5 - There are a few of

5 - There are a few of

llSiii wmmmm ^w^-W^^;W^!W?^^ RAHWAY RECORD, TUESDAY^iJEGEMBER 2,1980 ties of Smites^ ll w i l h FRED SCHWAeTiNGUME) REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS.- ! Mr...

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llSiii wmmmm



ties of Smites^



REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS.- ! Mr. and .Mrs. Barnet Maurer to David Maurer, property in Nicholas place, 130 feet from Madison avenue. (Lease) Helen Andrews and Er'n<>sT-T.,her—husband, to Fred •Haherle, store nnd_basement in bull.!-. Ing known as No. 109 Irving street, yearly rental. United Land Development Company, Inc., to Charles J. Vernay, lots 40 Miiri 41. block 310, map "of Klsmere ParK. '


Bunny taridRailway Opens )At Bamberger's

New Jersey Advocate VOL. XX. SERIAL NO. 2202



: • • *




L •_

John Howe, 3d, ton of a judge and grandson ot the Newark Commitstruction of the Bunnyland Railroad at L. Bamberger &. Co. in Newark, sloner of finanos, driving the Golden Spike which, completed the conA Fairy Princess stands ready to cut the silver ribbon so that the Bunnyland Express niay proceed on its first trip. Th; occasion was broadcast over WOR by Miss Kath'rine of the Jean Lambert Dale Hour. She is seen standing at the microphone. — -^housa1HK-.-of-ohildren-o^drat1_(lrcn,aeamu3ement_riartauail(ltCar ern New Jersey have ridden upon I nl\-als. A beUthat rlnss just -like hihiUiiBJjelLin_a^bliLensin5; p.j>,-Jv[stle blows, and, railway crossing iliath blows, atii sail's carry.out me idea .Him this berger sL Co. in Newark tills year. really Is a railroad. The track Is i L o O K for the name Bayer arid the the package a3 Santa Cans as- usual Is very- popu- even held lu place by crushed l l won.l—K ~""' ''i' " " "•*• • n - — lar. especially between the nours pictured above when you buy Aspirin of 3 and 11 in the naming when Then you'll know that you are get he gives each child a mechanical P. S. Has Paid $500,000 ting the genuine Bayer product that •toy. truck. - In Non-accident Bonuses thousands of physicians prescribe. The electric train In Bunnytarul Bayer^spirin is SAFE, as millions is the feature whicii children seem More than half a million dollars 11 of users have proved. It does not to enjoy most. Considerable time [4 depress the heart, and no harmful was spent to piocure just the train has been paid to Public Service Coordinated operators after-effects follow its use. — which would be most appealing to for the sateTransport operation of their Bayer Aspirin is the universal | the children. Ill the short time it cars. and buses since iht* Com has been in operation It has proved: pany's Non-accident .Bonus Plan antidote for pains of all kinds. conclusively-thai it is what_'chll was put into effect a few yoars aVas_.announced Nlce The engine 'Bunnylam i't was '" "Sore Throat Lumbago y originally was operated' President Matthew R. B Boylau "in a Express bulletin addressed to the men. Rheumatism Toothache Kneumausm •"""»"«• ,.„»,,.,..,., . . . . . . . . . . . . . ". ' - .• - •' •- --, • 'bulletin r-" • n-, -»r A<=nirin is U ssold earns |and Its looks exactly Genuine.BayerAspinn o l dat">>" a r ] si ,„like Mr. IToylan complimented the a M m locomotlve: or. all druggists in boxes of U and in,_ [ o . ] i s u r e a l l s o l l U { , l v s a f o o p e r a . operators upon their safety record during the current year, and In bottles of'24 and 100. ki'.n rlie little steam locomotive annoum-lns the continuance of the Aspirin is the trade-mark of Bayer. w a s converted Into an electric lo- Bonus IMan for the comliii; year, manufacture of-monoaceticaciaestei[ ( . otno[ ; ve T ] l e engineer has had he urged them to redouble their of salic>licacid. years of experience Itttjulling -chil- efforts in the Interest of safety^ Under the Public Service No-accident Donus Plan the year is divU'ed Into three bonus -periodn. Bonuses are paid as follows-for.! each perlcd: 120 to operators.hav-j inc a perfect record: $lft to opera-i havro;; ho" more thanone-ac^ cident;_$l".f.i) to operators havlne no more than two accident.**: $15 to operators having no more than ihree acciu<»nis. A spwial bonus Is awarded to ^the men of the carhousp or-KaraR^ , I wTiTch"~hainho-i)e»r-record—In-eacb 'division. This bonus amounts to $3. for each man. The record Is base

junctal Scrpicc

strong Woo he school Je" beca pral players for^lhe te iy played si: j anil.Zuman, fck backs, lia\ all week ^ed against Thes pla! both lungeql dy Parker i'

Mbert E, Lehrer rEUNERAL HOME 12 Main St.,

Tel. Rahway 7-1874

We have built oar reputation on fairness,

were -painl |in shape forjj nter. Voodbridge fed their annii several we^ |uccessful pr ohmlc' Asso^j use of co-op Rahway teai pted'to sched row with We( sr Class A hl| as-unsucces!



By'El (he Rambler . I a • 46 to w of-EIiEabefl rt in a one-sid^S ' It was their 1 ' on for the the opening I -Drake aunG forwards, wB i able to breaf enso. -They-I nblws' points| frred for the'

sured added joy for the year's greatest day—by preparing in advance. were not a memberoFthBTeaf 'srclub^IootraheadlQTiex r Christmas and join the j



i L .



- '

' '






' ~

1931 How much do you want for next Christinas? One hundred dollars ^-or $50, or $ 2 S - o r perhaps .^W?''~'Yqu_-^c^-..have-lt~thn)ugH':tli.>modern plan. " "" .'"',•" Twenty-five cents a week dues will give you $12.50 next December. Fifty cents a week meaTS $25. One,dollar a week will provide-$50j— and $5 a week will bring a check for $250 in fifty weeks. Plus interest. You are invited to join now«_ No fees and no fines. Just pick '" tKeclass"—lhefe~ist)ne t o suit you. ~ ^ - - : ; > - : : ^ : . ; --.•-•-. .•:..—-

The Rahway Savings Institution "ThQ Bank of Stnngth

119 Irving Street Open Monday £rrningt

• :


Solve the 21" Problemi Win a Valuable Prize!



Old Induitl pie plain of Jol he Knights-Ti I by the Crusaf (PXted ._to_]iaye out of the ; .The old nit t ruins." but upj pgatlon Bys

J3flnltjnias-this opportunity to win, absolutely free, one of these prizes. Test your skill, send in-your solution, and you -may-find-yourself-among-tlie-vrinners.-There is no_cost_ •Poling t-h» jtirafttions and send in your W


Rahwmj, N.l.

from 5 to S-S0< O'ClocM

4th. Prize

\iilr uiit on (lit- iie\TK|itt|M>r or nrpurutr puprr, or tn tiny uulqur form cuiint rii-slrr*. Tlic KMOIHI, third, fourth unit uthrr prlzr** tu br nuurdrd urIIK tn thfir rf»|ir<>tlYr mtrlU. In the fvt*nt of tie*, prlxr*. iilikr unil of" th* \niiii* will lit* nwitnlnl tn ^u*-li of—thr tying i-otit**«>lunlM- roinpr^InK fur tn irizt-M. ilf^lcntitnl In Mir iuli'rrtlM*mcnt. Solution* will' br uccrptrd up to uiitl iiifliidliii; S 1*. .> Montl.iy, UtxYtnhrr Kth, 1930. Huld KolutianK to thU problrni mn.v either lie mullofi ur «lrllvrrrd tn (MTMon to our tttorr. 605 llroml Street, NVunrk, .V. .).. brforr the rloitlnc datr. It I'. M.. Monday. I>^s*rmtirr 8th, ID.'U), PrixrH will bc'jiuardfil 3Ionday, l)cr*rahtT-81h u t 3 I1. M.. ut our ttturr.fid.*) Itfirud Htrrrt. Newurk, N. •!., und Ihr Kiicrrhtiful eonteMiintn will lir notlflrd; It In not nrr^HMirj' to •!><• prrarnt ut our utorr ut tlir time. Krmeinhrr lltU i>nnti>>tt rlunrn promptly lit.II P. M., .Montluy. Decrmbrr Rtli, und' no HolutlutiH rrrelvd nftrr that hour will br urrrptcd. l ! »fful huiivt-iiir*. will lip prrwnlrd to rviry rontotttnt wrnitinjr ln~ thrlr «olirlions hi llii*. prnblftu.



PUt« tbt Qfurt *'7" In tbe ecnter tqaire, thtn place f)cores la e»eb of the • other •quire* so »i t« total ?1 borlzonlallj, prrpeudlcBlftrlr snd diAtonAtly, utlni hupbera rrota 1 to It. . Do not eie the u n t rtnmbcr twlre. Bnccriufnl contestants will fee notified by mall. No employee of thlt flrtn may enter the ront^t.

Address City

1 '


5th Prize Chest of Silver


A-Hoover Answers Many a Christmas Gift Problem a practical use. The Hoover is a gift which can be used.in every season. Year after year its efficient service^ and its labbr-saving~power~.wiH-~delight-" the housekeeper^ This machine has .a threefold principle which ii a combination of beating, sweepmg and suction cleaning, a den



E can never be sure just what Only one answer W -makes an infant restless, bnl the remedy can always be tbe same Good old Ca3torifll;ThereVcotnfor from a family. in every drop of this pure vegetabl preparation, and not • the' sEghUai harm in its frequent use. As often as Baby has a fretful.spell, is feverish or cries and can't sleep;, let Castori soothe and quiet him. Sometimes it' a touch of colic. Sometimes constipa tion. Or diaiThea—a condition thai i^Jmnld-talways-be-checked-wiUiot de)ay. Just keepCastona handy, and give it promptly. Relief will IOUO


ing method which reaches and removes all the dirt and dust from rugs and carpets. -You have-a "choice of two. models. One is priced at $79.50 and a smaller size i i $63.50. When sold on term*, •lightly

5 down and $ 5a month

Dusting tools which enable the housekeeper to keep her rooms i'.ispic and span condiHoj^aresoldata^dditio^icost.

Broad Street,

SERVICE Tune in WAAM Tuesday and Friday mornings at 11, and Tues- . day afternoons at 2, to hear talks on Home Management by Ada Bessie Swann, director; of our Home .Economics Department.-











k the Rahway'Valtay-^Si


S ffc TZSSJiMfiir'^


" . . . . ' . . .



very, promptly; if it doesn't, yo

*k' SDnlvet

The Common Council, sitting as a committee Of the—whole, to discuss the internal sewerage system for 107 Dead Members; report as presented to • them by DISPOSAL PLANT SITE TO COST $25,000 Harris is Honored Bauer, Klinp and Coudert, consulting engineers, decided- Wednesday . n iglirto_carrj'_outJJ[ie j^commenda^ I lion in the report, that a perma| nent comnrittee, composed of both C O m p i e n o n Ol m e s.\.annaj T c*»^j ^ - « _.I city officials and private citizens, t i be appointed - to- study -the .sewer possibility of three contractors attaching the cash h.-lil tonl|[ht and, tomorrow. tion of the lodge here, will be hon| problems of the city and report The double funeral rlti-s ored next Sunday night, when the balance of the Joint Meeting for payment for-workback to tlie -Mayor and Council _!;r:.t this morning for '.Mni y annual memorial1 services will be completed, and the report of the findings orthe^juiy Dramatic Plioto S^rrlre .v.i-Iniyre. 43, and her *on from time to time with recomconducted in the auditorium o{ the meudatlons. • riclc Mdntyre. IS. both o( of the Court of Appeals establishing the value of the High-Sc-hool Senior Class Play 'JTUa ptojl will be fmatt., -deoid«d ^^ (j-.^l fn t h e baftcuii'iu uT T T i ifivHii for tinbeni-fit of Uie "Wash-1 John McCullougli,-Walter-Gilman. upon at a "meeting "next Tuesday The programVwhicii" will" b"e"open old Edgar estate upon~^lra±^rtTS-pkmned-te-een— !.,;nif at 67 Inmin •. »•«!!•• i <,!,::;!,.-. <'.f ;:..- t.>r.ii..r riu>-s ut i.-.i:!.iii trip of tin- class:. Shown iRuth Dean .Paul Howard, Margaret evening at the City Hall which will 11-be featured by struct the disposal-plant,-featured the session of the! r::;-Hi.—jtit-tlirt1. «™ -l»(i-ln-rl|;hl jgnpalmnn, Alni-y Klpmail and l)oris ire Tiiten"ded~by"'ih'e pr&sent~Coun- H o t h e p u b l i C i ^ and the incoming members. It It an address by William L. Dill, tor-Joint Meeting held in the group ~ffi"°° •-WoorfiplrLcll and Mi-- Mini Dura.- stanillnK in rear jstamm, sitting on divan, and Lewis probable that a commission wilLlmer State motor vehicle commls:...[ .-hair. .Mi^^ Jane lienyou, coach. Turner and Herbert Schaefer, in •ilier OIULC luu.u. • meeting •'—I• •••.•' ™ m k w nf Paterso I The session, taunt with ques" be named at Wednesday's y and'A. i . , ' l» Jo*pp!i Waltca. i ','J,[\ sioner and member of :Paterson last :ii s:.ir.;-iv- ; Kdwanl-Tunisiklus.'-Marjorle Perry.ircar...of divan. Itlons in the minds of representa-' of the Common Council. :.z > Paterwin »tn>*t._wao. H ;-''-' ' Lodge. ' ! |tives of the municipalities pre»All details of the proposed inter!" :..-vrd. wan attempting m iu.vk.• An honorary life membership .naLjeyMem-to—connect .with and. :.'ir fa» cocnectfonT" ras given ^idney Harris, first ex-1 to a discussion of finances. make useful the new Uahway Val- UILCU line* u i « . . Tat> funeral »ervic(>3i ihS ni'.r:;lted meetingriiler ot Wednesday tlie~locaflodger-atAn additional $150,000 will be . ley Trunk Sewer were- explained the night i-s Were Imuivustv^ b^tau-o u.' '• necessary to pay for the completo the Council Wednesday night by The honor was bestowed upon Mr •v. C. J.: tion oL tie sower, 1t wa'sestimated, J b L. Jacob L Bauer B r and Louis'L. Louis'L CouCou Harris in recognition of his serv«,.,. at the meetiug. This. sum"1s over ' derl. of tlie firm ot Bauer, KUng ice uie.iuusc -;"-;."'^"""".i","! *« Heeling. ice 10 to"tlie~ lodge 'since is' founding """«"i"»Jn" diarj*. Approrixatrly !'<• an dahove the additional' $600,000 and Coudert. of Elizabeth. TheseJiere. Final plans for the memorial P-!x>n» wltne»»d the ien-lr™ jr..! ; . sv engineers spent nearly a year in service were also nude at me Rahway Protests Request appropriation estimated' as necesarromoanled the bodies ui S;.: N l^'."V !vv. ,,"?,;,'. .1',,l,.,i,|,.I1i sary at the meeting of the governstudying the prblect and conceived meeting. Mar,'» Cemetery «b*tv buriil »•'* •!')':;,'.'.\(-',','.,'.1.l.,'-; \;';iuury !,f ilcmn. heldi-.j^vo weeks pgo. -their-present-plan-after-tley-had. - Visiting Teams Present Of Towns-to Put Sewage^ ; "Tnadr. ; - • - •• ; ' • • ' • • ' [ , "."' . ' _ . . . , ( . t - i " u [ 1 1 1 . (JBo_*JRjums_are_iir^dditioii to the conlidered-JivLothe™. _ The. plan _A_riwaltotteconi«t r between the 1 3: $2,000,000 originafly estima£eP given for the benefit of tlie which thev they traced the different •• -, ^,..1— p• "Wpber. the of wit-h different, di ui-, -• Exalted Ruler ^\r(inn William y ^ " | 1 ferred , .decision . _ on - requestund representatives of_ Garwood W f : 1 the -sewer to be $750,000 more-thaa.. »>i!.h h# n a n » n w p U - r , from ! i : - . ' : : '•. "' ',:," / , " . , . V .',.,',','-',^t plaine I Dr. • rlurtin M. S-iuivr. at the uieet- newly at the Empire Theater next visions of'the system as explained Fred H. Albee. Colonia, »ui jCranforil raw sewage C r a n f o r i l tto 0 discharge . ciiarye. discharge raw sewage the original appropriation, it was N 1 l n !i..as* t o m o r r o i r af:i-rr..x.i; ..:' < ' ; - ' " ' ' '''•.i' '.''',',.'',..',.. p'.-l-'r.-.r f:ifmplo>-ment Wednesday night. He stated to- in HIP report. They pointed out I be•preinSmar-S'-plaiiB-for-the-annual-Un-Jhe in charge. Rahjvay River before the -th.&-geuEjaL_expresMon ot QPlnjon_ M a ~ n ! c « r v | c * » « i ! b.. hi-l.i »: . - J - - . . - - ; •••• ";•-•;''_; "• ' , that more than *»i;jt) worth o • the ^ need. for Z a " most " _ . 4..*nlllcr..,,t inteUlgeut I Cnrlstmas Own!l*-\mnrv >:uml:iw', Wcliu-sday night at the day at last "night's meeting, that even activities., ot the lodge completion ol~llre-disposal-plant tickets have been sold by Promoter handling of the situation and ' h i - b o m * t o n l f h t a t 7 : 3 0 . '\V«!^a-i:i.- l-...=-i>-:-»- •*•",- ^ " ' : ; ; : „ : ; , , „ „ :ty Hall. Tin? g:!: to the city of John were also made at the meeting. A of the -Rahway Valley Trunk this sum wil not be sufllcient to 11. Griggs and Murray,Salzx ;•,! 4«^-burl*di t n K s h w a y <>ii:.--"i-r: - ' 9tate. Mrs. large surii of money -was approprl- Sewer. :i-;way must raze all Iho bulid"- the benefit show. The affair will not be brought to a. successful con- ated .for the work. 'It is thought The request was deferred'until project, and That other appropria-. Thi> threo peroona nr<> bi-licv.--l A:.'.!.'r..JJ.' ic clusion if it it_ wasm made a 'political i-'*—un-^Lliti. iiropurty ' ~ *1"--1 M will necessarily be made. that the program will follow that the January 6 meeting ot theState " will " .mm n».rj «-ho"n smother hearing will tions they that the program will by mrmbrre of the . • -. , :!u- ciiy witiuu two ye-.irs .lilld i h ' . l n i l l - , - ^ ' ~ ^ — n - i i i , "--- louow -"'—'-••"•.« T-hrJO-rnTltrnptnT-g,' 1 f.lljsfr and ,i,,rk .- .:n:.!.-.-'l l»' ' —For-—this or -BoanLjivJien another or previous previous yeaTSTTvtren-ehrlstmasyeaTSTTvtren-ehrlstmas • wth a 45 minute performance by recommended anjmpartial and per>-.:r.insf :im UH* land' Into a city a-;..lt a..s!l.>.rl. t!?_ gift-s will he distributed lo the be held. The postponement wilt Company, Jersey City, contractors !».iar.mrnt nod o!lic!.il-i t>t ih.- ;~r::!•• -'r ='j:i;" heldalinbyl lthe Joint Meeting Ronear futures it would j bridge. Three six-round and live see the matter through lo the end. needy at a gathering to be ri Company, contractors for. section, The cosi of the proposed inter- the "Rahway Theater Christmas proposal hy the Joint Meeting. Ro two; !-:i:p:lag to maki* an !!V*al ros-'.^r.:erial!y_ ulil in rf.lm-ing um-ni- I four-rou'd battles will ihen be |— and Horsit Company,. Phila.,;,» j . v , : . ;>> l :!;U selle Park did not have anyone fd together •with a- conn jiial sewerage system, as estimated morning. The lodge will be assist i....!ivn on B lhriH-f'""-"'- "!'•'' ">>• "' iVlll.present at the hearing to preaen delphia, contractors of. Section .Jiy_tIie^_OranKe Twins. It liy-lhe engineers.Js.ASSS.T^.MjOr ed by the Ladies' Auxiliary. TiTOTly thtf e^mJl-coat-ot-RaUwayJa. Uudlt* The Urantoru d^lL'saliun-argt^f ;in!)ursed .for work completed, m" *" compete heir-argumeu .,; $':•"• a"'! " : : 1 "' -«l'i'"'": '-" j n.-.Elln. newboxinir fln.1, ivlio s these two itenu amounting t<) .with • Long "Branch in a ritualistic that inasmuch as. their trunk sew- limated 1 ^.••r.iy after 19:30 o'clock \w:r."* .in* ji'.-u .-; which wlilcli were w e r e brought" umuKm. up u\tIiy ••-• t w-.*^.. .._ ., through their joint counsel service in Red Bank January 22, it portion ot the trunk sewer. With -I .; feet' 6 inches and- weiKhs more .;.i'nu'ml»'rs of the com mitt '.-! er Is now emptying Into the :Rah- last night, that they would attach d tin- ;.i'iiH'nil><'rs of the committee i,i; feet, 6 Inches more "lese- • iwo i i o i u »...-» „ .-, was announced. Three persons ill .-.'•• V . . , t | f l l r > . I n c . t > i r W ' h - T . r . V . i andill welKhs be an ail adde night fv.cnlnB. All WITO in tli" >•"•' •fort- ill.- Common Council wlm were '^HTMMIAI. «in..» h|c r—".nt ;il-- coys-npproprinlinn "Rahway is ex-, and foiirreTecte(l~ro-TnEinher»hlp';— of-the-Railway—Valley_Txuiik--S,eKZ! lolnt~.Meenhg-in-ortler-to-obtain6S3 OQ0 !a on* corner of I he ,\iil:n>r ^2-'"id_the._$115.000.00' ex.'„.'(.,.";.'.'.>!::'.: •.•.t',:i:-i: wrr.- win-;invtif-d• lo al!eud_-tbo meeliiiB by j rival in this 'country- h e iia3-set4* Program Is Given . er where the proposed, disposal 'Orlion of the money due them 1 -j.... n irm..-M. .i.-.irnv MI »f the ! the boxini-- world ngn-r with his IT>ected t o - p a y . to complete the "i-. VhVrq tlif riMi*'.'^'--" ^'-' will be 1 \cording io the. three coiitrac-. The program for the memorial plant iect In Rahway will-cost nearly • • • •>•-• : -•••— «~,,,.oc^—• ——Mni"V, °¥"-pr the wiHro fe-wer nrolthe trunk sewer hy the three mil- •"<•-'• :.r made. oiiusel. J. Miltoii, Jersey follows: w.w.lif 'n-icp -.\ m in- »•-- .». T;iuu, 0 OO. C »O and may roa. lutlmaiiuii nicipalilies would iiutk :ty. ' the attachment would lie U H - i - j - j . i . .Vr<. M . i . - r . .t-i.-i—Krr— tor t'i.-ir rlosi» coiiMideration and . Humphrey. funioii.-; announcer. lion before-the entire job ia comFollowing "The Rosary," piayeil ference in the amount of sewage m">.' w _ K - : : - - - . r . i K i . » . - : i n u : i . tinlay if iho necessary legal ' l)y Edgar Kelley, Oie oponin?< cere- depositeil ill the river. :r..i>- u.k>- som.- atUflii at the next I would bo present papers could lie obtained in time/ l.uin'j. 2C7 Bryant.'strwt. »li"-< pleted. 11 monies will be conducted hy 'Exln.ai.' U a nhort Ulmancc frjin is .' . Realizing the magnitude and ex- alteil' Ruler Alexander J. -McCoy, Oily Attorney David Armstrong, Shyulil the action not be- takenT V.-lntyn* residence. Smellin.: •• Installation Planned pense of ihe project the Council with Henry St. C. Lavin, esquire; spokesman tor the local delega- today. It will be completed to». s ruaK'odor of Ba». Sirs. I-mi'i. decided that a permanent commis- I prayer, Cliaplain 1. R. Silverberg: tion, told the board that it the morrow, he saldi. By Kiwanis Club Nd the Ba* company, fro:n Small Balance on Hand sion, not altered by change in po- -l-'> Apollo municipalities were given permis»!K>. {'ln)< w i l l In'l'»icer. 91 Jaquw avi-nur. .-I!-" h -!.l r V . i ; i y . | l , - , , i i : 5 - r i i . ;i! I t i v . - r plan. However before final de- ceased and led by Exalted Ruler pletedi there wurt~a possibility that Meeting, which will pay only' athe Joint Meeting might indefinite;:.iv.-*» of Ihe company, wvro f"' V;.-» 'I'-.i It. .-:a. i : « . i - i l . - i i . l . t l :i! portion of Uie amounts, due tho cision Is mad«v-the Council thought McCoy the memorial rites will be :•• Iriwutlgatg ^he complain!. it best to .go over the matter with carried out. The Apollo Quartet ly postpone the erection of the three contractors should they suc-7, •' \-.'- !i-..-.-;^iu. ,>f l!i»- i.'ruu]> ll.-l.l ; plant. He further argued ' thai 1 ; Trace Gai Odor in obtaining the money, it Mayor elect A. C. Brooks and, the : W . ^ r . - M i u - -.HMI ~ j r i : i i l i . ' ! . ' ' i i ! i { l i t i sins' 'The Vacant Chair. ' fol- there was also a possibility that ceed was explained at hi*t night's sesw Kulllng to find a gn» l*al> "'•• •,ir.icr.iiii »:;:. Ii.* li.-ld. «i t l i . - s a m « . Headquarters Will Many Plans Made By ihe Incoming members of Council at a will lowed by further memorial cere- these -municipalities could easily sion. - . • the 1-amey residence. -Miller ami meeting next Tuesday night. I monies. tstiu with wun Thee" i utc i uiene -muji^i......... "Still, Still .^chwIadlnRer tmced the odor 'of ,.r.!.:iar-.':. i.-m..- o n l l . - . v . - : i ; ! k T 2 1 . Budget Discussed Be Ready for Oc- Women's.Unit AtBusyT|"«111-be-suns-by—tii»- h o ^ ' ("',.ir:tv » c r k •!.>:•..> l i y . t h » c.l u h Tuesday night at the City Mall as members will then sing "Auld Lang they would have already obtalnet' expenses of the Meeting will be cupancy On Jan. I _. loclit'd,_ ihe>__twp__meri walk^ a conimittee ofthe whole. Coun- Syne." —.The- quartet—will -follow, -their-object_._ „ Takeimrhieh- will—mean .-that— the_ "aroiiiTd the side of th« .resjavne. A. \Vt-:t,\ Ai-.-or.IiHL: : o t h . - ~ n cilman Ross OV^TowIerr chairman singing "The Lost Chord." Clos- TheTTaBway delegation" insiste< salaries ot tile present employes that none of the municipal!!lesji where they looked Into a lu>.-!>.>.••., ;•:;.; . i r : l . ' . . - o f i - l o i h i t i i : h a y . Arrangements for the furnishing edthj^ figure for the various de- ing ceremonies will then be con- the Joint -Meeting be permitted to of the Meeting can not be paid, Irs to Milton Chapel. and !::>'nt window, where they saw <'"'_ _ b i - r i . : : ~ : r . l n i ! . i l . •> «IIm o f m o n e y and that other current, expenses by Exalted Kuler Kuler illcCoy, decorating of the new Legion of the finance committee, present- ducted by Minor the truiik,_sjwcr until the • - • " " " ' ' . " P ' . i ' l \H nuui—^ 01 .MM. JJclntyrc an.l '•'•' as drawn up in the 1931 rp tiikMi over b y t h e In tin; Milton n n p c l partments _ _ ^ Kolloy .will n7.1V enter budget. Filial uulki.. _ ...hinl. disposal plant is 'bulk Uiul ILMII.I : ( ara the hudA verdict, of $2r..00i> as- the. real '"Calvary." The benediction will for use. This wns originally ' "," " K "" l.oclon anil Auxiliary on Januury which will be occupied on Janu- get wil not be made until after ::>; "i , •"•Ur.-i'i •"•«' '" " 1. have already been made and After calling the police anil tiro • -ir" , civil in tho tolly value of the 17 acres of the old ary 1, were made at a meeting of JavnuaVy 1 when the new Council, bo pronounced by Rev. Robert "W. .li-parlments, the two men ontor.-'i ' v « ^ n " iM^Wiool'-tboan- that more extensive alterations will the Ladies' Auxiliary to iRalnvay with a Democratic majority, will Elliott, rector of the Church of planned for January 1. hut because Edga restate wanted by the Joint of the need of additional funds to Meeting-as-.a- site. for., a disposal.,_.'__[' nude as soon as the weather Post,- Xo. a. Ainerican, L*clon ' huuae thronKti the -frontdoor • -Holy Comforter. . • 1 • ,,i,... i r.-Hin of tin- stuthe matter. The present finance Ihe -work, and tlie~Trrgui,L-tflirjio_us(> committee- rein charge ediueioTt-~thTr-Stirre—ajoa-pd—ot. ••raiicis V. Dobbins.'this ciiy, coun 1 sists ot Albert :H. Jeambey, cliutf ment • •••, ... me i»meint!iit they —.-ns next year's Council No. 5. Ainerlcun lA'cion; t x g - v i u - p n | IT \>n Health relative to the including, SK. for the -Meeting. -The verdict tht- three bodies, »"ith gas'. e«cap- :«!»••. : T ' h , - .••f"--H,'I:LI . ' v ui..-mplovi...-i.l»couimitwill be obliged to cary"1«U~thls All Nicholas place. j e i lur L-iic ..ii.-^^...e.. . ..^ . " T i'chlofinanu'ii svntgm—t<»-to>aiof a "chlofinaTluu .-i...,.^ at the -Moose Home. iiiic from the open connection. Susktrk, (Dennis J. O'Rourke, Henry •The conrmittee in charge of this provisions of the budget. .was niadf by me Jury last >eaterthe effluent before' it is dumped I [{^ windows In the building have . When found. Walten »as work consists of the following: Council President 'William' S. St. Cmir La\-in. Isaac R. Silverslouched over tho open teas pipe " . h.,rii!.ii • A h , t ,i| k . o r s - con- !,,,,.„ rep-acod and they are plan- Kurnishlng, Mrs. 0. G. Saal. Mrs. I Bendy was in charge of the meet- berg, Thomas H. Sullivan, Samuel into the Rahway River, it is doubt- by afternoon. ful it the disposal plant is comj-5ihir only, tho ropa rs ^cessarj The cost ofthe property was such a position -that It was inili- ! ^ : : , , ; : ' " n ^ > r ' | > ^ n U i e r - . O , i t R.-Morton,'-Theodore H. Schmidt. fiir occupancy at-this time and Harry/ Brunt, Mrs. William. T. plng. The-Councllmen present were W. Edtwar Kelley, Herman—Gries. pleted before'next summer. :et by7tlio Couitot Appeals' Jury rated that he had been overcome Steele. Mrs. William J.-Hurd: decoC. O. Saai, T. J. Loughlln, Charles Uvill await all other alterations till Clyde Potts, engineer In charge following an appeal made, by fhe before he had an opportunity t o ! was ii rating, Mrs. O.Y.CoriwTlght, 'Mrs. Schaefer,' S.: D.. Love, 'E. D. Jen- IW. Edgar Kelley will be pianist of the erection"of "the mink sewer. i property.-Ownerii-.that the value- of_ perilTholDodyZo ! T •Melva-Saladln^Mrs._lie.ster_Cranej_ A—C—Brooks was-also _ln_attend-_ |-and-JHov.'ar(l_-E._jvelley will ptay U)ld~l1ie~StaTe-BoaTd-thai-it-would i l t J lessened 5 a c r eslionETTRe s woiild^" " materially boy was found clow, by, as It 1>& Other plans made at the busy in'.ngs, I). L. Martin: 'Mayor-elect the trombone. be six or eight months before the be disposal plant be erected had made an .attempt Ao drag n>e meeting were arrangements for the lance with J. J. Hoffman, clerk. Uto aireaiiiy ut-t-a v,.....^« — disposal plant can lie completed. in'd that the Joint -Meetingthereon, °' S 7 a - m e eT th io no fgf l . foi- the furnishing ot the home. fifth anniversary ot the auxiliary should body of the iiiaV-a*ay from the ^ Woodmen s tirU--- » tady Foresters at The order to cease pollution of pay 579.000 for the property In escaping gas. The body of theh e M N on February 14. n public turkey Thwq will be gathered up by tlie the Rahway Itiver by sewagewas Woman Extinguishes Fire _ t'oy's mother -was found at the en\r;"wi bo " '•;il«l at the committee during the next few dinner on January. 14 at the iM 11Reception Last Night Issued by the State Board of Health pliice of $39,000 offered by the r iranco to. the coal bin. as thouRn By Using Garden Hose weeks. The "auxiliary; is "also as- ton Chapel; "and u joint Christmas t'4 definitely permit by offl- JblnTMeeting. A large delegation from Rah» andI net h had mad« an attempt to rc>s- Mrs. Mary The $25,000, sum cost ot tho sisting with the furnishing of the party with the post members at Inn tln> three municipalities PTPp.ini HI-IHIII i u r . . . . . . ^ • U rli. Mr*^ " iiu^ii" for«teg- .. -rin " i'ue both the bov-and-.-- — • Mooae Ho A serious lire uui> ine evented way—ciruicr i-»w. A^. .- . -Nk'hola*mentlonetl. or any otnersrito-aunip ning, TJecemlier IS." The commit- the home of Mrs. S. J. Boden, 9 attended acre, it was- reported as Bodlsi Found-Llfeleta__- illson the reception given Grand raw sewage into the stream, iwould average Comn-lly: cliaplaln. Mrs .'Harry [quarfers^is tee named to arrange for the annithe finding* /of yloseph IP.. (Day It was. evident when the bodies Scheuer: •Cay. Sanley place, Wednesday after Commander Mrs. Olive H.' Paris, of contrary to the order Issued Company. New York City, apinniT sontlnel. Mrs. were found.' both Wilier and The post passed a resolution of versary consists of: Mrs. 'Harry J. noon at 5 o'clock when Mrs. Boden Oliffside, and her staff by New be outer scntl- condolence the State board Attorney Arm- pralsors for the Meeting. ^.. Schrtvindlnger explained, that there 'Hoeft, chairman. Mrs. W. E. Dlthad the presence of mind to secure Brunswick Circle, No. S, last night. byrang on the death of Joseph s. ^ " ' . ^ ^ i ' ^ o n ' a u m i o r the Board . was no life left. After stopping iiol.airs. 1 erii.ir No Money for Site Walten, u former member of thercars. Miss Clara Chapin andi Mrs. a garden hose and put out the A supper followed the meeting. The informed U a ] Rahway contingent at the the How of ga». the fvo men waitAfter it was found that the disC. G. Pryor. blaze which had "started under the Delegation's from Perth Amboy and hearing consisted ot Attorney post; The members will attend ed for the arrival of the police ?S£S£? posal plant site would cos-t the Tteie ^ofllcer, wlU the The card party planned for to- floor near a fireplace. The fire Metuchen were also present. funeral Saturday afternoon and •Armstrong, tpuis Coudert. of the Lieutenant C. Fred Clos and Serwill give their ritual at the "Wal- night at the home of -President wa3 practically extinguished, when The local circle will, hold,a big firm _ of l.Bauer/ Kling & Coudert. meeting $23,000, i t ' was brought • Ream .WiUiam.iEtaaagan.:Ot the Ppv ten home' and also^at.the grave. Mrs.-'Charles T. Archer, 12-Pierce; Engine "Company' No. 1 responded. Christmas party-on December_12, consulting engineers: Councilman" out that the governing-body-nowto purchase It. Xo TO [The nost also voted to drape Its ^treet, has been postponed until George H. Gibson is the owner_ of with Mrs. Patrick -Murtha. chair- -Crt37-Saal.-Tepre3entat!ve -at -thelice: department, and- Chief Walter, charter for-3(> uays^lji memory—of nextThursdtty night at the same the house which* van only slightly man. A cardi party 1» also planned- (Kahway Valley Joint Meeting; deifinlte act/on was taken on this ~"M. Hitimon, AsslBtani 9 jThe program will alscrlncludevocal |The-nieii-of--the-assoclation_w:ill noon at 3:30~o*clocK Vocatro'tfal this ln-mind—the-eontrao books" have" not > as- yet been^ turned It-Vas reported that Henry have charge of the meeting, with Director Arthur L.-Perry wiir speak torWith" olos JyOlrs. JtobertE. Morse and Is- to "communicate" to the it- r»- nrp;ed "to make —-.-.---!__.. U -hi. " ' Alvlh The house 18 owned . iur «ti» w u T u n u u i u a . ...i... MootingIn writing at the Pert sea-^Tr " ' " -• *"•••— readilngs by I J o n e s , s e c r e t a r y , a n d MI Von i . . . — . iHaroict iirVriwv—. Comniander Alfred -A: Girouu Turner will entertain with "Bevefal both associations are urged to-be thin ett h l ' « l 330 Wo»t rilat (Continued on Page 3) present at the meeting. ary 1 In order to close the year presided with A.. D. Bow.les, ad- avenue, Is enjoying a -visit in At vocal solos. (Continued on P«Q« without a.iiy .debts which reveals jutant. - . ' . - . lantlc.Clty: .Safe Deposit *«I to the flourishing condition of the. orUBPOSH ,Bo»» BOXBO froni, u i " " T-Impresalre funeral servici--* tor a mother and her »iin. killed h.-r.. Turmlay nljshl by accidt-nlal l:>valAtloll of tllumlnatlns'itaa. »i-n!i.JJ at_Sl. Al»n'"» Catholic_C!iun h_ uiU morning, while fum-raj w r Tdr~a~Tn"anTT&o thinF"!*-r»u::



