Amnesty International MAASTRICHT

Amnesty International MAASTRICHT

Amnesty International MAASTRICHT While you are reading these words, somebody is detained, imprisoned, tortured or murdered... It often happens without...

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Amnesty International MAASTRICHT While you are reading these words, somebody is detained, imprisoned, tortured or murdered... It often happens without other people being aware of it. Many people are arrested, tortured, or murdered because of their ethnic origin, because of their religion, or because of their political opinion. These are ordinary people: farmers, workers, students, politicians, or writers. The governments of their lands think that nobody will remember these people. All over the Netherlands, people light candles for freedom. Amnesty International Maastricht lit its first candle on December 10, 1975. Since that day Amnesty International Maastricht has been fighting for freedom and for human rights. Amnesty International is an impartial organization which is active all over the world to ensure that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights be observed. The position of Amnesty International is neutral, independent on governments, political parties or religious institutions. Amnesty International insists that all people imprisoned only because of their political opinion of only because of their religion be immediately freed. Amnesty International also protests against ill-treatment of prisoners, against tortures, and against death penalty. There are about 350,000 members of Amnesty International in the Netherlands. For more information see, visit our website or find us on

Writing letters: Since this organization was founded in 1961 by Peter Benenson, writing protest letters to governmental officials and embassies has been one of its most important activities. Members of Amnesty International Maastricht meet on the first Tuesday of every month at 7.30 p.m. in the office of the Mondial Centrum (Cortenstraat 4, 6211 HT Maastricht) to write such letters. Members of Amnesty International Maastricht also send encouragement letters to prisoners of conscience. You can send letters from your home, if you are subscribed to the e-mail newsletter containing information about the current letter writing campaigns, the addresses, and letter samples. You can also participate in letter writing campaigns concerning a certain region (for example, Europe) or a certain subject (for example, death penalty). Information: From the very beginning, providing information about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been one of the most important activities of Amnesty International. To make it more efficient, a special information group (cooperating with the Maastricht Organization for Assistance to Refugees) has been founded. Members of these group lecture in primary and secondary schools. Lectures for groups of people interested in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and related issues are also being organized. Stands: All the year round, stands of Amnesty International Maastricht can be seen during numerous events held in the city. The stands provide information about the activities of Amnesty International. To support Amnesty International, you can buy there candles, T-shirts or some other goods. You can also sign campaign cards or petitions of Amnesty International.

Campaigning: Amnesty International organizes numerous campaigns to attract people's attention to the importance of human rights. Mass media have been covering the campaigns of Amnesty International Maastricht increasingly often since 2006, when Abdoullah Al-Mansouri, a member of our group, was arrested. Amnesty International Maastricht continues to demand information concerning his whereabouts. Amnesty International Maastricht also insists that he have consular support by the Dutch Embassy and a just trial.

Where can you find us? You can see us during the National Money Collecting Week in February, during the events held on the Remembrance Day (May 4) and also during the local summer festivals Manus-van-Alles, Boerderijpop and Festival Bruis. You can see a lot of activities of Amnesty International Maastricht on December 10 (the International Day of Human Rights). During the week around December 10 (the Week of Human Rights) you can participate in a torch procession, attend lectures and debates and see films.

Members: For these and other activities Amnesty International Maastricht needs new members. There is interesting volunteer work for people with all kinds of talents. Do you want to learn more? Do you want to contribute to bringing more justice to the world? Maybe, Amnesty International is what you need! See our website or call Gerard Prickaerts (telephone 06-40313707).

Donations: Triodos NL11 TRIO 0197 6777 89 Amnesty International Maastricht / Stationsstraat 41 - 6181 AD Elsloo