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238 080 rzreport_2016_1_V5.indd - ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Marine Propulsion Systems Edition 1. 2016 www.zf.com/marine pERSpECTIvES 4 NEwS FROM THE REGIONS 10 FACTS & FIGURES 6 A POwERFUl FONdATION 1...

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Marine Propulsion Systems

Edition 1. 2016









Back Cove yachts builds its brand with simple, tough, dependable ZF technology.



11 PARTS & SERVICE Going the Extra Mile for our Customers

No vibrations are good vibrations



9 ZF Marine manufactures a range of standard and custom designed fixed pitch propellers for both commercial and pleasure craft applications.


was truly a mo-

tainly better in the commercial craft sector, but it’s still

mentous year for

a guarded market for laying new keels. Certainly we

the ZF Group.

will see further consolidations in the market, not only

It was a year for

in fleet operators but in the supply chain as well. We see

our Centennial celebration, but also a year of massive

that even big and long established market players are

expansion with the acquisition of automotive supplier

now feeling the pressure.

TRW. ZF is now one of the largest automotive suppliers

ZF Marine is as committed to the pleasure and com-

in the world, and is a leader in the development of pas-

mercial craft segments as ever. We continue to invest

sive safety technology. Not only will this make make the

in the development of new technology to make vessel

cars we drive today safer, but is an important step in the

operation easier, safer, and more efficient. Our focus

movement towards a networked automotive landscape

this year is the expansion of our commercial thruster

that will see autonomous cars whisking people safely

business. Strengthening and expanding our product of-

from A to B.

fering based on the demands from the market. Tow boat

What does this have to do with the marine indust-

operators in both the US Inland Waterway system and

ry? Quite a lot really. As a total organization, ZF spends

in the Amazon region are more and more realizing the

some one billion Euro in R&D activities. Technology

benefits of azimuth thruster technology from ZF Ma-

transfer within the ZF Group allows every division of

rine. The pleasure craft segment remains stable if not

the company to access the latest in developed ideas and

growing. Our presence in the watersports arena conti-

concepts. The idea of autonomous deep sea shipping is

nues to grow through redesigned and new transmission

still in its infancy, but autonomous vehicle technology

product offerings. Additionally, we continue to develop

from ZF’s automotive divisions could very well serve as

technology outside of our traditional transmission are-

the basis for systems that take ships safely across the

na. ZF Marine introduced the world to joystick control

world’s oceans.

for traditional shaft line pleasure craft vessels with our

But, let’s take a step back to 2016. It’s certainly star-

Joystick Maneuvering System. In the coming months

ted out as an interesting year. Oil prices continue to be

we’re going to introduce new and exciting functionality

at a very low level, which certainly provides economic

to the proven JMS system.

challenges for petroleum dependent economies around

The investment also continues with our propeller

the world. It also has resulted in an unparalleled level

product family. ZF Marine is actively making impro-

of off shore support vessels around the world remai-

vements to our propeller production facility. The additi-

ning tied to the dock. Other parts of the market are cer-

on of 3D scanning to the quality process allows for each propeller to be 100% measured. This laser scanning insures each propeller is machined and polished to exact specifications. Back Cove Yachts uses ZF propellers exclusively for their beautiful yachts manufactured in the Northeastern United States. You’ll learn more about them and ZF Propellers in this issue. As you can see, ZF Marine continues to position


itself well for both the present and the future. We cont-

a customer magazine for business partners of

inuously strive to be your choice for propulsion compo-

the ZF Marine Group

nents and complete system solutions. Our team is more

Published by ZF Friedrichshafen aG – Business unit Marine propulsion Systems

than ready for your next challenge.

Ehlersstr. 50 88046 Friedrichshafen, GERMaNy phone

+49 (0)7541 77 7375


+49 (0)7541 90 7375

Thank you for your time.

www.zf.com/marine Editor in Chief Martin Meissner Marketing & Communication Editorial Responsibility alicia Lewis Marketing & Communication Cover picture The Back Cove 41 is currently the largest Back Cove yacht available. It is equipped with transmissions and propellers from ZF Marine.

