2016 Election - Oneida Nation

2016 Election - Oneida Nation

36 A’hs^ Niw^sa [email protected]=yahk • October 20, 2016 2016 Election Campaign…Wisconsin & The Nation Oneida Nation Area Legislative Races Did you know it was ...

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36 A’hs^ Niw^sa [email protected]=yahk • October 20, 2016

2016 Election

Campaign…Wisconsin & The Nation

Oneida Nation Area Legislative Races

Did you know it was not until 1970 that Native Americans were ensured the ability to vote across the nation? That is CRAZY!!! Therefore, it is our duty as Oneida citizens to utilize our dual citizenship and participate in the electoral process. November 8th is a big election for state and federal elections and we hope you get out and vote!

It is a fact that local, state, and federal elections have an impact on our way of life. Regardless how you feel about these elections, it important you vote for candidates who understand who were are and our issues. If we do not engage, the compliancy about the outcome of the election could have a negative impact on such things as fund-

ing for our health center, language programs, and education. The Oneida Nation has been working diligently to increase our voter turn-out numbers. By empowering ourselves with knowledge about the candidates we become informed voters who can vote in the best interest of our people and our Nation. Our vote is our voice

and we need to be heard.

If we maximize the number of Oneida citizens who register and vote on Election Day, we do our part to help candidates get elected that will listen and respond to our concerns. With your vote, we can make a difference in the upcoming election.

• Wisconsin State Senate • Senate Districts Near, but do not include, Oneida Reservation.

Senate District 30

- Sen. Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) • Senator Dave Hansen, (D-Green Bay)

I’m proud to have a strong relationship with the Oneida Nation. It’s a relationship I place a great deal of importance on be- Sen. Dave Hansen, D-Green Bay cause you are a major driver of our area’s success. A great example is Thornberry Creek. By working together we helped save Thornberry Creek from possible closure. This amazing course, will host an LPGA event beginning next year, an event that will bring thousands of people and millions of dollars to our area and economy. But I want to do more to create an economy that truly works for all of us. Wisconsin currently ranks 36th in the nation for job creation. We can do better. Investing in our public schools will give every child the opportunity to succeed as adults. Making technical college affordable for those who aren’t college bound can help them find family-supporting careers. Allowing over 800,000 residents to refinance their student loans can put more money into their pockets and our economy. Restoring the Equal Pay Enforcement Act so women are paid the same as men for doing the same work is not only the

- Eric Wimberger (R-Green Bay)

Senate District 2*

- Sen. Robert Cowles (R-Green Bay)^ - John N. Powers (D-Wittenberg)

* District includes all of Oneida Reservation

right thing to do, it will Sen. Robert Cowles, R-Green Bay John N. Powers, D-Wittenberg truly help struggling fami^No information provided by candidates. lies. And we can create more demand for Wisconsin • Wisconsin Assembly • made products by providEric Wimberger, R-Green Bay ing incentives to state and local government to buy the Assembly District 1* goods and services they use from local - Rep. Joel Kitchen (D-Sturgeon Bay)^ - Lynn Utesch (D-Kewaunee)^ businesses. * District near, but do not include Oneida These are the priorities I’ve been Reservation. Edges southeastern border. fighting for and will keep fighting for. L. Utesch, D-Kewaunee J. Kitchens, R-Sturgeon Bay Because making our state and region a success starts with everyone having a ^No information provided by candidates. good paying job. functions. • Eric Wimberger, (R-Green Bay) cont. • Eric Wimberger, (R-Green Bay) I propose a different solution to issues than my opponent. I won’t raid our I believe keeping government local is Born and raised in the area, I learned the best way to maintain a community dedicated funds, sacrificing long term about the Oneida Nation, its history, and of people vested in their future and fo- needs like infrastructure to solve short its significance. Now an attorney, I’ve cused on helping each other to achieve term issues. I’ll focus on empowering represented members in State and Tribal goals. Understanding that tax payments local communities and individuals by Courts for personal matters and in matare not a voluntary act, we also owe it to keeping government efficient. And, I ters of Tribal significance. I’m familiar each other to handle our own affairs per- won’t leave the state to prevent voting at with challenges within the Oneida Nasonally before turning to government the Capitol. After 15 years of the same tion, and also its great opportunities tofunded programs. I prefer a govern- representation, I hope to introduce new day. and positive change for the 30th Senate After high school I attended college ment that is as small and focused as it can be while serving important societal District. at St. Cloud State University. Between college and law school I drove a semitruck to save money. With my law degree from Marquette, I joined the U.S. Marines as a Judge Advocate. Honorably discharging a Captain, I started my solo practice in downtown Green Bay.

