8 - There are a few of

8 - There are a few of

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100,000 READERS

-» as < =>o x n

3* 88

Leader-Press and Leader Shopper —top circulation coverage ia Woodbridge Township area.

Serving Woodbridge Township, Carteret and Edison - n En*«rr
Woodbridge, N. J., Thursday, June 8, 1967

Published Wtekly On Thuridiy

Barone and State Debate R. R. Station Need Of Improvements Stressed Before 0. K. On High Speed Station



'$\ i

WOODBRIDGE — Woodb r i d g e ' s stand over the proposed railroad station in the UOOI)BRin<;K - Many Township Jews plan to leave Iselin section for the high speed this morning for Washington to attend a mass rally for run between New York and Israel. Meantime sin Middlesex County Sabbis met Tuesday j Washington, D. C was explainand drafted a statement entitled "An Appeal to conscience" T>^.t,T»T^. tv • ed to high state officials yesternn~~, PORT READING - DI5posi- d a y aft(frnoon asking support of Israel. They include Rabbi Samuel Newbcrger, Woodbridge; Philip Brand, Avenel; Abraham Horion of building lots in the Proj- Mayor Ralph P. Barone met vitz, rolonia; H?rold Richtman, Iselin; Abraham Sheingold, ect Bowtie area is now ready in Trenton in conference with Fords; Hershel Matt, Metuchen. or those people in the fifth to • • • linth priorities list, Robert E. the Board of Public Utilities WOODBRIDGE — The -Municipal Council Tuesday night inCommigSioners and David J. Rosa, director of the Depart- Goldbfrg, commissioner of the roduced an ordinance accepting and adopting the New Jersey tntr Housing Code as a standard governing supplied utilities ment of Planning and Developof Transportation, nd facilities and other physical conditions essential to makivision. ment said today. ig dwellings safe, sanitary and fit for human habitation. Hearihone call from TrenOriginally there were 40 sinlg on the measure will be held June 20 at 8 P. M. TRADITIONAL CEREMONIES Township and Carteret young ladies were capped at Impressive rites at Charles E. Gregory gle family parcel and 25 sub- ton, Dr. fiarone told The Leader • * • School of Nursing, Perth Ami General Hospital Tuesday night. Left to right, Rosalie Giammanco, 59 East Oak Street and standard six lots which were Press that no definite decision COLONIA — No parking will be permitted during school Veronica Sirockman, 17 Whit Street, both of Carteret; Judith Gutowski, 14 George Street and Kathleen Prince, 29 Smith offered to neighbors to enlarge had been reached but that he had explained in detail that hours on school days in certain Colonia Streets, if an Street, both of Avenel and Pi : Zolnierowicz, 130 Long view Cir< \ Fords. Senior Student Nurse, Miss Jane McGuffey, presi- their lots. They were offered to Routes 27 and Middlesex-Essex ordinance introduced Tuesday night is adopted on June 20. dent of the Student Nurse Or ation, at right lighted candles for first-year students. Miss Gutowski is attending the school on former property owner and for- Turnpike must be widened and The no parking ban will be from 8 A. M., to 5 P. M., and a complete scholarship awarded to her by the Woodbridge Township Business and Professional Women's Club. mer tenants first. There are the Wood Avenue underpass re«ill be on East Avenue from Inman Avenue to the school now 25 building lots remaining built to provide access for cars grounds; Garfield Avenue from High Street to Flagman and 15 persons have shown in- without creating a traffic jam. Place; Harrison Sfireet from Flagman Place to High Street; wmmmmm, i terest. They will be offered now Hits At Fleming High Street from Roosevelt Avenue to its termination; Harin this order: row Drive from New Dover Road to its termination; Avalon During yesterday morning's Any property owner in Pro- press conference, Dr. Barone Drive from Sycamore Road to Harrow Drive; Stratford ject Bowtie: any tenant in Bow- said that Carl A, Fleming, Jr., Drive from Sycamore Road to Harrow Drive; Sycamore tie; any property owner in the who made a report to the WoodRoad from Cambridge Drive to its termination. Township who has been dis- bridge Area Chamber of Com• • • | | placed by governmental action, merce "must be out of his mind WOODBRIDGE — Following a complaint by beauty parlor ' any tenant who has been dis- when he suggested that we iperators in the Township against a shopping center beauty placed in the same manner and permit the station to be built >arlor which keeps open on Sundays, an ordinance was intro;;! finally any resident of the Town- now and make improvements rofluced by the Municipal Council Tuesday night which will it is painting the front porch, cleaning nut a lot or baby WOODBRIDGE - Project Y.E.S. - Youth Employment ship. These priorities will be later". Fleming in his report iiako it illegal to keep such a shop open on Sundays. The sitting. We arc also trying to reach the more standard Service — is now in full swing. honored in sequence. Further tfaid: "We do not expect an im>rdinanec provides that any violation of provisions of the ortypo of employer such as retailers, wholesalers, and inGeorge Bustin, Woodbridge, an honor graduate of Wootiinformation may be obtained mediate iflflux of traffic. We linanrr could bring a fine of $25 «r imprisonment not exceeding mcjArry. encouraging them to employ students". bridgo Seniqi- High School jud, a tap student i from Carl Palmisano at the do, however, expect the transi0 days in the County Jail. Public hearing iHii tak'e place Tves-i ' It Wfa explained that it is not too difficult to'secure emUniver»%, is? in "Chflfgev g * tion of the public travel habits project office, ME 4-7412. lav. June 2(1, at 8 P. M., in the Municipal Building. ployment for the older boys and girls, particularly those Y.E.S. is a summer program designed to help young and patterns to change gradwho are going on to college, but it is more difficult to sepeople in the community to secure jobs both on a part • * • ually, therefore, highway imcure employment for the 16 and 17 year olds due to comtime and full time basis during the vacation period. Added Appropriations provements can be made as WnonBRIDGE — Among those who were granted degrees pensation laws. Mr. Bustin, who will have an office in the basement, of needed . . . The benefits of this st (ilassborn State College Tuesday were: Arlene Masters, 20 Sought for Libraries high "What we are trying to provide", said Bustin, "is learnthe Police Building, may be reached by telephone, 634speed rail station to the Liberty Avenue, Woodbridge; Kathleen Chapman, 22 Clark ing experience". 4500, extensions 273-274. "WOODBRIDGE — Additional citizens of Woodbridge TownPlace, Avenel; Kathleen Deverin, 43 Martin Terrace, WoodMayor Ralph P. Barone made it clear that Project appropriations for the construe- ship and especially the Iselin hridffe; Ray Eaker, 13 Atlantic Street, Menlo Park Terrace; Library Assists Y.E.S., is separate and distinct from the summer program M tion of the new branch libraries section are so much greater Carol Jones, 199 Midfield Road, Colonia; Constance LechoMayor Barone pointed out that Project Y.E.S., does not of the Neighborhood Youth Corps. The latter program is III in the Port Reading and Iselin than any forseeable liabilities, witz, 93 Safran Avenue, Fords and William Lindemann, 30 guarantee employment. It will try to help young people only for young people from economically deprived fambisections of the Township are we of t h e Woodbridge Area Laurel Street, Carteret. obtain employment. ilies. Chamber of Commerce endorse Meantime, Edward P. Beckerman, director of the Wood- pj listed in two separate ordinan- this p r o j e c t . . . " ilices introduced on first reading Office Open bridge Free Public Library announced that the library I.— After attending Municipal Council meetings and all its branches throughout the Township are provid- ; by the municipal council Tues- "The traffic problem now at year in and year out and listening to petitions being read for "I started on Monday", explained Bustin, " and 1 am ing employment information, particularly out of town em- ; day. now establishing a basis for the program. I expect to talk all kinds of improvements, the press Tuesday night decided For the Port Reading library the Wood Avenue underpass is ployment including hotels and camps. The information i to the student bodies of both high schools before school to enter a petition of its own — for a press table large enough and additional $54,500 is being intolerable during rush hours", will appear on the bulletin boards of the Main Library i adjourns for the summer. The program is basically for to spread out their notebooks and other necessary papers. Tuessought and for Iselin an addi continued the mayor, "Can you and the branches at Avenel, Barron Library (Woodbridge) i high school students 16 to 18 years old. We want the people jlght, the table was so small, that two members of the Fourth tional $40,000. The ordinances imagine what it will be after Colonia, Fords, Hopelawn, Iselin, and Henry Inman (Coi in the community to know that there are young people Estate had to work with their backs to he council, making it authorize the issuing of bonds the establishment of the staIonia). : available to work for their, on a part time basis whether Jiffacult to determine who was speaking and another reporter tion if the road improvements in both amounts. mmmmmmmmmm vas forced to sit in the audience with no table space. The are not made first? If the immatter was referred to the Business Administrator's office provements are not made, we "for correction". Barone Gives Press will fight it — because it will * * * take longer to get to and from Replies On Venezia the station than it will to get WOODBRIDGE — Several ordinances were introduced on WOODBRIDGE "Is he to Washington." first reading at a meeting of the Municipal Council Tuesday. going to give up his law pracThey included: Reconstruction of Goulden Street and site imTomasso Lashes Out tice?". provements at the Health Center at a cost of $100,000; to apAt Tuesday's Municipal CounWOODBRIDGE — A n e w That was the answer given propriate and to reappropriate $140,250 for various public WOODBRIDGE — Woodbridge Both Galassi and Alloway said cil meeting Councilman Gene landfill site has been acquired to a reporter by Mayor Ralph improvements including street cleaning equipment, for in- Sorry, Tex, But We but it will only take the Town- P. Barone at his weekly press police may be "dejected and placing two men in a car cuts Tomasso and Robert De Sanstallation of playground and park equipment, additional ship's garbage for eight to 10 conference yesterday when disappointed", but both Busi- down the miles patrolled in half Us, Republican candidate for equipment and machinery lor the sewerage treatment plant, Do Not Have Charter months. ness Administrator James A. They contended the President's mayor, clashed over the proWOODBRIDGE — Attention, asked if he had any reply to acquisition of two diesel trucks with loadmaster refuse bodies Mayor Ralph P. Barone said G. Nicholas Venezia who plans Alloway and Police Director Jo- Commission on Crime does not posed station. De Santis read a Tex Perry! and two loadmaster refuse collection bodies, and acquistion seph A. Galassi said yesterday recommend two men in a car We have confirmed some- yesterday at his weekly press to run against the mayor in that "the cops are making the but the Patrolmen's Benevolent statement which angered Toof a crawler tractor and machinery necessary for its operamasso who declared "you just conference that the land is ownthing of which we felt almost the primary. Venezia had tion, to construct the Fifth Street sanitary Sewer at $9,000, ed by the Township but is leas- charged that "Btrone is a same requests which were turn- Association tried to have such a don't know what you are talkcertain. The original charter construction of a sanitary relief sewer in Avenel at $32,000; \ ed down twJce before." bill passed. ing about." of the Township of Wood- ed by the Valentine Brick Com- part-time mayor". authorization of public improvements in the amount of $128,"I guess they thought that Ailoway said that PBA knows In his statement DeSantis, pany. It is located behind the bridge, granted June 14, 1664, "Venezia also criticised you since we have a new mayor, the Civil Service has been ask 150 for two hydraulic tall gate platforms, for installation of who said he was talking for is not in the custody of the police pistol range off upper| f r ( . sayjj,.f ^ut n i s | a w playground equipment at Schools IT and 27, additional equiphe would be more sympathetic ed permission for appointment the "Concerned Team, DeSantis, Main Street, almost 200 feet municipality. Mr. Perry has was favored by the former ment and machinery for the sewerage treatment plant, two to their demands", Alloway of three men on the old list Donaldson, Gloff, Solt, Kopcho," advocated that the charter be in from the road at its nearest Zirpolo administration and be commented, diesel trucks with loadmaster, mechanical street sweeper, which soon will run out and declared that "residents of the point and 300 feet away at its framed and hunt in the Mucontended that such a statetwo ten-ton trucks, front end loader track, acquisition of The Patrolmen's Benevolent then the municipality will ask farthest point. nicipal Building. land for the extension of Central Street in the amount of ment was an insult to their Association previously ana again for a new patrolmen's examina surrounding area would be confronted with an added burden "We have been assured by clients. What is your an$2,000. During the depression days Tuesday night asked for a tion to name additional men. of transient traffic which would the Works Progress Admini- William H. Peterson of Valen- swer?", the reporter continu- switch to four days on, two days j Galassi evidently irked over create congestion and safety stration, commonly known as tine's that his company will be ed. off. Presently they work six! "Just make an analysis" days on, two days off and four newspaper story yesterday problems. In our opinion this the WPA, hired unemployed able to mine the remainder of was Dr. Barone's reply. "Ve- days off monthly. They also l s a,ii d h e followed one simple would not be an asset". He people to recopy important ri e -First, is it good for further stated that he found documents. The Wooclbridge or 10 days", Dr. Barone de- nezia has appeared before the asked for two men in the radio; a || second is it that the majority of Iselin repeopie; Planning Board and the Zon- cars on bboth night Charter, which was then in clared. i h shifts, hif addiddi g o 0 ( ) f o r t n e p o ] j c e d e p a r t m e n t ; sidents were informed and that Meantime, dirt from the new ing Board many times — pracTrenton and we hope it is still tional men and more promo- third is it good for the individ- Hie "great majority were opthere, was copied by the WPA site will be carted to the pre- tically 70% of the cases were ual in the police Department. posed to the program even with sent landfill and spread on Ihe represented by him during employes. Miss Ruth Wolk, WOODBRIDGE — The Town-1 hearing officer reported that the ; If you reverse that order you road improvements". surface. Rye grass will be plant- the Zirpolo administration. e d i t o r of THE LEADER jhip of Woodbridge yesterday 20 per cent increase will give have chaos. My first duty Ls Tomasso attacked both the ed as a cover. Eventually the mtered its appeal against a de- Middlesex Water Company a PRESS and now official his- landfill site will he turned into Draw your own conclusions." mands and former Mayor Wai- ^ \\ p plc " Chamber of Commerce report w eO "Do you feel that former torian of the Township, sejision of the Public Utilities 6.2 per cent return on their in, met , -withi , hem."] rwua.-uM uic 'nark, area, the mayor stated. Mayor Zirpolo is harking Ve- tor Zirpolo also , ; i l ^ , fn.mra ^ and the DeSantis stand sayii.g |lr(Jler s si,i..vu (atH cured one of Die carbon inn Commissioners to grant an in- vestment after taxes and that However, the whole job cannot nezia?" was the th'rd quespolice, he explained, receiv- m p n ^ ,,ml o v e r w o r l w d a n d | t h a t they "are undermining all crease in rate to the Middle- "the amount is an equitable I Pics> t - v P ed o n e o u l a m l f he completed this year because tion. has gone sex Water Company. Tuesday night received the s;ime they are never asked to workithe hard pjwork thatLater one". it to the then Municipal Clerk, of all the carting that must be on he overtime except in an emerinto the project." "I prefer not to comment on answer on Ihe same demands. Mayor Ralph P. Barone said! "I appears to me", declared the late B. Joseph Duiugan. done, said that "these people should jjoney such as a manhunt." thai", the mayor answered. "We did give them satisfacyesterday that the Water Com-!the mayor, "the hearing offi- That copy is still in the hands "We will start with the pail The PBA contends the Me all refrain from spouting off tion on some of their grievanc- Namara nany has asked for an increase j eer is taking numbers out of a of Municipal Clerk Joseph V. report advocated 162 when they don't know what they facing the n.ud ami the homes Buildinf! Inspectors es," the business administrator uriginalry of 33 1/3%. The hear- hat. Who is to determine what Valenti. 19(17-68 and 200 men are talking about." men by ill the area , Dr. llarune said. " ^ went on. "We told them we had ing officer then recommended a reasonable return is? We Mr. Valenti said his copy by 1970. The department has There are strong indications The site is presently in a Work ISetv Schedule to look at the entire picture and to tin' commission that- a 20 want to know and we intend could be printed up — but if 108 men, including 63 patrol- that the State favors the Woodlight industrial zone but the WOODBRIDGE Mrs. Elizto have a complete package of par cent increase be granted. to find out". memory serves us correctly mayor indicated it will be sev- abeth Tappen, Building Inspec- their demands to us by Sep men. With the additional three bridge site over the others sugl>r. Banjiie said the municiit is quite lengthy. men to be appointed soon, and gested. If the improvements are ertil years before construction tor, announced today that "<'w!|emh<.r pality has been joined in its Graduation Ceremony RELOCATE CENTER (four mow from a proposed new made, the mayor said, he will takes place hecause the garhours have been established for by Carteret, the Carte WOODBRIDGE — Graduation ' l s t . Galassi stated he will notjgo along fwj'can you imagine rot Industrial Council and the for the students of the eighth WOODBRIDGE —The offices bage must decay and settle be-'field inspectors on construction 3MTH BIRTHDAY IN lHfifl men. ,lhe change in the character of of the Woodbridge Center on fore there can be any building for the summer months for w'oODBRIIXiK-Woodbridge n«>il more more men. ('nt)lh- kale Council out i»( the grade of Our Lady of Mt. CarAging have been moved from Meantime the plans are to eon celebrate its' " | can cover the Township' industry which would come tu I'tler public service". The new Township will AHinit'> (ifiielal's uftut, wlikil in el School will take place, Sun the municipal building tu the wit the silt iiilo u recreation schedule U from S A, M., tu liOOth of the grunt • .udeuiiaU'lv with that number i t h e iree S c h t | u l l a u d s MUtl m # It-pn-aelits flit* people day, 2:00 P, M.r ill the church annex at loti Main Street, it area -I K M ut Us c h i l l i e r tViU > e i l s of llttli claypit area'." ' t h e late increase asked ui'i beginning with the Litany and was aiiiiuuui'ril ildN. 'The The new landfill operation1 The Building Inspector e\ Lt diid W i i o r kdlph I' l e d i i m lur illrig ihe (finally , the water Benediction or the Blssse.i1 Sac move tiiis ileciiteil upon uecau-u? consists ul lulrlj 11! (jlaiueii Itidt I'unli oK'lors ofJel uiie sjl«1 t.uljv l l u l he will ullli nkife. w i i c i i ii i s * l u i h > F O R I S R A E L viiiik-nils, would give them a rumen! it was iliftimlt fur Stmor I'm- HCIV.V i - m i t T i ' l e d e l i v e r e d e a r l y In the. n a m e a c i i m i i i l l l e e t o r llie i-t'le lint IRM c-i.iiir.s''. i t t u i a i v < 1 the, illi S l i l . T N — T h e s u m Of $3,000 7.4 per ctTil return utter taxes", All graduate* «iul their par /.ens lo uliinh the slair.v When • "Sim-e this is o n l y g o o d m o r n i n g a n d w o r k MiniWililr.s h r a l i o u s h o r l l * In I'.llil, lite- I r r - > i v i - t m \ " I httvt* n o o b j e c t i o n s t o w n s i n n d i b u l e i l :*l H s p e c i a l Iho ma>dr ii'UiH'il. "They claim eiils will receive Holy dun Ihe new health, t e n l c r is com for l e s s t h a n a v c a r " , t h e m a y o r is h e l d u p p e n d i n g i n s p e c t i o n , c e n t e n a r y y e a r o f I b e S l a t e the- m e n g e t t i n g m o r e m o n e y if M T V H C a m i l u c l r d Tuc.Mlay j u t i h t e<1 Ihcv :,re now veiling a re- niunion at Ihe 9:00 A, M Mass plrted the ('enter on Aging will r o v r a l e i l . " w are making a Under Lhf n e w s c h e d u l e t h e of N r w J e r s e y , ( h o :i00lh a n n i I h e b u d g e t c a n p r o v i d e il f o r I by R a b b i H a r o l d R u h l n V a n in i m u D i i ; i-i-i- i - 1 1 !, •session! will end on lin.l a i irmanenl home in that
liowtie Lots On Sale

Project YES- Youth Employment Services - Opened by Township

•:: : :

Acquire Woodbridge Site For Landfill Operations

Woodbridge Files Appeal On Increased Water Rates







Administrators Disagree With Statements By PBA


Junior IliPTA Elects Slate

l>ates Announced 7 or Church Fair

Miss Harharu Sznho It. S.

dens, daughter of Mr. and Mrj.lementflry education lmt week all After spending the Rummer in ing poajtinn In ipfclit education George tiMibu formerly of Co College Mi.serieordia, Dallas, n ramp program, in SeptemberiundBr the Woodbridge Township Mi«n Sznbo will accept a teach

MKNI.0 PARK — Miss Bail

ISK1.1V - .inly 17 through ra Hope Sr.ahn, Greenfield Gar inly ?:'. are the dates sot for 'In- annual Isclin Fair sponsored liv SI, Cecelia's C'hnfrh. The annuiil event, whicli drawn ITIWIIS from all over the staff, are lirld nt Ihn church fair t'n>nn
ISKUN-.-Mrs. Richiinl ems'!, ni.-in, president of the Iselin Junior llij;h School PTA ha?: an nniiiicrd the names ol the newlyclef'tM' offi(Tl"s (or the ncxl school year as follows; President, Mrs. Steven liar :<:'. /i; honorary vice president,

•*|"r»<> V . I . P . Luncheon


The fairgrounds a r r open • lightly a I 7 IV M., and (hero will he free admksion and park ins. Radio, television and stage HiKunalilics will appear nightly MI llif midway slai!e. Plans rail or nine rides, 30 hoolihs (if ivi/cs and home cooked foods.

IHHIMPI and finance, Mrs. Rob

cil Nnrdahl; recording secrota iv, Mrs. Lerny Bowcn; rorrrs [••indin" secctay, Mrs. William ('•cte; teasurer, Mrs. Charles S.'heurman; legislation, M r s . r.eroy liouen; high school service, Mrs. Harold Zabcl; library chairman, Mrs. Leon Kanicen ski: welfare, Mrs. John Kimhall, Jr.; publicity, Mrs. John Y r m tia, Jr. The officers were installed by Kenneth Keating.


.PRIME RIBS OF BEEF, au Jus lursday ...OPEN STEAK SANDWICH, French Fries Wednesday BOILED BEEF, with Horseradish Sauce Thursday ..VEAL PARMIGIAN, Spaghetti Italian Style Friday BROILED SHRIMP with Lobster Stuffing, French Fries


Proceeds will K<> to the fund for building a new church.


DONALD M.I.SON' RKCKIVMS COMMISSION: Most or u s Second l.ietitrnanl Donald J. Nelson, 21, a 1!M!7 RradHalo Some of us don't know what of RntRrrs University, New we want, but feel sure we don't Brunswick, received his Army rale it. Reserve commission through Record, Columbia, S. ('. the Reserve officers' Corps at (he school, May 31. As an ROTC cadet, T.t. Nel son, son of Mr. and Mrs.Norman A. Nelson, 22 Pulnski Ave,, Cart j e t , was trained in various subjects which provided him with skills necessary to command. Lt. Nelson is a member of Alpha Chi Rho fraternity, lie is a 1963 graduate of Carteret High School.

\ Jur

/ ^

«1 r $ 1 >

» W « Rrrrrd Wit* ftalaa1, YeieUbtt, ratal*, Hat Hotli atri KtHcr





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Senior Citizens Hold Impressive Memorial Rites

For Fail terviee jvit giv« in a call.


HU 6-2726 HU 6-0059





Sec The Mod, Mad World of

The Hippies anil rot-Pai"l.vj{oers

"RIOT ON MSET STRI, in rnior Pill

Annette l'unkello & Fabian


TAT TONITK THRU SATURDAY fi;:iO & 9:05 (For Adults Only) Michael Jane Caine Fonda

"HURRY SUNDOWN" SATURDAY KIDDIE SHOW 2:00 P. M. I.add and r a m Smith


MISTY" SUN, MON. TUE. Elvis Annette Presley Day "Double Trouble" and David McCallum "Three Bites OfThe Apple" "STARTS" WEDN ESD A Y 7:30 ONLY

"Dr. Zhivago"

•r a u u rr—1rr 1 F

TSFUN — A candle-light memorial service was held for Ki members of the Iselin-Colonin Senior Citizens Cluh, with silent prayers for the nation's servicemen who have lost their lives in American Wars. A plaque, built by Fred Walker, secretary, as a memorial for deceased members, bears the names of the deceased members in gold letteTs. A bouquet »£ red carnations, donated byMrs. Eleanor Biete/ treasurer, was placed on the "altar of .her church, for congregational prayer for the deceased, The club's artist, Julius Weneski, displayed two paintings, one of a World War I battle, and the other of his son who died in service in World War II. Replying to a special request by Mrs. Edna Skibinski, pro-


airurlrvr uiretior,

Bprirpenntativp Representative

Edward J. Patten, D-Mlddlesex, furnished the club with a flag, which has been flown over the Capitol. A discussion of plans for the annual trip to Cape May, scheduled for June 19, as a climax of activities for the season, was led by Mrs. Skibinski. A discussion was held also on a proposed trip to Canadian Expo 67 in September. Darkhorse prizes went to Mrs. Antoinette Massl, Mrs. Esther Reight, and Mrs. Josephine Turnief. Refreshments were served and community singing was enjoyed. Installation of officers and a luncheon is slated for Monday, 1:30 P. M., at the Green Street Firehouse Hall. WIRETAPPING AND CRIME A crime panel, formally called the President's Commission oft Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice, reported that wiretapping is needed to battle organized crime, Organized crime is so sophisticated in its operation it needs business experts to run it, the report said.



• T

N 1


• • R E



*prn Monday, Tuesday *nd Thnrsday N.ghu mtil 9 P.M. Open until 6 P.M. on WrriW. Uy, Friday and Salnrday Night*.

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PAGE THREE FALLING fHILD ' New York — While walking in I [i mil of a Bronx apartment huiUlinn, Leon Ismael heard scrciiins. lip looked up just as 3 year-old Sophia Thomas felli frinn n third floor window. Is in.iol caught the child in his ;irms.

Concluding sorvirrs will lii» across the street In Menlo Lutheran Church held Park School where teachers of the church school will be honSchedule Set ored for services. The rhurrh MENLO PARK - Using Its parlially •ompletnd building as a symbol, Our Savior's Lutheran Church will present the sorman, "The Foundation of Christian Life", Sunday, 10:15 A. M. at SO Calverl Avenue East. The public is invited to examine the building before the services.


Hradquartcrs For


school classes will have the l;r>t session of the season at 9:00 A. M. at 1he school. At 12:30 P. M. the Rev. Rich ard V. Gilhertson, pastor, will conduct a service at the Veterans' Home in Mcnlo Park. The public is invited to participate. .. -P.

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Miss Andrea Beth Oliner Weds Robert A. Forster


Miss Terebetsky Weds In Holy Family Rite CARTERET — Miss Camille and Jerry Terebetsky, a brother. Marie Terebetisky, daughter of Stephen Terebetsky, a cousin Mr. and Mrs. John Terebetsky, was ringbearer. |j.'12 Post Boulevard, became the On return from a wedding trip j bride of Robert C. Heath, son of to Puerto Rico, the couple will || Mr. and Mrs. Burt Heath, of live at 134 Bernard Street, CarNortheast Erie, Pa. in the Holy teret. Family Church here Saturday, May 27 at 11 A. M. The Rev. The bride, a graduate of CarHenry Bogclan performed the teret High School class of 1963 Mrs. Jerry Terebetsky, sister- is attending Newark State Colin-law, was matron of honor. The lege, As of September 1 she bridesmaids were Misses Linda will teach the fourth grade in Gavron, Donna Gavron, Cynthia the Immaculate C o n c e p t i o n DeViito, Nancy Young and Jean School, Spotswood. ette Dean. Miss Donna Marie The bridegroom, graduate Terebetsky, a niece was flower from North East High School girl. Northeast Erie, Pa. in 1961, ser John Mortellito was best man. ved in the U. S. Coast Guard Ushers were Bob Terebetsky, a four years and is now employed cousin, Doug Dombrowski, Jerry by the Public Service in Eliza Riccardelli, Stanley Krawiec beth.

COLONIA — Miss Andrea Boerer, cousin of the brideieth Oliner, daughter of' Mr. groom; Miss Terry Cohen. and Mrs. Bernard H. Oliner, Serving as best man was Paul 40 Mercury Avenue, and Rob- DuBrow. Ushers were Richard ert Allan Forster, son of Mr. Oliner, brother of the bride; nd Mrs. George Forster, Ethel Marc Forster, brother of the itreet, Menlo Park, were unit- bridegroom; Steve Bosonac and ed in marriage Saturday by George D'Elia. Rabbi Philip Brand at The Ma- Mrs. Forster is a graduate of plewood Manor, Maple wood. Douglass College. Her husband, Mrs. Norman Samurin was a graduate of Rutgers Univermatron of honor and Miss Bar- sity, will attend Ohio College bara Shapiro, maid of honor. of Podiatry in the fall. Bridesmatds were Miss Carol The couple will make their nd Miss Jacqueline Fink, eous- hnme in Richmond Heights, ns of the bride; Miss Bonnie Ohio.

OPEN SUN. June 18th 9 A. M. to 1 P.M. Give Dad his favorite cologne . . Select from BRUT . . CANOE . . FABREGE. For the smoking Dad CIGARS . . CIGARETTES . . PIPES . . LIGHTERS . , May we suggest a CAMERA?


Festive Evening Planned For Adath Israel Slated

WOCHDiBRIDGE — A festive evening has been planned for UK joint installation of Congregatioi Israel and Sisterhood June 11. Mrs. David Gutman wil serve as installing officer. Tit be inducted are: For the Congregation: President, Edward Kopper; vicepresidents, Robert) Korb, David Gutman, Jules Meistrich; treasurer, William Staum; board members, George Rosen and Gerald Fishier. For Sisterhood: President, CARTERET — Miss Brenda Mrs. Sanford Brandt; vice-presJoy Wolski, daughter of Mr. ident, Mrs. Bernard Kramer, and Mrs. John Francis Wolski, Mrs. Kenneth Bernstein, Mrs. 15 Matthew Avenue exchanged Sifoeyer, Mrs. Arnold Co marriage vows with John Wilhen; tifcuurer, Mrs.. Sol Eckliam Hesse, son of Mr. and stein; secretaries, Mrs. Louis !Mrs. Charles Joseph Hesse, Jr., Leonardo and Fort Lauderdale, ISELIN — Rev. Harry W Smith, Mrs. Sidney Godis, Mrs. Florida, at a ceremony on Sat- Schaumburg, pastor of the Ise LeRoy Homer. The installation committee is turday at 11 A. M. in Our Lady in Assembly of God Church of Lourdes R o m a n Catholic announced services and activi Mrs. Edward Slotkin and Mrs. ties for Sunday as follows: 9:4 BERNARD BERGER Gene Hornick, invitations; Mrs. Church, West Orange. The Re». A.M., Sunday School for all ag Thomas Walsh officiated. ^ levels, with ten classes from William Staum, entertainment; Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Hesse Nursery through Adult; 11 A. Mrs. Sol SpggOel ftnd Mrs. Her-Caribe Hiltin in Puerto Rico and III, brother and sister-in-law of M., worship service; 11 A. M man Stein; rfjrestenertts; Mrs. Playboy club in Jamaica. the bridegroom, were best man Junior Church, for boys am Robert K o | t Mr. Berger has been flutist and matron of honor. Miss Lo- girls two through eleven year; Featured % with the Miami Symphony and retto Giammalvo was maid of of age; and 7 P. M., Evangelis Sandy "-----* played for such outstanding arnard honor. Attendants were Miss tic Crusade Service. tists as Jasche Heifetz, Arthur Brown, now Nancy Stonik and Mrs. James Activities and services for ist for Bernie Berger and his Rubenstein, and Lily Pons. He Wolff. has directed music at WeequaUshering were Vincent Galla- next week are: Tuesday, June orchestra, has appeared before hic High School, Newark, and 13, 9:30 A. M., ladies prayer various civic and religious orgher, Mr. Wolff and John Franmeeting, and 7:45 P. M., offi- ganizations in the area. Her re- Hillside schools. His skill in the cis Wolski Jr. Mrs. Hesse is a graduate of "*»»! board meeting; Wednesday petoire includes selections in jazz field has brought him to Mount St. Mary's Academy, June 14,6:30 P. M., Royal Rang- Hebrew, Yiddish, French and cafes and night clubs in Paris, North Plainfield an,d Georgian ers, boys- youth unit meeting, Spanish. Tn the past year, San- Rome, and Salzburg. He is cur Court College, Lakewood. She and 7:45 P. M., Mid-Week Bible dy has performed at the Coro- rently associated with the Broadattended Laval University, Que- Study; and Friday, June 16, net, the Patrician, Steak Pit, way show, "Sherry." bec, Canada and the Sarbonne, 7:30 P. M. Christ's AmbassaParis. She teaches at Carteret dors Banquet at Eatontown Me- HONORED AT COLLEGE MEAT SALE thodist Church; and Saturday, CARTERET — Sharon S. KoHigh School. June 17, 9 A. M., work day at val, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. CARTERET - The Mothers Mr. Hesse Is a graduate of church. Stephen Koval of 58 Lincoln Club of St. Elizabeth Roman Georgetown Preparatory School, Sunday, June 18, all dads will Avenue, has been elected a so- Catholic Church will hold its Garrett Park, Maryland and be honored on Father's Day, in cial studies department repre- regular monthly hurka and kolGeorgetown University, Wash Sunday School at ^:45 A. M. sentative to the Student Govern- basz sale on Wednesday, June ington, D. C. He is president Plans are being made for the ment Association at Montclair 14 from 5 P. M. and on Thurs of Brick Wall Corp., producers Sunday School and church pic- State College for the coming clay, June 15 from 11 A. M. to of washed sand and gravel, nic, Saturday, June 24, at Mer- year. Miss Koval is completing l P. M. at St. James Hall, Longoperating in Monmouth and rill Park. her junior year at the college, fellow Street. Ocean Counties.

Miss Brenda J. Wolski Married to John Hesse


Pastor Outlines. Week's Program

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y, .Tune fl, 1JHV7

Area Residents Recipients of Degrees

.M.U i: CAROLYN KLING «;i;\iU ATFS: Miss Joyce CIHIIVH Kling, daughter of Air. am! Mrs. Wilhelm A. KlinK, 15 State Street, Carti'i-i-t, frartuatcd Sunday from Mount llnlynke College, South Hartley, Mass.

JAYNE A. HANLY (iETS B.S. DEGREE: Miss layne A. Hanly, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Hanly of Carteret received a bachelor degree at Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa. Miss Hanly plans to attend the University of Pittsburgh Medical School.

WALTER L. GIBBONS TO ENTER MINISTRY. Wai ter L. Gibbons, Colonia, received a bachelor of arts degree from Upsala College in East Orange at commencement exercises in the college gymnasium on Monday, at 10 a.m. Dr. Cart G. Fjellman, president of the college, conferred degrees on 225 graduating seniors. The Reverend Floyd A. Paules, pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Savior in Haddonfield, received an honorary doctor of divi n g degree. The commencement speaker was Dr. Albert E. Parr, senior scientist and at one time director of the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Mr. Gibbons, a graduate of Woodbridge High School, has majored in Spanish at Upsala and plans to enter the ministry. Sightless since birth, he and his brother, James, also sightless, have been ardent ham radio operators. He is a member of Eta Delta fraternity, Rho Tau Sigma national honor fraternity, the Spanish Club, Radio Club, Student Christian Association, and the staff of the college's KM radio station. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Gibbons of 81 Morningside Road,

NICHOLAS SARDONE, JR. BACHELOR OF ARTS: William Sardonn, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Sardone, 7 Mercury Avenue, Colonia, received a degree of Bachelor of Arts from Jersey City State College Tuesday. A 1963 graduate of Woodbridge Senior High School, Sardone served as president of the College Concert Choir and as class representative to the Student Government Council. The Colonia man will teach in the Madison Township school system starting in September, and will continue his post graduate work in school administration at Seton Hall University.

Church Program Mrs. Stumpf Receives Asks Volunteers

BERNADETTE BASSARAB DEGREE RECIPIENT: Miss Iternadette Bassarab, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bassarab, 60 Correja Avenue, Isclin, received a Bachelor of Arts Degree Sunday from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Mass. Gov. John A. Volpe, Massachusetts, was the commencement speaker. A Dean's List SUdent, Miss Bassarab majored in Spanish. She was a member of the Spanish Club and Women's In terdorm Association.

CAROLYN A. CACCIOLA TO TEACH IN FALL: Carolyn A. Cacciola, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Cacciola, 85 West Hill Road, Colonia, has received a Bachelor of Arts Degree upon graduation from Niagara University Jiule 4. While at the university, Miss Cacciola edited the Niagaran, the school's annual yearbook and The Journal of Behavorial Sciences. She was a member of Theta Sigma Tau. She will be teaching in the Woodbridge School System in September.

Master's at Rutgers

MRS. HELEN S. KUKON MISS LUDOVINA VELASQUEZ NEW NURSES: Two Woodbridge Township young ladies will receive diplomas tomorrow night from the School of Nursing of the Elizabeth General Hospital at commencement exercises to be held at Union Junior College, Cranford. They are Mrs. Helen Slowinski Kukon, 33 Bensonhurst Avenue, Fords, and Miss Ludovino Velasquez, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Velasquez, 15 Fourth Street, Port Reading. Both are graduates of Woodbridge Senior High School.

ROBERT E. MARINO RECENT GRADUATE: Rob ert Edward Marino, son of Mrs. Frances C. Marino, 15 Stanford Avenue, Colonia, graduated last week from Maryville College, Maryville, Tenn. Maryville Is a four-year, co-educational college of the liberal arts and sciences.

Local Residents Committee List Receive Degrees For Club Picnic

KENNETH RENICK RECEIVES DEGREE — At Rider College's 102nd annual commencement exercises held in Trenton Sunday, Kenneth Renick, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Renick, 67 Cozy Corner, Avenel, received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science.

WOODBRIDGE — Local residents who received degrees at Seton Hall University commencement exercises on Saturday include: G1 o ri a Ann Peterson, 31 Fourth Avenue, Port Reading master degree, genera] professional education; Charles John Bodo, 541 West Avenue, Sewaren, masters degree in admminislration; Joan Regina Ga dek, 550 West Avenue, Sewaren masters degree in administra tion; Gerard James Costa, 119 Rrown Avenue, Iseiin, masters doRree in administration. William Batrtholomew Savo, .r>85 Rahway Avenue, Wood bridge, LL. B. degree in law Lawrence Daniel McLaughlin, 163 North Street, Woodbridge, undergraduate d e g r e e candidate, mathematics; Margare E. Toth, 87 Second Street, Woodbridge, undergraduate degree candidate, elementary education.

COLONIA — Robert Ander son, president of the Greater Colonia Democratic Club, has announced the appointment of Marie Guellich, Ann Hayes and Mary Zidtowecki as co-chairmen of the Club's annual family picnic, Sunday, July 2, at Merrill Park, from noon until 6 P. M. Tickets this year will entitle each member of the family to: hamburgers, hot dogs, corn watermelon, l i q u i d refresh ments, dancing, games and prizes. ENGAGED TO WED CARTERET — Mr. and Mrs. Stanley© Stalinski, 1 Oakwood Avenue, have announced the engagement of their daughter, Teresa Ann, to Ronall Michael Swentko, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Swentko, 107 Sherman Street, Perth Amboy.

ALAN W. NEEBE BACHELOR'S DEGREE: Al an William Neebe, son of Mr. and Mrs. William S. Neebe, 417 Elm wood Avenue, Woodbridge, received a Bachelor of Arts degree Sunday at the 135th commencement exercises of the Wesley an University, Mlddletown, Conn. Mr. Neebe is also a graduat* of Pingry School, Elizabetk.

Zoe College to Award Degree to Ray Zirpolo COLONIA—Raymond Zirpolo, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Zirpolo, 335 New Dover Road, Colonia, will receive a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Sunday afternoon. Prize-winning author Irving Stone who wrote "The Agony and the Ecstacy," "Those Who Love" and "They Also Ran," will meet with the graduating class, parents and alumni on Saturday afternoon. Stone, who will receive an honorary degree of Doctor of Literature from the College, will read some of his works and discuss them with guests at a reception in his honor. GETS B. S. DEGREE CARTERET — Thomas Sofka will be awarded a Bachelor of Science degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University at commencement Saturday.

MRS. ANNE McINTYRE ISELIN — Rev. D a v i d D. GRADUATED TUESDAY: Prince, pastor of the First PresPORT READING - Mrs. Ca- byterian Church, announced two Mrs. Anne Mclntyre, 111 tnlyn Gurka Stumpf received morning worship services have her Master's Degree in Educa- been scheduled for Sunday, at Goodrich Street, Iseiin, received a Bachelor of Arts tion from Rutgers University 8:45 and 10:15. Degree in Health Education May 31, Church school sessions have and Nursing from Jersey City Mrs. Stumpf is a 1958 grad been scheduled for Sunday as ii ate of Woodbridge High follows: 8:45 A. M., nursery, State College Tuesday night. School. In 1962, she received kindergarten, primary, and jun- Mrs. Mclntyre is a graduate her Bachelor's Degree in Ele- ior; 10:15 A. M., primary, junior of Snyder High School, Jermentary Education f r o m and Post High Class; 11:15 A. sey City. Georgian Court College, Lake- M., Junior High Class; and wood. 11:30 A. M. Senior High Study She taught the Fifth grade Hour. at School 9, Port Reading and A meeting of the Senior High is presently a member of the Fellowship is scheduled for SunCOLONIA — Residents of Co faculty of Rutgers Preparatory day, 7:30 P. M., in Fellowship onia will demonstrate their solReading and Study Improve- Hall. idarity with the State of Israel at ment Center, Somerset. The Prayer G r o u p of the WOODBRIDGE—Several area Formerly of Port Reading church will meet Tuesday af- a rally tonight at 8:30 at Temple residents will receive degrees toMrs. Stumpf, resides at Strath 'ernoon, from 1 to 3 o'clock with Beth Am. night from the Newark College more Road, Freehold with hei Mrs. Fred Blessman. Persons Rabbi Abraham Horvitz de- of Engineering as follows: husband Stephen F. Stumpf, Jr wishing transportation may call clared, "At this time like never From Carteret: Roger J. Bakand their two sons, Jon and 2 8 3 . 0 2 2 4 o r 283-0924. before we must demonstrate os, 2 Railroad Avenue, B.S. in David. support for our brethren in Is- Civil Engineering; Joseph Volunteers are needed to help She is the daughter of Mrs. rael." Bland, 63 Leber Avenue, B.S., Helen Gurka of Surf City, Long with the summer program for Serving on the committee are in Mechanical Engineering; Le!he Elizabeth Missions. For Beach Island, and the late Walevery 12 children, one. adult and William Distel, Seymour Fach- on J. Wielgolinski, 59 Locust ter J. Gurka. LT. SPANGENBERG one assistant are needed. Items er, Mrs. Howard Florman, Irv- Street, B.S. in Chemical EnginGETS. COMMISSION: Secneeded are recreational equip- ing Geitter, Mrs. Belle Glasser, eering. RIDER GRADUATES ment and supplies for crafts Mrs. Seymour Goldberg, Sey- From Colonia: Stanley T. ond Lieutenant Arthur II. WOODBRIDGE - Among the including crayons, construction mour Grodstein, Murray Heller Grzybowski, 240 Midwood Way, Spangenberg, 27, a 1967 gradgraduates at Rider College, paper, pencils, rulers, compass Rabbi Horvitz, Mrs, Jay Jacob- B.S. in Industrial Engineering; uate of "Rutgers University, Trenton, Sunday, were: From es, scissors, wiffle balls and son, Stanley Kleiman, Eugene Susan M. Harrington, 90 Harrow New Brunswick, received his A v e n e 1, Eileen Golembeski, bats, ping pong tables-balls and Mindel, Mrs. Leo Grossman, Mr Drive, B.S. in Mechanical Eng- Army Reserve commission daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. De- rackets, badminton nets and and Mrs. Henry Saruya, Mrs ineering; Kenneth R. Jensen, 30 through the Reserve Officers' samito, 4 Smith Street, Avenel, cocks, volley balls, basketballs, Rhoda Schlosser, and Mrs. Har West Cliff Road, B.S. in Electri Training Corps at the school, cal Engineering; David J. Kal- May 31. As an ROTC cadet, Associate of Arts degree; Ken- footballs, baseballs-bats a n d old Traberman. ish, 188 Jeffrey Road, Master of Lt. Spangenberg, son of Mrs. neth Renick, son of Mr. and Mrs. gloves, and table games. Science in Mechanical Engineer- Frances Sam Renick, 67 Cozy Corner, Ba- Information on the sum me Spangenberg, 76 ing; Michael Lloyd, S3 Frieda Longfellow St., Carteret, was chelor of Arts in political sci- program may be obtained from RECENT GRADUATES ence; from Colonia, Eugene Bar Harry Malpeta, telephone 548- WOODBRIDGE — Roger J Lane, Master of Science. trained in various subjects nowski, son of Mr. and Mrs. 2581. From Fords: ,all B.S. degrees, which provided him with the Kenny, 70 Sonora Avenue, Ise Frank Barnowski, 9 Friend Volunteers are still needec lin and Paul F. Barsi, 205 Straw John J. Brennan, 11 Tracy Drive, skills necessary to command. l.aM, Bachelor of Science in for the Vacation Bible Schoo berry Hill, Woodbridge, receiv Electrical Engineering; Janusz He earned his commission in Commerce; Jerold Dreskin, son July 31 through August 11. Cal ed degrees June 3 at Western Gawlowski, 30 Bodnarik Road Armor. Lt. Spangenberg is a of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard DresMrs. Arthur Clough, 548-427E Illinois University commence Mechanical Engineering; Louis 1962 graduate of St. Joseph's kin, 33 Alastair Place, Bachelor or Mrs. Arthur Galya, 548-7645 ment exercises at Macomb, 111. J. Laskowski, Jr., 91 Ford Ave High School, West New York. of Science in Commerce; Barbanue, Mechanical Engineering. ra Rockey, daughter of Walter Gordon Koehler, 28 Carltoi Iseiin: Daniel N. Quagliato Woodbridge: John II. Stanley Hockey, 38 Harrison Avenue, Ba Street and Robert Reilly, son o He teacheth ill who teacheth Hilltop Estates, Apt. 19B, Mas fhulor of Arts; from Fords, Rob- Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reilly, Se aU. ter of Science in Electrical En-|123 Roanoke Avenue, B.S. in In -John Ray. gineering. dustrial Engineering. ITL Koehler, son of Mr. and Mrs.ond Street, Bachelor of Arts.

Residents of Colonia Ian Rally Tonight

Area Re&dents To Get Degrees

To Receive Degrees Saturday Morning

n w;i;\i; \




THOMAS CUftlll 1

J ' A I R L E I G I I D I C K I N S O N G R A D U A T E S : S i i T o w n s h i p r e s i d e n t s w i l l r e v i v e d < - K i i : . s a l tlu- a i i i i i i a l ( o i i i i i i r i u e u i , ill < M H i S a t u r d a y m o r n i n g a t 1 0 : 3 0 o ' c l o c k . T h e y a r e A l a n G e t t i s , B a c h e l o r o f A i t s D e w r e , B a ' i y O k m , [ U a s t t i nl I I U M I I C V , \ <

Chmiel, Bachelor of Arts and Arnold Margolin, Bachelor of Science, both of Coluuia, Judith Cohen, UacucUu %l Jjutiau uutl Uii»uue

n vi w;i.tn i \ Hi 1 M ,i i n n . - i - . i l >, i n , I h i> H I ,I

i ot Sucnc




\t:si;v, Jit.


