2016 texas state cinderella pageant - Texas Cinderella Pageant

2016 texas state cinderella pageant - Texas Cinderella Pageant

Texas Cinderella Pageants It’s Magic….Cinderella Magic! October 2, 2015 Dear Texas Cinderella Preliminary Winners, CONGRATULATIONS on winning your loc...

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Texas Cinderella Pageants It’s Magic….Cinderella Magic! October 2, 2015 Dear Texas Cinderella Preliminary Winners, CONGRATULATIONS on winning your local preliminary and joining the most prestigious and largest youth scholarship pageant of its kind in the world. We are honored to have you as a participant in our Texas Program and hope that you will find this a very rewarding experience that you will cherish for a lifetime. As a local winner, you have qualified to participate in the glamorous 2016 Texas State Pageant to be held during the week of June 11-18th in Houston, Texas at the beautiful Omni Westside Hotel. You will have the opportunity to meet young people from across the state of Texas where friendships will be made for a lifetime. To download your state paperwork, please visit our website at www.texascinderellapageant.com and click on Entry Forms. Scroll until you find the 2016 Texas State Cinderella Baby Packet or the 2016 Texas State Cinderella packet and download those documents. Please make sure you are only downloading the documents that pertain to your age division. Baby packets are for all girls ages 0-2 years. Cinderella packets are for all girls ages 3-up. Read all of the information carefully and make sure you adhere to all deadlines stated. In addition, you should have received your Letter of Intent form from your local director at the pageant. This is the first form that must be completed within 60 days. A Participant Handbook has been included in with the State documents for you to familiarize yourself with. This should answer most, if not all of your questions, but feel free to call or email your local director or myself at anytime when needed. Remember, by winning your local title, your $125.00 entry fee is pre-paid, so if for any reason you cannot attend the Texas State Finals, I would like to know as soon as possible, for your title and entry fee will be passed down to the next eligible participant in your age division. I look forward to hearing from you soon, and congratulations again on taking the first step into making all of your Cinderella dreams come true. Sincerely,

Ms. Kelli Kelli Harvey Texas State Director 13902 OAK SPRING RD• CYPRESS, TEXAS • 77429 PHONE • FAX: 713-702-2307 Email: [email protected] www.texascinderellapageant.com

2016 TEXAS STATE CINDERELLA PAGEANT Statement of Intent / Deposit Form Yes, I am planning to attend the 40th Anniversary of the Texas State Cinderella Pageant that will be held at the Omni Houston Hotel Westside Hotel in Houston, Texas from Tuesday, June 14, 2016 until Saturday, June 18, 2016. I understand from reading the 2016 Texas State Cinderella Entry Forms that I must send in my $100.00 Deposit immediately in order to reserve my place at this year’s State Pageant. (This $100.00 deposit is NOT an additional fee. This payment will be deducted from your Balance Due amount.) I understand that returning this form and my $100.00 Deposit allows me to take advantage of having my Entry Fee of $125.00 PRE-PAID to the Texas State Finals! I understand that if this Statement of Intent Form is not returned within 60 days after my local pageant, I will be required to pay the $125.00 Entry Fee!

Proposed Hotel Requirements: I plan to arrive at the Omni Houston Westside on (date) ______________at (time) _______________and will depart on (date) ___________. I intend to use the following Housing Plan:

□ Plan 1 – Participant and Chaperone housed with another Participant and her Chaperone □ Plan 2 - Participant and Chaperone housed in a private room with one king bed. □ Plan 3- Participant, Chaperone and one guest housed in a private room with two double beds. □ Plan 4 – Participant, Chaperone and two guests housed in a private room with two double beds. □ Plan 5 – Participant, Chaperone and up to three guests housed in an Executive King (oversized) with one king bed and fridge. (Only 10 available)

□ I participated in the __________________________Area pageant and won the title of __________________in the ________________Division First Name ________________________________________________________Last Name____________________________________________ Address _

__________________________________________ City __

Age _________ Birthdate ____________Hm Phone ______

_____________, TX.

Zip _______________


Directors Name___________________________________________________ Parents Name___________________________________________

□ I have enclosed a check or money order. You may charge your pageant deposit to your credit card by either calling the state office with this information or you may complete this form and return to the State office via fax, mail or email.

□ I would like to charge my deposit to my:

□ Visa

□ Master Card □ Amex □ Discover (add 4.25% to all credit cards)

Card Number__________________________________________________________________Expiration Date_________________ Card Mailing Address______________________________________________________________3 or 4 digit SEC Code_________ City_______________________________________________State_________________________________Zip________________ Cardholder Name________________________________________________ Signature____________________________________ Texas State Cinderella Office · c/o Kelli Harvey · 13902 Oak Spring Rd · Cypress, TX 77429 Phone (281)205-7939 · Email: [email protected]

2016 Texas State Pageant Awards OVER $25,000 IN CASH & PRIZES AWARDED TO OVERALL WINNERS! Here are just a few of the awards you could win in the Tot thru Woman divisions….. Overall Winners Tot through Cinderella Woman Divisions

Cinderella Round Crown, Trophy & Banner, Use of Official Robe during Reign & Flowers, $1000.00 Cash, $500.00 Cash College Scholarship, Queen’s Trip, Luggage, Custom Cinderella Jacket, Custom designed Necklace, $150.00 International Entry Fee, $125.00 International Photogenic Fee

Talent; Tot Personality Winners Tot through Cinderella Woman Divisions

Cinderella Round Crown, Trophy, & Banner, $250.00 Cash College Scholarship, $150.00 International Entry Fee, $125.00 International Photogenic Fee

Beauty Winners Tot through Cinderella Woman Divisions

Cinderella’s Round Crown, Trophy & Banner, $250.00 Cash College Scholarship, $150.00 International Entry Fee, $125.00 International Photogenic Fee *

Photogenic Winners Tot through Cinderella Woman Divisions

Cinderella Round Crown, Trophy, & Banner, $100.00 Cash College Scholarship, $150.00 International Entry Fee, $125.00 International Photogenic Fee

& Many Other Prizes and Awards throughout the Year!!!!!

2016 Texas State Cinderella Scholarship Pageant Overall Winners Tot through Cinderella Woman Divisions

Cinderella Round Crown, Trophy & Banner Use of Official Robe during Reign & Flowers $1000.00 Cash ** $500.00 Cash College Scholarship ** Queen’s Trip Luggage Custom Cinderella Jacket Custom designed Necklace $150.00 International Entry Fee $125.00 International Photogenic Fee * *(Tot through Teen divisions only) And many more prizes throughout the year

Talent Winners Tot through Cinderella Woman Divisions

Cinderella Round Crown, Trophy, & Banner $250.00 Cash College Scholarship ** $150.00 International Entry Fee $125.00 International Photogenic Fee * *(Tot through Teen divisions only)

Photogenic Winners Tot through Cinderella Woman Divisions

Beauty Winners

Cinderella Round Crown, Trophy, & Banner $100.00 Cash College Scholarship ** $150.00 International Entry Fee $125.00 International Photogenic Fee * *(Tot through Teen divisions only)

Tot through Cinderella Woman Divisions

Cinderella Round Crown, Trophy & Banner $250.00 Cash College Scholarship ** $150.00 International Entry Fee $125.00 International Photogenic Fee * *(Tot through Teen divisions only)

OVER $25,000 IN CASH & PRIZES AWARDED TO OVERALL WINNERS! Omni Houston Hotel Westside ● 13210 Katy Freeway. ● Houston, Texas, 77079 June 14-18, 2016 * GRAND FINALS- June 17, 2016 *Awards based on eighty-five (85) participants, Tot through Teen, attending the 2016 Texas State Pageant 84-65 Participants: Overall- $500.00 Cash Award · $400.00 Cash College Scholarship Beauty and Talent- $200.00 Cash College Scholarship/ Photogenic- $75.00 Cash College Scholarship Below 65 Participants: Overall- $250.00 Cash Award · $300.00 Cash College Scholarship Beauty and Talent- $100.00 Cash College Scholarship/ Photogenic- $50.00 Cash College Scholarship Cinderella Woman- Cinderella Woman cash prize award is based on the number of contestants There must be at least 10 contestants or more to award the full cash award Below 10 contestants will receive a pro-rated Cash Award and Cash College Scholarship


Texas State Royalty

Texas State Tot-Ella Jones Texas State Mini Miss- Macie Krause Texas State Miss- Laurel Jones Texas State Teen- Bryton Bonacquisti Texas State Woman- Cimmi Alvarez Page 1 of 1

2016 TEXAS STATE PAGEANT ENTRY FORMS Mail all forms to: Texas State Cinderella Office · c/o Kelli Harvey · 13902 Oak Spring Rd · Cypress, TX 77429 Phone (713)702-2307 · Fax (713) 629-4706 Final Deadline for additional advertising, entry forms and photo is May 15, 2016. FORMS AND PHOTOS RECEIVED AFTER THAT TIME WILL BE CHARGED A $25.00 LATE FEE. Participants may pay their balance due on registration day at the state pageant but are encouraged to prepay their fees in order to avoid waiting in long lines the day of registration. Indicate the age that you will be upon registration day at the pageant. You must send in this completed form and a minimum of $100.00 of your total fees, along with all advertising monies and credit card information to guarantee your housing, by the May 15, 2016 deadline in order for your place to be reserved at the pageant and to avoid the $25.00 late fee. No entries will be accepted after May 30, 2016! You will stay in the age group in which you participated in at your local pageant.

