about acorn wealth corporation

about acorn wealth corporation

ABOUT ACORN WEALTH CORPORATION Founded by a group of professional traders, Acorn Wealth Corporation, is one of the leading academies in North America...

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ABOUT ACORN WEALTH CORPORATION Founded by a group of professional traders, Acorn Wealth Corporation, is one of the leading academies in North America established to educate, train, and mentor individuals to take charge of their finances. Through unparalleled personal coaching and education we teach the tools necessary to harness the enormous potential of the stock market to make consistent profits. We stand apart from the competition by developing a highly unique and quick to learn strategy which allows our clients to approach the market each day with confidence and clarity. No matter what market condition, ones financial status, or trading experience, it is important to seek better ways to protect capital and ensure it is put to work in the most effective way possible. Acorn Wealth programs are not seminar series; they are a comprehensive skill-building curriculum taught by a active traders who serve as instructors, mentors, and trading coaches.

Only 10 percent of investors make money on the stock market. They make it by taking from the other 90 percent. AWC teaches its clients to join the 10 percent.

Video: Market Edge Interviews Acorn! View at

www.acornwealthcorp.com/ learn-to-trade/

WHAT IS IT WE DO? The majority of the stocks bought and sold every day on the market are done not by people but by computers. Algorithms detect when certain patterns form in the way a stock is moving. If the stock reaches a certain price level, the computers are programmed to BUY. These same computers also are pre-programmed to SELL, after a certain move is achieved.

Video:  Algorithmic   Trading  by  60  minutes.   View  this  video  at   youtu.be/WstJM_aNSj8

WHAT IS IT WE DO? ( CONTINUED ) Yet despite the fact that these computerized trades are moving the markets, most main street investors are still reading newsletters, watching BNN and relying on brokers to help them make their investment decisions. Perhaps this is also why most retail investors fall into the 95% of people who aren't doing well in the stock market. The forces driving the market have changed drastically over the last 10 years and there are now much more important and also easily observable factors that are moving the market - as long as you know where to look.

ALGORITHMIC TRADING Algorithms control the market. Approximately 70% of trades per day are estimated to be executed as a result of a pre-determined computer based decision. As a result of this behavior, stocks may swing up and down by 5-10 % over a week with nothing changing fundamentally about the company.   Acorn Wealth Corporation has identified criteria that would indicate trading opportunities that take advantage of computer algorithms. Since 2007, AWC has perfected several of these strategies and teaches its clients how to profit consistently in any market direction.

SWING TRADING In the last 3 years we have taken our results and developed a course solely directed at teaching you a precise strategy - Swing Trading. Like the big traders, we search for stocks that have recently fallen below their true value.

See What Others Are Saying! “The Stock Market was a huge financial elephant to me that created intimidation and a fear of loss financially. I have never invested in individual stocks. Do to your training, format I have initially chosen to pursue a single appendage of the stock market experience (swing trading), which will allow me to invest in individual stocks with confidence. I am no longer overwhelmed and see the potential for huge financial benefits. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” - Tommy Thomas “Although I consider myself to be a "seasoned" investor and use both stocks and options, my success in the market to date has been lack-luster to say the least. Although I have been investing for quite a while, I have made expensive mistakes. The most important thing I have learned from Acorn is my approach to risk. I gained a whole new appreciation for risk and how to apply that knowledge.” - Peter Morgan

SWING TRADING ( CONTINUED ) These "fallen angels" are the prized targets of the trading community; as stocks whose price is well below true value, they are safe bets at bargain prices. We find these stocks by scouring the market nightly, looking for a very particular profile, and running them through a screening process until we find our diamond in the rough.

