A Commemorative Dinner to the Foundation For Economic Education

A Commemorative Dinner to the Foundation For Economic Education


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FOUNDATION FOR ECONOMIC EDUCATION On the Occasion of Leonard Read's Seventieth Birthday FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1968


TABLE ASSIGNMENTS Alger, Bruce ---------------- 8 Ames, David ----------------- 38 Ames, Guest ----------------- 38 Anderson, C. W. ------------- 17 Anderson, Robert ------------ 44 Anderson, Mrs. Robert ------- 44 Andre', Frederic N. --------- 53 Arden, T. T. ---------------- 17 Arden, Mrs. T. T. ----------- 17 Asch, Marcus H. ------------- 52 Asch, Mrs. Marcus H. -------- 52 Aspinwall, Francis H. ------- 50 Aspinwall, Mrs. Francis H. -- 50 Autry, John ----------------- 51 Autry, Mrs. John ------------ 51 Ayau, Manuel F. -------------Dais Ayres, Paulo F~ ----·--------Dais

Brandt, Karl ---------------- 8 Breck, Henry C. ------------- 15 Bringmann, George B. -------- 41 Bringmann, Mrs. George B. --- 41 Brown, J. Terry Jr. --------- 55 Brown, John T. -------------- 55 Brown, Miss Janette --------- 29 Brown, Mrs. Robert ---------- 14 Bryan, D. Tennant ----------Bryson, C. Claiborne -------- 40 Bryson, Mrs. C. Claiborne --- 40 Buckley, William F. Jr. -----Dais Butera, William ------------- 37 Butera, Mrs. William -------- 37 Butler, Peter --------------- 55 Butler, Mrs. Peter ---------- 55 Butte, Ms. Sarah ------------ 13

Baroody, William J . • -------Baroody, Mrs. William J. ---Bartels, T. R. -------------Bassett, Norman ------------Bassett, Mrs. Norman -------Bates, M1ss Constance ------Bates, George A. -----------Bates, Mrs. George A. ------Bates, Mrs. Isabel ---------Battaly, Mrs. Bruno --------Bauder, Earl S. ------------Bauder, Miss Mary Louise ---Belknap, Paul A. -----------Belknap, Mrs. Paul A. ------Bell, F. Andrew ------------Bell, Mrs. F. Andrew -------Bennett, Mrs. Anna ---------Benson, Mrs. Richard -------Betts, John M. C. ----------Betts, Guest ---------------Bien, Miss Bettina ---------Birdsall, Richard W. -------Birdsall, Mrs. Richard W. --Bixler, Donald -------------Bixler, Mrs. Donald --------Boggs, John L. Jr. ---------Boggs, Mrs. John L. Jr. ----Boulware, Lemuel R• .-------Boulware, Mrs. Lemuel R. ---Boyd, Morley C. ------------Boyd, William B. -----------Bradley, Philip ------------Bradley, Mrs. Philip --------

Calvert, William C. --------Calvert, Mrs. William C. ---Campaigne, Miss Christine --Campbell, Carleton ---------Campbell, Mrs. Carleton ----Campbell, Carlos -----------Campbell, Colin D. ---------Campbell, Mrs. Colin D. ----Campbell, Robert -----------Campbell, Mrs. Robert ------*ampbell, W. Glenn ---------Chamberlain, John ----------Chamberlain, Mrs. John -----Chamberlin, William Henry --Charbonnet, Carl -----------Chickering, A. Lawrence III Chickering, Mrs. A. L. III -Christenson, Richard -------Christian, Colman S. -------Clark, Mrs. E. B. ----------Clark, Fred G. -------------Clark, Mrs. Fred G. --------Clark, Guest ---------------Clark, George M. -----------Clark, Mrs. George M. ------Clarke, Dana C. ------------Clifford, Mrs. Clinton -----Cobb, Mrs. Frances ---------Coberly, Joseph E. Jr. -----Coberly, Mrs. Joseph E. Jr. Coberly, William B. Jr. ----Conrad, Arthur L. ---------.Conrad, Mrs. Arthur L. -----*Chamard, John ---------------

40 40 42 40 40 19 19 19 19 31 37 37 12 12 39 39 33 31 3 3 27 4 4 49 49 29 29 20 20 32 32 25 25

5 5 52 35 35 1 23 23 33 33 12 15 15 29 54 28 28 52 17 17 6 6 6 22 22 25 27 7 4 4 16 11 11 54

Cotton, Fredrick ------------Cotton, Miss Sandra ---------Cotton, Wright --------------Cotton, Mrs. Wright ---------Cowan, James K. -------------Cowles, Ms. Elizabeth -------Cowles, James H. Jr. --------Cowles, Mrs. James H. Jr. ---Crawford, Miss Vernelia -----Cundari, Hannibal ------------

12 12 12 12 25 18 51 51 31 40

Curtin, Enos -----------------


Curtiss, W. Marshall --------- 13 Curtiss, Mrs. W. Marshall ---- 13 Davis, Francis A. ------------ 51

Davis, Mrs. Francis A. ------Day, Virgil B. --------------Day, Mrs. Virgil B. ---------Dehmlow, Louis H. T. --------Dierson, Frank T. -----------Dietze, Gottfried -----------Donner, Joseph W. -----------Duff, Louis -----------------Dumich, Michael -------------Dumich, Mrs. Michael --------Dunckel, E. B. --------------Dunleavy, John --------------Dunleavy, Mrs. John ---------Dunn, Donald M. -------------Durkee, J. L. ---------------Dykes, E. W. ----------------Dykes, Mrs. E. W. ------------