8TI1 ;


6th Prifb Chimes Clock

.; . "

The German -word^'strafniterSF

Iy means "to pnnlsh." During the World war thl* was Angllclwd Into "a'rafe." and ireant to punish or *• m*ffpOK hy snnflrp.

Attach the MEMORY OP PE&D Cash Balance of Meeting; Claims Presented Memorial Service Sunday


»ill br ji\rnr«lnl for till* ItrNt Kolutlun of thr ubovr pr ottlr

All-Electric Radio


Suggest City Raze Buildings As Requestedin Will; Arrahgementajfrmptete— — For-Benefit-BoxingShow^—

School Bank Day-Taeaday

TO fltvF BONUS Abraham Schlniiei." Tice-pri'sldont and General Manager of Kresge Department Store. Newark, announced today that a Christmas bonus would be distributed, this year as usual. The bonus announcement was made at a general meeting of all the co-workers held in the store this morning. Me. Sebastian S.Jvresge-and;the eiecutlve^ board of the store attended. , The basis for the bonus 1* the same as last year—a gesture on the; part-ofi-Jvresge Department Store Indicating optimism and confidence in the stability of business conditions. The total amount of 'the bonus Is considerably higher •this year than in 1929 becansmh'e present number, of fesular~~eTii-" s nf the-store Is higher by almost 300. Contributing.also to the larger total this year Is the fact that the bonus for the delivery dlvisiou was increased somewhat.


falirtllcy. g

you get a Christmas Club check this year—iust at tha time it DIDcamejnJiiarLdi^

year: Operators having i«>rfoct records for all ihree"l>onus periods of the yt-ur will IK; given given a a s|»Hat-bonu» s|»Hatbonu» ill IK of—t20i--iitadd!tlon-««-th«_ period. b bonuses.



CbuncilJDiscusseiJnlexnai System With Consulting

Widow, Son and Friend Perish Makirg Illcj Gas Pipe ConnecHon"




- ' h n l ev.'ry y iiuni. t«> h i * u w u tni.li'. W l i n t .we I K l . k n n w , Is a w . w —nii.t h o w [f t*. scrvli'i. ilu'in K I < ; l l T - i ' i . r lli:u'* >>ur biHln.*ss mill o u r |il.-:isnr.* u s w . ' l l !

! lU3L.lllgIlt




M.in In ant..: "Hi-y. you l'Qor sap, ilnn't yon know ynn gol "Im In wi> .inn1- KIU»W uTuT-h" nlnuit

T-T . •

Absorbing The Rahway N»w»-H»rald, the-suoc
CARD PARTY FRIDAY" The Daughters ot America _will hold, a public card party at the Jr. 0. U. A. M. Home, Seminary avenue, Friday evening at S o'clock'.

Following : ee ot the r nsep thai the* lit game foi a Rr!(Uroi| ; due i [ an open <1| tall game. \y Drake, •: i declared-' d lie glad I ne liigh sell |game couldj ow, and i bh Austin Irable for thj 1 his cohorts| tWestfield-( As most o j J are former j-game—wot nni contest: pbl-Ranibler | schedule a < ^.Sunday. bu|







. . . . . -


• - .



X I _ ....:...; ../.

• - • * ' j |






. "









about five Inches higher than the Complete.Report Made , unpayed -flection, the car rolled plained that 70 cents, of ©very dol-' preside at the me'etlng_next Wed- Freehold Man Hurt On Donation Day over. The accident was Investilar provided for In the federal bud- nesday In the absence ot Presi~When Car Rolls Over gated by Police Chlpt Mclntyre, get for the coming year, would bo dent iMIntel. Mr. Mlntel will be in-.Chicago attending the annual Lleuteh'ahT 'Clos, Patrolmen. Romspent for war expenses, past, presThe complete report of donation's Enthusla.tlc Audience at. Second of the International TVhen the automobile which he mel ami'Farber. made to Memorial Hospital during Former Professor Talks on "VVar" ent and future. Mr. Bedient was conference Christian Endeavor F4eld Secre- was driving: turned over several • Concert Automobiles driven by -fjharles 'Donation Day was ma-ie today4>y Introduced by Frank C. Hitchcock, At Rotary Meeting :' .' times In Woodbridge road, between Linmboe, 40 -West Seventh street, •Mrs. G. A. Brachhfusen and Mrs also as3oclatedi with Merck, andtaries' Union. ' East tflazelwod avenue and RanWyoming, Pa., and Andrew. Loyas, Bernard Engelman, members ol of conDevelopment of an individual Company. sponsored ALL READY FOR DANCE dolph avenue, shortly • before 11 180 Wesetifleia avenue, Clark Town- the committee. tft*nt!nued from Pag* Ori«) the peace conscience la the effective 'Herman Blumenthal and Donald o'clock yesterday morning. Tad- ship, collided at East iHazehvood Everything i s > ready for the Acordlng to the report the- fol means of preventing another-war, Barr,on, studenis^of: Rahway. High Chtlstmas -Charity- Danco to be dig. Faddlgs, 22 • years old, .99 avenue, and lEdgar Btreel, Wednes- lowing was; received byT;he-hos Eontu. or wnether h e will await 'Kht at the further payment* before h e con- lu: entertainers, "Thi actordinK to H. A. Bedient, former School, wero the student guests given In St. Mary's auditorium by Broad street, Frehold, received a day afternoon, Patrolman -Barton pltal: . Assorted fruits and' vege Quurleg ; Trio." w ,. r i . Miss professor of chemistry- In Cornell for the meeting. Theodore Becke.r Court Victory. 'Catholic. Daughters probable fracture of the skull and reported. The machines were dam- tables, 980 cans: 30 packages o" University and now associated •with mem'ber of the -Linden Club, was of America, Friday, December 2. a deep laceration In his forehead. aged but the occupants escaped In- fruits and vegetables: 2S8 package ' ' cnaiitis iironontod1 by contractom •'Irxlnla It was announced today by Miss He was treated at the Memorial jury. .,',!,, sower amounting to *11B.- MIKS Ma "'rila Q..arl,s,. violin. -Merck & Company, In a talk given also a guest. of assorted cereals and Hour; 9 " '-tlJicsilay noon before members Ji was announced by President V HaderT_iJialr.man.X)ILthe_com Jlnspltal by Dr. E. W. 'Lance and Oiurli-s l "" . ...,.1.1. .«>,>,»> ttr.nnn I-».,.. d f a 3 i _ packagesUL jKmnds-of-sugaiu—3i_ packageUL i m l t nr;—tflni) at the~noorr FfedCTtclrtr-Mintolthat-phras-are "gnmitted us a patuTirfc—^He^wair•Ffed' feni5ttfIfiB~*tetiirs~tIEITr mittee In cliarge. She 1H l>cin"K " " » Wi'i arr 21, 1!, aiul 17 Would MaEeTong Tr»il~ cheese and coffee; 141 packages o' Hiied-.over.aproximately 2.ri ««I'«'«)i>l>", l,avlr already Baii.nl. liinrlicon In t h e clubhouse of t h enearlng completion for the special slsted by the Misses Alma Calla- restlng comfortably today, the hos- It has been estlmnted that It miscellaneous food;_721 glasses o. luncheon program for December ghan. Ivoretta Keeshan, France pltalautliorlties stated. atnountB, were presented tfte an .•uvialik. n-puiatlon m muslc-nVi[.Woman's Club. and jellies, and $33.75 ii Faddigs' car went off the paved the annual earnings of the people pre9eires / MTT Il'i'illent, w h o flaw a c t i v e 17, when Judge Robert Carey, Jer- Murphy, Mary McCartney, Flornt; last nl«Jj»- They .were" •Irclcs lor their »klu ot the people of the United States cash. sey City, wll be the speaker. portion of the road when he at«»I....,I . . . . . . " .• ' I phhln» fnr ence McCue, Regina McfMahon were In oni*-dollar bills and pasted ri»-\vrn ¥ ~iir" TfiuIItie Payee; UlaTian—Iveston t^mnt«
NEED $150,000 MORE






Missionary Says Effort I» ing Made to Aroute Ignorant^ ~


7~PelplnR.—A. deliberate effort t« arouse the feelings o{ ignorant Chinese against foreign., residents, similar to enorta efforts vi. of the samo sort i"= -———-ri l t tlortothe Boxer uprismnm Ju .y prioriOhe_Bgerupri^ Ing in 1900, is reporwU U> — ~



• - 'Xhe-JDluMouuii'.-Avi'UiJS^,—


Following i ee ot the Rl

hat the! |jfit game foq a [an open dg ^ all-game ; declared vj (Id-be-glad he liigh sch J Rame could.j

(row, and ch Austin prable' for th3 hi.t-cohorts?; I Westfield As most o9, . are forme™ game wou nl-eontest. *i lool-Rambler j •schedule a i i last-night I' •.strong Wood] he school ' game • becaij rar players" for^ilie t &y played s: 1 i and Zuman, ck backs, ha all week (red against ay. Thes plat both lunged eily Parker "i i and •crashel ey were pain^j {in shape for]| pnter. iVoodbrldKe—f [led their annu several wee Successful pral tplaatlc Assocf [ use of co-opQJ i Rahway tea«' opted to sched prow with We' er Class A fwas unsucxes.;

ambler Qu'i JBy _ the Rambler Ji -a 46 to 14 s C ofElizabe! irt in a onesio] ' 3U for the i. I.the openinK fi .1 Drake aaqj forwards. v.-t •ahlMo-breaii . rser—Tlie> ;j nulws' points.! Ted for the I nnints. rpsri score: e: . MIJX)i (mi. f nt, t . h?hinan. K B.C

Kill. |t



Old Indu.try the plain pf Joj [the Knights Ttj n-by-tlie-Crusad ported to liave I out of the s i The old tuUq f rn figatlon systems | teriorate, and ere now.

Jean Darlta?,o£ Our R-K-0 Rahway Thenier tomorrow and Sunday as anadded attraction tn~coni»ncticn_.with the rcgular^rjicUjrc^pjragrarn. _

I ciniiilvm of the legislative bodicK 1 f | ii,.. iiiunic!palitte«:ln^thp~proI l^-l. »a.i attended' by such reprt. I ttiiiaiI''1** °f niont of the communi-

number of well to do persons in a' n6rth__Honnn county have been murdere'd recently, and some ot -thelr-vltaL-prgnns removed, an of« fonsepartlcnlarljrqbJlcHoBabVe^to fonse-partlcnlarljr-qbJlcHoBabVe^to Chinese, who bellev~e" It "interferes with tlie tontentment ot the dead person_ln_tlic__spirlt_ world. The story has been spread~ln each ease that foreigners have paid jangst«rs to murder these people and set their organs, which the Chinese believe forelgneis use for medr icine."• Tlie.stqry has appeared in several districts at the same time, and seems to be a co-ordinated atuptoBUrupaxl-tempt-by-«oine-gtoup_to_BUr_u taliOn against forei£ners^__ AtrociUBtR«ported. ——^AtrociUBt_R«ported. Many instances of the sifie~aort of atrocities have b«n reported from Hnnan and Klnngel prorInces, where Communist armies are s«iTenind-it is btlleved-lllieljLjttatl Communist "missionary" has penta~HoTianr~nnd~ls~at~-won


Honan has suffered immeasurably

during the last few months from Blue Triangle Club REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS . raids in which thousands Ltlfiheran Sunday School j ""Mr. iiiul Mr?. Harry Gordon and Hear Talk by H. S. Menbandit were killed or carried off for ran: z Officers Are Elected [Others to MaryM. Punly. properly som, this is the first hint that the





SOCIAL CLUB TO MEET ; T«--!;iv-lour persons trprr fTi-^ |»:t a. ihV card jarty'ht'M.liy th-



- fr '

A rayon
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__mu..,.TBi!w«,r. P^ih"':. J. j ,




The Finest oliome6ift Our Christmas Sales mean great economy to you whether you buy a kitchen cabinet or a living room suite* Furniture of aUkm^ hppnfitiernr lower priced than you find it here now. And our special

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t" »" »"• I ! MH-If would



S A K S - 3 4 STREET -A-^r

B-R-CftD \V_A-_

For Christmas! The smart Club U y i _4s_a_mar_l_oJLJl___

in« in lovely pasM shades, priced 7.93.

ricli ajjijeal-«lltce"

French . finish ettpe,



FUUd »lip-of Fwath finish erep», Aleneon type Jat», prie«d " 5 -

•m "~f\~i\rtvflf |iiV«

Christmas !~A^3 pieeerluxunously-new-and beautiful livine room set of tine construction ami lovely iiionair-ana _4--—

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tneze'covering, uuie me siyuau UULIUH ui^v."»",

•• ~»

supreme comfort and style are __.-y.aucS-i.s_a_l_!,ghoice '


S*Un-n«cUf**, trimmed with manboa or oslrich. DeliffcUally f e m i n i n e . Pastel

Miliiary Tra«» n «

•hades, ».'

^ -FOT firli

For Christmas! A lovely new -table~to~vanquish a dreary spot or a chair and lamp.

t's hard to find a gift that gives ..more than this lovely telephone


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I Fbst llluatrated Book Is Found in England



London.-;-One of the heads oFa I flrmof English booksellers-has re-


trated book ever printed In'England. It Is the Machllnla, "Book of Hours,",and la stated to-bo worth $100,000.' WiUlam'De Machllinttwas Ion-, don's- first printer to use wood, blockf for lUnstratloai" and . thll | volume was Issued from hli xecimd I printing press near: Fleet bridge in | -tae-aldaiel.Oti,tlle,lfifteenth cen-

l.sweaur:, J


For^Christmas'.—A" spinet-desk—I of great character and great usefulness; in walnut and other fine cabinet woods; for as little as


-A striped •• iw««t«r »ndb«ret-good{or Chh rW W »:a sd» a 4 « eillimt for.scMo

ret, »iU«ns.;

' . Scarf, UlMttit^, i Z ' S i f f i ^ i .

designed and mide for Petite $«es i i - n ' - is - 1 7

We hurried it througnn-Hmh
I of Honnn.'.htve'.'been-.fonnd-lrom time to time 1Q the bindings of'old J books,Kno one. ever suspected^It 1 was lllnstrated. The rolume consists of 100 velrrjm pages'and-Ws illustrations portraylnB the:meeting of the Virgin and Elisabeth, the holy family at'Bethlehem, the presentation at the temple, the trotship or tne ungi, ™-uiu«»..» . , the Innocents,1 the shepherds, .the

Phone 7-O90O

Caiamitv If ii.n:..rr«iw I •.la.til.l 1" 'af..[t:.i-! "r«. tli-i lwi<

» ::..- «r*clal p r i i c . whlli- tr.- M .,,,,.. .•.--r.-r. at r a r d i w e r » : l i r a . Hirry .'„,,",, Sr=i:. M M . •Ampfc»*"F»*an«. Mri . , nr»::.-. S m i t h . M r » . Cha_rl<-» <>" ) l J " ' r-7. Mr.. K o r c e . SIls* rar.i S r a m a n . D . W .


Rayon makes excelltnt. ^everyday taderwear— ^ enpecially when .~Uce .A trimmed. Chmis*,

TnTlhTTffauimeErK»p this way.to develop a large class o£ skilled labor ami administrative personnel lor th* growing Soviet economy.— ._


l i^prrs|-.


Moscow, T7. S. S. K,—tTnder"nir | amended law on military service, i thousands of young men will serve thotr tprms In Soviet Industrial I enterprises, comBining lUUUBLrlal•with military tralalne. Men assigned to this militaryIndustrial -

^\^Z"J a

I •* -i >. ira. T>.r "tl'iYraied" w a * i wpH-known ami i .,.,_......_..... a » a m e m b e r of ih<* Mr. JuSn-i:: ar.il Mr. rr:i->tl.--y.. fc»;»-i Truth Afwoclallon and often 1 t i i ! u . : v , l utrert n H ^ l l n p i In i h l - •.hi bl'.-r ri'-u ln-.:;^ S:a*.v AlH'.-rI.'.I. l l - l.i i u r v i v c < l by a K I J O O . i.-.ir.:r.i;.vi:. UM":r«-r. *i!l .itl'-nil a | ir>- K :V:"U M o f f e l l ; o n * nan: C'ln lei »• MollMt. o f 5 4 - K v j i a * Atri-«-!. p . r i w ' - . - I i . . . . . . . . . ;i:.< ri:«: o n e d a u g h t e r . Mr*.'May ja'.i i-rf^-'.-!.--. -•-. ri-.ari'-s and K e y p o r l : o n e grand(on. \fiw.* .>Si'v.-- ia t!u- northern

^p gown of French ish crepe — « stitch hand m



•;t --',-n.lr, life. «.* ill at,^],;:./^

frodt. 155.

£F. W. Huggins

h"Z --.

i: ?':3O t o m o r r o *

ji^' MMR.-1(. who w a s a natlv.. of

ilUc pintiw



CEORGE H. MOFFETT DIES TL.- (inrral repriefS for Oeorfe TfTiISft 'tr" 1- yt*ar»-oldr-of-5(>-I«i Fellows-Hall. :.-'r. ,'-. W. J. Carn-. Fr«! Kns-:l. l 0 -^_l^S_We«t>llltonavfna<- II. j U ' ' i - v.•--••••• i:w—i. \V

t r i c a t d with Alencon Ijpe laet, 1 St.

in or Bulova

program *a.< i-iuiiposnL of wi-11SnriKn--c6iitt-"ri V7;K-ri!iiiVH by .('•••tlioVL-n, Krfi.-.lt-r. McDowrti. •»»kl, Cnunfid; .Mcii.l-l-Milin.

P. O. S. OF A. PLAN DANCE =+'nrtr,=r-j-is"!i=f->?:::5=^>"j!ii-:f"tr511rr: wlilcli -.hey will Iiolil on >Y,day i-v. • r;ini:,.K,-:iru.ir>" ^'". \v>-rv it:;td»- at a rn>-«-'!i^ .if Wa-!i!!!;;if!:i Camp. NoIT-, t^i'.rlr^ir "r'i'T Snt;« uf Atli'T-



, .,' ,' ';','£

<"ouncll prwicnl I* ioi](-fr:.i -A'lnrh ar« ar[•man. (J. O- Saal. Rahwuy'i riiu-'il Ihruasli tl.'- N:::i»nal Mili.iituitvo on the Joint &li*t .-isu-.' Mlis l.-ah-l Scull <-iiy Attorner David Arm- chalriiiau". art- V.x"".'-!]:: j)y wurtli«a» also present. wlill- :itul brlus :>.i »'ir ••".'iiuiunliy •n a.ikod if he could (peak. ill way as to whether or not y B v would be favorable toward l.lillonal appropriation. Mr. . o r t ! w M-Jinvl ,.tiiliir--ii in rrui afIi;P x plained he could, not np«ik •U t i l Li:/ f-ir Hi" l.wii-:!' uf offlrlsl capacity for thr f. all . >,w h o ar,* iiit•-r»_— r•-*!. l)O
Rayon tat Cr«p«

-—. . I in. Meadow avenue, 4G5 feet from Tlie Blue Triangle Club o£ theCommunists of south China may Y. M. C. A. was -addressed by El- have comernorthward. Henry Hackmann was chosen mer Zuman, star backfleld.'player ^ superintendent of tlje Suiulay I -Sir. and Mr^. Alfred may *jumnu» The bandits of Honan, unlike -sciipgLoLZiflJLjy'r.lK-raii riuiivh at-^-fp- Urliau' ('. Powers lots 029 and -thosrtrf-Hnnan-ana-Kiangsl^Jojust a Juseting held _at tae cnurcli \a»\; m an of ~" ' team., and Paul Howard. presWet profess Communistic leanings. They «f the General Organization at the are straightforward^ robbers, who ...Tueaday night.-- Olhtr officers' Township. Krank II. Trusslfi'-to -Willia'm Ji- high school, at its "meetinK" Tues- claim no other purpose than to obwero°uhoseh as" 'follows ^'-Assistant . sutfejjntemlent, Krcd Shultz; treas- Tandy, property in Trui-'.Mer place, day ni.cht. Members of the Hi-V tain aa-mnch.loot as possible. nue Jacob "Tins* 'to Shnel'er A: AIc-who served were Ttonald Gibbons, rial rank in Honan at present Trho retary, iliss Marie Lunger; libraKoss O. Fowler, Jr., Henr7»Herold have a considerable following and Clam, property in Haydock street, rian,-Miss Ellzalipth Uiunliar'ili: pianiSt, Miss Charlotte Sdilier; opposite auiiilu. angles from point and "Warwick Fehon. The Blue have established Independent govin -Hnyclock street which is ~"~""'Triangle Eirls reciprocate* We* ernments of their own in isolated •niannl l l R h t b y s e r T J n g a t t h e H i - dlstrV:tsr"But~lheSe~men—seem-to £Ct_Iro'm_Ma" Activities;—.planned ^ Kdwaril F. Y Club supper. Those -who served believe scrionsly that they mar be a W S: : ;he : ~ cer§ 2nd teachers of thp u I£"° , (jeWosethcr" " - T!.o' kwood. prop'ert'v'in'pricc street, Wednesday night were the =Misses able to establish a new Chines* — c h t t ^ h . tonight; consresatonal I ,1G6,;. f ' f ^ -,ol . l v e n u e . • Claudia Heed,.Ruth Atkinson and dynasty, and are not-robbing in the I Natalie Doty. ordinary sense of the word. Mother Earth Mapped meertlig of iMcn's Club- rJoceinbcr The Blue- Triangle drib •will give Woman Bandit Chttf. 17 aCtlte hoine o£ William 11. Coa- Tlie shapes mid-contours of "the I a tea for the mothers of its memTlie "inost plcturesqns robber radi -fiS West Hazelwood avi'tiue; continents and of ".the separate bers- on TDecemDer~lS with^Mtss- chieftain in Honan at present is a entfcttainment Thursday. OIHOIU- countries have l>cen dotcrmincchby irhyllis Reed as chairman of the woman, tie "Widow Chang." who ^Lar'^^jit_s_ ji. ,m.. with Miss Hon- •can>f.ul_ s-uxviH-. _ The govern- Uftniniittee_on arrangements. " The 7 t l e e Tie(til©icrs. -Mrs." (rT-Bwii.C-Sliss: nients oC nil. the p~nncipaT~iiattonr club will -meet again "on December year, and daring the last few BchJiermariu and Froil Sclmltz in have iinilertnlieii surveys based on 16. Those present. Tuesday night weeks has invaded the district near eiact~triangulation and hare pub- were: The Misses Enid Settle, charge. lLlhwl__niSps_showlns their results. •Doris Remer. Jennie l.ulcs, Ruth the ancient city of Loyang and set 'Dean, A~nsa-Glrvanr~Doris-Slamm, Tip irgoveramentot-herownJn_th« Jessie AVcntz. Claudia Reed, Ra- town of Iiungmeo. The "Widow Chang" Is said to mona Xovotny, Isabel Semple Grace-eKttner. Virginia Aszman. have been driven mad by the mu> Dorothy Graeme. Natalie Doty, with der of her.husband and children by -bandUg abont a year. ago. Sha -Mrs. -Alfred -C. Brooksriadyiser. "'lml«'rnrr6W their "fairn»^rom"bandits, ond^ n-o vwi enough for the doctor bill. -*-lqnTy ffny fentirely Ai-p Authorized Distributors i j u r e n TlctorloTis. , ^* ..—^, The A good squeeze like that is -wonu battle lasted lor two days and sev%'^r Judge Hnll said. \_ eral hnnded -were killed. The Widow Chang Is t sort of Rains Check Forest Fires. female Hobin Hood, who rapidly JlaOison, Wis.—Fire hazard in enlists the support of poor people •" Jewler and Optometrist forest districts is at Its lowest point In districts where her band remains. this year on account of heavy fall She robs the rich-to pay the poor, :: 16 Cherry Street Phone 7-2260 rains, Chief Forest Fire Warden and Is generally more gentle in hef methods than other ehleftains. KaVred G. Wilson has announced. cently, however, she has allied with another bandit chieftain and seems to be on A par with the others at present with cruelty.

lenerous Applause World Must Develop Givei^Quarles Trio Individual "Peace Mind"

Cedar Lined Chest. Just what she wanted ""wanted . ~~ ———


For ChristmaBl-That up-to,the-mmute dining set >ou w wanted is waiting for you; full 10-piece set including buffetand handsome china cabinet, and chair seats - -. - • • •

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l in th ™ aquamarine-

Ing because these flrsfcUne dritw-tloh-frpm which.all_picture repro-diietlongrJiflVe-thelr—ctigln I t , Is. thought that the book may go to imertcn. • '


practleal ««t.for_«

__An; "ornltlionter_ls a iorarqf"alr- | craft>heavler!,than:alr, derlvlnglts• , chlet support and propelling- force | •"• tcpni flapping Jflpgs, • r _.




SftK».34^Ti«n..JUN.6RSHOP..THlR0 FLOOR

._. •" r y'l^.r.-•* I*1"






> • ' " ^ y ^ ? ^ ~ ' A * ;.\**>v.
















. '


-.DECEMBER 5,1930

The Little Blonde of "Oiir Gaag Kids 11


R.K.O. RAHWAY ^theatre

Sat. and Sun.

fort [Betwel

Hi-Y Club Club to to Hol Hold_ • !Hi-Y 1NE aGLTHtlcOJm___!__l:sppond l - Annua Tlqrtrf* ; t-Mu-

Westfield c | . As most oUi

nnl^contestr" lopmajnbler? fschedule a.c3 Sunday, hii i last-night II |strong Wood| he school ganie becai] jeral players for^Uie teS L ancrZuman.U

*ck ba'cks, 1 all week '• [red against U ay. Thes plaj • both lungs ' dy Pirker i and crasheifi ey were painia _fa


AlP ~r;Brar.d Price a year ago, i i ^ c - t n a i i i j i ; m ^.1.^—w-

GOLDEN BANTAM OR CROSBY r ^ \ l > ! ^ H ^ W K f i ^ a Erond •&> cans~3Sr3J*>-Price a_ys.ar.qgo,.a for 30c. Charge in price—5c QUICK OR REGULAR ' .

QUAKER OATS';3p^25C' -Prke_a year ago, 3 for 30c. Chonge—5c


8 cakes 2 5 C

Ericela_year_qgo,_8__for 3 6c. Clionyejiijjfk-e

Voodbridge ill |leti\_their—annul] jy several we fuccessful.pr Ic Assotf

jug 2 2gC ju


By El


the Rambler A] (a -16 to M | ( C o l Elizabe, . in a-oiie-sitf It waB the son for the Ili the. opening f,' Drake and] d ^ ; able to hrealj hey nblars' points.j rred for the-'Al

iFi ' -,

OVEN-BAKED B J E A P I S " ^ ccr.s . r

^ r | c e 0 year ago, 3 f o 25c. Chcnge .in price—5c jtr-rlir, ^pHi-jrim', ,Hf.i;rJAiig| ovpn-br:kecl pven-bcked v.'iih with po:« cork cna icrr.cia Jar-rl^^ auce...Buy a dozen cans pt this specie! lev/ price!


_HES_ 3 Picnic Size *e? caris «=J* *

he score:

Ml IX))'

A Few o f Our Low Regular Prices .GRANDMOTHER'S- '

'STANDAflr20-dZ;"tOAF -

Price a year ago, 8c. Change in price—IC

• l ^ » » »


' ^ = . ^ » ^ •—-•— —

Hir. Fosdick POPS lhe w;ty uul In f..n,i.>...r.n
Top or Bottom

— - -.—


j?ed Circle Coffee^ "Ib;. Price a year ago, 33c. Change in price—4c

Bokar Coffee J,..:«,,«„ 35c Price a year ago, 39c. Change in price—4c

-Illy Mjliuul in the next-. at--tlie-(apensB_oiJlie_federa^ government, a more advanced trainlnIs given. —'I'ti^-rVnn-^d'in "''i'^rfn now Tielnj educated In Vnlted- Stntos schools represent those W1H> nre physically and. mentally "able to receive—learning." Aii~effort Is beins made to enroll the remainder, about 9,000, who -are- either- married, ill, or defective.

