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J T F E B R U A R Y 21, 1990

V O L U M E 20 N U M B E R 8

25 C E N T S

liv in g Mary Merlucci (l-r), Josephine Constanatino and Katie Loiacono, residents of Middle Road Village, Hazlet, prepare centerpieces last week at the clubhouse for a residents’ Valentine party. The gardenapartment com plex is one of 10 senior-citizen housing facilities in the Independent coverage area. Built in 1975, Middle Road Village is open to anyone aged 62 or over but has a three- to five-year waiting list. For stories about rental housing for seniors, see Pages 14-15.

Photograph by Chet Gordon.

r m

As your grandparents provided for them, so your parents in turn provided for you. They gave you love, kindness, guidance, a sense of responsibility; they looked after you, worried about AND LOAN ASSOCIATION you, listened to your dreams; they clothed you, fed you, educated you. They gave you security, a future. And so, as time slipped by, the love for your parents became the love of a parent. And now it’s your turn to provide for your children, the next generation. Investors Savings is here for you. We’re ready to help you give your fam­ ily the full measure of financial security it needs and deserves. The strength of Investors, combined with the strength of your caring, will build a secure future for your loved ones. And as your family grows and moves on to meet its responsibilities, it will thank you . . . for giving it the best.

IN V E S T O R S S A V IN G S SPRING LAKE HEIGHTS Highway 71 and Warren Avenue FREEHOLO: Highway 9 and Adetphia Hoad NAVESINK: Highway 36 and VaSey Drive Other offices in Mfflbum • East Orange Hillside • Irvington • Plainfield Short Hills • Springfield • Union D E P O S IT S F E D E R A L L Y IN S U R E D T O 1 1 00,0 00

IN S ID E S T O R Y P o w e r h e a r in g s e t A public hearing regarding the Jer­ sey Central Power & Light Company’s plans to upgrade power lines in Hazlet w ill be held Thursday.

SEEPAGES 10-11 C o n t r o v e r s y b r e w in g The Bayshore Regional .Sewerage A u th o rity ’s recent m o ratorium on hook-ups and related expansion plans is causing controversy in both Key­ port and Union Beach.

SEE PAGE 18 6 0 s re v iv e d Celebrants appeared wearing head­ bands and peace signs at a 1960s revi­ val party last week in Holmdel to ben­ efit the Open Center Foundation o f Red Bank. The story is the focal point o f a new page, Social Scene.

SEE PAGE 20 D in o s a u r s c o m in g Fourteen grum bling and growling prehistoric beasts arc coming in April to the Monmouth Museum, M iddle­ town.

SEE PAGE 31 T o c a ll T h e I n d e p e n d e n t

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Shrewsbury, N J 07702-13205424000 A GREATER MEDIA COMPANY

Photograph by Chet Gordon


Gene Stroz, chairman of the Hazlet Recreation Commission, holds up a piece of garbage mixed in with the recycled mulch at the Hazlet Swim Club. Officials do not know why the household refuse ended up in the recycling grinder, but a cleanup is scheduled in the near future.

M a y o r v o w s to c le a n u p m e s s y m u lc h By Lauren Jaeger

HAZLET — Mulch is a protective cover­ ing, usually wood chippings, spread on the ground to reduce erosion, maintain even soil temperature, control weeds and enrich the soil. Mulch at the Hazlet Swim club, how ever, w ith shredded rubber, p lastic, electrical wire and tin cans, needs a defi­ nition all its own. The garbage mulch substance, somehow undetected by Public Works employees, was spread three weeks ago on a large area of land surrounding the parking lot at the swim club in Veterans' Memorial Park. Ha/let citizens, recreation commissioners and environmentalists are concerned that tln^garbage mulch may be more than just unsightly, it may be a threat to the ecology, as well. All officials agree the material will be removed as soon as possible. “Most o f these areas (where the mulch was applied) drain lo the north toward M id­ dle Road and the swamp area and west to storm drains which empty into East Creek,” wrote Clare Vetter, Hazlet Environmental Commission chairperson, in a letter to the Township Committee dated Feb. 5. “There appears to be treated wo»d among the de­ bris which may contaminate the environ­ ment." “I want to assure the residents that all effort has been undertaken by Hazlet to cer­ tify that no danger exists at the swim club facility,” Mayor John Bradshaw said at a press co nference la st w eek. “ A fter the material settles it has been the intention all along for the public works department to remove the material. Then, we plan to start a planting program that w ill enhance the facility." He explained at the Recreation Commis­ sion's meeting Feb. 8 that Public Works em­ ployees intended to apply a four-step pro­ gram to grind, spread, settle and rake out the debris. Bradshaw is resentful and feels that much of the negative publicity regarding the site is politically related, since many o f the publi­ c iz e s of the incident, such as Marge Cena, former Township Committeewoman, and Ed Wright, Hazlet Democratic Party chair­

man, gre Democrats. Cena and Wright den­ ied the allegations, and claim that ihe Rec­ reation Commission and concerns for the safety of the children are not politically mo­ tivated. Bradshaw feels his concerns are geniune, and he believes the individuals seeking to publicize the mulch situation may be using scare tactics in their terminology with words such as “contaminated m ulch” and “toxic materials," which are not based on fact. Meanwhile, samples of the mulch are being tested for toxicity at Priority One Lab. South Kearny. Test results should be avail­ able in about a week. Costs o f the tests are estimated at between $3,500 to $5,000. Hazlet officials are assuming that the gar­ bage ground up in ihe mulch may have been the result of a poorly supervised recycling process at Leocadia Court, which allowed large plastic bags o f branches and leaves to enter the recycling grinder, creating mulch. Officials think the bags may not have been opened before being dumped into the grind­ er. The contents were probably not inspect­ ed. concealing the fact that careless town residents may have improperly combined regular household garbage with the leaves and branches, officials said. A letter issued to area residents by the Township Committee on March 3. 19-89 slates that leaves are no longer to be placed in plastic bags or mixed with branches. If Hazlet residents have been obeying the c o m m itte e 's re q u e st, th e a m o u n t o f shredded branches and plastic bags at the Veterans Memorial Park site indicates the material may have been sitting for a year or longer. The nonbiodcgradable bags were thrown into the grinder as well, leaving much of the black plastic mixed in with natural material. Al a visit to the site on a rainy afternoon last week, Ed Wright, former Recreation C om m ission chairm an for seven years, sifted through the soggy mixture, finding a bag top section with the knot still tightly in place. Other debris was mixed with the leaves and wood, such as remainders of children’s toys, a box o f com chip snacks, plastic cherries, cans, a large paintbrush and a plastic imitation snake.

"This is illegal dum ping,” said Wright. ”1 never saw anything like this before.” said Eugene Stroz, Recreation Commission ch airm an , who was also present. “ You never know what you w ill find (in the de­ bris).” A strong garbage odor was also present at the site. M ike D’Angelo, township sanitary health inspector, said the problem is basically aes­ thetic. "It is a litter problem as opposed to a health problem,” he said. "A geologist re­ viewed the situation. No hot spots, oil or gasoline was found. There was no odor. W( couldn't find any treated wood. We fount regular wood on top o f the pile. The tests w ill dislose whether there was treated wood. "We did find a little label that was used on the piece o f treated wood,” he said. The geologist, Aubrey Cameron, from Brown and Cameron, North M iddletown, said there doesn’t appear to be a problem. "It wasn't very smart o f the people load­ ing the grinders," he said. “The dangers de­ pend on what’s in the mixture. I didn’t see preserved wood with arsenics. I didn’t see any indication of pesticide cans.” He explained that tabs are analyzing the mulch for base neutrals, semi-volatile or­ ganic compounds, priority pollutant metals, toxic metals and pesticides. “It wasn’t pretty,” Cameron said. “But I don’t anticipate problems.” Cameron also feels that the m ajority of the trash mixed with the mulch is consistent with someone cleaning up their yards. “I didn’t see chicken bones or steak,” he said, dampening fears of a possible rodent problem. “I'm not canceling my membership to the swim club because of this,” he added. Vetter is regretful that no one consulted the environmental commission before the mulch was spread, possibly preventing the mishap. “As the result of this, I hope each depart­ ment w ill communicate with each other and make the town what it should be,” Vetter said. “M y contention is that the environ­ mental commission is a consulting body. If they had asked us first for our opinion, we never would have had this problem.”


C o m p e n s a t e U n io n B e a c h Union Beach officials are justly previous 15-20 complaints a month, one authority official pointed out concerned about the proposed recently, to zero or sometimes two or expansion of the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority plant in the three a month. But, one complaint is more than western part o f the borough. most people would want to live with, They are right also to oppose any expansion without the most stringent and regardless of efforts to controls odor controls as well as compensation odors, as one borough official recently put it, the plant is “still not for housing the plant in the borough nice for a neighbor.” for the convenience o f six other The second area of concern customer municipalities. Such arrangements arc in effect in other involves borough services, such as road maintenance and police calls. areas and would seem reasonable in this situation. Borough roads are used by tankers When the plant was built delivering sludge from Monmouth approximately 20 years ago. it was Beach. The plant incinerates sludge designed to handle 4 million gallons trucked from out-of-town to help cut of wastewater per day. serving three costs, benefiting not only Union Beach, but the other six customer customer towns. Since then it has been redesigned to handle 8 million towns as well. It’s time those six other customers gallons per day and serve seven and the authority commissioners customer towns. The authority issued a moratorium from the two other original towns took a serious look at what residents on sewer connections in December after reaching ils 8 million gallonsof Union Beach have had to live with pcr-day capacity and now proposes to and considered r.omc form of double its capacity to 16 million compensation to the host gallons, four times its original community. capability. It also would not hurl to build an Borough officials have two areas of attractive buffer around the plant, something commonplace in most concern. recent developments, hut nonexistent The first and greatest seems lo he al the BRSA plant despite the fact odor problems, which have plagued borough residents for many years. that it stands next to a residential The problem has been reduced from a neighborhood.

M u lc h

p o in ts


s lo p p y

It’s ironic, in an unfunny way, that plastic cherries and an imitation snake were found among the mulch spread at Veterans’ Memorial Park. Hazlet. Mulch is supposed to protect and enrich soil so it can support plant and animal life. But the imitation fruit and reptile included in this mulch were only a small part of the shredded rubber, plastic and metal objects that pose a possible threat to the ecology of the park. Officials have assured the public that the material will be removed. And the township health official has said that the mulch looks bad, but does not appear to pose any hazards. To be sure it’s safe, the township is having samples of the mulch tested for toxicity.

A n d y

In d y fo u n d

K. A. Ferrari, 17 Karyn Terrace East. M iddletown, won a free dinner for two this week for finding Andy Indy in The Independent’s Feb. 14 issue. Andy was concealed in an advertise­ ment for Sutton Furniture. 25 Route 36, North M iddletown. The ad was on page 64 o f the M iddletown Independent and page 48 o f the Bayshore edition. Ferrari's entry was the first one drawn from among those correctly identifying the cartoon character’s hiding place Fer­ rari w ill get a free dinner for two at Peri­ winkle's. 1070 Ocean Ave.. Sea Bright, and an "I Found Andy” T-shirt. B. J. Yerlangieri. 11Alder Court. M at­

r e c y lc in g

If the mulch is found to be not hazardous, Hazlet residents should count themselves fortunate. Certainly, toxic materials could have found their way to the park through Hazlet’s sloppy rccycing practices. Residents should know that they cannot include plastic or metal items, or household garbage, with their recyclable vegetation. But Hazlet recycling workers should have known enough to open plastic bags and put only organic material into grinders. Apparently, large bags of branches and leaves were placed intact into the mulching machine. The Township Committee should let residents know how it plans to tighten its recycling operations so that this does not happen again.


S u tto n

a d

awan. won a free roll of film and free processing o f a roll o f film at Moto Photo. Strathmore Lanes. Plaza. Route 34, Aberdeen. Verlangieri was the second entry drawn. Mary Ann Ma/.za. 21 Slocum St.. West Long Branch: Karen Baldwin. 88 Radcliflc Drive. Lincroft: and Virginia Kolas. 25 Hancock St.. Apt. C i I, Keans­ burg. each won an “ I Found Andy" Tshirt as third, fourth, and fifth prizes. Each week The Independent's mascot Andy indy is hidden in a different adver­ tisement and readers are invited to find him. An entry form for the contest can be found elsewhere in the paper. The dead­ line for entries each week is Monday.

This is a waste plant named Bayshore It handles mom -waste, than- it's made, for And

no more.

L E T T E R S E n o u g h is e n o u g h I am writing this letter in order lo correct some misinformation printed in the Feb. 14 edition. The Greter Holmdel Republican Club has held its first meeting and it has already resorted to distortion o f facts and the use of inuendo to divide the Republicans of Holm­ del. Fact I: 1 do not represent the Takolusa section o f town. 1 live on Bruce Place and have for 12 years. Fact 2: I am not the treasurer o f the Re­ publican Club. I withdrew my name from nomination in a written letter to Phil Inglis on Dec. 13. 1also made a public statement, withdrawing my name, at the Dec. 14 meet­ ing. over which Mr. Inglis presided. Fact 3: I was once a registered Democrat. Now I’m a registered Republican. Does one have to be born a Republican in order to join the Republican Club? Maybe you do, if it’s the Greater Holmdel Republican Club. Mr. Inglis says it’s “nonsense" that I could be treasurer o f the Republican Club. 1 haven’t been a Republican long enough. How long is enough to suit him? What is nonsense is what Mr. Inglis and the Greater Holmdel Republican Club are attempting to do. They are a di\ tsi\e group of sore losers trying to maintain control of Holmdel politics by maligning fellow Re­ publicans. I think the people of Holmdel are tired of

hearing about the "T ako lu sa takeover.” Maybe the “ Parkway Place Posse” is more interesting. Two ex-mayors. Dave Cohen and Elaine Frey and the township clerk. John Wadington. founding members of the Greater Holmdel Republican Club, all live on the same street. W hat about the "Knollwood Road Parti­ sans?" Forty percent o f the Tow nship Com­ mittee lives next door to one another, Ed Festa and Connie McCaffrey . Mr. Cohen says the new club incorporates everyone. If that is so. why did only a few' people get invitations to jo in this unselfish group? Maybe the answer to that question is, ’’You’re not Republican enough." ADELA FEINSTEIN Holm del

PARDON OUR ERROR According to Tony Buonoguro of Holm­ del, County Republican Chairman W illiam Dowd had chosen Democrat Dennis Stern­ berg to run on a Republican ticket. Buono­ guro. who is president o f the Holmdel Re­ publican Club, was incorrectly quoted in the Feb. 14 Independent as saying that Dowd had once been a Democrat. A benefit concert for Romania w ill be held March 24 at Holmdel High School. The dale o f the concert was incorrect in the Feb. 14 edition o f the Independent.

S h o u ld

th e

g o v e rn m e n t fu n d

m o re

s e n io r

c itiz e n

Steve Mazzone Red Bank

Cheryl Herzog Middletown

Chris Handrick Shrewsbury

Dennis Haraszko Eatontown

Michael Katz Middletown

Teresa Poku Red Bank

“Yes, the govern­ m ent sh o u ld take care of housing, not ju st for seniors but th e h o m e le ss, as well. It’s abomina­ ble that a country with so much can't provide shelter for those who need it."

“No, I don’t think th e g o v e r n m e n t s h o u ld s p e n d m o ney fo r se n io r c itiz e n h o u sin g . I don’t think it’s the responsibility of the g o ve rn m e n t. It is the responsibility of the seniors or their fam ily.”

“Yes, 1 do. Just b e c a u s e s e n io r s don’t work is no rea­ so n w h y th e y s h o u ld n ’ t h a ve a r o o f o v e r t h e ir heads. S eniors d e­ serve to be treated a lot better than they arc.”

“I think care for the elderly is one of o u r g re a te st c o n ­ cerns, and seniors don’t have the advo­ cacy o f some o f the more vocal causes. I think the Gray Pan­ th ers need to rise again.”

“ I t h in k th e y should. I would like to think that when I get older, I’ll have a p la c e to liv e . A s they say, do unto others as you want th em to do u n to you.”

“The government should spend more to p ro vid e se n io r citizen housing be­ ca u se the co st o f housing keeps going up and the incomes o f m ost seniorcitizens don’t keep up with it.”

h o u s in g ?

Rudy Gibson Rumson

Kelley Tisseker Red Bank

“No, I don't think “Yes, I think the governm ent should th e g o v e r n m e n t spend more money should spend more fo r se n io r c itiz e n on se n io r c itiz e n h o u s in g . E ld e r ly housing. The home­ p eo p le sh o u ld be able to count on the le s s a n d A ID S government for help should be top priori­ ty for governm ent with housing.” spending.”

V o lu n te e rs at S a n d y H o o k h e lp p re se rv e fra g ile a re a


Although there are some of us who earn a fair salary, for many years we did not. So, the employees of Holmdel Township This is in response to statements made by we take offense to your comments and we are Dr. S. G. Curtis and Mr. Richard Darby in insulted. During last summer’s celebration of the the Feb. 2 issue o f the Independent. This is the opinion of the majority o f the 225th anniversary of the lighting o f the We, the so-called overpaid employees of employees of the Township of Holmdel. Sandy Hook Lighthouse, a member o f the Holmdcl Township, would like to give our HOLMDEL EMPLOYEES presidential cabinet stressed the importance comments to statements made by Dr. Curtis Names withheld of volunteerism to maintain the cultural and Mr. Darby. E d ito r 's n o te : T h is le tt e r w a s s ig n e d b y and historic heritage of America’s parks and First of all. we work very hard and d il­ p e o p le , w h o a s k e d th a t th e ir n a m e s b e recreation areas. igently for our wages. Either of you might 32 want to spend a day here inside an office w ith h e ld . Manuel Lujan Jr., United States secretary rather than 10 minutes at one o f our coun­ of the interior, discussed the importance of ters. There arc a few o f the women who work here, who arc the sole support o f their his department’s program, “Take Pride In families, who qualify for food stamps. This is an open letter to Mayor Peggy America.” You say your taxes have gone up so much Lasky. He initiated the program to heighten the that you won’t be able to send your children I learned that you made an award to a awareness of all Americans to the need of to “better colleges;” well, sirs, none of us handicapped senior citizen who had spent a doing everything possible to preserve and lives in C’amelot. Taxes have gone up for good deal of his time and energy in support maintain the beauty of park land. everyone all over Monmouth County, not o f the efforts to find a coure for the dreaded only in Holmdcl. “ Better colleges!” That’s a Alzhcimers disease. This was very thought­ Lujan’s tenet as interior secretary, as he laugh. Try sending your children to any col­ ful and encouraging recognition the fine stated “here, in our national parks and rec­ lege on $12,500 year. T h a t’s w hat the effort on his behalf. He must haveforbeen very reation area, vo lun teerism is in d isp en s­ “gross” salary is for some of us. Let's not proud to receive it. even discuss the “ net.” We challenge either able.” is one that has long been practiced at I lowcvcr, the occasion was marred by op­ the Sandy Hook Unit o f Gateway National o f you gentlemen to trade salaries with any one o f us, just for a week, and sec how you position from one member, of the Town­ Recreation Area. survive. Is either one of you gentlemen w ill­ ship Committee who objected to spending ing to publish your salaries in the paper? $l() o f taxpayers money for the plaque, even Through a recent interview with Thomas Several employees arc Holmdel residents though most o f the time spent by John Wa- Hoffman, Sandy Hook park historian, I and arc subject to the same tax increase as dington on this project was on his own time learned a great deal about the scope of voland at no expense to the township. In order untcerism, discerned by Hoffman’s obser­ you. We agree that we are not overpaid. There are Road Department employees to encourage you to continue your efforts to vations over the course of his 15-year ten­ with families who have to work two or more recognize people who contribute significant­ ure. jo bs to survive, yet when it snows you ly to society, I am enclosing a check for $10 wouldn’t believe the amount of calls we re­ to offset the cost o f the plaque. Sandy Hook, like all other divisions of ceive because the streets aren’t being cleared Please continue to recognize the “points the national park system, has faced a dra­ fast enough or a certain street always is the of light" — it is the right thing to do and we matic reduction in personnel in past years last. Holmdel is noted to have one of the applaud your actions. as the strain of the national debt caused best Road Departments in the county. DAVID COHEN increased belt tightening w ith in federal How abou all of the capable secretaries Holmdel agencies. and clerical employees? Just because we s m ile d o e s n o t a lw a y s m ean we are As Lujan told the crowd assembled at the happy — these are smiles o f professional­ base o f the lighthouse, over the years, the ism. not always happiness — we arc aiming government has found it cannot handle all to please at all times. Have you considered the needs of its park system, and must rely There arc more than 5 billion o f this spe­ the turnover rate lately? In the past few months when an existing position had to be cies on the planet. They have no natural on people to take pride in their parks and filled it usually took some doing. A person predators left, except themselves, and ap­ help maintain them. would be interviewed, explained what the pear to be incapable o f controlling their own Hoffman spoke of an impressive cadre of jo b description was and then told the salary. reproduction rate. Their proliferating num­ Volunteers in Park, whose work covers the After a pause, you would hear “are you se­ rious?" As for unions, yes, we have consid­ bers threaten the world’s ecology, the envi­ gamut of Sandy Hook activities and meets ered having a representative come to Town ronment. other species, and future genera­ needs arising from acute manpower short­ Hall to speak with us. Maybe we would get a tions. ages. little of the things other towns have, like Illustrations for a detailed history and Many o f them are old and weak. Many dental and eyeglass insurance, prescription cards and more holidays; pay for a portion more are ill and starving and have lost or guide of Fort Hancock, a division of Sandy of unused sick days when leaving the em­ been displaced from their habitat. The en­ Hook, were provided through volunteer ploy o f the township and temporary disabil­ tire species would benefit from a thinning Howard Kenngott. who worked with Hof­ ity; three weeks vacation after five yers and out. Perhaps a hunt w ill be advocated. fman. the author. how about longevity? The reason some peo­ A local historian. Howard Hayden, had ple cannot afford to leave is because they LOUIS A. NOVELLINO taught Hoffman the procedures practiced in already have too many years invested. Middletown the yearly demonstration o f turn-of-the-cenExcessively over paid we’re not.

Employees respond

Here’s $10

Hunt needed?


tury fife saving techniques used for offshore ship wrecks. A re-enactment is performed at Sandy Hook each August, and aside from Hof­ fman, the demonstration relies solely on volunteers. Volunteers in Park are also integral to the p reservation o f Fort H ancock’s h isto ric buildings, as well as the inventory o f histor­ ic documents and other items. Recently, a volunteer was working on re­ storing the mantle at the History House, a former officer’s residence, and discovered what Hoffman called “pieces of the historic puzzle o f Sandy Hook,” including letters, postcards, sepia tone photographs and other personal papers. Sandy Hook also provides an important habitat for a variety o f w ildlife, including piping plover, whose nesting activities are protected each March, April and May by volunteers who patrol the beach and keep interlopers away from the sensitive breeding areas. A volunteer patrol is also planned this spring for areas o f Fort Hancock where crumbling W orld W ar 1concrete gun batte­ ries pose a danger to park visitors who ig­ nore posted signs warning o f the hazard of clim bing on the fragile structures. On a larger scale, massive beach cleanups are held each spring and autum n, with hun­ dreds o f volunteers joining organizations such as the National Park Service. Clean Ocean Action and the American Littoral Society. Although its much-maligned water qual­ ity has seen its reputation suffer in recent years. Sandy Hook has a strong legacy of volunteerism — described by the deputy director o f public affairs for the Department o f the Interior as one o f the four main initia­ tives o f the Bush Administration.

K e y p o rt w a n ts w ate r tie-in with A b e rd e e n , O ld B rid g e



By Marilyn Duff







9 4 6 -4 5 9 8



o u s e

SATURDAY f 10:00MA RCH3RD A.M. to 12:00 NOON


C r e a tiv e C a m p u s N u rse ry S chool CLASSES FOR 3 & 4 YEAR OLDS * AM & PM PRE-K CLASS FOR 5 YEAR OLDS * AM


A rt L e s s o n s fo r C h ild re n & A d u lt

THE ART CLASS, INC. Formerly of Holmdel • Children all ages • Teens • Adults Will now be at the Strathmore Center. (Near Hobby Shop & Chinese Restaurant) • Painting • Drawing • Cartooning • High Quality Crafts • Pottery HOURS: After School Evenings Saturdays ★ Professional ExperiencedTeachers * All Levels Welcome * Children's Birthday Parties on Saturday S Thursday

56 6 -0 0 3 5


94 6-82 43

KEYPORT — The borough w ill contin­ ue to pursue a tie-in with the Aberdeen and Old Bridge water systems for use as an alter­ nate water source. At a marathon Borough Council meeting last week, lasting until about 12:20 a.m.. council members authorized the borough engineer and attorney, both newly appoint­ ed, to co n tin ue nego tiatio n s w ith both towns. The borough is required to reduce its ground water withdrawal by 50 percent of 1983 levels effective July 1 in accordance with a state Department o f Environmental Protection mandate. It has continued to fight a tie-in with the Manasquan River Reservoir, which is being constructed by the New Jersey W ater Au­ thority. In January 1989. the council agreed to the Manasquan tie-in when it was threatened with a $5.000-pcr-day fine from the DEP. But in April, the council rescinded the agreement following a Burlington County court ruling that the DEP could not force Evesham Township to obtain its water from a reservoir. At the time, then Borough At­ torney James Gorman advised the council the case could apply to Keyport. At last week’s meeting. Borough Engineer Richard Maser sought direction from the council. He said he had looked at four po­ tential alternate sources and eliminated two. leaving the Aberdeen-Old Bridge connec­ tion and the Manasquan Reservoir. One of the eliminated alternates was use of the Englishtown acquifer.

According to Maser, Atlantic Highlands was granted permission to use the acquifer as an alternate source, but it does not pass through Keyport. The other eliminated al­ ternate was also related to acquifer withdra­ wal. Maser said the Manasquan lie-in through Shorelands W ater Company in Hazlet is pretty straightforward, while there are many unknowns with Aberdeen and Old Bridge. Also, he said the DEP w ill not easily ap­ prove the Aberdeen connection, since the agency’s intention has been for the borough, like other Bayshore com munities, to use the M a n a sq u a n R e se rv o ir as an a lte rn a te source. Expressing what appeared to be the con­ sensus of the council. Councilman John Kovacs told Maser. “We’ve been fighting M a­ nasquan since day one. We’re not going to stop now.” Mayor Edward Flynn claimed the bo­ rough should be exempt from the realloca­ tion since it already has wells in two differ­ ent acquifers. “If we took il to court. 1 think we could win.” Flynn said, but, at the same time, he indicated the cost would be prohibitive. Based on his prelim inary data collection. Maser estimated the Aberdeen tic-in would cost 40 percent less than the reservoir hook­ up, but cautioned the estimate was based on “very rough numbers” and did not allow for capital improvements. He did say Aberdeen and Old Bridge seemed w illing to cooperate but would not comment on costs. ■Aberdeen, which has conditional appro­ val lo purchase from Old Bridge, would be buying that town’s excess water supplied by the Middlesex Water Company , Maser said.

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Board to review zoning revisions By Marilyn Duff

KEYPORT — Planning Consultant John J. Chadwick w ill meet Thursday with the Planning Board to review proposed changes in the borough zoning ordinance. The ordi­ nance is being revised to implement the bo­ rough's new master plan, approved last year as a guide to future development and land use. Once the board agrees on the ordinance, it w ill be up to the Borough Council to in­ troduce it. After that, it w ill go back to the board for official consideration, and the council will then hold a hearing on final adoption. Asked about Thursday’s meeting, board Chairman W illiam Kerchner said the board feels the ordinance needs some additions

and wants Chadwick to review them. Chad­ wick was hired by the borough in 1988 to revise both the master plan and zoning ordi­ nance. Last year’s Borough Council had planned to adopt the ordinance before the end of 1989, but postponed action because o f time constraints and to allow incoming council members Bob McLeod and Bill Hanson as well as zoning officals time to review it. At last week's council meeting, McLeod said he had a number of questions about the ordinance and planned to be at Thursday’s meeting. Also last week, borough Attorney Robert Thaler questioned why the Planning Board was h aving its engineering firm . Schoor & DePalma. review the ordinance, when Chadwick was hired to do the whole thing. Mayor Edward Flynn, who sits on the board, responded that the cost came out of the board’s engineering budget.

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F U T U R E _______________________________ A trip to an indoor flower show at the Philadelphia Civic Center w ill be sponsored by the Holmdcl Recreation Department on March 15. The bus w ill leave at noon from the Parkway Commuter lot and w ill leave at 6:30 p.m. front the center. The cost is $21/ person which includes admission and trans­ portation. Send your check to Holmdcl Rec­ reation. P.O. Box 410, Holntdcll. 0733. A bus trip lo the Claridge Casino w ill be sponsored by St. Mary's Theater Group on Feb. 25. The bus w ill leave at 10 a.m. from the Mater Dei High School parking lot on Cherry Tree Farm Road. New Monmouth, and return there by 8 p.m. The $20 price includes the cost of the bus transportation, a rebate of the $12 cash, a $3 food coupon, and $5 deferred coupon. For reservations, c a ll Pat T ho m p son . 787-3652. or R ita Young. 787-9138, before Feb. 23. A New York trip to see “Grand Hotel" at the 46th Street Theater will be sponsored by St. M ary’s Theater Group on April 3. The bus will leave at 6 p.m. from the Mater Dei High School parking lot on Cherry Tree Farm Road. New Monmouth, and return there at approximately 11:30 p.m. The $68 cost includes orchestra scats, transportation and all taxes and ups. For reservations, call Pat Thompson. 787-3652, or Rita Young. 787-9138. before Feb. 24. A trip to the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus at the Mcadowlands will be sponsored by the Middletown Depart­ ment of Parks and Recreation on March 17. The motor coach w ill leave at 1:45 p.m. from the Johnson G ill Annex at Town Hall and will return at approximately 7:45 p.m. The cost is $21 per person which includes lower level seats and deluxe roundtrip trans­ portation. The deadline for registration is Feb. 23. For further information, call 615­ 2260. TODAY “Rebecca," a film starring Joan Fontaine, will be shown at 7 p.m. at the lla/let Public I ihrary, 251 M iddle Road, lla/let. f or fur­ ther information, call 264*7164. Open house for fall registration w ill be held during the morning class session at the lin cro ft Cooperative Nursery School, cor­ ner o f Fvcretl Road and West Front Street, 1incroft. Interested parents ma> visit a class with their child lo observe the program. \ registration fee o f $35 is required with the application. For further information, call Jan Pamer. director, at the school. A “W inter Bird Round-up” will be spon­ sored by the Monmouth County Park Sys­ tem. Participants w ill have the opportunity to search for rare, interesting and unusual species at some o f Monmouth County’s “birding hot spots.” The van will leave at 8:30 a.m. from Thompson Park on New­ man Springs Road. Lincroft. and return at approximately 4:30 p.m. The fee is $15 and registration is required. For further infor­ mation. call 842-4000. A scarf tying class w ill be sponsored by the Monmouth Count} Park System 7:30­ 8:30 p.m. at the Dorbrook Park Activity Center. Route 537. Colts Neck. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to use scarves to acccssori/c and enhance their wardrobes. Square and oblong scarves are required. The fee is $6 and registration is required. For further information, call 842­ 4000. A breastfeeding class for expectant and new mothers will be offered by Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank. 7-9 p.m. in the Blaisdell Center for Health Resources. Reg­ istration is required. For further informa­ tion or registration, call 530-2229. Prepared Big Brother/Big Sister of Riv er­ view Medical Center. Red Bank, will be held 4-5:30 p.m. in classroom 3 and 4 of the hospital. The program is designed to help expectant parents prepare their children for the new baby's birth. Registration is nec­ essary. For further information, call 530222l>. Preparation for Childbrith program w ill be offered by Riverview Medical Center.

