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Through Lens and Shutter

Antique locomotive "Sam Hi'll" as it pulled its old cars into Smith's Creek, bearing Thomas A Edison, President Hoover, Henry Ford and other notables for the r e·enactment of the invention of the Electric li ght during Light's Golden Jubilee.

Thomas Edison and party upon arrival at Smiths Creek.

Left to right-

Mr. Ford, engineer, Mrs. Edison, Mr. Edison, President Hoover and Mrs. Hoover. Picture taken alongside old train which took them to Mr. Ford's village of lon g ago.

Reconstructed Edison laboratory at Dearborn. It was in this building the fingers of Thomas Alva Edison magically woke the world to a brilliance fifty years ago. During the celebration Mr. Edison stood again the battered work table and with trembling hands reconstructed his incandescent lamp.

that new over first

"Boiler-Shop Massage" Good for Weak Backs. The unbelievable show which amazed Broadway crowds at Longacre Square when Rose Schaeffer showed she could go any Indian Fakir one better. Her back stripped to the waist, she lay on a bed of sharp nails while her brother Willie (left) and an assistant pounded on a heavy anvil placed upon her chest. Below, the porous plaster effect on Rose's back.

Greatest Ice Jamb in Hi story of Niagara Falls. Photo shows the tremendous ice jam-the greatest in the history of the Falls in the gorge below. The jam reaches up to the guard rails some 70 feet above the gorge. All of this ice tumbled over the Falls. Photos by Underwood and Underwood and through courtesy

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Ford News.

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VENEZUELA PUBLIC BUILDINGS AND COMFORTABLE LIVING QUARTERS It is said that Venezuela Is noted for its substantial and elegant public buildings and comfortab le living quarters for its emp1oyees. In the pictures : N o . 1-Home of Billy Dendy, Superintenden, Venezuel GuU Oil C ompany, La gu nillao- Field-. - 'Thi i a- t.yp ical tiel home anus .t.ndardized by practically a ll companies. N o . 2-Cocoanut Palms in front of Cabimas Fie ld camp of Lago P etrole'um - Corporafion--a nd--bor ering-liJke. l) --GrOll Hospital at Lagunillas near headquarters of Lago P e tro le um Corporation, Venez uelan Oil Concessions, Ltd., and Venezuela Gulf Oil Company. This Hospital is well equipped and cares for all e m ergencies. N o . 4 -Office of Lago Petroleum Corporatio n , located up on a h ill overlooking the lake and is one of the prettiest views of the lake. No .5- Creole Petroleum Corpo ratio n emergency hospital at Punta Leiva. Punta Leiva is a very attractive place . N o. 6-0ffice of Venezuela Gulf Oil C ompany at Bel la Vistae. This buildin g is l ocated within 100 feet o f the lake which is bordered by cocoa nut palms. No. 7 -L oo kin g towards City of Maracabio with steamers and sail b oats in t he harb or, the view is a mu ch more b ea utiful one than the picture sh o ws.

A. V. ("Si") Simonson Avers ~

Venezuela Oil Fields Growing in Interest And not the least interesting is its golf courses


HAT is said to be th e largest fields in the world a re located in Venezuela and known as th e Maracabio Basin or Dis trict and consists of Cabimas, Lagunill as, E l Mene and Mene Grande fields. In addition to these fie lds practically all of the large companies have been prospecting in some of the newer fields known as Daboj ura Field, R io Terra Field, Urumaco Field, Qui riquire Field and the Menecito - E IMene Field. These fields have been proven by companies owning la rge acreages. Approximately 7S wells have been completed in these fields, of which 59 are producing, 16 were fa ilu res and app roximately 20 more are being drilled. Pipe lines will be req uired for these fields and in some instances we are to ld equipment has bee n purchased. The Venezuela oil fields have bee n growing rapid ly fot· the past few yea rs and the prospects fo r 1930 seem to be ve ry favo rable. One arriving in the Maracaibo D istrict finds conditions much different than expected.

A. V. " 51" SIMONSON

Expo rt represe ntat; ye and au th or 0/ this fid e who h as just re turne d fro m .r· Venezu ela .

