21 - There are a few of

21 - There are a few of

RED BANK Issued Weekly. Etit*red o.g Second-Clnns Matter at the Poitoflico a t Red Bank, N. J , under ilia Act of March 3d. 1B79.' VOLUME XLVI, NO. 4...

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RED BANK Issued Weekly. Etit*red o.g Second-Clnns Matter at the Poitoflico a t Red Bank, N. J , under ilia Act of March 3d. 1B79.'


RED BANK, N. J., • WEDNESDAY, MAY 21, 1924.


$1.50 PER YEAR.




ter the water ran out the beat be, g r e a t wine drinke but r>'\ of Dai,di lion THREE PRIOLE GRANDSTAND AND PERCY F. STRAUS'S HOUSE DE- came so intense ;.a tu be danger- INJURIES CAUSED DEATH OF FEW AKE ITS NEEDS BUT them drink :TRACTS CHANGED 3TOPF.S If) TAKF. 1 UF. P L A C E wine is t h e ous. Due lo wire trouble the en.-I rouge t STROYED LAST WEEK. GREAT IS ITS POWER. FENCE ARE COMING DOWN. Ji&MES FAIRBROTHER. ,HANDS THERE LAST WEEK. OF FORMl-.K TRUF.X H O M E . and people who w a n t a gine of the automobile, apparatus with Brick Mansion in Middletown Town- refused to work. The wheels • of Hia Body Was Found Near Southern • 1 liousnnds Are Searching Afield for a "kick" in it like i' 1 Thoy Have Been Sold to S. S. than Jolinfritr Aclielis Bought t h e Ger-Thi: i- tiie I.cjl Lii! on That IllocU othe1:' kind o f ship Goes Up in Flames and the apparatus were deeply imRailroad Tracks and It is Believed j It Tbese Duy6 Day6 Either Either lo Extract Extract any Thompson & Co.—The House on t" be Converted Into 'Stares I trude E . Tredwcll Tract—ThornThat He Had Been Hit by\a Train from It !• uod or Medicine, or awine; b u t the P a l i a n i • he Property Hat Also Been Sold j Sraoko With All Its Contents— bedded in mud. The firemen had ton Realty Company Buys the Hblury of I h r Growth of | l , s I wiiuM. Uru —Vandals Loot tho Grounds. Illock —He Wai Seventy Year. Old. Kick Lik.L- n Mule. iikenne.^.-; inHid-.•—Street Making to Begin, Long a n d Lambert Ivins Lands. no rope or chains, but they tried to Ililsinrsi Slice. I .a t, \ .Tin; body of James Fairbrother' Oi,i emp •hich never figures in most unkrnv.n although The grandstand and high board i Percy !•'. .Straus's large handsome pull the engine oia-wilh ho.se'. 'Fifty William H. l l i n t e l m a n n of Humfence on the former Oriole, base-' brick residence in Middletown town- or .sixty firemen caught hold of theof Shrewsbury township was found agrieul'.ui ;,1 '•ports but which is sunier of wine Italy prol, -on ha .-•!'! three pieces o f proper! y the Trur prupei-ly nil t h u ball field on the Newman .Spriiiir.i •ihip, . .near Red Hank, with all itahose and tried to pull Ihe apparatus last Thursday afternoon in a field iie-vertledr. i crop "of great im- the world. K^unine yo at that, p l a i " d u r i n g Ihe pa.,! week. e a t i i i i i r l r e . i intn buiiin y o ' l i i T Ore uf Ih'-.e pieces wa^ t h e unimroad nro coming down. The work j contents, was destroyed last Thurs- out of the'mud, but the hose broke at the end of Central avenue, about poi'tam e in ousands of persons in records at Red Hank1 nn ;-i-d Ihe vvm-lc -wns begun lnsl. Saturday and the I day night, in a spectacular fire. The and every line of the firemen were oni) feet fronUhe youthen] railroad ' Mnnmoiuh mlv is the dandelion t o w n anil n o t i c e Inr. .- f e w J r a l i a i ; , proved p r o p e r t y of Miss G e r t r u d e w i l l I . e . , , , , , . 'nigh ; H r a p i d l y job will probably be conipleteil Sat- j loss is estimated ut fully $Ji()O,UOO thrown to the ground. A .second tracks. Mr. Fairbrother would have .crop, O u r th.: lie-Ids of M o n m o u t h a r o e v e r a r r e s t e d f o r br-irg d r u n k . 10. Tred-.vell, a t the corner of thea s po:-'-il l e . tore.; a r i ' t o h u 1 ultemiit was equally unsuccessful. i-ii-ry o t h e r d a y of I o'nnt c h u m t h a t t h e y a r e b e t t e r urdny of this week, The ijraml- j and probably runs evenl higher. I t UutnKon !-,ai! ;,ii-l .\.ive.-ink avenue, blliit e n (III been seventy years old in July. The | tuda; •\y ,-iinl Ib',: c o n In the meantime the heat had bei | | taken to Warden's 'funeral spring, in i m e r a n d e a r l y fall s c o r e s t h a n o t h e r n a t i o n a l i t i e s , but. on t h e and which eoiii.aii:-; fuitrteen acres. trac-l. f o r i is expected that Mr. Straus will re)Ol y w ; l K ptuml and fence were bought by S. i t mi; I h ' i n h a s b e e n tome so ntrong that there was dan- home, where an examination was > of perso-s a r e g a t h e r i n g t h e d a n d c - q u e s t i o n o f i t n i n k e n n e ^ I believe Tl;t) buyer v.-.-u Johnfritz Acheli-, a v . a r d e •d t u build the house. Scot I of M i . b l l e S. Thompson & Co., who are t n r t h e lir-t 1 imc Irt What - caused the fire . is notger of the apparatus catching lire. mado b y County Physician H . W . • lioii crop. 1 ::•; t h e one sure crop italiaiiH are more t e m p e r a t e than who paid £|I),I)UI) lor it. T h e r e an- \»\vn u gaged in the well drilling, road conno building-, in. the property, h u t t h e h i , d Hank a p o w e r struction and bouse, moving busi- known. It was discovered about Tu prevent this water wa:, playoil Ilnrtman. His death was d u e to athat li ; and a b o u t the only members of oihe liationaliuc.-. .Mr. Achelis is Imibihig a line rcsi- coop ilo d i g .-cllar.i f u r ness. They paid if-t(M) fur the fcne-ii quarter after eight o'clock in the™ t l u ' engine ^ind a tarpaulin m . | concussion of the brain. Several crop tha not need cultivating, tiie o a r ! h into hi)* and grandstand. They will u«i; themain bull in' the lower part of thethrown over the apparatus. ,Soine ribs had been broken. At first, it spraying re uf a n y kind. TO ENLARGE MASONIC HALL. a , l o be h a u l e d lumber in their business activities. building and itwas under trrea one .suggested that i; tractor be was bclieve'd that Mr. Fairbrother l i t o i u oljij Thi-: ' I ot m e a n , however, Jo Addition to he Made to Ancient w h i c h a i l j o i t i •,\a\'. The Hod Bank development i-om-! headway. Although the house was used to pull the engine out of thehad met with foul play. Later it'That th • r e a no cultivated dandepurt'3iU-":. Eaton town Building. mud. A tractor was on the plar.o, was learned that ho had been seen; lion-; n thi • part of the. county. i Tr Jiany, which is the name of the I apparently as near fireproof aa it (dot. i.-i Ihi) last The new re,-i 'l \\ it; Washin^tfj]] ! H I I ^ o o f I'Yce M a - will b e lini:.hed abnijl: th,- middle of piece o r propel y on tlie east .-ide el! realty concern which now owns thc waa possible to jnnkc a dwelling, but none of. the men knew near the railroad tracks and it is There are gardens a t Red Hank [ 1 .sfjji.-; o f K a t ' J i i L o w n , a t it:-: i n t ' i ' t i n ^ properly, haa sold tin; house; ,and a flames ssvept through every part of how to run it and none: of the farm 'generally believed that he had beena l , , | " next m o n t h a n d M r . a n d M i s . Ache- Jiroad :,treel. I, t wren .Mechanic a n d einily where dandelions iijtx did ]Dt, IJOxluO feet, on the western end • tho building. Firemen from various employees were, present wh did' bit by a train and had managed to 'I.: Piut m a n u r e o r i e r t i l - n e x t M o t u l a v n i j r n t , w i l l a v . ' a r d ;ia Iis will t h e n m a k e it their permnncli 1 , W a l l a c e stret ; l o . b e converted c o n t r a c t 1'ur huihiiiiK' <'tn addition uf of the premises tu Frank Pinkie, ; places fought the blaze. The first [know how lo run it. William Ci of r e s i d e n c e . T h e t r a c t j u - l bought from ro:-ddenci ^ into businrs-; p i o p crawl to the spot when* bis body ix.er around aiidelioos a n d keep the former can-laker of the rounds. The ' to arrive was Liberty company of ! tello, one of the liremen, said be wan found. Mr. Fairbrother ' had ground nea them free from w e e d , IMX.'JH fi-ct, t w o storicH h i - h , to t-^ lias a s t r e e t f r o n t a g e of a b o u t ^,i)IJH er'ie=: The. lot; on wl-.icli '!_;• s t o r e s lodtfe tcni))l". T h r h u u l f u r t h e a r e t o h e built j . ; -15 f e e t f r o n t a n d house was built two years ago by Hed Hank and other liremen got on would take a chance at running- it. been a machinist and had lived a t and other owing t h i n g s a n d t h e has hK'ii dunfitctl by Dr. J . C T h e o t h e r t w o p r o p e r l i e - fold by the - t o r e s will be I cm f r e t d e e p . Although he hail never driven at Red Hank and Katontown before plant the Oriole baseball association and the job shortly iifterwarda. KC, nearly a s b i(litiori g one of t h e )>u:-trnaHtt'rs Mr. H i n t e l m a n n w e r e also R u n - o n Thn lot itself It , , v e r -Jon f c f d e e p * it has always been occupied liy Mr, "Too mucli credit cannot be given | tractor belore, be operated it verylmoying to Shrewsbury township.' as the bolt iiu of a peaeli b a s - liiitih, who 'In.) p r o p e r t y v.a.; eiwned. b y J'inltle, • j to Ihe (ireinen; they did wonderful ; capably and he got the engine out of | His wife died a number u t years ' k,t. The Hister r e p o r t e r who of the lod^ and w h o IKIS held t h e road l a n d s . O n e of those, p r o p e r t i e s The house w a s sold under pro- Work,',' said T. W. Head, superintend- i the mud. A chain was used to ti ago. H e l e a v e s t w o d a u g h t e r s , M r s . ' vvroto thi.-: s t o r y d i d n o t k n o w t h i s ' p o s i t i o n of .maste m o r e t e r m s t h a n was t h e Prof. A . W . L o n g ro.sidouco Mi:-Pe.i I'bu'inihi T i i i e x a n d V i o l a a visiems which require it:; OWIK.T tu I enl of the, Straus estate, in talking; the engine to the tractor and Wil-W i l l i a m G . M a n s o n o f D r u m m o n e l , u n t i l l a s t w e e k w h e n h e w e n t t o ! " i ' o t h e r m e n r, ile will have iu ,,l grounds on the north side of; Triie.\, daughfivi of John T m o ; , k of f bildi h b h th-i property in Janua it, t o t h e r e n t e r of t h e l o t a n d; with a R e g i s t e r r e p o r t e r l a s t F r i d a y , j liain exposed himself to c o n s i d e r - place a n d M r s . R a l p h Ji. Sickels of 1 5 0 m e g a n h n s and t a w t h e p r o o f . " I c h a r g e of t h e work building th t h e - Rumson road a n d t h e o t h e r w a s t h e' who bought, pro| i m p r o v e i t . M r . h'inkle s t a t e s t h a t Ik-fore t h e liremen a r r i v e d , e m p l o y - j a b l e d a n g e r in d o i n g this, a s t h o j W a l l a c e s t r e e t . T h efuneral w a s Also t h e r e is t h e I t a l i a n d a n d e - a d d i t i o n . T h e addition will h a v e a L a m b e r t Ivins e s t a t e p r o p e r t y which a r y , 1K.V,, more than n't) y e n r s n g o . lie will pucloHO il, with s t u c c o a n d c o s on t h e S t r a u s p l a y e d flames were clu: e p upon him. N e i t h e r held .Sunday a f t e r n o o n a t t h e h o m e lion, which is c u l t i v a t e d i n a f e w j k i t c h e n a n d ;>. t o i l e t o n t h e first 1 a d j o i n s t h e L o n g p r o p e r t y on t h e A t his d e a t h t h o T r u e x pint, which! pr opp e r t y pp lo mnkti other alterations to it. 'fhe ' water from garden hoso on the William nor tho apparatus were of Mrs. Malison and tho service was! Red Hank g a r d e n s . T h e b i g g e s t ! < ° r a n d a c o m m i t t e e room a r . d a w e s t . T h e T h o r n t o n R e a l t y coin- comprised much more than t h e l o t was divided members OT the development com- : house of Mr. Straus's brother, Her- liny thu worse for the liery ordeal, conducted' by liev. Robert MaeKel-1 g r o w e r of I t a l i a n d a n d e l i o n s i s ; cloak r o o m o n t h e s e c o n d lloor. T h e p a n y w a s t h e b u y e r of b o t h p r o p - now b r i n g improved, , lar. T h e b u r i a l w a s m a d e in l-'air|| ] > . i ^ i e r Colin of R e c t o r p l a c e . A n - I temple w a s d e d i c a t e d i n WZi a n d c r t i e s . T h e L o n g p r o p e r t y h a s a ' a m o n g J o h n Truex 1 :; children. T h o pany are William O'liricn, .lolin | bert N, ytrau.s, which in a short dis- j Ten. minutes after tho engine u t of t h h e md u d i t h a d been r e - 1 View c e m e t e r y . M r . F a i r b r o t h e r | ,,JiK, r g r o w e r of I t a l i a n - d a n d e l i o n s is , t h e a d d i t i o n will m a r k t h o first ' f r o n t a g e o n t h e Rumson r o a d of. I ' l i t on which ( h e n e w stores a r o t o Pope, I'Ynnk I'iflenger and Georgi: i tam'e east of thu scene of the lire, oout a i r e d a n d i t w a s once m o r e p u m p - leaves s e v e r a l b r o t h e r s a n d s i s t e r s Michael Canzona, w h o h a s a -fruit c h a n g e w h i c h h a s b e e n m a d e l o i t ] 2 3 ! ; f e e t a n d i t is 1,ni!i» f e e t . lio built, b e c a m e t h e rbaro of t h e H. White. They have h;fd.thc tract: Later on the firemen assisted in this ppair ing w a t e r on t h e flames. ' w h o l i v e i n E n g l a n d . store, o n Moiiinoutli s t r e e t . T h e ' since that lime. Ma-onio c e r e - j deep. I t c o n t a i n s n b n u t f o u r acres, j h v n ' " ' • " " " T r u e x . Mis-; Eniiim purveyed for making streets. The ] work.

Italian dandelion has leaves larger j monies will be held upon the com- i A large frame house is on t his plot. ' ' ruex (heil nbnut two and a hall properly has been named Oriole ] ' n , j 3Kilvel [ Herbert Straus's The house has a reception hall, two years ago and Miss Viola Truex TO WED IN JUNE. THIRD DEATH IN FAMILY Pnrk. . A baseball game bid ween i l1C)U5e| | m t tl, e |h-c a t l'erey Straus's but of thesame general ,-!hapo and pletion of the addition. living rooms, elining room, pantry, dird last year. The two women had teams of boys was jilaycd mi tliUjwaa under too much headway to he taste as tl> native dandelion. The Shower Given Last Wcdneadny Mrs. Angclo Scotti of Red Banli kitchen, laundry, seven bedrooms j l i a d n m i l . v " n V r s f o i ' <»n purchase of BACK IN THE HOSP1AL. flower, however, is -very different, park Saturday mid another game : stopped. A strong breeze was blowMiss Grace Burr. ' Follows Her Two Di and three bathrooms. It is equippeel j l h l - properly, but aM offers were, rc.being blue and small.- The stem, Was played Sunday. These me proh- j , , Ka m i (.mbers were carried a mile becau the two sisters ''or the thirdtime in two months | ; n lc:«t of having only one flower, David Haley Will Have to Undergo with electric, light, gas and vapor I fused, because ably tho last baselr.!! frames that | ,-,r vnoro away., Many fell on the A mi'-eo!!aueon,s Slower ished tu end their days in the Operation Because of Injury. Jvill be played on tin; property. boat. 1'his property has been leased adjoining farmjof J. Amory Ha.skell, given last Wednesday night for death last Thursday visited tho is the case .with the native pp Itouse where most of-their lives had where a large) force of men is cm-| Miss Graces liurr of Fair Haven at family of Angelo Scotti of Leonard liindclion, has. several flowers. Dr. David Haley, son of John Ifaley ,to Stuart Young-of N Newark forh the BAKER BRANCHING OUT. {ployed. All, these employees were ; the home of Mi.'-s Kmily Mintoii. street. Mr. Scolti's wife, C'armcla, |( ; o l i , , j , , , L ],isSC(,,i for the Italian of Catherine street, is a t the summer. Prof. Long bought thnbeen spent. After the death of Miss 011 watch. Kvi'ry building was j (,iames and other pastimes were en- was the victim and her death o^- j daiideHons from Italy. Ile has one Spring Spring Lake Lake hospital, h o s p a l , where ho will,,property , , p r p e y iin VJ2Q from John Eon- Emma Truex, Misti Viola lived in Ricluard Jordan tu Hiivo n Big guarded SII that in case fire broke joyed. Miss 15urr won a guessing curred at a New York hospital,! o r t h e \iU.gcsi a n , i best appearing undergo an undergo an operation as a result oMnett, who built > 'ho house for a. time but the place l M b i lthe h house h ieighteen h Store a t Soabrifjlit. a n accidennt last winter when his | years ago. Next fall tho Thornton was lonely without her sister and out it could instantly be extin- contest and Isliss Marion Flanagan where she was taken for an opera- ! o- a r ,] e n s j n town. Rieliard Jordan lias ri'ntcd tb.:guished. The same precautions were received the consolation prize. \ lion. Her health was so poor that !\ "kull Fkull was fractured. He Ho was cm-I Realty roi,.,......, company will move tho she moved tr> the home of The use of the yellow dandelion „._ . . . . - her - .j Brehni building1 a t tlie curlier of taken a t all the buildings on the collation was served. Decorations it was thought best tu defer the flower for making wine U well 1 Ployed by a concern which drills ! house to tho. Lambert Ivins property : brother, \\ dliam A. fruex of Upper Ocean avenue and (Ihiurli street at Straus plaep. of lavender and yellow adorned the .operation until she had regained known. IJaneleliou wir.e has got a artesian wells and he was injured and will remodel i t Tho Ivins place Broad street. John Truex left five children, Seahright for a bakery ;u;d ixr.tn'j- [ Thousands' of sightsecrfi were at table. Miss Uurr was the recipient strength, but before this took place like a mule. Thera is Laid when a pipe fell and struck him on contains ten acres and it has a ' ( 49 t on the R ^ p y being tho two daughters menrant business, whicli_ he will oper- t h e | h . o n n ( , i, un( j,. c( is nrnre watched of many gifts. She is engaged to death intervened. She was sick with 110 other wine as strong as \ his head. ile was a t the hospital frontage of 349 feet on the Rum-' ftte in connection with lii.s bakery the blaze from Red Bank. The John mo-4 of the winter. David returned j son road. -The Long property sold tioneel above, "William A. Truex and ' - ' - - J. ' " - ' Seabright " — '-.•:.-•-. and i 'i—! troubh/ Shewas She w a s IJ8 !i8 years ] Ryan of thekidney trouble/. Tho reason for this is, acon Monmouth street at lied Hank. bouse was on a eommnnding hill and wedding will take place June lid. old. The funeral was held SaturTruex of Red Bank, and cording to tho wine-making ex- home from the hospital late in j for 1519,000 and the Ivins property \ KuRone Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Burlingame of Mr. Jordan linn leased thn Iirehin the llames which shot from it were Those present at the shower in ad-day morning s t St. Anthony's j , for $12,500. p ( r U | that yeast has to lie used t o ! April, seemingly well on the road Brooklyn. William ^\. Truex, who huilding for ten years, including ! visible a long distance away. Many dition to the persons mentioned church and burial wan made in ; In making i to recovery. After he: had. jfcaen m u l ; 0 ' dandelion wine. died lrtft year, was the only child seventeen rooms on the second floor I persons stood on the steamboat dock above, were Mrs. Chester Auinack, Mount Olivet cemetery. CALF WITH TWO HEADS. gr-ine wir.e or other fruit wines j liome about two weeks comp town Young Man. Clifford Jordan. freak calf's birth attracted liunred by the flames. The outer walls A PRIVATE RACE TRACK. and mixed with thc proper amount the owners of the entire orig- Charles Bennett, Jr., of Eaton- dreds of curiosity seekers to Mr.come of the building did not collapse, but Physical Education and Music Lea* of yeast and other essential ininal plot bought by John Truex in • FIREMEN'S COMING FAIR. town, who recently enlisted in the I Oswald's place last 'rhurselay and they are all that is left of the hand- It is Being Built on tho Samuel G. sons to bo Demonstrated. ^redients, is not a poor imitation ef 1855. Allen Farm nt Lincroft. The classes in physical education "Jersey Lighting" but a worthy suc- marines, has been assigned for serv-[Friday. Dr. William V. S. Gall, a Uniun C o m p a n y of Red Bunli ii some residence. The business development of tria Samuel G. Allen is buildiiu; a and music at the Red Bank high cessor whose potency, if not reice oil the Mayflower, a government i veterinarian of Matawan, who was j Every public road and every priP r e p a r i n g for a Bi(T Timo |vale road in the vicinity of thehalf-mile race track on his farm at school will give an exhibition of. cognized, will forco a heavy imbi- boat which is kept for the private present at the birth of the calf, Broad street' front of the block between Mechanic street and Wallace Union fire ( o m p a n y will hold its liou.se was parked solid witli nutomc- Lincroft en the Red Bank road, not. use oi President Goolidge. Only stated t h a t this was the first case street has an interesting history. nnnunl fair May Ulst to June 7th, biles. In addition to the largo num- for racing but for his own privato their work at the high school next ber to do all tho queer things that men of exceptional ability are on of its kind that he had experienced old-lime applejack usod to do. Wednesday ,night at eight o'clock. Wallace street was laid out seventyinclusive, a t tlie mpauy's lire- ber (if persons conveyed to the lire use. He owns a number of horses. tho Mayflower and Charles's rela- in all his thirty years of practice. Miss Edyfbo Beales, physicial trainHut it is not alone for making live or eighty years ago by Hugh house, on Shrewsbury avenue. ,„ Q • t-I 1 Vi ri automobiles, many other persons j Mr. A l l e n h y e s a t I'air Haven and , . i n s U . l l c t , m ( 1m K _, wir.e that thc dandelion is sought.tives and friends are proud that he | Mr. Oswald sold the calf to Fred Hooths for the sale of fancy arti- m walked or ran to the place, or went his farm is looked after and occu- LaFetra, special supervisor of It is often used for making salads .has made good in such a signal man- j Cottrell of Keyport, who will have | ' ' ''!""' T ',',,"i," V"r"m 1 ! V \ cles and other things will be at.the in blisses. Everywhere the grounds pied by Elmer ijimpkins. It was at 11:, n TIT.... rM,.,,.i™ 15^,, ! iu .....*vm,i and „ , . , ! preserved .„.„.. ,.„,! for i-rt« -,a : m o \ c t i t.o u t e l IJ.UUY 110m INLW i o r K about 1R.'!J. lie bought a tract of fair and there will lio other attrac- were crowded with people. The fire- one time owned by John M. Codies music, will be in charge of the ex-and broths. Frequently the leaves " " • -"i* mother, Mrs. Charles Ben- • it stuffed nett, curiosity. . . into . , , and , eaten . nntt- ajul auri his V. i c sisters <;i';l,'l-^ Marjorie TVlnrinrlP and anil j f,,u-ini;,fir hibition. The program will include are made a salad land which extendeel from Broad tions includingg dancing, with music men did their best to control this of RuniEon. Inez, spent part of last week with choruses, vocal :i:id instrumental [ raw alung.with onions, lettuce and street eastward to 'where Spring byy an orchestra, and1 the dispos-nl croud with lire police, b u t control him at Washington. FETE AT LEONARDO. solos, duets-, drills, jigs ,and dances, i vinegar. The leaves taste somestreet is now located and he set out IgS jT.I Glcnmary Land Sold. of gold pieces on the co-operative was impossible. Twentyrfivo farm The pupibi of the 1 of the | thing like spinach, but they are Annual May Day Festivities Will be an apple orchard on tho tract. Ho plan. Warren liookwnltor is chair- employees were also put on guard YOUTHFUL FROG CATCHERS. John Prothero of Eatontown has town gave a similar schoo exhibition h'.st i more bitter. The dandelion salad apparently foresaw the future Held Tomorrow. man of tho fair committee duty, b u t they were powerless to solcht tract of land, 75x1)00 feet, year. This year's program will be | dish is highly prized by most growth of Red Bar.k, for a few yenrs regulate, the mob. lit' (ileiimary Park, in Middletown of wider scope and those who take Italian-Americans. Also there are Everett Boys Find a Source of In- The annual May day fete of thc later he laid out Wallace street ; come in Peggy's Pond. Lemon Tree Beam Fruit. Many acts of vandalism took township, near Red Bank, to David public schools of Middletown town- • A lemon tree which Dr. P. (.'olio place. The grounds around the Cosby of Ked Bank, who bought it part will include almost every quite a number of 101) per cent Some of the small boys of Ev-ship will be held tomorrow after- j " rough tlie tract and offered lots grade of the school system. Americans who enjoy this kind of ierett have been putting in a lot of, , thc tract for sale. About Tif Rector place has had for twohous were replete with (lowers, (Jn investment. The price: was luon o n t l u th d o ( , k M ( 1; l ^ „,,,..,, ,„-| m o l l 5 H t , m . y ( ,,. i y o f K p n t u c k y > t o from the tree so far, four of them tation. Sightseers drove their au- is employed by William A. Hopping, Commissioner William L. Dill leaves is that of boiling them info water on the road between Lverctt, v i t a i t 0 I 1 , , a s b e L , a ,. x tended to the come to Red Hank to live. Henry being at least three times as large tomobiles over the lawns, destroy- a Red Bank real estate agent. last week revoked the. automobil a-.broth. This broth i.; usually mixed and Lincroft. Several Italian anc public Prize of pennants will ho] n . i y - h . l l t , )(1( , n a iia,ul-loom linen w i l h ll01 f S O U p r u 1 k md f French families have moved here . us the lemons einnm.inly limierht. in | intr everything that was in their ivQn f ( n t h e h c s t f n ] k d a l l ( : i l l K a l l l l drivers' licenses of William Furey ' °. ° ' ' ' . , ° . w e a v e r in New York city. Tho Mores. The tree is also still hear- j way. Thieves plundered the of Matawan, Alfred J Davis of Bel- i ' : " u l'' Persons who like this dish j from New York during the past tho River Property Rented. best drills. William bnutli ol Kl , 1K , r . ll introduction of machina jng blossoms. In winter the tree (grounds' of flowers and planls and ford and Joseph Schneider of Long isll >' l l l a l tllL ' l i r u t h K ' v e s t l l e S O ' J | ) ^ ' e l u ' a n ( 1 t h ° y 1'ke-fried frogs' legs. Mrs. IL I.. Lidgorwocd of NewFreehold, county superintendent of w l i a v i l , K h i l ( 1 ..'pllt, „ , , r j n l | , " j r l | l a n ^ is kept indoors but in the1 warm even of trees. They carried away Urancli for speeding and John -\ a tasty tlavor that notlnne; else will i They buy the frogs that the boys York has rented for the seaosn the school:;, Frank J. Grande, of Hrad- , | i i u , n w , , a v i n , r , n s folks today W011W months is kept in Dr. Colin';; yard, things by the afnisful, or else loaded Delict of Freehold for driving a • i m I ) u r t - A l s o llu '>' u i y l h e r u ' 3 " o U l " ' k i ! 1 i n t h e I10"'1furnished house and property of ley Beach and Mr. Selby of iN'"V| sl y, and Mr. Clay moved to Ked _ a-• «•— — their automobiles with booty to car while drunk. ' " - •s h o 1 ' 1 o1 ' mL-ilit-me;, that is a i Walter G. French on, the MiddleYork will be the judge.:-. : Hank a t Ihe roliritalion of Mr. WalMayor Barbour in Europe. line, a blood purifier and as line a Sick With Scmlot Fever. ! such all extent that they barely had town side nf Ilic river, opposite . «-.-«» — I lace. Ho bought a triangular lot Mayor and Mrs. W. Warren Hartonic as the raw dandelion leaves Are You in Need of Money? The two young sons and dau K h- '' ^ » l i l " ' To<""Jot themselves. The Ked Bank, known as Ilree/.y Point. From Leonardo to Vermont. j " 1 ' '«'»! " " ' . » " <•'»>* «id« «f liroad Tl.e Investment and Realty cor- : or the leaves when cooked as bour of Rumson a r o on a trip ter of Mrs. "llenrv Roof of M iddle- |l l r t ' l m ' " "n< . t h c Ruardsmcn stopped Tho rental wan made by Hawkins 1 •street, on whichftpart of Uio bLraus poration will loan money on satis- ' "greens," or as the broth from the ICngland, i'ranee and Cermany. Rev. Henry Pierce. S,n,|, a ,n, who;C ; 1 | | i p a , i y p(|)] . ( , i; . m ) Ws t . l m l i n K . town villare are'sick with scarlot ; ! ""'" o t this plundermg, but theBrothers. ft factory securities. iti Mortgages M ^ and dandelion leaves. D d They will return in June. John Kl- has been pastor of ihe l'.apti-.t Dr. Colio waxed fever. Only recently they rocovcrc-1 i"1"1' ™* t o °]'n.^ l o ''« ^U'ctively commercial paper purchased. Ap- oloquenl in talking with a Register ! Iis, president f the Rumson coiin- church a t Leonardo, mov t 0 Thi:i lot had a frontage of 3-1 feet from measles. The family lias had •••.^••""'•'l- Orders to slop stealing Pianos and Players. on riruad M t a n dwaso n e h u n ply by mail to the Investment ami Wo sell, buy, exchange, rent, Realty corporation, Red Bank, N. J., r e p o r t e r about the medicinal qual-jcil, is acting a s mayor during Mr. Brattleboro, Vermont, to become "° dred fee! /,! H r a n buck a l m o s t more than its sh are " ^ ~ & Z! J ^ ^ Z , S tune, ities of dandelion l e a s e s . He makes ; Barbour's ahsenee. 1 repair, varnish and IK'.stor of a church ther". No one or in person to our attorneys, s i n c e last 11st ssunn,!' u m m e r,', , w h e n Mr. Mr. Kont:,, , , . . •> 10 a p o i n t i.i , h e r e a r . O n t l i e leit since when I tin: damage done by the vandals j pianos. Our pianos and service are Kcilly, his children e a t t h e leaven cither « • • lias yet been appointed to lill the Rcilly, Quinii & Parsons, every FriFri- r i l w was a story ai,da half bouse. This was run down and kill-'il I janiounfs lo thousands of dollars. [superior in every way'. A. B. DirAged Man'i Ankle Sprained. A-neancy at. Leonardo. day between 'J:00 and 5:00 P . M. | ' " ' hi'ih'd. H e says that any l e t a n d I m u e h a db e e n u s e d a s a automobile. No one wns in the house at the hnn's l'iano Showroom and Repair •—Aih'erlisenient. I kind of d a n d e l i o n l e a v e s a r e good, 1 J o h n I t . C o n o v e r , o n e of l . i n p a r oiiai'.o b y t h e I i r I c l e r i ' y n u m time the fire broke out. Ehrick 01- Shop, Itruminond place ( r e a r of Mouny Snvod. HOW? j bill I t a l i a n d a n d e l i o n l e a v e s a r e I c r o f t ' s aged m e n , suH'crcd a Moro Nourishing "I ban Mcnt. w h o h a d s c r i e d in H e d H a n k . M r . I'hone Red Hank '.'33, $25 Reward. Hy bringing your la^i year's Pan- f l a y l i o i m l i f t h e 1 h " U . ' e a n d l o t f o » Furo, p'.'operly made, mnynnnaiso se:n, Hie caretaker, and his wife town hall e s p e c i a l l y good a s t h e y c o n t a i n a s p r a i n e d a n k l e a s tlie re>ulf of a 1 Advertisement. _ I Lost or Mtrayed, Dachshund, F r i a m a ' e r .--traw hat to m, and having ia n proa : body builder. Our Na-were taking a walk. The Straus !f,t"il a n d in e n ' ' i-l' t h e froiil r n o i n i j day, April 11th; small yellow' doj^h l a r g e r a m o u n t of blood p u r i f y i n g fall a f e w elays ai;o. l i e is a r o u n d it cleaned am bio ;d. tional mayonnaise,. containinu••only I'iimily , Iiimily were at, at,their winter home at. Millinery. solid ctdor and crooked legs. Re- finalities t h a n o r d i n a r y d a n d e l i o n ' o n c r u t c h e s . o k ' l i l y ' of t h e h u n e h e :• I u p a h a n d l o o m ur 1 fresh eggs, best salad oil and hijtli- N , , w Y,,ik, where Mr. S t r a u s is part small a n d y at. ~ . . , . . ». lh " I'"'' Moninouth street, near liroad street, foot uf H i . ^trei t. t h i : ; b i n d ; o n t h e c:i t s i d e o f B r m i d all lliroiiKli t h e s c a n i i i l o r s a l a d s ' ,.,,.,1 , , l , | . f a s i i i , m e , | chi'-Urii d i n n e r , I ' l l M l l iu want tho best. — Advertisement. u - " - " ' ' " y , . , - . , \dvcrliselll-. 1 t. street. 'I'll,, lion- ,' u-.-l.'l d o : « e t o t h n Ked Bank.--Advertisement. and b r o t h s atiil g r e e n s , h u t n o ! R e a l h o m e c o o k i n g . P r i v a t e p a r t i e s lied Hank. Vis i tin JI Ciiirapodist. » . ^Hotter _ exiieited to movejuoperly to their in Middleabout Pianos of_tho Kind. town township i - h v e t a n d : e \ e i il y r a r j a f t e r M r . Dr. l^raucis Cooko ('asler will m a n v vellow i l a n d e l i o n leaveM a r e ' a s p e c i a l l y . P h o n e ll-Iil-F-lil, l-'r k Atlention—F»l-d Ownn'5. Hirhnn's Pimm Shop -the bouse two highway, be- i For Lunrh. • i f t e r J u n e bold. 0 thmake; appointments by telephone lr, p u l l e' d 'for t h i s p i l i p o Clay'-i i l e a l h . a candy stori) w a s Alwater K . - n l . Hi Tinted for selling piano:; of the liefOnly 1 week o so previous t o h and Freehold, - ; We l i . Our delicious sandwiches and como tu you when no •ded. Tele- 1 s t . W h e n r e a l h o t w e a t h e r e ' o m e s I ween I,iing i j l a r l e . l i n I h e luiibliu;:. T u o or ter kind Show room a n d repair i | ] u , j ; , . ^ xtensive alterations had fresh salad:; a r e always refreshing, phone l'kUontowu ^Hi mill 11. I. n u l l . 11. A . .1'dlt between t h e . l e a v e . ; g e t t o u j i i i a n d t a s t e b i t - Adccrfii-enienl, llf.r L i t e r l.olli P r a t e , w h o Mechani 'tli hhop, llrumimind place (rear n f ' i , I I'o., A n t ' nipleleild lo lo the house. house. The j Special prices for (pianti!let;, Al- (i:(l(l P. M. and 8:00 P. M._Adver- t e r a n d n o o n e w a n t : , t h e m . from Italy, e to i : , d ll.'in! Also ! 1,-i'iucnt. 100 , Kxpcrl Service town hall). Phone Hed Hank '.Kill. re.'idence had tiiirty rooms, and new perin':; delicalessen, ::il Hroad tkioment. f t r e e l , l i i n.ii lii" biiihlini" -—Advertisement. when real hot w i n : l u r c o n e . , tl'.e i l l r . i a t i i c u 1 i n : ' : , n u i r t t - 1 - '^' i ^ ' i l l i r woodwork had just, been put in the 1 street, Red Hank. --Advertisement, in.'Si lhe:ril Cliirnpodi s If You Wnnt .-> C a r Quickly j gathering of l a n d e l i i i n . f o r - \\ i l l e - p i i u i n i 1 ; a n d h a i r b u b b i n g ; a l Dr. Do ., Sn Any Timo Ycm Call roiims on the first slory. The wood-, „ . .. w " * ! ^ F ~" ' 1 and a t a low price look over lli» ish b n bo u rs p e c i a l : y nl S a l e ; ; 11 "" tti nl ee • tnakini'.- jntrpo: e . tt' o a s t o p . Red Hank I II or 1 In there'll a laxi wm-k was imported from an ancient. ; ^ ^ n t Z i r r y " ^ ' " " ^ " ™ ^ - nll'i'riiigs iu T h e l!ejvi.-,ter's Wan;. n e r ' s l i e a u t y 1'arlnr, 1Uioati Ill t ' . \ 'I ).i> C r . t n l l Th: 'Flu• r e a s o n i:-. I n a l i nh o ! v.calhc", at your door within a few minutes. Knghind and if was set ;; ,,,,,,."i R. .1 T e l p nu' for mr .,,t; s |,. : ,dy position, rood pay. Uepartnieiit each week. Many a r e l l n l e : - ; i t h e |i|| . _, . oad :-ti,ecl, Red Hank. advertised a t prices that, make them :, I J O t s . t h e y ( p u i ' L l y p i u d u e e s i e d ; opposite! depot, Red Hank.—Adver- f rum ahi-iiiul. The interior of I hn I ( ; | |l( real bargain:-. - Advertisement. — Advert i:, T | U , | l m m , , w a s - richly uient. .1 nbout IHflY I Moiimoutb s t r c ' l , near llmlid street, T l i a ' . 1 : . I'nat \c r y lev,- ltaliar-, Clean c d n m l I ' i n i »bid. FI...1. ! furnished and it eoiilained many Call Yellow U n o d T n x i -•' ,e i o n (ill 1 Ked H a n k . - - A d v e r t i s e m e n t : ;iil,1 ho: e, newest inidiipies which were alniosl, prire1 l ; a l l l e r Ih e I d " : : " i n . - f i n w i n e : n ' : i ' . • Full fashioned O l d ; d I H ' W lloor.-i. M . Cr.l Yclln V Motid Tnitl Opi':ir q u i c k ' el'Alce. P h o n e H i d ' : rd .-. ".if", wht» (duidoH, $1.(10. Sch • a i i i o i iV- S o u , ^ ' 1 mil.. ; i.ig. Mo-I,o ft h e Italian • Kallne .: • i t r e c i , R e for quick I'luoie i : i n o . O p •d Hank i lesii. T h e firemen made ntrenuous • t'P A n y T i l n n Y