Red Baijk. at 8 p.m. through Feb. 24. The course is designed to provide information on physical and emotional changes during pregnancy, prepare expectant parents to share in the delivery of their baby as a nor­ mal. natural process, and teach breathing techniques that assist in the labor and deliv­ ers stages. It is recommended parents regis­ ter 16 weeks before their due date. For fur­ ther information, call 530-2229. THURSDAY _ _ _________ A blood drive sponsored by Central Jersey Blood Bank w ill be held 9 a.m.-2 p.m. at St. John Vianncy's High School. Line Road. Holmdel. A dance party will be sponsored by Sin­ gles Again Inc. for single adults at 9 p.m. and orientation for newcomers at 8:30 p.m. at The Colts Neck Inn. Route 537, Colts Neck. Non-members arc welcome. For fur­ ther information, call 928-2300. A "Parent and Tot Creative Movement" class for parents and their two-year-olds will be sponsored by the Monmouth County Park System 3:30-4:30 p.m. on Fridays through March 23 at the Memorial School in Union Beach. The program is designed to use music, movement and space to develop strength, coordination, and body awarcnesss. The fee is $30 per pair and registra­ tion is required. For further information, call 842-4000. A pediatric pre-admission tour w ill be held at 10:30 a.m. at Riverview Medical Center. Red Bank. It is recommended the lour be taken approximately one week prior to admission. For further information or registration, call 530-2488. An orientation of the homc-likc birthing room for parents who w ill be using it for the birth o f their child w ill be held at 7 p.m. at Riverview Medical Center. Red Bank. For registration, call 530-2229. "How To Reduce Your Car Insurance Rates’’ and "W hat’s Covered In A Standard Homeowners' Policy" w ill be the topics covered in a lecture given by Cheryl A. Guttormsen. senior personal lines manager, ol' Mullaney Insurance Associates for the M id­ dletown Senior Center at I p.m. at Croydon Hall, 20 Leonardvillc Road, Leonardo. A slide and print contest will be spon­ sored by the Monmouth Camera (Tub at 8 p.m. in the Holmdel Community Church. 40 Main St.. Holmdcl. The judge will be George Hall who runs a photography print­ ing service. Everyone is welcome. For fur­ ther information, call 739-0671 or 264­ 4537. F R ID A Y Open house will be held by the Commu­ nity YM CA’s Pitter Patter Nursery School 1-3 p.m. at the United Methodist Church, 274 Broad St.. Red Bank. Registrations will be accepted for the upco m ing 1990-91 school year following the open house. For further information, call 946-4598. S A T U R D A Y ___________________________ “ Printm aking" for grades S-8 w ill be of­ fered by the Community Services 9:30­ 11:30 a.m. at Brookdalc Community Col­ lege. Lincroft. The program is designed lo leach kids how to cut. paste, and create their own embossed prints. The fee is $15. For further information, call 842-1809. The Garden State Nu-Voicc Club for La­ ryngectomees will meet at 9 a.nt. in the au­ ditorium o f Riverview Medical Center. Red Bank. For further information, call 566­ 6632. A blood drive sponsored by Central Jersey Blood Bank w ill be held 10:30 a.m.-l:30 p.m. at Murphy’s Association, American Legion Post 338, Leonardo. A M ardi Gras dinner dance w ill be spon­ sored bv St. Agnes Parish. Atlantic High­ lands. at 8 p.m. at the Shore Casino. Atlan­ tic Highlands. Price is $35 per person with costumes optional. For tickets, call Paul Sully. 291-2574. or Jim Neff. 872-2486. “ M ugs with Mom” w ill be sponsored by

Photographs by Chet Gordon

O R IG A M I Daniel Niemela, 12, of Colts Neck intructs Wally Ogens of Matawan in the finer points of the Japanese art of ori­ gami or paper folding, during a pro­ gram held at the Monmouth County Li­ brary in Manalapan. At right is a close shot of Niemela’s hands creating a paper kangaroo.

the Monmouth County Park System at I p.m . at H uber W oods A c tiv ity C enter. Browns Dock Road. Middletown. Mothers and tots aged 3-5 w ill have the opportunity to design a mug, go for a walk in the woods, and take part in an animal show-and-tcll. The fee is $3.50 per person and registration is required. For further information, call 842-4000. A program designed to show youngsters aged 6-8 how to build birdfeedcrs. some of which can be created from recyclable houehold items, w ill be sponsored by the Mon­ mouth County Park System 10:30 a.m.noon at Huber Woods A ctivity Center. Browns Dock Road. M iddletown. The fee is $4 and registration is required. For further information, call 842-4000. A tiny tots tour w ill be held at 3:15 p.m. at Riverview Medical Center. Red Bank. This tour is designed to help expectant par­ ents prepare their children under age 4 for the arrival of a new baby. Registration is required. For further information or regis­ tration. call 530-2229. An "Income Tax Preparation” workshop w ill be offered by Community Srvices 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at Brookdalc Com munity Col­ lege. Lincroft. Among the topics lo be dis­ cussed arc: which forms to use; the newest mortgage and consum er interest restric­ tions; the new "kiddie” tax; lim itations on IR A and o ther re tirem en t d ed u ctio n s; changes in treatment o f capital gains and business expenses; segments on income, es­ tate. and gift tax planning; the recently en­ acted Taxpayer Bill of Rights: burden of proof; and much more. The fee of $20 in­ cludes text and materials. For registration or further information, call 842-1809. A maple sugaring demonstration will be sponsored by the Monmouth County park System at 10 a.m. and at 1:30 p.m. at the Thompson Park A ctivity Center, Newman Springs Road. Lincroft. Participants will have the opportunity lo join in the projectfront tapping the tree to boiling the sap to tasting the results. The fee is $2.50 and reg­ istration is required. For further informa­ tion, call 842-4000. A hike at South Mountain Reservation. M illburn, w ill be sponsored by Shore Sin­ gles. Participants w ill meet at 11 a.m. at Parkway Exit 120 commuter parking lot. The fee is $3 for members and $4 for non­ members. For further information, call 291­ 2763. An orientation will be hold by Big Broth­ ers/Big Sisters of Monmouth County at 2 p.m. in their office located at 54 Broad Street. Room 302. Red Bank. This organiza­ tion needs caring adult volunteers to devel­ op a one-to-one relationship with a local

child who is in need of additional compan­ ionship and support. For further informa­ tion. call 530-9800. A money manager workshop w ill be held from 9:30 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. at the Oyster Point Hotel in Red Bank to discuss M errill Lynch Consults, a program which helps in­ vestors select and monitor a professional m o n ey m a n a g e r fo r a c c o u n ts w o rth $100,000 minim um . The workshop is free and includes breakfast. R.S.V.P. to 530­ 3102. Allan Namery’s ’Jazz Focus’ w ill perform in concert at 3:00 p.m. on Feb. 25 at the M o n m o uth C o u n ty L ib ra ry ’s E astern Branch on Route 35. The quintet will play­ times front the bebop era lo present day fusion. Funding for the concert has been made possible by the New Jersy State Coun­ cil on the Arts, and admission is free. For further information call the library at 842­ 5995. S U N D A Y ______________________________ A fund raising Chinese auction will be held at 2 p.m. at Basilian Monastery. 360 Monastery Lane. Aberdeen. The doors will be open at 11 a.m. and the liturgy will be held at 12:30 p.m. Donation is $2 at the door and $1 in advance. Fur further infor­ mation, call 566-8445 or 566-0724. The cheerleading and pompon competi­ tion for Monmouth/Ocean County Squads will be held at 10 a.m. for elementary teams and at noon for high school teams in the gymnasium at Brookdalc Community Col­ lege. Lincroft. Tickets are $4 for adults and $3 for students, available at the door. Park­ ing is free. For further information, call 222­ 6932. "H olly Forest Rambles” w ill be presented 1:30-3 p.m. at the Sandy Hook Unit of Ga­ teway National Recreation Area. Partici­ pants w ill have the opportunity to explore the Holly Forest with a park ranger to dis­ cover how the creatures and plants adapt to winter. The program is free of charge. For reservations, call 872-0115. "The Glory of Choral M usic" will be pre­ sented by The Shrewsbury Chorale at 3 p.m. at the Christ Episcopal Church, 92 Kings Highway. M iddletown. Tickets are $9 and $7 (student/senior citizens). Tickets will be available at the door or call 747-4582. A baseball card show w ill be held 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at Matawan Regional High School, At­ lantic Avenue. Matawan. Admission is $2 and children under aged 6 free. Six foot dealer tables are $40. two 6 foot tables $75, and three 6 foot tables $110. For further information, call 536-4278 or 536-2859. "M o lly’s Play” w ill be performed by

M iddletown girls who have come to trea­ sure the adventures of Kirsten, Samantha and M olly at 3 p.m. in the mall located at 500 Route 35, M iddletown. Admission to the play w ill be by complimentary tickets only which may be pickcd-up in advance at Faulkner Books. Middletown. For further informnation, call 530-4468. An indoor flea market and baseball card show w ill be held 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at the M id­ dletown Post 2179 o f the Veterans of For­ eign Wars located off Route 36 east (just past the A&P at W ilson Avenue), Port Mon­ mouth. Tables arc $10 each. Doors w ill be open at 7 a. ... for dealer set up. For reservatioT ..call 671-3559. >in and the O ccult w ill be discussed by D r. Jam es B jo rn sta d t, P residen t o f Northeastern Bible College, who w ill speak at 6 p.m. at the First Baptist Church, Red Bank. For more information, call the church at 747-0671. T he choir of St. G eorge's by the River w ill present Schubert's ‘Deutsche Mcssc' and ‘M iram ’s Song of Trium ph’ with or­ chestra at 4:30 p.m. in Rumson. Also on the progrma will be the Marcello Oboe Concer­ to, played by Oscar Petty. Admission is free. MONDAY

~~ A porcelain doll w orkshop w ill he spon­ sored by the Monmouth County Park Sys­ tem 7:30-9:30 p.m. on Mondays through March 26 at Tatum Park A ctivity Center. Red H ill Road. Middletown. Participants w ill have the opportunity to learn how to clean, sand, paint, and assemble a porcelain doll. The fee is $60 for new students and $75 for advanced students. Registration is required. For further information, call 842­ 4000. Sm okeless free introductory classes will be held at 7 p.m. on Feb. 26 and 28 in room 440 o f Bayshore C om m unity H osp ital. Holmdcl. Smokeless is a stop-smoking pro­ gram run hy a certified facilitator. The pro­ gram is designed to curb participants desire to smoke and prevent weight gain. For fur­ ther information, call 739-5919. P reparation for C hildhrith program will be offered by Riverview Medical Center Red Bank, at 8 p.m. The course is designed lo provide information on physical and emotional changes during pregnancy. pre­ pare expectant parents to share in the deliv­ ery o f their baby as a normal, natural proc­ ess. and teach breathing techniques that assist in the labor and delivery stages. It is recommended parents register at least 16 weeks in advance of their expected due date. For further information or registration, call 530-2229. The sm oking cessation program “Smoke Stoppers” of R ivcrvicw Medical ( enter Red Bank, will hold free introductory ses­ sions at 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 26 and 27 in the Blaisdell Center for Health Re­ sources at the medical center For further information, call 530-2488. A spaghetti dinner will he sponsored by the Bayshore Kivvanis noon-8 p.m. at the Snug Harbor Restaurant, 5 Route 35. I ennardo. Tickets are priced at $6 per person, with all proceeds going to the Rainbow Foundation. For ticket information, call 787-7935 or 671-4343. “ How To Reduce Your Insurance Rates" and “W hat’s Covered In A Standard Home­ owners' Policy" will be the topics covered in a lecture given by Cheryl A. Guttormsen. senior personal lines manager, of Mullaney Insurance Associates for the Middletown Senior Center at noon at the Bay shore Rec­ reation Center, corner o f Port Monmouth Road and Bray Avenue. North Middletown. A sale will be held 10 a.m.-4 p.m. on Feb. 26 and 27 at the Bayshore Community Hos­ pital Thrift Shop, 88 Broad Street. Keyport. TU ESDAY Middletown Township women aged 35 or older will be sponsored by the Middletown Health De­ partment 9 a.m.-7 p.m. on Feb. 27 and 28. The fee is $65. For further information and registration call Laura Beauvais, health educator, at 615-2268. Walk-in will be permitted. M am m ography screening for

A free orientation w ill be held by Parents W ithout Partners Chapter 644 for prospec­ tive members at 8:30 p.m. followed by a dance for members only at the Lakeside Manor. Route 36. Hazlet. Admission is $4. For further information, call 566-1499. W E D N E S D A Y , F E B . 28 A weight reduction hypnosis seminar will be conducted by Green Seminars 7-9:30 p.m. in conference rooms A and B at Bayshorc Com munity Hospital. Holmdel. The first 30 minutes of the seminar may be at­ tended at no charge or obligation. If partici­ pants decide to complete the program, the fee is $65. For further information call. 739­ 5919. "A ll You Ever Wanted To Know About Estate Planning" w ill be presented at 7:30 p.m. at the Middletown Public Library. 55 New Monmouth Road. Sandy Mansbaeh of Quintain Financial Services Company will be the guest lecturer for this free program which is a part of the library's financial and estate planning series. Ash Wednesday Communion Service will he held at 8 p.m. at the Matawan I'nited Methodist Church. 478 Atlantic Ave.. Aber­ deen. All arc welcome. The Cesarean Prevention Movement of Central New Jersey will meet at 8 p.m. in a member's home in Hazlet. The topic will be "Planning Your Vaginal Birth After Cesar­ ean. " The speaker w ill be a birthworks in­ structor who has had a V-BAC. The meeting is opened to the public. II anyone would like to attend this meeting, call 264-2521. An art exhibit entitled ‘Harvest of Colors' will be held Irom 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at St. Thomas Episcopal ( hurch in Red Bank. I he TRENDS group of St. Thomas w ill be ackow lcdging the co n tribu tio n s o f AfroAmericans by showcasing the talents often area residents. For further information call Deborah Hammond-Hull at 842-0385. TH URSDAY. M ARCH 1 "The Sound of M usic" w ill be presented by the Holmdel Theatre G uild of Holmdel High School at 7 p.m. on March I and 8 pm on March 2 and 3 at Holmdel High School. Crawfords Corner Road. Holmdel. Tickets are $6 for adults and $3 for students and senior citizens and w ill be available at the door. V dinner meeting will be held by The Monmouth ( hapter O f Professional Secre­ taries at 6:30 p.m. at the Oyster Point Hotel. Red Bank D r. C a th e rin e K o w a lsk i ol Chiropractic Plus will speak on "The W ell­ ness Class ‘ All secretaries are welcome For reservations ot further information, call 264-4158 A dance party will be sponsored by Sin­ gles Again Inc for single adults at 6 p.m and orientation for newcomers at 8:30 p.m at The Colts Neck Inn. Route 537. Colts Neck. Non-members arc welcome. For fur­ ther information, call 928-2300. F R ID A Y . M A R C H 2 A porcelain doll workshop will be spon­ sored by the Monmouth County Park Sys­ tem 10 a.m .-noon on F riday s th rough March 30 at Tatum Park Activity Center. Red Hill Road. M iddletown. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to clean, sand, paint, and assemble a porcelain doll. The fee is $60 for new students and $75 lor advanced students. Registration is required. For further information, call 842­ 4000. A dance party sponsored by Single Faces o f East Brunswick w ill be held at 8:30pm at the Sheraton in Eatontown. Please call 238­ 0972 lot information, or 542-6500 for direc­ tions. SATURDAY, M ARCH 3 “Clay Creations" for grades 1-3 w ill be offered by the Community Services 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at Brookdale Community C o llege. L in c ro ft. T h is is a hands-on workshop tn which kids will have the op­ portunity to use self-horderirg modeling clav. The fee is S15. For t ’ i ' .t informa­ tion. call S42-1809.


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59 7-85 22

H a zle t holds H.AZLET — A public hearing regarding the Jersey Central Power & Light Co.’s addi­ tion of 34.500 volts to existing 12,500 volt power lines in the town w ill be held 7 p.m. Thursday at the courthouse at Police Head­ quarters. M iddle Road. “We are interested in seeing the route proposal and whether the need is warran­ ted.” said Mayor John Bradshaw at a press conference last week. “Residents should have the opportunity to learn about this proposition.” The Township Committee cannot disap­ prove the project. Bradshaw said. JCP&L workers have already begun pre­ lim in a ry w ork, a cco rd in g to com pany spokesman James Lowney, but the upgrad­ ing w'ill take place after the conference. The upgraded line w’ill run from the Freneau substation, Aberdeen, to the Taylor Lane substation. M iddletown. The route w ill follow the NJ Transit tracks to Bethany Road, run north across Route 35 to Clark Street, then along the NJ Transit tracks. The poles w ill be increased from 40 feet to 60 feet high. JCP&L has seen a 12 percent increase in customers, but a 40 percent increase in elec­ trical demands, according to Lowney. If the lines in Hazlet are not upgraded, circuit overload o f circuits might result in black­ outs throughout thesummer. he said. They would have continued to upgrade the line without holding a public hearing if it weren't for the interference o f Bradshaw, who told JCP&L last week that work would have to be delayed until all residents have been informed of the company's intentions. "In view o f the many ongoing controver­ sies concerning electric lines, their possible detriment to persons' health, as well as the aesthetics that may be involved, this gov­ erning body requested that w'ork in Hazlet




*1 0 5 5



“Your Total Homo Improvement Specialist”





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CO N SU LTA N T "My Ability Will Astound You" "One Visit Will Convince You” "My Advice Will Help You” Through the realms of E.S.P., I have the answer you are seeking, concerning LOVE, MARRIAGE, BUSINESS, HEALTH, DREAMS, DAYS, AND NUMBERS. TAROT CARD READINGS available upon request.


PRICE with this AD

Route 9 North : SAYREVILLE, NJ




public hearing about J C P & L Township may not be undertaken until a public hearing could be held, so that the citizenry could gain a full understanding," Bradshaw wrote Feb. 14 to JCP&L Presi­ dent James Leva. The letter continues: "On Feb. 9. mem­ bers of this Township Committee met with the township attorney, and a telephone communication was made to representa­ tives of your company expressing the posi­ tion o f the Hazlet Township Governing Body.. It was strongly requested at this time that your company could not undertake this project work in Hazlet Township until a public hearing could be held. . . . On Tues­ day, (JCP&L) . . . advised that they could not delay the start o f the project and that they would be w illing to participate in a public hearing as soon as one could be ar­

ranged. . . . We find this totally unaccepta­ ble and demand that no work on this project be undertaken in Hazlet unless and until a public hearing is held." The upgraded lines w ill provide a source of energy while the case of the controversial l 44-foot high. 230.000-volt power line, which is proposed to run between Aberdeen and Red Bank, is still pending. The trial, which has pitted JCP&L against the township o f Middletown and the state Department of the Public Advocate, is ex­ pected to continue in April. Hazlet. Middletown and Holmdel citi­ zens arc opposed to the project, due to the possible health risks involved. Many studies have linked the high intensity electromagne­ tic field with cancer in children and an in­ crease in miscarriages for pregnant woman.

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Teen scores high on ‘Jeopardy’ By Mary Ellen McCandless

HOLMDEL — Answer: A Holmdel High School junior who recently appeared on the television game show "Jeopardy" during the Teen Tournament. Question: Who is Scott Hoffman? Hoffman, a 15-year-old who said he gets "mostly A’s and B’s" at school, decided to try out for the popular game show after he saw an announcement calling for teen-age conlcslents during a regular broadcast of the show last summer. He sent in a postcard with his name and address, and soon received a form letter from M en Griffin Enterprises with details o f the contest and tryout locations. There were five locations to try out for the show, and Pittsburgh was the closest. Out of 2.000 students that showed up for the tryouts nationwide, only 15 were se­ lected to appear on the program. In Pitts­ burgh. 400 teenagers tried out during five sessions in the preliminaries. In the first part of the tryout, two tele­ vision monitors listed the categories and host Alex Trebek's voice read 50 questions while the contestants wrote down their an­ swers on a piece o f paper, Hoffman ex­ plained. The teen-agers were given 10 sec­ onds to answer each question before Trebek moved on to the next one. The 13 teens that passed went on to another part of the tryout. All contestants were informed that they would hear from the producers as to wheth­ er or not thev were selected bv December 10. When Hoffman received his letter o f con­ gratulations for passing the try-outs, he "was



really excited. The tryouts were pretty scary, but once I got the letter 1 was O K.” he ex­ plained. Jeopardy's Fourth Teen Tournament was filmed January 6 and 7 and broadcast dur­ ing the weeks of Febrary 5 and 12. Taping took place at KTLA in Hollywood, C’a. Hoffman did well, winning $7200 during his first appearance. He even got the Double Jeopardy "answer” right, which was "an Italian city named for the Greek words ‘new' and 'city.' "The "question" — "W hat is Naples?” Hoffman chose not to wager on the ques­ tion. because he already had enough win­ nings to make it into the next round. However, in his next appearance, the Double Jeopardy “answer” was Hoffman's downfall. “They asked me which structure was on the back of the nickel." he explained. “I wrote down the Jefferson M emorial, but they wanted the proper name, which is M onticcllo.” Hoffman left the show with $5,000 and several "parting gifts.” He is considering whether he w ill spend his prize money on a personal computer or save it for college. He is also on the school baseball team and in the upcoming school play. “The Sound of M usic.” Hoffman w ill play the part of Captain Von Trapp. In addition, he is a member o f his church youth group and acts as referee for the Holmdel Youth Ath­ letic Association’s third- and fourth-grade basketball teams.

County working to fix 2 bridges OLD B R ID G E - Middlesex County en­ gineering officials are moving ahead with plans to repair or rebuild two bridges in the township. Plans to address the Englishtown Road bridge over the Matchaponix Brook in the southern section of the township are in early engineering stages. But John Reiser, county engineer, estimated the project w ill cost at least $1.2 m illion. The second span, the Ocean Boulevard bridge over Whale Creek linking Old Bridge with Aberdeen, already has been closed by officials in Middlesex and Monmouth coun­ ties because it has been deemed structurally unsound. “It’s a jointly-owned bridge by both coun­ ties and we're trying to work out the details to repair or replace it,” Reiser said. "I think we've already agreed to share the costs." Reiser also said he hoped Monmouth County engineering officials would take the lead on the project, after Reiser’s agency did the engineering and survey work on last year’s p roject to re b u ild the cru m b lin g Route 516 bridge over I-ake I.efferts. That bridge also links the two counties. First W ard Councilman Joseph Hoff ex­ pressed concern Thursday over the slow pace of efforts to repair the Whale Creek bridge. Hoff said the span is important be­ cause only one other bridge enables Old Bridge residents to travel south into Aber­ deen and the Bayshore area. “We've had several times when Route 35 Hoods during heavy rains and people have to use Ocean Boulevard and the Whale Creek bridge as a detour." Hoff said. " If it happens again. I don’t know where the heck the people w ill go.” Reiser said the Whale Creek bridge is of higher priority than the Englishtown Road span because o f the poor structural integrity o f the Ocean Boulevard crossing.

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f a r

o u t s t r ip s

By Marilyn Duff

Unlike the sluggish single-family resi­ dential market, the demand for subsidized or rent-controlled senior citizen rental hous­ ing is out o f sight. And it is expected to continue to increase along with the area’s growing senior population. In most instances, waiting lists are closed. In other words, those needing housing can’t even file an application. Because some ap­ plicants apply at more than one complex, there is no way to know precisely how many people are actually waiting for housing. Some complexes with closed waiting lists accept inquiries and notify those people when the waiting list is about to reopen. One complex in M iddletown has more than 700 names on its inquiry list. James Unterburgcr, general manager of the Bethany Manor Annex, Keyport, and Bethany Towers, Hazlet, two of three com­ plexes owned by Bethany Manor Corp., re­ cently described the wait seniors face. “If we built three high rises tomorrow, it still would not exhaust the waiting list,” which he estimated at 400 to 500 for each of the three Bethany buildings. In Middletown — which has four seniorcitize n housin g com plexes m anaged by three different authorities, containing a total o f 537 units — all waiting lists arc currently closed. One, at Alice V. Tomaso Plaza, will be reopening briefly next month for the first time in four-and-a-half years, n was closed in 1986 by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which provides rent subsidies. W hile that is the good news, the bad news is the list will be filled swiftly through a lottery drawing to be held April 4 under the auspices o f H U D . A p p lica tio n s w ill be available for three days only, March 14, 15 and 16, at the complex, said Pat Gage, assis­ tant director o f the Middletown Housing Authority, and must be returned by mail, postmarked no later than March 30. According to Gage, the inquiry book for Tomaso contains the names o f more than 700 people, each of whom w ill be notified of the upcoming lottery to create a new wailing list. For rental complexes such as Tomaso, where tenants pay 30 percent o f their in­ come for rent and the balance is subsidized by HUD, applicants must be at least 62 years of age or handicapped and/or dis­ abled. Under current H UD guidelines, ap­ P r o je c te d


Aberdeen Colts Neck Eatontown Fair Haven Hazlet Holmdel Keyport Little Silver Matawan Middletown Red Bank Rumson Sea Briqht Shrewsbury Borouqh Tinton Falls Union Beach

s u p p l y

A p a r tm e n t c o m p le x e s HOUSING COMPLEX Eatontown The Meadowbrook

s e n io r fo r th e

r e n t a l

e ld e r ly




h o u s in g

th is

r e g io n



Eatontown Senior Housinq Corp.


1980 30% of income


Bethany Manor Corp./St. John's United Methodist Church CIB International Management Corp.


1 983 30% of income



1975 30% of income

3-5 years


1970 controlled


Bethany Manor Annex Keyport Leqion Apartments (borough residents receive priority)

Bethany Manor Corp./St. John’s United Methodist Church same as above Keyport Leqion Apartments, Inc./ Raritan American Leqion Post No. 23

100 209

1 980 30% of income 1975 controlled

closed approx. 1 yr.

Matawan Minisink Villaqe

Limited Dividend Corp./Matawan Borouqh


1977 30% of income


Middletown Bayshore Villaqe Daniel Tower Luftman Towers Alice V. Tomaso Plaza

Middletown Senior Citizen Housinq Corp. Middletown Housinq Authority Lincroft Senior Citizen Housinq Corp. Middletown Housinq Authority

96 100 189 152

1974 1 974 1979 1978

Red Bank Evergreen Terrace

Red Bank Housinq Authority

Hazlet Bethany Towers Middle Road Villaqe Keyport Bethany Manor


controlled/subsidized closed 30% of income closed 30% of income closed • * 30% of income

1969 30% of income


* Bethany Manor is accepting inquiries. ■ ** Applications will be available at Alice V. Tomaso Plaza March 14-16 for an April 4 lottery drawing to create a new waiting list. Applications must be returned by mail, postmarked no later than March 30.

plicants are given preference if they arc dis­ placed or without a home, pay more than 50 percent of their income for rent, or live in substandard housing. Current income lim ­ its, in c lu d in g incom e from assets, are $21,500 for one person and $24,550 for two. There are 15 such complexes in this area, 13 in the Bayshore, including two in Keans­ burg and one in Highlands, as well as a 196unit m idrise in Eatontown, and a small 50unit garden-apartment style complex in Red Bank. The majority are rent subsidized and the others have controlled rent. In the Bayshore, aside from Highlands and Keansburg, the complexes arc clustered ill M iddletow n and the Keyport-H azlet area, with one in Matawan. Several other towns currently without low- or moderateincome senior citizen housing are in various

s e n io r c itiz e n

p o p u la tio n s

1990 1 9 8 0 CB'JSUS POPULATION PERCENTAGE PROJECTED SENIOR OF TOTAL AGE 65 POPULATION POPULATION ANDOVER 1050 566 1034 575 1827 453 1240 628 834 5674 2698 795 225 350 577 571

o f

6.1 7.2 8.1 10.1 7.9 5.4 1 6 .7 11.3 9.4 9.1 22 .4 10.4 12.4 1 1.8 7.5 9

1 171 631 1 153 641 2037 505 1383 700 930 6327 3008 886 251 390 • 643 637 Source: County Office on Aging

Projected 1990 senior population figures are based on an 11.5-percent increase over 1980 census figures.

COVER STO RY stages of planning for it. Holmdel. as part of its mandated afforda­ ble housing (Mount Laurel) obligation, is working on a settlement with local builder Ronald A quaviva. The agreement could re-, suit in the construction of 80 single-story, condominium-style units on the north side of Route 35 near the Route 35 Drive-in Theatre. Construction would be coupled to devel­ opment of two other sites, one on Telegraph Hill Road and the other in the vicinity of the Holmdel Township Swim Center. Tinton Falls, according to the county Of­ fice on Aging, is also proposing units. And the Coalition for Union Beach, a recently-formed organization o f business people and residents working to revitalize the town, is seeking to establish senior hous­ ing in that borough. Coalition members said at a recent meeting they have been advised to seek private sponsorship rather than the establishment of a municipal housing au­ thority. Bethany Towers, a 140-unit high rise, which opened in 1983 in Hazlet under the sponsorship o f St. John’s United Methodist Church, was the last complex built in the area. St. John's, located in Hazlet near the in­ tersection of Routes 35 and 36, has been a leader in the establishment o f rent-con­ trolled or subsidized senior housing, cre­ ating a nearby hub of scnior-citizcn activity. Its first achievement was Bethany Manor, a 231-unit high-rise which opened in Key­ port in 1970. That was followed in 1980 by Bethany Manor Annex, an adjacent, 100unit high-rise. According to area directors, the typical annual turnover o f apartment units has been around 10 percent, out as the average ife span increases the rate o f turnover slows. The sad fact is that most units are only vacated when an occupant dies or in some eases when the tenant is no longer capable of caring for himself. 1he complexes offer a variety o f activ ities as well as transportation. At Keyport Legion Apartments, a 209unit high-rise built for Keyport residents in 1975 under the sponsorship o f American Legion Raritan Post No. 23. bus service is available every- day but Sunday and is either

free or costs $5 per month. Bethany Manor Corp., which owns the three Bethany complexes, owns two buses which transport tenants to area malls. It also utilizes county transportation ser­ vices and those provided by Bayshore Com­ m unity Hospital in nearby Holmdel. W hile the majority of tenants are single women, there are also couples and single men. Some o f the residents still work. M ost senior rental complexes have been built by non-profit sponsors, such as Rari­ tan American Legion Post No. 23 in Key­ port. or municipal housing authorities, such as the M iddletown Housing Authority. The Keyport Legion Apartments complex w'as funded by the New Jersey Housing Fi­ nance Agency and. unlike most complexes, gives priority to Raritan Post No. 23 mem­ bers and borough residents age 62 and over. In M iddletown. Alice V. Tomaso Plaza was built in 1978 through a bond issue and federal Section 8 New Construction Pro­ gram funds and is under the control of the Middletown Housing Authority, the bond holders and trustee. United Counties Trust Co. Rent is subsidized by HUD, and all senior citizens who meet income require­ ments, as well as the handicapped and dis­ abled, are eligible. The housing authority's other complex, Daniel Towers, was built in 1974 with feder­ al public housing funds. Tenants there pay 30 percent o f their income as rent and the only subsidy received is for a budget short­ fall (to meet expenses). Repairs and replace­ ments are made through a modernization p la n , c a lle d the C o m p re h e n siv e Im ­ provement Assistance Program. The other two M iddletown complexes, Bayshore Village and Luftman Towers, are owned by Middletown Senior Citizen Hous­ ing Corporation and Lincroft Senior Citi­ zens H ousing C orporation, respectively, uftman was built with federal funds and las the same type program as Tomaso Plaza. Bayshore Village has three •ategones of units, all with income guidelines. Sixteen percent are subsidized through a Rental As­ sistance Program, whereby tenants pay 30 percent o f their income for rent; another nine units recently received a subsidy under federal Section 8 to prevent any tenant from paying more than 50 percent o f his total income for rent; and the remainder are rent controlled, with a basic rent of $335 and a maxim um rent o f $411, under federal Sec­ tion 236.

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5 9 1 -9 3 8 5

Photograph by Martin Petterchak

Mike Irene (I), housing coordinator for the Monmouth County Office on Aging, and Jud Thorne, clerk to the director and a member of the Governor’s Conference on Aging, discuss available housing options for the growing senior population. The Office on Aging, located at the Hall of Records Annex in Freehold, is an information and referral agency.


Plans to shelter the elderly face challenges in the s 1 9 9 0

By Marilyn Duff

Jud Thorne, clerk for the director of the county Office on Aging and a member of the housing committee o f the Governor’s Con­ ference on Aging, said senior citizen hous­ ing is the office’s “No. I problem,” as well is No. I on Gov. James J. Florio’s confer­ ence agenda, followed by ageism and longerm care. The office serves as an information and cferral agency for seniors in Monmouth "ounty, and indirectly to all oilier social ervicc agencies and the state. It fields a >arrage o f calls concerning senior citizen lousing, mostly from northern New Jersey nd New York, but also from across the lation. “There arc maybe 10 or 12 stales we iaven’1heard from," Thorne said. According to Thorne, the fastest growing ige category in New Jersey is 85-plus. In vionmouth County, he estimated one out of Ive residents will fall into the 60-and-older ige category early in this decade, with the •atio increasing to almost one-in-four by the year 2000. State projections show the 60-and-older age group almost doubling from 1.2 m illion in 1990 to 2.4 m illion by the year 2020. Conversely, the 0-to-19 age group is ex­ pected to remain steady during the next 30 years, increasing from 2 m illion to 2.1 m illion by the year 2000 and then dropping back again to 2 m illion. In the county, 1990 papulation census fig­ ures are expected to show an 11.5 percent increase from 1980 in the 65-and-older cat­ egory. With housing the No. 1 priority, Thorne said the greatest need is to reduce property taxes, which, ever escalating, have the great­ est impact on seniors trying to maintain their own homes while living on fixed in­ comes. There are currently two recently reintro­ duced state Assembly bills, according to a sp#esman for Assemblyman Joseph* M. Kyrillos Jr., R-Middletown, which address the property tax problem and could enable seniors to stay in their own homes. One bill, sponsored by A ssem blym an Jeffrey W. Moran, R-Beachwood, would freeze the dis­ trict school tax for those presently age 65 and older at the 1984 rate. For all others, the rate would be frozen at the year the person turns 65. The state would reimburse dis­

tricts for the property tax relief allowed. The other bill, sponsored by Assembly­ man Chuck llaytaian, R-Mansfield. would cap the school portion of senior citizens’ tax bills at five percent of their gross income. Nevertheless, the demand for rent-con­ trolled or subsidized senior citizen rental housin g co n tin ues to grow . W ith in the county, there are currently 41 senior citizen rental complexes containing about 3,350 units, according to Office on Aging figures. Asbury Park, with 884 units, and Long Branch, with 769, have the greatest number o f units, followed in order by M iddletown. Keyport, Hazlet and Neptune Township. Other senior housing options include re­ tirement com munities such as Shadow Lake Village. M iddletown: mobile homes; lifecare facilities, such as Navcsink House in Red Bank, which arc for higher-income seniors; and rest homes. The county is also involved with protected tenancy for seniors and the disabled, where rental properties are being converted to condominiums. W hile senior rental complexes have been established differently in past years, the two most common methods have been through sponsoring agencies using direct federal loans and municipal hotTsing authorities using a variety o f financing combinations, according to James Sweeney, head of James P. Sweeney Associates. Cranford, a housing and com m unity developm ent consulting firm. T o day, Sweeney sa id , federal lo ans, through what is called a 202 Program, are only available to highly experienced and highly successful non-profit sponsors. The loans can be coupled with the federal Sec­ tion 8 Housing Assistance Program, which provides rental assistance enabling tenants to pay only 30 percent of their income for rent. W hile that program prohibits restrict­ ing rentals to residents o f a particular tow n. Sweeney said the pattern has been that the m ajority o f people come from the town in which the housing is located. In addition to federal loans. Sweeney said there are other sources related to M l. Laurel housing requirements, such as Holmdel is utilizing, and state aid. Eachmust be indi­ vidually tailored to the com m unity in which it is developed, he pointed out. Sweeney estimated that the cost to build an 80-unit complex today would run between $5.5 and $6 m illion.

