26 - There are a few of

26 - There are a few of

RED VOLUME LXXIX, NO. 5 ANK REGISTER luued Weekly, tntercd aa Second Class Matter at the Foit Office at Red Bank'. N. J.. under the Act of March 8, ...

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luued Weekly, tntercd aa Second Class Matter at the Foit Office at Red Bank'. N. J.. under the Act of March 8, 1S79.

Army Tries to Allay Nike Fears, Taylor Demands Safety Measures


A Welcome for the Young Visitors

HOLMDEL —Residents of this were. called to the base and sevtownship aro being invited by the eral fire companies were alerted. Army to visit the Nike basi» at. Capt. Francis G. Quigloy, pubCrawford's Corner Saturday from lic information officer at Fort 9 a. m. to noon' to show what Wadsworth, Statcn Island, said factors make the installation safe. the troopers were called as a rouThe invite follows complaints tine precautionary measure. He made this week by Laurence Tay- said an elevator failed to operlor, chairman of the Holmdel ate after It carried a missile to Community association, about an the surface, but it was back in Incident at the base July 13 service within an hour. caused by a faulty missile elevaCallH It Snafu tor. Capt, Quigley yesterday said Mr, Taylor yesterday said town- explosives at the base are stored ship residents "can't live here as underground and there is ample calculated risks." He charges the j ground between each missile Army spends millions for a wea- I well as the nearest residence. pons system, "but nothing for The base is so designed, he added, safety precautions." He said he that even if there were'a flre, it wants the base to have an ade- would be contained to Its point of quate warning system, "something origin. like a Civil Defense setup." Mr. Taylor, however, insists there is "evidence of the customPolice Alerted ary Army snafu." He said the Mr. Taylor insists that township Army assured everyone thft base residents near the base were eva- would represent no danger, but cuated by state pc/iice July 13 be- the faulty elevator Is the second cause it was in danger of ex- "incident" In the short while the ploding. The Army admits state missiles have been stored here. police from Keyport, Shrewsbury He said a missile was accidentally and Howell township barracks fired from there not long ago.

Former Atlantic Highlands Man Swept to Death at Niagara Falls NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y.—Memorial services for Donald B. Junghans, 25, of this place, formerly of Atlantic Highlands, who was swept to his death July 17 by a strong current In the Niagara river, will be held Sunday at St. Stephen's Episcopal cathedral here. He was the son' of Mrs. Marlon Junghans of First ave., Atlantic Highlands, and was employed at Niagara Falls in the aviation division of OHn Mathieson corporation.

Parking Lot Now Has Four-hour Meters Seventy-eight four-hour parking meters were put Into operation this week in the western most section—known as zone 1—of the White street parking lot. The four-hour meters, which are not new but merely old" meters that have been converted for the longer time period, will operate at the same rate— a nickel an hour. They will accept only nickels. In order to park his car there for the four hours permitted by the meters, a driver must deposit four nickels. , Police Chief Frank W. Bcuther said the four-hour zone has been mnrked with l.eiv signs. The area equipped with tho four-hour meters is thnt section of the parking lot nearest Maple avc.

Shore Aid Bill Passes, Goes to President's Desk AuchinclosB Measure Would Allow Federal Spending on Beaches According to Niagara Frontier state park police,- Mr. Junghans waa picnicking at the park with five other companions: Shortly utter 9 p. m. the group decided to go swimming in the river1 off Onglara park, between Whirlpool park and Devil's Hole. Witnesses to the drowning told police Junghans dived into the river and was carried away by the current. They said !.hey ran along the river bank in an attempt to give aid, but the youth quickly disappeared beneath tho water. Niagara Falls police and park police were summoned to the scene. With the aid of spotlights, pollca searched the area for several hours, but failed to find any trace of Junghans. The U. S. Coast Guard at Youngstown was alerted to watch for the body. Mr. Junghans was born at Montclalr, and moved to Atlantic Highlands in 1939. He was graduated from Atlantic Highlands high school and the University of Delaware. He was a member Of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. Also surviving is a brother, William Junghans, Atlantic Highlands. Mr." Junghans joined Olin-Mathieson In 1953 and was assigned to the company's research factory at Schenectady, N. Y. He was transferred to Niagara Falls in July of last year, and had been engaged In process development work. ! » He was a member of St. Stephen's church and the American Institute ot Chemical Engineers, and was active in tho Niagara Fallj Little Theater group.

$14,454 Curbing Contract OK'd itflHiii WHBURY — The niayor and council, at a special mooting last night, awarded a contract for the installation of 8,030 foot of curbing on Patterson ave. and Queon Anne dr. to the Salvatoro Negto company of Newark. Tho Nosto company submitted a bid of $1,80 per foot for a total bid of $14,454. Tho only other bidder was the Mills Dralnago and Construction company of Farmlngdalc, with an odor of $1.98 per foot, or a total of }16,890.40. Tho contract was awarded subject to final adoption of an ordlnanco authorizing Inutallatlon of tho curbo on thono stroats, Coat of tho Improvement will be [usdBucd against, property ownnrs on tho two fltroots, Thoy will bo given 30 days after adoption of tho ordlnanco In which to construct tholr own curbs, Th« HfHl>tor'« clitMlllctl mlv«rtl««. mentl luvfl rnora minion wlildi menus morn rtiultt Hom«nita IIMH wlint you WRnt or will liny wltnt yuu Unvti to netl. —Athhrtlflnmsnt,

WASHINGTON—President Els enhower's signature was awaited this week on a bill sponsored by Rep. James C. Auchincloss (R. 3d Dlst. N.J.) which would allow use of federal funds to protect certain private as well as public shore properties from erosion. The measure was passed by both the House and Senate. Passage spelled a victory for Mr. Auchtnclosa of the House Rivers and Harbors committee who, through the months, had gathered support among his Congressional colleagues for his. bill, aimed at bringing about greater federal participation in state erosion problems. Irwln Is Pleased (News that' the bill had found Its way through Congress was received Tuesday with expressed delight by Freeholder Director Joseph C. Irwln of MonmDuth county, who had put up an argument for it In Washington. "This," he said, ,!'is a good thing for our future . . . the only way to get an Important job done.") Mr. Auchincloas also said that a river and harbors bill which had passed In the house Monday will provide for the study of erosion in the Asburv Park-Manasquan area and authorize needr ed funds. In this latter program, he said tho federal contribution would come to $1,877,000, computed under tho same one-third ratio and that local contributions would come to $3,563,000 of the estimated $563,000 total. Assemblyman Alfred N. Beadlenton, v whose legislative work has been closely linked to shore Improvements, hailed as an "important accomplishment" passage of the aid bill. 1 "There will bo bordorllno cases Involved, in this. Much study needs to bo done nn provisions of the bill, Itself. But I hope this will open tho door to more federal aid for our coast which needs attention."

Bcndlcston Asks For Bridge Opening LITTLE SILVER- Assemblyman Alfred N, Beadloston has notlflod this borough and Oceanport that ho has appealed to Commissioner Josoph IS. McLean of tho Dopnrtmcnt of Conservation n.id Economic Development to try to get tho U. S, Army Englnoois to lolcnt In tho matter of brldgo oponlngB at Oceanport crook. Tho assemblyman said Ocoanport, Llttlo Bllvor and Town croaks soon will bo dredged by tho state. Ho prcrtlctod thnt boat tralllo will (Involop In both boroughs and thut paasngit through Oconnport crook alifahl ho uffordcil. Tho local mnyor and council wrote- Mr. Bimriloston to thiink him for hit continued Intercut In tho drodnlng project. | I

For All Departments CaU

RE 6-0013



Angry Women Prompt Threat To Kill Developers' Bond MIDDLETOWN-The township committee yesterday cracked fch« whip over the heads of the d«velopers of Monterey Manor development, giving them just two weeks to correct poor dralnag* and road conditions there or forfeit their bond. This firm stand—strongest talien by any of the population-teeming municipalities which hav» faced the multi-phased complaints of buyers of new homes—was taken at Mayor Prank F. Blaisdell's demand for real action. That demand came after a bevy of angry housewives, led by Mm. Joseph A. Melosh, 31 MitoheU dr., rrom the New Monmouth development, and two petitions from tho residents, cried out their protests at a meeting of the township committee against the condition!. Mayor States Stand

Council Juggles Measure For New Walks and Curbs SEA BRIGHT—The mayor and council Tuesday Introduced — then took another look into its pocketbook and pulled back for another review—an ordinance to put new sidewalks and curbs along six streets in the midtown area. Mayor Thomas Parrel! called a special meeting for 8 p, in. tomorrow to go over tho details again, with a view toward fresh introduction, if the town can afford the work under a proposed $25,000 bonding program. New walks and curbs have been a prime objective for the area by Councilman Nells J a c o b s e n , streets and lights chairman since 1953. That year, council went so far as to have Borough Engineer Otis R. Seaman draw up the specifications before withdrawing the measure.

that If, at a public hearing Aug. 14 preceding adoption there are enough objections, "it should be dropped;" and if a tie council vote should result on the final vote for adoption, "I will vote against It." There was no disagreement on tho part of council with Mr. Jacobsen's repeated view that some of the walks Involved are in "disgraceful and deplorable shape." Given special thought by Councilman Charles Eilenberger was the owner of corner and aroundthe-corner properties who would have to pay "three or more times" as much for new walks around his home as would a neighbor who had only the frontage to pay for. Now Walks Protected As regards those owners who already have put in new walks on their own responsibility, Mr. Jacobsen said Engineer .Seaman has assured him that thoso walks can be tied into the new program and such owners need not pay a fresh assessment. Dropped from the 1953 proposal, because Mr. Jacobsen said the assessment would fall largely upon one owner, waa walks and curbs for Peninsula ave. The new ordinance calls for work on both sides of Beach, Church, Center, Surf, River and Front sts. The ordinance would give the owners 30 days to build their own walks, according to the engineer's specifications, after which the town would move In and put In walks and curbs left undone. The borough's total cost would be counterbalanced against special assessments against the various properties, on a per foot improved basis. Owners then would havo the choice either of paying off their individual debts soon or, with interest added, taking up to five years to do so.

Mayor Blalsdell made It dear that if the developers, Arthur and Benjamin Shallt, make no energetic effort toward correction, the township will pick up their performance bond, at the builders' loss, and will move m It* own crews to get the work done. One petition signed by 20 Monterey residents denounced present conditions of curbing, washed out terrain and roads and the existence of a water-filled ravine on tho property. Another, signed by 39, demanded that the ravine, behind the big colony, be mad« safe for residents and their children. Photographs were handed up to tho governing body as evidence of the conditions.

Bond Fund in Budget This time, the sidewalk proposal waa wrapped up In an enabling Mrs. John McQueen, 11 I Maple ave., Fair Haven, and Randolph M. Bailly, chair- ordinance to fit bonding proviman of the Red Bank Lions club, extend a,warm welcome to two of a group of children sions contained in the 1056 municipal budget and tie Into an sent here by* the Herald Tribune Fresh Air fond as they arrived Friday at the local rail- amended version of those 1853 road station. The two shown are Barbara and Jimmy Carven, of New York city. Yester- specifications. Late last year, in preparing for the budget, Borday, the group went for a yacht ride. Sunday, they'll have a picnic at Phalanx. ough Auditor Josoph Seaman said the job could be financed this year. A Resident's Protest Teenagers Slow . Mrs. Melosh, sometimes standWhat made council hesitate ing with clenched flsta on her was an afterthought about the To Get Salic Shots hips, gave a prolonged address engineer's 1953 estimate that new walks would cost, then, about 55 about tho high amount of money The Bed Bank board of cents a square foot, or $3.85 a development rjsldenta had paid health's free Sulk anti-polio running foot. Council accepted for their homes. She charged that present conditions are leadvaccine clmic at River (Street the mayor's suggestion that beOCEANPORT—Stars of TV, Monmouth county welfare house, school yesterday was given to fore going forward it should stuing to their devaluation, and hit dy the program as it would be screen, Broadway and the movies Monmouth County Organization hard against the way the buildwill be among the guests at the for Social Service, Allenwood tu- 537 persons, less than 100 of related to current costs. It is askers am making what »ha called tenth annual turf charity ball berculosis hospital, County Red whom were fn the 15 to 1B- ing the engineer to turn In a new "insufficient efforts" to meet the estimate, sheet for tomorrow's and carnival Saturday at Mon- Cross branch, New Jersey Tuber- year-old age group. Mrs. Melosh, saying that she meeting. mouth Park's clubhouse here. culosis league, county chapter of represented "the wives of MonteFirst shots were given to 237; National Foundation for InfanSammy Kaye's "swing and away" Mayor Farrell made It clear rey," acknowledged that the band will provide music fDr danc- tile Paralysis, Cancer Control seconds to 300. The clinic WHS where he stood in the program. builders have tried "to some exing, assisted by the Kaydets, committee c-f the Monmouth the first here to be nvallable to He said he was in agreement that tent" to easo conditions. But sh» Kaye choir, elnging stars, Candy County Medical society, Mon- everyone up to the age of 20. the walks are something to he said tho Bum result has been "demouth County branch of New Would Notify Owners Anderson and Jeffrey Clay, and plorable" and that somo homes Previously, the vaccine was desired and was willing to have Kaye's own act, "So you want to Jersey Heart association, Family given only to those up to age an ordinance Introduced to pro- If the measure Is adopted Aug. are worse off now than before. and Children's Society, Inc., Rumvide for them. 14, Borough Attorney A. Henry lead a band." Hits Engineering son-Fair Haven-Sea Bright Pub- 14. Another clinic is scheduled Giordano said, all owners who Might Vote It Down She admitted that she is "no A highlight of the evening will lic Health Nursing association, for Wednesday, Aug. 8. will be tied Into the program include the auctioning of two Tuberculosis preventorlum at But, he said, 'tho "final deci- jmust be notified by mall of the engineer," but aald the developthoroughbred yearling Allies. Farm'ngdale, Legal Aid society sion should be up to the people;" decision. (Contlnued on Page 2) Both of these royally bred young of Monmouth county, Pollak meracing prospects were donated to morial fund of Monmouth Methe ball committee, one by Town- morial 'hospital, Kanaohoff- Mesend B. Martin of Locust, and morial fund of Monmouth Methe other by Mereworth farm, of morial, Marlboro state hospital, Lexington, Ky. Last year the filly Monmouth County Mental Health Allenwood hospital EATONTOWN—Members of the billed as the "Monmouth Mystery association, rehabilitation fund, Monmouth Engine Truck and Hose company Miss" was auctioned off and has county unit New Jersey as- and the Volunteer Ambulance Robert W. Farrow, son of Mrs. achieved fame as Miss Winston, sociation for ofRetarded corps next week will make a Hubert M. Farrow, Sr., and tho -4a promising two-year-old who and for the Prevention ofChildren Cruelty house-to-house canvass for funds. late Mr. Farrow, 199 Broad s i , UNION BEACH—An 18-month won her first race this spring. to Animals. old girl was fatally burned In a will be ordained in the Christian A letter circulated the past week Following the sale of the yearMrs. Philip H. Iselln, wife of includes the information that the flre resulting from a three car ministry by tha Presbytery of lings, gifts will be sold at auction. accident in which four other per- Monmouth at the Presbyterian Organizations which will par-; Monmouth Park's treasurer, is ambulance squad pnswered 204 chairman of the ball committee sons were injured on rt. 36 at church Sunday at 7:30 p. m. by ticipate In the distribution of and assisting her in the role of calls and traveled 4,102 miles In Rev. Charles S. Webster. Rose lane hero Monday night. 1955. The 38 active members last funds derived from the ball will co-chairman is Mrs. Townsend B. Tho child, Rosalie Lambardlno year worked 1,407 man hours. Bebo: Monmouth Memorial, Fltkin, Martin. NEW YORK CITY — The of Brooklyn, died at Riverview sides numerous house calls for Rivervlew and Hazard Hospitals. grass fires and similar incidents, Guardian Life Insurance com- hospital 15 minutes after her arpany of America has announced rival there. Still hospitalized as a there were 66 fire alarms last year. 4 tho opening of a new agency In result of the flaming crash are The fire company and aid squad Red Bank to serve Ocean and her mother, Mary Lambardlno, are active in civic affairs and last Monmouth counties. who Is in fair condition at Monyear sponsored a trip to a New mouth Memorial hospital and York ball game for teenagers, a Dominic Minardi of Rose lane youth group and two boys to Boys this place who is in fair condiState. Also benefited has been tion at Rlverviow hospital. LITTLE SILVER—A noon to railroad station and travel to the playground, for which equipUnion Beach police said the midnight holiday has been pro- Branch ave., Rumson rd. and ment has been purchased. baby girl was asleep on tho roar claimed here for Saturday, Aug. Prospect ave. The reviewing Some of the expenses of 1955 seat of a car driven by Mr. Min25, In order to celebrate the fire stand will be In front of bor- were the Installation1 of new heatardi, who was about to make a company's 50th anniversary. ough hall. ing equipment, hot water heater left turn from the highway into Councilman Joseph F. Lord, Festivities will end with a and electric stove In the ambtiRose lane. The Minardi car was chairman of the fire committee, block dance in the parking area anco building. struck in the rear by a car driven outlined the day's events and behind the Malmone Brothers Tho flro company, with three by Charles J. DuPont of Jersey asked Mayor Joseph C. Davlson shopping center, pieces of apparatus in service, is City. to request that all stores close equipped with two;way radio comThe gas tank of tho Minardi during the celebration. Mr. Davimunication and Is tile only comvehicle exploded and the car WEATHER son complied at Tuesday night's pany In this area with direct conburst into flames as it was pushmayor and council meeting by Fair today, tonight And to- tact with the county police radio ed into a car going in the oppoissuing such a proclamation, morrow. High today and to- network. In the letter, the liresite direction driven by William j Dill of South Amboy. | Mr. Lord said the firemen will night, 85, Low tonight, 65. men say the need for funds "Is hold "open house" that day, pre- Gentle to moderate west winds urgent this year because additTho other occupants of the ceded by a parade of visiting fire- today and tonight, becoming ional modern equipment Is necesMinardi car managed to escape. sary with which to service you." Robert W. Farrow men. The parade will form at the southwest or south tomorrow. Rosalie was pulled from the flamIng car by Edward Carhart of Assisting In the ceremony will West Keansburg who toJd police ho was in the nearby Lakevlew be Rev. Ralph S. Carpenter, \ Inn when he heard the sound of chaplain at the New Jersey Institute, the crash. He ran to the burning Ncuro-Psychlatric car, broke a rear window and Princeton; Rov, Arthur 3, Jolce, George A, Hollywood pulled the baby out. Police said a Shrewsbury Presbyterian church; George A. Hollywood Is man- bystander had been burned in an Rev. A, Kenneth Magner, Jr., ager of the agency offlcc, which earlier attempt to pull the child Rumson Presbyterian church, and Rev. Charles Rawllngi, is at 95 Monmouth st., but will to safety. Mr. Carhart suffered Leighton, Pa., and Jim Thorpe, soon move into the new Tuller burns of the arms. Police said Pa., Presbyterian churches. Rev. building on East Front st. the baby was badly burned be- Charles E. Matthews, dean of A native of New Jersey, Mr. fore she could be reached. Auburn seminary and professor Hollywood entered the ^Insurance Mr. Dupont and Mary Ann of practical theology at Union business In 1912. Ho Is* 2nd vice Minardi, wife of Dominic wero Theological seminary, New York president of tho Rod Bank treated at Riverview hospital, Jo- city, will glvs the ordination Kiwanls club and a member of soph Lambardlno, slx-yoar old sermon. tho Monmouth County Life Un- brother of, Rosalie was treated at Mr. Furrow attended Red Bank derwriters association. With his Monmouth Memorial hospital and high school until tenth grads ,wlfo and three children, Mr. released. Hnllywnnd fngidoo nt 40 Flnhrr Dupont appemeil bufore Magis- und was graduated rrom West pi., Rod Bank, trate Kenneth E. Joel last night Nottingham academy, Colora, Associated with Mr. Hollywood on a technical charge o( causing Md,, and then Dickinson college, in the new agency are Ralph C. death with nn automobile. Mag- Carlisle, Pa., In 1952. Ho is a Lathnm and Raymond L. Mooro. istrate Joel adjourned the hear- member of tho local Presbyterian Mr. Lalhnm Is a past secretary ing until next Wednesday night church. Ho received his bachelor of diof tho Creator Red Bank Junior and released Dupont in ?2,500 vinity degree last May at Union Chamber »f Commerce, and with ball. Theological «emlnary, New York hif. wife, tho former MIBS Barcity. bara Wallum of Anbury Park, ho 'Jersey Blues Fair' Whllo In college, Mr. Farrow rosldcs at 153 White st., Shrewswas a youth worker in an East bury. Mr. Moore la a past prc«l- To Be Held Saturday Harlem Protestant parish In his dnnt of the Red Bank Klv/nnin. MIDDLETOWN— The "Jersey fresh mini year. In his sophomor* Ho Is married to tho former Mian Dorothy Wood and, with their Mines Pair" will bo held Satur- year, he was assoclato pastor at two children, they ronldo at 428 day at 10:30 a. m. at tho home St. Allnins church in Long Isof Dr. anil Mrs. C. Malcolm B. land. In bis last year, ho was In Rlvor rd., Fair Haven. Oilman, Hlossom Cove farm on the youth dopartment of th* Nnvrwlnk River rd, Tho fair was Riverside church In Nuw York scheduled for Innt Saturday, but city, Before entering tho etnilimry, bn dhl summer work with win rnlncd out. Tim fair, sponsored by Mon- the Nr.v: York City Mission society. IllrtliR 2 mouth chapter, Hona of the After completing a. summer of Church _ 20 Si 21 American Revolution will foil- clinical puntoral training at th* ttiro an exhibition arid show by The rocreation commission and Hobby Headquarters of Shrewsbury avo. Tuesday tllimnllli'd _ 14 tn M tho Antique Automobile asaoela- No.uro-1'sychlntrla Inatltuto In night sponiorod a modal airplane exhibition at tha high school athletic fiold for tho purKilltorlulH fl tlon. Members of tho Heel and Princeton, Mr. Farrow will servs OliUiinrlpH 10 Ton Sports Cur club will Im the Pronbyturlnn churches of Unpose of stirring up interest in model airplanes for children in this aroa. In tha photo ion Kuriuico and Now Plymouth, Old Time* fl droHmul In appropriate unlforinii. Ohio, aro throe mombori of tho Porth Amboy Model Airplane club who participated in tho Sept. 15. I ID iinirrind th« .'ipeedbnnt iTRalln, water ski Social "fi A conli'.'it and fashion show under former Unrnnrn Klndcnmrycr of show. From tho left aro: Josoph Murphy, Woodbridgo; 0*11 Danbuck, Koasboy, and RichK|iortn , :n t« to tlio direction of Mrs. H.irvev II. jiiKo 1'oreHt, 1U. Thoy have « ard Elok, Woodbrldgc. Approximately rf>00 attondod tho exhibition. . 'ear-old «on, Timothy Hubert. TUUIIU'X* .*. 1M

Stars of Entertainment World To Attend Monmouth Park Ball

Fire, Aid Men Seek Donations

Baby Dies After Gas Tank Explodes Ordination Set fn Three-Car Crash at Union Beach For R. W. Farrow

Guardian Life Agency Opens

Noon to Midnight' Celebration Set for Firemen's 50th Birthday

Exhibit Model Airplanes



SEA. BRIGHT—Borough Attor- by Michael J. Stsvnla, Middleney A. Henry Giordano Tuesday town, 53,387.80. night called "unconstitutional" a Accept Heating System moving -out- of -town ordinance Council accepted from Howard that he had written at council's Odell of the Roxbury Plumbing direction and set about tho task and Heating company, Middleof amending it according; to law. town, provisional completion of The state supreme court, the the new borough hall heating sysattorney said, had ruled it illegal tem, a $2,964 job. Mr. Odell exto make moving firms secure per- plained the price was up 5174 mits before taking clients' be- above the bid price because the longings from one place to an- architect, Hugo Magnuson of Atother. The burden, lie said, should lantic Highlands, decided on a fall to the property owner indi- larger boiler. The provision was vidually. hat piping in the council chamThis court ruling was stated to ber be boxed In, which Mr. Odell the local government here, by agreed to pay for. The job, in letter and in person, by a group eneral, received council's praise. Tuesday, a letter from the of Monmouth county movers at the time the ordinance was put State Division of Alcoholic Bevthrough last Apr. 24. Since then, erage Control (A.B.C.) said the it has remained on the hooks borough would have to pay back while Mr. Giordano studied it. as a rebate $7.40 to Mrs. Dorothy However, Borough Clerk Clar- ""harles and Lawrence Borges, ence Stevens said no mover ever operators of Club Ebbtide, on made application for such a their $300 liquor license fee !or 1956. The club, which applied late permit. 'or its license, had operated on Have One Such Rule a temporary state permit. Clerk While Mr. Giordano said it Stevens, saying he would "go afwould be a "simple matter" to ter that $7.40 which belongs to amend the ordinance to make the us," did so yesterday. The state property owner, instead of the said It was all1 a mistake, th'e mover, responsible for obtaining borough should keep the money. a moving permit, Mr. Stevens said "'we already have on our books" Stickers On Sale another ordinance calling for Council gave Mr. Stevens persuch action. This one, he said, mission to sell ten $5 businessrequires persons, for tax informa- men's stickers, permitting yeivtion purposes, to say where they round parking In the front row are going. of the municipal beach lot, to However, the decision was to Ocean ave. tenants,' since there revise the new measure, and were just 23 business "takerp," bring down the permit fee i'rom leaving some space left. $5 to $1. Councilman Jacobsen said he Councilman Charles Eilenberg- had decided to have re-lettered er said he'd like to see a lower some of the county's Ocean ave. fee and Councilman Robert F. oad signs, rather than wait for Keehn, Jr., said the borough the county to do the job. He also shouldn't be too tough on a per- said that the new Ocean ave. son leaving town. "After all," he street lighting program Is prosaid, "the poor devil may have gressing north beyond the Norjust enough money to move." mandy area. Mayor Farrell said the county had called "property Suggests 'Test Case' responsibility" the job of Mr. Eilenberger suggested that owners' estorlng broken curbs at the the borough go BO far as to "make former Normandy and Naveslnk another test case" for the state court by, perhaps, removing the railroad stations. fee, and leaving permit responsiWon't Extend Season bility with, the mover. Councilman In view of recent weather conWalter Johnson said that, to him, ditions, council turned down a it made no sense "to draw up an state proposal that the resort seaordinance and later come back son be extended beyond Labor and say It's illegal . . . and back day. down every time somebody gives Councilman Eilenberger said you an argument." two pumps at the sewage plant Against this, Mr. Stevens, who are wearing out and may have also Is the borough's collector, to be replaced at the cost of $400 said that "I can't sit here and each next year. One Is now being enforce a cockeyed ordinance reconstructed with new parts. that Is contrary to the constitu- Mr. Jacobsen said that followtion. The supreme court says It ing council's request, that came can't bo done." after the decision at the last Former Councilman Ralph W. meeting to bar private parking Lawrence spoke up from the east of Ocean ave., he asked Josaudience to say the borough lost eph Zurich of the Downsea Beach out "at the time the candy works to replace stones removed from escaped" by moving out in debt, a retaining wall on the North and that he knows East Orange Beach. He said Mr. Zurich asked requires permits to be shown to that the hole be allowed for the building superintendents prior to use of bathers but promised to removals. Mr. Johnson said he al- plug it up should storm condiso was familiar with the East tions warrant. Orange rules and suggested Sea Regarding requests made at the Bright ask that city lor a copy. last meeting to reopen a blocked Discussion ended when Council- off portion of the borough beach man John A. Carlson recommend- where obstructions are In the waed that a new ordinance be pre ter, Councilman Eilenberger told pared, "something legitimate." newsmen this could not be done The ordinance, seeks informa- this season but the condition tion as to just where an owner's would be taken care of laterpersonal property Is being taken, Study Dancing Deck so further steps can bs taken if Councilman Kenneth Anderson ha leaves town owing taxes. As said he had looked Into a prosome saw it, the Information posal to build a 60 x 60 foot dancmight also be used in checkups ng deck onto the municipal paregarding other outstanding bills. vilion and the job would cost $800, or $500 for one 60 x1 30, The deciBelay Condemnation* sion was that there Is no money Council delayed action on steps in the current budget to finance to be taken regarding the con- the Improvement now and, Indemnation of a group of build- stead, to clean off a section of ings lollo-wlng inspections by the paved surface of the parking Building Inspector Olaf Axelsen, lot for dancing now, and restudy over a "no" vote by Councilman the program next year. Johnson. Mayor Farrell cautioned all the Mr. Giordano said he had been council committees not to go over requested by Harry Lane, a their, budget limitations "and lawyer representing the Ocean- leave us in trouble at the end of port Development corporation, of the year." He said he was In symwhich he listed Arthur E. Wha- pathy with a view expressed by len as president, and Stephen Mr. Eilenberger that "we ought J. O'Connor, to hold up action to do something for the kids as two weeks so he could attend his soon as possible" but the time daughter's wedding. Is not now. If he had some more Included are the development money, the mayor said he'd like corporation's buildings on lots 14 to make the parking lot bigger, and 15, one owned by tho Shadow to bring In more revenue. Lawn Savings & Loan company, on lot 17, and the barge building of Mr. O'Connor on lot 18, all In ! '.ock one on the South Beach, j.i this property, Mr. O'Connor has held major financial Interest In the past. Council granted a month's sal MIDDLETOWN — The town, axy to Pasquals A. (Pat) Long ship board of education last night to decide what to do about a sec- rejected a bid to buy bonds totion of property he owns across taling $4,520,000 for school conOcean ave. from the former Edge- struction work. water Beach hotel on the South The only bid was from Boland, Beach, following voiced condem- SafTln and company, New York nation by Mr. Axelson. The build- city, which offered to buy the ing inspector said that while an bonds for $4,520,176, but wanted overhang on that structure is now an Interest rate of 4.2 per cent dangerous It can be put in repair which the board regarded as too high. Scores Sea Wall Delay Mr. Long, head of the PAL The board turned down the bid Realty company, said he has not In executive,' session. Later, Harwanted to pour money Into the old Copeland, president of the building as long as it stood In board, said the finance committhe way of sea damage. He said tee will study the possibility of he has. been waiting for the state temporarily financing Its own and county to get started with bonds. A report will bo made at ita sea wall program, and criti- next Wednesday's meeting. Board members said the high cized the repeated delays in that project. A month from now, he interest rate was the result of a said, ho will know whether It's poor rating by Moody's Rating worthwhile to Improve the struc- Service, which rates municipal risk. ture or demolish It, letter was read from B. Aid One c o n d e m n a t i o n went enA LUlywhlte, associate director through. Richard A. Hample of for federally affected areas of WntflrvUw w a y jinirt hp nrrppri Uio Department of Health, Eduwith Mr. Axelsen that a garage cation and Welfare In Washingon his land was In such bad shape ton, D. C. that he would take It down withThe board had applied for fedin 30 days or permit tho borough to do it and charge him the coat eral aid to help finance construe During the condemnation talks tlon nt the Belford school. Pen.I Council President Nells Jacob- Ing approval of U. S, aid '.he son was acting mayor. Mayor board has delayed award of jonThomas Farrell, who came In tracts for work on the B',lford late, said he was held up by a school. Tho board recently received bids for work on both transportation prohlem. the Llncroft nnd Bnlford schools, Koporln Easements In Some of the bids, however, The mnyor said he had been In- gave combined estimates on tho formed that tho county had sent work of both schools. the atnt« full casement agree I Work on the Llncroft school Is mentd for tho »ea wall Monday not affected by the letter from imd that what IB nv,'aitcd now U Mr. Llllywhltc, but the Belford the final award of the sea wnll program must await a final decontractB, Ha expressed a hope cision from Washington. that "work will start before any The letter also said that there hurricanes (ret underway." are 183 additional children for Chnrlen J. Hesse, Inc., Atlantic which the board may claim fed. Highland!, was low bidder, for oral aid under R law w.'iich per$3,280.70, for a contract he WIUI mits federal aid for schools afav.'«rdn(i to surface Peninsula fected by ii military Installation »v«, Imbrle pi., Front «t, nnd n In the school area. BRCt on mat of Ocean nve, In Mikt It K proflihU lmblt to u._ fron of tho Swedish Hop. riin !Uifl*t«r rlMilfl»d to fill your Th i rcmnlnliiK, losing, bid was nut a,—Advurt lament*

School Bond Bid Is Turned Down


For PX

Movers' Ordinance Illegal, Change Being Made at Shore

The Post Exchange celebrated its 61st birthday yesterday and Maj. S e n . Howard L. Peckham (left), chief of the Army and Air Force exchange service, helped observe the occasion during his initial visit to Fort Monmouth.

The post exchange head, while here

for a tour of PX functions, also presented a gold watch to Harry Winnes of 46 Grant pi., Little Silver, and main store manager, for 25 years' PX service. Victor A. Conrad, Fort Monmouth, commander. customers followed.


Arts Foundation Joins Civic Music Association The board of directors of the Monmouth Arts Foundation, Inc., signed a three-year contract with the Civic Music association to affiliate with the national concert service in presenting artists of national and International reputation In a series of concerts during the season In Red Bank. Tha Civic Music association plan has made it possible for cities from coast to coast to present concerts annually on a financially sound basis. Civic Music associations are non-profit and co-operative, requiring no guarantors and incurring no deficits. Each year an organizer assists In the direction of the membership campaign, which lasts one week only. Membership subscriptions are available that week only, as there are no single admissions to the concerts and only members may attend. At Its recent meeting,' Monmouth Arts Foundation named its new board of directors and trustees: Dr. E. T. Thelmer, chairman of the board' of directors; Dr. W. T. Somerville, vice chairman; Mrs. Charles Landseldel, recording secretary; Mrs. William Wyer, corresponding secretary; Dr. Wolfgang Kummer, treasurer; Miss'Jeanne M. Wirth, publicity and public relations; Mrs. Norman K. .Stofflet, chairman of the scholarship committee, and Mrs. John Parmly, chairman of tjje art advancement committee. '•• Members of the board of directors for tho coming season: Mrs. Leon Abel, Mrs. Peter Blumherg, Mrs. H. E. W. Burnslde, Miss Jean Cameron, Mrs. Ellis Finch, Mrs. Thomas Koenjg, Mrs. Landseldel, Dr. Carl F.' Mueller, Mrs. Harrison Rowe, Mrs. Frank Shaw, Dr. Theimer, Mrs. Alan Wallace, Mrs. William A. Wirth and Mrs. Wyer. In charge of the Monmouth

Arts Foundation-Civic Music association drive are Dr. Somerville, chairman; .Mrs. Stofflet, chairman of headquarters committee; Mrs. Donald English, mailing list contacts; Miss Wirth, publicity, and Mrs. Edna Johnson, "kickoff" dinner.

To Attend OCS

S/Sgt. Robert W. Morgan LANGLEY AFB, Va. — Staff Sgt. Robert W. Morgan, son of Mrs. Colleen M. Maxson of Naveslnk and the late Paul W. Morgan, has been selected to attend Officers' Candidate school at Lackland Air Force base In Texas. Sgt. Morgan will leave for training in September. He is a graduate of Red Bank high,school and is married to the former Nancy Cansler of Hampton, Va.

Historic Life Saving Station To Move to Twin Light Grounds HIGHLANDS — The historic Spermaceti Cove life saving atatlon will be moved this week from Sandy Hook to the Twin Light grounds, It was decided at a meeting of the Twin Light commission here Monday night. The life saving station, together with Its contents, was given to the Twin Light museum by the Coast Guard this spring. Tho commission also decided to go ahead with reactivating the south tower 500-watt blinker light. G. V. Kadenbach was authorized to follow through with paper work to obtain permission from the Coast Guard. Because

of prohibitive electrical costs at this time, the commission voted to maintain the light from May through October rather than the entU-e year. Theodore Hermans, reporting for the building committee," said his group had Inspected the south wing of the building last week and suggested 'several J'emergency" repairs, Peter Des Blens said that work was progressing on several directional signs which will be placed on roads leading to the site. Mrs. Ida Feldman was named recording secretary, replacing Mrs. Robqrt Bolster, who will remain corresponding secretary.

Back Talk in Hairdos By VIVIAN BROWN, AP Newsfeatures Beauty Editor HAIR INTEREST goes lo the back of the head. Every conceivable type of chignon from the tiny Swiss roll variety to the large Danish pastry typo is being worn. Short-haired girls merely add hair pleco» to accomplish this end. Long-haired girls sweep back the hair and twist It Into a little bun to suit their h=lr lenrth. Newest twist to the Idea Is the tinted chignon to match summer clothes and accessories. Mix and match chignons In two-toned tinted hair arc tho trend. Tho chignon Is worn In a double bun looped and braided In complementary and contrasting colors. Fashlon-wlse types may choose from 14 hair tints ranging from canary diamond and carrot-top hues to a gleaming bronze and jet black. Such combinations OB pastel bluo and black are chic for nummcr. Ditto yellow and white. Two nhades of green suggest the cool look of n limeade, The Interesting point about the return to chignon hair fnshions is that It Is a spontaneous choice of the girls themselves, There has boon no promotion by h&lrdresaors, cvon though thn Idea Is catching on llko wildfire. The new tinted chignon should cronto even rnorn excitement. Hair acccHiiorloii urn Inking on Important nlrs now Hint tho chignon In with us again. From tho Islands/., como delightful natlva


A t the right is Maj. Gen.

Birthday cake and refreshments for the

Angry Women (Continued from Page 1) ment program had a general "lack of conformity to any engineering trend." She told of the washout of 50 per cent of the sod curbing that had been placed about some roads and the undermining of concrete curbing. She reported that big crevices had developed along Daniel dr. and David ct., that the roads, including the township's New Monmouth rd., were becoming "mud laden" because of repeated washouts and said that "not one storm sewer" had been built. Other mothers joined Mrs. Melosh In a howl of complaint about the ravine that Is behind lots 29 and 31. There, they said, a big pipe has been placed and left open. Township officials denied a story that the women said they had been told—that 20 feet of the ravine )s on township property.. Commlttceman 'Concerned' Commltteeman J. Crawford Compton said he had made an inspection of Monterey and came back "concerned that property there is washing out into New Monmouth rd. If the condition continues, he said, the road will need to • be resurfaced. Mayor Blalsdell assured the women that "we are In touch with the situation." When residents said they were told by the builders that they were going to leave some curbing sodded, the mayor said this was an error. "They will put In concrete curbing, put in adequate storm sewers, correct drainage and fix that ravine," he Bald firmly, repeating that the time limit for getting a good start on the Job is two weeks. He said he didn't' expect the work to be finished in that time but certainly expected "proof of effort." The committee also was faced by a number of other drainage problems, streets and lights requests and other matters In its three-hour meeting. A letter from a resident of Sylvia, ter., in Goldin Brothers' Maplewood Terrace development, New Monmouth, protested that the builders there had "disregarded many complaints" regardIng drainage and washouts. One from Marcus Daly of the township recreation committee reported washouts at Stevenville homes, next to Boden park. Action Promised Raymond N. Huot, 43 Melbourne ter., reported a bad break in a drain pipe on Rosewood ter. that had caused flooding and a four-foot deep hole. The committee ordered repairs, Mrs. Lillian", Stafford, East rd., Belford, put In a complaint that people In her area had waited nearly a year for the surfacing of that street, being put off first by building operations, then by frost and again by new construction. Now, she said, they want action. 'Fix or Close' After Mayor Blalsdell explained that last year the program was hampered by lack of adequate state aid and promised that bids would be called by Aug.-15, she asked: "And If they're not, will you close the street?" "No one can barricade a'public road," said the mayor. "I can . . . and will," she stated. Richard W. Shcehan, West Koosevelt circle, reported a "serious act of vandalism" In his area on the night of July 7-8 and "certain fears" in the neighborhood, asked for a street light. Put off until a special meeting, to bs held at 8 p, m. next Monday, primarily to study drainage problems at the Sunny Acres colony, was the committee's approval of a variance to permit Charles Smith, caterer of Palmer a-'o., East KaansburR, to build a 40x45 foot addition on his dining establishment. Mr. Smith produced a petition signed by 10 neighbors favoring a variance to permit tho expansion,

Josephine MaclJonald, Lieut. F. IN. Smiley

TWO-TONE CHIONON . . . Tint your hair to match your oimeinble. Thnt't the newest wrlnklo In the beauty world. Tills chignon was dfnlgncd by Doris FIRIHCIIIT

SHREWSBURY —Mrs, Robert O. Macdonald of 81 Boechwood dr., announces the engagement of her daughter, Miss Josephine Ann Mocdonald, to Lieut, Frederic Nell Smlloy, ton of Mr, and Mrs. Frfldorlo A, Smlloy of Philadelphia, Pa, Tho weddtng will take place In August, Mlsn Macdonald in the daughter of the lato Robert Gordon Mncdonnld, nnd wnn graduated III June from Contenary Junior eollogo at Huekottstown. Lieut, Smiley wn« graduated from Lafayetto college In lOCJ, and in a member of Tlicta Dolta Chi fraternity.

hnlr gimmicks. Long:, Japanese! linlrplm with Jeweled tope that aro worn orlss-cionnod are vory popular. Hawaiian tourlntn bring buclt hair accnniiorl
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nadeau of 100 McClean st., River Plaza, are parents of a son, born Friday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Earl Dcmpsey of 69 Highland manor, Highlands, are parents of a eon, born Friday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Regulinski of 69 Riverdale ave., Monmouth Beach, are parents of a son, born Saturday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and MrB. Nino Roncace of 202 Brown ave., West Keansburg, are parents of a daughter, born Saturday nt Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. John B . Forsyth of 16 Glllesple ave., F a i r Haven, are parents of a son, born Saturday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. William Pettigrew of 231 Oxford ave., F a i r Haven, are parents of a daughter, born Saturday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr, and Mrs. Lester Field of Holmdel rd., Holmdel, are parents of a son, born Sunday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley P a r k e r of Florence ave., Leonardo, are parents of a son, born Friday at Riverview hospital. Mr. and MrB. John Henderson of 68 P e a r st., New Shrewsbury, are parents of a son, born Friday at Riverview hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rudinski of 21 Meadowbrook ave., Eatontown, are parents of a son, born Friday at Riverview hospital. Mr. and Mrs. James Connor of 60 Haggera lane, Fair Haven, are parents of a son, born Friday at Riverview hospital, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Barkalow of F a r r o w dr., Mlddletown, are parents of a son, born Friday at Riverview hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bruce of Matawan, are parents of a daughter, born Friday at Riverview hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Bennett of 65 East River rd., Rumson, are parents of a son, born Saturday at Riverview hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Kirsh of 34 Shadowbrook rd., Shrewsbury, are parents of a daughter, born Sunday at Riverview hospital. Mr. and Mrs, Bernard McGaheran of 75 Forest ave., Keansburg, are parents of a daughter, born Sunday at Riverview hospital. Mr. and Mrs, Garner Prulet of 24 Holly st., Rumson, aro parents of a daughter, born July 18 at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Andreach of 84 Bayview ave., Keansburg, are parents of a son, born July 18 at Monmouth Memorial Mr. and Mrs! Norton Smith of 19 Washington ave., Leonardo, are parents of. a, son, born July 18 at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Crawford of 122 Hollywood ave., Leonardo, arc parents of a daughter, born last Thursday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Miller of Old Tennent rd., Morganville, are parents of a son, born last Thursday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson of 59 Barker ave., Eatontown, are parents of a daughter, born last Thursday at Rlvorview hospital, Mr. and Mrs, Charles Rizzo of Wall St., Eatontown, are parents of a son, born last Thursday at Rivorvlew hospital. Mr. and Mrs. John DiFedele of Star rt., Freehold, are parents of a son, born last Thursday at Riverview hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Noglows of 478 Hance rd., Little Silver, are parents of a daughter, born Friday at Riverview hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Rlehs of 20 Oaklawn rd., Fair Haven, arc parents of a daughter born Monday at Monmouth Memorial hosMr. and Mrs. Edmund Elwood of 573 Garfield ave., Belford, are parents of a daughter born Monday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth .Smith of 48 Patterson ct., Shrewsbury, are parfints. of a son born Monday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Emll Meyer of 66 Hamilton ave., Leonardo, are parents of a son born Monday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Swanson Of Matawan are parents of a daughter born Tuesday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Tammany of Azalea ct., Little. Silver, are parents of a daughter born Monday at Riverview hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Puglisl of rt. 36, East Keansburg, are parents of a son born Monday at Riverview hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Clayton of £03 Florence ave., Union Beach, are parents of a daughter, born Tuesday a t Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs, Dominlck Musonc of 14 P a r k View dr., Hazlet, are patents of a daughter, born Tuesday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. ' ' . ' Mr. and Mrs. John Loorl of 272 East End ave., Belford, are parents of a son, born yesterday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Dean of 116 Victoria pi., Union Beach, are parents of a daughter, born Tuesday at Riverview hospital. Mr, and Mrs. Arthur Morris of 93, Martin dr., Lincroft, are parents of a son, born Tuesday at Rlvorviow hospital. Mr. and Mrs, Michael Creschuk of Roae lane, Union Beach, are paronts of a dauffhtor, born yesterday at Riverview hospital, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Toague of 318A Ravine dr., Matawan, are parents of a son, born Monday at Fltkln hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Maire of 45 Coopor blvd., Mlddletown, are parents of a son, born Tucsdny at FlUiln hospital, Mr, and Mrs. Francis Vogel of 48 Trafford st,, Shrewsbury, f."" paronts of a daughter born yo&torday at Monmouth Memorial hospital, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Leo of 3 Bolslmw avo., Shrowsbury township, aro parents of a. daughter, born yostorday at Hlvervlow hos> Mr. and Mrs. James Horaii of 100 Naveslnk avo., Highlands, lire parents of a dmtghtor, born yesterday at Klvcrvlew honpltul. Mr, and Mm. Herbert Fleming nf Suffolk avo,, Port Monmouth, am puronts of a daughter, born yMlnrday nt Rlvcrvl^w hospital. Mr. and Mrn. Robert Conklln of 7 Friincln s t , Freehold, urn pnr< onU of a BOII, born yontcrday at IUv«rvU>w hoi

Highlands to Rescind Ban On High Tension Lines HIGHLANDS— Borough council's argument with the Jersey Central Power & Light company went Into the armistice stage Tuesday night with initial action LONG BRANCH—Roland 3. to rescind the recently enacted Hines, chairman of the county ban on overhead high tension chapter, National Foundation lines. for Infantile Paralysis, this As its half of the bargain, the morning announced that two cases of polio, are being treated utility firm submitted a letter at Monmouth Memorial hospital. agreeing to oc-operate in the deStricken are James JJ. Free- velopment of a policy for future man, 11, son of Mr. and Mrs. dealings between the borough James Freeman of Asbury Fark, and the company. It also agreed and Gloria Del Rosso, 16, Perth to drop a suit against the borAmboy rd., Matawan. Neither ough, challenging the ordinance. The ordinance was adopted had received the Salk anil-ptflo vaccine, Mr. Hines said. There May 28 In an effort to forestall were 13 cases in the county at installation of an overhead high this time last year. voltage trunk line which local officials saw as. objectionable, and to provide local control over such PERSONALS installations. It required that such lines be placed underground, Philipp T Pinckneyy rd., and that the utility firm obtain E l d M has ji joined the Ifew England Mutual Life Insurance company as a permits for any such installacareer underwriter. He is asso- tions. ciated with the firm's Bowes and Jersey Central brought suit, Joseph agency in Newark. Mr. contesting Vie code as a violation Klein is married and has one son. of statutory rights and as too Mr. and Mrs. Hobart Lewis of vague in that It failed to define 11 Tilton ave. are parents of a "high tension" lines. son, born Sunday at Monmouth A series of conferences followed and an agreement to discusi Memorial hospital. • Mr. and Mrs. Carl Harris of 98 the problems resulted. The ordiRosevelt circle are parents of a nance rescinding the lines ban son, born Sunday at Riverview was approved on first reading Tuesday over the negative vote of hospital. \ Mr. and Mrs. John Barrett and Councilman Alexander Bahrs. sons Robert and John of the Public hearing on the rescinding Bronx, N. Y., visited Mrs. Bar- measure was set for Aug. 14. rett's mother, Mrs. Wre,Vi A. Long Before acting to rescind, counof 22 East Bergen pi., before leav- cil heard a letter from the power ing for Seaside Park for six company in which it agreed that weeks. It would not install any lines of Mrs. E. C. Werner. Monmouth greater than 7,500-volt capacity Hills, and Mrs, S. M. Hoffman, without approval of local officials. 45 Leroy pi., return today from It also agreed to co-operate In a visit with Mrs. Werner's~'son-in- the development of a basic plan law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. of future policy and to discuss John C. Bergan, Jr., New Haven, possible adjustments on existing Conn, ^ facilities. The utility will dismiss Souvenir cards have been re- its suit, and the position of th» ceived at The Register office dur- firm and the borough are not to ing the week from Miss Florence be prejudiced by the new action R. Krldel of River rd., who Is on In any future actions, it wai a cruise to "The Land of the agreed. Midnight Sun." One postmarked Action 'Too Late' "Nordkapp," (North Cape), which was dated June 12, states: "We Mr. Bahrs, commenting on the are very far north, Spent a very letter before action was taken on interesting day sightseeing in Ice- the rescinding ordinance, said the land. Another card, dated June company's proffered concessions 20, and postmarked Bergen, Nor- were "Just fine; but they're just way, stitea: "Bergen is a beauti- three months too late." ful city of lovely homes and views, Edward J. Ingram, vice presibunt on many hills, all overlook- dent of the company, told couning the sea. It is modern, too. cil that the mercury vapor street Shopped In a department store lamps installation will be comyesterday, which had everything pleted by the end of this week. as our department stores in the Work on the new lights, and on States. The city has a very love- other projects in the borough, was ly new post office, much more stopped when the ordinanca was modern than anything near us at adopted, but was resumed after home. It is a wonderful trip. Re- an earlier temporary agreement gards to all." between borough and company Miss Anna M. Lawless of Pros- officials. Borough officials pointed pect ave. is a patient in Monmouth out last night that the high tenMemorial hospital. Her condition sion trunk line, which was ths this morning was reported as immediate interest of council In adopting the ordinance, had been 'fair." Mr. and Mrs, O. C. Lovelace of Installed before the code was efNewman Springs ave. left yester- fective. day for a month's stay with Mr. Tuesday night's meeting was Lovelace's father, J. L. Lovelace continued to next Tuesday to perof Brownsville, Term.' mit action on an emergency waMr. and Mrs. Richard Bennett ter plant problem reported by of 22 Oakland st. are parents of Councilman Robert G, Dlebold. a son born Monday at Monmouth The water committee chairman Memorial hospital. said engineers of the Layne-New Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Serplco York company, well contractors, of Harding rd. have returned from Investigating plant operation difa most delightful cruise to Nassau ficulties, found screens at the two and Bermuda on the Ocean Mon- water tanks so badly clogged arch. Mr. Serplco, who is the they will have to be replaced. proprietor of Serplco's office The pumps now are forcing the equipment establishment on Mon- water and accumulated iron sedimouth st., says that there was ment through the screens, h» reo rain during the entire trip and said. Cost of the new screens was that, although the temperature estimated at $2,200, and necessary roae to above 80 degrees, there work to by-pass the units to conwas no humidity to annoy one's tinue water supply during replacepleasure. ment will cost another $500 he Gotfred C. Jacobsen of Branch said. ave., a graduate of the Red Bank Officials will confer with Herhigh school and now a student bert Carusoe on possible methat Gettysburg Seminary, Gettys- ods of financing the work and burg, Pa., will preach at the Holy hope to act on the problem TuesTrinity Lutheran church, East day. "Something has to be dont Front st. this Sunday. now," Mr. Diebold said. Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Barnard Flooding Problem of Pinckney rd. have returned from a motor trip through Penn- Clifford Schenck, Snug Harbor sylvania, New York state, and ave., asked council to give attenNew England; Mr. Barnard was tion to the Snug Harbor creek vacationing from his position as flooding condition. Mayor Corneassistant cashier at the Second lius J. Guiney, Jr., said applicaNational Rank. tion has been made to the state Mrs. Math! B. Hamilton of department of conservation and Tryon, N. C, is visiting her son economic development for a corand daughter-in-law Mr. and rective project. Former Mayor Mrs. Thomas A. Boynton of 31 Frank J. Hall, who served until Leroy pi. and her grandchildren, the borough's \ form of governRhett and Connie Boynton. ment was changed July 1, urged Miss Edith B. Walling of Tower that the borough not wait for Hill ave., who for many years state action. He suggested that was secretary and bookkeeper engineers of surrounding municiwith Cook 4 Oakley and who palities, whose drainage water was forced to give up her posi- contributes to the condition, be tion on account of poor health, asked to confer with local and was on Broad street yesterday county engineers on a joint projmorning accompanied by her sis- ect to correct the condition. Mayter, Miss Julia 3, Walling, for the or Guiney said he will confer first time since Christmas. Her with the engineers. many friends are pleasingly sur- A 14,000 curbing project for prised that she has made such YoJIey ave., from Navesink ave. a remarkable recovery. to North Peak «t,, Is authorized Special Officer Peter Spagnuolo In an ordinance passed on first of 23 Sunset ave. is a medical pa- reading. Owners of properties on tient at Monmouth Memorial hos- the street are to pay for the Impital. Officer Spagnuolo is as- provement. The borough will pay signed to the borough parking the share of any property owner lots on White st. and between who does not bear his own costs, White st. and West Front «t. and will assess the owner for reimbursement. Tony Roman, Ralph st., who had complained of a zoning violation on the property of Charlei O'Brien, Ralph St., was told by Borough Attorney Benjamin GruTRENTON—Arthur DeFazio, ber that tho condition had been Eatontown sorvlco station opera- ruled not In violation. 'Mayor tor, was ordered Monday by the Gulnoy said Building Inspector appellate division of Superior Joseph A. Dompsoy told officials court to ralso the price 6f the in a mcctlnfT on tho rnmpl.ilnt gasoline he sells to the regular that he found no violation. Mr. price of 26,9 cents a gallon, Roman, citing tho prohibition Cltlen Service' company and against extending properties beShore Gaa antl Oil company, yond existing property lines, InOakhurst, distributor of Cities sisted a rccont extension of the Servlco products, instituted suit porch of tho house constituted against Mr, DeFazio to make him a violation. Mr. Grubor was comply with the fair trade price equally liulstont that It did not. of 20.9 cents after he had been Councilman Bahra pointed out selling It for leis, The order by that the proporty owner had obJudges James A. Coolahan, Wal- tnlnod a permit from the buildter J, Frcund and Joseph Weln- In^ Inspector for tho work and traub Is effective pending Mr, said even If there wore a violaDeFazlo'fl appeal of a court order tion, llttio could be done about which denied him an Injunction It. Mr. Roman said tho building to prevent the companion from lnspoctor had forced another discontinuing service to him. property owntr In the aroa to After tho court granted him a move baok a building which viotemporary restraint, he charged lated tho rule, although a, pormlt them with threatening to dis- had boon given for-tho work, continue servlco to him, Monday's order by th« throe-mnn Tho correct name of Tiger oourt makos it mandatory for pltoher, Poto Wojoy Is Wojclechtho companies to continue service owskl. Detroit purchased the to him pending the decision on righthander from Brooklyn after tho appeal. tho 10SS season.

Hines Reports 2 Polio Cases

DeFazio Ordered To Hike Gas Price

A big oil tanker with 145,000 Japan's Inland Sou has about barrols of fuel oil carries tin 3,000 Islands If the Islnts find Jutl oiliilviUoiii. of'MflSQtons of coal. ting rockn are counted. iJ



S Frozen berries, fresh fruit \ for home use. JRt. 33, 1 mi, Eo. Collingswood Clr.j

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MADLYN SHOP Smart Stylings fot Particular Women 498 PROSPECT AVENUE.








Our Specialty _--_— *120 THIRD AVENUE


DR. WARREN FOWLER Chiropractor 303 BROAD STREET RED BANK, N. J. Phcne RE 6-3033

MONMOUTH COUNTY SURROGATE'S COURT Notice to Creditors to Present Claims Against Estate ESTATE OF LUJSLLA CLAYTON, deceased. i'uiauunt to the order of EDWAKD C. UKUEGE, Surrogate ot the County of Monmouth, this day made, on the application of the undersigned, Doris V White and Mabel Itehrig, Executrices of the estate of the laid Luella Clayton, deceased, notice is hereby given to the creditors of said deceased to present to the Raid ExecutriceB their clairnB under oath within six months from thlB date. Dated: July 8, 1966. •Doris F. White, 58 Hilltop Terrace, Red Bunk, N. J. Mabel RehriK. 91 Lake Avenue, Fair Haven, N. J. Daniel S. Welgand, Esq. n.d Bank, N. J. (Attorney). J20.1S NOTICE AN ORDINANCE REGULATING THE' USK OF PLAYGROUND AREAS IH THE BOROUGH OF LITTLE SIL, VJ3K. WHBRiSAb, the Uoroush of Little Silver is now and proposer to operate Playground •cens in the Borough of Little Silver, under the direction and supervision of the Playground Commission ; and WHKdtfclAS, it is necessary to preserve order to protect all these yeroona using said* playground ,areas either participating in gamea or an aiiectatora and it ia necc-mry to keep order and to lay down certain rules and regulations to guard the use of said property and the conduct of the people using the same; now, therefore BE IT ORDAINED BY THE MAYOR AND COUNCIL OF THE BOROUGH OF LITTLE SILVER; .SECTION 1. A i>layKruund or recreation area ae used herein shall mean any tract of tend which tins heretofore or may hereafter be designated by the Mayor and Council as property of the Borough or in the poisession of the Borough for recreation purposetj and deslRtmted na playground and recreation area, SECTION 2, The use of all playground and recreation area a a a constituted under tho'lirst section of this ordinance shall be subject to the following rules and rojfulntions hereinafter set forth, SECTION 3. All persons using the same shall conduct thcmnelvcs In an orderly manner, there shall be no rowdyism or disorderly conduct upon any portion of such playnround nnd recreation area. SECTION 4. The .Playground Commission shall have the right to set aside certain portions of unid playground and recreation area for the playing of 11 particular frame or for a particular use and such area ahull be marked and designated with the purl>oBe for which the flame is to be used. No other games shall.be permitted in said nrea and no person upon said playground and recreation area ghnll disturb uuch frames. SECTION fi. No bicycle, horsee or automobiles shall be ridden or driven by nny one on any area set aside AS a tennis court nnd no bicycles, horses or automobiles shall be ridden or driven in nny nrea where a irame of any kind is in process, SECTION 6. No person shall interfere in any manner whatsoever with nny game which is being held in a designated nrea for such purpose, SECTION 7, There shall be no malicious destruction o( nny recreational equipment and facilities which ..shall be placed on said playground nnd recreation urea a. SECTION 8, The Playground Commission shall have the right to reserve certain areas for Raines and other recreational purposes and also the equipment which may be set up in connection therewith, for certain dates In ndvnnce and no person Bhnll have the right to use such areas during such reserved time without the consent in writing of the Plnytrround Commission, SECTION 9. The Playground Commission sKnll have the right to fix hours within which certain deslKimted Areas may be used and no one shall have the right to use the same out•ide of said hours, SECTION 10. All individuals and organized activities using any particular recreational nrea shnli be responsible for maintaining such area in a clean and orderly manner. No person or persons shall litter any par* tlcular portion of the vlaytcround or recreation area with discarded papers and any other discarded material or matter. SECTION It. Any person or persona violating any provisions of this ordinance upon conviction thereof before the local majristratt or any Juvenile tribunal shall pny ft fine not exceeding $50.00 SECTION 12, Any" person violating any provision! of this ordinance In addition to the penalty as herein provided, may also he deprived of the Ufle of &nid Playnround lor a »p«cified period of time or upon more than one conviction, he denied the use of Blid area for all times, SECTION 13. If any lection, paragraph subdivision, clause or provision ol this ordinance shall be adjudged invalid, such Adjudication shall apply only to the section, paragraph, subdivision, clause or provision so ndjudged. and the remainder of this ordinance shnll be deemed valid and efSECT1ON 14. This ordinance shall take effect immediately upon its passaR« nnd publication according to law. PUBLIC NOTICE The foreRoinir ordinance was introduced and passed first reading at n regular meeting of the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Little Silver, held on Tuesday. July 24. 19BG, and will come up for final consideration and pnssAKe at a, regular meeting of said governing body to be held on Tuesday, August 14 1956. at 8:15 P. M. at the Boroueh Hall, in the Borough of Little Silver, at which time and place all persons desiring to b« heard thereon will b . «!..> full opportunity ^ ^ $26.64

Acting Clerk. Bo: M»K of Little Silver.




' Htra't a compUt* wattf syilom to smell and compact that you can install It undtr your lltchtn link, or ctllar l l i p i . , . and It dallvati up to 3V0 6PH, ld» low prScad lanciitar Turbo-Pal li furnished compltta and raidy for plug-In Initiation. It rial only on» moving part . . . no valvai, no balti, no lubrication r«qu!i«d, Idaal for bungalows, collagsi, ale, whiMvar ip'ct It llmltad. Contact m for compUta Information. Thar* ii E<|(f ( t r i m


'•»« bf arrangad H you «1ih.



PHONE RE 6-1656 Parking For Our Customer*


The largest crowd ever to see r. horBc race In Florida was the 42,366 at tho 1956 running of the Wldencr Handicap at Hlaleah.

Plainfield Man Buys Raritan Tract for Shopping Center


(This column Is contributed as a public service by the Medical society ol New Jersey and the A golfer forfeits his amateur Monmouth County Medical sostatus if he caddies after reachciety. Questions should be ading his 21st birthday, according dressed to the Medical Society PLAINFIELD—Philip J. Levin, program—a high cos. for the to U. S. G. A. rules. ot New Jersey at 315 West State Plainflold builder and developer, round trip to Washington. at., Trenton 8, N. J.) has purchased from S. Stephen A member of the New Jersey Cool Advice for Hot Swimmers Atkins the Walling airport, lo- Congressional delegation also reCOMPLETE cated at the Intersection of rt. cently sounded a warning note "Go jump in a lake!" is fairly 36 and Middle rd., in Raritan BATTERY SERVICE on the dangers Inherent in exsound and friendly advice In hot N*w—Rental*—Re char £• weather, and many of us will in- township, for the development of panding Federal aid, cline to accept it enthusiastically. a shopping center. "It must not be forgotten," said If a lake is not handy, a pictur- The center, to be known as Congressman Robert W. Kean, DOUGLAS ELECTRIC CO. » EAST FRONY STREET esque pool, a murmuring stream, Airport plaza, will provide shop- that the more fields of service RED BANK a slow-flowing river, or the rest- ping facilities for the Keyport- the Federal Government enters, TEX.I RE a - O U i less sea itself will do. But what- Matawan area. the greater becomes thii need for ever the body of water that we David Montgomery, project Increased or continued high Fedchoose, the following cautions manager for Mr. Levin, announc- eral taxation. The Federal Govshould, for survival's sake, be ed this week that over 400 feet ernment has no money except that MORRIS kept well in mind: of space have been already com- which it gathers In t W s from Don't swim in contaminated mitted to W. T. Grant, Grand the residents of the 48 states. It WESTERMAN waters; they may give you more Union company, Sun Bay Drug also must not be forgotten that —to your sorrow—than relief company, Jay Ann ladies' -wear Federal participation oh a large Chartered Life Underwriter from the heat. and that negotiations are pend- scale can bring Federal dictation. Member of New Jersey Bar Don't dive off adock or a cliff ing with others for space In the Such dictation may seeln remote into water that isn't there, or in- center which will provide up- now, but how can we predict what Member of the Top Ciub to water whose depth you do not wards of 600 feet of frontage and may happen in the years to come. know. 1,000-car parking. "As demands grow foi the FedDon't entertain an exagger- Harold D. Glucksman, Newark eral Government to take over ated opinion of your prowess as architect, is preparing plans for more and more of the responsiINSURANCE COMPANY a swimmer, or you may be disil- the development, construction of bilities of the states und local 67 Prospect Ave. RE 6-4084 lusioned once and for all. which should start late this year. communities, It might hi well for Don't swim unaccompanied, or The property was purchased by us to hark back to the words of at night. Mr. Levin through the office of wisdom uttered by President Don't engage in heavy swim- Bankers, Ltd. of Pateraon, repre- Abraham Lincoln when he said: ming for at least two hours af- sented by Stuart Coven. " 'The legitimate object of govCLAYTON'S ter eating. ernment is to do for a community Don't "horse around" In the of people, whatever they need to Surgical Service water. Fools can kill as effective- Know Your Government have done, but cannot do, at all, ly as murderers. or cannot, so well do, tor them- Qualified Male-Female Fitters High Cost Federal Aid And remember; He who swlma selves—in their separated and inthe thoughtful way, shall live to Another program of Federal dividual capacities. In alf that the grants-ln-"ald' 'to State end local people can individually do as well swim another day. Michael S. Mewjohn, M. D. governments Is launched under for themselves, government ht Trusses - Belts terms of legislation newly-enacted not to Interfere.' " I Artificial Limbs Most people find that hearing by Congress. This provides $7,MONMOUTH COUNTY is less keen immediately after 500,000 annually In Federal funds Braces - Crutches SURROGATE'S COUKT to extend rural library service— meals. Notice to Creditors to Present heretofore regarded as primarily Clalmn Aialnst Eslat* Supporters function of local government, ESTATE OK WILLIAM PAGE, DEThe New York Stock Exchange theUncle Sam has persisted in CEASED Elastic Hosiery, etc. uses more than a million lead doling to the order of EDWABD out "aid" In Increasing Pursuant pencils a year. BROEGE, SurroKate o( tlie County amounts to state and local govern- C of Monmouth. this day made, on the RENTALS ments during the post-war period application of the undersigned. Lavina MONMOUTH COUNTY sole executrix of the eslnte even though his own finances Norman of the said William PaRe. deceased, noSURROGATE'S COURT were out of control. In 1955 such tice Is hereby Kiven to the) creditors Wheelchairs Notice to Creditor! to Present Federal appropriations totaled of said deceased to present t|> the said Claims Against Estate sole executrix their claims under oath Hospital Bedt - Walkers ESTATE OV JOHN LITVIN DE- more that $3 billion—approximatsix monthfl from this date, CEASED. ing three-fourths of the deficit within Dated: July 17. 1066. I Pursuant to the order of EDWARD run up by the Feferal GovernCall RE 6-3756 LAVINA NOHMAN, C DROEGE Surrogate of the County 8 Cherry Street . of Monmouth this day mude. on the ment that year. The 1955 total New Shrewsbur . N. J. application of the undersigned Milton represented a six-fold Increase The Itegiawr B ctu-silfted advertiseS Kramer, Administrator, with Will over the half-billion dollars in Messrs Wise & W I M . ments havA more readers, which menm 64 Urond Street. annexed, of the est«t« of the »nld John mora result a Advert!«em*nt. Red Bank, New Jersey. Lltvm. deceased, notice is hereby Kiven Federal grants appropriated a Attorneys. 16.38 to the creditor of said deceased to decade earlier. Federal grants inpresent to the said Administrator with to New Jersey alone in fiscal .1955, Will annexed, their claims umier oath as reported by the Secretary, within six months from this date Dated: July 19, 1956 totaled J52 million for 41 proMILTON S. KRAMER grams, or about $5 million more 20 Uurrouk-hs Way, than provided for 38 programs a Mnplewood, N. J. year earlier. Milton S. Kramer, Esq.. I -catering 11 Commerce Street. Newark. New Jersey Concern over the growing tendEx clua ive \ y Attorney. S17.64 ency to turn to the Federal GovMONMOUTH COUNTY ernment has been exhibited both EXPECTANTMOTHER SURROGATE'S COURT at home and in Congress. The Notice to Creditors to Present With a Complete Line ot New Jersey Taxpayers AssociaClaims Ajainrt Estate MATERNITY AFPARBL SPORTSWEAR — DRESSES ESTATE OK EDWARD C. HOLLO- tion emphasizes tho high cost of Federal "aid"—pointing out that WAY. DECEASED, SUITS — LINGERIE Pursuant to the ordtr of EDWARD I New Jersey taxpayers must conSOT BOND ST. C BUOEGE. Surrogate of the County tribute more than two dollars In (Opp. Bond St Public School) of Monmouth, this day made, on the application of the undersigned. £thel taxes for every dollar received in Asbury Pork. M. J. PR k-J10< G. Holloway, administratrix of the efl- the State from the Federal grants

Bovnton & Boston General



Insurance S. BurriH Boynton John V. Crowell. Jr. Sam B. Boynton, Jr.

8 Drummond PI. (opp Boro B»»> Bank 6-0952




Thursday, July 26, 1956—3

on Jewelry, Silver, Musical Instruments. WE PAY CASH FOB O t D GOLD and SILVEIl Cameras, Binoculars, etc. L!c«n*efl And bonder! by S U U of N, J.

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YOU PAY LESS! WE SERVICE AU Makes and Models Oil Burneri with the Heating .System. IVE SERVICE Entire Plumblngr. tVE SERVICE All Types Water Pumps. WE SERVICE All Mokes Air Conditioner*. USUAL SERVICE FOR YOUR OIL BURNER OUR CHARGE IS $10.00 Tel. REd Bank 6-1041 or HOImdel 9-8441




Here a t l a s t . . .




late of the Bald Edward C. Holloway, ilecensed. notice Is hereby fflven to tile creditors of said deceased to present to the said administratrix their claims under oath within six months from this date. Dated: July 17. 1956. ETHEL G. HOLLOW V¥, P. O, Box 166 K D. # 1 . Eatontown. N J. Mesirs Wile & Wise 54 Broad Street. Red Bank, New Jersey. Attorneys. 117.(4

NOTICE TO ABSENT DEFENDANTS SUPERIOR COURT OF NEW JERSEY CHANCERY DIVISION MONMOUTH COUNTY CASE NO. F-2218-55 STATE OK NEW JERSEY TO CHARLENE MARKS, Individually and executrix of the Last Will and Testament of GeoiKe W, Von Osthoff (alio known as GeorRe W, OBthoff), and HARRY MARKS, her husband: MIN-. NIE H, LUTH; FLORENCE E, PETER, Individually and executrix of the Last Will and Testament of Richard H. L. OHtholT and ALFRED L PETER, her husband; ELIZABETH G. M. OTTO and WALTER OTTO, her huaband; FRANK O'CONNELL and FLORENCE O'COKNKLL husbnnd and wife; ROSEMARY S. LEWIS and EDWIN A. LEWIS, her husband. YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED and required to serve upon Roberts. PiHsbury & Carton, plaintiff's attorney, whose address is 95 First Avenue, Atlantic Highland!, New Jersey, an answer to the complaint Hied In a civil action in which Robert W. Gorsuch is plaintiff and Charlene Marks, et al, are defendants, pending In the Super* ior Court of New Jersey within 35 days After August 9, 1956, exclusive of nuch date. If you full to do so, judgment by default mny be rendered against you for the relief demanded In the complaint. You shall file your answer and proof of service in duplirnts T.ith tho Clerk of the Superior Court, State House Annex, Trenton, New Jersey, in accordance with the rules of Civil practice nnd procedure. This action nan been Instituted for the purpose of foreclosing (our Certificates of Tax Sale covering the premises hereinafter described, made by John M. Weat. Tax Collector of the Township of Mindletown, lo Wataon W, Kern, all dated December 29th. 1942, nnd recorded in the, office of the Clerk of Monmouth County, New Jersey, in Book 1250 of MortRBges on pages 208, 204. 206 and 206, respectively; of which the Pta.nt.fT la now the holder, the premises to be ft fleeted by said suit being described as follows: ALL those certain lots, tritcti or parcels of land and premised, hereinafter particularly described, situate, lying and beinft in the.Township of Middle* town, In the County of Monmouth and State of New Jersey FIRST COUNT: And being numbered and designated us Lots Numbers 43 and 44 Block P. and Lots Numbers 17 and IS, in Block G, of Ideal Bench, In said Township, as shown on a "Map of Property at Kennsburg, Monmouth Co N J.. known, as Ideal Reach," madf by H. S, Sprout, C.E.. and died in the Office of the Clerk of Monmouth County New Jersey, June 10th 1907. In Cute 36. Section 7, SECOND COUNT.. Known and designated as Lotn Numbers 17 1». 43 and 44. In Block R and Lots Numbers 2i and 2T. in Olnck S. of Ideal Beach, In the an Id Township, as shown on a "MBP of Property at Kennsburu, Mon. Co, N. J. known as Ideal Bench," irtnoe by II 3. Sproiil, C K., nnd filed In the Office of the Clerk of Monmouth Co. N, J.. June 10. .507. In Case S8, Section 7, THIRD COUNT: And being numbered nnd den IK tinted as Lots Numb#n * and 8. in Block T, nnd Lois Numbers 21 and 22. in Block W, nf Ideal Beach In inld Township, AS shown on a "Map of Property nt Kea.'.ibtiric. Monmouth Co., N. J,, known ni Ideal Bench," mnde by H, S, Spi-oul, C E, urn! filed In the Office of tlie Clerk of Monmouth County New Jersey, Juna 10th. ldr)7. In Cnne an, SecFOURTH COUNT: Ami being numbered nnd y virtue of ownernhlit. Inheritance! ilen re nt IntoRtncy, <\tv\n». dower. c\.rtfl«y, mortKtiK*. ^^A or conveynnctt entry of judgment or other Ingnl or Uvrful rlwlil, The nnture of which nml I!i0 renntin that you and ench of you nr« Joined rm tlnfonunntn \n snt forth wltli iinrtlriitnrlly In tlm cum. Plnlnt n copy nf whirl, will be furiililieil you ort roinnmt, mldrcHN^d lo the nltnrn-v of tlie 1plnlntili at tin ulwivft rii«iitlnrif>if nititif ** DutiM.i July lf> IBM. I, GltANT HCOTT. Clerk of tin miperlot Court,


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W< havt an opening lor > registered representative to assist In Krvlelnx our ell»nt»U. R


Founded in 1932

Members N. Y. Stock Exchange, American Stock Exch. AJSOCIJ *4 PINE STREET, 801 MAIN STREET, NEW YORK B, N. Y, ALLENHURST, N, J. WHitehall 4*2416 DUnkirk 9-3500

A H»


Below Are Just A Few Of The Many Items Offered MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS


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Lavson Suite Provincial Suite Contemporary Suite Sectional Sofa Moderns Suite

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ft I A 1295.00 1035.00 739.00 591.00 785.00 638.00

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71.50 Green Lawaon Chair 89.50 Gray Reclining Chair 106.50 Tapestry Wing Chair 110.00 Green Barrel Chair 112.50 Green Lawson Chair 129.50 Coral Wing Chair 197.50 Mahogany Credenza,. 8D.50 Mahogany Kneehole Desk 88.50 5-Pc. Chrome Kitchen Set 129.50 B-Pc. Chrome Kitchen Set 104.50 5-Pc. Black Kitchen 3et. 197.50 5-Pc. Bronze Kitchen Set items And many other

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H.g. 114.95


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lt> S:.W


Opon Fridays l o 9 P.M."i—~~

PKKKtlOLD nUUSTAN MILL NEAIl OUU STORE Ft.« Dillvry Within 10 Hll«i of Rtole

4—Thursday, July 26, 1956


Cars Collide At Applebrook

New Specialist For Gardeners

scn and Mrs. William Mueller received gilts. Table prize winners were Mrs, Hubert Kyan, Mrs. Sal Glovenco, MIDDLETOWN—Richard ZapMrs. Helen Kornek, Mrs. Theresa pior, 30, of 594 Prospect ave., New NEW BRUNSWICK — Home Schulte, Mrs. Michael J. Mona- York city, paid $30 In fines Sat- gardeners can. now share their worries and problems with a new HIGHLANDS — The Ladles' han, Sr., Mrs. Opferman, Mrs. urday after his car rammed the full-time specialist at Rutgers unlauxiliary of the first aid equal! Fred Teuschler, Mrs. William car of Albert Carlozzo, 52, of 1 •erslty. held a dessert card party last Mueller. Mrs. Michael Debbs, Stirrup lane, Eatontown, which week at the first aid building, Mrs. Ethel Domaraia, Mrs. Mar-was stopped for n. red light. corner of Valley and Fourth sts. guerite H. Keiper and Mrs. Mary Carlozzo was stopped for -a, Mrs. Orris D. Steelman, chair- Fisher. light at rt. 35 and Applebrook man, was assisted by Hrs. MarFarm rd. when Zappier /ailed to I'ETHICKS RETURN tin D. Fehlhaber, auxiliary presistop. Zappier was charged with dent, Mrs. William Beatty, Mrs. NAVESINK — Mr, and Mrs.careless driving, no registration William Kohlenbush and Mrs.Tliillp C. Pethlclt of First ave. and no license in his possession. David Patterson. No charges were made against Mrs. Arthur I \ Danlell, Mrs. have returned home after' vaca- Morris Trebble, 247 Belmont ave, Laura Rubley, Mrs. Charles Han- tioning at Rockpoil, Mass. Newark, when his truck skidded into the car of John VanKirk, 384 Cooper rd., Mlddletown, which was stopped for a red light at r t 35 and Navesink River rd. Trcbblo said h e applied his brakes and his truck skidded Into VanKlrk's car. James Powers, Rarltan ave., Leonardo, hit a utility pole on n business Monmouth ave. Sunday, when he failed to make a curve. No 37 years charges were made.

Dessert Party For Aid Squad


N. J. Daily Farm Wages Third Highest in U.S. TBENTON — Farm workers In New Jersey receive the third highest average dally wages in the nation, according to the New Jersey crop reporting: service. Average dally wages In the state are reported at $9.40, only slightly below first and second place Connecticut and Rhode Island nnd the same as In Massachusetts, The average Is U per cent above the wages reported July 1, 1955, and 71 per cent above the national average of $5.50.

Eugene Reardon. 3d. Has Birthday Parly

NEW SHREWSBURY—Eugene Reardon, 3d, son of Mr. and Mr*. Eugene M. Beardon., Jr., ot Knollwood dr., marked his 13th birthday Wednesday of last week at a barbecue party at his home. Attending were James Reardon, Robin Dunn, Tommle and Lynn Dibble, Terrenee Mary and DerinU O'Keefe, Alex and Eric HanLincroft sen, Mrs, Louise Steets and Mr. and Mrs. Jack O'Keeie, all of New Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Hubbard UP TO 5 YEARS TO PAY Shrewsbury; Mr. and Mrs. Euof Mlddletown-Lincroft rd., have Donald B. Lacey had their, grandchildren, Rosemagene M. Reardon, Sr., Atlantic iio and Earl Nichols, visiting Donald B. Larty, whoss ap- Highlands; Mr. and Mrs. Edmund them the last six months. M/Sgt. pointment will t"Jte effect Aug. 1, Schmidt, Leonardo; Mr. and Mrs, We Loan Money f o r and Mrs. Earl P. Nichols, who the first member of the staff Jack Reardon and daughters have been in White Sands, N. M., >f the extension service of the Diane, Joyce and Pattle, West Educational Purposes visited. Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard •allege of Agriculture to hold the Keansburg; Mr. and Mrs. Charles and took their children back title of extension specialist In Pede and children Laura and Dawith them to N e w Mexico, where home grounds. A native of vid, and Mr. and Mrs. Paul If you aren't prepared to pay for your Spt. Nichols Is stationed. He was 3ohenectady, N. Y., he has been Naughton and children Paid, formerly stationed at Fort Monisoclate agricultural agent In Kathleen and John, Port Monchild's college tuition we may be able mouth. Westchester county, N. Y. moutih; Mr. and Mrs. Joe CaMndo, to help. The Second National Bank Mrs. Otto Kettel of Brooklyn Llndley G. Cook, associate dl- Highlands; Mr. and Mrs. Danny was a guest Sunday of Mr. and•ector of tho extension service, Casey and children Danny, and AMERICANvi'll lend you the. money to send your Mrs. Anton Kurt of Roma Court. who recommended Mr, Lacey's ap- Edith, Allenhurst, and Mr. and COMPLETELY INSTALLED child to college. Repayments are keyed Mr. and Mrs. John Mauser at- jolntment to the university trus- Mrs. William Wenner, Sr., Thorntended the surprise birthday ses, say'g that Mr. Lacey will dike, Mass. M o d t m sink, tub. commc-dt in to your budget and you pay nominal white or color. Gorgeous showparty for Mrs. Joseph Hamer- :over the complete home grounds leld. er, copper water lines, fluornick at Colt's Neck Sunday. bank rates. Stop in to see us about it •scent lights, medicine cablnet. Julius Soefflng, father of Mrs. A special project will be to help Ills on walls and floor. Installed soon. Harry Seylaz, Is a medical pa- >repare educational materials and by registered master plumbers. Featured This Wiekt develop 4-H projects for usa partient at Monmouth Memorial hos- ticularly in suburban areas. pital. Mr. Lacey was trained in horJerry Ann and M a r i a n Iculture, floriculture, entomology, Schwartz, children of Mr. and and other subjects MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Mrs. Charles Schwartz, Jr., of ttrop-growlng HOME-MADE Pennsylvania State university, Middlesex, spent a week on va- rtiich awarded him a bachelor of Vr CONCRETE FOUNDATION HATlONAlir fAMOUS cation with their grandparents, clence degree in 1950, and Cornall AT NO EXTRA COST Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sohwartz, lnlversity, from which he received * MEETS A I L Sr. he master of science degree In IUILDING CODES A meeting of the officers and 1951. He is an Air Yorce veteran * 24 MODELS T O trustees of the LIncroft-Everett and had commercial experience CHOOSE FROM Community fund committee will Mfore joining the Westehester be held Wednesday at the) homo ounty extension offlco in 1951. Lb. of Marcus Daly, chairman. The guest speaker at the Lin-Car Hits Fence, Reg. e i o Lb. croft-Holmdel Kiwanis club meeting at Lincroft inn Thursday ^ree at Rumson *BRICK night was Robert A. Cabaen, serRUMSON—John Desmond of 29 •FRAME vice supervisor of the research division of Product Engineers of Church st. escaped serious Injury *STONE early Monday morning when the Du Pont. He spoke on labor re•BLOCK lations. Eight members of the car he waa driving struck a fence Asbury Park and one member of and tree on East River rd. near tho Keyport clubs attended. Har- Park ave. ( 1 BROAD ST. PROSPECT AVE., LITTLE SILVER • BROAD ST., RED BANK According to police, Desmond old Morgan will be program BCD was traveling east on River rd. chairman this week. His guest SERVING THE COMMUNITY SINCE 1864 will be William Pearsley of South The car jumped the curb on the No mert nttd for point. Orange, who will present a mu- north side of tho Kavookjian property. The car stopped when 91 Imulelid sical program. It hit a .tree on the Kavookjian cold! Olvi younelf a modem appiurlnq tomi property. Desmond, who comIons, as required during 1950-67 school they will be publicly opened at th« FUEL OIL BID PASSENGER INJURED id forgit upkeip and plained of pain in his right arm, The Board of Educntlon ot tb« Bor-year. It ii respectfully requested that Little Silver school. The Board reserves the right to re« aln)«nanct. ough of Utt1« Silver. Nsw Jersey, nuks all bids b« submitted in t*rnu of cost Amelia Daly of 48 Monroe ave., was taken to Rivervlew hospital. Thin, Crltp and Dellr.loui for sealed bldi for the supplying of over harbor price at the time of de>jecfr any or all bids and to waive ImShrewsbury, a passenger In a car He was Issued a summons for 65,000 gallons (more or leu) of No, 4 Itvory. AM blda must ba In the hands material Informalities, fuel oil, 24-26* Baumo, said oil to be of Uie Secretary of the Board of Edu- D 1 PHONE TODAY FOB FREE ESTIMATE driven by Sarah Sledlick, 52 Mon- ireless driving. Police Capt Will N C . delivered In tank truck load loti of cation not later than 8:00 P. M., roe ave., was Injured in a two-car Secretory. B W i n i i t i i i o n iwt Murn. our, mmm m m accident Saturday morning at liam Zerr investigated. approximately not les« than 4,000 sal- D.S.T.. Aiiffuit 2, 1956. at which time J8.58 Oakland and Pearl sta., Red Bank. Our Estimator Will Call at Your Convenience—Day, Nltt or Sunday The other car w a s driven by Abraham J. Zager, 235 Sycamore Phone ASBURY PARK ave., Shrewsbury. The injured woman was treated at Rlvervlew hospital. According to iwlice, Mr. Zagcr said the brakes on Ms car were wet and didn't work.