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Page Two

nadverteiitly. liut n u t h h u ; w a s ever been divided into two stores. One of these ia - occupied by Jnphia Clu\Peter Kri nor e n l a r g e d h i s t,torc ton'H yrorery store and the other i« the eii'.iie lot he bought occupied hy i\ millinery store which (Continued from last pnfje.) OF; -wid he riinilui-t'ed a grocery busim ss ' poos under the name of "The iion• « store there. lie hud n wife wli'JS<\tllr.,.(. ., m ,,,,|,,.,- ,,f yiarf. 'i'lien lie im - t riox." WATCHES, CLOCKS mime wns-Sfinih, and there Mils « mid the iiroperty to Theudniv !'• ' Adjoining the lioniiut Box is tho and JEWELRY i food deal of amusement in RedWliite, wlio had l.ficn niniini!,'n i:™-, plut where thu residence of t i n J Hank at that time over the front eery Vinro on ihe Dorenius property, iT n l c x f a m jly stood and which up to Accuracy, skill and ex- i names thr nmn Sally Levy mill uheru the Atdier, Merrill A: (.oiidlt.., c l , u p l o ot y c ! l l . s n ( ; 00 ,.p o w a , o t . perience enable us toi Sally's of wife Sarah. The store on •tore is now locii'.ed. The I )ori'tmia ICU pj pi i ) ) yt | l e t w oT ] , u c . x s\s^rs, ]t do the most delicate re- ilhc eorni'r had been enlnrped. Tin' lirullu'is intrrded to run n j'roeery ' pairing. We guarantee ipi-owih of Ked Bank nnd the roiinthJ3 ot whk h vo try roundabout whs bringilifc mor, | ^ ^ " ^ . ^ t y Uv! White"*or iA d j o i l l i l l g t l l i s p l o t is „ s m l l l , u m satisfaction. Our prices !jand more l w i i . c « l» the stores of , h ; . .^ _•,,,, v , h i u , , , 0 U K h t In, •..( occupied bv Willis and ta will please you. the town, and this lidded to the ^ ........ ""'I i '"•<''" .. r :jst . ' . . . :to . Clayton's . s . 'meatt •market. tThen property Russell value of all luisinejs property. Silverware Repaired beiiijr there for lovrrnl year:; he sold jc o n M , s t | , 0 two-story luiildin" erect- 1 On February Itith, 187-1, Mr. nnd ihe .stove .'lock to Theodore .sickles; 0(1 l i y William A. Truex, to which he ' and Replated Like New. j Mrs. Mnrilz licit-ch fold the corner and Asher S. 1'nrlior, vim ran <»« , movcil his grocery store when -hi (// Would you have to stand ty 'Store properly tu one Henrietta 'lui.-iniv-.-i under the name ef Sukier. |YnOate(i thc stare }io first built. Thil The • i'c.-il cMiit- was' 5 t ( i r p j , B S ) ] c ( , n ( )i v i,| p ,i j n t 0 t w 0 jllir.'cli for ?.'i,0UO. This WHS & r.i:'ker. frantically fighting the fire with by Asher S. i'arkcr. Kol.evt | s t o l . c s _ ( ) n o0 thought to be an enormous price 36 Broad St., Red Bank ! Mrs, Hirsch, however, well knew Clay Mih-.ei|iiontly bought out AfluT | n , N g l pails of water until the departnn o o w s a s n _v]ioo shining ,,nd v l . i t c lu was about, for the • I'm-ker's iiileveM''in thi; business hut | ] , . i , . j nnd tho othei lt c aM n|; store ment arrived, or have you Suffi-j m \ t el IJ .ittir she liouifht the prop- not in the real estate, and fur s«v-| . j | , ) , y jt,.. N OK low3 as stul a a {t pt u t \ slu' sold it to Sally Levy and erni yi'iirs the Rroccry htifiliess 'was ' eient fire fighting equipment a lunch rnoiii, uiuler the name of In, wile S.iinh for §6,000. Sally inniku'trd IHUILT the name uf Kick"I'resto Lunch." The second flnoi really fight the fire when it starts? u 1 Le\y and his wife Sarah likewiseles & Clay. of this building; is occupied by Wil apparently knew what they were A.-hrr K. 1'nii.er continued to own | ] i m l , A. Hopping us a real estate ofabout when they paid Mrs. Hirseh a If you have not you owe it to yourself to} al e.tate until his death. Af- fice, nnd also by the Red Bank office thousand dollars more for the prop-, the \ e i • be'll!i'd t h e p r o p e r t y wa boujrlit of the Long Branch Record. obtain complete information on LaFrance'' pp erty than she had piven for it the ihy t h e l,».t Willinm A. French. At'The only other lot in this Llodt day before they bought il, Fire Extinguishers and Chemical Engines. i . h X death the pvoperty which fronts on Uroad Direct Is niojith' later, on Ma 11 They contain the same fire fighting fluid by KliiiKholi'er A s | | , ] .,t f b 11 th. S y ' | xv hiui^ht by A. Klin holVer of As-1 ^ n , ^ t l t thhooc co or rn ne er r o f ;1S hiu K t hK o I oota th. S y ' | xv;1S SVly Levy and hisw i f11 e sohl * ' used by leading fii'e departments and are pioperty to Horatio wife sohl * ' ' ) , , , „ . . r i l ,. k . u t e r M r . Kliiif,'hoirer | s t r r e t o w n C ( 1 b v t h e R ( , d I ) ankn \\ ,1J. fatli, ,M,,([ ., U ) ,, H> ^ . ^n f N e wY o , . k | , ( , r u s t - ^ . ) e r t v ,,„Inn f the late Goorgt built by tho world'o largest manufacturers) H. V.ld, fo, ;_ ^ ^ v(^vi], ' ^ ( , oSecond _ hy tho o £ U(1(| „„„,._ h( , p] , ( ,, k c n ..o v .c r b Ul0 m , ] u na of fire apparatus, i The properly had ailvanecd in value ( j n n l ,i i, Iin i t o f i{0,[ ft:m\u which e\Horatio X. Wild bought thc froni ?S',H(l(l, paid by Peter Krnener j , ,| j -oiipy ) p ( 3 i n0 ut r ^' . H u m -r.•.""". i " n " ".* J V . , . I jieeis oi cupy the i n eproperty p r o p e r t y about Jinoiu An interview costs you nothing and may* property as a permanent inve.n-| i n 1 S 7 r t i io ^fi.noo, which was the| i T l l i y , l s t _ T i , i s ] o t w a sp i l r t o f ( h c save you from a disastrous fire. ( nent. He was a candy maniifactur-. pl . it ,p p n i l | f(u. , i u , s a m o property by! o r i c i n a i property owned hy Hugh m New York city, where he had IM | . j | i i n i . o ., f,,,v ye:lvs a K o . I Wnllaee. In 1S53 it wns boiiR-bt by builtcandy up a and very had highalso reputation torj 1002 jt } 1 0 K C ( I Bank Presbyterian church s . K!i his built up a I . u uM| r;„ m ira beth l the Clay heirs died sold in the tricry large and profitable bu.=im-.-.s.! i , n K U | ; , r piy^o of in-opi-vly at auction as n site for the first Presbyterian — -estate. . . .It .was bought church to he erected here. This he lot which he bought on the cor-. U ) ,,s r t t i c , the Box 203, Red Bank, KJ. ^honc 1049-W, The lotBroad which he hought on the cor-. U ) s gi , Eisner t.., t0 . for it wif0,000 u s bouft-ht ptU nor of nnd Mechanic streets:^ and v]nln.\x w n s started by 27 members K cm utnhil[ c5 tlie Shrewsbury church whoThe lived was 33x70 feet. This lot was the the next day Mr. Eisner sold it to ioC nround Red Bank. n nllfl most valuable of all bis,real estate t'haiies K. Straus. .•v church wan organized in 1852, but p sessions in this locality. Jinim" ; j h . _ S u .. l l L S ],;,(1 ],„,„ occupying l h e property was not bought until liatcly after he cot the properly he; f n ] . s ( ? v e r a | y ( , a ,. s ., store .'idjoininK j 1R5;!. The* corner stone of the h;id plans drawn for a thi-Pf-siovy ;t ] l t , t - l a y , u . o p c r t y nn'the south. This: ^huvch was laid in 1855 and the i brick buiblir,K to be erected on the •f t m . c l n l i l d i n k P h a ( 1 1)( , cll p l l t l l p l » y | c h u r c l l w n s completed tho followinK! 1 t and the present brick builchiiK; f;ei-,rpre W. Ilance of Red Hank, who Iyoar_ I t was subsequently enlai'RCd on thc lot was built that same year. !, l a ( | {ol.nlc,.iv Jivcil at Rumson. Mr. and in 1010 it was abandoned for or He wanted a narrow passapeway: | l a l u , ( , | l a | 1 j ) 0 1 1 , : l l t t ] , c i o t from the the stono Presbyterian church nt left on thc south side of his build-1 p_]j?na ^'hile estate. This property the corner of Uroad street nnd The lot was S3 foot wide, but jh . 1( , h c e l l i n t h e Kli-lia White fara60 Broad Street Red Bank, N. J. Reckless place. The old church was in order to provide for the passage-! n y f m .n£iK\y a ],-llm|red years, ft Telephones—Red Ban!; 144-1, 139D and 1496 torn down and tho lot sold to the way-he made his building only thir- L.J;(,,iui01i {,.om the Clay prnperly ly feet wide. The property has southward to the land which was Red Uunk Trust company, -winch changed hands several times and for bought at sheriff's sale in 1.l-5") by concern erected the present marble a while it was owned and occupied John Trues. Mrs. White, widow.of building en the property. by the ill-fated Navesink national Elisha White, lived in a housa on bank. Subsequentiy it. was bought tho lot anil ;he wanted to end her $ by William ]•'. Ilogan of Washing- days there. It was not until after 0 who sold it to Jlort V. ton, D. C , her death tlint the lot was sold to ten years ago for(ieorge W. liancc. Tliis was in 1801. Tach eight § 54 Broad St.,.Rii Bank, N. J. S ?^2,00(). The lot was twenty feet wide on Sally Levy and hiswife Sarah the street line and about fifty feet Sirvicn Sunday U : t 0 A. M.. S:10 . J'. M. .Sunday-school—9:o5 A. M. ' continued to run their store on the j w i ( ] e j n t h ( , rc;11% im. i t ionu m the WprinpBtln/ Evpnins Testimonial ' south side of the Wild building u " - j p j e c e ,,f i a n ,i northward along the Meetings—8:10 1'. M. | ti! April, 187B, when they sold their | d i a B . o r ; l l ] i n c ,,f t i , c clay property. 50c size Readins Itmmi—WetlnoBtlay's nnd I property tt* the late Peter Kroener. | j h . ^ j j a l l c c ,,.,],[ 57,000 for the land. Mcnncn's Shaving Cream] 25c Sur.ilayfl Xrum 2:30 to 4:30 P. ]M. 1 The sale, to Mr. Kroener include'l Ho put up the building, and conThe ruhlie h* cordiftHy inviliril in | Cold Cream • • • 17c not only the Broad street lot, which , ducted a dry Roods store in the visit the Reading Room mill to tho 1 2 fc size. was 28x70 feet, but also apiece of | i , U U ( l i l l g u n t i i his death, which ocDjcr-Kiss Talcum Powder '19c lnnd on Mechanic street. This piece jc u n . 0 , | o S y 0 ,,,. s „„„, Charles K. 75c she Bourjo'iR* of land on Mechanic street had a ;strau:. leasc'd the, building after Mr. 59c\ Ashes of Roses Rouge frontage of thirty feet on that jl h m C ( : > s , l e a t h i i n ( 1h o h l l a occupied For the Teeth 3d with thc rear j , , , ^ ^ , .j5r si;c street and it connected i t ( vt l Af cr h obouRht t h e ljalmolive Shaving Cream •23c] 3Bc Tooth Rrur.h of tho Sally Levy loot. ^'his gave c ] a y 1 ( ) t)l( , en i aI -^[,,i his store until 60e tube Klenzo Dcntnl Mr. Kroener a lot in tho i-hapo of anit covered not only the. original plot 3Scj fompcian Niclit Cream Crer.ro L. with a frontage of 'J8 feet on o f j , , . , ^ , - , , ! o wned liy Mr. Hance, but 85c value. May special c sir* . : Broad street and 30 feet on Me- a | s 0t h ( , c n t i r e c\:iy ] o t . The two chanie. street. Mr. Kroener pan! p l . o p i . 1 . t i l , s K i v e | , j mn store fiftyFor the Hair ; iJO.000 for the property.. jf o u v I e c t w i d c Rmi o n e hundred feet $1.00bottle Uex.'ill "I)')" HairTonic I t>rliaij's Tootli Paste • The store building on Broad deep. 25c jar "!)o" Shampoo 'The remainder of the Elisha street at the time it was bought by Pinaud's Enu dc Quinine •*•. ; Peter Kroener was small. A year or w h i t c p i n t 1 T m i ,i n 0 ,i vacant for a 1.25 value. May special 2.P0 ,1a V ; nt.) 1 so later he started to enlarge his .t i m e n l u !i n 1 R ! ) 3 n_ | o t3 n fcn(, wide Coty's L'Origan Perfume J - . store and immediately there was ;a m l a l ) O u t , , n n • f , , e t i n ( l c p l h AVils Vivaudou Offer 3.7? sire U K) al trouble. Mr. Kroener started ; i, n u g ht by Mrs. Elins IVeis. "Mrs. fine Mai Tl'or Rourrn. Coty's L'Orifjan Perfume 2.39\ lo build three feet from the Horatio had been conducting a millin7or Mai I)'or Face l'owder JN. Wild store. Ilis deed called for' storc on West l''i'olit street and 1.89 Djcr-kis5 Perfume « 1.25 value. May special 2R feet frontage on Broad street. \• the lot on Broad street was bought j Twenty-night feet southward from because the business needed more Pivcr's Vegetal Tuilct Wai tct98c Rexiill Eyclo the point where Mr. Krnener stnrt r Ir n o n l . T | l u p i x . 5 e nt two-rfory brie O .1.00 jlrt-'liMor) A soothing, antiseptic oyo lotion, ed thc cnlai-RCment of Ins store 1l u l i I l | i n s w a K p u tu p a l u l JI r s , Wcis! 2.19 forclcansint'.hcalinccnndstrcnRthI brought him to a point on thc Henry \mnxcA )„,,. husiness to the new I A two'tube receiver — new—oninp tho eye:). Complete with Djcr-Kiss Toilet Water j Clay lot. Mr. Clay had died and t ) i e ! s | o r i , -m ( i l l ,K u n l r a ,,,. o f JS01. The finely made. For actually less aluminum cup. -?*Q',o I house and lot had become the prop-1 m j m n ( , r y ] m «incss was sold some Hor'ii'ck's Malted Milk than it , at aj Pure Fruit Jams \ Efiniiy attached to any faucet Ih". Cirahani frowned as I walked hands of Tyleo. W. Throekinorton sheriff's snle. .Several persnns into his hniitiariuni, l-.'l tiujit 80th Iloldafast. WiwA n.'J a fihov/er, or Jur.t rod, ripe, picked utrawberof Red Rank, a surveyor, to had an interest in the property and Street, New York, with n grin. An fnr shampooing. QQr* ri«i or raspborrica nnd ougar. straighten out. All the deeds from Ibis plot, together H'ilh three or v norm on :;ly fat woman \V;IH just Reg. $1.25 'May special UOL Th;it in nil. away back for all the property on four other parci 1-, was told by leaving. 1 wa.H lauj,'hing at her Writing Paper Special Single jar njars the whole Broad street, frontage of Sli'M-iff Holmes Conover 1" cln.-e up ridiculously large porportion, r 45c & for Dr. (iraham sobered mo in a the block were put in bishands. lie an estate. The various parc-cH were Lord Baltimore. Kxeollc-nt quality, linen finish. About HO iiheeta spent three or four days studying sold to different individuals nnd Iheminute. "Him* would you like to Other JVcck-EudTable Needs and DU envelopes to match. Q fj be a very sick diabetes patient and u p t h e d e e d s a n d MirveyhiK, b e g i n - j T r u e x p!"* w a s hmi^ht f o r !?'J,U.'IO. We.k-EniU May special Oc!JC have mo laugh at you?" "Hut, n i n p iir;>t nt o n e s t r e e t c o r n e r a n d : It has a i ' n i n t a u e of J K ' ! •: feet on One tor," I excused myself, "Hie C 1 't?Z rr"!tor? 4*i-l' 2 for 49C t h e n a t ttlit! h e otlier. T h o old doi'Lidocu- Broad s t r e e t .. T Tin liouth side o f t h e lady was only fat; I don't see the h e smith Cream Caramels m e n t s r e l a t i n g t o M e d i a n it: s t r e e t lot r u n s e a s t w a r d o n nn a n g l r point. 2for40c vanilla. OraiiRC Marmalade Aborted rliocolatn and a n d W a l l a c e s t r e e t were al.^o looked t o w a r d tlie n o r t h . T h i s m a k e s t h e "Point enough," replied Dr. Imiivifiually vrapprd. C r n p c Jelly . . u p a n d Ruivoys m a d e from t h e m . r e a r nf t h e lot, n a r r o w e r Ihiin t h e firaham, "if you hut realized tin* 2 /or 36C Rej;. 49c May special, Ib. T h e p r o p e r t y lines o n t h e block s t r e e t f r o n t a g e , t h e r e a r of t h e l o td iscomfort and unhappiuess of stout LiRHctt'n C o f f e e . . 2 for 56C pooplo. Most of my pnlienty w e r e also s u r v e y n l . b e i n g 7S feet w i d e . (1 111. rcai'larlv «<•] Chewy Honey Nougats Ope!u> ; Tea .' . • F o r m a n y year:; a f t e r Hie p r o p e r - ! a r e ii: coiiragod when they come to1 When this work ivas i'on)))letfd 2 for 61c Assorted flavors. Individually £',ll,.7vl)»/,.r/tfCDC] tlie a n s w e r w a s simple, 'i'he original ly w a s b o u g h t b y J o h n T r u r x in me. Diet, oxemr.c, baths, mn.ssagi wmppwl. In 1 -111. box. Pure Conia . . . —all ;;ei'in to havo failed in clu'ckr 2 for 26C l.'citi-eh s t o r e at t h e r o n i e r of Uroail is:. ,"p i t , v.a :' k'M il :i- Ihe f nniik' n'. iReg. 5!)c May special, Ib. [Jjll.. iT»u/iir/|iir.cJ inir the growlh of .surplus fat. which a n d JMt'chnnii: street.) h a d n o t been . ! • : 'I'll I'll A'I'illii1111 A . Tnirx Illll often jirove? fate.l when Mokness Pure Olive Oil . . 2forlJ9 Jordanette Almonds built on t h e ; ! r e e t line, b u t t b r e e up : 1 Iv,{lUiJm. nnulnrluWci 1 o-sf cry 1.llilil i n i r 011 t h e 1Ol'lll conifs." feet Kfiuth of t h o street line. When Hill o f 11M • p r ii p e r t y i n which for Peanut Ilulter . . Select, imi'.-ir coated nulii. QQ 2 for 40 c "l\y the way, Doctor, Nentroids • Ucc. 49c May special, II). Ot/L [liLo^jiuiTHiilnrti/SI*] U n r a l i o \ T . Wild built his More lie m : n 1 y y e;ir ; he r u m l i i c t e d a (jroc 1' r v niupt be doing a world of good ac2 ^ 41c had a c c e p t e d t h e Dcit^ch storo line i-tor r i O'milnrl:, inr) ll's cording to tho report- I hear." ! f i ' V •••ii'il 1)1O\ I ' l l Hi Peter's Milk Chocolate Viiiiillalixtrart . . 2 for 41c nn t h r street line. Hi:; Int was "Ye;-, but it wns only after yenvn i r e t n ; i linther ( w i i - : t n r v i;rni .,.|- y . | , 'Ml [?. nr. r.'itiImlit 40r] J j pound bar. feet wide ai;d hi:; b u i l d i n g v. an thir- hull ilin: ' V, hh-h he erri'tie.l i'ii tho «»f research and cxporiment. that I Lcmim lixiracl . . I'm ally perfected this t-nff: method 2 for 41C t y feet wide, n n d I bus he had Re!!. 35c May special {2 f k i n . At. his d e a t h liincy, Brand nnd Moninouth Sti.. Bicycle and Tally. I[o p r o p e r t y owtiero of t h e neighborini|)Hi':i nutinfiiclion. Ocnuino his p r o p e r t y wi'iil t o b i s 1'iiur chilhood a n d a t t h e m e e t i n g s of the Ked bri:!lU'ii, luulK^r iriniPIaylnBCard» 2 d r e n , i n s a i d in t h e c u r l y p a r t of f rniMl, t'i't in rubber. Hank t i omi>ft^ioni i i i s. Mo.sL iieoph* this nrtiele. T h e t w o - s t o r y iituie Uncle Sam formerly $1.00 t h o u g h t h e should be ri'i-oiniieiKU'd which b e buill on I h e n o r t h e n d of Playing Cnrds Reduced to for tin 1 land lm had p u t in t h e Ihe T r u e s p r o p e r l y a n d w h e r e h e p street, even thuu(;h he had dime it formerly kept a grocery sture, liua

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Colt'i Neck Men Folks Turn Out Reception Given for Kev. and Mrs. j John Sherman. | «nd Do a Good Job. The Atlantic eenietciy u.vodnliui] The reception for Kev. and Mr-, of Colt's Neck met Friday night and John .Sherman last Wednesday ! elected Frank S. Weeks as n tniB- night at the Iiaplist chapel ilre'.v tco to succeed the late William a large number of persons. An adMohlmeyer. Rev. I). Percy Doyle dress of welcome was made by Rev. wtw appointed to have .supervision John Wesley Tower-, ncting pastor of the cemetery to succeed Gurrett of the Reformed church, and other W. Buck, who declined to take the addresses w'ere made by visiting position nnother year. In thu past clergymen. Kefresbinents were tile cemetery has ioeoii-ed many do- Kerv-t.-d- mid a general -social tinij nations from persons interested in was enjoyed, its maintenance, and Mr. Doyle was I Mrs. Henry Cross is one of the "| authorized to receive such contribu•thief faim owners in this locality! tions in the. future. On .Saturday a number of men folks of Colt'.s Neck ' wilo has reduced her potato acre- j went to the cemetery and put it in age. Forty acres of her farm which readiness for Memorial day. In the: were formerly used for growing party were Mr. Doyle, Mr. Duck, '• potatoes have been set out with asFrank Matthews, Frank Magee, Ar- I pa rag us, thur and Carl Solid and I'cter j William Coyne was accepted ns j member of the young men's associa- I Smith. tiou 'Friday night A membership j committee was appointed consisting j | L1NCROFT NEWS of James Hammond and Clifford Fine Program Given at the School. Wilson. Grove Thacker has reduced his house Friday Night. At the Community league meet- potato acreage by putting out a large apple orchard, ing at the Bchoolhouse Friday night a fine musical program was ren- j improvements are being made to dered by Middietovvu township high the Ely estate bouse, which is oc- ! f school pupils who live here. Mrs, cupied by James Hammond. Stone and tarvia will be put on ; Kenneth Wyckolf arranged this treat, A large gathering enjoyed the county road west of the village j tho entertainment and express*.'-! center. Frank Wagner drove a Chevrolet much appreciation. Much gratification was expressed at the meeting I automobile from Tarry-town, New over the fact that busses are nowJ York, la.t week and ihlivered it running through this' place and ! to a lieil Hani: automobile, dealer. genera^ satisfaction was shown over MARLBORO NEWS. the bun service given. It was stated that for the first week o? [ Thomas Wilkinson. Has Ca/iccr Retwo the busses might not always ; moved I'rom His Lip. be exactly on schedule time but that things would soon be ironed t Thorn s Wilkinson spe;it last week in the Lung' liranch ho: pital ! out and in, apple-pie order. David SoiTel, Jr., ton of David where h" had a. cancer removed I from his lip. Soffel, is on the .sick list. Mrs. C. H. Keri- and daughter 1 Miss Doretta Cuttrcll returned Klsie spent last Wednesday willi on Tuesday fi:,ni a visit with"her j mother,, Mrs. Ehvoud Johnson of relatives at New York. About 2i> residents of this place Allentown. attended service at the Reformed : Mr. and Mrs. Lester Herbert and church at Red !3;ink Sunday night. 'daughter Marion of llradley lie.ieh Kev. James Dykcimi, the pastor of Were .Sunday |:uc:ts ..I' .Mr. ller-j that church, is well known here, .is . bert's parents, M.\ and Mrs. William . j he has frequently helped as a solo- i Herbert. ist at entertainments-at LincrofY. ; M;r. .Sarah D. Hayward i.-; vi.-iting ! j The Lincroft folks went to hi her daughter at Arlington. church Sunday ili^ht lo show ap- : Miss Margaiet Cuurtright and] preciation for the assistance he hasj friend of New York, visited lur par| en!:-; over .Sunday. given to them in the past. | ('. W. Brown and daughter (!erSome time ago a citizens' comtrude spent Sunday with Mrs:. mittee of tins place wrote, to tin; Urown at their sumiue!' home here. county freeholders requesting- i.iMr. and Mrs. C. J. Court right and formation at to what provision had Mrs. Anna Jiaird niui daughter been made for paving the county .Sarah spent Wednesday with .Mr. road through Lir.croft with coni and Mr?. F. K. Iiuteher of Holmdei. crete. Last week tlie eonimittc received a.ietter stating 'that no A Busy Visitor. ' i provision had been made for such \ Luke. Longhead takes rie;::.agos I improvement this y a r but that the (•vei'y wei-lv into over 7,1(1(1 b-jnu-s. 1 matter would be taken under ad- Let him carry yours. —Advej'lise- | : visement next year. men!. • I Mrs. James V;inRiunt, who h;u N E R V E S A L L U N S T R U N G ? been on the sick list, is improving. A report has boon prevalent that Red Bank Folks Should Find the Cause and Correct It. ' Ralph Willgerodt was married reAre. you all worn out? Feel tired, cently. It is a, false report. Mr. nervous, half-sick? Do you have a Willgerodt is still enjoying- single ,- coii.stant backache; sharp tv/in.v/es blessedness. ! of pain, tiio, with di:-.zy spells an-! Miss Mary Jonrs and Miss Mary 'annoying urinary disorders? Then Holmes of llohndel were guests of I there's cause for worry and more : eauso to give -your- weakened l;idMrs. Paul Keid Friday.. Miss Kmma Thompson was a r>- ' nejs jironipt lieip." Use 1,'nan'.- Pills ccnt guest of relatives at. Freehold, -—a ;>timula!:L diuretic Lo the kid-. Mrs. Ida Lake and Ml'.-. Frank ! 1\'"1 Can!: f;li;-. recomiv.cp-1 Couklin of Ked liank spent .Mon- | Doan's for jus! such tronldes.' day with Miss Thompson. I John :-:. Leouard, ITill llriilge Mrs. Christian Martinson is very i Ave., lied 1'anl:, say:-: " J l y i'xpt>i-isick. ence wifli Doan's i'ill.s makes it Mrs. James C. Richdale of Pha- Iiossildf for lile fo rccommfiid tl'uni lanx was taken last week to the and advise their use. My kidneys Spring I.ako hnspi!:il, where ;-hr ; W( re out of order and acted irri-,;-. underwent an operation. She is im-j ularly. I was nervous and my back j pained. I'oan's beljied me so much proving. i that 1 continued with thciii an;l The Christian L'nrlcavor meeting V;is eutisily ctiri.d." at t h o ' chapel last Thursday night Ninu Years Later, Mr. Leonard was led by Charles (i. Leonard. a d d e d : " I h:ive ti'.e g r e a t e r c o u l i The. leader tomorrow night will lie dence in Doan's f o r they w i l l help i nin 1 v.hen bothered w i t h k i d n e y Miss Kdna Rinchart. Mrs. Arthur Soden is confined to i troub!;'." Price fil'c. at all dealers. Don't the house with inflammatory rheusimply a^k \'i>v a kidney r«medy — matism. get Doan's Pills- -the s.'nne ihat'Mr. Dr. ('. H. Kcrr has had a tcle- Leonard had. l-'oster-Milburn Co |j:l:'.,H' put in his house. Ml'rs., Uull'ah., N . Y.



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Page Four the! state state boa|d boafd of education to take from the governor the appoimmiMit of the commissioner of education is one of the worst thmprs that could happen to the pulilic schools cl th'.' state.

THE REDJ8ANK REGISTER. JOHN II. COOK, K.lltor one! Publisher, GEOKGK C. UANCfc, A»»ocia%o Editor.

THOMAS WING UKOWN. T d c r l u m e s :—Keil B a n k 13. I l o J J J o n l t ISOO.

The new income law which is being prepared by congress contains a provision for the public inspection of income tax records. Many of the I! "f ''"' country are wildly lintcred nt tlio pc'slollict! nt lied Bank, bit; ""' i 2J, .1 , us Bcctind-c!u- '3 matter. protesting against this. Subscj ipliou P r i c e s : Omi yenr « , ; im.ullis ; Three m o n t h s

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s t r o n g e s t R e p u b l i c a n city i:i N'c< J e r s e y . It is c o m p l e t e l y i ! c « : - . - : . by t h e Kepublican m;u'!iiiw. i>..'v l)IiiiK. liquor sell:!!),- a:id m a n y c.'-. otTenses jignins! law a:ui , ' V , : . T .-.•• said to be c o m m o n t h e r e , '\'::\- >.-• a n effort was starto.i ;o clc/,;-. ;:;• •.'• lawlessness and. \icc wr,;c:- > *,-,. to be common t h e r e ;-i:-.e .c • \ \ . t h e city luw-iibi.lin>r. 1: v.'-s -• s t r a i g h t - o u t tip;'-.", lietwi'cv. t ' - . s e us., w a n t e d a " l i b e r a l " or \ \ j j o - c p c 1 t u w n ami tlio.-c who w a n t e d ih. a w s airain-t Kanibhu^, an.l liquo: : - ellin£ c n i o ! ceil.


Why shinilil there he a n y secrecy out taxes'.' Taxes a r e public affairs and a r e maf.crs of p r i m a r y interest to t h e people. E v e r y man Before the days of tin- VulMMfl past. in'Mdie !ifc r e m e m b e r s ihe outact few except Italians iiiillu-U'il the cry ' k a t was made whe-n it was proleaves or flowers of dandelions, but today th<«e who seek for this plant I posed to open the a s s e s s m e n t books nrc legion. Various are iis. us-?? of M o n m o u t h county to a n y tnxUse the leaves as a salad or Imil • payer who w a n t e d to sec t h e m . In them and make them iiUo hi-oth or tho.-c days it was c o m m o n l y held use them as "e,ri-en.-," and yon s,'l-t'^1 ha: the as.-es.siv.ent b o o k s w e r e the nut only food 1M;I a liH-dii-iru . Make personal p r o p e r t y of t h e assessor the tl"\vers into wine and ymi y.<:[ a and t h a t no cm' could see t h e m ex"ku-k" that I'.olhnie; .-horL ui " J i r - cept t h r o u g h the f a v o r of the as, .-cs-or. tey !ii:hinii]g" car. exrel.



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Thirty-five years Heg-istcr p u b l i s h e d

o r s o n^o The the nssessment

lion, cither for food or for evil, yet ( l i s t o f R e d B a n k _ T l u , l i s t h n d i l t , c n no (lower or plant is less boastful or | turned over to The Register by a more humble than the. dandelion. | n c w c o n c c t o r o f t n e town taxes, Ea?y would be the lil'^'-of the iarm- l w ) l 0 believed that every taxpayer «r if everything lie raised was as . h a ( , a r ; g l l t t 0 1 ; n u x v w h a t h i , ] m i p . easy to bring to maturity as the . c r t y , v a s j,s.sossed at in comparison dandelion, and easy would he the : w j [ ' h i,j s l l c ighhor. The jrabiication life of the consumer of farm prod- ,,,- , n e j j , t c r O ated a great deal of ucts if all his veyjct aide fan Have, discussion and criticism of that tax so much fcr so little as the dande- c o n C ctor, but the publication of the lion docs. list cured a great deal of injustice * which had been goine; on in the The dandelion may never get its : town in the matter of unequal asjust due=, atlioiigh the dawn seems j sessments. to be breaking. It is like the com- J . * * * mon people, too regular in its habits The opening of the income tax of usefulness and not spectacular books to general inspection would enough in its methods to attract have much the same beneficial remuch attention. On the other hand, sult in the nation at larjje as the however, Old Mother Nature must i publication of the tax list had ii think a lot of this little flower, on ]]{(,,! ^ ^ thirty-li\u years ago. the same principle that Abraham , j u s t a s t ] l e publication of the tax Lincoln said that. God Almighty [j s t j n The Register cured many in-

W h a t .lid th' IVi'ioi'v.r..this iunetim1.' 1M.1 t h e y p ; i ,



•n T > u t - i : p o n t l i e m ? ' N o t a 11it ] > > » » » > Z » r » » r O ' < C » T < Z O Z C . r » ! • IM t h " l l e n u i c r a ' . s o f A t b . n >i'..l l:;.-t w e e ! , . T h e ]>c!!H>-


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::::<{ Pnum'niliimaptll' c.iM : chines. What happened ill t h e ; ] ; a t i o n a l c ! e f t ioti ! I \orth\w si in th j of two year-: a'j , a n i l w h a t ' h a p - : per.ed in Atlami ( . ' i t y in o u r . o w n ' -true


Nov.- . l e r e y



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j . H. WHITE 35 White Sti-eet Red Bank, N. J.

' t i c k e t o f t h e i r o w n , v h v n i h e r p w a s • ' « : s e e n a i r a i n 1:1 p r o b a b l y e v e r y s t a t e a i)o.ssi!ile eh.. . . T of sllcces..-, f u r ; i n <''<" V ' n i o M a n d i n e v e r y c i t y of, i ' t h e m ? ' -Not a Lit of it. Did t h e y ; N e w J.TM-.V w'r.cn I ho R e p u b l i c a n o r j l i e l p t h o s e w h o w ; uU-il t h e « l l y r u n ; H ) e 1 ) e m n e r : i t ie m a c h i n e is t h r e a t - ' 1 f o r l a w a n d order'." N.>t a h i t c f ' o n e d b y a l l u p r i s i n g o f till! p e o p l e . { t h a t eii'her. The liemocra:ic m a - : T h e t w o i-.irii-iiinrs w i l l p e t t o g c t h i T j c h i i u - w e n t o v e r h a g r . n . l lia.utv.-iire t » ' ; i 1 < " 1 1 ' 1 ' ' ' ' " ' l ! : i " l e i s " • ' d i U ' e r e n e e t h e R e i ' u h i y a n m a c l i i n e , a n d lu-lpe.l . ' ' f t w ,'eii, t h e i n e x c e p t t h e d l H l.l t h a t m a c h i n e fa.-i 11 i t s . If ,-ii;:iin " n , i n 11:1:111'. Until p a r t i e s a n il o j i d l e p e oO|d p l e of A t l a n t i c C i t y , w i t h t h e ! '-tikdy

s a m e old c o n d i t i o n s . T h i s is not, a n u n u s u a l o c c u r r e n c e . I t w a s ^een two yeafs. a g o on a e;rt;'.t s c a l e in the Northwi-.-t. T h e f a r m e r s of the s t i l l ' s in t h a t p a r ; of t h e c o u n t r y had revolted a g a i n s t t h e conditions which were r u i n i n g them. T h e y o r g a n i z e d t h e m s e l v e s to o v e r t h r o w t h e ' b i ! ? c o r p o r a t i o n s which ti?.'od the p r i c e s of t h e i r f a r m p r o d u c t s a n d w h i c h lixed t h e pric s w h i c h the f a r m e r s had t o ' p n y f o r their farm supplies,




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lerests, a n d by t h e s a m e t o i p i i a linns. The l\\n party m H u n t s pi-einntly u n i t e w h e n e v e r th< [ jl r e t t o g e t h e r tn s e e k r e f o r m s 01 to o b t a i n relief from b e i n g p l u n ! W h e n ( h e r e i:; no s u c h b a t t ( i t t l u pi'ojile a g a i n s t o p p r e s s i o n , t h i n thi two p a r t i e s joi:i in m i m i c \ l;no\\in(;' t h a t w h i c h e v e r p a i t \ v 1 t h e r e will be no c h a n g e in t h e p i u of the c o r p o r a t i o n s to c o n t r o l t h e people, ( T o w n - T a l l : c o n t i n u e d on p a g e ! - • '

T. H. McKnight



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'The R e p u b l i c a n s w e r e in . c o m p l e t e j > ; , , i iei> i-, h « - i - , ' n v g i v m t i ^ t t i ^ n , - , - n i i t i t i power there. T h e y had been in 1 i ll p o w e r f o r a g e n e r a t i o n a n d t i l i n g s j i,',. 5 ' of tin- t u u n i \ r 1< n 1 r K had b e c o m e i n t o l e r a b l e Tor t h e ; "H'vuh ,MI,I n!! farmers. Tim f a r m e r s p u t up e::n!''"'t!",' i i i n ' . - i c e : i i h ' d a y ™ f ' " i n n . " \"i) i dictates of t h e i r own. Hid the D e m - ' ''•'-> o c r a t s of t h o s e s t a t e s p u t u p t i c k e t s I o f t h e i r o w n ? Or did t h e y help t h e ! I>^'1 Mny .V>th. A. n. 1 i_l I f a r m e r a throv.' oil the \ i l o w h i t h

j J^^ ""!;;." ,!',' ''';; "j;;;'";,|!', '' [ "^ , ' \!'\

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The caolinjj coil in Frigidaire is equivalent to a 200-lb. £akd of ice. It is 12" colder than ice and never melts.


17 StylcB and Sires, for prices tea

L. C. SISUM Atlantic Highlands, N. J.

When tlic opportunity to serve comes to us it is reed ns placing a sacred 'runt in our care—and it merits and receives a faithperformance of every detail.

Many a man is today living in a home thq.t rent built.

A demand i3 bciiiK put forward to ]iavc the appointment of the commissioner of education of New Jersey taken out of the hands of the governor of the state and put in the hands of the state beard uf education. This scheme of increasing the power of the board of education has >icen under way for sonic time. A week or so n^o, at the annual meeting of the federation of -women's clubs of New Jersey, this project yas brought forward again by one of the women members of the state board of education, with a request that it be endorsed by the women's clubs of the :-tatc-. 0

Here's the way it was clone. These men^were-prudent. They had saved a little money from their salaries or businesses.When one of these men g;ot $500, or $1,000, or $1,500 saved up, he went to a real estate man, or a "realtor," as the best real estate men are called nowadays. He told the realtor how much money he h ad and the locality where he would like to buy a home. The realtor looked up,all the houses for sale in that neighborhood and took the man around to see them.

The man bought one of them. He paid down" what money he had saved and he. gave a mortgage for the balance.

E v e r y o r g a n i z a t i o n of e v e r y k i n d is a l w a y s s e e k i n g f o r m o r e p o w e r . T h i s h a s b e e n t h e ca.^e r v r r s i n c e m e n fir.-.t or^aniv.cd t h e m s e l v o ^ i n t o little tribes. A l w a y s these organiz a t i o n s a r e si'L'kin^ in t a k e p o w e r •from t h e p e o p l e a n d p l a c e it in t h e i r own hand.-. They think that 'they a r e t h e o n e s m o s t c a p a b l e of cond u c t i n g p u b l i c affairs, a n d in m a n y cases t h e y think t h e y w e r e divinely a p p o i n t e d U> r u l e . In t h e old d a y s , in c a s e s o f kin^rf a n d e m p e r o r s a m i liifrh p r i e s t s , t h i s d i v i n e origin of t h e i r pov.-c-r w a s o p e n l y m a d e . N o w adays the idea t h a t persons who hoi'! p o l i t i c a l or a p p o i n t i v e jobs: j^ot t h e i r p o w e r f r o m on h i g h is n n t ?o p u l ' l i c l y p u t f o r t h a s in t h e o l d e n times, b u t tho d e m a n d t h a t t h e y In: tfiven ^ l f l l "e p o w e r has n o t a b a t e d in the l e a ^ t . * •

The former owner of the house took th e mortgage. He allowed the buyer to pay off the mortgage in monthly payments, the same as rent. If the house cost $6,000 and the man had $1,500 to pay down, this left a mortgage of $4,500. The seller of the house agreed to take $50 a month in payments. This is about $10 less than a house costing $6,000 is expected to rent for in Red Bank. (If the seller doesn't care to take the mortgage it can be taken by a building and loan association, with monthly payments in the same way.) The interest on a mortgage of $4,500 is $270 per year or $22.50 per month. '•'".'• *'';'"i?;-When the buyer of the house paid his $50 per month, $22.50 was interest on the mortgage. The remaining $27.50 was to go as a payment on the mortgage. At the end of six months the buyer had made six payments of $50 each. This made a total of $300. The interest on the mortgage for the six months was $135. That left a payment of $165 to be credited on the mortgage. This cut the mortgage down to $4,335.


Tlic i>Tivcni i h a t whib.; tho ^owvli'ir i.< suiii'-i-'.Hy i-oiiipelent in a p p o i n t Ihe i n e n r H ' ! . of liic Ante i not c o m p e t e n t tn Jippnitjt (In* .•'.:;'•• enMilil);-- i(']M v of i-ducatif)] 1 !. In oilier w o r d - t h e y b e lieve t h a t the ^ u v e n . ' . r 01 N e w J e r ! ?>l b n i i : - ' eii'tiirrh to a p p o i n t ll:e s i a t c h o a r d a' e d u r a u o n , IMIC he h a s ii'H ^ri(, bi;iin• eni'Utrh \n pick <>ut ( a m a n ;-uit;i!-|.- fni- t',.. ji^Miiuti df tlio h e a d of i he di-part m e m uf ]iulilie i n s t r u c t i i , n . V



During the next six months the buyer again paid $300. Out of this money was paid the interest on the balance due on the mortgage. But instead of having to pay interest on $4,500 for these six months, the buyer paid interest on only $4,335. The interest on this amount was $130.75, instead of ,$135, as at first. This left $169.95 to be credited on the mortgage and this cut the mortgage down to $4,165.05. Each six months thereafter the mortgage was reduced faster and faster because the interest was growing less all the time and this left more money to be applied on the principal. At the end of the second year the mortgage was reduced to $3,809.70. In about ten years the mortgage was entirely paid off with money which otherwise would have been paid in rent; and the buyer had his home free and clear.


A l a w t;s 1.i.•:).', tliis. i i p j - K i i n t n u v,i f r o m t h e i.'<>v- a n d l a n . i i i s i ; - it v.\

f h e l a p n f thr> n i ! > n i b i - r s o f tln> ; ' a ; . - ! lioard of c i i u r a ! i
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wmibl public


Many homes in Red Bank have been bought with rent money in this way, either by the owner taking the mortgage or by the buyer taking shares in a building and loan association.

H'tii'-v.- I ,-rhouh;

t In 1 • j f e f j p l e .

If you have not yet got a home of your own, why not get one by this method. Almost eveiy realtor in Red"Bank has houses for sale in this way, and $500 to $1,500 down will buy you a home.

Nor \\ ill any person uf. ordinary ( ' ( i n i i n n n • e n : ; e bi-li(:\"c t h a t , t h ' 1 n i t ' i n 1K1 r ; ;iny


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bead of the public of ihe ..tnto t h a n H I P

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iif! a b s o l u t e l y In pi. o u t o f 1 lie p u b '- l i e fcrIni<>!?••, ."Did y e t e v e r y o n e re\

The Oakland engine is true blue because in Then there are four-wheel brakes (you cerit ihe naturfil advantages of a "Six" have tainly should riot buy a car without thla been developed to a remarkable degree. proved coscntlal)) exclusive centralized com There is freedom from annoying vibration* trols on the steering wheel; a special body which la essential to complete closed-car finish whjch retains its lustre indefinitely, satisfaction; there isextrcmeflexibilitywhich and a dozen other features. 8 makca gear changing rarely necessary; there Isn't It true that the problem of choosInR is asurprising ability to respond to unuiunl the right car is merely a matter of getting demandg quickly and without fusa—all of tho moat and the hat for your money? which qualities 7011 will turely Beck in » Examine tho True Blue Oakland Six. Drive selecting your next doscd-car. Ityoursclf. Wcwelcomefrankcomparisono.


nust love the common people of the equalities and many injustices in the country, because he made so many town of Red Bank, just so would of them. the opening of the income tax lists • ** cure many cases of injustice in the The gold of the dandelion makes nation at large. gay the fields and roadsides at this • * • time of year. The leaves of the All public business should be open dandelionsused as greens or as broth to the public. The people are entend to give health and vigor; while to know all about thcir the blossom when converted, into 1 imsincss. Only those who seek spevmc rivals by thejisua^homc-niacl^pro-^^ a d v a n t a g e s f o r themselves or cess the celebrated "White Mule" drink of the Blue 'Ridge their friends througli secrecy "want facts about public business kept mountains in the intensity, of its "kick." The dandelion in the past from the people. lias been regarded with disdain, and o-o-o-o-o^ even with aversion by those who How little difference there is behave lawns; but it certainly now tween the Republican party and the seems to be on the point of becom- Democratic party was shown last ing a universal favorite. week in the election at Atlantic City. Atlantic City is perhaps the —o-o-o-o-o—


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Iteiniblican fit ate ;-enai.or:> rfi'iuit-ti t o (oiifiini a n a p p o i n t m e n t of a m c i n \ licr of t h n :,tate b o a r d of e d u c a t i o n M i r n u u e l l u y d i d n ' t l i k e tin: p o l i t i c s of Hit! iiiTwin, n a m e d b y i h e K o v c r -

* nor. ^ * # Power r>1innld be ]tcpf JIR rloK« to tho iieoplo tin pdBMlilc. Kvi i ry effort , to tnko power iiom tho people rituuld ho ^U»osed» [Xhh scheme o£

The following REALTORS are members of the Real Estate Board of Red Bank:


ALLAIRE & SON, 60 Broad Street.

Monmouth County's Largest Automobile Distributor Red Bank, N. J. Telephone 955

Sea Bright, N. J. Telephone 90



HAWKINS BROTHERS, 10 Monmouth Street.

HENDRICKSON & STOUT, 09-71 Broad Street. HENRY F. HYLIN, 42 BroiJU Street.

WILLIAM A. HOPPING, 49 Broad Street.

A. L. 1V1NS AGENCY, 42 Broad Street.

RED BANK REAL ESTATE CO, H. B. PRICE, President, Second National Bank Building. LAND A LOAN COMPANY, NEWTON "OREMUS, Proa., 10 Ea.l Front Street.




EVERETT NEWS. AGED WOMAN INJURED. Mn. Matilda Rhoadei oft Eatonlown Farmer* Making Big Shipmenti of .—-., fc , * . - „ • — , * , . « . » , r^ Hurt in an Accident. AiparaRiu at Cood Price*. Mrs. Matilda Rhoades of EatonWith the arrival of "warm town, who la 81 years old, was taken weather, the nRparagua season has to the Long Branch hospital last set in in dead earnest and large week with injuries received in anshipments of "gra-ss" are being accident at Turtle Mill, near Eaton made by farmers here. Much satifitown. The accident occurred when fiiction is expressed over the Jiifjlj Mrs. Ehoades tried to cross the road price which is being paid for aswhile an automobile driven by Mrs.parngu!:. -p John Dugan of Highlands waa ap funenil of Patrick Toomey prnnehing. Mrs. Pugnn claims that .'it Tlie St. CatlK-: inc'.'j church last week Mrs. RhoadfH started to run across the road and stumbled and fell, was marked by a large attendance striking her head against the car. <'infi by numerous and beautiful Mrs. flhoades's head was badly cut floral tributes. Burial was made Temporary Office: and bruised, but it is believed that in Mount OJivet cemetery. The hearers were Charles and William the injury is not serious. 39 Worthley Street Kelly, James ii. Carton, Janu-.s Hickey and Terrcnce and Edward . Red Bank Got Contract For $1,095. Kowe. The Eatontown township commitBert Morris spent Sunday with Phono Red Bank C35-R tee at a niiiutiiie last Wednesday Rev. W, I1. Chase of Livingston, night awarded to Thomas Zinformerly of Holmdel. Joseph H. West, Mgr. t'ale a contract to construct Theodore Stilwell was a Sunday Leon W. Francis catch basin and put down 100 feet dinner guest of William Hance, J a , ^W^uR^^kW^ of cast iron pipe at the corner of of Red Bank. . •' Main office, 975 Clinton Ave. South street and Richardson avenue Jonli Kelly has suffered a heavy FREEHOLD,N.J. •n'tf.i c.Ih b I. ];;:'.< ;,,.!:, A ti.i } .-uJe: to carry off drain water at that loss of potatoes caused by the po,/ Newark, N. J. ITS MOTTO-SERVICE I,.,. ... On • I. : point. Mr. Zingalo. made a bid of tatoes rotting while they were i.i ( , )• run•. t . ?l,095 and the Smock contracting the ground. 'I, •, health and he is recuperating in the John Ravally is building another deny yourself afinecar. ibility, power, quietness, lack of vibration. 6ool< James Forster is spending a. few I Sold In any quantity to Farm- J1 weeks with his son at Jersey City. i era, MarkotGardonorsandfor !*< 77 MONMOUTH STREET, RED BANK, N. J. Thi> Indies' missionary society of i Family Gardens. J«Telephone 1074. the Reformed church met Thursday i Always Satisfied Customers. £< afternoon at . Mrs. Garrctt W. Buck's and arranged a program of activities for the summer. Dorothy Desmond was among ! 7 Broad St., Rod Bank, N. J. g< those who took part in a play given by the senior class of the Freehold high school last week. I^*»*J*^»$M£^*^^$M>$M$^ A New Brunswick family has movcj into William Prothcro's house. Harold Heulitt of Asbury Park has been Spending several days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hculitt. Charles Danser has six men and a. sawmill at work cutting trees into piling on William S. Bray's farm at Holmdel, where Mr. Danser has bought several acres of standing timber. The piling has been engaged by parties along the shore. Frank Crawford is a new employee of Mr. Danser. Mrs. ASIKT Crawford and Frank Crawford of this place and Mr. and Mcuts, breads and vies cooked in tfic Florence Oten arc evenly browned Mrs. John Ryan and daughter Margaret and James Anderson of Reel Bank were recent dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joaqtiin Lawrence. Warren Matthews has set out a ' large field with asparagus, thereby reducing his potato acreage. The members of the Indies' sewing club of the Reformed church enjoyed a pleasant afternoon last Wednesday at Mrs. George I,. fr care of the slove" is n and easily regulated to any degree. The Hnnce's. Mrs. D. Percy Doyle, the of tlio past • in progressive tilin flame is JI gas flame and docs not liurn JL thing . _ . president of the society, presided '^ from a. wick. Any dish, from the simplest homes. With ii Florence Oil Range ii the meeting. She was the recipient your kitchen there is no back-straining to ilic most elaborate, can be cooked of many congratulations on her requickly and well on the Florence. labor; no ashes; no coal to carry. stored health, she having returned Von pot <|uick, iiilciiso heat when you Kerosene is a cheap nnd plentiful fuel. home recently from the Spring want it, will only when yon wnnt il. It is Die vapor from kerosene that burns. Lain; hospital, where she was unThis means economy and a cool kitchen der treatment for pneumonia. Mrs. There are many special advantages in hoi weal her. I t is easy nbout the Florence that you should see JIanee and her sister, Miss Mary to prove these, important to appreciate. Buck, were hostesses at the social time which followed the meeting. facts. The play of "Aunt Jerushn's A beauty in any kitchen Quilting Parly1' will he repeated Seeing is believing The whole range is sturdily by the women of the Reformed Just j(o lo ii slorc and ask built ami a beauty to look church next Wednesday night at lo sco how the l''lorcnee at, with lustrous enamel, Knigb'.s of Pythias Jinll at Adelphia. FIorenctLevfler Kanp\ works. 'J'ouoU a Mark frame and nickel Kmil llofman has added ice ninlcli to llits Asbestos trimmings. cream to the goods sold at his Irj

WORTH DOING We believe that "What's worth doing, is worth doing well"—-that is why we put whole-hearted effort in every banking transaction. The result is satisfied customers.

FUNERAL DIRECTORS of Tenderness and Alertness


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Beginning Thursday, May 22,. and Ending Saturday, May 2 4


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J. H. Gregory & Son

Distributor »>t the AmMer Asbesto* Shinglta. Full >-tock, nil sues nnJ colt.ru carrieJ in freehold. We cHl.tr furnlah you the matt-rial <^r (,'ne tin aculied price. Can be applied »o or yiur old aliinirtn roof., W. BO » » V vrher« State, Slut; nml Tile Hooting PhonH 170-M ond 128-W.

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(of Unexcelled Merit). "Lime Sulphur" "Kcresol" "Artenate of Lend,' ''Black Leaf 4 0 " "Scalecide" ''Insecticide Soap," "N. J. Dry Mix,""Kayio," "Atomic Sulphur" "Niagara Dust Mixture!," "Sulphur" "B T S Dritomic" Other Materials Not Listed

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Middletown, N. J. Telephone 798-R. Dealers In FARMERS' SUPPLIES

A name is a convenient handle by which the public reaches for and gets the product it wants. All good motor oils have names* The handle is tjiere for your convenience and protection—use it, please.

jYou can select a good oil two ways. By making elaborate tests lor . yourself or by asking by name for a t>nmd that has been tested an A accepted b y a whole generation of motorists and engineers. Think of t h e t t m e , expense e n d uncertainty t h i t TTJTJ gave by asking ior "StarjdaniiPolarine.

You never say "Give me a package of cigarettes" or"a tube oi tooth paste." You know what you li ke and you ask for it— by name. It is to your advantage to buy oil on]y by name. It prevents substitution. It guarantees uniform quality. several good oils, But none: any Fetter than "Standard" Polarine. It' is. the standard among lubricating oils tod has been so for many years. It is still growing in favor. It is an honest oiLl SIANDAJip OH COMPANY {Newjersey) Buy ifte-hat otThut hay il hy *nd the name is "Standard'* Polariai


t l r r l i r n c ' i - l - ' u n t f) • t.l Diction, [y

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r i i r a i m n t ti» I M R i . r . l r r i.f , l o « . i ) l i I , . J i . j n lh*y. H l l r r o j ( M ( ( . ft tht> * ' , , i i i , t y u f M , , t i . iaaoutri. IIIB.IO o n t l m t w t i i i y . j i i i . 1 . I » y n f A p r i l , 1 V 2 1 , Oil t i l l ' MPIllllUllilM nf ! , , , , , » . • $ft C l i x l o l c k , i i i l i i . l i i l > l l n t » i u ( t l . n i . l u l a

, , , | j ' llri'tl l lllT.'l.y K l v . . . ' . I t i l .'Allll n t i i i ' 'r.» n f n n

.T .n.ld, wi ,'ftlyln. iir.. .il.iC-i r l,,,r,

,,( t|,,. ol,

' l ' l l u l . l , U. , 1 . , A i n i l H I , liKUilGK W, CHADWIUIC.