( o t l i l l A I L M i : \ I I U M t . l l I: Above are s o m e til' Uir T u u u s h i u residents who will receivt) ili •! -n-i -.s i < > 111.. -111 ,t( Newark Slate College: They are Ann l.a/ur Ci eenblult, 101 Cypress D r i v e , Cnliiiii.i. K U I H V I I M r l i / . u , iTiti Fulton Street, WiiudbriilKc; William J'. Stone. 27S Oak Avenue, nuiiilliiiilue; Mar.v J. T a b t i o s i . lUi llutherl'ui'd Street, Woudbridge; Edward Coyle, 1«5 Roanoke sii,-t-i. VVmjilliiiiljte; Amy L. Patterson, :i07 Colonia Buulevard. Colonia; Barbara Jpan Shannun. i.)ii HriKhloii SUei-l, Woodbriilge; William J. Vescy, Jr., 40 Patricia Avenue, Colonia; and l.ihii j . B e l / , Jr., iu Hi^lilitld Road, Colonia. O t h e r s who will r e c e i v e d e g r e e s a r e Sarajustine \ ISI.uU, Isi'liu; Jiulith K. D e m , 1!) Drake P l a c e , Colonia; Patricia Ann K a g e r , Woodbridge; AI.MII>II It. Noun, A w n e l ; D U H « , ( \ Stiiiikuvil/. llo|>elawn; J a n e l Betty Sabo, Ilopelawn; Doriilliy I-'. Znujettski, lM'tin; J a n e V. / ' m' i. Kv l e y . Itctrivinjj master's d r u m ' s will be B a i ;>.ua lii'ke.-,, l . a w m i . e I' i' mi-, Vil,. : < 1: vii. ». emliil.wi Grunl. Vincent Merlo, all of Colouia; Siuiili, l - u i i b ; S t i v e Zunuwski, aiul J o a n Zubo), Wuodbiidge.

do True! Many a man Is proud at his fiihrr and tnothor merely be r . n c r thry Are the parents of a fine follow like himself. •Rnaron, Naval ShipyartT,! Philadelphia Simp Main .Strict WoodbrldRe (iKT READY FOR SPRING & VACATION TIMK



Circle Players Losing Home:

Special Ways and Means Meeting Called June 13 WOODBRIIKiK - Will tlie Circle Players of Woodbridge, who fnr the past 15 yrars have brought) the best of theatre 1o area residents, br forced to dis band due tn the lark of a thontrr? The players have learned of the intended sale of the. theatre property by the owners, the First. Presbyterian Churrh nf WonrihridRe. Therefore, a special meeting has been called for the entire membership of the Circle Play ers for Tuesday, 8:30 P. M., at the Playhouse. The purpose ol the meeting is to determine whether the organisation, with the aid of the p u b l i c , can raise enough money to purchase the property or another site. Fund raising procedures will be discussed. The present lease on the Circle Playhouse expires June 30. To add a poignant finish to the meeting there will be a performance of Tennesse Williams' "Suddenly Last Summer" directed by Ronald Platt and featuring Tina Platt, Lou Munkascy, Virginia White. Residents of the community, interested in the future of the Circle Players and the Play house are invited.

Poster Contest Held by Scout!s

Wimdhridge Avenue, a Ron In' * From Avrnel, * dnufihler In From f a r i r r e t , » naughter tn Mr. »nd Mrs. Faiulo UecchiajMr. and Mrs. Thomas RroRan.j Mr. and Mrs. Dale Ilimslnger, M :in Vardy Drive; « daughter lo'M Thorpe Avenue; a son to Mr. Hcalr! Strerl; a daughter to Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Fit7.patrk'k, a n ( l M r s - Robert Asmund, l.r> m,\ M r ». Marion Korxlav 107 Cozy Corner. Hagaman Srcct; n daughter to 18 Krik Drive. From Woodbridge, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Julius Magyar, 1110 Mnwbcy Street; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Brit

ton, Ifi8 Fulton Street; a • " • " I . New arrivals recently record l n Mr. at1( | Mrs. Fred Briegs, 31 ,ed at the Perth Amhoy General' N o r w o o d A v c n u P ; a s o n t o M r .

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Hospital include: , ,, . , ,. „ . , , „. _ .„ . , and Mrs. Martin Kitchen, 31 F'rnm Fords, a daughter to

n anokc a dau htTr U « Mr. r. and Mrs. William Knntra, ° i:i2 Fourth Street; a daughter tn, Mr- an'' Mrs. Lorcn Sorcnson, 72 Mr. aqd Mrs. Eric Wolff, 1161 Lynn Street.

ISKI.1N — Roy Scout Troop •1H, sponsored by VFW Post 2KI6, had two winners in the poster rnnlrst hold by Cmvaw T/xice !). Order nf the Arrow, Raritan Council. The contest, with the ! theme "On to Cowaw '67" was I open to all troops in the council. The first place winner was • S i n c e 1D:!2" (Iregory Chambers, of Troop 48,! 01 Main St., Woodbridge who will receive an engraved' 634 0809 trophy and a week's stay at! Camp Cowaw, at Delaware Wa-! ter Gap. Rear of Slflr* Michael Hochurn, of Troop 44, took second place, with John Ball of Troop 48, as third place winner. The three winning posters will' KATHLEEN L. DALEY he hung in the dining hall at [Camp Cowaw this summer. A P P R O A C H I N G MARThe Raritan Council held a RIAGE: Mr. and Mrs. Curtis junior leaders training weekend Daley, 39 Burnett Street, Ave- this past week for boys chosen nel, announce the engagement from their troops especially for of their daughter, Kathleen the course. Attending were: Ed Ledwith to Thomas Tomovieh, ward Benkert, Gregory Cham son of Mr. and Mrs. Tomovieh, bers, Brian Cranmer, and Phi lip Nadal. Main Street, Fords. H.AVK YOUR AIR CONDIThe wedding will take place TIONER CHECKED NOW on July 1 at noon in St. An- Common Market nations acHi; FORK THE HOT drew's Church, Aveael. The cept U.S. grain plan. WEATHER ARRIVES. OUR couple will tour the New England States and Expo '67 in CAREFUL TESTING PROCanada. They will make their CEDURE LOCATES HIDhome in Woodbridge. DEN DEFECTS WHICH WE PROMPTLY CORRECT. CARTERET — At the June Miss Daley is a graduate of meeting of the Sacred Heart P.- St. Mary's High School, Perth T.A., held in the Parish Hall, Anifcoy, and Eastern School of Mrs. IL Chandler, Regent of the Medical Technicians, New Amboy Region, officiated at the York City. She is currently installation of officers. The fol- employed by Dr. Earl RothRefrigeration Sales & Service lowing were installed: Mrs. C. bell of Colonia. Mr. Tomovieh attended Romanowski, President; Mrs. S. GO Ha.vward Ave., Carteret Senior High Stankewitz, First Vice Presi- Woodbridge 541-4843 dent; Mrs. T. Donovan, Second School and Is employed at Sales Service Installation Vice President; Mrs. W. Kadar- American Smelting and Refinaitis, Recording Secretary, Mrs. ing Company, Perth Amboy. Certificate R. Batr, Treasurer and Mrs. W. D'Zurilla, Corr. Secretary. a wilcoma On June 11th at 12 noon, buses will leave the church for a trip to Elkins Park, Pa. There will be a tea, Mass will be served, and supper. Mrs. M. Medwetz ISELIN — Mr. and1 Mrs. Larry and Mrs. H. Pekola are chair Fried of Edison will celebrate ladies. Summer School will start July the Bas-Mitzvah of their daugh4 Weekend Special!. Gala recep5th at the Nathan Hale School. ter, Karen tomorrow at 8:00 P. Bus Schedule will be announced M. ab Congregation Beth Sholom. tion, excursion, dance & floor in the Bulletin. Sabb/th morning services will show, entertainment. Rates for The tentative date for the Chi- be held at 9:00 A. M. Saturday two for the 4-day, 3-night Inclunese auction, is October 16th, with Junior Congregation serwith Mrs. A. Pusillo, acting as sive Plan start at $92-room, vices at 10:30 A. M. chairlady. meals, many extras. Phone 609The Palisades Park trip will be Shavouth services, conducted 345-1211. For reservations only, held June 27th with a rain date by Rabbi Harry Richtman, will of June 29th. Tickets may be be held on June 13 at 8:00 P. M.; call 609-345-4464 COLLECT, purchased from the following June 14 at 6:30 A. M. and 8:00 Mrs. J. Medwetz, 92 Lowell St. P. M.; on June 15 at 6:30 A. M., Mrs. A. Pekola, 21 Tennyson St. with Yizkor (Memorial) service Mrs. A. Chamra, 135 Jersey St. at 10:30 A. M. Shavouth, the Mrs. W. Slotwinski, 5 St. Ann Festival of Weeks, commemoSt.; Mrs. G. Knochal, 621 Roose- rates the givdng of the Ten velt Ave.,; Mrs. M. Reha, 12 Commandments to Moses on Taylor Ave.; Mrs. J. Sulek, 54 Mount Sinai, as well as the early fln»rlb»rou|jb New Jersey Ave., and Mrs. W.wheat harvest ln Israel. Homes Slcnheim Ownership Management Kadaraitis, 56 George St. and synagogues are decorated Josiah White 4 Sent Co. with flowers and greens. Boardwalk at Park Place Soviet students shun big Is- Miss Barbara Cooper, bulletin Atlantic City sues in discussion. editor, requested at the executive board meeting, that all re ports be submitted to her by the call MIKE for the best 23rd of each month. Prospective SUB sandwich in town . . . members In the area desiring detailed information regarding ring . . . 636-1288 membership in Congregation Beth. Sholom are asked to call St.. ATtnel, Opp. General Djnmilci the membership chairman, Larry Malkin, at 283-0133. The Mixed Couples Summer Bowling League is being held each Wednesday night ab 9:00 P. M. at the Edison Bowl-O-Mat on Oak Tree Road. Substitutes interested in bowling through the summer may call Sandy Obolsky at 283-0988.


From Isclin, a daughter to Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Malave, and Mrs. John Katarsky, 155i4125 Salem Avenue. Oak Tree Road; a son to Mr.1 From Port Reading, a claugh and Mrs. Albert Candia, Box t " to Mr. and Mrs. William ! 60B. Schmidt, 11 Fifth Street.

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ON GREEN STREET ,., , . „._„ (Editor's Not*—If you'd like a!ing tht state convention in At Monday's blackout tauRht me. and shoulri bp n lesson tn every p | i r s o n i | | | t e m o r o r ( U n , M t l o n , l a n t j c city. John C.ernert and


one, that a transistor or battery operated rarlio is a ml1 *' '"news-note to appear in the Follui Charles Irving accepted the everyone's home. It iii the only direct means of learning wnai. s f n R e v i e w C o | u m n B i m p , y m » i r awards for the club. going on outside of the house. Candles or a kerosene lanlcrri ith c "7a"rr ^ " " " " J T • * * ' Jimmy Sturr's orchestra ratesj should also be a must whether you ever have occasion or not to , . . ';„„„!_ „ „ use them lifcAUiSiK-PRESS, 20 G r e e n with the best in the state! Realized too the importance of traffic lights that day. On many' S t r M t ' Woodbridge, N. J. 07095) * • • (Fords) Hansen—assist-! street corners it was "try and beat the other fellow." At Swift's iant scoutmaster of Troop 52 and] We salute Captain Ed Brom Ice Cream plant saw'a large group of white uniformed employes senior at John F. Kennedy Me- irakl and his fellow members of

f)>ir mail brw i« fined daily with junk mail of all kindt and frequently the mailman deposits a piece of literature in the m a i l box which an nounces: "You may already be a winner."

standing outside with one making the comment "it sure looks like!" s e m o r a ' J°nn r. ivenneay m e y " " -•«• ...» ..;..„„ „......,,..- „.

a l Hl h ice cream soup tonigni. .. .. . . A ™ > «on • Fulton • """" " ,7 « ahad : " i hmi os n opportunity to attend the Se• m ' St. w a sJohn's lor tne wonaerrui JOB ice cream soup tonight." A gas gas si station Street
There may be people, wh» with the touch of luck may have won anything from a car to a Tv set, a supply of groceries for life, cash or a ttiou-. sand other prizes, but »o far, nothing of that tort has come our way. • • • It seems that there Is now an era of merchandising en the grand scale by aweepstakes. One company wrote that we may have already won a prize of $10,000 and at the same time we were urged to buy a 50 piece set of stainless steel silver on the easy-payAlthough the team lost to Fitzgerald's Tavern everyone had i young scouts who were vying Cpl. William Joseph McGee Jr. plan. v ask and Judy {Sewaren) Kotyk's for the chance to ride with "Big the highest praise for the "King's" superb pitching. . . "" ' - - « • - -«• •- - J - ••••»* "ni» • • • eyes radiate happiness! Harold Mullin our genial tax collector, who struck out while Moose." The grocery stores around • • • i ci^iici was waa blindfolded. i...... . v. . . . . . The constant requests of the Feigner . . . Football Coach Ronnie Osborne at U u U u the corner are handing u» all John F. Kennedy Memorial High School also swished out. An .young scouts got to Scott Han- We commend Charles A kinds of "bingo games" c*rd», sen. He proceeded to cancel his Boyle, Edison High School prinother player took his three strikes from second base. Prom plans. This was addition- cipal, for his courageous and but somehow or other, nothing * * • ally heart-warming b e c a u s e ] correct stand on his students ad- seems to dick to bring uc a Joseph S. Chosney, a senior at Davis Elkln* College, W. Scott will not be able to attend |hering to the school's "dress prize. "Do you play bingo?" queries the grocery elerk u Virginia, has earned his civilian's pilot's license and is "sa- graduation services with his code"! she hands us a card and jay* luting from the skies" over his home on Guernsey Lane, Co-' class since he starts studying at Ionia. Saturday he took up his older brother Bruce, who is Thiel College on June 12. Don't you agree? It's not so "You may win something. • • • home for a week after completing third year medical studies much our friends' help that at the University of Virginia, School of Medicine. Very short Congratulations to Edward helps as the confidence of their Most) oil companies now w e offering some sort ol sweeply Joe will fly to Holland, Michigan, to be best man at Brace's (Fords) Healy, energetic new lelp! stakes, but no matter how wedding to Michele Evans of Michigan. He plans a career af commander of the Sgt. John B. • • • a commercial airline pilot. It's a fact. Ray (Woodbridge) hard we try and spend money Eagan Post 663, Veterans of * * • ipperly can broad jump more on gas, none of the sweepForeign Wars. stakes «ver material!!*, tor i ' Miss Pamela Seng, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Seng, 96 than 20 feet. • • • At one time w« had tO & Old Road, Sewaren, has been inducted into Sigma Phi Sigma, How about that? The Menlo • • • wins. In each, Uteje waa ' National Honor Society at the annual awards convocation held Park Elementary School PTA, We'll be C-ing-U around! one intangible ward mtss at Mount Saint Agnes College. Baltimore. Md. She has been nam- under the chairmanship of Mrs. to nuke us win. fi» oil tt ed to the 1967-68 edition of "Who's Who Among Students in Am William Scott, tossed an ice panics have done aom« smart erican Colleges and Universities." cream party last Friday for the figuring. Miss Seng is a junior, majoring in French and minoring in s c h o o l ' s new kindergarten We bought Secondary Education and was a 1964 graduate of Woodbridge youngsters. QtesOeM and Aniwen participating t Howard G. Houghton, High School. • » • in the New York me District Manager Joan E, (Golf Road) Kramer * * • Volunteers for Pattern Therapy are needed for a seven- is the proud possessor of a BS By Howard G. Houghton, District area, collected the gfanrnlcka. Manager Social Security but could not even make 4 year-old boy who will be moving to Colonia on June 13. The degree cum laude from Wagner Administration, 93 Smith Street one-dollar win. i College. boy has received therapy with remarkable progress. The Hurrah For Edison B. of E. Valley «4407 • • • parents are anxious for it to continue. Men, women and teen• • • A friends of ours hi ftartta, We herewith salute the follow 1. Q. When I reached age 62 Recently, the Edison Board of Eduman has a father who is an educator— agers who can spare a few minutes a week for this charitable work are asked to contact the Rev. Thomas Brennan at ing new leaders of St. Joseph's retired and began drawing my had dozens of near winning*. cation suspended a young man from its and we understand, a good one. He in- St. John Vianney Rectory, Colonia—388-3866. The father of PTA in Carteret: Mrs. Anthon; social security benefit This was He too needed that elusive monjlj.i ago. Recently I be } last word for a win. He even high school because he insisted on dicated his dislike for his son's haircut, the child will explain to the volunteers what Is required at Haroski, president; Mrs. Law 18 came totally disabled as the re- 1 advertised in the newspapers rence Drummond, Mrs. Salva St. John Vianney cafetorium tonight at 7:30 o'clock. wearing a hairstyle reminiscent of the but permitted the boy to make his own tore Migliaresi and Mrs. Charles sult of an accident. Would this there, but no one came around; « * * make any change in my social with the single missing due. beatnik types in the Village. Here and decision. Hospitalman Apprentice James J. Ford,, USN,, son of Mr. and Bennis, vice presidents; Mrs security monthly benefits? Frank Jadach, treasurer, and Mrs. Francis J. Ford of 530 Watson Ave., Woodbridge, has comnow we would like to stand up and be Parents have a responsibility — a pleted the basic Hospital Corps School at the U. S. Naval Hos- Mrs. Robert Balewitz, and Rich A. Yes. You should get In He offered to share the prite in half. counted as agreeing wholeheartedly touch with your social security grave responsibility — to guide their pital in San Diego, Calif. The four-month course teaches hospital ard Ebert, secretaries. From time t« time, th« office since you may be able with the Edison school body. It is unchildren into adulthood. Young people corpsmen and corps WAVES to assist in the applying of bandages Readers Digest sends a piece to change over to disability and dressings, taking of temperatures and care of ward patients. Joe Raymond observes: fortunate that other school boards of literature with "You may of high school age are too prone to be- With further on-the-job training, he will be able to assist in physi- once found a resort that over benefits up untl! age 65. This already be a winner." We rethroughout the nation do not have the lieve they know it all. Parents, who just cal examinations, perform first aid and be trained in operating looked a lake. It also overlookec may mean an Increase In your turn the necessary card, propgumption of the Edison Board. comfortable beds, good food an social security checks. by living life have gained experience room, laboratory and X ray room procedures. erly filled out, but never a 2. Q. Early in 1905 I was Inrunning water." We have been told that times have and knowledge, are negligent in our jured and as a result have been word about a• prize. • • • • • Second Lieutenant George W. Fair, 23, sen of Mr. and Mrs. changed, that those of us who disapopinion if they do not put their foot Mrs. John Ruschak and Mr: unable to work since. I tiled for The literature points out David Cv Fair, 127 Chestnut St., Avenel, completed an offiprove are "squares" or whatever the down in circumstances such as this. cer's artillery course at the Army Air Defense School, Ft. F. Lands will be represents disability benefits and the claim very carefully that you do not was d e n i e d because it was hippy word is nowadays for normal, When young people go out in the world Bliss, Tex. Lt. Fair received instruction in firing the Nike- the Clover Leaf Chapter thought that I would eventually have to buy anything to be? Sweet Adelines, Inc., at a region everyday people. We are told that these they will find employers are not indul- Hercules missile. He also was trained in the tactics of air al competition this weekend ou be able to return to work. My eligible for a prize. Probably defense and nuclear warfare. doctor feels that I will not be the reason, we never win a are difficult times for young people. gent parents, that folks in the business He is a 1962 graduate of Woodbridge High School. The lieu- Allentown, Pa., way. able to work for another year. prize is because we never buy Hogwash! Other generations have and professional worlds expect their tenant received his commission through the Reserve Officers' Is there any chance that I could anything or do not have luckJoseph (Port Reading) Uhrin had their wars, their difficulties, their colleagues to be groomed well and dress Training Corps program at Syracuse University, where he Jr. is currently stationed at the now draw monthly benefits? to work for at least a year bereceived his A.B. degree in 1966. A Yes. The 1965 amend- cause of a severe disabling problems, but they did not look like in good taste. Vandenberg Air Force Base in « * * ments to the social security California. freaks to "express themselves." One law changed the disability eli- condition. You should check It is the contention of the off-beat Seaman Apprentice Charles T. Ginda, USN, son of Mr. andi Mrs. Charles Ginda of 405 Alden Road, Avenel, is in the Meditergibility requirements to in- with your local social security cannot help wonder how today's longhigh school generation that they ranean aboard the attack aircraft carrier USS Saratoga. His ship, Hear tell that was a fine testi- clude persons who are unable office. haired youths would have stood up in should be able to dress and look as they which celebrated its Uth birthday in April, has a long list of en monial tribute given retiring Patrolman Walter Marciniak by the frightening days of the depression please as long as they do not disturb viable records since its commissioning in 1956, including more members of the Woodbridge Pothan 117,000 arrested landings. when jobs were hard to come by and lice Department. classes. A young man, with a long hair* * • many a table had little food. • • • do and exaggerated sideburns, is bound Marine Private Ronald E. Farruggta, son of Mr. and. Mrs. Going steady: Helen Shapiro As a matter of fact the young people John A. Farruggia of 16 Archangela Ave., Colonia, is at Parto distract the others. Thank goodness ris Island, 8. C., where his platoon received the Command- and Joel Rachmiel. in high schools and colleges these days By J. Joseph Gribbins An October wedding looms on the majority of young people are sen- nig General's Marksmanship Trophy. The platoon received the horizon for Maryann (Car- TRENTON — Forty-six cycle Rhode Island prohibit high hanhave it too easy and in most cases the sible! the trophy for shooting a 9fl.8% qualification score while firing teret) Curto and Air Force Lt. parents are to blame. As soon as the at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot rifle range during qualifi- William Boone. Maryann, inci accidents claimed fifty-one lives jdlebars on motorcycles. Similar In most high schools of any size, the cation week. measures are pending in Caliteenagers reach driving age they mandentally, is also a lieutenant in in New Jersey last year, an in- fornia and Connecticut. The lawa crease of exactly 100 per cent student councils have adopted a code * * • the Air Force. age to convince their parents that they over the previous year's 23 acci- .in Indiana and Washington also •„.. • • of dress. Actually, it is the students James H. Potts, 20, son of Mr. and'Mrs. James. H. Potts, 28 need a car. If they have the inclinaAve., Avenel, was promoted to Army specialist four May 2 Sudden thought: Sometime dents in which 2 persons died. 'provide the height of the handlethemselves who can best invoke the Park in Germany, where he is serving with the 37th Artillery. Spec. when you're depressed, think Alarmed at the number of bars should not be more than tion, receiving a college education is code. If those who do not comply with Potts is a 1965 graduate of Middlesex County Vocational and back over the persons you might needless deaths from such caus- IS inches above the seat, made.: easier for them even if parents es, even the motorcycle indus-I jf t n e present increase in mothe code are sent into conventry, the Technical High School. His wife, Janet, is with him in Germany have married! try is stressing the safety theme i torcycles continues, traffic exdo not have sufficient funds, for there * • * young men will soon eliminate the girlin sales promotion programs i ^^ inS,st that by next year are so many scholarships and loahs Marine Private Robert Devlin, son of Mrs. Margaret E. Talented organist: Mrs. Jo across the nation. Colonel David | ti, er€ w i l l j ^ ino.ooo motorcyish hairdos, sideburns and whiskers Devlin of 83 Aberdeen Ave., Iselin, was graduated from eight seph Husk. available through the state and indusB. Kelly, Superintendent of State cles registered in New Jersey. weeks of recruit training at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot and the girls will forego the indecently try. "They live in comfortable homes Good luck to Diane Lynn (Ise- Police, believes the time hasj A i l n o u g n the State Division of short miniskirts that creep up the here. He will now undergo about three weeks of Individual and are spoiled by doting parents who combat training and then, after leave at home, will report to lin) Kersch, new member of Am- come for action to prevent such Motor Vehicles has the author!thigh. ! his first Marine Corps assignment. erica's fine Women's Army accidents. He urges all cyslists t y to provide for the mandatory too often have read a book on the psyto exercise more attention, cour- u s e of safeby equipment on motesy and cooperation and less (orCyCies> it has never taken Perhaps this crazy fad, too, shall Army Private First Class Harry P. Dilkes, 20, son of Mr. and Corps. chology of raising children. . . . . . * de_ pass. We hope so—and we hope it is Mrs. Charles E. Dilkes, 43 Juliet St., Iselin. is participating in One good term deserves an- speed to reduce motorcycle ac- action. So the- -Legislature In the Edison case, what makes it so cidents. cided to do it "Operation Francis Marion" in Vietnam, with his unit from the ither! Harold R. Alley, principal soon. difficult to understand, is the young 4th Infantry Division. His unit is conducting search and destroy )f the Edison John P. Stevens The National Highway Safety operations in the Viet-Cong-infested Central Highlands. The op- High School, has been installed Bureau is urging headgear proeration, which began early in April, is named for the famed 'or a second term as president tection, eye and face protection "Swamp Fox" of the American Revolution. Pvt. Dilkes is a f the Middlesex County Princi- devices, safety equipment on the Postal Savings grenadier assigned to Company A, 1st Battalion in the division's pals Association. vehicle and compulsory inspeclarge accounts. As they prospered, the 12th Infantry. tion of such vehicles. Up to • • • The postal savings system in the this time, i comparatively few The following fine ladies all immigrants shifted their accounts to • • • 1 United States ended recently and acMay 31, 196T rate journalistic accolades for states had any specific regulaAirman Second Class Peter A. Kwiatkowski, son of Julius the bank. But people with savings Z cording to Carteret Postmaster Lester tions for motorcycles or'motor- Editor heir chairmanship responsibiliof 8 Woodland Avenue, Fords, is participating cycle operators. New Jersey The Leader Press continued to do their "banking" at Kwiatkowski £>abo such savings will no longer in operation "Pathfinder Express," a joint airborne military ties in behalf of Avenel Schools still requires a licensed motorist 20 Green Street 4 and 5 PTA: Mrs. John Hoffexercise being conducted in Spain through June 3. Airman „ carry any interest. Whatever savings the Post Office. man Mrs. Conrad Scordas, Mrs. to accompany a new cyclist when!Woodbridge, New Jersey In recent years, patrons of the post Kwiatkowski is a member of the Air Force contingent tak- John Hazlett, Mrs. Alvah Gray, he getis his license. 2 were on deposit in at the Carteret' On behalf of the Carteret Jaying part in the U. S.-Spaln training program designed to - Post Office have been turned over to office turned in greater number to test the capability for rapid airlift and commitment of air- Mrs. George Buzick, Mrs. An- But new legislation requiring cee-ettes, Inc., I would like to Introne, Mrs.' Charles take this opportunity to extend U.S. Savings Bond because they'pro- borne forces of both countries in event of emergency. drew the Post Office in Rahway. Munn, Mrs. George Pentland, motorcycle operators to wear my thanks for the excellent covAirman Kwiatkowski, a graduate of Woodbridge High safety helm its has been enacted vided a higher interest rate and be- School, attended Rqtgers, the State University, New Bruns- Mrs. Edward Hayes, Mrs. RobSabo has offered an excellent sugerage our organization has re•rt Ziro, Mrs. Owen Culton, Mrs. in New Jersey, effective next ceived in your newspaper. cause they could be cashed without wick, N. J., aod the University of Mississippi. gestion. Vou can take your postal savEmu Kohut, Mrs. Robert Burke, January 1. Other states which Bringing our activities to the » • • delay. At one time, the post office have passed similar legislation ings which paid 2 per cent and buy Seaman Apprentice Steve A. Kucinski, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Miranda, Mrs. An include Alabama, Arkansas, Flo- attention of the public is one handled the issuance of U. S. Savings thony Pixul and Mrg. Walter U. S. Savings Bonds that pay a much Mrs. Steve Kucinski of 22 Farmhaven Avenue, Iselin, as a rida, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, ol our prime concerns and Bonds, but this transaction was turn- crew member aboard the ammunition ship USS Shasta helped Fearing. higher interest. Maine, Massachusetts, New Mex- through your cooperation thia • * * to celebrate the ship's anniversary by delivering its 10,000th ed over to the bank to handle. ico, North Dakota, Rhode Is- has been made possible. Some SO years ago, the Carteret Steady twosome: W i l l i a m land, South Carolina, South Da- Once again, a sincere thank projectile to a waiting aircraft carrier. Carteret still has some residents Post Office did a land office business Mount and Ann Ahbatietlo. • • • kota, Tennessee, and Washing- you. who recall taking a dollar or two that Sincerely, Army Private First Class Christopher M. Orchard, 20, in savings. Immigrants coming from Members of the Edison Ex ton. Similar bills are pending Joan Pbilipbar, (Mrs. Carl) they oould spare and deposit it at the son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Orchard, 1021 St. George Avenue, change Club are mighty proud in the Legislatures ol practically the other side and locating here dePublicity Chairman, other States Post Office for a "rainy day". Uncle Colonia, is participating In "Exercise Pathfinder Expresi," of those membership and ach- Lall posited their meager savings in the tad Carteret J«ycat>«ttM, bio, a Joint airborne exercise being conducted la northeastern ievement amort tiwy woo dui- rN«W *in 8am never disappointed them. post -office. There were hardly any Spain M U taragoxa.


Under the Capitol Dome

Letters to Editor

Thursflny, .Tunp fl, 10IV7


LEGAL NOTICES U.AI NOTICES LEGAL NOTICE IKIiAl NOTK'FS LEGAL NOTICES urday at her home, was held Dnrnunli Cler* at hit office aforesaid 4. That appropriation reserves or ordinance appropriation not b e avertxpenderi. legal expenses and other exnenssi. In- nf such exreni, h* applied Is tJie pa|nn«rt yesterday at th« Greiner Fune- dally eluding Interest on such oWlgaUona, to, the, of the principal of auch notes then outbclwcM tht hours of »;HB A.M. In !t. That all vouchers be properly executed before being paid. ral H o m e , H Grocn Street, 5:00 P.M.. eneept Saturday! and Sunday). *. That all receipts be deposited to the credit cf the municipality or turned ever extcnt permitted by Section « A 2-20 of •landing, <-ent of the Rlil A deposit of 10 the) Local Bond Law. Section t. It I* hereby determined and to the Trcaaurer within 4ft houra a t required by (N.J.9. 4oA:tt-lS>. Woodbridge, with a requiem Price, "hall"ha" submitted lined with each hid as Section 3. It la hereby determined and dated that the average period of usefulThat every official who handle* cash, aubmlt h i t report and check monthly. Mass at St. Anthony's Church. evidence of I I faith *n- neas of ssid purposes, according to their which deposit m a y be cash or Borough of Carteret. County of Middlesex lor the calendar year 19M. Thll Report neys appropriated under the caption "Ca- reasonable lives, taking Into consideration Burial VIM in St. Gertrude Cem- delivery, certified chVfc. 7f Audit, aubmltted l>v John J. Clko, Registered Municipal Accountant, la on file Surrrsafiil bidder, will be required to it the Borough Clerk's Office and rnay'ne Inspected f>y any interestedI peraon. pital Improvement Fund" In budgets «f the respective amount of bond* nr etery, Colonia. Township heretofore adopted wa» to be Ismied for said nurpoien, is s poriM a performnnce IMIIIII In an amount PATRICK POTOCNia. Ci>lerk W. NIXON KBORN Miss Floryce Brown, both of A resident here for the past nfunlsh available to finance aald purpose* In ac-'of f.M y e a n , compoted train tha date o l not less thnn the total of the accepted L.P. l/«/«7 *».M rordanra with Section 4oA:2-ll of laid Lo- aald bonds. WOODBRIDGE Funeral Carteret and throe grandchil- fi5 years, Mrs. Ciuffreda was a bid. cal Bond Law at Lhe time aald ordinance • n>n a. II Is hereby determined arid The Maynr and Council reserves the said Section 3 and now available therefor ORDINANCE NO. 6712 services for W. Nixon Eborn, R dren. parishioner of St. Anthony's right lo reject nny and all bids was »dopted and M.H.VI of imld moneys Is declared that the Supplemental lx>l* OHDINANCE APPROPRIATING by virtue nt provision In a budget or Ir i •:••'!«• "ilnted to surh purposes. Statement required by aald I w a l Bonii • Ininpstearl Road, Mctuchen, Funeral services were held Church and a member of its By Order nf the Mayor nnd Cnuni-ll. H)NI> previously of the Ilorough 252.000. AND AUTHORIZING THE budgets PATRICK POTOCNIG, flection 8. To finance aaid purnnM-n l,:iw hnn been duly made and filed in the ISSUANCE OF $240,000 BONDS OK adopted. who died Friday evening at Kliz-j on Sunday at 1 P. M. at the Sy- Rosary Society. linrough Clerk by $133,300, and that the laaaance of M Avenue, Metuchen, with burial terment was in Baron Hirsh thany R., Colonia; two daugh- CONSTRUCTION, ALTERATION AND|«ii)DLESEX. NEW'JERSEY. Bond' KKI'Alfis ~<>V " ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS BE IT ORDA1NKI) I1Y THE ROROUOH "Improvement are hereby centum (6%) per annum. All matters wKhlnhllgatloni will be within all debt UmKain Fnirview Comelery, West Cemetery, Staten Island. IN HUILDINOS IN THE BOnOlKiH OF JOUNC1L OF THE BOROUGH OF authortzed i«,,bejasiied ln^ the ^rincipnl • no • in Mid h-mdi not determined byjtlon* pretcrtbed by the Local Bond law. ters, Miss Mary F., at home; CARTERET. IN THE COUNTY OF amount of t240,0O0 pursuant to the Local this ordinance shsll be determined by res- Section 10. This ordinance shall tMte field. Mrs. A n n Bowley, Rahway; Section 1. All electrical construction JAHTERET. AIDDLKSEX. NEW JERSEY (not less Bond Law of New Jersey. In anticipation olutions to he hereafter adopted, (tct twenty days after the first publication electrical equipment shall be Born !a Cresswell, N. C , Mr. MICHAEL TANDYRAK two-thirds of all the members nf the luuance of aald bonds, and to five grandchildren; one great- and Section 7. To finance aaid purposes, thereof after final passage. rensonahly safe to person! and property han hereof alflrmatlvely concurring). AS temporarily finance aald Improvement* or bond anticipation notes of said Township F.hom lived most of his life in CARTERET — Michael Tan- grandchild; two brothers, Pas- and JOSEPH NEMYO in conlnrmlty with the provisions nf purpoies, negotiable notea of t 9 Borough President of the Council onllnAnce and the applicable statutes FOL1/WS: Ihe Mehichen-Woodhridee aren dyrak, 79, of 40 Holly Street quale D'Alessio and Luigi D'- this In a principal amount not exceeding of an aggregate principal amount not exby of the State of New Jeriwy and all Section 1. The several improvements 1240,000 are hereby authorized lo be ceeding 1133Jon are hereby authorised Said Ordinance remains on file In thai Ho was assistant supervisor of died June 1 in Elizabeth Gen- Alessio in Italy; a sister, Mrs. order*, rules and regulations issued by described In Section 3 of this bond Issued purtuant office of the Municipal Clerk for puhtla nnd reauthorized and shall be Issued pur-! to and within the irdtnanc* are hereby respectively the authority thereof suant to said Local Bond Law, In antici- Inspection. Middlespx Water Company,jeral Hospital. He was a parish' Lucia Pelligrino in Italy. lUthorlzed as general Improvements to he limitations prescribed by said Lnw. pation nf the Issuance ol said bonds. Said Notice Is further given that aald ordinSection 2. As used in this ordinance, Section 3. The Improvement! hereby made or acquired by The Borough of Wnodbridfie. He was a member ioner of. St. Mary's Ukrainian "reasonably safe tn persons and Carteret, New Jersey. For Ihe said authorized and the aeveral purpose! for notes shall bear Interest at a rate which ance will be further considered for final property", aa applied to electrical ' ' ' ' several Improvements or purposes stated the financing of which aald obligations Shall not exceed six per centum <«'"!> per passage by said Council at a regular of Americus Lodge 83 F. & A. M.Catholic Church and a member MRS. MARGARET SMITH construction and electrical equipment, In said Section 3, there are hereby are td be Issued (each of which shall be annum, and may be renewed from time to meeting of that body to bs held In Ihe and the Kiwnnin Club of Wood- of its Holy Name and Holy to use in the service [or appropriated the respective sums of made or undertaken In accordance with tlms pursuant to and within the limita- Council Chamber at the Municipal BuildFORDS Funeral services inonn* safe installation or equipment Is money therein stated as the appropria- the respective plans or specifications or tions prescribed by said Local Bond Law. ing, Woodbridge, N. J. on Tuesday, tha bridge. Mary Society. Born in Ukraine, for Mrs. Margaret J. (Young) which thewithout hazard to persons or tions made for said Improvements or both, therefor prepared and on file In theAll matters with respect to said notes not 20th day of June, 1967. at I o'clock In Surviving is his widow, the he had resided in Carteret for Smith, 121 Roosevelt Avenue,IPr?Plrtypurposes, said sums being inclusive of all office of the Borough Clerk and hereby determined by thl* ordinance shall he de-the evening, at which place and time all Conformity ol electrical appropriations heretofore made therefor approved), the appropriation made for termined former Elma Karitzky. oy resolutions to he horenftrr persons Interested will b* given an oppor. 60 year. He had retired 13 who died Sunday at Roosevelt Installations3, with applicable regulation and amounting In the aggregate to and the estimated cost of each auch adopted. In the event that bonds are l> turtlty to be beard concerning >al4 ordinyears ago from the American Hospital, were held yesterday set forth In the National Electrical Code $232,000 Including the aggregate sum of purpose, and the estimated maximum pursuant to this ordinance, the ag-ance. which has been approved by the $12,000 as the several down payments for amount of bond a or notea to be lamed for MISS MARILYN JOULE Agricultural Chemical Compa- at the Runyon Mortuary, 568 American iregate amount of notes hereby authorJOSEPH V. VALENTI Standards Association, shall be said improvements or purposes required each auch purpose, a n respectively as ized shall be reduced by an amount equal WOODBRIDGE-Funeral ser- ny, Carteret. Municipal Cleric prime-facia evidence that such Installa- by law and more particularly described in follows: Middlesex Avenue, Metuchen, to the principal amount of the bonds) so L.P. «/8/67 tions are reasonably safe to persons and K7.M vices for Miss Marilyn M. Joule, Surviving are his wife, Mrs. property. ESTIMATED i:i Vanderbilt Place, who died Anna Pochakilo Tandyrak; two with a requiem Mass at Our Section 4. Conformity of electrica NOTICE , In the County ol Middlesex, as follows: MAXIMUM quipment with applicable standards oi It hereby given that the follow-1 Section 1. The acquisition of the propSaturday, were held Tuesday daughters, Miss Mary of New Lady of Peace Church, Burial Jnderwrlters APPROPWA: AMOUNT OF IngNotice Laboratories, Inc., shall be proposed Ordinance was introdooed erties end the making ol the improveTION AND ESTIBONDS OH morning at the Greiner Funeral York City and Miss Olga Tandy- was in Resurrection Cemetery. prlma-facla evidence that such equipment and passed on first reading at a meeting ments described In Section > of this ordreasonably safe to persons and MATED COST NOTES improvement er Purpes* II ii ic '14 Green Street, with the rak of Carteret; two sons, Jo- Born in Philadelphia, Pa. Mrs.Is of the Municipal Council of the Township inance are hereby respectively authorized of Woodbridge. in the County of Middle- to be acquired and made by the TownSmith resided in the Fords- property. Section S. Before any person, firm or (a) Construction of a new building which Rev. William H. Sehmaus officisex. New Jersey, held on the «Lh day of ship of Woodbridge, There Is hereby apshall Install, extend or renew shall be of Claaa A construction (aa ating. Burial was in Cloverleaf seph of Carteret and Alex of Rahway area for the past 25 corporation June, 1M7. and that said ordinance will propriated to the acquisition of such propany electrical wiring or fixed electrical defined or referred to In Section 40A:2-22 Creskill and three grandchilyears. She was a parishioner of be taken up for further consideration for erties and the making of said Improveequipment, they shall first file ei of the Local Bond Law) lor us* as a Park Cemetery. final pnasage at a meeting of aald Munici- ment* described In Section 3 hereof (hereapplication for inspection with the dren. municipal garage for the storing and Our Lady of Peace Church and Building Inspector "and the Middle Miss Joule was the daughter pal Council to be held at its meeting room inafter referred to an "purposes"), the garaging of motor vehicles and other Association of Fire Under- equipment of the Borough on the in the Memorial Municipal Building, respective amormts of money hereinafter of Frank Joule and the late Eliz- Funeral services were held a member of the Rahway Loyal Department writera, and pay them any required northerly side of Roosevelt Avenue Woodbridge, New Jersey, on the 20th day stated as the appropriation for «ald reMonday at 8:30 A. M. at the Order of Moose Ladies Auxiliabeth Joule. She resided in application or Inspection feea as may beconstituting Lot J In Block 9 on the. Tax of June, 1967, at 8 o'clock P.M. or as spective purpose*, m i * approbation determined from time to time by said Assessment Ma:ip ol the Borough, and the soon thereafter u said matter can be shall be met from tha proceeds of the Woodbridge for the past 25 years Synowiecki Funeral Home, 56 ary. Borough of Carteret and Middle purchase and Installation of all original reached, at which tlm* and place all per bonds authorized, and the down payment Carteret Avenue and at 9 A. Surviving is a son, Norman Department of Fire underwriters. and was a parishioner of Trinity sons who may be Interested therein will appropriated, by this ordinance. • U M N furnishings and equipment therefor emergency repairs are necessary Episcopal Church. She was a M. in St. Mary's Ukrainian Dempster, with whom she re- inWhen be given an opportunity to be heard con- Section 1. The Municipal Council of the order to maintain service on an cerning the aame. Township of Woodbrlrtge has ascertained member of Americus Chapter Catholic Church where Rev. sided. electrical system, the necessary repairs (b) Purchase of new and additional A copy of this ordinance has been post- and hereby determlnea that (1) none of may be made without first filing ai vehicles and equipment for the Borough Basil Makuch was celebrant of 137 Order of Eastern Star. application for Inspection. In such case; consisting of on* (1) power-operated trea ed on tha Bulletin Board upon which pub Ihe purposes referred to tn the schedule the application shall be filed not late stump remover, on* (1) power-operated Uo notices are customarily posted in theset forth in Section 3 of this ordinance is Surviving besides her father, the requiem Mass. Interment EDMUND DUDKA trie next working day after tn» date tree branch chipper, on* (1) four-wheel Memorial Municipal Building of the Town- a current cxpeme of «ald Township, sdid drive jeep dump truck, on* (1) selfare a brother, Frank F. Jr., was in St. Gertrude Cemetery, CARTERET — Funeral ser- thin on which tha repairs were made. ship, and a copy la Available up to and(2> It Tlio Bupi>lemei>tal debt statement at a meeting of the Borough Council of (he Township Including various chek, 59, of Timonium. Mary- ka Funeral Home, 5U State Middle Department Association of tire cqiilrert by aald 1 JIW has been duly made the Borough of Carteret, in the County of of Underwriters. The Building Inspector of n't (tied In tha office of the Borough Middlesex, New Jersey, held on June 7. pumps and macMsery and Instruland, a native and former resi- Street, with a solemn high Mass the Borough of Carteret or any of Ills Jlerk and a complete executed duplicate 1967. It will be further considered for ments necessary for the operation dent of Cartere. for nvany years, of requiem at St. Michael's I J7I f iXO It years I 5.W0 authorized agents shall have the authority hereof hai been filed In the office of the final passage, after public bearing ot such plant to disconnect or order disconnection of director of the Dilvsion of Local Finance thereon, at a meeting of said Borough (4) The acquisition of two dleeei died recently in Timonium Hos- Church. Burial was in the church electrical service to »ald electrical n the Department of Community Affairs Council to be held in the Municipal trucks with toadmaster refuse pital. Mr. Skerchek had oper- cemetery. Installation. In cases of emergency, when if the State of New Jersey, and such Building in said Borough on June 21, 1967 bodies S years f U.M0 $«,*» necessary for safety to persons or statement shows that the gross debt of at 8:00 o'clock P.M.. and during the week (5) The acquisition of a mechaniated and owned the Andy and Born in Hungary, Mr. Fisco property or when electrical equipment he Ilorough as defined in said Law is prior to and up to and Including the date cal street sweper together with the Frank Supermarket in Timon- had resided here for the past may interfere with the Borough of increased by the authorization of the of such meeting, copies of said ordinance appartus and machinery necessary The Building Inspector of the :>onds and notes provided for in this bond will be made available at the Clerk's him. A U. S. Navy veteran of SO years. He was retired from COLONIA — At a meeting ol Carteret. S years i 910 *ns« * l*,150 Borough of Carteret or any of his rdlnance by 5240,000. and the obligations Office in said Borough to the members of for Its operation World War II, he was a parish- the National Fireprooflng Co., the Federated Woman's Club of authorized agents shall have the authority iUthortzed by this boud ordinance will be the general public who shall request the <6) The acquisition of automotive to disconnect or order the disconnection within all debt limitations prescribed by same. vehicles consisting of two ten ton ioner of St. Demetrius Ukr 'in Keasbey. A parishioner of St. Colonia, Mrs. Joseph Vitale, immediately of service to electrical said Law. 5 years. 1111,810 $ 910 J14.M0 PATRICK POTOCNIG trucks Orthodox Church while residing ^Michael's Catholic Church of the president, announced the board installations. (7) The acquisition of * front end (d) Amounts, not exceeding $24,000 In Borough Clerk Section 9. The provisions of this L.P. 6/a-15/*7 *iO7.» loader truck,for use by the Dein Carteret. He was a member Byzantine Rite, Perth Amboy, chairmen for the coining sea- ordinance shall not apply to work done In 5 yean •1,379 partment'oT Public Works. $27,500 connection with lines or equipment owned of The American Legion Post he was also a member ol the son: of the two dlesel trucks, an of which by a Public utility, as defined in Section 16,410 1121.740 Total. *12»,150 253 in Timonium and of the St. George Society. He was one Finance, Mrs. Michael Hughes, 48:2-13 of the revised Statutes of New Notice i s herafcy (fvep, that the follow- means that tha total appropriation In the and directly usaU In the supplying big proposed Ordinance w Introduced ordinance, the total down payment and Elks Lodge at Townson, Mary of the organizers of the church. Mrs. Willard MacArgel, Mrs. Jersey within the limitations prescribed by the of its service. and passed on flrat reading at a meeting the total amount of bonds will remain the Section 4. The cost of such purposes, as Local Bond Law. Each of said notes shall hereinbefore stated, Includes the -aggreSection 10. A tea of $2.00 (two) dollars Municipal Counoit of the Township ime; NOW, THEREFORE, land. be signed by the Mayor and Municipal Surviving are his Widow, Rollin Hubbard, Mrs. Edward shall be paid to the Building Inspector for of the Woodbritlge, in the County of Middle- BE IT ORDAINED by the Township gate amount of $11,680 which is estimated Treasurer and shall be under the seal ot Mrs. Mrs. Barbara (Beres) Fisco; a Hueston; good cheer, Mrs. electrical permits. All other lees to be In of sex, New Jersey, held on the 6th day of Committee of the Township ol Woodb- to be necessary to finance the cost of such said Township and attested by the Muniaccordance to Middle Department 1967, and that aaid ordinance will ridge, in the County of Middlesex, as fol- purposes, including architect's fees, ac- cipal Clerk, Said Natalie Wadiak Skerchek, two dVughte"r7Mrs!"juiiV Rosmos"-i Chester Little; hospitality, Mrs. Association of Fir* Underwriters require June, officers ape hereby aucounting, engineering and Inspection costs, be taken up for further consideration for lows: thorized to execute said notes and to issue sisters, Mrs. Mary Heljey of | K e a s b e y . five s o n s > J o n l l i K e a r J C. Miller; program, Mrs, Sam-ments. legal expense* and other expenses, includSection 11. Any person, firm or inal passage at a meeting of said Muni- Section 1. The acquisition of tha proper- ing Interest on such obligations, to the ex- said notff* in such form aa (hey may lidMonterey, CaMfornia and Mrs. ny; Michael, Fords; Stephen, uel Kushman; publicity, Mrs. corporation who shall violate any •Ipil Council to be held at Its meeting ties and the making of the improvements tent permitted by Section 4OA:2-» of the apt In conformity with law. The power of this ordinance or shall fall room i" the Memorial Municipal Building, described In Section 3 of this ordinance Local Bond Law. to determine any matters with respect to Ann Prokop of Carteret and two Keasbey; Andrew, Edison, Al- Walter Barsce; year book, Mrs. provisions to comply therewith, or shall violate or Woodbridge, New Jersey, on the 20th day are hereby respectively authorized and notes not determined or this ordinbrothers, John Skerchek of Mon- bert, Perth Amboy; 13 grand- CharleB Bottita; club historian, fail to comply with any order made of June. 1967, at 8 o'clock P.M. or AS soon reauthorized to be acquired and made by Section 5. It is hereby determined and said ance and also the power to sell said notes stated that not less than $6,410 of the n oii"convtction thereof, be thereafter as said matter can be reached, the Township of Woodbridge. There Is Is hereby to the Municipal Treatfcr y and Michael of Carteret. children; four great-grandchil- Mrs. George Holt, past presi- thereunder. subject to a penalty of Imprisonment in at which time and place all persons who hereby appropriated and reapproprlated moneys appropriated under the caption surer whodelegated Is hereby authorized to aril said County jail for a teru\ not exceeding may be interested therein will be given an to the acquisition of such properties and "Capital Improvement Fund" on budgets Funeral services were held dren. dent; advisor, Mrs. Hubbard; the notea either at one or from time to ninety days or by a fine not exceeding to be beard concerning the the making of said Improvements describ- of said Township heretofore adopted Is Ime In the manner time Saturday at 9:30 A. M. at the provided1 by law. major project, Mrs. Julius Sos- 5200 or both. The Imposition of one opportunity available to finance said purposes in aclame. ed In Section 3 hereof (hereinafter referrfor any violation shall not excuse with "Section 40A:2-ll of said Section 9. It Is hereby determined and Synowiecki Funeral Home, 56 MRS. CATHERINE MILLER tazko; club photographer, Mrs. penalty A copy of this ordinance has been poat- ed to as "purpose"), the respective am- cordance the violation or permit It to continue. Bond Law and $6,410 ot said tnon stated that the average period of usefulCarteret Avenue, Carteret and WOODBRIDGE — The fune- Leo Burke; by-laws and stand- Section 12. The Borough Council of the •i on the Bulletin Board upon which pub- ount* of money hereinafter atated as the Local eys 1* hereby appropriated, to such pur- ness of «ald purposes, according to their of Carteret in the County of ic notices are customarily posted in the appropriation and reappropriatlon for said reasonable lives, taking Into consideration at 10 A. M. at St. Demetrius ral of Mrs. Catherine Millar, 242 ing rules, Mrs. Wilmer Alle- Borough Middlesex hereby declares that should Memorial Municipal Building of the Town- respective purposes, such appropriation poses. Section 6. Tn finance said purpose* the respective amount of bonds or notes Church where Rev. John Hun- Grove Street, who died Mon- bach; public w e l f a r e , Mrs. any section, paragraph, sentence or word ship, and a copy is available up to and1shall be met from the proceeds of the bonds ot said Township ot «n aggregate to be Issued for said purposes, ts a period in this ordinance, be declared for any including the time of such meeting to the bonds authorized, and the down payment diak was celebrant of the Di- day, is scheduled for this morn- James Anderson; civic improve- reason Invalid, it la the intent o! said members of the general public of the appropriated, by this ordinance. principal amount not exceeding $121,740 of 6.12 years, computed from the date ot are hereby authorized and shall be Issued said bonds. vine Liturgy. Interment was in ing at 8:30 at the Leon J. Ge- ment, Mrs. Walter Brach; art Borough Council that it would have Township who shall request such copies, Section 2. The Municipal Council of Section 10. It Is hereby determined and passed all other portions of this ordinance the office o f the Municipal Clerk In the tha Township of Woodbridge has ascer- pursuant to said Local Bond Law. Said declared Cloverleaf P a r k Cemelary, rity Funeral Home, 411 Amboy department, Mrs, Jack Wiggins; independent of thfe elimination herefrom at that the Supplemental Debt bonds shall bear Interest at a rate which Municipal Building In Wood- tained and hereby determines that (1) any such portion aa may be declared Memorial Statement required by said Local Bond shall not exceed six per centum (6%) per Avenue, with a high Mass of American home, Mrs. Thomas ofInvalid. Woodbridge. bridge, New Jersey. none ol toe purposes referred to tn the annum. All matters with respect to said Law has been duly made ana" filed In the The pall bearers were Mi- requiem at 9:00 at St. James' Norton; drama, Mrs. Nat Aco- Section 13. If any ordinance now oi AN ORDINANCE TO AUTHORIZE AND schedule set forth in Section 3 of this or- bonds not determined by this ordinance office of the Municipal Clerk $t ajaM Townhereafter adopted is inconsistent with tha REAUTHORIZE VARIOUS PUBLIC IM dinance Is a current expense of the Town- shall be determined by resolutions to be ship and that such statement so filed chael Skerchek, Jr., Robert Cur- Church. Burial will be in the cella. provisions of this ordinance, such Incon- PROVEMENTS IN THE TOWNSHIP OF ship, and (2) it is necessary to finance hereafter adopted. shows that the gross debt of said Townsistency shall be resolved by observing WOODBRIDGE, IN THE COUNTY OF said purposes by the issuance of obliga- Section 7. To finance aald purpose, bond ship as defined in Section 40A:2-43 of said ran, Frank Skerchek. Jr., Emil church cemetery. tions of said Township pursuant to the the higher standard. MIDDLESEX, TO APPROPRIATE AND Law, is Increased by this erdinance by Bom in Ireland, Mrs. Miller Mabo and Edward Warga. Bond Law of New Jersey, and (3)anticipation notes of said Township of $121,740, and that the Issuance of said obSection 14. This ordinance shall take TO REAPPROPRIATE $140,250 TO PAYLocal had lived here most of her life $19.3 billion lqst in missile effect each of said purposes shall be undertaken aggregate principal amount not exceeding ligations will be within all debt limitations and be in force from and after its THE COST THEREOF, TO MAKE A $121,740 are hereby authorized to be isMRS. HAANAH BROWN approval, as required by law. DOWN PAYMENT AND TO AUTHORIZE at a general improvement, no part of sued pursuant to said Local Bond Law In prescribed by the Local Bond Law. and was a parishioner of St. system programs, The foregoing ordinance was Introduced AND REAUTHORIZE THE ISSUANCE which shall be assessed against property anticipation of the Issuance of said bonds, Section 11. 'Ms ordinance shall take efCARTERET — Mrs. Hannah James' Church and a member of at a meeting of the Council of the OF BONDS TO FINANCE SUCH APPRO specially benefited. the event that bonds are Issued pursu fect twenty days after the first publication Borough of Carteret held June T, 1967 PRIATION, AND TO PROVIDE FOR Section 3. The several purposes hereby in (Bcrkowitz) Brown, 83, of 46 the church Rosary Society. LEGAL NOTICES when It was adopted on first reading. The |THE ISSUANCE OF BOND ANTICIPA authorized and reauthorized for the fin- ant to this ordinance, the aggregate am thereof after final passage. Roosevelt Avenue, died June 1 Surviving are four sons, Henount ot note* hereby authorized to be is said ordinance will be further considered TION NOTES IN ANTICIPATION OF JOSEPH NEMYO NOTH TO BIDDERS ancing of which said obligations are to be sued shall be reduced by an amount equal second reading for final adoption at a THE ISSUANCE OF SUCH BONDS. President of the Council at Perth Amboy General Hos- ry, Perth Amboy; William, NOTICE ISICE hereby riven that sealed on Issued are set forth in the following to the principal amount of the bonds so meeting of said Council ot the Borough of will be received for THE pital. Born in Hungary, she had Woodbridge; Donald, Sewaren; bids "Schedule of Purposes and Amounts", Issued. If the aggregate amount ot out Said Ordinance remains on file In the 21. 1967 at 8 P.M WHEREAS, the Municipal Council by Carteret on June MAINTENANCE OF THE BOROUGH OF Chambers, Borough .. Hall. Cook' Ordinance No. 192, adopted June at, 1966,which schedule also shows (1) the esti- standing bonds and notes Issued pursuant office of the Municipal Clerk for public inresided here for 65 years. She George, Woodbridge; 15 grand- CARTERET, N.J. DUMPS the Borough of Council Avenue, Carteret, N.J. at which time and authorized, among other things, the ac- mated cost of each such purpose, and (2)to this ordinance shall at any time exceed spection. Carteret. by the Clerk of the Borough of was a member of the Congre- children; two great-grandchil- Carteret. Borough Kail, Cooke Avenue, place all persons Interested will be giver quisition of a crawler crane and appropri- the amount of each such sum which Is to the sura first mentioned tn this section Notice la further given that aald ordinto be heard. be provided by the down payment here- the moneys raised by the issuance of said ance will be further considered for final ated therefor the sum of $57,200. and the! New Jersey up to 1:00 P.M. on an opportunity gation of Loving Justice, Mrs. Thomas Carteret, Patrick Potocnlg Municipal Council finds that the crawler inafter reappropriated to finance the re-bonds shall, to not leas than the amount of passage by said Council at a regular meetJune 21, 1967 at which time they will Iw borough Clerk Sisterhood and the crane is no longer needed and desires to spective purposes, and (1) the estimated such excess, be applied to the payment of ing of that body to be held Is the Council opened and publicly read. Somers, Woodbridge. Chamber at the Municipal Building, substitute therefor a crawler tractor at maximum amount of bonds and notos to such notes then outstanding. Specifications may be obtained from the L.P. 6/8/67 Jewish Center. lhe estimated cost of J623X) and the Milbe issued for each such purpose, and Ui Section 8. Each bond anticipation note Woodbridge. N. J. on Tuesday, the 20th of June, 1967, at 8 o'clock in the eveShe is survived by her hus- MRS. ASSUNTA CIUFFREDA SUMMARY OH SYNOPSIS OF 1966 AUBIT REPORT OF nldpal Council desires to appropriate such i the period of probable usefulness of each Issued pursuant to this ordinance shall be day at which place and time all persons BOROUGH OF CARTERET AS REQUIRED BY N.J.S. 4OA:5-7 sum for the acquisition of the crawler such purpose, according to its reasonable dated on or about the date of Its issuance ning, band, James; three daughters, PORT READING — The fu Interested will be given an opportunity lo SJMBiNEO"COMPAHATIVE"BALANCE SHEET •cember 31 tractor and reduce the amount approprlat-llife, computed from the data of said and shall be payable not more than one be heard concerning said ordinance. December i Mrs. Ruth, Gallo of Rahway; neral of Mrs. Assunta Ciuffreda, year from it* date, shall bear Interest et Year 1965 til by such ordinance for the acquisition bonds: Year19H6 24 Turner Street, who died Sat- CashASSETS JOSEPH V. VALENTI a rate which shall not exceed six per cen $ 85.515.15 t SU2.851.0S !