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Monmouth council, said he was RED BANK REGISTER Thursday, July 26, 1956—5 pleased, with the progress being made at the camp in the short time since the scouts took title to the property. Among the accomplishments FORESTBURG, N. Y. —The were the Installation of a new new Boy Scout Reservation here deep well and a complete water for Monmouth county scouts was system serving the campsite, dininspected Monday by two nation- ing hall and other areas. Up to al officers: Leonardo J. List, vice 'the present time, the Scouts have chairman of region two, ' and been generating their own power Judge Arthur Lane, also a mem- for the pump. Through the cober of the national executive com- operation of the Rockland Light mittee. and Power company of Nyack, E. Donald Sterner, president of the Scouts will soon have electric power for refrigeration a n d pumping needs. Over two miles of line had to be run to the camp. Telephone facilities still will not be available In 1956 and contact with the outside world has been made possible through the generosity of neighbors some two miles away from the camp Itself. Four Camping Areas UNDER Four troop camping areas, all new tents and sanitary facilCool, Comfortable, with ities, had been completed. Trails have been cut up through the mountain top and a ceremonial campflre ring constructed 'at the Maj. Anthony T. Willens, personnel staff officer in the foot of a high rock ledge which looks down over the Mongaup office of the executive, receives congratulations from his valley. Trails have been marked across the property and around chief, Col. K. F. March, after he has pinned his newly earned the 50-acre lake to outpost camps gold leaf last week. The newly- appointed major has 28 where the scouts take their trainIng in trail cooking. A new bath- years of active military service. He served in the Panama ing beach has been built indu- Canal Zone in World War II, followed by tours in the Paing a swimming dock and lifesaving area. The boathouse has cific and European theaters. He came to Fort Monmouth been rebuilt and canoes and boats in Aug., 1955, and makes his home here at 48 Little Silver repaired for summer operation. Major construction, work at pkwy., Little Silver, with his wife and daughter, Sue, age camp included the 'juitdlng of a nine. The couple also have two married daughters. new dam for the lai-e and concrete spillway. This was started May 19 and completed this past Katherine L. Sohanck 00 Keyweek with grating and bridge report, who died June 27, left his pairs. The scouts are using the estate to his son, Theodore former owner's lodge as their Schanck. headquarters unit and have their Estate To Husband health and. safety room located in the building. Temporary dining FREEHOLD — The will of Nellie "W. Clarks of Matawan, halls have been rebuilt from ex- Charles A. Weiss of Red Bank who died Jjino 26, left her estate isting buildings and a complete was among those filed iasl week in trust for her husband, Harry • We liavo on band a beauti- camp kitchen installed to take In the office of Surrogate Ed- Paul Clarke. Upon his death or ful selection of 1956 PAT- care of the regular meals. ward C. Broege. He left hia estate remarriage, furniture and furTERNS, woven or painted Need Funds to Mrs. Carl J. Munch. nishings will go to her sisters, fabrics. Mr. Sterner said that funds are The respective widows will re- Mrs. Catherine Henderahot, Mrs. still needed to complete the con-clevo the estates of Bernard Grace Sheppard and Mian Ann • Our better made awnings are well known in Monmouth Co. for FIT. struction at camp and he hoped Warneker of Everett, who died Whltlock. The rest of the estate BEAUTY AND STYLE. the campaign would reach its Juno 27; Isaac Leighton of Eaton- goes to Mrs. Sheppard. goal of $290,000 so that more boys town, who died June 25; William Walter Gordon of Long Branch, • They're LONG LASTING, because could be accommodated at theH. Chasey of Keyport, whe died who died June 27, left hia estate we REINFORCE the seams and lisa heavy ORLON THREAD. site. "We will bo limited In next June 20, and Harold Shafto of to his daughter, Elizabeth VanWall township, who died June 25. Brunt. • All our frame work Is HOT year's operation unless we can build, six more campsites, each Jessie E . Mclntyre of Mlddle- Mary B. Turpin of Allet.town, GALVANIZED and will resist rust. holding troops of 24 Scouts and town, who died June 11, left a who died May i, left $200 to the their leaders," Mr. Sterner said. house, furniture and furnishings Pcmberton Methodist c hu r c h Call us for sn estimate without 'obligation. At your request wo will "We also will need a dining lodge on Nutswamp rd. and a lot oncemetery. A friend, Carrie Donto take care of about 300 Scouts also bring a sample to show you Sycamore ave., New Shrewsbury, ahue, will receive 550. H3r grandhow our awnings are really made. a meal as the present arrange- to her sister, Mary A. Smith. A daughter, Llppincott, meht is already at capacity for brother, Edward, O. Pinnell, will will receive Charlotte $450. A grandson, Wllthe season." receive three lots on Collins St., lard Graham, will receive $250. Keansburg. The rest goes to her The rest goes to her • children, surviving brothers and sisters. JOINS 24TH DIVISION Joseph Turpin and Henrietta KOHEA—Set. Eddy S. Castillo, Budd. Bioxom Son Named whoso wife, Victoria, lives at S3 Maria B. Bioxom of Middletown Mitchell dr., Eatontown, N. J., Is township, who died Feb. 23, left BAUB FAMILY REUNION a member of the 24th Infantry her estate to her son, Henry Clay 117 W. FRONT ST. RAUBSVILLE, Pa. — The 37th division in Korea. A squad leader Bioxom. ,-, annual reunion of the Raub famRED BANK 6-3889 in Company I of the division's 21st Antonio Crovo of Keansburg, ily will be held Saturday, Aug. 4, Regiment, Castillo entered »the Free Parking In starting at 1:30 p, m., at St. Paul's Army In 1945. He arrived in the who died Jan. 23, left $50 to his Front and Kear of Store widow, saying the small bequest Lutheran church here onrt.611, Far East last March. was made because she had been six miles south of Easton, Pa. amply provided for. A daughter, Registration starts at 1:30 p. m. Ethel E. DeForrare, , will receive and after a devotional service and $500. His sons, James and Her-business meeting at 2 p. m., enbert Crover, will receive the rest. tertainment and visitation will William Page of 8 Cherry St., follow. Elvin Raub of Allentown, New Shrewsbury, who died Apr. Pa., Is president, A number of 21, left his estate to Lav In a Nor- descendents of the Raub family man. live in this area.

Scout Officials Inspect Camp,


Gets Gold Leaf

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6—Thursday, July 26, 1956



"that in the future we shall have to combine all resources of the state, the county' 40-42 Broad Street, Red Bank, N. J. and local district, together with the energy and resources of interested private citiESTABLISHED 1878. zens, to meet the challenge ahead in higher By John 11. Cook and Henry Clay education."' THOMAS IRVING BROWN, Publisher With the tremendous shortage this JAMES J. HOGAN, Editor M. HAROLD KELLY, Business Manager state apparently is suffering in opportun W. IIAKKY FENNINGTON, I'roduction Manager ities for college training for our young Member of the Associated Press men and women, certainly this must he The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for rcpublication of nK the local news printed in this news- I he time for all of us in this county to get: paper as well HS ail AP news dispatches r behind JI millionth college and push—not -h Member Audit Bureau of Circulation alone with our dollnrs, important ns they Tha Rpii Hnnk RezMer Rssumet* no finnncinl rearon- arc, but as sales iigciiis. Some $31)0,0(1(1 is sihililies for typographical errors In iidvertiscmentB, but will -"eprint that part of an advertisement in which the needed now :iud perhaps, with effort, tlmt typographical error occurs Advertisers will please notify the management Immediately of any error which may occur. amonnt can be stretched, surely it caniiot ThiB newspaper assumes no responsibilities for be underpaid,



.from his ladder and seriously InFifty Years Ago. He was at the top of the Shrewsbury township had a po- jured, when a horse became liceman who was a millionaire. ladder frightened at the tooting of a This policeman was Howard S. locomotive and ran away, striking Borden, son of M. C. D, Borden Mr. Lafetra's ladder, causing him of Oceanic. Young Mr. Borden to tumble. He was taken to the was an ardent automobilist and Long Branch hospital, where It believed in obeying the law. He was found that in addition to bewas to have no regular hours and ing severely bruised, one arm wa» was to get no salary. He set upfractured and in all probability he his duties to especially hunt for had sustained an injured verteautompbilists who exceeded ihe speed limit and as he was very bra. much against the use of alcohol, f Twenty-Five Years Ago. he promised to round up all the drunks and disorderly persons in Rev. Herbert S. Craig of Plalnhis district of the township. fleld, became the new rector of Bruno Raub, the 12-year-old Bon Trinity Episcopal church of Red of Bruno Raub, Sr. of Llncroft, Bank. He succeeded Rev. Robert while bathing in Swimming river, MacKellar. Rev. and Mrs. Macstatements of opinion- in letters from its renders. near Phalanx, was carried off his Kellar were at their summer resiOur governor quotes a State DepartSubscription I'-ices in Advance. One year $5.00 feet by the swift current and was dence in Vermont, and upon their si* months $3.00. Single copy at counter, 10 cents. ment of Education estimate that 2:*9,0()() rescued' from drowning by Harry return planned to take up resi- t Walling. dence at the Hudson House on men and women in the college age group THURSDAY, JULY 26, 1956 The Protestant Italians of Red Hudson ave. Rev. and Mrs. Craig today will grow to 517,000 by 1978, and ^ank had been holding services were occupying the parish rectory In the town hall for several weeks; on Maple-ave, estimates that compared to 43,000 Jersey and arrangements were made by Wilbur Symington, who was In Those School Costs high school gratis who want to go to colEdmund Wilson and Rev. W. B.partnership with his brother-inMatteson, pastor of the Red Bank law, Andre"- Dougherty, in ths It was itnnounred recently fit Fair lege next year, the number by 11)73 will Baptist church, with Shrewsbury ownership of ths Maple Diner on Haven that the municipal tax rate for that be 150,000. township officials for this group Maple ave., planned to go into bus- ( to continue their meetings in the lness for himself, on or about Aug. At the same time, we have Sen. Case borough—$'2.S7 per §100 of assessed valtown hall through the winter. It 1. The Maple diner had been uation is only one cent per §100 higher saying that our present colleges ciiiinot, was estimated that them were bought by J. Roy Kearney. ... over 500 Italians in Rod Bank of because of facilities, fill the need. than last year's rate. Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Allen, Protestant faith. In their cruiser Eldorado, with Surely, if we are to build the America The school-tax rale for local elementJohn Vernell, who farmed one Mr. and Mrs. William Gaugh'n as of Richard Crawford's places at their guests; and Mr. and Mrs. ary schools and the Hunison-Fair Haven that we must in tbu face of today's chalNutswamp, lost his entire potato Carl F. Clark, with Mr. and Mrs. regional high school district is up IJ2.(W lenge of world leadership, none of us can crop, consisting of 10 acres, which Robert Cooper as th*lr gue«t« . was planted on low ground. The aboard the Clark cruiser Sunny well afford to shirk our responsibilities in per §100 to a new rate of $7.5-1 per §100. heavy and continuous rains Boy, left for a motor trip up th» The Fnir Haven tfx figures vividly il- giving as generously as possible to the full flooded the field and the potatoes Hudson. The party expected to were rotted. spend much time ashore, with a lustrate a condition that, has been with support of our own institution, now loTwo men were killed on the visit to the Catskills as part of cated on u beautiful new campus, and prous for some time—that the bluest part Atlantic Highlands branch of the their vacation. Central railroad, one from Atof the taxpayers' c7"llar goes for schools moting its future growth. The contest for queen of the anlantic Highlands and the other and not for municipal operation as once from Highlands. Thomas Gaffey, nual Highlands baby parade was attracting considerable interest in ,' an Atlantic Highlands carpenter, fluence of the many thousands of was the case. And Fair Haven is not alone, was killed at Center ave., Atlantic that Immediate section. The conweekly newspapers published by Controlling Peddlers the situation is the same throughout most Highlands, while crossing the testants were "Nanette Johnson, LETTERS FROM Independent, high-spirited editors tracks, thinking ho had plenty of Rose O'Neill, Florence O'Connor, of the state. of the United States." Fair Haven officials deserve praise for time to reach the opposite side Ethel Fitzgerald and Gertruds OUR READERS Rep. Lovre pointed out that Taxes to pay for the operation of local starting a campaign of strict enforcement before an oncoming train. How- Jeffries. Mrs. Beatrice Horan was "nearly always you will .find in ever, his calculations miscarried in charge of the contest. the weekly paper well-thought-out government, schools and county govern- of its peddlers' ordinance. Residents of The "Washington," a plane opand he lost his life. Thomas PRAISE FOR MISS MC CUB comments that serve as strong inment are collected by a municipality. How- that borough—as well as those of MiddleGrady, a flagman at the Seaside erated by Irving G. Hay and Max centives to readers to further DRIVING TO THE SHORE 4th Pit Co. B, crossing at the Highlands, lost Distel, which was part of the Ship- ( ever, the municipality is merely a collec- town township and Ruinson—now have study important issues." 3rd. Tgr. Rgt. his life when he was flagging a pee-.Tohnson Peruvian expedition, What we needed, we decided a —Mobridgo, S. I)., Tribune. Fort. Dix N. J., tion agency for the others. The loon! gov- assurance that door-to-door vendors at few train and stepped backward on was landed in Colca Valley, Peru, years ago as we fought our July 15, 1056. another track to get out of its and was the first airplane to land QUESTIONABLE REMEDY erning body sets the rate and has control least are known to the police department. weary way across Edison bridge To the Editor: way Just as an express train was in one of the "14-forgotten viland down rt. 35, was a parkway Washington and other Warren It was with great regret that approaching in the opposite di- lages" in that mountainous secover only that part of the tnx dollar which Bed'Rank, which was to have set. the without trucks or cross roads or county communities are not theI read of the retirement of Miss tion of the state, lights. That would make .only ones to suffer from an over- Mary A. McCue as the teaching rection. goes for municipal operation. pattern for adjoining municipalities, still traffic a trip to the shore a pleasure, in- supply of pigeons. As with cats, principal of the Oakland Street Frank A. Morehouse, an Atlan- A group of residents of the LoOften a local governing body becomes lias not set up such controls, even though itead of a wracking ordeal. tic Highlands real estate agent, cust Point and vicinity, who wer» there are some people who think school. It was my good fortune to have gave a clambake to several friends devotees of horseback riding, ob- , So we approved a big bond Issue tho only good pigeon is a dead Miss a target of those residents who feel taxes the Red Bank Community Chamber of McCue as a co-operating jected to the township committee and In a remarkably short time pigeon. teacher and guide during my per- on the shore of the Leonard farm. are too high. As in Fair Haven, however, Commerce long has urged adoption of we had our parkway. It Is everyMiddletown improving roads That Is the way the thinking iod of student teaching a year ago. J. Biddle Swan was the chef. of thing we dreamed it would bo, is going In Plalnfleld, which is Her wisdom, knowledge, love for Those who enjoyed the feast were in their district. They objected it is not the local governing body Hint is such an ordinance. to the new road surface of tar and except that when wo want to use no more fortunate than any other children and loyalty to commun- Mr. and Mrs. William R. Ware, to blame. Fake salesmen of phony products con- It, the darn thing Is jammed to New Jersey town when it comes ity made this month of my pro-Mr. and Mrs. John L. Miller, Mr. stone and said that the roads were made undesirable for horseback fessional preparations the most and Mrs. Swan and the Morehouse In fact, there is no one to blame. Our tinue to plague residents of this fast-grow- capacity and a drive to the shore to a pigeon problem. riding with that type of surface. vital, information and enjoyable. famlhf. takes just about as long as it In Plalnfleld, the City Fathers Red Bank, as well as the genThe leader in the movement communities have shown rapid increases ing area, although most vendors are hon- ever did. David Mlnton of Fair Haven, a against improved roads was Wilhave brought forth an ordinance eral community of Monmouth Hy Goldberg of The News sports —which has not yet had a public county will be deprived of the carpenter, working on Fred bur Barber Ruthrauff of Riverin population in recent years both through est. Newcomers frequently are victimized Frick's Lyceum at Red Bank, fell side dr. staff gave readers a graphic de- hearing, and can expect a stormy services of a great educator. an influx of new residents and a rising without recourse, the "gyp'1 artist having scription of what It meant to drlvo passage when it does—giving the I join with her many friends in while he had a snw in his left John Domzal, who conducted birth rate and that is the reason for the merrily moved on to other communities. to Monmouth Park last Saturday. Chief of Police power to author- wishing her many years of good hand. The lower part of his arm struck hard against the saw's an automobile repair business on Mr. Goldberg left Irvington short- ize policemen to shoot on sight, health and happiness. fantastic climb in school costs. Sincerely yours, By requiring vendors to "check in" at po- ly before noon and reached the during daylight hours, when they teeth, and a gash of several inches West Front st., bought Bert TayPvt. Donald R. Vineburg, and about one and a.half inches lor's garage and automobile busspot a pigeon. We understand The situation merits thought especial- lice headquarters, our borough council track at 3:15. U. S. 51373973, was cut and an artery was iness on the state highway in that Morristown recently had a What few of us anticipated was (United States Army.) deep ly by those ready to attack local officials would be providing residents the protec- the phenomenal increase In motor somewhat similar idea. severed. Dr. William B.- Warner Middletown township, near Headand Dr. Edwin Field took 11 den's Corner. Mr, Damzal had , vehicle registrations. Nor did we This newspaper has no particubecause of rising taxes. Usually the ,local tion they deserve^ APPRECIATION stitches to close the wound. Mr. been in the automobile repair busunderstand that a good facility lar sympathy with pigeons, as tax rate—the only rate over which the loWe hope strict enforcement, of the ordi-' generates traffic, which means it such. Its policy In that respect UNITED CEREBRAL PALSY Minton suffered a great loss of iness for himself for ten years and Monmouth and Ocean blood and was in a weakened con- had been very successful. For 14 cal governing body has control—is a small nance iu Fair Haven will be closely noted Is soon flooded by a lot of traffic is not very firm. But It does Counties. Inc.. dition for several days. years, he was employed by George that was just waiting for a place have considerable concern for part of the total tax rate of a community. by responsible officials here and that fair, to Box 25, Long Branch, N. J, go. the welfare of its subscribers Miss Sadie A. Applegate, daugh- Hance Patterson and Henry McJuly 19, 1956. It's the schools that are costing the tax- effective sections of the measure quickly ter of Mrs. Mary Applegate of Dermott. Last year we welcomed the com- and fellow citizens, and somehow To the Editor: pletion of an extra lane in each wo do not take to the idea of On behalf of the board of direc- Chapel Hill, and Charles L. Ben- The Red Bank Lodge of Elki payer today—not municipal expenses. are adopted by Red Bank. direction on the parkway, nortli authorizing municipal or any tors of United Cerebral Palsy of nett of the same place were mar- v;as conducting a contest for "Perof the Raritan river. That was other police to go around taking Monmouth and Ocean counties. I ried at South Amboy. Immediately sonality Queen" as a feature of going to clear up the Jams, we pot shots at pigeons with a Po-would like to tako this opportunity following the ceremony, the couple their annual fair. Contestants hoped. It hasn't. So we have to lice Special, a bullet from which to express our deep appreciation went to Tottenvillc, Staten Island, were Edna Antonides, Ella Clark, A Well Deserved Honor be skeptical about the current can make a hole in a man bigto you and your staff for your co- .to set up housekeeping, where Mr. Reglna. Curchin, Edna Hughes, The River Rats on our fund-raising Bennett was employed in a dental Julia Oakes, Mary Reiss, Anna suggestion of extending the third enough to put your fist in, andoperation campaign. The naming of Assemblyman Alfred Rowell, Dolly Sawyer and Reba Fair Haven, long a leader in providing lanes across the bridge and as far splattering pigeon entrails all With this kind of support, we factory. over the town. We do not QuesSimon of Red Bank, Margaret N. Beadleston as the 1955 Man of the Year activities for its youngsters, now has an- aa Point Pleasant or Toms River. will be able to continue the pro- The announcement was made of Salmon of Chapel Hill, Mrs. JosBesides, tho parkway is a sea- tion the marksmanship of our gram planned and give tho ad-the marriage of Miss Julia Deacy, in Monmouth county is an honor well de- other youth group—the River Bats. sonal project. I t must collect a Finest. But there are a lot of ditional recommended services to who, for many years had been eph Tomlinaon of Eatontown, pigeons in this town, and a lot Mrs. Arina Kahermanes of Keymajor part of its revenues bethose already being cared for and employed in the Straus company served. A true student of government, Mr. The new group was organized recently tween July 1 and Sept. 15. It is of people, and bullets have an also reach out to those we have store, to John W. Ivins, a young port, Mrs. Margaret Woods of Beadleston has spent a great portion of habit of rlccochetlng. been unable to serve because of Red Bank lawyer.- It had been Keansburg and Irene Brown of when 21 four-passenger sailboats, built by doubtful if the added revenue that unpleasant > might be produced by additional We also question the legality of limited funds. rumored about town for several Matawan. his young life in public service. As counlocal fathers, were launched. The fathers lanOB could meet the cost of their such an action. Pigeons are still Thank you ngaln and we trust weeks that tha couple were mar- Richard N. Cheethan, Rev. W. we may look forward to your ac- ried, but doubts were satisfied cilman and mayor of his home borough, protected by atate law from moconstruction. M. Hebron, Mrs. Myrtle M. Cagle began work in February and since then on future activities. lestation In any form. We think tive support when the announcement was mnde and Arthur B. Polite had arranged he proved indefatigable, giving ShrewsSincerely yours. It has also been suggested that the solution to the pigeon probhave put in more than 200 man hours of another that they had been married by Henry j . Lindner; Jr. for a political meeting for colored parkway be built, west bury an exceptional example of efficiency. lem begins in Trenton, with rePublic Relations Co-ordinator. Rev. Jamie's A. Reynolds, pastor citizens of Red Bank to be held work on the boats which were bought in of Garden State. It is doubtful if vision of the present law to make of St. James church, sometime at the River Street school. Exthis could pay its way as a. toll One might find occasional cause to he do-it-yourself kits from Holland. legal to trap pigeons and desINSPECTION STATION previous. The date was not anGovernor A. Harry Moore and facility, and the construction of a it troy them as humanely as possicritical of a public pronouncement by Mr. nounced. Congressman William H. Sutphin Plans are under way to increase the new free shore road from avail- ble. It is the only sensible way Middletown township Beadleston, but we wouldn't want him any size of the fleet to enable more and more able state funds or from prospec- to handle a Job of such proporDemocratic Executive A memorial service was held for were scheduled to address the as- • sombly. tive federal appropriations could tions. The Star would never supW. Champion Scott of Fair Haven, Committee other way. Though an outspoken legislaMiddletown. N. J. who lost his life by the capsizing The Red Bank branch of th« borough youngsters to learn water safety scarcely be justified in the face port a plan to make the streets of pressing needs in other parts of this community into shooting of the schooner "Emma Hendrix" Wilson College club was formed at tor, he strives to be "in touch" with the July 20, 1956 and enjoy the fun of sailing. The safety of the state. in Raritan bay. The service was the homo of Mrs. Hubert M. FarTo the Editor: galleries.—Washington, N. J. Star. people he represents, a quality which inado This is a copy of a letter that I hsld In the Methodist church, and row of South st. Charter memcourse is being sponsored by Dads, Inc. If there isn't much hope of ever forwarded to Governor Meyner. the pastor, Rev. Jacob Leuppie, bers were Louisa Simpson, Miriam him such an outstanding municipal official. up with the rising volWe believe there is no healthier or more catching Honorable Robert D. Meyner took aa his text, "And the sea shall Parsons and Katharine Child of HURRY THE FERRY of summertime shore traffic, Though but 44 years of age, Mr. Bea- enjoyable way for a youngster to spend ume of New Jersey glvo up its dead." Red Bank, and Allyne Edwards does that mean we are condemned An express seagoing ferry ser- Governor State House Mrs. Charles A. Meade of New of Little Sliver, all graduates of .'. dleston has been retired several years, a his free hours during the summer than to perpetual frustration and ever vice across Delaware bay from Trenton 7, New Jersey York, who spent most of her girl- the college, and Rhoda Blrdsall, a lengthening delays? Is there an- Cape May county is inevitable. It My dear Governor: condition most of us understandably envy. hood in Red Bank, met an un-present senior, who was chosen other possibility, the use of re- demands a careful reading of sailing. I have noticed your recent re- timely death when gasoline which president, with Miss Child as secWhether most of us could or would use verse flow on the parkway? the facts of feasibility and financquest for more motor vehicle inThat 200 hours put in on the boats is This means that it would be ing to put It into operation, as a spection stations on a temporary she had spilled on her clothing retary and treasurer. the resultant time in a quest for good The 'former Stoutwood Parfc an impressive figure. We can't help but made one-way for limited periods logical extension of the Garden basis, such as, drive-In theaters. I took fire from a gas stove; and government, however, is something else the direction of tha heaviest State Parkway. There should be am wondering if you have con- her body was enveloped in flames. tract on the west shore of Shadow think that if more fathers gave more such in She was horribly burned from Lake, near River Plaza, was no delay in devising. a plan of sidered locating one of these traffic flow. again. time to their children, perhaps the juAttempting this on the parkway subsidy on the part of the state stations in the new Loew's 35 head to foot and died without turned into a flying field and was driva-ln theater in Raritan townregaining consciousness. Her being operated by the Inland Fly- , We congratulate Stephen D.-Lavoie, let us say, the Sunday night to "prime tho pump." The project venile delinquency situation we have to- for, New Jersey. I feel as though maiden name was Eula May Scott, ine Service, Inc. Msnvbars of th* northbound rush, would require can generate enough traffic to pay ship, chairman of the committee which is comthis may alleviate some of the public acceptance and perhaps for itself, since this is the "miss- congested conditions that Is now daughter of Augusta and Bloom- corporation were Krumbhar Herndav wouldn't exist. don, George Christian and Lars bining an effort to pay tribute to an outthe reconstruction of certain en- ing link" in the present East being caused by the suddenly over field Scott. Capt. Lambort Snedeker of Fair I. Olson. Percy West of Red Bank trances and exits, and there may Coast network of regional high- populated Bayshorc nroa, standing county citizen with one lo raise be insuperable difficulties to theways. I hope you will give the above Haven, died in the Long Branch was the first student to take off money for charity. As for Mr. Beadleston, Idea. How about some other sug- Without a ferry connecting suggestion your personal attention hospital following a paralytic from the field and Carl Panaccl About That Vacation stroke. ,Ho was 79 years old and of Sea Bright was thofirstpasgestions from our readers?—New- such proposed points as Cape May at your earilest convenience. we know he'll wear the title well. had lived at Fair Haven nearly senger. Respectfully, City with Lewes, Delaware, the Law enforcement authorities repeated- ark News. Matthew X GUI50 years. At ono time he was one Hamilton • S. Battin, who was rt Capo county Is fated to remain a of tho Sandy Hook pilots. ly have said that the vncationist "almost IMPORTANCE OF TJIE HOME dead end. Tho economy of the formerly associated with Daniel Walter B. Parson's orchestra S. Applegato in the general real TOWN PAPER rest of our state is bound to invites" thieves to loot his home while he WHAT! NO INKY FINGERS? Jersey's College Crisis went on its annual outing to estate and Insurance business, suffer. Pioneer work done on is away, by making it all too obvious tlmt It la natural that those who pro-'this project by former Senator One by one tho tools of proper Coney Island in B. S. Payne's severed his connection with hU Monniouth college was dedicated lust duco weekly newspaporn believe largo launch, Yankee Boy, They partner and opened all office for the house is unoccupied. To this, the Na- that they are rendering an im-Anthony Cancro, the Southern apprenticeship training fall before week on its beautiful Shadow Lawn cunipus Now Jersey Development Council, the march of mochanlcnl progress. stopped at Highlands en route' for himsolf at 183 Riverside avo. Mr. tional Safety council suggests tlmt care- portant service to their communi- Capo May county Senator Charles In the period when dad—or was a dip In the surf and then pro- Battin had been engaged in th« ties, If they didn't think so, many in West Long Branch, anil the people of lessness upon departure may lead to all of them would probably get outW. Sandman, Jr., and local trado In granddad? — took a gawky ceeded to Coney Island, where insurance business In New York mechanic's helper under his they enjoyed a shore dinner and for 30 years. this county were tokl in no uncertain of tho profession, for the financial groups, lias dramatized the real young ono sorts of trouble. of the established rou- spent the cvoning among the at- The Boro Buses corporation of rewards are not great, and theneed for ferry service. An imag- wing terms by a governor and U. S. senator tlmt wni to send tho lnd on a tractions nt Drnnmlnnd nnd lAina Rertrt B Bnn!:, i g i aadidi The wise vacationist can save himself woWf l« pn-ncHnj^ enri often c?.l'« inative ntiirly hy the -State High- tines ! , began bg of other shops to try to bor- Park. In the party were Mary E. rectt lino this state was facing Komelhing of nn eduli bbotwoan Rod Bank and long, hard hours of painstak- way Departmont, with the $30,000 tour Mount, K. Cecil Weaver, Nclllo Asbury Park by way of Shrewsmuch worry if, before locking the iloui-s— for row a "left-hnndnd monkey recently provided by the legislaing work. cational crisis Hint must, lip answered by Kuhl, John H. Mount, Charles E. bury, Eatontown, Neptune Hlghture over the governor's algna- wrench." nnd those locks should he tested—he folWhile the editor who fcolfl tlmt ture, is promptly called for. Tho Today a servlcemnn noeds a Nleman, Alexander Curchln, Loon wny and Asbury avo, to tho oceantheir fullest support. II. .seems only wise to lows a few simple rules . . . hy seeing that his efforts are Important to the summor gonerntive flow of vaca- whole kit ot socket wrenches to de la Rcussille, Jr., Irving Braun, front, listen to them. John Qulnn, Edwin Hubbs, Mauprogress of his homo town could all windows ai'e cloned and locked, that easily bo prejudiced, It Is Interest- tion trafllc Into areas on both roach nuts hidden under the styl- rice Hollywood, Ralph O. willfruss, Russel L, Tctley, scoutmaster of Troop 23 of Rod Bank, was awardAmong lliu remarks of Win dedication gnu and water are wlmt oil' at Hie main Ing to read tno viewpoint of thoBe sided of Delaware bay should pro- ing of a modorn mitomoblle. vide tho clue to seasonal, If not And In the front olllco equal J. J, Wucratlln, Mrs, Joseph Roll- od nn Eagle- Scout badge, the highaddress, U. S. Sen. Clifford P. Case {Li.- valves and, unions the refrigerator "i,s to in high places who arc familiar all-year service. changes havo boon' taking place. ley, Mr, nnd Mrs, Horace Vine, a ost award tho national headquarMiss Emmonts, a" Miss Drovon- ters could bestow on a scout. It with the part the weekly newsN. J.) snid tlie Men's college of our .state, be left, on, the electricity master switch paper plays In tho llfo of tho com- Tho slogan, HURRY THE Electric motorB operate BOIIIO of strcdt and Mr. Parsons. tho typewriters, and now nn innowns tho first time an Eaplo badg* FERKY, worn by antique nutos vation Is nnnouncod which may munity, state and nation. • Jtutgers univi'i'sity, is turning down four should lie pulled. John R. Sickles of Shrewsbury, had boon given to a scoutmaster In tho parade dedicating tho nowmake obsolete the one Job in bought Roplylng to an Inquiry from under tho jurisdiction of Monthe Daniel Arranco roslout of every five iip])licants because of a Tin- police, post office, niilkiii'.in, und Clinton Davidson, who writes tho Groat Egg Harbor bridge, puts which a too fnstldlous offlco boy dontlnl property on tho Llttlo Sil- mouth council. "shorlage in college facilities" and that close neighbors shoulil be' infonih'd that column, "This Week In Wash- tho problem in a neat nutshell might yet bo tnught to got hisver rood, which WHS built by Mr. Mayor Charles R. English of which appears regularly for decision. It will tako courngo fingers dirty. This In chnnglng Arruncc for liln' own occupancy Red Bank, performed hla first U. H. schools IIIKJ colleges "have fallen be- I lie house will be vaciiiit, And, of coura.', ington," In Tho Tribune, concerning the and foresight to act now with the tho typowrltor ribbon. years previous. Tho houso was manlago ceremony when ha help if the projected fensl- Onn mnnufneturor claims that 15 hind the aspirations of tho Aimricun before leaving Hie car should be thoroiifrji- position of the Wfiokly press, Sen- state's largo and pretentious nnd con-united Miss Snrah Jane Turton, ator Karl Mundt and Rop, Harold blllty results do not match the by packaging tho now ribbon In tained .14 roomn. 1 and Oncar Prand. both of Rod people" during a "nuclcai era" when tiain- I,V checked. Lovro gnvo high pralso to tho optimistic returns from parkway two plastic contamcrn and propTho boarders at William H. Bank. Tho wedding took plac« and turnpike. Someone has mid: I'd minds are CH.wcntial, rigging tho guldo slots, n now Gurrlgnii'H Monmouth Pnrk hotel at Mr, Ei)j;ll»h'n ofneo In th» 'What Is to bo, will bo with tho erly Travel HOIIM should tell the vacationribbon can bo changed with no at Ocnanport, had a euchre party; Mount-liingllsh. building on Moni my f!ov. iMeyner, in an address for Hie col- ist to lake his driving wlow enough to en- studied conviction thnt thnno Copo May County Forry." Tho Inky lingers, Thin mny bo wondor- and In addition to tho bonrdorn, montli st, and Maplo ave, Th« magnificent Cnpo county Is deslege Thursday, said Jloninoiilh coimty'n joy his I rip, taking extra canllon in wcolily nnwupnpora rolloct tho tined to become a coastal corri- ful for tho slnnogrnpliar wlio has qulto a fow villagers uttvnded, It ceremony WIIH witnessed by Mini ImiirtbcMt of this Krcnt rapubllc dor; to Incronso Its prosperity nnd just dono her nulls, but whnt Is wan a very micconsful nffnlr, and Harriot Smith and J. Edgar Bray. pojiuliilion grew In ^li^lMMI—10 per cent— range terrain. Ami Ihe holiday maker und lend lo utlniulnU conununlly development from this next ntop to (111 tho gap In tho npprmitlco » worn won by Mrs, Q, H. Mm. Lawrence Roclio and hor In Hie decade from l!ll(l lo Mini), and .'!() should ri'iiicinlicr flint, indeed, he !H on Ix'ttormont more than nny HIIIJ;IO In thn unfolding of thn parkway. training program?—Christian Scl- jiinti'.on, Mr. nnd Mm. .Tunics daughters, C'atliorlno and Mary, of oncn Monitor, Sinliuy, MIHB Anim anniffiin nnd Caiuil nt.., wciu onjoylng n sojourn of expression that wo |M-I- cent more lo ii.-,S,(lll!) liy J!)5fi. with a viinilioii and, when lie gel* where In: IH modlum linn McCllnchy. of ulx wnnltu with rolittlvca In lmvn, Ono of thn Important rcu- HUHIIY THE FEItHY nlmply • An curly Hindu Inw coilo inado Jncoh l.nfclru of Reid Mimic, Ireland. Word had Imou received inonnn nccommoilntlng the Inevltresiilliinl. Hd per cent iii| school enroll- going, OIIHCI'VC I'ulJv tlie hnvH of true KM fifty BOIIH why frcodom linn flourlahud a person dnaf from birth lncap-fwhlln nt work on wtho railroad tlmt their Atlantic croimlng niid I'^it Qit prlvntn [irlvii ments, "If may In-'' NIIUJ' IIIC governor, and fully relnx. /') f station at Brld|jnt.on, n » lmoohod a moot plolmant one. 'mnlin ,'ocuro Ui in-1 — Now Jorjoy Coufty Covornnient nblo of I n d u i n g pr
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RED BANK REGISTER Thursday, July 26, 1956—7

S&L Votes 5% Payment

Soldier Honored


LEONARDO — Officers of the Leonardo Building and Loan association last week voted that, in vi&w of a year of good business) they would raise the dividend payment to flve per cent for the fiscal year ending last May 31. That was a half-per cent more than was paid a year ago. The decision was taken in view of an increase of $192,234.85 in mortgage loans. Albert E. Johnson of Leonardo •wae elected president of the association which has ita offices at th» White House store building, Center ave., where they have been since tile organization was founded in 1928. Other Officers Others elected were H. Clay Bair, New Monmouth, vice president; Walter Paine, Leonardo, second vice president; James A. Grodeska, Leonardo, secretary, and Fred W. Meyer, Leonardo,

|! &


Named aa, directors for three years were Mr. Bair, Mr. Johnson, Martin McGuire, Stanley Phraner and Harvey H. Bowtell: and for two years, David LaRue Other directors are John Wald^mann, Theodore J. Labrecque, C. W. Horster, Fred Williamson, Mr. Paine, Mr. Meyer, Mr. Gredeska and Stanley J. Komelski. The association noted that number of new office improvements were made last year, including the purchase of new equipment to handle the added business activity. Many new accounts were set up and the association's Christmas club, in its first year, attracted participation by shareholders and members. The Christmas club members received one per cent interest on last year's savings. Now serving the association as full time assistant secretary ii Mrs. Eleanor Grodeska. Harvsy H. Bowtell is the director.'

Philatelists Plan Summer Meetings RUM SON'— The Monmouth County Philatelic society will meet tomorrow night at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Ernst Theimer, Avenue of Two Rivers, and study stamps of Jamaica and Samoa from the collection of Alex Watts, including the slave and local railway issues. The society will hold ita August meeting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Quelch, Wanamassa, Thursday, Aug. 30, when the guest will bo Dr. Alexander H. Levine, known as an authority on essays and proofs of Austria, it was announced by Mrs. Marjory Land•ledel, secretary. The Register classified advertisemerits have more readers, which means more results. Someone has whnt you •want or will buy whnt you have to sell. —Advertisement.

Sgt. Clmrles Farias FORT MONMOUTH — Sgt First Class Charles Farias of 403 Pine Brook, rd., Eatontown, was announced as instructor of the month in the Signal school's de partment of specialist training. Sgt. Farias is an instructor in the dial central office repair course, conducted in the wire di vision. The instructor-of-the-month award honors outstanding mill tary instructors in the department of specialist training, the organization which trains thous ands of Army Signal Corps enlisted men yearly in wire, radio, radar, photography and conter measures subjects. A native of San AntDnlo, Tex Sgt. Farias Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Enriqae Farias of Mexico City, Mexico.

Leslie York Dacron blend and nylon cord suits, were 35.00 to 49.50 Joshua Trent better tropical suits, were 55.00 and 65.00 | 5 5 % Dacron, 4 5 % Wool Marleigh Tropical suits, were 55.00

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Imported tweed, velour and cashmere topcoats and overcoats, were 59.50 t o 185.00 Dacron and wool tropical slacks, were 16.95 and 19.95 Tropical and Year-round slacks, regularly 9.95 to 22.50 Special group rayon tropical slacks, mostly pastels, were 9.95

Church School Opens Monday ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS—The daily vacation church school conducted by the Methodist and Presbyterian churches and sponsored by the Ministerium of greater Red Bank will start Monday. The school will meet daily Monday through Friday, until Aug. 10. The times of the classes will be from 9 to 11:30 a. m. The kindergarten and the junior high departments will meet In the Presbyterian church, Third and Highland aves. The primary and junior grades will meet at the Methodist church, Third and Gai field aves. ' The theme of the school this year will be "Our Bible Heiit age." Activities of the school will include worship, stories, field trips, handicrafts, dramatics, singing, music, choral speaking and guided recreation.

now 48.90 to T 49.00 now 12.90 7.90 to 16.90 3.90

Tropical and Year-round Sportcoats, were 22.50 to 49.50 Hathaway batiste broadcloth and imported White on White shirts, were 5.95 and 10.95 Dacron and Cotton wash-and-wear white shirts, were 7.95 Summer and year-round shirts, mostly white, were 3.95 to 5.00 Imported and domestic fabric sport shirts, solids, plaids, stripes, were 3.95 to 7.95 Cotton and pure silk ties, were 1.50 to 3.50 Imported pima cotton and dacron and cotton boxer shorts, were 1.65 and 2.50 Combed cotton tee shirts and broadcloth boxer shorts, were 1.25 and 1.50 Swiss rib athletic shirts and knit briefs, were 1.00 Summer and year-round pajamas, were 3.95 and 4.95 Cotton and nylon hose, some argyles, some stretch, reg. 1.00 and 1.50 Authentic tartan plaid boxer swim trunks, were 4.95 Cabana swim sets, some India Madras, some terry lined, were 12.95 to 16.95

WASHINGTON, D. C. — The first group of cancellation dies carrying the slogan "Pray for Peace" is being furnished to SO of the nation's largest post offices which will start using them Au), 1, Postmaster General Arthur E Summerfleld reported today. New ark is the only post office in the state to receive the dies so far. Dies for other first-class and second-class post offices will be manufactured and supplied as quickly as possible, Mr. Summer field added. President Eisenhower June 20 signed Into law H.B. 682 (Public Law 800) authorizing special "Pray for Peace" cancellatlgn dies to be furnished to first and second-class post offices (those with annual receipts of $8,000 or more, which handle about 97 per cent of U. S. mall volume). Postmaster General Summer field announced the same day that the Post Office department was taking prompt steps lo supply the dies to the post offices affected. "This motto," Mr. Summerfleld commented, "epitomizes the highest aspirations of the American people." The new dies generally will be attached to high-speed canceling machines, and will imprint the "Pray for Peace" cancellation on millions of- .first-class letters every day.

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Men's Wright Arch Preserver and our own woven leather summer shoes, were 19.95 to 22.95 now 16.90 Our own summer and year-round shoes, were 14.95 • now 10.90 Imported Clarks of England and domestic casual shoes, were 10.95 and 13.95 now 7.90 and 10.90 Boys' tassel moccasins and camp shoes, regularly 9.95 now7.90 Ladies' casual shoes, regularly 12.95 and 9.95 now 7.90 and 10.90

Only one American League team failed to hit a home run at every ball park in 1D56. The ChiRUG CLEANERS cago White Sox didn't hit any homers at Washington's Griffith 64-76 White St., Red Bank stadium.




Cotton, linen and year-round flannel skirts,-wers 8.95 to 24.95 Shorts, pedal pushers, cotton slacks and playsuirs, were 2.95 to 14.95 Sleeveless, short and long-sleeve blouses and tee shirts, were 2.95 to 6.50 Handmacher Weathervane and better wool suits, were 25.95 to 69.95 Wool toppers, monotone tweed and basketweave fabrics, were 29.95 to 37.95 Famous make lastex and cotton swimsuits, were 10.95 to 22.95 Orion dressmaker sweaters, discontinued styles, were 7.95 to 10.95

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This is a general clearance. All items are from our regular stock, but not all our stock

For Monmouth County

1 1

In tW|?

"It has been known for many years that you feel better the morningafter when you mix with White Rock Sparkling Wafer the night before—thanks to the mineral content and alkaline effect of .White Rock's | honest Ingredients!" |


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Hickey Freeman Suits and Coats, reqularly $125 to $165

50 Post Offices Get 'Pray for Peace' Dies


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is included. Some manufacturers ask us not to use their names in sale advertising, but you may find their products among marked down merchandise.

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September 10, 73 October 10,

!/3 November 10

Deliveries EA 3-1429 --•-«'-


now 8.90 to 17.90 now 5.90 to 7.90

8—Thursday, July 2(5. 1956

WT> TUW vraivrvn

Teahouse Starts Second Week Run

Clara G. Tilton To Give Recital

I Attendants Give Parly for Bride-Elect

Two More Shops Rented In Middietown Center MID DVL E T O W N - Sylvette


-• ••

TIMOTHY R. HOTTNIHAN Contractor and Builder



The young "women who will be Ajr_— Ship'•':— Hotel : S P E C I A L I Z I N G IN J O B B I N G fie attendants at the wedding of JSWiW. PARK T M Y f i SERVICE NEW YORK city—Miss Clara stores, a chain of ladies' and 'Iss Mary Trufolo were hostesses . Tilton, daughter of Mr. and children's apparel shops, has leas- 524'-Cookman-AVe. in .Hills' prufl SCREEN AND STORM ENCLOSURES ast week at a miscellaneous Mrs. Minor B. Tilton of Newman ed a major unit in the new Mid- Store—:Hou« Si A.M. t o , 9 (?.M. howcr and buffet supper for Miss Springs rd., Middietown town- dietown Shopping Center on rt. .-. • Phone! P R n p t c t ' 5.0050 . ' 5 ELM PLACE ™ - * E D BANK NEPTUNE—"The Teahouse of 'rufolo at the home of her par- ship, will present a recital of or- 35, according to J, I. Klslak, Inc., the August Moon," which drew nts, Mr. and Mrs^ Pasquale Tru- gan music Tuesday at noon in exclusive leasing broker for the record-breaking crowds when itj lo on River st. Miss Trufolo St. Paul's chapel, Columbia uni- new 30 store project. This will made its theatcr-ln-the round debe the sixth unit for Sylvette. Ad'ill become the brida of John versity. but last week at the Music Circus joining the Food Fair super oseph Barbusin of Newark Sept. here Monday begins its second market, it is to have a 72-foot at St. Anthony's ' Catholic and final week. frontage and will be the largest hurch here. The popular comedy, staged by in its chain. ' Hostesses were Miss Dolores Billy Mathews, concerns the situWilmar shojte, operating a chain rufolo, Miss Theresa Borelli, ations borne out of the arrival of of sportwear and lingerie stores, ilrs. Anthony Scalzo and Mrs. a military occupation tea.ni on has also taken space in the shopPaul Fiocco. Gifts were placed small" ToblM village in Okinawa. ping center, where it will have icneath an umbrella made of Featuring Robert Casper as a 30-foot front unit. The Klslink and white eatln and tulle. Sakini. playful OkinawaJi interlak realty firm has also leased a Guests were Mrs. Pasquale Trupreter, and Gene Blakely as the 20-foot store thera to Middietown olo, Mrs. Frank Bonos, Mrs. Vineasy-going and patient Capt. FIsCleaners, Inc. ient Toro, Mrs. William Barbusin, by, the cast also includes Will According to the brokers, the Jrs. John Barbusin, Mrs. Frank Hussing, as the not-so-paticnt Col. shopping center is now 80 per aggese, Mrs. Paaquale Geronl, Purdy and Tsuruko Kobayashi as cent rented. Construction has Mrs. Andre Russo, Mrs. Lawrence Lotus Blossom, the charming commenced and completion of the rUcisano, Mrs. James Zeccola, geisha girl who is given to Capt. Tsuruko Kohayasb.1 center is scheduled for early Mrs. Pat Rlccl, Mrs. Kenneth Fisby as a "present." spring. Among the major chains Huth, Mrs. Joseph Trabuccio, Mrs. Also prominently featured are of the great comedy hits. It ran Sandy Trufolo, Mrs. Anthony •which have already contracted John BuckwaJter, Jim Russell, for 1,027 performances on Broad- Tru/olo, Mrs. William Geronl, for units there are Food Fair, Chuck Morgan, Naoe Kondo, Taffa way and has had 89 productions Mrs. Monto Geronl, Mrs. Alphio Nelaner Brothers, W. T. Grant Co., ^ Lee, Paul Davis and Ted Tenley. in 33 countries. Thorn McAn, National Shoes, Sun Crlmi, Mrs. Frank Gentile, Mrs. "The Teahouse of the August The play is a Maurice Evans- oseph LoCicero, Mrs. Paul AmRay Drugs and Jay Ann shops^ lloon" has been acclaimed as one George Sohaefer production pre- rdlo, Mrs. John Borelli, Mrs . A project of Samuel Schafrart sented by Robert Rapport. The Associates of New * York, the Lena Fiasconaro, Mrs. Albert BorContractors' Inquiries Invited costumes are by Noel Taylor and shopping center occupies a 16ollottl, Mrs. Michael Ctohlglano, the seta are by Donn Fischer. acre tract with 1,100 feet of highD. K. Lee leads the Music Circus Mrs. Charles Coffey, Mrs. Nicholas way frontage and parking faciChlzza, Mrs. Theresa Clayton, Mrs, orchestra. lities for over 1,100 cars. - Miss Clara Tilton "Teahouse" will continue at the 'at D'Onofrlo, Mrs. Joseph D' Onofrlo, Mrs. Audrey Dapper, Neptune Music Circus through Sunday, Aug. 5. Cole Porter's Mrs. Ralph Gentile, Mrs. Ann Miss Tilton has studied with Mrs. Lynn Cross "Can-Can," the next presentation, ilquori, Mrs. Salvatore Marino, John Ferris, minister of mimic Mrs. Louis Mallnconico, Mrs, at the Red Bank Methodist Feted at Shower begins Monday, Aug. (5. Daniel Catalano, Mrs. Nicholas church, for three years. She preRomano, Mrs. Eocco Burdl, Mrs. sented a recital of pla.no and EA.TONTOWN —Mrs. Helen of Pearcp ave., was hostess Crash Through Window iouis Ramplno, Mrs. Vincent organ music at the Methodist Cross Saturday at a stork shower for , Ramplno, Mrs. Stanley Sllow, church in May. Smart Apparel and Sportswear Mrs.' Lynn Cross o£ Shrewsbury. Costs Driver $15 Mrs. Joseph Sole, Mrs. Gene The recital will include "ChaDecorations were done In pastel of Miami Beach, Florida ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS—For Schiafone, Mrs. Francis Vetrano, conne in D Minor," Johann colors, and gilts were placed becareless driving, John E. Flood, Mrs. Carman Mellna, Mrs. Grace Pachelbel; Johannes Brahms' neath tha figure of a stork. chorale prelude, "Deck. Thyself, 642 OCEAN AVENU£, WEST END 25 Middietown ave., Atlantic High, Tede3co and Misses Veronica Guests included Mrs. George lands, paid a $10 fine and $5 costs ina, Donna Benes, Mary Ann My Soul;" "Cathedral Prelude Pacilll, Mrs. James Delatush, Mrs. to Magistrate Irving Zelchner Toro, Mary Amorello, Elizabeth and Fugue in E Minor." J. S.Frank Conk and Mrs. Eudy Feriaizza, Paula Benennatl and Jean Bach; "Sonatina for Organ," Leo Monday night. Sowerby, and "To Dcum," Jean roglne, all of Shrewsbury; Mrs. Flood was the driver of a car Youmans. James Ferrara, Mrs. Louis Langlals. which Sunday jumped the curb Selrwlnd and Mrs. Vernon Dey, on First ave. and crashed through Mr. and Mrs. Russell Red Bank; Mrs. Alfred Kruta Auxiliary Has the window of Dr. Saul.Rubin, an and Mrs. Hubert Cook, Eatoneye doctor. Mr. Flood said his Host Barbecue Picnic town; MrB. Art Read, Belford; Barbecue Meeting foot slipped off the brake and hit Mrs. Roy Nelson, Fair Haven; FAIR HAVEN—Mr. and Mrs. 36 BROAD ST. the gas pedal. He told Magis- William Russell of 39 Willow st. LJNOROFT—Mrs. Carl Rosen Mrs. Harold' C. Hcndrlckson, trate Zelchner the car did not wore hosts Sunday at a barbecue of Ltncroft Acres was hostess at Rumson; Mrs. Harry Webb, NdpRED BANK belong to him and he was not picnic in celebration of Mrs. Bus- a barbecue and meeting for mem- tune; Mrs. theodore Slomlania used to driving it. George Guy- sell's birthday. bers of the auxiliary of the fire and Mrs. Elsie Turner, Lakewood, ;tte, New Brunswick, was found company Monday. Other hos- and Miss Ruth Attlcsey, Linden. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. rullty of racing in the borough Alexander Russell, Mr. and Mrs. tesses were Mrs. Ralph Layton A l l WORK GUARANTEED •nd fined $25 and $5 costs. John Russell and children Bon- and Mrs. Victor Foytho. ASSUMES NEW POST • EVAN-PICONE SKIRTS nie Jean, Johnny and Ginny, Mr. Tha group -will attend a per• COTTON DRESSES and Mrs, Fred Russell, Mr. and formance at Neptune Circus, LONG BRANCH—George A. • HAYMAKER BLOUSES Mrs. Ralph Russell and son Wil- Aug. 15. The next meeting will Miller, student in hospital admin• SILK DRESSES liam, Mrs. Marguerite Orth, Mr. be Aug. 27. Also attending were istration at the University of Tor» BATHING SUITS and Mrs. James Heidelberg and Mrs. Edward Boylan, Mrs. Adolf onto, is serving as administrative « CASHMERE COATS children Beth and Jimmy, Lee Bruan, Mrs. Harold Cook, Mrs. resident at Monmouth Memorial Dories, Mrs. Gladys Comber and Florence Owens, Mrs. John John- hospital. Mr. Miller received his • CASHMERE SWEATERS • SUITS daughter Jeanie, Mark and Rus- son, Mrs. William Heldt, Mrs. bachelor of science degree from sell Marcellus and Thomas Dick- John Demko, Mrs. John Morgan, Long Island university In 1950, Don't miss this opportunity to buy clothes ion. Mr. Dlckson, a native of Mrs. John Ben, Mrs.' Peter Bell, and spent four and one-half years Helcnsburgh, Scotland, has been Mrs. Joseph. Colao, Mrs. Kenneth iii the Navy as a lieutenant junior styled by America's outstanding designers! isltlng his aunt, Mrs. William Tisslerc, Mrs. Wbodrow Dias, grade. To complete the graduate Russell, and sailed on the He de Mrs. Robert Nlmon, Mrs. Emil course In hospital administration, Stewart, Mrs, George Wolf, Mrs. students must spend one year In Franco yesterday to join his wife S ADELE SIMPSON / MYRON HERBERT Your chance lo choose London. After a brief vaca- John Woodward and Mrs. Wil- residency in a hospital which has been approved for residency, and ;lon they will return to Scotland. liam Neary. trom America's favorite \f BENHAM • HERBERT SONDHEIM •which meets standards required. foot wen)- at sale prices I / PATULLO-JO-COPELAND / MOLLY PARNIS




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Miller's Final

Social Security Hearings Are Set

Barbecue Given for Mrs. Eugene Nixon


DISORDERLY, PROFANE KEANSBURG—Daniel DeJcnASBURY PARK—Benjamin nlo, 25, of Newark, vras fined $35 NAVESINK—Miss Jean John- Santvert, district manager of the on a disorderly persons charge ion and Miss Marlon Cooper were government's Social Security ad- and $15 for using profane lanrecent hostesses a t a barbecue ministration and Bureau ot Oldguage by Magistrate George Os.t Miss Johnson's home on lion- Age and Survivors benefits, an- trov Monday night. mouth ave., honoring Mrs. Eu- nounced Tuesday that members Tho charges were isi&ls by Pajeno Nixon of Arkansas, Mrs, of his staff would meet in Red trolman John Keelen following a Nixon and her daughter Stepha- Bank twice monthly to help solve flght July 8 Involving five men at nie havo returned to their home benefit problems. the Terminal Lunch, Beaohway after spending two months with The meetings will talte place and Highland ave. Four New Mrs. Nixon's parents, Mr. and in the council room of borough York youths had previously paid Mrs. Timothy Connor of Nave- hall, Monmouth st., from 9 tofines resulting from the some sink ave. 11:30 a. m. on the first and third fight. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Con- Thursdays of each month. nor, Mr. and Mrs. J. Olto JohnMr. Santvert said It had been ion, Robert Connor and Mrs, reported in error that the Red fohn Connor, all of Naveslnk, Bank sessions -would bo held on the second and fourth Tuesdays. • TWINS ABE TWO l'LAN BOAT TRIP Belford—The second birthday of Claire Marie and Joy Lillian LITTLE SILVER—The Womillly, twin daughters of Mr. and en's Society of Christian SerMrs. Gus Zllly, was celebrated vice of Embury Methodist church Tuesday at a part.jp. Attending 13 planning a boat trip around were Phyliss and Donald Munch, Manhattan island for Sept. 12. Robert and Alfred "Corky" Zllly A chartered bue will leave the Kevin Dunne, Mary, Susan and church at 8:30 a. m. and return Thomas Adubato and Charles about 3:30 p. m. Mrs. Donald Cheney Is In charge of the trip. Burns.



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Muscular Dystrophy Chapter Visits Storyland



Thursday, July 26, 1956-9





"No Flu—No Pay"

Highlands 3-1968-J





—ashore or afloat, will you have adequate insurance? Let us explain how complete is the coverage of our Y A C H T and MOTORBOAT INSURANCE Fire afloat—Stranding or Grounding—Sinking due to insured peril—Collision—Explosion—-Storm DamageLiability—Medical Payments. WM. H. HINTELMANN (Firm! Realtors • Insurers

Sixty persons attended the birthday celebration of the Monmouth county chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Atsocifltions of America, Inc., at Storyland Village, Neptune, recently. Mrs. James L. Johnson, chapter treasurer, was chairman of the party. Youngsters whose birthdays were celebrated were Barbara Gormley, West Kaansburg; Melody Chewning, Red Bank, and Debra Stonebraker and Miss Mary Sugliotta, Point Pleasant. The county Red Cross chapter VISITING NOETH CAROLINA

Rightmire Heads Flight to London

LITTLE SILVER—Miss Penny Potter and Mlsa Valorie Rimh loft yesterday by airplane to spend two weeks as guests of Capt. Robert Rlghtoilre, comMr. and Mrs. Fredrick D. Conder- manding officer of the Red Bank raan of New Bern, N. C. Salvation Army corps, last week accompanied 70 young people from 11 Eastern states to the International Corps Cadets congress at London, England.

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Oceanport Mr. and Mrs. Martaen A. Barnes of 13 Sea Girt ave. entertained recently for Mr. and Mrs. John M. Barnes of Long Branch, Mr. and Mrs. George Belcher of Chicago Heights, 111., Capt. Robert Rightmire and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond The captain, appointed by Com- Barnes of Lexington, Mass. Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Franks o£ missioner Norman Marshall, the army's territorial commander, to Wolfhlll rd. entertained for Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Elliott and head up these teenagers, and his group flew from New York via daughter Donna Jean of Kearny. MM. Marie Franks of Wolfhlll British Overseas Alrwfl-ys. They rd. Is a patient in Monmouth Me •will return by air Aug. 7. morlal hospital. Attending the London session Mr. and Mrs. Harry Koch of •will be about 1,000 young people, some 220 from this country, who Monmouth blvd. are entertaining are engaged In a training pro- Mrs. Koch's aunt, Miss Sarah gram aimed at making them Sal- Cannon of Long Island. Barbara Van Brunt, daughter vation Army leaders of tomorrow. They are meeting with the of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Van Brunt, yesterday celebrated her sixth army's International leaders for a program of Instruction, guid- birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wright of anco and Inspiration, and taking part in discussions and athletic Elliott pi. are spending a week In Phllllpsburg as guests of Mr. events. The aim is toward wider and Mrs. Ructell Slaven. international understanding. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mazza and Following the London sessions, Capt. Rightmire and other lead- children Mary Ann and Tommle of Portaupeek ave. left this ers will take the young people on a sightseeing tour of Paris month for Italy where they will visit relatives. and the French countryside. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick HartTh« R»flster'» clatilflid adrertlsg- ley, daughter Joan and son Rusm«nt» have mot* readers. wMch mean* sell have returned from a twomoro remit! Som«on» h»i what you week vacation with friends in wint or will buy "h»t you bivi to nil. Vlcksburg, Mlai. —Adv'rtliemtnt.






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EAST KEANSBURG — Mrs. Herbert Frake was guest of honor at a stork shower given by members of the Just Us Ten club July 19 at tho home of Mrs. Harry Andrews, Jr. Plans were made for a family picnic at Kepwel park, Wayside, Aug. 10 and also for the tenth anniversary of the club which will be celebrated at a dinner and a show later in August, Mra. Wilbur Schneider of Matawan will entertain the group at the next meeting.

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FORT MONMOUTH—Lawrend Scott, 57 Pear s t , New Shrewsbury, an electronic scientist with the Signal Corps engineering laboratories here, is presently on two weeks' active reBervo duty ai the Signal Corps training center in Fort Gordon, Ga. Ho Is a flrst lieutenant In the reserves. An engineering graduate o; Now York university, Lieut Scoti Is assigned to the Southeastern Signal school's television branch. His project Is a staff study to determine the budgetary requirements for the movement of the television facilities to a new location. Lieut, Scott has had two tours of duty In the Army, first from 1B45 to '47 as a soliller In the European Theater. After four years of college and an ROTC commission, he served three years participating In the Korean conflict with the 101st Signal battalion and the 40th Signal company. He was a communications officer.

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Reservist on Duty At Fort in Georgia


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10—Thursday, July 26, 1956


Deaths in Red Bank and

ANNA M. LEACH WEST KEANSBURG—A high mass or requiem was offered by Rev. Anthony Capitani Monday for Mrs. Anna M. Leach, 47, of 79 Plnewood ave., this place, who died Friday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Burial was in Mt. Olivet cemetery. Mrs. Leach was born in South Wales, Great Britain, and had lived here for 13 years. She was a member of St. Ann's Catholic church and St. Ann's Rosary society, Keansburg. Surviving are her husband, John T. Leach, and two daughters, Mrs, Joan Boyce, Keyport, and Miss Barbara Jean Leach, living at home.

R. J. Abbott, Former Official, 58, Dies

13 Houses, Lot Sold at Shore

EDWARD KEALE OCEANPORT—A requiem mass was offered a t St. Ann's Catholic church, Jersey City, yesterday for Edward Keale, 72, of 22 Monmouth blvd., this place, who died I SEA BRIGHT—Mrs. Bertha V. Sunday at Monmouth ; Memorial i Colemau of Hudson blvd., Jerhospital. sey City, has sold her riverfront Mr. Keale was a retired musi- home at 874 Ocean ave., Sea cian, son of the late Thomas and Bright, to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ellen Rider Keale of Jersey City. Preston of Maybew dr., South Surviving are his wife, Alberta Orange. The home contains . a Bonner Keale; two sons, Thomas living room, paneled dining room and Martin Keale, Jersey City and with a fireplace, breakfast room, a daughter, Mrs. Regina Kim- kitchen and powder room on the berlln, and three brothers, Ray- , first floor. The second floor has mond, John and Arthur Keale, I four bedrooms and two baths, all of Jersey City. and a screened porch which overLocal arrangements were in looks the river. The property charge of the Damlano funerai has a two-car garage. Mr. Preston is a stock broker. home.

the National Defense research committee. MT. HOLLY — Ransford J, Abbott, 58, former state highway Mr. Englund was born In Sioux commissioner, and a former residCity, la. He received his B.S. In MRS. JOHN A. FUNK MBS. GAItBETT MCKEEN, SR. ent of Red Bank, died last Thurschemical engineering degree from day when he suffered a heart atthe University of South Dakota Word has been received by The MATAWAN — The funeral of tack while driving on South Pern FULLERTON, Cal. - Carl R. in 1909 and then went to the Register from San Diego, Cal., of Mra. Naomi B. McKeen, 61, wife berton rd. Englund, an expert In radlote University of Chicago for two the death July 9 of Mrs. John A, of Garrett J. MeKeen, Sr. of Broad He was found in his car along lephony, formerly on the stalt of years of graduate study. Before Funk, a former resident o£ Red St., who died July 16 at the Ivy the stretch of road by a state Boll Telephone laboratories at joining the Bell system In 1914 Bank. Mrs. Funk was the only House nursing home in Middletrooper, who said Mr. Abbott's Holmdel, N. J., died suddenly he had served on the staffs of daughter of Clarence Edward town, was held last Thursday afWestern Maryland college and car crossed the highway and Boughton, Sr., who was a former ternoon at the Bedle funeral home Sunday at his home here. His the University of Michigan. struck a pole ten feet off the high deacon of the Red Bank Prenhy- here. Burial was in Old Tennont age was 71. way. He was taken to Burlington Mr. Englund retired from Bell He was a fellow of the Insti- tcrian church and who was con- cemetery. county hospital here and was laboratories in 1944, after 30 tute of Radio Engineers and was nected with the Second National Mrs. McKeen was born In Matdead on arrival. Two doctors per years of service with the Bell the author of many technical ar- bank back in World War I days. awan, daughter of the late Wilformed an autopsy and said Mr. The Boughton home was on Hudsystem. Throughout his tele- ticles on radio research. liam G. and Georgie M. Cuttrelle Abbott suffered the heart attack Mr. Englund lived at Holmdel son ave, phone career he specialized In raBedle. She waa a member of the while driving, and then his car dio research and contributed to from 1935 until he moved to FulDuring World War I, Mrs. Funk Matawan Methodist church, MatMISS FANNY T. MOBFOKD crashed Into the pole. the development of such services lerton about five years ago. Mr. and Mrs, John Demas of waa active in entertaining the awan Woman's club and Sirus MRS. LAURA ETTA HAYES MIDDLETOWN—The funeral Mr. Abbott was made highway Nutley have sold th'elr ocean as ship-to-shore and long-wave He Is survived by his widow, servicemen at the Red Bank can- chapter, Order of the Eastern of Fanny T. Morford, 79, fvno died commissioner by former Gov. Al- FREEHOLD—The funeral of front lot at Sea Bright, to Mr. transatlantic radiotclcphony. A. Ethel Englund o! Fullerton; a teen, and after marrying one of Star. ' pioneer in the radio field, he daughter. Mrs. Irvin S. Wright, them, Daniel I. Thomas, moved Besides her husband, she is sur- Saturday at the Hill Top Nursing fred E. Driscoll after his return Mrs. Laura Etta Hayes, 66, of 92 and Mrs. Edward Rembert of pointed out. cs early as 1914 the Jr., also of Fullerton; a son, Carl to her husband'o home in Racine, vived by a daughter, Miss Pa- home here, was held Tuesday at from duty in World War II. It East *i.aln st., this place.'who died Waterman ave., Rumson. One existence of "sidebands" in radio R. Englund, Jr., of Pleasanlville, Wis. Several years later, when aricia A. McKeen; two sons, Rich- the Scott funeral home, ;vi'h Rev. was during his term from 1950 Friday at her home, was held hundred feet of private beach her -widowed mother and her ard Bedle McKeen, Linden, and William. E. Bisgrove officiating. through 1953 that the Garden Monday, Rev. George G. Horn of- are included in the sale. Mr. transmission. He made funda- N. Y., and three grandchildren. brothers moved to California, she Garrett J. McKeen, Jr., Matawan, Burial was at Fair View cem- State Parkway and New Jersey ficiating. Rev. John Smiley as- Rembert, who is the owner of mental contributions In the techTurnpike were started, Mr. Abbott sisted. Burial, under the direc- the Shrewsbury diner, expects to and her husband joined them. Her five grandchildren, and a sister, etery. nique of radio field strength MRS. ELIZABETH O'TOOLE Miss Morford had lived at 889 was the first chairman of the tion of the Freeman funeral home build on the property in the near husband was killed shortly after Mrs. Alice B, .Drummond of Mermeasurements and In the propaUNION BEACH—Mrs. Eliza- in an accident at work. A few cervllle. cemetery future. Palmer ave. She was born i:i New state Highway Authority, which waa in Fernwood '. • ' . gation of ultra-short waves. Dur- beth O'Toole, 78, of 221 Lollard Monmouth, daughter of the late built the parkway, and later be- Jamesburg. The sales were handled by Ella ing World War II he was en- ave., this place, widow of Joseph years later she married Mr. Funk. came Its executive director. He William and Emma Pikv MorSurviving are her husband, LinMBS. ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Wiltshire Diggle. paged in a military project un- O'Toole, died yesterday at Hill Mrs. Funk was a graduate of ford, and was a member of the was dismissed from that job in coln C. Hayes; a son, Robert The home of Mr. and Mrs. dertaken by Bel! laboratories for Top nursing home, Mlddletown, Montclalr Normal school and FAIR HAVEN—Mrs. Elizabeth New Monmouth Baptist cf.uich. Dec, 1954, in a move that pre- Hayes, at home; a brother, WilDavid C. Boswell, located at 1240 taught for a short period at East Probascq Williams, 77, died Moncipitated considerable controversy liam Pette, Trenton, and a sister, after a long illness, Surviving are a sister, Mrs. Alday at her homa, 39 Grange ave. freda Golden, Belford, and a because it cost him the chance of Mrs. Elizabeth GilUland, James- Ocean ave., Sea Bright, has been Mrs. O'Toole was born in New Orange. purchased by Mr. and Mrs. HerSurviving, besides her husband She was the widow of Isaac Wil- brother, Charles P. Morford, gaining pension rights after 19 burg. York city. She was a member man Zinser of Paramus. The years' state service. of Holy Family Catholic church, are three children, also four liams, who died here Tuesday of Springfield. house, of ranch construction and brothers, Edward, Warren, Lloyd last week. Union Beach. THOMAS C. MATTHEWS situated on a three-quarter acre Just three days before his death and Douglas Boughton, all of San Mrs. Williams was born In MldJOHN L. FIGHTER Surviving arc a son, Joseph Diego. Edward, who was known the state legislature recognized FREEHOLD—The funeral of plo;. is located on the ShrewsO'Toole, Staten »Island; two as Clarence, Jr., in Red Bank, I dletown, daughter of the late this situation and passed a resolu Thomas C. Matthews, age 100, of bury river. The house, built five SEA BRIGHT—The funeral of Robert S. and Emmaretta Thompdaughters, Mrs. Eleanor Farrell, a former Register reporter. tlon authorizing the hiring of Mr, Berkeley pi., this place, who years ago, contains an over sized son Probasco, and had been a John h. Fichter, 41, of 14 East Abbott as a permanent adviser en 6 at home, and Mrs, Joseph Frey, died Friday at Green Lawn living room with a fireplace, dinresident of Red Bank and Fair New st., this place, who died last highway1 problems. Jackson Heights, l_i. I.; two brothnursing home, Hightstown, was ing room, two bedrooms, two Thursday at Riverview hospital, LOUIS S. FALCO Haven most of her life. Mrs. Wilrs, Lawrence Duffy, the Bronx, Surviving are his widow, the held Tuesday at Dunmore ceme- baths, modern kitchen, with fluorwas held Monday, Rev. George A. liams was a member of Trinity an<". Thomas Duffy, Belmont, L. I., escent indirect, JigHtirig. There MATAWAN — Louis Salvatore Robertnhaw, officiating. Burial former Nancy Fogarty; a daugh- tery, Dunmore, Pa. am', three sisters, Mrs. Catherine Falco, 20, son of the late Carr Episcopal church and of the waa at Glenwood cemetery. are a two-car gar'age va.nd breezeter and a grandchild. Surviving Is a son-in-law, Lloyd Hubert, North Bergen, and Mrs. men D. and Louisa Eovlno F l Women's guild of the church. way with overhead doors.' AnMr. Fichter was born at Sea S. Cassel, Freehold. Nellie Lcnnon and Mrs. Jennie co, died Sunday at his home, 164 Surviving Is a son, Robert A, other feature of the property is Bright, and was the son of John dedicated to Local arrangements were in a ninety-foot boat basin.' SARAH E. RICHARDSON Neff, New York city. Lower Main st,, after suffering Williams, Fair Haven. MIDDLETOWN- The funeral charge of the Freeman funeral The funeral will be held this and Viola Covert Fichter, Sea INTElilUI Y A high mass of requiem will an illness since childhood. Bright. He was a member of St. of Sarah Elizabeth Richardson, home. Mr. Zinser, who recently; rebe offered Saturday at 9 a. m. at A graduate of St. Joseph's afternoon at 2 o'clock at the George's by-the River Episcopal 81, of Compton st, Belford, who tired from Boston's Service,' and To servo reverently . . . with Holy Family, church by Rev.. Jo- grammar school, he was a mem- Adams memorial home with Rev. church, Rumson. Mrs. Zinser are occupying their died Sunday at the Hill Top Dr. Streibig to Address H, Best, rector of Trinnew home. dignity and beauty always, seph Fox, Burial will be at Cal- ber of St. Joseph's Catholic Charles Surviving are his v.ife, Virginia nursing home, this place, was vary cemetery, Long Island City. church, Keyport, and had attend- ity Episcopal church, officiating. Beckmann Fichter; a son, Gary held yesterday at the Callahan Psychiatric Technicians The sale of this property was and offering the utmost in Burial will be In Fair View cemThe Day funeral home, Keypc-rt, ed the Matawan high school. handled by Sam Diggle. J. Fichter, at home and a sister, funeral home, Freehold. Rev. RobLONG BRANCH—Dr. Kenneth Survivors Include seven broth- etery. BearerB will be J. Edward Mrs. Peter W. Falvo, Red Bank. ert Blackman, of the First Methconsideration. At no time is in charge of arrangements. Maj. and Mrs. James Lohnes C. Streibig, dean of administra- have ers, Joseph and Anthony Falco, Wilson, William A. Barrett, Harpurchased from Mr. ai"4 odist church, Belford, officiated. tion of Monmouth college, will does croed or price make HOWARD H. COTTRELL at home; John Falco, Matawan; ry Roede, Charles A. Hawkins, CHARLES S. ELY their Burial was at Perrlneville Pres- address the 16th and 17th classes Mrs. Fred Goldbbronn Malcolm Fisher and John Parker. three-bedroom ranch home loany difference in the high MATAWAN—Howard H. Cott- Thomas and Patrick Falco, KeyEATONTOWN—The funeral of byterian church cemetery. of psychiatric technicians at 78, of 152 Main St., this place, port; Carmen Falco, Keansburg, Mrs. Richardson was the wife commencement exercises tonight cated at Jessica pi., Monmouth Charles S. Ely, 83, of Main St., JOHN H. SCHANCK, JR. standards we have upheld rell, died Tuesday at his home. He and Daniel Falco, Vancouver, Holmdel, who died Sunday at the of the late Tunis Richardson. at 8 o'clock. Exercises will be Beach. The home iB situated on nd shall continue to uphold had lived here one year and had Wash., and five sisters, Miss MARLBORO —The funeral of Mary Lee nursing home here, was She was born In Perrlneville, held in the newly-constructed au- a corner lot 150x-50 feet and was custom built in 1952 for Col. ArPhilamena Falco, Vineland, Mrs. John Henry Schanck, Jr., 78, of .leld yesterday at the Bedle fu- daughter of the late Benjamin ditorium. in our service and respon- formerly lived at Keyport. thur Woodruff of the "Salvation Mr. Cottrell was born In Jersey- Thomas Vena, Cltffwood; Mrs. 51 Eastvlew ave., Little Silver, neral home, Keyport. Burial was and Mary Jane DeBow .'AnderDr. Streibig will discuss the who died last Thursday at the Army. Maj. Lohnes, who is staMary Shorka, Keyport; Mrs. Alex sibility to the community. vllle, son of the late Henry and "n Holmdel cemetery. son. present and future educational tioned at Fort Monmouth, and Mary Harvey Cottrell. He was Vocslna, Woodbridge, and Misa state hospital here, was held MonMr. Ely was born in Holmdel, Surviving are two sons, Ray- rends In America and will de- Mrs. Lohnes are occupying their day at the Worden funeral home. a member of the Keyport chapter Delores Falco, at home. son of the late William C. and mond Richardson of Belford, and liver an appeal to the citizenry home. Rev. Robert M. Runge of the New Rev. Cornelius J. Kane ceJeof the Royal Arcanum. Sarah E. Schenck Ely. He was Alfred Richardson of Freehold; to awake to the need for greater Mrs. Cele Manning handled Surviving are his wife, Gussie bratcd a solemn mass of high Shrewsbury Reformed church of- a charter member of the Holmdel a sister, Mrs. Gertrude Eldrldge educational facilities to meet the Bolce Cottrell; a son, Ernest of requiem at St. Joseph's church ficiated. Burial was at Holmdel fire department and a member of of Freehold, five grandchildren young men and -women who will this transaction. Red Bank; a daughter, Mrs. Dor-yesterday morning and recited cemetery. he Junior Order of American and 11 great grandchildren. be of high school and college age Bearers were Orlando P. War- Mechanics, Red Bank. othy Patton, Matawan, and three the rosary at the Day funeral within the next ten years. home, 361 Maple pi., Keyport, den, Fred W. Zieglar, William J. grandchildren. Surviving are h|s wife, Susan85 Riverside Avenue THOMAS C. MCNALLY Commencement exercises will The funeral will be held tomor- Tuesday night. Burial waa in St. Swannell and Kenneth Zieglar. nah Armstrong Ely; a daughter, signify completion of a one-year Mr. Schanck was born in Nep- Mrs. Dorothy E. Ravndal, Lake Phone 6-0332—Red Bonk KEANSBUR(3—The funeral of training row at 1:30 p. m, at the Bcdle Joseph's cemetery, Keyport. program established by Bearers were Robert Booket, tune, son of the late John and City, Fla.; two brothers, Daniel Thomas McNally, 80, who died Kt'yport Brunch—3G1 Maple I'l. funeral home, Keyport, with Rev. the state In 1947 to provide trained Albert Curry of the Methodist Vincent Vlnce, Robert Baunmnnn, Eleanor Polhcmus Schanck, Sr., ?>. Ely, Holmdel, and William M. Thursday at tho home ol his help for the mentally ill in state Non-Sectarian church, Matawan, officiating. Bur- Arthur and Arneal Malinconico and had been a resident of Little Ely, Cleveland, O., and three daughter, Mrs. Harold .F, Lind- hospitals. FAIR HAVEN—The Chapelof Silver most of his life. He was randchildrcn. ley, 54 Fourth st., was held Sunial will be In Old Tennent ceme- and Donald Ahlers. Telephone 7-1352 Dr. J. Berkeley Gordon, medi- the Holy Communion is conductan employee of the Little Silver day at the Bedle funeral home, tery. ing a campaign to clear its debt street department and had retired Rev, O, C. Janke officiating. Bur- cal director and chief executive In connection with the building ANTONIO V. GUAI/TIERI ISAAC N. WILLIAMS several months ago. ial was at Green Grove cemetery. officer of the Marlboro state hos- of the new rectory. The rectory, A solemn high mass of requiem PAIR HAVEN—The funeral of pital, will deliver the welcome adSurviving are his sister, Mrs Mr. McNally formerly lived on dress. will be offered In St. Anthony's Jennie Members of the 16th class built In 1954-55, cost $20,000. Mead of 168 West Front tsaac N. Williams, 39 Grange Catholic ohurch tomorrow at 9 st., Red Bank; a brother, Danic' ive., here, who died Wednesday Church st. in Matawan. He was include Anne Benrteman,. George To finance the building a loan born in Brooklyn, son of the late o'clock for Antonio V. Gualtieri, P. Schanck, Creek rd.; Port Mon if last week at Rlvervtew hospiBond, Joseph Bourgeois, Eleanor was obtained from the diocese In 82, of 43 Lelghton ave., who died mouth; a niece and several nep- al, was held Friday afternoon James and Mary Connelly Mc- Dennison, Rachel L. Dlmmock, the amount of $3,000. Two thousTuesday at the home of his hews. *.t the Adams memorial home, Nally. Estella Garrett and Anne Paw- and dollars remains to be paid, Surviving are hta son, William !uch. Members of the 17th class with about $500 of the sum aldaughter, Mrs. Anthony J. Piccola .vlth Rev. Charles H. Best, recMcNally of Keyport, two other of Obre pi., Shrewsbury. He had :or of Trinity Episcopal church, include Gloria Barbour, Mary ready on hand. FREDERICK H. NEWMAN daughters, Mrs, Charles Everett Berry, Anita Clax, Janice Hayes, been In ill health a long time. imciatlng. Last Sunday Harlan Graham of Keyport and Mrs. Charles VosKEANSBURG—The funeral of Mr. Gualtieri was born In Italy, Burial was in Fair View ceme- sauehler of New Brunswick, and William Holland, Nettle Locklear, announced to the congregation Successor to Mount Memorial Home Frederick H. Newman, 59, of 304 James Long, Magnolia Miller, that the drive to raise the reson of the late Glaclnto and Vlntery. Bearers were J. Edward George Mitchell, Evelyn Tyrell and mainder would commence immecenza Btumpo Gualtieri, but had Main st., this place, who died Wilson, William A. Barrett, Ed- three grandchildren, Ruth Wisneski. diately. William L. Baily, Jr.. will lived In this country most of his Saturday at the Veteran's Ad- win F. Herr, Jr., Harry Roede, MABASCIO FUNERAL act as treasurer of the funds. life. Formerly of Newark, he ministration hospital in East Or- Stanley I. Brown and Lewis ange, was held Tuesday at the FUNERAL DIRECTORS lived here about 40 years. A reDavison. Rev. Charles Wood, vicar, conA solemn high requiem mass Three Injured tired gardener, he was a member ilohn J. Ryan funeral home. Rev. gratulated the vestry on electing A resident of this area more for James Marasclo, 65, who died of the St, Anthony society and Frederick Boos, Lutheran church, than 50 years, Mr. Williams is Monday of last week at his home, In Parkway Crash to conduct this campaign. He Keyport, officiating. Burial Was in told, the congregation that an of St. Anthony's church. he U. S. Government .cemetery, survived by his wife, Elizabeth 6 Wall st., was offered Thursday NEW SHREWSBURY— Three even bigger job lies ahead, a Besides Mrs. Piccola, surving Beverly, N. J. P. Williams; a son, Robert A. at St. Anthony's Catholic church persons were slightly hurt in an major project involving the reare two sons, John J. Gualtieri, at Williams, this place, and a sisMr. Newman was born in Har- :er, Mrs. Eva Leonard, Chatham. by Msgr. Salvatore DiLorenzo. accident on the Garden State pair or rebuilding of the chapel 310 Broad Street Red Bank, N. J . home, and Charles .T. Gualtieri, Rev. Philip Matera was deacon, Parkway yesterday. rison, son of the late John and Itself. Tho larger campaign will 118 Catherine St.; three other and Rev. Charles Kazmieczyck, According to parkway state po- probably be conducted in the daughters, Miss Rose Gualtieri, Augusta Siefort Newman. He was tIRS. MARY JANE O'CONNOR sub-deacon. ', of World War I, servIce, a car driven by Grace early months of 1957. and Mrs. Frank Lucia, at home, angveteran RUMSON — Mrs. Mary Jane Burial, under the direction of In France, and a member of and Mrs. James Bruno of Little the Disabled American Veterans, O'Connor, widow of Alfred O'Con- the John E. Day funeral home, Krouso of Bay ave., Long Branch, IN MEM0R1AM Silver; two brothers, Sandy Gual- Bayshore chapter 76, Keansburg. nor, died Saturday afternoon at was in Mt. Olivet cemetery apparently had been parked at Raymond G. Morris. In loving memlie side of ' the. road and pulled' tieri of Newark and Gabriel Gualwhere Msgr. DiLorenzo offered hto traffic In front of a car driv- ory on your birthday July 31, .Sadly Surviving are three brothers, her home on Ward ave., here. tieri of Italy; 12 grandchildren missed Mrs. O'Connor was born in the blessing at the grave. Bear- en by John Noe of Cranford. Robert Newman, West Pt. PleasWife. Daughter. Grandchildren. and four great-grandchildren. Charles Newman, Irvlngton, Jngland, daughter of the late ers were Albert .Tomalno, Ralph Hurt were Bessie Smith of CaldInterment, under the direction ant; Santangelo, Vito Marasclo, Peter and William Newman, Orange, John and Mary Leverton. of the William S. Anderson fu- and four sisters, Mrs. Martha Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Marascio, Dr. Victor Marasclo well, Mr. Noe and Joyce Krouse. All. refused treatment. Grace neral home, will be In Mt. piivet Stecher, Irvlngton; 'Mrs. Emma Illlot Schatzkin, this place, and and William Galatro. cemetery. The rosary will be re- Franzen, and Mrs. Anna Hill, grandson, F. Don Chapin, Kew Mr. Marascio is survived by Krouse was Issued a summons cited tonight at the funeral home. Newark, and Mrs. Elsie Garland, Sardens, L. I, his wife, Rose Domanlco Mara- 'or unsafe movement of an auPt. Pleasant. The funeral was held Monday scio; a daughter, Miss Carmela omoblle. Trooper William Gray WILLIAM J. ADICKES night at the Adams memorial Marascio, living at home, and investigated. ROSE T. WALLING home, with Rev. Theodore E. A. two brothers, Frank and Dominic HASBROUCK HEIGHTS—The Matawan Man Fined funeral of William J. Adickes, 68, JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—The fu- jeVan, rector of Old Christ Epis- Marasclo, Red Bank. of 409 Franklin ave., who died neral of Rose T. Walling, 79, wife copal church, Shrewsbury, officiFor Causing Crash Friday at his home, was held Sun- of the late Asbury F. Walling, who ating. Burial Tuesday was at EZRA K. WHITSON 30-32 Hudson Ave. Red Bank day at the Kohlcr. funeral home. died here Friday, was held yes- Northport Rural cemetery, NorthWAYSIDE—Thomas Baron of FREEHOLD —The funeral of rt. 18, Matawan, was fined $25 Rev. H. ,T. Meiburg of Holy Trin- terday at the Bedle funeral home, port, L. I. PHONE RED B/.NK 6-2406 Ezra K. WhiUon, 77, o£ West last night by Magistrate Walter ity Lutheran church officiating. Keyport. Rev. Henry Male, St. Burial, Monday, was at Lutheran Mary's Episcopal church, Keyport, MRS. EDWIN J. HAMMOND Main st., who died Friday at St. N. Cobb on a motor vehicle cemetery, Middle Village, L. I. Mrs. Minnie E. Hammond, 80, Francis hospital, Trenton, was charge of following too closely officiating. Burial was in Green wife of Edwin J. Hammond, 157 held Monday at the Freeman fu- and causing a three-car accident. Mr. Adlckes was founder of Grove cemetery. neral home, with Rev, Warren J. Camp Happiness In Leonardo. BeMra. Walling was the daugh- Maple ave., Red Bank, died last Henseler officiating. Burial was He was assessed an additional $5 Your Expression of fore his retirement six years ago, ter of the former Thomas and Thursday afternoon at the for not appearing in court when he waa supervisor of financial aid Ernestine Krall Tuthill. Shrewsbury Manor nursing home. at Old Tennent cemetery. ordered. True Remembrance Mr. Whitney was a retired farfor the New Jersey Commission Mrs. Hammond was born at ElFines of $15 each were paid by Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. for the Blind. He had been em- Edith Cyre, Jacksonville, Fla., and mira, N. Y., daughter of the late mer and a former member of the Willie J. Irving, Long Branch, No othor act'of a normal FUNERAL H O M E ployed by the commission 41 years. a brother, Daniel Tuthill, New Albert and Margaret L. Radway Marlboro township board of edu- and Billy Cauley, Newark, careman's life gives him more Mr. Adlckes started as a home York city. and was a resident of New York cation. c o m p l e t e soul satisfaction less driving. Surviving are his wife, Annie Surpassing ( j S ^ A j l ^ ? ) Service teacher for the blind. He also had city before coming to Red Bank than the building of a MemGriffin Whitspn; three sons, Milbeen field secretary for the opmDELAY HEARING 3ix years ago. orial to his loved ones who W. FRANK MOBBELL ton Whttson of Elizabeth, ThurmlB&lon. Surviving besides her husband, have gone 'on. MIDDLETOWN — Police today Phone KE 6-0333 KEYPORT—The funeral of W. He also was a member of the are a daughter, Mrs. Harry Ana- slon Whltson of Marlboro, and released William Robert Rice, who Our select Barre Memorials New Jersey Welfaro council, Es- Frank Morrell, 67, of Broadway, ble, five grandchildren and live Donald Whltson of Etra Point; a was arrested yesterday at his daughter, Mrs. Stanley Orr of 147 CHURCH ST. BELFORD, N. J . sex council, Civil Service associ- this place, who died Saturday at :reat-grandchlldren. 'bear the Guild mark of apMlllhurst, and a brother, Whitney home 111 Ocean ave., East Keansproval, your guarantee of a ation and the National Federation the New Jersey State Firemen's The funeral was held Saturday Whltson of Colt's Neck. burg, by Patrolman Domlnick home In Boonton, was held Monof the Blind. finer Memorial at no extra MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP Furlato and Special Officer Anday at the Bedle funeral home, at the Adams memorial home, cost Visit our showroom and Surviving ore three sisters, Mrs. Rev. Norman Rilcy officiating. with Rev. Roger J. Squire, pasdrew Slwukowski on a drunk and LAWBENCE TAYLOB SAMSON see our displays of thesB cerAddle Bauer, Miss Helene Adlckes Burial was in Green Grove ceme- ,or of the Red Bank Methodist disorderly charge. Magistrate W. and Miss Emrna-E. Adlckes| all of tery, tified memorials. - church, officiating. Burial Monday FREEHOLD — The funeral of. "Ubert Manson put off hearing this place. of the case until next Wednesday. Lawronce Taylor Samson, 75, of Mr. Morrell was the son of the was In Mt. Hope cemetery, 93 Randolph it., who died Saturlato Wilbur and Frances Crum Rochester, N. Y. MOSES BANDOLPH R O B E R T A. B R A U N day at his home, was held yester- PEDDLER LICENSES~ISSUED Morrell. CARL J. ANDERSEN day at Bethel M. E. church, Rev. FAIR HAVEN—This borough, The funeral of Moses Randolph, PRIMROSE BROWN E. M. Mitchell officiating. Burial which this • week put Into effect LEONARDO — The funeral of 63, of 178 L&lghton ave., Red Nut le ML Olivet Cemetery "HOME FOB FUNKIULS" Bank, who died Saturday at Mon- MIDDLETOWN— The funeral Carl J. Andersen, 87, of 1 O'Nell was at Maplewood cemetery. The Its ordinance requiring all soliciPhone Red Bank 6-0319 mouth Memorial hospital, was of Primrose Brown, 50, of Church st., who died Friday at Mon- Freeman funeral home was In tors and peddlers to register, has thus far Issued four licenses and held Tuesday at Pilgrim Baptist lane, who died of a heart attack mouth Memorial hospital, was charge. R.F.D. Box 108, Red Bank collected $23 in licenso fees. One of the country's most modern funeral church. Rev, Henry Morgan of- Saturday In a car on rt. 35, was held Tuesday at the PoBtcn fuMRS. ELIZABETH TASK ficiated. Burial was at WhltB held yesterday at tho Union Bap- neral home, with Rev. Harry Ridge cemetery. * tist church, with Rev. R. P. Ball Zane of Atlantic Highlands MethMrs. Elizabeth TasH, 86, who officiating. Burial waa In the homes with a completely home-like atmosphere. Mr. Randolph was born in church cemetery under the di- odist church ofllclatlng, Burial for many years lived on East Cumberland county, Va., son of rection of the Scott funeral home. was at Bay View cemetery. . Front st., Retl Bank, died last DISTINCTIVE the lute Kit and Roae Woodson Mr. Andersen was n, retired 105 EiiO/vS STBEST EATOKTOV/H 3-0333 Mr. Brown waa born in Middle- brakeman for the Jersey Central night at the Seabrook Hill nurRandolph. He was a resident of ing home, Keyport. Red Bank 16 years. He was a town, son of tho late Frank and railroad. He waa born In JerBey Mrs. Tash was tho daughter of FORMERLY OF EAST OHANCE World War I veteran and a mem- Mary Wallace Brown, and had Ity, son of the lato Johnathan tho lato Goorgo and Elizabeth ber of Green Creek Baptist lived hero all his lite. and Caroline Anderson. Applegato Brewer and the widow Surviving are.a brother, Harchurch, Cumborland, Va.,- and the Surviving aro his son, M/Sgt. Perfection of Material and ry Brown, Freeport, L. I., and William Andersen; a daughter, of Goorgo C. Tanli. She was a American Legion. member of tho Rod Bank MothoWorkmanship In Beautiful Sui'Vlvlng iir« hin wife, Martha a sister, Mrs. Clara Smllh, New Mrs. Doris Robinson, Atlantic dlst church. New Designs Scott Rnndolph; throe sons and Brunswick. Highlands; a brother, August AnSurviving Is a son, George MBS. REBECCA TAYLOB thrco daughters, Oscar Randolph, darsen, Cranford, nnd a sister, Tash, Riverside Heights. Moses Randolph, Jr., and John Mrs. Rebecca Taylor, widow of Mrs, Catherine Palmatlor, DunOur memorials aro manufactured Funeral arrangoments aro In Randolph, Mrs. Roao Everett and Edward C. Taylor, died Tuesday cllen, charge of tho Adams Memorial by skilled artisans In our well Misses Edna and Susie Randolph, morning at her home, 120 East homo. equipped plant nt Wcat Long: .JOSEPH KIRK all of Red Bank, and four grand- Bergen pi., Rod Bank. HARRY C. F. JAMES A. ROBERT F. children. Branch. Mrs. Taylor was born In MldMATAWAN—Joseph Kirk, 05, dletown, dnughter of the lato of 170 Jacknon nt., died Tuesday THOMAS II. HONSON James A. and Mary Field Hen- at his home, RED BANK 60557 Mr, Kirk was born In Poland, MADISON TOWNSHIP — The drlckson, and had been a resident funeral of Thomas H, Ronsnn, of Red Bank 45 years, She wns Bon of the Into Joseph and tho oldest member of tho Red Kathciine Kirk. Ho had lived SB, of Ainboy rd,, this placo, who Wall Street Tel. L.B. 6-3567 West Long Branch dlt;d Friday nt Monmoutfi Mu- Bank Baptist church nnd wan a rjcro for tho past 45 years, 60 E. FRONT STREET RED BANK Buy Dlrocf Surviving are his wife, Conmortal houpltnl, wns hold al his member of the women's fellowhomo Monday undor tho direction ship of the church. stance Lukowlca Kirk of this Barre Guild ol the Bedln funeral homo, K«ySin vlvlng Is a sister, Mrs. M. placo, anil a son, Josoph L. Kirk ti BRANCH OFFICE and DISPLAY "Oor Thirty Yean of port, Burlnl wan nt Roao Hill Matlld. Hcndrlckaon, of tho East of Mlddletown. 400 Highway 3H & Harvard HI. cemetery, 1 MONMOUTH MONUMENT CO. The funeral will bo held Saturerni'ii pi. address. Dopondablo, Economical Sorvico" Itcil Itanlt, N, J. The funeral will bo hold tomor- day morning nt tho St. Potur nnd Mr. Konaon was a fanner, htm!;j IIKADIHON'S OORNUIl HIGHWAY 111 St. Paul Qi'nck lUisnliiii Orthodox •0\v at 2 p. m. a*, the Adams meKomi for Lltnrnturo Imnd of thd Intu Elln TonKyok MIUOLKTOWN, N. i. IiKO JUNK fl-3810 morial homo with Rev. Roger J. hurcli, South Rlvor, IJurlul will RoiiHon. Air Conditioned (for Your Comforf rhono UK «-02H2-,T. Ent. H K M 1 lnx uro a ton, TcnEyck Squirt , ytajitor of tho Red Bunk io In Ht, Joseph's cjtmetcry, KoyMnlawnn, nml n Mntor, MothoiIlAcliiirch, olllelnllnR. Uur _iort, under tho dlrSytloii of tho Knrolny Hcminrfioii, Crop. Uu.ito tauuriU komBj"! 'lrn, Ilfclen O'Dcll, Mntawun. Inl will US In l-'nlr Vlow

