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25 - There are a few of

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25 - There are a few of
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A new location Look for our Real Estate Guide Now on page 25 .^'X-JJXS s 1 1

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Senior citizens hit the road

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Vol. 4, No. 39

Friday, September 25, 1992





(71 N O T G U I L T Y " Somerset S c o u t s P lan e x e r c i s e classes to help FHS field hockey team goes on the County jury finds Franklin man in- youngsters stay healthy Page 13 offensive Page 19 nocent of murder charges. Page 3.

[7J F I R E : Local family is forced to flee their burning home. Page 3.

A Forbes Newspaper

[7J P E R M A N E N T S O L U - 0 A G N E S O F G O D : VillagT I O N ? : Temporary agency thrives e r s Theatre opens a new season. in recession. Page 12. Page 1,8. • .

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PUBLIC NOTICE TO VOTERS SON IERSET COUNTY A General Election will be held on November 3, 1992 betiw en tl e hours of 7:00 8:00 pm for the election of candidates for the following offici One (1) Choice for President of the United States (4 year term) One (1) Member of the House of Representatives (7th Congressional District) term) sional District) One (1) Member of the House of Representatives (11th G term) One (1) Member of the House of Representatives (12th G igres sional District) term) One (1) Sheriff (3 year term) One (1) County Clerk (5 year term) One (1) Member of the Board of Chosen Freeholders (3 year


am and (2 yea* (2 year (2 year

IN ADDITION CANDIDATES FOR THE FOLLOWING MUN CIPA L OFFICES SHALL BE ELECTED: Bedminister Township Green Brook Township 'eapack-Gladstone Borough' 1 Member of the Township 2 Members of the Township 2 Members of the Borough Committee (3 year term) Council |3 year term) Committee (3 year term) Hillsborough Township Bernards Township


Raritan Borough


1 Member of the Township Committee (3 year term) Bernardsville Borough


2 Members of the Borough Council (3 year term) Bound Brook Borough


2 Members ol the Borough Council (3 year term) 1 Member of the Borough Council (unexpired term) Branchburg Township 2 Members of the Township Committee (3 year term) Brldgewater Township No Public Office Far Hills Borough 2 Members of the Borough Council (3 year term) Franklin Township . No Public Office

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2 Members of the Borough Council (3 year term) 1 Member of the Borough Council (unexpired term) Millstone Borough Mayor (unexpired term) 2 Members of the Borough Council (3 year term) 1 Member of the Borough Council (unexpired term) Montgomery Township 2 Members of the Township Committee (3 year terml North Plainfield Borough Mayor (4 year term) 3 Members of the Borough Council |4 year term)

2 Members of the Borough Council (3 year term)

Rocky Hill Borough 2 Members of the Borough Council (3 year term) !Sometville Borough 12 Members of the Borough Council (3 year term) South Bound Brook Borough 2 Members of the Borough Council (3 year terra) Warren Township 1 Member of the Township Committee (3 year term) Watchung Borough

Mayor (unexpired term) 2 Members of the Borough Council (3 year term) 1 Member of the Borough Council (unexpired term)


at is s r

—Franklin Focus —

1 Member of the Township Committee |3 year term) 1 Member of the Township Committee (unexpired term) Manville Borough

September 25,1992 On the cover:


Connie Gaffeo and her husband Frank dance up a storm at Quailbrook Senior Center Photograph by Rob Paine Design by Nancy Lengyel

Rafferty found innocent of murder By STEVE STfflJNSKY THE FOCUS

_ ^ _

FRANKLIN — Township resident Douglas Rafferty was found innocent this week of charges he murdered 32-year-old Thomas Hemphill and dumped his body down a well. Mr. Rafferty, 34, gingerly changed out of the suit and tie he had been wearing in court the past two weeks, briefly exposing the tattoos that cover his arms and chest. Just as buoyantly, he slipped back into the much more familiar khaki uniform of the Somerset County Jail, which has dominated his wardrobe for nearly two years. Mr. Rafferty may be wearing street clothes permanently before long, however.

Monday, a Somerset County jury found him innocent of charges he murdered Mr. Hemphill Oct. 24,1990. Mr. Hemphill was shot 10 times and then buried in a well near Mr. Rafferty's trailer off Route 27 in Franklin. Mr. Rafferty maintained that he shot Mr. Hemphill in self-defense following an argument over money, when Mr. Hemphill came at him with a pitchfork. Then, with the help of a neighbor who was present at the time of the shooting, Mr. Rafferty said he hid the body in the well fearing he would be charged with murder. Despite the innocent verdict, Mr. Rafferty was returned to the jail from Superior Court Judge David G. Lucas's courtroom Monday to face charges of witness tampering in con-

nection with the case. And although he has been imprisoned since Dec. 5,1990, Mr. Rafferty still must post 10 percent of $15,000 bail set by Judge Lucas on the tampering charge. "What do you want to talk about?" Mr. Rafferty asked an interviewer, who was at immediately following the verdict. Asked for a reaction, Mr. Rafferty paused, then he shook his head and uttered, "I don't want to say anything." A few minutes earlier, his public defender, Anthony Mignella, lingered on the steps on the courthouse before heading for a celebratory lunch with fellow members of the public defender's office. "I t1 nk he was very happy," Mr. Mignella said of his client's reaction to the verdict,

which was delivered without comment following two days of deliberations. "Given the facts and the testimony and the way everything was presented to them, they must have believed it was selfdefense," Mr. Mignella said. Assistant Prosecutor Timothy Van Hise, who briefly congratulated Mr. Mignella, declined to comment on the verdict. Somerset County Public Defender William Bizub said "very few" murder trials end in acquittals, and commended Mr. Mignella for doing "as much work as any lawyer could," on the case. The state's star witness was David LaRocco, the neighbor who helped drop Mr. Hemphill's body headfirst down the weD (Please turn to page 7)

Three flee from house fire Eastern Avenue blaze ties up traffic for two hours By ROBERT GELCHION THE FOCUS

FRANKLIN - Three members of a family escaped injury Tuesday afternoon when their Easton Avenue home caught fire Cindy Porubsky and her two children, 11-year-old Victoria and 6-year-old John, were forced to flee the two-story, single-family home at 1194 Easton Ave. about 5:30 pjn., when smoke began billowing out of the structure, according to Somerset Assistant Fire Chief Kevin McKenna. "When we got there, there was a

Alcohol, noise laws introduced By LQWERUSSO THE FOCUS FRANKLIN - In an effort to make the streets less noisy and alcohol free, the Township Council recently introduced two ordinances giving local police the power to issue tickets to noisy motorists and making it illegal for residents to carry open containers of alcohol while walking along the street The township health department has traditionally been responsible for following up on noise complaints. But if the pro-

lot of heavy smoke coming out of the house," he said. "There also was quite a lot of flame. But we had it under control in about 15 minutes." Mrs. Porubsky"s husband, John, was at work when the fire started. Assistant Chief McKenna said the fire appeared to have started • in the second-story bathroom, but the exact cause is still under investigation. The Fire Prevention Office for Franklin Township sent inspectors to the scene Wednesday to search for the cause, but they had not yet issued a report. There was heavy damage to the

second floor, especially to the area surrounding the bathroom, said Assistant Chief McKenna. The rest of the floor sustained extensive smoke damage and the first floor sustained heavy water damage, he said. About 60 firefighters were at the scene, which caused traffic delays along Easton Avenue for two hours. One firefighter had to be treated for smoke inhalation and another sprained his neck when he bumped his head. The fire Tuesday was the first fire this year involving a singlefamily home, according to Assistant Chief McKenna.

Bush calls onAT&T local Republicans who wangled a seat at Friday's speech by George THE FOCUS Bush. The President spoke to a With the afternoon sun beating group of 400 partisan viewers and down on his blue Lincoln, Somer- the national press in the multipurpose room of set County AT&Ts 1.3 milFreeholder lion-square-foot Patrick J. Fitfacility, nestled tipaldi sat for in the solidly Reabout 45 minpublican hills of utes before the Bernards TownPresidential ship in the counmotorcade had finally passed ty's northern and congestion reaches, near the eased enough Great Swamp. for traffic to In his halfflow out of HOB P/ hour speech, the AT&T's President George Bush spoke President sympato AT&T workers Friday. sprawling thized with headquarters women for linin Basking Ridge. gering sexual discrimination in Mr. Fittipaldi and his passenger, business and plugged his own in., „ , . . „ . , _ . , _ . . , . . , , . . , . , ^entive-based^ apjproach to family Bateman, were among dozens of**** ^Wease'tJirn'fe'page%'*'"""


Phil Kaufman of Chubb and Dr. Dennis Clancy, superintendent of the Franklin Township Schools and head of the Business and Education Partnership, speak with Stephen Koontz of J&J Consumer Products, at the partnership luncheon this week at Fiddler's Elbow in Bedminster.


Partnership reports a successful year By BARBARA MENDOZA THEFOCUS BEDMINSTER - The Somerset/ Hunterdon Business and Education Partnership reported Wednesday during a luncheon at Fiddler's Elbow Country Club that it is having tremendous success with all of its programs implemented over the past year. Franklin Township Schools Superintendent Dr. Dennis Clancy, the Business and Education Partnership chairman, was among several peo•te to make a presentation at the

luncheon. According to Dana Egreczky, coordinator for the partnership, which was founded to help local schools exploit the resources of the scientific companies in the area, the non-profit organization's most successful endeavor is the Science Alliance, developed earlier this year. "We are going to report back to the community in terms of our success," Ms. Egreczky said Monday, "which has been better than we thought" The Science Alliance is a project tha brings together science teachers (Please turn to page 5) ,

September 25,1992


Clancy shares goals for the school year FRANKLIN - Franklin Township Superintendent of Schools Dr. Dennis J. Clancy shared some of his goals for the coming school year following a Board of Education meeting last week. "We'd like to improve our achievement test scores over last year's," Dr. Clancy said at the meeting Monday, Sept. 14. He said the goal could be achieved through the SAT preparation courses and the district's increasing number of advanced placement courses. Dr. Clancy also wants to improve student participation in academics, athletics and the performing arts. Dr. Clancy also said he would like to get parents more involved in the district. These goals can be accomplished by providing more opportunity, better public relations and information on schedules, and by continuing to seek funding for parent workshops on topics including parenting skills, math and computers.

High school juniors selected as liaisons Franklin High School juniors Deana Davis and Douglas Maclvor were selected by classmates to attend and participate in Board of Education meetings as liaisons. The school board offers the opportunity to two students each year to participate in meetings. Deana and Douglas will make a report to the student government after each school board meeting, but served only as observers at the board's meeting Monday, Sept 14. Following the meeting, Douglas said he expects t i e opportunity to voice student concerns at future meetings. He said he is concerned about little things, such as seeing the board spend money on sending printing to outside vendors instead of using the high school print shop. Douglas said he approved of the board's stated goals to see a 25-point increase in the SAT scores of juniors this year over last year's junior class. He says he will be interested to see how that goal can be accomplished.

rians hold ly meeting *The rfarthly meeting of the Somerset-Middlesex Area Libertarians (SMAL) will be held Monday, Sept. 28, a t 7:30 p m , at holy Trtrty Lutt^rao Church,1640 Amwefl Road, Somerset

County School days may install new signal

Bronze head stolen


FRANKLIN - Sparked by complaints by residents who say they have trouble turning from a Bloomfield Avenue neighborhood onto Easton Avenue, the Somerset County Engineering Department may install another traffic light at the intersection. Township Manager John Lovell reported at a Township Council meeting earlier this month, the county said it would consider incorporating the traffic signal in its capital improvement program. In the interim, he added, the county engineering department may consider utilizing a cut-through near Century 21 on Easton Avenue as a U-turn to facilitate turns for motorists trying to turn left from Highwood Avenue, which is opposite Bloomfield Avenue, onto Easton. Currently, motorists who want to turn left onto Easton Avenue toward New Brunswick are forced to travel to the JFK Boulevard jughandle to make a U-turn. "[Officials from the engineering department] said they would do a design and then bring it back to the council," Mr. Lovell said. To install the signal, however, a rise in the road near Highwood and Bloomfield would have to be cut back, Mr. Lovell said. As it is now, the rise prohibits drivers' vision if cars are stacked at the light waiting for it to change. In other traffic areas, Mayor Robert Zaborowski commented on the improvement at the intersection of Cedar Grove Lane and New Brunswick Boad, with the longawaited traffic signal installed by the county at the urging of residents and township officials. People residing along Cedar Grove Lane said they were fearful for their lives because of the high number of vehicles traveling through the intersection. "This light is certainly an improvement there," he said. -.

FRANKLIN i - A bronze head was stolen from a tombstone in the Ukrainian cemetery between Tuesday, Sept. 8, and Tuesday, Sept. 22, according to police. Parts wer? stolen from a 1981 Chevrolet Corveie parked in the backyard of a residence on South Dover Avenue between Saturday, Sept. 5, and Tuesday, Sept. 22, police said. A 1983 en was stolen from a township et about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, but was later found abandoned in Njsw Brunswick, according to polios


Elvira Brown listens to instruction during her Biology II honors class at Franklin High School at the beginning of the new school year.

Time for Fall Fun Festival SOMERVILLE - People in search of crafts, fine art and international food have to look no further next week than Main Street, as more than 200 crafts exhibits and 18 food vendors display their wares in the fifth annual Somerville Fall Fun Festival. Admission to the event Sunday, Oct. 4, is free, and traffic along Main Street in the downtown will be detoured for the day so shoppers can browse the various booths at their leisure from 10 am.-5 p.m. The rain date for the festival will be Sunday, Oct. 11. Some of the crafts and arts to be displayed include jewelry, country furniture, kaleidoscopes, clothing, decorated wicker, porcelain dolls, birdhouses, baseball cards and "designer" goldfish tanks, complete with stones and figurines. There will be activities for chil-

dren to enjoy, including pony rides, a moonwalk ride, sand art and temporary tattoos. Musical and variety entertainment includes folk singers, a magician, clowns, psychics and a sevenpiece Dixieland band. Polynesian dancers from Mele Kini School of Somerville will perform at 1 p.m. at the stage near West Coast Video on Main Street Those who want to tempt their palate can enjoy Greek, Italian, Polish and Vietnamese specialities, as well as food from local restaurants. The Fall Fun Festival will not only spotlight arts and crafts, but will emphasize the Somerville area community, its organizations and people. A section of Main Street near the Somerset County Courthouse will be devoted to local service and non-profit organizations.

Alcohol, noise ordinances introduced (Continued from page 3) posed ordinance is approved as is, the township noise control program will be administered by police. According to 'the ordinance, "the police department shall be empowered to stop any motor vehicle or motorcycle operated on a public right-ofway or public space reasonably suspected" of violating theordinance. iThe ordinance! provides For a noise control officer trained to {measure noise] and run a noise meter," said Police Chief John Blazakis. .

The police currently are prohibited from issuing summonses. The ordinance would make a "technical correction," said Chief Blazakis, and will allow officers to issue tickets under certain conditions without a noise meter reading. An officer who can hear music coming from a car 50 feet away could issue a summons without the need for a reading, the chief said. There is a gap in the current law, in which tickets can only be issued by a person trained to use a noise control device and only after the noise is measured by the device, that makes the ordinance necessary, the chief said. "

Henry L Josselyn, 55, of Piscataway, was arrested at 12:13 p.m. Saturday, Sept 19, land charged with driving while intoxicated following an incident in whch he allegedly drove his vehicle off /\mwell Road and struck a utility pole, damaging the pole and injuring himself, pplice said. A radio was sblen from a 1988 Suzuki parked on Hempstead Drive Sunday night, Sept. J20, police said. ^ * * ' Tools wore stolen from a 1985 Chevrolet someime during the night Monday, Sspt. 21, while the vehicle was parked on Berry Street, according to police. Tne windows on the vehicle had been sjmashed to gain entry, police said, i

The stereo system of a 1989 Jeep was stolen during the night Monday, Sept. 21, while the vehicle was parked on Hempstoad Orive, according to police. A IS-incr ch television set was stolen from a Spirietset Street residence about 2:30 am,. Tuesday, Sept. 22, police said. An undetjerrrafted amount of jewelry was stolen from a Wngsberry Road residence between Saturday, Sept 19, and Tuesday,', Sept. 22, according to police. Dana The impson, 22, of Piscataway, was arrested at 2:13 a.m. Friday, Sept. 18, and charged with driving white inpoRcesaid. A gym containing $100 was stolen from the girls' locker room at Franklin school at 150 p m , Sept 16, according to police. recorder, radio and a jewelry box containing an unknown arnourt of jewelry was stolen from a Kingsberry Roac residence between 7 &rri. and 6 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 16, police said.


September 25,1992


of computers in the classroom. Phillip Kauftnann of Chubb & Son in Warren and Paul Krauss, (Continued from page 3) superintendent of Lambertville and scientists to develop hands-on Schools, together presented a relessons designed to have a more port on the success of the partnerprofound impact on students than ship's corporate training program. the traditional science curricula. Those attending the luncheon "The goal of the alliance was to also listened to aft overview of the develop 20 teams made up of com- organization's activities presented mercial scientists and teachers," by Dr. Clancy. Ms. Egreczky reported. "We actuCharles Lyons, president and ally attracted 29 teams and they publisher of Forbes Newspapers completed 25 modules. We had 20 and vice chairman of the partnercorporations sponsoring the ship, presented a challenge to the project" community during ths event Another example of the group's Mr. Lyons challenged comsuccess, according to Ms. Egrec- munity residents, businesses and zky, was that when the initial educators to get involved with volmodules were completed the orga- unteering. nization was hoping to attract 30 "We want to get teachers inteachers. volved with business people," Ms. "Within the first two days," she added, "we had 65 people which Egreczky said, "with students getwas double. We then had to turn ting the benefit" He also challenged the com70 Others away because we didn't munity to become involved in the have the room." Stephen W. Koontz, a scientist partnership's fund-raising efforts, with Johnson & Johnson Con- Ms. Egreczky said. sumer Products, presented a re- The Somerset/Hunterdon Busiport on the activities of the Sci- ness and Education Partnership is a non-profit organization which ence Alliance. In addition to the Science Alli- has a mission to provide enance, Hal Raveche, president of hanced educational opportunities Stevens Institute of Technology in for children and adults in SomerHoboken, presented a report on set and Hunterdon counties. About 200. small business ownthe partnership's CIESE program. The CIESE project was devel- ers, corporate executives, social oped by the partnership in order agency representatives and educato allow mathematics teachers to tors from 60 school districts atbe more effective through the use tended. -

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President Bush calls on AT&T (Continued from page 3) leave vs. the mandatory policies espoused by the Democrats, whom he called, "the other side." President Bush, whose arrival and conclusion were greeted by standing ovations, was introduced by Dr. Mary Stewart, president of the Stewart Management Group and an advocate of women's rights to compete equally in business. "Women work as hard as men and still eam less. And that is not acceptable," said Mr. Bush, framed by banners for AT&T and his own Agenda for Economic Renewal. Although the speech had been billed by campaigners beforehand as focusing on "women's issues," Mr. Bush made no mention of his anti-abortion stance. Women asked about the issue at the event were overwhelmingly pro-choice, a position also taken by several key Republican men in the area, including

Mr. Franks and Mr. Florio. However, amid Friday's partisan euphoria, GOP members from both sexes downplayed their own and the President's contrasting views on the issue, as well as its conspicuous absence from the speech. Branchburg Township Committeewoman Denise Coyle, a pro-choice Republican, said there was room in the party for both positions, and saw no need for the president to reconcile his views with those of people whose votes he sought "Everyone knows his stance on abortion," said Ms. Coyle. "I don't think there was any reason for him to. rehash it" The last word on the Presidents visit came from pro-Clinton union employees of AT&T, who were picketing the event at the entrance to the headquarters in protest of Mr. Bush's support for the North American Free Trade Agreement

Drug abuse agency reaches out to Somerset County Hispanics An Hispanic Outreach program to address the human service needs of Somerset County's growing Latino population as it relates to alcohol and drug abuse issues has been announced by the Som-

erset Council on alcoholism and Drug Dependency. The program is modeled after the Middlesex Council's successful Hispanic Outreach effort and is designed to ensure that language

and cultural barriers do not prevent residents from receiving services. For further information call Carlos Ramirez, director of the Intervention Services at the .council, 722-4900.



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September 25,1992

Cover Story


Jennie Andrillo and Terry Reilly do the two-step at Quaiibrook Senior Center


Christine Tart, Anne Gembitsky and Connie Gaffeo show their disco moves in a dance class at Quaiibrook Senior Center in Franklin.

Cuffin' a rug Seniors step lively at Quaiibrook center's dance classes the class a few years ago to share their love of dancing. "I went to a social and danced FRANKLIN - Dancing has with her one time," Mr. Molinari changed Connie Gaffeo's life. said of Mrs. Anderson during a session as he took a break between "I used po sit around my house songs. "I just touched her fingers and not move," the Franklin and she knew what to do." Township resident said last week After discovering their dance during a break in a dance session compatibility, Mr. Molinari and at the Quaiibrook Senior Center on New Brunswick Road. "I start- Mrs. Anderson decided to share their talent with other seniors. ed to come here and now I'm revived." "This is our third year," Mr. Met Mrs. Gaffeo isn't very different linari said before jumping back J from most of the other senior citi- onto the parquet floor to dance a i zens who attend the weekly dance marimba with Florence Hohn, ' classes offered manager of the? at the center. senior center. ? 'A lot of people would She said ^er When Mr. Mohusband has linari and Mrs. never get up. Now you been "brought Anderson first outofhis^hell," can't stop them. It's came up with by the seijior the idea to hold great' dance session. weekly lessons —Connie Gaffeo they hadn't real"Hewoidd never get jup to ——~" " ^ — ' :."•.- •"—" " ized it would be talk to anyone," Mrs. Gaffeo said. such a success. "Now we ian't keep him down. For "I never thought we'd go for so him it's a big step." long," Mr. Molinari said. "Arid Frank itoinari and Phyllis [people] said it wouldn't last." Andersonjare the instructors who But the class has lasted and it provide dance lessons to the group keeps on growing. each weeJc. The two had started "We keep getting more people.




Instructor Frank Molinari teaches Anne Gembitsky a few steps during dance class; One week we had 32 people," Mrs. Anderson said. The lessons begin on Monday at 1 p.m. and run for about an hour and a half. In addition to having fun kicking up their heels, the classes give seniors the incentive to get out and socialize, according to Mrs. Gaffeo. "A lot of people would never get up," she said, "Now you can't stop them. It's great." Harry J. Robinovitz of Franklin Township, also said the weekly dance lessons provide an outlet for senior residents. "It's a nice thing for people to be able to come out," he added, "and

watch the instructors in action, to meet a lot of new people." On Thursday the group gathers they find it hhxd h sit still. "They are two cynamic people," at 1 p.m. and practices what they Mrs. Hohn said o1. Mr. Molinari have learned, "until they get and Mrs. Anderson,. "They enjoy tired," according to Mr. Molinari. "We then sit down and socialize doing what trey': i doing and they do it in such a way that it makes for about an hour, and have a lot everybody feel likje dancing." of fun," he added. Both instructor select the Terry Reilly, who originally attend the classes at the request of music, which last week included Mr. Molinari, returned for his sec- several disco tunes, a tango, a waltz and a marimba among other ond visit at the Quaiibrook dance classes. He agreed with Mrs. things, and the p£rtiiicular dance Gaffeo, saying "It's very enjoyable. each week for the! lesson on Monday afternoor HI be back." Then on Thursday , starting at 1 Some people who attend the ' group gjithers for a social dance classes come to observe, but p.m., the according to Mrs. Hohn, the senior dance at where they can practice (Please turn to page 7) center manager, once people

September 25,

Cuttin' a rug (Continued from page 5) what they had learned at the beginning of the week "We like to take one dance and beat it to death until they learn the dance," Mr. Molinari said. "Then we practice on Thursday." Some of the members have danced for a number of years, like Jennie Andrillo who has been attending the sessions since the beginning. "I've danced with the high steppers," Mrs. Andrillo -said. "I really enjoy dancing."

But you don't have to be an expert dancer to join in on the fun, Mrs. Hohn pointed out "All levels of dancers are welcomed," Mrs. Hohn said. "There is no pre-registration required. They aren't locked into anything. They can just come out and they are never locked into a number of lessons or anything." The dance sessions are open to all residents of Somerset County. There is lunch served before each session at noon. To make a lunch reservation call 5634213 at least 24 hours in advance. A donation of $1.50 is requested for lunch. The dance session is free of charge.


Davidson Avenue, Somerset NJ. at 730 P.M. $2.65 FF31T Sept 24.1992

Queens Square Condominium. Franklin Park. NJ. meets ewry third Wednesday of the month Meetings are held at 179

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Rafferty found innocent (Continued from page 3) covering it over with debris. Mr. LaRocco, whose testimony contradicted Mr. Rafferty's contention he fired in self defense, is the witness Mr. Rafferty is accused of tampering with. Mr. Rafferty sent letters from his jail cell to people close to Mr. LaRocco,




The Perfect Place for Proms, Birthday Parties, Fund Raisers

2441 Rt. 22 W. Union, NJ 08854 908-687-0500

urging him to testify that the shooting was in self-defense. Mr. Mignella said he will move to dismiss the tampering charge, though he acknowledged little could be done to recoup the 22 months Mr. Rafferty spent in jail awaiting trial. "There's nothing to make it up to him," he said.

• GS Pkwy (Exit 129) or NJ TNPK (Exit 10) to 287 N. to Rt. 529 Ounellen Exit, Go 2 Ughls. Sports Park on Left. • Somerville to 22 E. to 287 S. to Rt. 529 Dunellen Exit. Go 3 Lights Turn Rt. Go Vi mi. DIRECTIONS

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J&J grant adds health aids to Hispanic women The Women's Health and Coun- Somerset Companies that enables seling Center has received a grant the agency to restore health serfrom the Johnson & Johnson vices to 30 Hispanic women. The Center's services were curtailed >c when Somerset County had to reduce its budgeted allocation to the agency. • 60 Different Style

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Commentary L Editorial

Campaign '92

Bond issues

Another crucial day of decision looms on Nov. 3 when voters face

Unemployment, recession and deficit woes poor reasons to reject Nov. 3 referendum


he only bond question on the statewide ballot on Nov. 3 is a $345 million package dedicated to Green Acres, sewage treatment projects, inland water control, and farmland and historic site preservation. The question deserves voter support; despite tljie near^ouble-digit unemployment in New Jersey, the business recession and the forecasts ftj»r a painfully slow economic recovery. : The breakdown of funds wouM be $200 milfor Greejn Acres^ $50 millionfor farmland preservation, $25 million for historic site preservation, $20 million for dam restoration, and $50 n lillion for wastewater treatment improvements. The Greeri Acres program has created open Spaces for y^ars in the state. Tjfcie. revenue from, thebonds- site for Green Acres would be used for state projects, for grants and low-interest loans to local governments for local projects, a nd for matdiing grants to tax-exempt organizatipns.:. • y ' -•:. ; ^ v / The farmland funds provide towns and coun1a es with up to 80 percent gif the cost of buying development easements^bn farmland. Similar $50 million farmland measures approved by voters in 1981 and ]J89 have led to preservation ef 110 farms covering more than 16,000 acres.

Local governments and their priority projects would be the first to be served by these bond funds in many cases. The revenue raised for wastewater treatment systems, for example, would be used for loans to towns to build or upgrade sewage plants. The money raised by the bonds for historic preservation would go to matching grants to state agencies, local governments arid qualifying tax-exempt non-profit organizations to keep the history of the state and its towns alive into the 21st century. . Money going to inland waters restoration \ would be used fbr state projects and for lowinterest loans to local governments and to qualifying private lake associations and owners of private dams, as co-applicants with local government, for projects to restore inland waters. Funds for dam restoration would be used for state high-hazard restoration projects and for low-interest loans to local government granted, on a matching basis. The referendum offers diversity of use of the funds, controls on the quality of applicants winning grants, and another opportunity for New Jerseyans to express their consistent concern for the environment.

choices on nearly every political level from President to borough council. The importance of the choices is a direct function of the monumental social and economic challenges

page, as promptly fter submission

the victors face in casting policy for

as possible.

eWier the global or municipal vjl-

3 - Endorsements df the candidates by this newsjapei will ap-

At the community level, Forbes Newspapers will endeavor to offer readers a basts on which to reach a voting conclusion through weekly news reports on the candidates'

Oct 18. The following, prej-eletjtion issue will carry any rebuttals: 4 - Also in the preelection issue, a

views and pronouncements.

photo, biographica) sketch, and

Opinions of readers in letters to the editor wffl also be accommodated.

pear in the issues cf t® week of

statement oh the issues from each candidate will be pr DWJI sd to help


The campaign carnage) plan es-

voters make a declisbn m the following fuesday, eh iCtor i day!

senfiaSyis: 1. Weekly coverage of the candi-

t h e news coverage,rtsttersand endorsements are' o>beprovfcled

dates'views on leading local is-

in the hope that ihforrrtep readers

sues. The coverage will carry the* logo

wilt make a point oi .voting in the general elections.

shown here.

If understanding, debate and

2-Election-related letters (upto 200 words maximum, please) will

voter turnouts increase, the mission

be pubfehed on this or the facing

will have been accc «t>pSsried.

Viewpoint Question: Do you think municipalities should be allowed to impose a curfew on anyone under the age of 18? The state Legislature has sent a biH to the governor permitting municipalities to impose a 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew for anyone under 18 except accompanied by a guardian or in limited cases.

Usa! Utchko,26 Human services East Brunswick

"No. Thar^ the parents Decision. The proposed law is ludicrous."

Avalone, 16 Student New Brunswick "It depends on where. What if you're not dcmg anything wrong?"

El, 52 Maintenance Franklin "Yes. That gives the parents more

Susan Enright, 36 Seafood sales . Franklin "I think it's the best thing they should be doing. I've been vandalized so many times."

Franklin, i y ^ a f f writerChaites J. Zangam.

Andres Martinez, 15 Student Franklin "That's not right None of us are their chfclren."

Eric Perez, 16 Student rJSttmt

"No. The people who are acting bad shouM be home. It should be up to parents."

Ron Soden, 23

Oerk Franklin "No. I don't Wnk any curfew should beset"

Kay Collins, 43 Personnel Ran* "It worked well in Virginia 'Where I used to live It Just depdids on how wilttnci pa ents are to workauthcritiesf




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Take time to step back into history Recently I made a trip to the United Nations to meet with former U.S. Attorney General and former Pennsylvania Governor Dick Thornburgh who is now Under-Secretary-General for Administration and Management at the United Nations. This new assignment followed his defeat last November in the U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania. The day before I went to the city I was playing in an annual golf match with three other life-long New Jerseyans, each prominent in the public life of New Jersey. After the match I told them I was on my way to the UN. I asked each if they had ever been to the U.N. None of the four of us had ever set foot in the place! None of the four of us, it turned out, has even climbed the Statue of Liberty. None of us has ever visited Ellis Island. Maybe we're different. Maybe it's a generational thing. Just maybe my foursome is not representative. But, since my visit to the U.N., I have been asking friends the same three questions. Most have responded the same way. A few have visited one place or the other. Very few had been to the United Nations. This all got me thinking about the many wonderful treasures around us that have escaped our attention. We seem to live in a dawn-to-dusk, go-as-fast-as-youcan, over-energized little world. We don't really appreciate enough of what is available in this country and especially in this area. If there is a message, to me, it's that everyone should take the time to make plans and visit these important and historic facilities. And, of course, to visit others. I have helicoptered over and boated around the Statue of Liberty, but now am planning to visit it — on foot. More about the U.N. Frankly, I was overwhelmed by the friendliness and helpfulness of everyone I came in contact with at the U.N. from the group at the information desk, to the people that sent me through the metal detector to helpful employees who gave directions to the secretaries in Thorn

burgh's office, everyone cheerfully

tried to be nice. I saw a warm, smiling, hometown-like group of employees obviously from all over the world. Everyone was friendly and pleasant, and very few were American citizens. It all speaks quite well for an organization that seems at this moment in time to be near the top of its game. Over the years, the U.N. has had its ups and downs in public support and understanding in this country. But, in a post cold war world, it appears to have the opportunity to become the most significant force as we move to peaceful coexistence and worldwide economic-social problem solving. Under-Secretary-General Thornburgh was a delight to visit. His background in state and national politics appears to serve him well in the complex political structures that are the United Nations. Don't be like me! Don't wait too long to visit our nearby treasures. Former State Senator Ray Bateman's column returns to these pages this week after his summer sabbatical.

Send your letters to The Focus Help The Franklin Focus get all your news into your hometown newspaper. Send information about special events in your neighborhood, business or fam ily. Help the newspaper tell your friends about your upcoming wedding, recent promotion, charity event, or more.

The deadline for club news, upcoming events, pers* ^id business ac complishments -;s 10 days before publi cation. Write to us at The Franklin Focus, 44 Franklin Street, Somerville N.J. 08876. Fax news to 5262509 or call 722-3000.

month. We have met many wonderful people and families during our four year stay on Onizuka Court and will miss you. I will cherish the experience and memories of my hours as president of Quailbrook East Homeowners Association, town council meetings, the bid for council-atIarge, Bridges-Gunning-LeeMazzola, school board Task Force IV and all the wonderful times my family and I had at the parks and events throughout town. Thank you John Lovell, Jean Pellican, Helen Reilly, Russ Demkowitz, Jim Pettit and Burnham Hobbs for all your help and support. I wish all the community serFamily thanks town vants the best of luck. To the Focus: CLAYTON I. BRIDGES It is time to say good-bye. The and FAMILY Bridges family is moving to anOnizuka Court other New Jersey county this ' Franklin


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KITCHEN & BATH REMODELING C6DR0NCS pft HOM€ IMPflOVeMCNTS Kitchens - Baths - Tilework - Decks Counter Tops - Formica, Corian Roofing, Siding, Replacement Windows Attic Fans, Finished Basements Call Bob at (908) 249-2090

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Briefs IBE collecting emergency supplies Mail Boxes Eta Centers are collecting emergency terns to te shipped to distribution centers in Florida and Louisiana for hurricane victims. More than 100 MBE private fostai centers located throughcut the tri-state area are serving £s drop-off sites for donated ilems. Items most needed are: canned foods, bottled water, baby food, diapers, paper products, toothbrushes, toothpaste, linens, blankets and clothing. For a list of MBE Centers, call ' -800-5324.

More than temporary success Employment agency thrives By LORIERUSSO fflE FOCUS

FRANKLIN - The French word "omne" means "everything" in English. In the world of business, Omne translates into a temporary employment agency at 2 World's Fair Drive, that provides laborers, craftsmen, technical services and clerical workers to corporations throughout the state, including local companies. "We have it all," said Omne General Manager Philip Cass. In response to a growing need in Rusch appointed the corporate arena for more temvice president porary help, the Union-based Linda Rusch of Remington Omne Temporary Services Group was been appointed vice presiexpanded into the Somerset area. dent of patient care services at The move to Somerset has been unterdon Medical Center in extremely successful for Omne, Township. because major companies and Ms. Rusch was formerly vice small business firms, dictated to of the nursing services by a sour economy, are more likely leprtment at the Carrier Founto seek temporary help than hire a dation in Skillman, and also full-time employee, Mr. Cass said. iierved Carrier's director of staff But the temporary services agency did not open its doors in development from 1982 to ROB PAINE/THE FOCUS 1984 to provide workers to corpo1986. Philip Cass, general manager of Omne Temps, Lynn M. Drobenak, branch manager, and Barry rate New Jersey. The parent firm, She was a recipient of the also known as Omne, is in the fa- Sinins, president, work to keep the business flourishing in the newly opened Somtf set office. Outstanding $ervice Award of cilities maintenance field, which ihe New Jersey Organization of Mr. Cass, who has been in the own consulting firms call fre- Mr. Cass added, there are many supplies boiler workers, carpenNurse Executives in 1991 and of ters, mill workers and skilled craft temporary help field 18 years, ac- quently to ask for additional help jobs available but attracting good Ihe New Jersey State Nurses knowledges there is a great num- because they cant afford to hire a people for tempjrary w©rk is laborers to various companies. ;\sscciationin1990. tough. And in bad jcoromic times, Another division of Omne is the ber of temporary help firms com- full-time person. the people are there fa: temporary engineering and technical services peting in the marketplace. "But I "This is the third recession I've Novak named VP division, for firms that have long- have found that if you can com- experienced in the temporary help work, but the jobs; ireri t "It's like a balar.cin§: act all the term projects which demand the bine a quality placement with an field," Mr. Cass said. "This is the at Somerset bank skills of a professional. "Bather aggressive pricing strategy for a longest and deepest But I see time," Mr. Cass s a i l "Temporaries Michael A. Novak has been than the firm hiring people, we client, it's a winning combination," nothing but growth. If we're ex- will feel the first impa<:t of the renamed vice president of comcan provide he said. "In these panding in times like this I can cession and the fii-st vaves of remercial lending at Somerset Valthem with the days of tough only assume well be soaring in covery. We're like a barometer. ley Bank in Somerville. Once we start builJing and boom'Companies will use skilled people economic times, good times." Mr. Novak formerly held lending, in a few months) others will they • need," ing, credit and operations positemporary help during a quality does not During good economic times, feel that too." Mr. Cass said. have to be as exions at the former Horizion Ban"This firm ba- recess/on because this pensive as it used oorp's offices jin Monistown and r sically offers to be." ort Lauderdale. way they don't have one-stop shopLast year He holds ajbachelor's degree ping for any excess/Ve benefits to pay Omne had placed 1 -;iness Administration and type of person 298 people in the ,m . fror^ Fairteigh Dickin— clerk to car- out and a morafe problem industrial and son University! penter to civil if they hire people and clerical fields. •'••'.• I • engineer." Overall, the comthen have layoffs' »rice Waterhouse pany now has 749 Omne PresiThe Chamber of Commerce of p m. at New Era Bank. 675 Frankim dent Barry Si— Philip Cass people placed in >romotes Peters FranKdn Township, which 'a located Boulevard; $s for chamber memnins opened at 15 Cedar Grove Lane, Suite 9A, bers and guests m advance; $10 Mary Ellen Peters of Basking Omne general manager the clerical Somerset, announces two events far non-members and $10 at the "" has been promoted to arm of the there are at least door. r—~_int dire^bx of human rebusiness based on a demand he 12 corporations in Somerset that Chamber President Raymond On Thursday, O d 22, there will sources at Prij» Waterhouse. observed in the market place. "He have taken advantage of Omne's Zwgard of Blue Ribbon Awards, be an awards presentation at McA1 saw an opportunity here," Mr. services, according to Mr. Cass. Inc can be reached at 5600046 teer's Restaurant, Eastern Avenue, Send notices pf promotions and Cass said. "Companies will use The chamber number is 660-3737. at wfiich time the man and woman Because of the recession, the bther business news to Jim temporary help during a recession small employer is growing at a Upcoming Charnber of Com- of the year wH be honored The Wright, Forbes Newspapers, because this way they don't have faster rate than larger employers, merce events are. chamber will be sending notification P.O. Box 699, 44 Franklin St, excessive benefits to pay out and a Mr. Cass said. Business people Business card exchange, of to the winners and members m SomeMile, NiJ., 08876. Submit- morale problem if they hire people Wednesday, Sept 30, 5:30-7.30 advance of the event who are branching out from their ted photos are encouraged. and then have layoffs." own companies and starting their

Franklin chamber to present awards

39HOI. ,T



September 25,1992


Community Life Girl Scouts want youth in shape man said. "It is a lifetime plan for health and physical improvement. THE FOCUS We want to teach them that what FRANKLIN - The Girl Scouts they do with their bodies now will say the country's youth is over- affect them in their adult life." One participant in the program weight and the organization wants will be Girl Scout Jenel Giles, 11, to do something about it. The Delaware-Raritan Girl Scout of Somerset. Her mother, Gloria, Council, in which about 570 girls said that Jenel is very aware about participate, is joining a nationwide the importance of good health and Girl Scouts program, "Developing nutrition. "We talk about health Health and Fitness: Be Your Best." and fitness," she said. "I always The council plans exercise classes had a weight problem and I want and lectures about fitness as part Jenel to be active because being of the program, which is set to be overweight seems to be in her genes. I always encourage her to in roll swing later on this month. Mary Hirsch, a spokesman for get out. She goes to dance lessons ; the the Delaware-Raritan council, said on Saturdays and she's the aim of the program is to make band." Mrs. Giles believes the girls more conthat the new scouting scious of good health. program is a good idea "We've been doing because of the probhealth and fitness lem nationwide with classes throughout the children who apparsummer as a way to ently can't break gear up to the start of themselves away from the nationwide program," said Mrs. Hir- GIRL SCOUTS the television set. Jenel, Mrs. Giles sch. "There is a need added, spends about across the country for a program like this, Research three hours a day watching televithrough our national headquarters sion. "I think the Girl Scout program has shown that so many young girls are overweight. Our main is terrific," she said. "So many goal is to promote self-confidence young girls are overweight. If a person is in the best shape he or and self-esteem." Helen Sherman, director of pro- she can be in, that's the important gram development in the Dela- thing. I think every child should ware-Raritan council, said the pro- know the proper foods to eat" gram is developed by the national By participating in the Girl Girl Scout organization and is re- Scouts program, Mrs. Hirsch said, searched by educators and pre- girls will be taken away from long viewed by various agencies that hours of immobility and become would be involved in health and more active. fitness. "Fitness is not just exer"Caring about yourself comes cise this or go hiking," Mrs. Sher- before you can care about others," By LOR1E RUSSO

Allowance lets children learn saving By NANCY R. SPINNER Special to THE FOCUS Children's attitudes and values about money are affected by what they see and hear. As they watch others spend, borrow, save and share, they begin to understand the financial facts of life. Providing children (even as young as six or seven) a weekly allowance may encourage them to develop intelligent spending and saving habits and to plan ahead. An allowance is usually given to a child for the purpose of learning money management skills. It should not be tied to routine household chores or withheld as a punishment. Additional money can be earned by doing extra tasks. Some factors to consider when determining the amount of f i e allowance are: How much can the family afford? How much can the child handle? What will the allowance be used



Very young children can be given a small amount to be used entirely for "luxuries" such as a favorite snack or book. Having the choice of what to buy at the store helps children develop decision-making skills. Parents can help older children decide what their allowance will cover, such as special school supplies and clothing, youth group fees and leisure activities with friends. Nancy Spinner is a Rutgers Cooperative Extension Home Economist of Hunterdon County. Help-ArSaurus is an educational program for parents provided by Rutgers Cooperative Extension For information contact Daryl L. Minch, Extension Home Economist of; Somerset County, 310 Milltown Road, Bridgewater, N.J. 08807; 526-,


. _r.: .......,_.,,,,,,.

Douglass will host colleges seminar High school girls and their parents will have a chance to learn about the benefits of a women's college during the annual College Day at Rutgers Douglass College Saturday, Oct. 3., from 9 am. to 2:30 p.m. The program will include campus tours, as well as information about academic life, admissions procedures, financial aid and social activities. Students are welcome to bring their high school transcripts for on-site evaluations. Douglass College, the largest undergraduate women's college in the country, was recently ranked 20th overall and first among women's colleges by Money magazine's "best college buys" guide. Registration forms for College Day are available at high school .guidance•flfrlces or bv calling Viola Van Jones at 932-9729.

enel Giles gets her mother Gloria to walk with her near their Franklin home as part of the Girl Scouts exercise and nutrition program. Mrs. Hirsch said. Through the program there are a number of different activities for the scouts. The activities will be broken down by age level a»d the

scouts will learn about nutrition, exercise, caring about their body, cleanliness, stress reduction, the basic food groups and" relaxation techniques. ."••-

Community and faith are focus of Renew SOMERSET — The parishioners of St. Matthias Church have started a program for a deeper faith and a richer community by taking part in Renew, a process experienced by Catholic parishes around the world. Through prayer, readings, reflection and discussion, members will seek a more profound sense of faith and a deeper understanding of the religious purpose of life. They will try to enrich the Christian community and friendship through shared faith and prayer, and increase a personal and parish commitment to justice and charity. Renew is divided into five, six-week sessions offered in the Sister Barbara White, S.N.D., looks on as St. Matthias parishiofall and during Lent. For more information call the ners Monica Mager, Rita Stuewe and Charles Grayson discuss 1Vv0 an international,faith and cprnn?unity renewal program^ RENE.W-


September 25,1992

Community Life


Robert J. Kelly, 77

Edith Molnar, 83

| Obituaries

Former fire chief and commissioner

Registered nurse

Edith A. Wormanl Molnar, 83, a registered nurse and longtime Robert J. Kelly, 77, a former the Somerset area of Franklin, township resident, died Sept. 18, Surviving are his wife, Marion chief of the Community Volunteer 1992 in Jupiter, Fla. Fire Department and for 12 years McDonald Kelly; a son, Robert L. She was born in Boonton and the commissioner of Fire District Kelly of South Brunswick; two had lived in the Somerset area of His wife, Louise Pormilli, died in John Salontay, 83, a union carNo. 3 in Franklin, died Sept. 17, daughters, Marion Kelly of Wethpenter until his retirement in 1972, 1991, and a son, Peter Salontay, Franklin since 1913. 1992 at the Rose Mountain Care ersfieldv Conn., and Roberta Kelly Mrs. Molnar was on the staff of died Sept. 18, 1992 at S t Peter's died in 1939. of Sparta; seven grandchildren; Medical Center. Center, New Brunswick. Surviving are two sisters, Ethel the Edison Estates Nursing and He was born in Brooklyn and seven great-grandchildren; two Mr. Salontay was born in New Adamski of North Brunswick and Convalescent Center, an Edison brothers, Jack Kelly in New York Brunswick and lived in that city Betty Lowe of Staten Island; and a nursing home, until her retirement had lived in Franklin since 1949. Mr. Kelly helped found the state and Donald Kelly in Wash- before moving to the Somerset brother, Louis Salontay of Tucker- in 1971. She was a parishioner of St Ladislaus Roman Catholic Rhodia Fire Brigade and was a ington state; and two sisters, Helen area of Franklin in 1989. He be- ton. Church, New Brunswick. Services were held Monday at longed to the North Brunswick Sefounding member of the Franklin Moseman in Virginia and May Surviving are a son, James L. nior Citizens Club and was as-the Selover Funeral Home, North Township Fire Chiefs Association. Bermingham in Florida. Molnar of Jupiter; three grandchilServices were held Monday at sociated with Local 1006 of the car- Brunswick. Burial was in St. dren; four great-grandchildren; He also worked in the shipping dePeter's Cemetery, New Brunswick. penters' union in MUltpwn. < partment of the Rhone-Poulenc the Gleason Funeral Home, Somand a brother, Henry Worman of Bloomingdale. plant in New Brunswick from erset, followed by a funeral Mass Chandler Center to offer immunization clinics . Services were held Tuesday at at S t Matthias Church. Burial was 1952-1977. NEW BRUNSWICK — The 'Eric muniiy health center, has an; the Gowen Funeral Home, New He was a parishioner of S t Mat- in Cedar Grove Cemetery, in the B. Chandler Health Center, a cornnounced a free immunization clinBrunswick. Burial was in S t ' Middlebush area of Franklin. thias Roman Catholic Church, in prehensive family^oriented com-fc.For information, call 846-0044. Peter's Cemetery, New Brunswick.

John Salontay, 83

Of Somerset; retired union carpenter




, Amwell & Franklin S t . East Millstone, N J . Sunday School 9:45 a.m.


Wednesday Bible Study & Prayer meeting 7:00 p.m.

40 New Market Rd.

2 1 4 Church Street Bound Brook

Rev. Joseph Baoij Pastor 873-3899



Sunday 8 a.m. Holy Eucharist 1 0 a.m. Choral Eucharist & Church School Wed. 10 a.m. Hoiy Eucharist with Birjie Siudy

TRINITY CHURCH Come grow with us in Faith, Hope and Love Worship Service 10:45 AM

Dr. Arnold H. Olsen, Pastor 725-6819


FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, 123 E.a«S,.. Someone



707 US 2QS. Bridgewater (northbound between Fisher & Ortho) SATURDAY SERVICES


Worship 10 am j& Sabbath School 11 am


Pasfor Jeanne Yurke

"25th Anniversary Year"

Sundays 9:00 A.M. - Mass and Homily

"Glared lo Hi* tfmt > out \nchored (o
117 Sunset Road Belle Mead, N.J. 08502 (Off Rte. 206)


908-874-3273 David C. Lehmkuhl, Pastor

Rev. Paul H. Harbach, Pastor Sunday Services: Sunday School M o n t h * Worship Youth Group ......

Sunday Worship - 1 10:00 AM Youth Group — 7 PM, Sundays

~ Church School — iv.15 AM Nursery Care Provided

Rev. Charles Little, Pastor

Evening Services As Arranged Bible Studies. Choirs. Fellowship

Worship ! 0:30 AM {Nursery Provided) Church School 10:30 AM Fellowship 11:30 AM



Sunday Eucharist

at 9:45 a.m.

8 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. REV. DAVID STOWE

Parsonage 356-0293

W TEMPLE* BETH* EL m Conservative Jewish Congregation • 1495 Amwell Road. Somerset. NJ. 08875 • Rabbi Martin Schlussel •

REFORMED CHURCH OF FINDERNE 581 Bridgewater Ave., Bridgewater 10 AM -

WORSHIP with Pastor Dan Hoogheem 10 AM -

Service Schedule: 8J3O P.M. Fri.. 9:30 A.M. Sat. • Full Hebrew School & Adult Education classes



Call (20!) 873-:325 for information

"A Place of Worship for Everyone"

Tl|e Congregational Church of Bound Brook Chui

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 218 Dunellen Ave.. Dunellen

908-968-3844 Sunday Worship at 9 Sc 11 am Sunday 5choo! at 9 am Handicap Access and Child Care Prayer and Bible Study Wednesdays at 8:00 pm Spiritual Heaiing 2nd Wedrasday at 7:45 pm

Where You Are A Stranger Only Once!

Rev, vViffldm
519 Mercer St.. P.O. Sox 6166. Bridgewater, N.J. 08307 Phone 0: 526-4330 | James B. Dockery, Pastor Wednesday



aoo rL nni B « « „ « ,



9:30 AM 11:00 AM 6:30 PM

158 W. High St., Somerville 722-1250

1949 Washington Valley Rd. in the Village of Martinsville


Somerville, New Jersey 08876

The Church That Cares"


Pattor Wort! Cars in 722-1129 or !31-9S93




Saturdays 7:00 P.M. • Mass and Homily

132 West High Street


Church 356-1326

Montgomery United Methodist Church

Wjr««ry«ndP:e-Scri<«l Program Provided Mealing I 'lac« Sr. Ctllzen

(American Baptist)

Sunday School & Service with Nursery Care - 1 1 a.m. Wednesday Eve. Meeting 8:00 p.m. Reading fioom 16 Division St. Mon.-Fa 11-3, Sat. 10-12


Summer Schedule Thursdays 5:30 P.M. • Holy Eucharist

The Rev. Ronald W. Parker 356-0247

Coffee Fellowship 10:20 EFCA Mid-week Small Group Studies

SUNDAY SERVICES 9:30 a.n.. Crirlstlin " ' liin Ediici Education 10:30 a.m. Fi. llowjtilp I 11:00 a.m. Won hip Service

Father Mark Chattin, Vicar

Sunday Worship Sen/ice 1 1 a.m. & 5 p.m.

Sunday School 9:30 AM



Ample Parking


Corner of Clinton

ST. PAUL LUTHERAN CHURCH (MISSOURI SYNOD) 15 w. Somerset S L , Rar.an Sunday Worship 10:30 A.M. Sunday School 9:C 0 A.Kl. Office 722-6113 Commun.cn Service 1st & 3rd Sunday of eacri moniri Rev. Phillip Mi
CENTRAL BIBLE EVANGELICAL FREi CHURCH King George Plaza, Rt. 22, East, Green Brook, NJ 0 3812 Sunday Worship Services Rev. Jarjies M yer. Pastor Morning 11:00 am 356-9831 Afternoon • 1:15 PM 752-5075 Nursery Care Provided

THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, BOUND BROOK Organized 1688 Presbyterian Church (USA) Mountain and Union Avenues, Bound Brook 356-; S75 The Rev. Dr. Brian T. Hislop, Pastor The Rev. Kathleen L H . Wiggins, Associate Pastor


ill Rd., Somerset, N.J.


ship Services: A.M.

Tel. No. Sunday Servl


Sunday Sch Handicapped Accessible

Donald Hobratschk

Rev. Janet M. Vincent


-Franklin Focus

ted Methodist Church " 4 2 Liberty Corner Road at Mt. Horeb Road 90J8-356-1217 Warren Township Rev. Kenneth L Richardson, Pastor Sunday Worship and Sunday Scho >l - 1C Saturday Worship — 5:30 p.m. Bell and Voice Choirs Youth " Fellowship Fellows


Community Life


Big turnout for Day of Caring By JEAN T. LEVJNE THEFOCUS


RARITAN - The United Way of Somerset County's Day of Caring sent a loud, clear message about the value of sharing. Held Sept. 16 on the grounds of Ortho Diagnostic Systems Inc., the carnival-style event kicked off the non-profit, social service agency's f.-U $6 million fund-raising campaign. Lauren A. Segal, United Way of Somerset County president, said more than 1,100 volur*eers from 26 companies, not counting an equal nur oer of county residents, turned out for the Day O;' Caring. She called it the "greatest display" of volunteerism in the area's history. "These volunteers donated 3,539 hours of their spare time Sept. 16 to 32 social service agencies supported by the United Way. Translated into dollars, this came to $36,826 worth of labor," Ms. Segal said. "It was the largest organized volunteer effort in Somerset County's history." Ms. Segal said the annual kickoff event was a "new


Somerset County

For members/iip information Please call 9 03-356-8777

Mounted Jewish Communi y Center

ST. MARTIN'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH 13S0 Washington Valley Rd., Sndgewater Father Bruce Montgomery 526-1350 Sunday Eucharist Church School 4 Nursery 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. 10:15 a.m.

-_ v

SUNDAY SERVICES 9:30 AM 11:00 A M Worship Worship Childcare CMWcare

Church Schoc1 • Handicap Accessible • Ben 3 Voice Choirs • Ycuih Feifowsmp James S. Weaver, James M. Faile. Pastor Assoc. Pastor

MANVILLE REFORMED CHURCH Comer of South Slh St. and Pope El.

,/N R! ! '' • *-• ! •

100 West Main Street e Somerville. NJ Worships at 10:00 am eacrt Sunday, followed by Church School for all ages. Nursery care is oroviCed and mere is ample parking in the adjacent city lot. Mrrtiswrs: The °.B'i. Dr. Varx A. Kraai The Sev. Gary L Oe'.Vin Telesnone: 908-725-45-J5

LC-MS Corner of West Union Sc Winsor St. Bound Brook, N:J CS8C5 Sunday School 9:15 A.M. Sunday Worship 1C:3O A.M.

(Nursery facilities available)

1500 Plainfield Ave., So. Plainfield

757-2833 or 756-1044


Rev. Clarke David Callender,

(Just East of Readington General Store)

Sunday School • 9:30 AM

Worship 11:00 a.m.


Worship Services -10:30 AM


Child Care Provided

Nursery Care Provided Office: 534-2077

MIDDLEBUSH REFORMED CHURCH The Corner of South Middlebush and Awmell Road Somerset 908-873-2776 Rev. Taylor W. Holbrook, Pastor Sunday School • 9:30 A.M. Worship Serivce - 11:00 A.M. "To Know Him and Make Him Known" Child Care Provided



° f C r h u r ( * « •andB J a c k s o n

A v e

To See Your


Regular Worsnlp (Childcare Providea) - 10:30 AM Regular Church School (2 Yrs. thru Adult) - 9:15 AM Summer Worship f'Childcare P-ovided) - 9:30 AM "A Community Church to Serve the Whole Family"

• Communion - First Sunday Each Month

• 3road Christian Education Program

• Four Choirs • Music For All Ages • Discovery Club After Children's Sermon • Large Print Bulletins, Bibles i Hymnals

• S/o/e Study - Wednesdays. 9:30 AM • Yriuth Fellowship • Sundays. 7:00 PM • Weekday Nurser/ school -2 to 4 Yrs.

• Handicapped Accessible Buildings

• Scouting Organizations Sponsored


874-4634 Sunday Services 8:15 AM Early Seeker Service 9:30 AM Sunday School (All Agesi 10:45 AM Morning Worsnb 6:00 PM Evening Service Wed. 7:30 Prayer Meetings Child Care provided at all Sendees Rev. John M. Luyben, Pastor David W. Loesser, Associate Pastor of Youth

Rev. Dr. Lee VanRensburg 150 West Union Avenue

Call Kristin At

Nursery Care Provided

10:00 AM

(908) 722-3000

First United Methodist Church

Come — join us in meaningful Christian worship.

9:00 a.m. Sunday School 10:00 a.m., SunrJay Morning Holy Communion Nursery Provided 100 Grant Avenue, Somerville Rev. Gregory Hotchkiss, 725-2678 Next to The Medical Center Traditional Anglican Rite


Unitarian Universalist

Church Ad Hert Gafl Kristin At (908) 722-3000, Ext. 6251

48 West High Street Somerville Rev. Dr. James L Lubach, Minister Worship Service 10:30 A.M. Sunday School 9:15 A.M. Infant Care Provided Off Street Parking

Worship Service

"A Warm Greeting Awaits You"

J <-'.eFen*4«fargot Campbell Gro

- Franklin Focus

246 Griggstown Belle Mead, NJ 08502

"A Warm-Hearted

Summer Worship

Ext. 6251


Communuity Church"

Bound Brook, 356-1372

Sunday School Hev. OncV K. Slorre, Pastor Sunday Worenip Adult Bibla Sludy (Fellowship logons) - 9 : 3 9 A.M.— -10:30 A . M . Nursery care provided - Handicap accessible.

9:30 AM English Church Service

Handicap Accessible

100 Kennedy Blvd. (off Easton Ave.).. SOMERSET The Rev. Dr. James G. Armour, Pastor Church Office Tei. - (908) 249-8674

Church Ad Here

(908) 234-0977


Sleven G.P. Strickler, Pastor



Readlngton Road, Readington, N.J.


ay . YOWh Cluo 4:00 • 7:00 P.M., Bibla Stucy 7 M P M

Pastors Michael Grubbs Ken Allen (908) 647-2043

Wesley United Methodist Church


' (908) 469-4438 - Office - (908) 469-5257 1190 MOUNTAIN AVE. MIDDLESEX, NEW JERSEY 08846 Pastor Kirk A. Orr "Jesus is Lord~. Sunday Worship • 9:30 A.M. All Welcome to Chnattan Educaaon. A g # s 2-Adult 11 : M A.M. Grow in Christ"

Meeting at: Bernards High School 25 Olcott Avenue Benardsville, NJ Sunday worship: 9:30 am Home Fellowship Meetings: Sunday evenings at 6:00 pm


Christian & Missionary Alliance

Anthony J. Douches, Pastor 356-1038

725-6774 11:30 AM Hungarian






104 Mt. H( 3reb Rd. Warren, NJ 07059 ..A Place for Your Family


Bob Vrabel tries the Frisbee toss as the United Way of Somerset County kicks off its annual fund-raising campaign in a new way with a Day of Caring held at Ortho Diagnostic Systems Inc. in Raritan.

glace* of Mor^tp

A Family Place... Weekly Shacb 3t Services Accredited Relig ous School Bar/Bat Mifcvah/ Confirmation Pre-School/You th Activities Adult Educatic n Program Men's CiubAV'orr en's Division

departure" from the usual. In past years, large corporations affiliated with the United Way's fund-raising effort would hold athletic competitions in volleyball, obstacle courses and relay races where company teams competed against each other. This year, all volunteers received a free mug for their efforts. Everyone got the chance to participate in pie eating, the basketball throw, the water balloon toss, radar pitch and limbo dance with live music. Free hot dogs and soft drinks were provided by Ortho Pharmaceutical, while pies, fruit and prizes for winners of the various competitions were donated by local merchants. Vicky Cantore, a billing clerk for Roche Biomedical Lab in Raritan, said that her company had just completed a giant food gathering project for the needy in Somerset and Union counties. "This is one of our United Way affiliated programs," explained the Raritan resident. "I'm very active in the United Way fund-raising and volunteer campaign. This Day of Caring idea with its carnival atmosphere was great."