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, s

R e g . t o 5149, z ip - o u t lin e d r c


a a

i n t

S s



* r 2




H e r it a g e to

le a r n

D a y

a llo w s

a b o u t

t h e ir

Photograph by Martin Petterchak

Rena Thakkar, 9, of India shows Sage Barnowski, 10, and David Aninowsky, 10, her family's roots at the Strathmore Elementary School Heritage Day festival Friday.

REACH 20,000 HOM ES In

T im e

The Monmouth Monthly is mailed to Matawan, Aberdeen, Morganville, Marlboro, Manalapan & Freehold The booklets will be mailed, Tuesday, April 10, 1990. Proof deadline Tues. March 27th. Non-proof deadline Thur. March 29th. - POOLS FASHION LAWN E Q U IPM EN T EASTER GIFTS

Contact Nat Hersh

F o r S p r in g


o n m

S a le s ! !

e t h n ic it y

ABERDEEN — Keeping America's im ­ migrant history in mind. Strathmore El­ ementary School hosted its annual Heritage Day festival for the school’s fourth-grade classes on Friday. Wearing little babushkas, knickers and hats too big for their heads, the fourth-grad­ ers pretended to be immigrants to the U nit­ ed States. The school represented Ellis Is­ land for the day . The festival marked the climax of a sixweek study, in which each pupil studied his or her ethnic heritage and wrote a detailed report. In the report, the junior researchers inter­ viewed four family members, drew a map of the country they were studying, outlined a family tree and wrote a short narrative using a U.S. imm igrant’s point o f view. The pupils enjoy ed doing the work for the project, said Dorothy Mahoney, one o f the school’s fourth-grade teachers. "M ost of them don’t know what country their ancestry came from." she observed. The project gave the children the oppor­ tunity to discover w-ho they were and where they came from. Mahoney said. “It helped them establish a self-esteem and a self-worth.” she commented. It also helped them deal with the fact that divorce happens and families sometimes split up. she explained. The children came from a variety of backgrounds — some studied their Italian heritage while others studied Poland or a

nation in the M iddle East. Some o f them researched central America while others studied the Pacific Islands. The participants also had the chance to research a famous person from the country or area they were studying. One girl wrote about a Nobel prize-winning scientist from India and another girl wrote about re­ nowned actor James Earl Jones from M is­ sissippi. The children were amazed to find out certain facts about their grandparents and even more puzzled by some answers. What did their grandparents do without a television, a car or a telephone? How could they get along without Gobots or Nintendo video games? How could they be one of eight children? And where on earth is Be­ lize? The school was decorated according to generations of memorabilia. A wood-bound Bible from the fam ily o f David Aninowsky hangs next to the Matawan High School commencement announcement of 1942. Jim McAllenan has the mementos of a true Celt. His great-grandfather’s 1919 hon­ orable discharge from the Sea Forth High­ landers hangs near his grandfather’s W orld War 11 service knife and combat infantry­ men’s badge. After all the pupils were sworn in as citi­ zens. they sat down to eat ethnic dishes pre­ pared by their parents, who were invited to join them for the day’s celebration. In this fashion, pupils, teachers and par­ ents alike were able to travel around the world in ju st one day.

T iie N a v e s in k H o u s e

Registration set for kindergarten

By Patrick Ross


p u p ils

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HAZLET — Registration for kindergart­ en students who w ill enter school in Sep­ tember w ill be held 9:30 a.m.-noon and 1:30-3 p.m. today through Friday at Cove Road School. Lillian Drive School. M iddle Road School. Raritan Valley School, and Sycamore Drive School. Please report to the school nearest your home. It is not necessary for students to be pre­ sent at registration. Classroom visitations may be arranged later. Notification o f school assignment and session will be mailed before the end of Au­ gust. In order to have a child registered he/she must be 5 years old on or before Oct. I. No exceptions w ill be made. Please bring the child’s birth certificate with you to registra­ tion — hospital certificate w'ill not be ac­ cepted. In accordance with Section 14 of the New Jersey Sanitary Code and the policy o f the Board o f Education, all students w-ishing to register shall have received the following immunizations: 1. Dipthcria. pertussis, tetanus — three basic series plus one booster. 2. Polio — two doses of oral polio trivalent plus one booster at least six months after the second dose. 3. Measles — one dose live mcasle virus administered after first birthday. 4. Rubella virus — one dose. 5. Mumps vaccine. Proof o f such im m unization procedures must be presented, unless the pupil shall present a certificate signed by a physician that the pupil is an unfit subject for im m u­ nization. or unless the parent or guardian objgets in writing to the im m unization pro­ cedure on the grounds that the proposed im m unization interferes w ith the free exer­ cise o f religious principles.

'T,-^ .r e fc r ia .-3.-7

1 C- *3


C e n te r s e e k s vo lu n te e rs


The following is a list o f some of the vol­ unteer opportunities available through the Volunteer Center of Monmouth County. 188 East Bergen Place, Red Bank. Those interested in volunteering for these and many other positions may call the center at 741-3330. S P R E A D IN G J O Y ________ A local hospital has asked for help in ac­ complishing one of its more pleasant tasks. A volunteer is needed on Wednesday morn­ ings lo join a group who arrange fresh (low­ ers for delivery to each patient. It takes only two hours a week and brings such joy to so many. Can you help? C O O K B O O K PR O JEC T Do you enjoy cooking as a hobby? And do you have some organizational skills? A Monmouth County agency which provides care for battered women and children need you. They want to develop and produce a cookbook for the profit o f their organiza­ tion. How about you and a friend taking this on as a project. A fun and rewarding experience for the right person. O F F IC E A S S IS T A N C E There is a need for volunteer clerical help in many agencies in Monmouth County. Duties would include answering telephones, sc h ed u lin g ap p o in tm en ts, help ing w ith mailings and keeping the office paper work in order. One halfday a week would be a big help. Special needs in W all, Neptune. M arl­ boro. Eatontown and Lakewood.

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I W']C S


' f i 4* 1990 1 7

U n io n

B e a c h

a d m

By Marilyn Duff

UNIO N BEACH — The borough may be gelling an adm inistrator who w ill also serve as public works director, taking over for W illiam Horton, who resigned effective Monday. In a straw vote at last week’s agenda meeting. Borough Council members voted 4-2 to look for an adm inistrator to oversee all borough departments and serve as public works director. Council members Richard Ellison and W alter Van Orden opposed the measure. If it is formally approved at this Thurs­ day’s regular meeting, the borough w ill ad­ vertise the position. The council also inform ally approved hir­ ing grantsm an W illia m Cicorgc. Wood-

in is t r a t o r


bridge Township, for one year at a salary of $8,000. with the stipulation he secure a $5,000 grant during his first three months. Van Orden questioned the appointment, saying il should be part o f the new adm inis­ trator's job. but voted in favor when a straw vote was taken. Concerning the hiring o f an adm inistra­ tor, Ellison said. ‘‘I’m totally against it. I think people are capable of running borough hall.” He pointed out he had campaigned four years ago to get rid of the position and said he does not feel the borough has the money. No salary was discussed, but Mayor Car­ men Stoppiello. who also spoke against the plan, said Horton’s salary, reportedly about $37,000 a year, would be committed no matter what. Stoppiello. who only votes in the event of

a y

a ls o

h e a d

a lie. said he could not see the need for an adm inistrator in a small town like Union Beach. But Councilman Paul Smith, who intro­ duced the measure, said the borough is a $3 million operation and needs a boss who can oversee not only public works, but all bo­ rough departments, including police. C ouncilm an M ichael H arriott agreed with Smith, saying he thought it was a mis­ take when the borough let its adm inistrator go. although at the time he had favored the action. “Some people wear 10 hats and some wear none.” Harriott said. “We need one person to make it an efficient operation." At the same time. Harriott indicated he would prefer to sec Horton stay on as public works director. “I think we should renew Horton’s con­

p u b lic


o r k s

tract.” Harriott said at the meeting. But Van Orden said Horton was pleased with a new job he was scheduled to begin Tuesday and. futhermore. had not given the borough the required 60 days' notice o f his departure. When Horton subm itted his res­ ignation in January he declined to comment on the reasons. Borough Attorney Robert Thaler ques­ tioned finding someone who combines the skills of a public works expert and a good adm inistrator, warning such a person would probably cost more than double Horton’s salary. In the meantime, the council approved having the water department foreman re­ port to C o u n cilm an R ic h a rd N o rm ile . chairman o f the U tilities and Sewers Com­ mittee, and the road department foreman to Smith, chairman o f public works.

T o d a y ’s /

M e d ia N e w sp a p e rs'



O ffe rs a d v e r t is e r s a s p e c ia l o p p o r t u n i t y . It f e a t u r e s n e w s , i n f o r m a t i v e s t o r ie s , p a r e n t i n g t e c h n i q u e s a n d t ip s fo r t h e b u s y li f e s t y le o f a w o m a n o f t h e '90's. It a d d r e s s e s s o m e o f t h e m o s t p r e s s i n g is s u e s f a c i n g a w o m a n t o d a y ... w h e t h e r s h e is a p r o f e s s io n a l, h o m e m a k e r , s i n g le , m a r r ie d , a p a r e n t o r n o n ­ p a r e n t, b u s in e s s o r c o m m u n it y le a d e r . T o h e lp y o u r b u s i n e s s g r o w , p l a c e y o u r a d v e r t i s i n g m e s s a g e in th is e x c lu s iv e e d itio n . R e a c h u p to 150,000 h o m e s in M o n m o u t h a n d M i d d le s e x C o u n t i e s , o r z o n e y o u r a d v e r t i s i n g t o s u it y o u r m a r k e t . Reserve space, call your advertising representative today: M id d le s e x C o u n ty

G r e a te r M e d ia 254-7000 Eastern M o n m o u th C o u n ty N e w s p a p e r s Publication: 542-4000 M arch 14 W estern M o n m o u th C o u n ty Ad d e a d lin e : M arch 6 462-0292

Photograph by Chet Gordon

A N E D U C A T IO N O N O C T O P U S Jill Cavuto, (l-r), Danielle Keeler, and Susan Campbell, proudly show off their crustacean projects created in Catherine Baldini’s seventh-grade class at the Beers Street School, Hazlet. The life science project mandated that the students select an animal and construct a model. They had to prepare a presentation discussing the animal’s characteristics and habitat.

N EW S B R IEFS A B E R D E E N __________________________ Free women’s health screening clinics w ill be offered by the Ha/let and Aberdeen Health Departments, in conjunction with the Matawan/Aberdeen Board of Educa­ tion. Services will include pelvic and beast exam. Pap smears, blood pressure mea­ surement. instruction on breast self-exam techniques, health counseling, and referrals to health and social service providers. The clinics are located at the school nurses’s ex­ amining room at the Matawan Avenue School m Aberdeen Township. The next clinic will be held on March 12. Appoint­ ments are necessary and can be madae by calling the Hazlet Health Department at 264-1700. A ski trip to Montage Ski Area in Scran­ ton. Pa., w ill be sponsored Sunday by the Aberdeen Parks and Recreation Depart­ ment. The bus w ill depart at 6 a.m. from Aberdeen Town Hall and return at approxi­ mately 8 p.m. Costs range from $45 to $67 for ski packages. Payment is due upon regis­ tration. Today is the registration deadline. HAZLET_____________________

The 1990 spring semester of the Hazlet Adult School will begin as follows: March 13. first Tuesday Session: March 8. first Thursday session. Classes w ill be held on Tuesdays. Wednesdays, and Thursdays at Raritan Hieh School 419 M iddle Rd. Rceis“ tration will be held 7:30-9 p.m. on Feb. 2”

and 28 in the main entrance o f Raritan High School, or by mail to the Hazlet Township Board of Education. 305 M iddle Road. Ilazlel. 07730 (Attention: Assistant Superintendent's Office. Room 4). or call 264-8400 for further information. The Hazlet Tow nship Board of Education formally recognized the recipients o f the 1989-90 Governor’s Award for Outstanding Teaching at its meeting on Tuesday. The recipients are Marie Canonico. Beers Street M iddle School: Ruth Teasley. Cove Road School: Genevieve Estilow. Lillian Drive School; Robert Russamano. M iddle Road School; M ary Jane Lee, R aritan V alley School: Sheila Costello-Pepe. Sycam ore Drive School: Roberta Metules. Union Ave­ nue M iddle School: and Anthony Pomponio. Raritan High School. G irl Scout summer activities information w ill be offered 7-9 p.m. on Feb. 26 at Veter­ an's Memorial Park. lln io n Avenue. Hazlet: 11 a.m.-3 p.m. on March 3 at Monmouth County Library. Broad Street Shrewsbury. For more information, call Gerry or Jean at the Council Service Center. 938-5454. The Monmouth United Soccer Associa­ tion. Hazlet, still has room on some teams for boys and girls ages 5-15. Non-resident children w ill be accepted. The season begins April 7 and ends June 23 at the picnic. The deadline for registration is March 17 and the fee for spring is $20 with a $20 refunda­ ble work deposit. The age 5 group is $10 and the program runs on Saturday s. For registra­ tion or further information, call Pat at 888­ 0957.

C o u n c ils

d e b a t e

m o r a t o r iu m

a t

By Marilyn Duff

The Bayshore Regional Sewerage Author­ ity's recent moratorium on hook-ups and related expansion plans were major topics last week at both the Kcyport and Union Beach Borough Council meetings. In K eyport. a u th o rity C o m m issio n er David Cohen of Holmdel, at the council’s request, spent about an hour discussing the reasons for the moratorium and possible expansion which, he said, optim istically could take five years for permitting, design and construction. He also fielded criticism from some coun­ cil members and residents that the authority did not plan ahead. “It seems to me you knew in 1987 (of an impending capacity problem).” said Mayor Edward Flynn. "Then to give out these per­ mits. you added to the problem." Flynn also called it an example o fa small town taking a beating, pointing out that close to I m illion gallons in approved Hows which have not yet been hooked up w ill come from Holmdel and Marlboro. The plant currently has a capacity of 8 m illion gallons of flow per day. which origi­ nally had been expected to suffice until the year 2000. But last year's heavy rainfall raised the flow to an average of 7.6 million gallons per day. and with permits already issued for at least another 800,000 gallons per day from developments not yet com­ pleted. the plant is over capacity. The flow in 1988. a dry year, averaged 6.77 m illion gallons per day. ( ohen said. He said the authority would like to have the plant re-rated by the state Department of Environm ental Protection to a capacity o f 10 m illion gallons/day. which the plant could handle and would "autom atically get us out o f ihe m oratorium ." But even if that were possible. Cohen said the DEP already has plans for Aber­ deen to hook in. which would add another I..' m illion gallons. According to Cohen Xberdeen’s three plants currently discharge into streams and must desist by IO02. I heir only alternative is to hook up lo the sewer­ age authority ( ohen could not say how long the motutorium would last. He said the D I P now has s mirol and must approve ail exemptnins to the moratorium In Union Beach, where the sewerage au­ thority is located, the Borough Council dis­ cussed borough concerns about expansion of the plant with its two authority commix sioners. Donald Shank and Jim McGrogan. and authorized Borough Attorney Robert B. Thaler to research the borough's original serv ice agreement to see if it can be changed in light o f the expansion. According to Shank, the authority is talking about dou­ bling the capacity o f the plant from 8 m illion gallons per day to 16 million. Councilman Paul Smith said he was hop­ ing the borough could get "some consider­ ation dollar-wise.” which was not part o f the original service agreement when the author­ ity was formed in 1969, “ I think our forefathers made a mistake by not getting something." Smith said. "It's gotten a lot better, but it still is not nice for a neighbor." . Holmdel and Hazlet. the other two origi­ nal authority towns, are going to gain from the expansion, while Union Beach is not Smith said. M ayor Carmen Stoppiello said his goal is to get service money for things such as bo­ rough road maintenance and police. “My figure would be $12.(100 a year for serv ice money." Stoppiello said. Shank and McCirogan said any proposal to benefit the borough would have to come directly from the council. "The bottom line should be: we're op­ posed to expansion unless there are strin­ gent odor controls and some compensa­ tion." Smith said. At its annual reo rgan izatio n m eeting

e x p a n s io n ,

s e w a g e

p la n t

Monday, the sewerage authority authorized an agreement with its engineering firm. Killam and Associates, for design and other ser­ vices associated with expansion of the plant. Because o f wetlands restrictions, any ex­ pansion would have to be on the existing landfill, plant Executive Director Gary M ar­ shall said. The authority site includes about 25 acres, but approximately half of that acreage is wetlands, M arshall said. Also at the reorganization meeting, com­ missioners adopted a $5,431,696 budget, up from $4,610,957 in 1989. The operating portion is $3,137,072, up from $2,334,310; debt service. $1,856,624 and capital items. $402,000. Francis X. Shields. Hazlet. was elected chairman for 1990 and MeGrogan was named vice chairman.

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a g e n c y

By Lauren Jaeger

H O L M D E L — They wore peace sign earrings, gauze embroidered shirtv tie dye dresses and beaded headbands to the formal Garden State Arts Center Reception Center Feb. I 7. The 1960s Revival party, at $50 per person, helped fund the Open Center Foun­ dation. Red Bank, a counseling agency that focuses on personal growth through individ­ ual and group therapy at sliding scale fees. Many o f the people at the party, most o f whom have been involved with the Open Center as clients or staff, fondly recalled the time of their youth. Some people pn ■ . .i •Jve themselves with th 'issin i ,m . ra I use questioned how. i adn; d In i r. .oil spot for the tum ultuous tin: ■ ' n his tory. "Debbie mi Eatontown. adm itted to being almost t() years old. but .till resem­ bled the peace-loving high school student she was in the 1960s. with her long blonde bait and embroidered gauze tacL't. ,i pre­ sent from 1969 "Love, peace, happiness, in tie., .es. oi

ganic food — these arc the things we were passionate about.” she said softly. “I still participate in the principles o f non-violence, caring, and professing peace in the world with respect for all o f the people.” Debbie feels that the dreams she tried so hard to make reality in her youth have not been wasted on the m aterialistic era of the 1980s, especially with the revolution in the com munist empire. S herrie B rock, a cabaret singer from M arlb o ro , sup p lied hard h ittin g m usic which clearly defined the decade, and the partygocrs danced for hours. A 10-minute slide show o f 1960s nostalgia, history and music was another feature of the evening. "So many o f the different serv ices the <)pen ( enter offers are related to the philos­ ophy that came about during this tim e.” .aid Director Carol Vei/cr. explaining how ihe idea for the fund raising benefit came about. ‘‘There was a movement towards spirr ual growth in the 1960s.” "However, we don’t advocate the use of drugs.” she said.

Center takes holistic approach The Open Center a wellness center which offers services to help people improve the quality of their lives, is a grand Victorian home at 133 Maple Ave Re-.l Bank I nside. v . it i,, places, stuffed ann .r ... . i s - appears to be more ol a Inmse to come home to than a place for ihcrap I he non-prolit organiza­ tion offers sliding scale fees to all. The center offers not only the services o f nine therapists, but many seminars, medita­ tion groups, and workshops. It is a network of professionals who practice from an inte­ grative and holistic perspective, said Vci/er. through the most traditional lo contempo­ rary therapy. The average client undergoes therapy from one to three years. The goal is to inte­ grate body, mind and spirit o f each person seeking help. “The child within is very important." said Vcizcr. “We teach a lot about the ego and the super ego, and the inner child and the critical adult within ” “W e'vegotten very faraway from intim a­ cy." she said, “ People don't feel comfortable being m touch with their feelings. This dam­ ages the communication of our feelings and the essence o f who we really are in our relationships." The Open Center not only serves as a refuge from loneliness, but is there for the people to get back in touch with themselves; as opposed to conforming with the increas­ ing pressures from society, the media, and the fast pace of life. “The media dictates that you have to look a certain way. act a certain way, and this alienates people from themselves. It’s loo difficult to keep up an image that's not really them. Thus, anorexia, bulemia. drug and alcohol abuse can be the result." she said. The Open Center currently serves about 250 clients, and has a community atmo­ sphere due to the many group therapy ses­ sions and gatherings offered, such as the 1960s party. According to Vei/er. it is the only center o f its kind in Monmouth Coun­ ty. attracting clients from all over the state. The center has also identified the need

for increased programming and services for children, adolescents and senior citizens. The most common problem, according to Vcizcr, is the coping o f adult children from d isfu n ctio n a l fam ilies; the su rv iv o rs o f physical and emotional abuse. She is also witnessing an increase in agoraphobia, a condition which affects an estimated one out o f 15 people in the country. The condi­ tion is an abnormal fear of being in open places. Workshops range from the recovery-jour­ ney for survivors o f sexual abuse to a ca­ reer/path change w orkshop. System atic training for effective parenting, a circle for self healing, a prayer and meditation group and an active senior group arc among the groups that meet on a regular basis. The center is also offering help for patients with \IDS, as well as gay and lesbian support groups. The center also endorses crucial is­ sues, such as animal rights, and works to­ wards causes they believe in. In the future, the Open Center plans to offer a clowning retreat, which w ill feature planned spiritual clowning to have people get in touch with the sexless and egoless being within. However, funding for the non-profit cen­ ter, now 3 years old, is crucially needed. Specially planned party events along with state funding help defray the high costs, such as the lease of the old home, which costs nearly $3,000 a month. The Open Center sells ‘Therapets’. fluffy teddy bears which retail for $15, to help defray costs. The center may have to relocate when the lease expires in November, hopefully mov­ ing into a building tliev w ill eventually own. ) “Agencies cannot survive (only ) on com­ mitment. purpose, and love," said Veizer. "It is important for us to have roots,” she said. “Sometimes, this does not come from families. It is important (for clients) to make and build their own histories. If they don't have a close family network, they should find friends or a community where they belong. Belonging is very important.” For more information, call 758-1667. — Lauren Jaeger

Photograph by Jeff Lysiak

PEACE, BABY, PEACE Getting into the spirit for the 1960s dinner-dance at the Garden State Arts Center Reception Center, Holmdel, to benefit the Open House Center, Red Bank, are (l-r) Annette Enrico, Hazlet, co-facilitator of counseling groups, Sherrie Brock, Marlboro, the musician who supplied 1960s music for the evening, and Carol Veizer, Red Bank, director. Enrico is wearing an authentic ’60s gown which a peace-loving friend had been married in.

Candlelighters form local chapter M ID DLETO W N — The Rainbow Foun­ dation announced recently the formation of the first Monmouth County chapter o f a national network o f support groups for par­ ents of children afflicted with cancer. Foundation president Thomas V. Karaban said that the local Candlelighters chap­ ter will provide free counseling and educa­ tional services. The first meeting w ill be held at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, March I, in the Knights o f Columbus building adjacent lo Croydon Hall on Leonardville Road in the Leonardo section of M iddletown. Karaban said that Rainbow Foundation would provide initial development funding for the new chapter. “ A substantial number o f children living in Monmouth County have been diagnosed

with cancer.” said Karaban. ‘‘Many of them are treated in hospitals in North Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Although the hospitals generally have in-house support groups for parents the travel distance makes it difficult for many families to take advan­ tage.” Founded in 1984, the Rainbow Founda­ tion provides emergency financial assis­ tance and human services lo children suffer­ ing from terminal or catastrophic illnesses. Staffed entirely by volunteers, the founda­ tion derives more than 95 percent o f its funding from individual and corporate do­ nations. For inform ation about C andlelighters, call Eileen Hocy at 671-1682 or Tom Kara­ ban at 671-4343.

H O L M D EL — In v ita tio n s have been mailed for Bayshore Community Hospital’s eighth annual Golden G ull G o lf Classic. The classic w ill be held on Monday. June 11, at the Bamrn Hollow Country Club in Lincroft. There w ill be a scramble format with double shotgun starts at 8 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. In addition to golf, the day w ill be filled with food and prizes. There w ill be a continental breakfast be­ ginning at 7 a.m., a buffet luncheon 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m.. and cocktails and dinner w ill

imm ediately follow the second round of golf. Awards and prizes w ill be presented dur­ ing dinner. Prizes w ill be awarded to the first five foursomes and to golfers with the longest drive and the shot closest to the pin on a particular Par 3. Also, a special hole-in-one prize w ill be awarded. The eighth annual Golden Gull Classic is sponsored by Bayshore Community Health Service, Inc. and the Bayshore Comm’mity Hospital Foundation. For an invitatio 739-5994.

Bayshore Hospital plans golf tourney


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Q u a lit y is k e y in a d ia m o n d Today engage d c jp :•» are older belter educa: c, and ha^ higher combined income tha i m net,. They arc looking lor quaii;. and value when they make their diamond engagement ring purchase . . . especially since this is usually the First m ajor diamond purchase the couple makes. When these couples walk into a jewelry store, 67 percent o f all women and 50 per­ cent of all men have no preconceived idea of what they are going to spend on a d i­ amond engagement ring. Jewelers o f America, the national organi­ zation dedicated lo consumer education and information about fine jew elry states that although 75 percent of all couples shop to­ gether. the man and woman perceive the purchase of the diam ond engagement ring differently. The man strongly believes in the tradi­ tion of the diamond engagement ring and the importance o f the quality of the stone. It is the one aspect of the wedding process over which he has control For the woman, the ring is ju st one aspect o f the wedding process. She is concerned with the size and shape of the stone as a function of style, but is also worried about their budget. The symbolism of the diamond engagement ring is im plicit, but she lends lo downplay the importance of size and price while he is ready to spend more for the best he can give her. In view of these facts, lo determine what you can best afford, a wise guideline to use is the two months' salary guideline. Re­ search shows that this allow's a couple to buy the best quality diamond they can af­ ford without breaking their budget. Diam onds are not inexpensive, but re­ member that while most purchases depre­ ciate over the years, the diamond lasts long after the honeymoon and champagne are over. And, if you appreciate quality and look for it in everything you do. you’ll want a diamond that is symbolic o f the quality of your love. Once you’ve decided on a budget o f two months’ salary, quality should be your first consideration. In order to understand quality in di­ amonds, you must understand the four Cs: cut, color, clarity and carat-weight. Cut - Diamonds arc cut into a number of shapes, depending on the nature o f the rough stone. A well cut diamond is better able to handle light, creating more scintilla­ tion and sparkle. C o lo r - D iam o n ds are fo und w ith a range o f colors; however, the best color for a diamond is no color. It is a totally colorless diam ond that allows white light to pass through it and be dispersed as rainbows of color. Clarity - Most diamonds contain very tiny natural birthm arks known as inclu­ sions. However, the fewer and smaller the inclusions arc, the less likely it is that they w ill in te rfe re w ith the passage o f lig h t through the diamond, and the more beauti­ ful the diamond w ill be. Carat-weight - This is the weight o f a di­ amond measured in carats. One carat is di­ vided into 100 “points,” so that a diamond of 75 points weighs .75 carats. Jewelers of America suggests you ask your local jeweler to show you a selection of quality diamond engagement rings. You'll find a ring that’s perfect for you and that fits your two months’ salary budget. For more inform ation about d iam o n ds and other gemstones, write to JA for a free series of brochures: JA, 1271 Sixth Ave., New York, N.Y. 10020.

^ c c


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0 ^ 1 W ID E W ID T H

S jP tu d ic fr


(Formerly Located in Airport Plaza)


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Rae lacovelli, ow ner of C inderella Bridal Shop, adjusts the skirt of one of the many gowns on display in the shop.

A u n iq u e blen d o f o u tsta n d in g M u sician sh ip an d E n te rta in m e n t

5 3 6 -2 2 2 0 .

C in d e r e lla c re a te s fa ir y -ta le w e d d in g A dream cam e true for Rae laco velli when she purchased C inderella tit 255 M ain St., M ataw an. last A ugust. She was a seam s­ tress at the bridal fashion store for three years and loved w orking w ith the future brides. la co ve lli decided to buy the business when she learned it was for sale. H er daugh­ ter. C arla M organ, store m anager, slated. “ M y m other has a great rapport w ith the brides, their attendants and mothers-of-thebrtde and-groont. She gets in vo lved with each w edding, treats each one like fam ily and m isses the girls after all the festivities are o ver.” O ne custom er, Patty D olan o f C liffw ood Beach, com m ented, “ Rae and her sta ll'are ju s t w on derful. I went to about 10 bridal shops before com ing here and am very happy w ith my choice. " A s an expert and professional seam stress, M rs. la co ve lli still does all the sewing her­ self. In ad ditio n to the bridal gowns, she also m akes m atching Rower girl dresses.

The attractive shop is located in the quaint M ain Street V illage.W hite is still the first choice o f brides but they also feature ivory and hlush pink. Many gowns o f the 1990 line are em bellished w ith glitter, heads and sequins. 1here are many choices for the bridal party gowns in cludin g soft pastels, shades o f green, pinks, floral prints and the popular black and w hite, and also navy and white com binations. Select from C inderella's special occasion dresses for form al and inform al affairs and mother-of-lhe-bride gowns. The stall'gives everyone the special atten­ tion they deserve. The bride and her party have the com fort o f a large, private dressing room where they can m ake decisions in a relaxed atm osphere. C inderella is open 10 a .m .-9 p.m Iu e s d a y s a n d W e d n e sd a ys: noon to 9 p.m. T h ursdays and 10 a.m .-5 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays. The store is closed Sundays and M ondays.


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C a te rin g o f f prem ise garden weddings since 1978

e n h a n c e d e c o r Today’s bride may plan her wedding and reception six months to a year in advance. For that reason, the perfect time to think about flowers is when your bridal atten­ dants order their dresses. Traditionally, roses have played a major role in creating a beautiful backdrop for nuptial festivities. Organizing well in ad­ vance assures you of having just the roses you want, in the right color and bloom size. To help you in your floral selection, the rose growers o f America suggest you work closely with your florist to create a wedding and reception that reflects your personality. The floral consultant you choose w ill gladly recommend rose colors and hues which will work best for your tastes and design needs. Plan on visiting your florist at least two months before your wedding day - sooner, if possible. Before your consultation, you may want to complete this checklist: Fam iliarize yourself with the site o f the cerem ony: church, synagogue, hotel or home. Make a mental note of how much space is available for floral decorations. If the florist is not already fam iliar with the spot, he or she should visit the scene with you. It is helpful if everyone is knowledgea­ ble about the location beforehand. Ask the church custodian the length of the aisle so the florist can supply the correct length runner. Also, ask about any regula­ tions they may have about lit candles, use of roses on pews and around the altar. Little

things about the wedding site can become big important things the day o f the wedding. Since most o f your special day is spent with relatives and friends at the reception, decorations are o f the utmost importance. Visiting the reception site is a key event o f the initial planning stage. First and foremost, note the prominent colors of the room. Be sure the rose colors you choose th ro u g h o u t y o u r w eddin g scheme w ill color-complement this area. M ake sure you count the tables that will be set up so you can order centerpieces accordingly. A thoughtful touch for the re­ ception is to put a single rose in a small bowl at each place setting. Or. you may choose to float several roses in a large bran­ dy snifter in the middle of each table. I f you wish lo have roses adorn your wed­ ding cake, knife, wine goblets or dinner hors d ’oeuvre trays, give the florist the name and phone number o f the caterer you are work­ ing with so they can coordinate their efforts. A thoughtful way to end the ceremony or as a gift to your parents before heading out on your honeymoon is for the bride and b rid e g ro o m to p resen t a sin g le lo n g ­ stemmed red rose to their mothers-in-law. The gift of roses is the best way to start a new marriage off on the right foot and be­ gins a new tradition of love and respect. Your wedding and reception gathering w ill seem to come and go all too quickly. By planning in advance, and coordinating what may seem at first to be the “little things,” such as flowers, you can make your wedding and reception a unique, personal statement.