Woman's Club Board Chairmen

Over Half Century Ol Personal Service To All Faiths Throughout Middlesex County AUGUST ¥ GREINER II, Manager

Greiner Funeral Home

Taxes Assessments and Liens Receivable Property Acquired for Taxes—Assessed Value Accounts Receivable Deferred Charges 10 Future Taxation—General Capital Deferred Charges to Revenue oE Succeeding Years ...

315,t97.7B 50.368.17 42,458 25 4,676.394.89 192,477.79

270,214.89 50.443.17 81,672.29 4,838,894.8!) 596,184.74

Total Assets



LIABILITIES, RESERVES AND SURPLUS Bunds and Notes Payable Improvement Authorizations other Liabilities and Special Funds Reserve for Certain Assets Receivable Surplus '

$4,182,000,00 497,832.50 429.381J.M 369,665.1:1 300,864.07

$4,455,000.00 504.052.ii] 51ti.564.20 323,565.79 82,842.53

Total Liabilities, Reserves and Surplus



COMPARATIVE STATEMENT OF OPERATIONS AND CHANGE IN SURPLUS CURRENT FUND Year 1965 Year 1%« REVENUE (CASH BASIS) $ 71,293.32 Surplus Balance January 1 ' Miscellaneous—From othijr Ihan ) 421,5711.02 l-ocal Property Tax I.tvies , 117,34:1.5(1 15:i.«4.3» r o l l m i u n of Delinquent Taxes and Tax Title l.li'in 4.1)111,(151.85 34 L'olluL'tiun of Current Tax Levy Tola!

KXl'ENUITtlHES ACCKUAI, BASIS Budget Expenditures Muulcipil Purposes

County Tuxes .. ".ocal District School Taxes Other Expenditures

DIRECTORS August F. Greiner II William A. Schaefer 44 Green St., Woodbridge. ME 4-0264


and Surplus





631,097.114 2,1117,1159.% 47(i.!)!l



s; Kxueuiltmres (u be RUIM

Total Adjusted Expenditures Surplus Balance December 31

by Future Taxes $4.!Hi3.2tJU.23


$ 234.U8I.35



RECOMMENDATIONS That Interest on delinquent taxes and ii(sv>smt!iils be collected [n accordance with tha resolution. '1'ha. it • «»• Collector i i l r . i t list ul un< '•' t i s t s us, rtqiuc i-l by ( U S 54:4.il.1 t*x«k muie Ihuu Iwu Thai uui lie UIUKCUNI M


Purpose (1) There shall i x acquired street cleaning equipment consisting of three Leaf Loaders with Trailers and other equipment necessary for Ihi'ir optialiun (21 The Township shall acquire and install playground and park equipment In the vorluut playgrounds and parks of the Township including swing setts, all metal slids, tup deck covered tup and umbrella lup slides, climbers, sninits, hobby hursfs. metal sand boxes and other playground park improvements <:i) 'There shall be acquired addlliuiul equi|imt'iit itud inai'hlueiy fur the sfwci.iBt treatment plant ul the To\Mi.hl[i including various puinpn and machinery and Instruments necessary for the uueiutiull ul svuli plant 14) The acquisition o(v two dlesel trui'k* with LoaJmaster refuse builu-s anil two loadmaster refuse i .iliL'ciuiu bmlu-s . (1>) rhL> Jti'tiuibitioii ol a iTiuvU'r li.u'tiH* together uith the bpparu His and niaubint'ry necessity lor Us opi-i'allun,


Appropriation and Eillmaled Cust


Amount of

Dawn Bonds and Notes raymeul

l'rrlod of Usefulness


I 400

t 7,1190

15 years

$ 4,400

I 240

t 4.150

13 years

% 51,73

$ 51.100

$ 62,21)11


$ 59,130




.sued If the : ndlng bonds "'is olilinjii' Mini llr^ i

b y




Thomas Joseph


5 years

aggregate amount of out and notes iysued pursuant e Khull at any tutu- t-\ci-i'^ mt'iitlnueit in IhU > .- Imu >i

Consideration Is Our 80 Year Tradition

19 years

* 10,450

t 550

1 8,2*)

i 4. The coat of »uch purposes, tff relnbelure stated, Includes the aggre•ile amounl ol in/'.: 1 ! \ h h is • i iuy uiul

Municipal Clerk turn \6' r) per annum and may be re newed from time to time pursuant to endL.P. 6/8/67




JOUIU »llJll, lu uul !»»» Ulill Ulo 4IUUUIII

Green St., & Cooper Avc, ltelin, Z8S-0O75 State & Center St., Perth.Amboy, HI 2-0075

LEADER-SHOPPER Achievement awards were Bobcats Inducted will receive a Bachelor During the summer months Over! Ann Baranko To Get Avenue, presented as follows: T.arry of Arts Degree In elementary Miss Baranko will teach the re- The honeymoon is over when Cohen, Anthony Torsiello, Da- By Scout Pack 49 B. A. Degree Today Education from Paterson State tarded and handicapped children you discover that your Pet vid (Ircenslein, Bret Obermnn, i New Bobcats in- WOODBRIDGE - Migi Aim College today. Mm Baranko at the Woodbridge State School Lamb is really a little Bossy. Thomas Lynch, Billy Durkce, dueled into Cub Scout Pack 49 and in September will begin her Baranfco, daughter of Mr. andwas also named to the Dean's new duties as teacher in the U, S. softjpcdals ship collision John (irant, Chris Kenny, Scott 1SEI.IN Cub Seoul Park TSEUN—Thirteen Girl Scouts at its last meeling in St. CeMrs. John Baranko, 610 Almon list. Woodbridge school system. incidents. nf Troop 226 received badges at 249 held its final meeling of Popovitch, Joseph Pacia, Paul relia's Lourdes Hall were Louis a Conrti"of Awards in St. Core Ihe season at Merrill Park wilh M^ffia, Paul Schoeb, Thomas Rokita, Patrick Donovan, Wayne Towaso, Orajd Bianchini, and lia's IyOi(rdes Hall. Mrs. AnnCubmasler David Bagish. Vivian, Michael Ginson. Patrick James Conroy. The pack h Terrofiino, leader, and Mrs. Jean II was annminred (hat Raonl Zrllor, Mary Ann Jachym, Garihay, rommitteo chairman. Creedon, Thomas Balasia, Paul sponsored by Knights of ColumMary Ann TerreRino. Christine is leaving his post to become as- Thompson, Thomas Freeman, bus Council 3639. Tliayer. Barbara llcimbuch, sistant district commissioner in John Pintak, and Donald SulliCubmaster Joseph Jhmn preMiiry Carrol. Doroen Derlak, Northeast District of Raritan van. sented achievement awards as Also, Douglas BozunR, Eugene follows: Dcnner Barf, Ernest Susan Ten Eyek, and Susan Council. He will still he in Mallcy, Mark Gregory, James Tomaio. Neil Aurigemma, Paul Slnttmaller. charge of adult training. Walter Petto, Eric Eastman, Thomas Granholm, and George Stubblt• The troop took a First Aid Chespak will succeed him as US. $162.50 Rcchkn, Kenneth Lake, Glenn bine; Assistant Dcnner Bars, Course last month at the Iselin comThittee chairman. Hcnkal. Anndrcw Heilbron, Thomas MaPLACE: S
13 Girl Scouts Changes Told Receive Badges In Cub Leaders

Woodbridge Kiwanis Club Annual Antique Auto Show

Adults $1.00



Children 50c

S112.50 Gutawskl ic Center

Over 150Autos on Display




JUNE 13th thru 17th Tues. to Fri. 6 to 11 p.m. Saturday

1 to 11 p.m. Will Be Held At



Bike Safety Poster Contest Winners Told FORDS — The winners of the bicycle safety poster contest sponsored by the PTA of School 25 were announced by the chairman, Mrs. Robert Ballingall: First grade, Debra Simet; second grade. Marcy Walpert; third grade, tied, Debra Goldstein an! Robin Eckel; fourth* g r a d e , George Fitiles, fifth grade, tied, Karen Moss and Craig Walpert; sixth grade ajid grand prize winner was Wendy Eckel, who received a gift certificate donated, by the Fords Sporting Center. The judges were: Patrolman William Majoras, Mrs. Norman Charitan, art teacher and Mis. Stanley Harris. The annual teacher's luncheon w a s held this week. The sixth grade party will take place the third week 'in June,

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1937 . . .30 YEARS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE • . . 1967






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m BM yeU

" *"•"•

Burrows H ReclectpA St. James Commencement By Mothers' Club Senior Citizen* Set for Tomorrow Night Wins B> S. Award

WOODBRIDGF, — Forty-eight members of the Woodbrldge Senior Citizens, who celebrate WOODBniDOF, — The annual The program will continue their birthdayi in June and July, TSEL1N - Mrs. Karl Janice commencement exercises of St. with Creator — Spirit, All-Divine were honored at a meeting list was elected president of the Mothers C l u b of Boy Scout James' Grammar School will be by Thermignon; address to the Thursday. Troop 48 at a meelinc in VFW conducted tomorrow night at graduates by the Rev. George A dinner Is planned for June 7:30 in the church. A. Ardos, Chaplain of Trenton 22, time to be announced. It Post 2B36 Hall, Route 27. Others elected wrrr: After the Processional by El- Police and Firemen Moderator was announced that Mrs. Gladys Kathleen Berthelson, virr of Catholic Teacher's Guild of Hawkins and Mrs. Flannery are dent; Mrs. Robert Grasor, trrasgar and Now Thank We All Our the C, C. D.; We Have Some- on the sick list. Lord by Cruger, th« diplomas thing to Sing About, Sr. Mar- There are still reservations urer; Mrs. William Kistlcr. re and awards will *"> presented garet Andrew, C.S..I. cording secretary; Mrs. open for the bus ride to Bear Goley, cor respond ini; secretary; by the Very Rev. rtsgr. Mau The Benediction of the Most Mountain. New members welMrs. Lillian Raab. sunshine; rice P. Griffin. Blessed Sacrament will be fol- comed to the club were Mr. and and Mrs. George Chambers, re lowed by 0 Praise Ye The Lord, Mrs. Alfred G. ^fuller and Mrs. porter. Sr. St. Roselyn, C.N.D., and the Betty Barrett Bowen. Recessional, Gounod. Ernetf Burrows was re-elect"Say It With Flowers" Members of the Class of 1967 ed president for a one year term. include Donald John Anderson, Others named were Carl DelninPatricia Anne Arnone, Theresa gcr, vice president; Mrs. Ester Ann Arnott, Karen Frances Ball- Nelson, treasurer and Mrs. ElizHome & Industrial man, John Nazareth Barcellona, abeth Prefcop, secretary. Glazing Wayne Alan Behr, Janice Anne Petto, Stephen George Storm Windows Bustin, Gregory Michael Can- Ann nonie, Mark Joseph CbJ-som, Raab, Thomas John Ring, John Screens G a r y Stephen Cicala, Grant Philip Romer, Kathleen Marie Store Fronts Louis Colgflry, Richard Thomas Ruetsch, M • r y Lou Sandor, Furniture Tops lostello, Thomas Wayne Cre- John Andrew Schlmpf, Michele Room Dividers rand, Kathleen Marie Csordos, Theresa Seaman, Dennis JoTub & Shower Antonetta Marie DeVito, Alexis seph Seguine, Barbara Jean Serafin. Enclosures Elizabeth D'Orsi.

The Mothers Club particlp.it j T h e m em ber« attended a nu- Cattlemen's Restaurant. The final meeting of Jhe year II?!? f t m « y fllr r'! : n hPll| ." l ' 1 'in« performance of "I Do, I The annual charter dinner Is will be Friday, June SO, 8 P. Merrill Park. Memnrlal Day, for , „ ' , , ., . . . set for 1 P. M., Tuesday, June M., with Mr. «nd Mrs. Carl boys of Troop 48 who m a r r h r c l , n ° Saturday, In N e w York 6, at the Cranwood Inn, Gar-Luna, Harwlck Street, "and will in the Iselin parade. I City. They later dined i t the wood. be a "splash party."


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Gerald Vincent Slmone, Cath Kathleen Marie Duffy, Mary erine Louis* Smith, Richard AlElizabeth Dunigan, Judith Ann len Speicher, Allan Andrew Ste Dunn, Susan Elizabeth Flti- wart, Richard Charles Stumpf, Patrick, Gail Rosalie Eorten- Thomas Stanley Suswal, John boher, Dorothy Ann Frederick,Stephen Tlrpak, Daniel James Sally Ann Gadek, Catherine Tooker, Debra Jean Toth, RobLynn Gois, Terez Marie Go- bert Stephen Toth, David Alan demy, Linda Ann GolublesU, Troyano, Joanne Mary TschinCharlotte Marie Gougeon, Lee kel, Debora Van Tassel, Thomas Michael Hackett, John Joseph Louis White, Barbara Irene WyHanowltz, Kathleen Ann Hay.rzykowsfci, Joseph Alan Yuhas. zer, Lynn Kathleen Holzheimer, Brian Thomas Jaeger. Susan Stephanie Jewers, Linda Matfe Johansen, Joseph John Kardos, Janice Helen Kocsl. Rose Anna Kopcho, Leo Walter Kosakowski, Lois Ann Kozar, Sharon Brigid Leahy, Paul John Leblanc, Kathryn Ann Lyman, Rosemary Barbara Lysachok, Mary Jane Maier, Denise Judith Manganaro, Gerald J. Martin, James John Mayer, Diane Joyce Mestf. Noreen Ann Mills, Joseph Michael Mitko, Rudolph Francis Modeszto, Mary Theresa Modzelewski, Daniel Wlllam O'Brien, Mary Anna Olkusz, Jean

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.Sf. V.I tan Students In Pmgram JIMP 11

WOODBRIDGK - The annual WOODBIUDOK — St. Margapiiino audition of Ihp Music V.A-ret's Unit of Trinity Church will uralnrs Association nf Now JIT-hold its annual slrawherry fessry wrro hold last, week at Doug- tival on Wrdnrsday, June 14, lass College. in the parish house, Trinity Pupils of Elsie Albcrtson of Lane Railway receiving gold honor Mrs. James O'Donnell is awards were Patricia Ashwell, chairman and Mrs. James Hooper is co-chairman. The festival Stisan Ashwell, Christine fla- is open to the public from 5:00 Kensen, Joanne Slikrr, and Oeila to 8.00 P. M. I'rrach, all of Oolonia, «nd Neil Motherly Advice Crrbone of Fords. The mother lion opened her eyes lazily and saw her young The true teacher defends his json chasing a huntor around a pupils against his own personal tree. influence. "Junior," shr called, "don't -A. Bronson Alcott. play with your food."

CARTERET Ellas Parochial Schooi will present a school closing program, in the school auditorium Sundny, June 11 at 3 P. M. There will be a play on Abraham Lincoln, specialty dances and individual talent numbers. The program will also mark the graduation of the kindergarten class. The parochial school will close for the season at noon June 15, when awards are to be made.

LUNCHEON D i j l j 11:30 to 3:00 P.M.

DINNER Dally 3:30 to 11:00 P.M. Friday and Saturday 'Til 13:30 Suniay 4 P.M. 'Til 10 P.M.



Publix Pharmacy "Since 1932"

91 Main St., Woodbridge 634-0809

Charcoal Steakhouse U. S. 9 & MAIN STREET WOODBRIDGE Reservations: ME 4-9148

Buy Retail at Wholesale

)f Woodbridg* TownthipJ Tfmporirr t,nraltri: Fuhlk SrhMl No. 21 Woodblnt ATK., ATFIIPI, NJ,

[Sunday Ichael . _10:00 AM. JMerning Sttvic* .11:00 A.M.) [ Yaun( Pteplt S.rvlc. 4:30 P.M. Sorvic* 7:30 PM.| rw.d. Mid-Wnk Itrvict- 7:30 P.M. Poiton Rtv, JOIBM Oent

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JEAN'S WIG WAM 477 Rahway Avenue Woodbridge - 63B-0G82

At Sears Elizabeth Clearance Center, 930 Newark Avenue We've cleared our stock rooms, supply depot* and sales floors . . . assembled a gignntir nisortnient of Sears nationally-famous merchandise under one roof lo give you tremendous buys. Some are one-of-a-kind, some fruof-a-kincl, some slightly scratched or damaged demonstrator or repossessed models, but ALL ARE MECHANICALLY PERFECT AND SOLD WITH SEARS GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION. Come early for best choice. Sorry, No Mail or Phone Orders During This Sale.


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ISELIN — Reservations for the supper meeting of the Worn en's Association of the First Presbyterian Church to be held Tuesday, June 20, 7 P. M., are scheduled to close June 13. Husbands and friends are invited. Kenneth Becker, guest speaker, will present a film "Perversion fw Profit", Reservations may be made with Mrs. Nancy House, telephone 283-0596, or Mrs. Nancy Prince, 283-0052.

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.12.99 End Table, DanishCoffee Table, Italian ProTjpnciaL .19.88 -9107 Sofa, Modern, Burgundy -S133 Sofa, Green Colonial—. Sofa, Italian Provincial. Sectional Sofa, Modern, 4 Pea. Turquoise 975 Coffee Table, French Provincial 19.88 Chest, Colonial 49.88 Dresser, Colonial 59.88 Recliners 49.88 t© 79.88 Kitchen Tables .19.88 to 39.88 L 9.25 to 16.88 kitchen Chairs .19.88 to 39.88 Mattresses Box Springs .19.88 to 59.88 _ 9 . 8 8 to 29.88 Beds _ 7 . 8 8 to 19.88 Dining Room Chairs. .29.88 to 69.88 Dining Room Tables. Buffet, Italian Provincial, Bunk Beds, With Springs. Unpainted Chests Pool Tables Air Conditioners ______

Coldspot Freezer • 15 Cu. Ft.




Coldspot Refrigerator • 18 Cu. Ft; twin Jftpor with Ice Mater f,^

Competition between states for attracting new industry is intense. Public Service is right in the thick pf the battle, telling America's Industrial community why business succeeds in New Jersey. For example, we offer full details about New Jersey's excellent land-sea-air transportation system which gets products to market fester and more economically.

•168 •148 •99

Classic Electric Range

• Electric, 30"

Silvertone Color


When we talk about transportation it helpsput NewJ ersey "on the road' to new prosperity


Kenmore Range

• 19" Diag. Picture

• 14" Diag. Picture

Supper Meeting To Be Held by Women's Unit


• 30" Double Ovea

• 30", With Bate

Silvertone Color TV

Silvertone Stereo

Why do we advertise nationally to attract new business and industry to New Jersey? Because when a firm moves into our state, more jobs immediately become available.,. "new" money circulates... New Jersey's entire economy is stimulated. We feel there is no better way to contribute to the continuing growth, strength and prosperity of the Garden State.

Wigs - Wiglets - Falls


Santoro To Pursue Engineering Study

CARTERET — Richard John iantoro, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tohn C. Santoro, 16 Wedgew,ood WOODBRIDGE — The Ecu- cans to an awareness of the ex- )rive, Carteret was among the menical. Music Festival which istence of these half American [20 students who graduated Satcombines the choirs of seven children all over Asia who areurday, June 3 at Union Junior College and received his A. A. area churches at Woodbridge frequently in dire need. Senior IJigh School Sunday will Directing the combined choir degree. have as its theme Christian unity will be Juel Madson, First Ptes- Santoro, a graduate of Carand love for all men. Admission byterian Church, Avenel; Mrs. eret High School, majored in will be free and the free-will Alexander Urban, St. John Vian- mgineering while he attended offering will be donated to theney C h u r c h , Colonia; Donald JJC. In the fall, he plans to Pearl Buck Foundation for Nutting, United Church of continue for his degree in elecAmerasian children. Christ, Colonia; Henry Bahr, trical engineering at Newark These are children whose fa- Oak Tree Psesbyterian Church, College of Engineering, thers are American and whose Edison; Mrs. William Hannah, mothers are Asian — Amerasian. Oak Tree Presbyterian Church Organ Concert Slated They stand, small persons with- and Mrs. J. C. Cody, New Dover ^onight by Mr. Renaut out a country, between two coun- Methodist Church. tries whose peoples seem not to Cyril Blake, First Baptist LINDEN — Music lovers will want them. One of the purposes Church, Rahway; Mrs. Alexan- ;et a chance to hear something of the Pearl Buck Foundation is der Urban and Eugene Borkes new and different tonight at to bring the Asian peoples to anof St. John Vianney Church will 8:00 o'clock when Frank Reawareness of the value of Amer- be the accomapnists. naut, nationally known organist, ican heritage, and the Ameriwill appear in a special organ Guest speaker will be the concert entitled "An Evening at Robert L. Seaman of Oak tree the Lowery Organ". This unique Presbyterian Churcfc. The in-program will be held in the vocation will be given by Rev Winfield Community Center, Francis F. Daily, St. John Vian- Roosevelt Plaza, Winfield Park. ney Church and the benediction Admission is free . . . open to by the Rev. Floyd A. Swart of the public, under the auspices j ;te Greatet the United Church of Christ. of Hensler Music, 333 W. St. George Avenue, Linden. BRASS BUCKET Mr. Renaut will be on hand "SHOP MAIN ST. after the evening's concert to answer individual questions on WOODBRIDGE" and the full line of Lowery Organs for home and professional use.


Teaching of others trarheth the teacher. -Thomas Fuller.


-R. W. Emerson,



ORGAN FOR CHURCH ITAT,L: The White Church Guild collected trading stamps and finally gathered a sufficient number to secure an organ for Fellowship Hall. Left to right, Mrs. Kenneth Pheasey, Mrs. Leonard Lloyd, Robert Olin representing the trading stamp company and Mrs. Joseph Husk.

Ecumenical Music Festival To Aid American Children

Not any piofano man, not any What nobler employmfnt, or sensual, not any liar, not anymore valuable lo Iho state, than slave ran traeh, but. only he that of the man who instructs ir rising generation? Pupils of St.can fiivr who has.

Local Pupils HonoredAnnual Strawberry At Piano Audition* Festival on June II

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100,000 READERS Lcadrr-Press and Leader Shopper —top circulation coverage in Woodbridge area.

The Middlesex County


SI? ato r - mt 00 Thursday, June 8, 1967

100,000 READERS

Leader-Press and Leader Shopper —top circulation coverage in Woodbridge area.

News Of The Week As Seen In Pictures

CUSTODIANS FETED: Two custodians of the Woodbridge School System were honored for long service by members of the Municipal Council at a dinner Monday in the American Legion Hall, Berry Street, sponsored by Local 1099, Woodbridge Custodians. From Left to Right: Councilman Charles Tcrzella, Council President Joseph Nemyo, who is presenting a watch to Albert Kuhick; George Mako, who is receiving a similar watch from Councilman George Smith; George Laird, president of the local and Councilman John Hila.

MEMORIAL PARK: Dedicated recently In Port Reading wan t h e Michael J. Simeon i.i Michael Tutin Memorial Park adjacent to Port Reading Firehouse. Sitneone served the Port Read ing community as tire commissioner for 25 years. Tutin was the first soldier from Port Reading to die in action in World War II.

THE 'CIRCUS* IS HERE: The Kindergarten of School 17, Colonia presented a circus this week. First row, Susan Thorn, Kenneth Perry, Donna Augustine, Diane Caruso, Cindy Drucker, Tracey Hilts, Kenneth Preterotti, David Faber, Lester Sak, Roy Remite; second row, Steven Klimkowski, Lorie Heltzman, Michelle Bintliff, Jay Gabany, Albert Angrisani, James Schneider, Gregg Taffet, Louren Jabloii, Janifer Mickey, Yvette Williams; third row, Ronald McGinn, Maryanne Feder, Deborah Piciottf, Theresa Rudnicki, David Armitt; fourth row, Alonzo Welcher, Debra Kimliss, Barbara Sukovich, Louree Tartaglia, James Fenn,

NEW OFFICERS OF VFW POST: Newly installed officers {seated left to right) Sr. Vice Commander Vincent Basilici, Commander Frank Buzas, Adjutant and Trustee PPC Alfred Oakley and Jr. Vice Commander Lawrence Calabro (standing) Public Relations Officer and Post Advocate PPC George Goodrich, Surgeon PPC Steve Wuy, Service Officer Richard Wasserman, Chaplain and Membership Chairman John Pluta, Patriotic Officer and Captain of Honor Guard Edward Kulnis, Legislative Officer and Historian Terry Gustafson, and Quartermaster Michael Walsh.

Church Services And Tributes Mark Holiday

CARTERET - The 100th an niversary of Memorial Day, be gan by General Logan in com- HONOR WAR DEAD: Photo shows floral tribute at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in the memoration of the Civil War Carteret Park placed on Memorial aDy. Dead, was observed in Carteret on May 30 with Church services verin called for a r e n e w a l of our! D e m o c r a c y . They a r e t r u l y the 11 and tributes. deep thankfulness for the s u - j ( > m , s w h o h a v e kept our n a t i o n ' ! At the waterfront the Sea p r e m e s a c r i f i c e m a d e by those j f r c e a n d J ) a V ( ! ^ as a g r a n d Scout Ship 88, the Sea Hawk, killed in United States w a r s and . . . . , . , °. lln Wars, Commander Al '"ore including a purse from the M a e Doyle. q in addition to the veteran groups, of Star Landing Post 2314, VeOakley; St. Elias Post 797, Cath- church members presented by In charge of decorations w^ere the Mayor and Council, the Po- terans of Foreign Wars. Willie B. Dinkins, chairman of olic War Veterans, Commander Kobbin Edmonds. W ns, a lice and Fire Departments, the Mayor Thomas J. Deverin told ! committee and James Carteret High School Band and the parents of veterans killed in Al Fazekas; Carteret Memorial Guests attending included the!building c h a I m a n of Board group, the Pvt. Nicholas Minue, action "the heart of Carteret " }Mrs. :
'Baptist Church

PAItVUI.I DEI AWARDS: In recognition of their successful completion tit a 12 week session ( mil si- the members of Cub Pack #53, sputisored by Our l.mly of Peace Cliunh, Kurds, were with the Parvuli Dei Awards by the Kev. George E. tyeutsch lu a special church eere•••oii v held in their honor. Front Row: Chris O'Leary, Mark Mazur, Gary Tierra, Gerald Hoi gan Hint lluwurd Coyle. Middle How: David Good, Michael Chesnovitz, John Turiak, Joseph Timko, «nd William Kacmamky. Back Bow: M. M. Tierra, Instructor, and Father George E. DeuUch, Pack Chaplain.

BERNARD J. KASIEWICZ COMPLETES BASIC TRAIN. ING: Bernard i. Kasiewicz, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Kasiewicz, 300 Grady Drive, Woodbridge, has completed his basic training at the United States Training Center, Great Lakes, III., where he was a member of the Recruit Training Center Band and assistant clerk of the band. A 1966 graduate of Wood, bridge Senior High School, he will attend a Class A School for storekeeping at the Naval Station, Newport, R. I.

Tbomu 4, D«- wv« Uie ire4t defenders oijmade to guids otiier people,

jilrs. QareacA Jolly, Mr. and|l4t«, whAiever shj dooa."


Jiinn H, 1007


25 Local Young Ladies Selected as Debutantes

JOINT INSTALLATION: Officers of Avenel Post, VFW and its auxiliary Installed officers at Joint rites. Above, are officers of the auxiliary. Left to right, Mrs. Coral Zellner, treasurer; Mrs. June Whitley, chaplain; Mrs. Ann Selssel, Junior vice president; Mrs. Lucia Sallet, president; Mrs. Dorothy Cloutre, outgoing president; Mrs. Dorothy Sherman, secretary and Mrs. Eleanor ICnglert, senior vice president. Below, in the same order, are officers of the post: Paul Chomiak, senior officer; Walter Draben, installing officer; Frank Lagola, senior vice commander; Edward Wren, commander; Louis Varyu, quartermaster; rear row, Charles Sherman, chaplain; George Schnepf, adjutant; Victor Christofferson, chaplain. Missing from the picture is Robert Meyers, junior vice commander.

Twenty of Mrs. Theresa Tallarico, 20^ Tundermann, Xt Nnrmanrly ivc Township yound ladies hitve Green S'recl, Wondhridfie; Hot - Road, Colonia; Kathleen B. Vabeen selected by a special sy Joanne Gutowski, daughter len'i. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. committee of Ihe of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gulow-! Joseph Valenti, M Claremont 1 Township Uusiness'ski, 14 George Street, Avenel; Avenii", Cd'onin; Donna l.ynn ind Professional Women's Club'Donna Tlertfelder, daughter of Vrnrzia. daughter of Mr. and io be 1967 Debutantes. They will Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hertfeld- Mrs.. G. Nicholas Venezia, 1 be presented al the Seventh an-'er, 81 Washington Avenue, Ise- Woods Lane, Colonia; Barbara nual Debutante Ball on Satur-'lin; Sherrl Klarfield, daughter Wcissman, daughter of Mr. and lay, December 30 at the Scotch of Mr. and Mrs. David Klarfield, Mrs. David Weissman, 23B MarPlains Country (Tub. 104 Cypress Drive, Colonia; tool Drive. Woodhridfic; Arlene According to Miss Ruth Wolk,; Charlene Lazur, daughter of Mr. Yudenfreund, doughtcr of Mr. ; icnrral chairman, a meeting of and Mrs. Michael Lazur, 51 and Mrs. Stanley Yudenfreund, the Debutantes and their moth-1 Guernsey Lane, Colonia; Dcbo- 93 Division Street, Port Read ers has been called for Friday, i rah Ann MeMorrow, daughter of ing. Tune 23, at the council cham-Mr. and Mrs. James McMorCommittee Meeting !>ers, Municipal Building. 1; row. 152 Jefferson Street, MenImmediately after th« meetMain Street. Rules ami regula-ilo Park Terrace; Sherry Millions will be outlined at that ford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ing with the debutantes and t o . Letters have been sent to I Arthur Milford, 230 Clinton their mothers. Miss Wolk has mothers informing them of street, Woodbridge; Miss Joyce called a short meeting of her ihoir daughters'acceptance and I Munson, daughter of Joseph committee which is as follows: notifying them of the meeting.JMunson, 3 Waiter Drive, Wood- Mrs. Rosalie Kinney and Mrs. The young ladies selected are bridge, Bernadette Acierno, -co-chairll as follows: Jeanne Carol Osiecki, daugh- men; Mrs. Elizabeth Novak, ter of Mr.,'and Mrs. C. Charles Mrs. Josephine Swartz, Miss | Osiecki, 90 Leslie Road, Colo- Clare Sutch, Mrs. Beulah MulNorth Madison Avenue, Avenel; ,nia; Gall Perricone, daughter of ler, Mrs. Aida Brennan, Mrs. Patricia Bisbing, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Perricone, Catherine Kadash, Mrs. Helen Hugelmeyer, Mrs. Marie Schott, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Bisbing, 521 Ford Avenue, Fords; Denice 20 Columbus Avenue, Colonia; Mrs. Mildred Albrecht, Mrs. Blash, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joanne Pignatore, daughter of Nancy Vogel, Mrs. Florence Francis Blash, 133 Demorest Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pignatore, Chapman, Miss Janet Fofrich, Avenue, Avenel; Rosalie Cara- 206 Worth Street. Iselin; Linda Miss Irene Onody, Miss Dorovc-llo, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. thy Gregowitz, Mrs. Jessie Joseph Caravello, 34 Overbrook George Roth, 154 Jeffery Road, Mintz, Mrs. Eileen A. Salsano, Drive, Colonia; Linda E. Cwie- Colonia; Linda Santoro, daugh- Mrs. Sarah Tezbir, Mrs. Agatha kalo, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ter of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. San- Loyacano, Mrs. Nettie Eisman, S Michael Cwiekalo, 31 Marconi toro, 748 Harrell Avenue, Wood- Mrs. Joan Madsen. Avenue, Iselin; Deborah Dudas, bridge; Kathilynn S h u g a r r , George Gil Bride Is serving daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mi- daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chet as chairman of the Men's Comchael Dudas, 283 Augusta Street, Kaskavitch, 276 Bunns Lane, mittee and his vice chairman Woodbridge. Woodbridge. is Roy Doctofsky. The complete Also Chosen Jillian E. Tundermann, daugh- Men's Committee will be an Michelina Gergely, daughter ter of Mr. and Mrs. Werner O. nounced shortly.

