2017 Market Square Application - Newburyport - Yankee Homecoming

2017 Market Square Application - Newburyport - Yankee Homecoming

Yankee Homecoming Market Square Day - Tuesday August 1, 2017 Arts and Crafts Show P.O. Box 493 Newburyport, Massachusetts 01950 www.yankeehomecoming...

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Yankee Homecoming Market Square Day - Tuesday August 1, 2017 Arts and Crafts Show P.O. Box 493 Newburyport, Massachusetts 01950


APPLICATION and AGREEMENT – CRAFT SHOW 2017 Exhibitor/Business Owner NAME____________________________________________________________________ Contact NAME__________________________________



Sole Proprietorship

ADDRESS_____________________________________________________________________________________ CITY_____________________STATE_________ZIP___________ PHONE ____________ Cell _______________ EMAIL ADDRESS_________________________________ Website _______________________________________ CRAFT / ART CATEGORY _____________________________________ Brief description: (Photos must be included with attached Photo Description Form) ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Which location do you prefer,

State Street (10x10 booths only)


Pleasant Street

Inn Street

Booth Size / Cost (check one)


Completed and properly signed Application and Agreement Check for total amount Photos of craft/booth/etc. for consideration by jury panel Completed Photo Description Form


Fee Due $

Small = 10’ x 5’ ……………..…………….….….. $70 Med = 10’ x 10’…………………………….………$100 Double = 2 Small spaces = 20’ x 5’ …..………...$130

$ $

Double Med = 2 Med spaces = 20’ x 10’ ……….$180


Late fee for applications mailed after June 30th

TOTAL DUE – Fees Enclosed


General Release and Acceptance of Rules - This application and agreement covers the 2017 Yankee Homecoming Craft Show. I/we the applicants have read the Conditions of the Show attached to this application and agree to abide by the conditions. I/we agree to assume full responsibility for my property. In addition, I/we do expressly release the Yankee Homecoming Festival Committee from any and all liability for any damage, injury, or loss of any person, business or property which may arise from the occupation of the booth space by the applicant(s), and agree to hold and save the Yankee Homecoming Festival Committee harmless of any damage, injury or loss by reason thereof. I/we understand that if this application is not accepted, all fees and photos will be returned by mail, provided I supply three (3) loose stamps to cover the return postage. If this application is accepted, I/we give permission to use my name, business name, photo descriptions, item prices, photos or images taken of me or my items for any and all purposes. I agree to all of the Conditions of the Show. Once accepted I understand all fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Applicant(s) Signature_________________________________Title_______________ Application Date___________ _________________________________ Title________________Application Date__________ (Date Received by Committee ______________________

Booth Assignment ___________________________)

Conditions of the Show Thank you for your interest in the 2017 Yankee Homecoming Market Square Day. This year’s Craft Show is a part of the 60th Anniversary of this great festival. Please read the following information carefully and return your signed Application & Agreement with the appropriate application fee, photos and Photo Description Form. The Deadline for applications is June 30. Send your completed application package to: Yankee Homecoming Market Square Day P.O. Box 493 Newburyport, Massachusetts 01950 1.

Entries: Shows are open to all crafters, artists, and sculptors with original handcrafted work. Absolutely no Dealers or sales representative, imports, or kits. This requirement will be adhered to. All merchandise is to be set up 1 HOUR BEFORE the beginning of the public show hours.


Jurying: All crafters are invited to apply. All products to be displayed must be handcrafted by you or someone in your family. No imports allowed. You must enclose pictures of your work each year of applying to our show. Any misrepresentation will be removed, without recourse.

3. Advertising: The Yankee Homecoming Festival is an annual event that is extensively advertised in all available local media as well as signs, posters, and more! 4. Fees: The fee for one Small booth space is $70. The fee for one Medium booth space is $100. The fee for a Double Small space is $130. The fee for a Double Medium space is $180. See the Application & Agreement for details. 5. Show set up: Set up time is 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Anyone not checking in by 8:00 a.m. is subject to forfeit their space without refund. Anyone arriving before their scheduled time may locate their space and set up. Any difficulties arising before 7:30 a.m. must be taken care of at 7:30 a.m. Merchandise must be inside the booth and set up one (1) hour before the public hours begin and vehicles moved to a parking place. 6.


7. Requirements: You will need to bring your own tables, chairs, tents and all set up equipment. You must supply your own clean covers that cover the table to the floor. All stock boxes must be kept out of sight until the end of the show unless you are restocking. Absolutely no dollies will be brought in from vehicles until the show is over. If a customer should get hit by a dolly or boxes brought in before the show is over, the crafter is liable for any injury. 8.

