A Review of Gemstone Definitions - Emporia State University

A Review of Gemstone Definitions - Emporia State University

A Review of Basic Gemstone Introductions & Definitions By Brandon Milner Edited/Enhanced by Susie Aber Getting Started! Come to class &… Online Syll...

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A Review of Basic Gemstone Introductions & Definitions By Brandon Milner Edited/Enhanced by Susie Aber

Getting Started! Come to class &… Online Syllabus with links to lectures http://academic.emporia.edu/abersusa/go340/syllabus.htm Final Course Project http://academic.emporia.edu/abersusa/go340/webpage.htm

Gem Quiz http://academic.emporia.edu/abersusa/go340/gemquiz.htm Gem Definitions & History http://academic.emporia.edu/abersusa/go340/define.htm Gem Briefs http://academic.emporia.edu/abersusa/go340/gembrief.htm

Gemology/Gemstones • Gemstone: Stones that are for personal use and desired for beauty, rarity, durability, and stability. • Only 70 minerals are classed as gemstones; 20 of these are common.

• Gemology: Science of gems based on Chemistry/Physics/Geology.

Mineralogy/Mineral • Mineralogy: Study of minerals based on crystalline structure, chemical composition, origin, occurrence and associations. • Mineral Characteristics: • Naturally Occurring • Homogenous • Solid • Fixed Chemical Composition • Fixed Crystalline Structure • Inorganic

Mineralogy/Mineral Cont. • • • •

Natural: Not made in a lab. Homogenous: Is the same throughout. Solid: No liquid or gas phases. Defined Chemical Composition/Crystalline Structure: Fixed composition/geometric pattern. • Inorganic: Made by chemical/geological processes. • Mineraloid: Mineral that lacks part of these qualifications.

Gemology/Gemstones Terminolgy • Beauty: Color, Luster, Transparency, cutting properties. • Durability: Resistance to scratching and breaking. • Tenacity: Resistance to breaking. • Hardness: Resistance to scratching. • Stability: Ability to retain original color and properties.

Basic Value & Grade Figure right taken from Barbara Smigel (2008) www.bwsmigel.info/Lessons1and2/DEBasicTerms.html

• Rarity: Limited supplies can raise price and demand. Higher demand can help to find new discoveries. • Demand or Fad: Prices depend on what current fads or fashions are currently in style. • Portability: Prices are high based on the size of the gemstones relative to other objects.

Gem Naming/Classification • Divide gems as diamonds and colored stones NOT precious and semiprecious stones. • Gemstones named from: Color, Origin, Properties, Characteristics, People, Special names to promote although sometimes misleading. • New gemstones must be authorized by Commission on New Mineral Names of the International Mineral Association.

Gemstone Classification • Inorganic Types • Groups: Similar Properties/Structures. • Species: Similar Structures/Compositions. • Variety: Similar Colors/Optical Properties. Examples-color, transparency, refraction.

• Organic Types • Chemical Compositions: This would include gems such as Jet or Ivory.

Synthetics/Imitations • First started in 1800’s due to high demand. • Examples include Diamond, Spinel and Opal.

• Synthetic: Made to have identical properties of real gem. • Imitation: Made to look like the real gem without identical properties.

Basic History of Formal Gem Education • Gemstones course first taught at a Colorado university in 1909. • Gemological Society of America founded in 1930 by Robert Shipley. • GIA offers courses in gem/bead identification, value, designing and sales. • GIA is a non-profit organization based on money from public services and publications. • Plentiful educational opportunities concerning gemstones.

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