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4-H Club Wins Awards at Fair FREEHOLD—Members of the Llncroft 4-H club won 32 excellent awards at the annual Monmouth county 4-H Fair at the county fair Friday and Saturday. Abble Ann Willgerodt, Beatrice Vlner and Suzanne Morgan won the champion award for clothing judging. Janet Willis won the highest cooking award, a $25 bond from the Red Bank Kiwanis club. Ah award of very good was won by-the booth decorated in the

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Red Bank

ttttmt "We Learn By Doing The 4-H Club Way.'" The members who entered sewing projects won the following awards: Beatrice Viner and Suzanne Morgan, four excellents and four very goods; Suzanne Ming and Diane Brandt, one excellent, one very good and one good, and Janet Willis, three very goods. In cooking, Janet Willis, four excellents and one very good; Suzanne Morgan, four excellents and one very good; Suzanne Ming, three excellents and one very good; Joan Bonn, two excellents and three very goods; Diane Brandt, two excellents and one very good; Barbara Diem, one excellent, and four very goods, and Ashley Kraan, one excellent and one good. Gardening project awards were won by Gayle Beebn, two excellent and one very good; Lynn Morgan, one excellent and one good; Dean Willis, five very goods and two goods; Abbie Ann Willgerodt and Lloyd Bradbury, two very goods, and Ohris gThurer and William Tufflash, one very good. Flower awards went to Abble Ann Willgerodt, two excellenta and one good, and Beatrice Viner, two very goods. In canning, Abble Ann Willgerodt won two excellents. Abbie Ann also won the high individual score In the clothing Judging team. All exhibits that won the excellent awards are eligible for the New Jersey state fair In September, In Trenton. Mak« it % proftt&ble 1'Ba Rtglster'a claailfled wanta.—Advertisement.

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RED BANK REGISTER Thursday, July 26, 1956—11

AT&T Honors R. B. Williams

Circus to Make

MIDDLETOWN—Ralph B. Williams of 3 Hartshorne la., received a gold emblem last Thursday, marking his 30th year of service with the long lines department of American Telephone and Telegraph company. Mr. Williams is employed as commercial manager for long lines at 744 Broad St., Newark,

Three Appearances Hunt Brothers three-ring circus will give three performances in the Ked Bank area in August. The circus will nppenr at the Food Circus In Middletown Jlondny, Aujr. 13; at Is'elmnrk's field in Highlands, Wednesday, Aug. 15; for (he Community center, and Thiirsdny, Aug. 16 at the firemen's grounds In Little Silver for the benefit of the firo company. Two shows are scheduled for each day. Tho clrcu>> features liVo hours of entertainment, Including the second largest herd of : privately owned elephnnts.'A parade is scheduled before the opening of the circus In each town.





Richard Arlen At Ivy Tower . SPRING LAKE—"Anniversary Waltz," the conjedy which had a i long successful run on Broadway will be the offering at the Ivy Tower Playhouse, opening Monday. Richard Arlen. star of stage, screen and TV, will play the load. Ralph B, Williams Mr. Arlen, a native of St. Paul, Born in Cleveland, O., Mr. Wi Minn., skyrocketed to stardom at Hams has lived in Middletow 20 when he played with Jean Harthree years. A graduate of Oh low In the movie, "Hell's Angels." State university, he was prcsl That movie was followed by den.t of his fraternity, Alpha Ch "Wings" and many others. His Rho, and now serves as Its nat summer theater appearances have been In such plays as "State of lonal president. He also was member of Delta Sigma Pi, pn tho Union," "Mr. Roberts" and fesslonal commercial fraternity "The Tender Trap." His latest He Is a member of the H. G. Me- picture is "The Mountain," In Cully chapter of Telephone Pion- which he appears with Spencer eers, an organization for thost Tracy. --ho have been with the Bcli syi Appearing opposite Mr. Arlen tern for 21 years or more. will be Grace Powers, who has He and his wife, the forme: appeared in many Ivy Tower proFlorence Andrus, have two chl ductions, and who also plays In dren, Ralph Williams, Jr., who i the TV and radio serial, "When now working with New Jerse; a Girl Marries." Others In the Bejl commercial department i cast will be Paul. Lilly, who played In the Ivy Tower's presentaNewark,'and Tom, who Is Bervln tion of "The Rainmaker," and In the Navy. Virginia Morgan, who will play the role she did in the play's Broad,way and national run. 26,545 Patient Days

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LONG BRANCH — George J Plan by Civil Defense Bartel, administrator of Mon To Protect Food Supply mouth Memorial hospital, reportei TRENTON—The New Jersey 1 to the board of governors of trt Saturday that 26,545 pa> Department of Agriculture in conIf you want to open an account, add to your account or hospital junction with the Slate Police and tients days were given to medNational Guard are co-operwithdraw . . . you needn't brave the heat any further than ically indigent patients during th the in the formation of a civil flsdal year Nov. 1, 1954, to Nov. 1, ating from your door to the nearest mail box. defense program to protect the 955. Of that number, 2,742 free farms, herds and flocks of the patient days weis given to resi- state against the introduction of We have a lave-by-mail that's easy to use, quick and ab- dents of Red Bank. highly Infectious animal diseases, Mr. Bartel predicted that the reports Dr. R. A. Henderahott, disolutely free. We pay the postage both ways. figures for the current year wll rector of the division of animal Phone 6-033O for savings slips or forms to open a new show greater community contri Industry. iiiUon through free patient days Farms on which infection occurs account. Also, a supply of return-addressed, postage free During June, the cost to Mon mouth Memorial for caring for would be quarantined Immediately envelopes. Call now . . , we're open 'til 4 P. M. and animals would be slaughtered the medically indigent of tho :ounty exceeded $44,500, bringing If deemed necessary. The premhe total cost to the hospital for ises would then be cleaned and caring for lndi',>;i' patients to disinfected and the owners would more than $386,U* during the first be permitted to restock their [arms only after trial animals nine months of the fiscal year. placed their indicated freedom Mr. Bartel pointed out'that the from disease. argest item in operating costs is :he payroll- which amounts to In addition pnch sratfl nnrl fpdS116.000 monthly. He added that ral veterinarian on duty in New
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Two persons were Injured In an c.ldent involving three cars on Vest Bergen pi., Red Bank, Satirday night. According to police, a car drlvn by A. Lockett of West Bergen was traveling west on West ergon pi. His car, police said, as on the wrong side of the trect and struck a parked car wncd by F. J. Schena of Jersey lily. The Schena vehicle was ushed Into a car owned by W. ohnson of. Asbury Park. The chena car also was shoved gainst a utility pole. Injured were Jessie Johnson nd Jessie Shepard, both of Asury Park. They were treated ,t Rlveiview hospital for brui3es nd shock.

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18—Thursday, July 26, 1956



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ANK REGISTER 15% Enrdllment Increase School Board Report Shows EATONTOWN—This borough's three elementary schools will have a 15 per cent enrollment increase during the coming school term according to the semi-annual report of the board of education, released today. Approximately 1,500 children are expected to enroll in September. The 42 classrooms that make up the school system will be inadequate for the influx, which w"ill mean double sessions in the second and third grades in the Margaret L. Vetter school and in the fourth grades in the Memorial school, the report said. There will be no half-sessions in the Steelraan school. "The situation for the coming school term is serious but not critical," the report declared. "Unless additional rooms are added, however, it will be crucial by the fall of 1957." Plan IS More Kooms To alleviate the situation, the board of education is planning a 13 room $360,000 addition to the present ten room Vetter school on Grant ave., the report said. The federal government will contribute approximately one-third the cost and New Jersey state aid also will be available. A referendum will be held Aug. 10 at 'which • time, Eatontown voters will be asked to approve a $250,000 bond Issue to cover the balance of the outlay. The semi-annual report, of which this is the fourth in a series, was mailed to the homes of parents with a covering letter from Kenneth K. Hampton, presi-

dent of the board, in which he urged approval of the bond issue "to insure the best possible education system for the children of Eatontown and Fort Monmouth." Voters, who will be away on vacation, were urged to,., write George Winning, thp school board secretary, in order to obtain an absentee ballot. Requests for absentee ballots must be received no later than Aug. 2. Applicants for absentee ballots should give their reason for being out of state and the addres to which they want the ballot 3ent. 'Yes' Vote Urged Approval of the addition is imperative, according to the report, because board of education surveys show that enrollment by Sept., 1957, will jump another 15 to 20 per cent. The board time table calls for the opening of the new wing—which in addition to the 13 classrooms will have an all-purpose room, cafeteria, kitchen and attendant facilities—by tho fall term. The board report^ also outlined plans for a high school within the Eatontown system by 1961, at which time, It is anticipated, there will be 2,878 pupils enrolled in the first eight grades and 687 of high school age. Operating costs for the coming 1956-57 school year will be $548,430 according to the report which detailed planned budgetary ex*penditure. The proposed 13-room addition will make the net worth of Eatontown school t buildings, land, and equipment in excess of $1,600,000.

County Clerk's Office Does Record Business'

Their Aim: 'The Shrewsbury Ave. Plan


FREEHOLD— County ~ Clerk 3. Russell Woolley this week reported a large increase In the number of recordings In his office for the first six months of this year. His oftlce collected $101,021.51, an increase of $10,423.46 over the comparable period last year. Each month showed gains over 1955, January, $19,066.75 compared to $14,010.06; February, $15,757.05 compared to $11,805.01; March, $10,401.61 compared to $15,531,49; April, $10,911.95 compared to $14,335.23; May, .$18,373.65 compnred to $15,085.88, and June, $17,511.60 compared to $16,193.48.

Thursday, July 26, 1956—13

Busy Future Seen For West Red Bank

A group of determined business the many needs of the shopper. I leaders and rnsirlpnts. forming Such a iila.ii, wiit'u advanced to tho nucleus of the Uptown Civic the local planning officials was association. Monday night sketch- received "with enthusiasm," said | ed out In buld relief a long-ian^e Mr. Shapiro. plan to pump vigorous new life Some fear was expressed by and wealth into their area. Joseph Becker that if ShrewsHub of the wheel that would bury ave. was made wider it roll out a program of community might become a fast thoroughdevelopment Is an objective to es- faro liltn Montclair's BloomfleU tablish "the Shrewsbury ave. ave. where, he said, shoppers now plan" as Dne of the Integral parts "speed past tho stores." But Mr. of Red Bank's forthcoming mas Shapiro said this could be con- , ter plan. trolled by setting up a system Proposed were a major widen of timed traffic .lights to hold ing program for Shrewsbury ave., down thit speed. Besides, he oald, build up of a carefully if the revamped shopping complanned, modern* and spanking munity were made attractive, the clean shopping area backed beauty of it would bring In the •Setting their goal as a bold improvement program to pump new life and activity by strict municipal rules and buying public. ELIZABETH—George W. But- into West' Red Bank's business, residential and social life, organizers of the Uptown Civic off-the-street parking, and better ler of King's highway and Red traffic • control nnd police proWutit Distinctive Design Hill rd., Middletown, has been Association met at St, Anthony's Catholic church Monday night. Above, some of the tection. Thought of is something like named manager of marketing de- leaders, left to right, are Joseph Becker, Louis Scotti, the temporary chairman, Nicholas the Princeton shopping center, Seek Wldo Participation velopment for Standard Oil com- Siciliano and John Gatta. The group voiced determinatibn to work hard to bring in new The association's temporary with stores designed wholly unpany (N.J.), according to a. releaders voiced determination to llko those directly alonp tho main cent announcement by the com- businesses under a bold 'Shrewsbury Ave. Plan' to better serve 'Red Bank's most popu- get full participation by West street. Since tho Broad at. trend pany. Mr. Butler, manager of Es- lous area 1 and suburbs to the south and west. An initial job will be to conduct a survey Red Bank's citizens and mer- is toward modern, Mr. Shapiro so Standard OH company's New chants, and clergymen and cul- said Shrewsbury ave.'a could be Jersey sales division, with offices t o find out what the area's customers really want. tural promoters, in an effort to toward "colonial styling" or anat 500 North Broad st., this city, bring about these community other contrast. will assume' his new duties changes. A big try is to be made Elimination of current bottleSept 1 immediately to build up group neck conditions along Shrewsmembership, bury ave. Is now being considMonday, the association decid- ered, Mr. Shapiro said he learned. ed that the best way to start the Tho development, ho said, might wheel rolling would be. to con- bo to nllow ono-sicle-only parkduct a shoppers' survey to fin'] Ing nnd to set up a two-hour out just what the buying public parking limit in tho bualncsJ f ' not only of this town, but visi- areas to push back the comNEW YORK CITY—To what tors from nearby New Shrews- muters' cars, against which thera extent have the farmers of MonRefuses to Gamble bury, Llncroft, Holmdel, Atlantic havo been a number of commouth county been affected by township and other communities plaints. the drop in agricultural prices? '56 Taxes on Outcome to the south and west would like Thero were some murmurs of What were their receipts for last discontent against setting up to find here. year? How did they compare? Of November Vote In this, at the suggestion of parking restrictions which some An overall view of the situation members thought would cut into Philip Shapiro, who already has MIDDLETOWN—The township is given In the current Issue of LITTLE SILVER—The mayor been in close touch with the bor- present business volume. Thera planning board Monday night rec- Standard Rate and Data Service, and council Tuesday night drop- ough's governing and planning appeared to bo a concensus that ommended the approval of one In a report covering every coun ped its option to buy the 19-ucre officials, the group will ask Don- In such areas; as where Chestsubdivision of 74 homes and or- ty of the United States. Holly Tree farm on Seven Bridge ald White, planning board chair- nut, Oakland and West Front dered the builder of the proposed Monmouth county farmers, con- rd. from Frank Quarter!, police man and research specialist, to sts. meet Shrewsbury ave. that Brigadoon Village to submit a fronted with the same squeeze of commissioner of Lodl, for ?62,- handle the details. thero now exists serious traffic FAIR HAVEN—Construction of zoning board, council granted a poorer prices and higher costs as 500. . .._ revised map. problems inciudl-g spcc-Slr.g andvariance for five lots in the River Look for Voluiiiccra private swimming pools in this farmers in most other parts of The map approved was submit- the country, pulled out of the sit- The action followed the read- Wanted is a study such as tho congestion, and that somo form borough in the future may come Oaks section. In order to build on of correction Is desirable. ing of copies of letters between ted by James Curley for section uation comparatively well. under municipal regulation, it was the lots in question, a variance Borough Attorney Howard W. one recently completed that gave, However, the great emphasis one, Southvlew, on the Middleborough merchants assurance was upon a current need to males indicated at Monday night's was needed because the lots are Roberts and Frank Wagner 0 Per Capita Is High town-Llncroft rd., just west of smaller, either in total area or in that customers want Friday night mayor and council meeting. the New York and Long Branch They ended up the year with Lodi, attorney for Mr. Quarteri. continued as Red Bank's shop- Rod Bank's west sldo "as clean Council heard Councilman John frontage, lhan required by ordinAt tho July 10 meeting, Mr •allroad. Mr. Curley was the a gross farm Income of $12,932.ping night. Mr. Shapiro and oth- and beautiful as tho east." C. Damico report that several ance. Mr. Shapiro called for an "inRoberts was directed by councl ers will calUupon the Junior SerGeorge W. Butler builder of Brookvlew, another de- 000, the report shows. Council received, but took no I pools are being built here and that Apportioned equally among tho to attempt to get. an extension vice league of Red Bank—whoso jection" of effort "to bring our some residents have expressed action on, a recommendation by The division manager post va- velopment In the township. area back to life and not let It of a $100 option on the land from concern over the possibility that the planning board that approval cated by Mr. Butler will be filled Brigadoon Village was the sub- local farm population, placed at Aug. 15 to Dec. 1 and to prapare volunteers made the shoppers' dio on the vino." something, that 12,900, this was equal to ?6,320 check—to see If it will send in a they may become a nuisance, re- be given to the construction of a by ject of an hour-long discussion a resolution' so that the voters team to quiz housewives and oth- ho said Shrewsbury ave.'g busiC. Wilbourn, now actper capita. • sulting particularly from noise two-inch bituminous surface on Ing James of Esso's Virginia- as residents of three neighbor- It compared favorably with could decide on the purchase in ers on Shrewsbury avc, helped nessmen and the people thfy made by persons swimming at Grange walk, subject to the satis- Westmanager ing developments, Lone Oak VilNovember. Virginia sales division with by neighbors and storekeepers servo alone can make possible. farm Incomes in the rest of the factory solution of the drainage night. lage, Millbrook Gardens and Oak United Mrs. J: Henry O'Hara, 60 Looffices In Richmond, Va. To Pursue Further in this uptown section. States, $1,420 per resident. Mayor Edgar V. Denlse said he pr»blcm there. Knoll, questioned the advisability The Middle Atlantic States avercust st., called for a "real clean Mr. Butler's appointment to Mr. Wagner wrote that Mr. felt the borough is covered from Louis Scotti, the association's of another development In the Cites 'Nuisance' up program" as the necessary Quarteri was anxious to coop- temporary chairman, Mr. Shapiro "first step" toward the general the nuissace angle by a borough Council received from Mrs. Standard OU company (NJ.), New Monmouth area because of age was 51,370. ordinance. Council discussed the Frank McMann of Buttonwood with its world-wide operations, the traffic hazards that might be The gross farm receipts local- erate, but his client wanted re- and tho membership offered Improvement program, ly wero made up principally of muneration to the extent of the thanks for "a spirit of co-operafollows a long career In sales merpossibility that problems might a letter In which she com- chandising with Esso Standard. created. livestock income, totaling $28,- 1956 .taxes if the voters decided tion ' and assistance" that, they Mr. Scotti, the chairman, said arise from the draining of such dr. that he soon would appoint workplained about children crossing He joined the company as a code pools and agreed to study the her property and creating a nuisResidents of all three objected 269,000, and income from crops, not to buy the land. Mr. Robert said, already has come from the ing committees to help carry out matter "from all angles" with a ance by yelling and screaming and cable clerk in the Baltimore to through traffic going through $13,616,000. Also included were said council could not "forgivi Community Chamber of Com- the various objectives of the full view 'toward health and safety near McCarter's pond. Mayor De- office May 21, 1929. Then followed their developments to Brigadoon government payments and the taxes" because most of the tuj merce, from Mayor Katharine plan. moves through various clerical Village, Lewis Moore, the ap- value of products grown and used dollar is allocated to the sclioo Elkus White, from Ensloy M factors, Thomas Carlock, building nlse said he appreciated Mrs. Me- positions' until he was- made on tho farm. district and the county. He sail White, borough Plan's Objectives inspector, said he looked into tho Mann's administrator but added that general salesman in 1938. This be- plicant, plans to build 57 homes the 1956 taxes on the farm are and planning board secretary situation, adding that pool drain- children problem, These, he said, aro those obLand Value Increases there. have been going there age syeteitls in use seem to be for 40 years and "I don't know gan his career In sales which in- The board told Mr. Moore to What appears at first glance $2,292.06, of which $504.01 has nnd from Don White, planning jectives: cluded the positions of general been paid. satisfactory. chief. 1. Street control. The widening how we're going to stop them." sales supervisor in the Washing- submit a revised map in the fu- to be an inconsistency is tho Councilman Victor P. Satter Yet, with this prnisc, borough of Shrewsbury ave. from West It was decided to advise Mrs. ton, D. C., area; district sales ture which will relocate the fact that, despite hard'times, the offered Seek Licenses tho motion to drop the officials also were handed some Front to West Bergen pi. of farm. land has been inIn answer to two applications McMann that the property in- manager in Wilmington, Del.; bridge over Millbrook that will value 2. Building control. Providing creasing. The explanation given option, but suggested that Mayor sharp criticism. for liquor licenses, Mayor Denise volved is private and that the bor- senior district sales manager of carry a road from Middletown- is that farmers know that they Joseph C. Pav|son appoint a Nicholas Siciliano, for one, said for proper buildings and a cleanexplained that thus, far there is ougn can act only if the situation Baltimore; district manager of New Monmouth rd. into the de- have to Increase their production committee "to pursue this fur- he wondered why Red Bank's up of the "eyesores." the Washington, D. C, area, and velopment. There were objections ' no license vacancy in the bor- constitutes a public nuisance. ther." Councilman Joseph F. body had to be prodded 3. Rezoning. Establishment of Council decided to vote the bor- acting merchandising manager by a group of residents of Mld- efficiency If they want to make Lord added it is "important that governing ough. into action regarding West Side deeper setbacks for new buildmore money. That means modough's 308 shares of Second Nadletown-New Monmouth rd., who ern we try to find some such area In Council last week, after four tional bank stock in favor of the for the Virginia sales division. conditions. He noted that in oth- ings than the present 160 feet machinery, which, in turn, hearings of charges against Jesse proposed merger of the Second Upon being transferred to the submitted a petition with 37 calls for bigger acreage to justify the borough." The mayor said er parts of town "shade trees are from the center of Shrewsbury Colonial Beacon Oil company, and Eladlo Garcia, trading as protesting the propos- it. So, farmers are In the market he will appoint a "citizens' com- being planted" while here, ho said, bank of Red Bank and New York, he was made mer- signatures the Club 605, voted to revoke the National ed road. It -was pointed out that little is done. 4. Traffic control. Staggered more land. They are outbid- mittee" at the next meeting. chandising manager for that or- the road already exists on a map, for club's liquor license and to pre- Keyport Banking company. traffic signals and full-time poding each other and thus driv- I t Is doubtful that the question Hit Area's Flaws At the request of Wesley Crozier ganization. Ha retained this posi- and the owner has agreed to deed ing prices vent use of the premises at 605 will appear on the ballot In lice patrols. up. Pointed out by him were "sideRiver rd- as a tavern for two of Crozier ct., council agreed to tion through the changes In com- it to Mr. Moore If the townahip Added to this ia the rising de- November. Mr. Roberts did not walks that have been torn up for 5. Better housing. Elimination look into the possibility of fining pany name to Standard Oil comyears. will post Middletown-Now Mon- mand for land for such non-farm prepare the resolution required years," a lark of "full police pro- of such situations as those wher« The revocation of the license in what Mr. Crozier described as pany of New Jersey, and when mouth rd. with 25-mlIe speed limit uses as highways, factories and to effect that because of council's tection" and the continuance of several families share a singlethe name became Esso Standard and the closing of the tavern were a swamp on his property. reluctance to gamble the $2,292.- certain unsightly conditions that family house. housing. signs and enforce it. to have been effective at moon Fri- Roy Nelson, borough clerk, re- Oil company he was made mer- In addition to relocating the Farmers are going into debt to 06 the option would have cost. need correction. In this regard, 6. B a n k i n g . Attraction to day, However, Emmanuel Gers- ported that 20 dog licenses had chandising manager of the New acquire both land and equipment. members spoke of an abandoned Shrewsbury ave. of a branch bank' ten, attorney for the Garcias, filed been issued since the last meet- York sales division. In Nov., 1949 bridge, the board advised Mr. Their general position Is strong, truck "parked on the curb," a to serve tho needs of the comhe was transferred to West Vir- Moore that he would have to an appeal with' the state division ing. however, according to the Chi- Kiwanis to Hold cluttered junk yard nnd other un- munity and Its suburbs. of alcoholic beverage control. The Mr. Nelson read quarterly re- ginia as assistant division man- agree to build on the nine lots cago Federal Reserve bank, Mr. Scotti said -that election favorable conditions. state division granted the tavern ports of the borough library board ager, and In Oct., 1952, he be- nearest Lone Oak Village and which points out that farm debt Clambake Aug. 7 of officers of the organization ll Much of this can he corrected a stay until Aug. 23, when It will showing that 55 new members en- came assistant division manager Millbrook Gardens last. Further- amounts to only 11 per cent of The Red Bank Kiwanis club quickly, Mr. Shapiro said, "if we planned for September. rolled In the period from January of the company's New Jersey more, ho would have to barricade hear the appeal. March, and 39 enrolled sales division, with offices at the extension of those roads until farm assets. Back in 1B40 it was Monday night at Molly Pitcher bring our complaints directly be- Meantime, Mr. Shapiro said hs Council Monday night received through hotel completed plans for Its an18 per cent. would confer further with local between April and June. Of the Elizabeth. He was named divi- all other work In the development the borough council." . applications for liquor licenses 55 nual clambake to be held Tues- fore officials to acquaint them with members in the flijBt quar- sion manager two years later. So "Tile Shrewsbury avti. plan" from Abel V. Maffeo for premises ter,new is completed. day, Aug. 7, at 7 p. m, at the can bo spurred ahead a? l( de- the thinking of tho organization 21 were adults and 34 were Mr. Butler has long been acTO SPONSOR CIRCUS at 593-95-97, and from Leonard A. children. Surf Rider beach club, Sea Of the 30 In the second tive a3 a member of the Ameri- The board set public hearings MATAWAN—The flrs't aid and velops, members decided to meet so far and solicit their help In Mack, who operates Mack's super- quarter, 20 were adults and 19 can Petroleum institute's oil In- 'or three maps, Llncroft Farm, rescue squad will sponsor a per- Bright. Dr. Sydney Kramer is In tho first Monday in every month pushing tho program forward. market at 799 River rd. charge of arrangements. toms disappointment was exLlncroft Hill and Craig Bros, dustry Information committee. formance by Hunt Brothers cir- It was announced Monday that —at 8 p. m. in St. Anthony's pressed that none of the town After council last week voted were children. church basement—and get ready This year he Is o member of the property, for Sept. 10. tus Tuesday, Aug. 14, at Keough's to revoke the Club 605 license, tickets for the Marine band conhad turned out to ths oil industry Information commit- The board discussed sugges- field, Freneau. Thero will be per- cert to be presented Sept. 27 at to hand their decisions to later- fathers William K. Blair, Jr., borough attee's operating committee In the tions for the rezonlng of rt. 35 formances at 2 and 8 p. m. Squad the Carlton theater under the In-the-month meetings of the may- meeting. torney, told newsmen that unless New York-New Jersey district made by a number of residents members will be stationed on tho sponsorship of the local Kiwanis, or and council, planning board the A. B. C. reverses council's deand also is manpower chairman at a public hearing earlier in the borough's main streets Friday will go on sale next wefik. It also and chamber of commerce. cision as a result of the appeal. for the same group. He is chair- month and decided to request the nights and Saturday afternoons was reported that Janet Willis of • "this will kill the club's liquor Need Donated Land man of the New Jersey Petro- township committee and the ad- for advance ticket sales. Tickets Llncroft, winner of a 4-H club license." Regarding the proposal to Mr. Blair explained that should HAZLET — "Telephone Show- leum industries committee for •Isory committee to meet with also may be purchased at several sponsored cooking contest, will be widen Shrewsbury ave.—to 60 them jointly Aug. 6 to discuss local stores or from Andrew awarded a savings bond by the feet between property lines, comthe revocation be upheld, another case" will be the feature exhibit 1956/ Diodato. applicant might seek another li- Aug. 3-4 at the Hazlet firemen's the question, servlco club. pared with a present 40 to 50— MIDDLETOWN- The Middlefair, rt. 35, which starts tomorrow cense here. Including the Club Mr. Shapiro told members such town township area Mental 605 license, Fair Haven, with a and runs through Aug. 4, a program would "hit your pockHealth fund drive for 1956 reachpopulation of more than 3,000, has The exhibit, sponsored by the itbooks," but told of gains to bo ed an all time high this year with only three tavern licenses. State Bell Telephono company, highmade from such a sacrifice. a total of $3,019.1-4 collected, it law allows one tavern per 1,000 of lights many of the latest developSuch a project, he said, would wns announced this week by Bayments in telephone communicapopulation. * ard D. Stout, Locust Point rd., depend upon owners' willingness tions. Visitors to the fair will be After hearing the two applica- able to see themselves on tele- FAIR HAVEN—Rev. Charles li. to give over free rlghts-of-way, Locust, special gifts chairman, , tloifs read Monday, Mayor Denlse vision Wood, vicar of tho Chapel of the and hear recordings of their as ho said was done in tho "pro- and Mrs. Frank Illo, Mountainsaid although there had been only Holy Communion, warned his congram for the widening of Hard- side avc, Navesink, residential two written applications for a li- voices, gregation at both church services Ing rd. But, ho said, that with chairman. cense, ho has received at ldast 25 Two evenings have been act Sunday ot danger Involved in a thoso donations of land "the Mr. Stout collected $1,681 aside for visiting organizations, verbal requests, new Fair Haven ordinance. He county can't say no" when Red hi'ough his speclnl gifts camTuesday will bo firemen's and auxBank officially Is In a position to paign and will receive a citation Sewer Request iliary night and noxt Thursday referred to tho new regulation concerning solicitors and peddlers, nsk for the program. Tho money, Aug. I from Gen, Gcorgo L. Vanwill bo first aid squad night. Council agreed to discuss with It a "most dangerous ho suggested, may como In part Deusen, president of the MonBumson officials a request from Other attractions of tho fair in- calling precedent." from state and general appropri- mouth County Mental Health as•.Thomas A. Lee, Jr., 102 Buena clude dancing, refreshments, chilations. sociation. Vista avc., Fair Haven, for a dren's) amusemonta and various Father Wood said the law was ntended to protect the public With tills wklur business street, Mra. Illo, as residential chalrstorm sewer near his home. In a booths. from unscrupulous persons, but letter to council, Mr, Leo said Mr. Shapiro said ho thought thu mnn, raised a total of $1,338.40 In written in it was a provision thnt Uiore already is one storm sewer area would attract In, not only tho house-to-house- campaign In there, but another Is urgently New Shrewsbury Fair • all solicitors, Including those colnioro shoppers, but now mcr- May, Montnl Henltli month. Mra. lecting for religious and charltnoodnd. With a heavy rain,, ac- Set for Sept. 2 1 , 22 chnnts who, having been discour- Illo will bo similarly honored with ablo causes must obtain a borough cording to Mr. Lee, his lawn beaged at establishing shops In tho ;i citntlon not only for tho raisNEW SHREWSBURY — Mra, permit, Speaking of the $1 foe Incomes flooded because of inadehigh-cost arens of town, located ing of funds, but for tho Initial Irving Baer of 426 Hope rd., volved, ho sold: "This represents quate facilities. orgnnlzation of a corps of mental humselvos on the highway. Eatontown, la chnirmnn of tho a child's offering for a month or A companion project, he said, health workers lu MlddluLuwu Council agreed to tako the mat- program committee of the New for two months. This wo should ter up with Rumson becausn of would be the establishment of an township. Country fnlr to bo hand over to tho borough for tho the nearness of Mr. Len's home Shrewsbury off-street parking area to servo Tho following chairmen were hold at the Tinton Falls school prlvllcgo of collecting funds for to tho Rumson border line. this area. Suggested was a lot responsible for raising the bulk grounds Sopt, 21 nnd 22, tho chapel?" off Locust nnd Herbert streets. of tho money In tho township: Variances Granted Mrs, Baer announced that a Father Wood said ho sent copies ills. Willlnm Pratt, Applebroolc On recommendation o^f tho zon- 'clothoa-llnc" art exhibit has boon of the ordinance to tho bishop for No Kurlous Competition farm, $135.25; Mrs. Charles ing board of adjustment, council approved by tho board ot mana- study and that ho expected to It was Mr. Shapiro's belief, nnd Schmidt, Atlantic Highlands, $08; granted a six-year variance to gers. Eric Korosy, managing di- hoar shortly from tho dloceno of ho tinld It wns Hhnrcil liy tho Mrs. Spencer Pitta, Blossom Cova permit Mrs. Dorothy Perrino to rector, Hald thnt entries nro bo- New Jersey ns to what Ills course Community of Commerce, thnt rd, section, $00; Mra. Floyd rent part of her homo ou Klver lng solicited from county resi- of action should bo, Meanwhile, letter huainoRs on Shrewsbury Huwell, Country Club Katatns, rd, for uso as a doctor's office. dents, und that no foo will bo ho nd< land his hcarora (o obtain five, would not offer serious com- $12.50; Mra. Alolvln C. Johnson, Mrs. Perrino will continue to Hvo charged, copies of tho ordlnanco and Htudy petition with oxi.i 1111K .more* on Highlands, $1K.H; Mrs. Willlnm In tho main part of the house. Tho fair will also foaturo a It, Leonardo, $218.80; Car in which Rosalie Lambordino, 18 months old, of Brooklyn was fatally burned Broad st. The recent shoppers' I'oiiiphrey, Tho variance la necessary to per- squaro dnnco and crowning of the The ordlnanco roforrnd to by survey, lin •mild, showed thnt Mrs. Elliuthoth Green, Locust mit Mrs, Porrlno, widow of Dr. "Quoon of Now Shrewsbury." Fntlior Wood was adoptnd about aftor throe-car accident on rt. 36, Union Beach, Monday night, Tho youngster was asleep Irond nt. now draw*! up to 05 per Point id., $38; Mrs. Frodorlck C. C. Perrino, who (lied recently, a ymir ago, Plans to enforce tho on tho roar soar of the auto drivon by Dominic Minardi of Union Beach. Tho car, wait- cent, of its tiii.iiiK'xs from "tlin Kllng, Ntivoslnk, $53.07; Mrs, WllFonm to rent that part of tho house Application!Dingo HiiniHon neck" uren, lnolutllnj; llmii Ilonsbiu'h, Now Monmouth, for blnuo anil rn/no !l« codo wore started only recently, which hns been used an an olllco. c«n>ci ing to turn from rt. 36 into Rose lano, was struck in tho roar by a car drivon by Charlos mnr ba obulnmi ill tho Job however. ilttio Silver, whemi.1 Hhrnws- $102; Mra. Jacob LeflVrtu nnd Unilor borough ordinance, a phys- l>rlritlnn rioliartmont of IIIH ItouUter, iiury live. tm.ilm'M would come Mifl. A. P. Ciishmnii, Monmouth Dupont of Jonoy City and puthod into a car irnvoling in tho opposite direction, drivon We hnvo nil neoesmry torniR on hnml. ician muy operate im ofUco In a Cnlt Typewriter lliw'utjlni Hill.", $85.80; Mrs. Rnyuiond J. from tlm llolmdrl direction. HE G-0DI3.—AuvurMnoinoilt. All ninkun now it nil rcivv.-'ltliiiifil. refll'lentlnl zono only If hr> mnlnby William Dill of South Amboy. Tho Minardi car burst into flnmos aftor its gas tank Nerd wits seen for u brunch O'Nell, Hr., Illvor.'ililn Height.!, Also nddliiK riiiuMilnoa, Low nn 1,10,50, taliiH his homo on the name I.nwn Moweri flllimlliteml LltiBnil tnti-ina KL>I-IIICII'H 101 Mon> HT up HU tlm 'VuiUomovs <'im look mid Mrs. llftymonrt .1. O'Neill, you cut) Ktt noi-vlne, Msriltt mnutll «L HIO 0-IX86 Next to Curl. A/^o, on recommendation of tho tvliora accident |ind firo. I •"( In" nnd n vmii'ly oC them to >ierviy Jr., Hlver 1'lnna, $12-1.117. Lavm Mover Khov, 'ii MecIiRllIo fit.,

SO Promotes G. W. Butler

Report Shows County Farm Council Drops Option to Buy Picture Better Than Most

Holly Tree Farm

Board Approves Map, Delays One

Swim Pools to Come Under Study by Borough Council

Firemen's Fair Features Phone

Mental Health

Drfve: $3,019

Vicar Raps Peddler Code

Ion tliaittcr.—Arivflrtliomcnt,

Car in Which Baby Girl Was Fatally Burned

14-Thurs3ay, July 26, 1956


Queen of the County 4-H Fair

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Helen Einsiedler of Colt's Neck, center, who was chosen queen of the annual 4-H fair in ceremonies Friday night at the Freehold Raceway. Her attendants were Sandra Boyce, Robertsville, left, and Constance Potter, Imlaystown.

• Porch Enclosures • Msionry • Atuminutn Siditir, Window., Jilousie:


will leave soon to Join her hus Th» Register'* classified advertisePort Monniotith band in Hawaii, where he is serv ments h&ve mora readers, which meant A bus ride to Bear Mountain ing with the U. S. Navy. She was more result!. Someone has what you 90 MONMOUTH STREET RED BANK, N. J. last Wednesday was sponsored honored at a bon voyage lunch want or will buy what you have to sell. NO MONEY DOWN — up to 7 YEARS to pay! by Mrs. Martin Runge. Making eon Saturday given by Miss Mary —Advertisement. PHONE FOR FREE ESTIMATE the trip were Mrs. Ruth Jensen, Lou Blahota, Browntown, and DAY PHONE . . . . RED BANK i-2060 Mrs. William Delsel, Mrs. George Miss Pegsy Read, at the latter's MacCormack, Mrs. Ralph East- home on Weldon id. Others presNIGHT PHONE LONG BRANCH 6-6536 mond, Mrs. Olga Kearns, Mrs. ent were Miss Jean Gaub, BrownJohn Tiernan, Mrs. John Ander- town, and Miss Doreen Worslcy "Better Your Liyjnn" son, Mrs. David Adams, Mrs. Morganvllle. Appropriate gifts John Cheney, Mrs. Carl Lee, Mrs. we»e arranged in an open suitJasper Morrell, Mrs. Spencer case. . ' Moore, Mrs. Margaret Trlpold, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick BlankMrs. Rene Plcbcau, Mrs. Lillian en, Sr., are entertaining Miss 77-79 CENTRAL AVE. RED BANK, N. J. Clayton, Mrs. Marcella Eckert, Helen Danko, Jersey City and Mrs. Ella Coates, Mrs. Helen Miss Joan Brady, Atlantic City, Moore, Mrs. V. Cartler, Mrs. classmates of Miss Alice BlankSatisfaction for budget minded consumers who look for All Charles Merker, Mrs. Edna Lee, en, at the'Martland Medical Cenquality and price has been our concern for the past 87 Mrs. Donald Eastmond, Mrs. ter of Nursing, Newark. Ralph Kern, Jane and Barbara Frederick Blanken, Jr., has acyears. Once again, we are holding our August furniture Verpent, Linda Morrell, Linda cepted a position as counsellor Jensen, Marie, Lorraine, Adeline at DeVltte Military camp, Morclearance sale where true values can always be bought. Bernlce and Spencer Hoose, Gall gan ville. Listed below are only a few of the many outstanding values and Robert Young, Mae KovelMrs. J. Frederick Noble, Holmsky, Linda Wenzel, Joan Gajanac, del, entertained members of the to be found at 1 0 % to 3 3 % off. Theresa Moe, Jacqueline Marshal! Thursday Afternoon Bridge club Says Airs. A. Feldman* and Jay Runge, Allan and Don- at her summer home at Seneca ald Coates. Dunes, Mantoloklngr. "We can't gel over the luxury of cooling-in hot Mr. and Mrs. Everett Casler Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Stamm weather. Our home is quiet, cleaning bills are and children, Mr. and Mrs. Ir- and son Robert have returned lower, and I have less house cleaning." The vln Bearer and sons, Mr. and to their home In Bhaker Heights, G-E Year 'Round Air Conditioning System NOW Mrs. Chester Hendricks, Sr., Mrs. Ohio after visiting- Mrs. Stamm's brings you Spring weather 12 months a year! 4-PC. SOLID ROCK MAPLE MODERN 6-PC. MODERN DINETTE BY HEYWOODRaymond MacLennon and son mother, Mrs. Edythe Carhart, BEDROOM BY KLING—In Golden Hue— WAKEFIELD —Solid Birch — 48" CredenRaymond, this place; Mr. and Broad st,, for several weeks. Mrs. Milton Smith, Mrs. Mabel 52" Double Dresser and Picture Frame Mr./and Mrs. William J. Milza — Four Deluxe upholstered side chairs Werner, Miss Helen Werner, BelSUMMER COQLING PLUS WINTER HEATING! ler, Jr., and children William, III Mirror—36" Chest, both pieces castered with Drop Leaf Extension Table. 22"x36" ford, and Mr. and Mrs. Cedrlc and Gary are fn a ten-day vacaHenry and Miss Jcanette Crosby tion at Twltchell inn, Big Moose —Combination Night Stand and full-size closed—Opens to 36"x88" with four 12" attended a family picnic Sunday Lake, N, Y, bed. leaves. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Den- Conrad Johonnsen has returnver Padgett of Holmston. $389.00 Value ed to his home on Edgemere dr. $325.00 Value Mrs. John Ketchow entertain- after ^spending a week at Pocoed at a beach party Tuesday. of mont Lodge, Buahklll, Pa. ist week for members of the Mrs. William Helms and daughWhy swelter when it's hot?... freeze when it's Nibble and Quibble club. Each ter Patricia are enjoying a mo4-PC. CASUAL OAK LIVING ROOM 3-PC. SOLID CHERRY BEDROOM — I n cold? Install a compact, complete G-E Home member brought a covered dish. tor trip through the New EngGROUP—Ranch Style'Solid Oak featuring Colonial design. Regular Dresser with Air Conditioning System. Guests present were Mrs. Irene land states. full foam rubber, Settee and Companion Malone of Jersey City and Mrs. Mirror — Chest and full-size Bed. A smart Mr. and Mrs. James A. NodRuth Ward of Newark. Members dings and children Laurie, James High Back Platform Rocker and Matching
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Others attending were Mrs. Arnold Ped&rsen, Mrs, Charles McCall, Mrs. William Kendrlck, Mrs. James Marvin, Mrs. Pat Smith, Mrs. Philip Pica, Mia. Sebastian Rich, Mrs. Joseph Derby, HIGHLANDS — A surprise Mna. Robert Duncan, Mra. Harmiscellaneous bridal shower was ry Duncan, Mrs. James L. Richgiven in honor of Miss Joyce ard, Mrs. Gilbert Parker, Mrs. Corson, daughter of Mr. and Victor Sodasky, Mrs. Michael S. Mrs. Thomas Corson of Fourth Mendes, Mrs. Kenneth Andrews, St., last week at Mendes Recrea- Mrs. Thomas Masse,' Mrs. James Bailey, Mrs. Robert Herold, Mrs. tlon room on Fourth st. Miss Corson becomes the bride Wilson Robertson, Mrs. Edwin of T. Harold Hill of Fort Mon- B. Andrews, Mrs. William Hodge, mouth, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. Mrs. Howard Brey, Mrs. Arthur Mis. Ernest Vaughan, T. Hill of Bladeboro, N. C, Sat- Raike, Mrs. Steven Doll, Mrs. Amelia urday. Kendrlck, Krs. J. E. Burdge, Hostesses were Mrs. Thomas Mra. Jacqut'.'.ie Muzzi and Mrs. Corson, Mra. William Brown, Mrs. John Kcndricli, John Duncan, Miss Barbara Raike, Miss Betty Vaughan, Miss Carol Pedersen, Miss Marie Senz Beam Helps Company. and Miss Mona Sod&sky.

Miss Corson Given Shower

4-H Dress Revue Winner

Roy Algor, Mrs. Jacob Carbone, Lovetts Appearing Mrs. Merrill. Morgan, Mrs. Herbert McNnlly, Mrs. Robert Wil- At Summer Playhouse liams, Mra. Dive Tremblay, Mrs. FAIR HAVEN—Miss Virginia Eleanor McLaughlin. Mrs. Shirley LAMBERTVILLE - Mi and L. Morgan was given a bridal Gardiner, Mrs. Richard Morgan, Mrs. Gentry Lovett have moved shower recently at the home of Mrs. Alice Leshkowitz, Mrs. Em-here recently with their son MiMrs. Charles Wesson on Willow ma Berckmann, Mrs. Frank Tut- chael from Mlllvllle. Mrs. Lovett st. Hostesses were Mrs. Charles tle, Mrs. Fred Acerra and Miss is the former Marjl Roswell, daughter of Mr. and Mra. William McLain, Miss Theresa Caibone Joan Baronosky. and Miss Shirley Moore. Roawell of 55 Peters pi.. Red Miss Morgan will become the FEAKES' GUESTS ROBBED Bank. bride of Charles Foster Cook. Jr. M I D D L E T O W N — Edward Marji Lovett recently appeared of Hamlin, Tex., Saturday, Aug. Feakes, manager of Woodland as Bronda Kaley In "Paris" at 4, at the Red Bank Methodist farm, reported to pollen Sunday the Bucks County playhouse. church. that a car parked on Cooper id. Gnntry Lovett is associated with Other guests were Mrs. Gladys by three of his guests was en-the playhouse as a stage terhni- j clan and will appear in "The Terhaar, Mrs. Gladys Rutherford, tered and $30 stolen. MapnlRcent Yankee" July 23-28 Mrs. Raymond Krug, Mrs. Henry Pigage, Mra. Evart Wolfe, Mrs. i t pnyft to Bdvertise [n The Kciclster. at the playhouse.

RED BANK REGISTER Thursday, July 26, 1956—15

August Bride-Elect Tendered Party

Drill Team Win KOREA—F. F. C. Car! H. Beam, son of Maj. and Mrs. Merrill D. Beam, 118 Lewis St., Eatontown, » diatom N. J., recently helped his comMade pany drill team win first place in the 31st Infantry regiment's comW. W. Nicholas of the Farmingdale-Howell Kiwanis Bewlred petition In Korea. club presents $25 defense bond to Carol Ann Becker of the Beam, a squad leader in Com• Electrified pany E of the 7th Infantry divis- Roberbville 4-H club as winner of the dress revue Saturday ion's 31st regiment, entered the night at the county 4-H fair at Freehold Raceway, Army In April, 1955, and arrived in the Far East the following September. IADIO & ELECTRIC SHOP Internal Revenue Men The 21-yefir-old soldier was em- Square Dance Clubs 6 VV. Front St BE 6-8111 ployed by the Endlcott Johnson Meet at Grange Hall Seize Bakery for Taxes corporation, Johnson City, N. Y. COLT'S NECK—Eighteen mem- ASBIJRY PARK—Following out bers of the Garden State Squares a warning that assets of businessspent an evening last week men not making tax payments square dancing at the Grange hall would be seized, Internal Revenue here as guests of caller Dick Char- bureau officials .last Thursday lins and the Circle Promenaders. closed Hutter's bakery, 1016 The high spot of the evening Sprlngwood ave. came during the last set when The store was closed for $3,157. guest callers Bob Fellman of the 02 In withholding taxes for em. Garden State Squares, George ployees" social security and InKrassner of Eatontown, Hobart come taxes, according to Arthur in 99 homes out of 100 Leslie of Trenton and Gil Slotter W. Lucas, group supervisor in the of the Circle Promenaders passed local office of the Internal Revthe microphone down the line and enue division. contributed their Individual style of calling to the set bagun by Dick ADVICE TO TEENAGERS Charllns. Garden State Squares attending NEW YORK City—Mlas Franwere Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Carawell, ces O'Brien, daughter of Mr. and AIR C O N D I T I O N E R Mr, and Mrs. Harry Lane, Mr. and Mrs. William O'Brien of 51 Mra. Clarence Lyle, Mr. and Mrs. West Front st., Red Bank, will John Prichard, Mr. and Mrs. Mel- receive national attention In the vln Wethered, Mr. and Mrs. Robert August issue of Seventoan magaFellman, Mr. and Mrs. Alan Davi- zine. Miss O'Brien Is one of 12 son, Mr. and Mrs, John Haitsma college girls across the country and Mt'. and Mrs.^Oxlon Whitaker. who offer tips to college-minded teenagers In an article entitled "How to Choose a College." Tomatoes Moving Miss O'Brien is a student at the 'per week Katherlne Glbbs school in New To Canneries York. She is a graduate of Red after low TRENTON—New Jersey's 1958 Bank Catholic high school. down payment tomato crop for commercial pro- Topics covered In the article cessing is expected to begin mov- include consideration of college ing to canning plants In volume size, location, tuition, curriculum MODEl before the end of the month, and benefits to specific types of about ft week later than usual, ac- personalities. cording to the State Department putt 4 0 % less drain on overof Agriculture. loaded electric lines . . . works at Preliminary estimates by the top efficiency on regular house New Jersey crop reporting sercurrent vice, place the Garden state third In the nation in acreage devoted to tomatoes for canning, with California and Indiana ranking first and second. About 24,900 acres are expected to be harvested in New Jersey this year, two per cent below 1955 and 23 per c mt under the ten-year average for 1945-54. For the United States acreage has Increased 11 per cent to 260,000 acres. 46 MONMOUTH ST. RED BANK The principal counties in New Jersey growing tomatoes for commercial processing are Salem, Gloucester, Cumberland, BurlingPLENTY OF FREE PARKING SPACE I N REAR ton and Camden. OF STORE ENTRANCE O N WHITE STREET. The Register's classified advertiseraents have more readors. which mean! OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT UNTIL *> O'CLOCK more results. Someona hai what you want or will buy what you have, to sell. NOTE-We Service Everything We Sell —Advertisement.

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important reductions andclearance of summer things, most all are from our regular stocks

From the second floor

From the street floor 1.10 seamless nylon mesh ho»e



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1.00.summer belts, white and colon

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1.00 jewelry, including poppifs.....—;._.:..



10.95 cotton sport dresses 14.95 daytime dresses

3.95, 2.95 and 1.95 washable gloves, whits and colors f , 2 9 2.95 white cotton knit shrugs................



7.95 summer handbagi, leathers and straws. ,


5.95 printed 63x80 tablecloths, four colors


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Main Office RED BANK


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wrought iron fruit bowl», black and p.^ik





'4.95 and 3.95 zippor foam throw pillows


6.95 pinch-pleatod Portijan drap««


3.95 foam rubbor wasbablo bath mats

.18 Cannon first quality wa»b cloths 3.50 barbecue sots, apron, salt & poppor pross



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9.95 California coramic lazy Susans


B A T H I N G SUITS IO to I8 and 32 to 46.


2.95 wrought iron candle holders, black, pink




12.95 damask dinner set, 64x84 pastels, four colors 7 . 9 5

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, 5 0 2.95

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16—Thursday, July 26, 1956

Hospital Aides' Benefit Monday LOJ^G BRANCH — Mrs. Sol Bremmer is chairman of the annual summer card party and fashion show which the Hebrew Ladies' auxiliary of Monmouth Memorial bosplttil will -hold Monday night at the West ,End Casino here. Other comnfltteo aides are Mrs. Lester Grubman,

Clapp, Sickels to Visit Coast Guard Academy

RED BAftK REGISTER president Mrs. Emanuel Glkow, Mrs. Hyman Marks, Mrs. Jake Edelstein and Mrs. Arthur Barron. Members' daughters who will model clothes from the College shop of Aebury Park will be Misses Marilyn and Jerry Weiss, Phyllis Schulman, Paula Goodman, Merna Skobel and Sue Plotkin.




David Clapp, left, of 189 Rumson rd., Little Silver and David Sickels, 88 McLaren at, Red Bank, who were chosen top students in the Sandy Hook Coast Guard divlBion area, are pictured aboard t!iB Coast Guard Cutter Tamaroa at Sandy Hook. With them are Lieut. Comdr. Benjamin Kowalskl, left, group commander at Sandy Hook, and Charles E. Levltan, captain of the Sandy Hook division, Clapp and Sickels were chosen to attend the Coast Guard academy at New London, Conn., for five daya from Aug. 15 to Aug. 20 with all expenses paid by the U. S. Coast Guard auxiliary to the Sandy Hook division. Jerome Drew of Point rd., Little Silver, was chosen as alternate. AH three are Students at Red Bank high ichool. The Coast Guard program is

. 10th Annual:

Turf Chanty

arranged annually to acquaint boys throughout the country with the academy and to Interest them in the Coast Guard as a career. The youths were selected by a ten-man committee headed by Forrest R. Willis, who is in charge

of the cadet program. Others on the committee were Capt. Levltan, Oluf I. Nordrum, John Kwick, Jr., Emil Breuer, Ben Wllherell, Calvin Kane, Howard Morpeth, Richard Clark and Herman J. Caller, all division officers.


Raymond Newlen of Brallley lane is attending the funeral of his mother in Pittsburgh, Pa. ' Robert Hutchinson of Telegraph Hill rd. has returned home from Monmouth Memorial hospital where he was a patient several days.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gordon of Brooklyn were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Walter D. Brown, Jr., of rt. 30. Hev. Vincent Plscitelll of Hyde Park, Mass.-, and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Piscitelll and daughter Catherine and Mrs. Anthony Plscltelli of Medford, Mass., were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Piecltelll and family of Bethany rd. Ernest E. Peseux of Bethany rd. and Donald W. Peseux of Rumson ' lane returned home from a fishing trip In the Belgrade Lakes, Oakland, Me. Sister Mary Renee of Mt. St. Mary's academy, North Plalnfleld, visited her aunt, Mi.i. Clarence Pedee, last week. Trees were blown down in the storm last week on the properties of Walter D. Brown, Jr., Mrs. Joseph P. Spraul and William M. Ackerson. A tree went through Mrs. Spraul's garage, but the house escaped damage. Clarence Pedee is enjoying a two-week vacation from his position at Earle Ammunition Depot. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dean, Fred Dean, Jr., and Miss Vivian Dean of Bethany rd. spent several days at Lake George, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weston and daughter Christine of Aurora, 111, are visiting Mrs. Weston's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Zueker of Holmdel rd. Mr. and Mrs. James Neldlnger of Beers Bt. spent the week-end in Lavalette.



PLUS televition show

Barbecue Honors CaIifornia*Couple Mr. and Mrs. Peter Galatro of Plnckney rd. were hosts Sunday at a barbecue party for Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Riddle of Malibu Beach, Cal., former residents of this area. Mr. Riddle is a former member of Mr. Galatro's dance band. One of his hit recordings t» "Lisbon Antigua." Guests Included Mr. and Mrs. Tom Howard, Jr., and daughter, Mr and Mrs. fcorge Belovuss and family, Mr. and Mrs. Al Fazzone and family, Mr. and Mrs. William Boyce and son, Mr. and Mra. Gerald Oannella and son, Mr. and Mra. Charles Briggs and family, Mr. and Mi's. Lee Carlson, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Leon, Mr. and Mrs. Richard LaRos, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Arms, Miss Kay Wood, William Cannavo, Arthur Carlson, George Mott and William Galatro.

Keansburg Guests from Kearny and New York were entertained by members of the St. Margaret of Sootland Guild at Its meeting Thursday. A picnic will be held Sunday at Fompton Lakes. A cake sale for the benefit of St. Ann's Catholic church will be held In August. Seventy-six guests attended a dinner last week at Buck Smith's restaurant. Mrs. John King, Mrs. Margaret Barnes, Mrs. Nan Napier and Mrs. John McGee were hostesses. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Young, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gelsler and Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Woelfle are leaving Friday ot this week to visit Mr. and Mrs. James Guenther of North Carolina, formerly of Keansburg. Barbara Woelfle, Beacon blvd., celebrated her 14th birthday Sunday with members of her family and friends. £

Headden's Corner



Recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Scott of rt. 35, have been Mr, and Mrs. Lou Johnson, Sr. of Miami, Kla., and Louis Johnson, Jr., Hicksville, L. I. Mr. and Mrs. John Donato, Sr. Greatest Discount Show on Earth of Ohapel Hill rd., have returned from a Florida motor trip. Circus of Bargains Mr. and Mrs. Edward Corcoran of Harvard «t., have »eturned from a vacation trip in New York state. Mrs. Thomas Commerford of Harvard St., and Anna May Kiernan of DePau ave., have returned 5 Corners, Rt. 35, Middlefown from a motor trip to Tennessee and Florida. See our adv. for special

SCOTT'S SCUTLE Milorganite • Agrinite • Scott's Organic FOB SCMMBE LAWN FEEDING




BAIRD DAVISON CO., Inc. 176 WEST FRONT STREET RE 6-2300 RED BANK RE 6-2301 Phone for Delivery


Sammy Kaye

and his Swing and Sway Orchestra •4* Evening of Varied Entertainment Featuring The Kaye Choir

and The Kaydet# ADDED FEATURE: Auction of valuable donated gifts & thoronred racing prospects


almost free admission!

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HAZLET FIREMEN'S FAIR and TRADE EXHIBIT FAIR from July 27th through August 4th (excluding Sunday, July 29th). TRADE EXHIBIT from July 30th through August 4th.

State Highway 35, Hazlet N. J. AMUSEMENTS



Visit the Fair and Trade Exhibit and see a variety of new products demonstrated by participating merchants. See yourself on Television and have your voice recorded at the New Jersey Bell "Telephone Showcase" Exhibit. Special attractions for the Children, including Fire Truck Rides.

FIREMEN'S AND AUXILIARY NIGHT — Tuesday, July 31st. FIRST AID SQUAD NIGHT — Thursday, August 2nd.



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JULY IS THE TIME fO TRADI..: SUMMERTIME IS f U N TtMfl Thi . . . olamovr, comfort and go on wftt*/e dovbb your fan.

2 SUMMERTIME IS IKAVEUNO TIMEI Amirfco'i m i l K«>«iilcof V-8 wBI t o n a W| port of your Irk coift. 3 SUMMBtlWl H TRAUHO TMUT Ym prawrf car 1% wor* moro to w M W lim It «v»r will bi agoh.

FRIDAYS 6:00 A. M. TO 8:00 P. M.

NIIDDLETOWN OFFICE Keansburg National Bank




Dining 8p.m. Dancing 9p.m.







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Four persons were treated at Rivervlew hospital Friday for injuries received in an accident at the corner of Pearl and Monmouth sts. According to police, a car driven by Joel Harris of Roselle, traveling south on Pearl st., struck a car driven by Walter Kluchkl of Belshaw ave., Shrewsbury township, going west on Monmouth st. The Kluchki'car was pushed into a car parked at LaFreda's automobile agency at the corner. A window of the agency was broken as a result of the crash. Hurt were Charles Norton, 61, of 55 Hudson ave., Red Bank, injured back and bruises and cuts of the right ear, nose and left thumb; Mr. Harris, cut lip and shock; Cleo Harris, shock, and Mr. Kluchki, bruised head and scratched right elbow. Both drivers were Issued summonses for careless driving.

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Sta*Nu is the dry cleaner's finishing process that replaces essential textile finishing agents so necessary to the'life and luster of your fine clothes. Sta*Nu care makes colors stay bright. Clothes resist wrinkles and soil — and last longer, too! Sta*Nu finishing costs you nothing extra.

Four Hurt in Crash At Intersection Here



RASSAS BROTHERS 39I> Ilrond Street


Red Bnnk, New Jersey

End Fifth Week At Playgrounds ALLENHURST


Our Annual







Wonderful Values! Wonderful




NOTICE AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR THE INSTALLATION OF CURBS ON BOTH SIDES OF PATTERSON AVENUE AND QUEEN ANNE DRIVE IN THE BOROUGH OF SHREWSBURY, MONMOUTH COUN. TY, NEW JERSEY, APPttOPIU ATJNG $17,000 THEREFOR; HI RECTING SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS 1TOR THE .COST THEREOF AND AUTHORIZING TttS ISSUANCE OF NOTES OF THE BOROUGH FOR FINANCING THE SAME. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOROUGH COUNCIL OF THE BOROUGH OF SHREWSBURY, IK THE COUNTY OV MONMOUTH, NEW JERSEY, (not less than two-thirds of all the members thereof affirmatively concurring) Ar FOLLOWS: Section 1, The improvements de1 acrlbod In Section 3 of this ordinance are hereby respectively authorized as local Improvements to be made or acquired by the Boroujth of Shrewsbury, New Jersey. For the »aid improvements or purposes there are hereby appropriated the respective auma i>f money therein stated as the Appropriations made for said improvements or purposes, said sums belli# inclusive of nil appropriations heretofore mnde therefor nnd amounting In the n Kate to $17,GQ0, including the aRR jfate sum of $850 ns the several down payments for said improvements or purposes required by low and more particularly described in Biild Section 3 and now nvnilnhle therefor by virtue of provisions in a budget or budgets of the Borough previously adopted. Section 2. In anticipation of the issuance of any bonds which may be required to pay the cost of said improvements and purposes and to temporarily finance said improvements or purposes, negotiable notes of the Borough in ft principal nmount not exceeding $16,150 are hereby authorized to be issued pursuant to nnd -within the limitations prescribed by the Local Bond Law, constituting Sections 40:1-1 to 40:1-88 of the Revised Statutes of New Jersey. The maximum rate of interest which any of said obllg-aUons nhnl) -bear is six per centum (5%) per annum!

The summer playground season sponsored by the Bed Bank Recreation committee ha3 passed the half way point with completion of tho fifth week of the nine weeks' season. Activities are in full swing on the four local playgrounds in Red Bank. The attendance for the ten sessions of supervised activity last week totaled 1,721 youngsters. Of this number, 142 participated in junior athletics programs, consisting of softball, Pony League baseball and tennis. Thirty-four new youngsters registered for playground participation, bringing the total registration of all grounds to 567. The high school playground continues to lead with a registration total of 149, followed by Mechanic Street with 123. The Westside Y playground registration totals 115, with memorial field registering 95. Red Bank youngsters not yet signed up for summer playground activity still may do so merely by registering at their neighborhood playground. Television star Herb Shriner, left, accepts from Frank 'A horseshoe pitching contest will take place tomorrow after- W . Sarpolus of Zobel's Sea Skiff and Yacht Works, Sea noon at 2:30 at memorial field. Bright, keys to his new skiff 'Manta, 1 the interior of which Miss Jan Muyskens, arts and crafts supervisor, reported activi- was specially designed by the Shriners. Marshall Van Winties in craft work last week In- kle, Shrewsbury, supplied the 215 horsepower engine; cluded'plaster of Paris molding, copper craft, wood craft, kite Shrewsbury Radio & Television, Sea Bright, communications making and a hole-in-one contest. equipment; Monmouth Lumber Co., Red Bank, the lumber, In a games carnival held at the high school 'playground Monday, and Monmouth Plumbing Supply Co., Red Bank, the pipe Bob Harding won first prize. Bill and fittings. During construction, the Shriners visited Sea Ewald was second and John MaBright often, by seaplane, car and boat. Mr. and Mrs. letto third. The learn-to-swlm program from Mechanic Street Sarpolus operate Zobel's, which has been building fine boats and high school playgrounds saw sinco 1928. 54 youngsters participate. The following youngsters are enrolled from Mechanic Street: Mrs. George Bruntz and family, Lucille Atrochln, Christine BenMr. and Mrs. Frank Davern, Mr. Mrs. Anna Sharkey and Mrs. and Mrs. Edwin1 Haines, Mr. and nett, Phyllis Bloomberg, Helen and Deborah Close, Mary and Edith Klrwan will leave tomor- Mrs. Stewart Haines and family Robert Crabtree, Beatrice De- row to visit relatives in Ireland. and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roen. Fazio, James and Richard Ekle- They expect to return in Septembcrry, Terry Esposito, William' ber and will make the return trip CONE HOSPITALIZED Galatro, Barbara and Reyla Gib- by plane. Mrs. Sharkey will visson, Heino and Inge Habeck, it relatives in West Mead. LITTLE SILVER—Councilman Lantie Harris, Gary Hemstreet, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bruntz Arthur L. Cone, Jr., of 655 ProsLois Magee, George and Virginia entertained at an outdoor birth- pect ave. yesterday entered MonRoberts, Gregory Senko, Clayton day celebration for Harry Bruntz mouth Memorial hospital. A surStelnman, Emil Talarlco, Susan of Belford, who was 16 years old gicai patient, he Is expected to Crabtree. July 22. Guests included Mr. and bo confined about one week. Gail Wilson, Jane and Ruth Zimmerman, Terry Lyons, Thomas'Lalli, David Allen, John and Earl Mottine, Michael and Stephen Bloom, Bruce Naldoff, Donna, and Ellen Mundaray, Susan and Gloria Shelly, Michael Nagle; Frederic Hemstreet, Patricia Jentile, Anthony Mazza, Norman Roberts, Sarah Schipani, Peggy Smith, Earl Stout and James Clayton.



403 SPIER AVE. 1113 3RD. AVE.

(a) . The said purpose described in Section 3 of this ordinance are not current expenses and are each tin improvement which the Borough mny lawfully acquire or make as a local improvement, i fb) The average period of usefulness of said purpose, within the limitations of Section 40:1-34 to 40:1-36 of said Local Bond LAW nnd according t o , the reasonable life thereof and taking Into consideration the respective amounts of said obligations to be Issued for the several purposes, is ten (10) years. (c) The Supplemental Debt Statement required by zatd law has been--duly made and filed in the ofBce of the Borouph Clerk and a complete executed oriftinal thereof has been filed in the office of the Director of the Division of Local Government of the State of New Jersey, and such statement shows that the gross debt of the Borouffh n» defined in Section 40il-76 of snid law is Increased by this ordinance by $16,150, and that the said obligations authorized by this ordinance will be within all' debt limitations prescribed by aaid

('.I) The following Items, as defined and authorized by Section 40:1.55 of said law, are and shall be charged as a part of the cost of said several purposes to be financed by the Issuance of said obligations: (1) Not exceedins J100 on account of the cost of Issuance of said obligations; and (2) not exceeding 12,100 on account of engineering and inspection costs ttnd letrnl expenses; and (3) not exceeding $1,000 to finance such cost during th& period permitted by said section, (e) The total cost of each such local improvement, to the extent of the amount of the appropriation hu'eby made therefor, shall be pafd by special assessments. Nothing will be contributed by the Borough at large to the> payment of the coat of any of said improvements or purposes, and the estimated amount of the special aeSection 3. The Improvement* herein seaninents to be levied on property authorized and the several purposes specially benefited by ench of said for the financing of which said oblifrnImprovements is the total amount tiona are to he issued, the appropriaof the appropriation hereby made tion made and the estimated maximum for such Improvements. The speamount of money to bo raised from ail cial i\8B6S8mentH levied thwefor sources for ench of said purposes and shall be paid in full within thirty the estimated maximum amount of (30) days from the confirmation notes to be insued for each such purof the report of costs required by pose, ate ns follows: New Jersey Revjsed Statutes 40: 65-8, and shall bear interest from Improvement or Purpose the dftte of confirmation of such (a) The installation of curbs on report and bo a first and parahoth sides of Patterson Avenue mount lien upon any real estate from Broad Street to Shrswsbury assessed therefor, as provided In Avenue, as hereinafter specified. New Jersey Revised Statutes 40: (b) The installation of curbs on 65-0. both eldes of Queen A'nns Drive from Broad Street to Shadow (f) Before making the ImproveBrook Road, as hereinafter spfiments herein authorized and beelfted. fore awarding any contract or contracts therefor, the Borough CounThe curbs referred to in this Seccil shall cause notice of the imtion 3, subsections (n) and (b) of this provement or Impra-vemeivlB hereordinance shall bo eight (8) Inches in authorized to be given to the wide at the bottom, nix (6) Inches wide owner or owners of all real estate at tha top, eighteen (18) Inches deep affected thereby, nn provided In and be made of stray concrete with and required by New Jersey Restandard cement, mixed in proportions viser] Statutes 40iB5-2, Said noof on« part cement, two parti sand tice »hnll state lhat unless the and thrca ptirtt washed gravel or ttona owner or owners complete the Inand "shall be installed in accordance stallment of curbs In front or abutwith specifications therefor made by ting their respective properties the Borough Engineer and hereby apwithin thirty (30) dnys after serproved and entitled "Specifications for vice of such notice, tho Borourh the Installation of Concrete Curbi on will make the Improvement nt the Both Sid&s of PixtterBon Avenue anil ex penso of the owner or owners, Queen Anne Drive," copies of which •pccificatlons nre on flls with and may Section 5, The full fnith nnd credit be obtained by tiny and nil owners nnd persons affected or interested from of the Borough are hereby pledged to Oils It, Seaman, Burouuh Engineer, nt he punctual payment of the prin455 Bmidv.-ay, LOUR Brar.ch, New Jer- •tpnt «f nnd int*r»Rt nn th* *ntd oblisey, diild curbs to bo Installed at the gations nuthurlzed by this ordlnnnee. place or plnoeB established by nnd un- Said obligation* shnll be direct, under the supervision and direction of the limited obligations of the Borough, and tlie Itorough shall be obligated to aald BoroUffh Enfrlnenr. levy ad valorem taxes upon nil the Appropriation and Kit!mated MaxtaxablD property within the nornugh imum Amount of Money for the pnymant of said obligations i\y* TiifiHdiiy AuffiMt 7, lMfi, at 8 P. M,\ nt merits for encli mild purpoiio nnd the the Council Chnmborti, School lloune, improvement lioroliy nuthorliod In or Itroi.d Rtreot, Shrewsbury, New Joney, with respect to tlm ntreoU or portlom at whleli time find plnce nil pnrioni of Dtracts refcnoil to nbovo ntirtll W ileMrlnK to lit* hoard thereon will be undcrlnknti an
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Receives Prize For Youth Work MIDDLETOVVN TOWNSHIP— The auxiliary of the Midd!=to\vn Township Veterans of Foreign Wars have received third p.-h'e in the state department's you h activity work for their local pro, gram. Announcement of this was made by Mrs. Arabclle Burkhardt, department youth activity chairman, at a recent auxiliary meeting. Members also made plans for two thnater parties. They v-ill attend "The Teahouse of the August Moon." Monday night at the Neptune Music Circus, and another performance there Aug. 13. Proceeds from a nakoless cake sale, to be held in September under the chairmanship of Mrs. Mildred Minor, will go to the cancer fund and the New Jersey cottage at tho national VFW home. A series of card parties was also arranged for September. Mrs. Burkhardt, besides her youth activity post with the state auxiliary, has also been made assistant conductress of the state unit. Mrs. Ann Vivian, niso member of the Middletown group, has been appointed department color bearer. Meeting prizes were awarded to Mrs. Emily Quackenbush and Mrs. Emily Levering. Mrs. Minor was meeting hostess.