□CINDERELLA TOT (3-6) □CINDERELLA MINIATURE MISS (7-9) □CINDERELLA MISS (10-12) □CINDERELLA TEEN (13-17) □CINDERELLA WOMAN (18-26) NAME___________________________________________________ AGE _________ BIRTHDATE _________________________________ ADDRESS _____________________________________________ CITY ______________________, TX ZIP ________________ PARENTS____________________________________________________ DIRECTOR(s) NAME_______________________________________ PHONE (

) ___________________________________ AREA/TITLE WON______ ___________________________________________

PARTICIPANT’S SSN # __________-__________-_________________ Email Address________________________________________________ CONTESTANT T-SHIRT SIZE (check one) 3T___4T___YXS___YS___YM___YL___YXL___AS___AM___AL___AXL___AXXL___AXXXL___

BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH FOR JUDGES & EMCEE PHONETIC SPELLING OF FIRST & LAST NAME: _____________________________________________________________________________ COLOR OF EYES ____________FAVORITE COLOR ____________ FAVORITE FOOD ______________ HAIR COLOR______________ SISTER’S NAMES__________________________________________________________ HOBBY (1) ___________________________________ BROTHER’S NAMES____________________________________________________ SPORTS (1) _______________________________ KIND OF PET (1) _________________ PET’S NAME_____________________________ AMBITION____________________________________ TALENT (Describe) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

PARTICIPANT SPONSORS BUSINESS SPONSORS (IF APPLICABLE. Not Mandatory) – A max of 12 will be listed in the Official Program Book.













CINDERELLA TEXAS STATE PAGEANT RELEASE FORM As the parents (legal guardian) of the participant named above in an official Cinderella Pageant, I do hereby agree that if my child wins the State pageant or one of the other major titles (Cinderella Beauty, Talent, Photogenic) she is obligated to represent that title at the International pageant. Should we elect not to represent that title at the International pageant, I understand that we forfeit all prizes and rights awarded to that title. I do further agree to abide by the rules and regulations, directives and provisions for the winners and participants as set forth in the official Cinderella Participant Handbook and by the Cinderella International Board of Directors. I agree to hold International Productions & Publications, Inc., the Texas Cinderella pageant and its directors and staff members harmless of all damages due to theft, accident or injury during or resulting from my child’s participation in the State pageant. I accept the responsibility for the regulation of hours, personal conduct and activities of my child and affirm that the enclosed forms are true to the best of my knowledge and belief, including birth date, city and state of residence. I further understand that any false or misleading information will be sufficient reason for dismissal from the pageant without a refund. PARENT’S / GUARDIAN’S SIGNATURE ___________________________________________________________________________ DATE _________________

Page 2 of 2



(All three (3) fees listed below are mandatory unless your Entry Fee is paid)

(Check all those that apply, indicate amounts where applicable) $10.00 Photo Reduction Fee $3.00 Participant Insurance Fee (if not paid through local pageant) $________ Additional Participant Housing (from pg.4) $________ Guest Housing (from pg.4) $________ Guest Ticket Package Badge Plan (from pg. 4 ) $________ Individual Event Tickets (from pg.5) $ ________ Additional Official T-shirt (from pg. 5) $ ________ Guest Welcome Banquet Tickets (from pg. 5) $ ________ Guest Gilbert Fiesta Dinner Tickets (from pg. 5 ) $ ________ Guest Award Dinner Tickets (from pg. 5 )

1. $475.00 Registration Fee ■ Must be paid by all state Pageant Participants 2. $125.00 Entry Fee □ Paid by local pageant ________________________________ □ Paid by Winner’s Circle Scholarship □ Must be paid by Pageant Participant 3. $250.00 Participant & Chaperone Meal & Ticket Package Plan incls. Welcome Fiesta / Awards Ball/ Ballpark with Gilbert Dinner/All Modeling & Party Tickets/ 1 program book and 1 contestant “official” t-shirt

□ $ ________ Modeling/Banquet & Party Package Plan (from pg.5) □ $ ________ Program Book Advertising (from pg.6) # of ads sold____

PAGEANT HOUSING PLANS (Must select one of the following) Note: There are limited rooms with 2 double beds. Participants with a Plan 4 will be accommodated before those with a Plan 3. Please send in your Entry Forms ASAP if you need a room with 2 double beds as these are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. DO NOT call the hotel directly for room reservations. All reservations MUST be made through the Cinderella State office!

□ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □

Host Hotel: Omni Houston Hotel Westside 13210 Katy Freeway ● Houston, Texas, 77079 $316.00- Plan 1 ROOMMATE PLAN • Participant and Chaperone Hotel Accommodations….. Sharing a room with another participant and chaperone for 4 nights beginning, Tuesday June 14 checkout Saturday June 18, 2016. Room with two Double Beds.

TOTAL OF OPTIONAL FEES……………..$____________________

□ SISTER DISCOUNT If sisters compete in the Pageant, follow these directions: One sister will completely fill out all sections of a set of entry forms, listing her sister(s) as roommates. The sister(s) will fill out Page 1 and the advertising section of page 4 of a separate set of entry forms. On her set of forms she will list the $575.00 fee stated below and enter it into the “Total Of All Fees” blank below.

Sister Registration Fee………………………………..…$475.00 Sister Meal & Ticket Package………………………….….…..$ 150.00 This will only give you 1 additional meal plan for the contestant only.

• •

Sister Discount……………………………..…………. - $25.00

Must arrive and depart the same day Each participant will pay this price

Roommate Name ___________________________________________ □ $580.00 - Plan 2 PRIVATE ROOM - 2 PEOPLE ONLY •

Participant and Chaperone Hotel Accommodations….. A private room for 2 people with a King bed for 4 nights beginning, Tuesday June 14 checkout Saturday June 18, 2016. Room with one King Bed.

SISTER TOTAL FEES…………..………….........$ 600.00 FEE TOTALS SUBTOTAL OF ALL FEES (Required + Optional)……..…$____________ TOTAL OF TXATC /CAMEO GIRL FEES…………….$____________ (from TXATC/CAMEO entry form-OPTIONAL)

PREVIOUSLY PAID DEPOSIT (IF ANY)……………..$____________

$596.00 – Plan 3 •


LESS ADVERTISING CREDIT DUE…………………..$____________

Participant and Chaperone Hotel Accommodations….. A private room for 3 people with 2 Double beds for 4 nights beginning, Tuesday June 14 checkout Saturday June 18, 2016. Room with two Double Beds.

AMOUNT ENCLOSED (check, money order or cashiers check).$____________ OR charge to the Following Credit Card (add 4.25% to Credit Card) □Visa




Cardholder Name_____________________________________________ GUEST 1)_____________________________________________________

$632.00 – Plan 4 PRIVATE ROOM - 4 PEOPLE ONLY • Participant and Chaperone Hotel Accommodations….. A private room for 4 people with 2 double beds for 4 nights beginning, Tuesday June 14 checkout Saturday June 18, 2016. Room with two Double Beds.

GUEST 1)__________________________________________ GUEST 2)__________________________________________

$756.00 – Plan 5 EXECUTIVE KING PLAN • Participant and Chaperone Hotel Accommodations….. A Executive King bed only for up to 3 people includes a Larger Room, 1 King bed only, and fridge for 4 nights beginning, Tuesday June 9 checkout Saturday June 13, 2015. Only 1 bed.

Billing Address______________________________________________ Cardholder Signature__________________________________________ Card Number________________________________________________ 3 or 4 Digit Code Back of Card_______________Exp Date___________ BALANCE DUE AT STATE PAGEANT……………………………………..$____________ PLEASE NOTE BELOW: Every participant will need to guarantee their reservation by providing a credit card to the state office. This card will be charged in case of no shows or last minute cancellations for 1 night hotel stay plus cancellation fees. Please complete the credit card information above.