51 20 20 5 32

26 35 32 33 33 20 53 53 17 41 10 10

Eastburn, Glenn B.------------ 44 Eastburn, Mrs. Glenn B. ------ 44 Evanoff, Alexander ----------- 50 Evans, James R. -------------- 44

Evans, Mrs. James R. --------- 44 Falk, Harold F. -------------Falk, Mrs. Harold F. --------Farny, Cyril ----------------Farny, Ms. Phyllis ----------Farrell, John M. ------------Farrell, Mrs. John M. -------Fearing, L. M. --------------Fearing, Mrs. L. M. ----------

5 5 43 43 53 53 16 16

Fertig, Lawrence -------------Dais Fertig, Mrs. Lawrence -------- 8

Fisher, Antony G. A. ---------Dais Fleming, Harold -------------- 30 Fletcher, Mrs. N. Herndon ---- 31 Fletcher, William H. --------- 24 Fletcher, Mrs. William H. ---- 24 Flick, Frank ----------------- 11 Flick, Mrs. Frank ------------ 11

Fluhr, William A. ------------ 28 Fluhr, Mrs. William A. ------- 28 Foley, Father Joseph --------- 49 Frank, Curtiss E. ------------ 49 Frank, Mrs. Curtiss E. ------- 49 Friedman, Milton -------------Dais Friedman, Mrs. Milton -------- 15 Fullinwider, J. M. ----------- 29 Fullinwider, Mrs. J. M. ------ 29 Furubotn, Eirik G. ----------- 25 Gallun, Douglas A. ----------- 1 Gallun, Mrs. Douglas A. ------ 1 Gangnath, Charles R. --------- 55 Gangnath, Mrs. Gharles R. ---- 55 Ganssle, Father Joseph ------- 43 Gargan, Miss Margaret -------- 8 Gaylord, Clayton R. ---------- 21 Gaylord, Guest --------------- 21 Gellert, Nathan H. Jr. ------- 49 Gifford, P. W. --------------- 13 Gifford, Mrs. P. W. ---------- 13 Gilchrist,Samuel ------------- 34 Gilchrist, Mrs. Samuel ------- 34 Gleeson, Keith --------------- 8 Grede, William J. ------------ 21 Gregersen, Magnus I. --------- 44 Gregersen, Mrs. Magnus I. ---- 44 Gresham, Perry E. ------------Dais Gunn, Norman ----------------- 53 Gunn, Mrs. Norman ------------ 53 Hacker, Louis M. ------------- 19 Hacker, Mrs. Louis M. -------- 19 Hagemann, H. Frederick Jr. --- 18 Hagemann, Mrs. H. F. Jr. ----- 18 Haifley, Miss Linda ---------- 27 Hallahan, John --------------- 44 Haney, Lewis H. -------------- 23 Haney, Mrs. Lewis H. --------- 23 Harbaugh, Charles W. --------- 37 Harbaugh, Mrs. Gharles W. ---- 37 Harper, F. A. ---------------- 15 Harris, Miss Isabel ---------- 54 Harris, Miss Rosemary -------- 54 Hartz, Raymond E. Jr. -------- 27 Harwood, Gharles Jr. --------- 36 Hawkes, Albert W. ------------ 7 Hayek, Friedrich A. ----------Dais Hazlitt, Henry ---------------Dais Hazlitt, Mrs. Henry ---------- 9 Helm, Frank M. --------------- 19 Helm, Frank M. Jr. ----------- 19 Hendon, John F. -------------- 54 Hendon, Mrs. John F. --------- 54 Henry, Miss ------------------ 26

Henry, Carl ------------------ 26 Henry, Mrs. Carl ------------- 26 Herbert, Joseph C. ----------- 32 Herbert, Mrs. Joseph C. ------ 32 Hicks, Orton ----------------- 23 Highton, F. E. --------------- 20 Hill, F. Leroy --------------- 5 Hill, Mrs. F. Leroy ---------- 5 Hill, John W. ---------------- 21 Hill, Mrs. John W. ----------- 21 Hillendahl, Wesley H. -------- 19 Hillendahl, Mrs. Wesley H. --- 19 Hoff, Trygve J. B. -----------Dais Holman, W. J. Jr. ------------ 22 Holman, Mrs. W. J. Jr. ------- 22 Hoover, Allan ---------------- 16 Hoover, Mrs. Allan ----------- 16 Housman, Charles ------------- 43 Housman, Mrs. Charles -------- 43 Howard, Beverly -------------- 12 Howard, John A. -------------- 18 Huckins, A. R. --------------- 51 Huckins, Mrs. A. R. ---------- 51 Humphreys, J. P. ------------- 26 Humphreys, Mrs. J. P. -------- 26 Husbands, Sam H. Jr. --------- 21 Husbands, Guest -------------- 21 Hutchinson, John ------------- 43 Hutchinson, Mrs. John -------- 43 Hutchinson, Miss Wynne ------- 43 Indorf, Walter F. -----------Indorf, Mrs. Walter F. -------