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/o g in n in g

/c o s in g 1 9 9 2

e ic c e f/e o /fo f/a /o s

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Weddings today rewrite tradition The brides of the ’90s are not as tradition­ al as those o f the past. Because more women are getting married after they have estab­ lished careers and independence, their ideas about their weddings are very different from those o f brides o f past decades. Today’s bride and bridegroom are more apt to pay for their own wedding than be­ fore. The days o f the mother of the bride making all the arrangements, the father of the bride paying all the bills, and the bride­ groom representing only the figure on top of the wedding cake, are long gone. Modern brides are professional women, marrying at an older age, after they have established their careers and therefore, they are more able to afford the high prices that a wedding can incur. Today, decisions, ex­ penses and choices are shared between the bride and her future husband. Another difference between the brides of yesterday and those of today is in their choices of ceremony. Fewer brides choose the traditional ceremony; instead, they opt for a more personal touch. Many brides and bridegrooms write their own vows or choose a different type of ceremony, such as the candle lighting ceremony which represents the union o f the two families. The modern wedding may also differ in its m usic. The tra d itio n a l choice o f “ Here Comes the Bride” is no longer the popular favorite; many brides have chosen softer melodies from current music or Broadway themes for use as their entrance song. The use of a singer before the start of the cere­ mony has also become very popular, adding a more personal touch to the joyous event. The styles and colors that today’s brides choose reflect the most obvious change from previous years. Gone are the pastel and earthy tones and flowing styles that were the craze during the '80s. The ’90s bring form-fitting gowns with more vibrant colors onto the scene and into today’s wed­ ding party. More shades o f iridescent blue, red and purple can be seen in the current collections by the designers. One recent addition to the color of bridesm aid’s gowns is black. Blackand-white weddings, as well as all white (or snowball) weddings, have become very pop­ ular in the past year. The look of accessories is also changing as we head into the '90s. Glam our and detail have taken over where dainty and delicate left off. The modern bride can look forward to plenty of lace and pearls adorning her stockings and veil as well as sequins and rhinestones in her jewel ry. The new designs in wedding bands hold more gems and detail than the unadorned traditional solid band that has been worn in the past. The latest trend in wedding bands for women is the ring guard that wraps around the engagement ring and usually holds clusters o f diamonds or other precious gems. M ore bridegro o m s are beco m ing in ­ volved in all aspects of wedding planning, including the selection of the bride’s gown. Many brides are now asking their fiancees to accompany them when they go to choose their gown - the age-old superstition of bad luck coming upon a bride who has been seen in her gown by her future husband is no longer a worry for the bride o f the ’90s. Another change in the wedding ceremony is the honor o f escorting the bride down the aisle. Because many brides come from bro­ ken homes where there are two sets of par­ ents, a problem has arisen as to who w ill escort the bride to the altar. Many brides today have chosen to walk down the aisle by themselves or with the bridegroom. There are many differences that can be seen between the modern day bride and those who came before her, but no one knows what is in store for the bride o f the year 2000. Perhaps we w ill return to the old ways and values. Hopefully, each year w ill bring a new and interesting addition for the future bride to enjoy.

T o H a v e a n d T o H o ld ...

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Time was when a honeymoon focused ju st on champagne, breakfast in bed and a souvenir photo album for the newlyweds. However, today’s just-marrieds prefer a mix o f sports and dining adventure on a honeymoon. Here’s a look at three Caribbean resorts which fit these modem tastes. Club Paradise Honeymoon: In the Baha­ mas, M erv G riffin’s three Paradise Island resorts have a choice o f honeymoon plans. For example, look at what the Paradise Is­ land Resort & Casino offers in its all-inclu­ sive “Club Paradise Honeymoon.” In addition to overnight accommoda­ tions. guests can play and get lessons on 12 plexi-paved tennis courts, day or night. The package includes greens fees at the pictur­ esque championship 6.572 yard, par-72 Par­ adise Island G o lf Course that runs along the Atlantic Ocean. It also includes unlim ited water sports: A scuba lesson, snorkeling. waterskiing, sunfish sailing and pedalboats. Meals, included in the package, are enjoyed at a choice of 12 restaurants. The 1990 winter season rates (through April 28) per couple, start at $1,420 for three/four nights. $2,804 for seven nights. For honeymoon and other package informa­ tion call Resorts International (Bahamas) Ltd.. 1-800-321-3000. Adventure Package:Down in the British West Indies, the Hyatt Regency Grand Cay­ man at Britannia has an "Adventure Pack­ age” which starts at $1,098 per couple for three nights or $2,050 for seven nights through April 14. Included are luxurious accommodations, unlim ited tennis, a com­ plimentary round o f golf. and. for first-timeever divers, a one-day resort course at Red Sail Sports. Hyatt's own dive and water sports operation on Seven M ile Beach. For already-certified divers, one daytim e wall dive and one night dive are featured. Water logged? There’s also a one-day jeep rental and a safari map for local excursions. For additional package information, call Hvatt W orldwide Reservations at 800-233­ 1234. Golfer's Challenge: At Hyatt Resorts Puerto Rico, ju st marrieds can swing clubs w ith a "G o lfe r's C h allen ge’’ package at Hyatt Regency Cerromar Beach that starts at $629 per person (double) for three nights and $1,360 for seven nights through April 21, 1990. Hyatt Dorado Beach’s "Legendary G o lf’ package is $649 for three nights and $1,415 for seven nights through April 14. Golfers have a choice o f four Robert Trent Jones golf courses on the 72-hole complex spread over the 1.000 acre resort. Both packages include daily greens fees, use of carts, a bucket of balls daily on the d riv­ ing range, complimentary use o f practice putting greens, club storage and cleaning, golf clinics twice weekly and assorted golf amenities - a towel, duffle bag. visor and sleeve o f balls.

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M a ta w a n R o ta r y C lu b c o u n ts b e n e v o le n c e a m o n g its v ir tu e s By Kathleen M cGrane Horan

M ATAW AN — Rotary clubs are defined internationally as organizations of business and professional people united worldwide to provide service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build good w ill and peace in the world. Locally, the Matawan Rotary Club pro­ vides a very tangible service to its commu­ n ity , th rough a m y ria d o f fund- raisin g events for organizations such as local first aid squads and historic Rose H ill Cemetery and charities such as the American Leuke­ mia Society and Ronald McDonald House. Celebrating its 45th year. Dr. Joseph G. Green Jr., current Matawan Rotary Club president, said it is hard to summarize the organization because its scope is so big. en­ compassing so many projects and avenues.


During the 1987-88 club year, running from July 1 through June 30. 11 charities were assisted through the Matawan Rotary Club. During the following year. 15 charities were helped. The Matawan Rolarians have also, for the past five years, worked toward the international project PolioPlus. a World Health Organization project funded through the In tern atio n al R otarian Foundation, which raised m illions o f dollars for the erad­ ication of polio on a global scale. Two major projects sponsored by the club during the last 10 years were $5.Gi(i pledges made in 1981 to both tin Bay si i re C om­ m u n ity H o s p ita l. H o lm d e l. an d the YMCA's Youth Services Bureau and a $5,000 donation to the Ronald McDonald House of Long Branch in 1987. Funds are raised through club activities such as raffles, fleas markets, casino trips and more “so-




W ill Be Published \ January 1 0 ,1 9 9 0 Thru Y\\ April 1 8 ,1 9 9 0 V /y Call & Reserve Your Space \ \ Today w

5 4 2 -1 7 0 0 Classified Departm ent

phisticated" events such as a yearly 5-mile charitable rur, and the annual art show held for the past eight years in Terhunc Park. Matawan Rotary Club members also par­ ticipated in a "Celebrity W aiter" luncheon Oct. 18. which raised more than S V h for the Leukemia Society of America. On Friday, the club w ill join other Mon­ mouth County Rotary Clubs in presenting the 18th annual Vince Lombardi Dinner, which recognizes outstanding high school football linemen and benefits the American Cancer Society’s county unit. C omprised o f representatives or owners of businesses from Matawan and surround­ ing communities, the Mataw'an Rotary Club follows the international hierarchical struc­ ture followed by rotary clubs in 161 coun­ tries and geographic regions. G reen said the R otary In te rn a tio n a l motto is “service above self. “The Rotary Club is a very well-orga­ nized group of people, and all president­ elects attend training seminars to educate them in the functions of the organization and help them to plan goals and objectives," said Green, a lifelong Matawan resident and podiatrist with a private practice located in his borough residence on Route 516. A goal of Green's presidency is the estab­ lishment of a Matawan Rotary Charitable Foundation where people can make contri­ butions on a tax deductible basis, with the dividends used to help local charities. The bylaws and certificate o f incorporation for the foundation have been prepared, and fol­ lowing input by club members, the board of directors w ill vote on its establishment, according to Green, who said he hopes the foundation w ill be realized this spring. "Currently, the Rotary Club can't be named as benefactor in a w ill, and people cannot use a donation to the foundation as

a tax deduction." Green said. "Through the fo u n d a tio n , the p rin cip a l w ill never be touched, and donations w ill be made to charities in the same fashion as we have been doing, but on a bigger scale." ‘Family Portrait Day." a fundraiser suggiMcd by a club member, is planned for the spring, with customers paying $6 for an 11 inch by 14 inch portrait. Chartered in February 1945. the M at­ awan Rotary Club originally met in what was then Peterson's Buttonwood Manor. Matawan. moving in the late 1940s to Rollo's Restaurant. Keyport. where it re­ mained until 1968. when it moved to its current headquarters at the Don Quixote Inn. Matawan. Weekly luncheon meetings have been an integral part of the club since its inception in 1905. when a Chicago lawyer named Paul Harris established the organization where various businesses and professions of a community are represented. The name “Ro­ tary" derived from the practice of rotating meetings from one member's place of busi­ ness to another, a practice dropped when the dubs began to grow in size and lun­ cheon meetings were initiated. Speakers are secured for each meeting, and they address a variety of topics of inter­ est to the com munity. Suffering a mem­ bership decline in the 1950s that almost saw the club disband. Green said the club's membership has steadily remained around 40 for the past several years. Although membership is only possible through sp o n so rsh ip by a cu rren t clu b member, and theoretically should include ju st one representative of each profession in the com m unity. Green said potential club members are always welcome. Anyone in­ terested in information about the Matawan Rotarv Club mav contact Green at 583­ 4800.

D O N ’T B E L E F T O U T ! B u s in e s s C a r d E x c h a n g e J"GHRUYUIG’ “ j 1ghkhvutg " i J GHRHYUIG" /adfdwuir jadjdwair 1 jadjdwair I 000-000 | j 000-000 000 000

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Photograph by William Perlman

Dr. Joseph Green, a podiatrist w ith a private practice in M atawan, is the current president of the M atawan Rotary Club, which is celebrating its 45th year of com m unity service.

Dinosaur exhibit planned; museum seeks volunteers By Marilyn Duff

M ID D LETO W N — Dinosaurs are com­ ing to Monmouth Museum and a "dino­ corps” is needed. That is, DinoM ight, a new exhibit featur­ ing 14 animated, grumbling and growling prehistoric beasts, some 15 feet tall and some 30 feet long, is coming, and a staff of volunteers is needed. The show w ill open April 1and continue through July 3. It w ill be the dinosaurs' first appearance in the metropolitan area. The animals were created by Kokoro Co., Ltd., Los Angeles, using state-of-the-art ro­ botic technology under the supervision of expert paleontologists to closely resemble their prehistoric ancestors. The entire museum w ill be closed to the public March 5-31 for installation of the show. Billed as “the greatest prehistoric show on earth.” DinoM ight includes the ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Triccratops and her three babies, and an Apatosaurus (formerly Brontosaurus), all in a realistic Mesozoic setting. The dinosaurs lived 245 m illion years ago until their extinction 160 m illion years later. In cooperation with the museum, the Ju­ nior League of Monmouth County is enlist­ ing the support o f the com munity to fill numerous volunteer positions. For the three-month duration of the ex­ hibit, the museum will be open seven days a week, except Easter Sunday and Memorial Day. The museum’s goal is to entertain and C o tta g e


to n

LW H jront St.. Keyport



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tO 11 P M


Bring this ad Tues thru Fri 1 2 t o 3 p m E X C E P T R E S T A U R A N T H O LID AYS AN D R E C E IV E _ .

G ilt C e rtifica te s A vailable For All O c c a sio n s



- F R ID A Y S P E C IA L S • 2 W hole 1-lb. Lo b ste rs.................. * 1 4 95 2 Broiled Lobster Tails................... H 3 * 5 Slutted S h rim p ............................... 1 3 95

Prime R ib (3 p o u n d s)...................... 1 5 95 A LL YO U C A N EAT BU FFET




L U N C H • D IN N E R • C O C K T A IL S

N ow U n d e r N ew O w n e rs h ip


G rALL-YOU-CAN a n d B u •EAT ffe t

P o rtu g u e s e M a n o r P O R T U G U E S E /S P A N IS H


50% OFF linl iipmm ImKlMMStMcM

enlighten as many as 1.000 visitors a day. Opportunities exist for both young and old.Volunteers must be at least 15 years old and com mit to a minim um o f four, fourhour days of services, morning or afternoon. Benefits include training by curators, a closing reception and admission to the exhi­ bition. Volunteers for both educational and ad­ m inistrative positions are needed, including ticket sales, office help, gallery monitors and guides and gift shop salespeople. Orientation/training sessions w ill be held at the museum, located on the campus of Brookdalc Com munity College. Lincroft. For further information or to volunteer, call Taphy Harcsar, volunteer coordinator, at the museum, 747-2266. In conjunction with the show. Dino M at­ ters, hands-on learning activities, w ill be of­ fered in the museum’s Bcekcr Children’s Wing. Children w ill have the chance to sit in a dinosaur nest, excavate a site and learn more about the unresolved questions of the dinosaurs’ evolution and final extinction. During the exhibit, the museum w ill be open to the public Monday through Friday. 1:30 to 5 p.m., Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.. and Sunday, noon to 6 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the door on a firstcome, first-served basis. Admission is $6 for adults and $4 lor children age 2 to 12 and seniors over age 65. School group visits to the show w ill be scheduled from 9:30 a.m. to I p.m. Reserva­ tions are required.


SUNDAYS: 2 p m to 7 PM

C H IL D R E N : S9.95


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CHINESE RESTAURANT D elicious Chinese Food To Eat In & Take Out jeL -Szechuan, C antonese & Hunan Style-


p in t o f W anto n So u p w ith a n y o rd e r.

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W e lli n g to n S q u a r e M a ll 8 8 8 -7 5 4 3 7 4 5 P o o le A v e ., H a z le t o r 8 8 8 -7 5 9 8


Seafood Pasta All You Can Eat

Fresh Fish of the Day

includes Soup, Salad Bar, Choice of Potato Rolls & Butter E x ce p t Holidays $ 8 9 5

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Warehouse Ir Showroas Bayehore Shopping Plaza

P E O P L E IN T H E N E W S Net Result Tennis Foundation. M iddle­ town. recently held a short court tennis demonstration and raffle-drawing party for students and parents at the H illside Comm m unity Center. Atlantic Highlands. Area resident prize winners arc Al D i­ amond. Hazlet. first prize: and Ursala Hsu. Hazlet. third prize.

ceeded James F. Hennessey o f Oakhurst as president o f the Jersey Shore Council o f the Navy League. Lengyel has held the offices of vice president and director of that council, and is a life member of the Navy League. Robert Furze of Holmdel was elected to serve as one o f the vice presidents o f the Jersey Shore Council. Alberta Rifenbury of M iddletown was The Brookdale Computer Users Group. elected president o f the Women’s Demo­ Lincroft. recently held its annual election. cratic Club o f Monmouth County on Jan. The office of president w ill be held jointly 27 at the Highlands Veterans o f Foreign by Ruth and Cass Lewart. The office o f vice Wars post home. president will be held by the team of Joseph D. C rivelli and Shirley Estelle. Members of Tanya Snead, a senior at Dickinson Col­ the Board of Directors are John Camarata. lege. Pa. is a member of the 1989-90 Dickin­ Charles Simcox. Frank Fiorentino. Stuart son College women’s basketball team. Haber. Fred Kagcl and Joe Wahl. She is the daughter o f Mr. and Mrs. Brett B. Sneed o f M iddletown. Sneed is a grad­ Frank Lengyel,. Middletown, has suc­ uate o f M iddletown High School South.


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100% mastery of basic math skills within a standard completion time

OUR ELEGANT BATH COLLECTION is individually created to fit your needs Our expert design service will help you with some space saving ideas and our team ol professional installers will put on those extra touches that make your bathroom complete

1610 Union Ave. Hazlet

(Union Avenue Plaza) H a z le t K i t c h e n ® B a t h 7 3 9 -4 6 0 0 CO OPEN MON ■SAT 95: EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT


• • • • •

Improves study habits Enhances concentration Increases self-confidence Sen se of achievement Strong foundation in the basics

FREE DIAGNOSTIC PLACEMENT AT ALL TIMES F o r th e n e a re s t K U M O N c e n te r call:

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Dragging his “teammate” behind him, Middletown High School North’s Matt Schulz goes for a loose ball at the North-South Donkey Basketball fund-raiser Thursday.

D o n k e y g a m e BUCK NORTH

Members of the Middletown High School South donkey basketball cheering squad root their team, players and donkeys, on.

P h o to g r a p h s J e f f L y s ia k

r a is e s fu n d s

By Marilyn Duff

The hoard subsequently gave students perm ission to raise funds them selves. A dd i­ M ID D I M O W N — In their first joint tional fund-raisers, includin g a bowl-a-thon fund-raiser, students at the township's two in M arch or April and a lip-sync com peti­ high schools raised approxim ately $5,000. tion in M ay. are planned. h a lf of W hat they need to hold June gradua­ A pproxim ately 1.650 tickets were sold for tion cerem onies at the G arden State A rts the unusual donkey basketball gam e in Center. w hich players rode donkeys. Held T hursday The $10,000 needed was cut by the Board evening at the High School South gym . the o f Education follow ing taxpayers' defeat o f fund-raiser pitted two faculty and two stu­ the Sept. Id. $1.4 m illio n school referendum dent team s, one each from high schools make up the previous year's deficit. The N orth and South, against each other. oulsTaTraTTig-imitujnjwas later reduced to The South student team turned out to be $1.1 m illio n and tTiFTetbrcmUmi defeat ap­ the overall w inner in the low-scoring game pealed to the state D epartm ent oT~E0trea«~. m which players could only score siltin g on lio n. The appeal has not yet been decided. donkeys,


Middletown High School South fans cheer their team. In the joint fundraiser, students from high schools South and North raised approximately $5,000 toward graduation ceremonies at the Garden State Art Center, Holmdel. Additional fund-raisers are planned later this spring to raise the balance of the $10,000 needed.

A Middletown High School South player puts up a shot and scores two during Donkey Basketball, played before over 1,600 spectators Thursday.

I---------------------------- 1

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LUNCHEON • DINNER • TAKE OUT Buffet Lunch - served Mon.-Sat. 12 Noon-4 P.M. Price M.25 per person...Children S2.M. B uffet Dinner - will be served Mon. & Tues. 6 P.M.-10 P.M. Price $995 per person...Children M.95 Soup-Appetizer-Fried Rice included in m ain appetizer. We accept 1990 Entertainment Book Cards (card #90 at back of card-VALUE *12°°)1

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To register, or for further information, call R iverview ’s Fam ilv Health Resource Center at 530-2229. A Prepared Big Brother/Big Sister class The Breastfeeding class offered by River­ offered by R iverview Medical Center w ill be view Medical for new and expectant held from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. at the Blaisdell mothers w ill beCenter held from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Center for Health Resources in Red Bank. Blaisdell Center for Health in Class size is lim ited and preregistration is Red Bank. Preregistration is Resources required. To necessary. For information call the Fam ily register, or for more information, call the Health Resource Center at 530-2229. Fam ily Health Resource Center at 530­ The Preparation for Childbirth program 2229. offered by Riverview Medical Center w ill begin at 8 p.m. in Red Bank. The course will provide information on physical and emo­ An orientation of the Birthing Room w ill tional changes during pregnancy, prepare expectant parents to share in the delivery of be held at 7 p.m. at Riverview Medical Cen­ their baby as a normal, natural process and ter in Red Bank for parents who w ill use the teach breathing techniques that assist in the room for the birth o f their child. To register labor and delivery stages. It is recommend­ call the Fam ily Health Resource Center at ed that parents register at least sixteen 530-2229. The Preparation for Childbirth program weeks in advance o f their expected due date. offered by Riverview Medical Center w ill begin at 8 p.m. in Red Bank. The course will ; provide information on physical and emo­ tional changes during pregnancy, prepare expectant parents to share in the delivery ot Deadline:Feb. 27 their baby as a normal, natural process and teach breathing techniques that assist in the Issue Date:Feb. 21 vftfj labor and delivery stages. It is recommend ed that parents register at least sixteer weeks in advance o f their expected due date To register, or for information, call River view’s Family Health Resource Center a 530-2229. 1st PRIZE Pediatric Pre-admission Tour is offered DINNER FOR 2&1 T-SHIRT byin ARed Riverview Medical Center at 10:30 a.m. Bank. The tour w ill include the Pedi­ 2nd PRIZE atric Unit, as well as other areas the children FREE Processing, 1 roll of film, may come in contact with during their stay. They w ill be allowed to see and handle plus 1free roll at M0T0PH0T0, medical instruments, such as a stetho­ Strathmore Lanes Plaza, Route 34, some scope and an anesthesia mask. It is recom­ mended that the tour be taken approxi­ Aberdeen, plus 1T• Shirt mately one week prior to admission. To 3rd PRIZE-1 T-Shirt register by phone, or for information, call the Fam ilv Health Resource Center at 530­ 4th PRIZE-1 T-Shirt 2488. 5th PRIZE -1T - Shirt


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C/O The Independent 1 Register Plaza, Shrewsbury, N.J. 07701 The w in n er w ill be draw n fro m the e n try b la n k s w ith the co rre c t answ er.

Sale ends Sunday, February 25lh, 1990

2 )

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(3 b lo c k s from F reeh o ld T ra ffic C ircle)

Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10-4 • Saturday 10-4:30 • Sunday 11-4 • Closed Mondays



I FOUND ANDY! He was hiding in the

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The Preparation for Childbirth program offered by R iverview M edical Center will begin at 8 p.m. in Red Bank. The course will provide information on physical and emo­ tional changes during pregnancy, prepare expectant parents to share in the delivery of their baby as a normal, natural process and teach breathing techniques that assist in the labor and delivery stages. It is recommend­ ed that parents register at least sixteen weeks in advance of their expected due date. To register, or for information, call River­ view’s Fam ily Health Resource Center at 530-2229.


The Preparation for Childbirth program offered by Riverview M edical Center w ill begin at 8 p.m. in Red Bank. To register, or for information, call Riverview’s Family Health Resource Center at 530-2229. Free introductory sessions of Riverview M edical Center’s smoking cessation pro­ gram, ‘Smoke Stoppers’, w ill be held at 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. in the Blaisdell Center for Health Resources in Red Bank. For more information call Riverview’s Family Health Resource Center at 530-2488.


Free introductory sessions o f Riverview Medical Center’s smoking cessation pro­ gram, ‘Smoke Stoppers’, w ill be held at 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. in the Blaisdell Center for Health Resources in Red Bank. For more information call Riverview’s Family Health Resource Center at 530-2488. A stop smoking hypnosis seminar w ill be conducted by Green Seminars 7-9:30 p.m. in conference rooms A and B at Bayshore Com munity Hospital, Holmdel. The first 30 minutes o f the seminar may be attended at no charge or obligation. I f participants de­ cide to complete the rest o f the program, the cost is $65. For further information, call 739-5919.

Real Estate


P R O P E R T Y L IN E S These real estate transactions are a matter o f p u b lic record. There m ay be a delay o f up to three m onths between c lo s ­ ing and publication.

ABERDEEN 1011 North Concourse................... $154,000 Seller Donald & Susan Schelder Buyer Ronald & Carol Eva 307 Ryan St.........................................$125,000 Seller Dennis & L. Devino Buyer Joseph & Susan Kurzawski 123 Seawood Drive.......................... $110,000 Seller Steven & Denise Serpico Buyer Ralph & Darlene Scarpellino 45 Wayside Drive..............................$107,900 Seller Anna Amos Buyer William & M. Kellerman




A D V E R T IS IN G S E C T IO N 58 Oak Knoll Drive........................... $185,000 Seller Wiltcar Builders Inc. Buyer Marzena Yalcin

Seller Buyer

Arthur Acker Harold & Elaine Doran


Navesink River Road.......................$718,000 Seller Soil Shwisberg Buyer William & P. Schweizer


50 Basswood Court, Red Bank ....$238,000 Seller James & Patricia Kelly Buyer Joseph & Susan Morris

24 Rolling Knolls D rive................... $280,000 Seller James & Angela Martone Buyer Ming & Me Yuan Yu

16 Blue Hills Drive.............................$165,000 Seller Marlene Sullivan Buyer Theodore Korpsak

41 Brainard Ave., Port Monmouth..$42,000 Seller R&R Developers Inc. Buyer Joseph Hoffman

103 Tallwood Lane, Lincroft..........$285,000 Seller James & Eileen Schuyler Buyer Donald &Wai-Ching Estberg

7 Dogwood R oad..............................$170,000 Seller Martha Herter Buyer Edna Rosenkopf

22 Whitman D rive.............................$163,000 Seller Robert & Catherine Coffin Buyer Louis & Mariann Hartmann

54 Lafayette Drive............................$165,000 Seller Edward & Dolores Handel Buyer Edward & Jacqueline Handel

6 Canyon Court................................. $490,000 Seller Country Woods Dev. Inc. Buyer Shyang-Loung & Li-Ling Yao

KEYPORT 143 Luppatatong..............................$350,000 Seller George & Mary Kapushy Buyer George Moore

MATAWAN $135,000 Keith Klein Patricia Healy


54 Johnson Ave. Seller Buyer

5 Fox Hedge Road............................$370,000 Seller Michael & Leslie Zlmring Buyer Robert & Carol Quackenbush

33 Oak Knoll Drive........................... $169,950 Seller Wiltcar Builders Inc. Buyer Larry & Patricia Cadarette

G r e a t e r M e d ia

N e w s p a p e rs

R E A L T O R S 1 )1 R E C T O R Y

28 Hilltop Circle, Lincroft................$186,000 Seller A. Potter Buyer Paul Brucato 10 Jocarda Drive...............................$313,000 Seller Robert & Patricia Palermo Buyer John & Marie McGovern 21 Kolas Court.................................. $163,000 Seller Timothy Brownlee Buyer Carl & Vita Gialomazza 142 Main St., Port Monmouth $133,000 Seller Martin Bosak Buyer Dennis & Sharon Hall

39 8th St...............................................$137,000 Seller Patricia Coyle Buyer Anthony & D. Melville

UNION BEACH 211 Lorillard Ave. Seller Buyer

....................$90,000 Tanice Steidle Garrett Eastmond

Michigan Avenue................................$15,000

222 Lorillard Ave................................. $92,000 Seller John & Barbara Lyons Buyer George & Deborah Isaacs


^rS^ANRYAN The personal service agency

W est Long Branch

T h is is y o u r o p p o r tu n ity lo re a c h o ve r 469,000 re n d e r s th r o u g h y o u r lis tin g in Ih e G r e a te r M e d ia N e w sp a p e rs'

Perfect starter home with deep lot. This one bedroom home is an alternative to condo living. Needs some cosmetic work but could be a winner. Owner will entertain all offers ... Call Today Offered at

Yon may advertise In: THE REGISTER GROUP •The Register. Independent and Monmouth Message (die newspaper of Fort Mnnmmilh) •Reaches more I linn 00,500 homes in Eastern Mnnmmilh County •The Register ft Independent arc published on Wednesday. 'Hie Monmouth Message Is published on Friday. THE NEWS TRANSCRIPT GROUP •The News Transcript and Ihe Week end News Transcript. than 33,000 In•Reaches Wrslcrilmarc Monmouth Counly.homes • Ihe News Transcript Is published every Wednesday. •Ihe Weekend News Transcript Is published every Friday. THE SENTINEL GROUP •Hie Sentinel, Suburban and Recorder •Reaches more (lion 50.200 homes In Middlesex Counly •All papers published on Wednesday


W aterfront O ceanport

Beautifully decorated townhouse with many added features. This unit comes with a boat slip, Conveniently located to transportation. Reduced and raady to deal,


Rum son

M a r ty H an ley

is the key to ALL

R u n a m in im u m o f 5 lin e a d s (3 lin e s o r m ore) In o u r C la s s ifie d p a g e s •*nch w ee k a t o u r d is c o u n te d " R a te h o ld c r" ra te a n d y o u w ill a p p e a r in o u r RICALTOR'S DIRECTORY at...


\ study shows dial the newspaper classified section Is die main source «»l dala lor those people who monitor real estate information; two thirds (67 percent) of this audience reported using news paper classified above other sources of inlomiadon. In all. 83 percent (five om of all six home buyers) read Ihe newspaper classifieds when they were shopping lor a new home. Information provided hv ReseatHi Ocp.irlmriil N’rwsp.ipcr Advertising Hittr.m F O R M O R E IN F O R M A T IO N P L E A S E C A L L :

In Monmouth County: 5 In Middlesex County: 2

Willzette D rive.................................. $380,000 Seller Rosalie Merlino Buyer B .& H . Lee

4 2 -1 7 0 0 5 4 -3 2 3 2

D i s p la y A d v e r t i s i n g N e w s S t o r ie s A n y t h i n g t h a t is R e a l E s ta te o rie n te d S h o u ld be se n t to h i s a t t e n t i o n a t

The Independent O ne R e g iste r P la za S h re w s b u ry , N .J . 07702

OR CALL 542-4000 Ext. 2309

Beautiful center hall colonial with four bed­ rooms. 2 ’/2 baths is the perfect family home. Also features central a/c. hardwood Moors, professional landscaping, fenced in yard and a whole lot more. Motivated owner wants otters today!


Sea Bright W aterfront

Elegantly furnished waterfront townnome has views of river and ocean. Master bed100m with deck, marble bath, a. jzh. re­ place Gourment kitchen with breakfast nook. Family room with wet oa' /vl oatio ust steps from heated pool caoana and ooat slip. Will also sell unfurnished


McGowan Ryan Agency 234 River Rd., Red Bank, NJ Moving? Call 1-800-523-2460 ext. F755


747-3000 lEi


Dr. Jam es G. Van Nostrand Services were held Feb. 17 at St. George's by the R iver Church, Rumson. for Dr James G. Van Nostrand, 80, o f Shadow Lake Village. M iddletown Township, who died Feb. 14 at Riverview Medical Center. Red Bank. He had his own dental practice in Red Bank for more than 40 years. He was a 1933 graduate o f the U niversity of Pittsburgh’s denial school. Pittsburgh, and was the first dental intern at Monmouth Hospital, now Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch, and was honored with entry into the Acade­ my of Dentistry of New York as a result of his work on fluoridation. He was one o f the first to hire a dental hygicnist in New Jersey and was instrumental in seeing that hygicnists could become licensed here. Dr. Van Nostrand was past president of the board of governors of the Stale Home for Boys. Jamcsburg; a member and former senior warden and vestryman at the St. George’s by the River Church: member and past president o f the Red Bank Lions Club, in which he was a chairman o f the welfare and scholarship commitlec; a founder and member of the Root Beer and Checker Club, Red Bank, and past president and a member of its Board o f Trustees. He was also a member of the New Jersey Dental Society, the Rumson Country Club and the Sea Bright Beach Club. He was born in Red Bank and lived in Rumson before moving to M iddletown nine years ago. Surviving are his wife, the former Irene A. Anderson; a son, J. Brian, Hacker Valley, W. Va.; a daughter, Andrea V. N. Krause. H ad d o n field ; fo ur g ran d ch ildre n and a great-granddaughter. Interment was at Fair View Cemetery, M iddletown. Worden Funeral Home, Red Bank, was in charge of arrangements.

John E. Cullen Services were held Feb. 16 at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church. Keyport, for John E. Cullen, 73, o f Cliffwood Beach. Aberdeen Township, who died Feb. 12 at the Lyons Veterans Administration Medical Center. Bernards Township. He worked with the New Jersey Highway Department for 35 years before retiring in 1969. He was a communicant of St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church; member of Elks Lodge 2030, both Keyport; American Le­ gion Post 321. Union Beach; the Blindmen’s Association, Leonardo, M iddletown Town­ ship, and an Army veteran o f W orld War IL Cullen was born in Orange and lived in Irv in g to n before m o vin g to C liffw o o d Beach 40 years ago. Surviving are his wife, the former Lillian Doyle; a daughter, Madelyn G alvin, W ino­ na Lake. Ind., and six grandchildren. Interment was at Shoreland Memorial Gardens Cemetery. Hazlet. D ay F un eral H om e. K eyp ort w as in charge of arrangements.

A dele L. Poole

Adele L. Poole, 58, o f Hazlet, died Feb. 14 at Bayshore Community Hospial. Holm­ del. She was a communicant o f St. Benedict’s Roman Catholic Church, Holmdel. Poole was born in Hermanstien, East Germany, and came to the United States in 1958. She lived in Queens before moving to Hazlet 23 years ago. S u rv iv in g are her husband, R ichard; three sons, Richard E., Hcrmosa Beach. Calif.; W illiam R., Pocono Summit, Pa., and Thomas J., at home; two daughters, Elizabeth Naftanicl, Coconut Creek. Fla., and Kathleen, Neptune; two brothers, Hu­ bert and Werner Jupc, both Germany; two sisters. Kalhcl Graves and Elizabeth Tuttle, Jam es Joseph Healy both South S io ux C ity , N eb., and two Services were held Feb. 17 at Most Holy granddaughters. Day Funeral Home. Keyport, was in Redeemer Roman Catholic Church, Old Bridge, for James Joseph I lealy, 57, of M at­ charge of arrangements. awan, who died Feb. 13 at South Amboy Michael Votta Jr. Hospital. He was an operations manager for Ernst Services were held Feb. 16 at St. Joseph’s Co., New York, for 18 years. He was a Ma­ Roman Catholic Church. Keyport. for M i­ rine veteran of the Korean War and a com­ chael Votta Jr., 81, a lifelong resident of municant of Most Holy Redeemer Roman Cliffwood, Aberdeen Township, who died Catholic Church. Feb. 13 at Bayshore Community Hospital. Born in Flushing. N.Y., he lived there Holmdel. before moving to Matawan 23 years ago. Votta was a custodian for the Matawan Surviving arc his wife, the former M ari­ Aberdeen Regional Board of Education for lyn Hale; a son. Peter J., at home; two 10 years before retiring in 1978. daughters, Patricia Rizzolo, Allentown, Pa., His wife, the former Frances Roginski. and Margaret M., Manhattan; a brother. Jo­ died in 1979. seph P., Lafayette H ills, Pa., a sister, Mary Surviving are two sons. W illiam J. Sr.. Koutnik, Did Bridge, and a granddaughter. W hitehall, Pa., and Michael IL California; a Interment was at Holy Cross Cemetery, b ro th er, A n th o n y, C liffw o o d ; a siste r. South Brunswick. Frances, Long Island, N.Y.; 11 grandchil­ W aitt Funeral Home, M organville, M arl­ dren, and nine great-grandchildren. boro Township, was in charge o f arrange­ Interment was at Sacred Heart Cemetery, ments. Parlin. Day Funeral Home, Keyport, was in Anna H. Visceglia charge of arrangements. Services were held Feb. 16 at St. Ben­ Martha F. Kraft edict’s Roman Catholic Church. Holmdel, Services were held Feb. 16 al Poston’s for Anna H. Visceglia, 79, of Hazlet, who died Feb. 14 at Bayshore Com munity Hos­ F un eral H om e, A tla n tic H igh lan ds, for Martha F. Kraft. 91, o f Navesink. M iddle­ pital. I lolm dcl. town Township, who died Feb. 13 at River­ She was a housekeeper at Macy’s Depart­ view Extended Care Facility. Red Bank. ment Store. New York, for 15 years, retiring She was a member of the Central Baptist in 1970. She was a member of Rakoscz So­ Church, Atlantic Highlands. ciety, Manhattan. Kraft was born in Newark and lived in Born in Carteret, she lived in New York Irvington before moving to Navesink 10 before moving to Hazlet in 1987. years ago. Her husband. August C. Kraft, died in Her husband. Michael, died in 1985. 1969. Surviving are a son. Edward S. Lopez, Surviving are two sons, the Rev. Harry with whom she lived; six grandchildren and W. Kraft, and \ugust C. Kraft, both Navcfive great-grandchildren. sink, a daughter. Lois M. Knierim . Leonar­ In te rm e n t was at C a lva ry C em etery. do. Middletown Township; three grandchil­ Queens, N.Y. dren and two great-grandchildren. Posten’s Funeral Home was in charge of John W . M ehlenbeck Funeral H om e. arrangements. Hazlet, was in charge o f arrangements.

