Addressing Hamilton with Guests - Playhouse Square

Addressing Hamilton with Guests - Playhouse Square

November From the desk of Gina, Volunteer Manager Hello all! Congratulations to the following Redcoats for reaching a volunteer-hour milestone! 16,0...

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From the desk of Gina, Volunteer Manager Hello all!

Congratulations to the following Redcoats for reaching a volunteer-hour milestone! 16,000 Audrey DeClement 4250 Mary Ann Moos 3000 Dawn Hutchinson Elizabeth Valentine 1750 Colleen Miscencik Jack Schneider 1250 Maria Stewart 750 Peter Dyczkiewycz Laurie McKee Datie Wynne 250 Erma Arrington Gail Bobish Terry Lipford Brian Purgert James Spearman* 100 Dino Alfano Mary Angus Connie Bellini Debbie Booth Jeff Booth Peggy Dicesare Dante Giampaolo Lori Hamilton Erika Harrington Mary Kemock Christine Kilen Paige Maunus *Denotes Head Usher

4750 Yvonne Carter* 3250 Ruth Freeman 2000 Carol Lesiak Jan Schneider 1500 Vaughn Bentley Marko Fikaris 1000 Dennis Gienke Joan Hall Ilse Hrach Brenda Lyle Mary Lou Mcguire* 500 Mary Beth Brooks Lela Eskiridge Gina Hansen Debra Jasany Bonnie Lukcso Margarita Zapanta 100 contd. Emily Rhinehart Kathy South Jan Speros Linda Wasco Barb Wells Cliff Zenobi Dottie Zenobi

I want to take a moment to address No Show Emails. Over the past couple of months, we’ve started sending out an email to those who we expected would be coming and never signed in. We know that people miss assignments for a number of reasons, the primary reasons we are finding are:  Need a leave of absence  Emergency (e.g. illness or car trouble)  Forgot to cancel  Misread schedule - signed in for a different show or time  Our mistake – a date was overlooked or the request came in late and wasn’t recorded before it was sent down Please take our emails in a positive light, we know that you all are great and conscientious volunteers! We send these emails for two reasons, first as a way to track mistakes and improve our records. Emailing us back to let us know what happened helps us improve our system so that everything is recorded correctly and we don’t have to wait until year-end reports come out to figure out what happened on a particular performance. The second reason is as a reminder to those who have forgotten to cancel to ask for their help in the future in letting us know if they are unable to make it. We so appreciate each one of you and your commitment to Playhouse Square. Please help us in this way to make our program even better!

Addressing Hamilton with Guests We are all so excited about Hamilton coming in 2018 and our guests are no different! We wanted to give you all a few talking points in case anyone approached you with questions about Hamilton and how to buy tickets.  Individual tickets will go on sale in 2018, we do not have an on-sale date yet.  Season tickets reserved early in the process are guaranteed tickets for Hamilton. If they missed that deadline season ticket packages contain tickets to Wicked instead of Hamilton

Nutcracker Suite – presented by the Cleveland Ballet The Cleveland Ballet, a resident company of Playhouse Square, will be adding an extra performance of their Nutcacker Suite. On Thursday Evening, November 14th at the Hanna they will be selling tickets to their final dress rehearsal. We do not have any teams available to work this show and are asking if anyone can come in as an Extra for it. We will have a ticket drawing that evening as a thank you!  TH E Nutcracker Suite 12/14 5:30pm

Congratulations, Mike Hoffman! Congratulations to Friday Evening RedCoat, Mike Hoffman! Mike received the David F. Leahy Award for Volunteer Excellence from Greater Cleveland Volunteers last month! In addition to his work with Playhouse Square, Mike volunteers with multiple organizations including the Hospice of the Western Reserve and the Cleveland International Film Festival. We’re so happy that he has chosen to share his time and talents with us as well.

Door Renumbering in the State Take note the next time you work in the KeyBank State Theatre – the upstairs door numbers have changed! In the past some of the door numbers were the same as downstairs aisle numbers, occasionally confusing both guests and RedCoats. The new system begins the upstairs doors where the downstairs aisles leave off. The downstairs retains Aisles 1-6 and the upstairs now has Doors 7-10. We hope this eases the guest’s experience and helps you when directing them to the correct section.

