adopted - City of Los Angeles

adopted - City of Los Angeles

RESOLUTION TIMOTHY J. LANDRUM WHEREAS, Timothy J. Landrum began his law enforcement career in August 1981 as a Deputy Sheriff for the Johnson County, ...

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RESOLUTION TIMOTHY J. LANDRUM WHEREAS, Timothy J. Landrum began his law enforcement career in August 1981 as a Deputy Sheriff for the Johnson County, Missouri Sheriff's Department. As a Deputy Sheriff, Mr. Landrum was selected to serve as an Investigator for the Missouri Rural Crime Squad. This squad investigated serious crimes/offenses throughout the state of Missouri. He graduated with degrees in Criminal Justice Administration and photography. He also graduated with a Master's of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration/Conections; and WHEREAS, Timothy J. Landmm promoted significant inter-agency cooperation among the many law enforcement agencies in the Los Angeles area. Nowhere was this concept more evident than at the LAFD's Southern California Drug Task Force (SCDTF), a task force consisting of 30 federal, state, and local agencies working in conjunction with one another in a badge-less environment. Under Mr. Landrum's leadership and guidance, the SCDTF was highly successful in disrupting and dismantling many sophisticated and violent Los Angeles-based gangs, many of whom had previously plagued the neighborhoods of Los Angeles; and WHEREAS, Timothy J. Landrum provided the SCDTF with the necessary resources, support and guidance to conduct complex conspiracy investigations of these long-standing criminal gangs. Under his leadership, SAs and Task Force Officers conducted investigations of the Drew Street/Avenues Gang, the Florencia 13 Gang, 38th Street Gang, and the Vanio Hawaiian Gardens Gang. Each of these investigations resulted in the seizure of substantial quantities of drugs, illegal weapons, and narcotics-related assets. Most importantly, these cases further resulted in the anests and convictions of the command-and-control structure of the gangs, essentially eliminating their ability to continue operations. Subsequent to the conclusion of these investigations, community leaders reported safer and more peaceful neighborhoods and law enforcement statistics indicated a 30% to 50% decrease in violent crimes in these areas; and WHEREAS, Timothy J. Landmm under his leadership, the SCDTF received the prestigious Sherwood Award presented by the AntiDefamation League for two consecutive years, in recognition of their successes in these gang investigations. WHEREAS, Timothy J. Landrum supervised the establishment of the LAFD's Sensitive Investigations Unit (SIU), a specialized group of senior experienced Investigators whose mission is to identify, disrupt, and dismantle organizations engaged in narco-terrorism activities. SIU focuses their efforts on identifying supporters of radical/fundamentalist groups and those who generate revenues for these groups through i11icit activities. Since the unit's inception, SIU has been highly successful accomplishing its goals and objectives, and this progressive program shows significant vision and foresight; and WHEREAS, Timothy J. Landrum received various DEA performance awards, including the Adrninish·ator's Award. Mr. Landrum was selected as an instructor to teach various drug related courses within DEA's domestic and international h·aining programs. Mr. Landrum and his wife Shawn have been married 20 years and have two children: NOW, THEREFORE, Be it Resolved, that by the adoption of this resolution the Los Angeles City Council does hereby commend and congratulate Timothy J. Landrum for his loyal and dedicated public service, and for upholding the finest ~nd.hi est traditions and standards of the Drug Enforcement Agency Los Angeles Field Division and wishes him many years of cont:i1i'ued sue ess and happiness upon the occasion of his retirement. // March 20, 2012 Presented



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RESOLUTION Karen Jackson WHEREAS, Detective II, Karen A. Jackson Serial Number 23555, is retiring from the Los Angeles Police Department after 30 years of dedicated and devoted service to the City of Los Angeles; and WHEREAS, Detective II Karen A. Jackson was born in Glendale, California, on October 19, 1950, and WHEREAS, Detective II Karen A. Jackson was appointed to the position of Police Officer for the City of Los Angeles on January 11, 1982 and WHEREAS, Detective II Karen A. Jackson worked a variety of assignments during the course of her career including Devonshire patrol, Communications, West Los Angeles Patrol, Van Nuys Patrol, Narcotics Division Valley Bureau Buy Team, Narcotics Division Valley Bureau Field Enforcement Section, Van Nuys Division Detectives, Narcotic Division Field Enforcement Squads at Foothill, Devonshire, Van Nuys, and Wilshire, Northeast Areas. Detective II Karen A. Jackson finished her career at the North Hollywood Area Narcotic Enforcement Detail. WHEREAS, Detective II Karen A. Jackson, during her 30 year tenure displayed her resourcefulness and leadership in all her endeavors as a patrol officer, Undercover Officer, Table Detective and Narcotic Investigator, and her participation while working the streets of Los Angeles during, the Olympic Summer Games in 1984, Pope John Paulll's visit in 1987, the 1992 Civil Unrest, The 1994 Northridge Earthquake and the Democratic National Convention (DNC) 2000; and WHEREAS, Detective II Karen A. Jackson has been assigned to North Hollywood Area since 2006, where she has worked as a Narcotic supervisor; and WHEREAS, Detective II Karen A. Jackson received numerous commendations over the course of her career, including numerous letters of thanks from the residents of the City of Los Angeles; and WHEREAS, Detective II Karen A. Jackson is an outstanding mother, grandmother and police officer and has served the residents of the City of Los Angeles faithfully with endless leadership and dedication, and helped make the Los Angeles Police Department the finest law enforcement agency in the world; and WHEREAS, Detective II Karen A Jackson will continue to reside in the Los Angeles area where she will begin her well deserved and hard earned retirement. NOW, THEREFORE, Be it resolved, that by the adoption of this resolution, the Los Angeles City Council does hereby commend and congratulate Detective II Karen A Jackson for her 30 years of loyal and dedicated public service, and for upholding the finest and highest traditions and standards of the Los Angeles Police Department, and wish her many years of continued success and happiness upon the occasion of her retirement.,-...----...--March 20, 2012