^jnstead'sWormSyriip 5o rlilliTrMl an nDr»l of mfKr." VI'IKTU •limtiouaareroUonnl. I r NEVEB TAH^l. >fl]iltri «f-nrrltr and ennnnons colt of ln> full do«>. Stool Ixly, .Tc-nm* trst. Sold 0T«rTwU«i-o or Irr null, noo n liotllr, * if » B«t. O . 4 . VogrlicM. M. D_ P

Operation on Spine. Bart E. Bryan of Avon, who suffered an injury to his' spine while serving in France in the world war, underwent an, operation lost week which a piece of hii shin bone was grafted to his spine and which was a. success. Parent-Teacher*'. Election. The new officers of the West End parent-teachers' association ar6 Mr3. J. Brown president, Mrs. G. L. Fotheringham and Mrs William Maps vice presidents, Mrs. 0. Rahill secretary and Mis3 A. N. Houlihan treasurer. Legion Food Shower. The American legion auxiliary of Asbury Park held a food shower last week for the soldiers' home at Toms River. About 200 persona were present. The legion has made 22,000 poppies for poppy day next aturday.

Allcn'.own Club Election. The F.>r;r,ie;!!iK- club of Allen- Re-Elected Hiitorian. town has elected Miss 31. E. GorMiss Margaret L. Terhune and | don pro iiic".!, Mrp. Albert Robbins Miss Anna Garrison of Matawan | vice president, ML-s Ida Foster sec- ttended the annual meeting- of the iretary. Ml?. K. I-'. Hammell as- N'cnr Jersey historical society last j sistaat secretary, Mrs. (1. D. Frazeo week at Newark. Miss Terhune treasurer and Mrs. Goo'rga T. Ford ! was re-elected historian of the soand :Mrs. Kniust l!rehaut critics. ciety. (Continued rn ne*t page.) Englishtown's New Pastof. T. ('uyler Vomifr of Princeton theological semiiary lias been enKai'cd as student pastor of the Y,\v£lishtown Presbyterian church for the summer. Mr. Young's father is a cleryman and two brothers are. also studying for the ministry. Doctor Loses Suit. Invalid Operated On. Walter Freeman, son of Mrs. Wil- ! liam H. Freeman of Freehold, w h o ; is umleryoinj,' treatment for con- i sumption at •Sa'Smac Lake, N o w ' York, underwent an operation for r appendicitis last week. Due to bis weak condition only a local n a - ; esthetic wa.-i used. , ' j Firemen Want Pay. The. Manas<|uan lire d e p a r t m e n t has rendered a bill of SI."ill to As-1 bury ('ark for helping fipht the Bristol hotel firs last year and f i r hose destroyed. The Asbury Park officials are willing to pay $50 for I the ruined hose h u t clajm nothing' ij duo f o r services, ' Rescued r^y Government Boat, John W, Grant o£ "Keanshunr. "Jaml's Grenatto'of. Keyport and II. A. llokon of West Kennsburg were saved from drowning )iear Sandy Hook last week by the crew of a government cutter. The men h':d been thrown overboard when their boat struck a log. Watchman Overcome, Edward Saumlcrp, night watchman in tlio Gordon garage- at Asbury Park, was overcome by smoke and gas fumes from nn auto engine, one. night last v e e k . Smoke issuing irom the garage caused n fire alarm to he rung and Mi1. Saunders was soon revived. Speed Boat Mahei Capture. One of tiie government's new speed boats in command of. Captain Lcircn Tilton of Sandy Hook captured ,i m m runner with i>8 capes of liquor early Saturday 'morning. Throe other liquor boats were chas-ed and the men threw their stock overboard.

awarded 5O,IHMI. J

MonmOtlth Cnuilly .Snrinsntr'a Offi(«. •r I I , i l l , n I.. In Hip matter of tl.r .'ti.i,. ,,( Uothn L. ),. I t i . - r l . l . . 1 . , - . Chndwlrk (fonntrly n.iMm I,, J : i ( , ; j . (Ivccant!.!. Hotlco to crrillliira t.i lurtrnt cli.in.t.

avalmt entatc.

The As bury Park chamber of commerce made a prolit of $1,276.. '.M from the recent business men's show. The Maiawnit realty company j ha? sold a house and lot on Little street to Walter Wilson of Jersey City. Thomas Nary has been chosen president of the E. II. Stokes fire company (if Asbury Park, Mrs. i Myron (_'. Cummings of Lonj; Branch gave birth to a daughter a few days ago Miss Margaret Graham of Allentown is employed as a telephone operator at Trenton. .< .Mrs. Charles I'. Shock of Mat.iv.'an. gave birth to a daughter Sunday of last week. Kennclh Lamb of Allentown has bought a new Buiok touring car. Mi's Margaret Shultz hr.s joined the J. 1'. club of Portaupeck.

Wins Second Judgment. Mrs. Frank .lohntry of -Neptune township was awarded n verdict of ?31w a1. Fr.f-' I.1 !i last week against! Adnlph Mil!' . • i';e result of t h e ] death of ;'• • .Mid, who was killed by a •; derrick. M n . .lohntry h."] previously been

A definition — trpc.mod*Stjndar.l-Any el, rr example lor lorn-

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their lives in tie world war. The trees were donated by. Miss Alma M. Lockwood and each will bear a HAPPENINGS OF INTEREST IN plate with the name of one of the war heroes. MONMOUTH COUNTY. Personal Notes, Salei of Property Hotel Damaged by Fire. Building Operation^ Lodge D Fire wrecked othe employee's ingi, Slight Fires, Births, Ma. quarters at the Jlelrose inn ot Belmar Saturday night. The hotel rinrjei ond Deaths—Other Items I Dr. Harvey Hurtmim of Keyport, was a. companion building to the county physician, lost his tuit last Colorado and the Delmar inn, both jv.eek l.i ivcuvcr ?;Sl)U from Key. of which were burned some iima I port as salary as medical inspector ago, and were originally exhibit j of schools. '1'lie schoolboard elnimed buildings at the Philadelphia exI Dr. HartiiK'.n rendered no services position. I for the period hi- claimed. Wins Scholarship. I Frederick (Juir.n, teacher of the Alfred D. Wallinpf, son of Rufus I rai-:uii>i' drove school in Howell 0. Wnlling of Kcyport, has been has bought n bungalow awarded an alternate scholarship in a t Freehold by the Columbia school of journalism uilt which will enable him to fcpend a H ves. A > b u r y . I'.ir high school was year of study in Europe if the stu•. u-turii.iis ii. a track meet with dent winning first selection does not , I.nnj; liiar.ch hii;h school last week. accept. The winners made 5^ points and Bradley Eitate Movei. The offices of the James A. BradHoward 1!. Sloat of Freehold is ley estate at Asbury Park have home Mi n ; wenty-tlay furlough boon moved from old Park Hall to , from t:;e : avy. lie. was .stationed the law offices of J. Everett Newat Panama during the winter. man. For 53 years practically all JII>. ^arali K. Morris, wife of of Mr. Bradley's Asbury Park busiDavid Morns i f Asbury Park, died ness Vas handled in the old buildlast weei' at the Spring Lake hos- ing. years old. pital. i Buyt Interlaken Property. Delhi has been elected Charl Kays R. Morgan has bought chii'f of Liberty fire company of large residence, and lot at InterWhitcsviilo. Thomas Laughlin is laken. The furniture and furnish the usMstar.t chief. ings of the house were included in Mr.". (,'harles II. Jenkinson has the sale. Mr. Morgan is a member been chosen president of the of the law firm of Patterson, Mothers' circle of St. i'aul's church Khome and Morgan. at Ocean drove. • . ! Mrs. .liiiiiis \V. YauHouten ami Waterbaelc Bldwi Out. The waterback in Fred WyckofT's i Vivian VanHoulcn of Manasquan •have joined tl'.e Eastern Star lodge new house at Manasquan blew out ast Saturday and parts of the stove at Asbtt'.-y l'lirk. l.atlimcr -Neale, son of Eev. H. were sent through the ceiling and alls, A fire was started by live II. \e;:le of Oakhurst, was a patient at the Lone; Branch hospital coals but was put out without calling the firemen. las: week.


J. C. Mrickson S SOD

Bean Orchard Sprayer 4 and 6 H. P. 200 gallon Tank


Sunday-school Club Election. The Helpful circle of St. Luke's Sunday-school at Long Branch him chosen Avida Thompson presiden:, (.'onstance Lewis \ieo president, Doris Sharp secretary, Charlotte Magee treasurer, Kulh Mead assistant .secretary and Meta Hall assistant treasurer. Memorial Treei Planted, Nine trees have been planted in Bench park at Keyport in memory of boys from- that place who lost

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Hudson Super-Six Coach

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Everyone prefers a closed car. T h e Coach alone is the quality car within reach of all. No wonder the Coach on Hudson and Essex is the world's largest selling six-cylinder closed car. The price you want to pay will decide you for Hudson or Essex. T h e closed car advantages of the Coach and its price surely leave no other consideration.

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What Your Daughter's Chum Must Set


• "TTACATION time...home coming V ... the sharp eyed little stranger ,.. how many a daughter finds her social standing strengthened or impaired by her guest's impression of the home she lives in. Your daughter who loves hew home so well can sea nothing but beauty in it, but you can't expect her guests to overlook the unlovely ..truth of dingy, dull or shabby floors. If you hove a single floor that lacks character or beauty, do not', let it go another day without Devoe

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RED BANK HARDWARE STORE 75 Monmouth Street Red Es.nk ROBERT DONOVAN, Proprietor Telephone 936 AUTHORIZED AQENT FOR:


"Jack certainly does pluy wonderfully, 'doesn't he?" "Yes. Particularly when you consider lwtc> he's handicapped with that piano. It's pretty aicful, isn't it?"

Does cause A

G A T H J ' J I U X G of friends in the evening.

One of

them. ;i splendid pianist, plays, lmt even Ins rnnstcrv cannot, hide ihe pitiful defcets of a faulty piano. What. u situation for the hostess. The others were politely attentive. When he finished they applauded. But, oh, what ^ they must have thought. Why didn't .she have a. good. piano! What: a difference it would have mafle had her piano heen ;i. Weaver. 1 low she eould have smiled with assurance and really enjoyed his playing it. And more, what pleasure she would have derived from her guests' obrious enjoyment; what pride from the player's spontaneous expression of enthusiasm for its beautiful tone and perfect action. The Weaver is a good piano, an exceptional piano. It meets; the most exacting requirements of Ihe studio or tin: home. Anil the 'quality of lone and mechanical excellence endure through years of continuous use, a source of enjoyment and pride in the possession of a Weaker. .'.Conic in and try Ihe Weaver yourself. I'lay on if. Listen to it. Inspect it thoroughly. IV o obligation, of course. Our attractive sales plan will inlcrest you. it; includes a liher.nl allowance on your present piano, !!li applies to all styles (if these beautiful Weavers—uprights, grands and player pianos. We are proud In be ;i Weaver; dealer You'll he proud to be a Weaver owner,

A. B. DIRHAN * Drummoncl Place

Red Bank, N. J.

Page Seveft'

at As'uuiy Park last week and was taken In police- h t a * i u n r t e i " Vmt not until a strolb:i- along the beach hail remoM'd nut buttle.

(Confirmed from last p a g e ) '1 !ir pupiK rf thi' Jila!;a:-:f|uan Stolen Car Recovered, liinh t.i-hu'il ;;i;.i'.Kiti:.y class ;)iei:', An automobile owned by Thomas pail of ir.L.t v.tcl; on a :.i;;htseeiiii; W. Ty.-.on of Asbury Park, which trip to \Va!:hi:!Rton, 1). C. The was stoh.'n recently, was recovered flnss rriiiifiriM'fi1 Anniibelle and Miii- laM, week at Newark, where.it had r. 13 .Su'tcrley, Heri-ha Greenwood, been abandoned in a street. Pearl White, lila Jscil: on, Kdnn New Working Hours. Kin;r, .lame.s IIu!:,i!;'.rt, J-rctl The Freehold ru;; mill is now opSpijij;ut'. Kenneth Yanljrunt, -fay, erating four day:i a week instead VViekham, lvl/,'nr Kruv.'n and. Vir- of three a-, f,,r several weeks pa. t gil Toms. • ' | and a reihi.-iion of ten per cent M^oyio Stars Co;:iin[j. . I has li"[-n made in the wa^e.s. 'flu:'" Motion picture 1 hfatc-r owners' ;:-.::oriation %%"il liolfl a cou- Deal Commissioner* Re-ElccteH. Last week',.; el,-,lion at Deal re| volition <".t A: luiry 1'ark June - l i b to ^<',th r.nd it ir> expected that sulted in tin. re-election of ;>I:iyor Aaro:i .1. Jiach iand Comrni?soners fifty or mure movie ?X:irs will attend a hall to he given nt thi c.i- T. liei-jiiau llfi-jnger, Jr., and Sidney II. l!hl/llr«. We.1 Freehold Man Dead. lioy Seriously Hurt. l'ar.iel Antonides. of West, FreeKenneth, the live-yonr-ohl t;on oC hold dird ..Sunday of last week in Augustus Daly of Freehold, fell his ,'Mt.h year. He leaves a widow from a fence Saturday week and and a :i.'.er, Ihe latter licinf Mrs. .sustained a fractured ^kull. He Mildred Aumack. was operated on at a Trenton hosWins Aulo. pital and is now recovering. Miss Elizabeth Dukiet of Asbury New Circuit Court Judge. Park wun the dieviolet coupe disJud^G Peter I1'. Daly probably posed of by the management of sat for the. last time in the Mon- the .St. James theater ill a greater mouth county circuit court last movies, contest. week. He lias been transferred to Memorial Day Service. another circuit and v/ill he sucCivil war M-i'iar,.; will hold a ceeded by Judge Frank B. Jess. memorial servi/o en Memorial day New School Favored at the Long Branch city.hall. BartThe Freehold chamber of com- ley .T: Wright is in charge of tho merce held IL public meeting last program. week to discuss the school needs of Attended Bonkers1 Convention. tho borough. It waa the general William JJ. Tuthill and H. H. opinion of those, present that a new Longstreet of Matawan ate'.ideil school should be erected. the recer.li bankers' convention at Atlantic City. New Freehold Team. 1 A new baseball team has been Won County Spelling Contest. The county spelling contest held K'inizcd at Freehold with Bertram Hoiscr as manager. The team in recently at Lon^ iirnneh was won composed of some, of the. Freehold by Mary Hub* and Helen Lehman team of. three years ago and some of .Manasquan. playei'3 from Matawan. Died in His 79th Year. Louis White, aged 78 years, died Autos Crash. Automobiles driven by Ruben last week at the home, of his son, Klinsky and Charles Wayne o£ As- Edward M. White of Spring Lake. bury Park collided Saturday and Public School Closed. Klinsky waa taken to the Long The Monmouth Iieach public Branch hospital suffering from a school was closed last week on acpossible fractured skull. count of an epidemic of meuiles. Lewisohn Declared Insane. Motorea Through Virginia. Walter Lewisohn, former owner Mr. and Mrs. F. 13. • Unwell r.f of Elkwood Park at Lone; Branch, Freehold • have returned from an has been declared insane by a jury automobile trip through Virginia. at New York. Mr. Lewisohn is Woman's Club to Hold Election. now in a sanitarium. His estate is The Manasquan Woman's club valued at ?1,26^,957. will hold an election of officers To Buy Riparian Rights. Thursday of next week. The Bradley Iieach commissioners hnve passed an ordinance providing for the purchase of the riparian rights on the b'each*front. The cost will be in the neighborhood of $211,001). To Preserve Asbury's Beach, City Engineer Niart ^ Rogers of Asbury Park is making a Purvey of the boach to find a method to prosi'.-.c the beach south of Seventh a\e;:uc. Scverr.1 small jetties may be constructed. Colebrated 78th Birthday. Karl Huhn, Sr., of ..West End, celebrated his 7Rth -birthday last Thursday. A dinner party was given for him at the1 homo of his daughter, Mrs. M. WiUejiboeker of Gariield avemio. In Southern Hospital. Lewis Bastedo of Freehold, who has been suffering from lunjj trouble brought about by poison 3 in the war, is now in a government hospital at Oteen, North Carolina. To Start New Bus Line. A bus line between Freehold and Allcntown will ho started tomorrow. The busses will run through Nelsonville, Inilaystown, Clarksiurg\ Smitiiburg, Elton and West Freehold. Attended Trenton Concert. Mr. and Mr". James H. Rice of Manasquan last week attended the annual concert nf the Trenton normal school orchestra, of which their daughter Gladys is president and pianist. Stricken with Paralysis. David lllnrlc of Freehold, aged 1U years, was stricken with paralysis last week while on his way to business. He was taken to the Lone Branch hospital and is improving. More Pay for Teachers. The Neptune township board of education has granted increases in pay to most of the touchers. The total increases will add $8,7,00 a year to the expense of running the

J. G . & C. v4. J D l i L A T U i i H , •..AIllillllKCI i Room 17, Eisner HIJi;., I:«J |l«n . W. 3, '1,1. r.,,,.,


Died in Her 78th Year. Mrs.' Abide Thompson of Long Branch, widow of Clnrlci Thompson, died last Thursday at the home of her daughter. Mrs. Frank 1.1, Vanllise. She was 7V years old. New Apartment House. An apartment bouse with 25 rooms to acroinmodato live families is being built nt. Spring Lake by Harry R. Todd and Raymond Braly. Sidewalks for Mntnwnn Streets. AH ordinance for sidewnlka and curbing on l'|irk avenue passed its first reading at the lant meeting of the Matawan borough council, Circus at Long Branch. , The llngoiihnck-Wnlliico circus will hold perforninncoR flt Long Brunch next Wednesday,



in,.-, i . M . ..uiuiKUM • . iln.ii.l Wi'r..|.|, '|>i' lie""lluUi'llnS r.ocinK 1. i unil li.

.: , ' • '• v

I.I. s.hvn- an-J-W.

GEORGi; McC. TAYLOR, c 7 E .

After meals you want sorr.cl!:!:::; maie — a. Vat of sweet with a chanrj-i o( ii-.-.-or. WRIGLF.Y'S is that "somethiru' mere" t.-.A :.'•.. :r.ora than that_! It is a great aid to ycu: rood i..;„!;•!, aa medical authonties say. ' This is from a recent hn:,); on ]yn\ h\'-: " M a n y physicians-now re.c-r"-.-!-.n.' ;/•:.-.: cl.twing . . . . for a belter a n d m o r e coriipicU. cl;,.i;,;j.; -.A ti.u sL^rchea into dextrin."


co:.^iH.iiNii I.:.'IH;JKI:K, r i v n . l.riiiK.'EKlt OU(l SL'liVKYOR.


RlilLLY, QU!NN Ik PARSONS, ~ " '

r i n r : : • i . u j i i : . , At' L A W . iviiiin.-i.i iiiiii-ii,,:. n-,1 Bank. ; ,J III .!. U'lil!! . fh.:r^!o)-,. 1"). Idlfinli.,. ;



CA)i:::>rj I.IIIIJ AT LAW. • j llr.I) VlAI.'IC. N. -l-^'_"21 ' W I L S O N & SMOCK', " ~" • COL'NoKLLOIiJ AT T.AW. ' ' UKI) BANK. N, J, Olliri.«: in Kast Krnnt Klrcrrt. ..'


C. HI lir.M.I St.. IIKII LAN;:. J i . J. "


~~ ',

DKNT/.r, StJiinKON. l'\ Njit.'l R'.nk [iuililiriB. Ue.l Hunt. N. J, ":



C I V I L E.\'C;t,MM-.n, Sii:.-uaFi,r t.. G«r£« C'"p.-r. C. E. _P.itt,.r<..n llinlrhr.l. HEtl__B.\»IK._N. J. ,"


" !

GRAlJUA'CE AtlC'I'IONKKR, ' izr*e or fira'lo Stock. Farm ti.i.1 *, Ytt* * unul Pronorty. Mew Monmi'Utli. N. J.

after eoe: j .

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in i l j r.'-'.^ly r>^ci-;;"H.



' v (I


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n ^t r,


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Whiskey Wa.hr,. Ashore.

... A ea;;o of, whiskey wushed ashore



schools. * A Twilight League. Eight baseball teams .it Asbury Park have organized a league to play twilight games twice a week this summer. The players represent different business firms at Asbury Park. Attended Church Conference. Mr. and Mrs. VT. P. llendiiekson of Long Blanch h.tve. returned from Springfield, Massachusetts whore they attended the general conference of tho Methodist church.


fOUlio^Ll.UH Al I..MV . N., r V.,,k. N,.v . ! . . „ „ , ' •' 1'roii'hscy. Atn,utii: liirljUnds, N. .1. " " ' f.I.••;.v.ciif. I". TLTLEY, " . liu i All V l'i; I1I.1O • ri'l CUM M 1. ::K»:.J j.~n or-1 nELriS. T c t l . y * NV'v.t i.tst,•!. I rimn.i ;;iv,:,i, | l f | Hank. N. .T.




Pa#e ttieh*

Finv-ioiir vc-ai's of pros-revive merchandising! Fift'v-iVmr years of sternly growth that can be attributed to out'-ideal, set by John Steinbach wficn lii' established his iirst .-tore in Long l!raiK'h_oyer half a century ago. And, that ideal iV-"""\ To Offer ihJ Highest Type of Merchandise at "the Lowest Possible Prices No better illustration of this ideal can be given than in these Great Anniversary Celebration Sales, with which is combined o\1r Spring Openin u.'. Really, n dual event, offering seasonable, now Steinbach merchandise at pricings lower than at any other time during the year. You owe it to your appreciation of true economies, to visit St'einbachs during this Week of Sales. Eveiy department is participating. Watch the daily paper for new, wonderful values.

Newest Frocks

Hand Made

are $18.50 and $24.50


Smart Gage

Sale Priced

Sports Hats

.WOMEN'S AND MISSES' DRESSES for afternoon and street wear. 'Charming model? that reflect the newest style trends •—in georgette, satin or kasha crepes. Truly exceptional value at .....,..; $18.50

PORTO RICAN NIGHT GOWNS—hand drawn and embroidered. Sleeveless, V and square neck, short sleeve, styles in this sale (rroup at . . .$1.98. I

PHILIPPINE NIGHT GOWNS of fine batiste—made every stitch by hand. V and square neck models—some with short sleeves, others sleeveless. Very special . . . . . . . $1.98

.WOMEN'S AND MISSES' AFTERNOON FROCKS—flattering models that affect charming new style features in straight- f\ line effects, flounces, flares or tiers. Fashioned of georgette, L deftly beaded, satin or novelty crepes. Indeed surprising at $24.50

Exceptional Values in Women's , Hosiery


Children's Hosiery

DRESS, SPORTS OR UTILITY COATS in splendidly tailored models that show newest style "treatments: tuckings, braiding, pleating—not to mention smart cape backs and new form sleeves. Developed in flamingo, twills, polaires and,soft plaids. , Newest colors. Three sale groups at $14.95, $24.50 and $39.50

White Crepe de Chine Overblouses, $4.79

Hand Bags And ENVELOPE PURSES some of leather—others of silk. A vide choice of newest styles. Values to ?3.5O at $1.95

New spring overblouses of Eood quality white crepe de thine in attractive beccaiinf; rtjii? with Bobby necks ..and three quarter sleeves trimmed with dainty val laces. Very special for Anniversary week at $4.79. Li 'while only. STEINBACHS—Second Floor •

Distinctively fashioned frocks which give n t e n derizing appearance «nd also adhere to fashion's dictates of the new season. Developed in voiles, linens and normandies—all effectively trimmed. Sizes 12 to 50. Very special $18.50 STEINBACHS—Second Floor

Smart English cut and thrco button style.

LOW SHOES in tan or grey or aircdale suede. High grade slippers with hand turned soles and Cuban, Dolly or Louis heels. A clearance of broken lines of newest summer style9. Kcgular fO.S.i, S1H.SS and ?ll.S,i values, r o w . . . $ 7 . 9 5 pair.


Regular and extra sizes,.

BLUE SERGE skillfully tailored.

WOMAN'S SMART SANDALS and flippers—conformable and trim in appearance me involved in Ibis «ile. Developed in patent kid, tan and grey suede. A special purchase, therefore exceptional values at $3.95 pair

35 to -It

$29 50

BOYS' FLAPPER SUITS for sturdyplay wear. Made of serviceable khaki jean. Web belts with metal buckles. -Sizes 3 to 10, now . . . . 98c

Guaranteed fast color.

BOYS' WASH SUITS, short sleeve models in Oliver Twist and middy styles. Of grey and tan cambric, $1.00

Very special $26.50

WHITE FLANNEL TROUSERS, good weight and splen-

STEIXEAfHS—First Floor

didly tailored.

Women's Gloria Silk Umbrellas 4

All sizes 2C to 11. Reduced to .....$6.50

GOLF KNICKERS, white linen. Buckle and button cuffs.

Novelty Jewelry

Full cut and well finished.

Waist sizes 20 to 41



Men's Walking

^ :

Lasts that every man can wear

ing models that offer splendid value at $4.95 pair.

MEN'S rAEUSATEEN' SHIRTS, a new English fabric with fine lustre finish.

: ; !.nn PA T I N i " . V N - T . O X , f ' R E l ' E , '.|n i n . a n e a u t i f u l s o f t silk. I;lnck a n d all f a s h i o n a b l e s h a d e s $2.68 yd. S'l.l'ii S I ' M | : T S S I L K S , - I " in., f a s h i o n ' s .favorite w e a v e s f o r j [ ' n M ' :'r.\i:f ai.il • , ' i " | i i f t i s . Jn black a n d s m a r t n o w colors.

$2,68 yd. :'•'.' ; n a i i ' i '•:'•' •,'•". f ' \ N T o \ C K E T E S . - i n i n . , e x c e l l e n t q u a l i t y . F . u . / d i . - ; ; . i U e .-[.ailf f u r s k i r ' . - s f r o c k s o r b l o u s e s . . $ 2 . 6 8 y i l . rf;::.r.<> ( ( I ! : F - I ' | : K W C K K l ' K S , -ID i n . , a n i n d i y h a n d s p l e n d i d ( | ' ; : , 1 , ' . ' : ' i. ;.!.'l "vwnd f a l i i i r .fur s p n t i ^ w r a p s o r c o a t s . A l l i !i,i., . '. $2.68 yd. .••J.r.n.cilKCK J'K ( H I N i : , !» i n . , a tine =nTt weave f o r dance - I r . ' i g . ' r i i . I n. s t a i ' l e c n l n r s ; , i i i l p - w -hailes . . . $ 1 . 6 8 J! . i l n . = - !'•• p u l l ; III.-.I'II- L i " l ' i


?:'..Uo A ' . ' I K I L ' r W . K K L S . i ' M i i i ' ] ' - ! •. I . 1 ' •( p i i n u a l l v



r. I in.- the foas'm's iN;ti.^.


1'i'autiful '

accepted quality i n $2.68 yd.

and attached collars.

Separate soft Det

Ideal shirts for summer

wear in smartest colors, also figure nml mottle

Bridge Lam^s $2.95 -






SHIRTS of English Broadclnth and English madras.

WROUGHT I R ()>' liKHKiK I, A M P ' S ui'.b band decorated paivliment shades. An outstanding value at $2.95


Neckband style:; in a good as-

sortment of designs and colors.

Also fine white

Oxford collar attached shir'.s.

Sixes II to 17.

Very special at $1.85 or

:< I i : : , . i.-i a l l ( l i e n e w e r c o l o r c o m I " W j n .r , | [ n r A n n i v e r s a r y s a l e s a t

$1.68 yd.

STEINI1.W l [ S - - E i r s t . F l o o r

WASI1 M.\Tr:i:L\L:'. • nev voiles, printed and


A Radio Sale that Broadcastssavings" ( ROSLKY X J RECEIVING SETS, one of the best makes on the market will ho offerod during Anniversary silica at a remarkable reduction. Sets complete with tubes, batteries, loud speaker, phones and antenna (Miuipmcnl. Regularly ?105.00. Special $75.00. A sale of extraordinary interest to every radio fan! Investigate our Club Plan of convenient deferred paynienta. STEINHACHS—Third Floor

W&PBeds and Bedding

.•:!.•:."> W o o l . . i | - : i : . - ' l , V S , M i n . v i d e , lilnck, white, n a v y a n d . i n ; u t n o w - j > i. 11 J i a d e : a i r r< , r r . e i i t c i ] i n t h i s s e l e c t i o n o f

I iiualily .l.i. i y

Floor Coverings JAPANESE RUSH HUGS for porch use. Size 6x9 feet. Regularly ?7.00, special $5.7B RAG RUGS, extra heavy grade. Size 25x50 in. Regularly .$1.10, now 89c YARN WEAVE RUGS, size lMx-18 in. Regularly S1.25, specinl $1.00 Size 18x3(i in., reduced from Wic to 65c CHINA MATTING, 110 warp. Regularly $18.00, special $15.00 roll v - STEINBACHS—Fourth Floor ...

3 for $5.25

$1.98 yd.



Men's Shirts

Sensible but dressy walk-

Priced Far Below Regular

:•:•..'.'I I I'd i:'l.-'. I'LW'NKI.S,

BEADED BAGS in many new popular styles. In attractive designs and rich colorings—exceptional values at ...$2.95

in these

• OXFORDS of high grade tan calf skin—in newest

with absolute comfort.

JEWELED COMBS in n choice of a t t n e tive styles. Effectively set with tiny colored etones. Priced nt .$1.00

Exceptional Values

Oxfords, $4.95

Spring shade.

New Spring Fabrics

Porph Chairs CHAJRS AND ROCKERS of splendid wearing fibre in rich brown finish. Now $7.96 PORCH CHAIRS AND ROCKERS in small sizes, with double woven canu seats. Special $2.65 LARGB PORCH ROCK1SRS, size No. 1. Double cane, aeat and back brace arms. Now .$6.50 STEINBACHS—Third Floor;

CRYSTAL BEAD NECKLACES AND CHOKERS in newest styles and colors. A charming selection at 45a inch.

For pun nr rain ti.-e. In navy, purple, wine, brown, green or Hack. •V ynlcndid choice of attractive new handles. Remarkably priced at $2.95

Hill fold?, hand liags and purses comprise this interesting Anniversary sale group. Very special a t ........;...._................ . $1.00 each

Cretonnes and Curtains CRETONNK DRAPES with valance, 2\k yards long. Beautiful designs mid colorings 98c pair 30 in. CRETONNES—unusual in coloring and design. Splendid quality at 34c yard MARQUISETTE CURTAINS, 2U yards long. Trimmed with cluny lace $1.28 pair CURTAININCS, marquisettes, voiles and scrims. Somo with cross bar patterns—others plain with borders.In white of ecru. 3G in. wido 17« yd. STEINBACHS—Fourth Floor _

BOYS' KHAKI KNICKERS, fast colors. Splendidly mado to give long wear. Sizes 8 to 18 79c pair

Blunt vests and full cut

Soft roll front models in three button semi back style?. Regular pockets and' mohair lining.

These homefurnishings and many more enter into the Steinbach 54th anniversary sales at astonishingly low prices. Besides those listed here, there are other floorcoverings, furniture, glassware, housewares, linens, etc.

BOYS' KNICKERS, full cut and durably mado of iina grzy catton crash. Size3 7 to. 18. Very special 69c pair

SUITS OF CHEVIOT AND CASSIJIERES, in light and dark mixtures.


Boys' Clothing TWEED AND CASS1MERE SUITS in light and dark mixtures with two pairs of knickers and belt to match. Pleated and belted coat3, mohair lined. Sizes 8 to 17 $10.50

Unusual Savings On Men's Clothing


TUB FROCKS charmingly fashioned in. linens, voiles, ginghams, dotted awiss, . 'broadcloths or tub silks. In white or colors. Remarkably priced nt $4.75 STEINBACHS—Second Floor :

for high grade

Women's Low

Cool Wash Frocks for Summer Days

Smart Tub Dresses for the Larger Women

Only $7.95

Bridge Sets, $1.00 each

SPORTS SCARFS to complement the tailored blouse or sweater. Of. fibre or silk in newest colors. Reduced to $1.50 STEINBACHS—First Floor

Special Values in Smart: Coats for Women and Misses

.^CHILDREN'S RIBBED SOCKS, three quarter lengths in novelty check weaves. Tan, brown, black or white 75c pair CHILDREN'S RIBBED SOCKS with contrasting colored rutr tops. Three quarter length in grey, brnwn, black or'champagne, 5Qc pair STL'IXBACHS—First Floor


JAUNTY STRAW SPORTS HATS to wear with spring or summer sports frocks. Trim sailors and charming droop brim models in the- newest colors—all bearing tho Gage label of smartness. Specially purchased lor this sale and marked nt the lowest possible price, $5.00. Other, trienrncs with contrasting colored roll brims—now . . . . . . . . . .$0,50 STEINBACHS—First Floor

For the Home

VoMEN"S ALL SILK HOSK "MeCullum" make which, assures splendid wearing quality. Dlnck, while and all newest shades, ' $1.95 pair fi WOMEN'S SI.LK HOSE "Polly" Hrand. Full fashioned with garter tops. Blai'k. white, grey?, In-own, nude or peachy-$1.79 pair WOMEN' S I-'IHRK AND SILK HOSE—"Phnenix"(make with senmed . 59c 59c pa pair tack's. Very specially priced at \


Only $5.00

crepes, nainsook

, i r . .1; t-i < .1 a l l o w A n n i v c r s a i y p r i c e s .

Asbmy Pai% Ji J.

FOLDING COTS AND COT LKDS usually well constructed. Special $5.75 to $50.00 IiOX SPRINGS, high grade for wood or iron beds mnde to order. Your own selection of covering. Anniversary special $25.00 WHITK IVORY OR IO.N'A.MIOL UKU. 2 in. continuous post with 1 in. filler.'! $9.00 SIMMONS SPRINGS, highest grade, (jimranteed runt proof $5.75 COTTON MATTUKSSKS of line ait ticking, flninhed with roll edge $9.50 8TEINUAC1IS—Third Floor


liaued Weekly, Entered a s Bccoad-Cltia Matter at the Foitofflce a t Red fta.uk, H. J - under the Act of March 3d, 1B7'J.

FRUIT AND FLOWER NO T I E WAS WASTED. THE CHAPIN HOUSE SOLD. Preliminary Schedule for TOWN OFFICIALS HAD SHORT NEW YORK WOMAN BUYS NEWMAN SPRINGS PROPERTY. BUSINESS LIKE MEETING. Much Business Was Done Monday Mm. Pauline Knight, tho Now Owner, Will Uie the House for an Inn N»2ht Without Lost Motion—Berand Tea Room—She Bought It gen Place Residents Fail lo Regfrom George Hanco Patterson. ister Espocted Protest. " The Chopin house on the north The commissioners of Rod Bunk held another short meeting Monday side of the Newman Springs road, hlght. Councilman Milluril l'iilmoro near tho Newman Springs bridge, 'Ifltlcy, Eugene M. Mugee mid J. was. bought last week by Mrs. PaulBirdsall I'hiiro were absent. Mr. ine Knight of New York from Pharo has boon on a visit to, his (ieorge Hance Patterson for 58,000. former homo at IJcsMoines, Iowa. The new owner will convert it into Ordinances'providing i'or a now an inn and tea room. The house Well and other changes to the water has sixteen rooms, a large ballroom plant and for changing the. name of and two bathrooms. The lot' which Beech street to West Hcrgcn place Mra. Knight bought with the house were scheduled for final readings. has a frontage of 200 feet on the r Duo to the fact that only three Newman Springs road and it is Vi j councilmen were present action was feet deep..' William A, Hopping deferred until the next regular made the sale. The property will have a frontage on a new road meeting Monday night, June 2.rl, which Mr. Patterson will make Hearings were held on both orthrough adjoining land which he dinances, however, and a;; there owns. He will plot this land and •were no objections it in probahle put ifcJon the market, that both measures will lie passed. i Mrs. Knight has also bought from Tho matter of changing the name of Mr. Patterson two adjoining lots for Beech street was to have been I $r>00 each, which she will use for brought up two weeks previous hut tennis courts. wns deferred at the request of n In part, payment for the Cbapin xosident who staled that there was considerable •opposition to the pro- ; property Mrs. Knight deeded to Mr, posed change and that be desired a ' Patterson a farm of: fivo acres postponement because none of these which she. owned near Kntontown opponents of tho ordinance were and which she used for summer ocMr. Hopping was the present. In order to give tliesn op- jcupancy. ponents a chance to lie heard the | agent in this transaction and he has sine,! sold the farm to John and hearing on the ordinances was postponed until Monday night of this Ellen Schneider of Bayonne for Week, but no one showed up to ob- ?3,uO0. ject to changing the name of'Beech ICE COMPANY MUST PAY. street to West Bergen place. Benjamin Cook was appointed a James Kingsbury Wins His Suit for policcmnn for trnllic duly for four Compensation for Injury. months at n salary of $125 a month. At a hearing before CommisFrank P. liicUman was appointed sioner McMichacl of tho New JerO special policeman without pay. sey workmen's compensation bureau • Mrs. William Little, who lives on at Asbury Park last week James tho Shrewsbury township side of Kingsbury' of Bank street, Red tho Newman Springs road, sent a Dank, was awarded temporary comletter stilting that she wished to pensation not to exceed 300 weeks connect her house with the town at $lfi a week, all medical bills and Bewers. She said .she would pay counsel fees of,$200. Mr. Kingi"whatever charge was customary for bury's foot was crushed when he such a connection. Warren H. fell from one of the Monmouth ice Smock, the borough attorney, stated company's wagons last summer and that this would not bo legal unless the wheel passed over him. He has a special arrangement was made in .since been unable to use the .foot. regard to this matter with the Mr. Kingsbury will have the Shrewsbury township committee. privilege of reopening' the case to Permission was grunted to the fix the- extent of permanent injury Monmouth construction and develat such time as it is believed tho opment company to put down sewtemporary injury has ceased. Ho ers on John street without expense was represented at the hearing by to the town. Mrs. Mary Wooster Sutton. John J. Many of Liberty fire company was-made an exempt fireman. In and Out of Jail. A bill of ?!)G0 from the Land ami Donald C. Wilcox of Red Bank Locfn company wan paid. Tho hill w^s for land used in extending Vis- is again out of jail. lie was released last Wednesday afternoon in ta place. There is a surplus of benches at $1,000 bail, with William H. tho town hall and it was voted to Brighton of Avon and Percy Wolp u t them on the steamboat property cott of Rpd Bank as his bondsmen. at the foot of Wharf: avenue for Wilcox was arrested and sent to jail three weeks ago on a charge public use. Mayor Archibald L. Miller slated of trying to blackmail Polish resithat tho appointment of library dents of Middlotowa township. He commissioners last January was not was released from jail four days legal in some respects, as tho law later with Jfr. Brighton as his provides for only five commission- bondsman but later was put hack ers. He aaid he had discussed the in jail becauso Mr. Brighton surmatter with the library commission- rendered him to the law. ers and that they had selected five persons whom they wished appointAutoiit Fined $15. ed. Tho mayor submitted these Frank DcMnria of Bank street names and' they .were confirmed. was arrested and fined $15 on a The new library commissioners are charge of reckless driving Friday Mrs. Henry.S. White for a term of after his automobile ran into a car one year, Mrs. 3\athorine Ncvius owned by James Cooper of Newark Rose for a term of two years, Mrs. on Maple avenue at Red Bank. Mr. J. B. Rue for a term of three years, Cooper says ho will sue Mr. DeMrs. Frank L. Blaisdell for a term Maria for damages to his car. Both of four years and Miss Florence automobiles were damaged and Mr. Kridel for « .term..of five years. DeMnria's car was overturned. . Mayor Miller and Edwin C. Ciilland, principal of the Red Bank public Cleared Over $100 For Chapel. fchoolr,, niT. members cx-officio of Tho entertainment given n few tho library commission. An offer of ?l»0 from Slrykcr & nights agoyfor the benefit of St. Strykcr for an unused water wagon Thomas's chapel was attended by about 200 persons and netted owned by Hie town was accepted. To Louis Kufliini of Newark was $101.79. Mra. George IJ. Marshall awarded a contract for laying side- and Mrs. Helen Vincent took the walks and curbing in front of prop- leading parts and they and the pererties where ordinances for this im- formers who supported them reprovement have not been complied ceived many compliments. v.i'.b. Mr. Kuflini bid forty cents Bank Cashier Resigns. per lineal foot for curbing, fifteen Charles IT. Throckmorton of Enst and a half cents a square foot for sidewalks and three cents a lineal Front street, who for many years foot for re-setting old curbing. Hi5 was cashier of tho Second national price for removing trees ranged bank

Fall Exhibition Hat Been Issued. The preliminary schedule of the 28th Exhibition of flowers, fruit and vegetables to be held at the Red Bank armory, Thursday and Friday, September 11th and 12th, under tho auspices of thc Monmouth county hortcultural association with the co-operation of the Red Bank business men's association, was completed last week and copies ore now being- forwarded to possible exhibitors. The schedule calls for professional, commercial, open and amateur classes for dahlia growers; professional, commercial and open classes for gladioli growers; and professional and open classes tor fruit growers. The fruit section will be devoted to exhibits of apples, crab apples, grapes, pears, peaches, quinces and plums. Tho exhibition will include 201 classes of which 8K will be devoted to dahlias, i'l classes to gladioli and 71 classes to the fruit department.