Country Clnb Estates Mr. and Mrs. Andy Degerman returned to their home In Chicago, 111., after visiting here reciiiitly with their son-in-law and rlaughter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meeker of West Wilson circle. Mr. and Mrs. August C. Dreyer of Crescent dr. have as their guest this week, Mrs. Droyer's sister, Mrs. Grace Daly of Haverhlll, Mass. Among tho scouts at the new camp at Forestburg, N. Y., are Benjamin Florence, Fred MurisI, French Ball, Richard Dreyer, Alvln Osten, Bill Crawford and Bennett Shotwell, The Register brings buyers nnd jollerg together ench IBSUG, Why not ioln them?—Advertisement.





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RED BANK KEGISTER 18—Thursday. Julv 26, 1956

Granted Patent For Container

Ytk Block Dances Popular

New Issue

HIGHLANDS — An executive meeting of the Parent-Teacher association of the grammar school was held last week at the borWASHINGTON, D. C—Philip ough hall. Mrs. Theodore R. Chnlfln of Shrewsbury township, Hermans presided. and Benjamin Chnlfin, deceased, A report was given on the first late of Philadelphia, an; the reseries of block dances held July ; cipients of U. S. patent entitled 12 on Bay ave. between Miller ; "Container." and North sts. Mrs. Martin D. In many instances, particular^ Fehlhaber was chairman and Mrs. In the chemical field, it is neces Hermans, co-chairman. sary to mix two liquids together Another block dance Is planned Ordinarily this.is done by storin; for Thursday night, Aug. 2, on the liquids In separate container Bay ave. between Cornwall and and then pouring the contents o Jackson nt.n. Mrs. FVhlhaber and one into the other, or the content Mrs. Hermans are In charge. of both Into a third receptaclr The next executive meeting will However, such a practice is otte; be held Wednesday night, Aug. inconvenient and even though I IB, at the homo of Mrs. William is followed by manual agltatir Kennebeck of Twlnlights. it does not always effect . Attending were Mrs. Harry Bedthorough and intimate mixture. ford, Mrs. Clarence Burdgc, Mrs. To cope with this problem, t. Martin D. Fehlhaber, Mrs. Wiltwo men devised a novel coi. liam Griffith, Mrs. Peter Hobby, talner in which two liquids may Mrs. William Kennebeck, Mrs. Between 50 and 100 antique cars from New jersey and Pennsylvania will be on be kept In separate compartments Ralph Newman, Mrs. Lester Whitand mixed immediately prior to display Sunday, Aug. 12, a t I p. m. a t the ninth annual Monmouth (air, held for the ben- field, Miss Mary C. O'Neil and Mrs. Hermans. use. As an Important feature, the liquids may be stored under pres- efit of the Monmouth County Historical association at Monmouth Park, Oceanport. Prizes will be awarded for the best car In show, car most popular with fair visitors, oldest cor, sure within their Individual com.LANFOBD IN KOREA partments so that, when they are car coming the longest distance, and other prix.es for cart With gas and electric lights. KAWANG-JU, K o r e a — Sgt. to be combined, they will be thoroughly and completely mixed. Shown here, from left to right, are Edward N. King, Freehold, with his 1906 Cadillac and First-Class Frank O. Lanford, In other words, this container 1911 Cadillac; Charles Accisano, Freehold, next to his 1912 Stoddard Dayton, and Ed- whose wife, Betty, lives at 15 Willow ave., Eatontown, N. J., rehas two compartments that are separated by a common vertical ward H . Feltus, 3d, director of the historical association, .with Roy Collins' 1914 Ford, cently arrived here and Is a member of the Korean Military Adviswall having an opening or pas- Freehold. ' ; . • • • ory group. Lanford entered the sageway adjacent its bottom. This Army In 1935 and was last slaopening In normally kept closed by a valve; and each compartment vice to look into the possibility of obtained from either local Coast tloned at Fort Monmouth, N. J. has an upp«r neck portion which becoming a ''yeoman." Guard Recruiters or the Coast may be closed by a cap. All uniforms are furnished and Guard Recruiting office, sixth a full day's pay is given for one floor, 80 Lafayette at., New York In use, one compartment is evening's work a week, with full city. The local recruiting office is partially filled with liquid which pay and allowances, for two weeks' at room one at the Red Bank post is subjected to a pressure of about 25 pounds. The compartment is NEW YORK—Coast Guard of- active duty during the summer. office. then closed by its. cap. Liquid is flcials have announced that they This summer the SPARS will take When in doubt about how to Mil introduced into the other compart- are stepping up recruitment of their "boot" training at Balnhousehold iron da, «olv# .rour ment and subjected to a pressure SPARS—female counterpart of brldge with the Navy WAVES. unwanted problem with Th« lUniittr'a el Mil (led Additional information may be ads. Advertisement. of 20 pounds, following which this Coast Guardsmen. Although a small number have compartment is also covered by its cap. With this difference of enlisted since 1951, this marks the pressure the valve remains closed first concentrated effort by the and effectively prevents the flow Coast Guard since World War II of fluid between the compart- to recruit women. Peak SPAR ments. Under such conditions the strength at that time wag. 10,000. container may be stored inde- The current drive will be a part of an intensified active training finitely. . ., • CHAMPAGNE O COCKTAIL When it Is desired to mix'two program to build up a strong liquids, the cap of.one compart- Coast Guard Reserve. Now, after • OLD FASHIONED • HIGH BALL ment is removed so that the a ten-year lull, women' without • PUNCH BOWL AND CUPS pressure therein drops to normal. dependents may take part in this The resulting pressure differential training. causes the liquid in the other Young women with previous compartment to suddenly surge military experience in any of the Into the first compartment with Armed Forces are eligible for ensuch a violent agitation that a listment up to the age of 35, and thorough Intermingling of the they will receive the rating, or its equivalent, held at discharge. liquids occurs. without previous service The application for this patent Those THE FINEST IN IMPORTED & DOMESTIC may enlist If between the ages of was filed July 2, 1953. 20 and 30. WINES, LIQUORS AND CHAMPAGNE The Coast Guard especially needs women Reservists to aid —FREE DELIVERY— in handling clerical work at Boserve Training Units. Girls who 7 BROAD ST. RED BANK 6-2234 have had experience or training LONG BRANCH—A scholarship of this type arc urged by the serin the amount of $500 In honor of the late Miss Janet Slocum has been established at Monmouth Memorial hospital's school of nursing. The announcement of the grant was made at the meeting of the combined auxiliaries of Monmouth Memorial hospital at its executive committee meeting In Auxiliary hall recently. Mrs. Franklin Lamb of Allenhurst was re-elected president of the combined auxiliaries. Other officers Include Mrs. Spencer Pitts, Mlddletown, first vice president; Mrs. George Hazelrigg, Deal, second vice president; Mrs. Lester A. Barnett, Asbury Park, recording secretary; Mrs. Leon Reisner, Jr., West Long Branch, and Mrs. Mnx Plotkln, Elberon, treasurer. After a summary of the history of the combined auxiliaries, Mrs. Max Hazelrigg presented an inscribed gold disc to Mrs. Plotkin in appreciation of her ten years' service as treasurer of the combined auxiliaries, Mrs. Lamb warded a gift to Mrs. William Bryan from the combined auxiliaries in gratitude of her able management of the auxiliary hall. George J. Bartel, administrator of Monmouth Memorial h6spltal, expressed the appreciation of the hospital to the combined auxiliaries for its help to the hospital and outlined future plans and needs of the institution.




6 ^



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Coast Guard Recruits Women

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$500 Scholarship For Nursftig

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Karbwski Spends Week with KOTC .


FORT EUSTIS, Va.—Robert A. Karowski, son of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Karowski, 67 Burlington ave., Leonardo, an ROTC cadet, spent, last week on a Hold trip at Camp A. P. Hill, a military Fort- Eustls. . - • Cadet Karowski received tractical field' training while living under simulated combat conditions.. • - . , ' • . •

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Cardner's Moving IDr - Conover Is To 12 Mechanic N ™ Pathologist Michael Carotenuto announced today that Cardner'« barber shop will be moved into Its new quarters at 12 Mechanic st. next Thursday and that he intends to make it "one of the most modem on the Jersey coatrf," ' The move will take the shop off Broad at. for the first time In 45 years, but into "much superior quarters," he said.

NEPTUNE—Dr. Raymond E. Conover has been appointed associate attending pathologist to Fitkin hospital. The appointment was made July 15. Dr. Coruover received his premedical education at Baylor university in Waco, Tex., and hia medical education at Duko university's school of medicine in Durham, N. C. He served his Internship at university hospitals in Syracuse, N, Y,, and completed a three-year residency In pathology at the Presbytorlan hospital In Philadelphia. Dr. Conover has just mmj>!ft»d R fellowship in pathology at the Memorial Cancer center In New York city. He

also served as assistant instructor of gross pathology at the university of Pennsylvania, medical school. Dr. Conover has received thp certification of the American Board of Pathology. Dr. Conover will serve as an asLONG BRANCH — Announcesociate to Dr. Carlos A. Pons, who ment of three united cerebral is director of the pathological de- palsy grants totaling- J25.000 to partment of Fltkin. alleviate the critical shortage of professionally trained personnel in the field of rehabilitation of the DR. WELLS TO SPEAK handicapped was welcomed here LEONARDO—Dr. George Wells, this week by Nicholas J. Connors, athletic director of Houghton col- president of United Cerebral Palsy lege, Houghton, N. Y., will deliver of Ocean and Momnouth counties. the sermon at the gathering of grants, to be administered "Youth In One Accord" next Mon- by"The the American Physical Therapy day at 8 p. m. In the Oceanvlew association, American OccupaCommunity church here. Norm tional Theraphy association and Parks will be soloist and Miss the American Speech and HearJune Stevenson, pianist. Trio ing association, will help to train mbers aro Kisses Imuy Ber- more physical, occupational and nard, Eleanor Holden and Nancy speech therapists," Mr. Connors Sacks. said. Our program here in Long

New Grants Aid Cerebral Palsy

Branch has suffered primarily from two shortages: money and manpower. But even when financial resources are available, many cerebral palsied Individuals remain untreated due to the lack of adequately trained personnel. The new grants which will result In scholarship awards to perspective therapy students will eventually help to round out the treatment teams In united cerebral palsy facilities." The American Physical Therapy association and the American Occupational Therapy association each received $10,000 and, this year, for the first time a grant amounting to $8,000 will be given to the American Speech and Hearing association. These grants are part of tM « v er-sl! r(*"Pirch, education and training program sponsored by united cerebral palsy through its research and educa-

tional foundations. The 1856-57 program amounts to $454,000, a ten per cent increase over last year's expenditures.

Group Speech Therapy Begins for Stutterers LONG BRANCH—A program of weekly sessions ot group speech therapy for stutters began Monday In the department of speech therapy of Monmouth Memorial hospital at the hospital's speech and hearing center, 147 Dunbar ave. Philip Goldberg, speech' therapist, said the purpose of group therapy Is to help stutterers meet others with the same speech defect to dl»r\m their common and Individual problems and to encourage correction on a group l


Thursday, July 26, 1956—19


Woild Wide


Rail Touri


Bui Touri



316 Cookman Av«. Tel. PRospeet 5-5080 ASBURY PARK

BUDGET 1T.AN AVAILABLE There Is never a charge for onr «eirle*

TOMORROW, ALL America will be talking about it! ORROW, forthe first time, You tun See It! Michael Carotenuto The shop was first established at Fair Haven In IBID by Samuel (Cardner) Carotenuto and was moved here In 1814, to a store on; the first floor of the Child building, where the Red Bank Savings'and Loan association, lr now- located. After that building was neverly damaged by fire ir 1917,' the first of five further Broad s t moves was made, ending with the one to Its most recent location at 25 Broad. •• ' Separate Sections

Design i

Dazzling NEW Concept Performance! Spectacular Advance in

Mr. Carotenuto said the new shop will have separate seatlons for men,schildren and for wom-i en's hairshaplng. A program of sort music will be presented continuously, and the shop will be air conditioned. Michael Carotenuto studied hair styling under Armondo and hair dressing arts at the Wilfrledj Academy of Newark. After grad-! uatlon, he worked two years at i th« Ironbound Beauty Bhop In' Newark, He came here In 1848 to assist his father, and later be-| came a specialist In hair shaping for women, an activity to which ho now devotes most o I his time. Assistants in the new.shop will | be Paul Splnnato and Pete Misu-; raca of Mlddletown and George Attenslo, 52 Mechanic st. Samuel Carotenuto, though retired, Intends to assist his. son with the work
inToduces omozinS NEW 195*

Offers Thanks , Expressing thanks to the shop's customers ovor the years, Mr. Carotenuto said that In the new location It will be "able to give i better service to our old and new! clientele because of our larger and more spacious quarters," The move, he said, was made possible | "because of the loyalty of our old,

with exciting NEW


Michael Carotenuto, a graduate of the Red Bank high school, served five years in the Army In World War II, after volunteering for service with the Red Bank I unit of the National Guard, Bat- ' tery E, 112th Field artillery. In Europe, It was known as the 696th Armored field artillery. While at Red Bank high,- Mr. Carotenuto took part In the tennis, track and boxing athletic propram. Married to the former. Annette D'Aurla of the Bronx, they have two sons, Garry, 7, and Phi]. Up, 5, and reside at 81 South Lake dr., River Plaza. RECEIVES SUMMONSES RUMSON—Alexander Osnato, 45, of Crescent St., Keansburg, was Issued summonses for careless driving and leaving the scene of an accident Sunday morning after the car he was driving struck a light standard on Rumflon rd: at Avenue of Two livers. Osnato was uninjured. Pollct Capt. William Zerr Investigated. tt idda up I Mor» and more ptupli ma Rcitlster ads ««ch Issue becauu rtiultt com* faster. Advertlsemap*

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20—Thursday, July 26, 1956


Services for Churches in Red Bank

and Surrounding


ST. JAMES CATHOLIC FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES SAJLVATION ARMV 1'resb.vterlan METHODIST CALVARY BAPTIST Trinity Episcopal SCIENTIST Red Bank Red Bank ' Red Bank Red Bank Red Bank Bed Bank Red Bank Red Bank "Congregation Organization" Is Rev. J. B. Gilchrist will give Holy Eucharist for the ninth "What to Do When You Are Sunday masses are at 6, 7, 8, A street service Is scheduled "A Short Cut Through the 'Services in the First Church of 0. 10, 11 and 12 o'clock In the the theme of the 7:30 p. m. meetfor Friday at 7 p. m. on Broad st. Disappointed" will be the serTemple" will be the subject of the Sunday sermon at 11 a. m. Sunday after Trinity will be obSunday-school meets at 9:30 a. m. served at 8 a. m. Morning prayer mon topic of Rev. Dr. Charles S. church and 9, 10 and 11 o'clock in The leader of the service will be Rev. Roger J. Squire's sermon Christ Scientist, 211 Broad st, are Ing today. the corps treasurer, William Sunday at 10 a. m. John Ferris held Sundays at 11 a. m. Sunday Sunday at 6 p. m. "The Book The third quarterly session of and sermon by the rector at 10 Webster Sunday Ht the 10 a. m. the high school auditorium. Confessions are heard Saturdays school meets at 11 a. m. WedWith Life's Answers" will be, dis- the deacons meets at 3 p. m. Sun- o'clock. Holy Eucharist at 7 and Chadwick, and the speaker, young will direct the music to Include service. Frank Bartlett of Prince10 a. m. Wednesday, Aug. 1. Ion, the summer organist, will from 4 to 6 p. m., and from 7:30 people's sergeant major, M'frlel Tower chimes. Organ prelude will nesday evening testimonial meet- cussed. At 7:15 p. ni. ihe discus- day. B.T.U. meets at 6 p. m. sion will be "Fighters for Truth." The Union of Churches meets at Rev. W. Norman Plttenger, proAanensen. Special music will be be "Adagio" ' P Minor Fantasia) Ings are at 8:15. play "Our Father," "God My to 9 p. m. Baptisms every Sunday at 1:30 rendered by Mrs. Charles Ging- by Mozart. Mrs. Mildred Palmer The reading room, 209 Broad Regular Bible study Tuesday at 7:30 p. m. at the Pilgrim Baptist fessor of Christian Apologetics at Shepherd." "Walsh Hymn," "0, church. General Theological seminary, Divine Redeemer'1 and ''Grand p. m. in tile church. A baptism rich. Stout and Mrs. Ruth Palmer Bell st., is open dally from noon to 8:15 p. m. must be obtained from the Guest speaker for the Sunday will sing "But the Lord Is Mind- 4:30 i>. m., Friday evening from Charles E. Greene presiding There will be a business meet- New York, will be priest-inChorus." Guest soloist will be blank rectory nnd filled out before the charge at the church during services at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m.ful of His Own," by Mendelssohn. 7:30 to 9:30, and Sundays from minister of the Red Bank con- ing Tuesday night. Sherry Hill, soprano, of the West- baptism takes place. gregation, who headed the 42-man The prayer meeting will be held August. will be Ma], Dorothy Smith from The offertory will be "Praise to 2 to 4 p. m. • minster choir of Princeton. Ushers Novena devotions in honor of The value and Importance of WpflnRsriay from 7 to 9 p. m. Hpg-flHnn to thf fo'jr-doy ast.h« RfOvaHin Army training tho Lord" by V.'hltohcod. will be in charge of James L. Laiiy u£ the Miraculous Mutlal school In New York city. Mrs. There will be a reception of right motives in dally living will sembly in Roosevelt stadium, JerCALVARY BAPTIST DaviuOn, a^ioUu 1/y Piuaa E. Oui every Monday at 8 p. m. Ir. the Robert Rightmlre will lead the new SHAKER-QUAKER North Long Branch King, Philip F. Matthews, Albert church. members-at the service. Ed- be emphasized at Curlstlan sey City, said the meeting was ; Science services this Sunday Sunday school meets at 9:45 a. a success. services of the day. Red Bank "W. Metzgcr and C. Leslie Rice, ward Flower, Jr., will assist. AlReadings from "Science and m. Sunday services are held a t Among the staff of volunteer Elder Franklin C. Moyan, The Sunday night street ser- tar flowers will be presented in Jr. Dr. Craig Crenshaw and Robert W. Upson will comprise ST. ANTHONY'S CATHOLIC vice at the train station area will memory of Mrs. Rebecca A. Val-Health with Key to t:ie Scrip- workers that operated convention teacher, will conduct a service of 11 a. m. and 6:39 p. m. Prayer Red Bank be led by Wesley Shapter, and leau by her children. Flowers al- tures".- by Mary Bakar Eddy In d e p a r t m e n t s were Edward instruction and guidance at 10 a. meetings are held Wednesdays the welcoming committee. Masses are celebrated Sunday the speaker will be Mrs. Alfred so will be presented by Mr. andthe Lessori-Scrmon entitled "Love" Thompson and Alonzo Van m. Sunday at the church, 15 Rev. Lawrence Outwater is InterJunior church will be held at 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 o'clBck. Lloyd. simultaneously with the worship im pastor. • Mrs. Richard Szeluga In mem-will include the following (404:17- Scholch of Red Bank, who worked North Bridge ave. 21): "Love 'for God and1 man is in the refreshment department. service for students from first Confessions are heard Saturdays The annual daily Vacation Bi- ory of relatives, through eighth grade. Baby sit- from 4:30 to 6 p. m. and from ble school will begin next Mon- Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kohl will the true incentive in boti healing A feature of the assembly was and teaching. Love inspires, il- a mass baptism Saturday morning day with classes weekdays from ting service will be provided in 7:30 to 9 p. m. of their experiences In Ja- lumines, Bnptisms are at 12:30 p. m. 9 a. m. to noon through Aug. tell designates and lends the of 401 persona. Mr. Van Scholch Westminster house. pan at the Wesley fellowship at 10. Advance registrations are be-9 p. m. Sunday/ The fellowship way. Right motives give Dlnlons was among those baptized. , Sunday at 4 p, in. the church Sundays. Tlie Miraculous Medal novena Is wedding of Miss Marcia S. Speer held Mondays at 7:30 p. m. and ing received at the citadel. The Is planning to attend the Nep-to thought, and strength and freeHarding Road Atop Tower Hill "Champions for Christ," tune Music circus Friday, Aug. dom to speech and action.' to Alfred C. Chapman will be PRESBYTEKIAN perpetual novena to St. An-theme, stems from a spiritual 'adapta- 3, to see "Teahouse of the Au- The freedom-giving power of solemnized by Rev. Dr. Webster. the thony Tuesdays at 7:30 p. m. Shrewsbury 'divine Love will also be brought tion of the Olympics. The staff gust Moon." Sunday at 7:30 p. m., the orNEXT SUNDAY AT TEN O'CLOCK 'In the Scriptural readings The summer Sunday worship dination service for Robert W. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY is made up of the following: The Senior Youth fellowship out will be held at 9:30 a. m. Farrow will be held in the church. Principal, Mrs. Rightmire; as will hold Its Ice cream festival which include the following (I service Atlantic Highlands The Rev. Dr. Charles S. Webster will preach on John 4:18): "There Is no fear in with. Rev. Arthur S. Joice, pasSunday school will be held at sistant principal, Miss Muriel Aa- Aug. 18 between 5 and 8 p. m, In love; but perfect love cwsteth tor, continuing the study of the "WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU ARE DISAPPOINTED" ' ST. THOMAS EI'ISCOrAL 11 n. m. Sunday, and the Sun-nensen; registrar, Mrs. Paul Fellowship hall. Bible. The first five chapters of Welch; beginners' department The annual fair at Pitman ave;, out fear: because fear hatli tor- the Book of Judges will be the day service at 11 a. m. Red Bank ment. He that feareth Is not Wednesday testimony meetings teachers, Mrs. Pearl Jones, Miss Ocean Grove, for the Methodist made perfect In love." subject of the sermon Sunday. Holy Eucharist at 8 a. m and Mary Ann Dzyslzc, Mrs. William home will be next Wednesday, are held at 8:15 p. m. Music will Include the prelude solemn Eucharist at 9:30 a. m. SUMMER ORGANIST—Mr. Frank Bartlett The reading room at 44. Me-Busby, and Mrs. Alfred Lloyd; Thursday and Friday. Articles do"Meditation" by Bubeck, played Sunday. Presbyterian primary department supervisors, by Miss Doris Fr'ame, minister A celebration of Holy Kuchar- morial pkwy. Is open Monday Miss Muriel Aanenaen and Mrs.nated for the fair may be left at Rumson GUEST SOLOIST—Sherry Hill, soprano, of of music; solo by Ronald Clark, ist will be held at 7 a. m Wed-through Friday, except holidays, C. F. Moore; teachers, Mrs. H.the church. Baked goods and food stuffs are being solicited for the The series of summer sermons "O Lord Most Merciful" by from 2 to 4 p. m. nesday. Dangler, Mrs. H. Hubbard, Mrs food table. The Westminster Choir School on the "Claims of Jesus" will consolo by Philip Roy, W. Farrington; junior depart- Miss Clara Tllton, assistant or- tinue Sunday, at 9:30 a, m., when Bartlett; "90th Psalm," and postlude, "Fes* * * * * * * **************** ment teachers, Mrs. William ganist and student of John Ferris, the topic of the sermon by the March" by Kohlmann. Winn, Mrs. R. S. Swift; inter- will present an organ recital .at pastor, Rev. A. Kenneth Magncr, tival Bahy-slttlng Program and Junior Church held simultaneously The Men's club of the church mediate department teachers, St. Paul's chapel, Columbia uni- Jr., will be "I Am the Truth." hold an auction sale of furwith worship. Mrs. I. Gemmell and Mrs. Laura versity, Tuesday, July 31 at noon. Robert Brodsky, summer assist- will dishes and other houseMason, and craft Instructors, Mrs. The Chancel and Youth choirs ant, will take part in the leader- niture, hold goods Aug. 18 at the church Hugh Sutton and Mrs. MIna Sut- will rehearse Friday at 8 p. m. ship of worship. house. E. O. Lomerson and ton. Guest story tellers fnr the for a folk opera, "Down In the Mrs. Gordon MacLcan, Jr., as- George Johanson are co-chairdaily assembly will be Maj. Dor-Valley," by Kurt Welll. Those wishing to make doothy Smith, 'New York city; Mrs. There is a church-hour nurs- sistant organist, will play as pre-men. nations of articles toward the Wilbur Lewis, Long Branch; Mrs. ery every Sunday from 10 to 11 lude Dupuis' "Allegro." Edward auction are asked to call George Sophia Tucker, Eatontown; Mrs. a. m. to enable parents of pre- Hinkelman, violinist, will play president of the Men's C. F. Moore,. Shrewsbury; Mrs. school age children to attend ser- Bach's "Air" as his first number Holland, club, so that arrangements can Charles Southwood, New York vice. The choir will rehearse Sun- and as offertory, Sammartinl-EI- bo made to have the contributed SERVICE city, and Mrs. G. E. Schmidt, of- day at 9:15 a. m. for the morn- man's "Canto Amoroao." Children, ages three to eight, articles picked up. Wide public fice secretary. C. Cromer, cus- Ing service. FEATURES patronage of the sale Is urged so todian, will assist. The Women's Dr. Charles L. Allen, pastor of may be left In competent adult that the activities of the Men's NO DEDUCTIONS: you gel the hands during the hour of worship Home league will hold a party the Methodist church, Atlanta, can receive the fullest full amount of money you ilgn for the children of the Sunday- Ga., will speak at the Sunday ser- In the manse play yard or, in club for. support. IF A LOAN CAN BE MADE school at 7 p. m. next Tuesday. vice at 7:30 p. m. in the Ocean Inclement weather, in the nursNO EXTRA CHARGES: you pay ery area of the new building. The Wednesday evening "Hour Grove auditorium. only for th« exo:i number of '• WE'I" HND A WAY TO MAKE IT Methodist cfayt you ke*p tht loan. Young people, eight through 12, of Power" will be conducted at 8 Keansburg will meet as a part of the cono'clock, with Mrs. Rlghtmiro as FIRST PAYMENT due !n 30 dayi ST. TAUI/S BAPTIST « or c i arranged. gregation in the wing of the "The Flood In the Days of leader. Red Bank church for the opening moments Noah" Is Rev. Otto Janke's topic RENEW your loan when you Rev. Walter J. Haekes will of worship, then adjourn to the for the 8:30 a. m. service Sunlike • even for more than the You will like to do your loan BAPTIST original amount. You don't preach on "From Your Own auditorium of the new building day. At 11 a. m. he will speak have to pay off one loan beand finance business at these Red Bank ,. Lookout" at the 11 a. m. service on "The Dream of Jacob's Ladfore you can get mare money. Dr. Frank A. Sharp, interim Sunday. The choir Is directed' by for their summer film program. der." Baptisms and reception of friendly,easy-tO'get-to offices of: The topic of the film Sunday will pastor, will speak on "The Gift of Mrs. Harold Craddle. new members will be held after God" at the 10 a. m. services. Church school meets at ' 10 be "Ambassador for Christ" and this service. will be supervised by Herbert Robert H. Danes will be organist. a. m., with Deacon Joseph Brodle Last Saturday Rev. Janke bapSanders and Mrs. Gladys Pauels. tized Members of the deacons' greet- in charge. Catherine Ethel Button, InFREEHOLD 10KG BRANCH REO BUNK ATLANTIC NI5HLANDS The prayer group will meet ing committee are Sidney .Dull! Union service at Pilgrim Bapfant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 39 E. MAIN ST. 603 BROADWAY 7 7 BROAD S T . 1 2 1 FIRST AVENUE Lie. U S Lie. '818 Francis Swartz and Kenneth tist church at 7:30 p. m. Sunday. next Tuesday at 10 a. m. in the Charles Button, Keansburg, and TAC7ORY Lie. HI Lie. 871 Tel.: FR t-1600 Til.: L0 E-J314 Brower. lounge. Tel.: RE 6-9000 Tel.: AT 1-2300 Sunday, Jane Marion Sorenson, Church school will start at 8 The seventh game of the youth Infant daughter of Mr. and Mra. SERVING All MONMOUIH . MRCCR . WIDDlfSfX . OCfAN COUNTIES Baptist , FOR FREE ESTIMATES PHONE a. m. During the '.vorshlp services Softball Inter-church league will Thura Sorenaon o£ West KeansMiddletown there is a nursery ."or small chilbe played Tuesday at 6:45 p, m., burg was baptized. Blgelow 8-2600 Rev. John E, Bates will preach with the team from this church dren. METHODIST Flowers Sunday \>ere gifts on the topic, "The Renewal of playing the team from the Ocean 796 Frelinghuysen Ave. Newark 5, N. J. from William Schanck, Jr., and Life" at the 10:30 a. m. Sunday Grove Methodist church. Navesink service. Guest organist will be Mrs. Jessie Teed. OHLY UNITED STATES STEEL CORrORATIOM HANUFJCTURES CYCLONE FENCE The long range planning com- Morning service at 9:30. Church The pulpit committee will meet Frederick Bopp. Mrs. Erwtn mittee will meet next Tuesday, school meets at 10:48 a. m. OFFER ENDS AUG. 4th Friday at 8 p. m. in Ihe church Kehrer, soloist, will sing "The at 8 p. m. In the lounge of the Twenty-third Psalm" by A. H. parlor. Malotti.'. Ushers will < be James new building. ST. JAMES MEMORIAL Ronaldson and George Hartmann. The youth committee will meet EnsoorAL Flowers will be placed In the Wednesday, at 8 p. m. in the Eatontown church by Mr. and Mrs. Willard lounge of the new building. Church school Is at 9:30 a. m. Morgan. There will be a nursery SANITONE DRY-CLEANED At 7:30 a. m. the second and In the chapel /or small children FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST SCIENTIST fourth Sundays, tho Holy Eucha- during the service. The nursery.j rist. At 11 a. m. tht firs* and third will be In charge of Mrs. Clement Keyport Sundays, Holy Eucharist and ser-Barlow and Mrs. Frank Randall. The morning services will be mon. At 11 a. m. the second and The church will be closed dur- held Sunday at 11 o'clock. Sunfourth Sundays, m'ornlng prayer ing August while building Is In day school will meet at 11 a. m. and sermon. A nursery Is con-process. Services will resume A testimonial service will be ducted each Sunday at 11 a. m. Sept. 2 and church school will re- held next Wednesday at 8 p. m. in the parish house Holy Eu- open Sept. 9. $ 133 5 5 SUMMER COTTONS charlst at 7:30 a, m. Wednesdays The women of the church will CHAPEL OF THE HOLY and Holy days. Rev Alan H. hold a food sale at the roadside COMMUNION stand of John L. Hendrlckson's Toiigue Is vicar in charge. Fair Haven Old Wagon farm on rt. 35 Sat. Sunday services for July and RELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF Aug. 4, beginning at 11 a. m. CANDLEWiCK and CHENILLE August are at 8 and 10 a. m. Holy FRIENDS (Quakers) day services are at 9:30 a m. Rev. Shrewsbury FIRST JMSNTECOSXAL BEAUTIFULLY Charles L. Wood Is rector. The Shrewsbury meeting of ReLong Branch ligious Society of Friends (Quak Sunday-school Is held at th'e LAUNDERED METHODIST ers), meets for worship at 11 a. Hampton ave. church at 0:45 a. Highlands m. the First day fSurtday), in tho m. The worship service la at 11 In the various price ranges meeting house at Broad st. and a. m. Young people's service is Church school meets at ?:30 a. Short sleeves in regular and Sycamore ave., preceded at 10 held at 0:30 p. m. An evangelis- m. - Morning service at 11 o'clock. you will find cool and handcontinental collar styles, m. by tho First-day school. Mid- tic service la held 'at 7:30 p m. Evening service at 7:30. Choose from Cotton Cords, some Wash 'N Wear, CotPrayer meeting Wednesday at week meetings are held at the Wednesdays, followed by Bible Your choice of stripes, solDacron Blends, Tropical ton Cords, Linen Weaves, meeting house at 8 p. m. the study at 8 p. m. Rev. Normon B. 7:30 p. m. ids and patterns. These Worsteds and Linen Weaves fourth day (Wednesday). All are Nethers Is pastor. Tropicals and Dacron blends. HIGH POINT CHAPEL are all from our regular welcome. in solids and fancies. Still 2 and 3 button models In Leonardo stock and are the latest ST. ANDREW EPISCOPAL a good assortment if you Services are held every- Sunday an excellent selection of SPIRITUAL styles. Highlands at 7:45 p. m. with visiting minihurry! colors and patterns In all Belford , At 9 a. ni. the third Sunday of sters: The chapel Is located on t sizes. Rev. Phoebe Dailey will con6-2057 each month. Holy Eucharist and 143 BROAD Mountain Hill rd. REG. 2.95 ,icu duct services Sunday at 8 p. m sermqn. At 9 a. m other Sundays, MISSION and Tuesday at 2:30 and 8 p. m. morning prayer and sermon. REG. 27.50 REG. 6.50 Port Monmouth Church school !« at 10 a, m. Holy 2 Eucharist at 9:30 a. m Wednes- Rev. £• Donald Magaw, pastor; ,19 days and Holy Days Rev Alan Lawrence Wise, Sunday school su3/7.50 H. Tongue Is vicar In charge. perintendent . REG. 3.95 REG. 29.95 REG. 7.95

Red Bank Presbyterian Church


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Studies Nursing Program


300 Parents At Arrowhead

A. M. E. Zion Red Bank Rev. Charles 3 . Bourne will deliver the sermon at 11 a. m. Sunday. Church school meets at 9:46 a. m., Mrs. Clara Carter Is superintendent. Union service at 7:30 p. m. Sunday, Rev. Mr. Bourne will speak. The Zlon Travelers will sing. Senior choir is sponsoring a choir fest tonight at 8 o'clock. Mrs. Aletla Montague is president.

MIDDLETOWN—About 300 parents and friends attended tho second period award night program Thursday at Camp Arrowhead. Over 50 oC the older campers held a cookout Thursday night, cooking both supper and breakfast in the woods. Louis T, Choquette, camp director for the second period, made the awards. Kit Probasco. .swimming instructor, presented certificates to the campers. A highlight of tho second period was a trip to the Statue of Liberty last WL'uk. Donald Babcoclc and Mr. Choquette accompanied the group.

Thursday, July 26, 1956—21




105-A MONMOUTH STREET RED BANK, N. J. EMBURY METHODIST Little Silver The mornlnjr worship servlcn Sunday will be at 9:30 a. m, with INQUIRE ABOUT OUR INVESTOR'S CLUB "Dally Life With God" the sermon topic of Rev. Edmund H. Awiinl winners were: Cree Tribe, Branch Offices Carlisle, pastor. Nursery facilities nitf I'nUon, conch: honor cannier, t*k Cain; urcliery, Carl Miller: arts are available during the service. Newark. N. J. N.w Brumwlck, N. J. Flu.liln«, L. I. <1 crafts, Kenneth Wrijrlit: nthletirt, The music will include the anTrenton, N. J. N«w Hnven, Conn. Ellzabsth, N. J. aeiih Jntoba; hihinn. Uicluiril Hurthem "Pralao the Lord O Jerubiuo; Indian lore, 1Ae RoseII; iinliire, Paterion, N. J. S t Peter«burg, Fla. Norwjlli, Conn. salem" by Maunder. The ushers .•mice ItiUFnlovifh; softlmll, Warren 1S01 Broadway, NYC FliitiKton; •itorLKmnnshiii, William will be Frank F. Stultz, Richard W»terbury, Conn. Pertb Am boy. N. J. Gerecke nnil Arnolrl Ilowitt; woodcraft, Wearier and Eugene "VanderVort Paul Torre. TEU RED BANK 6-0002 or WX78D0 (TOLL FREE) Flowers will be donp.ted by Mrs Uenapps, Gerry Scnlonc, coach: honor HWY. 36 BELFORD, N. J. Margaret Eggenbeiger In memenmper. Heather Stokes; cu-openitiori, Petfwy I*eos: nreheryi Joan Fox; nrtu ory of her husband, John EggenMiss Ziva Kostisky, left, assistant director of the nurs- nitcl crafts, Sally DomUUon rnd Roberta \ (Between Keansburg and Atlantic Highlands) berger. CoviiiKtnn; hiking, Elvira. (Vnft; nit- j Linda DcAn^U*: Ritof.smiimh.t). ' The fourth quarterly confer- ing division of the Ministry of Health for the government tiire. Liml;i Hartmnn nncf Debbie Gill; woodence will be held Thursday al era ft. Jmly Pike. 8 p. m. In Fellowship hall. Dis- of Israel, it visiting Monmouth Memorial hospital School of Iroquois, Carol Anderxon, coach: j trict Superintendent Dr. B. Har- Nursing, to study i t i two-year nursing education program. 10nor camper. Julio Sumpf: cf>-npi>ruVaniln Poladlno; iilchery. Nancy rlion Decker will preside/Reports She it shown with Mist Mildred Schmidt of Little Silver, tion, Kincnitt ; jirts mid cmfttt. Si-nun J o s e TASTY FRANKS • BURGERS • FRENCH FRIES will be presented by the heads of athletics, Judy Kothstein: hikinc, (.'nil church organizations anc director of the school. This study is part of Miss Kostisky's Wester; nnture, Carol Vitiriim: snfiFISH SANDWICHES • ROOT BEER • COFFEE • TEA various bftll. llentrlre Craft; fipnrUmnnn)ii[i. j officers (or the coming conferenci field work for her studies In nursing education at Teachers Carol Eckstein; woodcraft, SIIHHII Wilyear will bo elected. !11H. | college of Columbia university, New York city, Timber Wolves, Bnul Diipiec, conrh: PRESBYTERIAN onop camper, Dun I el Ratt'alnvjcli: j nrchery, Jlerbert Srhnlstadt: nrts and I Eatontown crafts, Joseph Tnlmnr: athletic*, Jeff I MOUNT ZION METHODIST COMMUNITY At the session meeting Sunday Garvln: hiking, Billy Pickles; nature, Tommy Vosk; aufUiHlt, Warren Wriylit; Katontown Port Monmouth those received into membershi. sportsmanship, Bobby Jluscrjck; wood-I Rev. John B. Kirky will gi of the church were Mrs. Shlrlej OWNER — FRED MONTANI "Faith: Its Nature and RecrnTt, Hob Pnlndlnn. Kerr, by transfer of letter fron Sunday's 11 a, m. sermon. Sundn; ward" will be the' topic of Rev Creeks, Itoli JteuiMille, roarh: honor 1 , JefE Allen; c(i-o|iemtioti, Cnmthe Presbyterian church of Pe-school begins at 9:30 a. m. (Formerly with Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.) A. D. Magaw at the 11 a. m. ser mmpfii iron I'erKiiHon: art« and craftfl. Hobby tersburg, Va., Mrs. John LagrotThe district meeting of the w vice Sunday. Sunday-school start; "nnke; utlileLies, Henry HnnkH; nateria, by affirmation of fRlth, and men's missionary society will -ure, John .Sharp; softball, fJlll Itumell; at 9:30 a. m. Mrs. John Barcume, by reafllrma- held today. Mrs. Mahala Field Al inortsiniinship, Bob BotlKcrj woodcraft, Rev. Mr. Magaw will discus; jes Patterson. tion of faith. They will be receive chison is president. "The Impotent Man" at the Thunder Clouds, Clnir Jablonski. before the congregation at SunThere will bo a special prograr, p. m. service. ioitch: honor camper, Knthy Eoi'ivu; I day morning's worship service. tomorrow at S:30 p. m. by th - Prayer meeting Wednesday i cu-operniion, Betsy S t u n k ; archery, Andy Snvnrese; arts and crafts, Mnrcia Sunday will bo the final of a senior choir. John Barber at 7:45 p. m. The topic will be Johnson; athletics, Pat Baron: hikiiiir throe-week series on" the role of chairman. • "I. and My Father." iolly Hlndel; Imliim lore, Knren a Christian as an Individual, in A covered dish supper will b Telfion; natilre, Elizubeth rtteinei-; »oft. The Men's brotherhood meet iftll, OF Nancy-Titus; BportamanHhlp; Ann the community and the nation held Aug. 4 at 8 p. m., sponsorei Thursdays at 7:30 p. m. Your account book Is your The topic will be "Our Stak by stewardess board number tw< Running Waters, Lois CoLten. coach; REFORMED In a Christian World." Follow- Mrs. Roberta Reevey is preslden onor enmper. (lay Stokos; co-opt'rapassport +o all tha best things Middletdwn Village ion, Vent Nelson; arrhury. Cltiudiu ing the service, there will be a Rev. Warren J. Henseler, pas- ipi-ny; art a and crafts, Unrhara Stein; fellowship hour in the rear of of life for you and your family. HEDEBATED Liml« Allsn; hiking, Anne tor of tho Second Reformed ahietica. the church. 'homaa; Indian lore, Ltujra Keiitel; Holmdel A home of your own, a college ed225 FOURTH ST. LAKEWOOD. N. J. church of Freehold, will deliver nture, Marilyn Johnson; HportHmnnThe senior high Westmlnate Rev. Andrew Burkhardt wll Klltn Davidson; woodcraft, Lynn ucation for your children, a memorable vacation trip, fellowship will have a beach give the closlpg sermon Sunda; the sermon at the 10. a. m. service ihip. iltithciTord, party Saturday, meeting at theat 10 a. m, on "Man Is Knowi Sunday. Nursery classes, for chil happy retirement years . . . all these are dreams that Apacht'H, Wayne Vnicer, couch: hondren, whose parents are attending 10:30 AM—Monday, July 30—10:30 AM church at 5 p. m. by His Enemies." There will b the service, will meet In the parenmper, JetX ITowitt : cd-opoiation, you can actually see coming true in the pages of this no services until after Labor daj iah house, directed by Mrs. Haze \ntliony Lovi: nrU nnd cnifts, Arthur iiKton; nth'etics. i'rcii Jacobs; hikPRESBYTERIAN Mrs. Howard S. McCormick is tl Gregerson. book . . . as your regular savings plus their earnings Entire Hardware Stock, Housewares, Fixtures and Jeremy tirazel nnd Joel Klein; Long Branch organist. ndian lore, Matthew Hrick; nuturp, add up to "what, it takes!" Equipment. Ccnneth Gerecke; softbnll, Robert MiThe final sermon iri a series on The Ladles' Aid society plcn All Saints' Episcopal ink; aportsmanshlp, Dick Allen; woodthe Lord's prayer will be preached has been canceled. rnft, James Marscn nnd Alfred FinkNaveslnk A Dividend at the Rate of Sunday at 11 a. m. by Rev. Rob- The Couple's club will play th< $18,000—INVENTORY—$18,000 Rev. Charles P. Johnson, rec- itihner. ert Hugh Reed, pastor, on "The Couple's club of Red Bank Re Incus. Vincent CiaKlia, coach: honor tor, will give the morning prayer ftmjw. Hnrnld Shomo; co-operation. Kingdom, Power and Glory." A formed church In softball Mon 3% PER ANNUM Kiifrlnr; arts and" crafts Pet or church nursery will be held dur- day at Morgan's field. A bead and sermon at 11 o'clock. HolL iarry No items to be removed from the premises during ntlilclics. Philip Miller; hlkwas paid on June 29, Communion for the ninth Sunday lielxon: ing service. George Roe, organ- party is planned in August. iK. Mike Aumnck; nature, Mike Authe sale. Buyers will have until 12 nopn, July 31, to reafter Trinity will be held at 8:30 inck: Hofthiill, Martin JMihok; »portnist, 'will direct the senior choir. 1956. laiiHhip. Harold Shomo; woodcraft, a. m. Carroll Sawlm, guest soloist, wll move their purchases. Reformed aul Moklnr. sing "The Lord's Prayer." Comanches, An^elo Scotti, coacli: OLD CHRIST EPISCOPAL Colt's Neck Church school will meet at 9:45 ionor camiier, Glenn Kincaid: co-onorBy Order of: IRA GASKILL Rev. Elie F, do Lattre wll Shrewsbury tion, Ciii'I DeAngelis; archery, Itoliert m. under the supervision of in: ars and crafts. Robert Feitt: speak on "Meeting Ignorance am Tomorrow, 7:30 a. m., Holy Eu Melville Halliday. thlfitics. IFnvul Finher; hikinjr, UnliB. G. Coats, Auctioneer—Phone Long Branch 6-3599 The young people's Westmlnste: Sin" Sunday at 11 a. m. Th charist. Services Sunday Include rt Hartmun: Indian lore, Hoy (Jrayzrl: fellowship will meet at 7:30 p. m senior choir will be under th Holy Eucharist at 8 a. m. At H lature, Jon Clmmplin: softball, Harold ; sportsmanship, Joe • Griesui; for the second Bible study pro- direction of Mrs. de Lattre am a. m.i prayer and sermon by Rev. Colly ruD
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47 Broad St... .RedBank6-2680

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B MED O. COSOROV6, Oivrur-Mgr.. ««i»r»al/oni-Olbi(m 9 DBOO • i " " **t****************ti****S- {**


22—Thursday, July 26, 1956


Lieut. Scott

Mrs. Horan Honored Former Red Banker Israel Nurse Guest Speaker Sunday At Stork Shower Dr. W. Neal Raver.'.formerly of MIDDLETOWN—Mrs. Jamea L Studies New Red Bank, pastor of Kemble Me- Horan of Highlands was guest of morial Methodist church, Wood- honor at a surprise stork shower bury, N. J., will be the morning last week at the home of Mrs. Nursing Program speaker at the Ocean- City Taber- Joseph A. Cashes of Swartzel dr.

tors for the year will include Col. At Fort Gordon Bernstein Elected Carolus A. Brown, director of Signal Laboratory, and FORT GORDON, Va. — First By Armed Forces Assn. Evans outgding chapter president; Vic- Lieut. Lawrence Scott of 57 Pear tor E. Suslti, Basil W. Vaughan St., New Shrewsbury, Is spending FORT MONMOUTH—Barry S. two weeks on active duty at the Bernstein of Little Silver, assist- and Melvin F. Wcrksman. Signal corps training center here. ant director of the physical sciences division of the Signad Corps KETUIINS TO NORFOLK An engineering graduate of Explains the Need Engineering laboratories, lias RIVER PLAZA—Theodore Far- New York university, Lieut. Scott been elected president of Fort well, Jr., bollerman third class, is assigned to the southeastern For More Nurses Monmouth chapter, Armed Forces U. S. Navy, son of Mr. and Mrs, Signal school's television branch. Management association. Other Theodore Farwell, 30 McLean at., In civilian life, Lieut. Scott is To Train Others new officers are Lieut. Col. Halvor this place, returned to Norfolk, employed as an electronics scienT. Darracott, vice president; Mrs. Va., recently after a training tist by the Signal Corps engi- LONG BRANCH—The assistant Edythe DeSantls, secretary, and cruise with a task group of six neering laboratories at Fort Mon- director o£ the nursing division of Paul Wall, treasurer. destroyers, two escort destroyers, mouth. He has had two tours of the ministry or health for the govduty with the Army. Members of the board of direc- a carrier and a submarine. ernment of Israel is visiting Monuiout/h Memorial liuapiUd'a schuui of nursing to study its two-year nurse education program. She Is Miss Ziva Kostisky, who has been studying the past year at Teachers college, Columbia university, on a Point Four scholarship. In addition to her visit here, Miss Kostisky met, with the head nurses of the hospital's various divisions to discuss efficiency. She said the rapid growth in population In Israel has created a shortage of graduate nurses. Besides, PAY $100 LESS FOR THIS NEW 1956 DELUXE MODEL many girls of the usually accepted age for schools of nursing came to Israel from underdeveloped countries and could not meet the educational requirement for admission to the schools. Many of with them are being trained in 18month courses for practical nurses if they Jail to meet requirements for the three-year school, she said. Miss Kostisky said the curriculum of the schools of nursing in Israel had been patterned after the schools in the United States, largely because the first school of nursing was set up in 1918 at the Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem which was built by Hadassah of the United States and staffed by dedicated American doctors and nurses. There is only one nurse for every 400 people in Israel, and more than half of these nurses are practical rather than graduate nurses. She said the greatest immediate need In Israel is for graduate nurses, qualified to supervise and "G-E Marnttlc Refrlgtratteach. She said the problem of or< arc CHILD SAFE — young women meeting the nursing can be opened from the schools' educational requirements iiuid.." will be less acute in another ten years because of compulsory education for children. Monmouth Memorial's school of nursing was Included among the Institutions for her visit because of Its two-year program, whtoh Is being carried out. as part of the co-operative research project In junior and community college eduWith Full Width Freezer cation for nursing, which Is being conducted by Teachers college Full width-chiller tray - Right or Left hand door - Frosted turquoise inof Columbia university. Monmouth Memorial is the only hospital terior - Single dial temperature control - Convenient Dial Defrosting school In the United States which offers students a two-year proFull width, stuscly aluminum, adjustable shelves - Egg rack - Butter comgram which prepares them to meet the requirements for gradupartment - 3 Mini-Cube ice trays - 2 big vegetable drawers - Removable ate professional nurse licensure. end adjustable door shelves - Available in your choice of 5 "Mix-orWhile she is in Monmouth county Miss Kostisky also will spend Match" Colors - 5-year warranty on sealed-in transmission. some time with nurses of the Monmouth County Organization for Social Service.

nacle association service next Sunday, July 29. Services will be held at 9:00 and 11:00 o'clock in the Lake Memorial Tabernacle, Sixth st. and Asbury ave., Ocean City, N. J. Dr. Raver, prior to his present pastorate, served as district superintendent of the New Jersey Conference of the Methodist church. He has been the chaplain of the New Jersey Senate

Attending were Mrs. William Reynen and Mrs. John Sloane, MIddletown; Mrs. Leo Horan, Mrs. Earl Dempsey, Mrs. Frank Horan, Mrs. Charles W. Dempsey, Mrs. Robert L. Horan, Mrs. Martin D. McGrail and Mrs. Douglas Horan, Highlands, and Mrs. John Sell, Wayside.

Since 1922



, Shrewsbury, N. J.





NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE NEWARK AIRPORT NEW SCHEDULE Leave Red Bank Mbn. Thru Fri. Dr. W. Neal Raver Dr. Raver holds degrees from Lafayette College and Drew university. He is a representative for the Methodist church to the National Council of Churches, and was a delegate to the 1952 General Conference and 1952 and 1956 Jurisdictional Conference. He is a trustee of the Pennlngton school for boys, the Methodist hospital, New Jersey Annual Conference and the Ocean Grove Home for the Aged. Music will be by the Ocean City Tabernacle association Quartette under the direction of Fritz Krueger and Dr. Leon T. Moore, district superintendent in the Philadelphia area of the Methodist church, will serve as chaplain for the day.

AM: 7:25 • 8:55 • 10:55

PM: 2:25 - 3:25 - 6:40

Leave Red Bank Sat., Sun., Hoi. AM: 7:25 - 8:55 - 10:55

PM: 3:55 • 6:25 • 7:25









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Executive Council's Card Party Sept. 19


Members of the executive council of the combined auxiliaries of the Red Bank flre department, meeting Monday at the Union fire house on Shrewsbury ave., announced that the annual fall card party will be held Sept. 19 at Harry's Lobster House in Sea Bright, with Mrs. Peter DeFazio as general chairman. Council members will serve dinner for the Little League team of the Red Bank flre department on Monday at the Relief Engine company flre house. The IB team members, together with their fathers, will bo guests.

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dance at Conner's hotel, Water Witch, Friday night. Aug. 24. Proceeds will benefit the parish school building fund. Members of the committee are HIGHLANDS-A meeting of presidents of (lie three parish societies: Charles H. Wilson, Holy the parish societies of Out1 Lady Name society; Mr3. Rudolph Heln, of Perpetual Help Catholic church Altar and Rosary society, and was held last week to plan the an- Mrs. Daniel J. Kellcher, Parentnual parish-get-together and Teacher association. A group of summer residents again will co-operate. Included ire Mrs. Mortimer Mahoney, Mrs. TRAVEL T)avid Sweeney and Mrs. J. E. Hassler. «rvpHon»

Parish Party 'Set for Aug. 24

Rutgers to Open New Library

I Jerry Legion Post Joins Has Nominations

the Clown Storyland

RED BANK REGISTER Thursday, July 26, 1956—23

NEPTUNE—Jerry, tho. Clown, a veteran of Rlnfllng Brothers Bal- In Ited Bank It's SHERMAN'S for num and Bailey circus, has joined ATLA N T I C HIGHLANDS • CURTAINS • DRAPERIES Kenneth Wilson, chairman or thethe Storyland Village staff. The veteran clown, who • has • SLIP COVERS nominating committee of Sandy boon in tho show buslnea.i 30 • LINENS • VENETIAN BLINDS Hook Bay post, American Legion, years, will bo st the park daily to For announced at a mooting last week groot youngators as they pnter. A Shop-ft t-Homi Servlca Phona RE 6-2646 that Victor Q. Kelly was nomina- nativo of Jersey City, Jerry intlerHod the clrwning profession Sherman'] ted for commander. ,'rom his grandfather, the late Home Decorators Others nominated werp Chester I Charles Ravel, who wnsB Barnum

The long-lost


Key to healing


Kings Entertain At Beach Party

Pianos to Rent! ^ LESTER

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Maureen Damm, daughter of dr. and Mrs. Russell Damm of Irvlngton, Is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Van Emberg. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Conover spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thor at Linden. Sunday visitors of Mr. and klrs. Harold Morgan were Mr. ind Mrs. James Dyer and chllIren Sandra, . Marietta, Jimmy | nd Wayne.


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RED BANK REGISTER 24—Thursday, July 26, 1956

Stavola is Low On Road Bids LITTLE SILVER— Michael J. Stavola of Middletown was lowest of three bidders Tuesday night for street improvement work iiere with an offer of 57,686.76. It is subject to approval by the state highway department. Other bidders were Fred McDowell, Neptune, $7,980.87, and C. H. Sutphen, Freehold, ?8,707.52. Borough Engineer Otis R. Seaman told council his estimate to the state for the work was 57,726.75. In other business, Councilman Victor P. Satter, chairman of the streets committee, said Stavola has begun work to widen White rd. from 18 to 33 feet. The improvement will tend to lessen the road's "crown" and to partially remove some of its curves, Wnnts Larger Corners MaJ. John A. Lucas of 1-19 North Sunnycrest dr. suggested that the Branch ave. and North Sunnycrest entrances to White rd. be rounded o^t to help drivers make turns. Mr. Satter said he will discuss the proposal with the borough engineer. Mr. Satter also reported there have been drainage complaints in the Rosslyn ct. and other areas. They, too, are being discussed with Mr. Seaman. He added that Howard J. Preston, county road supervisor, inspected drainage problems at the Sycamore ave. railroad crossing and hopes to offer a solution. The street chairman read a letter from Monmouth Consolidated Water company which acknowledged that a water main under Branch ave, clogs drainage pipes from Sunnycrest. At Councilman Charles W. Stephens' suggestion, the letter—which promised a study of the condition— was referred to the planning board. Warren Herbert Praised Councilman Stephens read a letter from Howard L. Ungeiei, former councilman, praising Special Police Officer Warren Herbert for the manner in which he escorted the first aid squad's ambulance in taking Mrs. Ungerer to the hospital. Mayor Joseph C. Davlson said Mrs. Unjerei returned home Sunday. Describ-1 ing her recovery as "a miracle," the mayor said it is an example ' of the "power of prayer." Mrs. Ungerer, hospitalized 12 days, suffered a complete collapse of the thyroid. At Mr. Satter's suggestion, council voted to write Mrs. Ungerer to wish her speedy convalescence,

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Thomas Craig, son of Mr. ana Mrs. Thomas Craig, Tlndall rd, celebrated his fifth birthday July 12 at a family celebration with Relatives attending from Red £ank, Atlantic Highlands, KeansTjurg and Belford. ' Mr. and Mrs, Charles Kruegei and sons have returned home from a vacation in Oklahoma They visited Mr. and Mrs. Dale Earlywine and family of Oklaho ma City, and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Allee of Elk City A family reunion was held a*-, the picnic grounds in Sayer. ReMlves pi Blent were Mr. and Mrs. Elmer HI'l ana Tyndel Hill of Wlllets, Cnl, and Mrs. C. W. Holtman anil •children of Linwood, III., who made the trip especially for the * "reunion. Marylu and Virginia Knappcrberger, daughters of Mr. and Mis Ralph Knappenberger, spent the past two weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Clemens Unser of Eln hurst, L. I. Mrs. Roy Mecke, of Kansas City, Mo., arrived here laBt week to reside temporarily with her anpther, Mrs. Ethel Culp of New •Monmouth rd. Mrs. Mecke la attending school In New York and •has been residing here.

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Township Awards Pact for 7 Roads RARITAN TOWNSHIP —The township committee Monday night awarded a contract for the resurfacing of seven roads for a total of $4,022.40. The action was taken at a special meeting. The sections of roads to be Improved are: Florence ave., Union nvo, Bethany rd,, Poole ave., Twelfth St., Finewood ave. and Holly ave The low bid wa3 submitted by the JIanEo Contracting Co., Matawan, which was given the contract. The contract, to be car ried out under the supervision of Township Engineer Craig rinnegan, calls for 10,016 gallons of asphaltic oil and 420 tons of crushed stone. A hearing for violation of the alcoholic beverage laws for Lakeview inn, rt. 36, was postponed _at the request of the defendant's attorney, Ezra W, Karkus.

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Thursday, July 26, 1956-25

Weddings, Engagements and Other Social News of Community Interest Outwater—Kobelt Nuptials

Mr. and Mrs. Werner Kobelt Miss Ruth Lois Outwater, gown and a wreath of flowers. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Law- She carried a summer bouquet flowers. \ rence N. Outwater of 113 Wood- of yellow bine ave., Little Silver, became The mother o£ the bride wore a white chiffon print gown with the bride of Werner Kobelt, Navesink River rd., Locust, Saturday muted gray flowers, white accesat the Red Bank Presbyterian sories, and a corsage of Btephchurch. Rev. Charles S. Webster anotis. Dr. Edward Banta of Red Bank officiated. The bridegroom is the son of was best man. Ushering were Harry B. Freeman, Jr., MiddleMrs. Matilda Kobelt of Saint Morltz, Switzerland, and the late town township, and Charles Coleman, Rumson. Dr. Werner Kobelt. ~" A "reception was* neld at the Escorted in marriage by her Outwater residence. After a father, the bride wore a baller- wedding trip to Cape Cod, the ina-length gown of -white lace. couple will reside In Locust. Her short veil was attached to The bride is a graduate of R'.d a crown of seed pearls and she B"ank high school and is a model carried a bouquet of lilies of the with the Kimberly Knit company, valley and stephanotls. New York. Mrs, B'ruce Anderson, sister of Mr. Kobelt la a textile enthe bride, was her attendant. gineer with the Gerli Silk comSh» wore a jade green chiffon pany, New York.

Married at St. Agnes

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Green A T L A N T I C HIGHLANDSMIS* VJvIan Francis Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Smith of 60 West Washington ave., became the bride of Kenneth R. Green, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oz«le Green of Marlboro, Sunday at St Agnes Catholic church. ^ Rev. Karl Wagner officiated. Mrs. William Mulligan was organist. . Escorted to marriage by her father, the bride wore a streetlength gown ot white lace and net trimmed with seed pearls. Her waist-length veil fell from a crown of seed pearls and she carried gardenias on her prayer book. Miss Patricia Moulton of Connecticut wa« maid-of honor. Attendant! were Mlsa Dorothy Reamer, Keansburg, and Mrs. Loretta Noble, Marlboro. They wore gowns of light IJIUU lace and carried bouquets of red roses. Elanna Fcrranto, Hazlet, niece

of the bride, and Anna Mae Smith, sister of the bride, were flower girls. They wore white frocks and carried bouquets of roses. Paul Ralph, Red Bank, nephew of the bride, was ring bearer. Thomas Comerford, Mlddletown township, was best man. Ushering were Nell Hughes and Leroy Smith, Jr., brother of the bride. The bride's mother wore a light blue lace gown with pink accessories. The mother of the bridegroom chose pink organdy with white accessories. A reception was held at Buck Smith's restaurant In Keansburg. For her wedding trip through the South, the bride chose a blue linen dreas with white accessories. Mrs. Green attended St. Agnes school and Star of the Sea academy in Long Branch. She is employed by Bay Shore Togs In Atlantic Highlands. Mr. Green attended Red Bank high school and is employed by Hopping, McHonry and Frost In Atlantic Highlands.

Former Marine May Be Called to Testify

Kathryn Patricia Ruddy, Daniel F. Smith

MIDDLETOWN—Carl Biggins,' 27 Lone Oak rd., an ex-Marine discharged last year, has been asked to testify for the defense In tlio court martial of Staff Sgt. Matthew C. McKeon at Farrls Island, N. C, i Mr. Hlg-gins, who served three years In the Marines, said ho had contacted Sgt. McKeon's lawyors and offered to testify, Sgt. McKcon'o lowyorB Monday said they would call him in a few days. Emll Zola Bcrman, dofoMo attornoy in the court martial prococdlngs, hod appealed for oxMarlnca to testify.

LITTLE SILVER — Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ruddy of 385 Branch ave., announce the engagement of their daughter Miss Kathryn Patricia Ruddy, to Daniel F. Smith of Winter Park, Fla. A lato summer wedding Is planned. Mies Ruddy was graduated from Red Bnnk Catholic high school, and attended Monmouth Junior college and Seton Hall university. Sho Is employed by tho Louis Cowan Productions In Now York city. Mr. Smith served with tho 517th Parachuto Infantry of the 13th Airborne division, and la a graduato of tho University of Maryland. Ho la employed by tho Deportment of tho Army.

Typiwrltar Barinlm All mnkoi n«w unu raaonuUIonaa. Aim adiilnf machine! Low n> 180.50. Gimrtntieil Llbtrnl traili-ln ullovr. >ncs Itmy torntl HoruluD'o, 101 MonIt pnys to nrtviM-Unu In 'Ww Heal'lmoiitK it. UE 11.0488 Next to Cnrltpr,—AavcrtlBcmrnt, ton tjenttr.—Adrortli«mi>nt )•;

CORSON—HELL FORT" MONMOUTH — Mias yce Shirley Corson, daughter Mr. and Mrs. Belvan Corson 55 Fourth st., Highlands, bene the bride of Thelbert Har. Hill, son of Mr. and. Mrs. T. Hill of Bladenboro, N.'C., SatJay at chapel one. Chaplain D. FlerrelH officiated. Given in marriage by her fant, the bride wore a gown of ted imported French rose point 38 over a satin bodice. Her bal. ina-length skirt was made ot so point tulle over satin. She id a Queen Anne collar and ng-polnted lace sleeves. The igertip-length veil was trimmed ith Imported French rose point =e and attached to a crown .' seed pearls. The bride carried hite roses on her Bible. Mrs. Wilson Robert Brown, Jghlands, was her sister's ma•on of honor. She wore a lavener ballerina-length gown which ad a fitted taffeta bodice and a ull nylon net skirt. She carried •ollow carnations and baby's ireath. Sgt. William Fricke of Fort lancock was best man. The bride's mother chose a link dress with white accessories. !he had a corsage of blue carmtlons. A buffet supper was served at he home of the bride's parents ollowlng the wedding. The bride was graduated from Ulantic Highlands high school nd is employed as a telephone •perator at the Atlantic Highjnds telephone exchange. The bridegroom was graduated rom Bladenboro high school and attended North Carolina State college. He Is a private in the Army. Mrs. Hill was given a bridal shower by her friends at the telephone exchange before her marriage. Mrs. Peggy Cooper and Miss Ann Nlcholls were hostesses. Attending were Mrs. Julia Bradley, Mrs. Elizabeth Tiedeman, Mrs. Nancy Oakes, Mrs. Helen Desmond, Mrs. Elsa Norcross, Mrs. Marie Curtln, Mrs. Marie Fordham, Mrs. Marlon Van Carpels, Mrs. Gertrude Cyphert, Mrs. Josephine Senn, Mrs. Mary Chambers, Mrs. Catherine Palmatler, Mrs. Evelyn Warren, Mrs. Claire Suhocki, Mrs. Thelma Williams, Mrs. Blossom Smith and Misses Mary O'Neil, Alyce Janus, Eleanor Hallam, Patricia Reilly, Mona Sodasky, Barbara Brltton, Joyce Linzmayer,- Barbara Damon, Almeda Bennett, Barbara Ely and Jacqueline Williams. LTJDWIG—FINNERAN Mias Ruth Ethel Ludwig, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Ludwig, Brook ave., Little Silver, became the bride of P.F.C. Eugene John Flnneran, U. S. Marine Corps, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Finnflrnn, Mlddlntnwn, N. Y,, Saturday at Trinity Episcopal church. Rev. Charles H. Best, rector, officiated. Charles Gotschalk was. organist and Richard Warner soloist. The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore a ballerinalength gown of white embroidered Swiss organdy over aquarmarlne taffeta. The gown was designed with a square neckline, short sleeves and bouffant skirt with embroidered hemline. Her veil of silk Illusion was attached to a headpiece cloche of organdy. She carried atephanotis and sweetheart roses.. Miss Catherine Bolten, Fair Haven, was maid of honor. She wore a ballerina-length organdy dress over pink with a bonnet of matching organdy. She carried blue delphinium and pink roses. Other attendants were Mrs. Frank Thomas, Red Bank, and Miss Selma Curry, Fair Haven. They, wore white over yellow gowns and carried blue delphinium and yellow roses. Daniel Finneran, Mlddletown, was his brother's best man. Ushering were another brother, Michael Finneran, Roosevelt, N. Y., and the bride's brother, Richard Ludwig. A reception was held at WlUowbrook inn, Fair Haven. For traveling to New England, the bride chose a blue and white checked ensemble with white accessories. The bride Is a graduate of Red Bank high school. She is employed by the New Jersey Bell Telephone company in Red Bank. Tho bridegroom is stationed at the Naval Ammunition Depot, Earlo. He is a graduate of St. Peter's high school, Saratoga Springs, N. Y., and Orange County Community college, Middletown.

Miss Marcia Ginsberg, William M. Goldberger NASHVILLE, Tenn.^Mr. and Mrs. William Ginsberg announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Marcia Ginsberg, to William M. Goldb»rger, son ol Mr. and Mrs. Nation Goldberger of Perth Amboy and Rumnon. Tlie wedding will taku place 3p.pt, 2. Mls.i Ginsberg la a graduate of Ohio State university. She has done graduate work at Hunter college In New York city and Is a member of the executive trainIng program of R, H. Macy and company, Now York city. Mr. Goldberger received his bachelor degree from Georgia InBtltuti) of Technology and his chemical engineering degree In June from tho Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. He served two yenrs In the Navy and Is employed by U. S. Stctel In Chicago.

Mrs. Florence Hcieley Dirllidfty Party Guest Mrs. Floronco Helsloy of 30 Arthur pi. was honored Saturday by a group of fi'Iondu nt ft birthday party nt nor homo. Ouosts enjoyntl games and dancing, A midnight auppor waB served. Attending were Mr, nnd Mis.

Bride of Robert Baker

Mrs. Robert Baker

BLONDIN—GORMERLKY KEANSBURG—Miss Anna June Blondin, daughter of Mr. and Airs. Alfons Blondin of Compton ave., West Kennsburg, and Holmes Joseph Gormerley,' son of Mrs. Margaret Gorroerley of Church st. and Michael Gormerley of Keansburg, were muiilud Saturday at St. Ann's Catholic church. Rev. Anthony Capitani, pastor, officiated at the double ring ceremony. The bride's parents also observed their 33d wedding anniversary the day of their daugh ter's wedding. A reception followed at Duffy's Irish house, East Keansburg, honoring both couples. Given in marriage by her father, the bride worn a gown of Chantllly lace, and tulle, styled with a fitted basque bodice which had a Queen Anne styled collar, long-pointed sleeves and a ful skirt of tulle and lace. Her flngertip-lcngth Illusion veil was attached to a crown of matching lace and she carried a prayer book covered with white roses and valley lilies. Miss Joan Donnelly of Hoboken, the honor attendant, woro light bluo floor-length taffeta, with a matching ttara of bridal moss. She carried a light blue lace fan, decorated with pink roses. All the bridesmaids wore the same styled gown as that of the honor attendant, in rainbow colors. They were Mrs. Fred Crosble, West Keansburg, the bridegroom's sister, who wore aqua; Miss Jane Weber, Keansburg, also the bridegroom's sister, who wore mint green; Mrs. Stanley Maglio, Jersey City, who wore maize, and Mrs. Robert Helfrich, West Keansburg, who wore orchid. All had tiaras of bridal moss and all carried fans matching their gowns, decorated with yellow roses. Kathleen Ferrlck of Middletown, the bride's niece, who was the flower girl, was dressed in pink taffeta. She had a match.ing-.W?w!band- cf pink horsthaiiand carried pink roses in a basket. The bride's mother chose powder bluo lace and a corsage nt orchids. The bridegroom's mother was dressed In Dior blue and shu had a corsage of orchids. Frank Wober of North Arlington was best man for his brother. The ushers were Donald Blondin, the bride's brother, and Robert Helfrich, West Keansburg, and Bruce Sprafford and Joseph Kelly, Keansburg. For a wedding trip to Canada, the bride wore a red and white ensemble. Tho couple will make their home on 83 Church St., Keansburg, The bride Is employed by Progressive Life Insurance company of Rt-d Bank and attended Dem. arcsl high school in Hoboksn. The bridegroom was graduated from Central high aelinol in New. avk and is employed as a construction worker. He served with the Army military police two years.

KEYPORT—In St. Mary's Episcopal church Sunday afternoon, Miss Shirley Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Brown of highway 18, Browntown, became the bride of Robert Baker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joh'n Baker of Weldon rd., Matawan. Rev, Henry Male, rector, officiated. All white gladioli, with palms as a background, decorated the church. Mrs. Edward Prhiz 'WHJ3' organist, Mrs. Dorothy Scalzo, soloist. A reception followed at Rollo's Post House in Keyport. The bride, escorted by her father, wore a floor-length gown of nylon tulle and hand appliqued lace over taffeta, styled with a fitted bodice which had a Sabrina neckline, and a full Bkirt styled with a chapel sweep back. Her fingertip-length veil was attached to a crown of .appliqued lace and sequins and she carried a prayer book with white orchids. Miss Muriel Baker of Matawan was maid of honor. The bridesmaids were Misses Barbara Hickey and Carol Kinhafer, both of Matawan, The honor attendant was

dressed in a ballerina-length gown of yellow chiffon, with a scalloped crown headpiece which had a short veil. Her flowers were lavender and yellow gladioli. The bridal attendants wore the same styled gown in lavender, with large picture hats and bouquets of lavender and yellow gladioli. The bride's mother chose blue silk chiffon and blue and white accessories. 5:rf6 bridegroom's* mother wore pink lace, with white accessories. Both mothers had corsages of #hlte orchids. Kenneth Henderson of Matawan was best man. Frank Dell and Thomas Magee, also of Matawan, were ushers. When the couple return from their wedding trip to the Poconos, they 'will live at 154 Main St., Matawan. The bride's traveling costume was black and white and her corsage was orchids. ^he bride, a graduato of Matawan high school, is employed at the Naval Ammunition depot at Earle, The bridegroom, also a Matawan high school graduate, Is a butcher, employed at Dell's Market at Matawan. He served in the Navy five years.

Rose Marie Lima, Ronald F. Evans

Barbara Kollock, Robert Fisler

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lima of River st., at a party at their home Saturday, announced the engagement of their daughter. Miss Rose Marie Lima, to Ronald F. Evans, son of Mrs. Dora Evans of Monmouth st. Miss Lima, a Red Bank high school graduate, is employed In

MIDDLETOWN — Announcement has been made of the engagement of Miss Barbara Kollock, daughter of Mrs. Katherlne Muriel L. Mounce, Kollock of. Jefferson st., Headden's Corner, and the late Stan- Eric D. Anderson ley B. Kollock, to Robert Flsler, son of "Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. RUMSON—Mr. and Mrs. Shirley C. Mounce of. Highland ave, Flsler of Belford.

Married at Keansburg

Air. and Mrs. Robert SL KEANSBURG-MIss Arlene Frances Nellson, daughter of Mr. and Mr3. James G. Nellson of 171 Seeley ave., became the bride of Robert M. Seydler, son of August Seydler of 65 Mercer st, West Keansburg, and the late Mrs. Seydler, Saturday at the.. Metba-. dist church. Rev, Olto Janke, pastor, officiated. Escorted in marriage by her father, tho bride wore a floorlength gown of white tulle over satin with an Illusion neckline and high standing collar trimmed with Valoncienne lace. Her fingertip-length veil of nylon tulle fell from a lace cap trimmed with seed pearls. She carried a colonial style bouquet of white roses. Mrs. Lorraine Wickman of Glen Ridge was matron of honor. Sho wore a cocktail-length gown of aqua tulle over taffeta and carried a colonial style bouquet of yellow roses. Patricia Sullivan was flower

girl. She wore a frook of whit* and pink nylon and carried a colonial style bouquet of Whit* and blua carnations. The bride's mother ohoee » gown of pink lace and wors t, corsage of gardenias. Henry Rlchman was best man. Ushering were Gordon A. Nslb son and James E, Neilson, brothers of the bride. /' A reception was held at LaJ.ovlew inn on rt. 36, West Keansburg after the ceremony. For traveling, the brtde chose a blus linen suit with dark blus accessories. Sho wore a corsaga ot yellow roses. Both Mr. and Mrs. Seydler were graduated from Mlddletown township high school. Mr. Seydler la employed as a salesman fur Sharpe Tire company in Red Bonk. After their wedding trip, the couple will live at M Mercer st, West Keanaburg.

Mark 50th Anniversary yjtw»''- ' i

Mr. and Mrs, Ernes* Uhllg Miss Rose M. Lima

Miss Barbara Kollock

Miss Muriel h. Mounce

the bookkeeping department of the Second National bank of Red Bank. Mr. Evans, who served with the 82d Airborne division six years, Is employed by M. J. Stavola company of Rod Bank. Attending were Mrs. Dora Evans, Mr. and Mrs. George Evans and family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lima and son, Mr. and Mrs. Achlllo Cannizzaro and son, Mrs. Jonny Cannlzzaro, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Craparo and son, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Craparo, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Craparo, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Flanagan and family, Mr, and Mrs. CharleB Evans, Mr, and Mrs. Arnold Evans and family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Agamonnono and family, Mrs. Maria Blzzano and Mr. and Mrs. Tony DINocero.

Both Miss KoUock and her flance are graduates of Middletown township high school. The bride-elect is omployed at Fort Monmouth. Mr. Fisler is associated with his brother, Edward A. Flsler, Jr., as a commercial fisherman. Guests at an engagement dinner party at the home of the prospective bride were Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Flaler, Jr., and son Edward, 3d, Belford; Mrs. Reberta, Myers and son Ronald, Now Monmouth; Mr, and Mrs. John Hucston, Leonardo; Walter Wytrwal, Sayreville, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Mollook, Sr,, Miami, Fla.

have announced the engagement of their daughter, Miss. Muriel Louise Mounco, to Eric Davis Anderson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eric P, Anderson of Ramsey, A fall wedding Is planned. The prospective bride was graduated from the Norbhfleld School for Glrla at East Northfield, Mass., and tho University of Rhode Island, where she was a tcxtllo major. She is employed in the style department of Springs Mills, Inc. Her fiance is an alumnus of Brooklyn preparatory and i.i« University of Rhode Island, where he WO3 «lected to Phi Gamma Delta. He Is employed by Metal and Thermit corp., at Rnhway.

Williams—Bruno ' Nuptials Saiurday

Man of Year Buffet Aug. 14

Miss Marylu RicS Sandford lloeaser BBLFORD — Mr. and Mrs. Claude Richmond of Compton st. announce the engagomont of their dnuchtor, Miss Marylu Richmond, to Sandford Roeser, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer C. Roesor of Pittsburgh, Pa. Miss Richmond Is a graduate of Mlddletown township high school and Trenton State Teachers college. Her fiance graduated from Washington and Joffernon collogo, Washington, Pa., and rccontly tins been appointed to tho Btaff of tho collogo. TIIL wedding will tnlto placo Aug. 25 at tho Methodist church hero. Harold Danes, Mr. and Mis. Cloment Jiiblonsky, Mr. and Mis. Fi'ort Zcllman, Mr, nnd Mrs. Edward Carlo, Mm. Winifred Longntroot, Mm, Floronci Davln, Mlns Linda Cnrpontcr, Robert Danon, Jnmcs Wiley, John ffliulo, William Danci, Hnrold C'olcrV:nnd Rlchurd Danon.

SEA BRIGHT—A bridal shower was given for Miss Jacquelyn Williams by her fellow workers at tho Atlantic Highlands telephone oxchango last week at the Bamboo room hero. Miss Williams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Charles E, Williams of 165 Summit avo,, Bolford, will become the brldo of Charlos R. Bruno, son of Councilman and Mm. Charles T. Bruno of Branch ave,, Red Bank, Saturday at 11 a. m. at tho St. Agnes Catholic church, Atlantic Highlands. Pink nnd white decorations woro used and gifts wcro placed on a decorated tablo. A buffet supper was served. Attending worn Mlnncn Patricia Rollly, Mona SodiutUy, Eleanor Hallam, Mary O'Noll, Barbara Ely and Alyco Janus, Mrn, Julia Bradloy, Mrs, Nancy Oukns, Mm, BIBHom Smith, Mm. Ruth B™son, Mrs, llnrnlcn flcynim, Mm, Elizabeth Tlndoinnn, Mm. BIKII NorcrOKs anil Mr», Helim Diamond, \<


MORGANV1LLE — A preliminary trlbuto to tho "man of tho year" of Monmouth county will bo the theme of "tho man of tho year" buffot dinner and dance at the Lavole laboratories' plcnio grovo Snturdny, Aug. i. In tho event of rain, tho affair will bo staged. Saturday, Aug. 11, Entire piococilu of tho dlnnerdnnco will go to Hazard Memorial hospital. An all-star show, with the music of Walter Staegar and hla orchestra, will feutuie tho proKi'i'tn, which honors Assemblyman Alfred N. Bcadlcston of Shrewsbury, recently named ''man of tho year" for 1055, Boa(llraton will bn honored at a later dlnnor, dato of which will bo announced nhortly,

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS—Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Uhllg of Memorial pkwy, residents of this borough the past ten years, marked their 50th wedding anniversary Saturday at the home of relatives In Cranston, R. I,, where they woro married 50 years ago, The couple spent tho weok4nd at Cranston, guesta of Mrs. Uhlig's nephew and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Al Nelson. Thore they visited Mrs. UhJig's cousin and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fager, at whose homo tho anniversary party was held. The party was arranged by their son, Robert E. Uhlig of Atlantic Highlands, and

Nntico Th» Kwl Hunk Horuurh Well Bnhy tlinlivwhicli Is usually hpld on the ate>ml unit fourth Tiifailftyn i*t end) Now Yiprli Turi!|itl<> Cupreii mmlh nt Hlver Stropt. nrliool vn(«ll.Uil ruuml trlIP. Kroquonl aorvloi. crlit will bo liel«l on Tw»i»ilay, AUK. Nu [mrkl'iu problem Kcoiionilcul. i'or 7 IUMI Tiicftdny. Aim. 21. This CIIIIIIK« inly cirpctlvd the month vt Aii«imt. l.lmo ntul lohmlulo. itti f)-O3H5.— '.elver* —-AUvwtUomeiit.

Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. JTagar. MT. and Mrs. Uhlig w>rs mar-' rled at Cranston, where both formerly resided. Mrs. iJlillg i* the former Eva Safsstrim of that place. They have been 1,'ew Jersey residents since 1916, Prior to moving to Atlantic HlghJcnda th» couple resided at River 'I-*laza. On their return trip w> New Jersey Sunday, the couple, together with thoir son and hi* wife, stopped at Ye CoHu,fC inn, Keyport, for dinner. Thero th» management, upon hearing about the gfclden wedding annlvemary, provided a wedding; cake.

Miss Scarbrough Win* Two Scholarships Miss Judy Ann Scarbrough, daughtsr of ilia. Raymond Leo of Cathorlno at., has been awarded a stato university scholarship and a college scholarship to Douglass college whero sho i» now a Junior. Miss Scajbrough has bcon appointed chairman of the Campua Chest for 1056-57 and !« vie* chairman of International weekend at the college. Miss Scarbrough was graduated as valedictorian of her olasi at tho FrankfuVt American high school In Frankfurt, Gormany. Sho attended River Street school and was In her junior year at Red Bank high school whim tha family moved to Gormany wher« hor stepfather, Sgt. Raymond Lon, was stationed, Sho also studied at tho University ot Maryland's Extension branch In Munich, Gormany. Mias Scarbrough Is tho nloco of Mrs. Anulo Juckof River st.