Daniel Härter VP, Industrial Technology Business Unit Marine Propulsion Systems 3


NORTH AMERICA MasterC r a ft Boats receives to p man u factu ring award ZF Marine’s customer MasterCraft has consistently produced quality, high-performance water sports boats. MasterCraft recently earned the 2015 Industry Week Best Plant Award for operational excellence in leading-edge manufacturing facilities across North America. The company now shares this honor with companies such as Harley Davidson, Toyota, and Lockheed Martin. Viking’ s new sportfishing yacht ZF Marine’s customer Viking Yacht Company recently introduced the newest addition to its fleet, the Viking 48 Convertible. This newest sportfishing yacht has three staterooms and two heads, and debuted at the Yachts Miami Beach show this past February.



Increa se in s ales activit y

I mp rov ing continuous im p rov ement

Brazil is facing a tough political and economic climate that is slowing offshore

Research & Development and After Sales & Service have

market activity. Despite the challenging market environment, Brazil continues to

joined forces for a new approach to how ZF Marine impro-

see a steady stream projects for river going vessels. The Inland Waterway market

ves its products. Our Customer Claim Management System

within the Amazon has managed to thrive in this economic climate due to soybe-

allows for an essential flow of timely and vital information

an exports. ZF do Brazil expects an increase in the sale of marine transmissions

between our After Sales and R&D team. When issues ari-

and ZF thrusters in this region.

se in the field, our global Product Competence Centers in Krimpen, Friedrichshafen, Arco, Padova, and Sorocaba are

Cha nges for Pertrob as

responsible for analyzing these product issues and iden-

The Brazilian Government will review Petrobras’ Role as Sole Operator of Brazilian

tifying any possible trends. Both teams then work together

Oil Fields. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said she would review Petrobras

to resolve the issue and implement a solution both for the

energy corporations’ current status as sole operator of the country’s pre-salt oil.

field and for the production facility.

Rousseff’s announcement comes as the Brazilian Senate considers a bill that


would end Petrobras’ exclusive holding. This congressional vote to modify Petrob-

Commercial S ales continue in Euro p e

ras’ role could eventually encourage more investment and allow other oil com-

ZF Marine recently secured a large order with Poltramp

ZF Marine Expands its Customer

panies to operate the fields, driving new Off Shore Vessel projects once again.

Shipyard in Poland. The order consisted of 4 Deck Mounted

Portfolio in the C hin a Ma rket

Azimuth Thrusters to be installed on a cable layer pontoon.

ZF Marine continues to expand the product portfolio for

The pontoon is designed to lay underwater cables for tele-

customers in China to best meet their increasing business

communications, electric power, or other purposes. Last

demands. The portfolio now includes a wider range of

December, all 4 ZF AT 5111 units were shipped for delivery

transmissions as well as thruster systems and electronic

to the yard. The vessel will operate during the summer in

control systems specifically designed for commercial and

the Baltic Sea for cable laying between two countries. The

fast craft applications. Thanks to their compact and effi-

thrusters will be connected to a dynamic positioning sys-

cient design, retractable thrusters, azimuth thrusters, and

tem which will allow the vessel to maintain position with a

tunnel thrusters from ZF Marine are gaining special interest

high degree of accuracy in both windy and still conditions.

from our customers in China.


report Marine Propulsion Systems 1.2016


Cover Story

A A powerful foundation:

s with many American success stories,

Cove’s overall design philosophy with the success of

Back Cove started small, with modest go-

the brand. “Maine is really the heartland of American

als. Jason Constantine, the company’s pre-

boat-building,” Burns says. “And the great traditions

sident and chief operating officer says the

that were created here certainly inform our designs.

company began as a boutique brand intended to expand

We deliver uncluttered boats with every aspect thought-

the product line offered by its sister company.

through to insure the highest possible quality.”

In the mid 1990s, the management team at

For Burns, this all boils down to what he calls

Sabre Yachts purchased North End Composites, a

“nautical sensibility.” “We have an extremely prag-

Maine company specializing in custom fiberglass work

matic approach to all aspects of our designs,” he exp-

both in, and outside of, the marine industry.

lains. “Nothing is affected. Everything is very delibe-

Around 2001, the Sabre Yachts team realized an op-

rate and reflects our feeling that a Back Cove Yacht

portunity for single-engine, smaller yachts and cruisers

is a boat first. These aren’t floating condominiums

was beginning to take shape in the U.S. “Sabre really

or toys. We build real-world capable boats. And that

“We figured we’d do 15 – maybe 20 – boats a year. Very quickly, we found ourselves producing 70 to 80 boats a year and our entire focus changed.” Jason Constantine President & Chief Operating Officer

Back Cove Yachts builds its brand with simple, tough, dependable ZF technology.


report Marine Propulsion Systems 1.2016

Back Cove Yachts

concentrates on larger boats,” Constantine notes. “But

forms everything we do and is ingrained in us by the

we felt that a market existed for a smaller cruiser in the

tradition of high-quality boat-building in this area.”