Church Office


BRIDGEWATER UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 651 Country Club Road. Bridgewater 526-1414 Rev. George P Fischer, Sr. Pastor Rev. David K. Ravinder. Assoc. Pastor

Worship Services Saturday 5:30 P.M. Sunday 8:30 A.M. & 10 A.M. Child Care provided Healing Service is #ie 3rd Sunday E jsmng of ESicS Men* at 7 CO p.m BUMC is a sponsor of. The Children's Corner (Day Care & Pre-S*ool) and Lifeline Counseling Center

September 25,1992

Community Life

Township honors Constitution

LOCAL MOVIE TIMES FOR THE WEEK OF FRIDAY, SEPT. 25-THURSDAY, OCT. 1 • Schedules Sen* are subject to lastminute change. .

MIDDLESEX AMBOY MULTIPLEX Routes 9'& 35, Sayreville (908) 721-3400 •The Last of the Mohicans (R) Friday-Thursday:! 1.3:20,5:40,8, 10:20 p.m. Late Show Friday and Saturday at 12:30 a.m. •Sarafina! (PG-13) Friday-Thursday: 1:30,3:40,5:45,8,10:15 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at 12:15arfn. •Innocent Blood (R) Friday-Thursday. 1:05, 3:25, 5:45, 8:05,10:25 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at 12:35 a.m. I •Mr. Saturday Nfght (R) FridayThursday: 1 , 4, f, 9:25 p.m. Late show Friday and! Saturday at 11:40 p.m. •Husbands and Wives (R) FridayThursday: 1 , 3:15, 5:30, 7:45,10 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at 12:30 a.m. •Singes (PG-13) Friday-Thursday: 1 , 3:10.5:15. 7:15,9:15 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at 11:45 p.m. •Captain Ron (PG-13) Friday, Monday-Thursday: 1.3:10, 5:20, 7:40, 9:50 pjti. Saturday: 1,3:10, 5:20, 9:40 p.m. Sunday: 2:55,5:20, 7:40,9:50 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at midnigit •School Ties (PG-13) FridayThursday. 1:10,3:25,5:40,7:55, 10:20 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at 12:25 a.m. •Sneakers (PG-13) Friday-Thursday: 1:25,4:15.7,9:30 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at 12:15 a.m. •Hellraiser 111: Hell on Earth (R) Friday-Thursday. 1:15,3:15,5:15, 7:55,10:20 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at 12:10 a.m. •Pet Sematary Two (R) FridayThursday: 7,9:10 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at 11:30 p.m. •Honeymoon In Vegas (PG-13) Friday-Thursday: 1:15,3:20,5:25, 7:25,9:30 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at 11:30 p.m. •Rapid Fire (H) Friday-Thursday: 7:35,10 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at 11:50 p.m. • 3 Ninjas (PG) Friday-Thursday: 1-30,3:30, 5:30 p.m. •Single White Female (R) FridayThursday: 1:05,3:30, 5:45,8, 10:20 p.m. Late show Friday and Saturday at 12:30 a.m. •Honey, I Blew Up the Kid (PG) Friday-Thursday: 1 , 3 , 5 p.m. "Sneak preview of Mighty Ducks (PG) Saturday at 7:40 p.m., Sunday at l p.m. CINEPLEXODEON MENLOPARK Route 1 , Edison . (908)321-1412 'Captain Ron (PG-13) Friday, Monday-Thursday: 1:30,3:30, 5:30. 7:40,9:40 p.m. Saturday: 1:30, 3:30,5:30,9:40 p.m. Sunday: 3:30,5:30,7:40,9:40 p.m. "•Sarafina! (PG-13) Friday-Thursday: 1 : 1 5 , 3 : 4 0 , 6 , 8 , 1 0 p.m. •Husbands and Wives (R) FridayThursday: 1:45, 4:30, 7:30,10

'p.m. , "Mr. Saturday Night (R) Friday"Thursday: 1 , 3:15, 5:30, 8,10:20 p.m. ."'Singles (PG-13) Friday-Thursday: 1:15, 3:30. 5:55. 8:10,10:30 p.m. •Innocent Blood (PG-13) Friday-

Thursday: 1:30,3:40, 5:50, 7:50, 10:30 p.m. •Sob Roberts (R) Friday-Thursday. 1,3:10, 5:20, 7:30, 9:45 p.m. •Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (R) Friday-Thursday: 1:30,10:20 p.m. •Single IMifte Female (R) FridayThursday 3:30, 5:50,8:10 p.m. , •The Last of the Mohicans (R) Friday-Thursday: 1:10,3:20, 5:30, 7:40, 9:50 p.m. •Sneakers (PG-13) Friday-Thursday: 2, 5, 7:45,10:15 p.m. •School Ties (PG-13) FridayThursday. 1 , 3:20, 5:30, 7:50, 10:15 p.m. •Wind (PG-13) Friday-Thursday: 1:15 p.m. •Honeymoon in Vegas (PG-13) Friday-Thursday: 3:40, 5:45, 7:45, 9:45 p.m. •Sneak preview of Mighty Ducks (PG) Saturday at 7:40 p.m., Sunday at 1:30 p.m. DUNELLEN THEATER 458 North Ave., Ounellen (908) 968-3331 •Call theater for showtimes. KENDALL PARK CINEMAS 3560 Route 27, Kendall Park (908) 422-2444 •The Last of the Mohicans (R) Friday, Saturday: 2:10,4:45,7:30, 9:45 p.m. Sunday-Tuesday. 2:10, 4:45,7:15,9:30 p.m." Wednesday, Thursday: 7,9:15 p.m. •Mr. Saturday Night (R) Friday, Saturday: 2,4:35, 7:05,930 p.m. Sunday-Tuesday: 2,4:30,6:50, 9:15 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday: 7:05,9:30 p.m. •Sneakers (PG-13) Friday, Saturday. 1:50,4:15,6:45, 9:15 p.m. Sunday-Tuesday. 1:40,4:05,6:30,9 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday: 8 p.m. •Honeymoon in Vegas (PG-13) Friday, Saturday: 2:10,4:30,6:35, 8:30,10:30 p.m. Sunday-Tuesday: 2:10,4:05,6:05,8,10 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday. 7:45.9:45 p.m. •Captain Ron (PG-13) Friday, Saturday: 1:50,3:50,5:55. 7:55, 10 p.m. Sunday-Tuesday: 1:35,3:35, 5:40, 7:40,9:45 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday 7:40,9:45 p.m. •Husbands and Wives (R) Friday, Saturday: 2:20,4:50.7:50,10 p.m. Sunday-Tuesday: 2:20,4:40, 6:50,9 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday: 8:15 p.m. •Singles (PG-13) Friday, Saturday: 2:10,4:10,6:10,8:10,10:15 p.m. Sunday-Tuesday: 1:35,3:40, 5:40, 7:40,9:45 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday. 7:40,9:45 p.m. MOVIE CITY Route l.ft Gill Lane, Jselio (908)382-5555 •Call theater for showtimes. MOVIE CITY Oak Tree Center •••'. 1665 Oak tree Rd., Edison (908)549-6666 •Call theater for showtimes. UNITED ARTISTS MIDDLESEX MALL V Stelton and Hadley roads South Plainfield (908) 753-2246 •Call theater tor showtimes.

SOMERSET BERNARDSVILLE CINEMA Route 202, Bemardsville (908)766-0357 •Enchanted April (PG) Friday: 7:30, 9:30 p.m. Saturday: 1:30, 3:30, . 5:30,7:30,9:30 p.m. Sunday:

1:30,3:30, 5:30. 7:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 7:45 p.m. BROOK CINEMA 10 Hamilton S t Bound Brook (908) 469-9665 •Bobfloberts (R) Friday, MondayThursday: 7:15,9:15 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 1:15,3:15, 5:15, 7:30, 9:40 p.m. •The Rocky Honor Picture Show (R) Friday, Saturday: Midnight GENERAL CINEMA BLUE STAR Route 22, Watchung (908) 322-7007 •Call theater for showtimes. GENERAL CINEMA BRIDGEWATER COMMONS Routes 22 & 202-206 Bridgewater (908)725-1161 •Mr. Saturday Night (R) FridaySunday: 1:35, 4:10, 7,9:40 p.m. Monday-Thursday 1:35, 4:10, 6:40, 9:10 p.m. •The Last of the Mohicans (R) Friday-Sunday. 1:50,4:40, 7:20, 9:50 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 1:50, 4:40, 7:10,9:30 p.m. •Sneakers (PG-13) Friday-Sunday 1:40,4:20, 7:10,10 p.m. MondayThursday: 1:40, 4 5 0 , 6 : 5 0 , 9 : 1 5 p.m. •Singes (PG-13) Friday-Sunday 1:30,3:40,5:40,8,10:10 p.m. Monday-Thursday. 1:45,4:30,7, 9-.30p.rn. •Sob Roberts (R) Friday-Thursday. 1:45, 4,6:40,9:10 p.m. •School Ties (PG-13) FridayThursday: 1:55,4:30,6:50,9:20 p.m. •Enchanted April (PG) FridayThursday: 1 3 0 , 3 : 3 0 p.m. •Honeymoon in Vegas (PG-13) Friday-Sunday 5:30, 7:50,10:10 p.m. Monday-Thursday. 5:30, 7:45, 9:45 p.m. GENERAL CINEMA RUTGERS PLAZA Eastern Ave., Somerset (908)828-8787 •Call theater for showtimes. GENERAL CINEMA SOMERVILLE CIRCLE Route 2 8 , Raritan (908)526-0101 •Captain Ron (PG-13) Friday. 6 , 8 , 10 p.m. Saturday. 1:45,3:45, 5:45,9:45 p.m. Sunday: 3:45, 5:45, 7:45.9:45 p.m. MondayThursday: 7,9:15 p.m. •Hellraiser III: HeB on Earth (R) Friday: 6:20,10:10 p.m. Saturday, Sunday 1 3 0 , 5:35,10:10 p.m. ••.; Monday-Thursday 9:30 p.m. •Single iMiite Female (R) Friday. 8:05 p.m. Saturday, Sunday 3:20, 7:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday: 7:15 .








' ' .


\ .


• '


•innocent Blood (R) Friday. 6:10, 8:10,10:10 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 2 , 4 , 6 , 8 , 1 0 p.m. MondayThursday: 7:30, 9:45 p.m. •Sneak preview of Mighty Ducks (PG) Saturday at 7:45 p.m., Sunday at 1:45 p.m. MONTGOMERY CENTER THEATER Route 206, Rocky Hill (609)924-7444 •Husbands and VWves (R) Friday, Monday-Thursday: 7:20,9:30 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 1 , 3, 5:10, 7:20, 9:30 p.m. •Enchanted April (PG) Friday, Monday-Thursday: 7:15, 9:15 p.m. Saturday, Sunday: 1:15. 3:15, 5:15, 7:15,9:15 p.m.

Monday-Thursday 7,9:20 p.m. Saturday, Sunday. 2, 4:15,7,9:20 FRANKLIN - Mayor Robert p.m. Zaborowski issued and signed a CINEPLEX ODEON CRANFORD •Sneakers (PG-13) Friday, Mondayproclamation last week declaring 25 North Ave. West Thursday 7,9:20 p.m. Saturday, the township would observe Sept. Sunday: 2,4:15, 7,9:20p.m. ' Cranford 14-20 as Constitution Week, with •Husbands arid Wives (R) Friday, (908)276-9120 Monday-Thursday: 7:30,9:30 p.m. special emphasi^ placed on Sept. •Sneakers (PG-13) Friday, MondaySaturday, Sunday 2, 4, 7:30,9:30 17 as Citizenship Day. Thursday: 7:10,9:45 p.m. Saturp.m. day, Sunday: 2, 4:30, 7:10, 9:45 The proclamation was issued at •Captain Ron (PG-13) Friday, Monp.m. the council meeting Sept., 15'at the day-Thursday: 7:10, 9:10 p.m. Sat•Gas Food Lodging (R) Friday, Monrequest of Carolyn Erickson, puburday, 2,4, 9:10 p.m. Sunday: 4, day-Thursday: 7:30, 9:30 p.m. Sat7:10,9:10 p.m. lic affairs chairperson of the urday, Sunday: 2, 4, 6, 8 , 1 0 p.m. •Sneak preview of Mighty Ducks GFWC-Franklin Woman's Club. CINEPLEX ODEON UNION (PG) Saturday at 7:10 p.m., Sunday Promotion of Citizenship Day 990 Stuyvesant Ave., Union at 2 p.m. (908) 686-4373 and Constitution Week is an objecHUNTERDON THEATER •Mr. Saturday Night (R) Friday, tive of the Public Affairs DeRoute 3 1 , Remington Monday-Thursday: 7:30, 9:45 p.m. partment of the General Federa(908)782-4815 Saturday, Sunday. 1:30,3:40, •The Last of the Mohicans (R) Fri- tion of Women's Clubs. The Frank5:45, 7:55,10 p.m. day, Saturday, Monday-Thursday: 7, lin club has been instrumental in •Schooi 77es (PG-13) Friday, Mon9:15 p.m. Sunday 2, 7,9:15 p.m. promoting the joint resolution day-Thursday 7:40, 9:50 p.m. Satpassed by Congress authorizing urday, Sunday 1:40,3:40, 5:40, the president to issue annual proc7:40, 9:45 p.m. lamations calling for the obserAMC HEADQUARTERS 10 FIVE POINTS CINEMA 72 Headquarters Plaza vance of Constitution Week in 327 Chestnut St., Union Morristown (908) 964-9633 honor of the signing of the Consti(201) 292-0606 •Call theater for showtimes. tution of the United States Sept. •Wind (PG-13) Friday 5, 7:30,10 LINDEN F1VEPLEX 17, 1787 and Citizenship Days in p.m. Saturday: 1 3 0 , 5, 7:30.10 400 North Wood Ave., Linden recognition of new citizens. p.m. Sunday, Monday 1:50, 5:30, (908)925-9787 7:50 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday. 5:30, The Franklin club will celebrate •Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (R) Fri7:50 p.fn. its annual international dinner day 7:40,9:45 p.m. Saturday, •Bob Roberts (R) Friday: 5:20, Sunday 1 , 3 , 5 , 7:40,9:45 p m meeting 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 7:30, 9:50 p.m. Saturday 1:40, Monday-Thursday 7:35,9:35 p.m. 13, in Fellowship Hall of Middle-. 5:20, 7:30,9:50 p.m. Sunday •Sneakers (PS-13) Friday. 7:25, 1:30.3:30, 5 3 0 , 7:50 p.m. Mon- bush Reformed Church. A candle9:45 p.m. Saturday, Sunday 1:45, day.'2:10,5:40, 7:50 p.m. light reception welcoming new 4:30, 7:25,9:45 p.m. MondayTuesday-Thursday: 5:40, 7:50 p.m. members will be conducted by Thursday: 7:20,9:30 p.m. •Mr, Saturday Night (R) Friday: 5, Irene Calafiore, membership chair•innocent Blood (R) Friday. 7:35, 7:30,10:10 pim. Saturday: 2 , 5 , person. Hostesses will be Chairper9:45 p.m. Saturday. Sunday. 1:15, 7:30,10:10 p.m. Sunday 1:20, son Pat Kaufhold, Joy Baptist, 3:15,5:15. 7:35,9:45 p.m. Mon3 2 0 , 5:50,8:20 p.m. Monday day-Thursday 7:30,9:30 p.rrt. Bernice Carlson, Carolyn Erickson 2:10,5:40,8 p.m. Tuesday'Captain Ron (PG-13) Friday: 7:30, Thursday: 5:40, S p.m. and Marie McGill. 9:40 p.m. Saturday, Sunday 1:15, •innocent Blood (R) Friday 5:10, Members will also make Hal3:15,5:15,7:30,9:40 p.m. Mon7:40.10 p.m. Saturday: 2. 5:10, loween favors for: area nursing day-Thursday: 7:20,9:25 P-m. 7:40,10 p.m. Sunday 1:50, 5:4a •S/ngfes (PG-13) Friday. 7:30,9:45 8 p.m. Monday 1:50,5:40,8 p.m. homes and may donate candy for p.m. Saturday, Sunday, 1 , 3 , 5 , the favors. Tuesday-Thursday 5:40,8 p.m. 7:30,9:40 p.m. Monday-Thursday: •Sneakers (PG-13) Friday 5, 7:30, Additionally, the club will spon9:50 p.m. Saturday: 1:50,5. 7:30, sor a senior art exhibit Saturday, 7:30,9:30p.m. 9:50 p.m. Sunday 2, 5:30,8 p.m. Oct. 17, from noon-5 p.m. at the LOST PICTURE SHOW Monday 2,5:30. 7:50 p.m. Mon2395 Springfield Ave.. Union Villagers Barn Theatre, with a $1 day-Thursday. 5:30,7:50 p.m. (908)964-4497 •Honeymoon in Vegas (PG-13) Fri- entrance fee. There; will also be a •Call theater for showtimes. day 5:30, 7:50,10:10 p.m. Satur- senior show in thei Black Box of NEW PARK CINEMA day 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 7:50.10:10 Villagers Theatre irom 2-3 pm. 23WestWestfieldAve. p.m. Sunday 1:50,4,6,8:10 p.m. Entertainers will be\ Make Believe RosellePark Monday 2:10, 5:50,8:10 p.m. Ballroom, Senior High Steppers (908) 241-2525 Tuesday-Thursday 5:50, 8:10 p.m. •Call theater for showtimes. •Captain Ron (PG-13) Friday 5:30, and Swinging Singujig Seniors. Admission is by donation, and pro8,10:10 p.m. Saturday 1:20, UNITED ARTISTS RIALTO 3:20,5:30,10:10 p,m. Sunday. ceeds will go to th^ Newark Chil250 East Broad St. 3:40, 5:50,8 p.m. Monday: 1:50, dren's Trauma Ceijiter. The club Westfield 5:50,8:10 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday: gives a special thanjks to Villagers (908)232-1288 5:50, 8:10 p.m. •Call theater tor showtimes. Barn Theatre, Irene Califiore and •Scfiooi Ties (PG-13) Friday: 5. WESTFIELD TWIN CINEMA Flo VanPelt. 7:30,9:50 p.m. Saturday 1:40,5, 138 Central Ave., Westfield 7:30.9:50 p.m. Sunday 1:30, (908)654-4720 3:40,6,8:20 p.m. Monday 2, •Captain Ron (PG-13) Friday, 5:50,8 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday Wednesday, Thursday 7:30,9:35 5:50, 8 p.m. ANSWERS TO CR0S6W0RP PUZZLE p.m. Saturday 1:30,3:30,5:30. IN COMMUNITY LIFE SECTION •Husbands and Wives (R) Friday: 9:35 p.m. Sunday-Tuesday 3:30, 5:10, 7 : 4 0 , 9 5 0 p.m. Saturday 5:30,7:30,9:35 p.m. 1:50, 5:10. 7:40.9:50 p.m. Sun•School Ties (PG-13) Friday. day: 1:40,3:50, 6,8:10 p.m. MonWednesday, Thursday: 7:45, 9:55 day. 2:10, 5:40,7:50 p.m. p.m. Saturday-Tuesday. 1,3:15, Tuesday-Thursday 5:40, 7:50 p.m. 5:40,7:45,9:55 p.m. •Singles (PG-13) Friday. 5:20, 7:40, •Sneak preview of Mighty Ducks 10:10 p.m. Saturday: 1:20,3:20, (PG) Saturday at 7:30 p.m., Sunday 5:20, 7:40,10:10 p.m. Sunday: at 1:30 p.m. 1:40,3:50,6,8:10 p.m. Monday 2, 6,8:10 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday 6, 8:10 p.m. •Sneak preview of Mighty Ducks CINEMA PLAZA (PG) Saturday-at 8 p.m., Sunday at Routes 202 & 3 1 , Remington 1:20 p.m. (908)782-2777 CINEMA 206 •Innocent Blood (R) Friday-Thursday: Routes 206 & 24, Chester 7:10,9:10 p.m. (908) 879-4444 •Mr. Saturday Night (R) Friday, •Call theater for showtimes.


See WeekendPlus for reviews of current movies -Franklin Focus


September 25, 1992

Community Life


Jensen overcoming huge odds with big heart By CHARLES J. ZANGARA THE FOCUS

BRIDGEWATER - Christine Jensen entered her senior year of college with hopes of competing in the Olympic swimming trials, but something began to appear painfully wrong. As an Ail-American high school swimmer, she had overlooked the frequent dizziness she had experi-

enced since being a child. It only happened when she ate, and it never effected her swimming. But, then in her college senior year, she and others began to

sluggish; she could no longer train as hard as she once did. She decided to seek a medical opinion, and only after numerous tests were her concerns answered; she had a genetic condition called Deglutation Syncope, a condition which shuts down the heart during periods of swallowing. "They said to me that I should not be living," said Ms. Jensen, notice her swimming had become (Please turn to page 40)

Register by Wednesday, October 14 for

HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE DISPOSAL DAY Saturday, October 17,1992 Drop off materials at the Somerset County Public Works Garage 410 Roycefield Rd., Hillsborough


Bridgewater Recreation Department employee Chris Jensen, who had a rare heart disease, leads a normal life, which includes doing aerobics at a local health club, and will participate in the American Heart Association Turkey Walk.

Member N.J. Dance Theatre Guild



} CALL 463-0550

Who can participate? All Somerset County homeowners and farmers What can be collected? All hazardous waste generated from households, along with banned or outdated pesticides. Wastes will only be accepted in their original, labeled containers. Please DO NOT bring: • Unknowns or unidentified material • Explosives • Infectious waste

• 2, 4, 5-TP (Silvex) • Dioxins • PCBs


• Pentachlorophenol THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT you can bring is 80 lbs. of dry material or 10 gallons of liquid. There is a 2 gallon limitation on used motor oils. 3


REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED! Please call the Somerset County Division of Solid Waste Management at (908) 704-8042 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. by Oct. 14.


Sponsored by the Somerset County Board of Chosen Freeholders

Community Life


September 25,~1992 0 Holiday BJ B;zaar — Sacred Heart Church, Townsend Street, New Brunswick. Nov.r. 7. 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Call Terry at: ;49-0244.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 2 5 0 Fish V Chips - Dinner sponsored by Middlebush Reformed Church, South Middlebush and Amwell roads. 5-7 pjn. Adults $7.50, under 12 $4. Advance dinner and take-out reservations requested. Call Sue Hasner at 8738545 or Cosima Smith at 873-2751. 0 Agnes Of God — Opens new season at the Villagers Theatre, DeMott Lane. Runs through Oct. 18. 873-2710. 0 Family Planning Clinic — Sponsored by Franklin Township Health Department, 935 Hamilton St. 9:30 ajn. 0Agnes of God — Drama presented by jthe 'Villagers Theatre, DeMott L^ne. Weekends through Oct. 18. 87^-2710.


WANTED 0 Crafters/flja market vendors for Oct. 10 craft fair at Community Baptist Church, 211 DeMott Lane, Somerset. 246-1122.

for ages 4 and up. Franklin Township Public Library, 485 DeMott Lane. 10:30 a.m.-noon and 1:303:30 p.m.


Send items to be included in This Week to P.O. Box 699, SomerviUe, Coffee House, Fellowship Hall, Six NJ 08876. Items should be received Mile Run Reformed Church, Route at least lOdahs prior to publica27, Franklin Park. 821-1324. tion.



0 Dinosaurs — A 4-H workshop for grades 1-4. Franklin Township Public Library, 485 DeMott Lane. $1. 3:30 p.m. Register: 873-8700. 0 Garage sale — Sponsored by Welcome Wagon Club of Franklin 0 Business Card Exchange — Township|at^2 Mofttrbse Road. 9- Sponsored by Chamber of Commerce of Franklin Township. 1. Rain orjshine. Wednesday, Sept. 30. New Era 0 Sing a Song of Sixpence — Songs, miisical activities, puppets Bank, 675 Franklin Boulevard. $5 per person, chamber members and and flanelboard for ages 2 V2A. Franklin Township Public Library, guests in advance; $10 per person, 485 DeMott Lane. 10:30 a.m. Regis- non-members; $10 at the door. Deadline: Sept. 28. 5:30-7:30 p.m. ter: 873-8700. Call 560-3737. 0 Chamber music — New Brunswick Chamber Orchestra presents flautist Katheririe McClure and harpsichordist Anita Cervantes in an evening of Baroque music. St. Andrew's Church, North Main and; York streets, LambertviUe. General admission $10, .students and se0 Healthy clinic - Child Health niors $6. {j p.m. For information, Clinic sponsored by Franklin call 707-9542. Township Health Department, 935 Hamilton St. 9:30 a.m. For appointment, call 873-2500, Ext. 250. 0 Folk concert — Folk singer Bemice Lewis performs at Horizons Coffee House in the Fellowship Hall of the Six Mile Run Reformed Church, Route 27, Franklin 0 Clinic — For women, infants, Park. 8 p.m. Admission: $6, or $5 children. Franklin Township Health Department, 935 Hamilton with a donation of non-perishable St 9:30 a.m. For appointments, call food goods to the Franklin Township Food Bank; children under 12 846-0829. j • 0 Library hours — library open $2. Doors open 7:30 p.m. For inforation, call 821-1324. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. only.









0 Township Council — Agenda session ajj 7 p m followed by regular public meeting at 8 p.m. Frankto Township Municipal Building, 475 DeS&ftt Lane, 0 Drop-in craft — Simple activity

0 Friday Films — "Flying Mouse" and "Fish from Japan" for ages 4 and up. Franklin Township Puhlic Library, 485 DeMott Lane. 3:30 p.m. ,

0 Mother Goose — Traditional rhymes with songs, flannelboard and puppets for ages 1 V2-2 V2. Franklin Township Public Library, 485 DeMott Lane. 10:30 a.m. Register: 873-8700.

Upcoming 0 Aerobic fundraiser — To benefit St. Jude's Children Hospital. Oct. 5. Somerset Pool and Fitness, Quality Inn, Somerset. 9 a.m.-l p.m. and 5-9:30 p.m. For more information, 563-1771. 0 Dinner dance — to benefit Marconi Foundation in support of the Guglielmo Marconi Memorial Plaza, JFK Boulevard and Easton Avenue, Friday, Oct. 9. McAteer's, Easton Avenue. Dinner 7 p.m, cash bar 6:30 p.m. $25. For information, call John Carlano at 2472467. 0 Craft fair/flea market/auction — Community Baptist Church, 211 DeMott Lane. To benefit church building fund. Saturday, Oct. 10. Craft fair/fleam market, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Auction begins at 4:15 p.m. Rain date: Oct. 17. 246-1122. 0 Fashion show/luncheon — Featuring fashions by Bobbi Fashions and Furs by Knauer Furs. Consolata Missionaries, Route 27. Saturday, Oct. 11. $17.50. For reservations, call 297-9191. 0 Candlelight concert — Meadows Foundation presents Meadows Chamber Music Society Gala Benefit Performance for the Hageman Center for the Arts and the Meadows Foundation Sunday, Oct. 18. Includes Viennese Celebration Reception. First Reformed Church, 9 Bayard St, New Brunswick. $20. For information, call 828-1812 or 249-6770. 0 Children's Halloween concert — Featuring Jim Albertson. Saturday, Oct. 31.2:30 p.m. Horizons

CROSSWORD ACROSS IWordwilh pink or rose 6 Anything worthless 10 Wai or IS Gem stone I t Inland sea 30 Proportion 21 Greek epic pown 22 Quote 23 — avh 24 Lead-in to • atong 25 Liver or


26 Pretty $oon 27 RIM gradually 2» Weightconcern 30 Henry or Ernie I t T e n s shrine 32 Pinnacle of gtaderfce 34 Classic ear 3 * Main body artaiy M F i . hoty 41 Harrison or Stout 42 Marked courage 44GalnaaptoM «S Drama division 46 "MessiahcoinpOMf SO Roman historian

t IV

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cod lamily 91 Pool member 7 92 Close by 94 Hopkins or " Perkins »6 Manually 97 Society-page word 98 Stadium cheer lOOCatthe — (give orders) 101 Rower 102 Funny Louis 103 Style of type 10S Make a boo boo 106 Paragon of slowness 106 Wild 111 Ibsen heroine 113 Greenland exploration base 1161979 movie starring Slgourney WtHWflf 119 Barren 120 Word before board or box 121 Kind ol bcttlsfy 123 Feed Ihe kitty 124 Bean or dty 125 Friendly 126 Type of hydrous sodium carbonala 127OthaHo.for


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128 Gate askance 12» Smile

4! Janu; iy. to Juan 42 Gentleman's antli man 4! Lace luting 4! •Abotben


September 25,1992

You said it: 'I'm pleased with the performance I had in the end. 17th isn't too bad.' - Bill Mclaughlin Franklin triathlete after World Championships



Sports Net Gains

Driving downfield

Franklin Slo-Pitch The Franklin Township Fall Open Softball Tournament takes place this weekend, with* 16 teams vying for top honors Saturday and Sunday. The tourney is sponsored by the Franklin Township Alliance Against Alcohol & Drug Abuse and the Franklin SloPitch Softball League. For info, call Bob Praskach at 247-4020.

FHS unveils strong offense By JEFF HANEY THE FOCUS

In the Money Franklin's Bill McLaughlin battled chilly conditions to place third among Americans in his age group (17th overall) at the World Triathlete Championships in Muskoka, Canada on September 12.

The Hot Spot The Franklin High School football team kicks off the '92 season Saturday with a 1 p.m. home game versus Bridgewater-Raritan. The Warriors hope to avenge last year's 16-6 loss.

Inside • Previews • Youth Sports • Scoreboard

18 20 21

Got a score to report? Col! M Honey at 722-3000 ext: 6344 or fax to: S26-2S09. Our address is: P.O. Box 699, SommiilU, N.J. 08876.


Rutgers Prep's Jamie Schumer, the Lady Argonauts' leading scorer so far, controls the ball in Prep's 8-1 loss to Princeton Day School. For results, see High School Roundup, page 20.

Rutgers Prep X-C looks to carry on decade of success By JEFF HANEY THE FOCUS

Bob Dougherty has put together a lusty record over the past decade as coach of the Rutgers Prep cross country team. Seven times in the last 10 years, the boys' team has placed second at the Prep school state championships, and once — in 1990 — they won the event outright, And even though the Argonauts looked sharp iri their first meet this fall, Dougherty remains on the cautious side of optimistic. "Our goal is not to win states," the coach said, "but to remain competitive as we build


the team up again." "Build" is the key word. Coming off a season in which they went 5-3 and finished second (what else?) at states, Rutgers Prep fields a young boys team with just one senior. They do boast several promising youngsters, though, including freshman Tom McNally, the projected No. 1 man. Hell be closely followed by Paul Kermizian, the lone senior, junior John Young, and sophomore Billy Bocra. "I'm expecting big things from (McNally)," said Dougherty. "He's only been out a few weeks; I just hope he likes the sport" McNally won his first race ever, as Prep beat Ranney 20-35 in the season opener Tuesday.





Not many field hockey balls rolled into enemy nets for Franklin last year, as goals proved elusive for the Lady Warriors. In fact, the squad managed only seven tallies all season en route to a 5-8-5 record. It's somewhat of a surprise, then, that as the '92 season opens, Franklin Head Coach Pat Weinert considers the offense her club's main strength. Meanwhile, the defense remains riddled with question marks. "We lost our defense completely to graduation," said Weinert, a 24th-year mentor. "We're still not set on a defensive lineup; a lot of players are moving up from JV and they haven't clicked yet." Heading up the deep Warrior offense is a trio of senior forwards — Tonya Mitchell, Catherine Hopkin(Please turn to page 22)


Freshman Dave Bilenker hopes to shave a couple minutes off his time in order to compete with the big four ahead of him. Rounding out the Prep roster are junior rookie Paul Constantinides and freshman Doug Mayle, either of whom could surprise some people as the fall progresses. "I think the boys will be a team to be reckoned with by the end of the season," Dougherty predicted. The girls' squad, comprised of just six runners — all seniors — features Amy Holliday and Erica Golliday, the co-captains of the entire Prep team, boys and girls. They figure to (Please turn to page 23)

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September 25,1992


It's Schumer time ^t Prep


Schwartz stars at County Tourney

Franklin vs. Bridgewater-Raritan Date: Saturday, Sept. 26 Time: 1 p.rm.

Location: Franklin High School Stadium, 415 Francis St., Somerset The Warriors (0-0): New head coach Joe Goerge unveils his version of the run-and-shoot offense, which shouldn't differ too much from Franklin's usual style. Jr QB Adam Dennington (5-8, 160) will engineer the offense. Expect a 40 defense and lots of speed on both sides of the line. Last year: 4-5 The Panthers (0-0): B-R has Encountered a few key tosses since Closing out their fine season last fall. Gone is star RB Dammen McDuffie, who ran out of high school eligibity and won't compete. The Panthers . also graduated a host of seniors, including QB Duke Baxter. Watch for the ' Delaware wing-T offense, marked by plenty of motion in the backfield. Sr. LB Don Rought (6-1, 200) is a prime returnee. Last year: 7-1-1 The Skinny: Can Joe Goerge bring winning football back to Franklin? Opening Day at home offers Warrior fans a perfect chance to gain an early indication. Franklin will also be out for revenge, as the Panthers won last year's game — also the season opener — by a 16-6 count.

a very strong t^am." The Rutgers RUTGERS PREP Prep girls soccer team blanked Villa First singles player Lynnie Victoria 3-0 Schwartz, the So. 4 seed, advanced Friday, but to the quarter iinals of the Somerthen sucset County Tournament Saturday, cumbed 8-1 to defeating Imrnaculata's Christine Princeton Day on Monday to start O'Brien 3-6, 6-4, 7-5 in the opening off their season with a 1-1 record. round of the tourney. Schwartz Goalkeeper Cherie Gallini re- met Kavita Pinke of Franklin in corded the shutout over Villa, gar- the quarters, but was upset 4-6, 6nering nine saves. Jamie Schumer 2, 6-3 (see below for more Franklin paced the Lady Argonauts' of- results). fensive attack by firing in a pair of As a team, Rutgers Prep placed goals, one in each half. Lindsey in a tie for ninth place out of 12 Gerickont notched the other goal with two pointy at the SCT. for visiting Prep. Villa fell to 0-3. In dual-me^t action, the Lady In the Argos' home debut Mon- Argonauts split their first two day, Gallini racked up 19 saves, matches, falliijg to 3-0 Pingry Fribut it wasn't enough to withstand day by a 5-0 vjerdict, but defeating the Panthers' potent attack. Wardlaw-Hartridge 3-2 on ThursSchumer opened the scoring with day. Prep's di ubles squad carried Prep's lone goal, but PDS re-the team in the win, as Gina sponded with eight unanswered Trainer and ulie Rockoff won at first doubles and Meredith Maxtallies. "The girls played hard,, but it well and Niklp Samuels were vicat ! second doubles. was against a very skilled team," torious said Rutgers Prep Head Coach Schwartz won| at first singles. In Walt Nichols. "Princeton Day other matches, second singles, played a strong game, and they are player Amy Spiith was edged 64, 5-7, 6-4 and third singles player Caroline Chai^g succumbed 6-2, 63.


Tonya Mitchell of the Franklin field hockey team battles a Monroe player during a preseason game. Mitchell and the Lady Warriors are off to a 1-2 start.

High School Results week of September 16-22 FRANKLIN Girls Tennis (2-3) Lady Warriors 3, Somerville 2 Lady Warriors 6 at County Tourney Lady Warriors 3, Bound Brook 2 Hunterdon Central 5, Lady Warriors 0


Field Hockey (1-2) Voorhees 4, Lady Warriors 0 Somerville 1, Lady Warriors 0 Lady Warriors 1, Watchung Hills 0 Girls Soccer (0-2-1) Hackettstown 2, Franklin 0

PEI-LIN HSIUNG FRANKLIN HS Pei-Un, a senior midfielder/iink, could emerge as one of the top field hockey players in the area this season. She heads up an improved Lady Warrior offense. Franklin opened its campaign with a win this past week.

"As chosen by Forbes Newspapers' Sports Dept."

Boys Soccer (3-1) Warriors 8, Voorhees 0 Warriors 5, Delaware Valley 0 Franklin 3, Bridgewater-Raritan 1

RUTGERS PREP Girls Soccer (1-1) Lady Argonauts 3, Villa Victoria 0 Princeton Day 8, Lady Argonauts 1 Girls Tennis (1-1) Lady Argonauts 3, Wardlaw-Hartridge 2 Pingry 5, Lady Argonauts 0 lady Argonauts 2 at County Tournament Boys Soccer (3-1) Argonauts 2, Oratory Prep 1 Rutgers Prep 2, Pennington 0 Boys Cross Country (1-0) Argonauts 103 at Newark A. Invitation Argonauts 20, Ranney 35

YOUR SPORTING COMPLEX ORTING GOODS COMPL 513 W. UNION AVE., (RT. 28) BOUND BROOK. NEW JERSEY/908-356-0604 Mop,. Tues., Thus., Fri. 8:30 AM to 9 PM/Wed. & Sat. 8:30 AM to 5:30, PM , .

•Franklin Focus

Girls Cross Country (0-1) Lady Argos 79 at Newark A. Invitation Villa Walsh 21, Lady Argos 39

Prep so< :cer tips Oratory inOT Mike Rose wmlped in an unassisted goal at the six-minqte mark of the overtir ne period Friday to give the Rutg ;rs J^rep boys soccer team a 2-1win over host Oratory Prep. The ;os improved to 2-1 on the year. Jeremy Sto er Had recorded the club's first goal m the first half, assisted by Chuci Somers, while RP goalie Ry; nlN ealy piled up 12 saves.

Lady Argi[OS third atCC Invitational Erica Goll lay and Amy Holliday of Rutgi :rs frep's girls cross country team finished seventh and eighth overall, res sectively, to lead the Lady An ;OS to a third-place spot at Saturday' 3 Newark Academy Cross Cc unlay Invitational at Livingston, (Solli
(Please urn to page 23)

September 25,1992



SPORTS CALENDAR Sept. 25-Oct. 1 All times p.m. unless noted


Friday, September 25 Varsity Girls Soccer Franklin at Bernards, 3:45 Varsity Girls Tennis Franklin vs. North Hunterdon, 3:45 JV Girls Tennis Franklin at North Hunterdon, 3:45 Varsity Boys Soccer Rutgers Prep vs. Solebury, 4 Boys and Girls Cross Country Rutgers Prep vs. Piscataway, 4 Saturday, September 26 Varsity Football Franklin vs. Bridgater-Raritan, 1 Freshman Football Franklin at Bridgewater-Raritan, 3:45


^01 'S86-190C FLEMINGTON

-1011 Houic 9 908-780-350C GREEN BROOK 329-331

Romp 2 ? E

906 J69-5500 HACKETTSTOWN 15 Route J6 [E 90E-852 5000 HA2LET 3140 Route 35 m<-vt , o R,, Ki 908-739-3-100 HIGHLAND PARK/EDISON 1610 Woodbritiqo Avr".ic

Monday, September 28 JV Football Franklin at Bridgewater-Raritan, 3:45


Tuesday, September 29 Varsity Girls Tennis Franklin at Voorhees, 3:45 JV Girls Tennis Franklin vs. Voorhees, 3:45


Wednesday, September 30 Varsity Soccer Franklin vs. Hunterdon Central, 3:45 JV Soccer Franklin vs. Hunterdon Central, 3:45 Freshman Soccer Franklin vs. Hunterdon Central, 3:45 Varsity Girls Soccer Franklin at Hunterdon Central, 3:45 Rutgers Prep at Pennington, 4:15 Boys and Girls Cross Country Franklin at BR, Hills, 3:45 Varsity Girls Tennis Franklin vs. Montgomery, 3:45 Rutgers Prep vs. Morristown Beard, 3:45 JV Girls Tennis Franklin at Montgomery, 3:45 Varsity Field Hockey Franklin at Warren Hills, 3:45 JV Field Hockey Franklin at Warren Hills, 5:15 Freshman Field Hockey Franklin vs. Warren Hills, 3:45 Thursday, October 1 Varsity Boys Soccer Rutgers Prep at Newark Academy, 4 Varsity Girls Soccer Rutgers Prep at St. Elizabeth's, 4


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Somerset County Football

• • • • •



I Somerville (0-0)


I I I •

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|watchung H. (0-0)




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September 25,1992



Field hockey

ing All-Somerset County first team, All-Skyland Conference first team, and The Franklin Focus Outstanding Female Athlete of the Season award. Hsuing, a third-year varsity senior, has honed her skills at the Rutgers University Futures Program for the past two years, competed in the Garden State Games this summer, and also plays indoor field hockey. She'll also see action at link for Franklin. "Pei-Lin is unbelievably hardworking," said Weinert. "She's

(Continued from page 19) son, and Jennifer Bonoan. Adding spjce to the No. 1 line are Chellie Hi pson and Jaeda Boykin, a pair of quick newcomers. 'Both are outstanding sprinters, they just need to work on their ball-control," said Weinert Uso back for the Warriors is standout midfielder Pei-Lin Hsuwho collected a trophy case fii.1 of honors a year ago, includ-

senior Ann Marie Carnese hoping to reprise her fine '91 season. Carnese earned All-County and AllConference honors a year ago. Carnese, Hsuing, and Bush will serve as co-captains of the squad. Sweeper Danielle Sims and link Jen Palm also figure into the mix. "Our biggest goal is to score a ,few more times than last season," said Weinert. "We also want to go a lot further in counties, because that's an area where the competition is pretty even." Last year, the Warriors were

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BackTo School Service Specials!

In the first night game played at Rutgers Stadium, the Scarlet Knights football team overcame Pittsburgh 21-16 before a sellout crowd of 26,017 and a national ESPN audience last Thursday. With the victory, RlTs first ever over the Panthers, the Knights improved to 2-1 while Pitt feE to 1-2. Freshman halfback Bruce Presley, a Highland Park product, scored the winning touchdown for Rutgers on a two-yard run in the fourth quarter. That play, which gave RU a 21-9 lead, capped a sixplay, 80-yard scoring drive that sealed the Scarlet win. Tailback Craig Mitter keyed the drive with a 41-yard run. Presley's late TD run proved necessary insurance, since Pitt quarterback Alex Van Pelt fired his second touchdown pass of the

Rutgers Roundup

game later in the fourth stanza to make it 21-15. On the day, Van Pelt completed 36 of 55 passes for 395 yards, breaking Dan Marino's school lifetime passing record (8,320 yards) in the process. Rutgers quarterback Brian For-





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tumn Citu


. I

tay also had a fine buting, compiling 207 yards and tjvo touchdowns on 14-for-27 passing^ He started off the scoring by connecting with James Guarantano on a 33-yard TD, the only tally f the first half. The Scarlet led 7-0 it intermission. After a Pitt field goal, Rutgers made it 14-3 with :53 left in the third, when Fortay lit Presley with a screen, and Presley ran it into the end zone. Presley was named Player of the Gams by ESPN for his 63-yard rushing (13 carries), 66yard receiving, two-touchdown effort. Mitter led the Kjiights with 108 rushing yards on 16 tries, while Guarantano compiled 94 yards receiving on six recaptions. Defensively, the Scarlet Knights were led by Marshall Roberts' 13 tackles. Also chipping in were Shawn Williams, Malik [Jackson, and Jamil Jackson, with nine tackles apiece. Next for Rutgers is a road game Saturday at Annapolis, Md. versus Navy at 1:30.

Venn St. blanks Rutgers men's soccer


UptO5qtS. Oil


eliminated in the second round of the County Tournament by Pingry. Weinert sees parity in the countly, but several teams in the conference who loom as monsters. "Voorhees' kids, for example, who are seniors now have been playing together since fifth grade," she said. "That's like major league teams playing against minor league teams." Alas, Voorhees did beat Franklin 4-0 Tuesday, as the Warriors started off the new campaign at 1-2.

RU grid team ousts Pitt, 21-16



been involved in every aspect of field hockey since she committed herself to the sport as a freshman. She is also. exceedingly intelligent" Intelligent on and off the field, it turns out. Hsuing is just one of four National Honor Society students on the field hockey team. Senior Nikki Bush figures to hold down midfielder and fullback chores, where she'll be joined by defenseman Trad Gagliardi. The goaltending duties are in good hands as well, with returning

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call FORBES NEWSPAPERS 1-800-300-9321 ask for extension 7400 Must be 12 years old or older


RT. 22 EAST GREEHBRO0K 752-3000


Ireland native Reid knocked in t pace Perm State to its fourth it men's soccer win, a 3-0 tijiumph over visiting Rutgers Frids night at State College, Pa. No. 10 Rutgers, T/hich fell to 3-3, couldn't solve thf State defense and goalie Michae Imim only had to make one save in the shutout. The lions upped t ieir record to 42.

RU rolls by Lehigh fiehl hockey The Rutgers field nockey team blanked Lehigh E-0 Thursday at Piscataway. Nicole Wilson sparked the Lady Knights >y retching two goals and an as :ist Tallies by Heather Jones, Beck; Saba, and Jessica Belkin roum fed out the Rutgers scoring. Gtoal tender Jodi Deem registered ; saves and the shutout. Lehigh fell to 0-3. The Lady Knights followed up the win with a !J-0 oss to host Rhode Island on Saturday. With the defeat, Rutgers fell to 2-4. The Scarlet outshot the WRams 37-17, and Deem again had tiree saves.

September 25,1992

Roundup (Continued from page 20) 3. John Young, RP, 20:05 4. Billy Bocra, RP, 20:39 10. Dave Bilenker, RP, 26:02 Girls 3. Amy Holliday, RP, 22:39 4. Erica Golllday, RP, 23:01 9. Amanda Heron, RP, 27:54

FHS girls tennis edges Somerville

Sports Shamy was nipped at third singles 6-3, 7-6, 8-6 and Wendy Tillman and Cathy Romanok bowed at second doubles 5-7, 6-0, 6-2. At the Somerset County Tournament Saturday, the Lady Warriors finished in a tie for fourth place out of 12 teams with six points. Both Panke and Brooks recorded two wins on the day, taking their matches the opening round and in the quarterfinals. Action continues this Saturday. Franklin etched its first win of the season Friday, besting Bound Brook 3-2. Panke, Brooks, and Tfflman/Romanok accounted for the Warrior wins. Last Wednesday, Franklin was blanked by a tough Hunterdon Central squad, 5-0.

Franklin's girls tennis team improved to 2-3 with a 3-2 victory over Somerville on Monday. Kavita Panke battled for a 64, 7-6, 7-4 win over Dayna Lee at first singles, while Ayana Brooks gained a win at second singles, 6-4, 6-3 over Hopkinson delivers Stacy DiOrio. At first doubles, Deviyani Prasad and Jessica Sten- for FHS field hockey sland rolled to a 6-0, 64 triumph A goal by junior Catherine Hopover Jessica Sager and Raina Mas- kinson early in the first half prosand. In the other matches, Alison vided Franklin with all the margin


it needed in the Lady Warriors' opening day, 1-0 victory over Watehung on Friday. Jennifer Bonoan earned the assist on the score, while senior goaltender Ann Marie Carnese registered 15 saves. "Catherine and Jennifer, along with Tonya Mitchell, should be our three main scoring threats," said Franklin Head Coach Pat Weinert. Franklin followed up that triumph with a tough 1-0 loss to Somerville Monday. The Warriors went belly up despite outshooting the "Ville 11-8. Carnese had seven

saves, but Somerville found the net with only 29 seconds left to play. With a 4-0 defeat to Voorhees Tuesday, Franklin slipped to 1-2.

Warriors clobber Voorhees, 8-0 Franklin's boys soccer players fattened up their statistical ledgers Friday by blanking Voorhees 8-0. With the win — their second straight whitewashing — the Warriors upped their record to 2-1. Senior Kerron Parker fueled the barrage with one goal and a whop-

ping five assists. Also scoring goals were Ricky Roeske, Darron Brown, Alex Sodbinow, Byron Echeverria, Tim Vecchiarelli, Luciano Flores, and Jason Gianatto. Brown, Sodbinow, and Ken Huntley chipped in with the remaining assists. The shutout went to Evertt Bei-•dlef (3 saves) and backup Owen Hinksen (1 save). Franklin collected its first victory of '92 the previous day, with a 5-0 triumph over Delaware Valley. Sodbinow and Flores as did Chad Jones, Echeverria, and Parker.

Cross country previews (Continued from page 19) serve as the club's top two runners, and top two motivators. "I think that the girls certainly have great leadership in Amy and Erica," said Dougherty. "Because of the equality of competition in the Prep conference, the girls may end up placing even higher." Also competing for the Lady Argos will be Amanda Heron, Kiera Westphal, Violette Renard, and Marnee Richmond. Renard is the sister of Regis Renard, who finished second in the state for Rutgers Prep cross country a year ago.

The girls compiled a 4-3 record in '91, and ended up fourth of seven at states. Can they improve in '92? Your guess is as good as Dougherty's, since most of the girls are rookie cross country athletes. And at this point in the season, the coach believes, any of the inexperienced seniors could potentially explode into a top-notch runner. "I want to put a wait-and-see on that one — there are a lot of random elements," he said. "I have no prediction right now, except to say whatever wins we get, we'll relish them."

SCOREBOARD BIATHLON Biathlon in Franklin On Sunday Oct. 11,1992 the Rotary Club of Franklin Township will hold its 9th Annual Biathlon event at the Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park on Canal Road. The event will feature a 3-miie run followed by a 15-mile bike ride. The event will start promptly at 12 noon with registration beginning at 9 a.m. Entry fees are as follows: Individual (pre-registered by mail) $15 Individual (registering day of event) $20 Teams of 2 individuals (pre-registered)... $20 Teams of 2 individuals (day of event) $25 All race participants will receive a T-shirt and a snack following the event. Timing will be electronic. Water stations will be provided on the course. Refreshments will be available for a nominal fee to non-registrants. Proceeds will help fund a variety of Rotarysponsored activities. All race participants are required to wear helmets. For information and applications please call Art Holzheimer at 356-0117 or Jay Elliot at 297-8477.

CANOEING Canoeing Marathon in Franklin Marathon canoeing and kayaking in the Garden State will get a boost this fall with the launch of the New Jersey Triple Crown Point Series, a three-part race beginning Sept. 27. The first marathon takes place in River Edge on Sept 27, and the second marathon occurs Oct. 11 on the Toms River. The third and final marathon in the Point

Series takes place on the Delaware and Raritan Canal on Sunday, Nov. 15, beginning at Blackwells Mills, Franklin Township. The Canal marathon is 9V4, miles of scenic, gentle bends with three portages. The Delaware and Raritan Canal Marathon is part of the Annual D & R Canal Canoe Races, and is being run in cooperation with the Meadows Foundation. Canoeists and kayakers interested in participating in the 1992 New Jersey Triple Crown Point Series should contact John Ponticorvo at (201) 868-5241 for information and registration packets. All participants in the Triple Crown must register on or before Sept. 27, and must complete all three marathons to be eligible for the Triple Crown Trophy. Canoeists and kayakers interested in participating in individual canoeing events should contact Dennis German at (201) 226-6672 for info on the Delaware & Raritan Canal Marathon.

Did you read about what happened this week in the Franklin Focus? Rural spots in Franklin may get their MTV as cable plans expand. Pine Grove students send toys to Florida kids hit by Hirricane Andrew. Franklin police warn against people asking for money over the telephone. ,

SOFTBALL Softball tourney in Franklin The Franklin Township Alliance Against Drug & Alcohol Abuse has joined forces with the Franklin Township Slo-Pitch League to sponsor the first Franklin Township Fall Open Softball Tournament. The tournament will held on Sept. 26-27. Slots are available for 16 teams who will compete for a top prize of $300, a $150 second prize, and $75 third and fourth place prizes. Each team is guaranteed three games. The tournament entry fee is $150. For further information and registration please call Bob Praskach at 247-4020.

The high school soccer team has a plan to claim the Skyland title.

X ^ Franklin

rocus "We are about youif community" To subscribe call ik&0-i$0~9321 > _5s^*ffi*&«^



September 25, 1992


SOCCER FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP SOCCER CLUB Team 17 2, Team 181 Robert Zisk's second-half goal assisted by Matthew Nelson gave Team 17 a 2-1 Pee Wee 1 victory over Team 18. Rusty Hunt's goal for Team 17 and Alex Stone's score for Team 18 left the squads deadlocked at the half. Nicholas Sesma helped to ensure the win with his outstanding defensive skills, and Lee Curac-Dahl shut JTeam 18's attack down during his shift in goal. Shawn Brownell, Adam Hooper, and Allan Laupa provided strong support on offense and defense. Golden Dream Team 8, Blue Bombers 0 Five goals by Ross Sacks highlighted a fine aerformance by the Golden Dream Team in an 3-0 Pee Wee 1 win over the Blue Bombers. Carlos Perea scored two goals and Andrew Bassel added another. Jonathan lobbs was sure-handed in the net with five The Blue Bombers were active on ofnse, paced by Nicholas Moreno, who had shots on goal. Andrew Schnure and hrls Bosoy led the Blue attack. Green Machine 3, Middlebush Giants 2 j Robert Gross booted two goals and Clinton Clark scored the other as the Green Machine edged the Middlebush Giants 3-2 in Pee Wee 1 play. Philip Lavoie had four saves in the net for the winners, and Clark notched eight saves. Red Hbt Roses 3, Gray 0 Shantay Adklson scored all three goals as the Red Hot Roses blistered the Gray, 3-0, in a Pee Wee 2 game. Lauren Gussis, Rachel Howlin, Abigail Newman, and Sara Richman starred on defense tor the Roses. Defensive standouts for the Gray were Sara Gall, Cathy Dusault, and Heather Mauro. I Light Blue 9, Green Machine 0 Sherri Swearengin's four goals paced the ! Light Blue to a 9-0 Pee Wee 2 victory over the Green Machine. Rebecca Ferraro added two goals, and Vida Aquino, Kadyrose Quigley, and Naomi Goodman netted one apiece. Tara Cavuto played excellent defense for the winners. Red Wings 2, Green Machine 2 Darshak Pate) scored two goals for the Red Wings, but Gavin Marconi's score in the final minute of the game gave the Green Machine a 2-2 Pee Wee 3 t|e. Matthew Osman booted the first goal for the Machine, which received strong performances in goal from Scott Facey, Marc Foster, and Neelesh Harmulker. Jared Scheffrin, Nicholas Riotto, and Matthew Chin assisted on defense. Brandon Nemes and Vincent Caristo shined in goal for the Red. Vishal Patel assisted on both of the Wings' scores. Gray Warriors 6, Maroon Killers 1 Gulllaume Nelessen shook loose for three goals and Richard Jackson netted two to lead the Gray Warriors to a 6-1 win over the Maroon Killers in Pee Wee 3 play. Matt O'Learyi scored the final Warrior goal after turning in a strong first half as goalkeeper. Reggie Bennett, Karan Nair, Gregory Tylka, and Michael Ubry shone at both ends of the field for the victors. Michael Klely tallied the Maroon goal. Killer standouts were Jeffrey Varga on defense and Michael Vitiello on the attack. Blue Users 2, Light Blue Surfers 1 Jay Hooper struck for two goals as the Blue Lasers threw the Light Blue Surfers 2-1 in Pee Wee 3 action. Doug McBride scored the Surfer goal, but Laser defenders Jonathan Reidy, Patrick Sayles, Chris Woodard, Andrew Allicock. and Chris anil James Reynolds thwarted several scoring bids by McBride and Patrick Miller late in tie game. Excellent passing by Joe Fekete, Michael Clerici, Aaron Visco, and Michael Kaiser fueled a Surfer rally. Luis Valencia excelled in goal for the Lasers in the first half. Red Raiders 3, Green 1 Two first-half goals by Kyle Shepherd and a


Doug Burton (left) of the Franklin Township Force tussles with a Somerset Hills player in recent youth soccer action. late goal by Andrew Lee sparked the Red Raiders to a 3-1 win over the Green in Junior 1 play. Benjamin Greenfield scored a first-half goal for the Green, as Adam Pearlman's defense kept the game close. Paul Sharo and Shane Gary led the second-half defense for the Green, who had a narrow miss on a scoring attempt by Anthony Ercolino. Peter Mathe had an impressive stint in goal for the Red, who received a solid team effort from Eric Brown, Nick Marzocca, Robert Fields, and Joey Schurtz. Team 43 6, Terminators 4 Team 43 rallied for five second-half goals to offset a three-goal performance by Maurizio Grammatico as the Terminators fell 6-4 in a Junior 1 match. Jeffrey Chou netted the other Terminator goal. Philip Miley, Tyler Jenkins, and Chou combined in goal for the Terminators, and Charles Cunnell supplied deft passing and defense. Red 4, Dream Team 2 The Red used a balanced attack in defeating the Dream Team 4-2 in a Junior 3 encounter. Jon Gall netted two goals and Jason Caputo and Vinesh Patel chipped in with one each. Abeed Hossain contributed strong play at both ends of the field, and Danny Schnure and Chirag Patel created scoring opportunities for the winners. Damian Chiavaroli and Dan Lintag had shutout quarters in goal. Michael Nemes scored both Dream Team goals, the second on a penalty kick. The passing of Kevin McAulitte, Daniel Rojek and Justin Andrillo set up the Dream Team's first score. Sangdo Choi, Bobby Brown, Matt Miller and Peter Gau sparked the Dream Team rally with rugged defense. . Blue Blazers 3, Gold 2 Two goals by Jeff Young and another by Erik Mickelson gave the Blue Blazers a 3-2 Senior win over the Gold in a hotly-contested battle.