Fl«hln». hunting, clmnmlm «»d lowiind-arrow llcini™; «Iio trout ««o tluok •tnmpi. Kldln'u, Broad anil l-'t
26-Thursday, July 26, 1956


has lost his liceniie for six months under the point system, Frederick J. Gassert, director of motor vehicles, announced today. Skrlpko had three spelding, a TRENTON—Michael D. Skripko, 25, of rt. 36, Wost.Keansburg, careless driving and noisy cxhause convictions against him. William V. Houst, 20, of Wanamassa, had his license revoked for three months on three speeding: and one careless driving charges. Air ^ •SkipJ'^rr HotieV

Two County Motorists Lose Licenses

Six Realty Sales Regulations Set In Local Market For Playgrounds

Thompson & Lefferts of White LITTLE SILVER-An ordinst. report the recent closing of six realty transactions which brings ance was introduced by mayor into our locality six additional and council Tuesday night to families through their efforts. Th regulate the use of playgrounds firm reports that there is an un- and recreation areas. Offered by Councilman George limited number of parties who are anxious to locate in this terri- R. Woodhead, the measure bans tory and that they are busy show "rowdyism" and "disorderly coning properties listed with them to duct" and sets a maximum fine of piM^ERVICE 5J4 :.C6oKmarr. Av«:'itt Hilis1' • d r u a S50 for a violation of any section It takes about $20,000 invested prospective buyers. •Store — Hour's/ r A . M . nb 9 ' P . M . to create one Job in U. S. indua ,Ph6hc -. PRoapect- 5.0650 • " ••• Mr. and Mrs. Sa.muel Griesmer of the law. •The recreation commission Is try. of River Plaza have purchased a 30-acre farm from Mr. and Mrs. given permission to set aside certain portions of recreation William de Jonge In Atlantic township, near Colt's Neck. The areas for particular games or Griesmers are now living in the particular uaes; to reserve ceroriginal farmhouse, but will soon tain area for specific groups or start construction on a new home individuals, and to fix the hours to be located on a rolling wooded of use. Anyone interfering with a area affording a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside. game or found guilty of "malicMr. Griesmer is a pilot with East- ious destruction" of equipment ern Air Lines and captains one and facilities will be subject to of the super Constellation plane fine, either in magistrate's court on Long distance flights. The or before a juvenile tribunal. The sale was negotiated by Mrs. Amy same is true for those who litter Van Vliet of the agency. the area or fall to keep It in a Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Holm of clean and brderly manner. Bicycles, horses and automoNew Shrewsbury have recently purchased a new ranch home in biles may not be driven or ridden the Rlverdell farm section of Mld- on the tennis courts or in any dletown. The house consists of area where a game is In progress, living room, dining room, three the ordinance declares. bedrooms and two baths, with a i large recreation room in the cellar. Mr. Holm is employed by Auxiliary Plans the DuPont company at Parlih, N. J. as a research associate. Two Activities Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Smith, SHREWSBURY—The auxiliary who five years ago came to this of the Shrewsbury fire company, country from England, also pur- meeting Tuesday at the fire chased a new ranch home in the house, made plans for a barbecue Rlverd&ll farm area. Mr. Smith party for members and their husis a production supervisor in the bands and a September bake sale. Photo Products department of the A new member, Mrs. Walter WilDuPont company. Mr. and Mrs. son, was Introduced. Smith will soon become citizens The barbecue party will be held >f the United States. We wish to extend our congratulations and Saturday, Aug. 4 at the home of Mrs. Patrick D'Aloia on Sycamore wish them good fortune In their new country and home. George ave. Assisting hostesses will be R. Hoffmlre, a recent newcomer Mrs, Louis Longo, Mrs. Frank to the Real Estate family, nego- Dancey and Mrs. George Jeffry. Mrs. Dancey will be bake sale ;lated the above two sales. chairman, assisted by Mrs. WilMr. and Mrs. Donald C. Suther- ll Addle, Mrs. Raymond Mass, land, formerly of Niagara Falls, N. T., purchased a six-room ranch Mrs. Charles E. Moraller and Mrs. Jeffry. home on 50 Rutledge dr., MiddleHostesses Tuesday were Mrs. town, from Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Houston, who have moved to Cal- John Parker, Mra. John Poole ifornia. Mr. Sutherland is em- and Miss Lucy Parker. ployed as a senior supervisor in the Electro Chemical department of the DuPont company. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Daws&n of PLYMOUTH HOMES, INC. Navesink, purchased a ranch Route 22, Hillside, N. J. home from Jacob Lefferts on 72 Rutledge dr., Mlddletown, Mr. 1 Please send me the free picture portfolio of new homes. I Dawson is employed by the Bell Telephojj?.laboratories as a senior technical associate In the Radio Research department. The above two sales were made by G. Trusktman Glazebrook. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Spotts • have sold their home on HamllI I hive checked below the Information you desire. | . tonlan dr., Middletown, to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gelling of Red Bank. • I own a lot | It is a charming ranch home with I Where? -...;... I six rooms and was custom built I I plan to build „ • for Mr. Spotts, who was recently transferred to Pltrafleld, Mass. I Name : I Mrs. Dionisi, an associate of 1 Address " Thompson & Lefferts, negotiated the sale. City „ _ _ _ _ _ 1 state I

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MATAWAN— Mrs. John Hulsart of South Amboy was given a shower recently by Mrs. Gregory McGowan and Miss Patricia Hulsart at their home on Little st. Guests were Mrs. Thomas Hulsart, and Miss Patricia Haniey of Matawan; Miss Carol Drake, Metuchen; Mrs. Andrew Hulsart, Sr., Red Bank; Mrs. Francis Hanson, Monmouth Junction; Mrs. Gene Smith, South River; Mrs. Joseph Duggan, Mrs. Eugene Duggan, Mrs. Harry Hullet, Mrs. William Kohler, Miss Helen Kennedy, Mrs. Stanley Benk, Miss Beatrice Carroll, Miss Marie Kohler, Miss Jean Kohler, Mrs. William Smith and Miss Cell Conway, 3outh Amboy.

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Plymouth.' | - ^ Homes RED BANK Brest! Si. (Route 35) Comer Newman Springs Road Phone: Red Bank 6-5911 OTHER OFFICES: HILLSIDE, SWARTSWOOD, PARAMUS, LODI, RAHWAY, EAST BRUNSWICK, WOODBRIDGE, BELIE MEAD,

TRENTON, CAMDEN, TOMS RIVER, VINEUHD. SUMMARY OR SYNOPSIS OF 1955 AUDIT REPORT OF THE BOROUGH OF RED BANK AS REQUIRED BY R. S. 40:4-2 COMBINED COMPARATIVE BALANCE SHEET ASSETS Dec. 31,1966 Dee. 31, 1954 Oih - . . . * 698,866.61 I 366,068.24 Investments ...: 36,000.00 36,000.00 T u n , Tax Till. U n i t «nd Utility Oharcei Receivable -.-. 168,616.47 146.441.48 Assessment* and Asmtment Liens Receivable .... 3,961.86 7,708.66 Property Acauired by Tax Titlo Lieni Liquidation 2,400.00 Bank Stock 1,300.60 Accounts Receivable and Inventory 21,243.10 22,2.16.75 ,Fix«d Capital Authorized and Uncornptefod— " Utility .. . 533,000.00 500,000.00 Fixed Capital—Utility 628,242.03 619,266.68 Deferred Charges to Future Taxation—General .... 401,397.20 410,647.20 Deferred Charge to Succeeding Year's Revenue .... 8,000.00 Total Asset LIABILITIES, RESERVES AND SURPLUS Bonds Payable Notes Payable —Appropriation Reterves ' Accounts Payable and Other Liabilities Improvement Authorisation. _ Statutory and Special Funds *. Reserve and Deferred Reserve for Amortisation, Filed Capital Reserve for Certain Asiets Receivable Surplus Total Liabilities, Reserves and Surplus



I 826.700.00 28,760.00 73,191.66 1«,?J».6» 331,086.21 44.744.9S

I 360,700.00 41,000.00 50,061.91 13,386.40 547,378.40 31,176.68 ' 562,242.08 618,265.68 188,262.31 169,575.20 821,782.2! 275,110.39



COMPARATIVE STATEMENT OF OPERATION AND SURPLUSCURRENT ACCOUNT YEAR 195E YEAR 1954 REVENUE Surplus Revenue Appropriated ..$ 76,000.00 $ 68,000.00 Current Revenue (Cash Bails) 1,554,653.67 1,399,922.37 Total Revenue EXPENDITURES Appropriations—Budget and Emergency Local School Tax County Tax J.._ Total Expenditures


67,964.95 1,588.70 710.80

Total Income Extraordinary Expenditure: Advance to Assessment Trust Account

I 116,081.51 1

Amount Added to Surplus Revenue Surplus Revenue: Balance January 1st

J 109,SSI.U 207,568.44


Sub-Total Less: Appropriated In Current Budget Balance December 31st

I 317,119.9t 76,000.00 » 242,119.98

I 270,668.44 68,000.00 I 207,558.44


6,500.00 |


COMPARATIVE STATEMENT OF OPERATION AND SURPLUS WATER AND SEWER UTILITY ACCOUNT YEAR 1S61 YEAR 1054 .(BVBNUE Operating Surplus Appropriated I 15,000.00 S Current Revenue (C.ih Basis) 188,231.04 175,024.82 Total Revcnus EXPENDITURES Appropriations—Budget and Emergency

I 203,281.04

Income From Operations Add to Income—By StaluUi Deferred Charges in above expenditures (Incurred Currently)



Added to Operating Surplus Operating Surplus: Balance January 1st



I 176,024.32


141,702.90 {







H I G H L A N D S - T h e Ladles' auxiliary of the first aid squad will hold a card party Wednesday, Aug. 15, at 8 p. m.- at the first aid building, Valley and Fourth sts. Mrs. William Kornek, chairman, will be assisted by Mrs. George J. Lahey, Mrs. Michael J. Monahan, Jr., and Mrs. Harry V. Tompkins. A first aid course will be given in the fall, open to all women. Applications are being accepted by Mrs. Martin D. Fehlhaber, president, Mrs. Orris D. Steelman, chairman, reported the dessert-card party July 18 was successful. It was announced that auxiliary members have started to pick up the first aid coin cards. Following the meeting, a pollyanna secret pal party was held with Mrs. Steelman and Mra. Monahan, Jr., as celebrants. Each received a home-made cake and a gift from her secret pal. Also attending were Mrs. Fehlhaber, Mrs. Edward A. Finlay, Mra. George J. Lahey, Mrs. William E. Kornek, Mrs. Walter A. Mewes, Mrs. David E. Patterson, Mrs. Harry V. Tompkins and Mra. Sivert M. Walstrom.





88,552.29 1

Plans and specifications, form of blii t l X t l l s contract and bond for the proposed*


Balance December Slut






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work are on die and may be obtained upon application lo the Director, III. vision of Purchase and Property, State House. Trenton 7, New Jersey on da> lioslt of twentyflve dollars' (125.1)0) KKC0MMENDA7 (ONS each sett this amount to be reThat the following outstanding checks charged Against the Current Cnsh for to the bidder upon receipt of Account In the Second National Bank, be Investigated and cancelled as they funded same In good condition within 80 days are more than one year oM. after the award of the contract, No. Amount DEPARTMENT OK THE TMSASUItY, 2840 | 2.40 Division of Purchass and Property. 4471 12.00 OHAHLKS K. SULLIVAN, Iliat interfund account advances he cleared by payment! 23.10 Director, The above summary or synopsis was prepared from the report of audit of the Borough of Jtarl Dank, County of Monmouth, for the calendar year 1956. Tin Iteglsttr'i cliiclfied •dvartlitThis report of audit, submitted by Herliert A, Csrusoe Registered Municipal menti havn more rand err wlilch nmtu Accountant. Is on file at ll'.i ^utuusii oi*ik'» u.^f* ana tnay be Inspected by mor» result* .Somnnn* has what ymi iny interested ptrirm, wnnt or want or_wlll .will buy ITvhut you hav* to melt. AMY K, RII1NN, <—Advertisement, Borough Clerk.

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Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals will be received in the Re»1,629,663.61 TTTis2.922.a7 ception Room of the, office of the Director, Divisjon of Purchase and Property, 2d floor, rear State House, Tren| 636,602.BE S 692,818.90 ton 7, New Jersey, l'or the following: 649,799.68 588,173.19 Identification Building, 230,265.77 218,970.88 •N J. State Police. Wllburtha West Trenton, N. J. 11,515,568.40 Jl.394,957.42 on the following branches of work:

Surplus Prom Operations _ < 114,086.27 Additions to Income: . Unexpended Balance Prior Year's Appropriations 1,627.43 Interfunds Returned 348.81


Party Aug. 15 For First Aid

A Century , of Pioneering

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Youth on Bond In Shooting Case MIDDLETOWN - Samuel R. Mclntyre, 22, Shark River rd., Eatontown, accused of firing a sawed off ,22-caliber rifle at a car driven by Julius Webber, 19, of 11 McAuliffe dr., New Brunswick, was released last night on $500 ball, posted by his mother, Mrs. Edna. Mclntyre. Mclntyro now faces action before the county grand jury on charges of assault and carrying a concealed weapon. At last night's hearing before Magistrate W. Gilbert Monson, Mclntyre pleaded guilty to carrying a concealed weapon. Following testimony by Webber, Mclntyre did not testify and was later released on bail. Webber told the court Mclntyre had told him to stay out of Belford unless he came "protected." Webber said he was returning to the home of Herbert Gallagher, 18, of 181 East End ave.. Belford, from Atlantic Highlands, when Melntyre passed him In a car on rt. 36. He said Mclntyre continued up the road and then suddenly stopped his car, a con vertlble, and fired a ahot at Webber's car. The bullet allegedly hit the center post of the Iront windshield, making a hole. Denies New Extension Mclntyre. told Magistrate Manson he had not obtained legal counsel and asked for time to do so. The magistrate said he had already given him such time and would not grant a postponement. Following the alleged shooting, Webber said he went to Gallagher's home to call police. He told the court while Gallagher was walking on the road in front of hla house, Mclntyre, who evldentI1 ly had followed Webber's car, awerved toward Gallagher "tryIng to hit him." Lieut. William Woodward of the Middletown police arrested Mclntyre shortly after he received the compaint from Webber. Clarence. Aumack, 16, al 7 Parkway, New Brunswick, accompanied Gallagher and Webber In the car, but only Webber testified last night. After court, Lieut. Woodward said the original complaint had been for atrocious assault, but now was for assault only. Going to Gravid J u r y - " Thomas L. Spencer, 1161 Herman St., Hackensack, harbor master at Rarltan bay, who la accused of firing ten shots at the boats of Edwin P. Slgler, 88 Main st., Port Monmouth, and Robert M. Mark, 509 Mills ave., Keansbure, waived preliminary hearing last night and will p.ppear before the grand jury. The cornplalnt against Spracer is that on the night of July 11, he fired seven shots at Mark's boat, the Barbara-Jennie, and three at Slg-ler's boat, the Barbara ' Ann Ely, In Rarltan bay. In other action last night, Magistrate Manson lined Edward Schimell, Hosford ave., Leonardo, ?5 for passing a red light, He couldn't pay the fine and his license was revoked for two weeks. A case against Alexander Brown for driving while on the revoked list "as postponed on* week. Brown said he wanted to Introduce sworn statements by his "superiors" at Fort Monmouth stating that he wa/i at the fort all day July 13, when he allegedly was given a ticket on Crestvicw dr., Middletown. Magistrate Hanson told him such RE




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statements were not legal evidence in New Jersey. Others fined were J. F. Klaus, Renfrew pi., Port Monmouth, $5 for passing a red light; Thomas Rosenberg, ?25 for careless driving; Clara Scfcik, 45 Garnsey pi., Belford, $5, for letting her dog run loose in violation of a borough ordinance, and Charles WilIner, 1112 Collins ave., Port Monmouth, $25 for dumping garbage at the lower end of Church St., Belford.

Syracuse Degree For Richard Nelson SYRACUSE—Richard Nelson, son of Mr. ond Mrs. nb«rlw NAIson, Walker Valley, N. Y., was graduated from Syracuse university June 4.

Blchard Nelson Mr. Neteon was formerly employed at Watson laboratories In Eatontown and was a resident of Atlantic Highlands. He now is head of the developing unit of the general engineering labs at the Air Development Center at Rome, N. Y. Mr. Nelson lives In Rome with his wife, the former Doris Steffer of Atlantic Highlands, and four children, Laura, Gregory, Nancy and Richard, Jr.

Shrewsbury Twp, PTA Organizes TINTON FATiLS—The-txeeulrve board of the/ Shrewsbury Town ship Parent-Teacher association met last night at the school here to outline program plans for the forthcoming year. Mrs. J. Lester Rlgby Is program chairman. The first activity will be a tea for faculty members and parents of pupils attending New Shrews bury schools, for the first time, Sept. 12, at the Tinton Falls school. This will be arranged so that parents may meet their children's teachers and learn the program and objectives of the PTA. Mrs. Peter Moreau, vice president, said the group will maintain a white elephant, children's game and hot dog booth at the New Shrewsbury Country fair Sept. 2r At th» suggestion of Mrs. John Beebe, members also decided to sell children's polo shirts at th< fair, Imprinted with the schoo colors and bearing the names of either Tinton Falls or Sycamore ichools. The next executive board meetIng will be Sept. 6. Plans will be made lor the start of the fall schedule.

Home-Arama of 1956' Set for Oct. 28-Nov. 4

ASBURY PARK—"Better Living in New Jeraey" will be the theme of the "Home-Arama of 1956" which will bo presented in Convention hell Oct. 28 to Nov. 4. The exhibit has been endorsed by the N. J. Shore Home Builders association and the Monmouth md Ocean county Lumber Dealers' association. Many retailers, distributors and manufacturers are expected to present exhibits. A featura of the show will be separate section on how to finance home Improvements and mortgages.

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Cor. White HI. ii Miitilo Avo. •, HDD HAWK

So. of IStli Avo., Hwy. 71 UN) II15 I. M A "i

Tel. REd Bank 6-3860

Tel. MUtual 1-0910

Since IBM

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Ask Study of State Bill Changing Regional Board Representation ASK STUDY OF STATE RUMSON—Assemblymen Alfred N. Beadleston and Clifton T. Barkalow will be asked by the Rumson-Falr Haven regional board of education to reserve decision, pending a thorough study, on a bill that could affect representation on the regional board. Sponsored by Sen. Charles W. Sandman (R-Cape May county), the bill would make enrollment figures the baolo lor ieiiitdeiitiition on regional boards and could lead to Fair Haven gaining a majority on the Rumson-Falr Haven regional board. Under existing law, representa^ tlon on a regional board is based on population and Rumson has had a 5-4 majority since the establishment of the regional board two years ago. A Rumson member always has been president of the board, and a Fair Haven member, vice president. Would Change Makeup How many members each borough would have on the regional board was determined by the population of each according to the 1950 census, according to which Rumson's population was 4,044 and Fair Haven's 3,560. If the present law remains in effect, there would be no change in representation until after the I960 census. Should the bill pass and enrollment figures be used as the basis for determining representation, Fair Haven probably could gain a majority within a few years. High school enrollment is now about 420, according to Dr. John F. Kinney, Jr., high school principal. Dr. Kinney estimated that about 55 per cent of the high school students are from Rumson, and 45 per cent are from Fair Haven. Based on that per cent estimate, RumBon has 231 students In high school and Fair Haven, 189.

14-Year-Old Boy Gets Back Safely LITTLE SILVER—John E. Cattllinl, 14-year-old son of M/Sgt. and... Mr?,. .JoSn- Cat-UUnl--at—Si Sllverslde ave., has a new bicycle and the experience of hitchhiking "part way" to Florida. .


Shore Easements Sent to Trenton Freeholder Director Joseph C. Irwln snld Tuesday all outstanding easement* necessary to the building of the new 5090,000 section of tile Monmouth Beach-fieii Bright sen wall were sent to the state "by registered mail" Mnnilny, As a result, ho said, he feels "confident" chat the State Department «if Conservation and Economic Development will act quickly on the award of contracts lr.r the Job and that work should be started "very shortly." Construction has boon blocked until now by n series of difficult negotiations, it was pointed out




McCarran Heads New PBA Unit MIDDLETOWN—John H. McCarran was Installed as president of the nowly-organlzed Patrolmen's Benevolent Association of the township police department at a meeting last week at the headquarters of the Veterans of Foreign Wars post. He was Installed by Richard Kruger, second vice president of the state P.B.A. Other officers installed were Joseph McCarthy, second vice president; John B. Kelly, secretary; Robert Olsen, treasurer; Frank Gleason, scrgeant-at-arms; Daniel S. Murdoch and Mr. McCarthy and Mr. Gleason, trustees, and Elwood Seely, delegate to the state organization for three years. Township officers joining the new chapter were Chief Enrl Hoyer, Deputy Chief Melvln L, Leek, Llcuts. Raymond Walling, William Woodward and Joseph Llnhart and Sgts. Kenneth Luker and William Schanck. The new P.B.A. will meet on the last Monday of each month at the Independent fire house Belford.




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John E. Cnttlllni The boy was picked up by Delaware Memorial bridge police Tuesday and he. readily admitted having run away from home. He had been missing since Sunday afternoon; following a movie at Fort Monmouth, and local police spread a four-state alarm for him. He tried to sell his damaged bicycle that afternoon at Mahn's bicycle shop, Eatontown but was turned down. Bridge police said Johnny told them: "I ran into an automobile on the post and the owner threatened to tell my father and get me Into trouble, so I left." He was headed for his grandmother's home In Florida, he added. He said he bicycled into Philadelphia, where he sold the bike Monday. He worked In a bowlIng alley Monday night to get additional funds and then headed further south, getting a ride to Wilmington. His father, a wartime lieuten ant colonel, made a radio appea' to the boy to return. In it, h' promised a new bicycle and sai< there would be no trouble abou' fixing the headlight on the a which the boy's bicycle hnd hi Delaware police praised th lad's deportment, saying he wn1 "very co-operative" and "we mannered." The policeman whi picked him up said he though he was a runaway because h. looked "lost, bewildered."

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License Revoked By Edwardsen

Next Friday 13th Sale Not Until September 1957

EATONTOWN—Ray E. Hochatedler of 90 Leonard st., Red Bank, was fined $25 and had his Iccnse revoked for 30 days this week by Acting Magistrate Peter J. Edwardsen, Ho was charged with npnprilng and traveling on the wrong side of the road. Jimmy Cothran of Fort Monmouth was fined $35 for driving without a license and with fictitious plates. Hyan Llttlman of Highland Pnrk paid $20 for careless driving, His cur struck a parked car. Fines of $10 oach lor Improper passing were paid by Patrick Daurla, Union; Robert Hovlk, 27 Mornlngslde ave., Kcansburg; William Lawflon, Neptune; Emll Eltcl, Union; Leo Karp, 219 Mon-. mouth at., Red Bank; Robert Taborn, 288 Roosevelt avo., Oakhurst; Floyd Lane, 1113 Suwell ave, Asbury Park; Josephine Murphy, 255 Shrewsbury avo., Highlands; Frank Jullano, Plnlnfield; Henry Ullrich, Fnlrvlow, inil Honry GuzloJmVBkl, Newark. Also paying $10 flnca were Helen Korrlnn, Newark, fnllure to givo right of way on sound of horn, and David Burks, Fort Monmouth, pns.ilnjr tralllc light. Hurka nlflo piild $5 for driving without his license Ijn his ponnonnlon.

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RED BANK REGISTER 28—Thursday, July 26, 1956

CASINO THEATER AT THE BEACH KEANSBURG £-0200 Frl. and int.. July 17. 28

"TOY TIGER" —With— JEFF CHANDLER and LORRAINE DAY "SCARLET" > "H0UR" OHMART tun., With Mon.,CAROL Tun.. July 29. 30, 31

"The Eddie Duchin Story" In Cinemascope and Color —With— TYRON POWER and KIM NOVAK Wii, -i:J Tl.lifi., S»6. i s :


'' G

Silver, with Rev. Theodore B, A. INFANT BAPTIZED ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS—The LeVan, rector, officiating. infant son of l l r . and Mrs. Al- Sponsors were Frank Kilgallen bert G. Wright, Jr., of 14 Hooper of Rumson, Robert Ruddy of Little Silver and Florence Joy ave., this borough, was christened of Fair Haven. A family party Albert Gray, 3d, at ceremonies followed at the home of the par- A benefit performance of "Teaheld Sunday afternoon in St. ents. The infant is the couple's house of the August Moon" •will John's Episcopal chapel, Littlo fourth child. be held next Tuesday night at the Neptune Music Circus, Neptune, for the Red Bank ComNOW! TICKETS FOR SALE IN RED BANK munity Y.M.C.A. THE BOOK MART — 11 Whife St. Victor A. Edelmann, Rumson, ia chairman of the committee in charge of the benefit. Funds derived from the show will be used by the T to carry on Its program of providing a diversified recreational program In Red Bank and of comeay seven surrounding communities. "Teahouse of the August Moon" has bsc:: acclaimed as one of U»o COOLED greatest International hits of all time, and is making Its debut in theater-ln-the-round during its two-week run at the Music Circus. THROUGH JULY 29 Robert Casper plays tha lead an Saklnl, the comical Okinawan Interpreter, with Gene Blakely as the gpod-Hatured young American Captain Fishy. Tsururko "OLD MILL ACTORS SUPERB"—Albury Park PrtM Kob&yshl portrays , Lotus BlosPROFESSIONAL CAST OF AWARD WINNING ACTORS som, the alluring geisha girl who is given to Capt. Fisby as a "present" "Teahouse of the August Moon," at a comedy dealing with the ImTHE OLD MILL — TINTON FALLS pact of i a military occupation team on the native- population of TICKETS 1.10 THRU 3:30 Toblki village In Okinawa has AT THE BOX OBTICE — CALL EA 3-1460. won six award«. It ran for three SEASON TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE 25% DISC. seasons on the Broadway stage Curtain at 9. Saturday at 6 and 9. Sunday at 8. and is still a current hit on the West Coast and abroad. Many of the original cast appear in this AMERICAN PREMIERE production. Tickets are available at the Community Y.M.C.A. on WED. AUG. T Riverside ave.

Teahouse' Show To Benefit Y



Opening Night of the great musical

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600 Cadets at Fort Monmouth

FORT MONMOUTH—The West Point class of 1958, comprising 600 cadets from the U. S. Military academy, arrived Tuesday for Signal Corps training. Out on their summer training trip to other Army installations and Navy and Air Fores bases since early June, this will be the cadets' final stop of their combined arms training trip. Thfcy depart from the post early Saturday morning. Among the group Is one Monmouth county resident from the 19 hailing from the New Jersey and New York areas. The local cadet is Joseph A. Shea, son of Mrs. Helen J. Shea, 151 Navesink ave., Highlands. Also Included In the post visit are Cadets R. E. Bauchsples, whose father, Col. Roll In L. Bauchspies, Is commanding officer of the hospital here, and Douglass A. Sedgwick, son of the Theodore Moss post transportation officer here. Theodore Moss, of 183 Hudson Cadet Sedgwick, 21, was born at ave., Red Bank, an employee of the military academy hospital, the New Jersey Bell Telephone when Lieut. Col. Walter B. Sedgcompany's plant department, will wick was stationed there as an mark his 30th year of telephone enlisted man. service Saturday, July 28. This morning the West PointMoss Is a member of the Cath- ers assembled on Hemphill parade grounds in the "120O area" olic War Veteran* and H. G. McCully chapter, Telephone Pioneers for a field demonstration of comof America, bat communications put on by the Signal school. This demonstration featured Eatontown five floats outlining the five maMr. and Mrs. J. Dlrkse of Mon- jor Signal Corps missions. mouth rd., who are on a trip to This afternoon, the cadets will Belgium and Holland, have sent a gather In the Mycr hall audicard to The Register office extend- torium for orientations on the ing greetings to all. The card Signal Corps In combat, Its miswas sent from Brussels, Belgium, and dated June 2. They report sions and accomplishments. having a most enjoyable time. The Tomorrow will be scheduled for Dirkses are proprietors of the presentations In Myer hall on D. & D, Rose Gardens of Eaton- new developments In Signal Corps equipment, with instruction in town. the activities and functions of the Signal Corps engineering It pan to ocmrtli. In Th. E»jlilaboratories. t*r.—Advert If ement.


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lyn Patchin, Marlboro Trail Blazers; Sherry Seaman of Perrlneville Kough Riders and Diana Hoffman, Trail Blazers, won in each division. In Friday's judging, Mary Ann Frostick took a' jlUe ribbon for her throc-month-old lamb, Star. Tom Frostlck also collected three blue ribbons for lambs he exhibitFREEHOLD—Heavy rains and Ann also won a special award ed, Richard Huneke and Michael overcast skies failed to put a tor her vegetable display. and Patricia Levine also won damper on the te.ntli annual The entry by Phyllis Potts, 17, blue ribbons for their exhibits. • Monmouth county 4-H fair which of Robbinsville, was judged the A Colt's Neck youngster, 13was held last week-end flt the grand prixe winner In the Angus year-old Stanley Schanck, took Freehold Raceway. Leonard B. beef cattle judging. William H. first in the tractor driving conWilliams, county 4-H club agent, Potter, Middletown township, won test. The competition consisted said the fair was the biggest and with his entry in the Hereford of driving a tractor through best in its history, with more than class. Friday's rain canceled the a series of simulated barnyard scheduled ride through town of maneuvers. Second place went to 1,200 entries. Carole Ann Becker, Roberts- the queen of the fair, Helen Ein Allan Voorhees of Robertsvllle. ville, Marlboro township, won siedler of Colt's Neck. The cere- Bill Potter of Middletown was first prize in Sunday's final judg- monies were held in the grand- third. ing of the dress review. Each stand, with Sandra Boyce, Roberts- Other winners Friday were: p-iri nuidf1 her mvn dross. Carole vine, and Constance Potter, Im- Henrv Daum. R. n. 2, F.nr-lfahiaysiown, as her attendants. town, for meat pullet and trio; Other display winners Sunday Alan Boyce, R. D. 1, Freehold, for were Carmela Campanella; Howell meat pullet; Peter Daum, R. D. township, clothing; Janet Willis, 2, Engllshtown, for trio, meat Lincroft, food preparation, and cockerel, and meat pullet; Ralph Joan Johnson, Robertsvllle, Hanson, R. D. 1, Freehold, for flowers. meat trio, meat pullet and meat All forms of In the dairy cattle show, grand cockerel; Robert DeLong, R. D. 1, champion winners were M. Joanne Engllshtown, for pullet; Richard Life • Casualty - Fire Davies, Wayside; Peggy Knul Home, R. D. 1, Engllshtown, for Holmdiil; Betty Frieberger, Upper cockerel, and pullet; Max Gould, Insurance Freehold; Patricia Dangler, Way- Llncnoft, for two hens, and his side, and F. Nelson Wardell, Way- sister, Faye, for pullet; Roy Daum, R. D. 2, Englishtown, for Real Estate side. Thirty young horsemen com- cockerel and pullet; Peter Craig, Sidney Sniff, Democratic can- Mr. Shiff said that on his visits R. D. 1, Freehold, for meat cock200 River Rd., Red Bank, N. J. peted for honors in a horse show. erel, and meat pullet; and Alan didate for Congress in the Third he makes it a point to reminc Awards were given in three divis- Spector, R. D. 2, Southard, for district, right, is greeted by Mrs. voters that his Republican op ion -, condition of horse, condition UE 6-1971 E. B. Thorndlke, Democratic ponent, Rep. James C. Auchln^ of tack and horsemanship. Caro- meat chicken. comniitteewoman, at her home, closs of Waterman ave., Rumaon Martin Spector, also R. D. 2, 65 Navesink ave., Rumson, where "spends most of his year at his Southard, won an excellent for his Mr. Shiff rang'the 1.500th door- home in Virginia, but votes from rabbit. bell of his campaign. Looking the Rumson address." Judges for Sunday's shows on at left are Joseph Duryea, Mr. Shiff said that so far he were: Beef, Charles Mclntosh, H. left, Democratic leader in Rum- has visited homes In nearly all and L. farms, Marlboro, and Don son, and Mra. Jean Shiff, the can- of the more than 75 municipaliKnlffen, extension specialist; dairy didate's wife and associate In the ties comprising the Third district, Highway 71 Sea Girt Phone: Gibson 9-7060 cattle, B. F.' Ramsburg, Hunter- New Brunswick investments coun- "And we are only getting startdon county club agent, John Lind- seling firm he heads. ed," he added. AIR CONDITIONED! say, Belle Terre farm, Freehold and Frank A. Wright, assistant extension specialist, and horses, Gregory and Jeffrey Davis are Keaiisburg Mra. Edward Feakes, Woodland visiting their grandparents for farm, Middletown township, and Evelyn Zack, daughter of Mr. several weeks. Mrs. Nancy Howell, Toureley and Mrs. J. L. Zack, Olive pi., farms, Scobeyville farms, Scobey- West Keansburg, was given a East Keansburg ville. party last Thursday in celebraOther winner." Sunday •were: tion of her first birthday. At- Five birthdays were celebrated Grand Champion Angus, Phyllis tending were Louise, William and Sunday at t"*! home of Mr. and Potts, Robbinsville; reserve cham- Carol Ann Frankopf.^ Geraldlne Mrs. Stephen Brennan. of Wilpion, Wayne Grindle, Scobeyville; Werner, Peter, Frca and Jack liams ave. The guests of honor best show man, Phyllis Potts; best Thrunk, Deldro and Deborah Mil- were Veronica Allen, daughter of with Jack Mazzaropp! fitted, Jack Bray, Allentown. Ex- ler, Shiela and Pinky Scott, June Mr. and Mrs. Albert Allen, who cellent ribbons: Wayne Grlnde Iglay, David and Joseph Guillani, was three years old on July 17, and His Phyllis Potts, Lorraine Richard- Maryanne Ball, Jodi Crowlcy, Robert Peters, 16th birthday, and son and James Grinde. William Schweizer, Mrs. John the birthdays of Charles Sesllck Grand champion Hereford, W Zack, Sr., Mrs. John Werner, Mrs. of New York and Keansburg, Ed H. Po-tter, Middletown; reserve John Miller, Mrs. Joseph Guiliani, ward Synan of New York and champion, W. H. Potter. Excel- Mrs. William Schweizer, Mrs. Mrs. Brennan. Guests included lent ribbons: W. H. Potter (2). William Farnkopf, Mrs. Russell Mrs. Robert Peters and family, Mrs, Condition of horse winner, Caro- Iglay, Mrs. Nelson Yager, Mrs. Mrs. Ruby MacDonald, 9 P. M. till 2 A. M. 1 lyn Patchin, Trail Blazers; condi- John Thrunk, Mrs. Frank Werner Charles Seslick, Mr. and Mrs, For the BEST in Food on the Shore Edward Allen and fatally, Mrs, tion of tack winner, Sherry Sea- and Mrs. Thomas Crowley. Edward Synan and family, Mr. man, Rough Riders; horsemanFull Course Dinners—Also a la Carte . . . Mrs. Dorothy Smith of Tulsa, and Mrs. John Polack, Patrick ship winner, Diana Hoffman. Trail Okla., visited Rev. and Mrs. Otto McGovern, Mr. and Mrs.' Edward At Moderate Prices Blazers. Excellent ribbons: Bert Riockefellow, Andrew Peters, Lois Janke over the week-end. Llebreck, James Flynn and Mr. ' Served Daily 5 to 9 P. M. Norelka, MIchele Alman (2), Mrs. Joseph Kennelly entertain- and Mrs. Albert Allen. A large ed members ot the A & P Social Sundays 2 P. M. till Closing Sherry Seaman (2), Betsy Nan birthday cake,. decorated with Parmay, Rough Riders; Carolyn c^ub last week when plans were the names of the celebrants, wa3 NO COVER CHARGE Patchin, John Marz, Virginia Cur- Iscussed to spend a day In At- a feature of the refreshment ley, Marge Antonlde, Diana Hoff- lantic City in August. The next period. man, Marilyn McMean, Donna meeting will be held on the beach. SHOW PLACE 01 Tilt: SHORE Roche and Barbara Paxton, Trail Present were Mrs. Marion Burk- The tenth birthday V Gary ett, Mrs. Arline Lutz, Mrs. An- Cruse, son of Mr. and Mrs. TerBlazers. glo Severs, Mrs. Joseph LaVcglia, rence Cruse, was celebrated last Mrs. Marge Louche, Mrs. Ray Wednesday. A t t e n d i n g were Vaccerelll, Mrs. Viola Lambrecht, Thomas Roy, Thomas Schmuck, Mrs. Vincent Mlele, Mrs. George Catherine Weaver, Jane'Schmuck, LaRue and Mrs. Thomas Quirk. Mr. and Mrs. John AndruskieThe fourth birthday of Dennis wlcz, Mr. and Mrs. John Mayer, Harrington, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Mayer, Mr. and Mrs. JosCornelius Harrington, was cele- eph Schmucl:, Mr. and Mrs. Harbring you the brated last Thursday. Present old McGirr and Theresa and Donwere Christine, Georgette, Renee na Cruse. Marjorie Maines, daughter of and Richard Moiolohn, Colleen arid Skipper Keelan, Michael, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Malnes, celRobert and Daniel Compton, Eu- ebrated hor third birthday at gene Farrell, Joanno Rupy and party last Thursday. Present wero Thomas, Bernadette, MiPeggy and Paul Harrington. The members of the Merrle Bee chael and Deborah Homhauser, Barbara, Virginia and John ON NEW 1956 AUTOMATIC WASHERS Sewing club celebrated tho birthday of Mrs. Bess Berberlch at Malnes. her home last Wednes'l.. ,\ Attend- MARKS SIXTH AlRTHDAY ing were Mrs. Gertrude Ahem, ilrs. Eve Sauerweln, Mra. Fred MIDDLETOWN— Eric Halvor Foorster, Mrs. Frank Malnes, sen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Mrs. Fred Reed and Mrs. Nancy Halvoraen of 41 Kings hwy.( celMcAllister. ebrated his sixth birthday reA family picnic was held Sun- cently with a party. Attending day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. were Debby Brown, Peggy Mei3Edward Davis of Beacon blvd. inger, Susan Schaeffer, John Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Davis Lench, Billy Gore, L'Marle Jaco and children of Pennoauken vis- by, Paul Waterman and Eddie ited them over the week-end. Bartlett. 32—Thursday, July 26, 1956

Shiff Visits Rumson Homes


Two-Day Fair of 4-H Club Draws 1,200 Entries

BACHELOB DINNER I MATAWAN—Robert C. Baker of- Weldon rd., whose marriage to Miss Shirley Brown of Browntown took place Sunday at St. Mary's Episcopal church in Keyport, was given a bachelor dinner by his friends Thursday at Short Point inn, Keyport. Attending were John A. C. Baker, William Costello, Thomas Magee, Kenneth Henderson, Theodore Phelan, Jr., Frank E. Dell, Paul. E. Dell, Roy Wilson, John Nixon, William Martin, Frank B. Martin and Rensselaer L. Cartan. CAKE SALE SATURDAY LINCROFT — The Women's First Aid association will hold a cako sale Saturday starting at 10 a. m. in the fire house.


Second National Bank of Red Bank Under $5 a Share


MOST BANK STOCKS SELL AT J10 AND OVER We Have for Immediate Salt 2,200 Shar» of This Aggresiiv. Dividend Paying Bank Stock.

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and Delta Sigma Rho sororities

Ing business since 1927. The son,

the Phi Beta Kappa national Father and Son a Marine Corps veteran who stu-Sons, Daughters | Dr. Danzig Takes and scholarship fraternity. died engineering at Rutgers university ana Newark College of Visit Council Form Company OUTDOOR SUPPER SEA BRIGHT —Ralph W. Engineering, learned the business EATONTOWN — Mrs. Aline LONG BRANCH— Mrs. RayLawrence, retiring president of Over Practice experience, working with Cain, csuncllor, presided at the FAIR HAVEN — Organization from lond B. Barnes of 237 Brighton his father and for others as a the Sea Bright Lions club, receivmeeting of Pride of Cres,ve. entertained at a family out- of G. E. Schilling, Inc., heating heating mechanic for other con- last cent council, Sons and Daughters ed a past president's pin at Mon- Of Dr. Perrine ioor supper recently. Attending and air conditioning specialists, cerns. of Liberty, In borough hall. Folat 10 Cedar ave., was announced day night's club meeting at

Lawrence Receives Past President's Pin


ivere Mrs. William T. Burke and lowing a business session, several \ Mr. and Mrs. John M. Barnes and this week by Gregory E. Schilling. Harry's Lobster House. The pre- World War II Vet members visited the West Long Holmdel laughter Susan, Long Branch; In the firm, Mr. Schilling, who sentation was made by Tttomas council, where the state Awarded Honors In Iglehart, West Long Branch; will handle engineering and esti- Taylor Hance is Improving Branch Gilligan, who presided. councilor and her staff of officers Mr. and Mrs. Morton A. Barnes, mating details, will be associated from a recent Illness, made the official visit. i The club made plans for a School, College Oceannort; Mr. and Mrs. Raywith his father, Gu» Schilling, Linda Thompson, daughter of drive for new members to be conSpecial awards were given Miss mond Barnes and daughter Cyn-who will supervise Installations. Mr. and Mrs. William Thompson, Marlon Soden and Mrs. Ruth ducted in the fall. It was re- FAIR HAVEN — Dr. Leonard thia Ann, Lexington, Mass., and Both-men formerly were employported the club's recent monthly S. Danzig, 30, honor graduate of Mr. and Mrs. George Belcher and ed by the Lawes Coal company, celebrated her eighth birthday at Lewis. Plans were made to atthe Asbury Park high school, Co- shildron Diane and Steven of Chithe home of her grandparents, tend Monday's meeting ot the paper drive was a success. Shrewsbury, and took part In lumbia university and. the Uniand Mrs. Norman Morgan, Past Councilors' association of such jobs as putting In the newMr. The Register classified advertise- versity of Buffalo, has assumed :ago Heights, III. night with an outdoor Ocean and Monmouth Counties at air conditioning system for theFriday ments have more readers, which means the practice of Internal medicine barbecue. Attending were Mr. and Cedar Run. The Pollyanno, party NEW POST FOB DAVIS Rlvervlew hospital's operating Mrs. William more results. Someone has what you of the lsite Cornelius C. Perrine, Thompson, Jr., Mr.for birthday celebrants will be ROME, N. Y.— Harry Davis, and delivery suites and a heating want or will buy what you have to s»!l. 6Sf the Rome Air Development the new concern'* own men. great grandmother,-Colt's Neck, Cora Wagner, Mrs, Evelyn Johnand Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Morgan son, Mrs. Peggy McDuff, Mrs. center at Grlffiss Air Force base, Knight, Mrs, Charlene is on a special three-month as- The new company, exclusive and Mrs. William Pitcher and FlorencB granddaughter Karen, Holmdel. Hartley, Mrs. Elizabeth Sorenson, dealers for 'Westlnghouse In this signment to make a selected Mrs. Prudence Riddle, Mrs. MariNew Car Loans itudy for the Defense depart- area, will devote Itself to air Long, Mrs. Cora Applegate, nent. He will work with a com- conditioning and warm air, hot A colony of beavers can chop lyn Mrs. Mae Aumack and Andrew mittee of the Weapons System water and steam heating. Gun down half a dozen young trees in Boice. Schilling has been In the heat- a single night Evaluation group.


Thursday, July 26, 1956-33

Summer Prices Are In Effect ON




N. J,

59 Years of Progrm RE 6-0552

RE 6-0554

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Dr. Leonard 8. Danzig

Born in Newark, Dr. Danzig, when 14, moved with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Danzig to Deal and currently residei with them at 107 Roseld ave. there. The doctor, his wife, Elaine Snyder Danzig, formerly of Carlerol, Pa., and their 18-month-old son, Allen Jeffrey, plan to move to Fair Haven soon. Amazing mew In the latter stages of World , 3 In £ Formula War II, Dr. Danzig served as a combat infantryman In France, Germany and Austria. In high Bchool, he received the Edwin Post cup for achievements in Latin. He attended Cambridge university In England, received his bachelor of arts degree from Columbia and his medical decree from the University of Buffalo, where he was elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society. After completing his internWILL NOT HARM LAWN OR FLOWERS ship, at the Philadelphia General hospital, he was a fellow In phys lology for two years at the University of Pennsylvania's graduate school of medicine. There he lectured and did research In probj DOES ALL 3 lems relating to shortness of i I. •• CONTROLS bumnuLa TURF lunr DISEASES uiacHato & breath in patients with heart r 1. FERTILIZES, GREENS LAWNS | and lung diseases. He also was i. PREVENTS, KILLS CRABGRAJ" I a member of Philadelphia General hospital's heart clinic and Amazingly efthe university's thoracic clinic. fective DROFor the past two years, Dr. PRO economically fits into Danzig has been on the medical your w«»kly house staff of the Peter Bent watering proBrlgham hospital at Harvard unigram. Juat spray DRO-PRO reguversity, where he worked under larly o.n4 never such-heart specialists as Dr. Samworry a b o u t crahB;rass auatn. uel A. Levlne and Dr. Lewis DexCompletely teat« ter. He also did some special «




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RED BANK, 362 Broad Sfreeff Long Branch il°JSl4 KssissiiurR'",».'"

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34—Thursday, July 26, 1956


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the former Floss Pedee, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Pedee, and Mr, Walllng's parents were the late Mr. and Mrs. C. Calvin Walling, all Hazlet residents. The attendants wore Mr. and Mrs. William Wheeler, Mrs. Wheeler being the bridegroom's sister, the former Mae Walling of Hazlet. Mr. Walling, who Is retired, was employed by the New Yorlt and Long Branch railroad 41 years. His first post with the railroad was at the South Amboy station In Ji-., 1907. From there he was transferred to the Hazlet station, In charge of freight and baggage, where he remained 22 years. Later he was sent as ticket agent to Cllffwood. He also served as chief clerk of the freight stations at Red Bank and Matawan. He retired In Aug., 1948. Mr. and Mrs. Walling, lifelong residents of Hazlet, are In <;ood health. Mr. Walling enjoys workIng In his garden. He is a member of Hazlet Fhe company. Mrs. Walling Is a member of St. John's church and is active in Its organizations. Mr. and Mrs. Walling also have four grandchildren, Eugene Wilson and Miss Barbara Wilson, | children of Mrs. Wallace, and I Wayne and Robert Porter. The couple received many gifts,



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KEYPORT — Borough council started action on getting ten properties top off-street parking Monday night by directing Borough Engineer Craig Finnegan to make a survey of the properties, which have been tentatively picked as the sites for the added parking facilities. The action was taken after Borough Attorney Harvey G. Hartman stated that If an ordinance to finance the acquisition of the properties is to be considered, accurate descriptions be started as quickly at possible. The subject of additional parking has been considered by council for a few months after recommendations made by the Keyport Businessmen's association that more facilities be acquired to meet the threats of shopping centers to be constructed nearby. It has been estimated the extra parking space may cost about J100,000. Two "paper" streets, State and Montgomery sts., near the intersection of rts. 35 and 36, were vacated when an ordinance was adopted without objection from the public.

Hazlet Couple Wed 50 Years



Dinner, Bazar Termed Success

LITTLE SILVER-Kenneth F. Duncan, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Duncan, Sr., 53 Laurel dr., will be c>no of the dancers In performances at the Music Circus from A.ug. 6 to Sept. S. He will appear In "Can-Can," 'Wish You Were Here" and "Plain and Fancy." Duncan just completed a three weeks' Rtay at the music circus In Lambertvllle. Prior to his engagement In Lambertvllle, he danced In the West Indies.



Borough Orders Property Surveys

HIGHLANDS—The annual dinner and bazar held Thursday and Friday by the Women's Guild of the St. Andrews Episcopal church was a success. The roast beef dinner was served In the parish hall. The bazar was held on'the church grounds, featuring booths with fancy handmade articles, flowers, aprons, home-made cake, fancy hand crocheted handkerchiefs and other articles. Women working at the affair were Mrs. Emlel Aufierl, Mrs. Andrew Anderson, Mrs. George Anderson, Mrs. Walter Behrens, Mrs. Jesse Clark, Mrs. Elizabeth Hellker, Mrs. Frank Hemhauser, Mrs. Ethel Johnson, Mrs. John King, Mrs. William Lawrence, Mrs. Richard Lucas, Mrs. Paul Muir, Miss Violet Murray, Mrs. Ruth O'Nell, Mrs. John L. Opferman, Mrs. Stella Jones, Mrs. Raphael Salas, Mrs. Hubbard Stiles, Mrs. William V. Rauscher, Mrs. Frederick Voorhees, Mrs. Alfred W. Wright, Sr. and Mrs. Ada Weelts. Advertisement ——^—



bouquets of flowers and congratulatory cards. A buffet luncheon was served from a table decorated In a gold and white motif.


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PHONE RE 6-2800 64-76 WHITE STREET,, >



ALWAYS AMPLE FREE PARKING SUMMARY OR SYNOPSIS OF 18S8 AUDIT REPORT OF TOWNSHIP OF HOLMDEL A S REQUIRED BY R. S. 4 0 : 4 - * COMBINED COMPARATIVE BALANCE SHEET December 81 D e c e m b e r s ! ASSETS Year 1955 Ye»r 1954 O u t and Investments J113.009.66 Taxes and Tax Title Liens Receivable 19,886.85 Accounts Receivable 4,256.47 Deferred Charges t o Future Taxation—General 25,000.00 Deferred Charges to Succeeding Year's Revenue .... 3,000.00

J 71,242.86 19,162.77 271.52


» 99,868.58




Expenditures Appropriations Local School Tax Count? Tax



% 99.868.58



8,028.66 5,618.42 19,421.79 71,799.71


Year 19S5

Surplus Revenue Appropriated O u r r . n t Hevenu. on a "Cash Uasli" ,. Additions to Income: Unexpended Balance of Appropriation Beiorves Liabilities Cancelled Increase In Redemption Value—U. S, Bonds Ar.-ouiit !fe«vft'u!c Cvlltclci! -


* 26,000.00 60,450.49 S, 324.63 20,075.67 69,260.79


I 33,000.00 167,611.21






Year 1954 % 24,000.00 iaS,7S6.8B

JULY 9,19S6 **i •

1,021.00 M.ll

2,919.27 291.11 801.00 320.16



» 82,211.18 r, i. >,«!U « . H,191.41

J 50,371.43 •• » 24,141.90







eoo t o o Cl




11 fji^jij i

forth In AKTJCIJS II thall b« a* *26,UQQ Kfjunre tent In area, except •hown on the zoning mn,) entitled that where lot widths are ^renter "Knnlnir Map of New Shrewnbury In ftiza than 125 feet, the followHorn," (luted July 0, 1066, and Total Expenditures J1SO,2»2.3O ing shall be the minimum requirewhich IB herehy declared to be A ments: NANCE KNOWN IIY ITS SHORT jmrt of thin ordlnnnce, Surplus frum Operation » 22,451.08 J 24,788.14 Width Area TITLE AS -'REVISED ZONING OR. Section Three, Section 2 of AUAdd: .Statutory Addition to Income for Current MNANCB OF THE IIOROUGH OK TICLE VI—(inriitfei. FILLING STA- 125 to V/,9 feet—Not loan than 2 M 0 0 Deferred Gimmes in Above Expenditure 8,000.00 9,196.43 square feet NEW SHRBWSHUKY, NEW JER- TIONH AND FUEL TANKS—-ii hereby SEY," Adopted June C 1052 ANJ) nmondoil and nupplementeil to rend at 180 t o 134 ftei—Not leflH than 24,700 Amount Added to .Surplus Revenue J 80,4(1.08 J 38,994.67 . nciunro feet THE AMENDMENTS AND SUP/allow™. Surplus Itevenue: 136 t o 180 ftet—Not lem thnn Zl.ilUO PLKMBNTS TJIEKETO. Unlnnco, January 1 71,71)0.71 «l,806.14 auunre feet Section '£. No imbllc Kflrutce HE IT ORDAINED by the Mayor and 140 t o 144 ftet—Not 1«BH thnn 2.1,800 nccomodutlng more tlmii five ma* of thv IlorouKl) of New Rub-Total I1O2.26O.7U T05,790.71 Council HI.u(ire feet tor vehlclfn and no fillinR atntJon Less: Amount Appropriated In Budget 3S.00O.0O 24,000.00 Hhrewnbury Mint Artlcle» 1 III, VI ntul 14G t o 140 feet—Not lesn than 23,200 or any part thereof or iippurtenVIII of nn ordinance known liy ltd nhort square feet Alices thereto, shall lie conntructnd, l l a l a n o , December J l s t J 69.250.79 t 71,799.71 form title na "Kovlncd Znnlim Ore]ifiltered or used if the mime In to- 1E0 feet n-r more—Not IBBB thnn 22,C00 iiatire of the DOICUIKII of New NhroiVHsquare feet cutod wltliln one Uioi.Hftiul (1,000) l»ury. Now Jor-noy," Kdnplwt J u n e R. RECOMMENDATIONS feet of n n y proporty which la b. IIUILDINO AREA AND 1. That hitci'PAt nn delinquent taxes be collected in strict accordance with t h e iltTji, tiu nn(I t h e nnme la hereby own ml, iiHbi! or con tout plu tod to he SI/K—Tho area of nny hiiildinir r*nnlutli>n covering the payment of Interest amended mid supplemented na f oilined by and nn ii church, school, erected thereon shall be at leant t 1. That all Township ofllclalii bundling township funds, report and romlt eollec- ler wm whether mihlli!, private or piirn(1) Ono ntory—1.MI0 square fret. Ilium to Hie Treasurer monthly, KeHltin One, Section 7 of ARTICLE ehlal, club o r other place of pub(2) Split lovel—l,7r.O Hiitinro feet, 1. Thai K lax snle lie halil In 1866. I—DBKINH'IONK. Ii hereby umomled lic itMnmhly netn.t,K over one hunU) One and a hiilf mury—1,201) 4. That Ihe bond o( t h e Magistrate be Increased to 11,000.00 » per R, 8. nntl nM,>p.nmm.tfMl to rrad m followi: dred (10(1) pei norm iQU'ire feet on the flruL floor nnd 2AIS.1I, Section 7. WIDTH OK LOT, Th» Section Four Hertloim 1, 2 and 1 B00 nqUftro feft on tlin orcond R Tlint tlie Mn^lslrate nmke deposits more frequently snd in definite amounts, width or n lot ahr.ll U dottl'mlticil of AHTICLK VIII—ADDITIONAL floor, ft. 'Mint tlu> rolltKUor mako drpuslti more fretpiently. by the length of In frontline nlonir USE KKOULATIONS CON'l ROLLINCJ tlio btreel which II ntm.H, the rie- KK.SIDKNCK 7 That Ihe Do/ Llrnnse Ofhcia! maintain a hnnk account for 'log Mcensei, (4) Two-Htory—1,000 n(|unre foot /ONES—nn hereby tarntlruttlon of lot (nyuiwi* to b« iinicinU'i, and nuiipitmiDiiled to rend na K, That tilt r . l i o m r.uiilnifl by It.fc. i i l l l l and 111.1 ba filed. nn tho flrnt (ltior ntid 1,000 fiiimra made i»ui«imi.t t» .Section H of r l l 9. Thttl all vmi<-hfih cwny n proper certlfknte btffire tliey «r« imltl, fet!-t on llm HCCond Moor, AltTlCLH V The HIMIV* H.uiiniHry rrs»«, Clerk. h) Two aide "nnfn—NICII 2fi feet. feet In wUHJi nnd ICHB tbnn •it -





LIABILITIES, RESERVES AND SURPLUS Notes Payable Appropriation Reserves and Other Liabilities Errcial Fund! Accumulatea Reserve for Certain Assets Receivable Surplus




so ft «o | "7 4O , SB *o X « M BO







w n







« > !









(1> Rear yavd—40 feet. Section 2 Residence Zone 2, a, MINIMUM SIZE OK LOT. No dwolllriK shall be orocted upon n lot which contninn lesn than 125 feet In width and lens thnn 26,000 n qua re. feet In nren, except that' where lot wldtha a r e greater in nine than 126 feet, the following fth&ll be the minimum requirements: Width Area 125 to 120 feet—Not less thnn 25,000 square feet 100 to 194 feet—Not less than 24,700 square feet 185 to ISO feet—Not lens than 24,300 •quiito feet 140 to 144 feet—Not lens than 21),[100 square feet 146 to 149 foot—Not (MD thnn 211,200 aq nitre fcot 150 feet or more—Not less thnn 22,500 squnre feet h, I1UILDINU AUMA AND SIZE. Tim arwi of any bulldlrttf crcr.tcd thereon shnll he nt Icnsti (II One fltory—1,350 HUtinro feet. (,'}.) Hi.ML lev«l—-l.RRO n Hri»t IInor m.ti U00 miunvo feel on the necoxwi iWwc

c. YARD 71RQUIRBMENTS—Th« followliiR minimum yards shall be required dn every lot. measured from the lot line Inwnrd; (1) Front yard—50 feet. (2) Two aide yards—each 25 feet. (3) Rear yard—40 feet, Section 3, Residence Zone 8, n MINIMUM SIZE OK LOTS. No dwelling shall be erocted upon a lot which contains lesa than 125 feet In width ami Ie«B tluui 25,000 oqunro feet In nreJi, except Umt whero lot widths are greater In «lre than 125 feet, the following shall be th« minimum requirements i Width Area 125 t o 120 feet—Not less thr.n 25,000 aqunra feel 130 t o 134 fent—Not. log than 24,700 squaro feet 136 t o 180 feet—Not ICB.I than 24..1O0 sfiunra tact 140 t o 144 fee-t—Not leas thtin 2A,HO0 oqtmrc feet 145 t o 14B ftets—Not lesH (luui 23,200 • aqliam feet 150 feet or more—Not leas than 22,500 sqimrn feet h. IIUILDING AREA AND I, SIZFr-The nrcn of nny bulldliiK ornrfrd tlioroon ulmll bo nt Icanti (I) One filmy.— 1,200 auimiw feet. Vi) Split lovfll—l.ar.fl ai.unro font, (a) Out and ft hulf itory—1,000

tour ci H»

N. J

squnre feet on the firstfloorand 500 square feet on the second

floor. (4) Two-blory—S00 square feot on the first-floor and 800 square feet on the aecopd floor. c, YARD REQUIREMENTS—The following minimum yards shall ba required on every lot, measured from the lot line Inward i (1) Kront yard—fiO feet. (2) Two ft)da ynrda—eneh 26 feet. (8) Itenr yard-—40 feet. Section Five. This ordinance shall take effect upon Its final passatu and publication according t o law,

PUDLIO NOTICE The fore-Rolnft ordinance wno Introduced nnd imsaod (lrn.t reading *t a roKular meotlntr of tha Mayor and Council of the lioroujth of. New Shrewsbury, held on July B. 10fitlt nnrl rnilif ordinatiRo will be further considered for final pnasajre at n regular meeilnv of mud ffovornlnif body t o be held on Auirubt 2, lDKfl, ut 8il5 P M., at tha Tinton 1'nlln Public School n t Tlntnn Palls, New Shrewnnury. New J^rney, nt which time and place all persons i!«•Irlntr to be heard thernon will b* Klvon full opportunity, . Dntedi July fl, lflfiC, B WAL'mi i.. OA>'VELT»,


Thursday, July 26, 1 9 5 6 - 3 5


c:. >•


A "«

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mouth, feJl off bicyde and" hit The hoy« saBed KUU morning on ber aboard the Queen Elizabeth, utility pole; Nell McMulIen, 8, of the Franconla. They will visit The three are active Junior firePatsy Borelli, 66, of 7S Rector 603 Harding rd., Little Silver, England, Scotland, Ireland and men and Roger is a member of pi., Red Bank, had a portion of burns of back and arms, spilled Prance and -will return In Octo- the first aid squad. Red Bank Motorist's his foot cut off by a lawn mower hot chocolate; Arno Hoermanri, Wednesday afternoon of last 21, of Monmouth ave., Navesink, The Ella Wiltshire real estate License Revoked week. He was taken to Rivervicw cut upper lip, hit In face with OCEANPORT—Frank J. Bur- hospital where he is reported In wire; Harvey C. Tllton, Sr., 86,agency reports the following Red Bank 6-1300 157 Broad Street nett, 70, of Catherine st., Red fair condition. of 37 Highland ave., Rumson, summer rentals: Bank, paid S200 and $15 costs and Persons treated at Riverview broken right ankle, fell while in Home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred had his license revoked for two the past week included Elsie Pan- boat; Michael Martin, 6, of 124 Leonardis at 63 Valentine st. Red Bank, N. J. years Monday on a charge of sius. 66, of 47 Waterman ave., Park rd., Fair Haven, splinter in Monmouth Beach, to Mr. and Mrs drunken driving. He appeared Rumson, broken right ankle, abdomen, slid down utility pole; Michael Cifafclly of New York before Magistrate William W, Ul-tripped and fell down stairs; Wil- Joseph Pizzi, 9, of Cllffwood, cut city; home of Mr. and Mrs. SamEASTERN INVESTMENT CO. man. liam Irgens, 14, of Bellevue ave., left foot, stepped* on tin can; uel Dlggle of 24 Griffin St., MonBurnett was picked up by po- Rumson, burned his forehead us- James McManus, 4, of Ninth St., mouth Beach, to Mr. and Mrs. lice in Long Branch after he al- ing a chemistry set; Madeline West Keansburg:,'- .cut left eye- James D. Rovengo of Bingham Your Home Town Investment Firm legedly sideswiped two cars on Ward, 10, of 204 Hudson ave., brow, hit with bat while playing, Hill circle, Rumson; home of Mr. Eatontown blvd. here, and did not East Keansburg:, dog bite; John and Mrs. Elsa Joyce, 42, of 45 and Mrs. Harry Llppincott at 87 stop. Jack Stephen Skakandy J. Brown, 3, of 12 Highland ave., Salem lane, Little Silver, puncture Waterman ave., Rumson, to Mr. He was examined by Dr., Jacob Leonardo, doc; bite. wound of the right foot, stepped and Mrs. George West of Jersey Goldberg, who said he was drunk Also Evelyn Coleman, 57, of on nail. Members of the National Association of Secarlty Dealers, Inc. City. and unflit to drive. 270 Navesink p ave., Highlands, Home of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. fishbone caught in throat; James Wortham at 60 Waterman ave., Conroy, C, of 410 Main St., KeansRumson, to Col. and Mrs. Joseph Democrats Rap u i l t uViil l i i f t ifjlij, l i l t b y Ci'UP. Drlscoll of Detroit, Mich., in 5VV;MM;NG POOL quet ball; Tommy Matthews, 2, co-operation with the Lawley of 95 Willow St., Fair Haven, cut Mosquito Conditions agency; home of Mr. and Mrs. OWNERS ! left nnklc, caught foot in bicycle MIDDLETOWN—Mosquito con- William J. Colucci of South PlalnCALL ON US FOR wheel; Carroll Hughes, 15, of 18 ditions in this township camo un- fleld at 1390 Ocean ave., Sea Willow st, Red Bank, cut right der fire by Richard E, Burke and Bright, to Mr. and Mrs. R. Ben• WATER FILTERS wrist, tripped and struck hand Matthew J. Gill, Democratic can- nlng of Boonton, and home of • POOL PAINTS against window pane; James didates for the township commit- Mr. and Mrs. Sam S. Smith at • ACCESSORIES Stewart, 6, of Brlarwood rd., tee, at an executive meeting of 10 Valentine st., Monmouth Beach, • SERVICE Rumson, got splinter In foot at ths Middletown. Township Demo- to Mrs. Harold J. Manse of Deal. beach. Authorized Distributor cratic club last night. Apartment of Mr. and Mrs. MarMrs.-John B. Foster, 40, of First Fowler of 1256 Ocean ave.; ave.. Navesink, bitten by a neigh- The candidates stated they vin Sea Bright, to Mr. and Mrs. M. T. bor's monkey; Leslie Bryan, 2, were at a loss to understand why O'Donnell of Nutley, and apartof 250 First ave., Atlantic High- the county board of freeholders of Mr. and Mrs. Frank FerSwimming Pool Products lands, injured right thumb, failed to appropriate enough ment rara of 9 Atlantic way, Sea Bright, caught thumb in pump; Diane- funds for mosquito control in to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dierschel 1956. Motley, 10 South ave., Atlantic J. & J. SWIMPOOL Highlands, stung by a bee in his They added they were convinc- of New York city. HABBY LOU SERVICE & SUPPLIES left eye; Richard Winters, 26, of ed that had the township enEArontown 3-0317 Atlantic Highlands, possible gineer "taken the care" to properCHARGE IT! broken right collarbone, slipped ly drain developments "we would Tinton Falls EATONTOWN - FREEHOLD RD. and fell ofT bulldozer; George not be confronted with this siuaTINTON FALLS, N. J. Kovelesky, 48, of 21 Hosford ave., tion." The Democratic candi- James Summers, Jack Walzer, USE OUR Leonardo, broken ankle, fell off dates recommended that the John Lemon, Jr., and James Dick ladder. township committee investigate are on the committee for the EASY PAYMENT PLAN Robert Boyle, 6, of Apple ave., existing stagnant brooks and show "Scapln" at the Old Mill Fast, Guaranteed Watch Repairs Made on East Keansburg, puncture wound "take whatever steps necessary." theater Monday, Aug. 6, at 8:30 p. m., -which will benefit the local of left foot, stepped on nail; Marto fire company and New Shrewscella Fowler, 41, of 472 BroadLong Branch, cut left hand Middleweight Boxer Gene Full- bury first aid squad. On Your Insurance way, on meat slicer; Joseph Reiss, 2, mer was named after Gene Tun- A farewell party was given last "The Little Pink Shop, Just A Few Steps Off Broad" WHY PAY MORE? of 15 Glcnmary ave., Middletown, ney. Fullmer's father, a former night for Leo Tector and Roger 11 MONMOUTH ST. RED BANK possible concussion, fell off head- amateur rlngman, was a Tunney and Lelghton Willgerodt at the Wlllgerodt home, Sycamore ave. board of bed, striking his head; fan. Vincent Papa, B, of Avenue of Two Rivers, Rumson, possible broken right wrist, fell off porch railing; Charles Brister, 55, of 105 Jackson st., Fair Haven, cut left thumb on lawn mower blade; Melanie Brennan, 6, of 3-A Spring ter., Red Bank, possible concussion, fell down stairs. Edward Burdell, 9, of 101 Crescent St., Keansburg, possible broken right foot, riding bicyclo when he was sideswiped by 639-41 Amboy Ave. truck, truck running over his Perth Amboy, N. J. foot; Diana Laoy, 4, of 96 Little Silver pkwy., Little Silver, cut Tel.: HWcrest 2-2684 right second finger, fell on milk bottle; John Slovenz, 15, of Plymouth ave., Port Monmouth, cut j left index finger with knife while cleaning fish; Wesley Wainright, 14, of 45 Spring ter., Red Bank, bruises of left hip, arm and knee, ran into truck while riding SAVE 26c ON bicycle. Robert Fisher, 9, of 67 Highland ave., Leonardo, cut scalp on truck door; Robert Fratangelo, 22, of Long Branch, cut left arm with knife; Christine Miller, 22, of 45 Madison ave., Red Bank, cut right foot, stepped on piece of SAVE 16c ON GEISHA SOLID PACK glass in swimming pool; Robert Graham, 2, of 20 Willis pi., Riverside Heights, cut over right eye, struck by corner of swing; Howard Scher, 11, of 33 Waverly pi., Rfid Bank, cut lower lip, struck by another player in baseball game. Murray Houtkin of 48 John st., SAVE 12c ON MUELLER'S ™~ ~~ MEN'S SHOP, INC. Red Bank, cut left wrist while laying linoleum; Denlse Thomp62 Broad St. Red Bank son, 8, of Port Monmouth, cut

RED BANK REGISTER 36-Thursday. July 26. 1956

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Sporfs Thursday, July 26, 1956—37

District Lightning Championships This Week Red Bank Little League Champions

Spotting Sports

Burnside Steals Home To Score Lone Hun; Red Bank Leads Loop

By Hy Cunningham JIED. BANK'S HOME TOWN LITTLE LEAGUE WAS A .BIG- LEAGUE during this baseball season for the little ballplayers. In the past, the league Just rolled along, operating in a fashion that was not considered suitable by several managers. There were arguments with umpires and managers, and, sometimes, spectators would get into the act. Today, that situation 1; practically nif. Before this season started, managers of olRlit teams coaches and others interested got together and decided to got the league operating in smoother fashion. They decided to get a man to boss the entire league and to act as commissioner the "Ford Frick" of the Bed Bank league. It was a tough job to come up with the name of a person willing to Bupervisa the activity of this circuit. They finally decided William P. Pazicky, principal of River Street school, was the man for the job, provided he would accept the rugged position. After giving the situation considerable thought, Bill decided to take the commissioner's job. And a lucky move it was for Bed Bank's LitWe League. Pazicky spent hours workIng on by-laws as well as "* — making rules and regulations for ball teams when on the field for circuit games. Managers are all out with praise for Mr. Pazicky and the job he has accomplished In getting the league to work with the tick of a grandfather's dock. "This league Is wonderful since Mr. Panicky took over," stated one manager. Making a tour of the four fields and then watching the eight' teams in action, all managers were of the same opinion. Commissioner Pazicky is genei ally in attendance, except whei pressure of business keeps hin away. The commissioner walk: around from field to field will eye3 as sharp as a fish hawk' when diving for a flounder. . Hi haa managers toe the mark as Commissioner BUI Paxlcky well as players. One of his rules

W E S T LONG BRANCH — Spencer Morgan's no-hitter and Robin Burnslde'a steal of home gave Red Bank a 1-0 win over West Long Branch Monday night in tho Monmouth County American Legion Junior Baseball league. The triumph assured the Red Bank nine of no worso than a tie for first place in the circuit. The Bankers completed their schedule with nine wins against three setbacks. The only run by the Bankers came in the sixth frame when Bruce Phillips walked and advanced to second an Burnside's bunt single. After "Eddie Egeland struck out, Phillips was caught at the plate on an attempted squeeze that was snuffed out when Pitcher Ronnie Shatto tossed low and Acquaro came up with tho ball for the tag out. On the next pitch Burnside stole home on a close play In which Shatto was tossed out of the game for disputing the call. West Long Branch threatened in the last of the sixth when FJavil VanDyke reached first on an error. Morgan then forced Skip VanDyke to ground out and fanned White. Morgan struck out eight batters and walked only two as he recorded hia first no-Mt, no-run game. In another league tussle Oakhurst and Ncntune wound up In a 2-2 deadlock. Ronnie Phillips had a no-hitter going in the abbreviated contest. BED HANK

is that players stay in dugouts when a game is in session. When there are no dugouts, managers are responsible for keeping the players a safe distance from the playing field and" the batter. Mr. Fazlcky organized the umpires and we'd be safe In saying*that the officials here are better than most leagues produce in the county. Heading the list is Bob Olshon, Bed Bank high school's now baseball coach; Lloyd Belton, Buc junior varsity diamond coach and basketball coach; Tony Amendola, also a member of the Buc coach, ing sbiil, and Fete MacDonald, Herman Canonlco and Tony ^Squirrel" Privetera. The commissioner clocks each game and is to settle any situation that might pop up. He'll not let a manager postpone ••a gamB^-becauae the coach cannot make it that particular night. Teams plapr on scheduled nights or forfeit. This rule really keeps managers on the stick. We were chatting with the commissioner quite some distance from one of the games. Out of a clear blue sky, he said, "Look at that manager questioning the umpire's de-' clslon on that home plate play. I'll have to have a talk with that lad and straighten him out." How can a league miss being one of the , best when a conscientious commissioner Is keeping tabs on all • league play. It was a surprise to see the number of women folks Interested hi the youngsters and their ball playing. In The eight teams of the Red Bank Little League concluded their rogular season this the absence of her husband, Mrs. Ben Boss takes over weok with Merchants Trust company winning ths business division of the circuit and the the Meld in which her optimist t<\un was playing, we heard . Quads taking the championship of the club bracket. In top photo are the Merchants Trust a yell: "All right now kids, wo need some hits," Looking back, we discovered Mrs. Boss doing the coaching. champs: First row, from the left, are Gregg Ayers, Jeff Ayers and Paul Breslin. Standing, Another call from a female behind the fence went like this: "Hey, get a picture, of the firemen's team." In the dugout of the second row, Floyd Morris, George Taylor, James Carnart, Dan Ciaglia, Eric Ayers, M i Merchants Trust company team was Mrs. Fran Ayres, acting as chael Breslow and Marc Ayers. Third row, Coach Izzy Breslow, Larry McFeeley, Bobby official scorer. Mrs. Izzy Breslow seemed to have charge of the two Coyle, Peter Procopio, Eddi^ Winrow, John Galatro and Warren Scott. In lower photo are milk cans used to supply water to thirsty ball players. the Quad ch> 'npions. Front row, George Gaines, James Ferraro and George Carey, Jr. One of the problems of this circuit Is getting parents out to watch the kids play ball. Some Improvement in atCenter row, Joe Gaines, Richard Tomaino, Max Pokus, Jr., Brian McFadden and Fred tendance is noticeable this season. They tell us the firemen Brink. Rear row, Henry Richard, coach of Quad nine and president of the Red Bank Litget out the largest number of fans. BOATS, BOATS AND MORE BOATS—II will be a busy week-end for sailors and yachtsmen in this area, starting tomorrow. About 1,000 persons and 300 privately owned craft from four states will converge on Red Bank this week-end for the 11th annual rendezvous ot the Third Coast Guard District Auxiliary, Northern area. This gang of boatmen were here- last year and a beautiful sight it made with craft from four states spread . out on the Navesink river. , Auxiliary craft from New York, New Jersey, Vermont and Connecticut will begin arriving at the moorings tomorrow. A "British" form of review is., scheduled for the fleet Saturday, with Rear Admiral Henry C. Perkins, commander of the Third Coast Guard district, and other ranking officials, plus officers of the auxiliary, presiding. In this type of review, the party gets its Inspection tour under way while the full dress fleet Is anchored in columns. The auxiliary is a voluntary, civilian organization o boat owners and operators, aviators and radio operators. authorized by Congress to assist the Coast Guard In the promotion of safety at sea. Tho Sandy Hook division, headed by Charles Levltan of Mctedeconk, Is host to the rendezvous. Second on the water agenda will be the Metropolitan District Lightning championship, an event sponsored by Monmouth Boat club on the Navesink river. This event brings in skippers from the Northern Jersey and Hudson river sections—the best In their respective areas. About 20 boats will be on hand. The first two finishers will sail for the Lightning Class International championship at Crystal Beach, Ontario, Canada, in September. Over in the Sandy Hook bay area, tho Atlantic Highlands Yacht club, headed by Commodore Dominic A, Caruso, Is playing host to the nation's top Shir class skippers. This water event will start Saturday and run through Wednesday. Big time sailing is hero, too! These sailors aro competing In tho Star class U. 8. Olympic trials to determine win. will represent us In next winter's International races, On land, Monmouth Park will do its bit to draw thousands of persons to the county with the running of the $50,000 Monmouth Oaks. This event is for three-year-old flllios and will be over one mllo and an eighth. This wcok-ond will probably be the biggest for sports with all big activities plus other competition such as baseball, golt and still other sailing activities.

Spence Morgan Four M.B.C. Skippers Fires No-Hitter; To Sail for Titles Legion Wins, 1-0 Four skippers from fleet 70 of Include Davi- Shay of Plainfiold,

Bowers, 3b Patton, lb rhlllips. c Uurnside, as Efrelnnd, 2b Rosen, If

Winner Unseats Brother Larry Low, Who Won Territorials Last Year In Army Swim Meet

, ,'."..'.'.'.'.".

Mnzzn, rf

.'.V.'".....''..'.".'.V....V 2 .'.'..."'....'. 2



A F Van Ilyke. ss. ..'. * M. Van Duke, l b . , p. 3 White, cf 3 Shntto, p •» Vltola, rf '.','.'.".'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 0 Acqunro, c •> Tntano. 3b l Scarpolli, rf., l b 1 C n p u n , 2b .'.'.'".'.'.'.'.'.'. 2 Ravchner, cf .2


IS ~0

ol SUMMARY Struck o u t — B y Morttan 8, Shatto 6 Bases on balls—Off Moritan 2. Shutto h. Hits—OfT Shntto 4 In S 2-3 Innings M. Van Dyke, 0 in 1-3 Inning.

Monmouth Team Takes 1st Army Swim Crown Signaleers Sew Up Crown on Final -Day Al Monmouth Pool

tle League, Dominic Setaro, George Hicks, John Hendrickson, Joe Hicks and Bill Haselman, assistant coach.

a clever sailor and winner of numerous regattas. Ha will represent the Raritan Yacht club of Perth Amboy. Irv Lewis, Roy Knapp and Joe Nciner of the same club will fill out that club's entries. Phil and Jamca Schumackcr, Pete Axford and Hank Fritz of Lake Wallcnpaupack, Pa., Dr. C P. Shoemaker of Lake Mohawk and Ed Dcin and Tom Destasio of Osslnlng, N. Y,, also will b» amonp entrants trying for th« crown. Tho first race will get off Saturday at 1:30 p. m. Two races will bo hold Sunday, the first breakIng away at 10:30 a. m. The afternoon session will bo at 2:30 o'clock. After the races, trophies will b* awarded in the M.B.C. clubhouse. Tho host club will serve luncheon botli days for skippers and crown. A dance will be held Saturday night.

Roger Low Triumphs In Comet Regatta

' Z.'.'.T.V

Morgan, p


Monmouth Boat club will compete in the Metropolitan District Lightning chompionshifs scheduled on the Navesink river this week-end. Twenty boats in all are expected to cross tlie starting linn to determine who will sail the Lightning Class International championships at Crystal Bench, Ontario, Canada, in September. Local representatives are headed by two veteran skippers in Mias June Metliot and Charlie Allaire. Miss Methot is a former state champion and winner of the event In 1952-53-51. Allairo Is a former Atlantic Coast champion and state champ and won the event In 1950-51, 'This string of victories by M.B.C. Lightning sailors kept the titlo at Monmouth Boat club tor live years in a row. Stevo Perkins, junior sailing instructor at M.B.C, and Reid Dickeraon, veteran Lightning sailor, will fill out the other two slots for the local club. Other noted skippers to sail here

Frederick W. Frcibott Frederick W. Frelbott, son Mr. and Mrs. Fred Freibott Main st., Port Monmouth, w compete in the All Army awln mlng meet at Fort MacArthm San Pedro, Cal., starting toda; and running through Saturday. Freibott qualified for the me* when he won the platform dlvln, event, finished second In the 10C meter free-style, was second 1; the three-meter dive event am third in the 200-meter frec-styli event In a Korea swim meet. Hi is with the I Corps of the Eight! Army.

