6 - There are a few of

6 - There are a few of

SANIBEL — CAPTIVA Serving the Islands since 1961 Vol. 16, No. 14 TuesBay, April 6, 1976 1 section — 10 cents Planning commission tours During 196...

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Serving the Islands since 1961

Vol. 16, No. 14

TuesBay, April 6, 1976

1 section — 10 cents

Planning commission tours During 1969 and 1976, Sanibel and Captiva The Planning Commission toured the Island Water Association (IWA) plant used two thirds of the total output of the Pine yesterday morning. Bill Bishop was in- Island system and it became obvious in 1371 troduced by Larry Snell, who said that the that Pine Island would not be able to sustain Association was honored to have the plan- the increased usage. The IWA had three ning commission tour the plant, com- choices: one, to purchase water in bulk from plimented them on the magnificent job they Lee County, make a major contribution to were were doing and hoped everyone on the the Pine Island system, or desalinate from Sanibel wells. The latter choice proved to be ( Island was thankful for the work they had ' cfone with the plan. Bishop, Snell said, was the most feasible of the three. He explained the "grandfather of the whole association," that the Pine Island system is still used as an having been the engineer in charge since emergency source of water. inception of the IWA. . In 1972, after obtaining financing from the Bishop began his lecture with a history of Farmers Home Administration, the IWA water supply to the Islands saying that the built a 12. million gallon plant and had i ;.ute from Pine Island to the end of the line, designed a total system of 4.8 million gallons Sf-tith Seas Plantation, was 48 miles long per day (MGD) to be built in four sections. v. hieh could be equated to "the long drink of The second section will be complete with the infusion of $800,000 from the FHA this year, • uer."

which will bring the plant capacity to ZA MGD. The total system was designed to supply water to 32,000 people based on previous Lee County zoning. Snell expressed the hope that due to the land use plan, the 4.8 MGD facility would not have to be built and that the 2.4 MGD would be sufficient. Sam Shannon, the new city planner, expressed concern about the pending Troutman project and what it would do to the Island's water supply. Bishop replied with salinity counts and deepness of wells, explaining that the 500 feet to 600 feet aquifer that the IWA draws wa ter from is used ooly by Cape Coral and Pine Island, and that the aquifer is so huge that future devdopraeat across the bay would affect the pressure of the water before water would be

unavailable. After that indication there were several possibilitJes...ane would be to drill deeper wells and-or treat higher salinitycounts which the IWA is prepared to do. The cost, he said, would go up accordingly for treatment. However, these extra measures were not expected to occur. He said that the IWA was also prepared to treat sea water if necessary and no one would expect "'in their lifetime to run out of the Gulf of Mexico." Snell said that it was the IWA's policy to promote water conservation as much as possible."' After the illustrated lecture, the Planning Commission toured the plant where Bishop explained how the system worked mechanically, after which the Planning Commission toured the storage and pumping station facilities, returning to the IWA for lunch.

Sanibel Beach Club throws

million dollar party


'birds of a feather..."? — not so here, where all love shelling by the sea, be they skinned or feathered!

The Sanibel Beach Club threw a party Saturday night at the Island Beach Club to celebrate their $1,000,000 sale ias a matter of fact, it was actually SI.006.000 by the time the party was given.) Hosts Keith Trowbridge and John Hill provided the guests with a five piece musical group for everyone's dancing and listening enjoyment, and a number of goodies lo nibble on, from caviar to shrimp to pie to asip of the old bubbly—andeveryone had a very good tune. Unfortunately, while our photographer was completely compos mentis, his camera was not, so we can't show you any pictures of the money bags (not filled with real money—John Hill, advertising representative, said thathe had tried to hire a million bucks for the evening, but it just couldn't be done in less than three weeks) and the happy, dancing guests. We'll take TWO cameras to the t.wo million dollar party. (That's a hint, sirs!)

What's happening today at city hall 9:00 a.m.—1. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance (Goss). 2. Approval of Minutes of previous meetings. 3. Correspondence. 4. Planning Commission Report. 9:30 a.m.—5. Continuation of public hearing to hear a request by Velma Ridge and Gordon Tracey to construct facilities for a ninety-five (95) unit travel trailer park, Section 26, Township 46 South, Range 22 East (at the end of Dunlop Street), Sanibel, Lee County, Florida. 10:00 a.m.—6. Consider request by Dale P. Beatty, President, The Commons, Inc., to construct a commercial complex of six (.6) two-level wooden plantation-style buildings (to include a restaurant, lounge, and dance floor) on a parcel of land in S.W, VA, Section 25, Township 46 South, Range 22 East, Sanibel, Lee County, Florida (Periwinkle Way, Parting 300 feet south of Dunlop Street).

xJ:30 a.m.—7. Consider request by Robert R. Holiopeter and David G. Thompson of Outer Island Development Corporation for subdividing a parcel of land into nine (9) duplex lots and a lake of approximately 34 acre in Section 36, Township 46 South, Range 22 East, Sanibel. Lee County, Florida (Camino del Mar Dr. off Casa Ybel Rd.). 11:00 a.m.—8. Consider request by Dave Holtzmaii to construct a restaurant at Shell Harbor Inn (Lindgren Boulevard and Gulf Drive) and to continue the hearing on his request to construct three (3) additional two-story buildings (42 units) at Shell Harbor Inn. 11 30 a.m.—9. Consider request by Robert Holiopeter to construct a shopping complex, comprising four (4) shops, two (2) offices and a restaurant of the fast service type on a

parcel of land located in Section 19. Township 46 South, Range 22 East, (on the south side of Periwinkle Way, west of Donax Street), Sanibel. Lee County, Florida. 12:00 Noon—Lunch 1 ::JO p.m.—10- Discussion of a proposed permanent ordinance regulating the operation and use of bicycles within the City of Sanibel. 2:00 p.m.—11. Report of Sign Committee and consideration of recommendations. 2-.30 p.m.—12. City Attorney's Report. 2-45 p.m.—13. City Manager's Report. ".5:00 p.m.—14. Mayor and Councilman's Reports. 3:15 p.m.—15. Public Inquiries and Comments. Adjournment.


Tuesday, April 6, 1976

SAN JBEL-CAPTI VA f SLANDER Established 1961 Editor


. , Virginia N.Brown

Classified Rates: $1.00 minimum for 10 words or less; five cents per word thereafter.

Deadlines: Advertising- Wednesday 5 p.m. Classifieds may be phoned in (472-1881) uptoThurs. noon. Please caff classifieds and subscriptions to 463-4421 if you can't reach 472-1881. ISLANDER OFFICE Z398 Palm Ridge Road, Sanibel, FL 33957. Sanibef phone 472-1881. Published every Tuesday. Second dass postage paid at Fort flyers Beach, Florida, 33931.



COTTON BLAZERS 1717 Periwinkle Way "Sanihtl's Finest" 472-1070 CRAFT SUPPLIES



things to do BINGO MUREX - American Legion Home, Wednesdays 8 p.m. -nominors.

SANIBEL-CAPTIVA CONSERVATION FOUNDATION Board of Directors meets the second Tuesday of each month at 3:30 p.m. FIRE CONTROL DISTRICT COMMISSIONERS tvoid their regular meetings on ihe second Tuesday of the month at ":00 p.m. at the new firehouse, on Palm Ridge Road. The public is invited to attend.


CAPnVA LIBRARY - Open Tuesdays and Saturdays, 9:30 a.m. BIRD TOURS - Griffin Bancroft, 472-1447, George Weymotrfh, to Noon. 472-1516. SANIBEL PUBLIC LIBRARY - Open Monday through SaturFISHING GUIDES FOR CHARTER: Capt. Ted Cole, 472-2723; Capt. Doug Fischer, 472-1551; Capf. Baughn Haftoway, 472- day 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Closed Sundays. 2802; Capf. Belfon Johnson, 472-1122; Capt. John Johnson, 472-1020; Capt. Bob Sabatino, 472-1784; Capt. Dyke Sells, 472-1784; Esperanza Woodring, 472-112; Capf. Chic Kennedy, 472-4087; Capf. Herb Purdy, 472-1S49, (also offers sightseeing BOATS (FISHING) TO RENT - Blind Pass Marina, 472-1020, trips}. island Boat Rental, 472-222S, 'Tween Wafers Marina, 472NATURAL HISTORY FIELD TRIPS to Sanlbel's wildlife habi 1784, Tarpon Bay (canoes), 472-1323. tats by Richard Beebe and George Campbell. Tuesdays and BOATS (SAIL) TO RENT - Snook Mote!, 472-1345, The Colony Thursdays by appointment. For reservations cali 472-2130. 472-1424, Southwind, inc. 472-2531. Wednesday's Open Trip: meet at Sanibe! Elementary School MOTORCYCLE RENTALS - Sanibei Motorcycle Rentals parking lot, Sanibel-Captiva road at 9:00 am. Wednesday 1203 Periwinkle - 472-2001. fee: S4 per person. BICYCLES FOR RENT: Hines Renta! 472-2874 or check the NOAH'S ARK - Thrift shop open Tuesday through Friday motel you are staying in. 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Located in back of St. Michael's and All Angel's Episcopal Church. SAILING - lessons and charter - Soufhwind, inc. 472-2531. SHELLING TOURS - Beach Bay Bayou, 472-1315; Baughn CAPT! VA CHAPEL BY THE SEA Halioway, 472-2802; Duke Sells, 472-1784; Tarpon Bay Marina The Rev. Dr. H. Ganse Uttte 472-1323. Sundays 11:00a.m. SIGHTSEEING TOURS - Herb Purdy, 472-1333 or 472-1849; Tarpon Bay Marina (canoes), 472-1323; Capt. Chic Kennedy, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES 472-4087, Sanibel Marina. Sanibe! Public Library SIGHTSEEING INFORMATION - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Sen/ice, Sunday 11:00 a.m. - Wednesday 8:00 p.m. 472-1100. TENNIS & SCUBA EQUIPMENT (RENTAL), The Reai Eel, EPISCOPAL HOLY COMMUNION -CAPT1VA i 472-2674. South Seas Plantation Conference Room Sundays 7:30 a.m. WATER SKIING- Herb Purdy, 472-1333 or 472-1849. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OFF ISLAND DAY TIME ATTRACTIONS - Edison Home in Fort The Rev. Gerald Frost, Minister Myers, 334-1280; Shell Factory, U.S. 41 North Fort Myers; SUNDAY SERVICE: Jungle Cruises, 334-7474, Fort Myers Yacht Basin; Waltzing Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Waters, 283-0636, Pine island Road. Worship 11:00 a.m. Evening Services 7:00 p.m. WEDNESDAY EVENING: Prayer Meeting 7:00 p.m. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL - area meetings. Fort Myers, GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH Tuesdays at 12:15 in the Shrine Bldg. off Cleveland Ave.; The Rev. Nicholas Sftaras Fort Myers South, Mondays at 12:15 in the Sheraton Inn on Services heid in the Redeemer Lutheran Rt. 41; Fort Myers Beach, Thursdays at 12:15 in the Holiday Church corner of Canal and Broadway, Inn on Esfero Blvd.; CaDe Coral, Wednesdays at 8:00 a.m. In Fort Myers. the Cape Coral Country Club. For Information call Dick Sunday 10:00 a.m. Vann, 4£s-94.l?6. ST. ISABEL CATHOLIC CHURCH KJWANIS CLUB meets each Wednesday morning af 8:00 Fr. Gerard Beauregard a.m. atScotty's Pub on Periwinkle Way. Saturday Evening Mass 5:30 p.m. Sunday Mass 8:30 & 10:00 a.m. SOY SCOUT TROOP No. 88 meets af 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the school. Friday Mass: First Friday of each month 7:30 p.m. LIONS CLUB of Sanibei-Capfiva meets at 6:30 p.m. the 1st Daily Mass 5:30 p.m. and 3rd Wednesday of each month af Island Beach Club. Holy Days 10:00 a.m. ALANON- Every Friday, 8:00 p.m. at St. Michael's and Ail Vigil 7:30 p.m. Angels Church. For information call 472-2491. Confession before each Mass. ST. MICHAEL'S AND ALL ANGELS ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS - open meeting. St. Michael's EPISCOPAL CHURCH and AH Angels Church, Periwinkle Way, Friday nights, 8:00 The Rev. James D.B. Hubbs, Rector p.m. For information call 332-1300. SUNDAY: Holy Communion 7:30 a.m. 1st & 3rd Sundays 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship, 2nd & 4th Sundays 9:30 a.m. AMERICAN LEGION POST No. 123 -American Legion Home, second Tuesday of the month, 8 p.m. SANtBEL COMMUNITY CHURCH The Rev. Bruce E. Mtlligan, Pastor LADIES GUILD of the Sanibel Community Church meets at Sunday (nursery to age7) 9:i5&1V.00a.m. 1:30 every third Thursday of the month. For Details, phone Sunday School (ages 4-12) 9:15 a.m. 472-2425. SPIRITUALIST CHURCH Rev. Nona F. Hurtado, Secretary - 639-0843 SANIBEL-CAPTIVA SHELL CLUB meets 3rd Wednesday, 8 The Christian Thinkers of America, 3620 p.m. at the Community House. Acline Road, Punta Gorda. Worship Service SANIBEL COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION, INC. - Sani^.-I ComSunday, 11:00 a.m. munity House, 1st Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m.