WE EMPOWER YOU Acorn is not here to tell you what those stocks are, more importantly we are here to show you how to find them for yourself and empower you with the knowledge to put confidence back into your investing and profits back in your pocket. We realize there are a lot of guys out there that propose to have the next best thing to tomorrow's newspaper however we believe that if you delve a little deeper into your discovery process, you will find our approach refreshingly sophisticated. We'd be more than happy to tell you more about this, so if this has tweaked your interest we would encourage you get in touch with someone from our team and we can help you to see if this strategy might be a fit for you. We hope to show you how our training can help turn your investment strategy into an incredible asset, instead of a stressful liability.

Contact toll free at: 1-877-272-2676

See What Others Are Saying! "You guys taught me to trade the overall trend in the market and that has made a world of difference to me. You have also helped me in other ways too. I have a lot more confidence in my trading now. It's more effortless now. Before I was always second guessing myself, wondering if I am making the right decision. I was scared to be wrong. As you know that leads to missed opportunities. - Edward M "Acorn is helping me change my life. I am currently unemployed and have made the decision to make a living from trading on the stock market. Acorn Wealth Corp. is the only reason I could have made this life changing decision. Thank you Acorn!" – Mark

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Gold and Silver Memberships Participate in our Tuesday and Thursday online “Trading Room” sessions where you’ll get:  §  §  §  §  §  §  § 

Full analyses of the current market and sector performance in the Trading Room Join our traders live for our Power Trading Hour In-depth chart analysis of our trades so you are ready for upcoming trading opportunities. Bring your questions and trades to discuss in the interactive forum. Includes Silver Membership (daily market updates) The North American market, overall economic outlook and how to trade the current markets. Acorn’s stock and option pro picks of the day, with clear entry and exit points

Power Hour These are sessions we hold while the markets are open where investors will get to see live trading occur in real time from our coaches and other students. This is a fast paced high energy session where you get to put your skills to the test and see strategies in action. This is also a great opportunity for an open forum of Q&A with your coach.

Trading Room Trading Room puts you in the middle of the action.  You’ll be rubbing shoulders against some of the brightest and most knowledgeable traders and investors in the industry in addition to being able to ask anything or discuss anything you wish.  We believe this is an incredible environment as some of our best corporate trades have literally come from our clients.

Trading Room puts you in the middle of the action! You’ll be rubbing shoulders with some of the brightest & most knowledgeable traders and investors in the industry. In addition, you’ll to being able to ask or discuss anything you wish. We believe this is an incredible environment as some of our best corporate trades have literally come from our clients. Seven Deadly Trading Mistakes Some of the Mistakes We Teach you NOT to make: Find them here: www.acornwealthcorp.com/ the-acorn-experience/ #trading


Key Messages from Acorn

Shorting Workshop

Traders don’t talk. If you ever do get to ask a trader about his or her secrets, you’ll hear something opaque such as, “Well, I stick to a strategy.” What you don’t know is that they all have the same strategy, and we’re going to teach it to you.

Red days in the market will turn into green days in your account! § 

Learn what ‘shorting’ is.


Why is it important to utilize short selling when you trade?


How to short and understanding the risk.


How to locate and analyze shorting opportunities.


Locating how much short interest there is in a stock.


Acorn’s Proprietary scans to locate profitable shorting opportunities.


Setting stops, and limits.


Shorting to hedge your account.


The limitations that come with shorting stock.


Most importantly -> How to profit!

Visit www.acornwealthcorp.com/shortingworkshop/ to learn more!

Our mission is to teach you a strategy for finding imminent 5 to 15 percent moves… consistently. Can you invest 20 minutes a night and one hour a week to master the science of stock trading? Most investors buy high and hope to sell higher. We teach you to buy low and sell higher. It's that simple. Buy winning stocks before the news breaks. Why settle for investment returns that no professional trader would accept?


Learn about the Stock Market

Master Stock Trading

Have you ever felt that somehow —if only you knew a little more or had a bit more time—you could do better than your current managers?   Some 70 percent of the trading market trades not on instinct but on strict rules. Wouldn’t you like to know those rules? They depend on technical analysis—which we will teach you.   Only 10 percent of investors make money on the stock market. They make it by taking from the other 90 percent. We teach you to study, then join the 10 percent.   Most investors actually buy highs and hope to sell higher. We teach you how to buy low and sell high.

