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A Real Cinderella Story - Sunday School Network

A Bible skit based on the book of Esther A Real Cinderella Story Copyright 2015 S.A. Keith – SundaySchoolNetwork.com All Rights Reserved Permission...

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A Bible skit based on the book of Esther

A Real Cinderella Story

Copyright 2015 S.A. Keith – SundaySchoolNetwork.com All Rights Reserved

Permission to copy is granted to the original purchaser only. If you are the original purchaser, you may make copies of this skit for noncommercial purposes within your church, organization, or home. It is illegal to copy and sell, or to distribute to other churches, organizations, websites, newsgroups, or social media without written permission.

Copyright 2015 SA Keith – SundaySchoolNetwork.com

A Bible skit based on the book of Esther Choose your actors: Narrator/teacher, Mordecai, Esther, King Xerxes, Haman, Haman’s friend, Hathach, and Haman’s wife. Props: (Optional) items such as a chair “throne” for the king, crowns for king and Esther, king’s scepter, royal clothing, large ring, large pair of dice, burlap cloth, etc. You might allow children to share the parts from one scene to the next. When Haman’s name is said, instruct children (and your audience) to say, “boo, hiss” and turn their thumbs down.

Scene 1 Narrator: A long time ago, there lived a beautiful, young girl named, Esther. She was raised by her older cousin, Mordecai, because she didn’t have a mother or father. Mordecai and Esther loved God very much. They lived in Jerusalem, but the king there forced them to go live in the land of Persia, which was ruled by King Xerxes, who didn’t love the One True God or the Jewish people. One day King Xerxes gave a royal banquet and commanded his wife, Queen Vashti, to come and show off her beauty to his guests. But she refused to do it. So the king sent her away and ordered all the women in his kingdom to obey their husbands. The king eventually missed having a wife; so his personal attendants suggested that he give a beauty contest to find a new queen. King Xerxes loved this idea and made a proclamation to his entire kingdom that this was to take place. Listen now to our skit to find out what happened to Mordecai and Esther. King Xerxes: I hereby decree that all the beautiful girls in my kingdom be brought to my palace. I want to choose a new queen! Mordecai: Esther, the king’s officials might come to take you away! Esther: Me? Why me? Mordecai: The king is looking for a beautiful new queen. And since you are the prettiest girl in the whole kingdom; he might choose you! But, you must never let anyone know that we are Jewish, especially the king, because he might kill you if he found out! Esther: Oh my! I won’t tell anyone! Copyright 2015 SA Keith – SundaySchoolNetwork.com

A Bible skit based on the book of Esther

Narrator: Many young women were brought to the palace, but only one would finally be chosen to be queen. The girls were given a special place to live in the king’s grand palace with their own personal maids to attend to them. Before they could go before the king, they were given special beauty treatments that lasted twelve months. They were also served special foods to eat. (Loud banging on the “door.”) Mordecai: Esther, they've come to take you away! Esther: But what if the king doesn’t like me? Mordecai: What’s not to like? Chin up and shoulders back, and go on up there. King Xerxes: Step forward young lady. My, my, my, you are very beautiful. You shall be my queen! Here is your crown. Now put it on. Let me see how it looks on you! Esther: (twirls around) How do I look? King Xerxes: I love it! I choose you! Now we will have a grand banquet and celebrate!

Scene 2 (If children are sharing parts, switch now.) Narrator: Sometime later Mordecai was sitting by the palace gate and overheard two gatekeepers planning to kill the king. So Mordecai told Esther, who in turn told the king. When the king discovered that the plot was true, he had the two men hanged. Then he wrote in his royal book how Mordecai had saved his life. However, the king didn’t reward Mordecai for his courage, and eventually forgot all about it. This is the end of your free sample. Thank you for reading! Click the following link to purchase: A Real Cinderella Story based on the Book of Esther.

Copyright 2015 SA Keith – SundaySchoolNetwork.com