[ 3]

Oil company officials and the people of Venezuela howeve r are very courteous to travelers and assist in eve ry way possible. Several very nice hotels are to be fo und in th e City of Maracaibo but r epresenta tives of American compani es usually arra nge to live in the Country Club Colony where every comfort and convenience is to be had. Traveling in the city owing to the hea t is all done by taxi, which are fine Packard, Cadill ac and Buick cars. Golf has become a ve ry prominent pastime and companies ope rating in isolated places of Venezuela have built go lf courses so that their field men can play without tra veling g reat distances. It has not been many yea rs ago that the driller looked upon the game of golf as a foo lish sport and on ly to be played by office men. However, it is a common thing now to see drillers on the golf course, hea r them discussing th ei r game and challenging one anoth er. If golf contin ues to be a favorite pastime, th e larger compan ies will, no

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On the derrick Boor of Venezuela Gulf Oil Company's

well. Left to right : R. C. Heck, Production Engineer, W. C. Dendy, Field Superintendent, Lee Lumpkin, Clay Wells, P. F. Fletcher, Assictant Field and Production Superintendent, Jack Keefe, Assistant Production Superintendent,


V. Ferguson.

No.2. Left to right: R. C. Heck, Production Engineer, A. D. Case y, Driller, A. V . Simonson.











Left to right : Fred Coates, Oil Well Supply Cor· poration, A. P. Robertson, Field Superintendent, Maxudian

Petroleum Company, Roy Ware, Drilling Superintendent, Maxudian Petroleum Company, Peter Grable, Drilling Superin. tendent, British Controiled Oilfields, Ltd., Major Best, Formerly wi th Creole Petroleum Corporatio n, and A. V . Simonson. No.4. Street scene in Lag unillas looking south and to entrance o f Venezuela Gulf Oil Company's camp.

doubt, b e compell ed to make golf cou rses near the oi lfie ld s in order to attract dril lers . The Maracaibo Co untr y C lub w ith it s Golf Course and Co lony nearby, is a most attract ive place. T h is club is s itua t ed ju st outside of th e city proper, ha s a b ea utiful nine hol e course, and lik e eve ry ot h er go lf cou rse, has its ve ry faithfu l fo ll owers. During the yea r 1929, und er the leade rship of the new President, Mr. Hoyt Sherm an, Assistant Manager of Venezuela Gulf Oil Company and th e Go lf Com mittee consistin g of E . A. Satchel, General Field S uperintendent of Lago Petroleum Co rporation, Fred Coa tes, Oil Well S upply Company's R ep resen tative,

a nd R. M. Dingas, Co ntin ental \ Ve ll S upply Compa ny' s R ep r ese ntativ e, t he club ha s made rap id progress by improving the co ur se in len gt h, putting in bunkers and ha za rd s, making the g r ee ns larger, widening the fairways, etc. The Maracaibo Co untry Club hold s a dance eve ry Sat urady ni g ht and mov ing pictures twice a week. As a r ul e the se are ve r y we ll patronized . Th er e are a lso dances, amateu r sh ows a nd mov in g pictures twi ce a week in p ra ctically every camp. The officials of th e various companies ope rat ing in Venezue la are very courteous to sales representatives. In fact, one will find that th ey go o ut of th eir way to ass ist o ne in gett in g to see the pr oper m en of their companies both at the offices and in th e fie lds. They arrange to se nd one to the fi elds and give on lodgin g and m eals w hil e at th eir camp. This might seem to th e r eader a small thing but thi s kindness can only be appreciated by r ep r esen tati ves who have been through the fields. 'vVe appreciate th e courtesy extend ed ou r representatives by all of the companies and men ther e.

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No.2 . No.3. No.4. No.5. No.6. No. 7.

Lago Petroleum Company's wells in Lake Maracaibo looking south.

Note pipe line gang layin g line in Lake barge. Oil field boilers on barge ready for use. Lago Petroleum Company's well at Lagunillas Field. N o te well in distance about one mile from shore. Typical well at Ambrosio Field-Venezuelan Oil Concessions, Ltd. InstalJatio n of Venezuelan Gulf Oil Company at Ambrosio Field. Location for derrick-Concrete foundation ready for erecting derrick-Lago Petroleum Company-Lake Maracabio. Derrick which fell into lake during wind storm, believed to be due to teredo eating piling, weakening it.

Lufkin Baby Unit and Samson Post Assembly Particularly adaptable to conditions in Venezuela and especially to operations in the Lake Maracaibo fi eld is the Lufk in Baby Unit. This Unit and assembly, compact as it is, is set right on the derrick fl oor an d for shallow wells where powers are impractical and installat ion space limited the Lufkin Baby U nit cannot be improved upon. The Post assembly consisting of Post, Beam and Pitman is designed after the fas hi on of th e large r line of Luf kin equipment and such feat ures as "self-supporting" and "headache or Bumper" in the Post, "strengthened" Beam and a special Trout Universa l self-align ing-self-oiling Pitman are inco'r porated. The Lufkin Baby Unit is recomm end ed for light we lls 2000 feet and uncler in depth with 20" tubing, and req uir es f rom 5 to 10 H .P. for its operation.


