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Largest Circulation Of Any Newspaper In Boca Raton Area

VOL. 7 NO. 37

Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, Florida, Thursday, August 9, 1962

Boca Raton News Bldg. 34 I E . Second" St. Phone 395-5121


16 Pages

Some CIP Projects Given Tentative OK,Others Wait Architects Will Study |f Municipal Center Needs

Boca Building Permits Continue Upward Spiral Building permits continued to spiral in Boca Fiaton during July. Totals for the year to date increased 1.1 million over those of the same period 1 ast year.

The Boca Faton Art Guild was scheduled to begin moving this week into its new building just north of Palmetto Park road in Floresta subdivision. The building was designed by a team of local architects which included Carl Petersen, Howard McCall and John Shoup and Paul McKinley. C.A. Quillen and Son was the contractor.

;/. breakdown of the July $1,921,750 shows 107 permits; 69 one family residences, $1,089,800; five multiple dwellings, $458,000; three businesses, $331,000 and 30 and alteraF i r e Co., $214,948; and additions tions, $42,950. B.C. Eeilly, $165,8.31. In other action, the F ermits issued in 1962 City Commission: to date through July were '.ADOPTED an ordinance $6,853,725 as compared permitting the sale of for the same period in beer and wine at bowling 1961 of $5,705,713. alleys, an ordinance esTotal permits issued tablishing rules and reg- for July, 1961 equaled ulations governing the $1,146,788. operation of coin-operated dry dealing establishments. 'SEIVT to the. planning and zoning commission a tentative plat of Section 2, Hidden Valley Dr. Palmer H. Craig which would establish a was appointed this week new route for the C-15 to head the division of canal. science and mathematics KEFFtKBED to the at .Florida .Atlantic Unicity engineer a suggesversity here. The aption for special setback pointment was made by lines along an extension the State Board of Eduof Northwest 1st avenue cation. in the industrial area. Dr. Craig, of FlantaPLACED on first reading by title only an ordi- Short Circuit 9s nance prohibiting swimming and scuba diving in BSamed for Fire the Intracoastal Waterway \A short circuit in the in the vicinity of the electrical system caused small boat launching a fire at Smitty's Driftramp. wood Club Monday night 'SET .August 28 as the which resulted in approxdate for a public hearing imately $7,500 damage. on an ordinance requiring Boca Raton regular and construction of a wall on volunteer firemen fought double-frontage business the fire for three hours. properties which abutt The blaze was discovered residential areas. at 8:;4.4 p.m. and it was MOVED to establish believed to have been building setback lines on smoldering for quite the western side of North- some time. west 9th avenue. Fire Chief John F. '.AGREED to investigate Loughery said that most with the possibility of of the damage was conestablishing, with the fined to the flooring of aid of federal funds, a the kitchen area where new bridge crossing the the fire was believed to Intracoastal Waterway have started.

Annexation Approved, Water Contracts Awarded The eastern half of Eoca Eaton Fark became part of the city of Eoca Eaton this week. The City Commission "adopted the annexation ordinance following final reading at the regular meeting Tuesday. Previously an ordinance declared the city's intention to annex the territory, generally that portion east of Juana road and running from the former city liirits south to theHillsboro Kiver. Flans call for extending water lines to the area and widening and paving of Juana road as a divided street with a m edi an p art w ay.' .First 'steps toward expanding the city's water plant capacity were tal.en

Tuesday with the awarding of three contracts totaling $897,559. The contracts are for additions to the pumping stations and ground storage, and raw water collection and transmission linea feting on a recommendation of the city's consulting engineers, Black, Crow and ILidsness, the City Commission awarded the bids subject to receipt of funds from the sale of revenue bonds. Mayor John Brandt and City Manager William Lamb were in New York this week to sign tne revenue certificates. Contracts were awarded to: Walter Lally Co., $516,780; the Lock Joint

Unedited BY CLIVER E. JAYNES BFiGUN MOUNTAIN MYSTEhY - Another strange story from P.!organton, N.C. (The other one, you'll remember, concerned a prominent resident of this city who was recently discovered to be leading a double life.) This one is even more unusual — and it's been going on considerably longer too — 47 years in fact. For all this time strange lights have been seen flashing out of crevices in nearby Brown Mountain. Everyone around here has heard about the "Brown Mountain Lights" and lots of people claim to have seen their., but nobody has yet been able to discover exactly where they come from or what causes these nightly flashes. The lights are reported to be seen in the late evening and again around 2 a.m. They appear in two or three different colors and shine through the trees on the wooded mountainside. l o t s of people through the years have climbed up Erown Mountain and tried to locate the source and nature of such strange goings-on. No luck. But a few days ago a serious attempt was made by a dozen men who lugged tirrbers up the slope, built a 60foot tower so they could look right down into the suspected crevice. Sure enough the lights appeared but, all of a sudden, a new mystery developed. The rays of one light shone directly upon the men in the tower and they had a feeling of dizziness. Moreover, when they climbed back down to the ground all — save one — were unable to stand up for a few minutes. Why just one holdout; well, they didn't explain that. Could this be a hoax or a case of people letting their imaginations run away with them after hearing such eerie tales? Maybe the answer will at long last come out; the dozen determined Morgantonites are going to try again. They're being led by a man who lives near Erown Mountain and swears up and down that he's been seeing the lights for:40 years! Unless this thing is solved soon maybe a North Carolina senator (one of those Democrats who usually vote with the Republicans) will insist on a Congressional investigation of the whole matter and provide those twelve brave rren with a free trip to the nation's capital to testify. Meanwhile this reporter might just go up and take a look for himself. If I see the light, that - according to'some people — would be just wonderful!

:Among permits issued for businesses and multiple dwellings were: office building with 36 offices for Eoca Eaton Plaza Inc., at 855 S. •Federal Highway, $225,0O0; Wolfies Restaurant, 170IN. Federal, $90,000; car laundry, (William Trupino) 1299 N. Federal, $16,000; Holiday Inn, 1801 N. Federal, $20 2,000; a multiple dwelling for Bob Rosof at 930 Oseola Drive, $100,000; Fro sell Development Corp., apartment building, 1299 S. Ocean Blvd., $125,000. County-wide Eoca Eaton was second only to West F aim Eeach which had a close $1,95,4,195 for July of this year.

Dr. Palmer Craig Will Head FAU Science Dept.

Well it provided a bit of excitement this week. This civet cat moved into a sheltered corner at the rear of the Chatham Hills home of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Ziolkowski and began raising her family. Just barely visible under the cat's nose is one member of the litter she was trying to protect from the camera.

. Alert Neighbor Calls Fire Dept.

'.Alertness of a neighbor and quick action of the Eoca Raton fire detion, was recommended partment saved a Univerby Dr. Kenneth E. "Wil- sity Fark woiran from liams, president of what could have been a disaster last Wednesday F;AU. The new dean will night. Mrs. Agnes M. Dunn, 32 take over his position Sept 1 at an annual Tam-O-Shanter Lane, had salary of $16,000. gone to sleep when a Craig received his doc- neighbor noticed smoke tor of philosophy degree coming from the house. in physics and is direc- She called firemen who tor of research for ;Air- responded immediately pax Electronics Inc., and rescued the woman of .Ft. I.auderdale. He is from a smol e filled also a consultant for house. several South Florida She was given first corporations. aid and oxygen and taken He was active in found- to Eethesda riemorial ing the South Florida Hospital where she was Educational Center at treated and released. Forman .Field and i s a Investigation showed member of the executive fire damage in the bedcouncil there. room to the nightstand, Dr. Craig was head of a radio, mattress, bed the department of elec- post and the wall by the trical engineering at the headboard. The house University of Florida was filled with smoke from 1A41-46. He was ftlembers of the fire dealso professor of engi- partment, rescue squad, neering and director of police department all rethe Electronics Research sponded to the - call, Laboratory at the Univer- along with an ambulance, sity of Miami. according to the report.

City commissioners in a workshop meeting Wednesday gave tentative approval to some parts of the Capital Improvements Program and decided to wait recommendations from various sources on other parts. In unofficial action, commissioners will wait for recommendation for the board of architects on acreage needed for a municipal center. They agreed with the

My Accidents Inpre Fife Five persons were injured, none fatally, in Boca Eaton during July, according to the police report. There were 16 accidents investigated with property damages estimated at $2,875. •Forty-eight persons were arrested; three were released not charged; 10 cases are pending, 16 previous cases pending were completed, two were turned over to other authorities, 13 were tried in court and 20 forfeited bonds. Fines and forfeitures totaled $760. There were 264 complaints and 176 services rendered. Cne juvenile traffic summons was issued and one case is pending. Police investigated ,37 offense reports; fingerprinted 17 persons, three criminal, 12 civilian and two city employees. One person was added to personnel; eight bicycle licenses were issued, 10 written warnings were given. Total iriles traveled were 34,489. Ten dogs were confined in the dog pound, four were returned, to owners and six were turned over to the'/nimal Rescue League

Urges Prompt Y®t§r legists!!®!, Lists Totals Approximately two months remain in which new voters may register for the November general election, Daniel Gorham, Palm Beach County supervisor of registration, reminded voters this week. Gorham noted that the two-month period is applicable "unless the governor should call for a special primary during this period.'" "This office," Gorham said, "advises all citizens who are now eligible to register for the first time to do so without delay. .All registered voters who have changed their address and have not notified this office should do so as soon as possible." In his regular monthly

report for July, Gorham noted that a total of 319 new registrations were made during the month. With ,46 cancellations, the result was a net increase of 27.3 voters, bringing the county total to 9 2,053 registered voters. "The breakdown regarding party affiliation," Gorham reported, "shows 18 2democrats as against 127 Republicans (among the new registrants). This we believe is indicative of the two-party system which eventually will take over our growing county and lead to more efficient governing." .At the present time, the party totals stand at 68,694 Democrats and 20,966 Republicans.

Congressman Paul Powers, left, greets Dr. Kenneth Williams, new president of Florida Atlantic University at Boca Raton, as the two discussed plans for the new school during a luncheon meeting at the Capita! recently.

fourth supplement of the CIF to eliminate cash formerly listed for public works land acquisition. No action was taken on the main fire station site. Unofficially, commissioners felt no money should be spent on land but thought the station should be constructed on cityowned property. .Agreement was reached on improving the present beach site at a cost of $150,000 and that land acquisition for a new beach area be a minimum of 750 feet with a maximum of 1,000' and tentatively agreed at a price of $800,000. '.Approved the CIP recommendation that no plans be irade to include construction of a library at this time. Turned over to William Lamb, city manager, the problem of off-street parking east of Federal Highway. Lamb will report back on his findings. Lamb was also asked to report on a program of garbage and trash disposal. No action was taken on the Boca Eaton Inlet project as opinions of commissioners were varied. This will be discussed again. No concrete agreement was reached on the plan for neighborhood parks and recreational area It was tentatively agreed to place it on the ballot. Commissioners will hold a series of meetings on the supplements

Dr. Williams Will Serve on Task Force 'Er. Kenneth R. Williams, president, and Dr. Fhilip '&. Eorden, business manager, of Florida . ;Atl antic University, will be in Tallahassee today and Friday to attend the planning sessions of educational task forces to which they have been appointed. While there they will interview prospective staff merrbers, meet with architects and attend a Board of Control ireefcing. The task forces will male recommendations to the Board of Control and the Council of State University Fresidents regarding projected developments in the next eight to IP years in the fields of biological science, library science, modern foreign language and business administration. Representatives of each state university have been appointed to these tasl- forces. The meeting with the Board of Control architects in Tallahassee will cover the capital outlay program for additional buildings for Florida .Atlantic, in preparation for requests to be made of the next legislature.

2A THE BOCA RATON NEWS Thursday, August 9. 1962


Teen Ag^ Center Plans Full Schedule 'til School Starts

Ey Det. B.C. Stover

. By Bernice Jacobs

Teen Town hopping each Friday. These hops are free for members, a auarter for guests. Mr. and Mrs. James B. .Anderson,,444 N..E. Third Street, Boca Eaton, announce the birth of a son, Eandall James, born July .30 at Bethesda I.)emorial Hospital. Mrs. i/nderson is t h e forrrer Barbara Joan Thompson.

Just one more month till school convenes and Today we would like to everyone wants to get in all the fun he can, while introduce Fatroliran ,/.!he can. Understanding your feelings, Teen Town von D. Nahrstedt who has planned a schedule loaded with unusual and joined the Boca Raton Interesting activities. Police Department May enjoyment i s only 25
Displays, Diorama at Gainesville Show 8,000 Years ofHistory

Under NEW Management










Frei> Parking 2,000 Cars


OPENS 1:30 Last Times Today "TilK MUSIC MAN" OK Wide Screen - Color 2:00-4:40-7:25-10:00

g ^ . Featuring

Dinners frw*l*5

Children Under 12 Yrs. -50*


1 1


- ft IMIRSAl IMURIfllKJfUl fi


mum® ctoaw

James Stewart .plays the long-suffering father in 20th Century-Fox's lampoon of family "togethern e s s , " "Mr. Hobbs Takes A Vacation," starting Friday at the Cinema in Shoppers Haven.


The Completely Furnished "CINEMA HOUSE" Could Be Yours Obtain Entry Blanks At The Cinema


Ifil "BACHELOR IN PARADISE" 3rd Hit - Fri.-Sat -In Color- "KISS OF FIRF"



FASHION SHOW LUNCHEON Every THURSDAY 12:30 This Week featuring Gloria's of Delray Beach * Dancing Instructors Bev & Blake Ward Available for private parties Closed Monday Nights RESERVATIONS CALL 278-2008 just west of Hwy, 1 Between Boca Baton and Delray Beach

Choice of Three


FLORIDA LOBSTER Choice of Broiled or Newburg



1 «1« 2 50

The Finest Seafood from Maine to the Florida Keys A NEW ENGLAND OYSTER HOUSK

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Thursday, August 9, 1962 THE BOCA RATON NEWS 3A

Garden Club Members Learn Art of Palm Frond Weaving The next class will Members of the crafts class of the Boca Eaton start .Friday, '.August 17, Garden Club have had a at First .Federal Savings busy summer worMng on and Loan building at l:,30 p.m. palm frond weaving. Project will be basket Under the superviaon of Mrs. Horr er 'Gwinn, weaving using palmetto club president, members which must be conditionhave been mating palm ed for a w eek or more Further information may frond hats and baskets. The entire hat i s woven be obtained by calling in one piece from a split Mra Howard Secor at half of a pliable green 395-1346. palm frond shaped to fit the size of the head. The brim i s woven first, then the crown. ;tfhen dried, the hat becomes a honey beige shade. Each rrember designs and makes her own hat trimrrings and the varieties are unlimited.

