A Cinderella Story

A Cinderella Story

ATTENTION 4th, 5th, and 6th Graders: Come join our Spring Musical! For boys and girls! Once Upon a Dream! A Cinderella Story PARENT INFORMATION MEE...

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ATTENTION 4th, 5th, and 6th Graders: Come join our Spring Musical!

For boys and girls!

Once Upon a Dream! A Cinderella Story

PARENT INFORMATION MEETING: Thurs. Jan. 14 6:00 pm in the Coronado library: Please attend to have all your questions answered regarding auditions, show dates, rehearsal schedule and commitment required.


For lead roles only, boys and girls parts. Thurs, Jan. 21 after school in the music room. Students must sign up for a time-slot at the music room. (Parents: please attend parent meeting for more information.) CAST OPTIONS: There are many non-audition roles as well for both boys and girls! Students can be in a singing/dancing ensemble, or work as part of the set and stage crew.


Will begin Jan. 28 and will be held on Thursdays from 3:10 – 4:30 in the Coronado Music room/gym. Starting in April, Monday rehearsals will be added. Students must be able to commit to Thursdays and Mondays to participate.

Permission slip: All students must turn in a completed and signed permission slip with parent signature in order to audition or participate. See the back of this form.

** Sign up now in the Music Room or at the parent meeting. ** Return this form to the Music teacher: Ms. Minson, Room 443 by January 21. Questions? Email: [email protected]

REGISTRATION FORM & PERMISSION SLIP Student’s Name:____________________________________________ Gender:____________ Grade:________________ Homeroom Teacher:______________________________________ Parent’s name:___________________________________Phone #:_______________________ Email address:__________________________________________________________________

STUDENTS: Please check what type of role you are interested in: _________Lead role, with or without solo singing (Audition required: be prepared to sing and act.) Please describe your dancing ability/experience:___________________________________________________ _________Ensemble cast (No audition required) Singing & dancing in groups. _________Stage crew/set crew (No audition)

PARENT VOLUNTEER COMITTMENT: One parent per participant will be required to contribute in some capacity to the production this year. Please initial your agreement to help volunteer in whatever way you are able to: ___________ (Check any areas of interest.) Thank you! ____Weekly rehearsals, ____Choreography, ____ Stage crew, ____Set construction, ____ Costumes, ____ Audio/tech, ____Makeup, ____Fundraising, ____Concessions, ____Backstage supervision, ____Advertising, ____Childcare for volunteers, ____Other, please explain: ___________________________ *Must have Tier II Volunteer Clearance if helping at the school site. Please see front office about this as soon as possible. ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS: Each performer is required to attend all of his/her scheduled rehearsals and be picked up on time. All conflicts must be communicated to the Music teacher, Ms. Minson. Even if conflicts are reported in advance, be aware that missing rehearsals may prevent you from being staged into scenes and musical numbers. Rehearsal schedules are subject to change to make the most productive use of time. Production Weeks are the last two weeks prior to performances and attendance is mandatory, no exceptions will be made without consent of the director. Rehearsals may run longer during tech week, so please be prepared for this.

COSTUMES: Performers will be responsible for acquiring some of their own costumes pieces and/or provide the cost of their supplies. We will provide the guidance you will need to satisfy your costume requirements. Costs will vary depending on your role.

*By signing below you agree to the commitment that will be involved in this production, including attending weekly rehearsals, volunteer requirements, and picking up children on time.

Parent’s signature: ______________________________________ Date:______________