A. V. ("Si") Simonson, our expo rt representative located at 535 Fifth Avenue, Tew York, extends to his friends, both in this country and abroad, a Merry Christmas, a prosperous New Y ea r and an invitation to visit him in his new office where he will be glad to see that their wants a re cared for and their visit made as pleasant as possible.

( 5}

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..L ~ ~, LUFKIN ~X ~

LUFKIN SALES AND SERVICE MEN HOLD MEETING AT THE HOME OFFICE Men above represent part of the force of sales and service men of the Lu fkin Foundry &. Machine Company who were in attendance upon the annual sales meetin g held at Lufkin October 15, 16 and 17. Reading from left to ri ght: }. A. Grow, Engineer, since removed to Oil City, Pa., Chas . McLane, Shop Superintendent, H. L. O'Briant, Gulf Coast Territory, E. H. Bounds, Assistant Manager, Lufkin, A. E. Cudlipp, Sales Manager, Lufkin, C. B. Edwards, Treasurer and Manager Gulf Coast District, Houston, W. D . Winston, Jr., Secretary, Fred Graham, Engineer, Lufkin, Pete Little, Engineer, uTourist" C . S . Hardin, El Dorado, Arkansas, John D. Best, Odessa, Texas, E. E . Hess, Chief Draftsman, Lufkin, V. K. Terry, Cost Accountant, Lufkin, A. V. "Si" Simonson, Export representative, New York City, W. C . Trout, Vice President and General Manager, W. W. Trout, Manager, Mid-Continent District, Tulsa. Several men were away when photo was taken, among them: L. J. Maxwell, Gulf Coast District, R. W. Noble, Seminole, Oklahoma, E. P. Trout, Manager, California office, Los Angeles, and Fred Yeager, Bakersfield , Cali fornia.

MIDLAND FAST COMING TO THE FRONT Mid'land is the chief oil headquarters city for the West Texas Permian basin and Eastern New Mexico. Midland is the only oil town in West Texas with an active petroleum club. Midland, next to Houston and Fort Worth, has the greatest concentration of oil field telephone lines of any city in Texas. Midland is absolutely modern in every detail, including natural gas. It was Midland 's strategic location, modern city conveniences, de luxe Scharbauer Hotel of 1.50 ~ooms and 1.50 bat~s with an ad~itional 100 rooms under construction, ~~ telegr~ph companies, schools with 33 credits of affiliation (the highest rankm~ In the Permian basin) modern offices, the 12-story Hog~n. Petrole~~ BuIldlng~ bemg one of the four handsomest office buildings in Texas, varied and high class amusements, good roads to the fields, and good hVlng conditions that Induced T. S. Hogan to build his magnificent petroleum building at Midland. Above-Midland Air Port, 12 •• tory Hogan Petroleum Building and Scharbauer Hotel of 150 room •.

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Lufkin Units and Trout Counterbalance Cranks Are Playing a Big Part in Kern County, California Photo No. 1 Richfield Oil Company, West F ront, Bakersfield, California. Seventeen (17) Lufkin units are now in operation on this lease. Thi s company has s ta ndardi zed on Lufkin unit s as a result of the performance of th e first few un its. Photo No.2 Baby U nit installation, Shell Oil Compa n y of Ca lifornia, Freeman lease, Round Mounta in, California. Wells on this property are from 1600 to 2000 fe et d ee p a nd are eq uipp ed with 3-inch tubing. Thi s is the first Lufkin Baby U nit to be tried out in the Round Mountain District and is equip ped with 10 H.P. G. E. Motor operating 20 st t'ok es per minute with a 30-inch stroke. Lufkin No . 2 post assem bl y is a lso used. Decision to use this typ e of eq ui pme n t by the S he ll Compa ny came after a tryout in th e M t. Poso District. Note fl oor of derrick is concrete sloping towards th e center of a drain pipe leadin g from the ce nt er underneath th e co ncrete to the ed ge of the d erri ck. The casing h ead ext e ndin g a bove th e level of the floor will be lower ed to standard height when the well has to be shut down for th e first rod or tubin g job. Six more units have b ee n installed in this di strict s in ce this installation. Th e gen tl e-