WOMEN Beatrice Laadr?, Editor

Miss Linda Loughery Wed to Delrayite

Miss Iinda- ',/Iexius Loughery exchanged marriage vows with Christopher Kirk ittatson Saturday at :4:;30 p.m. before an altar decorated with white gladioli and chry s anth emurc s. The wedding took place at St. Joseph's Church, Eoynton Beach. The Kev. Bruce T. Fowell officiated at the double Birth ring ceremony. }'T. and Mrs. Franklin Looking over baskets made in the palm frond weaving class of the Boca Th e bride is th e dau ghRaton Garden Club recently were, left to right, Mrs. J.R, Cuddihy, Mrs. E.Q. H. Halinar, 433 Glouter of Mr. and Mrs. John cester Street, Eoca RaRusch, and Mrs. Frank Walker. F. Loughery of Eoca Eaton, announce the birth ton, and t h e bridegroom of a daughter, Eeborah i s the son of Pir. and Jane, .born July 28 at Mrs. Lester G. Watson Eethesda Memorial Hosof Eel ray Eeach. ' pital. Mrs. Halinar is Miss Deborah ttatson, the former Susan Case. sister of the bridegroom, uasmaid of honor. I . Craig Watson acted as his brother's best man. Ushers were;A/3c Lar~L. For Your Next PHONE ** Reservation .395-2449 ry E. Savage and uV;3c John C. Eell, U.S.'./..F. —Hank Cohen Photo Given in marriage by <£aLon V-r MR. AND MRS. CHRISTOPHER KIPK WATSON j her father, the bride wore 5TH AVE. SHOPPING PLAZA FRED POLAND a formal gown of pure BOCA RATON, FLORIDA OWNER Miss Petersens Engagement Told silt organza over taffeta. The fitted bodice and ..Announcement i s made point-to-hand sleeves of the engagement of were fashioned of importf i s s joandre Fetersen ed chantilly lace trimmed to Colin Kelly. when with seed pearls. F ailThe bride elect i s the lettes accented the sadaughter of p,;rs. Carol brina neckline and exGeils, 1270 N.2. Fourth •/.venue, Eoca Eaton. The tended down the front of TURN TO THE FIRM prospective bridegroom the bouffant si-irt forming BEST QUALIFIED is the son of Mr. and a border on the chapel Mrs. Feter Kelly of Kees- length train. Her bouffant veil of It's a heady story. Members of the Boca Paton Garden Club learned how to ville, N.Y. French illusion was at- weave smart hats from palm fronds recently. Checking the chapeau are Mrs. Kiss F etersen was tached to a tiny crown In BOCA RATON Homer Gwinn, Garden Club president and craft supervisor, Mrs. John R. Birgraduated from Eeabreeze High School at Daytona of seed pearls and cry- ney and Mrs. William B. Steers. Eeach and attended Flor- stals. She carried a colonial nosegay of white the Misses '.Alexius and Barbecue Dinner Is ida State University. MISS PET EF SEN and pink Gena Loughery, of New IleHy attended Kees- carnations sweetheart roses. Haven, Conn., Mr. and Planned by Club ville, N.Y., Central The maid of honor wore Mrs. Louis LaFontaine High School. \A chicken barbecue No date has been set 'a sheath of light aqua Jr., and daughter, Kathy dinner will be featured chiffon over taffeta of West Haven, Conn., for the wedding. fashioned with a drape and Dr. and Mrs. J!.L. at the meeting of the Eoca Raton Woman's cowl, neckline and a Howeof Eastern, F a Mrs. Inman To Speak Club Tuesday, '.August Mrs. Rosella Inman of small back bow. She 11, at the Sunrise the Falm Eeach Soropti- wore a matching flowered Personals Beach Club beginning WE WANTSYOUR JIJSINBS rrist Club will be guest foreward pill box hat and at 6:30 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond speat er at the luncheon carried a colonial noseThe barbecue will be gay of aqua and white P. Johnson had as their meeting of the Eoca Eato honor new members, We see no reason' why first house guests in ton Soioptimist Club carnations. Mrs. Joseph Gola, Mrs. we should be shrinking 'their lovely new Estates .For her daughter's August 9 to be held at Lobert /dams, and Mrs. violets when it comes ® Stereo-high fidelity phonograph • Precision AM radio the Zbb Tide starting wedding, 'P:rs. Loughery home, her cousins, Mr. Lee Lawson. to asking for business. and Mrs. Frank Erittlechose to wear an apple at noon. The local woman's club We have a lot to offer. • Fabulous Micromatic record player « Library space for 50 records silk shantung bank Simpson Jr. of She will give a report green is donating one "boot a For example: Smithfield, Va, sheath with a beige oron the 17 th Biennial » Stereo FM and regular FM radio month to the Boca Eaton While here the Simpsons We represent a number Convention held in San ganza petaled coifette and matching accesso- spent a few days in Nas- library each month startof the best and oldest •Francisco in July. True stereo-high fidelity. Only Magnavox Exciting new Stereo-FM broadcasts ries. Her corsage was a sau, did a lot of sighir ing t h i s m o n t h - N m e insurance companies Nrs. Anna Konroe, : has an advanced acoustica! system that bring you a vast wealth of music with b o1 bronze cymbidium orchid. in America. r resident of the Faltr seeing, were entertained ° s will be donated, projects sound from side as well as the dimensional realism of stereo added Mrs. ;\\atson, mother of Eeach club, will also Hii nrk in Falrr Beach and at- H n r k Fmfpr Mirks We give our undivided front of cabinet, reflecting music from to the noise-free clarity of FM. Hear h u c k the bridegroom, was be a guest. tended attention in helping a ded the gala ship- <<~~ h u c k ™Ster MAMCS your walls-just as in the concert hall — them at their best-with a Magnavox. dressed in a beige silk wreck party recently at pj rS (- B i r t h d a y policyholder collect on to produce spectacular stereo effects. J shantung sheath with a the Eoca Eaton Cabana a claim. turquoise ostrich feather Chib. Charles (Chuck) Foster You'll find us experipillbox and matching They got "sand in their celebrated his first birthRecords can last a lifetime. Because the accessories. Her corsage shoes" and vowed to re- day with a party last enced and attentive to exclusive Micromatic record player elimwas a bronze cyrrbidium turn for another visit Wednesday at the home your interests. We're inates discernible wear on records and orchid. available 24hours a day. soon. Mrs. Johnson is a of his parents, Mr. and stylus, the diamond stylus is guaranImmediately following former Simpson. Mrs. Charles .Foster, 421 teed for 10 years. the ceremony a reception The visitors returned N,W. Second Street. Helping Chuck celebrate was held at the home of to their home Tuesday. were his uncle and aunt, the bride's parents at HORN OFPLENTY 420olive,\lay. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Surcenay MOST RELIABLE-So trouble-free that Mrs. Pic ha el J. HarringMagnavox guarantees service as well as The bride attended Sea- ton had as her recent of Miami, Joey and Sal. all parts and tubes for a full year on crest High School and St. guest, Father Thomas J. Di Mauir and EethMartin. Mr. and Mrs. Foster Mary's >/.cademy, New Biecl er of John Carrol] these Gold Seal models. 1790 N. FED. HWY. leave this month to make Haven, Conn. University near ClevePOMPANO The bridegroom attend- land, Chio, who visited their home in Miami. Mr. PI ION K 942-3030 ed St. Dunstan's School, Mrs. Harrington and her Foster has been transFar Eastern Contemporary model 612. ferred from Boca Eaton Providence, E.I., Sea-daughter, Jane while he Stereo amplifiers with 30 watts undiscrest High School, Eiver- was enroute to Marathon. to torted power. Six speakers including two side Military .Academy Later Mrs. Harrington the "France" in Septem12" bass. In natural walnut.$349 50 and i s presently ;/./3c welcomed Mr. and Mrs. ber and will visit Engst ati on ed at K e e s] er >./ ir .Force Ease, Biloxi, Miss. Leroy Temple of Hem- land, .France, SwitzerModel 611, similinr. model, Stereo FROM PORT EVERGLADES - TO WEST INDIES >,/.fter a wedding trip l.ocl Hills, Ohio, who land and Italy. They FM optional, from $298.50 in Clierry, OCTOBER 18 S.S. ATLANTIC through Florida the cou- will spend a few clays plan to be gone about Ebony and Sable Walnut "Aufumn Holiday Cruise" Mediterranean, Holy Lands and Israel ple will be at home in here. The visitors arriv- two montha 41 Days—15 Ports— From $?25 ed in time for a surprise Biloxi. OCTOBER 22 M.S. BERGENSFJORD buffet party i Days—3 Ports—From $170 Out of town guests in- birthday CALL M i FOR OCTOBER 29 M.S. BERGENSFJORD cluded Mr. and Mrs. Wilgiven by the hostess for 7 Days—3 Porfiw-From si95 liarr No a and daughters, Mrs. Joseph K. Koch of NOVEMBER 3 S.S. FRANCA " C " LIFE Cindy and Joye '/.nn, of Deerfield Eeach. 13 Days—I Porti—From $285 INSURANCE NOVEMBER 11 S.S. ARGENTINA Hamden, Conn., Mrs. "Thanksgiving Hnliriay Cruise" West Indies and South America HOSPITAL SVT. and Mrs. Harry L.ouis LaFontaine Sr., 1 * Days—7 Ports—Fcom S Ports—From S385 De SHIELDS, Inc. first college term at Tu- • f • ? ! : - " % • . P L A N S NOVEMBER 28 S.S. ARGENTINA lane University in Louis10 Oavs—S Ports—From (295 165 N.W. 20th STBEET iana They will drive DECEMBER 8 S.S. FRANCA " C " BOCA RATON, FLORIDA 7 O m — 3 Ports—From S155 Donald to college before Crosby W. AH#y DECEMBER 9 S.S. ARGENTINA (Arris Smith, President) they leave for a trip to Amdur Bldg. Id Days—A Ports—From $7?5 Zurope with a group of DECEMBER 16 S.S. SANTA ROSA CERTIFIEDDEALER 395-4404 10 Days—5 P n r l j _ F r o m 1380* friends. 'Family Plan Applies They will leave aboard DECEMBER 21 S.S. FRANCA " C "

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4A THE BOCA RATON NEWS Thursday. August 9, 1962

This Is Your Club By Beatrice Landry Cne of the most active, most genial, and bestknown clubs in Boca Raton i s trie Kiwanis club. The Kiwanis have been a chartered organization in Eoca Raton since May 16, 1S5C, when the late Judge IL.G. Newell presided at the meeting as toastmaster. Since then the Kiwanis have undertaken irany varied activities, as well as the responsibility of awarding two scholarships yearly to Falm Eeach Junior College, selecting a Seacrest junior to attend Boys' State fron; Poca Laton, and providing savings bond awards to Seacrest seniors (boy or girl) in recognition of scholarshir achievement. When the club was first organized, under charter president Harold Dane, there were 36 charter members. The present membership has climbed to P,4. The members gather at the Hidden Valley Country Club for their weekly meetings, held at 12:15 Tuesdays. Zdward Barnhardt is the immediate past president of the local service club. The stated objects of the riwanis clubs across the world are; To give priiracy to the human and spiritual, rather than to the material values of life. To encourage the daily living of the Golden T.ule in all hurr.an relationships. To promote the adoption and the application of higher social,

business, and professional standards. To develop by precept and example a more intelligent, aggressive, and serviceable citizenship. To provide, through Kiwanis clubs, a practical means to fonr. enduring friendships, to render altruistic service, and to build better communities. To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism which male possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism, and good will. Under the presidency of Lyttleton Tazewell, the How to dress when caught in a shipwreck was Boca Eaton Kiwanis club demonstrated at the annual Shipwreck party held at has undertaken many ser- the Boca Paton Cabana Club Saturday night by Lew"How am I doing?", asks A.P. Mitchell, left, of vices to the community Ed Yerg, right, at the Shipwreck party held at the is Manning, of Delray Beach, and Mrs. Mignon Short that were literally Cabana Club Saturday night. "firsts." For instance, of Boca Paton. last February, the Kients, Mr. and Mrs. j.d- and Mrs. YJaage of Ft. ;Avery' and children, KathPersonals wanis hosted King Ibn rr.ond Vihitby, \Yattspar Lauderdale are visiting ryn, Steve and Paul enSaud, of Saudi ;/irabia, at Nice to hear that Cath- Dam, Tenn., for a late Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Kenthe Royal Falm Folo erine Sterling, Gail Fis- summer vacation. jiey, Sans Souci, FleasGrounds, putting Eoca cus and Ilarge Jamison ant Lake,- Yarmouth, Raton in the headlines are feeling rr.uch better Mr. and Mrs. Eonald Nova Scotia. across the country. Smith of Boca Eaton and after a recent illness. In addition the club Tom Waage, USF (liet) Col. and Mrs. Walter E. boasts two lieutenant Fr. and Mrs. U. Shefgovernors — Harold Dane field (Jean) Smith are and the present lieutenant home after a three ironth NOTICE TO CREDITORS PUBLIC NOTICE governor, Ti. Hugh Brown tour of Hurope and then IN THE COURT OF THE COUNof the 14th division. Eoth visiting relatives in the RESOLUTION NO. 46-62 TY JUDGE IN AND FOR of these men are past North. A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY PALM BEACH COUNTY, COMMISSION OF THE CITY presidents of the club. FLORIDA; IN PROBATE, Their granddaughter, OF BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, NO. 19,151 In the first six months Cindy YVhitby, accom- TO ABANDON AND VACATE A IN RE: ESTATE OF CERTAIN EASEMENT IN of its own existence, the panied the Smiths home COUNTRY CLUB VILLAGE H. AUSTIN HAUXHURST, club sponsored the EeerWITHIN THE CITY OF BOCA al so known as for a three week visit. RATON, FLORIDA, DESCRIBH.A. HAUXHUKST, and field Eeach Kiwanis The Smiths and Cindy ED MORE FULLY HEREIN. HENRY A. HUAXHURST, club. :/nd as for distin- plan to join Cindy's parDeceased, WHEREAS, the City Comguished members, the mission of the City of Boca To All Creditors, Legatees, club includes in its mem- that the Kiwanis had gone Raton, Palm Beach County, Distributees and Persons HavFlorida, has deteimined it is ing' Any Claims or Demands bership an admiral, seve- into 174 new communi- desirable and to the best inte- Against Said Estate: ral colonels, five clergy- t i e s , 75 breakfast clubs, rest and welfare o f the City of You and each of you are men, and two present city among the new total of Boca Raton, to abandon and hereby notified that you are vacate a certain easement in required by Law to present commissioners, including 5040, and 11 Hawaiian Country Club Village. any claims and demands which NOW THEREFORE, BE IT the present mayor, John clubs making a memberyou, or either of you, may RESOLVED by the City Comhave against the estate of H. Brandt. ship total of 262,000. mission of the City of Boca Hauxhurst, also known The Kiwanis render out- The Kiwanis clubs spread Raton, Florida, that the City Austin as H. A. HAUXHURST and does hereby set standing service to their from Hay River, Canada, Commission HENRY A. HAUXHURST, dethe date of the 21st day of 115 Volt ceased, late of said County, community in contrast to just below ttie ..Arctic August, 1962 at 7:30 P.M., in to the County Judge of Palm I.ife Time Filter the comparatively small Circle, to Tiajuana, the City Hall of Boca Raton, Beach County, Florida, at his MSB-107-C Florida, for a public hearing office in the court house of recognition they receive. Mexico. No wonder the on the abandonment and vacasaid County at West Palm Kiwanis tion of an easement described .For example, within one international Beach, Florida, within six as follows: calendar months from the time year, the Kiwanis club fiotto is "Vie Euild." " T h e South 6 feet, l e s s the of the first publication of this spent $1500 on various west IS feet of Lot 9 and In addition to this the notice. Each claim or demand the North 6 feet, l e s s the shall be in writing in dupliprojects, all of benefit Kiwanis have established West IS feet of Lot 10, cate, and shall state the place to the community. Key clubs, high school Block 6, Replat of Country of residence and post office Club Village, Section A, Plat :/;mong these were pur- service clubs, in 2300 address of the claimant, and Book 25, Pages 149 and 150, shall be sworn to by the claichasing equipment for a high schools, with a total Public Records, Palm Beach mant, his agent, or his attorney, Eoy Scout Fact., donating membership of 53,000. . County, Florida," and any such claim or demand PASSED AND ADOPTED this not so filed shall be void. $500 to the library fund, International president 31st day of July, 1962. setting up two Edward G. John s / Vevia Sutton Hauxhurst CITY OF BOCA RATON, Melton recently As executrix of the Last FLORIDA Newell Scholarships at stated that the "Circle Will and Testament of H, BY_S/ John R. Brandt $400, awarding two $25-K" and Key clubs were Austin Hau^diurst, a/k/a John R. Brandt, Mayor H.A. Hauxhurst and Henry savings bonds to J.C. lasting monuments to A. Hauxhurst, deceased, ATTEST: Mitchell School students, democratic training, buts/ LEO J . FOX and spending both $150 on that they cannot stop S/ Jacob Heidt Attorney for Executrix l i t t l e league equipment there. He said, "If we Publish: August 9th and 16th, 129 Boca Raton Road, Boca Raton, Fl a. and $72 on their choice accept the challenge, if 1962 Publish: Aug. 9, 16, 23, 30, for Boys' State we give America a pur- Furnish Proof of Publication 196 2. They also provided for pose, if we conquer our dental work for an under- fear and reassert our faith PUBLIC NOTICE EARL WILKINSON privileged child, took a in democracy - then, AGENT The City Commission of the City of Boca Raton, Florida, at a Cub Pack to a baseball with God's aid we can Regular Meeting held on the Reverse Cycle 24th day of July, 1962, has approved 119 W. Palmetto Park Rood envision a mighty and Life Time Filter game, provided food pacthe following Engineer's Assessment Roll and has ordered a Boca Raton, Florida PUBLIC HEARING held thereon at 7:30 P.M., August 14th, Automatic Thermostat 1-ages for the welfare glorious ;/:merica " 1962 at the City Hall. Res. Phone: Ofc. Phone: council, uniforms for J.C. Jacob Heidt 395-3515 395-2636 Mitchell Boca Bobcats Jacob Heidt, City Clerk baseball team, and 13C2 PUiLiC NOTICES Publish: August 2nd and 9th, 1962 Furnish Proof of Publication school lunches for a NOTICE OF INTENTION TO MAKE APPLICATION June 7, 1962 number of needy childFOR FINAL DISCHARGE ASSESSMENT ROLL ren, including 365 quarts IN THE COURT OF THE of milk. COUNTY JUDGE IN AND FOR Land Cl earing — Ordinance No. 256 BEACH COUNTY, International Secretary PALM AREA NO. 12 FLORIDA; IN PROBATE, NO. AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE COMPANY 18 360 Home Office; Bloomlngton, Illinois . for the Kiwanis club re(Pursuant to Resolution No. 28-61) ported earlier this year IN RE: ESTATE OF

Chef Byron Bennet shows the large clipper ship which highlighted the buffet table at the Shipwreck party Saturday night at the Boca Paton Cabana Club.-T.P. Wyatt Photos joyed a visit to Sarasota jungle Gardens during,

their recent vacation of JFlorida'slowerwestcoast."

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Martha Marie Adams Deceased. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given thnt John Adams has filed his final report as Achiinistrator of the estate of Martha Marie Adams, deceased; that he filed his petition for final discharge, and that he will apply to the County Judge of Palm Beach County, Florida, on the 28 day of August, 1962, for approval of same and for final discharge as Administrator of the estate of Martha Marie Adams, deceased, on this 31st day of July, 1962. John Adam s Administrator of the estate of Martha Marie Adams, deceased. Law Offices, W.H. Haliman 131 Northeast First Avenue Boca Katon, Florida Attorney for Administrator

Section 17-47-43

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Library Shows Arabian Items

Thursday, August 9, 1962 THE BOCA RATON NEWS 5A Past State President Speaks to Local Club Er. Herbert 'Stephen, past State president of the Florida Jaycees and former director of the National Jaycees was guest speater at the meeting of the Boca Eaton Junior Chamber of Comnerce Tuesday night, His topic was "Why Jayceeism?"


ust has been set by the membership committee, Coming events include a social evening for new members ;August 21 and a Jaycee party Sept. 1. ! ^ a n .Armour, president of the local group; Ernest Chick, Roy Merrill and Eernie Braz, will attend the four day Jaycee


:A collection of articles from '.Arabia i s on display in the Eoca Eaton Library, Mrs. Janet B. Murray, librarian, reported this weep.. The collection, loaned by Mrs. H.B. Minor, includes an Arabian cos:/. goal of at least ;30 convention i/.ugust 9, IP, tume given to H. E. Minor new members during:/.ug11, 12 at Orlando. by King Saud. ;/lso on display is an -.Arab coffee mill" colored sand, and other iterrs collected by the Minors while living there. Mrs. Murray also reported the addition of 117 boots to the library col1 ection during July, included among the additions were books donated by: L.|/.. Eassett, Terry McKienzie, '_A.Y\. Watson, Eurritt E arbour, Paul Cline, F.C. Miller, G.H. Hyland, Mrs. >/.nn Nisewanderi Margaret Jackson, Norman Slater, Dorothy Farsons, J . I . Cook and Miss Linda "Schoenfeld.