9 9

Jacobs, Burleigh E. Jr. ------ 21 Johnson, Russ M. ------------- 27 Joseph, David ---------------- 42 Kay, C. L. ------------------Kay, Mrs. C. L. -------------Kellerman, George R. --------Kellerman, Mrs. George R. ---Kemmerer, Donald L. ---------Kendall, Raymond ------------Kendall, Mrs. Raymond -------Kephart, R. D. --------------Kershner, Howard E. ---------Kershner, Mrs. Howard E. ----Kipp, James R. --------------Kipp, Mrs. James R. ---------Koch, Charles ---------------Koch, David -----------------Koch, William ----------------

36 36 52 52 42 35 35 32 37 37 38 38 14 14 14 Koether, George -------------- 2 Koether, Mrs. George --------- 2

Krenza, Michael -------------- 34 Krenza, Mrs. Michael --------- 34 Laird, J. Packard -----------Laird, Mrs. J. Packard ------Langenberg, Harry -----------Langenberg, Mrs. Harry ------Lasher, E. C. ---------------Laurie, William D. Jr. ------Laurie, Mrs. William D. Jr. -Law, William L. -------------Law, Mrs. William L. --------Lawrence, R. E. -----~-------Lawrence, Mrs. R. E. --------Lodge, Ellerton A. ----------Loring, William E. Jr. ------Loring, Mrs. William E. Jr. -Love, Robert D. -------------Lulves, John F. Jr. ---------Lundborg, Louis B. ----------Lundborg, Mrs. Louis B. -----Lyons, Eugene ---------------Lyons, Mrs. Eugene -----------

38 38 3 3 13 24 24 17 17 10 10 41 38 38 50 41 18 18 21 21

McAdoo, James E. ------------McAdoo, Mrs. James E. -------McBain, Hughston ------------McCarthy, Albert G. Jr. -----McCarthy, Guest -------------McCarty, John T. ------------McCarty, Mrs. John T. -------McClure, James --------------McCormick, R. C. ------------McElwain, John --------------McHugh, Glenn ---------------McHugh, Mrs. Glenn ----------McLearn, Frank C. -----------McLearn, Mrs. Frank C. ------MacDonald, Gregg C. ---------MacDonald Mrs. Gregg C. -----Macwithey, James L. ---------Maddock, Charles S. ---------Maddock, Mrs. Charles S. ----Mahoney, J. Daniel ----------Mahoney, Mrs. J. Daniel -----Malkan, Arnold --------------Malkan, Mrs. Arnold ---------Maloney, Mrs. William J. ----Maloney, William J. Jr. -----Mapes, Kenneth --------------Margaret, Sister Mary -------Marshall, John --------------Mason, Lowell B. ------------Matthews, Mrs. J. B. --------Matthews, Guest -------------May, Christopher C. ----------

3 3 7 22 22 22 22 49 7 41 4 4 50 50 24 24 44 39 39 8 8 42 42 37 37 30 7 52 14 43 43 53

May, Mrs. Christopher C. ----- 53 Mayfield, V. Rex ------------- 10 Mayfield, Mrs. V. Rex -------- 10 Meyer, C. Frederic ----------- 55 Milbank, Jeremiah Jr. -------- 16 Milbank, Mrs. Jeremiah Jr. --- 16 Miles , George M. ------------ 31 Milione, E. Victor ----------- 41 Miller, Edward --------------- 25 ~ses, Ludwig von ------------Dais Mitchell, Miss --------------- 2 Moreell, Miss Patricia ------- 6 Morris, Robert --------------- 40 Morris, Robert M. ------------ 22 Morris, Mrs. Robert M. ------- 22 Muchnick, George ------------- 23 Mudd, Mrs. Victoria ---------- 16 Mullendore, William C. ------- 5 Mullendore, Mrs. William C. -- 5 Munn, Glenn G. --------------- 1 Munn, Mrs. Glenn G. ---------- 1 Murray, Mrs. James ----------- 34 Nachman, Robert L. ----------- 36 Nachman, Mrs. Robert L. ------ 36 Nishiyama, Chiaki ------------Dais Norrell, Mrs. R. H. ---------- 29 Nutter, G. Warren ------------ 54 Ober, Woodbury S. ------------ 30 Ober, Mrs. Woodbury S. ------- 30 Oliver, Howard T. ------------Dais Opitz, Edmund A. ------------- 26 Opitz, Mrs. Edmund A. -------- 26 Orsini, Mrs. Victor ---------- 31 Overesch, Frederic W. -------- 24 Park, Colin ------------------ 11 Parker, V. F. ---------------- 15 Parker, Mrs. V. F. ----------- 15 Paton, W. A. ---------------- 9 Paton, Mrs. W. A. ------------ 9 Payne, Kenneth M. Jr. -------- 4 Payne, Mrs. Kenneth M. Jr. --- 4 Pearson, George -------------- 14

Peters, Lovett C. -----------Peters, Mrs. Lovett C. ------Peterson, Mark --------------Peterson, William H. --------Peterson, Mrs. William H. ----

25 25 27 27 27

Petro, Sylvester -------------


Petro, Mrs. Sylvester --------


Pew, J. Howard --------------- 6 Phelps, Thomas W. ------------ 29 Philbrick, Miss Katherine ---- 30 Philbrook, Clarence E. ------- 28