25-35 foot range.”

“We don’t do shortcuts,” Constantine adds. “We use

“A lot of these first customers were Baby-Boomers

only the highest-quality components available and

nearing retirement age who were lifelong sailors,” adds

don’t waste time or money on materials or installations

Kevin Burns, Vice President, Design and Product De-

that don’t add value to our owners’ boating experience.”

velopment for Back Cove Yachts. “Many of these custo-

Constantine says that means getting every detail

mers owned Sabre sailboats. But they wanted a power

right. “When people step aboard a Back Cove Yacht for

boat they could really wrap their heads around: Things

the first time, they’re going to see that everything is ex-

like a simple, robust design powered by a diesel engine

actly where it’s supposed to be,” he says. “They don’t

with a straight-shaft driveline. It’s a traditional arrange-

have to bend down to look through the windshield, for

ment that comforting and easy for an experienced boa-

example. They’ll see and appreciate that everything on

ter to understand: And that single-diesel, straight-shaft

that boat is in exactly the right place.”

design has carried through with Back Cove to this day.”

This attention to detail is carried through with Back

Excited by the concept, Sabre decided in 2003 that

Cove’s powertrain offerings. The majority of the com-

North End Composites would handle the new model

pany’s builds are spec’d with ZF Marine transmissions.

lineup. “We thought it would be a nice little project to

And 100 percent of the company’s boats feature ZF Ma-

supplement North End’s tooling work,” Constantine

rine propellers.

says with a chuckle. “We figured we’d do 15 – may-

Back Cove starts with its single-diesel, straight-shaft

be 20 – boats a year. Very quickly, we found ourselves

design, a proven configuration that Burns says is the

producing 70 to 80 boats a year and our entire focus

most reliable in the world. “You see this configuration


all the time on commercial craft,” he notes. “Because

Today, the company manufactures a lineup of

it is – by far – the most robust, foolproof way to push

five powered boat models ranging from 30- to 41-feet

a boat around. So everything we do grows from that

in size. And both Constantine and Burns credit Back

philosophy.” Back Cove relies on its local ZF distri7


Interiors onboard Back Cove yachts are simple yet elegant.

PROPEllER MANUFACTURING AT ZF MARINE ZF Marine specializes in the manufacture of both standard and custom designed fixed pitch propellers. The range of available standard propeller designs covers a wide variety of pleasure and commercial vessel applications. Custom designs are available for precise matching to the characteristics of a specific hull design ensuring the best performance, silent operation and optimal fuel efficiency. High quality alloys are carefully chosen to meet classification society requirements and physical properties are precisely controlled and tested for each cast.

butor, AccuTech Marine Propeller Inc. out of Dover, New Hampshire to help in assuring the performance and fuel efficiency its customers have come to expect. “A propeller is a boat’s enabler,” says Larry Kindberg, president of AccuTech. “Props move boats – not engines,” Kindberg says. “So having one that is accurately and correctly made makes all the difference in the

In addition to CNC machining and dynamic balancing of each propeller, ZF Marine is taking a step into the future with new quality system technology. Three-dimensional laser scanning compares the finished product with the design’s 3d geometry. This technology uses an optical measuring system that allows light from the laser to bounce off of thousands of points on the propeller and produce a 3d model revealing the level of accuracy (as defined by ISO standards) along the entire surface of the propeller. This process of propeller scanning results in a much more comprehensive and accurate visual representation of the quality of the finished propeller.