From elevated trails within Everglades National Park, visitors see alligators and wildlife in their natural habitats. This vast area, the nation's third largest Park, acquaints Floridians with the mystery and beauty found in their own state. The Everglades National Park is another reason Governor Farris Bryant and the Florida Development Commission are urging Floridians to vacation in their own state this summer.


FLORIDA'S EVERGLADES ARE WORLD'S MOST UNUSUAL RIVER Stretching southward from Lake Ckeechobee to Florida Bay for 100 miles i s the world's most unusual river — the Florida Everglades. Never more than six inches deep and at places bone dry, this "iiiver of Grass" i s also distinctive for being the world's widest river, between 60 and 70 miles. To preserve this huge subtropical wilderness, the southern portion was incorporated into 3verglades National Park in December, 1947, with added territory included in 1959. The area is the third largest national park, having a million and half acres or roughly 2,1SG square miles. Everglades National Park is another • reason Governor Farris Bryant and the Florida Development Commission are urging Floridians to see their own state this summer. Visitors seeing the park for the first time and accustomed to the obvious grandeur of Yellowstone National Park or Mount McKinley in Alaska sometimes overlook the Everglades' subtle beauty. "They must look sharp to see how nature has blended the various cycles of plant and animal life in subtle shadings," advises Park Naturalist Samuel L. Mendlen. To help them know what to look for and understand what they see, the naturalist conducts a lectured tour at

Royal Palm Hammock. At the new Visitors Center near the park entrance below Homestead, visitors, too, are oriented by exhibits and a widescreen motion picture film. Among the facts learned about the 3verglades is that the region is actually made up of many landscapes, each different in its own way. T&e grasslands, called Pahay-okee or "grassy waters" by the Indians, are characterized bysmall islands or Florida "mountains" rising high enough above the earth's surface so that they remain dry even during the rainy season. These clumps of earth dotting the grasslands as far as the eye can see are known as hammocks and support the plant and animal life of the 'Glades. Still another area of the park is known as the Pine lands, highest elevated of the area and seen near the park's entrance. As the coastal region i s approached the region of the mangrove swamps, zone of transition from fresh to salt water vegetation, i s seen. Hurricane Donna transformed what was once the largest stand of virgin mangrove forest into stripped trunks with grotesque shapes. Fortu.nately, many are making a comeback. Between the mangrove swamps and open glades lies a region of open waterways, miles of rivers and mangrove


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Retail Merchants Will Meet Today

Twenty-five members channels, a water wilder- of the Retail Merchants' ness comparable to none Division of the' Eoca Eain the country. At Fla- ton Chamber of Commingo i s another land- merce are expected at a scape, the Cape Sable meeting scheduled for Prairie, southernmost noon today at the Eoca tip of continental United Raton Cabana Club. The purpose of the States. It is the wildlife, how- meeting is to check on ever, that* makes the the progress of their curEverglades and was a rent promotion which will deciding factor in making culminate in a free trip it a national park. An in- to the Grand Eaharras teresting cycle provided for a lucky couple. The agenda also proby nature ensures survivides for consideration val to the 'Glades' low- of the next project to' be liest and highest inhabi- undertaken by the retail tants. The mosquito merchants. Co-chairmen starts the cycle by pro- oi the Hetail P/ierchants' viding larvae as food for Division are 2.E. Jenntiny fish. These fish are ings and ,Al Sterling. preyed upon by larger fish, which in turn are Births eaten by the gar. The I.:r. and Mrs. V ester alligator feed upon the Eishop, Garden •.Apartgar. The tiny fish also ments, announce the furnish food for the myri- birth of a boy at Eethesads of wading birds and da Memorial Hospital. ducks. During the dry season modern museum, a 200when food is scarce the seat restaurant overlookwildlife gravitates to ing the bay and a large Taylor Slough, a perma- boat marina. .A 60-unit nent watercourse at motel even has a swimRoyal Palm Hammock. ming pool. Rates are surBirds, ducks, turtles and prisingly low. The camping and picalligators vie for places at the water feeding nicking grounds bordering trough. At the moment the bay are free and can Big George, a 14-foot accommodate 60 camping alligator, reigns at the parties, with the picnickslough, keeping all ga- ing grounds sometimes tors over four feet away. used for an overflow. To see the inner reA visit this summer to cesses of the 'Glades, Everglades National Park the visitor can take well- will re-awaken Floridians marked trails branching to the mystery and beauty off from the main park to be found in their own road which goes 35 miles state. to Flamingo. At Royal Palm Hammock are Gumbo-Limbo and Anhinga Trail featuring the tropical atmosphere of the park. Next i s Pineland Trail, followed by the elevated walk at Pa-hay okee Overlook. A new recreation and camping area is found at Long Pine Key. Next comes In line with the weather Mahogany Hammock with its fine forest of virgin bureau's policy of tagging wood, Paurotts Pond hurricanes with feminine names, windy honors for and Mangrove Trail. upcoming season When the visitor reach- the es Flamingo, he is sur- have been announced. prised to find such mod- The first big wind is ern, deluxe accommoda- •,/lma, followed by Becky, Daisy, Ulla, tions in a wilderness. At Celia, Flossy, Greta, Holly, the visitors center is a Inez, Judith and Kendra Farther down the alphabet are Lois, Marsha, Noreen, Crpha, Tatty, Rena, Sherry, Thora, Vicky and nil ma


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THE BOCA RATCN NEWS Thursday, August 9, 1962

Hunters Can Now Apply For Managed Bear Hunts

The University Bowling Lanes are rapidly taking shape on North Dixie Higiway south of 20th street. Plans call for decorating the entrance as a golden bowling ball. Equipment for the new lanes is scheduled to arrive next week. Darold Hurlbert (left), president of the Boca Raton Firefighters Benevolent Association, receives the Boca Faton Junior Baseball League trophy from Carl Feddern, president of the league. The Firefighters team won the league championship.

Applications are noweight managed hunts in being received from Flor- Csceola National .Forest ida hunters who wish to will be held October 1 participate in the manag- through October 27. ed bear hunts in the c s Each three-day hunt ceola and '.Apalachicola will be limited to not National Forests, accord- more than 17 people, exing to;A.D. .Aldrich, di- cept upon approval of the rector, Game and Fresh hunt supervisor. Each Water Fish Commission. group must obtain a $50 Florida black bear are party hunt permit, and rated as the largest in the each person in the party nation; and because of must also possess a regtheir early retreat to im- ular hurting license. passable swamp terriHunters will be allowtory, they are extremely ed to take bear, fox, difficult to hunt, even skunk, opossum, bobcat, with excellent doga The raccoon, and rabbit. Osceola National Forest, Shooting will be one-half in Columbia and Baker hour before sunrise to counties in Northeast one-half hour after sunFlorida, and the :Apala- set, with no Sunday chicola National Forest, hurting allowed. in Liberty County in 'Additional information Northwest .Florida, pro- concerning the special vides some of the best hunt regulations and probear hunting in .Florida cedures governing the Applications for "the drawing may be obtained lApalachicola Bear by contacting either regional office. Hunts should be filed with the Regional Manager, Game and .Fresh water .Fish Commission, F.O. Eox 576, Fanama City, Florida, prior to 11 a.m. ;August 30. Hunters who wish to participate in the Osceola Bear Hunts should file application with the Regional Manager, Game and Fresh Water Fish Corr.mission, F.O. Eox 908, Lake City, .Florida, prior to 11 a.m. ;August 3L ;/.ll applications must be accompanied by a check to cover permit cost. Regulations' for the special bear hunts provide a total of 14 managed three-day hunts in the ^palachicola National Forest, September 24 through November 10. The

Ey Bon Bay "Shorty" Cwens, bridgetender at the Falmetto Fark Road bridge, reports there are plenty of fish down in that area Shorty says he has Boca Tackle Shop bol- tines at bat. Fee Wee noticed snook, taipon stered its lead jn theSouthards ]ed Teen Town and large jack around .Mult Softball League with two hits on three the bridge early every with an 18-1 victory trips to the plate. morning. Trouble i s , 1 2 3 4 S67 over the J.K, Brennan T e e n T o w n there haven't been any 6 1 0 0 1 0 0 8 J.K. Brennan 0 1 3 9 0 0 1 13 Co. team Tuesday night fishermen around to In Monday night's dou- catch them. League Standings following Tuesday night's ble-header Eoca Tackle So the thing to do is Shop defeated J.K. Eren- get up early soire morngame were: L nan Coirpany by the ing - get sorre live bait Boca Tackle Shop 16 .4. score of 8-5. Bon Cob- and give it a try. Wentworth Plas, 15 5 lentz. took the win. Ralph Eeerfield Beach 10 7 Chid led the TacHe '«e got in a fine day of Teen Town 5 13 Shop in batting with two fishing at the I oxahatHunting Season Set J E Brennan 3 17 hits on two tirres at bat. chee Recreational ;/iea Florida's 1962-6:3 geneFiay Homrich and Jimthe other day. Thanks to ral hunting season for Boca Tackle Shop de- Lockwood took the bat- our fishing guide, John resident game birds and feated Wentworth F] aster- ting honors for J.K.Lemmon, we caught: 41 animals will-open Saturblue gill and one nice ing last Thursday even- Erennan Corrpany. day, November 17, in all He was safe! In spite of a long stretch by third-baseman Nick Bishop of the 1 2 3 4 5 67 ing by the score of 5-1 to J . K . B r e n n a n 2 0 0 2 1 0 0 5 tarpon. districts of the stata J.K. Brennan team, Nolan Coons, just barely visible behind Bishop, was safe. This i s a wonderful tighten the race for first B o c a T a c k l e 0 1 2 3 1 1 J 8 The opening date, Coons plays for the Boca Tackle Shop team. Action was seen during an Adult place. In t h e second game, fishing and' recreational applying to deer, turkey, Softball League game this week. Bon Coblentz was the Deerfield Eeach defeated area . . . in the making. quail, squirrel, and bear, winning- pitcher in theTeen Town by the score To get there go six miles was s e t during a formal second garce. Coblentz of 15-8. Ben Caskey was west of U.S. Ml on the meeting of the Game and proved that pitchers can the winning pitcher. Bale Hillsboro Hoad west of Fresh Water -Fish Comhit as he led the TacHe Bernath was the leading Beerfield Eeach. mission at Tallahassee \A total of 12,685 acres rr.aximum boating pleasShop with three hits for hitter with three hits on on July 20, according to Fish caught in salt •>/..D. Aldrich, director. NOTE: Gatrefish un- of hyacinths and other ure in Florida. four trips to the plate. four trips to the plate. Chemicals used to waters of Florida are Steve 'Brayer led Uent- Bill Eubank led Teen lawful to spear, buy or noxious vegetation was brought under control control the hyacinths contributing ments to explore the efdata for sell! Eag limit four daily worth in batting collect- Town with two hits on during the first six and other noxious vege- scientific research in fect which plastics have with a two-daypossession ing one hit on two trips three tirr. es at bat. months of 1962, by thetation are 2,,4-E lister Maine, i/.ll this has de- on animal and fish tissue. lirrit to the plate. 12 3 4 5 67 Hyacinth Control Ei vi- and 2,,4-E './.mine, 2,,4,5,- veloped as a fringe Since the tagging of Deerfield Bch. 1 3 1 5 1 3 t 15 1 2 3 4 5 67 T e e n Town 4 0 1 0 0 0 3 8 salt water fish for the Boca Tackle 2 0 0 1 0 2 0 5 Here are some niniirum sion of the 'Game and T, and Sodium '/.rsenite. benefit of the .Florida Wentworth 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 Action this week will legal lengths you might •Fresh flater Fish Com- Chemicals used for hya- Fishing Derby through derby is done by the ConIn the first game, J.K. see Eoca TacHe Shop want to save and remem- mission, according to cinth control are general- the cooperation of the servation Department, Brennan Company defeat- meeting Beerfield Eeach ber. Measure fish from :A.'D. ./jldrich, director. ly mixed with a carrier .Florida State Board of and since the fish captured Teen Town by thein the first game Thurs- tip of the nose to fork of ed in the derby are sent During the six month fluid, either an oil-base Conservation. score of 13-8. .Fred Sturm day night, and nentworth the tail, except mullet; period from January 1 mixture or water. Under .Florida .Fishing X-erby to the Marine Laboratory was the winning pitcher. Flastering against J.K. measure mullet from tip to June 30, personnel of normal operations, one officials were asked for in St. Fetersburg for reBill Nettles led the hit- Erennan Company in the of nose to tip of tail. the Hyacinth Control Di- gallon of chemical is pieces of fish flesh con- search purposes, the reters on two hits for three second game. Bluefish and pompano — vision, operating eleven mixed with one hundred taining the small plastic quest was referred to The laboratory airboat crews, and one gallons of carrier fluid tags inserted in fish that them. 10 inches. airplane, sprayed a total and applied by spray turn out to be prize-win- gladly complied. Flounder — 11 inches. The prirrary benefit in fc'ackerel, speckled trout of 5,820 gallons of chem- pumps. ners. The request came (weakfish), black mullet icals to effect a kill of from the Scott-Webb Me- research froir the fishing Sugarcane acreage in morial Hospital of Hart- derby has been to the two hyacinths on 75 bodies and redfish - 12 inches. of w ater in .33 counties Florida for the 1962 har- land, Fiaine, which i s state agencies in charge 'Snook - 18 inches. vest season i s more than working with the Univer- of fish conservationThe Invitational Gold- Florida area are expected Crawfish — one pound in .Florida ball Slow-Pitch Softball to enter. In addition to normal double last year's figure. sity of P.'aine on experi- management. or 10 inches from eyes to Tournament will open at end of tail or a six-inch hyacinth control operamemorial Park Monday Driving Range To Cpen tail. tions, personnel of the night. The single elimClosed seasons: craw- division spent 2,3.45 hours The practice driving fish - March 31 to .Aug- in clearing log jams and ination tournament will run through the week of range at the Eeerfield ust 1; stone crabs - other underwater obstrucBeach Golf and Country i./pril 14 to October 15; tions from rivers and August 13. Club will open officially oysters - May 1 to Sep- waterways to provide I ast year some 18 Saturday, tember 1; sea turtles teams in the south .FloriIt features private, pro- May 1 to September 1. da area entered the tourtected tees - automatic nament with nentworth Plastering of Eoca Iia- spotters - turf or mats lessons by appointment. ton winning.

Boca Jackie Holds Lead With I3-I Victory Tue.

Game Comm. Aids Fishing

FUSSY about your car?

Get the right muffler for your make and model of car installed by an expert in just

Fish Tagged Here Aid Maine Research

Goldball Slow-Pitch Softball Starts Mon.

15 minutes at your

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GUARANTEED for « long as you own your car.

POMPANO BEACH 1484 South Federal 942-3023

IF YOUR ASPHALT DRIVEWAY IS * Oil Stained * Bleached

Tean: drawings will be held tonight at the Eoca, Eaton Hecreation Center, located on West F almetto Far! Toad, at 7:30 p.m. Some of the better slowpitch tearr.s in the south

The range faces north — there i s no problem of hitting into the sun during daylight hours - and it will be floodlighted at night until 10 p.m. for the convenience of patrons.