Election Day is

Tuesday November

8th, 2016

2016 Election


October 20, 2016 • A’hs^ Niw^sa [email protected] 37

Campaign…Wisconsin & The Nation • Wisconsin Assembly • District includes northeastern border of Oneida Reservation.

District includes small northern corner of Oneida Reservation

- Rep. David Steffen (R-Howard)

- Rep. Gary Tauchen (R-Bonduel) ^ - William James Switalla (Wittenberg)

Wisconsin Assembly District 4 • Rep. D  avid Steffen, (R-Howard)

It has been my honor and D. Steffen, R-Howard privilege to represent the Oneida Nation people and their interests in the Wisconsin Legislature for the last two years. As this was my first term as a state legislator, I was thankful to receive the education, communication and cooperation from many General Tribal Council leaders and government relation staff. This support and connection has been instrumental in ensuring my decisions were informed and thoughtful when involving the Oneida Nation. I am hopeful the voters have found me to be honest, respectful, responsive and genuinely interested in supporting the sovereignty and prosperity of the Oneida Nation. I look forward to building upon our two-year relationship, and continuing to work together on challenges and opportunities facing the Oneida Nation. • Tony Lee, (D-Green Bay) I would definitely have an open door to work with T. Lee, D-Green Bay Oneida Nation members to improve the quality of our communities and our people. I believe that we share the same goals of our great state-to better our children’s future, create an economy that leaves no one behind and to see the well being of Oneida Nation members and non-members improve. Working at a clinic for the uninsured in Green Bay, I have seen, first hand, the struggles and frustrations that a working person/family goes through. Oneida Nation members are going through many of same struggles. We need a Representative, like myself, who will be there for the PEOPLE--Oneida Nation members and non-members alike. I have seen the

Wisconsin Assembly District 6

- Tony Lee (D-Green Bay) struggles and frustrations of a family living check to check. I will be there, with empathy and understanding, to do what I can to help. My opponent has not stood up for the average person, Oneida Nation member/nonmember and his voice has not been a voice of change. I’m a political outsider. I will be fighting to get money out of WI politics, for better transparency, higher paying jobs, public education, Medicaid expansion and tax fairness, just to name a few. I will be standing up for ‘average Joe/ Jane’ , which includes Oneida Nation members, and to help bring their voices back to Madison. Thank you, Tony Lee tonyleeforassembly.com

• William James Switalla, (I-Wittenberg) Earlier this year, I made the W.J. Switalla, D-Wittenberg decision to run for the State Assembly. As a small business owner, local elected official, and parent, I felt that Madison is currently out of step with our values and I should do something about it. Over the past few months, I have met countless great people and listened to their stories. I’ve met folks of all backgrounds and they generally tell me one thing: Madison isn’t working for them. I completely agree. Years ago my late friend Roger Breske taught me that government isn’t about political parties, it’s about good

District includes vast majority of Oneida Reservation.