William J. Keane

Daniel G. G ervasio

W illiam J. Keane, 68, o f Holmdel. a re­ tired engineer, died Feb. 12 at home. Keane worked for 28 years at Belcore. Red Bank, before retiring in November. Proir to that had worked at Bell Laborato­ ries, Holmdel. He was a professional m usi­ cian and played percussion with the Brookdale Com munity College Symphony Band and also with the Bell Labs Orchestra. He was an Army Air Corps veteran o f W orld W ar II, and a communicant o f St. Gabriel’s Roman Catholic Church, Marlboro Town­ ship. Born in Brooklyn, he lived there before moving to Holmdel in 1962. Surviving are his wife, the former Marga­ ret M. Dowd; two sons, W illiam F„ Hazle­ ton, Pa., and Tim othy, at home; a daughter. Margaret Mary' Riggs, Phoenix. Ariz.; two brothers. Thomas, Garden City, N.Y., and Joseph. Odessa, Fla.; two sisters, Lillian Stcdman and Florence Keane, both Brook­ lyn, and a granddaughter. W aitt Funeral Home. Morganville, was in charge of arrangements.

Daniel G. Gervasio, 84. of West Keansburg, Hazlet Township, died Feb. 14 at R iv­ erview M edical Center. Red Bank. He owned and operated Dan’s Auto Re­ pair. Maplewood Township, for 25 years and moved the business to Hazlet in 1948. He retired 14 years ago. Gervasio was a communicant o f St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Church, Keansburg, and a member of Bay­ shore Senior Day Center, Keansburg. He was born in Salerno, Italy, and lived in South Orange, moving to West Keans­ burg in 1947. Surviving are his wife. Ellen Lawlar; five sons. M ichael L itzenberger. S lid el, La.; Richard Litzenberger, M iam i; Daniel Jr., Hazlet; W illiam . Colony Beach. Fla., and Joseph D., M iam i Beach, Fla.; four daugh­ ters, Gloria Puzella. Basking Ridge, Ber­ n a rd s T o w n sh ip ; Joan L a v e g lia . W est Keansburg; Lucille Brock. M iddletown, and Elinor M artin, Las Vegas; a sister. M ildred Fagan, South Orange; 31 grandchildren, and 24 great-grandchildren. Laurel Funeral Home, West Keansburg, was in charge of arrangements.

Marion M oloney Stim pson

Services were held Feb. 20 at St. M ary’s Roman Catholic Church. New Monmouth, Middletown Township, for Marion R. Mo­ loney Stimpson, 87, of M iddletown, who died Feb. 16 at Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank. She was a sales clerk for M acy’s, New York, for more than 25 years before retiring in 1973. She was a communicant o f St. Mary’s Roman Catholi Church. Stimpson was bom in New York and lived there before moving to Middletown in 1970. Her husband, Charles, died in 1951. Surviving are a son. Robert C., with whom she lived; five grandchilrcn. and five great-grandchildren. Interment was at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Middletown. John F. Pfleger Funeral Home, M iddle­ town. was in charge of arrangements.

Patricia Stanw ood

Services were held Feb. 21 at St. Ben­ edict’s Roman Catholic Church. Holmdel, for Patricia Stanwood, 66. of Aberdeen, who died Feb. 16 at Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank. She was a social worker for the Bridgewa­ ter Township-Raritan school system for 15 years before retiring five years ago. She was a member of the National Association of Social Workers, and the National Education Association, both Washington, and a mem­ ber of the New Jersey Education Associa­ tion, Trenton. Stanwood was born in Brooklyn and lived there and Deer Lake, Pa., for five years before moving to Aberdeen 27 years ago. Surviving are her husband, Leonard; two daughters, Marjorie Bell. Aberdeen, and Re­ becca, Edwardsville, Kan., and seven grand­ children. Interment was at St. Joseph’s Cemetery. Keyport. W aitt Funeral Home. Morganville, M arl­ boro Township, was in charge o f arrange­ ments.

Elaine Van Buskirk Ritch

Elaine Van Buskirk Ritch, 64, o f M at­ awan, died Feb. 15 at Bayshore Community Hospital, Holmdel. Ritch was born in Brooklyn and lived in Park Slope, Brooklyn, before moving to Matawan three years ago. Surviving are her husband. Luther; a son, Steven. Matawan; four daughters, Margart Franz, and Karen M unowitz, both M at­ awan; Eileen El-Sahragy, Burke, Va., and Linda Catalano, Brooklyn; two brothers, Al Van Buskirk. Staten Island, and Edgar Van Buskirk. New Jersey, and six grandchildren. Day Funeral Home, Keyport, was in charge of arrangements.

Dorothy Van M ater Guerin

Services were held Feb. 17 at John E. Day-Bedle Funeral Home. Keyport, for Do­ rothy Van Mater Guerin, 73, of Keyport, who died Feb. 14 at Bayshore Community Hospital, Holmdel. Guerin was born in Asbury Park and lived in Keyport all her life. Her husband, Daniel, died in 1966. Surviving are a son, Joseph Bailey, Union Beach; three daughters, Laura Jones, Key­ port; Georgiana Cambron, Mount Washing­ ton, Ky„ and Edna Lawton, Laurence Har­ bor, Old Bridge Township; 15 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. John E. Day-Bedle Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

Michael Krieger

Services were held Feb. 16 at John E. Day-Bedle Funeral Home, Keyport, for M i­ chael Krieger, 73, of Queensbury, N.Y., for­ merly o f Hazlet, who died Feb. 13 at Our Lady o f V icto ry H osp ital, Lackaw anna, N.Y. He was a product manager in the garment industry in New York and an Army veteran of W orld W ar II. Krieger was born in New York and lived in Hazlet for many years before moving to Queensbury two years ago. His wife, the former Helen Pema, died in 1976. Surviving are a son. Richard, with whom he lived, and three grandchildren. Harold E. Bottger John E. Day-Bedle Funeral Home was in Haroled E. Bottger, 78. of M iddletown, charge o f arrangements. died Feb. 12 at home. He was the owner and operator o f the M abel E. Clark A lm o M anufacturing Co., N ew ark, and Services were held Feb. 21 at John E. Union Beach, for 30 years, retiring in 1974. Day-Bedle Funeral Home, Matawan. for He was a member of the Root and Branch Mabel E. Clark. 88, o f Matawan, who died Garden Club. Keyport. Feb. 18 at home. She had been a crossing guard for the Bottger was born in Brooklyn and lived Matawan Grammar School. in Westwood, Kearny, and Union Beach Clark, born in Fair Haven, lived in Red before moving to Middletown 29 years ago. Bank before moving to Matawan in 1924. Surviving arc his wife, the former Marie Her husband, George W. Jr., died in Allie Moyses: two sons. Donald. Sun Lakes, 1981. Ariz., and JetT. Red Bank; a daughter, Bar­ Surviving are a greatniece, Janet M ihm. bara A nderson. M iddletow n; a brother, Monmouth Beach, and a greatnephew, Gary Robert. Holmdel. and two granddaughters. M ihm , Long Branch. John E. Dav-Bedlc Funeral Home was in John W . M ehlenbeck Funeral H om e. charge o f arrangements. Hazlet. was in charge of arrangements.

P O L IC E B E A T A ll inform ation in the following reports w as taken from lo ca l p o lice departm ent re­ cords.


A Prospect Avenue woman reported al 8:50 p.m. Feb. 14 that a former boyfriend was harassing her. A window on the Cliffwood Avenue School was reported broken at 8 a.m. Feb. 14. An Ivyh ill Drive resident reported at 8 p.m. Feb. 13 that his car had been broken into while it was parked on Atlantic Ave­ nue. The owner reported that nothing was stolen from the car. A Brick Township resident reported that his car was stolen between 8 a.m. and 3:18 p.m. Feb. 13 from the parking lot of ShopRite on Lloyd Road. A television cable company truck was broken into between 6 p.m. Feb. 10 and 8 a.m. Feb. 12 while it was parked on C lif­ fwood Avenue. Three windows on the truck were broken and equipment worth approxi­ mately $800 was stolen. An Idolstone Lane home was burglarized between 9:45 a.m. and 7 p.m. Feb. 12. The burglars entered the home by prying open a rear door. A plate from a loading dock was stolen between I p.m. and 3 p.m. Feb. 12 from the former Nichols Building on Route 35. Police received a call at 7:36 p.m. Feb. I I that an Old Bridge woman was being as­ saulted by a man at the Country Spot Bar on Main Street. The man was arrested, as well as the woman since she reportedly in­ terfered with the man’s arrest. Both were reported to have been extremely drunk. A window on an Ivy Way home was re­ ported broken at 8:37 a.m. Feb. I I . A coat was stolen from a Brown Place home between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Feb. 8. A bicycle was reported stolen at 8:30 a.m. Feb. 10 from a shed ofa Ridge Road home. A woman was arrested at Harmonia Sav­ ings Bank on Lloyd Road al 3:26 p.m. Feb. 9 for allegedly trying to pass stolen checks and having in her possession four-tenths of a gram of cdFTrine. Bank tellers were tipped to the alleged fraud when iTieTrnrmm-mi<■ spelled the name on the check. A car windshield was smashed al 7:59 a.m. Feb. 8 when it was parked on Main I Street. Police are searching for a man who contm ittcd a lewd act at 5:25 p.m. Feb. 8. Two | teen-age girls from the township were walk­ ing along Lloyd Road and saw a man mas­ turbating in a wooded area between Lloyd Road School and Church Street. The man a lle g e d ly fo llo w ed the g irls from Lloyd [ Road. The man is described as thin, approximatcly 6 feet tall with shaggy, unkept hair.


A wallet containing $160, a checkbook and credit cards was reported stolen at 4:16 p.m. Feb. 14 from a Ha/let woman, 36. shopping at Bradlees. Route 36. No suspects I were seen. Patrolman Robert I . Dispen/a investigated. A Spruce Street female. 27, was suspected of being under the influence of drugs and alcohol when she was seen driving erratical­ ly on Union Avenue by Route 36. As she exited the vehicle, she was unable to stand ! on her own. She was brought to Bayshore Community Hospital, where she w ill be rei tam ed in d e fin ite ly . P atrolm an Thom as Warn investigated.


Lewis Pinhus, 47, suffered second and third degree burns over 95 percent o f his body after an explosion occurred at 11:56 a.m. Feb. 19 in his home at 23 Cindy Lane rhe explosion, which originated on the sec­ ond floor and blew a large hole in the roof, was apparently caused by a faulty propane gas line connected to a Jacuzzi and fireplace in his home. “It appeared the victim was in the next room, by the fireplace, getting ready to use the Jacuzzi when the explosion occurred,"

said Fire Chief Ron Pontrelli. who added it took an hour and 20 minutes to control the fire which followed. The second story o f the house was completely destroyed. The Holmdel. Hazlet. North Centerville and Keyport fire companies responded, in addition to the Middletown Air Unit, the Holmdel First Aid and MONOC paramed­ ics, and Patrolman Richard Verdi. Firefight­ ers remained on the scene until 5:30 p.m., according to Pontrelli. The victim , rescued from the roof above the p atio , was transported to Bayshore Com munity Hospital and then taken to St. B arn ab as M e d ic a l C en ter, L iv in g sto n Township. He remained in critical condi­ tion yesterday, according to hospital offi­ cials. M ichael S. M oczulak, 23. Partridge Road, Old Bridge Township, was killed when his car was struck broadside by a NJ Transit train at 5:40 p.m. Feb. 15 on Hubbs Lane, Holmdel. The train pushed the car along the tracks approximately 1.000 feet before coming to a stop. Moczulak was pro­ nounced dead at 8 p.m. at Bayshore Com­ m unity Hospital. Hubbs Lane, a dirt road, is a private driveway that leads to Rick’s Custom Em­ porium auto body shop from the Ramada In n p a rk in g lo t. R o u te 35. M o czu la k worked at the body shop and was leaving the business at the time of the accident. The train tracks have railroad crossing signs but no blinking lights or protective gates. Holmdel First Aid, Holmdcl and North Centerville fire companies, paramedics. Pa­ trolman George Mason, Eric HofTman. Jim Davis and all detectives responded to the scene. The car was witnessed by the railroad engineer to have hesitated before it crossed the tracks, according to Holmdel Fire C hief Ron Pontrelli. It is unknown whether the car had mechanical failure. A Freehold male, 41, was stopped by Pa­ trolman Frank Allocco at 9:29 a.m. Feb. 16 for smoking marijuana while driving on Route 34. The suspect also was arrested for driving while intoxicated and released on his own recognizance. A total of 12 mailboxes was reported damaged or run over Feb. 16. located at residences on Hawthorne Drive, Cross Run, Taylor Run, Fallswood Way, Fox Hunt and ~tFtmUuv-Ro.id Police are investigating. An Aherdeen~lema1v."44^-uias arrcsted at 7:40 a.m. Feb. 14 by Patrolman Frank locco. She was posted on $710 bail and had an active warrant in Old Bridge. She was turned over to Detective Jim McCauley of the Old Bridge Police Department. An Aberdeen male driving on Line Road was stopped and arrested at 5:59 p.m. Feb. I I. He was charged with driving while sus­ pended and having no registration or insur­ ance. He also had two counts of possession o f stolen property against him and burglary tools were found in his possession. The sus­ pect was released on his own recognizance.

or registration and having fictitious plates. Patrolmen W illiam Bommer and Christo­ pher Stenger made the arrest. The windshield was smashed on a car parked in a marine lot by a West Front street bar during the night o f Feb. 12-13. The incident was reported at 7:44 a.m. Feb. 13 and investigated by Patrolman W illiam Bommer. An Eatontown man stopped for speeding at 1:45 p.m. Feb. 12 on Broad Street in the vicinity o f the borough elementary school was also charged with driving while sus­ pended and released on $250 bond. Patrol­ men Christopher Stenger and W illiam Bom­ mer made the stop. Two boats were broken into the night of Feb. 9-10 at a West Front Street marina. It was not known if anything was taken. Beer cans and candles were reportedly found on a nearby floating dock. Patrolman Christo­ pher Stenger investigated the break-ins, re­ ported at 9:09 a.m. Feb. 10. A two-car accident involving a Hazlet


UNION BEACH Patrolm an J e ff Beacham responded to a one-car accident at 2:04 a.m. Feb. 15 on Route 36 west in which a Belford man hit a barrier by a nearby restaurant. The vehicle was towed. An 11-year-old borough boy was bitten three times on his right arm by a dog Feb. 13 at Scholar Park. The owner o f the dog was located and it was discovered that the dog was licensed and had his shots. C onstruction on Central Avenue was halted Feb. 12 because the contractor did not have a flagman to direct traffic.

i je n fc r p q g l i


T H E A R E A 'S O L D E S T A N D L A R G E S T F A M IL Y P O O L B U IL D E R F O R 3 0 Y E A R S Serving Monmouth, M iddlesex, Mercer A Ocean Counties For Over 30 Years. E n g in e e re d to w ith s ta n d th e te st o f tim e .

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A man wanted on an outstanding 1988 warrant for burglary, theft and giv ing false information to police was picked up Feb. 15 by Elmwood Park police. He was to be turned over to Detective Sgt. James W ilson later that day. Bail was set at $2,500, cash only. W ilson said the charges were con­ nected to an auto burglary at a Green Grove \vcnuc apartment. A Keyport woman was charged with drunk driving after making an improper 11turn approximately 1:50 a.m. Feb. 15 on West Front Street. Other charges included careless driving and driving an unregistered vehicle. She was released on $1,000 bond and court date was set for March 7. Patrol­ man Kenneth M arr made the arrest. A Flemington man stopped al 4:40 p.m. Feb. 14 on Route 35 was charged with im ­ proper p assing and d riv in g w h ile su s­ pended. He was released on $1,000 bond and his car was impounded. Patrolman Richard Ely made the arrest. An East Orange man was transported to Monmouth County Jail Feb. 13 in lieu of $1,500 cash-only bail after being arrested for driving with a revoked license, no insurance

man and a Roselle man occurred at 5:58 p.m. Feb. 9 at the Route 35-Route 36 split. Wreckers were called and both drivers were taken to Bayshore Com m unity Hospital, Holmdel. One o f the drivers was charged with careless driving. Patrolmen W illiam Bommer and Michael Ferm responded.




g o o d F o x

fe e lin g

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o f in v e s tin g


p o o l

• A T O T A L L Y N O N C O R R O S IV E S T R U C T U R E ! A N D ... • T H E O N L Y P O O L G U A R A N T E E D IN W R IT IN G B Y T H E M A N U F A C T U R E R , T H E B U IL D E R . A N D T H E S T R U C T U R A L E N G IN E E R T O B E S E L F - S U P P O R T IN G W IT H O R W IT H O U T W A T E R (A S K F O R A C O P Y O F E N G IN E E R IN G R E P O R T ) W IT H . . • A L IF E T IM E W A R R A N T Y O N T H E P O O L S T R U C T U R E - A N D O F C O U R S E T R A N S F E R R A B L E ! M A T E R IA L a n d L A B O R • 24 G U A G E V IN Y L LINER-20% T H IC K E R TH A N O T H E R S 1 • C E N T R A L J E R S E Y PO O L S -FO X X X N O . O N E B U IL D E R W IT H O V E R 30 Y E A R S IN B U S IN E S S B U IL D IN G P O O L S • S E L E C T F R O M O V E R M O R E S T A N D A R D S IZ E S A N D S H A P E S T O F IT A N Y YARD AND BU DGET. N O


D 0 W N -U P



Y R S . T O



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4 6 2 -5 0 0 5

L a n c e r s , S e r a p h s to ta n g le in t o u r n a m e n t s e m i f i n a l s Mater Dei has the Shore Conference's top ranked boys' basketball team. I he Seraphs play CBA tonight, but Kevin Attridgc and his girls’ basketball team won’t be there to offer their support. It seems the Seraph girls w ill be at Ocean Township for a Shore Conference Tourna­ ment semifinal o f their own against unde­ feated St. John Vianney (25-0) tonight at 6:30 p.m. As the No. 5 seed in the tournament the Seraphs (21-3) were not expected to get to the sem ifinal, but they made it by pulling off a 58-51 upset of Toms River North on Monday. St. John Vianney coach Bill Bulman was excited by the Mater Dei win since Toms River North has played Toms River East, the No. 2 seed, tough twice. Bulman’s team is coming off of a 52-22 quarterfinal round win over Keyport. “We have to play with the same intensity we had against Keyport." said Bulman. “At this point we are not taking anything for granted. We won’t he satisfied until we play our best game." St. John Vianney has made a living o ff of its man-to-man full-court press. The Lanc­ ers lead the Shore Conference in scoring and defense, m ainly because of the speed of their players and the system based on the one used by former Hoffman coach Reggie Carney. St. John Vianney has scored at least 52 points m every game and has only allow­ ed 50 once, in a 76-50 win over highly re­ garded Si. Peter's (New Brunswick). Vudrc) Gomez and Sarah C oleman are simply the best backeourl in the Shore Con ference as both can do it all. (ionuv. an Nil Shore performer as a sophomore last year, is regarded by many as the best player in New Jersey. Gomez scored her normal 16 points against Keyport, while Coleman prevented the Red Raiders from getting the ball into scoring position. "We are going to try to fast break, press them and control the tempo." said Bulman of his basic strategy. “I don’t know il they have the depth to stay with us. We are going to make them work hard." Defensively. Mater Dei w ill base to keep the Lancers from going inside. If Laura Boms gets into foul trouble it would leave freshman Jen Br/ucki on 1anccrx’ leading scorer ( hrista Ciriani. which would he a

mismatch. Attridgc plans on using a /one press to try and disrupt the tlow of the St. John Vianney offense. The best bet would be to hope the outside game of Coleman and Gomez is off. St. John Vianney is normally patient enough to work the ball into the paint where Ciriani. Colleen Demarest or Deanna Ivanickt can lake over. If the middle is left open Gome/ or Coleman will drive. M ater Dei has surprised people by mak­ ing it this far. especially since leading scorer Nikki Tierney, an All-Shore player..has been held lo a combined 21 points in the two S( T games Tierney, a senior, has been doing the little things to help the Seraphs win — passing the ball and playing intense defense. Jean-Marie Klatt has been improving with every game and she is tied with Boms for the SC I tournament team scoring lead with 29 points. “Jean-Marie has become so much more confident and she wants the ball in the cru­ cial moments o f the game." said Attridgc. “She makes it easier for Nikki to slash through the /ones. Coach B ulm an has scouted us and I'm sure he is going to try and cut off Jean-Marie.’’ M ater Dei needs Tierney to have a mis­ take-free game as the responsibility of bring­ ing the ball up court will fall in her hands. I.ike Keyport. which relics on Colleen Hanrahan for most of its offense. Tierney has to he able to get the ball to her team­ mates when the trap comes. St. John Vianney is quick to close the paint area with Ciriani moving up with Co­ leman. Gome/and Ellen Lenihan providing the squee/e. Demarest is also there to create ha voc. I lie Seraphs are hoping to pull out a Bus­ ter Douglas-type perform ance against a team which appears to be unbeatable in the Shore ( 'difference. St. John Vianney has not been seriously challenged this year and un­ less Mater Dei comes ready to play a perfect game, the Lancers will base an easy time reaching Saturday 's SCT final. In the other semifinal, three-lime defend­ ing cham pion N eptune w ill play lo m s River l ast. Tonight's winners w ill meet Saturday at I p.m. in the championship game at Brick Memorial I ligli School.

L a n c e r s e lim in a te K e y p o rt If it lakes a second to say goodbye, it didn’t lake much longer for St. John V i­ anney to wish Keyport a fond farewell as the Lancers romped 52-22 in a Shore Conference Tournament girls' basketball semifinal Monday in Holmdel. The Lancers and the Red Raiders had hooked up twice previously this season and both times St. John Vianney came away victorious, winning the Bayshore Tournament meeting, 54-35. and taking a regular season game, 60-46. Those are the only times the L.ancers (25-0) won by less than 20 points. With four starters back from last year, the Lan­ cers remember the Keyport upset from February I98‘> w hich broke an 18-game win streak. Keyport guard Andrea Kreft scored the first bucket o f the game, but from there it was all St. John Vianney. The Lancers constantly press teams to the point where getting off a shot is an ac­ complishment. In the first half, the Red Raiders only

attempted 11 shots, making three. Key­ port finished the game 6-25 from the field as they were overmatched by the top-ranked team in the Shore Confer­ ence. Kevporl turned the ball over 32 times and was out o f the game by the time Christa Ciriani scored off a Sarah Cole­ man pass to end the first quarter at 16-4. "We ended up with over 20 stealsm which is our average," said St. John V i­ anney coach Bill Bulman. “Keyport is a very good team, but we were fortunate enough to control the tempo of the game.” Coleman, a jun io r point guard, took the spotlight by scoring 12 points with seven assists and 11 steals to go with Audrey Gomez's 16 points and seven steals. Ciriani scored eight points inside, as Keyport could not match up with her: Colleen Demarest play ed an excellent de­ fe n siv e gam e and c o n trib u te d fiv e points. Colleen Hanrahan led the Red Raiders (18-6) with seven points.


Photograph by Martin Petterchak

Mater Dei’s Nikki Tierney (white jersey) knocks the ball away from St.Rose’s Cathy Commesso before completing the steal and scoring during the Seraphs’ 58-45 Shore Conference Tournament first-round win over the Purple Roses on Friday.

SPO RT SH O RTS Six area hoys' basketball teams have reached the NJSIAA slate tournament and all will be in action by Feb. 28. St. John Vianney will see action Monday at 7 p.m.. playing at Shore Conference B North D ivi­ sion champion Red Bank Catholic in a South Jersey Parochial A game. RBC has defeated the Lancers twice this season and w ill go for the hat trick. The winner goes to CBA on Feb 28. at 7 p.m. Middletown South will play at West Windsor-Plainsboro, Tuesday at 7 p.m. in a Central Jersey Group IV game. The winner takes on topseeded Perth Amboy. March I at 7 p.m. In Central Jersey Group III. Matawan will travel to play Long Branch, Feb. 28 at 4 p.m. The teams have split the previous two games. Raritan w ill travel lo Hillsborough the same day for a 7 p.m. game. Should the Huskies and Rockets win they w ill face each other in the second round. Mater Dei, the top seed in South Jersey Parochial B. w ill face Sacred Heart (Vineland) on Feb. 28 game at 8 p.m. Veteran football coach Joe Oxley has re­ signed from the Raritan High School gridirion post after 19 years on the job. The Rockets' first football coach, hired in 1962, Oxley w ill continue lo teach at the school. Oxley serv ed as head coach from 1962-73 and then returned to the post from 1983-89. compiling a career mark of 73-89-3. Under Oxley. the Rockets won championships in

the Shore Conference B Division in 1967 (sharing with Manasquan) and in A D ivi­ sion in 1970 (tying with Brick). Interested applicants can contact Raritan athletic di­ rector John N ilio at 264-8091. Paul VI of Haddonfield has one o f the better wrestling teams in the state and had the opportunity to show o ff its skill against St. John Vianney in the NJSIAA South Jer­ sey Parochial A state team tournament on Feb. 14. The Eagles advanced to the section­ al final by elim inating the Lancers 57-6. St. John Vianney (9-4) fell behind 22-0, before 130-pounder Tim Baeder won an 11-10 de­ cision. Dave Tashian won the 135-pound bout 6-3 to close the gap lo 22-6. but the Lancers dropped the final seven bouts. The Lancers were the only Independent area wrestling team to compete in the state team tournament. The Hazlet Flames tied M ontclair 1-1 at the Cougar Indoor Soccer Tournament, and remained undefeated with a 5-0-1 record. Danny Pulizzano scored the only goal of the game for the Flames, off an assist from David Janezic. Goalie James Sabin —who was returning from an injury' — was out­ standing in goal with several key saves. P.J. Farrcl, Tim M cGinn. Jason Homowitz. M i­ chael W itte. Chris Corliss, Ian Korff and Brian Nichols played hard and helped the Flames forge the tie. N ew s about area athletes in college, lo cal recreation teams or registrations may be sent to Sport Shorts. The Independent. 1 Register Plaza. Shrew sbury 07702, att. R o b Acam pora. There is no charge.

Colts, Seraphs ready to battle in SCT semis The game Shore Conference basketball fans have been waiting years lo sec will fi­ nally happen tonight when Christian Broth­ ers Academy plays Mater Dei in the first game o f a semifinal doublcheader of the Shore Conference Tournament. T ip o ffis set fo r 6:30 p.m . at B rick M em o rial High School. The winner will advance to the final on Saturday to play the winner o f the Lake­ wood vs. N eptune se m ifin al. S aturday’s game will tip off at 2 p.m. at Brick M em ori­ al. At CBA the fans could be heard chanting, I “We want Mater Dei," even before the Colts | (20-4) had wrapped up M onday’s quarterfi­ nal round win over St. Rose. Mater Dei fans have been waiting more ' than a year for this game. Mater Dei coach I Keith Glass is remaining calm about the situation. “One of the strengths wc have had is that I wc have not waited for anyone.” said Glass, coach of the lop-seeded, undefeated Seraphs (24-0). “I don’t have a grudge with CBA. We arc playing for a spot in the Shore Confer­ ence Tournament final. That’s all we arc thinking about.” For the better part of the season these two 1 Middletown parochial high schools have been ranked No. I and No. 2 in the Shore Conference. The Colts recently have fallen upon a d if­ ficult season-ending schedule that resulted in consecutive losses to Lakewood and Ncptunc and dropped CBA to the fourth seed in the SCT. CBA did hold on to tie Neptune for the Shore Conference A North Division title. To this point. Mater Dei has survived a season-ending injury to guard Joe Marcotte, j who was leading the Shore Conference in | three-point field goals. Marcotte went down in the Seraphs’ stunning 45-42 overtime vic­ tory against defending state Tournament of Champlom«*Aaucc St. Anthony. The Seraphs conimu?~tTr-frml. lik j^the team lo beat as they have defeated a pairoT Shore Conference B North Division teams to reach the SCT semifinal. Matawan went down 85-64 as Chris Yetman scored 34 points. The senior came back to score 30 in a 73-58 victory over Ocean. Glass expects his team to play the same way the Seraphs have through the first 24 games. “Wc arc not going to change anything,” said Glass. “We arc going to play hard and smart. The kids have answered every chal­ lenge and I have no doubt they w ill come ready to play.” To reach (he SCT semifinals, CBA had to defeat Monsignor Donovan and St. Rose. The Colts had little difficulty eliminating St.

I don't have a grudge with CBA We are playing for a spot in the Shore Conference Tournament final. That's all we are thinking about.'

Keith G lass M a te r D ei b a s k e tb a ll coach

Rose as Mike Crotty and Jason Fichter starred when CBA opened a 16-5 lead in the first quarter en route to a 69-46 victory. Fichter. a junior 6-7 center, has been wait­ ing to play the Seraphs all season. “They took away our ranking from us,” said Fichter. who scored 12 points and played the intim idator role in the paint against St. Rose. “This game is for bragging rights." A regular-scason game was scheduled for late last season at Mater Dei. but threats ol snow, resulting in not a flake, cancelled the game. It’s been almost a year since the mis­ taken snowstorm, but it should be a down­ pour o f excitement when the teams face off at Brick M emorial. I onights’ game will feature some interest­ ing matchups with point guards Crotty and Pete Marcotte facing each other for the first time in 1990. Crotty does most of the ball handling for CBA and is effective penetrating and dish­ ing inside to Fichter or outside to Keith Kurow'ski. Marcotte is the heart o f Mater Dei as the 5-4 senior is the epitome of hard work. Both guards can hit the three-pointer. The battle in the paint w ill feature Fichter and Mike Mercier. Fichter is the first option in the Colts' half-court offense, where he can take advantage o f his height by using his soft touch from 12 feet in. At 6-4. Mercier has played taller opponents all season long TTiftrwrft-mU-ohascd In Fichter. Mater Dei hkes~re~TnT^-au^lhn-r-pninl shot where Marcotte. Yetman, BnanDaiTTr and Kenny Hart can all hit with consisten­ cy. The Seraphs have not used the inside game as much as Glass would have liked this season, but even against St. Anthony — which starts three 6-7 or taller players — Mater Dei prevailed. C’BA w ill have the height advantage with Fichter. Rob Gleason and Chris Grogan all standing 6-4 or better. "They have five good kids and we have five good kids.” said Glass. “Whoever plays better w ill win this game." It's as simple as that.

C o lts b r e e z e p a s t P u rp le R o s e s On its way to coasting through a Shore Conference Tournament quarterfinal victo­ ry against St. Rose at home Monday, Chris­ tian Brothers Academy lost a touch o f inten­ sity. Since the Colts were winning 42-20 with 4:05 left in the third quarter, there was plenty of ground St. Rose had to make up. Instead o f coasting in the fourth quarter. CBA was forced to fight o ff the determined Purple Roses, before winning 69-46. The win sent CBA into a semifinal meeting vs. top-seeded Mater Dei tonight at Brick Me­ morial High School. “We had not been playing well lately , but we put in a good effort against Monsignor Donovan on Saturday," said CBA coach Ed W icelinski. “Hopefully, we w ill be peaking at the right tim e.” W ith its guard tandem o f M ike Crotty and Keith Kurowski, CBA had a duo St. Rose could not match. Kurowski led the Colts with 18 points and Grotty added 16. Except for a brief lapse in the third quar­ ter, Crotty was the perfect point guard, dis-

tributing the ball on offense, finding his own shot when it was open and disrupting the Purple Roses' o(Tense. Kurowski scored his points while staying within the flow o f the offense. “Mike is our only senior, the leader on the court.” said W icelinski. “Keith played very well today and Jason Fichter did a good job defensively early in the game. Three players off the bench gave us some good play and we were able to rest some of our starters." The Colts wasted little time putting on the rout. Kurowski scored the first lim e he touched the ball to start a 16-5 first quarter run. In its first seven possessions, CBA came away with points as Crotty scored five, while Fichter and Chris Grogan each scored four. A bucket by Rob Gleason from a nifty pass by Crotty extended the lead to 34-18 at halftime. The lead reached 24 in the third quarter, before St. Rose cut the margin to eight points with 3:33 to play.