Philbrook, Mrs. Clarence E.--Pickett, Robert -------------Pickett, Mrs. Robert --------Poirot, Paul ----------------Poirot, Mrs. Paul -----------Poppell, Tyson --------------Poppell, Mrs. Tyson ---------Price, Charles --------------Price, Mrs. Charles ---------Pulliam, Eugene C. ----------Pulliam. Mrs. Eu~ene C. -----Purdue, A. G. ----------------

28 1 1 9 9 42 42 2 2 10 10 29

Quinn, Garth ----------------- 50 Quinn, Mrs. Garth ------------ 50 Raimondo, Mrs. Dominick ------ 34 Read, James B. --------------- 7 Read, Mrs. James B. ---------- 7 Read, Leonard E. -------------Dais Read, Mrs. Leonard E. -------- 7 Read, Leonard E. Jr. --------- 7 Read, Mrs. Leonard E. Jr. ---- 7 Reed, Corp-------------------- 2 Reig, Joaquin ----------------Dais Reilly, Mrs. Barney ---------- 31 Reinach, Anthony M. ---------- 24 Reinach, Mrs. Anthony M. ----- 24 Rench, J. Frederic ----------- 2 Rench, Mrs. J. Frederic ------ 2 Rimanoczy, R. S. ------------- 6 Rimanoczy, Mrs. R. S. -------- 6 Roberts, Mrs. William -------- 35 Roche, George C. III --------- 14 Roche, Mrs. George C. III ---- 14 Rogge, Benjamin A. -----------Dais Rogge, Mrs. Benjamin A. ------ 15 Ronk, S. Edward -------------- 5 Rosan, Richard A. ------------ 42 Rosan, Mrs. Richard A. ------- 42 Ross, Warran A. -------------- 36 Ross, Mrs. Warran A. --------- 36

Rowe, William W. Jr. --------Rowe, W. Woodin -------------Rowell, W. E. ---------------Rowell, Mrs. W. E. ----------Russell, Dean ---------------Ruthenburg, Louis ------------

13 13 2 2 53 40

Sabella, Charles ------------Sabella, Mrs. Charles -------Sanchez, Juan D. ------------Sanchez, Mrs. Juan D. -------Sanford, Mrs. Leslie D. -----Santangini, Andrew V. -------Santangini, Mrs. Andrew V. ---

33 33 18 18 18 39 39

Schadt, Charles F. ----------Scharfenberger, Edward F. ---Scharfenberger, Ms. Elaine --Schelble, James -------------Schelble, Mrs. James --------Schelble, Jay ---------------Schoenfield, Albert O. ------Schoenfield, Mrs. Albert O. -Schmidt, Miss Agatha --------Schmidt, Emerson P. ---------Schmidt, Miss Maryann -------Schmidt, Wilson -------------Schultz, Miss Helen ---------Schuyler, George S. ---------Schuyler, Mrs. George S. ----Seibert, W. Lincoln ----"----Seibert, Mrs. W. Lincoln ----Selig, Mrs. Charles ---------Sennholz, Hans F. -----------Sennholz, Mrs. Hans F. ------Shelly, Thomas J. -----------Shelly, Mrs. Thomas J. ------Shuman, Charles B. ----------Slezak, John ----------------Sluhan, Clyde A. ------------Sluhan, Mrs. Clyde A. -------Sluhan, William A. ----------Sluhan, Mrs. William A. -----Smeed, Ralph ----------------Smeeth, William B. ----------Smeeth, Mrs. William B. -----Smith, Bradford Bixby -------Smith, Mrs. Bradford Bixby --Smith, Menlo F. -------------Smith, Mrs. Menlo F. --------Smith, Robert J. ------------Spadaro, Louis M. -----------Spahr, Richard --------------Spahr, Mrs. Richard ---------Sparks, J. C. ---------------Speakman, Willard A. III ----Speakman, Mrs. Willard A. ---Spraggins, William ----------Spraggins, Mrs. William -----Stacey, Benjamin F. ---------Stein, Robert J. ------------Stein, Mrs. Robert J. -------Stevens, Thomas C. -----------

8 39 39 1 1 1 8 8 30 13 30 13 27 14 14 17 17 36 12 12 35 35 24 52 23 23 23 23 49 3 3 51 51 39 39 52 40 41 41 10 28 28 26 26 42 11 11 11

Stewart, A. W. --------------- 3 Stewart, Mrs. A. W. ---------- 3 Stoddard, Robert W. ---------- 16 Stoddard, Mrs. Robert W. ----- 16 Stroock, Bertram A. ---------- 6 Stroock, Mrs. Bertram A. ----- 6 Tate, V. R. -----------------Taylor, W. Waverly ----------Taylor, Mrs. W. Waverly -----Thiele, Albert E. -----------Thies, Thomas ---------------Thies, Mrs. Thomas ----------Thornton, Robert M. ---------Tibbetts, Paul D. -----------Tibbetts, Mrs. Paul D. ------Tolle, Norman W. ------------Tolle, Mrs. Norman W. -------Tuller, J. Daniel -----------Tuller, Guest ----------------

15 50 50 55 55 55 30 11 11 30 30 28 28

Valentino, Jack -------------Valentino, Mrs. Jack --------Vaughey, John ---------------Vennard, Edwin ---------------