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Complete Sewing Center Hours: 10-5 Mon.-Sot. 2242B Periwinkle

These HsTings are presented as a public service for visitors and motel owners (who may set tired cf reciting long fists for their guests) by the Sanibef Capfiva ISLANDER. If you have a service, either paid for or free, which you think should be included, please call the ISLANDER office af 472-18S1. Thank you.

SANiBEL PLANNING COMMISSION, officially esfshfished by •he Sanibel City Council on February 15, 1975, will hold regular meetings every A'.onday al 9:30 a.m., af Sanibe! City Half, The Public is invited to attend. FIRE DEPARTMENT meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday at 7:30, Paim RId
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SHAG WOOL SCULPTURED -. or even tile for the best in floor coverings call 472-1040 12-5 DA ILY 9-1 SA TURDA Y

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6073 McGregor ft cleaners - now open in the Pewett Shopping Center

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Tuesday, April-*, 1976

Around town... by georgie mankln It would make good sense to teach people how to use the four way stop at the causeway and Periwinkle Dr. Even better would be the installation of a traffic light So many tourists must think that because they're on vacation they have the right of way—the stop signs and the turn lanes help but they still aren't the answer when there are more than three or four cars at the intersection.

It looks as if we're headed for another record breaking Easter vacation crowd here on the islands. Area motels are reporting very few if any vacancies for this period of time. Don't drive over if you don't have a place to stay.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hankins of Bluef ield, W.Va"., tell us that they plan to come to the Islands every year from now on that they just found out about them from a near and dear friend Carl Cappe, who visits yearly.

BUTTERFLIES: "If I had created man and woman. I should have made them on the model of those insects which, after a lifetime as caterpillars, change into butterflies and, for the brief final term of their existance

have no other thought but to love and be lovely. I shouid have set youth at the other end of the human span.' •» Ana tele France* Herb and Stephanie Collins of Xensa, Ohio, have done ali the sights and enjoyed Florida from one end to the other-but they regret not coming to the islands first. I'll end my column this week on a brief and sound note—'The shortest and surest way to live with honor in (he world is to be in realitv what we appear Jo be." "

HOURS 10 - 5

Mlki Montgomery

Guests at Blind Pass Cottages this week include: Tom Kisling and family of Altamonte Springs, Fla.; Fred McConnell, Jr. and his family of Troy. Ohio: Doug Nicholson and family of Abington Mass.: Karol and Kelly Kramer of Troy, Ohio; William C. Powe of St September and continue Joseph, Mich.; A.R.F. through May. The groups Friedman of Troy, Ohio; will tour the Islands and also Mr. and Mrs. J. David Scott have time to shop the stores of Philadelphia, Pa.; E. and boutiques of Sanibel and Murdock and family of Captiva. An introductory Lewiston. N.Y.: and Ms. craft lesson at Miki's House Sandi Langley of Fort on Sanibel is expected to be Lauderdale. the highlight of the tours. Miki managed to make the . .Vcrnon Mackenzie is tour arrangements in bet- out of the hospital but is still ween handling her duties as an outpatient in Craft Director, sightseeing Washington, D.C. He is at each port, and doing a expected to return to great deal of shopping. It is Sanibel soon. rumored that she may have sat down and relaxed once Cdr. and Mrs. J.W. Seager or twice on the cruBe bat of Sevema Park, Md.r and this has not been verified. Sanibel have just returned If life on the Islands ever from a trip to the Virgin seemed routine in the past Islands. few weeks, it is surely not so anymore. Craft classes are_ again running at full schedule, the air is filled Gwer. and Roberta Steiff with new ideas, and one may of St. Joseph. Mo. have been never encounter a dull getting nice and brown moment at Miki's House on under the SanibeJ sun. Sanibel.

Miki returns from tour Miki Montgomery of Miki's House on Sanibel is back home again after an exciting fourteen-day cruise of the Carribean and South America. "Absolutely fantastic!" bubbled Miki when asked about her time aboard the S.S. Italia, where she also served as Craft Director for the cruise. While on board ship, Miki and her sister-in-law, Beverly Liebenow, shared their knowledge of crafts with the rest of the passengers on the cruise. Miki's dynamic personality and seemingly endless repertoire of craft skills soon attracted fifty or more students each day to the craft classes, where different craft ideas were explored at each session. At each port, classes were suspended to allow everyone . time for sightseeing and, of course, lots of shopping. It was in the course of a shopping spree in Venezuela that Miki discovered some unique applications of shell craft. Of particular interest were necklaces fabricated from sea shells and silk. "I just fell in love with the idea and wanted to buy every one," said Miki. Back on Sanibel less than a week, Miki has already adapted the concept to the shells of Florida and is in the process of stocking supplies

required to make your own. Called "Silk and Shells, "the necklaces retail from $30 to $150 apiece. "But I can teach you how to make them for peanuts and classes should begin in about two weeks." New craft ideas come to Miki's House on Sanibel with the regularity of the tides on the beach, and when she cannot find the supplies needed she simply invents and produces her own supplies. Throughout the cruise and amid the excitement and variety of the Carribean Islands, the vivacious Miki proved to be a successful promoter of Sanibel and Captiva. So successful in fact that three northern travel agencies have decided to include Sanibel on their tours to Mexico, South America, and the Carribean. These tours are scheduled to begin in late

Resort Wear, Mexican Imports, Gifts from 35 Countries, Antiques, Toys, Penny Candy, Salmagundi, Prints

Turn Right At The Shopping Follow The Signs 472-4449

ATTENTION « . SKILL mTHUSIASTS NEW SILK A N D SHELL JEWELRY, THE LATEST IDEA FROM SOUTH AMERICA. Fantastically easy to make. Come see our version with our own shells on display starting this week.

AAiicfs House on Sanibe!


Located in Tahitian Gardens



Purveyors of Ladies' and Gentlemen's Furnishings

"15 CRATES OF BEAUTIFUL PORCELAIN WARE." 10-5 Man. thru Sat Closed Sunday

INCORPORATED 1711 Periwinkle Way, next to dottfs

1509 Periwinkle Way


Hours 9 to 5

Tuesday, April 6, 1976


A grand opening you can onng your budget to!

introducing something Sanibel hasn't seen in a decade—island living at 10-years-ago prices. Con Q budget that won't budge another inch find happiness in island living? Absolutely—at The Sea Shells of Sanibel. We've gone back i 0 years to prices that put you ahead of the game. Just $33,000 to $42,500 for a carefree 2-bedroom 2-bath condominium within a short walk of uncrowded Gulf beaches. And you get more than 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. The basic prices include carpeting. Porch or

balcony or both. Refrigerator. Range, Dishwasher. Disposal. Central air conditioning and heating. Cable television. Even our own private tennis court, swimming pool and recreation center.


Is there a catch? Yes— just 44 of them. That's all the apartments we have. So, for the best selection, don't delay visiting us. We're on Gulf Drive, just west of Tarpon Bay Drive. Open 7 days a week, from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. Or call (813) 472-4634 for a private appointment. How long can 44 buys like these last? Apartments are available for reservation only, and are not available for contract to purchase, pending registration of condominium documents with the Florida Division of Land Sales and Condominiums. Marketing & Management by Parman Florida, Inc. S3

Coref f ee living for the ccir eful buyer 2640 Gulf Drive, Sanibel Island, Florida 35957


In your opinion. . .

Ttresdcy,Apn16, I f 76

If you could spend art hour with anybody af all, who would if fee and v/hy?'

Stan and Man,- Fandel; Toledo, Ohio: "You could be an interesting guy. I mean, you posed the questra. you could be very interesting for all I know. I'm Catholic, s o l could have given you an obvious answer, but I admire your concern and effort on the part of human interest."

DinaKnorr; Ft. Myers: "Itwouldbemy Aunt Cork because she gives us anything we want and she macrames and makes shawls for us and one time she made a blanket for us."

Richard Jackson: Ft. Myers: "Ann Margaret. She's got money. It would be nice to meet her..."

Melissa and Newton Teixeira; Newton, Massachusetts: "I would like to be able to spend time with the man in tfie future who can bring back a practical, livable world. He could be alive now, Idon'tknow."

Linda Alberts; Cincinnati. Ohio: "The only person that comes to mind is Margaret Mead because I respect what she's done and I agree with her ideas."

Jo Albreeht; Peoria. Illinois: "Gosh, it wouldn't be a politician, that's for sure. It would probably be my husband."


Winh Gulf Drive, Sons be! Island, Florida 33957


fistote Consultants

105 ultra modern efficiencies and motel rooms A!l air conditioned & heated. Room phones &TV, large heated pool. Tennis court, shuffleboard, putting green, excellent shelling, fishing & safe swimming, tennis, golf.