Bocn Electric H0T9R SERVICE 395-551O

WH 1 - 8388








Repaired Rewinding




Jr. League k\\ Stars Drop Deerfield Game

CALL 395-1515

The Eeerfield Beach Junior League iMl-'Stars, behind the one-hit pitching of Chris Smith defeated the Boca '..All-Stars 5-1, Friday night at Memorial Fark. • Friday night's victory gave the Deerfield Eeach nine the three game series, two games to one. Chris Smith and Norm Black each had two hits Insurance Agency, inc. for the winners. D i d Ileidgerd collected the only hit for the Eoca',/31Stars. Bob Fadecky took the loss. "The Professional Touch 12 3 4 5 6 7 Boca All-Stars 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 in Insurance'Analysis"

30 Horfh Fed. Hwy, Boca Raton

Deerfield A-S

0 I 0 0 3 1x S

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* Cracked * Pitted

DON'T Blame Your Paving Contractor LET US "HST" COAT IT NOW! ADDS YEARS OF LIFE, BEAUTIFIES, PROTECTS Withstands Sunlight Resists Oil and Gasoline Prevents Water Penetration

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Free Estimates - NO OBLIGATION Ho. Fed. Hwy. (Boca Raton) P.O. Box 536

CR 64567 Delray Beach


Thursday, August 9, 1962 THE BOCA RATON HEWS 7A

Police Investigate Breaking, Entering

PETS AKC Poodle pups, Apricot or Black. Fhone 395Local police are in- 2251. (393-33tfB) vestigating a breaking DALMATIAN PUPS and entering at the home (Beautiful Markings) of Robert Easkowitz at 1183 S.W. 1st Terrace 7272 N..E. Eighth Drive, Deerfield Tel. :399-1596 Eoca Eaton. (400-33-36B) ..According to the police report,.William FowAUTOS FOR SALE ell, of a lawn spraying CEIi'.AM PUFF 1P6P JHEF firm, reporting for work Surrey. 2 Wheel drive, on the lawn, noticed a low mileage, priced right broken rear glass door for quick sale. Many exand notified police. tras. Call 395-40 25 after ,As the owners are 7 p;m. (467-37F) away, no definite loss •CONVERTIBLE can beset with the exception of a radio and jewel- 1960 Ford Sunliner, like new, one owner. Car ry box. available at an amazing price. Terms can be arranged. Call 395-48:38. (455-36E) 34S.E. 2nd Street MOBILE HOMES PHONE 395-5121 F ublish ed Every Thursday Mobile home 18' wide, Helen Murphy completely furnished, all Classified Manager set up ready for occupancy. In one of the finest - RATES mobile home parks.;Adults Line Rates 30tf only, swimming pool, per line lawns maintained. See it Minimum $1.00 today at Mobile Villas, per insertion N. .F ed. Hwy., Boca E aton (451-36.37B) Classified Display Contracts Available SITUATIONS WANTED

Classified Ads

* f* -

Janet Lynn, six and a half month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rosendo Rodriguez shows off her pretty frock. The family lives at 450 N.E. 25th Terrace, Boca Raton.-Colony Studio

No Injuries When Car Hits Exposed Manhole Cover No one was injured in a car-manhole cover accident Saturday at Falmetto Fark Road and Spanish Kiver Road. Police said Miss Caron M. Calhoun, 16, of Forrpano Eeach, traveling w est on P aim etto F ark Hoad made a right turn into Spanish River Road and her car struck a rranhole cover protruding 8-10 inches out of the

Club Plans Luncheon

Ad Deadline Wednesday

roadway due to construction in the area. •..According to the report ther? were no markers or flares at the spot. Tarn age to Miss CalCheck Your Ad! houn's car was estimated Report any enrol" immediateas the Boca Raton News at $75 for the steering ly will not be responsible for gear box. errors beyond the cost of the insertion and then only :A passenger, Eobbie first for the portion that may have Stanford, 25, was not in- tie en rendered valuel ess by such error. jured. The News will not be reNo arrest was made by sponsible for more than one Fatrolman Charles John- incorrect insertion. son, investigating offiMISCELLANEOUS for SALE cer. __

P'embers and guests of LI. Mafteis at the Newcomers Social Club will hold a luncheon Arson Seminar and card party Thursday, I t . Inspector Sal Matl/.ugust 30. teis, of the Eoca Fvaton The affair will be held fire department, i s atat El Sirocco at noon. tending an arson seminar Frs. Walter ;\\ebber is being held this week at in charge of arrange- the Ei Lido Hotel, Miami ments. Beach. The Monday through Personals Friday seminar is sponfrs. Jerry Staley grad- sored by the General uated frorr, Earry College, Extension Ei vision of Miami, Florida, Thursday, the University of Florida ./.ugust 2, 1962 with a and the Florida State Master of Science De- -Fire College. gree Mrs. Staley is a Sessions are being mathematics teacher at held on evidence of arson J. C. Fiitchell School. in fires and how to train Coming from Michigan, the firemen not to disfor her.daughter's gradua- turb potential evidence tion was Mrs. Freda Youngblood. IV-rs. Young- Three DWI Cases blood is enjoying a fewweeks vacation with her Heard in Court Here two granddaughters, Su•.Among several minor san and Cynthia Stal ey. cases heard in Municipal Court Tuesday before It's a happy whirl at the Judge P.J. Brannen were W ill i arc T al botts ho rr e. those of three men chargEon Bill Jr. arrived re- ed with driving while incently from Concord, toxicated. David H. Furdum, :45, Ohio, and another son, Keel, is here on vacation, Garden'.Apartments, chargfrom the Air Force '.Acad- ed with DWI :was fined emy where he recently $125 and had his drivers made the Dean's List, license . suspended for Superintendent's List and three months. Eerger Gudin, 6;3, S.W. the Commander's List, (very high honors for a First '/venue, pleaded not guilty to 'EWT, was first year student). found guilty, fined $100 (Another guest is Bill senior's mother, Mrs. and his drivers license Lena Talbott, also of was suspended for three Concord, Ohio. She is months: James C. Jones, 27, employed in an administrative capacity at Mus- Deerfield Eeach, charged 1-ingum College where with E'.U, failure to have vehicle under control Bill Jr. is a student. thereby causing an acciThe Rev. and ?;rs. •./.]- dent, and leaving the scene of an accident, bert Zastman and family was fined $175 and his are vacationing in the North. They met their son drivers license was susEichard, home from duty pended for three months. with the U.S. Coast Guard in Alaska and Mrs. Marg0ret Kerr .Arrangements are pendvisited their other son, ing at Kraeer Funeral the Rev. Carle Eastman, pastor of the First Fres- Home for Mrs. Margaret byterian Church in Miller- Catherine Kerr, 56, of ;43 S.W. First ^Avenue, who ton, N.Y. died Tuesday in ittareThey visited friends in ham, Mass. Vermont and New HampShe came here six shire and made an over- years ago from Brigannight stop to visit Mrs. tine, N. J. and was a Harry Chesebro of Boca member of St. Joan of F;aton and Glen Falls, :Arc Catholic Church in N.Y. Boca Eaton. They also motored to Survivors include her Lake George, N.Y. and husband, Sidney; two L a t e Flacid where they sons, Joseph Magosin visited the pastor's cou- of Eoca Eaton, and John sin and his wife, f r. and F. f'agosin of PhiladelMrs. Hike Tyre)] (he is phia; two brothers, Jogolf pro at Earanac Late seph Wilkins and Eud Country Club). V.ilkins, of FhiJadelWhile they were away phia; three sisters, Mrs. Frs. Hastman became ill. Loretta Herman, CollN. J., Mrs. and had to go to the Co- ingswood, lurrbia Presbyterian Med- Buth Mazzeo, Philadelical Center but she feels phia, and IV'rs, Helen rruch better now, accord- Galagher of New jersey. ing to thelatest report.

9.30 AM.

FJAFCALCUNGER reclining chair, original cost over $200. — price $50. Fhone:395-:397 LC478-.37B) .ATTRACTIVE forrrals, size 10-12 F erfect for college wardrobe or school proms. Fh. CF\ 6-6804. (465- 37F) Need a new sofa? Builder has brand new beige sofa from model home. Cost $195 - the first $100 takes it. '.Also a pink naugahide chair at greatly reduced price. Fhone \VH 1- 1210 - Eva 395-5437. C473-37B) .A UT OF''/.TIC, Maytag Washing Machine, excellent condition, used 3 years. Call 395-3623 between 8 & 5 p. rr. or WE .3-4807, evenings. (47437E) HEALTH -FOODS Full Line Safflower Oil and Perles SUNNY SOUTH APIARIES SE 10th St.& Old Dixie Hwy. Delray Beach, Fla. Phone CR 6-5637 Hrs. 8 to 5 Closed Saturday (410-34E) Picture Frames, all types, all sizes, mats, also weathervanes, post signs, American flags, Jennings Picture Framing, 110 E. Boca Raton Rd. Tel. 395-1660. (667-lOBtf) LARGE Selection of Metal Cabinets for linens or utility rooms, base cabinets for kitch'ens. All types of Cabinets. BRING THIS AD AND R2CEIV3 A FREE GIFT. RICHARD'S FURNITURE 3749 N. Federal Hwy. Pompano WH 1-0617 (154-23,24.25.26B) WAREHOUSES 50Q0 SQ. FT. CBS, 14 ft. ceilings, 3 10x12 overhead doors, separate office 12x15, 2 toilets. Practically new building. Plenty of windows, centrally located. Ph. JA 47813. (238-47Btf) Deerfield warehouse 25 by 50, light industry AAA construction. ;Ample parting. Call 399-0904. (421-35tfB) LOTS FOR SALE BUILDING lots for sale in beautiful Country Club Village. Phone 395-1818 or stop at office at entrance. Beautiful shaded lot with fruit trees 126x141, corner of Alamanda and Paloma Sts. in Floresta. :Also 3 large lots facing Palme tto Park Eoad and 3 facing Alamanda St. east of 9th Ave. in Floresta Call 395-4479. (404-3437B)

Boca Raton News Classified ROOMS FOR RENT FRONT F l a rm. with connecting studio rn. Friv. ent. & bath. GE refrig. 8* grill. 395-1458. (,44736E) Furnished Room, private bath, ground floor, private entrance. Ventilation three sides. '.Attached to lovely home. For la Mar section. 395-.429Z (.46237B) BEAUTIFUL Ige. front bdr-Fla rrr. combination, w/privatebath & entrance, GE Refrig. & Grill. Summer rates. Fh. 395-1458. C47 2-37B) APARTMENTS FOR RENT 1 bedroom, furnished, near J.C. Mitchell'School, $60 mo. yearly basis. Southland :Apts., 2060 N.V\. 2nd .Ave.' See 1,1 gi :Apt. 2 " (,44,4-36B)

EFFICIENCY with jalousie porch, etc. 'Adams •,/pts. 18 20 NIK 15th Vista, r h . 395-1812. (475-37-40 YVCM.'AN desires three or E) four days housework. HxBtPLES perienced. Call 395-99:40 40 S..E. 7th St., as busi(home address, 1500 N. ness or residenca Modern DixieHwy.) (4C4-.37F) duplex, 1 bedroom, each side. Fhone or see HELP WANTED ORY:AL E. Hi/.'ELEY, Vihlte woman for 3 days Realtor, ,400 E. Palmetto "old fashioned house FL, Rd., Boca Raton. Ph. (47 1-37-40B) cleaning". 395-5156. ,39 5- 2244. (453-36,37E) One to 4 bedrooms, FurWHITE woman, capable nished, $50 to $75 per mo. of taking care of four Year round. .Across from small children, two or University. Call eves, or three days a week. Must weekend. 395-4653. (39433eowB) have good references. Write Box T-'.A; <%Eoca Furnished 1 bedroom, spaEaton News. (:4&3-37E) cio u s al so effici ency. R easonabl e. El-MarApts. ,;4300 WOMEN for part-time NV 3rd .Ave. ,395-259& work in the Boca Eaton, (455-36B) Deerfield, Boynton Beach area Car necessary. For •Furnished duplex apt., and conapp't. call collect 3J. 3- comfortable 25P7, Ft. Laud. Visiting veniently located. 395(;416-34tfE) Homemaker Service, Inc. 1580. (466-.37E) SPACIOUS 1 bedroom apt. $75; per month, year'SALESMAN ly. 271 N.W. 2nd Ave. RE^L -.ESTATE (283-27Etf) ONE active working Real Estate Salesman required -FURN. or unfurn. 1 bedfor a builder-developer room apt. Also efficiency. operation in most active Beautiful location, conarea in Eoca Eaton. Must venient. 101 • NW Pine Ph. 395-4567. be able to wort closely Circle, (18-19Btf) with customer and builder. Excellent commission 1000 TRADING STAMPS arrangement. Write qualiFREE fications to Eox U, ^Boca Eaton News. (476- to NEW tenants with this ad. Stamps given weekly 37B) thereafter with the payWANTED TO BUY ment of y o u r r e n t . .EF.EIC. $10.00 to 12.50 Wanted Clean Used 1 bdrm. $13.50 - 18.75 HOUSEHOLD GOODS 2bdrm. $15.00 - 21.25 Will Pay Top Prices including utilities. Near Try Us Call - WH 2-1042 playground, schools & Duke Home Furnishings shopping. 2301 N. Dixie Highway, Garden'.Apartments Pompano 290 W. Palmetto Park Rd. Buy — Sell — Trade Tel. 395-5549 (470-4,5,6.7B) (5-19Btf) STORES FOR RENT SERVICES AVAILABLE STORE 17x45 will decorate. Inquire Dixie Surplus Store, Dixie Shopping Center, No. 21st & Financial Statements Dixie Hwy; Boca Raton, Systems Installed — Estate Planning Fla. (213-24Btf)

Tax & Accounting Services Records Maintained

OFFICES FOR RENT LOWEST Rent in Boca; stores or offices, centrally located, reasonable. Call Boca 395-3236. (37532Btf) 'MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS

TITANO Accordions Baldwin and Lowrey Organs and Pianos — Rentals Open $eek Day 10 atn-6 pm Monday 10am-9pm WEBSTER MUSIC STUDIOS 473 N.E. 20th-Street Boca Raton 395-3935 Professional instruction on all. instruments


Boca's Best Business Address * Store, office or desk space at reasonable rentals 110 E. Palmetto Pk. Rd.

Phone 395-5750 STORES FOR RENT

STORES for RENT * On Main Route and Near New University * $60 Month

184 N.W. 20th. St. Boca Raton


J.K. BRENNAN CO. Boca 395-4488

SCREEN REPAIRS Front Screen Doors Installed

DELRAY SCREEN Boca 395-3938 Your H O O V i R Vacuum Dealer * Bags for all Makes

FEDERAL TV 6205 N. Fed. CR 8-2888 • Screened Rooms ®- Remodeling-Carportes • Florida Rooms 9 Carporte enclosures • Patios » Concrete Driveways ft General Contractor e FHA Terms • All work guaranteed 9 Licensed and Insured s Free Estimates • Free Plans WM, C. PROWP. BUILDER 355 N.E. 5th St 395-2789



LISTINGS WANTED Rentals wanted. Customers waiting. Town and Country properties, Inc. 164 Boca Raton Road ,395-343,4 Evening s & Sunday, 399-178 2. C43'7-,34r38E)

3 bedrm. 2 bath, all elec. FH;jft mtg. - low mo. payments. $14,400. 1269 N\\ ,4th St., Country Club Village. 395-5375. (433-348) 3 BEDROOMS, 2 baths. 2701 N.E. 2nd Ave. Write A.B. Carroll, Ridge Rd; Marshfield, Mass. (28227Btf) NEW Ige. 2/2 With garage, porch, central heat, Ige. dining-rm; value $17,800. Quick sale $14,800. 680 N.W: 12th Ave. Ph. 395-0753 or 'WE .3-9.391. (972-18Etf)

Use the Classifieds HOMES FOR RENT DELUXE Duplex. 2 bedrooms, ]g. living room. GS Kitchen, Washing machine, patio, carporte, furnished or unfurnished. 395-0250. <382-3.3Btf) 3 bdr., 2 bath home with pool, completely furnished, $250 per mo. yearly. Owner pays for yard maintenance and pool care. Call JA :4-4366 in Fort Lauderdale. (,424-35B)

OWNER must return north. Must sell new 2/1, elec. kitchen, carporte, patio. Home neatly furn. Ige. lot, below cost $12,500. Call afternoons or evenings, 395-5367or 395-2408days. (470-37-40 E)

REAL ESTATE FOR RENT OB SALE 2 bedroom 1 bath CBS home. Price ,$6,500 . Low ' down pmt. or will rent. 201JefferySt. CR 6-6746. (434- 34F)

1440 N.2. 4th Court, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, Splitlevel. Nice home, nice yard, nice location. Terrrs. (468-37,;38F)

Lovely 2 bdrm, 2 bath boira Furn. or unfurn. Good location. Ey season or year. 395-2596. (45636B)

5 FtCCR'S, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, Fla. rm; screened patio, centra] air cond. & heat, sprinller system, $13,500. Ph. 395-513P. (4JP-37E)

Available Aug. 15; 2 bedroom, 2 bath model home, beautifully landscaped. Wall to wall carpeting, drapes, refrig. 1055 S.W. Camino Real. Do not disturb tenant. Phone owner 395-4024. (398-33Btf) REAL ESTATE FOR TRABE OR SALE For Rent, Sale or Trade, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, w at erf ron t, almo st n ew; 5698 Keys Drive, Caribbean Keys, north of Eoca offXJSl. (287-2PBtf)

NEW 2 bedroom, 2 bath home central heating, city sewers, extra Ige. lot, built-in range & oven, Ige. screened porch, no closing costs, price $14,000. , 1199 West Palmetto Pk. Rd. Ph. 3951818. (594-8B)

COVE SECTION OEERFSELD BEACH Beautiful r3 bedroom 2 bath home — A years old, in excellent condition — lots of builMn extras. Reduced almost $2000. Now under $17,000. Shown by appointrr ent only.

HOMES FOR SALE REPOSSESSED 3 BEDROCK, 2 bath, excellent location, $13,500 - $300. down low closing costs if you can Qualify for an FB>/. Mtg. Monfcly payments, less than $100. including principal, interest, taxes and insurance. TOWN ?• COUNTRY PROPFRTIFS INC. 16.4 E. Eoca Raton Rd. Fh. 395-3434 Even. & Sun. 399-1782 C477-37B)

757 S. Federal Hwy. Boca Baton, Fla. 395-4044

To Place A Classified Ad Phone 395-5121 Veteran Opportunity

in exclusive waterfront location E. of US1. The only 5%%, 30 jr. VA mtge, on a 2-2 CBS in this area. $110 mo. after smaii down pmt. 748 NE 71st St. BOCA HARBOUR


Have 3/bedroom, 3/bath home in ,Ft. Lauderdale to TRADE for 3 or 4 bedroom home in Eoca Eaton . . . :/rproximately $8,000 equity in Lauderdale home . . . Call or see PAUL ELANCHET, your man

SACRIFICE 3/2 with dishwasher $15,500 •3/m furnished with pool $15,900 2/1 tenns arranged $11,900

HUTILER REALTY 430 N. Fed. Hwy. Boca Raton Mom. 395-1922-Eve. 395-1499

Repossession Tremendous Bargain NO CLOSING COSTS

S!N.' WEIR & SONS, iNC.| Realtors


999 S. Federal Hwy. & Camino Real Boca Raton, Florida

j • :

PH; 395-4000



Beautiful CBS 3 BR, 2 Bath, Split Level Home with large Florida Room and enclosed garage. Excellent nei^ibonhood. If you can qualify for on FHA Mtge., you can own this lovely home and have monthly payments of $99.86, including principal and interest at 5W%. Inspect at 1345 N.E. 5th Ave., Boca Rnton. For complete details, phone JA-47225, Ft. Lauderdole.