(Only 10 rooms available. first come first serve) TOTAL OF REQUIRED FEES………………. $__________________

Page 3 of 3


PLAN 1 ADDITIONAL HOUSING- Includes all taxes and fees! (Remember, your roommate must arrive and depart on the same day you do) Check the Additional Nights You Require For Early Arrival Add For Late Departure Add □ Friday June 10 □ Saturday June 11 □ Sunday June 12 □ Saturday June 18 (Late checkout after 11:00 am) □ Monday June 13 (TXATC/Cameo Arrival Day) □ Sunday June 19 (staying after Pageant) TOTAL NUMBER OF ADDITIONAL NIGHTS________ x $ 79.50 PER NIGHT=$_________________ (Transfer total above to Optional Fees on page 3)

PLAN 2 ADDITIONAL HOUSING- Includes all taxes and fees! Check the Additional Nights You Require For Early Arrival Add For Late Departure Add □ Friday June 10 □ Saturday June 11 □ Sunday June 12 □ Saturday June 18 (Late checkout after 11:00 am) □ Monday June 13 (TXATC/Cameo Arrival Day) □ Sunday June 19 (staying after Pageant) TOTAL NUMBER OF ADDITIONAL NIGHTS________ x $ 145.00 PER NIGHT=$_________________ (Transfer total above to Optional Fees on page 3)

PLAN 3 ADDITIONAL HOUSING- Includes all taxes and fees! Check the Additional Nights You Require For Early Arrival Add For Late Departure Add □ Friday June 10 □ Saturday June 11 □ Sunday June 12 □ Saturday June 18 (Late checkout after 11:00 am) □ Monday June 13 (TXATC/Cameo Arrival Day) □ Sunday June 19 (staying after Pageant) TOTAL NUMBER OF ADDITIONAL NIGHTS________ x $ 149.00 PER NIGHT=$_________________ (Transfer total above to Optional Fees on page 3)

PLAN 4 or PLAN 5 ADDITIONAL HOUSING- Includes all taxes and fees! Check the Additional Nights You Require For Early Arrival Add For Late Departure Add □ Friday June 10 □ Saturday June 11 □ Sunday June 12 □ Saturday June 18 (Late checkout after 11:00 am) □ Monday June 13 (TXATC/Cameo Arrival Day) □ Sunday June 19 (staying after Pageant) PLAN 4 - TOTAL NUMBER OF ADDITIONAL NIGHTS________ x $ 159.00 PER NIGHT=$_________________ PLAN 5 - TOTAL NUMBER OF ADDITIONAL NIGHTS________ x $ 189.00 PER NIGHT=$_________________ (Transfer total above to Optional Fees on page 3)

ADDITIONAL GUEST HOUSING (Complete only if there are additional guests of the participants) Please reserve an additional room on nights as indicated below. For more than one additional room, simply copy this section of the form and fill out accordingly. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE PRICES INCLUDE ALL TAXES! This room will be added to your fees. Name to List Guest Room Under: _________________________________________________________________________________ □ Plan 6: Single/Double Occupancy- $ 145.00 per night (includes all taxes) □ Plan 7: Triple Occupancy- $ 149.00 per night (includes all taxes) □ Plan 8: Four Occupants- $ 159.00 per night (includes all taxes) □ Fri 6/10 □ Sat 6/11 □ Sun 6/12 □ Mon 6/13 □ Tue 6/14 □ Wed 6/15 □ Thu 6/16 □ Fri 6/17 □ Sat 6/18 □ Sun 6/19 Please check nights needed

GUEST HOUSING TOTAL…………………..$________________ (Transfer total to Optional Fees on page 3)

GUEST TICKET PACKAGE BADGE PLANS (Does not include Meal functions, or TXATC/Cameo Events) The Ticket Package Plan allows the spectator to pay one reduced price for admission to all competitive events including the Grand Finals and all Parties. The Ticket Package Plan Badge allows “come & go” walk through admittance without having to show a ticket stub at the door. TICKET PACKAGE BADGE PLANS………….Adult - $50.00 TICKET PACKAGE PLANS…(10 and under)…Child - $25.00 # of Adult Ticket Package Plans:_________ # of child Ticket Package Plans:___________ TOTAL COST OF GUEST TICKET PACKAGE PLANS: $____________ (Transfer total to Optional Fees on page 3)

Page 4 of 4

INDIVIDUAL EVENT TICKETS/ADDTIONAL T-SHIRT ORDER Even though a Ticket Package Badge Plan is the most economical way to attend all of the competition events and the parties, individual event tickets are also available for those family members or friends who cannot attend every event. You may pre-purchase these tickets by ordering them now or they will be available for sale at the door prior to each event.

PRELIMINARY COMPETITION EVENTS Adults $10.00 per day _____ # of tickets x $10.00= $ __________ Children 4-10 yrs $5.00 per day _____ # of tickets x $ 5.00= $__________ Please circle event(s) needed: Tot Personality/Talent - Casual Wear - Party Wear

NEON LIGHTS DANCE PARTY & GRAND FINALS TICKETS Neon Lights Party Adults $10.00 _____Child $5.00_____ Grand Finals Tickets Adults $25.00 _____Child $10.00_____ Children under 3 admitted free but cannot take a seat. If they take a seat they must Pay the $10.00 children’s price. Space is limited at the Grand Finals and a sell out is expected, Reserve your tickets early!

ADDITIONAL “OFFICIAL” T-SHIRTS PRE-ORDER Each contestant will receive 1 Official t-shirt included in their Registration Fees. Please list the contestant size needed on page 2. Purchase any additional 2016 “Official” T-shirts for additional family members here. These shirts will be reserved for you in the official Cinderella Gift Shop. 3T____4T____YouthXS ___YouthS____YouthM____YouthL____YouthXL____AdultS____AdultM____AdultL____AdultXL____AdultXXL____AdultXXXL____ Additional Sizes (please check above) Toddler/Youth -Cost $15.00 / Adult S-XL- Cost $20.00 / Adult XXL-up- Cost $25.00



(Transfer total to Optional Fees on page 3)

(Transfer total to Optional Fees on page 3)

WELCOME FIESTA BANQUET, TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME DINNER & AWARDS BANQUET The Welcome Fiesta Banquet, Take me out to the Ballgame Dinner and Awards Banquet are included for the participant and chaperone as part of the required fees. Should other guest(s) wish to attend, simply indicate below the number of additional tickets required. Meal tickets must be pre-ordered in advance.


____ # OF TICKETS x $40.00 = $_________


____ # OF TICKETS x $35.00 = $_________


____ # OF TICKETS x $40.00 = $_________

TOTAL AMOUNT FOR MEAL TICKETS……………………..$____________________ (Transfer total to Optional Fees on page 3)

MODELING/ BANQUET AND PARTY PACKAGE PLAN (Includes entrance to all competitions, parties and meals) A Complete Modeling, Banquet & Party Package Plan for both the Participant and the Chaperone is included with your “Required Fees” on Page 2. Use this area if you need to order more Plans for guests at a reduced price. This Plan includes the following meals and activities: Fiesta Welcome Banquet: Lets kickoff our week at very our Mexican Fiesta ! Music provided by our very own Mariachi Band will be playing as you come dressed "fiesta" style in any outfit of your choice! Meet the State Royalty, the State Staff and friends from all over Texas! Our Texas State Cover Girl Finalists, Calendar Girl winners and the Royalty Mom and Mom/Dad of the year will be announced. Lets Party Fiesta Style! “NEON Lights" Souvenir Party: NEON colors is the theme here. Get creative and "glow" in the dark as we dance the night away. Be sure to bring your autograph books and get your Cindy Sisters Autographs! We will end the night with you receiving your official souvenir “goody bag” so you can see what fun treats your Cinderella sisters have given you. Take me out to the Ballgame Dinner: Cinderella’s own Prince Gilbert will make his appearance in our ballpark this year. Represent your favorite sport or team as you come dressed in any sporting attire! Are you ready for our annual hula hoop contest? Who will be this year's champion! Delegation pictures are also taken at this party. This is an Official Meal Function so come hungry! Lets see how many sports will be represented....!! Farewell Reception: A formal reception for the State’s outgoing royalty that precede the Grand Finals. Participants are encouraged to wear their Local or highest state Cinderella Crowns and Banners and join in congratulating your Cinderella Sisters for a job well done. Attendance is recommended. Awards Dinner & Ceremony: The final event of the Texas State Cinderella Finals, our Dinner and Awards Ceremony is the time that awards are announced and our new State Royalty is formally introduced. A time for applauding everyone’s achievements and a time to say goodbye to dear friends. Dress is formal. We take this opportunity to present awards to our Beauty, Talent, Photogenic and Special Award Winners. Also includes all Competition Modeling/Talent and your Grand Finals Ticket. GUEST MODELNG/BANQUETS AND PARTY PLAN………………………………………….……………………………………. $ 160.00 each List Names for individuals receiving these Plans: _________________________________________________________________________________ _______________# of Guest MODELING/BANQUETS AND PARTY PLANS x $_______ = $_________________ (Transfer total to Optional Fees on page 3)

TALENT FORM Talent is required of all participants wishing to compete for the overall title in their age division. For the Cinderella Tot division, an on-stage interview is substituted for talent. Tot participants may disregard this section. NOTE: Talent presentations MUST NOT EXCEED 2:30 minutes!! Presentations that exceed the time limit will be disqualified from winning any talent award or being selected as top 5 or winning the Overall Title. The runway MAY NOT be used for talent presentations! All talent music must be on a new CD and turned in at registration labeled with the contestant’s name. □ VOCAL- Title of Song __________________________________________ □ BATON