Wisc. Assembly District 5

- Rep. Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) - Sam Kelly (D-Kaukauna) ^ • Rep. JIm Steineke, (R-Kaukauna)

I have to admit that prior J. Steineke, R-Kaukauna to being elected, I had little knowledge regarding the challenges that faced the Oneida’s. Since then, I’ve been able to meet on occasion with your elected officials and tour the reservation. What I found is that while there are struggles that are unique to the Oneida people, we all generally share the same hopes and dreams. When I first ran for office, I ran on a commitment that I would work as hard as I could to bring a voice for our families to Madison. As a father with three kids at home, I understand the impact that my votes have on our families back home and it’s a perspective that I think

is important to have as a representative. Every time I vote on a bill, it is done based on how it will affect all of our families. S. Kelly, D-Kaukauna I’m proud of our record. Our unemployment rate has gone from 9% to 4.1%. More people are working today than at any point in Wisconsin’s history. We’ve held the line on taxes, critical to our families as they try to make ends meet. We’ve reformed state government again and again to make it more efficient and responsive. And we’ve responded when issues specific to tribal governments in Wisconsin have arisen. We may not always agree on the path we take to the destination we share, but if we continue a dialogue based on trust and mutual respect, we will all get there together. I’d appreciate your support.

ideas. We need leaders who talk less, listen more and get things done regardless of who came up with the idea. G. Tauchen, R-Bonduel As an elected official, I know what it’s like to listen, make laws and solve problems. That experience includes making sure our roads are repaired, services remain accessible, and keeping our land and water clean. We all want Wisconsin to be a place people choose to live, not a place where people happen to stay. Over 30 years ago, my wife and I chose to raise our family and to run a small business here. Seven children, nine grandchildren and a strong business later, I’m very happy we made that choice. Now I hope my kids and grandkids to make Wisconsin their choice. Let’s make smart decisions and give them a reason to do so. If you live in the Sixth Assembly District, I ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 8th. William Switalla is the Democratic nominee for Assembly District 6. He is a small business owner, the Village President of Wittenberg and a member of the Shawano County Board ^ No Submission

38 A’hs^ Niw^sa T#klu • October 20, 2016

2016 Election

Campaign…Wisconsin & The Nation District edges the southeastern border of Oneida Reservation.

District edges the northern border of Oneida Reservation.

- Rep. André Jacque (R-DePere)

- Rep. John Nygren (R-Marinette)

Wisconsin Assembly District 2 • Rep. André Jacque, (R-DePere)

As the son of a former A. Jacque, R-DePere Oneida Tribal School librarian, I have a great respect for the Oneida people. It is a tremendous honor to serve as a voice for the people of southern Brown and northern Manitowoc counties in the State Assembly, both through the legislative process and as a constituent advocate with state agencies. I am proud to have taken a leading role in enacting bi-partisan, common-sense reforms that remove barriers to job creation, improve workforce development, enhance public safety, reduce costs for local government and taxpayers, and honor our veterans (including the many Oneidas who have served so courageously at home and abroad). I am pleased to support and work with local school districts which are being recognized for their best practices in academic and career planning. We need to better match workers with training opportunities for the family supporting jobs that are available to them. We have to make sure that when individuals find themselves out of a job, they are not discouraged by the intricacies of Wisconsin’s Unemployment Insurance in pursuing coursework that enhances their long term earnings potential. We also need to address the many root causes (addiction, family, safety, legal and health issues) that prevent students from completing their chosen degree path. Please feel free to contact me any time on my cellphone at (920) 819-8066 or email me at [email protected] com with questions or legislative ideas. Thank you!

- Mark Grams (I-Two Rivers)

Wisconsin Assembly District 89

- Heidi Fencl (D-Sobieski)

• Mark Grams, (I-Two Rivers)

• Rep. J ohn Nygren,

• Heidi Fencl, (D-Sobieski)