PHONE (813) 472-1541

Sanibel-Captiva Real Estate Claire T. Waiter, Reg. R.E. Broker 472-1500

Tuesday, April 6, 1976


** ¥ ¥•

•it * *


Gasparilla Restaurant

Post Office

2163 periwinkle way

on way out?

the finest food at popular prices chicken t? seafood iz steaks crab meat au gratin iz lobster newburg home made clam chowder & time pie salad bar children's menu



open 5 - 9 pm— closed tuesdays 472-2113 w w w !t# w w w w hg M M w jrf jrf \g jrf irf jrf


- 3 fc. 530 frm. -930 ^.m. hsSm and dm&s to satisfy a pefean," h W u/fosG beafe fco&f mote ttan te W % conf)


WINE & BEER Catty out omiHabk on cM items To Serve You: Chef Watson RESERVATIONS 472-1212 Closed Sundays

SflNTiVH MINI MHRT Meats- iMBrnk^m fisting TaeltSe Put Cards - Magazines Hats Health k ieauty Aids NORTH END-OFSANIBEL AT BLIND PASS BRIDGE

why not look at whether competition would destroy or help the Postal Service, whether Tbe'United States Postal Service, created it would help us, the letter-writers. six years ago to replace the d d Post Office Also under investigation is whether all the Department and put mail-delivery on a fancy new equipment which the Postal break-even basis, just may be on tbe way- Service is buying is really needed. There out. have been foo many reports of machines In fact, the whole Idea of a monopolistic, that don't do the job they were supposed to, government mail service may be on the way and reports of some that actually chew up the letters they are supposed to be sorting. out. By Congressman Skip Bafalis

e a



The Postal Service itself is looking into its problems, although some of the possible solutions it has offered vton't be too popular with most Americans. In fact, some of the suggestions will be downright objectionable to just about everyone - particularly cutting back deliveries from six days a week to three. Now, that idea will sever become a reality. As long as the Postal Service must That law, just a few years younger that come fo the Congress for a subsidy, there is our nation, gives the Postal Service the ao way the Congress would allow this to exclusive right to carry letter-mail. Fur- happen. ther, it gives the agency the right to decide But some of the other suggestions such as just what is a letter. the doing away with door-to-door delivery Second, third and fourth class mail and packages can be carried by anyone. And and replacing it with curbside delivery many private enterprise organizations are might get through. So might the suggestion doing it - not only more economically, but that special delivery service be ended. However, it won't happen right away. And more efficiently and quicker. Therefore, say many in Congress, take it certainly won't happen without a great away the Postal Service's letter carryiBg deal of study, discussion and debate. But something has to happen to restore monopoly and watch private enterprise do it mail service to its earlier efficient level. better. And it has to happen fast. The mere fact that Congress is restudying However, there are others who contend elimination of this monopoly would hurt the six-year old Postal Service Corporation rural Americans. While mail can be is testimony to that. Something must go delivered in metropolitan areas fairly wrong fast for Congress to reconsider its inexpensively, rural delivery can be - and actions within such a short period of time. usually is - much more expensive. So, say supporters of the postal monopoly, mainBut. as one Member of Congress put it tenance of the private express statutes is during a recent discusion, "I have reached mandatory if we are to keep uniform postal fhe place where I am ready to vote for rates. anything to get the postal corporation out of Regardless, it is a fitting subject for business and get somebody in that will study. After all. it would seem almost im- actually start delivering the mail." possible for mail service to get worse: so He spoke for all of us. Thai's how far dissatisfaction with the current postal situation has gone. Everything is under examination, intense examination. Most of the scrutiny is coming from Congress, from men like Congressman John Rousselot of California, who is seeking to eliminate the letter-carrying monopoly the agency has enjoyed since 1792.



"Catering For Any Occasion" HORS D'OEUVRES or DINNERS Pick-up or Delivery Service Available DINING ROOM NOW OPEN SERVING BREAKFAST -7:30 to 9:00 a.m. DINNER-6:30 to 7:45 p.m. Reservations Recommended - 472-1561

Simply Give Us A Call We Handle TheRest 472-4431

Tuesday, April 6, 1976


Crossword ACROSS 1 Malt vinegar 7 Child of Eve 11 "So Big" heroine 12 Take on cargo 13 Exert secret influence (2 wds,} 15 Had lunch 26 Obtain 17 Vaudeville feature 20 Abound 22 Relative of the stingray 28 Sea eagle 27 "High —" 29 Musical instrument (2 wds.) 33 Word.of comparison 31 "Artie" author 38 WeO now! 38 Met — 39 Mediocre batsman CslM 2 wds.} 45 Forearm bone IS Come into view ft Numerical suffix 48 Pull out of a deal DOWN 1 Snake

2 Rumanian coin


by thomas Joseph

3 Building wing 4 "— Bias"

Answer to crossword on page 27

5 Crux — (T-shaped

cross) 6 Proficient pussycat 1 Ring champ 8 Slam 9 Sharpness 10 For fear that 14 Sailing hazard 17 Ending for volt or post 18 Restrain 13 A Sinatra 21 Intellect 23 Acid —

jUom' Last Outpost before Sanibel Causeway on Mainland - McGregor Blvd. or . . . If you're in need of an eariy hot coffee or a iate beer, the first outpost before going into Fort Myers-from Sanibet.

Good Food - Beer and Carryout 24 Fountain treat 25 Maintain 28 Bom (Fr.) 30 Begone! 31 Sire 32 Soon enough (2 wds.) 35 Border on 36 Hearty's companion

37 Ambassador Armstrong •40 Before Feb. 41 Half a score 42 Italian "three" 43 — white 44 Caddoan Indian \G

Open ai 6:30 ... 6 days a week Closed Sunday Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner



restaurant &

covktail lounge

featuring fresh seafood 2O

Zi 2S


steaks # salad bar m chops daily dinner specials -i


children's menu available 35 4O



Open 7 days a week 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. Island Shopping Center ' 472-1366


Winner of Meritorious Food Service Award


arbor House<

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Tuesday, April 6, 1976


P.C. views wetlands Several members of the Planning Commission '"frolicked with nature" last Monday, March 29. Commissioner Winterbofham led Duane White. Lee Roy Friday. Joe McMurtry, and visitor Arthur Hunter through the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation Wetland Trails. She explained various plans, pointed out ridges and swales and different plant and animal communities. Off the mid-island ridge into a rather wide swale were leather fern, spartina grass and myrtle. She pointed cat the ''matrimonial bush" which is used in China in wedding bouquets. Up on the high ridge was wild lime, olive, guava. Virginia creeper, gumbo limbo trees and many others. She told of the 1972 fire which swept through many palms, leaving them charred but missing one compjefcelv as well as a


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large gumbo limbo tree. .Near the neariydried-up alligator hole were gopher turtle homes, a used beehive hanging in a tree but noalisgators were io be seen in the pond. A little farther on, the Commissioners commented and watched the small minnows swimming in and around the roots of the giant Brazilian pepper tree which shades the trail in the Sanibel River. They discussed whether the river was navigable. Winterbotham said it was, fay canoe.. She explained that a fire road had been cut into the property just in case of wildfire. It was a delightful tour, no one got his feet wet, since there was no standing water in any of the swales due to a long dry winter. Also due to the season of the year, there were no mosquitoes. The Commissioners ended their tour and thanked Ann Winterbotham.

Evening entertainment-'

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Tuesday, April 6, 1976

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Bob Parcells and Mayor Porter Goss look to the future with optimism.


Chamber of Commerce celebrates face lifting Some of the Founding Fathers of the Chamber of Commerce were on hand for !he ribbon cutting ceremony of the newly remodeled Chamber Building last Monday. March 23. The original seven were Francis Bailey. Tom .Mason. H.K. Jeremiassen. John Wakefield. Dean Mitchell. Paul Stahlm and Tom Billheimer. Standing in the new portico of the building, the present president of the Chamber Bob Parcells, began the ceremony by saying that the remodeling of the building opened up another milestone for the chamber, which was begun by a far-sighted group of citizens in 1958. The group began to provide services and to attract more people to the islands. The modernisation and streamlining of the facilities, he said, would aid in handling the 6,000 inquiries per week coming into the Chamber. He said lhat the Chamber work force has gone from a one-man operation in the beginning to three-full time and two part-time employees now. Mayor Goss, with gauze covering one eye, said that has. vision -wasn't too farsighted at the moment He congratulated everyone for the design and landscaping of the building and grounds. Paul Stahiin, the first president of the SanibelCaptiva Businessman's Association, spoke, saying that the first group was a "survival group." It began in order to promote summer business. On a budget of $500 per year, the group advertised in Florida to lure Floridians to come to the islands at cheaper rates in order to justify the hotels staying open during the summer. Then they discovered that they could have Si.500 from Lee County if they became a Chamber of Commerce. With that, the Chamber was born. Stahiin cut the ribbon across the entraceway. The interior of the building no longer has the look of a sleepy little village office. It is neat, precise and professional, alluding to bigger and better things to come. The remodeling was done by Raemel Homes, a local contracting firm.

1554 Periwinkle Way 472-1786

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Paul Stahlin snips ribbon at Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber president looks on in

Bob Parcells


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Tuesday,. April 6, 1976


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Could it be a ne an ambitious J

THE BEAUTY OF BAY BEACH BAY BEACH is involved - in friendship with nature - to assure lasting beauty ...Tropicalwarmth ...matchless waters ... white sands ... of Gulf and Bay ... Glorious sunrises and sunsets at BAY BEACH hundreds of days a year... Clear night skies provide much greater brilliance to the stars ... Winter-long mildness, the bays and islands attract wondrous tropical birds - water birds, wading birds, shore birds ... Some nest on the site, some nearby ... Some staysail year, others weeks or months ... All lovely, all interesting. Year-round warmth and enough rain enable BAY BEACH to have spectacular fascinating trees ... flowering and nonflowering ... fruits ... nuts ... palms ... Almost 200 varieties assure tropical color all year long. Nature also blesses BAY BEACH with attractive sea shells - thousands daily along the beach ... And even more appealing are millions of ancient shells excavated from Bay Beach ponds and piled nearby for its residents to collect... When cleaned and buffed, their beauty is breathtaking. Special 'Nice Places' enable BAY BEACH residents to enjoy all the beauty to the fullest - a coconut palm grove on

... so mucH moRE FOR YOU TO ENJOY

the beach for sunsets;

'bird-watch' 'Kitchen Midden Indian Mound' ... Ar-

tower on the bay to view birds and fish; 'star-watch' tower at 'bay point' for the heavens at night and sunrises at dawn; 'tree-watch' areas to enjoy the trees; 'shell finger' for ancient shells; beach for current shells. And, BAY BEACH has preserved a

tifacts (tools, pottery, ornaments) found here authenticate its use long, long ago.All these are at BAY BEACH ... to be fully experienced and fully enjoyed ... by many people of many tastes ... every day of the year.


BAY BEACH GOLF - TUN 1 AND SCENIC 1 YEAR-ROUND The only course within 10 miles, the Bay Lakes, traps and rolling greens make

Beach Golf Course is outstanding... soon the course hard to master ... Yet, alto be unsurpassed anywhere as an Ex- though Bay Beach brings headaches and ecutive' course. heartaches to even the best players, it has a real compensation to lessen the The course is fun and relaxation - for the sting - the magnificent beauty in which beginner or the "pro" ... In a year-round the round is played. setting of wondrous tropical beauty ... trees and birds ... lakes and bay ... sky More than 2,000 tropical trees (over 150 and clouds... sunrises and sunsets. varieties) adorn the course „. to assure Par on the 4,000 yard Bay Beach course floral beauty year-round each hole has is 64 ... a profound challenge ... placing two 'feature trees' - one flowering in emphasis where it should be -- on tee- winter and spring the other in summer shot accuracy and on putting and chip- and fall... and there are 'special areas' grove', 'hardwood forest', 'palm ping ... rather than on slugging for dis- - 'fruit 5 forest , 'tree-watch areas' with hundreds tance. of quaint trees. Bay Beach's emphasis on accuracy and finesse is a great equalizer ... Men and Then, after your round, unwind and rewomen (and players of varying ages) fresh in a pleasant atmosphere - amid compete on far fairer basis ... than on good company - at our "19th Tee" Rescourses designed to favor slugging. taurant. BAY BEACH GOLF COURSE IS INTERESTING AND DELIGHTFUL FUN AND BEAUTY YEAR-ROUND





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Bay An island resort and condominium community 7401 Estero Blvd. Ft. Myers Beach, Fl. 33931 463-5708


Tuesday, April 6, 1976


three times during the time walking across the period. causeway and were Hearing the Chamber building. Complainant stated he had been bitten by a -'fat Small sailboat stolen or black dog" while walking on straved; left sails behind. the beach. Dog had been innocuiat ed for rabies. Suspiscious vehicle

The ospray, at hast approves of soior energy, by noi nesting on an electric pole. photo by dick wylie

Police report \

Well, dear readers—either word is getting around, or people are being a LOT more careful (perhaps we may say skillful) about camping on the Islands. As you may or may not know, camping on the Islands is a second degree misdemeanor, punishable with an up to SSOO fine ANDOR 30 days in jail. The normal bond posted with the SPD for a camping offence is $31. So perhaps because of that—only three sets of

campers were illegally using the beaches for sleeping purposes. Ail were advised to leave and did so. Word must also be getting around to drive carefully here, as well—only seven vehicular tickets were issued during the past week, four for unlawful speed, and three for moving violations (one of which was failing to yield right of way to an emergency vehicle). Six people or families requested medical (EMT) and-or ambulance assistance, and the Sanibel Police Department answered five calls for "Special Details" such as escorting someone home or taking a message.