□ DANCE- Type of Dance_________________________________________ □ VENTRILOQUISM □ INSTRUMENTAL- Type of Instrument _____________________________ □ OTHER _________________ Type of Accompaniment: □ Piano □ CD □ Other __________________ LIGHTING: □ I would like fully lighted stage w/ spotlight □ I would like a “semi-dark” stage with spotlight □ no spotlight TYPE OF MICROPHONE NEEDED (Texas Cinderella will provide all microphones) □ Hand Held □ On Stand □ Lavaliere □ Head Set Page 5 of 5

PHOTOGENIC GIRL PHOTO ROSTER FORM The photogenic Girl competition is required for ALL participants. Please fill out the form below with the appropriate information. Photo must be black and white and no larger than 4 x 6 or a $10.00 reduction fee will be incurred. Reminder: The participant’s photo along with all forms must be sent in by the May 15th deadline in order to be included in the program book. A late fee of $25.00 will be incurred if photos are sent in after deadline. Absolute latest deadline for all photos will be May 30th. Photos may be emailed to [email protected] in a high resolution pdf or jpeg format. If emailed, you MUST bring a hard copy to registration. If emailing photo, please put in subject line – Name of Contestant – Roster Photo – Age Division.

Participants Name: ____________________________________________________________ City: __________________________ AGE GROUP

□ Miniature Miss


□ Teen


□ Cinderella Woman

OPTIONAL ADVERTISING SPONSORS Pay Your Cinderella State Fees By Selling Advertising! YOU CAN BECOME THE “CINDERELLA COVER GIRL” for your age division and earn money to pay your Cinderella State/or Cinderella International Fees by selling additional advertising pages in the official souvenir program book. Increase your opportunity to win the State Cover Girl Title and awards by participating in this fund raising program. A portion of the advertising sales will be applied to your Cinderella Participant Account. Every participant has the opportunity to place one or more photos in the program book on their very own advertising pages showing the different sides of their personality and their community backing. A special “CINDERELLA COVER GIRL” for each age division will be selected from the photos appearing on these additional advertising pages. In addition to the distinct honor of appearing as one of the Cover Girls, as a winner you receive a Cover Girl crown, banner and trophy and your $150.00 Entry Fee and $125.00 Photogenic Fee paid to the 2016 International Finals! Please Note: This fund raising opportunity will not be offered on the International Program Book Advertising Sales! Monies raised by selling additional advertising can only be applied to your State Fees for the current staging year. NONTRANSFERABLE AND NONREFUNDABLE.

Prices for advertising are listed below. For each ad., fill in business name, address, phone number & ad size and attach any artwork. Advertisers may submit their own ad copy, artwork, etc as long as it is ready to print without any additional writing or torn corners etc. Ads submitted without art or layout will be set up in standard type and will incur a $10.00 set up fee for the typesetting. * All ads need to be ready to print on photo paper or in digital format (pdf or jpeg) in the specified dimensions, with all typesetting, borders, insets, etc., to avoid typesetting fees.* Photo ads will not be able to be used in the program book if they are not on photo paper, disc or emailed. Do not print on regular printer paper. If ad is emailed, put in largest format possible for best quality. Send ads one at a time with Name of Participant, Age Division and Ad # of #. A large picture can be reduced to fit a page but a small size picture does not look good when you try to make it a full page ad. You can choose to let Cinderella do your typesetting to avoid any mistakes just specify what you would like. Most advertisers will have a business card, letterhead, or an ad that has appeared elsewhere which you can reproduce….making their advertising outstanding in the program book. In submitting their own ad copy, it must be camera ready-in the specified size of page (listed below) for full, half or quarter page. Business cards can be used for eighth page ad size. Please enter correct information below and send or email with artwork attached by May 15th deadline. Ads received after the May 15th deadline will be charged a 25.00 late fee. No ads will be accepted after May 25, 2016. No exceptions! If your ad is not received by the May 15th deadline, it may not be considered for Cover Girl/Baby awards. Email all ads to [email protected] Please transfer total charges to Optional Fee section on page 3. Full and half page ads include 1 photo only – additional photos are 10.00 each.

AD SIZES (Please fill out one form per ad…make multiple copies of this page if you plan on selling more than one ad page) ____# of FULL PAGE ADS - (10 ⅛” x 7 ⅝”) _____# of QUARTER PAGE ADS - ( 3 ¾” x 5”) Includes 1 photo x $150.00 per ad = $_____________ (no photo) x $80.00 per ad = $_____________ $75.00 per ad will be credited to you Cinderella Account _____# of FULL PAGE AD credits x $75.00 = $_________

$40.00 per ad will be credited to your Cinderella Account ______# of QUARTER PAGE AD credits x $40.00 = $_______

____# of HALF PAGE ADS - (7 ⅝” x 5”)

_____ # of EIGHT PAGE ADS - (3 ¾” x 2 ½ “) business card

Includes 1 photo x $100.00 per ad = $______________ $50.00 per ad will be credited to you Cinderella Account

(no photo) x $40.00 per ad = $__________ $20.00 per ad will be credited to your Cinderella Account

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______ # of additional photos enclosed to appear on ad (full & half page only) x $10.00 per photo =$ _________ AGE GROUP

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□ Teen

____# of Typesetting charges x $10.00 = $_______

** Extra photos will be judged as a separate entry for Cover Girl

□ Cinderella Woman

Participants Name: _________________________________________________________________________ City_________________________, TX Advertisers Name: ___________________________________________________________________ Phone (

) ___________________________

Business Address: __________________________________________________________ City_________________________, State_____ Zip________ TOTAL COST OF ADVERTISING FEES:………………………………………………………..$_________________ TOTAL COST OF TYPESETTING FEES: ……………………………………………………….$_________________

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TOTAL AMOUNT OWED FOR ADVERTISING:…………………… Advertising Credit due to be applied to State Account $__________________


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Texas State (Tot, Miniature Miss, Miss, Teen, Cinderella Woman)




CONGRATULATIONS: You can be proud to have earned an invitation to attend the Texas State Cinderella Scholarship Pageant. This is a “once in a lifetime experience” filled with clean wholesome fun that you will never forget. It is a storybook fantasy that is one of the most elaborately staged events of its kind in the state. The pageant offers an outlet for recognition and achievement for beautiful and talented young ladies with ambition; however, the most important aspect of the pageant is not the winning of a crown or trophy, but rather the rewards of participation and the opportunity to make lifetime friendships with other aspiring young ladies from across the state. If these attitudes are foremost during your participation, then you will go home with a sense of personal satisfaction. It is our sincere desire to make the state pageant a worthwhile growing experience for each and every participant. GENERAL INFORMATION & DEADLINES: Keep this handbook in your possession throughout the State Finals and study it carefully before filling out your forms. Follow all instructions explicitly. In order to reserve your place in the State pageant you must return the STATE DEPOSIT FORM along with your $100.00 nonrefundable State Pageant Deposit within 60 days of winning your local title. This will reserve your place in the State finals and will give us an indication of housing needs, etc. The ABSOLUTE DEADLINE for all completed forms and fees is shown on the second page of the official state entry forms. PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Anything that is incorrectly executed will be promptly returned….thus causing an unfavorable delay for the participant. ALL FORMS MUST BE TYPEWRITTEN OR NEATLY PRINTED. To maintain a prompt schedule of events, all participants must be registered in the official housing facility with an adult chaperone. This rule is required by insurance. PAYMENTS: All fees must be submitted in CERTIFIED FUNDS, Business Sponsored Checks, Cash, Credit Card – Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or Discover, Paypal payments (4.25% service charge added) or Money Orders. All checks and/or money orders are to be made payable to the “Texas Cinderella Pageant”. If you are sending a paypal – send to my email address – [email protected] Because of the extensive planning for such a large event, no refunds will be made after June 1st. No exceptions will be made for this or any of the other deadlines in this handbook. Entry fees and other State Fees are not transferable to another entrant. It is emphasized that fees for the state pageant are very nominal and may be BUSINESS SPONSORED. Excessive expenses to attend the state pageant are not necessary. Your attendance at the state pageant makes an exciting and most inexpensive vacation for the participant and her family and the cost is far below the amount that a family would normally spend on food and lodging for a comparable vacation. SPONSORSHIP PROCEDURES: A maximum of TWELVE (12) SPONSORS will be listed for each participant in the official state program book. More than 12 will be shown as “Friends & Family” of the participant. These sponsors may aid in helping provide your $125.00 state entry fee (if not paid by the local pageant committee) and also your state competition fees, housing fees, and meal packages. A special section in the program book has been designated to give recognition to your sponsors. PLEASE BE SURE THAT THE SPONSOR’S NAME IS CORRECTLY SPELLED. Participants needing additional business sponsorship should emphasize the importance of community backing for a worthwhile youth scholarship program of this kind. Being a business sponsor brings recognition to the sponsor as a supporter of youth activities that offer opportunities to young people to help further their education. SCHEDULE OF EVENTS - REGISTRATION: You will find a tentative schedule of events for the state pageant with your official state registration forms. Please read the schedule carefully. Upon arrival, go to the front desk and get checked into your rooms. Then proceed to the pageant registration area where you will receive your official CONTESTANT PACKET and all official badges, etc. Don’t forget to bring your talent CD and a sample of your souvenir gift with you to registration. All pageant events have been conveniently scheduled so that the participants and chaperones will have ample time to get to and from each activity. Participants must report to the staging area NO LATER THAN 15 MINUTES prior to the beginning of each competitive event in which they are participating. Ample time has also been allowed for rest and relaxation. SOUVENIR GIFTS: One of the highlights of the state pageant is the exchanging of souvenir gifts with the other participants. You will need to bring a minimum of 75 gifts for the participants in your age division, staff, judges, and reigning queens. These souvenir gifts are tokens of friendship from you and your area and may be donated by your city, state, Chamber of Commerce, or the merchants of your area. They do not have to be expensive; however, they may not be brochures or literature of any kind. Simple, small, and thoughtful items are desired and will be treasured. Each gift should be personalized with the participants name, title, and best wishes (NO ADDRESSES PLEASE) and may be printed, embossed, or have a simple nametag. Upon arrival, the gifts should be taken to your room for storage until time for distribution. Please bring a sample of your souvenir gift with you to registration. Gifts will be distributed by the chaperones later in the week. Refer to your schedule for day and time. Use your own imagination in preparing your souvenir gifts. We have found that the ideas are limitless. Some of the most outstanding gifts in the past have actually been made by the participants and their families. Remember, it is not the expense of the gifts that is important; it is the thought behind the gift that really makes it meaningful. Come on and join the fun and help make this year’s souvenir gift bags the most clever and creative in state pageant history. Permission is granted for the participants to use the registered trademark of the Cinderella Scholarship Program in the preparation of their souvenir gifts; however, the use of the Cinderella emblem is restricted for commercial use.