My name is Mark Grams and I’m an Independent M. Grams, I-Two Rivers candidate for Representative to the Wisconsin Assembly in the Second District. After twenty years on active duty in the Marine Corps I retired as a Gunnery Sergeant in 1995. I served as a County Veterans Service Officer for nineteen years before retiring from that position in June 2015. Now, I’m asking for your vote so I can continue with my lifetime of public service. Why should you vote for me? I’m not your typical politician. I have pledged not to take any money from anyone, not you, not special interest groups, and not a political party. I will not spend more than $2000 of my own money on the campaign. Why should you vote for me? Refer to the previous two sentences. I am beholden to nobody but you, the citizens that live in northern Manitowoc County to southern Brown County. One of my main platform points is the protection of our natural resources. It should be important to all of us to ensure we have clean lakes and rivers. You should Mark your ballot for Grams because I am not your usual politician. I am neither elephant nor ass, but rather a mutt, much like many of the people in the district. You should vote for Grams if like me, you are sick of the political fighting and where politicians hang onto power by pleasing big-money special interest groups. Without taking money or seeking endorsements, this campaign will serve as an example for others that this can be done. Cast your vote for me because it’s a vote for WE THE PEOPLE.

As a lifelong resident of J. Nygren, R-Marinette northeastern Wisconsin, I am proud of the strong heritage we have in our communities. We have a history of working together to solve problems, and I am honored to represent our area in the State Legislature. This past session, I worked to expand upon a package of bills called the HOPE Agenda (Heroin, Opioid Prevention and Education). I worked with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to address issues of drug abuse and addiction. These pieces of legislation have saved lives, and I am proud have played a part in these positive efforts. Moving forward, I plan to research policies that could expand access to treatment opportunities for those who struggle with addiction. Moreover, I will continue to work as an ally for Wisconsin’s most vulnerable populations. Last session we restored proposed cuts to the SeniorCare program so our seniors are able to afford their prescription medications. It’s important to invest in the health of Wisconsin residents; in the 2015-17 state budget, we allocated over $1 billion to Medicaid. Thank you to the people of northeastern Wisconsin for electing me to serve you in the State Assembly. I look forward to working with you in the future as we continue our commitment to our area. Together, we will ensure our communities remain a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

I hope to earn your vote because I respect people H. Fencl, D-Sobieski and the environment. I strongly support public education, fair wages and voice in working conditions, and affordable access to comprehensive health care. First, I will help Wisconsin return to our history of funding public education at all levels, and work to fix the funding formula to address equity in opportunity. Second, it is unconscionable that full time work does not mean people can support themselves. About ¼ of hourly workers in Wisconsin make less than the poverty level wage—I want to raise the minimum wage to address that. Finally, by accepting federal health care funding Wisconsin could have insured 63,000 more people. It is not right to use real people as pawns for political ideology, nor to defund mental health and in-home support for corporate tax breaks. I also understand that water systems, air and soil are interconnected and irreplaceable. We need to repeal laws— some of the worst in the nation—that restrict the rights of people to speak against decisions that can cause irreparable harm to the ecosystem. Finally, I know what is good for people is good for the state! Education and quality of life attract new business. We forgot this over the last six years, and as a result Wisconsin came out of the recession at only 70% the growth rate of the country as a whole. We don’t need to compromise people and the environment for jobs. I will work to nurture both together.



Our Future Depends on it!

2016 Election

October 20, 2016 • A’hs^ Niw^sa [email protected]=tlu 39

Campaign…Wisconsin & The Nation U.S. SENATE

- U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-Oshkosh) - Russ Feingold (D-Middleton) • U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, (R-Oshkosh)

As the only manufacturer in the U.S Senate, I’m taking the outsider’s approach that I learned in U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Oshkosh my more than 30 years in the private sector to get things done for Wisconsinites. That real-world experience taught me that the number one component of the solution is economic growth. A strong and robust economy will create jobs, raise wages, and increase opportunity for working men and women. I’m also using the lessons I learned in the private sector on finding areas of agreement and using a problem-solver’s approach to help create more jobs and opportunity for people and local communities. That’s the approach I’ve used in the Senate to get real results for Wisconsinites. My committee has passed 83 bills most on a bipartisan basis - and 28 have been signed into law. Generally, these bills are designed to make government more efficient, effective, and accountable and strengthen our economic and national security. Working together and building consensus is how I’m fighting for people all across our state.