Post Swimmers In Army Meet

OCEANPORT—Ona Low lost the North Jersey Comet Territorial sailing regatta Sunday, but another Low picked up the tltl» dropped by his brother to keep It among family winnings. Larry Low of the Atlantifl Highlands Yacht club lost th» championship to his brother Roger Sunday when the Shrewsbury Sailing and Yacht club sponsored the Comet Territorial regatta on the Shrewsbury liver. Ed Ryan of the host club finished second, scoring 92 point» which was only six and onc-ha(f points behind the victor. Bobby Wales, Jr., of Gresn Pond won third place honors with 01 points. The regatta was scheduled to start Saturday, but inclement weather postponed events that day. Officials of the Shrewsbury Yacht and Sailing club then held all three races Sunday. Jerry Drew, Jr., of tho host club got the jump on the Comet sailors in the first race when h« copped this event. Drew dropped back In the second however, when he finished seventh and wound tip sixth in the third race. Roger Low picked up his points by taking first place in both tha second and third races. Ho marked up a close win over Ryan in the second and then beat Wales over the line In the final event Tho two victories for Roger Low took the title away from hij brother Larry, who won tha crown last year on Sandy Hook bay when the Atlantic Highlands Yacht club sponsored the event. Lelghton Waters was chairman of the regatta, assisted by Bud Jones and Dave Kingston, Other officials were Bill Howard, [leet captain of the local club, ommodoro Bill Robinson, Dave Blake, Bob Ycager, Doug Ferris and Dean Waters. ' FIRST RACE

PORT MONMOUTH—Fort Monmouth continued to dominate the First Army swimming tourna- FOHT MONMOUTH—Six For1 ment as the Signaleers Friday Monmouth swimmers aro on th 1. Drew; 2. Roger Low; 3. KaHernight recorded their fifth straight 12-man team on' the West coast man: Adamson, Pagdin Win 4. R y a n : n. W a t « : 6. B r o o k s ; T. team championship. The Mon- to represent First Army in th Kingston; «. Karley; 9. Leuvelink; 10. On Shrewsbury River mouth squad compiled 45 points All Army swimming and divinj -Illtenherger. SECOND RACE In 11 events, six better than run- championships. The three-da; OCEANPORT—Nicky Adamson 1. rioter Low; 2. R y a n : 3. Robinson: ncrup Fort Dix, as the two-day won the novice point race, and LEONARDO —Albert Stern, meet ended at the field house pool swim meet starts today at Fori . Wiilcs; Ei. KEnRston; fi. Larry L o w ; . D r e w : 8. Leuvelink; 9, Katterman; About 1,000 persons and 300 Jan Pagdin triumphed In tho Jun- scoring a net 67-69—136 in the It was a three-team race all MacArthur, Cal. 0. MiltcnberKer. privately owned yaohts from four ior point race held by Shrewsbury finals of the medal play champion- tho way, with Fort Devcns fad- The First Army group also THIRD RACE states are expected to converge Sailing and Yacht olub tho post ship, won the Vice,Presldent's cup Ing in the stretch to gain third eludes threo swimmers from Fort Low: 2. W a l e s : 3. Katterof Beacon Hill Country club Sun- place with 35 points. Overall, Devens, two from Fort Dix and m aI.n : Roger on the Navesink river, startingg week. 4. Ryan; 5. Robinson; 6. D r e w ; t f Vh 11th 11th annuall Peter Clark was second In the day. Miltenberger: 8. Leuvelink: 9. Fartomorrow for Devens had four Individual win- he other from Fort Wadsworth. rendezvous of the Third Coast novice race, David Tlllotson, third; Rocco V. Cioffl's 73-65—138 took ners, while Monmouth and Dix Tho other member in the party Is e y ; 10. Turner. John Ruthrauff, fourth; Don SEC Tom DIgby of Ponca City, FINAL POINT STANDINGS second and Victor E. Grossingcr, each had three firsts. Bill Stovall ruard District auxiliary's northI. Roger Low, Atlantic Highlands ern area. -• The yachtsmen are ex- Pagdin, fifth, and Martha Robin- with a 71-68—139, took third place. from Plcatlnny arsenal captured Okla., who, with Herb Kobayashl 2. Ed Ryan, Shrewsbury pected to visit for the week-end son, sixth. Winners In the match play first place tho previous evening of Honolulu and a. Dix swimmer .. C& Y.0S>-'.; C.—32; 3 . Bob Wales, Jr., will be tho coaches. and then hoist anchor early Sun- In the Junior point race, Lea championship for the President's In tho 100-yard backstroke. rcen P o n d — a l ; I. Jerry Drew, Jr., The six Signaleers who also Adamson, Jr., was second; Arthur day. . , cup were Mayor John H. Hawkins ihrewabury R. & V. C — 8 8 U : 5. Dav« Going into the final night's tielpcd Fort Monmouth to its fifth Cattermnn, Lake Hopatconjr, 8 7 : 6, Mayor Katharine Elkus White Fox, third; Buff Zlllger, fourth, | over Don Corwln, one up; William competition, Monmouth had a straight First Army title, held ;obby Robinson, Shrewsbury S. & Y. Kennedy over Harold Kerr, four is expected to welcome the fleet and Robbie Robinson, fifth. : . — 1 1 ; 7. Iton Louvelink, Lake Hoj>»tand three; Fred Merrlman over slim two-point spread over Dix ast week, are Mlllard McDanlel onK—77; fc. Dave Klntcston, Shrewito this borough, and Gov. Robert mry S, & Y. C.—75 s !>. Hank MiltenWilliam Fenwlck, three and two; and Devens. The last named f Wilmington, Del.; Dave Gart- •ercer, B. Mcyner has proclaimed SaturMonmouth B, C.—74; 10. Bill Stanley Savage over Ed Savidge, Army installation took over tlie Icy, Hawaii; Bill Hadji of Miami 'arley, Luke day "U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary 11. Larry lead In the finals of the 200-yard "''la.; Dick Huber of Auburn, Cal.; .ow, AtlanticHopatconjr—73: one up, and Sam G-laimo over Ray Day" to honor the event. Highlands Y. C.—701 breast-stroke. Devens placed oneoo Klein of Compton, Col.', and 2. Erv Coon (lien Wild Lake— 62 s LeStrango, two and one. Auxiliary craft from New York, two, as Dave White of Dos Clarence Pendleton of Washlng- 3. Ed Fracker. Raritan Y. C. — 6 1 s New Jersey, Connecticut and Ver4. Leo Kltzpntrlck. Highland Lake— Molncs, la., won the event, and on, D. C. mont will start" anchoring tomor5 6 : U . John Ilrooks, Pncknnnck Lak* Walt Hapke from Seguando, Cal., Bill Fortune of Los Angeles and — STANDINGS 5 5 : in, Pon Olson, Rarllnn Y. C. — row night. A "British" form of finished second. GROUP "A" ; 17. Dean Waters. Shrewsbury Y. A Kobayashl are the two from Fort review is scheduled Saturday, preW C — r , 2 : IS. Eil Ti«rce, lUritan Y. Sunday's Results Fort Dix tightened the team Dix. Dovens has Walt Hapke of sided over by Rear Admiral Henry Fair Haven Orioles 19 — I B ; 19. Larry Owen, Rurllan Y. R«d Bank Townors'4, Bclmnr 1. raco as Carl Williams of Buffalo, Soguando, Cal; Dave White of 13 -—lii: 20, Ted Turner, Green Pond C. Perkins, Ooast Guard com- St. J a m e s Bmv«s Bulldogs 12 — 4.'1: 21. Hick Duvla. Mnnmollth B. C. mander of the third district, and Rumson Leonardo 8, Atlantic Highlands 7. N. Y,, won the 200-yard back- DPS Molncs, la., and Charles Wolf —cond step toward a berth on fleet Is anchored In columns. W h QROUP "C" ivcr I'laza Pack 32 Tho. Signalmen regained tho ho U. S. Olpmplc team. Next Is Awards will bo presented at a River Plata Panthers Long Branch 9 ..., 14 team lead In tho next event, how- he Intcr-scrvlco meet Aug. 1-3 nt Wins Five iiL a Koiv 11 dinner-dance for outstanding ac- Shrewsbury Foxes Red Bank Townors 8 Haven Ciuuinnls . H ever, as SlBintleer John Mlllnril S Di complishments of auxiliary mem- Fair Lennnrrto S LUtie Sii'/cr Hovers 6 of Newton, Mass., won tho 400RIVER PLAZA—A third-Inning Belmar Indians ' 4 bers during the past year. ' GROUP " D " yard freestyle grind. This put Tough Fight Ahead ally giivis iUver Plaza pack 32 Koyport A. A _ 4 Tho Sandy Hook division, head- Red Bnnk Elks .. 14 tlie Sljrnalmen two-up on Devnns n oiisy 8-1 victory over Atlantic 4 II ed by Auxiliary Captain Charles Fair Haven Hnwks 10 West Long Branch :ipfhliuul3 pack 22 lost week. s ta Atlantic Highlands .!.For Stadium Itaccrs Levltan of Metedeconk, is hOEt Little Silver Havens 3 (1 and Tour on Fort Dix. ' Rumson Wildcats 6 IS The victors concluded tho soafor tho rendezvous. Whitcsvlllo 2 7 In tho Ilnal race, the 400-yard BELMAR—Bill McCarthy of R e m i t s of Gamei Durlnr P«st Weak medley relay, Monmouth clinched 'Uuinnon nnd Peto LaVnnco of m with six wins, having won Gnnics Sunilny Kurnson Terriers 15, St. Jamei 1 0 last flvo In a row, and four Its fifth straight crown, bctlng u Jockey Gets Trophy Hod Bank at Long Branch. Lake, winners of the modiDrnves 5. Fort Dix in this nice Ijy 12 sec- Spring 1'alr llnven Orioles S, LIUIs Sliver Meyport at Leonardo. iled nnd sportsmen division titles Tho time wns 4:-15.7. Eairles 1. ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS PACK 22 From Theater Group Atlantic IIIghlandH at Belmar. onds, respectively Inst season nt Wnll l a i r Haven Hawks 7, Little .Silver depth paid off for •Indium AD R H OCEANPORT —Jenny Kgan, Rovers 4. Whltcsvllle at Went Long theMonmouth'si have a tough light ahead •raid!, ih title IIH they scored points 4 0 2 resident nctress of tho Monmouth Little Sliver Ravens 9, Fair Haven Branch. of them if they nrc going to re0 2 In all but one race—t-ho 400-yard Cardinals S, ' Festival Theatre Stud|o, Inc., at Ilcil Bunk Elks 6, Rlvtc. P l a i t Tanpeat thin year. lh .1 0 Individual medley. Five SignalIN~GOI7F TOIJRNKY the Old Mill, presented a trophy thers 4. McCarthy, In the modlfliMl divi- rry, Ii to Jockey Johnny ' Rogalbuto, Shrewsbury Foxes 2, Rummn Wild. LEONARDO—Pro Andy Slltora men finished In runnnrup spots. sion, hn.i .'108 points, giving him •liiti-k. i-f All told, W swi.-nnicrii competed cats t 1 1. winner of thn sixth race last Friot Beacon Hill Country club will n tie for third place, and limvlng Kumsoii Uulldous 8, Shrewsbury , rf day run In honor of the theater Wolverines watch two of his students play In tho 11th ii ii n u it I swim mnet. him 20 points off tlie pace set by olverines 0. I'lcntlnny iifseniil'H lonn entry hud If, group, Sil U t t l o Silver Kpckets H , F s l r l l n v e n tomorrow In tho Now Jcmcy JunDill Chnvallcr or Sayrcvlllo with ior Glrlo' cliamplonshlp at tho eight points, wlillo li'ort WudH- •118. LaVnnco has '158 points for Tho entire company wore guests Eniiles !,, 29 1 worth hud throe. Fort Nlngara, Humiion Terriers 11, Little .Silver Maplowood Country club, Murcla ot Amory L. Hnskoll, president Rockets H. IllVKIl I'LAZA PACK 32 third place in tho aportmnr-n N. Y., didn't BCOI-B, of tho Monmouth Park Jockoy FnIr Ilnvon Orioles 10, Shrewsbury 1lo.nl, Red Bank Catholic, nnd AB R H division. Jack Hurt of Brnok iirfrlotl, rfl .Hi tC Ann Ilubbard, Rumson, who were With the* 'fid trophy won, Mon- Hiivcn, PH., IBIMIB with 501 points, club, and honorary chairman o[ Wolverines I. mouth now him captured HOVCII Kumson Wlldcnts I I , Little Silver 4 Mi'Kln 2b b star golfers on their respective tho company's Community Spons- overs Rt'il Hank Tommy Clink of 0. , 4 , it ot the 11 tournament! conducted. school teams this past oring commlttco, 4 Mttle .Silver Ravens 4, Panthers a. high hold:', down :-txtli hi tiiu II 4 Mombom of tho commlttco who Hod Itnnk Klks 14, Fair llnven (Jsril. "pi-Ing, will cnnifiele. niodlllmlx w i t h ;IT>t> puhitH, w h i l e i. 4 Having n Ilrntl. P a r t y ? also ullumlcil woro Mr. nnd Mrs. jnnln I'lirUci' H o l m o f Vrei'iiiil'l IM In Hlirowiliury I'uxei I, Fulr Hnveu 4 U i n i o I'nrrna Thim Hff) \m for it 11 yum- putty rinnls. Robert O. Thatcher, Chapel Hill; Hawks 1, foil I'til Pine:'' In tile .'ipoitMlilrn r( Appllcatlnnit r»ir tiltthfu and rnllla II- .Siuiilwii'htrt timl niilailn matin up tin

Stern Cops VP's Trophy

CGA Rendezvous This Week-End

TENNIS CLINICS UF INTEREST IN THE SPORT— Jock Moody, borough recreation director, guvo tcnnla a shot in' Uio arm lout month when ho started tho wheels rolling for a tennis clinic an tho IVIurino purk courts, Teaming up with Bill ttlicrwood of Sherwood's Sporting Goods, Brond St., tho pair obtained tin, services of Edward James Moyliin, fifth ranking tennis player In the country. Moylan waB in clinrgo of a clinic hero Juno 10 nnd It drew qulto a crowd of kids hoping to tako up (ho game. "CllnlcJ dnyn" thon woro scheduled on tho local courtfl, but this tlmd Harold Potter, 20-year veteran player and Instructor at Rod Bank borough courts, and Nancy Phllp, working for tho recreation committee, aro Instructing the kids, Clinics aro hold cech Tuesday and, Thlirsday morning nnd about 25 to 30 kids aro on hand for Instruction. , Harold Korr, Hlnglcn champion of tho Rod Bunk borough tminU tournament for a number of yearn, coiidiictn a tfiinlH cllnlo at ItiiMnou Victory park Tuenflny nnd linn ono scheduled for tonight. itiimson'H recreation ooinmlfiNlon - 1H HpoiiNorliiff thin nourt rltnlo nt Victory park, With clinics being hold horn and In Iliiitmnn, w? should br. guUliitj ljitlUr high nuhuol tcnnii teams In tho future, Somn of tho high nohool conchm In tha county aro in 1 ho Job Just to fill Mr. and Mm. Frederick HOWBD, the> jjaooltltm, When thin happQDH, a high school player Is not gotfcjsig Runinon, nnil Mr*. T/fiwrcncc TaythuJlIroper Instruction. T lor of Holmdal.

Little League Seaboard Div.

ltnm.,m UulldoKS Eneles 1, .St. James I r a v e s Kniilcs 7, C



Jersey Shore





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RED BANK REGISTER 38—Thurjday, July 26, 1956

Recreation Loop


Schuster, If.

2 1 1

0 0 0 AB R H Gerard, rf 6 1 2 36 10 10 HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC 4 1 2 WESTSIDE "Y" PLAYGROUND 3 0 valuation of approximately $350, n H Hciiiloi), si AB E H Tomaino. 3b 3 1 it 000. This area runs from Takan Rubles, 2b Acker, 2b „ I 0 2 Henrn. !b S 1 Buonnno, H I o o assee Lake to the Deal line (Elber MRIICIIO, lb Huntley, rf. ; 4 2 2 1 (I 0 (1 Hearn, cf Stanton, lb 4 2 3 By STEW \AN VLIET on, N. J.). Horowitz. IT 3 0 Itetuo, ,1b, Morris, ss 4 2 4 Adlnnro, 2b 3 I) Ilutthcs. If "Elberon typifies one of Melbourne, rf 2 Severini. rf 4 0 Setaru, c many communities where property Sweeney, Scott, cf, 4 0 0 cf Blue Gold In the "Acid Waltr" | cetches or big fish. It was quite a owners have vigorously, fought fa Scarnlne, rl Stanton, If 3 1 1 following such a heavy blow. bar sportsmen access to jetties. Sewnrd, p Oarrett. c 3 ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS big day Like Vincent, p 3 Cntfle, p Last week we predicted that the Hock of chick- big run of blues would hit the "Since local, county and state 2 I) 0 AB R H Rodrigues, 3b Hoia. rf 0 0 0 funds are spent yearly for imens waiting for Merker, 2b li 3 Rocks by Sunday, but provement of public roads our Kerrigan, lb 6 4 LITTLE SILVER t h e i r d a i l y Shrewsbury 33 it so happens that the big sand- beachfront areas, the Monmouth 6 3 AB R H Seeley, rf T e e d i n g of eels Pitman, p.B .1 „ "acid water" were too County Federation of Sportsmen's Hance. ss Clacked corn, muchoftothe Plmlico race course's clubhouse 4 2 Vaniler Voilrte, 2b 2 ] 0 McLauBhlln, 3b pass up. clubs feels that designated park- Vaujthnn. cf Nnppo, 88 R3 so, as of last 4 .1 was built in 1870. It Is one of Walder. If 5 2 .1 I ing areas should be established in Smith, ,1b Sunday, thousthe oldest structures in racing. Steward, c. R2 MnU.li*ws, c 2 2 Flirty Boats and Pollution the vicinity of jetties and sean d s upon Schmedes, cf 5 3 2 The basement originally contained Nlelson. lb •>. i walls; also adequate right of way As we recall, last year a numthousands of 8 bowling alleys for fans to use beGlulin. If I 2 t all ll jetties jtti h l dbe b d 47 23 H tween races. rf 2 S ind 10-pound ber of coa3tal communities in to should sured Rlhuatelli, De Stefano, p .1 0 nullnosed blues Monmouth county complained by every community." HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC FIELD 0 0 National League batsmen hit iwarmed int- that their beaches were being The Monmouth County Federa- .Stracener, p AB R H Maimlln. lb 30 erand slam home r»ns( In 1955, what, has com littered by refuse from party tion of Sportsman's clubs goes on 21 22 r'rlde. 2b This was five under the all-time lo be errone fishing boats which, at that time, HIGH SCHOOL PLA.YGTIOUND i record as advocating the followEllington. «g ously know: were fishing for fluke located ing resolutions: Sd 3 b AB R H Seward, 3b 3 0 0 league mark of 35 set in 19S0. Schweert, lb 3 0 Stew VaoVlict as the "A c i close to the shore. 0 Roblet, cf 3 1 1 (1) That a . definite ruling be Maletto, rf 2 0 0 Sweeney, If 3 0 0 for their dail; They enacted ordinances to re-made by the U, S. Attorney Gen- Abbey an., p 3 0 0 HujrheB, p Water," waiting sulphuric acli 3 1 0 Ewald, If 3 strain these boats from approacheral to define riparian rights, their 0 0 Llsowiky, rf 3 1 0 release of dilute c 2 0 0 Cagle. c 3 1 0 ing the shore any closer than a duration and assignment of same Mulvlhill, waste at the assigned spots, Williams, BI 1 0 0 , Benlncasa. one-hour's run southeast fron: specified distance, and provided to new owners. cf „ „... 3 0 0 29 4 3 2b 3 0 0 Scotland lightship at 2,200 revolu- patrftl boats to enforce these laws. (2) That the Department of Con- Harding, Crabtree, 3b 0 I) II HIGH SCHOOL PLAYGROUND Now we find an article contained servation and Economic Develop- Hall, tions per hour. is., p 2 0 1 AB R H According to reports from boat; In last Sunday's Herald Tribune, ment, Division of Planning and Koltun. 3h 2 I! I) 1 1 1 1 0 0 Schwe#n, lb all along the coast of MonmoutI written by Harry Carlin, entitled Development (Navigation Section) Gerard, rf MMetto, rf. ,. 1 0 ? Wllllami, c 1 0 1 and Ocean counties it was om "Do Beaches Spur Pollution?" In provide rules stipulating that no WllHami, c 1 1 1 ( 1 1 Koltun, p. • of the banntr days of bluenshing, which he brings out the question further funds be allocated to conHarding. 2b 2 tt with jumbo blues running up t of "what becomes of the moun- trol erosion for jetties and bulk1 2 tains of refuse bathing beaches heads unless perpetual public right 12 pounds. Mulvihlll If. ........t.\ 1 1 I blueclaw crabs, and there are still and resort colonies accumulate of way is granted for public use, 4 1 1 Williams, ss A reason given by one of th ]1 0 Schweera, 3b and further, that all riparian some fluke to be had. n top charter boat skippers is tha' each day?"


Berry. D Brlckhout. c



Timely Notes On The Great Outdoors

Mr. Carlln discovered that after grants axe to be Investigated, to Lester Lovett of Shrewsbury has recently returned from a busmany of these privately operated assure their validity. beaches closed at sundown, much (3) Any municipality that fails iness trip Into Delaware, where of the refuse was piled on theto provide reasonable or adequate he did some fishing in Delaware beach, below the high-tide mark, parking facilities shall be denied bay. On one trip into Indian and Is carried away when the public funds to proteot city or river inlet his party landed T5 tide rises. private property to control beach woakflsh and 35 croakers (hardheads). He told of a 101-pound If this condition exists It ap-erosion. pears that the governing bodies Ed Note—Harry has been put in white nmrlln which on its second of the municipalities affected charge of a committee to call on jump landed smack in the cockMissed the Fun should take steps to correct it the governing/ bodies of the var- pit of the boat It was hooked A rip-roaring northeaster hi' and not lay the entire blame on ious municipalities to try andby Lloyd Truit aboard tho craft, the coast Friday morning ani fishing and pleasure craft, work out a plan which will over- "Mack" of Mil ford, Delaware, and continued on through the day and come this condition, and hascreated quite a commotion before part of Saturday, but by Sunday asked us to call It to the atten- they were able to subdue It, "Whose Jetties?" morning it died down and the Harry Goldenberg of Red Bank, tion of anyone who might be inwind dropped to three miles in becoming a member hour, So when Capt. BUI Frank chairman of the seaboard commit- terested of Shrewsbury and the write; tee of the Monmouth County of this committee. Call Red Bank 6-0617-J. stepped aboard his private boat Federation of Sportsmen's clubs, "Lucky Me," out of Leonardo called up the other day regardEVERYTHING Along the Waterfront Yacht Basin at 10 a. m. the ocean Ing a recent article which we for the wrote in connection with the re- William J. Mackey of Bel ford, was as calm as a mlllpond. strictions put on the public and well-known sportsman of MonBefore leaving home we hadsportsmen BOATMAN' who wish to park and mouth county, and the state of phoned Capt. Dick Newbold, dock use the jetties and seawalls which New Jersey, who has long been a -naster of the Highlands Munihave been paid for out of public collector of antique decoys, had -ipa-1 Yacht Basin, asking hiir NEW JERSEY'S low things looked offshore. He funds. He told us that he hadpart of his display presented and old us that all oharter boats had written an article In the July issue discussed over TV last Monday LARGEST of "New Jersey Outdoors," reevening by Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. 'eft port early In the morning to MARINE garding It. We asked his per- Mr. Fairbanks said that some comb the ocean for bluensh, =1 SUPPLY As we riunded Sandy Hool mission to reprint sections of it of these bountiful specimen, ranging from 100 to ISO years of age, Point we found tho ocean filled and received his OK. = 1 HOUSE are still models for some of tho with craft of all kind, all intent "Millions of dollars of the taxrn.the heavy fluke run with flat- payers' money have h?en ;p9r>t .modern-day, der.oys. Mes being boated on both sides and will be spent in the future, Mackcy's outstanding collection of us as we went through the to construct jetties and seawalls of antique decoys Is well-known Icet. We decided to head for the along our entire coast to protect throughout the United States, and Shrewsbury Rocks and set ourprivate property against erosion. hits been displayed at many an'ourse toward Scotland lightship, Yet, the sportsmen of this state tique and sportsmen's shows. When we arrived at the bell Buoy, are denied the use of these pub- A new world's record blue mur'vhlch lies at the eastern edge liclyowned constructions In some Iln, weighing 106 pounds, has been "f the Rocks we found several localities. established In the waters of ')Oat» trolling, but saw no action, "In many cases protection of a Hawaii. It was landed by Pablo •>Ve put our lines over and con- few feet of beachfront property Llbero, a Hawaiian, who used an tinued south toward the pound coats the citizens of this state Ocean City 14/0 big game fish lets" off Long Branch, which has many, many thousands of dollars a possible new world's recalways proven good early bluensh for the exclusive benefit of thereel: ord pollack, weighing 33VJ pounds, •rounds, but failed to get a single private property owners who may was caught on a Montague rod trike. We did, however, get a pay few hundred dollars off Belnrnr by Georgo M. Mayer 'lrill when we had a double strike only In taxes. As an example, in the of East Greenville, Ta., while fishnd found bD-th lines fast on the 25 years, approximately $20,- ing aboard the party boat, "Miss locks. We managed to clear our past of the local, county, state Belmar," owned and skippered by •igs and by this time it was too 000,000 federal funds have been spent David Shlnn. 'ate to head farther south so'de- and t t t l\% il of f privately- Pauels Boats, Bumson, reports 21 Wharf Ave. BEd Bank 6-5780 to protect ' i miles cided to pull in and give the aTea of the "turn buoy" a whirl. But owned beaches with an assessed that the Navoslnk river is full of again, no fish!


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the waste provides food for plank ton, which makes the planktoi grow fast and large, which, in turn, attracts feed fish, such sand eels, which, according to oui Informant, are the largest he hai1 ever seen. Th«y, in turn, attrac large school of bluensh.



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As soon as we arrived home we ihoned Capt. Reut of the charter, "First Timer" out of Highlands Basin, who told us about the "Blue, Gold In the Acid Water' and that his party ended up with 162 weighing up to 12 pounds. "As soon as we hit a couple of fish in no time we had fish swarming In our slick." Other catches out of Highland's Boat Landing included Capt.1 Whity Morenz of the "Miss-Take, 140; Johnny Blsso of the "Fourof-Us," 101; the "Klsle-L" with 70; Capt. Dam Callio of the "FrancisC," 71. The "Debra Ann" docked with 78. All boats which fished the ''Acid Water" reported good





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Uilni lilnt (iglilr*tion did on 10,507,351 truckt, lifi Iniur-inei upirli provi Ford Truck* Int lonier.



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Red Bank 6-0176 THURSDAY—-


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Y.M.C.A. Holds Annual Field Day

300 Participate in YMCA Field Day; Rumson Sweeps Tennis Events LITTLE SILVER—Four Y. M. C. A. playgrounds Friday, had some 300 youngsters participating in a field day at the grammar school grounds. Bill McCann'a Itumson tennis players swept the court play when Charles Shay and Pete Hennessey won top honors In the boys over 12 years of age bracket. Gary Delatush and Jim Dooley triumphed in the boys under 12 years of age division. Deman Smith and Dick Zoldak were second In the upper class and Bill Stracenea and Bob Paul copped second in the lower bracket. Both teams are from the Little Silver playground.' .Atlantic Highlands playground won the baseball league competition by squeaking out a 3-2 decision over Eatontown. In the field events, Carol Fetersoa: of ; Eatcntown was a double wlnner, taking the 60-yard dash for girls over 12 and the cross country event. Results: Boys 60-yard dash—Seven years and under: 1. Bruce Pollock. Atlantic Highlands; 2. Leslie Hendricks, A. H.; 3. Peter Gibsqn A. H. Girls: 1. Carol Ann Jecksdn, .Ea-tpntown; 2. Cathy McCabe. L, S»S 3. Deborah Poison, Entonto*n. ' : , „ . Boy* 80-ynri d&th—Ten years and under. 1, Alfred Davis. A. H. i 2. John Borland Humson; 3. Philip Sfllmeri, Li. S. Glrll—1. Leslie Blind. Rumson* 2 Sheryi Poison. Eatoniown; 3. Brenda .Tanner Rumson. Boys' 60-yard daah—12 years and under,-1. Felice Mascolo, L. S, 2. Joe Robinson fiatontown. 8. Arthur O'Heil. A. H, Girls—1. Cynthia Jones, Batontown, 2, Lucy Bird, Eatontown, 3. Anao Sharp, Eatontown. Boys—12-15 years'of Bee. 1. William Brush, Kumson; 2, Earl Richmond. L. S, 3. Robert Vaugban. L. S. Girls—1. Carol Peterson. Eatontown: 2. Nancy Hamlin. L. S. Standing broad jump for girls seven years and Under—1. Carol Jackson, Eatontown: 2. Cathy McKay. Little Silver; S, Debbie Poison. Eatontown. Boy«, ten years and under—1. John Borland. Rumson; 2. Richard Dooley,




L Middlctown Lanes .„ 18 U 8V4 illow Wood Wood Inn Inn 15 Willow 15 Forrar's Liquors 14 lo M 4 M Appliances 14 10 Johnny & Matty Texaco . . 1 4 10 The Bowlers 13Vi 10'^ Rangers 13 11 A. Scottl Market 18 11 Blsciu - Hutter ...,„.. IS , n Sprat-Mils ljy 1114 Caruso Esso Servlcenter .... 12 12 The Barons 12 12 Art Floral Shoppe 11 13 T V Leavy U 13 Wailing BroB .'. 11 13 Hnnsen's Bakery II 13 S&S 10% 13 \!, West Bergen Meat Market 8 16 Spotswood Hotel 8 16' Chubby & Tom's Atlantic . . 8 16 180 CLUB WOMEN Mag Walling 180, Anna Balmer 182, Rosalyne Felose 181, Edna Morson 180, 200 CLUB Anthony Polandrano 206, Ray Pearco 230, Clemens Jacobsen 200, 202; Izzy C.Ualano 208, Tony Destafano 21S, 211; Frank Trcsza 209, Joseph Discus 211, Bob Stout 233, Ted Cslk 205. Howard Chnmberlain 215.

The St. Loula Cardinals have the oldest battery in the big leagues when 42-year-old Ellis Kinder pitches to 41-year-old Catcher Walker Cooper.

Bob Olshan, Y.M.C.A. playground director at Little Silver, is shown judging the Softball accuracy throw Friday at Little Silver grammar school playground at tho annual field day sponsored by the "Y." Felice Mascolo of Little Silver is pictured getting off a throw,, while other contestants look on. Approximately 300 competed in the all-day affair.

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" o



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council's refusal to approve school

OCEANPORT—Voters Tuesday rejected by a 222-182 vote margin a referendum for a $300,000 bond issue for a nine-room addition to Wolf Hill Avenue school. Edward H. Urlon, school board president, later charged opponents of the program with having presented "a complete distortion of facts" to the public. The charge was based on statements made in' an election brochure put out by a group that called Itself the "Taxpayers Committee" asking for rejection of the proposal In a way that would "cause the board of education" to come up with a cheaper plan. That document was received in the mall Tuesday. Alphonzo Alversz, Montclalr architect who drew up the plans, had called the program one of economy. Cites luxuries' However, the brochure said that- "only a luxurious school" would contain tile bathrooms and $12,000 worth of brick facing, such as had been proposed. It also said that the cost per square foot was higher than had been paid for school additions elsewhere In this area. The referendum called for an addition Including two large classrooms, six self-contained classrooms, a kindergarten, administrative offices for the principal, board secretary and general staff, rooms for men and women teachers, a clinic and store room, as well as a new main entrance and foyer. The board had said that the new addition would be able to accommodate 300 children and, when complete, would obviate the need for continued use of "substandard" and "emergency" areas of the school. It noted that the population was growing In the district served, that against a June 1 enrollment of 457, some 600 pupils could be expected In the school In 1960. The present 13room school—with two "substandard" classrooms and two "emergency" basement rooms was Inadequate for the present enrollment, (t said. ' Council Said No Mr. Urlon' said the mayor and

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Middleweight Boxer Jackie Labua is a relative of Jake LaMotta, former world middleweight champion.

Thursday, July 26, 1956—39

Sizes 6 to 8 • 8V2 to 12 - 12Vi to 4

Ine Ruhman and Olga Kurnz, use of 82 per.cent of tho munici- Keanaburg; Mrs. Arthur ConnelVoters Reject pality's borrowing power could ly and Miss Rosemary Connelly, have helped defeat the referen- East Keansburg. dum. Mayor Edward C. Wilson $300,000 Plan said Tuesday night that, had the vote favored the school, council American League umpire, Larry have supported the request Gertrude Ederle Napp, is a New York state boxing For School Wing, would although It seemed high. referee during the off-season. Ths school board has been Dinner Aug. 6 Urion Says Blockers working on the plan—Including



B o a t club's (loot 70

conducted two Lightning races ! j thla past week-end with Miss ! June Methot and Steve Purkln.i ! ! picking up points for the Hoot j ! championship. Starting in a light breezft, Skippers Charlie Allaire and Perkins took the early lead. Miss Methot, who crossed the starting line too early, came hack strong on a sood pUff a n c | [a3i tid0 to squeezo around the mark to take over the lead. Don Spurdle caught up with Miss Methot, but spinnaker troubles developed and ho fell to second with Dickerson ! taking third. In the second race, Perkins tacked into a. breeze and passed 1 the fleet to windward. At the ! first mark it was Perkins, Spurdle and Miss Methot. On the last windward lee It was Perkins. Allaire and Spurdle. These positions held at the finish line.

Rumson; 3. Dennis Brlckhouse. Eaton town. Girls—I. Kendrc Jackson Batontown; 2. Brenda Tanner, Bumson 3. Carol Van Brunt. Eatontown. Cross country race—Boys 12-15 years. 1. Shay. Rumson; 2. Robert Vaughan, L. S. 3. Pete Marchesan! Rumson. Girlt—1. Carol Peterson, Eat ontown; 2, Cynthia Jones, Ea^pntown 3. Nancy Hamlln. L. S. Sack race—Boye, ten years and under: 1. Alex Doutrlas. A. H. 2. Bob Claixl. Rumson; 3. Jeff Chlarello. A H. Girls— 1. Christine Crockett, A H. 2. Eileen Delaney. Rumson; 3. Kathy McCabe. L. S. Base running—1. Jim Leo, Rumson 2. tie. 'Earl Richmond, L. S.,- Fete Marchesani, Rumson. Time: 10.2. Football accuracy throw—Under 12 years of atre. 1. Jimmy BRITV. K«to»» town. Distance throw: boys 12-15: 1 Robert Vflug-han, L. S.; j 2. Deirmn Smith, L. S. 3. John Daniels, Eatontown. Distance 181 feet.

.'Distorted' Facts, And Cites Council


Fleet 70 Holds 2 Sailing Races

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a 115,000 purchase for 1.5 acres of property next to the school— since last autumn, Another Oceanport school referendum was rejected by a 363119 vote in 1949, for a $265,000 addition. The voters then supported, 190-50, a substitute plan for a $175,000 bond issue for five classrooms and an auditorium.

Says Manpower Is Big Problem "Manpower to maintain our vast military equipment Is tlie biggest problem in the armed forces today," Chief Petty Officer Nicholas R. Scuttl, of the Asbury Park recruiting office, laid at a meeting of the Red Bank Lions club Tuesday night at the Molly Pitcher hotel. Petty Officer First Class Thomas V. Ward showed a film, "What's New In the Service," Illustrating tho newest equipment being used and the effect caused by the explosion of an atom bomb. The officers were introduced by Clifford H. Warrick, Jr. Robert H. Maida, club president, announced the club will take part In the annual trip
HIGHLANDS — A .testimonial dinner will be given Aug. 6 for Gertrude Ederle to mark the 30th anniversary of her swimming the English channel—the first woman ever to complete the crossing. Miss Ederle swam the channel from Cape Griz Nez, France, to Dover, England, in 14 hours and 31 minutes, Aug. 6, 1026, setting a new record then. Motion pictures will be . shown of her return when she was giv=n a ticltirt&ps reception ilown Broadway In New York. A celebration was later held in Highlands, where Miss Ederle first learned to swim. Mrs. Marjorie Black Is chairman of the anniversary celebration committee. Others on the committee are Mayor Cornelius J. Gulney, Jr., former Mayor Frank Hall, John A. Bnhrs, Mrs. Dorothy Johnson, John Flemm, Theodore Lynch, Mrs. Esther Bolger and Joseph Bolger,


Reduced from

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Barbara Martin Honored at Shower EAST KEANSBURG — Miss Dorothy Connelly of Park ave., was hostess last week at a bridal shower and buffet-supper for Miss Barbara Martin of Belford who will become the bride of Neil Baxter, also of Belford, In September. Miss Connelly will be one of the bridal attendants at the forthcoming wedding. Guests were Mrs. Edward Martin, Mrs. Richard Terwilliger, Mrs. Martha Ruhman, Mrs. Irving Coates, Mrs. William O'Brien and Mrs. William H. Till, all of Keansburg; Mrs. Neil Baxter, Belford; Mrs. William Jinks, Union Beach; Mrs. Ernest Vaughan and Miss Elizabeth Vaughan, Highlands; Mrs. William Alnslee, Elizabeth; Mrs. James Till, Elberon; Mrs. George Till, Trenton; Mrs. Joseph Till, Mlas Edna Till, Mrs. Harold Eastmond, Mrs. Howard Eastmond and Mrs. Lillian Wlllett, Port Monmouth; Miss Joan Morford, Middlctown, and Misses Anna Walter, Cather-

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(1 mi. so. of Airport)




40—Thursday, July 26, 1956


Towners Win, 4-2, Behind Hurling Of Farrell; Still Trail by Vi Game

SUMMAEY Home run—Mansfi.ld. Three-bue hit— Keirney. ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS EAGLES AB R H I 5 5 6 6 5

Keye Milla, ]b Reed. !b Pleasant, If d. (•( Re«d. Davles, D l vle, cf. rt PPerkln., kl rt Cherry, j> Acker, p

Mrs. Charles U. Bay's Greek Spy Wins Lamplighter Handicap

Legion Baseball Monday'8 Results Red ' Bank 1, West Branch 0. Oakhurst 2, Neptune 2. Standings



MONMOUTH PARK — Greek Spy, owned by Mrs. Charles U. w r. The R e d B a n k Towners Bay and ridden by Jockey Eric AB R Rod Bank ; mained only half a g a m e off the Koch, cf. Guerln, came through with a burst 0 Oakhurst ._. pace set by the Long Branch Blue Maclntyre, i s . of speed down the home stretch to 0 1 Matnwan _ 1 S o x in the Jersey Shore baseball C. Mandenhi.il, c. win the Lamplighter Handicap, a LEONARDO FIELD CLUB 1 West Long Branch .: league, beating the Belmar In- Ely. l b . AB R K $20,000 added feature race here 0 Brltton, rf * Fifteen players were eliminate. Neptune . Generelli, 2b & dians, 4-2, behind Tom Farrcll's Hand U yesterday. ' . 0 _ Card, t 4 foui'-hitter in a seven-inning game Glum, 2b. 0 Greek Spy went down the back during the past week in the men' Freehold Naujhton, in 5 Long Branch 0 P.. Memlcnhnll 3 b. singles of the Red Bank borougl Sunday. stretch about 11 lengths behind Reut. c( s p Games Tonight Long Branch topped t h e Nor- Bowers, Riddle, 8b 5 the leader Mr. Patrick, riddan open tennis tournament being he Lupue, lb WnlllnK, If r> woods, 8-7, on Bruce Bradley's Qulnn, If. Matawan at Oakhurst by Jockey Oliver CuUhaw, Under on Marine Park courts. Snldlr, rf s O»troikl, In the doubles department fou: two-run single in the ninth for an expert ride by Guerin, the West Long Branch at Long McGowan, lb 8 its ninth straight w i n against 3d ward*. three-year-old colt started picking teams fell by the wayside aite Branch. Leonard, p 4 one loss. The Towners have an up ground on the far turn and first and second round matche, 32 2 < Tomorrow 39 8 8-1 record. cut the lead to three-quarters of were turned in to Harold Potte SUMMARV Neptune at Long Branch. length at the trifee-quarter director of tliu tourney, BSb Leonard pitched Leonardo Three-bane hits—Wnlllng (2). mark. Coming: down the horn In first round singles matches Field club t o an 8-7 win over At- Lewi*, rf Two-base hits—McGowan, Reed. Urenner. 2b stretch, the colt wound up In lantic Highlands In ten innings, Rlley. c Whitney Azoy. defeated Gerr; Sacrifice hit—Riddle Red Bank L.' L. Hit by pitcher—Mills. battle with Combustion 2d, ridde Wynkopp, 6-0, 6-1; James Pa ending a five-game losing streak Madure. lb MazEiiccB, If MERCHANTS TRUST CO. WHITESVILLE by Bay Broussard. At the wire, reott defeated Garrett, 6-0, 6-1 for Leonardo. DuPree. cl AD R Greek Spy had the race by AB R . H Ray Kuzava defeated John Sav Marmora, 2b 2 1 Keyport blasted Whltesvtile, Myrnh, 3b Wlnrow, p , 4 3 2 length and a quarter. The third age, 6-2, 6-1; Dorian Parreott de Phllllpa, cf "."'.' 4 0 10-3, with Bob LoPresto going all | ., 4 1 3 c , horse was St. Armour 2d, with feated Jerry Viracola, 6-0, 6-1: Ayers, McEvllly, i i 4 1 3 Coyle, cf the way. Fembleton, lb 4 1 Pete Anderson in the Irons. 4 1 2 Robert Grudln defeated Henr; Scott, lb Kirby. t A four-run uprising in t h e sixth 31 4 J. .VI 2 Morris, 3b Clark, 6-3, 3-6, 6-2; Dick Hodii The winner paid ?8.20 to win, $t Patterson, 3b inning by the Towners iced the SUMMARY a o l Frocoplo, 3b Padunno. rf uno. rf place, and $4 to show. Combufi' defeated Fete Rosmosky, 6-2, 3-6 Carhart, If. .... 3 1 1 game agalnrt Belmar. Jackie Three-base hit—Lewis. S Sexton, rff 3 1 1 tlon 2d, paid $8.40 to place, an 6-2, and William Wye defeatec Calatro, rf. Lewis belted a three-run triple in Sacrifice hit—Myrnn. Keenan, i» 3 0 0 Brealow, 2b. ...:.... $5.40 for show, St. Armour 2d, Lacy Bradahaw, 3-6, 6-1, 6-3. Taylor, p the sixth. Hit by pitcher—Madurt. was a $4.40 show price. The win- Second round play saw defend31 9 15 Doug Myrah walked, K e n Ralph WEST LONG BRANCH ner left the gate at 3-1. Secon ing champion Jack Sunderland OAR DEALERS singled and Farrell beat out a KEYPORT AB R place horse was an 8-1 shot am knocking out Earl Hoyt, 6-0, 6-1 Williams, 2b _ 0 2 0 bunt, setting the stage for Lewis' Ellin, 2b AB R 5 Hlce, ss _ _ 4 1 0 the show horse broke out of tin Knapp, lb Marty Shaw defeated Graham 1 long drive. Scott..3b 5 Van Staavern, cf 4 1 1 Gorllo, If 0 gate at 6-1. Ambreae, lb ft Brimm, 6-2, 6-3; Ed Mulroy d Farrell allowed only four hits Newton, c. 4 1 0 Phllllpi, c 0 rf 4 4 1 1 At the winners circle, Jocke; feated Lee Barishaw, 4-6, 6-0, 6-4; l-'orehnn, p while fanning seven. Red Bank Shatlo, Davlno,- Bl 2 Kearney, If 4 Morris, 3b 4 0 1 Cleary, 3b 2 Guerln stated, "I was able to rate Bruce Johnson defeated Ray K Slcklea, picked up eight hits off three Dowlnn, cf 3 lb : 4 0 0 Scnlio. 2b 1 zava, 6-2, 6-0; Harold Kerr d Kinscy, •• my horse the way I had planned, Belmar hurlers. Pizzuttl, If 3 1 1 Trnbiicco, cf. , S p. We figured there would be carlj feated Robert Grudin, 6-2, 6-4; Smothers, rf. \ 3 0 0 Leonardo won its g a m e when Mntthes, Genoveae, rf. 0 flilhnm. i>. Jack Fowler defeated Tom Macspeed, which there was, and I was LoPresto, p. . D o u g Card walked in t h e tenth. Mntthes. c 1 1 84 7 4 able to follow instructions with Donald, 6-1, 6-0; Jake Umbergei Charlie Naughton and B o b Reut VanDyke, 2b 1 SUMMARY 41 10 IS a late bid. He's one of the niccsi defeated Dor. Newton, 6-2, 6-0 beat out bunts and Charlie WallHome runs—Van Staaven,' Plizutti, SUMMARY colts I've ridden this year." and Lou Hayes defeated Frei Scott. Ing hit Into a fielder's choice. Home Rim—Pembleton. LONG BRANCH The daily double yesterday pal Axt, 6-2, 6-1. Three.baie hits—McEvilly, Knapp. Leonardo pitched t h e route for An n II Two-ban hits—Trabucco, LoPresto. In doubles, Dorian and Jame. $36.80 on numbers live and nine, .. 5 0 the Field Club although h e was Edwards, 3b. . 2b J 1 Grand Daze, with Walt Blum i Parreott defeated Lou Choquetti Caene Meets Garibaldi tagged for 13 hits. Leonardo also Bradley, Gnrrity, c 5 1 the saddle, took the first rad and Fred Gernabeck, 6-2, 6-1 In Asbury Mat Show collected 13 hits. Mansfield, cf 5 2 with Hop, handled by Glen Sterling Thompson and Sand 3 1 LoPresto gave Whitesville seven Plerson, lb. .:. defeated Garrett Ippollto, 1 1 ' 5 1 Smith, taking the second half Hutchinson ASBURY PARK—Verne Cacne hits while he and his mates Woollcy. rf 3 0 Grand Daze .paid J4-M, while Ho] Thome and John Andros, 6-0, 6-4, and Gino Garibaldi will feature pounded 15 safeties off Keennn Roe 0 1 was a $5.20 win price. and Peter and Larry Carton dethe wrestling program tomorrow and Taylor. LoPresto h a d three Mansfield, If 8 1 2 0 A crowd of 25,137 kept th feated Wyane Fraser and Dou night at the high school stadium hits, one a two-run double in the VinHyke, BS N E P T U N E — A r c h i e Pezzella, Hnmeriok, Sb 2 0 Patton, 6-3, 3-6, 6-2. In a seconhere. mutuel machines humming to th eighth. Gerry Traubucco also had a s s i s t a n t pro at J u m p i n g Brook tune of $2,128,733. round match James Wall an Cacne is a former wrestling three hits, Including a double. Country club, w o n t o p pro honors Fred Axt won over Tom and A champion of tlie University of In t h e w e e k l y J e r i o y Shore; ProMacDonald, 8-6, 6-2. Minnesota. Garibaldi is known A m a t e u r Golf l e a g u e Thursday the "Iron man" of the ring. and garnered o t h e r h o n o r s w h e n In a semi-final bout Tony Marhe s e t a n e w record at t h e A s tinelli will meet Gregory Jarque. bury P a r k Golf a n d Country club In an Australian tag team links. match, Danny Montana and Glgat In the best-ball competition, Felice will battle Dan Mills ani MONMOUTH PARK—Prelim Lakewood P r o A r t Marks teamed Nels Royle. with J u m p i n g Brook's Chick Don- Inar." checks of the eliglbles foi RIVER PLAZA PANTHERS ofrlo to w i n pro-a-m honors with tho $50,000 Monmouth Oaks SatAB K H T h i s c o m b i n a t i o n scored urday indicate that a field ol Doroflchenko, lb Little Leaguers Play 3 0 eight to ten three-year-old flllie Wescman rf 1 1 33-32 to lead t h e Held. Kastle, 3b 3 0 Under Lights Tonight Pezzella, in p o s t i n g a n e w will face the atarter in this mil C. Thompson, If 3 0 course mark of 68, w e n t out In 33 and a furlong test. Demarks, cf 3 1 FORT MONMOUTH—The SeaFive of the outstanding flllie Richards, 2b,, p and c a m e h o m e in 35 to finish 3 1 board division of the Monmouth 3 1 four under par. T h e old course In the country form the nuclcu Curney, IB. County Little League tonight will c 1 0 record was 70. P e r z d l a ' g hot clubs for Saturday's field In what may Clark, Lo Prestl. p , 2b 2 0 play an All-Star game under the accumulated s i x birds. be one of the top races for this De Lorenzo, rf. 1 0 lights at the Signaleer field here, 1 0 all year. They are J. Thompson Vic Hlrsch, Prudential insur- division starting at 8:15 o'clock. a n c e man, t u r n e d In his Best Calumet farm'» Princess Turla, Opposing teams will be com round of t h e s e a s o n . Ha scored Clalborne farm's Doubladogdare, RED BANK ELKS josed of two of the best players an 80 gross a n d led t h e amateur Mrs. Vernon G. Cardy's Levee, McDowell, 2b 4 1 'rom each of the eight teams in 4 1' division w i t h a n e t 62. Cardinal and Gold Ranch's Triple Buanano, ss :he "A" und "B" groups of the Koltun, 3bj 3 1 Jay and King Ranch's Dotted Froat, Individual Profesilonil p 3 1 Seaboard bracket versus the best u ,.«S« P«««II». Jumping- Brook, S3- Line. De Metro, c „ 4 0 players from the "C" and "D1 85—-68. 2 1 Jockey assignments have been Vaccarrelll, cf divisions. Lou Acerra. Overbrook, 86-38—72. Horn, pf . 1 1 Jerry Plsano. Overbrook. 36-36—72. made for four of this quintet Edlneton, If _ 2 0 The game Is open to the public John C»fon«, Manaaquan River, 8B- Sam Boulmetla, leading rider at Allen, lb _ 2 0 36—75. Monmouth Park, will be on Don Yisko, Fors*a*e, 37-88—75. « I I John Albert!, Jumping Brook, 40- Triple Jay. Steve Brooks is comSUMMARY ing from Chicago to handle Three-base hit—Richards, Art Murks. Lalewood, 38-39—77. Doubledogdare. Hedley WoodTwo-base hits—De Marks, Richardi Tiny Pedon». Overbrook. 88-89—78. > Prestl. Ansalo PetrasrHa, Spring Me«dow, house will be in the irons on RIVER PLAZA PANTHERS Levee, Dave Gorman gets the Fred Albert!, Jumping Brook, 40- nod -with Dotted Line. Doroschenko, lb ,... 8 1 0 88—78. RUMSON—Mr. and Mrs. David Lorenzo, rf 1 1 0 Willie Hartack, who normally De Roddy Newman, Homestead, 40. Kastle, 3b 8 0 1 V. Russell were low gross win3»—79. rides Princeis Turla, has Chicago C, Thompson 1(. 3 0 0 ners in the mixed four-ball tournBob Houaen, Lake/wood, 42-88—80, D« Marks, cf. 8 0 2 Prank Slclliano, Highway di.. 42. commitments which prevent his Richards, 2b., p „ 8 0 0 ey at Rumson Country ulub this Appllid on sound t i n bodiit or on your own fires 40—82. coming here and the best guess Carney, ss _ 8 0 0 past weok-end with a minus two Jack Welsh. Fort Monmouih. 48- is that Henry Moreno will be Clark, c 3 0 1 core. 40—88. Lo Pifntl, p., 2b 2 1 1 Ray Berger. unattached. 40-43—18. the Calumet filly. Mr. and Mrs. Waiter Daggett Joe Barbaro, Barbnro'a dr., 42Gayle L. Smith has the mount 24 S ~5 Inlshed second, minus three. 12—84. on Mrs. Natalie Felngold's Acther scores were Mr. and Mrs. LITTLE SILVER RAVENS Pro-Amateur colade. Jack Westrope is scheMarlu-Chlck Donofrio, 38-12—15, AB R H iV. 'Dinsmore Banks, minus four; duled to ride Mrs. J. K. H. Thour- lyers, 2b P«Mlla-S«m Sail. 88-33—66. 4 1 1 Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Toerge, M.rki-Gene Slade. 33-33—66. 4 0 1 minus six; John Hemphill and on's White Orchid. Walter Blum tatter, p., 8b Actrrn-Urry Dlglio, 34-33—IT. cf 2 0 1 will pilot Morty Freedman'a Gay 'ouyotns, Peiiella-Lea Sail, 83-34—17. runo, c : _ 2 1 0 Mrs. W, S. Davis, minus eight. Life. Other possibilities for the Marks-Doiuld Hoiuon. 35-82—57. Low net went to Mr. and Mrs. )'Brien, Sb.. p 1 1 0 Yasko-Joe Gheul. 8J-32—08. Oaks include Mrs. J. M. Bran- Itrachen, lb 0 0 0 . E. P. McCarter with a plus N.wman-Vlc HI rich. 84-34—68. rf 2 0 0 ham's Tournure, Mrs. M. W. Ight. Dr. and Mrs. John Sinnott Patragrlla-Andv Dale, 88.35—68. )oan, ss. „ 0 0 0 Silt O'Connor's Land O Liberty and ^nushan. EXCHANGE PiMno-Tony Aldarelll, 84-84—68. 'ere second with a plus three. If l l o Paiiella-Charloi Sail, 38-86—68. Xavter farm's Cele's Pet. Hasaey, If -. 1 0 0 Mrs. A. F. King, Jr., and Mrs. Welth-Harrjr Jemen, 97-82—69. 6.70-15 "Plus Tax" With eight starters, .the Oaks Oalona-Robert Hlnes. 33-86—611. 17 ~l 1 'liver A. Vietor, will play this B. Houien-J. Wolcott Brown, 16' will have a grots value of 555,050. reek-end for the ladies' club SUMMARY 8—It. The -winner's share will be $30,- Two-base hits—De Marks, Satter. haraplonshlp. Amateur Net 950. LITTLE SILVER BOYS' CLUB Vic Hlnch, 80-18—62, The last three winners of the Sam Sill. 93-26—68. AB R LOANS on iijrhun, cf Jot Ghttil. 76-7—61, Monmouth Oaks have gone on to c AmaUur Crete divisional championships. They tlcCullton, Watches. lorffesln. ss r J. Vr'nleoU Brown, 78, were Mrs. B, F. Whitaker's alant, lb „ «... Harry Jensen. 75. Jewelry, OPP. B. B. STATION IKIIA, P „ . . Grecian Queen in 1953, Mrs. Jot Ghttil. 78. rf Musical Instruments, George D. Wldener's Evening mlth, Chick Donofrio, 7«. hoemaker, If, Out In 1854 and Wheatley stable's Vlnfleld, 2b. _ Cameras, Binoculars, Etc. Misty Morn last season. lnaplea, 3b D A I I ' C 2 8 A Monmouth • SI Eddie Arcaro, who has won the 21 8 4 Oaks In five of its ten previous ODD FELLOWS runnings at the present Mon- ote Stlne, s _ _ 4 0 8 0 mouth Park, has a riding engage- le George, 8b. .— c SO ment Jn New York which will pre- .cquaro, lomandettl, p „ 1 2 vent his acceptance of a mount ryona, cf „ 1 1 „ . 1 2 In this year's running of the Oaks. Supples, rf. BELMAR

Tennis Tourney In Second Round


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Little-Bigger League Scores

MONMOUTH LUMBER CO. 77-79 Central Ave.

Red Bank, N. J.

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RussellsWin At Rumson Club

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Pezzella Tops Pro4m Field

Monmouth Oaks Gets 8 Starters


Will E. Cusick Co., Keyport

RE 6-4747

Aeromarlne Bldg., Look for the Orange and Black Water Tower

RACING NOW thru August 8th

Recreation Softball Loops

'at Stlne. lb ettelrl. If artin, 2b

1 0 1 I 2 0

SUMMARY Home run—Ciafflla. Three-base hit—Shoemaker. ODD FELLOWS AB Pet« Stlne, as.... De George, 3b. Acquaro, c „ 4 Romandotti, rf, ".. 2 Lyons, cf 4 Lettlerl, If a Pat Stlne. lb ."".'".' 1 Martin, 2b. _ 8 Stender, p 1 Cupples, p „"." 1 24 LITTLE SILVER


13,200 teat grandstand and 5,000 seat clubhouie with escalator and elevator service, dining facilities and rest rooms on every level. Airy cafeteria on top level of granditand, PARKING FACILITIES FOR MORE THAN 1.5,000 CARS.

Seats available on day-to-dRy reservation basis, Clubhouse has 3,700 unreserved scats,

Sat., July 23 W.d,, Aug. I

MONMOUTH OAKS $50,000 Add.d SORORITY $20,000 Addod

Otn'l Aim. $1.80, tax Intl.

"000 SERIES" Pat IratUro Kritttrolo 104, , 342, , 101— fi271 John noblmon 236, 201, 178—022,



Hal A n t o n c l l l 20P, 1'at Friittcrolt 242, U r r y S c o t t 2 0 3 , 3110; O n ' a r N o r man 20r», l l r i r c i Nrflrl 2 0 1 , JnnieB Jlnl* IIKIUI 22:1, T u n y I'ntandrann 2(12, l^io Mania, Jr.. 2 2 9 , F a t Montamin 2 1 1 , John Itohlninn ZSt, 2011 lidward rhorn 11)2, Jolyi Thorn 12, J o l y i Muntaldo Muntaldo 2 1 2 , J o h n

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iiUa tibfiuriuuU hit) job.

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1001 ITEMS

Open 11 to 6 _ F r i . till 9

R Tuesday Night League 0 Game* l a s t Week 0 1 Standings 0 W 0 0 Lafayette Dairy „.„ 8 1 Robert A. Hendrlohion 4 1 Rogel's Bar ..... .S 0 1 Sal's Tavern S 4 A, & M. Distributors 1 Result*: A B Wiulley, If, a ^ Sal's Tavern IB, A. to M. Dis- CIKIIB, c f „ j 0 Werner, l b ".""".'". 3 0 tributors 11. ss 2 0 Lafayette Dairy 15, Hendrlok- Duprec, Woodward, odward, p., rf .„„ ...','„ 2 1 son's 9, Colmorartn, e g 0 Garruto, 3b ' 2 0 Wednesday Niflit League llemachoot, rf,, p, .„ "" 3 0 W L Kyan, 2b s 0 LuljT* 1 2 SUMMARY Gwden State Parkway..._... 7 2 Two.base hit—Romandettl. Y. M. C. A _.. S S Anbury Park Fress 1 8 Y. M. O. A. 7, Lulgi's 1, The Cincinnati Rodlegs believe Asbury Fork Press 1G, Garden they have the best homn run ntUwk. la boaoball In Ted KluszowSii r k £ «kl, Jrank Robinson, Ed Bailey, G-us Bell, Wally Post and Ray MIDDLETOWN MONDAY NIGHT Jablonskl. LEAGUE

8TANMNGS W Mlxnuatera 17 Mlddlttown Lanes 16 Buisman SUtlontry 16 Anthony's Barbers .'... IK Tranery llros 15 Kmmona' Farm Market 16 Prank's Tavern 14 Terranova's Garaffe 14 I'.lr i l . v . n Pin Splitters .... 14 ilaron Coffee Hhop IB Filth Avo. Clennera 13 Mlihlletown Amoco 12 Alley C11U II L. (irnmllneUl llullilcr 10 I'ollta'a Luncheonette II) Mlrlehsen Doitt Works 1 Lull Kloctrlc 10 Little Klve 0 Mnrlbnrf Klv B


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Thursday, July 26, 1956-41





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25 Monmouth St.. Red Bank Call RE 6-2964

42—Thursday, July 26, 1956

Fellow Craff Club Holds Picnic


Sweet Adeline Women Unite

$10 for not having a registration in his possession. Fines of $15 each were paid by Harry Smith, 646th Aircraft Control and Warning squadron, this place, and W. J. Coons, Seventh ave., Atlantic Highlands. Paying $10 each were Paul Oliver of South Orange, improper passing, and John Monath of Newark, improper turn.

Zeiclmer Levies Fines of $2

HIGHLANDS—George H. Ross, Jr., of 2 Catherine St., North Long Branch, Monday night was fined $25 by Magistrate Irving B. Zeichner for reckless driving. E. H. O'Rourke of 37 East I Action I That'i whnt the Register Highland are., Atlantic high- clasiitled td« have been getting for their advertisers for three-cimrten of lands, paid $15 for speeding and H century . Advertiuement,

Members of the Fellow Craft club, a Masonic organization, are pictured at their picnic Sunday afternoon at Long Lane farm, Scobeyville. From left to right are' Morrell. Moore, Louis Hight, Henry Bice, William Fogelson, Henry Matter, George Moxley, Fred Mitschelc and Edward Dotzel.

Established a Quarter of a Century

Anthony Trezza (Catherine Taylor). Mr. and Mrs. E. Joline (Betty Renaldi), Mr. and Mrs. Joseph MIDDLETOWN—The claas o! Mllko (Margaret Foster), Mr. 1951 of Mlddletown township and Mrs. George Gremmlnger, high school held its five-year re- Mr. and Mrs. John Hildert (Terunion at McGulre's Grove Sat- ry Birger), James Canengro, urday. July 14. Swimming, plc- Richard Poole, Mr. and Mrs. nickinp, baseball and dancing Fred Atwnter (Stella Mllko), Pewere the activities of the day. ter Rounds, Music was by the Savoy Quartet Bruce Smith, Mr. and Mrs. A. Quests of the class were Miss i Peterson (Iva Smith), Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wilson, Anthony De Mary Rouse and Mrs. Lillian Marco, Mr. and Mrs. 'Anthony Bundens. Those attending who were on Bercekovitz, Fritz Grieslnger. Mr. the committee for the reunion and Mrs. Edward Meyer (Eileen were Mr. and Mrs. 'Robert Dear O'Donnell), William Nay, Mr. and (Nancy Goode), Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. R. Fix (Florence Van EmMallory Pace (Alyce Dayton), berg). Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barba, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Smith (Blossom Sase), Mrs. James Edward Clark, John Clark, Miss Lundrlgan (Adele Forlenza), and Winifred Smith, Mr. and Mrs. ArMr. and Mrs. Edward Pease (Ger- thur Meyer and George Harmyk. trude Devaney). Other class members attend- Town, Country Club ing were Mr. and Mrs. John Garrett, Mr. and Mrs. William To Have Boat Ride Schwelzer, Mr. and Mrs. Fred HIGHLANDS-Mrs. M.L.RockWestendorf (Doris Thon), Mr. ette of Oceanvlew ave. last week and Mrs. Donald Merker, Mr. and was hostess to members of the Mrs. Harry McQuillan, Paul Town and Country Social club. Blshof, Mr. nnd Mrs. James Hem- A boat ride was planned for tohauser, Jay Keelan, Mr. and Mrs. morrow night on the boat from Hembllng (Gerry Makely). Knnnsburjj to Now York city. John Keenan, Joseph Keenan, Mrs. Robert L. Horan was preChauncey Lehman, John Sprat- sented a special gift. Attending ford, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur were Mrs. Charles Gowers . and Koelsch (Marilyn Metcalf), Mr. Mrs. Willard Zimmerman, Middleand Mrs. Larry Policastro, John town; Mrs. Edward Strouse, AtSnow, Mr. and Mrs. John Donato lantic Highlands, and Mrs. Ray(Dorothy Berentes), Mr. and Mrs. mond Blewett, Mrs. Martin D. Peter Trezza, Car! Tarnow, Mlsa McGrnll and Mrs. Horan, HighDorothy Enquist, Mr. and Mrs. lands. Mrs. Joseph Slleo and Mrs. Manny Srietos, both from Newark, were guests.'

Class Of 1951 Holds Reunion



We Carry a Complete Line of • • e •








Seventh Birthday For Cole^n Horan HIGHLANDS - Coleen Horan daughter of Mr. and Mra. Robert j. Horan of Naveslnk ave., markid her seventh birthday Wednesday of last week at the home of her paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Boran of Navesink ave. Guests were Anna Mae Dempsey, Tonl Esposlto, Cheryle Diebold, Mary Dempsey, Rooln Diebold, Jane Horan, Elaine Demp-. sey, Susan McGrall, Diane Horan, Caroline Amaro, Jessica McGrall, lynthla Reynen, Noreen Horan, Ruth Ann Mewes, Marlene Cashes, Janet Grasso, Jo-Ann Mewes, Linda Grasso, Mrs. Joseph Cashes, Mrs. William Reynen, Mrs. Joseph Hock, Mrs. Leo Horan, Mrs. Murphy L. Rockette, MXB. Jamea Horan and Mrs. Robert L. Horan.

LONG BRANCH—A group of women from this area met Thursday at the Presbyterian church to form a chorus dedicated to learning and singing "barbershop harmony." Mrs. Walter.Heath of Neptune, vice regent of Central Atlantic region 14 of Sweet Adelines, Inc., explained the purpose of Sweet Adelines. The International Organization of Sweet Adelines. Inc., with which the Long Branch groun plans to become affiliated, Is a charitable group with chapters throughout the United States and Canada. They sing for charity drives, civic o r g a n i z a t i o n s , churches and schools as well as produce their own shows for charity. Members of the Lighthouse Keepers, a men's "barbershop quartet" from Asbury Park, sang several numbers to demonstrate styling. MemberB * of the Monmouth Shore chapter of Sweet Adelines attending wero Mrs. Joseph Burns, 3d, Mrs. Robert, Hopkins, Mrs. James Patmore, Mrs. Keith Maidlow, Mrs. Albert Sculthorpe and Mrs. Walter Heath. Wilma Bledsoe of Tacoma, Wash., has been In the United States only two years, but already has a 286 bowling game. She is a German war bride who never had bowled.

Peach Festival Set By Methodist Church FAIR HAVEN — The Friendship club of the Methodist church will hold a peacn festival Aug. 18 from 1 to 7 p. m. on the church grounds. Charcoal broiled hotdogs and hamburgers and soft drinks will be' on sale and peach shortcake, coffee' and milk will be served. Mrs. Elwood N. Schenck is chairman, Mlsa Sue Hallenbake, cochairman.






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Believe It or Not Has Top Attendance ASBURY PARK —The Ripley 'Believe it or Not"-exhibition at Convention hall has smashed all attendance records, Walter Reade, Jr., president of Walter Reade Theatres, announced. > Since July 2, more than 100.000 people have viewed the exhibition, an average of over 7,000 viewers a day. The crowds are the largest since the hall was built In 1929. The Believe it or Not exhibit features the Crown Jewels of Europe.

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Long Branch




RED BANK, N. J. RE 4-20B9


Thursday, July 26, 1956-43

Democratic Club Dance Aug. 23 KEA N S B U R G — Henry W. Steadley and Charles Ban2aca have been named publicity chairmen for the Aug. 23d dance of the Keansburg Rr| ular Democratic club at Jerry Sheehan'n Beach Palace. Edward Smith, Mrs. Ruth Caddie and Anthony Marrota were elected chairmen of the dance, and Harry Jones and Henry Joseleyn were named ticket chairmen. Mrs. Eleanor Maltz Is head of the reception committee, assisted by Mrs. Etta Dowllng and Mrs. Gus Getz. Members of the general committee for the dance are Mrs. Kitty Huber, Mrs. Delia Murphy, Mrs. Emma Bogart, Mrs. Mae Henry McGulness, Mrs. Elaine Hencoskl, Thomas Smith, Gene Be- cratlc leader dell, Anthony Raposa, club presiMusic for dent, John Caddie, vice president, played by the and Benjamin Andreach, Demo- the Madcaps.

Du Pont in tt« is a Uchnlcal trainee at Parlln. Later the Meyner to Visit DuPont Promotes (with Camp Happiness 2 Fair HavenMen

LEONARDO— Gov. Robert B. WILMINGTON, Del.-Harlan L Meyner will be the principal Graham, Jr., assistant manager speaker at the Lions' fourth an- of the Du Pont photo products nual picnic at Camp Happiness, plant at Parlln, N. J., has been summer, camp for blind men. The appointed assistant director of governor will arrive at the shore production of the photo products by helicopter Sunday about 1 department, effective Aug. 1, the o'clock, company announced Tuesday, The following mayors from surrounding communities will escort the chief executive to Camp Happiness: K a t h a r i n e Elkus White, Red Bank; F. Bliss Price, Eatontownj Edgar V. Denise, Fair Haven; Francis Nary, Rumson; Thomas Farrell, Sea Bright; Cornelius Gulney, Jr., Highlands; Waidron P. Smith, Atlantic Highlands; Frank F Rlalndell, "iddietown township; Joseph Soholer, Union Beach; James J. Gravany, Keanshurg; Charles E, Applegate, Keypbrt; John Marz, Jr., Matawan township; Spafford W. W. Stcodley Schanck, Matawan borough and John Hawkins, Shrewsbury. Fred Williamson Is chairman of Keansburtf. the dance will be of the Lions committee. Commissioner John Tramburg; of the DeJumping Jacks and partment of Institutions and Agencies also will speak Sunday. Edward G. Walder of Atlantic Highlands, co-chairman of the State Lions Blind and Sight Conservation committee, will be master of ceremonies. Harlan L. Graham, Jr. Hart Webber and his _ orchestra will play for dancing, and Ivar A. Lundgaard, production there also will be music furnlshj cd by the Keyport Drum and superintendent of the plant's new "Cronar" polyester photographic Bugle corps. film base unit, will become asThe pilgrimages have been an sistant plant manager, succeed Important fund-raising source for ing Mr. Graham. the New Jersey Blind Men's association and its camp.





Cloirt McCardell

Seymour Jacobson Nardls of Dallas

• •


Ann Fogarty

Serbin of Mioml

Tonl Owen

• Many Others

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Ray Eckert Wing Walt Disney Contest KEYPORT— Ray Eckert, 14year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Eckert of Laurence Harbor, left this morning by plane for a two-week stay at thfl Dlsneylart' hotel In Hollywood. He waa awarded the trif as a winner In the nationwide talent round-up contest co-sponsored by Bamberger's of Newark and Walt Disney Enterprises. He appeared on two TV talent shows and was selected from films madq of those programs and judged at the Disney studios. While in Hollywood, young Eckert will appear on the Mickey Mouse club TV show and will receive a screen test and audition. He Is a student of the Walters "School of Dancing of Keyport. Mr. and Mrs. Charles WalIvar A. Lundgnnrd ter, studio owners, Monday night were hosts at a birthday and Mr. Graham has been in film bon voyage party for him tit the production work with Du Pont • studios, since 1938 and has spent most of One estimate is that each ju- this time at Parlln. Starting as I venlle delinquent child costs the a technical trainee at the plant, 1 he advanced through various taxpayers $300. supervisory positions, becoming chief supervisor of the casting area'in 1940, and pioductlon superintendent In 1948. He came to Wilmington in 1980 as assistant to the director of production and quality was appointed assistant manager of the Rochester, N. Y., plant in SERVICE 1951. He returned to Parlln in 1953 aB ,assistant plant manager. - "No FIX—Ho Pay" Mr. Graham lives at 101 Spruce dr.. Fair Haven. Highlands 3-1968-J Mr. Lundgaard began his career




same year, he became a shift supervisor and held various supervisory positions there until 1851, when he was transferred to the Rochester plant as production superintendent. In 1952 he was named assistant to the director of production in Wilmington. He returned to Parlin in 1053 as a research supervisor and became polyester plant production super intendent In Sept., 1951. His home is at 11 Linden dr., Fair Haven.





5 Broad St.

Must Secure Special Permits


• •

TRENTON—Non-resident migrant farm workers employed In New Jersey whose vehicle* are iogisUitJ in uiher stales must sccura a temporary apecial permit to operate their vehicles in New Jersey, It was annou'need here today by Motor Vehicle Director Frederick J. Gassert, Jr. The temporary special permits t a t $1 and are valid until Oct. 31, 1956. Application for these temporary permits may ba obtained at any motor, vehicle agency or from the office of any county agricultural agent In the sta'.e, Mr. Gassert said. The application form must be completed and signed by the migrant farm worker, and vouched for by the farmer for whom the non-resident migrant worker will oe working all or part of the season. The employer-farmer Is required to Indicate his farmer agricultural certificate number on the application form. Mr. Gassert said once the application form is completed In lta entirety, It may be presented at any motor vehicle agency for issuance of the temporary special permit. There are about seven million farm dwellings In the United States.

Red Bank

Air Conditioned

Fresh Sea Food Catering

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4 7 Broad St.. ..KedBai]k6-2660 Cold wava permanent H.lr 5h.pt Lanolin shampoo Hair Styl. Craam bath Complata


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0 Dinct Wirai la New Yark

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• StoHiHcal Strvleai.

and many miscellaneous Items. Entire contents of ths eight-room

Our r
dwelling and Garage.

Founded in 1932

The undersigned and Auctioneer ahall

not be responsible in the event of accident and/or Injury to any


All Items must ba removed from the prem-

ises at conclusion of sale.

person or persons In, on, or about the premises.



Members N. T. Stock Exehmgl, American Stock Exch. AsiocUta 301 MAIN STH.EET. 64 PINE STREET. ALT.ENHimRT, N, J. OT.W YORK 6, K. Y, Dunkirk 9-3500 WHItihall i-lUS

B. G. Coats, Auctioneer.

Phone l o n g Branch, N. J. S-J59t














I am Interested in a Free home air conditioning estimate. Please phone before coming. I understand thorn la no obligation for this service,