2 JUDGING: The adjudication at an official Cinderella Scholarship State Pageant is always of the highest, unexcelled quality with an experienced panel of judges using a point and consultation system. The judge’s decision is always final and no posting of the ballots or rating is permitted. DO NOT ASK THE JUDGES FOR COMMENTS after the pageant as they are NOT ALLOWED TO GIVE PERSONAL CRITIQUES. Personal critiques will be available at the director’s discretion following the pageant. All participants will appear in Interview, Party Dress (Formalwear for Teens and Cinderella Women), Casualwear and Talent (onstage interview for the 3-6 age division)…making all participants eligible for the Cinderella Overall Title, Beauty Awards and Talent Awards (Tot Personality Award for the 3-6 age division). All participants will introduce themselves at the microphone during their Casualwear presentation. The judges will NOT be searching for a “miniature adult” in the children’s divisions. Likewise, the judges will NOT be looking for a “college age” prototype in the teen division. The Cinderella Pageant is looking for natural, wholesome representatives to carry the official Cinderella titles. The State Cinderella Beauty, Talent and Tot Personality Winners (selected from preliminary rounds of competition) will not necessarily be one of the Top Five Finalists in their age divisions for the Overall Title. NOTE: The judges will be attending the official meal functions and parties with the participants. Good grooming, manners, and attire are important at all times. Your pageant week wardrobe (other than your competition garments) should be casual…but neat! Do NOT overdress for informal occasions! WHAT IS EXPECTED OF A WINNER: Winners of an official Cinderella title are to conduct themselves with the dignity of the important title they hold. Failure to proceed to the next level of competition (Exception: Illness or an act of God) will cause automatic forfeiture of the title and all rights thereof. The title will not have to be relinquished if reasonable notice is given and the circumstances for not attending the next level pageant are deemed unavoidable by the state director; however, the first alternate will be eligible to fill the position at the next level of competition. Official Cinderella Scholarship Pageant crowned Overall winners may not compete in any other beauty pageant with a “next level” of competition without the permission of their pageant director (unless they are competing for a specific title within a specific field). Local winners may resume competition with their director’s permission if they have paid their deposit indicating that they plan to attend the state pageant. Winners who do not fulfill their duties by attending the state pageant will be required to pay their state deposit before entering a preliminary pageant the subsequent year. State winners (with the approval of the state director) may resume competition after they have participated in the international finals. Those state winners who do not attend the international finals forfeit all scholarships and awards. International winners may not compete in any other pageant until they have crowned their successors and must agree to abide by all rules and regulations as stipulated in this handbook. State Overall winners will be required to sign an official contract for the year that lists 6 mandatory appearances. CONDUCT: At all official Cinderella Pageants the emphasis is placed on the participants and adults displaying good manners and grooming, listening to and acknowledging instructions, adjusting to conditions, maintaining discipline and dependability, and above all, displaying excellent sportsmanship at all times. Any parent, teacher, guest, director or participant who conducts themselves in an unsportsmanlike/unladylike manner (before, during, or after an official Cinderella Pageant) will be subject to immediate dismissal from the pageant system. Such conduct on the part of the participant will mean automatic forfeiture of all awards and no refunds will be given. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES will be allowed in or around the staging area or public areas of the staging facility. This rule is enforced throughout the Cinderella Pageant System and includes participants, parents, staff, directors and guests viewing the event. Any violation of this rule will mean immediate disqualification from the pageant system. No visitors, other than official female staff, other participants & chaperones and/or male guests who are registered into the official housing, may not visit the participant’s room during the pageant. All participants, chaperones, and guests MUST observe housing curfews imposed by the pageant. Smoking by participants is strictly prohibited. Young ladies, chaperones, and guests who cannot observe the rules of the pageant are asked not to attend. NOTE: Disqualification from an official Cinderella event is a serious offense. The participant, upon approval of the State Director may be reinstated only after a period of suspension of no less than six months. PAGEANT STANDARDS: FALSE HAIR AND EYELASHES ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE Cinderella Pageant’s children’s age divisions (Tot-Miss), unless it is the result of a medical necessity (i.e. illness, chemotherapy, etc.) This does not apply to talent presentations. Please note that the judges have been instructed to use discretion in determining whether a participant has violated this rule and if such artifices are immediately discernible to the judges’ panel, the contestant may be disqualified. Cosmetic dentistry is permissible. The use of cosmetics is allowed in all age brackets; however makeup MUST be appropriate for the participant’s age category. Heavier makeup may be worn under strong stage lights. NOTE: While Tots and Miniature Miss Participants may wear appropriate makeup during Party-wear, Casual-wear and Tot Personality, due to the staging lights, they may not wear makeup during their Interview competition with the Judges. Again, this rule will be discussed with the judges and will be subject to their discretion. A ‘standard of modesty” must be maintained throughout the pageant (includes interview attire, casual wear, talent, and party dress attire along with your every day wear around the pageant facility). LIMITATIONS OF RESPONSIBILITY: The pageant will NOT assume the responsibility for lost articles or personal property and is NOT responsible for accidents, mishaps, or the personal care of the participants. This is the sole responsibility of the chaperone. Although the pageant’s official insurance coverage does cover medical expense for accidents (NOT ILLNESS) during the pageant, the pageant does not assume any liability or responsibility beyond the limitations of the Cinderella Registration & Insurance Program. Each participant’s parents or official guardian MUST sign the official liability release form which is included on the state entry forms. PRIZES & SCHOLARSHIPS: Naturally the greatest prize of all at the state finals are the titles and the honor and recognition that goes with them and the right to represent the state of Texas at the fabulous International Finals to be held in July.


