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about us shadowtv™

shadowtv about us ™ www.shadowtv.com ShadowTV Monitoring was developed by Joachim Kim. Joachim has twenty years professional experience in the advan...

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shadowtv about us ™


ShadowTV Monitoring was developed by Joachim Kim. Joachim has twenty years professional experience in the advanced technology industry. He has a BA from Columbia University in Computer Science with graduate studies in Artificial Intelligence. Recognized as a leader in software development, Joachim worked to develop Citibank’s original ATM system with Datasaab Corp. Joachim a l s o w o r k e d a t N A S A ’s Goddard Space Flight Center creating image-processing systems. Prior to that, he was Senior Game Designer and later Technical Director at Children’s Television Workshop creating several best-selling Joachim Kim educational games. Joachim founded Digital Connection®, LLC in 1983 (www.digitalconnect.com). He was one of the original architects of Prodigy Services Company’s distributed object-oriented architecture and was a major contributor to their Prodigy personalization development effort. This was a consulting relationship that lasted eleven years.

At Digital Connection he has worked on systems as diverse as bond arbitrage systems (Chemical Bank, Continental Grain) to non-linear digital film editing systems (Montage Picture Processor) to Interactive TV (CBS Technology) to the Internet (IBM Research, Citicorp, About.com, Stim.com, ModemMedia, Raremedium, AT&T, Prodigy Services Company) to electronic publishing (Simon & Schuster, Waite Group Press, WGBH: Nova) to advanced car rental systems (Avis) and interactive videodisks. Joachim is a lead architect for Citigroup’s Citidirect project. Joachim has also written several papers on XML. His honorariums and awards include: • Teaching Fellowships Fundamental Algorithms, Numerical Analysis: Columbia University. • Technical co-author on the publication of three Java books for the Waite Group Press. He is an expert and a great proponent of object architectures and on-line services. • National Science Foundation Grant to attend Courant Institute. • Revson Foundation Grant to create an interactive version of Rechov Sumsum. • IBM Award Best promotional software for the 5th Anniversary of the IBM PC.

To get ShadowTV™, contact us today: ShadowTV, Inc., 630 9th ave., new york, ny 10036, p/212-445-2540, [email protected] or www.shadowtv.com