BEST BARGAIN IN BOCA RATON 1055 Coconut Road Estates Section

Built to sell at $47,500 Every known convenience is incorporated in this magnificently designed home recently completed in the original Estates section of Boca.



This is a real distress situation which can benefit a smart buyer who can act quickly.

Awningi - Air Conditionsr coven DIRECT FACTORY PRtCBS Ca»h and Curry or Installed Homos Opensd and Closed Factory 5howroom<-144 -S£ 2 Ave, Defray Beach — Call

ALLIED ALUMINUM PRODUCTS CO. Ph. 278-2179 Free Estimates


Call Owner, George Reynolds at 941-7039 or Contact at ROYAL COLONIAL APARTMENTS 1035 Spanish River Rd.



8A THG COCA HATCH MEWS Thursday, August 9, 1962

Hacker Voted Vice Pres. Of Boca Raton Title Co.

ON & OFF . . .

Clinic To Be Held Sale Discontinued The Little Women's

The immunization clinic for adults and children Thrift Siop in the 5th will be held Monday, i/.venue 'Shopping Flaza .August "13, at the Boca has been discontinued Eaton Kecreation Center Election of ,Al Hacker for the summer. as vice president of Eoca for all those who cannot L.W. Erazell, ,44, a state. The shop will reopen Raton Title Co. was anafford immunizations former state highway pain the.Fall when a local nounced this week by elsewhere. Stetson University trol captain, has been Service League will be Charles F. Ball, presiMrs. Elizabeth Morris, appointed coirmander of Fresident Ollie Edmunds form ed. dent of the firm. E.N., i s in charge. the sheriff's county po- represented the ;i-ssociar Hacker, originally from The clinic i s sponsored Jice, uniform division, tion of '..American ColNiagara .Falls, Canada, by the F aim Beach Health according to'an announce- leges at the inauguration Frank C. -Clements where he had an office Department and i s held ment made recently by of the new president of supply firm, moved to Funeral services and the second Monday of Sheriff Clinton 2. Taylor. the Central Philippines Eoca Eaton almost a burial will take place in every month from 1:30 Brazell lives in West University at Iloilo reyear ago. He i s a veteran Long island, N.Y., forto 4:30 p.m. Falrri Eeach and was acently. The ceremony in•Frank C. Clements, ,42, Immunizations are a charter m ember of the ducting Dr. Joe Howard of 1123 S.:t\. Fifth Street, Daniel Butcher Enlists school requirement and Florida Highway Fatrol as president of the only Boca Raton, who died previous records should Daniel E. Butcher, son when it was forrr.ed in Eaptist college in the suddenly Monday morn- be presented to the nurse of Mr. and Mrs. John W. 1939. He i s the fourth area was performed by ing. He was pronounced in charge at each visit. AL HACKER Butcher of Boca Eaton, '..Ambassador man in charge of the uni- .American dead on arrival at North enlisted in the ^ i r .Force of service with the Eoyal form division in recent William Stevenson. District Hospital, Forn- Mrs. Zileen Fenick, and at Miami, .Florida, July Canadian \Mr .Force durmonths. pano Beach. He collapsed his mother, Mrs. Eileen 30. ing World War n. Hacker, 'Secretary of 'State Tom Eose Clements, all of in a Fompano restaurant. It's a joyous welcome '.Adams says opposition ;/fter enlistment cere- his wife I. orraine, and a New Jersey. l/.n auto salesman for home next week for mem- by the City of Venice monies were completed, son, Greg, now rrake Terry Ford of Foirpano their horre in the Estates bers of the National may wreck the develop'.Airman Butcher was flown Eeach, he was a merr.ber section. Guard's 149 Petroleum ment of the 150-mile from Miami to Lackland of the Nassau County Eoca Eaton Title Co., Depot who are returning intracoastal waterway •AFB, San '..Antonio, TexHighway Fatrol in New from 10 months active down Florida's West as, where he i s presently located at ,40 N. .Federal York, and a merrber of St. Highway, issues title induty at Ft. Lee, Va Coast, .Adams said that undergoing \Mx Force Joan of .Arc Church. Not only will their fami- interests ;in Venice were basic military training. surance policies of the SMACK DAB Fiosary was recited Commonwealth Land Title Pretty Bobbie Stevens models a bikini for the lies and friends be ready opposing tlie only authoON THE OCEAN Tuesday evening at the Co. of Philadelphia. Th*e 'Airman Butcher i s a Royal Palm Yacht Club gala "bikini on ttfe rocks" to welcome them home rized route for the canal. Kraeer Funeral Chapel. Motel Rooms 5.00 Double but their former employ- He stated a seven mile party Saturday night First part of the party will be graduate of Seacrest firir serves a s closing Survivors include his agents in real estate High School, class of ers will too. The menstretch of the canal had around the pool at 6:30 featuring a bathing suit MOTEL ROOMS 5.00 Dbl, wife, Jacqueline, and '62, and was employed transactions. ;/. Brow aid have their jobs waiting been • delayed for two fashion show and a w ater show. Later the group EFF. APTS. 6.00 Dbl. three sons, Todd, Gary locally by Fublix Market County affiliate, Comrnonfor them at Pratt and years by opponents of will move into the main dining room for dinner and prior to his entry into vtealth Title Co., i s lo- and Scott, all of Eoca $1.00 EACH ADD GOEST Vihitney, .Florida Fower the waterway. Eaton; a brother, Harry some musical entertainment PHONE 395-1086 cated in Fompano. the :^ir Force. and I ight Co., and in Cleirents, and a sister, The Florida State county and City posiChamber of Commerce tions. Welcome home, friends. says the value of minerals in the Sunshine State reached a record On July 18 the Senate $185 million last year. passed a hill previously This was a four per cent approved by the House which creates a third ju- gain over the previous dicial district for Flori- year. da. The new district, to Total assets of the be known henceforth as 119 savings and loan the Middle District or Florida, was created associations in Florida through subdivision of passed the $4 billion the present Southern mark for the first time District The present during June. t S, (Attorney and MarMetropolitan Miami, shal for the existing which recently reached Southern Distoict will serve the new Middle a million population, will nisfaiict, with two newdouble its residents in 10 officials to be appointed to 15 years, says Richard J. Welsh, director of to the Southern District. the Bade County DevelopNeed for the third dis- ment Department. trict was created by the state's phenomenal postThe 1963 season of the World War II growth and Black Hills Fassion Flay the fact that 4,280,072 at the Lake'Wales •.Anphipeople (85 per cent of theatre will call for four the 1960 total popula- performances each week. tion) reside iin what i s Evening performances now the 'Southern Dis- will be held Tuesday, trict, the annual case Thursday and Saturday. 699 N.W. 12th Ave., Boca Raton load of which has grown There will also be a from 1,211 in 1940 to Sunday matinee perforCORNER OF 7TH STREET AND N.W. 12th AVE. 2,731 in 1960. The bill mance each weel throughshould insure a quicker, out the season stretching WMTJJftfl^Cr Delightful 12' x 33' roofed and screened patio for outdoor and more efficient adminis- from Feb. 10 to the folindoor leisure living in Country Club Village. tration of justice in the lowing Easter Sunday.

. . . theGold Coast


2601 H. Ocean Bivd


mi a! the some time GET EXACTLY the Home f ou Want


2264 Sq. Ft. under Roof


Le Baron


Keating Firms Report Record

Television and telephone outlets, concealed. Silent electrical mercury switches.

Business During Six Months

White tile roof, terrazzo floors and imported marble window sills. Radiant ceiling heat throughout, with individual-room temperature control: fiber glass insulated ceilings and awning windows throughout.

"business i s Wonder- in the history of Eoca ful'' wee! is being ob- Raton Square . . . and served this week at Keat- has just completed the ing of .Florida Inc. and most successful July in the Keating-Colter In- the history of the subdivision." surance >./.gency. "During the first seven By way of celebrating the occasion, employes •months of 1962," Mereof the two firms wore dith said, "the lot sales "E.I.W." during the for home construction first seven days of this purposes in Eoca Eaton rronth. Square have approached Thomas J. Meredith, 100 and during that period vice president, said of time, in excess of 60 Keating of .Florida " i s new dwellings have been completing the best completed or have been seven months of sales put under construction." He added that the 3 New Members Keating-Colter Insurance Agency doubled the For Legion Post amount of premium volume that was budgeted Three new members for it during its first wore voted into ..American Legion Post 277 at rronth of business, a recent meeting held in S. Kendrick Lichty the I egion Home. Funeral services were They were Eoland E. Burton, Raymond D. Lay- held Tuesday at St. Episcopal man and ttilford J. Gregory's Church for. Samuel KenNolea William Baker, scholar- dricl' Lichty, 61, of :499 ship chairman, has named RE. .Fifth Street, Boca Harry \Amet and Edwin Eaton, who died Saturday Berlin as members of his at his residence. He was a member of St. committee. Several projects are being planned 'Gregory's Church, Kiwanis to raise funds for a Club, and the Boca Eaton and Zoning scholarship to be an- Flanning Commission. He was a nounced later. James Clancey, blood graduate of the University bank chairman, told mem- of Fenn sylvan ia. Mr. Lichty came here bers that a patient at seven years ago from Bethesda Memorial Hospital, a resident of Boca Bryn Mawr, F a. Survivors include his Raton, was in need of Wood. It was voted to wife, Edna Joyce, Eoca release blood from the Raton; two daughters, Firs. Vanfred Moxon and blood ban! at once. i/t the same tirre, sev- firs, ndith Wilson, both eral members offered to of F ainsylvania, and five donate blood to this pa- sisters. Kraeer Funeral Home tient if ir.ore i s needed. The patient's name was was in charge of arrangem ents. withheld.


Ceramic tile bath rooms, shower enclosure, colored fixtures, complete Formica vanities and mirrored medicine cabinets. "His" and "Her" medicine cabinets in master bath. Quality brand-name plumbing fixtures throughout. Large enclosed garage, with platformed utility space, laundry and tool area equipped with shelves. Paved sidewalks, macadam drive and fully sodded lot. 15' x 20' Living Room with 12' sliding glass doors, which entirely disappear. I21 x 14' Dining Area with louvered doors into kitchen. Bright, sparkling ceiling in living and dining rooms. Complete Formica kitchen cabinets with magnetic doors. Range and oven with hood and fan, double pass-thru windows. Formica counter and snack bar. 12' built-in buffet server with drawers and shelves — all done in Formica . . . Truly a beautiful piece of furniture. Vinyl tile floor and sliding glass doors out into patio. You'll agree this kitchen h the most cheerful you've ever seen. Generous size bedrooms with spacious closets, louvered ventilating doors and cedar hall-closet.



P r i c e d «# only



BOCA RATON HOMES, INC. 425 N.W. 12th AVE. BOCA RATON, FLA. PHONE 395-0081 From Federal Highway (U.S. I I in Boeo Raton, turn West on West Pclmetto Park Road to Entrance of Country Club Yillioge. then North to corner of 12th Avenue and 7th Street and Model. (Also see our other models there equipped with Swimming Pool* and Cabanas.)

Manufacturers "UE SIGN ANYTHING'

BOCA RATON NEWS Thursday, August 9, 1962


Bethesda Memorial Fund Announces Recent Gifts Recent gifts to the Bethesda Memorial Fund of the Bethesda Hospital. :/Sssn. were announced this w eek by the association. Persons in whose memory the gifts were given are listed in boldface type followed by the names of the donors. Mrs. Theresa Provost - Mrs. Frances Lehnbeuter, Mr. and Mrs. Olav E. Tergesen, Mrs. •/jthur Nickell, Mr. and Mrs. David Tiedt, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hotchkiss, Dr. James E. Nieder, Nr. and Mrs. Ernest Sir an z. Mrs. Pichard (Helen) Mann — firs. ;/.rthur Nic!• ell, Col. and Mrs. :/.ndrew I . .Fabens, Mr, and Mrs. H.B. Faith, Mrs. David s. Van Court, Mr. and f*rs. Kenneth M. Bode, Dr. and Mrs. F.J. Hatthev.s, fir. and Mrs. John Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. John Hadden, Mrs. ;/.dam J. Hazlett. Mrs. J. Ellis Warrington - Mrs. i/.rthur Nickel]. Cassius M. Cook — Jerusalem Commandery, No. 19, I'nights Tercplars, Fitchburg, Mass., Mr. and llrs. Frederick Eayrs, Mr. and firs. Harold ;/;. Martin, Mr. and hrs. Edward E. Seaver, i:r. and Mrs. J. Robert Eeynolds, Mrs. Cassius I.;. Cool, "Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Howe, Mrs. Donald C. Kerr. William M.C. Altine Tr. and Mrs. Charles ;/. Eo bin son. Mrs. Robert H. (Rowan) Carr - VT. and Mrs. Joseph Eose Jr. George Tegelaar — Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Eose Jr., Mr. and Mrs. ;/.nder-

son Hubbard, Mr. and Mrs. William C. Mizelle. Mrs. Minnie Shepherd Jir. and Mrs. William J. McLaughlin, Mr. and Mrs. Robert ;Amold, Board of Filgrim's Club, Mr. and Mrs. Verner R. Olson, Mrs. Eobert La Finer. James M. Haines - Mr. and Mrs. '/.rthur .F. Hoerauf. Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Cantey - Mr. and Mrs. Leon M. Merritt. A.C. Henry - Dr. Wilford Caldwell. Mrs. Arthur G. Hubbard - Mrs. Nelson Freeland, Mr. and Mrs, I . Stuart L ant ton, Mr. and Mrs. Erich .A. Hansen, Mrs. Lester M. Hunt. Marie P. Nieder - Dr. Greydon G. Eoyd. Mrs. Albert (Lottie) McGregor - ^orran's Society of Christian Service, First Methodist Church of Boynton Beach, f.'r. and Mrs. ^.T. Woolbright, Mr. and Mra 2.G. Kirton. Mrs. Ethel Ross - V.i. and Mrs. tt.T. Woolbright. CO. Scott - Mr. and Mrs. W.T. floolbright. Ray Wilcox - f!r. and Mrs. W.T. Wooibright. Howard L. Jeffries Er. and Mrs. F.J. Matthews. Lewis J. Simmonds — 'Er. and Mrs. .F.J. Iiatfrh ew s. Mrs. Susan Blue - The Women's Republican Club of Del ray Eeach. Ronald M. Giffen Eelray Eeach Business and professional Women's Club, Mrs. '.iiugie L . Laprade, Mrs. Lillian T. Thurston, Mrs. Hdna 1. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Seddon Legg, Miss Esther Gibbs, Miss Ellen Earns-

COil IN AND - No obligation fo buy

F i l l WW For Two to the OroiifS 2 Nights - 3 Days All Expenses PAID at Jack Tar's Resort Hotel.


Jaeotssen POWII MOlliS

Page 1


BWL 395-1633

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Willy are enjoying a visit with their daughter Mra- Keith Games and her three children, Linda, Mark and David of Cincinnati, Chio. This is the Games first trip to their parents and grandparents new home in Royal Oak Hills so they are doing a little sightseeing, too. The Wilson Coles returned recently after a trip to Detroit, ]»ich. They brought back their granddaughter, Marty Elackwel]. Marty visited here last year and found "sand in her shoes" so wanted to come back again. . Marty's mother, Mrs. Doris Elackwell, arrived Thursday and is busy getting settled in an apartment here. Unroute north, the Coles visited with Madeline Caldwell briefly in booster, Ohio, where she was in the hospital. I ater word says the Caldwells are staying at Highlands Country Club, N.C. and are expected bacl» at their Ustates home soon.