$1.50 PER YEAR.



range to Sell Poppies, RUINS OF OLO BUILDING BE- TWO IMPORTANT MEETINGS The American legion and the ING HAULED AWAY. AT LITTLE SILVER. ^ Veterans of Foreign Wars of Red It Opened Yesterday at life* Wo- Annual May Service of the Young Bank are completing arrangenn-iits New Athletic Club Has Leased Co tracts to Improve the Seven* man's Clubhouse on Bro^d Street Ladies' Sndslity Held Sunday for campaigns to sell poppies for Monmouth Street Property for Bridge Rond nnd- Silvcrsido Ave« and it Will Remain Open Tpday Nifjht Before Large Catherine— the benefit of wounded and dis- j Five Years from Oliver G. Frake nue Awnrdod to Stout & Griffin abled veterans. The legion sale will I and William O'Brien. and Tomorrow, New Members Received. Lust Week for S2:i,5S3.01. A loan exhibition is under way St. ,/ames's church was fillecL-to begin, Friday night with the .-ale of I The Kmpire theater properly nn Conirai-ls fur rum] imfiiiivvnwnla ( to Mayor Archibald at the Woman's clubhouse on Broad its capacity Sunday night when the the first the south side of Monmouth street; aggregating ?^ were awardstreet. It opened yesterday after- young ladies' Sodality conducted its L. Miller at the Palace theater. lias been leased for five years to Leo ; ed last Wednesday night t-> 'Htuiif & noon and will continue open after- annual .May ceremony of th. The mayor will make a speech in- Berlew of Red Bank, who proposes', (Jriflin by the, niaym- and council of noons arid evenings until Thursday Crowning of the Blessed Virgin dorsing the sale of poppies and to use it as headquarters for an Little .Silwr. The member:-: of thu night. Most of the articles on ex- Mary. He fore the'service ]iy m ns urging folks to give as liberally athletic i.-luli which he is forming.: ountraeting iirni are. .lolinathnn II. can to tile cause. The mayor ; The'ruins of tho theater arc being ! .Stout of Atlantic Highland] and hibition were loaned by club mem- were played on the church chimes has always been an ardent Aw.-kor hauled away and wbnt remains of • Martin (mflin of Red Iiank. The bers and their friends. There is by Mrs. II. Raymond Phillips. also a display of goods made by the The service opened with a pro- in all movements for tho benefit of the theater is being tort; down. I-'ive work to be dony einnpi i.,e-: putting veterans and he is displaying char- years ago the theater collapsed dur- slug, cinders and gravel on tho opportunity class of the Red Bank cession nf tlie Sodality with the public; schools. These articles are nienib'Jrs"dr.;"s'sed"i'n"wh'ite.'" Thirty | nctcristic energy in the poppy lintr a big snow storm. Since that .Sevcn-Hriilge road and on Kilvcrsido .Stout ,v Crillin bid offered for sale. They include school children, each holding a '• campaign. A largo force of volun- ! time the property has been idle. It i avenue. baskets, rugs, toys, woven scarf.], lily, formed an arch with the | t c O T workers have enlisted to sc.'l is owned by Oliver G. Frake and .T.:J8 on the doilies and other varieties of hand flowers and tile procession passed I popnics.for the legion Saturday, work. under the arch. Thc altar was dec- i T h e Veterans of Foreign Wars ] Mr. Berlew states that he intends | SilverMih: avenue contract, The articles exhibited include a orated with lilies, tulips, hydran- I w l 1 1 h o 1 1 ' t l l e i r s a l e Thursday and to use the property unenclosed forj Ordinances for tlu-'-o improvevariety of antiques and modern 'gcas, lilacs, palms and ferns. Mi«s F r u l n y of next week. Poppies made 1 the club during the summer and to'merits were put, through their secgoods. A pewter cup that George i Margaret Kei.-'s planed a crown of !hV wounded veterans in a soldiers' put up a building in the fall. There ond reading?, at the regular mcetWashington drank out of and a I sweet peas and lilies on the statue i hospital at Pittshurfr will be sold, wriH be tennis and basketball eonrU,' ing of the mayor anil council Tuesdish that Commodore Perry brought of the Virgin. Mi.-s Helen Phillips I Dudley Scliaeffer, commander of a gymnasium, baths, a swimming , day night, of la.-1 w M-k and were, put back from Japan when ho 'made land Miss Mary Reiss were maids the Red Bank post of Veterans of pool and other features. Mr. Ber- • through their linal readings nt an his first trip there in 1K54 are ! of honor. Joseph Maloney and Kd- Foreign Wars, and Harold River, , lew says that a meeting of those in-. adjourned nier.iing last Wednesday SUMMERING IN ENGLAND. At the meeting Tuesday perhaps the most striking among 'ward Reiss were train bearers, : adjutant deputy chief of staff, will I tcrcsterl in the club project will be; night. )e ln called next week to organizo the! night more than 10(1 residents of charge of the sale. Mies Alberta Bennett tn Help the historical antiques. A case of Dorothy Gratis.! was crown bearer r ' club and elect officers. ' Little Silver were present and the decorated china by Mrs. Carrie I and Dolores Cassell and Dorothy Chaperon a Bovy of Girls. OPPOSED TO A SIDING. Mr. Berlew is a sr/osrnan a t ' sentiments expressed at that timo Miss Alberta Bennett, daughter Rosegrant, who was one of the S Griffin were flower irirl?. The serof Trevonian Bennett of Shrews- founders of the Ccrcmic society of j m on was preached by Rev, Walter Railroad Avenue Residents at Eat- Berk's shoe store. He has^orjan- j seemed to be'strongly against tho ized-athletic clubs in other town= |proposed improvements, bury avenue, will be one of tines Newark, drew the- special attention | ' ] ' . Leahy of Deal. Mrs. Edward ontown Dont Want It. where he was engaged in business! One of tfc thief objections was chaperons who will accompany fif- of the women folks. A spinning McDonough gave a solo. At the meeting of the Eatontown before he moved here. H e says that of expense, it being claimed by Fifteen new members were reteen girls to England this summer. wheel such as our grandmothers township committee last Wednesday I that among those who have applied ' many that tho borough should not The party will leave New York used, samplers worked by little ceived into the Sodality by Rev. night Robert II. Higginson made, ap(for membership in the club are :go into debt to make improvements on Saturday, June 21st, and will girls a hundred" years ago, ancient Dennis J. Duggan and Rev. John C. plication to lay a railroad siding on John J. Quinn, Theodore F. Parsons, ! hut should defer improvements unThe act of consecration Railroad avenue at that place to return September 7th. A large toys, Japanese cut velvet pictures, Farrell. William H. R. and Ensley White,; til enough money, had' accumulated estate has been leased on the south- hooked rugs, drawn work, pictures, was made by Miss F.va Reiss. Eileen property which he recently bought Irving Berk, Milton Eerk, Albert A. j for the' borough to pay aa it goes. ern coast of Kngland and this wi.'l embroidery. Canton linen table Patterson and Margaret Kelsev front Charles Boccellato. Mr. Hig- ! Lewis, Joseph Hall, Grenville Mel-1 Part of the expense of the proposed be tho headquarters of the group covers and hundreds of other arti- were candle bearers. The new ginson plans to put a building on | ten, William Leimer, Patrick Ken-1 improvements will have to met during their stay in England. The. cles, curious, beautiful and un- members are Misses Eva Reiss, Lo- this property for tho sale of build- t i n **i * * T-I i\ w ^ * 1 i- .-* w T J v i / i ^ - *^ .-T ftr *-.L%*^ I . . . . . . . . " L .1 « ncrly, Hamilton Price and Martin borrowing money. Another objec' diversions will include golf, tennis, usual made up the display. A retta . Cicerelli, Virginia Laurino, ers' supplies. Barth. tiim which was frequently advanced ' riding, bicycling and other sports, majority of the members of the Elizabeth Hollywood. Lillian Olsen, Property owners of Railroad avewas that there were other more imwith week-end trips to various in- club contributed of their treasures Teresa and Edith Ilorold, Helen nue sent a petition to the commit- RED BANK LOSES TRACK MEET. portant roads in the borough which McCue, Ada Sweeney, Anne Trea- tee asking that Mr. Higginson's reteresting places. Motor trips will to make up the exhibit. Lemonade is served free to all nor, Mary Ladiso, Rose Hannon, quest not be granted. They claimed Leonard Marthens of Red Bank should be improved before- any be made to Shakespeare's home, other roarl work was started. Few School is Star Performer.. to Devon, Oxford and other places, who visit the (jxhibitioii. Also there Veronica Enimons, Agnes Murray that the proposed siding would be a citizens attended ths meeting A week will be spent in London are artistic candles, patchwork and Beatrice Riordan. detriment to the residents and the Asbury Park high school defeated Wednesday night. . _^, quilts, embroidery and other things before returning'home. property on Railroad avenue. Les- Red Bank in a dual track meet last made by members of, tho club or DEMOLAY SHOW A SUCCESS. lie Seeley, one of the committee- week at Asbury Park by a score of WOMAN'S CLUB DOINGS. ""$)] The outstanding DANCE AT ST. JAMES'S HALL. residents o-f. the locality and of- Red Bank Chapter Gave Two Fine men, said ho was in accord with the S6i,4 to 2iha. fered for sale. signers of the petition. Dr. J. C. feature, of the meet was the run- An Art Talk, a Music Recital ant! Performances Last Week. Girls* Club Held en Invitation An hour or two can be spent Rush ami Frank H, VanDorn, the ning of Leonard Marthens of Red a Corning Card Pary. "A Pair of Sixes," a comedy, was other two members of the commit- Bank, who outshone all ths other very entertainingly at the exhibiDance Monday Night. The art department of the Red given by tho Order of DeMolay tion by anyone who is interesttai tee, did not express an opinion and One hundred and twenty-five participants. Marthens captured Bank Woman's club will hava persons enjoyed an invitation dance j in old things, and curious things, last Thursday and Friday nights in action on the matter was deferred. tho century in 10 4-5 seconds, the chargn of the coming Friday1!! given Monday night at St. James's \ a n d beautiful things. Members of the Red Bank high school audi"220-yard dash in 23 4-fi second1; meeting of the club. Mrs. Thomas hoi! by the girls' club. Green and j t l l c c l u « a r c always on hand to es torium before large audiences. The EASTERN STAR CARD PARTY. and the quarter of a mile in 5 5 ! j a r ( l i n u ; s t h n diairPian of this dewhite streamers and wild flowers cort visitors about the rooms and play made a big hit and wns one seconds. Decker of Red Bank won nartment. Tlie speaker will be Miss made up the decorations. Colore.1 to give information about the arti- of the best amateur productions It will be Held Next Monday Night the milo run in rive minutes and Jlargaret.Tiifany of Montclair, who in tho Eisner Building. paper hats and favor were distrib- cles, how and when they were ever jjiven in Red Bank. Those ten seconds, Gallagher of Red Bank will talk on "Art of Today." InThe Order of Eastern Star of finished second in the 880-yard run, uted and a number of novelty made, and the names of those who who took part were Albert Mceluded in the program will be origQueen, Miss Christine Francis, RusRed Bank will hold a card party Branin tied for third place in the dances were features of tho even- own them and loaned them for thc sell Hodgkiss, Russc-11 'Tetley, Mrs. next Monday night in the Roynl high jump and DeGarve and Clapp inal appreciations of pictures, and ing. Ice cream, punch nnd cake exhibition. Candy and cake,, made by mem- Earl Cherry, Mely|n>Philo, Edwin Arcanum rooms in the Eisner build- tied for third place in, the pole also tahlenus to represent pictures were served. Music was furnished by 48 children from tho first six by Haekett's orchestra. Mrs. Theo- bers of the club, are sold at the. Compton, James TKite, Virginia ing on Broad street. A number of vault, grades of the Red Bank schools.. dore Moss was chairman of the show. Prizes for the best food Saiidt, Albert McQueen, John Tet- prizes will be awarded to players The hostesses will be Mrs. Charhk dnnce committee. Miss Rose Sulli- are awarded each day. Yesterday ley and Miss Mildred Tetley. The and non-players. Miss Adele Con- FAIR HAVEN BEATS BELFORD. Lewis, Mrs. Alfred Mathiaseh, Mrs. ushers were Daniel Wiegnnd, Wilprizes were given on cake. The over, past matron of the chapter, van was chairman dJ the reception ee Hiti Hitl Made in Entire J. D. Tullcr, Miss Goldie Monskjr committee and Mrs. Aloysius -Pat- first prize of $2 was won by Mrs. liam Colio, Hudson Hurley, Ray- is in general charge of the card Only Three and Miss Lydia Ovens. Game Sunday. terson was chairman cf thc refresh- Isaac Gilhuly and the second prize mond Ewing. Leonard Marthens, party and her assistants are Mrs. Last Friday afternoon's mU3le Fair Haven still holds first place ment committee. The decorations of $1 was won by Mrs. John T. John Coles, Walter Brannin ami Harriet Whitmorn and Mrs. Isobel Lovett, Sr. Mrs. Charles E. Throck- Bruce Crispell. Music was furnished MacGregor, prizes; Mrs. Lulu Wil- in the amateur baseball league. recital by the I music department were arranged by Mr. Moss. morton and Miss Katharine Vander- by Harry Brown's orchestra. . ber and Mrs. Florence Warden, tic- Sunday afternoon the Fair Haven brought out a large attendance of vecr received honorable mention. kets and advertising; Mrs. June nine defeated Belford on the Hance members. Tlie music department HER TWELFTH BIRTHDAY. Today prizes will be given on bread, NEW FIFE AND DRUM CORPS. Curchin, Mrs. Ada Kennedy and road field by a score of 1 tt> 0. has given a clubhouse bond to the Loretta Regan and Friends Have biscuits, rolls, etc., and tomorrow Mrs. Olive Haydcn, refreshments; Only three hits were made in the club. Mrs. Charles White and Mrs.. the prizes will he for salads, colcl Fun Beneath a May Pole. and Mrs. Kate Coggins, Mrs. Elsie entire game, Belford getting two Friends are Organizing One. Kirk and Mrs. Elizabeth McKe.e, and Fair Haven one. But the lone George M. S. Koff will hold a card A party was given Saturday for puddings and miscellaneous food. 'The American Legion fife and games. hit for Fair Haven wa3 made at party at the clubhouse on Saturday, Loretta Regan, daughter of Mr. anJ drum corps of Red Bank, with exHenry Salz in Red Bank. the right time and resulted in thc afternoon, June 7th, to raise moneys Mrs. John Kegan of Branch avenue, Rumson Property Sold. Henry Salz, who has been ac- soldicra and some of their friends only tally made in the gamo. In to meet thc expe'nses of their booth in celebration of her twelfth birthat the club fair on June 24th, 25th-. William O'Brien has sold a house the thjrd frame Knight, Fair day. The table decorations wci'G tively associated with his father for as members, was reorganized Monon and 26th. very attractiveaml included a May many years in conducting- the busi- day night at a meeting at Ferren and lot on Navesink avenue v.t Haven's pitcher, reached first 1 All the rooms in the clubhouse pole in all tlieicolors of"-a rainbow. nes of A. Salz & Co. of Kcypoit, F. Blaisdell's office. Harold Reyfj Rumson to Orviille Whitledge of an error. He stole second,. ThorLoretta and/her friends had a de- has assumed the personal manage- nolds wns made leader of the band that place for $8,000. The lot is sen made the single and Knight and all the sraragp space in the club) until ii garage are occupied. lightful tirne. Tho guests were ment of the company's Red Bank and Vcrnon Rose was made assist- 108x386 feet and the house has scored. Nexb Sunday Fair. Haven Ailc-en Olson, Anna Ansbro, Mar- store. Mr. Salz will continue to ant leader. Mr. Blaisdell will be in six rooms and all improvements. will play at Everett. FOUND LIQUOR IN HOUSE. 1 garet and Elizabeth Long, Lydia give some attention to the Keyport charge of the, lifers, J. Leo Honig- The new owner will take possession RED BANK BATSMEN LOSE. Travel's, Sadie Connors, Bertha business but most of his time will man in charge of the buglers, and June 1st. The sale was made by Andrew Richards of Atlantic High* Reiss, Margaret and Edmond Ken- be employed in looking after the John E. Chamberlain in charge of Patrick F. Kennedy of Red Bank. lands Held in $2,000 Bail. High School Defeated by Ocean nedy, John Hicks, Robert_ Tierney, Red Bank branch of the business. the drummers. 1L is hoped to have Andrew Richards's house nt At< tlic corps well enough organized to Grove Last Week. Louis Gauvreau, Paul Littte and Accident Fatal to Horse. Red Bank high school lost to lantic Highlands was raided lasfc Tomorrow Night's Minstrel Show. tako part in the annual Memorial Paul Regan, Jr. A horse owned by July Fisher of Thursday by Chief of Police John Harry Stewart, who has been con- day parade at Red Bank. The New Monmouth stumbled and fell Ocean Grove last week on the It. Snedeker of Atlantic Highlands,ducting flic rehearsals of the min- corps has about, twenty members. down a steep embankment into a Oriole field by a score- of 9 to !3. Constable Thomas Hackctt of Red Made $100 for School Fund. strel show to he1 given at the high gravel pit last week. One of the ,'It was a hard game for Red Bunk Bank and State Trooper .Spjostrom. Tho Rosary society of St. James's school tomorrow night for the beneTo Vote on Borough Hall. horse's legs was broken nnd the in- to lose as the local boys gathered Over 100 cases of liquor were found church cleared $100 for the ne.v fit of the North Shrewsbury iceboat cial oU'i'ti.in will be held at jury was incurable. A bullet from ten hits while the visitors made in tho house. Richards was - arA spe school fund by a euchre party and p and y.u'ht club, says the show will a revolver but the horso out of its eight. Ocean Grove, however, made rested and ch-jrgod with illegal dunco last week at St. James's hall. the most runs by bunching its hits. be tlie best he has ever arranged. West Long Branch in July to vote pain. First prize was won by Miss MarLeddy for Red Bank and Schloss- possession of liquor. He was arThc best singers in stown will sing on the proposition of building a garet Prate. Miss Delia McDeriborough hall at a cost of ?a0.0r>0. back fur Ocean Grove gave fine ex- raigned heforei Supreme Courb solos an Hurt in Fall From Hay Mow. mott was in general charge of the j The building will bo used for the hibitions of twirling. At thc bat Commissioner Frederick W. Hope at choruses. Harvey Erving of Vandurburg affair. | different borough offices and will fell from the hay mow of bis barn j Rice starred for Rod Bank, getting Red Bank and was held in ?2,0UO also house the posloflice and li- last week. He aulTcred a sprained j three hits out of four times at bat. bail for tho grand jury. Bail waa To the 1st of Juno Only, Vetorniu to Viiit Schools. to make room for new stock,, we of- brary and will be constructed so anklo and other injuries which have E. Leddy, Ghezzi andfF. Leddy got furnished by Richards himself and Members cf Arrowsmilh po.t fer one-third off on all phonographs, I that a part of it may be used as since keep him confined to the two hits - eacli and Sweel got a by Mr. Snedeker, and Richards wajj released. . ^ will visit the public schools at Fair .Sonora or Columbia; all new stock, a community meeting place. single. house, machine guaranteed. Do'not Huven, Rumson and Little Silver every delay. At these low prices the stock Barber Shop nt Holradel. Euchre Party and Dance. r* Up-to-Date Beauty Parlor. tomorrow. On Friday they will will move rapjdly. Elks' Flag Day and Annual Fair. Trubin's, 58 Frank Ettinghaus of. I.akewood It's here at last and right on Tlie young men's iiu;tltuta or? visit the Red Bunk schools. Hroad street, Red Bank.—AdverThe annual flag day exereiecs of has opened a barber shop in the Broad street, convenient, for everyHoly Cro.is church nt Rumson will tisement. Holmdel hotel building, which is body. While you get, shaved you the Elks' lodge of Red Bank will hold it euchre party and dnncn on Knights of Columbus. Good, Quick, Sanitary owned by his brother, John Elting- can get your nail.^ manicured by bu held Sunday night, Juno 15th, Friday night of this week nt thet Members of Red Bank Council, No. Dii5, Knights of Columbus, will service. Barber shop in Kennedy haus. This is the first time in Miss Didiii Fredriksen, the smiling nn the Elks' home grounds. The church hall. meet ab the Columbian club, US building, Monmouth street, under twelve years that Holmdel has had manicurist. Hair bobbing, manieur- lodge will hull] its annual fair from ing, shampooing, marcel waving. Thursday, July .'list, to Saturday Ilroiul 'ij.reot, Red Hank, tonight, new .ownership. (Jive us a trial and a barber shop. KniijhU of Columbus. Expert in everything— -100',;, serv- night, August '.IHi. William Griffin Wednesday, May IMst, at seven j we will please you. Always on the Member, of Red llitnlc Council, 1 ice. In our sanitary barber shop, o'clock, to pay their rospocls to our job. We are prepared to do ladies' Bread SAIO. No. !>' . -' , "), Knights "I' Columbus, will ia secretary of tlie affair. Cnke connected with the. beauty parlor, Into Brother, Frank O'lirien, who liair bobbing, shampooing and eurlmeet at the Columbian club. '.)!> Tlie ladies' auxiliary of the Her! you will find fuur expert barbers. died yosterday morning at his home, ing.—Advertisement. liroiiil ntrei-t, lied Hunk, tonight, Bank lire department "ill hold a Phone Red Hank -lUO-W.—AdverTo the 1st of June Only, Washington street. Heabriglit. The cake, pic. and bread sale .Saturday tisement. lo make room for nuw stock, we nf- Wednesday, May '..'1st, at iiiuen Mr. Property Owner, funeral will be hold tomorrow mornfor one-third off on all phonographs, o'clock, to pay their ici-pi-cts to our morning, May '.Mill, in store adjoining, Thursday, May ""(], at ten why not wire your house now for ing Red ]?aiik Candy Kitchen on j Sonnra or Columbia; all new slock, j lulu Ill-other, Franl O'lirien, whi> Sample Dresses. We will give you Broad street. All members kindly o'clock from Holy Cross church, electric lights. every machine guaranteed, Do not. [died yesterday morning ,-if. Ms home, .Silk crepes and satina; black and Reabriirht. William Harry, grand eleven months to pay for it. Write have cakes at. store by ten o'clock. colors; conservalivti and sport mod- delay. At these low prices the stork I Washington street. Senbright. Thn knight; Harold (lihlin, secretary.— or phone Newman's Electric Shop, •—Advertisement. Trubin's. f)S ! funeral will he hehl lonmrinw miirnels; sizes '!(> and !!8. F.very one an will "move rapidly. Hclmiir, N. .1. Phone Delimit- 110 Advertisement. Ilrond stieet, Red Bank.—Adver- ing, Thui-^hiy, M.iy '.:LM, «t ton exceptional v value. One price, price, $lfi. exceptional a l u . One $l. and lot us give you an estimate.— Under New MannRement. o'l-biclc fm/H Holy d m . - ! e l n i r c l i . M Johnston, Jh 51 Peters P l R d i ti!;cmonr._ Get Your Tickets Exchanged. Advertisement. • 51 place, Red A. Hal/. & Co.'s Red Bunk store, Mrs. Seabrigbt. William H u r r y , g n u n l Phono lid It.—AdvertiseIf you've bought tickets for the Notice to Members. now under personal supervision of Bank. k n i g h t ; l l a n d d (iiblin, .locri'tnry.—< minstrel :0m\v of tho North fthrewsMrs. Carolyn H. Davis wishes to Henry Sal/,, introduces complete ment. Camp N.i. :l!i. 1'. O. of A., will 1 AAdvcrYi^ment bui-y Iceboat and YacJil, ehtb in bo announce that, she has retired from new stocks at incredible savings. hold their Memnrinl serviceii fur d e - | Top .Soil held tomorrow night at the high tlie real estate firm of Morford |irl< birr-. Howard (i. Rosevelt, Red — Ailvi'rti -emi'iil. cost. lln It: now nnd avoid the • ford.—Advertisement. A carload of pianos and player;,- Iiank. Iteit .•lor, '::H UV-il lu'niil i.lrui'l, i.lr Phone ii(ii)-,l.—Advertisefvesh from (ho factory, for your ment. rush at tlie door,—Advertisement. I •— -—»«•»• • i l i n g r'nifii. Ilimli, tippi'.'-ii"' bn:i iv.-iili Under New MnnftRcntent. 1 selection. A. 1!. I'lrhnn, Piano Conl! Coal! lie n u n ' tn gel, I he rich . A. Sal/, & Co.'s Red Bank ntore, a»&~ Got Yours Yet? Egg, slove and nut; price $1^1 per Shop, Druiumonil place. Phone '.''Hi. now under per.ionnl supervision of Advert rt'-nii'n!. ' Calm- and Apron 5'iln delivered, (ionlori Coal CinnWe Tiieun your ticket, for the niilillt'iiry ,S;il/., introduce!* complete for benefit, of fit. James'-i wiving :•< l.'(l).r., Yellow Hood l;ixi, ton delivered, (ionlou Coat Com- Saturday, May ll.Mh.—Advertisement. HI. Tii'lVK Another Cnrlnnri Advertisement. opposite- Ked Bank railroad idation. puny.—Advertisement. „. . just received of 1 !m one hundred ner - -Advertisement. Edison Mnzda Lamps. Coal I Coall A. V. Gregory, (17 Hroad sheet, cent, ellieicnt Miiylng eleil ric I-IOIIICH Hello, Central. <;.iin« I'l lOgg, ntove and n u t ; price flit per washer. Clmrli'H K. Hopping, He'. Kadio Supplies p give inn l.'IOfi, Yellow Hood taxi, Ked Hank.---Advertisement. Try Ne v mini 'H"'in^s ton delivered. Gordon Coal Comllnnk. I'liouu L'lW-M.—Ailvr-rtiiiuA. V. Gregory, 07 Broad streot, opposite- Red Bank railroad station. I'iverythiug IV'u, • pany.—Ailvoi'tlhcmcnt, Ueil Bank,—Advertisement, ft pnys to advqrtlBD In Tho Hrgialcr, mcul. -AdverUacmont. A LOAN EXHIBITION AT THE IMPRESSIVE CEREMONY AT ST. RED BANK WOMAN'S CLUB. • JAMES'S CHURCH.




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Real Estate and !nsurance!HARRY WORTHLEY

Do.th of William H. Taylor. ELECTRICAL FIXTURES FOR SALE. Jn Kood ctlndjtlon: puitahle l o r uva In . William H. Taylor of Springdalo pture. Inquire ifiO Monmouth street, lied avenue, in Shrewsbury township, MAN WANTED. ~ ~ n k { Gooil furri) bund »untoii. Telcphon* Kcd CLADiOLirFOR SALE. PAUL. REVERE DEATH FOLLOWS OPERATION near Red Bank, died from a compli- Bank a40. About i>ne l,uvh,d of liulhs; six or leven. cation of diseases yesterday. Ho TRY OUR _ _,, . different colora ; eliea t o quick buyer. E , . 56 Broad St., Red Bank, N. J. AT HOSPITAL. SPECIALIZING IN JOBBING Noiv t h a t 'moving tiros Is n e a r I a m ivas 78 yearn old and leaves two at Minrtlin's tilninn loom, la YVallnce C^Iteilly, 317 Kprliib- «treet. ried Ilalik. ' ! ,'aretl to do your n « t m o v i n s of furnlSCREEN AND STORM ENCLOSURES Eisner-Building F o r t h e P a , ,T w " n 7 y Y e a r , H e H n d daughters, Mrs. Mary Jones of struct, rtcil Dunk. -:'i*. piiiiuin o r baizgBSe t o «U part* of Phono PCS T W O YOUNG MEN V/ANTED W O M A r T W A N T E D ' .:'• nv country, in t h e largest padded vanfl 160 Bridge Avenue, Red E; in Ifnrn wiTufow I'lcaninir. oG'i'l r a y wViila : Talsphon* 881-M Been Employed as a Cleric in Kpringdale avenue and Miss Gert- fnr s e n e m l hounrivnrk. Apply 11 Brood lenrniiiir. Ht~FOli"SAL£ ~ "I l.nn^ Urnmh hospital following an paralysis yesterday at the home of tiy'.tilcht Wnlliioi_Mreet. Keel Kank. • II WALL STREET, RED BANK Umiee lot on Harrfbon avenue; siio ' her son, Rudolph Hodell of Keans. operation for intestinal trouble perReiidence Phone Z9Z-R BROWERSDROTJIERS; " TOxll.TO: fciHrn-nlk nnd curl). Apply t« . • SPpiXG SCHEDULE (liiuiini;, Krmllni.' »n'l carting. Henry C\ Vnorliffs, bZ Fpring dtvpet. Red ! Office Phono 539-R formed last Thursday nicht. For burg, in her fifith year. Tho. fu- r h Cellar u n e 863.11. Ilcil Ilnnli. J3a_iTk' 10 WHARF AVENUE the past twenty years Mr. Worthley neral will be held Friday morning YOUNG MAN W A N T E D " ~ -, F A R M ~ F 0 R SALE ™ " " Effective April 19, 1924 had been employed as a clerk at nt St. James's church at Red Bank. with (imK utoro I'xperlenrf. ],. T. LlBBett " t Kverett. ilv,. «rrp.v lmnMo, ?4.fi0fl, Real. ! 1 'ten^rti ami Inta for tnh. V. V. Kennedy, Co., 60 Rrnail ntrcet. Heel Ilanh. (ieorKt \V. Urny'* store on East (Nrw Yrrk Tine) 1N Mnnmnvitli pii-ppt, Rrri Hanlc, phonn A BARGAIN FOR SOMEONE. New Bus Lino Started. Front street. Although he had not A Ford olmsnin for m\r; | , r k » J35. A d Mayer Foosaner of Freehold has dress T, O. Box 44, Nfivewink, K. J , _. , BARGAIN. enjoyed good health for several All repair work done at my ChalmerB tourinir r n r , perfect runnlnsf " A D D I N G MACHINE WANTED. weeks past he continued to -work nt started a bus line between Freehold Hei'oml LEAVE BATTERY, N. Y. lianil I IKI'IHIK inarhine wanted, y J nr . llt ? 1 0 0 t a k " 1 ' j t Cnll after B:O0 ' ajitomgbilo rejiair .shop must and Long Branch by way of Colt's thp sture until Tuesday of last week. AnMresn Adilinir ' Mncliine, drawer M. °.! lie as reproKcntcil. If it isn't, Mr. Worthley was born .r>-i years Neck, Scobeyville, Tinton Falls, Eat[J Weekday*: 9:30 a. m., 5:30 p. m. 1 ••a FORD TOURING FOR SALE. 'i bring your car hack and have Handni'me collie doK ntray*"l Kundrty, ontown and Long Branch. Four 1 ago at Kc:l Bank. 3Iis father, John A iMi i. ( , r( j j , , u r j n ( r o a r p j l J J ) t O var- "i Thomns S. ! itl.l, Ileil Ilnnli hOD.,1. Iho job done over again at my if, Saturdays: 9:30 a. m., 2:00; 5:30 p. m. H. Worthley, died three years ago. trips are made daily. The busses hmilrtl new t u p nml luirk curtain. JQr sals ' CABPENTF.RS \VANTF.I>. expense or pet your money C'Drepntcru vunteil on ni'\v liounes, South Y,Ui"!Z i;^i 1 1,. I '?V t H u ' i a e t avfime. r h o n i His mother, Mr?. Annie White started runningJThuraday. Sundays: 9:30 a. m., 2:00, 5:30, 9:45 p. m. Write BANK STOCK, Worthley street tLnil Ilrnwii plucc. J . t'. 1>C1H1USII. back. , COW FOR SALC of Reckless place, i.s liv_F O R S A L E ; B mv, «*|Kht yeuva nlH; fine Tnll Church Folk* to Repair Churcn. Work Done When Promiicd. ing, lie also leaves a widow, Jennie AlfalfR hny, HOIIH- Irionc ap'l some linled. P. O. Box 297, . Heudder, 'fplrg The. man folks of the. Tinton Falls James JH.-l.os. Jlolnnlcl. N. .1. Thoiie 20-M_. yi-i-v y e n t l c . H e n r y «Rl LEAVE KEANSBURG | Reasonable, not fancy charges Casler Worthley. Mr. Worthley was C^!Zn °"Nn"2' p Methodist church will turn out with CHICKENS "WANTED.""" ." ' 'V Red Bank, N. J. a member of Liberty fire company for repair wortt. I-'owlfl nnd Inoilirp nL hiitlte«t rnarket S E T O F BOOKS FO ._. Weekdays: 7:00 a. m., 3:45 p. m. | GENUINE MICHELIN TIRES and of-the American Mechanics and tools next week, at a date to be de- price, r i a y t o r ' n Mnrl.et, 47 Hroail fllreot, rotnplfin Hft nf th« Bnuk of KnowIedH«t cided later, to repair the floor of the Red Bnnli. CO v.iluin,.., ,,„„., Will BU ri-ir KC . f o r Woodmen of the World lodges. Saturdays: 7:00 a. m., 12:00 m., 3:45 p. m. g AND TUBES, further imrtiriijiiin write to I!nr>k of KnnwPOSITION W A N T E D " church. The floor threatened to The body was prepared for burial collapse during & recent big gather- as houReItep|»T, in bnchelor'fl or widower's Mirtf^dnnvcr M. Red Bank, ACCESSORIES OF ALL Sundays: 7:00a, m., 12:00 m., 4:00, 8:00 p. m. | : home preferred. Address M. IJ., dnnver " M E N WANTED; " ~\M at Albert W. Worden's funeral . KINDS. M.JIied Hank. ing nt the church. One niBtit mini nnd two dny m«n t o drive 'i home. The funeral will he held at («xi. Mii;.t lip roll^blA men a n d well « ( • ' RANGE"FbR!fl(1| SALE. ~ Perfect raniu' i'l t l condition: heen (luninird with town. Tlionc Yellow Hood W AiyCPI TOP I I ROBERTA two o'clock this afternoon at (.ome yearn. AddrepB K. L., boxTiisi__SrrvIcp. Mt,\ Uiuilt 1301.. the house and will he conducted hy Typewriters Rented inS j upe JJIdJjl g HOLMDEL, N. J. OPERATORS "WANTED. " Rev, John Muyskens, Jr. Jlrs. FcmBln epPtulnrH, llnlRhftrc. rresaer* n n d ER 2 months, $5.00 000O3CO0C300000C0CO00O00D0000O0000000C0C000C0' Rewind dunti ipfiponnhly a t home o r c ofleor m i l s wanted- on ladies' dreicen; 1 John C. King will sing a solo. The out ny tiie dny. I'lione- Ited Hank 1GSG. stoutly ivork, I'nnd pny. Anply Mr. J a e n h i , i Repairs and Supplies burial will bo made at Fair View 70-72 Brorcd iilivcl, Itfd Hunk. • ) M"r>. W. lilncklon. " COW K O R 3 A L E . T~" 4 cemetery. - - A l R E D A L E ' T E R r i ' l E R - F O n SALE. W. C. PHELAN •Tfirpey rnw, cnininu fron]i Inat weak In 2 Mnlo Airedale terrier, tu'n year» old, 1 May; nuisl nt-11 on ncnotint of moving to 1 „ DEATH OF FRANK J. O'BRIEN. Morganv.Ilo, N. J., and New York with pedirret , fnr talc. AiiKUBt Kutxn, town. Iru.1'1"*^ ifiVilllam Iliichannii, Minn«»

TIMOTHY R. HOUNIHAN Contractor and Builder




Auto Vans and Express

i i N e w rYork a

Shares of Red Bajhk Trust Co. Stock

Guaranteed Work

State Number and Price '



Well Known Resident of Rumson a A Complete Line In Wall Papering, Victim of Heart Disease. Pointing & Decorating Frank J. O'Brien of Rumson, a Estimate! Cheerfully Givan broLher of William O'Brien of Red H. A D L E R Bank, died yesterday morning1 of Phone B81-W heart disease, complicated with 117 W. Front S t Bright's disease. lie would have PHONE 3033 DEAL been 49 years old next December. DEAL MILL and Mrs. O'Brien died six years ago. SCREEN CO. Mr. O'Brien was in charge of the ICE O F ADOPTION O F ORDINANCE. Seabright plumbing business of Wil- For the re-inforced Window and ,'. i ordinance providing for t h e improv- liam O'Brien. He is survived by Door Screen! for your new house. in r i'f the .Sovpn-lirUlt-e r<'«ln(r, cnivpl and ten children und by his father, EdEstimate* Cheerfully Giren r n i l i T i nnd providing for tlio piiyment of ward O'Brien of Fair Haven. He l'i- cdft thereof ivaa finally paaafMl by t h e lMii-nuf:h Council nf t h e Hornugh nf Tittle leaves two brothers in addition to Silver on t h e fourteenth day nf May. 10:M, the brother mentioned. They are nnil approved b y Honorable. J . E. Harvey Edward J. nnd Thomas O'Brien of on t h e fourteenth day uf Mny, 11124. Rumson. He ii also survived by a PAINTING NOTICE 6 F S E T T L E M E N T OF ACCOUNT I sister, Miss Ann O'Brien of Rumr o t a t e nf Martin Maloney, lato lunatic,


At the Red Bank High School

At Eight O'clock.

counts of the FiibKriber, administratrix of the eutate of said deceased, will he audited and stated by the Surrosate of the County cf Monmouth dn'l reported for settlement

SOLOISTS WILL IJMCL.UDE: Eugene Magee Arthur C. Belvour Lester Davis Male Quartette

Show Under the Direction of HAKHY C. STEWART

Tickets on Sale at A. B. Chambera' Pharmacy or by Members.

HULDAH SOLOMON. years, nnd widow of Elias. Sylvester, Monmouth County Sui •rogale 1 « OfflD died Monday in her eightieth year. | In the matter of tho estat Cathe: KoBwel!, deceased, Sho had been sick only three days. Notice to creditors t o present clai She leaves five sons and two daughagainst estate. Pursuant to t h e order of Joseph L, Tinn- ters. They are Philip, Elcazcr, nhay, Hiirrocate of t h e County of Monmouth, made on the thirteenth day ofElias, Octor and Lillian Sylvester •March. 1 f*24, on tho application of Sarah and Mrs. Deborah Richards, who Nnnnan. arfmiRtratrix of Catherine Hoswell, ilpco;ised, notice is hereby given to t h elive at Fair Haven, and Alfred Syln-editora nf fair! iWeased to exhibit to vester of New York. She also the subscriber, administratrix, a« afornsrnil, their riVMs and demands anninst th« leaves n. sister, Mrs. Albertina said estate, under onth, witliin aix months Hicks of Fair Haven. The funeral fi-fim thn dnte at the nfornniil nrrlcr, or thry will be forever biirrcd of their nc- will be held tomorrow afternoon at tinn!» therefor npninst the Fnid subscriber. Dated Freehold, N. J.. Mirch 13, 10!!4. Fisk chapel and will be conducted by Rev. J. \V. Davis. Burial will SAIIA1I NOONAM, R u n on. N . .1.be made at White Ridge cemetery. NOTICE. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN! Take notice t h a t we v.il! sell nn the 3 ] n t Death of Red Bank Girl. ilfll' of May. 1921. nt lrt:0n nYlm-k in i h e fnrendon n t the. limpit'e mirage. - I K.lst Jliss Concetta Dnidone, aged Frnnb atrepr, in the lioroiiKh of Tied Bank, in t h e County o f Mnnmmith, in the State nineteen yoarp, daughter of Nichof N e w Jersey, one I'nekaH peven-pa«sen- olas Dnidone of Bridge avenue, Ber touring rnr. model j ' . u t ; -is serial .No. &0922, motor N n , .Inoj-J. the j*nnir to liedied Sunday from a complication sol'i Recording t n the provisions of chap- of diseases after a long sickness, ter 312, Laws of 1915. for a hill of Jrrj.no fnr toivinc nnd storage ( i n B n j , | nuUmnhile The funeral was held . yesterday In Empire (JnraKe, to. t h e highest hi'Mcr mornitiE at St. Anthony's church. Doted Red Hank, N. J . . Mny ' J l , 11121. Rev. Nicholas Soriano chanted n Sinned. ELMEU c . W/MNRIfiHT, requiem mass. Tho burial wns Second Judicial I'iptrirt CouYt.

131 Gallons Gasoline

5 Gallons Oil



This STAR GAR is on exhibit at

West Front Street and Riverside Avenue RED BANK, N. J. \


made at Mount Olivet cemetery.

$28.50 Four Burner Large Oven

Samuel Swartz 14 West Front St;, Opp.Brood RED BANK, N. I. Phone 1 3 8 7

Splidtorf 7-8, list $1.00, reduced to : 65c Herz 7-8, list $1.00, reduced to . . 50c A. C. 7-8, list $1.00, reduced to . . 65c Champion 7-8, list $1.00 . . . . 50c Bosch 7-8, list $1.00, . $6.50, pkg of 10



to the Orphans Court of said Couaty. on I „, p... c . t , _. . u Thursday, tho twenty-ninth day ot May, | Mrs. fc.lia> Sylvester Had Lived at A. P. 1921, at which time application will Fair Haven Seventy Yeare. be mailn for the allowance uf commissions and cnunsel fees. Mrs. Catherine A. Sylvester, a Datiil April loth. A. P. 102 rcsidont of Fair Haven seventy

A. C. Champion Splidtorf Bosch , Globe ,



55c . , 50c . , 55c $5.00, pkg of 10 . • . ' 40c

These Prices Are in Effect Till June 1st Only.

D. A. JOHNSON CO. Mechanic Street

Red Bank? NB J«


C nventie, Itpd TJank. ._ Kennetly, 111 Moiimoutli Btrccf, for BCrWca h nnd Hntiiifnrtinn. Phone 447-U, Red Bank. PIuntbiniT, lifiuinp. tliminc. fitcatn r r o > ; N E W HOUSE FOR S A L E T " " inif, raactiine , Hcrvice tind pints. Thonc ?0,000. nix ruoniH nnd hath, all Improve* Rail Hank 1080-J. _ __ niontu, 11c wly drrornted, B" r atre. near 1 " GOLD CUTTERS WANTED." Hi'hnol. 8 niintttfn from Htntlnn. William Girls wiintctl to cut j:o!d: experienced or ^l(^i* Adnin, Curiu'riter Blreet, IUver Plata. learner*. Apply nt I'rasor'a fnctory, 17 7"~~APARTMENf~ F O R " RENT. " Union street. Red Ilnnk. Rii rrtoni nrnrtmcnf, nil modern' J n > FOR SALE." pi-nvpmrntfi, r\e;ir Red Ranlt »tatlon; 946 5(1,(100 used brick; nlnol ot of I b e a m s . per niontli. Apply Jnncpli G. McCtlfl, Apply 377 Mi-midway. LOIIK Hraneli, N . .1,Rhr-'wrihiiry, N . ,r,, phnno_R«d Bunk B42'B.. Tlione I.nnK Hnim-h tnUTi. ^ _ TlIORSES FOR SALE. ' FOR SALE, A pair 'if Konri nervieonblff work h o r s e y Choice dnhllii Imllm: nlsn nulnmnlillr for now work in ir. (.'(in IJP tmuirht. \vorth t h e sale. J i n m II. KiliK, »l Main street. K e y . mimey. J . N , Ilniirc, fecrl d^niffr, RhrewiPort. N. .1.. pliotl.' 1S.1-W. iMiry nvflimc, nt rnilrond croftnlnff, R t d Hunk. __ DRIVER WANTED." Must lo Heen n t my f»rln. Henry C. W.-I.enn. Reil nank, Second nnd third floors of hnlMInif ftt Telephone 2 7 8 - F . H IMiddletown, 3 Broad fitrert, lied Bank, for any p u r r o ^ l ' FOUR E X P E R T BARBERS Bre tit your fiervice nt Klinrnhlia'fl Viarher American Food Company, 3 Broad street* j shop, i; White street, near Hroail, Special attention t o b d l r s nml rliildren^ _ ~ ~ W A N T " X I^IOME ? fihi; 1924, 011 I he npplicntion of Urond StrceL mniit dei;|ralilr> rcnlttentUI faction. Pate* National Hank of JUMI Hank. N . J., execu- rensonable. Phone 1221. Tied Hunk, tor of t h o outfitc of Clinrlcsi E . Taylnr. POSITION" WANTED. decenscd. notico is licivby Riven t o this creditor* of «ninn- p m v r n i f n t ; IiPKt location in t o w n ; r e n t s hny, aiirroftnto of tho County of Mnn« for $1,200 it yenr; lot fiOilftO; II1.O0O. : nn.uth. ranilu on th« twpnty-rlthth day of March 11>^4, on the nppHcati.»n of The T. V. DniiRhcrly, rnrner HTnnmnutli ( t r e c t ' Unmd Street National Dnnk of Red nnnk* nnri nrlileo avenue. Rfd Hank. New Jer»pv, enGrntor of tho estnto (if Krrderlck T. Hiiy™, darrnied, rotico li hereby ffiven to th*> creditors of »nld rto- RIVER LOTS IN RED BANK. r(Biit>d to exhibit to tlm Fiibflcribpr, *>xernpnoo nnleec; make ynur own terma. T h a 1 tor afl oforoeaid, thrlr ilebtn nnd demnnda nuainnt the Bnid rntnte, under with, within moat brnutlful ppot on Khrewabury t W e r i nix .mtinthn frnm th'i dntn of the nforeanfd \cvy hlph K round, ivith wonderful nhad* , order, r.r Uiev will ho forever bnrrrd of (rre«. T. V. pnUffherty. m r n f r Mnnmouth ' thfir fictions therefor anninBt tho aald aubdirect and Hridftc nvenue, Hr<\ Honk. " r J i a / i l FreeboM, K. X, Mnrrh 28, 1^>2i. HOME SEEKERS. 1'HK I1ROAD KTnEKT NATIONAL HANK nf Jled Jfntik. Ncw^Jernoy.^ With n nmnll payment down I can e r MonmoullTCountVsiirraiiala 1 * Office. ranpe to Bell you a linune, furnish you with In th« mnttrr of tho entnto of Henry n innrtwatm nnd wee you hpvn A rlenr tltl«. CroKH, Hecpftned. Noticn t o creditor! to r " " " i l claims Call T . V. Dmishrrty, corner Monmouth street nnd Uridijc nvftiur, Ited Hanlt, phon* I'uriuant to the nrder of Jof'ph T-, Tionpfl Rnrt l o a n i . Rlmy, eurroizntB of the rniinty nf Mim-(il 1 -\V. liifurunce, mortKn(r mouth, mndn »n tbo thirtrrnth ilay of Mnrrh, l'.'Jl, '>" the npplirnllon nf Annie A GREAT BARGAIN?"" frosB, Il^nry Crnsn, Jr., fleorKr Crosn nnd Farm, four tiiilrn frnm I t " ! Hank; hotl«e Willinm I-. from, »itri*iitnrft cif ilio r»lnln of Henry Cronn. rlrrranrd, nntcij U li^r.-by nf prven rmnn». A - l m m i l l l n n ; t e n acrea Klven t«> t\\f crfdltnm of unid drrfnseil In nf liuvi, «H l>l>lltcrt: v n r l r t / o t .fruit, HIhiblt t o tlm nuborribrrit. e»rcutnr» an orennld, their debt« nnd drmondn aBainst r i i r n t " " l"»l ninl fully rlorked wllli ohlckthe B*id fhtatc, under rath, within *it run, hor*", crivv, c l r . A irrrat bargain, rnonthi from thp «VM« df Ihf nfot:««fli(l or- tH.ttnn, trrnifi. T . V . UmiKlierty, cornar iler. or they will be forever Imrrrd of tln>ir nctinn n therefor ngninnt the Bald m Ouuntry Chili. • I.imic It , , » r ami v nun to KHstvUvi awmif, tlinuo nlf.jijr t Eattvicw avenue An iU |nt«r*erUni. V.'AH i n on*r, T . V, Uoiiiclicrty, t o n i r r tin r n m t y mud v\ or n^tir th« 1 ,it*" er depot." vjnn finally pumtrd bv .•- Moimufiitli p t i r c t nml HiMyo iivrtnt*, H?<\ rnl .iiKh CfHincIl of 1li»tn<' "fh , fillver on the ffiurljen^h i ! « r « / , IDS'!, mid apprised by IToftorMW*\ .--• A. ifdtvi-y cn t h e i o u r t e o n t h d&y <*t May, 1924) '