P h o to grap h by M artin P e tterch a k


Keyport’s Danielle Notarcola gets ready to drive past Middletown North’s Dawn Trzaska in Shore Conference Tournament first round action Saturday in Middle­ town. The Red Raiders topped the Lions 51-49, but were eliminated from the SCT in the second round by St. John Vianney.

s s S p a rta n s ’ te s t By Rob Acampora

M ater Dei High School's undefeated boys’ basketball team was given a stern test Monday by a tough Ocean Township team that would not quit. The Seraphs' 73-58 victory at home in the quarterfinals of the Shore Conference Tour­ nament sent them into tonight's semifinals vs. CBA at Brick Memorial High School. The Seraphs and the Colts — two M iddle­ town neighbors — w ill clash at 6:30 p.m. Chris Yetman prosed to be the big gun for Mater Dei (24-0). as he nailed four threepoint field goals and led all players with 30 points. Yetman stands as the club's leading scorer, averaging 20.9 ppg. The Spartans kept the game close for three quarters because o f solid play from

Danny Frisch, who scored 21 points, and M ike Schorr, who had 18. Ocean suprised Mater Dei by taking the lead at the half (31­ 29). after trailing by seven at the end o f the first quarter (18-11). Ocean would continue to keep up with Mater Dei until the fourth quarter. That’s when Seraphs' senior forward Brian Daiker stepped into the picture. Daiker. averaging 8.3 ppg, began the fourth quarter by scoring seven o f his 13 points, included two three-pointers. Daiker helped extend Mater Dei's lead to 14 points midway through the final period. The Seraphs’ victory was also helped by their strong free throw shooting. The team connected on 24-31 foul shots (77.4 per­ cent), while Ocean was 5-16 (31.3 percent) from the charity stripe, and Schorr wras 0-6 from the line.

R a fte r to b e h o n o re d M a rc h 11 Jack Rafter, a history teacher at Red Bank C a th o lic H igh S chool, w ill be greeted by friends and former athlete's at a dinner at 5 p.m. March 11 at Gibbs Hall, Fort Monmouth. Rafter has coached boys and girls cross country': boys and girls track: and boys basketball in addition to serving as direc­ tor of athletics in his 27 years at RBC. He presently serves as boys cross country coach and director of research and devel­ opment at RBC in addition to teaching. The winningest boys cross country

coach in United States interscholastic history. Rafter is recognized as an inno­ vator who established girls track as an organized sport in New Jersey. Tickets for the dinner are $35 per per­ son with part o f the proceeds going to­ ward the creation of a scholarship in Raf­ ter’s name. Individuals who can't attend the dinner can still contribute to the scholarship fund. The reservation deadline is Monday. For information contact Stephen Nestinger. Director of Athletics, at 747-1774.

H u s k ie s h o p in g to g e t h o t a s s ta te to u rn e y h e a ts u p M a ta w a n to v is it L o n g B ra n c h in C J III o p e n e r By W arren R a p p le ye a

bounds and leads the team with 43 threepointers and 106 assists. Bellamy has estab­ lished his outside presence by hitting at least one downtown jum per each game. Defend­ ers must be wary o f his bombs, but careful not to allow him to drive to the hoop. C enter Mark Person (16.9 ppg. 9 rpg) is the team's No. 2 scorer. He came into his own earlier in the year, using his strength inside to create a presence. In addition, he shoots 75 percent from the floor. G eorge H o lid a y, a sen io r, and M ike Power, team at the forward slots. Holiday (11.1 ppg. 9.4 rpg) leads the club in re­ bounding, while Power (7.5 ppg. 5 rpg) is enjoying a succesful first varsity season. Point guard J .J. Alston runs the offense for the Huskies. His 75 assists are second lo Bellamy. Alston's forte is finding the open man and breaking the press, but he still manages to average seven points per game. The sixth and seventh men are guard John M cKinney (4 ppg). a junior, and soph­ omore forward James Frederick (2 ppg). "W e have a lot o f talented players and we can play with anyone, but we have been inconsistent." George said, “Now that the playoffs are starting we have to play our besl. They know what they can do. Now it's up to them to do it." Against M ater Dei. the lop seed in the Shore ( onference Tournament, the Huskies offered through a difficult first quarter, trang 23-9 after eight minutes. Thai proved to be a hole Matawan could m,i u nut of. as the Seraphs padded their i ushion to 45-25 at the half and coasted to lie triumph. On the negative side. 85 points is far too much to give up if you expect to win. but the Huskies did score 65 against the highly rated Mater Dai defense. Bellamy led the attack with 22 points while Person tallied

W ith a field o f just eight contenders, and only one team with an imposing record, the Central Jersey Group III state basketball tournament could be anyone's race, and Matawan Regional High School coach Jack George likes that scenario. "There's a lot o f parity in Group III." the Huskies' mentor said. "W ith the exception of John F. Kennedy o f Iselin (2I-2) every­ one else is right around the same recordwise. All it takes is for someone to get hot and then anything can happen." George is hoping his Huskies (I I-9). c o m ­ ing o ff an 85-64 loss to Mater Dei in the first round o f the Shore C onference Tourna­ ment, arc the ones with the hot hand M at­ awan will visit Long Branch in its ( entrul Jersey Group III opener Feb. 28 at 4 p.m The teams split their regular season en­ counters. with the Green W ave winning 60­ 49 in Long Branch, and the Huskies pulling out an exciting 66-61 \ ,< >i .it home m a game that saw Matawan blow a IG-pmi't lead only to win on two late three -pou, field goals by Jay Bellamy. In each contest George's team had trou­ ble with turnovers, something that must he avoided in the rubber match. In order to beat the Green Wave. Matawan will have to stop Chris Alexander. George noted that Freehold Borough accomplished that on Friday in handing I ong Branch a 48-41de­ feat, dropping the Green Wave's record to 21. 12-8. (Mater Dei) just jum ped out to a "We're going to have to be consistent on big"They lead and that proved to be the story of defense to stop them." George said. "II we the game.” George “ It's tough to can control the ball and prevent them from come back from that stated. behind, especially getting second shots we should be in good when you're playing in far thoirgym .” shape." Although the lo s s to the Seraphs doesn't The winner w ill lake on the victor ol the rank with Matawan's best performances, the game between second-seeded Hillsborough Huskies have had several high points. These and seventh-seeded Raritan. Matawan split include a season-opening win against Rari­ its season series against the Rockets, but did tan which saw the Huskies come back from not meet Hillsborough. a four-point overtime deficit. Matawan also Reliant), a senior guard, has been the beat rival St. John Vianney twice in addiHuskies' top gun throughout the campaign iion to the heart-stopping home victory He averages 22 points per game. 5.6 re- over I ong Branch.

G re e n

fla g

a t W a ll w ill d r o p

All five of the stock ear drivers who won divisional championships at W all Stadium in 1989 will return to defend their titles with the 1990 season opener April 7. Rich Mongeau will be racing for a third Street Stock track championship at the 5\ all T ownshtp speedway. Defending M odified champion Tony Siscone w ill search for his se ve n th track championship this summer. O ther d efen d in g ch am p io n s in clu d e Toms River's J..I. Jensen, from the Mod-

F is h in g

e x p o

r e e ls

The W orld Fishing and Outdoor Ex­ position. running at the Rockland Com­ m unity C ollege fie ld house. S uffcrn . N.Y.. from Feb. 28 through March 4. w ill feature many of the world's most famous anglers and outdoorsmcn. H ig h lig h tin g the program w ill be Tommy M artin, the BASSMaster Classic champion: Steve Raietf. 16-time national fly casting champion and nine-time internatioal champion: and Ernest Schvvic-

A p r il 7

ttied Affordable Division: W all's Boh Haberstick (Modern Stock): and Toms River's Charlie Krenter Jr. (Pro-Four Modified). W all Stadium w ill kick off its 41st consec­ utive year o f automobile racing the night of April 7. with all four divisions in action. Racing w ill begin at 7 p.m. All racers w ill get the chance to try out their ears on March 31 from noon to 4 p.m.. when AAall Stadium hosts the annual Open House Practice Session. For more information, call 681-6400.

in a r e a

a n g le r s

bert. world-traveling fisherman and au­ thor o f many classic trout fishing books and articles. Expo hours are 2-10 p.m. Feb. 28 through March 2; l>:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. March 3: and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. March 4. Adult admission is $6.50; children under 12. $3. Included in the adm ission is all exhib­ its. seminars, events and clinics that day.


Photograph by Martin Petterchak

Mater Dei High School coach Kevin Attridge talks to his team during the Seraphs’ game against St. Rose in the first round of the Shore Conference Tournament. The fifth-seeded Seraphs — who were trailing at this point — came back to beat the Purple Roses 58-45 on Friday.

C iria n i s c o r e s 1 ,0 0 0 th p o in t It's time for the nim gritty as the post­ season is here in the world of high school girls' basketball. Four local teams reached the Shore Con­ ference Tournament — St. John Vianney. Mater Dei. Key port and Middletown North — and the same four w ill be competing in the NJSI AA slate tournament. St. John Vianney (25-0) earned the top seed in the Shore Conference Tournament and eased to a first-round v ictory over Asbury Park. 70-41. St. John Vianney led 64­ 22 at the end of three quarters when coach Bill Bulman removed his starters. Hie game was highlighted by the 1.000th point of Christa Cinam's career, making her the second Lancer to top the barrier this season. Junior guard Audrey Gonte/ accom­ plished the feat on Feb. 2 against Matawan. Ciriani scored a game-high 26 points and ( iome/ chipped in 16 in the victory. In co n c lu d in g the B N orth D iv isio n schedule, the Lancers finished league play undefeated for a second consecutive year by defeating M onm outh Regional 70-30 as Sarah Coleman scored 22 points. St. John Vianney w ill open the South Jer­ sey Parochial B tournament on Feb. 28. hosting Holy Cross (Dclran) at 7 p.m. M ater Dei (21-3) took the No. 5 seed in the SCT and was well rested for its first round game against St. Rose. Although, the Purple Roses were successful in taking point guard Nikki Tierney out o f the half-court offense, the Seraphs got good production from Laura Boms (19 points) and JeanMarie Klatt (11) in the 58-43 victory. Klatt scored 18 points in a 58-51 quar­ terfinal round upset over Toms River North as the Seraphs scored the final 13 points of the game. The Seraphs wilt host W ildwood Catholic in the South Jersev Parochial B plavotTs on Feb. 28 at 6:30. kevport (18-6) met Middletown North in the first round o f the SCT and eliminated

G IR L S ’ B A S K E T B A L L

the Lions for the second straight year, taking a 51-49 decision. Colleen Hanrahan scored 14 o f her game-high 21 points in the first half, but her biggest shot was a three-point field goal midway through the fourth quar­ ter. Danielle Notarcola scored a career-high 12 points and did an excellent jo b running the show lor coach Brian Brady. The Red Raiders dropped Rumson 56-38 in a D Division contest. Carolyn Hassmiller led the attack with 19 points. St. John Vian­ ney eliminated Keyport 52-22 in the SCT quarterfinals. Keyport was seeded first in Central Jersey Group I. which gave the state last year's Tournament o f Champions winner — Hof­ fman of South Amboy. M iddlesex comes to Keyport for a first round game on Feb. 28 at 7 p.m. M iddletown North (16-7) has now lost two consecutive games as the Lions fell to undefeated A South champion Toms River East 55-41 as all but two points were scored by Amy Chiaravalloti (20) and Maureen Mar/ (19). Chiaravalloti netted 16 points in a 44-36 win over Manchester earlier in the week. The Lions will face either Marlboro or Madison Central in a Central Jersey Group IV second round game on March I at 7 p.m. Finishing out the season were Holmdel (6-18). which lost to Allentown, 53-38. and defeated Matawan. 38-26. Meredith McEnery scored 27 points for the week and K ris­ ten Townsend was in double figures in both games with 21 points overall. Matawan (2-20) lost to Red Bank Catho­ lic. 53-37. and Marlboro. 60-31. prior to the Holmdel loss. Marissa DeSimone scored 15 points against the Caseys and Denia Jones dropped in 13 against the Mustangs. M iddletown South (5-17) lost to Howell, 56-28. in an A North contest. Raritan (”-15) got a career-high 23 points from Kim Kovar. but lost to Ocean 45-42.

H o lm d e l r e s id e n t p la n s c o n c e r t to T e e n - a g e p ia n is t to s ta r a t e v e n t By Lauren Jaeger

Perry is grateful that Americans arc re­ joicing with Romania and its new journey toward democracy and freedom. However, due lo the chaotic and strict regime of its former Communist Dictator. Nicolae Ccuscscu. the country has a lot of catching up to do. with regards to the communication, technology and know ledge o f other ad ­ vanced countries. All proceeds from the concert w ill go to the Help Romania Foundation, which is do­ nated to this very cause. Perry explained that the artists who pro­ duce fine glass products for her importing business in Romania could not utilize full expression o f their talents until the proper paints were obtained. In the same was. doc­ tors who do not have access lo up-to-date m edical equip m en t cannot p ro vide the most proper carc for their patients. “They have good doctors and bad materi­ als," she said, explaining that going to the dentist in Romania is akin to a 19th century experience, since pain killers are scarce. W ith the money collected at the concert. Perry hopes that top-notch medical facilities can be incorporated into Romania. Now. with the highly publicized outbreak o f Aids in newborns, the need for the labs is even more urgent. Medical literature is also needed. Even the Heimlich maneuver, a simple, widely used procedure to save victim s from chok­ ing. is unknown to Romania. Since January. Perry has spent sleepless nights o rg an izin g hun dreds o f donated items into boxes, marking each with an ad­ dress o f destination. Materials have been routed to orphanages, schools, churches, nursing homes and hospitals. With much effort, she even found free transport, pro­ vided by Lowy’s M on ing Service. Neptune, to take the items to a ship at Elizabeth and planes al Newark.

H O L M D E L — S h e lly Perry e x h ib its much enthusiasm as she plans for a huge benefit called the “Concert for Romania" extravaganza, to take place at the Holmdel High School auditorium al 8 p.m. March 24. “This w ill be a major, unforgettable event in Holmdel," said Perry, who is originally from Romania. "This w ill not be ju st any concert." Various United States and Romanian government officials have been invited to preside over the event, including Congress­ man Chris Smith. N.J. Governor Jim Florio and Holmdel mayor Peggy Lasky. The highlight of the evening w ill be Per­ ry's teen-age daughter. Iris, a pianist who was a winner in the Garden Stale Arts Cen­ ter’s "Showcase of Stars" m 1987. Under a Monmouth Arts Foundation music merit scholarship, she is attending the Peabody Conservatory o f M usic of the John Hopkins University, Boston. Iris has won many other competitions, such as the Young Keyboard Artists Asso­ ciation and the Stravinsky Awards Interna­ tional Piano competitions — top honors for a pianist. Her program at the concert w ill include Mozart, Rachm aninoff and Schu­ bert, among others. The elder Perry, who is originally from Romania, is searching for other talented acts to create the most diversified, informa­ tive program possible. She also would like the concert’s focus to be on children. She is currently seeking children's choruses, per­ haps from local schools, to sing; others are needed to form a configuration o fa Roma­ nian llag on the stage, wearing solid, bright­ ly colored clothing. ir v needs reliable volunteers who can lieln w r m m o U t - L and other important aspects o f the '• ' ' n|', P— services and donations o f local businesses. “Children o f our town w ill till get a chance to get involved,” said Perry. Children are an important aspect of the concert and Perry plans to have Romanian officials discuss possible adoption proce­ dures concerning the country’s orphans. Ro­ manian orphans hold a special place in Per­ ry's heart and she hopes that the funds from the concert can be used toward their many needs. R efresh m e n ts and R o m an ian h a n d ­ crafted items w ill be sold during interm is­ sion and after the concert. Since numerous phone calls have been received inquiring about the event. Perry advised that reservations may be needed. Admission is a tax-deductible donation of $l() (each ticket). $5 for students and senior citizens. The remaining tickets w ill be sold at the door. To reserve, call 671-4599. Iris Perry

A R T S & E N T E R T A IN M E N T

MUSIC B.B. King and his band w ill perform at

7:30 and 10:30 p.m. March 2 at the Count B asic T h eatre. Red B ank. T ic k e ts are $24.50, $20.50 and $15.50. For tickets, call 842-9000.

THEATER "Social Security" w ill be presented by Starburst Productions, Inc. at 8:30 p.m. (dessert 8 p.m.) on Feb. 22-24 and March I3 at the First Avenue Playhouse, 42 First Ave.. Atlantic Highlands. Admission by ad­ vanced reservation is $15 per person which includes dessert and show. For reservations, call 291-7552. “For Colored G irls Who Have Consid­

ered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enul" will be presented by the Dunbar Repertory Company at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. on March 2, 8 p.m. on March 3. and 5 p.m. on March 4 m the “ Little Theater" at Brookdale Com­ munity College, Lincroft. Admission is $10 in advance and $13 at the door for the gen­ eral public: and $7 for students, seniors, and Brookdale staff. Group discounts are avail­ able. For tickets, call 842-1900. Ext. 29(1 or 367. “The Face on the Barroom Floor or Glimpsed through! the Sawdust" w ill be presented by the Abcrdeen-Matawan Reper­ tory Theatre at 8 p.m. on Feb. 23 and 24 and March 2 and 3 at the First Presbyterian Church. Route 34 and Franklin Street. M at­ awan. General admission is $7 with a $4 special rate for senior citizens and students. For further information and reservations, call 888-0805.

b e n e fit R o m a n ia

Perry’s beautiful home in Holmdcl- re­ sembled a warehouse as her family adjusted to living in rooms-filled with boxes'from floor to ceiling. Yet no obstacle could stand in the way of Perry's fierce determination to gel a jo b done and get it done right. “ Romania is like my baby." she explaincd."After being under the com munist re­ gime. it gave birth to itself, like a new na­ tion." In regards to clothing, she feels the coun­ try's basic needs have been met since the majority of donators presented Perry with a substantial amount o f old clothing. And approximately $60,000 worth of medical equipment, still useful but no long­ er state-of-the-art, was acquired from area hospitals. Now, Perry’s goals are set even higher. Health care and hygiene items, such as




.r e s e a

soaps, toothpaste, toothbrushes and sham­ poo, will be her main priority. Vitamins-for preventive medicine afc also on the top o f her lis t o f n e ce ssitie s. C o m p uters and softw are, books and other e d u ca tio n a l, printed materials on health, and back issues of magazines in excellent condition are needed, as well. Perry's imagmation-is filled with ideas for the future. One idea concerns the creation of a cultural exchange between Romania and the U.S. as a showcase for talented artists. She also plans on having Holmdel adopt a sister city in Romania and provide for that com m unity’s needs. She w ill bring this resolution before the Township Committee Feb. 26. Perry has received many letters from Ro­ manians who have commended her efforts in helping a country in its time o f need.

so n


H a ts & S t ir r u p s O B


S p E C lM - * * ^



TRIPLE CROWN SPORTS, INC. Browntown Shopping Center Rte. 516, O ld Bridge Showroom Hours: Friday: 5-9 PM Saturday: 10-6 PM Or ca ll 679-2231 for an appointm ent.






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005 Apartm ents for Rent

EATONTOWN 1 bedroom apt for rent Available now New M A T A W A N ...L O C A T IO N carpet A new washer/ dryer A R E N T /O P T IO N kitchen appliances Large rooms terrace good Call 576-1621 location $525 month PRICE PRICE PRICE HIGHLANDS 3 room house Call 290-1042 suitable for 1 or 2 people MATAWAN Avail irnmed S500mo 4- util . security req d 752-7778 ROCKFORD ARMS APTS HIGHLANDS 2 Bdrm apt Morristown A C ross Rds condo Nice condition Laurt 1 bedroom S605 3 bedroom dry facility m bldg Easy com­ $950 Heat, hot water, dish­ mute Good lor singles to washer new w/w carpet no share or smalt lamiiy Avail pets Call Andy. 566-4010 •mmed S/75 671-5887 MONMOUTH BEACH - 1 bed­ room carpet. 2nd floor, off street parkinq. covered bal­ HIGHLANDS 139 Bay Ave 4 room* i Bedroomm S500 cony Laundry facilities avail­ mo plus util 1Vvmo sec able $745/month met. heat 4­ 1 ’ i mo security Call Cali 291-1399 after 6pm KEANSBURG 1 & 2 bedroom 389-8436. leave m essage aptartments for rent on Main NEPTUNE-Jumping Broox St Appliances A carpet met 1 A 2 Bedroom Apartments Starting at $475 S450 mo A S500 mo 4- utilities Minutes from GSP exit 100B Parking Call 495-4007 Call 922-2100 KEYPORT Large 2 bedroom RED BANK Twin Gabies Apts in quite complex $650/per on River 36 Riverside Ave month Plus 11/ months ser.u Lg f A 2 bdrm apts Heat/hot rity R e fere n ce s required water met. S625.up 741-7703 Call 888 8060 BANK waterview KEYPORT t bedroom fire­ RED 1 bedroom i/r. kit S650 mo place ac A heat included mci heat A water Days S550/month plus month secu rity Available im m ediately 747-8888 eves 741-6115 R ED BA N K 5 ro o m s Call 201-625-9710 $750 mo + all util No pets Sec A refs req 741-6631 LONG BRANCH- Cozy 1 bedroom garden apartment R E D B A N K 3 r o o m s Near ocean transportation S585 mo mcl util No pets shopping etc Carpeted and Sec A refs req 741-6631 air conditioned Call 571 1489 SEABRIGHT- 4 room 1 bed­ for appointment apt on river S495 LONG BRANCH i Bedroom room month A 1month security apartment < it...■(»• home Heat ncttid** * '*■500 mr Lowest rent in town Call anytime ; . Sio Mr Murr, ..25-0491

NOTICES ....,..... 001-002 Call 542-1700 REALESTAIE 2 bedrooms 1 OF 2/15/90 I William N ABERDEEN Apartments lor Ront..„.........005 AS bath utility room private Jr am no longer re driveway Houses lor Rent..................006 Rockhill cable TV No pets Houses lor Sale.................. 007 sponsible lor Ihe bills of Utilities paid 290-9086 Condos.......................... . 006 Samantha Lynn Rockhtll All real estate advertised in Furnished Rooms................000 I EDWARD J GUERIN JR this newspaper is subject to Rentals to Share ......010 give notice that I am tne Federal Rousing Act ........ 011 hereby MobHe Homes not and never was reaponsi ol 1968 whichFairm akes it iiieqal Lots 4 Acreage...................012 ble tor any debts incurred by to .idvertise any preference Real Estate Wanted.............013 Patricia Van Pelt aka Patricia lim itation or discrim ination N Van Pelt'Guerin. aka Pat­ Mortgages..........................014 on race color, religion N VP Guerin to whom I based Summer/Winter Rentals.......015 ricia •ex or national origin, or ari was never married COMMERCIAL intention to make any such OHice 4Floor Space............017 preference limitation or d is­ TY-BRITT Stores........................... ....018 crimination Income Properties...............019 RESIDENTIAL HOME This new spaper will not Buildlngs/Ga/ages...............020 at 73 Rockwell Ave. knowingly accept any adver­ Business Properties .......021 Located onq Branch New Jersey, a tising for real estate which is Commercial Properties........ 022 Ilicensed sneltored care home •n violation of the law Our Industrial Properties............ 023 m itory It »s readers are informed that all Business Loansrtnvestment.. 024 isopennonto ducrim races creeds and dwellings advertised in this Business Opportunities.......,025 religions.ill 229-2338 are available on Business Wanted................ 026 Thomas President Eunice newspaper an equal opportunity basis Business Equpment............027 ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS Contracting Equipment.........028 005 Apartm ents Luxury High Rise FINANCIAL Large studio 1/2/3 bedroom Accounting.................. 029 for Rent apts on water overlooking Financial Services...............030 NYC view Commuter Income Tax....................-030A SELLING REAL ESTATE? marina train A bus Money lo Loan....................031 f.tudios have shown Ihnl 5 out ferry, ALl UTILITIES INCLUDED Money Wanted....................032 ol 6 home buyer*, read the Call 291-0237 EMPLOYI/CMT CLASSIFIEDS when shopping Hep Wanted Fu« Timo.........035 for a now home1 The buyers FATONCRFST APTS Hep Wantod Part Time........036 are clear on what they wont in Tennis & swim club Largo BabysltlmgrChltd Cate.........037 a classified ad The want com '.'/o rooms w/19tt living rrn Domestic Help.....................038 pioto information an they do Only minuter, from Ocean SltuatPns Wanted............. 039 not want abrevialions They Boachos Golt Courser. Fish ..... 040 prefer the rnosl important in­ tnq A B o a tin g N ear .ill Rosumes/Typmg formation first Our i/iij'.sifed Houses ol Worsnip A Malls MERCHANDISE Stall will be happy to help you M onFn 9 30am 4pm. Antiques .............. 042 write the most effective .id 542 110*j Pme Brook Rd Appliances....................... 043 Hope F^d Fatontown Conputers........................ 044 2 mocks from Exit 105 GSP Ckxhtng............................. 045 C a ll 542-1700 Firewood.......................... 046 Furniture ...............047 General Mercnandlse.......... 048 ^ Greater Media Newspapers Merchandise Wanted......... 049 Musical Instnjments........... 050 Sporting Equipment.......... 051 Garage Sales................... 060 Auctions..................... 061 Flea Marttets/Baraars....... 062 OTHER CATEGORIES 'nstucltorv Tutoring ........063 Atlantic Loet 4Found ...............064 Petl 4Livestoar................. 065 H ighlands Personals ................. 066 Psychics........................... 067 SERYICE DIRECTORY REALTY A* Conation Sales,Snrvcu 070 RO SE-AL 51 H ig h w a y 36 Appliance iteoan...............070A 291-2240 Building 4Remodeling.........07t Carpentry............................072 Carpet Cleaning..................g73 Carpet InstalVRepair/Sale 074 Ceramic Tile Repair/ Install... 075 Rumson Cleaning Services............... 076 Conlrsctors.......................07SA Drywall/Sheetrodi.............. 077 WEICHERT REALTORS Electrical............................ 078 30 Ridge Road Entertainment.....................079 Exlermlnators................... 079A 7 4 7 -8 2 8 2 Q Fencing........................... 0798 Floor Finahlng..................079C General Contracting......... 0790 Guitars...............................060 Home Improvomors......... 06OA Lawn Care/Landscaping......081 ATTENTION Lawn Mower Repair............g® Maaonry .................... 063 REALTORS! Moving 4 Storage........... ,.,064 Light Hauling.....................064A R u n a m in im u m o f 5 lin e Odd Joba/Cleanupa.............085 a d s (3 lin e s o r m o re in Painting Wallpapering..........ggg o u r C la s s ifie d P a g e s ) at Photography. ................087 Piano Tunirg...................... om oh ou ldr edris craoteu natne dd y "oRu awteill Plumbing/Healing................oao Roodng/SPIng ............091 g e t a listin g in o u r R e a l­ Spaclal Sarvtces................. 092 to r s D ire c to ry Snow Plowing.................... 093 TaJpflng............................. 094 Walpapenng..................... 096 Windows............................ 096 Call Window/Treatments......... 096A BOATING Diane .......... 106 Boats tor Sale Boating Accessones............ <06 AUTOMOTIVE Autoe tor Sale...................... 110 Auto Rent/Lease..................t« AutcyTrucKs Wanted............. 112 Auto Parts/Servlcea..............113 D O N ’T M ISS Auto Financing................ 114 Aulo Insurant.................. 115 OUT! Motorcydes/Mopeds......... 116 Trucks/Vans..................... 117 Motor Homea/Rec. Veh..... IIS Car/Van Pools.................. 110 TO ADVERTISE IN THIS DIRECTORY



CALL 542-1700

005 Apartm ents for Rent

W END LONG BRANCH 2 Bdrm Apt w/patio $625 mo . newly deco rated in­ cludes heat and parking Lake Elberon area near ocean 222-6145 762 Greens Ave

007 Houses for Sale

009 Furnished Rooms

MIDDLETOWN/BELFORD Nice furnished room quiet safe area 747-5174/787-1467 UNION BEACH- W orking male w/w carpet Ceiimg fan Wkly 739-9566 or 667-8396 Rose-AI Realty 291-2240 006 Houses fo r Rent MIDDLETOWN 4 bedrooms. YOUNG PRO FESSIO N A L MALE looking to rent fur­ HAZLET18x24 family room, full base­ nished room or studio apt. ment A garage S 139.900 Rumson/Little Silver area NEW LY RENOVATED Non smoker, no pets, no par­ Rent w/option to buy Moth­ Rose-AI Realty 291-2240 tying S300-S400/month Call er/ d a u g h te r hom e N ear MIDDLETOWN 417-2422. ask for Dan schools A NYC transportation 4 bedrooms 2 baths New 4 bedroom s 2 kitchens (1 kitchen witn skylights 16x20 010 Rentals to Share new) 2 bath patio S1200/mo master bedroom S125 900 ABERDEEN Responsible + 1 ' 7 mo security + utilities female to share 2 bedrm 2 S190.000 Call 946-3756 Rose-AI Realty 291-2240 bath furnished condo $410 KEANSBURG Clean two RED BANK Co-op. 1 bedrm 4- 1 2 utilities. 1 mo sec Call A b e d ro o m w ith s c re e n e d waterviews pool etc $65 000 leave m essage 566-7593 porch S725 Plus utilities and Weichert Realtors 747-8282 LONG BRANCH - Professoi11? months security 370-9121 nal single parent looking for SEA BRIGHT 2/3 bedrms KEANSBURG -Two bedroom W aterfront unit S239.900 same to share 4 bdrm 2 bath Single family Yard Gas heat Weichert Realtors 747-8282 home S500 4- 1 2 utilities Call S600./mo. 872-2161 870-6594 Ive msge KEANSBURG - 2 Bdrm Ha This One Has it all! NEED ROOMATES - Single bath. A/C G reat location MIDDLETOWN - tor sale by fem ales Fun loving Chris­ $825 4- utilities. 755-3395 owner Tudor-faced 3 bed­ tians. A non-smokers to share KEYPORT - Deluxe 2bdrm room 2' 2 bath split Colonial house m Monmouth Co 315­ cottage-many extras-spectac- on wooded cul-de-sac Cent 785-1059 or write to: C Drew uiar harbor view-especially ac w/w carpet nardwood 1620 Huntington St Apt Q-2. Watertown. NY 13601 d e s ir a b le fo r a c o u p le floors fireplace in fam rm sta in e d w o o dw o rk, sla te OCEAN GROVE- Fem ale $800mo Call 264-3405 foyer, sun porch, deck ma­ PORT MONMOUTH Ranch 1 ture landscaping, fenced-in seeking same to share 2 bed bdrm bath, kit D/R. L/R property, sprinkler system room apartment. $300 plus fenced yard Mature adults Must See Move m condition security Call 775-1855 only Avail immed 787-8000 $225,000 SEABRIGHT - Own bedroom Can 495-3177 6-9pm ask tor Dara 2 bedroom. 2 1 2 bath . town­ W LONG BRANCH 2 family inhouse Pool Tennis Across RED BANK Available now* w (6 bedrm s Only $177,000 1bedroom garden apts srreeL -4 0 beach Must see' Weichert Realtors 747-8282 Available 474-S575 per month Greetree Apts 239 Spring St plus utilities 741-OD&V-Pjuji. 741-3953 for appointment $45,500. VA HOME SHREW SBURY 2 Bdrm NEPTUNE AREA By owner 011 Mobile Homes house Unique neighborhood 8’ . assum e mortg to qualfor couple desiring the best •fy vet ibdrm house 50X100 DOVER TWP - 14x70 2 bedroomm C/A WAV j arr „ Write A P tton PI ail appi 2 car Driveway. mecTS NYC NT 10022 or rever . ot must see ^88-0132 Good cond $31 500 nunot charges 212-755-2452________ 008 Condos 370-530* »'-r aJU-o/ 68 007 Houses ABERDEEN SALE F IR E P L A C E for Sale $ 5 9 ,0 0 0 . RFI IX .. . rtfc MT n, .. ' EATONTOWN - 12x65 "ew.v H ignm ount New r orn I FpmodPied 2 bedrunn* * Call 290-1154 bdrrn --ntpm ooid' tr.-» oath Negotiable place ill maior DC m • , ".ANTTC HIGHLANDS- FORT MONMOUTh . Scuthern'»xposur»' > '86 14x70 Home r , < ticient low maintenance •* ( FOR R EN T o o f ^replace tc Asunn cedant condition /t »,men with daylight .n mobile home park 2 re 1 riding swimming near Ov 35 b a se m e n t B a c k s up to room 1 bath Ceding 'uri minutes to Hunter Windham ood*-- M any u p g ra d e s rustic liv rm New entmi . * or Woodstock $158 900 Call wS180 New washer dryer New •' 000 Cu.l 389-3650 after 6pm ve/oven Screenea porch 2 536-1501 KEANSBURG-Tcwnnouse s h e d s fe n c e d 1n y a rd 2 large bedrooms r . baths S42 900 negotiable CRANBURY Concordia ammq rm Asking $105 000 or Call 297-6878 after 5pm rent for S750 mo IMMACULATE 1988 - 3 Bedroom. 2 bath 14x70 with 10x20 deck Adult community oft exit 8A Rose-AI Realty 291-2240 Central air storm doors white NJ Turnpike Brandon Model vinyl siding, shingle root 2 bedroom. 2 bath, living A NEW YORK CITY CO-OP Call 495-4587 alter 3 30pm dining rooms, family room, patio eat-m kit Beautifully E. 79th St & York Ave. 012 Lots & Acreage landscaped Garage Com­ MARLBORO TOWNSHIP J plete alarm system . 24 hour Luxury full service buildinq nurse 18 hole golt course 24 hour doorman, garage Wooded lots With approvals pro shop, restaurant, indoor/ exposure 2 wing Prime area By owner outdoor pool Priced to sell. Southern bedroom s. 2 baths. 1.370 Call 1-203-675-9455 S185 000 1-(609) 655-3908 square feet Many large clos­ MATAWAN- 10 lots for sale Size is over 100 x 100 FREEHOLD Best Buy in ets Parquet floors Town Fabulous 2 bdrm Patio Maintenance $1,158 Tax de­ Ready to subdivide Call home w/den. D/R and Ga­ d uc tible 524-‘ ^ $325,000 609-275-1132 Leave m es­ sage on machine_____________ rage Many other ammenities Principals only No brokers 2 yrs old S129.900 671-5296 GOVERNMENT Homes trom 212-861-0160 leave message 015 Summer/W inter Rentals Si 00 *0 RED BANK- No money down bath Adorable $115 200 Beautilui two bedroom Up­ Jack Frost and Big Bou-oer Cad 872-1927 stairs unit Custom kitcnen ski reso rts Next to c u b G arage Excellent location house Everything furnished MIDDLETOWN MOTHER, DAUGHTER HOME Trees privacy & shopping 255-5160 eve s 544-5771 days. Ask tor Mr Davis S110 990 Call 741-1794 Separate entrances UPSTAIRS 3 bedrms. batn 017 O ffice/Floor rutcben dining 100 m ivmg 009 Furnished room A den(or 4th bedrmt Space__ Rooms DOW NSTAIRS 3 bedrm s bath, kitchen, dining room, liv­ MIDDLETOWN In private ABERDEEN ing room with sliding glass home 1 Large finished room doors to a beautiful yard with with own entrance, bed and RO UTE 34 shower t months security pool. Asking $219,000 765 11 and 460 ft available $80 00 per week Principles only. No Realtors Call 925-9777 Call 957-9041 after 6pm Call 530-6616 MIDDLETOWN-Colonial on 2 acre cul-de-sac 5 bedrooms 3’v baths. 3.700 sq ft. 25 x22 family room w/fireplace A sky­ lights Heated pool $479 000

tATONTOWN OftlCe/Retail space 1200 sq It on 1st floor Hwy 35 Close to Ft Mon­ mouth & NY Pus 542-8404 EATONTOWN/WEST LONG BRANCH 700-1500 sq ft busi­ ness/professional space avail in prestigious building on Rt 36 Call 222-3445 HOLMDEL O ltice space New building Ample parking includes all utilities Call 787­ 7773. after 6pm 671-6688 HOWELL - Rt 33 3 seperate offices in conference center of new ly opened office/ware­ house condos Various sizesrental fees $575-5675 In­ cludes electic. gas partial fur­ nishings Call 409-6733_______ MATAWAN Mam St 2 O llices Private entrance lavatory Parking Call 566-7671 MATAWAN •ollice lor rent Rt 34, 750 sq tt, ample parking paneling Ideal tor engineering or contracting Call 566 0936

017 Office/Floor Space MATAWAN

1022 Commercial Property

019 Income Properties

KEA?«:->BURG 2 »ar»M.y i. 2-3 1ATLANTIC HIGHLAND:-, Office/residence 12 ' . bedrm apts Only S128 000 Weichert Realtor-, 747 828? Approx 2 400 sq M H»gn>y PRIME RT 34 150-600 sq ff 'visible coiner W/175 or Rr F urm sn ed Phone sy sten i T o place your ad here 136 Expansion possibility "< available 290-0400 j over 8 000 sq tt $350 000 Call 542-1700

RED BANK 1400 sq ft in a beautifully re­ stored Victorian 5 offices en com pass the entire 3rd floor private entrance 14 ft ceilings & lots of light' Off street park mg Available May 1st BU RGD O RFF Realtors 4 Seasons Division 946-3700


Rose-AI Realty 291-2240

Sell your camping gear w here the buyers are.


