“Got Milk?”.. - Virginia Cider Week

“Got Milk?”.. - Virginia Cider Week

“Got Milk?”..... No, Got Cider! by Diane Flynt Owner, Foggy Ridge Cider in Dugspur, Virginia November 15 through 24 is Cider Week in Virginia . . . a...

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“Got Milk?”..... No, Got Cider! by Diane Flynt

Owner, Foggy Ridge Cider in Dugspur, Virginia November 15 through 24 is Cider Week in Virginia . . . a perfect time to learn about this delicious beverage. Cider is having its moment, and nowhere is the cider revival more evident than in Virginia wine country. It is the fastest growing segment of the alcohol biz with over 60% category growth in 2012. Rich pockets of artisan cider can be found wherever apples are grown…which leads to Virginia’s rolling valleys and steep mountain orchards. Like wine, cider is fermented juice. And like any well-made wine, good cider demands good ingredients, which means cider apples. And just as one can make wine from any grape variety (but you wouldn’t want to), well made cider is best crafted from apples that provide a mix of tannin, acid, sugar and complex flavors that create a balanced, nuanced beverage. From Foggy Ridge Cider’s founding in 2005, Virginia farm wineries focusing full time on making artisan cider have grown to include Albemarle Ciderworks, located just south of Charlottesville, Castle Hill Cider in Keswick and Potter’s Craft Cider in Free union. Old Hill Cider, Bold Rock, Winchester Ciderworks and the state’s first urban cidermaker, Blue Bee Cider in Richmond, have more recently joined this collaborative community of beverage makers. And all Virginia cidermakers support CiderWeekVA, the country’s only Governor proclaimed cider celebration. From a Cider Salon Trade Tasting hosted by Secretary of Agriculture Todd Haymore on Monday, November 18, at Lemaire restaurant in Richmond’s Jefferson Hotel, to home cidermaking workshops, CiderWeekVA has something for everyone interested in exploring the beverage of the season. Cider enthusiasts and newbies can expect wine shop tastings across the state, as well as special events like the November 16 Richmond Cider Celebration and the November 17 Hill & Holler Cider Dinner and a Drink This With That—Cider & Food Pairing Workshop at Early Mountain Vineyard on November 15. We encourage wine lovers to consider a detour this fall and sample a few Virginia ciders. And, check out CiderWeekVA just in time for Thanksgiving! www.ciderweekva.com