3 The scholarships will be administered under the rules and regulations of the Cinderella Pageant Scholarship Foundation upon the completion of their reigns as “Cinderella” winners in good standing. All scholarships are prorated over a four (4) year period and payments are made at the beginning of each FALL semester. The scholarship recipients will become eligible for their scholarships upon registration at any approved and accredited college or university of their choice. The use of the scholarship must begin within six (6) months after graduation from an accredited high school and if a period of six (6) months elapses at any time during the use of the scholarship, the balance of the scholarship is automatically cancelled. The use of the scholarship must be continuous with the exception of summer sessions and must be completed with in four (4) years from the date of enrollment in the college or university. Any unused portion of the scholarship will be forfeited at the end of the four (4) year period. Although only a passing grade average is required to keep the scholarship in force, the recipient is expected to remain a “student in good standing” at all times. All unused scholarship funds will revert back to the scholarship general account fund for special awards on the International Pageant level. For our Cinderella Woman participants, if the Overall winner is not in college, then a cash prize will be awarded equivalent to the scholarship earned. SPECIAL AWARDS: These awards are given carefully and thoughtfully to those who show a significant accomplishment in a particular area of competition throughout the pageant week. Those who receive an Overall, Beauty, Talent, Photogenic, and the alternates to those titles, semifinalist and finalist awards are not eligible to receive special awards. All awards are custom designed with the official Cinderella emblem. PRELIMINARY & FINAL STAGINGS: The fabulous state finals of the Cinderella Scholarship Pageant will be a “thrill of a lifetime” for every participant and certainly many people will want to share these marvelous memories. The parents, friends, relatives, and special guests of the participants are cordially invited to attend any and all of the official state pageant functions. All preliminary events, parties, the grand finals staging, Fiesta Welcome Banquet, Take Me Out to the Ballgame Dinner, Farewell Reception and the Awards Banquet will be open to the public. The top five finalists in each age division will be announced at the grand final show and only these finalists will compete again in the various categories during the grand finals; however all participants, dressed in their State Pageant Preliminary Party Dress Competition garments, will be featured in the colorful grand final production. If your friends and relatives have never seen a Cinderella state finals, invite them to schedule their vacations during the state pageant to help support you and your hometown. The competition is fantastic and we know they will enjoy seeing the state’s finest young talent. NOTE: Ample dressing facilities will be provided for the Top 5 Finalists. Each contestant is solely responsible for her own garments and personal articles such as mirrors, hair dryers, cosmetics, etc. ONLY ONE PERSON WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE DRESSING ROOM TO ASSIST EACH PARTICIPANT. AWARDS BANQUET: One of the highlights and the climax of the fabulous state pageant is the Awards Banquet. This is the time when the participant’s family and friends may enjoy the new friendships she has made during the state pageant and participate in the presentation of the Beauty, Talent and Photogenic Awards as well as Special Category Awards. These very important awards will be judged during the preliminary rounds of competition ONLY and will not be announced until the Awards Banquet. Award Banquet tickets for families and guests should be purchased in advance on the Awards Banquet Ticket Order Form. Additional tickets will be sold at the pageant during registration if available. A sell out is expected, so it is in your best interest to reserve your tickets early. Official chaperones and participants receive their tickets as part of the food/housing plan. Dress for this event is your Partywear or Sunday Best. TALENT: Recorded Music: Must be recorded in stereo on a “new” (never used) high quality CD for MUSIC only. Only one (1) talent selection should be recorded on the CD. Two (2) copies of the CD should be made: (1) Original CD for the performance; (2) Backup CD to be held in reserve in case something happens to the original and for practice. Extreme heat can destroy CD’s so do not expose to direct sun! A “direct” professional recording is required. The judges will consider the quality of recordings in selecting the finalists. A “stop” in the CD for dialogue, etc., will NOT be allowed; however, dialogue may be timed to a continuous running CD. Music should be edited to stop at the end of the talent presentation. The CD case label must be clearly marked with instructions if there is a pause in the music or the song has a “false ending”. CD’s are to be made prior to the pageant and there are no facilities for recording on location. You will be expected to turn in one (1) copy of your talent music at registration. SPECIAL NOTE: TALENT PRESENTATIONS MUST NOT EXCEED 2:30 MINUTES IN LENGTH. PLEASE KEEP THEM TO AN AVERAGE OF 2:00 MINUTES. Overtime talents will automatically be disqualified from receiving either the Overall Title or any Talent award! Additionally, the runway (if applicable) MAY NOT be used for talent presentations. If a participant uses the runway during her talent presentation, she will be disqualified from receiving either the Overall Title or any Talent Award! Individual talent rehearsals will NOT be held during the pageant. All talent presentations which include a singing or speaking part MUST use a microphone. The State Pageant will provide ALL microphones. A pre-taped accompaniment is suggested. All props must be small enough to be carried onto the stage by no more than two (2) people. Individual scenery will not be allowed; however, a “working prop” may be used if essential to the performance. Any equipment, other than a piano, sound equipment and microphones will be the sole responsibility of the contestant. Due to building regulations, the use of fire or knives is strictly prohibited. Acrobatic mats are limited to one (1) regulation size mat. The pageant does not assume any responsibility for loss or damage to props during the event. If a prop is used, the chaperone or talent teacher must accompany the participant backstage before the talent act to supervise the placement of the prop. Parents will NOT otherwise be allowed in the backstage area at any time. You have your choice of stage lighting, either a well lighted stage with a spotlight, a well lighted stage with no spot or a darker stage with a follow spot. Please indicate on your official talent forms what you will prefer. Talent presentations or costumes of a suggestive nature will mean automatic disqualification from competition. Discretion should be used in selecting talent material that is too mature or “adult” for the participant’s age division. Garment removal is not advisable, but if done, keep in good taste. Crop tops are acceptable if they are in good taste. All microphones and sound equipment will be provided by the state pageant. PRESS INFORMATION: The Cinderella Scholarship Pageants are newsworthy events and should garner excellent coverage from your local news media. In order to get the best coverage you should alert your friends and family across the state to request information about the state pageant (before, during and after) from


4 their local news sources. This should begin now. If the media is alerted that a local participant is representing your community at the official state pageant and they have been contacted beforehand, they should offer excellent publicity. Ask your director for a press release. OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER AND VIDEOGRAPHER: At the Cinderella State Finals only members of the press and the state pageant’s own official photographer and videographer may take photos and videos of any participant during the actual competitions. This includes all of the preliminary pageant competition events and grand finals. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you would like to have photographs or a video to remember this spectacular event, you may order packages at registration. Prices and samples will be displayed. Year after year our photographer and videographer produce wonderful keepsakes of our Cinderella participants…don’t miss out on this opportunity! PHOTOGENIC GIRL: At the State Finals the “Photogenic Girl” division has been incorporated with the “Photo Roster” of participants so that all contestants will be eligible to be judged for the state “Photogenic Girl” titles. The ‘Photo Roster” photograph is required of all participants who enter the pageant. Photogenic is included in the competition fees. Each participant will be required to submit one 4 X 6 head and shoulders photograph, black and white only, and must be current of the pageant contestant. Black and white ONLY! This makes for a better reproduction in our official program book. The photograph becomes the property of the Cinderella Scholarship Pageant and will be used by the judge’s panel for their reference and for publicity before, during and after the pageant, AND WILL NOT BE RETURNED. On the back of the photograph, include the participants name, age, age division and hometown as you wish them to appear in the program book. This information must be typewritten or legibly printed only. DO NOT WRITE DIRECTLY ON THE PHOTOGRAPH. A label works best! The typesetter will type this information from your label on the back of the photo and the pageant will not be responsible for misspelled words if the information is not typed or legibly written. This also applies to names of business sponsors. The photo must be sent directly to the state pageant office by the May 15th deadline. Add a $10.00 photo reduction charge for photographs larger than the specified size. Photographs can be emailed in a jpeg or pdf format to [email protected] in a high resolution. If photos are emailed, please put the Contestants Name, Age Division, Roster Photo in the subject line. The Photogenic Girl division is an important part of the Cinderella Pageant. It was designed to give recognition to those young ladies with special photographic qualities and creativity and has become a valuable asset to those participants seeking careers in the modeling industry. The “Photogenic Girl” in each age division will be selected on the following basis: photographic beauty, captured personality or mood, composition, and the technical quality of the photograph. Photographs may not include trophies, crowns, or banners won at a previous pageant. All participants compete on an equal basis and the judges will not know the placement or titles of the participants at previous preliminary pageants. The pageant reserves the right to “crop” photos when necessary. The “Photogenic Girl” winner in each age division will receive a round crown, banner, trophy and her pre-paid $150.00 entry fee and $125.00 photogenic entry fee to the International Finals where she will compete on an equal basis with the Overall State winner, Beauty winner and Talent/Tot Personality winner. SELECTING YOUR WARDROBE: The Cinderella Pageant was not designed to be a “clothes show” and your pageant wardrobe should be kept simple and appropriate for your age group. The judges will be judging the participants and NOT their wardrobes. Flaunting an overly expensive wardrobe is often detrimental to the participant’s image as a wholesome, unaffected, all-American girl. Your wardrobe should include several fresh, casual garments for meal functions and rehearsals. The judges often see the participants between judging sessions, so having a neat appearance at all times is important. Every participant will have garments in her own wardrobe that are appropriate for the state pageant (having all “new” clothes is not necessary). Shorts may be worn as “casual wear” for parties and luncheons. Your competition wardrobe should consist of one (1) presentation party dress to be worn during Party Dress competition and the Glamorous State Finals opening production number. Ages 3-12 must wear a short, knee length/mid-calf length dress. Ages 13-26 should wear full length formals. You should have one (1) presentation casual wear outfit that is casual and useful (may include slacks, shorts..BUT NO SWIMSUITS OR COSTUMES.) Props such as tennis rackets, sunglasses, hats, purses, etc. are NOT allowed during Cinderella modeling competition; however, gloves may be worn but are not recommended for modeling presentations. You will also need an interview dress or suit that should be tailored and simple. Ankle length dresses, dressy shorts or mini skirts are not acceptable for party wear competition. In order that the judges will not be aware of title or placement at the previous pageant level, crowns and banners are NOT to be worn at any time during the pageant except for the Good Sportsmanship Reception after the Grand Finals. ALL CONTESTANTS COMPETE ON AN EQUAL BASIS IN STATE COMPETITION!! MODELING PROCEDURE: The official CINDERELLA RUNWAY/MODELING MUSIC will be used at the state finals for all modeling divisions. The music is precisely timed so that each participant has approximately the same amount of time on the runway. The music contains electronic tones, rhythmic voids, and chimes that signal the start, stops, turns, and finish of the modeling presentation. A CD of the official modeling music is available at a nominal cost so that the participant may practice with the music before attending the state pageant. The CD includes ten (10) casualwear and ten (10) party wear selections with all the electronic tones and signals. Also included on the CD is a musical “collective judging” segment with entrance music, timed quarter turns, and exit music and an instruction sheet on “How to Model” at an official Cinderella Pageant. The music contains 21 professionally produced songs recorded in stereo with a full orchestra. Every participant will feel “at home’ on the Cinderella runway with the music she has practiced modeling to at home. TO ORDER: Contact the State Cinderella Pageant Office at (713) 702-2307. Music is $10.95 plus handling and shipping. Credit card & paypal payments will be accepted. TEEN & CINDERELLA WOMAN CONGENIALITY: One of the most important awards in the Cinderella Teen division (ages 13-17) and the Cinderella Woman division (ages 18-26) is the special “Teen & Woman Congeniality” award. Teen & Woman Congeniality, selected by her fellow participants as the friendliest and most cooperative throughout pageant week, will receive a special trophy at the Awards Breakfast. The voting will take place at the rehearsal for the Final night show. The Teen and Woman participants should begin working for this all-important title from the moment they arrive at the pageant and become part of the goodwill that has become a tradition at every Cinderella Pageant. It is this spirit of love and sharing that makes Cinderella a unique pageant experience.