Tom Nasdeo scored both Gold goals, assisted by Viney Satway. Desmond Robinson, Anthony Rothwell, Kim Williams, and Chris Camarda turned in solid all-around games. Bill Camarda shone in goal in the first half. Wendy Howell and Robbie Bosoy assisted on the Blue scores. Jeff Young and Justin Miller preserved the win with determined goalkeeping. Gold 5, Blue Thunder The Gold roared back for five second-half goals to muffle the Blue Thunder, 5-1, in Senior action. Brian Hart had given the Blue a 1-0 lead with the game's opening score. Blue goalie Kevin Brennan shut out the Gold offense with fine play in goal in the first half. Franklin Fire F.C. The Franklin Fire F.C. (Division V) recently completed in its second preseason soccer tournament, the George Cooke Memorial, held at South Brunswick High School September 12-13. In the opening match on Saturday, against the West Windsor Vipers, Fire midfielders Aaron Casper, Sean Carver, Malcolm Manning and Brian Baldwin had numerous scoring opportunities and outshot the Vipers 7-3. However, Casper netted the Fire's only score following a misplayed Viper goal kick five minutes into the second half, to tie the match at one all. The Vipers, who got their first goal when a long crossing shot deflected off a Fire defender's foot, scored again near the end of the second half on a breakaway up the middle of the Fire defense, winning 2-1. In the second game the Fire took on( South Brunswick's newest Div. V team, the Constellation, and emerged victorious with a 1-0 decision. In the first half forwards Chris Rizzo and Mark McGraw, with help from midfielder Mike Nowakowski repeatedly penetrated the Constellation defense but could not connect. A penalty kick, awarded for pushing a Constellation player in the box, resulted in a beautiful

-Franklin Focus-

save by Fire goalkeeper Ryan Garofalo, diving to his right to keep the halftime score knotted at 0-0. In the second half, Casper scored the game's only goal from two yards out after a nice series of passes from Fire defenders Mark Bernstein and Gabor Salopek. Garofalo preserved the win by saving a hard crossing shot from 10 yards out. The Fire's finai game of the tourney was against the eventual second-place finishers, South Brunswick's Suns, who applied constant offensive pressure in the first half. The Fire defense was led by marking backs Bucky Shamy, Anthony Geremia and Erik Sengel, who were helped By stopper Matt Goetz. Following three saves early in the match by Fire goalie Garofalo, the Suns scored nine minutes into the first half on an excellent cross and tapin at the far post. Ten minutes later the Suns scored again to close out the half leading 2-0. The second half opened with Fire midfielders Brian Richards, Mark Steinhauer, Baldwin and Manning generating several charges but no shots on the Sun goal. The final Sun goal came on a penalty kick following a handball in the Fire box. The Sun shooter drilled the ball into the upper left corner of the net, giving the South Brunswick team a 3-0 victory. Division 5 (Traveling) Livingston Leprechauns 4, Franklin Hawks 0 The Hawks lost their 1992 season "opener" to the Leprechauns, in a hard-fought and frustrating match in which the Franklin team was unable to score a single goal. This, in spite of several drives by Danny McBride, Chris Leahey, and A.JL Ball. In contrast, Livingston scored two dear goals during each half as they rifled shots 'past Hawks goalies Nicholas Yurchinko and Arthur Satterwhite. As a result of the result age-group realignment within the -Club, the Hawks are starting the season minus several players from their Spring 1992 squad. In addition to those above, the Fall team also includes Tommy Williams, Tim Grey, Marcus Manning, Lawrence Abbott, Aaron Davis, Matt Kaminsky,

Vishal Pathak, and Brian Dellkat. Division II Traveling Franklin 6, Haz et Hurricanes 0 The Franklin Panthers scored within 14 seconds of the opening kickoff as left striker Michele Phalen and right) striker Stephanie Schmelzer wall passod their way through the Hazlet Hurricanes and Schmelzer finished by pushing tr e ball past the Hurricane goalie. The F anthers totally dominated from there as the Panther defenders Jamilah Stanberry, Alfix Petrone, Beth Hoeflinger, and Lisa Hafn controlled the midfield and passed the ball to Panther midfielders Sheema Majic uddin, Marissa Fenner, and Eileen Evans who initiated the attack. Panther goalie Kira Mikita only saw the ball a few times. The second Panthei goal came 20 minutes into the game as swee per Stanberry's 40-yard free kick went to strik er Pralen, standing on the far post, who usei her body to push the ball into the net. The Panthers' final goal of the first half came as Phalen's one-touch, high, spinning shot off defender Hoeflinger's pass spun out of the goalie' hanjjs, over her shoulder, and into the net. The Panthers scored twne-tcuched back out to the 6-yard line where onrushing Phalen blasted it into the left half o the et. The Panthers' final came in the final seconds of the game as riijht striker Schmelzer made a good bac k pass to the top of the penalty box. Defensive midl elder Jenny Wade ran onto the ball and it into the net, over the goalie's head. The Panthers had lots of scoring opportunities is thi y outshot the Hurricanes 42-2.

September 25,1992

Franklin Focus"


Real Estate Guide Somerviiie Victorian colonial is historic SOMERVILLE — This Victorian colonial at 246 Altamont Place is not only completely functional, but has historical significance. The five bedroom house is one of the few examples of Queen Anne/shingle style architecture in the area, and was occupied by New Jersey Chief Justice Clarence Case in the early Twentieth Century. The House is still in excellent condition and sits on a welllandscaped wooded 95-by-230 foot lot. that includes an outbuilding. A paved two-car width driveway leads to a detached two-car garage that includes a carport. Original hickory woodwork and stained glass windows highlight the 100-year-old home that inI


Loretta B. Smith of East Amwell has been named director of Weichert Real Estate School, one of the state's largest prelicensing schools for individuals who wish to become licensed real estate Weichert Estate


HOUSE TOURS dudes a 18-by-14 living room on the first level, along with a 14-by15 foot dining room, a 19-by-ll foot eat-in kitchen and a 15-by-12 foot family room. A laundry room and a family room round out the first level of the house. Upstairs is the 17-by-13 foot master bedroom, with a bathroom and a porch, along with a 144)y-13 foot bedroom, a 17-by-13 foot bedroom and a 16-by-12 foot bedroom. Two bathrooms complete the second story, and two more bath rooms are upstairs on the third floor, along with a 17 by-13 bedroom. The full unfinished basement includes a walk-out exit A garbage disposal, dishwasher and gas Stove are included in the kitchen and a washer and dryer are in the laundry room. Also included in the purchase price is an in-law apartment, lawn sprinkler system, a waterfall in the BEDMINSTER James D. & Tamara J. Gibbons to Lydia Rose Rodriguez, 20 Cambridge Road, $175,500


This Victorian coioniai at 246 Altamont Place in Somerviiie was once the home of New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Clarence Case. garden outside and dual staircases inside. The asphalt shingle roof of the house is constructed in a gable front and the brick chimney has been partially rebuilt. The house is sheathed in different patterns of shingles, and the wraparound front porch is built up on stone cobbles. A front corner tower is shingled and topped with an elongated rounded cap. The house is located minutes from the Bridgewater Commons shopping mall, and other large shopping centers are within a half hour drive down one of the many nearby highways.


with Weichert, Realtors, the nation's largest independent real estate company. Ms. Smith has nearly 20 yeans of experience in the real estate industry. Most recently, she was the director of A-1 Real Estate School for two years and the administrator of Princeton School of Real Estate tor seven years. Additionally, Ms.Smith, who is licensed in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, is president of the New Jersey Real Estate Educator's Association for 1991-1992. She is a licensed real estate appraiser and an educator with the Graduate Realtor institute series for the New Jersey Association of Realtors.


Schoote: Open tone:

Schools Joseph M.

I Property sales

$292,500 erviiie, $252,000 Paul & Dorothy M. Gentile to Gary David P. & Sherry T. Abney to T. & Carol M. Boyer, 39 Harlan Steven & Marilyn Karg, 507 Stratford School Road, Somerviiie, $209,000 Lane, Somervilte, $232,500 BOUND BROOK Sunbury Inc. to Keith J. & Deborah United Natl Bank to Snehal & L. Barreiro, 1030 Hillcrest Drive, BRIDGEWATER Meena Dalai, 55 Talmage Ave., Branchburg, $290,000 Morgans Oak to Statewide Savings $95,000 Windharii Assoc. to Brett L. Bank SLA, 20 Lehlgh Road, Branch- Schecter & S. Palmer, Route 22, burg, $10,200 $858,490 ; BRANCHBURG Statewide Savings Bank SLA to WindhamAssoc. to Ann Marie SorStatewide Savings to James J. James Cardamone, 20 Lehlgh Road, anno, Route 22, $84,490 Cardamone, 140 Fairview Drive, Branchburg, $56,500 WindhamAssoc. to Bernard J. CriRobert Miles & Susan N. Kelly to telli et at,Route 22, $83,990 Branchburg, $56,500 Earl R. Ross to Robert & Darlene William & Eileen Rouse, 916 Windham Assoc. to Timothy Albert, Drive, Somerviiie, Route 22, $80,990 Goceljak, 34 Fox Chase Run, Som- Manchester

Windham Assoc. to Joan L Ryan, Route 22, $85,490 Windham Assoc. to Leslie J. Epstein, Route 22, $83,990 Windham Assoc. to Sharon Lewczak, Route 22, $84,490 Windham Assoc. to Wayne S. & Susan Philpsheck, Route 22, $83,990 Windham Assoc. to Chrisopher J. & Wmberly Paine, Route 22, $84,990 Thomas W. & Barbara A. Gysin to Joel I. & Wendi R. Bunis, 5 Saratoga Ave., Bound Brook, $209,000 Yang Zeng Tong & Cookie Fong to Howard L & Regan S. Lakritz, 924 Sunset Ridge, $675,000 Windham Assoc. to Cesar D. & Jenny A. Martinez, Tea Street, $88,490

Keith Lehman has joined the Hiflsborough office of Century 21 as a sales associate. Mr. Lehman has a managementbackground in (he mining industry and has done general contracting in the ares. He is active in community affairs as a l member of the Hillsborough Res-, cue Squad and a former member of the National Ski Patrol. The office is located on Route 206 in Hillsborough. To be featured in Realty notes send a short release, with a photo, to: JimWright Forbes Newspapers P.O.BOX699 Somerviiie, NJ, 08876 Photos will be returned if a self-addressed stamped envelope is enclosed. For more Information, call 722-3000, Ext. 6306.

September 25,1992

Franklin Focus


Real Estate


METUCHEN- 5 BR, 2 1/ 2 bath, expanded ranch, on secluded St., near High school, ideal for someone w/liverin parents, or grown children, incfd.s fplc, 2 car garg., enclosed porch, and more, asking, 219,900, 908-563-0187 by owner


Homes under


MONTGOMERY- Open House, Sun 1-4PM, 24 Stouts Rd, exceptional feegtion; 2.3 acs, 5BR Contemp. ranch. (Rt. 206 to Rocky Hill at light (Montgomery Shopping center) Riche on Rt. 518 to Hollow Rtf, 1.1 mi. to Stouts La, on left, sign. NO. CAROUNA-3BR, 2 bath Brick Ranch, 2 car $269,900 THE PRUDENTIAL PIONEER R.E., Ind. garage on beautiful acre. owned & oper. Realtors. 3 miles to Rt.'95. Year 908-658-4300 round home. $99,900. Call 908-722-9115. PISCATAWAY NEW! NEW! NEW! PHILLIPSBURG- 2 family by owner, 2 car ga- Brand new & almost rage, gas heat, aluminum completed! This specsiding. $89,900 neg. 908- tacular Colonial has 4 bedrooms, 2V4 baths, 752-9083 family room, cathedral RARITAiX BORO- 3BR ceiling & skylight in LivColonial, VA baths, DR, ing Room, attached gaf p l c l g e . yard, $119,000. rage. 9 lots available. Call Prudential Pioneer Some on cul-de-sac. 908-874-3400 $169,900. SO. PLAINF1ELD- 5 yr. ERA SUBURB REALTY young att. ranch, 2 BR, 2 AGENCY 908-322-4434 bath, large deck & gar. Plscataway Adorable! $138,000. 908ONE OF A KIND 757-4337. 769-1858 Situated on a 1 + acre property, this truly unique 5 + BR Rancher is 9020 BIG enough for a large family! Features include Homes for Safe LR, formal DR, Eat-in kitchen, finished basement with an In-Law apartment, garage, central air, a studio room over garage and lots, lots WHILE YOU'RE HOUSE HUNTING... Hunt to see more!!! ONLY $169,900. if you're our winner of a Semervllle Forbes coffee mug! BELIEVE IT OR NOT Here is a very affordable TWO STORY COLONIAL with 3BRs, large eat-in BOUND BROOK kitchen, formal DR, full BRIDGEWATER basement, wrap around NORTH OF ROUTE 22 front porch, patio, deSprawling 4BR Ranch, 3 tached garage and more. baths, 1 acre, must see! Sits on a large nicely $299,900. landscaped lot too! Century 21 ASKING $109,900. Diamond Realty Realtor 908-271-0099 Somerset/Franklin Located at 265 Maple BRANCHBURG Avenue, this lovely LAND LOTS OF LAND Raised Ranch is in See "SUNRISE/SUNSET" MOVE-IN CONDITION! Traditional charm Center Features 4BRs, 1V4 Hall Colonial-custom built. WHAT 7*011 SEE baths, LR/DR with cathedral ceilings, Eat-in Kit. WILL ALWAYS I E ! Borwith sliders to rear raised ders .GREEN ACRES. deck, family room, a 2 Many amenities, zoned prof, use, early poss. Of- car garage, patio and more on a large lot. This fered at $284,900: Owner is a "VOXX PROPERTY" 908-369-7142 so drive by and tune in. $162,900. CRANFORD105 Bloomingdale Ave., , Kit, DR, Rec Rrri, LR, 2 BRs ERA J. ZAVATSKY 2 baths, garage 50x162. &ASSOC. REALTY $183,000. Call 90RRealtors 908-755-1200 276-6823 RARITAN BOROUGH DID YOU Beautiful Colonial that KNOW... backs to Green Acres. that an ad in this local Rocking chair front paper also goes into 16 porch, recently added other local papers? cathedal ceiling, dining Reach over 400,000 room with skylight, large readers with one call! master bedroom, enter1-800-559-9495 tainment room w/fire-place & circular bar, gorINTRODUCTIONS... geous deck. Must See! A way for people to meet $159,900. people, every week in Preferred Lifestyle your local Forbes newsRealty paper. The: ad is free, Realtor 908-707-0580 then one call does it all! BRIDGEWATER- By Owner. 3BR Ranch, Vk baths, full bsmt., 1 car garage. New Kit./carpeting/fixtures. f r e s h l y painted in/out. "Mint condition. $139,900; Call 908-526-3382.

late barn, pool.!-WW. two 5" acre bldg. lots, sep'ic design, appr«j(;} Ready to go. PaclHtfte deal, $475,000. MM s-Jb-div. Prin. only. 4913

SOMERVILLE- 2 BR ranch, LR, DR, Fla. room, Kit. w/pantry, fin. bsmt., 1 bath, 2 lavs., att. gar., HW floors, 2 f r p l c , $159,900.- 908-725-7723 SOUTH PLA1NFIELDby Owner. Open House. Sun. 1-5pm. 4 yrs old, 4 BR, 2 V6 bath, 2 car gar. Fncd. y d . $178,000. Hamilton to Amboy to

Call your focal A%«0office before Vyou buy anything. It could be the smartest call you'll ever make! ' RichaidA.WaddJr,, President

Ask about the Weidel HomeFiiiders Network - We'll make the market work for you

VIEWS GALORE READINGTON - Large Tudor with 4 bedrooms, 2 Vz baths, 2 car garage situated on a 1.9 acre lot overlooking the mountains of Round Valley, Close to 22, 78 & 202. $299,101 CALL WEIDEL BRIDGEWATER 908-685-8200

P R A U E YOLK LIFESTYLE BRIDGEWATER - Owners pride shows in this 3 bedroom, 4 bath townhome. Backs to 10 acres open space for privacy. Multi-level design separates the 3 bedrooms from the entertainment areas. Professionally decorated with many upgrades. $194,900 ' " CALL WEIDEL BRIDGEWATER 908-685-8200

ONE ^ „„„«„ i BOUND BROOK - The own6r says SELL this 3 bedroom home with eat in in kitchen, forma dining room, 2 decks and full basement. All on a quiefstreet. $140,000 CALL WEIDEL BRIDGEWATEH ,.908-685-8200

CHARMING! ROOM FOR ALL SOMERVILLE - 4 bedroom split with sunken dining room, 20x15 family room with fireplace, 5 year old roof and furnace, screened in porch with wet bar and much more. $171,902 CALL WEIDEL BRIDGEWATER 908-685-8200


SOMERVILLE - 3 bedroom Colonial with upOWNER WANTS IPO MOVE! dated electricity, vinyl siding, new windows and HILLSBOROUGH - All app iances included in remodeled kitchen. Open front porch, enclosed this nicely located townhouse. 2 bdrms, 2 Vfe side sun porch, quaint mud room & detached baths & 1 car garage. Loft overlooks living room one car garage. Covenient to schools and shop- w/sunken dining room, large pat-in kitchen. Presping. $149,900 tige area. $115,000 CALL WEIDEL BRIDGEWATER 908-685-8200 CALL WEIDEL HILLSBOROUGH 908-359-7100

LIKE AM ESTATE? BEST TOWNHOUSE - GREAT PRICE! HILLSBOROUGH - 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath townhouse with finished basement, large country kitchen with center island and sliders to a fully enclosed brick patio. Must see to appreciate value! H120 $119,750 CALL WEIDEL HILLSBOROUGH......908-359-7100

WEIDEL NEIGHBORHOOD OFFICE LOCATIONS Flemington 67? ftoute 2r'6 N Route 202 Building 3 (908) 737-1551 908-685-8300 Mortgage Loans Clinton (609) 737-1000 109 Route 173 next to Holiday Inn (908) 735-5900

Hillsborough/ Montgomery 873 Route 206 Belle Mead (908) 359-7100 Corporate Relocation (609) 737-1551

HILLSBOROUGH - This stately 4 bedroom colo PRICE REDUCED nial to be built in the Sourland Mountains, is not the usual new home. It comes with it's own HILLSBOROUGH - This 3 pdrrri ranch has the estate sized 16 ac wooded building lot! Other conveniences of in town walking and beautiful plans also available, or builder will work with your park-like setting in the rear y; rd with a flower and entry foyer leads vegetable garden. The plans. $339,900 CALL WEIDEL HILLSBOROUGH 908-359-7100 tot he newly custom remodeled kitchen. Also included are the spacious full basement and attached garage. H132 $152,900 3ALL WEIDEL HILLSBOROUfiH .908-359-7100

Weidel has 24 offi ces serving

New Jersey &Pennsylvania



September 25,1992

PISCATAWAY $139,900 MOVE-IN CONDITION Updated 3 BR, 2 bath Colonial on % acre lot, low taxes, new roof, kitchen, cedar skiing, 400 sq. ft. deck, must see. WA2871. WARREN OFFICE

GREEN BROOK $799,000 SPECTACULAR A dream come true. 4/5 Bfi, 4 bath contemporary/all amenities; fabulous landscaping and a motivated seller! WA2869. WARREN OFFICE 908-757-7780

NORTH PUUNFIELO $169,900 CHARMING COLONIAL Four bedrooms, eat-in kitchen, formal dining rm., living rm., foyer, enclosed porch. 2-car garage/full basement. BO-2687 BEOMINSTER OFFICE908-781-1000

WASHINGTON TOP. $389,000 GENTLEMAN'S MINI FARM Gracious salt box colonial on almost 5 acres, 2 barns, wine cellar. Have it all and enjoy country lifestyle. Mini estate located just outside of Pottersville. BO-2650 BEDMINSTER OFFICE908-781-1000

8RIDGEWATER $349,900 COUNTRY CLUB LIVING This private setting offers large redwood contemporary custom built 8 designed to entertain - pool & tennis court in rear yard; call 781-1000 8D2628 BEDMINSTER OFFICE 908-781-1000

Federal Tfcx Credits for FirsfrUme Buyers: LABANON TOWNSHIP $235,000 Two acre country garden, minutes to 78, 4 bedroom, 2 Vt bath family room, skylights and Low Taxes' BO03-3396 BRANCHBURG OFFICE 908-526-5444

An Urgent Message from Jim Weichert

First-time Buyers'Tax Credit Is Now Before Congress

LEBANON TWP $129,900 . BIG POTENTIAL - SMALL TAXES So many options with this unique two family commerial-residential property, high visibility easy access to major highways. 096-3077 OLDWICK OFFICE 908-439-2777

HIGH BRIDGE $184,900 SQUEAKY CLEAN Immaculate freshly decorated 3 bedroom ranch, recently completed family room with slider to two tiered deck for easy entertaining, a home you'll be proud to own and a tempting value at $184,900. 096-4317 OLDWICK OFFICE 908-439-2777


$194,900 TRADITIONAL VALUES Indulge your taste for tradition in this tour bedroom colonial without breaking the bankl Features include newer in-ground pool, family room plus den, hardwood floors and much more. Only fourteen years young, and it shows! EDISON OFFICE 908-494-6800

"FRANKLIN $149,900 Perfect GRIGGSTOWN starter at new reLOWcation price! Three bedrooms, 1 V4 baths, new kitchen, basement, garage, only 18 years old. Minutes to Princeton and scenic Raritan Canal and bunker Hill Golf Course.. Hurry. This is a company-owned property in excellent condition. Now reduced to only $149,900. SB-2771. Call to view property. SOUTH BRUNSWICK OFFICE 908-297-0200

Legislation now before the Congress would offer special tax breaks for first-time buyers. Coupled with mortgage interest rates at 20-year lows, these federal incentives would make the American Dream of homeownership as affordable as it may ever again be in this decade. To find out how these proposed incentives could make it easier for you to buy your first home, call or stop by any Weichert office for our Special Bulletin. Jim Weichert Weichert, Realtors

NEW BRUNSWICK $114,650 COZY STARTER HOME Great for first time buyer. Completely remodeled, full basement, near colleges. HB-5219. KILLSBOROUGH OFFICE 908-874-8100

METUCHEN $324 900 AUTUMN IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER... You can be settled in this gracious tour bedroom colonial in time to enjoy relaxing evenings in front of the., full wall Vermont Marble fireplace, or just to sit and watch the leaves turn in the large wooded yard. EDISON OFFICE 908-494-6800

NEWB Lovely one Hampton Club. Move right in! Also available for rent $700 cer month. SB2735 SOUTH BRUNSWICK OFFICE 908-297-0200

HILLS80R0UGH $118,900 SPIFFY IS THE WORD!!! Everything included in this 2 bedroom with loft, garage and full basement California Contemporary. HB5312 HILLSBOROUGH OFFICE 908-874-8100

HIGHLAND PARK $205,000 NEW CUSTOM COLONIAL 2,700 sq. ft., 4 bdrms, center hall colonial, 2 Vi baths, fam. rm, full basement, garage, central air. 024-2289 METUCHEN OFFICE 908-906-8200

WATCHUNG $599,000 GO FIRST CLASS This very young & very exciting home, with amenities galore, stands out among all others. Every detail impeccably planned & executed for the disconcerning buyer wanting 1 'A manicured acres, 5 BRs & 3 V4 baths. See this home at $599,000. WC#1079 .WATCHUNG OFFICE 908-561-5400

SOMERVIOE $144,900 JUST REDUCEDI Three bedroom home with living room, dining room, eat-in-kitchen, basement, garage, spacious lot, Owner anxious! HB-5261 HILLSBOROUGH OFFICE 908-874-8100

EDISON $289,900 STEPHENVILLE PARKWAY, WOWI 5 bdrm colonial, 3 VS baths, in ground pool. Best part of North Edison. 024-2308

BRIDOEWATER TWP. $399,950 4 yr. old, 3900 sq. ft. spacious col, Vi acre, Huge deck, sun room and study in addition to 4 BR, 2 V4 bath. 8003-3461 BRANCHBURG OFFICE 908-526-5444

UNION TOWNSHIP $174,800 BUDGET PLEASER This charming ranch is truely a place to hang your heart. Large living room, 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. Appliances included. Near schools, shopping and major roads. For the alert buyer at 174,800. 096-4280 OLDWICK OFFICE

EDISON $124,900 LOCATION, LOCATION Home of possibilities, this brick ranch has potential to be a real . charmer. Great landscaping.

FRANKLIN $239,900 Custom Contemp. Ranch w/dramatic flair. Four Brs. 2 vi baths. Windows aplenty overlook large treed yard. Fieldstone fireplace, ceramic entry, Jacuzzi type tub, oversize garage and basement. Near Rt. 287 Exrt 6, Rutgers, Rober Wood Johnson, Etc. Great. House SB-2821 SOUTH BRUNSWICK OFFICE 908-297-0200

All Offices Open Until ? PM WATCHUNG $399,900 "A WORLD AWAY" In a very private setting, in a lovely neighborhood, sits our 10 yr young, well maintained Colonial home with oversized rms, a scrumptious kit & more. A terrific value. WC#1055

# f Independent Nationally


September 25,1992

Franklin Focus

28 SOMERVILLE- 3 BR, new EIK, lovely neighborhood $160,000. 218-0656 3% to selling agent. READINGTON TWP. Romantic! All the charm & romance of the 1890's makes this 3-4 bdrm. home a nostalgic treasure. Move-in condition. RDT1472 $179,900

COLDWELL BANKER SCHLOTT REALTORS 908-534-4085 906-526-5300 SO.PLAINFIELD "RARE FIND" Tired of small rooms & high prfces?.Then take a look at Jhis. 4 Bfl, 2 bath home with King siied master {18x13) w/walk in

closet, huge remodeled

Country kitchen (19x11), Hardwood floors, bsmt., located on a private deep lot and quiet residential area. Asking $150's. Call now for appointment.

908-752-7010 days

908-247-1163 eves 190 Stellar* Rd Piseataway CENTURY 21 Brandt Realty WARREN T W P 2-fam., 12 rrns., city water & sewers. Separate Utils., exc. renting. Lets talk! 356-4512 WARHEN-Spacious 4 BR, 3 Bath, cust. bit Cape. 4 zone HW heat, 3 Rm, Mother/Daughter/ home & office/aupair, move in cond., two car garg. $259,900, Firm, by owner, call 908-755-2611

Bridgewater Township









Condominium ownership at Kahlcrest can be yours at under 60K. This tastefully renovated one bedroom residence includes new kitchen and easy carrying costs (to qual. buyer). Sold thru Broker by prospectus. Please call

Unique opportunity: TWO BEDROOM Calton Homes, Inc. ofTOWNHOUSE fers Mount Laurel affordJUST able 1 & 2-BR 'garden condos, with one-ievel $89,900 (201) 773-7272 living, and 30-60 day occupancies, priced from You can be an owner in only the: this outstanding comREAL ESTATE INC. munity. These beautiful and LOW60'S! spacious homes boasting P I S C A T A W A Y - 1BR new kitchen appliances Spacious end unit, overand plush wall to wall car- looks pool & river, MidRecreational amenities peting are conveniently lo- $50's, low financing, include swimming pool, cated near schools, parks, 908-204-0125. sun decks, tennis courts major hgfiwys arid NV scenic nature trails and transp. With favorable private clubhouse, all mortgage terms and easy hear the Bridgewater carrying costs, you can Mall in the heart of Som9080 erset County. own tor less than it costs to Townftouses rent. Sold to qual. buyer thru broker by prospectus. Income and family size OPEN HOUSE restrictions will apply. B R I D G E W A T E R - By To determine eligibility SAT & SUN 12-4 Owner. Lg. "Beacon Hill" call the Bridgewater Twnhse w/garage, 2 BRs, MON.EVE 4-7 Township Housing Of2Vfe baths, E-l-K, LR, DR, ON SITE (908)272-3534 fplc. $159,900. 526-8781 fice for an appointment, PARKWAY VILLAGE Monday-Friday between 21 LAMBERT ST. HILLSBOROUGH- 2 9am-5pm. Dir: GSP to Exit 137. At BR, 2V4 bath, garage, light turn rt onto North Ave. toft, fin. bsmt. $114,900. Go to 1st light turn rt onto Please call 908-359-4953 Elizabeth Ave. Take 1st rt onto Wade Ave. Proceed to P R I N C E T O N - Montgomery Woods, 2 BR, 2 Parkway Village.


908-725-6300 Ext. 262

9090 Multi-Family Homes BOUND BROOK- 4 family, $26,000 cash flow, asking $199,000, owner is licensed realtor, fully leased, 908-204-0125.

BEDMINSTER CONDO Airy ZBft, 2 Bath, 2nd floor end unit. Spacious LR, cathedral ceiling, Frplc, sliders lead to court side deck, all appliances, central air, rec facilities. Close by shopping & easy access to transportation: $119,500. FSBO -No RealtorsCall 908-781-1772

BRIDGEWATER Lots available $125,000. Call for details. Century 21 Diamond Realty Realtor 908-271-0099 LEBANON T W S P . Building lot/Mountain view, 1V4 acres, wooded, paved roads, $121,000. Call 908-469-3511 TEWKSBURY- Prestigious neighborhood. Lots starting at $165,000 or build to suit. Homes starting at $575,000. Only 4 left!! Owner/Builder, 908-561-2700.

Usfe Your Card...



Tucked away on a private lane this traditional home offers 4 BRs, 2V4 baths, new kit, garden rm, oak firs thru-out, bar rm, 2-tier deck; free-form ingrd poolj near Essex Hunt on 4 5 ac. BDM2296.

COASTAL N.C.- 5 miles to beach $99,000 new townhomes in friendly golfing community, country club membership, low taxes & mild seasons, Bricklanding Plantation 1-800-438-3006.

Coldwell Banker Schlott Realtors Jedmlnster Office 908-658-9000

1934 Washington Valley Road, Box 68 MARTINSVILLE, NEW JERSEY 08836

Realtor-lnsuror READWCTONTWSP.

Have it all in this mint condition home. Bring the whole famity and enjoy the heated inground pool w/ spa, enclosed sun porch, finished basement, central air % vac, security system, prof, landscaped in desirable Stanton area. ROT 1445 $286,000

READINGTON TWSP Barna Built home in"Stevens VaHeyV Spectacular brick front colonial W/tst floor libraryJ unfinished 5th bdrm. & bath, separate staircase ideal for* nanny suite. HOT 1453 $475,000

Coldwell Banker

Schlott Realtors Readmgton/Branchburg Office

(908) 534-4085/526-5300

SNEAK PREVIEW! WOODED MOUNTAIN ESTATE BRIDGEWATER TOWNSHIP $229,500 15x16 first floor master bedroom wfoath. 12x15 dining room. 11x15 family room vtij fireplace. 14x19 living room. 200x200 wooded seclusion w/city utilities.

SHEER ELEGANCE!! $372,900 Step-down family room 22x22: with vaulted ceilings and skylights! First floor guest room (maid). 44 ft. deck with Hot tuW Immaculate!! Located on a cul-de-sac in Readington Township. A MUST SEE! 9C9C

HILLSBOROUGH $296,900 ~ \ Gentirhat colonial on .2 plus \ has French doors lead-" ing rom the sunken living room to the family room with floor to ceiling brick fireplace. A 21 foot kitchen/breakfast area, first floor laundry & marble "aster bath with platform whirl tool tub. Elegance & good taste are the words to desciibe this attractively priced 4 y e a old home. HIL 1319.

Coldwell Banker Schlott Realtors milsborough-Morrtgomery Office





Bound Brook Ranch - Immaculate! % bedrooms, full basement! New Roof! Vinyl siding! Central A/C. A GREAT FIND! * ^ ^

Quick And Convenient!


Out of Area Property

BEDWlJNSTER- 1 BR, LR, DR, CAC, W/W carpet, tennis, pool, low taxes, ;$93,500.781-6349 BEDMVNSTER- Open House Sun Sept 27, 1-4, 10 Sage Ct., 2BR, 2 bath condd 2nd fir, end unit, Asking $119,500. For dir. call 7 ( M 772


P Q C O N O S - Beautiful';?! lot in PML£, perced, sepV* 1 tic design, $16,500 neg. Call 908-752-5674 2 0 ) . . . , 875-3524

9100 Lots and Acreage

9060 Wattufront Pn§mtty

9070 Condominiums

POCONO LOT— for sale by owner, city water/ sewer, lake view, health problems, need cash, must sacrifice, $22,000 neg., looking for quick sale, 908-218-1896


•HONTERDON COUNTY* New construction or will build to suit. 2 acre lots. Low taxes, close to shopping, schools, transportation, and recreational facilities. Tranquil cul-desac road only 10 minutes from Rt. 78. Starting at $249,900. Call Builder, 908-M1-2700.

OCEAN C O U N T Y Under $80,000 will buy this waterfront bungalow on Cedar Run Creek with easy access to Barnegat Bay & forever viewes of natural wildlife preserve. Fishing & boating at your backdoor. Call Toll Free G. Anderson Agency, Realtors 1-800-444-8507

OCONO CAMPSITERt 196 N., 2 lg landscaped lots, 24' trailer w/ AC, attached 12x12 room, tennis courts, pool, clubhouse, water & elec. Will split lots. Security 24hrs1908-548-6151


EXECUTIVE RESIDENCE BRIDGEWATER TOWNSHIP $273,900 5 bedrooms - 2% baths - fireplace - central a/c - city utilities! Close to all town activities!

September 25,1992 9200 VACATION PROPERTY

921Q Homes for Safe WILOWOOD- mint condition 1 BR condo, steps to beach/boardwalk. Beautifully furnished, pool, AC, cable TV, fully equipped kitchen. $8000 yearly rental potential. A great investment. Ready to rent or enjoy as a vacation home. Asking only $55,900. possible owner financing at 7% to qualified buyer. All reasonable offers welcomed. Please call 908-821-6508.

3555 Lots and Acreage Ps.LAND- 9 ac parcelpanoramic view of Elk Mt. ski resort. Subdividable land on t r o u t stocked pond ad), to Pa. game land. Once in a life time opportunity to build your home. Reduced to $55,000. immed sale. Call 908-234-1958 9270 Vacation Rentals FLORIDA- Disney Area. Great weather-no waiting at attractions. Off-season special 2 Bdrm. fully loaded Condo. Sleeps 4. $299 per wk. NOW until Nov. 15. Call Rosemary 1-800.FLA-7787 F L O R I D A - Newport Ritchie, 1/2 duplex, furnished w/carport, ground level, monthly rentals, near mails, beaches & restaurants, no pets. 908753-0838 HILTON HEAD, S.C. FALL SPECIALS Sgve 20% all reservations after 8/22. Great locations-Ocean to Fairway. 1-6 BRs. Fulf price ' , Free Tennis. Golf, ping discounts. m Head IsL Realty f:' 1400-845-5552 CAIX-f REE BROCHURE KJEYWEST FLA— condo, old town location. Sleeps 4«, $900/wk. Call 9087 H634 CONOS- Big Bass e, Autumn Getaways, r isonable, all Season F sort Community. 3BR L kefront, fplc, cable, b at, fishing, tennis, Icjbge, skiing, Wknds/ Vncly, mid-week rates. 1 609-259-7353


Franklin Focus

NOKOMIS, FLA. Between Sarasota & Venice, lovely secluded guest house, AC, area untouched by Hurricane, 1 mile from beach, swimming, fishing; near restaurants, theater, parks, churches, golf. Rent includes all utilities, local phone, cable TV. Monthly rental $500.; Weekly $175.908-356-3047

HILLSBOROOGH- 8 room condo, upstairs-LR, DR, kit., BR & bath; down-FR, study, laundry room. Fully carpeted, W&D, refrig. $9i5/mo. Avail. Oct 1. 908-7226086 '

BRIDGEWATER GRANDVIEW GARDENS 1 & 2 Bedroom Townhouses. Central air, individual storage. Walk to park & tennis courts

PISCATAWAY- beautiful 2 BR, 2'/2 bath twnhse in Society Hill, LR, DR, Florida room, kit, Ig. back yard, $H00/mo. POCONO MTS.- 3BR, A v a i l N o v 1 . 908f r p l c , near recreation 463-9467 area, Call 754-6829 WESTFIELD— new townhouse, 2 BR, bath, gaPOCONOS-THE HIDErage, W/D, Dishwasher, O U T - Beautiful large CAC, refig. Avail. 11/1. lake front with view. Fully furnished, all appliances, $950/mo * 1 '/2 sec. No pets. 654-3253 laundry, Jacuzzi, rec room, fireplace, woodstove, screened porch, 9440 large deck & yard; dock. Apartments Quiet, ideal for children, alt season activities. Week or weekends. Call BASKING RIDGE- 2 BR agent Dale, 717-698-5657 apt. in fully renovated 2 or owner, 908-276-8844 family room, includes for Griffin house. heat, hot water, lawn maint., $1,100..mo. 1 yr. POCONOS- Enjoy the tease, Ref. req. For full fall foliage at this very details call 908-766-2100 private Mt. chalet near Delaware Water Gap. l o t days or eves. Booth Avency, Inc. Realtors. to do! 908-231-1445. POCONOS- Saw Creek, 3 BRs, Den, pool & tennis., golf, $250/ weekend. 908-757-6849 after 6pm


9410 PEAPACK/ ExecRental, $2600/month Ranch, 4 Br, 2V4 Ba, LR, DR, FR with Fpl, kit. Available Sept. Call 234-1958. BRANCHBURG- large secluded 2 fam. home with garage and shop. Rent everything for $1900. Call between 69pm. 534-4212 SO. PLAINFIELD- Luxuary duplex, 3 BR, Ig. kit. w/dining area, OR, LR, 2'/2 baths, AC, bsmt., garage, Oct. 1 occupancy. no pets. $1200 754-5162 WARREN TWP.- 4BRs, 3bth, LR, DR, FRw/ fplc, study, Designer Kit.bsmt, 2-car gar. Wooded lot. $2300/mO.Call 647-7860.

9430 Townhouse* afHf DUNELLEN- Beautiful 6 year young Townhouse for rent available Nov. 1. 3BRs, 2V4 baths, CAC, fireplace. No pets. $975/ month. BURGDORFF REALTORS, 908-233-0065

Somerville - S124.000

722-6740 BRIDGEWATER- 4 Ig. rooms, 83 Old York Rd. $750 +all utils. Refs. & Sec. 201-376-5348

DORCHESTER HOUSE Somerville Luxury High Rise Elevator Apartments

722-9177 Studio 1 & 2 Bedrooms

Must Sell! Ranch, 3 bedrooms, living room, eat-in kitchen, fulf finished basement, new roof, move-in condition, corner lot. Priced for quick sale. Call Tonv Sena at f908) 281-0206.

MIDDLESEX- Modem 3 room Apt, 2nd fl, painted. $490/month plus utility. Reply Box III c/o Forbes Newspapers 44 Franklin St. Somerville, N.J. 08876 NO. PLAINFIELD, GREENWOOD GARD E N S - Newly renovated 1 BR & 2 BR garden apts, $650 * $750/ mo, Include heat & HW. NO PETS. Immed occup 908-756-1157 rv msg

NO. PLAINFIELD- 1st EDISON- 1BR, CAC, floor, W/W carpet, DW, 2/ eat-in kit. w/DW, pool & 3 BR, nice resid. area. tennis. Close to trains & Refs. & sec. 322-9392 mall. $700/mo incis. heat NO.PLAINFIELO& h o t w a t e r . 908Meadowbrook VHIage819-7568 Lg. 2BR, 1 bath, LR, eatHIGHLAND PARKin Kit., AC, $825/mo. heat Student BR, sharing fa& hot water incl. Avail, cilities w/ other college immed. 908-769-8960 people. Kit., DR, Wash BELLE MEAD- share 4 NORTH PLAINFIELD BR house, w/mod. Kit., 2 area, 2 LR, 3 full baths, 2 car gar. + . close to ev- First floor Condo in bath, W/D, bsmt., $300/ move-in condition, uperything. $300 + utils., month, 1/4 share util, 1 dated kitchen and bath, 1V4mo. sec. Cr. ck. & ref. month sec, 1 yr. lease, req. 1yr. lease no smok- wall/wall. Heat and HW no pets, avail 9/1, near incl. Avail. Oct. 1. No Fee Nelson's corner, call Jim ers. 908-561-7360 to tenant. $750/month. at (609) 466-1592 MANVILLE- 4 rooms BURGDORFF BOUND BROOK- 3 rms, with heat, Adults preRealtors 908-233-0065. ferred. No pets. Call 9082nd fir, heat/water inc. PHILLIPSBURG/HACKNo pets, Sec/lease req. 725-8582 ETSTOWN- 1 BR, unfur908-356-6224 MIDDLESEX nished, Please call 908•MIDDLESEX VILLAGE' 850-8824 BOUND B R O O K - 3 rooms & bath on 1st. Spacious 1 BR Garden PISCATAWAY- cozy 1 floor on Talmadge Ave in apt S675/mo. Incl. heat BR apt. in 2 family, heat/ & HW. NO PETS. Pool Bound Brook. Landlord HW, off-road prkg., avail. avail. 356-5550,12-6 on premises. 356-5180 10/1,908-885-1340 BOUND BROOK- large RARITAN- furnished 2 BR, avail, immed. heat * * • • • * * * * * * * bsmt unit, for non& water included. No smoker, private ent., full Pets. $750/mo. Sec. req. bath, $350. 908-725-6411 526-0380 9am-5pm ROSELLE PARK- Mod. BOUND BROOK- Mod6 rm. in 2-fam. AC, WW ern 3 rooms + Kitchen & carpet, DW, $850/mo. + bath. 2nd floor. Prof, * Somerville, NJ * util. Lease & sec. Busicouple preferred. No j f 1 Bedroom Rental * ness couple pref. Avail. pets. Sec. + Lease. Oct. 15.908-241-8044. $700 + utils. Avail. 11/1. jf Starting At * Call 356-2805 for appt. ROSELLE- residential area, 2 family, 2nd fir., 1 BRANCHBURG- 1BR j f 2 Bedroom Rental j f BR, large rooms, Avail. non smoker, no petsnewOct. $600+ util. Call 908ly remodled , $500 util * Starting At * • 469-1813 inc. refs. 704-9054 aft 6 SOMERVILLEBRIDGEWATER Apartment, 2 BR, DR & 4 Ig. rooms, 5 closets, "* Includes Heat & Hot Water J LR combo. Kitchen with refrig. central A & H, conv. location within >T refrigerator, no pets. gar. many conv. access j f walking distance of schools.jf A d u l t s p r e f e r r e d . to 3 Hwys. Adults. No shopping, trsnsporatton. j i . $775.oo/mo plus utilities. pets. $740. Call 908N O SECURrrv REQUIRED 3 . 1 1/2 mo security. Call with a copy of this adl T 906-725-6666, 725-7270 Oflics located at: BRIDGEWATER 4-129 Mercer St., Somerville SOMERVILLE- 1 BR, Clean two family apartavail, now. Month to ments. 1st floor $900 + Month or 6 mo. lease is 4S a U Sun. 10 AM.-3 P.M. utilities. 2nd floor $775 + avail. Must supply own utilities. Ask for Rich refrig. Calf 9084384960 908-707-0580 between 9-11pm


SO. BOUND BROOK159 Main St., affordable 1 & 2 BR Garden Apts. heat included & balcony. 1-800-400-6088


NORTH BRUNSWICK 3 Years Young, 4 Bedrooms/2 Baths, Neutral Decor, Ceramic Tile, Maintenance Free Exterior. 821-4444 $185,000

CONTENTED CHARM in quiet neighborhood. 4 Bedrooms, huge Family Room with woodbumlng stove, garage and much more! 828-3700 $149,900 WOODED & LANDSCAPED property is the setting for this 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Cape. Central Air, Appliances. Full finished basement with Rec. Room & Den. 828-3700 $148,500

IMMACULATE FAMILY HOME Lovely 3 Bedroom, 2 V4 Bath Ranch with brick fireplace in sunken Family Room, C/A. formal Dining Room, EatONE OF THE FEW HOMES available with 3 Full Baths, BR and in Kitchen, partially finished basement, garage. Bath on 1st level, 2 fireplaces, 2 tier 828-3700 $174,000 deck. Calltorother Luxury amenities. 821-4444 $298,000 HILLSBOROUGH This house has it all, 3 bedrooms, 2 V4 baths, 3 year young Colonial. THIS IS THE HOME... Family Room with fireplace & skyYou've been waiting for in Hidden Lake! 5 BRs, 2 Full Baths, White lights, Eat-in Kitchen, Dining Room, finished basement, huge deck, 2 car Ceramic Entry aVid Kitchen. Updated garage. Colors. Fenced yard. 828-3700 $228,900 821-4444 $309,900



Our Town Realty Independently Owned tnd Operated



9480 Homes to Share

NOTICE: All HOMES BRIDGEWATER- 1 TO SHARE advertiseRoom, Cable & phone hook up. Kit. privileges ments are PAYABLE IN with mirro. Off St. parkADVANCE by cash, ing. No smoking. 526- check, VISA or Master 1068 or 874-6119 Card. For a quote on SOMERVILLE CRANFORDfurn.ed cost, please call LUXURY APTS Rm., pvt. entrance, share 1-800-559-9495. Top area, 1,2 & 3 bath/den, limited Kit. SO. PLAINFIELD- M/F prvg., $350/month, 1 bdrms, air cond. m to share home, furnished onth s e c , avail, room, W8.D, pool-WOO/ Heat, hot water & immed., 908-272-3882 cooking gas incl. D U N E L L E N - Huge mo + share util. Call 908561-7732 Balconies, coun- house has openings for 2 roommates w/priv. baths, try setting, walk LR w/fplc, DW, W&D, SOMERSET- Young non-smoker, to to town. Storage. $450/mo., utils. incl. Call prof., share large 3 bedroom, 906-463-1383 2V4 bath townhouse. Full C a b l e TV o p basement fireplace, .PLAINFIELD- 2 tional. $620 when N W&D, tennis. Eat in kitchrooms in a quiet residenen. $412.50 plus utilities. available. tial neighborhood, 560-9619. Incld.s, kit priv.s, cable, 722-4444 avail 10/1, $75/week, 2 SOMERVILLE- 3 rooms weeks s e c , habfa es9490 & bath, $450/mo. Heat inpanol, 908-561-9420 aft. Wanted to Rent 6:30 pm cluded, security, references. Call 725-1859 NO. PLAINFIELD- Male WMfflEN- famished, 4 non-smoker. Nice neighNOTICE: AH WANTED rooms, heat included. brhd. $90/wk. 757-5058, TO RENT advertiseBus. couple preferred. aft 6:30pm, Iv. msg. ments are PAYABLE IN S800/mo. 647-3969 ADVANCE by cash, WATCHUNG- On acre947© check, VISA or Master age, furnished, 50' moApartments to bile home, private. 756Card. For a quote on Share 3924 cost, please call W E S T F I E L D - 2 1/2 1-800-559-9495. rooms, $705/month, 3 1/ PROF. MALE- to share 2 BR apt., smokers ok, 2 rooms, $790/month, WIDOW- Seeks 1 BR Piscataway area, $375/ walk to NYC trains, conapt. in So. Plainfield month, incld. all util., venient to downtown area, please call 908-459shopping, no pets, 1 1/2 908-424-1073 5044 month sec.; heat supSOMERSET- Two proplied, 908-464-6296 fessional females looking 9500 for a female (22yr-30yr) Advertise in the Classified! to share 3 BR, 2

$$723 per month J

* 725-2909 J

BRANCHBURG- PINE MOTEL. Room & kitchenette. Reasonable rates include services & utils. 908-722-9520

SO. BOUND BROOK1BR apt. Avail 10/1/92. Off-st. park. Quiet st. $495/heat & hot water incl. Call 908-218-9083.

J$650 per month*

A DECORATOR'S DREAM 3 Years Young Contemporary Colonial with 2 story entry, Cathedral Ceilings, Skylights, Upgrades throughout. Choice location. 821-4444 $229,900

Motivated Seller needs Motivated Buyer

METUCHEN- Half Duplex— 2 bedrooms, new kitchen and bath, lovely family neighborhood. Close to transportation & town. $875. No fee to tenant. THE PRUDENTIAL WINHOLD REALTY, Inc. Realtors 908-494-7677

with Chris Malo CRP, G R I .

Anita & Chris Malo Remax Somerset Hills

Anita Malo CRS, GRI

Happy Birthday! Your birthday is coming up soon, so you decide to throw a party for a few close friends. Instead of sending invitations directly to your friends, you run a simple ad in the paper that says "It's my birthday! Help me celebrate. Come to my house for a party on Saturday at 3 PM!" You clean house, bake a cake, set out the refreshments, and wait for your friends to arrive. They never dc.but you don't have time to wonder why. Plenty of folks arrive to help eat the cake and refreshments — total strangers. They are curious, and don't mind taking advantage of your hospitality, but they never have any intention of helping you celebrate. What happened? You wanted your close friends to come, but instead you got total strangers. Because you failed to target the group you wanted — your friends — by sending invitations, you invited the communty-at-largc. Getting the right response to an invitation is critical when selling your home too. You must attract the right buyers — qualified individuals with an interest in your home.

Who are those "right" buyers, and how can you attract them to your home? Your choice of a real estate agent may be the most important decision you will make. Look f(>- an agent who understands . .fget marketing." This effective marketing technique involves the identification of likely groups of buyers for your home. Your home • exposed to those groups to arouse their curiosity, and the results can be quite impressive. By exposing your home only to likely buyers, rather than the "community at-large", our home will sell m i quickly You benefit by fev' showings and less inconvenience to your family. You are also more likely to get full price from t-iis serious, motivated group of buyers. When selling your home, a wellplanned f rget marketing campaign can attract the right guests. Ask your real estate agent for details — then get ready to celebrate! Whether you plan to buy, sell, invest or just need information, call us anytime at (908) 658-3600 or stop in at # i Route 206, Bedminster.


Franklin Focus

CAR STORAGE SPACES $50/mo. Owner lives on premises. Near Whitehouse Station. 534-4638

9650 Office Rentals

GARAGES FOR RENT Need additional storage space? Want to keep your ear in a dry garage with lighting? For only $45/mo. there is still space avail, at Finderne Heights in Bridgewater. Call for info on Mon. or Wedi 908-722-6144

C R A N F O R D - Birchwood Ave., 1300+ sq. ft. in attractive, owner occupied, 1 story office building. Ample parking, separate entrance. Call Bill 908-272-0100

9600 COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE 9610 Bushxzss Properties for Sale HOPEWELL- restaurant business building & property; Unique greehouse dining overlooking brook. Ideal location tor quality ethnic restaurant. 15 mins.ifrom Princeton. 908-369:3672 eves, or wkend. \

9620 Professional Properties for Sale

CRANFORD- prime location, well known prof, building, amble prkg., 1000 Sq.Ft., $1350/ month, 425 Sq.Ft., $450./ month, 225 Sq.Ft., $295/ month, all util. incld., o w n e r 908-545-3388 weekdays HIGHLAND PARK Psychotherapy office tor rent. Waiting Room, offstreet parking. Quiet & conducive to therapy. Reasonable rent. 908-777-0340 METUCHEN- 2-7 room offices, prime location, near train & bus, off street parking, Call Arnoit 908-548-6400 MIDDLESEX- 900 & 450 sq.ft. on Rt. 28. Prkg. Excel, location. 908-5263661 or 526-0694. MONTGOMERY- 1160 sq.ft. availabe on Route 206 near Princeton. Aggressive lease terms offered. Call M. Heller (201) 377-6000

PISCATAWAY- Office or Retail. 6,000 sq. ft. Will divide. Also dentist office. Rt. 287 & Stelton Rd. 981-1313. SHARE A PRESTIGIOUS OFFICE Desk Space: $150. Wood furn'd office: $350 Westfield 908-232-3337 SOMERVILLE- 2 Office Professional Suite. Paneling, AC, Carpeting, Private Parking. 725-6660



Industrial Rentals SO. PLAINFIEL0- 1500 sq. ft. garage w/10 x 12 doors, 750 loft, 600 sq. ft. office, fenced in rear yard. Call 908-756-9439

September 25,



R E N T — by owner,

Investments/ Opportunities

located on Rt. 27, near Pine Manor. Adequate parking. 548-9521

9680 ~ Warehouse Rentals SOUTH PLAINFIELD 1500 sq.ft. multi-use: Offices, Shop, light manufacturing, etc. Mins. from 287. Conveniently located. Affordable rent. 908-753-0200


AUTOMAGIC IS HERE!The ultimate product with the ultimate compensation plan. 60% sign up. 908-424-0642 msg#127 EARN $5,000 to $10,000 MONTHLY- PT/FT. Distributing Crime Prevention Products for a multibillion dollar company. PT/FT Management & Distributorship positions available to those who qualify. Call 908-2200222, for more Info. FRIENDLY HOME PARTIES— has openings for demonstrators. No cash investment. No service charge. High commission and hostess awards. Two catalogs, over 600 items. Call 1-800-468-4875

9670 Retail Rentals

9810 Businesses for Sale

GREEN BROOK- Busy Rte 22. 1600-8400 sq. ft. avail. Great co-tenants! Immediate occupancy. Owner, 908-861-2700

Restaurant/Fast food, Owner financing, exc. buy, high profit, 2480002 or 463-3831

MAKE M O N E Y - with your personal computer. Free info. Amazing recorded msg. 220-6053 _

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MONTGOMERY 1200 sq.ft. available in existing center on Route 206. High volume location, great lease terms. Call M. Heller 201-6000

SO. BOUND BROOKMENDHAM- 2100 sq ft Busy Main St. office/retail neighborhood office store front, 900 sq.ft.imbuilding, no retail. 61 W. OFFICE/LIGHT MANUproved, 1100 sq. ft. storMain St. $329,900. Pis FACTURING- 1-3000 age/expansion. Lets call 90&S34-1325 SQ. FT. Just off Rt. 18, make a deal! Broker proSo. River NJ 613-8395 tected. Bob, 204-0125.

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• ., UMi,e' This Is a NJ Roal Eslalo Commsion approvedPrellconslngSchool.


P n h c e t o n Schoo J n „ , r, , , OI|K e a l JiStatC

ClasIBS forming In Clinton, East Windsor & Pennlngton.

Classifieds 1000 PERSONAL 1004 60-Pfus SWF6 1 , attractive, young, productive, intelligent, caring, honest seeks refined, compassionate, well-groomed, non-smoking, gentleman, 60-+, under 5'10, for dancing dining in or out, theater, travel and possible relationship. Serious replies only. Please call ext. 4034 » - 5'10", 184 lbs, cerrtoral Jersey area (Edison), non-smoking/drinking Protestant male, mecMcaliy inclined, I enjoy f i s h i n g , auto-

racing, flea-markets,

used to be a P/T model, looking for a SWF 52-62 yrs old, between 5*6" and tip, must be in good health and Protestant ext.3897 ___^^^__^__^^^


Traveling Companions is a new classification and is part of Forbes Newspapers' Introductions. It is intended for use by people Game Players is a new looking for other people with whom to travel. For classification and is part of more information please Forbes Newspapers' Introcall l-S00-$$9-949$. ductions. It is intended for use by people looking for 1010 other people with whom to wnJHMHJCtnHIS play games. For more information please call 1$Qa5S9M95 SWCF- 47, Irish/En•WOMENS FUN* glish, non-smoker, likes cocktaHs, kisses & con•LEAGUE SOCCER* versation with a man who A beginner level, 30+ makes me laugh, makes team looking for other me blush & keeps me alteams to ptay or new ways wanting more. I'm players in North Plainfree of baggage, no exfield Area. If interested; husbands, or lingering please reply ext. 3636. relationships. 1 have been loved * know the real thing. You cannot fool me. Can you handle my exhuberance for life? No wall flowers or dingHobbyists ing vines need respond. Be confident, possess humility, be fun loving & Hobbyists is a new classification and is part o/ genuine. Above all-make Forbes Newspapers' Introme laugh!. Please reply ductions. It is intended for box 4206 use by people looking for 2 GUYS,— 30's, with unother people with whom to fashionable car, seek 2 pursue hobbies. For more fed-up females, comely, information please call 1to search for the Grail. S00-!S9-949S. Please reply ext 4125

1007 Game Players

DJWF- VERY PRETTY & ARTICULATE, Brainy, PERSONABLE, well eduwitty, worldly, tall, trim, handsome 40's WM- cated, professional, slim, youg looking 43, psychiWASP. Very successful cally active, sofisticated international executiveyet down to earth, seeks amusing & sexy & highly an equally warm, genieducated. You are tall & une, refined, caring, slender, a secure, comcommunicative, bright, plex outdoorsy beauty; age appropriate & a GAP attractive, fun loving, non-smoking, 40's • 50 s to Givenchy woman for professional man, to exwhatever. Please call Ext. plore life and it's plea3923. sures, I love the outAttractive, professional, doors, tennis, biking, DWF5'f9" with long travel, dining, and the dark hair. I am financially arts, ext.3900 secure, a non-smoker, D M - 55, interested in non-drinker and nonmeeting a slim woman religious. I love to travel. for long-term relationI'm looking for one speship, non-smoker, likes cial SWM, 36-48, 6' or all types of music, ext.over- who is intelligent, 3899 stable honest, kind, welt educated, easy going It is the policy of this and financially secure, newspaper not to publish (but not necessarily rich.) any personal advetisement Reply ext. 4156. that may be overtly sexual, suggestive and/or offensive CIAO BELLA RAGAto the general public. This ZZA— Just returned from service is intended solely Sicily in search of a slenfor personal advertisements der, dark Italian Princess for singles who would like 19-26. I'm 22, Ivy League to establish a relationship Grad. SBM. Please call with other singles. Ext. 3012.