man on the right is Mr. R. R. "Robby" Robinson, Engineer of the Midway District by the Pet ro leum Securities Compa ny, which r esu lted after a test made by their superintendent Mr. Ro sco Arno ld who appears in the picture. Mr. Bradford, Chi ef Electrician for this co nce rn s tat es they are able to balance th eir w ell s w thin two amps with T rout Co unt e rba lan ce Cranks, a thing hereto fo re impo ss ibl e. No.4, Shell Company, Freeman L ease, Round Mountain, Ca liforni a. These wells ave ra ge 1800 feet d eep 3-inch tubin g and are pumped with Luf kin Baby U nits and 10 H.P. G.E. Motors. The ge nt lem an on t he ri g ht fac in g th e unit is ' Mr. R. R. "Bobby" R obinson, Engin eer of th e Midway Dist~ict. U nfo rtunat e ly we do not hav e the names -o f the well cr ew. No . 5, "Four in a row", Secu rit y Lease of t he S he ll P etr oleum Corpo rat ion a t Mount Poso, California. These were the fir s t four st ripp ed sta nd a rd unit s to be in sta ll ed b y thi s compa ny in this district an d their record is enviab le. Walking beam, samson post, a nd pitman is a lso Lufkin equipme nt. No.6, Lufkin Baby U nit installed on th e Freeman Lease a t Round Mountain for the Shell Company. Mr. Billy A llen is the D istri ct S up erint end ent in charge of operations on this lease.

[9 ]

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7Q)orm Gear After Five Years Continuous Service Shows Practically No Wear EFFICIENCY INCREASED -WITH EXTENDED SERVICE

PONY BRAKE METHOD OF TESTING EFFICIENCY OF LUFKIN UNITS Co n stant testin g of Lufkin Equipment is part of th e r egular sc h edu le of work by the Lufk in Engineering D epa r tm ent. Recently one o f first Lufkin Units that had b ee n in co ntinuous operation for fiv e years was sec ur ed a n d p laced on the "Test Block." Without any r epairs is was tes ted for its efficiency a nd the chart b elow t ell s th e s tory. At fiv e outp u t horsepower the unit was 85 per cent. efficiency and thi s effici en cy co ntinu ed to incr ease a s th e load was increased until an efficien cy of 88.5 per ce nt was reached at 20 output hor se pow er. These r esults were r emarkable and it is a ce rtainty that no other t ype of gea rin g co u ld m a intain s u ch a hi g h effi cie nc y after s uch a lon g period ·of operation . Thi s t es t s hould prove co nclu sively that a worm gear reduction maintains this efficiency throu g hout its entir e life. Further exami na tion of th e unit r evealed that the bronze rin g ' gear was in fin e condition. The photograph r e produced of th e bron ze gear t eet h at the most worn section of the gear illustrates thi s point. At th e point where th e gea r re ce ived the most wear it h ad worn on ly 3/ 32" after five years of operation. The gear tooth a t the p itch d iameter is y,(" t hi ck and on thi s basis s hould last another ten yea r s as a minilllum. The worm gear h as th e same co ntact s urfac e throu g hout its entire life a nd 3)fter it ha s been run in to its maximum efficie n cy, that maximum efficiency is maintained throughout its life. The o ther types of gea rin gs h ave a line contact and as the lin e contact w ear s off th e invo lute contours at whi ch the gear s operate most efficient ly th e efficiency d ec r eases.


[ 1O}



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K~ LUFKIN * -L ~


Here's the ] o~es

Published to promote Friendship and Goodwill with its custome rs and fr iends and to advance the interes t of its products by the Lufkin Foundry and Machine Co. A. E. V ol. 9


Frankly second hand-Age not guaranteed.




Wonder how a union ca rpenter fee ls when h e gets a bill f rom a union plumber? The gi rls who stuck out fo r long hair are back in style. Experience and responsibility make conservativ es of us all. It's no use t rying to make a woman do hous ework a man's way.

I nquisiti ve, to bride: "Does yo ur hu bby measure up to expectation s ?" Brid e: "He's just as sweet as can be, but says he simply can't bea r children." Inquisitive, (sourly): "vVell, I wouldn't expect too much of some hu sbands." Afte r yea rs of resea rch, scientists have discovered that the kind of hens that lay the longest a re dead hens.-Rice Owl.

T HE NEW YEA R If life we re one unendin g year Without a new year now and then, If there w ere not a moment here 'When all our lives began aga in , I do not think a man could bear A life's accumulat ed care.