Fancy Roasting Chickens Q Q 3 i-2 lb av, pound U U 5 pound average UU pound JERSEY CUT RSEY CU



Fresh Spinach


Price a year ago, 3 for 03c. No change TUNE IN every week day morning on A&P's new rnrfio nroarom,"Our Daily Food." Hear timely facts about your food, your home, your heaitn, your

money. WJZ, 8:45 A.M.—WEAF, 9:45 A . M .

EASTERN oivisiora

m l i S H i Crbbd^J ^ Y e r t i s e



* '



latholic Daughters -Z—AidTHTHelief Wotk

—* - * J * * * * *

n i


/ * n i l t " # i n * ~*~TTVTfl»-


Round Table Disci^sion P d b P ^ A ^ F

3 1-2 lb av., pound

Fresh or Smoked



figs Feet


Meat or Links, lb

3 lbs

3 lbs


Aunt Jemima's in one-fourth pound Prints, pound

tall Van cans CampV Green Circle Brand

€o#ee7ibr ,doz.


Still on Wheel."Confiscated Greeley, Colo.-AA. still ore -wheelsts, the newest phase of.hootlosglns In northern Colorado. Joe Gonziiles was arrested ns proprietor- ot_ automobile in whicli was Installed a Wll "M'

. will be staged in the

Tomatoes^ solid pack 3

F^ancy Golden Bantam

Palm Olive^ Sqap 3

compared to only 1,073,011 kilos 1^3033. valued at approximately^ contos. "~~ ^ : ~^ " The opening of a Corn Products Refining company plant In tho state "of Sao Paulo offers that stnto, a new outlet for Its Wheat '\vhlch now totals about 20.000,000 Backsof 60 kilos each. The corn products_plant lia3_ajJaiiy_capjiclt

or TOP SIRLOIN Price last year, 3 9 c

Golden West

Proclamation for Day Ijs . Issued by Governor^: =—MorganJEJLarjt

Mnley Ketch. Special mention-of ins annlrmary will be made durliilnlstero.oni lajrmcii can bujound '"K the inoririni; .service. '.. International Bible "SJQiday will A comprehensive, program that itluit looks ut tho church lite of a Mr. Keech took "orV.ihe p a * will*meet teh ever Increasing and be observed - in many*, of tS? churches in this city, a'pj) Tlclnfty b of tUeryouth In ity (tToh> a_matorial._vli.y.poin>d for a future date, according Communion. f Bibles, crsanlliilon held at the Dm « « • rradtut-'l friim t!i» j.-'in'lnary in to a telegram received last night Second Presbyterian, Main street, corner of New Brunswick ave- at 7:30;. the Christian Endeavor [in the home of Mrs. jL - •- Maget, Testaments and portions^ In cldee from the convention city by FredV' will meet'Friday .night at 7, while JIUS—The Rev. Jiames-W: Laurie: 9:45 a. m. Sunday school; 11 a. m., to 200 languages, has bsen spon7 104 Montgomery ;street. ;'iK of tho group thin winter, d:- If''.':.. .if:-r ahii-h h - ! w ; u : t pastor f-r:ik L. Mintel, of this city, execiK soring Universal Bible* Sunday ; sermon ami family communion service: 3:30 p. m., Junior Christian Eri- the fellowship meeting, led by Miss tlv,' secretary of Iho New Jersey i_deavor;,s7-p,jn.,_Senior-lntermedlate Christian "Endeavor;_7x46,,p. m., N'ellle S. Cocbran, will be held Friover a period .otyears. Thousanijs C!OKP<1 an. iionest; ftvoljns amr.tr '• day night at ,8. Christian Endeavor -Union.- - -Mr. illustrated sermon, '"Pride and Prejudice a t the Supper Table."_ of churches throughout tlje United Wolves Force Ontario States as well as many, .Christian (!ie meraberB that the Pedprjii^r. j Robert A. Coan, teacher in Railchurches join in this moveSheep Hetders to Quit tuU4tl « o „abroad ,„ way High School, will teach the IM .-procedure tu :iiMontreal.—Wolf packs are terror-^ jnent_wlilch_ j r a s conceived and Men's "Bible Class of Trinity 'M. is • farmers and settlers in the promoted to emphasize e m p h a e tfie essen"E. Church Sunday morning a t jzins f':mte a wider circle of svrvkv. -.-r •"• — •• Malposition the-'6D)le occuposition -which, -which the9:45. Other appointments of thevlcinity ot Stanhope township, Hall- tial pies in the-, spiritual lit* ot men T>I^ in thn snirltual iMeitfbers oC Court.. [Victory, >-hnri.1i .Im-lnr- ilin weelr are asburton, Ont. ifllcers of the group Plan fnr Turkey Dinner Wednesday a n d w o m e w , — ; ! • - '• •"•''So seriously have the w h'63 Catholic (Daughters of America, follcfws: Girls' basketball team. L.IH ••_'<• 1 wliich- will he held prior to the • Night In indorsing Uaiversar^Jble.Sun.rts 1..: j srheduled sessions. Heine men and bfwt they caTi. » '"TlKIII. iioininatlons of. the entire country Wednesday night, the following of- itlon. It was announced today by 8 p. m.; Monthly business meeting, men were employed in this way, bnt are-now the foundation oQiis nope .•: th-.11 am!. Canada. ficers were elected* a t the annual Mrs. Peter L. Manaban, chairman Ladles' Aid Society, Thursday continnul attacks by marauders for the spiritual and material betj>Ua for c o m p i l e re-or);3nittt'.u-.n ' : n "j,i,.' avt-u of • •> To Plan Anniversary afternoon a t 2:30 p. m. at thesradudlly; decreased tlie flocks un- terment ot mankind. parish meeting of the Church of ot the work for the lodge. frantic farmers sold on.", the re •is:, the In addition to discussion of new the Holy Comforter held Wednes"I, therefore, heartily" indorse of the sroup Is now under a j v 'Miss Clementine Andelfinger is church; choir at the church Thurs- til i'i''"h''i'-.' •e ih-7,- standards to meet present day day night in. the chin-cE: Warden. representing t h e court in tho city day at 7:30 p. m., and 'Friday. nniiiuler to. prevent, further loss. any movement which h i s for its ' So numerous and daring are the goal the encouragement' pt Scrip:li.r...;ii, needs of youth,'.delegates to theE. E. Coiigleton; vestrymen, Sam- unemployment committee started a Men's Bible Class to serve an oysWfci-thcr or not any form 0! orr.i::! i '"> '>-TV'\-' '•::i ;i, : i : and innual conference will also devote uel D.Ljve. John A. Moore. Fred few weeks ago' under the direction ter supper at the church from 6 to inti'Uders that children who .used tural study anil the. bringing of ? l-.-iv.eir wily • _- „ ration will b » a mi l<. ..! ! !li» 1:o. ii:pp'-th ! ome time to plans for the Golden" L. Green; delegates to diocesan of: Paris R. Fonnan. iKiyly to make their way across tbe the " " " ' ="—^ S p. m. to~ men s lives into harmony Avith Uie Jields t«i sclio'il are are now now driven driven to l-lllv..'" of the Christian En- VonTentrmr'William--G:-- 'Martin . Full and hearty" co-operation-; of • motnr • - truths thu» revealed.' " rhoT»*:•'•• matter of conyerturr. I'-sr | •flie" il'inr-rhj: Hieif parents. in [clwivor inovtTiicnl iiext year. Mathew Armstrong, Alfred Castor; 2,000 subordinate courts and _200,-. Teachers and'oflicers-of tlio SUIK I T l u ' "'"standlne event in the.alternates.- 'Herbert T . Smith. Jo- 000 members of the Catholic 'day school of the Church- of the viirs or buircies. Stanliope res! »::!iin tin |..ir;ihi'= ' tir.not b« proven until inj.^jiwsviy |!:-:i rfiobration of tho anniversary will seph 'Marscn. JoTnrJr'iiDTton—Revr -Daughie^s-Cf_-America-lhxoughgul.|jH.Qly Comforter will hold a card cents will attempt, to organize a ... CoWen Anniversary Convention Robert "VV. Ellialt presided. The the United States, to-help secure | party next Friday night at tne home liunt. 1.1 lii'. held, in San Francisco, July vestry will meet for organisation relief in the existing unemploy- of AV. G. Martin'. 13C Bryanrstreer: 11 to 16. l!t:il. J p l a n s a r e already next Thursday. ment situation in the nation, has The vestry of the church will met', Woman ^^... first" round table c(S)iference U U 1 1 1 U Centenarian Has l o-The under way,Tl'was~"expraiiied today. been pledged toy Miss Mary C. next Thursday at S p. m., at which ... . ¥?i" . • t High School Parent-Teacher ,hy Mr. Mintel for t h e New Jersey cupllcation of effort. • If the-- ; Duffy of Newark, Supreme Regent plans for the comihg"_yeiir will he N o t M i s s e d a n E j e c t i o n Association will be held Jionday iu .lohn Hilbert. son of Mr. am of the Catholic Daughters' order, discussed. ,. j,iml N'o.n- York delegates to make Caledonia, Minn.—One hundred the high school auditorium- at 3:30. ';'.. jth(..trip to-Calitomia in'one party Mrs. William II. Hilbert. 13 Wesi to Dr. Lillian Gilhreth, chairman of «r!y ettorf. mlKht bp bbtalsvSuperintendent of SchoWs' •'Will- • '•' The First Baptist Church was friends celebrated the one bun iam F. Little will discuss J h e high mnr't,~t under the direction of Mr. Mintel. Seams street, is recovering from President 'Herbert Hoover's "Emeru:i'. ( M th' __t'n.cyinh B^comMnatloa of i*.i <• liredfh "ulitliday dinner of Mrs. Carl IA special tour ot places of interest an attack of scarlet fever. represented Sunday at the church gency Committee for. Unemployschool curriculum and value of dIP ment.. The support of 1 the • officers officers' clinic, conducted .at N'ew- Thlinmish with her here recenily. branches as they* contribute lily, plan, to onroute" is la-inf arranged. !l.v of Ef'te (roups la ncime ipirtK-ul. Durln: the birthday dinner Mrs. ferent Another feature of the 50th an- of the Christian. Endeavor move- and members of tltc Catholic 1 ark by Kev. Frederick A.- Agar, [0 pupil's training. PirrtnUj afo ; ment. February 2. 1SS1, will be obThlmmNh annomiceil' that she bad .M.-D.-.Those attending were: Geo. !>>"•! iiiwrsary of the founding of t h e "liu.-t Daughters of America, was assured Hi'.- > to come 'prepa^jli_to_asJs ; •il.jrchej.- Tb*ro is not j-viiun. vufiiis situ-e ihe.pas- requostel ---, j nK'v«n«!t-whlch will receive-coii- -*erv«l—during that week.^ Each by Miss. Duffy,4n~fesponsg~to the H. Harvey, George L. Reed. Judge nuestlons or bring theriv', written rVV -—r?:itrrnt lt>n—at—tlit>—(.~lilca BO—confer^ churcb_of_thc_ various denomina request o n D f r Gillfreth—that~the- "FayettiF—N—Talle>-^Ged rrllc!.iu> s r ThiiWfvk. planned for tho last Sunday programs arranged by the sepa unemployment problem confronting Howard. S . H. >Ierriam. Charles In vi»ie fof mmiy .vi^tr*—to come. gift 'in. January to the flrstTSunday ill rate churches. Suggestions for th almost every city and State in the Xordmeyer, A. R. Sh.ot.wcll, K. O She bus lived In Caledonia since Ctassifiod Ads Pay celebration" -will be given 1>y th vhUh cliim »» thrtr av«»-t«l Schoetfter, Mrs. T. J. .Adams. : February of next year. country. I The exact date of tho founding union, however. ««>Tanc
IIP. ll


. Itio Janeiro.—'Wheat production I_ln-J3rji7.iljs incrensins rapidly, otticlal statistics revcai.----In 1920 Brazil exported 21^07,223 ldtH^WOcontoSas


Three E£iirh_of service M pastor Frederick L. Mintel Will Attend Chicago Meet'* Flrnt ing Next Week celebrated Sunday byt h e B e v .

jGhttrch Folk!



in brazil Increases


Price last year, 29c

^*mt% ilurphy. tttke the We plte tho tnjurlfl "fork tlnivertlt; of



Wheat Production MfcAtti




Whole, pound

constitute the.first step In tho.edu cation of the Indian child. lioard-

Price a year ago, 19c. Change in price—4c




•\Vasl1in5tnn.—With tlie opening of school this year 71.000 Indian children throughout tlie United States enrolled £or elassos. Of this number, 35,000 are In public schools, tlie remainder being '-educated nt sovernment schools located on the various reservations, and at missions and private institutions in the country. Approximately 5.G0O children are living at their homes nnd attendin? government (Uiy^sclfools^oirthe reservations. The«e stliools—are" " ' 1—nnd lafselTforsmtilleraliild

Price a year ago, 4 for 28c. Change in price.—3c



Legs of Spring


n. f . . . kc t . . .

Old Induit tbejilain qfJotj |"tlie ~" "_""' by the Crusn ported to liiivel out of the SB The old niHlf lini,' but uud* flsaJtIou_systenis | ferlorate, and ere now.

__«. ..^nnlJMil nnnnrtliniitefl.

Phone Calls Receive the Same Careful Attention «• thouf h You Called iaPerton

The lowest or Half . . in_years. • ' Skinned cr.:_-.J Back. R.^b Whole 'U/hn1« or

71,000 Iridrsn Children— Being Educated by U. S.


or Whole Whedf tin 4* ' Price

You housewives who know values WiU appreciate these

man relationships."

Buller, Cheese

liti-H. f •. i r - 1 . . . Avoy. K IllWL'fc . «lirtll(>y, s otAlf).


7--0914 and 7-0915

WHson^ertified H A M S , 4 b

Price a.year ago, 2 tor 38c. (.nonge I.I pi ice, I O L UNEEDA BAKERS




Again We Greet You \\fahatestof Super-Specials for the Week-End

In tl*ip**'T of | n i - :


Will Celebrate Anniversary Sunday Morning

To Discuss Yoiith •"

The Queen Esther Circle oj Trinity Methodist ©hurclr has' been organized wdtb Miss Irene Forman, adviser. The officers elected are: President, "Miss; Helen Carlson; vice-president, Mis* Miss ButljJttWi}. Rutli Atkin TheKev.M..lb.Andarie S e. pastor vice-president, •'•'.*•' -BAPtlST TheRev..M..li. Andariese, pa son; secretary, "Miss Marion "Wil Flrat Baptist, Elm ivtnut, corner of-Erterbrook avenue—The Bavi of First 11. E. Church, will give-an son; corretpondinR seqretarjs.'Xllsa Flnley Keech: 9:+5 a. m., Sundajr school; I t a,' m., sermon, ilustrated lecture on "Jerusalem." Gloria licsher; \reaSjUrer, Miss huiandJ^tJdBnldantB^-4^0-p^jn..^ojing_ggople'8; 8 p. m.,^^thj^ello^jahip LtheTine-Mancusoi l l h nlg i J h § given 'Wednesday TUTtK sermon, My Blue Heaven." Preslryterian Church. Other Thef series of "Fireside" Ser_ EPISCOPAL t of -the~churcll__for_. the. mons,'-'conducted' during the last Chu'rciTo't theT'Holy Comforter, Seminary avenue, at the corner of polntments week are a9 follows: Monday, several weeks in First Baptist St. George avehue—The Rev. Robert VV. Elliott: 7:30 a. m., Holy Com- 3:45 p. m., Girl Scouts: Tuesday, Church by the Rev. -Finley Keech, munion; 9:15 a. m., church, school; HI a. m.. Holy Coirrarunlon, Introduc- 7:30 p. m., Young Men's Club; will be concluded Sunday night tion of vestrymen and sermon;-6:45 P, m., Young People's; 7:45 p. m., Thursday, 10:30 a. m., "Women's with a sermon on: "My. Blueevening prayer and sermon. Parish "Work Association; 7:30 p. Heaven." iMr*: "Randolph Howard, m., Boy Scouts; 8 p. m., choir re- 1B7 West Hazel^vood avenne, will Zlon Lutheran, 40 Campbell atreet--The Rev. Carl Kepper: 9:1S hearsal; Friday. 3:05 p." m., Week- Itprlaln moinhpra nf'the Women's )menaj


S^cmls" f^r FridayrSaturdayv

thins.* that have hitherto been regarded as more or less sacrosanct™ nnil- in n rrnblic opinion "conscious of the~stowiii? disproportion oJ civilization and eacrer to' encoiirnsa

Price a year OBO, 3 f ° r 54C- Change in price—4c

|rui. f mr. f .

Use Your Phone


n£ patriQiisin and nf industry. y ii "Once patriotism was a unifyin: force that hrou?;lit onlor amun" small conflicting sronpsjl' ho detlares. "Today, in the world-wfde fboir-ty of mankind, it has become n disintesratini force." He believes industry h a s ' u p s e t r -the sc:ile of. liuroan-Aalacs^fur...it off li lif hv.tJ h t "I'.II kmyyi i.« — the whole of life. "Industry was made for man, not man for industry." he says.

jmt ler tj

The Rev. Pinley Keech YOUTH IN CHURCH In.Rahway Three Years TO BE filSCUSSED

Holy Comforter Church Gh

ably-jiot-far-t-reiBoved—Xrcm bisj paleolithic ancestors. Science has ' exposed this "paleolithic g, niasqueradin? in modern dress, to a sudden shift in environment —wliieh-threatens-to-anbalancc—hi.s_ br.iin." * Ainonc-; current idens that must ho si-rntinized and revalued. Mr. -Postitck-saj'S.- are- the- conceptions


f U 3 5 Of CO-OpSj


CHRISTMAS TREE CUTTING:! by examination »n
hi'inistry and biology, there Is much hope. |;\Vp have utilized our growini;

I ! ttire to harness new forces anil transform thophysical world about _J!K1_but tlie scipntilic~stTiTTy~ctf~the~ — ••••- - - - - — hunian. Dein^. ol the _. conduct, and of human relations, lias not been pushed with any thins j like the same eagerness, anil with I I riule"of~tlie~siime"techninne^'->!r.—: Fosdick says In Golden Uook Mag.iizine. _ I "In spite of his new woKp"6i":s~arin~i of his increased powers, man him self remains as he was and a! ways lias been—Irrational, impulsive, emotional, inherently conserv?—to eliaiiKC, bound by customs -mm traditions which""he" ^vlll"Tiot . analyze, the victim of a;e-old conI volitions and prejudices. ' '"• .urbanity. the sood nature and good temper of the herd, modern man is prob-


LKahw_a_y_t.eai! ppted to sched 1 • with \VeJ! er Class A hi^ iirigueces^

r.l Mni-linn. Arthur Carlson. |

Man Is Recovering . After Fall from. Roof

ssss^t.'V^.-r^ s =S;"ii-S Ksssi

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Arnold Latemar

Plans for tho second annual 1 i e^henimedlatcly wherooffenders will bo prosecuted. aiic* or the HW-Club to be> held 1 •If'uf he'a.l arid body > ' r u l s ^ * " ™ f b v ^ ' j o h n ' M . Randolph. cordlriK to a statement lwncd t £ | Roosevelt School auditorium In.. '.'11 to the ground Tuesd«> , "-• 1 -day by C. I*. Wllber. S(atiasdlck Says U " l e » S u l : ' ' ' ^ l ' " I Monday W:ht. .December Z'J. wci --Weitticr E i t u m e i — Kround pine, lannrel. trcis, rt«-. tr-meortmr-oi-ine-etuu-n-tm-j— , M .~ , __ There's Little Hope. uiBht at the association 1 sase at Chinatown, "arose to froir. 111! dency ol > ir.u au-im,-,. l> reported Improving • men „ iimue .11 Tempernturca us low na HO de- Kr«>n* and othor produi'.s tni Into two rln>-scs—tliosa 1 In" "Memorial H'spltal, whoro he crees below zero havo -been re- anr of the Stata forest v-iml^ L«i New York.—Has man a cliance b. ill supply the music tb^msplv taxes _and tlmse ^vho I was taken following lhe fall. ! to survive the machine -H!:<>-li will be assisted, by John 1 Classified Ads Pay " th» skull, which was later disproved will be annihilated as were the Hopkins. Arnold Carkhuff, " ' " " : i saber-toothed tijer nnd the mastodon? ! l'aymond Rlaine FosrticK writer . on political and social proUlems I nnd. a brother of Rev. Harry Emerson 1'osilick. declares that unless i the social sciences are advanced to

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I aregame"former,fi wou'S


State Secretaries £

Churches of World to Observe Bible

Once in a blue moon a group'of

null Whitman Campbell. WillH a m lams. . 3to:*.i_ f>...Kowlcr. Jr..

m.r snr TimcHTCIIC

ALayman Looks At Religion

No Advance *tt Prices

December 6th, 7th.

In Conjunction With Our Regular^Picture

pfit same for] a gridjrotf hs due to ag ' an open dt] ball game ly Drake, m> declared V Jldbe glad t; •he high sch j game could' frow, and ii ch Austin 1: brable for th*

Railway Pastor Will Celebrate Anniversary



Night, Dumber 10.

a card which

i l d ^ U h ^ t


Cheese, i


l S e l h e bouu Musical numbers ted by ^special orchestra. I^ketscan '

Fancy Florida

Was Just an Osprey, —-Not a Vi


Grandville, JUch.—Alfred 2* liuntiiigducks recently had n to-hand buttle with what lib thought was an eagle. After 1:111Jng the bird he marched trlumpliautly libtn'etb tellofhis cap-turn. 'riiCTi» more experienced bird hunters halil lt ^ IN a Inil'IMPS's '•[H' cles known as the osprey. liirrt men said the csprey Is very rar« in-

mm iJ^SMsgjaSatgSiS

All arrangements for the. show are being made by the unemployment eornmlttee, ' hea'cied' "b7 Parls~ftr'Fb'rrhari. " aohri Grlggs ,is tKe official .prenreftiVTrWfSTi.lt^ieoountB^ will be kept.by Kenneth Slmmen and Floyd Mason.

,George Forreater vs. Iver -Rundgrenz l ^ S ^ d 6 d K r m e t } C Peterson, vs. Peter Glynn, 148 pounds, 6 roundsh. Johnny Contanzo, vs. William Van Kline, 124pounds^ 6 rounds; Mflrty Wetzel vs. Mookie Goldman, ISO: pounds, 4 rounds; Gilbert Ennis vs. Charles Flesco,. 180 pounds, 4 rounds; Claude Dilzel, ye?;Joe Morrisey-

- j i . , * * - ••. ( .ii«^.~.-.


<. ^ • ^ • J i f c •







Lone Basket Downs

fort \Betweft IFollowlng l e e of the H i fed that the! fitsainc toS

- a.


bs due to ag I an open ^ ball game v j Drake, C declared Vj |ld lie glad t'J he liighscb j same coultH |row. and i l l cli Austin Ll ble for T i his cohorts j :'Westfleia~c? As most O',t are former^ game woujj nni contest.' lool-Rumbler i [schedule a qjj Sunday, bill : lastnlghtil |strotiE Wood| he school Eanie beca;] |eral players for^lie tet By played sixl ; and'jZuman.J! ck backs, ha\ all week [red against \ ay. Thes play \y both lungedg dy Parker - and crastteHJ ey were painu' tin shape for-} inter. iVoodbridge i j |led their annul several we; luccessful prcj iola&lc Assoi I. use of co-ope i Rahway teai*| |_BteiLtQ_s-_h-_ trow with \Ve£_ er Class A h) was' unsucc.es



By Ellf

The Rambler . J a 46 to 14 s | | C , of Elizabefl rt in a one-sicT|son for the t\ ! the openin.-; (: Drake au^i forwards, -.•(] . able to breaV rimy : s' points.'] rred for- the ^


AU^American Football Selectionsfor1930

Alter staging a brilliant and most sensational uphill fight to lie -the-contest-lnaliejagtjnintito of play, the- Railway Y. M. C. A. basketIMI-II ipam sutferedTa 27-2.S deieat at theTlTmidb-or thg-J^rs»y—City^Y

^ ^ r

in the second quarter, while Rah - Thron-hou- the' game Jersey way made 9. The score at half City managed to. keep just a few-tinie—was—19-15_in_tavoT ot t h e | ] poinls ahead of the local stars. As ome team. Rahiway was beginthe game neared its completion, ing- to find itself, however, and ere suecesful in outguessing the Serfrwardl sank a basket from Jhe pponenU on several of their ' left side of the court and. Dura asses- in the second period. came through with a beautiful shot The second, half was an entirely from.(he right corner^ The Rah- l.ffereni style of game altogether, he locals played with a tierce de~ray guard followed this with another 'attempt hut missed the has- ermination to win and managed . ket by less than an inch. How- o keep the ball in their possession "" ""ever/ the:effon--was not -wasted as-. iost of the time. - The playing-of ~~ Orrfollowed it up and pushed it Doty was sensational and Orr kept ils man well covered. Dura workin. This tied the score at 25-25. The rooters, nearly fitty percent •d hard and was. largely1 responsible for the opponents scoring of whom were Jtahwayans, were In TjuT~fp.gr- points:—The-count~at_Lhe_ - — -r^Efetizy—of—excitement—at -this-l end'Of the third period was Jersey point and cries ot appeal for Rffh-' City'23, Rahway IS. -raj- to_win. created a din which Tilth final mii-iuHH-tea won Iled' til* _-, „. The local players scored Coashes A. C. "Johnny" Brooks tic. seven points to their opponents' of the Crimson and White, and four. A snappy- passing -attack WilHam Wlgginton, formerly of • this'city.- and .coach of the home placed them in- shooting- position frequently hut the follow-up work teaip. stood tensely awaiting >the of Van Wart and aiaggicomo, center -_._—Jt came when Magglcomo, speedy and forward ot Jersey 1City, was r • forward "of Jersey City, dropped a .veil done-and in several instances long shot from the left side of the directly responsible Tor Rabway's court. Before the ball could be not scoring. jumped "again .the..whistle announcThe score: ing-the end of the game, blew; lt.VHVAY Y. M.-C. _A. The beginning of the contest Henderson, f ... Eeemjdto Indicate that Jersey City .Korhely, f '..'.'..:...::::. "would win hands'down. "Rahway Chniiii't. t did not seem to be able to kee: HiTKWarilt. f rtreH-att—in—their—passessioi__aii iOrr. n i r a . i: were having sqme difficulty ac- Doty, B . , A consensus of fifty-three noted I indicates The consensus quainting themselves with th footbajl coaches in practically choices for Totals court as- it is twice as large as cond"uclofer.H', Mlrrs, Pan;- .. Vm-plre. E|vmination ol the period the Wiggin- slrin. Panzer.—-Timekeeper. Cinfriilji. ton -cohorts were in the van S-G. "~ Si-nrer. orr. Time of period*, lit minJersey city scored 11 more points utes. .-M.'ntlant-i* oOO.



N.S. Club Leads League iy Very Narrow Margin er8; Cassio Brothers Tied for

Old Indust: the plain of Jorl I the. Knights T(| i b> the Crusad orted to have I out of the s | xne old inwi ruins,' but upd tigatlun [teriorate,. iind-]

fere now.


Sett Varsity tram in Return Game; Locals Lost Fiist Contest The final football game of the Win season for Coach Ray Drake and his Rambler A. C. charges will teTria^ed-^taday-aIt£Tjiaj the Perth Antboy Varsity, Perth Amboy city stadium. new ffrmie will start at. 3 o'clock and a large crowd is expected lu be.present._ .---. ___ This is the ""second'" t

Orioles^ Win Orer Metck Makes Tie for Fiist Place

.By Hardin Burnley-

«b» »*n;k ,ulMrt. on Iho Y. M. undrr Iho t«-nn» "f A - ""»«. Wrdnmdar nlicht. by the forfeit tho contrtt. Th th pilot • s c o i v o f _ - 3 t o I t . i n tB.< p-pilml-. mtEhly disapprovi"> l!»i> i":.-plckvd over the- Notrn Dara hv J nlor v r! llr 4 narr"Kani''.~< " ~ - ' " »nd ati!-de oS ttfe~Tutbar-tTT=r^ far .luartcrbacl; huiior>r fcalcd t h o h l s h rchool 2S t o 17. Ins for Woodtirtd-o HlEh js»'-» a Thlx vd» t h e third c - t n o In th»hot playln; tho camp atn-r i City I-rague a n d a l l h o u c h not a»lh»- rullni: of the cincutlvo ( fiist^ a* t h e oponlni: rontciil* Mon- conci-rnini; the clisHiIlt!) ,-; fr-l Il !• d a y ' n l c l i t . va-i a n Intcrctilni: o n e tain Hahway pla>«M. lu watch. T h * piiuslnc and ikffrns* ! h - | x h o o U nboalii k>-o;> (a.: :,,( tot!, tranci »how-iltbc b k t a s h ^ o k - a ^ r l o offrct ,.>~^ _.- Hlkh s'chouFsviTHir [»?s1'.< fr_tii t h e 15-foot mark. Payne of trn> ArloW aluo shovrd team anil It* record. It !< the JaS! !* thi^ cont**r of the court. Tht* win- a-riri-Ml the Cla>« It cha-i;.: ••--ii> ner* led thi1 M<"ck five through- (.(Central New Jfrsfjr. The other ra:ln;t In {•••< •"•* out ihi- game. Al half time lh« -core was 13 to 6 In favor of lh*urction are aa tolU>«»: Snfond—Rod " " trltil Jo. ittaKi- a roinrback In tho Ftiur.iJ—Carterel. New Uninsv-'icl.. IK-c. 5—Ha-vki'l- final ~u:>rlfr. liul wore *o far beTh- lUhwar Tit liall will niH.li thv w i n t e r s p o r t s hind that the attempt was of lillle the canceilallon of the tf-r fnlverslty value. pros-am c-intrarJ-bH *e»-n -thu-i*"' "Th".' ITIgh S i o o o n w ' t c W p t n f •iirl.-rf »j., aMiupny ..fl.iir. ub^ illhoilRn t o Xi_iv Y o r k t » UK-1' i tbi> "Oily CoK Ihe school lost, the)-" *how«i a mu>t bi* mat WooUbrUlKe cancrlb-1 it'Kt' o f N e w Y o r k courtstrn* to- so 1-3ami—mure rxu ~' ' tlit-T

gfabgi Murphy, -the tnju| fork Univenitjr'l «r the


:.;.!. The victories t-eri-rvfls. (,.:„! :,i iho "vewkly session on the i;,\r..ulon alley-. Utulen; 1'n-sn Jloorn hail-mnnrlHs of

- H e l p Wanted

WANTED—Clerk-stenocrapher: txperiFOH S Vf^K—Ten piece dlninK-room eneft necessary. State ace. experience Iteply Bo~ 33 3D. suite. *KU;-alau Ylctrola and 7.1 rec- and salary expected R l B Btreet/ npari de2*~t ordn. ?10. Ciood ronilltlon^ I""!"''" FOU RENT—23 Cherry Record. . handled. The flag above !? for —ltMrnt—3—rooms,—all—Uupa —151 Si. Oeorgo ateuuo. —ucc^-l. use over th United Airport, L,< month. Apply Grlefl Bros:, Z :al :T. «vii>;x-.i st G Ice box. Inquire 1S4 West Grand be r_i-'--_ nii-vt' all air -n..i) nir--•hite and blue, -pith the . II pj.-l.', iitfMsfyinji-tli'riTi a? fk-Ms in gold. . - • • - - • work:' general housework, - vfr*1-1"™ >;. Tin' Compo»lu~ Itooni lui'l Sedan, 3 montbs «b.:e Uncle Sam's - mail is I"OIt SALE—For* lronlnir, cleanlnir by day or•weelv. old: url'-e rlgtat.- __!0 Bryant street. it- ~' : compMlllvo tlpht •>.' i!i>; Inquire Mrcv Julia Snlnt, ^10 Main voiiinK and won ovir tl_•• Phone.TOSlT. itrcet. It ..:_.- Shop by 6,• 112 and 1C. Entertains ! Uinu.r for the occasion was —ctitn .-!'.• r was chief majile f'wi r\ ;t rvi! 11 1 MrsEl« •-•-i'..i^-.i!:-..;;::i. '•!•- A.;;.— -,|. ! Sr.<». Tho*. K. Evans. Tel. 12 papered complete: ceillufr, -BldeMiir-ar.-t Miirtin.; K.-yes and Mrs. John Boros. Mir.s -Yun.dry wltii au avidc^-tt lta,h. 704.7-R1. -fall ami border. S7.-0: also do paint* -•-.; Tru-l..! M-».! lin'i.;-. I!!trwlrlh . provided t h e mulog. Hre.!-^-?, — Maplo avenne. y.lowlcd 170J for :h.- i «'! I':-..:.fivi'l: Mr:-.! .,:i-during tho evenln~. FOI-'KEST—KurniBheil moms in dealt; Hhone Baliway 7-04«lrJ. iio'-.V4t M.. able lotTitlon: comfortable; rent reait.i.-in iintl Thotni'M.n t ..: J--r-'•>• <'-.'y. .if I s « v e n incal candidates w e r e resiHrable: heat Supplied. Inquire-4 PAINTING with a Modern Spray Gua i •!:.::.;•:.-• IViuitv'rr-r.tlv Inltialwl with t h e b i g class TOTntR!Tl¥a3!eoriiny-Mo
  • sl Iniiividnai 7.0744, Robert P. Smltb, 2 Meadow , 100.00 ,U-:.-. llalrk Cciunr . . . . : -tree!, Bah-ray. oc21-tf nt;:.i.i; iii.-rii-t IVp-i prize. . 150.00 ir>7 Ilulrk * Caun« . . . . . . . 175.00 ;..-:i i l . l i r ; i i ! t : . - v . . i f ! : 9-H I'onli.ur S e t l u n - . . . . quire 51 New Church i . 175.00 -:.•• r..i::..-4 ;.-,- Itah-' Mr. and Mrs. H. GVKettner. 21 ;r:K Ohevrolrt t'oarlt ., -LBIHTJK H. JCBOE-fSEN . 100.00 W7 Cherrolft I^xnilttU W li-.:. li.. ; r.v iif' Hast. -Itazelffood avenue, Tecently FOR ItENT—Four roams, all Improve. 175.00 m* Chevrolet Landiia . ments, pronnd floor, rentl l w$30. C_I&PBKT_EB9, B 300.00 n ;• i . i-. 1TI V..•:::.-:.-..•.: •-.•;r.i.!a:f.T.d<-u one-third iluwli pnyineut. aa Bepatrlngv Altt AIX" KC.DS OF MIL1WOKS Store Fixtures, Stain Screens, Btormushej, Porch. Enclosures, etc. SO Jladlson BUI Bosd, Rahwar. Chevrolet Pcnlert." T-lephono 7-1671 Ilritad Strtvt tthtl Milton Avenne - lit OppoKlle P . B . K. Xtullon FOU ItKNT— Furnished ronm. wltti 1"" d3--l wlihnut board, with |.rlvat.- faml r —AmitFTS-William s t r e e t — cpl h Kihway 7-OIW-J. . »"-i-.' f


    FCUNISIIED ROOM TO I-ET—A at 18S R u t S«itt avenue.

    of.' 1-00 ranges. iJIake it easier for Mo-then' Give her •&, new range wif-U^he; irrprovetnenta cooking' aiid" bakin S a pleasure. Help make your home beautt1 Tvlth nn pverlastinK gift.-


    Employment Wanted

    State Head and staff i '

    ' '" -

    - --


    ' "-


    Perhaps, you can't break au egg pressing i t endwise between

    E7StfGeo«te AveiNear Chandler Ave. Linden Phone 2-3268

    UT you can b'ea it to a creamy billowy f oaro with an e W g ig^ ' ^ B t T from T H . ROBERTS


    Co. . It's the beater—that beats 'em all ! -Is a doctor's Prescription lor '



    146-148 Main St. Rahway, N. J.