RedCoat Interaction with Performers Please remember that while performers are here at Playhouse Square they are focused on their work and need to stay on schedule. RedCoats should not be interacting with performers while at Playhouse Square. This includes but is not limited to times during sound-checks, book signings, and meet and greets. Exceptions to this are if a performer comes to you to ask a question, if you are attending as a guest, or if you see them outside of Playhouse Square.

Contacting the Volunteer Dept.

 

Some people seem to be having trouble contacting the Volunteer Department for schedule changes. Below I’ve included some tips to check and make sure you are following. Remember that we respond to emails within 2 days, but we do not reply to confirm phone messages Do not reply to the weekly email (shown above). You can click the links in the actual newsletter to email us after you have opened it (the pdf webpage) from the email. Email [email protected] with any schedule changes. This email is checked multiple times every day where our personal email accounts are not, that is the best way to cancel or extra.

Congratulations to RedCoats who received STAR awards this month Jeanette McGovern Monica Jackson

Please Welcome our Newest RedCoats! Laura Albertone BJ Bailey Patricia Bethel Rita Bigham Carlton Buchanan Bob Campobenedetto Laurie Campobenedetto Lydia Cology Tara D'Agostino Annette Dalessandro Jackie Davis Sandy Deem Rebecca DeMoss Sara DeMoss Brenda Dent Mary Ellen Derwis Janet Desich Ella Dubelko Kim Edsell Carolyn Eiermann Bob Esson Tina Esson Gaby Finley Desirae Geiger Richard Greenwald Susan Greenwald Christine Gresh Cecilia Hartman Lauren Herold Robert Horn Barb Humrick Carrie Konkoly Jerry Krupar Christina Lazar Maria Miller

Fred Mills Michael Mog Toni Morgan Michelle Morris Pamara O'Connell Kathleen O'Neill Shirley Peavy Rick Phelps Sharon Phelps Joe Pulizzi Pam Pulizzi Jack Reese Judy Reynolds Willie Richardson Mary Riley Kaylee Sadler Laurie Scinto Mike Shaughnessy Carla Slone Sharon Smith AJ Stokes Nancy Stokes Virginia Turner Tim Tyler Carol Uveges Michael Uveges Christine Vertal Ann Weaver Karen Wenson Amber Werner Dianne Williams Jody Wilson Donna Witmer Liz Zaremba

Thank You to our Retiring RedCoats with 10+ years of service! Elaine Breen Jo DeCaro

In Memoriam William Whitworth FR M Marge Bunevich SA M

* Denotes Head Usher

The Diary of Anne Frank November 1 – November 19 Outcalt Theatre | 2 hrs w/ I 

TH E 11/9 6pm

Simply Three November 8 Ohio Theatre | 90 min no I Wicked November 8 – December 3 KeyBank State | 2 hrs 45 min w/ I     

SA E 11/11 6pm SU M 11/19 11:30am WE E 11/22 6pm SA E 11/25 6pm SU M 11/26 11:30am

A Night with Janis Joplin November 9 Connor Palace | 2 hrs 10 min w/ I Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man November 9 - 11 Hanna Theatre | 80 min no I  SA E 11/11 6:30pm Sebastian Maniscalco November 11 | 85 min no I Connor Palace – DOUBLE HOURS  

SA E 11/11 5:30pm SA E 11/11 8pm

Paul Taylor Dance Company November 11 Ohio Theatre | 1 hr 45 min w/ I  SA E 11/11 6pm Wardrobes and Rings November 17 - 19 Hanna Theatre 

SU M 11/19 1pm

Autumn Celebration November 17 Connor Palace | 90 min no I Singing Angels Holiday Concert November 19 Connor Palace 

SU M 11/19 12:30pm

Purchasing Tickets as a RedCoat! Here are a few reminders about how to purchase tickets as a RedCoat: CEO Online Program RedCoats are offered discount tickets to select performances through the CEO Online Program. Simply use the link here and type in the code REDCOAT. You can then scroll through all available performances to see if the one you’re interested in is available. These discounts are only available through this site and not at the Ticket Office. Fees Waived at the Window If the performance you want is not available through the CEO Online Program, you still have options for purchasing tickets with a discount. Simply show your RedCoat Photo ID at the State Ticket Office Window to have your fees waived on regular priced tickets. Note: Please wait until the performances have started when you are purchasing or picking up tickets from the Ticket Office window during a RedCoat shift. This way we can do our part to alleviate the rush at the Ticket Office Windows during their busiest times right before the show.