Avenrl Action

Church, Colonia; United Church of Christ, Colonia; New Dover Methodist Church, Edison; First Baptist Church, Rahway; St. Helena's Church, Edison; and the Children's Choir of New Hope Baptist Church, Metuchen, Admission is free, with volun- PORT READING - A Union tary offerings being accepted lounty firm yesterday was unfor the Pearl Buck Foundation successful in its attempt to colect more than $1,500 from a The Sunday School Workers for Amer-Asiaa children. Port Reading woman who reof Iselin Assembly of God • • • Church will hold a planning con- St. Cecelia's Holy Name So- fused to pay them for what she ference his evening, 7:45, at ciety will hold a breakfast meet- called unsatisfactory job of sid- SEWAREN - A May receping installation on her home. the church. ing Sunday, after the eight The C. C. Flagge Co. of Union tion for the Parent .Teacher Oro'clock Mass, in the cafeteria. had sued Miss Mary Jane Raitt ganization of School #12, was The Webelos of Cub Scout All men of the parish ere in- of 95 Holly Street, Port Read- held at Clare and Coby's. This Tack 249 will meet tonight at vited to attend. ing, claiming she owed them was the final meeting of the seven o'clock, in St. Cecelia's • • • $1,528 for "plasticrylic" siding yeax., Gjfts ^e^.presented to school, Room 207. Miss- Maryi- EHzubeth Colton, Meetings of the Iselin Fife put on her home. • * • Miss Raitt had countersued, and Drum Corps are scheduled Bingo games will be held to- for Monday and Wednesday, 7 charging misrepresentation and MonwaXazais.i.vAho' will be leavnii;ht in Beth Sholom Auditori- P. . at Wayne Wilson Hall, Mid- fraud in the inducing of the con- injg|at,'thfi^njl'i.(?flt|belschool year. um, 90 Cooper Avenue, begin- dlesex Avenue. The entire corps tract, and with poor workman1 ning at 7:45. MRS. ROBERT meets for drill on Mondays and ship and use of substandard ma- Mrs. Joseph,'EijM *a chairman of the Senior Group meets Wed- terial. The members of VFW Post nesdays. After one day of trial before After the dinner',, *,' business 20116 will meet tonight, at eight District Court Judge Herman L. meeting was held. K was voted • • • o'clock, at VFW Post headquarTre Clover Leaf Chapter of Breitkopf, Flagge agreed to a upon to donate $200 to the school ters, Route 27. Sweet Adelines, Inc., will meet dismissial of all charges, act- library. Mrs. Joan Kocun's secMonday, 8:30 P. M., at the ing through its attorney Nathan ond grade won the attendance Counselors are urgently need- Green Street Firehouse Hall. Weiss of Newark. award, ed for camps and conferences Members and guests are re- Miss Raitt had charged that Mrs. Gilda Saphire, president, sponsored by the Presbyterian quested to use the Grand Street the company's salesman Mil- was presented with a gift for her SEWAREN — The First PresSynod of New Jersey. Any per- entrance. ton Huckman of West Orange, time and efforts given during the byterian Church of Avenel was son willing to serve for any • • • had represented to her that the past year. Mrs. Saphire thajnked the setting Saturday afternoon week during the summer is residing to be installed on her everyone for the gift and for for the marriage of Miss Lorquested to contact Mrs. T. E. The executive board of Kenraine Eugenia Timar, daughter their help during the year, Niemczyk, telephone 755-9578, or nedy Park School 24 PTA will home was all plastic. She chargof Mr. and Mrs. John G. Timar, hold its final meeting of the Rev. David D. Prince, pastor Jr., 65 Arbor Street, to Robert of the F i r s t Presbyterian school season Monday, 8 P. M., R. Kozlowski, son of Mr. and at the school. Church. Mrs. Frank Kozlowski of Buf• • • • • • falo, N. Y. The Rev. Walter W. The Knights of Columbus, The Session of the First PresFeigner officiated. Council 3639, will meet tonight byterian Qhurch will meet MonMrs. Alan Gluchowski, twin day, 8 P. M. at the church. A at 8 o'clock at K. of C. Hall, sister of the bride, was matron Grand Street. The council is was held last Thursday, to in COLONIA — Colonia Branch of honor. Mrs. John G. Timar sponsoring its annual family pic- terview Ninth Grade Communl of the American Association of III, sister-in-law of the bride, special meeting of the session University Women announces nic Saturday, at Merrill Park. Mrs. Michael T. Spoon were atcants Class members as canThere will be games for the that this year's winner of its tendants. children and beverages will be didates for church membership. Community Service Award is Serving as best man was Alan • • • served. Information can be obMrs. Marvin R. Mufson, 45 tained from any K. of C. mem- Boy Scout Troop 49 will meet Beacon Hill Drive, Metuchen, ber. Tuesday, 7 P. M., at Knights Mrs. Mufson is a lawyer who WOODBRIDGE - Patrick A. • • • of Columbus Hall, Grand Street. graduated from the Columbia B o y 1 a n, Superintendent of Schools, today appealed to peo• « • Christ's Ambassadors, of the University School of Law in ple in the community who are An official board meeting will Iselin Assembly of God Church, June of 1958. She was admitted eligible, to place themselves on will be held tomorrow night, lie held at the Iselin Assembly to the New Jersey Bar in Feb- the teacher's substitute list for 7:30, at the church, corner of of God Church, Tuesday, 7:45 ruary of 1965. She was a Ford the 1967-68 school year. Cooper Avenue and Berkeley P.M. Scholar, a member of Phi Beta The superintendent explained Boulevard. Plans for participa • • • that an urgent need for substi tion in the District C. A. BanBingo games will hje held Kappa, and earned honors in tufces exists in the township on Fords Fire Company 1 will quet Friday, June 16, 7:30 P. Tuesday in St. Cecelia's Lour Political Science at Goucher both the secondary and elemen- meet tomorrow at 8:00 !'. M., M., at the Eatontown Methodist des and Fatima Halls. Early College. She is married to Martary levels. at the fuehousL' on Coriolle Church, will be completed. bird games will begin at 7 P. M. vin Mufson, an orthopedic surgeon in Perth Amboy, and moth- It was pointed out that substi- Street. and regular games at 8 P. M. * * * V tute teachers are not required • * « A dance will be sponsored by er of two children, age 7 and 4. to have full state certification • • • The executive board of the St. Cecelia's C. Y. O. tomorrow Boy Scout Troop 48 will meet Mrs. Mufson won the award at eight, o'clock, in Lour- with Scoutmaster Reinhart Thor- as a result of her aid in found- but that county certification is Mothers' Auxiliary of the Fordspossible for persons who have des Hall. sen, tonight at 7:30, at VFW ing the Middlesex County Legal 60 college credit hours or more. Clara Barton B o y s Baseball League will meet at the home Post Headquarters, Route 27. • • * Services Corporation. L e g a 1 For the past two^ years the • » • of Mrs. Hy Blockus, 86 BurnThe Junior Girls' Unit of the auxiliary of VFW Post 2636 will A meeting of the St. Vincent Services is a private- non-profit Board of Education has made ham Drive, Monday, June 12, available a substitute training organization which provides lemeet Saturday morning, 10:30, de Paul Society is scheduled for at 8:30 P. M. gal assistance to those Middle- course in the a d u j t evening at the post home, Route 27. . . . Tuesday, 8 P. M., In St. Ce school for people who have 60 sex County residents who qualiJoseph Santucci of the Fordscejia's Scool, Sutton Street, in college credits, but wish to have fy under the anti-poverty standThe Iselin Assembly of God Room 207. Clara Barton Boys Baseball ards as indigents and who are more specific experience that League is in charge of Tag Day, Church members v'il attend the • • • will help them In the classroom. not able to hire their own atdedication of the District Con- Boy Scout Troop 70 will meet which will be held tomorrow ference Grounds at Schooley's Wednesday, 7:30 P. M. at Con- torneys. To date the Corpora- This course is free of charge. and Saturday.' The group will Anyone who wishes more deMuutain, Saturday, according to gregation Beth Sholom, 90 Coo tion has handled 1,327 applicants meet on Wednesday, June 14, tailed information Tegarding the at 8:30 P. M., in Our Lady of Kev. Harry W. Schaumburg, per Avenue. for legal assistance. possibilities of substitute em- Peace cafeteria. pastor. Information on the • • • Mrs. John Macklnnon^ presi- ployment should call Edward P. ••vent may be obtained by call• # • St. Cecelia's Accordion and dent of the Colonia Branch will Keating, director of secondary ing Mr. Schaumburg. The Blessed Virgin Mary SoGuitar Band will meet Wed- present this Award to Mrs. Muf- education, or Amy Lund, direc nesday, 7 P. M., in St. Cecelia's son at a dinner tonight at 7 tor of elementary education. dality of the St. Nicholas CathA program of sacred music School, Fatima Hall. olic Church of the Byzantine o'clock at Lou Homer's Ad Lib, Both of these offices are locat Kite will meet Saturday, at •will be presented by the com• • • . ed in the School Administration bined choirs of seven area The choirs of the First Pres- .Woodbridge. 7:U0 P. M. There will be no FriBuilding, School churches, Sunday, June H, 3 byterian Church will hold reday food sales until September. V. M., at Woodbridge High hearsal Wednesday night, the for men and women, will meet . * . Everybody who fs Incapable School, Churches participating Juniors at 7 o'clock; Interme Wednesday, 8:30 P. M., at Con- of learning has taken to teach The Fords Women's Demoarc: First Presbyterian Church, diates, 7:45 and Seniors, 8:45. gregation Beth Sholom building, ing. [crattc Club will Serve a CoveredA v e n e l ; St. John Vidnney The Weight Watcherj Club 90 Cooper Avenue. l •• | O t w t t U d e , Vi»k Lwidieou Mouday. Juive



Port Reading Resident Wins Home Siding Case

May Reception HeldbyPTOft

A retreat for the senior high aged members of the First Presbyterian Church of Avenel will be held tomorrow through Sunday at the Spring Meadow Retreat Center. The main speaker will be Bill Jverson, | . . . ! The Ladies Society of St. Andrew's Church will hold its final meeting of the season Mond a y at 8 P. M. in the church hall. A buffet will be served. The Rev. Walter W. Feigner, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church will be the guest speaker. • . * Tuesday the Women's Association of the First Presbyterian Church will hold its monthly meeting with a workshop scheduled for 7:30 P. M. in the church hall. The program will be a film, "Island of Mercy", the story of a medical mission in Korea. The ladiei will hold a retreat Saturday, June 17 from 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. at the church. • • • The family picnic for Cub Pack 73 was held Sunday in Merrill Park. This concluded the pack's activities until the R. KOZLOWSKI fall. • • • The Golden Circle of the First Presbyterian Church will meet for its annual luncheon at the Marine Grill, Asbury Park. The bus will leave the church at 10:30 A. M. and members are Gluchowski, brother-in-law of asked to be »on»time. » the bride. John G. Timar III, The Ladies Auxiliary of the brother of the bride, and MichAvenel Fire Company will hold ael T. Spoon were ushers. Mrs. Kozlowski, a graduate of a scavenger hunt Tuesday night). Woodbridge Senior High School, Members are asked to meet at at 8 P. M. attended Eastern School for the local firehouse . . . Physicians Aides, New York A teenage dance is being City, and is employed by J.F.F. Inc., Woodbridge. Her husband, sponsored by St. Andrew's Soa graduate of Sloan High dality tomorrow night at the School, Buffalo, is employed by church hall, North Madison AveEmbassy Millwork, E a s t nue. Music will be by "The Music Box" from 8 to 11 P.M. Orange, as a salesman. Dress is to be casual. After a trip to the Catskill Mountains, N, Y., the couple will make their home in Woodbridge.

Avenel Church Setting OfKozlowski-Timar Rites

Colonia Branch ofAA UW Will Honor Mrs. Mufson Substitute Need Seen In Schools

Fords Fads

12, at 6:30 P. M., at the Clubhouse on Corielle Street. • . * Five cub scouts of Pack 50, sponsored by Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, received awards at the Church. The cubs were: Edward Fassett, Frank Racz, Wesley Smoyak, Andrew Mako and William Roskey.t A picnic is planned for June 27 at Roosevelt Park. The cubs will participate in Webelos Day at Camp Cowan on July. 8. ON DATED MISSILES The Defense Department has disclosed in congressional testimony the United States has spent nearly $20 billion since World War II on missile systems that were not completed. Some programs were impractical or obsolete before finished. SPENDING AND THE WAR The Administration has asked Congress for a permanent debt ceiling of $365,000,000,000, to carry the Government through June 30, 1969. The present temporary ceiling of $336,000,000,000 will drop to $285,000,000,000, the current permanent level, July I unless Consr.es acts. Brandt Is interested in Suvict

NATHAN M ZHVTMERMAN JOINS KIRM: Sun Realty, Inc., of Woodbridge and East Brunswick announced today the appointment of Nathan M. Zimmerman as vice-president of Sun Associates, insurance Brokers. In his new position Mr. Zimmerman will be operating head of Sun's newly txpanded Insurance department. Mr. Zimmerman attended local schools and Rutferi University. He recently completed an extensive advanced course In Insurance at the home office of United State* Fidelity & Guaranty Company, Baltimore, Mdl Mr. Zimmerman hat bern actively engaged In the Real Estate business for the past five years. He li a member of the Congregation Beth Mord«cl and the YMHA. Perth Amboy. He residei in Woodbridge Township with hit wife, Edna, • teacher In the Perth Amboy school tyttem, and hit son, Mark.

Fashion Show Tea Set by PTA COLONIA — In appreciation of the efforts of many students' mothers, the PTA of St. John Vianney S c h o o l , announced plans for a tea and fashion show, Tuesday at Tepper's Founders' Room, Piainfield, with Ellnore Herman, fashion coordinator, as moderator. Invitations have been, extended to the guests by Mrs. Michael .Pl&citella, retiring president, who will also serve as hostess assisted by the entire retiring executive board. Models are Mrs. Charles Rusiano, Mrs. Salvatore Hlgliore and Mrs. Gerard Geier, mothers of students. A skit, "Marvelously Modern Millie and Her Madcap Mothers", will be presented. Participating will be Mrs, Ray Gurbisz, Mrs. Bernard Didario, Mrs. John Barkovitch, Mrs. John Mahon, Mrs. Paul Blasco, Mrs. Michael Carnevale, Mrs, Bart Crane, and Mrs. Robert Henderson. Mrs. Louis Castellano will be narrator.

Bird House Building Content for Scouts ISELIN - A bird house building contest will be conducted by Boy Scout Troop 48, which is sponsored by VFW Post 2636, this summer. The project Is jointly sponsored by Post 2636 and Iselin Lumber Company. The boys have been given plans and specifications and the lumber will be donated by the company, courtesy of Julius Zengenwald, Larry Huth, and Walter Jaworski. Prizes have been donated by Zengenwald and Frank A. Stahl. All are members of the veteran's post. The prizes will be on dsplay along with a sample bird house at the lumber company, Route 27. According V> Scoutmaster Reinhart Thorsen, "while competition will have its own reward, the contest will also aid the boys hi their work on Nature Study and Woodworking Merit Badges."

Card House Is Drawing Many WOODBRIDGE — The Card House, located in the Routes 1 and 35 Korvette Shopping Center, is rapidly earning an outstanding areawide reputation with folks who deslde the finest in greeting cards and clndy. Popular Loft's candies are featured at the Card House. It» greeting card selection Includes unique and distinctive cards for CAPT. R. K. JOHNSON every occasion. You'll find opNEW PILOT: Captain Ralph propriate Father's Day and K. Johnson, son of Mr. and Graduation cards among the seMrs. Karl F. Johnson, SO Carl- lection. ton Street, Fords, has been awarded U. S. Air Force silver pilot wings upon graduation at Five Finalists Named Moody AFB, Csa. Captain Johnson received his On Cheerleader Squad commission In 1962 through ISELIN — Mrs. Ricky Meyer, the aviation cadet program. advisor and director of the St. A graduate of Perth Amboy Cecelia's Golden Knights FootHigh School, he earned Us B. ball Team Cheerleader Squad, S. degree in education in 1961 from East Stroudsburg (Pa.) announced five girls were fiState College. He Is a member nalists in the recent try-outs. of Sigma Zeta and Phi Alpha One hundred and ten girls from fourth through seventh grade TheU. Captain Johnson has served competed. Finalists are: Maureen Bott, In Southeast Asia. His wife, Mary, Is the daugh- Zita Geoffrey, Rita Musanti. ter of Mr. and Mrs. William !.lodiexPetroski, and Mary Ann i \ Diyc, Wadttbwo, N. C iSwarts.

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Scrlmn 4 T i . l l m i m - * # J ' I ' I p i i r p t i s p , ' a n d i« o p r n tn piihlKS hMpoftlrtrt, p r o p e r l y a r r v r r ! u p o n m i r h o w n t r n r . r if, «t (tic Munichm, MinUE nf mnn.iiit 1lii« ourh .t.nullify iclirf mw-r • • if ,<•, iiuiiKilnR n r f h i l P i T s - '••**, •>< i o u n t l i n , (piinilnccrliiif a n d htHjn»fS p r t l n n J. T h e « u m o l *IO»)^KK» I* In*IT HI u p o n M H I I < . i n i p , i n i , if :< c o p y i l w i r n f "N J O H T I H " . » | H V . I h r I m p r n v r m r t n . Such jtp]iroin l.ni-.n 1,1 f.*ii i n r i t i n l i j i i , e n j ' i i H T i t i u : ;uiil nsp<-< I I h n f4>nl«. I r a n i tN.(irn*irn HIUI m h ' i i . hiiiiii* nf until Tnwn*hl|» nf m i aj(KiPi(,ilc1 [)•. ;•• iiP r . p i i K f . I'IWI U I I H I r v |»m • • m i tiiit-ii; intcri'M m i s i u ' - ( .1 ,>i?iirip:U jiimiuitl nnt p x c t ' c c l i n p >M ,'MHI liv a i i i m i p r m t n l l a t h e p a y m r n l of i h e j i * I H U I I u p o n h i m pciJKirxiMy: »y if i 1 W 7 . MI H o ' c l o c k i n I h e ; b e m e t I r o m l h # p i i u ^ i - . U o f i h r i i . l i * n l . .

n.rtsc take n'ntHv I. m i n l JI I ' l t b l i r M I : . ttmiiihr.ilM. M I T I U M : <>l I M P l ^ i u t i r i p i i ! O m m - l l r V I d m r j i n h d n . v u l * n n « . ,iu-'inline ini icsl nn MH'h nh1i",i J l i r t r b , 1**bT. t h r n v - T t t l - n t t n T l n ' S l F V m « i \ i n i n i ; , i t ! u h i r h | i l , ) i v m i l l t i m e ; i l l | H ' i I h r I m - t N atlih'U l/i'il. Jillrt I III' d i m II h •• I n / . n . l>» A m i n n i M i o f l h K i n " " ( l . n t s i n , , ( I | K i n i i M i ' s i u l u i l l h r n u r i i . u i n p u m n r ' l u i v i n v n t a p n n H H i n t i ' d , l i y I h i n o n l i n ; u . i T n t h h i 111"i'v i - n l p r i n n l i I hy Seel tun 11. ' • • •"' ' « B l i n k t.:i:t. V W i H i l n l i l i ; . ' , , | h , t ) hft , , , . , , , , ( r u , , r r t n | l u « ttml ordln-JNiiid I m p r m rinii.l l . n t ' a l I t i m i l I.;HK

" i >iv in jlie exlent pirmHfert hy Hectlim «re hrreby nulhorlzpd nrirt «hntt lip h.[erupt of ccmntrortlng teach ijnprovi'mciit. : * n|iy trVreol m wnl by r«*f(Utt'ii'd imll IT lfl II1 \ !'<> ol th(* \j*ca\ Hnnd \,.x\\ 'f puiMjant h> in Id 1/H-nl Bond l.nw. Such upprnprkatlnn nhflll h« met from the hln last known adflremi: or if a to\>v tin vi- o t :i. Ii \* h n r h v (IrliTiTimr.l nrwl S; lionth nhitll IH-.'IT IntT^^t nl » cilp piorf*Kiii Af thf; ifile of thr bftnriii author- nf In pofrted In a rnniiplruoiKi phn p : • f4 tii,it iTi'inryji rxrcpdlitir $'.?.'WK> up ' 'i > h >il IUII per ccnlum Iwilv and th# down pwymfnt npproprintpil, about b t Ihe Ih ddwdllnr dll d b I -i" n u r n c i . i l i i n p u n n n i ' i i t u n d mi |i n I S r r l i i n :iL Il i.^ l l i ' i i ! i \ i j - t i - i 111 n r i l byy the ,_ . itp-, p u p i ,IIPII f o r il»w fcndi iwii f i f t r i m l n r d hy "hall b t undrrtnlien A« a generftl Improve- n l h e r m d h i x l a u t h n r i x r r l o r rei|iiiii.>l it X *> 11*si J»t(i>f»fi i y ••* IvciKlly h. 'ii I'lilt'll IMiipiiiitcd h u diiw n pii.vnMMilt mi (*.ipit:il H i n i m cn-icnl^ o f f u r I h e c.ipilM mi iip i pui ( l i ' i k 1 ;H1'»p;nl=nii'. nidin.nu:' jk-h.ill be d<-leriniiicd by ment, nn part of lh<- <'(»M nf which xhaH the if t h i s i l i i l r Such sin lit y't r f inn i. 1 ii iii 11- < i i n• i inmnl .-IIMI imiMnvi u n i l s **!• h i r t h ekr (p.l.il i m t i i . i u - n ^ n ' ( u n d In l n u l R r U h r r o t >l< < I si :•! r t1 l hat ' jlilnntr ,| " -. t\ TnWiT-^in Ju r fliiu . 1 \ J t i h i h k In ri'^ltlllf lim I :'"" * -«M MM1 ami I nit jnoprrty np«'la]ly mnv if JI • li fin m i II i n e nf r i ' m " l i , t l i H - t , n t i UP hPi-pnrtcr .tdoptpd. ffltttl .tit NOTII K I f t liken, uill ail vet m m pi i ;nn r1 Ml11 Till iillci ti'ln nl li 11 tiiiifi T'>\\ n >hip ,ii<' nn\% ;\\ ;r l;ih' ' I n HI i i t r ? qnid pui'M'isr T h e s u m nl *• '.fie 1 S:-cI irin '

i T u x M a p . l i w n l n l nil Illal a i m * . K n a i l . T i n t HrailiiiK. b e a n d I m r h y in 1IKMKI1 cm till' nrwmls that t h e Ktlhrh\ isH.n u m i l d ITMlll in lilt 1 ( T r u l i n l l 1*1 li > l u i i i.'> suli- l.mrl.iiil l o t s nnili'i' (lit" / n r i n i ; 4II'\ ;in ,'im;n" n :;i( prinripnl amnitnt nol I "'•iii'il t h a t M ) thp mak.nft ?JT t\i(nrl i of pt, rl Tinvn;il . i n i n n n l n n | f>M-*>r»(lin*j SIH.INH)' Uurul I , ; i w . in u n f i r l p i i l l n n of t h n tssuflncp wl etiuil p n t | n c is b o n d s nf s . n d T o w n s h i p of nw a ; 1 ! . « ; ; i f :ni* h r - n t i v n n t h n r i / i ' d a n d sh;»M b o imls. Siiid notr«i s h n t b e a r in- o f i n a n c e mild p u r p o s e h y t h e forrement of any provision nf C i t r t e i t ' t , Ni'w .|iil •'! b n n r l s s h a l l h r n r Intr-rpit a l a n i l p i t 1 t (•'•iilum H i ' ; > j w r a n n u m , a n r t i ' 0 of New Ne Jferr w y , pursuant t h n e l Local Bond Law of s» ,•: TO A ' • \ w ( 4 »" lIt - ''''• ' ' 7 - K B ' B'iK-k 171, C a r l i i r t , N P W I niitltcr a p p r n p i i.tli'd ( Ihe e!dimat«>d cost of naid purshiill not rnt-pfd six p<*r rcntuni may \w renewed frnni time tn (imp pur i s n i d I,(UNI1 B n n d l . ; m . S• i1cl h r i n d s shiitl be Krantpd' a iih i h r m ; i ! ' > r IM-I I Vi " t>«\\. j p n u e , a n d i fit th« i i- t ic'if in!ri-c--l .it a t : i t r w h i c h sn.ill n o l ' 6 ' . ' P I T i u n m n i . All m j i t t c r u w l l h \v siiiuil In n ndd w i t hh i n t h f l ilmi l lt ntf ll o n s p r e PONP i% SlftO^OO, and (A) W,000 of wiid thp Buililln« InjipiTtnr of (hp 'rowtuMp of • : < V I H I M . TU IWNER sum Js to he provided hy tht down pay)l)H't'finns. if a n y . «i h n i P 1 cl Ix* m a d e l m - : at n o u n t of hnnr annum. <*f»**4. to jia.U Ijnntlt nol rirloi mini'd hy provirted such .thall OR T K \ . \ , \ T (J, LANDS I.VINt. 1 ^ n v f l i a l p l v in vMitiriK l o r'iUrlck I ' o t o c n l q , ! i-*sur*l Eni 'prmiiH-d hy ihU ordln^nrc nhnll be said purpose, and (5) the cMlmmrd maxi- in* Rceulations i nut di'trrmined hy ll-'s nidinunrr shalljlLon tn hp hfrri";ii|pr adopL-d

j r Township >\( hofore nt;ilrd. iiirhidrv I h r ana IIM dolciininc'l by ipsolullons lo hi> Jinrt*-' Rrttlon 5». Tn finance sitid pin poso.l drtrrminpd by resolutions t o bp hrrp- m u m amount of bonds or notes necpiwnry bridKe, a writipn to be issued for said purpo»« \n $95.om>. bearing and noli JI lilinn requn^ini: ,imount nl $4.IMX) wliich i i c^tini.ii nf Siiid Tovvrtsh1|ii aitrr adopted. In the event that bond antic i d t j l h i ndoplcd. forth IMI^I st^ili1' be npcrss.iry If) fiiiitnrp the cost. of ,«iti!>o isMicrl pursuant In this nrrtiniincr. the : piiipoer, bond oi ,in atftrPCi-tp pi'inripal SITH.IH J . T O r i . i l h l n I. II j merit of HIP crou bpforp, *tatedf tnrltidei the puitKi.se. iniludinis aichilerl's fees, HC amount nf note* hprphy author if I Touti-Mn (il ;m pvrrpttinc S.1'1.000 nrp hprohy nuitinrl/cd :e lli('il)'. loll llo . ^ ; i n fit-l vi-rl. days alter the *'ny the not in (-t.tinlin^, ('MKim-niiiK ;uul imin'-rfi.Mi Hiued mtiMi.int tn s;iid IJKH\\ Iwd shall be reduced hy an amount pqual amount of *i\,WO whi'h ia estimated to Ujmn rf<-i.ipt ol Mich pot il i un Ilir Kundinir prinoip^l nm nu nt ni>i pveccrtin.^ cusl.s, tt"t;;il cvprnspi! iinrl other rxnt-nsrs icrjtn tho princlpul amount of the homls BO be necessary to linance the cost ttl furh lnsp*clor .ihnll hr* n lime ami plan' Inr rlp;.tinn of t l v are heiThy author /ed to be issue:! Rnnd Law, f.; .. • <; i n n lit.-: IMPOSITION OK irtrludtnfi intrtt^l on such obllgnti.xi^ (r ii',u,Mii tn said LIHMI Bond Lnw in ail- ol paid lioitds. Said II Ihp agfirpgatr amount Mini) purpose, including architect's fres, ar- such heaiini; and shall Eivc tin' prlllinnt-r id notpfihshall l l bpar in- issued. I'MN \1,TIKS KOR A NY VIOLATION Iho pxlcnl pirmitl(d b.v Scchttn 4(iA 2-2{) L.-inalion of( r e tssuimco g g and inxpcHInn i nol excei'il at any time P\CPP(1 | h « s u m first mon- countinK. t-nglnecrlng fit id bonds. «' i- f at a r-it" wrillpn notice Ihi'mof, Al iiirli lir»iinc Iho a UK OIUIAINKH H\ thr Ma.vnr a m i ; T.ikc nolicc thnt nn HIP Wlh d a y nf of Ihp U w a l Bond Lav In pcllllonrr shall be Kiicn ;m oppnrtunlly to S.tid nnt-c-s sh.ill be in Interest at A iMt< six per centum ((!', 1 per annum, and niHy tinned In this seel Inn. the moneys raised legal pxpentra and other : Hit1 hiirou^h ol ( l d l . _ Interrrt on such obligations to May. 1W7. the /.oninji Board of AdjustSection 4. Il Is hereby determined and itr:u lime to l i m e pursniml i by the of salt! honds shall, to bo heari! and ti> show why sin h. notice sh.ili nt>: pxr.-ed six per cen.utn ; p y it\ tit Miiliih'sct and fltate uf the ext*m permitted by Section 40A:2-2(1 should be. mcxllNcd nr willhd i i M ' n l n t D i e T o w n - i h i p o f W n o d b r i d K ? > a l : s l a t e d t h a t m o n e y s e \ c e r t t i n t : s i , w x i t « i i - {(;<", > p e r a i r f u m . a n d m ; ' y hi 'I'hi c> hull lo and wUhin the limitations pi-escribeil. nutt lless than the amount of such PXCPSS of the I^oral Bond Law. t rejmtutionl iiropriatetl for down payments mi capitjil' j t| np to time pursuiint lo and w l l i n V ' ni't' '.nr d llonri Lnw. All m a t i n s ' b e applied tn the payment of the prlnhcarlnit rrMr) t be n'it l a l i ' r «[idii 1 i 3 nf the alHiv..:^; ^ . P ^ L S . , ^ " 1 ^ * . * ^ . 1 1 1 1 1 * 1 Section 4. it is bArcily net^rrnirtPd andthan ttn . mprtiv*m>>nt!( or tor the enpihil impn'\f-! tho limitalions preseribed by snicl I.aw. wilh respert in flnid notes not deter-'cipal of such notei then oulstandlnR 'il be and i* hereby fitatcd that moneys exr«ding $5.00(1, apA rear addition on Lots 4, 5, and 6,ment fund in hudgvU heiptolojp adoptnlJAIl ma!tci-a with respctt lo f'-A<6 notes not ' (his " ordinance " " shall he ilelei1-- Section " -6, It is hereby • determiner! --fl <™ to be 1 Intion i.s nn file in the of)ice nf ,iaid Roard '- hereby appropriated inim sin h mont-yji ;,rlnptpd. In the even' that him' * are ' l o this ordinance, the-Law has bfen duly made and field in provement lund in budgets heretofore tearing for a reasonable time beyond such 11 i In ;n- m ni> h^t'iii am) hie Health On ir-n Hnd-ni' his a^t tit an* HI DIP Municipal Euildinc. Womlbrldsp. In the paymrnt nl the ctisL ol wild p u r ' i, su( .rt pur.sunnt to lhi« nirl i v n r c Iho aifjr, v.p unviunt of nnlcs hereby aulhn-illw office of Ihe Munirlpal Clerk of said ndopted for said Township are now avail- 10-day period, If In his judgment Ihe petiable lo finance said purpose. The m m lining ill., iv. n n t<> not it y ;nlV >i\\ nt'l Ne^ Jetriry, and is available for Inspec POM1auii'C.'j.ilf! smnunt of no.o.i hrreby nu h- > .^ort si:nll hp r« (lucfd by an amount equal ~ tioner has submitted a good and KUJHCIHi' S5.000 Is hereby appropriated Irom ent reason for such poslponemenl. "Aller or I en a 111 nl hind within the liuroutfn and all of the J. Kenney, Secretary bonds of said Township of an amjircauv •,„ amount m u a l to the principal amount isnued. If the njdieRate amount shall al ship, a s dciineit In Section 4OA:2-43 of such moneys to the payment of the cost such hearing Ihe Buifcling Inspector Rhall items ment ionnl In Spit'nn 1. Said of said purpose. ; Hftarct nf Adjg(rtmt*nt sustain, modify, or withdraw the notice. principal amount not exceeding s:(0,400 (,f the bonds%o IRSUPII. if the ag'^res^tc ;"»y y l m ? e'tceefl the sum first mentioned naid I » c n ] Bond Law. It Increased by this nohrp Minh l v iiivcn tn the owner or Township of b authorbixl th l d tu t be b issued i d pur ,;iinnunt i th!« h! seclion, li , th i d h t t ordinance j di b $51900 d tthat h t th I Section S. To finance said purpose, depending upon his findings as lo whether !»re hereby of outstandinS bond« ,»rep h bonds and nnd n l e i in y y j mnunt the moneys raised hy ttiej by $51,900. a n d the Is tpiuirii hy i, :i . t r i a l mail, retmn 1 bonds of said Township of an aggregate the provision* of this ordinance and of Ihn t.1.74 ™, .ni lo said Local llond Law. Said bonds i ss , i , M pinjm.inl tn this ordln.-incf shnll issuance of said bonds shall, tn not Inss'suance of the bonds and notes authorised f th b d d t t h i d M| MTfipi ri i)Ui . .i at t l v nw npr's n r r..p. fi/B/ti? ordln.incf bea interest i t t at t a rate t which h i hs hha l ll o to a n y {\n\r n c e f d the s u m flmt men-'lhan l h th t f h excess, h !by thi dianc ill bbewithin icn;inl s sball bear the amount of such he ap-!by this ordinance will within i li l ldebt debtprincipal amount not exceeding $95,000 arerules and regulations adopted pitriutint hereby authorized to be issued pursuant thereto have been complied with. If th<> '"• NOTfCK TO ABSENT DEFENDANT OF not exceed six per centum t less than the amount of such excess, I Section 6. It Is hereby determined and not exceed s i t per centum <«%) per DOCKET NO. rvt-nt. thr {fciiMini: Inspprtni aml-or hin shall he determined by resolutions to be \le applied lo Ihe payment of uirh notes «alfd Ihal the Supplemental IK»ht Stale effect twenty diays after the first publi- annum. All matters with rrtpect to said order. Any notice served pursuant tn this ordinance shall automatically become in hereafter adopted. (l.liccr andnr his STATE OF NEW J E R S E Y : in .inn iHiment required by said Local Bond Law cation thereof after final passage. .then outstanding. bonds not determined by this ordinance order If a written petition for a hearing is a i[ m l . it iv tn' i rhy e m[*o\v L'ifd to cause I TO: KADHEDIN NASR ARA JOSEPH NEMYO Section 6. To finance said purpoqe. bond) .Sectionfi.II is hereby iletprmlnrd and h?s been duly made «nd filed In the shall be determined by resolution! to be 1 not filed ..c ...in.-ii.ui nn ci.-d >'e»dinu The I ^ " ^^ nereny requireu to be issued pursuant to said Local Bond S,llll II pplaintiff on-or before the pursuant to this ordinance, the aggregate ment required by said Ixical Bond Law Issuance nf Ihe bonds and not*« aulhor- passage b.v said Council at a regular Law In anticipation of Uie Issuance of the Municipal Clerk. Such record shall olwill be iurtlK'r I'liniiideriHl complaint of on HCC day of July. 1967, by serving an anamount of notes hereby aulhortr.ed Ui behas been dulv made and filed In the of-!l*«« by this ordinance will be wllhin all moeting of that body to be held In theaaid bonds. In the event that bonds arcso include a copy of every notice or order ^ctinR for linal adoption at a * «..|--.ouncll Chamber at the Municipal Buildan amount nits i>rt'ii uuiy niiiue aim mi-ij in in*- ut-i1 •"-" "^ n...-? ................ .nipcliut; ill said Council ul the liorough of swer on Louis F. Sellyei, Eaquire. plain issued shall be reduced by y Issued pursuant to this ordinance, the issued in connection wilh the matter. Any <'arleri't »n June 21. I!»i7 at t p . mlitl's . the lice of the Municipal Clerk nf said Town- 'I'll! limllallons prescribed by said Local ig. Woodlbridge. N. J. on Tuesday the hereby au-p e r s o n aggrieved by the decision of th» attorney, whose address is No. 173 equal to the pp principal amount ship, and that such statement no filed Bond Law. aggregate amount of < minril ( liamttcr^. Bnrou^h Hull. ^ u . Cooke o<>ke Smith Street. Perth Amboy, New Jersey, b Wh day of June. 1967 at 8 o'clock In the Building Inspector may seek relief therw bonds d so issued. i IfIf the aggregate amount p. CiiMerrt, N..J at which time and an ami in default thereof such Judgment shall of outstanding bonds and notes Issued shows that Ihe qrnss debl nf said To«n-| Section 7. This ordinance shall lake vetting, at which place and time all per-thorized to be issued s h a | be reduced from In any court of competent jurisdicplace allllp ship, as defined in Seclion 4OA:2-4,1 ofefl»ct twenty days alter the first publl- ms Interested will be given an oppor- by an amount equal t o the principal tion, as provided by the laws of the ttate. i d will be jgiven be rendered against you as the Court ihall interested p pursuant to this ordinance shall at any said lxical Bond Law. is increased by cation thereof hd an oppoitiinity [o llie heard. mity to be heard concerning said or- amount of the bonds so Issued. If theWhenever the Chief Housing Inspector JOSEPHafterjlnal NEMYO passage, think equitable and Jusl. You shall file time exceed the sum first mentioned in this ordinance by $1,900 ami that the isaggregate amount of outstanding bonds finds that an emergency exists which inPATRICK P0TOCNIG .nance. President of the Council Borough Clerk. your answer and proof of service in duthis section, the moneys raised by thesuance of the bonds and notes authorized and notes issued pursuant to this ordi- quires immediate action to prated, th* JOSEPH V. VALENTI Said Ordinance remains on file In the plicate wllh the Clerk of the Superior issuance of laid bonds shall, to not less by this ordinance will be within all debt IP. 8/J/H7 $ nance shall al any Ume exceed the sumpublic health, or safety, he may, witfcnut Municipal Clerk olfice of Ihe Municipal Clerk for public Court. State House Annex. Trenton. New than the amount of such excess, lie aplimitations prescribed by said Local i Inspection. first mentioned In this section, the moneys notice or hearing, issue an order reciting $49.94 P. «/8/67 Jersey, in accordluwe with tht rules of plied to the payment of such notei then Bond Law. ORDINANCE NO. J i l l raised by the issuance of said bonds shall, the existence of such an emergency and 1 .„.„ This ordinance shall take Notice is further given that said ordioutstanding. AN OHIIINANCE ACCIOt'TINO ANI> civil practice and procedure. Section 8. to not less than the amount of such ex- requiring that such action be taken as In note effect twentv davs after the first pub- nance will be further considered for final The object of said action » to obtain a Section 7. Each bond anticipation NOTICE p AIMIl'TINIi T H E NATIONAL cess, be applied to ihe payment of such deems necessary to meet the emergency. ...... . .. . . . .effect I twenty i jdays - after the•first p, SS!1 |,, b y , a W council at a regular of divorce between the said Issued Notice Is hereby given that at a Regu- notes then outstanding. pursuant to this ordinance shall be] | ic »tion thereof after final passage. ]\1.E( .'TIIICAI. CODE I!)ti5 OK T Hjudgment E Notwithstanding the other provisions of dated on or about the date of its issumeeting of that body to be held in the r Meeting of the Council of the Town JOSEPH NEMYO NATIONAL FIHE P R O T E C T I O N plaintiff and you. nce and shall be payable not more lhan Council Chamber at the Municipal Build- hip of Woodbridge, held on the 6th day Section 7. Each bond anticipation note this ordinance, such order shall be effecASSOCIATION A S A STANDARD IMTED: June 1, 1967 President of the Council Issued pursuant to this ordinance shall one year from Its date, shall bear interest Said Ordinance remains on file In the ding. Woodbridge, N. J. on Tuesday the if June. 1967, the following Ordinance LOUIS F. SELLYEI r.OVKHNlW; INSTALLATION O F at a rate which shall not exceed six peroflice of the Municipal Clerk for public 20th day of June, 1967. at I o'clock in vas Introduced and read: and passed be dated on or about the date of its live immediately. Any person to whom KI.KCTHKAI, CONDUCTORS A N D Attorney for Plaintiff Issuance and shall be payable not more such order is directed shall comply therecentum <6rn) per annum and may be rethe evening, at which place and time alt tl First Reading: 175 Smith Street >:gi![|'Mi-:Ni' WITHIN OR ON PUBLIC Inspection. than one year from its date, shall bear newed from time to tune pursuant to and with Immediately, but upon petition ta persons interested will be given an op Perth Amboy, New Jersey AN ORDINANCE REQUIRING THE interest at a rate which shall not exi\M> l'HIVATK MI,'ILDINf;S AND $21192 within the limitations prescribed by the Notice Is further given that Mid ordln 1 nity to be heard concerning said :LOSING OF BEAUTY PABLORS ON ceed six per centum « % ) per annum the Building Inspector shall be afforded OTHKll I'RKMISKS ArVI) CONDUCTORS I.-P. S/8-15-22-29/67 ance will be further considered for final Local Bond Law. Each of said notes shall UNDAY AND PROVIDING FOR PENAL- and may be renewed from time to time a hearing as soon as possible. After such RESOLUTION <:«NN|.;t:TiN<; SAID INSTALLATION TO passage by said Council al a regular; JOSEPH V. VALBNTI I'LES FOR THE VIOLATION THEREOF pursuant to and within the limitations pre- hearing, depending upon his (findings m Take notice (hat on the 25th day ofbe signed by the Mayor and. Municipal meeting ol that body to be held In the A SITIM.Y OK ELECTRICITY. to whether the provisions of this ordinMunicipal Clerk BE IT ORDAINED by the Municipal AIITIIORIZINR ENFORCEMENT OF May. 1%7. the Zoning Board of Adjust Treasurer and shall be under the seal of Council Chamber at the Municipal Build 'r p fi/l/67 $51.04 Council of the Township of Woodbridge, scribed by the Local Bond Law. Each ance and of the rules and regulations adTHK SAID STANDARDS AND FIXING ment of the Township of Woodbridge, at said Township and attested by the Muof said notes shall be signed by the Mayor opted pursuant thereto have bees com. ing. Woodbridge, N. J., on Tuesday, the ' 1'KNALTIES FOR VIOLATIONS n the County or Middlesex: ter a public hearing adopted a resolution nicipal Clerk. Said officers are hereby 20th day of June. 1967, at 8 o'clock In the and Municipal Treasurer and Jhall be NOTICE !!!•: IT ORDAINED by the Boroush for John Pintak for a variance to erect a authorized to execute said notes and to Section 1. Every beauty parlor locat under the seal of said Township and plied with, the Bunding Inspector nhall evening, at which place and time all per- Notice Is hereby given that the follow Council nf the Borough of CsrtereL ed in the Township of Woodbridge, in attested by the Municipal Clerk. Said of- continue such order in effect, or modify it, one family dwelling on Lots 216 and 217,issue said notes In 6uch form as they son* interested will be given an opporSection J, Pursuant to R.S.4049-5.1 el Block :189A, Grand Avenue, Iselln, New may adopt in conformity with law. The or revoke it. ing proposed Ordinance w a s Introduced the County of Middlesex, shall remain teq The National electrical code 1965 power to determine any matters with re- tunity to be heard concerning said or- and passed on first reading at a meet :losed on the first day of the week, ficer* are hereby authorized to execute 5. The Director of the Department ot laid notes and to Issue said notes in such edition, third printing, published ami Jersey, and that a copy of said resolu- spect to said notes not determined by this dinance. ing of the Municipal Council of the Town :ommon!y known a s Sunday, and any Planning and Development of the Town• opyrighted 1%5 by the NaUonal Fire tion Is on file In the oflice of said Board ordinance and also the power to sell said JOSEPH V. VALENTI ship of Woodbridge. in the County of person who is the owner, proprietor or form as they may adopt In conformity ship of Woodbridge is hereby authorized with law. The power to determine any Protection Association, 60 Battery-march at the Municipal Building. Woodbridge notes is hereby delegated to the MuniciMunicipal Clerk Middlesex. New Jersey, held on the 6th manager of any such beauty parlor shall New Jersey, and i s available for inspec Mn-ft. Boston, Mass.. 02110, be and matters with respect to said notes not and empowered to make and adopt such pal Treasurer who is hereby authorized L.I'. 6/t/67 day of June, 1M7, and that said ordinance keep the same closed on Sunday. hereby is accepted, adopted and estab- tion. determined by this ordinance and also written rules and) regulations as he may to sell said notes either at one time or will be taken up for further consideration Section 2. la) The words "beauty pardeem necessary for the proper eniorelished as a standard tn be used In tha Edward J. Kenney, Secretary from time to time In the manner provided NOTICE tor final passage at a meeting of said or" appearing in this Ordinance shall be the power to tell said notes is hereby ment of the provisions of this ordinance, installation nf electrical conductors and Board of Adjustment delegated to tbe Municipal Treasurer who by law. Municipal Council to be held at its meetNotice Is hereby given that the followdeemed to include: beauty (hops, beauty equipment installed within or on public Township of Woodbridge Ul hereby authorized to Mil (aid notes provided, however, that such rules and Section 8. It is hereby determined and ing proposed Ordinance was introduced ing room in the Memorial Municipal salons, hair dressing salons, hair styling either at one time or from tiro* to time regulations shall not be in conflict wilh • nil private buildings and other premises L.P. 6/8/67 M.7. snd also for the Installation of conductors declared that the period of usefulness of and passed on first reading at a meeting Building, Woodbrldge, New Jersey, on thesalons, and other establishments or places in the. manner provided by law. the provisions of this ordinance, nor in that connect Ihe installations to a supply said purpose, according to Us reasonable of the Municipal Council of the Township 30th day of June, 1967, at I o'clock P.M. >f business where work is done by u i y Section I. It is hereby determined and anywise alter, amend or supersede any of NOTICE of electricity and the installation of other life, is > period of 40 years computed of Woodbridge, in the County of Middle- or as soon thereafter as said matter can person, which work is usually performed the provisions thereof. The Director of tho declared that the period «f usefulness of Notice Is hereby given that the follow•Milsiile conductors adjacent ta such sex, New Jersey, held on the 6th day ofbe reached, at which time and place all by hairdressers, cosmetologist!, cosmetlfrom the date of said bonds. said purpose, according to its reason- Department of Planning and Development fnj; Ordinance was regularly passed and premises. Section 9. It is hereby determined and June, 1967, and that said ordinance will persons who may be interested thereincianu*, or beauty cuKurifts upon women, able life, is a period of S years computed shall file a certified copy of ail rules and adopted at a regular meeting of the MuA copy of the National Electrical Cods stated thai tbe Supplemental Dsbt State-be taken up for further consideration for will b e given an opportunity to be heard for the purpose of cleansing and beauti- from the date of said bonds. regulations which he may adopt in his of3*5 is annexed to this ordinance and nicipal Council of the Township of Wood- ment required by said Local Bond Law final passage at a meeting of said Muni- concerning the same. ficatlon of the women's hair, such as arfice and in the office of the Clerk of tha three (31 copies of the same have been bridge, in the County of Middlesex. New cipal Council to be held at its meeting A copy of this ordinance h a s been ranging, modeling, dressing, brushing, Seclion S. It i s hereby determined and Township of Woodbridge. has been dulyy made and filed in the placed on file in the office of the Borough Jersey, on the 6th day of June. 1967. stated that the Supplemental Debt StateClerk upon the introduction of this AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND AN OR-office of the Municipal Clerk of said room In the Memorial Municipal Build posted on the Bulletin Board upon which beautifying, curling, waving, cutting, ment required by said Local Bond Law 6. No person shall occupy as owner occupant or rent to another for occuiumy ordinance and will remain on file and DINANCE ENTITLED "AN ORDINANCE Township, and that such .statement so ing, Woodbridge, New Jersey, on the 20th public notices are customarily post- singeing, bleaching, or coloring, or theh u been duly made and filed) in the until final action is taken on this TO ESTABLISH SALARY AND WAGE filed shows that the gross debt of said day of June, 1967, at » o'clock P.M.. ored In the Memorial Municipal Building ol massaging, cleansing, stimulating, exer- office of the Municipal Clerk of *aid any dwelling or dwelling unit for the pur. ordinance lor the use and examination ol SCHEDULES OV CERTAIN OFFICIALS Township, u defined) In Section 4 0 A : 2 « as soon thereafter as said matler can beIhe Township, and, a copy i s available u cising or similar work upon the soalp, Township, and that such statement so pose of living therein which does not conof said Local Bond Law, Is increased by reached, at which time and place «ll ta and Including the time of luch meeting face, arms, hands, and neck, with the filed shows that the gross debt of said form to the provisions of the "New Jei.s;',v ,0ut), in addition to ih» issuance ol bonds to finance such effect immediately after final passage CAL THINGS AND CONDITIONS ESSEN Notice is further given that said ordinwhen it was adopted on first reading. The of the Municipal Council of the Township reached, at which time and place all jx-r.the sum heretofore appropriated; and [appropriation, to provide for theand publication as required by law. [ p p p and , p TIAL TO MAKING DWELLINGS SAFE, ance will be further considered for final .said ordinance will be further considered of Woodbridge, New Jersey, held on Maysons who may be interested therein will WHEREAS,etofore i i l C i lh u a c * of Bond Anticipation Notes in JOSEPH NEMYO , the M Municipal Council has llasuuac* passage by said Council at a regular SANITARY AND FIT FOR HUMAN HAB on second reading for final adoption at a16th, 1967, and after publication according be given an opportunity to b< heard con. heretofore appropriated ppropriated the sum of $330,$ 3 3! anticipation 0,ap of issuance of such bonds" President of the Council meeting of said Council of the Borough of to law was further considered for final cerning the an me. ITATION AND GOVERNING THE CON-meeting of that body to be held in the td A i l 19, 19 VM dnow find Said Ordinance remains on file in theDITION OF DWELLINGS, AUTHORIZ- Council Chamber at the Municipal Build000 by ordinance entitled " A n Ordinance adopted April VM and finds that passage and was finally adopted on June farleret on June 21. 1967 at 6 p.m A copy of this ordinance has been post 1 oifice of Ihe Municipal Clerk lor public appropriating $330,000 to pay the cost of »ucu aikuuonai fund is required; NOW, Council Chambers. Borough Hall. Cooke 6th, ;%7, after a public hearing at a meetING INSPECTION OF DWELLINGS AND ing, Woodjbrtdge, N. J, on Tuesday, tha inspection. Avenue. Carteret, N, J.. at which time and ig *i the Municipal Council of the Town- ed on the Bulletin Board upon which pnb the construction 01 a buildingg lur use as THEREFORE,, FIXING PENALTES FOR VIOLATIONS. 20th day of June, 1967. at 8 o'clock in the lie notices are customarily posted in the place all persons Interested will be given shit ef Woodbridge, New Jersey. Said OrIT ORD Notice is further given that said ordl The Municipal Council of the Township evening, at which place and time all per* a Free Public Library at the uUsrwtcilon B i IT ORDAINED by the Municipal Memorial Municipal Building of the an opportunity to be heard. of Green St.'Jel and Indiana Avenue in Council of the Township of Woudorio.se, nance will be further considered for final dinance was approved by the Mayor, and Township, and a copy is available up to S i of Woodbridge in the County of Middlesex sons interested will be given an opportuniWi ty to be heard concerning said ordinance. passage by said Council at a regular do ordain taat: PATRICK POTOCNIG returned on June 7th, 1967, and will take and including the time of such meeting the Iselin Section of Ine Tuwnaii-.p oil 1in uw County of Middlesex, a» follow*; JOSEPH V. VALENTI Woodbridge, in the County of Middlesex, Section 1. The sum of »4,5OO, in addi meeting O f that body to be held in the 1. The Chief Housing Inspector of the Borough Clerk. effect on June 28th, 1967, according to to the me—leri of the general public of Municipal Clerk to make a do*n payment and to au!hor,nc|tiou io Ine sum appropriated by aaid Council Chamber at the Municipal Build^.P. 1/8/67 law. Township of Woodbridge be and he is $31.56 the TOUT > who shift! request such the issuance of bonds to linance such ordinance, la hereby appropriated to theing. Woodbridge, N. J . on Tuesday, the Kit.ao L.P. 6/6787 JOSEPH V. VALBNTI copies, at .ne office of the Municipal appropriation, and to provius for Ihe inL*ve* oi tne rice i-ubuc Library of 20th day of June, 1967, at 8 o'clock in thehereby designated as the officertoexerNOTICE Municipal Clerk Clerk in the Memorial Municipal Build issuance of Bond Anticipation Noics in! me iuwnsnip of Wooobridge, in the Couu- evening, at which place and time all cise the powers prescribed by the within Notice Vs hereby given that at a Regular NOTICE $7.26 ing in Woodbridge. New Jersey. ordinance, and he, shall serve in cuch caMeeting of the Council of the Township L.P. 6/B/67 Notice Is hereby given that at * Rcgi> anticipation of the issuance of such bonds" ,>y of Middlesex, to pay trie cost of con-persons interested will be given au opof Woodbridge, held on the 6th day of AN ORDINANCE TO APPROPRIATE adopted April 19. 1%6 and now 1 nds that'«'rWL.iiW a new building of Olass B* portunity to be heard concerning said pacity without any additional salary. NOTICE 2. Pursuant to the provisions of Chapter lar Meeting of the Council of the TownJune, 1967. the following Ordinance was Notice is hereby given that the follow, AN ADDITIONAL $2*00 FOR THE AC ship of Woodbridge, held on the 6th day as deisncd in Seclion 40A: additional fund is required; oldi nance. 21, P L . 1M6 IN.J.S.A. 40:49-5.1) the "New of June, 1967,, the following Ordinance Introduced, and read; and pasted on First ing proposed Ordinance- was introduced QUISITION OF LAND FOR THE EXsuch NOW, THEREFORE. BE IT OilDAIN- z-ii I*.J.s... r for use1 as a Free Public JOSEPH V. VALENTI Jersey State Housing Code" as approved was introduced and read; and passed on Reading: and passed on first reading at a meeting TENSION OF CENTRAL STREET, IN ED D by b the th Municipal M i l Council C i l of f Ihe Ih TownT a y en en tin; si.t s i t to be acquired lor i^ Municipal Clerk by Ihe Departments of Health and ConAN ORDINANCE TO AMEND AN OR-of the Municipal Council of the Township THE TOWNSHIP OF WOODBRIDC.E ship of WotxlbncKe, in the Couaiy of »um j.ui,.oje witnout cost to said Trus- L.P. 6/B/B7 $2288 servation and Economic Development and First Reading: DINANCE ENTITLED "AN ORDINANCE of Woodbridge, in the County of Middle- COUNTY OF MIDDLESEX. TO MAKE Middlesex, a s follows: DuuuutKl by Fourth Street, Ninth iiled in Ihe Secretary of State's office is AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND AN ORTO ESTABLISH SALARY AND WAGE sex, New Jersey, held on Ihe 6th day ofA DOWN PAYMENT AND TO AUTH, Tappen Street and Turner Street NOTfCE Section 1. Th« sum of $40,000, in addihereby accepted, adopted and established DINANCE ENTITLED "THE TRAFFIC SCHEDULES OF CERTAIN OFFICIALS June, 1967, and that said ordinance willORIZE THE ISSUANCE OF BONDS TO tion to the sum appropriated by said ordl-iii me Port HaaUing Section ot the Town Notice is hereby given that the follow- as a standard to be used as a guide in de-ORDINANCE OF THE TOWNSHIP OF AND OTHER FULL AND PART TO1E be taken up for further consideration for FINANCE SUCH ADDITIONAL APPRO- nance, is hereby appropriated tu me Trus- snip, und to purchase the original lurnlslv ing proposed Ordinance was introduced WOODBRIDGE." (19W) termining whether dwellings in this mu- BE IT ORDAINED, by the Municipal EMPLOYEES OF THE TOWNSHIP OF final passage at a meeting of said Munici- PRIATION AND TO PROVIDE FOR THE U5cs of the Free Public L.brury of tiie n.=.. aim equipment lor such new building and passed on first reading at a meeting nicipality are safe, sanitary and fit forCouncil of the Township of Woodbrldge: y WOODBRIDGE" ALSO KNOWN AND pal Council to be held at its meeting room ISSUANCE OF BOND ANTICIPATION ca au'd.uunal appropriation shall be metof the Muiucipal Council of the Township human nabitation and rental. A copy ol Township of Woodbrluue, in me Coun.y DESIGNATED AS THE WOODBRIDGE in the Memorial Municipal Building, NOTES IN ANTICIPATION OF THE ISSECTION 1. An Ordinance entitled of M,ddlesex, to pay lite cost ol cui.s.iuu-l jut Lim pioceeus of the sale ot the bonds oi Woodbridge, in the County of Middle- the "New Jersey State Housing Code" is (TOWNSHIP SALARY ORDINANCE, 1965 Woodbridge, New Jersey, on the 20th day SUANCE OF SUCH BONDS. "Traffic Ordinance of the Township ot u.ioiiii'u, and the Mown payment pro- sex, New Jersey, held on the 6th day olannexed lo this ordinance and three copling a new building of Class "B" i _ . . i rV^nn il Ull o BE IT ORDAINED by the Municipal of June, 1967, at 8 o'clock P.M. or a s Woodbridge" (1963) be and hereby ia 4OA:2-£2| wued, by this ordinance. It is expected June. 1967. and that said ordinance will ies of the same have been placed on file "An'oi^ance amended as follows: Council of the Township of Woodbridge: soon thereafter as said matter can be '" .J.S., for use as a Free Public Library: tha. ihe Uni.ed Statej lies of America, l acting b<; taken u|i for lurther consideration for in the oltke of tbe Municipal Clerk and Section 1. The Ordinance entitled "An reached, at which time and place all per-authorize the acquisition of land for thein the site to be acquu^d lur sucii purple through one or moi ire ot"itis agencies, wui!ti,, a l passage at a meeting of said Muni are available lo all persons desiring to Schedule II, Section 2-3, No person shall extension of Central Street, in the Townsons who may be interested therein will Ordinance to establish salary and wage park a vehicle between the hours specia u portionp oL the cost of such Council to be held at its meeting use and examine the same. of the Toun- ^ . . . . u ram the Board o r of fEducation d c ^ •ohedules of certain officials and other be given an opportunity to be heard con- ship of Woodbridge, County of Middlefied upon any of the following described IIn the th eventt that t h t llundai d i room in the Memorial Municipal Building J. The Chief Housing Inspector of the without cost lo smd Tiu^.ee, s.tua.c uniiiunjir.ciii sex, to make an appropriation of 5,1,000 ihip full time and part time employees of thecerning the same. t the Intersection of Green Street and are so contributed, the amount received Woodbridte, New Jersey, on the 20th day Tuwnsliip of Woodbridge, or such person streets or parts of street!; i s amended to add: Township, also known as the Woodbridee A copy of this ordinance has been post- to pay the cost thereof, to make a down Indiana Avenue in the lsclin Section of shall be applitu to thi! payment of the of June, 19*7. at 8 o'clock P.M. or as us he may designate, i s hereby authorized Township Salary Ordinance of 1965 be ed on the Bulletin Board upon which pub- payment and authorize the issuance of lha Township, also known as Lots 1, 2, 3 cost, of such improvement and the amount soon thereafter as said matter can beand directed to make inspections to deter- (Name «f Street—Sides—Uours— Location) *nd hereby Is amended in accordance with tic notice* are customarily posted in thebonds to finance such appropriation and and 4 In Block 376-L on the Woodbridae o r iht bonds authorized by said ordinance reached, at which time and place all mine the condition of dwellings, dwelling East Avenue—Both—8:00 A.M. to S P.M. to provide for the laiuance of bond anticithe following section. Any new office, po- Memorial Municipal Building of the Township Tax Map, and lo purcnusi: the und htrcin authorized reduced accord- persons who may be Interested therein units, rooming units, and premises locatedSchool Days. From lnman Avenue to the sition or job title mentioned herein i i Township, s o d a copy Is available up topation notes in anticipation of the Issu- iriyinul furnishings and equipment for will be given an opportunity tu bo heard wilbln the Township of Woodbridge in or-school grounds. herobjr created and shall be effective ret and Including the time of such meeting ance of such bonds", adopted March 21, mch new building. Such aduitional ap-: •Uon 2. Tha Municipal Council has concerning the same. der that he may perform his duty of safe- Gariield Avenue—Both-8:0u A.M. to 9 p 1%7, authorized the acquisition of Kind ruactively to the data of appointment of to the members of the general public of 1 1 A copy of this ordinance has been post guarding Ihe health add safety of the oc-P.M. School Days. From High Street lo •wy persons holding any such office or the Township who (hall request such for the purpose of extending Central iropriation shail be met irom Hie pi'o-1 ascertained mid hereby determines thnt ed on the Bulletin Board upon which cupants of dwellings and of the general Flagman Plage. (XMriliou or to January 1> 1967, whichevercopies, at the office of the Municipal Street, a public street in the Township cedg of the sale of the bonds authorized, o> the construction ot auch building, to- public notices are customarily posted inpublic. For the purpose of making such In- Grant Avenue—Both-«:00 A.M. to S Clerk in the Memorial Municipal Building of Woodbridge, from its present terminus and the down i»ynu-ni provided, by tli'.i.sclher wiih original lurnishings and equip- ihe Memorial Municipal Building of the •• earlier. spections, the Chiet Housing Inspector, or P.M. School Days. From Flagman l'laue to East Street and now finds that an ad-urdmunce. It is expected that the Uniltil m e m thereinafter described a s "purIn Woodbridge, New Jersey. Section 2. Township, anil a copy is available up such person as he may designate, is here- to High Street. States of America, acting through one or,pose") is not a current expense of said ilitlon&l $2,000 Is required for such pur. AN ORDINANCE TO AUTHORIZE THE High Street-Both—«:O0 A.M. to 5 P.M T i l l » To B . Deleted Salary Range more of its agencies, will contribute SjTownship, and (2) it is necessary to issue lo and including the time of such meet- by authorizedtoenter, examine and sur-School Days, From Roosevelt Avenue to CONSTRUCTION OF A SANITARY RE- p o » , Health Officer * Head Division of ing tu ihe members of the general public vey at all reasonable limes all dwellings, portion of the cost oi such improvement.[obligations, pursuant to the Local Bond NOW, THEREFORE. BE IT ORDAIN its termination. ih ll5,00O($23,00O/yr. LIEF SEWER IN A PORTION OF AVEIn the tvent Ihift funds are so contributed,'Law, t u finance such purpose, and t.1i theof the Township who shall request such dwelling units, rooming units, and prem- Harrow Drive—Both—8:00 A.M. lo S I1.Officer $3J>O0>S3,O00/yr. MEL STREET IN THE AVENEL SEC- ED by the Municipal Council of Ihehe amount received shall be applied to estimated copies, at the oil Ice of the Municipal ises. Tne owner or occupant ol every cost of such purpose in $2119,501), Mousing Inspector M,7SW6,178/yr. TION IN THE TOWNSHIP OF WOOD- Township of Woodbridge as follows: he payment of tht cost ol such Improve- Jid U ) S13,»iX) of such turn Is to be pro- Clerk iu the Memorial Municipal Building dwelling, duelling* unit i and drooming i unit, i M. School Days. From New Dover Kind to its termination. (Section j . BRIDGE, IN THE COUNTY OK MID Section 1. The aum of $2,000 Is hereby ment and Ihe amount of the bunds authu- svmed by the oiwn payment, *2,60O of.in Wuodbridgt, New Jersey. or the peiton in edsme thereof, shall giy« A U H 'lilies U Salary DLESEX, TO MAKE AN APPROPRIA- appropriated in additiontothe sum apriied by said ordinance and herein au- which is hereinafter appropriated to li- AN ORDINANCETOAUTHORISE THE Ihe said Chief Homing Inspectur or «uuh Avalon Drivc-Both-«:00 A.M. to S P. propriated by said ordinance, to the pay M. Schjpil Days. From Sycamore Road to " e AdMed TION OF $32,000 TO PAY THE COOT Rung. thorued reduced accordingly. nance inch purpose, and .ill,200 of person ashe may designate, free access Health Otfiewr «18,O00«3,O00/yr. THEREOF, TO MAK£ A DOWN PAY- ment of the cost of acquiring such land Section 2. The Municipal Council has was appropriated by said ordinance, and STREET AND SITE IMPROVEMENTS tu such dwelling, dwelling unit or room- Harrow Drive. Said additional appropriation shail be MENT AND AUTHORIZE THE ISSUStratford Driv«-Both-8:0u A.M. to S Field Rvpnsenbativ* ing unit and its premises at all reuunahle P.M. School Days. From Sycamore, Road ascertained and hereby determines thai 5) the estimated maximum amount of AT THE HEALTH CENTER IN THE Bousinf Inspection $4,7M46,17B/yr. ANCE OF BONDS TO FINANCE SUCH nM from the proceeds of the sale of the tl) the construction of such building, to- bonds or notes necessarytobe issued iur TOWNSHIP OF WOODBRIDGE, IN THE times tor Ihe purpuse of auch inspection, ti Section 4. Chanae In lalary Rang* Fer APPROPRIATION ANl> TO PROVIDE bonds authoriied and from the down pay gether with original furnishings and equip- such purpose is $275,700, including the COUNTY OF MIDDLESEX. TO MAKE examination and survey. Every occupant to Harrow Drive. R F FOR T I E ISSUANCE OF BOND ANTICI- ment appropriated by this ordinance. The *t»saa« Job Till. AN APPROPRIATION OF $100,000 TO of a. dwelling or dwelling unit ihall give Sycamore Road—Both—8:00 A.M. to 5 $31,900 hereinafter authorized and the P.M. Schoul Days. From Cambridge l>m» PATION NOTES IN ANTICIPATION OF acquisition of such land shall be under ment (hereinafter described as "pui I'AY THE COST THEREOF. TO MAKE Municipal Court Clerk - its tci inuiatiuii. taken as a general improvement and nopose") Is not a current expense of said $2^,800 authorized by said ordinance, and A DOWN PAYMENT AND AUTHORlZt the owner thereul, ur his igtnt or « n to «!tf .Rango *4,75047.000/yr. THE ISSUANCE OF SUCH BONUS. pluyee. access to any p a n oi such dwellTownship, and (2) it is necessary to is- fi) no part of the cost of such purpose Flagman I'laie Hutli a A.M. to 5 P .\t, (Now Hangs M.73047JOO/yi. HE IT OHDAINED by the Muiucipal part of the cost thereof shall be assessed sue obligations, pursuant to Ihe Local has been or Is lo IK a.xtL-ssed upon prop- t'UK ISSUANCE OF HONIK Tt) FIing or dwelling unit, or its premises, at Si-himl Days. From (iarlit'ld Avenue to against property specially benefited. NANCE SUCK APPROPRIATION ANIf Section I . Uutie*. reaponatbilities and Council uf the Townsihip of Woodbridge, Bund Law, tu linance such puriMwe. anderly bp«clally benefited, and 17) the period TO PROVIDE Foil THt: ISSUANCE W all reasonable time* tor Ihe IIUI|MISB ol Grant Avenue. qualification* ahakl b« those set by thein Hie County of Middlesex, New Jersey, Section 2. It is herebyy determined and making such repairs or alterations as are Iho estiiiuied c o * ol tuch purpose is of uselulness ol said purpose, acconlinii HOND ANTICIPATION NOTES IN ANstated that t l ) the acquisition, uf such SECTION 2. This Ordinance, shall lie'New Jersey Dupartment uf Civil Service. tullows: VI70.000 and 14) $17,1100 of nuch Mini is tulo its reasonable life, is a period ot tinny TICIPATION OF THE, ISSUANCE OF netiHStuy to tlltct compliance with Ihe c-unte effective, iinmediulely upui> auuptiua 1. Tim Township of Woodbridge, laud (hereinafter referred to us "purwhere presently existing, or shall be set years, computed Irom the da)e of said (MUvisions of this ordinance ui with itny Mid publication according to Uw. bu provided by the down payment, $2,400 SUCH BONDS. by Joint approval of the Municipal Couu in the County uf Middlesex. ah»U con- pose"), is not * current expense of d ol which Is hereinaller appropriated to 11 iuls, and fa) the cost of such purpose, liiwiul rule or regulation adupUd ur any JOSEPH NEMYO Township, and (2) it is necessary to Hnoil andtooDepartment of Civil Service. struct a sanitary relief sewer iu a porhereinbefore stated, includes the sum BE IT ORDAINED by the Municipal lawlul order issuiMt pursuant tu lhu l>m nance such purpose, and $l9,U0o of which Prcsidiuit uf the Council Stcttou 6, It any p porttoo uf this Oniiu- tion of Aveuel Street in the Aveael Me- auc« said purpose by the Issuance uf ob was appropriated by said ordinance, il S.W,5(M) (including the J2»,UO0 stated In Council of tile Township of Wuodbridge, visions uf this ordinance. Ugattons of said Township pursuant to thi Said Ordinance remains on lile in III* tion uf the Township from an existing I bt> declared invalid by com and 15) the estimated maximum amount said ordinance) which is estimated to In-In the County of Middlesex, New Jersey, 4, Whenever ths Cluel llousuig luspeclur iitlii-t' ul the Municipal Clerk lor jmbli* peton* t ) Authority, the portion . stall be manhole at the inttrsecliuo of Pennsyl- Local Bond Law of New Jersey, and clof s lollows: tu iinance the co»t of auch that tthere are reasonable inspectiun boutls or notes necessary to be issued determines e the estimated cust uf aaid purpose i deeined lo be •everable and shall nut if-vania Avenue and Avenel Street, westfor such purpose is $U2,00O, including the purpose, including architect's fees, ac- Section I. The public street in the ground* lu believe tlmt there has been a Notite is further given that uaid oitlm* loot the validity of the rvunuuiag yui- erly 412' tu an existing manhole in tha$9,000 and (4) $230 of said sum is provid 5J8.0OO heroinattei authorized and the counting, engineering and inspection cosl.s, Tovviishiji oi WuodbrWise known as Uoul- vlulatiun ol any provision of this ordin- mu'u will bti lurlhtM considered lur tin.tl iiiWraection of West Side Avenua «nd ed by the down payment lo finance said (ions at Oils ordinance. den Street, and Ihe site of the Health ance, of ul any rule or n-'MUlaUim aui>i>lcuch purpose cluding interest on such obligations to Center of tho Township, shall be imImmediately UIKIU approv al andeuances necessary for its operation. Said by said urdinance and ihe $UM iwi'eui. has been or it. lo be assessed upon prop tho extent permitted by Sectiun 4DAi20 pi'otrd by consti-uniins Site DuveiopmeiU pursuant thereto, he shall give nulice ul nui'ling ot thut body to Iw hehl in m e such alleged violaliuu tu the pciwu 01 tt auMirdlng to law and shall baimprovement shall be made i n accord- after appropriated as a duwn payment, erty specially benelited, and (7) the Improvements cuusisting\ of curbs, side- peisojis responsible theneiui* as hetviual; Council Chamber at tbu Municipal Buildof the Local Bond Law. ing, Woodbind. N. J. un Tuesday. lh» ance with the, plan and profile, entitled and (3) the estimated maximum amount tatxukctiva ta January 1, Lite'/. Seotlon 3. It is hereby determined and walks, storm water drainage and bitumi ter ujuvidod. Such notice shtill la) be pui20th day of June, 1967, at 8 o'clock in 111* period of usefulMM o l • * i d Purpose, acof bonds or notes necessary to be issued "Plan and Profile of PropoMd Sanitary JOSEPH NHMVO nous concrete pavement. Said improvecording to it* reasonable lite, is a period lys exceeding $2,600 ap in writing; (b) include a statement oi the stated that evening, at which place and time all per Relief Sewer for Avenel SUtwt", drawn for Mid purpose is 94,750, including the ment shall be made in accordance witli Fnatdent ol the Council of thirty years, computed from tha dale propriated lor down payments on capital BM]0 Gtodiunce remains on lue. in the o£-by Charles W. B t t g k . Township Kit. M,Wq of bowls and noUa authorized by ot asid bonds, and (() ths cost oi such Improvement* or tor the capital improve- und at the locations shown on the plan 'reasons why it is bsiog Issued; (c) allow sons Interested will be given «n opportunity to be heard concerning said urdau. a rtusonible time for the performance ol « c « W UM ttutcuul Clerk for public la- gio**r, dated April, L9W. A oopy of such said orojnano* and thai $1 .MO h e n u u f U i purpose, a s hereinbefore stated, includes ment (noil la budg'ts heretofore adopted and profile entitled "Site Development Plan",, drawn by Charles W. Beagle, T. inyyact II requires; and (d) be served Dlu and pnrfil* described above is onauthorized, and ft) the cost of suoh purfor Mid Township are now available lo tht sum of $37/300 (Including the $45,000 K.. dated May II, 1!H>7. A copy of w c l ipoff lh< owner or his kgent. .or ths umi JOSEPH V. VALENTI ic further ftvsa that Mid «r«j> filetotb* office of the Municipal Ol*rk pose as hereinbefore stated indudM the staltd In said ordinance) which is *M nance said purpose The sum uf 12.60* id d i b d b iis onpaitl, u live Municipal Clerk M la ia open t o puuiw aggregate amount of fUOQ (Including thi vid public IUSIMWUUII. will I K furttMr oonsMtred for final and abuve Ulan and necesauy U) lunm-n the co>t OO OO «Uted i l ordinance) he sum sum of *32,OtW $32,001) 1* is hereby hereby IIWW atlted In lanMid ordinancs) which whchIt mated ta IU.M Dy «atd Council at • regular Section 2. The. MAUMaVs «• « n peyuert ei tbs a M esttmMatl to be m n m ntofinance Mis ai MMfe