    Rahway Auto Supply & Service Co.,


    Supply Co.

    It is the most speedy remedy known,

    666 also in Tablets "

    Lost and Found


    LOST—Hnuiiil ihiff in Dover Iloai inl.ir brown, lilmk anil while, lie •ward. Itelnru-'t'i^ IIS - Irving-»!t

    Six Cents a Line

    Copy not accepted after 10 A. M. Tuesday or Friday. Minimum Charge of 26 cents- c*ih In i d v m c t . . . —

    and foalh. Htcam~beat^ On baa line. -lAUE-IIKOOKR CO.. 137 Inlnc street. Itahway, X. J. no7-tl

    SO°J additional It charged. -

    l.OST—Saturday S-iv.. "JD, lntMier. heLwei-n Itahway Hank. Citizens- National Bank, Cherr or in-or near f'ltv Hall, l i •renril if retiirnvd to 42 Stanto «treet, KahKay, N . J. 7-1S.-.I-W.


    _ReaLEstatelor Sale

    Play City College at Ntw Yoik -

    lives" .-Lvirlrlty. Kent »•.">'. II770W. Owner. 207. Maiii -trcet — ue_-4t

    .'{ruiii the" Kahway had notiflvd W" that It wa» a ..Cta~« "A which left K dU-rellonir^part ..of:.-b.p_l«t-«_ J°, •=','•Ith the schixlulwt conli-1' ' - they "aw nu H o ~ w " .le-ex Countr «"hool »•-• • o cancel heforo iho um-- !• hp i-ontract. AVoodlirUlK* -"w'1! t h a t U l ' : <.-1IOO1 laalnic a pli* for a m» tatllum on the teams d**-ii ^hip clalnw and thre-i.'"-! v.itlidraw from tho a!>«wK><;ra, i-rm a new C«vtral J o " ^ - ^ Short_l_olntod out that a •» Tloun meetinR the --socia:.<>J j h a t Rshway TIOIJAI r n l o In uslncrpUy'er*"--••« tended Khool and worVc nnl<> wwk« In »cco-;!a-j__. wi'.h new CTlu-ational-pBii. !• contention that these 'Ihf conten

    Marines BeatTSailors Tn Bowling Match

    '• - • Ranecra. Kan The Scandinavians nung up u president, d Sehnsbel Genr e o d by y defeating =9" conducted the meeting assisted by scoring recordIt.' Smith. B._M. 1 2£ Two victories were, scored liy i -'" " K e r e t a r v A p - i^rahAnillne-workfi-lO-O-in-a-game. played at Warlnanco Park. It was he •Murines over the- Sailors In proxlmately 40 157 II TBerses^l the Brat time GeneranOilllne (ail- he llaliway Yacht •CTub Bowling H. ranlman, I t o w l l n . . . . club atended.157.0 to hold their opponents within League, on the Recreation alleys, H. Ward. B. M. 2 ac sion bowling and . bridge was en- ed. 1~7.R S.u»rt. Rahwnelnt close margin. Karlson was the 1M1.4 oyed Wednesday night.* Tho winners Zlmtnermtin.- Bahwacl-s . . heavy scorer ot the game. (He colIT. Oundawker. Omecas.. lected-, five markers, three In the ook the games by margins ot 06 . • Hanrrlaon OuRle, son ol Mr. and M. -5-rne», Omesafi •flrgt^halt-ju-d-.tyo-ln tha areond. M. S..______ ~~"Mrs.~W. B. Dualer 20~Mapte-ave- K_Roberti>-_B_ K. Rchwot-tr.-n.-MTS... Two games are scheduled for this tilt by 20 plna. Kendall crashed nue. " 'captain of the 1929 Rahway J. Frimclnltj'. Robins .Saturday afternoon In Warlnanco. the lumber for an average o t 140.1 High. School football team, has H. Orr. OmMsaii H i * Iniptritioa 1M.1I5 T,. Price. MohnwItB I UNION COUNTY SOCCER I_EAGCE P. & G. Tvlirrilay General Aniline for the Marines, while the- Gobs teen--chosen captain of the freshHer eolden hair hanglni do~ra man eleven ot Coe- College, Cedar W. ICTT. Pt». while -Railway Rangers meet the were led b y Young. ber back ma; have inspired the old 1W.10 1 « 1 ' The scores; Jlopifts, la. DuRle -was acting cap. 1 4 1 3 Scandinavians. It will be the last A.llie WorkB . .. i4.i ira> . 6 1 0 10 nf «hA rcgi-jlnr nmtchos. There Will MARINES 4M-ti|_]ag I Rrnpst Smith (above) •' famous poets, but the scraggly, ha!" -S—14H—1IS2tr-~Pl6=jp|IOie;09lon_ ^^.^Xi. mjtfiing -aucK--i-o-8 o. Pitt«r»n. - 8O~J. the Columbia borad-! CoUTlty Soccer ILeagife:Batttrday restful than sltUng"ariT-Ouf'otfTwo' Bnrwb, Rtwlln . . . altetnoon. _Th« teams playing on lh.-t-jno~i_i-1;h_eater--snrronDdeil-by; be -played ... __ . . . _ 3tat«n Utand - field, m e t - t o r third nlce people; who are"7generons dnlilt. B*wMn ga'iriB~wiU~be-1~rBt-B-o'ctocfc-Eas*.-. 116.7 151time since the opening ot tho sea- enough to let the screen charncters Titibl. Rawlin . . 112 112 son.. P. & G. won the -contest 2-0 T-ky, Omccai .. .-174 47B 0
    .?iP - _ _ _ _ _ RahwajrRwigers P l ^ j _ _ Tomorrow Afternoon

    .m w o n - b y panotunt. bo»-!ini: rvprcsentatircs Kire Dopartm'1".!. TiH"- took the flrsr ami of 4S y and toil ttrr-fp"-":.'1. >y 71 pin.< l-1tip.itr.ck own t h e lanm for an »<"• f 2U6.1 and s c o n t l u. 216. Ford led th n n»-erage of ISfi.l ami a '-ii!:!i of 22s. —"

    he JM ctoito had been ™™g

    :„. a telephone conversa ion ^ tween tHe schools when «i« '»» taiadfcWofldimoE^

    R a y Woodbridge should, worry ° g the whole title wa» lost sight of dt

    sianjeMlvejUtselt i ^

    about which toam lived « contract-and the bow. w h e n o f it.aU. Both ^ Rahway received tho forteit. fl^ige the fitle. Those present J ^ ^ n Woodbridge, Ray E- Anderson Mark D. MdUln. membors <* Bo&d of Education; John a . w gupervlBing principal; B'H^nrt

    y Singer.

    li UKNT—Two iiUv linlifd n'.>nl^, with i l i n s : rentrally , atlmi-llvv' av 7-mrei.

    Jarse n e w l y fur!vrr:(V-i', In IU.W liv-.-it.-d; sliower, vUvw. lnuuire dec'.-tf

    ^.-ntl.-UH'iil with |iri\-ate familv. n m iin'tlii: liath; l i « t Inealiuli: almnt liv.. minute* • from Tenn. station.


    KOU r,.7ST—Two laTTre Ilcin^Tonm.urnNheil fur li-_rht bousfkivplnir, loratlon. near «tatli>n. luqnlre 11.1 West Milton avenue. -


    Plenty'of Whites KI.I/..UII-TII

    Rahway rood a clauM In >•

    Woodbrtages pleu w l U daenice-ot a lawyer, er, Ferry, principal. F For' n Prlnclnal • E S

    Rooms to Let

    IV~TUIITI(IN I " -


    JI'J-l""_'l" >


    '•'••>. t'lity-thrco plus were cnousli • •ivv the Comete 11 two-Kiimv win the. Arrows in the llambler ". Bowiing 'League lnattflws lay night. Tho wlnnors took __Jlr.
    Thrilling Amazing distance power ArGentle Reminder '—'— •" " " fttti Tliononrii-g airis-eeld winners- were trailing as the h set wus started but Drake Vest and suggests the wearing tlirotiKh to strlkt out. [ofanovercoatrrltiap f t l t a l s p r e led the mutch •wtnr The most sensational value in radio history! Combin'-rago o[ 167.' Fischer followed Iminds you th^t your coal pin. . . ing for the very first time the tremendous power of Tiln must be replenishedscores were: 6creen-grid\t_bes, tHe sharp tuning of the superheteroAlt HOW.! Therefore, it would be t-", dyne and the perfection of Majestic's Colorful Tone. 1— a wise thing to place your A little giant only 39 inches high-—with a full-size, W u p p ppy l y powerful radio inside. Built as only Majestic can it ..Sc-1.11 avenue, two a very high F4 B < anil' batli isieh. you with i!?«ii.ffc" r.'™ and KJIJJ, newly build if, and priced_way:tbelow'aity other guperhet| - .;i,.-irl'.-it-. ; r a ' 7 iteil. Kent 5'Jli.lK). quality of coal; the kind of . .1 MUtou avenue. erodyne! Thousands every day are buying it. Hear it "COMETS— ~ — ^ coal that radiates_aJotjof 7-IJ-_i;;-.l. d3-tf i.i,!,,,,. Kabway yourself and see .why. _youTc£in*rduplicate-it-without111a 17T heat. We have the .best KKNT—-1-Mvi' llimiu liuiiEnu.rt a l T..|a)H • . ; " " ' . . ' . . " . . • 100 I "' ' — pltiee: all linprovemenr* quality money can buy. .paying_half again its rnce. Let.us. demonstrate or KOI! ilieludlli'i.'"* Kteam -lieat: tw«-«-ur garl easy convenient payments. give free Home trial; For prompt service call— u^l'. luuuirL' _0 Nlclioliis place: I'l'otaU -


    I t K N T - l l i m s . RII ~ Orooms utreet. FOU i'ull lluiiroveinentti, einentt, ; ~ « k JaqueK kit iilrti V> Oak utrect, t r e c t ; uucar [•'(ill u._.VJ'-~fli.-hcaud.rwma" wltii or without tmiml; gtioil hoinc " ..Hi-ale huii-e. 172 West it-

    y. -Theao-aUoj-s develop ccrBiilphldes ns a result of diem" reaction between-the metal aniJ i B l ^ " B i

    Bahwai 7 0010 or 7-0996

    Plain, Hundreds of. them at all prices. . .and up



    ROBES For Lounging and3ath. A wonderful gift "idea. Particularly at these ices



    X,- .

    Gift Neckwear

    Make His Hands Happy

    Gloves Styles for dress, busi-1 ness and extra warmth —and priced for good value

    Patterns men like



    Including gift box

    "Rahway'a Smartest Men's Shop

    -Exclusive MajcQtio Boater for Rahway

    13 Cherr


    ""]_"' _ I. _.._."_-_'-" -.

    °y_be in tlfOJt iF

    pair and up _^

    Of Course



    Alloy* MaVo Trouble d rlDgs nnd necklacea mofc ladc-tnarks-on-tho-sl-ln-of-aoni n t & ncccssary-to 1 some alloy -with gold In order


    All gifts neatly packed in gift boxes.

    |.omets Take Arrows In Rambler Pin League


    Buy his gift wjbere he would buy it himself.

    and he will like the looks of these winter." Iweather sox. •"'"

    At a real men's shop.


    ,1, , .

    September-IB-tho l ^ »hould derire tobreak the <««» »hod d b relmbur ^ » It could do s o by r e m ^ h o m e , team for .any exj*'- 'might have Incurred—not i» ceed *25. Rahway.saw 1..> never received thin mono- «< bridKe. ftaitl: . "We never got a __nt pen-ies from Rahway. * * i*j what we havent been W {^r5." The State A«*oc at ton no evidence of such » J > l " ^ .

    coach; B. h

    •With--courteous assistance of men who know Every man needs Shirts, about style, sizes, Collar attached and colcolor and lar to match in the new preference. pastel shades.

    V £ and ap

    were Ineligible that the Ra.i..ncel-""!.

    Select his :gifts : he|e I

    FOK R E N ' . — House ncVctt l o u u i s baths, all luiproveluent_: o n e block ir-.K.—lt-^8taUoiu-'_Addrcs5_Boi 7. care Itecuril. _ ' *—•*""*'

    di-Ioatod un .llvtliy. a s c i i p - O . 36 .IJ..2S. With a witll-ba.ancird lineup o f - u l ' M a r - uf la.
    Will Broadcast Notre

    FormeirlLihlete Here Npmed College Captain



    tiiot the

    142 123 . . . W.ltnr. -H3—1«4—K .T. Horold. Itahwnel-B..:. ^1 iroiiT-20(i -Bowltng--League 1411 144 177, WilHam iHedaman, II Prav. Mohawk21 173 IS" 10(1

    For Sale-

    ,,1 ih ,... comploto »woup« Tuesday I ,i.h:- ,.v.-r Iho three trallln-







    Money to.Loan

    Mainline «f l l T

    T-ir.-o Radius team*-111 theQulnn

    Ten Pound TurkeyM

    grown «o*hlilc c i w , -nnlalD- V'ANTED AT.OXCK—Threo-rooin and OR REST—Apartment live rooms, all LOST—A R13XT—Purnl«ficd nporftnent. lny-.a- pttlr_6f jf_a,B«», fountain • pen . bath-_urDlshcd< -apnrtraent, -includii— care ..rooinu, RtrJcUj* JcUj private; private; all .ln .lni lnrproveiuratit. Inquire William Cof- in.,' *" few « r a i . Flnfler ploaso re- klMUonetto. Address Box 3, It fpy, 37 Seminar- avenue. o24-tf Record. V r o T o m t and d modern d r n convealencc^: VroTomQDts and cc o oe l ^ turn to 108 Bryant ttrect. It opposite pposite Columbian Columbian. School School. 47 47 Now Oil RENT—Six rooms, all ImprovePAINTING nnd rnperhanKlnR of the B runswick r i k avenue. ments: rent reasonable. Inquire (111 better crade. Estimates cheerfully Hamilton «trect. It Clron; rates reasonable. A. Ploiijett. FDIt KENT—Furnished ruom with pri50 Charlotto place. Kahwny ' j 1 " * ' vate family, with or without board. Phono Hnhway 7-1004. It MOBBBN SOCIAI/-' DANeBJO—PrlTato-aud CInsff Inatru-tlon at Masonic FOIt'ltEST—Nice light furnished rooni. UONBY TOlOAN-on liond I B J ~J*irt- Wednesday evening- adult Classen nt olmi twu unlnrnl«hcd moms, ffj. Temple. Irvlnu Btrcet. Knhwoy. N. X aite. Hyet * Arm«tr«n(t, « « • — coal tanite, »lnk,CT»and electricKjr. 8:45. Edytbo S. Huntlngton-Studio of DAISX MI5G9X 9X TIOIJS BTDDIOS atlonal B u k BaUdlng, rwnouaulc. - I n q u i r e M 11I11M Dancing. _n7 OrcTinrd street. I-llznbctb. 35 2f 2few B Brunswick A ATenne M. J. . . . >• Btrect. " dac5-.it N. J. Pbdne Trinity 3-39T1-W. nolS-tt . Bahwajr, ?«• •?• Phone 7-0171 FOU KENT—Four rooms and both, all th A AvennK Albory Park Studios 10O-I 5th Improvement*: .Arcola IIWIHIIK wy»Bepl2-£il-tl Uin. Located a t 70 Cherry strwa rttliy u—*|O_ | H s c _ i a < m t a _ i _ l u a u l r e L * . l tlon. reu_onabife. Seminar* urenue. I'houe 7-u7:ttt-M7 decO-lt EXPERIENCED Snle«ladles wanted. avenue. -139—Slain-] —Intrtrlnrr-HT street. OU K.vr,.-—Bedroom Olrtfflt. llrtnitFOB R E S T roinn mini., dnrpnport.- piano, radio, EXPERIENCED SalcKInillea wanted. II, CndiltnKloii street, 5-room apart mill ilinlrn: very cbcap. Aply 221 nuait. Hunimrlor. decorated, $45. Apply Harris' Dcpt, Store, las Main "Went Hii-Pl-wood avenue. Call ItahIT-tt Jnrinrs avenue. - Jj cozy roonifl, It street. . It •vray 7-SHB-W. It breakfaut alcove, steam heat, etc.. $45 New 5-rooni bungalow, decorated. £ VOR X.U-K—Old-inubllc JouriiiR Mr, I SAM-SMBN AVA>'TI_D—Five iicnt XV Ooraiilete-llHt or -rcntala -and .sales: four ui'W tlre«. jrood runnins condi-1 pcirinff ' men enn earn KOOII- iray Insurance—In nil ltw briinches. tlon. 1'rlpe W3.0O. r*one EahwasJ

    I-;... I:

    Wednesday night'* tin-ring a lone and »torm- one. With tlu-lr " wraih ruing to Tevor IicatoviT tinunnxpuclM] rvbuko Tuesday iwt!•.•.. the WocMlbridgo delcKatlou w-nt lo tho Revision prtyparrd tu HK-H i> the limit. Th» local alhlclli- :.uthorltlen wen' also prtwiit i n ui>hold "their "honor." The Uurj -oi«eae«J-_aU-t--0'clof k.-_ftad. hoard tenllmqiiy from both scbuols T!-.f lioinl wont into an cxi:cutiv.^v~ ulan at S:30 o'clock'- and "ofier r.,, brltf reCeMei. emvjitMl from 0»-:r room* at iho hotel al 2 a. n> >••*•' IR. having urmr.i _t decision. l*re»lil«nt .<'ur.:- II . .irclteiJJ—» — Waller K. Short would rwi.l ;.'••.• :•of th* hearlnc. Thl« (ol. .*,-.. ~ —Deci«*on ot Boird In rwonnlderlnic lht» «•'• »!. Woodbrtd-o I. Ins iho chmaplonshlp »llua:.» Cta»» H *chool» of C»- ! r - : itnvy, the exccullte bo»nl n\ New J ' f » T •"*•'" •' A>Mx:latloi_ A thror'-ti-am dtodlock between A ! tho RanibU-r*, Oriole* and Socos conclusion: First—That \VoodbrW«.- In ci=crrated In th» Hty der

    and h - KiiaM work uf rnatchtiris-seaaoih—Un-^ucunu uf both loan liy mutual Ullcnf-'ld, also ot thi- M.'IIUUMI. BusinessvMen No. 2 and the Semi- Amboy eleven played—the ud his intn face tbU Initial conscheduled for last night ni~nt between; oeiweeiijjiic ^.u^...^..^ jutiit. " : lld th Y M t d u ntil tonight. t ttu-t-of tlii!_.h;>fjH;st .schwlule in nary-Club-«-as postponed until It will be rolled on the Y. -M. team at the Union. County Park and {'ornrll-and lilddar workwl well ypar.i with hopen uf dofeatlni: the C. A. alleys. The Cassio brothers are fighting It out for individual handed the Ramhlers their-first detosethi'r at the foprard positions ;-e»ii»Utrc>- ChllMin. will start irame. ner.. . }3oth winners-took their con- Hoblu.4S 11 llahwacks .444 off last weefc~is not expected to in the forward bertha. Vic Levin, 12 tests. l>y wide margins and some ex- M h a K l a The score* were: affect the local boys as they have .•^11 8 a letterman. and Walt AVIgRlns, Business Men No. '-' Jt'S'HHt V.VKSITV cellent pinning resulted.. . .1 •jns kept in training. 11. 1 F. ] ' . anuther sophomore, will b e reaM-ve Lloyd Gladden, anchor man ot Rawlin ..074 II 4 An open style of play wil be 7 Jorwards with Vic. DIFillppo as al•the •Mohawks, Topped the • entire I -• 1 used by both teams. Nick Coppola, I N D I V I D U A L A V E R A G E S tcrtfatu KUtird. . ' II field iwith an average of 193.1. John 0 0 Tan.ly H.S. Collins and Ralph Smith will decG. A v e . .Kollowlnu-ihe City C o l l e s e Kame, It. ilrafmi* •Cassio was pacemaker for the 1 On " A l l l h \ witU an a n . M. Ca»»lo. B. M. 1 • Business u-iei Amboy backs -.'ill be Dooley, KubiSew—York University, University llaberli.flge •of-iS". Schnabel did best for .1 Casulo. 11. M. 1 ••• Knrt.rly . . . : -nakuGerlty and I_eitner. of Pennsylvania, Navy, Sprlnp- Minl.li.il the Rawlins with an average of J. Ffilellnh. Un-Mlis. u__SouLbLTii C:iliOHicers~Noirrirrated—• 'l lif;ld. Holy Cross, I_afayette> (two _ 164.2. _BafSes"fci l.sil Id '_7'.l till lu-Ut thai ~n errtnW . S. M a r i i i i . ' N'V s ! ' . . . . . 'Jl An announcement of the game samos), ."nrdliam. I-chlch. Crescent aged 159.1. \V. l t i ' i l m a n . C e n t r a U . - . . I S 1SO.1O 212 ibe Tr.ijii"" :i triumph nv " oilli-lal II, W.ii.Mter. B . M. 1 . . . . 1>> ITS.lfi 2K was made at a meeting of the club Af» t n o l t h p r m a c h i n e linn sliuwn a n y A. C . Si:t«n Hall, New York A . C . The scores; >'utre Daim at Ohl.-iRi> la»t year. i7sa_-'ji.' -last—nighl ,t_ielr-_had-.uarters, .,......__.. - ... BWl=-ir.H:r«<»i-.«-ll»«^ord«r named. a n d JuiK-s liiivt- at"H.~l—ea--to174.10~i:tt Main street— 1 no7~io~th"c^saaiTl-^a-z-KTra.(r^ Albright, -lV>nn. N'avy_Iloly Cross ..._Toiai_i_: ._„__.... _.. .-J.. -_ ll!7 B . k a ' t a n , KDblliK . . . 'flfVftM~wilh t w o mnro " c r i i n i r " ti':.m-. ll. Woosier : 174 « 231 discussion on sports 1117 F. I I U K c r t y . N . S . . 144 -. nnrtft nominations n o m i n a t i o n s |I tied~t'hrttil|rti~'wllb~a,l:l 12"-tictory;--~'«tLOH Angeles, tbe Soutberu In r w t ' r v c tlint *-an ln> tllt.-r.-il n> wllh and the N. V. A. C. are newcomem ~~" Duriuer men SCHOOL Borne of Tlie.lirst Hiring nn-ii t»r niM*r:ii.- to the schedule. 143 K. A m i ' i n r o i i e . S e m . . . . . ".". rixz 17s .'rj for officers were made and will be I nnirrow ai F. J' KedeleM will seek revtMiKe'Vlth a Californlaim 17U M. O h a i l l e l . H. M. 1 . . . . - - • ' voted - - • on'al'jthe - - /~' -.i»~ «next «»» m ^Atine w h i c h U4111. rated even more powerful than .on t h f l r o-nrn. Tin* fall* vt tninurrow'-i I) meeting which •tlddar 17^.1 224 l»:itUf m a y binyi* »m tin* w a y in wl.ifli Ci. Howard. X. S I) last year's Trojann. And Ko-kne will Cornell ••• is the annual reorganizationses17S.I 2l'l t b e fanii'd cmirhi-K m u i u p i i l a t f tli«-lr r>SIS ST.'i S5* 1 II. Sillier. B. M. 1 . . . - . • Think It O-cr Tut'als counter with what many expert* eonBurns " i»o ]is i«» itrttilUL-v tU»* w i u u l u x 17J R 20^ sion. _.. • o I' WooHler. Seui nlder to be "the ^ri-ati^t of all Notre n*-rvi*H ...._...-.....-.. Most of thu shadowi that cross J011C 172.7 2 1 2 0 K. Oicik. Contralx •OMKtiAS Dame inarhluii*.!" What an exhllaral- p u n c h iu tlie i»n»i>pr t-ituatioti. The nominations included the W. GraiMlle ., r 172.4 2 2 2 n t.'.-ifdlf-i iijicl I'ruu.M i i n v VAV" nirtis 14. » I_. .Mnililen. Mnliawks... pathway lr^ life arc caused b j 1.V1 orr Plekenn IIIK n i t of in:;iv President, "ililton ILjipp, 0 171.1.1 211 following: In diroctlni" thtl.t*ld p l a y of N o t r i:n W. M.ii.ney. Sem 1UI Hhould product-! Itiw-knt- v s . Htrtv-artl 1'nnu- vvhih- iXitltfld niiti Molilor will -Tara ' . . . ng In *ur~own lljht. I.llleofvld -•• 171 R UK) Howard Madden, John Schmidt. .Tnuen! 14:1 W. Ili'ileuinn. Ci'lilralK. HIM T w o oxtmcinllhttry tt-aina do lik.-'\vlse f o r Soitih.-ni ('allfMrnln, Uarnef. . 171.5 2:01 Vice-president, 10:1 It. Hone. Central* 171 Warren Tandy, prime for their Ktiprein*; oIlr(>rIK^ Oastiion Hut 1 Ju* ^I'nt'ral -t«tnit»-tf,v :itnl r:n-ti 1711 22S A. Van Sant. Soiu 119 l Percy SiacAvoy, Frederick Hede17(1 244. Will \<- priidtK-IH of i:>x-kl)i' :ui«~-Acli SchmldK-Trnsteesj torjl^year-term- j"_]_t_}J;fl»^I_7_i»^iir3rr-ei^Hy tteiison-pimu-.. -^ experts agriHninit"Sf»lltl.-rn~C!ilt^ ~i'} nnrr PTTTH tin? si nr-t inFjr—nT n nt. HeAeman. Charles. ColliSs, I most AhiMU.'ill t b " :lrt imil tua^'l.- 1 l-:tt fornla now in tbe litrttt titiui nn -tbi* Bauer. Earl Worth, Austin I'arlllc Coast, even belter than tbe Cnn- illMtltl^liinni'S nii'iliTM fi.olball H)I It will I, irarK w h o eimiiueri'd MM-in liy that l.|. .-xlill.it.-'l In Iliat ; : and -William Hedeman. l-polntf.i-i-.gln.—\vin> thut Inne i-7-'-"p- n ela«HJi- licvninl ravll. Spurt hui:* Jin -yor-elect, A C._"3ohnn: ii'I a^nlvcr waiting fnr 1t__ mum!.- Kh-IT tli.it. the TriilnliH b a y di'VaHtatcil :i ______ was awarded an honorary ; o-bejCOpiWHltlon. They have ,fa<-i*l a n fr. . Ine. C»i>yrlBht.il««i-l.y K..aiiiri-» Svn.ll ir'5 2SI memljerahip. JL prize of:.?2.50 will" H. SHinable. . R a w l i n . . . . IS ., Kii'.r. 171 be awarded each month for the C. Hoffman. Cen.-S.-m n 1S5 . . . 114 ralrlrf . . . 14" i s r beginning to stay ahead o[ the ~inltl/ 11. IMulman



    Facing Supreme

    Displays New ^ i r Matt Flag

    Finny, Comp«sia£ Room, Rolls Hiflh Game of Evening With

    of Iho nahway-Woodbrtdge Cootb»U gwno reactcj ^Stt4ter»chotBmkAlW rettniftof'thP ;N. J. convened lo damOfy ilu>


    Udell, "f y . <• "." pAvoy. K I d ' i

    Cancellation Causes Much Excitement StatQ Athletic BoartTReversea Decision At Rehearing; Woodbridge Obliged to Forfeit Game to Scarlet and Black

    Champions Lose Sensational Battle With "Bill" Wiggintoris Five At Jersey :CUy Last Night

    , Individual Honors

    Djrhman. hnlas. • p rltas. £.


    FRIDAY; DECMSEKliri930"

    Pe«piraUon ot * * •





    \ •

    '••• • .






    >lane Wednesday, hat night. , For Choir Club Show Walten, who was six feet tail md weighed' more than 200 Presentation Tonlflht and Tomorlounds,' was at one time a wrestler . morrow Night md athlete and well known. In this [Istrlct Tor his athletic ability. He Complete program . for the was a native of Woodbridge But had lived in this city most of his'Hawaiian Hilarities." to be given life. His widow, MM. Anne Wal- at S:15 tonight and tomorrow en, is confined, in a New "kork night in tile lecture room ot First Hospital. He servednn the United M. K. Church by lhe Choir Club of Tlie~cliurch, 'he American Legion and .Masonic The show Is under the direction of lodsein this city. He was president ot the Regina Mutual Bene- Ruth fit Association, of which.Mrs.-Me- s Intyre was also a member. I


    -(Continued ftom Page One}

    street. New York "City, He ocenJ r i titsoccifc liancy by Mrs. .Mclntyre and "her

    sin.-.' ..•-._:.

    . '.. .

    ""-TheTatt-mpted connection was "liflnE made on the service pipe the main pipe brin-inK gas from lhe street malti into the house,

    [Pollowihg th" , Joseph led that thol jBfit game fofl


    t-due-to-afL [an open rable for | • Westfield iir--As most ojl,

    . are formerjfl game- woii nni contestn lool-Rambler' Ischedule_a..ca|| i Iasfrnight II |strong Wood! he., school .game becaij feral players It ^or^tlie te By played si: t and Zuman,'L ck backs, hayf all week wl jfed against IS ay. Thes pla'4 h both lungecjj and crashelj ley were -paint' Tin shape for[ pnter. f: Voodbridgel led their'annu y several wei uecessful pn olagiic Asso , use of co-opai Railway team ipted'to. sched: •row with We!| er Class A ^ t\faV unsucces

    ^mbler Qu By El (The Rambler A'] J a 4G to 14 a | C , of Elizabej' rt in a one-siq It was the j; for u i e E the opening). Drake j forwards, wi L able.to.breal. riiey; nblws' points.'] irred for

    jipllce. no provision had been ni-.idp _m_make a -quick connection to.pre vt>nt~Tlie KJS . tra]~~---~'ai>!ns7—"PM; set. alone was practically fatal,' I w.as pxpla'ued by police, as enough —-ns-estaped—at—once—to—render—al _ person unconscious almost immedi ately: 7—;' '








    vlt«. K

    .. ISA MI! I.