DIAL 395-1633

60 N. Dixie

TWO 44-Nefc 00 Manuals - Full PwciiJilon PwciJion E l i Exclusive Tot Glidi




Prior to her marriage Saturday Mrs. Chris Watson (Linda Loughery) center, was honored at a coffee and bridal shower co-hosted by Mrs. Nathan Fitch, left, and Mrs. Leo J. Fox, right-Colony Studio

Miss Adelaide Snyder Joins Florida Atlantic LJ. Staff



Mitchell Is Promoted

Slum And Sme

Koctne E. Mitchell, son of Mra Hollis Ii. Gibson of Boca Eaton, was promoted to Marine staff sergeant, recently while serving as a telephone-teletype technician with Electronics Jiaintenance Company of the Third Force Service Regiment, a unit of the Third Marine Division on Okinawa

Miss .Adelaide Snyder has assumed duties as director of public relations and publications for .Florida >,Mantic University. She took over her new post '..August 1 Miss Snyder, a native of Youngstown, Chio, was head of public relations and director of admissions f:itche!l entered the at Bade County Junior service in June 1951. He attended Buckley High Ilrs. L ewis Simmonds College before taking on School in Hartford, Conn. returned recently from her new position hera She holds both a bacheViilmette, 111., where she lor and a master's degree visited her sister, Mrs. Prank Ruby. She returned from Kent State Univer- MISS ADELAIDE SNYDER in tiire to welcorre anoth- sity, Kent, Ohio, and has er sister, Mra Euth done additional graduate •¥:AV, to be published V»ehrs of Oal Fark, 111. wort, at Michigan State next spring and a complete college bulletin to They recently were in a University. Miss Snyder taught at be readied for the followluncheon group at the University ing year, she will also Boca Eaton Cabana Club Youngstown be in charge of publishwith Harold and Mary and carre to Miami when Bade County Junior Coling information pamphlets, Keid, and the John Mc154 progress reports and reclege was in the planning Eeaths of Eoyal Cal\ ords for the new universtages in 1960. Hills. Known professionally sity, as well as handling as "Miss" Snyder, she is matters pertaining to pubdell. lic relations. Colonel Herbert Geb- married to Joseph Snyder and is the mother of two ing - 'Er. James R. children, Ei chard, 16, Nieder. and Florence, 1C. presMrs. John Giles - Er. ently living in Miami, the James E. Nieder. Constance M. Olcott - Snyders are considering ?:r. and Mrs. Thomas S. n:oving to Boca Raton. publications now being Eurte. planned include a general Rennold C. Schult Mr. and Mrs. Clav E. Ter- descriptive bulletin of why so many people gesen. Personals enjoy banking here: John L. Boatwright Birthday greetings go Mrs. W. Lee Gi/vynne. this week to Janet Emil Mussle - Mrs. Schrencengost, ;/snnie Ralph Gardner. Young, Catherine SterlCther gifts to the hosing, and C.P. fiesserpital were received from: Mr. and Mrs. Sefton Tran- smith. ter, Louis 1,1. Ream, Mrs. New arrivals in town Andrew L. Fabens, and are Mr. and Mrs. Eurthol Mrs. John S, Garvan Jr. of Southfield, Mich.

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Protect your lawn from their damage, apply Scoffs new KWIT KWIT to treat 2,500 sq. ft. (50 * 50) costs just 5.95. STOPS CHINCHBUGS for 2 full months. Results are guaranteed by Scoffs-success or your money back f

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2B THE G C « RATON HEWS Thursday, August 9, 1962

Mrs. Victor Hulett is Guest Of Honor at Farewell Lunch

AROUND the Town with bea landry women's editor

Mrs. Victor Hul ett was honored at a farewell luncheon at p a l ' s Restaurant, Deerfield Beach, Saturday. Vr. and Mrs. Hulett, who were married recently, leave this ironth to make their home in Tulsa, Old a. Feting the bride at the luncheon were Mrs. J. Scott Cooper, Mrs. .Frank Heil, Mrs. James Lamb-, din, Mrs. Frank Crane, Mrs. E alph i^lger, Mrs. Walter Nold, Mrs. Watson

With these long lazy summer days there i s not too much entertaining going on. What there is, i s more or ]ess casual., but nice Linda Watson, the former l i n d a Loughery, was feted last ;\\ednesday by Mrs, Nate Fitch and Mrs. Leo Fox and a large group of friends at a morning shower given in the form of a coffea ;A little different but fun, Decorations were delightful and popular Linda was a surprised young lady. Vacationers are still are rjr. and Mrs. Marion corring and going. Some Edwards who have been are returning, refreshed visiting friends and relaand relaxed and others tives in Michigan, South are planning to leave Dakota and C'hio. They this month so a s to re- came back just in time turn before school be- to be bridal attendants gins after Labor Day. at the wedding of Mrs. Fraser and On the returning list .Florence

REALTORS OF BOCA RA1OH The following are KEETON, 2950 members of the F. N.WOODROW Ocean Blvd., Boca Raton. Boca Raton Board MacLAREN & ANDERSON ofReaJtors. Doing INC., 1S1 E. Roya] Palm business with Rd., Boca Raton. them you are as- J.C.MITCHELL &.SONSINC, sured the highest 2 2 S. Federal Hwy,, Boca type of service .that can be admin- MOTHERWELL REALTY, 757 istered in the S. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton field of Real F. BYRON PARKS, 151 N. Estate Practice. Ocean Blvd. (A1A), Boca ARVIDA REALTY CO., 998 Raton. S. Federal Hwy,, Boca Raton. PETRUZZELLI REALTY W.P. BEBOUT, 701 N . F e d e INC., 2325 N. Ocean Blvd., ral Hwy., Boca Raton Boca Raton. CONN C. CURRY, 164 E. J. STUART ROBERTSON Boca Raton Rd., Boca Raton. ASSOCIATES INC., 1S2 S. WM. DAY INC., 500 S. Federal Federal Hwy., Boca Raton. Hwy., Boca Raton. UN. WEIR & SONS, INC., JULES G. FROSELL, 1901 3356 E. Atlantic Blvd., S. Ocean Bivd., Boca Pompana Beach. Raton. JOHN A. WRIGHT, 5600 Keys H. D. GATES, 234 S. Federal Drive, Boca Raton. Hwy,, Boca Raton. TOWN & COUNTRY PROPERORYAL E. HADLEY, 400 E. TIES INC., 164 E. Boca Palmetto Park Rd,, Boca Raton Rd., Boca Raton. Raton.




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BOC/L mmm


Clothes HANGiUS



Keep COOL with a long cool drink j n j UBBEY G L A S S - - - -

Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Eeinsch of Beerfield Beach announce the en* COMPLETE SETS gagement of their daughCOCKTAIL * TANKARDS ter, Margaret \Anxi, to OLD FASHION * PILSNER John Carl Cork. * CHAMPAGNE The prospective bride* WHISKEY SOUR has gone vacationing groom i s the son of Mr. Charles Koth. and bridegroom. OFF LIST "back home in Indiana." and Mrs. .Frank 'G. Cork '.j*n t extra bonus of • PRICE of Clarksburg, Vv.Va. their trip was to pick up 'Gracious newcomers It's a busy, happy whirl, I'iss Eeinsch i s emtheir granddaughter .An- to town are Fr. and Mrs. drea Edwards in Jackson- I.T.J. "White who arein the John Clssons home ployed by Southern Bell ville and bring her home now settled in their Villa this weet. Friends and Telephone Company and WITH N E W DELUXE ELECTRIC with them. Rica home. They came rel atives from all around Cork is associated with i/ndrea's parents, Mr. here from Flymouth Val- are gathering to greet the Kraeer Funeral Horn a and Mrs. Eotert Hdwards, ley, a suburb of Fhila- Olsson's son-in-law and .An :/.ugust 25 wedding daughter, Mr. and Mrs. date has been set. The will drive down the latter delphia, F a K.M. (Virginia) Zdwards couple will be married at fart of this week, visit 'Closet- Dehumidifier He i s retired after befor a while, then take ing associated for many and their daughter, far- the home of the bride their daughter home. years with Hertz Coipora- garet and son Kenneth elect's parents. Reg. 49ifc of New Boston, Mich. Pack tion in F ennsylvania Kenneth (senior's) parWelcome Wagon Club Dr. and Mra John:/Jley This friendly couple ents are Mr. and f'ra Plans Smorgasbord and their four children have one daughter, Mrs. were on hand to greet the Bert Kraleman of Villa f!arion ndwards, also of ;/. smorgasbord luncheon doctor's mother when she Nova, Fa., and two fine Boca i.aton so the guests will be a feature of the will also be visiting there. returned recently from grandchildren. Kathryn, meeting of the Boca Raton Virginia (Mrs. Ken) E cia trip "out West." Mrs. 11, visited here all last Welcome Wagon Club Wed2dna :^lley took a six month and the other vs ard s gr adu at ed 1 ast w eek 0-P-P 2-50 ib. Bags O J nesday, .August 15. week's trip and visited granddaughter, Elizabeth, from the . University of The affair will be held Los >./.ngeles, the World's nine, i s coming to visit Hastern Michigan with a Plus all essential Minerals E.S. degree. at noon at the Coach Fair at Seattle, Banff, sooa Pl ll l Many parties and gath- House Harbor in Fompano Lake Louise, Vancouver, COMPLETE LINE OF It will be Elizabeth's Beach. erings are in the planthen back to San Fran- first trip to Florida and WALLPAPER and PAINTS Card games will folr REDUCED PRICES cisco. she is traveling by plane ning stage for the'wellow lunch. come guests. ''Words can't describe all by herself. Mrs. Edgar Lobkowitz, Missing from the scene the beauty of the Fair," FLINT KOTE Warm welcomes to you. PAVEMENT is John Olsson, S.T. 2, 395-1187 and I'rs. Doroshe said. SEALER Th e yill eys returned a Mr. and Mra Harry U.S.N., who i s stationed thy Adams, ,395-,4169 will short tirre ago from a floon returned recently at Fearl Harbor, aboard be in char-ge of reservaE. ioca Raton Road tions. the U.S.S. Halibut. family fishing and camp- from Detroit, Mich. Mra ing trip in Hverglades Moon spent about seven f-)rs. F.J. (Gladys) National F art. Mrs. .Foil- e Bergstron Van Natta flew by jet to weeks there. Harry joined and daughter, Ingrid, of her for two weeks so they visit relatives in CleveRecently Mr. and Mrs. were together on the trip Vulmington, Del., areland, \A. Justin Jordan took a home. guests of Mrs. Clinton V. cruise on the S& BaMaull of Boca Villas. The George Cl emrr.ers hama Star to Nassau. On firs. liaull's son, Col. are in ;Ann :Arbor, Mich., Farewells are being their return they spent a Harold V. Laull and his few days at the Bucca- said to Bale Frost who family have moved into visiting their daughter neer Lodee at Marathon. leaves this week to take their Eoca Harbour home. and family, the Dr. Ralph Waldo Birds. Joining them there were f'arine recruit training at Parris Island, S.C. From Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Piena, Mr. and Mrs.there he reports to LeHarvey Sheller, and j r .jeune, N.C. for four and K-rs. Richard 'Gould. weeks advanced individual training. Best of '\A wonderful time was luck, 'tale. had by all," they chorused. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Turner returned a short tir.:e Newly-weds Mr. and ago from a visit with Mrs. Harry (Maureen) friends in Nassau. They Hubner of Haverstraw, were guests of Mr. end N.Y., are spending part Mra C. C. Shaw. They of their honeymoon in had such a fine time they sunny Boca Eaton. They plan to go back soon. are guests of P'r. and Mrs. A few days ago Harold, LeRoy Clayton of Boca who i s a member of the Villas. The bridegroom I f E M E R S O N had been trying to, he couldn't and "Zdie" Clayton are board of directors of the have come closer to the guiding philosophy of Merrill State School Eoard assobrother and sister. ConLynch when it comes to helping investors. gratulations to the bride ciation attended a congressional district meet1600 N. Federal DELRAY BEACH Phone CR 6-6297J Because from time to time our opinions about ing in Tampa Next meetparticular industries and stocks do v a r y . . . ing of the board will be Because we might think that a portfolio which Sept. 17. looked well-balanced to us just a year or so Harold i s also a member of the F aim Eeach County ago, ought to be changed today . . . School Eoard, Because any changes we do suggest will always be based on the truth as we see it. Mr, and Mrs. Eobert So any time you ask us about investing, that's the Trafford and sons Neil kind of answer you'll get. and Eruce left.Friday fo r Jack son vill e wh ere WATCH Whether you ask us to plan a program for some spethey visit Mrs. Trafcific amount— CLEANING $5.9S ford'swill father, Fred .Fry. STEM Or whether you want to know our opinion of any They will wait there to particular stock—or all those you own. & CROWN $1.95 greet Mra .Fry and her REGULAR granddaughter, Karen There's no charge for that answer, either. No obligation. Just address your letter to— CRYSTAL $1.00 Trafford, who have been visiting in Canada for MAIN five weeks. Thomas G. Foster, Manager Houses that answer the needs of families of all sizes - from retirement models to those designed for growing families - are offered by Harry Jacobs. This three-bedroom Casa Rita model is now on display at 633 N.W. 12th Ave. It also features a cabana, swimming pool, Florida room and central air conditioning.






2 Pkgs. 6 9 (



FEDERAL DEVELOPMENT CORP. 1198 S.W. 4th Ave., Boca Raton Phone 395-1211





fall a|ouf «ur Trial Xervite Offer


Mr. and Mrs. \\. Urnest Harrington and their niece, Miss Fatricia Wilson, left Sldridge, Mrs. H.L. Gad- recently as delegates to dis, Mrs. ;ii.E. 'Cay, Mra the Earnbi Musiti Mission Robert E. Sharbrough, in India. Mrs. EaymondB. Hyde, They will, be sponsored Mrs. George Fatterson, by the •.American Council Mrs. >./.rthur Meister, Mrs. of Rambi Musiti. Wallace Stuart, firs. !/fter leaving India, Jiyrtle Kenyon, Mrs. Eus- they plan to travel around sell Willis, Mrs. Evelyn the world for the Mission Morrow, Mrs. Henry Mel- taking pictures, lecturlon and Miss Gene Wal- ing and gather data for th ers. the;/,merican Council.


* Ci!sf@§fg Workmiinsliip * Conpotitivo Rules

Location primarily determines

Margaret TLeinsch Engagement Told


DIRECTIONS: U.S. 1 to Camtao Real (Howard Johnson) turn West and follow Camino Real 2 blocks lo Boca Islands new entrance.


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So sorry to hear that C. P. riessersrnith has been ill. The report says he i s well on the way to recovery but is still confined to his home. Get well soon.

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Thursday, August 9, 1962 THE BOCA RATON NEWS 36

Fire Prevention Hi-lites

More Than 100 At Club Party


Inspections Pay Dividends

Your Insurance Needs Are Our Business Our Only Business I s insurance Serving You Will Be Our Pleasure

In Reducing Loss From Fire

Well over 100 members and guests turned out for the dessert, bridge and fashion show sponsored by the Junior woman's Club of Boca Raton . recently _at the Eoca Eaton Cabana Club. Froceeds of the social, event will be used for the many civic projects of the 3oca] club. The Junior Roman's Club furnished the children's room of the Eoca Eaton library ]ast year and will furnish a book a month to the adult section this year. firs. Charles Eawson. was genera] chairman of the affair. !irs. Richard Zinn was in charge of floral arrangements. Mrs. Faul Eefcout Jr. was in charge of arrangements and Mrs. Salvatore Matteis of publicity.

Large trees shade the spacious new home of Mr. and Mrs. Irving A. Tennyson, 601 S.W. Fourth Street, Poyal Oak Hills, Boca Raton. The Tennysons are former residents of Washington, D.C. He was former owner of MaxwellTennyson Pharmaceutical Firm.

Removal of Old Refrigerator Doors Seen as Protection for Children

Fireman's Ball To Be Oct. 12

people live, labor or EyLt. Sal Biatteis play. The more violations City .Fire Insp ector the inspector finds the How does one go about more effective his preexplaining the importance ventative efforts are of fire inspections in a stressed. community i s not difficult when one i s workUse the Classifieds ing at this particular _ job. But the question seems, to come to my attention every now and then that it was about time to explain what i s meant by fire prevention and how it effects the taxpayer. Stating just facts during the past year fire losses totalled over one billion dollars in taxpayers money, which can be replaced. Eut try to replace this fact over 12,000 persons lost their lives because of fira This would appear to be a disrral picture and actually, it i s not as black as it IT.ay seem.

:/.]though tragic, the The Eoca Raton Firelosses are not unifc-m fighters' Benevolent ;/.&• the nation over, nor i s sociation has announced the fire prevention fruitthat it will hold its Third "Save a child's life less. /.nnual Fireman's Eall on remove doors from aban(Suite the contrary, it Friday, October 12, 19 G 2, doned refrigerators" is has been demonstrated the slogan for a drive at the Hidden Valley and i s proven daily that being conducted in Eoca Country Club, in North fire prevention can be Raton by Mrs. F elder Boca Eaton. The Third made to pay dividends MacHachron. Annual Journal will be when it i s planned and distributed a t the dance. 'y.bandoned refrigeraexecuted intelligently, tors are 'silent killers,'" consistently and perA out 14.4 per 1,000 she said. sistently. Just as fire population in the United In the first six months fighters must first locate States, or 2,440,000 peoof this year 22 children the fire before they can ple, have peptic ulcers. died in refrigerators. extinguish it, so must This i s the worst year on they ferret out the causes record for deaths in rewhich propagate and frigerators, exceerSng breed fires before they any other year by P0 can remove them, to prer er cent. vent those fires. Griffin Has The Floor" The local drive i s part Hunting out those hazof a nation-wide camMrs. Felder MacEachron displays one of the ards can only be done in VINYL paign to checl-mate aban- posters which will be placed around town in a drive one way. Personal condoned refrigerators as to prevent child deaths in abandoned refrigerators. tact by inspectors and CORK silent Killers of children. inspection of all premIt is conducted on a naRUBBER tional level by the r e - refrigeration "F eople can call us at ises which are known services, CT.estwood 6-5951 days or suspected to harbor frigeration Service Engiwill remove doors from FORMICA neers and locally by the unused aprliances which or at 395-5196 evenings potentialities for fire. SANDING NacHachron • Refrigera- could slam shut and suffo- and Sunday," Frs. Tiac- This .means that systematic inspections be FINISHING tion Service in Delray cate a child. They will Hachron said. made by fire prevention Eeach. answer all calls to reVihen the irsns conspecialists who are out rrove the doors in the ducted its first drive in ?-rs. MacEachron is a in the field each day loresident of Eoca Raton. Eoca Eaton and Eeer- I960 to remove doors cating and correcting 118 N. Federal Hwy. field Eeach area as well from all abandoned reShe said her husband's Delray CR 8-1210 these fire breeders and frigerators, only six firm, along with other as Delray Beach. children lost their lives feeders. Today's fire prevention in the appliances. means less "homework" The next drive was not conducted on a nation at the fire station, and wide scale and the num- more "homework" where ber of deaths soared. "If we can save the life of even one child, this drive will be well worth doing,", firs. F'acEachron said. The drive will be yearlong and will cover as wide an area as possible, she exrl ained. From 19,46 to 1950 Fnjoy 3 days and 2 nights at the exciting there were 29 recorded JACK TAR HOTEL. ALL EXPENSES deaths and fron 1951 to PAID. Plane fare, air conditioned roorr, 1962, there were 195. Breakfast and dinner. Sponsored by The f.rs. MacEachron said RETAIL MERCHANTS DIVISION of the she had received fine CHAMBHI' OF COMMFRCF. cooperation from the police and fire departments and that rosters will be B & r. POOL SERVICE, INC. BROWNS BAR & MATTY'S ONE HOUR 334 N. Fed. Hwy. RESTAURANT displayed throughout the CLEANERS 45 S. Federal Hwy. city to w am (and remind) 1943 N. Fed. Hwy. BOCA BAG SHOP residents of the danger 98 S.E. 1st Ave. CAIJCO CORNERS ROADMAN'S DEPT. STORF of an abandoned refrig20 S. nixie Hwy. 122 E. Boca Raton Rd BOCA BAKERIES, INC. erato r.