i ; i : M ( ^ \ !•: M : I . . I S I , M i , \ \ i v ; , \\\-'A:\ ••>. \ h , i t •. t i ) i n , a ; ' i H i - v . s . , Sll'MI'S. HOtVl . O I I N I I X l (> < S < ; | ( O , \ i S . I-U.I1.: < ; \ H- \ f . K . TH/SII! A M ) l)i-:r.ttlS: i'ROVIDINf; KOR TIIK IlKMOVM. ();•' u l K S A M K A N D


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Clrrk. Muitlrlrnl Building. Edlwn, New Doiiltn .ml. Hn.viPvillr, N, .1., Prrnirtrnt. ( n i i ' i u m p t l i i n l i c e n s e iJO-TiH ( n r p r c n i U K r h s u n i p l i u i i l i i r n s r N o < i Inr in •"**' iiiimrrli.-ilr-lv In urititlH In Joseph V. sumption Irenie # C :ifl Inr premiers | i NOTICE Kl./iiihrlh l>rll.M'iclM), r> Nrw Ilium ill i W i l l i a m S l n v l . W u m l l j i i i l t r . M I I I . I I I I I J I t IIKIA I ' l l S h e t.'VulriiH, Miiniiiiml ( I n k , WiHiillirldge,| situated ul HiMile U. ,S. No. I. Avenel] T B V ) , „„,,,., | h a l KI'K I'HHAN, | \ r . MAinJrislv, Talinntii-e lli»t MUTCH l . N, J,, Vic* wick AM-IIUP, llupflHu l>:r, N. New Jersey. ! Au'iirl, Tmvn.stnp ol Wooillii J. New J e r s e y i sinned) Township ol Wnnrthrldjp, N. J. , , / , staidey'n Diner, Inc., bin applied In tl'(.l:, ~, l \ ( . - Nrw Jt'isry I'm(mifiObjections, if a n y , should he m a d e ! Oblrclious. ii liny • sliinilil I»*• n SHORTY'S BAR Ii (iRILL. INC. (injections. II any, nhould he made l m - | 1 ( w Municipal Council nl tlie Timnshlf r. irse Inn, has applied In the Ciirminp J Drlliiplflfo, 85 New BrunnImmediately In u i i t i n g lo Joseph V . ' I m m e d i a t e l y in VUIIIIIK lo Joseph Mnry Piillschnk, Prcs.-Tieaa. medialply in wrillng to Joseph V. Va I'rillT IIEAMINC T A V E H N , INC. oiuiill nf the Township of ol Wornlbrldje For n Plenary llrtall (nninnp:il Avrmic. lloiH-liiwn, N, J., Sor-! V.ilrnll, Municipal Clerk, Wiindhririgv,| Vnlcnll. Municipal ( I n k , Wmulhi i Edison Township, N. J. wii-k l/ii Pnrt Heading Tnvern. Inc. Icntl. Township (,'lprk, Woodbrldle. New immptlon license Nn. ( V for premises Inr a Plrnarv Retail Cim »7.ia ictnry «ncl Tre.'.Mirrr. New J e r s e y New .li'isi Itrnliimln I1'. l>rn Hleyker, Prrs. plum License No, C-5;i, lor a now L.P. 6 / 1 . It/67 Kilunted flt V S. Highway No. I, WnfidISIuueill I'hi* n.inics BIIII rrsiiipnrei of the PiAlice l i e n Illryker, Sec.-Treas. Inil! In he rnnitnu-led at Ronle !>, hlldgp. New Jersey (Sinned I rectors of the applicant enrpoialinn me IIIU.CHKST. 1 \ ( \ Port Reading. N. NOTICK SWAU.K'K T A V E R N INC. 11 l.anp, WoodlllldEP, New JrTSfy. Objection*, il wiy. thiiiild be madt FRANCIS J. FIT'/.C.EnAl.ll and I/,i IliHil...! In. t / a Swnlllck Tavern L.P•. « / i , »/fi7 6ft Take notlre tliiit ttoXMURY INN. ;us fnllrms: ,inq mid speeiiiennons fnr proposed lilin« lei .luseiih V. Immediately In CENF.VIEVF. HTZCEIIAI.I) Wllliitlfl ll»rv:ill>. I'resHlrnt Joseph Swaltlrk. bnilclintf to he constructed, are on INC., t/a Roxbliry Inn, inc., has applied Cnrminp K, IMIapiMrn, 1,1 Miirtha Valenli, Municipal ( [rrk. l / l Fitzgerald's liar I'IIIIIII'S l l n r x a i h , NccH'Liiy BnuU'vnrri, .Sayrrvlllc, N. .1. President NOTICK. { Ir ;it tile office nf Ihe Municipal Avpnel, N . 1 . New Jersey. p Clrrk. to the Municipal Council of the Town Aveni'l, \ J Klizahrth Dflhpirlro. 85 New Rntm Elizabeth Swnlllck. >n ir, T;ikr notice Ihat MAIN TAVERN, INC. L.P. t / l . any. should hf made •hip of Woodhrldge lor a* Plenary Rrtail wick AvTniif, Hiiprlawn, N. J. ISIencdl I, P. l i / 1 , 11/1,7 Vice President, Secretary Ini utMlintrly „. a New Jersey Cor|nir;ition, lui.s applird to writing to Jnscph V. Consumption license No. C47 for prirnEPICUREAN, INT mlnp J, Drlliipiplrn, fiS New BrunsWnndhrldire. N.J. V.l.uli, Municipal (Kerk, Woodhrldge, UPS situated at 147 Avenel Street. AveIhe Municipal Council of the Tuwnship I/a Stanley's Diner, tnr. NOTICE NOTICE wick Avenue, Hnpcuwn. N. J. nrl. Township of Wnodbridfie, N J. L.P. e / 1 . 8/S7 %1H Nut Jersry. of W»'xll>rldf tjike Drive East Woodhrldge, N\ J . iSicni'd) ROWL-MOR LANES, INC. has applied to the Municipal Council o( L . P . 6 / 1 . 8/67 Take notice that MARY BARAN1AK, (Signed) Wayne, N. .1. t / l . a/fi7 J816 TIIK ZAMHKRN COHP-ORATION Andrew V Hospodar, President the Township ol Woodbridee lor a Plent/a Bunzy's Tavern, haa applied to the Ser-y.-Treasurer ARTHUR RINErr. Nevv Jersey CoijxilAtion Dorothy I). Venc/ia, Secretary ary Retail Distribution License No. l>» NOHCE t/a The Green L.inlerii I P. I./J, 8/67 114.08 Municipal Council Of the Township of t/a The Speedway Inn Dorothy Hospodar. Vice President fnr premises situated at Mil Inmm AveNOTICE Moni.s J. llemsleln. Woodbrldge for » Plenary Retail Coi Take notice that PAtH, and MARY Wondhridfie, N. J. Woodbrldge, N. J nue, Colonia, m»nship of Woodblidfe, Take notice1 that MARKOW'S BAR, INC., KnKeiip /amlxi, Sec. NOTICE sumption license No. C-25 for premises CINKOTA, t/a Paul's Tavern, have np L.P. 6/1, 8/67 *T.4« SUM N. J. t/a The Alibi Bar and Rathskeller, has L.P, 6/1. 8/67 Wnoilbrldi'e, N, J. lake notice that RICH-PHILMAR. situated at 25 Woodbrldge Avenue, Port plied to the Municipal Council of the applied to the Municipal Council nf the Objections, il any, should be made L.P. « / l , ll/li" Sn.24 Township of WoodbridRe tor a Plenary Township of Woodbrldse for a Plenary leading, Township of Woodbrldge, now NOTICK V.i , t/a Horncr'i Ad-Lib has applied Immediately In writing to Joseph V. NOTICE Take notice that COLONIA POST tn the Municipal Council of the Township known as 553 Woodbrldge Avenue, Port Retail Consumption license No. C-13 for Retail Consumption License No. C-67 for Valenti, Municipal Clerk, Wiwdluidgt. NOTK'H premises situated at 79 Albert Street, N o . 248. A M E R I C A N I . E l i l O N . h a s Take notice that REM LIQUORS, INC , ol Woodbridge for a Plenary Retail Con- Reading, Township •( Woodbrldge, New entire basement premises only situated New Jersey. Woodbrldue, New Jersey. plied to t h e M u n i r l p a l Couneil ol t h o ' T a k e n o t i c e that 7li NHW STREET!„( 78o i|. s. llichway # 1 , Isclin. Town- a New Jersey corporation, has applied sumption license No. C-52 for premises Jeriey. (Signed) Objections, If any, should he made Township of WoodhrldKe for a Club II-1 COHI'.. t/a House ot Kinn, has Hpplied to |s n |p of Woodbrldge N. .1. Objections, II any, should be made Imto the Municipal Council of the Township Ailu.-ited at Route # 1 and Edward Street, HI-WAY. INC. I mediately in writing to Joseph V. Val- immediately In writing to Joseph V cense No. CH-11 fur premises situated the Municipal Council ol the. Township o( Jifiin, Township of Woodbrldge, N. J. Objections, it any, should h« made of Woodbridge for a Plenary Retail Dist/a The Spirit Shop » Objections, II any, should be made 1m- entl, Municipal Clerk, Woodbrldge. New Valenti, Municipal Clerk, Woodbridge at 8(ifi Middlesex Avenue, Colonia, Town- WooriliridKf lor a Plenary Ketiiil Con' Immediately in writing Ui Joseph V. tribution license No. D-ll for premises New Jersey. J s e i t Colonia, N J. ship of Woodbridge. Now Jersey. sumption license £C-!H fur premises sit- Valenti, Municipal Clerk, Woodbrldge, situated at 101 Kelly Street, Menlo Park nirdiulely in writing to Joseph V. Valenti, (Signed) Philip M. Peck, President (Sfgned) Terrace. Woodbridge Township, P. O. Objections, if any, should be made uated at 70 New Street, Woodbrldge, New Jersey Municipal Clerk Woodbrldge, New JerPAUL and MARY CINKOTA, 130 Jeffery Road. Colonia, N. J. MARY BARAMAK Metuchen, New Jersey. Immediately In writing to Joseph V New Jersey. sey. (Sisnod) t / a Paul's Tavern David B. Glttes, t/a Bunzy'j Tavern Objections. If any, should be made Objections, if any, should be made Valenli, Municipal Clerk. Wooduridcc, (Signed) MARKOW'S BAR. INC. Woodbridge, New Jersey Secretary-Treasurer Port Reading, N.J. immediately in writiiiH lo Joseph V. Immediately In writing to Joseph V. New Jersey. RICHPH1LMAH, INC. t/a The Alibi Bar 10 Lynn Drive, Springfield, N I. L.P. 6/1, e/67 « . » L.P. 6 / 1 . 8/67 17.48 Valenli, Municipal Clerk, Woodblidfe. Valenti. Municipal Clerk, WoMtbrldge. (Signed! t/a Homer's Ad-Lib and Rathskeller L.P. 6/1, B/H7 *1».1I New Jersey COLO.N1A POST No. 548. Mary Homer, Pres licnjamln DenRleykcr. President New Jersey. NOTICE (SiRned> AMERICAN LKGION Louis Homer, Jr., Sec.-Treat. NOTICE Alice DenBleyker, See,-Tress. (Signed) . NOTICE Robert McKay, Commander 7(1 NKW STREET CORP. Lselln. N. J. Tak» 'notlca Uut MILDRED'S HUT, Take notice that C. BOAHD DISTRIBULselin, N. J. HEM LIQUORS, INC. t/a House of Finn Rohcrt Grciner, Adjutant Take notice that FRANK T. SUPERIOR V P. « / l . «/67 M.36 INC.. t / a Mildred's Hut. Inc.. has ap-TORS, INC., t/a Beacon Bar Liquors. L.r. fS/l, 8/B7 $9.24 Emanuel Choper Arthur B Finn, President F.ric E. Symborskt, Bar Chairman and CAHMELA SUPERIOR, t/a Snookplied to the Municipal Council of the has applied to the Municipal Council of President Colonia N . J . Theresa 1VT Kelcmen, Secretary NOTICE NOTICK y's have applied to the Municipal CounTownship of Woodbridge for a Plenary the Township of Woodbrldge for a Plen69 llazlewood Avenue Woodbrldse, N . J . $8.80 cil of the Township of Woodbridge fur a Metuchen. New Jeriey Take notice that JEANETTE V. K1SH,Retail Consumption license No. C-65 forary Retail Consumption license No. C-12L.P. 6/1, 8/67 Take notice that PETER RADER has L.P. 6/1. 8/117 M.36 applied to the Municipal Council of the Plenary Retail Consumption license No. Rosalie C. Stahl t/a Kish'j Bar and Grill, haa applied to premises situated at 35 Lafayette Road, for premises situated at 393 St. George NOTICE Avenue, Avenel, Township of WoodC-27 for premises situated at 12:n Rah. Treasurer I hi- Municipal Council ol the Township of Fords, Township of Woodbrldge, N . J . Township nf Woodbridge for a Plenary NOTICE bridge. New Jersey. way .Avenue, Avenel, Township of WoodObjections. If any. should be made lm Take notice that ANTHONY LOUIS 350 Barron Avenue Wnndbridse tor a Plenary Retail ConRetail Consumption License No. C-70 for bridge, N. J Objections, If any, should be made OLIVER, t/a Oliver's Tavern, has apTake notice that ELIZABETH BALCA. premises situated at 281 Florida Grove Woodbrldge, New Jersey MJtnptiun license No. C-61 for pretnlaei mediately In writing to Joseph V, ValObjections, if any, should be marie Shirley A. Choper Minuted at 5S2-5B4 New Brunswick Av«- entl, Municipal Clerk, Woodbridge, New Immediately In writing to Joseph V. plied to the Municipal Council of the t/a Balga's Tavern, has applied lo the Road, Hopelawn, Township of WoodValenti, Municipal Clerk. Woodbrldge. immediately in writing to Joseph V. Jersey. Municipal Council Township of Woodbridg* for a Plenary nf the Township of Secretary IHII'. Fords, Township of Woodbrldge. N. J, Ijriilee. N. J. New Jersey. Valenti, Municipal Clerk. Woodhridge, (Signed) Retail Consumption license No. C-20 lor Woodbridge lor a Plenary Retail Con 69 Hazlewood Avenue Oljfcttinns, If any, should be made Objections. II any, should be made New Jersey. (Signed) MILDRED'S HUT, INC. premises situated at 1343 Oak Tree sumption license No. C-ll for premises immediately in writing to Joseph V. Metuchen, New Jersey Immediately In writing to Joseph V. Vi C. BOARD DISTRIBUTORS, INC. Road, Iselin, Township of Woodbridge, situated at 261 Main Street, Woodbrldge Valenti, Municipal Clerk. Woodbrldge, L.P. 6/1, 8/67 t / a Mildred's Hut, Inc. (12.32 Null, Municipal Clerk, Woodbridg*. New (Signed) t / a Beacon Bar Liquors Robert J. Hutnick, Pres. N.J. Jeiicy. New Jersey. FRANK T. SUPERIOR. New Jersey. Joseph Matura, Pres. Sophie Hutnick, Vice. P r t s . Objections, If any, should be made Objections, any. should be made (Siuned) (Signed) CARMELA SUPERIOR. NOTICE Margaret Matura, S e c / . Gabriel P. Lakatos, 6ecy.-Treas. immediately writing io Joseph V. immediately In writing to Joseph V .IKANETTE V. KJSH I/a Snooky's PETER RADER. Tak* notice that WOODBRIDGE LIAvenel New Jeriey Port Reading, N . J Valenti, Municipal Clerk, Woodbridge. Valenti, Municipal Clerk, Woodbridge t/a KUh's Bar and Grill Avenel. N. J. Hopelawn. N J QUOR STORE, INC.. t/a Woodbridge U.M New Jersey. 68 SO L.P. 6 / 1 , 8/67 New Jersey. L.P. 6/1, «/67 M.36 Fordi, N. J. L.P. 6 / 1 , 6/67 L.P. . 11/67 67.04 Liquor Store, Inc., has applied to the (Signed I (Signed) i, P. 0/1. n/er •7.48 Municipal Council of the Township of NOTICE ELIZABETH BAt.GA ANTHONY LOUIS OLIVER, NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE Woodbridge for a Plenary Retail DistribTake notice that DOMINIC FICHALSK1 t/a Bulga's Tavern t/a Oliver's Tavern NOTICE Take notice that WCISLO'S TAVERN, ution license No. D-3 for premises situTake notice that AVENEL RECREATake notice that LITTLE JOE'S, INC., and ANTHONY PICHALSKI. partnerWoodbridne. N. J. lselln, N. J. INC., t / a F o r * Bar * Liquors has ap-ated at 573 Amboy Avenue, Woodbridge, t/a Little Joe's Inc.. has applied to the Tak« aotlct that ANNA LESKO, t/a TION, INC.. I corporation ol New Jership, t / a Maple Tree Farm and Beer L.P. 6/1, 8/67 L.P. 6/1, 8/67 57.48 plied to the Municipal Council nf the iey, t / a Ray's Hut, has applied to the Municipal Council of the Township of I . 1 S. Tavern, h u applied to the MuN. J. Garden, have applied to the Municipal Township of Woodbridge for a Plenary nicipal Qpuncil of the Township of Wood- Municipal Council of the Township of Objections, If any, should be made Woodbrldge for a Plenary Retail ConCouncil of the Township of Woodbrldge NOTICE NOTICE Retail Consumption license No. C-34 for immediately in writing to Joseph V. sumption license CM for premises situhnilpo for a Plenary Retail Consumption Woodbridge for a Plenary Retail Confor a Plenary Retail Consumption II Take notice that SIDNEY WEINER premises situated at 485 New BrunsTake notice that A1£HAR LIQUORS, license No C-9 for premises iituatcd at sumption license No. C-44 lor premises Valenti. Municipal Clerk. Woodbridge, ated at 64 Second Street, Woodbridge. cense No. C-64 for premises situated on INC., has applied to the Municipal t/a Economy Wine & Liquor Store has wick Avenue. Fords, Township of New Jersey. N. J. 3b.i-365 Florida Grove Road, Hopelawn, situated at Route U . S . No. 1 (Lois 1 to 4, Block 396), Avenel, Township oi Railway Avenue (Block 871), Post Office Council of the Township of Woodhridge applied to the Municipal Council of the Woodbridge, New Jersey. Township of Woodbridie, N. J Objections, if any, should be made (Signed) Box 112, Avenel, Township of Wood- for a Plenary Retail Distribution license Township of Woodbridge for a Plenary Object ions, any, should be made Immediately In wrillng to Joseph V. Objections, if any, should b« made Woodbrldge, N . J . WOODBRIDGE LIQUOR STORE bridge, New Jersey No. D 6 for premises situated at 297 Am Retail Distribution license No. D-2 for immediately writing to Joseph V. any, should be made Valentl, Municipal Clerk, Woodbridie, Immediately In writing to Joseph V. Va- Objection!, INC. premises situated at 79 Main Street. Objections, II any, should be made boy Avenue, Woodbridge, N . J . Valenti. Municipal Clerk, Woodbridge, writing to Joseph V. l'-nti, Municipal Clerk. Woodbrldge, New Immediately t/a Woodbridge Liquor Store Inc. New Jeriey. Objections, if any, should he made Woodbrldge, N. J. New Jersey, Valenti, Municipal Clerk. Woodbrtdgt, Immediately In writing to Joseph V. Jersey, Erneit Andrascik, President (Signed) Valenti. Municipal Clerk. Woodbridge, immediately in writing to Joseph V. Objections. If any, shnn!d be made New Jersey. ISUned) Joseph Ahiidge for a Plenary Retail Distribution W.M Port Reading, N . J , Malcolm Rutan, Adjutant to the Municipal Council of the Township 21 Clay Avenue, Roselle Park, N. J.: L.P. 6/1. H/67 (Signed) John T. d e m o n , 90 Barchester Way, 838 New Brunswick Avenue, liwiiie No. D-4 for premises situated at L.P. 6/1. 8/67 • »8.M James Fitzpatrick, Fin. Officer of Woodbridge for a Plenary Retail Con. GIBRALTAR CORPORATION Westfleld. N. J.; Camillo A. Lazkza. 3 U Fords, New Jersey NOTICE Kiirvette Shopping Outer. U. S. Route Woodbridge, N. J. sumption license No. C-46 for premises Florida Grove Road, Hopelawn,- N. J.; t / a Howard Johnson's Joseph Palasak, Vice-Pres. Wtt and Lexington Avenue. Woodbrklge, situated at Smith and Newton Streets, L.P. 6/1, 8/67 NOTICE Take notice that CLARA BARTON I By Peter Sideris, President Mow Jersey. • Waltuma Ave., Lots 1-10, Block 39-A, Keasbey, Township Dominic Lepore. 4 Sherwood Circle, Lind- POST #324 CLUB INC., has applied to Take notice that ZOWAN MAYER Woodbridge, New Jersey en, N. J.; WllUam J. McEnte*. 33 StratEdison, New Jersey Objections, |f any. should be made Imof Woodbridge, N. J. NOTICE the Municipal Council of the Township L.P. 6/1, 8/67 110.96 and JAMES MAYER, t/a Mayer's Tavford Place, Deal, N. J.; Dr. B. E. MorrisAnn Chlmlnits, Sec. mediately in writing to Joseph V VaObjections, ii any, should be made Imof Edison for a Club license for premises ern have applied to the Municipal Coun- Take notice that DAUMFITZ, INC., t/a on, 233 Elm Avenue, Rahway, N. J.; Vin•58 New Brunswick: Avs. lenti, Municipal Clerk. Woodbrldge. New cil of the Township of Woodbridge for a White House Tavern, haa applied to the mediately in writing to: Joseph V. Va- cent F. Patricia, 337 Sherwood Road. situated at Brower Avenue. Fords, EdiNOTICE Jersey, Fords, N«w Jersey Take notice that CHICKEN BARN, Plenary Retail Consumption license No. unicipal Council of the Township of entl, Municipal Clerk, Woodbridge. New Union, N. J.; Vincent D. Shay, 73 Rector son Township, New Jersey. L.P. 6/1. «/«7 tnM Iflfc.. (Signed) Objections, if any, should be made Ima New Jersey corporation, t/a C-26 for premises situated at 110 Amboy Voodbrldge for s Plenary Retail Con- Jersey. Street, Metuchen, N. J.; Alexander Walk(Signed) JOSEPH T. JASPER Chicken Barn, Inc. — Two Guys Chick- Avenue, Lots 1S-2O21. Block 32S-A. Wood- umption license No. C-10 for premises er, 62 N. Farragut Avenue, Maoasquan, mediately in writing to Oscar Kaus, NOTICE t/a Liqkorettt ltuated at 351 West Avenue, Sewaren, WILLIAM J. NOVAK, Clerk Municipal Building. Edison. New en Barn, has applied to the Municipal bridge, N . J . N. J. Take .notice that the YOUNG MEN'S Council of the Township of Woodbridge Objections, if . any, should be made Township of Woodbridge, New Jersey. Woodbridge, N . J, Jersey t/a Billy Vack's Loop Inn Objections, if any, should be made tan. I..P. 6/1, 8/67 Keasbey, N. J. •7.92 SOCIAL CLUB has applied to the Muni- for a Plenary Retail Distribution license Immediately in writing to Joseph V. Objections, if any, should be made (Signed) mediately in writing to Joseph V. Valenti, cipal Council of the Township ot Wood- No. D-10 for premises situated at Route Vatentl, Municipal Clerk, Woodbridge, immediately in writing to Joseph V. L.P. 6/1, 8/67 $7.92 Municipal Clerk. Woodbrldge. New Jersey. CLARA BARTON POST #324 i bridge for a Club license No. CB-4 for440 and Route 9, Hopelawn, Township of New Jersey. NOTICE Valenti, Municipal Clerk, Woodbridge, CLUB, INC. ; premise* situated at Amboy Avenue and (Signed) Take notice that VAN TASSEL'S COL(Signed) NOTICE lew Jersey. WoodbridgeS- New Jersey. John Moczynskl. President COLONIA COUNTRY CLUB LEGE INN, Inc., has applied to the Mu-South Park Drive, Woodbrldge, New 20LTAN MAYER (Signed) Take notice that PETER DORS. INC.. Joseph LaRocca, Secretary any, should be made Objections, ii Albert Oslislo, Treasurer nicipal Council of the Township of Wood- Jersey. t/a Morris' Bar has applied to the MuJAMES MAYER DAUMFITZ, INC. Henry Roakey, Treasurer Immediately in writing„ to __ Joseph . . . . V. . . Objections, if any. should be made Valenti, Colonia, N, J. bridge for a Plenary Retail Consumption nicipal Council of the Township of Woodt / a Mayer's Tavern t/a White House Tavern Municipal Clerk. Woodbridge, Fords, N. J. 118.48 L.P. 6/1. 8/67 license No. C-43 for nwinUei situated at immediately In writing to Joseph V New Jersey. bridge for a Plenary Retail Consumption L.P. 6/1. 8/67 Woodbridge, N . J . Thomas J. Fitzpatrick, Pres. 68.36 Valenti, Municipal Clerk, Woodbrldge, 112 Main Street, Woodbridge, N. J. license No. C-21 for premises situated at L.P. 6/1, 8/67 (D.36 Hobert A. Fitipatrick, Sec. (Signed) 577-C New Brunswick Avenue, Fords, Objections, If any. should be made New Jersey. Edward Daum, Treasurer NOTICE NOTICE CHICKEN BARN, INC. (Signed) Immediately in writing to Joseph V. NOTICE Sewaren, N. J. Township of Woodbridge, N. J. t/a Chicken Barn, Inc. — Take notice that WILLIAM A. GELE- Take notice that AVENEL MEMORIAL YOUNG MEN'S SOCIAL CLUB Valenti, Municipal Clerk, Woodbrldge, P. 6/1, 8/67 Take notice that the AMERICUS $8.80 Objections, if any, should be made l m TEY and ELIZABETH GELETEY. t/a POST #7164 V.F.W., Inc., has applied Two Guys Chicken Barn Edward) Kopper, President New Jersgy. mediately in writing to: Joseph V, VaCRAFTSMEN'S CLUB. INC., has apIrvin G. Hubschman, The Alibi Liquor Store, have applied to to the Municipal Council of the Township Hobert Korb, Vlce-Pres. (Signed) lenti. Municipal Clerk, Woodbrldge, New plied to the Municipal Council of the NOTICE President-Treasurer the Municipal Council of the Township of Woodbridge for a Club License for Phillip R. Mappen, Chairman Township of Woodbridge for a Club Take notice that BLUE BAR & GRILL, Jersey. VAN TASSEL'S COLLEGE INN, Inc 320 So. Harrison St. of Woodbridge for a Plenary Retail Con- premises situated at 60 Park Avenue, Woodbridge. New Jersey. cense No. CB-9 for premises situated at INC.. t/a Blue Bar, has applied to the (Signed) William Van Tassel. Pres. East Orange, N. J sumption license No. C-50, for first floor Avenel, Township of Woodbrldge, New L.P. 6/1, 8/67 (t36 94 Green Street, Woodbridge, N. J. Municipal Council of the Township of PETER DORS, INC. Ueorge Van TasseL Treas. Frederick Zissti, premises and apartment to rear and ex- Jersey. t/a Morris' Bar Objections, If any, should be made Woodbridge for a Plenary Retail ConWoodbrldge, N. J. 192 Kingspolnt Road cluding barber shop for premises situany, should be mad* Objections, NOTICE L.P. 6/1. 8/6/ t7M immediately tn writing to Joseph V. sumption license No C-23 for premises l'eter A, Chirico, President Klngspoint, Long Island ated at 780 U. S. Highway # 1 , Iselin, Immediately writing to Joseph V, Tak* notice that WOODBRIDGE Valenti, Municipal Clerk, Woodbridge, situated at 51 New Street, Woodbridt'e. Gerard Greaux. Vice Pres. Vice-Pres., Secy. Township of Woodbridge, N. J. Valentl, Municipal Clerk. Woodbiidge* NEW JERSEY LODGE 2118, BENEVNew Jerley. NOTICE New Jersey. Boris B. Chirico. Secretary and Leo Zwieback, Objections, If any, should be made New Jersey. Take notice that ISELIN POST M3D, OLENT AND PROTECTIVE ORDER (Signed) Objections. If Treasurer 37 Rumsou Road, ny, should be made immediately In writing to Joseph V, (Signed) VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS OF OF ELKS, has applied to the Municipal immediately in writing to Joseph V. Livingston. N . J . AMERICUS CRAFTSMEN'S Fords, N. J. Valenti. Municipal Clerk. Woodbridge, AVENEL- MEMORIAL POST THE UNITED STATES, haa applied to Council of the Township of Woodbridge Asst. Secy. U Asst. Vlce-Pres. CLUB, INC. I'ideuti. Municipal Clerk, Woodbridge, L.P. 6 / 1 , 8/67 $9.24 New Jersey. #7164 V.F.W.. Inc. the Municipal Council of the Township of for a Club license No CB-1S for premises 174 Passaic Street Aladar T. Orora, Jr., President Mew Jersey. situated at 66S Railway Avenue, Wood(Signed) W. EDWARD WRENN Woodbridge lor a Club license No. C.B.-7, NOTICE Garfield. N . J . t>9 Summit Ave. (Signed) WILLIAM A, GELETEY Commander for premises situated at 469 Lincoln High- bridge, New Jersey. Fords, N. J. Take notice that STANLEY and STABLUE BAR h GRILL, INC. L.P. 6 / 1 , 8/67 (14.92 Objections, " any, should be made ELIZABETH CELETEY LOUIS VARYU. way, Iselin. Township of Woodbrtdge. Christopher' Mesnrow, Vice President CIA JEDHZEJEWSKL t/a Stan's Bar 1 t/a Blue Bar Immediately I/a The Alibi Liquor Store Quartermaster (Treasurer) writing t© Joseph v . 75 Lawrence Street, Grill have applied to the Municipal CounRonald Temperado, Pres. NOTICE GEORGE R SCHKEPF. Objections. U any, aJtould be nude Valentl, Municipal Clerk. Woodbrldge, Iselin. N. J. Fords, N . J . cil of the Township of Woodbrldge for a Edward Strock, Vice-Pits. Take notice that \ the COLONIA New Jersey. Adjutant ' $9.24 Immediately In writing to Joseph V. Plenary Retail Consumption license No. L.P. 6/1, 8/«7 Frank J. Brecka, Jr., Secretary Use Temperado, Secy.-Tress. CIVIC IMPROVEMENT CLUB, INC., (Signed) Avenel. N. J. Valtnti, Municipal Clerk. Woodbrldle! 520 Amboy Avenue Woodbridge, N. J C-17 for premises situated at 213 New has applied to the Municipal Council L.P. 6/1, 8/67 M0.U WOODBRIDGE NEW JERSEY New Jersey. L.P. 6/1, 8/67 Woodbrldge, N. J. $8.80 Brunswick Avenue, Hopelawn, Township NOTICE of the Township of Woodbridge for a LODGE 2116, BENEVOLENT of Woodbridge, N. J. (Signed) John M. Peterson, Club license No. CB-3 for premises sitTake notice that CALDWELL INC.. I s NOTICE AND PROTECTIVE ORDER NOTICE Financial Secretary Objections, if any. should be made im- New Jersey corporation, t/a Avenel LI ISELIN POST 3636. VETERANS uated at corner of Conduit Way and OF ELKS OF FOREIGN WARS OF THE 51 Gordon Place Take notice that MAJESTIC BOWLING mediately in writing to: Joseph V. Va- quor Store, haa applied to the Municipal Take notice that HUNGARIAN AMERI. Inman Avenue, Colonia, N. J., TownFred Karoay UNITED STATES Matawan, N. J. ACADEMY, INC.. t/a Majestic Bowling lenli, Municipal Clerk, Woodbridge, New Council of the Township of Woodbridge CAN CITIZENS' CLUB, has applied U ship of Woodbridse, (Mailing address, Exalted Ruler Academy, has applied to the Municipal Jersey, Michael T. Farrell, Treasurer lselln, N. J R.F.D. # 2 Rahway, N . J . ) for a Plenary Retail Distribution License the Municipal Council of the Township Richard Coley, Secretary (Signed) Council of the Township of Woodbridse 52 Seymour Avenue, Norman Stanley, Commander Objections, if any. should be made No. 1)5, for premises situated at 143- of Woodbridge for a Club License for STANLEY and (9.61 Immediately In writing to Joseph V. lor a Plenary Retail Consumption license Woodbrldge, N. J. Michael MifUonuto, Quartermaster L.P. 6 / 1 , 8/67 145 Avenel Street, Avenel. Township of premises situated at » Port Reading STAC1A JEDRZEJEWSK1, L.P. 6 / 1 . 8/67 L.P. 6/1, 8/67 No. C.32 for premises situated at New Road, Woodbridge. New Jersey. $13.6' $0.24 Valenti. Municipal Clerk. Woodbridge, Woodbridge, New Jersey. NOTICE t/a Stan's Bar & Grill, Jersey Highway No. 9 and Pennsylvania Objections, if any. should be made New Jersey. The names and residences of all of the Tako noUce that FULTON INN, INC., Avenue, Laurel Park, Hopelawn. TownNOTICE NOTICE Hopelawn, N. Immediately In writing to Joseph V, (Signed) officers of the applicant arc: ship of Woodbridge. New Jersey. L.P. 6/1, 8/67 Take notice Ultt HOPELAWN ME- t/a Fulton Inn, has applied to the MuniTake notice that COLONIAL ASSO$8.36 Vajenti. Municipal Clerk. Woodbridgt, COLONIA CIVIC IMPROVEMENT Joseph Stern -~ President, 43 Sycamore MORIAL POST #1392. Veterans of cipal Council of the Township of WoodCIATES, a New Jersey corporation, t/a The names and addresses of Ihe officers CLUB, INC. Avenue. North Pluinfield. New Jersey, New Jersey. NOTICE foreign Wars, has applied to the Munici- bridge for a Plenary Retail Consumption Hank's Park Inn, has applied to the and directors are: (Signed) Louis Ferrara, Bar Chairman Anna C. Stern — Secretary and Treasurpal Council ol UM Township of Wood- license No. c-49 for premises situated Municipal Council of the Township David Levinp. President, 950-B Village Take notice that S. KLEIN LIQUOR Don Halbsgut, Secretary er, 43 Sycamore Avenue, North Plain- HUNGARIAN AMERICAN CITIZENS' bridge for a Club license) No. CB10 forat 72-74 Fulton Street. Woodbridge, N. J. Woodbridge for a Plenary Retail Con- Dr. West, North Brunswick. New Jersey. COMPANY OF WOODBB1DGE has apCLUB Colonia. N. J. field, New Jersey Objections. Ii any, should be made premises situated at l l J James Street, Ben Erdeyi, President L.P. 6 / 1 , »/67 « . 2 4 sumption license No. C-66 for premises Ellenor Shihar, Secretary. 56 Catalpa plied to the Municipal Council of the The names and residences of all of the Hoi>elawn, Township at situated at 1358 Oak Tree Road. Iselin. Avenue, Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Township of Woodbridse for a plenary Woodbridgt, Immediately In writing to Joseph V. John Forster, Vice President Directors of the applicant are: Valenti, Municipal Clerk, Woodbridge, N.J. Township of Woodbridge, New Jersey. Retail Consumption license No. C-39 for Charles NichnDwitz, Treasurer, 21 DeerLouis Horvath, Treasurer NOTICE iremises situated at 677 Eoute # 1 , Town- Joseph Stern — 43 Sycamore Avenue, Objection*, if any. should be mad* im- New Jersey. Objections, U any, should be made wood Avenue, Edison, New Jersey. William E. Almail, Secy. Tak* notice that LEONARD JAKUBNorth Plalnfield, New Jersey, (Signed) mediately iu writing lo Joseph V. ValWoodbrldge, N. J. CZAK. t/a Lenny's Inn, has applied to Immediately In writing to Joseph V. Objections, if any, bhould be made ship or yyuodbi'idee, N . J , Anna C. Stern — 43 Sycamore Avenue, FULTON INN, INC. enti, Municipal Clerk, Woodbridge, Now $S86 the Municipal Council ol the Township Valenti, Municipal Clerk, Woodbridge, immediately in writing to Joseph V. Objections, if uny, should be made imNorth Plainiield, New Jersey. L.P. 6/i, tjm t / a Fulton Inn ' Valenti, Municipal Clerk, Woodbridge, mediately in writing to: Joseph V. VaJersey. oi Edison for a Plenary Retail Consmnp- New Jersey. Daniel Scott 22 Beverly Court. MetuchAlbert Mlhalovic. Pres. lenti, Munirlpal Clerk, Woodbridge. New New Jersey. (Signed) NOTICE ton license for premises situated at 1247 (Signed) en, New Jersey. Dorothy Mlhalovic, Secy. Jersey (Signed) > COLONIAL ASSOCIATES Woodbrldge Avenue. Edison Township, UOPKLAWK MEMORIAL POST Take notice that WALTER BERTRAM The names and residences of all stockWoodbrldge. N . J . (Signed) MAJESTIC BOWLING ,J/a Hank's Park Inn New Jersey. SI352, VETERANS OF FOREIGN L.P. 6 / 1 . 8/67 holders holding more than W'i of the jnd HELEN BEKTRAM, nil wife, t / a fr.92 ACADEMY, INC. S. KLEIN LIQUOR COMPAMY Henry J. Pogyena, President Objections, at any. should be, made Walt's Tavern have applied to the. MuWAHS stock of the applicant are: t/a Majestic UuwlinK Academy OK WOOUBRHX'.K 27 Ravine Drive Immediately In writing to Oscar Kauj. Joseph Stein — 43 Sycamore Avenue, nicipal Council «f the Township of WoodJurku Miller, Commander By: David Levine, President DAVID GANZ. Pies. Colonia, N. J. Clerk. Municipal Building, Edison, New brldge for a Plenary Retail Consumption North Pluiniield, New Jersey. Charles Thomas, Quartermaster Take notice that RICHARD JANN1, Attest: !ili-IU 57th Street John S. Johnson, Secretary Jersey. Anna C. Stern — 43 Sycamore Avenue, license No. C-5 for premises situated el , „ ,, , Hopil»wn, N. J. t / a The Village Inn Bar and RestaurEllenor Shihar, Secretary Ili'Kii Park- New York 44 Tower Road (Signed) 303 Fulton Street, Woodbridge. N. J. North Plainiield, New Jersey. ant, has applied to the Municipal CounI I ' . ti/l, 8/67 | 9 24 JOSEPH WALKER, Sec, b Treas. Menlo Park. N. J. Hopelawn, N J LEONARD JAKUBCZAK, Objections, if any, should be made Objections, if any, should be made cil of Uu Township of Woodbrldge for 350 Central Park West NOTICE William J.^Breen L.P. 6/1. 8/67 , »13.64 t/a Lenny's Inn immediately in wilting to Joseph V. Immediately in writing to Joseph V, New York, N. Y. 46 Wright Street, I,ike notice that FORDS MEMORIAL r. Plenary Retail Consumption license Edison Township, N . J . Valentl. Municipal Clerk. Woodbridge, Valenti, Municipal Clerk. WoodblJds«, No. CSS to Include storage of alcoholic L.P. , 8/U7 $11 DO UeUn, N . J . '. NOTICI; I'dST ftwwo, Veterans of Foreign Wars. L.P. 6/1. 6/67 67 48 New Jersey. New Jersey. L.P. 6 / 1 . 8/67 IIII applied to the Municipal Council el beverages entire lower level and cellars. Take notice that tlm VETERANS OK (Signed) \(Sisned) "NOTICE ilit' louiiahlp of WoodbrMge for a Club for premises situated at a and 4 Green FOHKIGN WARS #4410. WOODHlllIXiK NOTICE WALTER BERTRAM C A L D W E U J INC. Take nollce that ISiilJN HILLTOP NOTICE i11-L-11^t; No CB-6 for premises situated Street, Woodbrldge, New Jersey. POST, has applied tu the Municipal Take notice that THE LIQUOR CADI HELEN BERTHAM Objections, If any, should be made NET. INC., t / a AUbea Liquors, has ap- Take notlca that THE I1OVEN, INC. Council of the Township of Woodbridtic UdUOIlS, INC., a Ntw Jersey Corpoi't/a Avenel Liquor stni« .•! 411 New Brunswick Avenue. Fords, t/a Wall's Tavern Immediately In writing to Joseph V. plied to the Municipal Council of the t/a The Brass Bucket, has applied d for a Club license No. C.B. 5 for prem atluu, has applied to the Municipal Cuun Aveuel, N. J. 'louiuhin of Woodbrldge. N . J . Wiwdbridge, N I . situated at -I'M Pearl Street, Wood eil ol tile Township of Woodbridge for a L.P. 6/1, 8 / w ulijeciiuiui. If any, should be made lnv Valenti, Municipal clerk, Woodbrldge, Township of Woodbridge for a Plenary the Municipal Council of the Townshli L.P. 6/1.6/67 67.U New Jersey. Plenary HrUil Distribution L k e i m No. •iiidutely in writing to Joseph V. ValRetail Distribution lloenee No. D-8 for of Woodbridge for a Plenary Retail Con- bridge, N. J. (Signed) ••ml. Municipal'Clerk, Woodbrldge, New N OTIC IS p r a m l m situated at Colonia Shopping sumption license No. C 54 for premises Objections, If any, should be inudt 117, for premises situulrd at 1526 Oak NOTICE RICHARD JANNI ^Jersey. Center. State Highway No. 27. Colonia, situated at Circle ,*o Route U. S. No. Innnedialt'ly In \inilnii to Josvph V. Tree ltu.nl. bfliu. Townshiu of Wood Take notice that FORDS TUMBLE INN. Take notice that WALTER M. SHAB. t / a The Village inn Bar and 9, near Main Street, Woodbridge. N . J Vultnli, Municipal Clerk. Woodluidft'. bridse, N. J. (Signed) Township of Woodbridge. N. J. INC., t/a Fords Tumble Lin, Inc., liai LESKI and 1HKNE S1IABLK.SK1 t/a Restaurant Object ions, if any, should be made im~ Objections, If any, should be madi New Jersey. Objections, If any. should be made I'dltliS MEMORIAL POST #6090, applied tu the Municipal Council of the Blue- Bird Inn. have applied tu the MuWoodbrldge. N . J . medialely in willing to Joseph V. Va(Sinned) Immediately iu writing to Joseph \ V immediately in writing to Joseph V. VKTEIIAN8 OK FOREIGN WARS Township of Woodbrldge for a Plenary L.P. 6/1,1/67 e^io ValeoU, Municipal' Clerk, Woodbridge. Valenti, Municipal Clerk," Woodbridge Vl'.TKHANS OK KOlttUCN WARS lenti, Municipal Clerk, Woodbrldge, New Retail Coiuumptiuu license No. C-29 for nicipal Council of the Township of Wood' IVler Do Megilo, Commander bridge for a Plenary Retail Consumption Jersey 5J-M1I), W(l()l)li|Jl|)liE I'OST Nuw Jersey New Jersey. John AmaciL Club Chairman preinuws situated at 103 Ford Avenue, license No. C-48 fur preml&ea situated .at NOTICK (Signed) 1.01'eu C. Soicjiwjtu Commander (Signed) (Signed) Fords, N. J. Fords, Township of Woodbrldge. N. J. 1308 St. George Avfuue. Avenei, TownWiHxluiidio, N.J 1SK1.1N HILLTOP IJUUOHS, INC. THE HOVEN, INC. Tato Dotle* that KENNY ACHES, THE LIQUOR CABINET I I' 6 / 1 . 8/67 a. Objections. If any, should 'be made ship of Woodbndge. N. J. William Zieveubalg, I ' m . it Treas. L.P. 6/1, 8/67 »7.92 t/a The Brats Bucket INC., a New Jersey corporation, t/a t / a Albea Liquors immediately In wilting to Joteph V. Objections, if any, should be made Lilliuu i Secretary. A. V. Hospodar, Pita. Kenny Acres, has applied to the MuniciNOTICE Anne Boyd McNulty. President Valeatl, Municipal Clerk. Woodbridge, Immediately in writing to JOMOII V. laelin, N. J. NOTICE lake notice that SHORTY'S BAR k pal Council of UM Township of WoodD. D. Vcnetla. Sec. William Pearson McNulty. Vicei Pres. New Jersey. Valentl. Municipal Clerk. Wuodbrldge, •ill Take notice thuf' PORT READING L.P. tl/1, B/67 Woodbrldge, N . J . r.HILL, I N C . . has applied to the Munici- bridge for a Plenary Betail ConsumpMarie McNulty, Sec.-Treas. (Signed) New Jersey. I...I Council of the Township ot Edison, tion license No. CA foe premises situated L.P. 6 / L 6/67 U.36 TAVERN, INC., I/a Port Heading l a v MM L.P. 6/1, 1/67 (Signed) FORDS TUMBLE INN, INC. NOTICE eru, inc., has applied to the. Mimu nul tor a Plenasy Retail Consumption at 244 Xing George Raid, Route J8, WAITER M. SHAHIJ^SKl I/a Fords Tumble Inn, Inc. t'uiincil ot tint Township ol Wooilliiiilgr Take nulu-e that FRANCIS J. FIT/. NOTICE NOTICK liti-nie for premise* situated at 791-793- Woodbridge, New Jersey. HiKNK SI1AHI.K.SKI JtlllN KOCEU1. I'r.-inleul, tor a I'leuuiy Ht'Lul (iinuuiu|itiuii linustt (iKHAMr' mill tiKNKVIKVK tTi'/UKHTake notice that HI1XCREST. INC., Take nolUe that SWALLICK TAVERN. Amuoy Avenue, Fords, EdisOA Town- The IWIIIO and residence* of the of I .1 Itlue Ulld lull MUtY KOCECI, XriMMiicr. ill l:> M . l l . I ., I il,':'! i . i h r . ll.ii l l . u i ' . < p p h t d applied to tin No. C -••!, lur •ilip. New fleers ol tlie applicant coi pui atiuu me INC., t/a Sw.illu.k Tuvrm, lias applied I/a IlillrifM, lm l u i i b , N A\«ill'l. N- J. T a p i H n M i Lo lilt' Miliiuiii.il (-i'lincil ol t i n ' T o \ w i * l u p to the Municipal Council u( Hie 'iuwn Municipal Council ol lite ohjectiuiLi, il any. bbould be made lin- as follows: lo.Jo,L.r. 6/1, «,td fo.46 L.I1. 6/1, tihuuld bu