RED BANK REGISTER 44—Thursday, July 26, 1956








Zf>XA"— 8' LENGTHS dimension lumAVAILABLE for experience- TWO-ROOM FURNISHED apnrtmcdt BOAT TRANSPORTATION — 16.00 PAINTER DECORATOR--36 yt«r« ex- POSITION ber, utility grade 39 c each, Littl* GIRL'S BIKE—Medium size. Koll. perience In Metropolitan area Plus- t a l1l s« a l stenographer. Writs full deAny boat weighing* up to 000 Iba. skate., pool, 3x5 ; dressing table. FOR THE BEST DEAL In street for coupie. 94 West Bctgen pi,, Red Silver Lumber & Supply Co., Sycamore '?. ' Experienced Legal Stenog' liank All excellent condition Reasonable, RE Will haul from your home to the terinit window irlazing. etc R Salm. HVe., Little Silver. signs, contact Brnsch Supply HI rapher. Box 511. Red Bank. 6-0531-M-2, or Mary J. Wnrneker. Lin water within thli area. Cnll Red Bank 30 Shrewsbury ave. Highlands TWO ROOMS,— Unfurnished. Share OVERHEAD DOORS—Used. Two. J2Scroft. Service, Brondmeadow Farm. Red 3-1421. .' j EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES foi 6-1S10-J after 5:30_p._rn.^ „_____, bath with other peruon. All utilieneh Cnll between 9 nnd S. RE Bank. RE 6-2108. NINE INTERIOR "house doors and two CESSPOOLS and'seiitic tanks cleaned. TILING—Floor and wall. Sample's • conscientious and energetic men and ties Included; 555. Near railroad 6-1619, shown Free estimates given, Rudy women, age 18 to 35. Mental ability station. RE fl-4055 or RE 6-4803-J. Low rutes Michael L. Mahoney L!n> French doors. All in excellent con< and physical co-ordination essential. RUkamm ii Elm pi., Red Bank. croft. RE 6-7356. dition No reasonable offer refused. FOUR ROOMS unfurnished. Suitable HAY—Second cutting. Lnrge quanFORMICA TOP SPECIALISTS—Crown Light interesting work In new moder RE60619 VACUUM CLEANERS repaired, any Phone RE 6-5517. for professional person On Broad Kitchens will . replace outworn lintity. ItwiHonnhle. RiverfieMfl Prefer nearby residents, Snl Street. make, Allen Electric! Shop 18 White SIMONS JUNK JARD—We buy all factory. RE 6-1229 aftec 5 p. m. RE 21X28 BUNGALOW —• Three roomi oleum counters Custom fitted. Cnl ary open. Apply Ballard Advert.iing. farm, Runnon. RU 1-0576. Red Bank scrap metal, iron and old cars, bat- First at.. Keyport. toilet, heater, RRS ranxe, Must bi G-4006-J. _______ for free estimates Crown Kitchens, Three Cents a Ward furnaces. . RE 6-0561 44 moved from property, Reasonable. KE FIRST SECOND and third mortgages teries SUMMER APARTMENTS—1^_. 4 and 115 Welt Front it. Red Bank. RE MAHOGANY. SMALL "dining room aet 6J_4 71 -R. placed and purchased RE-finance Worthley St.. Red Bank. 0-2512. 5 rooms by week, month or season. OPE3RATORS — Experienced on. Minimum Charge: $1.00 OFFICE Good condition, Mr a. Tomnini, LO LARGE" DiVAN. threo cushions. $37 your property tnd get needed cash, PAINTER. DECORATOK and- paperWalton. SE 2-0012. SUPPLIES- Ribbons and car 6 J_?AI 3 _nft.«J_P._M. dresses, section piece work. hanger ; interior nnd exterior 25 two fireproof doors. 50-Ral, square plus reduced monthly payments, If TWO ROOMS UNFURNISHED—Liybon pnrcr Typewriters and adding tnnk nnd pump; bont pulpit, Spertl sun you own any typa of property and de- rears' experience. Estimates cheerfully Steady employment. Very good Ing-bedroom, kitchen and bath. machines Bold rented and repaired. FOAM RUUIfE-K for stufling doll., sire mortgatfe assistance of any kind, given. Louis Cassnn, 448 Shrewsbury lnmi» kitchen Kanoiine ranRe. lot o Double Rate (or Double Spacing.1 Ground floor; $70 a month. Near Serpico's. 101 Monmouth St. next to pay, J. J. Schwart., 22 Lewis st., hassocks, etc. 50c for a large marble Schrfefer 2 Grant ave.. Rum call us for immediate and confidential ave.. Red Bank. Phone RE 6-0246-J. Blind ads. usint The Register * Ked Bank railroad station. RE 6-40E5 Carlton theater. HE 6-0485. Eatontown. service Jerome J Kurtz. 1060 Broad ELECTRICAL WORK—By" hour or hag. Fonmarl, rt. 35, Eatontown. _ Bon; RU_l-07O8. P O Box 25c extra orJRE_f_-_l)3-J.. Newark N. J, (Suite 203). Open contract No job too DIR or too MKN'S SUITS—Stie 46, Brown. Rray. st Risht to classify edit or reject THREE. FOUR AND rive-room apartREMEMBER—John L. HendrickLady's black velvet coat. 16; auita, dally. 0 to 5. Market 4-2998, Mon- small. Prompt service. Call KET 6- APPLIANCE REPAIR MAN—Must be any advertisement is reBervrd by ments. All improvements. Route 35» son's Old Wnifon Farm for tha experienced. Vacation, good pay. Mjddletown. Next to Paradise Grill.* 'lix'iH; one. 3fix3H, Also six screens white, aqua, navy, 16; nirt's clothes, day end Wednesday evening, until 3105 before 'J A. M or after 5 P M. The Register. PAINTING PArERHANGING. general Good job for right man. Call for ap- FURNISHED APARTMENT—On two MA l-2t>'J7-W. 1 to 7, bed_prinjr, % *ize. All reas- 8 _ P J ! liest in npples and peaches during . We will not lie responsible for house repairing, high grade work. At pointment, Hlllcrest 2-1606. Amboy Dean 306 Redmond five, BULLDOZER SERVICE, excavating, error's unless they are detected beAIKFOAM BY THB'YARD—Schumach- onable levels, in private house. With own the harvest season. Routs 36. for© tnfl second insertion. land clearing driveways built and reasonable prices. Established 1928. Appliance Service, 174 New Brunswkk southern exposure porch. Two private er fabrics. Nautrnhyde Bofa cushions, Onfchur-gt. KE 1-1770, Middletown. No cancellations will be accented bont cushions, bed pillows, throw pil- HIDE-A-BED—Simmons Lawson. iwo- repaired, fill dirt sand, uravet, top B^st of references from long standing ave.. Perth Am boy. entrances. Clean, modern: H i hlocki William EXPERIENCED SECRETARY — For from Broad _t, shops and bus terminal. Trees and stumps customers are available. or changes made in advertisements lows, fnnm ruober dofna, ready- tocuahion moxiel. dark green, with soil and cinders WE'GIVE GOOD trnde-ini on your old ivftinV rock mfti>le, Daniah cha.r_, but- fringe bottom. Cost $240. Fine con- removed. Grading and seeding of lawns Schacht. 95 Tenth st. West Keansburg small office Red Bank area. Per- Accommodate three, one hour Bfter receipt at oliice Heat and hot furniture ns we have an outlet for terfly chairs, foam rub her beds. Dan dition. ?95. Burkfirt. < Grant ave. LO 5-4-80. son best qualified may be working in water furnished. Available Aug. 10. K E G-U&Oi DEADLINE: it. Call Svvurtz Furniture. Highway Cooper ii nd Knoll fabrics, furniture the city at present, but would like to Call Mrs. Kirby, RE 6-3443 until 4:30 SERVICE WHILE YOU WAIT—ReD PR1MERANC "The Carpenter." ExReal Estate: Tuesday Noon. 3&. RE 6-3213. Submit exper- T. M. and UE 6-4557 nights and weekmaking supplies and plenty of duce service ehnr-rei, hv hrin-rlnir perienced alteration and rcpnir irorli B'ivp. up rnmmiitinfj, CUSHMAN SCOOTEK—Excellent conClassified Display: Wednesday POliTABLK TYPEWRITERS — All .v<-!r'-;f nrr.ee t;t 1's.i.r.r.; i,, iti illtion LOW mileage, J1UU. UU 1- your radio or television set in for re- donn outside Hnd inside. Also cabinet ience and salary required to "Small ends. Office," _Box 511. Red Bank. makes. New and reconditioned Al- Ejito_ntown, EA_3-0477, pairs A. C. Radio and Television Comwork. Phone RE 6-9826. 0464 before 9 A. M.. after 6 P. M,' KEANSBURG — 38 Sea Breere Way. " All Others: 5 P M Wednesday. so uddinR machines Guaranteed Easy BEAUTll-UL 10-PIECE Duncan Phyfe pany Armand A Crupl owner.* 123 TOP SOIL. MANURE—Larga loads. EXPERIENCED FOUNTAIN GIRL — 4 Vi modern rooms. Yearly rental. budget terms Seriiico'B, 10] MonFAIWIBRS AND -livestock men Hours 6:30 A. M. to 3;30 P, ,M, Adulta. Shrewsbury .»v«. RE 8-4768. mahoKnny dining room Bet, Sell rea SHU delivered at winter rates. Con1I1 l 1 month st RE C-04S5 Next to Cnrl- "' _ > e.__KE_7-0429.R._ attention I '• Quantities of good YOUR FURNITURE repaired, refin- rad orr.Rh Nursery EA 3-1420. Please Apply New York Bus Terminal, 174 THREE-ROOM, UNFURNISHED apartlon theater. Monmouth at. Ished or rebuilt. For Immediate at- eill evenings FKEE PAINT HOLLER nnd tray with ment. Alt utilities included Avail* feed, reasonable. Lake wood BurWK BUY ANYTHING and everything RETIRED BANKER or security sales- able.Aug. 1. LO 6-1120 tention call RE 6-2S57 Ask for Mr. every purchase of two Kalions of lap BAR CO., 256-258 Ocean ave., man to handle bond department of ONE AND TWO-ROOM and Kive the best prices Call Pittsburgh paint. Little Silver LumWUmtt or stop in at our shop 25 Pearl KOLEDA CONSTRUCTION CO., efficiency local financial institution. Attractive Swnrlz Furniture. Highway 35. RE ber & Supply Co.. Sycnmore ave. Little Lnkewood, Call, collect, Lakewood St.. Red Bank. ^ _ _ _ _ apartment. Clean, attractively decInc. Genural contracting. Buildincome for one who is qualified. Tele- orated Silye 6-3213 furnished. Utilities and IOSEPH MANNS—Mason and plas6-1020. phone or write, K, H. Belknap, Pres- washer and ing, remodeling. Financing arWEAR KNAPP Aerotred shoes for comsupplied. Convenient terer. No job too large or too small. ELECTRIC WATER COOLER and Coca LOST AND FOUND ident Bell Finance Co.. 77 Broad st., RE 6-8394 or 30 East Bergen location. fort, quality and lonjf service. Made pi.. Red ranged. RE 6-5357-M. P.O.Box Coin machine. Electro Impulse Lab- BABY CARRIAGE nnd mattress $25 80 Lincoln st.. Red Bank. Phone RE Red Bank RE 6-.COO, with built-in arctics and cushion inBank, 841, Red Dank. fireplace screen and andiron- $10 6-9351 LOST— Parakeet. July 11. Injury to ner Boles. Pticed from $9.'3ri and up. oratory Inc. _0fi River at. _Rorf Bank. TELEVISION SERVICE MAN—ExperAFRICAN VIOLETS — Hundred* of ATLANTIO HIGHLANDS — S^-room high chair $3. electric fireplace logs foot. Family pet, Kewnrjl, 11U 1- Call C. J. Clayton. LO li-7504. ienced, Top salary. Apply ppy in perp plants In full bloom. Numeroua va $10, 4" jointer, Walker-Turner. $12 24-HOUR SERVICE on the repair apartment' in fine residential section. 133J-J. Capitol Television. 143 Belmont All modern Improvements. Near everyGUARANTEED TELEVISION servicing HOSPITAL BEDS for rleties. Greenhouse grown Volmer*_ RE 6-9399-J. ; • of radios and electrical appliLOST—Passbook on Second Natioiml | WHEELCHAIRS. Long Branch. within two hours from your call. rent or salt by week or month. Call Afrlcnn Violetn. 123 West End ave, thing, 6_Third ave. AT 1-0586-J. OAK DINING ROOM table and buffet bank. Red Hank. No. 51.040. Finder Clnyton Surgical Service. RE 6-376C. ances. W« call for and deliver. A C, Radio and Television Company, Long Brunch. UNFURNISHED — Three-room, "bath perfect condition. Very reaaonnble plense^ettlin to above l>nnk._ EXPERIENCED CARPENTERS — Armand A, Crupi. owner. 123 ShreTri! FAN HELTS AND PULLEYS for elec- HEAVY DUTY woodworking shnper HEIn 6-44B3-J. Harold's Radio and Electrlo Shop, u part in en t in Sea Bright. Reasonable LOST—Lady's Hamilton ««tch with bury ave. jRE_ 6-^7$8. tric motors in stock. Douglas ElecC&rhart Con struct ion Co., 27 rent. Ground floor, Heat and hot with 3 h. ]',, 3-phnBe motor. Price OVERSEAS BOUND—Like new, 14-cu 19 West Front it., ' Red Bank. bracelet. Please return to Cecil tric Co.. 35 Earn Front St. Phone SEPTIC TANKS and cesspools cleaned. •water supplied. Call after 6 P, -M. $120. KE 6-0851 -J. East Garfield ave., Atlantic Highft, Coolerator freeier. $200. Complete Crawford,_Fair_ IlavcnHnnk. Kewnrrk. Must be over 21. Apply in top soil manure fill dirt, cinders BLECTBOLUX—Sales & Service. sidewalk 3'x3'.\4". ilasKinir colonial, nnd cultivator $15, three lawn mowers, ber mattress and boxsprlng ensemble, 18 North Bridge ave,, or cnll RE 6single size $59.50. was $9£.U0. Cosco person. Cy St Art's. Sea Bright Stngravel and sand. Estimates given good. 53 each; v«rts (or greenhouse, all sizes, picket fence. Kates one to ROOFING, RAIN PIPES, gutters. Phone RE-G-1201-J. sash, side sash, eaves, step-stools and utility tables. Detecto Phone RE 6.1464. Oscar Becker 47 tlonery. 1050 Ocean ave.. Sea Bright US5. three feet hiyh. 6' sections. MA 1 bars, ventilator, Clesned, repaired, replaced. SatFurniture, 12 peak. lGwx24". 16"xl6" irlflas, etc. hfimperu, Rosenfeld Second st. Fair Haven 4273-J. HOUS&WORKER — Good plain cook- THREE-ROOM FURNISHED apartment. Private tilA.bath. Private enisfaction guaranteed. Free InspecFREEZER OWNERS—For your good new tires, $10. The White st. RB 6-3419.* inpr, general housework, little lronFLORIST—Complete flower Girl's bicycle, trance. All utilities. Garage available. Whnt-Not. Highway 35 at the health jnd enjoyment, we offer our SPIWAK tion and estimate. Prompt service. Ing. Children. Ca|l RE 6-5948. COMPLETE LANDSCAPE service. service for all occasions. We nlso Corner Half-block to bua Red Bank-Fo-rt Moncarefully selected meat and freezer telephone MORE AND MORE find our shop Call R. Gibson, RE 6-1182-R. flowera. 93 Avenue of Two Parkway, Keyport, or RE 6-0020 flfPlanting, seeding, maintenance RELIABLE WOMAN—For cook and mouth. Call after 6 P. M. RE 6foods Credit up to six months. Old Hivers. UU 1-0 B7 4. the idenl place to know. You ____ !_ _ light, housework. Sleep In. Two 1046. by week or month. Call Stevens, Village Foods. Highway 35. MI 5- SACKHETE—We" are authorized dis- GAS RANGE—Practically 150. adulta. Rumson, nenr Sea Bright can browse «t your leisure. Two attractive, three IESSPOOL AND SEPTIC tank conRE 6-6872 after 6 P. M. 0094 bridge. Convenient to bus. Oool FURNISHED—Very AT 1-0107, tnbutors of the famous "just add rooms nnd bath. Heat and hot tractor. Cesspools dug and cleaned. floors new, used, antique furniture TIRES—RETREADING, vulcanizing our wnter room. References required. Please water cement" thnt you BCC ndvertieed REFRIGERATOR—11 cu. ft., six years supplied. Nice yard. Mrs, Marspecialty Your car tied up only 15 on television. Septic tanks and drains installed: 25 and miscellaneous household goods call RU 1-0358. Sand mix, jrrnvel mix, old. In A-l condition. Reasonable. CARPENTER-BUILDER —Alteration vin. RE 6-1P60-M. minutes to put loancrs on while we mortar mix in stock. Call Red Bank ears' experience Howard Tilton. 30 additions, kitchen cabinets. Curtis EXPERIENCED GREASER for new car FURNISHED, HEATED Jin44 nnd bric-a-brac, Kusclls, 25 E. recap your tires No charge tor loaner Lumber nnd Supply Co. RE 6-6500. 'enter st Rumson Phone RU 1-0973 Henderson, apartment. 416 Carr ave. Keansburg WHEELU"AKHOWS—Gnrx!en type. Heservice Mount Tire Service. 11 Maple Front st. Monmouth Beach. Now to Lnbor agency. Apply only If interested In WINDOW CLEANING, cellars attics KE 6-2843 or KE 6-2170. duccd to J«.?5. Little Silver LumCAHINET OUTFIT—Steel. This is sve.. Red Bank. Phone RE 6-048^ day. Four large bedrooms, one flight steady employment, Rnssas Bros., 395 and yards cleaned Light hauling, steal. One fnmous brand meinl ber & Supply Co., Sycamore ave.. Little LANDSCAPE SERVICE — Specializing Broad Rt.. Red Bank. RE 6-5180. up. Magnificent ocean vi$w all rooms. Call-RE 6-8740. in n.w lawns, rototillinK, tractor BEAUTIFUL SOLID rock mapia YOUR FURNITURE—Repaired, re- cabinet display unit in blue and yel Sliver. PAINTER—Interior and exterior paint- mowing. Inquire about our plun for MEDICAL SECRETARY —And recep- Right price for the right tenant. Joslow to occupy a wall npficp upper nnd COMPLETE DOUBLE sleigh bed. comeph G. McCue Agency, Realtors. RU dinette set with Hutch cabtionist for established phya-ician'R offinlshed or rebuilt. For Immediing and pnporhanging Clark RE lower of 06 Inches. This includes sink, helping' you build a lawn yourself. fice. Red Bank., Experience necessary. 1-0444. nlpte double bwl. twin, mahogany inet $125, hooked rugs, 9x12, $59; 6-4088-J after 5 P. M. ate attention, call RE 6-2657, ABK. cabinet, faucets, two Formica tops. bedsteads; New England loveseat. dropLaubmelstcr, RE 6-5120. Write. "M. S. R.." Box 511, Red Bank. THREE OR FOIIR ROOMS—First floor, PAINTING BY DAY or contract. Also Regular $495. sale price $295 delivered. large wall-to-wall carpet, chocolota leaf DuncanjPhyfe tnble. RE 6-8300/ BALING, MOWING, weed" spraying, for Mr. Wllms or stop In at our private house. Call until 1 P. M., pnperhanging Red Hnnk Lumber nnd Supply Co. KE EraiGDHATOR — Seven.foot Servel _. ... Estimates cheerfully cultivating, plowing and disking and color, $6fi; baby grand piano, PLANT OPERATORS •hop, 25 Pearl »t.,- Red Dank. or between 5 and 7. AT 1-15Q8.R. given 6-5500. Herman AT 1-0811-J. other types of tractor work. Bernard CHEMICAL l TCll. -" 4 - l l i l t l l J Thoresen. 1J4UJ gha. Never a worry about power Experienced preferred, but not n TWO-BEDROOM. FURNISHED apartbreak front, nnd oriental rugs, etc, -IR-CON'DlfiONED" muBic lessons. Ac- Preis. Old Tennent rd.. Morganville. essary. Apply Bzura Inc., Clark , STORE FIXTURES—Consisting of 15' RhorUifte or motor trouble. Servicing ment, on waterfront, $116. Also furcordion, pinno. guitar, clarinet, trum- MA _-008B-R... Ruacils, 26 E, Front _t. baker's jrlass showcase, three candy done free by Gnu company If needed. PERFECT GUT—Brass nnd milk glnsB off Broad wny. Keyport. nished apartment. Living room, bedpet, violin and saxaphone. Instruments planter lamps. Full lino of brass showcases, two National ensh registers, Perfect condition inside and out, Now room, bnth, kitchen. $80. R-U 1rented to new students, Davis Studio* PORTER—Permanent position. Driver's and pottery. See our selection first. eisht-hole ice cream, soda fountain, In operntion, $50. Please call RU 1LAWN MOWING—With or withJUST LIKE SELF-SEKVICE—NO of Music and Dance. 12 Norwood ave. license required, Apply J, Yanko, 0773-M before noon. After n w n , call Honey Bee Flowers 464 Broad St.. Rh fully equipped: enrbinator, Coco-Cola 0G74 after 6 P. M. out maintenance. Rototilling, ItU. 1-9 82 9. 30 Broad at'.. Red Bank. box, 12 cu. ft, refriRerntor. Very renn- ^..KGAINI—Complete dnTkroom, conhigh pressure Balenmen. You buy LO 6-0989. «-4oao. . lawns planted, rail fences installed. FURNISHED APARTMENT — Living CALL "PARTS UNLIMITED" PR 4H ROSIN, JEWELER—For correct onable. KE G-06G1 after 7 P U.. or what you need. Perhaps birdnlstlnc of Blwood 111x7 enlarj?er with KE 7-2700. Ask for Joe Slovens. room, bedroom, kitchen, bath, Heat, MACHINIST — We have steady, 0358 for radio and television serG & D Landscaping. RE 6-7952. time Expert watch and cloct relens. Federal 2ttx3 ,£ enlnrser with cage $1.75. stands 50c. crocks 50c, light, gas. hot water supplied. Resivice. Antennas installed and repaired p»irinK_18_West Front St.. Reil.BBS: year nround work for a mnlens. Super Omejrn 2\ix2\i enlarjier odd chairs 50c, vacuum cleaner' dential section of town. Adults only j 15 and up. Call Asbury Park salesroom QUALITY LAMPS and shades. Sale RECORD~SALE AT TUSTING'S—All with lens, two reel developing tanks, fhinist with high school diploma J85 per month. For appointment, 'nr ritiienunt; on n!! radion, TV tubes, PAINTING ANn DECORAf ING—In$., Beds, ccmplcta $15; pnlntcd DODulnr artists. All speeds. 3°rty damage. RE 6-7604 of pine or fir from 10 cents to 51 ette. Frigidaire, Private bath and every description, RUSCMB, 26 E, 'yoursel! W . are equipped to supply In our Bargain Basement. Red Bank 30 TO 40*^ DISCOUNT on LonRinen. and supervision. Handy with tools, entrance. and edger, Low rates. Engler LumGarage. 95 Herbert »t.. Red , Wittnnuer and LeCoultre watches. jou with all tho materials necessary. Lumber & Supply Co.. 9 Wall s t shipping, etc, Varied work in small Bank, ber Co. ^hone KE 6-0005. Front it. after 5 P. M." OIL LAMPS converted (or electric17-jewel "water resistant Small monthly payments arranged on COMBINATION DOORS—Best, quality. Men's plant: $7E per week to start, Write, SEPTIC TANKS cesspools. laterals, ROOMS AND BATH — In. ity. Lamps rewired. We call for watches with expansion band, $14.9o, BEDS—Bunk, slnirle. %. full. Dropleaf purchase of any materials. Here aredry wells; pumping and building. Mr.-Rotrers. P. O. Box 312. Red Baitk. TH"REE Clear whiU pine combination doors Oceanport. on bus line. Five-minsome of the jobs you can do: Attic rith screen and storm inserts at the plus tax. Ladiea' 17-jewel shockproof. and marble tables, kitchen and liv- and deliver. Harold's Radio and Jacob Perl, trading as "Atlantio Cess- MAINTENANCE MAN—Must have exband, yellow case, ?15, Al mR room chairs • Maple corner cabInsulation, application of tileboard in following prices, delivered. pool Service." Shrewsbury dr., Rum- perience in piping, with knowledge ute walk to Fort Monmouth, Adults. Size expansion No pe-ta. EA 3-0123, wntches ptunranteed. Seven-;-^w_] travel inet, child's desk, chest-desk. Two an- Electrlo Shop, 16 West Front St., kitchen or bath, finish your basement 2' 7"x6' 9". $13.95 ; 2' 9"x6' 9". $14.E0; son. RU 1-1026 of welding preferred. Apply Bzura, Red Bank, Phone RE 6-2744. FURNISHED apartor •Hie into a playroom bedroom or 3' I"x6' 9". $14.95. Call Red Bnnk alarms. reKular $11.95, only 16.95. tique brass lamps. Rugs, 6x9 up to CALL RUSSELL E. DAVIS, "SR., for Inc.. Clark st,. off Broadway, Keyport. THREE-ROOM ment. Private entrance. All -utilities den. Complete line of lumber, mill- Lumber & Supply. 9 Wall st.. Red Widmann A Sons, corner Ave. D «nd 12x12. Scatters % 1 and up. Summer building, contracting, remodel rt 36 Atlantic Highlands, Open un- rum 14 and up. Open evenings and HOOVER CLEANERS repaired brushes I ngyour work, hardware, paint, wall board, Bank. RE_6-Sfi00.__ MATURE WOMAN—To do general of- Included. On bus line. _RE_6-171_3-R. and repairs. EA 3-1896. til 8:30 P. M, roofinc. siding, plywood, doors, winfice work. For s^naU company. Part FOUR AND FIVB^ROOM furnished" Sundays, Shore Furniture, rt. 3G, Lau- rebrlstled. Allen Elecerio Shop 18 PIANOS TO RENT — New Lester, or full-time. Call RE 6-5857. dows insulation, etc. Free estimates NEW PROFESSIONAL spray paint C6NN~TENOU saxophone. Case fttid renca Harbor, apartments with three bedrooms, tileWhite >t ' RE 6-0612. Betsy Ross spinets aa low as $9. outfit. Compressor-tank,, fan spray stiind Excellent condition. Reason- THE KADINET KING says you name on your needs. American Lumber & Two blocks from bench, ttorei WOMEN—For egg candling: positions. bath. monthly, Anderson Music, 21 Broad (run, $75 : 5" oscilloscope new printed IAWS AND LAWNMOWERS sold, RE (1-7542, Call between 6 Building Supply, Highway 15 nt Head- circuit $7.r,. Meters, VTUM, condenser abie and %-bIock from bus line, Heasonthe space, we hav« a wall cabinet, Experience unnecessary. Call RB 1 iharpened and repaired. Factory nt.. Red Bank. Corner. BE . __, utility cabinet or kitchen bast to At. inen's ien B * j u r n t M . Hiildletown. UIIUUICLU*'III *»••* * 6-iaat. * - • - • • • 6-2008 or apply Elgenrauch Farms, able.___RU_l-^p86. checker, gieger counter, H, Begell, and 7 P . M. BLAKELY AND LYNCH —• Painting, methods. All work guaranteed. WallCLOSING OUT OUR. dog department. Lot 48, Circle TmNer Ct.. rt. 35. EA MAHOGANY~ROSE CARVEp SOFA. No unlikely stories about E'FFICIBNCY. FURNISHED apartment. how we buy plastering, carpentry, and all gen- Chapel Hill rd.. Middletown,* Four-poster, le bed, bed, mnple chairs chairs, thtm, T\O seconds or1 inferior merchan- ng's Saw and Mower Service. CampAll accessories nnd oupplies, except 3-9791. Large bed-Bittlnir room, bath and' poster, maple KE 6, oral house repairs. RE 6-4861-M." WOMAN—For cleaning/Wednesday or kitchenette. All private. Ground floor nple Win dise. Just good cabinets at the moat bell ave.. Port Monmouth l sideboard, i d b d l Governor G Win foods 35 ft iViBcount. A few bird- PLYWOOD SHORTS — Pick up odd maple 083. Friday. EA 3-0390. cnndlestlckB, overreasonable prices. W.th us it's a busentrance. EA 3-1478. cages will also be included in this Bale. throp aecretnry, sizes of plywood in all thicknesses Sil MI MI 5 5 iness, not a "Rimmlck" or "come-on." IHAIR CANING and rush work WllOur bird nnd tropical fish departments from 10 cents to 51 in our Bnrgain BtufTed chairs,' etc. Stiles. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY BOY—Over 18 years old. Driver's li- PLEASANT, COMFORTABLE, three? bur Ivlns, I t West Sunset ave. RE Special porcelain top bace, 20x16 top. will be continued as UBUBI. Helen Basement. Red Bnnk Lumber & Supply O8-3-H._ room, furnished apartment. First cense. Apply Kntsin Drug Store. 203 •4388-R, 36* h.Rh, was 113.05, now $9.95. Miller'i Pet Shop. Highway 35. six floor. All utilities! $66 a month. SuitMAGIC CHEF GA BUSINESS AND Investment proper, Shrewsbury ave.. Red Bank. CSuJL WnH at miles north of Red Bank, between Palable for couple, Red Bank vicinity, (rns, nutnTnatlc hot wnter heater, Jhrome or "wroiiftht iron dlnetta sets, iUItBING — Precast, reinforced. ties of all types and prices through* :XPERII_NCED BEAUTICIANS. Steady. mer and Laurel lives. Open daily Rid DISAPPEARING STAIRWAYS —Make "Homirt," 30-frnli EA S-1442-M Rfter choice of 35 colors, were $79,95, now But for information. AT l-0589»M, 10*x6'; also 3 ' lenKths. Sav . . „ B 40% out fast growing Monmouth county. $49.95. Over 100 other sets In chrome, on your curbing. Built-up driveway, use of valuable attic space with an Five-day week: $60, plus _onimi_sic-n. Sundays until 9 P. M.. Tuesdays until fi P. M." wrought iron or black and brass. Free won't break or crumble, Sava 509_. Jail today for appointment to see Apply in person. Vincent's Beauty AVAILABLE AUG. 15 -— Furnished* easy to install Simplex disappearing MUST S P M. MI 6-0349. GO I—Phiico 2 1 " consoie teleproperties. Ray Stiliman, Shrewsbury. ground floor apartment in Red Bank. delivery Easy charge Rosenfeld Furstairway. One of the best made, for vision 10-pi«e dlninfr room net, nst- nltur___l2__Whlte_st._RE_6_34 __•____. Larjre kitchen, combinntion living-bedIE 6-5111. _ ^ _ ^ _ _ Salon. 32 Linden pi.. Red Bank. only $22.95 delivered. See one on dis- irai room, with attached sunporch and bathoak dinette set, ratio cbnise BUTCHER — Experienced. Steady poset, r _ . KENNEDY—Landscape Con1 in UNPAINTED FURNITURE—We have play in our Bnrgnin Basement. Red YOU CAN'T BEAT IT for tn£le , sltion. good pay. Homestead Mar- room. Private entrance, $50 a month, tracting Co Tractor, heavy duty Bennett. Main and Palmer MAJOR OIL COMPANY to lease a trailer load of unpalnt.-l furniBank Lumber & Supply Co. 9 Wall lounge. and quality. Cy and Art'B Anket. Bray ave.. East Keansburi?. KE Including gns and electric. AT _• Bts, __Be_!forc!/ ture. connistiiiR of drawer chests, stu- •ototillir-g and rotary mowing ReconRt. Call RE 6-5500, modern two-bay service station. 054 8-M. __" . 6-0290. 16.50 each. dent's deiks, bunk beds, tables book- lltionfng and new lawns, shrubs Rail niversary rye, gin, $2.78 fifth, KITCHEN FANS—Get rid of cooking STEP LA"DI>ERS—6' wood, Excellent location, established busLittle Silver Lumber1 & Supply Co., BhelveB. etc.. at 40% oft wholesaler* ind wire fencing. Land clearing, prunvodka $2.89 fifth, imported rum iTENOGRAPHER-TYPIST—Local con- THREE-ROOM FURNISHED apartment odors with an 8" Voigt wall fan, list. Come ITI and _e« th« floor sampl«« ng and tres removal 20 Wllllsm st,. iness. Immediate possession. Call with bath. Private entmnce. All cern. Steady position. Good salary. regularly $19.95. sale price $12.95. Sycamore jtve.. Little Silver. 13.19 fifth. Open until 10 P- M. this beautifully cartoned packajte. Red Bank. \ Pick one up nt Red BanV Lumber Bar- KITCHEN SET—Blue Tornrtca top. of RE 6-1720 betweei•n 9 A. M. and utilities included. Highway 35 on bui EA 3-0080 for appointment. pine Roods on display at the Red LAWN MOWERS and edge tools s U r line. RE 6-2405-J. daily. Cy nnd Art'fl, 1050 Ocean like new unusually pretty, sent* White Lumber gain Bnsement. 9 Wall st. or call KE P. M. for intorvlew. Bargain Basement, For eiRht with leaf, $40: new Morgan Bank 6-5500, ave., Sea Bright. pened and repaired tho right way, FOR QUICK RENTAL — A small BEAUTICIAN—To work in modem TWO LARGE FURNISHED one-room price example, a bunk bed, upper and efficiency apartments. Bath with Jones HeritaKe full size jwhite bed- ower. complete with ladder and top Walter D. Antonldes. 184 WeBt Front luncheonette business, fully equipped. air-conditioned beauty salon. Full or shower. All utilities included. Rent WHOOPING SUMMER SALE! — spread Georjre Washintrton type, co«t bed guard at a Hit price of $40, is Jncludes two-room apartment in renr. part-time. Experience not necessary. reasonable. Available now. Convenient S2fi; $20 Call before July 31, movIiKT. on sale at $23,95 delivered. Come In St. Red Bank Opposite West st. fltorewide reductions to 609f> nt Ideal for young couple $76 monthly. JUST ARRIVED—New iupply of Accardi's Beauty Salon. RE 6-7175. to buses, train., stores and bench. 71 LAWN MOWING and service. Frea KU l-07Btl. and browse around. The Red Bank ~ "1 LO 6-0420. "Rainbow" on appliances, pottery. Cy and Art's Anniversary CaliSINGER PORTABLE. Used once, $110. Lumber Bargain Basement, 9 Wall it., APPLIANCE REPAIR MAN — Must Eiist Washington ave.. Atlantic Hlphestimates. Small or larR. lawns. GROCERY AND DELICATESSEN — .clocks, cutlery, glassware, poti-nspecialize In washing machines and ljnnd-_ AT 1-0497. fornia port, sherry and muscatel. _ 1" power mower, Clinton engine. Redjrtank, Rotary, reel type and gang mowGood net. Illness forces sale of stock refrigerators. Holidays and vacation TWO-ROOM APARTMENT—Well furpans, denning aids, paint, garden 146; child'n desk and chair $7.50; Full quarts G9c. Cy and Art's ing. Also semi-heavy rotary mowand fixture-. KE 6-147.1-R. with pay. Apply in person. Eatontown nished. Largo rooms. Everything prU Lionel and HO track, cars, engines, RETINA II CAMERA—Ca«e, B.C. flash supplies. Get S & H green stamps Liquor Department. 1050 Ocean ing for initial cut of tha season JOFFi-E AND SANDWICH SHOP — Television Co., Hltrhwny 35. Eatontown. vate. 57 Morford pi. RE 6-9180 power packs and accessories. RE 6lit "Rainbow", (opposite Acme) nun, lens shade, $55 or trade for Equipment and fountain in excellent and/or where back lots are mowed BVC, Sen Bright. UNFURNISHED — Three rooms and 87_84__r Broad st. bath. Heat and hot water 35 Ocean AS STOVE—White, tnble top binoculars or metal lathe. RE 6YOUNG MAN—Between the ages Infrequently, If you mow your own, condition. New lighting system, floor 36 nnd grill. Low overhead. Reason for _»lvd.. Atlantic Highlands. AT 1-2316-J. model. "Welbilt," oven thermontat of 20-35, for salesman in reyard, and it has gotten ahead of selling, other interests. Price $4,000. OPPORTUNITY SHOP ANTIQUES — controli«l pood condition. $15, RE DOUBLE PEDESTAL office desks $30. RARE FINE and out-of-print FURNrSHED APARTMENT—-One block you for the type mower you have, tail store. Young woman to work secretary $25. highboy J25. fireplace RE 6-5933-R, 10 to 12 A. M. or 8 to Enrly copper coal scuttle, small twof.-2524-W 77 Little Silver Parkwcvy, from Fort Monmouth, All utilities. books, mnj>B and prints, old and drawer mitlioKuny ..wing table. Iron ,20. trunk $10. unpahrted chairs $4.50. P. M. call for a rotary cutting, t o n*t. as a credit interviewer and typist. LHtle_SlKer, . Near (tores, laundromat, bu_ line. All 1ENERAL STORE AND HOME—All fine binding, limited and first fender for fireplnce nnd conl grate, six- KELV1NATOR REKRIGERATOIl — Six Burdg« & Son, (next t o Steinbach'* -yourself .tarted off ajraln, AtlanYoung man between 16-18 years private entrance^ Nice for CI couple, parking lot) 24 Clay, st., Red Bnnk. n improvements For sale, due to leg cherry drop-leaf table, Lincoln 18 "Wolfhill ave.. Ocennport, EA 3editions. Free search service. China yenrs__old,_ PH_e_$_L . RE 6..mi__. tic Lawn Service. Phone AT 1old to work in stockroom and rocker, Lots of glnsii oil tamps, Marble SUMP PUMP nnd Homnrt cellar Open Frirlny evenings ea-th. Mrs. B, Reynolds. 1 Willow QQ62.' 0894-M. If no answer through and Glass Shop, Red Hank, warehouse. These jobs are pertop Uiblca nnd wash stum! s. Silver net st. Keansburg. KE 6-P84fl. CHEF STOVE—Beautiful fireTWO-ROOM FURNISHED apartment* drainer, Fits 18" to 20" sump. MAGIC day, call after 5:30 P. M, (six bottles.) Pine chest. Victorian plnce lamp, white oak bedstend. Like manent with a nntlonnl retail orMANAGE YOUR. OWN successful serAlso Utilities Included. RE 6-S842. else R ' ^ x , ^ " , S25. TAINTS—Out tide white, primer, flnt. uithoUlerc-tl roc It pro, Doilt. toyn, fine Overall vice station on rt. 35, either in Red ganization. Pleasant working condoiible boxsprintf on legs, $5, HE 8- new Ttfrflionnble LO 6-6000-M. Regularly JS-Dr., Bargain UaBement china, jewelry. We buy nnd sell. The HOUSE ANTIQUES—HI fthway [IN AND LPN NURSES supplied by Bank or Entontown. Modest rental _ EAST ditions; 40-hour week, paid vacaprice J2.95. Red Bank Lumber and Mntthews. 116 Broadway, Keyport. KE 7fifil>J. 36, Atlantic Highlands. Pine fur_ _ Investment for nd limited Inventory contacting Pnrk.r. Nurses Reglntry, CAULKING GUN nnd cartridge. Com-niture, post bed. four-drawer chest; BOATS tions, employee discounts and Supply Co. 0 Wall st,, or phone KE 7^14 4(1 1 Drevent av_., Leonardo, AT 1- nmbltlous mnn desiring more Income. Only f 1.49. Little Silver Lumhouse bench, rough; blanket 398. Registration free, C-6CO0, ____ _ _ _ _ UPRIGHT PIANO—Needs tuning nnd berplete. many other company benefits. All ^ _ ^ Call KE 6-2416-R.* & Supply Co.. Sycamore ave.. Llttl< meeting BOAT TRANSPORTATION — $6.00 chest, dry ittik; Boston rocker decorsome repairing, $50 or best offer, RE Silver. NEW DAUY CARRIAGES — From applicants must be pernnnnent res„ _ _ nt.d. China, glnsn. etc. AT 1-1768-R. Any boat weighing up to 900 lbs. $10.BO. strollers from $5.45, Also NICE LITTLE COMFY throo-room MIMEOGRAPHING — Circulars, 1054 EASY SPIN-DRYER— In excellent idents of Monmouth county. ApWill haul from your home to th« eriba, plnyyarila. mattresses, ele Savo KUCS--- Rone"" colored Olsen^ "TBXM, _condltio_i__Call bungalow nnd court, middle of EA 3 lfl44-J. water within this area. Call Red Bank folders, catalogues. MimeoDON'T BE SENTIMENTAL about ply In person, 0:30-11:30 A, M., money at tlie Ked Hank Carriage Shop. I2xU. Set of three tile top metal GENERAL ELECTRIC 1 wrinRer-type 6-1810-J after 5:30 p. m." Anbury Pnrk, for business and resgra i>hed in color or black and your old TV. HlRhe.t trade-In 3 East Front at. Red Hank.' 12:30-3^0 P. M, Scars, Ttoe-l/U-k tn tiles, 10-gal, brass compress sprayer, washing machine. Five-piece chrome _l_A UUIGHT HOAT SHOP—ImmadU idence. Dirt cheap, J2.B0O. Best WINDOW FANS—Pick up n ?tf.Ufi riding lionts_phg_!» _ KB fi-()C3K. white, $3 per BOO copies. Fine nllowanca nt "Rainbow." No down & Co., Red CHTV. dinette net practically new. Must be ata delivery on 12 and 14-foot ChipMarvin window fan for S7.5H nt "" money making, modern luncheon"- [FX;B SECTIONAL UVITIK sold nt reasonable price. quality at fnlr prices. Art work payment, Budget terms, New nnd Call 2Z4 '•r- runsb-ats, *!80 ic _20Q, An A Red Bank Lumber Hnr_-uin Haeemenl, ooiri suite with fonm rubber cushions Shrewsbury nve., Red Dank. RE 6etts in Red Bank, making approx14' mnho_rany mn&bout. Unbeatable a specinlty. Merit Mimeographing reconditioned TV's, guaranteed. 9 Wall st. Red Hank, or call HE 6- fMift, throe-piece living room suite with NEAT, VOUNG WOMAN — Keep nt £250. There Is a constant flow of imately 110,000 per year, Apnrt1487. _ Service. Cnll RE fl-3604-W lifter Portables reliAtteried, "Rainbow" ESOO. foiim rubber cushions J27G, sofa lied CORN [rood used boats and motors. We may couple's small apnrtment clean, 9 # SifELLEK—Furnace, two sets me'nt above. Five money making 4, P. M. J^fi, fit lit! in couch f (ifj, Sylcoa superRives service. (Opposite Acme), . 12:30, one morning a week. $1 per have what you want. Boats and modriving hnrneBB. three-sented bug|ty< TV, HOME AND AUTO RADIO— bars, taverns for sale. Seashore sir.c mnltrcHs nnd matching boxspring, 175 Broad _t. RB 6-7007. hour, plus bus fare If required. Write, tnr» anld on brnkornu?. I_!;t your*. pinn rnrnsr cupboard, Vlctnvsis inches lonirpr. \\'<*h betl.rnl)*, will niirtien arm, broker, Robert I1*. Norton. Phone eervlce. Cull "Kninhnw" inting name and titMie-n nnd recent. liopo. lnterJux paint nnd marina suptiprlroom «ft Iron bt>d. with n*w fOTICi_, HOMK OWNEJ15I—Snve on •'-••-mce to "N. Y W.," Box 611, Red plies. Open 7 days until 6:30 P. M. lilt _-(UUli, 'l V AUItLlirt. ilioUiit-tl. SE 2-9712." home repnlrs, remodellntr, roofing, Son, (next to SUinbnch's pnrkintr lot) mnttrriH JVhitney ti-H4_l.__ BARGAINS!—In th« Hary-kin Basement and always avallabl. by telephoning Bank, Lamps, toaetwd, flntirnns repaired. of tha Red Bnnk Lumber, $1 goes arpentry, ma«ont work. cvHnpnols dug 2i Clay M. Red Hank. Open Friday POWER LAWN MOWKR— 24" cot. Completely overhauled. In top con- a lonR wny, Pick UP troo «iiiiiiiK return s u i t e i > f 5fi chinchilla* whleh nro r*»wluteroil est mnrlne supply house. The Dont,_« Throckmortnn ave, Hod Hank. E l t r , " Hox M l . lied Hank. nttlc fnnn, wind own. worcna, medlcino O9ttO'W.* fC'lH, n i n e - p i e c e mnhf>K»ny JJUncnn IMiyfe (llniiiK room suite J 1 0 0 , nfne- US" w'HltB UNIVERSAL Rfts ranK« cbeatfl. t-tc, Come In nnd browao now STOP PAYING HIO prices for TV re- nd pedigreed, plus nil equipment and TIN SMITH—Yourifc man to operate man's Shop, 24 Wharf avo, RE 6-6780. ca Mutt be sold. No remonnbls Open week-days. 9 to 0, Sunday* t n d J20. two-pl-co llvltiR room set $2r., nnd pick up a free yard stick, Dnrliiern inn liny tiny (liiiflte net *.12r>, eightpnirs. Our price IK 12. t\ cnll, \\\\\% ffer 'refused. small sheet tnetjil nho)), Excellent hoHdnys P to 1. Or will exchange for :ciiRltmal chrome clialrn $3,50 euch, Knin ItnBfment, Red Bank Lumber, 9 lilcce Fruit W««H1 dlfu-Ue 12 BO, mnple pnrtd and w_ hnve 10 years' itxpsr- _«1 estnte, property oi anything of ipportunlty to Join new. but fnst jrrownm flimh Very KIXM) rundltltm. ISO, luiicli, drop-leaf table- untl nix clinirs ..x-wny floor Inmp t'l, snlti) rock mnple Wall at.. Red Hnnk. OUTBOARD MOTOR HEPAIRS — All l.nce. Same day or sooner HE 6- nluo. LO 6-444H.J. ng orgnnlinti()ii__ RE B-KHS?^ . K E J _ J !13 __A_ J2hfi. liunlKfl * Son. (next to St*ln- rlinliiR room tnble $20, drenser $7, m»makes. Authorized Evlnrudo Snlei SAUiSGIRU~-Apnry Anfonldes PharUMIiHKLLA T E N T - f«'*xtr. Used linch'n p a r k i n g let) M Cluy nt, Red hnjrnny foiir-pontnr bed, complete^ 120 : COW MANURE—Mulch hay. straw 7780. ft Service, See the now lt)f>G lino of and feeding liny. At farm or demacy, 85 First avp.. Atlantio lllgh• cneral Klertrlc oven S12. Mrd:n«o nnd (inee dill nftor d P. M Saturday. UnnW. ()|M-n F r i d a y nvpnlngs. Evlnrudu outbonrd motors. Tho IJontCUSTOM BUILT HOMES In any Inndx. WANTED TO RENT Varlnty, H Marie ave. liver r' Mefhanlcni ImukKrnutul. Mnla NEW" 1H' CAHIN ORUIHEIt — y t n r o l d ; iniihoi'imy double IKII *(M, '(lit HKLV, "••• Su4iintii'y~nn iir-ln.lMiTed blue nml 1 icrver chlnn .Imtel, tmrgundy Ilroiul* Kxport workmanship. Work fully Inr (i ml II UKI " l t d H rut iron ji it ml ucrt'cn. vhllp Mripe find funilMtrc rtivvrn, fhfi , HEAL ESTATE ntilanliwly or mnn, Kxposite Acinn.) Broad (tt. om r.iK, Hi'ilii', with pad. Call nf. a ' MAYCItAFT GRUISICKfl nnd'aiiiirtnured. I'Ven iiAtlmatci, Call RE 0- or 1 OTif't to Jatninry 1 tt57, Tfn-mlU mill, wlm- *Hk ttiiliniKh, fmitworid )pj;» Vty ri-Bfimiitilr. I l l :i-i;i7f.. lierloncrd. FulNllrnn, Munt linvo rnr utora 1H' Id', 14' Tlmmiinon: 2 1 ' OHM, - J^ or J1E,, T (I : d .102 ,^_ ___ „,„____ ^ ndlUH Fort Monmcmlh. tfrltd. Mm. ii.il friiim.. fiiniltur,, CUVMI $__(); nm. _£j_J__.M_J.lJ:'-.'_dl-LL H d Y A L (lit .'iMITll t y i ' r v r l t i i(bi)! KliiK. " ' (iknwmid ave,, Knot fnr pntiihllNlicd Itfd Itank KPHHVM'H IK', I i ' 12' llnrlmrj 17' Khrllnrnft KLKCT1UU MO'J'CJH totmlr larvlco, All \\nynuy In Mi-, IIIM-C IM.VI-H ami four K A >S Y SIM N • I) R Y wa iliTiuf m n t l i i n " i branch ulllre Write, "Itcaltdi-," Ilox l V M l i i l n r , li l crviliieri, fl' prniiis and rowbontx. Kvln•liiilr.i. (?r.; wioiii'ht Iron tulifn nnd types fans blowers oil burners, ro- »nu»Kfl1 N, J. ciMiHolit 'J V. full d o o m , new. 2 l l " et, liirire i k c h t c k \vi ! I I T nnla motors and repaint, Tno-Nn« four nun Hindu, fnr.; luriti' mnhmtnny frlKenitlon, tiunips. Contractora nnil tVANTKl) - O n or lioforn Hnpt, 1», nti fill. Hod llnnV, cttiii- til lie; tli r e e f i •*'£<• record iilny- wnniroho trunk U i , K ' t ' i l r n Tin Ml m tililr, i n i v f l on cdu«- o p m leaf to ST-I-tO — Tn trnilon. Uiieii bouts nml docknuo Lot hoitiu power toula nnwi drUlo, snniterri, \ Atnw 1_" TV rdnniile. ail-Knl, a u t o - Kttdl .ectiuuhl, lonif torm lciiiif, milage, nL IrHHl. two I II-IIL H\ | 4 0 ; Inrnim, P i l n s firm. mntlo K'tfl wntf-r heMer, J o tied. EA twin liedH, Holly wood full ilse bed, polishers etu Oakland Electric Hliop, licdrooini n p i l . (iood sulnry. Ktendy tin haudio your botillnir nrpdn ]I J, ii, pfnmbly on entdte or Wllinn Ilont Work,,, 4711 Atlantic a'vi.. 'Ajirll AncN," Hnllnnd nl,. ni-nr Ijuivtl II-OO44, 2(1 IVnibcrtnn « v e . , Ocrnn- \]'l. OxlR, 0x20 ruga, All ren&on- 118 Onkihnd it., Kfiri Dank, GII'Tnrd A. nimllar m Will rxrhiuiKf, J ' l l v u ' e J'liily, luiliiKK, No pets. No [tuition, Ailnnin hliutiptr, 14 llrond *t., Long llrnnch, J,0 0.[)fi4fl, r v c , lli.lindel, Ml t.-U\\>2, 244'/M ltitl liutik. 1'ort, w >tr, I'lione KA 3-03Q1-R, Smith, proiirlttor, PhoutiUIC (.Qltff, HU 1.10-0.•


Call Classified Red Bank 6-0013












BOAT-TRAILER TO HIRE—H. J. Wl|. ELKWOOD KENNELS — Hoarding, 1949 CADILLAC convertible. Hydro OFFICE SPACE—S,000 tq, ft. of alr- EATONTOWN—Ranch type. Two bed- l'AIIt HAVEN—Spnoiou,, C.ii- Cod CoW L n T U . S I L V K K — I - o u r betlror>mi. c e n - _Uiirsday, July 20, 1956—4.5 matlc. Yellow, black top, J600, KE plucking, clipping and bathing. 211 conditfoned floor space. On street son_Boal _Worjcs_Long_Branch, roomfl. separate dining room with lonial. !n siilcnded conditirtn. Living hull n r r n n t r f n i c n t . I si r _r •>. n t t r a t r floor Ideally located on Broad it., wall bed nnd table with three chairs, room tS'x_.*i' fireplncc; ilininsr mom tit'i't?r livini* CLEARANCE SALE—21' Revel craft. Wall st.. West Long Branch. LO 6- 5-25C3-M.I'onm with firp[iliicp. lnr«~ kitchen with-electric stove. refv.Kerjitor oibin cruiser Sl.IiTG. 'l\' Revel craft Z710-R. Red Bank. Municipal parkinc lot at 1 2 ' x W . la rue plr.Mri.kitr-Jirn 1941 CHEVROLET TUDOR, | 3 5 . Run • i 1 iii n r room, *r -. 1111 liUk'i'. ;no«ff:rn nnd snack bur. _<>inbtnitti^ii aluminum with breakfast alcove. L\vi» bedrnutnt, kiti'liiMi; k n o t t y pine c H l a r for i f . T c a •.leltsr cnMn $1,150. W Revel craft ENJT-"' exit Suitable for physiciani or pruUSH SETTER PUPS-—550 each. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE ning condition. Tires good. 70 Hudrabin cruiser $1,200 IS' Revel craft Enplishtuwn 7-0438. fesaionRl oflicea For information, call storm windows and ncieens, awnings piiia paneled library, 1 ';. tiled balds, ! i " » . Prirfi S'li.'.KlU, K a y Stillmtiti. utility ?"")». 14' Wolverine $380. Easy DACHSHUND PUPPIES — Red and son ave.. or phone RE 6-0324-M Mr Schulti. KB 1-1810. After 6 P. for front nnd tfidrs. washer iind dryer floored nxpfitiHiun u t t i c . cnclo-cl bruv.rRIVKlimoNT— D e c wntor, Pmte.-ted connect ions in full, dry basement. w n y ; t w o - c a r K'H'ane. l-'ull ccliar hot terms. We also have in stock. Old black and tans. Pedigreed. Inoc- 1953 CHEVROLET—210 model, fourh.-irbor. C.Vmrnl luilkhriol anr] dock. NKW~KNTVi_\Ni'P]tAMfTlJNG Olonhii. backyard, (steel link). school wjiler b e n t . oiUtirc^l Town boats, Cruisers Inc., boate. and ulated. Real beauties. Mrs. A. Swandoor sedan. Light blue and white. Ln lm : fir, BEACH—At bus _top. Fenced Three yearn nU\ Simciiius rooms. .Suhst.-iiidnl n H t r hiimi. F o u r biMlrooms, stop H00 feel. Presently under 4','n flliu. Scott-Atwaler motors. Eastern Marine Bon Highway 35, Neap Five Corners. In v^iy good condition. Must Bell, MONMOUTH MinuKh AK«nry. Furnished, five-room cottage. Two bus mortgage: mnon n l . S t " p - ' l ' i w n l i v i n g rotint. flrejilnre: d i n - I ' " tiln ln.Hi>. s . r v n . , 1 ^ r o o m (ind $70 month, full price Phone RU 1-071 (i Uo.. 707 Broadway, Lone Branch. LO MI 5-0283 Reasonable. RE 6-4509-J l bedrooms, with 21" TV. Aviiilable Sept, GI ing rcmrn. |iifie k i t r l m n I'*TI-tfupst bft'l- Ii;Ll. i. hiriri; '.eramlit mi t h r e e siflos o f C 17J2 17. Write. J. W. $11,750. *• Location. 31 Penrce ave. EA HIVER" PLAZA—Ci'ipn flr.us.: r«-cTilly ri-.lc-.-Dn.tiKl CLOSING OUT OUR dog department. 1051 NASH SEDAN—Green. Excellent 15 at J85 a month. w i t h " e.s- runrii. T w o fnmily ln-drMiimji, 1 '•• hiiu.<» g p RUMSON BOAT and Sport Shop. 93 All accessories essories i and d supplies, li except NTrnUrri he:itinw j>Jn n t|m ii HI on fit lie, l-ivint; , (ire* bjir.h«. .Scrrt-ned jiurch. clean, $275: 1951 Mercury Bednn Healey 110 Riverside dr. Apt. J-C, T w o - m r n t - H;nillyhuiit. and supplies, exceptt East River rd.. Rumaon. 1951 20 h. foods. LEONARDO — All-year house. Two place; kitchen, r a n ^ e and refrioTtit ds. 35% 5% d i is c t. A e bb cg 35% discount. A ffew bird i';ir:u-f; with fip-'trtment very good condition, clean, overdrive New York. N. Y. t.-icfiiMl t m n i g e . Jliiiiftment Well Inii'I- Ttn-fw-car d id d cages ] p Mercury $225. 11)52 KK-4 7 >,'. h. i>. will be bedrooms 1 ,g bathrooms, automatic t.wu bedfooms. tiled b a t h , nil. CCIIJIT, s c u p . j . l ^ N - l u d c . 1 p i n t : $_fv.l)0. Baby b Included I l d d in i this thi sale. l B b $475. 1952 Plymouth station wagon OFFrCES FOR RENT nt 69 Broad fit., I'vDj.eity 2:,\»';C)x:,'. Can bb n.»yn- nUuv*;. Mercury, $ H 0 ; 1953 KF-S. 5 h. p. Met(opposite Monmouth st.) Red Hunk. steam heat, bnaem-iit. Bi'.icious living bar in I'ccrentltm room. Automatic oilSS.95 up, hamsters, tropical excellent condition, $750, Call Saturdiviili-.l. Imittrinc. o n l y IM.',0f)0. C a l l »liry, SUOl 15' runabout. 40 h p. parakeets room. large kitchen, sunporch; garage. fired b o a t ; S 11,000. .Minu^rli Agency, ilay. RE 6-7291. Inquire Morrig St NOBIOWI Realty Co., goldfish; all aquarium supplies at I'L, Hoil Hank'. RK (i--*IHi| l li-li;.*!.. UH to.ljiy f'tt- ;t[i :u'[>oiTitm^jit. R o l s t o n Mark 56: Thompson H ' with 54 Mark and Corner property; JS.O.iO. f>8 Monmouth RuniHim rd Opposite Holy Cross KIVKI.FlulNf 'LiYr-~7ih~xlYC}i\iih "nrtfl Watprhnry. Ucajtof-Insurar Is West 20: 26' express cruiBer J2.C50. Uni- low prices. Helen Miller's Pet Shop, 1954 CHRYSLER New York Town and 69 Ilrond st .school PhoiiP KIT I-U71f. RB «-1'>')ll BEACH — Club circle. «lry, Hha'le LI-PPS, Nlrely looaied. F m n _ s t . versal I-'iberprltis, Mercury Sales _ Ser- Highway 35, six miles north of Red Country station wiagon. This RI MONMOUTH Bank, between Palmer and Laurel aves. metal Three-bedroom, furnished house. SACItlFId-^Uwner iTuvinx "vicinity. NAVEfcJINK MVKRKRONT — Kat vice. I'n veil stnret. Prit'. S'd.OUO, F r a n k i'AIR HAVKM IKlMK^ Good Finv' «», waron is the type car you ?elTwo-story colonial, First floor, tile MI 5-0349. Open dally Mid Sundays ilh'/JOO. Thrcu bivlrn.,mi, til,, h a t h , Front, retir porches. Oil heat. Gaarea. ISO-foot rivcrfronldtrc A;iIB' TROJAN OUTBOARD cruiser with until 9 P. M.. Tuesdays until 6 P. M. dom see on a lot. We sold It originally r«Ke. Fully Insulated, Storm windows, kitchen. 21' living room fireplace, din. pruximatoly tliroe acres. Six-room eot- '__J.^'W<'». HK fi-SHT'i. '2^' livintr room with (lining arcji. r*-irtro TRA(TIVB AVI4 "wTtT kitrhen with Iff.li«.int. elrctric r a n ^ e . 40 h. p. Mark 65 Mercury motor. "^UE GREAT DANE—One year old. It Is gun metal gray with a stunning doors. 150x150. Sept, 15 to Ing room, center hall, bath, den; sec- tatre. two baths h u t nir oil heat, firtblue interior, With power steering June 1 Plot rnml |irr>pprty. in a i'h ~e iipitrhlmrCover.' bunk mats, running lights, two Rent $85. Utilities extra. ond floor, three large bedrooms, bnth. plat-e. Papers available. Excellent watch power brakes radio, heater and whiteOutbuild itiRN needing rt>nov.iid. TIJIPH bed room it. ivini? room, Two-car K'inUTf! an.l full st(ii-ai:ff n t t i c Kas tanks and other extras. Ready dog. Rreezewny, guragc; biiaement. Lrtnrl- t i o n ; S27.!.()() Arimi^li A«ency IlumSweet disposition. Reasonable wnll tfres. Don't miss it for a real Phona Pelawnre 2-6875. Full linn-meM On lnrir« lot Call rumptu rt> 200' deep lot Little Sliver. to go for 81,460. Phone RU 1-1425. price. LO 6-2639. m n l . Phone R U l-l)7ir>. L! value In a dual purpose car. Maurice HOUSE—On etftnte in Rumson. Two scaped. . m huv for ?«7.1 RB C-riU _ _ TWO BARGAINS—Skiff O B G A S type. 17' COLLIE PUPPIES—Champion Bellhn Schivnrti & Son*. Direct factory dealMIIHII.'KfflWN T m SiK-Livinit iaom, 7 bedrooms, bath, very Urge living RED HANK — Quirt top residential down. Asking SIT,Mil) Tall Murphy & h d h acht tender, ha lirpt»l,,r.iHn,.l . ven and Tokalon breeding. Sable and er, Chrysler, Plymouth, International room with dining area, larira kitchen RUMSON WATERFRONT—1 00' wittei l 7 ; • - , I.,, I;-,..-.;.,;. area. Modern oenter tin 11 Coloriml. _. . d forward deck, h i l d seats nix- persons frnnf v ?3(Vt Wnnfli type, threo lurjrc 19' living ronw With llrapliice. ncrcencil • _-'-"r":'I._ V" P;-:.ii-l ...I, UK » ' i i i i . steam r.utomlitic h^ t_ 405 Fourth HVO A.btiry P k U iicks. The building with the fed vrith brculifnnt nrcnt All on ono floor. f-ar.il lliOxl.iO \Virni.shield, Excel- ti-i !r"(.H: J!:(." O't. front. 141 West Front st, RE 6-0787. Lease until Mnr. 31, 1957 or July 1, bedrooms, living nnd dining room, Porch, full dinirig room, kiti'hvn. tfirtM- INKM'KNSIVK thrpc-heilroiin. ranch, with We arrnntrn lent hull, Mulur needs replacement or Call PR 4-0735 or PR 8-8352. with |,u-;rn livjn^ room dining areri, rirmnrliiir. recreation room with (i S. oo ith open lirelire b d . 1957. Immediate occupancy : J 150 11. tik>d bJith.4. Full collnt, -ha-i.-k A.rjrii-y t overhauled. Sailboat, 17'. Approxi- SADDLE HORSES and ponies. Davey's Open evenInga. kitrlu-n. full c.Hiir. CMKHI acitchhnrMnilen nl. KK. r,-o: place, p a e , Attached KJirape and screened, month, oil-fired _tfi\m heat. Atlncht-d jfiintm;Rny Van Horn Agency, R.E mate? Comet type, with ma it. rigging, Stable. AT 1-0374-J. httud and nuiny trpps Asking j 1 3.500. porchh facing water S'xilO'. fully in- Landscaped j>lot. l.'lGx'JI".. Taxes only line hinged rudder, serviceable tail, SPRINGER SPANIEL PUPPIES—Liver 1951 CHftYSLEIt four-door. Here la 6-410O. G, H. $2(10. Prico f22.aOn. Mlnngh Agency ''all Murphy & Schweurs. I.'i7 Hrond nil th# In test in equipment on a < $05 Lakes It. See Jack VanUemnn, SHRBWSHU1.Y—Dn n. rnrnttr pint. MONMOUTH BEACH—Furnished. Five sulated and pinatered nails. ind white. Hunting and pets. Whit- that Rt. UK ft.-| 14 1 is old enough to sell nt _... Pleasure Bay Marina, Patton ave., ney.^JL. roomB, n«w ranch, gas heat. 2 1 * Jones, 31 Highland ave, Rumson, RU K unison rd, I_cne_r.U 1-Uilti. Attractive Capo Cod. AtUched . VIKW OF T1IK RlVRIt ' f r o m ' t h i s "•"?«easy to take price, It has power ateer- television, washing machine: ^i-mile 1.-14 Ii 6. Lont^B ranch. • F-AIR HAVEN—Oider home in perCOLLIES—ARC registered, Champion(TiimgR. Threo hr=*l t oums. fireinjr. power brakes, radio and heater. rinus older honm. This is an unCANOE—About ] V nil cedar wood in ship pedigree. FRONT I1Y 200 Dr_KP Dr_KP—Over fect condition. J_xcp|lctit locntion. male, one fe- It is that good o-ld standby color, black. south of Sen Bright, near schoolfi. Ask- 130' iis»ii\l buy in n ihree-bed room hniise, beautiful natural finish. Light and male, remaining. One placi?, finished cellRr witii bar. i\cr_. in Lincroft. Lovely, V L l Living room, fireplace; dintnj. rciom, Sept. to -June 1_. Reasonable. 15 Twi- See it rni'd drive it now, Maurice ing $\00 moivthly fast. Sacrifice, tu make room, $75. light ave.. Keansburg. 6 Sunset lane, Mmtmouth Beach. MO jir:-jitd residential community in the kitchen, new fixturea, powdor loom, with extra larpre porch, Cood landFencing. Immedinto occupancy. KE 6-0121. Schwartz & Son. Direct fnctory dealer. firni'iiiK, treei*. la run back yard Ankcountry, yet only three miles fro.a Red V_/lone__9_to__4_s30. ItE 6-4416 three bedrooms, bath, lovely hnspment. l young Hampshire breedAsking $ I."5,900. Sch'vart_ AKency. Cull Murphy * Schwoer_, l f t A r S T R A K E open sea _kiu\~TW_ SlfEEP—14 he-1, u-ater heal. Lnrgo lot -ivith ettra intr 117,500. EAST KEANSBU&; — Business or Bank center. S.,500. A'i^JU_ll!l. ». ing ewes. Rom* with lambs. Also reg- trucks Henltors, Newmnn riisringa rd, R 0 IV? l l r o n i ^ s t , !tK_(i-_4UI. _ _ _ The build Infr with th red years old, 60 h. p. Windshield, stered Hampshire ram. two years old, elderly couple preferred. Three RED BANK— Newiy tfecorated albc-room larwc gnntge. Askinff $1-1,700. Low front. 141 West Front st. RE >f"" r 6-31.1. wheel-, built-in Ic« box. storage, fully Phone home Four bedrooms, two bitths, taxes. Cii-oHHinirer & Heller. Realtor*. rooms and bath RRB heat Available evenings, . Whitney 6-4361. 0787. Open evening. flinull home .vith three Broad and Mechanic sts. RK fi.2100. lnrRe kitchen, llvinK room, dining room. equipped, excellent bass boat. Asking ( H j t o d e y Sept. 1. KE 6-04S7-M. ' li •ing room, dining romn, Storm and screen sash throughout. R1VKRFRONT — Exrluslve Colonial. $850. including dock" space. Boat 1954 CHRYSLER IMPERIAL four-door RUHSON—Five-room furnished hed bun- Near Wonderful view of SbrcwHliitry rivor. full rellar; garnet'; fimcud gy. ng room, aunporch. (lining room, liam J Shrewsbury. 14 Terry litne, CHINCHILLAS — Sacrifice. N.C.B.A. power windows, power neat. It hns ft bedrooms with expansion attic. Lot bedrooms, bath with each: also extni floor; three bedrooms, bath secf f registered herd of 25.' with cages, set of Genernl tires with puncture »eal- t-1140. kitrhnn, bruiikfftst nook, three bedN'etv Shrewsbury. RE 6-7IS4O.* powder room, hum dry fully cnuipiwd. rooms niul hath upntnirH. und full FumiBhed. six flQ xl20 . Nice location. _ ItE (5-M2O7. ond floor. Two-cur garage. Steam etc. Will sell ',s of value. Must jell, inR- tubes nnd is Perfect from bumper COTTAGES—Rumson. SAILBOAT — iy. New sails. HTt due to restricted quarters. Will con- to rooms. $12 monthly. Furnished, HOUSE!—Bight rooms. Four bedrooms. Second floor, two Inrpe bedrooinH with cpllnr down Canurp nnd pnrloHe«J bumper. Don't miss it, It is a heat, gna-fircl. Refrigerator, wash* Oversize l.nok ynnl. Call Murphy & Sehweers. of Oct. 1, 1956, $90 kitchen, living room, dining room, Ijath. large .storage space. painted. J1CD. RE 6-0643-W nfter sider payment In acreage or other val- stunninjt two-tone jrreen, Mnurice three rooms ing nuicliinc. Aftklnir $13,500, Of5 P. M.. or can be seen at foot of uables, LO 6-0236, Yearly leases. Dennis K. two baths. All modern henting uyK- two-car Karnge. attached. Hot water, Schwcrt- it Sons, Direct factory deni- monthly. VCL _.t_y>_L.t._ _ _ tem. Two blocks from beach stores baseboard beat. Exceptionally In nre Maple nve.. Red Bank. fers considered. Jiciil Ewtjite Ashome tor one or two er. Chrysler, Plymouth, International Ryrne Realtors, 8 West "River rd., and bua line. Lot 63x145; ?10,500. basement. H' ceiling, Shown by ap- FAIR IIAVKN ""-River Oakn. 11-room BVINRUUE—6.5 h. "p., 195 6. Three WANTED—A Th* building with the red Rumaon. RU 1-11S0, soclutea Realtors, 31 Harding rd» healthy, playful kittens. Nine weeks trucks. home and ollicp for d e n t i s t or p h y pointment, only. Cull (irositinger & weeks old Six hours Use Perfect old,_Cnll front. 141 West Front st, RE 6-0787. SEVEN-ROOM HOUSE — Four bed. RUJ.2086, KE G-2169-J. •ii.in,_I.K fi-l_«5_ Heller, Realtors. Bauul and Mechfinic i t s G-n-<\\. HOLMDEI-—Remodeled house. Finest condition: 8175._KU_k£!9J>.* rooms, two tile baths, wall-to-wall LABRADOR RETRIEVERS—Held trial sts. RE 0-2100. WEST LONfi riKAN.ili—"Mimnmuth residentinl section Three lovely Two-car pamge, Hotpoint SAILBOAT—16' Bambl class sailing stock. Yellow, male; also black. AKC 1955 PLYMOUTH suburban. This nil carpetlnK. rd, llpimUful f<\\tr-lied.rtt»m h»mn. rooms. Newly decorated. A.11 furnished. electric range. Centrally located, near this season. Bargain, $1.75. Com- registered. KBANSIlUltC • - Sis-rm.ni, nil y e a r Seven -weeks old. Dunmetal, two-door wcR-on is tht» most schools, transportation, etc, Avallahle Modern kitchen, dinette, tile bathroom, UNION 11EACEI—Thrco liirjre ronnifl. Siinrooin, larjre cetnpnt npen porch. plete v*ith sails. H.E fi-7391-R. around home, 1 Vj b a t h s . Clone to kirk 9-2447, Year ni'otind bungalow, fiaiair". Two U\rxi> living room, d SlOi 15"L, 510; two H" L. $\0 each. time, Center hull, full baaats'n tna]>l(; trees imrl shrub*. Will sell nnd kitchen. evenings preferred. KE 6- 4 Sons. Direct factory dealer. Chry. and RANCH STYLE HOME—With finished Histing of two Boimrnte apartmenta, Ficndlx Or will t»U,_.MI_C_l478. Three bilge pumps, brn.is. $5 each. _0«2-W." mi-nt, oil heiit, Rtorm wimlowa, Venetian iiishcMi o r unfurnished. L;itin. Fully lAndticnped. R S MIDDLBTOWN HILLS — Luxury .Hojisebroken, Reasonable. LO 6-7495. West Front st. RE fl-0787. Open eve- Bank. interchange exit 109 Garden State edrontns, fireplace; dntached imrnn BOAT OWN_KS' AfTEt AfTEtJTION~MiT- HOUSES AND. PONIES boarded . nings. Parkway. Approximately two ncrcs. Attractive, mmlern fciituroK. Nice coti living a t f-K.riUU. Three- seclmltM. ll forms sold. Outrine Insurance. All MATA WAN — Sevnn-ron THREE-UOOM UNFURNISHED biinKt'- Separate entrances. Bun. Private home rnunity_|_J!l 4,700, RK 6-5.153-R. "houcft with nround Good pastures, with running 1950 POUR-DOOR FORD—In~exe el lent liert'H with lirook, custom huilt bonrd motor boat Insurance for as low two btitliH, * In bii.tinc Boctinn. Allow. All improvements, Near storei or partially rent. Self supporting: 13 _ condition, with radio and heater. nnd Ims. For couple, 3S5 Cnrr ave., additional acre, avnilable. Sacrificing. SEV~EN~A~ORE.S O F ~ W O b r ) L A N D ~ ^ us $5 per year. Wo even pay fur out- water. HE 6-810S. »r> fiirm in New York . . . .H much hoiiiD. HwimmttiK pool, bnth Located Vj-mile from High way 35 board motors lost overboard. Call UE REGISTERED DACHSHUND puppies. rWco ?350. RE fi-2351. county) '200 flcres, _,nC0' elevatinn. eansburg. Write for particulars to Chnrlen Lnn- ...ai Deal rtl, Hen tit i f ul n nd 11 uiel nmi two liivatorien, unique country 49>r details, Rolston Wnterbury. Reallliirn, chicken coopa. Waterfall and AKC. Call KU 1-0328. d.tu. Newman Springs rd,. Llncroft, or Level nnd rich soil. Suitable for 1951 FORD COUPE—Radio. heater, stylo kitchen, two fireplaces; ntWO FEMALE SIAMESE kittens. tor-Insuror. 16 West Front at. RE 6- TWO H-rciim. Cull Tcaticck, 7-2US aft«T BED BANK AKBA — Practically phone RK 6-4200. new battery. Price S325, Weatento seven lots. Approximately :i*,n' Housebroken. Papers. Sir. Champion dorf's f, V. M. tnche Call Lt. Col. Metcalf at EA 3-1000. ext. children in her home for working Three-liedroom Colonial. fCxlni Inrne jnloimie jiorche«. Refrigcrnto 15 M!aplewood live., off River or KE 6-1663. ( h ) or ext. (otiice). mothers Will board them if- desired. onable. ninirs. 23004 (home) ext.. C1393 (office).* livitiK room with fireiilnce, nifo dining WEST U)N(J HKANC1I --• QunTnU wishor. dryer, ironer; $lJ),r»O( rd,. Rum son.* 53 AORES AT $3,000 an ncre, in Rum- rnnge. charming Colnnial with modern nd« LIGHTNING SAILBOAT—1940. New, Hensonabla rates 157 Maple ave. RE Hoyntoti & Roynt'on Reiiltors S Drum room, heated porch kitchen full dry _on, Also large attractive residenco mond pi., Ked Bank 1953 PONTIAC convertible. Hydra- DUPLEX—Four bcdroom_. two tile RE 6-..1K0 6 e e l ri?tring. * st stainless ssteel nuking. Sails and boat celliir; $18,500. Call Harry A. Keitr- ditions. Living room, riining nmm, with acreage, beautifully lnndncnped. In 1B32. plan pnnelcrl den, fireplace; four bedmatic. Radio arvd heater. Good whitein excellent condition, "Will sncrifice BEST OF CARE GIVEN to Infanta end noy & Co.. 4-3 Went Front »t KB 6' batha, llvtnir room-dining room com- Hum so 11; $39,000 Bowman & Axelnen, rooms. _ ' , . btttlis. brick patio; gachildren In my home by the hour, wall tires. $1,200. RE 6-0588-R. for quick stile __Sti00. RS G-437G-R. bination kitchen. River privileges. Sj__BrlBht.__Ph'on o_^l___;_01 47. RIVER PLAZA — 'IVo-story horn. 7J7pn Jp rage. Almost one acre. Convenient TfltED OF LUGGING heavy motors? day or week, LnrKe back yard with Unfurnished, $135. Jmmedia^e occu- TWO-FAMILY HOUSE — SJtunted on Largo living rnoin, sun room, din in VETEIIANS—i_70 down for th!H new to schools, IHIH, flhojiping. Auk in* Then have your outboard motor fence. ItE 6-035S.• pancy. RE _6__5 §._ thiee-hedrooni ranch, Iviviitk' room. ?IS.JiOO. LO C-1 r>fi 1 TInilall rd.. near school, churches, room, ^itchen. Fuli cellar, nutomnlii ^ ^ checked on your boat. Our fast, pro- COLLEGE EDUCATED WOMAN from ROOMS LIVING ROOM-dininff room combina- shopping center, on bus line. Auto- Kin heat. Two bedrooms and bath up ninj,' nren, kitchen with wall oven, QUIBT COUNTRY H O M B - N e a r stafessional service will quickly end your Argentina teaches Spanish and tion. Fireplace, four bedrooms, two matic heat, lath antl plaster; tile hath stnirH. i''eneejl-in naiik ytml; one-cn rnmi- tile bntli, full cellnr. Full price tion, schools find stores, One re;to, troubles. Cull KE 6-4006 after 6 French RE_6J16J._, _ _ _ ONE BLOCK OFF Broad it. Slngl* UIB bntha, 8twm oil heat. Call RE and kitchen: "4-acre. $13,500, Call Hairy A Kearney & Will sell or gurace. Walking distance to town Appla and shade trees. Larg» rooms. P. M school: JU.KOil, RE_e-7fiB0. OMAN WISHES WORK faking care rooms .Clean and comferlab1o.Tl*.'rD--" ...266-W,;_ Cj_i_jl_LWe»i- I''»*ont st. RK «-77011. rent. MI fl-DSU. j Two bedrooms. I ^3 baths, modern, onable rate Gentleman preferred. RED BANK—For Aujtust l»t occuMODERN "HOUSE—Three bedrooms ATTKACTIVH SUN RANCH HO'MB — 1950 CORRECT GRAFT-*"-.' mnhoc *• of semi-invalid, o f nurae aid. ny kitchen. Knotty pino ntairwity* any double plunk. Chrysler Crown l''nur h.ilroonid, living room with lireGarage avullable RE 6-5392 88 Wai sun porch, nil imivrovementa. AutoPAUL R. STRYKER. Realtor. pancy. Six rooms, \.Vi bnths, full cel^15 h, p. motor. Parking lights, Fnll HIGH SCHOOL GIRL—Age IS, desires lace st diu'c, dining nren. kitchen, One-cttr Attic: oil steam heat. Enclosed porch. m ti ti c gas heat nnd hot water, 2 lar, oil heat; $100 n, month. Year Farm! and farm eetntca. Sttito (Combination Rlorms and RCrpens; $13,• equipped. New double covers, G >V ttiulieii caniKf, r . r f t r t condition. Cham0110 nve., Rrevpnt Park sectloi part-time work in store. - Please call NICELY FURNISHED ( Iimse. Cnll Schwartz Aprency. Bettltora, sinR-le an ' " n M L fi_^I_G3-It. Highway 34, Holmtlel. . Phono Davis. RU 1-07-3 JOYT taxps: $l."i..'i0f) Call Harry A. __'. Leoiuirdo. Asking $7,0(10. KE 7-0731-M.Newman Springe rd. RE 6.8121. double rooms with complete houi Kearney & Co., 40 West Front at TtE SIX-ROOM RANCH— Full, tlry haneJERSEY SPEED SKIFF—16'x6'. 14 RELIABLE SCHOOL GIRL would like keeping Whitney 6-6601. PORT MONMOUTH—Four-room bunprivileges private entrani SEP, U S — W e are very helpful, Chnrle inent. Screens nml ittorm Biish. Over* fi-7700. h. p. Intercepter engine. Conforms galow. For amnl! family. Cnn be position aB mother's helper. RE 6- Pnrklnf? space Cool and cheerful. C Shi-odes Heal Kstnte. Asency. 27 :o lot. Mien development 8 Farm to APBA regulations, Only 30 hours 4073-R." icen anytime, 24 BraInard ave, Mnrfnrd pi. RE 6-9U0. Main st.. Keansburjr FRANKLYN tie, Entontotrn. KA :t-KK5_._ _ LY V.. HAVILAND—Real time. Never raced. Save $1,000 o SWISS LADY—Age 58. desires poLITTLE RII-VER—Cnp. Cod. Llv_X)UR TIOOMS AND BATH—Enclosed broker. ResldenLlni, acreage, T H E LOT YOU'VE been looking fnr. LIITLK S1LVBK—RcHidential. Threetnte k R l d L l i A NICE GUEST HOUSE for nice RUests replacement costs, PR__4-6Aif. iim room, fireiilacw: dinintr room, ns a general housekeeper. porch. Just tha thing for quiet farmn f n fnd commercial proportieR. Eshud room hunie, AUriic.tvo l;irv;« Ocean and river benches. Spncioui couplft Hecludwl, wooded convenient. Oat SIX H. P. LAUSDN'outbonrd motoL Sleep in. Salary $50 weekly. Excellent who want a quiet locntion, 85 tate appraisalH, Listings «f)licited. 1" panel recreation room with bnr, Holiby lovely kitchen, two bed rooms, rooms, some with private hath an three miles from Ited IJnnk railrnni 4-cycle. air-cooled, In exce-llont run- references. Ml 5-1228. Oatharin* at., (rear) Red Bank. RE West Front st.. lied Hank. RE 6- sUltion. room antl laundry, washing machine. Imth on iirst floor; two hedrooniK, Approximately 20O'x20fl', ning condition. RU 1-04G0-J. Cal COOK-HOUSEKEEPBR wishes position dinette. Llsht cooking facilities. Ne f'iro(>lat!p. ranii^timf tlintuKhout, nlumYork buses pass the door every hour 6-0465 __13_LJe____?JH__3. Oradua! slopo tn s t r e a m in rear. A*k ha ill 3_ciin(i fi nor. Finished hii «eIn private home. Live in or out. also train service. Pennsylvania a HOUSE—Six rooma and bath. 50 East IUVEUSIDE HEIGHTS — Seven-room ____r_t_P. M. iimm combinnt'ion slorm windows, oil S-l.SOO Writo " l j o t . " llo.t S l l 33' RICHAKDSON SEDAN cruiser. Ex> Write. "Cook-Houiekeeper," Box 511, New York Central. Near church. ment. Ilree/.L'way, nttiichctl KHheat, exhaust fun, two aii* conditioners. Hertten pi. RE 6-356B-J. house Sunporch. livlnn room, dincellent condition. Sleeps six Pow Red Bank Naturnl woodwork. Breozewny and a t re&tnurants. shops and Monmouth rnci RUMSON — TVo-bedroom home. 1 % Ing room, kitchen, four bedrooms. niKe. I-fiiKC plot. Split-mil fen re. ered by Gmy 120. Also 25-watt Km MAN tached garage. Newly landscaped with, WISHES WORK part-time. track. 420 Ocean sve.. Sea Bright. SI bnths. For rent or utl«. HOB third Two-car K"raRe, RE fiExceptiomilly well kept pi-o|terty. ATTRACTIVE RANCH—SnUKuled oline Kenerator. Fully sound. Extra 2-0290-M. . t and mil fpnee. in rose liushei. Painting and gardening. Call KE 6small bedroom or dining room. AvailMII>I)LETOWN—Split-level. Two years equipment. 300-lb. mooriiiK. ship-to 0814-R." Aakin^ tVi.r>«9. Real Estate A.1amon^Ht century-old trees. I^u'Ke Near SPIIOOIB. huAen ami storea; $2 1.able Auff. IS, For details, call RU 1»ld. aevon spacious rooms nUnched shoro mdio. fl-v nnd 110-v electri ON BEAUTOTJL SCENIC DRIVE, oversociiitcH, Rcultoi'H, 3(1 Hnnlintf rd. . RK ti-li-.'.a, IW'injf Toom, iVlliintt room, kitchen, _. Ot mort6i garage. All improvements. system. Gwll RE 6-7G86 durins day BOY WISHES to cut lawn, wash wlnlooking ocean and bay. Excellei RE C-33-.6. FAIR HAVKN—Coloninl. Three h.d* dows, general garden work. RE 6- board nnd sunny room for aged L HOUSE TRAILER--On Highway 35, -..--.__._.^. three hedroomH anil bath. Over l M 9 0 . _ Call RE 6-ir.H-R. RE 6-«0SB afterJLP^JI. ooms. Inrgo dining room tint! livin* SIX-YEAR-OLD CUSTOM built rnnch. Elat'ontown. AvailRblo AUK. ». 450H-R ' an ncre of Ki-ounot to build puncy, dun, three hnths; uttnehed two-car nylon malnanil sheets, Better thnn new week at her homo and does babysitting tho best resident section river bank, RE 6-1327-U after 6 P. M. Shrewsbury: Men onl $14,800, For appointment, yoni* home. Almost i',_ acres at Fdenl week-end sailer. Can be seen ii in the_eveningji,__ Gall__KE_6_2^TJt-'* Apply 157 Maple ave,. Red Bank KiLiii^e, Colin i', flrepliu1*?, porcli nnd duyfl. HOUGH — Unfurnished. Y«ar around call EA 3-1347. peaceful woodbind with a brook and thu water Hi Long ni-mich. Askllif HIGH SCHOOL GIRL lookliiK r_-r full- KKJ.2^0!!. a view. Distinguished trees, hi if hi rental: ?110, plus ufilitie-i. Six rooms FAIR HAVEN—River rd. In fine .conJ2^0. patio. E-xt'olk-nt resident ial secS.sflO Make oirer, For Information, time job caring for children between rolling terrain. Convenient to Mntwith Koraffe. 84 Hudson ave.. FHONT ROOM—On bus Hn tion, Several ext ran; $3 4,5 00, dltlon Six lnrne rooms. Lnrge heatthe ai U ) 6-507.1. ; anas of 1 and 3 . Call RE 6- LAROE In private home. Kitchen privileges Rank, Call RE 6-3955 after 6 P. awnn railroad ntntion. rt. 3-1, Cardcn ed, enclosed porch. 114 baths. Two-car MIDDLETOWN — Two-story CoSchwnrtz Agenoy, Hfnltors, New2 f * HULL WITH Bheller cnbln. 7 1320l-J.' RE 6-8226-W. Stato Parkway, Hcd Hank and lipaches. Hot water heat HOUSE — All improve- garage; 100x150. School bus ncarhv, ItK fi-1206 after lonial. Entrance hull, living beiim. One year old. fully equipped. miin SrtriiiRs rd. TtK fi-3121. CORNER SOOM — Oro»« ventilation. FIVE-ROOM Reasonable rent, I,RED BANK—River rd. For profesoutboard motor. Excellent for fishji. Outdoor firoplnce nnd patio. privilege!. Inquire 276 Mechanic St., time. In exchange for comfortable INDUSTRIAL REAL ESTATE alonal or private home. Six rooms, 500. Wnlker i Walker, He«!fors, infr. Forceil to'tell. No reasonahl from $1.1,1.(10 to $iR,nQQ, Time la ilrouiiiln all fenced-tti. Projierty siza Red Bank. RE 6-1274,' offer refused. RB B-0619. V& bnth.. Largo two-car «UI_BC. Out quarters. Call EA 3-1777 or write 11)0x150. Will sell for the mortgage. running out. Don't lose tha opInsurers, Highway 35, Shrewsbury. ROOM—With witchen privileges. Suit- STORE—White »t.. Bed Bank, Take, over nml ray ofT. TnlV term* 12' OUTBOARD motorboat, in very "Custodian," Box 511, Red Bank.' Call of state owner will iiell at reasonable portunity, Cnll Ren] E.ftatf AH•RE 6-B212. Open 7 days. with owner, 99 fHiiirHi »t.. Belford. price Constance Smith, 14 Maple ave., able for GI and !»!{e. Automatic (rood condition. Excellent for river RE 6-1100 or your own broker. Hociatc.i, lCcaltor, 35 Harding nl. washer. One block from Broad St., OFFICE FOR RENT—In center of Fnir Haven. HE G-2.T0B. use. Call AT 1-06SO-M. Price t C ' MAINTENANCE-HANDYMAN —Three FAIR HAVEN—NeRed Bank. On bus line. BE 8-0500 w, modern ranch. RB 0-3.'IS6, LAPSTBAKB. SHELTER cabin skilf, AIR HA IIOUSB AND LOT— Irf)t, 40xS0. rear town. Call RE 6-1100, garase. RU 1-20S4. Three, bedrooms. Attached ga 24'x8'. 100 ' h.p. Grny enjrlne, head _ < | n _ _ m ; r week. MI E-1348-M,' 100x101). Across from Holf.wd nchool. RIVER PLAZA RANCH - - Two COMMEHCIA- BUILDING In business Fine i A t t residential Automatic i l llocation. icebox, fully equipped. Peterson built YOUNG WOMAN desires day's work. TWO SLEEPING BOOMS—Near stn J2.000. Apply Crnwforon» of Rumion. suitable for H«ht years old. Largo living rnonv lrlirp ESTATE Price Full or part-time. RB 6-4073-J." Constance Monel »haft. Ready for water. Schrleor cnll RB 6-3714 tlon. 66 Oakland st, R E 6 - 9 U 7 - W . mamifarturln*. Cabln«t shop, nwnmg heat: fireplace: $20,500. --•Colonial. Hri-k frame. Three mn«dining area, kitchen, three bed14 Maple ave.. Fair Haven. RE fer. 2 Grant ave. TO 1.11708. company »ro«ll bont-buildlnK bualnen, Smith. er bed roomB -'._ tiled bfllhs. Maid's ATIJVNTIC H I C H L A N n S — S e e r m FURNISHED ROOM — Inquire 6 nojl._; rooms, tlto bath, stornge nttic: : 1 runch. BpnutifuHy l o c a t e d or. hi!!. »tc. Well" lighted. larKB windows, load•oom nnd bath. Lovely p ^ t oolliii,'y npitointmctnt. Trico 5ri3.00O. Joseph DOES YOUR CAR steer hard! Do i 8SS J_ oI rI _ _ ^ 3 ^ j . tors, Insurers, Highway 35, Shrewsstance Smith. 14 Maple ave.. Fair HaJ. McCuo AKuney. Kcnlturs. KU 1- knotty pine with beame*! cpilinjc HTIJ your wheels shimmy T Let u» correct 8869-R. in«, 1 ',4 lartre knotty pins rumpus room: bath, Uimo of you with a feelinit of be- LITTLE SILVEK— 87 Amelia Circle. LIGHTNING SAILBOAT— First-class West Front St. Red Bank, west of 0178-W. Tf no anwer. RB 6-S374. -21 feet frontade. Over 200 feet deep, lomtlng to the past no well as the Hthn, hot water heat, larwe cloHets, complete laundry, work room nnd Rtor$17,500. New M>lit-k>vel. Three be.. $160: VA ' Jack Harder. Phone RE 6-1236. • thoroughly insulated, Cn* h p.. $180: 10 h. ».. S240: 16 h. p.. DODGB AND Plymouth passenger ears. LARGE. CHEERFUL, well furnlahed carry property until ready for develop- periods will five you a sense of com- IiiBpect Saturday. Sunday, 1 :.10 to 4 oat landiriR. AM Hchools. Including windowa; ment. Write, "Owner Confidential, Bo* liil. Sewer; low taxea. Immedi- hot water heat. Oarage and maendam P, Rl. K.H.A, npproved. Cnll EA 3fort plus the excitement of today. room. Twin beds. Good location. S275: 83 h. p. electric starter. $420. Dodge job-rated trucks, authorized m Bed Bank. te occupnncy; $25,000. JOBCPII G. driveway. Prica flexible. AT 1-1610, Priced from Jl8,600 to *45,000. 8 Fair Haven Yacht Works, Fair Hnven. service, modern service station. Frank Near bun and town. Ample parking KB 7-1145, t Light housekeeping if desired. Drummond pi.. Red Bank. Phone R_ £_-l_-J_-^___t ! _J-i-.__> . j-E 6-3010. Van Syckle, 149 West Front at., Red area. COUNTRY SETTING — Lovely For appointment, call RE B-Z289-J or UMSON—[>e1.v»tful riiitic nreii. Ac6-1180-6-1632. , 14' RUNABOUT. 12' rowhont. U h. p. Bank, west of Maple ave. Phon« RE -»-. CHANCERY 5*254 ce»H to river. New ranch house. RE 6-7335. Apply evening!, 27 Irv- REAL ESTATE FOR SALE ~ANCII HOME—Fair Hnven. Living ranch. Large living room, junoutboard motor AT 1-0503 after 6-1286. viriK room, spncetl dining urea, ffiycr SHERIFF'S SALE—Ily virtu* of a ing pi. and dining room combined, three ior dining room, kitchen, wall oven, S P. M. H. Burdse. Locust Point. HIGHEST PKICES for your old car. mil, three , bedroom*, kitchen, utility LITTLE SILVER — Ei_rht-room hou_«. bedrooms, automatic heat, enclosed alias writ of execution to me directsell, we trade. Coast NICELY FURNISHED ROOM—All contnble-top range, laundry, threo We buy, . _.... oom, two hnths. null-down stairs tn Four bedroomi. Two down, two up, pntio: two-car garage. Veteran 10% ed, issued out of the Superior Court 14' CEDAR WOOD outboard motor veniences. Kitchen privileges. ReasMonmouth st., mmenne attic, Oversizo two-car tm- of New Jeriey (Chancery Division) with storage room, Mvinar room, flre- down: 116,900 G. S. Sckanck Agency, bedrooms, 1 \'x baths. Large plot. boat, built by Lotkwond Boat Co. Auto Sales Inc. 149 onable. R.E B-4160-R or 47 East Eun- place, dining xoom. Tile bath, wntkre: $:t I ,.100. Joseidi G, McCuc there will bo exposed to sale ut public S h, p. motor Sacrifice. May be seen ie'l Bank. RE C-522*. 1 E C I,ow taxes. Asking $19,250. Chns. -°i^^ sct ave.. Red Bank. KPnc-y. Kpiilt«rn. __RU I-0J41. vendut, on Jn cedar closet, pfttlo, storm windows, 8 Unileni* -—B Sunday, 3 Riverview Ave.. Rumson. RUMSO-^-i'Mmifiheil. Sujmmer house. H. Tindall AKoncy, 1!) E, Front at., MERCEDES-BENZ, 1951. Series ItU 1-0483. Monday, the 30th driy of July. 10.S. LARGE >"R0NT ROOM—Five windows, awning* and • icreeni, wa!k-in pnntry, Nin_ roomi $G,500. Al Also 115-ronm Red Dank. RB 6-9030. % acre of landscaped land In beau- houBe. between tho hours of 1_ o'clock uad two closets, hot and cold water, LITTLE SILVER—Owner trans220, model B, convertible, maiUBe. Near rivi river and ocean. $12,000. CHWS-ORAFT— 16' speed boat. 76 h. •1:30 o'clock (at 2 o'clock Daylight second floor. Smnller room available tiful shaded, quiet neighborhood. Ga- RU 1-1174 ferred. Three bedrooms, ranch roon. Telefunken 5-band radio, nil p. Gray marine. Trailer, cover. Ex, Snvintt Time! in tha alternoon o£ suid Aug. 8. Light housekeeping and laun- rnK«. ba.ement, laundry room, Rns DUTCH COLONIAL — Foxwood park. gMUnt condition. $850. AT 1-0118-.' ntyle. nilseil fireplace; nttnrheil leather, fully equipped. Ml 6-1839 d»y at the Court House in, the Kordry nrivileees Garage 20 "Wnverly fired steam heat. Insulatea, iilnoter I^irge living room, fireplace: sunCall Saturday evening. MNOKOI'T— Four beautiful hedou ^h of Freeh old, County of Monwalls. 118.100. pi. (First house from Brond.) RE 6- walls. gnrnge, Perfect conilition, o n i a t e 12 to 1 P. M., also evenings. - - - , — Call RE , _--_1..J_L room steam hent, oil-fired. Three bedmouth. New Jersey, t o satisfy a judgrooms, two tile baths, living 2J> 7 7__for _a p poi ntm e nt ^ hrlrk flnlnh. Anklnir J l fi.HOO. LET US PUT A SIX-ROOM home on rooms, dry basement. Near school and ment of mi id court umumitinjf to aproom, dining room, large, modern your lot nnd foundation. $200 down bus line: $18,500, G. S. Schnnck Schwartz Agency, Heal tor. New1948 STUDEBAKER dump truck, three FOR COLORED—Room All conven proximately $4,£4-r00. WANTED and we will build to suit you Call Agency. 8 Linden pi RE li-0397. kitchen, full cellnr, playroom. TwolenceB. One child. MI 5-0582-M. yard body; Hood condition, $300. man Springg r n . R E fi-31.1. ALL thnl trnct or parc.l oi land, RE 6-8526. Eveninm, AT 1- SINGLE ROOM—Bus line to Fort Mon- Emanuel Swartl of Swartl Furniture. RANCH HOME—Mr Hnven. Living cur grtrnge, on landscaped, '.isitufite, lyitiK ami being- in tho TownABSOLUTELY FULL VALUE Dull Jor Phone E 6-3218 or RE 6-5485, room dining combined, fireplace, au. ship of Middletown. in the County of ncre. A rail buy at $28,500. mouth, yc per week. RE 6-0173. old tuna, powder flasks antiques, 0K81-M. 5 tomatic heat, ttled bath, two hedrooms. I J M S O N - - P r e s e n t owner tninsferred. Monmouth and In. the Stnto of New HINKt BEJORE YOU sign on the 1951) WILLY'S JEiEPSTER— Good concut glass., oil paintings, nns furniture, Chas. H. Tindnll Agency, 19 E. Drnnped living room, dinliur room. dotted l!n« Are. you bllylnjt a Plot 100x160. Convenient to school, dition. New top, overdrive, radio NICE FURNISHED ROOM—Near town. 3tc, Friedman Galleries, 35 South n. four hedrooms, two tileasem«nt: two-rni* property, anil Is Intended to be a purthe picture of Shaker men and women protection. late'* garage, corner Ave. D and Ing $18,500. Chas. H. Tindnll transportation to all senped grounds with outdoor barbecue, Inched garage Very Inrge vhnrled chase money mortgage, ami ia to have (SNTIQUES — "Weathervanes. marln* jennardvin. rd., Leonardo. making medlclnnl plants of herbs for •nrkwny. Bus You may fruit treed, nhruhbery gnlore. Threo chools, ns half sessions Agency, 19 E. Front st., Red Bnnk. painting!, booka of New Jersey, ol. QIIIPI nelghbnrhood nenr the full forco and -fleet in both Inw world distribution at Liggetts. comer chools lanffl bedrooms acroenod norch. dinuiK l I t lamps, wood covering! furniture Es- 951) 11U1CK TUDOR SPECLV ;ake advantage off a low Interest rate drewnbury river: $-tt.r,f)O, JoBeph C. und e.equity of ft purchase money mortof Monmouth and Broad sti,. Red RB O-9030, k 1-O3S3-K. tates purchased and appraised Phone lcGue_Aif«ncy. Itenllorn. RU 1-0444. if i',i% 28-year plan nvallable. For room, crllnr, cHy sower, sidewalks, n«nk. # Seix-il as th» property ot FmnkUn KB G.2003. The Hudion Shop. I n c 95 41 NASH—In excellent condition. WANTED—On» or two riders (or trip ppolntment. call HO 0-8861 or write donN - - - A n umiViinllv port find shopping. ItRraalnl Firm price, Radio and heater. Can b» _e»n Suna i l Broad i t . Shrewsbury. ntlniotlva rancher, nestled under tow. K, Allen and Jean Allen, husband and Terrace, "Penelope •ehool, to Florid* first week In Auiniit, Raf- Tanitlewood" $21,800. Adnma Agency. RE 6-G008. wife ef nls. token, in execution at tho Iny morning. Call RE 6-7128. Inir treM. Kstflte nrei. Living room, BSTABLISUEn KEIGIIBORKOOD >ark " SUnUr Stllwell A Sons. Inc. JS East Bcrjrcn ^!. "2i-\\cjr _erv!re. __ OLD DOLLS. TOYS—Also furniture, TRUCK— H-ton Ford. 14' flnt body, ai*-ncai exchnnifed, Pliont RU 1-1159 lrp^ bedronms. bath nnd kitchen, ('an nuit ol KeanstujrK N'ntionnl Ki\nk Ac. J 3 ! J l " Hotter thnn new tiome. Living RftM 6 P. M. iJl'TL-i SILVER COLONIAL — Exchina and glnss jewelry. All types Tw_-3poe(I rear. |_17B. RE 0-1740. 1 reed air. Low taxes flfintgo TMot und to b« sold by Mtilnitc »lx years old, Immaculate ol antiojua. The Ounortunlly Shnp 1958 room, fireplace; full liinintr room, IRA K W0LC01T, Sheriff. CADILLAC 62 SEDAN—E-eep10x100 Firm price $20,00(1. .To>ir[ih MARIE COX AGENCY, realtors condition. Featured conRtructlon. plnnAntiques, 1 IS Broadway. Keyport KE Dated J u n e l K IVlrt kitchen, hwntory, ncrocned porch. 0 McCue Aitency. Rpaltors. I1U 1tional condition. Low mileage. Green .••,.!!= rflninp rr.nrr. r-raslnus !:!t?hand Insurers. Sales yearly antl REAL ESTATE WANTED Hoiici".". Pii'i-Uur;' -i C;;r:_;;, ..'-ii'i. -N~nLI>EIc"HOMR—Slv~ronnT^ ntitll shower. Well planned Inndser. 306 Mnln at. Lakewood or ~9Litiii tLAIL, Ul Ul_.aUL,Li l i U i i vntp ground ft Taxes $ l u i , A buy at «c 11'JOu and Dui; f_D,riUO. Chun. custom built homes of nny type II. Agency, ftii 'ti-,»U-M. 16 Kimt Heriien hlH« A1«« R**?..h!»-r.ls if £V_.i.r._._. iMviitft ttwnpr, C*ll »w*nlnw5 Highwsy Sli. Shrewsbury All color scheme. Full celLir. large e,xntlvo hnlf dollnre r a n datei, early Ilittneril HITS ImrnoHlate buyers for l K I H t a M K living rndin with fl repine fmir bod* dlnsolutlon thereof by tho u n a n i m o u s U, S,i also atampH, Clot top prices nt Bank througn Tlurninn ar.it. 1S,> ypes of properties throughout Mon- pannion aren, Womler kitchen, two lldii room In thU U>un niiicli hotii-. rof>mnt tile hath, modern Itlt'lipn. full r«i-':"nt of nil the stocktioItlRfi, d i top In fine condition. Will con- Tltd the flhore'a only full time and com000 to fHB.000 ranira For quick ra- louth cnunty Farms town and coun- Inrge bedrooms, ccdnr close!s; M50 New ami n l t r n r t l v e , Two Imths; K'»- rpllar, hark ynrrl comn'^'elv fcnvci1-'•». po.iktil In my oilier, l h a ' Oufcltiwn Ks(ler_xenHqnaJ_jl« nffor, Call RU I -104*j. tulti, y houses, waterfront propertlce, bus- toUl cn»h requlrrtd when you niov» In: plete coin ih.ip. Monmouth Stump and •fflelent icrvlce fre« pricn aitU niKo iiinl -I'llnr; *I7,'J(JU, with lot Wonderful snot for children; *i.UH)n, tut .a, ii foi-.jonition of thin Stat«, oik opportunities Call, write ynur (30 dnys or less fcr ocrili'nncy. Monthly Coin nhop, 00 Monmouth it, (Opposite IOT« pCVMOUfl! cnANftROOK four, mntfH. RB .•RODA. IB East B.rcen 1 2,1x200. fall now to no ft thin fpcrinl. Son us for nn nripnlntment. Uo'«T(in v h o a e iirlnoipul nllii'o is s i t u a t e d nt No, door svdun Rndlo, heater, overdrive, pi. "2-1.hour tqulrements Large nnd competent payments |7H. Adams Agency. RR (1town halt.) HB 0-324 l-M. _____ l"" Kxcellent condition. Going oventen., r.OUH. 1« East Ilergen pi. "Alwnys Excellent, trjrtnn. Ui\y Stillmitn. Slucwfl- Wnifrbiiry. Tte Hm'ouuh o( Him nff to »«rve you. RE n-3111. bujx H B n-T,\) 1. BOOKS AND OTHER material ..lut- must ncll. Cull _fler ft80 P. M.. HE W-TllAV'E SEilTOUS proipeoti .or oil Hunk, County of Monmouth, Stnta of tyiiti of Ilitlniri, Prompt rind ••"• ing to Monmouth county, New JerNew Jersey (douts M, Drnzln belnif FAIR ItAVEN — Rumson aren. RIVKKKHONT U ) T with Irecn. Hltfh open." ,.„_„— - . . „ „ ficlcnt lorvlet. Alintra A Som Asancy, sey, nml Colonial America, Colle_tionn tho itt'tut tbeiein ami In clinrco thereof, roil. MTTI.K Slt.VEIt Pi n i l lut'ittiori, nun ncre. " Owner KiinlFAIItFiELI) AT New Khrnwabury, SyciiWaturfront, Colonial. Split-level bought nnd appntlntd, Quentln Keith, IU4: "ifUDSlJNPHOJlNl'^*—icid and I f l U|)on nlimi. jinicun m a y li» sci'ved), w rwiiUil e n r n f r plot. r mil- U.llilnck, Whltewnlln radio, heater. de> Kay Stillmitn, Shrewdmore ave. Jlntich; $1,000 mnlitr bH»ic Inriii«t nt1 t7,H0(», Chinn and Glnas Shop, Hud Bnnk, RIO hns coiiinliud with the requirement* of CLIENTS thnn lilting.. We h.ivo B and ranch homes. See our ads In frostcr, signal lights; low mlleng-i MORK price house. Owner transferred, (Jail J A'U n.f.ir I.H. flrcpliicp. put lit with k'rlll. Titlo 1 I. Cot'iionttUins, tienomt, of I U many tiuyari In 112,000-915,000 classified display section. Hall M.IOO. K'K (1-1911.M. ElitnhMh Ii-«22. ' vi-ierl Statntcrt of Now Jersey, pralimFAItM — 13(1 f u t i l e A tinfhpd KHihitf. Will rr> lionunto ANTIQUES — Guaranteed best prices. tlir.r. I1UICK HPGOIAL UIVIEHA — tania. Mat your horn* with \ii for Bros, of Fair Haven, Realtors, HE UUMtiON WATBIU-TIONT— FurnUhetl. jnii-y ttt !)"• i^uuik' nf t b i i L'oi'tincatt . niDstly Lillnlile, Uruok, Hire. 1 Ruiioll M Uorm Agency, .00 Dolls, guns, chlnn, cut glnss, silver, Inter inr to mill. All f itr JIT, .".on. Fonm ciiHhlons, All nccosKories, Cnn action 2fiO' hulkhended waterfront with boat l)»iriB, Colon in I lioine, beautifully rv8-7065, Of ])]>H.llUtioll t>wali-.v. furniture, brass, Monmouth bo seen Snturilay or .Sunday, JlE _• River M. Fntr Hnven. TIE fl-4Efl2. ,nrtr, Airfin-y. Ural l o i " . 'S'CM-SrliM rlnck, Nino Inrgp rooms, three but In, ._ d J l n n i e d ili l l ilinjiH, _ . . . I wo Ii . a c c « . UOUHKH FOIt HALK or r.ntuli, All NOW THKKKKOKK, I. tlio Hocretnr/ county hooks clonks nnd ngurlnes, lieultra mndnrn kllrlion with nice trie Surruuiuli-ill t)>y HIIIKI. I UK fl.' m» 11 .SITIIIK> n l . trecn, (^trHiikort typ.i nnd loontlonn, Quick notion of tin- State of New Jersey, On Hereby fnru HellliiK, rntl Oilman, 82 Spring St. ntngfl, frfliizcr icfrlgnratiir, dtshwnHliI'dtliiKfl; huildlinis '» KCKHI ctnidtt.ltitu FTiinrnnr^cd Ilnrry A Konrnoy & Go,, U. S. 8TRBL HOURS—Vlslon.lr* Ci.rttCy Unit, tho aaitl coriHimtiun tUil, I(E_0..iiMKl J _ _____ Koitn. couN'rHY" K A PV nntl rlutiins wiishnr, Si-rnrruni pordi, Shown hy ttniniifitnirnt: S7U.">fl.ttUd i»»v.l.. tlld HtM.lchollllTt ttlOlOtf, whlrK Hllid illllon. fnfitnttilns over RU arrcn, with 4113 Cnll nftfr V. M., AT 1. to \IB today. vn\\U\ menn » thia for yon AM, KINDS OK ANTIOUKS • • Anything, 1 SIM). l'rli'n *_VIM'4 ; coiiH.-nt mid thr« rcroid of the :>nii tomorrnw, I'm nipt PMMII lot*, UV) 'WO' Ap'AH'l'MBN'l "libMUS~;(trflna feet nn thf rlvfr nnd _4fi (pvl on (ho Stlllman. Slirownhury. anywhert. Old furniture, ddlln, ZH»7-_W, J_!.()iifi, I till ut todnv. KolMiin crM-diii^i aroi't-.iUit iue now on fllo In [W_jj*1J_ll. Inconir poailbilltlee, Modern Imiai. * tree I. EKCeilMit ralnto area; Jir.,DOO, l ollU'i* itn ln"i'vii',l by Inw. c l c i k i mul lirlr-n-liriir. We pny high- IH47 LINCOLN CMJTl C'OUI'B—A-1 (l-7.H6,Hnll limn., ititftHnm. flll Rlv*>r Wiiti-(>twill Inn, Ixiw mllMge, overdrive, ll_nnrlt Fnlr Tin ven. .•aii rnlorli.l clrrn 1710, tixcrllei.t Uirrssod In sn effort to beautify and Ul) 1-071 n, »rrn HIP iilheri, MA 1-K58-W o r KB i-dillo nml I) en to iv Mnny r.xtmn 1.00, I Intvn lie rt1 tn sot mv hand itnit ; S \ SLIM. Rilu^l MShN"* t.OTS— For' iuilom""homBii. Ilrhf f JIK ulltlon Meal for prlvnta hntnn or 1("AN( II lake It unnvenUnt Domistnlm liuirn UUMHON—'DoHiilit fully IIIIUIPII utrrH, 7-11B0-W, v\y i.tUclrtl *vw\, Kt HU 1-lMti nfl^-r fl V, M. MII unlfH W. R Hrhneldar, 8 rot rn . l-'li • 'hit-*. r < - , i n i u i l niiHfnt'Hi VMililoiK'c. i H i U i i u r ' . \wx roum, uveplncc dlnlnH room, Jirj'ti i t l t ' th> ,1 WJL nrnr .nis nnd HohnnU, liivlnn rnniii, T r o n t n n , I h h t h i r d d a y nf J u l y USr.ll HKAVY DUTY elnrtrli' floor r.4B OHBVItOLViT KIODAN—Kxcellent Sntlnrn Wuy Rum ion, HU l-lfllll-J, , ilroom, Itltrhen and bnlh, tlpatnlrs, fl repine* '• dinitiw 01 mi. Uli'heti. _uiini^r; ht -acre lnnd VI I M M | . l(. o n * i l i n u i i u i d iifno h u n liuHlrj; fj'Hi'lilnu. Ill to 15 Inches In condition. Tiro gout, sonw new. ti i K t P 'tn "in (1. \\n Ive-rooin siirl hnlU • tin rt Invnt wit ll cnuMi. thi-fiii hedrnoms tllrd luith hot nt i/rowlnw c umrnii nlly If, M illlt! H) uth (iH.llr ill : Hf\ MIK ilreil n n d llfiy-iiU. parat* entrance,/..'. Mulslied attic. 'liter fi'l hf«( .lliimetsr. (Will I>»V c««h, EA S-1000, New tr«nuniunion snd brnk« syntem, An annul' 11I invenh IICIIi t Will doot c« nm Jmlldlnu homt,n. Wit tmlld ahaila |ionh Nr H' (' i l ^ t IMlfitV, Twn-rnr i[nru«i-.4Orily liUWAIUi J . I ' A ' H ' t N . >arat« entrance, l'ltils I/O fl- nn.l tiorne_ oxt 2S2M, Cull lirlwron K A. H . anil fjointr oversesi, n*st «fTn. 0. Ntinorlor Jlomea, Inc, U. Cl me to stores. s«hr Ja and its, to |ir.,IIOO. Minugh AKIMI'V, HUMII I I nl. at o r y . A it Id g prlco r_ ay njnioi 11 tinlunt on Iy, r' fi S e . L ' e t i t r y at S l i i t t , tvjr.o. 0H0O-W. S P . M. K. JIlRhwny 2_. Union. N. J. C h u r c h »t., M t l U ;.ilv-r. 111. 0 - 3 1 0 7 . l'linim I t U 1-07IA. •



