenna Richard Patton Richard Smith Richard Wei Rick Eglseder Riverside Casino & Golf Resort Robert Abelson Robert Bauman Robert Burchett Robert Clark Robert Coletta Robert Dierkes Robert Dockendorff Robert Downing Robert E. 'Robbie' Parnell Robert Fayard Robert Goble Robert Harris Robert Hatfield Robert Honerlah Robert Johns Robert Kinsey Robert Lea Robert Lee Robert Lindberg Robert Meese Robert Murlin

Robert Nagle Robert O'Brien Robert Perkin Robert Schubert Robert Templeton Robert Varni Robert W. Schlutz Roberta Weintraub Rocco Martino Rodney Barber Rodney Benson Roger Hurst Roger McKee Roger Montague Roger Waugh Ron Mack CPO Ronald & Roxana Anderson Ronald Henson Ronald Warezak Ronald Witte Ross O'Brien Russ Matthews Russell Nichols Russell W. Farnell San Pedro BID Schneider Electric Scott Landry Scott Lockhart Scott Palmer Sean Hunter Searle Highleyman Sharon Bowden Sharyn Conway Sheri Avis Horner Shull Schrum McClaflin & Co Shultz Steel Simon Biejo Siouxland Travel LLC Society of Miniature Ship Collectors Stanley Matesich Stanley Sprinkle State of Iowa Stephen F. Nash Stephen Harper Stephen Headley Stephen Shilts Stephen Shultz Stephen Skelley Stevan Rich Steve Cowdin Steve Talutis Steven Barnett Steven Behler Steven Holmstrom T Arnette Tanya Acker Taylor Gaskins Ted & Rae Segerstrom Terry De Vries Terry Galvin Terry Gorsh Tesoro Refining The Dennis E. and Diane M. Young Foundation The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation Thomas Castellani Thomas Dupree Thomas Fowler

Thomas Hayward Thomas McNamara Thomas Passios Thuy Dang Timothy Brennan Timothy McOsker Timothy Preece Troy Vail Twenty-One Fund UPS Foundation, Inc. USS Hector Association V.R. Camelot, Inc. Van Hartley Vanessa Lewis USS IOWA Veterans Assoc. Veterans of Foreign Wars IOWA Post No. 9668 VFW Post 1622 Lomita Hall Vietnam Veterans of America, Gateway Chapter 776 Vietnam Veterans of America, South Bay Chapter 53 Virginia Avakian Wade Dunbar Walter Lake Walter Riese Warren Ash Wayne Snyder Wicked Code, Inc. Will Gassett William A. Meardon William Armistead William Barry William Chandler William Chau William Dillon William Emanuelsen William Heaton William Johnson William Keck William Kralich William Lewis William Miklos William Nelson William Penn William Rugg William Smith William Snyder William Traber William Walker William Wallace William Way William Wilson William Winckler


2016 Volunteers Alphabetical Order over 50 hours of servic in 2016. Richard Abele Robert Abelson Darrell Adamson Robert Aitchison Julio Alvarado Per Mikael Andersson Jeff Armendariz David Asman Linda Ayers John Badgett Alejandro Barlow Gary Barry Gerald Bayless Joseph Bell Ronald Bendy Gerald Benson Kate Bertrand Greg Bishop Gary Blackney David Blake Milton Boudov Louis Brancato Heinrich Bringentoff Orlo Brown III Mark Brownell Lewis Brownson Robert Brubaker Albert Cain Jeff Cameron Al Canfield Steven Caylor Somono Chau Dale Chitwood Eric Chung Kent Coble Byron Coffey Robert Conboy Michael Connelly Derek Cross Donald Crowell Nury Curtis Anthony D'acquisto Taylor Daniell Jeffrey Dawald John De Rago Bob DeSpain Julio Diaz Robert Dierkes Louis Dominguez Douglas Dowds Drake Dusterhoft Bruce Ecker Sandra Edwards George Evans David Ferger Aaron Ferralles Rosie Fine Gary Forister Bill Foster