    &.V-:::::::::: ildelLf t]
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    , . ~

    Monday, Januarv 5, at the par sonage. . ACTIVITIES ARE PLANNED Those -iresent were: The Kev Two' events were planned a t a and Mrs. Andariese. Mr. ami Mrs meetin" of the Sunday School George Schaefer. Mr. and Mrs. i l Tt-achers and Officers of the h.- ILHLI IIOI recrfved -permission to L. Davis. Miss Adelaide Ackerman Church of the Holy Comforter ipi-niti- a public carrier. ' Mlsa !Florenc( L.HoiKlay_nlKht. T h e first event is JlUllp_^A : lo be. a card party Decemblir~9~aT'| It sbtnild'.be pointed out for the Schaefer, Mrs. Arthur •!». Clras li-ii.'lit nf othur motorists who may Harry Oakridge. "Villlam Bolmer the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Martin, 1SG Bryant street. The baif tn-t'ii :u-ci?ptlnK compensation Miss Lillian Bluett. oUier l s a Christmas Festival to h D ! b

    fur TransiKirtinK ft-llow-wdrkers of

    Tlie female—point—l»ear—lilber

    ..-1 .INII viphrtps-tiii—iiwtor—velilcla

    njws. and renders the owner of the Dates about three «r four month •hiclt' liable to ri-vuciition- of his during the coldest par: of th Tin- jii(iliir~\~:-lil('lc~lJT~-maI-c»-it niuiidatury that tlie owner ot every vi-hitlf nsal as'an omnlbu?t'-f0r the sr;iiis|Kiriatioii of . passengers for !.!fcu, p;rv an annual f^e ot $15 for yclitclfs?" haviiiK a carryln" capaiitv-.pf livt- i>,'u%t*ni;crs o r "lens; tlT.r.n (or vi-hick-s carrying from -:x to i-lglit iMk-seiiKt-rs; $2u for veliicli-s carrying from nine to tw.elve iiinl :i li-"'l scali1 for larger convi.)-aiiiv». tin- fees bpint; limited i ui:ly_ liy tin: i-Izi- nf -the vehicl '. Kva.-lon of this tax is a serious IJiitfi-usr. and thu practice of il i h-i-ally iran^iKirtliig ipassensers Tf'iTr'Jilri. Is Vrusr-Iy" uiifAlr-con-petl ^ ll-Mt ftjlli i-Mablisheil transporta '.'..t:i tsiinpaiiics -wbirh UOL onlyhavi. invisimcnta in their lines, !>ui. uli;ii is more im]>ortant from H:i--a{umlpo!ni-»f-t hls-Department •JIMI nf the State, yield heavy reV'-iui.- in Tiixf/S and fees which-are iirominly and conscU-ntiou^ly paid ' lt is a violation of the Traffic ; Ai". "( miS for any person to stand_ in a railway to solicit a ride from

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    ...... iiifleiiU'iit weatlier. _ . . . tliere arc many iTeservini" JH-rsons ii^ whom a-lift would be an act of charily, hut unfortunately themotorist is In no position to judse thi- rliar.ieter-of walkers who hail 1:1m. with the result that many kiiul-lipartod drivers are' attackeii and roMx'd liy ppdestriaus they have lii'frlemk'd. The practice of ruliliini; lnotorisxs is hecomiug in•.•r.easlngly pre\-alent." Tlie club rightly feels it is its duly to warn motorists v of this dailRor and I desire- to add my own word of"rauilan to "uirvrary drivers tt-hosu syni|»aihies may be won by a forlorn fellow, wistfully bepgiiiK ii-r!do He—may—noLbe. forlorn ._at_ -iiH.-a.iid_his. wistfulnes^ may conreal a sinster deterniinaBou to reward his benefactor with a slug till' 111"" 1 —il'Q 1"g*' r*t r\n
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    lhe operator of .any private-motor; Tehlcle. This pro\-ision of course places no responsibility upon'thcSPECIALS fROM ORCUXRD AND TARM - ." !-laotorist -It—he—clioosos—to—RHiiu request, but tho solicitor is "TKose fTfTrrmppror Grdpes.: . . . . 3 lbs 21c the Uable to a flrt&ot-t."0 or imprison

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    jear. "Males do nut-hibernate.-


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    Sn-lco « V.rt Snakes are not -rorBW onfl do not belong to the family of worms Thev are vertebrate animals that :orm a division of the class of reptiles, represented also by » « " ^ alliBatoi, turtles, etc. While other animals have a. worm-like form. mostofthetroewprms^are tebrates, very much lower Tn •caln of life.


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    l.Ai UlbCUSSBeOK reading and discussion of The Th A i I'lUil's iiew live chapters of Angeio I'lUils. iie book, "Problems .of Childhood," led' by Princlpal_r.::.is M. Ada Fan-en." r ~ f T ~ r iAssocatlon n k l i School m Parent-'reacner yesterday afternoon. The chapters Men's Handkerchiefs dealt with the nervous child, one 10c to 69c instilled with fear and the effect ot Boys' Handkerchiefs tonsils.and adenoid" on the growth 10c to 35c and development of a child. The Boy.-)' Handkerchiefs. S In Box book will be further discussed at 75c a Box Lli" afternoon meeting In February. Men's Gloves •-: — .1.00 to 5.00 Me.n'3 Suspenders 50c to 1.00 Men's Carters ' 25c to 69c —Men's-Pajamas— 1.50 a Suit

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    lEarl Reed! Silvers, 88 'Plerpont street, ot Rutgers University, addressed the Alpha Chapter of New Phi Beta Kappa, at Now Making of plan* for the annual Jersey, Tho monthly meeting of JFlrst Christmas box-which Is to go toBrunswick. Monday night, on M E. Church Sunday School Boaril Boggs Araulemy for colored chil- "Ideals in the Writing ot Juvenile was held at Lhe home of MlsaSadie dren at Keye.wille, Ga., was theFiction." Recently ho sipoke beBernhard, 41 Seminary avenue, f th eeting-of 'First fore the combined meetlnB of the the'First lip-day night,'irith the election of feature ot the meeting-of the Lions and Klwanis clubs of'Hack-, lti folloWa: ~bu-Prestyterlan Cliurch Westminster ensack, and on IMonday addressed offlcers resulting as follows.: perlntendent, George Schael-r; uild held at Uie home ot Mrs. Or- 10ft boys and girls in Uie Dover assistant, superlirtendent, Mls» u i - In A. Clrlffls, M7 Hamilton street, PuMIc Library. He will be the llan Bluett; secretary, Philip AcK- Monday night. 'Ml.su Esther Mar- chief speaker at the annual foot,ennau- assLstant 8eer.eta-sT\Mortl- m presided, with Mrs. 'Edward ball banquet of New Brunswick -n-fftsnrer,—AL j 7 l — c l -^ ; Bmltli; pianl-t. Miss •Florence j Tlio box will ue i the'football dinner of Woo Schaeter; superintendent f i t d e n junior de- rnent a t Lho. meeting December 15, High School -Docomber 11:' o be held lit the homo ot MTS~. J. partment, John Vincent; •superln^Hoffman, Elm avenue. r yb e ai r >t s ni p so ^ t o _ s e y ^ |_1H.OSPITAL^BOARD-TO MEET [fluso; sup-rintendent beKlrniers? de; M«nbenT~oT^TeW6rlsr-Ho-Trit3l partment. Mr». HarveT" 'Wooster; »ral magazine." were renewed, in and the Board of Governors will source ot revenue re assistant «ui>erlntendent lieginners' riiis supplies a sourced miscellaneous expenses. mePLaU.h&jLP^PiL-' n e x t Tuesday |~1-T)art-nemr-MIs)-- Lillian Carlson. for sundry Plans for the Christmas but -book, ' I . , '-'.India yttmi |.iU|lt|,;f-,tf~niv. ^-t m i y ---«—"—f—tn'i I' »"i'i i'»li'niii 1 ,.^ r |fl''"TTlscussed • unat grassing liy the varloua' chairmen. DT Mlra Mlldrcui Wralght I

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    rerdlct. rr, tlnd_ W1H_ Wood- j_ flwt"0»Kroe .muffler" i life Imprlsonment.'L^ , rend Foreman Ross C-oi. ._----••••-Carl/on,' •CJrace' Hamtilr; ilka Kitterlne ILanninE. Will Woodrln", convlcted-or the i gust N'lmilz.-Jrviiiffton, and Ka ' "unsou. Lois murder of Frank Roderick, his e m ^ |J.ec_ln KUtaheth; one half-sister. RutfcLB sailors. Warren TVan pioyer, at La' Honda. l-st~Xlayrr Mrs. Harry BeanK RulhertoTd Alexander; sailors. Warren ,Yan gripped the arms of his chair and street, this city, and a brother, Pelt. Livingstone Ange\ine. Harold

    Suggestions .'

    €, R O C E R Y v V f e o M P A ^ ^ ^

    Free Delivery kahwuy, N. J. fh^Ii^nina Number This Week 1755

    Redwood City. Cnllf.—In a tensenulet Redwood City courtroom.

    IChris.tmas Plans Made Officers Elected by , At Guild Meeting Church Teachers Board


    y a Most Popular Store Store1'

    --W-edaesdav.,- - - - - - - - - - - - "» *•*-

    krnl. f



    Convicted in a California Court of Killing the Woman's Huaband.

    l T a c K e l l A lrl A ! tm! mr r«« h aas e, Woman Heart Sentence. Donald Brewer, Carol Andariese. At his side. Mrs. Minnie RoderTommy Penez. Howard Bennett. A. -, . .. igfinr nifirnlllir jytns £usinfiss_WonienJPlan ick, widow of the slain man. and : of the electric lights In the lums To Attend Many Affairs Peiro: charged Jointly with the murder, Scenery, by Collins Johnson. were turned on and the radio \va playing. This.- rind the condition i .Mrs Gertrude Heady Irving -will 'Music. In- 'Carol 'Atuiariese and licked dry lips and crouched In her chair, waiting for her half of the . of the bodies when found, is in' represent the Railway Business Ruth 1-aalif. verdict. dicative of the fact that the trag- and Professionarwomeirs Club-at Minnie Roderick, guilty edy occurmf~soine' time Tuesday thp conference of of f the th League Lague of of first decree murder and recumI'vonlng, "Women Voters— to—lie—Ivelil-at— mend lite luiprlsotT• A canary bird, had been carried Women's Club, Elirahelh.'.on.TnesThe voice of the foreman stopped to the front porch, where-it was day. according to arrangements •, Minnie Hoderlck Hoderlc ssank-back lu-her .found liy ii(ilU;o_\\>dn-sila\-_morn- made at the dinner meeting of tlie -i , j ) r i seat, moving. —-iavr.—Thiii leads— police_to_belie_V(- To7raT-cmiir--r-Penn-<-ableS;rW«l-+ ^ D g " a [:: - e^horae. 89 Com- OhJier lips ;-oh „fiO^^tie'tei that 'Walien was making the con-nesday evening The conference j J U e i . after an operation Mrs. Roderick'sroother.-M-s.An nection, while Mrs. Mrlniyre and on, Tuesday will be an effort ' " and two weeks'stay at St. Francis' ton Fnyal. sta-gered from a seat Inher son were on the first floor of hasten the action to organize a j H0! TioP" - Trenton. ~«n arm around her daughter... Miss snielle"d"pasT~VuY'ried~the liird~out-- judge in Union County. " •Mrs. J, C.'Tfckensa Fayal. a sister, also came fordoors before goins to the baseThe club also voted to semi a M. Hampton ,.„...,,... will be the hostesses Mnry ment. loon of ward. All_three women were sob.•deIe£3t.iPJLiojhe_ClirisyuaRj)arty U t the card party this afteruo -matron, Dolly.Grain^ Walten. who lived—with—his of the Newark Business and Pro-1 Jhe~SoY'ial~Clra"pter~of~'1i;n~:Paul's [hlng—The-Jnllger, was also crying. A murmur mother. Mrs. Seha Dills, and twotessibnal Women on December IS-j church. went over the courtroom. sjnall children. Joseph and iMarian, The next meeting of the club will j • • It was In the Superior court's at 3 'Palp-son street, is said to lie held-at the clubrooms, on Semi-1 ..^ business and social meeting Hnal setting of the-murder trial of have left his home about 6:30 nary avenue, on -December 11 when jw ;n u e held this evening by theTvfo.. declared by the state to have Tuesdiy night to go' to the Tilc- plans a i-am, card, First Brotherhood ... at the murdered Frank Roderick. I J I plans will will be be made made for ior a fir^, MBaptist ]l|lsl a u m t , , . ^ riityre home. He was assistant party to be held here on January home of Charles T. Drake. 25 West Handa rancher, and hurled his production manager for the Regina 21. President 'Mrs. Minnie Bugg Lincoln ;,venue. body Into an abandoned well. Corporation, while Mrs. 'Mclntyre, was in charge of. the meeting with . ' Mrs. Roderick left the courtroom who was a widow, was employed Miss Susan O'Connor, secretary. Two local men attending Trinwith Woodring, guarded by deputy, hy the same company as telephone ity College. Hartford. Conn., have sheriffs; her fhee white nnd set. Her LUTHERAN CARD PARTY |returned afterspending.the ThanSs• operator. The two families were The Young People's Society of j giving holidays -with their parents. mother collapsed In hysterics, her well acquainted. Neither of them audible on Unlwood City i —T.-had-.-lieen.-At..-their business "Wed- Zioii Lutheran Church, held a..-puh-.jxhey..are. John 'Bose. son of Mr.screams party in in the the cchurch par- Isml'.Mrs. John Bose. of 33-Xorth streets. Thi> -sister--fainted dead •• nesday, whiie the Mcirityre" "bd.v lie-card ard dd party h uhh p d .—..-__. Montgomery street, and Robert away. Woodring turned to his lid not attend classes in Railway (Jigh School, where he was a mem-1 l?r* Wednesday "eiinesuuj «night« n r The * " ^door . " '» sou of _Mr^ and jMrs. R.counsel. her of the first vear cHss prize—was_..captureear class. J I tell you'a^iln. J did not kill of Police George Mclntyre. 1 rnimcilman the non-players' Ci. awards went to Fraiik~RmlefUk',~~nei;.-ld—nnd-fol-h-.T-who••-s-not-a-Tei--iv--ui-iiiMrs. Ralph E. Templeton. Wood In his final argument, pictured her of New York, had resided in tTiisje, Mrs II. 1. Beebe. Mrs. Clara Mrs. Thomas Boresch. bridge road, has returned from a amours with Woodring. city for the hist 10 years. She was . Schmidt. ^ The case 'against the two—the the widow of Wallace Molntyre. | Mrs. John Wolke. Mrs. PhiliprBuhl. visit with Dr. and Mrs. J. K. Obert New Egypt. widow and the hired man—was who c'.ied six year.' ago. She is 'Mrs. Charles Smith. built entirely upon, clrcumstantla} survived by a brother. Frederick Mr. and Mrs. wmianmesmond. evidence Rumors, from the Jury Fitzgerald. New York. He was in I 'Miss-.Doris and James Dale Ryer. Boston, Mass., when notified of his 110a Unon street, have returned Perth Amboy, have been guests a room were that conviction of both nf Vr fiml WHS olilalnwl on a oeeon'l hnllnt .. sister it deuih, und iimuV Uie- trip i fium from a viat v with thoirggrandmother there belna.. ouly._osie_ dissenting Wlrs." Laura Ryer. of Signac Juryman when the llrat ballot was cast. In the closing honrs of the case I! ueitii^r deffnse att oiiuitK.'i, . -__Gilbert Ferrell. attorney Wood rlnfr, announced that Mrs.for Underick Open Evenings to and Including Christmas E v e . A Find Lights Burning When the Mclntyre house \va

    Store Christmas Store Open Open Kvening8 Evenings Until Limi,mu.-»»--





    •J - J




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    ' ; )


    §§£! ^v « H


    RAHWAY RECORD, FRIDAY; DECEMBER B. 1930 •.'• TTftTj™ A v t ^ A f i T v FmnAY T DECEMBER £ ! « »


    Record Family



    -Senator-Hect Morrow Accepts Christmas Seal Tree for Lindbergh Baby


    Irow, and iij Ich Austin LI prable for th£ his cohorts? - Westfield mnsf are forme game wo rini contestr looUHambler fsqhedule a Sunday, buj s lasunight i Jstrong Wood school ( game uecai eral players for_JJie te By playe(L^ • andZuman. pk backs, ha\>; all week Jped against , lay. Thes pla!J,. • both lungecg dy Parker-q]' and crashei; fey w e r e p ^ , . T in shape for;i$ [inter. (IK oodbridge ffi lied their a mm;

    [y several wfy

    successful pi polaailc Assoii I use of co-opd Rahway teai; |ip.ted~ib-sch"e"d: jrrow -with | e r Class A~ iwas unsucces"

    Kiddies'Evening Story

    ambler Q u |

    |tnrwas thejfs son-for the l[

    . able to breal Jtrse:—They—; _nib!«§-s' points. Irred for the " he score: mil. f nf, I iphm.in. ir holas, £ vita, j : ["otals

    . itAMiir. (iVe. ( I ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ddi-IU f

    Totals 7OIa:indu«t the plain of Jotj Jthe Knights T«| i by the Crusad orted^toout of the s[ The old llns," hnr

    llgatlon systems ] prlorate, and fere now.


    The Evening Mode is pifiniirnt With Wit Regal g Eltacts, Which-A4iotd-U± ng Variety--


    tcinlillating and dtcuralivo uffecta. . And iu tor eloalu—jiut gUnca at '.he skcttbea here and note the high ..tundins collars and lonp «»e

    of Christmas Jo TN

    our 1931 CHRISTMAS CLUB we are enrolling men i'and women, boys and girls.- For this is the way to make sure of a Christmas free from worries about "the cosf'-free from skimping, or a flood of "first of the - year" bills that washes away all memory of the fun of •—giving. m

    n n r

    =Save^5c.; a ^ k r -


    —•' 50c " " ., $ 1 > 0 0 .< •'


    $50.00 "

    » $2 00 " " •

    You'll never miss the weekly deposits. But when the full sum comes back to you at Christmas-what»




    luhc* Murphy, i We pita the foju


    Alloyi .„ children—bcdlS, doll? •Gold'rings „-„ , like t h a t - a r e tttUted black marks on the £ldn of some |_w.lUl::0lcm. -people-becttu.se-lt-18-necessary'to l.so some allopiwilli gold In order Trade Language to make It hard enough' to make Dorothy, the little daughter M.a jewelry. These alloys develop cer-; tire salesman,-had seen triplets for tain" sulphides sis a~result of chemIcnl rpnctlon between the metal and tho first time. "Oh, mother," she eriefl ouj:ul.mulue home »nt MVithert, featured player, In sllglit amounts bt-snlpliur-.-whlctt: • W»rner>3ro». Vltaphone pro may be In the. atmosphere pr In you guess I saw today?""I can't Imagine, dear, what?" , t f i ."Sinners' Holiday." one o tho persplratloh ot the skin. "A laflr that had-twins and.ft • ' t^ Classified Ads Pay spare" _.


    An Impowibie Request



    • •' -

    Will Rogers Picks A Story For This Spot



    - ••-•--

    The lavish ulo of embroideries adds "further rfi?al-op-jli.-nco to the evenine mode. They ure worked In (ilk or beads, shitiy nil* on tulle or lilvcr headings, rhinestonc and steel embroider)', eyelet embroidery on tafr.cla and a

    Call Dialed in Chicago Goes to New York Phone


    in addition to the usual games, toys and j i i l dsitjieef^no be large. Christmas is a fine £ime to start the Sayings. Habit, And i t s a good habit to have - -T





    rrd ft

    Use Your Flower"Phurre!~ 7-0711 or 7-0712

    Tho new eoUectioni reveal little chanjti in the silhouette although there, are ftiany varied treatments, with Rounccj placed in diagonal tiers, panels and Incrustation*, unprcatd wide, pleats, fulness, now nnd ajraln manrd' »'. tho front, and puffed effects below • the hlplinei The floor Icncth »kirt» obtain consistently except where there U ~atr»i»r—.--•••


    niu-^ks. two veritable Itolilnsmi Cnisoea Slim I'.uttes. S. n.—Cnttle rustling 'Ilif survey analyzes the records huve stared out at sea, looking for In the Klhn Buttes country Is worse fc«-|il hy the cnrporatlnn 'lurins sail that would mean rescue. today than It was In the-o!d wild T.'M._and.-lU2T. illncInslnR tbnt In One of them-, was-a-Mosquito In- West days, Abe Jones, pioneer mlillilon to the financial economy dian, who the white men called ninrherr'declares. '.'.T."i7 men mid women were saved • Will. TJie other wns Alexander -' "In-llte old. days we used to lose from unriims Injury or total blind- Selkirk, born at Ijirgo, a sea" vil- an occasional cow or lialf*K dr»7.eri ni«s Vn r.oth eyes durins the two lage Iii Hfe. 'Will spent four calves to.rustlers, but tlie modv«-:ir-. There were 4.0M recorded years on the Island—n rocky reef rn rnsllprrknien-belni;-xnvi>il .. _ -kfl—tliey-can_cacrj,-_a5\-ay_iiiiiny_ r. fn.iii :i slmllur fate to one eyo. L U r n r «nv4 it .,.• calves at a time and be hundreds if tl'e total 10.1G3 eyes saved less than four acfos.1 tit Its widest of mlies away before we miss point—nnd Selkirk was marooned thoiii.u Jones said. il«-st'ructlon or serious 1 1 1 frum four months later. jury. Jones 1ms benn In the Slim Buttes In 1U84 Captain Wllllnm DnmFlrtt Study-of IU kind; pler. an-Engllsh nnvlgator who was -country-since- 18-SC. -^wlien. he took up a i-liilin afTef~comlir(r"\\'est-tV| voyaging uround me worm, "In this Ktndy, the first of Its kind H e r made,", explained Lewis at Masn-tlerra nnd the Slosqylto prospect for • gold In the Black H.-I'KrrlsrintinuKing illreotor of the Indlnn. TOII, orte of his men. was.Wills. Nulionnl Society fur the Prevention left ashore when Spanish bucftfof HHmliit-ss. "It was assumeil tbnt Tneers chased his ship from its Wealth Not H»ppine»» .. Wea . Rn rt!»Jert wlilch hit a yo^yle^lFtH" l anchoni5e:" Croesus~whernie w a s B W T v 4 The abundonpd Indian's sole supwith 5iirh force us t ° pierce -or hnve given all bis wealth to be I bliatter tln> l^nv 'would most cer- plies were a gun, a knife and a I young a pi In. Vet there are many lululy hnve so diunnceil the eye. If small horn of powder. He made • l-men-wlth. youth-and- great_p.psses 1 h not ln-*-n W worn, n ns nv BHWby-notching theknlfe.aud-sa.wed- Rlons today who are not happy," tii p I Imtl his sun barrel Into pieces. With tn fau v complete or nearly coinwhlle there are old men with only It was ns- these be sjnllhled a liliri>oou. lanceR, the price of a menser meal In their |il,-te us* of vUion. Fiuiit-vl. furtlier. that pvery Instance fish-hooks and another long knife. Uttered clothes who face the setof a :occre leus Jiespnttered by Coats.. remaining on the Island ting sun "with a splendor in their niolii-n iiit-tal or by corrnslve or from an enrly colony thut had not eyes nnd a song In their hearts is*? injurious chemicals rep- prospered, furnished both meat anil that Mlilas could never have clothing. Will remained In excelrvst-:itt-il an eye saved. bought.—F.xeh tinge. "Tlie eye hazards of Industry lent health and spirits. In the Golden Book Magazine. Walhave coine lo be one of the most .»>-r1"!i« i-ausi-s uf blindness In Amer- ter de la Mare tells thnt the Indian ica. Tlier<;.l». In_f«'ct. considerable mnb>-a-sreat feast-when43amp.let gruiind for the belief tliat each cuin* to rescue him four yean >ear inure persons are permanent- later. "He killed three of his puats ly roltbeti-of tlu-Ir sl^ht by occupa- and served them up (English fashtional- hazard* ilinn by any other ion) with cabbage from the cabbage tree." n.ujur cause of lillndness. Selkirk was marooned on the IsHuge Financial Lou. land through his own stubbornness "This is due litrcely to the The -se.venth.5on. of a .cobbler, he t!mt Inniinieralile persons, employ- was cited for misbehavior in Kirk ers und employees ulikt*. still do not and ran away to sea at the age of .-believe, tliut it Is possible to pre- nineteen. ..In, 1703 he.shipped with j vent accidental rye Injuries In the Dampler BS sailing master ot the , {itirtiruhir occupations .In which galley, the Cinque Ports. After a ! tlier are engaged. It Is due »Uo to bitter altercation with Dumpier, he tl.e fiii.jre on the part uf employ .suggested tiiat he be • put ashore ,-rn-i- •rs ami cumiiiunities'at-larire^tff'Bp I alone on Mns-if-tlerra, nnd-Dnm-, •re^'lale the tremendous tlmiucial hpier- graclously_aceeedeu. With him he took' a sea^hest. men and women In Industry. m clothes, bedding, a firelock, a -liesplte the splendid nccompllsh- pound ot gunpowder, a bag of "bulI ment* of iuany~ludivldual firms In lets, flint and steel, tobacco, a ' ilie prevention of accidents In gen- Jiatchet^jjHilfe. a kettle, a Bible, PHOHt HdHWAY 7 M " « u l at'-I «t»-<-iti.-ally Iu ilie £•.•.*••• mathematical lnslrU IUULS aud Be li ' « v . . " H » n t i «..-S — " I - eral books of devotion. But despite these luxuries, he. soon. re-_ pented his bargain. For eight months he lived In melancholy and horror. Day after day ™>il H' T''° s°n, srnrcelv both^rUus_J.Q_eut, or_be roamed about. praying and weeping. Finally, hi ever, he became more composed, and set to work to'better his l o t He Tfuinrtwu UtUi>, Umlclnd tlicni'Wlthgrass and lined them with goatskins, llejaid put a system of ilg-1

    Gfeenhouses, St. George andbd Avenues



    * *


    J R . BAUNA1

    ^iomemakers of Union County are inrited by the New Jersey I>eaKue ot Women-Voters-to .Attenil_a_ CH farmer-consumer conference on PHERE u -marketinK—which-isi_to Jie_h.eld_on 1". •A yiiU" " -J.:^M a-f |_'| FYiday. December 12. under the H!J«?S the «"'*• a groat foliar ruby v f l " " «"'*• liar of f "able League's auspices at the 'New~dBr-s!ad v l u . •: ui--:tina« is •in-r.TH' bt.-i iu all ot us. Children should irid' at right, the current enthusiasm sey State College of Agriculture bored lo . - : with tho idea, I; jsrnw in their sentiment tor Christfor black and-white U empha»iied. and Experiment Station. Here the coat cuU internrtincly away _.\visli Pau would give '.no a check[-H?"^w—iiirnn;:ii bei::g oxno^e£ year from the frun'. iVd »««i>re_tWth3r "You Had a Pleasant Night's Rest." "The meeting Is for~th-e-ftoor in back i? o( while *<;*-. Hnkh ..T-aiuid." That "ivoxil'j lie CiiYIsinias :eni!!ua.-i7.f> the "'beauts, tlie joy. and ofIinvestlgating^:heireasotsnJor • enu ngly )n d trimnrcd riJ i black ffox. . Queenly [ . riiniifii for __u.."?^-iiLlM5_lfa5Oil.. This TT-liii-li cnid: "This way to great differences between^ prices ruimi jni- wonders i£"Tim tn viUilitilitt— -tdors :ioi require large* cxpen-ituurey Tennessee," vflule to the west of paid by the consumer ana Uiuse 11.-. | i hy the fnrmerVaridto arouse • 1• , yhirii I'.iis young per' ' • - - - • mistake son lias acquired may no; m- m. j t-.i spend' largo sums on expensive bama." He was, it appeared, in the consumer's interest in the marketing problenw, of New Jersey; of the population in urban areas jia'vt M least responsible f«r her I gifts. li should come . through Georgia. [ormeTS. and the (treat Increase of women's! liOTedom. - To look forward only ;n j simpl* ilecorations • gathered a n d "You're in the second largest cotMrs. Harris T. Baldwin, chair- activities in the commercial world 1 l i e . s l u i n g ot' a few gifts i.s to : arranged, if possible, by t h e chil.brought about n complete ton growing section in the South," man of the living costs committee,. lost- ;Hi> host that ihis stasou has I clreii ihem.-pives: throusli beautliaiiKe iu the buylnc methods of to'offer an;V. in lli-^ ti:'l. ;l. They should learn Cotton, and I'm a Living Hap perence editor. The call was put Earl R. French, Food 'Marketing rfliiil. in rihopnini: and in specu'l their fun from beliiK sur- son. I ne'ver appear anywhere else Research Council, New York, "DlsJthrough solely by mechanical d-iiior^-tiiaii-.from.-the. nature this way. I'm not one of the great , tribuUng_!Methpds. _Thelr Dovolo] . .. c-Kif:. U?t them gc-t their Joy "l.ivlng"Map—peoplerI!iB-slmply-one ^iii. Many ixit>i>k/ ion.. mcalfEwlth7HiTa^uh ment en and Relation to Consumers lid satisfaction from what they of the little ones who show you solely as a chUilivn's day nnd -f.; hand anywhere in the 000 miles "Warren W. Oley By WILL KOGERS 'urchases": • in im;i <'hristma5 rather than some ot the ways of this section of that thi.-y liavt nutgrowu i!iclr-m of wire between the calling par ^ the^ bureau of rnarkets •hlef of set out of n . SV^ 1 -the oonntry, .Tow Jersey State iJopartinetil 01 A N OLD Jewish Kcntluiuan wfc ty and tho Associated Press : '1'ou know how you've seen little .'Wv laugli a t llio "ia,;;i «-,f \-hil Agriculture, 'The New Jersey * * ' sinking fast; in fecblo tones hf switchboard. Living Map people who've been digdveit •lH.-havins: lu-tter just Itcforo Farmer and His.-" .Market"; and. poke to the family gather*' The man who called was ging in mines so as to show yon icnator A. B. McAllister, chair LhJdid P firncn nn-fu(iV(> nf OUUUI.U, l l Uappened—in-those—pattBot the real /worldT_ _ I'm .-• Jnst.v a » * . a :tHe~Bell Telephone Laboratories! (man. New Jersey r arin_*fi:ltffr mission. "NeAV Jerbe>-'s M'.irke Inf., demonstrating to the Illiperson. Commission." nois Manufacturers' Association "But tliey have let me have the •Dr. J. G, Lipmiin, director of tin nice make-believe name of Miss the Bell System's newest device State. Agricultural Experiment Sta Cotton-Cotton. It's a good name— for speeding Long Distance calls. tlon and dean of the State- Collegi for in this part of the world there It presages a day that may he of Asriculture, will welcome t3ios< is so much. only a fpw years away when anyaUending the conference when th "Oh, it would be a very»unone with a dial telephone can sessions •begin at "10:45 B. m. v "la Rachel there?" he nsVedr— dressed world If i t "weren't for "us," dial a call to anyone else in the •\'Prof. A. G. Waller, cconomis "Yes, dear, I am here," replied Miss Cotton-Cotton said modestly, 1 for tho agricultural experlnicn iis wife.. country. ' . but quite boastfully at the same station, states that the interen "Tn "my inn Solomon thorp?"— time. • "Yes, father." —"ButHhere I I lmow yoa-aagt-beIn West Virginia, for the first six in farm marketlnK will result in "Is Hyman there?". hungry!" David certainly waB. months of 1830, the net gain In the better underatamllnjr of tire -proi papor ut all


    Free Deliveries all over Union and Middlesex Counties

    in a town and wrap Kmlnbeent of those worn by "India of the court." It U thus that thi* Winter of fajhlon U invested with romance, aiid no woman . should. overlook, .the. intriguing ponibilitics thst accompany fuch drtmstie contrast". Itcmcmber .that variety heightens Interest in masculine, COD-' sciousness.



    cents are stin considered DJ many Atlantic City'Leads Nation persons Inherent or unavoidable acIn Telephones Per Person companiments of certain industrial processes. Despite the tremendoq* financial savings through accident ' Atlantic City has more telephones prevention ' publicity and authentically reported by some, of the per 100 people than any other city loading Industrial concerns ot In the United States or Canada, acAmerica, there are still'-thou»anas .cording to a recent report by the of employers who regard aa an un- American Telephone and Telegraph avoidable (though evil) necessity Company, ranking 164. cities, with a the payment of thousands upon population of 50,000 or more by the thousands or dollars for destruction numher of telephones per 100 people or Injury to the eyes of their em-In service January, 1930.

    most telephones of any city with its NMV Tr.rk.—More than 10.000 total of 1,811,410 stations, but it «>>•« and at least $40,000,000 were drops to 21st place when ranked by i "Hied In 'two recent years among the ratio of telephones to popula1 r«s:i plums; employing a total of tion; It has 27.1 telephones to every I MlO.nOn workmen, nccordlng«to the I report of a study entitled "Eyes 100 people. ' I Savml In Industry," Just published rharl°ston. g ' r -. ha haa the 'n-i^riilar rSa*ter • by Hi,- vmiwial .Society for Hife-TTF -Mwqn.mrhicltan-«nd-6noll«h etcly-Bell served — f m :i V TiTln^uPTlIl^nd ' n * C a b b i a a VTiiTlun^uPTlIlmnw |-tiunui_Safet.V--councll. • Tre« Fruit. —populationTlie twoori;unl7.atlons set out to -U'lul uf nutlicnUyftted„„ York.—A hundred nnd-renr |-f»s>s of of workmen's workmens eves evefl yaved saved lcn*'ucn off Valpnrni*". ''1'HP- lies Cattle Rustling-Wj ( I from severe Injury or destruction Mus-u-llerra, a craggy and wooded

    Evergreen "Wreaths tor the~i-'ront Dour and Windows. Small Christmas Trees for the Table Small Japanese Gardens-Very unique and attractive—make ideal Christmas gifts. -Also Potted Plants and Gut Flowers in . "endless "variety. >H^t"<:>nly=forChri8trnas"but for the Birthday, Anniversary or any occasion you can say it best withFlovvers. T

    embroideries developing gowns as:..wraps_.that jad_hcre_to_Uic regal line. These costumes af« deaigned-to-cre<»t*-such--a£jnt didtet*suchar£jnt presaion of dignity and grace that one is inclined to wonder if the woman who appeared, at luncheon in a tweed ensemble and a closely draped hat, is indeed one and the same that steps into a theatre foyer

    'hrhuymi^ lic^'auso Santa Claus "c.ii't ieavo theTu" presents- i£ they Xi^jliai!ubt2\__IiMsmevely another

    |_Use of jQoggles Proves a | Boon to Workers in Industrial Plants.