Page El overt


1 ROOMEH W A N T E t ) . HEAL ESTATE. CENTRAL BOBBER SHOP, BtiNOALOW FO TRY CURCHWS FOR FACE VALUE, •" H O R S E S FOR S A L E . At 1 : 1 Monmnuth olreel, Red B a n k ; Calif.. r u i n buntcnloVit to r ti' nt, futnUhn! Half house for rent, three roo 74 Monmoutti prop T h r e e Good form b o n e a : on t h e Loul» Let us be your barlxr. W« know how Frank Sole,, proprietor, BtAira, four bedim,, .nvenient t o station. • Its trio UI11I i i r r ecailjlt i -r &\l •" ' ue. Expert workunfu rr.iMher colored; Keneral lloua«- in enlsi U r a l loi:utl(.ui . l i• tinii bulldimr. llPBUilra. R E P A I R S O F ALL KINDS Ct j iiiK. Red Hnnk. itheri, i c H t i f f t , J ' . i i r U i l .sen. Apply ' »!"«. i i r l . 6 Linden place, lied Ilnnk. ' SOD AND TOP SOIL FOR SALE. GARDEN SEEDS OGDEN McCLASKEY, ; tl b e done by cnllini; on Ralph I). SickFOR SALE OR RENT. iiyrn. Mil iliV I'M .mtl 1Chailwirlt. K I T ... 7 Hrund nlreet. Red Bank. , ~ BARGAIN. " TclrplKHJC SIC. Itcd Hank. f. t h e e n r p c n l e r nml builder, n t *i M c - ulait roofer; tin roofa coated and made nt Welle in me pi nee, J air Him .Mi. Eiirht-room linube, »ll iinl-n rii i.ill.) Ued Hank tiiflit. Chimney, repaired. fiooflnir ma- | Larg ' •k of Woodruff's reliable needs. I.iicht six touring, looki hrand n e w : run') ircn s t r e e t , Ited Hunk, phone J40H. MAN AND TEAMMiildl.'tuwn WANTED7SMI. Lll-W ] ! ,rai[«, nenr r i v e r ; eneliiseil po ti» plow Kar.letl. I-: all e q u i p m e n t ; 1,,-nutiful r n r ; S'Jr',11, trrial (or Bale. 133 Jludscin avenue. Red " ' - --II to fnrmerti, market Kardenern and irfii-n, l o t r,llnl!,(l. 1'rin.- (Li.II- II. Rent HORSES FOR S A L E 7 tor nmi.ll fnmily Knr.leiiH. Seed BPteialbtii. rirlli Iwii-i- tlint; reiii.r.n, h i m - un.ilhi-r Dank, phone 400-J. "FURNISHED'"ROOM" TO "KENT. ASK A. C. BAKER, L I T T L E KIILVER. ?(iO. Apply I). W . WilUuj;', 2 Il;u;i.l T h r e e gum! fnrm h o m e , ; on t h e I.OUIB ir. fjB Ke.-ond a v e n u e . Atlantic. IliitliAll improvements, 60 Linden pluce, Ked l l a r i - n i n . M-VI-II r n . , m v l l l n ; : , - l u . u . . - , h n l l i . FOR SALE AT BELFORD. reel, Heil Himk. AUTOMOBILE OWNERS, ATTENTION. r y farm, lied Iliink-Kvei ell n.ii.l. or Bee n.ls, S. J . , Wcdneadny nml Tliur.-,day : a - . e l c t t r i , - l i , ; h t . , h i t 0 r , , , , r , I n r i t f l o l . llsiik. _ _ 8U room house; lot 7Sxl66; 12.800, M. Haley, ph.ioe r,^l).R, He.l Unnk. Equip your nutomohiles with Milburn FOR RENT. irht -.. •arni.-,-: t n r . l . - n p l a n t . ' . 1 : ?-J,r,(10, JtfOtl d o w n ; SI,000 cash. Ilalanre monthly payments. pum-.ture-pronf tubew. (iuaranteeil aKainst FURNISHED ROOM TO LET, furTwo o r three i:oim,-.'lil,ir ronr • FOR SAl.E. ..t.^i.u.i.in. Art lo.iny. Ilr.rit l i m i t vnur WINDOW CLEANING'. Caleb L. I.uker. Ilelford, W. J . I'lione nr.ythiiiK nut Inr^er than a twenty-penny Mm. Joaepll rleculle. 11 Llnd«n place, CITIZENS UU1LDINU A n i l LOAN , f. nlshed or unfurniflied: nil runvi-uip R h o d e Isliind- Ited eocl.erels; e x t r a fine KesiiBliurB ITi-F-SI. i i l l n l r y l i n m i - In p n a h i i : , - s l u m p l l i i n e i l i i l ' i I K . We make n H p c i u i t y lit cieuninu win, . Wo m nplke. Address I'. 0 . box 323. Red Hjink. IX.d Hank. , tins money to loan fur t h e purchase at lixht l.ous.-ke,-piiiK: n l ' o nie.-ly ( r brecilinir; S.r,.()O nod f l O each. J. Kdllh ll i.1- . V . i o d l . r n o l . l.,t^. i l n i i i i - h i i v i - o u e U i u i r i t t r ) iiml rivalo lomeu. Apply at Tho Second National PIANOS AND PLAYERS. " ilt)wi of ;*" H. R1T2AU, HleepinK ro'inis: k'urnf;.: f"r' r.-nt. ;ar SimiiiiBi.il. Ited Hunk, ,,l,o,,e 1077-It. " W A T E R FRONT FOR "SALE. i.-nr L l a l l n u , n r e a v a i l a b l e ; f.'l In 7 1 f o o t You can ulwuyn lln.i honest values In i: (remover of dead aniinnK, Itcd Bank. lel»-- iank. Heil Unnlc. f One nf thi' Mfutce rhiinces to o w n lie-1007-.I. Itr-.l Bnnk. 'inntiur.-, 2U« t o 4 0 0 f e e t d.-.-p. 1'nr-. FORD ROADSTER FOR SALE. new and used niflnos nt Dirhnn'f. Piano slrel.le ri.i-r fr.,,,1. lOOxf.^r,, willi riparinn O ! triiTiNiiiiUI". S a t i s f a c t i o n yuiiniTitL'oJ. 411 I phom GARAGE FOR SALE, FOCKETBOOK LOST A 1120 11120, ne ly and In •Shop, Drumninn.i place (rear of town halO, riKhtfl: i-lioice ltum»on neiirliborhond. Ailti l pninted: id ne • Winiiitiiftcjii Btreet. Ited Bank, phone Frame, 'Jx 1 li feet; nloo htonn door, win* , "PONY CAIlf'WANTED. rnntaininjt C. It. It. im-s nn.l N HELLO1I der; p .od i r r 1 M Can Illume Ited Hank 033. il.le low frames, " t r . M. Hollywood, 35 Peter! d£esB Opportunity, drawer M. Red Himk. money, losl bi-l'.vren Moiunnutli Ktn-.-t nn.l I I Smell pciny cart wantcil. i'lioin Ne» Wa repnir radiators, mmlKuurns, lioml., PLAYER BARGAiN. .N,.'e^l!.-d Ilnnk. j t 3 1 Locust avenue. Red Hank. _ POSITION WANTED. llen;eii pln.e, on Ur.ni.l street, \1i t v ! H l i , I BUNGALOW' rfei-t" dese. very clt.-tail nf this aiupH. and do nil metal work. ,Wi> sell n " F L A G POLE WANTED. "" An experii-m-e.l Kntflinh irroom desire* a William H. Anal.ro. .'Ll^ ller/eli ! PIANOS A N D P L A Y E R S . " -aillntor fur a l-'onl for SIJ&O t h a t la it •ith city npnrtment. improvements, a r - Mrs. nh.y. •- Not n m Thlrty-fom line ii-.le, new or seeon.l-iian.l opitinn nn privnte place, experienced with ! LAUNDRY WANTED plnr.-. He.l Hank. tje fir, lined, from tnO up. Dlrhnn I'lnno Shop, ened; nil-year house, 12 honeycomb rnSiat'ir thnt dnrit freeT.e.' VV» y il. IV.U) is Thi' v:\cn Ive price .leliv.-n.I an Wi.nl nvriun. Rum. rul.tk- nnd hunter*. Address II. B.. ninuten to to do nt limnc. Cnll ur wilt'.: 0G Llml liuinmond Him •: In rrnr of town hall, Bed Hal ion. Main road nod othe I tlrai. nke SPECIALTY open toniuht. 11 nrll Fir mL_N. .1. Address llnx 73. Senbriuht. drnwer M, IIPII Hunk. lank, liliono 1133. pl»c«, llfil Hank. Windalii.-I.la nnd 'loor , : h,,«ei n . n e r i n l t y . . loiiKlity I.nn Fair Haven. Lock box B. n*1 "MATO~WANTED i Btrei-t, Ited Hank, An ng ; "APARTMENT FOR RENT. Rensonnble prleeii. Red l l j n k Auto Rn.ll" FOR RENT. house- pnintintr. Specinl price ny o r c o n t r n r t v,-ork. Jv.tiTwo front loonm in private family: rent j .trcet, Bed Bank. Equip ynur nutomobile« with Milburn painting. HOUSE FOR R E N T . itli; nil iiiiornvemenls. Oim be .teen nny nroud street. Steam iient. electric llirht, Hank. I'jinn« 1177. • I U I I - I cheerfully r i v e n . Peter T i t u s , I a n naiinaldo. Phone T.2C-W. C7 White IlKl.t. me nt li; Riverside avenue. Pe.l Hank. •'' HORSEfFOR SALE. Ka<, luth, etc. Adults only. Call 10 Hud- )Uncture-pr(i.tf tubes. Guaranteed nKuinst 4._Kcnnsl>urK. N. . 1 . xlli'it. Ited Himl " ROOFING. anything not larger than n twenty-penny ill.: irnorf ' fioml fnrni lu.l'no for ante cheap. , Bnx Ison avenue, Ited Hunk. .. _ _ : BORO AUTO STORAGE, If you' inten.l 1O ii'-ronf n r repair with FOR S A L E . SALESLADIES WANTED. ,v\k<-. Adilresi I". O. box 323, Red Ilnnk. ! 4 I , Matnwnn, N. J . _ cclmnlc Btreet nnd (jliriin Court. Will SEVENTY-ACRE FARM FOR SALE nViii'milKxpirh'ineil in Iniliea1 nnd children's Alonir stato rond, near Atlnntic Hinhily n u i i l n p , i • k i Aiplmlt nhiliuh-1 nr m i l loofinit ..-« Ill IlP. "TOURING CAR FOR "SALE. toro your car by the Imur, day. week, on the Red Hank-Iiverett road 7 Brent fruit ~" THOROUGHBRED GUERNSEY ••r on Sntunloyi-altly. Roldherg'B, Ilrnnd lands, fourteen-room hmine, nil i i n p r n . e - Farm, Mi, .'In Keyp.irt, fore buyliii: cl-ipwliprp. We are d e n i e r , in , N. J . Arl'lie Kiltht .-i-limirr. i,even pmnemter, lat r nth or ygnr. Duy im.l nl^ht nervlce. nnd llolflieln bulls fur bc-rvice. HiiiEhnm Bhert. H...I Ilnnk. and Block fnrm;; will null <;nsy hich irrn.le mill .-nil ArMilml' TiiiiHles anil feet; - price fK.SOII. It. I . 11. y terms: all model; lilie ft new enr; extra tires nnd m e n t s ; l o t l, .0x22j Farm, llumnon, N. J. _ _ FOR SALE. Roll Roolilur. We r a n .live you hnlf t i n T e r m s . Caleb I.uker, Eclford, M. J . Thone tuck and erop.i. E. M. Haley & Son, tubes p MAXWELL CAR FOR SALE. I OR SALE. Private p n r t y . Inquin cost of imtt.'nnl. Prices nnd «nm|i!p'i f u r A frond kitchen ntuve. onk bedroom ". ROLL TOI" DESK I-Oll SALE. h o I t Red Hank. k l'.IL!l Mn^wi'll tmirinit ear; (Irst-rlnsg T u n 1, mired and forty nnd t h r Groi'f Hrou.1 .itreet. Red Brink. 7n-K-.11. K e n n s h u r r . lino-It. nished. W e ih'Liv.-r. Nritinnnl Hoounir lu.iuiie fis Washintf ton Economy Bnttery Hcrvlc.-, I'll West inif iiiiier. I''or Bale rcuBonnhlc. P . 0 . Hit. • complete. Imndrr.l • FOR SALE. LOST ui.a- Supply Co.. :!10 S m i t h ntiei t, T'ertll A m i.l ninely eirit l.'yphi'rn ROLL TOP DESK FOR SALE. •t, Run i. N. .!., i.flec r,:l)0 P M. ' Frnnt Htiept. lli'il Hnnl.. _ __ ppy . •10. Rei! Ilnnk. . fnclory nnd CnthMotor hunt nn sea skiff order, 22 feet ntli: ion ehii-k tiyphers h o v e r s , .Polished onk, banker's model roll tup between C. E. Cono 0(17. " FOR" S A L E . " street, pay .-tln-r poiilLi-v supplies. . 1 . T.hoy. N . J.. pli conta: [OUSES FOit SALL, PORT MONMOUIH. lonir, Hulibni .1 3 v, h. p. cnfflne; will aell desk: n linriiain for ?7.00. See it at Ron erine UADGE LOST. p FOR SALE. Finder pi, dilress I)r. F. I. Leonard. IS, Second National hank buildintr. Red S20.3I. D.-r.i". lock hu Mil Hair mattress, rnnc-.tinilly new, for Bale. Hnvc several buusea for anle at Port ehcop. t'iill Person nndiiii,' ImildlnK inBpector'i hadpe Hifc-lilaiuU. P h o . hn< fruit Cl.lcken fan Holtr.. 1-IH Calhe 1. N. J. et, Ke Call 1UII-W. IU'd Hani:. onmouth, , N. J. Caleb I,. Lukcr, Hcl- L i t t l e Silver eiiBO return !o lioroufili Clerk, Itcd Bank, Hank, between 11:00 A. M. nnd 1:30 P. M. Cntherin. — nml berries, chirk? house lXxi.t) feet. 24" Hank. Plione 4^1-H. .rd, N. J . -Phono Keaimbur-, 75-F-31. ii.l-rw.ive rewnnl. " YOUNG"G1IU. WANTED" ~ TYPEWRITERS. FOR SALE. " "SALESMAN WANTED . . . layinx hens; new hlccn rrirni:,- for thren All makes Hold, rented, repaired. Coast Six room I. to help with li()iln(!wmli. Apply nt fit Knot •e ..nd Lam. ineteen ni MAN WANTEbT CANOE FOR SALE. BORO AUTO STORAGE, lal rjiitl.ii i!din[M: auto Bell crenmnll*. pickles, relishea, etc.. pears; I Gnrdener mill hnli.ly man wnnled; yenr r.f land, afln' f r o n t . t r i ' r l , Ilrd Hunk. Old Town canoe, two puddles, two lazy echnnic street nnd Globe Court. Will Writlnc Machine Co., 110 Mattison ave- through Moiiraouth, .Middlesex nnd Oce» •. House haa nine mim«, bath, pnnlol.e. J i i . t Hi d position f.,1- en.- win, is willinn t for n chio ickrt; (Tiinil comlition; very cheap. J. K. oro your enr by the li.Mir, day, week, nue, nv'er H.ir.len'rt stationery store, As- counties. .Siendy pofiition. Inquire M. I,, ci-llnr, Metro nyati-m try. Inuii.lry Imu" "A'."L."'DAVISON7' liury I'iirlr, phone ITiD-J, nnd duck fnrm: price S7,o()0. terjns. Cnle den, row. poultry, take cure of small urr. I.neiiht. N. .1. nonth or year. Day and nicht Hervice. id running water: len Seldin. 1 K 1 Shrewslniry nvenue. Red Rank. elect _. hot nnrl ' Goodyear Bei-vita- utrilinn for solid tircn. etc.; must Bleep inn. Helfo 'I, N. J . l'hono 75-F-31. minute-i' wnllc tn beni-h, tli-ii minutei' rillw Address Hardener, I.u IF YOU WANT A CAR QUICKLY " FOR RENT FRESH COW FOR SALE. FIVE ROOMS AND HATH FOR J3.5OO W h a r f j i v r n i w , ltod Hank. ^ drawer M, Red III.k. niluiri!. nnd nt n. low price look over the offerings tn Keypnrt. I'li.-c Shi.01)11. I'nl.-l, I.uker, at 18(1 IIudHon nvenue. Red Bank; BIX :an bo built by Rnliili 11. Kieliel-., the enrSmall Jersey cow. just freshened; with , " " " "" STORE FOR RENT. FOR SALE. LOANS. ilelford. N. .1.. phone 7u-I-'-ai, Ki.iumhurj. i hr i'nriii;c; all improvements. lenter and builder nt M Mel.aren street, in The Retridter's Wnnt Depnrtment each withoui her calf. Very Eentle; easy Front hnlf of etoro fur rent. Inaulro 1'lu week. Mnny nre ndvertlaed a t prices that Six room house and hani, nit teen acres Persons seeking luans or havinir money DRY OAK FIREWOOD. "~" milker, rich milk. Ideal cow for Bubtirhnn •Ml_Il»nk. Phone 1408 for nneeluVntlnni. ], d• n n d mortKBKe a r e urned to of inod, appl.:'., p e n e l u i nnd mnke thiun renl hnrgains. A. T. J^remim oi- aiicnU. Our onk woo'l is cut in h m ' t l n for furfamily. Ramnnessin Farm, phone I , HolmFOR RENT. T'enicken ReKister'a W n n t A d v e r t i s e m e n t s , | nice Inke. .lust tinplj.ee fo read Th ' A. L . DAVISON. " < DONT RIDE iin-Fi or kitehun ramies. In mild weatliep HATCHING EGGS del. Two nU-rnom oottiiKoH. with or without Goodyear ficivi<-e Ktiitinn for solid tires, where opportunities for uuickly fillinir your nnd duck fnrm : price .57.0011:' m>. Caleb \ when n atpaily lire il not Iicr-.led, a few 1th a broken windshield. Brlnp; your car from elioice White llocks, prize winning: Innd. Ilrynn. Port-au-peck, Lonv? Branch. lere nnd let ua put in a new plat... Kl GROCERY. •Wharf nvi-mn-. Hud.Hunk. _ . s_mny _he found. _ L u k i r , Ilelford, K. J.. \>h>i 75-F-31, i Iiie.-es mnrnimrs nnd t'vciiinjr-i ;vill Kreatl/ N. J . . phone afiu-W. Experienced chain store grocery manaHillcr's. ,'13 Weat Front stre»t. Ited Jlank. iitnek- nt Red Hunk nnd N(Tw-nrk shows; " R O O M S FOR R E N T . •snvi- your ennl ]>il.-. We also havo pinn F O R S A L E AT K E Y P O R T . " Keniishum. reduced prieps. J. T. Ilaker, Matanan, N. gers wanted. Apply personally or by letFOR SALE. " I Nicely tui'iiinlicil, -IIKIII mill " i ' y : aultnlJle Hah wood for kindlinir purprae.. Onk , TAKE NOTICE. J.. BIIX_1I-A. It. I). Nn. 2. Cottnce, contnininc six rooms and jath, I REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. ter, stnlinir experience. American Food Chandler ti-urini,' eur: Dlnpatcli model; j f o r t w o . UL-.I Hunk Hr,il-.J. -!, ?l'l for a lnr--C.' trn.-k Ion.I. pine * ! 0 , Severn] used ei.nl nn.l uns rn Company, 211 Ridgewood nvenue, Newark, kitchen rnnfre anil laundry tubs, hot a n d . Leonardo, twel'.e-ni i m " " COW FOR SALE. reiiKonnlile. Aildrcsn Chandler Tourinir, II. Cook. " C I T I Z E N S BUILDING AND LOAN cold runnine wnter, lot 3Sxl!0 feet. Bar- ei.nditioii: two-story bunvahiw nml W e half of ear.h. ?11 C. O. I). John II. nil nt low piiees. Siimuel K(tnrlx, 14 . Fresh cow. four yen™ old; Kentle, Rood N._J. drawer M, Iteil Ilnnk. liaa money to loiin buyers of homoa. Apply nee. Price 56.000, part cosh. Caleb L. plot of irroiind. on stnle road, nlont' trolley | Jr., Newman .SiirinBJ nvenue, Red Bank, Vejit. Front street, phone Ited Hank 1387. milker; itunrnnteeil ri^lit in every way. FOR SALE, STORE AT RUMSON. at tho Second Nntiminl liaTik. Luker, Helford. N. .1. __ _ _ _ ) l i n e : SG.oi).). cash f^.r,O(). linlaiire easy ' pi. ALTERATIONS OF ALL KINDS Walter 11. Wnllinir, Chapel Hill, N. J . '"POULTRY HOUGH I AND SOLD? On Oceanic rond; buasei pass door, iiusy "JERSEY BLACK' GIANT EGGS' ' I terms. Wrjte Lr. JuiUun. Mnsuclh, I.or.K In: inn.I.- by Il:ilph H. Kiekeln, t h e carFOR SALE. MONEY FOR FARMERS. /live _ tborouiilifnrc; five rooms ndjoininK store; frc«li ilrci ed rliickcim bought Phone Mi.l.ll.l.jun 7:)H-F-2. lulition for Bal< pontrr mill huilili-r nt, a reasonable price, _ Bold: will p a y l i e ^ t priced. J . Unkc •odd The Federal Land Hnnk, the only fnrmRefriserntor next to school. Hears investigation. Terms for britL-hiiiK from choice stock: $6,0U per j ^Intul. f*. 1. _ ,„,,,FOR SALE, RED BANK, Mechanic street. Red Hnnk. ' l'hmic Ili-il Ilnnk 1.(08. v l'hono Iluni.on 310-J. era' muturtl bank, tho net enrninri < f which FOR SALE ALONG STATE ROAD. I U U J cnn lie nrrnjiRed. Jere J. Carew, Rumson, 100; White Chinn nec-i.- nn.l Indian Runner , restricted,. hlch it ' " " " ' ' : I fifteen lots r,0xIS5 feet, bnck tn the farmer who bor-ows tli» Also pure bred Unmpi.hire PIKS. R. | A forty-four-ncre farm, twelve ne.res of BEAN POLES AND STAKES GAS RANGES. HORSE FOR'SALEr (levntion. nlonK good street. For the NJ F. Campbell, Jliirh-; sixteen v.-irietiei; h p l Hill, Hill Atlantic l i l i h apples, l i lli",0 pench trees. I money, lonn. ->ioney to farmers on first ; _;_ _ _ fjnnrl hin-su fur H.ilf; n h o dellvpry mnEnn LnrRCfit Btork in town nt lowent price. for vciretnliloB, IHM-I-IPI TIIKI dunlin* for p , l Chapel hole, ?.rj,G0u cash. Caleb Luker, Belford. '2 vineyanlfl, CIDVCII room house, bnrn \ Ixmil nK» „<*<; linrnrati, etc. Ajijily to \V. K Reilly, 2L Samuel SwnrU. M West l-Ynnt Htreet. opFOR SALE IN RED BANK. Bale. ]'honc lied Ilnnk 124K-J. t 5 !i p e r c e n t lnterlands, N. .J.. It." F. I). Phone "o-F-31 Keanaburg. , •A usiinl outimiMtiiftfl; price $2H,000. e^t to pay I'l-nrl str.-i-l, R n ! Hnnk. Beautiful house, Bix ronmfl and hnth, poHlte Hrond Btreet. Red finals, phone 13P7. A BARGAIN! READ! , . M A S O N S , ATTENTION. .rtcniTO*. debts, buy UPHOLStERINGT ' all improvemenis; bus pnBBes the door. Ten room IHIIIKC nn Tlrnnd ntropt, nenr Phone Tr.-F-Sl, Kcansburgr. C. IJ, Lukcr. *un-k, m i k ^ mprovements, etc. If your I Cement liluekn fin- milo nt Imlt price. CHAUFFEUR'S SUIT Upholsterinir and reliniahinK of-all kinds Price $6,000; Terms can be made. Cnleh FOR SALE AT LITTLE SILVER, N. J,, Helford, N. J. farm 13 in Mnnmoutti county and you wnnt buninpas soction; lot 1)5x2 25 Ecct; lame for Bnlo rhonp; n]no lawn Hpray, utone Add_re»» P. O._Hnx Mr,. Heil Ilnnk. I'rank Hownrd. 121 West Luker. Belford. nnd fnurt z nn.l barn, of furniture. n b>nn, fpe me. I nm tho secretary foi Phone 7 5-F-31 Kenns- irnriiKe. better look it over. Henry F. HEADQUARTERS ilejni-johna, Minim lur.4 and a ehcfit. Tele| "" WELLS DUG AND CLEANED •nr purl Monmoutb cumtyc.unity. pend for "circular. , pphone, shop 890-J: burff. in.iuire W. C. Lippincott, Front pitrcet, Red Hank, for new farm uairnnc. nbolvines. potato Mnnmnuth Prn.l Tar rrulnr. , Hylin, realtdr, room . HoKister buildiriff. Ithi.ne Reil rinok f,21-M. ii 4 r M Itd H k silie ' a t rcaionniilo i-iiteo. C. Il.ilmcs. llnx 04. i Kdceworth plnce, Ne hoilien, FWIVPI trees, yn!;on, liroml rim.i ami I Henry C. Woile, FaJm.m.'ilak, N. J . Thon* j LADIES, ATTENTION! 4ri3-M. Ited Hank. phonp 1 A?., \\a\ Hnnk. ! Atlantic lliifhlnrnln. N. J., R. V._D. ROOMS FOR RENT. FOR I have opened a »hop nt 64 White ntreet " ' A L F A L F A HAY. " M. I n-W._— FOR SALE. SALE. lirfrt.. Wlii'i-lwi-JKlit ami iilackMmith. lilacksmith. M.l^_ —. -— Two connr.ctinir furnished rooms: Some fine imported flat coated English for hemstitching. Mexicnn hemstitching, ' " LIVE ' Abouti2r, jit-i-es. tlit-e.- euttinKS. for sale &L Son, East rrcehold. Plione 368POLICE DOGS, l ,, cattle, cnlvca, hoitu and poultry wanted. rent ninthly or toKOther. Apply 180 East itnndinir. Ill-at. nffer Hikes nil. C. E. An- retriever puppies and Krown dOKs: n]so plain hemstitchiiiK, picotinir, pleating, but- and 154 feet on Map strett. Very desir- ¥-11 Freehr rhnw*. Airnlnlf-. Knjflisli and Irlnli fletI<>nnt_nlri-i-t. lied Ilnnk. • fin heap. Bryan, Port- tonholes; 'l'heora nrown, phone Red Bank, ^THIIMI, H. I-'. D. Nn. 1. I.nmf Hrnneh, N. J . N. Kudu, plioni' 8C7-II, Red Hunk ters, Grout DUIH-1. Irish wolf IJOUII.IB; finest able; block of b u s ; tins, water nnd electriFOR SALE IN COUNTRY. 1 nu-Peck. Lomt Hrnneh, N. J . HOUSE FOR RENT. 32-M. GARAGE TO RENT. brcpilimr in exi.'ti-nce, rarm-nilsei] nml city on block: low tnx nit..*. Jero J. C.iR H O D E ISLAND RED P U L L E T S , hnth hot Pesiirnbly loentcil in central part of UPHOLSTERING. I Tliree-rrnr irnriiKi.- to rent; livo or denu r c w . h r o k e r . Rumson, N. J. h r a t ; f.'iinij-'.'.hi'k't! plot <>( land and out- | KUni-nntc.-d in A-l condiiinn. Grand "LOST. n weeks old Jinn- 1 HI, S l . x l n n i l ?1.2Ti town: r.-nionnlik- rent. Apply nt tho ofllco Upholaterinif anil refinishinH; of nil kinds A United Slates navy service flag lost on ' "tornni'. ;t:ii lirimU Ktreul, Ucd Jlnnlt. liuililincs; nil in pon.l enndition: really n J Champion Kcnict. von . Ilnhduft. Douhl* !nch;.nlrin Jersey Hlnrk (Jiant utock for EGGS FOR HATCHING f iSitrmiiml Kimicr (lo. Frank Howard, 121 West West I-'ront street, Mnple avenue or HonBplen ;* W O O ' piKfiPssioi) nt Champion Tlprn of Elmvicw, Red Lcnminif ! " "HOUSE FOR K E N T . " mle. lllauvclt, Ilolm.lel, Taylor mill prop- of furniture. Front Htreet, Red Bank, phone, shop 399-J; mouth street. Finder please return to 65 from SiiiKle Comb Rhode Island Reds ; bnliy nutnil tlop.i at EXPERIENCED H E L P . TrrniM easy. W. A. Hopniiur, v\w ~ (Chow) ' f ' L ^ and — •ntlier ' rty. ' House for rt'lil. to miin and wife. Ailchix now and the 21st nntl 28th of M a y ; , residence ( t y l , Red Bank._ Ur».-cd to the best and huv the hent. Pup- j Help of nny kind can cnnily bo found White street, Red Bank, and receive reBlock for snle from the same and ! !i£d:jiajik__:i!l7_. 1 d r o » IInu«e It., ilrnwrr M. Ri-iMlnnli. POSITION'WANTED. thrnUKh nn ndvertiaement in Tho Reeiaward. pies for sale nt rrjisnliable, prjccj nnf! a j EKPERT~AUTOM6BILE WASHER" COTTAGES AT POINT PLEASANT. tnlde fowls. Address Mrti, V. VnnDo ; ' LEM""SU1PHLN," A-l electrieinn and chauffeur wishes poter's Want Depnrtment. TOBACCO. , Itiverwooil Park, Point Plenaant; on the few very exceptionnt females (riven to r e - ' lition with relinhle pnrly. ChnrleB E. A n .now in rhnrue of the wash stand nt t h e Half-Mile road. Red Hnnk. i Taper hanRlnj: and decorating. 22 WnshMfinn-wjunn river, nenr nccttn. Beautiful lial>!e. p^oplfl on l.rerdintr bnsl*. Polleo ! •lerson, Helford, V 7., phono Kenlisburjj, Horo HIHSCB, Inc., i;lolic Court and Me- Kentucky's Natural Leaf: smnkinff, ien THREE LOTS F O R " S A L E | | innton Rtrcet, Reil Ilnnk.' I'liono CTilJ F O R SALE AT CL1FFWOOD DEPOT. r Got y.. hnniti shed while pounds $2.50, twenty pounds $-1,00; chev?lorntinn; (-as, water, ^cwpr, rleotricity ; now dof;s trained by noted Cicrmfln trainer nt i On Fnretit nvenue. Rumsim, only . >0O I RED DAN K GLASSWORKS. Einht-rootr I hOU! ic, cellnr, chick en IK mse, Rtmnchenrt KennclB, ! Service iTunrante in low • i l . -• inir, ten pounrifl $3.00, twenty pounds 35.00. bungalows,. S:!,700 and up; onsy ti-nns. r»a. Everythinir complete, bleachinjr hnir. Men't» only: must bo in irood condition. year frunrnotee. For particular* write 112 Harding load. Hod Ilnnk, phone Jir>2._ 1 N., drawer M, Red Bnnk! pointment. 33 Wavcrly place. Red Bank, Jonrs. before buyimr elsewhere. Samuel Swnrtz, Price SR.OOO. C. Luker. Belford, N. J. Sam S , Cnll nt I. "Kerher'a. IG8 Monrnoutli otrcet, Slar Extermiinitor, box G7, Little Silver phone 3T.7-M. _ "~ WORKWANTED. 14 Wc^t Front nti ct, opposite Broad Phone_7E-F-31. Konnsburtr. _ Reil Ilnnk. plione S12-J. AUTO TOPS FOR^SALE. N. £. ' Genernl hmiKework or dny'ti work wnnt' FOREMAN O R T G A R D E N E R . KtrpeU Ked Bank, pli lie Io37. Second hand automobile tops for tourLOOK7"F6'R ' SALET A LONG s t ATIT RED BANK GLASS WORKS. ; »d. Apply 247_lleerri street, ltrd Hank. DABY CARRIAGES AND STROLLERS^ Workinc foreman or gardener on crentleff cars and roadBters, liko new, for sala PO6ITTABLES~~FOR SALE. Two and three-nuartera ncres, six room Tf your window fdnnn in broken, let u All kinds of jobbing attcmlcd to 1»7 nn Lame stock nnd eolorn to select from, cstale, thorouHhly Four l'J23 Subwny tnbleB for BBIO »nd cheap a t the Sedan Auto Top Company, house, ceilnr, phone, Kimi^e 3dx:!0, store, ; TEAMOF'HORSESFOR SALE. ' put il j u for you. 118 West Front Btreet inmuel Kwurtz, 14 West Front street, opdepartment^,' reliable* and competent man- j oxpericnjefl carpenter. "Write or phone. 16 Mechanic street, oft Broad street, Red nlno sixty new moving picture chairs with gas tank, all tonls. complete; J7.0D0, part Good workerii: will wink »ini;lc: reason- He.l nniik^nliiiiip 102K-J. posite Brond street, Red Bank, phono iron Btnnd; IIIRO n lot of furniture. 108 Bank. is open fm* eriirnKement nfter ,Iunc Marvin, *!5 \TaverIy place, Red Bank, mortKaK?. Cnleb L. Luker, Belford, N. J. able. Arldress P . O. llnx 415. Ked Hank. FOR SALE CHEAP. 387. 102 i. Address Richard J . \Vhalen, phone 357-R. Shrewsbury avenue, Red Bank. Phone 7G-F-31. Kennsburc DEAD ANIMALS. HOUSE WANTED Good farm horse, wnnon, cultivator, hnr' VICTROLA FOR SALE. It. Connors, remover of dead nntmnlR. for July end August; small, cheerful BROWN AND BLUE STONE FOR SALE. Nnveaink. N. J. BIG BARGAIN. row nml new plow. Joseph Hnnser, box •Waydde^N. J., phone Wnyslde 340-K-l B. A S100 Victroln with seventy records, FOUNDAbout 100 load3 of brown stone nnd Winter nnd summer home in Rumson house, three adults: price reasonable. In 4.1. Pnrt Mnnmmitli. N. .1n excellent condition, for 37 Frivold's road, hot wnter hent, fully furnished. Cnn Red Bank nr anywhere near Rumsnn hus blue ntone for fireplaces nr walls. Call at a fina place to «to your car for any 1 WANTED. " DOCK AND "BULKHEAD BUILDEfc. ijouseboal, foot Riverside . Addresi Small House, drawer M. Red job where building >& beinp: wrecked; will rind of time; open day nnd night; just a Normal school srrndunte, with five years' • Ked I|,e ,,„„„„, f ,, rh r | f •„„„". r r i c e n i , 5 0 0 . Portnlile dock» nnd llontn a »pecinlty Wilk lmtller in KIIIMI condition; four I , block frum Hroad street; plenty of room rxnerience, wnuld like n few pupils t o tutor j sell by load. Apply corner Broad street LLIlil . _ . C. H. Paekee. SenhriKlil. N. J. AddrrBn Milk Rot A. S. Willie. 28 Onklnnd utreot. Itedjhink eiL-lu iiiiart rnpneitv. outiJuor parltinir. Bo for either iu»lu nnd Leroy place, Red Hnnk. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET _ BOARDING. Her, ilniuer M, Red Hunk. Auto Storing'. Mechanic street and Globe for t b p s u m m r r . Address X. Y. 7,., drawer i . ' WIRE"\VHEEL SERVICE. .vlth privilerje of liKhl buunekeepliiK : » You w i l findICEBOXES. in r will FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE. rind double rooms with board; all M. Red' Bank. ( :ourt, Rod Hnnk. ATTENTION! Wire wheels rebuilt. Jclin II: nsen, 42 improvements; Kond loention,, nenr Broad meet your rcQuirements at low prices. Ford one-ton truck in running order, a ents, hot anil cold running water, You will find in our stock If you want your enr llxed quick Jun Went Front Btreet, Reil Ilnnk. Phone 72-11 trcet. Apply t t A l 4S ' W l l Rd FOR SALE. Hudson House, 3S1 Samuel Swartz, 14 Weat Front street, op- rack body, for sale nr exchange for a •nsnnable rnte: 'Wnllncc Btreet, Red enll U'S-It, Kehler'a repair shop. Ford fipi SCOTCH TERRIER PUPPIES Bnnk. Mnple bedstead nnd BprinKS, f a t h e r bod, treet, phone 1387, Redhorse, waKon and harness, suitable for pedposite Broau :ludson avenue. Phono 118-W. for «ale. Inquire Eliznbcth Word, 81 cinlifit and general repairs. dinner ilishesi, seventy Bank. ONE LOT FOR SALE dling. Goorpte Fnby, Willnw atree;, near feather pillows, House hunters will find their requireBuckeye Incubators and Broodoro. Brond »trect. Freehold, N. ,1., phone 2-IB-J.' pieces; books; libvnry, encyclopedias, hiswith n thirty-font North Shrewsbury front Creek rond, KeanshurfT. N. J. PILING AND WOOD FOR SALE. FARM FOR SALE. All «iies of incubatorn. from C5 to 600tories, cducntionnl; also station wafjon, ments quickly fiHed by reading- Register nnd fifty-foot front on bus lino. Apply to ASPARAGUS CROWNS. ', Abuut twelve ncrert, black rink, whit ZK capacity: al»o coal burning and oil Twenty-flve ncre farm, no buildinfrs: PIANOS AND PLAYERS. double harness; cheap, 15 I'embcrton ave- Want Advcrtiscrncnta. Jlcny offerlnffs aro D. Paimly. Rums-in, N. J., for full pnrtiePalmetto nnpftriiffiiB crowns for enle.' onk and hickory; Red Hanlc-Everet j ruins brood era; all sizes and styles, make a fine chicken farm; extra erood for We aell. buy, exchange, rent, tune, reThomna_ S^l'ltdd. Red Tank. Phono E09-J. ronjL__E. M. Haley & Son. listed eich week. truck. Let me show it to you. E. M. pnir, electrically clean, varnish and polish nuo, Ocennport, N. J. red D. Wikoff Co.. Red Bank. ~ ~ FOR SALE! Haley & Eon, Red Bank. Price »3,G00; pianos of all mnkea. A. R. Dirhan's Piano ~~ FOR SALE. ' . " " "~~CAnPENfER~AND~BUILDER. GALVANIZED IRONROOFiNGT SAVE VOUR OLD CARPETS. Two yrmnp Guernsey fnmily cows, fresh, • Grocery nnd butcher lihup:-also a lnrffc Showroom and Repair Shop, Drummond All kimln of ropnir work; nlno pnintfnc Gnlvani/.e.l iron nml nteel rnnnni; in l o r e Haautiful reversible rupa made from old comina three years old; five pitT^i* fix nnd paper hnnRiiiK: reasonnhle prices. A. enrpota antl chenille portieres. ' fc^"»: l»'_Wf«t Front Blrcet. Red Ilnnk. or ninnll lots. Chnrlen Soulin, carpente plnco. Red Bank. Phone 933. Pirn no 13 or 1300 Write for weeks old; hrnod sow. Reed IIUK. three We make n npecinlty uf gla3a topa fof ; " Ooff, Red Hank. Phone Red Hank circulars. American RUB Manufactory, 296 nnd nsk Luke Longhead to fill your wants. ~ ~ ~ CAPABLE"YOUNG WOMAN. nml liuildcr. Freehold, N. .1, ,"" FOUND. Herkshirc-^. richt. nhntes. four months' old. furniture, tnblca, pideboarda, chiffoniers Ho is an efficient worker and his charges I'ermont Btreet. Ernoltlyn. N. Y. White woman wnnted for genernl houseFOR SALE. Hound doa- found. Apply H. ltitr.au, arc small. Twenty-five cents will take a work : two in family : m-ory modern con- Harry A. Buwne. residence. Wayside, P. O. nnd cliinn clnscts. .18 West Front street. ~WORK~WANTED." ' nolden onk lmlfel, ehina clonet, dlnill JUST ONE MILE FROM RED BANK Itiverdnle avenue, Iteil Bnnl(. Phone 25-W. • 7,000 venience ; excellent home nnd [rood wages R. V. D., Aslniry Pnrk. Dny's work wnnted cnrinK for lawns, Inble nml s i \ leather lioltom chairs. S have pij;ht4(iti ^fix!50 feet; will pel) for thirty-word message into over Red Bank, phone 1028-J, "riUNGALOW. $4,200, RUMSON. FARM FOR SALE. r a competent person. Address YuunK •ic.; t l nlno Imuliiiw refuse nnd d Brncra]l cleiinl il, phone :l.r.0-M. ick of 1'nrk, limit dock Hiii'dinu 2.-10O; nenr river nnd state rond. Or will Allen ulrc-i-t, Seventy-five acre farm or will aell a part. Wnmnn. drnwrr M. Roil Hnnk. nK.r A. G. Cmu-ford. Fnir Hnvcn, N . J., .F-31, Keannburp. r.hlckoni nnd dliekn: will pay heat price. , WELLS D U G . " town water, electric Hcht:, lot frontaite BUNGALOW, RIVER PLAZA, BARGAIN. I bath; hot nnd cold -water; usual outbuildWo necrh^t once Severn! paod mechanlCB MEN WANTED WCIIB nnd cennpoolB IIUK; wellfl cleaned Phono 3S0-M. Red Hnnk. or call 72 Bride A GARAGE FOR $100. Bussea pnsa door, all improvements; five l i n g s ; le«s than throe miles to Red Bank. 1 For particulars feeo Caleb L. to work In nml ytir.I and fecil warehouse. Let me build your parage. I will jtlnd- 200x125. and pumps repaired. < H. Tiltoli, RumBon, nvonne. lleil Hnnk. It. Adler. rooms; ciicnp taxes. Uvorlookinir Shrews- I Price 522.000. Cnleb Luker, BcSford, U. J . nt the ScMiml National Dunk bulldinK, Red Apply nt W.irchousr, cornrr Rerpron place .. show you in any kind a we have built. Luker, Belford, K. J.. phona Keanaburg bury; fruits, treos. e t c . Ex-^ptionnl condi- Phfino 7r.-F-:U Keansburpr. "i ob PIGS" • K. J . . S FOR F LE^ Banlt. Apply to Charles Preston, foremoO y; 75-F-31. nd Manlf nvema\ Jted Bank. Fred D. All kinds anil airca from $100 up t Call : M'hy pay AIRO some flhotea; willl deliver BB ma FOR RENT. tion; 52,500. Why pay rent? A WINNER. on jnh. H u r t Getty. I n c . lmlMer*. Wikoir Cn. Red Bank 1408 for upccificntionjL AT HISTORICAL SHREWSBURY. Furnished, two roonvi and kitchen; In an you u-nnt. Call or write. A. Zlotkin broker. Rumson, N. J. teach you n business thnt can he 1 "WANfTO^BUY ~ ! T.ittlf; Silver. Inquire Ilex 122, Ocennport, IVeelioid, N. J,, phone 470-W. For Btilo, modern up-to-date cottaue o BEDDING PLANTS. ,t home iluriiiK npare tinr ~ " " F O R "SALE. mail, tnvn\ nenr Anbury Park. Addresn Bctldinpr plants, irernniutps, roses, a n - nine rooms nnd two b a t h s ; every improve N. J^ _ . FOR BENTr akinK J10 to ?^5 n week, without hnrd Threeofhouses and n b\ijldinff lot on the labor. Either HCX. Complete, instruct Lpe Mnrlihnrt. Montmik hotel. First nvc- nuals. Swnllnwfield Karm, Brnnch nvenue, ment; lot 75x300 feet; n. oplendiri home. corner Herbert street and Shrewsbury : * LAMP RIM LOST. T.icht housekeeping rnoniR, in nttractl' Lost or utrayed, Rnchahuntl, Friday, j • mill .Tl.iml strret, A.Omry Park, N. J., •utli of Pincknpy rond, Little Silver, N. J . W. A. Hopping, Red Bank, Truox building, nuc, formerly the store property of E. ' fiOi-. Euistern Advertising Service, Bridge- April 11 th, small yellow tlotj; solid color t : Uiin from front lainn of l'.)Z'J TMirnnt and convenient place. 2 Newman Sprlnff phone _-U)S^ _ _ _ _ _ _ Ordrrs delivered. Plionp_B48-W. phone 397. _ M. Haley. Will sell nt a bnrKain; terms, wnter. Mass. Lock box 5.1. louring auto. Andrew C. Cottrell. Rnmaon, rond. phoiii. 1'jn.w, Red Tank. nnd crooked legs. Itcturn to E. D. Lentil* ; " ^ " "HOUSE "FfJR " S A L E T — " K. M.-Haley & Son, Red Rank. F L O W E R S " FOR~SALE. YOUNGMAN WANTED J FOR SALE. SMALL BUILDING. FOR SALE. O M Mork from Itrond wtrret; cipht Variety of (lowers for calf nt Browi j CORNER PROPERTY FOR SALE. Three-room bunfrnlnw on Enrl street lion, Middletown, N. J., phone 705-M. Used us n rondstimd; price $2T>. IInrr5 rnomi, nil imrrovemrnts: JR.500. D. W. or housework; to run furnace, clean •ft FURNISHED BUNGALOWS FOR RENT, store. HeaddcrV Ccirner. until after II fine for At Katontown, ei«ht room house. In Rfd Bank; lot ii 3Ox'2fi i Four room* rind tinth. nil improvement». A. Ilnwnc. residence Wny»ide. N. J . r . O Martin. 210 p_nst Tront street, phore 1138. 'himself trenernlly ineful. M n . Willthm B. orntion ilny. Buy your Qowers here i den; suitable for younn couple; price 5650. ), electricity, bnth, | Mrs. W. Dowil. Piunily Btrect, Ilumsoll, li_ !•'. n . I. Ai.hnry Pnrk, N. J . Red Hnnk. shower, laundry; easy terms Cinnvy, Riverside Drive, Red Bnnk._ ms t respotiHihii. Apply at llnrvey's Keal Estate Ollice nn i M. .1. Glass contractors. Window, plate, mirPOS'ltlONSTw A N T E S FOR SALE. p t ai f ri t i M ,Mrs, P. Kni B ht, 780 Monmouth utroot. Red Bank, next to CtmBROKEN WINDOW? MONMOUTH CARPET CLEANING CO. : FIREWOOD "FOR SALE. TMether nnd dnunhter, ns cook and pecon Twenty-foot Inline h, ten horse power York city. Fnlidated Oas Company's office. ror, ribbed, Florentine and colored glans. Call Red Bank 79-J and havo nnmo r e Riverside drive, New Y k it RUE« Bhainpored, dyed nnd repnired: Aildrc ! Cut In nny kind of lengths, sold by cord mnid (white); in Hmnl! family. TVIjnmis pnminf; Ronfl condition. Inquire weaver!* of old ruprs nnd enrp^ta, nlso rntf placed. Single nntl double Btrcngth win Windshields our specialty. 38 Weat I 23-ACRE FARM FOR SALE. FARMS WANTED. ! nnd half cord. H. Ititznu, Red Bank, phone. N^JO. S.. drnwer M. Red Hnnk. J . K. nnnflrlfl limit Works, Atlantic Hi K h- -UKB. Pluto RIESB windshielrln oui Bench Rond, Monmouth Bench, N . dow Rlaaa. On« mile from Eaton town po.itomci . Have city client:* ready to buy farms in i | 25-W. . Irnidfl, N. .1. ' npecialty. Mlller'fl, 33 West F r o n t street, pood nix-room house, stenm heat, (rood Munmoulh county; n!so lotu and town Front streeti Ited Hnnk, phone 1028-J. •T.. phonp Monmouth Bench 2215-J. HOUSEKEEPER WANTS POSITION. ~ FOR RENT. Red Bank. l.nily ivishe.t iioaition ns housekeeper fo TYPEWRITERS FOR 5ALE. with properties. For quick results list your without stork; YOUNG MAN WANTED DeRlrahle npnetnientp for rent. Apply nt. ..mill! family, ur for widower. AilUr. Three Rtnminrfi mnVe. ]nU mo.lcls; like or housework; to run furnace, clenn winA GOOD INVESTMENT. K. M. Haley property with Ray II. Stillman, Monmouth fruit ami The office ot Sijtmund Kisncr Co., Red1M. II.. drawer M, Red Hank. •xv; clirnp for quick nal<\ Delivered, nubSuitable for quick development; 400 fe«t i County real cntai?, Katontown, N. J., care Double houae, good location, near uta- & Son, phnne Red Bank 5S0-R. nwn. pnlirih flonrs. press clothes nrtil make 1 Bnnk. ct to insnoclion. Write Box 72, Ocean umself Kt-nernlly useful. Mrs. William B, ion; now paying 12 per cent on price Stillman Farms, State Highway. on Pearl street and 400 feet on Central • PAPER HANCING DRESSMAKING -<>vc, N. J . asked for property. Henry F . Hylin, realA. L. DAV1SON. 1 innov. Riverside Drive. Red »nnk. nml c e l l i n g prepared, nlfio cnlclitlinec A GOLDEN O P P O R T U N I T Y , nvenue, 150 feet deep. Apply to Eonwo. by McDow !! Krnduate; fit nnd style pruartor, room 2, Register building, phono 743 Comraercinl hody builder; hoiiieB rnd Honry Kail. I.lpnincott fnrm, Little Silvcl FOR S A L E A T A, B A R G A I N . cijrli t ncre farrr _ _ ,_. , T w e n t y - ei-,-}it farm, eipht-room Ilrothers, 279 South Fcarl street, Red i il. Cliildron'jt GLASS HEADQUARTERS. \ei Bank. ' BPrinffB reiiaired. Whnrf nvenue, Ked N. J., rhone. Iteil Hank 236-11. New ppven room houne on P a r k e r a v e Also mnker flowers from Den- j house, b u t wnter beat, electric nnd phone, er of nrtilu'iai nrtili All flizes of finale rnd double Gtrenjrth B.nk. ! e, Miinnsnimii. N. J . P n r t cnn remain n n window glass. Plate plasu vrindshieldB o u r nison p a p e?rs. r s . M r s ,. Alice Knvdey, l l i Spring ovcrlookinj? Snn.ly Hook b n y ; apples, Bank. / FOUR LOTS FOR SALE CAR WASHING MY SPECIALTY. rnortRnce. Inquire J o s e p h P . M o r t o n , B a y - apccinlty. Miller'fl Hnrdwnro Co.. S3 Weat A. L. DAVISON. ' Red - • Rank, - phone • -9^5-J. • -poiu-ht-M. ponri nnd nannr-ieu*. ilontr t h e nt River Pln/.n on Foster avenue. Inqui I Kuarantee you a eatinfnetory joh. Let ntreet. : I I U I . N. J . „ p t.i to concrete road. S22.000. Caleb Commercial body builder; liodiei nnd Mrs. Jnmoa II. Kinff. J r . . fil Mjiin Btrec Front street, Red Dank, phoneJ79-.T. ne prove my ability. Chnrles A, Jones, HEMSTITCHINGr BprinKB reimired. Wharf nvenue, Red l£cyport._N. J . Phone 1S3-W. FORD TRUCK F O R S A L E . xpert automobile washer nt Boro Bu Mexicnn, wide, pirolint?, it old nnd nilvcr; Luker, phone Krnnsburjr 75-K-S1. WANT TO R E N T " Three-piece mahogany living room suite, > r A 102rt For.l t r u c k , c x r e l l r n t r n n d i t i o n : FAMILY LAUNDRY W O R K . rtd condition. Inc., Globe Court and Mechanic street, rhinestonea nttaclicd to nuitt-iials; button?, SODEN & SODEN; i l l "" k - _ July 1st, Hmall home i ll ffer rcf\u^i*nr> 2 H d • receiving net. Price S"o. Pbonu 807, Red rlnilen & Sndcn, I.incroft. N. .1. in corner lot, four rooms, wnter in house; Sliop^fi Ilrond ntreet. Itcd Bank. Smnll Hume, drawer W, Red Hunk^ ironed, 7 cents p e r pound. Ilnnd ironine cirt's, iS Newninn Springs rond, telephona i INVESTMENTS. HOUSE WANTED electric liffht: possession 1st of June; ir FLAT FOR RENT. FLOWERS FOR^GRAVES. if desired. J e r s e y Coast L a u n d r y y ,, West 119.H-R. RP<1 HanK. Opportunities for nnfe nnii profitablo InBOARD WANTED. in Red UnnV, smal! liousc with improvezaail condition and clean; price $2,200. Six rooms, all iniprrivoincnlii. 1T>2 Mo I will have n larpe aasartment of flowers F r o n t ftroot, Red Rank, plm '201. utment inny be found by rending the ofYnlinir In.ly winlic-n lionnl nnil ronin with mouth street. Mrs. F.. Jnhncs, River Plaza, phone 131 It-J, ments for family of three adults; rent Inmiire ,T. Dil'iore, 12 for nnlc nt the entrance of GrcenRrove rincR in Lul;o Loughentl'ii depnrtment of HOUSE BOAT FOR SALE. . mil at. not exceed $.10. TIMI yonivi' referronucnlnl fnmily. P. O. Hint 277, Ited Shrownliui-y nvenue, RcJ flunk. renietcry, Krypoit, from May 2-1 tit to 30th Tied Hunk. The Register. House bont, 20xri2 nver nil: 15x10 Prunlna: ky experienced, mon; spraylnir, l ences if necesHiiry. Slnte loontidti. AilBank. Roy Lnnilicrtson, next on. FOR RENT. WANTED. house; four hedrooms, lurKe livintr room. P i C S F O R SALE. " ~ * POSITION'WANTED^ Furnished, June 15th to October 1st f nil C O M P E T E N T ' B U S I N E S S WOMEN LARGE ICE I1OX WANTED. At 1B3 Cntlu-rinr nln-i-t; l\i -fBmlly ),„,!,; p n , n r » , l o n l , t of June. ROOMS FOR RENT. FLOOR COVERING. 17 Tetcri w h o h a v e Hi." in-nuaintnin-'e of b i ' t t e r f l a s i Lnrfre uiM'iirht ice lio\ or store rpfritreraittore ill frnnt. Klectrir, itun; lot Single, or for linlit housekeeping;: fur- low. V,X Simtli Mre.'t. Red Ilnnk. Concolcum. inlaid. . nntl linoleum: riiprs, , telephone 1128. Ited Bank. of pet»pl<* c a n e a s i l y o . u n from 57ft lf> tor wnninl; niiist Ije tn cooil condition nnd E0x2OO. F U R N I S H E D ROOMS TO L E T . ti-. Lnrce stock lo dulcet from. SRmin1! .ifhed; nil improvements; four rooms nnd HOUSE WANTED. l i i k lliik'h-Krn silk rhenp fur on-sli. Addn-is L-(' IIox, drnwe Thi-ee nv four furiiisliiwl rooms for nea- $ 1 0 0 w e e k l y h y Hclliiik' • nth. Kinplc rooms 3^.00 nnd $1-00; ROI Swart s, H Wrat Front afreet, nppoaite Rugs—beautiful reveralbla rltss ttlBrl* Man mi*! wife would like tn shnre pa YES, IT W I L L HE DONE RIGHT Iniff n e h i ear fr f im o r y e a r ; all imjii-ovcnirni.e : no children. mention, privnte ho me. 42 Rector pine j Urontl street, RPII Hnnk. plume 13K7. it your enr I. wmhi-rl nt Hie Hum IlnmM, of house with prlvnle pnity. Address Pr Seail Hcllii Mfn. Ca., 177frpm your old carpeta ami tucH. ilk U [ted Bnnk. __ SMALL^REFRIGERXTOR; Cooil lin-alu " " HATCHING EGGS FOR SALE. Inc.. wnnh ntnnrl. Clinrlen A. .Innes, expert vnle Pnrly. ilrnwrr M, Red Hnnk. l i n wii'k. N. J. iul do Kox fin. Rums po.ital for circular uiul full nartlculars. fimnll rrfrippralnr. n.-rd nnlv n «hot , N . J.. or •nil LOOK. Unrred Rock liuteliintf *>JTKS by the eetwnshrr. eriatj>ft'.MU.' FOR SALE CHEAP. LLOYD FRANCIS, t i m e , in flrrit-ilnsn condition: price rensor Wcirllcld Hug and Carpet Cleaning Co., ] I havB for »ale thrco Inrpo farms only tin« or hundred. ANo White Tnkin duck I,nri;q window frame:! nnd doors wi' WANT TO I1UY tri-nornl contriR-lor nn.l liuilrlcr. Porch enalile; n]»ft i-ocnrt for r»n!e. 77 Ilrnnrh RV« FOR RENT. no, two and three miles from Red Bank. nnd tcoose t F. O. Hyram, Upper 301 Weir field street, Brooklyn. N. Y. Apply corner Bron portnhlfl irni ited In hllylmr snshes complete. Ilnlf double b(»ii^e, ^^u'en rooni1" nn, n t 1?! Vcnty-riKbt feet Imitf. ton-foot lienni, BILLBOARDS. Two nicely furninhed ro.imo with In oi.nt.-r i.f l » « . ; r.-nt S:.r, ,n-r mn.illi. Ail- lllini-r llrnri.l d l r c ' t . Klm-u-nliury. N. J . Rivernide nveiuif1: br."l BC-nery en t h e litcen-iiub dinft, 1 '1 h. p. foiir-ryrle m ~~~ LOOKI CLTENTS All tho latest improved dlcctrls portable \ Apply Mrs. MnrKaret Col Let us promlne we will buy no KOOIIB proveinent'.. I'hiini- 97:i. 1I.-.1 Hnnk. H'in.l.Hysi-rroni. _ ilri's* V. I,. A., drniMT M. Hi-il Ilnnk. river Joseph Sestn. 1^2 Riverside RVCr ltitat n rid f-nuine nrf brnnd n e w ; Properties wnnted nlonff Stat from Hrms: who deface the landscape, with linn, f.7 Linden plner, Ked Ilnnk. FIOATS BUILT. SinKer eewine mncliincs, motor ittachad. , niie. Rrd Itnulc $1,250 FOU $950! $J,(inn. Mnrrollin, Fnir Hovrn. N, J. you hfive nny farmr* or other properties in Wlllinnrd«._ Ovcrlm.il.'.!. rrpnivoil iin.l pnlntn.1. Kn- Old machines taken In exchange. Caoli or < WINDOW GLASS. POSITION WANTED." ~ Monmouth county list them with Caleb I* ~~ FOR SALE. "LOTS FOR SALE" AT "RUMSON. AH ahes enrried In stock. Glazinir don Bclford. N. J.. phone 75-F-B1 l i a r , w n t r r front nrivili-(;l-ii on Slireo-s- uin,-» iivi-rliauli-il, ri-imiri-il nn.l instnlli-.l. tiroo payments. Ilcmatitchlnfc done whIU Gnrdetif ]• nnd i-nvetnkt'r; year nrounfl ; Harred Rock ben with nine fiix-weekn-uld Lukcr, nn.l M-rniul-linml li.mts nn.l motors Only n fe> l m i y rivi-r; pli-\ntion, I ri'i .^: rity wutfr, | NYw N lota fnciiiK Iho main nt. rensonnlite prices. Phone 79-J. Miller'fl Aniorii'Jtii ntul married: references fur- -hirkr-: nNn ninrble top stinul. 2Px38 oval Xh inlr. lloiil-i ruIlr.l for nn.l i l - l l w r - . l . >oa wait at Sinner Shop, Gears*) Wood*, •: Ton.l; niiulerntely priced. D. 1'nrnily, Rum- :i:l West l'nrout ntreet, Ited Ilnnk. i-lprtrii-ity; vnlnc-1 at' M.L'M), nc.-il ?'.l.r)0. [(• nished. ,7. ('. lirnwn, ";-.r> Itiver nvenue ALONG STATE ROAD. n flrst-clnsn ronilitinn, nnd drop-lenf tnble. J r r < r v Molor Hunt I',... 1.17 r'i..nt Jr.. accnts. 23 Monmouth fltrcii. Hid Aclilri-n bivniT. ilrnwrr M, It. il ll.-mli. WANTED. T.nUpwoml. N. J . Sis nrres, nine room boum-, cellnr, twn iinmti-p nt :tl W m l Btrrvt. R n l Bank. Btri-.-t. K.Mi.o.l. N. J . iilion,- Krypnrl 17?. Slinrej of Heil Untile Trust Comnni EXI'EriT U>HOl.STrRlNCr MONEY TO LOAN """COMBINATION RANGE FOR HALE. nn tnnka; nil kinds of berries nnd fruit; Hank. j SMALL PARM FOR SALE. Ovprr-tulTfiil r u n i i t u r c , i-u:iliii)ns, ,,]ii) cnvI n n approved flr.-tt liond nml moifniiKO. Ap- ••tocli. State number nnd price. Wri oir ntdtion: prict- J7.O00, nurt rush. I'ARCIIMF.NT S I I A P l ' S I'AINTF.D romhinntii'ii nml nnd j;/' 1 * tanvo, lifted On rond lendinV from Everett to Rrd ply to John I I . Gri-itory, 07 Iliond ntreet. Hunk Slock, b.i 2!I7, He.l Ilnnk. cr!i mnrlo to orili-r; Hiilipli.-s, tnlir'itry. r r c nlrli T.uker. Dclford, N. J.. phone 7S-V-:H, three immllix. n>nt SI 40. will nrll for : Hunk : coiiMsiinjr of rlc V BPII Hnnk. tonne nml IratliL-r; lnmp nlmili! ailkn, wir« Mi^li nil n r h . l i r v n mfrom' m y r.'llri-tioii. on ni*crnini nf deiith in family. Teleph FURNISHED ROOMS TOR RENT .1 • rf. A p framen, trinimtiii^«. It. d i n r k ' s f\irniture • \ n l i r | n r l l t u v . ' i ' t L i i i i t i r i i ' . - . r n : . i l . ' i m i l f i r u n . - . l • MONEY TO LOAN! Red Hunk 11S-W. nt. II White utri'cl, Red Ilnnk; iloul.le nri FOR SALE. F o r r e n t f o r J u n e . J u l y nml A n « u i t , B U C , Ply t o William '1'imnipy, Kvorctt. N. J. . t o r e . V.I Mntininiith Mri-rt. l!i"l Iln II. I.. <-i'.l..r. S i i n i l o ' . h n . r l . . . . ' , v . . . Nn n . l luri'-li .' Mimry ti> Innn mi bond find morlKniEti. nlni:[e; ucni- pustolllce nnd busineiin N>w houne. BIX room:*, modern improvrFOR SALE OR RENT. ELMER C. WAINRIGHT, SI'ORT DKESSKS. hntiHc ; nil itii|>i'<'\ rini'tit •*; u a r R g * , i r l o l h . - . i.nilitr-l t o i n n t r h : , o . i r r l i i r n i . Mi-.-. Apply to A. I.. Ivlnj. Rcelatcr bulldinc. lenti. Well if ir nt Pf I nenr town. Price New fuini'iic-d iniiurnlow r n lot fiOx justice of the urnri*. Crlmimil nn.l collecKril Ilnnk. _ K n * m u l « : IU'0 nilinili-s* wull; t n r l v t r . ! If y o n wnnt « very fin,- snort .lrr-s of I I . I , . K o : . f l . 1 A l l r n l . L i r . - , K r . l l i i t n k . l ' l i o l n : 7,(ill0, Ervsy term:'. P . W. Mnrt in, renl ffet ; all improvemeiilH. nenr bench nnd tion enaefl rereive prompt nM rut ion with MANURE FOR S A L E . 1 (•rope .Ir rliiiu nr Ki^lninnrn rl-riw nn.l s t a t e , 210 E n s t lronf. ntreet, R e d Hank. WORLD'S DliSTDAIILIAS river M r« I'nilu , .17 North Main street, J ti ft n m i n u t e : ! h> idilfojul n l . i l i n i i ; B U f u r ' Well rolled miimii-ii for snlr. , In ultH. Hny nml night arrvlcr. Phono 4. run wrnr «i/.r If. nr :lil, «<- Imi'i- mmiiMnnn-qunii. N, J . for .nl*. Write for prl.-e l l . t . r.owp.t ?,<\H Muiinuniili slH.-l. Ri'd Unnlc, x " " iMMF.lllATKt'ASJI. Ofliff. U>1 rntherinr ftrcrt, Hod Ilnnk. vi-ry Eonil viilu.'- nl I in. M r , , .Inhnstiin, prlr. uiven. Allied (irilliths, bnx '17.1, r»K()-U ln-twrt-n K ;<>0 nnil i>:00 A. T.t. U l i v n o t - . 1 1 f o r i m i n i ' . l i i i l d r n n l i n i l 1111EMPTY HOUSES COST MONEY. • " H A V E YOUR C L O T H E S " r. 1 I'.-tc.rt pli.c.-. It...I llnnli. I'l.on.f'C^ll. it-er Nflwm H O M E B U I L D E R AND M l L L W O n K . t'tu Ttpil llnnli. _ _ _ i|iiin-il - I l i r " . l-'nriiilurc-. « i r | > l i i 3 fnrm A house, without, n tennnt In n poor Ineleniioil « t tin- City Hi y Cl •nnlnir nnd Ytye~ Mnny rlnnn t o choose fioin or will rntiF L A T FOR RENT. SlH-lll CAR I'Olt SAI.K. mi", lt.il llmi If. ni-^. uiup.il rnni-liinery nml prnrtirntly . WORK ""WANTED." illtT Wnrku (» Mecluinif n t r r e t . nenr Rrond ihn Kevfii m u m lint t o v f l t . eorner Mnpl nt. crvirei nT Luke matn ynur plnns. SerreniiiK, imrchCB, 1 r«*ly o i l i e r n i l i . - l « . • n n In- n u l i l i p i i i ' k l y l i y Laundry work vvniili'd tn iln nt linino or tivoniin nnd Wtiiln ntrcM. ''Apply t o IV. J «treot. Ilr.l Hank. I'hnno 10S-R. William i In ilndlnrr n "iittnMn len roncintr. INibert Ho linen nn.l jx-rcn hoxmi. Ovi-rlnml I..mini,' rnr. r-i-lf »tnrti-r; moHinn.iiK t i n - i.iTVii-1--. i f l . u k n LoilKlirml, po out by ttio dny. Apply R'O River ntreet,' Wllnmi. ;;:i MBHII- i n - n u - , Keil Hnnk. Ofilrov. prnpriclnr. L. Cook. :i7 S u n s e t avenue, I t n l Hunk. renilifi over 7.000 fninilios every \ liu nrviil.-s nvi-r Th..- lti-i:i:iti't'.-i Wnnt rUd Hnnk. , FUItNITURE FOR SALE. iono MHR. OO0I> PRICKS "PAID" Th o only rifw •> w r i m I N ] • • • • ! • • • , • . i n l.iiy-r: jr.ii. f a l l ll nBI'II n y , nl - i r nn i n ilorn r n f l In i - r i|iii.-lt l i : " >1 II,-I-I. iM:in<;itFi;i> GUKUNSEY BULL, IIOOMEHM Oil HOARDERS WANTED. " (ioblon oak l.'iir.t, irolilcn oah fur nitm'n nrrnixl-liHtiil .-lotlicM n t t h o City I - . M . n l . 1--1I \ V H I ' . o . i l ,. 1 1 . . . t , I 1 . . . I II.MIII. •;i(l!(( Il.XIUKIS I (IK SAI.K. Pedigreed Cilfriiriey bull, for service. A Dank *<-Ilm,; for :;..:•,'.!) « Hll " • nli, )ii-iit mul F j n i i T - H O O M HOUSE, RUMSON. 'i'wn ^.'lltleni.-n or .-nlipl.-: mi niiji-itlnn room miite, rnttlcn oak bedroom nnito nnd I»!y to iiuprrinl.Mid.-nt Shorn Acren, Lftt WIII1N YOU I1UY A IIATTEItY I'nniil,-!l : l • • f . - . - l l - - i . i t a n i l I! ( . - . - t u l l r On bun nift-l. nil iinprtivi-nionf • : t-xr«*»i1,-, i\.-w.r n>i ui-'fllmil, oiMt rtt'i rlnli to n i-liil-l. A.lilrcna llniinlrr*. dinner M, S I lurk onk bureau. Nrn. .limepb fiestn. 1»^ lieiir nrimd"'tri'vt!' Viu>iic 10S-R. William loir,' I f,-rl lonj: n n . l 1! 1 . , - t w i . l , - ; «|I,,I\ tiomil opportunity fm- n rent d.-sinililr- l-.-t tin- l.i-st. Wi-Blii.Klionic Imlti-rli-ii fur L ^ ! ! l l I l ' " 'i r r Itnl IlMil. _ Ilivrr^ilc nv.niie. lt.it Hunk, i.iu.tn- f>H v-tvll* H I i . l <•,M:ir l..»li-.m; i r . U l l ) (r, t hi • , r :, - . . f . . , - l I . . n i t : m i r i i t l i t i i l n . i v r n i i ' w i t Imme; i'livininmi'iit exempt ioiuil. Inves'li- niiln, rnilin, Imiil. lt.ili,-rl Ili™-li h o r n i . FOR "SALE." ~ CASH REGISTER FOR SALE. THK COST I S _ o n n|r.'111!eel.; Ill [f [ C. A. MILLER, Int. iiihifit M I innuiifpd. .leifl J . Can-iv, ,.1-Srlc l-lnr . moI i.tlu-r ll.,i.-1i M ' r . l n r l i . .1. .1,1 I r :,iM . III..I II.. l . ' r l n . , , l Corn nil tlie vm- fur mile; Tour It. p . It re«l»tar« from urn- r'eiit t.i nlxty r.entn. ( Tint chnri," 1 t>* rulvcrti-n-mentu i n t h i s bulkier nnd i;«'iieial runt m o t o r ; pnlntitifr Uiliniinn, N, J . W. Jiulplirr runny l.nttrry n i - n i r r . RivKl'MIJ id in («•• n. Wo i. :. iilo UP <*HUfl lit at Inn; to|i f-.r H mi-. Mi-,. Willini Can Im n.-.-li lit II, Hint Wrnlnliln avi'tiur, riff nnd belt drivi-n f»»n-(> luitnii. A. Hi •' -inrtnirnt <>( Tli<> lti-jtUtpr ir. 2B nnd derointinirWall pnper for enle. ( rr*l.l« Jin-iini! Mill W r s t F r n n t a t r o r t . Ilr.l nir. Privel Mcd,;e 1'iiiiu. Rod Bank. .o . . i • rlmrrli r.nil r.nfnj.-ll WANTKI>" Shr\v, 'I'mm a . t h i r t y wonln or lens. A low cost f o r A. Miller. C.minton nnd Church Mr«-et llnnl. ,vH. l l n n i i o l i . M . .P. to r e n t by .TiiTin 1 nl. mniil! Inm-no r np^rlW I N D O W S C R E E N S . J VAfn S'. VMw, Pi'. th rtns:. Krrvlrr. Tioirm-il, N. J. Plionfl KrnnahiirR l>(i-W. IHCYCI.B FOR SALE, T1TI.IC I'.XAMINI'.H. niftit in twi,-fnmily lioiine. tint t fur fn.m T W O miNiiAi.ows i o n nr.Ni All R|7«M a t liiwciit prlci-% n i w CnlumWn rlininli-HH ;lin» mil l.i'.-n ri.l.lrn :'00 LOOK ALONG STATE" HOAI). K.MI Itnriii. i COUPLE W A N T E D Die ntntl.ni; p r i r r JTiO n moiitb. (Junuri" 11,-ll-r In- n u n - Illini II.II r y . Ili-fnri! y o n I t W r i t V'rmtt ntreet, imllniiKoii: ni-.l rriniMil.-.l; ,-lrri n.-il v. |.-n t n l l r a : in llm- riniilll inn. .1. K. » « T . L o Pwnrl/.. fur nnti» n onu-nto to -In irrti^nit li vovU \ II«, " iti fnmily : nr if i...Nr«tl<1r. Aili-cm U n i t Wnnii-il, dniwi'iloiv i-.t.l .".Inl.-, l . o tMir.I., linvr t i n -til!.. M . I . I llruml ulrci-t. lied Iliitilc, pliniir IflP" r n . I , N. .1. _____ Iftiinilry wr.rk. Apply Sntnnliiyit. M m I i . m i l l l o o m ilnnd. fil7.u :'.(\\Mi ivctt lot fiOxlOO M, Itr.l HnnV. u-i'll.-il. n l . ' l I " ' " ' i n - l i i ••'••• V - n . i ' i i W . 1 1 1 . n n . COWS F AIIMTI. Hi.lille, F i r s t nnd llnimi n t r e e u S:t 40 0, S'/.flOft ennh. Imlnn'r rosrnoNs WANTED, ' linn: iinfiirni'iliril. H i 1.1 Ito.r. till.iAnr.iill.-r, (llylin'-i r.'i.l . - - . ( J i ( . - : - 1 . • -• I ItOWIKMi WANTEli. WILLIAM v. n n : i R I C H . ,,. ll'.l*f.*ii<-« iniii twenty- Hvffl T « •rill ,- III , , r , i . ..it., . i i, . . i . 4!..r.i)fi Hi..-r n v IM. I o l l i r r l . ll-lO. I :\, llntl r I.H I|,l i l l f . ll.-.l (innd rowlioiil n-nlili-il. Apply IlorrlH. W u n i n i wnilld like jumit !„,«, O I W o , SprhiK l.nke. N. J. plitmliintr, lifatlnir nnd t i n n i n g . I'LIIUPB ami i t l n n l v r . 1 f. At«< " 1 * UIf h" In-.v lium::ilou. >'-.r.l)ll. Mini, o ll u - i I, . I n . ' rronpprt nvpiilh! nn.l Klnn'» mini, 1,11'.li! Iffiipml hmiMMvrd-k a n d o n e ( V dny'« work. " nil--. . Ji "POUCH I (tK K I . N l . windmills repaired. ARPIU (or Mmi«t«r <"«r,1, r . ' . r . w , H . i o i M i l i . N . . 1 . iillvpr, N. .1. t " ' t i l ' 1111!''!' • n l ! M tn« A l l 1HIV . nml linnimitrlti; Inn lcrt from Trout pnrt of hmim nnd icnrace nt A' buretfir roril MRvlnir dpvlce. Fitn tiny fiirArl.l^n-.M •.•(17 Klver » l r r e t , Itoil Ilnnk. R tor It to SAXAl'IIONL INSTRUCTION. A W N I N < ; A N D O A K I T . I CI.I-'.ANINd. nt li.w price, limmiel -swrirtz U Wrn North Rrlilir* Heinle, lUd Ilnnli ; nil im- nnrp. " COWS IOH SALE. -1^ I,«ltrhtuii nvenue, Ued Hank, HOUSES F O i t ' S A L E . " i n t i l!ri,l.'«. If -,.,<) iii<' 1l l ' ' ' l ' - ' • t. '1 Itl r ,,nm I n i m t n p i n y n : M , U | 1,,,[,.• f , . r | , l i , r . Awnliii;-!, limit riil-i-m n n . l r l l r l i i l n irT h r f e KIIIHI runil luinipo: oti t h e Loulu Fl-.Hit nl reel . (mpDiilo lll'ond i rcot, Rn lirovi-nienti. IIPWIV dfroratfd. I'lxnnc IMUt-lt plinn* rtfta-W. llevprnl yniiu« r r ,.,|, ,•„„,. Cnn lip «enn . • . I , , , 1,1,; ,,,11 nn.l I'ti.llt [ VNIII t c n . ' l i y m i : i|iii.-l. r . w i H..V«IH1 j l"'ti nn.l nil- rl.-nnr.l, ii-onrr.l nml nlonxl: 'I'lmnttiy Unly, Mlnncstnk Pnrk, Rrd Ilnnk. • liy limn nt th,, Cilatinul fnim nu N u t -Dry fnrm. lied !timl'-Kven>tt rnnil, o r HC« llnnlt. HIWM'P i:i»iT. f-untiinli-i-il; II-'.I.IMIH n t ri-n"ounbl.' i n MONKY TO L O A N . i l l 1111.1 IV1-)I 'niiin !» cr.ftia mv\ i ,|iii-,! n.wi. ,,,.-,-1 , , I . I. . . , , ! , • - ! m o l .,,,,,I t o o r . l i . r : K. M. llf.l.'/, plimiP r.fiO-U, Ito.l Hnnk, FLATS I OR RENT. "SAY IT W1III On Imim nntl iiK.rlKnirn on renl entnto In l i n x m i l i o i n n I m u i . h l n m l n o l . i . M n n i i - l n . i Inviior , , l 'iiiii.-li. rnifi n m l liiii.lriitn. Ivi> i l . m i r itiU .-•.. i . W i l l liri.-.11.1lol ; .! IIAKItEl) P L Y M O U T H ROCK T •,.,!/ d i.i-. rnnm.i nn.l Imth, nil ( Hiitlilnrr rniilil hn mo p p j O. F. I1I1.L, I M i i l n f o r 11 l . r . I n nll Hr-! Unili (iv %f ( | M ;ty In nuinn of ?T.0(» to n i l I H ' I - H M I I I I I I l i m n l . - a r l i . o . f u l l y i l l l . - n . S n I l - . f i . . II'M. AiMtly 10 V.n«.t Front nlrtrt, nothlnif i [ | r " C"l 1)' •( • i i .ttlc. ill Jilumlilntr. lienflnit nml tliinlnrt In nil huMitnir ."!ir^: TlnMnimm n t r n l n : b y B r t - lirovemnit't. iniliit i-nri-filllv 1 ' . I . Aililri-i-i A n box of r u t finwrrii from W. W. K d A a t - l n w , fioutli A n l l i o y , K . J . . p h u n a Jiuu liranehcu. HI W M I I I I I O avenue, Iteil Hnnk, tinir «>r 100. Mrs. !,mtU SotTel. MnnnuiuUi «t«.l Hunk. The Lnml mul Lonn Co,, Nowloi I I I . M - I - , SPI-IIIIII -.1H-I-. . . g i n i o n . N . J - , I'll l\»t\i III, l.llli Uti 3.1'J, 1 i cli^I'l, Ilcl llmiU,' IMiotio 3 I - H , A m l i n u IK 1-M . ' " ' Sdione 1215, road, Kntuntown, M. J . . l>huuo 2130-N, l ; J l Il president.