Ronald Frank Dorothea Franke Abraham Garcia Greg Garnet Jim Gauderman Al Gay Larry Geyer Reed M. Gibbons Roger Gillette Lloyd Glick Robert Goble Martin Golden Tony Gomez James Goo John Goodson James Gordon Ashwini Goud Stewart Graham John Graves Mark Gustafson Mark D Hamilton James Harriger Daniel Hayden Jeff Heier Larry Helm Barry Herlihy Alan Hermer Mike Hershman Roger Hollenbeck Jason Hong Joseph Hughes Arthur Huhta Merrill Huler Ed Hunzinger Bryan Igneczi Doug Iversen Leonard Jablon Ben Jackel Jim Jerzycke Amelia Johnson Doug Johnson Jerry Johnson Jonathan Johnson Robert Kendall Bob Kohler John Kresta James Kurrasch Linda Lake Scott Lake Sang Lee Stuart Liggan Jerry Lloyd David Lockwood Ron Mack Bill Maggio Lynda Maleta Alan Markle Donna Martino Rocco Martino

Jim McGlothlin William McNally Frank Medrano Kathy Meyer Donne Moen Jerry Moody Sloe Motion Shane Myers Steve Nash Jeffrey Naumann Chris Nelson Rebecca Neugent Donald Norton Lloyd Oake Ken O'Donoghue James Ohr Philip Onstott John Pakusich Martin Palmiere Ethan Pasternack Paul Payne Yingxian Peng Joe Perry Matt Perry Harold Petteys Donald Prichard Paul Pudenz Hal Puritz Jeana Radovcich Victor Ramirez Sam Rickabaugh Raymond Rittenhouse Cynthia Robinson Howard Rogers John Rogers Joe Rojas Ron Russik Angelo Salarpi Armando Salas Jose Sanchez Stan Sato Nicholas Schneier Mark Seigle Michael Selch Edward Seymour Hal Shaffer John Shiroma Dawn Simmons John Simmons Gurbux Singh Brian Sisco George Sliney Daniel Smith David B. Smith Joyce Smith Rick Sorensen William Sorgenfrei Andrew Soto Bruce Sperka

Joseph Spinuzzi Sr. John Steuernagle Geno Stipa Rick Stipa John Syzdek Glen Terry Walter Thurner Ross Tipps John Torelli Tom Turner William Upshaw Guillermo Urrutia Troy Vail Kert Vander Meulen David Vanderveen Eric Varisco Arturo Veiga Collin Vincent Debbie Vincent Michael Vulpillat Thomas Wade Jon Walker Robert Watkins Edward Webb 'Electric' Bill Weinberg Arnold Welch Daniel Whitney Paul Wooldridge Andrew Woolsey Jinze Wu Taryn Yokota

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Mr. Jeff Lamberti (Chairman)

Mr. Bruce DD Mac Rae (Chairman)

Mrs. Becky Beach (Secretary)

Ms. Tanya Acker

Mr. Douglas Herman

Mr. Simon Conway

Mr. Craig Johnson

Mr. John Ek

Mr. Nate Jones

RADM G.E. Gneckow, USN (ret.) Commanding Officer | USS Iowa (BB-61) 1983-1985

Mr. Dan Kehl Ms. Amy Grat Mr. Patrick Kohler Mr. Donald Hall Mrs. Vanessa Lewis, CPA Mrs. Jane Johnson Mr. Scott Palmer Mr. Christopher Landavazo RADM Mike Shatynski (Vice Chairman) USN (retired)

CAPT Richard McKenna, USN (ret.)

Mr. Arlo Sorensen

Mr. William “Andy” Meardon

Mr. Bruce DD Mac Rae

Mr. Donne Moen

Mr. Jonathan Williams

Mr. Robert C. O'Brien Mr. Wayne Ratkovich Mr. Lars Reierson Mr. Matt Sodl Mr. Tony Strickland

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Photo by Michael Justice

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