Holidazzle 2017!!!! On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, downtown Cleveland turns into a winter wonderland with all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities. Here at Playhouse Square we like to join in the festivities. Come volunteer and help guide people to the various activities around Playhouse Square. We will be offering tours of the complex, viewings of the Festival of Trees in the Allen Theatre, and family friendly activities for all. Join in the holiday spirit and come help spread some cheer!  Holidazzle SA M 11/25 1-4:30pm

Winter Reminders and Extra Tips We have a few reminders for you of general tips as well as points as the cold weather approaches us. Safety and Security  Lock personal items in your car trunk or in the Volunteer Room lockers.  Walk in groups or call DCA at 216.621.6000 for an escort after shows.  Take extra caution when walking to and from your car to look for ice! Uniform Reminders  Remember that for extra warmth we encourage you to add layers under your regular uniform but that turtle necks, hats, and scarfs are not permitted as part of the RedCoat uniform.

Highlight on Upcoming Shows Sebastian Maniscalco

Nick Offerman November 19 Connor Palace A Christmas Story November 24 – December 23 Allen Theatre | 2 hrs w/ I A Christmas Carol November 25 – December 23 Ohio Theatre | 1 hr 45 min w/ I  SA E 11/25 6pm  SU M 11/26 1:30pm Holidazzle 2017 November 25 WIST 

Click here to see a funny clip from his show about ringing doorbells today!

Cleveland Comedy Festival Our fabulous Comedy Contest featuring 48 of the funniest comedians from all over the U.S. and Canada. Stand-up comedy showcases at Playhouse Square and other Cleveland-area venues The festival this year features a variety of shows like, An Evening with Fred Willard, Liz Huff and Friends, The Four Horseman of Comedy, Class Clown, Squeaky Clean Comedy Shows, Beers and Bros, and Ladies, Laughs, and Wine Comedy.

SA M 11/25 1pm

Joe Bonamassa November 25 Connor Palace 

Back by overwhelming demand, Sebastian Maniscalco is returning to Playhouse Square to do a command performance of his latest show Why Would You Do That? at the Connor Palace! If you missed his last performance here, now is your chance to see this amazing show. We are offering DOUBLE HOURS for both of his performances.

SA E 11/25 6pm

A Christmas Carol

The Cleveland Pops Orchestra November 26 Connor Palace 10th Annual Cleveland Comedy Fest November 29 – December 1 Kennedy’s and Outcalt Theatre Under the Mistletoe December 2-3 Hanna Theatre

children and adults of all ages. Celebrate the season with the ones you love.

A Christmas Story He’s back! One boy. One holiday wish. And a world that seems to be conspiring to make certain it doesn’t come true. The record-breaking show returns to the CPH stage in all its pink-bunny-suit, glowing-leg-lamp, triple-dog-daring glory. The perfect holiday treat for the entire family.

Momma’s Boy December 2 Connor Palace On Your Feet! December 2 Connor Palace

Wicked the Broadway sensation, looks at what

Electric Christmas December 6-7 Hanna Theatre

happened in the Land of Oz…but from a different angle. Long before Dorothy arrives, there is another young woman, born with emerald-green skin— smart, fiery, misunderstood, and possessing an extraordinary talent. When she meets a bubbly blonde who is exceptionally popular, their initial rivalry turns into the unlikeliest of friendships…until the world decides to call one “good,” and the other one “wicked.”

The Hip Hop Nutcracker December 6 KeyBank State

I would like to be an EXTRA

Open your heart to Charles Dickens’ classic tale of one man’s ultimate redemption. One of northeast Ohio’s favorite holiday traditions, A Christmas Carol is a perfect gift of theater for

I need to CANCEL

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