5 CINDERELLA REGISTRATION / INSURANCE PROGRAM: All official participants, chaperones, and staff members must be covered by the Cinderella Pageant System Registration & Insurance Program. Cinderella insurance coverage includes 24 hours a day coverage during the pageant for accidents (illnesses not included). Participants who have registered with the Cinderella insurance program at an official local or district pageant during the current pageant year WILL NOT be required to register again since the prior insurance coverage extends through the International Finals; however, their chaperones must register. Note: All entrants and chaperones who have not previously registered will be required to register to participate in the state finals and MUST pay the Registration & Insurance Fee (participant - $3.00 / chaperone - $4.00) Benefits include: $5000 accidental death and dismemberment and $1000 blanket accident medical expense (for accidents only). The aggregate limit with respect to any single accident is $25,000. Not covered: war, suicide, and act of armed forces. TICKETS: Everyone (except the participants) attending the preliminary events and Grand Finals will be required to purchase tickets for each day or the special Ticket Package Plan. The Ticket Package Plan will consist of an official badge which will allow “come and go” admittance to all events and official parties without having to show a ticket stub at the door. The package plan will be made available only to relatives and guests of the participants and MUST be purchased during pageant registration or in advance on the official state entry forms. There is no limit to the number of Ticket Package Plans that may be purchased by the party attending the pageant with a participant. The Ticket Package Plan does NOT include entrance to any official meal functions including the Fiesta Welcome Banquet, Take me out to the Ballgame Dinner and the Awards Banquet. All meal tickets must be purchased separately and in advance. All official chaperones will be required to purchase a Ticket Package Plan badge (included in required fees) which must be worn at all times for identification purposes. There are options to purchase a complete meal/ticket badge for those family members wanting to attend everything. Please refer to your state paperwork to determine which package will work best for you. MORE THAN ONE FAMILY MEMBER: The Cinderella Scholarship Pageant is a wholesome “family affair” where we encourage sisters to participate in the state finals by not requiring the second family member to have an additional chaperone. Sisters competing in the same age division will be separated in their order of appearance by taking one of the sisters out of the alphabetical order and moving her to another position in the lineup so they will not be appearing back to back in any phase of the pageant. Please note on your forms that you have a sister competing in the pageant so that we can make the necessary adjustments in the participant lineup. Participating siblings can also take advantage of additional savings by only needing one hotel room at the official pageant facility and one meal ticket. Ask the State Director for more information regarding sibling discounts or refer to the state paperwork for more information regarding the sibling discount. CINDERELLA BEAUTY JUDGING CRITERIA: The ‘Cinderella Beauty” and her alternates are selected from their ranking in close-up appraisal (interview), party dress and casualwear only. Cinderella is more than just a “beauty” pageant and the judges will be asked to consider the “total contestant” and not just the physical appearance. Inner beauty, grooming, poise, stage presence and self-confidence are an important part of the criteria to select the “Cinderella Beauty” winners. All participants are eligible and compete on an equal basis for the “Cinderella Beauty” awards. ADDTIONAL ADVERTISING & COVER GIRL: Additional sponsors can be obtained by anyone and we would like to see EVERY PARTICIPANT’S PHOTO appear on at least one additional page of advertising. You may place your photo on every full page or ½ page of advertising that you sell and if you sell several pages you will have the opportunity to show several different sides of your personality and increase your chances of being selected as the state pageant “Cover Girl” for your age division. Remember, each photo you submit will be judged for the prestigious “Cinderella Cover Girl” award. Communities and businesses are anxious to show their support of a worthwhile youth activity like Cinderella. Ad copy may include “Best Wishes” or any other ad copy desired. An advertising form must be submitted with each ad (additional copies may be reproduced). NO MORE THAN 8 ADVERTISERS may appear on a page. EARN YOUR STATE FEES PAID: You can become the Cinderella Cover Girl for your age division and earn money to pay your Cinderella State and/or International Fees by selling additional pages in the official program book. Increase your opportunity to win the State Cover Girl title and awards by participating in this fund raising program. A portion of the advertising sales will be applied to your Cinderella Participant Account. Advertisers may submit their own ad copy and artwork if it is camera ready to the specified size of the ad. Ads submitted without artwork or layout will be set in standard type selected by our printer and an additional $10.00 typesetting fee per ad will be charged. Photos on full page ads are usually “bled” from edge to edge of the sheet with an “over-burn” of ad copy. Photos may be head and shoulders or full length. Business cards, letterhead, or an ad from another program book can be reproduced if the copy fits the ad space (copy will not be reduced). Copy submitted in light colored ink will not reproduce. Mats or cuts will not be accepted. Photos may appear on full length or ½ page ads only and may include city or state officials or the advertiser with or without the participant. Some advertisers prefer having the participant photographed in front of their business or with their product (EX: The participant with an automobile from a car dealership, or wearing a garment from a department store). We know that your imagination will far surpass ours! Note: An additional $10.00 fee will be charged for each additional photo appearing on an ad. Please see entry form for more specifics regarding submission of ads. OFFICIAL PARTIES & MEAL FUNCTIONS: Keeping with the rule that “simple is best”, you do not have to overdress for the official meals and parties. The Official "Fiesta" Welcome Banquet is a “themed” dinner. “Fiesta Wear” style clothing of any type is acceptable. Chaperones should take this into consideration when selecting their wardrobes as well. The "Prince Gilbert" Take me out to the Ballgame Dinner is a themed dinner/party where everyone should come dressed in "their favorite team attire or sport" of their choice. Delegation photos along with our annual Hula Hoop contest will be held at this party. The "NEON


6 Rocks" Party is a popular dance party wearing the latest in NEON colors! Come dressed in anything NEON as we "glow in the dark" dancing the night away. Make sure you bring your autograph books...its a great way to get your new Cindy Sisters autographs! Back by popular demand is our "Tea Time" with the Judges. Attire is your “official t-shirt” given at Registration, any type of white bottom (shorts/capris/jeans) undecorated and white tennis shoes. This event will take place after Talent and it is an opportunity for the judges to get to know our participants in an informal setting. Sorry Parents - you are not allowed to attend! Simple earrings, minimal hair styling, and makeup on Miss thru Women only. No embellishments of any kind are allowed on your t-shirt, shorts, socks or shoes! The Sportsmanship “Farewell” Reception is the morning of our Grand Finals and Sunday best should be worn to this event. This is the time to recognize our Outgoing Royalty and to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments for the year. All Participants may wear their highest earned Cinderella crowns and banners to the Farewell Reception. Cake will be served. The Awards Banquet is our final event and dress is Sunday best or your Party wear. It’s your choice! Official Award Photos will be taken at this event, so please keep that in mind when selecting your garment. GIFT TABLE / GIFT SHOP: One of the highlights of the week for all participants is the exchanging of good luck gifts for those special friends you have made during the pageant week. A special table for each age division will be available in the Texas State Gift Shop where gifts will be delivered. Make sure you tag each gift showing who it is for and who it is from. Chaperones and Family members may also deliver gifts for their very own Cinderella girl. This is a wonderful way to show the participant how proud you are of them and what a great job they have done during the week. A complete gift shop will be available where numerous Cinderella items will be sold. We will also have an Official Florist on hand to deliver flowers as they are ordered. Look for their information in the gift shop. Gifts are certainly not mandatory in order to participate at the Cinderella State Finals.


