About Us - No Time Flatt

About Us - No Time Flatt

NO TIME FLATT ~ MORE ABOUT US About Us NO TIME FLATT is blazing a red-hottrail on today’s bluegrass music scene, with their highly energetic and hard...

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About Us NO TIME FLATT is blazing a red-hottrail on today’s bluegrass music scene, with their highly energetic and hard drivin’ live performances. Centered around tight harmony vocals and great song selections, No Time Flatt strives to perform the highest quality version of bluegrass music, by selecting great songs and material that has not been recorded often in bluegrass, including originals and music from other genres, tempered with a mix of some classic bluegrass standards which are uniquely arranged by the band. Formed in 2015, No Time Flatt includes the talents of Patrick Cupples (bass, vocals), Steve Moore (banjo, guitar, vocals), Kevin Wright (guitar, vocals), Becky Weaver (fiddle, vocals) and Kevin Keen (mandolin). No Time Flatt is currently recording their first project, which should be available before the end of 2016. Fans of No Time Flatt are lovingly referred to as Flattheads!

Patrick Cupples (bass, vocals) Patrick is a native of Dyersburg, TN where he lives with his wife Tammy and son Byron. He is a practitioner in Prosthetics and hopes that he never has to see you as a patient. His primary instrument is the upright bass but is also a drummer and rhythm

guitar player. He loves being part of a rhythm section and enjoys setting the groove and timing for the band. Patrick’s musical influences are wide and varied ranging from classic country, blues, big band swing and rock but has a deep love and respect for Bluegrass music. His timing and rhythm come from his father who was a drummer in high school who won the coveted John Phillip Sousa award for musical excellence. His father’s timing and his exposure to many genres of music have created an eclectic and interesting take on his view of acoustic and bluegrass music. He holds a great respect for the originators of the bluegrass genre but leans toward the innovators and trailblazers that continue to move the music forward. Patrick is also a sound engineer for both live and studio work and specializes in acoustic sound reinforcement and recording.


2 New Grass Revival, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Keith Whitley, The Eagles, The Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton and Merle Haggard. Kevin has a B.S Degree in Economics/ Finance, Union University, and is a commercial lending officer/senior vice-president for BancorpSouth in Jackson, TN. Along with his wife Catherine, he has 3 children and lives in Humboldt, TN.

Kevin Wright (guitar,vocals) Although he remembers singing beside his mother at a very young age, Kevin has been playing guitar since he was 19 years old. Kevin has won guitar competitions over the years and, during his 12 year tenure with Stone County Connection, the group won several awards including winning several local and regional contests, such as the Tennessee Valley/Alabama State Bluegrass Band Championship in Athens, AL and placing among the top groups in the Society for Preservation of Bluegrass Music Association’s (SPBGMA) International Band Competition. In 2015, he joined forces with Patrick Cupples, Steve Moore and Becky Weaver, creating a very unique and special bond, to ultimately form No Time Flatt. Throughout the years, Kevin has had the privilege of playing for ballets, symphonies, square dances, weddings, festivals and shows throughout Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky and Alabama. His main musical influences began as a child while singing church hymns and has evolved to a wide and varied group of artists including Flatt & Scruggs, Tony Rice, Doyle Lawson J. D. Crowe,

Becky Weaver (fiddle, vocals) has been a fixture in the local Southwestern Tennessee Bluegrass scene. Becky was raised in Hornsby, TN by a talented banjo picking father, who instilled in her the traditional sounds of Bluegrass and Country music. She picked up the fiddle when she was ten years of age and was trained classically. Becky attended the University of Memphis earning her degree in Violin performance. She never strayed far from her Bluegrass roots, staying active with various local bands. Her musical influences range from Allison Krauss, Stuart Duncan, to Kenny Baker. Becky now resides outside of Montezuma, TN with her husband Luke, sons Kodie and Kalaeb. After a few years of playing with various local bands across Southwest Tennessee and Northern Mississippi; Becky began playing with a group of old

friends that has evolved into No Time Flatt. She looks forward to spending many years making incredible music with the rest of No Time Flatt!

Steve Moore (banjo, guitar, vocals) Along with his killer instrumental skill, Steve graces the stage with his vocal talent. He can be heard singing lead, baritone and sometimes tenor. He grew up in small town Medina, TN, but now lives in Jackson, TN with his wife, Tasha. Together, they run a custom wood shop for a living. They have 3 boys; Chase, Brock, and Colton. Steve took an interest in bluegrass music at age 13. Beginning with guitar, he learned to play this style of music. Around age 15 he began to play the banjo. As his skill and interest grew he learned the bass and dabbled with mandolin as well. Through the years Steve has worked all over the United States, which has given him opportunity to play with many groups in all corners of the country. Career changes finally led him home, where he became a Flatthead.


Kevin Keen (mandolin) Kevin is a native West Tennessean whose love of music was passed down from previous generations. Early music influences came from local square dances, church and listening to the Opry on the radio and playing along on the guitar. At a young age Kevin began playing the guitar at church with friends and didn’t take long until he picked up a second instrument, the mandolin. The mandolin has been the instrument of choice for about 13 years. He has played all over Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi at churches, festivals and contests. Kevin is thankful for the gift of music and the friends that it has brought into his life. He is married to Leigh Ann and they reside in Corinth, MS with their two daughters, Jennifer and Mallie.


For Booking Information Please Contact: Kevin Wright 115 Creekwood Rd Humboldt, TN 38343 Phone: (731) 616-1208 Email: [email protected] www.notimeflatt.com Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/notimeflatt/k.c om/notimeflatt/