THAT alarm went off only a dozen times this past week—everything was 10-4 each time, and three other alarms each went off (perhaps in sympathy) all by themselves, although one was assisted by its owner, who, since it was new, didn't quite know how to get along with it quietly. Seven accidents were reported and taken care of, none with serious injuries. And, now—on with the rest of the report! Report came in that a bunch of "college kids" were making noise and raising cain. (One wonders how one determines the educational level of a sound maker, but that's probably another story. Language usage, perhaps?) Anyhow, 'twas reported they were "hanging around, blowing car horns, running up and down stairs, etc." in wee hours of day. Complainant requested patrol "at least"

Motorcycle stolen.

reported, perhaps with reported drugs aboard. Requested check of same.

An unknown motorist got Person called in that stuck in a sand bar near children were "trespassing" beach access and was towed by being on phone extension off sand. j n new house, goa. Person who had been A 3ady got lost on beach pumping gas in boat got and didn't know where she worried about possibility & was. a fire and requested that the Fire Department dump Second case of vandalism some water in the bilge. on same set of duplexes reported in two weeks. Beach walker turned in a Investigation found out that dental plate holdertoSPD. a number of neighborhood children, one of whom has a Complaint came in that GREAT big dog, regularly four dogs '• accompanied by hung out and played in (wo allegedly uncooperative vicinity, and possibly it was humans") were carousing on dog who "vandalized" beach and harrassing curtains by tearing them. guests. GOA—UTL (Gone On Arrival—Unable To Call came in of an exLocate'. tremely "noisy" vehicle on what is fast becoming one of Call came in that gun the most traveled streets on shots had been heard. Four the Islands. Vehicle was of/em. at that.' accused of screeching tires, loud mufflers and so forth. Cat had damaged rear, possibly caused by a shot. Man reported he lost wallet on beach with ID, Found—one man's gold credit cards and 540 cash. ring with two stones. Complaint came in via Apartment dweller was phone that complainant's locked out of house. car had been stolen, and that car contained "valuable Man found sleeping in car papers" and an unloaded in parking lot. (Note: You're gun. Stated that he did not supposed to sleep at home.) know license number of car Three hours later was and refused to give SPD discovered sleeping again, phone number. but had moved car to different parking place. Irate report—complainant was irate because of ticket Complaint came in of which had been received. noisy dirt bike riders at 6 a.m. Found 'em (all II) and Insecure screen and lights advised them not to make on, possibly forcible entry. noise so early in the morning Upon inspection, no apand not to ride their bikes parent entry made. before 7. Mid-teen girl reported City sign knocked down missing. By time SPD and later picked up by litter description was completed, contractor and placed girl had returned home. behindSPD. Man reported truck Caller came in to state stolen, would not give adthat three "'hippies" were dress, etc., and that he was


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Officer saw person acting suspiciously 'jumping behind things when approached) and asked for ID. Person turned around and accused officer of "Harrassment" and asked for officers full name so that "formal complaint could be filed." Officer supplied requested information. Bicycle seen in unlikely place; turned out to be OIK of a fleet of motel bikes. Advised motel to ID bikes. Three reported named.

fishing rods stolen. Suspect

Two more bikes found; had been in backyard for two days and didn't belong there. Turned out to belong to same motel: advised motel to ID bikes, pleasel Man came in at 6:13 to report he had lost his wallet on the beach at 3 p.m. While man was in SPD, wallet was found and returned to SPD iand man* complete and intact. A 14-foot alligator was reported trying to enter a private home designed for human habitation, not alligator habitat. Was advised to "CAREFULLY use flare to chase." Ploy worked, as alligator went away, but reported quite angry about the whole thing. (Thegator, that is.) Man reported lost checkbook and endorsed checks. Advised him to stop payment. Person complained that a threat had been made that if she did not vacate a certain new residence in a certain length of time would "threatened" would make sure eompainant couldn't get a job on either island and also said she would come to SPD immediately to speak with officer personally. Never showed. Alleged "threatener" quivered: denied ever saying any such thing. Found: One black and white male cat complete with flea collar. Man's wallet with large amount of money (over SI,000), credit cards and ID found and turned over to SPD, where it was reclaimed by (assumedly happy and relieved) owner.'





FREE Historic Independence Hall w Pfiiladeifte..

Alleged passed-out male discovered along side of road; assisted to residence by officer.

Person reported losing large amount of traveler's

just tor coramg m and registering your oli -. refrigerator we II gfve you

an exclusive 14 x 18 _, lithograph print of ]/.':

going to notify the FBI. Spouse later reported truck was fineanci notstolen.


Rantf McNally 'Discover Historic America Guide covers 50 states more than 2800 historic places. Includes togftway maps: color pftofos etc Tliis ; S4 95 reiail vaiue «s

Camping equipment and articles of clothing found on eclesiastical property. Equipment claimed; clothing not, •-. . Found: Bejeweled and flea :collared poodle; reunited with owner.

Complaint came- in that notohly had this complainant received a threatening letter, someone elsehad,toa ^; PALM RIDGE ROAD - Across From The Library 472-1133 OPEN Monday - Saturday 8:30 - 5:30 Sales and Service - 1 7 years en Sanlbel-Capilva Expert On Island Service



_ !:;

'••fiblice rpptorts on page 16


"Let's Go Skiing!"



Tuesday, April 6. 1976



CAU CAPT. HERB PURDY: 472-1849 after 6


:• dcy or of* day : 4 io:8 persons CAU CAPT. CMC KBNNWY 472-4087. SANJSR MARINA

This 27 pound cobia put up a great fight for Derwin Gossard (left) and his son, Leland, from Ohio. They caught ihis beauty last Friday, fishing out of Blind Pass Marina, using live shrimp for bait. Home of the Live Educated The fish formerly made its home in Pine Island Sound by the markers. 75 cents a dozen

We Restring Tennis Racquets & Replace Grips






Cali (preferably before 9 a.m or after 5 p.m.)












Bldg., Periwinkle b Casa Ybel Read












9:©0AM 1:00 PM


3:47 P. 4:58 P. 9:12 a. 9:33 a.

low —

hi — —


TUES. 12:49 a. WED. 12:48 P 6:28 P2:00 a. THURS. 2:43 P 7:50 P2:57 a. FRI. 9:06 P3:54 P 3:47 a. 9:52 a. SAT. 4:47 P 10:15 P. SUN. 10:14 a. 4:28 a. 5:39 P 11:14 P10:37 a. MON. 5:02 a. Tides courtesy of Priscllla Murphy, Realtor, inc. . „


12800 PM. 4:00 PM.

No Phone — No Reservations •— Just B* H®re


and hkmk


Conversion table: The above tides are for the lighthouse point of Sanibel oniy. To convert for Redfish Pass (north tip of Captiva), add 55 minutes to the time shown for every hi tide, and subtract two (2) minutes for every low "tide. (NO, we don't know why, but it works. Instructions following are even less sense-sical but, as we stated, they do work.) For Captiva island, Gulf side, subtract 30 minutes from each high tide, and subtract 1 hour and l<5 minutes for each lowtide. For Captiva Island, Pinelsland Sound (bay) side, add 1 hour and four (4) minutes for each high tide, and 3dd 52 minutes for each lowtide. in between these points on gulf or bay — guesstimate — and have good fishing and- orsheMing.


"Tuesday, April 6, 1976


^ as featuring FarKers '"RealLife"" goldand silver jewelry. J.P. Carter Cc-npany ;now. WHERE have we heard that name?' advertised they'd do your personal shopping if you forgot something, would fix up anything that needed fixing, would move any thing you wanted to move and also promised to ship things, if that was your desire. Friday's House of Treasures was advertising "real flowers preserved in hand blown glass creations"* and you could buy a gift boxed Easier handkerchief for SI at Birgifs. APRIL, 1965

low tide — shelter's delight



kick mum


OR, kftisty 5ute (foes

APRIL, 1962

On the front page of the April 11, 1962 ISLANDER, it was announced that the Sanibel-Captiva Shell Club was holding a special weekend meeting so they could hear Dan and Barbara Steger, who had "insatiable curiosity" when it came to strange and unknown forms of sealife, give a talk on "Deep water fauna of the Gulf of Mexico" which they had been studying intensely for ten years. The ISLANDER was also quite proud of its "new look." a t was quite surprising later on to find out most people didn't notice it—but the paper had been printed for the first time with justified margins—that's when the copy is even on both sides.) The new look was accomplished with the use of Frieden justowriters, which are now available for boat anchors, as they have been replaced by much more sophisticated machinery (which, with its sophistication, also brings along more complications, since there are

more parts to break down. There are times we wonder about the advisability of returning to quill and i nk.) Two people—Mrs. Charles Vose and Biliie Saxinger—both found a junonia on the same day. The Planning and Zoning Board discussed the advisability of allowing trailers in blocks B,C,D,E, and F, and President John Kontinos was quoted as saying "The intent of Planning and Zoning on Sanibel is not to promote the Island by the sale of an overabundance of small, inexpensive, badly proportioned lots, but to promote it by making it a more desirableplace in which to live with a reasonabie number of small lots." Building setbacks in side yards was also discussed; it was decided to change R-2 zoning from a 20-foot setback (didn't say to what, though) and increased lot areas from 7,000 to 7,500 square feet. Audubon officials and members of the Governor's cabinet planned to get together that week to discuss furthering the plans for the Ding Darling Memorial. Ethyl Snyder wrote a "to be continued" article about the time it froze on Sanibel and killed the tomato crop, much to everyone's horror and grief, but Hallie Mathews saved the day by taking everyone home with her for a big dance and covered dish supper. Opel Combs wrote an article on Sanibel Captive trees—the cabbage palm, which she picked because it was the "most numerous tree in the Sanibel landscape... (and is also) edible..." and the Casuarina, which, she stated, had been brought to the Islands about fifty years ago (that would be about 1912) and was called an "Australian Pine" even though it wasn't a "real" pine since it had leaves "which are reduced to minute scales appearing as a yellow circle around the green twigs" instead of real needles. According to Mrs. Combs, in Australia, the trees are called oaks. The Sanibel Community Association showed it wasn't one bit superstitious when it decided to put on an Easter style show and covered dish supper on Friday, April 13. The yucca (a picture of which was also on page 1) was in full bloom again, and Jake Stokes took four people fishing for the biggest catch of the season so far—27 king fish, with one . weighing 15 pounds. Two loads of shells were donated for the school basketball court, and plans were underway for the "new" Sanibel school, which was to be built on 25 acres of government land. Gunderson & Wilson, architects, were working on the plans for the building, which was scheduled to open in September of 1962. Easter candy baskets could be purchased for 98 cents to $2.98 at Bailey's, Helen's Jewel Box (where Glory of the Sea now is)

