Alumni Leadership - Kalamazoo College

Alumni Leadership - Kalamazoo College

KALAMAZOO COLLEGE 2017-2018 ACADEMIC CATALOG Alumni Leadership Alumni Association Executive Board Alumni Leadership Alumni Association Executive Boar...

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Alumni Leadership Alumni Association Executive Board Alumni Leadership Alumni Association Executive Board 2016-17 Erin Mazzoni '07 President Washington, DC Email: [email protected] Debra Tokarski Yourick '80 Vice President Dayton, MD Email: [email protected] Kristen Browne Bradford '92 Secretary Rochester, MI Email: [email protected] Alexandra Foley Altman '97 Past President Chicago, IL Email: [email protected] D'Angelo Bailey '05 Grand Rapids, MI Email: [email protected] Cynthia A. Berman '79 Hunt Valley, MD Email: [email protected] Erin Brownlee Dell '93 Greensboro, NC Email: [email protected] Dion Bullock '12 Brooklyn, NY Email: [email protected] Matthew T. Bunkowski '00 Santa Fe, NM Email: [email protected] Alan Dee '70 Sarasota, FL Email: [email protected] Erin Brownlee Dell '93

Greensboro, NC Email: [email protected] Seth A. Gold '07 Westborough, MA Email: [email protected] Dan Hoevel '09 New York, NY Email: [email protected] Bridget A. Jones '91 Chicago, IL Email: [email protected] Milo R. Madole '12 Detroit, MI Email: [email protected] Edmond H. Mamou '00 Bloomfield Township, MI Email: [email protected] Jeffrey M. Marinucci '00 Los Angeles, CA Email: [email protected] Alexander B. Morgan '11 Milwaukee, WI Email: [email protected] L. West Nelson '81 Niles, MT Email: [email protected] Suzanne Kleinsmith Saganich '83 Rocky River, OH Email: [email protected] Donald L. Schneider '63 Kensington, MD Email: [email protected] Andrew Terranella '99 Pinon, AZ Email: [email protected]

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