2016 press kit - Catalina Film Festival

2016 press kit - Catalina Film Festival

2016 PRESS KIT Jennifer Chidester Modern PR, Inc. [email protected] www.modernPRinc.com CATALINA FILM FESTIVAL KICKS OFF 2016 WITH 90 FILMS, ...

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Jennifer Chidester Modern PR, Inc. [email protected] www.modernPRinc.com CATALINA FILM FESTIVAL KICKS OFF 2016 WITH 90 FILMS, FILM & NEW MEDIA SUMMIT, AND ATTENDEES INCLUDING JAIME KING, CATALINA SANDINO MORENO Jake Busey, Alex Beh, Kelli Garner Also Attending

  LOS ANGELES (September 29, 2016) — Catalina Film Festival (CFF) rolled out the red carpet for the 6th annual Fest as it takes over the famed Catalina Island through Oct. 2. CFF is a competitive festival and film market where guests experience the West Coast’s only resort island while enjoying upwards of 90 films, the annual Film and New Media Summit, and exclusive events.    Actress Jaime King (Sin City, Pearl Harbor, The Pardon) will be presented with the Avalon Award honoring an actor who’s unafraid to enter Hollywood’s unchartered waters while taking risks with their career.  Academy Award nominee Catalina Sandino Moreno (Maria Full of Grace, American Gothic) will also be in attendance Saturday for the California premiere of Custody at the iconic Avalon Theatre.    Sharon Stone, past recipient of Catalina Film Festival’s Stanley Kramer Social Artist Award, will bring the West Coast premiere of her new holocaust documentary, An Undeniable Voice.   Actors Jake Busey and Alex Beh will be on-hand for the screening of Swing State, as will the cast and crew of Beneficiary, including Patrick Fischler and Fiona Dourif. While Catalina Island celebrates one of its own – Marilyn Monroe would have been 90 this year -- Kelli Garner, who recently channeled Marilyn for The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, will be in attendance with her film, Americana.   Recent honorees include Nicolas Cage, William H. Macy, Andy Garcia, Mena Suvari, Kate Bosworth, Jon Favreau, Patricia Arquette, F. Gary Gray, and Stan Lee, to name a few. For the full listing of films, special events, and attending talent, visit www.CatalinaFilm.org.    About Catalina Film Festival Catalina Film Festival is an annual celebration of film on the only West Coast resort island. From Charlie Chaplin to Marilyn Monroe, celebrities and filmmakers have flocked to Catalina for inspiration. Clear blue water and coastal breezes provide the perfect backdrop for discovering everything the island has to offer, 26 miles off the coast of Los Angeles. Supported by Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce, CFF benefits the Catalina Island Conservatory. Sponsors include Mercedes Benz, Island Express Helicopter Service, ALS Limo and Car Service, Catalina Express, Fill R Up Gastro Garage, and The Cafaro Group. Visit www.CatalinaFilm.org and Facebook.com/CatalinaFilm. 

Celebrity Guests JAIME KING AVALON AWARD RECIPIENT Actress and producer, Jaime King is most known for roles in Pearl Harbor, Hart of Dixie, and Sin City. She began her career as a top model at age 16, before transitioning to �ilm and T roles. For more than a decade, King has consciously made very important choices in both her professional career and personal life, making her the perfect recipient for the annual Avalon Award. The Avalon honors an actor or �ilmmaker making waves within the Hollywood community by continually entering “uncharted waters” in their career and standing out from their peers.

CATALINA SANDINO MORENO Academy Award nominee Custody Maria Full of Grace, American Gothic

KELLI GARNER Americana The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, Aviator, Lars & the Real Girl


Anne Dudek

Fiona Dourif

Beneficiary 10 Items or Less, White Chicks, House, Big Love, Mad Men

Beneficiary, Manhattan, Curse of Chucky, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Patrick Fischler

Alex Beh

Jake Busey

Bene�iciary, Mad Men, Californication, Mulholland Drive

Swing State, Warren, Coffees, Babe

Swing State, Contact, Identity, Enemy of the State

HOW TO FEST during the month of September, where temperatures can range from 65-90 degrees Fahrenheit (18-32 degrees Celsius).



ATTIRE OVERVIEW: Wednesday Sept 28, 2016 Festival attendees are casual, Film & New Media Summit attendees are business casual. Thursday Sept 29, 2016 Festival attendees are casual, Film & New Media Summit attendees are business casual. Friday Sept 30, 2016 Daytime festival attendees are casual, Film & New Media Summit attendees are business casual. but Friday Night Parties are usually fun and stylish island nightlife attire. Of course you should always be ready to look your best on our Red Carpet. Saturday Oct 1, 2016 Daytime festival attendees are casual, but Saturday Night Premiere and Gala Parties are Black Tie. Sunday Oct 2, 2016 Festival attendees are casual.


