A-Frame - Village of Whitehouse

A-Frame - Village of Whitehouse

__________________________________________________________ Application for “A-Frame” Sign Permit Date: ____________________ Name of Applicant: _____...

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__________________________________________________________ Application for “A-Frame” Sign Permit

Date: ____________________

Name of Applicant: ___________________________________ Daytime Phone No. _____________________ Email Address: _____________________________________________________________________________ Name of Business: __________________________________________________________________________ Applicant Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________ Property Address: ___________________________________ Present Use: ____________________________ Name and Phone No. of Property Owner (if different) _______________________________________________ Wording on sign: ______________________________________ Sign Dimensions: _____________________ Describe location where this A-Frame sign will be placed: ___________________________________________ In applying for this A-frame sign permit, I agree to abide by Chapter 1259.08(G) of the Whitehouse Zoning Code. A-frames are allowed after obtaining a permit from the Zoning Inspector, under the following conditions:     

Maximum size is six (6) square feet per side, maximum of two sides limited to one (1) sign per business. Must be collapsible and removed after business hours. Placement must be in front of the building in which the advertising business resides. Liability lies on the particular business the sign is advertising. May be placed in the public right-of-way, but must be placed in such a fashion as to not interfere with pedestrian traffic on sidewalks or traffic on streets.

I also understand that I cannot place additional temporary banners or signs or additional permanent signage without applying for the required sign permit per Village of Whitehouse Zoning Code. ______________________________________ Applicant Signature Printed Name: __________________________ Approved by: _____________________________________________ Barbara Knisely, Community Development Coordinator

Date: ___________________________

Zoning District where sign will be placed: ________ Permits are good for one calendar year and renewable on January 1 of each year. Comments: _________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________

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