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Through My Window

Thursday, August 9, 1962

By Beatrice Landry

Soldiers and Publicity There is an old tradition among the military, that too much individual publicity and glamor buildup, is not good for morale or combat effectiveness. The newspaper and television newshawks have succeeded in breaking through this obstacle in the United States. The armed services are allowing it. Out at Edwards Air Force Base we have been getting a heavy dose of publicity about the X-15 for a long time. Recently, it seemed as if an outright publicity show was staged when pilot Bob White was pictured greeting his son on his return from the newest record flight in the X-15. Joe Walker and Bob White have been setting new altitude records in the X-15 for years now. They

are doing a commendable job; they are doing a job of great value to their country and rendering the highest form of public service. Like the astronauts, they do not wish to be publicized heroes. That is not why they joined the armed service. The newsmen and photographers who " s t a g e " all these pictures and who play up certain events plan them all out carefully ahead of time and often favor this thing over that or this person over that. This is only human. All of them are doing the same job - serving their country. All of them deserve the gratitude of the country. None wishes to become a movie-star idol, as a result of the ways and gimmicks of the newshound, the eager-beaver reporter.

Polysyllabic South The Savannah Evening Press remarked the other day upon an interview published in a northern newspaper with a woman whose particular specialty is to teach southern accents to nonsouthern motion picture and stage actors. The interviewer was entranced, said the Press, by the instructor's ability to get three syllables into twosyllable words. "Ah may never speak English a-gay-an,'1 he said. As our Savannah friends rightly observed, "this is nothing." In Savannah, one syllable words come out in at least two syllables - as, for example, fi-yush, defined as "what a sportsman fi-yushes fo' when he goes out in bo-ut." Charleston's Lord Ashley Cooper, the south's chief lexicographer and philologist, has commented many times upon this pehnomenon of southern speech. The southerner awakes in the mo an in', gets out of bay-ud, gets dray-ussed, and goes down stay-yers. There he picks up his moanin' pay-up-er, and carts it back to the kitchen where he makes some toe-est to go with his a-igs. In Charleston, brake-fuss also calls for harmony, which is

eaten off the same play-it with the a-igs. Sometimes, the accordion process is reversed. Instead of adding syllables, we subtract. Lord Ashley cites, for example, pre-shade, as in " I pre-shade the compliment," and garner, a man who tends to flower beds. There also is traffic, as in "That's a traffic moom pitcher." In general, however, it is just as the northern instructor teaches it: two syllables in place of one, three in place of two, and five or six in place of three. The other afternoon we heard a young thing putting a simple request to a neighbor. All she said was would you mind moving your car out of the way, but it sounded like the opening strains of an aria from Verdi. We suspect an explanation for this lies equally in the poverty and* the generosity of the south. Extra syllables come for free in a land not overly blessed with material riches; and with so many beautiful syllables around, it seems a shay-aim not to shay-air them. —Richmond Nev.s Leader

If any one has followed the progress of the Boca Eaton Library they are mighty proud of what a few people have done. From a handful of books in a tiny room to thousands of books in a bright new building . . . i t ' s a long way to come . . . and a dream come trua However, it shouldn't stop here. The library still needs the assistance and cooperation of everyone in town. What ever happened to the Friends of the Library? They may still be in existance but I never hear of them. Haven't for a long time. '•Vie are here," say the shelves of every library, "that jou may have life more abundant." {MA friends of the library know and foster this belief. The Friends of Libraries are those who have grasped the function of the library as the great inteipreter of us to ourselves. More interest, more books, more shelf space, more borrowers, rrore money, to help secure all these fall within the area of operation of the Friends of the Libraries - and there cannot be too many of the friends. Two or three years ago there was a local Friends of the Library group which did some wonderful things. They raised money, found people to donate sorae outstanding books for both young people and and adults. They were irost successful in their drive . . . a result of a lot of planning and even ir.ore hard work . . . and the community was grateful. The library i s a storehouse of treasure. Books contain the wit, wisdom, humor, tears, life and history of all the centuries during which man has left a record of what he's thought and dona There's intrigue and mystery, cleverness and simplicity, happiness and tragedy, smiles and tears, adventure and relaxation in books . . . there is something for young and old in your library, something for everyone from all walks of life, businesses or professions or just stay at homes The great reason for reading books and valuing libraries i s to have life more abundantly, to think more justly, to be in love more delightfully, and to use the sputniks more wisely as they corr.e along. This i s YOUR library. . . why not be a friend?

Views George D. :/iken, Senator (E., Vt): "One way to create a depression i s to accept it and predict i t . "

blue siy, not looking up at i t . "

Don L. Short, irember of the House (K., N.D.): "It is incredible that American taxpayers should be required to Bwight D. ITisenhower, pay for the UN derelicformer Fresident: tions of such irembers as ' 1 thinl '..Americans are the Soviet Union . . . now fine ambassadors of let the other members pay ..American hopes and as-up the millions they owe. " pirations. ,We try to be decent people I think we Gherman Titov, Soviet are." ing period of "runs" cosmonaut: against the dollar to pre•'
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Thursday, August 9, 1962 THE BOCA RATCM NEWS 5B


ailll SAVI

interpretation of the "Kock and Roll h a l t s ' * • ,For a finale, the trio of lijpetz, Talbott, :Apetz returned with a syncopated arrangement of 'Vtfn't She Sweet" You would never have recognized them from their first trip on stage — this time it was with shining clean faces and dresses of frills. It all ended without a mishap — but a s a producer, writer and director I feel that Hollywood has nothing to fear from Yours Truly.

By Beverly Bussing If Kajor Bowes could have only been there what? you don't rememf ber the l.ajor? | UNPAID 5ONTHS Well, he was the first 30 f/ BAL. 24 36 fellow of my recolleo1,700 78.92 64.84 55.48 ' tion to start that search1,800 83,57 68.65 58.75 ing for talent routine that 1,900 88.21 72.47 62.01 has been followed by 2,000 92.85 76.28 65.27 sorre rather well-known 2,100 97.50 80.10 68.54 2,200 102.14 83.91 - 71.80 men such as Ted Mack 2,300 106.78 87.73 75.07 and '/.rthur Godfrey. '.Any2,400 111.42 91.54 78.33 way, if he could have 2,500 116.07 95.36 81.59 been present at the 2,600 120.71 99.17 84.86 Eoca Eaton Elementary 2,700 125.35 102.98 88.12 'School Gym last week morning he might not have found any new stars Poetry with gestures Civil Employes to add to his crown, but was the act Michelle i t ' s for sure he would Meet in Delray Darcy presented at the have had a ball with the The Delray Beach recreation department rest of us who worked on Member F|deral Deposit Insurance Corp. chapter 647 of the Na- talent show recently. the Talent Show for the f l l O j v ROYAL PALM RD, Gall 395-4420 tional ;Association of Summer Fro gram. Retired Civil Service l/jinouncer Steve Vail., Employes met last week the "o]d red head" himat the Delray Beach self, opened the show Community Center, The and handled the mike like chief business at the a real. pro. ;/.fter the monthly meeting was a usual opening ceremonies discussion of the preshe then announced the ent state of the nation's 1962 King and Cue en of legislative program. Summer Eecreation. King Last month, three deleTommy Erannigan and gates from the Delray Gueen Si grid Noel were Beach N;/RCE chapter then crowned by a past A trio of happy singers sang their songs at the recent talent show held at attended the National ling of some years back, the Boca Raton Elementary School. Left to right, were Melissa Apetz, Debbie convention, which was Bernie Jezercak. Talbott, and Darcy Apetz. held in Tu] sa, Ckla, They To the excellent ivory were president Roscoe T'egan Mackey and tickling of Mrs. John D. Mague, corresponding .F aye Farks sang the "Do Talbott, a trio of facesecretary Joseph Hoopes, blackened, jean-wearing, Re l)i" song and then and Mrs. Violet .Fleming. May Be Purchased basebal] capped girls did a little fitch Miller bit as they asked the aud( better known as Earcy Rogers Speaker at .Apetz, 'Eebbie Talbott ience to join in with them for the final chorua and Melissa ;/,petz) Sorority Meeting Vincent Matteis almost sauntered onto the stage Boca Eaton city life and gave a resounding brought the house down guard Burt Rogers was rendition of "I've Been with his comical, pantoof "Good-by the guest speaker at the Ho rking on the E ail ro ad." miming Cruel World." Vince disEpsilon Pi chapter of ;After sorre track the Beta Sigma Fhi meetawards presented by played that good old ing last week. Harry Benson, the show 'show must go on' spirit as he went on with his Rogers, well-known continued with a version guardian of the- city's of the Continental done act despite a badly sprained ankle. public beach, told memby Laurae Sturm and "The 'Golden Kule" bers about precautions riarilyn BrowrJee. They for children around the did a fine job of their was the title of Mary Hose Clark's number, water, and "musts" for dance, but gave me a ON-THE-JNTRACOASTAL water safety. puzzled loot when they and a s she sang and The meeting was held Two of the stars of the recreation talent show East of Federal Highway ( u. s.i located in the had to devise a new end- danced her way through ing because I didn't it she proved that she did held recently were Megan Mackey, left, and Faye at 8 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Frank Passante, tal e the record off in indeed "have rhythm in city of Boca Raton Ph. CRestwood 8-2692 Parks, right They sang a duet. her nurseries.' 3P03 N.W. Second Court the right pi ace. BOCA HARBOUR HOMES 4271 FEDERAL HWY. (USD BOCA RATON, FLA. .From my perch atop an and reclaimed her seat took comm and of the key The chapter's year book inverted waste paper board to play several was approved. back stage. Pulverised basket behind stage, I Next came a red head- selections. With poise had full view of all theed, frecHed face imp nam- that would have done participants waiting to ed Eennie Bryant, who jose Iturbi proud, he 9 Lawn Sand go on, most were wiggles entertained us all with acknowledged the ovaand giggles, but there the twist. . • Driveway Rock tion of the audience was one who sat as com- Showrranship reigned with a low bow from the ©Bermuda Grass posed as a seasoned sup r em e w h en Stan] ey waist. trooper, Michelle Darcy, Moeser, complete with Erenda L e e better no bigger than a hug, straw hat and bow tie, watch out, Linda Finger walked calmly onto the did herself proud with an Boca Raton stage, delivered a recitation entitled '\A Secret' without a flaw, !

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Plan with income Toe-tapping Mary Rose Clark performed a lively dance at the recreation department talent show.

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• Underground electrical service and city sewerage system.

Our curriculum is of the highest standard and is geared to prepare students for the better .secondary schools.

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6B Th £ BOCA RATON NEWS Thursciaj^August ?, 1962 \
































Hurricane Season












. . .






Never Underestimate a Hurricane

1 0 1 - COST

Emergency SEE OUR LOAN DEPT. for Immediate Assistance

OR CALL 395-2300




OR ANY OTHER EMERGENCIES Low Kates, Fast Friendly Service

By Beatrice Landry like the famed fourhorse-men of old, four horsemen ride the dark fury of a hurricane, their boistrous laughter lost in the roar of winds as they swoop, seeking for victims. "Apathy," "Ignorance," "Procrastination," and "Recklessness," astride the blaclcloud steeds look for their namesakes to offer gifts of disaster and destruction.

Clever as they are, they can be outwitted, sent on their way in disappointment. How? Never underestimate a hurricane. Trite, but true, knowledge is power and preparedness is good insurance. Heed the official warning and obey orders. Learn all you can about these storms. •A well informed person is a safe one. It's heartening to know you are not alone. .Alwayson the job is your weather bureau which

'.Attention Mr. and Mrs. Citizen Subject: Disaster In case of a hurricane there are several hundred trained volunteers in Boca Eaton who stand ready to help and serve you at a moment's notice. The purpose of this letter is to remind you that these volunteers have families and homes to protect also. Having served as food chairman for 25 years, and still serving, there is no doubt in my mind that next to medical attention, foods and beverages are next in importance, and present a serious problem. Food supplies in all stores are often depleted within hours after a hur-

ricane warning. Therefore, problems of purchasj ng and distributing food to the shelters is often '2. serious undertaking. Here is how you can help your own family: If you are going to a designated shelter, bring with you prepared sandwiches that will not spoil over a period of 10 to 12 hours - hard-boiled eggs, canned items with opener keys attached, and a beverage, hot or cold, in a thermos. This will hold you over if our getting to you is delayed >/.s food chairman, I am fully authorized and givai a free hand by the Eed Cross to purchase what is needed, but the ele-

will keep you informed by press, radio, TV, and other sources. Your Red Cross and Civil Defense disaster units, police and fire departments are geared to act immediately. Doctors and nurses volunteer their services and many shelters are available for those who desire them. However, most bouses and buildings in this area were built under rigid hurricane protection codes. Though banshee scream-

AN OPEN LETTER ment of great essence in a disaster is possible food shortage, time-hdp, and transportation, against odds. Signed: Max Hutkin, Chairman Food Committee ;/. s G en era! Chairman of the Disaster Committees of Boca Raton, I am endorsing food chairman Hutkin's advice to the people in our area 100 per cent, and there is no doubt of its approval with every food commit-tee in areas of possible disasters where advanced warnings can help. Signed: Chairman ofDisaster Committees John F. Loughery Chief of, Fire TJept


ing winds hold the spotlight of attention, it has been proved time and time again that water is the real danger in most storms. Huge tidal waves sweep across the low lands and hurricanes in the past have drowned many persons who ignored precautions and official warnings. Most of the lives lost in hurricanes occurred when warnings were not heeded or heard. Don't panic, there is no need to. Heed only official, reports and pay no attention to rumors. Keep calm, keep cool. Eem ember your disaster committee is prepared to handle your every need. Depend on them, you can feel safe and secure as long as you are prepared. i^.ctually, Boca Raton is a very safe area, all things considered. It's good to keep it that way.


Power Company Holds 'Hurricane Dry ^

Florida Power & light Company held its seasonal hurricane dry run M g. A. In the past, these meetings have been held the latter part .of ;/ugust but due to vacations, it has been necessary to schedule this ireeting earlier which allows more emrloyees to participate in this dry run. ITverything went off according to schedule Charles Genior reported.



BOCA RATON For savings, service and saU is/crclion, N a t i o n w i d e ' s modern auto insurance jusi can't bo beat. Thai's why 9 out oi 10 oi our 2>/t milHon customers renew with us again and again.


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Powerful winds of Hurricane Donna bend the fronds of the coconut palms ornamenting the grounds of this waterfront resort just south of Boca Raton.