34 34 27 52

Walsh, David ----------------Walsh, William E. -----------Ward, Bruce -----------------Ware, Richard A. ------------Ware, Mrs. Richard A. -------Watson, D. J. ---------------Watson, Mrs. D. J. ----------Wells, Alden ----------------Wermuth, John M. ------------Wermuth, Mrs. John M. -------Widener, Mrs. Alice ---------Wilkinson, Ernest L. --------Williamson, Clement W. ------Williamson, Mrs. Clement W. -Winter, Thomas S. -----------Wolfe, Charles --------------Wolfe, Mrs. Charles ---------Wortham, Miss Anne -----------

54 54 54 4 4 20 20 29 25 25 20 18 38 38 32 49 49 9

Young, Miss A. --------------- 15 Zabaronick, Mrs. John -------- 33


Reig, Joaquin (Spain) Rogge, Benj amin A. (Indiana) Buckley, William F. Jr. (Connecticut) Friedman, Milton (Illinois) Read, Leonard E. (New York) Gresham, Perry E. (West Virginia) Fertig, Lawrence (New York) Hoff, Trygve J. B. (Norway) Table No. 1 Campbell, Carlos (Wash.D.C.) Gallun, Douglas A. (Wise.) Gallun, Mrs. Douglas A. Munn, Glenn G. (N.Y.) Munn, Mrs. Glenn G. Pickett, Robert Pickett, Mrs. Robert ScheIble, James (Wise.) ScheIble, Mrs. James ScheIble, Jay Table No. 3 Betts, John M. C. (Conn.)

Hayek, Friedrich A. (Germany) Hazlitt, Henry (Connecticut) Fisher, Antony G. A. (England) Nishiyama, Chiaki (Japan) Ayau, Manuel F. (Guatemala) Ayres, Paulo FO. (Brazil) Oliver, Howard T. (Canada)

Table No. 2 Koether, George (Conn.) Koether, Mrs. George Mitchell, Miss (N.Y.) Price, Charles (Conn.) Price, Mrs. Charles

Reed, Corp (N.Y.) Rench, J. Frederic (Wise.) Rench, Mrs. J. Frederic (Wise.) Rowell, W. E. (N.J.) Rowell, Mrs. W. E. Table No. 4

McAdoo, James E. (Fla.) McAdoo, Mrs. James E. Smeeth, William B. (Wise.) Smeeth, Mrs. William B. Stewart, A. W. (Texas)

Birdsall, Richard W. (N.J.) Birdsall, Mrs. Ricbard W. Coberly, Joseph E. (Calif.) Coberly, Mrs. Joseph E. McHugh, Glenn (N.Y.) McHugh, Mrs. Glenn Payne, Kenneth M. Jr. (Calif.) Payne, Mrs. Kenneth M. Jr. Ware, Richard A. (Mich.)

Stewart, Mrs. A. W.

Ware, Mrs. Richard A.

Betts, Guest

Langenberg, Harry (Mo.) Langenberg, Mrs. Harry

Table No. 5 Calvert, William C. (N.J.) Calvert, Mrs. William C. Dehmlow, Louis H. T. (Ill.) Falk, Harold F. (Wise.) Falk, Mrs. Harold F. Hill, F. Leroy (Ill.) Hill, Mrs. F. Leroy Mullendore, William C. (Calif.) Mullendore, Mrs. William C. Ronk, S. Edward (Mass.)

Table No. 6 Clark, Fred G. (N.Y.) Clark, Mrs. Fred G. Clark, Guest Curtin, Enos

Morrell, Patricia (N.Y.) Pew, J. Howard (Pa.) Rimanoczy, Richard (N.Y.) R~anoczy,

Mrs. Richard

Stroock, Bertram A. (Conn.) Stroock, Mrs. Bertram A.

Table No. 7 Cobb, Mrs. Frances (N.Y.) Hawkes, Albert W. (Calif.) McBain, Hughston (Ill.) McCormick, R. C. (Kan.) Margaret, Sr. Mary (N.Y.) Read, James B. (N.J.) Read, Mrs. James B. Read, Mrs. Leonard E. (N.Y.) Read, Leonard E. Jr. (Calif.) Read, Mrs. Leonard E. Jr.

Table No. 9 Hazlitt, Mrs. Henry (Conn.) Indorf, Walter F. (N.Y.) Indorf, Mrs. Walter F. Paton, William A. (Mich.) Paton, Mrs. William A. Petro, Sylvester (N.Y.) Petro, Mrs. Sylvester Poirot, Paul L. (N.Y.) Poirot, Mrs. Paul L. Wortham, Miss Anne (N.Y.)

Table No. 11 Conrad, Arthur L. (Ill.) Conrad, Mrs. Arthur L. Flick, Frank (Ill.) Flick, Mrs. Frank Park, Colin (N.Y.) Stein, Robert J. (Ill.) Stein, Mrs. Robert J. Stevens, Thomas C. (Wise.) Tibbetts, Paul D. (Conn.) Tibbetts, Mrs. Paul D.

Table No. 8 Alger, Bruce (Fla.) Brandt, Karl (Calif.) Fertig, Mrs. Lawrence (N.Y.) Gargan, Miss Margaret (N.Y.) Gleeson, Keith (N.H.) Mahoney, J. Daniel (N.Y.) Mahoney, Mrs. J. Daniel Schadt, Charles F. (Tenn.) Schoenfield, Albert O. (N.Y.) Schoenfield, Mrs. Albert O.