CLASSY SWF, 29, med. build, 5'9", seeks good man for friendship 1st, then marriage & family. I EARLY AM EXERCISE love old cars, Harley PARTNER— wanted in2 S W F - age 22, one Davidsons, cooking, side jand out, brisk walkbeaches, classic rock, blond hair blue eyes, one ing and or roller blading, 1009 brown hair blue eyes, WWF/WCW Wrestling, weigpts/toning. I'm neac^ mountains, hanging out Traveling each looking for a SWM, 5 Points in Union. Please & hot romance. Yes, I age 22-27, for friendship/ Companions call »xt. 4070 smoke and love champossible relationship, we pagne & roses. If you are Exerfise Partners is a new enjoy NYC, working out, classification and is part of ATTRACTIVE SJF- 34, dancing, and AC, if you serious, aged 30-40, 200Forbes Newspapers' Introhave similar interests, or 250lbs, enjoy working & 5'8", easy going, good playing & love to have ductions. It is intended for sense of humor, ISO, can ad to ours please good times with a great use by people looking for SJM, 30's, non-smoker, call ext.4252 woman^call me-ext.4155. othtf people with whom to for trip to Las Vegas durASSERTIVE, SUCCESSexeripse or play sports. For ing the week of ChristFUL & ATTRACTIVEmor'e information please mas, and possible relaclean & educated, classy call i-800-559-9495. tionship, please call 36 yr. old, DWM who ext.3896 loves excitement, pas| DID YOU LOOKING FOR DISNEY WORLD, FLAsion & exotic adventures. I KNOW... YOUR NAME? SWM, 39, seeks white feWants attractive slim, that an ad in this local You're getting male for Disney vacation special younger woman papjer also goes into 16 warmer... in middle to late Oct. who wants more than a oUier I"- . * papers? Share expenses, guaran9'/*? wk. relationshipp & is R b . , ' 400,500 tee great ty^a,.Please, ... npt, afraid fr l ftft tft it asl$ for it. -•eaft-4802—-:.**:-.'-•? ' Please reply Pl ly bo box^feyS ;

DWF- 34, very youthful, attractive, tall & fit. I love a l l types of music, sports, dancing, theatre & NYC. I have one child. Would like to meet Si DWM with similar characteristics & interests who is down to earth & has a good sense of humor. Please reply box 4123

DWM, Professional, 36, Irish Catholic. My Interests include; wonderful dinners, movies, and just hanging o u t . I'm in search of a S/DWF, 2536, who likes mountains in the winter and beaches i n t h e s u m m e r . Friendship first. Please reply ext. 4153. DWM- 52, trim, athletic, stable and vibrant- wishes to meet sincere lady, 38 to 50. Interests may include tennis, bicycling, 60's music, dancing, cooking, travel and quiet times together, just to mention a few. Interested in friendship that might lead to a long lasting relationship. Please call ext. 4202. DWM54 y r . s o l d , couch potato, no smoke/ drink, looking for slim, sexy, couch-potatotte, to share couch and good times, ext.3898 DWM— hppeless romantic, one woman man, 45 but riding my Harley, makes me feel like 25, 5'9", 150 lbs., 2 tattoos and one earring, looking for a petite lady, (age not important) for companionship and whatever else develops ext.4068 PIT, ATHLETIC GENTLEMANwith style, 36, seeks companionship of F looking for fun, laughter & good times. Give a call, & lets start enjoying ourselves! Age: unimportant. Race: human. Reply box 4065

DWJM— Attractive, athletic. 5'9", 170 lbs., successful. Seeking warm caring confident independent lady, 32 to 42 for GENEROUS W M - 45, long term relationship. attractive, wealthy willing Reply ext. 3321. to share. Seeks pretty lady for mutually benefiDWM— 41, professional, cial mistress-type relasecure job, 5' 10,160 lbs, tionship. Please call Ext. athletic, enjoys sports, 3939. movies, conversation. GENEROUS- WM, 45, Seeking i n t e l l i g e n t , warm, caring woman for attractive, willing to share, seeks pretty lady companionship & hopefor mid-day rendezvous ,fu!!y.,a lasting, relation-

j«5e___*___i •*-,

:>r:ibr-d.r. '

HANDSOME S W M - 39, looking to meet, S/DWF,) who enjoys Gunnison! Beach at Sandy Hook as much as I do. I'm 5'11J 170 lbs, I also like dancj ing, movies & candlelit dinners. I'm caring & sinf cere. If interested, please call Ext. 3979 | Highly educated, prof., Euro. SWCF. 34, 5'.2'l 105lbs, hazel eyes, It. brn hair, young looking;, attractive, romantic, loving & caring. Trad.values. Varied interests. Seeking marriage-minded SWCMf 30-50, educ, nice personality, emotionally stable, non-smoker/alcoholic, drug-free, g o o i looking, trim, financially secure.KidsOK.Ext. 415 f I'M A SWM, 27 YEARS O L D - 5 7 " , with lii

brown hair and b

eyes. I'm looking for a SWF, 23-29 for serious relationship who enjoys outdoor activities and likes going to beach and bowling. Middlesex Cty. area. Please reply ext. 3319. I K yeu'ie a tall,ttt,secure, educated man of integrity, 50+, who is bright, warm, sensitive, loves life, including: the arts, traveling, dancing, skiing, tennis, the outdoors, lakes and the s< aI think you'd like me. I'm a DWF, 5' 5", trim, p e sentable and professional. My children iire on their own. Cal maybe we can make each other smile. Please respond to ext. 3234. | LADIES: THIS SWM LOVES LIFE AND WANTS TO FIND SOMEONE TO SHARE IT WITH. 29 years old, blond hair, blue eyes, 6', cute sni le, who is honest and has a great sense of hurror. Looking for SWF, 21-32, (kids okay,) who loves to laugh. Please reply uxt.

MARRIAGE MINDED? Want a child? I want a w i f e : L e t ' s make a deal...Hardworking SWM, 28, very fit, 6' + , very intelligent, suave looking, Prof, needs mousy Country Girl, Corporate Lady, or in-between, 19-29 or so, to share walks, movies, dinner, cuddling, beach, love (a business together?) Sacrificing for Bountiful life. Ext. 392% NICE GUYS FINISH FIRST! Do I have your attention? Hi, I'm a 36 year old, pretty, petite, profiftsional SJF. Who loves fl> dance, work out at the gym and spend quality time listening and teaming about you! Do you want a "real relationship'' with fun and frolic? Are you 30-40 years of agfe? Then call ext. 3618. *£.* S CHRISTIAN 225lbs. brown hair green eyes, likes boating, long walks, rides in the country, History. Seeks bmn again Christian female, for dating & possible marriage. Please reply box 4 « 7 r S WORKING CATHOLIC LADY- mid 40's, «'5, 145 lbs., non-smoker, honest, caring, affectionate who likes outdoors, travel, nice conversation, dancing, romantic dining, or quiet evenings at home. Would like to meet W gentleman, light dfinker, 45-60 yrs.old for serious relationship. Please call Ext. 3009. S D W M - 6 0 , professional, very active, fit, & financially stable. An average man- no drinking or drugs, but I smoke, looking for SWF, slim, 28-43, needing a nice start in life who likes to be spoiled and knows how to spoil in return. Must be level headed, like sports, cars, dining out, quiet eves. Sense of humor a must! Ext. 4014.

September 25,1992

Franklin Focus


IT WORKS! "Ust week I placed an ad in the Help Wanted section of Forbes Newspapers. When they called me this week to see if I wanted the rerun the ad, I said I was almost afraid to because I was backed up on replying to the responses I had received from the first ad. Needless to say, I am very happy with the response." KQ B e ) | e


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someone similar to balance my life; someone to bake cookies for & worry about, suprise, make happy & spoil. My friend & permanent companion needs a good sense of humor, flexibility & a willingness to work things out. Please reply to ext. 3041

SWM- 31, 5' 11, nonsmoker, some interests I enjoy are movies, beaches, biking, exercising, quiet nights. Seeking a marriage minded S/DWF who has time to build a lasting friendship & to share interests we have in common. Reply box 4066

SWF— slim attractive athletic, 39. Enjoys golf, tennis, movies, dining out, romantic evenings. Looking for special S/ DWM, 40-50 with similar interests plus a desire for a long term relationship. Please reply ext. 4126

SWM- 35, 5'6", Italian, I'm romantic, intelligent with a sense of humor, Km into music, movies, travel, reading & other v a r i e d i n t e r e s t s . In search of S/DWF 20-40, with sense of humor for long term relationship. Please reply box 4121

SWPM- 29, 6', 170 lbs., brown hair & eyes, very handsome and physically fit non-smoker seeks the companionship of a SWF, 21-30 who enjoys outdoor activities, work out, dining out, movie going or just a quiet evening at home, 'f you are secure with yourself, value honesty, kindness, sensitivity and affection, able to trust and ready for a serious one on one relationship please reply to ext. 4050

Private party rates are based on classification numbers. All classifications between 1000-2160, and 8000-8640 will be billed at the private party rate. All other classifications will be billed at the commercial rate. SBM PROFESSIONAL34, 6'2, athletic type would like to meet an attractive & fit S/DWF 2737. I enjoy going out to dinner, comedy clubs, beach, dancing & to the movies. If you have no problem with an interracial friendship or relationship. Please call Ext. 3943;

SM 40,— looking to make friends with S/DWF 35-45. Interests include dining out, movies, the shore. No fatties please. Reply ext. 3027. SM, Indian, 26, looking for girlfriend, for fun romance & more. Please reply box 4115

SWCF- 60, 5'6, attractive, well-groomed, good figure, intelligent who enjoys going out to dinner, dancing, travel, family, friends, etc. I am searching for a SWCM, 5'10"+, up to 65 yrs. of age with same qualities who is interested in a one on one sincere relationship. Please call ext. 4201

SWF- 30, 5'7, attractive, blonde, I have a demanding job w/crazy hours. Seeking SWM with great sense of humor to enjoy off hours with. Please reply box 4113

SWF— 33, non-smoker, I am a successful financially independent woman who is strong, S M - 26, black hair, gentle nurturing & lots of fun to be with. I like SWCF- tall (5'8) blonde, — professional, 36, brown eyes, attractive, well built, 5/8" 169 lbs. moonlit walks, scuba div& shy. Unencumbered, 10, 210tbs., Taurus, ing, travel & movies. I am but ready to be so. Irish, Iry romantic, athletic. with secure job is. looking for sweet, attractive SF, 5' 4, 152 lbs. w/lots of but d o n ' t hold that Peking S/DBF, 25-35 against me. Age 36, curves. I seek a S/DWF, ho enjoys any & every- with nice figure, good personality, between 2030-45 who knows who he never married (a good thing, Pieces/Cancer preis. Must be honest, open, ferred for possible long 28 between 5' to 5'8 for man is hard to find). friendship and possible non-smoker, fun to be Good chemistry creates ', term relationship, drug & with, who seeks inteltraction; attraction ignites alcohol free. Reply box relationship. I enjoy sports, working out, comlectual, emotional & friendship, friendship ,3010 edy & dance clubs, the physical contact. Reply fuels loyalty & respect-a b e a c h , d i n n e r , e t c . box 4122 ^ 43, looking kiss is love. Walk with SDWF ages 30-45. Look- Please call ext. 4072 me step by step along SWF— f r i e n d l y , out ~Jng for one on one relathe path. Open comgoing, attractive, SWF, 5' tionship, possible marSM— 28, good looking & munication a must. Make 10, seeks educated, Jiage. A woman who energetic with possesme laugh & be paitent handsome, SWM age 25(fkes to be spoiled and to sion of all good qualities. with my always being 30. 5'0 or taller who en-,Jppil her man. A non- Just relocated. Looking late. After all, its you I'll joys the outdoors, on smoker and not into for SDF between 35 & 40. be getting ready for. sunny days, and the in.drugs. Sociable drinker Hobbies include listening Reply box 4067 doors on rainy evenings. OK, kids ok, pets OK. to music, movies, and This SWF likes museLikes the movies, dining being a romantic Romeo. SWCM— guaranteed ums, dancing, the beach, out, shore, or just being Please reply ext. 3642. good looking 48, 6' movies, and long scenic D'Nome with a good movie 170lbs, brown hair, blue drives on Sunday after& dancing. No head eyes, non smoker, rugnoons. If you are a SWM (James, no b a r b i e s . SOUTHERN S W M - 26 ged outdoor type. I am who likes the same and years old, blond, very Please call ext. 4208. an incurable romantic can make me smile call cute, with an easygoing with traditional values ext. 4205 personality. I have a SEPARATED W M - 5 H good talker & listener w/ I55lbs, brown hair blue good heart and am easily great sense of humor. I SWF- mid 40's & very :; eyes. 32 yrs. I look much persuaded into being love to hug & be hugged. special: sweet, kind, lov* y?ounger, loves most bad. I'm seeking a feSeeking fun loving, sponing, deep, soft, sensitive sports & riding my mo- male with similar charactaneous SWF, 35-45 for & vulnerable & often intorcycle seeks WF 25-32 teristics so my thoughts friendship & romance. secure; very understandfor dates companionship will be more interesting Reply ext 4060. ing, loving, loyal, fun, cueach day than what I'm and? 4117 rious, feminine, pretty, having for dinner. Please SWF- 26, brown hair, etc. I love the beach, SINGLE SOUTH AMERI- respond ext. 4064. hazel eyes, attractive, travel, anything to do CAN MALE- 31 years of with water, being silly, successful, independant, age, 5'9 would like to performing arts, explornon-smoker, great sense meet a single female be- STOP— if y o u ' r e a ing, reading, skiing & of humor, loves football. tween ages 25-30, race woman between the ages ot 18-36 & are looking highly oriented to close, Please reply ext. 4074 unimportantant. To share supportive relationships the good and the bad for romance & friendship, I'm a SWM 58, dark hair with Wends and family. SWF— 29 professional, times together. Please & blue eyes, Irish & in- brown hair, hazel eyes, At the same time, I'm call ext. 4071. dian, with illusions of smart, well-educated, loves travel, dancing, fully actualizing, couragrandure in the field of dining out, good sense geous, successful, effeclove. If you like romantic of humor, seeks sane, CAUTION: tive, highly perceptive & evenings by a fireplace mature S/DWM 25-40, Coffee mug long walks by the shore, who wants to have fun, resourceful, too often winner, ahead... " d r i v e n " professional romance & possible long nature & music. Then call with a fascinating & determ relationship. Must and Jeave a . rtfsg.- Box manding career. I need love pets. 3011 4118

SWM, 39, attractive, 6', 150 lbs, brown hair' & eyes. I'm looking for a WF, (age not important,) must like to travel and love to smile. Please reply ext. 4154. SWM- 25 6' 3, 175 lbs, brown hair, green eyes, non-smoker, non drinker, non-drug user. Seeking SWF 22-31, intelligent, attractive &• who enjoys dancing, going to the beach, taking romantic walks, movies & spending quiet nights together at home. Reply Ext. 3949

SWM— 39, handsome, well educated, athletic professional. Enjoys sports, outdoors, tennis, golf, movies, travel the arts & sunshine. Seeks very attractive affectionate intelligent fit female 28-38 who enjoys life, companionship, romance & sharing all the above. Non-smokers please reply to box 4102

SWM- attractive, 35 yrs. old, 5'10", classy, nice med. build, educated, SWM- 26, 5' 10, I'm at- well-accomplished, true tractive, have a good values, great personality, sense of humor & enjoy humor, no bad habits, life to the fullest. The acvery romantic, healthy & tivities I enjoy are NYC, cautious, night owl & off the shore, movies & ro- week-ends, enjoys outmantic candlelight dindoors & general, incld.s ners. Looking for SWF traveling, the beach, 21-30 who is physically movies, hiking, walking, fit, easy-going & caring, photography, tennis, dinto develop friendship & a ners, quiet evenings at possible relationship. home watching videos, Please reply ext. 4124 seeks female 21-48, attractive, healthy, classy, SWM— 26, tired of Club sincere, caring, not into Scene looking for SWF drugs or heavy drinking, 21-28 who enjoys good for goodrelationshipand sense of humor & sharhot romance, ext.3895 ing quiet limes together. Please call Ext. 4073 SWPF- 35 petite slim horsewoman, enjoys travel, theatre, many inAdvertise terests. Seeks male who enjoys same. Reply box in the Classified! .4.120- - • •

• - - n •••'<

• • • • • • • • •

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VERY ATTRACTIVE SLIM W F - self employed professional, loves music, dancing and gourmet cooking. Looking for male professional, financially secure. Must have a sense of humor, be sincere and honest and 50-60 years of age. Please call Ext. 4204

VERY ATTRACTIVEgreat shape thin, sexy, 5' 4, D/WF, young looking 40, seeking successful WM 40-65, who loves children. I have a 3 yr. old girl, I enjoy music, TO GOOD TO BE TRUE- 35 yrs. old, 6 3 , photography, driving, 210lbs, trained by his 4 summer vacations, shopping & real good comsisters, he has learned pany. I would love to how not to treat a lady. meet a warm, sincere By seeing the bums we went out with, he's no gentleman, for friendfool, very strong emo- ship, possibly leading to lasting relationship. tionally & physically, very Reply box 4116 gentle, romantic & a terrific sense of humor & a WWBCF- 52, secure, atspontaneous personality tentive, adventurous. In that you cari't help but search of S or DBCM, 40love. If you want to settle 55 who wants to be spedown, ladies this is your cial. Must enjoy travel, chance. May be the last and is healthy, gentle true prince. If you are beand must not be afraid of tween 28 & 39, 5'-5'7, commitment and comnot overweight, not Into munication. Please reply drugs, not a smoker, to 4207. very high morals, family oriented, reliable 4 dependable, very sweet & 1020 gentle, looking for a guy that wilt be there for you no matter what, but exOrganizations pects the same from you, and Activities We urge you, don't let this one get away. Reply ext. 4054. ALLOW ME TO GIVE YOU the gift of a lasting WELL EDUCATED- sueessful male, financial ex- relationship. Personalized, 17 yrs. experience. ecutive, youthful early Call Judy Yorio's Com40's, no dependents, patibles 908-707.9086. 5'11", runner's build, enjoys fine dining, quiet MATCHMAKER walks, gardening, and INTERNATIONAL- The exploring, would love to largest & most selective share life's joys w/a wellpersonal introduction educated, spirited, physiservice in the nation. For cally fit, attractive profesfree Info. 908-218-9090 sional woman, with high standards, who loves adPATTI'S PARTIES venture and values a carBuffet, Dessert, Coffee. ing relationship, nurtured Reservations limited. by love and respect. Oct. 17th, 7:30 PM ext.3894 ». • 908-722-5284


Xeiv Jersey's # / source for meeting people



How to Place an Ad VTaki tome fme to wrto doom scmt characteristics abou! yoursetl. and your preiennoB atxnl the type at person you'd Bee to meet 2Yoo





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How to Answer an Ad 1. Note the extension numbers at the end of the ads you'd f*e to| answer. 2. Cat 1400-226-1003 torn a Touch-Tone phone. 3. Fofcw the voice prompts and record your messages. The cos is K.OO per minute. i. You must be 18 years or older to use this 900 fcie. |

special/ hained aril will help you write your introductions ad, to get the best Introductions is operated by Forbes Newspapers, 44 Franklin S i , Somerville, N.J. 08876 response. Oeadjnetopea your Introductions ae is Monday by Noon. 3. Your ad w t run for tour weeks, end can be renewed a any time, MOST COMMONLY USED ABBREVIATIONS: Forbes Newspapers' Introductions is a way to meet people, fnd a tennis panner, a fourth for bridge, or another classical music • B - Black • F - Female • M - Male torac. Whatever your interests, you should be a t * to bid someone to share them. Personal advertisements and voice mail messages may not contain language thai is overtly sexual, suggestive and/or oftenswe to the genera! public The publisher • C - Christian • H - Hispanic • S - Single reserves the righttorejectany ad. This publication assumes no resr^onsibaty «SaBiBy ta 1r* rantert or repty of a personal • D - Divorced • J - Jewish • W - White advertisement. Must be 18 years or older to use I r s service.

• WW - Widowed | • WWW - White. Widowed

you in eternal glory. I 2030 1060 Thank you for your for us who have recourse Announcements mercy towards me & to thee (3x). Holy Mother, Art mine. THANK YOU HOLY I place this cause in your SPIRT. L.R. hands (3x). Holy Spirit, SOMERVILLE BASECUSTOM OIL you who solve all probHOLY SPIRIT- you who BALL- is now accepting PORTRAITS lems, light all roads so solve all my problems, nominations for the an- from photo, pets a sped- j that I can attain my goal. who tight all roads so nual election of officers allty, affordable. Call Ed, You who gave me the dithat I may obtain my to be held on Oct. 15, 908-469-0087. ; vine gift to forgive and goals. You who give me 1992. Public nomination forget ail evil against me the devine gift to forgive are not being accepted and that in all instances 2040 & forget all evils against. and maybe submitted to 1030 in my life you are with . In fact in all instances of Brian Kelly at the Sept. me, I want in this short Lost & Found my life you are with me. I 30th, 1992 meeting. prayer to thank you for want in this short prayer Nominations after this all things as you confirm ESTATE SALES to thank you for all things date require written rtodiBERNARDS T W P . - or- once again that I never CONDUCTED & to confirm once again, ficaton of intent signed ange & white kitten, want to be separated Courteous & reliable serI never want to be sepa- by at least 5 signatures brown tabby kitten w/ from you in eternal glory. vice provided. Please c a r rate from you & even in (SB), PO, 77, SomerVilte, white m a r k i n g s Thank you for your Marilyn Anne 1H spirit of aft material illuNJ 08876) submitted at BRANCHBURG- Black mercy toward me and No. Brunswick er sions,- I wigh to be with least 5 days prior to the & whiite kitten w/diamine. The person must 908-246-4715 03 you in eternal glory. election in order to be mond collar, grey & say this prayer 3 conThank you for your accepted. white kitten, brown tabby secutive days. After 3 NEW VERNON AUCTION^) mercy towards me & kitten w/white on face, days, the request will be Sat, Sept 26, 8-6PM, mine. THANK YOU HOLY grey tabby w/white markgranted. This prayer FIREHOUSE, VILLAGE^ 2000 SPIRT. L.R. ings, gray tabby kitten w/ must be published after RD. All day auction *td« < FOR SALE white markings black & the favor is granted. L.D. PRAYER TO T H E ding on antiques, c o l - " white male husky, black lectibtes furniture & BLESSED V I R G I N P R A Y E R T O T H E & brown long hair male mgch more. A small ,sanj&,, (Never known to fail). dog, black & brown rot- BLESSED V I R G I N pling Includes: Horse Oh, most beautiful flower 2010 (Never known to fail). twefflef mix HILLSBORdrawn sleigh, wicker furof Mt. Carmel, fruitful Oh, most beautiful flower Antiques OUGH- long hair female niture, franklin stove, vine splendor of Heaven, orance tabby black & or- of Mt, Carmel, fruitful antique chest of drawers, Blessed Mother of the vine splendor of Heaven, ange female cat w/white treadle sewing machines,„ son of God, Immaculate 500 ANTIQUE CHAIRSBlessed Mother of the on neck SO. BOUND foot pump organ, keroVirgin, assist me in my son of God, Immaculate $35 to $50 each. Call BROOK- American Stafsene lamps, duck boat, necessity. Oh, Star of the Virgin, assist me in my fordshire brown tabby band & radial saws, 1985 Sea, help me and how 908-247-4406, 10:30 AM necessity. Oh, Star of the to 3:00PM. kitten w/white markings, T-Bird, 1978 Chevrolet me, herein you are my black & white kittens, al- Sea, help me and how Truck with cab, PS, low mother. Oh, Holy Mary. A N T I Q U E QUARTER me, herein you are my tered male black cat, mileage. Also flea market' Mother of God, Queen of S A W N - oak lawyer's mother. Oh, Holy Mary, Somerset Humane Soci& white elephant. SepaHeaven and Earth! I bookcase, sliding glass Mother of God, Queen of ety, Rt 22. No. Branch, rate areas for books,*' humbly beseech you doors, fjgural base mar908-526-3330 _ _ _ _ _ Heaven and Earth! I records, tapes, sports from the bottom of my ble top table & lamp. humbly beseech you equipment, bicycles & heart to succor me in this 725-6125 LOST C A T - in Hills, from the bottom of my [lots of clean used clothnecessity. There are brown tabby, Mainecoon, heart to succor me in this ANTIQUES SALE ing. RECESSION BUSTnone that can withstand collar & tag, Missing necessity. There are 41ST ANNUAL SHOW ING BARGAINS FOOD, your power. Oh, show since beginning of Sept. none that can withstand Morrlstown, NJ FREE PARKING. Newx me herein you are my If seen please call 908- your power. Oh, show National Guard Armory Vernon is 5 miles soujh ... mother. Oh Mary, con781-1501 me herein you are my Western Avenue of Morristown. Sponsorceived without s|n, pray mother. Oh Mary, conNew Vernon, Vol. Fire for us who have recourse "Folk and FANCY" furniLOST- Jewelry in Food- ceived without Sin, pray ture, glass, china, AmeriDept. RAIN or SHINE to thee (3x). Holy Mother, town, Westfield. Reward for us who have recourse cans, Memorabilia, etc. I place this cause in your available. Leave with to thee (3x). Holy Mother, Friday Sept. 25, Sat Sept hands (3x). Holy Spirit, Greek Orthodox Church I place this cause in your 2050 26, 12rtoon-9PM, Sun you who solve all probin Westfield. hands (3x). Holy Spirit, Sept. 27, 12noon-5PM. Ctothlng& lems, light all roads so you who solve all prob100 DEALERS, refresh* that I can attain my goal. lems, light all roads so 1040 You who gave me the di- ments avail. ADMISSION that I can attain my goal. M O T H E R S ' CENTER vine gift to forgive and WITH THIS AD $3.50 You who gave me the dijFALL & WINTER- Cfes** forget all evil against me ESTATE LIQUIDATION vine gift to forgive and cent Ave. Presbyterian and that in all instances Roll top, desk, $2500; forget all evil against me WHAT'S POP-ULAR? Church, 716 Watchung in my life you are with Grand Father Clock, and that in all instances your power. Oh, show Aye. Plainfield. Used chilThe Popcorn Diet who have recourse to me, I want in this short that I can attain my goal. in my life you are with me herein you are my prayer to thank you for $750; antiques, orientals, dren's clothing sale Total Nutrition You who gave me the di- thee (3x). Holy Mother, I bumper.pool with elme, I want in this short mother. Oh Mary, conSinfully-Delicious Taste Sept.24 & 25 9:30 am to place this cause in your all things as you confirm vine gift to forgive and ephant legs, bunk beds, prayer to thank you for ceived without sin, pray 2P.M.& Sept. 26 9 4 t Big bars rolled in hands (3x). Holy Spirit, once again that I never forget all evil against me etc. 908-781-6011 all things as you confirm for us who have recourse caramel and chocolate. A.M. Excellent cond.baM. you w h o s o l v e a l l want to be separated and that in all instances once again that I never to thee (3x). Holy Mother, A Dieter's Dream! gear layette, toys anrF from you in eterrial glory. in my life you are with problems, light all roads I place this cause in your want to be separated Call: 1-800-626-7690 Imaternity attire. C a w so that I can attain my 2020 Thank you for your me, 1 want in this short from you in eternal glory. hands (3x). Holy Spirit, Only. More infor. call 90ft» mercy toward me and . You who gave me prayer to thank you for Appliances Tha" ,ou for your you who solve all prob•661-1751. • . •.,,.-> ADOPTION- adoring full divine gift to forgive mine. The person must mercy io , rd me and all things as you confirm lems, light all roads so time mom & devoted dad and forget all evil against say this prayer 3 cononce again that I never 2060 mine. The person must that I can attain my goal. long to adopt your newme and that in a l l secutive days. After 3 12 CU. FT.— chest freezspy this prayer 3 con- want to be separated born. Happily married, Collectibles instances in my life you You who gave me the di- days, the request will be er, $150, portable dishfrom you in eternal glory. secutive days. After 3 vine gift to forgive and educated white couple are with me, I want in granted. This prayer washer, $80, 908-549days, the request will be Thank you for your forget all evil against me must be published after promise Love, Security, 6145 mercy toward me and this short prayer to thank Toys & Joys. Medical granted. This prayer and that in all instances CROCKS- apple gindetf you for all things as you the favor Is granted. L.C. mine. The person must paid. Legal & confidenmust be published after in my life you are with hand culitvator, tndiaw APPLIANCES- Refrigconfirm once again that I say this prayer 3 con- n e v e r w a n t t o b e tial. Call Arlene & Joe at the favor is granted. B.P. me, I want in this short pumps, wooden boxesf erators, washers, dryers, PSYCHIC READINGsecutive days. After 3 home 1-805-545-1754 wine barrel, 5 gal. green stoves. Reasonable separated from you in prayer to thank you for Help on all terms of life days, the request will be eternal glory. Thank you all things as you confirm bottle, 908-356-5851 J rates. All guaranteed. including groups. Call P R A Y E R T O T H E granted. This prayer FREE BOOK... A single's once again that 1 never for your mercy toward Call 908-231-1047 Mrs.Mary Ray 201-572guide to Mating in the BLESSED V I R G I N must be published after want to be separated me and mine. The per7279 82 Plainfield Ave & 90's "Straight from the (Never known to fail). 2070 the favor is granted. M O V I N G - must sell from you in eternal glory. son must say this prayer Rt. 1 Edison, N.J. Oh, most beautiful flower Heart". Valiied® $12.95. V.M.L. Sears Washer & Dryer, Computers 3 consecutive days. After Thank you .for your of Mt. Carmel, fruitful J stackable unit, 18 mo. O'l -800-724-4455 3 days, the request will mercy toward me and SWEDISH MASSAGE vine splendor of Heaven, PRAYER TO THE Old. $500. 725-0642 be granted. This prayer Janet, CMT. Call 908mine. The person must pp" -ft TO THE Blessed Mother of the BLESSED VIRGIN iCHKMATE- pay bill* must be published after say this prayer 3 con- 254-8433. By appt. only. son of God, Immaculate BLs£0 VIRGINREFRtGERATOR(Never known to fail). using your PC & your ex? the favor is granted. B.H. secutive days. After 3 Virgin, assist me in my Oh, most beautiful flower Frigidair, side-by-side. (Never known to fail). WANTED sisting checks. For furs days, the request will be necessity. Oh, Star of the of Mt. Carmel, fruitful Oh, most beautiful flower $200. GE DlshwasherPeople who live in re ther details & to order, Sea, help me and how vine splendor of Heaven, P R A Y E R T O T H E granted. This prayer of Mt. Carmel, fruitful $75.Kenmore Electric haunted houses. Call Write: Arico, 2502 Wade must be published after me, herein you are my Blessed Mother of the BLESSED V I R G I N vine splendor of Heaven, Range- $150.Kenmore St. P i s c a t a w a y . N^l 201-216-4053 the favor is granted I.T Blessed Mother of the mother. Oh, Holy Mary, (Never known to fail). Mlcrovxave-$35. Call son of God, Immaculate 08854-4554 $26.95 in© Mother of God, Queen of Virgin, assist me in my Oh, most beautiful flower son of God, Immaculate 908-359-5875. WANTED! People who HOLY SPIRITyou who tax & ship. • . C Virgin, assist me in myHeaven and Earth! I necessity. Oh, Star of the of Mt. Carmel, fruitful haye had rieMJfejSprSHsolve all my problems, REFRIGERATOR*G.E. necessity. Oh, Star of the humbly beseech you vine splendor of: Heaven, COMPUTER HELP! 1 Sea, help me and hear ual and supernatural eh- very Ige. $250. Maytag who light all roads so from the bottom of my Sea, help me and how Confused, Frustrated^ me, herein you are my Blessed Mother of the that I may obtain my» counters, I am writing & Washer, Ige. $75. Excel! me, herein you are my heart to succor me in this son of God, Immaculate We Can Help! Softwaiji mother. Oh, Holy Mary, book on the subject, andt goats. You who givsme mother. Oh, Holy Mary, necessity. There are cond. Catl247-6313 Virgin, assist me In my assistance, computer Mother of God, Queen of would like to interview Mother of God, Queen of none that can withstand necessity. Oh, Star of the tlit devine gift to forgive you, please reply box 40> s a l « s , r e p a i r s arvd Heaven and Earth! I WASHER- $75. Dryer, & forget all evils against. Heaven and Earth! I your power. Oh, show Sea, help me arid show upgrades. C.S.E., Jne. Forbes Newspapers, 44 humbly beseech you $65. Stove, $75. RefrigPM humbly beseech you me herein you are my from the bottom of my me, herein you are my In fact in all instances of 908-654.9355 ^ Franklin St., Po Box 699, erator, $170. Can deliver. my life you are with me. I from the bottom of my mother. Oh Mary, conmother. Oh, Holy Mary, Somerville, NJ, 08876 heart to succor me in this Color console-TV $100. want in this short prayar heart to succor me in this ceived without sin, pray Mother of God, Queen of COMPUTERIBM COMnecessity. There are Pis call 722-6329. to ttjpnk VCHI for all things necessity. There are for us who have recourse Heaven and Earth! I PATIBLE $295. We repair none that can withstand & to confirm once again, none than can withstand to thee (3x). Holy Mother, humbly beseech you computers & .printers. W» your power. Oh, show your power. Oh, shpw I place this cause in your from the bottom of my I nesnrV «ant 4»:to:ispa me me herein you. are'my hands (3x). Holy Spirit, ; heart to succor me in this -ntutliw. Oh Mary, oen- you who solve all probnecessity. There are er. \Jh Mary, cbncelvefl seivetf without sin, pray lems, light all roads so none that can withstand sions, I wlgh to be with without sin, pray for us

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6th and Final Week W. H.of S.I. of SLILof Piscataway Dunellen Westfield CD. of X. Iff. of Scotch Plains No. Plainfield Co-sponsored by:

General Cinema Theatres Forbes Newspapers, EPIC RECORDS and




: Franklin-Focus.... PRINTERS- Commodore MPS 801, dot matrix, $50; Kaypro-Juki 6100, LETTER QUALITY, daisy wheel, uses IBM Selectric ribbons, emulates diablo 630, ineld .ing Commodore interface, $100. please call 908-781-6604 aft. 7 pm

2080 Farm & Garden APPLES— Home grown apples $5.00 'A bushel. 1280 Burnt Mills Road, Pluckemin, N.J.

BRIDGEWATER- 770 Hawthorne Ave., (off of Shephard Ave., Bridgewater Section of Bound Brook), Sat. 9/26; 8-2. RUMMAGE SALE HOUSE SALE MOVING! ST. JOHNS ANTIQUES & m i s c . EVANGILIST CHURCH household items. Cran189 GEORGE ST. berry glass, lamps, Pine NEW BRUNSWICK drop leaf table, mirrors, SAT. OCT 3RD, 10-7PM antique rocker, small hooked rugs, carriage VENDORS WANTED Sell your food, gifts, blankets, Tole Ware, clothing, jewelry at: New 1930 Bedroom suite, fplc. implements, picBrunswick's Abundant Life Flea Market, 10/3. To tures & quills. reserve call 908-545-3897 BRIDGEWATER- Finderne, 64 Pearl St., Sat. & Sun. 9/26 & 27. 9-3pm. 2110 Sun bag & bargain day! CRAFTERS WANTEDWestfield, Dec. 5th, 9:30am-4pm. Info. 6546024 or 654-4590

NORTH EDISON- 34 Timber Rd.; (off Grove. Two Blocks from Oak Tree Rd.) Fri. 9/ 25 46p.m., Sat. 9/26 9-1p.m. Baby items, 6 peice sofa, misc. P I S C A T A W A Y - 151 Woodland Rd.; Sat, 9/26, 9AM-4PM; crib, toys, games, books, bikes, h o u s e h o l d , musical instr., & much more. (Washington Ave. behind Rackley's) P I S C A T A W A Y - 20 North Lakeside Dr.; Sept 26 & 27, 10-3PM, Treasures from grandmothers house.

AMIGO INVALID BATTERY CART— extra battery pack & wheels & charger. $1300 new- asking $600. 908-272-8038

MAZDA- 89 RX7 Turbo, 5spd, red, loaded, new cond., ext. warrenty, 13.700K. $14,000. 908469-3511

ATTENTION BANDSSpeakers for sale. 2 JBL bass bins, 15", 2 JBL high end horns. Concert material Asking $800/ Best offer. MUST SELL! 908-236-0699

OFFICE DESK- 3 drawers, top opens for storage. 526-7058

ATTENTION DRUMMERS- (2) Pearl P-780 chain driven pedals-$45/ ea. or both tor $80. Only 2 mo. Old. Eric 463-8420

ORIENTAL RUGS- (3) Loomed, wool. Sizes: (1)4'6"x6'6" Semi, (1)6'6 "x6'4" Semi, (1)6'6"x9' 9". $550 takes all! Call 356-5832, leave mess.

BICYCLES- (1) girls 26" , 10 speed; (2) girls 26", Furniture CHRISTMAS TREES 3 speed. Choice of bikes CRANFORD5 Martin BELOW WHOLESALE $35. Call after 5PM, 725P I S C A T A W A Y - 470 Place, (off Walnut St) Dense excellent-quality Valmere Ave, 9/26, 9-5 2422 ask for Andy Sat. Sept. 26,11am-4pm. trees, call for prices. Ker- APHOL- oak, spindel, pm, washer machine, rebow backed arm chair, Household, toys, TV, CAMERAS- (2) Olymmizian's Tree Farms, cliner, desk, vcr, tv, turn., new $75, queen size organ, rower, etc. pus Infinity Super Zoom 315426-3058 & much more,multi-family sleeper sofa & love seat, 300, $150. Canon AE1 w/ A FLOWERING TREES t 3 yr. o l d , exc. cond. OUNEU-EN- 444 Mounzoom lens, Vivitar light PISCATAWAY- 550 tainview Terrace, Sat. 2"-3" caliber. 8'-12r high. $500, entertainment cenWilliam St, Sat. 9/26 & meter, leather case, 9/26; 8am-3pm. Includes: Flowering ter $50, 5 breuers chairs $150. BIKE- Ladies 3Sun. 9/27; 9-5. SomePlum, Weeping Cherry, $15/each, 908-722-5794 EDISON- Applewood spd., $50. Sacrifice. Call thing tor Everyone! Kwanzain Cherry, Crab Dr.; (1 blk off Inman & 906-232-5569. BEDROOM SET Apple, Norway Maple, SO.PLAINFIELD126 Featherbed) Sat & Sun Matching dresser, night etc. Regular price: $150C A T E R I N G TRUCK Warren St. (next to 2000 Sept 26 & 27, 9-3PM. stand and toy chest. $200, NOW ONLY $99! Park Ave.) 9/25, 26 & 27; RACKS- (2) alumlmun, Multi family sale. $100. 908-574-1086 10 x 3, inc.-hot & cold 9am-4pm. No early birds! A CALL 908-469-2878 A E D I S O N - Edgewood box $600. Call 968-2888 Variety of household & BEDROOM SETS- (2) Rd. (Central Ave. to Oak Kitchen Hems. and (2)Beige area rugs. DENTAL LAB. ITEMS 2085 " Hills-across from St. Best offer. Call 908-218Benches, furnaces, castSOMERVILLE- 56 East Joes HS) 9/26 ONLY, 9Firewood 9414 after 6PM. Main St.; (rear, 2nd ing unit, etc. Complete4PM. ESTATE TAG SALE floor) Fri, Sat & Sun, 9/ $5500. Call 722-7130 DESK- Office desk, Lentire contents of Dr's 25,26 & 27, 9AM, MiscelFIREWOOD-Oak and Ash shaped, sec. desk, wal- lovely home cm 3 floors! DESK/FILE CAB.- perlaneous items 18 inch lengths, seanut formica & two couch- ANTIQUES: Ogee mirfect cond.,-$200; Whirlsoned & spin. $140.00 a es with coffee table. Can rors; 5 clocks; marble pool 25 cu. ft. refrig. w/ SOUTH PLAINFIELDcord. Call 908-658-9694. 908-234-1958 top table & wash stand; 9 icemaker-$500; Dryer119 Rlsoll Terr., off Evenings pc. Man. DR; 5pc. Man. Plainfield Ave. 9/26 & 27, $50; 2 baby strollers, 3 ENTERTAINMENT/WAUL BR; 2 Ig. 4 4 sm. machild carseats; pictures, 10am-5pm. Housewares, U N I T - $150; Sofa & FIREWOOD- Seasoned lamps. Call 253-0056 toys, furniture, clothing, loveseat $25. Call 908- chine orientals; tables; hardwoods, $135/cord, chairs; cameras; Toby's; after 5PML tools. Ram or Shine 526-4215 SSOm cord. Deliver/ Inpainting; gowns; toys; tacluded. 908468-1361 SOUTH PLAINFIELDDID YOU bMs of glass, porceKan & HICKORY HILL- brown KNOW... I S * Sprague Ave.; (off costume lewlery. sola, loveseat, 2 chairsPark Ave.) Sept. 26 & 27, that an ad in this local NEWER; sofa, loveseat $600; Heritage dining 2090 sleeper, lamps; 2 BR's; 94p.m. Ram date 10/ 4. paper also goes into 16 set, table, 6 chairs, Flea Markets, other local papers? Kids and baby clothes. TVs; FraokSn birds; colhutch, vary good concf.Sales & Bazaars Reach over 400,000 Desk & household items. lector plates; books; $500 neg. 908-469-4697 readers with one call! records; gifts £ much SOUTH PLAINF1ELOHOME FURNISHNfGS1-800-559-9495 much! (stM digging) No ATTN: CRAFTERS 16 Holy Park Dr., 9/26Matching couches $200, checks, no early sales-, 2 7 . 10-4 pm, turn., DINETTE TABLE- 36x48 •Lafayette, NJ coffee table,$35.00Off. 1st come 1st served. cMhes, tods, 4 families •Flemington, NJ w/iv. $10; 4 leatherette Office Sec. desk.Baby Numbers given, sale by Join our successful yearchairs $3 ea.; Studio crib & closet & equip. Lois Lebbing 908-828SOUTH PLAINFIELDround craft show store in chair bed $15; Armchair Paapack.N.J. Call-2344445. Bring Box! M M Ctalen Ave. Cor- $3; Electrolux vac $10; either or both of these 1956. ner of Cherry/Clinton. exciting locations! Don't Portable Stereo $10. 908HILLSBOftOUGH- 406 Sat. 9/26, 9am-5pm. miss the holiday seasonKHchen Sac Glass top 781-1958. bet. 4 &9PM. LsotagtM S t , off Camp8aby« tiro, dothes> elect table & 4 chairs-5100. Call today! iainFW. 9/26, 10-4. Ram nobbie Hems, toys. PC/ DISPLAY CASE- 6 ft Bassett matching cof(908) 806-8300. or shine. Something for M n , TV. books, magzs.. long. L-shaped blue sofa. fee, end * sofa tableseveryone. Come and curt SSML sink. $75/each. 12 h.p. lawn $65 each. CaB 359-5875. Browse. Toys, books, CRAFTERS WANTED AT tractor-2 yrs. old $500. WARREN5 Northrldge children Hems & glassIslin First Aid Squad on LR S E T - love seat & 908-725-8730 Way, off Emerson Lane ware. Nov. 1 & Dec. 6 Call for couch, beige w/wood DRAPES- 160"wide x Fri. & Sat. 9/25 & 26, trim, excel, cond., $350. inform. 906-2225 KEMUVOHTH- 10 R e d 8am-4pm. Multi-family. 88"long, gold tone, lined, Call 908-781-2503 M a c * U M (off Faitoute hanging, cost $1100, 3 yr Children items, furniture, Ave.) Sept 25 & 26 Old, $200, 908-769-4388 household, clothing. 9:a.m.-4:pjm. MultWamily DRYER- Whirlpool elecWESTF1ELD- 1507 Rahgarage sale antiques, way Ave., Sat. 9/26; 9-4. tric, exc. cond., $100 b/o, furniture, books, bric-a908-722-0954 brac. Our trash is your Books, child/infant treasure. Early birds pay dothes, toys, plus more! FUR C O A T - Finland double. WESTFIELD- 641 Elm Racoon, $900 (value BRANCHBURG- 103 ft M M M L U E - 313 Jack$1700). Jack Lalanne St; Sat, 9/26, 9-4PM. fur; 2X20 105 Choctaw Ridge Rd.( Lifetime Gold MemberSON Am.; off Kennedy Garage Sales off Readington Bd.) 9/26- Blvd. Fri 9 / 2 5 * Sat 9/26, niture, toys & books, ship, $600 (value $1200). some antiques, rugs. 27,9-3 pm, rain or shine! 9am-4pm. Children's 908-2344673 WESTFIELD762 Km* H/H items, baby & ch»toys, clothes, furniture, GOLF QLUBS- Bikes & b*H Av«.; Sat, 9/26 & NOTICE: All GARAGE dren Hems, books & toys HHitems, misc. Sun, 9/27, 9-3:30, 4 Fam- misc. items. Please call SALES advertisements BRIDGEWATEER- 589 908-463-1162 M A N V U E - 728Boe*el ily Sale! Everything you are PAYABLE IN AD- No. Bridge S t , 9/25 & 9! Ave., 9/26-27. 9-3:30pm, need from a moped to HELP CLEAN YOUR VANCE by cash, 26, 9am-5pm. Depres- H/H items, fummire, jewbaby items to Grandmas' SEPTIC T A N K - the glass, girls bikes, lery, toys, tools, misc., trinkets. No early birds check, VISA or Master sion EASY WAY with FX bacboys clothes, lawn furnieverything must gol! Card. For a quote on ture, Adirondack chair, teria. $9.98. Tree Roots removed. Drains opened. WDDUESEX- 188 Stout cost, please call miscellaneous items. 2130 Ask for FREE BOOKLET. Ave, 9/26, 104pm, rain 1-800-559-9495. BRIDGEWATER- 28 General Post Stores, Inc. 890 Rt. date 9/27, bikes, tools, Edgewood Terr.; 202 S toys, baby & boy's 22, Somerville 1V6 ml from circle. Frt & clothes, CoreHe, stereo, BERNARDSVILLE- 123 INTRODUCTIONS... Sat, 9/25 & 9/26, 9am- Vic 20 computer, H/H Claremont Road, Bldg. A way for people to meet 4pm. Misc. HH goods, DESK-rol! top desk/oak items, & much more #1, Almost new- Clothing, people, every week in small elec. appl., lawn $100.00.8. Toshiba pull Jewelry, Furs, Accesyour local Forbes newsMOUNTAINSIDE- 1407 furn., craft & clothing. out car stereo with cassories. Continual 50%paper. The ad is free, Orchard RA, 9/26 & 27, sette $175.00. Call 90875% markdowns. Bldg. 2 then one call does it all! 8AM-4PM. Fine antique 937-4608 BRIDGEWATER- 537 - THE ANNEX- finest 1-800-559-9495 and country furniture. Stony Brook Dr.; 2 Famquality home furnishings, 100,000 BEAUTIFUL ily Sale, Sat, Sept 26, 9- Harvest tables, 4 poster JACK LaLANNE/HOLIAntiques, Collectibles. CHRISTMAS TREESand sleigh beds, antique 4PM. household colDAY SPAS- executive Continual 10%-50% mark Whoiesafe only - Douglas school desks and many lectibles, play pen & pad, membership for sale downs. New merchan$13.95 - Frazier - Balsammore accents. $500,908-722-6633 dise arriving daily! Con- children's clothes (small Concolor Fir (smells like sizes), games, Encyclosignments by appt. Dealoranges) - plus all variet- KIT. TABLE & chairs, livpedia Britannica (1957) & ers space when avail. ies - call for Free BroHMHngton S t ; Sept 26, ing rm. furn., bedroom bookcase, kerosene ENCORE QUALITY chure Today Rain date Sept 27, 8set, metal dog cage. All space heater, Christmas CONSIGNMENTS 4PM. 3 Family yard sale!, 717-298-4236 items cheap. 722-6052 items, lounge chair & M-F104, Thurs. 8 baby items, household much more! 2 FLUTES— Armstrong, Sat. 10-4. LR S E T - sofa & loveftemt, books, etc. just appraised at $225; seat, contemp. 2 oak end doted Mondays in July BRIDGEWATER- 660 each, 908-369-6902 tables & coffee table, i & August 906-W6-7760 TJjUMvay Dr., 9/25-26, 9• • —— . -»— - w ~ — — w e * • ™ ^ a ^ ^ w s ^ yr. oid-$550/BO. 2 pine ALL DRUMMERS BEBOUND BROOK- 520 4 pm, moving sale: Crib, Sept 25 & 26, WMI. WARE- (1) 5 pc. Pearl end tabtes-$50; 1Vi yr. Daiay P I . ; (corner of Ig. var. of H « items, Export drum set (500 se- Ortho mattress & boxDelay & Tea St) Sat Sept famitoe, Smdothes, books, turn., & ries) also, (1) set of Hi- spring, Queen, S300/BO. 26, 9-4FM. Household fttucft flwro* Hats, (1) cymbal-both Call 757-6857 item*, dothes, drapes, etry. new fc »»»* j ? ' Sabian. $400 firm. Laura MATTRESS- firm, doupictures, ft much more! sJMer ctotA1n0. home OARWOOO- 519 Center 968-1192 tain date Sun Sept 27 ble bed. Almost new. 15 how IfeMs A much mow. St., 9/25-26, 9-eprn, Kit. yr. guarantee. Paid $160 table, coffee makers. selling 1/2 price. Call Memo table, antique bas560 OW York Road, Sat968-2116 or 9684796 " .Sept.*! m

-pm ,aia • : U = v.; 3 J Vi I-fc.V= i ,-.

OLD CAST IRON T U B legs, $200. Upholstered Singer Sewing Machine $250. Call 908-754-1075

PHASE CONVERTERRotary type, 1 to 15 HP. Call 526-5225 or evenings 369-3372 MY BABY GRAND IS ALL YOU NEED'. Miller 5', mahogney w/ brass fittings plus bench. Great condition! $5000 will consider Best Offer. You arrange pick-up. As is. Perfect starter piano. Write: Baby Grand, 96-B Finderne Ave., Bridgewater, NJ 08807 * * * * POOL TABLES BARGAIN BASEMENT New & Used at rock bottorn prices! 968-8828. RIDING LAWN MOWER- Craftsman, 25" cut, 3 spd. trans., 5 HP Like new. exc. cond. $425/ BO. 908-469-3511 SCAFFOLDING- STEEL (2) Complete 5' x 8', sections w/top rail, planks & adjustable screw legs, asking $350. 7254719 SIMMS- roll away, floor lamps, meat slicer, 20 in. window fan, kit ware, racks;ski, bike and roof, 9084564851 S K I M M E R STRAW HATS- add your own band, for group picnics, reunions, etc 757-7427

ALL LIONEL, IVES, AMERICAN FLYERand other toy trains. Collector pays highest prices. Call 1-800-464-4671 or 201-635-2058 AMERICAN FLYER & LIONEL TRAINS & OLD TOYS- Pis call 908-7550346, leave message or call after 6pm ANTIQUE & USED- Furniture, Old DR sets and BRs from 1800's to 1950's, Also misc. pieces. 647-1959. AUDIO COMPONENTS & RECORDS- from Marantz, Macintosh, JBL, Western Electric and others. Classical & Jazz records. 908-272-0676

WOLFF TANNING BEDSNew commercial-home units from $199.00 Lampslotions-accessories. Monthly payments low as $18. Call today FREE NEW Color catalog 1800-2284292

2140 Office Furniture & Simottos DRAFTING MACHINES- Vemco 18" & 20", w/o rulers. $65. Call 2364254. FIUNG CABINETS- 2, 4 & 5 drawer, micro-liche & electric typewriter. Call 908-7544275

2160 Wanted to Buy AABACUS ANTIQUES ANTIQUE BUYING SERVICE We Are Purchasing Furniture* Paintings Oriental Rugs*Statues Clocks * Toys * Mirrors ESTATE LIQUIDATIONS Please CaUToR free

1-800-281-8385 ALL CARS WANTEO Any car old, new or wrecked. 24 Hr. towing service.


3030 Dogs e««

• * GRAND • * • OPENING •

•AKC PUPPIES In the open to hug & cuddle •Famous SHAKE-Aguarantee CDS WANTED- We buy, PAW sell or trade CDs, 735- •We are Breeder's 7533 or 832-7964 ask for representatives Joe or Suzanne BRING THE KIDS! CHERRY TIQUES 14 RL 22 West Antiques 79 Watchung Ave., N. Green Brook Commons Green Brook, NJ Plainfield. Now buying (100 yds West of OLD: Clocks & watches, Rock Avenue) baseball memorabilia, 908-968-AKC2 paintings, lamps, tools, toys, jewelry, furniture, photos & collectibles. * * HOURS** * TOP CASH PAID ft Mon-Sat, 11-9pm 908-561-8744 Sunday,1i-6pm

ENTIRE ESTATES- or single items purchased. Estate Sales professionally conducted. We buy old furn., oriental rugs, porcelains, paintings, etc. VOGUE ANTIQUES

908-272-7216 FISHING TACKLE- collector wants to buy OLD, rods, reels, lures, catalogs. 233-1654 after SPM GUNS, SWORDS, MEDALS, MILITARY ITEMS, CAMERAS- NJ S Federal licensed. Top cash paid. House calls made. Bert 821-4949 HIGH PRICES PAID- for Quality postcards, sheet music, old toys, baseball items, cameras, military, typewriters. TV's, Worlds Fair, fountain pens. 2725777.

SNOW BLOWER- Simplify, 10 tip, 2 stage, gas pwr. w/elect. start, chain. Exc. cond. $395. Whirlpool washer and gas HOUSEHOLD SALES dryer, $150 for both. ForLet us arrange an Aucmica top Kit. table w/fortion at your home. No fee mica back chairs, $40. to you from us is inGood Cond. 369-4485 volved. Have well known Auctioneers avail. We SOFA— and love seat, also buy out contents, bunk beds, steel desk partial or all. Please call and chair, side chairs, twin bed set. call for de- 908-526-2913 Iv msg. or 908-754-2788 tails, 908-5614766 SOFA— navy plaid w/coordinating chair, perfect cond., $450 for set. Call 908-234-2535 after 5PM



$50 OFF ANY PUPPY WITH THIS AD! •Not to be combined wrth any other offer. DALMATION-7 month old mate pure breed, AKC papers, all shots, housebroken. Training cage. Cad 908-7564224. CHOW- Pedigree dog for sale. Cinnamon/white, black tongue 1 a VSyea old has papers. $200.00. Paid $900.00. Call 908 463 8735 DOG OBEDIENCE Classes in dark. Privates in Flemington. Pups, Beginners & Advanced. 908-788-9572 LABRADOR RETRIEVER- puppy, AKC registered, championship line, yellow. 4694869 MINI SCHNAUZERAKC, 7 mo. Femalewhite. Male-S&P $350. Call 908-548-9872 SUNRISE ACRES- Dog obedience. Private & group classes. Results guaranteed. 6894566

3040 Fkh

One item or an entire estate. Call (908) 5268035 Or 7304374. JUKE BOXES & PINBALLS- any cond. slot, coke, arcade machines & barber poles. Call 609487-7819. OLDER SODA, GUM VENDING MACHINES, Juke boxes, Arcade games, Neon signs * clocks, Lionel trains, Hess trucks, pedal cars, toys, Wanted by collector. 908-9964716 Steven POST CARDS- Toys, Games, Trains, Banks, Sheet Music, Political, Disney, Worlds Fair, Dolls, Magazines, etc. Call Herb 908-534-5515 SLOT CARS- From the 60's. All sizes, Makers, Conditions. 232-2853 eves or 3224998 days

# $ MRS. MIKE MAIORINO of SO. PLAINFIELD Please call us at 1400-55*-9495

to dalm your FREE Forbes coffee mug!

3050 norses HALF LEASE- Ten YO throughbred gelding. Oldwlck area. Hunt potential, need experienced rider. $150.00 per month.Call 908-4394313

3060 AdoptablePets


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WE BUY USED/NEW ELECTRIC MOTORSpumps and related equipment for our butiness. Can NJ Electric, 04 Somerset St.. Somerville, days »am-5pm. 5264225 • :ci« Us

COMPANION ANIMAL PLACEMENT- Available for adoption, altered adults, purebreeds and mixed breeds. Call 658•3786. • • j j T - ^ - , 0 -•-'•-.lYvs'cj -fil* 'uofitiw"


Franklin Focus

GIVE SOMEONE A SMILE— Somerset Regional Animal Shelter has puppies, kittens, dogs and cats. Adoption reasonable. Missing a pet? Call 725-0308. KITTENS- Adorable, Lovable, Healthy need a home. Please call 908757-0738.

ATTENTION MOMS Duality care your hornet FT/PT, 30 yrs. exper. Specialty infants & toddlers. Refs. 908-685-3119 aft. 5:30 pm.

EXPERIENCED LOVING CHILD CARE- in my Piscataway home, flexible hrs., reasonable, dependable, meals. For more info, call 985-3430

AU PAIR/NANNIES Live-in Europeon girls, legal for 12 mo. average cost $170/wk. Call 908709-0325

EXPERIENCED MOM willing to care for your child in my Piscataway home. Yard, lunch. Reasonable rates. Refs. Call 563-4181

RETIRED RACING GREYHOUNDS AVAILA B L E - Greyhounds make wonderful, docile pets! Please adopt! For information package please call or write: Greyhound Friends RD 2 Box 999 Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 908-658-3786

AUNTIE M'S INFANT TREE— State registered family day care. Ages 4 wks. & older. CPR cert., insur., and equipped. Exp. mom, especially with infants. References. Small group allowing the att. and nurturing your baby deserves. One infant spot left. Call today for details in Westfield, 232-3556


BABY CARE- experienced, responsible mom with previous daycare center experience will provide loving care for your new Jorn or infant in my Hillsborough home. CPR c e r t i f i e d , nonsmoker, fully insured, child-proof home, yard/ playroom. Appropriate equipment provided. First week half price. Expectant rooms welcome! Please cafl 908-874-3795.

Miscellaneous Supplies & Services PAMPERED PET CLUB Loving, Affordable, Animal Care. Would'nt it be great to have a professional pet sitter to walk, feed and play with your pet(s) in your home when you are at worker on a trip? We care for any kind of critters. Equine Care A Specialty! For a Fre^ Consultation Call 908-757-4221

4000 SERVICES 4020 Business Services BOOKKEEPING- will do at home fpr small Co. or individuals. 15 yrs. exp. Call after 6pm. 563-0563

CAPRICE II HAIR SALON— j announces its new addition "Unique Boutiqu^ items" for salon & boutique quality & price can't be beat. 174 Main St., Metuchen, 908-548-6800 COMPUTER PROGRAMMING- Customized FoxBASE + , FoxBASE/MAC, FoxPRO, SCO FoxBASE and SCO FoxPro programming. Customization of SBT accounting s o f t w a r e , both PC, Macintosh & Unix. Exp'd in Novell LAN's. Stephen Dragon & Assoc, 908757-7382} DESKTOP PUBLISHING Business cards, Letterhead, resume, menus, brochurfls, newsletters, directories, magazines, promotional packages. We handle all phases of production including printing. For more information 800-640-5709 FREELANCE ARTIST Lcok no further. If you need a freelance artist who knows production, can follow through on any board job 4 has always been neat, fast & thorough, here I am. Please call John at: 908-725-6245 NEED SOFTWARE! We can help; you out. Expertenced programming team (C, UNIX, INFORMIX! etc) to do customized software. Call 201-796-7136 Or 908-8500671 afte> 6PM TYPESETTING & TYPING— resumes, flyers, brochures, term papers, bus. cards. Fast turn around; SpeedyWord 908-469-1592

\4O4O ChMCare i



ABLE TO CARE FOR INFANTS OR TODDLERS In my Piscataway home. Go to work with peace ot mind. 356-2582

BRANCHBURG- 2 Certified & experienced teachers to care for your infant in a warm & loving environment. PT openings avail. Refs. avail. Call for interview 5264766 days or 218-0569 eves. •CERTIFIED TEACHER* will provide loving learning environment for your child in my South Plainfield home. Non-smoker, current references. FT & PT. Please call Barbara, • • 753-6483 • • CPN- Cert. Prof. Nanny & Mother of one yr.old, will watch your children. Mon-Fti. So. Plfld. area. Snacks avail). 769-8279. CERTIFIED TEACHERMother of 2 will care for your infant or child in my Piscataway home FT/PT Act., & lunch. 463-3635 CHILD CARE IN MY BRIDGEWATER HOMECPR Cert., Exp., Ref. Avail. Loving atmosphere S fun activities. FT only. Call 908-725-1185. CHILD CARE- Done in my Dunellen home. Loving atmosphere, years of experience, lunch & snacks provided. Close to Dunellen schools. Sept. openings, FT/PT. Call 908-968-1389 CHILD CARE- FT/PT, State Certified. Safe care for infants & toddlers. $75/wk. 908-819-0260 CHILD CARE- in Hillsborough. Mom, State Certified, recreational therapist, CPR and First Aid Certified, flexible rates & times. 281-7906. CHILD CARE- in my Somerest home. Experienced, mature mother. Reasonable rates. 908246-3713 CHILD CARE- Raritan. my home, fenced yard, snacks, any age, 14 yrs exp. Reg. with Child Care Connection. 231-1047



CARE— Arbor section, F/ T, experienced, nonsmoker. 561-5654 DEDICATED MOTHER Will care for you children in my Middlesex home. Call for more information 908-271-9549 DUNELLEN- will take loving Care of your infant FT, exper., refs, nonsmoker. 908-752-1691 EXPERIENCED & LOVING MOM- of a 1 yr. old boy will provide Child Care in my Watchung

EXPERIENCED SOMERVILLE MOM Provides TLC, art & activities. Refs, CPR cert. Lg. yard. 908-526-4720. FORMER CHILD CARE DIRECTOR- left career to raise 2 children, will provide a warm personalized classroom setting for your childs 1st experience before school. Arts & crafts, Manupulatives, reading & math readiness skills, music. Ages 2-5. Part time & full time. Middlesex area. Call 908560*635

HIGHLAND PARK MOM-will care for your child in her home. Experienced, former elementry teacher, refs. avail. 819-9586

HILLSBOROUGH AREA- Part time/drop in/back up reliable childcare. Call 908-281-0891 LOVE'n TOTS-A family day care service providing quality developmental care. Experienced, State certified, References. FT/PT. 5 weeks-2 yrs. old. Franklin Area. 908-828-4496. GIVE MOM A BREAK. Enjoy time for yourself or run errands. We offer a supplementary evening & weekend service. Please call for more info. MOM OF 2 - to care for your child in my So. Plainfield home. FT/PT. Lots of crafts, sports, loving & learning. Refs. avail. 754-3996 MONDAY MORNING INC INFANTS & TODDLERS INSURED, INSPECTED MONITORED 908-526-4884 908-253-9595 • MOTHER OF THREE • Will watch your child in my Somerville home FT or PT, day or night. Reasonable rates. Please call Jayne, 908-725-3441. NURSE WILL BABYSITfor your child, 1 yr & up in her Bound Brook Home. 356-6506

PRIVATE HOME DAY CARE Arts & crafts & a lot more activities, fenced in yard, well equipped. Licensed & state approved. Please call now for free registration at the QUALITY CARE DAY CARE CENTER. Located in Piscataway. (908)885-1327. WILL BABY S I T - in my home lots of TLC, meals and snacks daily. Please call after 6pm leave message. 908-545-7431 Infants and toddlers welcome, 37 years, experience. WILL CARE FOR YOUR CHILD- FT before/ after school. So. Plainfield (Kennedy School area) 908-757-1380

4050 Cleaning Services APT. & HOUSE- Professional cleaning by polish women. Free estimates. Call 908-417-0769 APT., HOUSE, OFFICE C L E A N I N G - The "CLEAN" PEOPLE. Reliable, bonded, ins. Call 494-6224.