- Mike Gallagher (R-Green Bay) - Tom Nelson (D-Appleton)

• Russ Feingold,

• Tom Nelson, (D-Appleton)

• Mike Gallagher,

Since launching this campaign, I’ve visited each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties twice. And what Russ Feingold, D-Middleton I hear from Wisconsinites from Bayfield to Menominee to Outagamie County is the same: they are being shut out by an economic system that favors millionaires and corporations over working families. They’re struggling to pay their bills, and they’re worried about the rising cost of higher education. But Washington Republicans like Senator Johnson aren’t listening to Wisconsinites -- they’re only working for their corporate backers and big oil billionaires. My top priority is to create an economy that works for all Wisconsinites, including members of the Oneida Nation and other native communities. So I would immediately focus on passing a federal minimum wage increase so that no Wisconsinite works full time and lives in poverty, ensuring access to quality, affordable healthcare, and investing in training programs for workers. Most Wisconsinites want the same things: they want a good-paying job, with a day off now and then. They want to provide a decent education for their kids and not worry they’ll be swamped with debt for the rest of their lives. And, they want to be able to retire with dignity, with the promise of Social Security to support them. In the Senate, I’ll get to work immediately to achieve these things for the people I represent: the middle class and working families in every community of Wisconsin.

I am running to represent Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives - not only as someone with Tom Nelson, D-Appleton deep Northeast Wisconsin roots, but as a close friend of the Oneida Nation. In my old Assembly district, I represented the entire Oneida Nation, and as Outagamie County Executive, I’ve worked closely with the Nation. My commitment to Northeast Wisconsin is why I have dedicated much of my life to public service. Throughout my time in the Wisconsin State Assembly and as Outagamie County Executive, I have always fought for the middle class and put people over politics. During my time in the State Legislature, I knocked on every door in Oneida three times - meeting with the Business Committee and tribal members and learning about the issues most important to the community. As Outagamie County Executive, I have continued to join members at tribal events, such as the Big Apple Fest, Farmers’ Market, Pow Wow, and the One-Stop grand opening; not only enjoying all that Oneida culture has to offer, but supporting and advocating for the Oneida Nation. I have a strong track record of supporting tribal issues, such as sovereignty, Indian Child Welfare Act, gaming issues and more – and I will continue fighting for the Oneida Tribe in Washington, DC. I am running for Congress because the system is broken. Just as I have done throughout my entire career, I will always put the people of Northeast Wisconsin first.

My name is Mike Gallagher and I am a 7th generation Wisconsin native. The values of Mike Gallagher, R-Green Bay Northeast Wisconsin instilled in me a respect for hard work, faith in God, and service to country. I joined the U.S. Marine Corps the day I graduated college. In my seven years on active duty and during two deployments to Iraq, I saw men and women from across this country do incredible things in spite of the odds. Yet I came home to see career politicians unwilling to do the same. I cannot accept this standard of mediocrity, where politicians get pushed around on the world stage and accomplish little for our citizens here at home. We cannot accept a scenario in which we bankrupt our country, and send the bill to the next generation. In Congress, I will continue to fight every single day to get government off our backs, and out of our wallets. I will fight to ensure business and industry remain strong in Northeast Wisconsin for generations to come, adding good paying jobs each step of the way. I pledge to introduce “No Budget, No Pay” legislation—if Congress can’t do its job, it shouldn’t get paid. I am asking for your support because in these difficult times we need leaders who will treat political office like a deployment, not a career. We are in a fight we can’t lose, a fight for our future and the Wisconsin values we cherish. I ask for your vote on November 8th.