Parking: Unload cars, vans, trucks, etc. and move immediately to a parking area before you set up. Your acceptance letter will indicate available parking areas. IMPORTANT - NO PARKING IN FIRE LANES.

9. Checks: Make checks payable to Yankee Homecoming Market Day. You are required to send full payment for the show, based on your selected booth space. No spaces may be re-rented or given to another crafter/artisan. Checks must accompany the application package. We do not accept credit card payment 10. Refunds: An application is a commitment to show. No refunds will be given after the acceptance notice is sent. If for some reason the show is not held, refunds will be made, otherwise there will be no refunds once accepted into the show. 11. RETURNED CHECKS: THE FEE EACH TIME A CHECK IS RETURNED BY YOUR BANK IS $35.00 12. APPLICATIONS: A blank Application & Agreement is attached and may be copied if you need more forms. Fill in ALL information and return with payment. Please check the “How to Apply” section on the Application packet cover page for details of what is required for an application to be considered. 13. Notification: Notification of acceptance to the show will be sent as soon as the jury makes a decision. Jury meetings are held once a month starting in April and going to July. 14. Photo Returns: Photos will be returned to all crafters/artisans that are declined if you include three (3) loose stamps for the postage. If requested, accepted crafters will have their photos returned the day of the show. 15. Rain Date: Wednesday, August 2, 2017 16. No soliciting literature for any shows! Literature can only be distributed in your customer bags! (Not on your

display). We have the right to remove any offensive product. 17. Acceptance: Once accepted, all fees are non-refundable. Upon acceptance you will receive a confirmation with check-in instructions and directions. If for any reason, you cannot make the show please contact the Committee Chairperson. 18. Food: There will be no food vendors as a part of the Yankee Homecoming Craft Show. If you are a food vendor wanting to participate in Yankee Homecoming, please contact [email protected] 19. Show Times: The show is open to the public from 10 am to 7pm you must be set up by 9am and you must stay until the end of the show.

YANKEE HOMECOMING – CRAFT SHOW 2017 PHOTO DESCRIPTION FORM 1. Each applicant should include at least 5 photos. There should be one of your display booth completely set up if possible 2. Photos must be recent – less than two (2) years old. 3. Mark each photo with you NAME and DESCRIPTION NUMBER. We now accept photos either on a cd or sent via email. CDs will not be returned. You can email your photos to [email protected]

PLEASE PRINT ALL INFORMATION CLEARLY Name: Photo #1 Photo #2 Photo #3 Photo #4 Photo #5 Photo #6 Photo #7

Booth Display Photo

Frequently Asked Questions When will I know I have been accepted into the show? After your work is juried, we will email or mail a letter indicating whether or not you were accepted into the show.

What is a juried show? Each crafter/artisan participating in this juried show must have their work reviewed by the Yankee Homecoming Jury Panel to insure that their work meets the show’s requirements. The Yankee Homecoming Craft Show is a juried show. Applicants must send a completed application, along with photos of their work and booth display in order to participate in this show. We limit the number of crafters per category. Acceptance into a past show does not guarantee acceptance into the 2017 show.

Do you accept applications after the deadline? Getting your application to us by the date on the application insures that you will have the best chance at getting into the show and receiving a space. We continue to add crafters/artisan as space and time permits. Crafters/artisans are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. If applying after June 30th there will be a $30 late fee.

May I sell imported items? No, you may not. Yankee Homecoming shoppers expect to find hand-made work at the show and to meet the actual artists who make the arts and crafts they buy. If you do not make the work you sell, the Yankee Homecoming Craft Show is not for you. The Application and Agreement that each crafter/artisan signs, forbids the sale of imported items. Absolutely no dealers or sales representative, imports, or kits will be allowed. All items must be hand-made. Vendors with imported items will be asked to leave, without recourse and/or return of fees.

May I send my spouse or partner to the show in my place? Yankee Homecoming shoppers expect to meet the actual artists who make the arts and crafts they buy. We require that our crafters and artists are present at their booths on show day – from the beginning to the end. Many crafters/artisans have partners or a husband or wife with whom they create their work. If the work is a collaboration, the names of all partners must appear on the application and we require that at least one signed partner be present at the show.

Can I email my pictures? Yes, we are now allowing you to email your pictures in advance along with a copy of your completed application. You can email these directly to [email protected] All checks must be received before booth placement will be received. We arrange booth spots in order of check arrival. If you do not want to email the photos you can still send a CD or printed photos in the mail with your completed application and check.

How do I get questions answered? You can contact us via email at [email protected]