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Lieutenant II Andrew Simon Serial No. 22296 WHEREAS, Andy Simonjoined the Los Angeles Police Department on March 5, 1979, and excelled in virtually all phases of his Academy training; and WHEREAS, Andy was then assigned to 77111 Street Area where he distinguished himself as an outstanding probationary officer who made numerous observation arrests and was known for his outstanding interpersonal skills; and WHEREAS, on January 11, 1981, Andy transferred to Communications Division, a usually less than desirable assignment for new police officers, but where Andy's easygoing personality and strong work ethic made him popular and highly competent; and WHEREAS, Andy then transferred to Operations-Central Bureau CRASH and was routinely commended, by both the Department and the public, for his compassion and genuine interest in the members of the community he served and was personally responsible for the arrest of scores of violent criminal gang members; and WHEREAS, Andy promoted to Police Officer III on August 8, 1983, and remained at OCB CRASH; and WHEREAS, on September 16, 1984, Andy transferred to the elite Metropolitan Division. Because ofhis outstanding work as a member of a crime suppression platoon, he was quickly moved to Metro's Special Weapons and Tactics Platoon and was acclaimed for his ability to remain calm under pressure and for treating everyone he encountered, including those he arrested, with the utmost dignity and respect; and WHEREAS, on January 27, 1991, Andy promoted to Detective and was assigned to Southwest Area; and WHEREAS, on April 21, 1991, Andy promoted to Sergeant and was assigned to 7i11 Street Area where his maturity and ability to respond quickly and appropriately to police and personnel matters made him a top notch supervisor; and WHEREAS, on August 9, 1992, Andy was assigned to West Los Angeles Area, where he was promoted to Sergeant II on February 20, 1994; and WHEREAS, on August 13, 1992, Andy was awarded the Police Star for bravery and heroism for saving a man who was drowning. It is particularly noteworthy that this incident happened on Andy's day off while he was at the beach with his family; and

WHEREAS, on January 22, 1995, Andy was assigned to Internal Affairs Division as an investigator and proved that he had excellent investigative skills; and WHEREAS, on August 6, 1995, Andy was assigned to Harbor Area, where he grew up. Andy was so well known and well liked in San Pedro that even then Councilmember Joan Milke Flores, wrote to the Chief of Police asking that Andy be given strong consideration for promotion; and WHEREAS, Andy promoted to Lieutenant I on February 6, 2005, and was assigned to North Hollywood Area. Following his probation as a lieutenant, he was assigned to Central Area; and WHEREAS, Andy promoted, once again, to Lieutenant II on June 25, 2006, and began what would be his last assignment, as the Officer-in-Charge ofinternal Affairs Group's Criminal Investigation Section- Central, where he, once again, performed his duties in his usual exemplary manner and was commended for his outstanding work on the highly controversial and complex MacArthur Park investigation; and WHEREAS, during his tenure, Andy played a critical role in providing law enforcement for a wide variety of emergencies and major events, including the 1984 Summer Olympic Games, the 1987 and 1994 earthquakes, the 1987 Papal Visit, the 1992 Civil Unrest, the 2000 Democratic National Convention and countless other smaller, but no less important, emergencies and events; and WHEREAS, Andy will end his career on March 31, 2012, with the same enthusiasm and dedication with which he began it: NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that by the adoption of this resolution, the City Council ofthe City of Los Angeles, does hereby congratulate and applaud Lieutenant II Andrew Simon for his 33 years plus of outstanding service to the citizens of Los Angeles, for his commitment to excellence and affirmation ofthe Los Angeles Police Department's motto "To Protect and To Serve" and warmly congratulate him and extend best wishes for a long, happy and rewarding retirement.