Table No. 10 Dykes, E. W. (Ohio) Dykes, Mrs. E. W. Lawrence, R. E. (Ohio) Lawrence, Mrs. R. E. Mayfield, V. Rex (Ohio) Mayfield, Mrs. V. Rex Pulliam, Eugene C. (Ariz.) Pulliam, Mrs. Eugene C. Sparks, J. C. (Ohio) Sparks, Mrs. J. C.

Table No. 12 Belknap, Paul A. (S.C.) Belknap, Mrs. Paul A. Campbell, W. Glenn (Calif.) Cotton, Fredrick (Mich.) Cotton, Miss Sandra

Cotton, Wright (Mich.) Cotton, Mrs. Wright Howard, Beverly (S.C.) Sennholz, Hans F. (Pa.) Sennholz, Mrs. Hans F.

Table No. 13

Table No. 14

Butte, Ms. Sarah (N.Y.) Curtiss, W. Marshall (N;Y.) Curtiss, Mrs. W. Marshall Gifford, P. W. (Texas) Gifford, Mrs. P. W. Lasher, E. C. (Ill.) Rowe, W. Woodin (N.Y.) Rowe, William W. Jr. (Ohio) Schmidt, Emerson P. (Va.) Schmidt, Wilson (Va.)

Brown, Mrs. Robert (N.Y.) Koch, Charles (Kan.) Koch, David (Kan.) Koch, William (Kan.) Mason, Lowell B. (Wash.D.C.) Pearson, George (Kan.) Roche, George C. III (N.Y.) Roche, Mrs. George C. III Schuyler, George (N.Y.) Schuyler, Mrs. George

Table No. 15 Breck, Henry C. (N.Y.) Chamberlain, John (Conn.) Chamberlain, Mrs. John Friedman, Mrs. Milton (Ill.) Harper, F. A. (Calif.) Parker, V. F. (N.Y.) Parker, Mrs. V. F. Rogge, Mrs. Benjamin A. (Ind.) Tate, V. R. (Wise.) Young, Miss A. (N.Y.)

Table No. 17 Anderson, C. W. (Wise.) Arden, T. T. (Va.) Arden, Mrs. T. T. Christian, Colman (N.Y.) Clark, Mrs. E. B. (N.Y.) Dunn, Donald M. (N.Y.) Law, William L. (Wise.) Law, Mrs. William L. Seibert, W. Lincoln (N.Y.) Seibert, Mrs. W. Lincoln

Table No. 19 Bates, Miss Constance (N.Y.) Bates, George A. (Ill.) Bates, Mrs. George A.

Bates, Mrs. Isabel (Mass.) Hacker, Louis M. (N. Y.) Hacker, Mrs. Louis M.

Helm, Frank Helm, Frank Hillendahl, Hillendahl,

M. (Calif.) M. Jr. Wesley H. (Ha.) Mrs. Wesley H.

Table No. 21 Gaylord, Clayton (Ill.) Gaylord, Guest Grede, William J. (Wise.) Hill, John (N.Y.) Hill, Mrs. John Husbands, Sam H. Jr. (Calif,) Husbands, Guest

Jacobs, Burleigh E. (Wise.) Lyons, Eugene (N.Y.) Lyons, Mrs. Eugene

Table No. 16 Coberly, William B. Jr. (Calif.) Fearing, L. M. (N.Y.) Fearing, Mrs. L. M. Hoover, Allan (Conn.) Hoover, Mrs. Allan Milbank, Jeremiah Jr. (N.Y.) Milbank, Mrs. Jeremiah Jr. Mudd, Mrs Victoria (Calif.) Stoddard, Robert W. (Mass.) Stoddard, Mrs. Robert W.

Table No. 18 Cowles, Ms. Elizabeth (N.Y.) Hagemann, H. Frederick Jr. (Mass.) Hagemann, Mrs. H. Frederick Jr. Howard, John A. (Ill.) Lundborg, Louis B. (Calif.) Lundborg, Mrs. Louis B. Sanchez, Juan (N.Y.) Sanchez, Mrs. Juan D. Sanford, Mrs. Leslie D. (N.J.) Wilkinson, Ernest L. (Utah)

Table No. 20 Boulware, Lemuel R. (N.Y.) Boulware, Mrs. Lemuel R. Day, Virgil B. (N.Y.) Day, Mrs. Virgil B. Dunckel, E. B. (N.Y.) Highton, F. E. Watson, D. J. (N.Y.) Watson, Mrs. D. J. Widener, Mrs. Alice (N.Y.) G.E. Guest

Table No. 22 Clark, George M. (Tenn.) Clark, Mrs. George M. Holman, W. J. Jr. (N.J.) Holman, Mrs. W. J. Jr. McCarthy, Albert G. Jr. (N.Y.) McCarthy, Guest McCarty, John T. (Ill.) McCarty, Mrs. John T. Morris, Robert M. (Fla.) Morris, Mrs. Robert M.

Table No. 23 Campbell, Colin D. (N.H.) Campbell, Mrs. Colin D. Haney, Lewis H. (N.Y.) Haney, Mrs. Lewis H. Hicks, Orton (N.H.) Muchnick, George (N.Y.) Sluhan, Clyde A. (Ohio) Sluhan, Mrs. Clyde A. Sluhan, William A. (Ohio) Sluhan, Mrs. William A.