    A Few-Suggestions'

    jaunty coatedTRgurcB of leraiu . ity to veritable queens with the cominc of the. night. She weaves her. incantations with handsome ) i f ^ fiirW; bTJIUarit'-j - t « m I V J I — • - - u•'-•••' -••••.•

    Local Homemakers to \llenJ Market Meeting-



    Your Xmas Flowers

    AME FASHION is the —fairy gouTnrother of oar generation. She waves I a magic w»nd and-trnnrfonw 11 us, not from rngsed little Cindercllas to dainty princesses, hnt from audacious, bereted ana


    ^ ^ T



    now it was not so bright, and some- th» asms lime, so 1 remain EteT hiw-T*ntv'«- conversation did not BO «a to catch the? sarnft.,.car _he seem~so~interestlng to uaviu. ile there has always been someone In sung his words now in a slow sing- _the_seat with too 1 do not know song— fashion—which—made DayJd_ whether EFWouKF»tt-down-by.-irt*want tp move his head slowly from or.not. side to side without thinking very Some girls are giving a donee lunch aboutVhat was being said. and the girls have to (ret their own "So you're, going to sleep right dates, and 1 certainly would Uke. on my belt," Enty said. to eo with him. How should. I go David blinked nnd saw Be had about UT RUTH. toppledov€randl -PTJTHLlf_rflu_kri»?Jhe young maa deed on Enty!s.belt a \ previously then would b« nc • "Tou'd better have a _hlEhf9 harm In apeaklng to him when you rest," Enty added. "We nil have Qnd yourself on the tamo car. Reto come to it even though it is a trardlcas ot whonnret may be witb t l t ^ l l ^ h u m a n s -must you at tbe_tlme, rou_»hould rvturD -Ma-aaluaUon. ana, li~lhV"opportusleoii: "But I'll tell yon where there Is troduc* 81m to your companion. he wishes to cultivate a friendship a nice bed for you." with you ho will soon know- tromHe'- t o o t David by\ the hand, yourr-attitudethat—you are not •which was just-as- well, -for David- »Ters« to him. UnleM—you—hasrs: was stumbllns in his sleepiness. progressed further In your acquaintBefore David scarcely realized it, ance I would not advlso you to Inlie was lying down in the loveliest, vite the young man to the dance. warmest, snussllest bed he had ever EAENANCT LEE: known. He did not *care much I am a girl fourteen. Two where it was, he was too tired to boys in school toy they aro In thank Enty, he just went oft to with me. One Gave me a rlnc, sleep and It. wasn't until niornina love and told everyon* In school that that he knew that he hnd been we were engaged. The other gave sleeping in a most beautiful field me a bottle of perfume and said of cotton upon, some soft white I he lovad ma wore than the other. cotton. |—They both ask ma to go to entesr—As he looked about him a little" tainmentj at th« echoolhoustr—Icreature with a cunning, jolly face, hato to -refuse and I hate to go. (1 ressed .all in . fluffy, soft white, VThat should I do? said: LUE-ETED BLONDE: 1 caa only "Sou had 2 pleasant nipht's rest, tell you what I always tell other didn't you! In just another hour KCboolKirls who write to me about or so you've an engagement to have their love affairs. Forget them, and a swim and breakfast with the Gulf enjoy the happiest days of your life ot Mexico, but if you'd like to have *—the days when you have no re-. a look around, I'd be delighted to sponsiblUiica and life's problem! show you." have not yet presented themselvel David hastily pot up and now he to you. Obey thai lmpuls* and tell was in a very different part of the the boys that you do not car* to. $0 country. Here he saw signs which to th* school entertainments with pointed north -to—South -Carolina th«m. that yon would ralher gowlll: and a little.to the porthwest was a a croup In which they may be In•raded If they wish. I am sure trial I you are Intelligent enough to know rTaat-i-younc-boy cannot know what lore means. For love means faiOi. understandinc i_aa «acrlflce. notjusi • demonstration or atr«:t',on and » tew .gifts.

    the Rambler A : a 48 to 14 E V in a one-sit!


    by NdncyVj Lee


    ^ ^ hccepts a Christ:11ns Seal Tree I i. niistuiii.-- M.-.H J.T .1 ^u..... ^-,»... Va«^ for tlie lirst. CliI'1;C-M.IJI?? oMns-Lji—ChriPtiiKis tree on I'.is sluniltler. graiitidiild, Charles Augustus IJnii- j l! "is ~s6idThrpTf;j!i'6iii''"Xe\v"Jersey 1 nnIor,pveseiuetl b> >* M?.rcminty community 'r," pveseiuetl b M?.r- 'by- -the - *I -T 'S ........tv "in:!ami rnimmmilv puti:':!!* r.:ul lianunli Raymond, tulicrcr.]o?is associations aliiiinted (iraiiflehlldroii of State P^ir.tor. A. ' with l\\t 'Xow'-Jersey Tuberculosis S Rpcves, C Christixas Seal I J.c:.:r,ic. J.c:-.:r,ic. 'Vvxiis Vvxiis rreceived ee from the CiiSzer Rpcves, i arc ii:;oil ol i:i the support of olinChairman for Tren',011. OJI hehali of saio ii. niirsiiis ami htalili education the New Jersey - Tuberculosis I .E.oi'vic-es available in c.vry county. l.eaKuo.


    They art BO universally gratifying as gifts—and theySo&> much tbbrighten up one's own home in the true holiday manner,.

    nroyears ago, but" jiaia_ not »e«n him since then until about thrw

    •Following : tee ot tSe~* Joseph that i ..T^5*rrrre -i«.. _. a gridJroi^ bs due to i San open iball game v l y Drnke,-mf ,-i declared VI |ld be glad t i he high sell*



    help.it will be! So come

    Sir Hubert





    Outlaw Guns Are U»ed to Kill Game in East

    of Upright, Granthr Player

    Solve the "21" Problem! Win a Valuable Prize!

    Baltimore.—^Maryland game wardens are now hunting pothunters, who, with outlaw guns, have slaughtered wild fowl by the score. Such a gun, mounted In a motor boat, was captured a few days ago. 'Ihe weapon would hring down 70 to 10O .ducks at one charge. It Is a home-made shooter, operating on the principle of the old flint lock musket. Three Irou pipes of various lengths are Its barrels and two rou^h boards make its stock. .The barrels are bouud together'near the muzzle and again near the stock with Iron braces and the whole"lsflttedivlth a hammer,trigger, percussion cap and a powder pan. The gun was mounted on the frontrat the skill In such a manner that it could be pushed overboard quickly, If danger threatened the '. fhunter—\Vhen-all-wa3-qulet-oyer--l the marshes the liunter would flash ' a strong light on the wild fowl. Up would go the leads' and he wonld bang away Nvlth his ennnon. The | outllt wns captured on Tangier pound, but the hunter escaped over tho marshlands.

    Don't miss this opportunity to win, absolutely free, one of these prizes. Test your skill, send in your solution, and yoi> may find yourself among the winners. There-is _no cost for entering. Follow the directions and: send .. in . your _&nswer T0DAYL _ firrrrg


    The flrxt prize will he it\vnrili*«l for tlm bt*st solution of \hv altovp problem. tiiklnc Into rotiHldcratlon correctiifhH. iietittit-ht mid unlqiifneHH. Solution win he mmlf out on thr. nfw»nup*r or hrparntt* lmprr, or in any uniqur formcimtit»tiuit th'Hlrrti, The H«^inil. third, fourth mid (ktlifr prixt^i to lie nwarded »<•h t f t i i name value will bp nwunlrd to wicimi" Hie I5I111C rnnirniun • t h r prtzfH df^tfrnutfd In the lulv^rtlsrmfnt. Solution* will br ticrfplrtl up to unil litrliifUnK II I ' / M . , Moml:iy, Dnvmlirr Hth, 19:10. Sithl nohitiunH to thin praMrm m»y r>lthtr hr mjiIUii or ilfllvt-m\ In "IMTMHI to our_j*tori*, fiO3_ltr(iiiil - Strifl, N'rwnrk, N. J.. brforr the CTOSIIIK duti>. :i V. M., Monilny.-Drrrtnbrr Kth. lD:tO. ITUrn will he nwnrdril Monituy. lVtTmh^ Kth at ~ .> 1'. M., ivl our ttturr. fitVS Horitd s\re*t, Newark. "N. .1., und thr >4Uif«^»ful"coiit4*Mlaiits will be notlrteil:

    -Indians-Again-Take Up Raising of Turkeys

    4th Prize WristWatch

    Walker IUvcr Indian Ueservatlon, Nev.—Prehistoric Indian activity of raising turkeys has been revived hy industrious workers on the res eratlon here. They raised and sold I 3,000 choice birds In 1029 nod will market approximately 4,000 this fall. Hundreds of years ago the Aztec tribes of Mexico made turkey raising one of the principal sources of their food supply.

    3rd Prize IDiamond Ring

    ^^^lt^ln^not-nerrflimry-to-bf-preTtent-wt—uur.ntore-Ut_the_t(mi*. i Krmemlirr thin eontmt CIOKCH promptly ut X 1'. M., ^londny, Drvrmbrr Hth, und *\ S»i~HoluUoiiii~rrik*lV*il-*ftrr-that-lioin--wiil--br-«rrrptTrt. I'Hffiil KuUvfnlr

    —5thPrize Chest-

    tUcn thi ncure "V* In the center" iqtmrfr,— then pUe« fixurea In each or the other ..•quires to ai to total ?1 horltontaUy. pcrpendlcala"rlj"and~-dlacoDaUyr~ti>lnK^Qum--. ber* from 1 to" 13. Do not me the tame naraoer. twice. Suceeatfol conleitanti will be notified 07 mall. No employee of tbli firm may enter the conte«L '. CI.OSINd DATK, DKCKMnER 8T1I

    Canal Boat Becomes School , I^indon.—A cannl boat Is to bo turned Into-n-school wlth-uccomniodation ior 40 pupils, the chlldre workers on London's canals.. Oo Top of the World Teacher-Jimmy, you. should strive to-ben successful man.__You should aspire to reach the pinnacle ' of fame. . D o you know what pinnncle mennB? II jimmy—ies, teacne my iu always enjoys a tfce fpfnntt'clfc—Broo '_ Thii W'aigh, Yo» M«an Kew Maurtwlib'tuisbeentoid to address the guests correctly, usherIng In-admlraiy—Thts-^vny.-jour; aagshlp.—Boston Transcript. —_

    -Classified Ads Pay. .


    C Ndrno


    6ffi Prize — Chimes Clock

    from a family.

    Address City . . .

    605 Btoad Streets




    ..< -j


    . v - ••••

    •, •


    . ' .- - - " i f

    • v V

    ' •



    ' * '



    WMP \

    T> A H W A V

    HlK '••• »


    ftE06RDr FRIDAY DECEMBER 5,1930.



    The Rahway Record "RAHWAY'S HOME N E W S P A P E R " New J e r s t e y Advocate. ' Establithed 1822" NO. 2202 _ _ _ _ S a R 0 A l .. NO. 2 Entered at tbe B«hwijv~K~J. Tqsi~Ofllce as -BCCOIIJ, olas« matter, under the net of October 2, 1927.

    fort M \Betwel

    "published Tuesdays and Fridays

    •Following -tho-Hl

    J. R. HOUGH, President

    Honeydale-50"MTnXUes Out.

    'The Baptist'- on Prohibition One of t h e most noteworthy utterances on t h e of Prohibition which w e have 4ately seon o c c u r s ! ! ! a leading editorial in " T h e Baptist" of

    occurs in ,i i^^vt...^

    THE ONCE OVER By H . I. PHILLIPS Hccoftl.)

    Chicago, one ot tlio oldest auH ablest—religionsporioilicals In America and a recognized representaititm. In t h e p r e s e n c e of tive of cno of t h e largest-evangelical Christian de- TALLAME .scvcim persons he Is said l o hnvc Michigan—Solomon read t h e All-Anisrlcan selections nominations. It begins its consideration ot the sub- Vpsilanti, RoseiikrsweicJ, -well: made by a rival "conch and. p u t t h e ject by saying: "This paper is dry. We favored t h e ("Jake") known football fullback, THIS found Wjiptiper_UsUK1'_wtthiiul ^ u i i n n -passas_e_ot_ t h e Eighteenth Amendment and worked is further conteuded t h a t when believe, .heartily., today in for it. plainly 1 muttering i h c o h / e r e n y if he agrend with t h e sclecr>r nil tn SilV: " " • " •• " • • . . ^ . > . t wllh -. HOI1S. 11L* Miiunm-» ... n team a nddh hadi not "pliasls and cxcla"tnTe"dr*"A"b50lntely*social and political question and not a religions ques- son on been name-.l o n a single AlkAttier- I_couldn't have named ;i better tion. N'or is it a moral question.i- inMen '.can eleven in a n y American news- team II I s myself.". case is r earded s; their cbnvic(US!-

    led that t h e j |efit game K* a KTid.irot| ; clue to aff !an open < ball game ay Drake, m j declared lid be glad t l [he high srfrjj game could frow,. and ifj ch Austin l l Arable for thfl ! his cohorts?; Westfleld. nost-ofH • are formera game wou'i nrilrco'n'testP lool-Rambler^ (schedule a e l triiday, hii : last-night i l |strong Woodf

    "Will! a namo tions as' to m e OtlUHla ing with t h e liquor habit and t h e liquor traffic. n't seem possible I could tnlss," | OVERCOMING OBSTACLES SUbicrlption rate $2.50 per year, payable In advance. lamented Uosenkraweici. | Pretty soon you may hear some Multitudes on both sid.es ot this question a r e all Single copy 3 cents. . •"-• 1 toting m •\yirpM successful -American American boasting111 j stirred up emotionally over it. T h i s is inevitable, Chicago, 111.—Travis D. mown Wlrp:jI<113 l l t e i f r y that be began tils I . hut it is unforxnnnte: tnr liie solution of the serious for SO years one of the best V110--west. 'Uii? w l t h only one racket. .KUKHIAL jUIVEXTtSMS SEWESOTATlrtS situation' that ho\v tTVces-the;.couniry~te_ thoroughly les were fou'nil on t h e living-room the story.of ihe.si.r"«>t isinier unilnieiit—.* The requcSniiar^ve-useMliis-period-flUepr.eai floor. They had shot each other. t o r t u n i t e -•"rtiini; apples for fitteon committed to democracyr We believe-that major!- Neighbors' said they they hhad d heard the "ston for t h e benefit of all by improvim* the appearNeg llong into i thenight ight proii'stinsly. bit into it a n d tvies'should rule, even when the majority tloes not couple the _n_ce_af o u r homes and grounds in order to provide I ln.i n worm In* <;prinnl i temporary employment to t h e ' 200"T>eTsoii* in-Ra-rH .gree iviih ffanie beca' ll you phrases ay. "But 1 tell you he was '. "Wluit's t h e idi-a ASHTT? imv; be it ihe Eighteenth Amendment or any other, p h r s e ll f i-nts for an appl<- In that fcral players t quarterback," uarterback" j • way, who. in many cases, a r e . in-de.-porate. need, .is a sa-ci .in,...^. [OO small smau for LVII u ., , v v ..... . „ . atidiil thai is not supported by t h e general conscience of too " only one of the many sensible appeals made in t h e iHy played - te| "What did h e do ag»lnst A r m y ? " tion?" he Hoovir!" exploded si: :he. people, cannot possibly be maintained. AVe beand. "All right, name me^a bottCT "That "'"'report"which the newly organized-City Employment • the peddler.. f and' Zumah, iieve that t h e people have w h a t they~y'ant in t'h'e"field general:" Committee dre-w.up a t a meeting last week. T h e : backs, hav: matter of t h e regulation of t h e liquor traffic, and all week { New .York. N. Y.—It w a s u n - ! FANCY A "MISS LINOLEUM alms of this committee a r e t h e most far-reselling that proper provision should be made for express- nbunced here today t h a i t h e Hli>-1 VILLE!" d. against !t yet brought to onr attention and every citizen who ay. Tlies plai., ing what they want. . . . F o r o u r own p a r t . W e a r e podrome, -Madison Square Oardeu j .Hue n :i revolt of .| h e younc V° can possibly co-operate in t h e matter of bringing flicking by t h e ship of Prohibition until' we a r eand Grand Central l^.ilace had been |pl<> the j a i m e ot t;it> town L both" lungec|g| can p o y -'— - ' sfililo ;11 ITtat.Mi t«l:ind. Island, hh fly Parker leased l o r banqueus to be '"" 1 J '•""" ' " ~5iiuMi aa s s bc-rn | relief to those h i t hardesi by Uve present ovcrnlifltiiinT'Tfit)'. : .and-_crasl surer than we a r e i t present. t h a i . . a n } ' - : « n ^ « r . ? n e j ^, 1 . 1) - ei .- 1STo rtf-tootbairplarers-ehansert'liy-'ar. tivt-r economic ~cohdKibu"snouttr"do'~so: were vessels that m offering to take us off is seaworthy. 1 1 3 m e d o n A n-American elevens by •'The r.ew muni; »' name»nc Neck. Rerkilt^y pnter. . [ft ., ~ conTmendable- .The platform states that every dolalone. T h e overflow will hp taken i MPIIIHTC were other nominations, Herald of a recent issue contains t h e fol/oodbridge I S £ l a r earned or given should 'oe spent in Rahway, noth- Summit care ot a t t h e Metropolitan Opera [but Travis won by 333 votes o u t [led their anniif, house. .. -t_ • i of -tCo. Travis will do. ft sVinnd> t^ J J ; . i n s will be undertaken that will interfere with any lowing: n silver Saving-cup. ,-U . ty -several we COOCAN WINS CONTEST ••* I superior. When yon mention It — DEMOCRATS ENTERTAIN "We have no doubt—that._£ome_ot._our_.readers juceessful p: t. .••"" established 'business.'there i s . to-lie no discriminaThe- wlvm orts «litor. «litor. for for| pie pic riding riiiinc to to hhirrnds. T hh ee rr ee ,. is Is nno w< ( . l v ( ; u a d t n n . T a n d itoclM by ith some of t h e views thus expressed by T h e Bap- II uuk« hit victory In iti" k« H mnds. T Jninor children will receive preference and only one by seven R-K-O tbca.f.s. iPclu.llRv; I Rahway teai! dislinguNhcd_<-.indor. Mr. .Tris'/ii.-|»neg«--ii«in• ot « » • " <->vrrinp. ._ iUL _J\»h»ar__W-t»nwn> .IVraocTaMc j "X : d t h R v hpTe"d. to schedf . nKmber~oT a"family~ will be given" aid: whose AU-Ameruaii eleven 'was, " l.lf.- wifh (Tie' ynunS I M t y - r r s v (.j , „ , p f m i "uabips Monday n r r t t . ihe~oneii"1n"lut.7""city;~ATthnT-tT?a'| ; ta« Ail-Anieriian i.m ^uch easier wheni_t.. _ frow with Wet! _whose '.. , . . . . . „.„.. fitifi: ...in,i.iui«.IT in ,inn >u will lie m ,„ „ „ , . . . xi,.. THnirM« J _ . lftltnte.1 boy iPOjcaTio, son ot I .' With t h e proper co-operation from the city at Dr. Clarence T r u e Wilson will anathematize them a s announced er Class A last week, admitted In dcnl-< will b e much :a.son . against, .the Constitution a n d apostasy "larsc~thecommitlee-isJiaiirid.. to.succeed i fpr_it..lias •(•as -nnsuc been founded on the best possible principle and con against God. .Hut we must sincerely -pity anyone - s l s t s - o t - o n c of t h e stronBiiaj._gr^ps__of_individuaIs .[_wlio. whether h e agrees with them or not. does not [tmblef Qu in Rahway. It is headed by Paris R. Fornian. one regard them~as one of the nnest"anU~iiiosf"iii>pirln? of the ablest and most puiilic-spiri'.en. citizens if contributions t h a i have been mad» to t h e great con•"the city. He has appointed a widely representative troversy "which vexes t h e nation.'* ! Rambler A Mrs.. Cecilia Dunn. Miss Anna i n e r n o ; i u . uirv—«: . n m u .v» .-. ,..^.-w . . ^ . . ^ „, j"a -1G to 1:4 si » i which knot's no political, fraternal, reli llyn'li. Mrs. A. C. K f a k « . Mm. Juhn, famous football-coaches, w a s laker. : t Copyright. liC.u.. by T h e I C , of Elizabe, 1 Markcy. M n . K. P . Mnrphy, Mrs. : or business aflUialicns to prevent them fron into custody and ht'.d for m e n t a l . ated Newspaper.-.> Married-Women Not Wanted I'icrrp l>?I'otter. Mrs. R. i>.' J e n - j working unselfishly and harmoniously . f o r t h e we' It was thei cities, whilp non-p!»yers" awards J "Married-women—may—soon-Jlnd themselves euon for the VJ'i' fare of t i e city. I l r . Forman-realizes that—relie w<-n; to Mrs. Ralph Srhufci. M r s . ! S-the knows u o entangling alliaiices a n d " s h o u l d - n o t - b e irelyineligibie for employment in the-avcftise.bnsiThomiis J. ixroihHn. T h o rornTnit'l-;• . Drake and] :ess firm, acconlins to t h e results of a-surveyjiist. :o^ in charso consist;* of -Mr»t. K. j atfected 'by .17 ;-th1ns personal. It w a s with this forwards. w.<' P. Murphy, chalrmati. Mrs. Coillla ' thought in mind that he selected his cosmopolitan 1 ompleted by Anna Steese Richardson, prominent I able to breali 4>unii. >lr flrey in women s clubs .vnil ' " 1't group of co-workers. . Here gathered from all places and all time, the w s ' pointsJ Out of seven of t h e greatest New York firm: H. S. -PLAYERS MENTIONED Tlie situation tjiat n-oiifrouts Bahway is serious | r r e d for. "the . :-i wails orrvlsdom and ol lollj meet. T » n mi' y of f :hih IMP IMP f ^inviTn-_M^mr>r Mr-= Richnidson says', in AVomIIMHI at Kafiiway Hiyrt ^clntol 1 L_J-'i>"''jjoifcViic'->viiiclr-K-lll-prove : a--financial-.hurdeiL.oii an's Home Companion..hut.. "»* really welcomed Klwii luinorahU*-mvntion oil : Tin- company-had-a---K<>vvriK •^ ' -"•group or individual. All that is needed is co--marriwlwoiiieriV This wasaTMd concern. Another - - — — . _ . . - - . - . hH any ion tract for •tfV.OOO tent . , . , , .,.„. ~ ^ r i ^ i ivnmpn. with their minds I B o n n i e B U f n Bnil.! f firm dec•lared t h a l j n a r r i e d women, ivitb their minds ' i > i f . luTlfipp to insure That the

    You spend years building a business, accumulaf* ing money and property. Why not keep the work of your lifetime intact for those who come after you? l a netting u p a - w r i t a b l e p l a n , we can Help you as we have helped many men, through our services as executor and trustee under their wills. W a y s a n d m e a n s to protect your family, and carry on your business if you wish, can be devised in a discussion withour Trust Officer.


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    nf thp concerted efforts constantly lie " ..• rations althoueh advertised us liavtug1 sut . . . . . IJIIB made in-the_dlrectlo* ot living condllloilii Tola: .'_11 [Of'secvJvc, consume..most of their t l m e j n j s a r d . l>lay- -livcly_tr'cc..from.the m e n a c e of dangerous disease •"."' ing a n d gossip, t h e action o t t h e League i-ecomea • ' - doublj-worlhJ while. • We'll manage t o keep calm about t h e Soviet - -v- iMc«st-Ot4]ti»rservleO-ofUhejcroup.Is,.as Jay pTotarnehandB-upon—Santa—Claus.— nr<.r_nf-t.lin fund. 1u . Destructive Fire , w . ft BUb-roso activity; done without tlie.-advert.is-. The-lacJtpryJjuIldiii'g of F r a n k T. | ing that 1B nsually d«sired hy e u c h . e group. Many . Cladek o n Elizabeth avenue, o c - ' ; oiWnliatlOBs faight prajit b y thtis*pen

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    in New Jersey, [ge, is in keeping fficient telephone of the State.

    Use the Record!

    BY WILLIAM J . McANEENY Prcildnnt, M»H
    ~VMV have built these models up to and beyond tBe 1931 ^




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    liosley, Ala.—Injured by a ..•! liylitninc bolt which struck j the Methodist parsouagt;" I; here, Mrs. .lohn Meuery and • Mrs. .T. r . Holmes nrc * recovering from severe hurts, . while l!i- other women, sucsts • in t h e home tit t h e time, a r e ' expressing wonder a t their • nurrow escape. T h e women, • members of an arts class ' meetlni-r with Mrst-^e.—ltrCiirpfcnter, vrlfe of t h e •minister, were i n t!:e middle u t ' tlielr instruction when t h e bolt struck the house, al-' most 'dcmollshlni; t h e living „ room and Riilinterins" tjie fur. nltUr'e. T h e splinters, stuck 1 Mrs. Slencry a n d Mrs.

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    Row t h e-Racket Racket Wuiks: Wuiks The vice racket, -as "the Doie l i d i k Ttlrc-tMs-r— H e or one of his moli invites a woman to an apartment or notl' rpom._ A little later the vice s nrrlves. Tlie" wdman~rs7"arrt The bail bond company Is called. Then a lawyer appears. Finally the case Is quashed with the aid of court attaches. Then comes the shakedo'wu. In one instance, it was. revealed, n woman paid out Sl.riOO to the ring. It the woman has no money she is permitted to put up her jewels. If she has neither money nor jewels, but is attractive, she is turned over to the rinp's "hostes-s" to earn enough money to "pay oft." —Vs_lhe_result of evidence oblalned by-tlto-IuvesUgators.-it- was. lenrncdr—subpoenacs- have - been tienL mil lu n seore-of-womea-wlK)have been victims.

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    The Record Serapbook

    u|w!l llii--ii liy.ill's _ li iiiiniiuuin. Home TT ajnouiit of suffenug is redUteil" "| Welcomes Mrs. AOIer H Tht*y ar< • Machon.i'iid. and I of Ciuh j „ --—tujlj—fair- lo- -hose--worfcinpp-io allcriatc. &Uffe.rins.. io-.warae—lhait-silj£le3vonie'n-tvith their minds upttn For --what-do---yon-Uvo?-—-.^ --L Alxuit forty in heir lov r j.- r i,i ; iv j t i ^ i i AMS m a d o of O r r , t ; i n I r U l a .unl i e r e shoald receive this . needed, support. d t n e e of Mrs. Juliu Tlie—majority of firms, however, including de- I)r what you give? ilfsM. i'oni?ri'iiiilatinir h e r upon hVr! iK'.'rk,- who won- i h n ontstnndlni: safe arrival from Kcropo. wlu-re •'•'•»'',<' «f l!»<- Lnlon County spurts partment stores, banks-and industrial concerns, re- Which is t h e dynamo Buy Christmas Seals That makes you go. ;he had, spent several months. I •.'oavht-s. ' plied that they put married women in a class that can Get or Hive? The animal Christmas Seal sale lias- btgiiu Little Girt Drowned ' be replaced easily. Home worrits, child-birth a n d HOLD CARD P A R TY. Marsarct Kelly, d a u g h t e r of MiThese little tokens, which when purchased in really liability t o quit when their husbands he«Hne_pros- Oei from the world Its li*e:i.surcs. Mr.-\ Cecilia I>urm w a s in ohurte chael and Mnrgarrt K-.-lly, a s e d small quantities by the individual amount, t o a very Knowledge, friends ami-health. disqualify them for positions or ndvanccseven years, fell Into t h e river bn- <^f a rani party held in t h e Roberts Heap to the full your measures, large total when multiplied' U>y the .number of pur-perous, low KdKaFs llorner orrMonday a n d Iiui'diris-lasc -Kriday—uilercoon by Co,l. and good, and Wealth, ment, said t h e employers. ini'inliiTs of t h e Kahway Women's chasers, are really the harbinger of Christmas. Tlie was drowned. But P-.-irihcratic a.-:si)i-::iiio!i. Those A:i insurance company reported.that 7f> percent - Old Landmark Disappearing good derived from their sale is-so-well known ilia' Get to Give. : Tlie old stone bridge on Uridce . winning prizi-s wor^: Tho- MOKit should be necessary •only to c-all attention'to them of employed wives, applyinp: for iouns, stated ( h a t id:imw M. l'aRi-. Mar'.o Dencher. A. >:tiw.i is being torn . i l o m i . t o . y l y e _ai_tbjs__tiriie to_insufe~a record holiday sale. T h little benefit came to t h ? family because of wasting iKin't he. a miser place trj a new iron ; and s t o n e C7 "Feakc.-7" John -Kepkir.—Hush ; iiijudicious-purchas- I—A-slave- to-your-golck h e , S h n n n o n r D u n n . SUsts-Kinma- -Hyan . .larger tho sale, l-he greater tlio work aiiuiiist th rii6ne>~oir'in"com"petenr"hclp: .bridge t o !>'buTlT~tiri rc~l)uvy~ tvnv ivjng.is wiser, —" \irail -Ml-.'.- ( i r a t e —VanSanl.— [Freeholders. blighting and dfe'av.Srdisease,"tuberculosis, t y f o r iiiR "of " t l b t h e s " t o r a p p e a r a u c e - sake a n d -from -the. A hundred, fold. nier years, Rahway and Clark Township resident: expectation of other members of t h e family that. —-: So— GIVEN PHARMACY DIPLOMA Sense of Humor Kept ud .'have realized their obligation 111 tins mailer. Tliii. 1 IIL-CUUSL' Amc~n"~ Ttip~~FT p e r s o n s w i o fT 'Couple Mappy aO ^ears yenr, o n r citizens should be just a little mora live on a better scale!" c i n t l y p d t 10 Get—you must Penvor.—John Diilziol, ninety-two "clmfjlably inclined to tlf? end that t h e greater haU "The woma inurv oxamiuatlan&.jiiy:l w t r c :iud Ills w l f e J o n e ^ i r i i i e t y u i "with voititicai^.i of ide is t h e k i n i o t employee we do n o t Give—you must. lie may be waged against the disease by i t s well work outside is •lelirated their sixty-ninth weil (ration l>y Ac!in;,- Governor A r t h u r If you would live: lanre concern replied to t h e questionorganized__force; l h e Union County Tuberculosis waul." I'k'rsmi. a t T r e n t o n , o n Won- ing anniversary here recently, ntIbute-tholrIons- marl ra|-1>lts5Tt?r«" f c y . was William Uninsolt JaqUCST naire. ls existence, n o t living, .•>• t h e league for And we would add help those who sey College of P h a r m a c y . Newark, nine ax an; engraver, m i e n life That t h e s e r v i c e s ' r e n d e r e a . . b y various health are discouraged with life to t a k e on Mr. .laqiics Jaques has beenbeen enrployed employed in n Railway Is ?2.;'0n mid for Clark Townrfiip' ?250. uok IMIIII of us, turned us this way the sixjcialty d e p a r i m r n t of tMeruk new hope In their living. last year. Kvery agencies. S l a t e a n d ' l o c a l , a r e of great social s ' Those quotas a r e the s.une d t l t l i l d K o n l b i l i t U s —Send i-orrtrH>ntit>ih<—t-o—^B e-t-& 'e nificai nrd—lurdeiia upon—Mft—P' High graduate oi resident who •Unni Fund." .Mrs. i.Morss. lUl I- g to fiCrrrASAM ISTHWTTM 1 6RE«T knowledge." he said. noteworthy-adivance in numerous branches' of pub- iized. one gives something lo tho worthy cause. . . "- .. | S « pogue Aiwre • s|VMEfit(SA« Aiwreor Jinny of hlsypngravlngs of birds, Mrs. Baker Dies lic limiili (.mlpavor, beasts and reptiles appear In an "IDEA WOW MUCH «U««IW& 'ff ^Irs. Sarah M...Avldoyy Ale American ilictlonnrv. His father. AUOASlOtfCUJESTlOHS AHO M...AVidow of Alex Typhoid fever offers a case In point. LaboraJunior League and Its Work . mder Uakcr, died Tuesday evening Sir Robert Dalzlel of Newcastle-onEPOUWeAU'enECWMG 11 is commendable that an organization such tory studies and co.-operalioti between officials and it the residence on St. George aveTyni", was n purtrult paiutor of IT TAIiSS TO F i t . dairymen made It.possible for New Jersey to esta(>lue, aged 75 years. note. , OF A HBWSPAPER-. VJWCH IS i- the Junior Service League should recognize t h e WHV WE A f P f t s a A T E t f Vfl-'EU Home Wedding ' • _ilip trartltlniiiii 'VLpaii- wood" d" member. b e r llsh A new low record [or this dread malady. Motical I.erm KIMS SZKO HJ ITEMS Hiss AnnI:e«aje t r e a t m e n t plants, of hotel and marriage Thursday a t t h o bride's of uslnc the bow. membership In t h e League a t its meeting 'Monday .restaurant kitchen's, of boarding homes for chll- tiome to J. Edgar Ward of Newark, -Married -Fifty^eartr F E 8 S I OTlT uighU ~FoF r «n~cnt}re"""year~Uie'' actirities of t h e s e |~dren,"of oysters-and t h e waters lii-whlch-tlioy-are eight women within' t h e group Will b e closely grown and o l other places o r articles (which affec' Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Sym cele>...t,wi *h*\ *;nKK n*miv^tHfiTv of t h e i r -«ftcl^ud. ahuuld tin ^'ululliJU 11 wedding this week. pimoUe* U«lt«d t* a s e t standard, a full membership will likely toe|^_ _ such_informution_ should be a source ot publi

    How About a Trip to the West Indies?

