A Common Learning Experience: How to Transfer Project - traffiQ

A Common Learning Experience: How to Transfer Project - traffiQ

MEDIA RELEASE 17/ EN A Common Learning Experience: How to Transfer Project Results Europewide ? City of Dordrechts hosts an European Expert Meeting f...

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A Common Learning Experience: How to Transfer Project Results Europewide ? City of Dordrechts hosts an European Expert Meeting for the ICMA amobilife Interreg IVB Project

Representatives from eleven North-West European Cities, participating in the INTERREG IVB NWE mobility project ICMA amobilife, have come together in Dordrecht, 27th/28th June 2011 in order to discuss the opportunities of transferring innovative mobility solutions to other North-West European Cities tested within the framework of the EU-funded ICMA project on Closing Mobility Gaps at the beginning and the end of journeys.

On 27th and 28th of June, the city of Dordrecht hosted the 10th partnership meeting of the ICMA amobilife Interreg IVB project. In a cycle of 4 thematic workshops and a site visit, experts and transport stakeholders from the Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany discussed how exemplary ICMA amobilife mobility solutions and project experiences may be made available to transport providers, municipalities or other concerned stakeholders beyond the project partnership.

A better place to discuss this issue than Dordrecht-Wielwijk would be hard to find! Built since the 1950s the district of Wielwijk was particularly hit by economic change and the decline of the local ship-building industry since the 1970s. Thanks to an innovative urban regeneration strategy and the support of the INTERREG IVB NWE Programme since 2005, Wielwijk not only succeeded in overcoming the economic downturn, but managed to becoming a success story for the Dutch urban regeneration policy.

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The implementation of a sustainable mobility strategy which has been developed within the INTERREG IVB NWE project ICMA amobilife and recently has been implemented in Wieljwik significantly contributes to this change. To facilitate target-group specific and sustainable mobility solutions has become one of the key objectives of the districts regeneration plan. In particular, the mobility demands of seniors, children and immigrants have been carefully and equally considered in the development and implementation phase of the strategy.

In this context, the experience of other European partner cities has been extensively integrated. For instance in the qualification of mobility advisors for seniors, in the development of bicycle courses for children and immigrants as well as in the transformation of conventional bus-stops into inter-modal mobility hubs. In Wielwijk not only a sustainable urban regeneration strategy can be witnessed at its best, but also the transfer of transnational experiences and best-practices.

For the further dissemination of ICMA amobilife pilot actions, the virtual ICMA amobilife competence hub, an online platform allowing easy access to the most advanced solutions related to the topic (try: www.icmaamobilife.eu/solutions) will play a significant role. The whole scope of pilot actions improving door-to-door mobility will be made accessible on this platform. Additionally, the partnership agreed to extend the competence hub with a service offer targeting European transport providers. The partnership plans to launch this additional service offer in Autumn 2011. The Dordrecht Expert Meeting finally paved the way to its implementation.

The European Mobility Partnership ICMA is a project funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the

Interreg IVB NWE

programme with a grant of more than GBP 3 Million (EUR 3,57 million). The 3 year project is led by Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive (GMPTE).

It includes transport organisations from Greater Manchester, Strathclyde, Frankfurt/M, Offenbach (both Germany), public transsport authorities from Genk (Belgium), Dordrecht (Netherlands), Pirmasens (Germany) and Pays powered by ICMA

de Loire (France) as well as the University of Aberdeen, a research Institute in Luxemburg and a mobility organisation from Thun (Switzerland).

Providing attractive and effective alternatives to using the private car for the ‘first and last miles’ of journeys is one key to unlocking amobilife in Northwest Europe. As a key part of this project, the first transnational platform for sharing and transferring innovative and sustainable approaches to meet this challenge now is online!

Further Information www.tfgm.com www.icma-mobilife.eu


Stuart Murray, TfGM + +44.161.244. 1730 [email protected]

Dr. Johannes Theissen, traffiQ + [email protected]

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Annex: ICMA Fact Sheet Project Name: ICMA: Improving Connectivity and Mobility Access www.icma-mobilife.eu Partnership: 11 Partners, among them - 4 public transport authorities - 4 public authorities/cities - 1 SME - 2 scientific research facilities Action Fields Price/Cost modelling contributing to improve mobility access and connectivity ICT for mobility management Travel Training and mobility counselling Service and efficiency improvements of "first and last mile" related mobility services Concerned Policies Transportation Environment Social Affairs Economic Development and Competitiveness Education Impacts Improving attractiveness of mobility services and connections Improving effectiveness of mobility services and connections Mainstreaming the use of new technologies Improving inter-modal connectivity

Project Partners: Lead Partner: Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive (GMPTE) Contact: Stuart Murray, Project Coordinator +, [email protected] The University Court of the University of Aberdeen Contact: John D. Nelson, Professor of Transport Studies +44.1224.272354, [email protected] traffiQ - Local Public Transport Authority of Frankfurt Contact: Dr. Johannes Theissen, Head of Department Customers and Market +, [email protected] powered by ICMA

City of Genk/OCMW Genk Contact: Katleen Loos (Head of Planning Department, City of Genk) +32.89.654630, [email protected] Michel Bortels (Project Manager OCMW Genk) +32.89.573476 Rundum) Mobil Contact: Andrea De Meuron, Project Manager +41.(0), [email protected] LNO Local passenger transport organisation Offenbach Contact: Anja Georgi, Director +49.69.80058.802, [email protected] City of Pirmasens Contact: Dipl. -Ing. (FH) Heiko Burkhart, Planning Department +49.6331.842386, [email protected] Strathclyde Partnership for Transport Contact: Alex Scott, Project manager +44.141.3333108, [email protected] City of Dordrecht Contact: J.E. (Jacqueline) Gommans, Project manager +31.78.639.8458, [email protected] CEPS/ INSTEAD Contact: Patrick Bousch, Head of GEODE Research Unit +35.2585855511, [email protected] Pays de la Loire (to be confirmed, replacing Dublin City Council) Contact: Aurélie Ginguené, Project manager +, [email protected] Project Budget and Funding Project budget: 7.324.397 EUR Funded by the European Union with 3.566.277 EUR (ERDF) Funding Stream: Interreg IVB, North-West Europe

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