Lradcr-rrosfl M i « / \ ( / NOTICKS







\OTI( I Common Council of th« Itorough of Car Knnk UamMno, NOTICK R H O M TION ' lime. In th* aflernnnn nf Ihe sain" day, al hnmrrilatrly in willing Ir I n v n l i V Initl. Municipal CU-ik. Wixiilliililui'. rint Vice Commind«r, I'jke m,n,r ili.il liHIN I'l- KII'IKH and leret for a Club llrenn* No. CB ID for Tak* nolle* that ANNA IVANO, i .iv* nollre thnt nn the twenty-fifth d a y the .Sheriffs Offlc* In the County Admin Valpnll, Munlrl»nl Clerk. WnnrllivldRC, .li't»<>v Siimund Opanowlcr trln of the EaUte ol PAIX IVANn, I/a Hills HllW MM), iinilnrn, I » (Hank Hnr nrrmlncs located at «J Liberty Street. ,« M.v. 1W7, th* Zoning Board or Adjust-il«lratlon BulldlnB. In Ihe Clly ol N ™ \ H < • S(K-ond Vita (^>mmand«r Paul'i Tavern, tiaa applied U» the Maynr Inn, him- KWilK-d lu IHi- Mnjm mill linn- Carterel. New Jersey, JOHN K i m K 'SmiH'ili in-.-nt of Ihe Township of Wnodbrld«e. af- Brunswick. N. J. MlrhaM Carnavala land Common Counrll nt th* Boroofth of in,,,, Ciinii, il nl ihr lliHinijlh ol Cnrlrrel Oli>rtlim«. II »ny. nhmild bp marie lin IN)ROTIIY HUM K I HANK MllNH'.l AIA(1 i,i a public hearing denied th» appllca- AU thut certain M, iract or parcel ol Carteret, lor a I'lwary Betall (/imumu Third V l n CommamlFf I,,, ,i ••li-ii.iiv Retail C«iinuiii|Hliin IICPIIM' mrdlnlfly in »riling to Patrlik Pr>loini«, KI.I/.AHKTII I1VMI1/. I n M.i.i r.ilr ll.n nnil ( . n i l ii"i of Michael Kurtlak lor variances for,land »"d premise*. h of an existing one family dwelllng;larly deir-rlbed. iltunte in th* HorniiKh m •alpd at B Charlea Street. Cartwet. N I et, Sew .leney. III «ll Wlli-i'lrr ^M'lllh ( illll'ICl. S I IB Iand the erertlnn of a one lamlly dwelling,Highland l'»rk. In Ilir Cnunty o{ Middle I.I 1 n, l . u . NOT1CT. Ohjertloni. U any, ahould b* mad* Im i Slum-ill ()l> |4'tLt HMIS , II y IIV, i|H|i ll,l h r M •MI Columbia Avenue, Colnnla, N. J, 1-ots'»« and Mute of Nr-w Jersey. ST IlKMK.ITtll'S. MKNS ( l.rfl , „ , , , n w | ( . f l n a , M A M T B ROCKMAN, mediately In wrltln* te Patrick PiUjwulg. NOTIfK 1M,||,1« II I'm i n k NOTICK :i.'« anil 2117, Block 4MH and that deter 1 DMilNNINC, at a point nn thr westerly and HOWARD Borounh Clerk ol t h . Boroiub « llnbrowolskl. ('resident, H(K:KMAN, partner., partner.. t/a V. 22.fi. llESKVlllJ-'-M 1 W leiM'i. R(K:KMAN, t nilrirl. t w n filed in the riffle* nl Mid Board at Tierce Slreet) In .aid Itaniush. distant ami I ' l U , IlKSAYHS I/a Center Bar „ „ „ . . . . . .,..,,.. , , C T Sec Treanurer , ,, , , (II- KI.KS. Waller Konnwka, " . ' . . < • T v ( r n u g ( 0 M i h v (SlMl (SlirnMl 1 T 'Sinned' T v(rn u g(0Mi hh v pt>llK) Hi,- Munlclpnl nnlldlng, Miln ' Sire*, .'(K) feet fimn WoodhrldRn Avenue m e m ri;i\i» applied In Ihe Mmiltipnl Cnuncil nl AM) IlltMrA livi , (i (i/H, 15/H7 ANNA IVANO, »7« \ 1 . r IDIIN I'l'KllKlill »7.« » Mayor and C»mmon Council iK Iha lh W.KxIhrldse Now Jertry snd Is available urpd alonl tho westerly ildp ol a;iltl!||ie Township ol WondhrlriiP lor « I'lrn has applied to Ihe Mayor ami F.nerutrlx o« Ui» Eatal * a* ol i Cartcicl l,,i JOHN IKlWMlll ! Borough of Carteret for a Plenary Re („, i,..iv,-Mnn Smith Illh Avemin (formerly Tierce ,i, V Helall Consumption license No. CM Council PAUL IVANO NOTICE aump llllcenje No. C M for street) and from said heidnnlne, point run 'lor premise!! situated «1 Holly and Miirl " Club llrpnw Nn. Cfl-15 Tor premls ' talll ConaumpUon K^lwrtrd J, h>nney '// a Paul'a T«v«r» lake nirtue mat the KOFIKSTMIS premlaea .lluated at 63 Randolph Street. a <;i«s* HHI nln« (1) In a westerly direction and U on Streets, Port Rpnrlin«. Township ol e . situated nt m 211 llonw\ell Avenue R l Sprrptary .12 IIDMI", MSdtJATION h«« applied to the Cnmer 1'enhlng Avenue, Carteret. N. J. L.P. «/«. 1S/*T rUht angles to Mid South llth A\cnuc, Wondbrldcr-. N. J Carteret, .New Jersey. li/R. 15/tif noitd of macle Mayur and Comnmn Council ol the Bor- objection.. If any, ihould ht made! ()l).|ecllon«, it any. any.slmum , , , . ifnrmerly Tierc* Street) one hundrpd feet! (Injections, il nny. ulinulrl ho mailc Im Objections, I. I . It 67 nush ol Carter* lor a Club llcena* No. immediately In writing Ut: Patrick PoNOTICK In a point; thence (2) In a southerly ill- mediately In wrltint lo Joseph V. Va lmmpdl»t»ly In willing lo I Htruk 19 Charles C h l tocnlg, l Borough B h Clerk Clk oil th* th Borough B h ol f T.ke notlc* that ALEX OTOJUA. rectlon and parallel with said westerly:lenll. Municlnnl Clerk. Wnodbrldge, ^ew tiirnlg, Borouith Clrrk C l k ol f the th B BornuBh lake noiic-p thai the IKRAIMAN AM , „ . , r o r p r , m | M i ,it u «l«ld att 15 I'.IIK C1T1/.KNS' CLim has applied s ( r , H i , ; , r t , r e t . New Jersey. WtlCfi Carlpret, New Jpuey. Carteret, New Jersey and BP31THA STOJKA. t/a Bert k Al Una or Soulh llth Avenue 'formerly Jersey. tn tlic Mayor and Common Council nl objections, u , n y , should b« made Im• Signed) SwJlii's Tavern, hav* applied to thu iSiKnedi T\KK N(rnCE that on Friday. Juna JO.jTurp* Street) fifty fpet to a poltit; UIMKP Hie Borough ol Carlerpt lor a Club Mir<1iHtc1y In wrltlni to Patrick Polocnlg, IW7 at 9^.10 oVlock In tha forenoon, I, , 3 , ^ M M ^ , H y dlrtetlon «nd parallel MAMIE BOCKMAN I Mayor and Common Council of th* Bor CAHTKRKT NEW JEH.SIA MARY IIKSAYI IS license Nu. CD-5 (nr premises situated RAYMOND OLE JOHNSON. Infant by hia1 with th* (Irat toura* 100 feet to a point III SIDNEY RfKlKMAN ough ol Carteret lor a Plenary Retail Clerk ,» the Borough ol Carter l.dlKiF, 22.1S I'VUI, PESANTIS at 7.'.B Roowvelt A\cnue, C-Hrtere*. N. J.ct. New Jersey. (luardlan ad Ut*m, OI,B REIDAR JO- th* westerly lln« ol South l l t h Avenue Consumption Ucens* No. C-13 for prem, BENFVdl.KNT ASM HowAnn BCX;KMAN i / a Center nar Objections u " »n.v. should be marie 11ANMFASRN. (bill apply to th« Middle-: (formerly Tlerc« 8!re*t); thrncB (4> In a ise, sltusted at 10-11 Hudson Street, CarPROTECTIVE ORCKR llr > Signed i Tort Rending. N Partners ininicillately in willing to Patrick I'n atx County Court at thp Mlddlmex Coun- northerly direction and alons th* wester. |. p h , i, o n 7 lerpt, N. J. FORESTERS MOMK \!>SO Kl.KS t/a Rockman'. Tavern y trx-nli. Borough Clerk nf the Bornufh ty Court House In th« O t y of N«w BrunaCIATION li l ld S t h 11h A f Raymond Wizn*. Objections, U any, should b* made ImLiquor SUir* ol aald South 11th Avenue i f o r m - , _ _ . ulrk. NPW .leriry tot a Judgment author- erlylino ol (nrtrret, New Jerwy, John Bslewlcz, President F.xalted RlllPl mediately In writing to Patrick Potomlg. LP. «/«, 1S/S7 Tierce Street) fifty feet to a point or NOTIfK t/lnj me to aaaume the name ol RAY- place of Beginning. > Signed l Frank Dardar. Treaaiurer Borough Clerk of th* Borough of- Cartar William A. Fabian. Take notlr» that ESPUSITO'S INC.. t/s MOND IM.K JOHANNESSEN. I'KRMMA.N AMKIIH,AN Joseph G. Shutello, Jr., Secretary et. New Jersey. Secretary Th* lots of land thus described and Honey nee Inn has applied tn the Muni-1 NOTICE $10 M OLE BEn>AR JOHANNHSSBN, CITIZENS' CLVB ' L.P. 6/8, 15/H7 *7.9J (Signed) hereby conveyed being alsn shown, known. T > k , n o t | c ( , i n , t KATHERIVE OTX1NCouncil of tha To«Ti«hlp of Wood-,1..P. «/» il'res,) Omclan Hrab , n d A L I C E c BEDNAR, t/a 0'ALEX STOJKA, JR. S E U ".!?..,«™!n^,"?"LEI5!? • 1 K | designated as Lota No. 71 and No.jbrldKe for a Plenary M a i l Consumption NOTICK Waller Janlw BERTHA STOJKA, JOHNSON Ti on a map which U given in a certain | Uccmit #38 /or premises situated on IM NOTICK nonnell's Bur k Grill, have applied to rt.ri Tske nolle* that THE POLISH AMKR- L.P. 6/8. 15/67 S ..4« t/a Bert 4 Al Stojks's T.vent deed made by John A. Weser. et al. lo 2A, Block 182, Route U. S. No. ». WoodTake nolle* th«t I.1TTI.K COTTON the Mayor and Common Council ol the m « V *VJI'.lNtf mw K i\P|.AN, ICAN CLUB, INC. has applied to the New Brunswick Heights Company, a cor- bridge, N. J. f. t/a Uttle Cotton Club,| Borough of Carttret for * Plenary Retail : L-P• «/•• 17 Cnoke Avpnue Carteret, New Jersey O700I NOTICE AHornpyf lor Petitioner. Tak* nolle* that CARTERtTT L P 6/8 H-22-2!)/ti7 TER snd REFINERY WORKER* UNION. LOCAL NO. (37 has applied to th* , MIKRIFF'S SALE Mayor and Common Council of th* Bori l FKRIOR (111 RT OP NEW JEMET ough of Carteret lor • Club lleens* Ns. n. are liefendants. COUIMBIAN CLUB. INC., has applied to NOTItR REFINERY WORKERS The approximate amount of the *, Partners. NOTICE " n d Common Council of th* Borough of Ihe. Municipal Council of the Township Take notice that LOUIS MOLNAR and Writ of Execution lor th* *al* of mortUNION. IXKAL, NO. 137 t/a McHale't Diner and Bar lent to bo »»U.fied by said sale Is thp, n , Wondbridg* for « Club liw-nse No. VIVIAN MOLNAR. t / » Lou's Tavern, Take notlc. that JOHN 8AND0R, I/a I Carteret for a Plenary Retail Consumptimid premises dated April M, 1967, Thomas D* Fedarlco ^ *f Sixteen tlwusand. two hundred . premises situated a t 130 Main 6/B, 15/67 _ * * • " tlon license No. C * for premlnes tltuh«ve applied to the Mayor snd Common, (:B 2 ( o r fty virtue of th* above stated Writ, to applied lo the President Sandor's Tavern, has Council of th* Borough ol Carteret for a ated at 247 Washington Avenue, Cartent, me directed and delivered, I will expose xty-six ($16,366.00) Dollars more nr l e u Street, Woodbrldse. N. J. Ernest Jones, Mayor and Common Council of th* NOTICK >lus Interest together with Uie coat, of Olijectionj). If any, .hould b* mad* Im- Plenary Retail Consumption " t e n s * No. T k ^ , ( h , C H A H L E S j B RADY. Borough ol Carteret lor a Plenary Re- N - *• „ to sale at pubssTvendue on Secretary . , , . , . . , . , , .his sale. mediately In writing to Joseph V. Va-C36 for premises situated at 5S-57 Per-( / a B r , d y , 1 , ( . „ , , n a , a p p U c d ^ t n e tall Consumption license No. C-« for Objections, If any. should be mad* im- [ L p. 6/«. 15/67 WEDNESDAY, THE fflth DAY OF fH2t The subscriber reserve. Ihe rljrht lo adlentl, Muncipal Clerk, Woodbrldge, New Jhlng Avenue, Carteret, N . J . _ . , . ! Mayor and Common Council of the Bor-p premises situated st 36 Hudson street. | mediately in writing to Patrick; Potocnlg, JUNE A-D.. 1067. t N J th* Borough ol CarterCart.r-j Borough Clerk of the Objections, If sny, , ^ w p , £ ™ d »iough ol C.rter.t. for a Plenaryy Retail Carteret. •I the hour of two o'clock by the then ourn said sal* from time to time subject Jersey. NOTICE New Jersey. ,nly to such limitations or restrictions made let. New Jersey. • Signed) nmedlately In In writing wrltlrg to to P»tric* Patrick pP°o-- Consumption \ C o n . U m M o B license ,iMmK N . cC7 .1 <«, prevailing (Standard or Daylight Saving) immediately No. for nremlse. premises any. BIIVUIU .hould b* Tak* notlc* that AUGUST KRONENthe exercise of such power as may VQjecilons, if u any, uw uiouc. (Signed) WOODBHIDGE COLUMBIAN time in the afternoon of the a i U day, al tocnig. Borough Clerk of t h . Borough ,itMltd , t 3 M Washington Avenue. Car- immediately In writing lo; Patrick PoBERG snd HELEN KRONENBERG I / . E. J. K.. INC CLUB. LNC. the Sheriff's Office in the County Admin be specially provided by law or rules ol ol Carteret, New Jersey. teret, New Jersey. Falcon Hall, hav* applied t« th* Maynr Court. Sold subject to conditions ol sale tocnlg. Borough Clerk of th* Borough I t/a Corner Tavern l»tr*tlon Building, In th* CRy of N*w l^nnard Walters. Prej. (Signed) Objections. If any, should b* made Im of Carter*!, New Jersey. and Common Council ol th* Borough of ROBERT H. JAMLSON, ' Brunswick. N. J. Elizabeth Koclban, P n s . William J. Grauiam. Secy.-Treaa. LOUIS MOLNAR di iti to: t Patrick P t i k Potocnig, P t i mediately In writing Csrteret lor a Plenary Retail ConsumpSheriff. (Signed) I.P. 6/1. 15/67 17.41 Woodbrtdt*. N. J. All the following tract or parcel of land OHN A. SMITH, VIVIAN MOLNAR Borough Clerk of the Borough of Cartertion license No. C-17 for premises situJOHN SANDOR I. I'. 6 / 1 . »/67 $7.92 and the premises hereinafter particularly Attorneys. t / a Lou's Tavern el, N*w Jersey ated at IM Pulaskl Avenue, Cartarat. t/a Sandor's Tavern NOTICE 17.48 described, sltusW, tying and being In the [,.P. 6/1-MJ-2J/67 L P. 6 / 1 . IS/87 (Signed) N. J. ! L.P. 6/1. 15/67 »7.04 Tak* notice that GENERAL STEFANNOTICE Township of Woodbridge, In tha County CHARLES J. BRADY Objections, If any, should be mad* Imtl Middlesex, and State of New Jersey: Tak* notic* that JOHN J. JUUAN NOTICE t/a Brady's Caf* : NOTICE writing u> Patrick Potocnlg. DEPARTMENT OK STATF. and GRACE M. JUUAN, t/a Julian's Take noUce that ALBERT J. BURNS, , p . . . . , , „ RFXIINmNG at a point on th* wuth17.04 Tak* notice that th* AMERICAN CERTIFICATE OF DISSOLUTION the have applied to the Municipal Council t/a Burna- Tavern, has applied to the; •'• *'*• " / 6 7 •rly Bid* of Calvin Street distant lOP LEGION, CARTERET POST NO. 2*3, m>y To all to whom these present* teret for a Plenary Retail Consumption of the Township of Woodbridge for aMayor and Common Council of. the Bor ] westerly along the same wHh Its In has applied t o th* Mayor and Com(Signed) llcens* No. C-1t lor premise, situated at] ••cctinn with the westerly side ol Central urn*. Greeting: Pt.ens.ry Retail Consumption license AUGUST KRONENBERQ WHERGAS. It appears to my satisfac- #C-28 for premises situated at 394 Pearl ough o l Carteret for a P'enaVy Retail | T a k , B O l l c , u,,t SOPHIE KLEBAN, t / a mon Council of th* Borough of CarAvenue and running thence (1) South 21 21 Perilling Avenue, Carteret. N. J. Conramptlon Ikens* No. C-28 lor prem-; „,„ ^ , ^ u ^ to ,„ M a , n d teret for a Club Ucens* No. CB-11 lor HELEN KRONENBERG 35' West W to a point; thence (2) North Ion, by duly authenticated record of the Street, Woodbridge, New Jersey. The officers of the club are: Andrew ises aituated at 211 Roo.evett Avenue ; c , m m o n Borough of Car-premises situated at 1177 Roosevtn t/a Falcon Hall iroceeddngs for the voluntary dissolution «»• 25' West W to a point; thence. (3) Hatala, President; John Rubaha, Vic* L.P. 6/8. 15/67 Objections, II any, should be nude Carteret, N. J. VIM North i l * 35' East 100/ to a point In th« Aiereof by th* unanimous consent of all immediately In writing to Joseph V. Objections, U any, ihould b* made teret for a Plenary Retail Consumption Avenue, carteret. New Jersey. President: George Rlbnlcky. Sr., Finanlicense No C-27 tor premises situated at Objections. If any. should b* mad* h* itockhokiers. deposited in my office, southerly aide of Calvin Street: these* (4) Valentl, Municipal Clerk. Woodbrldgt, Immediately In writing to Patrick Po- S89-571 Roosevelt Avenue, Carteret, N. J. Immediately In writing to Patrick Po- cial Secretary; Frank Medvetz, TreasurCOLUMBUS HALL ASSOCIATION, a South fifT 25- East 30/ along th* south* Noncr New Jersey. tocnlg, Borough Clerk of Uu Borough Objections, If any, should be made Im- tocnlg. Borough Clerk of th* Borough er; Michael Splsak and George Rlbnlcky, aide of Calvin Street to the Point Sid corporation ol this State, whose principal r , Trustees; Michael Keplch, Recording Tak* nollle* that SUCaWf-a corporatioa (Signed) of Cirteret. New Jersey. mediately in writing to Patrick Potocnlg, of Carteret, New Jersey. office Is situated at No. JM Railway Aveplace of BEGINNING. th M of New Jersey, h has applied Mayor (•cretary. JOHN J . JUJAN lid lo to* (Signed) Borough Clerk of Uw Borough of Carterlue. In the Township ol Woodbridge, (Signed) Objections, If any, should be mad* Im- and Commoa Council of th* larough ot Being also known and designated as Lota !ouuty of MMdleesx, State of New Jer- GRACE M. JULIAN ALBERT J. BURNS el, New Jersey. THE AMERICAN LEGION mediately In writing to Patrick Potocnlg, Carteret, for a Plenary Retail wmsump1(M2 nnd 106] In Block «M on the Woodt/a Julian's t / a Bum.' Tavern (Frederick M. Adams being the agent i (Signed) CARTERET POST NO. 2*1 Borough Clerk of the Borough of Carter- tlon License No. C-* for premise* situated bridge Township Tax Map. Woodbridse, N. J. L.P. • / « . 15/«7 therein and In charge thereof, upon whom »7-Mi SOPHIE KLEBAN THEODORE HANSEN at 1363 Roosevelt Avenue, Carteret, New el, New Jersey. The approximate amount of the Judg- process may be served), has compiled L.P. 6/1. 1/67 tr.n 1 t / a Hill Bowl Commander Jersey. (Signed) ment to be satisfied by said sal* la Uwwith the requirements of Title 14, CorporNOTICE L,P. 6/a, 15/67 *6.60 JOSEPH PLETTERKR. Name* and residence* el officers, diGENERAL STEFANIK AMEBJCANsum of Ten thousand, nine hundred six- ations, General, of Revised Statutes of NOTICE Take notice that WILLIAM NEMISH, Finance Officer rectors and stockholders holding en* w teen ($10,916.00) Dollars more or l e a , plus New Jersey, preliminary to the issuing of Take notice that SAM'S BAR * GRILL, t/a Roosevelt Hotel, has applied to th* SLOVAK CITIZENS CLUB NOTICE W.60 more percent of th* stock of said corInterest together with th* costs of Una his Certificate of Dissolution. Andrew Hatala, President INC., a corporation of New Jersey, has Mayor and Common Council of the Bor- Tak* notice that tha HIBERNIAN CLUB L.P. 6/8, 19/67 sale. George Rlbnlcky, Sr., Fin. Secy. poration: NOW THEREFORE. I, the Secretary of applied to the Municipal Council ol the ough ol Carteret for a Plenary Retail ha. applied to th* Mayor and Common NOTICE Mrs. Mary Smith 111.00 Tha subscriber reserve* the right tn ad- itste ol the State of New Jersey. Do Township of Woodbridge for a Plenary Consumption Ucena* No. C-l for prem- Council of th* Borough of Carteret for Take notlca that JOSEPH LESCHEK L.P. 6/8. 19/67 Secretary-Treasure r journ said u l e from time la time subject Hereby Certify that the said corporation Retail Consumption license #C-41 for ises situated at 543-946 Roosevelt Avenue a Club license No. CB-9 lor premise, and ROSE MARIE LESCHEK, Partners M Maple Street NOTICE AM, on th* 26th day of May, 1967. file in only to such limitations or restrictions uppremises situated i t 464 New Brunswick Carteret, New Jersey. situated at 188 Roosevelt Avenue, Car- t/a Dixie's Tavern have applied to the Carteret, N. J. Tak* notice that STEVE MARKOV1CS. on the exercise of such power « may be my office a duly executed and attcited Avenue, Fords, Township oE Woodbridge, Objections, U any, should be mad* taret. New Jersey. Mayor and Common Council of the Alexander Such specially provided hy law or role* olconsent In writing to I tie dissolution olNew Jersey. t/a Steve'a Comer, has applied to the Immediately in writing to Patrick PoPresident Court. Sold subject to coodkUorM of sal*. said corporation, executed by all the Objection*, if any. should be made tocnlg, Borough Clerk of th* Borough Objections, if any. .hould be made Borough of Carteret lor a Plenary Retail Mayor and Common Council ol th* BorImmediately In writing to: Patrick Po- Consumption llcens* No. C-9, lor premises stockholders thereof, which said consent Immediately in writing to Joseph V. ol Carteret, New Jersey, W Maple Street ROBERT H. JAMISON ough of Carteret for a Plenary Retail tocnlg, Borough Clerk of the Borough situated at 958 Roosevelt Avenue, Car and the record of the proceedings aforeCarteret, N. J . Consumption l i o n s * No. C 1 I for premValentl. Municipal Clerk. Woodbrldgt, Sheriff (Signed) of Cartent, New Jersey. ttret. New Jersey. Mary C. Such ises situated at 46 Rooatvelt Avenue. CarKOVACS, ANDERSON, HOROWITZ k said are now on file in my said office u N*w Jersey. WILLIAM NEMISH (Signed) Objections. If any,should b* mad* teret, N. J. provided by law. Vice-President KAOBR (Signed) t / a Roosevelt Hotel HIBERNIAN CLUB immediately In writing to: Patrick PoM Maple Street Attorney. *6j,)t Objections, 11 any, should b* mad* ImSAM'S BAR k GRILL, LNC. L.P. 6/8, 19/67 17 M John O'Donnell. President tocnlg. Borough clerk of the Borough IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I hav* Cartent. N. J. mediately in writing to Patrick Potocnlg, Alan M. Conn, Pres. Eugene OTJonnell, Vic* President of Carteret, New Jersey. hereto set my hand and affixed my offlcl Borough Clerk of th* Borough ol Carter- Objections, If any, should be m i s * ImAllan Schonberger NOTICE Francis Hagan al seal, at Trenton, this 28th day of May (Signed) mediately in writing to Patrick Potocnlg. et, New Jersey, Fords, New Jersey Tak* notice that MARGARET BER SHERIFF'S SALE A.D. one ttwuaand nine hundred and sixty Recording Secretary JOSEPH i , » » d m . Partner Borough Clerk of the Borough oi CarterC8.M ENCSI, t / a Sport* Rest Cocktail Bar L.P, 6/1, 8/67 ' (Signed) •CPERIOB COURT OP NEK IEB8ET sev.n. John Slatttry HOSE MARIB MrymElt,. Partner et, New Jersey. STEVE MARK0VIC9 has applied to th» Mayor and Common LAW DIVISION Financial Secretary ROBERT J. BURKHARDT t / s Dixie's Tavern (Signed) NOTICE t/a SUva's Comer Council of th* Borough at Carteret lor ESSEX COUNTY Richard Connelly Secretary of State P. 6/6. 1S/6T I7.K SUCH'S, Take notice that the COLON1A ME. . _ . L.P. 6/1. 15/67 67.04 Plenary Retail Consumption license Docket No. J t»UM Treasurer ,.P. »/l-»-U-22/67 !»•» 1369 Roosevelt AvnJu* VEIER MS 0 F J C-40 for premise* situated at 63-45 RooseJoseph O'Rourkc, Sentinel NOTICE Bergen Drug Company, Inc., • New Carteret. N. 1. NOTICE FOREIGN WAHS has applied Uie velt Avenue, Carteret, Jersey. applied to to Uie • New John Sklmmons, Marshal Tak* notice that LBBBRO MOLINA SHERIFF'S Jersey corporation. Plaintiff, and College 614.53 L.P. 6/1, 15/67 Municipal Council ol th* Township o | Objections, il any. should be made L.P. 6/1, 19/67 110 » RO and N1CHOUNA. GARCIA, t / a G. Tak* notice that AUGIE SIRS, INC., Pharmacy, Inc., a Hew Jersey corpora SUPERIOR- COURT OF NEW JERSEI t/a El Dora Inn, o u applied to the Stay Woodbridge for a Club license No. Immediately In writing to Patrick Polion, and Kathryn Robttsek. Defendants, *> H. LUtoor 8 t o » . hav* applied to the CHANCERY DIVISION or and Common Council of th* Borough C.B.-12 for premises situated at (M In-tocnlg. Borough Clerk of the Borough NOTICE NOTICE Writ of Execution lor the tale of prem MIDDLESEX COUNTY Mayor sod Common Council of the of Carteret lor a Plenary Retail Consumpman Avenue, Colonia, Township of Wood- of Carteret. New Jersey. Tske aoUca that JOHN PAGE and Take notlc* that GEM TAVERN, INC.. Borough of Carteret. lor Plenary i*e* dated March 31, 1967. Docket No. F-80T7-«6 tion License No. C-29, for premises situbridge, New Jer&ey. DOROTHY M. PAGE, t/a Jack Page's. (Signed) a corporation of New Jersey, has applied ReUU Distribution Ucens* No. D-l for By virtus of the above stated Writ, to GREGORY DOBUSZ, Is Plaintiff, and Objections, if any, should be made MARGARET BERENCS1 to the Mayor and Common Council of premises situated at 7» Washington Ave- ated at 265 Washington Aveout, Cartent. hive applied to the Mayor and Common me directed and delivered, I will expose SAMUEL DAWSON, KEITH DAWSON. New Jersey. Immediately In writing to Joseph V. Council o( th* Borough of Cartent for a t/a Sports Rest Cocktail Bar Ihe Borougb ot Carteret for a Plenary nue. Carteret, New Jersey. to sal* at public vendu* oa WEDNES- PRISCILLA ANN DAWSON, his wife, and •7.04 Retail Consumption license No. C-3S (or Objections, any, should be mad* Objections, if any. should be mad* Im- Plenary ttetall Consumption license No. DAY. THE 28th DAY OF June A.D., 19*7, EOPLES CONSUMER DISCOUNT CO.. Valenti. Municipal Clerk, Woodbrtdge, |L P g / j , N«w Jersey. mediately in writing to Patrick Potocnlg. CM for premises situated at US Roosepremises situated at 136 Washington Av- Immediately • t the hour of two o'clock by th* then writing tot Patrick Pennsylvania corporation, art Defend(Signed) NOTICE enue, Carteret. New Jersey. prevailing (Standard or Daylight Saving) ants. Potocnig. Borough Clerk of t h . Borough Borough Clerk of the Borough of Carter- velt Avenue, Carteret. N. J. et, New Jersey. COLONIA MEMORIAL POST 6081 Objections, U any, should be mad* ImTake notlc* that ANTHONY J. TOP-Names and residences of officers, di- of Carteret, New Jersey. time, in the afternoon of the said day, al Writ of Execution for tha sal* of mort(Signed) VETERANS OP FOREIGN WARS PO, t / a Toppo'i Tavern, has applied to rectors and stockholders holding one or mediately in writing to Pilrtck Potocnlg, tha Sheriff's Office In the County Admin- aged premise* dated April 28. 1967. (Signed) AUGIE SIRS, INC. John G. Woods, Commander Borough Clerk of the Borough of CarUrthe Mayor and Common Council ol the more percent ol the stock of aald corUtratioa Building, In th* City o i New By virtue of the above slated Writ, to LEBERO MOUNARO Walter Palmer, Adjutant, t / a El Dora Inn et, New Jersey. Brunswick, N. J. Borough of Carteret lor » PleJ»sry Re- poration: NICHOUNA GARCIA me directed and delivered, I will expose Colonia, N . J . Augustine C. Zullo, Pres. (Signed) tail Consumption Ucens* No. C-37 tor Michael Poll, President, t/a G. k M. liquor Store BEGINNING oa Uw North Easterly to sal* at pobUo vendue on P. 6/1, 8/67 ta.60 premises situated at 49 Hudson Street, $7.48 JOHN PAGE S7 Unden Av*., Carteret. N. J. L.P. 6/8, 19/67 67.9S L.P. 6/6, 15/67 side of the Turnplk* Road leading toward WEDNESDAY, THE 28th DAY OF DOROTHY M. PAGB Carteret, N. J. Stephen Varga. Viet President Easton, now called Easton Avenue, at JUNE A. D., 1967, NOTICE NOTICE t/a Jack Page's Objections, if any, should be made 399 Penning Are., Carteret. N. J. NOTICE the Westerly corner of a lot of land lately t the hour of two o'clock by the then T»ke nolle* thai MICHAEL MARKOL.P. 6/6.19/67 conveyed by th* Executors of James prevailing (Standard or Daylight Saving) Take notic* that HOPELAWN LIQUOR Immediately in writing to Patrick PoJoseph Poll, Treasurer, Take notlc* that LOUIS W. NAGY Parker, deceased, t» Maxmilllan Martin time, in tho afternoon of the said day, atCORP, INC.. t/a Liquor City, has ap-tocnig, Borough Clerk of th* Borough Carteret N. J. and LILLIAN NAGY t / a Nagy'e wrrz, t / a Mark's Place and Liquor of Carteret, Niw Jersey. and thence running along said Easton the Sheriff's Office In the County Admin- plied U> the Municipal Council of the Objections, li any, should be mad* Im Family Liquor Store, have applied Store, has applied to the Mayor and Com NOTICE Township of Woodbridge, for a Plenary (Signed) Avenue North Westerly Thirty-three (W) lstralton Building, In the City of New mediately in writing to: Patrick Potocnlg to the Mayor and Common Council mon Council of the Borough of Carter* Tak* notic* that JOHN KOKOLUS and Retail Distribution License No. D-l for feet to the corner e l a lot heretofor con- Brunswick, N. J. ANTHONY J. TOPPO Borough Clerk of Uw Borougb of Carter- of tha Borough of Carteret lor a for a Plenary Retail Consumption license- STEPHEN KOKOLUS t/a Ho* 1 ! Tav.rn veyed by said E. Garrlgan and wife to All the lots, tracts or parcels of land premises situated at 127 New Brunswick t / a Toppo'a Tavern et, New Jersey. Plenary Retail Distribution license No. No. C-34 for premises situated at 1241 hav* applied to the Mayor and Common Roosevelt Avenue, Carteret, N. J. Thome* Keogan, by Deed dated January hereinafter particularly described, >ttu- Avenue, Hopelawn, Township ot Wood- L.P. 6/B. 13/67 t7.M (Signed) Council of the Borough of Carter** (or a D-l for premises situated at M-101 Objections. If any, should be made Im- Plenary Retail Consumption Ucens* No. t. 1853, recorded in the Middlesex Coun- ate, lying and being in the Township ol bridge, New Jersey. GEM TAVERN, INC. Roosevelt Avenue. Carteret, N. J. ty Clerk's Office in Book 67 of Deeds. Fo- Piacataway, County of Middlesex and Objections. U any, should be made NOTICE L-P- »/». H/«7 $11.00 Objections, u any, should be made mediately in writing to Patrick Potocnlg, C-U, for premises situated at 61 Hudson Immediately in writing, to Joseph V. Take notice that JULIE MLVUCC1 t / a lio 120. Thenc* running North Easterly Stats of New Jerwy: immediately In writing to Patrick Borough Clerk of til* Borough ol Carter- Street, Carteret, N, J. * W th* South Easterly aide of said KeValentl. Municipal Clerk. Woodbridge, Be-Jays, has applied to the Mayor and NOTICE jti i l any, h Potocnlg. Borough Clerk ol the Borough et, New Jersey. Objections, if should be mad* Imof an Lot on* hundred fourteen feet and BEGINNING at a point formed by the New Jersey. (Signed) Common Council of the Borough of CarTak* nolle* that CITY LINE BAR *of Carteret, New Jersey. mediately In writing to Patrick Potocnlg. eight Inches (114' 8") thenc* beginning Intersection of the southerly side line ol (Signed) MICHAEL MARKOWTTZ teret for a Plenary Retail Consumption GRILL. INC.. t / a City Line Bar it Grill, Borough Clerk of the Borough of CtrierCedarwood Drive (formerly Walnut Street (Signed) Mala I t the beginning point and running HOPELAWN LIQUOR CORP., INC. license No. C-18 for premises situated has applied to Uie Mayor and Conunon t / a Mark's Plac* and tt, New Jersey. extension) with the easterly side Una ol LOUIS W. NAGY t / a Liquor City Liquor Slors at 4 Cooke Avenue. Carteret, N. J. Council of the Borough of Carteret for . . . ' (Signed) thence along the Northerly line of said Dogwood Drive (formerly Sixth Place) LILLIAN NAGY Jonas Donner, President L.P. 6/8, 19/67 Objections. It any. should be made a Plenary Retail Consumption license Martin Lot et right angle* to said Ave- running thence along tha southerly side *7-*8 JOHN KOKOLUS snd t/a Nagy'. Family Liquor Store Mildred Donner, -Secy-Treasurer immediately tn writing to Patrick Po- No. C-14 for premises situated at nue one hundred twenty eight feet and line of Cedarwood Drive. (1) South 84 de-L.P. 6/1, J/67 • STEPHEN KOKOLL'S L.P. • / « . 15/67 »7.»2 $8.36 1 tocnlg. Borough Clerk of the Borougb Roosevelt Avenue, Carteret, N. J. lour inches (128'4"); thence North West- gree* 03 minutes East 100 leet to a point NOTIl,! ' I,_ HOV'B Tsvern v m of Carteret, New Jersey. The officers and directors of (aid corNOTICE erly to the South Easterly comer 0! said running thence (21 South S degrees 98 Take notlc* that CRIDELL. INC, t / » l , p , , . „ , „ • * ' * „ « NOTICK (Signad) poration are Glovanina Rlbas, 3 Roose- Take notice thai THE FIRST SLOVAK Cridell, Inc., has sppUed to the Mayor r ' ' ""• " / l " Keogan's Lot and termination of th* Sec-minutes West 175 feet to • point; running Take notice that ST. ANTHONY'S ^ velt Avenue, Carteret, N. J.i Faima Ca- CITIZENS CLUB has applied to th* JULIE M1MICC1 ond Course hereinafter mentioned 1 said thence (3) North 84 degrees 03 minutes HOLY NAME SOCIETY has applied lo and Conunon Council of Uie Borough of NOTICE tri, 3111 Carteret Ave., Carteret, N. J.i Mayor and Common Council of Uw Bor-Carteret for a Plenary Retail Consump- Take notice that CARPATHO-RUSS1AN granted Lot bounded North Westerly by West 100 feet to a point in the aforemen- the Municipal Council of the Township t / a Be-Jays M-SO Theresa Donovan, in Polk Ave., Carteret, ough ol Carteret for a Plenary Retail tion license No. C-10 for premises situ- AMERICAN CITIZENS' CLUB has apIxit now or formerly of Thomas) Keogan, tioned easterly side line of Dogwood of Woodbridge, for a D u b License No L.P. «/«. IS/57 Consumption license No. C-41 lor prem- ated at 835 Roosevelt Avenue, Carteret. N. J. South Easterly by l o t now or formerly Drive, running thence (4) along said .ids CB-16 for premises situated at 881 West plied to th* Mayor and Commoa Council NOTICE Objections, ii any, should be made Im. ises situated at 735 Roosevelt Avenue. New Jersey. Maxmilllan Martin; North Easterly by uw North S degrees 58 minutes East 175 Avenue, Port Reading, Township of of th* Borough of Carteret for a Club OFFICERS Tak* notice that WILLIAM J. SITAR, mediately In writing to: Patrick Potocnig, Carteret, New Jersey. land now or late of James Parker, de- feet to th« point and place of BEGIN- Woodbridge, New Jersey. for premises situated »MMJ JR., t / a Sltar'a Liquor Store, has ap- Borough Clerk of the Borough oi Carterp - tt Colonial Lake Drive.! at Objections. U any, ihould be mad* John P. Phillip. ceased, and South Westerly by said Av NING. 1 John Streot, carteret, N. J. Objections, If any, should ba made plied to th* Mayor and Common Council et, New Jersey. J immediately in writing to: Patrick Po- Trenton. N. J. - Pres. sue. BEING known aa part* ol lotj 20-26 In- Immediately In writing to Joseph V. Objections, it any, should be msde imtocnig, Borough Clerk of th* Borough of Anne T. Phillips - 23 Colonial Lake Drive, mediately in writing to Patrick Potocnlg, (Signed) Being the same lands and premises clusive In Block 2. Map No. 9 Halght k Valenti, Municipal Clerk. Woodbridge, or the Borough of Carteret for a Plenary Trenton, N. J. • Se«.-Tre*4. Retail Distribution Ucens* No. D 4 for Carteret, New Jersey. CITY LINE BAR k GRILL. INC. known as #47 Easton Avenue, New Brun- Todd. Borough Clerk of the Borough of CarterNew Jersey. DIRECTORS (Signed) premises situated at 1297 Roosevelt Av*Glovanina Rlbas, President sjvclck. New Jersey. The approximate amount of tha Judg(Signed) John P. Phillips - 22 Colonial Lake Drive, et, New Jersey. nue, Carteret, N. J. 3 Roosevelt Avenue THE FIRST SLOVAK CITIZENS The approximate amount of the Judg- ment to b» Bitlsfled by aald sale Is Uie (Signed) ST. ANTHONYS HOLY NAME Objections, U any, should be msda Trenton, N. J. CLUB Carteret. N. J. ment to be satisfied by said sale U the sum of Nina thousand, five hundred CARPATHOHUSSIAN AMERICAN SOCIETY Anne T. Phillips • 22 Colonial L a i . Drive, immediately in writing to Patrick Po-,L.P. f/8. 19/67 •10.56 J. Saraka, Jr., president sum of Twenty-eight thousand, six hi eighty-one (S9.58I.00) Dollars more or less. CITIZENS' CLUB 1 Rocco Clardlello, President Trenton, N. J. tocnlg. Borough Clerk of th* Borough A. Chamra, Secretary dred thirty-one ($28^31.00) more or less, plus Interest together with the costs ol John Kunak, President, Carmen Barbatto, Vice-Pns. Leon B. WIUner 1119 Concord Court, of Carteret, New Jersey. NOTICK Andrew W. Banick, Treasurer plus Interest together withUhe coat* this sale. 32 Atlantic St.. Csrtrret, N. J, Henry Klemp, Secretary Nortnlak*, 111. > $8.36 I Take notice that CARTERET HOTEL L.P. 6/B, 15/67 (Signed) this sale. The subscriber reserves the right to ad Michael Puna, Secretary, • William Surdi, Treasurer STOCKHOLDERS [ ! CORPORATION. INC.. t/a Gypsy Camp, . 1 WILLIAM J. SITAR. JR. Tho subscriber reserves the right Journ said sale from time to time subject I, p "„'), 77 George St., Carteret. N. J. John P. Phillips is the beneficial owner NOTICK 1 has applied to the Mayor and Common I **•'" t / a SiUr's Liquor Store adjourn said u l e from time to time sub- only limitations or restrictions y to Peter Bucsak, Treasurer, 17.04 Council of the Borough ol Carteret lor Take notice that STEPHEN PETRACH ot all share* of the stock of Cridell, Inc. ~ " l . . P . 6/8, 15/67 ject only to such limitations or restric upon the h exercise of such power as may 48 Lee St., Port Reading, N. J NOTICE a Plenary Retail Consumption license | and ANDREW PETRACH, t/a- Petrach'. | Objections, if any, should be made tioas upon the exercisa of such power be specially provided by law or rule. o< 19.14 Take notice that V1RO, INC., t/a Vlru's. No. premises situated at I Bar, and Immediately In writing to Patrick Po- L.P. 6/8. 15/67 NOTICE may be specially provided hy law , have applied pp to t h . Mayor y Court. Sold subject to conditions of sale. o C-38 for rp tocnig. Borough Clerk of tha Borougb' ha. applied to Ihe Municipal Council ol' Take notice that JOSEPH MAJOROS, rule* of Court. Sold subject to conditions ROBERT H. JAMISON Common Council of the Borough of Car- of Carteret. New Jersey. Holly Street, Carteret, New Jersey. NOTICE the Township of Woodbridge, for a | applied to the Mayor and Common Objections, If any. should be made teret (or a Plenary Retail Consumption nal of sal*. Sheriff (Signed) ' I T a k < "Mc* t h " JULIUS DARAB and Plenary Retail Consumption License, council ol the Borough ol Carteret lor Immediately In writing to: Patrick Po-1 license No C-30 for premise) situated ROBERT H. JAMISON. GERALD A. FLANZBAUMV CRIDELL, INC ROSE DARAB, t/a Darsb's Tavern, hav* No. C-18, for premises situated at 244' a Plenary Retail Consumption license tocnlg, Borough Clerk of the Borough ] at 19 Mercer Street, Carteret, N. J. Sheriff. Attorney t/a Cridell inc ! applied lo th* Mayor and Conunon Cou»Objections, if any, ihould be made LOWHNSTEIN and SPICEH 667.20 Amboy Avenue, Woodbridge, New Jersey. No. C-23 for -premises situated at 215 of Carteret. New Jersey. ,.P. 6/1-H-15-22 " $13.64 cil of the Borough ol Carteret, for a immediately In writing to: Patrick P o | L . P . 