2 0 1 -4 0 9 -6 7 3 3

025 Business Opportunities



G r e a t e r M e d ia

N e w s p a p e r s

P R O F E S S IO N A L . D IR E C T O R Y , A G uide To P rofession al Services PHYSICAL THERAPY CHIROPRACTOR Back to Health Chiropractic

P h y s ic a l T h e r a p y S e r v ic e s , P. A.

Dr Douglas J. Zimmel

C en trally L o cated: F re eh o ld - R ed B ank O ffice s Q u a lity tre a tm e n t / L ic e n s e d E x p e rie n c e d S ta ff O rth o / S p o rts N e u ro lo g ic R e h a b . B a c k S c h o o l, F itn e s s . C y b e x p ro g ra m s P ro m p t d a y & E v e n in g A p p ts.

788 Broad St (Rt 35) Shrewsbury Specializing In: Chiropractic & Rehabilitative care ot sports, personal & work related injuries. Complete in-house rehabilitative exercise & massage therapy

Call 5 3 0 -4 7 0 0



• Quit smoking: w/o weight gain or anxiety • Lose weight easily: And keep it off permanently • Eliminate Stress: Phobias - Motivation All Habit Problems Call Today


C a ll 5 3 0 -1 4 4 5







Alfred Szajewski, MBA INCO M E T A X GORDON CertifiedPublicAccountant S C HW ARTZ PREPARATION Attention: CPA & MBA ••IPutnm ndivduihipi lt *•CSomipilofiBlvuiotnrvut t SpecializinginIndividual More than RutooibURiltslorth#folowing 25 years experience andSmall Businesses Tit PRletanunrninsg ■ TAXRETURNSPREPARED ••In •fAinuadnitciniaglStllMMtl StrathmoreProfessional Building •Canenl Adcco4uEnvitinnigngSam usointments ALI AN M. ADELSON Route34, Malawan Wnken A p p AtYouf HomeOrOtlxe 566-1048 Call 264-8543 7 3 9 -2 0 8 0 Over 25 yrs experience FRANK DIMIAN TAX Income Tax Accounting S E R V IC E S Returns Prepared & at your Income Tax Services Joann Maaaagll Home or Business Fully Computerized CPA Available for Individual &Small Buiinnsei 6 8 1 -0 0 1 1 'Prompt Service'ReasonableRales ALLEN SERVICE INC. 4 9 5 - 3 5 1 6 C a ll 5 6 6 -7 9 5 6 TAX RETURNS T A X R E TU R N S IN C O M E T A X PERSONAL PREPARED & BUSINESS All Tax Forms Federal & State VISHAW SONDHI 1040EZ-*15W Prepared In The 1040A-*2R«* CPA Privacy Of Your Home 1040-*40°° will(ormake house calls Tony De Gregorio, Jr. 3 8 9 -5 2 2 9 appointment Christine De Gregorio Evening &weekends Avail 4 9 5 -2 3 5 9 100 Broad St Regina Ruther 787-6385 \N 1torrn prepared Free Eatontown



030 Financial DRIVE A MERCEDES Wear High Fashion clothes Earn S10 000 per month 280-9285 24 hr Ans Svce

G r e a t e r M e d ia N ew sp ap ers’


W ill b e p u b lis h e d T h ru A p ril 18 C a ll a n d r e s e r v e y o u r s p a c e to d a y ! You can ch arg e y o u r a d to V is a or M a s t e r C a r d



PROCESS MAIL AT HOME Earn S300 S500 w eekly Send S A S E to 439 Myrtle Ave Bnck NJ 08723 TIME-FREEDOM*WEALTH Looking for men/women lo assum e mgmnt pos in last growing S30 Dili on industry Min investment Turn your life around Can 741-6771 day or evening VENDING Routes/Loca for sale cheap Possible gross each m achine S400 -S800 weekly Can Frank 1 800-346-0645

24 hour recorded m essage HAIRCRAFTERS America leading hair care franchise chain has immediate & future locations available in central NJ & Eastern Pennsylvania Excellent opportunity for own­ ALFRED SZAJEWSKI er/ operators or a b se n tee 264 8543 management For information See Income Tax Directory call I M S, Inc 888-8283 ADELSON ll#)(#)K Earn $300 or more ALLAN M 739-2080 weekly Assemble our prod See Income Tax Directory ucts No questions For FREE information send S A S E to ALLEN SERVICES INC 681 0011 P O BOX 32531 See Income Tax Directory Detroit. Mich 48232 ARMANDO LOPEZ 495-2359 See Income Tax Directory COURT-TEN FIN SERVICES 974 1040 / 747-6243 See Income Tax Directory FRANK DIMIAN 566-7956

Your Ad Can Be Here Call Pauline Bonner 542-1700

&Behavioral C enter Eileen Julian, R. HY.. Certified Hypnotherapist

The Hypnosis

025 Business Opportunities

A IR LIN E S NOW HIRING G O LD C R E D IT C A R D F lig h t a tte n d a n ts T ravel No Security Deposit Required Agents Mechanics Customer Guaranteed Approval Service Listings Salaries to (201 >774-8643 S105K Entry level positions Calif 1)805-687-6000 L O W E R YO U R TA X ES!! Ext A 2112 Convert car/credit card loans into tax deductions' BARBER SHOP FOR SALE No application fee/points $12 000 negotiable Cali be Credit problems understood tween 9 & 5 Mon Fr Ask for Mr Lung at 431 5626 741 1758 030a Income Tax EARN EXTRA $$S$ stuffing envelopes For details send tASE to TLC Mail Company A T T E N T IO N PO Box 473 ACCOUNTANTS! Lambertville NJ 08530 EARN $10,000 -S50.000 An nualiy invest $7 000 $30 000 in your own vending business Investm ent & location se ­ cured 1 800 543 7956 GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY To acheive wealth $120 000/year PT or F T

7 8 0 - 4 3 0 0 smce t956 7 4 1 - 0 6 7 8

an appointment

For as kttie as 10’ down to qualified buyers 1000 sq ft units with finished office over 800 sq ft warehouse/storage /work space drive-in loading 12 ft ceilings 700 sq tt iott »or ngnt storage 1700 sq tt con ference center Preconstruci ton price S I09 995 Cai 5 P O IN T S Q U A R E Lease/Purchase option avail

T h e b u y e rs are lo o k in g for it in c la ssifie d

Square Hwy 35 Carpeted retail space 2,000 sq ft L e a s e w /option to buy S14 /sq It Triple not Now vacant Call 681 4900


022 Commercial Property OWN A NEW W AREHOUSE/ O F F IC E C O N D O



vr-r-n* uiiiL f,i>. [>■•' ?

GORDON SCHWARTZ 566-1048 See Income Tax Directory JOANN MASSAGLI 495 3516 See Income Tax Directory JOHN CORCORAN 264-1949 See Income Tax Directory

TA X P R E P A R A T IO N TAX RETURN In the Privacy of Your Home JOHN CORCORAN PREPARATION CPA Wharton Graduate Big 8 Experience Certified Public Accountant Weekend and Evening Reasonable Rates Personal & Business Appointments Available Call 431-4548 TAX RETURN PREPARATION Tax Returns 389 1370 BILL BURROS, CPA See Income Tax Directory 2 6 4 -1 9 4 9 145 Wyckoff Rd.. Suite 102 TAX RETURNS 583-1538 3 North Parkview Ter. Eatontown. NJ 07724 See Income Tax Directory Hazlet TONY DeGREGORlO JR 3 8 9 -1 3 7 0 787-6385 See Income Tax Directory TAX PREPARATION VISHAW SONDHI. C P A TA X RETURNS 389-5229 6 PLANNING See Income Tax Directory Prepared by CPA Fully Computerized 031 Money To Loan We make house calls FEDERAL & STATE A T T E N T IO N COURT-TEN If you sold your home & have Individual & Business FINANCIAL taken a mortgage. I will SERVICES buy thatbackmortgage-lor cash Reasonable Rates 974-1040 L.I'I B.urv 509? 747-6240 5 8 3 -1 5 3 8 Fox 974-8406 BUSINESS COMMERCIAL



Y o u r A d C an B e H e re 5 4 2 -1 7 0 0

CASH GRANTS AVAILABLE No interest credit check $300 membership Call 506-6493 LOANS AVAILBLE FROM $10 000 to 1 million >or debt consolidation business ox panston or fof persona* R>gardiess ot credit Cu 1-800 526 0219

035 Help Wanted Full Time LOANS ALL SIZES & T VPES HAIRCUTTER OR MANICUR­ Slow cred't or no credit Okay' IST - fuji or par? time New Market P'ac* -ci • Can 1(900)646-5627 $10 fee M ataw ar Ca!' 290-0202 l>' 946-4519 035 Help Wanted HAIRDRESSER With » ,u Full Time ng for busy Matawan shop Come jom our staff Cai A ID E S 566-7313 ask for S usar H O M E M A K E R 'H O M E HEALTH AIDES Full or part time 24 Hour duty No experi­ IR R IG A T IO N ence necessary Free training course Earn hourly wages IN S T A L L E Rseeks Car and telephone necessary Established Call Family and Children qualified and company person Service 191 Bath Avenue Salary/penefits skilled based on Long Branch NJ experience Can 679-74 74 222-9100 L A W N S P R IN K L E R A IR L IN E J O B S 1-900-654-2255 Ext 473 T E C H N IC IA N Flight Attendants S35 K Experience preferred but will Ticket Agents S32 K ing to train Benefits available Customer Service $29 K Call 679-7474 8am 10pm 7 days S10 can


1-900-654-2255 Ext 473 Flight Attendants S35 K Ticket Agents $32 K Customer Service S29 K 8am 10pm 7 days S10 can AIRLINE TICKET AGENTS S I9 500-529 500, yr Monday-Friday 10-3 875-1813 ext A20 Fee reqd ASSEMBLER Home worker Earn up to $688 82/per week A sse m b lin g p ro d u c ts at home Call our amazing re­ corded m essage 24 hours 1-212-978-3440 ATTENTION Excellent Income for Home Assembly Work Info Call 504-646 1700 Dept P3812 CHILD CARE- Families need you to come to their homes Positions available for com ­ muters or for you to live-in Part time and temporary care also needed If you are over 18 nave a car & child care references call 780-3037 A Choice Nanny Rt 9 Freel CHIROPRACTIC Assistant/ receptionist Busy Keyport office seeking career oriented flexible individual Pleasant atm osphere/opportunity for advancem ent Experience a plus/will tram 264-8902 CLEANING PEOPLE For local areas Excellent pay Days/Nights Own transporta tion Required Call 739-4453

CO LLEGE GRAD M e e tin g s & P la n n in g s Coordinate meetings, conven tions. workshops & executive functions Heavy client con tact Must have degree Some travel, experience wilh PC and/or WP required Fortune 500 Co Mid-town Manhattan Excellent salary & benefits Call ask tor Bill 446-9167 After 7 30pm COUNTER HELP WANTED Apply to Keyport Fishery 150 W Front St Keyport



Experienced preferred Good salary and benefits Greater Jersey Presb 10 Connerty Court East Brunswick N J 0881u Cali Ernie at (2011254 7004 Equal Opportunity Empiuyer MANAGEMENT BUSINFS Looking for 5 KEY people to bring this S150M company into the in sta te area Start P/T or F/T No investment Potential profit in the million ,

2 0 1 -3 8 9 -7 5 2 3

24 hr Recorded M essage

N O W H IRIN G ! U S. Postal Service Listings Salary to S65K Entry levpt positions Call ( lj 805-687-6000 Ext P 824 NURSING

A D M . N U R S IN G

A full time position available to assist the Nursing Director with responsibilites which in­ clude In services Infection control and Supervision Long term care experience pro ferred Salary and benefits Apply at Monmouth Conv-Cente' 229 Bath Ave Long Branch N J 229 4300 Equal Opportunity Employer O F F S E T S T R IP P E R Experience preferred but not necessary (will tram) Rotating shifts good pay good bene (its Apply in person GREATER JERSEY PRESS 10 Connerty Cl (olf Edgeboro Rd) East Brunswick NJ 08816 Equal Opportunity Employer

Light ptrk-up A delivery Must have economy car 842 8835 **PO ST A L JO BS** EA R N M O N EY R e., d in g Start at S11 41 Hr books' S30 000/yr income For exam and application into potential Details call 1-219-836-8157 ext 1197 1 11805-687-6000 Ext Y 8247 8am-8pm (CST) 7 days RECEPTIONIST needed for EARN VACATION $$ Marlboro area Great working Avon A You FulLpartlim e conditions Good benefits 9 5 671-2298 or 741 5398 Call 946-9444________ EASY WORK* Excellent pay SALES W om ens clothing Assemble products at homo store Full or part time Pleas Call for information ant working conditions Apply 504-641-8003 Ext 8900 in person THE PLACE Marketplace Man Matawan _______ Can 583-3113_________ , F L E X IB L E H O U RS V AM UR1 .-.of SECURITY ence Matawan area Take over small following 566 7313 'A D P S S O BA BS or equivalent expen ence 2 years general security experience 2 years special Our Classified ized experience as ADPSSO or equivalent Must be knowl­ deadlines have edgeable of security controls been extended in ADP environment proc NEW D E A D L IN E S essm g classified/unclassified information on ADP equip FOR LINE A D S ment remote terminal discon nects. concurrent p'ocess.ng 1 P.M. M O N D A Y physical security of system s You can charge transm ission controls and ADP system s security modes your ad to Visa Vitro otters a comprehensive or Master Card benefits package and career opportunities Contact Mr Ron Howard G O V ER N M EN T JO B S Vitro Corp $16 780 $79,250 NJ An Department FR0040 1-900-321 3366 Ext 686 1001 Briggs Road 8am-8pmS12 Charge Mt Laurel NJ 08054 GOVERNMENT JOBr609-273-0909 $16,040 - $59,230/yr. Vitro Dorp Now Hirinq CaM EOE'M . H 1)805 68' oOOO Ext R ?M? U S /^nsnip may be For Current f eoera' List requ i or some poSiUo



035 Help Wanted Full Time SCHOOL VAN DRIVER Full & part tirfie Call 739-9300

037 Babysitting/ 036 Help Wanted 043 Appliances Childcare Part Time DEMONSTRATORS-FOOD EX PERIEN C ED b a b y sitte r D IS C O U N T

•Days Thurs. Fn nr Sat •Retirees homemakers college students welcome •Car nec must be reliable SERVICE Tech Mechanically inclined individ­ •No exp nec we tram ERA Marketing Inc ual with som e bicycle repair and a sse m b ly experience 800-225 183/ 609 693-5508 or 201 972 0574_____________ Own car and tools a must A v e r a g e S7.-$12.h o u r D EM O N STRA TO R S Party 208-03T3 ask for Lee or Mike plan for spring ime I -y L i" /<: No investment No ten ’ *y Can for information 495 1767 S P O R T S W R IT E R To t^jver High School sports in Monmouth ★★★ County Knowledege of local sports a plus Call M A IL R O O M H EL P Mark Rosman at

254-7000 E x t 229 Equal Opportunity Employor TECHNICIAN • Carpet Large carp e t cle a n in g com pany seeks a person knowledge* ble in use arid maintenance ot P o w e r C a rp e t C le a n in g Equiplment Experience in fire and smoke damage clean up preferred Good pay. benefits and working conditions E x cellent oopportunity lor tight person Send Resum e lo Carpel Beautifier 10 Orchard St . Keansburg 07734


Earn $5 $15 hr or more Hours Mon Thurs 5 30 9pm Period tor Students 591 8600

$ 8 0 0 ,0 0 0 .0 0

If you have Iho courage to call it could make you rich 201 528 7144 24 hour recorded m essage

$395. A DAY

W ednesdays 6am -2 or 3pm $6 00 per hour Greater Jersey Press 10 Connerty Court East Brunswick N J 08816 Call Ernie al (201)254 7004 Equal Opportunity F mpioyer NEED EXTRA CASH9 Light office cleaning in beautiful buildings 3 4 hours per night HIGH PAY* Red Bank & Troohold Areas 566-6100 PART OR FULL TIME Proc oss mail al home no oxp $300 plus weekly S A S E lo C B S P O Box 43 Dopl 61 Bloomfield N J 07003 PART OR FULL TIME Proc v mail al home no oxp $300 plus waqkly S A 5 E to G B ' . P O Box 43 Dept 61 Bloombeld N J 07003

PART TIME Mornings 9am -2pm Mm. f n

No oxp n e ce ssa ry Earn WORK AT HOME $6/hr + guaranteed bonus * 1 900 GM 2255 t «l 823 fabulous benefits Ideal for SAM 10PM 7 DAYS $10 >.HI housewives Call 615-8000 SAiF*. Evenings Students K seniors welcome Serious R E C E P T IO N IS T inquires only 842 8835 Growing electrical sup­ TYPIST Dictaphone helpful ply Middle­ local advortsing office Mon town,company has aninexcellent f n 2 5pm Call 739 1444

lull time opportunity tor a receptionist In our brand Babysitting/ new ottice. This newly 037 Childcare created position involves lightduties typing, diverse cleri­ CHARGE cal phono work, as well as front desk re Y O U R A D !! sponsibilities. We require an exceperienced individual with with excellent organiza­ tion andWe communication Now you can skills provide a training period as well as ru n an a d an d competitive salary and C H A R G E IT! benefits For consider­ ation let­ ter ol please interestsubmit or resume to Morton Shaw, POMrBox <1070, Middle­ town, NJ 07748-9990 non smoking environ­ o r UMs Ae Sy To Eu rR VCISAAR D ment/equal opportunity to p a y for your employer C l a s s i f ie d a d

036 Help Wanted Part Time A D U L T C A R R IE R S

Purl time early nowspapor routos 5 6 30am 7 day* an* .ivaititiio id your area I arn $440 to $550 per month pin*, cash incentives A reliable car is .i must Call toll Iroo 1 800 242 0850 A l ROQIC. INSTRLK t OR Mako .i healthy living f \ T low impact lor late altornoon*. in your art-.i Experience pro toned $1? $15 to start Will train advanced techniques l oave m essage 39b 8050 a s s is t a n t MANACCMfNI If you hoed to make RIG money quickly (I rn talking $10 000 -t in the next 60 10 90 days) you have 1 realistic op lion fo r a tree 24 page book lei describing that option at no obligation please i .ill Jim at 706 0207 or Bob at 22? 1541 K leave i m essage BAND LOOKING lor Femnle K e y b o a rd is t w it ft v o c a l Should play Fleetwood Mat (heart style music) C ontact 1ony 938 5362 oi Mike 571 0255 CAM P C O UN SELO RS Strathmore Oath and Tennis Club Juniors and soniois ages 16 and up June 2b to Aug 17 Mon to Fn 12 30 to 4 15 Salary negotiable Call 583 2582 for interview Leave m essage CATALOG SALES PT from your homo Earr up to $10 » per hr Fuller Brush 747 6688

C A L L 542-1700 C t R Tit 11D Tt ACMER with M A in t arly Childhood E du «ation will caro lor your child in my Matawan home stalling 3/1 Call Nancy 583 4199 CHILD CARf A responsible caring mom will care lor your child m my Holmdel home 1,1 P/T (across bom F’luden Hal K mins bom A TAT Call 946 3348 CHILDCARE hy
needed to care for 8 month old infant full time m my Mid dletown home Prefer non­ R E B U IL T A P P L IA N C E S smoker Please can 787 4869 R e frig e ra to rs from $145 W ashers from $140 Dryers S i25 Stoves from $145 ★★★★★★★★★★ fromLowest prises around' J A of Old Bndge hired a Mention and get $20 off mature woman to care for in purchase adprice and in flint H • ruirty ri home service CanSales 219 9725 sponsos Will definitely use STOVE W estm ghouse t**r-c paper again for advertising 40 side x side over. M A TU RE R e s p o n s ib le white Mother will provide safe de Very gd cond $1 10 775 1725 pendabie and caring childcare 044 Computers in her Leonardo home F/T or ATARI 1040ST 2 5 m eg P/T References 291 8175 mon exr drive printer MOTHER A VAILABl F po mem and word perfect program m tween 1? and 5 Mon Thu eluded S1500 542 6117 and Fn io babysit in my Mid dletown home 787 7551 045 Clothing NEED A QUIET EVENING rOXCOAT OUT9 Peaceful afternoon CRYSTAIGORGEOUS*" shopping9 A’, a caring & re­ For tall woman size large sponsible mom of 2 grown NEW from Toronto children I will provide top Brand SELL $11000 value quality rare to your child Call MUST for $4,000 774-7773 Janet 566 7247(Matawan) G R EY TO DDLER WOOL WILL Babysit in my Tmlon COAT wool hat Falls home Full or part lime and leggingMatching size 2T S40 542 7896 Call 613 1171 COAT Full length Black 038 Domestic Help MINK Glamma petite size 0 Good YOUR HOUSE will be Spic Span with a top |Ob by Demsi cond Asking S375 671 3006 Call anytime 946 8574 046 Firewood 039 Situations SEASONED FIREWOOD F ree delivery 1j or full Cords Wanted Call 946-3990 Cl CANING SfRVIC.l O ll.cc1 /homes/condos Reasonable 047 Furniture rah-'. Reliable service Call A W ATERBED KLEEN—SWEEP Never used with warranty 747 5123 Of 571-4648 Still in carton G O -FO R -ETTE C o m p le te $189.00 542 6039 542 542f WANT ro M I FP late on sat CHAISE LOUNGE Black urdays9 Tired ol weekends Excellent condition $375 bet ammg only quality errand Call 536 4005 lim e9 I el me get that watch fixed holiday pictures you vo CRIB dresser desk and been meaning to get or that carriage $150 or best Offer side repaired on your dark Call 615 0953 gl.r. Will do ser rolanal/or ROOM SFT 9 pcs gani/ationnl work and busi CDINING ountry French Fruitw ood ne*.1, m ailings Reasonable w/antique blue Exc cond hourly rates' Excellent refer $2 000 536-9758 encos* Call 842 5465 ROOM SE F Antique IRONING Responsible woman DININGNeeds work S400 will do all your ironing MoM Call 389 0681 alter 5pm p rs $1 842 5633 KID KAMI AGf NCY oiler*, b a b y sitte rs house F IX T U R E S - B ra n d N e w UR HOME 1 door opening finished Middlotown Holmdel Ha/lot top gold A blue M easures 22 area r roe estim ates Call m al widest point $100 00 pair 787 5754 Call after 9pm 776 561 1

048 General Merchandise

050 Musical Instruments

064 Lost And Found 066 Personals

DOLLHOUSE KITS or as sem bled Also furniture below retail Call 264 903-1 EVINRUDE Motor 25 HP 1938 Excellent cond $1050 ____842-2675__________ GUCCI BAG Brown good oncfifion barrel style S i00 Ca 1583 1784 after 6pm HOT TUB - Seven seas seats 4 infer lighting redw ood exter $1 995 739 9322 LOVE SF AT 4 rust color vinyl Perfect condition. $100 CaM 780-5248 after 6pm MARY KAY-30*oOFF Going out of business $400 n stock Call Debc 531-9257

DRUM PRACTICE PAD SET-5 heads and stands $50 Call evenings 888 9576 DRUM SET - C lassic 10 piece Rogers Double Bass Hard­ ware + Hard C ases Mahava Red Mint condition B est offer over $1000 Can 390-1273 ORGAN W/fun m achine Bench A books mcl Baldwin S500 Call 739 9322

FOUND DARK gray cat TO WHOM Android it may white boots Yellow eyes concern Uncle Sam was Friendly Holiday Park vicinity murdered by bad angrpis J 536-2815__________

31st Annual Obedience Dog Trial. Sunday Feb 25 8am-3pm Middletown High School South Nutswamp Rd 051 Sporting Middletown Equipment GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES- Excellent tempera METAL DETECTORS and pedigree Sable Spring Sale All Major Brands ment black A tan Call 747-8916 CaLL 681-6519 RETREIVER/ S K IS R o ss ig n o l/ b in d m g s GOLDEN BLACK LAB MIX Females Nordica/boots Holder 8 wks FREE to good home M O V IN G ! 48 Poles S i25 739 8727 Call 264 6756 G O O D STUFF! KITTENS - Adorable, healthy 6 SOFABED full size blue SURFBOARD condition $50 Call happy 6 weeks old FREE print good condition Asking Good only to a good home $125 19 color ZENITH TV John evenings 888 9576 Call 739-6424 perfect picture $150 060 Garage/Yard FEDDERS 5000 BTU Air con­ P R O F E S S IO N A L Sale ditioner. used 1 season, p e rfe c t c o n d itio n $150 RED BANK 293 Spring St G T R A IN IN G TEC H N IC S TURNTABLE, (off Branch) Rear garage All DO breeds, any age House­ brand new. S75 PEACH Sun . Feb 25 8 4 Household breaking. problem correction, CARPET 6 x9 . new $10 obedience, protection A show TIFFANY HANGING LAMP clothing, bric-a-brac Over lOyrs exp Guaranteed $75. Call 775 6923 061 Auctions free evaluation Call or 775 6824 EVERY MON NITE 7 10PM 583-1524 ask for Gerard PATIO DOOR 6ft wood In Yankee Pedlar 24 W Front St sulated glass Like new $275 Keyport Consignments wel­ 066 Personals 530-0998 alter 5pm come Antiques, household, PIANO UPRIGHT Leckerling furniture etc Call 264-6294 UNFAILING PRAYER A Co New York S250 or best 062 Flea Markets/ offer Call 727 3514 TO ST. ANTHONY Holy Sf Anthony gentlest of saints, Bazaars RACETRACK PASS-lor Club your Wnt tot God and chanty lot his house at Belmont A Aquaduct ARTIST/CRAFTERS il you creatures made you worthy when on 990 season Best o il c r paint craft sculpt knit em earth possess miraculous powers Call after 9pm 776-5611 broider quilt, etc If you make Miraclesto wailed your word which something that is marketable you were ever on RADIO CONTROL CAR ready lo speak for Complete with battery A re­ Ihe year round and if you are those in trouble or anxiety Encou charger Cosl new S450 sac interested in marketing your raged by this thought I implore lo terns please send name ad ril.ee $200 Call 780 1989 obtain lor me (request) The answer and brief description of lo my prayer may require a miracle, SNAPPER RIDING MOWER dress items to P O Box 3242 even so. you are the saint ol miracles 28m snapper self propelled ila Bright, n j 07760 Oh gentle and loving SI Anthony mower 22in gasoline odger whose heart was ever lull of human __________ 747-4848 sympathy whisper my petition into the ears ol the sweet infant Jesus STAIR LIFT -Good buy Almost new Save on Steps The response? to our ad for who loved to be folded in your arms and the gratitude ol my heart will be CRAFT VENDERS was won Call 565 7944 derful Much more than we r°“'! H.S.K. TRl ADMIl I expected and will help make NEW SEARS ft 2000 our event a success The PLACE A PERSONAL AU. S350 00 Rumson PTA Town Fair on IOCALL OUR CLASSIFIED GAl I ..... 191 1 June 2. from 10-4. DEPARTMENT. 542-1700 VENDING MACHINES On Locations 063 Instructions/ CHARGE 957 0170 Tutoring WALL OVEN Roper double Y O U R A D !! gas like new $250 Call 530*0998 after 5pm C O M P U T E R TU TO R Individual/Business training WALL UNIT 3pce formica 583 7400 679 7511 eve/wknd oak shade S325 orange re cliner $95 sofa A loveseat EXPERT Math Tutoring Com Now you can $375 Oct cotfee A end tble prehension qunrnntcud. Your ru n a n a d a n d home Affordable Gr student S 150.. Call 739 9322 (Ph D program) teaches ad C H A R G E IT! vanced/basic math. 264 0260 W H E E L C H A IR V A N eferen ces A C redentials 86 Chevy Designed lor par RPhysics A Chem also taught apalegic $15 000 Preparation tor S A,T A G R E ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR E A J Marathon w/charger Unsure9 Ask my students U s e y o u r V IS A $1,500 3 WHEELCHAIRS E A J s G U IT A R L E S S O N S o r M A S T E R C A R D Best oilers (:.ill /-17 04 13 Private instructions in ronve to p a y fo r y o u r mence of your home By es ed pro fessio n al All WOOD SWING SETS tabtish C la s s i f ie d a d ages Call 566-0188 YOU pick up -YOU set up 2 sw ings and climber S299 00 Other sots available 758 8036 ONE ON ONE

049 Merchandise FITNESS TRAINING 040 Resumes/ 048 General TAJ Consulting Wanted Typing Service Merchandise AAA ANTIQUES Wo buy A Credit 1ine ol SI000 anything old. 1 pc to entire KATHY HONEYMAN with O R G A N /P IA N O Homo Shopping Club contents Lovo Attics A Base Cvoryone approved No ments Call 264 3130 or at TYPING SERVICE Rejects KEYBOARD l or Caid and Catalog Baskin Robbins 739 9847 ask

A Of PTNDAGl r WORD Processing Firm in Matawan ________ Call 583-1789________ T YPING, W ord Proc essm g Free pick-up K delivery within 10 miles of Middletown f ax service available 072 0837

042 Antiques AAAAAAAAAA A N T IQ U E S

Top prices paid lor Antique furniture oriental rugs paint mgs jewelry A silver Wo pur Chase entire contents ot »••• tales Will come to your home Call 888 0736 CHINA C l OSL T Mahogany 2 door cabinet front $100 ________Calt 257-0273________