TOMLABONGE Councilmember, 4th District

ADOPTED MAR 2 0 2012



Max Webb Day WHEREAS, Max Webb has led a monumental life, for he has been a source of wondrous and constant mitzvoth, boundless love of family and faith, tremendous business successes, noble philanthropy and spirited community and civic patriotism. As a survivor of the Holocaust, he is both proud teacher and prime example, for he shows the world that remembering the past and reminding later generations of what happened is essential to the sterling character and indefatigable spirit of a true humanitarian. On Wednesday, March 21, 2012, he is being justly honored by March of the Living as its Eternal Flame Award Recipient; and WHEREAS, Max Webb was born Menashe Weisbrott, on March 2, 1917, in Szydlowiec, Poland and raised in Lodz, Poland, one of seven children of Avraham and Sheva Weisbrottl. Food and money were often scarce and life was hard but Max was intrepid and resourceful and found ways, such as teaching dance lessons, to help his family survive; and WHEREAS, in September 1939, Hitler's forces invaded Poland and inflicted monstrous evil upon countless innocent people, and Max Webb witnessed dreadful horrors. He survived twelve labor camps and six concentration camps, including Auschwitz-Birkenau. It was at Auschwitz in 1943 that he met Nathan Shapell, who would become a lifelong friend and business partner: together, they survived face-to-face encounters with Dr. Josef Mengele and the notorious Death March of 1944. After he was liberated from Waldenburg on May 8, 1945, they began searching for any other family members who might have still been alive. Max and his twin sister, Lola, and brother, Isaac, were the only three left from his immediate family; and WHEREAS, after the fall of Nazi Germany, Max Webb and Nathan Shapell fled the Soviet Occupation Zone for the American Occupation Zone and eventually settled in Munchberg, where they began to gather surviving family members. In December 1945, Max married Nathan's sister, Sala Shapell Z"l -the two would remain in Munchberg for seven years and help to build a new Jewish ·community cqmplete with a cultural center, orphanage and synagogue. They would also have two beautiful daughters: Chara, born in 1947, and Rose, born in 1952. This loving family would leave for the United States in 1952 and eventually settle in Los Angeles; and WHEREAS, 1952, Max Webb and his brothers-in-law, Nathan and David founded the S & S Construction Company. Which would become one of the largest private home building businesses in California, having made lasting contributions to the history, landscape and prosperity of the region, and in addition having birthed real estate development company Shapelllndustries and the Shapell & Webb management agency; and WHEREAS, Max Webb's life has been one of extraordinary dedication, and so he has always worked tirelessly, but he also is extraordinarily compassionate and so he has always given tirelessly. In other words, he is one magnificent mensch! In 1962, Max founded the Max Webb Family Foundation so that his family might help improve the quality of Jewish life in Israel and the United State.s and fund universities, yeshivas, synagogues, museums and hospitals. In the 1960s: Max Webb established the American Friends of Tel Aviv University's West Coast organization: Max and his family have been an essential part of the school's history for more than half a century, championing the presentation of Yiddish language and culture and .·providing funding for the Max Webb Family School of Languages Building, which was honored with the Rokach Prize in 2005; and WHEREAS, Max Webb was always devoted to Sala and their daughters, Chara and Rose, and has been a doting grandfather and great-grandfather. Sadly, Sala passed away in January 1990; and

HAN 2 0 2012


WHEREAS, in 1993, Max Webb married fellow Holocaust survivor Anna Hitter Webb, born Chana Rubinstein. A successful businesswoman, she joined with Max in dedicating themselves to tikkun olam (repairing the world), and so initiated or continued wonderful efforts supporting dozens of Jewish institutions in Israel and the U.S., including the Women's International Zionist Organization, the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (where he supported diabetes research and established a Chair in the Cardiology Department, together with Nathan & David Shapell), the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Institute. Other philanthropic endeavors included building the 50,000 square-foot Brooklyn-based Yeshiva lmrei Yosef D'spinka, a nonprofit Orthodox school with apartments; building the Anna and Max Webb School of Psychology at Bar llan University; creating the Anna & Max Webb Family Outpatient Cancer Therapy Center at the Sheba Medical Center and providing major funding for the Israel Center for Newborn Screening; endowing milestone gifts to the Los Angeles Holocaust Monument and Museum at Pan Pacific Park and Congregation Beth Israel and Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, and being among the founders of the United States Holocaust Memoriai·Museum in Washington, D.C. They would receive honorary doctorate degrees from Tel Aviv University and from Bar-llan University. Sadly, Anna would pass away in September 2011; and WHEREAS, Max Webb was the longtime Chairman of the Board for Congregation Beth Israel, and was personally involved in its complete rebuilding and expansion and annually delivered the Yizkor appeal on Yom Kippur, and is now active with Sinai Temple. His faith, religiosity and love of Judaism are a tremendous inspiration to all; and NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Los Angeles City Council, joined by the Mayor, City Attorney and City Controller, hereby declares Wednesday, March 21, 2012 to be "Max Webb" Day in the City of Los Angeles. We congratulate him on being named March of the Living's Eternal Flame Award Recipient, and celebrates his remarkable spirituality, humanity and philanthropy. Through his steadfast ways and caring deeds, Max Webb has made Los Angeles and the world better places in which to live. March 21, 2012