79” 4K Ultra HD Interactive Blackboard

79” 4K Ultra HD Interactive Blackboard

RP790 Interactive Classroom 79” 4K Ultra HD Interactive Blackboard Touch-enabled Ultra HD Classroom Display with built-in whiteboard and document re...

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RP790 Interactive Classroom

79” 4K Ultra HD Interactive Blackboard

Touch-enabled Ultra HD Classroom Display with built-in whiteboard and document reader

At BenQ we are committed to empowering educators with the best interactive classroom display technology. Further, we believe that hardware and software play equally important roles in promoting effective learning. This belief has driven the development of our RP790 79” 4K resolution interactive blackboard displays. These innovative panels are designed to support teachers by bringing to the classroom a truly interactive solution that engages students and promotes collaborative learning.

Engage Students

The BenQ RP790 touch interactive flat panel provides educators access to tools and resources never before available. With improved access to interactive online resources, teachers can now explain and illustrate subjects in ways students can more easily understand. This increases students’ interest in the subjects at hand and improves the classroom experience.

Readability Matters

BenQ RP Series interactive flat panels are designed to help educators make a natural transition from traditional lecture-style teaching to truly collaborative learning. The RP790 features a large 79” 4K Ultra HD resolution classroom-ready display with a high readability index of 55.8 DPI. It is large enough to easily replace existing blackboards, whiteboards and interactive whiteboards while providing crisp, bright text that is easy to read from anywhere in the classroom.

Key Features • Large 79” diagonal display is the perfect size for the classroom. • 4K Ultra HD resolution displays 4 times the information of 1080p displays. • Anti-glare tempered glass surface enables everyone to clearly see the screen from anywhere in the room. • Low blue light technology reduces eye fatigue. • Powerful 20-watt audio allows lessons to be easily heard. • Built-in Android OS EZWrite feature provides instant whiteboard functionality. • Multiple Display Administrator software allows centralized remote display management.

Additional Features • 10-point touch interactivity allows up to ten students to collaborate simultaneously on solving problems. • Interactive touch response is exceptionally fast and smooth. • Touch gestures similar to tablets and smartphones enable zooming, clicking and rotating images. • Infrared interactive technology provides maximum accuracy and dependability. • Built-in Office document reader allows PC-free teaching. • Combined pen- and finger-touch capability enables easy interaction with any content. • Has driver-free touch interactivity when connected to PC, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. • Can display files directly from USB flash drive or the cloud. • Compatible with SMART Notebook software. • On-screen display menu uses touch to control the display with no remote control needed. • Has 5 HDMI inputs for today’s digital sources. • Image is easily viewed under any lighting conditions. • LED backlight provides bright, durable display illumination lasting 30,000 hours. • Has 3 VGA inputs for legacy analog sources. • Supports USB 3.0 and 2.0 for maximum speed and reliability.

BenQ.us • BenQ.ca BenQ is a registered trademark of BenQ Corp. All rights reserved. Product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks featured or referred to in this material are the property of their respective trademark holders. Specifications subject to change without notice. RP790_012116

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20-Watt Speaker

30,000 Low Blue Light

RP790 Interactive Classroom




Display Tolerances


Control Mechanical


LCD Size Light Source Active Area (mm) Resolution Aspect Ratio Brightness Contrast Ratio (typ.) Response Time (ms) Pixel Pitch Frame Rate Viewing Angle Light Life Color Gamut (x% NTSC) Panel Bit Voltage Maximun (watt) Standby (watt) Power Off (watt) Touch Points