Table No. 25 Bradley, Philip Bradley, Mrs. Philip Clarke, Dana C. (N.Y.) Cowan, James K. (Ariz.) Furubotn, Eirik G. Miller, Edward (N.Y.) Peters, Lovett C. (Mass.) Peters, Mrs. Lovett C. Wermuth, John M. (Wise.) Wermuth, Mrs. John M.

Table No. 27 Bien, Miss Bettina (N.Y.) Clifford, Mrs. Clinton (N.Y.) Haifley, Miss Linda (Ind.) Hartz, Raymond E. Jr. (N.Y.) Johnson, Russ M. (Miss.) Peterson, Mark (N.J.) Peterson, William H. (N.J.)

Table No. 24 Fletcher, William H. (Ind.) Fletcher, Mrs. William H. Laurie, William D. Jr. (Mich.) Laurie, Mrs. William D. MacDonald, Gregg C. (Wash.) MacDonald, Mrs. Gregg C. OVeresch, Frederic W. (Mich.) Reinach, Anthony M. (N.Y.) Reinach, Mrs. Anthony Shuman, Charles B. (Ill.)

Table No. 26 Dietze, Gottfried (Md.) Henry, Miss (N.Y.) Henry, Carl (N.Y.) Henry, Mrs. Carl Humphreys, J. P. (Mo.) Humphreys, Mrs. J. P. Optiz, Edmund A. (N.Y.) Opitz, Mrs. Edmund A. Spraggins, William (Ill.) Spraggins, Mrs. William

Table No. 28 Chickering, A. Lawrence (N.Y.) Chickering, Mrs. A. Lawrence

Schultz, Miss Helen (Ind.) Vaughey, John

Fluhr, William A. Fluhr, Mrs. William A. Philbrook, Clarence E. (N.C.) Philbrook, Mrs. Clarence E. Speakman, W. A. III (Del.) Speakman, Mrs. W. A. III Tuller, J. Daniel (N.J.) Tuller, Guest

Table No. 29

Table No. 30

Peterson, Mrs. William H.

Boggs, John L. Jr. (Texas) Boggs, Mrs. John L. Jr. Brown, Miss Janette (N.Y.) Chamberlin, William H. (Conn.) Fullinwider, J. M. (Texas) Fullinwider, Mrs. J. M. Norrell, Mrs. R. H. (N.Y.) Phelps, Thomas W. (N.Y.) Purdue, A. G. (Conn.) Wells, Alden (Conn.)

Fleming, Harold (N.H.) Mapes, Kenneth (N.Y.) Ober, Woodbury S. (Va.) Ober, Mrs. Woodbury S. Philbrick, Miss Katherine Schmidt, Miss Agatha Schmidt, Miss Maryann Thornton, Robert M. (Ky.) Tolle, Norman W. (Calif.) Tolle, Mrs. Norman W.

Table No. 31 Battaly, Mrs. Bruno (N.Y.) Benson, Mrs. Richard (N.Y.) Crawford, Miss Vernelia (N.Y.) Fletcher, Mrs. N. Herndon (N.Y.) Miles, George (N.Y.) Orsini, Mrs. Victor (N.Y.) Reilly, Mrs. Barney (N.Y.)

Table No. 33 Bennett, Mrs. Anna (N.Y.) Campbell, Robert (N.Y.) Campbell, Mrs. Robert Dumich, Michael (N.Y.) Dumich, Mrs. Michael Sabella, Charles (N.Y.) Sabella, Mrs. Charles Zabaronick, Mrs. John (N.Y.)

Table No. 35 Campbell, Carleton (Conn.) Campbell, Mrs. Carleton Donner, Joseph W. (N.Y.) Kendall, Raymond (Md.) Kendall, Mrs. Raymond Roberts, Mrs. William (N.Y.) Shelly, Thomas J. (N.Y.) Shelly, Mrs. Thomas J.

Table No. 37

Table No. 32 Boyd, Morley C. (Conn.) Boyd, William B. (Conn.) Dierson, Frank T. (N.Y.) Duff, Louis Herbert, Joseph C. (R. 1.) Herbert, Mrs. Joseph C. Kephart, R. D. (Wash.D.C.) Winter, Thomas S. (Wash.D.C.)

Table No. 34 Gilchrist, Samuel (N.Y.) Gilchrist, Mrs. Samuel Krenza, Michael (N.Y.) Krenza, Mrs. Michael

Murray, Mrs. James (N.Y.) Raimondo, Mrs. Dominick (N.Y.) Valentino, Jack (N.Y.) Valentino, Mrs. Jack

Table No. 36 Harwood, Charles Jr. (N.Y.) Kay, C. L. (Texas) Kay, Mrs. C. L. Nachman, Robert L. (Calif.) Nachman, Mrs. Robert L. Ross, Warran (Texas) Ross, Mrs. WarranA.

Selig, Mrs. Charles

Table No. 38

Bauder, Earl S. (N.Y.)

Ames, David (Mass.)

Bauder, Miss Mary Louise

Ames, Guest

Butera, William (N.J.)

Kipp, James R. (Ill.) Kipp, Mrs. James R. Laird, J. Packard (Del.) Laird, Mrs. J. Packard Loring, William E. Jr. (Ill.) Loring, Mrs. William E. Jr. Williamson, Clement W. (R.I.) Williamson, Mrs. Clement W.