A self-acknow ledged fa ilure often supports his egotism by pretending an indifference to success. Bei ng 'rich eno ugh to maintain three or fo ur big houses really a mou nts to being proprieto r of three or fo ur "servant's boarding houses." I hate ingratitud e more in a man, Than lying, vainness, babbling, drunkenness, Or any taint or vice, whose strong corrupti ons Inhabit our frail blood. -Shakespem·e.

But, God be praised, the New Year comes! And we a re done with anci ent things. We'll count our blessings, add our sum s, And then, whatever sum it brings, We'll cry aloud w ith merry hea rt, "WeB, so we stand , and here we sta rt." -Do1tglas Malloch.

Imitation is the sincerest fl attery.-Colton. Innocense is like an umbrella: when once we've lost it we must neve r h op~e it-ba-tk-:Igain. 'Pnm:-h, - -


Poverty is not di shonorable in itself, but onl y when it is th e effect of idl eness, intem pa rence, prodigality and fo lly. -Plutarch.

It is easier to build tw o chimneys than to keep one in fuel. -Franklin. A mode rn g irl, my son, is like a rebuilt automobile. The same old chassis all wo rked ove r. -Cajoler. City Chap.-"What weeds a re th e easiest to kill?" Farmer-"Widow's weeds, all you have to do is to say 'wilt tho u' and they wi lt." "Ve ry sad affair," exclai med Blinks. "Th ey found poor old BiIkins asphyx iated last ni ght!" "You don't say!" replied Jinks. "The old fra ud! H e told me he was a p'r ohibitionist!" Looking fo r Grandm a's glasses isn't th e job it · used to be. Nowadays she leaves th em right where she empties them. -Judge. "Who invented high heels?" asks a writer. One theory is that it was the idea of a short, pretty girl who was continually -H'u11Iorist. being kissed on the fore head. "Heard the old miss ion so'n g? "Go on, I'm victim ized." "'Dobe like that." -Spada'll SpaslIls. Are you sure he was in tox icated? No, sir, not positive, but his wife says he bro ught home a manhole cover and tried to play it on the phonograph. -Fusion Facts. Orthodox Jewish Father ( to son prominent in college activi ti es): "Son, vot's dis I read about you bringin' home de bacon?" -College Humor.



The happiest Chri stmas you ever knew, The brightest yea r that has come to you, The greatest number of dreams come trueThis is th e wish we wish for you. Patent office is so fa r behind that at presen t rate it wi ll be six yea rs before work is current, repo r ts Commi ssioner R obertso n, asking fo r at least 100 new examiners.

WHY W AS IT CALLED T H AT ? Bull The prefix "bull-," fo und in nam es of numerous oil-field dev ices, mi ght be traced back by phil ologists to M iddle E nglish and German dialect words which meant to make a loud noise, bellow, roar. Its significance in oil-field pa rlance, however, is seen in the mode rn use of th e wo rd "bull" to indicate great st rength and endurance as exemplified in th e fa rm animal which is supposed to harbor a peculi ar distate for red. When th e prefix "bull-" appea rs in th e name of a piece of equi pment, that equipm ent usually is characteri zed by unu sual size and st rengt h, th at is, bull-like, Bullwh eel, bull rope, bull-pum p a re among such names. Airplane fares f rom Kansas City to L os A ngeles are reduced fo r a 30-day trial pe ri od to abo ut the same as rail plus Pullman plu s m eals, by vVes tern Air Exp ress, which has traffic a rrangements with a sco re of Central trunk ra ilroads ... A 19-hour air-ra il se rvice is inaugurated fro m Cincinnati to New Orleans . . . Commercial aeronauti cs have a bri ght future in Central a nd South Ame rica, said C. A. Lindbergh, because other systems of transport a re unu suall y slow and und eveloped ... Capt. L. M. vVoolson, designer of th e Packard Diesel av ia tion engin e, said it will cut the f uel load 20 per cent fo r a given radi us of flight . .. A marked reduction in accidents is reported by the commander of th e A rmy ai r corps, due to the perfection of th e mechanism and rigid inspection req uirements. Pilot erro rs constitute the major cause of fatal accidents ... E ngland a dopts a "robo t" pi lot weighing 100 pound s as standard eq uipment on la rge r a rmy and navy aircraft. It has flown bombi ng planes 400 miles without adjustments.

[ 11 ]

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'· · ··'.:· D ,-


:::;. .