    . Miss Gladys E. Schell, daughter• William Bliss, 57 Jaques ar«nue, of M r . a n a M r s . Fred Schell, 142 •was re-elected Senior warden tor Hamilton: street, and Johft J . Me: 1 two ytears of St. Paul's Church at [ahon, Newark, were quietly marthe- annual parish meeting held led a t an informal ceremony perMonday in the Parish House- audi- formed M o n d a y night i n t h e .tbrium. Robert A. Coin, CilfTord parsonage or t h e Church of t h e Buckley and Ross Fowler; were Holy Comforter. T h e Rev. ROSiert Police and Stool' Pigeons given the position ot vetrymen1 for W. Elliott, rector of t h e church, in Ring That CollecU terms ot three years. Mr. Bliss, lertormed t h e ceTemony. I J. Strother Miller and Mr.-TowleT "— From now on any time up to late spring S Million a Year. The couple wore attended—by|*were-honorefdelegates to the. Diocean conven. New York.—A' vice ring w powjnd Miss Suzanne VanLilew, 46 crful that.lt.noes not need nor tion. The alternates are Mr. Coan, JJultqn street. Mr.' a n d M r s . Mc-ihe-Caribbean and visiting^th^quaint'and W0Mtln*ndGharlesJJfiuj=W p e n u l t t h e uiu « i V.U..-I— — - . • • Mahon will make their U0TH6~inH trates-and so well otEnnlzed that sell.- . historical islands of pirate lore. Newark. It cord Indexes Its women •victims Prior to the election' and busiand collects $5,000,0000 a year h a s ness meeting, a turkey supper was Some of the trips cost but little more CARD PARTIES TONIGHT i been uncovered-by tave«U8a«wi?. served by a committee headed by T h r e e public card parties •will be -gtftln(rth«rby-pTodncts-of-tliiS-Citjj ; ,Mr«_Lester_J\Yolff.; Tho_Girl'H Held" i n * Rah w a y - tonight; thanrto^stay-at-home;————^ _ _ They 1 mimleipnl graft, It was learned r e - Friendly. Society, under the dffe"c" -I-tion^—,01 •1-nilH-n' Auxlllai. The ring, according t o lnforwa. No. 5, American i Jjegion, u The annual report submitted bJ ^ost, no more but you do get a r — tlon being InvesUgated by Isldor the 'home ot its- president, ^Irs J. Krenel, who h a s diarge of t h e James B. Mershon. vestry clerk, Charles Archer, 12 Pierce street. which assures you the most comfortable npppllnto (llvlnion's lnqtdry Into t n e was read. It showed growth i n t h e County Lodge. >'o. 27 magistrates' courts, consists Ot Kussell each made aFellows, which will follow iraKeling^accommodations. 1 ^>(-tln Btoorprgeons, sbm«m6r. — business raeelln'is'al Mr.. Coan, Mr. Fowler and M rshort F. Hall, Main and Monroe street; police depattraent, certain court attaches, lawyers, a n d ball bonds- taking for their topics t h e welfar- with iterbert Ackert, chairman o h J h The ring preys upon Indiscreet 'Daughters of America, at Jr. O Women Again! women, some of the victims belnB V. A. M. Hall. 56 Seminary "avenu" The tired business man who cot|jL:nrominence,.lt..was charged. ~rorm"ot Aircratc " " •Married women, show girls, mgtit plained' Hfar lfe wanted peace-ant Real Estate—Insurance—Steamship Agents dub hostesses—nny women witn qniet, got a present of a radio s e An "ornlthopter Is ?. form ot a! money or Jewels or lacking either from h i s wife.—Woman's Honr craft heavier than air, deriving i 147 Irving Street, P a h way, N. J. ••••••• but having beauty—are likely un- Companion. ..chicf..support_anil propclling.'fori : der- certain circumstances to Una from flapping wings: "' • ~ '. " • "-- ~:«r""~^r '•O** themselves "framed" on charges Classified AUs^Pay of immorality. =""" —storsTTofirbyStootrr—~ The disclosures eonccrnlng tne vice ring came at about the same time that a Special Sessions courtwas reversing the "conviction ol Mrs. Emma Hammerstein"" on-acharge ot vagrancy or immoral conduct last June before Magistrate Earl Smith. ' Mrs. ITammerstein had been found guilty of improper conduct on t h e testimony o t a policemt The widow of t h e lmpressarlo had insisted all along that t h e charges against her were framed. Her case had been under invesUjation for REAL SERVICE—GOOD^ COOKING—SANI: several months. The story o£ t h e $5,000,000 vice TARY CONDITIONS AND A VARIED ME^U rinf- came from a Broadway "stool," O to a hardware store which specializes in whose name h a s n o t been revealed, but -who Is called " T h e Dove" correct gifts for the home. We cordially among night lite initiates. invite you to stop in and shop.-. We would con' "-X woiniiii" known" a s "Madame ."nller," who i s said to own three jidertfa privilege to help you make selections. establishments, one in mliltown, one in the" TO'STmU a n o t h c r l n - t h c Uarlcm black belt. Is mentioned a s a leading character in t h e easy morals-easy money r a c k e t "Madame Adler" is said to have disappeared and t h e Investigators a r e conducting a n undercover search for her as-«-wItness. —^The_Dov(u!!_st!!Ol_nigion for the_ police a t a flat salary ot ?G0~a\veefc, told the sordid inside story of the -vice racket-for -reasons,-not-yet_re=-.. vealed. l i e w a s found recently In a midtown hotel, where his com- fort was looked-after-by_n_buller_ and a man servant. "The Dove" told Kresel, i t was learned, that for fifteen years h e h a d served the police vice squad. T h e $C0 was just coffee money, the investigators learned, for " T h e Dove" h a d an arrangement whereby h e received ?10 for every •woman turned over to certain members of t h e vice squad. Not all of. t h e details of t h e W vice racket were made public, but it_J*vns__sajd_JlTlic Dove" had .amassed a t least SoOOTOOO for~lii5 SP2CIAt^ayiPMSHT-EXIEA-^_!A).t^gWCjij_jM^^ DtfROIT '• work nnd—that- h e _aiso_ nau re= eclved splits "from attorneys, bondsmen and court' attaches.

    146,148 Main Street, Rahway


    p^hmati. tz hi»lau.. jr.. vlii, it. ..;.

    lahway Girl Married Officers Are Chosen At Quiet Ceremony By St. Paul's Parish




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    *• V :






    PTCnrtP.n. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5,1930

    A Tip, ^ s sho Is well advised, a oflta will Durchasa a-promdisplayed dress that Is a from last sctuon.—Coun-


    FISHING CLUB MEETS Preparation of the ChrlHtnms box A turkey dinner and theater to lio sont ID tho.mission at Kallon, hied a constellation of stage luml- Nominations Made portv will Oie held by" the'MIke Ca- N'pv.. und the muking of hospital r.ariea that calls eto mind- the- efBy Junior Moose hill Fishing Club on Friday, 'De- mndiiKPi' to bo sent to China, fejifulgence of tlie IMilky Way. There is not one transcendent star but The following ofllcers were noml- cember 12, according to nrrnnge- .ured tho nil-day meeting of -Hie tour. There are Phil Baker, Alleen nated by the Junior Moose- at a mems IIUKIC at a ine.tlni; Tuesday Women's .Mission Circle of First nlglu with Vice-president John H. Baptist Church. Tuesday, with Mrs. Stanley and Shaw & Lee, each In meeting held Tuesday night: _ phli'.' ">7 Church: street. The Maynard 'Mundy, 2C4 Hamilton themselves stars ot first magni- (Dictator. vEdward Toms;) vie* nm'lttpi' on arrangements con- street. A study niiH'tlliR will lie tude. dictator. Alfred Harradon.^ Bants of Franklin llo^hh>, i-halnnun, held next Wednesday with Mrs. it the west" at StlnWnR Springs, Since ninety percent ot the perA t THE RAHWAY THEATER Hamtll: prelate, Roland ward J. Best and Clurenco Randohih L. Howard, 10" West Haformance [s result ot importations •lolrih Another great week-end program mi. A rani party will bo. held One of the first _things Hart from the Folies Bergere and Cafe Best-secretary. William Oppenhviioil i..\enui>. is- lio he presented to the. plnjTlov- ;howed holidays. Kvery memJdhn Mack _).»..... Brown; who|de Paris, this edition of "Artists helmer: trwuMircr. ™*$*n< ^ i Those- prevent Tuesday were*: ;.-nv;of Rahway by Ihe lt-K-0 Rah- -noweu juiui .\iuun.-' h Is limited h h f l u t l a f f l •Thoiimit-—All) •way Theater.. Tlie "it"'KTrlPClaTKT iilnys—BIllyT—was—ho\v—Uie-flutlaffi-: the Paris-Riviera edition of 1930. 1?utti5. Ttred~riarra(1-lTTi'MwardH •o ton attended ih-.niecitni:. l V > SeriVtarv Mrs. Peter-C. Voi.rhe.*. I -Best.—Tbree_candii-j£ and continuing for three days, ^hiilrmaii of jhlunvlMnv-na.nu_i_Wi__. TOade__iliQ_t addresses. r 6TrTpl3Teti-iir-theEvery person Itiiiwn.. i-lialrnLin'of a cam&yDiotntor-Charlesjtomnipl preside!* ~ai Korrlnu with William uppt-'nlietiitei-,"siwre Ijti'ttee to n-prcseiit them In yuJohn T. 1-eary. repre.sontathi" ol many of of the many mmo«t exciting chapters the Chorus," which will open at tar>-. their time so thatflheymay oper.iting. on tho annual Christmas ilu-r.it'.ng. on nit- iiiiu>i.ii ^ the 'Broad Street Theater, J«wof Western hi history. this great picture of the year. laitV Bivon thi> elyuiren eWIilFeti (u of Sen. t . 'tnnt h e rpo.u at .... « juiftV Biven to ilie . _WATER BOARD MEET^ the week of December Sin. ! •h nnrl IVIIIIIIP. fThpek nre' ill n iiinptim?-q ^--•-^••^-----••ii-j-iii_Ua^L-r-i--li_j_axirteil M;irv - p:if;sll. «t^-4-»na-iiip-_l:i. ivas »l«'ct-il. Tlu> nieeltne it won't be the fault of William S first great feature picture, comes , piays the lead, is a clever comedy ~ " ' • > '» r t i n i i n : •HHtl»v-:Rahway--T-heater ^--.Wed- l^ra-ma-full- of-.laughfit Jiiiseree^and i ? T - " f H « - t a BOrTraiT:rtli?faTnT)iisfH« sioners. it was shown ai~ilie"iiie'et* for a three-day mn which ladies. nutt.one.of the best authorities on nesday Ing ot the Jtoard held Tuesday is almost certain to bring crowds In their dally .Quarrels, loves, niRht. Hydrants were replaced at 5Vesteni history. to the, door at every KIIOW. and -lessons, the audience Lawrence and /Monrop streets, in art not only passed on the ac The" picliire presents, a story of laughs permitted to share, but the audi- Hazelwood avenue, between l.eos' t tOie i ttownn of Lincoln ciiracyot I.incoln.New New .Harlem.' built around' the same is ence this time Is not taken ".hack. avenue and the State HighMexico, reproduced for the pic characters and situations made fa- stage" lint up threo flights of ville way: a twenty-inch niain laid at ji_r.L_._tur_e,Jnit_lie lent yidor^his prized iiiliar.to-every-.Aniericanrby_radio .stairs to, a kitchenette apartment, water plant, break' in six-inch main iroadcast. is the material out ot four chorines " en'.!" borne: repaired at East iirand street and Kid," given by. the outlaw fifty vhich Radio Picture.-; shaped, the whichpiece, by Thomson Bums and E(ls;ir road. Financial resolutions years ago to a member of tjie posse \mos 'n' Andy picture. Tha air The .„.,,,„, ... full of clever offered by Commissioner Brooks Martin ,, Mooney is TO11J which captured the smiling twenty- ;tars are themselves supported by B a ! j S , long chilled,'- drinks ••-'-'•- a n d one-year-old . "most dangerous man i—white- f:ice"-_casL^includingrSueT i.siniationsr.".—;—: 1 TodFf and Tomorro Oarpl^Irene Rich. Ralf Harolde. K j n a Jlilibard is funnier than cf $3.9:i?.fiU for interest- ou~19_6 bond issue: payment of $_.S66.O."> [•Diaries Borton. Kdwarxl Marlindel ever.as the "wise girl" who be-for slakiug__fund requirements: J . . . . . . T , . . -Sieves—in-littla_or__UQthjn__jimL md Rita LaRoy. doesn't wcrry- alwut her lack ot I-ayment- of $:!.200 and S4Mi on —Added— SHUBERT THEATER, NEWARK belief. F.nld Markey, as a girl who .$92 bond issue. EDDIE Those present were Superintend' The outstanding \event of theis getting along In years and finds 1 IIW u U l O l ^ u u . . . _ .. she im> iiiiu«.. _ . . - . . . •'••- J i t CANlUK ~ •ntire show ye_r IS st.ll&luled-tor tunities is splendid. Carolyn Cros- win Haliday. Commissioners II. K. in ;he . Shubert Theater, Newark, by as a clever blonde who "isn't Miller and A. C. Brooks and Coun1 J AND • week commencing Monday. De"INSURANCE1: cilman Charles Schavfer. Siipt. •ember S. when the biggest revue going to be made" is a perfect, foil Ludlow was secretary. (VmitnisAISO^_ .: for Miss -Hlbbard;—while. Muriel •• I N S U R A N C E ; ever sent on tour will hold the Owen as an ambitious country Klrl sioner-ele<-t—(!»irs» 1). Tremliley OUR GANG boards. The show i s none other sat with ilie Ixiani. Comedy :han the famous "Artists and is all that could be desired. Protect Your • Models.-' Men of the cast, fill up the stage Il is coming here direct—Also— ly_..fqllowjug its tremendous sue-' and the girls lives, and are allBird Circles Stirred "THE | RuSs s> •ess at the Grand opera house. Chi- splendid actors. Among the male -•-- . by .Two.Jackdaws [•ago.and will be presente
    Stage and Screen Features

    fort [Befiveij

    iFollowing | e e of the H$ , Joseph D.4 fed .tluti.thejj a griiMroijj bs due to a s an—©p ball game iy, Drake, in;J declare Jld be glad t;l Ihe high scbjj jganie couldT row, and i i l ch Austin l l brable for tb.J Vhis=cohort E Westfield As most o;jj [ are formerjfi game wous nni con1 jool-Rambler jj fsciiedu'le a _ Suiiday, b u l ; last, night i l §strong Wood! he school 11 ; game becal jeral players for_J_ie t e l . played sbl aird'Zuman.l k backs, havj all week { wed against lay. -Thes pliT._, p- both lungeC'4j dy.Parker p-and crasheTj '»y were-pa in shape for'-c nter. [" R-oodbridge J [led their ann'u several weejf uccessful pnjjl olasRic Assoa use of coopai. •Rahway teatS pted-to-schedf •row with ler Class A •tfas unsucces"




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    i:v u . l u..rtln-.i»l--rly *M» >••••:: AV.IMI.. wllh. t h - ""r:,


    •offer important i

    I I : A N K u.. I:MM'-'»I ""•

    • i-.'\\ II |ir.XNi:!>SY. S-lr

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    lei Itw- all.-r:.^-.>n- i i >

    r foll*.wiiif I n r i -n-_4.jr«*vl r:.!""-jiTvlDl*^^ .- ferretsjU'-r- *

    '.).'« '('. Uiiitrrf-r-l

    ous and costly operation.

    ftane 7-0900


    -I.-I'AV. TltKlOTH l'VYttl M^'miuia:. A. I>..:-O.',..



    tissue., brlnga ease and comfort In -la_lOT«-j|_lt-Li)[r& Bose". a-tew-mlnutes, enabling you to work Bnde, wbo motored pasOils ¥ and enjoy life while It continues its' h t oogg. JJ il r J - f li ih lay. Act In ilroe to^VBU a danger

    fork Dniverilty', y'ftf-*TH?tro!

    Y:r.-l::U M;i:'...-1. Miirf.iViv:.i:: Mui;4y, i fhc.-r-. Mary A:::i T":iu?y: \V:::iur. !!•• • \V;:i:a:ns,

    r -ale t.y 1'uMlr \fL-l ..-, c . n r l nontii. ii: lli--

    Now in Our Own Building

    Leg Pains

    thf We

    lull, jOM'imiliu L'Kin:, I A I U ^ U

    I'rif-tz. lie'.ty Reed, Catherine Reijieczky. Pursy" Roi_tnanu. Rose ?a:it<>i!;a^so, Bonna Lee Schae'fer,, J'-nuii; Tara, Rose Virostko, Miltun Crans. Russell Hoagland, John W, (-.toruu uruat^~T)gcaT .niciivi!'. Stanley Voorhees. Harold :-:--i . / • . • : • - . „ . \v::!-..i::i Capo. Walter Engel, Frank Goeh-.;-. ]|:.rr...!v:;. l>.::aKI rlr.s, Walter Gore, Leslie Guile. Jo,-stiph- XUueii-.Martin. Halusa, Her_. n.-Tnanhhen Hunter, (irover Kuck-... Ho^-arrf.) Juniors William . l'.ui! Ali-r-iiidcr. Jerome Cilento, to. John 1 lipiir'y.JSiperoii. Albert Haieldlne, \Viliu::i b m }j H.iroir. Knox. Kdward Machon, EdT.-.. .-., n.-;ty ("ur-j *>.:; l'.iyiu'. Eugene Savacool, Allii-ri.' sjc-iiuiz, "Leslie Bartell, John;. l!.;t>!i(\ Kenm-tli GeorKo Charlea Ms- iit';l(_-t;..'. John KosikT Martin Marhak. John l'ekarsky, Mortimer Wash-mni, William Clelland. Wai-


    motor car.

    A flourishing condition in _.. __ partme_ts-~ot~th--~churclr-wa_~revealed in-.the reports presented by memoers o t the Official Board at Trinity Methodist Church, a t tt -meetlng_Tue3day_nlght in the parIf Getting Ui> Nicbts, Backache, fre sonage with Rev. Herbert Rhineday calls. Lei; Pains, Nervous smlLh, presiding. Iteporta w e r e queat or. Burnlu*, due to functional given by Treasurer Bdanund G. ucs8, Bladder IrrltaUoa, In acid coiitlltlona, Bartlett, Financial Secretary -W.F. makes you feel tired, depressed and Esler, Finance Committee, R a n -dlftcouraged;* try the Crater Test. fast, starts circulating tnnrtln dolph. -L. Gilmam; (BuiMing a n d Works system In 13 minutes. Praised by tbou Loan Committee, A. A. Hopkins. sands for rapid find. positive action A brief address on. t h e unemploy- [Don't fflTe up. Try Cyatex (pronounced todeiv, under ~the Iron-Clai ment situation . i n Rahway w a |SlBS-tez) s Ouarantee. . Must qulckljr allay t**"J «ondItlonfl given—byi—E. 3L -Lorman. T h e . r--improTa_reatuiI _slwp _o I board authorized Rev. M r . Rhine- energy, or money back. Only UOc u Pharmacy, corner Cherry an> smith- ta-send o u t - a - s p e c i a L l e t t e r Verneau's Jrt t^tAd« tor a C h r i s t a a a thanks oflerinsr.

    . .o&e, ft Imuic IHAII

    -l."> a* :iii:VciI

    The economics which result, when

    "'Sea Lets'

    B A» I ©


    ' . 1 - antl



    Traffic Cop Falls in LoTe, Wife Sue*


    Mftjffarcl Kr'jtiu tt' irinlanl-. Fi

    •;• :•

    Broad & Fulton StrrrtR. Nmrark ~f»k.Slnrl» N>wnrk Monday ALL SEW—Srxrr In Xrwurk IWorr ShulH-rt TUB FOLD STAK (IK AI,I. TIMK • r u n , IIAKKR

    Night Call. Rahway 74424-rt

    v it A s k "ir~f.MMi»NsT'-'i"rric


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    _ i . . lr-.-ir p . ; . -

    QUAUTY AND SERVICE Telephon. Rahway 7-1263

    i. AIIIISTISIINO. Svl'r>^ KUJAlll: holt .-n>

    Son., Toes. | Joha Hack Brown ia "BILLY THE KID"

    —_-_Jttllijr Bin Ann—I

    Soli Complete T ]12 P«#A Tula


    . -* tit:** a p i i r o i l m i l e l y j.'."'.'• : -rt-.t ftpm 'CVIVIKT li".!i. I;



    esumed stage show for the week. Pop. Wrd. Others featured on the stage in flesh art» .Tos^hlne Harmon, l l ' oue^cf Uie stars of Earll C Carroll's late "Fior^tta," who i s h e a r d in "Songs and Talk" by Seymour Brown, with Jack; King at flie [-piano; - Marshall Mo»tgomery r vaudeville's premier ventriloquist, In a nautical novelty ottering calle-i -At Four Bella"; Three Rhythm Dancers In "Just Syncopation":- and... the ...-Four.. Holes, 'Bouncing Around" in an acrobatic turn. Metrotone~News~a-shortrsoand comedy and several other selectTOMMY CHRISTIAN ed- short films make up the re- iiml IIIH Allr^ Itlup (lotvn I*roici-uni mainder of the screen's program


    New Brunswick Ave., R«hW«T

    \UUX Hill- •'Out S o . -Tt 111 *•''!>' Ulrrclloh u«^ *uiii'l


    ^rfectediScreen Grid Superheterodyne.


    ' :-.- of lot No. i'*!. ai'laid . :I.JII: (ti^ncv nlotis llrjr ..; ihlrlv-.iM <^t l o III.- ,,f

    000 inheritance. Harry Green. O'Brien's lawyer, concocts and mates.—except—Pallette,—think. Oakie-is-O'Brlen . and_ make; life d l k lseiuble fui the su^poiiedslackcrr The captain of Oakie's ship has " ' daughteis, "a oevy ol beauLlf_. ._„ , the most decorative of v.-hom is LllTtOEi=I1I=lHlov
    liistressatarmsiMrsBatil I1VU1L, U - i ^ . u - » . ^ , *


    t,,_t.'- nv»rott Ruliaon, Charles and Fred Schwelger, made brie* ^ ^ n Howard Meyer, with Mrs. addresses. The affair • was in f ™ Machon, chairman ot the f Stmaster R F Mothers' Circle co«mtttej.uQ^f1 i

    Other Stone Set Ringt From 15.00 up




    Living Christmas Trees :zz

    Jennle-fcukBr-Edi , Harold an Schoick, Doro Alice i * ' s » . J « l » " ' ; e"r rr ^ i J S t M o y ^ r ^ o f ^ E U i a b e t h ; (Deputy. -.-_. •Molay with' the Mothers' Circle McClure, AlvinJosBphson. Marjorie P y 'Herbert ' J ^ i ! I m^sion^r mission er TUchard Doris Arnold. Vi- Graeme. a ^ ^ J. ^ :Morton, _ o m m l t eot e.

    ,v at l u h w a ) . ^"W j.-r.^> i I . r - ' « Olllct: (if H i " <-..uii!>

    ' . Ladlei' Elo'n W«tche« From-»25.pO up Diamond Fttng.


    Not eonient with numerical su- lian Roth, Harry Green and Eugene Pallette, featured with Oakie; Jean Del Val. Albert Conti, Andre Cheron, Charles: Sellon and Tom Rickett. —In-the-filmrOakieras-lightwelght t-hampion—«C—tJte—United-States. Navy, is shanghaledi into the. fleet og Sainte Cassette, a mythical \V«-k Kfclnrfln- Tlil» M»n. Xl-ln island republic, to ta**> the place of l k O ^ l h o m u s t

    1 C WilEner

    A. 0 . H. AUXILIARY.EUECT6 MOOSE MAY BUILO QTaeme, Elinor Horneck, Pauline 1 'At a business meeting of -the Pocaski, Doris Reiner, Elizabeth A (iJscussion on the need. and Ladles' Auxiliary to the Ancient Scheldegger, Edythe Schnabel, Jo- probaDle enlargement ot the Moose Order ot Hibernians Tuesday PLiCK ORDER NOW 25 FultoS etreat, during the sephine Schwindeniiamner, Eleanor Hall, year ami the eleclioh ot of- night, plans for a card Dirty in ' Price« 1 1-2 to2 ft. $1.00; "2,io 3 ft.|1.60; 8 lo 4 ft. % i.W, i IS: Schwlntlin«er, -Betty Simmons, coming January -with Mra. James T. Kelly ficers featured a meeting ot -the Gladys Wooden, Willis Booth, Loom 6_ft. ?3.50; 5 to 6 ft. $6,50; 6 to 7 ft, $7.00, Club, consisting ot members a* chairman, and. the annual elecWhitman CampDell, Thomas Het- |of Rahway iodge, No. 1363, Loyal tion ot officers' took place. The reVisit Our 100 Acre Nuraery for Landscape Purpose* -:.-. field, William 'MdCarthy, Tony Mu- Order of. Moose, Monday night. sults of the election follow: Presisacchio, Gene Zlrpolo, Ruth Ancler, The -officer.' elected tollow: -resi- dent, Miss Catherine Kelly; viceGrace Barrett, Marie Beam, Huywn dent, Henry G. Kettner, wlo was president, Miss Emma Ryan; treasPLAINFIELD NURSERY Inc. Daingerflold, Anna Jtttaey. -Ro- re-elected tor the sixth: time; vice- urer, Mrs. Edward J. (Best; finanBdla Duncan, Catherine Mancnao, preeldent, James 1». Bod-well; trea- cial secretary, Sirs. Jas. T. Kelly; Scotch Plains, New Jtrsey Helen Merz, Uabella MOBS, vnrfa surer, Alfred Hatamerr secretary, recording secretary, Mrs. >M. P . _ .... — .trustees, Geo. Ennis; sentinel, Mrs. Thomas SulP l OliVe Redner, Helen Telephone Faqwood 2-7272 2^7273

    Glatow; chairman ot Irish history. Benlprs „ 1 Carl HeiBch. ll >;'•« «-n.' ::..; Mudmi,-, In lh-I thT W^fm-'n " ' °w P. J . McCue; ivrii\"»'si>.\Y, Tiit: torn HAY W U"l!;.., : , Hit-h .S,.hoa! with a j i . i - 1 * W o r f " ' • " ' • - ' - • • • • _. I Mrs.Mrs.-Jr. J-lu^^u-, standing qfc**""*-o ~ -— i—HaroV---Beebe,-.How-.-U> -Bbr-rt, i.-,;rKMHKlt:-\."1):r v.n>. fi-it atti-iidancc. n-cnr.1 (luring N V . „ •- - ——" — r--m iif e e Mrs P . J. Dolan, chairman; -ROBS Fowler,—Aivin—Hedgman > ' ' ••'••.!".—1'rliUiiMi—i--.iiir.-m.-—C7T—"»'• AiuihiruuK. It-Iiert Burna, ; _ TR OGP-40-HAS-BANQUEI The Mothers Club and Scou LI-7_3-LV.__Mrr.ullQ-gh. MTS. Cath_iin(.uii,.'il t.iUiiy. • The ''V°y Church, Chester Conrad, Charles Howe, John Jost, Joseph "i'il . | . . . ' f o t l r n H n i r ' i r a f t " r f a r , - . I , , t \I^IIIC-IIK-IK "' . The Mothers' Club and Scout e jjonahan. ''" ' ••< HI «'"h n f iiam"-< i-'"1'" Daimylak, Herbert Dentpn, Koaik. Joseph Madden, Raymond) Committee were the guests of hon e r m DEMOLAY t I j - i l iT.'lilli^-i* l i f n ' l t i a f l ' - r parll.-ii j .''••: PLANS PARTY ;iL|»..!.»-.-rlbril. •llualc. Irlng mirt I wlii;. |«r-at_the_Iouith_annlversary din- -a-lans'loT a jolnt-cariU-party at = llioiiiDr^-eUr^-lttoi-S-T', • Allli:rl — liiiUs —William—Ginfrlda. Ar e ner ot Troop 40, Boy Scouts, a t the t h e C r a t t s m e n -sClub^onJ^ary ,;: .;•„-AIM a i y «f itmiwa)- iu ^>'- ;.a,,., ", .ind .-viil.ir i•!„.>-.*-tj. " 'look, Rignar Hook, Arthur M«t«Chnpnl 'Mnn.iair niffhr. ;f-...\. ..!• I'lil-a- a»(i Sl»tv of N.-»j-M«tO« Evelyn Hrudka, Mary Kiorna DH .VI; nil a utr^'t l»'n 3 in.ip i Smith. John 'svirha.' Ivirha, -Stanley Stanle

    .s|rlk« a re»i>on!ilvo chord In her feminine heart of hearts. Tho consistent beauty mul icooil ta»to ol Colconl's ji>wi>ls cftc you ~ "Jusrihat * aiunrancc: — • Elgin Strap WUchet '• From %\*&b up ' —


    • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ! •



    BRY saildfactory it la . . . t o knov vhntcver you choose . . . will


    the Rambler .4 Pa 46 to 14 i f c | C , of ElizabefT rt in a one-sid 1 It t was tth h e i iM on -for the-Mii . the ope e opening MIS Drake au(S .forwards. w« ble_to_breal] Prrey