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RED BANK REGISTER 46—Thursday, July 26, 1956

Real Estate for Sale

Real Estate for Sale

Real Estate for Sale

iffcal Estate for Sale

Real Estate for Sale




600 River Rd.

Harry A. Kearney & Co.

of Fair Have:


Fair Haven

A Fine Name in Real Estate

RE 64532

Fair Haven, N. J.


VETERANS. LIBERAL TERMS KOR NON-VET. ' Sparkling white SPLIT LEVEL with unusuill features. Large living room, over-sited kitchen with pine cabinets and wnll ovon, WONDERFUL FAMILY ROOM, H i bullii, TWO-CAR OARAGE. BEAUTIFUL LOCATION . . . DON'T MISS THIS $17,500. DUTCH


TOP NOTCH LOCATION IN GOOD COMMUNITY. A traditional home in fine condition. Very large living room, full dining room, modern kitchen, three bedrooms. 1 >i bnths, full cellar, landscaped lot. ASKING $18,500.



Seven room (three bedrooms) ranch overlooking Sandy Hook IJay. Family room of knotty pine with beamed celling nnd flagstone floor, Screened porch. Pntlo. Uarbecue. Full cellar with knotty pine rumpus room, PIUB another bath, Automatic heat. Garage. Lot of extras too numerous to mention. Should be seen to be appreciated. Asking $28,000.

Modern ranch, with 3 bedrooms in a community where all homes are attractive nnd well kept. Fireplace in living room, den. Home fully Insulated. Lovely well landscaped lot. Asking price $16,500.



$15,500. Lovely 2-story Colonial Tile Imth. Modern kitchen. Basement. 1 flagstone terraces. Garage, Fencing. Nice yard.

On quiet excellent Btreet surrounded by charming homes and neighbors 3 bedroom Dutch colonial offered for mile. Living room, 18x21, with brick fireplace, den, Dining room, large kitchen. Full cellar. Asking price 118,500,


RED BANK Tower Hill Section, (iorgeous grounds with (lowering shrubs and fruit trees. Deud end street Insuring privacy. Perfect for children. Six rooms; three bedrooms, one and a half bathe, full dry cellar. Automatic heat. Garage, Worth the $22,500 asking price.

FOUR BEDROOMS SHREWSBURY CAPE COD Tiled bath. Fireplace. Full basement. Attached garage. Oil heat. Awnings, Washing machine. Fenced renr yard. Good neighborhood. Perfect for growng family, f 14,500.




We are proud of our experienced sales organization. Joseph F, Hunter, Sales Miinnger; Harold It. James, Lorln B. Vnn Neat, Dorothy M. Jannen, Ray Closed Sundays during July nnd Aug. Van Horn, F. D. Van Horn, Richard Hunter and Augusta Noteboom.


Harry A. Kearney & Co. Hamilton Bldg.


Red Bank 6-7700


Fair Haven's First Realtors 804 River Road

FAIR HAVEN — Conveniently located G room frame dwelling with eunroom. 3 uednjouiB, fcUam ull heat, 2-ear frame garage, corner plot. 100'xl50' Asking $16,500.


RUMSON—Attractive 4 bedroom Cape Cod cottage, fireplace, attached garage, large nicely planted plot, central location. Asking $27,000. FAIR HAVEN—Colonial 2 bedroom cottage, residential locale, oversized one-car garage, nicely landscaped groundl. Asking $15,500.



RE 6-3754

NEW HOUSES ON RUMSON—Immediate occupancy. 2story frame, 5 room cottage, excellant condition, deep lot. Asking $13,009. FAIR HAVEN—Ruitic loealt for imall family or retired couple, 4 room frame bungalow, detached one-car garage. Asking $18,500. I


DENNIS K. BYRNE Realtors • Insurors 8 West River Road


BERG BRAND NEW EXECUTIVE RANCH Beautiful brick nnd stone ranch home with Hollywood size rooms. House & Garden or American Home would appreciate this one. Living room with fireplace, dining room, fully equipped kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, full basement, plastered walls, nttached 2-cnr garnge and a Mi-ncre completely landscaped lot. Excellent location. Immediate possession. Built for comfort.

.ASKING $24,500 Convenient Terms Monmouth County Office THE BERG AGENCY "Personalized Service" Middletown 5-1000

IMMEDIATE OCUUFANU* — Solec! your own decorations. Fout uedrimntb. IV> tile baths, living mom with lire- ROUTE 35 place; knotty pine den, dining room DAILY 9-0 kitchen with knotty pine cabinets Formica eounlerti, linoleum Uoor. electrio range, exhaust fan, hot watei baseboard circulating heat. Large open porch, two-car "arage, full cellar. Lot 149x149. Landscaped with drivtwajr.


• * • 3 Bedrooms, living room with flreplnce, dining room, kitchen, bath and garage. Nicely landscnped with 'fully grown trees. House is nicely decorated and Is >nenr schools, churches and shopping centers. Veteran needs $240. down and $76.00 per month. LocRted in Middletown town* •hip's nicest location. FULL PRICE $11,000.

RED BANK AREA—New ranch, center hull, i1 bedrooms, 2 baths; wall oven: gliding glass wall to terrace; recreation 'ON T H E N A V E S I N K R I V E R 1 room; full basement: premium lot; 2car garage; near railroad, schools, 1 * * * 3 Bedrooms, living room, dinbeaches. VA or FHA loan. Owner ing room, kitchen, closed .back transferred. Asks {21,000. porch, attached garage. &0' on the river, nlcoly landscaped with fully trrown trees. This RIVER PLAZA—Neat three bedroom house can be purchased under ranch with n combination living room contract. FULL PRICK | U , . and dining area, roomy kitchen, full fiOO. Located Middletown imntnit-nt. AvnllaMp fir in«prr!inn anytownship. tlmt. Asking 114,600,

"MUST TOWN" NEW RANCH—Four bedroomB, two )>n*hl. Hitpa Jiving rcr.m, spA'tniits dining room, center hull, wonderful • ' • • 3 Bedrooma, living room, din* Ing room, kitchen and hath. kitchen with built-in oven. Brenkfnst Hai pntlo In renr along with HreH, bnaement nnd KRragei OneU-cHr garage. Nicely Inndhalf acre. I'rlcn 117,000, H<:H]ICI] HI. large corner lot. The only section In Middletown township with a city WATERFRONT, RUMSON—Six rooms, newiiKfe system, Make an offer, nil yenr home, deep water, bulkhead FULL PRICE 916,800. and dock. Price $17,000. Other waterfront to $1 G0.000.

WALKER & WALKER Realtors • Insurors •

"A RANCH WITH CHARM" • • • 3 13 erf rooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, don and huth. Hits 2-car garage. Liindsainlng is nutntunrllmr wltli fully grown ti"enn on a4 Here. Located In Mldillrtnwn'n nicest sections. FULL PRICE I23ft00


RED HANK 6-5212 Open 7 Dttya


Monmouth County's Oldest Heal Estate Firm




An older home with large rooms, big vlng room with fireplace, dining room, spneious den, kitchen, powder roomSecond floor: four bedroomB und tile bath, basement, two-car garage, a fundamentally sound house of attractive design, needs decoration And modernization, reafloi. bly priced. EXCELLENT LITTLE SILVER


Middletown, N. J.

5 Wharf Ave.

RE 6-3306

1246 Ocean Ave.

SE 20004



Armstrong Agency

Open 7 Days a Week


100 Highway 35



RED BANK 8-0804—S

I \ i

SHREWSBURY RANCH HOME. Sijjfc rooms, fireplace. Tile bath. Screened porch, patio. Dinhwaaher, range. Attached garajte. Excellent neighborhood. $17,500. .





Business Notices

Red Bank

Marie Cox Agency REALTOR & INSUROR




BERG Up to 6 Months to Pay


658 TINTON AVENUE NEW SHREWSBURY, N. J. REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE RED BANK 6-7741 EATONTOWN 3-0946 NEW SHREWSBURY—Superbly built two-Btory home on two HcreB, Abun* Innce of fruit & shade trees, Rhrubbery. Center hall, Hvinif room, fireplace, full dining room, beautifully tiled kitchen, pine paneled den, enclosed flagstone patio, three simcious bedrooms, wnlk-ln closets, two fully tiled laths & a powdor room, 18x24 hobby workshop, two-car enrage. Full cellar, hot ilr heat, summer cooling. Piaster walls, 52 electrical outlets, storm & snsh. Five minutes from Red Bank station, •isklnir $39,900.

Established 33 years RIVERFRONT — Furnished 4-bedroom bungalow, fireplace, modern kHchen nd bath, enclosed porch, oil hot ,'ater hent, oversize garage ,plot lOOx 50', nice view, could move right in. 18.500. LONG BRANCH — Remodeled older home with lots of charm good location yet convenient to shopping center nnd suhoul, 3 bedrooms, 1 Vi baths, Very large living and dining rooms, modern kitchen, oil hot water heat, beautiful landscaped grounds, 85x250', oversize (arage. Priced st S20.000,

Marie Cox Agency 98 Comanche Drive Portaupeck, N. J. Long Branch 6-1602


^AIR HAVEN — Lovely two-story BLOSSOM HEIGHTS, lome. Living room, fireplace, dining room, kitchen, G-E refrigerator & '""'NON-VET 82,500 DOWN washer, range, three bedrooms, tiled WICKATUNK th, two*car garage, full cellar. Monmouth County Office Heated sun porch, screens, sash, $18,' >n Route No. 79, % acra approxlmateTHE BERG AGENCY 500. y 100x200. All JotB either on Hi gin; ay "Personalized Service" Hate No. 79 or hilt with good view and drainage, fruit trees already plantSEW SHREWSBURY — Four bedMiddletown 5-1000 JIIDDLETOWN, N. J. ed, pood Bchnol area, restricted resiROUTE 35 SAT.-SUN 10-7 rooniB, 1 ^ baths, living room, flre- dential. Apply Owner, U. L. EdwardB, llace, dining room, kitchen, utility DAILY 9No. 79, WIckatunk. N, J, or your room, laundry, attached gnrage, hot Xoute >wn broker. water heat, screens. Bash. $12,000.

Bowtell's Best Buy ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS — Hill locution nenr Stone Bridge. Subitnntln] frnma two-story. Threo bedroomB, 1% baths, three Inrge lots, two-cnr sarnRe. View of water. Fully insulated. Oil hot water heat. Nice garden. Sensibly priced. $18,500. Mortgage arranged. Taxes {300.

Harvey H. Bowtell Summer





l'i TILE BATHS J3.200. down—Anime F.H.A. mortgage. New Little Silver split level, 3 bedrooms, finished family room, dining room, WHII oven, rAnge, 2-car garage. Full price 117,500.



Living room, dinette, sunroom, kitchen, two bedrooms and bnth, git rage, oil hn* v.T.'cr heat r,r. nice l.irst plot of ground, orlginnlly part of an attractive estate. $17.BOO.

No down payment, 7 room split level In Shrowsbury, Hi bnthB, 100x175' lit. Mnr.'hb rsyrocnt; 511-i. Aufu^t 16 occupancy. 10% down—non vst. 117,500.




COUNTRY ACRE. Modern ranch home. Six rooms, fireplace. Three bedrooms, bath, Full basement, playroom, bar, laundry. In-lnw wing, with Bcreened porch, living room, bedroom, kitchen and bath. Breeze way, garage Very desirable. $23,500. -

RE 6-1017


10,501). will Hi.dii,»e this nttrnctlve FOUR BEDKOOMS Dliler home, l'lne Knlr Hnvcn area, taeils fixing nnil tmint. Wide random Two-atnry colonial In excellent locution, big tret'H and shrubbery and loors. Old fashioned porch—tall trees, nenr town, living room, dining room, Bpiiclous modern kitchen, tiled powHOME SITES der room, four hedroomi nnd Imth, imminent, ffnnige. $22,500. l ' i acres In Locuut, All utilities. White Kirch, IloBWOod and Holly from $r>,000. % acred In Hnlmdel. High olevatlon TWO-STORY COLONIAL '1th n vluw 38,100. acre ftml up. Nenr Parkway entrance, Living room with fireplace, dining ilncroft, from 16,000. room, nice kitchen, three bodroomi 11 nd bnth. full banement und garage, Hteum hent. $18,600,




• A BUILDER COULD SEE THE FUTURE THIS LOVELY FARM HOUSF. offers FOR REMODELING To a 8 or 4 hedroom 3 huth homestead with den nnd lingo living rnnin, n heained eel Him dliilnftkltchon combination, Hit mil ml on \'i firm, not well ofT 11 pnvod road surrounded by hcniitlful ntntcly trenn. Uotidii, ctirlifli city v/ntor, KUH A eloctiio in IVIH! pnld for—nonvntitoiiL to nhnpltlriK, wchooln, railroad •tutlon (ltrtl Mrvnkt.



I) —24-Hour Sorvlco— Oil

.Shown by ntljiolntinont only. IlulldoiV IMMy Co. lt«. fl-4787

Liftle Silver Lumber Tool Rental Dept. ; Charges per Day ALUMINUM LADDERS TO 5 RENT 24 FT. ...: 2.00 32 FT „; _ 2.75 '" PORTABLE SAW..... 4.00 'LOOR SANDER.... .. 5 00 i" 'DRILL........ 1.50 V2" DRILL........ ......;. 2.00 HAND PLANER 5.00 CHAIN SAW _... 7.50 HEAVY BELT SANDER 5.00 ,IGHT BELT SANDER 2.50 VIBRATOR SANDER.. 2.00 DISC SANDER 3.00 p OST HOLE DIGGER..: ..1.00

LITTLE SILVER Lumber & Supply Co. iycamore Ave. ' At the Railroad Little Silver RE 6-3427 Drapes and • Cornices 'urnlture • Upholstery - Slip Covers


BUDGET PRICES Reupholstering

Ask For Our Free Borchura


EARLY AMERICAN "1780" FARMHOUSE. Brick lined, wide pine floon. Center hall, two Hvin? rooms, each with fireplace. Large dminir room. Four bedroomi, two baths. Hot water oil heat. Low taxes. Wonderful location for home and antique shop. Seduced in

Sycamore Ave.





"Homes of Charm and Value"' ,



30 to 60 dnys free from payments after closing. SPLIT LEVEL — Little Silver, 3 bed rooms, recreation, room, lot 75x180, This ad would be too long if we told attached gat-nxe in new house condi- nil on this home BO-O-O - - picture a green nnd white trimmed ranch home tion, asking J17.S0O. with 6 rooms including a full basement with H utility room In it, full dining COLONIAL — Country Club area, 3 room, enclosed porch, nttached garbedrooms, den, 2 baths, finished rec age with blue-stone drive, aluminum 'eation room, fireplace, asking $19, storm sash. Immediate possession. Good 00. Immediate occupancy.

113,500. Excellent condition, 2 full baths, 3 bedrooms, modern kitchen, den. Full basement. 2 blocks from school,

lV9 Broad St.. Red Bank 6-3451)1


RED BANK 6-3505

RETIREMENT COTTAGE — Fair Haven, furnished, four room attractive yenr round cottage, taxes $110. Ex< cellent value {10,000.

An older house with chnrm nnd at mosphore, living room with beam gelling and fireplace, sunroom. nice dining room, modern pine kitchen, three bedrooms, two baths, screened porch, attractive lot with trees and shrubbery. $15,000,


FULL 2 STORY COLONIAL Quiet shady Fair Hnven street. Antique charm. 7 roomB. Den. Fireplace. Oi heat. Access to river. Bath, lavatory. Asking $16,000.


Two beautiful acres. Over twenty varieties of bearing age fruit trees and ilants. 4i n c r e vegetable garden, specimen trees and outbuildings. Four jedrooms. Paneled study. Powder >om. Large living room with flreplnce 3'x2V screened porch; Full basement. Attached 2-car garage. Many features that must be seen. First time ottered $39,000.


199 Broad St.. Red Bank 6-3450

Gill and Kinvnn BMR. Iighwity No. 3f>, * n o a r B corners)

Highway 35




KHUEWriHURY HUNGALOW — For nuwlywuiii. Living room, kitchen, two liedrnotnn, bnth and full cellar. Asking (MOO.

Red Bank, N. J.


Telephone: RUmson 1-1150

TOWER HILL SECTION—Lot: 96x136 with fruit trees and other attractive shrubbery. There are 3 bedrooms and J \i baths, living room, dining room; and kitchen, a screened porch, cellar, and attached garage. Sewerage, No* thing eh« like It in Red Bank. Asking «22,500.

Ca.Il RE 6-1129

MIDDLETOWN, N. J. LUXURY HOME — Rumson road SAT-SUN. 10-7 rith low upkeep, 4 bedrooms, 2 bnthB, -car garage, patio, fireplace in liv ing and dining room, ultra modern kitchen, situated on 1% acres with steel SWIMMING POOL and pond, .axes only $420. Don't miss this one it $39,600.



"Trees." Boat mooring. 7 rooms. Tile bath, lavutory. Garage. Wnll oven & counter top range. Decorate to suit All for $16,750.

Wooded plot shades this Cape Cod home. Adjoins large estate. Fireplace. Dining room. Two bedrooms with tile bath. Dormers, heat, plumbing and flooring fot~ extra rooms upstairs. Full basement. Oil heat. Attached garage, Immaculate condition. Excellent neighborhood. Asking $18,500.

20 Years In Business

Rumson, New Jersey

RED BANK 6-5212

RE 64100



LITTLE SILVER CUSTOM BUILT RANCH HOME. Living room 13'x23', fireplace. Dining room 12'xlS' Large kitchen. Two bedrooms, tiled bath. TREE SHADED COLONIAL Den or 3rd bedroom. Paneled recrea-l BEAUTIFUL FLOT, JivInK room, bay tion room, bookshelves, tile floor. Two* window in dininK room, handy kitchen, cur garage. Finest quality construction. three bedrooms with plenty of cloaetB, Exclusive listing. $23,500. ™rnm!c tile bath, full cellar, attached Karnffe, A-l shape. Jast reduced to SHREWSBURY BRICK AND FRAME $17,600. RANCH. Large living room, fireplace. Dining room, ultra kitchen with wall iven and countertop range, birch 4 BEDROOMS, 2% BATHS jabinets. Three master bedrooms, 1H baths, Laundry room. Attached BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPE!! PLOT, garage. tiled. new. Keady for youfc* LOADS OF TREES, old English desitn 521,900. Brand . .» slate roof, beautiful entrance foyer, larjle living room and fireplace, full dinlnB room, nice kitchen with brenkPOSSESSION. Little fast room, ten cloicts, KarnKe, patio, IMMEDIATE barbecue, A home of prestige at Silver residence of eight spacious rooms. Four bedrooms, tiled bath. $26,500. • Powder room. Tiled kitchen. Recreation room, hobby shop. Two-car garage. Deep plot, garden, shade trees. {28,500.

hoico neighborhood. Fireplace and beamed ceilings, Heated sunroom. Screened porch. Dining room. Modern, >aneled kitchen, Mnster bedroom with ilo -fe-F-th onfirst--i!>ok'.-.Two- cr^ic with bath upstairs. Cellar. Garage. Steam heat. Top condition. Rare value t $16,000.


43 W. Front St.

Hitch, dry, shaded location. EXCELLENT neighborhood. Well built modern home, 30' living room with (1 rep lac 3 bedrooms, 2 til^ baths. Basement. Hot water heat. 2-car garage. Dock on deep water, $30,500.



LEFFERTS 30 White St.

Elwood A.





Fair Haven


Quiet dead end street. Children's neighCOUNTRY ACRES borhood, few blocks from shopping. Convenient Fair Haven location. Large, 6 rooms, bath & lavatory. Fireplace. cheerful living room with fireplace. TIP TOP condition. Almost hidden by HKJH ON A HILL, half wooded, cute knotty pine living room, Inrjie kitchen Dining room. Attractive kitchen. Two trees & shrubs. Asking $22,500. with dininjf area, two bedrooms, 1 bedrooms with tiled bath downstairs, hath, full cellar, attached garage, only Huge dormitory for children upstairs, three years old. Low taxes. Brook on Clean basement. Front porch, Attnched property. Just what you have dreamed garage. Unusual chnrm. Reduced ti of for only $16,000. $17,900.

$20,500 asking. Huge spreading appl< tree shades stone patio. Lovely 2 tiled J Bedroom home in Apiilebrook or bath 7-room home. Fireplace. Breeze tree shaded Inwn with many varieties way. Garage. Basement. Owner trans of well cared for shrubs. Living room ferred, with fireplace, dining room, modern kitchen. Large den. 2-car attached garage. Decorated in excellent taste TWO BATHS!! ! ! and in execellent condition. Asking price $24,500. 521,000. Brick and frame ranch hom« on o landscaped half acre. 7 rooms, Fireplace. 2 tiled bathe. Garage,

$36,500 is the asking price on this H-room charming colonial. Den. Patio. Tile kitchen. 3 tile bathe. Basement. Garage. Very cecluded.

NON-VET 81,600 DOWN llonmouth County Office THE BERG AGENCY "Personalized Service" Middletown 5-1000


LITTLE SILVER SACRIFICE Lurjje living room. Pining room. Den. Two baths. Three bedrooms. Hot water, oil fired heat. Basement. Detach e< Karage. Fenced rear yard. Coverei porch. Near notion]. Must sell I $13,600 Make an offer 1

RE 6-4532



Quiet aide street,. Attractive ground with large shade trees. 18'xl8' living TWO BATHS! ! oom. Dinette and modern kitchen. Two bedrooms. Hot water, oil hent. Front $15,900. Attractive Little Silver 7 On dead end street. Lovely 3 bedrooms porch. Garnge and tool house. Lo oom, 2 bath colonial. Plot 700x100. colonial on large lot with many ex- taxes. Good shape. Asking $10,000. Taxes $250. Woodburnlng flreplnce. cellent shade trees. Living room with Large screened porch. Garage. fireplace, dining room, screened In S H A D E D C A P E COD porch, Extras. Asking price $22,500,


600 River Rd.

"°""$W,200 FULL PRICE






$24,200. New and "custom" built. COUNTRY SETTING 1 Mi baths. Fireplace. Wall oven range. Fan. Porch. 100% insulated. Yet only 5 minutes from Red Bank. 3 Large basement. Tall trees, In the bedrooms, 2 ba'ths. Living room with Holy Cross School parish. fireplace, dining room. Large utility room oft kitchen. Full cellar wltli playroom. Good i\ze lot with a back ONE BATH yard that will insure privacy. Call UB for Inspection. Possession on or before $13,750. Pretty Fair Haven 6-room Sept. 1st. Asking 519,500. home. Modern streamlined kitchen, Nicely decorated home. Oil heat.

A DISTINCTIVE NEIGHBORHOOD. CuBtom-built. Living room with fireplace, dining FEATURING CHARM room, delightful kitchen. 2 V4 baths, FINISHED BECREATION ROOM $30,000, Finest location. Three large bedrooms, two full batliB. Living room with fireplace nnd beamed ceiling, dining room, simcioiia den, lovely knotty pine kit-' NEW WATERFRONT chen. Large cool porch. Hot -water oil hrat. Unqiientinnnnlv n hnr train COLONIAL $15,900.

itUMSON,' Good family living In this spacious FOUR BEDROOM, 2Vi bath home. Twocar garage. FINISHED RECREATION ROOM WITH PICTURE WINDOW. MOST AT- . TRACTIVE EXTERIOR . . . Large living room with fireplace, dining room with a view, Bpacious kitchen. UTILITY ROOM AND FULL CELLAR . . . UNUSUAL VALUE $34,000,

RE 6-7686

30 to 60 days free from payments after closing Buy of the Month. Spotless, ful. equipped. Cnpe Cod with 4 Jnrge bed rooms, cide-porch, screened rear porch, basement and combination aluminum atorra ..sash/ Large, completely InndBcnped lotrCentrnl location, Immedia

7 Pretty rooms, completely remodeled for perfect comfort. Modern baths, Fiivu'sre, carpeting. Porch. Storag ROUTE 36 DAILY 0-9 Choice Little Silver locution, Profes- barn garage. Asking $23,500. sionally landscaped. Three bedrooms. One and one-half baths. Paneled den. Two bay windows. Fireplace. Large SPLIT LEVKL icreened porch with awninge. Steam, oil fired heat. Attached garage. Clean, NO development. 3 bedrooms, bath dry basement. Better thnn new. OfTere Oil heat. Recently painted. Nice real at $24,900. dentinl street. Just reduced for quick sale (Owner Building).


517.000 to $50,000. A slx-room yearround cottage right on the Shrewsbury River in Rumson. Deep water, $17,000. Delightful 8-room Naveslnk Riverfront home. Stone bulkhead. Half acre. Includes Income garage apartment. A?'tint? $88,500.


145 foot of bulkhead—deep water. Charming home, completely modernized and very compact. Four bedrooms, two and a half baths, beautiful living room, dining room, very appealing modern kitchen, fine den, two-car garage. Many extras for the asking price of $38,000.

RE 6-6960






TO A. COMMUTER Tor you, Sir, a real early American home offering four bed roomits, two baths, modern kitchen, charming living room, warm dining room, den, two-cur garatfe. One minute to ParkWR)P, five minutes to Red Bunk Station. Nenr stores and school, A tine investment at $19,750.

VETERANS Up to 6 months to pay

811 River Road


REd Dank G-4100

,;RAND NEW three bedroom in good, convenient neighborhood. Larne kitchen, dining nrea, Ceramic Tile bath. FULL. CELLAR. Attractive, well built and fully insulated. ONLY S 11,000.














Real Estate for Sale


Real Estate for Sale


Real Estate for Sale


ACT TODAY THE BUY OF THE WEEK EATONTOWN $6,900. 'or the family lookint? for the conenient hn^e on nn exceptlonnlly larKe •t, Locnted nenr Fort Monmouth, endlx, schools, bus, and shopping ienter. House situated on an acre of ixceptionnlly well landscaped ground, 'he perfect home for the newly marled couple or small family.

AGENCY 102 W. FRONT ST. (Ample Parking)



RED BANK 6-2240

'hree bedroom colonial, Enclosed front ?orch and full basement. Very low ;axes and inexpensive to heat. Situited in lovely neighborhood. CALL JS TODAY,

24-HOUK SERVICE EIVER PLAZA — Excluaive Capa Cod milt 1949. Living room, lurKo kltrhen vith dmlntf tired, Two ifootl aize bed•oomfl & buth, stairway to expansion tttlc suitable for two additional bedOOIUB. Basement and attached garage. 'l ? 12,500. F.II.A, or V.A. financlnar. A.TUNTUVV.N partment or etghborhood, 'Heed for fast

— .suitable tot multltwo-family home, good Lrirgo bnrn garage. nnl>j 810,boo.

R I V E R PLAZA $10,500. live In one of the finoBt neighborhoods, uat a small down payment nnd low lonthly payments moves you right in3 thi« Invfily home. Two story hoiiBe. 'his home l« nlrcndy V,A. Bpi>rcv»fii


tlVEHSlDE HEIGHTS — Excellent lOlKhborhooil arijneent to river with outing privilege!. Cnpe Cod built 950. LIvinif room with fireplace! full llnlntr room, breakfast nook nnd motlrn kltchnn. Kmtond floor hnth nnd wo large bodronms with wulk-in ctosLH, Ilnnoment nnd attached trnrnge. n nttrnctlve huy nt $15,500.

Cimtom built construction complete with (ull basement. Llvo in ono of the fincfit neighbor hoods in Hum son. This Cape Coil house is just the perfect home for thB (trowing fnrnlly. LI3T US SHOW YOU THIS.

FOR COLORED OR WHITE $15,500 Three hod room rnnch complete with fireplace, Extra In rue lot on dead end Htmet, Full basement, ceramic tile bath nnd largo den pntullcally finished.


,1TTLK SUJVI'JH—Lot 80x200, Llvm room, dinlnir room, kitchen, snHsd Dnnk onctf p(»rch nnil Invntnry m\ ttrnt 07 Monmouth St. nor, Tliroe lipdrorimn nnd bnth on (CurRon Thenler Dlilir.) irrmrl. Atturhed uarage, Trlcod to RK 0-B83» ' 24 Ilourt ill nt $22,000. Ronl l"»tnle. I n m r a n o Mortfffiira Loam BUILDTCltS ATTENTION!! o l IDOxliiQ--'-$2.71)0. not h e r 110x7.011— M.H00. iiithn- 110x120 t i i r n t f i i l n r $1,000.

No one—but no one-—can compare with Alan when it comeB to quality workmanship at budget prices 1 If your furniture is shabby and needs reupholsterlng . . . or if they need new slip covers, eall A Alan . . . you'll get the finest ' for less. Our 28 yean experience In manufacturing fine furniture Is at your service along with one of the largest . . most complete selection of illp cover materials. Call Cor pur representative no obligation to you. He'll glre you a free estimate and show you a complete line of fabric! from which you may choose.

'or Quality. Price and Selection • call • ALAN UPHOLSTERY SHOPS. INC. 70 South Seventh Avenue

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RF Yonr Own- Bo::


Th« RnKlaier's claimMed advortisnmontH hnvo morn roitilnrH. which mftiwia more romilts Hornoone him what you wnnt nr will huy whnl you liava to sell, —Advertisement,


Go into buainegi for younelf, at i our new modern Shell Servlot Station heliiK built now tn Ocean- , , port. Construction will ba completed soon. You have complete control of your investment. You buy inventory only (minimum enpitnl $4,600). No flxperionca necessary, (We'll tench you nil the phiuai of th« bunlnoHi). Enrnlntr power depondnnt upon Inventmont. Here's n real opportunity for »n ('| nmbit|o\.R mnn. For further Informntinn cnll or wrltt.


Tel. EXport 6-5537






LOng Branch 6-0350

his house ).-: PJ-IL«'J IIHIIL to sell uii-

lediatoly. Convenient location. Two '•vlua. living ruuiii, UJninff room, UJu BANK — Waikinff distance to Tnscn only $80. iui nnd downtown. Good neitfhbor- kitcut.-. with dlnotte. r ood, One bedroom and bath on flrflt per yenr, l-r»...t v'~ "''> LMUU Ltvu budi goni» imci tmtn on GAPE COD econd. Larpo living room. An unRUMSON mal buy at 914,000. ED DANK — Good residential soc|on yet walk Inn d I at n nee to town, 'luce-bedroom home In excellent conItlon. Living room, (lining room, nun .ireh nnd modern kitchen, Full bnnoicnt, steam oil hunt. Two-ciU' garnjre. rlco |15,7»0,


Slip Coven

Help Wanted


for Sale

Council Buys New Fire Truck

IIBed Autos for Sale


Five-Race Star Class Olympic Finals! Set for Atlantic Highlands Course

EATONTOWN—The mayor and council last night awarded a con- ATLANTIC H!GHLANDS-The tract to .Trautweln, Inc., Wood- Star class sloop that will repreBlaisdell Lashes USE HOME PHONE bridge, for a Tasc fire truck on a sent the U. S. '.n the Olympic bid of $15,817. games in Australia, will be chosen At 'Gyp-Artists' CAREFREE SUMMER A 750-gallon pumper with built- In a five-race series here SaturNO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED MIDDLETOWN — .Major in International chassis, liquid day through the following Wed- Frank F . Blaisdell, yesterday IT'S AN foam and "wet water," the appar- nesday. warned home owners that "gyp fr TELEPHONE IOR APPOINTMENT WITHOUT atus is similar to the last one Thirteen skippers from the artists" were nt work in the purchased by the borough. That Eastern seaboard and the Midwest township Helling their wares to carried 500 gallons. The new are expected to take part in the unwary rcoldcnts, RE 6-2642 WORRYING ABOUT truck will replace a 1938 Diamond Olympic final eliminations. Each 0 . K. USED CAR lip. tnld of nne cane where r. T, which will be given the CW11has pledged to make the' trip to Defense and Disaster Control Melbourne In November If he's salesman had offered to do n .shingling Job, slncn mined at council for use as an emergency the successful contender for this . . . SECRETARIES... $500, for $3,000. YOUR CAR truck. Delivery of the new equip- country In the XVI Olympiad. ment will take from 90 to 120 The races, sponsored by the At- Such hawkers Here (riven the Clerk-Typist (2) 1949 Chevrolet 295. days. Trautwein invited mem- lantic Highlands Yacht club, will mayor's warning thnt the town4-door, f APTITUDE FOB MGURES BUY A bers of the fire company to visit begin daily at 2 p. m. Five buoys ship U plnnning th« "lou)rhest OPPORTUNITY TO ENTER the Tasc plant if they wish to mark the Atlantic Highlands Star sort of action against fakers." J 1949 Cadillac 595. SECRETARIAL WORK see the truck assembled. i. door— "62" fleet's racing area In Sandy Hook Backing up the mayor »ns tlie STATISTICAL CLERK TROUBLE FREE bay, laid out as a world's cham- lull township committee. Mayor's Appointment*. 1951 Mercury 545. pionship course. The Olympic KEY PUNCH OPERATOR In other business, council conrace course will be triangular, or Club coupe. River Plaza firmed the following reappohit- windward-leeward, using desigEXPERIENCE DESIRABLE WELL ments by Mayor P. Bliss Price: nated markers, chosen according Mr. and Mrs. Harold Slmpklns 1953 Studcbaker 795. EXCELLENT SALARIES assessor for three years, Harry S. to the direction of the wind. Club COUII ft. of Appiegate st. celebrated their Rowland, and planning board '^'EMPLOYEE BENEFITS, 35 HOUR! Scheduled to race here are E. W. tenth weJdlng anniversary July RECONDITIONED member, Lieut. Col. George Mor1949 Plymouth 395. APPLY PERSONNEL OKFICE "Skip" Etchells, Old Greenwich, 14 with a party and barbecue «t ;aii. The term r>f Walter R-.m- Conn.; Robert Llpplncott, Rlver- their home.. Guests were Mr. and 2-door. PERMACEL TAPE CORP. >.e!l on the planning b-;ird Oiton; James M. Sclioonmakcr, Mrs. Lester Shibla nnd daughters USED CAR A JOHNSON ft JOHNSON COMPANY 1951 Ford 545. !M>li'i!ti, but "t.'.ayii pric i c aald j Watch Hill, R, 1; Hartwell Moore, i Patricia at-i Barbara, Mr. and U. S. Hlghw»y # ] , Club Coupe. Mr. Bunnell did not ri1' i re- Huntingdon, L. I.; Owen Torrcy *r!>- William Meyer and daughNew Brunswick, N. J . appointment. In als place, Dr Jr., Western Long Island Sound; teis Sharon and Kathy, Mr. and Anthony F. DeVito was named. C. W. Lyon, Jr., Atlantic High- Mr3. Val Braun and daughter Plans of Borough Engineer O. lands; Harry Nye, Richard Sterns, Susan, Mr. and Mrs. George TyluWolcott Morris to replace wood- Robert Cameron, William Park3, kl and children Kathy and Lee FEMALE BOOKKEEPER TRUCKS en bulkheads at Wumpum lake Bert Williams, Pete Bennett and and Lynn, nnd Bonnie Simpkins. were approved. Bids will be re-Dr. Florus R. Black, all o: The 86th birthday yc-aterday of , MANY ceived Aug. 8. Chicago. Mrs. J. G. Francis was marked For housing"developrnent in Mid 1949 Ford V/ Ton 495, 2 A 30-foot wide, 1,200-foot long over the week-end by her daugh The Olympic finals will be fo Dump ' strip was deeded to Adolph Ko- lowed three days later by the firs ters and families at ihe home of dletown area of Monmouth CounLATE MODEL CARS zlcky for $10. Mr. Kozicky bought annual Atlantic Highlands Yaclv her aon-in-law and daughter, Mr. 1946 Chevrolet 195 a tract, including that strip, from club regatta for Stars and Comet! and Mrs. John Partrick of Carly. Stale experience and refer54 Ton Pick-up. the borough for $000 in 1943, but—three races Saturday and Sun penter nt., with whom she lives. ;he legal advertisement failed to day. FROM WHICH Visiting here for the week-end ences. White "H. D." Box 511, include a "paper" street which Paul H. Smart, executive pres were Mrs. George Messlck and since has been legally ' vacated. Ident, I.S.C.Y.R.A., and a mcmbei daughters Bonnie and Peggy of Red Bank. STOP IN TODAY TO SELECT YOURS Mayor Price told Peter J. Ed- of the Olympic Yachting commit Bethesda, Md., and Mrs. Galen wardsen, Mr. Kozlcky's attorney, tee. Is honorary chairman of th Donmoyer of Grantville, Pa. THE BEST DEAL IN TOWN he hopes his client .will be as gra race committee. Race commltte The A team of Cub pack 32 clous in dealing with the borough. chairman is Charles E. Lucke, Jr. presented an inscribed lighter to The borough wants to cut a street U. S. Representative. their softball coach, William 01through from Pierce and Kramer sen of Alexnnder dr., for his two IMMEDIATE AND HOWLAND B. JONES aves. to Clinton ave. Mr. Kozlcky Hesse Case Postponed years' service to the team. The CIRCLE CHEVROLET owns the li presentation was mnde after the $1,800 for It. Until Sept. 13 last game of the' season at the Molur Companv Space In the borough hall for home field. The team had four CONTINUING The healings of a drunk drivthe post office was leased for losses and alx wins. It won the 325 Maple Ave. Red Bank 100 Newman Springs Road ing charge against Irving .Hesse, another year at $1,700. last five games In a row. AssistJr., of Belford, and a disorderly ing Mr. Olsen at the games as RE 6-0910 Dump to Get New Look conduct charge against his uncle, umpires and assistants were VernSALES • PARTS • SERVICE EMPLOYMENT Bids were accepted to level and Charles Hesse, Jr., of Leonardo, Gray, James Ferguson, Charles Dealers of Quality Used Cars "treat" the old borough dump, were postponed until Sept. 1 on McLaughlln and Lawrence Fox. yesterday by Magistrate John V Thomas Farrell, Shrewsbury, will Jean DISclullo, daughter of Mr. Open Evenings 5 P . M. in Red Bank for 27 Years level the site for $185. Fogging Crowell. Day and Night and Mrs. Peter M. DISclullo of Unlimited, Red. Bank, will spray Irving Hesse was arrested in Park pi,, celebrated her fifth the area and clear It of rodents, June on the drunk driving count. birthday July 19 with a party at BUY WHERE REPUTATION WOMEN 19 to 50 !tc. for $225. His uncle -HKS arrested later at her home. Guests were Terry A request from J. Lester Rlgby police headquarters where he al and Debbie DeMalo, Fay and AND YOUR PROTECTION Tha Kastern Manufacturing Division Tor permission to erect a sign at legedly created a disturbance af- Darin. White, Barbnra and Pat of one of the United States mitjor GMAC TERMS ARE PARAMOUNT (Vail st. and Parker ave. to ad-ter going there to Inquire about Shibla, Pattl Ann Ferguson, corporation)! is anxious to hire about Wit) capable nnd enthusiHstic women vertise a West Long Branch hous- his nephew. It was the third time Monica Maher and Alan Diunder extremely favorable benefits and ing development was denied. the cases had been postponed. Sclullo. —OPEN EVENINGSinsurance coverage a t good hourly Freehold Raceway was granted Yesterday's postponement wa wages for cleun and interesting facMiss Vera Kaney of Foster st. tory work. Our needs cover both diiy permission to place a sign g at Tin- granted after John M. PHlsbury, is spending her vacation with and night work. We nil! hire about ton ave. andrt. 35 during its attorney, told the court Irving friends In Wisconsin. 10' capable men. The present emseason. Hesse is recovering from an ployment ol Vhiii division .a 201) iicrNOT1CE Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hlrd, Jr., Roni a n d we are convinced the [>eo[ile Borough Clerk Andrew G. illness. Wilbur 3, Barnes to whom It of Carpenter st. entertained at a we now hire will be on a permanent Becker said the state highway tuny concern: Take notice that on Satbasis. This ptnnt is located" slightly party Saturday for their son Roburday, August 4, 1956, a t 11 o'clock in department has advised that a A- I west of Belmar. so your own transMiddletown Kiwnnis rt on the occasion of his eighth the forenoon at 756 River rd., Fait portation is n "muBt." Please write Haven, N. J.. 1 will Hell at public »ue- new regulation prohibits parking birthday. His guests enjoyed ntra s n d past working experience to lion one LaSalle Coupe, year 1940 along rt. 36. Sets Beach Party Employment, Box 511, Red Bank. being tretfted to the movies in serial No. 2321422, for money OW.HK Legal Point on Zoning Bud's Gulf Service, under "the GarnKe ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS—Thi town followed by dinner at the Lien Act R. S. 37:2-60 in the amount Borough Attorney Howard W. Hlrd home. Guests were William of $238 and the coats of these pro- Roberts was asked to write a le- Middletown Klwanls club las and Richard Seaton, David ParSAFE BUYS night at Cabin In the Sky comceedings, gal opinion in answer to a ques- pleted plans for a beach party tiick, Barbara Hlrd nnd Douglas MERRILL R I T Z B N D O I J L A R , SECRETARY 16.28 BfllifT for Hud's Gulf Service. tion raised by Samuel Garofalo Saturday, Aug. 11, at the northand Pnul Hird. and Howard Wilkinson of Clin- lagoon, Leonardo. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Price and •xceptional opportunity for Dr. Loftu NOTICE ' yountr woman with strong sesons Paul and William of KnoxTo Jmeph P, RHch«, or to whom ton ave. They asked if Adolph Brown is in charge. cretnriitl Bkills & R desire Kozlcky can legally build a greenLOCALLY OWNED CARS t may concern: Tnke notice that on ville, Tenn., are guests of Mr. Last night's session was an to enter' personnel work. J o b Saturday, August 4, 1936, at 11 o'clock house on that street, an R-4 zone. Interclub meeting with the Tom and Mrs. William Heintz of Pnrk Involves psycholoRlcal testn the forenoon at 75fi Rlvt>r rd., Fair in? and norm interviewing, The .ordinance says outbuildings River Klwanis. The guest speak pi. {nvan, N. J., I will sell at public auction one Ford sedan, year 1949 serial can be built on farms. It de- cr was Henry Jehnke, lieutenani Joan GllRey, daughter of Mr. ',1 SOME COLLEGE DESIRABLE No HOCS1173S4 for money owing Bud'B scribes farms as tracts of five GOOD STARTING SALARY governor of Klwanls district flv and Mrs. John Gllsey of AlexGulf Service under the Garafie Lien . . . EMPLOYEE BENEFITS . . . Act R. S. 37:2-60, in the amount of acres i or more. Mr. Garofalo and and a member of the Toms Rive ander dr., celebrated her eighth '167, and the coats of these proceed Mr. Wilkinson said Mr. Kozlcky club. 35 Hr. Week. Air Conditioned Office He reported on the 41stbirthday Tuesday with a party Insa. owns about four acres, rents two. Kiwanis convention held recently at her home. Guests were Mary F O R D S i FOR APPOINTMENT CALL MERRILL RITZBNDOLLAR. They also asked If Mr.. Kozlcky, at San Francisco. CHARTER 1-1800 EXT 244 iou Socolchlk, Sally Shenk.Renee 5.28 BalifT for Bud'» Gulf Service. If permitted to build, must ob The next meeting will be Aug.Marko, Cynthia Kidd, Jay, Mary '5! Mainline 2-Dr. Seel. 450. serve a 50-foot setback. NOTICE i at Lincroft inn. Henry Handel- Lou and Peg Gilsey, Joanne BECOME A > i Sealed nropoHtils for the transporEly Miller, street superintend- man of Dincroft, a horticulturist Wuchter, Donna Hunt and Bobby ation of uunilj will be received by Ihe ent, said he objects to residents will speak. His subject will be Hird. HIGHWAY TECHNICIAN '54 Custom 2-Dr. Sedan 1150. Board of Education of the School Dis- and businessmen being charged "Lawns and Their Problems." trict of the Borough of Little Silver at Career opportunities for M.. D.S.T...on Thurjday AUK- to dump In the Marfak dump, '55 6 Cyl. Mailine 2-Dr. 1295. st:00 iP. 1856, Fair Haven recent high school gradat the Markham Place, West Long Branch. He said it Belford Little Silver Public School Building. uates. 13-year acceleratMrs. Kenneth H. McQueen of will result in move work for the '55 Custom 2-dr. Sed. 1495. SneciacaUom unit bid lorms for the The eighth birthday of Charles Kemp ave. and Mrs. Thomas Irved highway construction *outcs Rnd a standard form of ques- street and garbage departments Mason, Campbell ave. was cele-ionnaire to be answered by the bidder ing Brown of River rd. have been program - on - the - job '55 Custom 4-dr. FOM 1595. nay be secured from the Secretary. Council agreed to talk to Francis brated last Wednesday. Members Mayor Price and mtortalning their brother nnd training - vacation and Tha Board,of Education reserves the W. Palmer. of the family .who attended were Ister-ln-law, Mr. and Mrs. -Edmembers of council said they •Isht to reject any and all bids. '55 Fairlane 2-Dr. FOM 1650. sick leave. DaUd: July ID 181.6. thought fees would only be Mr. and Mrs. Milton Schumacher, ward King of Spenccrville, N. Y., SARAH M. LIPPINCOTT, Sr., Matawan; Mrs. Margaret Write: Director of Personnel, Secretary. charged for truck loads brought Waldman, Keansburg. and Mrs.and SarasatR, Fla. Department A, New Jersey Little Silver. N. J. "Greetings of the 'Land of the S7.2S to the dump by contractors. Nellie Mason, Port Monmouth. Little Silver Point Road. Midnight Sun" is the caption on a State Highway Department Members of the IX Club at- souvenir post card received at The Trenton, New jersey. Township Pu§heB tended the performance of the Register office this week from Mr. NOTICE "King and I" at the Neptune and Mrs. Joseph Lo Piccolo. The he Second National Bank of Red Bank. Tax Map Project '50-Club Coupe 395. Circus playhouse last week. At- Lo Piccolos write: "The customs, Red Bank, N. J. tending were Mrs. Albert Blg- folk dances and friendliness of MIDDLETOWN — Continuing i3 Broad Street, Red Bank, New Jeriey 'SI 4-Dr. Sedan, nice 575. Apartments action was promised yesterday in elow, Mrs. Orville Casler, Mrs. iheso people of the north Is slmpNotice of Special Mettlnj of the township's efforts to secure an Casler, Mrs. Ernest Rutt, Mrs. y wonderful. We never had (inch Shareholders — ^ '53 Custom 4-dr. MOM 1195. A Blieclul meeting of the ftharehold- official tax map—a major pro- Albert Conzen, Mrs. Dirk Hof- in exciting trip." The card bore era of THE SECOND NATIONAL BANK gram that may cost some $80,000 man, Mrs. William Anderson, oi s. special postmark showing that 1675 ' R E I J BANK. RED BANK. N. .!., '54 Mont. 4-dr. MOM IMMEDIATE I will be held nt its main office at No. to $100,000, In a bond Issue, to Mrs. Gus Volkland. Mlases Louise it was mailed within the Arctic Minor and Marilyn Dreher and 4-w«y power <«at. Pow, steering | 53 Broad Street, In the Borough of carry out. Red Bank. S u t i of New Jeriey, on Mrs. Frank Sherwood of James- Circle from a town called PolclrAueust 10, 1956, at 10:00 Mayor Frank F. Blalsdcll, at a .eln (Polar Circle), in Sweden. OCCUPANCY '5>1. Monterey Hard Top 1675, Friday, o'clock A. M. (Eastern Oayliiiht Sav- meeting of the township commit- burg who was a guest of Mrs. ing Time), for the purpose of consid- tee, got agreement that Township Voklands.Four room apartment on asc- '55 Monterey Coupe 2375 ering and determining by vote whether Attorney Lawrence A, Carton, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kelly, Council lo Meet an agreement to consolidate the said end floor in well-kept sarden Mercomatlc bank aad The Keyport Bnnkinit Com- be empowered to continue his ef- Main st., and Mrs. Minnie Eddy typi project. Kent, supplied but pany located In the Boroujrh of Key- forts to work oul details with of New Monmouth are spending ]ops on Pay Issue State of New Jersey, under the temperature controlled by tenant '55 Montclair Convertible 2750. port, thl3 week at Wildwood. provisions ot the law'B nt the Uniten state officials toward that g'oal. MATAWAN—Borough councl with personal thermostat. One year Only 7.500 miles. States and In compliance with the laws Specifications for such mapKenneth Rauschcr, son of Mr. uesday night decided to meet leaie. No security necessary. $98 of New Jersey, shall be ratified and making—done In part by aerial and Mrs. Sterling Rauscher, Hopconfirmed; and fnr the purpose of vot•lth members of the police deper month. ing upon any other mntters ineldenta.1 photography—have been prepared ping road, observed his ecventh triment to discuss salary Into the proposed consolidation of the by the State Engineering and birthday with, members of the STATION WAGONS ;reases after turning clown detwo banks. A copy of the aforesaid Apply Others agreement. e.\ecutcd by a majority of Railroad Tax bureau, Division ot family last Thursday. Taxation. In planning so far, present were Mr. and Mrs. Hans nands for a IB percent Increase th. director, of wch of the two bunks. ? , " " " • t" » " « ' " " " * f" ' " " icross the board. '49 Willys 195. providing (or the consolidation. Is on ! Mr. C a r t o n h a s w o r k e d w i t h H e r - Cerllani, Wanamassa, Mr. and The demand was read by CounSUPERINTENDENT flle at the bank and may be Inspected b e r t S m i t h of t h e C o m m u n i t y Mrs. George Dclss, West Allen:llman Ralph Dennis, who asked during* business hours. hurat and Mrs. Aline Rauecher, hat tho qupftion be ptacnri on this Apt. 80-B 595. By order nf the Boaril of Directors. Planning association. Prospect Hill '51 Nash Rambler this place. JAMES VAN FELT, itillot in the November election, 129.64 Cashier Throckmorton Ave. '51 Mercury. MOM 750. Airman Reports Karen Ann Moge, Infant iut his suggestion was turned daughter of Mr. and Mrs. WI1Very n!c«, own after Councilman Grayson Red Bank NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS r\t Florida Base 11cm Mogc, was recently baptized fan Clenf, chairman of the The Township Committee of the '53 Country Squire, FOM 1295. Township nt St. Mary's Catholic church. ORLAND AFB, t"la.— Airman lnance committee, recommended of MlcJdletown. will receive bids on August 15. 19B6, nt 3:30 Second Class James Keen, son Her godparents are Mr. and Mrs. hat council submit Its own referCHANCERY S-277 1995. o'clock F . M. a t the Township Hall, of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Keen, 7 Thomas Phillips. A reception mdum, which would return conSHERIFF'S SALE:—By virtue o f ' • '55 Mercury Custom Middletown, Middletown Township. M writ of execution to me directed, Iswas held at the home of Mr. and 8-pRfaenger. mill county. Mo . . New Jf-r*?y, . . . . .(or . . . . the . . Second ave., Atlantic Highlands, Me*. Moge for friends and rela- rol ol the police salary guide to jiurl out nf I n - Superior Court of following rond mnterlnl, delivered and has reported for duty here. New Jersey (Chancery Division) t h e n icuncil's jurisdiction. 2100. r.priled under the riirrctlnr. r.f the Airman Keen Is a specialist on tive following tlic ceremony. will DO exposed* to Hftie a t public v*n- '55 Country Sedan Township Rntrlneer, due, on Floyd Stone of Rlverhead L. I, UN-AMERICAN SITUATION 8-pasaeniier. Fordnmitic missile fusing and will work with For Work on Various Street!. Monday, t h e 13th dlty of Auuimt, 1056, t. 56.74H Knl». Tsr, Grade 7-H or 9. the 17th tactical missile squadron. lias returned home after spendbetween the hours of 12 o'clock and ASBURY PARK — Demnrrp.tlc I. 2,482 ton» V Wn.hen Grnvul. 1:30 o'clock <«t 2 o'clock Daylight B»vHo was graduated from Red ins a week with Mr. and Mrs.congressional candidate Sid Shlff, .f>nir Time) in the nfternoon of snid All mnt*rinls to be In nccc-rrlnnce Ju.itph Bausbach. day nt the Court House in the Bnrwith th« Ni-w ,I»r.».' S!.-.!r l!!i ; iiv..u Hank Calliulit: high schuul in 1055, Tuesday night called for Increased Joseph Baunbach visited1 his registration of potential voters In OTHER MAKES OUKn of KreehnlH noimfy of Mnnrc'.w'.lill IJepnrtment Specifications. New Jersey, to satisfy R judgment of Specifications and bid form miiy be brother Goorge Bausbach, Nrw- Mor.mnntfr rnnr.fv. Mr "pf.Ut: beFINKD (6. •hip iini-ln-.fr. l«j"Vr.st End 'Avernia, HOLMDEL—Magistrate Stanley ar« ovor the week-end. Ueorpe fore tho assembled municipal »2O,Sll6.OU. "" '" ' " ' ' ' " " " " 'i'5 riymuutii jctiati Is a surgical patient at tho Vol.leaders of the Democratic party Celford, New Jeriey, upon proper Stllwell ALT. tlioii; lula. Lilian or parcels ul Monday night lined ernns' hospital, New Yorli. lmicl mid premises, hereinnftor partieu- '47 Lincoln Convertible 395. notification. at their dinner meeting at the Inrly described, Hlttmte. lyinit and belnii Thp Towmhlp (Tommlttee reserve* Nlcholn.i DeBcnednto, 313 PnrkTwo parties were held for Marine grill here. In the Township of Middletown In the the rlKht to nc<*ept or reject any or All vlow ter., Llncroft, $25 for speedThomas Greene, son of Mr. and bl.li. 'ounty of Monmouth niul'Ktnte of New Ing on the Gnrdnn State Pnrk"It 1H a public shume that there IlnUili July IX, IDfiR, Mrs. Robert Greene, for his Jersey helm? Loin Numbers One. ( 1 ) , iiU__HOWAnn W. HOIIERTS,.Clerk, wny.' Parkway state police re- birthday which occurred July 22. nre 60,000 unregistered votorn in '•.Two 12) Thre« (.1), Four ( 4 ) , Five ported his speed ns over 85 miles Monmouth county," Shlff stated. ' 15), Six (61 Seven ( 7 ) . ElKllt (HI. USED CAR LOT A fnmlly party was held Stimlny "Tho eradication of this ahame Is NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT Nine 10). Ten (ID). Kl.vfn ( I I ) , an hour. OF ACCOUNT day of lant week jr-ry Twelv« (12) Thirteen (13), 1'ourteen the responsibility of nil civic Other drivers fined were Cur- nnd a children's pnrty wan held And Directors For Distribution (U), Fifteen (If.), .Sixteen (1G). KSTATK OF ROIIBRT AUSTIN I/AW. mine Sevmteen (17) Elirhtonn I IB) NineJ. Pnscunrii.llo, Asbury Tuesday of lust week. Attend- minded peoplo nnd groups—counRKNUK DECEASED teen (IK) Twenty (211)/ Twenty-one ty officials, the press, League of Open Wcck-dnv Evenings Nollre is hernhy given that tile n c Pnrk, nnd Thonuin .1. Schnnd, ing worn CJeorgetta and Ray(21) Twenty-two (22), Twenty-three counts vf th* subscriber Ailmlnl-itrn- Spring L«K? Height*, HpriedlMK on mond Woods, Ruth nnd Patricia Women Votorn, the Detnocrutic 1231, Twonty-four (24) Twenty-five nnd Republican parties, service trlx with Will nnnexed of the cstnte of the parkway, $15 nnch; Walter M. (2fi) Twonty-alx C2S). Twenty-seven Francis and Patricia organizations, Veteran groupsMid Decentied will be nuiUted nnd Drnr, Jersey City, falling lo kcop Lonry, Until 9 P. M. (27), Twentyeliiht (1!«). Twenty-nine slated by ths MurrnKate of the County Dnvls, Jack Smith, Carol nnd , (20) on the inn|> of lots entitled. "Mnp of Monmouth nnd reported fnr settle- to right, $15: William A. Cilonn, William VoorhocB, Clauds, Mlch- all must work together to change ,yif Pine View Manor. I'ort Mmimouth, thin un-American situation." ment lo Tlir Monmouth County Court, Washington', D, Q,, ranking UMlddlelown Township, Monmoiitli Coun. I'roiinle Dlvlilon. nt the Court House, ttirn on hlghwny without hit ml nel, Ronald nnd James Smith nnd ty. N. J,. dated feliiunry I I . 19E5. Monument nnd Court Htrrets r'reelinltl, Gerald Alan Smith, innde by Cralic Finuoiraii KnKlneer nnd TWO-OAH ACCIDENT New Jersey, on Tueflilny. the four- signal, $8; John Simmons, FulSurveyor," which rfinp has l>oen duly Mm. Allno Rauschor entartnlnapproved hy thp Township Cninmlttee ENGLISH AGENCIES teenth d on Saturday for Mrn. Ruth KEYPORT—Keyport stnte poof the Towimltlp nf Mlilillotown pllrntlnrt will be mnde tor the allowllen mo Investigating n two-cnr Hcitnd nit the property nf Ketilen ance nf c-nmlnlHnlons and counsel fees, KcuiiftbuTK, upending on rt, Hfi, Poln.ictt, Mrs. Kmnia Poinnrtt Connlriuitlon Cnmpnny, Inc., a ,l)O(ly ami directions for illnlrlriiitInn Monmniith Street $15; Nicholas Cutro, Bnyaiuio., fc-1- nml Mr*, Addle Polnnett, all of accident which occurred on rt. 36 r.orponite nf the Hhlte nf New Jersey, Dntarii June 2Hlli. A IX. Illln. thin morning, Leo Cook, 23, of Tronton. tskon In execution nt the suit of WaK JOAN WII.LIAMM UHHIHTEN.SISN. lowlni: too clonnly, $10; Frntik ter It Croslirn. nnd to lie sold by nilly NKHII, HOII of Mr. and Mrs. Bayonuc, going west on it, .16, Fcdowltz, Scotch Plains, riding n •1H0T Locum. Ave., Henfnrd (Opposite Carlton Theatre) pulled to thu Hide of tho highway II1A ri. WOI.COTT. Bherlff. Nmitnu Cixlnty Lnntf Islnnd N, V, motorcycle John Nnsh of Main »t,, Is a pawithout hrinlllirhts, Duteili July 5. HUP. Admhilntrnlrlx wllh Will uimrxi-.l. $10; I.oynll Snlovcr, Bridle, pass- tient. In Ihe Monmnuth Memorial lo discharge a pnssongor. He Robertf. Plllshury & Cnrlon, Attys. William K ll.nty, K.o, wan Rlruck in the renr by n veMB) l i n e n ) l : i * 7 . 2 4 hotipitftl. ' Ing on nurvr, $10. Attorney nt Law Ford Dealers lor 51 Years hicle operated by John Hnmbrlck, Nu lirorJinrriTiHriTii t i n n n t i when you HO Ba»t I'Vont Ktieet, 1!), of 201 V.'ajhliiftto •ilvartlttnTCit RrKlltrr wny.— Advertli*. • lied Hank, N. J. 110.ID It imys to Rdvnalss In The Heals, For nn EiiKllnhman, a ueclnn In fnent, -V




New Phone RE 6-3800


Thursday, July 26, 1956—47

RED BANK REGISTER FINKD IN KKII BANK John Broderlck, a soldier stationnd at Fort Monmouth, was lined $25 yesterday by Magistrate John V. Crowtll on a charge of tampering with an automobile at Jlmmlp.'a service station. Riverside nvp. Dolan .1. Burnptt of Fort Monmouth paid a $15 fine for rnck-

less driving. Louis Kouirinia, New York city, was fined $25 for leaving the scene of an accident, John F, Eaposito, Hempstead, N. Y., was fined $7 for careless driving. The IteKiiiter's classified Kdvertibemenu hHve more readers, which means more rfeKuiu Advertisement.


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Anverllsempiil -,

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% 43—Thursday, July 26, 1956

Ask Support Authorize $25,000 Bond For New Hospital



Hub en's

MIDDLETOWN — Richard B, Burke and Matthew X Gill Democratic candidates for the township committee, at a meetIng of the executive committee o£ the Middletown township Democratic club, Tuesday recommended that the township committee hold public meetings to discuss a proposal to have township ho3pltal, The Democratic candidates have recommended that a new hos pltal be built here. Mr. Gill, in a letter to Mayor Frank F. Elalsdell, has asked endorsement by the township committee of such a proposal. In his letter, Mr. Gill said he felt the rapid growth ol the township warrants a hospital c3F"c!s"3r ™lth "overcrowded conditions that exist at Kiverview and Monmouth Memorial hospitals"

men's appare






Surgical patients at Rlverview hospital this week include Mrs. Samuel Alexander, 16 Campbell dr., Eatontown; John Bernero, Ocean View rest home, Atlantic Highlands; Mrs. Michael Callaghan, 77, Highland ave., Leonardo; Mrs. Janies Clifton, rt. 34, Matawan; Mrs. Thomas Glilett, 432 Prospect ave., Union Beach; John Haddow, Center ave., Keansburg; Mrs. George A. Hogan, West Front st., River Plaza; Anthony Nardiello, 95 Creatvle-w dr., Middletown; Mrs. Harold Norcross, Vermont ave,, Port Monmouth; Michael Pellegrini, 37 Highland ave., Keansburg, and Mrs. Agnes Vltelli, Ivy House nursing home, Middletown. Among the medical patients are Donald Beach, Long Branch; Mrs. Ann Clayton, 21 Parker ave., Fair Haven; Thomas Costello, 172 Main st., Keansburg; David Cros . Main st., Holmdel; Jacob Eelman, 21 Parker a\e., Fair Haven; Michael Gagells, Nutswamp rd. River Plazaj Mrs, Charles Hall 73 Garden rd., Shrewsbury; William Luther, 40 Tenth st,, West Keansburg; Mrs. Kathryn Melnel, 23 Lennox ave., Rumson; Mrs. Lyle Parker, 19 East Roosevelt circle, Country Club Estates; Albert Schwarck, 13 Randolph pi. Keansburg, and Edward Tomney. Sr.. 80 Hudson ave, East Keansburg.


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Issue for Road Repairs

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS — Borough council Tuesday night introduced an ordinance authorizing the Issuance of $25,000 in bonds for this municipality's first major road repair program in "several years." Council President Everett C. Curry, chairman of the street committee, said: "It has been several years since the borough spent a sizable figure to get the roads in shape and to keep them that -way. It was a rough winter, and we need to do this job." The $25,000 cost figure was based on estimates by Borough Kugiiieer Uraij* Finncgaii, Who was directed to proceed with plans and specifications, to be submitted at a special meeting Tuesday, Aug. 7. This special session also was designated for the public hearing on the bonding ordinance. If the measure introduced Tuesday- night is adopted after the public hearing on Aug. 7, council will then authorize advertisements for bids on the project. Contracts cannot be awarded until 20 days after the approved measure Is published, which will be Aug. 10. Actual. work on' the repairs will begin early in September. Nearly $70,000 of the municipality's bonding capacity will remain if this measure ia adopted, Councilman Patrick J. McConnell. chairman of the finance committee, noted. The bonding ordinance was introduced after a 30-mlnute executive session. Police Commended In routine action, council: Directed that a copy of a letter from Arthur Llnzmayer, an official of Atlantic Supply company, bo forwarded to the police department. Mr. Llnzmayer commended Patrolman' Nelson J. Morrisy and William McLaughlln for their "alert action" at the risk of their lives in taking two men into custody during an attempted robbery at the builders' supply plant. Scheduled a public sale of a lot, 70x388 feet, off Highland ave. : "side hill" property—for the next regular meeting Tuesday, Aug. 14. The lot adjoins property owned by Harry Doppelt, proprietor of Doppelt's Hofbrauhaus on Ocean blvd., who has offered 5350 for the- tract. Referred to the finance committee a $100 offer made by Herbert M. Todd for a lot on Third ave. Heard John J. Chriatolas of Lawrle rd., president of the Home Owners association, express the organization's appreciation for council's efforts in reducing- certain nuisances on Ocean blvd. and Highland ave., and for Installing road signs. Heard Mayor Waldron P. Smith repeat his request that property owners trim shrubs on corners to the 30-inch height which the law sets as minimum, in an effort to reduce corner accidents. Raffles Permit Approved raffles permit for St. Agnes Catholic church for Aug. 23. Referred to the planning board for action, & recommendation forwarded by the zoning board of adjustment that a variance be granted George Berta, permitting him to erect a dwelling at the Intersection of Ocean blvd. and Cedar pi., 50 feet from the boulevard, but only 15 feet from Cedar pi. Zoning requirements call for 50-feet setbacks from both roads. Heard Councilman Edward G. Walder report that repairs to the Henry Hudson Spring memorial and the stone bridge over Grand ave. will be completed -within ten days.

Appeal Board Maps Fall Plans EATONTOWN—Members of the auvisory board of the Eatontown Community Appeal, Inc., met Monday at the home of Mr. and Mra. Herbert E. Werner on Tinton ave., to map plans for the fall drive. Mr. Werner Is fund chairman. Speakers were Mrs. Hugh V. Alesaandronl of Rumson, who was one of the organizers of the Community Appeal in Rumson, and Col. C. R. Halg, executive vice president of the Fair Haven Community AppeRl. Spencer Patterson, president of the Eatontown unit, suggested orientation lectures for workers; dividing the noroi'""' '••'- • venient collection districts, and arranging a time scneuuiu wi' . .. drive, which would meet those of other communities. The next meeting will be Aug. 16 at Eatontown's Memorial school. Also attending wore Mrs. Leslie D. Sccly, Peter J. Edwardsen, Edward Clark, George Whltfleld, Rev. Robert Snable and Sheriff Ira E. Wolcott.


Susan Seward Hearing Delayed NEW SHREWSBURY—At the request'of Prosecutor Vincent P. Keuper, • a hearing scheduled for last night against Misa Susan Seward, 34, of A53 Catherine St., Red Bank, way postponed two weeks. Miss Seward is being held in county jail in j.10,000 bail. She is charged ' with' performing- an abortion on Mrs. Helen Leonard, 27, of 157 Walnut st,, Montclalr, July 9 in the home of Mrs. Sarah Jackson, Squankum rd., this place. The Red Bank woman's arrest followed an Investigation by Sgt. James Herring of the local police department, County Detective Cept. William S. Mustoe and state police from the Shrewsbury barracks. Police were alerted by Charles Wilson, a contractor called to the Jackson house to repair a septic tank, who found a fully formed, six-month male fetus floating In the tank July 12. Dr. Gordon Smith, assistant county physician, said the baby was stillborn. Mlsa Seward is accused of accepting $30 from Mrs. Leonard, part of a. $50 fee she is alleged to have charged. Miss Seward told Sgt. Herring she was a practical nurse at Marlboro State hospital and was studying psychiatry there. A spokesman at Marlboro State's personnel office yesterday refused to verify that information, saying Miss Seward is no longer eraployed there. George A. Gray, Red Bank attorney, is representing Miss Seward. Assistant Prosecutor John A. Petlllo will represent the state. Mrs. Leonard, the mother of three children, is estranged from her husband. She Is reported In fair condition in Mountainside hospital, Glen Ridge.




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MIRIAM M. MATTHEWS. undersiKned shall apply to the Monmouth County Court. Law Division, at Dated: July 9. 1956 the Court House at Freehold. New Jer- APPLEGA.TE REUSSltLE, sey, on August 7. 19GG. at 10:00 o'clock CORNWELL & HARTMAN. in the forenoon, or as soon thereafter 34 Broad Street, as counsel may be heard, for a judgRed Bank. New Jersey. $15.11 ment authorizing me to assume the It psy« to advertise in The Register. name of MIRIAM M KRIDEL.



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