ACL Character List.xlsx - Marie Clark Musical Theatre

ACL Character List.xlsx - Marie Clark Musical Theatre

A  Chorus  Line  -­‐  Character  List Character Stage  Age Description Vocal  Type Zach 28-­‐50 Larry Cassie 18-­‐35 27-­‐35 Zach  is  an  ex-...

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A  Chorus  Line  -­‐  Character  List Character

Stage  Age


Vocal  Type



Larry Cassie

18-­‐35 27-­‐35

Zach  is  an  ex-­‐dancer  who  is  the  director  of  the  show.  He  is  an  authoritarian  and   Spoken perfectionist.  He  also  has  romantic  history  with  Cassie. Larry  is  Zach's  assistant.  He  is  an  authoritative,  no-­‐nonsense  kind  of  guy. Tenor Cassie  is  an  outstanding  dancer  with  star  quality  who  was  once  very  successful  but  is   Mezzo  -­‐  Soprano now  down  on  her  luck  and  desperate  for  work.  She  also  has  a  romantic  history  with   Zach.

Don Diana

18-­‐35 18-­‐32







Kristine Al Richie Judy Bebe Sheila Greg Connie

18-­‐35 22-­‐32 21-­‐32 18-­‐30 18-­‐30 28-­‐40 18-­‐32 18-­‐32

Don  is  a  classic  all-­‐American  young  married  man  who  once  worked  in  a  strip  club. Baritone Diana  is  an  energetic,  humorous  Puerto  Rican  who  speaks  from  the  heart.  She  was   Alto underestimated  by  her  teachers  and  peers.  She  is  a  friend  of  Paul. Paul  is  a  quite,  shy,  introverted  Puerto  Rican.  He  dropped  out  of  high  school  and   Baritone endured  a  troubled  childhood.  He  is  a  friend  of  Diana. Mark  is  an  optimistic  newcomer  to  Broadway  who  would  be  thrilled  making  it  into  a   Tenor chorus.  He  is  the  youngest  dancer  who  recounts  the  time  he  told  his  priest  he  thought   he  had  gonorrhea. Val  is  a  sexy  and  sassy  woman.  She  is  an  excellent  dancer  who  couldn't  get   Alto performing  jobs  because  of  her  looks  until  she  had  plastic  surgery. Kristine  is  married  to  Al.  She  is  a  nervous  scatter-­‐brain  and  she  can't  sing. Spoken/Mezzo Al  is  an  Italian-­‐American  who  is  humorous  and  loves  to  take  care  of  his  wife,  Kristine. Baritone Richie  is  a  high-­‐energy,  proud,  good-­‐natured  Black  young  man. Tenor Judy  is  a  nervous  woman.  She  is  tall  and  a  little  awkward.   Mezzo Bebe  is  a  young  dancer  who  only  feels  beautiful  when  she  dances. Mezzo-­‐Alto Sheila  is  a  sexy,  aging  dancer  who  tells  of  her  unhappy  childhood. Mezzo-­‐Alto Baritone Greg  is  a  sassy  Jewish  gay  man  who  divulges  his  first  experience  with  a  woman. Connie  is  a  petite  Chinese-­‐American  who  seems  ageless.  She  has  always  been  shorter   Alto than  everyone  else.

Song  to  Prepare  for  Auditions

One The  Music  and  the  Mirror

Montage  Part  3  -­‐  Mother What  I  Did  For  Love Opening  (I  Hope  I  Get  It)                                                   Montage  Part  1  -­‐  Hello  Twelve,   Hello  Thirteen,  Hello  Love Dance,  Ten;  Looks,  Three Sing! Sing! And And At  The  Ballet At  The  Ballet Opening  (I  Hope  I  Get  It)                                                   Montage  Part  1  -­‐  Hello  Twelve,   Hello  Thirteen,  Hello  Love

Mike Maggie Bobby

19-­‐29 20-­‐35 21-­‐32

Tricia Vicki Lois Butch

18-­‐30 18-­‐30 18-­‐30 18-­‐30 18-­‐30 18-­‐30 18-­‐30

Frank Roy Tom

Mike  is  an  aggressive  dancer  who  learned  to  tap  at  an  early  age. Maggie  is  a  sweet  woman  who  grew  up  in  a  broken  home.  She  is  a  dreamer. Bobby  is  Sheila's  gay  best  friend  who  jokes  about  his  conservative  upbringing  in   Buffalo,  New  York.   A  cut  dancer  with  a  vocal  solo  in  the  opening  &  chorus A  cut  dancer  who  never  studied  ballet  &  chorus A  cut  dancer  who  is  a  ballerina  &  chorus A  cut  dancer  who  gives  attitude  in  the  audition  &  chorus A  cut  dancer  who  looks  at  his  feet  when  he  dances  &  chorus A  cut  dancer  who  can't  get  the  arms  right  &  chorus A  cut  dancer  who  is  an  American  jock  &  chorus

Tenor Mezzo Baritone

I  Can  Do  That! At  The  Ballet And


Opening  (I  Hope  I  Get  It)                                                   One One One One One One