About J&R Medical

About J&R Medical

About J&R Medical J&R Medical will process all 3rd party health insurance coverage, including private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, workman’s compen...

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About J&R Medical

J&R Medical will process all 3rd party health insurance coverage, including private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, workman’s compensation and DARS.


J&R Medical opened its doors, May 5, 2006, under the ownership of James and Jessica DuBose. What started out as a small home based business has grown into a nationwide supply company that offers a full range of UROLOGICAL, INCONTINENCE and ENTERAL FEEDING Supplies. J&R Medical has assembled a team of professionals with experience and knowledge of medical supplies as well as insurance processes. We work with pediatrics and adults as well as individuals with disabilities that include but are not limited to Spinal Cord Injuries, Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy and those with Urological concerns.

A Provider of Urological, Incontinence & Enteral Feeding Products & Education J&R MEDICAL is accredited by

J&R Medical is as unique as the clients we serve. We strive to provide you with prompt and responsive service. Our team will continue to learn and grow to keep our customers up to date with the latest advances in products, care and support.

The Compliance Team and recognized as an Exemplary Provider .

Toll Free: 877-505-4207 www.JandRmedical.com Monday - Friday 8:30am -5:00pm


www.jandrmedical.com www.facebook.com/jandrmedical

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is committed to customer service and patient satisfaction … L et J&R Med ica l make th is p ro cess simp le with o u r TOTAL CARE Pr o g ram: INSURANCE - J&R Medical will work with health insurance plans, including private, Medicare, Medicaid, Workman’s Comp, DARS, etc… We will take the lead to assist you with establishing and continuing your benefits in the most hassle-free way possible. YOUR PHYSICIAN - We will communicate with your doctor to ensure that all necessary prescriptions are complete and filed in a timely manner. SUPPLIES - We will work with you, your doctor and highly rated manufacturers to provide you with SAMPLE products so that you receive the product that works best for you. We deliver to your door nationwide. FOLLOW UP - We will make regular follow ups, as needed, with you, your physician and your insurance provider to ensure that you always have the right supplies when and where you need them.


Let J& R Medical be an Educational Resour ce: Key Componen ts Inc lude:          

CUSTOMER CARE expert will call to check in and determine your re-supply order Overall health Any issues with past order Satisfaction with product Proper quantity of supplies Satisfaction with Customer Service Assist with bladder, UTIs, GIs, etc Assist with notification of physician Supply client with educational videos and literature as appropriate Advise of new products & health news

All in an E ffo rt to F acil ita te: 

Healthier Lifestyle

Keeping up with UTI/GI Awareness & Prevention

Avoiding costly complications

Reduce lost work or play days

Reduce hospital admissions

Reduce overall healthcare expense

Improve Quality of Life