FOR RENT. " Two furninVieil rooiiiB in an attractive |)loce. 2 Newman SprlnES road, phone Red llnnk 120-W. _ PACKARD bICHTSEEING BUS, Uilrlyllv,- ]N.:.!.-riBi'r«, roBily to run. Yatci, r,22 Ifomiltmi ilreot, Harrison, N. J,, phun» OlM. ilnrrlK, GAS RANGE I-Oil SALE. l''ir»t rla.a emiditlon: will »»ll cheap. Mm. Ivhvaid 1'arkt-r, 136 ShreWBliury »ve'. lleil Ilnnk. •


Carpenter Work Wanted.








Living Room Suite For Sale* •




House For Rent For Summer. |











6u SALE,





OT,aETTl.EMEKT OF ACCOUWT ilate of Trevune 31. Brower, <)eccaa«J. Notice in hereby given that tha Mcountl ot Hw lutincrlticrg,ndrainiitraUiri! at tlj» e»Ut« «t Haiti (U'C^aHvd, will tie audited eijtl •tnted liy the Surrouatc u( tho Cuunty uf Monmouth «nd repgtteil [or uottlemont to tho Orphans (!nurt of sajtt County( on Thuridiy, the twelfth
of the war and the sacrifice! madf\ by ttiosa who aro now in need of help will stand by. Thoy will do this work themselves and thus be sura that it id done without trusting tha matter to politicians, and job holders.

(Continued from page 4) MONEY MAKES MONEY. Last week President Calvin CoolAnnual Meeting of tha Citizens i idga vetoed the soldiers' bonus bill. Building and Loan A«»ociation. On Saturday tho lower houso of The ninth year of the Citizens' ! congress passed the bonus bill over ' the President's veto and on Monday building and JontfSassociation of Red th? United States senuts did the Bank closed April 30th, and the ! W518 thing. Tho bonus bill does annual statement of the association ' not give the soldiers anything like was distributed to members at tho tha compensation they should re- annual meeting held last night a t 1 eeivo, but it is probably tho best tho Second national bank. Tho tonumber of- ahares of the associa' that could be done for them at this tal tion now in force aro 13,258 U. 1 time. Eighteen series of shares have been opened in alii a. new series being I Biff public officials and the heads opened every six months. tot big corporations, together with The series of shares which was ell tho little fry that have to jump 'when their corporation masters or opened last October has a greater 'their political bosses crack t h p i r number of shares than any other, number of shares in this, series •whips, are loud in telling: how thetho being 1,587. The average profits on Wldiera who risked death, disease the shares during: the time tin1 asWd wounds in war should not r c -sociation, has been organized is a X e adjusted compensation. It trifle less than 8% per cent, simpk' would bo amusing, if it m-re not The association has loaned out to members onfirstbom. 1 a day. They risked their lives. and mortgage. Almost the whole 0 ) They suffered the privations of this amount has been loaned out t< I artny life. They left their jobs. build homes or to buy homes fo They Jeft their homes. They camo members of the association. The back, weary and war worn, many due3 of. the association, bring in of them sick and helpless, to find 513,358.25 every month, and th< in many cases their jobs gone, and n on money which ha in many other cases to find themout to build or bu; selves too enfeebled by their war homes of members amounts t( service to resume their jobs, even nearly as much more. This give if they could have got them back. upwards of $20,000 to loan out on ? ..»•-• more homes every month. The first series of shares in tin t Thie men who stayed at home ' tnad» more money than they had association has boen running nin I ever before made in all their lives. years, the second series has been They risked nothing. The. United running 8H years, tho third sorie States senators who fought the eight years, and so on down to the bonus bill, other big officials eighteenth series, which has been throughout tho land, the heads of running six months. The value 0 big colorations and the owners of a share in each series and tho withbig newspapers which opposed the I drawal value of each share as fixoi [ bonus, stayed at home, safe and se-j by the rules of the association, ar ; cure. They held their official or -- follows: Actual Withdraw! i business jobs at big- salaries while Scries Va]u« I tb» soldiers wero saving their coun- 1 (140.8 $H8.OJ [ try for them. During, the fight 120.1 11B.6 128.42 over she bonus bill these men kept 3 ......*.". 109.4 : 120.13 j telling the country that it would 54 ; T . . 108.8a ' be imnnoral to give tho soldiers any 6 '. JC0.B6 . , . 90.21 81.1 I adjusted compensation. They de- 7 78.3 82.79 i claned that it would bo putting a 98 . . ' . . • '.. C5.0 . . ' • ' 72.86 66 6 casb value on patriotism to do this. 10 63.1 ; •• £ • • ' * U '•.., -V.« B6-U E0.4 -V.« • « * 44.31 12 . * . . . , 49.50 ( 88.0 .',.•.•:.... 40.561 Fortunately there were enough 13 SI.5 34.3S patriotic men in congress and in14 14.3 15 . I ' '. . . . 26.08 19.1: the senate to put the measure 16 SO.Bf ' . . , • 1 2 . 5 1 12.0! through. Not only is this a start 1 7 . ; . • . . - . • 7.01 18 .• 1 . 1 7 toward giving the soldiers what is At the annual meeting last nigh' rightfully due them, but it is a sign 1 tjiat money doe3 not yet wholly all tho old directors of tho asso ciation whose terms had expirec Xuio in these United States. were re-elected. The officers clecte for the coming year aro Frank M> j The comifigr Saturday ia "poppy Mahon president, A. Alvin Whiting secretary, A. Trumbell Smith asI 'day," when hand-made poppies will .' be sold for the benefit of veterans sistant secretary, Frank L. Sher' In need of help. There are many wood treasurer, John Si- ApplesraW I of these. According1 to official counsel, and Edward H/ Jjatetxa utterances, all disabled and sick vet- and Irving Hance auditors.I erans have been cared for. The j country may have appropriated MILLINERY PARLOR plenty of money for this purpose, I am in my new place with a fin ^but if so it hasn't reached all theselection of trimmed hats at lo j soldiers. prices. My new addre-; is 14 Broac street, over Lafetra's grocery store j It is to help those veterans that oneflightup. "poppy day" has become a feature MRS. S. LOHMAN in many parts of the country. It provides.an opportunity fur everyone to help in this noble work. It announces that her exquisite will be ona day in the year when I the people can take things in their Ysmtian Toilet Preparations own hands and do things direct infor preserving and enhancing stead of' expecting politicians and the bejuty of the skin, office holders to do it for them, may always be

NOTICE. Notice la hereljy given that th« pHttHf •Mp Utcljr »ul.»l»tlh« between Hosfort Umekett und Jl. Urummond Cannon, of tha lturo«g|, of ncil Hunk, under tho flrm BBro« of llrncltett-Cannon, VUB diaeolveil uu »h(l twenty-elihtli iloy of April, 11121. by Hrtfluul consent. All debts owlnc to the Mi PurtnerHhlp aro to ba received by B. D r u ^ mond Cannon nnd nil demanils on ceid pariu "orahip aro to bo presented to ua for ¥pay* rqont, ' HO3FOHD BKACKETT. U U M M 0 N U UANN0 M.y Hth,

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G. FOWLER 235 Greek Road

New Jersey

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Notice IH hci'oliy tiivcu tlmt n report ha» bain filed liy tlio CnmmtBRloitum of AaaeA* muiit »f Ihe Ilnrou^h of Iteil Hunk, N. J., naucuBini; bcncilta against all peraona lionpttttuil by tint puvlnjj of IrVlni? place, Bergen placB, IJoech utreet and Wharf avenue. And uuch report will be eomldercd by tho Rnrouerh Oouncil of n«ld Borough of Red Bunk on tl\e Z<\ of Juno nt 8:00 p, MThu nbjopt nf snld meGilnff beinff t o ponflrm or alter thu suid anscsumenta na the Borounh Council tuny doem prnpur. " • A. K. OLSBN, U h Cl^

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X •


Red Bank, N. J.-

Te§®piioiie 2 7

• ••

had at'

The government should regard it as a sacred duty to care for sick The Grace Moller Shopp and disabled veterans. This has not 2 Linden Placo Red Ban! done. Private hands must Phono 312 up this work. Everyone who Closed 1:00 P. M. Saturday not forgotten the black days 'rPEICES



Fireless Gas Range

Line of Automobiles. We have been used to high-grade automobiles, and tha value put In these two cars has been surely a surprise to us.


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fhmB 1491



IS Monmouth St., Red Bank, N. J.

1 i




Ddy Phono 1338 Red Bank

Rig M K , f|. j .

Monmouth County Surrogate'* Office," In thu mutter uf the catat* ol Joh'n H4 StillwttKon, decpasctl. Notice to ^editora to prcpont fllalms awalnst estate. '• «,V PurHunnt to the order of Jo«epb L. D-flO* nlmy, (turroKate of th« cnunty of Mon-i nimithj Tnmlo on tho tenth day of Mny, 1024, on the um>licntlon of Tho Se^tfffil Nntlonnl Ih.i.lc of l i e I Hnnk, adminUtraV tor with x/[\\ nnd codicil nnnexed. of tho estate pf John 31. Stillwnjton, dcceoited, notice |s hereby oiven to tho crcilfto^i of . anld deceased to exhibit to tha Bubncrlber,' adininiBtrntor, etc., a$ nforcaoid, their'debts and deqinnds ngainat the nald CBtnte. u / i ^ r oath, within six month* from tho da.t« of the nforciiili! order, oX thoy will bo forever barred of thoir actions thornfor Bgnltut thg Haid HUbdcrlbcr. Datfil Freehold, N. J., May lOtb, l t THE SECOND NATIONALDAN


KE NOTICE. No. 12520. TREASURY TUQBAnTMENT, OFHO COMPTUOIiLEft OF THE CUltRB WwahinBtun, D. C, April 1, 1924^ WIIERKAH. Dy nntisfactory cvidcn?o presented to tlio UnU.ereign.cd, it ba» ^ n made to appear that "Tho National Bank and TrUBl Company of Bed Bank" Ui the Bovoush of lied Bank, In tho County, of Monmouth and State of New Jcrney, hna compiled with all the provialons 'of the Statutes of tK° United StateB, t e qulred to bo complied with before an naaociatlon shall bo mithori?ed to commence tho IniHincas of Uanlunp'; NOW THEREFORE, I, HENRY MDAWKS, Comptroller of the Currency, d.o hereby certify that "Tho National Bnnk nnd Trust Company of Red Bank" In tho Borough of Kcd Bank, in tho County of Monmouth and Stota of Now Jersey, i» aiitliorFzed t a commence the buafnflsa dt Hanklnfr aa provided In Section Flfty-0n,e Hundrail nnd SUty-Hino of tha Rcvlngd Stntutea of the TInited States. ' Conversion of Tho Red Bnnk Trust Company, Rod Hank, N. J , ' \ In testimony whereof wltnenn iny napd nnd seal of office/this first day of April* (SEAL)


, Cut Flowers, Ferns, Foliage Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Bulbs and Seeds Funeral Designs at Shortest Notice

Dated Freehold, N. J.. May 10th. 10S«, FREEHOLD TRUST COMPANY.

be to :i

Elizabeth Arden

tsvr -

Monmouth County Surrogate's Office. In tlit? mutter of tho cutnto o t Georff# Hellmer, dcccnucfL Notice - to creditors to present «Ialin* against ettate. Purauant to tlie order pltcati«n of Freehold Trust Company (hody corporate), administrator of tha estate of Gcurtrc Hellmer, deceaied, notice I3 hereby uivon tn tlie creditor? of Hfiltl decenscd to exhibit to tho nutyscrlbqr, mlmiimtrator an nforesaii!, their' deb^o nnd dmmuuln ntmlnnt the until ontate. under onth, within nix monthti from tho dnte of tlio ufi>re3nhl order, or they* will he forever barred of their actions therefor ngotnst tho


Poultry and Dairy Feeds White St.

RBHeBBinB boneflta BEalnst B)l persona beneruted by tho paving of Pearl street, Weat street Cheatnut utruet an«l,])rM|fu avenue. Ami BUCII raport Will bo comldend by th« Uorauuh Council of HBid Horpqgh of Red Bank on the 2«|of J U n o p t j i 0 0 p. ^J, ihe nbjeut, of baUl inCeHnB | l c in B to conftnn or alter the g«b1 aBncBBment» as the Borough Council may .ieern proper. A. E. Oim% . , L Uoroitgh Cl(j»lt4

punuc NOTICE.

Telephone 12MI Keanaburg


PUBLIC NOTICE. ^ K N o t J ? 8 , ' H hereby alven thnt a report liaS been flled by tho Commiailonen of AaflCMr

Maxwell Cars, Delivered Touring . . . $ 965 Club Coupe . . 1,090 Club Sedan • • 1,170 Travellers Sedan . 1,695 The Chrysler Six, Delivered Touring . . . $1,450 Phaeton . , . - 1,515' Roadster . . . 1 0 Sedan . . . 1 5 Brougham . . 1 iO Imperial . . . 2,035 Ua Show You One of These Models. Open Evenings 7 to O.

J. W. MOUNT CO. %f®nm and Water Heating. Sheet foetal Work in ®n Brnnclihs,

f Phone 515

HENRY M. D A W m Comptroller of tho Currcney. \ SHERIFF'S SALE. I By virtue of n writ of fl. fa. t o ma directed, issued out ut the Monmouth Count* Circuit Court of tho State of Now Jersey, will be cxpoacd to Bale flt public vendue pu Monday, the ninth lie sold hy JOHN u , VAN MATEU, Sheriff, i^ted May 7, 102J. !mund A. ll-iyn, Attorney. (ir> linen—318.00.) SHU^IFF'S SALE. By' vlrtuo uf a writ of II. fn. to TUB dl•teri, ffumpd out of tho Court Chancery of New Jersey, will • exposed to imln nt public venduo on mlny, tho ninth day of June, 1024, ';ecn thn hours tif 12 o'clock and C rk (at 2 o'clock ilnyliirht Having tlm«). ••.fi nCturniKUi o( milii day, nt tlie Court •e, In thn Unnuurli uf Kr..:'!;5Bi CiMinty - 'onjnnutb, New Joroey, to nntinfy o • of unlit Court luiiituuUub' tu t\iipro*ly 12,717.00. ' that ceituin home nnd etnre, nnd <-iM-tnln trnct or rnn-nl of land and (•» herfiniiffcr imrticiilnrly doacrlltetl, ". lyinir nnd lielmr in tho Dorounh of uxti, In the County of Munmnuth State (if New Jcracr. llplnB1 lot num«Mi« humlrrd and twenty-eleht (Nn. •; on the "M^n of lltiildiiiK Lots at .•••ink Ifluhiunda. in \\\c IlnroUKh of ililandrt, tifvt Jri'scy, Kay & Cornwall act. llnvlrtctl Jnn. 12. HKi:t;" not'innlnK • t n imint/ln the ttoiitlnvcitcrly aide of Day -venuo dlatnnt fnrty-ftve feel otuithvnnt of Ihn corner of mild nvoiiue nrul Wn»t North streetinnci from thence runnlnK (1) inuthwe«terly nlonn thn iUvnrta lot 0110 humlrrd nnd f\rty feef. t<» HIIUMo Avi-nur; th«nea 12) ftouthemtcrly, nl^nj: Ilillililo Avonun forty foot to lot number 0110 tiundred and Iwcnly-nlne (Nf. 1U0 > ; thence (M northcnntfrly. alontt •aid lot No, 120. *>no bun* died nn>l fifty feet tn tho eoid Day AvCliue; (hence U> n"r(l 1W r ; ,lcrly, niotu; liny Avrnue forty fe<*t to the iilaas of bealn* ninir. ,';«l3-.cd (ia thp vn>ppr[y nt I-'HTIDIA RICK-

M , . I vt nli, t»lii>ii In I'xccutlon a t (ftia ntilt of Tin* llrnml Htre*l Nntionnl al 11BIJ|flfRed IHiilf, Hew Jvrtpy, a Nnllooiml' ~ r*

RED BANK, N. J. :;


I -


JOMWir. VAN MATER, Sh«l9, '



'•HfiD"BANK"REGISTETt,' MAY 21, l ^ C " ZZS'The Mount Ascension Outlook." Breasting New Life Currents: ApTho vested choir, assisted by spe-proachinf? the Goal." Tho sermon Miss Elsie Dey of Wallace itrect cial talent, will (five a spring musi- at night will be "Where are the returned liomj last •week from the cale in. the evening. Miss Isabella Dend?" Long Branch hospital, whero she Grant of Aebury Park, a violinist, Card of Thankt. undorwont an operation for appen1 render "Romnnco" and "The We wish to express our sincere dicitis. Serenade," from D'Arlequin. MIES thanks to all who in any way asGeorge W. Sewing, who is en- Alice McClain of Long Branch and us by acts of kindncas and gaged in the contracting nnd build- Mies Florence Finklestein will be sisted expressions of sympathy during the ing business at Red Bank, last week .special singers. Kathryn Coulon bereavement caused by the death of bought a Buick sedan and an Oakwill give a solo. A duet will be our mother. land coupe. Elizabeth Skirm, .sung by Misses Sara Mitchell and M. Uanlor, James Malonia of.Front street is Misa Whilda Wilson and a solo will John Taylor. home from the Long Branch hoB- be sung by Miss Sylvia Aul, assisted —Advertisement. pitol, where ho was operated on for by the choir. A part sting will be appendicitis. Riven by Misses Caroline Warden, Card of Thanlo. Frank Kildoft* lino given up his poEmhia Kiel, Christine Francis, I desire to thank Fill my friends aition as manager of the United Elizabeth and Helen Corhpton, and neighbors for their kindness and States Btore on Shrewsbury avenue sympathy during my bereavement; to open a roadside booth at Leon- Natalie Pharo and Whilila Wilson. also those who M'nt floral, offering:-;. Chorur.cn will be sung by-the vested ardo. Mrs. Patrick H. Toomey. clioir and an organ recital will be —-Advertisement. Mrs. Elizabeth Efitelle has moved given by Mrs. Jay J. Willey. from Louis , Gcttis'a flat on The subject for tho junior conIN MEMOR1AM. Shrewsbury avenue to the Cohen I n lnvinir lnpmiiry of tmr ilcnr linuKhteihouse on the same street. Mrs. Mary gregation service) at the Baptist Htui Bitter, Olaru I*. MNXMIII, who (leptirtcl Chneey has moved from -West Front church Sunday morning will be thin life M a y Mil]', H O I . KfioH. nnil puilrjen v/nt t h e rnti street to the house vacated by Mrs, Liberties." The subject for the Of o u r cli-nr Clam, w h o wan itivo.I liy n i l ; regular service will be "God andT h e blnw WHS Krent.—thp Nhmk r*c-v.'r<-— Estello. W> little t h n u u h t I H T .!i;«th »o m-ur. Mrs. Darby Martin of River street Caesar or Christian and Civic O n l y thnup who lim'f I r ^ t c a n tell (Ifiifirtinn witl'fiul fnrr-wV.l. !s out after a sickness of two Loyalties." Jrhn T. Tetley will T h e Pllin of MRS. W A L T E R MAXKON load the young people's unio'n meetmonths. AND FAMILY. Mrs. F. T. Burnett of Shrewsbury ing which will have for its subject avenue has returned home from n visit of a week with relatives at New York. Mrs. Clarence Jonca of Atlantic Highlands, formerly of Red Bank, Opp. Strand Theatre Exit 6 Linden Plnce, Red Bonk, N. J gave birth to a son last week at tho Long Branch hospital. S PECIAL SALE Mrs. Frank Santangclo of Beech Btreet gavo birth to a son last week. THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY .:j Karl Sliibla of Leonard street is back at work for the Public Service Read these items carefully as the opportunities electric company after havinff been offered should not b e overlooked. Come and | Bick with a heavy CoUl. Miss Beatrice. Mullin of Wallaco convince yourself of the splendid values. , f Btreet was operated on for appendiFormerly Sale Prire % citis Inst week nt the Long Branch Boys' Khaki Blouiei (all sizes) !)H .65 O hospital. She is improving. Boys' Wash Suiti (all sizes) 1.1(1 ' ,99 'i Mrs. Jennie We'rsinger 1ms rented Children'. Panly D r c i l (2 t o li) . , . 1.2.1 .79 j Thomas Irving Brown's liouso on Infants' Nainsook Dressei . .HJI .5i) '•> Upper Broad street. Infanls' Silk-Wool Shirt« ".... v. ..:... \ . ,K!I .50 Mrs. Jnmca Kingsbury of Bank W o m e n ' t O v e r b l o u i e s (Si?.PS 3(i t o .Hi) . . . . . . " . . . l . l i l 9a street, who lins been a patient in the W o m e n ' . Step-in a n d Shirt 1.•V.) .98 $ Long Branch hospital for two •i months, has' returned homo. Mrs. Kinpsbury is a sufferer from sciatic rheumatism, nnd is not much improved. Mr. Riid Mrs. Charles E. Nicman of Mnplo avenue, who started on a trip to California on tho 8th of tins month, are now nt Colorado Springs on their wity home. They writo home saying that the air at tie mile-high elevation in Colorado is very different from the air at tho . sea level in Monmoulh county. Miss Elizabeth Walling of Sunset avenuo and Miss Elizabeth Franklin were guests of George B. Moxley at a performance! of "Loilipop" at New York Monday . night. i 4 West Front St. Mrs. George T. Linton of MonOpposite Broad mouth Terrace spent part of last week a t Fort Slocum, New York; RED BANK, N. J. with Mrs. C. A. Carlston, -.Mr* Phone 1387. Carlston is now making a stay with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. FreiS Oakley of Broad street. Mrs. E. A. Scott of East Front street is spending a few weeks at Boston. Mr. and Mrs. James J. Quigley of Broad etrect are spending a week at Atlantic City. Mrs. E. A. Schouten of Cortland, New York, i3 visiting her daughter, Mrs. L. C. Vnnlnwegen of Monmouth street. She was called here by the sickness of her other daughter, Miss Edith Schouten, who is kept indoors with a severe cold Mr. Vanlnwcgen. is attending a convention of the national electric light association at Atlantic City. Horace Stout of Branch avenue, al. agent for the Colonial life insurance comany, was out Friday for the first time in five weeks. He has been laid up with an infected 1886—Organized the Durant Dort Carriage Company with' foot. capital of S2,ooo. Mm Abbie V. Strickland of Peters placo was a visitor at Atlantic 1891—Operating fourteen plants in U. S. and Canada City last week. manufacturing 150,000 vehicles per year. Hnwkin3 Brothers have leased the house and grounds owned by 1903—Mr. Durant was asked to lake charge of the Flint Dr. Peter P. Rafferty at the corner Wagon Co. This company had just started in of Monmouth and Pearl streets to to manufacture automobiles but a succession Michael Merle of New York city. of mistakes in judgment had made the. situaThe leaso is for 0110 year. tion firave and three of Flint's institutions "Tho American Political System" were involved. will be the subject of a talk at Mrs. Frank L. Blnisdeli's on Broad BUICK—The car w;is called Quick and but sixteen had street tomorrow afternoon by Wilbeen built .when Mr. Durant was given absoliam Starr Meyers, a professor at lute control. Princeton university. Tho occasion will be tho mooting of tho MonA FEW YEARS Inter this company w'as manufacturing ever mouth county historical society. 50,000 cars per year. From tin.1 prolil.s of Charles Jones hns given up hit, this concern he later purchased Cadillac, Oakposition at Mcndowhrook farm at land and Oldsmobile. Shrewsbury to take charge of tho automobile washstand at the Boro 1908—Created General Motors. Busses garage on Globe court. Mrs. William Russell of Mechanic 191ft—Relinquished control of General Motors. street is a surgical patient nt the Long Branch hospital. CHEVROLET—He immediately organized Chevrolet MoMrs. Daisy Gallngher, her daughtors with $2 75,000 capital. ter Betty and Miss Mnrie Scott of the Rumson road, have returned 1915—Chevrolet Molnrs, with assets of S94,000,000, from a stay of several weeks in gained control of Generiil Motors. Durant Maryland. made head of General Motors. The A-heit literary club met lust Friday night with Mrs. Elizabeth 1920—On December 1st lie left General Motors. Walling o£ Sunset avenue. 1921—January 1 2th, incorporated niirant Motors. Mrs. Jennie Scott of Onkland street hns returned homo from At 1922—February lStli, Mr. Duranl announced In1. wnnLI lantic City, where she was national build a small car of modern design called representative nt tho convention of The Star. tho Sons and Daughters of Liberty lodge. 1923—First year of Star Cars. Mr. nnd Mrs. Edward Fryth of Lyons Farms spent Saturday and 1924—120,000 Star Owners. Sunday with Mr. nnd Mrs. Horace 4,000 Star Dealers nnd Service Stations. Vine of Sunset avenue.