and Captiva iolli For Pine Island. I paid S200 in tolls last year on the Sanibel Causeway. Most of the tolls would be paid by Sanibel and Captiva residents, why shouid we be singled out to pay for the benefit of others . Commission chairman Bruce Scott reacted by replying "We've been discussing the Pine Island link as long as the Fort Myers Beach Bridge (present day note—it hasn't been built yet either). There have been many public hearings on the matter with published public notices." The paper quoted at length a conservation report by Dr. Frank C. Craighead, Sr., ecologist and consultant to the local Conservation Foundation and the Everglades Na tional Park. It said, in part, "The typography of Sanibel is typical of many coasta! islands, highest along the Gulf Coast, about 5 ft. msl with several more slightly lower former coastal dunes between this and ftfiei Sanibel River.. .where the ground level is about 2.5 msi < while i the bed of the main creek varies from .1 to2 ft. below msl .. •The deep sands are all of recent origin, probably not over 5,000 years old, which have been deposited by coastal currents and storm tides. Bedrock of Tamiami limestone is reported to be 30 to 50 feet beneath the surface. The fresh water aquifer held in these deep sands is over 12. possibly 30-40 feet deep in places. We need more information." A benefit at the Pirate Playhouse raised SI65 for the migrant workers in Immokalee, Frank Vallake designed and Don Hiers was the contractor for the new Fire Control Station. Dorothy Robinson and Jane Bancroft announced a joint art show at the Captiva Post Office. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Martin presented the deed to the "large plot of land ifor> theSanibei Library" to Donald Simons. The lot. it was said, was located on the "Captiva cut off road" iPalm Ridge Road), and was much appreciated as the present library -was being outgrown. No plans were definite at the time for the new building, however. The Audubon Society was holding its last outdoor event of the season—a conducted tour of the Bailey Tract by Griffing Bancroft: the Chamber of Commerce reported about 250 people registered and asked questions on a '•typical" day at the Chamber building, and the PTA bakesaJe and raffle brought in "an unprecedented S740•" A permanent wave cost $12.50 at the Tender Touch. Kauffman 14 ft. fishing skiffs were $295 at Castaways Marina, a stone crab dinner cost S3.95 at Case's Harbor House, Priscilla Murphy. Realtor, was offering condominiums from $15,950; 15 lbs of bacon cost S2.2S twith a purchase of a $47.40 steak bundle of 60 to 90 lbs.> at J&W Western Meats, you could direct dial Cleveland from Fort Myers for SI.15 (instead of paying $2.65 for a person to person call), and, at Bailey's, a half gallon of ice cream was 39 cents, as was a 24 oz. bottle of Kraft oil, chuck roast was 69 cents a pound, Racord bacon, 39 cents a pound, whole or half turkeys were 37 cents a pound and Maxwell House ground coffee was 49 cents a pound bag.

In the April 1. 1965 ISLANDER issue. Islanders were still being pleased by publicity by off-island publications—in this case, Jhe Louisville. Ky. "'Courier Journal" which carried not only a story, but also pictures of Henry Ford shelling on the wide beaches. The 1965 Shell Fair put its financial statement on the front page. and. after all v.-as said, done and totaled up. Admiral E.G. Konrad announced the "total gain" was S3.46I.17, of which Sl.706.54 "was immediately spent on repairing, cleaning and painting Ehe Community House and the building of two tiki huts on the grounds, i We think they meant chickees). High tides on Tuesday. April 6.1965. were at 3:47a.m. and 2:42 p.m.. we were just beginning to ask n&K subscribers to give us at least three weeks between the time of the original order and the first paper's arrival. Mrs. Nathan Beck of Gahanna. Ohio, found both an albino Chinese alphabet cone and an albino yellow cockle, which, according to a ioeai authority, were the first such shells found on Sanibel or Captiva EVER' Steve Muench 'according to Teen Club columnist Viks Way i brought a friend. Hal Barry, back from Le Moyne College «which they were both attending- to enjoy the Islands and do a little alligator tagging with Charles LeBuff. The Captiva Community Center an™"mced it would be showing "Citizen Kane." "Scape Goat" and "An American In Paris" on weekends during the month. Steven J. Briiz told of capturing a five foot octupus during the annual shell count, which, sadly, lived long enough to have its picture taken, but not long enough to get back in the water. The New York '•Times" was quoted as having written an article about Sanibel and Captiva being "unchanged"' by the advent of the causeway i which had opened in May. 1963 j . Which leads us to wonder if they (The Times) looked back in their own files before writing the six-part series on the Sanibel Land Use Plan this past winter. Roy Bazire was accepting donations for the University of Iowa's "Million Dollar Art Galiery" as well as the John F. Kennedy "Truth-In-Journalism'" scholarship fund, for the School of Journalism at the same university. George M. Kuechler and Wallace Brauss, who had been fishing in the "swamps and sloughs" of the Sanctuary, noticed a bird struggling and splashing. It had a fishing lure caught in its breast and was trying to get free. It was a "diving bird (with a) long slender neck, slender bill and black feathers" according to Mr. Kuechler, and while they had no way of knowing how long the bird had been in trouble, they were able to free it Please let us know, without much damage and assumed it was subscription wise okay, as it immediately dived for cover. Mr. As you may have noticed, there is a Kuechler also expressed the hope that all other fishermen would be careful to protect subsciption order blank on the bottom of the the wildlife, "reminding them that Sanibel is classified page of each issue of the ISLANDER. It is changed this week and a wildlife sa nctuary.'' Tickets were on sale for an April 10 per- requests that when you order the paper (or formance of "The Reluctant Debutante" at give us a change of address) if you do not the Pirate Playhouse, the ISLANDER had receive it within three weeks of writing us run out of copies of the March 4 and March (or two weeks if you come directly into the 11 issues, $2 a person bought you a half fried office) PLEASE let us know right away. chicken dinner plus three games of bowling This was prompted by a dear reader who at the Beach Bowl, and Castaways, The told us rather briskly that she had returned Island Inn, Tween Waters, Stanley's Harbor to her northern home in early November and House and the Coconut Grove were all had not as yet (the first week in April) received an ISLANDER and would we serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. please send all the back issues immediately. As organized as we are (ahem) that is an APRIL, 1971 impossible task (at least at the moment) as walking nude on the moon. So, PLEASE, if The April 1,1971 ISLANDER carried front you have ordered a new subscription, or page pictures of "the extensive Sanibel have asked for a change of address, please brush fire" which had occurred between let us know—since we can't possibly know Tarpon Bay and Casa Ybel roads the you're NOT getting it until you tell us. Thank previous Saturday. The County Commission you for your cooperation. ordered a study on a Pine Island bridge connection to the Sanibel Causeway. Pine Island was all for it. Jack Rushworth, as LETTERS TO THE EDITOR president of the Sanibel-Captiva Chamber of The ISLANDER welcomes all letters to Commerce, said the Chamber opposed the the editor on any and all subjects, short of proposed link, but not the study, and V.G. something which is libelous. Letters must be MacKenzie told the County Commissioners that he "vehemently protested the undue from real people and must be signed, but haste and undemocratic manner you are names will be held on request or at the using in considering the diversion of Sanibel discretion of the editor. Editing (for length) shall also be at the discretion of the editor.

Tuesdoy, April 6, 1976


Bike path officially opened

John Peurifoy does the honors

completed with all the signs, lines, etc.

Zee Butler and Commissioner Bob Whan At twelve thirty p.m. Tuesday, the City of Sanibel officially opened the bike path beginning at the Community House.

Mayor Porter Goss, in his opening remarks, said that this was the "first link in the first phase" of the pathway and that he hoped to have a Community Bicentennial opening after the project is

The bike path cost S53.355, $23,000 coming from efforts of the Bike Path Inc. committee, spearheaded by Mrs. Porter Goss, through donation jars being placed in storesr publication of the Sanibel-Captiva phone book and other donations. The remainder of the money came from Causeway surplus funds. The path is 8 feet wide and 10,000 feet long.

County Commissioner Bob Whan was introduced. Whan agreed that the bike path was "something Sanibel has needed for a longtime."

Muriel Goss is. commended by Zee Butler and Bike Path Committee.

"It's a first class bike path and a benefit to all of as," Goss said and then read a letter of dedication of the bike path to the Bicentennial Horizon Program by Ann Marsh. "I'm glad it's a reality-,*' he said.

County Commissioner Jim Sweeney said that it was "wonderful to be here and happy that the bike path is here." He said that It was bis experience with bike paths in Lee County that, once they were completed the people wanted to ride their bikes in the streets.

Zee Butler presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Mariel Goss for all of her

Francis Bailey and Commissioner Jim Sweeney.

work and dedication to the project Sherry. Vartdahl then presented Mrs. Goss with a silver bicycle pendant.

Inveterate biker John Peurifoy was asked to cut the ribbon, after which the bike riders were on their way officially.

Bikers look on in appreciation.

Tuesday, April 6, 1976



Teenager wrote note baling "bo Ions'" and allegedly ran away. "Was found. Large bonfire was reported throwing sparks into trees. Fire had permit.

police reports

Complaint came in that ••man fia&hing badge and

claiming to be a deputy" raised "tain" with complainant about a fee. Complaint stated man was not only rude, he had afso been drinking. Investigation found that man complained about was indeed a deputy sheriff, who said original complainant refused to pay owed fee and asked for ID.

blowing sand onro cars. Painting firm stated they had no sweepers and the blower was required to remove dirt and sand so paint could be applied. Workers were advised by Owner of van parked on city to use blower causeway requested an "sparingly." officer, because van had rats in it. All 10-4. Boat in distress in three foot seas. Owner of boat and Complaint came in that daughter stated pump broke bike path workers were down and hull flooded. Caller stated he had seen t'«o men "tie up someone"" behind a store. Turned out to be brothers escorting alleged run-away home.

flooding the motor. Coast Guard advised and towed boat into off-island marina. Found: A suitcase. Motel owner asked two car-fulls of people to leave; they allegedly responded by suggesting traditional ceremony at high noon in Macy's window. GOA—LTL. Manager reported a car parked on his property watching boat in distress". Vehicle removed by owner.

inatethe dleman.

Auxiliary officers (five of 'em > assisted boat stranded on beach. Abandoned car reported parked where it shouldn't be for at least two days. Car did not have record; was removed. Caller requested an officer to check on a open sewer; officer checked and it was. Notified Health Department. Report came in of a stolen '76 flag sometime during the previous evening. Anonymous call came in that there was a fire; false alarm. There WAS a fire, but ithada permit. Report came in of a stolen pool pump. White small vehicle reported "running up and down beach." GOA. Complaint came in that bad check had been received. Report unfounded; when put through bank, check cleared. Caller stated vehicle was driving on beach. It was and driver stated he was trying to help another vehicle stuck on access road to beach. Helping vehicle also got stuck. SPD vehicle then got stuck. Smitty came to rescue and pulled all three out. Complaint came in that vehicle was driving on right side of bus "every day'""in early morning. Officer responded to call that man had been bitten byalligator (he had. on leg) and officer administered first aid until EMT's arrived. Man- was not doing bad things like feeding alligators (at least, not on purpose): he was working underwater at the time and didn't know alligator was in residence.