Cut Along Line

Official Advertising / Sponsorship Receipt Please make as many copies as needed for your sponsors.

This certifies that _____________________________________________is an official contestant in the 2016 Texas Name of Participant

State Cinderella Scholarship Pageant to be held in Houston, Texas – June 14-18, 2016. Your company _____________________________________ has agreed to help sponsor this participant with either a cash donation or an official ad in our program book in the amount of $ ______________. Any donation made can be 100% tax deductible to your company as an advertising expense. Thank you for helping this participant achieve their goals. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the State Office at the number below.

Kelli Harvey – Texas State Director 13902 Oak Spring Rd.• Cypress, Texas • 77429 PHONE 281-205-7939 • CELL: 713-702-2307 Email – [email protected] or visit our website at: WWW.TEXASCINDERELLAPAGEANT.COM



2016 Texas State Cinderella & Cinderella Baby Schedule of Events Preliminary schedule Saturday – June 11, 2016 11:00 – 1:00 – OFFICIAL BABY Registration (Woodbine I-II) – Hotel check in for all babies Actual Hotel Check In is 4:00pm. Hotel will do their best to get you in your rooms as early as possible. 1:30 – Baby Orientation (Lakeview) 3:00 – Gift Shop Opens (Paluxy Room) 3:30 – 5:00 – Baby Playtime (Permian I-II) 3:30 – Infants / 3:50 – Babies / 4:20 – Tiny Tots Baby Chaperones bring souvenirs to (Woodbine I-II) for Goody Bags Distribution during Baby Playtime 7:00 – 8:00 – Get Acquainted Souvenir Reception (Lakeview and Foyer) Wear your favorite Cinderella T-shirt and come and meet your new Cinderella brothers and sisters! Sunday – June 12, 2016 10:00 am – Gift Shop Opens (Paluxy Room) 9:30 – 10:30 – Infant, Baby, & Tiny Tot - Casualwear Competition (Texas Ballroom) 10:30 – 11:30 – Infant, Baby, & Tiny Tot - Partywear Competition (Texas Ballroom) 12:00 – 2:30 – Lunch On Own (take in some of the many restaurants- use hotel shuttle service) 3:00 – 5:00 – 2016 TEXAS STATE BABY GRAND FINALS (Texas Ballroom) –Report to Ballroom Everyone come dressed in Partywear –A Top 3 Will be Announced – All awards will be given during this show- Official Photos of New Royalty Immediately Following – All Tot-Women Contestants come and support our babies! A brief meeting will be held immediately following for those interested in attending the International Finals in the Ballroom area. Download your International Paperwork at www.cinderellapageant.com and bring with you. Everyone is invited to attend Internationals! Babies are free to go after the meeting. Congratulations and have a safe trip home! 7:00- 8:30 – Early Bird TXATC/Cameo Registration (Optional Talent/Beauty Competition) (Woodbine 1-11) Monday – June 13, 2016 9:00 am – FINAL TXATC Talent Check in/Registration (Optional Talent) (Woodbine 1-11) 10:00 am – TXATC Talent Orientation (Ballroom) 10:00 am – Gift Shop Opens (Paluxy Room) 10:30 -1:30 pm – TXATC Talent Competition (optional) (Ballroom) 4:30 – 6:00 EARLY BIRD Cinderella Registration for Tots thru Women (Woodbine 1-11) Actual Hotel Check In Is 4:00pm. Hotel will do their best to get you in your rooms as early as possible 4:30 – 6:00 – FINAL CAMEO Girl Registration– will accept door entries (Foyer) 8:00 – 10:00 – TEXAS STATE CAMEO GIRL PAGEANT (optional) (Texas Ballroom) Open to everyone age’s 2-up. You may enter today! Tuesday – June 14, 2016 9:00 – 10:30 – OFFICIAL CINDERELLA Registration – Tots thru Women (Woodbine 1-11) Actual Hotel Check In is 4:00pm. Hotel will do their best to get you in your rooms as early as possible. You may consider arriving the night before to get settled in your room. 9:00 am – Gift Shop Opens (Ballroom) 11:00 – 12:00 – Royalty Get Acquainted Party – (Texas Ballroom 1-11- holding room) 1:00 – 2:00 – Tot – Cinderella Woman Contestant/Parent Orientation – (Grand Ballroom) 3:30 – 4:30 – Tot & Mini Miss Closeup Appraisal – (Tot –Woodbine 1-11 & Mini Miss –Permian 1-11) 4:30 – 6:00 – Miss, Teen & Woman Closeup Appraisal – (Miss - Woodbine & Teen/Women -Permian) IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING INTERVIEW – REPORT TO PHOTOGRAPHY AREA FOR GROUP PHOTO …place to be announced at orientation! 7:30 – 9:30 – "Fiesta Style” Welcome Banquet- Official Meal – (Texas Ballroom) Wear your favorite Fiesta attire appropriate for an evening dinner…..Ole!

Wednesday – June 15, 2016 8:00 – 10:00 – Breakfast (on your own) 9:00 am – Gift Shop Opens (Paluxy) 10:30 am – Tot Personality (Texas Ballroom) 11:30 – 1:00 – Lunch Break (on your own) 1:00 pm – Mini Miss Talent Competition (Texas Ballroom) 2:00 pm – Miss Talent Competition (Texas Ballroom) 3:00 pm – Teen & CW Talent (Texas Ballroom) 5:30 – 6:30 pm – Judges "Tea Time" – (Holding Room) Participants Only - wear "official" t-shirt 6:00 – Tots will only be in Tea Time until 6:00. Moms please pick up your child promptly at 6:00. 5:30 – 6:30 pm – Souvenir Distribution – (Woodbine I-II) 8:00 – 9:30 pm – “NEON Lights" Dance Party – (Texas Ballroom) Come dressed in your favorite NEON attire, then dance the night away! Bring your autograph books. Thursday – June 16, 2016 8:00 – 9:00 – Breakfast (on your own) REPORT TO Ballroom C - 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED TIME FOR ALL MODELING EVENTS. (Moms will be asked to stay with the tots until their group goes backstage) 9:00 am – Gift Shop Opens (Ballroom) 10:00 – 11:30 – Tot - CW Partywear Competition (Texas Ballroom) 10:00 – TOTS, 10:20 – MINI MISS, 10:40 – MISS, 11:00 – TEEN, 11:15- WOMEN 11:00 – 5:00 - Cindy Dad’s Golf Outing (Meet in Hotel Lobby) 12:00 – 2:30 – Lunch On Own (take in some of the many restaurants using the hotel shuttle) 2:30 – 4:00 – Tot – CW Casualwear Competition (Texas Ballroom) 2:30 – TOTS, 2:50 MINI MISS, 3:10 – MISS, 3:30 – TEEN, 3:45- WOMEN 4:30 – 5:30 ALL Tot – CW Contestants - Grand Finals Rehearsal – (Texas Ballroom) 5:00 – Tots will only be in rehearsal until 5:00. Moms please pick up your child promptly at 5:00. 7:30 – 9:00 – "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" Dinner- Official Meal Party (Texas Ballroom) Wear your favorite "Sports Team or Sporting" attire and await Prince Gilbert's arrival. Get ready for this year’s Hula Hoop contest and delegation photos will also be taken at this party! Friday – June 17, 2016 9:00 am – Gift Shop Opens (Ballroom) 9:00 – 10:30 – Tots – CW Contestants- Garment Bag Collection – (Woodbine I-II) Please bring your garment bag packed with your Casualwear and Talent outfits. USE YOUR BAG TAG IN YOUR REGISTRATION PACKET 10:00 - 11:00 – Farewell Reception (Tribute to our 2015-16 Royalty) – Everyone wear their preliminary crowns and banners for the reception. (Lakeview) Cake & Punch will be served 2:00 – 5:00 – 2016 TEXAS STATE CINDERELLA GRAND FINALS – (Texas Ballroom) Tickets available at the door. A sell out is expected! Semi-Formal Attire –Official Photos and past royalty reception immediately following.... 7:30 – 10:00 – Awards Banquet - Official Meal (Texas Ballroom) All awards will be given out at this time. Everyone must purchase a ticket for this event. Dinner is included. Saturday – June 18, 2016 10:00 – Cinderella International Delegation Meeting – (Ballroom VII) Anyone interested in attending Cinderella Internationals in Dallas, Texas must attend this meeting! Intl. Paperwork will be discussed. You can print your own set of paperwork from the International Website and bring along with you. www.cinderellapageant.com Everyone is invited to attend Internationals!! Congratulations and have a safe trip home!