Bwquft One male figure one female Gold finish with string shades $300 /pair Call alter 9pm 776 5611 WE BUY ANTHING OLD Paying $1000 A. up foi your p a in tin gs C urrier A Ive s punts old toys turn pottery rugs decoys lolk art comic books otcl spoiling items etc Call 899 8707 eves

call 530-8739 le a v e name address and phone *

ACT NOW SWIMMING POOLS Duo to the bad weather last sum m er. mB|Or sw im m ing pool distributor must sell 1989 leftovers This *s your chance to own a huge brand new 19 x 31 outside dimension, fam ily size swimming pool mclud ing lenco sundock filter and chemicals lor only $1 188 00 Call now Iree pool cover with purchase FINANCING AVAIL ABLE 1 800 992 0479 BFDSPRC AD/SHAM Quilted Queen/king custom Excellent cond $75 739 5465 CAGE - With bottom tray 24 x 29*« 21 height 1x2 Open space grid $50 741 4077 C A L IC O CAT T H R IF T SHOPPE Gently used met chandise Benefits hom eless 100 Kings Hwy Middletown Hrs Mon-Thurs. 9 30 2 30 Tr A Sat 9 30-noon 671 0550 CAMCORDER- Mitsubishi all a c c e s s o r ie s New never used Asking S700 819 0191

065 Pets & Livestock 067 Psychic BAYSHORE COMPANION R E A D IN G S DOG CLUB by D a in z ie

for Uncle Joe Appraisals Aaardvark TRAIN Collector



Cash Appraisals 681 9084 A HOUSE FIJI I or 1 Item' Used turn antiques A any thing old Don Paul 888 8377 A L L L IO N E L T R A IN S Or Flyer Top cash appraisal Price no object. 946 2893 ANTIQUES WANTED furni lure garage sale leftovers best prices Gigi 264 6294

All levels with individualized program for your sp ecial needs FOOTNOTES 566 5538


Beginner Advanced C lassi cal Jazz, popular Joseph So vathy Call 264-3335 PIANO LESSONS in your home Conservatory trained Call 566 7966 or 870 3043 PROFESSIONAL Piano In struction Beginner to Virtu oso Taking new pupils in All Highlands area Etc 872 2573 Teacher to tutor all subjects BEATLES!!! G ra d e s K 8 R e a so n a b le I buy anything BL AT I ES' rales 583 1244 after 3 30 tMil Gary 201 -’ 1" 19H8 TUTORING Elementary K 8 all BOOK FROM INDIAN subjects English/Math spe T R A IL S TO E L E C T R IC cialty Certified 706 0927 RAIL.S by Henry Leonard W K R o b e rts. 4637 Van 064 Lost And Found Kleeck Drive. New Smyrna Beach. Fla 32169____________ L E T U S H ELP! O LD J E W E L R Y F IN D S O M E T H IN G WANTED TO BUY Old wrist w atches A pocket watches S O M E O N E ’S L O ST? Highest $$$ paid 583 8466 W ANTED JACK LALANE C A L L 542-1700 GO LD M E M B E R S H IP or equivalent Must include rac L E T U S P L A C E YO U R quetball Call 257-4764 after 6 leave name A number “F O U N D A D ” F R E E

C A L L 542-1700

ADOPTION INFANTS AVAILABLE ADOPT FROM PERU Adoption Travel Svcs can help 1121 Prospect St W estfield. NJ 07090 ADOPTION Warm loving home wailing to be shared with White Newborn Expenses Paid Call Collect 0-718 983 8342 ALIENATED Catholics, it you have any questions or con cerns about the Church it s te a c h in g s and p ra ctic e s come to St Mary s Spiritual Center. Rt 34 & Phalanx Rd Colts Neck at 2pm Feb 25 LOVING COUPLE know s they could give your baby a happy home Call Steph and Ken collect 264 3975 NOVENA H H S O R R Y W e G o o fe d H e re ’s Y o u r B e la te d

Lo ve L in e s r r v

r r r r r r v

Bidikcigim Canikom Sekeram My thoughts surveyed the entire universe and returned as it did not like anyplace better than thy presence Happy Valentines Bicik

• A s tro lo g y • H a n d w ritin g A n a ly sis • A d v ic e o n ALL L ife ’sP ro b ie m s • T aro t C a rd s B y A p p o in tm e n t


1175 Broad St |Hwy 35) Shrewsbury Psychic Clairvoyant


Gifted Reader and true advisor on all problems of life. Tarot cards, horoscope, palm & crystal ball.

open 10am-9pm 2104Kings Hwy., Oakhurst (near Denny's)

4 9 3 -0 8 6 6 LEE

PSYCHIC READER (Matawan) 583-8292

070 Air Cond/Heat Sales/Service

Engineered Air System s 888-0783 See Business/Service Dir FROST Heating & Air Cond -2fi4-1936 or 671-8777 See BuStne&s/Service Dir

GO O D NEW S! Our Classified deadlines have been extended

NEW D E A D L IN E S FO R LINE A D S 1 P.M. M O N D A Y You can charge your ad to Visa or Master Card


070A Appliance Repair

RED BANK DISCOUNT APPL 219-9725 See Business/Service Dir

071 Building & Remodeling

ABSOLUTE Constr & Design 741-1215 See Business/Service Dir AFFIRMED CONSTRUCTION 985-6091 See Business/Service Dir ASTOR CONSTRUCTION 566-3238 See Business/Service Dir A J BUILDERS 957 9294 See Business/Service Dir BARON S--* HOME IMPROVEMENTS •Alterations •Remodeling •Repairs Free Estimates 530-8515 or 747-6729 CERAMIC FLOORS 495-3577 See Business/Service Dir CHARLES LEVINSOHN See Business/Service Dir 229-1648 DAVE PIZZI 787-5184 See Business S Service Dir


Custom to your house Com­ plete deck designs Gazebo and multi-tiered decks Insured Call 264-6762 FOXWORTH Consruchon 741-1161 See Busmess/Service Dir GUTLEBER CONSTRUCTION Custom Renovations. Kitch­ ens. Decks. Additions Free estim ates Paul 747-0853 eves

Business & Service

C A LL 542-1700 DEADUNE 3 PM Thursday

We Honor


This directory will be revised monthly. Cancellations will be accepted and necessary copy changes will be made for the first publication of the month only. Please check deadline information.



D e F a z io 's L a w n S e r v ic e Commercial-Condomimum & Office Complexes


Estate Maintenance & Residential

COMPLETE: Cutting & Trimming Service Spring & Fall Cleanups


Fully Insured

Free Estimates



Residential-Commercial Spring &Fall Clean up

Hutini It Coding H Hr. Emergency Service Service tit mrim 4 models •OH or gnn cleanings •Check upa •Installation ol all heating equipment •Clock thermostats •HumldUters

905-1718 Serving area 13 years


JM itu / o re Y'otw r r>»yj y O H I ZtO ttH n r n o f/ e / f t o t t t r


Free Estimates




■jg .

Advertise here!





591-1400 ENGINEERED AIRSYSTEMS I C H Air Conditioning & Healing Specialists

4 9 5 -3 5 7 7



24 Hr. Answering Service

C O L - A IR



7 4 1 -6 7 7 2 Free Est. Fully Ins.




Ground Maintenance




0N S % Complete Lawn Service


• Culling • Spring Clean-up • Thatching • Seeding • Fertilizing





2 5 7 -7 0 6 4

DONE RITE “The first Time'


sco n • T u n e - U p s a ls o a v a ila b le • C u s to m D e c k s • F a s c ia & S o ffit E x p e rtly S e rv in g M o n m o u th C o u n ty

Complete Partial or lust New Sink Faucet or Vanity Installalion

842-0394 F o r F re e E s tim a t e s






• C e ra m ic T ile In s ta lla tio n • Caulking

• R e g ro u tin g • L e a k R e p a irs • T ile T u b / S h o w e r R e p la c e m e n t • T o ta l B a th R e m o d e lin g






C a r p e t C le a n in g

•ResidentialfComnv •TRANE-Carrier. Lonnox and all other models Serving Monmouth Co

888-0783 431-8007 Hazlet



A ir C o n d it io n in g & H e a t in g RandMtMi. Commercial Mobile Homes Attic Fans Humidiliers Air Cleaners Sheet Metai Gas &Oil Heat High Efficiency Air Conditioners &Furnaces All Work Guaranteed Irs. Service


Satisfaction Guaranteed


Froe Estimatos

Custom Cabinets & Countertops for the: • H om e • D e n ta l • M e d ic a l P ro fe ssio n Call Rick




A P P L IA N C E S E R V IC E , W a s h e rs D rye rs Stoves Refrigerators

|g| gflggj

COM PLETE in hom e service All m akes an d m o dels C all us for th e lo w e st p rices on repairs a n d re b u ilt ap p liances R eceive 520 o ff an y repair or rebuilt ap p lian ce w ith th is ad C a ll 2 1 9 - 9 7 2 5 1 7 W e s t S t r e e t R e d B a n lfr N J 0 7 7 0 1




We'll come to you with samples & ideas. (No charge). Includes valance and installation.



s t o r

“s a g g in g " FLO O R S? Roof or Walls?

•New Construction •Brickwork •Fireplaces •Cement/Stonework

25Yrs. Experience


•AHStructural Repairs •Bakings Jacket) &Levered •Sks Replaced •Foundations Rapakad •Insea Damege Repeeed FREE Inspection 4 Estimates

349­ 2001

583-3953 home

Fuly Insured Free Estimates






Commercial ★ Residential Interior ★ Exterior

Monmouth General Contracting, Inc. 525-3122



J.P. D e Laney • CARPENTRY • Remodeling Finished Basemenls Trim/Chair Rail Decks Garden Sheds Termite Repair & so much more... C A LL


‘Your comlort is our business'

D .R .S . C a b in e tr y

Jo h n Claglia


Shop-at-Home pr Visit our Showroom



R .M .

^ " ’




Free Estimates' CALL NOW

(2 0 1 ) 5 6 6 -3 2 3 8


• Decks • Patio • Roofing • Windows • Painting • Sheetrock •Trim Work Ray Murray

566-4233 ESTIMATES


7 8 7 -0 4 2 9

Free Estimates Belford. N.J.



Affirmed Construction



071 Building & Rem odeling

071 Building & Rem odeling

H O M E IM P R O V E M E N T PR O JEC TS Additions. Decks. Dormers Remodeling. Wood Siding Insured. NARI Kevin Fitzpatrick 741 4370 HULBERT & SON 739-0851 See Business/Service Dir ISLAND WOODCRAFTERS 462-4071 i See Bustness/Serviqe Dir JK HOME MAINTENANCE 583-0554 See Business/Service Dir JOHN P DELANEY 872-2564 255-8386 See B usiness & Service Dir

J GANO CONTRACTORS 264-0456 See Business/Service D«r


R M HOME IMPROV 787 0429 See B usiness & Service Dir SAGGING FLOORS 349-2001 See Bu&mess/Service Dir

“fc e d e c w iU n y REASONABLE/RELIABLE

>Painting - Wallpapering • Paper Removal ■Sheetrock Repairs 741-6770 W E L IK E SM A LL JO BS

HOME IMPROVEMENT ■Carpentry 1Replacement Windows ■Decks «Painting «Wallpapering •House Painting

739-8853 FOXW ORTH Construction Inc.


CUSTOM Additions-Renovations Kirchens-Darhrooms Siding-Decks Mosonry

Commercial/Residential ★ RENOVATIONS ★ KITCHENS/ BATHS ★ DECKS

Free Estimates


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ODD JOBS Also painting A CUSTOM CERAMIC TILING CONSUMER DIRECT //all papering No job too Specializing, remodeling re­ small Can George 787 1776 pair & installation 290-9086 CARPETS Shop at home sp ecialists RON BUCCO WOODWORKING 290-9502 F.rst quality carpet 264-6578 CERAMIC TILE & MARBLE See Business/Service Dir JIM S CARPET Kitchens baths foyers Complete bathroom remodeiin s t a l l a t io n FINE’S CARPENTRY CO. «ng Insured Cali 264-6762 Sales cleaning re-lays SM A LL JO B S W A N TED Remodeling & Repairs re-stretches and repairs Small Jobs Welcome UPGRADED Tile Specialists Sheetrock doors sh elves Call 264-6177 462-4439 u s to m In s ta lla t io n of custom cabinets //oodwork- NEW carpet remnants from CCeramic Tile Marble Slate & HOME IMPROVEMENTS ing Call 739-2552 large jobs assorted colors C ultured Stone Com plete Alterations Repairs No Job Too Small J BARON S O L ID C O N S T R U C T IO N Other carpet available Instal­ Bathroom Remodeling lation Call George 739-2082 972-1826 Rick Smith 630-8515 or 747 6729 JERE STEWART W h a t h a ve yo u g o t to s e ll9 •Additions “Siding Carpenter 264-6107 • Repairs -Painting T h o u sa n d s o f b u y e rs re a d o ur C la ssifie d a d s. See Business/Service Dir Fair Prices 583 3008 BOUCHARD CARPENTRY


Carpenter/Contractor • K itc h e n s • B a th s

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F r e e E s t im a t e s F u lly In s u r e d

• R em odeling



A B S O L U T E C O N S T R U C T IO N & D E S IG N SpecMlMing In Interior And Exterior Upgrades To Give Your Home The Look Ir Deserves FREE FULLY ESTIMATES INSURED


WE DO SMALL JOBS ALSO! T h o m a s N ill 741 -1215




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Call Barry The builder “He Cares" A D D -A -R O O M

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F a m ily O w n e d & O p e ra te d S in c e 1974


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89 B r o a d S t., K e y p o rt 739-0851

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* I work clean, neat and reasonable. * All types of Home Improvements * Free Written Estimates


Commercial & Residential Roofing-Sidirtg-Decks Additions-Dormers-Rubber Roofs Enclosures-Replacement Windows "We M ake The Difference"

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• A dd itio n s • D e c k s & Spas • Basem ent

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Specializing in Beautiful Additions & Renovations TOP QUALITY IN . TRADES Fully Insured References Available




075 Ceramic Tile Repair/Install. LIVING SPACE ASSOC 530-1590 See Business/ServiceDir

076 Cleaning Service

ALL 0RITE CLEANING Homes & Offices Bonded & Insured with over 7 years ex­ perience For free estimate call 495-0272 BONDED - Excellent refer­ ences reasonable rates several openings available for home-apt-condo 747-1002 CHAMPION CARPET CLEAN 525-0032 See Business & Service Dir


• P a t io s • S id e w a lk s •F o u n d a t io n s •S te p s • B r ic k V e n e e r ■B r ic k P a v in g


075 Ceramic Tile Repair/Install.

Decks Additions 25 /ears Experience Cali 747 6805 D R S Cabinetry 671-2392 See Business/Service Dir




074 Carpet Install./ Repair/Sales



R e a so n a b le R ates


072 Carpentry

Structural Framing & Finished Trim Carpentry From custom homes to decks Free Est Rumson 576 1815 SHORE POINT BUILDERS 291-1773 See Business/Service Dir FOPCAT C onstructor. 566-4233 See Busmess/Service Dir TOTAL Home Improvement Call 566 2828 See Business/Service Dir VALU VANITIES 613-1786 See Business/Service Dir

MICHAEL CAMPBELL. A I A 842-4970 See Business/Service Dir RICH S HOME IMPROV 739-8853 See Business/Service Dir

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071 Building & Rem odeling




Additions •Siding

>Renovations 1Add-A-Level







• Custom Furniture • Cabinets: Kitchen Entertainment Computer • Paneled Doors • Wooden Bars & Counters • In all types of Hardwoods

C a ll 290-9502



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THf FfMIMSf TOUCH • Prepasted & Pasted Papers • Paper Removal • Reasonable Rates C A L L LO U AN N References EsFt" eatas




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888-9230 %

W.L. Wittenberg & Co.


WALLPAPERING & PAINTING ' Nv.it & Clean *No J"b n Too Small *Over 20 Years Experience ’ Fullv Insured

“ A tte n tio n To D e ta il” Fine Painting

•Interior • Exterior

Expert Wallcoverings


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70 6 -0976 V .R . & SO N ELECTRIC IN C . Vincent Rosato Sr. License #3446 • Commercial • Residential • & Industrial • Service upgrad • Trouble shooting

•Rewiring ★New or old work ★ CALL VINCE FREE ESTIMATE

(201) 583-4015 D a n -B re e Electrical Contractors, Inc Commercial/ Residential Free Estimates


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076 C leaning S e rvice 079 En tertainm ent C H R IS T IN E ’S ULTRA CLEAN


For birthdays, showers, par­ ties & clubs For the hottest male dancers on the Jersey Blind Cleaning Service S h o re, ca ll the Ju sta le n t •MICROS .MINIS Agency (201)389-2389_______ •VERTICALS -VENETIANS •Professionally Cleaned M PANCAKE A R D I SUPPER GRAS U L T R A N S O N IC A L L Y Tues 2/27 5 30 7 30 Trinity R e m o v e s N ico tin e D ust p isco p al C hurch. 65 W Soot. Grime and Years of Dirt EFront St Red Bank $4 50 pp. For FREE Estimate Call For advance info 741 -4581 (201)583-6998 MOTHER GOOSE For your pre-schoolers party Games CINDERELLA CLEANERS songs stories & treats NJ The magic touch Bonded Certification 389-9756 Free Estim ates Homes, of­ MYRA S AMAZING PUPPETS fices, etc Call 787-5441 Exciting multimedia show s ★ C L E A N IN G * for children 774 4283 •MCKEE MOUSE -Minny Home and Office Trustworthy and dependable With refer Kookie -Clown Frogie -Bunnie •Big Bird & -Frosty ences Call Julie at Entertain At Childrens Parties 544-8598 Games & Prizes COMPLETE House. Office Call Roberta 349-9150 Carpet Cleaning Guaranteed & Insured ★Professional Maid P A R T Y A ID S ervice* Call 571-2821 We will grocery shop, prepare your recipes set up. serve D IS C O V E R Q U A LIT Y your guests and clean up for YOURS AND MINE CLEAN your brunch, luncheon, dinner ING SERVICE- A reliable, pro or cocktail party you fessional & complete service don t nave the timewhen to do it Bonded/Insured 583-5463 yoursnlf Call 229-8957 or 229 1844 tor into or sippt H O M E B R IG H T E N E R S Professional Mousocleanmg P IC K L E S T H E C L O W N Available weekdays Reliable Have a silly-dilly parly" Face Reasonable 583-9387 Paintings etc 787-7418 HOUSECLEANING Excellent references Catt for free P O N IE S F O R estimate 219-9460 JO JAK CLEANING SERVICE P A R T IE S E TC .. Complete House & Office A SPFClAt TREAT 409 66/8 Cleaning Profossionaly Done 671-4703 or 671 4659 P R O F E S S IO N A L DJ PORTUGESE WOMAN will From B roo klyn s PALM S clean your home References SHORE Club A MANHATTAN available 589-3894 .ifter 6pm BEA C H J e w is h C e n t c»r es DJ JEEf now in NJ' RELIABLE CLEANER I will com Not just another Disc Jockey, clean your homo Rolerencos but an enter lamer* 700 6866 Call Loana 544 0140

077 Drywall/ Sheetrock


Sheetrock & fa piny Specializing m small jobs r roe Estim ates 25/ 3969 _


LIN & GRADY SHEETROCK Sheetrock A Pin blur Repair

I a;any & Finishing Power W ashing I ully Insured/Ret s ★★★‘ .MAIL J O B S * * *

5 3 0 -9 1 7 9

078 Electrical A M P C O E L E C T R IC

No |ol> too small fre e Esti m ates Lie. *09/7 73U-0797 BE ST f LI CTRIC lie No 62/3 East dopond ab le se rv ic e R e a so n a ble rates I row ost 6/1-0121 Cf II ING I ANS/lights/plugs Installed from S40 Quality work License #9176 C.ill 974 2096 Dnn Bree Electrical Contractors 583 4015 Sen B usiness A Stir vice DAVE TOWER I I t CTCRIC No |ob too small or too largo Immediate survico tu n 7874 Call 747 220/ POWE R RITE I I I l IRK: INC Residential/C om m ercial/In -In* tr i.il I fee f.timntes I i cense *9351 Cali 495 651 1 V R A SON 264 4203 See Business A Service Dir

079 Entertainment C IS C O ’S D IS C O


MY TFT FINE CLOWIN All Occasions Call 290 9166 SIN G IN G T E L E G R A M S

C A L L 542-1700


GUTTI MB 257 064 •*ot* B usiness' Service I )•»

74/601a 080a Home i UN PAR PE S mprovements


DOUBl t*[ Game shows or crafts » Adults 446 5239


Siding. Custom Caprentry Home Remodelling Fee Esti­ mates Kevin Byrnes Capenter Builder 938-7207 MONMOUTH Coast Bldrs Inc 264-6776 See Business/Service Dir RENOVATIONS & ALTERA TIONS Kitchens 8 baths Complete interior and exte­ rior Insured Call 264-6762

081 Lawn Care/ Landscaping B O B ’S L A W N S E R V IC E

SPRING CLEANUPS Tree Pruning Ivy Beds RR Ties Sod Lawn Service Commercial accta welcome 747-6844 C A R O T E N U T O ’S L A W N S E R V IC E

Residential/Commercial Serving Monmouth Cty 15 Yrs Insured Call 370-2085 DE FA ZIO S Lawn Service Call 747-0723 See Business/Service Dir GIBSON & SON 741-6772 See Business/Service Dir LAWN SERVICE 671-1223 See Business/Service Dir


Olde World Quality All phases of masonry co n crete w alk s & patios, steps, fireplaces, brick fronts, foundations & additions Troe Est Fully insured Potor J Ince 78/ 4326 JOHN CIAGLIA 583 3953 See Business/Service Dir SHARPER IMAGES 431 3308 See Business/Service Dir

084A Light Hauling


AIR ft ,v.\ri R I'URlI ICATION Do VOu "iv voui .vater ’ l ot s talk improve the quality ol J U K E B O X R E N T A L your e« and /rater *n your Rent a 50 s e m0 s (ukobox home *oi ms ', than 55 a tor the most unique uarty month ' n* .retail*, a" ikii it Birthdays tnnivarsary pad 706 020 ’ -a..* .. itfssa qe nations any o«s >isiOn 50 s to 80 s m usif Delivery A piCkup B A T H R O O M S .ervice Call Bob 671 0278 One man does i an plumbing K IS S E S T H E K LO W N tile electrical 25 yrs »**p Any o i a non Llafioon Special attention paid to bathAnimals A Bouquets fa ce room i tor the handicapped Painting & More' 842 7563 Can 920 2877

091 Roofing/ Siding

092 Special Services 105 Boats for Sale

110 Autos for Sale


HONDA C ivic CRX 88 5 Spd Red Low mileage Garage kept Asking $7,000 Cali after 6pm ask for Dave 583-2962 HONDA CRX 86 - auto, p/disc brakes, rear defog. ac. am/fm/cass. sunroof louvres, p in s trip e s , tin te d g la s s . 39.600 miles S5800 negotia­ ble Call 870-6851 after 6pm or weekends HONDA PRELUDE 87 - SI red. 5spd am/fm cass . sun­ roof 26.000mt excel cond $11,000 Call 946-0460 JEEP CJ7 79 - 4 spd. 4 wheel drive 6 cylinder Runs great Asking $1500 Please call 495-9731 MERCURY LYNX 84- Air cond automatic. 4 cyl. 71 000 miles Si .800 Call 787-4722 PLYMOUTH Caravelle 87 4 Cyt 4 Dr Auto p/s. p/b. air Low mileage Asking $5,200 Call 502-0184 PLYMOUTH HORIZON 86 Auto . a/c. fully equip S2.800 Runs/Looks great 389-8580 TOYOTA Corolla 79 5 Spd 2 Dr Dk gray Am/fm auto re­ verse cass car alarm, safety switch New tires, speakers Asking $600 Call 389-2592 TOYOTA - Corolla 1976 SR5 Runs well Needs clutch 5 speed AM/FM 93.000 mi $125 Call 671-2440 VOLKSWAGON


All Brands Call Lou 741 -7445 SLIPCOVERS •Will make cu s­ tom slip c o v e rs A pillow s C -B R E E Z E w/your fabric Oscar 747-0682 Pamting/Home improvements SPECIALTY HOME REPAIR Interior/Exterior F u lly in s u r e d F r e e estim ates Backhoe work Heating, car­ pentry. masonry 583-7439 Call Steve 264-0716 CUSTOM INTERIORS PAINT 094 Tailoring ING/PAPERING For your Free Estimate call 531 -8591 ALTERATIONS done by Rita Reasonable rates 671-1173 DENNY’S PAINTING Specialize in Interior painting 095 Wallpapering 25 Years Exp Free Estim ates ACE WALLPAPERING Qual­ Call 741-7421 ity work at affordable prices Local references 741 0758 DIAMOND DECORS Paint & Paper 888 9230 See Business/Service Dir CReliable. O V EQuality R A LWork LS FINE PAINTING Also Trim Painting 741-1839 Free Estimates 530-9653 See B usiness & Service MS PAPERHANGER touch 741-5650 J .G .W . P A IN T IN G TheSeefeminine Business/Service Dir Attention to detail Interior/Ex tenor Power washing, Cedar PERFECTIONS IN PAPER Wallcovering Installation Shake Restoration C ertified G raduate PaperJeff 946-3281 hanging Institute 739-6685 PSP REDECORATING M. C A F O N E PA IN T IN G F ull se rv ic e p ro fe ssio n a l We Like Small Jobs/741 -6770 painter Carpentry/sheetrock See Business/Service Dir repairs Inter /Exter 495-2331 PROFESSIONAL PaperhangCOMPETITIVE PRICES' mg by Ann Robinson Rea­ sonable/Reliable 290-0459 WALLS BEAUTIFUL 706-0976 See Business/Service Dir W ALLPAPER Hung with TLC. Patience & 089 Plumbing & Neatness' Maria 888-1337


COL AIR Heating/Cooling 905-1718 See Business/Service Dir LICENSED PLUMBER nights & weekends Call Jerry Moore 671 6080 License //7282

092 Special Services ALL ODD JOBS

1.001 Odd Jobs No Job too Small Incl Painting. Small Carpentry Closet Re-Orgam zation Still Cleaning Gutters' Call 741-1517________ ANTHONY S Painter A Handyman Services Installation & ropoirs of win dow s doors fixtures mail bo xes Painting, plumbing chim ney flashing loaders gutters, etc. Tuny. 566 2051__ ATTENTION' Sr Citizens A people in need ot a HANDYMAN to have sm all jobs done around Ihe house Reasonable rates 739 185/ m i l s vcf T r e p a ir 542 7528 See uusr ^_____ CAHL S Computer Service Word Processing. Newslet ter*. Photocopying Other -.nr vices available Call 542 1385

AF* f !» HOUSES o r F ICC!. FOR A ll OCCASIONS ETC Moving Low Rates Sr ca ll M eiiv.a Barrett 530 0160 Citizen discount 249 4329 S O U N D D IM E N S IO N 085 Odd Jobs Musk lor all occasions Old Cleanups los a specially Call 583 3585 ANYTHING frum Painting Gutters. Yard} Light hauling U N IQ UE T R A V E L A carpentry Quality Reis VACATION PACKAGE Li 222 2834 or 74 I 2056 CORPORA IE GOV F FtATE ' . ERf E TICKET DELIVERY HANDYMAN * KfafaJNSURANCf DAN I HF HANDYMAN 1 800 648 , OE RE PAIRS Interior pa WEDDING INVITATIONS T,iv.t delivery, discount prices Atnc. and Basem ent n0 Business/Service Dir 086 Painting Now you can GUTTERS BY SCOTT 842 0394 A N T H O N Y M IC H A E L 'S run a n a d a n d See Business & Service Dir PAINTING 4 CARPENTRY C H A R G E IT! K IN S MAINTENANCE 787 7727 Custom Interior Pointing. See Business/Service Dir Quality/unbeatable prices MARIE S Electrolysis References supplied Permanent hair removal Mid U s e y o u r V IS A I or F REE estim ates call diotown area Call (leave mes 957-9403 sage) Mane De Saro, C P E or M A S T E R C A R D 842 4431 957-OOJO__________ BU TIER Maintenance to p a y fo r y o u r In terio r E xterior Painting MEAD TRANSPORTATION C la s s ifie d a d Neat A Reliable I ully Insured Airports. Casinos. NYC The I ret* t stim.de Call 741 3539 aters etc 222-7265/389-3853

L ive ly DJ s P ro fe ssio n a l sound system Call /B7 3141 Dynamite Sound A Lighting 20 s 80 music tor all ages

080a Home Im provem ents 086 Painting

096 Windows I G U A R A N T E E YO UR W IN D O W S T O SH IN E

Call Kevin 681 5290 Also polishes brass

096a Window Treatments

COVERINGS 679 1133 See Business/Service Dir


104 Boat Dealers BOAT D EA LER S A D V E R T IS E H E R E C A L L 542-1700

BAYLINER 86 - 21 5 BOW RIDER 5 0 Ltr Eng . Radio, c o m p a s s d e p th fin d e r Asking S7000 530-2926 RANGER BASS MASTER 1978 C la s s ic . J o h n so n GT150 M ust sell-gomg to Korea $12,500 542-2561 ROWBOAT-11 ft fiberglass hull incl all acessones $600 Motor available 922-4535

110 Autos for Sale BUICK REGAL 81 - 2 lone jade 57.000mi $1850 Call 957-1974 BUICK SPECIAL 67 V8. GOOD condition, runs well needs some engine work Asking $1000 542-5113 days 888-9576 evenings CADILLAC Coupe de Ville 82 Gray All leather interior All power 80.000 miles $2500 Call 532-4307 CHEVY CITATION II 84 4 door, gray Showroom new Only 3,950 M iles.

S4.000 Call 747 1000 9-5 After 5 call or 741-7557 CHEVY SPECTRUM 85 5 Speed AC AM/FM 56.286 miles Needs work $1,800 or best offer 583-8429 CORVETTE 68 Hardtop convertible 327 small block eng exc cond $10,000 or best offer 706-0725 DODGE As pen Wagon 78 318V8 Engine New tires, a/c. new stereo, p/s. p/b Asking $700 Call alter 6pm 462-8935 FORD RANGER PU 87 4 wheel drive, extended cab. air cap XLT package pack­ age plus more 41,000 miles Call 679-4374 after 6pm GOVERNMENT Seized/Sur p lu s v e h ic le s L o w as S i 00 BM W s. C adillacs C hevys. Fords. M ercedes Porsches, plus trucks and vans Amaz­ ing recorded m essage reveals details 1 212-978 4009 24 Hours HONDA ACCORD LX 1981 Hatchback Air AM/FM Auto matic 69 000 miles $2 500 or best offer 671-8898


112 Autos/Trucks Wanted

$ CASH $ PAID For cars & trucks

All makes Monmouth & Ocean County areas 477-6846 Marlboro Auto Wreckers 591-1400 See Business/Service Dir MELF/ S TOWING Junk Cars Removed Free 741-1467 R ED B A N K R E C Y C L IN G

Junk cars and trucks wanted Top dollar paid 747-7779

113 Auto Parts/ Service

FIBERGLASS CAP for full size pickup $200 6 cyl Chev Engine complete $100 78-80 Monte Carlo nose $100 2 Doors. $25 ea Call eves 257-1625

116 Motorcycles/ Mopeds

YAMAHA - 1989 YSR. 50 40 Miles With warranty Best offer 566-5992

117 Trucks/Vans

CHEVY 89 1 TON CARGO VAN - Mint cond P/s. p/b am/fm. 30.300 miles S11.500 or best offer Call Rob 679-0464. I0am-10pm GMC 88 Pickup 4 wheel drive. 3/4 ton. 350 V8 auto locking h ubs, ex c cond. $9,500 Call 222-0703

CABRIOLET 88 -5 spd. S aphire. BEST SELLER Model. Delux interior, cruise. W H E E L C H A IR VAN AC. am/fm/cass stereo 86- Chevy Designed for par BEAUTIFUL condition apalegic. $15,000 $13,500 Call 892-1789 ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIRE & J Marathon w/charger 112 Autos/Trucks $1,500 3 WHEELCHAIRS- E & J s Wanted Best offers Call 747-0413 ALMOST OUT OF IDEAS Selling your car? We pay high­ 118 Recreational est prices for most 78 & up Vehicles Olds. Pontiac Caddy. Buick & Chevy Any condition Call CHAMPION 25 Class A motor 775-3358 or 870-2949 eves home 74. excellent condition in and out fully equipped m C A SH eluding air. sleeps 8 $6,500 Call 787-4786 alter 5pm up to JAMBOREE 78 Model C. $5,000. For 1978 and newer Cars and 23ft . bunk sleeps 6 dodge Trucks at your home running 440. dual air 58 OOOrni lull & repairable Call 727-7131 bath & many extras $9 500 Call 264-2102 7days

091 Roofing/ Siding

i WANTED a * 5 HOMES ^ Maior NJ. Distributor looking tor homes to display NEW 1990 VINYL SIDING

tested m Canada through SEVERE winter conditions SID E your home B ELO W R ETA IL 1st Pa ym e n t S u m m e r 1990

CALL NOW 1 -8 0 0 -3 4 8 -8 1 8 1 E x t. 10

4 62 -53 0 0

A tjt jM

u ^ S u k iW



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C h ild r e n

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P e t it e s

Y o u n g


J u n i o r s

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rk> T H E F A M IL Y



U S E Y O U R S T E IN B A C H . V IS A . ' M A S T E R C A R D . ' A M E R IC A N E X P R E S S ' O R D I S C O V E R ' C A R D .