A+ Cleaning service Reliable but reasonable

CLEAN TEAM- Homes/ C o n d o s / A p t s . LOW RATES-1 bdrm, bath $40 to 4 bdrm, 2-3 baths $65. Honest/reliable/exp/exc refs/own trans. 754-2574

Instruction/ Education

CLEANING DONE BY HONEST- reliable person with references. Cal 752-2906

ART CLASSES- Adultschildren. Drawing, painting, pastels. BeginnersAdvanced. Classes limited. Experienced artist/ teacher. 908-463-1631

CLEANING- Apt., Offices, Houses, everyday, AM, PM, & eves. Good refs. own transp. Prefer Somerset Cty. 725-1846. CLEANING- houses, condos, reliable, 5 yrs. experience, referencess, own transportation. Call Kathy 769-5943 C L E A N I N G - Polish woman will clean your house. Call 563-9034. C L E A N I N G - Professional, with a personal touch. Reliable, references. Free estimates. Commercial & residential. 10% off first cleaning. Call The Polished Look 806-7554 DIRTY CARPETS ARE MY SPECIALTY Best Service, Best-Price, Special Care. Call Anthony 908-846-1140 DONT SPEND YOUR WEEKENDS CLEANING!! call:545-S930 instead! HOUSE CLEANING Good references, experience, own transportation, available Mon. thru Fri. (908) 231-0118 HOUSE CLEANING- for a few good customers, no agency, ref.s, 50% off 1st cleaning, call Kim, 908-752-1986 HOUSECLEANING & BABYSITTING- Good references & own transportation. Peapack, Gladstone & Bedminster area. 781-7766 or 781-0285 HOUSECLEANING2 8 3 - 3 4 5 1 , 548-9289 Please leave a message HOUSECLEANINGgood references, experience, own transportation, Mon-Fri. Call Kristina anytime 201-491-9134 HOUSECLEANINGweekly, bi-weekly, monthly, experience & refs. Call 561-1651


ATTENTION HIGH SCHOOL S E N I O R S College A p p l i c a t i o n Essay- Writers workshop. Avoid procrastination. Call 908-647-2894 BECOME A PARALEGAL— A t t o r n e y instructed. Home Study, established 1976. FREE catalog 1-800-669-2555. Southern Career Institute. 164 W. Royal Palm Rd., Boca Raton, Florida 33427. DRUM LESSONS- in the style of today's leading drummers. Jazz, Rock, Latin, & Fusion. All levels. Beginners to Advanced in your. home. 908-753-7914 DRUM LESSONS- Well known live/studio drummer taking on new students. All styles. Berklee graduate. My studio or your home. Pat Tamminen, 247-2709 ENGUSH TUTOR- any grade level, NJ cert, teacher of English. Call Lisa 908-271-0105

PROFESSIONAL WINDOW CLEANING Fully ins., Bonded, FREE EST! Superior Ref. Call 1-800-253-6243 WANT YOUR APT., HOUSE OR OFFICE GLEAMIN? LET THESE 2 LADIES DO YOUR CLEANING! Free estimates, exp., refs., Honest & reliable. Call 908707-4162 WE'LL CLEAN YOUR HOME- office, weekly, bi-weekly or 1 time. 8 yrs. exp. Bonded & insured. Free Est. Call 685-5961

4150 Loans & Finance

$$$ AVOID $$$ BANKRUPTCY FREE Consultation 1-800-974-3321 Financial Fitness of N. J. FINANCIAL AID

For college. For tree information please call 908-755-2168

AFFORDABLE JUNK REMOVAL- Reasonable & affordable rates. Free estimate. Insured. 908-

PIANO INSTRUCTION. Diane Olsen Galvacky, available for teaching 9am-2:30pm, Mon-Fri & Sat. Call 699-0636


PIANO LESSONS All styles All ages

908-753-6072 PIANO LESSONS Beginning & Intermediate In my Somerset home. E x p e r i e n c e d Public School Music teacher. 908-563-1278

PIANO LESSONS-in my So Plfd home. Kennedy Schl area, 20 yrs exp. Mary Ellen 753-6365

PROFESSIONAL HOME C L E A N I N G - dailyweekly-monthly rates. Fully bonded & insured. 1-800-253-6243

LOCAL LEGAL EAGLE Exp'd local attorney wants to serve community. Legal services provided on contingency or rock bottom retainer. All Consultations are free. Specialist in traffic court, accident cases, real estate & wills. John C. Sinuk, 238-8400 (w) or 545-2330 (h).

MATH TUTOR- Algebra, Trig, Pre-Calculus, Calculus. C a l l Rita 908548-4632

L.A. CLEANING SERVICE 10yrs. exp. Work guaranteed. Ref. avail. Call 2419418

Commercial & residential. Call for free estimates 908-233-6057

ATTORNEY HOUSE CALLS: Wills (from $70), Closings (from $395), Incorporations (from $225). Call for exact fees; other services. J. DeMartlno, Esq. 908-874-5636.

4170 Miscellaneous Services

PIANO LESSONS- In your home. Branchburg, Hillsborough and area. Call 369-4937


ATTORNEY AVAILABLE— Closings, Refinancings, Leases, Real Estate matters, Wills. Corp. Docu.s Reason, rates. L. Gotlib, 548-3133

FRENCH- All Levels. Licensed, native teacher. Former visting Prof, at Rutgers. Yrs of successful teaching. Rets avail. 908-985-8721 after 4pm

HOUSES, ETC.- Own transportation. Reasonable rates. 908-3020478. Lv. mess, for Jan.

NEED H E L P ' W I T H HOUSE CLEANING?Houses, apts, condos, Venetian blinds, windows, carpets. Weekly, bi-weeWy, monthly. Fully bonded. Fully insured. Call for free estimate 908-873-5288

4140 Legal Services

PIANO- ALL STYLES, ALL AGES, AT YOUR PACE- Degreed (BA/ MM), 20 yrs exp., private, college & university. Bridgewater. 704-8620. SPECIAL TRAINING •WORD-PERFECT •LOTUS •DATA ENTRY CALL 908-964-1864 T U T O R I N G - math, grades thru 12, lie. math teacher, will also train on most Macintosh appl. Call Paul at 287-1799 TUTORING- Reading, Math in your home. 10 yrs. publtc school experience. Certified K-8 & H.S. Math; M.A. degree. Call 908-272-5315. VOICE/PIANO- Private Lessons w/Raritan Valley College Music Professor. Call Adele Carliss, M.S. 908-707-1573

4120 Insurance LOW COST HEALTH INSURANCE Individual, family or group. Plans designed to meet your needs. Any Doctor or Hospital. Great maternity plan. -•1.e0*£7©-0715

CLEANUP & LIGHT HAULING- of all types. Free estimates, insured, low rates, We work weekends. Tony, 781-0400.

AT YOUR DISPOSAL We clean up •Basements "Attics (Garages •Yards »other odd jobs Prompt courteous service at reasonable prices. JCP CARTING 1-800-794-6048 908-889-8048 CUSTOM SLIPCOVERS Draperies, reupholstery. Your fabric or ours. Formerly at Steinbachs & Hahne's. 43 yrs. experience. Senior citizen disc. Shop at home service. Wf Canter 908-757-6655. DRIVEWAY/PARKING LOT SEAL COATING Residential/Commercial See our display ad in the Business/Service Directories in your local Forbes Newspapers Classifieds. Free estimates. Fully insured. CHEM SEAL Mendham.NJ 908-234-2700 GUTTER & LEADER CLEANING- Repaired & installed. Quality service, Reasonable prices, fully insured, Call 654-5803.

JUNK REMOVAL- We do all types of clean up jobs- attics, basements, yards, garages, etc. Low rates, free est. & fast serv. anytime. Call 9376588. JUNK REMOVAL-T L C Big and small, house cleaning, we do it all. Call 753-6642. KAREN'S- For all your sewing' needs. Reasonable prices. Plus sizes. Call (908) 745-9075.

BIRTHDAY PARTY ENTERTAINMENT- For children (4 & up). Fun filled magic show & balloon animals for all. Reasonable rates. Call Constantlne. 806-7743. CELEBRATIONS UNLIMITED Disc jockey service. 908-738-1371 FOR PARTIES— or any occasion call the Music Factory DJ Service, for I more info. 359-6041

LAWN MOWER REPAIR— Tom's Lawn Mower Service. Ride-on mowers, trimmers, weedeaters, chain saws, Toro, Snapper, Rally, Honda. Free estimates. Free pickup & deliver. Piscataway 699-0326.

I CAN DRAW ANYTHING! Portraits, Pets, {Homes, etc.; Character Sketches for Parties. Reasonable. 548-0548.


* PUDDINS • My-Tee-FlneCtownln

Free Estimates PicK up & Delivery 7 Days a week (908,704-0475

PARTY PLAYERS- run the fun! "Book Now, get FREE ice cream cake."

Call 908-968-9525 Reputation speaks for itself all occasions comedy magic and more. Please call 651-0747

MOVING? Apts., Homes, Offices, Pianos. Lic.# 00550. Palmlerl Movers, 908-356-2454 MOVING?- Select the competent, experienced, reasonable gentlemen of BEE LINE MOVERS. PM #00156.725-7733. PIANO TUNING Over 25 years experience. Wayne Smith, 908.654-3618 RUBBISH REMOVAL Servicing ALL of NEW JERSEY, REASONABLE RATES, Show ad at time of pick-up:GET 10% OFF THE BILL! call Jim Brennan 201-6722941, In business since 1989, excellent references available SUMMER CLEAN UP Attics, basements, garages & contractors. Free estimates, fully insured. Call 382-7331 YOU CALL, WE HAUL Big truck. No job too big or small. Reasonable rates. Free est. 276-1175

421O Professional - Services

LOOKING FOR A PHOTOGRAHER? For doing your Wedding or Family Group Photos; C a l l Charles Moore III, 908-234-1235 REGISTERED ARCHITECT- NJ, NY & PA. Consultation by appt. only. Resid. new alter, or add. Call 908-494-9389. Fees Reasonable. TRAVIS PHOTOGRAPHY We Come To You! Specializing in: PortraitsIndividual, Family, Engagement, Baby, Pet and Home Glamour. 1-800-585-5764 • RESUME SERVICES * Professional preparation, phone interviews, typing/ transcr. Member PARW. M&R Resume Services 908494-9300

4190 Party & Entertainment Services BALLOON RIDES Flights leave our own I censed balloon port i Whitehouse at 6pm daih May thru October. One < NJ's oldest and most expf rienced ballooning comp; nies! Special 20th. ar niversary price $135 pe person. CONTACT DENNY AT YELLOWSTONE BALLOON ADVENTURES 908-439-3320



GUTTER & ROOF CLEANING/REPAIRS House trim painting & tree trimming. Very reasonable. Fully insured. CLEAR VIEW-757-5347 GUTTER MAN Cleans, repairs & Installs leaders & gutters. Free Estimates 908-709-1610 GUTTERS & LEADERS Cleaned and flushed. Siding power washed. Mildew removed any surface. Please Call: Tom Hanson Painters



We Can Help Real Estate Guide \i-&?\ \ia*iT


3sS8-eef eveO. .eefem



TO esea-rse

Franklin Focus


AKE YOUR HOUSE A HOME 4030 Carpentry ADDITIONS- dormers, kitchens, baths, decks, retaining walls, masonry. Call Joe 908-757-5139 CARPENTRY & CABINETRY, FINE QUAUTYremodeling & repairs, windows, doors, trim, basements, free est. refs. 11 yrs.exp. 281-6538. CARPENTRY Interior and exterior painting. Wood and masonry steps. Free estimates. 908-483-0317 C A R P E N T R Y - ALL PHASES fuMy ins., FREE [1ST!, portfolio & ref's avail. Hartje Construction So. Plalnfield. 908-754-8921 DECKS- Carpentry and alterations, attics and basements, sheetrock and spackling, comp. prices, quality work, fully ins., FREE EST.!, 903561-1291 DONTCALLUS! Until you've called the others. Then call CB CONTRACTING for the highest quality carpentry & home improvements at the lowest price. We mean it! Free est., fully insured, refs. 908-968-1058. J. DEGUTIS CARPENTRY Quality craftsmanship on additions, alterations, roofing, siding, doors, kitchens S bath. Season special on decks & replacement windows. Insured, free estimates. Call 908-754-0014. ROGER SMITH Carpenter Contractor Framing, Additions, Adda-Level & Alterations. Fully insured, Piscataway. 908-968-4195

4070 Electrical A-1 ELECTRIC CO. No Job Too Small No Challenge Too Great Residential/Small Bus. Specialists All work guaranteed. Lie. 8460. 271-4553 654-1330 ACCU-MARK ELECTRIC 3rd generation electrical contractor. I come from a family of exp. electricians. Lie. 10724. Fully ins., 545-0553 anytime! ALK ELECTRIC- All resid. & comm. needs, 100 amp ser. $550/up, 200 amp ser. $750/up, Free Est., fully Ins. lie. 9732,908-755-4030 A M E R I C A N MADE ELECTRIC CO— Free estimates. Senior citizens discount. Lie.#9688. "CALL 752-4270" ASPEN ELECTRIC- All residential needs: house fans, smoke detectors, lighting, telephones, etc. Quick response, lie. #7534. Call 356-3041; 873-0137. ELECTRICAL SERVICE Quality work/reasonable prices. Avail after 4pm & wknds. FREE estimate. Fully bonded & insured. L.A.B. ELECTRIC. 908526-3696. Lie #10020. ELECTRICAL WORK Security & recessed lights, heaters, fans, phones, 240 volt service changes, etc. Problems solved, quick response. Please, call JJayid a t . 321-6955 or 489-6814

ELECTRICAL WORKCommercial, residential and industrial. Licensed, No. 9141, and Insured. Free estimates. Call Vince Santonastaso Electric 968-1609. ELECTRICAL- All typesResidential, Commercial, Industrial wiring & lighting, Renovations & New Construction. Uc.#29?8. Seasons Special: Landscape lighting, Pools & Spas. COONEY ELECTRIC 908-469-0281 ELECTRICAL- All types

of w i r i n g . Service changes & paddle fans. Additions. Uc. #6252. Harold Klouser-572-6750 ELECTRICIAN- Install, of circuit breakers, paddle fans, attic fans, electric heat, recessed lights, appl. wiring. Free est., Ins. RONSON ELECTRIC 752-5683. (Uc. 5532). PHOENIX ELECTRICLic.# 10062. Attic fans supplied and installed $160, Paddle Fans installed $65. Outlets from $30. 725-7267

4100 Home Improvement

H O M E Carpentry (All phases) Sheet Rock • Painting Fences • Decks Outdoor structures Masonry • Patios Bathroom & Basement Remodeling And much more... Always free estimates and competitive rates. * Insured * CALL JOHN MUSELLI



3-PC FIBERGLASSbath & shower enclosures with 24/hr. installation. $1500. Black Point Construction. 369-7022 ABSOLUTE CONSTRUCTION— painting, siding, windows & doors, free estimates, fully insured. Call 382-73.H.

4080 Handyman Services APPLIANCE REPAIRS All major brands, all major appliances. Reasonable, experienced, reliable. Same day service. Jeff 908-369-4075 HANDYMAN Can do most anythtng and at reasonable rates. No job too small. Insured. Call 908-322-1673. HANDYMAN CAN Odd jobs from grass cuttings to repair jobs around the house. I cater to anyone who needs help. 908-754-6875 HANDYMAN FOR HIRE— Carpentry, replacement of windows & doors, floor tiles, Decks, additions, kitchen, bath renovation. 526-5723. HANDYMAN- All work, Painting & carpentry, ceramic tile, FREE EST!!, REF., 908-874-7606 * IMPROVE * • EVERYTHING * Quality!I Painting, Spackiling, Decks, OeMold, Yards. Fast!

908-525-7748 "INSTALLATIONS" Fences'Garage door openers'Storm Doors Carpentry Repair •ODD JOBS" •ALWAYS WELCOME!"

•(908) 545-1126* * * * MR. DO RIGHT- Will clean, repair, paint: walls, ceilings, porches, attics, cellars. Carpentry and Organize Garages! "Master of the small job" 908-968-7540 ODD JOBS & GENERAL REPAIRS- Lt. hauling, brush cleared & removed. Expert int/ext. carpentry, painting, replacement windows & decks. Tree work, log splitting, gutters cleaned. No job too small. Why break your back? If you don't see it, ask. Call us today for a FREE estimate. Our 17th year. 526-5535

Ads to Classified don't cost -

ADDITIONS & ALTERATIONS •KITCHENS •BATHROOMS •BASEMENTS •DECKS •CERAMIC TILE«ETC. • FULLY INSURED* • FREE ESTIMATES* •COMPETITIVE* • PRICES* FOR DEPENDABLE, HIGH QUALITY WORK, •RAY LAEYT-627-9633ADDITIONS ALTERATIONS Roofing • Siding • Baths • Kitchens • Basement Renovation. Financing available. 908-561-1521 ALBREUCHE6SON Home Improvements Basement to attic, inside & out. Experience & references. Free estimates. Reasonable rates. 908-463-1773 AL'S CARPET SERVICE specializing in repairing, antique, oriental & hook rugs. Removal of Wrinkles, buckles. Stretching & reinstaliation of new & used Carpet. Since 1950. 908-369-8970 ALL COUNTY FENCE CO.All types Wood & C h a i n l i n k Fence installed. Free est. Call 908-654-1925 or 908232-8727. APPLIANCE REPAIRS BY MARK Specializing in Whirlpool, Kenmore, G.E. washers, dryers, dishwashers & portable air conditioners. 24 HR. Hot Water Heater installation & repair. 908-739-2064 ARTIES CARPET SERV I C E - Sales, installations & repairs. Shop at home service. No job too small. Fully insured. Call 908-469-1518 after 5PM ATTIC VENTILATORSGable & house fans installed. Free estimates. Call Bill 908-722-0758 A+CLEAN-UPS Attics, cellars, garg.s, 201-216-4053, leave mess, reasonable rates BASEMENTS TO ATTICS— and everything in

• • • • • BATHROOMS Free Estimates Complete bathrooms s t a r t i n g as low as $3995. Licensed, insured, 10 yrs. Exp. J.M.C. Home Renovations 1-800-734-8919 1-908-561-3554 BATHTUB « TILE RESURFACING.- 5 year warranty, free estimates. Call 908-756-5351 CARPENTRY « ROOFING— repair. Ceiling & floor porches, steps, paint. Call 356-9020 CARPENTRY BY OUELI CONSTRUCTION C O . Welded vinyl replacement windows & steel doors. Custom decks, additions, dormers, kitchen & bath remodeling, basements, drywall & taping. NO JOB TOO SMALL! Fully insured, free est. 704-0262. CARPENTRY- & Home Improvements. I do it ALL! All phases of home improvements. Free est. Ins. Steve, 908-968-7042 CARPENTRY- All small, medium repairs inside/ out, and new work. Also ceramic tile, sheetrock repairs, gutters cleaned, repaired and inside painting. Larry, 469-8340.

• CERAMIC* •TILE* ft Installations ft Repairs ft Re-grouts


(908) 4129162 • CERAMIC & MARBLE INSTALLATION- Baths, Kitchens & Foyers. Old & new. Repairs. 722-1364. CERAMIC TILE- Installation & repair. Quality work, reasonable rates, free estimates.236-7935. CERAMIC, MARBLE, SLATE, TILE- Bath expert installation-Black Point Construction. 908-369-7022 CHAMPION POWER WASH- Homes, decks, concrete, etc. Free estimate. Call 469-7161. CHAMPION POWER WASH- Homes, Decks, concrete, etc. Free estimate. 469-7161

CLEAN UP & HAULING 6 Attics ir Garages ftYards Removal of all types of rut bish, debris and appl ances. Prompt service.

908-464-9369 1-800-300-9396 CLEAN UP & HAULWe do all types. Fast service. FREE EST! Low rates, 908-545-0143 COMPLETE HOME MAINTENANCE INC. 15 yrs in business, maintaining homes for retirees, widowers, divorcees & people who just don't have the time. We do everything from painting to additions. Ray. 752-9394 CUSTOM CABINETS/ ., ,, COUNTERTOPS Corian, Formica ' 'Mi Tile Work 908-561-1521

CLEAN UP A & B Trash removal, Hauling odd jobs, NO job to BIG or SMALL, give us a call, we do it all. 908-247-7551

FENCES Installed & Repaired. Chainlink & wood. Free estimales.908-665-8912.

CLEAN UP AND REMOVAL- yards, basements, attics, construction debris, ect., call: Mike 908-583-5273


0 & W HOME IMPROVEMENT All phases of home imp. Interior & exterior You name it, we do itl CALL MIKE - 220-6885 DECKS- $7.50 per ft. or will beat any legitimate offer. Custom work. Fully insured. Unlimited references. Color portfolio. Call now and save $$$. 908-526-0005. "BUILDING" ••RESTORATIONS" Masonry Repairs, Roofing, Powerwashing. All work guaranteed. •Call 908-545-1773* "SEAL IT RIGHT' TOMS DRIVEWAY PAVING Sealed by hand. Potholes, Cracks, Resurfacing. Reasonable prices. Free estimates. Call Tom 908-248-5986 ••PAVING and" ••SEAL COATING" Commercial/Residential Paving @ 65e/sq. ft. Seal Coat @ $19.95/ gal. All types of paving, potholes & resurfacing. All work is guaranteed. « 908-820-5439 • DRIVEWAYS & FENCING BY CATENA Driveways, Curbing, all types of fencing. Free Estimates. Will beat any price! 908-968-3432.

DRIVEWAYS Free Estimates. Seal coating by hand. Will fix broken areas, additions, overlay. Call Tom. Same day service. Reasonable. 248-5986

DRIVEWAYS FREE ESTIMATES ON INSTALUNG NEW OR REPAIRING OLD •Driveways •Parking lots •Sealcoating •Railroad ties •Belgium blocks •Concrete Work-All TypesFULLY INSURED Our 27th year

MAJER CO. 968-0862 DRIVEWAYS-PARKING ••• LOTS ••• Repaired, resurfaced, stoned, seal coated. RR ties & Belgium block • D. A. HUNT PAVING • Serving Bridgewater area since 1967. 722-1882. DRYWALL CONSTRUCT I O N - Sheetrock and taping, specializing in small lobs. T.A.F. Drywall Call 1-800-640-3969.

CONTRACTORS CUSTOM HOMES y Additions * * Add-a-levels * Custom decks » patios Total home Improvements. Serving New Jersey for over 20 years. Free Estimates. Call 908-369-6184 •» FENCE • • All types of wood fence installed & repaired. »I.N.M - 464-9369 > FENCE SALE - CUSTOM WOOD: CCA-SPRUCECEDAR-STOCKADE, VINYL CHAIN LINK. 15 YRS. EXP., FREE EST.




FLOORS- New wood floors installed, sanded & finished. Old wood floors refinished. Painting & Wallpapering. Free est. ACCURATE FLOORING 908-302-9705 GENERAL CONTRACTING Masonry & Carpentry We install sidewalks, patios, etc., Good prices. call Al: 908-526-0903

HOME Alterations and Additions Prompt and Courteous Services "Quality at its Best" WALLACE CONSTRUCTION

* •

TRACEY-S IRONWORKS 8AM-8PM 800-310-2036 • • • J.E.D. BUILDERS, INC. Additions, kitchens, baths, roofing, decks, insured. Call 418-8756. J.T.M. REMODELING Complete home improvements, porches & decks, interior/exteriors, carpentry work, deck reseating & cleaning. No job too small. Contact Steve Dimino 908-752-7863 or 1800-585-7863. Free estimates. JFK CONSTRUCTIONCranford, 908-276-0856 All work guaranteed. One contractor for all your needs. Large or small, we do it all! Kitchen Cabinet refacing or new, countertops, tile work, carpentry. Free est. call Tony:800246-7027 or 968-7027 KITCHEN CABINET RESTORATION Most Kitchens under $400. Rets. Fully Insured.


KNOX DRYWALL v Gypsum Wallboard ^Taping & Finishing ^Alterations

725-3845 AFFORDABLE HOME IMPROVEMENT Inside "and Out, FREE EST!, FULLY INS., REF.s, call DAVE ^08-725-8879 OR BRUCE 908-3696272 We also do rubbish removal!! •


HOME IMPROVEMENTS •Carpentry •Drywall •Ceramic Tiling •Reconstruction •Repairs & Insurance Claims Superior, quality, American c r a f t s m a n s h i p . Done once, done right. Free estimates and reliable, professional planning. Better job, better price.

Please call: 800-491-1725 HOME IMPROVEMENTS & REPAIRS- Additions, decks, wooden storage sheds. All phases of home improvements & repairs. Visa/MC. FREE ESTIMATES OUR HOUSE 356-0586

HOME IMPROVEMENT Interior and exterior painting, wallpapering, floor finishing, roofing, mansonry, carpentry, driveway sealer. Call 908-725-4836


INTRODUCTIONS... A way for people to meet people, every week in your local Forbes newspaper. The ad is free, then one call does it all) 1-800-559-9495



* * * * *

ORYWALL INSTALLATION & FINISHING Specializing in Additions, Renovations & Basements. Free Estimates. 908-819-8528

Top Soil, Pipe Trenching, Stone, Footings, Land clearing Septic

• • • • •

A Guide To Local Professionals Servicing Your Needs For: 4030-Carpentry • 4160-Masory 4070-Elecfflcal • 41 ao-Painttng 4080-Handyman Services • 4200-Plumbing, 4100-Home Improvement Heating & Cooling 4130-Landscaplng ft * 42300-Rooflng Tree Care • 4230-Wallpaperlng

J & D MAINTENANCE INC.Interior/Exterior i & basement' too.

Construction Robert Knox 562 Pleasant Hill Rd. 908479-8299 Chester, N.J. 07930

MOVING Small moves, apart ments & homes. Businesses & Corporate. Compare & save. Free estimates. PM#00649

908-968-2582 NILLA'S CLEAN-UP AND CARTING SERVICESJunk removal of all kinds. We provide dumpster service. 754-6875. PAINTING * CARPENTRY- Sheetrock«Spackling«lnterior Woodwork* Doors & Trim«Windows» Plastering. Call Rich after 6pm, 722-4943. RUBBISH REMOVAL Servicing ALL of NEW JERSEY, REASONABLE RATES, Show ad at time of pick-up:GET 10% OFF THE BILL! call Jim Brennan 201-6722941, In business since 1989, excellent references available SHEDS- Wood, Custom made, 50 sizes/styles. Free delivery & installation. Visa/Mastercard 908481-1044 SHEET ROCKING & SPACKUNGQuality work, Exp., Insured, Oelnegro Dry wsll & Finishing, 908356-3551 WINDOW A-1 REPAIRS Replace glass, putty, caulk, paint & wash. Quality craftsmanship for 25 yrs. Free estimates,

SHEETROCK/SPACKLE —Repairs to sheetrock & plaster. 572-5811. WINDOW GLASS REPLACED ON S H E - We repair, re-putty & paint old windows & trim. Very reasonable. INSURED. Call Clear View 757-5347 WINDOWS AND DOORS Super prices on replacement w i n d o w s and doors. All sizes and styles. TRIM/siding. Timberllne Construction 908-753-5761 WINDOWS/CARPENTRY- NO job too small! Replace, Install, $159, FREE EST., 908-359-5674

4130 Landscaping and Tree Care ACCURATE CONSTRUCTION Vinyl Siding, Roofing, Stucco, Windows & doors. Call 560-8369. ACCURATE LANDSCAPING All phases of landscaped construction. Lawn Service. Retainer walls, Brick & concrete patios, Belgium block curbing, Decks, Irrigation, Japanese Rock Gardens w/Waterfalls & Walls. 908-560-8369 ARMSTRONG LAND SCAPING & PAVING Asphalt driveways, landscape installation, shade trees & shrubs, new lawns, sod or seed. Decorative stone, topsoil & mulch. RR ties, retaining walls, Allen block & Keystone. Interlocking brick paver, sidewalks, patios & driveways. Tree & Brush removal with chipper. Driveways stoned, rototilling, escavating, dozer & york raking. Call Joe 908-885-5323 BRUSH REMOVAL Also log splitting, firew o o d , wood c h i p s , stump removal & tree work. Free estimates. • Call Mike, 722-3235 CHEOCCHI LAWN & GARDEN Lawn Maintenance Besidential/Comm. Clean-ups • Design


COMPLETE CARE YARD SYSTEMS- Tree ser., lawn maint., 1 free cut, landscape design, Smr. cleanup, Insured, free estimate 908-874-5083 LANDSCAPING Complete lawn maint. & landscape constr. + fall Clean-up, 908-241-0004 LANDSCAPING- award winning designs to fit todays lifestyle, complete professional installation and maintenance, call for no obligation, FREE CONSULTATION, NORTH RIDGE LANDSCAPING, 908-359-1418 LANDSCAPING- Fall clean up, lawn care, thatching, tree work, hauling. Will beat any written estimate. Reliable service. Charlie 755-8429 LANDVIEW LANDSCAPE Specializing in all types of landscaping & maintenance. Reliable & affordable. Residential/ commercial. Call Gary 722-4388 LAWN * PROPERTY •CLEANUP* MaMfMitesi Affordable r a t e s . C a l l Joe at



Franklin Focus


TAURUS CONSTRUCTION . Mason Contractor. Specializing in residential. Portfolio & References. LAWN CARE- 20 yrs. PIsc. 908-4244)622 experience-a Scott's lawn C.K. Pio. Lawns cut, thatched, sneded. Reasonable MASONRY WORK rstes, reliable service. Curbing, sidewalks, patio Walt 908-752-6730 chimney work, steps, inte locking pavers LAWN CUTTING- Lawn CALL LL (908) 889-7926 care, leaf removal, cleanups S landscaping at recession breaking rates. MASON Call 908-725-4623 LAWN CARE/YARD WORK- Best Service, bravest Rates, Free Estimates, Call 231-0358.

A Good Hands Co. Interior/exterior. Wallpapering, painting, power washing for commercial/ residential. Call Fred, 457-0984 or 885-1169

• * • AAA



LAWN MOWING- for as little as $20. Spring clean up. Thatching, shrub pi witing. Will beat any legilmate price. 757-0114

RICH GORMAN 580-9465

Specializing in all types of masonry: Brick work, block work, concrete, etc. Fully insured. Free estimates.

ALFANO'S PAINTING Professional, quality work at reasonable rates. Many happy customers. Free est. 846-1094.

LAWN S E R V I C E Pi omt, reliable, insured, dothatching, powerseedin j, leaf removal. Serving Somerset county. 9083! 9-1418


ALL PAINTING APPLICATIONS (Owner-Oper'd) 10 yrs I (Lowest Rates) DEPENDABLE. Qual. Guar't'd! Mildew Off. Fast Est. Local 525-7748

MASON CONTRACTORLOW Fall prices, specializing in steps, walks, paANTHONY'S PAINTING tios, all chimney & fplc. & Interior/exterior. Roofing, mason work, No job to gutters cleaned/installed. small! Ins., Free Esti, 25 Free est. 752-6441. yrs. exp., Same Location, Dean Koep & Son 757-7421

MULCH double shredded hardwood, $13 cu. yd. Pick up or delivery available. 9C 8-563-0409 PETE'S AFFORDABLE LANDSCAPING wn Maintenance, Fall Lawn sanups, mulching beds Clsanu & Rock beds. Full landscaping. Trimming & Piuning. Free fist. Insured. 908-756-7563



•Interior/Exterior •Staining •Paper hanging •Textured & Popcorn ceilings Neat, meticulous work PINE LANDSCAPING by thoroughly experilandscape construction enced professional. MASONRY & LAND& lawn maintenance. SerSpecial attention to fine SCAPINGAdditions, vices included: all phasporches, brick or con- detail. No sloppy proes of landscaping & lawn maintenance. Plantings & crete driveways or pa- duction work. Free estitios. Landscape tie con- mates & reliable profesrock walls a speciality. sional planning. Better Owner operated & cus- struction. Full array of masonry & landscape job, better price. tomer oriented. services. 908-968-5670 No |ob too small. Call 722-1977 , PREDATOR TREE SERVICE- DEAD TREE MASONRY-CONCRETE A.ERT, Fall clean-ups PAVING Pull lns.908-424-0512 FEMININE TOUCH Brick, Block, Stone, INTERIOR GALS SUNRISE Lawnscapers Steps, Sidewalks, Drive"We're In t h e Piflk" M awing, Cleanups, Fertil- w a y s . F o u n d a t i o n s , Interior painting, carpenFplcs., patios, curbing, try, wallpapering, kitchen izng, Thatching, SeedBelgian block. Insured/ ing, Landscaping, Trimcabinets, basement walls Refs. m ing.lNSUREO.356-3786 & floors, garage doors, DMI (908)757-7929 decks, porches, etc. RefTREE & STUMP REMOVAL - i s your stump MASONRY- Concrete, erences, free estimates. "NO JOB TOO PETITE" a pain in the grass? Free patio, steps, all mason Call 908-469-7180, leave estimates Fully insured. work, FREE ESTI! FULLY 'MUST STUMPS" 634- INS. CALL TONY: 908- message. 1U18,2534616 INTERIOR PAINTING THEE MAINTENANCEMASON- specializing in our neat quality work will meet your estimate. ee removals, shrub all types of masonry CALL 908-281-0737 pruning. Commercial & work. FREE EST. CALL ANDY 908-469-3337 residential. Quality work JOHN MACNAMARA at fair prices. Over 20 P A I N T I N G - Interior QUALITY WORKMANyrs. experience; AlsoSHIP AT A REASON- painting & wall papering. fi ewood for sale! Call Free estimates. Fully inABLE PRICE- all types 6S8-3266 or 321-0077 of masonry. Forfreeest, sured. Recommended by Interior Decorators. pis call John, 563-7862 908-709-0160 TK Masonry LAVITOL PAINTING FREE EST! FULLY INS. Residential Specialist Ext..lnt. Ultimate in prep Foundations/Steps/ConCrete work/Paving & workmanship. We speVENISBROS. stones/ Allen block re- cialize in installing vinyl Tree Experts taining walls/Chimneys replace windows. We also do general carp/ and fireplaces. 359-6180 home improv/roofing. CALL TOM at 968-2994 FULLY INSURED 1-800-286-4033 TREE WORK WANTED NINA KALLAS-Painting P uning, storm damage, 4 Paperhanging, Reremovals, chipping, pairs. Plaster/Sheetrock. slrub care. Insured. 4130 27 yrs. exp. 322-4030 Smith Tree Service 908-439-2059 PAINTINe/WAUPAPERING- Honest & experiPAINTING & PAPER TREE and enced. Many references. HANGING- Interior/exLANDSCAPE SERVICE Reasonable rates. We terior. Window repairs. •Expert (Reasonable take pride. 908-846-9216 Quality workmanship for •Insured 25 years. No J o b too 908-658-9090 TOM HANSON small. Insured; Free estiPAINTING mate, prompt service. Interior/exterior and Bob Stelnman wallpapering. Free 526-3382 estimates. Please call Tom at 908-469-5952 10% Disc, with this ad 41G0 " N J STEAM CLEAN" P A I N T I N G 4 WALL Masonry All exterior cleaning & PAPERING- "Fall Spepainting ot homes; alum, cial" $50 off painting vinyl, brick, stone, pools, and 20% off wallpaperA-1 WAYNE P. SCOTT- cedar shakes S wooden qi altty masonry sjwvices. decks. You name it, we ing. FULLY INSURED. Will beat any written esF e e estimate. Refer- c iH 29 yrs experience. No job too small. Steps-Sidewalks •Driveways 'Patios •Bricks •Call Bill at 968-0695-

Please call: 800-491-1725

Tree Removal




















* * * * *


Pro PAINTING CO. Commercial, Residentia Industrial. Fully Insured, Expert •Power Washing •Interior/Exterior •Protective Coating •Sand/Water Blasting •Wallpapering/removal •Sheetrocking/Repair •Popcorn ceilings/ Repair •Offices/warehouses •Churches/Condos •Maintenance painting 727-5121

•WALLPAPER-$15/ ROLL •POPCORN CEILINGS •DRYWALL/HEPAIRS •CUSTOM WOODWORK •CARPENTRY •CERAMIC TILING •INSURANCE CLAIMS Honest, dependable service. Crafted with precision, neatness, and dedication to professional excellence. 12 Years Experience FREE ESTIMATES AND WRITTEN GUARANTEE BEST PRICES IN TOWN Mark, 908-753-1725

R & B PAINTING Inferior & Exterior Quality Painting Power Washing. Deck Sealing Caulking Gutter Clean & screening References Available 908-287-3271

PAINTING 4 WALLPAPERING- Exterior/ interior, custom work. Commercial/residential. FULLY INSURED. Nick 658-9235

TIM'S PAINTING Interior & exterior. Wallpapering Very neat, ref. avail. Free estimates. Fully insured. Call Todayl 908-756-7583

PAINTING (Ed Rellly) Interior/Exterior— Free estimates. Custom work. Very neat & references. Sheetrock Repairs. Power Washing. Fully insured. 908-752-3767.


PAINTING and WALLPAP E R j N G - Interior & exterior. Remodeling of baths and kitchens. Decks installed. FREE ESTIMATES. Call Tom, 755-6541,800-300-6541.

PAINTING BY CARNEVALE A OUR 35th YEAR ft EXTERIOR/INTERIOR Quality work. Reasonable, free estimates.


968-0467 i:

PAINTING- ALL STAR. FULLY INS., FREE EST!! Q u a l i t y work. CALL KEVIN 908-422-7932 PAINTING- ATB INC. PAINTING. $50/room. Exterior $700+. Wallpaper $15/roll. Roofing & gutters, free estimates. 908-914-0496

Power washing, staining, wood reflnlshlng, any surface, custom colors, gutters. References. Insured. Free written estimates.

800-773-5509 Ads In Classified don't cost — They pay!

4200 Plumbing, Heating and Cooling

• . • • •

A Guide To Local Professionals Servicing Your Needs (For: 4030-Carpentry • 4160-Masory 4070-Etectrtcal .4180-Palntlng 4080-Handyman Services • 4200-PlumWng, 4100-Home Improvement Heating & Cooling 4130-Landscaplng & * 42300-Rooflng Tree Care • 4230-Watipaperlng Snyder Plumbing Sewer 4 Drain Service Evenings & Weekends Lie. #7597 885-1517

CARISONE PLUMING & HEATING No job too small. Free estimate. Uc.#9373. 908-968-3941 COPPERHEAD PLUMB-' ING, HEATING, DRAIN CLEANING- Affordable quality • free estimates, 24 hour emergency service. License #8917. Please call 752-8808.

ACTION ROOFING CO.— Exc. rates, quality work, no money down and free est. 828-6108

DOWD BROTHERS PLUMBING* HEATING, INC DRAIN CLEANING, CENTRAL A.C. Fast same day service evenings and week-ends. Uc.#4369. 908-725-8239 or 908-356-1029

Flat roof specialists. Retar entire roof or patch. No job too small or large. Flashing, sky lights, chimney, pointing. Call Tom-25 years In the business-for the best job at live and let live prices. Stop that leak nowl 248-5986

OIL BURNER SERVICE Boiler & Furnace clean up, efficiency testing emergency service calls, heat & hot water Installed. 722-8225 PLUMBING & HEATING Low rates. Good service. Drain cleaning. Free estimates. License #6461. Call John 968-8634 PLUMBING & HEATING Water heaters, water filters, gas boilers, sump pumps, sewer & drain • All repairs. • Truppl Plumbing, Uc. #B707. Call 754-3750.

4220 Roofing


P.C. ROOFING & PAVING All work guaranteed. Free estimates. All types of roofing, paving, potholes, seal coating. Paul Costello. 908-954-7272 or beeper 913-5030. * * * * ROOFING- Honest & experienced. We take pride, reasonable rates. Senior citizen discount. Financing avail. 846-9216

ROOFING CONTRAC TOR— | Caflce Construction Co. Roofing of all types, shlngle/tTat/slate and leak repairs. No job too snail, insured. Free estfma as. 968-6241. R O O F I N G - AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE, DEPENDABLE. Carpentry/ Painting. Free Estimates. Call Bill 908-873-3759 ROOFING- all phases, fully i i s . , FREE EST.I, lowes prlcesl A.T.F. CONST., 908-752-0906. Emergency Repairs.

4230 Wallpapering WALLCRAFT Expert Paperhanging •Paint Trim & Ceilings •Reasonable Rates •Insured •Free Estmates Norm 908-819-8016 A BEAUTIFUL JOB by Feminine Hangups. Expert p< perhangtng. Neat professional. Free estimates. Joan, 5264)251. PAPERHANGING- No Job too small! Call Nancy 278-1549, Union county o n l y |- ' •

WALLPAPERING BY FEMININE TOUCH Reasonable rates. ROOFING-ALL TfPES- Prompt service. Free esFully Ins., FREE ESTI, timates. No job too over 20 yrs. exp. P. Dan- small. Call 908-231-0282 nuccl 908-996-6462


PAINTING- Homes inside & out, fast quality work. 12 yrs. exp. Refs. upon request. 218-9837 PAINTING- interior/exterior. Reasonable rates. Fully Insured. FREE ESTI Call 908-283-1350

PAINTING- Let a woman do your painting. Neat, clean quality work. Insured. Free estimates. Call Maryann 560-9235. PATTERSON PAINTING Interior $75/ room, Exterior. Free estimates. Sheetrocking & tiling. References avail. Fully insured. 908-725-5997; 1-800-750-5997 PAUL A. MILLAR PAINTING- Meticulous Int/Ext Svcs. 12 yrs exper. Gutters cleaned. Fully Ins. Free est. Exc. refs. CALL PAUL at 908-848-7186.

Be sure to check our "Services" and ! "Home Improvements!' columns for the ! PROFESSIONALHELP You Need!

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JK'S WALLCOVERING [INSTALLATIONSand Interior Painting Quality Workmanship :

Call: Joe Klingebiel >

381-9656 free estimates

bio ,iv eeirt* bus tnstnl •to amort vm nl

September 25,1992

Franklin Focus


hether you're building for the future or renovating the past, Classified can show you the way home! Our directory of service professionals will put you in touch with specialists in painting, plumbing, planning and repair. No job is too big or too small!


wfcfrW. >h-«ft.VV>AVV.A *• V*

Forbes Classified 1-800-559-9495 OUTSIDE NJ


Employment Guide 5000 EMPLOYMENT

soto Caraer Training

m. COMPUTER TRAINING Wordprocessing, Spreadsheets, Databases, DOS Windows. Reasonable rates. One-on-One avail. Call Em for details: E-Z COMPUTER SERVICES 9084694)623 OUT OF SCHOOL?- Out of Work? High School dropout? Job opportunities. Between the ages of 4 * - &. ft??, R,fiafdlejj}jfa of M i d d Iesex, SomerseC Hunterdon Counties

MATURE WOMAN EXPERIENCED BABY SITTER- Wanted on an NEEDED— to care for 2 yr. old & infant in my E. as-needed basis (may TEACHERS Brunswick home. Part lead to fulltime employHave you ever considered a Career in Real Es- ment) to take care of our time flex. hrs. avail. Ught housekeeping req. avail. t a t e ? Come t o our 4 mo. old in our WestCall 908-821-4320 field home. Looking for Weichert Realtors' CaEnglish speaking, nonreer Seminar Thursday, smoking provider with 5040 October 1st at 7:00 P.M. own transp. and verifiEmptoymntto learn more about this able references. Light exciting business. ReserDomestic housekeeping. Call 908vations a mustl Please 654-0866, Iv. msg. call Sam Mllora at 9084 9 4 - 6 8 0 0 . It c o u l d HOUSEKEEPER- live in INFANT CARE- responchange your life!! 5 days for loving family. sible person needed to care for my bahy in my Must speak English. Plainfield area. 604-2490 Dunellen home. Mon. 9920 eves. & afternoons P/ T. CMM Care Wanted Permnent postton. Must speak English, have exp. and refs. 752-4315 Use Your Card... BABYSITTERS NEEDED— Teachers, students, L I V E - I N - Child care job seekers earn extra inneeded for beginning of come with flexible hrs. Oct. in Neshanic Station P T / F T . C a l l " I n a (Branchburg) home for 2 Pinch..." Inc. 540 Rt. 10 & 4 yr. old boys. Exp. & West, Randolph, NJ 908- refs. r e q u i r e d . Non879-5647 smoker. Please call 908583-4263 CHILD CARE WANTEDLive in to care for 2 MIDPLESEX M O M -

Telephone Representative Requires evenings, Saturday and Sunday. Good starting salary. Benefits. $6.00 per hour. Call 908-412-7858. Ask for Phyflls or Jwu

WHILE YOU'RE JOB HUNTING... Hunt to see If you're our winner! It's somewhere hi this section.

minHr .full JHirM jwSJtfc' Cooking a must. No 'Mfffe 704-8841.

infant and three yr. old



COOKS A S S T - full time kitchen preparation and duties. Stirling area Call 908-647-6919 for appt. •

5050 flfoyniB General

••/•*.-?-'r.iir,fi Q(J-J1



-September's, 1592

Medical Transcriptionist Laboratory Excellent full time opportunity for experienced transcriptionist at 450-bed teaching community hospital. We require computer-literate, independent self-starter. Hours are 9 am - 5:30 pm, Mon.-Fri. For application or more information, call: Yolanda M. Lahaza, 253 Witherspoon Street, Princeton, NJ 08540 • 609-497-4338 Equal Opportunity Entployn MIF

Where tradition 8 innowttpn meet.




FORBES NEWSPAPERS IS GROWING!! and Is offering the following Job opportunities FULLTIME OPPORTUNITIES Advertising Sales Our remarkable growth means we need to expand our sales force. We are offering an excellent opportunity tor a bright, energetic, sen-starter. As a qualified candidate, you should be enthusiastic, outgoing, organized & motivated. You should have superior verbal & written communications skills, good toltow-through, and an understanding of the Importance of customer service. A reliable car Is a must. We will train you In all aspects ot newspaper advertising sales & you will coordinate advertising lor retail businesses of all types & sizes. II you are Interested, please forward you resume lo Lance Osbom. Retail Advertising Manager. Forbes Newspapers, P.O. Box 699. Somerville. N.J. 08876. or call ext. 6102.


PARALEGAL Marketing/Management LAW ENFORCEMENT Real Estate DELIVERY PERSON I EASY WORK AT Have you ever considJOBS Central N.J. law firm H O M E - Taking snap ered a career in Real EsFor pizzeria. Experience NO EXP. NECESSARY seeks experienced indis h o t s . S e n d selftate? Come to Weichert, necessary. Must know Now h i r i n g . U . S . vidual with strong interRealtors Career Seminar area. Good pay. Must addressed stamped enCustoms, Officers, personal skills. Ability to velope to P.O. Box 159, on Wednesday, Sept. 30 apply in person to: e t c . . . F o r info, c a l l , work independently in all P Dunelien 08812 at 7 pm to learn more ALFONZO'S 219-736-7030, ext. 2935 piases of real estate CLERICAL- General ofabout this exciting busi125 W. Main St. FITNESS DIRECTOR 9am-9pm 7 days. transactions & mortgage fice duties, full time, ness. Reservations a Somerville Full time, exercise prelc(ans. Attractive benefits, 8am-4pm. Please call LEGAL SECRETARYmust! Please call Beverly competitive salary. Send DRIVER WANTED- to scription, sales experiLinda between 10amPerkins at 908-874-8100 25-30 hours/wk. Real esence needed. Call: escort salesman around 2pm at 908-526-0880 or Sheri Stauch at 908- resume to: Personnel tate experience neces908-356-6900 Manager, R.E., P.O. Box NJ, Tues, Wed, & Thurs. 2 9 7 - 0 2 0 0 . It c o u l d sary. We use WordPerCORPORATE CONFER1018, Somerville, NJ Call 908-281-6343 FORKUFT DRIVER- Exfect. Located at 340 change your life! SemiENCE FACULTY- Seek08876. perienced in retail lumnars held in North Avenue East, CranDRIVER/MESSENGER ing flexible ind. to perber. Duties: loading/unHillsborough/Princeton. ford, near GSP exit 137, • * * * Morning, afternoon, reform PT day and evening loading trucks, building on site parking. Call Mr. riT/FT INCOME services in executive sets p o n s i b l e , matureM E D . OR D E N T A L of house loads, rail unC PPORTUNITIES AVAILDooley for an interview ting. Includes waitressminded, well-groomed, ASST. OR L P N - for oral loading a plus. A B L E $1000-$2000/ appt. at 908-276-8500 inq, meeting set-up and own car. 722-9333 after 4 surgeon, Thurs, Fri, Vi> month. Plus profit sharCall 422-1600 cleaning. Will train. Benpm LIBRARY M O N I T O R day Sat. 722-0850; 725ing plus medical/j dental. efits avail. Respond to Full Time Part Time Mon, Tues, W e d , 70384 eves. D R I V E R S T A K E For information call, 800Box #104, Forbes NewsDue to Fall activity, our 9:15PM. To monitor be3N0-3171 ext.100 ^ _ ^ CHARGEof your caMICROFILM TECHNIpapers, P.O. Box 699, 43 yr. old Co. has 11 havior of Library patrons reer and your life. Drive C I A N - duties include, Somerville, NJ 08876 openings. $10.15 to start. PUPPY S T O R E - in & perform other duties for J.B. Hunt and earn microfilming, developing Flex. hrs. Ideal for Stu- as needed. $8/hr. Call Greenbrook seeks sales/ top pay and benefits. We and duplicating film and dents. 908-704-8555. DELIVERY/ Mgt./puppy person, exp. Cranford Public Library, payforyour OTR experideliveries. Requires the DISTRIBUTION: req., great environment. Mr. Malar or Mrs. Klience-up to $0.25 per HAIR STYLISTSBusy ability to lift cartons of Immed. openings. Exc. Flex, hours, call 908-308mowtCZ, 908-709-7272. mile. 1-800-2JB-Hum Green Brook salon. Salpaper, good driving 2nd income. This inde9»39 leave mess. M/F/H/V ary, comm., benefits, edrecord, and good job DRIVERS/HELPERS- HI pendent contractor REAL ESTATE CAREER MACHINE OPERATOR & references a must. Will H goods carrier, looking ucation, call Nick 908oppty. involves delivery WEIDEL REALTORS, MAINTENANCE PERtrain. $7/hr. Somerville for an exp. responsible 874-7010 of advertising material Hillsborough. We are SON20 hrs/week, area. Call 908-722-3033 person for local and long door-to-dopr on Sats. HAIR STYLIST- Part or looking for good people days, Middlesex Boro, distance work, must have Earn hundreds of extra Full Time with experiMODELS to join our sales staff. some mechanical ability valid NJ lie, and trans to $ $ monthly. Car nee. ence. Dunelien Area. Call (female 5'4 & up; guys 5' Whether licensed or unlirequired 356-1461. and from job, CDL a +, 908-968-9779 Call now. 908-417-1792. 9" & up) Wanted for excensed, we can get you good starting salary and •• MANAGEMENT • • Citing fashion show seaDENTAL RECEPTION HAIRDRESSERS-with exstarted in a successful benefits, call 908-722•• TRAINEE • • son. Exp. pref. but not 1ST- Must be energetic, perience for Somerville Real Estate Career. Flex0470 for appt. nee. Must be outgoing, 2 year program with a friendly & have dental exhours, unlimited earning Salon. Full time position love music & dance. Call DRUG ABUSE PREVENperience in appointment starting salary of 30K+. potential & hands-on available. Excellent salRunway Magic 908-985TION SPECIAUST- For book control, computer Saining. Call Judi Hitt, Call 782-5254, Oct. 260, ary plus commission and 7600 after 2PM for appt. residential youth services paid vacation. Call 725(Softdent a + ) & phone Manager, 359-7100 and ask tor Craig. program. F/T MA, MSW & 6666. skills. Albert Internoscia MOTIVATED OUTGOING II REAL ESTATE SALES or CAC. Send resume to: DM0.908-874-4555 INDIVIDUAL- with deMaximize your earning HELP WANTED- in a W . * , - A N T MANAGERS P.O. Box 6871, Bridgependable car, interested & FT CREW MEMBERS potential. Plenty of floor Formica shop, F/T, days, water.NJ 08807-6871. in part or full time houseQUICK CHEK FOOD titne, plenty of leads = call Heinz between 9-5 keeping, work averaging STORES is now hiring! higher earnings. Join PM, 201-399-1905 $6.50/$7.50 per hour. Must possess retail and/ Century 21 HURRICANE RECONCall 271-0886 or Customer Service exMcGee Realtors STRUCTION- & cleanperience. All shifts are NEEDED: 100 people to \ 908-526-4440 up, many needed. Both Growing national computer dealer/broker seeks deavailable. We offer a 1035 Rt. 202 Branchburg. lose weight now, no will skilled & unskilled, Men tail-oriented full time individual for PC word procompetitive starting salpower, new 100% nat. & REAL ESTATE SALES & women. High wages. ary, incentive bonus, and cessing, typing, phone reception and other varied guar.teed, 303-751-5021 For info. Call 615-779Successful Piscataway an excellent benefit tasks. Requires PC WordPerfect, accurate typing at 5505 Ext. H794 based Real Estate firm package. For more inforNEW YEAR 4 5 wpm, and reception experience. Good language has 2 openings for 2 fullmation call Dave at NEW CAREER INSURANCE AGENCYand diction skills needed. Company offers competitime sales representa(908)534-2200, ext. 232 Part time & full time perNon-smoklng office tive salary and benefits, including health insurance. tives. Benefits include and leave a message. sons for telemarketing needs experienced secModem, non-smoking office. Rush resume with private office, incentive positions in Union based retary or CSR for ex- MANAGER- FT, telesalary history (required) in confidence to: B. Schriecommission split, abuncompany. Exper. an adpanding agency. Exp. in phone room, entry level, ver dant opportunity time vantage but not essential Personal fines & Com- will train, hrs. 1PM-9PM ajnd congenial, honest, as training given Exc. mercial. License preMon-Fri, Sat 9AM-Noon. MAPLE DATA SYSTEMS professional environpay 0 * 9 tor the right ferred. Send resume: InMust have positive atment. For confidential inpeople. Call for further 960 Greeiey Avenue, S. surance, P.O. Box 381, titide, good advancement terview call M r . Info* int. Carl 686-5788 Middlesex, NJ 08846 Onion, NJ 0 7 0 8 3 & pay. Call after 6PM Gambacort;at 752-8749. 908-356-1134 Middlesex, An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F OFFICE ASSISTANT INTERIOR ~ 908-906-6625 Metuchen REAL ESTATE SALESPhones, light typing, DECORATING/ SALESIS a lucrative sales career general office work for M at u r e - m i n d e d , MECHANIC-wanted for in your future? Take our computer marketing firm. business-oriented indiv. foreign and 'domestic reFREE ($300 value) IndiMust be organized, Will train. 457-0738 pair shop. Good working prompt and have a POSI- vidual Success Profile conditions. Apply in perquestionnaire and find KUWAIT/SAUDI JOBSTIVE attitude. Open interson at Better Sunoco, out how your natural talSkilled & unskilled men & views. Call 401 North Ave. East, ents and abilities can be women needed. $35 +/ (908) 281-9759 Cranford, NJ 908-272developed to help you athr. Paid transp. Info. 504OH. BURNERservive tain the highest level of 6980 646-1800 Dept. KS-1555 tech., fuel oil co. serving success possible. Call TELLERS••-- Full & Part Time Somerset & Hunterdon Pat at Weidel Realtors, counties seeks exp. Bridgewatet 685-8202 We have full time Teller potech., competitive salary, REAL ESTATE SALESsitions availalbe in Berkeley benefits, continuing eduLocal-3 office firm, est. cation and more, call Ed Heights, South Plainfield, North 1937, seeks agent witling or Don at 908-725-0244 to devote individual, perPlainfield and Hillside and part E.O.E. sonalized attention to our PARK RANGERS time positions available in Elizacustomers. 60% to milGame wardens, security, I on dollar associates. beth. maintenance, etc. No Desk, training & floor exp. necessary. For info, time for all new associcall 219-769-6649, ext. CLERK/TYPIST - Full & Part Time ates. No franchise fees. 8183 9am-9pm7DAYS. Fiischer Realtors, WhiteFull time position requires genhouse, Basking Ridge, PREP, COUNTER HELP, Washington call Broker, eral office experience, excellent DELIVERY PERSON (PT) Tom Fischer 908*534& WAITRESS ( P T ) communication, and 45 wpm typ4025 Qood pay. Village Pasta ing skills. Part time position inPizzeria. Call Omar 908AN ENGINEERING FIRM 234-0472

CLERICAL- full benefits. To $7/hr. NO typing. Req. 1 yr. varied office exp. & car. Day hrs. Middlesex, 302-0909


Enthusiastic, sharp teporter*naeded tor our awardwinning community newspaper group. Experience preferred. Send resume and clips to Robin j . Phillips, Editor, Forbes Newspapers. P.O. Box 699. Somerville, N.J. 08876. No calls, please.