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Money problems. People solutions.

A "hit and run" accident was reported—seems a red car hit a pedal cart in a parking lot and promptly left the scene. Report came in of vandalism; alleged young persons using skate boards breaking windows. Broken windows not alleged; they were. Investigation continues. Found: Small biack and white kitty with collar. Suggested complainant take kitten back to place of finding so it could find its own way home. Small white poodle found by person who left note and took dog home for safekeeping.

police reports start on page 12

Turestfoy, April 6, 1976



Fund for Animals" alive and well

by Richard Arthurs The ISLANDER is pleased to report that the Fund for Animals is alive and thriving on Sanibel and Captiva. International Coordinator George Campbell reported that the organization now consists of some 55,000. members worldwide, many of them prominent entertainers drawn to the cause by author Cleveland Amory, originator and CotnDh< director of the Fund, who spoke on Sanibel last winter. The Fund, which is supported ecologlst, solely by contributions, has its headquarters in New York and offices in most major cities. At the present time, George is trying nibbling on o to establish a new office in St. Petersburg. The Fund is concerned with animals in yucca general; wild, endangered and domestic. The emphasis, naturally, is on preservation. With respect to domestic animals, the Fund supports spay clinics and laws regulating the inhumane treatment of animals (dog fighting, cock fighting, bear baiting, what have you) and works to put an end to many forms of animal mistreatment, such as the forced over-feeding of geese to produce the French dglicaey, Pate de foi Gras. The Fund's international concerns include They are also presently working to have Said George, "What we really care about the Canadian harp seal, the great whales, the loggerhead turtle placed on the en- is the preservation of the environment." the Bengal tiger, the rhinocerous, and dangered species list, as well as supporting On the local level, the Fund's major effort the 200-mile fishing limits. Alaskan wolves. i s Involved in the Southwest Florida

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Regional Alligator Association, headed on Sanibel by George Campbell and George Weymouth. Here again, they are striving to educate the public as to the proper way to deal with the native alligator, to increase their data base by tagging alligators, and lastly to deal with the occasional reptiles who stray from their habitats into the public thoroughfares. George is currently working

"*"*& J ^ K°nt*nos to save and relocate the

alligator that bit the Dunes* golf ball diver last week.

A number of students from Edison Communify College are also participating in the alligator research and relocation program. According to George, the Fund for Animals is fighting an important uphill battle. "The environment is losing out and ever so much effort must be pat into this area or our grandchildren -will have no natural wildlife to appreciate," was his bleak prediction. "Sanibel is a microcosmic view of worldwide environmental problems," George stated with respect to his woffc on the Islands. "What we have here demonstrates the threats confronting the whole world." For those interested in supporting the Fund for Animals, we can only suggest that you call George at Ins tome.



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Tuesday, April 6, 1976


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Taasdcy,Aprilfe, If76

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Tuesday, April 6, 1976


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Tuesday, April 6. 1976


Letters to the ISLANDER purchaser of and for a book of tickets. The book of tickets would not be limited to just that one car in case more than one car is owned. Stickers must be put on the left side of windshield for identification, to be the purchaser of the book of tickets and user Sticker for windshield and permit may be obtained at City Hall, Sanibel or other designated spot. Permit must be renewed each year. 3. Cost of book of tickets would be $10.00 for 20 tickets. 4. Toll cost to passenger cars would be $3.00 or more. 5. Toll to motorcycles 13.00. 6. Toll to campers or larger recreational travel vehicles a minimum of S5.00 or more according to weight and size. 7. Buses, depending on number of passengers, and trucks, according to weight and size. This proposal would prevent the passing of ticket books around to the travelers from offIsland motels and campgrounds. It will help To control the number of people and control the number of fishermen, who live traffic, there is only one way and that is off the Island, who use and take-up most of through the Causeway. The plan I have in the room at the fishing pier. It will help mind is fair, will restrict no one, will not eliminate the undesirables, the people who affect the shopkeeper in business, possibly are not going to help improve conditions increase business by bringing in a better, here or help business on the Islands, in more selective type of person. It will in- anyway. crease tbe amount of revenue to the Through increase in toll, these people will Causeway, thereby, benefiting Lee County have access to our beautiful Islands and and City of Sanibel. According to the Island their many recreational facilities and still Reporter, January 16, 1976 issue, the help the residents pay, through percent, of Causeway traffic in 1975 was up 30 per cent toll received, for the upkeep of roads, trash but the toll revenue was down 3 per cent as a removal, police force and other municipallyresult of reduction, on November 1, 1974 of connected exDenses. the cost of commuter ticket to fifty-cents. Let's face it, something has to be done and soon. It is only fair; the commuter-day My proposal is as follows: 1. Limit the coupon book of tickets to tourist helps pay for some of the expenses. residents of the Islands, people who are Not just a fifty-cent toll cost through a ticket employed here and the contractors and their book that anyone can buy, now, or lent to workers, repair men, County Officials, them for the day. delivery people such as from stores, nurIf the projected count of traffic on the series, food and businesses that use the Causeway by engineering consultants Causeway to make deliveries. Actually, this (Coverdale & Colpitte) will increase from is the way it should have been in the first 825,000 in 1976 to 2,340,000 in 1995, Sanibel place. and Captiva wil look like downtown New 2. Permits and stickers to be put on their York City at the end of a workday, but only windshields (similar or like the ones given to worse because of its smaller size and imresidents to put on their cars for hurricane possibility and impracticability for a larger season) so that at the toll booth, on the road system. And, I am sure, for one that I Causeway, the ticket-taker can identify the would no longer care to live here. Again, if

To The Islander: I am writing this letter as a concerned resident and taxpayer of Sanibel and the majority of conservation-minded citizens of these, our Islands, on a proposal that I have sent to Council Members of the City of Sanibel, which I think is the only solution and control for the ever increasing amount of traffic and people to our Islands. Sanibel and Captiva are overrun with a tremendous influx of people of all calibre. In fact, one hates to even venture from their home in fear of never reaching their goal, safely, to go shopping at Bailey's or whatever. One gets discouraged upon going to the beach to shell or try to fish on the fishing pier, at the Lighthouse, without getting a hook set into him. Living at Sanibel and Captiva is getting to be quite a challenge and we are fast reaching the point where we have lost all the things we love here and why we invested and put our roots down. We use to see periwinkles and wildflowers and now see trash and beer cans.

these engineeriag coisaltants would be right, then again, Man through what he calls "progress" would have destroyed another beautiful, irreplaceable environmental area. Please, act now. Concerned Resident and Tax Payer. (Editor's note: It's an interesting idea, and, of course, a controversial one, as there are clauses which will bring screams of outrage from some. However, probably no more screams than another suggestion which we'll put forth—why not 10 cents for residents and workers—press, too, of course—and $20,00 per vehicle for anyone else?) •

Obviously, Jais is not an exact comparison, iwt the practice of allowing beach visitors to cat driftwood will denude this lovely area, and weaken the land along the Gulf which is already subject to constant and heavy erosion. Turner's Beach is a gem, and should not be developed much further, in my opinion, or else its rather limited area win be overrun asd its fragile structure eventually destroyed. I believe a single entrance control point and supervision are tbe best guarantees against tHs and other .destructive persons. The parking area is limited and should not be expanded. There are other big beaches oa Sanibel and Capfiva which can accommodate heavier use. Turner Beach is too fragile to be over-used. -s-Lewis A. Carter Milton, Mass.

To The ISLANDER: My wife and I have enjoyed the beautiful swimming and tbe picturesque shoreline environment of Turner Beach oa Captiva Island each year we nave come here. One of She most fascinating aspects of the beach are the picturesque driftwood, trees still standing bare and elean, and other smallspieces, mostly still embedded in the sand. Last week my wife made a sketch of a driftwood tree on our first visit, but the next time we came to the same place, tbe tree had been cut off by a saw, and many branches were missing. The fact that some people think nothing of taking whatever catches their eyes in a public park is not new, but a few regular visitors with little saws can cart away a lot of driftwood in a year. Certainly there must be a regulation prohibiting this practice. If not. there should be, and some means of inspecting what people take out of the beach with them. It is a fact that souvenir hunters nearly made off with much of the Petrified Forest specimens in that National monument, and that it was necessary to surround the whole park with a high wire fence wife a single entrance and control points.

To The Islander; Thanks to all who helped! It is an impossible task to list the names of all the deserving people who were helpful and responsible for the success of tbe 1976 Shell Fair. The Committee Chairmen could not have carried out their duties properly without the co-operatioQ of the many, many Islanders and visitors who gave so generously of their time, supplies and monies; the merchants and business people who advertised in our brochure; the exhibitors who brought us their "best"; and lastly two extra special people, Twink and Ed Underbill, who helped with anything and everything. My sincere gratitude, -s- Cookie Dagger General Chairman Sanibel Sfael Fair, 1976




I |

j a • •

C ^

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RT17F3 •St




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* * * * *

DISPLAY LOCATION: In Naples' Park Shore, on Neopolitan Way at Crayton Road, just three blocks west of U.S. 41 and north of Park Shore Plaza. Open Daily 9 to 5.


Tuesday, April 6, 1976


Sanibel outline found In stone by Richard Arthurs It seems almost everybody wants a little piece of Sanibel these days, but at least one Island resident has the system licked. Alone and uneontested, Kay Berberieh, propritress of Sir Dolphin Shirt House, possesses the whole Island...in miniature. No, realtors need not suffer cardiac arrest, but lapidaries take note.

Kay's "piece of the rock"

resembling Sanibel and its was cut, to and behold!, surrounding waters. there was the perfect facThe southern tip of simile of Sanibel, out of a Captiva also appears in clear blue sky, as it were. "nature's map of Sanibel." The micro-Sanibel is as Kay fondly calls her Kay eventually plans to actually a thin slab of cut prized stone, which, she mount the rock in a shadowpicture-rock, or agate. mystically affirms, played a box and display it at Sir within which the natural part in bringing her to Dolphin. located in Island process of crystalization has Sanibel some years ago. Fair Shopping Center on crafted a diminutive picture She first saw the agate at Palm Beach Koad. for those of the Island as seen from a rock shop in Miami, liked of you who might care to see the air in bands of iron oxide the colors, and asked that it this most remarkable geodic on a blue background, quite be cut. The third slab that anomaly.