6/S-13/67 Objections, if any. should be made Im- Roosevelt Avenue. Carteret, N. J. (Signed) Attorneys. Plenary Retail Consumption license No. mediately in writing to Joseph V. Vatocnlg, Borougb Clerk of th* Borougb of;— CARTERET HOTEL CORPORAL P . «/l-»-15.22/67 M.10 NOTICE Objections, U any, should be made NOTICE |c-S, for premises situated at 50-M WashTION, INC. Carteret, New Jersey. Take notice that FRANK D'ALESSIO, lenti. Municipal Clerk, Woodbridge. New Immediately in writing to Patrick PoTake notice that MICHAEL MISKO and Ington Avenue. Carteret, New Jersey. t/a Gypsy Camp (Signed i tocnig, Borough Clerk ol the Borough I/a Flip's, has applied to th* Municipal Jersey. SHERUT'8 SALE VERONICA MISKO t / a Misko's Cafe, Objections, if any, should be made Im(Signed) George A. Brown, President STEPHEN PETRACH and of Carteret, New Jersey. Council of the Township of Woodbridge •UPEKIOR COURT o r NEW JERSEI have applied to the Mayor and Common mediately in writing to Patrick Potocnlg, Robert W. Brown. Vice President VIRO, INC. ANDREW PETRACH (Signed) ror a Plenary Retail Consumption license CHANCERY DIVISION [[Council ol the Borough of Carteret lor aBorough Clerk o< the Borough of CarterCecelia Brown, Secretary t / a Viro'a t/a / Petrach'. Bar JOSEPH MAJOROS No. C-l for premises situated at Green MIDDLESEX COUNTY $7 48 Plenary Retail Consumption license No. et, New Jersey. Stephen J. Capestro. President $6.16! L.P. 6/8, 15/67 18.80 L.P. 6/8, 19/67 Street and Railroad Avenue, Iselln. Town L.P. 6/8, 15/67 Docket Ns. F-MU4-4S 1 Signed) C-22 for premises situated at 139 RanRosemarie Pupa, Vice President Magyar Savings and Loan Association ship of Woodbridge, N. J. JULIUS DARAB dolph Street, Carteret, N. J. Vivian Capestro, Secretary NOTICE NOTICK NOTICE of New Brunswick, N. J . , (a New Jersey Objections, U any. should be made ROSE DARAB Objection., If any. .hould be made ImJoseph Papa, Treasurer nolle* that JOSEPH SANDOR Tak« notice that LEON I". NOWAK Take Take nolle* that WILLIAM KOUBAS. Corporation) Is Plaintiff, and Mary A. Immediately in writing to Joseph V. t/a Daub's Tavern t . a Kolibas' Tavern has applied to the t/a Leo's Inn has sppUed to the Mayor BAR, INC., t/a Joe's Bar, has applied mediately In writing to Patrick Potocnlg, 1'lttman, lormwly known a s Mary A.Valentl, Municipal Clerk. Woodbridge, L.P. 6/1, 8/67 •7 41 h Mayor My d Common C C i l of f Borough Clerk of the Borough of Carter-;L.P. 6/8, 15/67 and Council Mayor and Common Council ol the Bor-and Common Council of the Borough Nagy, and William J. Pittman, her hus-New Jersey. g of to the ou h o f NOTICE «.„ „ . . « . « . < . * Carteret for a Plenary Retail Carteret for a Plenary Retail Consump- the Borough ol Carteret for a Plenary et, New Jersey. band; Broadway Bank 4 Trust Company, (Signed) NOTICE (Signed) Tak* IkjUca that the SPORTSMANS Consumption license No. C-2O lor prem- tion license No. c-34 tor premises iltu- Retail Consumption license No. C-43 lor a banking corporation of New Jersey; FRANK D'ALESSIO, Take notice that th* COLUMBIAN MICHAEL MISKO. PUB., INC. has applied to the Municipal is«) situated at 41-43 Pershlng Avenue, ated at 562 Roosevelt Avenue, Carteret. premises situated at 74 Penning Avenue, Donald P.. Cfarlck, Trustee of the Bankt/a Flip's CLUB has applied to th* Major and VERONICA MISKO Ijclin. N J I Council of the Township of Woodbrldfe Carteret. N Carteret, New Jersey. rupt Estate of Mary A. Pittman. a / k / a N. J. N. J. Common Council of th* Borough of Cart/a Misko't Cafe. •7 4glfor a Plenary Retail Consumption License Objections, if any, should be made Mary A. Nagy; Donald E. Clarick. Trus- L.P. 6/1, 8/67 Objections, if any. should be made Objection., if any, should be made Ini17.46 teret far a Club license No. CB-2, fof No. C-8 for premises situated at 524 New Immediately in writing to Patrick Po-1 mediately In writing to Patrick Potocnlg, immediately in writing to: Patrick Po- L.P. 6/8. 15/67 tee of the Bankmpt Estate of William J. premlsee situated at 164 High Street. CarBrunswick Avenue, Fords. Township of tocnig. Borough Clerk of th* Borough' Borough Clerk of the Borough of Carter- ocnig. Borough Clerk oi Ihe Borough I'iltman, ar* Defendants, Writ of Execu NOTICE teret, N. J. NUTICE tion for the sai« n( mortgaged premises Take notlc* that FRANK MONTECAL- Woodbridge, New Jersey. et. New Jersey. ]of Carteret, New Jersey. of Carteret, New Jersey. Take notice that CARTERbT LIQUOR The officers of the club are: Thomas lUted April 14, '.967. (Signed) (Signed) VO, t / a Mayfair Bar and Grill, hat ap- Objections, if uny, should be made Im(Signed) Hsnley, Jr., President: Anthony Sanlllo, STORE. INC.. t/a Weiss' CarWret Liquor LEON k'. NOWAK, i JOSEPH SANDOR BAR. INC. WILLIAM KOLIBA.S Hy virtue of the above stated Writ, to plied to the Municipal Council of themediately In writing to Joseph V. ValenStore, Inc.. has applied to the Mayor and Vlc« President; Leon Cur ran, Jr., Treat/a Leo's Inn t/a Joe's Bar me directed and delivered, I will expose Township ol Woodbrldg* tor a Plenary tl, Municipal Clerk. Woodbridge, New t/a Kolibas' Tavern surer: Walter A. Campbell, Financial SecCommon Council of the Borough ol Cap $7.04 Joseph Sandor, Pres. J7.O4 L.P. 6/8, 15/67 to u l e at public veadue on WEDNES- Retail Consumption license No. C-60 lorJersey. L.P. «/8, 15/67 leret lor a Plenary Retail Distribution!retary; John Petroslno, Recording SecH(Signed) ' Margaret Sandor. Secy.-Treas. DAY, THE 28th DAY of June A.D., 1967, premises situated at Rahway Avenue SPORTSMAN'S PUB. INC. \ NOTICE L.P. 6/8. 1J/67 : i i license No. I>3. [or premises situated at'tary. at the hour of two o'clock by the then and Prospect Street, Woodbridge, N. J. NOTICE Eugene Catino. President _ - 66 Cooke Avenu*. Carteret, N. J. I Objections. II any, should be made ImTake nolle* that ANN KARAKOWS1U - — prevailing (Standard or Daylight Saving Take notice that CARTERET CRAFTS Objections, U any, should be made Robert A. Anderson, Secretary Objection., if any, should be mad* im. mediately in writing t* Patrick Potocnlg, L.P. « / l , 8/67 »7,48 d i t l i writig t Patrick Potocnlg 1 Borough Clerk of th* Borougb of tarter-





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T BOARD OF FIRE COMMISSIONERS I NOTICK FIRE DISTRICT NUMBER ONE COLUMBIAN CLUB. (Signed) Take uotlc* that COLUMBIAN CLUB, Borough of C Carteret, Plenary C.rteret. N. J. ; J » . « - * ' • « "oo.ev.lt Avenue. ^ ^ o J . ^ t for o ^a P ^ , Re^ ~ > [ ^ ^ 1 ^ Hanley, , ' ' ^ .Jr., : President President WOODBRIDGE TOWNSHIP, NEW JERSEY Thomas ISELIN. N. J., has applied t( to the Muni- Street. LIQUOR STORE. tall Distribution license No. D-5, lor Objection.. If any, should be made Carteret, New Jersey. | L.P. «/8, 15/67 cipal Council ol the Townshi: p of Wood INC. premise, situated at 152 Washington COMPARATIVE BALANCE SHEET Immediately In writing to Patrick Po-; Objections. If any, should be made Imt/a Weiss' Carterel Liquor Clerk ol the Boroug* mediately In writing g to Patrick Potocnig, . . Aveuue, Carteret, New Jersey. NOTICK Vuldiru6Gr.ndslreiI Balance situated at 116 Grand Street.. $lor«. Inc. ' Balance Objections, if any, should t » made ret, U e r , of U» Borough ol CarterTake notice that WUEELKK INM, INC.. laelin. ^Township oi Woodbridge, Nsw Joseph Welsa, Pres. immediately In writing to: Patrick Poet, New Jersey. ew JetMy> Feb. 28, 196T Feb. 28,1966 Jersey., (Signed ed) a corporation ol New Jersey, has applied *8* tocnlg, Borough Clerk of the Borough L.P. i/t. 15/6T (Signed! CARTERET CRAFTSMEN'S to the Mayor and Common Council of th* Objections. U any, should be nude of Carterel, New Jersey. ANN ASSETS CLUB, INC. Borougb ol Carteret for a Plenary Retail Immediately in writing to Jgpeph V. NOTICK (Signed) Andrew's Tavern President, Heni-y J. Saakes Tak* notice that STAR LANDING POST Consumption license No. C-3. for premises $25,Ml.06 $17,701.13 Valenti, Municipal CleiK. Woodbrldgt, WILLIAM SITAR Cash. XV. «78. 1J/67 »7.04 Vice President, Robert W. Uuum situated at 7 Wheeler Avenue. CarUrel,


New Jersey. ,#S3U. VCTKHANS OK FOREIGN WARS, t/a Sltar's Tackag* SUjn Treasurer, Harry Happ t, M has applied to the Mayor and Common New Jersey. (Signed) L.P. 6/8, 15/67 NOTICK Secretary, Ronald Szpak Council ol the Borotifh of Carteret for a Names and residences of otflcers, diCOLUMBIAN CLUB, 1SKI.IN, N. J. Take notice thai ALEX PRVWATA has U P . «/8. 15/67 M.M Club Ucenw No. CB-8 for premises lo- rector, and Jttockholder. holdin£ one «T $ 8,187.16 P. M, Traynor - President NOTIfK I 7,809.93 applied to the Mayor and Common Coun-| J. A. Odenbeimer - Vice-i'ies. Take nollt'6 that CATHOLIC WAR caled s t 1 Harris Street and Parshtng more per cent of the slock oi said « m cil of th* Borough of Carteret for a Plen NOTICK . 5,000.00 Avenue. Cartefet. New Jersey. poration: H. <:. Tully - Treasurer Take nolle* thai ERNEST fAZEKAS. ary Retail Consumption llcens* No. C 311 VETERANS, ST. ELLAS POST #797, h u Mary Smith 9,513.97 T. P. Agosta • Secretary . 12,701.13 t/a b o i r t B . , • .Jd G r S l l l i . ap P uei\o I , " premise, .ituated at W Roosevelt Av- Capplied to. Ui. Mayor » d Common Coun- Objections, if any, should be mad* Imu 16 Sec reta r y -T reature r, L.P. « / l , 8/67 lie mediately In writing lo Patrick Potocnlg. lue larterei * 'J * H Borough ol Cfcrterat for s . —-- -the Mayor and Common Council ol the *nue._ Carteret. n N. J. «« Mapl* Street, Carton., N. *. Objections If any.'should b* mad* Im-iclub license M o C'B-7 for premises ic-|Borough Clerk ol tbt Borough ol Cartcr$17,701.13 $25,511.06 Borough of Carttret lor a Plenary ReAlexander Such, President. NOTICE mediately In writing to Patrick Potocnig,! " W at 100 Jwkwn Avenue, Carter*, el. New Jersey. 66 Maple Street, Carteret, N J. Tak* notice that JOHN R0YI.K, IKIR- tall Consumption license No. ( 2 lorBorough Clerk of th* Borough of Carter-1 New Jtrsey. Signedi .KIO—HI premises .Hutted at W Pekola Terrace, £UZABETH DAp Mary C. Such, Vice President STAR WNDlNt) TOST #2314. This Sgramtrj of Auditfortha year ended February 28, 1967, »THY ROYLE and EUJ Objections, 11 sny, should be mad*| et. New Jersey. Carteret, N J. 66 Mspl* Street. Cartenl, N. 1. VETERANS OK FOREIGN WARS immediately in writing to: Patrick I'o-i o{ the Board 5 afire Commissioners, Fire District Number One, 1 "" ^as aPppuedriu>lllthe/a iSlgned) j , y, shouK be madel Objections, ii any, Objections, if sny, should b* pisd* Inv Alfred, E. Oakley locnig, Borough Clerk of th* Borougb ot ALEX i'HYWAIA ditl I ii Is writing tu Patrick I'n lor Immediately . mediately Id writing to Patrick Potocmj, Woodbridge v To**ihip, K«w imty, is published twice as re-'m'of th. Township of Commander Caxteret, New Jersey {a Plenary HaUII Consumption License tocnlg, Borough Clerk ol th* Borougk L.P. Iff. 19/<7 \ Borough Clerk ol the Borougb of Carteret, I'rank Buias (Signed) iiuired by R.S. 40iUl-3T. Carteret, New Jersey. IJTC-ti, for premises aituated at 1139 St. , New J tasty. Sr. Vice Commander CATHOLIC WAR VKTKB.ANS, NOTICK (Signed) Ueorge. Avenue, Colonia, TuwiislUp of (Signed) Vincent Bastlici JOHN J. KELLNKH ST. EL1AS POST #797 , Take nolle* thai the ST. DKMETRIUS ERNEST FAZKKAS Woodbridge, New Jersey. Jr. Vice Commander WUJ£JiXKR INN, Die Alex R- Faiekaa. MEN'S CLUB OIT CARTERET. NEW Treasurer t/a Ernie's ataj sod UnlJ Objections, If any, should b* made lin I L.P. • / * . l»/«? Comjnuder. JKsVIKVs kM twUexl to the Mayor u d L.P. $22.88 BMdltM? In writing to Joseph V. Va- L P . «/*• L.P. l/l-S/W

LIABIUTraS AND SURPLUS Budget Appropriation S t H r v e s . Reserveto*Drill TOwer Surplus

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Wednesday, June 7, 10B7

PROlin WINNERS — Are ths mrmbprs of the Fitzgerald Tavern Sofehtll Team, which had the distinction of upsetting the famed "King and His Court" at the Woodhridge High School Stadium last Friday night. Although Feigner clowns around a bit, he has marvellous control of the ball. However, the Avenel team managed to reach him for several clean hits. LEGAL NOTICES



^ Carteret Slow Pitch League

Till: KING WAS HAPPY — When (his photograph wan taken Friday night before the heralded game between the "King and Hit Court" and a crack team from Fitzgerald's Tavern in Avenel. The "Ktng" Eddie Feigner shakes hands with somber Francit Fitzgerald, captain of the Tavern team while Bill Roland, who sponsored the game in behalf of the New Jersey Dlahetet Association. Other members of the "Court" look on. When the gamt »nd«d at dusk the Fitzgerald Club had taken over the famed travelling aggregation, 3-2.

| Jackpot Golf .ighty-Five Youngsters Opens on Rt. 1 *ass Health, Physical Iducation Fitness Test

time from Avenel #23 and Jef-

Section 10. This ordinaBC* shall frey Helm an and Michael Heleffect twenty days tfter «h* first man, brothers, have also quallicatkm thereof After final passage. JOSEPH NEMYO ified for the first time from CoPresident of the Council Said Ordinance remain* on file in the. lonia #20. r iollnnj: office of the Municipal Clerk for public Qualifiers inolude: Lynn QieSection, 1—Definitions The following WOODBRTDGE - Jackpot inspection. terms, pbrases and wordn as used in and nieczko and Valerie Olsen, J&L Auto Body, 23; Notice is further given that said ordin Golf will open in Woodbridge fir the purpowj of Hits Ordinance shall Sportsman Ass'n.. 10. Woodbridge # 1 ; Lois Daniels, ance will be further coosKered for final he deemed to have the following on Route #1 adjacent to the passage by suM Council at » regular meanings. Judith Hegedus, Diane Payeemeeting of that body to b* held in Ute A -A «notof vehicle, excepting such Council Chamber at the Municipal Build- in the fourth inning to beat the Area golfers and non-golfers vehicles an run only upon rails or tracts, WOODBRIDGE — Ernest Du- three inches in diameter and ko, James Lombardi. Lois ing, Woodbridge, N. J., on Tuesday the Sportsman team 23 to 10. Ko•ihall he deemed abandoned if found on alike will be given the oppor- iay, Director of Physical Ed- embroidered in gold, red and Adams, Ronald Hruska, Lynn any public street or highway or any lands Mth day of June, 1987, at S o'clock in the hearing current registration plates, evening, at which place and time all per- libas and Kinch. had homers tunity of hitting the Jackpot. A cation in the Woodbridge white on blue. The emblem is Jacob and Andrem Teffenhart, rprnainintf unused, inoperable on sons interested will be given an opportun- for the winners. public street or highway or upon any hole-in-one triggers an electron- 'ownship Public Schools, an- designed to be worn on sweat- Colonia #2 & 16; James Short ity to be heard concerning said ordinance. lands foi*more than fifteen (15) days. JOSEPH V. VAIiENTI ic alarm system that has been otuiced that 85 children; 45 ers, jackets and blazers. The and Beverly Wasko, Fords #7; PUS111O~A7C., 16; H "Police Department" shall mean Municipal Clerk designed and installed within a boys and 40 girls, from the emblem bears a white numeral Kevin Hayes, Sam Marshal, Pnlic* Department of th* Borough ot Section L Tha sanitary sewer system L.P. S/S/87 S4S.54 1st Presbyterian M. C, 3. Carteret. maintained and operated by the Townstandard sized golf cup. Horns more than 3,000 fifth and sixth on a red field which indicates Deborah Chervenak and MauPusillo team got 10 big runs C—"BiftmiKh" ghall mean the Borough ship of Woodbrktge, in the County of MidSHERIFF'S SALE blow and lights flash each time grade boys and girls tested in the number of times the recip reen Osiecki, Port Reading #9; •I Carte&t. dlesex, shall be improved by constructing SUPERIOR COURT Of NEW JERSEY in the second inning to wallop Hopelawn D-'-Junk motor vehicle" shall mean ho Fifth Street Sanitary Sower In the a hole-in-one is made at Jack- the American Association for lent has won the Presidential Linda Schulack, CHANCERY DIVISION the 1st Presby. Men's Club. *ny motor vehicle which is no longer In ?ort Beading Section of the Township #10; Joyce Kaposztas, Gary MIDDLESEX COUNTY pot Golf. Health, Physical Education and Award. A new number will be actual use as a motor vehicle or which is rom an existing manbola in the center Riehey Pusillo and Steve Kon1 Docket No. F-3IJ-W wholly -unfit without rebuilding or ine of Tappen Street and Fifth Street, THE EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE Among the prizes for a hole- tecreation Youth Fitness Test added each year, until 1974 Lukacs, Sherri Ur and Lillian Ti-condltKTning for use for highway vesterty Mo feet to a terminal manhole, SOCIETY THE UNITED . • J * h i t , 1 » » « » - MMMtta ™<> in-one are: an expensive golf ave qualified for the Presi- when a distinguished group will Britt, Woodbridge #11; Scot* SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES, transportation or which has been .ogetber with manholes, house connectcorporation of the Stats of New York. MeQWlCK had three hits each. discarded for use as a motor vehicle. ons and other appurtenances necessary bag, head covers to match; a lential Physical Fitness Award. become eligible to wear the Blackman, Bonnie Del Contt, plaintiff, and) ARTHUR JONES; COTY Section. 2 ft i» hereby declared and for such newer. T9ie improvement shall be one year subscription to Golf Qualifiers will be recipients first Presidential Physical Fit- Karen Brody, Cathy Paul, John determined that tha public policy of the constructed at the locations in accord- MACHINE CORPORATION, * corporEl Dora Inn, 11; l:ornugh-is to prevent the unsightly and ance with the plan and Brattle entitled ation; iDd HILLSIDE STATE BANK, a Magazine; a golf glove, a color- of the Presidential Physical Fit- ness Award emblems on which Bird, Kenneth Gray and Eri« Cornell Estate, 10. unsafe conditions upon any public street "Plan and Profile of Proposed Sanitary New Jersey banking corporation, are Krenlzman, Cobnia #17; SteDefendants. ful golf umbrella, a dozen golf ness Award which is an attract- the number "8" appears. nr highway or upon any lands which The El Dora team came from ondtttom result from abandonment ol Sewer for Fifth Street", dated August, Writ of Execution lor the sale ol ven Oxman, Thomas Domanballs, a golf shirt, golf sweater, 1862. prepared by Clwrle* W, Beagle, ve certificate (8V4" x 11") suit In order to receive this out icp, Evelyn Donofrio, Karen li.ntiir' vehicles or Junk motor vehicles mortgaged premises dated May 4, 1967. behind to beat the Cornell team, greens fees for two at a local Township Engineer. ible for framing; printed in standing award, boys and girls, Section 2. The sum of 19,000 is hereby By vlr^je or the above itated Writ, to 11 to 10. Behind 7 to 0, the win^prtiorC 3—No perion shall abandon a ma directed and delivered, I will expose ners scored five runs in the Country Club, a silver ball [old and black bearing the ages 1017, must score at or Davis and John Howard, Iselin ii'tor \fhlcle or any part or parts appropriated to the payment of the cost to sale at public vendue on of constructing such sanitary sewer immarker with the winner's name '"•reof Jip"" the public streets ot President's signature, the Pres- above the 85th percenttle on all #18; Donna Orsag, Debra seventh and four runs in the WEDNESDAY. THE Wl DAY OF hways>or upon public or private lands provement. Such appropriation shall be engraved; a coupon book worth JULY A.D., 1967, ident's seal, a congratulatory seven items of the AAHPER Lord, Susan McKeage and Patti eighth inning to win. Hercek met from the proceeds ol the sale of the jthin th» borough. at the hour nf two o'clock by the then No person shall park, leav* bonds authorized, and the down payment prevailing (Standard or Daylight Sav- and Daoey had homers for El $10 at Jackpot Golf, a set of message and th» recipient's Youth Fitness Test and also Lechleiter, Menlo Park #19; •r store any Junk motor vehicle or appropriated, by this ordinance. Satd ImFrank Giase, Jeffrey Helman, interesting golf books, a publi- name. must be students in good stand- Michael Helman, Christopher .i".-indnned motor vehicle or any part or provement shall be undertaken as a gen- ing) time in the afternoon of the said day, Dora, Elec hit a homer for the city portrait, golf cap and other '. rin thereof, on any lands or premise* eral improvement and no part of the at the Sheriffs Office hi U» County Ad losers. ing and be recommended by i mure than fifteen (15) days within the cost thereof shaH be assessed against ministration Building, in the City of New Kortz, John Franken, Ellen prizes including i large hole- In addition, the Board of EdBrunswick, N.J, Flornush. property especially benefited. in-one trophy which holds the cation will award an emblem, their school principal. Baureis, Anna Marie Giordano, Siition 5 - N o person shall permit or Section 3, It is hereby determined and Premises m th* Township ol Wood Gypsy Camp, 13; allow any ,iuni motor vehicle or stated that (1) Die making of uuch im- bridge, Middlesex County, New Jersey. Lynn Jacob and Andrew Tef- Jill Buzzi and Audrey Freund, souvenir winning ball. Anyone ithitiidnDeVl motor vehicle or any part or provement (hereinafter referred to as BEGINNING at a point in the southSt. Joseph HNS, 2. fenhart from Colonia #2 & 16 Colonia #20; Deborah Satkowcan win since the target green pans thereof to be parked, left, stored or Gypsy Camp won its first is a mere 100 yards from the tnnintnincd for more than fifteen (15) "purpose"), is not a current expeaw of westerly sideline nf Cambridge Drive and Audrey Freund from Co- ski, Elaine Zapala, Mark Chitd.i>s on premises owned or rented by laid Township, and (2) it Is necessary to Uvsreln distant 636 feet northwesterly front ame in the league, beating the finance said purpose by the issuancn of its Intersection with the northwesterly lonia #20 have qualified for the vette, Gary Witcher and Denis* teeline. such person. obligations of said Township pursuant to sideline of New Dover Road and from St. Joes HNS 13 to 2. King second straight year. Peter s « i i o n 6 - T h e Polios Department shaH the Local Bond Law of New Jersey, and said point of Hemming running: The Woorthririge location Is WOODBRIDGE — A meeting Fenton and Patrick Fenton, Dunbar, Colonia #21; David tik,- possession of all abandoned motor (3) tbe estimated cost of said purpose b 11) along said southwesterly line at thre« a four hitter of which Heiaer, Colonia #22; Ralph ^'nicies und remove same to a storage 19/100, and (4) $490 of said sum is to he Cambridge I>rtvn north 61 degrees « three were made in the second unique insofar as it is the pro>f the bazaar committee of St. twins have qualified for the first Esposito, Peter Fenton and Pat1 pi-u-o designated by the member of th* provided by the down payment herein minutes 35 seconds west W 3 ' feet to a totype for Jackpot Golfs am nning. Valo and Varga made ixilire department in charge thereof, with Anne's Unit of Trinity Church after appropriated to finance sard pur- point of curve, thence (1) still along said rick Fenton, Avenel #23; Jothe approval of the Mayor. niilelinr of Cambridge three hits each for the winners. bitious franchise program. The will be held, Monday, 8:00 P. M. Section 7-Upon taking possession of an pose, and <5) the estimated maximum southwesterly seph Massimino, Kevin Mattka, complete golf range is portable, at the parish house. iilianilnnud motor vehicle the Police amount of bonds or notes necessary to be •Drive in a northerly direction along the Kerry Morit, Diane Donnelly, Peptirtment shall follow the procedures Issued for said purpose Is $8,550, And (6) arc of 4 curve to the right having a radius St. Demetrius Men's Club, 17; perhaps the world's first com "'Mbhshsd by Title 39, Chapter 10A of the cost of such purpose, as hereinbefore o* 100 feet, an arc distance of 157.08 feet; Installation dinner wa« held Ellen Angelastro and Kimra A&O Sweet Shop, 14. pletely prefab golf range. Jack stated, includes the aggregate amount of thence (.3) .-with M degrees 14 minutes ihi- Revised Statutes of New Jersey to Mil .web. abandoned motor vehicles at $1,000 which is estimated to be necessary 25 seconds west 107.21 feet to an angle; pot Golf could be the answer last week. The new officers in- CARTERET — The Board of PicolensH, Iselin #24; Frank The St. Demetrius team out' public auction. o finance the cost of such purpose, in- thence; (4) south 1 degree 10 minutes 40 slugged the A&O team 17 to to the need for additional golf clude Mrs. Patricia Bennett, Education is getting ready with Piromalli, Harriet Goldberg, Section 8—Tlie Mayor may designate cluding architect's fees, accounting, engi- seconds west 423.3) feet; thence (5) south president; Mrs. Mae Karnas, repair and other work at the Steven Velardi and Vincent suitable person or persona to collect neering and inspection costs, legal expen- 88 degrees 38 minutes 30 seconds east 14. The winners had two big facilities brought about by the and other expenses, including interest 68.23 feet; tiienoe (6) north 28 degrees ice president; Mrs. Lorretta schools during the summer Zastocki, Fords #25; Julia Shuannnrtoned motor vehicles within the "explosion" in golf's popularity. innings, scoring six runs in the Borough upon such conditions u the in such obligations to the extent permit- 14 minutes 23 seconds east 343.42 feet and kis, Thomas Aromando, John ted by Section 40A:2-» of the Local a)ong the northwesterly line of lot 6, on ;econd and fourth innings. . . Golf, once popular, with only Cellewig, treasurer, and Mrs. months. Mayor raaj presoribe. map hereinafter referred to, to the south Ryan had two homers and two the well-to-do, is now the favo- Jorothy Deuch, secretary. Section 9-The Mayor may grant M * c n (15) days from the date of the payment of the cost of said purpose. Several leading Investment Europe are not destined for the installation of a new floor in son, Ricky Miner, Edward Plathe public sale at which he Section S. To finance said purpose: Richard P. Faikas and SaUy L. Parkas, syndicates have indicated inter- luty in Vietnam. They will be the Columbus School woodshop. ska, Philip Regan, Arthur his wife, by deed recorded March 9, 1955, bonds of said Township ol an aggregate in Book laps of Deeds for Middlesex Coun est in Jackpot Golf and the pos- issigned to home-front post, but Science equipment and sup- Young, Susan Holderreid, Jewel rincipal amount not exceeding* $6500 are Section- 10-This ordinance shall not at page 107, and conveyed to Aitftur »pply to-lawfully operated ]unk yards or ereby authorized to be Issued pursuant ty sibilities of this sport catching emain committed to the North plies will also be received that Morgan, Barbara Keyasko and to said Local Bond Law. Said] bonds shall Joues by sheriff's ifced dated January 25, to motor vehicles located or stored Victoria Brown, Colonia #27. on in a big way — golf is a Atlantic Treaty Organization. day. sa rages Dr other enclosed buildings ear interest at a rate which shall not 1967 and recored February «, 1867. in Mr. and Mrs. James Tooker Section 11-The duly designated xceed six per centum (6%) per annum. Book 2571 of Deeds for Middlesex County, worldwide sport and it's growof Columbus Avenue, Woodmember*u of the Police Departaent is All nutters with respect to said bond) page 337. » £ « J t h o r i M d to engage a suitable not determined by this ordinance shall be Said premises are also designated u bridge, attended Baccalaureate ing. The Woodbridge "test" is p n oT person oT persons, pproperly insured in in tbs p r l y insured tbs determined by resolutions to bs bereaftei Lot S, Block 476B, on the Tax Map of tha services at Montclair State Col- the real beginning. C a r.l L judgment of of the th B h iins»rance adopted. Township of Wixidbridtfe, and are com Borough Schuele, president of Jackpot adviser, Section », To finance said purpose, bond manly known as « Cambridge Drive, lege. Their son, John, a Woodk Golf said, "who knows, we iunk motor vehicle to such place, as may anticipation notes of said Township of an Colonin. N.J. b« designated by htm and to vaj S aggregate principal amount not exceed- The approximate, amount of the judg bridge Senior High School grad- might be manufacturing por^f"" 1 vs™"" ' not exceeding ing S8.S5O ere hereby authorized to be ment to be satisfied by said sale is the uate, will receive his degree table prefab golf ranges and issued] pursuant to said Local Bond Law sum of TWrty-seven thousand. One hun- from the college this week. miniature golf courses for peoanticipation of the issuance of H dred fiftyone («37J31.00) Dollars more by rn ol in lew, plus Interest together wa* the • * * bonds. In the event that bonds are issued w, p ple all over the world". What pursuant to this ordinance, the aggregate of this sata. Section U - A n y person violating any amount of notes hereby authorized to be The A n d r e w John Gorechlad, started out to be just an idea tbe right The subscriber s u b s c r i r res g to reserves [•rovisiotf of this Ordinance shall upon adjourn said sale from O Oroe to ttime subb Woodbridge, will receive a Mas could become a worldwide ."nvict.dh thereof, be subject to a fine issued shall be reduced by an amount Jeet only to such limitations or restrict equal to tbe principal amount o£ the bonds jj'"l exceeding exceeding Two Two Hundred Hundred (fMoo.OO) (f ter of Science degree in aero sport. Public reaction is a pow ions upon the exercise of such power as Hollars, or confinement a fi IIn thee County County Jail Jail so issued. If the ^gregate amount of out may be specially provided by law or space engineering Sunday at the ((ii standing bonds and notes Issued i>mvHuu'it erful force and the big question '"r ££"•" £b t, h£ • i ?2' ?2' ««« "iK ninety (90) (90) daw daw h discretion of the Borough to this ordinance shall at any time exceed rules o( Court. Sold subject to conditions •r both in the 95th commencement exercises of now is, how will the public reuf tha sum first mentioned In this section, Uagistnrte, and each day such Wotatim ROBERT H. JAMISON Virginia Polytechnic Institute, act to Jackpot Golf? ™nu™. shall b* d S d « 2 S S S tlw moneys raised by tha issuance of said trends shall, to not leas tban 10 ti» Blacksburg, Va. U^-Thls Ordinance shan take amount of such excess, be applied to the DONAH? f>. JONES n • • • Attorney "*" l«bUcatSr provided payment of sudh notes then outstanding. Wi.ao Section 7. Each bond «ntklpatlqn note F. 6/8-15-21-»/6T Kathleen Urban, daughter of issued pursuant to this ordinance shall be Mr. and Mrs. Nick Urban, Schoon Mhastang Sports Sprint with all these SHERIFF'S SALE dated on or about thu dato of its issuance shall bo payable not muro than one HUFEBIOB COURT OT NEW JEBHEtf der Avenue, Woodbridge, has M8S' ericas Bucket seats, wh,,;. v,.ills, rocker panel 'as adopted on first reading. The and CHANCERY DIVISION year from its date, shaH bear interest at B.nd ordinance will be further considers a rate which «baU hot exceed six per been selected to itudy at Hie MIDDLESEX COUNTY Ji dress-up kit, more. on second reading for final adoption at a Docket No. F-W11-M University of Copenhagen in meeting of said Council of the Borounh o entum %> per annum and may be re- HARMON IA SAVINGS BANK, a corBy ROBERT HEDGES newed from time to time pursuant to and rarteret on June 21. 19G7 at T ? M Denmark us an exchange stu ISELIN — John F. Kennedy (_ouncil Chambers. Borough Hall, Cwke within tha limitations prescribed, by the porjtion of the State of New Jersey, Avenue, Carteret, N.J. at which time and Local Bond Law. Each of said notes shall l'lautUrf, and HOWAHD M. BUELL, JR. dent from Trenton State College. Memorial High School's track Place all persons Interested will be slva be signed by the Mayor and Municipal and DOLORES BUHLL. his wife, « n De Miss Urban ii majoring in eleteam scored a fantastic total of an opportunity to be heard. TrsaMuer and shall be under the seal of fendants. saldTOWiublp and attested by the Munici- Writ of Encutkm for the sale of mentary education and will be 116W points to defeat Franklin PATRICK POTOONIO, mortgaged premises dated April 29, 1967. Borough Clerk pal Clerk. Said officers are hereby auth- By virtue of the above stated-Writ, in Denmark during the second Township and Sayreville in a T..P. i d to t execute t said no^es ^ and, d to t iIssue $29.36 orizad half of the 1967-68 school year triangular meet last Wednes said notes in such form as they may to ma directed and delivered, I will ax This will be the second year day. NOTICE adopt in conformity with la*. Tha power pose to sale a* public vendue on WEDNESDAY, THE 5th DAY OF Notice is hereby given that the follow, to determine aany matter* with respect to that Trenton State has had an Three JFK school records fell tali proposed Ordinance was Introduce said notes nott determined by ibis onUnJULY A.D., 1967 and passed on first reading at a ^ ^ anos and also th» power to sell said notes at the hour of two o'clock by ths tbaa exchange program with the Uni by the way-side as the Mustangs ot the Municipal Council of the 1 Is hereby delegated to the Municipal prevailing (Standard or Daylight Sav- versity of Copenhagen. Miss or Woodbridge, in Uie County of _ ^ Treasurer who ii hereby authorized to ing) tint* In the afternoon of ths said Urban will be entering her jun- turned in one of their best efsix. Now Jersey, held on the 6th da» day. at Uu Sheriffs Office in ths Counsell said notes either at one time or from. forts of the year. Jme, 1967, and that aaM " ttme lo time in tha manner provided by ty Administration Building, la tbe Clyt d ior year. Gary Cardinale established a New Brunswick, N. J. • taken up for furtber consideration for l»w. • • • linal passage at a meeting of said Mnnid- Section «. k is hereby determined and Being in the Township ol Woodbridgs, new 880-yard mark in a blisteron Foid Galaxie 500 Hardtops with " < .w U I " : i t o "• h e l d a t "• roMOnt room declared that ths period of usefulness of County of Middlesex and State of New C. A. LaZizza, chairman, an- ing time of 1:59 2. A new pole in the Memorial Municipal Building said purpose, according to Us reasonable Jersey: aN theM 'Better idea' extras vmy< trim, 'BEING know and described as Lot U nounces that the Colonia Country vault record was set by Paul WnodbrMge, New'jersey. on the 20th d»v life, is a period of 40 yean computed M W N . SaKB-o« SeiectShift, power options— in Block 39K1 on the Map of Chain Club will dedicate its new build Glass with a fine leap of 11 feet •if Jui*. 1967. at 8 o'clock P.M., or M from the date of said bonds. MIUU (hereafter as said matter can be Section 9. It Is hereby determined O'Hllls, Iselin, Section 3,nioward Madwith V-8 engine options. rcjched, at which time and place, all ser stated tint the Supplemental Debt State- Uon, Surveyor, dated Hay 27, 19*3. and ing with a full day of activities 6% inches. Ron Woodley also •«>M» who may be Interested therein will filed in the Office of the Olerk of Mid- on Saturday, June ii. A bane broke a school record by throw ment require^ by said Local Bond Law 1* xlvtn a r l opportunity to be heard con has been duly made ant\/lleu In the of- uk-sex County on Jun* X, 1663, as Map concert wjiU be held from 2:00 to ciMiiiuif the same. ing tha javelin 196 feet 6M> in fice of the Municipal Clerk of said Tawn- NO. 1K2, FU« No. 424. A copy of this ordinance has been post 9hlp, and that such statement so filed ALSO being known as 162 Bedford Ave- 3:00 P.M., dedication ceremonOther Kennedy winners in en un the Bulletin Board upon which pub shows that the gnus debt of said Town- nue, I&elin, Woodbridge Township, Mid ies from 3:00 to 4:00 P.M., and In- notices are customarily posted in th< ship, as defined In Section 40A:2-U of dlesex County, New Jersey." eluded Dave Burricelll, mile; Mi'iiH.ual Municipal Building of the said Looal Bond Law, U Increased by The approximate amount of (be Judg- open house from 4:00 to 5:00 P. I'mviislup, and a copy is available up (e this ordinance by W.J50 and that the is- ment U> be satisfied by said sale is tbe M. Summer formal dinner-dance P a u l Cuntala, 120-yard high unit including the lime of such meeting t« suance uf the bonds and notes authorized sum of Seventeen thousand, sight hunhurdles; Bob Schramm, 100-yard I he members of tht} general public of tin by this ordinance wlB be within nil debt dred, Twenty-six ($17^26.00) Dollars more will start at 8:00 P.M. Tn»ii!thi|i who shall request such copies, or less, plus Interest together with tfat M. Jerome Berman, Colonia, dash; Bob Acquisto, 440-yard mUU prescribed by said Local a' Iho offlu) uf tht! MunJiiiuui Clerk in run; Bruce Ha mill, shot put; j costs of 1MB sale. Hi. Mtuiiinai Municipal Building in Wooc Bund Law. Tha subscriber reserves the right to ad- has been appointed account ex- aqd Rich Decker, discus. Mini «idd sale from time to lima subject ecutive of Fred Wittner ComFranklin Township finished only to such limitations or restrictions pany, Inc., New York City, an on Mustang Sports Sprint Convertible with a i upon the exercise of such power as may second w i t h 21 points, while VISIT OUR theee 'Better Idea' extras Sports car lie xiiLi'lally provided by law or rules ol advertising and marketing firm. Sayreville had 16Vi. SHOWROOMI Court. Sold subject to conditions of sale. hood, rockur panel moldings, ROBERT H. JAMISON engme dress-up hit, wMewalls, Martin C. Weisman was honSheriff EXCLUSIVELY ORDINANCE NO, 81.11 An Ordinmen Concernlnf Abandontd and Junk Motor Vehicles UK IT ORDAINED by the Korminh <"nBnril (rf tha Borough of Cartrret as