(R-Green Bay)

Exercise your Right to VOTE on Tuesday • November 8th, 2016

40 Kay# Niw^sa • October 20, 2016

2016 Election Campaign…Wisconsin & The Nation

Analysis: Trump and Clinton Campaigns Impact on Indian Country ring to members of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe in Connecticut, a tribe with whom he was competing when he owned casinos in Atlantic City. Finally, Trump expressed the view that providing tribes with the ability to Hillary Clinton, D-New York own gaming businesses on Issue 1: Tribal Gaming their lands is inherently discriminatory and that government should open gamDonald Trump: His views toward ing up to all interested parties, not just tribal affairs appear to be driven largely tribal governments. by his interest in the gaming industry. While this was over twenty years ago, In October 1993, Donald Trump testi- it suggests that under a Trump Adminisfied in front of the House Natural Re- tration there could be a push to subject sources Committee and expressed deep gaming revenues to state and/or federal misgivings about the tribal gaming in- taxes, a race-based view toward process dustry. His primary focus was on the of tribal recognition, and a full review fact that commercial gaming is subject of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. to taxes, from which tribal gaming is exempt. Additionally, he claimed that Subsequent to the 1993 hearing, crime and corruption are rampant at Trump both invested in and opposed tribal gaming facilities. He expressed tribal gaming ventures. In the early skepticism regarding the federal policy 2000s, Trump had financial arrangeused to recognize tribes, stating “they ments and investments related to gamdon’t look like Indians to me”, refer- ing operations with several tribes. This article analyzes past actions of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton – and their running mates – to provide an assessment of the potential impact that could be expected on Indian Country from either of their presidencies.


President of the United States of America

- Hillary Clinton (D-New York) - Donald Trump (R-New York)

However, in another case, issues on the campaign trail. the New York Temporary State Commission on LobClinton: Hillary Clinbying in 2000 investigated ton made healthcare a Trump for improper lobbyfocal point of her caming and whether he sought paign and her convento influence compact netion last week—particugotiations between the St. larly her strong advocacy Regis Mohawk Tribe and Donald Trump, R-New York and support for the State New York State. It was alleged that Trump was financially sup- Children’s Health Insurance Program porting third party entities depicting the (SCHIP). That program helps provide tribe as criminals in an effort to stop the funding to states that offer insurance for tribe from securing gaming rights out- children, including Native American children, under the poverty line. Addiside of New York City. tionally, Clinton cosponsored the Indian Hillary Clinton: Although Clinton Healthcare Improvement Amendments served as a United States Senator for Act, which reauthorized and reformed 8 years, she neither sponsored nor co- the Indian Health Service. While the sponsored any tribal gaming bills. We IHS still has numerous deficiencies, understand that she had a fairly good the act is credited for reinvigorating the working relationship with gaming often-beleaguered IHS. tribes in her state, however.

Issue 2: Healthcare

Issue 3: Fee to Trust

Trump: There are no records of DonTrump: There are no records of Don- ald Trump addressing fee-to-trust isald Trump addressing tribal health care sues on the campaign trail.

Clinton: There are no records of Hillary addressing fee-to-trust issues on the campaign trail. Furthermore, she did not sponsor or cosponsor any bills during her time in the Senate.

Issue 4: Law Enforcement

Trump: Donald Trump has made law and order a central focus of his campaign, suggesting that he will be likely to increase funding for federal law enforcement agencies. This may benefit tribes that rely on federal funding for

• See 41 Campaign: Impact on Indian Country

2016 Election

October 20, 2016 • [email protected] Niw^sa U’skah 41

Campaign…Wisconsin & The Nation

From page 40/Campaign: Impact on Indian Country much of their law enforcement programs. However, 20 years ago at the hearing on tribal gaming in the House Resources Committee, Donald Trump suggested that tribal gaming operations were run by organized crime, and that the tribal law enforcement was either involved or unable to stop the corruption. If this view persists, a Trump Administration is unlikely to favor tribal criminal justice systems over state and local courts. Clinton: While Clinton has also focused on law enforcement in her campaign, the tone and tenor does not suggest that there would be much of an impact on tribal law enforcement issues. Of note during her Senate career, Hillary Clinton was an initial cosponsor of the Matthew Sheppard Hate Crimes bill, which would have provided Indian tribes with access to funding to assist in the prosecution of Hate Crimes.