THURS., SEPT. 29 9:00 A.M. -8:00 P.M.

FRI., SEPT. 30 9:00 A.M. -8:00 P.M.

SAT., OCT. 1 8:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M.

SUN., OCT. 2 9:00 A.M.-3:00 P.M.

CFF Venue Locations AVALON THEATRE 1 Casino Way Avalon, CA 90704

A.C.C. THEATER 236 Metropole Ave. Avalon, CA 90704

BEACH HOUSE 205 Crescent Ave. Avalon, CA 90704

CFF FESTIVAL LOUNGE 205 Crescent Ave. Avalon, CA 90704

LANCER AUDITORIUM 200 Falls Canyon Rd. Avalon, CA 90704

OVERLOOK THEATER 209 East Whittley Avalon, CA 90704











as we have already turned people away because of the spot you were taking. You are, however, free to sell or give your ticket to someone else, though we will not serve as an agent or go-between to help you do it. When we sell out, please note that we do not maintain a waiting list.


Ferry tickets will be available through the CATALINA EXPRESS and CATALINA FLYER. Please contact Catalina Express at 1-800-481-3470 or Catalina Flyer at 1-800-830-7744 to book your ferry tickets. You may also book the ferry tickets by clicking volume of bookings very closely, and will add trips to their schedule if necessary, but you must book as soon as possible so they Long Beach Downtown Landing, so please make sure you book your departing tickets from the Long Beach Downtown Landing if you want a return ferry not on their standard schedule. Parking is $15 max per 24 hours.


Yes. Please go to our amazing partners’ Hotels, Villas and Resorts & Spas we have listed on our “Partners” page. Please be aware complete website for Catalina Island hotel information!

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? degrees, and the nights around 50-60 degrees when the sun goes down. So bring clothes that will allow you to enjoy the event, click here.

WHERE DO I CHECK IN OR GET MY TICKETS FOR THE FESTIVAL? under our Venues page. Once you check in you can go have dinner or explore Avalon, then come to the Casino at 5:00 p.m. for the Red Carpet Arrivals and Cocktail Hour. Check-ins will also be able to done at the Casino if you’re unable to go the Festival Lounge before 5PM.


We do not serve food at our venues unless they are supplied by vendors (sponsored or for purchase) or clearly noted in our schedule of events (IE. Opening Gala, Festival parties, Special Programs, and other events). We recommend that you patronize one of the many restaurants in Avalon before or between screenings, events and special guests. Establishments range from fast-food stands to elegant sit-down restaurants. Food is not allowed in the theater besides the normal concessions you For restaurants around the island:





MAY I BRING MY CHILDREN? While we have no minimum age, we do not encourage children to attend screenings of a mature nature (noted in the program). presented to an appreciative audience. It is the parents’ responsibility to watch them. MAY I PURCHASE A PACKAGE? we will apply your existing ticket purchase to the sponsorship package. Please book these packages as soon as possible to avoid being shut out! get in line early, socialize, network, and get ready to be entertained. However, please know that any reserved seating that is WHAT KIND OF FILMS WILL BE SHOWN? interest you or be appropriate for you and your guests. Please refer to our “Film Guide” page as we will be adding the competMAY I BRING MY CAMERA AND TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS?

I WANT TO SPEND THE DAY ON CATALINA, BUT NOT SPEND THE NIGHT, IS THERE SOMEWHERE I CAN PUT MY STUFF WHILE I EXPLORE THE ISLAND? lockers on the outside of the building (from the luggage check) by inserting 4 quarters. I WANT TO MAKE A DAY OF IT. WHAT ELSE CAN I DO WHILE IN AVALON? Please check out our “Partners” page for some amazing adventures. And for more things to do, see below. eCatalina.com Catalina Chamber of Commerce for the most concise listing of Chamber of Commerce events, accommodations, adventures, attractions and travel options on and around the island: www.CatalinaChamber.com Catalina Island Conservancy for JEEP ECO TOUR and other adventures: www.CatalinaConservancy.org Visit Catalina Island for Zip-Line, Dining, Hotels and more: www.VisitCatalinaIsland.com HOW CAN I GET FROM ONE VENUE TO ANOTHER ON THE ISLAND? with enough time to get to your next screening venue, event, or party. If you don’t want to wait around for a shuttle, cab rides are available from the Catalina Transportation Services at 310-510-0025, there are bicycles you can rent by the hour or day, golf-carts, and you can also walk from one venue to the other pretty comfortably if you choose. Bicycles can also be brought over on the ferry (for a fee) if you choose to get around on your own bicycle. WHAT IS THE PITCH PANEL LOTTERY? -