world as to how a boat will perform. Back Cove understands that and we work with them, and ZF Marine, to make sure they’re always getting that high level of performance.” As for ZF Marine transmissions, Burns says they’re practically bulletproof. “We never hear about any warranty claims for ZF Marine transmissions,” he says. “And to me, that is the highest compliment I can pay them. We have every confidence our owner’s boating experience will never be compromised by the failure of a ZF Marine transmission.” “We’re proud not to offer an off-the-shelf propeller product,” says Drew Orvieto, propeller product mana-


ger, for ZF Marine. “And that’s an approach which really works well for Back Cove. They have a fantastic reputation for using high-quality components and we get really involved working with them and Accutech to make sure all the propellers they spec are matched

a B ad p ROp WI T H N O aFT ER -S aLE S up p OR T

exactly to their vessels.” Orvieto notes that while Accu-


Tech is Back Cove’s day-to-day channel to ZF, his en-

OWNERS T H E k I Nd OF S ER v I C E aNd p ERF OR -

gineering team is ready to assist if higher-level perfor-


mance analysis is needed. “Our staff of naval architects has the highest level commercial engineering software available at their disposal,” he says. “So we’re able to analyze data from simple weight and power all the way up to 3D hull models to make sure we get the right props on a boat. And we can deliver those props in as little as four to five weeks if necessary.” “I would say the accuracy of the actual propeller specs – ZF and AccuTech’s ability to consistently deliver reliable and repeatable prop specs – has been crucial for

In addition to standard and custom designs, ZF Marine can also manufacture surface piercing propellers as well as stainless steel propellers, upon request.

seeing our powertrain event philosophy come to life and evolve,” Burns says. “We have confidence in those pro-

an Internet search for a new prop shop led kindberg to australian propeller expert Terry Ryan the inventor of propScan propeller dynamics software. “Terry spent an hour and a half on the phone explaining props to me,” kindberg says. “I sent the props off to a propScan shop in Rhode Island. When I got them back, not only

pellers right down to the high-quality metals and materials ZF uses to craft its propellers. We know that each link in our powertrain chain will be as strong as the next.” 8

Larry kindberg wasn’t interested in getting into the marine propeller business. He just wanted his sport fishing boat to run right. It was 1998, and kindberg, a financial planner with a background in aviation, had a new boat that vibrated badly. “I quickly found out that vibration was ’somebody else’s problem,’” he says today. “No one seemed to know what to do about it. and my boat dealer just told me it was normal. So I learned to live with it.” But a couple years later, kindberg hit some rocks and had to replace the original props. “With the replacement props, the boat now vibrated so bad you couldn’t stand on the deck,” he says. Several calls and trips to his local propeller shop only ended in frustration. “They basically told me there was nothing wrong with that prop and not to come back and bother them about it,” he says.


was the vibration completely gone, my boat’s speed went up by 15 percent and fuel economy went up by 10 percent!“ an instant convert, kindberg flew to australia to learn propeller hydrodynamics from Ryan himself, and set up accuTech featuring propScan technology in 2001. Today, accuTech operates out of a 6,000 square foot facility in dover, New Hampshire with 9 employees. The company specializes in blueprinting marine propellers for accuracy and has been awarded a Coast Guard commendation for boosting fleet fuel economy by 10 percent. Currently, accutech is working with New york Waterways to outfit their new fast ferry boats with 58-inch ZF propellers. ZF is highly responsive to our needs, with a great selection of prop sizes and styles,” kindberg says. “They really help us work with performance-focused customers like Back Cove, as well as commercial lobster boats up north. It can be a challenge to prop today’s new, electronically-controlled engines correctly, but ZF gives us the tools and the engineering support we need to deliver that level of marine performance.” 9

FaC TS & F I Gu RE S


pa R TS & SER vICE


From mid-2016, pleasure Craft production in the united States will subsequently rise through at least the first three quarters of 2018.

GOING THE EXTRA MIlE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS The global commercial vessel orderbook continued to grow for the second year on a row.

The three largest fleets in the world are owned by Greece, Japan and Germany.

T h e ba ckbone of our af te r S a le s & S e r v ice ope ra t ion is our s e r v ice te a ms worldwide. In this editio n o f ZF Re por t , we would like to int roduce you to th e te a ms a t our th re e fa ctor y based pro du ct Co mpetence C e nte rs (p C C s ), loca te d in Frie drich s h a fe n Ge rma ny, k rimpe n N eth e rla nds , and a rco Italy.

The average length of time that it will take to fill a container and enclosed trailer will be about

40 minutes using current methods.

... an american named Malcolm McLean focused on transforming the way ships are loaded by pioneering the use of standardized shipping containers, increasing the output up to 400%.

particularly week segment is Offshore Oil & Gas: High oil prices have slumped since mid 2014, and are currently standing at around $56 / bbl.