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Steam Heat, Hot Water Meat and Hot Air Heat k

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in rear of Second National Bank, 100 feet east of Broad Street.

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Church Ncwi. Rov. John Muyskens will lead tho Presbyterian prayer servico tonight, when tho nubjcct will be "Difllcultics; Assets or Liabilities." Tho thirteenth animal banquet of tho brotherhood will ho held Friday night, with Judgo John K, Foster na toastmantur. At tho norvicc Sunday morning tho topic will bo "The .Star of Hope, or the Five ICKnential Uoctrincs of Presbyterians." Mica Echo Chamberlain will lend the young peoplo'a twilight mooting.

Cheater Arthur will bo tho violinist nt both services. At the Methodist church Sunday



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Andrew J. Hill Paper Hanging Pointing and Decorating Experienced in all brauchet Estimates Furnished 14 WORTHLEY STREET

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Now York Homo of Leonardo Folk» Ramacked by Robbon. Mrs. Sophie Viering and family, who for a number of years have bcipn residents of Leonardo,' spent the? winter at New York. Mrs. Viering has moved hack to Leonardo and ))Pr two daughters, who are telegraph operators at New York, will make their home at Leonardo after ) | June 1st. One day last week while they were not at home thieves broke into their New York apartment and stole jewelry and other valuables. The intruders got away safely with the booty and they have not yet been caught.



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SALZ S$ CO., Red Bank

Charles Lewis

James Carton's Pony Ktcka a Peace* ful Plow Hone. A pony owned by James B. Carton of Everett broke out of a pasture field Thursday and ran to Charles Falcone's farm, where a horse was plowing in a field. The pony evidently had no love for the horse, for it reared up with both hind feet and kicked the horse. The horse ran away and before its flight ended the plow and the harness were broken.' The horse was not badly hurt.

This establishment, now under the personal supervision of Henry Salz, introduces

"Complete New Stocks at Incredible Savings." 'Special attention'7 is directed to our Extensive Showing of Seasonable and Summer Lines, including Women's Hats, Dresses, Coats and Suits, Skirts* Sweaters and Blouses; also Infants' and Children's Wear, Hosiery, Gloves and Underwear, Dress Goods, Silks and Wash Fabrics, Household and Decorative Linens, Curtains, Draperies, etc.


Mite Society to Meet Friday With Mrs. Harriet Keyca. The Mite society will meet Friday night with Mrs. Harriet'Keyea. Mrs. ftl. Gibbs and Mrs. Edward T. Rooney will be hostesses and Miss Estelle Carr, Miss Pauline Hulse am Miss Olive Davis will serve as thi entertaining committee. A daughter was born to Mr. am i Mrs. Alston VanDerveer Tuesday o. last week and has been namec Lois B. A ful! house enjoyed the play, "The Kentucky Bell," .given by the Stylish candy striped siO«tte; lace trimmed dotted voiles; hand Christian Endeavor society in Coembroidered French ginghams; also hand drawn linen dresses j lumbia* hall last week. Tho net pro v in the favorite shades of green, orchid, peach, etc. Made to sell .. ' • ' 1 from a .candy sale last "week. Mr. and Mrs. William A. Soden, Miss Ethel Sutphen of Freehold and • Forman Rhodes motored to Jersey I City on Saturday, where they were Values to $29.50 o week-end guests of Mr. and Mre. Stephen K. Karczinski. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lundsten and children and Mr. and Mrs. J. Three-maker's sample lines of women's high grade Silk Dresses • , • Lundfcten of Easton, Pa., motored here Sunday and visited Mr. and for day time, sports and general utility. All sizes, no two alike, Mrs. A. S. Lewis. • ' made to sell to $29.50—World Beaters® $8.75, $12.75 and $16.7§ Miss Katherine Trautman of Brooklyn motored here Sunday in her new Overland-automobile. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Watkinf, Mrs. William H. VanBrunt and Varley Watkins spent Sunday vith Mr. and Mrs. Henry V. Polhemus. Women's ultra smart all wool suits, including tweeds, camel IWomen's smart all wool coats, including plain, plaid and The missionary society held its hair and twill cords; also fine fibre silk and wool knitted striped polaires; also tweeds and twill cords in black, navy, quarterly meeting last Thursday at suits, values to $45, at „ $10.00, $15.00 and $20.00 tan, cocoa and gray; some have fur trimmed collars and the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis S. Bortner. cuffs. Values to $35 at $9.75, $14.75 and $19.75 The Presbyterian Sunday-school gave a program in celebration of mothers' day. At the close- of the program boquets of white carnations were presented to Mrs. Jacob Women's modish sleeveless sweaters in the favorite color Trautniann, the oldest mother present, and to Mrs. C. V. Aumack, schemes, values to $7.50, at .$2.95, $3.95 and $4.95 for having the larget -number of .Women's all wool crepe pleated skirts, including tan, brown,' children at Sunday-chool. cocoa, sand and gray, $6 kind, Special $3.95 The Sanford Epworth league held its monthly business meeting at the parsonage on Monday night. It was •])Xei7aJ decided to hold tho next business meeting and sociable in the new Women's hand-made and hand embroidered over-blousee, basement of the church. made to sell at $3.00, Special $1.95 Miss Mildred Hulsart, a student at Trenton normal school, and her Women's smart Silk Blouses, "a maker's sample line," all Hand embroidered, fast color washable "New Pantie" school chums, Miss Caroline Osborn sizes, "no two alike." Values to $7.50 $4.95 of Livingston, N. J., and Miss Grace Dresses, sizes 6 to 14 years. Made to sell at $3.50, Special Doremus of Rockaway, N. Y., spent $2.45 the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Ira D. Hulsart. 'An immense selection of children's dainty hand embroidered Mr. and Mrs. Fred Burke and colored voile, silk pongees and rajah Silk Dresses; also splendaughter visited Mrs. Burke's did range of white voile, silk and georgette dresses for Combrother at Long Branch on Sunday. A special lot of women's glove silk vests and step-ins, white, Mr. and Mrs. J. Scnn and son munion and Graduation, all sizes, "no two alike" at Extraflesh and orchid, per garment $1.65 Walter of Jersey City and Mr. and ordinary Savings. . Irish lace trimmed voile vests and step-ins, "dainty shades," Mrs. G. Leedecke of Irvington spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. M. , x. per set $1.95 Gibbs. Popular Lingette Costume Slips, $2.50 kind $1.65 Mrs, .Benjamin VanDcrhoef has * moved to Water street and is occupying half the house with Mrs. Mary Burke, Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Mount had as Women's stylish silk gloves with cuffs of contrasting colors. their recent guests Mr. and Mra. David P. Cox, Sr., of Rosemount, Celebrated Kayser make, per pair .$1.65 Women's full fashioned pure silk hose, new summer shades, Pa., and Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. we'll known make, $2 grade, per pair $1.35 Cox and children of Berwyn, Pa. Miss Anna McDowell of Montclair spent last week with Mrs. George Strong. Mr. and Mrs. J. Symmcs Duncan spent Friday at Cranhury with their daughter, Mrs. Lewis II, Schanck. Superior drapery fabrics, new exquisite designs, $l<:grade, Women's stylish silk crepe de chine scarfs, "new designs,11 Congressman Elmer II. Geran of per yd. 75c Matawan visited Charles F. McDonmade to sell at $3.00, Special .,.... ww ......|l.9 ald on Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis T. Bodinc High grade Satin Damask Table Cloths an) Napkins; also Fancy spent thn week-end at Lajnbertvillc, Linens, Towels, Pillow Cases, Sheets .: visiting Mr.,,and Mrs. Vernon Green. " •, etc., are here Mrs. M. Gihbs and Mrs. Richard at very attractive prices. Pettip attended the stato council of Daughters of Liberty at Atlantic City last week. Miss Lena Knauer of Trenton vinited Miss Elsie Gibbs on Sunday. Miss Josephine Steinberg and Albert Steinberg entertained Misses Olive Davisnn, Walteretta Davis, Elizabeth Paladino, Dorothy Davis and Katherine Soden, Arthur Robbins, Edmund Kohler, Erland Ilrown, Wilbur Krrikson, and Raymond iteming a few nights ago. Lewis 8. Hortncr attended the meeting of the supervisors' Round Table at Long Branch on Tuesday. Miss Clniro SpRchnor spent the wrok-end nt New York with her aunt, Mr?. Leon Spaolmer. Mrs. Pratt of Brooklyn is visiting Mi:<. Willi.-im K. Tracy. Mrs. Wil.--.on Applegatc spent Thursday with her father, II. II. VuiiDervcer, who is still conlined to lie bed. Oafng. g Intended t e aa tit* aun. u lind SALE, decree of .nlil Court, nmnuntlnir cul: (IK Mr. and Mrs. Lewis R. Bortner Ry virtueSHERIFF'S • I I ) ninth, ( I d e m m l m i t . a other lamli aouOi. one (1) iltgrea and premliea of a writ of fl. fa. to l a eonv.yed td O e o n . y e dd to ttn« Mtd Or O«orv proxlmately 99.200.0U. Hit. «1 III Illiitinelli? IICRIIIU pointed l-'eli. fortV-flvii 'orfV-nv <4r>> rnirilttea me&t, fifteen hun- l I sonhli shl K Churchill C h h i and U i y I,, K. wore recent, guefitn of Mrs. Bort- directed, Uaued out of the Court of Chanplr r imrrcl of laml 11103, ll * tlip w*itl Una of nnld fnrm lrtd anil twentr-clitlit (1.S28) f«.t to the II. Churchill her huiband, br deed o(Uu cciy of the Btat. of New Jcriey, will be and ppremises hereinafte h e r f iwrtk-ulariy >.ii Inn i-'l .nil twenty (l,62l)> feot rnlililln of Ilia nforcmld public rofld 2 thence 'n aunt, Mrs. Jennie,Kinnicutt of ejposnl herewith, and. not r . t rteordad. to mle it publlo vandue on Mon- • crlbed, l b d •Hunt", H llying i and d being bi IIn tin our ( « ) In chen In t h e •outli lino of a t r a c t 11) nlonir the middle of *nlil road north, Stanhope, N. J. • - ai the - pror>«rtr of- B.njamln B.njai ' "BUat, SelsoiJ day, the second de» of June 102| ronniriip of Shrewsbury, | n t h . County of f laml bclnn VHlitlchofek: elehty-iov.n (81) d««re«a anil thirty (10) •t al, U k . n in entcullon a t the etllt of the heura of }2 o'clock «nd 6 Monmouth nnil St«t« of New Jariav. !)•- l«ne« 12) ale; IKl a i dto l l nono Mrs. Elizabeth Voorhees and between . nouth. mlnutf. ea.t. .even hundred and nln.tr- Sophia K. Churchill, ana ta be Mid fcr o clock (at 2 o'clock il«ySiht • • v i m Uin«), Binning' In the middle of the public rood 11 8 '.'.' " •!««'•« m i l , ««v«n " hundred aev.n (1011 fcrt •!< (111 Ini-hca to Iha children spent tho week-end at In the afternoon of aal

prevail here on Saturday and throughout the month.

Women's Dresses $3.95


Womenfs Dresses

$8.75> $16.75

$35 Coats $9.75 to $19.75

$6 Skirts I $3.95

$45 Suits $10.00 to $20.00

$7.50 Sweaters * $2.95 to $4.95 $3 Blouses

Children's $3.50 Dresses $2.45

Silk Underwear $1.65

Gloves $1.65


$1 Draperies 75c


HERE aro only a few more days left to tako ! advantage of this Special Sale. • The total price is only

$27.95 You pay 0;V with your order, \ v e <'uiin
p.'iynhle ui monthly iwynwnts

y o u r e n s bill.

Perfect hot watcrservice. No co»l to thovel. No ashes to remove Just light the gas and the water is heated in a jiffy. Order your Pittiburg LION now before it is too late.

Consolidated Gas Co. of New Jersey

$2 Silk Hose $1.35

$3 Scarfs $1.95

Red Bank, N. J.


- - _ -







i •«





Page Fifteen

day night. The league used to be very active, ,liiit of late it hoi beNow Officer! Chosen Last Week by come moiihiinrt. It is believed that Matawan Organization. reorganizing it will lead it back to The Woman's club of Matawan its former activities, s elected Mrs. Justine Eggleston Th* Woman's club held a Muh president, Mrs. C. A. Gesewein Jong party aul card party yestprfirst vice president, Mrs. J. R. Lef-day afternoon to raise money frjr ferts Becond vice president, Mrs.the music'department of the WoGeorge W. Davison recording sec-men's COIIG^'O of New Brunswick. retary, Mrs. William II. Sutphin Barbara Wilkinson, daughter nf corresponding secretary and Mrs. V. Parker Wilkinson, underwent an Ethel T. Schenek treasurer. Mrs. operation for appendicitis at WoodF. II. Lloyd was re-elected chair- lf-y hospital last week, o She is i.iiman of the civic department and provinj,'. Mrs. W. O. Diggin was chosen chairThe ladies' nirl society of tho man of the home department. The Methodist church will hold a cake annual exhibition of the year's and food sale in the church hall towork will be held next Monday af- morrow afternoon at half-past ternoon at Mrs. W. T. Zugall's. three o'clock. WOMAJC3 CJ.UB ELECTION.

You can now buy a Westinghouie Rubber Case Radio or Automobile Battery for $16.95. Tho price in exceptionally low for such high grade batteries arid will be in effect for only a short lime,

Westinghouse Batteries for Auto, Radio, Boats REPAIRING AND RECHARGING Robert Botch Spark Plugs, llorni, and Other Botch PraducU

J. W. SUTPHEN Economy Battery Service 122 Weat Front Street

Red Bank

Fifth Avenue, 34th and 33rd Streets, N.Y, Telephone: Ashland 6700


Tlie Register's motto—"A , aper EATONTOWN NEWS. in every home,"—Advertisement. Prepbyterians Held a Successful Backward Sociablo Friday Night. Telephone 12O2-J & Everything was done backward Window and Porch © at a backward sociable held by PrebytcrianB Friday night, at which $16.50 was cleared to help pain', the church. Folks. wore clothes ALL-METAL « backward and there was a spelling contest, with words spelled backwards. Mrs. Ada B. Nafew, Mm Benjamin VanKeuren and Mr;. H. A. HENDRICKSON I Clifford Browfcr gave readings. 78 Newman Springs Ave. % Songs by Evelyn Anderson and RED BANK, N. J. | Clara Sickles evoked much ap- f Entlmatoe Cheerfully Given. | plause. Margaret Sickles gave a recitation. The band will give a dance in 9 the municipal building next 9 Wednesday night. Ollio West's Sw«mee orchestra will provide music. ' Miss Mae Pierson has been enjoying a vacation from her duties Just a Reminder at the bank here. The Eatontown athletic associaWHERE TO DINE S tion, in a baseball game here last Wednesday with the All Stars of Red Bank, were victorious by a Bcore of 12 to 4. Lester Whitfield has been home FAMOUS « on a vacation from Ocean Grove, where he is a bank employee. Miss Eulalia Fartree of Torrington, Connecticut, formerly of this place, is a guest of Mrs. James Served Every Day Steen. ' Memorial day, sermons and From 12 to 8:30 P, M. special music will be held at most of the churches here Sunday morning. William Conway, Jr., son of WilIncomparable liam Conway, is back at school with the aid of crutches. His leg was broken three weeks ago when he fell from a wagon. Mr. and Mrs. George Elgrim of Edinburg spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John. W. Elgrim. Mrs, William Brown has moved V. Cootunun and Sowall Avos., y. from DeWitt Dangler's house to ASBURY PARK, N.I. the Brown sawmill property at Opp. St. lames Theatre South EatontoWn. Earl Joline will Ptjono 1 3 7 S move into the house vacated by Mrs. Brown. Edward Cheeseman has moved from South Eatontown to William Gaston's house on Railroad avenue. Mias Edith Johnson is a new employee at Hodas's factory. William Hammond has moved from Rod Baiilt to the house on South street formerly occupied by Fred Stoyei Mr. Hammond formerly lived hire. Edward Aumack will move from Lewis street to Antonio Ratti'a house, which is being improved. Repairs are being made to the Wayside road, near Stony Hill. To advertise the dance which it will hold tonight the brass band rode through Red Bank and Long Branch Monday night playing music. The trip was made in a Inrge truck provided by "VVilliam Morris, president of the band. Charles Riddle, Jr., son of Charles Riddle, has recovered from mumps and is back at school. Harry Diver is having hi3 porch enclosed with glass. James Howland is doing the work. Mrs. Fred Keller expects to start a houso for her own occupancy soon on tho lot near Monmoutli Park which she bought a few weeks ago from Harry Watts. Mrs. John J. O'Keefo spent yesterday with friends at Newark. Ray Stillman of this place put through a $65,000 sale recently when ho disposed of the Hagen property at West Long Branch to Mr. nnd Mrs. Ernest M." Swingle of A Silver Grey BEDROOM Newark.

SUMMER DRESS FABRICS Cool and infinitely smart are these fabrics. All the popular Summer materials in a wide range of fashionable designs and colors are offered a'- greatly reduced prices in this sale.



| Weather Strips I

A Tea for Every Taste! EA tasto depends on individual preference. Some like T the mixed Tea.';, dome the Muck. There are Jovers of each vnriety or blend, clear through to the heavy-drinking Family

of Teas, such ns Orange Pekoe, Indin Ceylon and Java. And wo cover tho entire range—a Ten for Every Taste! In every CSHO we use only the finest quality leaves that jfrow—ASCO Teas are supreme. At least one of Our five fragrant blends will exactly suit your taste. You have double satisfaction in them—Supremo Quality and resting, refreshing, tempting Tea delight! It Alvyaya Pay* to Tradft— Where Quality Counts and Your Money Goei tho Furthest!



Are Sure to Please!

Pride of Killarnoy T E A ( E x t r a Heavy Tea Delight) rt>

Evaporated MILK ""can 9c Very Rich nnd Economical!

Best Fine Granulated S U G A R



International Guaranteed


Made to Measure

ASCO Crushed or Shoo Peg

Tender Crushed Sugar




Single can 10c ;w

Our Rug. 23c Calif.



biff c a n

ncots ,

3 cans Sue Delicious Sunshine Ripened Apricots in a Rich Sugar Syrup!


Gold Seal Family Flour ASCO Jslliot tumb 10c ASCO Protervea . . . . t u m b 15c ASCO Preserve! jar 23c Orange Marmalade . . . .jar 20c Delicious Peachet , . . .can 20c ASCO Pork & Beam . . .can 9c ASCO Salmon can 25c ASCO Corn Flakct pkg 7c Fancy Rice . . . !b pkg 10c, 12c Creamy Cheoso lb 30c

">b °* 22c

Heinz Spaghetti . , .big can 16c Franco-Amer. Spaghotti can 10c ASCO Peanut Butter tumb 10c ASCO Grape Juica pt. bot 23c Flamingo Icing Sugar pkg 10c Za-Rex Fruit Syrups jug 39c ASCO Milk Choc. H-lt> ck 23c Hard Mixed Candy . . . . tb 25c Marihmallows . . . . . . pkg 10c Jordan Almonds tb 30c

Our sale of Louella to tho consumers direct exceeds the retail nalo of any lirand of high (jrado Sweet Cream Butter in tho entire United Stateu. That's bcrauso it's the Finest Butter in America 1 And our Gold Seal Eggs ore of equally supreme quality! ,

If You Want

Taste It!


» 45c

' ' 32 c

Tho Pick; of the Nests!





°* 28c

ASCO No-Waste Sliced Bacon P^B 15C Naturo'n rich blessing of nourishment, locked up in the Golden Wheat is released into the big, delicious, creamy brown-cruated Victor Family.

B r e a d E"ram' Wr"pp*d La f Supreme ° Ulgger Loaf, Rctlor lircnd, Higher Value!

Victor Bread



Victor Raiain Bread



Made Clothes I Have Them from

39 BROAD STREET SHREWSBURY AVE and OAKLAND STREET T h u s Prices Effoclivo In Our Red Bank Stares.

SALE O F REMNANTS Several thousand short lengths of every smart weave — Flannels, Linens, Ginghams, Prints, Cretonnes, Crepes. Voiles, Imported Novelties, All-White fabrics, etc. Radically reduced in order to effect a quick disposal.

SUITE Enameled and Decorated


1 CQ.00

LITTLE SILVER NEWS. 7-piece suite with lied, Dresser, Drcssinpr Table, Chiffonier, Fire New Members Initiated in Chair, Rocker and Bench. A benutiful new creation. American Mechanics' Lodge. Rev. George Paul Butler, Edwin Field, Claude Wright, John Darrow and Louis Eastmond were initiated Monday night as members of tho American Mechanics' lodge. After the initiation ceremonies refreshments and a social timo were enAXMINSTER joyed. Selling At Alexander Sterberny has moved from tho Wainwright property near tho station to Hackcnanck. Mr. Sterberny sold the Wainwright property recently to William G. Stoncbrirtge of Shrewsbury, who bought it ns an investment. Frank Marra tins opened a floral store nenr the station. Mrs. Miller of Lnkcwood, Mrs. Mcgill of Red Bank and Mr. Ha-.llcy of Ui'lmni- were Sunday guests of Mr. ami Mrs. J. Harry Herbert. Forty-eight members of tho Wenonnh society attended service at tho Methodist church Sunday These arc in beautiful patterns ;UJI1. color cotnhinatiattn at night. The Mechanics will attend this price. the church Sunday morning. The eighth grado of tho public jcliool will dispose, of n fivc-ilollur gold picci; on tho co-operative plan to ruinc money for nn educational htMceing trip at Washington. William Ayros of Ilnyonnc 1MS tin- r r r i l l l o t K n ( mill i l . County Snrrognte'l Offno. hec'n opcniling n fow days with his In MonmollLh' .'ll til tli« mutter of tlm ealaln i»t cluiiuino iilinti.r mriMita, Mr. anil Mrs. Jumps Ay res. M. Ilwyor. ilacrnnril. 1.1. i i r a M rrcilltiirs to iirrnriit rlnlnii Mia. William W. Shainpaiioro Notice nunlnnt CBlnti1, .'(sited tho soldiers' homo nt Toms rurannnt ti, t!j« orrln- of ,),,..'|.1> I,. Don. ntmy. mirrou^ta of tlie i-ounty of MonRiver Sunday. mouth, mailR (m tlin fiUf»lltli day or Mnrcli, U i c M i l l M i l , - , Vk.'.].. Mnn:h IMh. 19'.!I. 1024. on tlm nppliriition of Jnlui A. 1)«The Epworth league of tho Moth- ftocht, JUUK A. DellOOHK, of the estnto of icdist church wan reorganized Sun- (JhjIjUnoedrAinUtrator Fioshijld. U. 3, M, pwyer, Uctcnjcd, iistict U

It Will Pay You to Climb


71 Broad Street RED BANK, N. J.


I.I - t i n -' n i l l m - r l l i i ' i ,









In the new Ypsilauli tnupo colnr. This in n nulto you can lio prDUil ot trtul tht! "nowcsi, culnr.







Monmonlh County .SorroRat,,'. ollir. l ntutici' t h t uff MIIIIIII. i t, rr the

o i l -


( n u n III.' ilnl"





r l n i in






Then for the Living Room 3-pc. FIBRE REED SUITE


One Flight Up *


A suite you can lie prpucl of—60 in. Buffet, China Closet, Oval Tablo Server, five Chairs nnd Ann Chair. Drawers are mahogany lined.

$22.50 to $15.00

Six days in every week the BIGGEST Quality and Economy Opportunities in Groceries and Ments are Yours in Every ASCO Store I


Ratine Voiles'in every color.-Crepes and Voiles with lace embroidered or smart stripes. Rodier Crepes in blistered,.printed, embroidered and Matclasse designs. Multicolor Swiss.-embroidered Voiles. Printed Voiles in a wide range of colors and patterns.


You'll Taste the Difference 1

carlonoftw ! v<>

$1.25 to $3.95 a yard


Truo Quality Superiority alone has won ASCO Coffee its outstanding leadership!


Cool and uncrushable Homespuns in heather mixtures, sport ' stripes and checks. Novelty Voiles and Crepes in smart stripes and checks, Fancy Swiss fabrics that are woven to resemble embroidery. White Crepes in a variety-of designs. Cretonnes in unusual colors and patterns. Pongee Prints in checks or quaint effects,


ASCO Baking Powder " » 5c, 10c, 20c


75c to 95c a yard

Club Breakfast 35c up \

CORN 3 "-• 25c

Single ce i 15c

27 inches wide at $1.65 to $2.25 a yard 54 inches wide at $3.95, $4.75 &$5.75 a yard


% Grill Plate Dinners

Here's Economy in Soaps! Young's Borax Soap . .cake 6c Young'a Borax Soap cake 11 ^ c Young's Soap Powder pkg l i e Young's Soap Chips . . .pkg 9c P & G Naptha Soap 4 cakes 10c

Flannels in smart plaids, checks, over-plaids, Blazer and Roman stripes and solid colors.

Good old Maryland style i

Pure, Quality Cane Sugar

ASCO Hard Water Soap ck 7c Lifebuoy Soap....3 cakoa 20c ASCO Ammonia bot 9c Pnlmolivo Soap... .2 cakea 15c ASCO Bluing bot 7c

Home of

$L65 to $4*75 a yard






i u . , . U



n i l

t h i '

. . n

'nf t h o

m i n l l r n l i i i l i

(t.lmlnlstratrU Hm ntscl el


t . n i i l l i


" (

<>r J . i - . , . , , ! , C . n m l y . l n v


I . n I

I, nf

I I . m -


I « It I. ftil.y ..I u l 4 .1. l

I . . I I I . , r . I , I> - • I .I- •• i . n i l l l l l l l l „,,!,, . . . I « i n r u r i i n M , t i n t Hi.. :,•'.•; „ r. Mlilti



ilvhtn tin I... m u l l

I I . M . i .

i i u m i i ||i n|t | v , i



f this nr lt,«r will kit !•


ill .iil.iiilli.r.



Call Red Bank 141 or 140

|| RAY H. STILLMAN !•: RfSonmouth County | FARMS $' $

Vlllago Homes Shora Estates


All Forms of INSURANCE




State Highway EATONTOWN • » -

N. I,


All New and Up-to-Date Cars PROMPT SERVICE * LOW RATES Cars for Funerals and Weddings OFFICE:—74 BRIDGE AVE. RED BANK, N. Opp. Depot

Formerly Adlem & Co.

Formerly Adlem & Co.


New Summer Silken Fabrics at Lowered Prices An Urge to Make One More Froclc for Summer SILK JACQUARD CREPES Soft finish, light and dark colors, wide range of patterns, suitable for summer dresses and overblouses. 36 inches wide.

$1.25 «y* r i

EPONGESILK An exceptional handsome fabric, made in plain colors, rose, tan, grey, white, preen, helio and powder blue. 36 inches wide.

$1.25 » y"A

HEAVY PRINTED CREPE DE CHINES In figured and floral designs, excellent wearing quality, colored in grey, tan, bro^Vn. powder blue, green and navy. 40 inches wide.

$2.00 * >•"* >JPURE SILK CREPE DE CHINE $1.50 »y* r i

GENUINE JAPANESE SILK PONGEE Heavy quality, 36 inches wide.



in lovely pastel shades, in the new vivid, colors, brown, navy, blue and black. 40 inches wide. ' $ 1 , 5 0 a y.rd

Offerings in Upholsteries to Adorn Summer Homes

-—--•• .


Ruffled tie backs to match, 2 H yards long. $ 1 . 2 5

« *»5*



DOTTED MARQUISETTE RUFFLED CURTAINS Clustered and single dots, ruffled tic backs, 2',i yards long.




MARQUISETTE RUFFLED CURTAINS .With tie backs, 2U yards long.

.. 90c a p*ir

MARQUISETTE CURTAIN MATERIALS In white, ecru and beige, checks, dots and plain effects.

36 inchei wide.

25c,. 35c, 45c a y" d SUNFAST DRAPERIES Suitable for over-drapes and portieres, in light and dark shades, two-tone effects, plain, and figured. The very newest creations of hanging materials. Some of these ar» guaranteed by the makers not to fade in the sun.

75c *» $1.50 a y"d FAST COLOR AWNING MATERIALS SLIP-COVER MATERIALS ~* and tan stripes. t0

90c a y ard

25c, 35c, 50c, 75c, $1.00 y» FAST COLOR GINGHAMS


88 Inches wide, In two-tone effects—tho season's newest 9 0 c a yard

IMPORTED GINGHAM New colorings, well, .-...-•

• T." FRUIT OF THE LOOM PILLOW CASES, 4 5 X 3 6 30c "<* -^. . 1 * ACORN PILLOW CASES, 42x36 £&O '

. . •',

22»/2c « cl1 ANCHOR BRAND SEAMLESS SHEETS 54x90—$1.50; 72x90—$1.75; 81x90—$2.00 OLD-TIME MUSLIN SHEETS, SEAMLESS

,WU1 wash and wear well.

No. 2 can 25c


Made of fine cotton, snow white, three-quarter size.


Made of fine Wenched cotton, in new r>mlm*soil patterns, for full siied beds, scalloped and cut corners.

$3.00 •"»> $4.00 " ^ SATIN FINISH SPREADS High lunter finish, in several designs, !'>nif with monograms, hemstitched, otherj cut corners and scalloped edge, for thi-ru-miartiT and full si'ml lied. Moderately priced from

$5.00 '" $10.00 ••<* PLAID BLANKETS New patterns of pink, grey, tan and blue. else 06x80, excellent value.

Satin-binilcd, 6OT0 wool, extra h ^ 7 . .. \

$5.50 * p«ir




Prime Blade of Rib Roast .

25c lb





Blue Ribbon Sliced Bacon box


Sheets and Pillow Cases

Good mnslin, soft finish, will wash well.

Shoulder of Veal Milk-Fed c lb

Fancy Broiler or Frying Chickens Ic lb

IMPORTED ST. GAUL SWISSES In jmall dotsv permanent finish, fast colors, shades of green, African.brown, copen, lavender, rose, red and navy.


Cambridge, Me.—"I Buffered terAfter a careful investigation of the leading ribly with pains and soreness in my brands of paints and varnishes we have ••, mi |sides. Each month I had to (jo to bed, decided to stock the DU PONT line . . . beand the doctor told mo I eimply had cause, in our judgment, du Pont Paint and to go under an operation before Varnish Products are made to the highest I could get help. I standard of uniform quality. saw your advertisement in tho paper, and I told We now carry a complete assortment of my husband one day to pet me a du Pont paints,.varnishes, enamels and stains bottle of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegefor every purpose. table Compound. Before I took tho third dose I felt better. I took it Our new du Pont line enables us to give four times a day for two years.getting better all the time, and now for four our customers an even higher standard of years I don't have any pains. After taking the medicine for two years I paint service—an even surer guarantee of had another child—a lovely baby girl satisfactfcr.. We can serve you well—whether now four years old—the life of our home. I do praise this medicine. It the job is large or small. . r;% is a Godsend to women who suffer with female troubles and especially for pains at the periods. I surely was very bad once, and I know that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable, Compound The trolley tracks on Rrond and saved me from an operation."—Mrs. First streets wjll bo removed by the JOSIE M. SHMV, Route No. 1, CamJersey Central traction company as bridge, Maine. soon as the tracks are removed at A country-wide canvass of purchasMatawnii. It is evident from this ers of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable fact that the gasoline car proposi- Compound reports 93 out of every 100' DECORATOR and PAINTER tion has fallen through as far as were benefited by it. Keyport is concerned. 26 West Front Street Walter Manuel is playing baseHilt; •by Kiv Ti Unit the ball with the Thiiiifiulil Recreation • Notice fl VARNISH Phone 588 Red Bank er; As; iKiioe cf the estate )f the team. Mrs. Chester Hnynes of Cranford and stated 1»T the SurriiKUte of the County nnd reported f"r settlement was the guest last week of her- par- of(i Monmoutli the Orphans Court of paid County, on ents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Burlew. .'hursdny. the twenty-sixth day of June A. D. 1V24, nt *\!iieh time application wil E. D. Hyrne has a new Chevrolet be made for tho allowntu-e of commissions sedan. Dated lUay'Ktth, A. D. 1^24. The American Legion post will BENJAMIN J. PARKER. attend next Sunday evening's services at Calvary Methodist church. H. W. Hitter of gouth River has been appointed general manager of the Reliance rubber corporation. John P. Council has leased the building formerly ^occupied by the Keyport laundry company from E. D. Hill and will use it as n garage and machine shop. The building is located on Kroad sii'cet and is 50x78. Mr. Connell is now doing business in the rear of the Schnnck properties on Front street. '• Members of the Keyport hook and ladder company will entertain Wo handle only the liifiliest grade of butler. Th a name olt it i. AMERICAN FOOD HEWS the ladies' auxiliary of the company "Cream of the Creameries" at a supper and dance on Thursday Published in the Interest night, May 27th. The Baying in: "Wo Always Buy Good Meat at American Food Storea." Good Food Miss Mario Douhcrty has a posibottles tion ns stenographer with the SigFEIGENSPAN'S BREW mund Eisner company at Red Bank. "Within the Law" Mrs. Hie Knnpp rmd Mr. and The Way to Mrs. William Knapp have moved THESE ARE OUR WEEK-END MEAT PRICES Get the into the house on the west side of Best Out of Church street which they recently bought from Clarence. Bedle. DINING . Mr. and Mrs. L. Brnwer Walling ROOM spent the week-end with Mr. and TEA Mrs. Walter Variah of Crestwood, N. Y. Understand — there is only on© The junior Keyport improvement current wny of association will liolrl a dance in the waking tea, and high school auditorium Thursday hero it is: night of next week. Miss Renniston of Ridgcwood was FIRST—Tut in the week-end guest of Miss Gladys ono tenspoonful Birkbeck. for each cup o£ Mr. and Mrs. Elgar Walling and tea. son of Belford were Sunday guests SKCOND—Bo suro the water Is pflurort into the 'teapot the moment I of Mr. Walling's mother, Mrs. Kate it boils. Walling. . Mrs. Js'orma A. Hall and son THIRD—Put n little milk or cream into each cup before .serving tho Theodore of Red Bank were guests lea—it improves tho taste. last week of Dr. find Mrs. Gifford B. FOURTH—Add BURar to tnste. Aurnack. Bo pure you use n really GOOD Miss Hattle Sayles has had the Ten. It is by far the most satisporch on her home rebuilt and enfactory. larged. ])1NING EOOM TEA is nn IndinnFresh Mrs. Frank Hauscr was operated O.vlon-Jnva. It is very flowery, on for appendicitis at the Long very strong, nni-lb Carton Harry Buell of KliznYieth la hav2 P k « 8 9C Carton ing a house built on Broad street. George Slater of Elizabeth is doing the work. _ • » THE AMERICAN FOOD WEEK-END GROCERY SPECIALS Raymond Maloney lias n position ns instructor in pharmacy in Fordhnm university. James T. Walling mid Charles E. Tall Cans—Pink Large Pkg. P. and G. Hawaiian Sliced Cokelet spent Sunday here. They are engaged during the week in building three, bungalows fur Mayor Thomas I,. Smith nt I.nvalctte. Mrs. Maliel Gray has taken a pocans cake 5 sition in Ackerson it .Ackersnn's law offices. The liaritan Day yacht racing ncsocintion will liuld a regatta here on New Texas Evaporated Gulden's Mustard Quick September (ith, 7th mid 8th.

42c *b

82 inches wide. In neat check effects, brown, blue, tan, in all the wanted, shades. 2 5 c a y*rd


82 inches wide; also Tissue Ginghams in checks and Etripes. finished, launders excellently. 5 0 c =n<1 6 5 c B 3rar
Mrs. Staw Calls Lydia E. Piakham's Vegetable Compound a God-Send to Sick Women

Fancy Dry Picked Turkeys



ANNOUNCING A Still Better, More Complete Paint Service

29c 1b

CRETONNES Onr selection of patterns and qualities are too numerous to mention. They are ol the finest designs and in colorings to match your wants. The selections are wida in the following prices:'


juries were painful but not serious and fiho is now able to be around. A .brooder house on Harry Maybeny's poultry farm caught fire last week iunl was destroyed. Howard Jihnsoil lias bought n Ford touring t-'iir from Joseph l^assas. The boys of this place and Pine Brook are organizing o baseball team. Samuel Cumniings i§ working for the S. S. Thompson company of Ked Bank.

Long Island Ducks

In blue, green In plain colors and novelty stripes, extra heavy, (toft finish. 36 indies vrtde. _, '


CORNER STONE OF ST. JOj SEPH'S PARISH HOUSE LAID. ' High ScLool Commencement Exercises to be Held June 12th— I Trolley Tracks Here Soon to be i Removed. j The corner stone of St. Joseph's | prtrir-h house was laid Sunday nftcrby J5t. Rev. Tlrtmtas J. Walsh, J. !j noun lli^hop of the diocese of Trenton. j licv. Charles K. Jlolloy of St. Jost-rih's school, Metuehen, delivered tho sermon. Bishop AValsh also conferred tho sacrament of confirmation mi a large, clas's. A large number was in attendance at all of the services, many being unable to get into the parish house to hear Father Mnlloy's sermon. The confirmation class was so large that only a very few persons outside of the clas3 and their sponsors were able to get in. The graduating exercises of the high school will, he held on Thursday evening, June 12th. Class day exercises will be held U'uesday, June 10th, and the annual reception of the high school alumni association will he held Friday night, Juno. 13th, ill the high school auditorium. The officers of the graduating class are Stephen Palumbo president, Rufh Quackenbush vice president, Lester Dick secretary and Marian Sieben treasurer. Other members of the class .are Florence Baker, Hazel Bowne, Georgia Hyer, Sarah Padelcfsky, Loietta Rood's, Marian Sagurton, Joseph Clayton, Harry Evans, Harold Helios, ('harks Miller, R. O. Walling, Jr., William Unper and Meyer /3-Viravin: Tho class colors arc gold and black and the class motto "ARC Quoil Agis." The baccalaureate .sermon to the senior Class will he preached by Ror. Frank T. B. Reynolds, pastor of the Reformed church, at the First Baptist church.


In plain colors, soJjTnnish, light shades, suitable for lingerie purposes. 40 inches wide,

$1.00»»»"» SILK FOULARDS

from water which was boilNEWS FROM KEYPORT. steam in^ on a stove last week. Her in-


TINTON FALLS NEWS. Fidleretto Girl.' Cllili Hn. r> Sociltblc nt tho SchonUiouae. » The Fallcrelte club of girls held i: successful Rucinlilc nt the fchoolhmi.se Fridny nighf. A Inrge nltendancf was present and everv de! t;:il of the all'iiir was put through jis planned. A fish pond w,ia one of tho main ntlrai-tioiri and there wtrc refreslimciits of ice cream and cake. The work of i-r-liuilding the bridge over the mill pond bus been finished and Hie bridge ia onco more opou tu trnflie. Mrs. Samuel .1. llcnnett vna ! scalded on her into ami jjinia \vjth



Gold Dust

Naptha Soap


Apples 19c

Dressing bot 13c

Onions »' 6c

Quaker Oats 10c

Prints Pure


Pure Strained


Lard 16 16c

Pie Crust

Honey bot 20c

Hand Soap

pkg 15c

cake 10c

RED BANK REGISTER, MAY 21, 1984. nded a party given l u t week at ng Branch in celebration of the Morlg Kc.ilor Met With • TV*|I< th wedding anniversary of Mr. Death at Allonwood. nnls'a parents. WilEon Pollacek is confined to An automobile truck loaded with cement driven by Ralph Bennett of ia bed with sickness. Archibald Poidte, a ntudent »t Freehold rim over and UUled Majrio seminary, visited Kt'asler, seven yeura old, daughter penninajton Wends in town Sunday. et Albert Keualer of Allaire, TtieBday of lant week in front of the A snlseeltaneoun shower wjss Allenwood public school. Bennett iven liist week for Mios Rose Seawaj arrested on n charge of man- ck by her aunt, Mrs. Berths . slaughter and was held in $1,500 ruder. bail. He anid a group of children Mr. .end Mrs. E. P. Magee will ran across the road in front of his ;ort toon on an automobile trip truck. Ho (said ho tried to avoid New York state. They will be hitting tho children by steering the me two weeks. truck to ono side. The truck hit Mrs. Elisabeth Bethune has tho Kcaalcr girl and the wheels snted the Kahlo cottage on Highpassed over her body. She was ind avenue for tho summer. rushed to the Spring Lake hospital, Mrs, James Stryker will open n but aho nm dead when the hospital ea room on the Rumson road on was reached. Her father is a iccoration day. f Brmev. •' , A supper will be given at tho •*-*-•. lommumty club basar next Thirteen Buuei Ordered. Wednesday. Tho Atlantic Coast transportaTho Methodist ladies' jjid society tion company has ordered thirteen ill hold, ft rummage Wle June U busaea for service along ocean ind 4th. boulevard between Atlantic High—., ^*-&- • lands and Seagirt. Six of tho ma- Call on Luke Longhead for any chines will bo double-deck vehicles. ovt of want. Ho specializes in all A lino will be started Boon from ;inda.—Advertisement, Asbury Park to Seagirt.





, '• •


Big Class Confirmed Loot Week at tho Catholic Church. Over 100 porsons were confirmed libit Wednesday afternoon nt the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help by Bishop Walnh of Trenton. The service was largely attended. Seventy children were confirmed. The pubic school was closed at noon for the day. Boroujrli Superintendent U. Grant Johnson is a patient at tho Long Dranch hospital, where he underwent an operation for stomach trouble. Ilu ia improving. Tho welfuro society will hold a card party tomorrow night at the borough hall. Frank l'ietro will open a restautmsm rant and barber shop in tha build- We are glad to announce to ing which he had remodeled. The our patrons that we can alterations have made a great im- supply them with Ful-O-Pep provement in the appearance of. the GrowingMash—thewonderbuilding. ful growing and developing Within the past week a number feed manufactured by the of eases of liquor have been found Quaker Oats Company. along the shore of the Shrewsbury river. A resident picked up fifteen Ful-O-Pep Growing Maah cases in one day. The liquor wus will meet your fondest exthrown overboard by a rum run- pectations in producing ner when ho was chaflcd by a rapid, healthy growth ana developing early laying pulrevenue cutter;. Mrs. Hurry Knutson entertained' lets. Giveitat "-" a number of friends at o card trial and see the marked party last Thursday night. Confirmation, will be conferred improvement on a large class next month at St. inyourchicks. Andrew's church. Ful-O-Pcp Coarse Over $G0 was cleared a t tho Chick Fe<4 comroast beef supper last week at the pletes the ration Methodist church. vihenfodwlthFul. Mrs. John Reamo of New York O-Pep Growing apent part of last week with Mr. Mash. and Mrs. Thoma3 Romandctti, . Cor Solo By Mr. and Mrs. William GriBWOld FRED D. WIKOFF CO., will move'to Highlands from PennRed Bunk, N. J. sylvania in a few daya H, B. SHERMAN & SONS, Abram Parker has gone back t his old job in the engineering de Long Brunch, N. J. partment at Sandy Hook. Tho drawbridge ia being repainted, Mrs. Frank Grogan and1 family, MiBS Mary' Grogan, Joseph Lohdri Kan and Howard Harper of Hoboken visited Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Liming last week. The summer schedule of service! at tho Methodist church will go in to effect next Sunday. Tha junio service will start a t quarter afte nine o'clock in the morning, Sun day-school at ten o'clock and th regular sorvice nt eleven o'clock The Epworth leneuo will meet al seven o'clock at night and the nighi Ecrvico will begin at half-paal 6even. Next Sunday morning th ecrmon topic will be "Our Covennni with Our Dead." A service for ex service men and patriotio organiza tioiis will be held Sunday. ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS NEWS Pupils Visit Washington—Railroad Boats Running. The members of tho high schoo graduating class spent Thursday Friday and Saturday at Washing' ton, 1). C. Tho trip was mado o n special train. In tho party wcr Bessie a'nd Mabel Phillips, Doroth Loux, Helen Kuvooltjian, Glady; Davenport, Helen Katzenbach, Ethe' Armstead, Blanche Cox, Georgs KnutBon and Miaa Kclon Millikcn teacher of English at tho hlfjV school. Pupils from Manasquan on Point Pleasant mndo tho trip at th sumo timo. . Mioa Edna R. Jatho, a child vie faro worker for thu county eocla! aci-vico organization, gavo a talk or "Habit Formation" at. tho mcotim of tho parcnt-tcaehora' association Monday night. Aftor tho inootlni refreshmo'nta wore nerved by committee comprising Mrs. Clayton Mrs. James Strykor, Mrs. Lostoi Inglias, Mrs. John Morrlssey «ni Miss Nina Swan. Tho annual sorvico ot Fhka poal •will lio hold next Sunday night ai tho Central Baptist church. Re George M. McComb will Bponlc. A motion picture ontertainmon' for tho bcnollt of tho boy BCOU

troop will bo given tomorrow nigh1 at the Mnjestic theater. A liurg number of tickets have l)6on gold, Tho Central railroad boat Hn between thin place nntl New Yorl Bt.nrted .Sunday. One boat is run ninp; inid in a fow dayn anothc boat will start. StorllnK Hopkins ol Nnvoaiiik and Thomas J. Brnhrn »Sunuicl Korrando and M. A. IV «f Lonit Brnnch aro employed, o: the bout pier. Min.i Alici! Walker of Port Mon mouth him taken.n position in SHJ iler & ltuhgitit's) office, Mm. l'rod Joy of I.uittwrdo bnv liirth to n BOH Innt Sitlurdny. Wr. n'nd Mrjs, Cieorgo Ptujljj I?,



Stiff We begin tomorrow a sale that is destined to eclipse all previous sales ever held in this store before. A sale that will positively establish "a new record in both M o n e y S a v i n g s \ a f i d C o i m p l e t e We speak honestly. We speak within bounds when we emphasize this sale as a sale of real money savings. Come here tomorrow and each day thereafter during this sale to take advantage of these most liberal price reductions. W©



I Towels

Sheets 72x90 Mohawk Sheets glgEF Sale Price .. , 63x90 Forth Mill Sheets Sale Price , 54x90 Forth Mill Sheets Sale Price ,„ 72x90 Sheets. Heavy Muslin Sale Price , ....-.;., 72x80 Sheets with seam Sale Price .j

1 29 " 1 .69 1 .05 63x80 Rippelette Spreads Sale Price : * 72x90 Rippelette. Spreads 1 .95 A Sale Price Jacquard Rippelette Spreads O-4Q .15 72x90—Sale Price ^ ; Crochet Bed Spreads *| .39 Sale Price . . . . Bolster Sets, pink, gold and blue Sale Price ,




45x36 Mohawk Pillow Cases Sale Price , 42x36 Pillow Cases, well made Sale Price .. 45x36 Embroidered Pillow Cases Sale Price , Fruit of the Loom Pillow Cases embroidered—Sale Price 8-4 Lockwood Sheeting, bleached—Sale Price 10-4 Lockwood Bleached Sheeting—Sale Price 42 in. Pillow Tubing, Anchor brand—Sale P r i c e . . .