Council approves tax worrents In \ special session Two restaurants and one shop wer« requesting a variance from Lee County regulations concerning fee consumption on premise for the sale of beer and wine. The council fold the owners of the Gaspariila restaurant. Nutmeg House restaurant and Sanibel Seafood that they would rather consider the requests under a Sanibel ordiananee, rather than consider i variance to The sign ordinance amendment was the Lee County regulations «ind there is adopted providing for a 10 foot setback from no Sanibel ruling oa the matter at this time the property line and deleting the and that Sanibel would proceed with requirement that an application must be on dispatch with a general ordinance on the file seven days prior to the meeting of the subject. sign committee. Anita Simon asked how maca longer it Fritz Myers request for a variance from would fake to he considered. The answer the Lee County regulations to build a was 30to60 days, and it was felt by council shimming pool fifteen feet from a canal members that the Sanibel ruling would be rather than 20 feet was denied. Council more lenient in regard to the number of feet requested that he return with a redesigr, ar. establishment had to be away from a showing a 2 foot variance instead and In- church before it eoiiid be licensed to sell beer dicated thai they would consider the and wine. Neither the Gaspariila nor the Sanibel Seafood comply with the Lee County redesigr; in a more favorable light. rule of 2.500 feet. Two members of the Cable television Out of four relies from the respite cases, two were granted and two were denied,. company gave a status report on the cable Granted were the Island Water Association facilities or, the island. building on the SanibeS-Captiva road and the The council was informed that the Sundial. Richard Brashter home in Gulf Pines owners would ask for an appeal bond but the Subdivision. amount was not given. Attorney Roger Berres informed the Denied were the requests from Warner P. councii of his trip toa planning conference in Heinstein to build a single family home in Washington D.C. and brought hack a report Sanibel Highlands and Joseph Kucharski to from the conference about how to consider build a shopping area on Yachtsman Drive. "vested rights." The council four fYernon MacKenzie is recouperatiBg from his illness in Washington. D.C.I took on a variety of chores Tuesday. An ordinance providing for the issuance of tax anticipation warrants not to exceed $225,008 was postponed to a special council meeting called for Thursday morning.


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•• Magazines,i&utr.

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Tuesday, April 6 , I f 76


Council approves tax warrents in April 1 session The council met in special session at 8:30 a.m. April 1st to consider the ordinance providing for the issuance of tax anticipation warrants in an amount not to exceed $225,000; providing a right of first refusal to purchase to bearers of May, 1975 series tax anticipation warrants and authorizing the First National Bank in Fort Myers to serve as registrar on behalf of the city for issuance of the warrants. The ordinance was passed with little discussion. The council also heard a lengthy presentation by Fred Biery, project manager for the 201 facilities plan for Lee County, from the firm of Post, Buckley, |Schuh and Jernigan. Inc., Consulting "Engineers. Biery was accompanied by another member of the firm, Coleman Knott, to help in explaining the program. In the audience was M.J. Harper, Lee County Director of Environmental Services, Ron Blackburn of the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation, and Larry Pearson from the Southwest Regional Planning Council. Biery explained that the ninety second Congress of the United States had enacted Public Law 92-500, The Federal Water Pollution Control Act. Title II of the Act authorizes grants for the construction of waste water treatment plants which are publicly owned. In May, 1975, Lee County, in joint venture with the three cities in the county, made application for the grant. During the past year the engineering firm has put together the program for presentation- to the cities, the county and the public. Biery expressed hope that all of the public hearings and approvals could be obtained before mid April for completion of the project in June. Biery said that his firm had read the land use plan in which it is recommended that the City buy the Jamestown Beachview Plant; that it was "cost effective" to purchase the plant, that they had taken a complete inventory and made evaluations of every plant on the Island. The sewerage plan for Sanibel-Captiva is predicated on a population of 13,700 permanent residents and 20,700 tourists by the year 1995, which, Biery said, was in line with the projections of the CLUP. The figures, which were challenged by Duane White, came from the Florida Tourist Study, the DOT "T" Zones, the University of Florida census, the Development of Regional

Impact statements (DR1) and the Chamber of Commerce statistics, Biery said, and assured the council and White that the grant was not based on population figures. The plant design was figured to be 4 million GPD which would serve a population of between 32,000 and 35,000. The site of the Jamestown Beachview treatment plant, Biery said, was physically large enough for the 4 million GPD plant, but was not large enough to go to a teritary treatment or land fill or the making of fertilizer. He said that the engineers had determined that Sanibel does not have enough golf courses available to spray irrigate nor was the Ding Darling Sanctuary usable for sheet flow of effluent. The 201 program, therefore, is calling for (he "least expensive" disposal which is "deep well injection." A 2" test well is recommended to the depth of 2,500 to 3,000 feet to determine if the effluent can be pumped down to that depth. He said that the Island water supply came from a depth of 500 to 600 feet even though there is a fault underlying Lee County, the stratum overlie each other no one knew how long it would take the pumped effluent to work its way back up through thelayers, including limestone and the aquaclude to become a health hazard, he said. The EPA, he said, has approved the method of injection as the least costly and the least environmentally hazardous, A test well would be funded by 75 percent from the 201 funds. The council and White expressed dismay and concern about the disposal method. Biery said that if the council could prove factually and not by various opinions that the deep well injection system was not good, then his firm would provide the second least costly alternative. Ron Blackburn spoke against the deep well injection method and said if it was to be used measures should be taken to make the system work so that is 100 percent feasible and possible. The test well, he said is "out of step" or viable. He did not explain further. Charles LeBuf f reminded the council that they had gone on record as being opposed to deep well injection. Biery said that the plan was a good one for the whole county, that it "is still not locked in stone and can change" but that the EPA may not fund other more expensive methods. The sludge disposal method is to send the final dried product to the Lee County





don'i need a back fence to faik here, , . Sanitary land fill since the site is limited, sludge drying beds were not feasible. The EPA has requested that a marketing study be done to turn the sledge into a revenue producing product, e.g. fertilizer. Biery wanted to talk about cost figures because the figures will impact on the land use plan but council did not have time to consider the figures at the morning meeting. He said that the city council did not have to take any official action since the city acted as an advisory board only, and that Lee County was the ultimate political entity to decide to have the total program or not to. The question of how Captiva fit into the program politically and physically was

raised. Zee Butler said that Sanibel could not speak for Captiva, but the logical thing lo 6b would be to combine with Captiva. White asked if there was any latitude for advanced engineering systems, e.g. the vacuum system. Biery said that the costs were based on a conventional gravity system with an elaborate pumping system to keep the lines from being buried too deep in Ore ground. LeBuff motioned that the City of Sanibel did not agree with the 201 deep well injection phase of the program and will not agree to go along with the recommendations. The motion was passed 3 to 0—the Mayor and Vernon MacKenzie being absent.

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The Last Straw

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Tuesday, April 6, 1976


Sweef success story WZJ'-T-

by Bill Burdette A visit to Leas Candy Shop in She Perwinkle Place Shopping Center willfaring~~ back sweet memories of the "good old days'" and the oid fashioned general store. Leas Candy Shop is in fact a direct descendant of The General Store in St. Peter's Village. Pennsylvania. Mrs. Norma Leas and family formerly operated the General Store in the tourist town of St. Peter's Village. As time went by, the Leas opened Leas Candy Shop in Stowe, Vermont. Tiring of the New England winters, the Leas looked for opportunity in Florida. Charmed by the lifestyle and people of Sanibel and Captiva, the family decided to open a branch business on the islands. The next step was to determine which facet of the general store business would best fill a need on Sanibel. Among the many possibilities available

Leas candy shop Original General Store in St. Peter's Village

it appeared that a candy store would prove the most successful and so it was that Leas Candy Shop came to Sanibel in January, 1975.

style of the old timey general store, complete with wooden boxes and bins chock full of all types of goodies. Hard candies, jelly beans and some chocolates are displayed in the big The shop was set up in the glass jars reminiscent of shopping in the days before pre-packaging. At Leas Candy Shop, peanut butter is still ground fresh while you watch or browse. Rustic shelving, oil-type lamps and cedar shingles create a nostalgic atmosphere for the many displays of chocolates, mints, stick candy, suckers, carmel corn and peanut brittle.

In the course of exploring his new surroundings, Norma's son, David, discovered the fact that downtown Fort Myers lacked a complete candy shop. Soon thereafter. Leas Candy Shop opened a store at First and Hendry Streets in Fort Myers. As time went by it became more and more difficult to persuade members of the family to manage the first Leas Candy Shop in Vermont ami Finally, this year, Mrs. Leas moved that store to Naples.

Now, facing their second Easter on Sanibel. the Leas stocked the shop with chocolate bunnies, assorted and licorice jelly beans, and nine different flavors of candy Easter eggs. Whether it be for gifts or your own*. sweet, tooth. Leas CandyShop in Periwinkle Place is the place to go to do your Easter shopping.


Headquarters for the Easter Bunny Chocolate Bunnies Easter Eggs Jelly Beans


many other goodies too

Residential sod Commercial Interior Designiag and Fanuskrags A SID PERSONNEL

11 PERIWINKLE PLACE, SANIBEL 469 Fifth Ave. S. Naples

No. 1 Periwinkle PI SAMUEL ISLAND

1601 Jackson St. DOWNTOWN FORT MYERS 334-1348

First and Hendry Sts. Fort Myers



Wicked Wicker

oman Buy a Sand Dollar Necklace Kit from us


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Turtles' Seahorse Shell Shop

Tuesdoy, Aprfi 6, 197&


News and editorial notes


Wafer Association meeting

The Island Water Association will hold its annual meeting Monday, April 12, at 10 a.m. at the Sanibel Community House. Rather The new Sanibel Captiva Power Squadron than sign and send ia your proxy, it might members and wives, 37 in all, went "to the Margaret Bare, art coordinator for the (editorially speaking) be a good idea to \+7^li taxes. dogs" in the third organized social event of Lee County Schools, writes that there has attend in person, since all three directhe Squadron, when all enjoyed a prime rib been a sizable cut in the almost $5 million torships are up for election (John B. Cook, tK5 De'isis and l i s dinner in the clubhouse of the dog track, dollar special State art and music budgetG. Byron Kirby and C. Don Seymour have organized by Urban Palmer, the social about S4 million dollars worth. She urges been nominated by the nominating comconcerned parents and citizens to write to chairman. mittee of George Tenney, John KoatiBos and A few members volunteered the in- the legislative committee in Tallahassee Warren Tuckers). formation that they came out ahead on their urging the re-instatement of the S4 million Other names may be put in nomination the betting—the rest didn't say much. Those on budget cut, and suggests that the letters be day of the meeting from the floor. the outing also celebrated the 30th wedding handwritten (so they don't look like form( Also, there are some fairly major changes anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. James Robson, letters) and mailed as soon as possible. in the association's by-laws, such as "equity A list of those to be written to follows: and the birthday of Lena Sallemi (the wife of in the event of liquidation shall be Representative Mary L. Singleton, 5521 John, Squadron Executive officer) that represented by membership certificates" in Norwood Avenue, Jacksonville, Fl 32208. evening. lieu of "capital," and an increase in the size Representative Walter C. Young, Post oi a quorum. The Sanibel Captiva Power Squadron, a spin-off from the San Carlos Bay Squadron Office Box 4647, Hollywood, Fl 33020. The Association's financial statement is as Representative Vince Fetehel, Post Office t Myers Beach) last November, is now follows: e of the newest chapters in the national Box 426, Leesburg, Fl 32748. Representative Ander Cremshaw, Suite ganizafa'on devoted to boating education and safety. They conduct the annual free 202, 720 Gilmore Street, Jacksonville, Fl 33200. basic boating course for the general public. Representative William C. Andrews, Post Office Box 1036, Gainesville, Fl 32601. Representative Dick J. Batchelor, Box 67, Health planning council Orlando, Fl 32802 Representative Elaine Bloom, Suite 1103, The Southwest Florida comprehensive 1401 Brickell Road, Miami, Fl 33131. health planning council will meet at 7:30 Representative Gene Campbell, 1220 S. p.m. on Thursday, April 8, at 7:30 p.m. in the Olive, West Palm Beach, Fi 33401. Fort Myers City Hall. The agenda includes Representative Wayne C. McCal;!, 118 fiscal reports, health system agency S.W. 15th Street, Ocala, Fl 32670. discussion and the status of CHP con- Representative Charles Nergard, 111 tinuatioa The public is invited. Atlantic Avenue, Fort Pierce, Fl 33450. Representative Steve Pajcic, 118 W. Adam Street, Jacksonville, Fl 32202. Representative Mary R. Griuzzle, Room CPOOS to meet tonight 505, Coachman Boulevard, 503 Cleveland The Concerned Property Owners of Street, Clearwater, Fl 33515. Representative Earl Hutto, Post Office Sanibel (CPOOS) will meet tonight "'(Tuesday, April 6) at 7:30 at the Island Box 230, Panama City, Fl 32401. Beach Club. Charles Mmulka, former Representative Clark Maxwell, Jr. Post and FINE GIFTS president of the Civil Defense in Grand Office Box 39, Melbourne, Fl 32901. * Ws Dtp Oar Chen ConlStm" Haven, Michigan, will be the guest speaker. There will be an open discussion of civil Beautiful Decorative Candies defense and evacuation problems concerning Sanibel. All property owners are Floating Candles invited. Ahead of our time since 1887 Fine Glassware with Shell Motif COURTNOTES

Power Squadron outing

School art program needs help


Hand Carved Birds By Fernandez

The Sanibel causeway bonds were validatedfayJudge Shands at the validation hearings April 1 in Fort Myers. The Island Beach Club court house steps foreclosure sale was postponed from March 31 to April 13.