Shanghai is the busiest port in the world in terms of shipping tonnage with approximately

x 1,000 a large container ship engine has roughly 1,000 times more power than the average family car.

Commercial and Fast Craft Transmissions in Friedrichshafen, Germany Spare part Business: 8 people Technical Support / Field Service: 9 people

In 2015 China was the largest commercial shipbuilding country, followed by Japan and South korea.

771.6 million tons in the year 2013.


Thruster Systems in Krimpen aan de Lek, the Netherlands Spare part Business: 7 people Technical Support: 3 people Field Service: 13 people

The teams are divided into three categories Spare Part

Our customers expect us to continuously enhance

Sales and Distribution, who work together with the

the performance and durability of our products to keep

logistics department to ensure that the required spare

the operation cost of their vessels at a minimum. The-

parts are on hand and available in the least amount of

refore the PCCs and the Aftersales network are regular-

time possible. Our Technical Product Support teams

ly involved in business development projects to create

which train and support our Regional and Local Com-

new solutions and services. Retrofit, vessel upgrades,

petence Centers (RCC/LCC) worldwide. It is the RCCs

and global stocking concepts for better parts availability

and LCCs who give our customers factory support at a

are just three examples of the extended service port-

local level. And last, but not least, in the rare case of a

folio we can offer to our customers as a result of this

challenging technical problem, our “flying doctors” go


to various locations around the world supporting RCCs

SHOw CAlENdAR 2016

and LCCs where their assistance is needed to repair a product in the field.

dubai Boat Show

Mina Seyahi, dubai

01.03.2016 – 05.03.2016

Taiwan Int Boat Show

kaohsiung, Taiwan

10.03.2016 – 13.03.2016

formation from around the world and continuously

Asia Pacific Maritime


16.03.2016 – 18.03.2016

meet with their production, quality, and research and

International Tug, Salvage & OSV

Boston, uSa

23.05.2016 – 27.05.2016

development colleagues in “quality circles” to provide


Southampton, uk

14.06.2016 – 16.06.2016


Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

19.09.2016 – 21.09.2016


Hamburg, Germany

06.09.2016 – 09.09.2016

ensure that specialized knowledge is communicated

Boat Show Cannes

Cannes, France

06.09.2016 – 11.09.2016

to ZF Marine locations globally. This is accomplished

Monaco Yacht Show

Monaco, France

28.09.2016 – 01.10.2016


LeBourget, France

17.10.2016 – 21.10.2016

Fort lauderdale Boat Show

Fort Lauderdale, uSa

03.11.2016 – 07.11.2016


amsterdam, Netherlands

15.11.2016 – 17.11.2016

workboat New Orleans

New Orleans, uSa

30.11.2016 – 02.12.2016


Guangzhou, China

07.12.2016 – 09.12.2016


Pleasure Craft Applications in Padova/Arco, Italy Spare part Business: 4 people Technical Support / Field Service: 11 people


The Product Competence Centers collect field in-

the necessary input and experience for technical product improvements. Furthermore the PCCs work closely with the regional and local competence centers to

through continuous improvement of our technical manuals and regular training courses for our global After Sales & Service Networks.


PROdUCTS, SERVICE, INFORMATION – ZF MARINE PROPUlSION SYSTEMS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS ZF MarInteractive – the app for smartphone and tablet users from ZF Marine Propulsion Systems. whether you’re looking for new marine products from ZF for Pleasure Craft, Fast Craft, or Commercial Craft, finding your closest authorized ZF service and parts center, or downloading the latest product information – the ZF MarInteractive app offers all of this at your fingertips. If you’re in the marine industry, and need specifications for ZF products on a regular basis, or just want the peace of mind from having ZF’s service network a touch away during your next voyage, it’s all at ZF MarInteractive.

TECHNICAl SUPPORT lINE Only one click away you can reach our technical support via phone or email, no matter where you are, we are there for you.

PROdUCT INFORMATION – AlwAYS UP-TO-dATE with the Interactive Product Finder you always have the latest product information on the current transmission range at your fi ngertips – offshore and ashore. learn and stay informed about the entire product range of ZF Marine Propulsion Systems.


ZF Mar MarInteractive download the App now!

Comfortable access to your ZF Marine contact and an extensive download and information area assures you all documentation and information you need – 24/7.

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