You don’t have to know it all. We will teach you a specialty — swing trading. Moreover, we will teach you the exact same strategy used by the professional traders here. This type of investing offers a far superior rate of return than conventional investments, and you stay completely in control. Using our proprietary swing trading profiles, you can predict the behavior of stocks with amazing accuracy. You will watch the people with the power to move the markets. You will make sound judgments using market indicators—you will know what stocks to trade, when to buy, and when to sell. You will know how to reap returns in a month that others expect in a year! With Master Stock Trading you’ll learn: §  §  §  §  §  §  § 

Introduction to the stock market Learn a strategy for finding stocks with an immediate 5-15% profit potential Learn to Short Trade Trading Platforms, Charting and Market analysis Risk Management Develop a Trade Plan Trading and market psychology

Visit www.acornwealthcorp.com/master-stock-trading/ to learn more!

Price of a stock is affected by the rate and degree of flow in or out of that stock. We teach you to buy just as the flow in begins.


8 step strategy

Master Stock Trading - 1 on 1 Mentoring

1. Scan the market daily and pin point a short list of candidates worth considering

Acorn trading combines book smarts with street smarts. Knowing the theory and the tools is critical, but learning how to apply them at the very moment you choose to commit your money is equally important. Imagine a course that teaches you to do business in China. You can read books. You can take a course on speaking Mandarin. You can study maps. But when you set out, why not have a mentor beside you on the plane? Or have a guide to help you pick a hotel in a good district. Or a companion to walk with you through the streets of the city, pointing out places you must visit and neighborhoods you should best avoid? Or, perhaps most important, an interpreter to help you navigate your way into that first major deal? Acorn offers a suite of services designed to support your complete success—from initial orientation and focused training, to one-on-one mentoring and decision-point support, to trading-room demonstration. You can join an Acorn syndicate and be supported by nine other traders who share your goals. You’ll be taught by an active trader—not a customer representative or hands-off instructor.

Contact us toll free for more information: 1-877-272-2676

2. Identify and understand the different types of personalities of stocks you will encounter 3. Develop your understanding of the basis of technical analysis and how to apply our 8 carefully selected criteria to your trading strategy. 4. Put the candidates(or any other stock you choose) through our tests and make confident calculated decisions. 5. Quickly disregard stocks that do not meet the criteria you are looking for 6. Effectively evaluate which stocks will provide you the greatest potential return with the least amount of foreseeable risk. 7. Manage your trades so that the odds are always in your favor. 8. Plan your exit strategy before entering your trade

May 30, 2012 - Market Summary   Today's market action leads us to believe that Tuesday's rally in the NY markets was simply a head fake. As we said in Monday's email we wouldn't get too excited if the S&P briefly popped up through the 1330 level. This often happens in markets where short term resistance is taken out, the shorts cover and then the market breaks down. The circumstances in Europe continue to deteriorate with no clear resolution being presented in any way. We believe that the Friday numbers (i.e. Jobs report) will be bearish. For more aggressive traders we will add to short positions tomorrow if the S&P trades in a range of 1308 to 1318, anywhere within that range. We still believe that the situation in Europe will be the dominant factor driving these markets over the next several days.

Strategy Today was a day of short-term short trading to hedge against the losses any long positions took. We will be watching global indexes and the futures markets in an attempt to gauge which one of the following three scenarios is more likely. § 

We'll be watching this level on the ES. 1307.5 to 1306. If it is able to hold overnight we might have a good entry point for longs on Thursday. (See point #1 on the chart below)


If the trend did break, we will more than likely drop to the next support. We would probably be looking at adding additional long positions at this level. (See point #2 on the chart below)  

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