79" Edge LED 68.49” x 38.52” / 1739.52mm x 978.48mm 3840 x 2160 16:9 400 cd/m² 1,200:1 5ms 0.453 mm 120Hz 178 degree (H) / 178 degree (V) 30,000 hrs (typ.) 72% 10 bit, 1073.7 M 100 V ~ 240 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz Maximun (watt) 250W < 0.5W < 0.5W 10 points, simultaneous Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Mac 10.6-10.10, OS Supported Linux, Chrome OS 34.0.1847.134 Touch Driver Free Yes; Separate driver for Mac 10.10 Tempered Glass 4mm (Anti glare 80%) Operation Temp (dC) 0 ~ 40 degC Storage Temp (dC) 0 ~ 40 degC Storage Humidity 10%-90%RH non-condensing Operating Humidity 10%-80%RH non-condensing Display Orientation Landscape Usage (hrs/days) 18 hours / 7 days Audio Input (L/R, RCA) x1 Internal Spk 20 watt, 10W x 2 Line Out (3.5mm) x2 Line In (3.5mm) x1 COAX Output Yes (x1) Power (AC) Input x1 Power Switch x1 VGA In x1 OPS / Option Board Slot Yes HDMI Input x 5 (4K Inputs x2, 1080P Input x3) Composite Video In (BNC) x1 USB Port (for USB playback) Yes x2 ( USB2.0 x1; USB3.0 x1) RJ45 Port x1 RS232 Input / Output x1 in, 1x out RJ45 Port x1 FW Update USB / On the Air Weight 200 lbs / 246 lbs (without / with packing) 90.7 kg /111.6 kg Dimension (WxHxD) 72.7” x 43” x 3.7” / 1847mm x 1093mm x 95 mm Bezel Width (T/B/L/R) 35/56/35/35 mm Wall Mounting VESA standard; 600x400 (MB) Pen Tray x1 OSD

Accessories Remote Control Power Cord

English/ French/ Spanish/ CN/ AB (5 Languages) X1 1.8 M

VGA Cable x1 Quick Start Guide x1 USB Cable x1 16.4’ (5M) (Touch Interactivity) Touch Pen (Stylus) x2 Software Multiple Display Yes Administrator Part Number UPC Code 8400460-3246-3 Part Number 9H.F1VTK.DE2 Warranty Warranty 3-year Features Built-in Android OS, Chrome OS Support, SMART Notebook Compatible, Office Document Reader, PDF reader, VGA Daisy Chain, Sharpness Enhancement, Low Blue Light, HDMI-HDCP, HDMI-MHL, Freeze/Blank, OPS PC Compatible

HIGHLIGHTS 4K Ultra HD Resolution for Stunning Image Clarity

A visually compelling 4K ultra HD image resolution does much more than just capture students’ attention. It also ensures the highest level of viewing clarity for subjects such as biology, chemistry and fine arts that require visual demonstrations of detail-oriented images.

Low Blue Light

Studies show that blue light originating from digital displays such as smartphones and tablets, as well as from fluorescent lamps, can have adverse effects on our eyes and the human body. This blue light may cause eye discomfort which can lead to eyestrain, lack of focus and even mental fatigue. BenQ displays feature a Low Blue Light mode to effectively eliminate blue light emissions, enabling teachers’ eyes to remain focused and refreshed, even after prolonged use.

ZeroFlicker for Refreshed Eyes

The image on conventional displays flickers at up to 200 times per second to achieve the desired brightness level, creating a level of visual noise that your eyes cannot see but can certainly feel. This visual noise can cause eyestrain, eye fatigue and discomfort. BenQ displays use ZeroFlicker technology, an exclusive direct lighting method that delivers steady, smooth lighting to keep teachers’ and students’ eyes comfortable and refreshed, even after long hours of use.

Anti-Glare Tempered Glass

Screen glare shining in students’ eyes can lead to difficulty reading content, which can lead to lack of attention or focus. This can become very uncomfortable and distracting for teachers and students alike. BenQ RP Series displays use strong, durable, high-quality 4mm anti-glare tempered glass to minimize reflections and produce easier-to-read text with clearer images on the screen, which helps students absorb more of the class material being presented.

Instant Touch Interactive Functionality

Conventional displays can require complicated computer driver installations before enabling touch functionality. BenQ RP Series displays feature driver-free touch interactivity, enabling drivers to be automatically loaded in the background with no complications and no hassles. Simply connect the computer to the display’s touch USB port and you are ready to deliver a touch-interactive lesson. This feature supports PC, Mac, Linux and Chrome operating systems.

BenQ.us | BenQ.ca BenQ is a registered trademark of BenQ Corp. All rights reserved. Product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks featured or referred to in this material are the property of their respective trademark holders. Specifications subject to change without notice.

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