PART TIME OPPORTUNITIES Community Events Co-ordinator Position for out-going highly organized seU-starter. Carry our community promotions In Somerset, Middlesex & Union counties. Responsible for such events as an exhibit at Sunday craft lair In WestHeld, auto show In Somerville & operating Santaland, home to Mr. Claus, In Somerville from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Diverse position lor Imaginative person who doesn't need a big budget to produce an attentkm-getting display or event. Some weekend work, car a must, about 20 hours a week, $8,O00-$9,000 a year. Send a resume or letter to Jean Casey, Promotion Director,.P.O. Box 89, Bedmlnster. N.J. 07921. Will respond to those who fit the qualifications.

Advertising Telephone Sales Bright se|-starter needed to sell advertising over the telephone In central New Jersey's # 1 Classified department. All you need are good language and typing skills, an excellent telephone manner, and a commitment to customer service. We will bain you. Two positions available, each 19 hours per week. Salary phis generous commission. Please can Kelly ZuHo, ett. 6250, to arrange an Interview.

Circulation Telephone Sales Earn extra cash whHo working flexible hours 3 to 5 day* per week. 6 p.m.-9 p.m. In our Bedmlnster office. $7.00 per hour plus commission. Please call Clen or Gene evenings at ext. 7302.

Circulation Clerk Detail oriented Individual to handle data entry, key punch and phone duty. Flexible hours Ideal lor homomakers, college students or seniors. Please callJohnlD'Achlno, exl. 7302.

Newspaper Delivery Forbes Newspapers Is now taking names for neighborhood delivery In New Brunswick. North Brunswick, Belle Mead and Hlllsborough. Denver one or two days per week and earn $45-$55. Must be 16 yews or older and have reliable transportation. For New Brunswick and North Brunswick call Ed at ext .7401, and for Belle Mead and Hillsborough caH Butch at ext. 7400.




volves general clerical duties from 4pm-8pm in Cranford. •

ENCODER OPERATORS -Part Time Located in Cranford. Hours 1 pm to finish. Must have good numerical aptitude and calculator skills. For prompt consideration, please call (908) 931-6544 or send your resume or a summary of your background to:


Youth! Carrier Attention boys and girls In the Society Hill. Franklin Township area: earn extra money by becoming a youth canter. Work one day per week. Please can , Butch at ext. 7400. Mutt be 12 years or older. '

Fdtibes Newspapers A OIVIIIOW III HIMtv IW(




ii-WH* > j i

P.O. BOX 2125 WALNUT, CA 91788 TEL: (714) 392-1078 FAX: (714) 392-1081


The Most Exclusive Modern Restaurant Diner in New Jersey, Grand Openipg on or about October 1st is looking for experienced Waiters and Waitresses

- Ail Shafts


September 25, RECEPTIONIST/CLERICAL— Norwest Mortgage is searching for a motivated individual for customer service, phone answering, word processing and related office functions. Qualified candidates should be detail orientated with a previous related work history. A positive and professional attitude is a must. We provide excellent benefits and a competitive salary. If you are ready to work hard and be a positive contributor to our office please call: NORWEST MORTGAGE 65 JACKSON DR. CRANFORD, NJ 07016 908-276-7000 ATTN: LORI BARTONE RECEPTIONIST/CLERK Immediate Opening Full Time Experience & knowledge in effective telephone skills. Typing &/or computer skills important. Excellent benefits. Contact Middlesex County Educational -Service Commission, 908-885-1700. RECEPTIONIST/SECRETARY— For busy doctors office in Westfield. Entry level position. Typing & computer knowledge a must. Prior exp. pref. 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri. Send resume & references to: Office Manager, P. O. Box 2773, Westfield, N.J. 07091-2773 RECEPTIONIST/SECRETARY— Piscataway law f i r m , p o s i t i o n avail, immed. Strong typing & word processing skills. Call Mon-Fri 968-6300 RECEPTIONIST/SECRETARY— For busy Doctors office in Westfield. Entry level position, typing, computer knowledge a plus. Must be able to deal with people in a pleasant professional manner. Prior exp. pref. Hrs. 9-5, Mon thru Fri. Call Debbie 233-5177. RECEPTIONIST- Good phone & typing skills a must. Full time w/benefits. Branchburg, 908685-7600. RETAIL A S S I S T A N T MANA G E R - The Leather Warehouse, a leader In leather fasions & accessories has an opening in our Garwood location. Candidates must be energetic, ambitious & love to sell! We provide training & great career opportunities for the right individual. Experience & apparel a must. Please call Patty at 908-7890288 Sales Associate Notebook Computers Full/part time. Excel, oppty. for ambitious & aggressive individual. Must have prior sales exp. Knowledge of database & installation A + +. : Lucrative bonuses, good income & growth. Excel, oppty for college computer science major. (908) 469-8935 after 5pm SALES ASSOCIATESand Stock position avail., P/T, flex, hours, days/ nights & weekends, you must have an outgoing personality and like to work with people, perfect for housewife or second job, call Amy 908-5264894



OPPTY- World"s largest Insurance Co. is seeking career-minded people. Up to $40,000 to start, no experience necessary. Excellent training and benefits. Call Dan Caporaso at 908-7547576:

Franklin Focus SALES/INSIDE

S30K PLUS We are looking for 2-3 enthusiastic success oriented people for our Clark/Bridgewater offices. If you have a professional appearance with a bubbly, positive attitude & exp. in the dating industry or membership sales such as health clubs, weight loss centers, etc. then we would like to speak to you. We offer excel, benefits, a lucrative incentive program, fast advancement into mgmt & a fun working environment. If you want an exciting career opp. call Wendy at 908381-9555. SCHOOL NURSE SUBSTITUTES NEEDEDBased on Absenteeism. NJ C e r t i f i c a t i o n as School Nurse Required. Send letter of interest with resume to: Francis X. Lucash, Ed.D., Director of Curriculum & Personnel, P.O. Box 646, Cranford, NJ 07016 SECRETARIES/ADMIN. ASSISTANT- Current openings for:Samna, Word Prfct, windows, graphics, Excel, Lotus. Top pay. Extensive benefits. Temp./Perm. Call All Star East, 424-1010. SECRETARY- for insurance office. Typing, filing and phone skills. 25-35 hrs. per week. Call Kissel Agency 356-0068 SECRETARY- Legal litigation. Hunterdon county. Minimum 2-5 yrs. experience. WordPerfect required. Top salary to qualified person. 908730-7600 SECRETARY- Part/full time, must know word perfect and have good phone skills. Salary approx. 18K, send resume to: UPC, 222 Courtyard, Somerville, NJ 08876 SECRETARY- PT/FT, good typing & computer skills, W/P, dictation & shorthand. Conv. location off 287. Send resume & wage requirement to Jane Management Co. 4475 So. Clinton, Sou. Plainfield, NJ 07080 SITE MANAGER- Middlesex Cty/Rutgers Area. Looking for an aggressive site manager w/ good salesmanship, licensed realtor a must, experienced preferred. Call 580-9884

SUPER SUCCESS IDEAS Earn $200-$600/wk. PT/FT potential. •Start getting paid for what you already do for free •The guide to money making ideas •Own your dream car for only $i69/mo. Bean informed car buyer or seller Call for a FREE 2 minul message-24 hrs/day. 908-688-0100 TELEMARKETER PT/FT. Edison based company is seeking individuals with, good phone skills to assist with customer prospecting. Will train. Flexible hrs., 9-12 or 1-4. Perfect for people with children in school. Please call Tom at: 908248-8810 TELEMARKETING earn $200+ PART TIME EVENINGS Well-known, established personal introduction service Looking for enthusistic, personable, friendly person to start immediately setting appointments.* NO COLQ " ' Salary $ l | ~ " oornmls-sltfn. Fun

T E L E P H O N E CALLERS— Part time, seasonal, to recruit volunteers for the American Heart A s s o c i a t i o n . Friendly, smoke free, Millburn office. AM, PM, wknd shifts. Now-Dee, $6/ hr plus bonuses; Call (201) 376-3929 (Must be able to work at least 12 hours per week).

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TELEPHONE SALES Person wanted to work in our Plainfield office. Earn $200-$600/wk. Stars make over $800. Incentives & bonuses. Strong closers a must. Please contact Eric: 908-757-1504

Mentor Clinical Care is seeking people to open their homes to head injured individuals. If you have an extra bedroom, access to a car & one adult not working out of the home, Mentor may be for you. We offer very competitive wages. For more information please call Janice 908287-5550

TELEPHONE SALESEarn extra Christmas money! Perfect hours, Mon-Fri, 6PM-9PM. Sun 5PM-8PM. Good talkers only! Up to $10/hr. Perfect 2nd job. Spouses & students welcome. Call after 6pm Middlesex 9066625 Metuchen

TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT Year-round Assignments * Light industrial * General Utility * Food Services Industry: Chef 1&2, Prep, Servers, waiters/waitresses, cashiers, dishwashers, grill cooks. Own transportation a must.

THE CONSORTIUM 908-707-9778 TIRED OF BEING LOST IN THE CROWD? Business is booming! Growing REAL ESTATE CO. needs 3 reliable, ambitious sales people. We offer extensive in-house training, 100% comm. plan. Come show off your talents, for a confidential int. call today! 752-1111 TO: ANYONE WHO WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A HIGHER QUALITY LIFESTYLE. Kim & I have found a way to be able to make more money than we could ever spend, and have all the free time to enjoy it with our family & friends. GIVE US A CALL AT 572-1214. We will treat you like family & show you how you can do it tool Recorded message Now is the time, Frank & Kim TRACTOR TRAILER DRIVERS- Class A CDL. Local deliveries. Pickup at ports. Call 422-1600 TRUCK D R I V E R S $2,000 sign-on bonus for qualified drivers with 6 months OTR experience. Tuition-free training for inexp. COM TRANS Inc. 1-800-759-6980, Dept. A122 .


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5060 EmploymentHealthcare Aides ATTENTION FUTURE HOME HEALTH AIDES & CHHA'S *Are you looking for flexible work hours? *Are you caring & responsible? *Live-in's available Work assignments available throughout Union & Northern Middlesex Counties FREE TRAINING in October for the Home Health Aide Certificate, which you need to start your career! Training classes start October 12 in Westfield for 3 weeks and are held on Monday-Friday, 9am3:30pm.

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WILLIE'S TAVERN Is looking for day and night servers/Host Expediters FT/PT. Exp'd and Non-exp'd welcome. If you're ready to be challenged, apply in person: Rt. 202, Bedminster, Mon-Sat 2-4PM.

Call Kim for requirement information, appointments & directions. (908)654-7030

WAITERS/WAITRESSES F/T - P/T, will train, Ebbets Restuarant, 908-5344611 WAREHOUSE Reliable people w/own trans, needed in Edison for on going temp, positions, call today. Connections Personnel Inc., 908322-5200 "A" MECHANIC- for heavy equipment shop.

inc. 107 E. Broad St. Westfield CERTIFIED NURSES AIDE- Part time 7AM3PM & 3PM-11PM & 11PM-7AM. Only certified aides to apply. Good working conditions & good benefits. Raritan Health & Extended Care Center, 633 Rte 28, Raritan, NJ 08869. 9O8-526-895P


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BANKING Our well established, profitable financial institution is seeking to fill the following PART TIME positions:

TELLERS Basking Ridge •MON.TUES & WED 2:30-6:30PM •FRI 2:30-7:30PM •SAT 8:45am-12:30PM Requires well organized individuals who are accurate with figures. Experience preferred but will train.

5080 Part-Time




PART TIME ASST DISTRICT MANAGER $7.00 PER HOUR TO START Join the Forbes Newspapers home delivery team. Duties varied including field work, adult carrier supervision and customer service. Approximately 25 per week. Daytime hours, reliable auto necessary (mileage reimbursement). CALL ED TARBOX 908-781-7900 EXTENSION 7401 FORBES NEWSPAPERS EOE $$LINGERIE$$ Earn extra money in your spare time. $18-$75/hr. Call Carol 908-526-8724 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT- Non-profit, Plainfield agency seeks dependable self-starter, with good typing, telephone & organizational skills. Flexible 20-30hr. week. Permament 9 mo. position annually. No summer hours. Call Janet 908-756-3836 ADVERTISING TELEPHONE SALES PART-TIME Bright self-starter needed to sell advertising over the telephone in central New Jersey's 1 Classified department. All you need are good language and typing skills, an excellent telephone manner, and a commitment to customer service. We will train you. Two positions available, each 19 hours per week. Salary plus generous commission. Please call Kelly Zullo, ext. 6250, to arrange interview. AVON S A L E S - A l l areas. For information


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Duties include directing incoming calls, filing, sorting mail and light typing. Must have pleasant telephone manner. Please stop in to complete an application between 9AM-3PM


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26 West High Street Somerville, NJ 08876 Equal Oppty Employer

Visits to the laboratory can be arranged to accommodate your daily work schedule.

DIETARY ASSISTANT 3:30 to 8 pm. Will train. Foothills Acres Nursing Home, Neshanic, NJ 908-369-8711

Most visits 5-10 minutes; Males/Females needed all ages.

DRIVERS- Must have clean driving record. Will help get CDL license. For more info call 908-6584044, ask for Maryanno or 464-5953, ask for Nancy. FASHION ADVISOR Wear & show ladies jewelry 2 eves. $125. No investment, 908-756-3068 FIRE INSPECTOR- P/T, for the Boro of Middlesex. Must hold a valid D. C. A certification. Send resume to the Bureau of Fire Prevention, 1200 Mountain Ave. Middlesex, 08346 FURNACE CLEANING$9/hr., day shift. May lead to fulltime position after several months. Request application by phoning 908-233-3213. HELP- Need to hire 10 people part time 10 hrs./ wk. $i500/mo. Call Alberto 908-253-0543. INSTRUCTOR- M/F Part Time aerobics/step/toning. Days/evenings, certification preferred. Cranford. Call 908 709-7260 ask for Kim. LEAD G U I T A R - for working Aggressive rock/ Alternative band. Please call 908-236-0699. UBRARIAN- Reference (eves & Sat-19 hrs/wk) for busy, service-oriented community Library. MLS preferred (MLS candidate considered). Benefits include vacation, sick leave & paid holidays. Send resume by Sept. 30 to Anne Meany, Director, Somerville Pub. Lib., 35 West End Ave, Somerville, NJ 08876 LIMOUSINE DRIVERS FT position avail. Experience preferred Call 908968-0040 MANAGEMENT- $1000 to $2000/mo. Profit sharing, medical, dental. Call for interview 654-5363 NEEDED P/T PERSONfor data entry with diyerj5ffied-. tjffice duties! fltek••• • Cra&fdr'd

Call: Clinical Research Laboratories, Inc., for an appointment to complete a confidential personal/medical history. Call Monday-Friday 9-Noon, 1PM-3PM. (908) 981-1616 (908) 981-0520 PART TIME REPRESENTATIVE Very responsible & dependable person needed to work for TV Rental Co. in New Brunswick hospital. Must have excellent communication & math skills. Extremely neat appearance required. Flex, days, 1-5PM or 3-8PM including Sat. or Sun. 10AM-4PM. $6 per hr. to start. Paid holidays & vacation. For a local interview call weekdays 201-858-2316 PHONE WORK- Eves. Start at $6/hr. plus bonuses. We need enthusiastic, articulate, money motivated people. Must be a v a i l . M o n . - F r i . 5:30pm-9:00pm. Call THE HOME NEWS, 908246-5678,9AM-5PM PLAY IN YOUR SPARE T I M E - while earning great income. Free training & earn free kit. Call Val with Discovery Toys Pis Call 908-381-5851 RECEPTIONIST-CLERK for Basking Ridge Real Estate Office. 9-2:p.m Mon-Fri. $6/hr. Call 5341325

PT POSITION AVAILfor Montgomery Township after school program, 3-6PM must have experience working with children. Enthusiastic & creativity a +. Must be 18 or over to apply. For more info. & interview call Montgomery Recreation, Mon-Fri 8-4:30PM . at 359-8211 ext 252 SMALL LAW F I R M Scotch Plains, must know Work perfect 5.1. 24 hrs. a week. 322-8500 TEACHER- Pre-school music, P/T, flexible hours, 369-7885 Monday thru Friday, 9am-2pm TELEMARKETERS PART TIME Earn extra cash flexible hours 3 to 5 days per week 6pm to 9pm in our Bedminster office $7.00 per hour plus commission for further info CALL GLEN OR GENE EVENINGS FORBES NEWSPAPERS 908-781-7900 Ext. 7302 TELEMARKETING- 20 people needed immed. PT nights. $5-$9/hr. Willing to train. Call after 5:30 pm, 908-757-6100. TELEMARKETING- We are an established heating & air conditioning firm seeking an experienced, aggresive self starter for this position. Extensive on the job training, late afternoons and every Sat. Must project positive phone image and good phone manner. We offer base salary plus commission, and an excellent working e n v i r o n m e n t , (nonsmoking office). Apply by phone; ask for Nick Casale, McDowells, Westfield, N.J. 908-2333213. ; WAITER/WAITRESSPart or full days. The Exchange Restaurant. Call 908-526-7090

5090 Employment Wanted NOTICE: All EMPLOYMENT WANTED advertisements are PAYABLE IN ADVANCE by cash, check, VISA or Master Card. For a quote on cost, please call 1-800-559-9495. C H A U F F E U R / GARDENER- Good references. Call eves. 908526-6722. WOMAN-seeks child Care in your home -part time or full time. Will live in or out. Call 908-5453858 DID YOU KNOW... that an ad in this local paper also goes into 16 other local papers? Reach over 400,000 readers with one call! 1-800-559-9495

fi$ PANELISTSWAStEP MEN AND WOMEN wanted for Dental Panel MUST: • Have stained teeth • Be in good health • Be available 8am-4pm Mon-Fri • Be 18 years old or older • Have transportation

CAIX 908-878-7937 Bl

Hi Waif Sleep Center

Jensen i overcomes

The Area's Oldest Bedding Store Since 1958


CM !

j|5 j

(Continued from page 17)

•p program supervisor for the Bridgewater Township Recreation "5. Department As only the second person in the \yorld diagnosed with the rare Condition, Ms. Jensen said physicians gave her two alternatives. One was to have a pacemaker installed. The other was an end to her life. While she initially did not want the device, she did relent. And what followed were three surgeries within less than two weeks, as l|ls. Jensen's body rejected the first pacemaker. That was three years ago, and Respite some complications, Ms. Jensen is set to walk in the 6.2ijnile American Heart Association Turkey Walk Sunday, Oct. 4. But that is really only the tip of t)he iceberg for the former awardwinning swimmer. Now at 24, she does aerobics and swims five days week for more than two hours laily, a regimen she says is fairly light compared to her former exercise habits. "This is like nothing for me," in aid Ms. Jensen confidently, notng that she used to train up to six LL ours a day. 3Z However, Ms. Jensen has no CO lans to compete again, saying she pleased with the things [she's] ccomplished." Pacemakers, which are installed under the skin, serve the place of nus node cells in the heart.

Nivesen to be honored at lunch Pat Nivesen, retiring director of ] franklin Township Library, will be recognized as a winner at the libraries of Middlesex County 13th Annual Awards Reception Wednesday, Sept. 30, at Middlesex i ^unty College from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the Corral Lounge. The ceremony recognizes legislators, library trustees, librarians, library staff iand members of the oublic who have made substantial md lasting I contributions to the well-being of libraries. Also being honored at the recepion are Assemblyman Robert D. Franks (R-22), and Mayor Ted Cherry of South Brunswick. Other winners are: Maggie Serpico of Piscataway, who will be named Liarary Employee of the Year; Cecilia Claflen of New Brunswick for rrustee of the Year; and Mary Ann Fox, the president of LMX. For more information call William Robins at the Dunellen Public Library, 968-4585.








SEALY Rebates vary according to model and : size purchased. Offer ends 10/25/92,


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HiWay Sleep Center 392 ROUTE 22 WEST • GREEN BROOK, N J • 469-0001 Next to CHOICE SEATING, just past STRIKE & SPARE bowling lanes. OPEN DAILY, 10 TO 9 • SATURDAY, 10 TO 5 • SUNDAY, 12 TO 4

Each Piec^ • Sets Only


September 23-25

A Fbrbes Newspaperb guide to your quality time


Somerville's Wallace House -I


'Much Ado about costumes


Woody and Mia: together again


MayWe Suggest 15 (teat WaysTo EntertainYou! RUTGERS


AMERICAN REPERTORY (formerly Princeton Ballet)


Extraordinary American Cuisine with a'touch of France


(908) 249-1254

(908) 249-7500


(908) 932-7237





(908) 246-7469

The Frog and The Peach


O. T H E A T R E


i an american cafe

George Street P L A Y H O U S E

(908) 545-6100

5 Livingston Ave.



(908) 249-5560

(908) 246-7717

(908) 246-4066





Comous o» New Brunswick

Bistro Style Dining

(908) 846-7878


(908) 246-3111

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(908) 932-7511

Whether you're looking for a great dining experience, a spectacular show - or both, New Brunswick has it all!, Come discover all the culture, excitement, and convenience, we have to offer. You'll be very glad you did. •

Discover New Brunswick. The Arts & Entertainment

Capital of New Jersey>


2 WeetendPliS

Forbes Newspapers

September 23-25,1992

S'iCs- ;

Cover photo by Diane Matflerd Elizabeth Golis, Mary Holovach and Henrietta Kushinski of the Senior Citizens of Manville, Inc., prepare for a trip to the Big Apple Cabaret in West Paterson.



Cover story Dining Events.. Movies Music Stage

4 19 12 8 16 14-15

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Curtain Calls Film Capsules Galleries Happenings Kid Stuff Museums Singles Soundings Speakers.....

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Skill Games and



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7 mi. west of G.S.P. Exit 140A September 23-25,1992

Forbes Newspapers W e e k e n d l i l l S



Retiring to the fast fane Senior citizen groups are leaving the bingo parlor behind and looking for new adventures on the open road ByWIUJAMWESTHOVEN

WeekendPlus Editor


ome senior citizens take the "you're as young as you feel" expression a little too literally. Hey, there's nothing wrong with trying to preserve your youth, but don't forget, there are advantages to being a senior citizen, too, if and when you decide to join the club. When it comes to social activities, most people appreciate the company of people their own age. But according to Lynn Lazzara, the Senior Citizens Director in Franklin Township, a lot of folks are missing out on some great fun because they refuse to admit they are, in fact, senior citizens. "Most older people are very prejudiced," said Lazzara. "They feel that senior citizens' groups are for 'old fogeys' and they end up missing out on a lot of social interaction."-



And we're not talking about bingo, basket weaving or any of the other pastimes often associated with senior centers or clubs. Not that there's anything wrong with bingo, but such passive indoor activities often seem inadequate to the growing population of healthy, physically-active seniors looking to make the most of the free time they have following retirement or when the kids finally move out. Beyond the bingo parlor, there are many senior groups busing, flying and cruising their way to adventure. Virtually every town in New Jersey has a group organizing exciting trips to the many theaters, resorts, and other attractions the area has to offer. And we're not just talking Atlantic City, either. Ah, yes, Atlantic City, which rivals the bingo parlor as the DIANE MATFLERD/WEEKENDPLUS cliche senior destination of choice. Again, nothing A group of seniors from Hilisborough enjoy a trip around Man- wrong with Atlantic City, but there's a whole world outside the slot machine parlor and, contrary to pophattan on the Circle Line. ular opinion, there are senior citizen groups that can take you there. Take the New Brunswick Senior Resource Center, for starters, which sponsors day trips at least once a month. Marie Inzano Speak, who organizes the Center's trips, coordinates trip to Atlantic City, but she

Vi fg*

Senior travelers meanbig bucks for smart busineses

As the senior eitfeen population continues to grow, so, too, are t i e businesses that serve them. These days, due to the increase to poputatkm and advances in the medical arts, then are more senior cftters than ever before, while a larger percentage of them are also healthy enough to lead a M, physU And this is a trend that is sure to continue. Remember, by the year 2000, the Baby-Boomer generation vM be approaching its golden years (ouch!). As you mi^rt expect, this trend has resulted hi a growth industry of epic proportions. More and more companies are catering to the needs of senior citizens, and the travel industry is no exception. "ft is very defintody something we nave reco$raed, but ait along, seniors have been great travelers," said Christine Clybum of the Unique Travel and Cruise Center in Garwood. "For one thing, seniors have more time to travel. But more and more, seniors are taking active rattier than And



also plans trips to museums, aquariums, dinner theaters and participatory mystery ttjeaters, just to name a few. Sometimes, longer trips are arranged, such as a three-day stay at the Nevelle Resort in the Catskills planned for Oct. 26-28. "If I left it up to them, they woiild go to Atlantic City every time," she said. "But I won't permit it. I think most of the people, though, enjoy the variety, and we publish a newsletter wher ; we try to clearly define what's involved with the events, because some involve more walking and activity than some people can handle. Or we let them know to bring some extra clothing or a few extra dollars for lunch." The point being, whether you're into exercise, excitement, meeting new people or just a chance to get out of town, there's good reason t( > see what your local senior citizens' group has to Dffer, "We have three separate clubs (:n Franklin), all subsidized by the township," said Lazzara. "Each runs what they call Big Bus trips — one just ran a five-day trip to Cape Cod. We also run smaller trips using our two vans, which hold 14 passengers each. This gives us a pretty wide range of activities we can arrange. They're used for trips that take two hours or less. WE also go to local theaters like George Street and Crossroads. And the Villagers Theatre has a Senior Citizens'Night." ! A lot of planning goes into thea: evi :nts as well. • Some bus trips are planned around a;particular route as opposed to the actual destination. "We planned a trip to the Hagley Museum (the former DuPont residence) for Oct 27 1o take advantage of the fall foliage," said S jeakL Others are timed to fill needs of a particular senior group. "We find that weekends are a difficult time for single seniors," said Lenore DeBkisio of the Hscataway Township Senior Citizen's Center, who added the cultural heritage festivals at the Garden State Arts Center and trips to pick-your-own fruit and vegetable farms to the list of" senior activities. "So we try to organize weekend activities for them."

Unique Travel, Hke many agencies, te coming up with more travel pack"We're finding more interest in adventure travel Bke safaris or cruises to the Antarctic. And last year, Alaska was the most-popular destination because of the war." Another popular trend is big-band cruises like the ones being run by Royal Cruise Lines, which offer five entertainment, dance contests and even extra "gentlemen hosts" to dine, dance and even play bridge with the single senior ladies. "They put more ("gentlemen hosts"} than usual on the big band cruises because of the focus on dancing," she said. John Yelencsfcs, vice president of Raritan Valley Bus Service in Edison, also notes a healthy senior citizen trade. "Its a big part of our business." said Yetencsfcs. "We take a lot of groups to Atlantic City, Broadway, dinner theaters and the Poconos, We also handle a tot of first-class tours." •



On historic Ellis Island, a senior citizen looks for his family name on the memoria wall.

* Weekend

Forbes Newspapers

September 23-25,1992

Weekend MUSEUMS THE ART MUSEUM Princeton University (609) 258-3788 Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday from 1-5 p.m. Western European paintings, sculpture and decorative art from 19th and 20th centuries; also pre-Columbian art and art of the Americas. •"The Art of Pictorial Photography: 1890-1925," through Nov. 1 . CUNTON HISTORICAL MUSEUM 56 Main St., Clinton (908) 735-4101 Daily (except Monday) from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. through Oct. 3 1 . •Photographs of 19th-century Clinton, through Oct. 3 1 . COU.ES MANSION 25 Colles Ave., Morristown (201) 538-1206 •Walking tour of Victorian-era homes, noon-5 p.m. Sept. 27. Adults $10, senior citizens and students $8; includes English tea party. COOPER MILL Route 24, Chester (908) 879-5463 Grist mill that turns grain into flour or meal. Open Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. through Oct. 3 1 . Donation. •Family Fun Day, 1-4 p.m. Sept 26. DRAKE HOUSE MUSEUM 602 West Front St., Plainfield (908) 755-5831 House built in 1746 and furnished with articles of the period. Adults $ 1 , children free. •Mementos of John Philip Sousa, 10 a.m.-l p.m. Sept. 2 6 , 2 - 4 p.m. Sept 27. EAST BRUNSWICK MUSEUM 16 Maple St., East Brunswick (908) 254-7329 Saturday and Sunday from 1:30-4 p.m. Free admission. EAST JERSEY OLDE TOWNE Johnson Park River Rd., Piscataway (908) 463-9077 Village composed of relocated 18th century structures set near the headquarters of the county park police. No tours offered at present. Gift shop open Wednesday through Friday from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. HUNGARIAN HERITAGE CENTER 3 0 0 Somerset St. New Brunswick (908)846-5777 Museum open Tuesday through Saturday from 1 1 a.m.-4 p.m. •"Budapest 1900: In Photographs," through Jan. 3 1 , 1993. MACCULLOCH HALL HISTORICAL MUSEUM 45 Macculloch Ave. Morristown (201) 538-2404 Gardens open daily from dawn until dusk. Museum open Sunday and Thursday from 1-4 p.m. Adults $3, senior citizens and students $2; group tours by appointment. •Antique Oriental rugs by W. Parsons Todd, through Nov. 22. METLAR HOUSE 1 2 8 1 River Rd., Piscataway (908) 463-8363 Piscataway Township historic museum, open Thursday through Saturday from noon-5 p.m. MIDDLESEX COUNTY MUSEUM Cornelius Low House 1225 River Rd., Piscataway (908)745-4177 Daily (except Monday) from 1-4 p.m. Free admission. MILLER-CORY HOUSE MUSEUM 6 1 4 Mountain Ave., Westfield (908) 232-1776 Sundays from 2-5 p.m. through Dec. 2 0 . MINIATURE KINGDOM

Route 3 1 , Washington (908) 689-6866 Re-creation of castles from Europe of yore. Daily (except Monday) from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Adults $4.50, senior citizens $4, children 5-18 $3.50, children under 5 $1.50. MONTCLAIR ART MUSEUM 3 South Mountain Ave. Montclair (201) 746-5555 Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 1 1 a.m.-5 p.m.; Thursday and Sunday from 1-5 p.m. Free admission for members. Non-member admission: adults $4, senior citizens and students $2, children free. Free admission for all on Saturdays. • "The American Landscape" from Cole to Blakelock, through Nov. 22. •Paintings by Dotty Attie, through Nov. 29. Gallery talk at 3 p.m. Sept. 27. MORRIS MUSEUM 6 Normandy Heights Rd. Morristown (201) 538-0454 Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday from 1-5 p.m. Free admission for members. Non-member admission: adults $4; senior citizens, students, and children $2. •Permanent gallery exhibits: dinosaurs, live animals, five senses (for children 3-5), mammals, model trains, history, North American Indians, Woodland Indians, rocks and minerals. • " 5 0 0 Years of Discovery: From Columbus to Space," through Oct 18. •Glass sculpture by Lucartha Kohler, through Nov. 22. MUSEUM OF EARLY TRADES AND CRAFTS 9 Main St., Madison (201)377-2982 Exhibits portray the role of crafts people in the 18th and 19th centuries. Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Sunday from 2-5 p.m. Free admission for members. Non-member admission: adults $2, children $ 1 . N J . CHILDREN'S MUSEUM 599 Industrial Ave., Paramus (201) 2 6 2 - 5 1 5 1 Fantasy castle, a 50s fire engine, and more exhibits for kids to touch. Open every day from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Admission $6 weekdays, $7 weekends; children under 1 year old free. Group rates available. / •"Music Time!" for children 8 and under, 1 1 a.m. and 2 p.m. Thursday, Friday. N J . HISTORICAL SOCIETY 230 Broadway, Newark (201) 483-3939 Wednesday through Friday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m., third Saturday of the month from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Guided tours by appointment Admission free for society members, $3 for nonmembers. •"Tender in Years," childhood in 19th-century New jersey, ongoing. N J . MUSEUM OF AGRICULTURE Route 1 , New Brunswick (908) 249-2077 Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday from noon-5 p.m. •Oil paintings by Thomas Torak and Elizabeth lichtenstein Torak, through Nov. 1 . N J . STATE MUSEUM 2 0 5 West State St., Trenton (609) 292-6464 Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m.-4:45 p.m. Sunday from noon-5 p.m. Free admission. •"Weaving Around the World," through Jan. 3 1 , 1 9 9 3 . •Posters by Ben Shahn,

through Feb. 7, 1993. •"Christopher Columbus and the Age of Exploration," through March 7,^5693. NEWARK MUSEUM 49 Washington St., Newark (201) 596-6550 Wednesday through Sunday from noon-4:45 p.m. Donation. Largest museum complex in the state. Permanent exhibits include "Africa-The Americas-The Pacific," "Design in Native American life," "American Painting and Sculpture," Numismatic Gallery, Asian Galleries, Ballantine House and the Mini-Zoo. •"Stepping Into Ancient Egypt," through Dec. 1993. OLD BARRACKS MUSEUM Barrack St., Trenton (609) 396-1776 Revolutionary War museum. Tuesday through Saturday from 1 1 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday from 1-5 p.m. Donation $2 for adults, $ 1 tor students and senior citizens, 50 cents for children under 12. OSBORN-CANNONBALL HOUSE Front St., Scotch Plains (908) 889-4137 Historic house from c. 1750. Open the first Sunday of each month from 2-4 p.m. Free admission. DR. WILLIAM ROBINSON PLANTATION HOUSE-MUSEUM

Well-known Civil War artist Mort Kunstler will appear at an exhibition of his works on Saturday, Sept. 26, at the Framing fox Art Gallery in Lebanon. Kunstler will be available for singing his newly-released book, Images of the Civil War, during the event, which runs from 2-6 p.m. Call (908) 236-6077 for details.

Let's do lunch at the Zimmerli tan®

CT American Ti




Jar* Voorftees 2Im*neft Art

wBt enjoy t i e new ZSmmti Cafe, which offers croissants, baguettes, pastries, capaeeino, spe-

Tfte 23mme$ ha® afeo expanded the Museum work!, ineJiKfing reptoducttons, jewelry, hamScrafts, books, posters, cants, and Herns s}»» C8jea8y Hastes TO B I B &$MXISI> ror wore

593 Madison Hill Rd., Clark (908) 3 8 1 - 3 0 8 1 Farmhouse built in 1690 as part of a 750-acre plantation. Open the first Sunday of each month from 1-4 p.m. Free admission. RUTGERS GEOLOGY MUSEUM Rutgers University Hamilton St., New Brunswick (908) 932-7243 Monday from 1-4 p.m., Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m.noon. Free admission. ST. HUBERTS GIRALDA 575 Woodland Ave., Madison (201) 3 7 7 - 5 5 4 1 Animal art from the collection of Geraldine R. Dodge. Open Wednesday through Sunday from 1 1 a.m.-4 p.m. Admission $3. TRAILSIDE NATURE AND SCIENCE CENTER New Providence Rd. Mountainside (908) 789-3670 Open every day from 1-5 p.m. Registration required for programs. •Harvest Festival, Sept 26. VILLAGE OF WATERLOO Allamuchy State Park 1-80 Exit 2 5 , Stanhope (201) 347-0900 Restored farmstead from c.

1825, a life-size Lenape village, towpaths of the old Morris Canal, etc. Through Sept 3 0 : Daily (except Monday) from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Oct 1-Dec. 3 1 : Dairy (except Monday) from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Adults $6.50 weekdays, $8 weekends; senior citizens $4.50 weekdays, $6 weekends; children 6-15 $4. WALLACE HOUSE 38 Washington PI., Somerville (908) 725-1015 George Washington's headquarters when he was stationed in Somerville in 1778. Open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday from noon-5 p.m. Free admission. JANE VOORHEES ZIMMERU ART MUSEUM Rutgers University George and Hamilton streets New Brunswick (908) 932-7237 Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from noon-5 p.m. •Color etching from "Pissarro to Picasso," Sept 27-Nov. 2 9 .

Troubleshooting remedies to alleviate this First, individuals should find a walking partner, someone whose company is enjoyed and who walks at a similar pace. This will not only make walking more enjoyable, but it will make the walkers more compliant if someone else is reiving A big problem that faces almost all on them. Beware! Walking with someof us at one time or another when one can turn into a social time where walking is cramps in the legs. This can walkers forget the reason for the activhelp be prevented by stretching calves ity. Walk first, and socialize after. (as explained in the warm-up article) If individuals dont enjoy walking before and after walking. If individuate with someone else, a walkman may get a cramp while walking, stopping to help. Walkers can then listen to a fastretch, will help. vorite radio station or music tape. AnAnother common problem experiother popular item nowadays is to lisenced by walkers is foot pain, or ten to books on tapes. Catching up on planter fascitis. To help prevent this, favorite reading while exercising at the some ankle stretches can be done: Sit same time is a double plus. Books on on the floor with legs in front and tape can be found and taken out of gently pull each foot toward the body. If this cannot be done with legs the local library.

Editor's Note: This is the fifth of a six-part series on walking for exercise being run in conjunction with the American Heart Association's Heartwalk. Ms. Wyder is the Assistant Chief of Physical Therapy at Somerset Medical Center.

straight, bend knees slightly. One more problem that is commonly seen is Achilles tendonitis where soreness in the back of calves and heels will be experienced. This also can be remedied by stretching calves before and after exercise. Remember that stretching is an easy, painless way to prevent injuries and is well worth the time spent on them. Boredom is another major problem that walkers face. There are many

September 23-25,1992

Another way to combat monotony is to change the environment Try driving to another neighborhood and walk there. Try local area parks or even the Bridgewater Commons. Variety can make walking more fun and enjoyable while keeping to the regimen. Look for the Heartwalk registration form in the main section of your Forbes Newspaper. To obtain additional forms, or for more Information, call (908) 685-1118.

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New Jersey Blockbuster............. 7 New Jersey Symphony

Ocean Explorers

BEVAL SADDLERY LTD. Lackawanna Ave., Gladstone (908) 996-3496, 534-4506 Open during store hours. _ ""Equus October," paintings of horses, Oct 10-25. Reception at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 10. CLAREMONT GALLERY Clarence Dillon Library Umington Rd., Bedminster (908) 234-2345 Open during library hours. •Works by Doris Terris, through Oct. 15. COUNTY COLLEGE OF MORRIS Academic Affairs Office Route 10, Randolph (201) 328-5050 Open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m.6:30 p.m., Saturday from 8:3011:30 a.m. •Abstract impressionist paintings

by Ivan Rivas, through Sept. 25. CRANBURY PUBLIC UBRARY 23 North Main St., Cranbury (609) 655-0555 Open during library hours. •Rarttan Landing excavation, Oct 1-31. EVERHART GALLERY 117 South Maple Ave. Basking Ridge (908) 221-9007 Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. •"A Gathering of Glass and Quilts," Oct. 9-Nov. 2 1 . Reception from 6-8 p.m. Oct 9. GALLERY AT BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB Route 206, Princeton (609) 252-6275 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Thursday from 9 a.m.-9 p.m.;

Saturday and Sunday from 1-5 p.m. •Maps of North America from 15th-to-19th-century Europe, Oct. 4-N0v. 15. GALLERY GROUP ART ASSOCIATION Burgdorff, Realtors 560 Central Ave., Murray Hill (201) 625-1530 Open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. •Members' show, through Sept. 30. JAMES HOWE GALLERY Kean College Vaughn-Eames Hail, union (908)527-2347 Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and 5^7 p.m., Friday from 1 0 a.m.-nopn. Also

open i by appointment. Closed Oct. 12. •Works by "16 Teacher-Artists," through Sept. 25. •Faculty works hung "Off the Wall,!1 Oct. 6-Nov. 2. Reception from 4-6 p.m. Oct. 6. HUNTERDON ART CENTER 7 Center St., Clinton (90S'735-8415 Thursday and Friday from noon4:30 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 1-5 p;m. •Prin making Council of New Jersey members'show, through Oct JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER OF METROPOLITAN NJ. 76ONorthfieldAve. West] Orange (201 736-3200 {Please turn to page 7)

ffi September 24th, 25th, 26th & 27th Thurs. thru Sun. (Mall Hours)

PICK YOUR OWN PUMPKINS Starting Sept. 26 • Over 250 scenic acres


}pen Every Day 10:00-5:00 PM Hayrides to the Pumpkin Patch Every Weekend or Groups By Appointment

Route 10 East - Ledgewood, NJ 07852

BRAS-Girdles Nursing Brat -Teddys 'Stockings • Panties 'Gowns Complets Personal Attention" 'Expert Fitting

315 Main M-1

Bedminster 1444 till 6 Sat 10-5

FREE CHANCE to win contents of the Arts & Crafts Treasure Chest.

526-808: Staats Brookview Farm

VVisit Restaurants and Shoppes at the Mall

Readington Road, Branchburg

T9P NVTCH CRAFTS. INC. 908-362-5006


ART SHOW J5egt^26th 2- 6 PM


A drama by John Peilmeier

September 25 - October 18*, 1992 Friday and Saturday evenings at 8:30 pm Sunday Evenings - September 27 & October 11 at 7:30pm Sunday Matinees - October 4 & 18* at 2:30 pm Raise The Colors • by Mart KtinstJer

Tickets $12 *This performance will be sign language interpreted.

Mort Kunstler in person America's Leading Artist Signing the New Book & Prints Door Prize - Refreshments - Reinactors

Exit 20-A off Rt. 78 W. 148 Main Street, Lebanon, NJ


For reservations call 908-873-2710 • TDD 908-745-3913 (9:30 am - 4:30 pm) Performance will be held at the Villagers Theatre # Located in the Franklin Township Municipal Complex at 't» *^



Forbes Newspapers

September 23-25,1992

475 DeMott Lane (between Eastern Avenue & Amweli Road) in Somerset Accessible parking, seating and facilities available

Galleries (Continued from page 6) Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m.-lO p.m., Friday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Sunday from 10 a.m. until closing of center. •"Voyages to Freedom," Jewish life in Latin America and the Caribbean, through Oct. 19. KENNEDY LIBRARY 500 Hoes Lane, Piscataway (908) 463-1633, 745-4188 Open during library hours. •Archeology excavation from Raritan Landing, through Sept. 30. A.J. LEDERMAN FINE ART 309 Court St., Hoboken (201) 659-3570 Thursday and Friday from noon7 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from noon-5 p.m. Also by appointment. •"The Artist Exposed," works by severr New Jersey photogra-

phers, Oct. i-Nov. 30. Receptionfrom 6-8 p.m. Oct. 1 . MONTCLAIR STATE COLLEGE Sculpture Garden Life Hall, Upper Montclair

(201) 893-5113 Open daily from dawn until dusk. Free admission. •Large-scale sculpture by Judith Peck, through Dec. 1 . NABISCO GALLERY River Rd., East Hanover

(201) 682-7140 Open to the public daily from noon-4 p.m. Free admission. •Northern New Jersey Sculpture and Painting Affiliates show, through Oct. 29. NEW JERSEY CENTER FOR VISUAL ARTS 68 Elm St., Summit

(908) 273-9121 Monday through Friday from noon-4 p.m., Saturday and

Sunday from 2-4 p.m. Free admission (except where indicated). •Paintings by Clarence Carter and Hughie Lee Smitt), through Oct. 25. Tour of exhibition at 3 p.m. Oct. 4. Adults $ 1 , senior citizens and children under 12 free. •Mixed media by Rashid Arshed, Sept. 25-Oct. 2 6 . N.J. DESIGNER CRAFTSMEN 65 Church St., New Brunswick (908) 246-4066 Monday through Saturday from noon-6 p.m. •"Exploration and Discovery" of crafts, through Oct. 17. PALETTE PLACE 103 Bayard St. New Brunswick (908) 545-8833 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1 1 a.m.-6

p.m.; Thursday from 1 1 a.m.-8 p.m.; Saturday from 10 a.m.-2

p.m. •Works by j.:yce Browning, through Sept. 26. PRESIDENTIAL GALLERY Middlesex County College Woodbridge Ave., Edison

(908) 906-2566 Open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Free admission. •Photographs by Pietro DiLegge, through Sept. 3 0 . PRINTMAKING COUNCIL OF NEW JERSEY 440 River Rd., Branchburg

(908) 725-2110 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Saturday from 1-4 p.m. •Works from the Hunterdon Art Center, through O c t 10. QUIETUDE GARDEN GALLERY

24 Fern Rd., East Brunswick (908) 257-4340 Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from l i ' a . m . 5 p.m. Also by appointment. •Sculpture by John Parker and Larry Steele, through Oct. 1 . •"Contemporary Sculpture 1992," through Nov. 1 . RUTGERS UNIVERSITY Downtown Arts Building 125 New St., New Brunswick (908) 932-7591 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Free admission. •"HyGrid," multimedia show by Amy Breedlove, through Oct 2 . •"Origins," multimedia show by Toni Thomas, Sept 28-Oct 9. •Photegraphs of an El Salvador village by Steve Cagan, Oct. 516.

SWAIN GALLERIES 703 Watchung Ave., Plainfield (908) 756-1707 Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Saturday from 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m. "Paintings by Gladys Featherston Taylor, through Oct. 2. VISUAL ARTS LEAGUE Business Innovation Center 100 Jersey Ave., Building D - l Mew Brunswick (908) 2 5 4 - 7 6 1 1 Open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. •"Connections," multimedia exhibition, through Oct. 17. WALTERS HALL GALLERY Douglass College Chapel Dr., New Brunswick (908) 932-7591 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Free admis-

sion. •Theater art by Alwin Nikolais and dance art by Murray Louis, Sept. 28-Oct. 16. WATCHUNG ARTS CENTER 18 Stirling Rd., Watchung (908) 753-0190 Sunday from 1-4 p.m. Also by appointment. •"Likeness of Being," works by four artists, through Sept 2 7 . •Art of "Bams and Knolls," Oct 4-25. Reception from 710 p.m. Oct 4 . WILLIAMS GALLERY 8 Chambers S t , Princeton

(609) 921-1142 Tuesday through Saturday from

11 a.m.-6 p.m. •New paintings by William Bock, through O c t 10.


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Washington Valley Rd. • Martinsville

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Mon.-Sat. 9:30-5:30, Thurs. til 8, Fri. til 6:30 469-4170 • Major Credit Cards Accepted

September 23-25,1992

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G V I E S.

Video rewind

Cinema verite

NJN nominated for 23 Emmys ston's New Jersey Network was

A second opinion on Woody's latest marriage primer

>ea*1ier this RK PfiMattelphia chapter of tie Na-

The 23 nominations, the most

By JEFFREY COHEN WeekendPlus Film Critic

• Allen has finally achieved his goal — he's become as bleak and dour as Ingmar Bergman, the filmmaker he most admires. In Husbands and Wives, his latest movie about people with too much money and too much time on their hands, Allen wrestles with all the usual problems: infidelity, sex, whether to eat Chinese or Italian. And the conclusions he reaches, even if they do cut deeper than Juliette Lewis flirts with college professor Woody Allen in the fabled director's much-anticipated new film Husbands and Wives, which was rushed into wide release on the heels of his scandalous 95 percent of Hollywood's output, are not especially worth reaching. breakup with Mia Farrow, who also stars in the movie. It's very hard to watch the film and not think about its making, which probably would have made for a So do most of the characters: Gabe a college professor and writer, is becoming attracted to one of his students, Rain (don't ask), played by much more interesting movie. The celebrated personal turmoil Allen and his longtime love, Mia Farrow, were experiencing during the shoot- Juliette Lewis (Cape Fear), who smirks through the whole film like there's some inside joke we don't know about. ing of Husbands and Wives, permeates Allen's screenplay. There are times, more than a few, when audiences will sit in uncomfortable Meanwhile, Judy is fixing up the newly-separated Sally with a coworker, Michael (this is a movie that absolutely has to have someone silence as Allen or Farrow deliver a line a little too close to the public named Michael, not Mike, in it), played by Iiam Neeson. Sally treats truth. But Woodygate aside, Husbands and Wives is the story of two couples Michael like an unassuming 14-year-old, and he proclaims his undying in (prepare for a shock) Manhattan: Gabe and Judy, played by Allen and love for her. Go figure. Jack, meanwhile, has taken up with a very young aerobics instructor Farrow, appear to have the stable, comfortable marraige, while Jack and who is also into astrology (if it weren't for Woodygate, you'd think Allen Sally (Tootsie director Sidney Pollack, who's doing more acting than directing these days, and Australian actress Judy Davis, without a trace hadn't spoken to a younger woman since the mid-'70s). Pollack, the "non-actor" in the bunch, steals the movie. Although a fine director, of Aussie accent), start the film by announcing they're going separate Pollack should stick to acting, since few people could play the brutal, ways. nasty scenes like he has here and siiR be likable. (Aside to Blythe This opening sequence, shot by Woody's standard cinematographer Danner fans: she's only in two scenes and has three lines. Don't bother). Carlo DiPalma (Why does Allen bother with credits, when he should just The whole thing comes down to Gabe and Judy's realization that their put up a title that says "all the same people who worked on the last 21 films"), wijl determine the audience's tolerances for the film. Shot with marraige is dull and worthless. Other couples, in their final "interviews," represent those who settle for not being alone rather than for a hand-held camera, moving around Gabe and Judy's apartment like a true love, and those in which one partner dominates until losing intersmall child trying to see over a crowd at a parade, the scene becomes est. It's a real commercial for marriage, boy. Think Woody's trying to dizzying, even nauseating, in its Brian DePalma-don't-stop-movingtell us something? insistence. Because it's Woody Allen, there are occasional funny lines, but they The "gimmick" is supposed to be that some bizarre documeritarian ' can't overcome the overwhelming sense of hopelessness and futility. (always heard off-screen, and definitely not Allen's voice) is making a When Gabe finally asks his interviewer, "Is this over? Can I go now?" weird cinema verite on these people, who are often seen talking, with he may be speaking for a portion of the audience. small clip microphones, to the filmmaker in an interview setting, exIn Stardust Memories, one of Allen's angriest movies, he fantasizes plaining their feelings, not to mention their couplings and uncouplings. about being beset by aliens from another planet, whose voices (Woody's If this sounds a little vague, it's because none of this is ever explained own) can be heard dispensing wisdom from their flying saucer. Expressin the film, just like it's never explained how a documentary film crew ing his frustration at being a comedian and his desire to get the -vfid be ih. the apartments of upscale Manhattanites at extremely meaning of life in films, Allen is told by his own voice: "you want to -tk. moments, and nobody seems to notice. The "gimmick" gets help people through art? Tell them funnier jokes." awfully aijnoying real fast. If only he'd listened.

largest number earned by efipublic broadcasting sta-


Nominatiorts ranged from such categories as "Outstanding Science New^Spef In Newark) to "Outstanding the azzRoom: The NJN h roadca sptem, erteompassing teteisiof and radio pro-


(Camden), 50 52 (fmnlort} and 88 (New StunTelsvision Js also Ne\f York, Pennsyl-

mm. m vania,




WH Radio is broadcast on 88.1 FM in

JopW 4 B.WhitemnCin'tJump 8,mteSavt$ 9,0meUfKfia 3n'me

TopS 3. -Sates



Film capsules CURRENT FILMS

their crusty, befuddled manager. (PG). BLADE RUNNER •d New 'director's cut' of the 1982 Ridley Scott sci-fi classic about a detective (Harrison Ings) directed Otis appealing Ford) charged with eliminating summer blockbuster, which renegade human 'replicants' in stars Geena Davis, Lori Petty a dark, visually-haunting future and Madonna as members of Los Angeles. Heights include a the As-American Girls Profesnew ending and the elimination «ta«l Baseball League, formed of the distracting narration in 1943 when Work! War II decadded to the original over the imated ftewnks of the minor ottftictiopJi of the director. With I N * U M . Tom Hanks co-stars as

Capsule reviews by WeekendPlus staff A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN


Rutger Hauer, Sean Young and a young Daryl Hannah. (R). BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER •If Oscars were awarded for titles, this one would be a sure winner. Oont expect the Academy to remember this one next spring, but Buffy, despite some slow moments and an anticlimactic finale, is a winy, wellacted comedy about a valley girl who is pressed into saving - the world by a mysterious KriS

September 23-25.1992

ages to keep a stuck-up cheerleader charm, even while sticking ghouls with wooden stakes, guitar fretboards or whatever's handy. Donald Sutherland is suitably creepy as the vampirekiller recruiting officer, while Paul "Pee-Wee Herman" Reubens stakes out new territory as the Igor to Rutger Hauefs king of the vampires. Could Pee-Wee Meets fiantenstein be next? The movie also mana«et to effectively Jab at the

Southern California mall culture, where looks are everything, even for the living dead. (PG-13) CAPTAIN RON •Kurt Russell stars as an inept charter captain hired by a "typical" suburban family to help them transport an inherited sail boat back to Florida. A predictable comedic adventure results. (PG-13) CHmsrOPHER C0UM8US -


CROSSING THE BRIDGE •The first of two movies marking the 500th anniversary of •!)ram< about three friends on the discovery of America, this a drug-smuggling adventure in one, produced by Alexander Cinada.(R) and llya Salkind (most of the DE/TH B -COMES HER Superman movies) and directed •i Mid efecte-ladencomedy by veteran James Bond lensfr jm di ector Bob Zemeckis man John Glen, includes suptf lack t> the ndure, Who porting roles from Marion Branfiamec RogerRa66») stars do and Tom Sefleck. Story by Meryl Streep and GokJieHawn Mario Puzo, who also co-wrote rivals for the affections of the screenplay, but don't ex1 plastic surgeon Bruco pect another Godfather. (PG(PI sase turn to p a p 9) - 1 3 ) V - - : O . , - , V '"> •"

Weekend Film capsules (Continued from page 8) Willis. Nothing, including multiple fractures, gunshot wounds and decomposition will stop these catty cadavers. (PG-13) DIGGSTOWN •Hyper James Woods plays a con man who teams up with boxer Louis Gossett, Jr., to doublecross Diggstown mogul Bruce Dem. Realistic action and clever dialogue help create a successful merge of Rocky and 7?ie Sting. (R) ENCHANTED APRIL A Joan Plowright dresses up this modest, but charming film about a group of mismatched women who get to know each other when they rent an Italian castle. Fast becoming an art-house favorite. (PG) FREDDIE AS F.R.O.7. •Freddie is an animated, superpowered secret agent amphibian out to save the world from the forces of evil. (PG) HELLRAISER 111: HELL ON EARTH •Pinhead is back for the third installment of this graphically violent horror series centering around a magic puzzle box and the demonic "Cenobites" who come to raise, well, you know, with those who solve it. Not for the weak-stomached. (R) HONEY, I BLEW UP THE KID

hair-raising thrills with dry comic relief, Raising Cain also offers an ove'-the-top performance by John Lithgow as a child psycologist with a dark past and his murderous twin brother. Lolita Davidovich, who swept Paul Newman off his feet in Blaze, stars as the shrink's unfaithful (and illfated) wife. (R)

The Player, the plot of Mistress, which deals with a director trying to get his film produced without giving in to the usual Hollywood compromises, is a little stale, but the performances of an all-star cast led by Robert DeNiro make it more than worthwhile. (R)

•Sequel of Disney's Honey, / Shrunk the Kids reverses the lens this time around, as daddy/inventor Rick Moranis zaps his precocious toddler with a ray that makes the kid grow to Godzillalike proportions. Mostly-for-kid flick gives new meaning to the "terrible twos." (PG)

MO' MONEY •Living Co'or'sDamon Wayans wrote and stars in this action comedy concerning a street-wise con artist who gets hung up on a high-class beauty and caught up with some low-class bad guys. Mo' for adults than for the young fans of his TV show. (R)

HONEYMOON IN VEGAS •Silly but enjoyable comedy starring Nicholas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker as a young couple why attempt marriage in Las Vegas, where Cage loses a bundle to card shark James Caan. Caan demands a weekend with Parker, a dead ringer for his beloved ex-wife, in payment, and spirits Parker off to Hawaii, with Cage and a convention of Elvis impersonators in hot pursuit. (PG-13)

OUTONAUMB •Penis Buellar's Matthew Broderick stars in this harmless comedy about a somewhat stuffy yuppie involuntarily drawn into misadventure. (PG) PETSEMATARYTWO •Sequel to the Steven King thriller is reported to be better than the first one. Hard to imagine it being worse. Edward Furlong (the kid from Terminator 2 stars as a teen who stumbles upon the title plot, which seems to have be reanimating its occupants. (R)

HUSBANDS AND WIVES •Art imitates life as writerdirector-cradle rocker Woody Allen and Mia Farrow star as a married couple who take a long look at their own union after their best friends mate the big split. Usual strong Allen supporting cast includes Liam Neeson (Darkman), Judy Davis, director Sidney Pollack and Cape Fear coquette Juliette Lewis. (R)

RAISING CAIN •Director Brian DePalma shakes off his Bonfire of the Vanities disaster by returning to his familiar stylish thriller territory. Combining

MISTRESS •Reminiscent of Robert Altman's

RAPID FIRE •More martial arts action from Brandon Lee, son of the legendary Bruce Lee, with the former playing a young witness to a mafia murder who gets caught up in the middle of a drug war. Violence typical of the genre, as is the movie in general. (Ft)

BOB ROBERTS A Tim Robbins (Bull Durham, The Player) directs and stars as the tile character, a right-wing politico using slick campaign strategies and updated folk songs to usurp his opponent, played by author Gore vidal. Razor-sharp satire takes aim at both politics and the media. (R) SARAFINA •Uplifting musical numbers are juxtaposed with disturbing scenes of violence, many involving innocent children, in a stirring film version of the Broadway musical (Please turn to page 10)

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Weekend Film capsules (Continued from page 9) h i t Whoopi Goldberg stars as an oppressed history teacher in South Africa who inspires the title character, a youngteeanage girl, to become active in the struggle for freedom and a decent education. Many scenes were shot on the actual Soweto locations where black children were shot and tortured by white soldiers. The combination of celebratory dancing and slaughter may confuse some viewers, but the events as shown are closer t o real tire than many would imagine. (PG-13) SINGLES •Young habitants of a apartment building live and love in a movie that is more interesting for its showcasing of the hiphot Seattle music scene than for its quirky comic vignettes. Directed by Cameron Crowe, whose credits include the equally-hip, but more-insightful fast Times at Ridgemont High and Say Anything. With Bridget Fonda (see below), Matt Dillon (The Flamingo Kid), Kyra Sedgwick {Bom on trie Fount) of July) and Campbell Scott (Julia Roberts' cancer-stricken beau from last year's Dying Young). (PG-13) SINGLE WHITE FEMALE •Bridget Fonda stars as a young New Yorker who opens her home to the roommate from hell (Jennifer Jason Lee),

a mousy psycho whose obsession with her roomie leads to murder and mayhem. (R) SCHOOL TIES •Working-class football hero is recruited by an exclusive prep school in the 1950s and becomes the Big Man On Campus. His school and schoolmates turn on him, however, when his Jewish heritage is revealed. (PG-13) SNEAKERS •ft Outstanding cast, led by Robert Redford, stars in this slick blend of comedy, action and thrills concerning a group of electronic security experts up to their ears in intrigue. Directed by Phil Alden Robinson (Field of Dreams), the cast also features Dan Ackroyd, Ben Kingsley (Ghandi), Mary McDonnell (Dances With wolves), River Phoenix and Sidney Poitier. (PG-13) TWIN PEAKS - FIRE WALK WITH ME •Director David Lynch proves being removed from the confines of network censorship doesn't always result in a better product as he transfers his landmark television show to the big screen, there's the typcical formula of sex, violence, sleazy characters and oddball imagery, but there's nothing terribly original to interest to anyone outside the fraternity of fanatical Twin "Peakers," who hopefully

have found other hobbies by now. For the faithful, however, it's fairly worthwhile to witness the events that culminated in the death of Laura Palmer. (R) 3NINJAS •A couple of pre-teenage mutant turtle wannabees are trained by an old master to save the day. Live action from the Buena Vista (Disney) folks, who prove once again that when it comes to kids movies, they ought to stick to cartoons. (PG) UNFORGIVEN £ Publicized as a typical Clint Eastwood action-western, Unforgiven is the high point of Eastwood's directorial career. He's also no slouch in the acting department, starring as a retired gunslinger, now a destitute widower with young children, who is recruited to hunt down a gang of outlaws who sliced up and disfigured a local prostitute. Eastwood is only after the reward money, but gets more than he bargained for in the process. So do the bad guys and a self-righteous sheriff played by Gene Hackman. (R) UNIVERSAL SOLDIER •Two accents for the price of one as action figures JeanClaude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren (did you ever wonder why he abbreviates his first name?) play secretly-

cryogenized, semi-cybernetic Vietnam Veterans thawed out for action in the '90s. Naturally, things go wrong, things begin to blow up, bodies begin t o lose their structural integrity and motor vehicles start t o go really fast. Still, not bad for the genre. (R) WHERE THE DAY TAKES YOU •A strung-out "family" of street kids beg, steal, hustle and look out for each other in seedy Los Angeles. With Dermot Mulroney, Sean Astin, Balthazar Getty and Lara Flynn Boyle. (R) WHISPERS IN THE DARK •Annabella Sciorra (The Hand That Rods the Cradle, Jungle Fever) stars in this railed erotic mystery-thriller about a psycologist who becomes involved with the lover of a murdered patient and suspects he may be the murderer. Save your money and wait tor the video. Co-stars Jamey Sheridan, Jill Clayburgh and Alan A d a . (R) WIND •Visually-impressive epic that dramatizes the pursuit of yachting's America's Cup by a fictional team of sailors and designers led by Matthew Modine (Blrtiy, Memphis Belle). Light on plot, but director Carroll Ballard (The Black Saloon, Never Cry Wolf) keeps things interesting with stunning visuals both on land and sea. With Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing and Cliff Robertson. (PG-13)

Sidney Poitier and Robert Redford are members of an underground security team in the high-tech caper Sneakers, director Phil Alden Robinson's first effort since Field of Dreams.