Campaign Stops in Indian Country Both Trump and Clinton have visited Indian Country during the campaign. Trump met with Arizona Tribal leaders in Phoenix in June. Representatives from the White Mountain Apache Tribe, the Cocopah Tribe, and the Pascua Yaqui Tribe discussed issues pertaining to tribal sovereignty, energy independence, poverty, water, and gaming. The meeting was arranged by then AZ State Senator Carlyle Begay (R), a member of the Navajo Nation and candidate for the United States House of Representatives in the AZ-1 seat. (Should Trump win, Begay would become natural

choice to become Assistant Secretary able to live up to his or her God-given Tribal Law and Order Act in 2010. for Indian Affairs,) potential.” Senator Tim Kaine Clinton participated in a roundtable Vice Presidential Candidates’ (D-VA): In July discussion in March with 19 tribal 2015, the Pamunkey leaders from around Washington State Record on Indian Country Indian Tribe became on the Puyallup reservation. Leaders the first in Virginia discussed local water quality issues Governor Mike to receive federal and salmon restoration, in addition to Pence (R-IN): recognition from the health and education issues and the im- Governor Mike Bureau of Indian Senator Tim Kaine, D-Virginia portance of government-to-government Pence was a member Affairs. Senator of the U.S. House consultation and tribal sovereignty. Kaine served as an advocate for the of Representatives Pamunkey throughout the lengthy from 2001 to 2013. process by weighing in on BIA’s tribal Candidate Statements on There is one tribe recognition rulemaking, serving as Governor Mike Pence, R-Indiana Indian Country with reservation a liaison to the agency, and urging lands in Indiana, the Pokagon Band of funding for the tribe. Trump Campaign Quote on Indian Potawatomi Indians, however, they are Country: “The candidate has the not within Governor Pence’s former Bill Sponsorship / Votes: utmost respect for the government-to- congressional district. Senator Kaine reintroduced legislation to government relationship between tribes grant federal recognition to six Virginia and federal government – and thus self- Bill Sponsorship / Votes: tribes. In the 113th Congress, Senator determination to the extent possibly by As a Member of Congress, Governor Kaine cosponsored S.47, the Violence tribes, the same as for states.” Pence did not sponsor any legislation Against Women Reauthorization specifically targeting or benefitting Act. In the 114th Congress, Senator Clinton Campaign Quote on Indian Indian Country. However, he co- Kaine cosponsored the Every Student Country: “Hillary Clinton believes the sponsored a number of bills prohibiting Succeeds Act, a bill to reauthorize the United States has a sacred trust with or limiting Internet gambling. In 2005, Elementary and Secondary Education Native Americans. She is committed he co-sponsored HR 2353, the “Common Act of 1965. The bill included robust to strengthening and building on Sense Indian Gambling Reform Act”, funding for Indian Education, including the government-to-government which would have modified the Indian support for infrastructure, a study on relationship between the United States Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA). The suicide prevention among students in and Indian tribes, and believes the bill would have amended IGRA to Indian country, early education, Native United States should fulfill its treaty require background investigations language restoration programs, and obligations and trust responsibilities on the 10 persons or entities with the culturally appropriate and effective to Tribal Nations. She believes we highest financial interest in a gaming instruction. need to break down all the barriers operation. It would have limited tribes that hold Native Americans back and to conducting gaming on only one Analysis provided by PACE.LLP. build ladders of opportunity for all contiguous parcel of land, likely in an www.pacellp.com Native American people. That includes attempt to limit “reservation shopping”. removing obstacles that contribute to The bill would have also raised the cap addiction, high unemployment and on fees paid annually by each gaming poverty rates on many reservations. At operation from $8M to $16M. the core of Clinton’s agenda is a simple idea: every child in America should be Governor Pence voted against the

Presidential Election is Tuesday • November 8th, 2016 Exercise your Right to VOTE!!