Mrs. William

Harbaugh, Charles W. (Wash.D.C.) Harbaugh, Mrs. Charles W. Kershner, Howard E. (Calif.) Kershner, Mrs. Howard E.

Maloney, William J. Jr. (N.J.) Maloney, Mrs. William J.

Table No. 39

Table No. 40

Maddock, Charles S. (Del.) Maddock, Mrs. Charles S. Santangini, Andrew V. (Ala.)

Baroody, William J. (Wash.D.C.) Baroody, Mrs. William J. Bassett, Norman (Wise.)

Santangini, Mrs. Andrew V.

Bassett, Mrs. Norman Bryson, C. Claiborne

Scharfenberger, Edward P. (N.Y.) Scharfenberger, Elaine

Smith, Menlo F. (Mo.) Smith, Mrs. Menlo F. Reed, Miss C. (Calif.)

Bryson, Mrs. C. Claiborne Cundari, Hannibal (N.J.) Morris, Robert (Texas) Ruthenburg, Louis (Ind.) Spadaro, Louis M. (N.Y.)

Table No. 41

Table No. 42

Bringmann, George B. (N.Y.) Bringmann, Mrs. George B. Durkee, J. L. (Pa.) Lulves, John F. Jr. (Pa.) McElwain, John (Mass.) Milione, E. Victor (Pa.) Spahr, Richard (Pa.) Spahr, Mrs. Richard

Bartels, T. R. (N.J.) Joseph, David (N.Y.) Kemmerer, Donald L. (Ill.) Malkan, Arnold (Texas) Malkan, Mrs. Arnold Poppell, Tyson (Texas) Poppell, Mrs. Tyson Rosan, Richard A. (N.Y.) Rosan, Mrs. Richard A. Stacey, Benjamin F. (Mass.)

Table No. 43

Table No. 44

Farny, Cyril (N.J.) Farny, Me. Phyllis Ganssle, Fr. Joseph (Colo.) Housman, Charles (N.Y.)

Anderson, Robert (Mich.)

Housman, Mrs. Charles

Evans, James R. (Ill.)

Anderson, Mrs. Robert

Eastburn, Glenn B. (Md.) Eastburn, Mrs. Glenn

Hutchinson, John (Calif.)

Evans, Mrs. James R.

Hutchinson, Mrs. John

Gregersen, Magnus I. (N.J.)

Hutchinson, Miss Wynne (N.Y.) Matthews, Mrs. J. B. (N.Y.)

Gregersen, Mrs. Magnus I.

Matthews, Gues t

Table No. 49

Hallahan, John Macwithey, James L. (N.Y.)

Table No. 50

Bixler, Donald (Ind.)

Aspinwall, Francis H. (N.Y.)

Bixler, Mrs. Donald

Aspinwall, Mrs. Francis H.

Foley, Fr. Joseph (Conn.) Frank, Curtiss E. (N.Y.)

Evanoff, Alexander (Ind.) Love, Robert (Kan.) McLearn, Frank C. (N.Y.)

Frank, Mrs. Curtiss E.

Gellert, Nathan H. Jr. (Idaho) McClure, James (Idaho) Smeed, Ralph (Idaho) Wolfe, Charles (N.Y.) Wolfe, Mrs. Charles

McI.earn, Mrs. Frank C.

Quinn, Garth H. (N.Y.) Quinn, Mrs. Garth H. Taylor, W. Waverly (Wash.D.C.) Taylor, Mrs. W. Waverly

Table No. 51 Autry, John (N.Y.) Autry, Mrs. John Cowles, James H. Jr. (Wash.) Cowles, Mrs. James H.

Davis, Francis A. (Okla.) Davis, Mrs. Francis

Huckins, A. R. (Calif.) Huckins, Mrs. A. R.

Smith, Bradford Bixby (N.Y.) Smith, Mrs. Bradford Bixby

Table No. 52 Asch, Marcus H. (Ha.) Asch, Mrs. Marcus H.

Campaigne, Miss Christine (Ill.) Christenson, Richard (Utah) Kellerman, George R. (N.Y.) Kellerman, Mrs. George R. Marshall, John (N.Y.) Slezak, John (Ill.) Smith, Robert (N.J.) Vennard, Edwin (N.Y.)

Table No. 53

Table No. 54

Andre', Frederic N. (Mich.) Dunleavy, John (N.J.)

Chamard, John (Canada) Charbonnet, Carl (Ala.) Harris, Miss Isabel (N.Y.) Harris, Miss Rosemary (N.Y.) Hendon, John F. (Ala.) Hendon, Mrs. John F. Nutter, G. Warren (Va.) Walsh, David (N.Y.) Walsh, William E. Ward, Bruce (Canada)

Dunleavy, Mrs. John

Farrell, John M. (N.J.) Farrell, Mrs. John M. Gunn, Nurman (Canada) Gunn, Mrs. Norman

May, Christopher C. (Ind.) May, Mrs. Christopher C. Russell, Dean (Mich.)

Table No. 55 Brown, J. Terry Jr. (Wise.) Brown, John T.

Butler, Peter (N.J.) Butler, Mrs. Peter

Gangnath, Charles R. (Calif.) Gangnath, Mrs. Charles R. Meyer, C. Frederic (Colo.) Thiele, Albert E. (N.Y.) Thies, Thomas (N.Y.) Thies, Mrs. Thomas