Natasha's Stars ARIES (March 21-April 19) A lot is out of your control this week. Don't worry, though, because even if it doesn't look like it, partners do have matters well in hand. So when you finally DO get the explanations this weekend, you'll feel adored because of how it all went down. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Humor, my dear Bull, helps you deal with all the changes of the week. Your role as the stable, easy going nurturer is definitely needed. A loved one falls in love with you all over again because of your superb control. GEMINI (May 21 • June 20) It'll be hard to put a halt to all the socializing you've been doing, but you need to concentrate on more serious matters. Expenses should be kept to a minimun, so watch your wallet. Use the weekend for some quiet reflection. You need to reasses your goals. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Most situations are rolling along exactly as you want, so enjoy your success. Be aware, though, by week's end, there may be a fly in the ointment. Take this in stride. Everything will work out well ultimately.

LEO - (July 23-August 22) The beginning of the week finds you "paying and playing". However, by midweek, you're back in stride. Bon't procrastinate with tasks at hand. They will only come back to haunt you.

AQUARIUS (January 20-Fehruaryl8) YOu often find yourself getting sidetracked by your socializing. However, you need to spend some time this week reevaluating your goals. The important question for you is, can you continue to be Peter Pan?

VIRGO (AugU8t2J-Sepiember22)-Now that all is once again harmonious on the home front, it may be a good time for you to consider a weekend getaway together. In feet, the upcoming weekend — — perfect Make plans now.

PISCES (February 19-March 20) All is right in your little kingdomm so feel free to relax and enjoy. In order to do this, you need to stop being so intense. Work will still be there when you decide to buckle down once again. Children require extra attention.


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A BUYER'S GUIDE T O ORIENTAL RUGS Everything you need to look for when looking to buy Oriental Rugs. Unroll the hidden mysteries of rug quality, design, color and pricing. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24,1992 - 7:00 PM



Of all the carpets from the Near East, North Africa and Central Asia, one of the most popular and widely used is the Prayer Rug (Sajjada in Arabic). MONDAY, OCTOBER 5,1992 - 7:00 PM

TRIBAL RUGS OF WESTERN IRAN Lecturer Sarah B. Sherrill, adjunct professor, Graduate Program in the History of the Decorative Arts, CooperHewitt Museum; and President of New York Rug Society will discuss these exquisite primitive carpets: THURSDAY, OCTOBER

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io Weekend

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September 23-25,1992

:pires 10/4/92 $ 1099 Mt. Ketnble Ave. (Route 202), Hording Township, Nj 07960

Weekend' Happenings a.m.-6 p.m. Oct. 3, noon-5 p.m. Oct. 4 . Free admission. AUTUMN ' 9 2 CRAFT FAIR McCarrick Care Center 15 Dellwood Lane, Somerset (908) 745-8528 •Benefit for St. Peter's Medical Center, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Sept. 26. Rain date Sept. 27. Free admission. CLARK STAMP, COIN, AND BASEBALL CARD SHOW Howard Johnson motel Garden State Parkway

ANTIQUE CAR SHOW Duke Island Park Old York Rd., Bridgewater (908) 722-1200 •Featuring classic and collector's automobiles, 1 1 a.m.-4 p.m. Oct. 4. Admission $3 per carload. ARTS AND CRAFTS SHOW AND SALE Liberty Village Factory Outlets 1 Church St., Remington (908) 362-5006 •Exactly what the title says, 10

Exit 135, Clark

(908) 247-1093 •Monthly show and sale, 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Oct. 4. Free admission. \ CLOWNFEST Boardwalk, Seaside Heights

(908) 741-4459 •A celebration of circus clowns, 1 1 a.m.-6 p.m. Sept. 26, 27. Free admission. COLLECTIBLES EXTRAVAGANZA Liberty State. Park

N.J. Turnpike Exit 14B Jersey City (201) 661-3358 •Toys, glassware, movie memorabilia, and other items, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Oct. 3. Admission $5. ENGUSHTOWN SWAP MEET AND AUTO SHOWS Raceway Park Pension Rd., Old Bridge (908) 4 4 6 - 6 3 3 1 •Street rods, custom cars, and plenty of parts, 8 a.m.-dusk

Sept. 25, 2 6 , 27. Adults $3 Friday, $ 5 Saturday and Sunday; children under 12 free. FALL FUN FESTIVAL Along Main St., Somerville (908) 996-3036 •Street fair in the county seat, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Oct. 4 . Free admission. FAMILY FARM DAY Holcombe Jimison Farmstead Route 2 9 , Lambertville (908) 788-1256, 832-7432 •On the site of a restored farm

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and bam, 1 1 a.m.-3 p.m. Sept 26. Admission $5. FOLK AND FANCY ANTIQUES SHOW AND SALE National Guard armory Western Ave., Morristown (908) 8 7 9 - 7 7 5 1 •The 41st annual show, noon-9 p.m. Sept. 2 5 , 2 6 ; noon-5 p.m. Sept. 2 7 . Admission $ 4 . FUNGUS FEST Somerset County Environmental Education Center Lord Stirling Rd.




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House party

Italian Opera, Grand Dames open State

Historic homes open for 'Country Fair' benefit By MINX McCLOUD WfeetencfPftjs Writer

I between the famous Valley Forge and Jockey Hollow encampments, George Washington's Middlebrook encampment in the winter of 177879 is sometimes overlooked. However, an afternoon visit to the Wallace House and its neighbor, the The Wallace House (above) and the neighboring Old Dutch Parsonage on Washington Place in Old Dutch Parsonage, both on Somerville are often overlooked when discussing the subject of "where Washington slept." Washington Place in Somerville, will inform you on this often and 1-5 p.m., and Sundays from 1-5 p.m. Due to a limited staff, there downplayed landmark of the Revolutionary War. are unannounced closings, so call before making a special trip. While the Continental Army shivered in camps in the Bound Brook area, Washington, his top aides, his wife and servants set up headquarMr. Kurzenberger conducts the tours and can be depended upon to ters in the Wallace House (then Hope Farm). Historians are not certain answer a multitude of questions on the two houses. A historic preswhether John Wallace, a fabric importer and merchant, was a loyalist ervation specialist for the New Jersey DEP, he also has a vast store of (evidence points to yes), but they do know he could not resist the rent knowledge about the Revolutionary period in general, and his tours are money that Washington offered. In fact, according to curator Jim Kurfilled with interesting and sometimes amusing facts. zenberger, it is the only case in which documents exist showing the rent Mr. Kurzenberger has been actively involved in the Wallace House paid for a Colonial home used as Washington's headquarters. Restoration for about three years. Although the project is at a virtual Now in a state of restoration, the Wallace House and the Old Dutch standstill due to lack of funds, he and restoration specialist Lawrence Parsonage will be the site of "Country Fair in the Raretons" Sunday, Jones have managed to complete a structural investigation of the house, Sept 27 (rain or shine) from 1-5 p.m. This annual event is sponsored by analyze paint samples, repaint some rooms in the original colors (you'll the Friends of the Wallace House and Old Dutch Parsonage. be shocked at the bright colors used in a seemingly somber era), and According to Joan-Elizabeth Vogt, vice president of the Friends, mar- are now stripping the floors. They are also looking for period furniture, ket fairs, predominant in European history, go back to the 17th century including 18th century beds and a double chest of drawers. in East Jersey and allowed artisans, merchants and local farmers to Although a few rocms are in the middle of restoration, this too can be gather and show their wares. interesting, because beams are exposed, paint chips are missing and In keeping with this tradition, there will be craft demonstrations, various architectural techniques can be explained. It will be interesting including weaving, spinning, quilting and lacemaking; talks on herbs to visit the house again in a few years to see the final result. and a cooking demonstration over an open hearth. Other artisans in"Architectural restoration of these buildings is important because we clude a blacksmith, basketmaker, woodworker, and a "rusher," who will need to have a clear picture of our past," Mr. Kurzenberger said. "Otherdemonstrate a 1ype of seat-making used for Colonial chairs. Tours of the Wallace House will be conducted all day, and, at the Old wise, we're like motorists using a road map without knowing where we Dutch Parsonage (across the street and down a half block), the elegantly came from." Although he finds his work challenging, he adds, "There's so much to costumed Heritage Dancers will perform traditional dances. Strolling musicians will play throughout the afternoon. The gift shop will be well- be done and very little means to accomplish it, so the job can be frustrating too." stocked for early holiday shopping and the bake shop will provide To date, the restoration has cost about $7,000. He estimates the cost sweets prepared from 18th century recipes. for the Wallace House restoration alone at another $40,000, so donations Although the two houses are official New Jersey historic sites, the are urgently needed. state does not provide funds for restoration. Proceeds from Sunday's For more information about "Country Fair in the Raretons," tours, or event will benefit the restoration efforts while giving fairgoers a chance donations, call 725-1015, Wednesdays-Fridays. to visit an 18th century market fair. Admission is $3 for adults and $1 for children under 12 and includes complimentary cookies and cider Country Fair in the Raretons Sunday, Sept 27, at the Wallace House and Old provided by trustee Betsy Cooper. If you are unable to attend the fair, you can tour the Wallace House Dutch Parsonage, Washington Race, Somerville. Tickets $3 ($1 for children under and Old Dutch Parsonage Wednesdays-Saturdays from 10 am.-noon 12). (908) 725-1015.

The State Theatre in New Brunswick will open Ifs fifth anniversary season on Friday, Sept 25, with a performance of the Verdi opera Rfgoletto by the Kalian National Opera. The State's season continues on Tuesday, Sept 29, when Broadway stars Rita Moreno and Carol Channing team up for a night of songs culled from their vast selection of stage and cabaret triumphs. Channing, of course, won one of her two Tony awards for her tide role in Hello, Dolly, white Moreno is the only performer ever to win the four major entertainment industry awards — the Oscar, the Emmy, the Tony and the Grammy. Ticket for both events range from $23-32. For more information, call (908) 246-7469.

Free cortcert by Apolli> Muses The Apollo Muses Trio will open the mends of the Somerset Courrty/Bridgewater Library Concert Series with "Musical Gems From the 19th Century" on Friday, Sept 25. The performance, which begins at 8 p.m. f t the library, will feature Sarah IDavol on oboe, Jan Walters on'harp and Christina Sunnerstam on violin. The program will include works by Jan Ladislav Dussek, Friedrich Wilhelm Rust, Niccok) Paganini and others. The Friends of the Somerset County/Bridgewater Library will sponsor free .Friday concerts once a month: Upcoming performers include jpiantst Glenn Jacobson, a 16-pjece big band orchestra, the Walt Michael Trio, a recorder group, ttie harp and flute duo of Sharon Levin and Karen Stem arid harpsichordist Hedy Salenka. For more irribrmatron, call (008) 526-4016


Happenings (Continued from page 11) lage, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Oct 10, 11. Adults $3, senior citrons $1.50, children free. HOPEWELL HARVEST FAIR HopeweH Ejementaiy School Princeton Ave., Hopewell (609)466-3305 •Carnival featuring live music, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Sept 26. Rain date Sept 27. Free admission. LJONS CLUB FLEA MARKET

Market grounds Route 206, Chester


(908) 879-4408 •Operated by Chester Uons Club with proceeds to area charities, 9 a.m.-S p.m. Sundays through Oct 25. Free admission. NEW JERSEY FALL BOAT SHOW

Exposition Hall Raritan Center, Edison (908) 938-3434 •Cabin cruisers and other vessels, 1-10 p.m. Oct 9 , 1 1 a.m.-lO p.m. Oct. 1 0 , 1 1 a.m.6 p.m. Oct 11. Admission $6,

Forbes Newspapers

discounts available. NEW JERSEY FALL RV SHOW

Exposition Hall Raritan Center, Edison (908)938-3434 •Motor home and camper spree, 1-10 p.m. Oct. 2 , 1 1 a.m.-10 p.m. Oct 3 , 1 1 a.m.-6 p.m. Oct 4. Admission $6, discounts available. NOSTALGIA CON

Holiday Inn Jetport Routes 1-9 South, Elizabeth (201)661-3358

September 23-25,1992

•Toys, games, paper collectibles, and more, 1 1 a.m.-4 p.m. Sept 26. Admission $4. OUTDOOR ART SHOW

Far Hills fairgrounds PeapackRd., Far Hills (908)234-2345 •Featuring fine art and invitational crafts, noon-5 p.m. Sept 27. Rain date Oct 11. Adults $2.50, children under 6 free. SENIOR CRAFTSMEN OF HUNTERDON COUNTY

Remington Mall

Route 202, Remington (908) 788-1363 •Fall craft show and sale, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Oct. 3,10 a.m.-4 p.m. Oct 4. Free admission. SHORT HILLS ANTIQUES SHOW Community Congregational Church 200 Hartshorn Dr., Short Hills (201) 379-5600 •The 30th annual antique show, 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Oct 2, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Oct 3. Admission $i£


Aallstamps 38 North Main St., Milltown (908) 247-1093 •Regular event for collectors, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Oct. 1 1 . Free admission, WATERLOO ARTS AND CRAFTS FESTIVAL

Village of Waterloo 1-80 Exit 25, Stanhope

(201) 384-0010


• Outdo or craft show with more •« an 21X) artists, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. S j p t 26,27. Adults $6, ! c ittdrei i free. W0RLDOF CARDS roUdajtnn 195 DiMdson Awe., Somerset
Weekend! Singles CATHOLIC ALUMNI CLUB OF CENTRAL NEW JERSEY •Volleyball in Johnson Park. H o l land Park, 6:30 p.m. Wednesdays. (908) 756-0940. 8465440. •Square dance at Knights of Columbus hall, Edison, 8:30 p.m. Sept. 26. Members $8, nonmembers $10. (908) 248-0062. CENTRAL JERSEY PLUS SILHOUETTE SINGLES (larger adults) (908) 704-8480 Members $5, non-members $7. •Dance at Holiday Inn, Kenilworth, T p.m. Sept 27. FORUM FOR SINGLES (908) 246-8118 (609) 448-6225 Events held at First Presbyterian Church, 320 North Main S t , Hightstown. •Discussion group (not churchaffiliated), social hour, and dancing, 9 p.m. Fridays. Cost $6. BOBFROSTT (ages 39-over) (201) 797-7777 •Big-band dance at The Willows, Green Brook, 9 p.m. Tuesdays. Free admission.

HALF CENTURY SINGLES PARTY (908) 246-7717 •In conjunction with Near the End of trie Century at George Street Playhouse, New Brunswick, 2 p.m. Sept 27. Cost

$18. JERSEY JEWISH SINGLES (ages 30-55) •Dinner at Plaza Diner, Edison, 6:30 p.m. Wednesdays. (908) 753-0263. •Comedy night at Casual Times, Clark, 9:30 p.m. Sept. 26. (908) 283-0779, 251-7651. •Yom Kippur dance at Mayfair Farms, West Orange, 8 p.m. Oct. 7. Cost $8. (908)925-3836. PARENTS WITHOUT PARTNERS Mid-Jersey Chapter 236 (908) 248-8840 •Closed dance (members only) at Quality Inn, North Brunswick, 8:30 p.m. Sept 27. Newmember orientation at 7:30 p.m. Cost $6. SHORE SINGLES •Hike on boardwalk in Spring Lake and Sea Girt, 7 p.m. Sept 25. Meet at bathing pavilion at end of Route 524, Spring lake.

electrolysis This earthenware mask by artist/designer Louis Mendez is part of the third annual Morristown Craft show, which will feature more than 100 juried artists from 11 states on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 26-27, at the Mermen Arena in Morris Plains.

SPECIAL Your First Visit New Clients Only

•Dances at Mayfair Farms, West Orange, 8 p.m. Oct 7 , 9 p.m.

Oct 30. Jacket required. •Dance at Tumberry at Rillo's, East Hanover, 9 p.m. Oct 9. •Dances at Sheraton hotel, Fairfield, 9 p.m. Oct 10,24. •Dance at Eagle Rock Club, West Orange, 9 p.m. Oct 16. Jacket requited. •Dance at Birchwood Manor, Whippany, 9 p.m. Oct 17. •Dance at Gate House, West Or, ange, 8 p.m. Oct 18. SOLO SINGLES (ages40-over) (908) 665-2686, 766-1839 between 6-9 p.m. Events held at Central Presbyterian Church, 70 Maple S t , Summit •Rap or bridge, 6:30 p.m. Sundays. Cost $2. •Bridge night, 7:15 p.m. Oct L Cost $3. SOPHISTICATED SOCIALS (professionals 30-50) (908) 221-0047 Cost $10; jacket and tie required. •Dance at Governor Morris Inn, Momstown, 8:30 p.m. Sept 25. •Dance at Basking Ridge Country Club, 8:30 p.m. Oct 2.

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•Progressive hike atTatum Park, Middtetown, and Holmdel Park, 1 1 a.m. Oct 3. Meet-in commuter lot at Garden State Parkway Exit 120. Members $3, nonmembers $4. (908) 249-1516. SINGLEFACES (908) 238-0972 Cost for all events $10. •Dance at Essex House, West Orange, 9 p.m. Sept 25. •Dances at Old Mill Inn, Bernardsville, 9 p.m. Sept 26. •Dances at Liberties, Sheraton hotel, iselin, 8 p.m. Sept 27, Oct 1 1 , Nov. 1. •Dance at Coachman Inn, Cranford, 9 p.m. Oct. 2. •Dance at The Towers, Mountainside, 9 p.m. Oct 3. •Dances at Hilton hotel, Short Hills, 8 p.m. Oct 4 , 2 5 . Jacket required.

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Cost $2. (908) 291-2763. •Hike in South Mountain Reservation, 1 1 a.m. Sept 26. Meet in commuter lot at Garden State Parkway Exit 105. Members $3, non-members $4. (908) 2 9 1 2763.


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...755-2056 561-7492 .755-6584 271-0631

271-9336 469-3548 469-3548 248-0797 788-0188




871 Rt. 1, Edison Pface Edison 287-2822 September 23-25.1992

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Stage right

Southern-exposure suits Shakespeare

Reliving the Lindbergh trial

NJ. Shakespeare Festival presenting 'Much Ado' with a dash of Dixie

Due to unprecedented demand, the third annual production of Lindber&i and Hauptmann, the Trial of trie Century. wiH continue with weekend performances on Sept. 25-27 and Oct. 2-4.

By MICHAEL P. SCASSERRA WeekendPlus Writer

at the Shakespearian text has so often in recent years been grafted onto new settings, settings as diverse as the 19th century American west, modern-day Brooklyn, and a nebulous, postapocalyptic future, strikes the occasional literary or theatrical purist as blasphemy. Ironically, these same scholarly types are the ones who often trace back to Shakespearian texts the narrative and thematic origins of everything from Hollywood's screwball comedies of the 1930s to modern television drama. Director Jimmy Bohr, who is directing Much Ado About Nothing as - the final production of the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival's current season, concentrates more on enlightening the Shakespearian text, thereby making it more accessible for American audiences, than in pandering to the purists who favor a traditional rendering of "The Immortal Bard's" work. "I don't think there are many purists left anyway," says Bohr. "I hope we've gotten beyond that." One need not be an English scholar or even a theater enthusiast to have some familiarity with the classic story of Much Ado About Nothing, the romantic comedy which revolves around Beatrice and Benedick, perhaps Shakespeare's best-known comic lovers, as they fight to save the reputation of the virtuous young Hero and thus reunite her with her lover, Claudio. Bohr has staged this presentation with an unusual twist; working closely with his design staff, director Jimmy Bohr has switched the setting of the play from 17th century Messina to the Antebellum South of the mid-19th century, the American past of plantations, petticoats, and a very particular brand of propriety. Bohr, whose previous credits include last season's New Jersey Shakespeare Festival production of Dark of the Moon as well as numerous off-Broadway and regional theater productions, believes that "by putting a classic play in a different setting, you don't change the play. You just give it new life." Shakespeare's text, he explains, has "remained intact Nothing has been changed." "I don't move a period just for the sake of moving it," the director says. "I am only interested in doing it if I think the change will enlighten the play and give the audience a fresh view. One must make sure the intellectual and psychological milieu of the play sits well with the period being used. Fve seen Shakespeare moved to all kinds of periods where it doesn't make any sense." Costumje designer B. Christine McDowell, whose previous credits include Shakespeare's The Tempest and Dark of the Moon, both part of last year's New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, agrees with Bohr about the adaptability of Shakespeare's plays. "The plays are able to withstand the changes, and I think that it's very easy to do because Shakespeare deals so much with human, emotion that the settings aren't always so important," she says. "In the Antebellum south, like in Shakespeare's England, there was a strong code of chivalry. In both settings, just being seen with a man in a garden could be enough to ruin a woman's reputation." Bohr chose the Antebellum south for this production largely because of its similarities with the original Elizabethan setting of the play. "Much Ado About Nothing is a comedy of wit and charm, and very much abojut hospitality and congeniality," Bohr explains. "A highly romanticised version of the plantation society of the Antebellum south, around th e early period of the Civil War, seemed absolutely perfect. "Anothe x big consideration was the play's beautiful language. Today, standard i American English is really rather flat and unexpressive, but

Based on the famous trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann. who was convicted and executed in 1935 for the kidnapping of Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr. Kon of the famous aviator), the reenactment takes place in the same Hunterdon County Courthouse in Remington where the original trial, which attracted international attention, was held. Lindbergh was kidnapped from his home in nearby Hopewell.

Laura Sametz and Thomas Schall model the period costumes being employed for the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival's season-ending production of Much Mo About Nothing, which director Jimmy Bohr has set in the 19th century American south. the American southern accent is so musical, so richly expressive and energetic, we are able to hear the play's language with a fresh ear." In fact, the director says, scholars have maintained that "the American southern accent is the closest thing we have today to Elizabethan English." To create the 30 costumes, which are worn by the production's cast of 20 members, McDowell researched the American south of the 1860s. "For this particular production, we don't have the budget or the staff to build all of the costumes from scratch," McDowell explains. "What I do is design the costumes as I see them, then I find things that come close to my ideal or can be adapted to suit that ideal. A lot of the costumes for this production are rented, but the finished products are for the most part just like the designs I envisioned, and that doesn't happen all the time." Among the visually sumptuous highlights are Hero's wedding dress, a traditional white gown elaborately decorated with lace and sprays of lilacs, and, for the final scene of the production, an array of the voluminous, flounced dresses and veiled hats which McDowell says "take up a lot of room on stage." Many of the men's costumes are confederate military uniforms for which the designer took some liberties by including extra embellishment which is admittedly more theatrical than historically accurate. "In a production like this, you have to strike a balance between historical accuracy and other factors," McDowell concludes. "There will always be some purists, but if we create a complete world on-stage, then the audience doesn't question it." Much Ado About Nothing, through Oct. 10 at the Drew University Bowne Theatre, Route 24, Madison. Performances Tuesday-Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 7 p.m. Matinee performances 2 p.m. Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday. Tickets $1430; student rush tickets $7. (201) 408-5600.

The production, which has played to tumaway crowds for die past two years, was written by Harry and Fteva Kazman of Raritan Township. Hauptmann's widowm Anna, returned to Remington during each of the past two re-enactments in an attempt ID persuade Gov. Rono to meet with her and discuss reopening the investigation. Original cast members back for another year include Ed Scott, also of Raritan, who plays the part of defense attorney Edward Reilly, Kevin Young of Annandale as Attorney General David Wilentz, Dean Jarobe of Stockton as Hauptmann and Joseph Manghisi of Clinton as Dr. Condon, a key witness. Also returning will be members of the New Jersey State Police Honor Guard, who will be wearing original uniforms for the trial. Friday performances begin at S p.m., while Saturday performances are at 12:30 amd 4 p.m. Sunday matinees start at 2 p.m. Tickets are $15. Ticket information is available by calling (90S) 782-5469 or the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce at (908) 782-5469.

Curtain calls NOW PLAYING ART FELT GROUP Middlesex County College WoodbridgeAve., Edison

(908)8214)891 •A Mew from the Bridge, Arthur Miller's plaV set in post-World War II Brooklyn. Through Sept. 27. Admission $12.50, group

14 Weekend

rates available. BROADWAY BOUND THEATER COMPANY War Memorial John Rtch Plaza, Trenton

(908) 297-6692 •Annie, musical about the comic strip heroine and her dog Sandy. 2 and 7:30 p.m. Sept.

Forbes Newspapers

26. Admission $7. BRUNDAGE PARK PLAYHOUSE Carrell Rd., Randolph (201) 989-7092 •A Midsummer Night's Dream, the Shakespeare play in a production with actors playing more than one role. Through Sept. 26. Admission $8.

September 23-25,1992

CENTURY PRODUCTIONS Hunterdon County Courthouse 7 1 Main St., Remington (908) 782-5469, 735-5955 •Lindbergh & Hauptmann: The Trial of the Century, reenactment of Bruno Richard Hauptmann's 1932 kidnapping trial. Through Oct. 4. Admission

$15. N CIRCLE PLAYERS 416 Victoria Ave., Piscataway (908) 968-7555 •Play It Again Sam, Woody Allen's spoof of Casablanca. Through Oct. 3. Admission $10 Fridays and Saturdays, $8 Sundays; discounts available.

GEORGE STREET PLAYHOUSE 9 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick (908)246-7717 •Near the End of the Century, world premiere of Tom Dulack's comedy about two men and a woman they meet in Maine. Sept 26-Oct. 18. Admission

$3C-$16, discounts available. HUNTERDON HILLS PLAYIIOUS:

Roitel75, Hampton 1-830-4*7-7313 •Sesms Like Old Times, revue frorji the tearing 20s to World Please turn to page 15)

Weekend Villagers open new season with chilling 'Agnes of God' he Villagers Theatre in Somerset opens its 1992-93 season on Friday, Sept. 25, with the premiere of the award-wining drama drama Agnes of God. The psychological thriller, which debuted on Broadway in 1982 with a cast that included Elizabeth Ashley, Geraldine Page and Amanda Plummer (who won a Tony for her efforts in the title role), is based on the true story of a young nun who gave birth in a convent to a baby later found dead. It was assumed someone killed the baby to prevent a scandal, but the episode remains unsolved. In Agnes of God, playwright John Pielmeir speculates on what might have actually happened. The drama, though, goes beyond the mystery of the troubled young nun, played by Diane Mostello. The play revolves around three women — Sister Agnes, her Mother Superior (played by Cheyanne Boyd), and a court-appointed psychiatrist (played by wheelchair-mobile actress Kitty Lunn), whose job it is to evaluate Agnes' mental capacity to stand trial. During the course of the investigation, all three women are forced to face some harsh reality in their own lives and re-examine


the meaning of faith and their commitment of love. Agnes of God is being produced jointly by the Villagers Theatre and Very Special Arts New Jersey, an organization dedicated to providing expanded arts opportunities to the more than one million New Jersey residents with disabilities. The Villagers Theatre has housed all of VSA/NJs major productions since VSA/NJ began back in 1988. "We are delighted to cosponsor Agnes of God with the Villagers Theatre, which has traditionally opened its doors to people with disabilities," said Vera Schwartz, Executive Director of the VSA/NJ. Indeed, the theater is all on one level with wheelchair-accessible seating locations and bathrooms. A listening-enhancement system is also available, as are Braille and enlarged-type programs. Additionally, one performance (call for date and time) will be sign language-interpreted, and a pre-show audio and tactile description of the set may be scheduled by appointment. Agnes of God, Weekend performances Sept 25Oct 18 at the Villagers Theatre, 475 Demott Lane, Somerset. Tickets $12. (908) 873-2710.

Cheyanne Boyd and Diane Mostello star in the Villagers Theatre production of Agnes of God, which opens on Friday, Sept. 25.


Montgomery sisters debut in 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof To famous thespians like JoBeth Williams and Pat Hingle, performing onstage before a discerning crowd of Princeton theater-goers is no big thing. But for StetanieS(*ussel, 9, of Montgomery, aral her sister Madeline, 6, the McCarter Theatre production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, which stars Williams and Hingte and opens on Friday, Sept 25, marks their acting debut So there should be some serious nail-biting backstage, right? Wrong. "it's fun," said Stefanie, who is in the fourth grade at Orchard Road School. "Everything's fun." The unflappable Stefanie also has a strong grip on her character, Polly, one of five child parts in the Pulitzer Prize-winning Tennessee Williams' classic. "I don't know much about her except she's bratty like the rest of them," said Stefanie. "I'm the second-brattiest," chimed in Madeline, a first-grader at Burnt Hill Road School. Madeline added that "holding the sparklers" during a celebration scene was alternately "the hardest" and "most fun" part of her role. So how do a pair of young actresses, as pretty and as outgoing as they are, manage to

win parts in such a major production? It started with their participation in the McCarter Youth Conservatory prgram over the summer. From there, they were invited to audition ('Triey asked us to sing'Happy Birthday," " said Stefanie) and, after a few callbacks, they were in. "They were very nice about it," said their mother, Hannah Schussel. "They asked about when they would be in school and when they would be available to rehearse, and then we worked out a schedule. They were very flexible." And how have the young ladies gotten along with the big stars? Each expressed affection for both leads, although Williams was taken to task by Madeline for one fault - "She smokes!" Well, nobody's perfect, Madeline. As far as their career is concerned, Hannah is keeping a watchful eye on how her daughters handle this first assignment She's wellaware of the unfortunate track record of many child actors, but so far, so good. "It's a lot of work, but as long as they enjoy it, why not?" she said. "We always say we wont push them. Well see how it goes and go with that" -WOliamWesthoven

Curtain calls (Continued from page 14) War II. Through Sept. 30. Group rates available; call for prices. MCCARTER THEATER 9 1 University PI., Princeton (609) 683-8000 •Cat on a Hot T7n Roof, the Tennessee Williams play about a woman and her alcoholic husband. Through Oct. 1 1 . Admission $38-$12.

NEW JERSEY SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL Drew University Route 24, Madison (201) 408-5600 •Much Ado About Nothing, or a battle between Beatrice and Benedick. Through Oct. 10. Admission $30-$14, discounts available. PAPER M i a PLAYHOUSE Brookside Dr., Millburn (201) 379-3636 •The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and all the

others following the Yellow Brick Road. Through Oct. 25. Admission $41-$26, discounts available. PERONA FARMS Route 517, Andover 1-800-762-8569 •Myron's Mrtzvah, a bar mitzvah in musical form with audience participation. Club Room, through Nov. 20. Group rates available; call for prices. •I Remember Mama, the Rodgers and Hammerstein play about a Norwegian family in turn-of-the-century San Francisco. Main theater, through Dec. 18. Group rates available; call for prices. PLAYHOUSE 2 2 210 Dunhams Corner Rd. East Brunswick (908) 254-3939 •Evita, the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical about the life of Argentina "fist lady" Eva Peron. Sept. 25-Oct. 18. Admission

$13 opening night, $12 other times; discounts available. PLAYWRIGHTS THEATER OF NEW JERSEY 33 Green Village Rd., Madison (201) 514-1940 •How His Bride Came to Abra- " ham, staged reading of a new • play about a Palestinian and an Israeli lover. 8 p.m. Sept. 25, 3 and 8 p.m. Sept. 26. Free admission. SOMERSET VALLEY PLAYERS Amwell Rd., Hillsborough (908) 369-7469, 725-2120 •Equus, psychological drama in which six horses are blinded by a 17-year-old male. Through Oct. 4. Admission $ 1 1 Fridays and Saturdays, $15 for two tickets Sundays. STATE THEATER 453 Northampton St. Easton, Pa. (215) 252-3132 •Fiddler on the Roof, the longrunning musical set in czarist

Russia. 8 p.m. Sept 25. Admission $25, $23. VILLAGERS THEATER 475 DeMott Lane, Somerset (908) 873-2710 •Agnes of God, John Pielmeier's drama about a nun accused of killing her own child. Sept. 25-Oct. 18. Admission $12.

COMING UP COACH & FOUR Route 33, Hightstown (609)448-2400 •A Deadly Environment, murder mystery set at a country club. 8 p.m. Oct. 9, 3 1 . Admission $40, includes dinner. COLTS NECK INN Routes 3 4 & 537, Colts Neck (908) 462-0383 •A Deadly Environment, murder mystery set at a country club. 8 p.m. Oct. 2 , 1 6 , 30. Admission $40, includes dinner.

CROSSROADS THEATER COMPANY 7 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick (908) 2 4 9 - 5 5 6 0 •Slow Dance on the Killing Ground, William Hanley's drama about two students in a Brooklyn candy store. Oct 11-Nov. 15. Admission $30-$22. ENTERTAINERS REPERTORY THEATER PeopleCare Center 120 Findeme Ave. Bridgewater (908) 846-5032 •The Good Doctor, Neil Simon's adaptation of short stories by Anton Chekhov. Oct. 2-17. Adults $9, senior citizens and students $8. GROWING STAGE THEATER Main St., Chester (908) 879-4946 •Big River, Mark Twain's Adventures of Tom Sawyer in musical form. Oct. 2-25. Adults $10,

children $8. HUNTERDON HILLS PLAYHOUSE Route 173, Hampton

1-800-447-7313 •Never Too Late, comedy by Sumner Arthur Long, Oct 1 - . Dec. 2 1 . Group rates available; call for prices. MONTCLAIR STATE COLLEGE Memorial Auditorium, McEachem Hall Upper Montclair (201) 744-1717 •Arts in Education Showcase, featuring 20 performers suitable for school-age audiences. 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Oct 3. Admission $18. PASSAGE THEATER COMPANY Mill Hill Playhouse Montgomery S t , Trenton (609)392-0766 •This City of Dreams, world premiere of a drama by Walter Allen Bennett Jr. about a working-class Trenton family circa

September 23-25,1992

F c ^ Newspapers

1965. Oct. 7-25. Admission $20-$10. SHERATON AT W0ODBRIDGE Route 1 , Iselin (908)634-3600 'Murder at Cafe No/r, murder mystery set on a Caribbean island. 8 p.rn. Saturdays beginning Oct 10. Admission $40, includes dinner. SOMERSET HILLS HOTEL 1-78 Exit 33, Warren (908) 647-6700 •Murder at Cafe Noir, murder mystery set on a Caribbean island. 8 p.m. Oct 9 , 2 3 . Admission $40, includes dinner. THEATER GUILD OF N J . Artists Showcase Theater 1150 Indiana Ave., Trenton (609) 586-1774 •Butterflies Are Free, Leonard Gershe's comedy about a blind man trying to make his way in the world. Oct 9-18. Admission $10, dtscoii i t s available.


u s i.e. Soundtrack for a presidential election year T Bone Burnett is back, pounding on the political walls with 'The Criminal Under My Own Haf Mark O'Connor's fiddle and mandolin, and Roy Huskey Jr.'s slap dobro, he's all gravity and respect, the .• ;• ; 301 kind of purist who could work \ vith Dylantomutual

By BILL MILLARD WeetendPlus Writer

^ ^ H ^ ^ H | ^ ^ H m \ ^ H < i m . ' etting angry and staying angry is easy this ' jtear. Even ordinarily easygoing people are |\|ra]king around half the time looking like ' they'd like to bite a hole in you, Hannibal year. Even ordinarily easygoing people are ^ H ^ H l H l l H I ! ^ ^ ^ ^ H H ^ H » f l B L l £ - ~*'(iS!m bene ^ tthe - r^ae funny thing istrack!;, that the transitions back On best of the "Tear Building Lecter siyle. walking around half the time looking like ^^H^^Hj^H^^^^H^^HJ&£ "' - T | and forthBurnett's between therock contrasting stylesThis don't feel Down," enough of a postmodernist to mine People who normally attention at all on tKou' rl liko tn hitpspend a hnlpany in vnn Hannihal J^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^HP^BK^^^^HH^HK' ' ' '• isil forced. the gospel tradition for the line "If I hadmy way/I the state of the nation are either raving or numb. would tear this building down," Set it in a fresh There's an election going on; on one side we have context (a cluster of harsh Costelloid media images unspeakable cynicism, wanton ignorance, shortaround the theme of loving a civilization enough to sighted venality, and a.calculated disregard of basic know when it's time to destroy it arid start over), and human civility that would be laughable if it weren't leave enough open space in the production that also deadly; on the other we have . . . well, borderline Scheff s filthy fuzz bass can staid out proudly beadequacy, with a couple of inspiring lines and a bit of annoying baggage . . . and it's not even clear which neath a manic Ribot solo — the tube amplifiers of one willjwin. Something's in the air in the United San Francisco in 1968 meet the melodic fragmenStates iik 1992, and it's scaring the hell out of people. tations of lower Manhattan in 1992. He then turns around and delivers a gently chillThis i? exactly that sort of atmosphere that T Bone ing song, written with Costello ;md M-producer Bob (ne J. Henry) Burnett thrives in. The music industry Neuwirth, that bounces visions of world destruction recognizes this guy mainly as a member of Bob off playful dobro, teasing mandalin, and Gypsy fidEtylan's Rolling Thunder Revue, a frequent Elvis dle, all above an antique music-hall beat ("It's Not Costello collaborator, and a highly sought-after proToo Late"). "Humans from Earth" follows with a ducer, but during the 1980s he made a couple of memorable, unsettling solo records, and he's now got demented blues structure, clattcry percussion spea dedicated following among the fraction of the audicialties from Keltner, and lyrics that turn white imence that understands how it's not always absurd for perialism into interplanetary black comedy ("We're a pop singer to become part of a nation's conscience. humans from Earth/You have r othing at all to fear/ His new record, The Criminal Under My Own Hat High-powered associates like Elvis Costello and guitarist Mark And I think we're going to like it here"). Burnett is a Ribot have contributed their talents to the new album by pro- dear-eyed, unnerving social eriiic, t u t don't ever call (Columbia), is as grim and fascinating as a tropical ducer/solo artist T Bone Burnett. storm. It rocks, in most of the places it decides to him humorless. rock, bujt it's more of a private meditation than a rock Things get less black-comic as thi: record moves 'n' roll album. T Bone Burnett is still a very angry fellow, angry with a nearly religious along. Burnett's fondness for glum minor keys may take some getting us 3d'to, but the intensity. His reasons for anger are solid; so are his songs. repeating line in the first of several pensive minor-key tunes, "Primitives' — "The Burnett hasn't recorded under his own own name since 1988, when The Talking frightening thing is not dying/The frightening thing is not living" — ought to grab you Animals dissipated much of the momentum he'd built up (his press release calls it immediately. "Criminals" is less successful, working long variations on ttie idea that it's a "sonically ambitious," which is press-release-ese for overproduced). Earlier discs like Truth. grievous mistake to pretend guilt isn't universal. Decay, Proof Through the Night, and Trap Door, however, established his unmistakable More gaps between intention and execution appear on "I Can Explain Everything," voice: a studio whiz in love with rock and country traditions, full of wit and life, but also a which appears twice, once as an acoustic knockoff (quirky piano by 'Van Dyke Parks, serious and ascetic man, even somber at times. Maybe even moral, in the sense you'd gravelly percussion out of Keltner's Pere Ubu file) and once as a tangled rocker (Ribot apply that word to somebody like Edward R. Murrow or Fighting Bob LaFollette (and pulling U2 riffs out of the trees, Keltner and Scheff firmly refusing tc let p backbeat definitely not in the sense the Quayles and Buchanans are abusing the word). develop). The mournful minor guitar hook on this thing is more annoying than rousing, In songs like "The Sixties," a spoken elegy for that decade's promise crowded out by the and the lyrics are an intelligent muddle: attacking two of the world's easiest targets, the trendy horrors we've collectively chosen to preserve, or "A Ridiculous Man," which skewered high-powered yuppies long before it was fashionable, Burnett showed a unique ability politicians and preachers of the video age, Burnett takes on an unsteadilj arch persona who doesn't quite make his pitch for bringing back the guillotine sound either absurd or to link (jifficult thoughts with easily remembered melodies and inventive arrangement spookily plausible. This is an occupational hazard for people with serious world views: it's ideas. I tricky to move from the dark ironies of moral satire to the lighter touch an unstable He's updated this strategy for the new record, using the alarming contrast between persona requires. Maybe he should have come out in favor of guillotiiing pols and stripped-down acoustic folk and an aggressive, angular electric band as the aural signal preachers without the funny voice. that he's grappling with ideas that can't be easily reconciled or glibly glossed over. There After a few times through, it's the simple, anguished love songs liks "Elvery little are practically no electronics or sustaining instruments on this record: it's all mandolins, Thing" and "Any Time at All" that make this album work. Burnett is overflowing with fine dobros, fiddles, and acoustic guitars on one hand, balanced against a three-piece rock anchor group on the other (Marc Ribot on guitar, Jerry Scheff on bass, and Jim Keltner on ideas, and the minor misfires don't keep a poignant waltz like "Kill Switch" from sucdrums, the same delightfully skewed lineup that's given the last two Costello albums their cessfully fusing the political and the personal. "There are those who play for money, babe/ distinctively loony rhythmic core). There are those who play for fame/There are still those who only play/Foi the love of the When; he's fronting the trio, Burnett gives Ribot plenty of room for chordless skronk game": this doesn't say everything that needs Saying this year, but it coir.es close to saying leads arid blackboard-fingemail textures; when he's working with Jerry Douglas' dobro, it all about why Burnett is still in the game — still turning formidable anjjer into energy.


Soundings AIDS QUILT SONGBOOK 1992 Friday, Opt. 2, 8 p.m. '• Richardson Auditorium, Princeton University


sion $12 in advance, $15 at the door. APOLLO MUSES TRIO Friday, Sept. 25, 8 p.m. Somerset County Library .North Bridge St., Bridgewater '•:. (908) 526-4016 . •Chamber music ensemble performs works by Dussek, Rust, Paganini, and other composers Free admission JOHN BUCHER Friday, Sept. 25. 8 p m Watchung Arts Center 18 Stifling Rd., Watchung

(609)238-5000 •Collaboration" of AIDS poetry and musie viiWilliam Parker,: •„ baritone, and William Muckaby piano. Adults $15, students


ALLENDALE STRING QUARTET Fnday, Sept. 2 5 , 8 p.m Headquarters Plaza Hotel 3 Headquarters Plaza JVtomstown C P U 762-8449 ' r ' •fcsrfonning'wcM" by Mozart, - DvoralvandSer^nwin. Adra§-~ -


" ' '

. *


Cohen, bass. Admission $10. CHAMBER SYMPHONY OF PRINCETON Sunday, Oct. 4, 3 p.m. Richardson Auditorium, Princeton University (609) 258-5000 •Performing works by J.S Bach, Bizet, John Cage, and La Barbara Admission $22, $19, discounts available. CAROL CHANNING/ RITA MORENO Tuesday, Sept. 29, 8 p m. State Theater 19 Livingston-Ave: (908)J53?0l90 •Cpunet-vinuQso performs*/- , , New Brunswick."

. » - - * * • •*£•.-.


Fcftes Newspapers


September 23-25,19S2

gion in American life. Admission ESSEX QUARTET •"Two Ladies of Broadway" on Friday, Sept. 25, 8 p.m. the stage in New Jersey. Admis$15. Nicholas Music Center, PHIL DRISCOLL sion $32-$23. Rutgers Arts Center Saturday, Sept. 26, 7 p.m. COMPOSERS' ENSEMBLE George St., New Brunswick Evangel Church OF PRINCETON (908) 932-7511 1 2 5 1 Terrill Rd., Scotch Plains Saturday, Oct. 3, 8 p.m. Taplin Auditorium, (908) 322-9300 •Schubert's Quartet in A minor, •Trumpet player and vocalist Janacek's Quartet No. 1 ; and Princeton University other works. Admission $ 1 1 , whose repertoire runs from (609) 258-5000 •Performing works by Alban blues to hymns. Admission $3. discounts available. Berg, Steven Mackey, and ESSEX BRASS QUINTET VINGE GIORDANO Bryan Rulon. Free admission. Sunday, Oct. 4, noon . ; &THENIGHTHAWKS DIVERSITY! Leonard J. Buck Garden Sunday, Oct. &, 4 p.m. LaytonRd., Far Hills , N.J. Center fOftVisual Arts Sunday, Oct 1 1 , 2:30 p.m. 68 Elm St.,'
ANIJIEH [RRING Saturdi ly, S e p t 2 6 , 7:30 p.m. L smbe tville Assembly of God Poute >18, Lambertviiie ( S09); 9 7 - 9 3 0 0 Christ an singer formerly with in Onrf Chantflr of Act^

f jp t£fO C

r ^ee atlUiSSIUfl. a smuc /viMiiiir* AM U. A w N n i#urainu U N I ri pi •


aturd' ly, Oct. l u , 8 p.m.

i t a t e l leater 9 Liyi igstonAve.

h ewBi unswick ( )08): 246-7469

; • Songs eo-written byipofothy Fields. sung by Leslie Uggams (Pl« sase turn to page 17) ; ~

Weekend! Top 10 CDs 1. Soundtrack, Singles 2. Eric Clapton, Unplugged 3. Spin Doctors, Pocketful of KtyptonitB 4. Billy Ray Cyrus, Some Gave Ml 5. Temple of the Dog 6. Patty Smyth 7. Pearl Jam, Ten 8. Suzanne Vega, 99.9 Farenheit 9. George Thorogood, Baddest 10. The Movement —Sales figures courtesy of AlwHk Records

Soundings (Continued from page 16) w/members of the N.J. Symphony Orchestra. Admission $100-$20. IRISH MUSIC SEISIUNS Sunday, Sept. 27, 5 p.m. Knights of Columbus hall 495 East Main St., Somerville (908) 685-3168 •Traditional Irish music performed on the accordion, tin whistle, bodhran, and mouth organ. Instruction for novice musicians at 4 p.m. Free admission. GRANT JOHANNESEN Saturday, Sept. 26, 8 p.m.

Nicholas Music Center, Rutgers Arts Center George St., New Brunswick (908) 932-7511 •American concert pianist. Admission $20, discounts available. KAYUMANGGI CHORAL Saturday, Sept. 26, 6 p.m. Richardson Auditorium, Princeton University (609) 258-5000 •Performing in a benefit w/the Mulawin Rondalla and the Philippine Dance Company of New York. Admission $20, $15.

JENNIFER LARMORE Sunday, Oct. 4 , 4 p.m. Westminster Choir College 1 0 1 Walnut Lane, Princeton (609) 921-2663 •Mezzo-soprano sings works by Handel, Gounod, Faure, and Rossini. Adults $10, senior citizens and students $8. KATHERINE McCLURE/ ANITA CERVANTES Saturday, Sept 2 6 , 8 p.m. S t Andrew's Episcopal Church Main S t , Lambertville (908) 707-9542

Write to WeekendPlus at:

44 Franklin St., Somerville, N.J. 08876


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t Famous Shake-A-Paw lifetime guarantee • Puppies in the Open to Hug & Cuddle • Bring in the Kids • AKC PUPPIES

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• Pick-up & Delivery Service

Portrait Special

•Quintet performs works by Haydn, Beethoven, and other composers. Adults $10, students $5.

N J . SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Friday, Oct 2, 8 p.m. War Memorial, Trenton Saturday, Oct 3 , 8 p.m. State Theater. New Brunswick Sunday, Oct 4 , 3 p.m. Symphony Hall, Newark 1-800-ALLEGRO •The Hebrides Overture by Mendelssohn; Bruch's Scottish Fantasy, suites from Bill/ the «W by Copland and The Miraculous Mandarin by Bartok. Admission $37-$10, dis(Ptease turn to page 18)

Complete Contents of this estate will be disposed of at Public Auction on the Premises at:

• Repairs - All Makes/Models • Cleaning and Maintenance


(609) 924-6287 •Flautist and keyboard player perform works by J.S. Bach, Vivaldi, and other composers. Adults $10, senior citizens and students $6. N J . CHAMBER MUSIC SOCIETY Sunday, Oct 4, 4 p.m. Church of S t John tin the Mountain 379 Mount Harmony Rd. Bemardsville (908) 766-2282


Partial Listing: 1986 Ford Pickup, Baldwin Concert Piano (Pristine Condition), Set of Sterling Silver (Service for Eight), Lots of Estate Jewelry, including 17 Diamond Rings (Mostly Platinum Settings, Largest 1.3 Cwt., Many other Rings, Pins, Pendants, Cameos), Inlaid Music Cabinet, Chinese Rugs, Seven Piece Mahogany Bedroom Set, Lots of Good Oil Paintings, Oak Side by Side Bookcase, Childs Roll Top Desk, Four Sets of Table China (Noritake, Wedgewood, Lenox), Wall Mirrors, Apple II Computer System, Appliances are included, Pool Table, Linens (Bed, Table and Bath), Executive Desk, Phone System, Tools and Much, Much More., Terms: Cash Sale Subject to 10% Buyers Premium Bring your own chairs as sale will be conducted outdoors. Preview is at 8:00 A.M. morning of sale. Auction will be conducted by:

AUCTIONEERS - APPRAISERS 1763 Lanes Mills Road Lakewood, N.J. 08701



Where can I find quality furniture that is not expensive?

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F • 0 1 1 0 1 *»«,»


Weekend^ Club mix BIRCH HILL NIGHT CLUB Route 9 St>uth, Old Bridge

(908) 536-0650 Dance party, Saturdays. Male revue, Saturdays, Thursdays. Teen night, Sundays. •Law & Order, Bad Biscut, Sept. 26. •Gang Starr, Sept. 27. BUCK SWAN RESTAURANT Scantlcon-Princeton Route 1, West Windsor

(609)452-7800 Mario Castro-Neves (piano), Saturdays. BOO-BOOSBAR 44 Newark St., Hoboken

(201) 659r1789 Dance party, Sundays. Reggae night, Mondays. Open jam W/G-Force, Wednesdays. ' • . "Alternative1' rock, Thursdays. •Chucka Riddem, Michael Powers & The Powder Keg Band, Sept 25. •Popa Ctnjbby, Sept 26. BOURBON STREET CAFE Old Bay Restaurant 61-63 ChUrch St. New Brunswick

(908)246-3111 •Night Trah, Sept. 25. •Full Circle Blues Band, Sept. 26. •Blue Plate Special, Sept. 30. BRIGHTON BAR 121 Brighton Ave. Long Branch

(908) 222-9684 Jazz night, Tuesdays. Poetry/acoustic night, Wednesdays. •Hum, Oef Horn, McElligot's Pool, Think Tank, Sept. 25. •"Save a Nation" benefit for Bosnia and Croatia, Sept. 26. •Jazzlamic Jihad, Sept. 29. CAFE BAR 115 Ocean Ave., Long Branch (908) 229-9823 Free admission for afternoon shows. •Nokturnel, Human Remains, Immortal Vision, Bleed, afternoon Sept. 26. •Big Dead, Bullhead, Color Blind, Self, afternoon Sept. 27. CATCH A RISING STAR Hyatt Regency hotel Route 1, West Windsor

COCKTAILS 51 Main St., South River (908) 257-8325 •John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band, Oct. 8. •Bums in the Park, Oct. 9. COPENHAGEN RESTAURANT Scanticon-Princeton Route 1, West Windsor (609) 452-7800 Piano brunch w/Sandy Maxwell, Sundays. CORNERSTONE 25 New St.. Metuchen

(908) 549-5306 Traditional jazz. •Jeannie Bryson Quartet, Sept. 25. •Tony Sotos Quartet, Sept. 26. •John Bunch Trio, Sept. 30. COURT TAVERN 124 Church St. New Brunswick

(908) 545-7265 Bob White & The White Boys, upstairs Wednesdays. •Sweet Lizard Illtet, S.N.A, Sept. 25. •Blue Plate Special, upstairs Sept. 25. •Bad Karma, Butthead, Trainwreck, Inspector 12, Sept. 26. •Doug Snyder, upstairs Sept. 26. •Night Train, Oct. 3. •Bigge'r Thomas, The Critters,

Oct. 10. THE COVE 108 Chestnut St., Roselle

(908) 241-1226 Open coffeehouse, Tuesdays. •Uprising, Whiskey, Sept. 25.

Routes 202-206, Bridgewater

(908) 526-7090 Open blues jam, Tuesdays. THE FAR SIDE 789 Jersey Ave. New Brunswick

(908) 247-2995 Open-mike night, Mondays. FAST LANE II 207 Fourth Ave., Asbury Park (908) 988-3205 99-cent dance night, Saturdays. The Outcry, Wednesdays. "Alternative" dance night, Thursdays. •Non-Rction, Sensmack, Sanctum, Sept. 25. •Michael Penn, The Sighs, Sept. 26. •Babylon A.D., Oct. 4. FOREST MANOR Route 615, Jamesburg

(908) 521-3141 Country music, Saturdays. •Diamondback, Sept. 26. •Gun for Hire, Oct. 3. FREDDY'S 1 Mill S t , Bemardsville

(908) 766-6575 Comedy night, Sundays. •Bright Water Garden, Sept. 25. •Country Thunder, Sept. 26. •Mark Dacey (music and comedy), Sept. 27. J. AUGUSTS 19 Dennis St., New Brunswick , (908)246-8028 Dance party, Fridays, Saturdays. Hub City Jam, Sundays. Gary T'To (guitar), Mondays.



(201) 795-9606 Open jam w/Nu Noise, Thursdays. •Oral Groove, Woods on Fire, The Play Trains, Sept 25. •Bordello, Sept 26. MARITA'S CANTtNA 1 Penn Plaza, New Brunswick (908) 247-3840 John Regan Quartet w/Charlie Rouse Jr., Tuesdays. •Night Train, Bigger Thomas, Oct 15. MAXWELL'S 1039 Washington S t Hoboken

(908) 704-8999 Jazz night, Sundays. Open-mike night, Mondays. Audition night, Wednesdays. THE ROCK HORSE Second & Kingsley Asbury Park (908) 988-7625 •Terraplane, Sangsara, Fable, Sept. 25. •Tun, Eternity, China White, Thorn in the Flesh, Sept 26. •Aleister Crowley, Sub Culture, Oct. 2. THEROXY 95 French S t , New Brunswick

(908) 545-8971 Industrial/techno dance night, Sundays.

•Plowshares Press benefit w/ Bouncing Souls, Loose, Sponge, Sept. 29. SHOGUN 27 3376 Route 27, Kendall Park (908) 422-1117 Live comedy Fridays and Saturdays. SOUTH RIVER PUB 66 Main St., South River (908) 257-0330 John Eddie (acoustic), Tuesdays. Backstreets Duo, Wednesdays. STRESS FACTORY Clarion Hotel 2055 Route 27, Edison (908)287-3500 Live comedy Fridays and Saturdays. . •Jackie (The J6keman) MarrJing, Oct. 16,17. •Bob Nelson, Oct. 23. STUDIO 1 88 Verona Ave., Newark

(20D 482-1150 •t£w & Order, Sept. 25. •Mitch Malloy, Sept. 26. . •TJie Fiendz, IDK, Oct. 2. •Phantasm, Wildside, Oct. 3. TIVOU GARDENS Scanticon-Princeton Rcjute 1, West Windsor (609) 452-7800 Toiy Dinicola Quartet, Saturda/s and Sept. 25. •Juanie Bryson Duo, Sept 27. U.S. 1 FLEA MARKET Rcute I* New Brunswick (908) 8 f 6O900 •T smmyi Rynic & The Country Travelers, Sept. 27. WMLBONES TAVERN 665BoindBrookRd. Middlesex

(9i)8) 968-1350 •Jiis'Jaitimin', Oct. 2.

(201) 798-4064 •Gumball, Come, Mothra, Sept. 25. •The Fleshtones, The Real Kids, Sept. 26. •The Toasters, Oct. 1. MELODY BAR 106 French St. New Brunswick (908) 249-3784 •Global Disrobal, Vivid, Sept. 30.' MINE STREET COFFEE HOUSE First Reformed Church 9 Bayard St., New Brunswick

(908)634-3448 •Jus' Jamrnin', Oct. 17. ORPHAN ANNIE'S 1255 Valley Rd., Stirling

(908) 647-0138

(908) 685;-9546

"All-ternative" dance party, Fridays. | 95-cent d^nce night, Saturdays, Thursdays. CLUBBENE Route 35,| Sayreville (908) 727|-3000 •Poco, Sept 25. •Jorma Kctakonen, Sept. 26. •Steve Habkett, Sept. 27. •Epitaph, prifter, Capone, InDisgtze, Oct. 1. •Bobby Blpnd, Oct. 2. •Allan Holflsworth, Oct. 3. •Frost Bite, Oct. 15. CLUB 1 0 1 | Ocean Ave;., Asbury Park (908) 774-2300 Ignorance, Fridays. Dance party, Saturdays. •Controlled Bleeding, Oct. 2. THE CLUBHOUSE 116WatchungAve., Piairrfield (908) 769-9267 - Rave night, Thursdays.

