a young bombay forum initiative - Shadow the leader

a young bombay forum initiative - Shadow the leader

A YOUNG BOMBAY FORUM INITIATIVE Presenting….. SHADOW THE LEADER SEASON – 4 Website : Introduction Young Bombay Forum (YBF) a youth wing of Bombay...

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Introduction Young Bombay Forum (YBF) a youth wing of Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry was born on the 172nd Foundation Day of the Chamber in the year 2007. The YBF is the Chamber’s response to the emergence of young leaders in the spheres of business, entertainment and politics. Successful Completion of 3 Seasons Program


Start Date

End Date


Season 1

9 Leaders

February 2015

August 2015


Season 2

21 Leaders

September 2015

August 2016


Season 3

18 Leaders

March 2017

September 2017


Season 4


‘True leaders don’t create more followers, they create more leaders’ - Bill Bradley





Feedback Pratam Kumar , Shadow of Mr. Nasser Munjee, Chairman, DCB “After my meeting with Mr. Munjee, I have not only raised my goals but have also started working towards them in a much more focused manner.”

Meher Vakil, Shadow of Mr. Raman Ramachandran, Chairman & MD, BASF India Ltd. “. What I noticed

Naresh Purswani, shadow of Mr. Saugata Gupta, MD & CEO, Marico India “I was Impressed with the cool and calm he maintained throughout the meeting. Can’t imagine myself doing so, as being a business owner with ‘I-know-all-attitude’, would always give unwanted advice on every activity, and thus not allow nurturing talent beyond my own paradigm/spectrum. Overall a great learning for me!”

Tony Mukherjee, Shadow of Mr. Nasser Munjee, Chairman, DCB Bank. “I m currently working on transforming the culture of my company from a slow, uncaring mindset to a responsive, customer focused organization. What I understood and am going to apply is: - Customers come to us, rather than our competitor, even though they may have the same offering, because of our people - Rather than having a goal of customer obsessed company, which is overused these days, a better goal is to be the most admired company, for what we do and how we do it. His humble, calm, soft spoken demeanor which I’m going to internalize and emulate. This was a great opportunity, do let me know when the next batch is or other opportunities like this.

Abhishek Pachlangia, Shadow of Mr. Sunil Mathur, MD & CEO, Siemens ltd.“This day I would remember in my whole life and would consider as the best training which the firm could offer me in the last 12 years of my professional career. It would be very difficult to replicate what Mr. Mathur do day in and day out something which is in his DNA..I cannot change my DNA in short time but some of his good habits of not leaving the mail unaddressed beyond a day or getting a good review are some of the things which is a good learning experience which I would like to inculcate in myself. It has been an excellent experience. These are all one in lifetime experience that you would get but i would cherish it for a lifetime”

about Mr. Ramachandran is that, he communicates with his employees in an open and friendly manner, yet he adds a tone of authority to it. This serves to favour the overall well being of the organization and enhance the productivity of the employees. I thoroughly respect him and hope he stays my mentor in future. I plan to apply this : Listening to the team, being an example, being approachable and constantly learning”.

Pranal Modani, Shadow of Mr. Govind Shrikhande, CCA & MD, Shoppers Stop Ltd. “ I understood the importance of decision making and capacity building in making of a leader. Thought process of a leader should constantly focused on reputation, relationships & revenue. The experience has been truly enriching and purposeful. The program instills the rub off effect in one self. It was a great opportunity to interact so closely with one of my role models and get invaluable insights into him as a person and a businessman. I wish to carry the rich legacy of truthfulness in future. Cultivating ideas and business themes which relates more to the needs of the customer. Will backup my opinion and decisions on robust research thus imparting credibility ”.

Season 3 Leader Group

Ajay Srinivasan

R. Mukundan

Sharmila A Karve

Amit Sarda

Anil Radhakrishnan

Raman Ramachandran Ranjit Shahani

Sunil Lulla

Sunil D. Mathur

Anil Singh

Govind Shrikhande

Ravi Kirpalani

Sandeep Singhal

Surojit Shome

V. S. Parthasarathy

Nasser Munjee

Sanjiv Mehta

Yezdi Nagporewalla

Terms and Conditions All delegates are requested to read the description of the leader and terms and conditions given below web: (http://www.bombaychamber.com/) before confirming participation in the Program. 1) The Program is purely a learning program and the proceeds after defraying expenses will be used for a cause. 2) All Participants have to provide their personal details (name, contact details, residential address) and brief profile.

3) Each participant cannot select more than 3 Leaders from ongoing Season of the Program. 4) The procedure of selection of the leader is on the basis of first cum first served. 5) All participants will be verified by Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Please provide correct contact details so that verification is completed successfully. 6) On completion of verification process the shadow has to make the payment within 48 hours. 7) The shadow will have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before shadowing the leader.

8) The shadow will not be allowed into board meetings or meetings where confidential information is being shared, unless agreed upon by the leader. 9) The shadow will have to make himself / herself available for the shadowing on the day suitable to the leader.

Conti... 10) The shadow will not publish any opinion / video / tweet about the leader, organization or the event. 11) The shadow will not be allowed to photograph / film any part of the shadowing without the permission of the leader/organization. 12) The organizers will try to complete the shadowing process during the stipulated time. They are not responsible for any delays or any other issues that may arise for reasons beyond control. 13) The shadow will need to make necessary personal travel and stay arrangements for all purposes in connection with this event. 14) The shadow will not approach the leader for any personal requests or favours or gather competitive / market sensitive information. 15) The opportunity of shadowing the leader is not transferable. 16) In case of any discrepancy regarding any matter in connection to this event, the decision of Bombay Chamber of Commerce will be considered as final. 17) In case, the shadow is unable to attend shadowing session, refund will not be provided. 18) The shadow has to agree that he /she will not reveal/disclose any confidential information that he gets to know about the leader, his organization to outsiders and also not use it for personal gain.

Website :