.G. Edwards


Members Mew York Stock Exchange, inc.


Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Options, Commodities, Tax Shelters, Financial Planning


WooW //fee to soy Happy Birthday fhis month to Thos. Jefferson, U.S. Grant & James Monroe.

"For Information Call" EDWARDS A G & SONS JNC

Island oduce


1995 PERIWINKLE WAY SANIBEL, FLORIDA 33957 813-472-3121

Sorry you fellows aren't • around to

Ideated in iahitian Garden





NUTMEG VILLAGE 2807 Gulf Drive West

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Tuesday, April 6, 1976


New Captiva organization born by CAROL QUILUNAN poration, he explained, was to "take steps to see that Cap- resident, and retired professor of chemistry from Mass. Fred Schlup said that he was a recent arrival to Captiva, A new organization was born last Monday night at the Siva is not abused and its beauty preserved." Strongin then announced the nominating committee's is a voter and lives on the Island six months of the year. Captiva Community House amid tumult and confusion but Sirongin said that he is a Captiva winter resident and is a recommendations for Board of Directors: Penelopy unity of purpose. music critic from Long Island. Ted Sirongin. temporary chairman of the non-profit Bradford. Helen Hardy, Fred Sefalup. Gene Bocfaow. Serita Author-artist Seriia Van Vleek said that she would' Yather Captiva Preservation Corporation explained that the people Van Vleck and Alex Freedman. be writing books and drawing pictures" than sitting on a Ai this point the meeting fell into disarray. Questions who were in attendance at the meeting were "here for the board. same reason - We all have a special love for Captiva. It is a started flying from the audience fast and furiously. After the seven had been seen and beard, Strongin an"Where's the charter? What does it say? Do you want us to magical place. It is unique. Its environment is being attacked by condominiums and heavy trucks." He cited the vote on something we haven't read? How many members swered a question as to when the next meeting would be. He said lhat fhe charter provided for an annual members' Pelaluma case whereby the concept of the public welfare are there? Who are they? Who are the board members? meeting but that the members could call a meeting if they so Where are they? Who was informed of this meeting? Why was io grow at a slow and orderly pace. desired. The corporation was not tax-exempt, he said, because of wasn't everyone told?" Stahlin came to the front of the room, was given the floor The temporary chairman answered some of the questions certain freedoms which were allowed to non-tax exempt and began io speak about the groin at Redfish Pass which and fielded others. . organizations, especially in the political arena. Paul Slahiin said that the aims of the corporation were continues to be a controversial issue among the Captivans. The purpose of the meeting was to elect the Board of Joe Green interrupted Stahlin requesting that Stahlin Directors. Sfrongin explained, but before the election he vague and that the members shouldn't accept anything "dispense with tins type of rhetoric. Stahlin has his gang lurned the meeting over to the group's attorney William "carte blanche." from Timmy's Nook "here to disrupt the meet." Stewart. Stewart said that he had been asked to investigate Mr. Baer accused Stahlin of trying to take "gavel rule" of "Do I have She floor?" Slahiin questioned. fhe possible incorporation of Captiva. His opinion was that 5he meeting and insisted that "all of us who love Captiva Green shot back. 'No. I table the motion." (to postpone 1 Capliva would not be able to incorporate. He said that he had should be able to talk.'* filed the corporation papers but that they had not yet been Slahiin motioned to "postpone the meeting 30 days until meef ing 30 days.) Someone else said that if the motion ^ fabled She meeting had to be adjourned. There was soul? received from Tallahassee. The main thrust of the cor- more people could study the purposes of the group". Mr. Mills said if voting was postponed 30 days most of the discussion about Robert's Rules of order. A voice vole on the motion was taken which sounded "people won't be here." He looked upon the motien as a almost equal. A hand vote was taken and discounted "delaying tactic." Serita Van Vleck said that she voted for the groin (at because someone held up two hands. Strongin asked the nonmembers to leave the room. The membership was counted Redfish Pass) and that the people who had been informed of !he meeting by letter were those who had signed a petition af 32. Another hand vote was taken and the motion was voted against the groin. Others had been informed by ad- down. Siahiin was nominated to the board from the floor. There vertisements in the newspapers. A man in the back of the room said "I voted for erosion." was a second. Sirongm said that there was a motion on the floor to elect There was some agitation about the nominees to the board introducing themselves. One by one, they came to the front fhe seven nominees as proposed. The nomination of Slahlin got lost in the shuffle. The of the room to speak. Helen Hardy said that she owned property on Captiva and f emporary chairman gaveled- for attention, called the vote, which was passed. The meeting was adjourned immediately that she is a Cleveland, Ohio realtor. Gene Rochow introduced himself as a property owner. thereafter.


Required reading for carpet buyers.

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Tuesday, April 6, 1976



Islander classified REAL ESTATE

ERRORS IN CLASStFiED MUST BE PHONED INTO OFFICE NO LATER THAN NOON THUR. OF THE FOLLOWING WEEK. THE ISLANDER WILL ONLY BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ONE INCORRECT AD. As of May 1,1976 Display Classifieds will be SI.25 an inch for each weekly insertion. Regular Classifieds wili remain S1.00 for first m words and 5 e for every >rd thereafter for each eekly insertion.

Custom Framing done on premises

FOR SALE FOR SALE: 2 bedroom, 1 bath mobile home. Quiet area on river. Extras include: storage room, utility shed. Periwinkle Trailer Park. Call 472-2380 after 6pm.


FOR SALE: 2 bedrooms, 2 baths or 1 bedroom and 1 bath and efficiency apartment, furnished home on pilings built 1974, value $45,000, sell 537,500 With terms, consider as part down payment in trade, new auto, commercial lot or ? Call 995-4269 or 9955481, ext. 34. __

Ai Anon meets every Friday, 8 p.m., St. Michael's and Ail Angels Church. For information, call 4722491.

FOR SALE: New Furnished duplex, free living by renting 1 apartment. 500 feet from private beach. 472JJ98.

irfrft * » &"%"*•••**•*

SALE OR EXCHANGE: 1 bedroom Gulfview condo, Sanibei Arms, $35,000. A. Brown, 9480 SW 108th St., Miami, Fla. 33176; (305) -271-8473.

SAILBOAT RENTAL Rent day or week 23'-Shoal Draft Motor — S a f e Sleeps 5 Comfortable Guide Available 463-2320

*-**•***•**•*•• Alcoholics Anonymous, open meeting, St. Mich-4^-s and Ail Angel's Church, Fridays at 8 p.m. For information, call 3321300.

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WANTED TO RENT: Office space for long time established Island business which is growing like Topsy and needs room(s) in which to expand. Would prefer easy access, lots of room and low rent, long lease preferable. Write P.O. Box .3, Sanibei, FL. 33957.

Planning on skiing your favorite mountain? Have Yamaha Paramount skis, Salomon 505 bindings size 10 boots for sale. 542-4962.

WANTED: Used Outboard Motor — Johnson or Evinrude, 20 HP or 25 HP with cable controls and electric start wiring. Contact Blind Pass Marina (Mr. Johnson) 472-1020.

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1473 Periwinkle Way 813-472-2194 or evenings 472-2901



Suncoost Fiberglass 2880 Palm Beach Blvd. ft. Myers 334-6127



HELP WANTED: Desk Xlerk, Saturday and Sunday. 8 am and 4 pm. The Colony. 472-1424.

Woodbridge Apartments Efficiencies and One Bedroom Units. Centrally located just off Periwinkle Way. $170 and $195 p'tos electricity, furnished. NO children. NO pets. Another development served by Executive Services, Inc. Realtor. Call


1446 Periwinkle Way 472-2893



TOWN HOUSE FOR RENT 2 bedroom, 2 bath, furnished, pool, dock. Cai! 305921-2935 or 305-921-1879.

Island Arts

1972 Cadillac B\ Dorado convertible. Burgundy witti white top, white ieather interior, fult power luxury, radials, air & loaded with many accessories. Very clean, most see to appreciate. 542-4962.

FOUR ISLANDS 1. V2 Acre Gulf Front Lot, upper CaptJva Island, near afr strip. $19,500. 2. 1 Acre tracts on Cay a Costa. $9,000. $11,000. etc. Guff & Bay access.

"CALL FOR CALL" 813-472-4127

3. Homes on Cabbage Key - $37,000. - $49,000. -518,000. v


4. 49 Acre Private Island for sale. $100,000.






DonriTiss Iheboof


Gulf front and Gulf view Sanibei Island Subscribe now to the Sanibel-Captiva ISLANDER the original little paper which really gets around! NAME

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Bill Me



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Tuesday, Apri! 6, 1976



ANY QUESTIONS concerning real estate on the Islands, stop in and talk to us. Our years of experience give us the inside edge on Island properties and our trained professional associates will be glad to assist you. Or write us. we'll be sure to answer.



Realty, Inc. Stanley E, Johnson, Jr., President Sheila B. Sneil, Vice-President Main Office: P.O. Box 57 Periwinkle Way. Sontbel Island 472-1511 Branch Office; Causeway Road 472-4121

What a buy! Golf-Front Homesites In Sombers Dunes Golf Course Community...

AT 1973 PRICES (Excellent Financing, Too)

.. . and build your dream home now! • Central Wafer & Sewer * Underground Utilities

• Convenient Location * Approved Development Plan r\ 8 Hiking & Biking Trails .



Carefully saved maleluka


Golf Course Community Off Bailey ltd. an Sanibsi

REALTOR 7 207 Per/wink/e Way Tel. (813) 472-1566 • 4 72-Z448




NAVAL JELLY* has no respect for rust. I

HARDWARE DEPARTMENT BONDS IN SECONDS Super fast. Super strong. Repairs made in seconds. Works instantly. One drop holds 5,000 lbs.





Brush it on, Wash it off. Rust is gone.


_ Sugg. Retail $3.95



41 5335


BAILEY'S GENERAL STORE in Island Shopping Center, corner of Periwinkle.&.Tarpon Bay Roads Serving




since 1 8 * 9




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