Free admission for afternoon shows. Liberty Blues Jam, Tuesdays. Mountain John, Wednesdays. •Flamin' Harry, Sept. 25. •Willie Bobo, afternoon Sept 26. •The Fins, evening Sept. 26. •Buck Dilly & Live Bait, afternoon Sept. 27. •Cliff Eberhardt, evening Sept 27. •New Riders of the Purple Sage, Sept. 28. LIVE TONIGHT 125 Washington S t Hoboken

Edgar Cayce, Wednesdays. •Corina, Sept. 25. •Lil' Susie, Sept. 26. RED BULL CAFE Best Western Red Bull Inn 1271 Route 22, Bridgewater

(908) 699-0570



(215) 862-0823

All shows at 8:30 p.m. •Walt Michael (hammered dulcimer), Sept. 26. •Spook Handy (singersongwriter), Oct 3. •McDermott's Handy (Irish duo), Oct. 10. •Privateer (sea songs), Oct 17. •David Berger (folk), Oct 24. •Jim Albertson (storyteller), Oct. 3 1 . NOAH'S ARK 112 Main S t , Woodbridge

Headline comedy every night except Monday. College night Sundays and Tuesdays. Ladies' night Thursdays. •Mark Schiff, through Sept. 27. CHARLOTTES 58 South Main St., Manville live oldiesj bands Fridays and Saturdays! •Loose Change, Sept. 25,26: Oct. 2, 3, (30, 3 1 . CITY GARDENS 1701 Calrroun St., Trenton

JOHN & PETER'S 96 South Main St. New Hope, Pa.

Former Jefferson Airplane/Hot Tuna guitarist Jorma Kaukonen will appear at the Club Bene in Sayreville on Saturday, Sept. 26. •Nick Patto Thang, No Man's Land, Dan Kidney & The Pulsations, Sept. 26. •Brian Bellew & The Lodi Homeboys, Oct. 2, 10. CRICKET CLUB 415 16th Ave., Irvington (201) 374-1062 Live acts in main room, "alternative" music in basement. Open-mike night, Wednesdays. •Michael Urbanik, main room Sept. 25. •AIDS benefit, basement Sept. 25. •Terraplane, Oct. 2. ESSEX MANOR 41 Broughton Ave., Bloomfield (201). 748-6590 Jack Destiny, Sundays. THE EXCHANGE

Forbes Newspapers

JACK O'CONNOR'S 1288 Route 22, Bridgewater (908) 725-1500 Piano brunch w/Gladys Richards, Sundays. Gary Oleyac, Tuesdays. •Rhythm & Babs, Sept. 25. •99 Years, Sept. 26. JASONS 1604 Main St., South Belmar (908) 681-1416 Charles Rouse Jr. Quartet w/ Mel Hood (vocals), Sundays. Jazz night Wednesdays. Billy Hector & The Fairianes, Thursdays. •Johnny Charles & The Stingrays, Sept 25. •Floyd Hunter Blues Band, Sept. 26. •The Fairianes, Oct 3 1 .

September, 23-25,1992

Open jam, Sundays. Audition night, Wednesdays. •Pandora's Box, Sept. 25. •J.C. Thunder, Sept 26. OUTBACK SALOON 15 West Main St. Bound Brook

(908) 469-7743 •Jus' Jammin', Sept. 26. PETETS SPORTS BAR 1001 West Camp|ain Rd. Manville

(908)725-9340 Party Masters (classic rock), Fridays. PHEASANTS' LANDING Amwell Rd., Hillsborough

(908) 359-4700 •The Flashbacks, Sept. 25. •The Pedestrians, Sept. 26. THE PIPELINE 841 Broadway, Newark

(201) 481-0486 All ages admitted Fridays, Sundays. Hardcore/industrial music night, Fridays. Progressive-music dance night Wednesdays, Sundays. PLAYPEN LOUNGE Route 35, Sayreville

(908) 721-0100 Male revue, Fridays.

A program by the Westfield Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet will open the 1992-93 season of Afternoon Music concerts on Saturday, Sept. 27, at the Unitarian Church in Summit. The concert, which begins at 4 p.m., will feature quintet members (above, from left) Donald Batchelder on trumpet, Michael Martin on French horn, Lawrence Witmer on trombone and Scott Mendoker on tuba.

Soundings (Continued from page 17) counts available. ORIGINAL MUSIC FOR TUBA Monday, Oct 5 , 8 p.m. Nicholas Music Center, Rutgers Arts Center George St., New Brunswick (908) 932-7511 •Somewhat-dueling tubas perform works by Manny Albam, Ed Sauter, and other composers. Admission $11, discounts available. OUT OF THE BLUE Saturday, Oct. 3, 8 p.m. Watchung Arts Center 18 Stirling Rd., Watchung (908)753-0190 •Bluegrass band based in New Jersey and nearby New York. Admission $8. GLENN PARKER/ LENORA-MARYA ANOP Sunday, Sept 27, 4 p.m. Westminster Choir College 101 Walnut Lane, Princeton (609)921-2663 •Pianist and violinist perform sonatas by Beethoven and Strauss. Adults $10, senior citizens and students $8.

PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA OF NEW JERSEY Saturday, Oct. 3 , 8 p.m. Theater at Raritan Valley . Community College Route 28, Branchburg (908) 725-3420 •Dvorak's Cello Concerto; the Romanian Rhapsody by Enescu; Pictures at an ExNbition by Mussorgsky. Admission $10. RIGOLETTO Sept. 25 and 26, 8 p.m. State Theater, New Brunswick (908) 246-7469 Sunday, Oct. 3 , 8 p.m. State Theater, Easton, Pa. (215) 252-3132 •The Verdi opera, sung in Italian by the cast of the Italian National Opera. Admission $32-$23 in New Brunswick; $25, $23 in Easton. RIVERSIDE SYMPHONIA Saturday, Oct. 3, 8 p.m. S t John the Evangelist Church 13 North Main St.

Lambertvlle (215)291-9700 •Mi sndels sohn's Symphony No. 4 in A major; Johann Hummel';; Concerto-in E flat; Rachmaninoff's Vocalise; the ove fture 1 o An Italian in A/g/eis by F ossini. Admission $20-$10 SANDY HOOK MUSIC FESTIVAL Sepjt 26 land 27, noon ForHaraock Gateway National Recreation Area, Sandy Hook (212) 517-2310 •Bl jes, jizz, and other musical forms. Adults $3, childreiundi!rl2$l ARNCLDS"EINHARDT/ LYDI/ ART"MIW Thursday Oct. 1, 8 p.m. Ric! lardsc n Auditorium, Prirceton University (6C9) 253-5000 •Violinist and pianist perform soratas I y Beethoven, Brahms, and Strauss. Adults $1!!, students $2.




Eat, drink and be merry Big Daddy's offers much more than just good food By MICKI PULSINELLJ Culinary Correspondent ; are many faces to Big Daddy's in New Brunswick. At first glance, you would think it was a nightclub because of the outside sign advertising live music. When you enter to dine, you are seated in a dining room of brick walls and a flagstone floor, with the bar straight ahead. There are two separate dining areas. One is directly in front of you walk in, while there is another smaller area to the right of the bar. We dined in the front area. This was a combination of high booths and tables. There is no separation of bar and dining room. Well, this evokes another interpretation. Seated at the bar are couples of various ages. They all seem to know each other. Now Big Daddy's looks like a friendly neighborhood tavern. Beyond the bar is the nightclub area of AUGUSTO MENEZES/WEEKENDPLUS Big Daddy's. This room has one of the largKathy O'Keefe and owner Larry Ricenuto serve up a cold drink at Big Daddy's ttaiian est dance floors I have ever seen. I can just Restaurant in New Brunswick. picture this room on weekends. No matter how large the dance floor, there never seems to be enough room for everyone. string beans sauteed in garlic and oil and served in a rich tomato sauce. So, what is Big Daddy's? A nightclub, a friendly neighborhood tavern, There were enough string beans to feed three people. Other selections or an Italian restaurant? Well, it's all three. You can stop in anytime to were broccoli, broccoli rabe and escarole all sauteed in garlic and oil for get a good meal or stay late to listen and/or dance to good music. As for the same price ($3.95 for two and $4.95 for four). me, I prefer the former, so that's what I'll write about. For entrees, I chose the shrimp scampi ($13.95) and my husband had The menu has a wide choice of appetizers, soups and side dishes (26 the T-Bone steak Sicilian style ($13.95). The scampi was great It was choices). Prices range from $2.25 for a cup of seafood bisque to $9.95 for cooked with a lot of garlic, but not overpowering, and served over a bed a hot seafood antipasto for two to four people. The average price is $5.95 of linguine served aldente. for and appetizer, $2.50 for a bowl of soup and $4.95 for a side dish of The T-Bone Sicilian style was an 18-ounce steak cooked with mushvegetables sauteed in garlic & oil. rooms, peppers and onions in a garlic red sauce. Others might call this There are nine choices of pasta, from angel hair (white or black) to steak pizzaiola, or if not, this is what their pizzaiola should taste like. zdti. But the real selection is in the sauces. There are 20 choices and if After our meal we had a chance to speak with the owner, Larry you don't see what you want, ask and they will try to accommodate. Ricenuto, who has lived in New Brunswick all of his life. He told us he Pasta selections cost $8.95 and they include a salad and Italian bread. opened Big Daddy's because it was the type of restaurant that the town There is an additional charge of $1 for any pasta served with meat or needed. seafood. One of the first things he did was hire chef Dominic Genovese, who In addition to the pasta dishes, the menu also has the baked pasta has 15 years of experience as a cook. Some of Dominic's selections are choices (ziti, shells, manicotti, lasagna and eggplant). These range in basic and some not so basic. For example, there is the chicken and veal price from $8.95 for baked ziti to $11.95 for eggplant Sicilian. parmigiana or francaise, but also stuffed calamari (with crabmeat) and There is a large selection of entrees, including 18 seafood choices garlic pork chops. from $8.95 for garlic calamari or fried flounder to market price for Some of his sauces are pink cheese, oreganato, marsala cream, basil stuffed lobster. Most of the seafood selections cost anywhere from $12cream, pink ricotta and matridana These are definitely not sauces you 14. Meat entrees include five chicken ($7.95 to $10.95), four veal ($11.95 to will find in most restaurants. But then again Big Daddy's isn't like most other restaurants. As I said $13.95), and six choices of steak or chops ($9.95 to $15.95). All entrees include a salad, bread and choice of baked potato, French fries or pasta.. before, it is a place of many faces. But the face I like best is that of the I ordered the half bucket of steamers ($4.25). This turned out to be 10 restaurant little neck clams, served with butter and broth. They were delicious. My husband had the string beans for two ($3.95). These were fresh Big Daddy's, 253 French Street, New Brunswick. (908) 249-6131.

Bridgewater. Cajun Festival Sept 18-27. Luncheon and dinner specials. Reservations accepted for parties of sixor more. * * * McDonald's, North Plainfield. Starting Sept 20 Breakfast Buffet; all you can eat $3.99, children under 12, $1.99. You can still order regular breakfast menu items. * » * Jersey's (Holiday Inn), Somerset Monday Night Football Party. Action starts 4:30 p.m. Sunday all day parly starts at noon. (908) 356-1700. *


• *

Big Daddy's, New Brunswick. Hot 97 Party Night Fridays, Wildlife Dance Club. Monday Night Football Buffet at halftime. (908) 249-6131. * * * Bay Street Seafood Res* taurant, Metuchen. Choice of 20 lunch specials, $4.99. (908)

906-1220. * * » TGI Friday's, Watchung and Iselin. Introduces Fast and Frugal Lunch; happy hour 4-7 MondayFriday. Brunch on Saturday and Sunday 1 1 a.m.-3 p.m. (908) 322-6412 (Watchung). (908)

636-1637 (Iselin). *



BridojBwatef Manor, (Pergola), Bridgewater. New fight lunch menu: Buy one entree get second for half price Monday through Friday Sept

14-25. (908) 658-3000. * * * T a j M a h a l , Raittan (in the Raman Mali)- and Morristown. Exotic Indian Cuisine. Lunch buffet $0.98 Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (908} 5263655 (Raritan). (201) 285-9463 (Morrtetiown). * * * Ferrarote, Somervflle. Authentic Itafian Cuisine plus many creative specialties. Reasonable prices. Lunch and dinner specials. (908) 707-0029 or 0254. - M c M PufeJneN

Speakers THE ART MUSEUM Princeton University (609) 258-3788 Galleiy talks Friday at 12:30 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m. Free admission. •Toby A. Jurovics on photography and the Clarence White circle, Sept. 2 5 , 2 7 . •Millie Harford on.painter Angelica Kauffmann, Oct. 2, 4. •Jackie Meisel on Ad Reinhardt and Frank Stella, Oct. 9. •Jill Snyder on Ad Reinhardt and Frank Stella, Oct. 1 1 . JACQUES DERRIDA Tuesday, Sept. 29, 8 p.m.

BishopDaugierty Student Center, Seton Hall University South Orange (201) 761-9098 •Poet and philosopher from France, interviewed by Derek Attridge (the editor of Derrida's book "Acts of Literature"). Admission $10. LANDSCAPE AT THE END OF THE CENTURY . Sunday, Sept. 27, 3 p.m. Reeves-Reed Arboretum 165 HobartAve., Summit (908) 273-8787 •Poetry reading with a number of New Jersey poets. Free ad-

mission. BOB PARIS/ROD JACKSON Wednesday, Sept. 30, 8 p.m. Wilkins Theatre Kean College, Union

(908) 527-2088 •A bodybuilder and a model, both openly gay and supportive of gay rights. Admission $3.

Kid stuff NEW KID Saturday, Oct. 1 0 , 1 0 a.m. George Street Playhouse

9 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick

(908) 846-2895 •Dennis Foon's play about what it's like to be an outsider in American society. Free admission; includes backstage tour.

Aquariums N J . STATE AQUARIUM 1 Riverside Dr., Camden (609) 365-3300 Seals, sharks, and other

wonders of the water. Open every day from 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Adults $8.50, senior citizens and students $7, children 2-11 $4.50; parking $4-$7. Group rates available. Directions: N J. Turnpike to Dot 4, then 1-295 South to 1-676 North.

Stargazing N J . STATE MUSEUM 205 West State St., Trenton (609)292-6333

Admission $ 1 , group rates available. •"The Little Star That Could," 1 p.m. Saturday and Sunday through Sept. 27. •"If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Saturn," 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday through Sept 27. Children under 4 not admitted. •Creatues in a "Sky Zoo," 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday until Sept-27. RARITAN VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE Route 28, Branchburg (908) 231-8805 Adults $4, senior citizens and

September 23-25,1992

students $3.50. Group rates available. •"life Beyond Earth," 8 p.m. Friday and 2 p.m. Saturday. TRAILSIDE NATURE AND SCIENCE CENTER New Providence Rd. Mountainside (908)789-3670 Adults $2, senior citizens $1.70. Children under 6 not admitted. •"Galaxies at Work," 2 and 3:30 p.m. Sunday through Oct


Forbes Newspapers M f e e t e n d F i u S



Dance U the Scuncl cf cur Live Lands

'Est. 1968

Every Friday Night

'"" J(estaurant llino's

Sept. 25th Gary Rcjss & Roger Jinks Oct. 2nd Bud Bejavers & Elaine -



'Jour Star 'Dining 'With %. 'View

(908) 735-7889 • Lunch • Dinner • Cqcktails • Weddings • Banquets • Parties! for All Occasions

'-•*Rt. 78 (Exit 12) 4 mifes West of Clinton


Ballroom Dancing coming Sept. 19th. Call for details!

Tips From Liz When dining out, people want to enjoy themselves. After observing patrons, I can give you some advice to make eating out a truly relaxing time. Never be Impatient. Good food takes time to prepare, and if you must wait for a table, It is a guarantee that the restaurant has a fine reputation if they are busy during this recession. Whe ordering, always chose an entree which is a special favorite. The waitress usually can recommend what is the best Item to order. At ScarpelHno's any one of Grandma's original recipes Is always a winner. Never select steak at a restaurant which specializes in fish. If you are on a special diet, ask if you ban have your food prepared to order. We have a low fat menu which has very delicious entrees to select. N you order something that is not what you expected, tell your waitress immediately. She can bring you something else, and your dinner will be just the way you want It. This week, ask for Liz and receive one entree at half price with the purchase of another. One special per table.

Route 202 (At The Blinker) Bedminster 908*234*1596

BOBBY & MARY'S 318 William St., Piscataway

A Piece of Mexico in the Heart of Metuchen



WEEKEND DINNER SPECIALS • Shrimp Francaise • Stuffed Breast of Veal

$9.95 $8.95

Ever Popular


Family orientated restaurant reasonably priced offering a full array of Italian specialties from milk fed veal, homemade pasta to fresh seafood.

168 ML (BetfteC %dWarren •647-1728

Lunch served Mon.-Fri. Dinner served 7 days 781-5100

Exit 36 Off Rt 78 Or Warrenville Hd. Off U.S. 22 '



Our First Year Anniversary pecial! HALF PP ICE MENU ITEM

when you purchase a menu item Of

Equal or Greater Value.

906-9505 MON.-SAT. 7 AM-10PM


11.00 VALUE

Pizza Made The Old Fashioned Way


Courtyards at Pluckemin


318 Route 202/206 North



Comedy Night 8:30 p.m.





th Night Football $1.00 Draft Bud & Lite Free Buffet


4 2 6 E. Main St., Bound Brook, 908-356-0189 Additional Parking Courtesy Archie's Men's Shop

Open 7 Days Banquet Rooms




645 RL 202/206 "restrictions apply

' ,





i getlade! r$*l


Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge We feature Spanish, Portuguese, i American Cuisine

Why go anywhere else when you can enjoy Costa del Sol's exceptional menu for less!

[nil & RESTAURANT : 69 Main Street Lebanon Casual Country Setting featuring Italian-American Cuisine Thursday Night LOBSTERFEST *9« Sunday BRUNCH' ALL YOU CAN EATl^

• Seafood • Steaks • Chicken * Veal • Fish • Pork • Etc. I HAPPY HOUR 4-6:30 Tues- Fri. FREE Hors d'oerves

TRY OUR LUNCH MENU FROM S 3 9 5 Banquet Facilities Available!



*8 OFF


With this Ad

With Purchase of Second Dinner

4 Rooms Available for your Banquet Needs Weddings • Showers • Rehearsal Dinners • Anniversary Parties • Reunions • Retirements


Cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer expires 9/30/92

EARLY BIRO SPECIALS • WEO.-SAT. W P.M. COMPLETE DINNER • $7.95 • Entree, Salad, Dessert, Coffee




600 «. IIIIM knm • Iwri Bio»k FOR

(908) 236-2992 fl • Exit 20A off Rt. 78 • 2 Blocks from Rt. 22 Open Tues.-Thurs. 11:30-9:30 Friday till 10 Saturday 4-10 p.m. f r ^ Sunday 10:30-2:00 p.m. Sunday Dinner 4-9 p.m.

3376 Route 27 Kendall Park





Pasta Festival Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday and Sunday All Oay 70 Pastas t o Sauces



'I '| \\ ^\

KIDS EAT FREE One dining adult per child. Thursday Nights


All-You-Can-Eat RIBS TOO! * 1 3 9 5 BABY BACK RIBS • Home & Office Delivery Available Fax 463-1532 All-You-Can-Eat

20 oz. Sirloin

Plus Two Other Great Comics

Conca D'oro

Sunday thru Thursday Nites

Wednesday & Sunday Niles Only

Every Tuesday

Monday Nights




FRIDAY NIGHT SPECIAL Buy One Comedy Show Admission At Regular Price Get The Second Ticket At...

the only place for ribs [776 South Washington Avenue. Piscataway 463-1000,

SHOWTIME IS FRIDAY & SATURDAY 10PM Produced By Patrick Gaynor Entertainment Reservations Suggested, Limited Seating


Dinner Specials Tuesday thru Sunday Veal Parmigiana


Veal Marsala



Sundae Bar Included with Every Meal

Chicken Scallopine .. 1 0 . 9 5 Boneless Chicken Arthur 10.95 Eggplant Rollatina........ 8 . 9 5

Special offers at participating rteakhouswonly

Pork Chop Pizzaiola . 1 1 . 9 5

While quantities (ast.

NY Strip & Shrimp ... 1 2 . 9 5 Broiled Flounder Lasagna, Manicotti or StuffedShells


And Now Featuring

Margie Raye •

on piano Friday & Saturday 7 to 12 64 Somerset £t, North Plainfield

Coupon good lor any party size.

PQNDER0SA GRaoarittfi Ufancem 'enervations {ffeasc




3" .

• 1!-4Mon-Frl


Hibeye Sieak, choice ol potato, I Inrtudos a variety ol IMI stuipi Cannot be used with our AIIYou-Can-eat Grand Bultrust) SHlads. holvepftlahlci <*(" other discounts. Tax not let • and sundae bar dessert * appoii/ets, (tosh Ifurt, i.isiy tivi Cannot be used with other included. Coupon good soils aiui sundae bar desseM discounts. Tax not included. lor any party size. Cannol be used wilh o i l "




- CHOPPED _ I STEAK DINNER I DINNER $599 $599 . Includes ou> Chaibroiled


Route 31 & Church Street 788-9829

• discotinls

Tax nol iru UKIO*I

I CUII|KMI good lor any p.irty:






SOMERSET 922 Easton Avenue 828-9644

PnWDEROSA September 23-25,1992

Forbes Newspapers





/ - *

' - -^ (*'\'

•c, i . » V ^

*C*V * x^> <$4

O'Connor's -SoM^ny Ways To Make You Happy •


Wine With Reason Watching Mike Benziger, of the Glen Ellen and Benziger Vineyards, give a tasting has to be like having dinner with Robin Williams. He Is all energy; racing around the room, asking everyone their opinion, diagraming his answers on a blackboard. But, while Mike could be entertaining, he also showed there was a time to be serious. Very serious. "When we first went out to California, we wanted to be like everyone else. We wanted to have boutique, expensive, high fckrtng' wines. But, when we went to distributors, they dkJnl even want to talk to us. When they finally did see us, they at asked the same thing: 'What are you guys going to do that's unique?'." As you' might know, in the early eighties Glen Ellen did something very unique, they came into the market place with the "Fighting Varietals"; very good cabernets and nhardonnays at reasonable prices. The Proprietor's Reserve program also changed the way people look at table wines, giving us blended wines that were both good with food, and pleasant by themselves. "We don't like the word "quality" at our wineries." Mike Says. "Quality Is static. We believe in "constantly improved quality". One way developed at Glen Ellen to pursue this is the Farming for Flavors Program. In 1991, the winery had 489 separate lots of vines and 240 growers. Each vineyard is chosen to produce a specific flavor that will be blended with [the other lots to produce the Glen Emn style. In this way, Glen Ellen can guarantee its customers ttie same, consistently good tasting bottle of wine, despite problems the vintage may give them. It sounds like a scientific formula; which area of Sonoma has the best berry flavors? Where can you get mint? How can we control the canopytoproduce more pineapple flavors in Napa? But, between the researchers at the wineries and the grape growers in the field, they have It all figured out The Glen Ellen Proprietor's Reserve White has a new package. The wine itself is very clean, toasty and with a lot of good citrus flavors. The Benziger Fume Blanc Is not a grassy monster. They have concentrated on more of the lovely herbal and melon flavors. This wine went marvelously with the Monkfish we were served. The 1990 Benziger Chardonnay was one of my favorites tons of apple and pineapple flavors, a healthy dose of oak, and a long warm finish. I personally fell in love with the 1989 Benziger Mertot. This Is a wine that pairs well with food but has enough going for It to sip alone. Cherry and dark berries on the nose, a little bit of spice, all of this following through in the taste. No heavy tannins here; Just enough to pjVB a bit of structure and all interest. If the Benziger Family hadn't decided to something "unique", I'm sure they would have succeeded making blockbuster wines anyway. But, my tastebuds and my pocketbook are both glad they decided to be different



"The Stamm Family is at your service" OPEN FOR LUNCHEON, COCKTAILS, DINNER, SUPPER


On the North Shore of the Lake 141 Sterling Road, Watchnng, New Jersey





Children 12 * Under order FREE from our children's menu when accompanied by an p d adult on T>ies. & Thurs. (1 cl|iid per adult entree ojily) FREE Kids Sundaes w/ dinner Mondays & Wednesdays.

SENIOR PRIME RIB from 12:00-5pm $795

COMEDY SHOW Join Us p n Fridays at fMbm



Comedy Special Price when dinner is included

SUNDAY ALL YOU Call for CAN EAT BRUNCH (reservations.! RETURNS SEPT. 13th 11-2PM

708 Mountain Blvd. Watchung (908) 755-2565





Couples Nite!!! ^ W r



FREE HI-. Will.

1)1.1)1 ( I III!- IV\() i:\TKKK.S O r l.CSSl.U \ A 1 . L E KKO.M ^'OL'R CHECK \ CiMinih ill1 15r< \Nili He -\itdeil lei the 'lolnt Hill Ilclbrc tin' Deductions Ciiimnl be c i m i h i n i d w/imy o t h e r p r o m o t i o n s . i:\|)ires ')'2f,;92. FOHllICS

Eate Oct. », 1992

Reservations Suggested j







(Children. 10 & Under S5.50)

Reservations Suggested

EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT Starting At 8:00 Richie at Piano & Bobby "MC" INVITE YOU TO "OPEN MIKE - TALENT NITE" Come Sing Along! ^ ^

908-561-2722 2991 Hamilton Blvd., So. Plalnfield (Off Rt. 287)

3417 Highway 27 Franklin Park, NJ



Continental German-American Cuisine

Sponsored by






September 23-25,1992

OUT Fall '92

Publication Dkte:

NovJ fc 1992

For more information, cail Micki at 722-3000 ext. 61(4



Lunch Specials • Fresh Salmon Steak (Boneless) S8.95 Dinner Specials: • Lean Baby Rack of Lamb (7 Ribs) M6.50 • Fresh Rainbow Trout (Stuffed with real crab meat) '13.75



Tijuana Joe's



Buy one entree \l H O 1^1 at regular price I/O M K I l J and receive 2nd at IL I I I I V I



May not be combined with any other offer.


exp 10 15 92


AB seived with pot. & veg. (may not be combined with any other offers) Exp. 9/30/92

Open 7 Days Mon.-Thurs. 11:30-10; Fri. 11:30-11; Sat. 2-11; Sun. Noon-10

Take Out Orders • Gift Certificates • Vegetarian Specials Available Ample Parking • Menu in Braile • Located between Bell Ave. & Rt.202 N. Bound

Rt. 22 West North Plainfield 755-4400

| .

(Corner of West End Ava. and Rt 22 Wast) Major Credit Cards Accepted


120 Thompson St. Raritan, NJ 704-9292


Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

Snow Crab Legs Dinner Garlic Shrimp on Pasta Chicken & Shrimp Combo Fresh Fish of the Day Crawfish Etouffee


All 9.99

(908)297-2882 or 8311 Reservations Accepted Parties up to 200

Known for generations for Steaks, Prime Ribs, Seafood DAILY SPECIALS INCLUDE From

Shrimp Cocktail Soup & Salad Bar OPA-OPA Drink

$995 '3.95

Children's Menu



WEDDING DREAMS FROM $ 3 3 . 9 5 514 Hours Open Bar Silver Candelabra Hors D'oeuvres * Flowers 7 Course Dinner Flaming Jubilee Show Private Tiered Bridal Rooms Wedding Cake White Glove Service



908 322-7726

Park & Mountain Ave., Scotch Plains, NJ

All 4-99

Mongolian Bar-B-Q Buffet salad bar & soup ALL YOU CAN EAT! • Rated by Princeton Packet- * i i Home News-J


Free Birthdav or Anniversary Cake with Dinner Reservations Staircases



Rts. 78 & 287


Seafood Restaurant

M o l M M combifwa wim any « n « M.KX c«
mmm "/


.... Entrees $3.00 All V4 Ib. Sandwiches $1.99



Woodbridge: 61 U.S. Highway 1 906-1220 . A A A A A A A i lN

. \

Meals to Go

Menu for Week of Sept. 28th Mon. Tnpc l u c a




Spicy Lamb Meatballs or Shrimp w/ Indian Spices Beef Stroganotf or Tuna Stuffed Shells Chicken Pot Pie or Veggie Enchiladas

TllUTS. B ra ' se d Pork Loin or Pasta w/Eggplant & Tomato


Swedish Pot Roast or Mac & Cheese

ASK ABOUT OUR ICE CREAM! Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m.

62 W. Main St., Somerville 722-8782



; HK V



September 23-25,1992



\ \


Dinner for Two




Jersey Red Delicious Apples


Except Holidays



grai. not ind.

4 \


$299 Ib.



(5 lbs. or more)

Hvmemac e Specialties: Italian Sausage, Pinwheel Steaks & Much More!

SALE RUNS THURS.-SUNDAY 9/24-9/27 We Now Accept Visa - MasterCard & Discover Cards ATTENTION RESTAURANTS, GROUPS & CATERERS: We sell wholesale meats, produce & deli at 5% over cost for orders called ahead & picked up. Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9-6, Sat. 8-6, Sun. 8-2 Located on Oak Tree Road ph d /AAAV ?ee OCCO moneoraers Next to Drug Fail across from

gladly accepted

Post Office in s V l

WhenBri TkBacon



(by the pound)

Homemade Apple Pies, Cakes & Strudles Now Available!!

(908) 755-3OOO


Fresh VA Chicken Legs

Domestic Swiss Cheese

Pumpkins, Gourds & Mums Available Now!!

At Parkway Exit 136 • Cranford


Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops

Ib. (by the pound)



Call (908) 272-4700


$ 4 69 (3 lbs. -1 Ib. or more)

Hormel Cappicola

Jersey Eggplant

Includes: soup, salad, choice of any entree, dessert, coffee.

MEATS 80% Lean Round Chuck

(by trie pound)




DELI Boar's Head Hard Salami $ 9


Available Every Day!


Wedding • Showers Dinners 20-800 Persons

Farm Fresh Ccmrxtry

These days, bringing home the ba.con leaves little time for cooking. So after work tomorrow, bring home a bucket of Roy's hot and delicious fried chicken.

Let Roy's cater your next affair - Call for Special Prices! , Buy On« Get One

FREE!* . J. IMt 1 par order. Ptaaas I 2 Piece Chicfcea baton,wtth ordartng.Bisorit Not good In a

conwiun mm wnt offw o*r.

f m*o**mtmm.VoU»*»npn

I WKao0fl0rtyMp.tcto.in9 Hoy | COUPON GOOD THROUGH OCT. 9.1991

18 To Party - 21 To Drink - ID Required

FRENCH ST. (RT. 27) • (908) 249-6131 (Right On The New Brunswick & Somerset Border)


weekend PHIS Weekend

September 23-25,1992

«Iust KM



C h i c k e n ^ J16/20 Piece Chicken*

Rej ular/Large I£52f!5i iRoast I teef Sandwich

900a jn 9 j conuMui «• m, Mm <•> vad m pmNUUd.CiaicimariniiHayviilUMiaMiu.Cali

aasssfflsiaaaaosr' J COUPON EXPIRES OCT. I I M I

5O<: Off

- - prasflflt axtton-to-caiNar baton 1 proNbaed Caah M H M 1..6CM. Not wtth any o*wr ottor. Cuatomar m a t tax. Ssod only at paitMoanng Roy


1120 Rt. 22 East, North Plainfield 325 Terrill Rd., Scotch Plains 668-8886 322-9865

Rt. 22, Somerville 685-9888

O O D T H R U OCT. 9 , i m

Rt 31, Flemington 782-9015

September 23, 24,25,1992


Forbes Newspapers

Advertiser Index Flemington Car & Truck Kemper PontiacCountry .• 1 Cadillac. 3 Belle Mead Garage ....2 Hariey Davidson..... ...3 Z & W Honda .2 Somerset Nissan .....A

The Volkswagen -Passat GL Wagon: A well-bred, finely tuned auto. In the Auto Guide

GOT A CAR TO SELL? NEED NEW WHEELS? Forbes Newspapers Automotive Guide is all you

V\ K A M

BarnwwjBwawww w* waves*- J




BRAND NEW 1992 MAZDA Jnterlo,

^ JUST ^ftP"^ — - O j "-<•'* _ _ — . ' • ' '-v-1—^ , — ""

'*~ ^ ^ J " " A " —_ " , * ' '



4 dr., auto w/od, 6 cyl. fuel inj., p/s, p/disc brakes, AM/FM ster. cass., p/w/lcks., mc»n rf., rw def., dual AIR BAGS, LOADED! VIN# NO126702, Stk # 92M828, MSRP $30 250


" MO.

Frees nolude aS costrabe paid by consuner excepttorSc.reg Maxes Uasepaymert based on 48 months, closed end lease. Nosec. deposl. Istmo. pymni.d
**•'"•""• /"St/JCD 1 f\(% AX/AII &RI P LfVCtf I UU MVMIt-MDS-SZ


Auto., p/s, p/b, 6 cyl., leather, ABS, sun rf, CD, air bag, wht., 13,500 mi., VIN# NY034994, Stk.# 92MI437P MSRP $30,205.


MPV aUtO W / o d 6 C y l . , p / S , p / b , A M / F M Ster. CaSS., ClOtn i n t . ,

Prices include all cost to be paid by consumer except lor I K . reg i taxes Lease payments based on 48montns. closed end lease M

bckt. sis., p/w/lcks., remote mirrs., a/c, t/glass, all season SBR, ^ ^ * ^ ^ ^ ^ ! C S " £ 3 S " 5 S VIN#N0448173, Stk.#92M698, MSRP $20,889. taaimi.aia.snce.






SAtES/SEBViCE/PARTS 908-782-7500

4 dr., 4 cyl., p/s, p/b, auto., a/c, p/w/lcks., AM/FM cass., 13,174 m i , VIN# NV017612, Orig. MSRP $15,275.





Auto., p/s, p/b, 6 cyl., a/c, p/w/lcks., air bag, silver, 10,000 mi., V!N# NY034620,

.""" '


;.•!/ -"•'''

UES 9OB-7aaaS0O5Bef!WCE9O8-782-3673>MfiTS 908-782-^394


BRAND NEW 1992 SUBARU VS pft p/dac brakM, raaf ann k x * brakes. S spd. trans.. AM/FM ster cass t * , m' WID« S8R tires, trm nngs. spar* tire cover, rear wipe/wash, rw del. reclne bdtt. sis! SO/40 spl« rear stTchid safe rear dr k*s . tfglass, earp« II mats, skid dates * WO auto hubs, 5000 towing capacity, a/c. gray cloth int, gaugss, rnuchrnora MSflP$20,219,_VIN» N79«3232..__

4 dr 5 spd man , 4 c y l , p/rack & pinion strng, p/b, silver, AM/FM ohvAcks a/o t/alass rw def, hit, gauges, cloth int, bckt. sts . carpet ma?sall%eas§n SBR, VIN# NB216390, Stk.# 92312, MSRP p i $938 S10.933, Dealer Disc. $938.


^ i , * _

5 spd man , p/s, p/b, 4 cyl., silver, a/c, t/g!ass, rw def hit gauges, cloth int. bckt. s t s , all season SBR, p/w/lcks., AM/FM ster VIN* NB42438S, Stk.# 92271. MSRP $11,647.

-r« S model, V6 p/s, p/b, 5 spd. man,, tire carrier, rear wipe/wash, mats, a/c, AM/FM cass., lugg. rack, MSRP $17,352, VIN# N4322623.

Prices Include all costs to be paid by consumer except for lie, reg. and taxes. Prices good until 9-30-92.

SALES 908-782^3331 SEWICBPAHTS 908-782-3330

LT 4 dr 4 c y l , 5 spd man., p/rack & pinion strng, p/disc brakes, AM/FM"ster cass. w/equal, p/w/lcks., a/c, t/glass, rw def., tilt, qauges, cloth i n t , bket sts . carpet mats, allssason SBR, ViN. iNI6^4597, Stk.# 92310, MSRP $15,669, Dealer Disc $2674


908-782-: Flemington






Routes 202 A 31 Across from The Fairgrounds


. Prices inci. all costs to be paid by consumer except forto.,reg.& taxes.'

S-2! / Forbes Newspapers

September 23, 24, 25,1992

VW Passat GL Wagon has good showrooms as a 1990 model was really the third generation EuroFORBES NEWSPAPERS ' '' ~ pean version that has been tried .' A decade or so ago — when the and tested on the Autobahns and ; era of the ubiquitous rear-engine, byways of the Continent before rear drive, air-cooled Beetle drew being sent across the Atlantic to to a close — it was replaced by the our shores. front-engine, front-drive, liquidThe new Passat is available as a cooled Rabbit In the early '80s, VW 4-door sedan or 5-door station decided to expand its model lineup wagon. I opted for the wagon in over here and introduced the order to test its merits on a four Quantum. As a "big car," front- day two couple trip through the ' engine, front-drive luxury family valleys and over the coastal moun;-sedan it was quite a departure tains of California. from the smaller VWs we were APPEARANCE: The newest used to. The styling of the Ameri- Passat Wagon exemplifies Eurocan Quantum was derived from styling with simple yet gracious dethe European VW Santana, a top- sign, and is nicely proportioned luxury version of its Passat. Unfor- from its large VW front logo to its tunately it was powered by theample rear hatch. Its smooth, clean same small bore 4-cylinder engine lines are highlighted by side-body as the Rabbit, and could not reach creases and all-around rub strips. A the performance levels desired by lot of glass on the cabin gives a its drivers. In 1985, the 5-cylinder feeling of spaciousness, while the ' engine used in the European ver- large side mirrors and exterior sion was installed to give it more black trim hint at practicality. pep and appeal. Even so, it never COMFORT: The GL wagon is dequite caught on, and in the late signed for passenger comfort and '80s, the Quantum was dropped storage convenience. Both front from the VW roster. ThefirstPas- and rear seats tilt and slide, and sat nameplate which arrived in our the back ones fold down when By BILLfiUSS

added cargo space is needed. A se- standard on the GL, as is cruise curiiy cover keeps items in the control. rear out of sight. Head and leg ROADABILITY: With four room for all is excellent. The heat- adults and their luggage the wagon


pinion steering and four-wheel disc brakes provided agile handling and safe stopping. Thanks to good insulation and sealing, the Passat was weather-tight and relatively quiet at highway speeds. The first Passatnameplate, which arrived in PERFORMANCE: A 2.0 liter, 4cylinder dual overhead cam engine showrooms in 1990, was realiy the third four-valves per cylinder and generation European version tried and tested with electronic port fuel injection, proon the Autobahns and byways of the Continentvides 134 horsepower to the front wheels of the Passat wagon. This before being sent across the Atlantic. power is adequate for all city driving and for safe passing on most major highways. However, on steeper grades the 4-speed elecer/air conditioner kept the large handled very well. The ride was tronically controlled automatic cabin at a comfortable tempera- firm, but not harsh and. the Good- transmission "hunted" quite a bit ture, but while the sound system year Eagle GT 4 tires gripped the and did not shift smoothly. In had good tone, the reception of dis- various road surfaces very well these situations the third gear ratant stations was marginal Power VWs proven independent suspen- tios seemed too low and the overwindows, locks and mirrors are sion, plus power assisted rack-and- drive ratios too high.

SUGGESTIONS: Adjust transmission for smoother shifting. Add center arm rest and storage box. Add beverage holders. • ECONOMY: EPA ratings are 20 city/29 highway. I averaged 28.0 mpg. CONCLUSIONS: The Passat GL Wagon offers a lot of mid-sized passenger and cargo room, good fuel economy, nice handling, a quiet ride and adequate power for most driving situations. VW designers and engineers have given a lot of thought to the development of this stylish and durable appearing Euro-wagon. PRICE AS TESTED: $19,375 with automatic transmission. BASE PRICE: $17,970 with many amenities.

| TEST DRIVE TEST DRIVE: VW PASSAT GL WAGON Specifications Base price-$17,970 Price as tested - $19,375 Engine type -1-4, done, 16v, pfi Engine Size -2.0 liter/121 cid Horsepower -134 at 5,800 rpm . Torque (ft/lbs) -133 at 4,400 rpm

Wheelbase/length -103 inch/ 180 inch Transmission - four-speed autow/od Curb weight - 3,040 lbs. Pounds/HP - 23 Fuel capacity -18 gal.

Fuel requirement - unleaded regular - 87 octane Tires - Goodyear Eagle GT 4 195/60R14V Brakes - anti-lock optional disc/disc Drive train - front engine/front drive Performance - 0-60 mph -10 sec, 1/4 mile (E.T.) -18.5 sec. EPA economy, mpg city/ highway/observed - 20/29/ 26 Drag coefficient (Cd) - .34 See the Volkswagon Passat Gt Wagon at the following local dealers: DiFeo Volkswagen, Route 22, Bound Brook; Gardener Volkswagen, 118 Route 202, Bernardsvil\e, and Sutton-Denbigh Volkswagen, routes 202 & 31, Remington.

THE VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT GL Wagon follows in a long iine of fine Volkswagen automobiles characterized as efficient and smoothrunning arid having an abundance of style.






15 Voyagers and 5 Town & Countrys.

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BELLE MEAD GARAGE 359-8131 Route 206 South, BeNc Mead, NJ •Title,iiaui luxes, (Icsfinnfinn rhargrs options extra. Atrh:ij> is fullymifenmiiy rliVrtive only ••Mill irini Ttvui nun. Liivcrsami engine, pomTiroin liiui nj;tl!nsi rositt

when nseil seal or" licit. Covers engine, |imnxir;iin nmlfirst, iiKslhisl mitwlmily ntslflinmgli forirllh 7 yi-iiri 70,(1(10 niih% whichever mines; on every Amerlrimniiide eilr. .Si'c n nipy <>C ihis liiiiifcil warranty al your tlrcilcr. Some n-lrklimis apply.

987 State R d , Princeton, NJ. On Rte. 206, opposite the Princeton Airport.

908/873-1414 A Somerset County Forbes Newspaper


September 23, 24, 25, 1992

Forbes Newspapers / S-3

Buiek Park Avenue Ultra is 'supercharged' luxury car



The Buick Park Avenue Ultra remains the flagship of the company's luxury car lineup. Since it made its debut in 1990 as a 1991 model, the Ultra has been at the forefront of the Buick fleet of sedans and coupes. It has drawn praise from all facets of the media for its design and performance. The latest Ultra, except for a few trim revisions, doesn't look significantly different from its predecessor. But that's not to say that improvements and changes have not been made. In my original review I wrote "...the Ultra is not a flawless wonder car, but it takes a long step in the right direction to bring to the, U.S. domestic car buyer a well thought-out luxury vehicle which takes into account the results of consumer surveys and consideration of buyers desires balanced against our government's safety and ecological mandates." In the summer of 1991, a special group of 150 Park Avenue Ultras came off the assembly line fitted with a supercharger to boost the horsepower to luxury car performance levels. The relatively small

unit increased horsepower from 170 to 205, and torque up to 260 foot pounds. Based on the satisfactory results of this small sample, Buick said "go" to putting the Eaton supercharger on all of its 1992 and later Ultras. In a few words, this newest "type of supercharger outperforms turbo charging by delivering a broad band of power (torque) for quick pickup in passing and merging situations without turbo throttle lag. The old supercharger problems of noise and power drain have been minimized by innovative engineering, and except for slight surge in power I found it difficult to tell when the supercharger kicked in. APPEARANCE: The Ultra retains its classic design with its rounded lines, a long hood and rear deck, near-flush glass, some b right trim, and alloy wheels shod with Goodyear Eagle GA touring tires. Contrasting color plastic cladding covers the bumpers and provides a two-tone paint effect on the side body for practical body-side damage protection. COMFORT: Everything one would expect in a luxury sixpassenger touring sedan is either part of the original equipment or the prestige option package (SE).

Power front seats, windows, side mirrors, cruise control, air conditioning, upgrade sound system with CD player, remote door locks, dual visors, power trunk pull-down and an attention commanding 4note horn, The large fiat trunk provides lots of storage space, and Comfortemp allows individual front seat temperature control. ROADABIUTY: When fitted with the optional Grand Touring package which includes a firmer suspension, alloy wheels, Goodyear Eagle GA Touring tires, and traction control (a bargain at $111 extra), the Ultra drives predictably, fairly smoothly and comfortably. Also, variable assist power steering and automatic ride level control

contribute to on-the-road comfort For safely, anti-lock brakes, drivers air bag and three-point safety belts are standard.

luxury car market Coupled to it is tem. Redesign the outside door the electronically controlled 4T60-E handles. Hydra-matic transmission, and the ECONOMY: EPA ratings are 17 engine management computer, city/27 highway. I averaged 22.3 mpg driving in town, and 27.3 mpg on a 700 plus mile trip. CONCLUSIONS: The Park AvIn the summer of 1991, a special group enue Ultra is now a highly refined of 150 Park Avenue Ultras came off the personal luxury sedan that can assembly line fitted with a supercharger to transport up to six people in comfort, safety and luxury. The new boost the horsepower to luxury car supercharger added the performperformance levels. ance that was necessary to make: It a real competitor in its special luxPERFORMANCE: The super- that together provide very quiet ury market, charged 3.8 liter V-6 engine is the and smooth up-and-down shifts PRICE AS TESTED; $31,689 big addition for 1992 and beyond. throughout the driving ranges. fully outfitted for safety and comThis modification gives the Ultra SUGGESTIONS: Enlarge the the boost in power it needed to side view mirrors. Simplify the fort. successfully compete in the large controls for the climate control sysBASE PRICE: $28,780.

TEST DRIVE BUICK PARK AVENUE ULIHA Specifications Base price - $28,780 Price as t e s t e d - $31,698 Engine type - V-6, ohv pushrod, tmpfl* Engine Size - 3.8 liter/231 cid Horsepower - 205 at 4,400 r p m

' . . : ' • : , _-

Torque {ft/lbs) - 260 at 2,600 rpm Wheelbase/length -111 inch/

premium Tires - Goodyear Eagle GA P215/60R16 : : \ Brakes - anti-lock standard disc/ drum

'-';•:, '•-.

Drhre train-front engine/front drive Performance - 0-60 mph -8.6 sec., 1/4 mile (E.T.) -t6.6 sec. EPA economy, m p g city/ highway/observed -17/28/ 24.8 Drag coefficient (Cd) - .31 "Tuned port fuel injection See the Buick Park Avenue Ultra at the following Iocs! dealers: Fennessey Bukk, Routes 202 and 206 Worth, Somerviffe and Cfrcte Buick, Bootes 2G2 and 31, Remington.

205 inch Transmission - four-speed auto w/od Curb w e i g h t - 3,640 lbs. Pounds/HP * 18 Fuel c a p a c i t y -18 gal. Fuel requirement - unleaded

8030 Automobiles

8030 Automobiles

FORD- 62 Falcon. Low mileage. Automatic. S650/BO. Call 908-7546027 after 6pm.

ISUZU— 85 Impulse. Gold w/beige interior. Fully loaded. 5 Speed. Excellent condition. High miles. Original owner. A Mid-West car. Very clean. Must selil S1700/BO. 908459-3260

mso A C U R A - 90 Integra, auto, PS, PB, sunroof, mint cond., 71K mi. $8500. 609-497-2878

8010 Automobiles under$1000 * * * *

CHEAP! FBI/U.S. SEIZED 89 Mercedes $200 86 VW S50 87 Mercedes $100 65 Mustang $50 Choose from thousands starting at $25. For Directory Information call 24 hour hotline. 801379-2929 Copyright #NJ17WJC *




CHEVY— 78 Nova. 4 door. Blue w/blue interior. 305/Auto. AC, 11 OK. Runs strong. S450/BO. 908-359-3260

A C U R A - Integra 90, 15k, 5 spd, ac, p-snrf., am/fm/cass./cd, alarm, 3 dr., 13,000, must sell, 908-549-8055 AUDIPS,

85 5000, grey,




cass,. 85K Miles. $5200. 526-3896 after 5 B U I C K - 88 Reatta, red, leather Int., new tires, loaded, mint cond. 35K ml. $10,500/BO. 908-2189311 eves. CHEVY— 80 Corvette, black, t-tops, loaded, 51K miles, garage kept, $5800. Call 908-560-0798

CHEVY- 82 Caprice, 4Dr., Auto, PS, 6-Cyl., 62K ml. S3000/BO. 356-4926

CHEVY- 86 Camaro, silver/black, excel, cond., PS, AC, 43K mi., orig. owner, $4900. Call 908272-1578 CHEVY— 86 Caprice, clean, or 85 Cutlass Clera, extra dean. Must sell one, your choice. Both loaded. $3300. 90B874-4080 CHEVY— 87 Celebrity, 4 dr, front wheel drive, AM/ FM, AC, tilt, 58K, good cond. $3350 Call 201736-2067.

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BUICK'S PARK AVENUE ULTRA comes up to its luxury car perfdrmance potential with the introduction of a small supercharger engine.

F O R D - 88 Mustang GT, exc cond. 5-spd. PS, PB, AC, cruise, am/FM Cass. 39K mi. Asking $7900/ BO. 819-0186 F O R D - 90 T-Blrd SC, white w/artlc blue int., Power everything, ABS, JBL/CD, 5spd, 6 cyl. still under warranty. Mint cond., $14,500.302-1449 HONDA— 86 Accord DX. 5spd, 2DR, hatchbk. Well kept 82,500 ml. $4,100/ BO. 908-369-5461. H O N D A - 86 C i v i c , hatchback, 5 spd, ps, pb, asking $2800, 908769-5509

C H E V Y — 81 M o n t e Carlo. Body & tires good cond. PS, PB, AC, Runs but needs work. Asking S600. 846-8435, aft 5pm. CHEVY— 82 Cavalier Wagon, 3-spd auto, PS, PB, roof rack, cloth int. Body and int. good. High milage. $600. 647-7673

8020 Automobiles under $2500 CHEVY— 84 Camaro, needs work, $1300/BO. Call Eric 463-8420 FORD— 85 Escort GT, 5spd, runs very good. $1250. Call evenings or leave message. 545-4754 * * * * H O N D A - 82 Accord, 5 spd., 113 K, 4 dr., PS, PB AC, good cond., $1350. Call 908-968-3198 POMT1AC- 84 B e r o , 4 d


cyl, 4spd, 9°° _ °n£

38K mi., S2.200/BO. 908549-0777 VW— 84, GTI, 1 owner, BSk. w/red Int., clean, Asking $1200/BO. 908563-4988

8030 Automobiles

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JEEP— 88 Wrangler, 71k, 6 cyl., 5 spd.,air, ps, p b , hdtp/bikini, Sony, never off road. MINT. $7400, 908-369-6902 MERCEDES- 83 300TD, s/wagon, auto, ac, snrf, 108k, full power, leath,.a/ smcas, new tires, alloy wheels, g a r . e d , exc. cond. $7900,769-4388 MITSUBISHI- 90 Eclise, auto, PS, PB, AC, new tires & brakes, 68K, Mint cond., $7900. Maryann 699-2730 or 821-2442

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OLDS— 78 & 79 Cutlass, 1 w/t-roof, good condition. $600 ea. Call 908846-7398 Jeff

CADILLAC- 75, Coupe DeVille, 500 V8, auto, ps, pb, pdl, p-seats, climate controlled ac, pw, near mint interior! tilt/ telescopic wheel, no dents, delay wipers, am/ fm/cass w/eq., great 1st car!! $975 bio, 908-6279802, leave message

JAGUAR- 83 XJ6, very good cond., fully loaded, must sell. $5500/BO. 828-0592

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Forbes Newspapers


N I S S A N - 85, 300 ZX, Well Kept, 5 spd., fully loaded, T-tops, all repair r e c o r d s a v a i l . , very dean, 105K Hwy miles., color gray, $3800., will n s g o . Call Dino S-5 (201)331-4445, aft 5pm, 908-704-8744 NISSAN— 90 Stanza XE, 4-dr. auto, AC, AM/FM cass., cruise, alarm, 58 K mi., like new, asking $7600. 752-0639 OLDS— 81 Toronodo, runs well, lots of new parts, AC, stereo, P/windows, needs some work. $300/Firm. Call 968-2888 PLYMOUTH— Horizon, 4 dr., hatchbk., 15k, orig owner, auto, ac, am/fm/ cass, bucket seats, deluxe model, garg.ed, exc. cond., $4950, 769-4388 PONTIAC— 84 Trans AM, T-top, Auto, Fully

loaded, 85K, good cond. $3000/BO. 757-4354 5pm

PONTIAC- 87 Firebird, low milage, blue, exc. cond. Asking $3600. Call John 246-4440 eONTIAC— 88 Grand AM SE, white, fully loaded, excellent condition. 526-9251 PONTIAC— 88 Grand Am, turbo, loaded, 53k, auto, $5500 b/o, 908-6852644 P O N T I A C - 88 Safari wagon, full options, 52K miles, Exc. cond., Asking $8900. Call 908-526-8016 TOYOTA— 86 pick-up, 4wh. dr., 4-cyi. 5-spd., 75K mi. AM/FM cass. (pull out). $5000/BO 7B8-1862 T O Y O T A - 91 Cam™, 4dr, V6, sunroof, AM/FM cass., AC, PS, PB, P/Windows, alarm, mint cond., 9K m i t e s , 1 o w n e r , $13,900 firm) Call 5623199 or 329-6910 after 6 ask for Robin



Antique and Classic Automobiles JAGUAR- 71 XKE Roadster, serious inquiries only. Call 908-218-0363.

8050 Luxury Automobiles LINCOLN— 83 Towncar, 40k, loaded, 1 owner, just a beautiful car, $6000, 722-5983 aft 6pm L I N C O L N - 85 Town Car, Signature Series, 37K miles, gold w/gold int., mint cond. $6750/ BO. Call 908-654^289.

FORD E 1 5 0 - Handicap Van 1988, 30K miles, " STAR CRAFT C6Hv." Wheel chair lift, raised roof & doors. Fully loaded. Like new & must see. 908-322-6916. . . DODGE— 78 B200, Maxiwork van, 318, auto, PS, PB, stereo, sunroof (2), partitioned, 130K mi., just tuned, runs great. As is. $500. 369-0063 FORD— 78 Van, 3 spd, manuel trans, $1800. Call David 908-561-1896

- mm CHEVY- 85 S15 Jimmy, mint condition, garaged, 63K m i . , Auto, A/C, $7000/ BO. 753-0838. CHEVY— 89 S-10 Biazer, 4 WD, auto, 4.3 liter V-6 engine. 56,500 mi., mint cond. PW, PDL, cruise, tilt, digital dash, AC, AM/ FM cass., sunroof, cloth bucket seats, towing pkg. w/traiier hitch & ski r a c k . $ 1 0 , 5 0 0 . 908821-1430. DID YOU KNOW... that an ad in this local paper also goes into 16 other local papers? Reach over 400,000 readers with one call! 1-800-559-9495 INTRODUCTIONS... A way for people to meet people, every week in your local Forbes newspaper. The ad is free, then one call does it ail! 1-80O-559-9495 T O Y O T A - 88 SR5, 4 Runner, V6, auto, PS, PB, p/windows, AC, AM/FM stereo cass., two tone blue, 49K, Asking $9500. Call 908-754-6877

HONDA— 73, runs good, good starting 526-5129 after

H O N D A — 84 S a b r e 1100, low miles, good c o n d . , looks great, $2200. Call after 6PM at 218-8913 ask for Mark





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O'DAY — 22', 1984. sleeps 4, 7VSHP Honda, VHF roller furling, paid boat slip, much more! $5900. 908-725-4854

1992 PO^TIAC BONNEViL.l.l= 4 door, 11,035 miiss Serial # N126483S Auto, A/C, PS, PB, PW, PL, Tilt, Cfulse, R. Def.. CESS., 6 Cyl, P. Seat

1992 PONTIAC SUM81RB 4 door 17,095 miies Serial # N7507351 Auto, A/C, PS, PB, PL, AM-FM, P.. Defog. 4 cyl.

*8,99J 1991 BUiCK PARK AVENUE 4 d o o r 2 7 , 1 6 2 P!»Jas Serial # M150S351 Auto, A/C, PS. PB, PW, PL, r e , Crulsa, R. Def,, .Cass, 8 cyl, P. Saat

1991 POIiTlAC FSfSiilRD GTA 2 d o o r SS4S m t i s e . Serial # ML234S53 Auto, A/C, PS, PB, P i , PW, TiSS, Cruise, R. Def., Cass, V-8 eyi.

1989 POMTIAC Q l t ^ N O AM 44,49$ mites


Serial #KC323920 Auto A/C, PIS, P/B, P/W, Fft, Tilt YnvKK, Cruise, Cassette, 4 cyl.

J19S9 PONTIAC BO^NEVILLE 42,380 miles

Serial #KN211065 6 cyl, Auto, Air Com!. P/S, P/B.

P/W, P/L, TM, CC, Cassette.




CLAYTON AMERMAN DODGE Main Street, Peapack •71 Yeara Of Sates and Service"


»8,g9B---. 2 doer 46,765 miles. Santa # JL21 ISBS

Auto, A/C, PS, PB, Tilt, R. Def, Cass, 6 cyl.


A Somerset County Forbes Newspaper

Serial # LE100S91 Auto, A/C, PS, PB, Tilt, Crulss, R. Del., Cass., V-6 cyl, sunroof.


in w. uftioH Art. a«vx» I M H I I I I I H

'"" '"'""'jy

1990 CHEVROLET SERETTA 2 deer 28,628 mlias.

36 Dumont Rd. Far Kills, N J . Suits & StrMtt



Since 1909

S-4 / Forbes Newspapers

September 23, 24, 25, 1992

Wm EMMPLE MEW 1992 NISSAN MAXIMA G.XE 4-dr., 6-cyI., auto. Irans. w/OD. pwr. strng./brks./winds./Iocks/trunk rei./ gnU mirrs..,AIR. AM FM Stereo cassL. li't/ cruise, rr. defog.. tint, bisfm. tach/guages, ilium, entry, keyless entry. AIRBAG. rr. child safely Incks, int. wipers, alarm, alloy wnis.. cloth buckets, console. Sik. #3462. VIN #NT007501. Monthly pmt. basen on 60-mo. closed-end lease w/6D equai pmts. of S230.96. plus lax S1300 cap cost reduction. 1st pmt. S275 ref. sec. dep. plus S350 bank fee due at signing. Inci. 15,000 mi./yr.; iSVmi. thereafter. Option to purch. at lease end for S7583.15. Lessee rasp for excess wear & tear. MSRP: S20.495


16,495 230.96







- 3 |



4-dr., 4-cyl.. auto, trans., pwr. strng./ farks no air, rr de'og, b/Si m, delx wh' covers, s/b Radials. cloth buckets. Stk. =3720 ViN #NX917185 Monthly pmt based on 60-mo. closed-end tease w/60 equal pmts. of S148.52. plus tax. S1300 cap cost reduction, 1st pmt.. S175 ref. sec. dep. plus S350 bank fee due at signing. Incl. 15,000 mi./yr.; 15*/mi. thereafter. Option to purch. at lease end for :S4776.75. Lessee resp. for excess wear & tear. MSRP: S14.475


10,806 $ 52 148 OR LEASE FOR



N.Y. GIANTS PHOENIX CAIilNALS Just fill out th® entry blank & give It to any salesperson whan you enter the showroom!




' [STATED ;'PHONE-DAY_ EVE . i Must have a valid N J. drivers license in order I to till out this form. F._| L





MQN. - FRI. 8AM - 5:30PM mRTS ALSO OPEN Sf. 9AM-1PM Puces .includes all costs, to be paid by.a.consumerexcept for !(censlrjg,j$g!stratlo.n &.toes.

A Somerset County Forbes Newspaper