Amnesty International, International Secretariat

Amnesty International, International Secretariat

Amnesty International Nigeria – Press Officer Job Description JOB TITLE: Press Officer – Nigeria REPORTING TO: Executive Director – AI Nigeria PRESS ...

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Amnesty International Nigeria – Press Officer Job Description JOB TITLE: Press Officer – Nigeria REPORTING TO: Executive Director – AI Nigeria

PRESS OFFICER Position Purpose: Amnesty International Nigeria is looking for a media professional / journalist to develop media strategies and plans to help achieve its campaign objectives. The role would involve communicating Amnesty’s campaigns and projects to national and regional media, and effectively contributing to the development and implementation of strategies to establish a sustained campaign presence across a range of media outlets. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL’S PURPOSE: Amnesty International gathers and communicates accurate and action-oriented human rights information globally. We campaign for meaningful human rights change; enable effective human rights activism and work to persuade governments and other actors to uphold universal human rights standards. We provide strategic leadership, support and advice to the AI movement globally, fostering AI’s contribution, presence and public accountability throughout the world.


Develop an understanding of campaign issues and build a robust media strategy for Amnesty International Nigeria’s campaign and projects.

Promote research and documentation carried out by Amnesty International Nigeria and develop a strong proactive media strategy.

Develop a strong response strategy to showcase Amnesty International Nigeria’s role as a conscientious watchdog on human rights issues.

Stay informed about national/international trends, political-economic issues, and other developments relevant to the campaign.

Track news and information on campaigns and related news, both locally and globally.

Understand and use media planning and media analysis techniques to develop media strategies.

Write press releases, advisories in English/specific Nigerian languages; edit campaign reports and blogs.

Develop a network of media contacts (print & electronic media) and interact with journalists regularly (English/ specific Nigerian languages /regional).

Create and develop opportunities to profile Amnesty International Nigeria and its campaigns in the media.

Plan the logistics for, and organise, press conferences and other media events

Skills and experience required:

Support for and belief in the aims of Amnesty International

Experience in developing and implementing media campaign strategies

Strong news sense

Ability to write press releases within a short time span, strong editing skills and a flair for writing

Potential to be a spokesperson for the organisation

Knowledge of media operations and editorial policy

Fluency in written and spoken English and/or specific Nigerian languages.

A good network of contacts in print and electronic media, including at the level of Editors

Salary: Competitive USEFUL INFORMATION: Media impact is vital to the success of Amnesty International’s international communications work, which relies on credible and visible profiling of Amnesty International to a range of target audiences across a range of diverse cultures and communities. This is a full-time position which requires the ability and willingness to regularly work out of office hours including being on call for media enquiries. The position also requires the ability to undertake travel as required. Location: Abuja WHAT DOES SUCCESS LOOK LIKE IN THIS JOB?       

Amnesty International is positioned as the leading human rights organization with national media outlets in Nigeria , as well as with international media. An over-arching media strategy is developed and implemented for Nigeria Amnesty International’s profile in Nigeria increases through reactive and proactive media coverage on specific human rights issues and campaigns. Amnesty International is established as a credible source of human rights information for the media. The Amnesty International movement is kept up-to-date and informed about news and media opportunities on thematic work from Nigeria. Planning and implementation of media work is undertaken to agreed deadlines and positive coverage is secured in target media. Strong media contacts are developed in Nigeria.

HOW YOU WORK - COMPETENCIES: Competency: Level: (A, B or C)  

Delivering Results: Delivering our strategic objectives by managing workload and developing plans and priorities. Level B. Working with Others: Builds and maintains positive trust based relationships internally and externally to increase effectiveness of self, team, programme and IS to achieve goals. Involves understanding and respecting diversity, being sensitive to the needs of others, managing conflict, team- building. Level B. Developing Oneself and Others: Development of self and others to further the AI’ goals and

 

 

personal effectiveness. Involves providing coaching/guidance, giving feedback to build understanding and sharing knowledge with others. Level B. Contributing to a dynamic and effective Nigeria: Ability to see change as an integral part of life and to work in ways which facilitate the implementation of change. Level A. Making decisions: Ability to gather information, involve others and use judgement to make decisions that are creative, practical and timely. Support others in their decision making. Level A. Taking the Initiative: Exercising initiative to change approaches and take responsibility for solving problems and being innovative. Level A. Communicating and influencing: Taking responsibility for conveying information, ideas and arguments in a manner that is accurate and timely, taking account of the needs of the recipient and tailoring the approach accordingly. It involves effective listening as much as speaking or writing. Level B.