Blankets, gray, white and tan Q.C|C Sale Price—each ., a ^ Double Blankets, tan and gray *_!.39 Sale Price Table Damask, white, fine quality—Sale Price Ready Table Cloths, hemstitched—Sale Price . . . . Colored Table Cloths, large size1—Sale Price Ready Napkins, mercerized Sale Price, doz

1.49 1.49

e«u i Turkish Towels with blue '' borders—Sale Price r.-,^ Turkish Towels, large Size cea. cy t Windsor Crepe, all colors 9 1 ^ Sale Price •...-,.-, ^.-. .>» l Sale Price ^ c ea. Extra large Turkish Bath Lingette, all colors, 36 in. AJQkc yd- Towels—Sale Price . . . . , : wide—Sale Price . . . . . . . ^ U Huck Towels, with colored cea. Apron Gingham, assorted | Ac yd. borders—Sale Price ;.,.._.) checks—Sale Price . . . . . * ^ Huck Towels, with red •< • .cea. 10 yd. pieces Long Cloth 1] Q l c yd. borders—Sale Price ...-.. gO Sale Price % Kitchen Towels, red and C AH Linen Ticking, old rose A Q 5^- blue stripes—Sale Price..] lu color—Sale Price ; *' ' A. C. A. Striped Ticking ^"Tsy^1 Cotton Crash Toweling ,"•• C| c 7^' Sale Price .'.. ° '1 Sale Price , ^ Men's Silk Striped Shirting K,Rc yd Toweling, heavy quality f O c yd. UiJ Sale Price , * Sale Price . . . . . . . . . . a 1 < J " Percale, light and dark | Q c yd Union Linen Toweling . II itc yd. grounds—Sale Pride . . . Sale Price . , . . , , , . , - , : . . ; 1 O c Imported Dress Gingham, * ^ ^ 3^' All Linen Toweling s< ; small checks—Sale Price *^*^ bleached—Sale Price , ... Swiss White Organdy, 40 in. ACI.C yd wide—Sale Price '£*' Batiste, all colors, 36 in wide "^"Slc yd. Bleached Muslin, soft quality Free from starch Sale P r i " Sale Price ^ ^ Unbleached Muslin, heavy White Daisy Nainsook, 10 yd. .eyef. a yd. wide—Sale Price.., pieces—Sale Price

Summer Wash Fabrics Women's fibre Silk Hoio, all colon Reg. B9c—Sale Price pr Women's Silk Hole, in nil colors Reg. 1.00—Sale Prico Fura Thread Silk Hole, in all colon Reg. 1.49—Sale Price Clocked Silk Hose, all colon Reg. 1.00—Sale Price Women's Fine Lille Hate, all colon Reg. 49c—Sale Prico Women's Drop-Stitched Hoso, in all colon Reg. S9c—Sale Price pr

9Qc •*•' OQc oif

1.25 * 7QC • ' OQc Oi/

AKC "«*

Children's Mercerized Sox, with fancy silk OQc tops—Sale Prico pair " " Children's Sox, all solid colors OQc Sale Price "*' Children's drop-atitched long Sox, with fancy /I C c aillt topi, dark colors-^-Salo Price " " Children's Ribbed Hoie, black, brown and * ? 1 C white—Sale Price pair « "*

Silk Satin, in all colors, 36 in. II. 49 yd. wide—Sale Price . . . : Canton Crepe, brocaded and plain in Crepo Bloomer*, full size, in pink an<2 • ^, , . * . . . . . "V* all wanted colors, 36 in. 1 .89 white—Salo Prico . „ Sateen Bloomers, well mode of fine sateen, wide—Sale Price , Pink and white—Salo Price „ . . . . „ . . . . , ] Plain color Cotton Canton Crepe in all Japanese Pongee in natural Lingette Bloomers, full aiso in all colortg shades, 36 inches wide c Sttl Prico color, 12 mom.— ° Sale Price . .„, «.!,.»-.».>* i. Sale Price Changeable Taffeta, all colors | .89 yd. Plain color Voiles, in all shades, 36 in. wide—Sale Price . . ' * 40 in. wide—Sale Price Silk Checked Washable Canton Crepe Bati.to Step-ini, with lace trimmed, in in all colors, 36 in. wide "| .39 pink and white—'Sale Price •*..-*., Dotted Swiss in all colors, 40 in. Step-ina, mado of nainsook, Idee and Sale Price * wide—Sale Price embroidered—Sala Prico v.t-.. Silk and Canton Crepe in a rich assort- Lingotto Step'-inl, laco trimfned, in t t o Ratine, in all colors, 36 in. wide c wanted colors—Sale Price -. , .r.-.n.* - • ment of floral patterns C|52, y^Sale Price Sale Price Silk Striped Voile in bright .69 yd. Baronette Satin, brocaded, shades, 36 in.—Sale Price Whito Sateen and Muslin Slips, well mado Q R ° white only, 36 in.—s»lt! Prico Sale Price •*** C A. B. C. Silk in pretty small Cotton Wash Checked Ratine c yd. Lingette Slip*, hemititchcd, in nil colors 1.03 36 in. wide—Sale Price . . . neat patterns, 3 6 '"••s " u Price Sale Prico « *

Black and White Voile in small and large patterns—Sale Price Cotton Crepe in very pretty patterns, 36 in.—Snl° Price

69" 85*


Lin_rctte Sots, trimmed with filot lace, in "I'^^ all colors—Sale Price •••*. *

f There is no lus> ury In the cost of Sllvertown. Cord Tires. The luxury is all in the per* formance. • . • Jos. Seata Tire C o n t n v '

Red Dink

Wm. I. Morgan

Barber &. Mcloaigfalia Red Bank

J. C. Mcndrlckson &. Son Mlddletowu

Coopera Service Station lUiUcm Com

Women's Veitc, with strap and round ^ic ihouldori—Salo Prico •& A Curtain Scrim, white, cronm and ecru, self borders—-Sale Prico yard i Vests, mercoriaod fine gauso nnlah, band and A Cc •trap slyl.ci—3»le Price ^" Curtain Madras, white and ecru, pretty patterns—Salo Prico yard Vests, silk liniih, givea wonderful wear CQc J i Sale Price ' Sunfait, in rose, blue, gold and green, 30 in. wide—Sale Price . . . , Sillc Brocaded Drnporiet, in gold, hluo green and roae—Salo Prico ynrci

Women's Union Suit, with shell knees, strap AQ C Silk Finish Sunfast, rote, gold and blue, in and band tope—Salo Prico "•* pretty pattern.-—Solo Prico yard Women's Union Suits, fine mercerised that 4lQ c Cretonne, lit Assorted pretty spring will wear well—Sale Prico "* •patterns—-Sale pricoyord. Women's Silk Mixed Union Suits, licit value i .39 Sale Prico * Children's Vesti, mercerised, all sixes "i £fc Sale Prico *«*

C©rset s and *Brass9@ree 17' 32' 39C J.39


Heavy Twill Cretonne, In rich coloring Salo Prico Marquisette Ready Curtains, hemstitched, pr. Q - t c Salo Prico ^«* Ready Curtains, marquisette, with laco edging—Salo Price Ready Curtains, with lace edging and laco mcdnllians—Sale Prico Summer Portieres, ni gold, blue, grnen and tan—-Sale Price Laco Pnneli, mndo of fine heavy Ince, with fririfie—S«lo Price

Drauiorei, front and tide fattening. .Royal *| .49 Worceator make, all sizea—Sola Frico. . . ^> Ilratsiere. of tha bettor kind. See thnin ni 1 -BD tlioy are reduced from 1.39 to . . . . . . . » : •*" Coriolottoa, Ions models, the regular 1,69 1.89 Kcducnil to A The RoRular 2.2S—Reduced to O.23

Q£I Q •TO | .69 ^ 7Q0 * •* | ,2S> ^ % .**£$ ^



Cirdlel, in brocadoit and in plain twill. R e g u l a r 2 . 2 5 — . > l e Prico Girdles^ cllort madeli, a'-.-ury vrciatan ivanlfl it for s u m m e r — S n l o Price

% .GO * % .00

B a n d e a u i , well made of silky llfiht maturinl Salo Price

Piid@nnias8iiis Chomiaos, made of fins nslmook • ' *7Qc Sala Prloa '•' night Gowns, in neatly laco' trimmed QQ C Salo Prico •7O Vollo Nlgbt Gowns, IsiloVad, In all color* 1 1 0 S«U Prl *

Coriot»! in two raodol8t low or high bust for Ihi. Solo only Corjoti, Koynl Worcoitor make, o brand Iliat is well known—for tliii Salo only..

56 Broad Street

Bank, N. J.

l l l n u s e l , nh.nit 10 moilell, of linn dimity Salo 1'rica ,. . . . B e t t e r Illouaea, in v«ry pretty moilels, lailoreij | ,7ft • nd laco trimmnit—Solo IVice. . *


:..:-' RED BANK REGISTER, MAY 21, 1924.

Page Eigh'teert.

inspect t t d s ^ W Sedan with.^ great expect** tions^ andiisfconfident/ that [alsinglei ride will convince youlof i t s surpassing quality* (DEALER'S NAME'AND-ADDRESS) " (To> Set M Qoufo OH StfojUrpclm. cap)

C A DI J; W. MOUNT CO., Telephone 515.

Several to Take Place Soon

This 18 the first one of the big days soon to come. Fri" 'day of next week will be Memorial Day. The approach' of the National week-end event will give many residents of this, vicinity three days in which to do honor to our • glorified soldier dead and it finds this store ready with attractive priced "going away" footwear for all members of the family.:



That boy or girl who only a few years ago was a kid at school has now grown up and the month of months in school life is now at hand—June, the month of graduation. These young folks are about to receive their di^ plomas and of course they want to be properly fitted with attractive footwear for the Commencement exercises. . The footwear we are showing this year for graduates is of the desirable kind and moderately priced.



Steamers Sea Bird and Alkrtina

100 BALES OF RUGS! Bought at Great $5,000,000 Auction Sale of Alexander Smith & Sons Carpet Co. I was one of the large buyers at this Sale. These rugs are nearly all Oriental patterns, seamless and durable, made of finest wool, with dyes that are as fast and as lasting as those used in the more costly Oriental. 25 bales of 9x12 fine seamless Axminster Rugs @ $39.50 20 bales of 9x12 seamless Axminster from $22.50 to $32.50 35 bales of 9x12 seamless Velvet Rugs, $19.50 10 bales of 9x12 seamless Velvet Rugs, fringed @ $27.50 5 bales of 9x12 seamless Tapestry Brussels @ $13.50 10 bales seamless, all wool Tapestry Brussel Rugs, very heavy, 11.3x12 @ „ .....'...$19.50 About 500 Scatter Rugs from ....$1.3.5 to $5.98 This is a chance for every one to get a beautiful rug at about half price. This Sale will start Thursday morning, May 22d, whenjhe new low prices will be in effect. Stair and Hall Runners in new patterns. Gold Seal Rugs in all sizes and in new designs. Also 25 bales of Jap Grass Rugs, 25c to $4.95

Council to Diicuss Extension of Water Maim Next Week. Between Pier 24, foot of Franklin Street, New York (Landing at tho Battery to take on and let off Passengers only), and Highlands, At the meeting of the mayor and and Red Bank. council of Fair Haven to be held next Tuesday night the matter of Telephone Call, Walker 7090 New York 423 Red Bank, N. J. extending water mains in ine borHighlands Telephone 1264 ough—will be given consideration and the officials desire all those FOR NEW YORK FOR RED BANK who are interested in the proposiD&JIy except Sunday Dtily except Sunday tion t j attend the meeting and exA. M. P. M. presss their views. It is proposed Leave Pier 24, foot of Leave Red Bank 7:00 to extend the mains on Hance road Franklin street . . . . . . . . . . . 2 : 4 S Leave Highland* 7:55 from the Fair Haven road to Third Leave Battery Landing ,.3:lS street; on Third street from Hance Arrive Highlands about 5:00 Arrive Battery Landing about 9:50 road to Cmlar avenue, and onArrive Red Bank about 6:00 Arrive Franklin
129 West Front Street, Red Bank, N. J.







Do you how


Cor. Maple Ave. and White St., Red Bank


part in the play are Mis. William p»rk -were reopened Sunday f pr tho NINETY YEARS OLD. Ward, Miss Chance, Miss Esther season. Eliphalet Bnrkalow, Sr. of Adel- Bruce, Miss Bernardino Stewart, August Dornovski of Hoboken, phia, in Fin* H««!th. Miss Emma DUon, Miss Inez Cun- who recently bought a house, and lot Eliplmlet Uarkulow, Sr., of Adcl- ningham and Mrs. Coyne. on AJlen street from Frederick phia, started on tho 91st year c£ The Puritan dub o£ New York Freitag, is remodeling the dwelling. his lifo on Monday of* last week. has reopened its clubhouse on theWilliam Miller of New York bough', No celebration was held, but Mr.river bank, near the public park. two lots on Allen street from Mr. Bnrkalow received many callers and Mrs. William Thaycr of Hohokcn Freitag. Both sales were made by shower of eards. A large birth- was a visitor here over Saturday Jcro J. Carew. day cake -with-ninety small candles and Sunday. on it was presented to him l>y hia Mrs. Freeth and family are oc- "A Paper in Every Home." That's the motto of The Register great grandson, Elipliqlet Hall. Mr. cupying their summer home on and it means your advertisement in Barka\ow enjoys excellent health. Roosevelt avenue. The Register will bring the maxiHe wiilks to the villapo postofHco Tho tennis courts at the public mum in returns.—Advertisement. every day. He has been a successful farmer and four years ago he sold his farm to Charles Barlcalow. MERCHANTS STEAMBOAT CO. OF, NEW JERSEY Since ho was L'l years old^Jie has TIME TABLE IN EFFECT MAY 18th, 1924 never failed to vote at tl%! presidential elections. Subject to Change Without Notice '" " ; '

Crisp, white footwear for this annual event is most desired. We have counted on supplying a larger demand than ever for this occasion and hence you will find here an unusually attractive assortment of footwear for the youngsters for Children's Day.

I Contracts for Sidewalks and Fire Truck Awarded Lust Week. At last week's council meeting Peter dePonti was awarded the contract to lay sidewalks on both sides of River avenuo from Third street to Bingham avenue. Hia.bid was ?:!,887.07. William Mears bid $3,284.18, Louis Ruffini & Co. bid $3,639.72 and Samupl Papa bid ¥3,655.50. A two-ton G. M. C. chassis for the hook and ladder equipment was ordered from Joseph Levy on a bid of $3,711.50. Henry Kruse, Harry I. Caear, Robert V. White, Dr. Titus and [Nielsen Edwards were appointed I special policemen without pay. : Mrs. Charles Tilton gave birth to la daughter Sunday. 1 II. J. Mack of New York has opened his summer home on River avenue. Theodore Carle has bought a Ford touring car. 1 Thomas Hackett of Hoboken is j building a bungalow on Lakeside avenue. Ira Emery is doing the carpenter work and P. H. Kennedy is doing the plumbing work. William Gaynor has sold liis touring car and has bought a Ford sedan. A comedy entitled "The Thirteenth Star" •will be given by the Amaranth club Friday and Saturday nights of this week at the parish house. Those who will take

White Star Taxi Service PHONE 747



'Shell flowers, .:. .59c to ' 3.95 Necklaces.... :.\2J0 to 20.00 Vanities ;.:?!.T.1.00 to 15.00 Cigarette holders.3.00 to 4JO Boudoir lamp 3.00 to £.95 Old fashioned snmvslorm' paperjuci§ht £.2.00 to J.SO "


Hand made basket:'.!'.-*{7 JO 'Bridge pad of tooled ' " leather 7.V. L...-.".. J3.75 \ Sandaiwood agamltc box 4.00 Leather book ends...'".".." 7.00 Leather case"... .:X~£3.75 Hand painted ink wcll.'*^ 4.50 'SEikut...^-.-,-,,. ^..47.50 • Gilt powder box.....» . .j 4.50 Gold leaf boxes,' ' ": 7J0.10.0CYa'hd 13.50, F.VM CZECHCf SLOVAKIA, Bowls V.V.:^?.~i.25. lo.4.00\ . ' ^ r t r . ^ .Y- 6 JO; .':.':,3.25, 5.00; 6J0 [Tea setsX2?i.45.00.and 3450.. ^ENGLISrTBRASS Chestnut roaster, ^,7.00, 8.50 and'I2.00\ Candlesticks, cach*.1?."^; 7.50

WEDDINGSJune is the month of Brides and Bridegrooms. For the Bride and her attendant .or for the Groom or Groomsman we offer the largest stock of suitable footwear in Monmouth County. In our huge stock you are certain to find exactly the desired shapq, size and price that will be most satisfactoiy in every detail. THIS IS A STORE OF IDEALS. The highest ideals are reflected in every article of merchandise this unusual store presents and in every transaction this store conducts. This is the reason we are attracting such a constantly increasing ami discriminating patronage. •.,.'•



fe:.v:':V.:.. .'.•.'. .55.00 Scarfs 3 JO, 3.95, 4.95 and 7.95 Brass candlesticks, a pair ^10.00 and 15.00Incense burners 1.50 and 20.00 1


Our drivers are OBLIGING, COURTEOUS and ATTENTIVE. , Unescorted ladies are safe in our ' eabs-r-and our service is as excellent as the demeanor of our chauffeurs. Call. No. 747 for genuine taxtcnb service. Under New Management CHARLES BOTTACARO, Prop. Formerly Brascli Bros.

18 Broad Street, Red Bank, N. J.


Triys£*.;.tlO.OO and 48.00 Etched brass bpok ends. .13JO Etched brass bowl 6.50 Etched brass candlestick .{4.95

Can for All Occaiiont • OI"EN DAY AND NIGHT Officoi Red Bank, N, J., Opp, DjipoJ

house of , gifts—figuratively^" speaking,*, of ^course! But really, the fancies that gofrom here to gladden homes and hearts are innumef-i • able.—And the place itself!—For a; moment 'youjmayi [imagine yourself in a booth on the Ponte Vecchio—"orl a Parisian magasin—or a bazaar of the Arabian^Nighfs J (This is one of;;those g delightful p TUi 1 shop, in which you immediately, feel^at ease.|Pumpkin j colored walls make a happy background for the treasures. that line the shelves. The hostesses are quick to antici-. pate your every whim, yet you may wander in and wander, iout at your own sweet will—it tis .indeed the shop^forj • which you have long been seeking!' :, v^*iis ,We have brought beautiful things from Europe/fronJi 'the world's exotic markets and from the "marts of our! own country' . ttkJtt, All these will contribute to assist'you in"the selection] of gifts for everyone, but especially for thatmost critical; of recipients—the June bride j THIRD FJ,OO*

DOMESTIC HALF SHIP MODELS. Chinese junk Half Moon 'Mayflower, Spanish galleon


Book ends'

STATUETTES ' Candlesticks 6.00 , Incense burners".."".^".'1'6.75 Ash receivers '.?.T.".\' .'.'.'*6.75 Lumps 1100 'look cnds.'y.".'.7'."l'.".'. .12.00

and 10.00-

'Lamp and table".


Telephone cncloser t


WROUGHT IRON ^Console table and mirror.69JO Fire sets .7.V..V/ 15.00 to 5M lCandlcstieks"^';.2.50 \Flmver stands..,"....-..: 7JO Lamps V.V. .V.V.'.'.''.V.V. 13.95 ferneries::::.12J0 and 20.00

r.4.95 to 27.50.

Ink stands^.2.00,'4.00



Walnut coffee table... ,



• - - -



...'.42.50. i



Revolving magazine table. .74J0{ Nest of tables..'". I.T^lT. .125.00 Walnut magazine table... .40.00 Revolving painted telephone. 'a screen ....'.,. ......12.00 Floor !am'l>'s"!'!"f.95.00 and 125.00 Flower pictures.20.00 and 150.00 Mirror with blue glass edge,50.00^ Walnut, telephone cabinet. .89.50 Needle point arm chair. .'.285.00f •twi

Tip table or fire screen??:.45.00

%.» mtergtr M




BED BANK REGISTER,_MAY 21, 1924. New York spent Saturday and SunRED BANK, N. J. day at their sujnmcr residence o/i East road at 6elford, 1 Sell Real Estate Genevieve Weathered, daughter SENIOR CLASS WILL VISIT I Rent Cottages of Thomas Wcathej-cd of Port NATION'S CAPITAL. To Every Purchaser of a Niagara Refrigerator Monmouth, is improving from a I Write Insurance I Sixty-eigrit Pupil* to Spend Three serious sickness, Yum* opportunity to get one Richard Cnsler of Belford has Day. at Washington—AH SainU' o f JJio finest refrigerators, Monmouth County Farms Rector on a T«n«D»y Vacation' bought a Ford sedan and his niiule;] also enough ice to lutt] brother, Orville Catler, hns bought —Big Draining Job. you a'cvcrnl days or n weel;,'' The senior class of the high ix Buiek. ul our expense. Mrs. Jame's Hycr of Belford io sehool will upend June 4th, Cth and Oth on. an educational sightseeing home from the Long Branch hosRED BANK, N. J. "Time Tested-Since 1865" Truex Building BROAD ST. trip to Washington, The class luu pital, where the was a patient eev08 members an4 "U of them ex- erol weeks. Miss Kiln Finncgan, a trained pect to go on the trip. ^ Kinglcy Blodgclt, rector of nurse at Newark, spent Sunday with REFRIGERATOR All Saints' church at Locust Point, her mother, Mrd. Maria Finncgan is enjoying a vacation trip of ten of Belford. is a good-looking, well made tmys, uceornpaned by liiu family. Mr. and Mra. Harry Oliver of und economical refrigerator. Chaplain Winter of Camp Vnil was Navesink entertained relatives nnd It ia desirable particularly in charge of the services at the friends from Brooklyn Saturday church Sunday. and Sunday. from the viewpoints of load preservation, ico >avins and ease Sterling Hopkins of Navesink Is The township committee has of (cleaning' i passed the first and second read- employed by tho Central railroad Thja free olVur of ico is good only up to May 21th. Come in ings of an ordinance for laying company at the pier at Atlantic anjl sco tho stylus und sizes offered in these fino refrigerators. B00 feet of drain ^iipe at Ideal Highlands. Prices from $18.25 to $39.00 Beach, near Port Monmouth. Mrs. Ehvood Murphy ot Port Correct glocaet relievo r Dorothy Bell, daughter of Mr. Monmouth is under treatment for (You niny order your refrigerator now, pay n small and save tho vision from • deposit
Page Ninctcun

100 Lbs. of Ice FREE

Cement, Sand and Gravel

m BIB 64 Broad Street

Sold at Lowest Prices

Red Bank, U. J.

. RICE OF BLOCKS. PUIn block. ;... Half Itock fnc» Half

W. A. Hopping

IB "

Chimnny blnck ".'.'. '.'.'.'.'.'.','.','. Kami, IHT ton , n.uo llr.ivd. per Ion M.(ll) Side \V»lli anil Curbing ilnno nt l.oi.c.t

To reduce our stocky we are offering for the month of May 20 per cent on all Electric Lighting Fixtures. We have the largest stock in Monmouth county to select from.

B E N N E T T B P. O 3., General Contructora bad lluilder.. 233 Shrewsbury Avo., ' ' RED BAWK. Telephone -1C7-J

What We Say to Our Employees: In the eyes of the public, YOU are the company.! Treat our customers as you yourself like to be treated. Courtesy avails much and costs little. asset you possess. . _

It is the most valuable. ....„_.

By making courtesy a 'daily habit, you will not 3fily win friends' for the company but you will make yourself a better and betterpaid employee. [• /_ ' ... •" . - > ; . ; } Disputes with our customers is bad business. Assume, always, that the customer is right in his or her complaint until the facts prove otherwise. If investigation shows no ground for just complaint, make the case so clear that you will preserve his or her, friendship. •• • ' :• •; ^ • Z : ,


Eemember that the company's reputation is in your Hands. Yi^ ••

of lew Jersey A. E. FITKIX, President.


Office: 43 Washington Street

In order to properly exhibit STAR Cars,we have entirely renovated the interior of our show rooms, as well as the exterior. Here you will find on exhibit various models of the STAR Car, which can be seen in the evening as well as in the day.

Phone 1245

The Store They're Talking About

Red Bank, N. 1.

Realizing there are over one hundred STAR Cars in Red Bank and vicinity, we have placed t h i s department in charge of an expert STAR mechanic —one who lias spent over a year in the STAR assembly plant at Elizabeth, and over six months with the state distributors. He has this department fully equipped to handle all jobs on STAR and DURANT cars at reasonable prices.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 22, 23 and 24 Small Hats and Large Hats, Straw Combinations and Silk Materials for Sport Wear and Dress Wear—Ranging in Price up to $7.95. ..' SALE PRICE

The Knitted Suit or Knitted Dress is yery; much in vogue, and

with its, outdoor sports, and resort activities makes one of these garments an ideal addition to one's wardrobe. Two»Pieces Suits $6.95 and up One-Piece Dresses $9.75 and up

Pretty Graduation Frocks in many colors

Corner Riverside Avenue


and designs. /Priced so one need not feel

the burden of their purchase.

Dame Fashion Says:

"SCARFS" and everywhere scarfs are veiy much in evidence. Knitted Scarfs of pure silk or fibre silk. Scarfs of Printed (loon.veU.o. S c a r f s of Iltw.hanura c r e p e , |»i inlJ.M) o r k;iiiil d y e d , black a n d w h i t e or j ; a y colors, :;lri|K'.i <>i' floral designs, hint'; nillc iViin.;ei or hein^liixlied liordera of coiiirusLinr; colors. W e h a v e Llii'in from

$1.98 to $7.50

fage Twenty- . . .

RED BANK REGISTER, MAY 21, 1924. president of "the OccETvport unit, tteiuled the meeting. Dr. J. Turner Rose of Asbuiy Park Mrs. John Silvers, Mrs. Louel'.a Disappeared Friday Morning. I.ockwood and Mr?. Kenneth West Dr. J. Turner Rose of Asl'urv attended the euchre given nt the Park left his home Friday morning Boat club at Long Branch'on Monto call upon a patieut mid has not day night. been seen since. Dr. Ro.ce lm.s been Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Haynes will Buffering from nervous trouble for leave on Saturday for a visit with several months and recently re- their daughter, Mrs. Frederick Day returned from a trip to Florida of Irvington. which he made hoping- to benefit Mr?. Harvey Todd was in town * 133 Bergen Place, his health. His wife says that a Saturday. Mr. Todd has taken a short time ago lie threatened to tako church at Woodstock, New York, Red Banft, N. J. his life unless hir, health improved. and Mrs. Todd came here to arDr. Rose lived at Eatontown until •ange for shipment of furniture EIIR Phono 72S fiften years ago, when bo moved to had stored in her house on Main Ash iffy Park. He war; well known street. Rev. rind Mrs. Todd have Will Build Your Home, Store, Gain his home town and had a cood been stationed at Anioy, China, do- rage or Anything in the Building practice. Yoftrrdny it was learned ing foreign missionary work. Line, AH Complete from Cellar to that Mrs. Daniel Hrown of Anbury Millar, designing engineer Park disappeared at the fame tirrre in Louis Attic, Either Frame, Tile^Brick or charge of the design section of and Mr.'.Brown daims...:the._ couple, went away together. He accuses the-raaio laboratories a t Camp Al- Stucco Construction. Dr. Rose with havinfr heen intimate fred Vail, left Tuesday for thePlans and Specifications Furnished with his wife for some time. It Frankfort arsenal at Bridesburg, is also claimed that Dr. Rose took Pennsylvania, on. government busiAll Work Guaranteed. with him Liberty bonds worth ?1S,. ness. A brass hand in an automobile BE SURE AND SEE ME BEFORE 500 belonging to his wife. truck parked in front of the ColonBUILDING ial Inn on Main street on Monday night and gave a short concert. OCEANPORT NEWS. They wore advertising the dance Supper at Methodilt Church soon to be given, by the Eatontown Wednelday Nets $90. fire company. Mr. and Mrs. Kilward Golden and Mr. and Mrs. George Vetters of Mrs. George Walling were-recent New York were recent guests of visitors of Mis. V. S. 'Wallinp. Mrs. Mary Hall. Mrs. Floyd Sickles, president of Mrs. Rhodes, mother of Raymond the ladies' aid society of the Metho- and Samuel Rhoades, who was reTELEPHONE 72-R dist church, announces that a coV' cently struck by an automobile ered dish supper will he held at the while crossing" the stone road and church next Wednesday night. The who i3 now a patient a t the Long penny strips given out three months Branch hospital, is recovering. ago will bo called in. Each guest will bring a contribution of food to SHREWSBURY NEWS. the supper. Those who do not have strips to return will pay admission Athletic Club Buys Baseball Suits *ith Money from Dance. and give a dish of food. Gerald Meyer, son of Joseph New baseball suits for the athMeyer, who has been traveling in letic club team are expected to arthe Weft for several months, is rive this week. The club bought. now in Oregon. He writes friends the suits with money which it that he n r c j t s to return to Ocean- cleared by a dance at the firehousn povl in Juno. las., week.. The dance netted ?00. Nathf-n and Martin Marx aiehavl.i'"l.} ?!iil".r recently sold a thori-iv.yh\>;v';l English bulldog to Mrs. ir.r; their, houses repainted by Ben1 jamin Lane. II:: i\• iViiihsiu of Wanamassa. Miss Betty Gray of New York }}• :.'iK".'n cf the American MeI:'::'LV.: aticiidc'd the Methodist has been visiting her uncle and ; I-, :LI-I.-.'I .'"uiuhy night. A sermon f.unl, James Bly and Miss Margaret 42 West Front Street ;•.!); :•( • T^.tc !"!• the. occasion wasMr.i-phy. Children's day.will be observed at I > : '.:: • ! by Uio new pastor. Rev. RED BANK, N. J. K. I.'.. Ci-iii;-. Music was furnished ti;i! Presbyterian church Sunday, NIGHT PHONE 1209-W by :i quartet. jr.e Slh. " .Vlin I-ayton is having his house Paul Stillman is on a business pa::i!ed. William Rosch is doing trip in New York state. His wife f.ie v.oii:. is stopping with Mr. Stillmar.'s 'i'h'j f.iinier given by the ladies' mother at Eatontown. :'.id V K'i.'y df the Methodist church George Coudier has bought a larl Vi\'d:ie^d:iy night drew an at-lord sedan. tcnd:'.:i:e ct" i.vcr \1'M._ It was a I,. C. DeCoppett of New York ge:iu:nf cid fr.-hiop.ed :uppcr v.-ith has moved to his summer residence tl-.e n'fid on the tuhls nnd each guest here. l!v." jiulL-e of1 his own capacity. Mrs. William Groves,- who is n I-Vu')!r were present• from Portau- patient at the Long Branch hosp;-.-:;,' L(in:::i:i-;':i'.h, Kcd Rank, Oak- pital. i« improving and she. is exhur.'. ;ind o'.i1 tcnvn=. pected home this week. urv.uini The supper will ret the treasury of the church Sun. Mrs. Lloyd Sickles, ]>rc?p;rlent of Lbe society, was assifted by }!rs. Flora Wool!, Mrs. E. Is a prescription for R. Craig, Mrs. Ceorge Loper, Mrs. .T. B. Hulse, ;.!]•.-. Pc-rley Eiddle, Colds, Grippe, Dengue Fever, Bilious HeadMrs. Harry Rlnkcly. Mrs-. K. J.Constipation, Maps, Mrs. Myrtle Ki.von, Mrs. W.aches and Malarial Fever. A. Haynes. Mrs. !•'. Bid, Mrs. J. Phono Red Bank 1121. Withers, Mrs. R. Miller, Mrs. C. Walling and Miss Tibbctts. . The frit-rids of Rev. George Hillman and his wife, who were stationed here several years ago, will be deeply grieved to learn of the death of Mrs. Hillman nt their home Associate this firm with at Millvillc, where,Mr. Hillman now durable work at low cost. has a church. The Women's Republican clubs of Monmouth. county held an interesting meeting nt the home of THE H. SMITH CO., Mrs. Wilbur Pierce nt Como Monday afternoon. Mrs. Louis Millar, Fair Haven New Jersey


Do you remember how you felt last Decoration Day because ycu were the only one on your street who was not flying "Old Glory?" Don't do the same thing over! Get one of these exceptional Bunting Flags. Guaranteed fast colors at these exceptional prices: Reliance Bunting Flags 3x5 $1-25 4x6 . . ? . . . ' $1-50 5x8. V..$2-00 6x10 . . . . . . . . . . $2.50

Defiance Bunting Flags 3x5 $2.00 4x6 , $2.75 5x8 $4.00 6x10 . . . . . ; . . . . $5.25

Sterling All-Wool Bunting Flags 4x6 .

5x8 . 6x10

$4.75 $6-75

Red, White and Blue Bunting.. .15c per yd. Silk Flags—Decorative Crepe, etc. ^.iyi'l

TETLEY'S m'-vji''

"Everything But Money"

$5 Broad St.

Red Bank> N. J.

ONE EACH We offer to you this exceptional opportunity to purchase -at unusual prices--and for a limited time, the following in

Diamond Jewelry i No. R 399—BRACELET—plat, top, 7 fine white dio'da $163.00 No. R 274—BARPIN—AH plat., 9 very fine white dia'd.. 390.00 No. R 379—BARPIN—18 K. W. G., plat, box, 1 fino dia'd and 2 odd shnpe saph 37.00 No. R 348—HANDY PIN—plat, top, fine dia'd 23.50 No. R 337—RING—18 K. W. G., «quare «aph. center and 2 fine white dia'ds 80.00 No. II 109—RING—18 K. W. G., fine 1-3 ct. dia'd, and 2 sapphires 100.00 Jfo. B 982—WIST WATCH—plat, top, 8 dia'ds. and 4 s&pph., 15 J. movement 70.00 R 249—RING—All plat., 11 fine white dia'd. 180.00 R 117—RING—18 K. W. G. top, 2 fino white dia'di. 88.00 R 276—BARPIN—18K. W. G., plat, box, 1 fine dia'd. and € sapphires 135.00 No. R 173—JJROOCH—white and green gold, 1 diamond and 2 sapphires 27.00 lie. S 167—LAVALLIERE—18K W. G., 1 large and 9 am&Jl diamonds ...»^>.• 115.00 R 381—RING—18K W. G., 7 di&'ds. duiter, appear. Jiko 1' carat dinmomi #. ..«"• • • • - . . . . 98.00 Mo», Ri93-l—RING—18K W. G., 1 cut diamond „ 17.00 No. R 286—RING—all plat., 15 fine white dia'di. and 4 «appfi?re» *, V; i».T. ,\A . , 290.00 —BARPIN—181CW. G., plat, box, 1 fino dia'd. 47.00 No. R riO—RINC—18K W. G. lop, 6 fine diamonds and J iapphiro . . . . , , 100.00 No. R 380—SHOULDER PIN—plat, top, 2 fine dia'ds. an'id 2 sapphires, enamel leaves 47.00 No. R 32P-iRING MQUNTING—12 fine di&'ds. and 4 sapphires; for 1 ct. stone in center 120.00 No. B 838—WRIST WATCH—All plat, ca.e; 28finecut dia'ds.* 17 J Bulova movement 170.00 Ne. R 405—RING—18K W. G., 1 fine white cut diamond In j>lack onyx 19.7S Nc. R 129— R^ NG^ t plat. top; tourmaline and 2 very fine : > Tr white diamonds •,. . 68.00 F,. No. R 408—BARPIN—18K W. G., plat, box, 1 fine dia'd. 33.00 No. R 139—GENT'S KING—18K W. G. top, fine dia d... 46.00 No. R 2B1—RING—18K W. G., 3 fine white dia'di 77.00 No. R 345—BRACELET—plat, top; 8 fine diamonds and 4 square aapphires , J 95.00 No. R 166—LAVALLIERE—18K W. G., 3 fino diamonds set in • drop stylo 80.00 No. 25.00 No. R 329—RING—W. G. top; 1 fine cut diamond R 201^-RING—very fine large block opol and 2 fine No. cut diamonds 105.00 No. R. 361—BARPIN—pint, top; 3 very fine white dia'di. S7.00 R 330—RING— 18K W. G., 1 fine white diamond. . . 23.00 ABBREVIATIONS Dia'd

Plat W. G iiepph


Platinum While Gold Sapphire

Ask to See These Values



Sugar-Cured Cala Hams 4-Ib Size

In Prills


For Spring Lamb Tire Service Leg Our Service car is Limb always ready. Steam Vulcanizing Fabric and Cord Tires in Stock

Spring Lamb


Rib Fresh Pork

GET THE HABIT-BUY INWAGNER'S Above Specials for Monmouth County Only.

To Make Room .For New Stock, We Offer



1S8 Broadway Phone 1 8 6 3


Lens Branch, N. I.

Guaranteed Mortgage Certificates

Sonora or Columbias.

Tho most modern and convenient form of Mortgage Inveitm*nt. Our very conservative lpmlins: policy, Irng record of 8«f«ty. ampla -eroure*^ find Ftriet a'ihpi'cncc to petf-imposed Safety Limiti have influenced many trustees ami other careful investors to buy our Mortgage Certificates. Any amount from 5100 upward?. I n t e r e s t n t S 1-3 p e r c e n t f r o m date o f p a y m e n t


LAWYERS MORTGAGE COf^PAWY Capital and Surplui, $10,000,000. 56 NASSAU ST., NEW YORK. Infiuirics may hp ndtlrepsed to Roland Fipldpr, plfher or nt Fair Haven Read, Hell Bunk, N. J . Phone 3(-J.


SONORA t th« ftbove addn

Every Machine Guaranteed


SCIENTIFIC, LAXATIVE Mild and Effective "If You Don't Feel Right—Take a Radio Pill Tonight" Your honlth demands a laxative—insist on Radio Pill.. At all druggists—25 nnd 50c. RADIO-MEDICAL LABORATORIES Asbury Pnrh , New Jerioy Eilabliihcd 1054

At These Prices the Stock Will Move Rapidly

Tel.pt.ono 111

ALEXANDER D. COOPER i Real Estate and Insurance ftlonsnouiii's Leading Jeweler

• \ 36 Broad Street

Red Bank, N. J.

58-64 BROAD STREET RED BANK, N. J. Fire, Life, Accident, Tornado and Plate Glass Insurance

58 Broad Street

Red Bank, N. J.

•' °-

I Whereas, May24th has been designated as Monmouth County's



WHEREAS-those khaki-clad boys of '17 and 18 did not hesitate when duty called them—they went and they conquered! THEREFORE—we, the Mayors and Chairmen of the below named municipalities ask you, our fellow citizens of Monmouth Coiint-y* not to hesitate now, to keep faith with those "gone-West" and



This, drive is being conducted by the American Legion and the fUriel's will be devoted to aid the disabled ex-Service men. at the American : Legion Convalescent Home at Toms River, and olher good aims of the Legion. Surely never was there a more noble cause. So let us not fail them* • CHARLES W. BILLINGS


Mayor of Oceanport

Mayor of Red Bank

Chairman Middletown Township Coai.'




••!,'•• A L B E R T


Mayor of Highlands

Mayor of Keansburg




Mayor of'Matawan

Mayor of Monmouth Beach


Mayor of Keyport


Mayor of Little Silver




Chairman Eatontown Township Com,

Mayor of Fair Haven




Mayor of Long Branch

Mayor of Atlantic Highlands

Chairman Shrewsbury Township Com.










• •









Mayor of Rumson







Whether YOU want to buy, Bell, u £ave a n illustrated lecture a t Eatontown Man to Wed. rent or find, Luke Longhead can The engagement is announced of | thu Reformed rhurcli last hight 0.1 help you.—Advertisement '"Arts ;i"'l <'rafts of the Indians. Miss Lorraine MUrie Flii'ilnrr, Mr?. .Vllie l.ncko nnd children j daughter of Hugo Flicilnrr of West IDeal, and Joseph Aunun-k, ton ofMarinii HI: il Jliin-y of Scranton, | John Aumaek of Kutontmvii. 'i'he lVimr-ylvmiin, ;uv k'uesta of ]U j wedding will take place Wednesday i'li;irli-> I'abruVau for a week. The afternoon, June 4th, a t Trinity vUitnrs ;IIMI Mr. nnd Mrs. Falnrchurch a t Arlington. I-YHMKIS of tlie ik-au on Fi'iiiay attended the comcouple gave a shower for them last nuT.conH'nt exoroiceg a t Mercer Wednesday night at Mr, Aumack's. lms|vi:il at TriMiton. a t which Mis linri'thy I.ocke i^r.'uhiated ns ;





M. E . McNULTY AMUSEMENT CO. GEORGE G. ROOP, R e s i d e n t Manager. Mitinee Daily 2:30 Evening 7:00 to 10:45 Saturday! and Holiday., 3 Sliow.—2:30, 6:30 and 8:40

Ernest Torrence,. Mary flstor Noah Beery, Sullen Landis, IX—



Ihurs., Fri.,'Sat., IHay 2 2 , 2 3 , 2 4 A WHALE OF A SHOW FOR THE PRICE . OF A SAROSME


Other First-Class Acts ON THE SCREEN

* Sidney Chaplin, ConMin, Ford Sterling,



li-ainotl" r.urfi'.







• • • • ! •




f t I



Comedy—Ben Turpin in "THE DARE DEVIL"

Thursday and Friday, May 22d and 23d


tt y


'y y y





7 Y

Girl Loves



TENSE-THROBBING-THRILLING —A Great Romance of Shackled Lives— With An All Star Cast








Unique European Novelty Other First-Class Acts




Today-rWednesday, May 21st—Last Day


I., Tues. ? Wed.,


Matln«e Dally 3:OO P. M.t Saturday 2:3O F». M. Performance Contlnuoua 7:IO P. IV], to 1

f t f t f


T T T y

Phone 6 8 8

M. H. JACKS, Manager

Delic&teuen Sale lo be Held for HAZLET NEWS. Benefit of Community Club. A delicatessen sale for the b - ! S ing Club Entertained Thursday by Mrs.' Edward Voorheei. fit of the Community d u b will l>e huld in the library Friday iifti'iT.mni , Mrs. iulwartl \'oorhcea enterfrom two untM t n e o'cloek. The tained the lhizlet and South Keyj club held a sociable Monday nifrht, port sewing club Thursday afturnuon. Mrs II. Alvin Walling won ' whirh was largely at tended. A large attendanoe is expected liist pii:'.c m a guesbing game and .Mrs. llassc-ll Smith second. Mrs. at the play of "I'luMiinff :i llusiiand," which will lu' niwii by Little Koeiif 11. Leroy will entertain th-J fi.H'er younp folks Friday »ij,'l)t 'it d u l l at the next meeting. Those YOU GAM 0 0 THIS—YOURSELF the Baptist chapel at this place for ! proscnt wire Mrs. Lcroy Clark, TkU in eld chilr or t»Mo ihit I n bacoma »1i»lt»N the benefit o f the American Mt>- ills. Frank 1'. Sproul, Mrs. Samuel or vom — rlunja A B>oi) ciein fcruth Into * tnnK ! chanies. Many tickets have been 11. Walling, Mrs. Timothy W'allin el KYANIZE Fbw Fimih-io taf ol lh«tl|lilfi •htdei er "cleii"~and ja srer jhl luitace withLj Isold. The play made a biir hit , .Iliv. l)onal

You'd better step lively-



Pathe News

Bray Magazine T

Saturday, May 24th




A Merry-Mirthful Comedy Drama Comedy—AL ST. JOHN in "THE TAILOR"

if you expect to get one of those New Suits we're showing. Lots of the fellows have already selected theirs, and they are mighty well pleased— you'll be pleased, too, and surprised at the price when you see them, so make it snappy. Some styles at




Monday and Tuesday, May 26th and 27th THE FRED NIBLO PRODUCTION

f f


Others more.

Here's your

Straw Hat /A.

Dimilri Buchowetzki PRODUCTION

If you don't like this one, we'll show you many more. Get under a Kridel Straw and be comfortable.

$2 $3 $4 $5


The sensational Tola's most sensational picture. Daring to tell the truth about men, their standard of living, their code of loving. High-powered drama, made in America by a famous European director. MO ADVANCE IN PRICES!

Kuppenheimer'' Clothes

Red Bank


4> Based on Benjamin Glazer's American version of Karl Schoenherr's play, 4* A drama of Flaming Love set amid Spanish backgrounds of vivid splen- i dor with a cast that is known wlicrever movies arc shown.

Ramon Barbara



4 •'