Bazaar Committee Meeting on Monday

Board of Education To Get Bids June 12

Ford Country 'Better Ideas'Sale!


JFK Trackmen In Easy Victory







TROPHIES PLAQUES i. by Appointment

j . J, RYAN Co. . / Arena

ored at the recent academic 163.7) Recognition at Ohio Wesleyan University as one of two seniors • Time up« who contributed the most to de CLARK RAPS BUMS • Repairs Charleston, S.C. — General bate and forensics. Weisman • Brake A State Mark W, Clark presented was a political and governmentIn»p. Work purple hearts recently to tea speech major and has been acGOODYEAR marines at the Charleston Na- tive is both areas. He was a TIRES & ACCES val Hospital for wounds receiv member of the student senate SOR1ES ed in action. He told them that and debate and Sigma Alpha Main .St. & Amboy Ave. those who burn draft card.s andiEpsilon fraternity. He is the burn the American flag huvt- son nf Mr. and Mrs. Barnet Woodbridge gained the scorn and condi-mna Weisman, 93 Ethel Street, Mei I.«ir| ii, Pruii. ME 4-TM7 Uou of. U*t U. S, £ojjgrt;jis. 'lo i'uk iftl'Utitj

Service Center

VICTOR H EICHHOR.N Attorney L.P. 6/8 U-M-3J/6J

Three JFK trackmen gained added honors over the weekend by placing in the top four pc tions at the state track meet held in Rutgers Stadium. In tha tough Group IV divl sion, Gary Cardinale raced to a fourth-place finish in tbe 440 yard run. Bruce Hamill performed even better as he came in second in the shot put. Al Pope also turned in a strong effort to place fourth la tha shot put comjx

fari cowrs,


m WOODBRIDGE MOTORS, Inc. U. S. Route 1 & Ronson Road, Woodbridge, N. J.


Thursday, June fl. 1007



hvllw Junior High Wins Seventh Annual Junior High Inter-School Track Meet T h e .srv s e v e n t h , c i ^ h ' h ;mil ninth g r a d e M'hnoi i n i r k nici'i. which hail over seven h u n d r e d anil f if I y s e v e n , eie.hlh a n d ninth g r a d e Ilirls iind hoys c o m p e t i n g , was won I iy Isclin Junior Ilitjh School with 82 p o i n t s . P l a c i n g secnm! was Colonin wiih (i6

Cathy Isedill;i, Avcnel; llchhie Kill Kisller, Isclin, 2M'.r>"; M.'ilnsl. Dchliio LilzenlxTn, Mike Pollack, Avcnel; Sluari l.ynn While, DI.IMC Slupi. Ave ' I'irnik, Avcnel. nvl j SO Yard Dash 7th Grade Boys: j , j j m Martelli, Woorlhridfio, Shuttle Hun | 5 95 s e r o n , | s ; sieve Ricciardi, Ron Guy. Avenel. 8.8.ri seconds; Iselin; Kent Miller, Colonia, (new record); George Allen,'• Quarter Mile Relay

Avenel; Dan lw.i, Woodbridge. Tom Burke, Joe Gerhart, points. Avcnel was third with Running Broad JumpLarry Nanorello, Steve Ricciar60 points followed by Fords with, Bill Walton, Iselin 16'6" (Now di ? Iselin, 493 seconds; Kevin j 37 and Woodbridge wiih 25. I By MEYER Record); Dennis Bos'Jc, I'o- Loo>r, Rich Baum, Matt D'Al The meet is sponsored by the Pop Warner Junior League Football Headquarters in Philadel- Wnodbridge Township Board of Ionia; Dale Magnier, Wood- essio, John Rullo, Iselin; Willian Drummond, Kent Miller, phia announced this week the election of 14 year old Edward Wil- Education under the direction bridge. Alan Vigilante, Gary La Frano, Kiicki, (ifi George Street, Carteret, New Jersey, of the 1966 "Car of the Woodbridge Township Softball Throw Colonia. Tom Kumpa, Avenel, 21.V; 1eret Sportsman" Pop Warner Midget football team, to the "1967 Physical Education DepartTop Warner All America Team of Little Scholars". ment. The meet is held as n Harry Knapp, Colonia; John The young grid ace was one of 33 youngsters fro8 score. FRI. & SAT. DURING JULY, AUG. WOODBRIDGE " B " AMERICAN A. Hoilus 289 BUYS BOOK RIGHTS SERVICE K. Stevenson 282 JUNIOR FRIENDSHIP New York — The Book-of the • Tires DAYS SPECIAL Safeguard Realty, 10; Ideal Month Club has paid $325,000 • Tubes Liquor, 2. . , Fred Biehl the (the largest sum ever paid by a • 3 GAMES OK • AiTes winner . . book club) for the rights to disBOWLING • Batteries Carlos Pizza, 11; Airco Co., tribute thu memoirsf of JSvetlaiia • RENTAL AIL REPAIRS 0. Kovas hurling a three-hitler Alliluyeue, the daughter of JoSHOES GOLF INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE Automatic Transmissions seph Stalin. The previous high and gets 13 strikeouts • HOT DOG Rebuilt was paid tb William Manches& COKE Fire Co. #l7V7 Fire Co. #2, ter for Death of a President. Kahway Ave. it Green St. 1. . . In a battle of the Fire WOODBRIDGE OPEN 1 DATS • A. H. lads, the #1 Co. came out on Promises are easier lo make ME 4-9706 or VA 6-3058 835 Koosuvell Avenue . . Cartel rt . . 511 K044 (O II P. M. lop. . . Tony Hidalgo hurling than to fulfill, but people cou••tier 7 I'M another fin« liuue to uuktt UiciU cwJ«s>)y.

Carteret Rec



Local Shooters Remain On Top

hey kids....join









Jackpot Golf Opens on Rt..l

ONLY 3 0 / PER LINE (Approx. five words In a line)

end of June 2.1-25. Rev. Harold'I.v will conduct llir reheat wind lion In Ihe lituryy find o|i|ior The H r l i v n l will open w i l h supinclude e u n f e r e w o x , dis : 4unity for priviile i n t e r v i e w s per on F r i d a y and close lal« O'Donnell, S. .1. of SI. l>ler> Preparatory School, Jersey Oi n m t o n groups, full pafiicpa-'wilh him or one n( the Sisters.ISunriay afternoon.

WOODRItlDGE Golf will •pen in on finnlr ii I adjacent to the S Klein parking lot thin weok. Arra Rolfors anil non-golfers alike will be Riven the opporlunily of hilling Ihe Jackpol. A holeinonc triggers an electronir alarm system lhaf has been designed ami inslallrd within a One time: :!()<• per line (Minimum Charge $l.!>0) 2 or more insertions: 20* per line (Mini.standard sized golf cup. Horns mum Charge SI.IMI per insertion). I'hnne fi.'tt 1111. A competent Ad Taker will help you blow and lights flash earn time with your wording. Ads can also he mailed in. COl'Y DEADLINE IS TUESDAY AT 4 a hole-in-one is made al .TackI'.O.. hut earlier copy is appreciated. pol Golf. Among the pri7.es for a holeSERVICES in-one are: an expensWfl* golf H:MAI.E HELP WANTED bag, head covers to match: a AT'J'KNTION LADIES IF YOUR DRINKING HAS be- OXYGEN THERAPIST one year subscription 1o Goif Keep jmportntil job as wife come, a problem, Alcoholici AnMagazine; a Rolf Rlove, a colorTRAINEE ml nujjher. High commission. ful golf umbrella, a dozen golf 'art time. For appointment 287- onymous can help you. Call Bl Male High School Grad- balls, a golf shirt, golf sweater, 2 1515 or write P. 0 . Box 15J, uate. No experience ne- greens fees for two at a local ;MB. I * • 6/1-25 Woodbrirtfie. Club, a silver balj 4/66/23 cessary. Full time. Ro- Country marker with the winner's nam«H I am looking for particular PIANOS RKPATRED, RE tating shifts. Excellent engraved; a coupon book worth ype women interested in carn- FINISHED. BOUGHT * SOLD benefit program. Apply $10 at Jackpot Golf, a set of n.!,' $150 up. Part time. Exciting golf books, a publiPersonnel Department. interesting ind rewarding profession. For FREE ESTIMATES 388-5851. city portrait, golf cap and other TF ntexview call Mrs. Burns, 283 prizes including a large holePERTH AMBOY >M2 between 10 & 3 p.m., or in-one trophy which holds the liter 7 p.m. GENERAL HOSPITAL souvenir winning ball. Anyone KELLY MOVERS INC. 6/81 PERTH AMBOY, N. J. can win since the target green AOENTf FOR NORTH AMRUCAN is a mere 100 yards from the VAN L I N N AVON 442-3700 teeline. Th« GENTLEmei o[ the imoTlaf las Territory available in Wood Induitry. Local i n d long dlatinc* The Woodbridge location is movint, picking and slorag*. R«> )ii(ipe. Call AVON COSMETICS •onabla ralei. unique insofar as it is the proHi 22462) for home interview. totype for Jackpot Golf's am6/129 bitious franchise program. The STOREKEEPER complete golf range is portable, MATURE PERSON TO MALE HELP WANTED perhaps the world's first comTAKE CHARGE OF CENpletely prefab golf range. JackHOYS WANTED: Morning TRAL STOREROOM. SOME pot Golf could be the answer lrwspaper route carriers. 121 EXPERIENCE IN RECEIVto the need for additional golf is. to 18 yrs. Phone 636-3728 or ING, STORING AND ISSUfacilities brought about by the t'fi-2855. ING GOODS DESIRED. "explosion" in golf's popularity. GOOD SALARY AND BENE6/8-22 Golf, once popular with only FITS. APPLY PERSONNEL the well-to-do, is now the favo• STEPS MALE OE FEMALE DEPARTMENT. rite participation sport of peo• PATIOS HELP WANTED ple from all walks of life. The PERTH AMBOY • SIDEWALKS major problem has been golf GENERAL HOSPITAL Telephone aolicitation work • FIREPLACES l facilities for people *o play and rom your own homo at your 442-3700 All Work Fully Guaranteed practice. twn convenience. Can easily Several leading investment >arn $1 to $1.50 an hour. 687syndicates have indicated intermo. Ask for Mr. Fri»d. est in Jackpot Golf and the pos1/36 TF READINGS BY sibilities of this sport catching ADVERTISEMENT on in a big way — golf is a worldwide sport and it's growing. The Woodbridge "test" is the real beginning. C a r.l L Schuele, president of Jackpot READER & ADVISOR Golf said, "who knows, we might be manufacturing poron table prefab golf ranges and Love-Business-Health miniature golf courses for peonc oi' Women - Steady position - 6 hrs. Good ple all over the world". What 442-9891 ...ilcfl-y - Fringe Benefits - For Information Constarted out to be just an idea 308 SMITH ST. tactfeupt. of Schools, Board of Education, Towncould become a worldwide PERTH AMBOY sport. Public reaction.is a powship of Woodbridge, Admin. Bldg., School St., erful force and the big question Woodbridge, N. J. now is, how will the public react to Jackpot Golf?


Winner of Chrysler's "Quality Dealership














BOARD OP EDUCATION Township of Woodbridge Woodbridge, N. J.

T. C. CADWALADER, Secretary


Character Readings by Worriad. lick, or In trouble? Don't &now whtr« to cct happiness in Ilie? One vl.Jt with MRS. MARKO. and you irlll find the happineu fou are looking for.



580 EASTON AVE. NEW BRUNSWICK 10 A . M . to » I ' M

Woodbridge Township Board of Education Announces Substitute Teacher Openings All Levels of Instruction


Minimum Requirement 60 College Credits

For Information Call Director of Secondary Education or Director of Elementary Education.


CMN YOU (ET * 600

tiooo fisoo $2000 $2500 $3000 $4000 $5000

41 MO. fYMT. 16.07 26.79

40 IB


rrnti. 32.60 33.90 45.20 56.50 67.S0 90.39 112.99





Have Your Car Safety Checked

Now for Summer

Mrs. MARKO IOnKIsland ^/'•"v FORDS — The Catholic Yi Organization of Our Lartj Peace Church Is planning beach party on Island/ Beaett] Tuesday, June 27, f r * n Nootf until 8:00 P. M. Carol Ennis has charge of tickets. Awarding of diplomas to Our Lady-iflfc'JBfcace graduates will lake-place Sa*urd(fr at 3-:00 P. M. The principal address will be given by Rev. R i c h a r d Ewing. The annual Holy Name communion breakfast will-be. helfl Sunday, after the *&$$. M. Mass in the cafeteria..Thfc guest speaker will be Edward DoIan, Middlesex County Prosecutor.

Woodbridge, N. J. ME 6-0400

ZENITH LOAN CO. 43 West Prospect Street Ear.t Brunswick, N I

A special retreat for single women between the ages of 18 and 30 will be held at the Cenacle Retreat House the w « l 1

Aluminum Products

ALUMINUM Windows . Doors . Siding

WINDOW SHADES Stock & Custom Awnings, Canvas or Aliyn. Alum. Gutters and L^nlers Reglaxing or Rescreening



C'DDVlitt* . . . Hell.ble RcrTkt ( K








WANTED Ambitious

— For —



electric CO.




sion Plan, uniforms. We train you to take over established laundry



ME 4-1738



Plumbing & Heating

LEADER-PRESS NEWSPAPER ROUTES — In Woodbrldge and Oarteret Areas. Qualify for edu catioual tours, rain your own spending money, prizes, S & II Green Stamps.

2 4 0 0 Iidgerwood Avenue

Call 634-1111


_ between 3 P.M. and C F.M. \ik for Mr. U

Room Layout Furniture Arrangements Color Coordination • BudKel Planning Call or Write For Further Information CUSTOM TAILORED SUPCOVERS, DRAPERIES, A REUPHOLSTERY SHOP AT HOME 3ERVICK

FU 1-5797

Watch Repairs WATCH REPAIRS with Full Guarantee Expert Repairs on all Jowelry

FU 8-1667 GOLDBLATTS Hahway'f. Oldest Established Jewelw H4 E. CHKRRY ST.. RAIWA*

.$19.95 The Smallest Job done well makes friends for us! Build.; confidence when you have a big job.

You can depend on us foi service and efiicency. GAL.

For Fait ttrvic* juil ftp* ui a call,





per average room

Up To 5 Yrs. To Pay

"The Trademark of Quality1'





HU 6-2726 HU 6-0059

Wallpaper & Painting

Plumbing and Heating

53 Roosevelt Ave., Carlerct

He i n fully turn**


SALT Liquor Stores Telephone MErcury 4-1889




HENRY JANSEN & SON SERVISOFT OF Sheet Metal Work WOODBRIDGE Roofing Gutters and Leaders 588 Alden Street Woodbridge, N. J.

Decora tori"

Custom-made Slipcovers



Repairs of All Types

GUTTERS AND LEADERS Air ComWIoDini Industrial E i i u u s t Sj-iltm Warm Air H o t Motor Guards

IIHAI'l K l f S * CURTAINS * YARD GOODS ClU For f r e e t:«Ul»«t.


(Juil South of Cloverlenl)

ME 4181S


Koollnr ind Sheet MeUl Work



1421 Main St.

921 St. Georges Avenu*

Telephone MErcury i • 1246




Roofing & S i d i n g ] 100 Ib. bag S2.20



Phone BL 2-5000. Or apply in person, 9 to 4:30 P.M., at:



Decorating Service

round employment. Paid vacation, sick leave, group insurance. Pen-

layoff in its Route Sale* Department since it was founded in 1889.

167 H&rrell A T * . Wofldbridce, N. 1.


Complete Stock oi Domestic and Imported- Wines Been and liquors

Start as a Route Rider with liberal guaranteed weekly salary. Year-

and, finest launderers and dry cleaners, has never had & general

Electric Sewer Service

FID Tnr Ct«l Bin With Uhtgh Prtmlum Anthracit*

Prtmitim Oil, National Brand. 24-hr, itrviot art all mvktt of buriwu.


and dry cleaning territory. Morey LaRue, one of America's largest


{¥ oi • erly with Chirlcj Fan)

."Mom-no & F.ssi-x Sts. KA1IWAY




Coal & Fuel Oil | [ Plumbing & Heating


CALL NOW! Diy or Night





School Administration Building,





ME 4-2145 Music Instructions j






with our expert developing and printing service. Cuiupitlt llui tt IIIIDK

Instruction Tuning





547 Amhoy Aveiui«> WOODUKlIHiK

Si Main St. Woodbridge

ME 4-5446 ttouii; U (• I Cloud Mvndaji


ME 4-2186 GEORGE TROSKY 405 Prospect Ave. Woodbridge, N. J.

For Business Directory Information Call ME 4-1111


i ley, corresponding »ecrclar; I Mrs. Lilliam Raab, nunshin 'Mrs. Ann Chamnera, reporlpr. To Hr Entertained A f-mily pi'-n'" v-as ti"'-1 KUins — The confirmation Mrrrill Piirk on Memorial Di r'la.ss of he Wesley Mrthndist The M-ilhcrs' Club 'or a.I who participated in tl fhnr-h will moot for the last' I S R I J N parade-. lime this season Tuesday, .limn of Roy Smut Troop 48, at a re The group attended a matin in. iintJ «re invert! lr> the pnr n'nl meeting circled Mrs Fan performance of I Do, I Do l snnnije for a hamburger and nip Janke, president. week and conducted II chart 1ml dnR supper at 5:30 P. M. I Others elected arc Mrs. Kath dinner on Tuesday of thisw(1° Children's T)av will be h"ld on lcen Bcrthe!.sin, vice president; The final meeting of tne seas Sunday. In charge are Donna M r s L e j i a eraser, treasurer: will be held, June 30 at £ Miller. Pat Rowland and Cheryl M rs. Beriwdine Kislier, record home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl I,u Wallers. This will be the las'.!;ing secretary; Mrs. Eleanor Go and wiil be a "splash" pajty. day (if Church school until September. The memorial committee will meet Tuesday, June 13, at 8:15 I'. M. The Naomi and Afternoon Circles will not meet in June.

\Mrs. Davis Installed School IS PTA Head

Mothers Club


N — Mr*. Fred Davis was installed as president of School 13 PTA at cerr monies conducted bv Mrs. Tlobort AreaIns. PTA !,lfc Member. Other rrffieers in.'talW were: Mrs. Jacob Tni«7,kowski. first vice-president; Mrs. Herman Matirer, second vice-president; Mr. Maurer. treasurer; Mrs, n o r i s Schweitzer, serretay; Mrs. Edward Klenzmann. cor responding secretary; and Mrs, Julia Tranchlk, parliamentarian chairman. A dinner was given Thursday for faculty members, Mrs. Maurer, outgoing president and Mrs. Davis at Coral Lounge, Plainfield. ANGELA SCILLIERI GRADUATES Mrs. Henry Happel, who has served PTA, in various capaENGAGEMENT TOLD: Mr. WOODBRIDGE — Robert A. cities during the last seven Brown, a graduate of Woodyears, was presented with i and Mrs. John Sclllieri, 643 br1 c cnior High School receiv21st Avenue, Paterson, anplaque. er" "TTchelor of Arts Degree in nounce the engagement of their American Literature at Brown daughter, Angela, to Richard University's 199th commence Crossroads Council Zuccaro, Jr., son of Mr. and ment Monday at Providence, Mrs. Richard Zuccaro of 915 R. I. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank AT BPW INSTALLATION: Woodbridge Township Business and Professional Women's Club inSchedules Meeting stalled its slate 4>f officers for 1967-68 at a dinner dance held at the Colonla Country Club last West Avenue, Port Reading. S, Brown, 547 Harbor Road, Friday. Seated, left to right, Mri. Josephine Swartz, outgoing president; Mri. Mildred McLean, 1SELIN — Leaders of Girl Brick Town, formerly of Woodpresident-elect of the New Jersey Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs and Scout Troops of Neighborhood 6, bridge, Brown was a dean's list installing officer; Mrs. Rosalie Kinney, second vice president and dinner chairman; Mrs. Eliz- Crossroads Girl Scout Council, Freedom is a gift from the abeth Novak, new president; standing, Miss Janet Fofrlch, outgoing first vice president; Mrs. which encompasses IselIn-MenV> past, but it is not at all certain student and a member of the Catherine Kadash, corresponding secretary; Miss Irene Onody, treasurer; Mrs. Bernadette Park Terrace area, will meet that it will be a legacy of the honors program in American literature. Acierno, first vice president; Mrs. Mildred Albrecht, recording secretary. Mrs. Swarti recevled tonight at eight o'clock at Knoll future. the past president's pin and a gift from the dab. Mrs. Swartz In return presented a gift to each top Cabin, Camp Nokomis, member of her executive committee. Mrs. Novak was presented with the president's pin, a Roosevelt Park. A cookout is Ravel and a bouquet of roses. planned. Mra. John J. Mahoney, outgoing neighborhood chairman, Tears, Useful Tears A woman feels much better and Mrs. Dorothy Nichtern, her after a good cry — especially successor, will lead discussion if it brought her what she on proposed activities for the new season, which will begin in wanted in the first place. Journal, Washington, la. September. CARTERET - Miss Charlotte Helen Gavaletz, a medical secZSA ZSA GABOR says COUGARS '67 FIATS retary in the X-Ray department AMAZINOLY LOW TRICED All MODfll ON DISPLAY of Perth Amboy General Hospital exchanged marriage vows with Sgt. Allan E. Tildsley, U.S. ON Army military policeman, Ft. DISPLAY Hamilton, Brooklyn, May 27 in TSELTN - Very Rev. Msgr. SPECIALISTS! John M. Wilus, pastor of St. a military wedding in the post COMPLETE INSPECTION SERVICE Cecelia's Church, announced chapel at Ft. Wadsworth with Masses for the remainder of Chaplain Francis X. Walters of •59 CADDILAC Him $ O O ALL MdKR $795 •63 PONTIAC $1395 •the week: tomorrow, 6:30 A. M. ficiating. RonnevHte, «-Door Hard Top. Auto.. 1-DOOT Hardtop: Auto., Power Ste«rHiftiir J f a W OF CMS in the convent chapel, 8, 8:30, Attendants were Mrs. Joseph P.3., P.B.. H <• H., WW Tlr«. On* tnf. Power Brake*. Immaculate Includai: Bimtvini, Dlimmtilnf, Owner. Finished In Turquotae, Beauand 9 A. M., in the church; and Palovcik, matron of honor; Miss Thoreufh Iniptcllcn. tifull '63 FORD $1095 Saturday 7 A. M., chapel, and Maryann Chamra and Miss i m u t i v t WITH U M C * '64 PONTIAC $1695 Gtlaxlt. S-Doo> Hanttop. V-8, Auto., R and 9 A. M. in the church. Dorothy Wedermeyer. Sgt. Wai LIFETIME SIMRAtffEE POT IT StMrtnf, B * H, WW T i m , Bonneville Convertible, P J . , P.B., Frtt parta and liter on ali AAMCO R k H , WW Tires. Auto. Finished The novrna to Our Lady of Fa- ter White served as best man One Owncrl nbullt transmission ind torqua In White, . Blue Interior. Excellent convirUrs n |Dnf u ton «wn your tima will take place after the and ushering were Pfc. Robert Thruout, Ready For Summer Vaow* I U tsd Hrvlo* It »mu»lly >t '63 METEOR $1095 cation! nine o'clock Mass Saturday. • modtst >trvl» cnarft at »«j ot Toulouse, both U.S. Army and J'Door Hardtop, 8 cyd.. Auto., K. it 'M COMET $1895 100 AAKCO shoja eotit la cout. Confessions would be heard Mr. Paloveik, H., Power St«erlB«. WW Tire*-. Kin- Voyager Station Wago*, I eye I., Then a n no other cuarintati like Saturday from 3:30 to 5:30 in Uhed in Bed with Black vinyl Interthta m». ONLT AAMCO HAS IT I Serviced Bjr U s ! ior. One Owmer, Immaculate! Auto., R t H., WW Tires, Sold and the afternoon and from. 7 to 9 The bride is a graduate oJ M M0NIV Dnw* Oarteret High School and Essex in the evening, FIRST PAYMENT JVtl MOTOR CAR CO. Masses have been scheduled College of Business, Newark Mtmbir ot Dinm L.ULI LINCOLN-MERCURY-COMETfor Sunday, June 11, as follows: Sergeant Tildsley has been in «*•• Dsllr M • Ml. 1-1 • M Hr. Ptou FIAT DEALER 6:30, 7:15, 8, 8:45, 9:45, 10:30, the Army six and a half years He is the son of Mrs. Grido Fas 209 New Brunswick Ave. and 11:15 A. M. and 12 noon 1003 ST. GIOROE AVI. KAHWAY. FU 8-3344 Perth Amboy, N. J. M4-1777 in the upper, or main church. ciana, of West Panama City Beach, Florida. also, 9:15, 10, 10:45, and 11:30 A. M. and 12:15 P. M. in the lower church, Lourdes and Fatima Halls. The Sacrament of ppntism will he administered at 1 P. M. in the church. Services and Masses for next week will be: Tuesday, 7:30 P. M., Mass for Peace; and Wednesday, 7:30 P. M., continuous novena to St. Jude, patron of «tai hopeless cases, and the novena to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament will be commemorated afterward.

Charlotte H. Gavaletz Wed to Sgt. Tildsley

Mass for Peace Listed Tuesday

Maufain One of Amirica'i Leading Ford Diaitrs

[IS me PAC )W CAR PR15E$













3 0 0 E. ELIZABETH AVE. LINDEN • HU 6-4500


Sale Planned by C. D. WOODBRIDGE — Court Mercedes 769, Catholic Daughters of America, will conduct a rummage sale on June 16 and 17 at the Knights of Columbus Annex, Amboy Avenue, from 9:00 A. M. until 4:00 P. M. The proceeds will benefit the charity fund. Mrs. William Almasi and Mrs. Samuel Manganaro are co-chairmen and will receive items for the sale at the Knights of Columbus building on June IS from 7:00 until 9:00 P. M. The public is Invited to attend. Offered for sale will be clothing, household appliances, bric-a-brac, small furniture, toys and numerous unusual items.

C H A N D L E R M O T O R S is stil maintaining the


Rev James Cent Lists Schedule AVENEL — The Rev. James Gent, pastor of Central Baptist Church, temporarily worship ping at School 23, Woodbine Av-' enue, will preach, Sunday, 11:00, on the subject, "The Christian Home that Failed". The Sunday School meets every Sunday, 10:00 A. M. with classes for all ages. Special attendance pins are presented to those with perfect attendance. Youth Groups of the church meet every Sunday, 6:30 P. M, Evening services' are conducted each week at 7:30. The Mid-Week Service is conducted each Wednesday, 7:30 P. M. On June 28 the Rev. Farre] 1 Kearney, missionery candida'e with Baptist International Missions, will speak and show slides on Iceland during the service. ON NUCLEAR JOBS The Pentagon has removed more than 10,000 persons classed as unreliable from jobs involving atomic weapons since 1962. In the strict program to guard against human nuclear control errors, persons showing tension around nuclear arms art transferred to other departments. U S. suggest new approaches lu bolster NATO,





P Light*, Heater, D.frosJer, Padd.d Da»h, U n l A l £ " U U U I \ I H U L U U m U • Em«rg«ncy Ha»h«r, Impact Staaring Pott, Electric Wo*her*^Wip«r») Padded Vl*or», All Vinyl |nr.riorl 5 YEAR OR 50,000 MILE GUARANTEEI







ESTABLISHED 1945 Dodge-Dart-Renault Dealer


1OO E. ST. GEORGE AVE., LINDEN H U 6-2 3 7 4


Planning fcvnil:

1*0 Frolirk announced rominc (•vents inrluilp a trip to Aquara m;i i" •Viil.'i'lrlphir I".i.. M I I I the :
in o n r o r m o r e m u s i c a l groups the S u p e r v i s o r o f I n s t r u m e n t a l

Summer Music Program Opens Here on June 26th j


If the sharp-eyed employees in the Treasury Department's Redemption Office can identify enough of what remains, Uncle Sam Will give you new dollars for the ones damaged. If the examiner is able to piece together three-fifths of a damaged bill, Uncle Knm will reimburse you with the full amount. If less than three-fifths and more than two-fifths can |be found, it will be reteemed at half its face value. If even less of the lamagcd bill remains, vmi may be able to collect ho full amount lost if you •an prove that the rest of he bills were fully desiroyed and that you are a er.son of Kood character.

WOODBRIDGE — The Board of Education and Administration of Woodbridge Township Public Schools are sponsoring a Summer Music School for all interested resident students. The program will be held daily at Avenel Junior High School between will instruct on the beginning, in8:45 P.M. and 12:30 P.M. for atermediate and advanced levels. period of six weeks, from June Beginners will be able to join a 26 through August 4th. band or orchestra within the secWalter Ur.-trh to deorgr Hunk, Lessons will be offered on vio- ond week of lessons. Piano is be I.arry Rafalke. John Nardi, lin, viola, cello, string bass, ing offered as a secondary in Handy Rrach. William lireneke. Mrs Faye Bunk was named a flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, strument. Each student will ne.w den mother. The" attendance saxaphone, trumpet, trombone, have an opportunity to perform banner was won by Den 1 Rnd the honor flag by the same den. Displays w r c set up by the' various dens to show achievements of the month including a "peep show" by Tien 6. Den 2, Janet Tiernan. den mother, was in charge oi the closing ceremony. Trips were marie by Den 2 and Den 6 to Watchung Reservation; Den 1 and Den 8 had a hot dog roast. j Get well wishes were extended j to Irene Heinback, den mother, I and thanks to Mrs. Dell Fiorel'.a for taking over the den during her absence.

Avenel Church Schedule Listed






All Toor F>»nrtU tlrmtitt A Campitl* K«lerllttB of Win. a l o t i o n










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Jumbo 9-lb. 13-or.




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5c Off 1-pt. 8-oi. Label btl.




14-oi. Aerosol REG. 44c

4" Fringe. Choice of colors.


REG. 19.99



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Giant 2-lb. 6-or.

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Giant 2-lb. 14-oz.











just ring . .

Giant 3-lb.l-ox.




King 5-lb.4-oz.



GIANT 2-lb.





1-lb. 4-oi. pkg.








Over 1 Million Sold

Jrt Foods We Have "SOMETIIIVG FOR EVERYONE" So bring a friend




Buy one at regular price 35c, eat a second for lc. 6 p.m. tp 2 a.m. On premises orders only! No Limit. MARYLAND STEAMED CRABS to go $3 doz.





634-9807 636-2845







• *



l information or

Pershing at Randolph CARTERET


ROUTE # 1 , AVENEL • 634-9807



23 Main St./Woodbridge ft.14-1671


3/10 Mile North Woodbridge Cloverleaf. . . Parking Galore

Stop Down For One of Our Many Specials From a Sandwich to a Dinner





: • •.,. •:: ::v:-:->:: I - : - : : . . ; , : ; . . : : : - . v ; v > ^ ^ a i






Due to popular demand wo now have oui Cfam Speciil ivallable AU Day 4 Thjrs.. F i t & Sat. Buy 01)4 at rvgular price 95c dm. eat it iwconij dozen for lc. NO LIMIT. On m m i s w Only! Ifc uhell or iteanieu. DOZ.


Customer Parking


Germany promises to avoid gold conversions.


f i n a l r e g i s t r a t i o n w i l l b r h e l d ' "iM f":' ""'
i n cure of t h e H o a r d of j u t

WE CARRY BENR1IS . . . BUIOVA WATCHER Expert Rilrh «nd Jrvrlry Rcpilri


Men*«c Fete*! Deposit IM. Corp

Mon., Tues. & Wed.


Submarine Sandwiches


j AVENEL — Sunday, at 9:30 and 11:00 A.M. services at the ! First Presbyterian Church of ! Avenel. the sermon will be on ' "Education—For What?" The Rev. Walter W. Feigner Is pas; tor and the Rev. Robert E. Lewis, assistant pastor. i Sunday school will come to a close on Sunday. Attendance ^ pins, promotion certificates, and Bibles will be awarded where applicable. Baby care at both services will continue through June 25. Students who have completed teachers' training and are now eligible for teaching Sunday School classes are Patricia Barrett, Cathy B-'en, Faith Carey, Patricia Feild Charlene Hagendoorn, Aileen Maffee, Christine Menke, Barbara Nisbet, George Pinkham, Carolyn Poulsen, Nancy Schlundt, Patricia Walling j and Pamela White. Monday, 8:00 P.M. the trustees The Treasury Departwill meet in room 5 of the Chrisment Redemption Office tian Education building; Tuesreports many sad cases of day, 8:00 P.M. the session will people who were unable to meet in room 5. produce enough of the daThe Women's Association will maged bills to warrant rehold a workshop, Tuesday, 7:30 imbursement. An imporP.M., and will feature a film, "Tsland of Mercy" which tells tant lesson that should be the story of a medical mission in learned from this is that it Korea. is indeed foolish to risk On June 15, the Golden Circle large sums of money by will hold its annual luncheon at keeping it in your house. the Marine Grill, Asbury Park. Deposit it at your bank as The bus will leave from the soon as you receive it. (••"Teh nt 10:30 A.M. and from Asbury Park for the return trip These helpful tips are ofat 3:31) P.M fered to you as a public ! Confirmed last Sunday were service by The Perth AmLinda Miller, Linda Haci.ur, ...in boy Savings Institution. Campbell, Kathlen McCormick, Any time you need profesBrenda Conrad, Craig Hagensional advice, we invite dorn, William Giglio, Russel Daniels, Jane McLachlan, Jeryl you to come in and talk it 'Hubbard, Kathy Walling, Joover with us. seph Vitale, Karen Still, Mary Jo Shenk, eborah Reed, Cathi O'Neill, June McKee, James McThe Perth Amboy Intyre, William Ludeking, Emil Kulesar, Richard Kuhn, Judy Savings Institution Krutzler, Richard Kantor, Bobby Feigner, Karen Eakens, Scott T. Sirtr. §fa>M l m jDuesterdisk, Gary Chomiak, 110 SMITH STREET Cinci Byank, Robert Baylis, and PERTH AMBOY, N. i. Janet Banner.

Complete Menu for


grams. Kduration, Sehnol Street, Wood- School from 7:00 P.M. In !);()<] The tuition is $:»)()(» per sinbridge. P.M. Interested parents may dent, additional family mem'hers may join the program for baritone, french horn, tuba, per-ji,aif c o s | . Transportation and call MIKE for the best cussion and piano. Students will instrument renlnl applications SUB sandwich in town . . . receive a period of class instru- are available for those who ring . . . 636-1288 mental lessons in addition to need these services. Interested band and orchestra rehearsal students may register through daily. More than one instrument their school's instrumental may be studied as part of the school's fee. Certified teachers teacher or mail applications to

VU!| ; )'.' — 7h< itirr! the la>"\ ir.i; (if :'h!i S:'fii;i l'iL'iC 41 • <-';) opr:,r,i uilh a j-r.iyrr bv Nirv. lipiill «rl il> i; l>:iok, :;cnn!miller. ; v i.illier and s<>n. oppnip i rrr^r-ionir? !-y I>cn •' .. h 'hi- H: i< ir Ihe month Ti'.j'K' Scli.Mrffi'r, ilcii nitilhrr a skil WIN of tirin^c " r i v e n ; fcrcd by Don 1, l o i s l'»'a<:! den \uly, niolhrr, im-In<1iii'! I'iit slrntiKni.in, Siamcsr iwn.:sicif- shows. (t.iinrs w e ;i which v.pro mn.'r hy Dr^ii (i Awards were in'psrnl'M hv

Brack's the fact that most monoy has a rather bad habit of disappearing, some money actually gets in(o accidents. Every year a large number of bills t;ot burned in fires. Some tjot damaged by water. Still others get severely lorn. If this happens to you, do you know what to do about it?

Ihe weekly

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Route 9 — WOODBRIDGE OPEN DAILY 9:30 A.M. 'TIL 10 P.M. » • r*Mti« tk» rilkl to Umtt

Mat itipou»ibl» (or Ty|»»r«i>»1'*'


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SUNDAYS* 10 A.M. 'TIL 6 P.M. .. I'ricit e/i«clivt Ikiu UI., JUM ID. Ml