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Thursday, August 9, 1962 THE BOCA RATON NEWS 7B PUBLIC NOTICES U F T O T T f TVI/"YTTr s Ti'Q

CfturcfeJIetosi Church Services BOCA RATON Morning worship 11 a.m. Sunday School 9:45 a,m. Evening FIRST METHODIST N.E. 2nd Ave. at N.E. 6th St. worship 7:30 each Sunday. MidRev. Dan M. Gill, pastor. Sunday week prayer service. Wed. 7:30 3chool 9:45 a.m. Church service p.m. Choir rehearsal 8:30 p.m. 11 a.m. Nursery available for Wednesday. The nursery is children. MYF meets Sun. 6 p.m. open at all of these services. in the Church Hall. Sunday CAMPUS HILL BAPTIST Evening Service, 7:30 p.m. Choir 1675 N.W. Fourth Avenue, Rev., rehearsal Thursday, 8 p.m. Thomas prittehard, pastor. SunFIRST PRESBYTERIAN day School, 9:45 a.m. Morning 600 West Camlno Real. Rev. Worship, 11 a.m.. Evening WorAlbert G. Shlphorst, pastor. ship, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday Prayer Service, 7:30 p.m. Worship service, 10 a.m. MORAVIAN ST. GREGORY'S EPISCOPAL 12th Ave. in Boca Raton Boca Raton Road. James C. S.W. Square. Christian D. Weber, Stoutsenberger, Rector. Sundays 7:40 a.m. Matins, 8 a.m. Minister. Morning Worship at 11 a.m. Holy Eucharist; 9:^0 a.m. Holy Eucharist (lat and 3rd Sundays), Morning Prayer (2nd and 4th DEERFIELD BEACH Sundays). Weekdays: Mon., Tues., Fli., 7-IS Matins, 7;30 ST. ELIZABETH'S CATHOLIC Holy Eucharist, Thursday, 9:40 3240 N.E. 10th Terrace, PomMatins, 10 Holy Eucharist pano Beach. The Rev. John MacAtavey, pastor,. Masses" ST. JOAN OF ARC CATHOLIC held at 8, 9 and 11 a.m, SW 3rd Ave. at 3rd St. Rev. FIRST BAPTIST Paul L. Manning, pastor. Sunday 7, 9, 10:30 and noon mass- N.E. 2nd St., Deerfield Beach, es. Confessions will be heard Rev. G. Robert Rowe, pastor. every Saturday from 4:30 to 5:30 Morning worship 8:30 and 11 and 7:30 to 8i30 p.m. Dally a.m. Sunday School 9:45. Evening worship service 7:30. BTU mass" weekdays 8 a.m. 6:30. Mid-week prayer service, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. Chamber of Commerce Building, COMMUNITY PRESBYTERIAN Federal Highway. Sundays at U a.m.; Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Rev. An and Briggs, pastor. Sunday School 9:30 a.m. .under Nursery available. Testimony meetings Wednesdays 8 p.m. the direction of Foster Parker and Harry Anderson. Morning Chamber of Commerce, worship, 9:30 a,m. ADVENT LUTHERAN CALVARY BAPTIST N.E. 44th Ave. at 50th St. just 1 block we3t of U.S. No. 1 and off US1. William M. Deutsch- VJ block north of Sample Road. mann, pastor. Sunday schedule: Wes Auger, pastor. Worship 9:15 a.m. The Church at Study; service 11 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m. The Church at Won- 9:45. Gospel preaching service ship. 7:30 p.m. Prayer Meeting Wednesday 7:30. ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN 190 E. Royal Palm Rd. The TRINITY REFORMED Rev. Eugene Kiug, pastor. SunS.E. Second Court and Eighth day School 9:15 a,m.; Worship Terrace, Deerfield Beach. Service 10:30 a.m. Nursery Rev. Vemon Hoffman, pastor. during 10:30 service. Morning Service 10:30 a,m. Sunday School 9:30 a.m. CHURCH OF THE OPEN DOOR Sunday evening church service 35th St. and 3rd Ave. N.W. 7 p.m. Rev. Albert L. Eastman, pastor. Sunday Services: Sunday School 9:45 a.m. for which there is a DELRAY BEACH nursery available. Morning WorCHURCH OF CHRIST ship, 11 a.m. Youth FellowDelray Women's Club BIdg. S.E, ship, 6:45 p.m. Evening service 5th Ave. at 5th St. Dayton D. at 7:30. Tuesday evening Senior Smith, minister. Bible Study at choir rehearsal. Wednesday evening Bible study hour at 7:30. 9 a.m. Worship 9:45 a.m.

Laymen's Sunday will be observed at 10:30 a.m. Sunday at St. Paul Lutheran Church. Discussing the service with Pastor Eugene 0. Krug (seated right) are, from left, Gary Shull, Quinn Jungemann who will deliver the sermon, and Joseph Starkey. St. Paul Lutheran Will 'The Glory of God1 Will Observe Laymen's Sun. Be Rev. Gill's Topic

Laymen's Sunday wil] be observed at St. Paul Lutheran Church this Sunday, 10:30 a.ir. Sunday School and Eible Classes -will be at P: 15 a.rr. The entire service, including the sermon, will be conducted by laymen of the church. Following the theme, "The Universal Friesthood of :A11 Believers,'" the liturgy and Scripture readings will be conducted by Joseph Starkey and Gary Shull. Delivering the sermon CHURCH OF THE PALMS for the day will be THE COMMUNITY CHURCH '(Congregational). So. Federal N.W. Fourth Avenue, Ira Lee who Eshleman, minister. Sunday 'Highway at S.E. First St., Del- Jungemann, School 9:45 a.m.; Sunday wor- ray Beach, Dr. G.C. Pullman, speak on the topic, "V,e pastor. Worship service, 9:30 a.m. ship 11 a»m.; evening service ./.re Royal Friests," at 7:30 p.m.; Communion service at 6:30 p.m., Memorial DELRAY PRESBYTERIAN Jungeirann regularly Hall. Wednesday -night prayer 320 N.E. Fifth Avenue, Delray serves St. F aul Church and praise service at 7. Beach, (U.S. Presbyterian). The Rev. Robert D. Taylor Jr., pasas choir director and FIRST BAPTIST tor.. Sunday' morning Worship 9 member of the board of 162 W. Palmetto Park Rd, a.m.; Sunday School, 10:15; Rev. William Towery, Pastor. Thursday service, 7:30 p.m. trustees.


625 N.E. 2nd Ave.

Pastor, DanJM. Gill

Sunday School, 9:45 A.M. Morning Worship, 11:00 A.M. Sermon: "The Glory of God" Air-Conditioned

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 162 W. Palmetto Parti Road, Boca Baton, Florida Rev. William Towery, pastor SUNDAY SERVICES Sunday School 9:45 A.M. Morning Worship 11:00 A.M. Evening Worship 7:30 P.M. Wednesday Evening Prayer Service 7:30 P.M. " T h e Southern Baptist Church in Uoca Raton"




MISSOURI SYNOD THE A.L.C. SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:15 SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:15 WORSHIP 10:30 WORSHIP SERVICE 10:30 180 E. Royal Palm Rd. N.E. 4th Ave. at 50th St. Downtown Boca Just off U.S. 1 E.O. KRUG, Pastor W.M. DEUTSCHMANN PHONE 395-0433 Pastor Parsonage 395-1939 Phone 395-3632

Air Conditioned

'The Strengthened Soul' Is Dr. Pullman's Topic ,At the Church of the Falms, Congregational, Cr. George C. Pullman will preach on 'The Strengthened Soul" at the 9:30 a.m. service Sunday.

CAMPUS HIU. BAPTIST CHURCH 1675 N.W. 4th AVE. Evangelistic — Fundamental Sunday School Morning Worship Evening Worship Wednesday Prayer Service

9:45 a.rn. 11:00 a.m. 7:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m.

Rev. Thomas Pritchard Evangelist, Pastor

St. Gregorys EpiscoparChurch 2 1 5 EAST DOC A RATON Bt>

SCHEDULE OF SERVICES SUNDAY, AUG.. 12, 1962 7:40 Matins 8:00 Holy Eucharist 9:30 Morning Prayer & Sermon The Rev.H.Boardman Jones, D.D. Phone 395-3260

{jmmunity of oca Raton

New 2500 Seat Ajjditorium



•The Glory of God" will be the sermon topic of the Lev. Dan Gill at the 11 a.m. service Sunday a.t First Methodist Church. During /.ugust there wil] be no meetings of the church's official board of the Methodist f'. en.

'Losing Hold on Life' Topic For Rev. Weber 'Losing HoldCn I ife" will be the sermon topic of the Eev. Christian D. V,eber Sundey at the 11 a.m. service, of the Boca Eaton Moravian Church on Southwest 12th avenue. Rev. Russell Toms Will Speak at Delray Church The Eev. Eusse]] E. Toms, Fastor of the Lake Osborne Presbyterian Church wil] be the guest minister at the 9 a.ir. Sunday morning worship service at Belray Beach F resbyterian Church, V. S. The Eev. Robert • C. Taylor Jr. i s on vacation. The Thursday evening and Sunday evening worship services are at 8 o'clock. Sunday School meets at 10:15. T r i n i t y Reformed Will Meet at 10:30 Sunday The morning worship service at- Trinity Eeformed Church will be held at 10:,30 a. in. Sunday and the evening worship service at 7 p.m. Sunday School meets at 9:30 a. m. . . The Eev. Vemon D. Hoffman i s pastor and Victor Vi. Hbert is student pastor. The sacrament of the Lord's supper will be administered Aug. 19.

Pastor Wes Auger Will Continue Sermon Series "Eirth Control, ;/.bortion and fiercy Killing in the Light of the Word of God" will be the subject at the 7:30 p.m. service of Calvary Baptist Church of North Fompano Eeacb as F astor Wes i/.uger continues his series on "T roblemsof Our Times." !/t 11 am. Fastor:Auger will begin a aeries of three special sermons. This Sunday his topic will be "Evangelism is Not nnough". This will be followed by "Fundamentalism Is Not Enough'' and '
Rev. Shiphorst To Speok At First Presbyterian "The Importance Of One Person" will be the topic of the sermon to be delivered by the Eev. Albert G. Shiphorst at the 10 am. service Sunday in the First Presbyterian Church. Mond ay a meeting of the board of deacons will be held at 7:30 p.ir. at the church. Tuesday there will be a meeting of the board of trustees at 7:30 p.m. at • the church.

Rev. Deutschmann Will Return to ALC Sunday The Eev. William M. Deutschirann and his family will return to Boca Eaton frcm their annual vacation this week and the pastor will be on hand for services next Sunday morning. Special music will be provided by Mr. and Mrs. './.rthur Wrege. Sunday Church Schoo] is at 9:15 a.m. and worship service at 10:30.

'Spirit' Is Topic For Christian Scientists "Spirit" will be the lesson serrron subject at the 11 am. service Sunday of the Christian Science Society. Services are held in the Chamber of Commerce Euilding. Sunday school meets at 9:30 air. Nursery facilities are available at 10::45 a.rr. in the First F ederal Savings and I oan'.jAssn. building. Services are also held at 8 p.m. Wednesdays at the Chamber building.

Fl'o y~cT MU ch el 1

As executrix of the Last Will and Testament of CARRIE B. FREEMAN, deceased. W.H. HALLMAN Attorney for Executrix 131 Northeast First Avenue Boca Katon, Florida Publish: July 26, August 2, 9, 16, 1962. NOTICE i s hereby given that the undersigned, under the provisions of Section 865.09, Florida Statutes 1957, will register with the Circuit Court, in and for Palm Beach County, Florida, upon receipt of proof of publication of this notice, the fictitious name to-wit: C'est Bon gifts — acceasorTES — antiques 479 Palmetto park Road Boca Raton, Florida and that the party interested in said business i s as follows Muriel Baron Dated: July 19, 1962 Publish: July 19, 26, Aug. 2, 9, 1962

NOW in Our NEW Air-Condi tioned SANCTUARY S.E. 2nd Court SHE. 8th Terrace

Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Morning Worship 10:30A.M. Evening Worship 7:00 P.M. The Rev. Vemon Hoffman Pastor

Ikkg the news

6:.1fl P.M. T:.)0 P.M.


: : ;i() P.M. .. 8:00 P..M.

ENROLL NOWt SUMMER YOUTH CAMPS! On the Bible Grounds.- Modern Hotel Facilities Teenagers (Christian Youth Ranch) July 29-Aug. 18 Youth Festival Sat. Aug. 11-18 at 7:30 p.m. Enjoy swimming - pool & beach - excellent food - sports music - films - fellowship - low rates. Inquire - Bible Grounds, Box A, Boca Raton, Florida Phone 395-2400

/ s / Floy C. Mitchell

Trinity Reformed Church

9:».i A.M. .11:00 A.M. . 6:;)0 P.M.

(Enter Memorial llnll tnrn,,sli West Pnrticn oj Auditorium) Wednesday Prayer S r r v i . e l l l o l c ! Chapel I Friday — Christian Ymitli (Youth Ranclii

Lot 5, Blk. 1, Model George V. Robbins 22.45* $ 68,96 To All Creditors, Legatees, Land Co. Amended Plat Distributees and Persons Having Any Claims or Demands Lot 6, Blk. 1, Model George V. Robbins 53.00' 162.80 Against Said Estate: L an d Co. Am end ed PI at You and each of you are Lot 8, Blk. 32, Mizner George V. Robbins 40.00* 122.87 hereby notified that you are PI at I required by Law to present Lot 4, Blk. 14, Blakes Karl Werry any claims and demands 120.00* 368.61 Resub. which you, or either of you, may have against the estate 120.00' 368.61 Lot S, Blk. 14, Blakes Alfred G. Veal of CARRIE B, FREEMAN, Resub. deceased, late of said County, to the County Judge of Lot B, Blk. 14, S.R.L. Theorbre Sweeney 115.00' 353.25 Palm Beach County, Florida, C o P l a t A Totals 470T4-5- $n44T"irr at h i s office in the court house of said County at West Palm Cost per front foot — $3.07 4Beach, Florida, within six Submitted by: s/ Alfred E. Amsler calendar months from the time Alfred £~Amsler, City~Engin eer of the first publication of this APPROVED BY THE CITY COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF notice. Each claim or demand BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, on the 31st day of July 1962. shall be in writing in duplicate, and shall state the place of S/ John R. Brandt residence and post office adJohn R. Brandt, Mayor dress of the cl aim ant, and shall ATTEST: be sworn to by the claimant, his agent, or his attorney, and any S/ Jacob Heidt such claim or demand not so filed shall be void.

First Lieutenant Charles ',/.]]en, son of Mr. and P;rs. Charles '/.Hen of Spanish Eiver Road, was one of four officers in security to receive a Comnendation Medal, at Fort Devers, Mass.

Church Activities Sunday S-lioiil a[| asr* Morning VCnrsltip. Dr. l.eraltl Slanlon Youth Frlluwsliip (Ymilli Ranch I Communion S o n ice I Memorial l i a l h Worship , M,- |IIO i-ial Hall)

IN COURT OF COUNTY A U -Ol_ x N \ J A AVyJE'Cj JUDGE, STATE OF FLORIDA PUBLIC NOTICE PALM BEACH COUNTY The City Commission of the City of Boca Raton, Florida, at a No. 19136 Regular Meeting held on the 31st day of July, 1962, has approv• ESTATE OF ed the following Engineer's Assessment Roil and h a s ordered CARRIE B, FREEMAN that a PUBLIC HEARING be held thereon at 7:30 P.M., TuesDeceased. day, August 21st, 1962, at the City Hall. Jacob Heidt NOTICE OF PROBATE Jacob Heidt, City Clerk THE STATE OF FLORIDA: Publish: August 9th and 16th, 1962 TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTFurnish Proof of Publication ED IN THE ESTATE OF SAID CITY OF BOCA RATON, FLORIDA DECEDENT: July 26, 1962 You are hereby notified that ASSESSMENT ROLL FOR PAVING S.E. 4th STREET a written instrument purporting FROM SOUTH FEDERAL HIGHWAY WESTERLY, A to be the Last Will and TestaDISTANCE OF 400 FEET, TO AN ALLEY; AND THE ment of said decedent has been PAVING OF SAID ALLEY FROM S.E. 4th STREET TO admitted to probate in said S. E. 5th STREET; PURSUANT TO RESOLUTIONS NOS. Court. 40-61 AND 49-61 You are hereby commanded within s i x calendar months Contract Amount . . . $4,421.67 from the date of the first pubEngineering $ 331.00 lication of this notice to appear in said Court and show Total $4,752,67 cause, if any you can, why the action of said Court in Description Frontage Amount Owner admitting said will to probate should not stand unrevoked. Lot 10, Blk. 11, S.E. City of Boca Raton 121.00* $ 511.79 PAUL T. DOUGLAS. Coast Land Co. County Judge, palm Beach County, Florida Lot 1, Blk. 20, S.E. City of Boca Raton 121.00' 511.79 By /s/ Gayior Jamerson Coast Land Co. Cleik. Lot A less E. 70', Blk. Francis S. Willing 170.00' 719.04 County Judge's Court 11, S.R.L. Co., Plat A (Official Seal) Lot A, E 70' of, Blk. 11, Pompano Printing Co. 70.00* 296.07 Publish: July 26, August 2, 9, S.R.L. Co., Plat A and 16, 1962. Lot B, Blk. 14, S.R.L. Theodore Sweeney 240.00' 1,015.11 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Co., Plat A IN THE COURT OF THE Lot 4, Blk. 1, Model George V. Robbins 29.45' 124.56 COUNTY JUDGE IN AND FOR PALM BEACH COUNTY, Land Co. Amended Plat FLORIDA; IN PROBATE, NO. Lot 5, Blk. 1, Model George V. Robbins 30.55' 129.21 19136 Land Co. Amended PJ at IN RE: ESTATE OF Totals 782.00' $3,307.57 CARRIE B. FREEMAN Cost per front foot — $4.22 4Deceased.

Ira Lee Eshleman, Minister Bible Commentator Reuben I,. Anderson, Pastor

FRIENDLY NON-DENOMINATIONAL EVANGELICAL A Eeaconlight... To A World That lias tost Its Way

e Importance of jtit Conditioned

MORAVIAN CHURCH Protestant Neighborhood Church On S.W. 12 Ave. in Boca Baton Square

395-2916 Christian 0. Weber, Minister Horning Worship 11:00 A.M. Air-conditioned

New Building

TRINITY BAPTIST CHURCH {Baptist General Conference)

S.W. 17th. St. & Cypress Rd. Pompano Beach 9:45 a.m. - Sunday School 11:00 a.m. - Preaching Through Hebrews 7:30 p.m. — Preaching Through GospeJ of John Dr. Herbert j . Pugmire, Pastor.


8Q THE BOCA RATCN NEWS Thursday, August 9, 1962



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1 1 , 1962


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Pillsbury Chocolate Chip or

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5th. Aw/PUZA U.S. Highway 1 mi 5fh. kn. Boca Raton, f la.

Him km Shopping Center 111 S. Federal Highway Deerfield Beach, Fla.