    , l , . « . Hi-KWil lianfnril 1-'. Freslitneu Cljss L e a d ,- il' . V |.i[i)nlii«iil. anil Helen 1>. H.-aii "r ,•• .il-. ilt-fciiilaiit". Kl. fa. f'.r «.ik November List With V m.'rt" ii:'' 'i-v Mrtii.- i'f II"' nlni>i'-nl«lt"il wrll i.f .'; f , , : i ' 1" me directed I nlmll f l 134 Names ",,. |..r r.ili- by |iut>ll« vrnclur, In Hi.-

    ! ! l


    thorough but are facili- York engagement. Jackduws. \ie\Beachs tated by equipment that LOEWS STATE THEATER, The show is the largest in point —Kor-y_ars_niPmiers_of_tJiie_selert —protects the finest- rugs. In "of~cast"a"ii1iniierm"-st~"huBe""as~Te-_NvTHE featbetvJ tribe have made their addition, every rug is cov- sards production that the Messrs. State Theater in Newark, next Satered by insurance from the Slni-ert have undertaken to send urday. December 6. after an ab- home on the~royal roof mid lived time it leaves your home on the road. There are over 150 sence of several weeks with a fa- happily. The intruders, not satisuntil we deliver it cleansed, persons in the outfit. A special mous radio orchestra—Tommy fied with liPlnu unfriendly guests, without extra cost to you. train consisting ot six double Christian's — sharing the -week's have stolen fond and eaten tlie en;" -PtxmB or-wrlte us to. Call •|?ngth—bagirage-cars^five-Pullman- ~oliiioTS~wit!r~Jack~<}3k!e—who-ap-j-'-Of__th_ir hosts. sleepers. a diner and a club car, pears on ihe screen in his hilari-' Air attempts t6~cnpture~-them is required jo transport the- big-lifinnr_s__wilh_JLack_Oak_ie who ap- thus far II.IVH failed. They are 1he'orRanizulTotFami its t7)ffs~~of-cTSstly~ mount talking picture. ilTfecfeTPby" -lleved—to^have—es_upi_l_fioui--_yL _L| mount g loo. • ' trappings froni~itaii{l to..stand.
    ES'fll H.5, tisi

    Herbert Kinch, Frank Kocuka, Ruilolph Patrylo, Earl Silvers, PhiliD Yurchuk, Ribert Bunn, Ira. Cromwell, James Daley, John DuTUe, Uiitcr Ford, Robert Fowler, Rol>ert Giebeihaus, Jack Herman, .William Jensen. Ernest! Kovacs, Jame3 i-nuBhlln, William Wolf, Stanley Zarzyckl, Charles Skarda, Matilda liardacli, Detty Buumann, Oaioy Iloltnii,. Marie Brennan, Helen Francis, Isabella Lang. Betty I/IUM.T. Anna Leber, . Margaret M(^.-. Kvelyn Perks, Eva Rand, Att

    Broad S t r e e t a n d Milton Avenufe,


    - •m



    • '

    -f T







    S o f i S o & R TYPICAL OF OUR|AME •x

    , .•


    - — ~ n







    0uicitions Feature Meeting Newly Formed Group

    JGRIILfiAE Weli Rested When The Alarm


    J^± ^ ' * ""

    g [lie high sch I game could: |row, and ii ch Austin I t>rul>le for th ! his cohorts; As-most o' are former game wo hmreoiiCestrl lool-Rambler ;

    - p

    /% RE



    Raymond Edward Brennan Dies Friday Following


    Sunday, b _ i last-night I, Istronp; Wood he school game beca sral players : for_ihe 'te Jy playedsis : andlZuman, ck backs, ha\ all week Ired against j lay. Thes pla-;-. 7y both lungeciij gely"TaYke.r" qj"1' and crashed :y_w.ere I in shape forj pnter. j JVoodbridge j ! pled their annu several Successful pr Bolasilc Assoa; 1 iise of co-opsf [. Rahway teas opted to sche prow with er. Class A h

    ambler Quy By Elf

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    trni, f im. f-

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    lILfe alirlllcy,



    Diparture- From Usual Retail Selling System


    Beautiful Cane PanelBed Ml Sizes—RichrBrownEinisL


    "Why -,v;iv til..' V'K'.,:;i.|i;ii tl-JjlillS-l | c - a r - . - iiii-iudi-il iu tin- h i ; h s r h i i i i l j


    AReal -Bargain! dsorBeds.Can be U


    Nash. |



    of -the
















    Rosellc Park Woman is Killed


    Woman Killed in Automobile Accident Hers Saturday- Afternoon- is Latest Victim; Two Children Died MAN HELD FOR MANSLAUGHTER

    Mr^Xrannoinced the result

    Rahway Legion-Gives Walten Military Burial

    Cast Is Announced for Church Minstrels


    Plan Efflcftni Holiday Service-in Face of Large " Ihcrwsa in Percentage ofYiaTs Business, A H d

    Handsome Invest a few dollars in modern ~ sleep-•;:":'•


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    I—The«nfeftlfInmEnfcfeatiires--wer:e_! presented Tjy some especially fliic 125 a local juvenile talent. Some, dam (Continued on Page 7)

    ends, walnut finish, comfortable, fancy covered.n»«tre»






    John T. Klase •w hiiAln-arc and supplies and the r.- fli-nnnrt at th* left of the car. Part of the crowd which ( ! ! H - IHIIM . uf-iiitt. " : Another accidental death occurred gathered is shown in the background: "l:::.t!i 11 Inspection of the material: »f I siHKil In t:i<- following day. .-;r • jiiai'ed on Hlu'lVi-y for display. 111 .Mi N. Th* nervlce this morning. .1 hid; r.-rv.' "ii»- y.-;ir ; -'Vill .be able to choose themselves maw of requiem, look 'place in st Si a;.' l.'ri-iin at ; wli:il llu'y desire to buy. Mary'* Catholic Church, with :!,r Will Use Platforms —077:111" 1'. Kirk- j R.-v. M. J.'Boyltin, curate ..f tli,S-->>ions t'ourt : Nothing in tlie store will he liarrb, la charge.' Ilunal « i •ji Kridaj._U'j_ J_plac«l directly on the lloor. Small N.--» Knir. In St. Mar)*»~Cuif.«-T«-iT~:—H7i-a'.iltlil^ James : platforms;"' raised about—four Keft'nnu- ; inches from tlie iluor. have been • N.-.v J'.-r Two automobile* w<-rc ni-e>!.-tl M i>^ ;t!ai-ed at cimvenieiit places larry th* flo**r» ni'St us A tri.v ' r U:\A~ :i;.;—jr.il b v f . i p - i throughout the .store. On these UN- to the dead boy. Anton* :.':'• \- !! Negro, 40G iMaiiv street, last night ' platforms various hardwareequip|'atrii k asid jiK-aik-il i n "oral offerings uvrv floftt-rn frun;: J-J-l by his daughter. Miss Gladys Alsiulf. J-.l'U'- Kirkliatrick ' nieiii for every season will be ex:'.<• boy* and slrU of hlw nclchtwr- h:s ton, of the same address.— «ta-in~-ihai-. hibttedUod," a» well anJMai_vhi-_ji?i;'!]i.;;.;y:j-; In" making the- complaint Miss . ^Vbrk'-oTconipfftlnR the new fire.1 til.- MllTll* <'f <•'. lUbway HlBh Srhool^ traerr hr .i:: Alston alleged that her father at • proof building and installing the :n:ii|..' » J J a irtndenr. ~ y,)\tacked her; When apprehended^. th.it Hinds h a s new stork of hardware supplies I'allbearm w^W William I V - • , ' last nishi Alston was badly Ecaldeit : Illwre liir.e t o • mid equipment has been rushed for Jirntu M w h a n r Walter CI-JVI»JV. '•*'•*• over the face and head. He claimed ii.- S.r::'..itcry. H i s tile lasL.monih. For the last two Kilaard Brennau. Jr.. --WiliUm : "" r that his daughter threw boiling \ weks extr.i_men have irpen; many ••nil •A.l! r u n (W.ilkrr aud WlllUai Knei-lbart. ' ' • ' -l«eque,u water on him. He was gi?en med's hours both nlfiht and day In an i-fs iUr .• t.-nn h.< i Honorary b o r e r s * r r r I'hihp < ,ir-; ical care and released under bono" m-ar fort to have the equipment in" ' of the membership drive.and statr.~. (-"rank Tolly. Kntncis rate-jn.l: "''• for ills appearance in Police Court l.italled and the__stofk in- place iu. ed that 55 new members have been « , _, . William Troobllnpr. :!"' tomorrow night. The sixth accidental death i n . The accident occurred as Miss 'time for the opening "Friday niRht. Young Brennan was. acc!d>'a:.il!ydriving west on Hazel- receiveds-liringing the total mem- L a t t e r L a S e A W a i l S • will be open for 4msl- this city within-10 days occurred" MoMahan, ; • I • "• ^»« _strmik_JLhS_TjrJ.etkeL —W-i«l—In—the—h«sa»l—*-' .bershiB_for_the_vear_io__more than January Grand ay after -l-wood a veue. Trt 100. The commitlee~in charge of •1 sasno of »crlmmaKe football »-.th In \Y.\- rear of the store" a room noon when Miss Anne M. McMa-jear as it was proceeding south on •he dnlve consisted of William Hu.. Kroup of companion*. Th'* t'n.v Peter J. Carter, 74. 1-43 Broad han,--62.-$22-j^rch~!)treeu.ilosp.lle_.i_Jaques avenue. The injured wom•jha* !i!'.'!i purtitioned oft In which ber. Mrs. Charles M. Forgie. Mrs. : to hi* home and ate b!" i!-!> children tm- [a r.un::i-:-r- uiuil, car. "Her head was crushed. preliminary hearing before the"! Legion, conducted a military" fit"-"" Soon a f l r r hln-nu-al th«- boy c.-,m.VIIIOH 'n' li'.ii'. il. These pumps have been collided head-on, with another tfir Headley and Mrs, Sheets. Two In an effort to avoid the collision January Grand Jury, it was an' ;i:iU IKJUhle in-stalltil t:7 - cape- for the liquid at-the junction of Jaques_and 31:i- Trieckel ran over-the curb"into~the prizes were given to the- classes nounced this morning from the of- neral for Joseph Walten, X2 years t:,-orit«> Kr Oallaway and John M. < lo tli,- H-K-O - T!p->li..-s of the store, such a s tur- zelwoml avl'nues. Miss McMahan hedge in front of the former Rah- having the most members. The fice of the Union. _Ct>uiUy. Pros- olcl.'-of TTaterson sireerrwho—iva^~ one of tliree pei-sons asphyxiated' ll.r.dolph wer* i>ummo:n-d. but was alone, at the tiim> ot Hie acci- way- .Hospital.. at*>~•-. ' h e 1 corner of the intersection. Complaints in tlie case were •nesday. The military rites were TJi» boy was jislnfu'.ly lnjurf.1 the. ,plc-tun'|| A balcony h a s been erected over •Miss McMahan's car collided 20 memhers out o! -a class enroll- made November '.JTi by attorneys j conducted by Commander Alfred jrra:!£"J :o huM Five Escape Injury "•o_yta»»jR> while playlnc bapr:iu- -Satnrxlay M y ;ithe .rt'ar_of_the_stqre_upon wh'.ch with that owned and operated by of S2 or a membership of 81.5 for Catherine Noone. 17, and jA. Giroud, and •Chaplain Willfa"irr"J~ !fur .1 Kp.-.-ial sh Trieckel'a wife. Mrs. Irene ment !J11' *hen he n > Mrurk in th1 jirvimptly at I the business oifices have been lo- Henry Trieckel, 36, S2S9 Bouk-vard. percent7while Mrs. Kistler's Grade Jeanette Barufke, 13, Ijoth of 7Hurd. sMr'.iui; • • • Triei-kel. 2S, and three daughters. - o-ith «rlth . T>.!1 Sl-VtTJj t,-Mh n o r i i ; ; . • r i\ii ojK-n at ;L-ated In._nildition to the ofllee in Jprs^v c\t\\ T^p was accompanied 4A. won the second prizej>f $2 with Madison "Hill road, Clark Town' 1 1 : • ,\ HI. Trie 'Religious services were held a t < knocked out at that tim<-. ;\r<: r«m !«)>> • which public business" wTTl Ire by- his wife and three children. Ruth. 14; Loretta, 10, and (Anna. Hi) memberships in a class of--39,- ship. ck ,»:i i l •' The case is a direct "result, ' 1 1 " the home of the deceased by Rev. A native of thU city. Itrcnr.an j four, who weTe also occupants of of a percentage of 7G.&2 percent. L-r, 1, years of : ir:i!i>:u:ie(!. is a private office for none of whom were injurejr School "and »a< a -oplionionl"-nn:r.Ml to bas.-ni^nt has been erected near manslaughter. Trieckel was taken! 'Some difficulty was experienced one by Mrs. Williams and the other •made..to. Canada last. September; w i l s -iarselv • attended w-iih-uuinyby the two girls 111 company with ';ti »p noral tributes. where I by the Railway police in determinHlrh h !h ..:ur_ wrll known. ;' r '''" i i : : l •f. The sof: ioii of the basement will he ho' was released in custody of Ins ian. . _ and Mrs.'A. P. Rudkin. 3 of this city. ! Mr. Davis.'Commander (Jiroud and She had died' before aid I l r e n n a n U H U r v l v e d !>T h'.s P ' - • ••"•>'•'•'•••• will lie locaiwl til wall paper department. brother-in-law. John Hartman. ot Will Give T Trees e u i Hurd. with Alexander Fel- ' reached her. and carried no identi; while adititionai iin'ei of stock will! broiiier-m-iaw. j,,u,. ^.w, „ ichapla • .:•'. Mr. ami Mrs. Patrick llrvn- ^'• -' --'| voted to donate -hi MISSION GnOUP IVVEETS onp brotber. Kin-man for his apiiear.ilf • ——'—•:..., I thi> 'SixthCityr Precinct polica~ station.-] with three Christinas trees. oneTSF eacl' __ IXMieteen - - "11,.members of the' Mis-1 honor, and .firiiw squ:id consisted l:.-eanan, a U o o f t h f horn-, and (our; •"•;• I'-; '^" ' •"P.V.V^: u'o=.'r'-i "in ''Since bus" been provided for addi- I je_.-neiway before J^rosecutor Alie registration. l:.fl-'or nf ilia «uj]pnl,- :uwi prpgel^l i <>f-J,im»-s H nnfr, fiim-i."i 11 Oi-n : • '..•m. Mm. Frt'd Wolss.-S7 AltH^t >'<•»;» ^ I 7 . ^ '-•'•>' ; .. •l 1 n n : i ! M w k . - T h e rear-Bectioifof I J; UavidrKlizalieth, when he"w:fs "' iMiss McMahan-was a s them, to needy (ainllTes after the sionary SdcTety <)f Smmilr'Presby'wel•• v L carkon A Alfred H: in fur the T.iln Roofint; Company et Thursday afterL1 "-for ""'' lioml offtej r 110011 with .Mrs. '(\ Ii. Lindsay, us | Howies, t'red ; fur a Inc.. S7-S3 West Grand streel.'j' \vili nlso I u lilrwl. thp Ml!>< PHPRATFD its anu (.;. 3u.il, iClifford _ :r..,^ .-Ill) idulltifiC furnace room. 1..,.,.....„. , >,,,,„. ,,...„ m •ho i oil tankstock roomroom, IIIKI elewi'oi .-h..rt. |I l''." Eunice• Brwipan. 2C lal gift of candy to each pupil in Maple mapie avenue. u»enue. '.Mrs. ...no. J. .,. 1.. Jury,nmral si'rvlces fnr 'Mi^s Mjc^ _ti devotional devotional servu service. which i«iilini» the .. A I. The bearer*Councilman Ross (. lvttii Fuii'Tiil-Home. l'.IS West ing and advertisin'j; material, from •ill-be given by the pupils in the leading BOARD MEETING TONIGHT Christmas liox was prepared and - Th. . a p'-r- building. ,if:tr:n>j:i. lilton avenue, last night. Burial which the police learned" of her ichool sometime .In January.' • sent- to the llie.Uiit KOIKS Home Home at ai Bel-1 tiei-; Fowk-r. riuviur, former lormn Commander V.UIUIHU..U,.-I .Ma-r ..i. The. annual mw-llne of the Hoard sent-to Old Folks as been made in Railway Ccine- business connection, The attendance prizes were__vlilere. Mrs. Emma Baltz rrad i :in F. Getting*, (i. W. Lewis, tenil of Covernprii o t U)e Rahway Memo•ry. — (Continued on Page 7)' •••' •"> -1! iwarded a s - follows,: Upper and discussed "Persia, and th>- ! Nengebauer, John • Kiesecker a n d ' r.il Hospital will Ue held. tomsht. ir.s ! i i * . e>;.»t<- ' st S o'clock at the ho»pital._ Orirades. Miss Kistler's Grade +A: Moroons." I tindfrey Smith. : Lcrwer Grades, Miss . Sbirey M i l Club Production Here Friday and er's Grade 2J3. Saturday .•ml the gpsitlon tonU'ht. [prmer president, of the associaComplete cast for the Modern Ion, delighted the group with sevMinstrels to be presented FTiday eral vocal numbers, including and Saturday nights in the com"Ould Lang. Syne'' to which all i munlty auditorium ot First Presbyihe memhers sang. Mrs. Ernest 1 terian Church by the Young Men's Duffyy played the piano accoinpanir c l u h ; " w annnunced7today-by-Vio— mentr e n t~ r : :Valentine,—pianist . a n d . 'direcThe next meeting on January 12 ivill-l)e_aii=tt£teHKK)Ifein_og Ujvitli •Cait for the minstrel for part Miss Cadwalder.'of the State Oeone- is_as follows: Interlocutor, parlnient of Health as the speaker. Thoina* Henderson: bones, Geo -tambo-Clifford-Laurent; Jones Hdward Schremp: Sambo Tho new sewage system-hein Herman " uibrlch. 35 Church Georke- •Cartlelt; . Hcstu-s, Frank Installed! in the township to con Sloat: Jehosophat, Howard h\>- itreet, was elected conirilaniler of id^Kah\vayValle> Jtlmora=eamp.^ = Jinilcd_anaiilsh. » gor- C h l u e - M T ^ t l e o r g e B Pleases Tnmk Sewer is expected - 1 0 - 6 le't- Virginia. Florence Schremp: War Vt-Lerans, at the ineetinir-of completed by January 1, acordin Large Audlencee u.. , 1 v»....... — „ - , - —. ...IMUUBl!. Ol IUC I U U K . W I . organization held last night the followln^._it was iwinted out: Deborah. Dorothy Schremp. an. the 0. -Elks for the deceased members I "The highest form of education In I. O. O. F. hall. 'He- succeeds to reports made at the meeting o WRh the repilar mail handl^l Caroline. Bdyth'e Anderson. :.Mall Christmas, gifts at least the Clark Township Committee BY ETHEL COOK of the lodge, at the clubhouse on 1 Is not simply to determlncjrisht or by the Rahway Post Office sho«^ l o I s s-(ieorge White. Clifton Edward M. Andrews. a week or t>-n days before The committee The Sepior Class o'. the Rahway West Milton avenue, Sunday night.! wrong, but so far as our faculties Other officers chosen were: Tuesday night. In* an increase of IS P*"->ent ' ? ' s Laurent, (ieorge Bartlett. Ed war. Christmas: address all matter redeemed the original $77,000 High- SchooL.pleas.edi.a laTge—au- The .speaker at the solemn occa- • will permit to discern the path of Senior -vice-commander.. Orvllle C. year over H i t . preparations are be<- plainly, and .completely in Ink. Sc4ircmi». Thomas . Henderson sewer—bonds and have issue* dience Friday and Saturday when, slon was William'L. Dill, past ex-.j divine rectitude," .Mr. ©ill. saitK lnR rapidly completed 'or the an Krank Sloat. Howard/ -Bpplnger Comptori, Carteret; junior vlce- three-year temporary bonds tor •it presented "Tlie Goose Hangs alted ruler of Patersou Lodge,' No. j Sympathetic service to fellow nr.iu giving street and number and nual CHrtetma* rush. Pos in. ster C,5orge Mingus, t e t h e r -Martin cotnmander, August Finkle; trus- similar amount. city: pack all parcels lirstrong High." The clever lines and rol- 60, and former State 'Motor Ve-1 is- an outstanding virtue of the tee for three years to succeed lUrr>- Slmmonii explained In i r e . containers, and mall, nil- local rioreiK-e Whltehead, iMrs. George Seventeen ix>inted out, and that au The committee._voted to repair licking..actlpn_broiigla' forth bursts hide Fred E. Smith, Past Commander lUCle Commissioner. I'Jluuussujinri. ^ C I I ; I I . ^ « 1| Elks, I,,,,.!, lhe l c l n / l l l , , , 1 „..,, ...... t port made today. • K.Christmas-cards'not "later than of laughter. ~ ~ menTBers "of RsFlWa'y"" lodge" have | Ulk^ls-nevcr-forsaken-whether—InB Thorus-^tolph Schremp, Fran Andrews; ofllcer ot the day, Leslie 600 feet or Valley road damaged Branch offices hare been eMaD•December 21 in order 10-insure, poverty, sickness or In need of any The cast did some nice work and by thetrunk sewerconstruction, :, and officer of the-guard, Jnllshed, additional employees are bt paterson. Willi Hunter ...ter. ^ i m a ' delivery before Christmas. -kind,—lik—addrw.; was—Itased—o[; lended. rartlcularlv the work to he done by Lent-r , Waller. Ing treined, and inatracttonB a Rand, Elsie Henthe outstanding principles of the Marson. of this c1t)\ The Town- Margaret Engelman as the mother b U i d * « ^ed-t*a«^w4Uai w4UaiQCuafM organization, and the oration made •boln^o ship Attorney Fred C. Hyer has and Mltzl Dura as'the daughter. -and vicinity in g e g a profound impression on the The story deals with a man and taken over the deexl for the taking of thV dellvfre.1 before large audience present:— v r h o 4 * t n e v ' p r \ i h i n i ; "ol Lincoln IJUUU'MHI, o v e r o i ^ a t i i ^ u . i . u " « . ~ — . — . ^ wilt; wuv, - . ^ 0 . . . . . 0 . .. the holiday. — m.b .r .» Music Is Inspiring ognlzedi as apublic thoroughfare within their power -to provide-.the Although the exact n« ? , h ° ' ^ f r . Verge. EU.abeth by the laying,of the sewer. • The musical program presented more pleasant things iu life for - 'substitute derka and-carriersJffi. I'bjuTho- Apollo tjuartet-of 'Newark.-— •Ofveraeer of the PobrErnest En- tlielr threechildren, two of whom will be-newnsary. have not yet been was another inspiring feature." The tjulst. made a--'request-of—an—addi- are—in cdnegb-lia'virig- a glorious decided upon, enoupi « i " _"J program opened with Nevin's The reading and, discussion ol tional appropriation ot $160 he-time. The action of the play Is 'Placed hfaSrvlce to Insure promP' live chapters L-uttpitia of uk Angelo ftu^.« *«*.... Paul's _ new . '^Rpsary," followed by "Leadi Kind* Y\ cause of the unemployment situa'•aid during the Christmas holidays ^loHverx_pt_ail_cla S 8C8 of man. iMoro~t!nni—600—pt-raonsr-includ--' BhtHnE?tin tion.—Transfers_of_som&_ot_th£. -when- the family is.. assembled book:T""Problems of Childhood,"" l e i l i y Light."' ' T h e Vacant Chair," " " Poatmauter Simmons explains Iny many State and' local municiA. Collins. by Principal Hiss I I . Ada Farre:il. -still,Still With Thee," an.d "The II. unexpended- balance' of, S4.9S6.G7 The father, a city assessor, is en ^ConYugal th pal police and political officials, who was reported a^ be- were made to accounts which duringjUmost uhbearahle_nagging featured_the_m.eeling_qf_Franklii l i f F k l i i L jjjusi_JChord C d : 1^__wlth_ ' i h tlie h l i closing in almost T W rB^bWtlon 8 hare heen «• j attended Charles Maxfleld, Cla.rk showed a dellclt. A most creuit- and fault-finding in order to Keep School Parent-'reuc'.ier Assoc-Jitlon number Rodney's 'Calvary"," played the eighth, annual hall of tablUihed for convenience of pa and Peter_D^Holtmah -hRahwayJLacjilj No. 11, Patrolmen's ^,amlujanEsi_w able Teport was received) from the,twins in school, knowing that Thursday -afternoon.. The chapters 11s a-tromblne solo by--Howard. E~ Irons during «ra^ro Benevolent Association, ar~Frank«I1I 1I of his own. own." HowanT -Howa were also reported a s h e l n s T l l . Police ChTef-paul-SIeissner,—who they-have lived up to every.'thing. dealt with the nervous child, one Kelley, with his father W. Edgar The large store room at 90 i n V In School Friday night.The afManAnn Bings, who Hugo E. Lacher. David P U n e was congratulated for his fine However, an unjust and uncalled- instilled with feur and the effect of Kelley playing the piano accomBi street treet will ll be b used, d to t ham ham e lncon> gh tor two," Blanche and James MoCann aided in thework. Plans were ma'de for thefor remark by one of the council- tonsils and adenoids on the growth paniment. Following the singing IInge parcell pota t mall, all while a ««b-fair was a big social and financial success. , bonding of Theodore Lang, Jr., men B6 infuriates him that he and development of a child. Tlie of "Auld Lang Syne" by the memIng tation has teen establshed In Al book will be further discussed at bera of the lodge, Ftev.'Robert 'W. new tax collector. Among the State P. JB. A- offl sends in h-i$ resignation. station hach'» Pharmacy. East • Oran WASHINGTON P. T. A. lulu'orcsent were; President H When the grand'mother sirmmons the afternoon meeting in February. ]( jyilott. rector, of the. Church of hach'» . . . ^ F.llzabpth Moran, daughter - -Miss— Mary- .Murphy—1 readL.t he. the'.iHblyi.Comforter, .and a 'memof Mr. and Mrs. MaurtceL. 'Moritn, ithers;--prlnc-lpftt uillieeuutitr-t*^'.'-"«*-«--*----•----,-.business of Bast Hah way ber ot the •Rahway" lodgeV" proi ihE - 'Mayor Graves presided, with is contrary' to her ex?ec'tatlona Stato President's Message to the 97 Seminary avenue.' became the associations ot nounced the benediction. • Commltteeman Thomas Thompson that these spoiled, hardened, mod- parent-teacher bride of Erich Shultz, ot Churoh Tersoni o n i h . regular staff The Apollo Quartet -was comand Samuel Flamm, town clerK at a ceremony. h would, condemn their the state, v h e message which was noseri lieen changed with a. v1**'..'" • •!}, ot Ernest A. Bilrkhardt, first night at ing t i e iaxtmnm emciBuc*. the local officials InS i U t * CIIIH'm^~Mm •••••• .^.^^-^—.—*,.. _ . a^weU^recelvedhytaergra.Uii.J wrence ».«..v be done by th« staff of . l-Bnd-takea-a—nosltion. Brad The association matter mader piairs plans tor n-jUlUll1;'- A'toel'itloti. ^ r . - - M t « ^ c a i r l t t l n a Joffrov -wI The association ior ums». ' ' lice. U»Buce«»iwito whiohJL Meand other City Hall em • • • wnije^djriir-iRanway-|- on - w - special—danc?-—numbers j



    ft f rested for Assanltand Battery, Claims Dsnghter Sc*lded Him


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    Reformatory Supenntendant Speaks at "Fathers

    "'Ri'formatory inmate i_ (.uilty of Assault ', ,. H,


    ferk Univenlty" ot

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    itxtMt ilurphy. st «Xmake the We

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    J"utal» . 3 Induit: the plain pf JoJ fthe~KBIglffs"T"q by tlie Crusad 'lea to iiarel out of the sH The old inuf bnt npif flgntion 8ystejns.| "erlorate, and fere now.

    «] 1'arent TVa.-ii.-r y iifti-rtnion. Dr. l.i!:lc -d tiltiii.uiv .-hat: i.-i, In i h , . | M U)U1

    omiiP-- — — ^ - " '•••—- R » = i


    -Thts-stylc is going to go like wildfire!



    •Nomination ot ofHcers and the presentation of a bne-aci play were Tile. realurgs-of-t-lie-meet-ing-ot-S Mary's Alumni Association in St. Mary's School auditorium*, luu JireaJtienl_OeorKe J. Rellly 1 conducleil, the session, assisted ~liy in*i of P-T-A—-SHff-owl^WSoivnorT—sef-f*"?' .Tlie followiiiK persons were proposed for office: Pre-iident, Mr Reilly, William Fraser, John Feeney and Michael catov;-vice-president, Mr. O'Connor. Edward Dunn and. Lillian O'Connor: secretary, Joim A. Randolph, 35, Xesrro. 02 Mr. O'Connor, Miss O'Connor and The downward path of—practi- Anna Kiel; treasurer, Henrietta Washington street, was fined $200 eailv all of the inmates In the New -Bergen,—Mr. Calox^. Kd'wln Post when arraigned before Justice Tal-, Jersey Reformatory was duo to and Mildred Kath, and hoard ol ley in Police Court hist ulghl-oil-; .he lack ot parental training and governors, John Brunnan, John a charge of operating a motor veproper home environment; Major Feeney, William J. Donimley hicle While under the influence oE Mark 6. Kimberling, superintend- Fracis Fe"6Hey, William Fraser ent of the reformatory, told, the G4 Catherine " Young, Miss O'Connor .Intoxicating-liquor.. He was also persons present at the -Father's Helen Coman. Lila McCarthy anc charged $10 for physician's fees, . while his dTiver's license was reNight" iheetinK of "the" Columbian -Mary.J3ilarczyk^ _. J'arent-Teacher Association la:;t Mr. boniiriiiiey, chairman of the voked for two years. night. He said his year and a half board of. governors of the Athletic Complaint in .the case wlia of experience a t the^penal instltu-, Asociation,. gave a report of. th made by Arthur Bell, an official ot tion near here has convinced Mm year's activity in sports, —an. the State Home for Boys, James^ that the only way to keep a child recommended that the personnel 0 burg, as a result of an automobile out' of an institution is.' through the board he changed to eigh -accident—Smulay- at. the . intorsei*proper training o~f~the-cMld-in-ihe jnembera' instead of live. The oii'eStcl playr~~~-' lioii-oLEasmazelwood avenue anil h "Knnws-BestT^'released-by-the-Dra Lawrence street. No one was inMajor Kimberling said an atmatic Publishing Company. Clr tempt is made im the rehabilitation jured in the accident. of the inmates to get them back ca«o. was presente


    l r v 1 « and U i K ' u . " . i retail selling will b e - a Thin* for a dead friend, stteudi-d th..KIS il.-v'iiccl |,, l n ( , m n v ^ m r i i « a r e s t o r e to b e <-.:uiii:a:r'- which w.-rc , , p , . m , i | ) y H a r r y - H o b i n s o n S a t u r ;mjwe*MYe funeral nvrvices I!I[> "f M r - . K mornlns for Raymond ftlward •.ink .ll.-ns.iii. | , t j y nidrniiiK »•• Main s t r e e t , n e a r Hr»


    ayiiGb Last Night


    5th ACCIDENT VICTIMi t^tT^BuElf'Si

    The .Rambler .A] ' a 4S to L4 C, of Elizabel rt in a one-sid; J

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    iupULittle-Speaks-at—K High School P-T-Al




    Abtorblnj The Rahway Newt-Herald, the auccewor of the Union Democrat, Establltlied 184a




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    01her OfficersArc Elected rqwnship__Sewer May Be War Veterans

    Of Year

    MafnyAVitnessPlay Vitnessy •B By H H. S S. Seniors S

    , "BOir6ir~troTn~?3~tc-pvrcnie—-moorr irYinswu, -wm in..j HIS- .HU1I\ 1114^U . ,,^.., , o - . Kahway Natlona:| the bagpipo, and Miss Florence and miscellaneous household' goods Oiulerdonk will'play JL» piano. wl|l 'be offered for sale. .

    Rahway Lodge Pays Solemn Tributeta Departed " Members at Impreesive~Sefvicej~WilliamLr~ . Dill Gives Oration -'-

    i-Huch-the eld- the—aniraai-iM»ii»'ui-iun—UL tuim.' r


    «>"•:.'.. •"••

    son 'Who na» saved enough and arranged to have a tree In' Coy conducted the memor ul serv"contlnued on Pago 3) (Continued on Pa B e Five) ;1 (Continued on Page Five)